Once again, conflict between districts and the Capitol has sparked a Hunger Games. The president has decided to once again host the terrible games where two tributes, one male and one female, come from each district to battle it out in the Arena. The Arena has been upgraded, the weapons are more varied, snd the new dangers are many.

Who will be chosen? Who will survive? And what awaits the winner?



1. No godplaying. It kills the fun of it all. Insta-kills are the biggest example.

2. Be active. Signing up and then doing nothing is not nice. :(

3. Argue if you die. If you die, you die. I'll get a signal for it. :P

4. Have fun, or else. D:<

Name, Age, a realistic talent, and your username when you sign up.

You can be two characters.

District One-Luxury Items

Male-Jacob-13-Hand to Hand combat-snow


District Two-Stone

Male-Brad, 16, Running Away, Alfie

Female- Jannah - 15 - Martial Arts - Mr. E

District Three-Electronics

Male- Sam, 17, Sword fighter, Kevvy9

Female- Jeremy, 15, Engineer, Thebiggesttdifan

District Four-Fishing

Male- John- 17, Fishing- S321

Female- Sahara, 16, Singing, INSF

District Five-Mutations

Male- Rayn, 14, Hiding, Zoomer

Female- Ulaya, 16, Physical Combat, Zoomer

District Six-Medicine

Male- Ike, Swordfighting, 18 - EnTrey

Female-Melissa - Rocks

District Seven-Lumber

Male- Dwight, 16, Running, INSF

Female- Aliss- 17- Axe Throwing- SG

District Eight-Textiles

Male- Max - 13 - Bladesmanship - Mr. E

Female- Tatum - 12 - Baton Weaponry - Teddy10

District Nine-Forging

Male-Face, 17 manipulation-Ben109

Female- Kellia, 16 Charmng,-EnTrey

District Ten-Livestock

Male- Ben, abillity to run through trees without being noticed 16-Ben109

Female- Sasha - 14 - Persuasion - Teddy10

District Eleven-Agriculture

Male- Tommy, Being a sexy farmer/hunter, 17, Tcf09 (xD)

Female- Ally, Cooking, 14, Kevvy9

District Twelve-Coal Mining

Male- Chriskel - talent with poison - age 15 - Kate

Female- Christal - talent with knives - age 12 - Kate


Name Gender Day Died Section Ultimate Fate Placing
Ally Female 1 11 Ripped to shreds by the zombies 24th
Tammi Female 1 1 Stabbed to death by a giant mother crab 23rd
Ben Male 1 10 Attacked by a unicorn, the highlight of his day 22nd
Jacob Male 1 1 Got his head chopped off by Ike. 21st
Ike Male 1 6 Killed by the unicorn 20th
Jeremy Female 1 3 Randomly stepped on a land mine 19th
Sasha Female 1 10 Burned, Killed by Brad 18th
John Male 1 4 Killed by Brad slicing his throat 17th
Sam Male 1 3 Killed by Melissa stabbing his face 16th
Sahara Female 1 4 Killed by Face slicing her throat 15th
Kellia Female 1 9 Melissa sliced her neck open 14th
Tatum Female 1 8 Neck sliced open by Aliss 13th
Max Male 1 8 Killed by Face cutting him to ribbons 12th
Dwight Male 1 7 Devoured by a wolf 11th
Tommy Male 1 11 Neck sliced open by Melissa's thrown knife 10th
Melissa Female 1 6 Finally decapitated by Brad 9th
Chriskel Male 2 12 Neck sliced open by a Grey Child 8th
Jannah Female 2 2 Exploded into fairy dust by the Benicorn Hybrid 7th
Brad Male 3 2 Quit 4th
Rayn Male 5 Crushed by the dragon 3rd
Ulaya Female 2 5 Lost the duel with Face 5th
Aliss Female 7 Won the games with Face 1st
Face Male 9 Won the games with Aliss 2nd
Christal Female 2 12 Ripped to shreds by the Dwight wolf 6th

Day Zero-Before The Games

Those chosen to be in the arena can talk here before the games begin. The lobby is a comfortable place, where no one will be in harm's way, as the multiple armed guards assure. Relax before your descent into hell. Get to know your competition, before the last tribute is decided. The President will want to get things moving.

Brad:Stupid parents making me do this....<_<

Sahara: Think positive!!

Ulaya: *walks in, her wild red hair disheveled* Well, greetings, Brad. SO nice to meet you. *eyes dart back and forth* So... excited... thristy... for... blood.... *laughs insanely*

Rayn: O_O

Ulaya: What are you looking at, pipsquek? Wait.... I know you! Your Sara's brother, from 5? *giggles* Well, why didn't you say so? Your in.

Rayn: In what?

Ulaya: *whispers into Rayn's ear, and he nods*

Melissa: Oh boy...

Sahara: Do we have to kill people?

Ally: *walks in, tiredly* Last night, I was up cooking a meal for my family before I left

Brad:Sahara, it's the Hunger Games. Yes, we will. -_-

Aliss: Kid, it's the Hunger Games. Killing is kind of the point. You don't kill, the Capitol gets bored of you and takes you to hell the hard way.

Sahara: I am sure hungry! Wait, we eat eachother? NOOO!

John: Hello eveyone. I have come from Kentucky to compete in this!!!!!

Aliss: If you eat someone, the Capitol won't like that either. You'll end up in an avalanche. So, if you want to get your hands on my meat, you'll consider it a last meal.

Chriskel: -walks in, and glances around, a smirk forming on his lips* Well then, I guess this is okay. -flips blonde hair out of eyes-

Christal: -timidly walks in- We're going to die... -although, it is obvious that they are brother and sister, she looks nothing like Chriskel- We're going to die.

Chriskel: Wow, you are so optimistic sis...

Brad:Have hopes. My father said this Hunger Games would have more than one survivor.

Jeremy: Why are we even talking? You guys are acting so optimistic, like a huge bloodfest isn't going to happen in a couple of hours.

Aliss: Interesting. Well, if you don't share the crown, you'll surely see each other again... in hell.

Chriskel: -stares at Aliss for a moment, debating weather to be disgusted or to ignore it- Woah, brah. -places hand on Aliss's shoulder- You need to chill and look at life's positive points.

Christal: Like what? Chris, we BOTH got picked. Brother and sister. And you know what they said? "Boy, this shall be interesting." We don't matter. -timidly ducks head, ashamed of her outburst-

Aliss: There's a difference between being negative and getting real. Negative is trying to kill yourself and giving up, real is knowing your death will mean a lot of fortune for someone else. So, enjoy life while you can, kid.

Face: *apears in the door* I am your worst night mare! *throws a hammer that hits the wall*

Ben: I like cowz! *Face glares at him* Sorry? Did I ruin the moment?

Tatum: *Walks in twirling a baton*

Sasha: Everybody looks so vicious...

Night Zero-Training

Show off your skills to the gamemakers, it might pay off in the end.

Brad:What's the point?*does a cartwheel*

Ben: YAY! TRAINING! *hops on Brads head spins off and lands on a spike in the middle of the gym*

Face: *comes in twirling a large hammer* I'm ready!

Tommy: *Makes fire* Oh yea...still got it *Smiles lovely* (xD)

Ben: *slips and falls into the fire* AH! IT BURNS! * hops and flips into a pond splashing Face*

Face: :@

Brad:*helps Ben up* Stay safe, dude!*turns and throws a knife into the neck of a dummy*

Face: *throws a hammer and it whacks off a dummys head* *smirks*

Aliss: *picks up ax and throws it at targets*

Tatum: Whatever *Throws baton at the wall, causing it to crumble*

Sasha: Let's see *Clears throat and her voice deepens* Robot, you shall kill yourself, or face my wrath! *Robot self destructs*

Chriskel: -mixes plants together, concentrating- Aha! -tosses the elixer at a dummy, causing it to bubble and melt-

Armed Guard:*makes a call* Make sure the beasts can not be influenced by voice....Yeah, yeah. Good.

Sasha: *Robot comes back alive* Huh? Well... *jumps on the robot and submits a code that secretly messages what Sasha just said on it's control panel*

Armed Guard:*gets a call* Yes? Oh, really? Excellent. Well, I have good news. Our President will be here, soon, to reveal the rules and let you begin. Get prepared for him.

Tatum: The president?

Brad:Gerald Vickers. A cold,cruel man to say the least. He is the one running these games.

Tatum: The thought of a cruel awful.

Brad:Well....I can't blame him...Meh, that's not important.*gets ready for the president*

Tatum: Right...anyway, I'm Tatum

Brad:Name's Brad. Nice to meet you, although not in these circumstances...

The doors burst open, and the beloved President steps in."To the main hall!" He decrees in a booming voice!

Sahara: HIIII!!!!!

An Armed Guard points his gun at Sahara and forces her into the main hall.

Ulaya: *walks in, grabs a knife, and stabs the nearest trainer in the heart* Hm.... Where is that little pipsqeuk?

Rayn: *timidly sorts edible plants*

Ulaya: Aha! *runs over to Rayn, but a trainer gets in her way, so she does spin and kicks him between the eyes* Rayn. Rayn. Rayn.

Rayn: Um....What it is?

Ulaya: *smirks, and then runs off laughing* *grabs a trident and throws it halfway through the wall, and then picks up a group of kinves and takes out the cieling lights one at a time*

Rayn: O_O I miss District 5, when she was still in the insane asylum....

Main Hall

The President smiles at the twenty-four young tributes."Welcome to the Hunger Games. These trials are not for the light of heart. This year, we have new rules, and new surprises. Ah, yes. Rules. I hate them, too. But some rules, like these, were not made to be broken. Now, you all come from districts correct? Well, one rule is simple. DO not kill your fellow District member. Unless you desire death. Now, if you attack your district member, they have full rights to eliminate your existence. Not that you have to stay near your teammate, of course. The next rule is quite simple as well. Any attempts to escape the arena will equal death. Now, here is where it gets interesting. Tomorrow morning, you twenty-four will be released in our large arena. There will be many, many beasts. Traps. Robots. Each other. Good luck to you. Once only eight remain, I will move you into a different arena, with new threats and everything. The good news is that up to four people can survive that arena. Four people can survive the Hunger Games! Relax, but remember to keep your eyes on the prize. And as my guards have taken all possessions on you, you will have to get or make new weapons. Until tommorow, have fun on your last free day, and perhaps your last, period." The President laughs maniaclly and leaves.

Brad:Blowhard. I nearly fell asleep listening to that.

Sahara: *goes mad* I WILL DESTROY ALL!

FAce: Ah! The closeness of Death *Smirks* Soon I'll be out of here.

Ben:*appears out of nowhere behind Face holding a collection of knives* Ha! Goota be quicker coulda killed you there.

Ike: *sits, quietly watching the other tributes*

Kellia: *goes to Face* Hey! You're my teammate. You're cute!

Face: Well thank you

Ben: *chuckles softly next to Ike*

Ike: *looks at Ben* What?

Ben: Don't you get it? We're all gonna die! *laughs as a cloud of smokes comes obnce it goes away Ben is nowhere to be seen*

Ike: Not me. I'll survive.

Ulaya: *walks into the room, her hands covered in blood* Well, I plan on surviving. *grins at the others* And getting revenge for what they did to me! *runs at Ike to rip his head off, but stops* No, no, no, no, no. Save it for the arena, Ulaya. *walks away, twitching and talking to herself*

Ben: *appears out of nowhere in front of Uluya* I can help you. Help you can I? Oh sorry V_V little cliche there. But you want revenge. SO do I! I was put in an insane asylum at the age of 3 I kept to myself. I was an outcast and what do you know! The day I'm sent out! I'm picked for the reaping. Maybe two insanes can make a sane? SO what do you say?

Face: *watches Ben from behind a bush*

Ulaya: *smiles at Ben, and mysteriously trails her finger up and down his cheek* I'd love to Ben its just...... I have my allies. But if we make it out of the arena together..... *whispers into his ear* Then maybe we can start something just between us. *backs up from him* Well, see ya! *runs back to the training room*

Ben: *smirks as fog sweeps over him* *the fog goes away and Ben is gone*

Aliss: I have to keep myself from killing Dwight? Meh. Four victors only means that less of us get turned into sex slaves, alcoholics, or morphling freaks.

Melissa: Meh, I can't wait to kill every one of you. >~>

Aliss: *chuckles* Amen, sister. Amen.

Ike: *goes up to Melissa* Hi. I am Ike. We are from the same district. We will be working together.

Melissa: Just don't get in my way, Ike. And I won't kill you. :)

Aliss: Wow. Trying to befriend the people we have to drag into hell. Nice.

Ben: It's all a waste. We're all gonna die anyway!

Ike: *sarcastically* That's the spirit!

Ben: I have spirt I'm just being realistic. If you look at the odds it's 24 to 1! You have to be ready for death to trick it!

Sasha: The presidents a maniac...but I guess thats how Hunger Games work

Ally: I don't kill people

Sam: *to Ally* Well then, you're my first victim

Tommy: *Goes up to Sam* Touch her and I'll kill you, slowly so you can feel every inch of the pain

Sam: *To Tommy* Oh, you wanna battle? Cause if you do, I would be glad

Sasha: Guys don't start fighting!

Ally: *to Tommy, scared* Tommy get that killer away from me

Ben: *apears between Tommy and Sam from out of nowhere* Look if anyone's gonna fight save it for the arena. If we fight now the gaurds will get both of you killed.

Tommy: *Shoves Ben aside* Look I would fight you but I don't want to kill you to early, no fun in that.

Kellia: If you two get killed by the guards for fighting, it only makes this easier for me.

Ben: *on ground* Gotta go! * fog seeps in again and Ben disapears.*

Tammi: Well!

Aliss: *to Tammi* *laughs* And what do you do, sweetcheeks?

Day One-Let the Hunger Games Begin

The guards strip the contestants of all weaponry, and they all pass to the floor from toxic gas. Each District is deposited in a different part of the Arena.


Weapons, supplies, and a freshwater spring are located here. Sadly, going there with others around is a deadly idea. No one starts here.

Brad:*runs and jumps into the spring to hide*

The large beast eyes Melissa and Ike, and gazes over to Brad.

Melissa: *spots a sword and quickly grabs* Stay back! *in a defensive stance*

The fire Melissa caused quickyl spreads to the Cornucopia, burning most of the supplies.

Brad:*gathers two swords, a knife, some medicine, and runs back to the forest*

Melissa: *expertly throws her sword, impacting Brad's leg*

Melissa: *quickly runs into the forest*

Ulaya: *runs in with Rayn, dropping him to the ground* *picks up a pack of knives and shoves them into a backpack, which she also takes*

Rayn: *hurridly takes a backpack and a loaf of bread, and a sheet of plastic*

Ulaya: LET'S GO, RAYN!

Rayn: Okay, okay! *hops onto Ulaya's back*

Ulaya: *runs away from the Cornucopia*

The fire surrounds Ike as the flames get higher and higher.

Tommy: *Quickly Runs toward the Cornucopia grabbing an axe and runs into the forest*

Ike: *grabs a sword and a vile of medicine and goes to the forest.


The monster-filled forest that is the only path to the Cornucopia. There are many beasts here prepared to slaughter those who refuse to leave.

Melissa: We're nearing the Cornucopia. *looks around*

Brad:*arrives* OMG!

The beast has followed brad to the forest.

Melissa: Uhhhh, I'll let the beast kill that stranger. :)

Brad:*runs past Melissa towards the Cornucopia*

The beast gives chase, running at Melissa and Brad.

Ike: *picks up large broken tree branch, and hits beast with it*

Melissa: *trips Brad and attempts to fight the beast* Take this vermin *prepares her weapon, a stick*

Ike: *jumps on beast's back, snaps it's neck*

Melissa: *runs fastly to the Cornucopia* I need to get there! >:O

Ike: *points at Brad* What about this dude?

Brad:*gets up and sprints towards the Cornucopia*

A larger beast comes up, looking at Melissa and Ike with rage.

Ike: Run!!!! *runs towards cornucopia, with his tree branch in hand*

Melissa: Oh boy... *runs as quickly as possible; passing Brad*

Brad:*reaches the Cornucopia*

The beast easily gives chase, running at full speed.

Ike: *reaches cornucopia*

Ulaya: *enters the forest with Rayn on her back* Hmm... *spots the Cornucopia and dashes madly*

Ally: *is at the forest, runs away from zombies, to Cornucopia*

Melissa: *Makes a spark for fire and sets the beast and the forest in flames* Better reach the Cornucopia *reaches the cornucopia*

Ally arrives into the forest, but sadly, the zombies have followed.

Rayn: *looks back and sees Ally running from zombies* O_O FASTER ULAYA! FASTER!

Ulaya: *laughs madly as she sprints for her life*

Ally: *runs for Ulaya*

Rayn: *leans down and picks up a rock, and hands it to Ulaya*

Ulaya: *turns around and throws the rock straight at Ally's head*

Ally: *is knocked out*

Ulaya: *grins as she reaches the Cornucopia*

Brad:*enters with his supplies, runs back towards the savanna*

Melissa: *enters with her supplies and heads to the Tundra*

The zombies find Ally and begin ripping her to shreds. One heads for the Savanna.

Tommy: *Running in the forest but sees the zombies* -Quietly- Dam*it *Uses axe to climb the tree*

Aliss: *arrives* Oh, sh*t. *climbs up tree with Tommy* Hey, b*stard.

Tommy: I won't kill you if you don't kill me, now look it's not safe here. We have to flee to the mountains. You in?

Aliss: What the hell, sure.

Tommy: Alright follow me *Runs Quietly through the forest on the trees*

Aliss: *follows Tommy*

Tommy: *Goes through the rest of the forest and ends up at the beach*

Face: Only way to get to the corucopia eh? Time to roll! *runs down the path towards the cornucopia*

Kellia: *follows Face*

Face: This is gonna get messy *smirks*

Face: *sses the burnt remains of the cornucopia* DAMNIT!

Face: *dashes towards Holy Mountains*

Melissa: *comes in and heals herself with the medicine* I've got to set up this fence. *builds a sign; "If you enter, you will die, no lie."

Melissa: *notices Sam and repeatedly stabs her eyeballs out with a sharp knife* DIE DIE! :@

Melissa: *sees Keilla and stabs Keilla in the throat* Sleep, b**ch. >_>

Melissa: Now for some rest. *sleeps in her camp; fully trapped*

Melissa: *wakes up and leaps into the trees hiding for prey, preparing her knives*

Melissa: *flees*


The beach has some nearby wildlife, and it is an excellent place to set up camp. District 1 starts here.

Ike: Hmm. *surveys for tributes*

Melissa: I'll go get some weapons we can use. *searches around the beach*

Ike: *finds still passed out Jacob and Tammi* Melissa! Check this out! It's the tributes from district 1!

Melissa: Meh, let them live for now. Take all the items though.

Ike: They have nothing. But I know what to do with them. *ties them to the raft, pushes them out to sea* We'll see how those two do.

A large sea crab hops out onto the beach, claws raised.

Ike: *steps on crab, crushing it* I found dinner.

Melissa: Thanks, but we surely need to head into the Cornucopia.

Melissa: Let's head into the only path to the Cornucopia, the Forest.

Ike: Let's move. *goes to Forest*

Melissa: *runs into the Forest*

The raft Jacob and Tammi were on takes them back to shore. A large crab, the mother of the one Ike killed, appears. It stabs Tammi with its large claws, ripping out its huge claw. Satisfied, it crawls away. Jacob awakens and sees Tammi hardly breathing.

Tammi stops breathing, and Jacob realizes his teammate is dead.

Tommy: *Runs on the sand making sure to stay away from the water*

Aliss: *runs alongside Tommy* Got any sort of plan, kid?

Ike: *arrives, sees Jacob alone* Well, well, well. *cuts his head off*

Ike: *goes to savannah*

Tommy: *In Beach* So, what now?

Brad:*arrives* I am gonna slaughter the Tundra duo. Wanna go?*heads to the tundra*

Aliss: I call the girl. *follows*

Face: *Arives* It's time to kill some sh*t!

Brad:*returns* Tommy, Aliss, Face, and I can pown! :D

Brad:*helps Tommy up and patches his last wound* You will be fine.

Tommy: Thanks, so what do we do now?

Aliss: Kill. Kill until we're winners.

Tommy: Good Idea *Grabs Axe and puts game face on* Lets Go.

Brad:Melissa next?

Jannah: *walks up* So, what are you guys planning?

Brad:Not dying.*hides behind Jannah* Be careful.

Melissa: *enters, punches Jannah in the face and quickly throws a knife at Tommy's throat* You are killing no one now?

Brad:*was behind Jannah, stabs Melisa's side* GET HER!

Aliss: *takes ax from Tommy* Get down! *stabs Melissa with ax*

Melissa: *is stabbed and quickly puts her knife in Brad's mouth*

Brad:*steps back, spits up blood, stabs Melissa in the neck* Die!*spits up more blood*

Aliss: *stabs Melissa in the chest*

Melissa: It's been a nice run guys, F**k you Face. *throws her knife at his eye* Now he has an eyepatch ^^

Brad:*smiles, cuts Melissa's head off*

Face:*cuts off Melisa's Leg* Revenge for my brother.

Aliss: You've been a worthy opponent, Melissa. ;) Have fun, fellow b*tch.

Tommy: *Dead because of the b*tch* x.x


Long open grasses characterize this hot part of the Arena. Large beasts roam here, and water is in short supply. Lack of trees make this perfect for an open battlefield. District 2 starts here.

Brad:Meh, I hate the heat! D:*heads in the direction of the forest*

Brad:runs directly towards the forest*

A large beast gives chase.

Brad:HOLY CRAP!*enters the forest, huffing and puffing*

Brad:*re-enters, sees a zombie* HOLY CRAP GAIN!*passes a sword to his teammate Jannnah and prepares for the worst*

Brad:*escapes the zombie, heads to the holy mountains*

Ike: *enters, sees Jannah* Where's your teammate?

Jannah: Don't Kill me! He's in the holy mountains!

Ike: Okay. My teammates there too. She's probably dead by now. We should work together. Are you in?

Jannah: Sure, why not...

Ike: Let's head to the holy mountain to see if our teammates are alive. *goes to holy mountain8


This jungle is filled with many beasts, quicksand, and other hazards. This place is nothing but a place of death. District 3 might wanna get out of here, and fast.

Sam: *runs as fast as he can out of the jungle* There's crap I can't kill!

A warthog-like beast gives chase to Sam.

Sam: *runs faster*

Sam: *still running* I can't hand fight that

Sam: *runs faster away from the beast*

Sam: *runs to the forest*

Sam: *Enters forest*


This cold wasteland has freezing temperatures, and a deadly landscape. Without the proper clothing, District 4 will freeze to death.

Melissa: It's extremely cold here, good thing I brought warm clothing. *dresses into her warm outfit and quickly heads to create shelter*

Melissa hears creepy howling, and spots a large cave with torches lighting the inside. Apparently, this was used as a shelter in the last Hunger Games, and someone left their stuff

Melissa: *enters the cave; ready to find what awaits there*

Ike: *arrives in winter jacket* Hey. I managed to get a sword and some medicine from the cornucopia. See any other tributes here?

Melissa: Nope. *heads for the Holy Mountains*

Ike: *follows Melissa*

Ike: *returns* Crap. I gotta get somewhere safe! *heads towards beach*

Aliss: *arrives* *stabs Sahara*

Brad:*arrives, slices john's neck wide open* Finish Sahara off, I guess. I am heading back to the beach.*heads back to the beach*

Face: * arives* I can help * slits Sahara's throat* which ever way the blood pours is where the next victim is.

Aliss: Nice kill. *follows Brad back*


This hot, barren land of sand has many beasts hiding under, waiting for a delicious meal. Will District 5 escape in time?

Ulaya: This is great! Let's go, Rayn! *laughs* I'm thirsty for blood! *runs towards the Cornucopia*

Rayn: Coming! *runs after her*

A sandworm pops out from under Ulaya, knocking her back. It dives back into the sand, waiting to pop out at any given time.

Ulaya: *eyes flash with excitement* Hop on my back, Rayn. We've got a wild ride ahead of us!

Rayn: O_O *hops on her back*

Ulaya: *runs towards the Cornicopia, eyes ablaze*

The sandworm pops up again, knocking Ulaya and Rayn down. It seems to demand a fight.

Ulaya: AAARGH! *runs towards the worm and sinks her teeth into its flesh, ripping off its skin and splattering blood onto the sand*

Rayn: Ulaya! Don't... Oh my. Eww, gross.

Ulaya: *punches it a couple of times and then grabs Rayn again and takes off for the Cornucopia*


In this vast ocean, there are many undersea creatures, some friendly, some hungry. With District 6 on a raft, can they make it to the beach in time?

Melissa: Uhm.. *grabs a row for the raft and starts to the beach*

The waters start shifting.

Ike: Keep moving. *rows the boat fast*

Melissa: Oh yeah.. *sneakily throws Ike off the raft*

Ike: *quickly gets back on boat* You know it's against Hunger Game rules to kill your own teammate, right?

Melissa: Your lucky, I didn't kill you yet.... >_> *keeps rowing*

Ike: We're almost to the beach.

Melissa: *keeps rowing* I hope we find some weapons there.

Ike: And possibly some other tributes.

Melissa: Tributes would kill us, Heck no. Hey I found sand! *spots the coconut tree and a sandy beach*

Ike: Let's go! *goes to beach*

An underwater beast knocks the raft over. It goes back into the depths, waiting for any signs of movement.

Dark Lands

A land of darkness. Dark caves, dark water, everything. This place is so dark, you cannot even hear your own screams in the blackened depths, and not even the President knows what is in here, although he does know the deaths are always horrific and gruesome. District 7 better have luck on their side to escape this darkened hell.

Aliss: Where the hell am I? *feels around* Ew, Dwight... Well, darkness always was my forte. *feels around for sticks* *starts fire by rubbing them together*

Weird noises are repeatedly heard in the area.

Aliss: *slowly walks toward what she thinks is an exit* Ugh, it reeks in here...

Aliss: *continues walking*

Aliss: *continues trudging along* Ugh..

Growls are heard all around Aliss.

Aliss: *continues dragging herself along*

Aliss: What was that? Whatever trick the Capitol has in store will surely make another reason to drag them to hell.

A black wolf sniffs where Aliss was.

Face: WHy's it so god damn dark in here? *feels around for his next victim*

Face: *finds Dwight's body and strangles him* Hello there! *stabs Dwight and ties a rope tightly to dwights neck* byedwight. Have fun with your dilema! Oh and *ties dwights hands to so he can't get out*

Face:*leaves dwight who is struggling and returns to the others*

The black wolf finds Dwight. In the dark blackness, all you can hear is the rending of flesh and Dwight's screams, of which no one can or wants to hear. The screams are eventually silenced, and only the sound of eating is left.

Fire Lands

This humid grassy area is ripe for many vicious fires. District 8 might wanna get out, or risk burning to a crisp.

Max: *wakes up* I have a bad feeling about this place... *starts walking toward the Holy Mountain*

Face: Don't run to far * sneaks in front of Max* Now where'd you like it? Oh I don't care *slits off Max's foot* Revenge my friend *walks back to Brad* I think I handled him.

Aliss: *slits Tutem's throat* There we are... ;)

Brad:*arrives* Finish Max as well.

Face: *nods* *stabs Max in chest piercing hs heart and then dips his finger in his blood* *writes his name on his body* *heads back to brad8 Finished

Aliss: Wow, dude... Nice. *follows*


District 9 has been given the beautiful tropics, a covetable place with enough food to last a while. Will they stay, or leave for weapons? Getting across the sea is the only way to reach the forest, so are they willing to risk an ocean trip?

Kellia: *wakes up* This place is nice.

A coconut falls and lands on Kellia's head.

Kellia: Ouch! Stupid old cartoon gag!

Face:Am I in heaven? No no no I'd never be allowed there.

Kellia: Well, looks like we got a good starting point.

Face: *makes a raft and sails the Sea* I'm gonna kill someone soon!

Kellia: *jumps on raft* Let's go!

Face: DOn't get in my way. *paddles raft out into sea*

Face: *paddles faster* I can see the forest!

Holy Mountain

District 10 is in the Holy Mountains, a beautiful place, and easy to defend. Sadly, beasts roam here. Beware the unicorns!

Ben:I like uni corns >:D

Ben:Wait a minute! Do unicorns like to eat Ben's? They probally do. YAYZ! *goes Unicorn hunting*

A beautiful unicorn is seen in a small grassy meadow. It looks up at Ben, and stares at him.

Ben:*Squeals* I'm Ben! *looks at unicorn evilly* WE'LL BE BEST FRIEND FOREVER!

The unicorn looks to Ben, as if wanting him to come closer. It's beautiful mane shines in the sun.

Ben: I'm gonna name you Sunshine Loliposon!

Ben:*is 3 feet from unicorn* Your beutiful... to me\

The unicorn suddenly rams its horn into Ben's chest. Lifting him withb its horn, it throws him hard onto the ground. It rips its horn out, and looks down at its prey.

Ben:UNICORNS ARE MEAN! I HATE LIFE *runs out into the woods*

The unicorn easily passes Ben, and turns around to stare down his next meal.

Ben:*rocking ina fetl position* Evil unicron evil unicorn evil unicorn.

The unicorn lunges on Ben, ripping him to pieces for its next meal. Ben's last few screams are quickly silenced. Ben passes oput from blood loss, and the unicorn leaves. Hopefully, his teammate will find him.

Ben:SASHA! PLEASE HELP ME! The unicorns their watching me! They want my pickles! I I I WILL DIE

Brad:*arrives into the Holy Mountains, hears Ben screaming* I'll be right there!*runs towards Ben*

Ben:THE HUMANITY! I'm staying away from unicorns forever now! MOM! TAKE ALL MY UNICORN STUFF OUT OF MY ROOM! Take out the dragons!

Brad:*reaches Ben* Holy crap! I can help you, but you have to promise to not kill me!

Ben:I WON'T I WON'T NOW HELP ME! the unicorns. They're coming.

Brad:*patches Ben up the best he can, and drags him to a nearby lit cave*

Ben:Thank you. SO how was your day so far? Mine? I WAS ATTACKED BY F*CKING UNICORNS!They're watching me.

Melissa: *runs in, pinning Ben to the ground* Where is it you fool? >_>

Brad:*sees Melissa* We dont want trouble!*backs away from her*

Ben:It's a unicorn in disquise! IT WANTS MY SOUL!

Ike: *enters* Calm down Melissa!

Ben: YOU WON'T TAKE MY SOUL! *bites Me lissa's finger*

Melissa: *beats the crap out of Ben with a huge rock*

Ben: I hate life!

Ike: *enters* Calm down Melissa!

Melissa: *dodge* And to make sure you don't walk. *slits off Ben's right leg with her sharp sword*

Brad:DAMN IT!*shoves hos other sword straight into Melissa's back* B****!

Ike: Melissa! *slices Brad's head off with his sword*

Melissa: *uses her medicine quickly and leaves* Bye suckers! :)

Ben:DIE! M*THERF*CKER! *Stabs Melissa with the sword he picked up* DIE DIE DIE!

Tommy: *Runs to the mountains* Anyone here?!?!

Ike: Not anymore! *flees to Tundra*

Brad:*dodges Ike's swipe(Lol Reddy did ot before xD)* GET OUT! *raises sword at him*

Ben: *Behind Ike* DIE M*THERF*CKER! *stabs Ike in the chest with his sword*

(dude, Ike already left :P)

Aliss: *with Tommy* What do we do now, kid?

Brad:*runs over to Aliss and Tommy* Hey, guys! We need help!

Ben finally dies of blood loss. His eyes cloud over, and Ben takes his last breath.

Aliss: With what? Not dying?

Tommy: Aliss, stop calling me "kid" sweetheart. What do you need help with?

Brad:*turns to see Ben dead* NO! I am too late! Father, I will never forgive you! EVER!

Aliss: *scoots away slowly while Brad's back is turned*

Melissa: I'm back! :-) *enters throwing a smoke bomb on the ground; covering the whole area as she is wearing a mask to see*

Tommy: Didn't you die?

Melissa: *stabs Tommy in the heart*

Melissa: *jumps into a tree unseen*

Tommy: *Quickly dodges but gets stabbed in the arm* D*mn!!!!!!

Aliss: *rips knife out of Tommy's arm*

Brad:*throws his knife at Melissa's neck*

Tommy: Ahh!!! *Falls to knees* I need a band-aid...or something stronger

Melissa: *expertly deflects the knife and grabs it* Thanks Brad! ;)

A unicorn knocks Melissa out of the tree. It looks down at her, menacingly.

Aliss: Badass unicorn. Nice.

Melissa: *jumps onto the unicron and attempts to stab it's head* Nice try.

Tommy: *Clutching arm* Um hello? *Flails arm around at Aliss* I'm cripple here.

The unicorn jabs its horn into Melissa;s side, and tries to shake her off.

Melissa: Damnit. *falls off and flees into Tommy and holds him as a hostage* Take me and he dies as well! :@

Max: *walks into the mountain* Hmm... *picks up knife*

Ike: *arrives* Melissa! *stabs unicorn in heart*

Tommy: *Moves out of Brad's way*

Melissa: *notices Brad letting Tommy go and grabs Brad's arm; sending a slash on Brad's chest*

Brad:*cringes, sends his blade into Melissa's chest*

The unicorn gets closer.

The unicorn stabs through Ike's chest, instantly killing him(Ike, that was godplaying. The end. ).

Melissa: *is cut slighty on her chest and swings Brad's body heading into the unicorn's horn while still holding him*

Aliss: *chuckles* I'll see you in hell, Melissa!

Brad:*sees Ike die, freaks out, knocking Melissa and him down* Oh my gosh!*gets up slowly and backs away from the unicorn*

Melissa: I'm outta here. *flees to the Tundra harmed*

Brad:*runs over to Tommy and Aliss* You alright, guys?

Aliss: Yeah, sure.

Tommy: I still need a bandage...some leaves will do.

Aliss: *hands Tommy leaves from the ground* We're going to the beach, ki--, urm, dude.

Face: *appears out of woods with a sword he took from Ben* I can't believe that poor kid died. Hey *sees the others* Friend or foe? *Runs out of the brush with a sword* HAnds Up! WHo are you? And should I trust you or finish you off!

Brad:Face, grettings. Friends, I hope. Melissa murdered poor Ben,

Tommy: Thanks *Patches arm up* Kay off to the beach, and if you to weak right now I can carry you if you'd like ;). (xDD)

Face: I heard he got his @$$ wooped by a unicorn

Aliss: You can trust me, kid. I'm a total b*tch, but I don't lie.

Aliss: *goes away with Tommy*

Brad:*nods sadly* I'm hungry.*sets Sasha on fire* Face, break out the marshmallows. I want smores! :D

Face: I got pineapple from the Tropics. Say what you want about that place. It may be boring. but it has great fruit!

Brad:*slices Sasha's throat* Cool! Maybe we can check it out!*heads to the beach*

Face:*follows him* Hey Brad. Did you know that Ben was my brother? We were seperated a long time ago. but I have seen him before we met here.


The President is said to have tested bio-weaponry and mutations here. Will District 11 actually stay in this horrific place?

Ally: *runs out of the Cemetary as fast as has can go* Sh**! I hate Cemetarys!

Ally: *runs to cave as fast as she can go*

A key is near Ally's feet. It says District Eleven on it, and it is made of gold. Ally turns to see a mausoleum.

Ally: *stops and sees a key* I wonder what it goes to *takes the key*

Ally: *see a mausoleum* The key must go to the mausoleum *walks to the mausoleum*

Ally: *is at mausoleum* *places key in key hole*

The door creaks open. Ally turns to see the dead rising in the cemetary.

Ally: Sh**! *runs away, still holding key*

The door to the mausoleum shuts permanently, and falls apart. The zombies quickly follow Ally.

Ally: *stops, throws the key at a zombie, then continues running*

Ally: *runs to the forest*

Ally: *still running to the forest*


A well-lit cave with the bones of many who tried to hide here. The way out leads to the Holy Mountains, but will district 12 dare to leave such a safe haven?

Day Two-The True Horror of the Hunger Games

Rayn, Ulaya, Brad, Face, Aliss, Chriskel, Christal, and Jannah arrive at the front gate of the new arena. The last eight tributes may chat here until the second arena begins. All of your weapons and supplies have been stripped from you, and you are not allowed any violence. You have all recieved medical attention.

Aliss: *chuckles* Looks like we've cheated death, for now.

Face; Now let's kick it in the face and slit it's throat *high fives Alisa*

Aliss: *high fives face* You're good, kid. We're such badasses.

Face:'Greed. *puts on eyepatch for his bad eye* This makes me look like a world war genreal.

Aliss: Cute, kid. Have fun with that.

Face: If I'm cute then the blood spilled cause of me is adorable *snickers*

Brad:Be careful. My dad said the next part is hell.

Face: WHo's your dad?

Brad:Here he comes now.

The President steps out of the arena."Congrats, final eight! Brad, so glad you made it, son!" The other seven tributess gasp."See? I told you making you do this would make you a man! Anyways, tomorrow, you will be entered into the arena. Today, relax, and enjoy the party!" The doors open, and the eight step inside.

Party Room

Face:Your.. your related to SnoW? Wow. Awkward. Got any threes? *to Alisa*

Aliss: Go fish.

Face: No you go fish <_<

Brad:Well...I am bored.

Face:Hey Aliss? Have you realised how much we have in common? LIke we were meant to meet here?

Aliss: I guess.

Face: Now why is there a pokemon card in the deck!

Aliss: Weird. *looks at card* Meh, I've seen cuter. *looks at Face*

Face: Why you looking at me like that?


Aliss: *chuckles* Go figure, kid...

Face: I feel like Ben I failed so bad. Poor kid. Glad he got avenged. So how was your life like back at your district?

Brad:I don't know about you all, but my father treated me like dirt. Said I had to survive these Games if I wanted the good life. I swear, if I get out of here alive, I am going to kill that man myself. D:<

Face:I got the eye patch. I can handle it.

The eight tributes are knocked out.

Night Two-Welcome to Hell:Population:8


A creepy hospital. Monsters, giant cockroaches, and murderous nurses are just examples of this hell. Face and Ulaya, the mentally unstable, are trapped in this three-floor hospital. They are not allowed to kill each other under penalty of death, and only one may live.

Face: GOD DAMN IT! *takes out sword* Get something to fight with.

Face reaches for his sword, but sadly remembers that the guards took it. A nurse lunges for Ben, who panics. He sees an emergency glass case, and punches it. With his bleeding hand, he finds an ax.

Ulaya: *grins in surprise* CHOP 'ER HEAD OFF, FACE!

Face: Get! *picks up the ax* The *brings it up towards him* F*CK AWAY FROM ME! *Slashs the Ax at the nurses chest* Exit stage that a way * grabs Uuya's hand and runs through the door and then slams it hard* *pants heavily*

A nurse lunges for Ulaya and Ben. With the front doors locked, other floors are an option.

Ulaya: RAAAAAAH!!!!! *lunges forwards and tackles the nurse, sinking her teeth into her neck and twisting her spine* *heaving breathing* That... Was amazing.

Ulaya: *wipes mouth on shirt* Actually, that was gross. Nah, it was just like my mom's cookin ;)

Face: DIE M*THERF*CKER! *slashs the ax at the Nurses head chopping it off* *runs down a flight of stairs*

Giant cockroaches attack. Am I glad I am not you. xD

Ulaya: *grins madly* *grabs some medical equipment frmo the walls and stabs and slashes the cockroaches* YES!

Face: REVENGE! *hops on cockroaches Back and repeatedlly chops on it * jumps off*

Ulaya: *runs down another flight of stairs*

Face: *follows her*

A large armada of nurses charge, armed with sticks, metal hammers, and guns. Sadly, these are only for monster use, and unusable by Ulaya and Face.

Face: UGH! WHY WON'T YOU LEAVE ME ALONE! * Cyts a nurse In half that charaged at him* ANy more of you want to try? I'm glad to put up a fight!

Nurse:*shoots Face in the butt* *laughes*

Face: *glares at the Nurse* I got a present for you. *SLASHES THE AX Across the nurses face and body* Die b*tch!

Face: *growls* Jumps in the air and Chops a nurse with his ax while coming down*

Face: *slices another Nurse in half* This is just to easy!

A hideous mutation of Melissa, covered in blood and metal skin, appears. Seemingly unkillable, Face and Ulaya have no choice but to run. Sadly, Melissa came up the stairs, and all the other doors are locked and broken.

Face: OKAY IT'S HARD IT'S HARD! Um EAT HER! *points to Uluyla* You don't want to eat me I won't do very well with your digestive sytem I go down fighting and I come out fighting harder!

Melissa clearly remembers Face, and lunges at him. She knocks him and Ulaya down the last stairs, and follows them into the basement.

Face: Hey b*tch! remember me? Well if you want your precous revenge come and charge at me! *is taunting Melissa in front of the boiler room door*

Melissa charges at Face, but Face dodges. Melissa knocks the door down. Face sees the gun, and snatches the sub-machine gun. Face aims and pulls the trigger, but the gun has no ammo. Face sees a clip around Melissa's neck, and remembers why he hates these Games.

Face: I hate theese games! *whacks Melissa with the head of the Ax* Nice moster give it to me!

Face: *while melissa is staggering he grabs the clip* Yes! now how do I put it in?

The clip refuses to fit, and Face realizes it is a handgun magazine. Face realizes all too late that the clip was a lie, drops the now useless gun, and runs upstairs. Melissa gives chase.

Face: f*ck f*ck f*ck! * runs through a door and slams it hard* *looks for something to baracade with and find a wooden chair* *puts it in front of the door and gets ready with Ax in hand*

Melissa starts banging on the door, intent on killing Face.

Face:*mutters under his breath* f*ck. *normal speeech* Noone's here except us Nurses! Yeah I'm a male nurse! GOT A PROBLEM!

Melissa snaps the door open, and knocks Ben onto the hospital bed.

Face: UGH! *kicks Melissa in the chest sending her back ward* phew! *gets up and pulls out his Ax*

Melissa smiles at Face with an evil look on her eye, and transforms into thousands upon thousands of metal leeches.The mass quickly slime towards Ben with metal mouthes preparing to kill.

Face: *looks up and sees a chandelier* I'm out! * Hops on the chandelier and swings out the door* Asta lavista! Aribagatchi!

Face faceplants(lol) into the hall wall. The leeches form back into Melissa, and she quickly gives chase to Face.

Face: I HATE YOU! *cuts Melissa with hsi Ax and runs away* WHY AM I THE UNLUCKY ONE

Melissa laughs as she chases Face, her arm now a circular saw.

Face: *running from melissa he pushes a barrel down that rolls and hit Melissa in the face* YES! *keeps running*

The barrel falls to the side, and oil spills onto the floor, and onto Melissa. Face sees a lighter on the floor, and gets an idea. Face reaches the front door, and realizes his way out. Meanwhile, gas pours into the hospital, filling up the place.

Face: *gulps* *lights a match and throws it into the oil barrel* *runs the heck away from them*

The explosion is nearly instant. Melissa is roasted to flames. The explosion hits the gas, and the hospital goes up like a candle. Face is thrown through the plexiglass front windows, and slams down onto the pavement, blood on the ground. The basement exploes, and Ulaya falls next to Ben, covered in burns. Armed guards appear and take the duo away from the hospital, now engulfed in flames.

Face: >_> damnit, that WORKED! H*LL YEAH!

Amusement Park

An amusement park filled with rides. Jannah and Brad awaken in this hell. Not allowed to kill each other, which of the District 2 members survive? And what kind of monsters await them? Trapped until one perishes, who will survive?

Brad:*looks around* This place is royally f*cked up! o.O*runs around randomly*

A large monster with giant fists chagres at Brad and Jannah.

Brad:*screams like a girl and runs away*

Ben, with a rock leg, a horn in his chest, and a glare full of spite, enters the park. He quickly locates Brad and Jannah, and watches from afar.

Brad:*finds a lone pistol* What am I gonna do with this?*finds another and throws it to Jannah* Do something for once!

Ben attacks the duo.

Brad:Ben, no way! D: Dun hurt me! *hides behind Jannah*

Ben looks at the teammates with a saddened look on his face.

(Death chosen by Ben)

Ben transforms into a monstrous unicorn hybrid. He charges, knocking Brad clear across into a nearby wall. Ben turns to Jannah, and impales her with his horn. He slams her into the ground and throws her into the sky. Ben launches an energy wave from his chest horn, exploding Jannah into millions of pieces. Ben turns to Brad, then turns to stone and hits the ground, cracking into mutiple pieces.

Brad:*exits the park and heads towards the apartment building*


A screwed up hotel to say the least. Aliss and Christal awaken here. Not allowed to kill the other, which will survive the trials of this monstrous hotel? Trapped until one perishes.

A loud howl pierces the silence.

Aliss: What the hell? Why are we in a hotel? And what was that? *looks over at Christal* Hm, it's the girl I talked to before the Games. *chuckles*

The wolf, a monster made from Dwight's horrific memories, stares down at the duo.

Aliss: A wolf? A wolf. The Capitol does it again. *picks up Christal and holds her in front of her* Prepare to meet your brother in hell!

The wolf snarls, jumps up, and rips Christal to shreds. Aliss nods, knowing she would outlast that wimp. As Christal's blood splatters the entire hallway, the front door opens up. Sadly, the wolf stands in Aliss's way. Aliss sees a rather large hammer. Could it be enough?!

Aliss: Only the good die young, Christal! *grabs hammer and slams it into the wolf's side*

The wolf quivers at the blow. It rips into Aliss's side, then falls to the ground bleeding. Aliss sees the front door open up.


Rayn and Chriskel awaken in this hellish nightmare of a school. Only one will leave this school, and the other will be sent to...detention. Which will survive? Without being allowed to kill the other, who knows which will survive?

Rayn: O_O Let's go, Chriskel! Err... I want Ulaya to be here... :'(

A short grey monster lunges at the unarmed duo with a knife.

Rayn: *shoves Chriskel in front of him* AAAH!

The grey monster slashes at Chriskel, then turns back to Rayn. Chriskel hits the floor, bleeding.

Rayn: WAAAAAH! *jumps onto a desk and tips it over onto the monster, and then climbs up the wall*

The grey monster slashes Chriskel's throat wide open. The front door unlocks. The monster lunges at Rayn.

Rayn: I've never done this before, but.... *smacks the monster in the face and runs to the bathroom*

Rayn finds a shotgun and smiles. He quickly kills the monster and runs to the front door. He sees a little fairy tale on the ground. It tells a story of a man killing a lizard monster by shooting in arrow into its mouth.

Rayn dismisses the story as nonsense, and reaches the front door. A monster attacks him. Rayn, seeing the truth behind it all, shoots the beat in the mouth, killing it. Rayn exits the horrid school of death and reaches the apartment building.

Apartment Building

The safe haven. No violence allowed here. Once you outlast the other, you can enter here, and be safe. Congratulations if you get here, you have survived the Hunger Games....So far. ;)

Brad:*enters, sits down, and thinks* Ben......I am glad we are cool. Brad smiles, thinking that while ben is gone, the duo are still friends.

Rayn enters the room with blood on him.

Face enters covered in blood and scratches he looks at the others

Face: Sup? *to Brad* WHo was your boss?

Silver Room

Face and Ulaya are unconscious in this room.

Face and Ulaya awaken to see a knife in the middle of the room. The President is heard on the loudspeaker."Only one of you can live, so.....BOSS FIGHT! Bring the duel!"

Face: *snatches the knife* Time to die! I'm so sorry! * Knocks Uluya against the wall and then slits her throat* You did a nice job. Nice job indeed.

Ulaya, bleeding, and headed towards a slow painful death, falls to the floor. The door opens up behind Ben, leading to the apartment building.

Day Three-The Epic Finale

Brad, Face, Aliss, and Rayn enter the third and final arena. Brad gets a sword, Face a mace, Aliss a metal spiked chain for malice, and Rayn, a metal club of pain. They are told to wait for the final fight.


Brad:*looks to his father, the President* YOU LIED!

The president laughs."Make sure to be the only survivor, son! Make me proud of you!" Brad glares."Like hell I will!" Brad runs over to the side, where the pipelines are. Brad jumps over the side, falling to his presumed death. The President gasps, and then shrugs."Who cares about that whiner? The winner will become my new heir!"

Face:*looks at Aliss and smiles* We did good kid. I mean Aliss. If Only I knew what you thought

Aliss: *winks at Face* Let's do this. *glares at Rayn and ties him up in spiked metal chain*

Face: *Brings the mace down on Rayn's head* ALiss. I know it's not best. But before one of us dies. I kinda. Sorta. Like you. Alot. SOrta. Kinda. I know it's not really romantic since we just blew up someone's brainns. But yeah...

On the loudspeaker...You kill him, you die. The final beast is a boss battle.

Face: F*CK! WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME BEFORE! *gives Rayn medicine so he survives a little bit more* Um. There you go?

Aliss: Hm. Well, I guess I'm supposed to be flattered or something. Anyway, I kind of thought you were cool, too. :)

Face: Um... This is awkward.

A large dragon appears. Its skin, like natural armor, is too hard to be pierced by your weapons. How can you win!?

Face: Crap! Hey maybe we can attack him from the inside? He must hahe some blindspot and maybe we can cut his toungE!

The dragon hears Face and smacks him with his scaly tail.

Face: Jerk! I didn't do anythi *points to rayn with a bloody finger*

Face: *throws a rock at the dragon's eyes* HA! *trows another rock* IRATATING AINT IT!

Aliss: *does the same as Face* Good luck in hell, you sick b*stard of a dragon!

Face: Nice! *sees a piece of broken glass* SEE YOU IN H*LL! *throws it at the dragon and it lands right in his left eye*

Face: SO ALiss do you like me to?

Aliss: Oh, sure, kid.

Face: If we both survive. We never speak of this again? Unless. you want to?

Aliss: Meh, who would want to forget the time they cheated death?

Face:*smirks* I heard you pushed your team mae towards a wolf. Nice

Aliss: You gotta break a few eggs to make an omelet, right?

Face: *smirks* I slit mine's throat while she was uncoincous. Oh Melissa tried to get revenge on me. She blew up V_V

Aliss: Nice. Um, is it really smart to talk while a giant dragon b*stard is attacking us?

Face:It's either insanely dumb or insane brave. I like the latter better.

Aliss: Agreed.

Rayn: Face..... You killed Ulaya, right?`

Face:It was either her or me pal. I'm sorry. She was a tough cookie though ;) bit a nurses arm off.

Rayn: *holds his club, and stares into the distance* Yes, she was.

Face: Okay guys we need a distraction *looks at Rayn* You look faster then me. The others will fun and attack it at It's weak spots the eyes. And the insaide of the body. THe skin is emerald hard. SO it'll not work to attack there though Maybe climbing up from behind.

Rayn: Fine. But don't think that I just automatically forgive you for taking her life. *waves his hands in the air* Yoowho! Dragon! Overhere!

Aliss: *throws stones at dragon's eyes*

Face:Nice shot. *runs towards the back of the dragon*

Aliss: Back at you, kid. *throws another stone at it*

Face:*is on the dragon's back* It's high up here!

Rayn: O_O Over here..... Dragon.

The dragon takes a wild swing at Aliss and Rayn.

Face:Nah ah ah! Don't be such Ill-Tempered! *brings mace down hard on the dragons eye*

The dragon is larger than Face by far, and Face misses the dragon's face. The dragon splits a second head."Chriskel and Christal were close, I see." The President announces.

Face:*To the president* You're a b*tch, you know that?

Brad is seen climbing along the pipes with the sword in his hand."Father, I have a little gift for you!" Meanwhile, the dragon starts shaking violently, knocking Face on a long fall to his death.

Face:*falling to his death he yells out a long call simalar to a unicorns danger call* F*CK! F*CK! F*CK! *he lands on something soft* What the...*looks down and sees a unicorn*

The unicorn looks at Face sadly, then drops him safely to the ground. The unicorn turns, and stabs its horn into the dragon's neck. The dragon, pierced and bleeding, falls to the ground on Rayn, supposedly crushing him. Aliss and Face smile, as the last survivors, and reach the next room. The President is heard enraged that two survived, but he then gets an idea. Brad meanwhile, continues climbing through the pipe system.

Aliss: Looks like we survived your little tests, b*stard. What do you want now?

Finale Room

Face and Aliss run in and the doors are locked behind them. A lone knife is in the room."Well, well. One of you will live and become famous. The other will die here. Congratulations, final two. Now kill each other." The President shuts off the intercom, and Face and Aliss frown at each other.

Face: THAT SON OF A B*TCH! So President? I heard you gained weight? Oh no I SAW AT THE MAIN HALL!

The President is heard struggling."KILL the other, NOW!"

Face:Nah, how bout you come down and fight us like a man? Just like your son did! But you don't care about that ld news do you child killer?

Aliss: Taking your anger out on innocent children? Why am I not surprised? I'll see you in bloody hell, you son of a b*tch. And he dies, I'm sure Brad will meet you there. Not that you care...

The President scoffs."I went through one, and I enjoyed the killing!" The President jumps out of the window and faces Ben and Aliss with a machine gun."Fine, you little brats! I will win these games instead!" Just as he prepares to shoot Aliss down, Face jumps in the way. Face falls to the ground, grabbing his stomach. The President laughs, and shoots Aliss in the shoulder."I forgot how much fun death was!"

"Then you experience it, b****!" Brad jumps out of the window with a rocket launcher."Goodbye, pops! Send me a postcard from hell, I don't plan on going there!" Brad launches the rocket, and the Preisdent explodes into bits. Several guards run in, and Brad smiles."As the new president, I claim Aliss and Face the winner of the final Hunger Games ever!"

Aliss, Face, and Ulaya are all seen in the hospital with Brad sitting nearby."Are they awake yet, doctor?" The doctor smiles."The trio should live...." Brad smiles. Aliss awakens, and Face soon after. Brad gives them a group hug, and they leave Ulaya there."We'll get her later!" Face yells back.

Weeks go by....Brad and Ulaya are seen in a limo headed to a large church."I cannot believe this!" Brad says, happily. Ulaya rolls her eyes."Brad, your wedding was more extravagant, you know." Brad sighs."I know. Mary would be here now, but she got sick. And you are lucky you got invited, crazy!"

Ulaya smiles."Yeah, right! Face and I were teammies!" Brad nods, and they arrive at their destination. The duo get out, and they enter the church.

Brad runs up to Face and high fives him."Big day, eh, Face?" Face nods happily."If only little Ben was here...." Brad looks down sadly."At least we are!" Face smiles back. Ulaya sits down in the front row. Brad stands next to Face."Best man for the win!" Aliss walks in in a beautiful white gown. Face smiles. preparing for the rest of his life. Aliss throws her dress off, revealing a battle outfit."Face, I'm bored...Can we do this in a dark alley? Too much pink!" Face nods. Face and Brad run out, followed by Ulaya, and their new friends, Peowee and Keyshia. The six friends get on the now much larger unicorn, and ride off towards the palace. Brad smiles, knowing the Hunger Games will never occur again, as long as Brad lives. :D Happy ending :D