12 Players do roleplaying and recolor challenges to make thier way to the top. There's a twist in the voting though! The person with the least votes gets booted for not being popular and non-playing users vote for theier fav. Sign up as 2 people, (1 boy, one girl) and pick a dorm for each of them, I want to keep it even

Sign Ups

Staff (Hosts)

Headmaster YoshiPerson: YoshiPerson (Obviously)

Cool Fashion Teacher (shades, leather jackets, awesome girls clothes, etc.): Ask on YoshiPerson's Talk Page!

Art Teacher: Sunshineandravioli

Mad science Teacher: YoshiPerson

Duncan: YoshiPerson

Gwen: Tdifan1234




3 Sorrel- sorreltail18

4 Silias (HES A GUY!!!!!)-sorreltail18

5 Ethan- YP

6 Sunny- YP

7 Missy-Benjiboy321

8  Jeffrey-Benjiboy321

9 D-scope-Me Duh!

10 Violet-D-scope

11 Tye- Tye

12 Sammantha- Tye (Ha! I took the last spots! XD)

Elimination Table/Super Trivia

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7 Day 8 Day 9 Day 10 FINALE
Scott (11th, 3rd) IN OUT Returns on Day 7 INVINCIBLE WIN IN IN 3rd Place
Violet (6/7th) IN IN IN IN IN IN OUT
Tye (6/7th) IN IN IN IN IN IN OUT
Sammantha (8th)   IN WIN IN IN IN OUT
D-Scope (9th) IN IN IN IN OUT
Jeffrey (10th) IN IN IN OUT
Sorrel (11th) IN IN OUT
Sillias (13th) OUT
Episode Name Winner(s) Elliminated Class/Challenge Best Quote Trivia
"Welcome To Cool School!" Chimmy      Silias    Writing/Write about yourself Sorrel?......Where did you disappear to this time? -Missy The contestants arrive
"Paint Over a Picture" Samantha      Scott Art/Recolor TDI character
    First Art Class
"Pokemon Potion" Ethan/Chimmy      Sorrel Science/make a Pokemon potion *mixes another potion and tests it on Sorrel* Oops! Sorry! I turned her into an orange! -Ethan The first transformations on the show
"Bright Style... And Pickles." Sunny/Chimmy     Jeffrey Style/Dress up in your own design of clothes lifts face up, completly covered in whipped cream* Huh? (XD) -Chimmy It is unknown how the funding bought the school a runway.
"They Say a Song Is Worth A Single Picture" Chimmy D-Scope Art/ Insert a TDI Character into a music video *randomly passing by* He's got issues. Last time I came in between Ethan and his Pickles, he gave me this! *holds up peg leg* -Janitor --/--
"I was forced to love Scott because..." Missy Sammantha Writing/ write about how much you love Scott *eye twitches, make creepy face* Pickles... PICKLES.... PICKLES.... -Ethan Scott returns
"Hey, look at what that model's wearing!" Chimmy/Scott  Violet/Tye Style/ make a ridiculous costume AAAIIIGH!!!! BARNEY!!!! *repeatedly punches Scott's model in the face, giving her black eyes* -Sunny

 Double Ellimination

"The Weird Ray" Scott Sunny Science/ build a ray gun Wait, Sunny! *fires gun and makes Sunny turn into an exsodic fruit* -Missy The Show's Ratings were bumped to "TV 14"
"Oh say can you see! Head master Y-P!" Ethan Missy Special Class/ Write the school pep song I'd say Missy. *continues facepalming* Why, why, why?! -Scott --/--
"Project: Funway" Ethan Scott Style The final two is decided.
"Head Of Class" Chimmy Ethan Finale/Every Subject *shocks creature with balloons* It's's alive! IT'S ALLLIIIIIIIIIIIIVVVEEE! -Chimmy Chimmy Wins

Dorms (Two Per dorm unless you are the winner of the first challenge!!!)

Boys (Share with Duncan!)

1 Ethan and Scott and Duncan

2 Tye and Sillias

3 Jeffrey and D-Scope

Girls (Share with Gwen!)

1 Chimmy and Sunny and Gwen

2 Sammantha and Violet

3 Sorrel and Missy


HMYP: Welcome to the first term of Academy of Coolness! I hope you all have an awesome time here learning how to be cool!


Missy:Oh shut up Jeffrey!.....Do you want to be on TV?



HMYP: Okay then!!! We still have two students to arrive! Then we'll begin!!!

Mad Science Teacher: *starts bubbling chemicals that blow up in his face and he falls unconcious*

Nurse: Not Again... (XD)

Chimmy:ZOMG NOO!!!!!

Scott:What's wrong?


HMYP: *Waits for Chimmy to tackle him in anger* UGH!!! PLEASE DON'T KILL ME!!! (XD)

HMYP: To keep ya quiet, I have Shadow here to keep you company until you come over not rooming with your "Dunkey".

Chimmy:Shadow! *hugs* So, what've you been up to?

Shadow:Nothing much. But if we're not getting up to something, let's start...*makes out with Chimmy* (XD)


(Gary brings out food and it looks delicious)

HMYP: Have fun here! The food is awesome!!! Oh, it's time for orientation!!!

(TV Screen lowers from the wall)

Screen: Welcome to your orientation! You are all going to spend a few months here to learn how to be cool! Here you will learn awesome drawing with Sunshine! *TV Screen flashes to Sunshine making peace sign* Learning Mad science making potions and chemical solutions! And learning about awesome style. Have fun! The types of challenges you will face will be recolor, roleplay, art and chance. Watch out for backstabbing enemies, because there will be some drama along the way! Each week, one student will be expelled who has the least amount of votes from user passerbyes! Plus more suprises! The winner gets a Coolness Degree and gets to pick 9 more kids to compete in AP Coolness in the Second Term!!! Have fun here! 

Tye: Ok, when do we start? (GTG)

HMYP; Yes! Time for Day 1!

Day 1 Chat

HMYP: Okay then!!! Here is your first task. I picked your dorm buddies!!!! Check up there for your dorm buddies!   


(In Sunny and Chimmy's Dorm...)

Sunny: Hi Chim! I hope we can be great friends! *Plunks stuff on her bed*

Chimmy:Me too, Sunny! *begins to set up stuff*

Sunny: So... how far do you think you will get in this camp? I think I'll get as far as the final 5!

Chimmy:IDK, maybe the final 8...*sets up favorite pillow on bed*

Sunny: I think we should have an alliance. Our wits will make us the final two!!! Whadda you say?

Chimmy:Sorry, no thanks. And even if we DO make it to the final two, we'll be pitted against each other, and I want to stay good friends!


(In Ethan and Scott's Dorm)

Ethan: Hello, scott! What's up! 

Scott:*shrugs* Nothing, really.

Ethan: (CONF) Not the best start!

Ethan: *looks out window* HEY!!! I can see the girls dormintories from here! Ahhh, Sunny! (XD Susan and Mary Moment!)

Scott:Whatever. *flops down on bed*

Ethan: (CONF) He's a bit of a downer... Why did the headmaster pair us up? Oh, yeah, to cause DRAMA. (XD)

Scott:(CONF) You wanna know why I act this way? My mother died. And no, this isn't like that dude on that other reality show, (XD, Survivor refrence) she's actually dead. If you look up Ellie Nan Puccet, she'd be listed under dead.

Ethan: So.... Know any good jokes?

(in Sammy and Violet's Dorm)

Sammy: Hi Violet! (wait, do you mean Johnny Fairplay? XD)

(In Sorrel and Missy's Dorm)

Missy:Sorrel?......Where did you disappear to this time?



Chimmy:...dang...I can still hang out with Shadow, even if he's not my dorm buddy, right?


Main Classroom (the second half of your orientation class)

HMYP: Here is the class, you all will make a short essay about yourself, I will grade them personally. They will be graded on writing mechanics, peppyness, coolness and grammar. I will do a special grrading system. A for awesome, C for cool, B for bad, and U for unexceptable. The kids who recieve As will be invincible. Begin writing!!!

Chimmy;*begins writing essay*

Ethan: Here's mine!

Ethan's Essay by Ethan, Edited by Ethan, Published By Ethan

I love reality shows. I always see the finale of everything and cheer for the winner. I also like to learn and meet new people. I'm very social, and random, I love this school because it's got everything, a chocolate fountain in the courtyard, soda fountains in the dorms, I hope I don't lose!

Sunny: You finished that fast?

Ethan: Yes.

Sunny: *still writing essay*

Chimmy:Almost done! *goes back to writing essay*

Scott:*halfheartedly writes essay*

Sunny: I'M A FINISHED!!!

Sunny's essay

I just love it here! It matches everything I love! Ethan, School, Fashion, Art, (I can't wait to work with Sunshine!) and more! I just LOVE making friends, me and Chimmy are already having a blast together! I'm so glad I came here!!!

HMYP: Deadline in 1 hour!


Chimmy's Essay

Hi, I'm Chimmy! I can't wait to make some more friendly friends here! I like everyone here, even the dust pan in the corner! Which, by the way, I made a friendship bracelet for 5 minutes ago! I'm freakishly excited for all the classes! I can't wait to learn all this new stuff! Not only that, this school has the most awesomest PWNAGE headmaster! And the teachers are epic win as well! I wanna go burn some stuff now, so bye!


The Report Card of DOOM

Ethan: Great job describing yourself! I got a lot about your personality and likings! Good job! needs to be more lengthy, though. You get a C.

Sunny: OK, but too short. B.

Chimmy: They say Schmoozing pays off, and it worked! Thanks for saying I pown!!! A!!!!

Everyone else: F. You never turned in a paper.'

HMYP: OK, the winner is pretty clear, CHIMMY!!!! CONGRATS!!! You will be sharing with Gwen!


HMYP:Ethan and Scotty will be sharing with Duncan!!!

Ethan: Nice.

Duncan: *Hi-fives Ethan and Scott*


Everyone but Chimmy can be elliminated.

Ethan and Sunny: Sillias.



Tye: Sorrel

Sammy: D-Scope

HMYP: Sillias is out, *slingshots Sillias to who knows where*


Day 2


Ethan: *wakes up and sees Duncan and Scotty are still asleep and sneaks out the door*

Sunny: *Wakes up* GOOD MORNING!!!!!!!!!!!!! (XD)

Ethan: *Sees Sunny on couch and sits next to her* Hello, good morning.

Sunny: You too. *smiles*

Ethan: Want to grab a bite for breakfast?

Sunny: Sure!!!

Sunny: (CONF) I don't want to get TOO close to him. He might turn on me and cause my ellimination.

Ethan: (CONF) Man. She's hot. *sighs* She won't see this will she? (XD)

Jeffrey: (CONF) I think Sunny and Ethan would be a good couple....What about me and Missy?


Ethan: *walking with Sunny down the hallway and a random ghost flies by them* What the heck??? (XD)


(Gary serves Ethan and Sunny breakfast)

Ethan: Thanks. *sits down with Sunny*

Sunny: So, Art today, huh?

Ethan: Yep. What do you think Sunshine will have us do?

Sunny: Dunno.

Chimmy:*randomly teleports in with bacon* OMG ART! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! (XD)


Gwen's left Goth, and went to emo! (Sunny)


Random Puppy



Ethan's Entry. Ezekiel looks even worse than he did!!!! Definetely in 10 years!!!


Art Room (Class 2)


Chimmy:Buenos dias, Senorita Sunshine!...oops, wrong class! (XD)

Tye: Oh great, art, the one class I absolutely fail in. Besides science. (XD)

Ethan: *starts doing random doodles* I MAKE PUPPY!!!

Chimmy:*works dilligantly over paper, 5 minutes later, holds piece of paper up to reveal the Mona Lisa* (XD)

Tye: O_O (Lol, everytime I try to draw, it ends up looking decent, except for the eyes, it always ruins the whole pic, which is the main reason my fanfic hasn't started yet ^^)

Ethan: I'll give you a million bucks for it!!!!

Sunny: Oh yeah!!!!???? *draws the scream and Starry night combined* XD Just clean fun until Sushine gets here!

Chimmy:*draws a perfect Shadow the Hedgehog picture, sighs* (XD, I've been dying to do a pic related to Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games*

Sunshine: *crashes through window* Good morning/afternoon/evening/other time of day, class! I just remembered I was teaching here (XD), so I came up with something kind of random for a challenge... draw a TDI character ten years IN THE FUTURE!!! I'll grade based on plausability (whether or not it seems possible for the character to look like that ten years IN THE FUTURE), creativity, and whether the pic looks good in general. NOW GET TO WORK KIDDIES!!!! (XD)

Ethan: Wow!!!! Cool assignment!!!! I can't wait to-*falls asleep* XD

Sunny: (CONF) Sunshine, Sunny! Wow! We're meant to be BFFFLs!!!!!!!

Ethan: (CONF) My idea? Ezekiel with a large beard and new clothes!!!!

Chimmy:(CONF) I'm gonna do Katie as an animal shelter care-taker!

Ethan: Here's mine!!! *Hands Project to Sunshine and falls back asleep* XD

Sunny: (CONF) Man he's fast!!!!

Sunny: Finished! *hands project to Sunshine*   

Chimmy:Done! *gives picture to Sunshine* ^U^

Jeffrey: I will be making........what was my line again?

Missy: I am Making Heather in ten years.
Katie's a future girl!

Chimmy's entry

Sunshine: Let's try to get the pics in by November 8th, alright class? *does the Duncan, windows break XD*

Jeffrey: Oh yeah I will be making Alejandro in ten years.

Scott:Whatever, I'm done. *hands in project to Sunshine*

Jeffrey and Missy:Done! (Missy stares at him mad while he just smiles)

Jeffrey: (passes a note all around the room that reads:)Who wants to make an alliance?

Missy: *Writes down "Maybe...if your lucky",Passes to Sammy*

Sammy: *Writes down "No thanks", passes to Tye*

Tye: *Writes down "Possibly, I'll consider", passes to Chimmy*

Chimmy:*writes down "No thanks",passes on to Scott*

File:Entry -2.jpg
File:Future Trent.png

Scott:*Writes down "He** No!", passes to Ethan*

Ethan: *writed down "Sure!" passes to Sunny*

Sunny: *writes down "of course!" tosses into the air*

  • The note falls in the trash*
  • Sammy: Done!

Jeffrey:*Whispering to Ethan,Tye,and Missy*So we have an alliance?


Missy(CONF):He could come of some use eventually!
File:Eva Old.png

Ethan: Bingo.

Sunny: Yep. OH I CAN'T HOLD IT MUCH LONGER!!! *Randomly kisses Ethan*

Ethan: *sighs and returns the favor*

Sunny: So, who's going home next?

Ethan: I think it should be Sorrel. Look at her. *points at Sorrel and she is staring into space with drool hanging out of her mouth*

Missy:But Sorrel is my roommate,I would feel bad voting her off.Plus I don't wanna give back that cute pillow I stole from her bed and I can't just keep it!

Ethan: Okay... How 'bout Scott? He's a jerk. Plus, if he's gone, it gives me enough time to do guy stuff with Duncan! (XD)


Ethan: You were meant to! (XD)

Scott:Whatever.*mutters* Son of a bi***.

Ethan:*smacks Scott in the back of the head*

Scott:*falls face first onto cold metal floor, is unconsious* (DUN DUN DUN!!!! XD)

Ethan: OMG!!!

Chimmy:Scott? *walks over to him* Well, he has a pulse...

Jeffery:We can leave him there for about a year then he will wake up and hopefully be less scary and sad.

Chimmy:No! That's way cruel!

Jeffrey:Fine.Wanna help me carry him to the nurse?

Scott:*groans, wakes up* Ung...who are you?

Jeffrey:I am the toast of Chistmas present!

Missy:Did I hear Toast!?*Runs into Jeffrey really hard.The fall and accidentally kiss*

Jeffrey:Ummmm.... :O


Missy(CONF):That was cute! :)

Jeffrey(CONF):Akward!But I liked it!

Scott:Wait, who are you? And who am I?

Jeffrey:You are Scott,The nicest one here!

Missy:No!He is the---*Jeffrey covers her mouth*

Scott:*has fallen asleep*

Jeffrey:Well now I am guessing he is nice!


Missy:Sooo what are you drawing?

Chimmy:*shrugs* I usually figure out as I go along.

Missy:Do you want some markers?

Chimmy:Sure, thanks!

Missy:Here you go!We are gonna be great friends!


Missy: :)

Jeffrey:Isn't this school supposed to have pep?

Missy:I have a good Idea for pep!We could have a big celebration on Friday night!Who is with me?

Jeffrey:I am!


Missy:Okay well when this challenge is done the three of us can talk to HMYP.

Ethan: Sorry Scott! I'm pretty strong! *picks up cruise ship and tosses it halfway across the state* (XD)

Jeffrey:Ethan,Scott doesn't know that happened and don't bring it up because since he lost his memory he thinks he is the nicest person here!


Missy:I was picturing something at night time.Like a festival!

Jeffrey:How long is this challenge?

Scott:*wakes up* HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jeffrey: Hi nice guy! :)

Scott:Who's nice guys? I'm SNOOKY! SNOOKY SNOOKY SNOOKY! (XD, What have you guys done to him?)

Missy: *Whispering to Jeffrey and Chimmy*We did turn him nice right

Jeffrey: I am assuming.

Ethan: Uh, Snooky? Interesting name...

Sunny: *random hearts float around her head from Scott*

Ethan: No! You're mine Sunny! 

Sunny: Oops.

HMYP: Sunshine, please grade the papers... BEFORE I BLOW MY SACK!!!! (Pant, pant) (XD) 

Scott:*running around randomly* I SHALL ANNIALATE ANYTHING PINK!!!!!! (XD)

Jeffrey: Hey Head Master! Can you grade the papers?

Scott:*notices Sunny's pink book bag* PPPIIIINNNNKKKK!!!!!! (XD)


Missy: I did the Heather one. lol!

Sammy: Yay! I won! (Also, the "mushroom" is the white spot that used to be one of her pigtails. You probably erased it and forgot to match it with the background)

The Report Card of DOOM

Sunshine: ...Here's my horrendously late grades... XD

Sunny: The completely black-ness works for Gwen, but I wish you’d put a little more effort into the recolor. That, and that little black area between her left arm and her side bugs me. C!

Ethan: Yeah, I can imagine Ezekiel looking like this in the future. XD LOL at the goatee, and the recolor looks nice. The mustache looks kind of funky, though. B!

Jeffery: Yeah, that works. I can believe he’d look like that in ten years. I like the beard, and the recolor’s nice. One of his fingers is missing, though… B!

Chimmy: …is that a mushroom on her head? XD The recolor was nice, and it was pretty believable, except for the, er, mushroom. I liked the ponytail though! B!

Missy: She looks kind of like a soccer mom. XD I like it! It’s believable. The recoloring could be much better, though… C!

Scott: Nice recoloring, pretty believable (I assume he’s supposed to be some sort of rock star or performer or something)… the one thing that bugs me is that it doesn’t scream “Trent” to me. B!

Sammy: Nice! I like how you used the original design. She kind of looks like a psycho fitness coach, which is great for Eva, and the recolor is good. However, because it’s not an Eva edit, it only faintly looks like Eva. B!

Anyone who didn’t enter gets an F.

Okay, the winner of the challenge is... SAMMY! I really liked your Eva pic; in my opinion, it was the best of the challenge. Good job!

Day 2 Vote

Ethan: Hm... I dunno. I vote for... "SNOOKY SNOOKY SNOOKY SNOOKY!!!!" (Scott)

Sunny: She gave me a C?! Oh well. I vote for Scott too.

Chimmy:I vote for Jeffery!


Tye: D-scope

Sammy: Sorrel

Jeffrey: I vote for Sunny

Missy: I vote off Scott.

HMYP: Buh Bye, Scott! *conks Scott on the head returning him to his normal self and flings him to who knows where...*

Day 3





Class 3 (Mad Science)

MST: Mwa ha ha... your challenge is simple... Create a chemical formula that will turn you into a pokemon. That is the first part of the challenge... Please begin...

Ethan: Yikes! *Begins randomly mixing formulas, one accidentally blows up in his face* (XD)

Sunny: Hmm... *looks around to see if Japenese ninjas are watching*

Tye: This is easy! You just mix... the... with the... Ok, I guess I don't know this. (XD)

Jeffrey: You just get the blue stuff and putt it into the red bowl and ummmm then you umm....What am I supposed to do?

Missy: Umm Do we have Science partners? *Gazing at Jeffrey*

(Chimmy:Dangit! I was having fun with Snooky XD)

Chimmy:*spits in a cup*

Jeffrey: Do we have to draw?Roleplay?What do we do?

Chimmy:*begins preforming several DNA tests*

Ethan: *mixes another potion and tests it on Sorrel* Oops! Sorry! I turned her into an orange! (XD)

Chimmy:*gets her DNA code* Aha! *begins researching random pokemon DNA*

Missy: *Draws a pokemon and makes it come to life* Gotcha! *Gets the pokemon's DNA*

Jeffrey:Missy,Chimmy, How did you guys do that?

Missy:*Takes her own DNA* Time to mix the samples!

Chimmy:*chucks pokeball at wall, a Starraptor comes out, holds out cup* Here, Robin, spit in the cup!

Robin (actually the nickname of one of my pokemon):*spits in cup*

Chimmy:Excellent! Robin, return! *sends Robin back into her pokeball* All if I'm right...wait, can we use the chemical for a ray gun? Cause that would make it seem cooler. (XD)

Ethan: *works on formula some more* some hot sauce... dinosaur DNA... and sugar fpr flavor... (XD, can anyone guess which pokemon this is?)

Sunny: *tests her potion on Janitor Jay as he is cleaning the explosion from Ethan's first attempt and it turns him into a pikachu* Yes!

MST: You need to take these formulas for the second part of the challenge...

Ethan: *drinks potion and turns into a Charmander* AAH!!! MY BUTT'S ON FIRE!!!! (XD)

Chimmy:*pours mix into ray gun that turns into a Staraptor* W00t! *flies around room* I BELIEVE I CAN FL-*crashes into wall XD*

Sunny: HAW HAW!!!! (XD)

Chimmy:*attempts to fly again, crashes into Ethan*

Ethan: *Tail accidentally hits Chimmy and sets her on fire* Oh, crud. PYRO IT AWAY CHIMMY!!!! 


Ethan *blows on her and accidentally uses flamethrower* (FAIL XD)

Chimmy:*dives into random bucket of water, pops head out* Phew...

Ethan: Wow. That was close.

Sunny: *Turns into pikachu* Now... How do I change back?

MST: Make another formula... You may begin that. That is the second part of the challenge...

Chimmy:Simple! All I have to do is re-zap myself! *looks around for her ray gun* WHERE'S MY RAY THINGY!?!!?!?

Missy:*Mixes them together* Time to drink it! *Drinks the potion and turns into Piplup* Wow!

Jeffrey:Missy! Pour that potion on me!

Missy:*Pours it on him*

Jeffrey: *Turned into Chimchar* Thanks! *Kisses Missy*

Ethan: How many of us are there? Let's see, me, Sunny, *hearts in eyes*, Chimmy, Missy and Jeffery. Hurry before the others finish! *drinks potion upside down and changes back* I won!!!

MST: Indeed you did, check out the gradebook.

The Report Card of DOOM

MST: Here are your grades for day 3...







Vote Day 3

MST: Chimmy and Ethan are the winners today. Anyone can vote.

Ethan: I vote for Sorrel.

Sunny: Sorrel.

Chimmy:I vote Jeffery...mainly cause oranges are cool...(XD)

Jeffrey:I vote off Violet.

Missy: I vote off Sunny! She has been trying to get rid of Sorel!.....I want to keep her pillow!

HMYP: Sorrel, goodbye. *flings Sorrel to Who knows where...* Everyone back to your dorms, it is a big day for you all. Final 9. Bye! *Turns to camera* Well that wraps up another episode of Academy of coolness! Tune in next time for more drama, funny, and suspense!

Missy(CONF):Man!I had to give up her pillow!

Day 4


Ethan: *wakes up* COCKADOODLEDOO!!!!! *Everyone snaps awake*

Duncan: *Yawns, starts carving skull on his  bedpost* What? (XD)

Chimmy:*wakes up, grabs Shadow doll, goes to cafeteria for breakfast*

Missy: *Looking very tired* (CONF):I can't be in this Dorm by myself.I get scared very easily! *Starts running to cafeteria*

Jeffrey: *wakes up* Hey D-scope, I'm going to Duncan and Ethan's dorm right now.I'll meet you at breakfast.*Goes to their dorm*

Jeffrey: *At their dorm* Morning dudes!.......Nevermind i'm going to breakfast.

Ethan: O.o

Duncan: Ok....



Chimmy:*eats her pancakes*

Missy: Hey Chimmy!

Jeffrey:Hey guys.


Missy:*sees a finger coming out of her food* I cannot eat this!

Jeffrey:Suck it up!

Chimmy:*falls asleep in her waffles*

Jeffrey:Looks likes somebody want sticky hair today! :)

Chimmy:*lifts face up, completly covered in whipped cream* Huh? (XD)

Missy:You seem tired Chimmy.


Style Class (Class 4)

FT (FASHION TEACHER, HE'S A GUY!!!): Alright class! Your challenge is to make the fabooest outfit you can think of and show it off on the twinkley runway! Most fabulous outfit wins!!! (XD SISSYPANTS)

Chimmy:*grabs some black and red fabric, begins sewing*

Missy:*Starts looking through catalogs to find clothes to tear apart and use the fabric* Oooo! *Finds some stuff in the closet and in the catalog*

Jeffrey:*Digs in his suitcase for sunglasses* Found them! *looks for leather*

Chimmy:*sews in some white fabric* (XD, anybody see where I'm going with this?)

Mailman: I have a fabric order for Missy!

Missy: Thanks! *Starts sewing a pretty blue dress*

Jeffrey: *made a leather jacket* Woo! *Sews his blue jeans in to skinny jeans and dyes them black*

Chimmy:*calls and gets some white, red and yellow leather for her shoes*

Missy: I know where you going with this Chimmy! lol!

Jeffrey: Cool! I am almost done!

Missy:*gets a blue purse and sews some clips and designs on it*

Chimmy:*is almost done with her shoes, is stitching on some leather*

Missy:*Gets some netting and tries it on her hands*I like the netting! *Starts making a necklace*

Chimmy:*finishes shoes* Yay! *grabs hair dye and spray, begins styling her hair*

Missy:*Dyes on streak of her hair silver* Pretty! *Puts everything on* I am so pretty!

Jeffrey: Yes you are hun! *They kiss*

Chimmy:*has dyed her hair completley black, begins adding in streaks of red*

Missy: Let me see you guys in your outfits!

Jeffrey: I would but mine is a surprise.

Chimmy:Sorry, I'm not quite done.

Missy: okay guys.

Ethan: *Begins making shirt out of pickle skins* Yum... (XD)

Sunny: I know! *runs off to store, comes back 5 seconds later wearing Day-Glo clothes* How do I look?

Ethan: Hot...

Sunny: *struts down the runway*

FT: Interesting, and it just screams "hey, look at me!" I love it! A-!

Ethan: *walks down runway, smell stinks up everything*

FT: Although It's unique, it stinks, D.

Missy: *Walks down the runway smiling*

Jeffrey: *Walks down after her*

Chimmy:*walks down runway, with a frown on her face*

FT: Chimmy, your Shadow obsession earned you an A+! Missy, beautiful! Though I want to see more detail, B. Jeffery, you look nice! B+! The winners are Chimmy and Sunny!

File:Chimmy Shadow.png

Day 4 Vote

Sunny and Chimmy have immunity.

Ethan: I vote for, hm...

Sunny: Hmm...

Chimmy:Um...err...*pulls name out of hat* I guess I'm voting for Jeffery...crap...

Missy: Ethan?

Jeffrey: Sammy!

Ethan: *Randomly blurts out "Jeffery!"* Wait! Can I change it?

HMYP: Nope.


HMYP: And that's it for Jeffery! *slings him to who knows where...

Missy: Poor Jeffrey!

Day 5


Chimmy:*wakes up* Morning, Sunny! ^^

Sunny: Good morning! Roomy!

Chimmy:What's up?

Sunny: *looks up* Eww... somebody stuck thier gum on the cieling... (XD)

Chimmy:Ew! Must have been Duncan and Ethan...or maybe Missy!...nah...IDK who! DX

(In Duncan and Ethan's room)

Ethan: How did you get that gum on thier cieling? (XD)

Duncan: With this... *holds up long stick* 

Ethan: So that's how it's done! (XD)

(In Missy's Dorm)

Missy: I miss Jeffrey and Sorrel! *crying*


  • Missy and Chimmy are walking together*

Missy: I am going to miss Jeffrey but I am not letting it get in the way!.....What do you think Sunshine will do today?


Chimmy:*eats bacon* Yummers!!

Ethan: *Eats waffles* I luv eatn' waflz!!! (XD)


Ethan: What're YOU lookin' at? GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR BARK! BARK!!! (XD)

Chimmy:*begins shouting* HEY! HEY! HEY! HEY! HEY! HEY!!! (XD)

Ethan: Heh heh, sorry, Chimmy, you should see me with pickles.

Janitor: *randomly passing by* He's got issues. Last time I came in between Ethan and his Pickles, he gave me this! *holds up peg leg* (XD)

Ethan: Um... Heh heh... (XD)

Chimmy:*continues shouting* HEY! HEY! HEY! HEY! HEY! HEY!!! (Brian Regan reference XD)

Ethan: *carmeldansens with the song*

Sunny: *Joins in*

Chimmy:HEY! HEY! HEY! HEY!! HE-*loses voice*

Ethan: Chimmy? Are you alright? *opens up window and sticks head through it* WHATEVER IT WAS, I'M SORRY ALREADY!!!! (XD)

Chimmy:*tries sign language, but fails epically*

Ethan: I'm a WHAT???!!! (LOL EPIC FAIL XD)

Chimmy:*makes that motion that means no, tries more sign-language*

Ethan: BUT MY MOM TOLD ME I WASN'T ONE!!! *Runs away crying* (XD)

Chimmy:*makes no symbol again, writes down what she WANTED to say on paper*

Ethan: Aww.... puppies!!! (XD)

Chimmy:*writes down "It might be a while until I get my voice back..."*

Ethan: Ok, and to show my sympothy, I am going to stop talking until you get your voice back!

Ethan: (CONF) *signs and subtitles appear* "I'm good with girls." *sees subtitles, grabs a "g" and eats it* (XD)

Sunny: Here, Chimmy! *gives her a "how to use sign language" book* 

Chimmy:*gets voice back* Thanks! (XDDDDDD)

Ethan: Yaaaaaaaayyy!!!

Sunny: Well, I won't be needing this! *tosses book away and hears an "Ow! My eye!"* (XD)

Chimmy:Anyways....whaddya think the challenge will be?

Ethan: Dunno. Knowing Sunshine, you never can tell. I think we chould get going if we don't want to be late.

Sunny: Yeah! 



Art Class (Class 5)

Chimmy:*runs in, panting* Am I late?

Ethan: No, but Sunshine is, again... (XD)

Missy: Figures.....


Sammy: *walks in* Huh, I'm late. And by the looks of it, so is Sunshine...

Tye: *crashes through window* What happened while I was gone?


Chimmy:I'm bored...*sings random Phineas and Ferb songs XD* Don't think your gonna win this time, cause you better believe I'm gonna drop a dime on you! (XD)

Ethan: I will win!!! (XD, I loved that song! ^^)


Chimmy:I said a Bow Chicka Bow Wow! That's what my baby says! (XD)

Ethan: Got these chains on meeeeeee. And they're draggin' me down...


Chimmy:Got an Aunt Florence living in France! SIMP, SQUIRRELS IN MY PANTS!! (XD, couldn't resist)

Intercom: Please steer clear of the windows, Sunshine will enter momentarily! (XD)

Ethan: HIT THE DECK!!!!

Chimmy:Huh? I didn't hear that...anyways, I'm gonna go dangerously close to the windows now! (XD)

Sunny: She's gonna die... (LOL)

Chimmy:*skips happily around window XD*

Sunshine: *flies through window, ricochets off Chimmy's forehead, lands on desk* HI GUYS!!! Sorry I'm late. Again. (XD) Anyhoo, in honor of the random rapping that was going on before I came in, this week you're going to have to make a picture of a TDI character in a music video! You can use any song you like, any style for the pic, it can be hand-drawn, done in a computer program, a TDI character edited into a background, and so on. You'll be judged on creativity, originality, how good the picture looks, whether the music video picture fits with the song, etc. Please provide a link to the song with your picture. This will be due on December 16. Good luck!

Chimmy:*makes various attempts to free draw*

Missy: Sounds fun! :) *Starts drawing right away*

File:Hey, Trent.png

Chimmy:*walks up to Sunshine, looking extremley tired* H-....Here...*hands her pic, walks back to her seat, falls asleep*

Missy:Hey Chimmy!

Chimmy:*wakes up* I late? (XD)

Missy: Okay everybody lets vote off Violet tonight she hasn't done a challenge in a long time and we always do them so who is with me?

Ethan: Okay.

Sunny: Yeah!

Chimmy:*very sleepily* Whatever you say, Mr. Cracker...(I think all the work on that pic made her delusional, XD)

Sammy: I'm in!

Missy: Okay so we have a plan! :)

Chimmy:*sleepily nods*

Missy: I will upload this best drawn picture of Duncan and Courtney in a little. :)

Missy: Doesn't this challenge end tomorrow?

Chimmy:I failed to draw a messenger bag XD

Sunshine: SO THAT'S WHAT IT WAS!!!!! THAT MAKES SENSE NOW!!! (That was bugging me so much, LOL. XD)


Missy: Congrats Chimmy! :)

Report Card

Sunshine: I'm three days late and only two pics are up...

Chimmy- It's cute, well-drawn, and fits the song! However, Trent's backpack bothers me, since it's supposed to be on his back... B!

Missy- It's nicely drawn, but they're just in generic positions, and you didn't place a link to the song... D!

Everyone Else- No entry, F!

Obviously, Chimmy wins. Congrats, Chimmy!

Day 5 Vote

Missy: I vote off D-Scope.Sorry but you haven't really done anything lately.

Chimmy:I vote D-Scope.

Ethan: Scope with da D! Sorry, I wasn't made for this "gangsta" thing. (XD)

Sunny: D-Scope...

HMYP: See ya D-Scope! *slingshots D-Scope to Who knows where...*

Day 6

HMYP's special announcement

HMYP: Alright, final six! Or should I say final 7! 

Ethan: Huh? There are only six of us left!

HMYP: Oh, I'm sorry, did I say that? I forgot to mention that Scott is returning!


Chimmy:Scott...we meet again...YAY!!! *dances around Scott, chanting XD*

Sunny: NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ethan: NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hm.... *conks Scott on the head and makes him loopy again XD*

Scott:Won't work. I went to some docters and therapists, and they said I should only go through that phase once every month.

HMYP: The phychiatrists just called me. They said this month's session would beging right... *checks watch* about... NOW!

Scott:Oh damn. *eyes turn red and blue, and begin twitching*


Tye: *Enters room* Hey, guys, what's up? (XD)

Scott:*huge blast of lime green light explodes from body*

Chimmy:HIT THE DECK!!! (XD)

Ethan: What the $#%@??!! *gets hit by green light and is knocked unconcious*

  • green light ceases*


HMYP: Ugh. Scott is invincible today.


HMYP: Fine. Snooky invincible. (XD)

Scott:*eye twitches*

Chimmy:*eye twitches as well XD*

Ethan: *eye twitches, make creepy face* Pickles... PICKLES.... PICKLES....

Missy: Welcome Back Snooky!

Missy(CONF): I can't stand him! Why did he return?


(In Scott, Duncan and Ethan's Dorm)

Ethan: So Snooky, *O.o* how do you feel about being back?

Scott:*is even more hyped up on SUGAR DUN DUN DUN XD*


Outside School


Writing (Class 6)

HMYP: Your assignment is to write about how much you LOVE Scott. *laughs maniacly XD*

Chimmy's Essay Chimmy:OK....I LOVE Scott because he's super duper special awesome! He's so epically crazy when he's Snooky, yet still cool when he's just being himself! Scott is epic! YEAH!! ROCK ON, SCOTTY! (Chimmy was not forced by Scott to write this, XD. Serious, though.)

Ethan's Essay

I like Scott as a friend, and we are very close. Mainly because we are in the same dorm together. We are both crazy, (at times) I like him better crazy because he called me a bad name. I wish we were closer. I want to be like brothers with him. I love him.

(After Ethan finishes writing he runs into the bathroom and throws up XD)

(Chimmy:OMG XD)

Sunny's Essay

I enjoyed Scott's crazy side. He can be real cute! (don't tell Ethan) I love the way he says Snooky weirdly.

Missy's Essay

I think Scott is *Gulping while righting* very nice! It is really..... interesting When he turns into "Snooky" But I mostly love Scott because he is friends with Chimmy and me and her are really good friends! I LOVE Scott  *Missy can't believe what she just wrote and she runs into the bathrooms and barfs with Ethan*

(Sunny makes googly eyes on Scott)

(Chimmy:I'm assuming since Scott is invincible, he doesn't have to do the challenge?)

(Yes, he's watching the challenge, so he can interact with the contestants)

Scott:*is drinking NON-DIET soda, still as Snooky XD*

HMYP: *Takes soda away from Scott* For the safety of the students.

Scott:*tackles HMYP XD*

HMYP: Uses martial arts and throws Scott across the room, presses button, a cage falls on Scott* You almost ruined my suit!!! (XD)

Scott:*notices Sunny's pink bookbag* PPPIIIINNN-*changes back into Scott* What the....(XD)

Ethan: This sorta is like Dr. Jekkyl and Mr. Hyde, isn't it? (XD)

Scott:Why the heck am I in a cage?!

Ethan: Dr. Scott and Mr. Snooky... Catchy title! (XD)

Sunny: You got into a fight with the headmaster...

HMYP: Luckily this happens once a month. *cell phone rings* What?! It's gonna happen once every day?!! *runs off, comes back with lightsaber on his belt* (XD)

Scott's therapist:Did I say day? I meant HOUR!!! (XD)

Scott:*screams like a girl XD*

HMYP: *Screams as well (XD)*

Scott's therapist:Just joking! It's still only monthly. (XD)

HMYP: Whew... *faints*

Chimmy:*sighs sadly*

Scott:*sighs happily*

Ethan: *runs into bathroom and barfs again*

Chimmy:I'm bored...

Missy: Hey Ethan,Chimmy can I talk to you guys for a sec?

Chimmy:Surezies!...wait, this isn't about an alliance, is it?

Missy: Sorry to dissapoint you Chimmy but yes. I assume that Jeffrey's alliance was destroid when he left but I trust you guys and you guys are awesome friends but it is okay if you guys say no.So what do you think?

Chimmy:Sorry...I don't really do alliances. One moment, you're having fun voting people off, and the next, your both in the final two, and it's just....REALLY awkawrd.

Missy: Okay we are still friends though right?

Chimmy:Of course!

Missy: Awesome! ^U^

(Chimmy:YOU STOLE MY EMOTE!!! XD, total JK.)

(Missy: LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL Hahahahaha I thought it would fit! lol!)

The Report Card of DOOM

Chimmy- A few grammar problems, and a tiny bit short. C.

Sunny- Way too short. D.

Ethan- Longer than the others listed above, and you listed howmany things you have in common with Scott. Good! A little lengthier, though. B.

Missy- You didn't have to read the essay, but, going the extra mile is pretty nice. Good grammar, and lengthy. What else do I have to say? A!!!

This week's head of Class is MISSY!!!! YOU'RE INVINCIBLE FOR THE WEEK!!!

Day 6 Vote

Ethan: Who to vote for... Hmm... I'd have to say Sammantha.

Sunny: Sammantha. Agreed.

Chimmy:Tye. (Scott can vote, right?)

(anybody can vote)


Missy: Sammantha.

HMYP: Sammantha is out of the game. *flings Sammantha to who knows where...* Back to your dorms, people.

Day 7



Missy: *singing in the hallway* La la la la la la la la la *sees camra man* What are you looking at? You's gone get socked! (XD)

Outside School

Chimmy:*cartwheels out* Ah....fresh air!

Missy: It's beautiful out here!

Scott:*walks out*

Ethan and Sunny: *walks out with arms locked, repeatedly skipping*

Scott:*sighs, looks at Chimmy* I never will find the perfect girl, will I?

Chimmy:Don't be like that! I know one or two girls who would be perfect for you!

Scott:Do they have boyfriends....

Chimmy:I never said that. <.< (XD)

Ethan: *sits on fountain next to Sunny* I love the sound of running water.

Sunny: Me too. =-D

Scott:*sighs* I just wish that I could have someone in my life...someone that means the world to me now that my parents are dead.

(YP: I really enjoy Scott's sensitive side, Chimmy, those kind of characters almost never pop up here.)

Ethan: I know how you feel. I had a friend named Gabe back in the fifth grade who lost his parents, and his grandparents hated him. But now he's an A student and has a scholarship to Harvard. Just take your sorrows and turn them into learning experiences, that's how I go through life.

Scott:*smiles* Thanks...I guess...

(YP: I am making Ethan reflect my personality more. He will be more serious from now on, if you want news about how my characters are changing, my blog reflects them.)



Scott:*sits down with breakfast, sighs*

Ethan: *sits down next to Scott* Look, I know you aren't the chatty type, but I want to become friends with you, you seem to have a bad life, so I want to make it up to you. Okay?

Scott:Listen. At age 5, my dad died in a hit-and-run collision. We still haven't found out who did it. At age 15, just before my birthday, my mother died of colon cancer. I REALLY don't need someone else fu**ing up my life.

Ethan: Blame it on Chuck Norris. That's what I do! (XD)

Scott:*rolls eyes* What IS the big deal with Chuck Norris? (*expects answers like "Chuck Norris can beat the sun in a staring contest!" XD)

Ethan: I dunno, it just sounded like something cool to say! (XD) Anyways, I know how to figure out who killed your papa.

Scott:*rolls eyes* Fine. How.

Ethan: My dad is a forscenic scientist who studied the case, he told you mom the day she died before she could tell you.

Scott:And how do I know you're not lying in a futile attempt to befriend me?

Ethan: I may be crazy, but I am honest. Anyway, it was this guy named Sam Fredricson. I don't know where he lives, though.

Scott:Perfect. *looks him up online*

Ethan: (CONF) This is real. If I was lying, he would have killed me by now.

Ethan: Any Luck?

Scott:Yeah...he lives in like, Wyoming or something.

Ethan: Wait, scroll down. OMG!!! HE'S THE JANITOR OF THIS SCHOOL!!!

Janitor: *passing by and sees the page* Oh, crap!!! They found me!!!


HMYP: *Overheard the conversation* I THINK IT WOULD BE FATHER ********. (XD) SECURITY!!!!! 

Security:*tackle Janitor*

Scott:*goes back to Ethan* Ehh....fine. We're friends, OK?

Ethan: Yeah. Cool!

Ethan: (CONF) I knew he'd come around

Cameraman: *in confessional with Ethan* No you didn't.

Ethan: *still in confessional* Oh, shut up. (XD)

Chimmy:Hey, what's with all the ruckus? I could hear it all the way up from the dorms!

Sunny: *Following Chimmy* Yeah, why is the Janitor fighting with Secutirty?

Ethan: We caught a crook!!!

Sunny: Again?! (XD)

Scott:Yeah. He killed by father in a hit-and-run accident.

Missy: Sounds weird.....So who is in to come with me and hang out outside for a while until school starts?

Ethan: Sunny? Wanna come out? I hear the fountain is really romantic in the gardens.

Sunny: Aww... Sure!

Ethan: Wanna come, Scott?

Scott:Sure, I guess...

Style Class (Class 7)

Fashion Teacher: Today, you are all going to take a model, and make them wear the most ridiculous outfit you can think of! Begin!

Ethan: *goes and finds his pickle outfit and puts it on his model*

Model: *puts on outfit*

Chimmy:Um...*finds model, makes him put on foot costume*


Scott:*finds model, puts Barney costume on him XD*

Sunny: AAAIIIGH!!!! BARNEY!!!! *repeatedly punches Scott's model in the face, giving her black eyes*

Ethan: Hey, look on the bright side, Scott! her face matches the costume! That's great!

Fashion Teacher: It is indeed! Extra points!


Missy: *Makes a big Cactus costume* Hhhhm.... *puts a fake severed hand and some mold on it too* There!

Model: Oh no!  -__-

Sunny: *puts Sun costume on her model*

Chimmy:*adds some lettuce between the toes of the costume*

Missy: *trows cupcakes at her model* Thats what I call taste!*throws lemon peals at it then puts a parrot on it's shoulder*

Model: *About to barf* O.O

Missy: I was making a rotten food outfit. :"(

The Report Card of DOOM

CHIMMY: A foot costume? Interesting, and I liked the way you tried to make toejam. A!!!

MISSY: You put together the strangest of combinations, lemon peels, cupcakes, what were you trying to make? C.

ETHAN: Your Pickle outfit was detailed, and it smelled. B.

SCOTT: As much as I hate Barney, you did make a convincing costume!!! A!!!

SUNNY: It reflected your personality well. Good Job! A-!!!

VIOLET: No entry, F.

TYE: No entry, F.

The winners are Scott and Chimmy!!!

Day 7 vote

HMYP: We have to stay on schedule if we don't want an extra day. So, therefore, to keep on schedule, vote for people.

Ethan: Violet and Tye. Where are you?

Sunny: Same as Ethan.

Chimmy:I third that.

Scott:Violet and Tye.

Missy: 5th that.

HMYP: There is no way Violet and Tye will win this vote. Buh-Bye, Guys! *flings Violet and Tye to Uncool losers*

Day 8



Outside School

Chimmy:*skips out*

Scott:*walks out, sits on bench, pulls out sketchpad*

Missy: hey Guys! :)   It is going to be really hard choosing somebody to vote for tonight!

Chimmy:I know, right?

Scott:Whatever. I know who I'm voting for.

Ethan: Me too.

Missy: Who maybe I can help.


Science (Class 3)

MST: Your assignment today is to make a ray gun. It doesn't matter what it does, just make one, present it, and test it on th dummies over there. Go.

Chimmy:I got it! *starts building*

Ethan: *gets ray and shoves a pickle in it* let's see. *Shoots Chimmy, she turns into a pickle* YES!!! IT WORKS!!!

Scott:*facepalms* Can someone change her back?...wait a minute....*works on ray gun*

Ethan: *eyes widen* Cooolll... AHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!! *Shoots everyone else in the room, than himself* I'm a pickle!!! Cool!

Scott:*facepalms, continues working on ray*

Ethan: Ha!!! We're all pickles!!!! YAAYYYY!!!!!!! (XD FAIL)

Chimmy:*works on ray*

Scott:*is halfway finished*

Sunny: (CONF) I just turned into a pickle because of my boyfriend. Sometimes I wonder why I put up with him. The only reason why I hooked up with him is so that I can turn on him in the vote today. Now I gotta figure out how to change back.

Ethan: Chimmy! Like being a pickle? (XD)

Chimmy:It's fun! *chews on arm XD*

Scott:I think I'm done...*tests ray on Sunny, turning her back into a human, smirks*

Sunny: Thanks Scottie! Ethan. We're done.

Ethan: NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

Sunny: *jumps on Scott and begins making out with him*

Ethan: *begins crying* SUNNY! I THOUGHT WE WERE MEANT FOR EACH OTHER!!! WHY!!!!!

Sunny: Because you turned me into a pickle.

Scott:*eyes widen, but close after a while* (I was planning for Scott to have a relationship with someone else, but...oh well, there goes that plan! XD)

Chimmy:Awww....*pats Ethan on the back* I feel sorry for you, dude.

(YP: Heh heh. I wanted to see the drama between those two. One of 'em is going home tonight. I just know it)

Chimmy:*works on ray, but adds some new elements to it* (You'll see where I'm going after a while...)

Ethan: *is still crying, changes Teacher back*

Sunny: *Glares evily at Ethan* You're goin' down, dude. *turns to Scott* Will you vote with me tonight, Scotty Babe??

Scott:Depends, I guess.

Chimmy:*finishes* Ethan, don't worry. If this all goes right....

Missy:*Pours grape juice and lemons down her ray* Yum! *puts crushed watermelons down too* Done! (Chimmy!,You gave me a Edit Conflict! lol)(I made a fruit ray! Fear it! XD)

Chimmy:*whispers* It was oringinally a heat ray so people wouldn't have to blow stuff up in microwaves, but with a few modifications...*normal voice* Sunny, can you come here for a minute?

Missy: Wait, Sunny! *fires gun and makes Sunny turn into an exsodic fruit*

Sunny: *hops over* Yes? (XD)

Chimmy:*lies so well that no one else can tell that she is lying* Look at Ethan...pft!

Ethan: *still crying*

Sunny: So? I'm heartless when it comes to him.

Chimmy:*still lying* It's just that...he's so pathetic!

Sunny: *grins evily* 'tis true. Heh heh... I'm good. (Not working? XD)

Chimmy:*points at Ethan* that....

Sunny: A what?! (XD)

Chimmy:OH MY GOD! *points about 3 centemeters away from Ethan* WHAT THE HECK IS THAT?!

Ethan: *notices Chimmy's finger is an inch away from his face* Can I help you? (XD)

Sunny: Huh? I don't even know what you are talking about.

Chimmy:*quickly shoots ray at Sunny that makes her fall in love with the first person she sees, aims her at Ethan*

Sunny: *before the ray hits her, she continues to inspect Ethan and moves around him, the ray misses Sunny and hits Ethan*

Ethan: *looks at Scott* Hi, have we met? *makes googily eyes* XD

Scott:That is just wrong...

Chimmy:*hits reverse button, fires at Ethan* (*expects that it hits Sunny and has some crazy effects XDD)

Ethan: Scott, I love you... *chases Scott around the room, the ray misses Ethan, bounces off a random mirror and hits Chimmy* XD

Chimmy:*suddenly has a craving for hot pockets XD*

Sunny: What the heck just happened?

Ethan: *huggles Scott* I the only sane one left in the building?

Chimmy:*hallucinates Sunny as a Hot Pocket, slowly walks towards her XD*

Sunny: No, I'm still myself. *gets ready to hit Chimmy with a chair*

Ethan: *puckers up, slowly leans towards Scott*

(Chimmy:OH, SNAP, you did NOT just TYPE that! XD)

(Just for laughs!!! LOLOLOLOLOL)

Scott:*quickly holds toilet plunger in front of Ethan XD*

Chimmy:*huggles Sunny, begins biting her arm XDD*


MST: Okay, this has gone on long enough. *grabs Chimmy's ray on the floor and makes everyone normal again* This behavior is unnacceptable! Although it was good for ratings, the law of Trioland requires I give you all "Fs". Except Scott. He wins for today.

Day 7 Vote

Sunny: I vote for Ethan, he caused all of this mess.

Ethan: I was gonna say Missy, but now I say Sunny.

Sunny: Will you vote for Ethan too, Scotty-Wotty? (Oh, brother...)

Missy: Ethan! How could you I though we were friends! *votes Ethan*

Ethan: Hey, Missy, I AM your friend, I was just secretly told by Sunny to vote you off. And she USED to be my girlfriend, then when she broke up with me, I changed my vote to her. So, wanna go out saturday, Missy?

Missy: I'm sorry my boyfriend is Jeffrey. But we can be friends still if you want? :)

HMYP: Chimmy, Scott, what are your votes?

Chimmy:I vote Sunny...she wasn't the nicest today...

Scott:...I can't decide the tiebreaker....Sunny kissed me, but wasn't nice today, but Ethan is her enemy, but also my friend...

Ethan: *makes puppy dog eyes*

Sunny: You vote for me, you're dead.

Scott:Argh....I need some time to consult with myself. *walks off*

HMYP: The suspense!!!!! We'll be right back, after this. *cuts to comercial*

Commercial: WE GOT TOMATO SQUIRTERS!!!! IT SQUISHES!!!! IT SQUASHES!!!! IT CRUSHES!!!!! ONLY $19.99!!! GET YOURS TODAY BY CALLING 555-0121-2321-3432-1231-4543-2124!!!! ORDER YOURS TODAY!!!! (XD)

Scott:*arrives* Alright...I've made my decision.

HMYP: Who is it? I wanna fling somebody in the Slingshot...

Scott:Ethan...I regret to inform you that...


Scott:*smirks* I voted out Sunny. We're through. *hides XD*

Sunny: *steam explodes from ears* AUGH!!!! YOU CAN'T DO THIS TO ME!!!! YOU @#@#!!! I'M GLAD YOUR DAD IS DEAD!!! IT GIVES YOU SOMETHING GROPE ABOUT!!!!


Security: *grabs Sunny as she tantrums her way onto the slingshot and is flinged away from the Academy*


HMYP: And we'll end today on that note. I can't stand all of that screaming. *puts on earmuffs* much better.

Day 8


(In Scott and Ethan's dorm)


Ethan: That stupid love ray. Ugh. I almost kissed you. Gross. So... Who are we getting rid of today?

Scott:I'd say Missy. *continues facepalming* Why, why, why?!

Ethan: Let's drop it. I just wanna figure out who's going home tonight. Chimmy has won the most challenges, so she might be a threat to us.

Scott:But what if she wins invincibillity?

Ethan: We'll just have to make sure she doesn't. (DUN DUN DUN!!!)

Scott:Um....OK, I guess...*goes to cafeteria*

(In Chimmy's Dorm)

Chimmy:*sighs* I'm all alone...wait a minute, I have Gwen! ^^

Gwen: Whatever. *pulls out sketchpad*

Chimmy:*pulls out notebook, begins to draw Shadow*

Missy: Hey Can I take Sunny's place I hate being alone in my cabin. If it is okay with you guys I can ask HMYP.



Outside School

Special Class (Class 8)

HMYP: Alright, here are the final four, your assignment is to come up with a school song for today, it will be graded on grammar, originality, and humor. BEGIN!!!!

Chimmy:*sighs* Done!

HMYP: Did I mention the winning song gets to be the theme song next season?

Ethan: Sweet! Mine's peppy!!!

HMYP: The songs are due in 2 hours! Hurry up Scott! I wanna see a final 3!

Ethan: *winks at Scott* Blow the headmaster away, dude.

Missy: You can do it man!....If anybody can its you.

Scott:*sighs* Song writing isn't my forte.

Ethan's Song

Oh Acaaaaademy of Coolness!

Acaaaaaademy of Coolness!

Give me a quiz I'll pass!

Bring on the class!

Take on the challenges I'll face!

Make style out of lace...

Headmaster's got something up his sleeve...

He wants us to greeeeeaaaaaatly ACHIIIIEEEEVVEE!!!!! (YEAH!)

Oh Adaaademy of Coolness! (Oh oh!)

Right in the land in the seeeeeaaaaaaa....

Your flag raises high in the sky!!!!

There's nothing here that I won't try.....

The pain (such pain)

The loss (Loss...)

The wins.. (Great wins!)




Chimmy's Song

(Sung to to tune of Holiday by Green Day)

  • epic guitar solo*

Hear the sound of the failing grades! Coming down like a modeling class of shame!

The pain! The ones who failed without a name!

Hear the students singing out of key!

To hymn called "Pickles I Love Thee"

And see, the students lost the war today.....


I beg to dream and differ from the horrid lies...

This is the dawning of the rest, of my life!!!!!

No holidays!


  • more guitar*

Hear the drums pounding right in time!

Another backstab, yet another lie.

To find, that Sunshine's late for her class again!

Can I get another sane guy? (Sane guy!)

There's a model dressed up like a hedgehog!

A gag, a plastic bag on the headmaster!


I beg to dream and differ from the horrid lies...

This is the dawning of the rest, of my life!!!!!

No holidays!


  • really epic guitar solo*

Day 4!

  • more guitar solo*

"The Headmaster Yoshiperson has the floor..."

Sieg heil to the president roomate, insane Scott is your punishment!

Pulverize the pyro, Chimmy!

Who criticized your awesomeness!

Dang dang, goes the mouring Ethan,

Who just dropped the pickle jar!

Trials by A+, satisfied yet?

It's not a grade that's meant for me!

Just cause....(Hey, hey!)...Just cause because we're losers, yeah!


I beg to dream and differ from the horrid lies...

This is the dawning of the rest, of my life!!!!!

I beg to dream and differ from the horrid lies...

This is the dawning of the rest, of my life!!!!!

This is my life, no holidays!!!!!


  • epic guitar solo at end*

Don't Let me Go! By Missy

(Playing Guitar)

I want to win this show.

Because I dont want to go!

I will give it all I got!

If not then I will hit Scott!

Scott: Hey!


So far We have lost:

Sorrel Jeffrey Sunny even Sillias.

Violet Tye D-scope wasn't the funniest!

But I want to stay.

Don't let me go away....this time! You wont regret it....

And you wont get hit...

If you let me stay....

You wont go awaaaaay


I am not verry slow.

And I wear a bow! *points to bow on her head*

I will give my best shot.

Jeffrey said Im hott! (XD)



So far we have lost:

Sorrel Jeffrey Sunny even Sillias.

Violet Tye D-scope wasn't the funniest!

But I was to stay.

I know who I am!

This time.

Chimmy is my bud!

Ethan smells like crud (JK XD)

I think I am the best

So long with the rest.

This time!

Missy: Thanks everybody! Don't vote me off!

Scott's Song

(Sung to the tune of Best Day Ever from Spongebob-Extended Version)

Mr. Pickles came up, and he smiled at me....

Said "It's gonna be a good class, just wait and see.....

Jumped out of bed, and I ran to room 205....

Feeling so esctatic, satisfied!

[ Chorus ]

It's the BEST, SCHOOl, EVER! (Best, school, ever!)

It's the BEST, SCHOOl, EVER! (Best, school, ever!)

[ End Chorus ]

I'm so busy, got lots to do,

Spent the last two hours dressing up like a shoe!

Every teacher, every class I plan,

Is reaching out to shake my hand!

[ Chorus ]

It's the BEST, SCHOOl, EVER! (Best, school, ever!)

It's the BEST, SCHOOl, EVER! (Best, school, ever!)

[ End Chorus ]

Sometimes the little projects start closing in on me...

When I'm feeling down, I wanna lose that frown,

I stick my head out my dorm and look around!

Those students don't scare me, they can't diguise,

It's real magic that's happening right before my eyes!

Soon Mr. Moon will by gleaming bright...

So the best class ever can last all night!

Yeah, the best class ever's gonna last all night, now!

[ Chorus ]

It's the BEST, SCHOOl, EVER! (Best, school, ever!)

It's the BEST, SCHOOl, EVER! (Best, school, ever!)

It's the BEST, SCHOOl, EVER! (Best, school, ever!)

It's the BEST, SCHOOl, EVER! (Best, school, ever, best school ever!)

The Report Card of DOOM

HMYP: I'm going to rank your songs from 4th to 1st. The song with 4th place is.... MISSY!!! Although I liked the song, you insulted a student, and made it relevant to this season, I wanted to use the song for NEXT season. OK?

HMYP: 3rd place goes to... CHIMMY!!!! Once again, your song was relevant to this season. It was good, but mentioning other characters will not make it the school theme song next season.

HMYP: 2nd place goes to... SCOTT!!! Your song was perfect except one tiny detail, the Spongebob refference. *shudders* I hate spongebob. Just Saying.

HMYP: Which leaves Ethan as today's head-of-class! Look at his song, it's wonderful! It's catchy!!! And although It wasn't funny, it was very peppy!!!


HMYP: Chimmy, Scott, or Missy is going home tonight. Who will it be?

Ethan: Chimmy, you're too big a threat.


Scott:...I hate to betray Ethan, but I just can't vote for Chimmy. Missy.

Missy: Scott.

HMYP: Well, Missy can't win this vote... Goodbye. *flings Missy to who knows where...* And we have our final three! Chimmy! Scott! And Ethan: One of these three will be getting thier diploma of Awesomness, a Million dollars, and a huge mansion on the other side of this island! Who will win? Who will lose! Find out soon! On Academy of Coolness!!!

Missy: I guess we all go soon. :( I had a lot of fun though! :) Bye guys! *Hugs Chimmy and Ethan then hits Scott* The song nere lies! Bye everybody! I will miss you!

Day 9


(In Chimmy's dorm)

Chimmy:*sighs* I really dodged a bullet, didn't I?

Ethan: *comes through door* So, final 3, huh? Wow.

Ethan: (CONF) I never thought I'd make it this far. Dang!

Chimmy:I can't believe it!

(In Scott and Ethan's Dorm)

Ethan: Guy's Alliance?

Scott:Maybe. *walks outside*

Ethan: (CONF) What I think of the people so far? Well, I never expected so many people to be so lazy, backstabbing, idiotic losers! Chimmy, Scott and Missy, are my only friends here.

Ethan: *goes to caffeteria* PANCAKES!!! PANCAKES!!! (XD OWEN REFFERENCE!)

Outside School

Scott:*walks out, sighs*

Scott:(CONF) I'm considering doing something now that I've done some internet dating sites...



Style Class (Class 9)

Fashion Teacher: Alright! Your challenge is to build a runway and rin down it with a new design! Go!!!!

Chimmy:*starts building*

Scott:*begins building*

Ethan: *makes beautiful red dress, and starts building*

Chimmy:*is building surprisingly fast, as she is already 1/4 done with the runway*

Scott:*is working a bit more carefully, but is still 2/8ths done*

Ethan: *eats power pickle, has energy burst and finishes building 5 seconds later XD*

Chimmy:*finishes, tests the runway out be standing on it* Done! *begins working on outfit*

Scott:*finishes, begins working on outfit*

Ethan: *Puts laser light show on runway* DONE!!!

Scott:*sews a sweater vest, grabs some hair gel*

Chimmy:*grabs blue hair dye and styles hair in blue ponytails, grabs pink and yellow cloth*

Ethan: *puts dress on model, and she struts down the runway*

Scott:*puts green pants on male model, styles hair like Noah, and he struts down the runway*

Chimmy:*styles the model's hair in blue pigtails, puts on pink and yellow top and purple jeans, amkes her strut down the runway*

The Report Card of DOOM




The Winner's Reward...

HMYP: Since the winner is Ethan, he gets invincibility for tommarow. Either Chimmy or Scott will go with him to the final 2. Great job!!! Chimmy, Scott, the best of luck to you!!!

Scott:Ya know what? I quit. The person who returns never wins these things. sure?

Scott:*nods* Besides, I heard some reports that my mother was actually murdered, so yeah. Bye.

HMYP: Dangit! I had a perfect final 3 ellimination challenge planned! Shoot! *takes out cell phone* Alright, you can cancel the balancing over a volcano challenge!!! (XD) TAXI!!! *Cab takes Scott away*


HMYP: Today, Chimmy and Ethan will take a final exam, it will consist of all of the subjects, and a bunch of questions about the season. Let's start with this season's Trivia. But first, a little chat with the final two. Chimmy, did you expect to make it this far?

Chimmy:Not really! I'm pretty happy with myself.

HMYP: Anything surprise you this season?

Chimmy:Scott's first and second elimination, and Sunny' personality, shall I say.

HMYP: Wanna shout anything out to the lost players?

Chimmy:Yeah! You guys ROCK! ^^

HMYP: Ethan, how do you think you will do on the final exam?

Ethan: I don't know. I guess we'll find out!

HMYP: Alright, Sunshine will have the test questions ready for you two to answer, your tests will consist of 5 questions, then a final challenge from all of the other subjects. You can do whatever you want on the exam. It will begin... NOW!!!!!

Ethan's Test

  1. What is the main reason why you think you should win?
  2. Do you think you made a lot of friends this season?
  3. What was your favorite class?
  4. Did you ever think you would make it this far?
  5. Did you ever have a bad feeling you were going to leave the show?

1) Because I want to show that I can win against the people who made fun of me, so I can prove myself!

2) Tons! Chimmy, Missy, Scott, Sunny until she turned on me...

3) I'd have to say Science.

4) No, I didn't.

5) I thought Sunny was going to do me in if she convinced Scott to boot me.

Chimmy's Test

  1. Why do you believe you should be the winner?
  2. What was your least favorite class?
  3. About how many friends do you think you had?
  4. Did you have fun here?
  5. Do you always believe?

Chimmy:OK, this is gonna take a while...

1):I believe I should be the winner because I have a ton of friends, have always been considered a threat, and have had an awesome time here! I want to prove that nice girls don't finish last.

2):I have to say...the Mad Science stuff. I don't dislike it, I just like the other classes more.

3)I think I have a lot...I'm not sure on the exact amount.

4):Of course! I have fun everywhere I go!

5):OK, I may sound like a hippy, but...yes, no matter what, I believe there is always a silver lining.

Mad Science Final Challenge

MST: Use genetical engineering to create your own animal!

Chimmy:Hmm...*grabs some raccon and rabbit DNA*

Ethan: Hm... I know! *grabs random helicopter, flies away to secret government facility and takes samples from various alien species XD*

Chimmy:*grabs some blue food coloring and fake devil horns, adds them to mix*

Chimmy:*grabs blue triangle to add to mix, adds white food coloring*

Chimmy:*mixes them all together, puts it on board, begins rubbing two balloons together XDDD*

Ethan: *builds machine, puts DNA samples in it, turns it on, waits a few seconde and an aillien comes out*

Alien: I'M A FIRE-IN' MAH LAZAR!!!!!!! *Fires lazer at Ethan and flies out the window*

Ethan: Oh well, back to the drawing board! (XD)

Chimmy:*shocks creature with balloons* It's's alive! IT'S ALLLIIIIIIIIIIIIVVVEEE! (XD)



Ethan: *tries again, new creature coms out*

Alien 2: DOCTOROCTAGONAPUS!!!!! *Fires lazer at Ethan*

Ethan: Too much "Zing". (XDDDDDDD)

Ethan: *gasps* A DUKE DEVIL!!!!! COOL! (FAIL XD)

Chimmy:Let's see...what would be a good name for you...

Ethan: *Tries again, cute creature comes out* Aw.... A red Pikachu! So cute!

Pikachu: *fires lazer at Ethan, goes to play with Chimmy's creature*

Ethan: *blinks* Done!

Chimmy:Oh! I know! How about Frew?


Chimmy:Alright, done!

Fashion Final Challenge

MST: Create the best fashion show using your runways from before!

Chimmy:Let's see...I'll keep the black stockings and shoes from before, make the ponytail hair red....*plans*

Ethan: *puts Leather Jacket on, styles hair into spikes and leather shoes, plain T-shirt, jeans* Sweet! *paints runway black and white, plays with lighting* Done!

Chimmy: *dyes hair red, puts in twin ponytails* Now for the shoes...*puts shoes and stockings onto model, puts on black skirt and a white shirt* *paints runway black and red, plays various Shadow themes with catwalk* There! ^_^

Ethan: Pretty good show, Chimmy!

Art Final Challenge

Sunshine: *crashes through window* Ow... sorry I'm late, guys! Anyhoo, your final art challenge is to draw a picture of yourself winning the camp! You can be graduating, getting a trophy, huggling Shadow *glances at Chimmy XD*, whatever! I'll judge you on creativity, originality, effort, and how good the picture looks in general! Good luck, and a belated congratulations on being the final two!!!

Ethan: *begins painting*

File:Chimmy wins.png

Ethan: *Looks at Chimmy's Painting* Hey, where's Shadow?!

Chimmy:*shrugs* I couldn't find a place for him in the pic, so I left him out....*single tear drops from face*

Ethan: FINISHED!!!

Writing Final Challenge

HMYP: Write about why you would like to win, 3 paragraphs minimum.

Chimmy's Essay

Why would I like to win? Well, there are a number of reasons, which I will list below.

First of all, just the honor of graduating from Academy of Coolness would be invigorating! This has been an experience that I can remember for the rest of my life. All of the teachers are awesome, cool, and overall exciting. I’ve tried to fun up the academy, and I can say without hesitation that I have succeeded. And the graduation must be amazing! I can just picture the ceremony, with myself in one of those robes wearing a silly hat, thrusting it in the air…

But I’m getting off topic. Just winning would be amazing, and I’m sure I’ve made a lot of friends over the semester. I’d trick out the mansion with an entertainment center, a pool, a dance floor, and maybe even an arcade! I’d invite everybody to a HUGE party at the mansion with a DJ and strobe lights and everything! (Those who respond to sudden flashes are advised not to come for danger of elliptical seizures.)

Finally, I believe I have been very honest over the past semester. I don’t believe I’ve voted for someone without a legitimate reason at all, and I have always spoken strongly about what I agree and disagree about. Though some may argue this is rebellious, I believe it is independent. I will stand up for my friends no matter what, comfort them when they are feeling down, and will go against anyone who harms them purposly.

Thank you for reading my reasons to win, and I hope you wish me luck.

Ethan's Essay

Why do I want to win? I have a ton of reasons. I love this place, it is the greatest camp I have ever been in, and, I want the prize to do good things with.

I want to donate most of the money to charity like the Red Cross or Make a Wish, and help the earthquake in Haiti. I will also make the mansion I win a place for orphans and foster kids like Scott who have been tortured all of these years. Plus I'll throw a celebration party with all of the teachers and losers of this camp. I really think I should win, for the good of the people in need. If I win, I will use all of my prize money to help as many people I can get my hands on.

I want to win so I can get over the loss of my ex-girlfriend, Sunny. Because I still cry at night, mourning over what happened on that day, I want to win so I can get over it, because happiness is the best cure for anything. This will be my first won camp. I really can't wait to see what will happen!

Thank you for reading this heart filled essay by Ethan Trio.


Since Sunshine hasn't been on for a SUPER long time, we have selected Kenzen11 to do the final grades! We shall se the results very soon!

Ethan's Points

Kenzen:Max points are 5.


Kenzen:*puts on magic hat* Ok Hat Points,

Hat:I award thee 3 points. (Harry Potter Much =D)


Kenzen:Ok, I took the hat off it called me a rude word... Slythirin i am RAVENCLAW. Pika.... i award thee 2 points.


Hat: I AM BACK... I give thee 4 points.


Kenzen:*fights with hat* FIVE


Kenzen:*is in woods walking with shovel and garbage bag*... The hat is..... in St. Louis. I award the pic 3

Win the loser vote?

Kenzen:So far it is a tie so we will see.


Kenzen:3+2=5+4=9+5=14+3= A Grand Total of 17. If you win the Loser Vote a total of 19 is in your pocket.

Chimmy's Points


Kenzen:Um, 3.


Kenzen:*mews*Frew FTW 4.


Kenzen:*mews* 3.


Kenzen:I like it but... HAT SAYS THREE, YOU IDIOT... I AM HAUNTED


Kenzen:*in a demon casting state*F........i........v......e........

Win the loser vote?

Hat's Soul: With two points that will put her at 20.


Kenzen:I am fine now =D. 3+3=6+3=9+4=13+5=18, So Ethan you need the vote to win, Chimmy you need the Vote to win. The Losers the winner is in your hands

And the winner is...

HMYP: Since the losers all voted in a tie to the winner, I placed it into a poll, and the winner of the poll is.....






















CHIMMY! Congradulations! You are the winner of Academy of Coolness! Congradulations to your win! So, Chimmy, how do you feel? What are you going to do with the money? AND. Who are you taking to the second season? You may pick two other people.

Chimmy: EEEEEEEE! :D IfeelawesomeI'mgonnadowhateverIsaidintheessaychallengeandI'mtakingEthanandScott! Ialsohadabunchofsugartoday! :D