Amber-J: TF told me to Welcome to Battle of the Indigo's! Name is pretty self-explanatory. :) 

Sign-Ups [CLOSED]

Ten characters. They must all be called Indigo, but with a letter after it. Example:

Indigo Z - The Smart Girl - Female - Amber-J

  1. Indigo Quan - The Sassy Ratchet Girl - Female - Amber-J Quit in Episode 6, 6th place
  2. Indigo B - The Social Reject - Female - Amber-J Eliminated in Episode 4, 9th place
  3. Indigo M. - The Flirty Undercover Cop - Male - TF Eliminated in Episode 3, 11th place
  4. Indigo C. - The Hobbit Roleplayer - Male - TF Quit in Episode 6, 7th place
  5. Indigogo - The One You Regret Meeting - Conker511 Eliminated in Episode 6, 4th place
  6. Indigo I. - The Faker - Conker511
  7. Indigo Jean - The sexy Indigo - Female - Winston  Eliminated in Episode 2, 10th place
  8. Indigo H - Holden Disguised as an Indigo - Wes Holden
  9. Indigo D. - The Indarkgo - Dark Eliminated in Episode 7, 3rd place
  10. Indigo R. - The Flasher - Female - NLG343  Eliminated in Episode 1, 12th place

Future Debuts

  1. Indigo N. - The Gamer - Male -NLG343 Eliminated in Episode 5, 8th place
  2. Indigo V. - The Pretty Sweetheart - Female - Loenev Quit in Episode 6, 5th place


Elimination Table

Place Contestant Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
3rd Indigo D. Ind WIN WIN IN WIN IN WIN OUT Indigo I
4th Indigogo Ind WIN WIN IN WIN LOW OUT Indigo I
5th Indigo V. N/A LOW QUIT Indigo I
6th Indigo Quan Ind WIN WIN IN WIN IN QUIT Indigo I
7th Indigo C. Ind WIN WIN LOW WIN IN QUIT Indigo H
8th Indigo N. N/A OUT ---
9th Indigo B. Igo IN IN IN OUT Indigo I
10th Indigo M. Igo IN IN OUT Indigo H
11th Indigo Jean Igo IN OUT ---
12th Indigo R. Igo OUT ---

Tell me if I got your character's gender wrong!


Usual Wikia rules apply here

Also, your character's name may only be Indigo, or a similar variant, like Indigone (IDK)

Episode 1: A whole lotta Indigo


Amber-J: Welcome y'all to Battle of the Indigo's! 10 people named Indigo will fight it out to become the superior Indigo! also they will win like a million dollars but that doesn't matter. Anyway, here's Indigo Quan and Indigo B!

Indigo Quan: Like, hey gurl. Oooh I like yo' weave.

Indigo B: *sighs* Great. First person here, and she's an idiot.

Indigo C: *holding out sword* My sword only glows if any of you are evil...any of you evil? You know, that'd be great...well, not really, but like- nevermind. *sighs*

Indiegogo: Hey, guys and gals'. *Puts his hand on Indigo C.'s shoulder* :) 

Indigo C: Are you evil? *quickly gets away from Indiegogo and points his sword at them* Glow, come on...well, it doesn't matter. My ring of Mordor is still here with me.

Indigo Quan: What the heck is a like, Mordoror? Isn't that a like, serial killer! Get away from me gurl! @Indigo C

Indigogo: Pfft, that doesn't work baby. *puts his hand on the sword yet it starts to glow.* Batteries, obviously...

Indigo C: *quickly takes his sword back* You''re...evil...this is an actual sword, I will kill you-

Indigo M: Come on now, there is no need for killing. Just keep a smile on your face and call it a day.

Indigo B: At least someone here is sane... *smiles at Indigo M*

Indigo Jean: The prettiest Indigo is entering the show! AKA me

Indigo M: *smiles back* Thanks for the compliment, but I'm sure we all have a bit of sanity-

Indigo C: Are you insulting me, sir? Shall we cross swords, then?

Indigo M: I wasn't insulting you.

Indigo C: Oh. Aw...I really wanted to duel...

Indigo Quan: Umm gurl, check ur face. I'm the prittiest one here. Your weave is ugly.

Indigo I: Hi... *he walks onto the place* Huh? Is that a sword?

Indigogo: *falls onto Indigo Jean* Eek! Save me, babe!

Indigo C: It is...just walk closer so I can see if it glows. If it glows, you're evil and I kill you- if not, then, um, friends?

Indigogo: *secretly gets a glove on* O-okay... *holds the thing and it doesn't glow. See? 

Indigo C: I was talking to the other Indigo *points at Indigo I.* but okay! :D

Indigo Quan: *touches the sword and it glows* lol im an evil person now? *tweets it*

Indigo I: *grabs the sword* Don't point that thing at me! *smashes it on the ground and it breaks* Jerk!

Indigo Quan: LMAO it broke! LMFAO *Instagrams it*

Indigo C: Luckily, I have a back-up. *unsheathes it* Cool, right? :D *puts it away*

Indigo I: Great... as long as you don't point that at me again...!

Indigo Quan: *takes selfie* Mah meave is on point.

Indigogo: *puts his hand on Quan* Wow. Nice selfie... 

Indigo Quan: Umm... get off me... weirdo! *tweets it*

Indigogo: *tweets about Quan's loser-ness* Fine!

Indigo H: Another camp to take peopke sown in. Sweet

Indigogo: *puts his hand of I.H.* What's up... :3

Indigo B: *rolls eyes at Indigogo*

Indigo D: This place...

Indigo H: I ready to beat y'all.

Indigo R: Hello, everyone? *skirt flies up, revealing her underwear* *covers skirt* Oh god. I have some wind problems. (CONF) Why does the wind flip my skirt every time and every female's underwear shows when I walk in? Gross. (END CONF) *sees every girl's skirt flip up or pants fall down* Uh...

Amber-J: We're ready to start! I'll announce the teams; challenge is soon!

Amber-J: On team Ind, we have Indigogo, Indigo Quan, Indigo C, Indigo D and Indigo H! On Team Igo are Indigo B, Indigo I, Indigo Jean, Indigo R and Indigo M!

Indigo H: Good luck team Igo. You are going to need it

Challenge 1 - Run, run, run!

Amber-J: *takes the contestants to a 100 meter track with two baskets of indigo coloured balls on the other end* Hey Indigo's! Your challenge is simple. Run to the basket *2 lines* take an Indigo ball *1 line* and run back *2 lines* and then, put the ball in your team's basket. The team that has the most indigo balls (haha) at the end wins! GO!

SCORE: IND - 2 IGO - 1

Indigo B: *runs* [1]

Indigo Quan: *runs* [1]

Indigo H: *runs* (1)

Indigo B: *runs* [2]

Indigo Quan: *runs* [2]

Indigo H: *runs* (2)

Indigo D: *runs* (1)

Indigo H: *takes an indigo ball*

Indigo B: *takes an indigo ball*

Indigo Quan: *takes an indigo ball*

Indigo H: *runs back* (1)

Indigo C: *runs* (1)

Indigo M: *runs* (1)

Indigo H: *runs back* (2)

Indigo C: *runs* (2)

Indigo M: *runs* (2)

Indigo B: *runs back* [1]

Indigo Quan: *runs back* [1]

Indigo H: *puts ball in Team Ind's basket* SCORED

Indigo B: *runs back* [2]

Indigo Quan: *runs back* [2]

Indigo H: *runs* (1) I'll go for a second one

Indigo C: *runs* (2)

Indigo M: *runs* (2)

Indigo H: *runs* (2)

Indigo B: *throws it in Igo's basket*

Indigo Quan: *throws it in Ind's basket*

Indigo H: *takes an indigo ball*

Indigo H: *runs back* (1) Cheat much R

Indigo I: *runs*

Indigogo: *runs* Eek!

Indigo C: *gets ball* (1)

Indigo M: *gets ball* (1)

Indigo H: *runs back* (2)

Indigo I: *runs*

Indigogo: *runs* 

Indigo C: *runs back* (1)

Indigo M: *runs back* (1)

Indigo I: *takes ball*

Indigogo: *Takes ball*

Amber-J: #Stop! Team Ind win, Igo, I WILL SEE YOU AT ELIMIANTION! :O

Indigo I: What...?

Amber-J: *sighs* Challenge is over, you lost, gg.

Elimination Ceremony #1 - Igo

Amber-J: Vote!

Indigo B: (CONF) I vote for Indigo R. Weirdo...

Indigo M: (CONF) Indigo R is...rather strange. I vote him.

Indigo I: (CONF) Indigo R... weird

Indigo Jean: (CONF) I am the prettiest of them all so bye Indigo R.

Amber-J: Indigo R is outta here! *Blake the assistant drags her away* See you next time!

Episode 2: Video Game Mania!


Indigo H: I happy that we won the last challenge and Indigo R is gone

Challenge 2

Amber-J: The challenge is simple, each team will choose a person that will guess my top five video game series. If they get one right, it's a point for their team. The team with the most points at the end, wins! (out of fairness, my characters won't compete in this challenge) 

Team Ind

Amber-J: Pick someone!

Indigo D: GO INDIGO H!!!!

Amber-J: So, H? You up for it?

Indigo H: I pm'ed you the answers. i hope they are all right

Amber-J: You got 3/5.

Team Igo

Amber-J: You pick too! >:(

Indigo Jean: Indigo B

Amber-J: She isn't participating for... reasons. :)

Indigo Jean: Indigo M

Amber-J: You also got 3/5!


Amber-J: Before we get to the tiebraker, here are my top 5 video game series:

Pokemon, Mario, Super Smash Bros, Legend of Zelda, and Sonic!

Amber-J: Okay, name one of my favourite musical artists! (THIS IS SO EASY IF YOU KNOW WHERE TO LOOK) GO!

Indigo C.: IGGY AZALEA! I think I heard her name once! You know, somewhere in my hobbit's like living under a rock know, Indigo C, if you didn't talk to yourself, people might actually like you.

Amber-J: Ind win! Igo, I'll see you at elimination!

Elimination Ceremony 2 - Team Igo

Amber-J: Vote!

Indigo B: (CONF) I vote for Indigo I. (END CONF)

Indigo I: (CONF) Indigo Jean has no personality and is inactive. I would vote personality-less B but she is active.

Indigo M.: (CONF) Ah, so far I've gathered nothing, though I have used my flirtatious tricks and devilish good looks to my advantage...hmm...Indigo Jean, I suppose. She's a bit boring, from what I gather. I've noted down most of what I've observed, but not much has gone on...

Indigo Jean: (CONF) I vote for Indigo M.

'Amber-J: 'Indigo Jean is out of here! *Blake drags her away* See you tomorrow!

Episode 3 - The Hungry Games


Indigo I: Welp, our team can't be helped...

Indigogo: Whoooo! Yeah! *puts her hand on Indigo M.* Woah, you sexy...

Indigo Quan: Uhhh, what the heck, gurl? *slaps Indigogo* You straaaange child. 

Indigogo: WTF!? Why you all up in ma' grill!? 

Indigo I: Huh?

Indigo Quan: Uhhh. You lookin' fo' anotha' slap, gurl?

Indigogo: Um, no gurl. Slaps are bad for ma' health ya' kno'!

Indigo H: Well 2 down 7 to go. This has been fun thus far


Amber-J: Alright, so today we're doing a Hunger Games based challenge. *contestants are transported to an arena, and the eight of them stand on pedestals surrounding the pile of weapons* I'm splitting up the teams for this challenge. You must hide, plan who to kill and survive until the end. Don't worry, you will not die. The survivor wins immunity and the rest of you must vote eachother out. Teams will be back after the elimination! May the odds be ever in your favour. 3, 2, 1. GO! *a klaxon sounds*


Indigo B: *runs to the weapons*

Indigo Quan: *runs into the forst* HELP ME MAMA

Indigo H: *runs for the weapons*

Indigogo: *runs for the weapons*

Indigo I: *runs for the weapons*

Indigo H: *grabs an Axe, supplies and a couple of knives**

Indigogo: *runs for the weapons*

Indigo I: *runs for the weapons*

Indigo H: Well some people are going to better at this challenge than I *runs for the woods*

Indigo B: *grabs a knife, machete, and a backpack full of water and food*

Indigo D: *runs for weapons*

Indigogo: *grabs a hairdyer and perfume* Yay! *runs off* (AJ: to where)

Indigo I: *steals Indigo C's sword and a water bottle* (AJ: C doesn't have a sword?)

Indigo B: *runs to the pond*

Indigo D: *grabs a scythe and runs to the Field*

Indigo H: *arrives and sees Indigo M and C standing there*

Indigo D: H! lets team up!

Indogo H: sounds good to me: I saw some idiots in the forest. there are two idiots still standing on there pedestal.

Indigo D: lets kill them! * hits Indigo M with her scythe blade*

A cannon boom is heard. Indigo M's limp body falls to the ground. 7 remain.

Indigo H: okay *takes a knife and stabs Indigo C*

Another loud boom. Indigo C falls slowly and curls up. 6 remain.

Suddenly, a huge mechanical roar is heard, and a huge hovercraft picks up C's and M's bodies, and carries them away.

Indigo H: well i saw 2 people in the forset so should we go there*

Indigo D: Sure! Lets go! *runs to the forest*

Indigo H: *runs to forsest*

Indigogo: *runs to the weapons and grabs a bow and waits for B to arrive*

Indigo B: *runs and sees Indigogo* Gah!

Indigogo: *grabs seven arrows and shoots three at B's head*

Indigo B: *two miss and one hits her arm* Gah... *runs straight at Indigogo and aims her machete right at her chest*

Indigogo: *shoots at B's head again with three more* P-plea..

Indigo B: *stabs Indigogo with her machete but 2 arrows hit her in the head* Ahhhhh!

Indigogo's body stays on the machete as she dies. A boom is heard. Indigo B drops to the floor and bleeds to  death. A boom is heard. 4 remain.


Indigo H: *arrives* Hopefully i don't run into anyone for a while

Indigo Quan: *climbs up a tree* MAMA

Indigo I: *runs and spots Holden and gets out his sword* Back off!

Indigo H: who the hell was that screaming *sees Indigo Quan in the tree*

Indigo Quan: Ah! *jumps from the tree* My foot! *takes her high heel off* STAY away!

indigo H: Well this is inconnvient.... *runs back to the cornocopia*

Indigo I: *climbs up the tree* We're on the same team, so it'd be good to team up.

Indigo Quan: Honey, you are talking to yourself... 

Indigo I: I was talking to you... never mind. If you don't want to duo...

Indigo Quan: Oh honey, soz. We're not on the same team tho' gurl.

Indigo I: Oh, sorry. I'm kinda blind. *falls off the tree.* I'll leaves you be... *bumps into a tree*

Indigo Quan: Well, babes, since there are no, like, teamz, we might as well team up <3

Indigo I: Oh okay... can you help me back up? *stumbles trying to get to the tree* (CONF) That wasn't cause I'm half-blind, I was dazed from bumbing into the tree.

Indigo Quan: *helps him up* You are welcome! Lol!

Indigo H: *arrives* Look i see them, they are over by that tree

Indigo I: B-back off and we'll not touch you! *climbs further up the tree*

Indog Quan: Ee! *climbs up a tree* :(

Indigo H: *sees Indigo I's sword* Wait is that Indigo C's plastic sword that he carries around with him. Moron how will that help you kill people.

Indigo D: So we wait...?

Indigo I: It glows too-!  D:

Indigo Quan: *throws her high heel at H's head*

Indigo H: No i have an axe i will cut down this tree *starts chopping down tree* *gets hit with the high heel* Ow that hurt

Indigo I: *rips off acorns and brances and throws them at H* Go away!

Indigo Quan: *throws another high heel at H's face*

Indigo I; *throws more* SCREW YOU! H!

Indigo H *Keeps getting hit* Ow that hurts a lot *keeps cutting down the tree*

Indigo I: *jumps onto another tree and almost falls, this tree is slightly smaller*

Indigo D: *Chucks her Scythe at Quan* Die Meanie!

Indigo H: *finishes cutting down the tree Indigo Quan is still in* TIMBER

Indigo Quan: *the scythe buries itself into Quan's chest* Ack... *she falls out of the tree and the tree crushes her*

A boom is heard. Three remain.

Indgio H: *start cutting down the tree I is currently in*

Indigo: I *jumps from tree to tree*

Indigo D: *picks up scythe* H!

Indigo H: Coward *runs after I* lets kill him then we can go one v. one

Indigo I: *snaps a big part of the tree and lungs it at D* Urg!

Indigo H: *starts chopping down another tree*

'Amber-J: Stahp! Time for a twist! *a hovercraft picks the three survivors up and takes them to a building called the Arena

Indigo I: I could've killed her... :(

The Arena

H, D, and I only

Amber-J: *gives them a sword, knife and bow + arrow each and places them in a room* Fight!

Indigo H: really this only helps I *gets in a defensive postiton to defend against attacks*

Indigo I: *It saved D's life tbh* Eek! *runs*

Indigo H: *keeps the position going and slowly advances towards I*

Indigo D: *stabs self* Good... Luck...

A boom is heard as D closes her eyes. " remain.

Indigo H NOOOOOOOOO D *keeps advancing*

Indigo I: *starts shooting H with bow* 

Indigo: *uses defense positon to block arrow* You wasted your only arrow *keeps advancing*

Indigo I: *sighs* Here I go I guess! *throws bow, and knife at H while he charges with sword

Indigo H: *starts charging as well* DIE I *shoots arrow and charges with knife in one hand and Sword in the other*

Indigo I:*slides on his knees to avoid getting hit, yet his face is slightly cut by the arrow and stabs H in the stomach and starts to stand up, ripping the stomach more* Sor-sorry so much!

Indigo H: you fell into my trap *Bites I in neck and rips out his juggular vein*

I bleeds to death instantly, a boom is heard.

AJ: H won! Rest of you, vote.


Indigogo: Yeah. Gurl. *takes of her clothes and gets in the water* :D

Indigo B: *arrives* Uh, ew. *takes Indigogo's stuff silently*

Indigogo: Oh god! Indigo B's leaving me out in the pool nude! Pe**! >:O

Indigo B: Well... *runs into the water and pulls out a knife* Stay away from me and I'll give you your clothes.

Indigogo: I'm naked, what are you expecting me to do? Shoot lasers out my eyes?

Indigo B: Well, you co- Hiyah! *runs swiftly and stabs Indigogo with her knife* 

Indigogo: Urg! *bleeding, she snatches the knife and runs off to get her hair dryer* Eek! *throws it into the water, hoping that it'd shock B*

Indigo B: Ah! 

the hairdryer sinks (no electricity flowing through it to cause any kind of electrical current)

Indigo B: Wow... *runs to shore and grabs her machete*

Inidgogo: *grabs her clothes and runs into the cornecopia* Eek! Urg... ow

Indigo B: *sighs* *runs after her*


Indigo D: *panting* What's an indigo to do.... wait.... *goes back to the corn*

Elimination ceremony 3 - Everyone but H

Indigo I: (CONF) Indigo M...?

Indigogo:(CONF) Indigo M cuz he's not hawt.

Indigo D: (CONF) Um... Indigo C?

Indigo Quan: (CONF) I'll vote for Indigo M.

Indigo B: (CONF) I vote for Indigo C!

Indigo H: (Conf)I have to vote Indigo I for stabbing me in the stomach

Indigo I: You ripped out my vein somehow after getting chasing me down! Next time, state who you vote in the confessional!

Amber-J: In a 3-2-1 vote, Indigo M is eliminated! Bye. See you next time! *Indigo M falls down a trapdoor*

Episode 4 - All the Colours of the Rainbow


Indigogo: *glares at B* Urg...!

Indigo B: *glares at Indigogo* >:(

Indigogo: B-i**h! How dare you do that to me!!

Indigo B: Uh, because I can...?

Indigo H: 3 down, 7 to go

Indigo C.: Hey now, no fighting- unless it's good versus evil! Is it? *takes out sword, but it doesn't glow*


Amber-J: All right, last episode I said that the teams were getting back together, so they are. If Igo lose again, I'll explain whatappens during elimination. So, Igo, you'd  better step it up. Anyway, your challenge is to post a picture of a rainbow. Best picture wins for their team. Go! 

Amber-J: Indigo H wins it for Ind! Wtf,  Igo... Losers.

Elimination Ceremony 4 - Team Igo

Amber-Jane: Okay, so, Team Ind will actually be voting someone out! Indigo B and Indigo I... Good luck.

Indigo Quan: (CONF) I'll vote for Indigo I! (END CONF)

Indigo D: (CONF) Indigo B (CONF ENDS)

Indigogo: (CONF) Liek, bye B. Nice try.

Indigo H: (CONF): I vote for Indigo I

Indigo C.: (CONF) Am I frightened...? Not nearly enough- oh, wait, this is the other team. Uh...Indigo B. I pick you to go take a walk in the Mordor. :D

Amber-J: Indigo B is eliminated! And, guess what... Merge time! Two new competitors, Indigo N and Indigo V are joining! See you next time... for a double elimination!

Episode 5 



Amber-J: Okay, so this challenge is a simple fill in the missing lyric challenge! I'll say a line from a song, and you have to fill in the blank. First one:

Boy toy named ____ 'used to live in ____.

Indigo H: Boy toy named Troy used to live in Detroit

Amber-Jane: Indigo H has one point! Next:

When the ___ turned down, they don't know what they ___

Indigo H: when the lights turned down they don't know what they heard

Indigo I: ...Urg...

Amber-J: 2 points for Indigo H! You need three to win!

We're a thousand miles from _____, we have traveled ___ and ___

Indigo C.: We're a thousand miles from comfort, we have traveled land and sea?

Amber-J: 2 points for H and 1 for C!

Can't you ___

I'm __ your feet

Indigo I: IDK this so... Can't you stay, i'm still your bae

Amber-J: Nope! This one's difficult!

Indigo C: Uh...sorry, my sword and I are lost. I'd be more on track with a walk in the mordor, though.

Amber-J I've added a word!

Indigo H: can't you see i'm at your feet

Amber-J: H got it! The rest of you are off to Elimination!

Elimination Ceremony 5 - Everyone but H

Amber-J: Double elimination! 

Indigo Quan: (CONF) Indigogo.

Indigo C.: (CONF) My sword glew when I came across Indigo N. earlier...I know what must be done. To Gollum with thee, beast!

Indigo H: (CONF) I vote Indigo V. Too new to trust

Indigogo: (CONF) *votes Indigo N* Liek. loser.

Indigo I: (CONF) I vote... V...

Indigo V: (CONF) I wish I could vote for Indigo H but I can't. I vote Indigogo.

Amber-J: It's a 2-2-2 vote! Indigo D and N can change it all!

Amber-Jane: Come on, you guys! Vote! :(

Indigo D: (CONF) Bye Indigo N!

Amber-J: Okay I'm just gonna eliminate Indigo N! But next episode, it's a double elimination again! *Inidgo N is zapped by the Laser-Powered Teleportation Device* See you next time!

Episode 6 - Aye Aye!


Indigogo: Urg... I can't believe I got two votes for me. 

Indigo I: At least I got Indigo N. out...


Amber-J: So, your challenge is simple. You must say 'I.' The last three to say 'I'  will be up for elimination. Go!

Indigo Quan: Ummm... I?

Indigo D: I~!

Indigo H: I

Indigo C.: I.

Indigo V: I

Indigo I: I.

Indigogo: 'I' I hope I win xD

Indigo V: I quit. This is not really fair, and I wanna stay in a fair game. Goodluck I and go. I hope the best of you two will stay. (Main reason: I don't like camps which are unfair. I don't wanna be rude, really I don't want to be but it was not fair to start as yourself in a challenge where the last three are up for elimination.)

Indigo I: Aw, too bad... (Conk: Although I am not quitting, I do have to say that this shouldn't have been the challenge as it allowed you to have an 100% chance of being safe. Considering you're the host, it's okay to stratergise and stuff, and even betray your contestants, but challenges like these are kinda unfair)

Indigo H: (Holden: i am not trying to start a fight but the challenge was fair and Lov could of easily been the 2nd person to post I. Welsh put the challenge up 5 hours ago and then 2 hours Lov made a comment on Surfer's Survivor 2: Hawaii. Then an hour later after that Dark posted for the challenge on BotI followed by me, TF, Lov and then Conker. Lov had a chance to post since she was on but chose not to until it was too late and she was up for elimantion. Sorry.)

Indigo V: (Amber: No problem, your right about that but that was not my problem XD. Just, she posted the first line so she was defenetly safe.)

I: (CONK: I know that. But in this particular challenge, she posted the challenge WITH her post as Quan, which made her incapable to be eliminated at all. And maybe, Loenev was busy and didn't have enough time. I sure hell was busy today. This isn't game changing unfair, but it is unfair. This is simply an challenge made to where she can't lose. She was automatically safe while everyone else had to be there at the right time...)

Indigo H: (Holden: Then make Indigo Quan go up for elimantion and have Indigo V be safe. That would make it fair again)

Indigo I: (CONK: But she quit... how's that gonna help anyone? I don't think this mistake deserves her elimination over... xD)

Indigo H (Holden: Then one of your charectersa re going home then automatically)

Indigo I: (Conker: Okay. I had one more character over everyone else anyway, but if it's anyone, let it be Indigogo... I love them both but Indigo I. was the original of the ones in this camp... xD)

Indigo H (Holden: Then it looks like either Indigo I or Gogo will be going home too. gg. So with this figured out lets get to the elimantion)

Indigo I: (C: Moral of the story, make challenges where you have the same chance as losing as the rest.)

(amber-j: wtf, i made the challenge so i could win? have you seen the other challenges, like the rainbow one and the lyric one? you had the chance to send me home then if you thought it was unfair. but i don't want to start a fight, but you're being unreasonable, so please don't start being negative about my camp. i'll remove quan from the camp right now, and one of I and gogo will be voted out, not two out of three. is this fair?)

Indigo C.: Wait, there doesn't need to be an elimination! Or, at least, not a double, for I quit...there is no evil, here...I'm just going to go take a walk in the mordor- maybe meet some cows on the prairie. Indigo C., away! *runs*

Amber-J: Okay. Bye C... :( Here's how things are going. Indigogo and Indigo I are up for elimination.

Indigo Quan: I QUIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amber-J Okay. Everyone else come to the elimination area.

Elimination Ceremony 6 - Indigogo and Indigo I

Amber-J: Vote, please.

Indigo D: (CONF) Indigogo.

Indigo H: (CONF) Three people just quit. WOW I vote for Indigogo

Indigo I: (CONF) Indigogo.

Indigogo: (CONF) I vote Indigo B... I can do that right? (Sssh... don't tell her...)

Amber-J: Okay, so Indigogo is the fourth person going home in this episode. Bye.

Episode 7 - Memories


Indigo I: Sooo.... what's up? (CONF) Four people eliminated last episode... weird... But I made it!

Indigo H: Final 3 is all that was happening.


Amber-J: Alright, I want each of you to tell me your favourite moment from the season (and why), your favourite contestant (and why), and why you should win. Format your answers like this:

My favourite moment: _______________________________

My favourite contestant: __________________________________

Why I should win: ____________________________________

I'll get a guest to judge each of your answers based on the reasons you gave and also how you worded them. Winner gets to decide who comes to the final 2 with them. Go!

Amber-J: Still waiting on Indigo D and Indigo I :) 

Amber-J: *glares at Indigo I*

Jordan: Well I think I'll choose Indigo H as the winner ;D

Amber-J: Thanks Jordan <3 Congrats Indigo H!

Indigo I (Finish Later)

My favourite moment:  My favourite moment was when Indigogo was eliminated. I could have easily went and all my efforts could have been futile. .. yet I made it! I made it into the final 3! I am now on ground level with Holden and I can now stop him in his act!

My favourite contestant: Indigo Quan was basically one of my only friends out of a group of enemies. She was nice and she deserved to win this game, she helped me in the Hunger Games challenge when no one else would and I was in danger of getting killed...

Why I should win: I have done alot for this game, I am also the last surviving member of team Igo. I have survived alot, like my team's losing streak and H trying to backstab me twice. Dark and Holden are definately going to pick eachother to go to the finale, yet they both hate me alot. Not only that but X survived purely on Holden while I put actual effort.

Indigo D

My favourite moment:  My Time with Scythe!

My favourite contestant: Um... Indigo H

Why I should win:  Because i've never been up for elimination and I've stayed under most peoples radar! My love for this game has increased greatly and i hope to finalize my name in Indigo Nation!

Indigo H

My favorite moment: My favorite moment would be the hunger games. To be able to run around, kill people and be sociopaths was epic. I loved to be able to go a participate in my favorite book series and then to win on top of that was great.

My favorite contestant: Indigo C because he was a fun person/ hobbit to have around. He won us the question challenge after I could only get 3/5 of them right and tied with the other team. He was an awesome competitor and was a funny person who stayed in charterer. I will miss him and he is my fav.

Why I should win:  I should win because I have defied all odds to come and be here. I have have never been up for elimination because of all the team wins and individual wins. I have won 3 team challenges and 3 individual challenges, the most out of anyone. I need to win because i have outplayed outwitted and will out last all of the competition. I am the best, don't forget it.

Ellimination Ceremony 7

Amber-J: Indigo H, who are you taking to the finale?

Amber-J: Never mind. I had confirmation through PM earlier that he would eliminate Indigo D. (If you need proof just ask.) So, bye Indigo D, thanks for playing. <3 Any last words?

Indigo H: Sorry Indigo D but you lied to me twice so you have to go home now so like bai

Episode 8 - 2 Indigo's, 1 prize

Jury Vote

Amber-J: This will be a simple jury vote, all eliminated players will vote for who they think should win the competition. Good luck to our finalists, Indigo H and Indigo I!

Indigo D: Um... I vote for Indigo I! He actually cared i guess...

Indigo V: It's hard, both deserves to win. Indigo H won every challenge and Indigo I had to fight and won every bottom two's. I think I choose Indigo I, he deserves it more.

Indigo Jean:  I vote for me because I am the pretiest and everyone who denies that should that a shot of this toxic and die!

Indigo V: Yeah, right. XD

Indigo B: I vote um, Indigo I.... Because yeah, reasons....


Indigo C: But, I wasn't finished with my walk in the mordor. D: Well, to get things over with- Indigo H. was nice to me. So, him.

Indigo M: Indigo H. because he didn't vote for me. :)

Indigogo: Uh... yeah, Indigo H got me eliminated so... I vote I...

Amber-J: Okay, I'll end the vote here. Indigo I wins! Congrats! See you in season 2 with 10 brand new Indigo's! Bye!