Chris: Sixteen contestants will enter this house, compete in challenges, fight for luxurys, avoid evictions, and act as one Big Family!

Big Family
Big Family
Name Entry Exit      
Liam Day 1  Day 10   
Nathan Day 1  Day 10   
Selena Day 1  Day 9   
Daniel Day 1  Day 8   
Corey Day 1  Day 8   
Lady Marmalade Day 1
Day 3 
Day 1
Day 7 
Raven Day 1  Day 7   
Sharky Day 1  Day 6   
SpongeBob Day 1  Day 5   
Johnathan Day 1  Day 4   
Desiree Day 1  Day 3   
Drew Day 1  Day 2   
Cher Day 1  Day 2   
X Day 1  Day 2   
Kendall Day 1  Day 2   
Zero Day 1  Day 1   
Head of Household
Jury Member
Big Brother PoV sign - Power of Veto Holder


  1. Liam - The Sarcastic Tech Geek - NanoPower512 Winner - Day 10
  2. Nathan- The Videogame Addict- Boomerangfish Runner-Up - Day 10
  3. Selena - The Awesome Girl - Angie98 Evicted - Day 9
  4. Daniel- The Pathetic Loser -NanoPower512 Walked - Day 8
  5. Corey - The Cool kid wannabe - Conker511 Evicted - Day 8
  6. Lady Marmalade - The Old Voodoo Goddess - Zannabanna Evicted - Day 1, Part 2 / Returns - Day 3, Re-Evicted - Day 7
  7. Raven - The Cocky Physic - Zannabanna Evicted - Day 7
  8. Sharky- The Dumb Shark- Creatoroflocalcartoons Evicted - Day 6
  9. SpongeBob- The Cheese Head- Creatoroflocalcartoons Evicted - Day 5
  10. Johnathan- The Snobby Jock- Boomerangfish Evicted - Day 4
  11. Desiree - Luckybrandon100 Ejected - Day 3
  12. Drew - Luckybrandon100 Evicted - Day 2
  13. Cher - The Crazy Girl - Angie98 Evicted - Day 2
  14. X - TF Evicted - Day 2
  15. Kendall - The Know-It-All - Luckybrandon100 Walked - Day 2
  16. Zero - TF Evicted - Day 1, Part 1


Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7 Day 8 Day 9 Day 10
Liam Zero Marmalade Cher & X Drew No
  Spongebob Sharky   Daniel   Winner
Nathan Zero Marmalade Cher & X Desiree No
N/A N/A Sharky Marmalade   Selena Runner-Up
Selena Sharky N/A Drew & Dan Drew No
Johnathan Spongebob Sharky Vetoed
Daniel Zero Marmalade   Drew No
Johnathan Vetoed
Corey Zero Marmalade Vetoed
Cher & X
Drew No
Johnathan Sharky Sharky Raven Rep  
Lady Marmalade Zero    
Johnathan   Sharky Rep  
Raven Zero   Vetoed
Cher & X
Drew   Immune Immune Sharky    
Sharky Rep N/A N/A N/A No
Johnathan   Marmalade  
Spongebob N/A N/A   N/A     Rep  
Johnathan Zero Raven   Drew Vetoed
Desiree Zero   Cher & X Selena Rep  
Drew Vetoed
Raven   Selena  
Cher   N/A    
X N/A Marmalade    
Kendall Sharky Marmalade  
Key:  Nominated   Rep: Replacement Nominee   POV Holder   HOH   Jury Member   Evicted 

Day 1, Part 1

Living Room

Lucky: *on screen* Welcome new house guests to the first season of Big Family! Explore the house while the rest of the guests come, because the first HOH challenge will be starting soon...

Desiree: I'm actually in the Big Brother house! Ahhhh!!!!

Drew: Wow... This is pretty cool!

SpongeBob: Wow! This house is amazing!

Sharky: *Explores with SpongeBob.* My father is human, and my sister is a quilt, and my brother is a polar bear. :P

Liam: Hi Drew, Hi Snarky, Hi Desiree, Hi..... S-Spongebob.. Hi VIDEO GAME ADDICT I LOVE TECH :D

Cher: Hi to all!

Nathan: No videogames? *Begins screaming and running in circles* Why did I sign up for this?!

Johnathan: *Explores alone* Not the biggest house I've seen, but I could get used to this...

Liam: NO TECH! Lucky  I Brought  2 PS Vita's Nathen want One

Nathan: *Calms down* Sure I'll borrow one.

Lucky: The HOH challenge has begun below.



HOH Bedroom

Current HOH - Cher

Bedroom 1

Beds for: Desiree, Drew, SpongeBob, and Sharky

Sharky: I et my own bed! (Jumps onto bed and begins rolling around in the hseets like an idiot.)

SpongeBob: Cool. (Sees Sharky rolling around and laughs.)

Bedroom 2

Beds for: X, Zero, Liam, and Kendall

Liam: You aren't speaking so I take the cool bed

Liam: Dammit, We're a man down I didn't think he'd go first

Bedroom 3

Beds for: Selena, Daniel, Corey, and Lady Marmalade

Selena: *jumps in the bed like a crazy girl*

Corey: Oh Please, dont say i bunk with her...

Daniel: If I said it was Cute would You Think I'm Weird *Blushes*

Corey: Uh Oh i do bunk with her (O.O) why...

Selena: @Daniel *smile*

Corey: I'll leav you to bond *Leaves room* CRREEEEEPPPYYY...

Daniel: * quietly* You look cute

Selena: leave if you want...nobody wants you -.-

Daniel: *BLUSHING* Ummm... Hi S-S-ELE-N-N-A

Selena: Hiiiiiii Daniel ...... *blushing*

Daniel: Sooo, How are You... U-unless You d-dont  want to tell me. If so, it's cool, totally cool

Selena: Now..umm..I'm fine because you're making me blush and smile..Cool! <3

Daniel: *Blushes Crimson Red* I am.... it's good right, RIGHT!?

Selena: RIGHT-T!.... :D

Daniel: PHEW! I thought I lost my cool! Unless you want me to!?

Selena: NO! you don't lost me.. don't worry! yes,SURE i want you! *blushing*


Corey: O.O this is the worst time to come in the room o.o

Daniel: Selena your so {insert Most Romantic Line Ever}! *Blushes*

Selena: Wahhh*-* ...i'm ver very embarassed 

Daniel: I'm S-sorry Selena ummm forget about then?! Hedgehog- Dammit

Bedroom 4

Beds for: Raven, Jonathan, Nathan, and Cher

Cher: my bed! xD

Nathan: I love this room! After all, 4 is my lucky number! :D

Cher: fantastic..haha! *smile*

Johnathan: This room is adequete.

Nathan: That was so dramatic. Luckily I had my lucky nickel to help me decide.

Corey: *Knocking on door* can i come in plz

HOH Challenge

Lucky: For today's HOH challenge, you must answer either A or B to the following questions. If you guess the wrong letter, you are out. Question #1, who won Big Brother All-Stars? A - Will Kirby or B - Mike Boogie. (You will have five minutes to answer each question!)

Desiree: A

Drew: B

Kendall: B

Nathan: A?

Johnathan: B.

Corey: B

Liam: B

Daniel: A

Lucky: Time's up! The correct answer was B which means the only ones left are Drew, Kendall, Johnathan, Corey, Liam, Selena, and Cher. Question #2, who won the most recent season of Big Brother? A - Rachel Reilly or B - Ian Terry.

Drew: A.

Kendall: B.

Johnathan: A.

Corey: A

Liam: A

Selena: A

Cher: B

Lucky: The correct answer was B which means the only two left are Kendall and Cher. The final tiebreaker question, who was the most recent evicted houseguest in Big Brother 15? A - Kaitlin or B - GinaMarie

Kendall: B

Corey: (CONF) Although i think its creepy i know daniel has his eye on selena so i'll protct both of them!

Lucky: The correct answer was A so because Kendall answered wrong Cher is the new HOH. Congratulations!

After HOH Challenge

Cher: Yeahh!

Nathan: Good job Cher!

Cher: Thanks!

Corey: Congrats, But I Have to tell you something cher

Liam: Hey Chet, Congrats

Cher: @Corey..What?

Corey: (wispering to cher) Daniel Has A Crush On Selena but be quiet on it...

Cher: o.o Okay!

Lucky: Cher, it is time! Which two house guests do you nominate for eviction?

Cher: i nominate for eviction Drew and Zero..Sorry..i think you two are a big threat! D:

Lucky: Nobody votes yet because first we must participate in the Veto challenge. The people participating have been randomly chosen obviously Cher, Drew, Zero, and the others are Corey, Selena, and Liam. The competition will begin soon.

Daniel: No Not SELENA!!! PLEASE!!! N-Not Like I L-Love her Or Anything HEHEEHEHEH

Selena: You're so NICE DANIEL..<3..but i have to do it D: 

Nathan: Good luck Cher and Liam! :D

Corey: Can You Good luck me?

Liam: aww thanks

Nathan: Good luck Corey, too. *puts on imaginary team Cher soda hat, team Liam foam finger, and team Corey shades*

Corey: Aww She Got The Hat

Johnathan: *Watches Nathan parade around in his imaginary team spirit gear, then facepalms*

Liam: *sighs* From  Lack of games!!

Corey: 0.0 when will the challenge start

Veto Competition

Lucky: It is now time for the veto challenge. Competing are Cher, Drew, Zero, Liam, Corey, and Selena. You must all pick a number between 1 and 6 to start the challenge...

Drew: 4

Corey: 3

Liam: 2

Zero: ............5.

Cher: um 1

Selena: 6

Lucky: Great! Now these six numbers - 173892, 72629, 721, 657, 92, and 8, will be typed in at Whoever ends up with the largest number will hold the Power of Veto. And the winner is...

Lucky: DREW! The fourth row had the number 173,892. Congratulations, Drew. You have now received the Power of Veto. Do you want to use the power?

Drew: I want to take myself off...

Lucky: Drew is not a nominee anymore which means Cher, you must nominate someone new for eviction! Who do you nominate?

Corey: ... Uhhhhh silence

Johnathan: This is so dramatic.

Cher: uh sorry i nominate Sharky

Eviction Ceremony

Lucky: The two nominees for eviction are Zero and Sharky. You may now vote in the confessionals.

Desiree: (CONF) Zero.

Drew: (CONF) Sorry, Zero.

Kendall: (CONF) Hmmmmm.... I guess Sharky!

Corey: (CONF) Bye Zero dude

Liam: (CONF) BYE Zero

Selena: (CONF) Sharky

Cher: (CONF) Sharky

Nathan: (CONF) Who to vote for... *flips a coin* sorry Zero, the coin has spoken.

Johnathan: (CONF) I vote for Zero.

Daniel:(CONF) I normally would vote for whoever depends did but BYE ZERO

Lady Marmalade: (CONF) I vote to evict Zero.

Raven: (CONF) I vote to evict Zero.

Lucky: With a vote of 9-3, Zero you have been evicted from the Big Family house.

Day 1, Part 2

Living Room

Lucky: Did you guys think you were done for the day? Think again! Because someone else is going to be evicted tonight so that means another HOH, nominations, and veto! The second HOH challenge for the day will begin soon...

Nathan: I did not expect this to happen. I just washed off my lucky nickle too.



HOH Bedroom

Current HOH - Desiree

Desiree: *yawns* Ugh! I'm so tired!

Bedroom 1

Bedroom 2

Bedroom 3

Corey: Oh Come On *Facepalm* NATHEN CAN YOU COME IN MY ROOM!!

Nathan: I heard you yelling from the hall. Why'd you ask me to come here?

Corey: You're Pretty Strong In This Competish So...

Liam: "How Exciting"

Nathan: I'm a strong player?

Corey: Can I Play Multi Player With You

Nathan: You mean like an alliance, right?

Corey: YES sorry im bad at his...

Nathan: Sure! Can Liam be in?

Corey: SURE ... :P

Liam: Yay

Nathan: We shall call ourselves: Team Corey, Liam, and Nathan.

Corey: What A Name...Lol :P

Liam: That Must Of took ages

Nathan: So, I wonder who's going to be nominated?

Corey: Probably me...? (crie)

Nathan: Why you? Did you do something bad?

Corey: I HUGGED her without permission D:

Nathan: We'll just vote for the other nominee. No one knows about this alliance besides us...

Corey: :D Now Lets play multiplayer then

Raven: *walks in* Nathan can I talk to you?

Corey: uh nathan she wants you?

Nathan: Yes, what do you want?

Raven: Nvm but I did have a vision that me, you, Liam, and Corey were all working together and we made it pretty far. So could I join your little alliance?

Nathan: The more the merrier! *changes team name to Team Corey, Liam, Nathan, and Raven.

Raven: Alright. We have to win this HOH to guarantee our safety.

Bedroom 4

Johnathan:  Another HOH? Sounds interesting...*smiles*

HOH Challenge

Lucky: Who's excited for a second HOH? I am! Anyway, in this HOH you must push each other off the platform (To get someone off, you must push them three times.) The last one standing becomes the new HOH. Being last HOH, Cher cannot compete in this challenge.

Desiree: *pushes X*

Drew: *pushes Corey*

Kendall: *pushes Drew*

Nathan: *pushes spongebob*

Corey: *Pushes drew*

Johnathan: *pushes Drew*

Lady Marmalade: *pushes Corey*

Corey: * Pushes Spongebob*

Raven: *pushes Corey off*

Liam: * Pushes Spongebob*

Lady Marmalade: *pushes X*

Liam: *Pushes Nathan*

Raven: *pushes X off*

Nathan: *pushes sharkey*

Lady Marmalade: *pushes Nathan*

Drew, Corey, X, and Spongebob have been pushed off the platform.

Raven: *pushes Nathan off*

Nathan is off.

Lady Marmalade: *pushes Sharky*

Liam: *Pushes sharkey off*

Raven: *pushes Kendall*

Liam: *Pushes Kendall*

Johnathan: *pushes lady marmalade*

Raven: *pushes Johnathan*

Sharky is out

Lady Marmalade: *pushes Johnathan*

Liam: *pushes lady marmalade*

Raven: *pushes Johnathan off*

Liam: *pushes lady marmalade off*

Raven: *pushes Kendall off*

Daniel and Selena have been pushed off due to inactivity

Raven: *pushes Liam*

Marmalade, Johnathan, and Kendall are out

Raven: *pushes Liam*

Liam: *pushes Raven*

Raven: *pushes Liam off*

Desiree: *pushes Raven*

Raven: I only had 2 pushes! *pushes Desiree*

Desiree: *pushes Raven off*

Liam and Raven are off.

Lucky: Congratulations, Desiree! You are the new HOH.

After HOH Challenge

Corey: 0.0 wow

Drew: Good job, babe! *hugs Desiree*

Lady Marmalade: Good job gurl!

Raven: Dang you gave us a run for our money! Good job!

Johnathan: Desiree had that in the bag the moment we started to ignore her...

Desiree: Thanks!

Corey: THAT WAS AMAZING *hugs Desiree*

Liam: Yeeeess

Lucky: Desiree, it is now time. Who do you nominate for eviction?

Desiree: I sadly nominate... Lady Marmalade and Raven. You two are the strongest competitors in the game.

Lucky: Okay, Lady Marmalade and Raven are up for eviction. Now it is time to pick players for the veto competition. Obviously Desiree, Lady Marmalade, Raven, and Nathan, Johnathan, and Kendall. The challenge will begin soon...

Lady Marmalade: (CONF) I wanted to be in an alliance with Desiree...Maybe I still can be.

Raven: (CONF) *cries* I don't wanna go home on the first day.

Corey: Nathen why do you have to compete? WHY?!?!??

Nathan: It is my duty. To honor the united people of room four, I must do this!

Johnathan: Okay, I'll participate.

Veto Competition

Lucky: In the veto competition, you must dig (3 lines) for pieces to a puzzle. The first person to find three puzzle pieces will hold the Power of Veto.

Desiree: *digs for piece 1* (1)

Kendall: *digs for piece 1* (1)

Lady Marmalade: *digs* (1)

Desiree: *digs* (2)

Lady Marmalade: *digs* (2)

Desiree: *finds first puzzle piece* (3)

Kendall: *digs* (2)

Lady Marmalade: *fins a puzzle piece* (3)

Desiree: *digs for second piece* (1)

Kendall: *finds first puzzle piece* (3)

Raven: *digs for piece* (1)

Nathan: *digs* (1)

Johnathan: *digs* (1)

Raven: *digs for piece* (2)

Desiree: *digs* (2)

Raven: *finds first piece* (3)

Desiree: *finds second piece* (3)

Nathan: Look, I'm Dig-Dug! *digs* (2)

Johnathan: *digs* (2)

Desiree: *digs for final piece*

Nathan: I got a puzzle piece! (3)

Desiree: *digs* (2)

Johnathan: *Finds puzzle piece* (3)

Nathan: *digs* (1)

Desiree: *finds final piece* (3) Nathan: *digs* (1)

Desiree: *finds finalpiece*

Lucky: Congratulations, Desiree! You have won the Power of Veto. Would you like to use your power?

Rave & Lady Marmalade: Congrats!

Lucky: Congratulations, Desiree! You have won the Power of Veto. Would you like to use your power?

Desiree: No... I would like to keep my nominations the same.

Eviction Ceremony

Lucky: Lady Marmalade and Raven are up for eviction. You may vote in the confessionals.

Drew: Raven.

Kendall: Marmalade

Corey:(CONF) Lady Marmalde is crazy in voodoo and that = competition so bye bye VOODOO

Johnathan: Raven. She pushed me off.

Liam: Marmalade

Daniel: Marmalade she never spoke to me

X: (CONF) Bye bye Marmalade........what? They both seem cool but one has to go.

Nathan: Lucky nickle, show your worth! Sorry Lady Marmalade...

Lucky: With a vote of 6-2, Lady Marmalade, you have been evicted from the Big Family house.

Marmalade: *disappears in a puff of smoke*

Lucky: Good night, house guests! Because tomorrow will be full of surprises...

Raven: *rolls eyes* (CONF) I don't even wanna be here anymore. When I win HOH Drew, Desiree, and Kendall will totally be on the block.

X: *in mind* I feel like something's up......gotta be alert........nice surprise I haven't relied on Zero much.

Lucky: Tomorrow, you will be competing in pairs. You will compete for HOH, get nominated, compete for POV, and go against each other as pairs. The pairs for tomorrow are:

Desiree and Liam

Kendall and Nathan

Corey and Raven

Cher and X

Daniel and Drew

Johnathan and SpongeBob

Sharky and Selena

Liam: I Working With Desiree, She's Good Competition so That's good

Day 2

Living Room

Lucky: Good morning, Houseguests! Because its the second day you will work in pairs of two as I have said yesterday. To remind yourself, look back at yesterday's pairs. Chat with your partner for the time being before you must work together. Remember, there will be two HOHs, two duos up for nomination, two POV holders, and two people going home today. Get ready for another day of fun. The HOH challenge will begin very soon..

Liam: Just cause we I've Never Won a Challange! It doesn't change that we CAN WINN THIS ONE!



HOH Bedroom

Current HOH's: SpongeBob and Johnathan

Johnathan: I have no idea of who to nominate.

Bedroom 1

Bedroom 2

Bedroom 3

Corey: *yawn*

Selena: i can't wait to start!

Bedroom 4

Nathan: *Takes out cloth from his pocket, begins polishing lucky nickel.*

Nathan: Oh Noes! Corey and Raven AND Cher are all nominated!

Duo HOH Challenge

Lucky: Okay, everyone! It's time for the duo HOH challenge. Last night I asked Desiree, Kendall, Corey, X, Drew, Johnathan, and Selena a few questions. What Liam, Nathan, Raven, Cher, SpongeBob, and Sharky have to do is answer the questions how they think their partner answered them. At the end, the duo who have the most questions in common become the new HOH's. Question #1: What is your partner's name? (Desiree, Kendall, Corey, X, Drew, Jonnathan, and Selena do not answer any questions.)

Liam: Desiree

Sharky: Selena

SpongeBob: Jonathan

Cher: X

Lucky: Times up! Round one is over! Everyone except Drew and Daniel and Raven and Corey have received one point. Question #2: How old is your partner?

Liam: 16


Cher: 21

Lucky: Round two is over! You all got it wrong! XD These are the standings:

Liam and Desiree - 1

Daniel and Drew - 0

Nathan and Kendall - 0

Raven and Corey - 0

Cher and X - 1

Selena and Sharky - 1

SpongBob and Johnathan - 1

Lucky: Question #3: What is your partners favorite color?

Liam: Green

Cher: Blue

Daniel: Blue

Nathan: Blue?

Lucky: Cher and Daniel both got a point with Cher and X in the lead. Final Question: What is your partners favorite animal?

Nathan: I fail XD! My answer is... Koala.

Liam: Dogs

Cher: Fish 


Sharky: Bird!

Daniel: Dog

Lucky: SpongeBob was the only one who got it correct which means Cher and X and Johnathan and SpongeBob are tied for first. Tiebreaker Question: What is your partners nickname? (Only SpongeBob and Cher can answer this question.)

SpongeBob: Johnny?

Cher:'s very difficult XD ehmm.. X? XD

Lucky: Surprisingly, you both got it correct, but because SpongeBob answered first... I never thought I'd be saying this, but congratulations SpongeBob and Johnathan, you are the new HOH's. Think wisely because in a few minutes you must nominate somebody.

After Duo HOH Challenge

Corey: O.O Wow congrats spongebob :D

Sharky: Yeah! Good job!

SpongeBob: Thanks, guys! (Hi-fives Sharky and Corey.)

Johnathan: Good job.

Cher: nooo 

X: Good game SpongeBob. Sorry we lost, Cher.

Sharky: (To Selena) I...I'm sorry, Selena...(Begins to cry.)

Selena: don't worry..isn't a problem :)

Liam; You two deserved it GOOD JOB SPONGEBOB AND JON

SpongeBob: Thank you! (Hi-fives Liam.)

Liam: Yo Welcome dude

Lucky: SpongeBob it is time. Which two duos do you and Johnathan nominate for eviction?

SpongeBob: Oh, this is tough....I guess...Corey and Raven....and Cher and X...that alright, Johnathan?

Johnathan: I'm fine with that.

Corey: WHYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!! D:

Lucky: Okay! Playing in the veto will be Johnathan and SpongeBob, Corey and Raven, Cher and X, and I randomly choose Selena and Sharky. I will inform you when it is time to begin!

Selena: haha ..why always you choose RANDOMLY Selena??

SpongeBob: Nothing personal, guys, I'm just thinking strategically.

Sharky: Yay! Another challenge!

Nathan: This could be the most dramatic vote yet... :O

Liam: I didn't know Corey was getting kicked from this this early

Corey: Hahaha They were picked because there strong im just Baggage

Kendall: I'm tired of this sucky show. I quit!

Lucky: Okay, it is official! Kendall has quit the Big Family game.

Nathan: So wait... now that Kendall quit, there will be three contestants leaving today, counting him?!

Lucky: Yes, Nathan, but after today only one person will go home every day.

Corey: (wispers to nathan) Help MEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...

Selena: noo i don't want go to home today DX

Nathan: (Whispering to Corey) All you have to do is win the veto contest... or let Cher win and nominate someone else in her stead...

Liam: If Corey goes then RAVEN does Then our alliance is cut in half

Nathan: (To Liam) I know... we have to stop them from getting eliminated.

Veto Competition

Lucky: For today's veto, you must climb the rope and ring the bell (5 lines) but there is a twist. Each person has their own rope, and the first team that has both people's bell rung will hold the Power of Veto. GO!

Corey: *climb Rope* (1)

X: *climbs rope* (1)

Corey: *climb Rope*(2)

Johnathan: *climbs rope* (1)

SpongeBob: (Climbs rope) (1)

Sharky: (Climbs rope) (1)

Corey: *climbs rope* (3)

Johnathan: *climbs rope* (2)

Corey: *climb Rope*(4)

Selena: *climbs rope* (1)

Raven: *climbs rope*

Corey:*Rings Bell*

X: *climbs rope* (2)

Johnathan: *climbs* (3)

Selena: *climbs rope* (2)

Raven; *climbs*

Corey has rung the bell, Raven just needs to catch up.

Johnathan: *climbs* (4)

Selena: *climbs rope* ( 3)

Raven: *climbs*

Johnathan: *rings bell*

X: *Climbs* (3)

Cher : *climbs*

X: *climbs*

Raven: *climbs*

X: *rings bell* (5)

Raven: *rings bell*

Lucky: And Raven and Corey win the Power of Veto. Would you like to use your power?

Johnathan: Selena, you and your partner, Sharkey, both had to ring the bell.

'Corey: YES YES YES :O

Lucky: Selena, your partner, Sharky had to also. Johnathan, which duo do you nominate as a replacement?

Johnathan: I guess I'll nominate Daniel and Drew, for strategy reasons.

Daniel: I geuss thats Ok

Eviction Ceremony

Lucky: Drew and Daniel and Cher and X are up for eviction. You may now vote.

Desiree: Cher and X

Corey: Cher And X

Liam: Cher And X

Nathan: Cher and X. They're too strong.

Selena: Drew and Daniel

Raven: Cher I love you girl but your a huge threat! I sadly vote to evict Cher and X.

Lucky: It is official! With a vote of 4-1, Cher and X, you have been evicted from the Big Family house.

Corey: Sorry Dude And Dudette

Cher: (to Corey) -.- i thought that you didn't vote me ..YOU ARE FALSE!|

Corey: (to Cher) Ethier You Or Love Struck Dan... Some-ones gotta protect their rocky relationship

X: Saw it coming. Good luck guys, I guess. *fades away*

Nathan: You'll both be missed.


Selena: because i have to protect cher! Sorryyy D: do you understand?


Lucky: Yeah, I didn't say. One more person is going home tonight. Everyone can vote who they want out.

Desiree: Selena

Drew: Selena

Selena: Drew

Nathan: Lucky (and convienent) D11, do your magic! I vote Desiree.

Johnathan: I vote for Drew. He's a threat.

Corey: Drew hes strong

liam: Drew alliances work well

Daneil: Drew 

Raven: Drew

Lucky: Of a vote of, 5 - 2 - 1, Drew you are the final person evicted from the Big Family house today.

Drew: Later losers!

Corey: At Least I Wasn't Elimanated on the 2nd day JERK! *Knocks Drew Out*

Lucky: After four people shockingly leave, what can come? We'll find out tomorrow on Big Family!

Liam: WAIT A MINUTE, All my room-mates have been Elimanated On DAY 2!! Kendall Quit, Zero Was Evicted and X was Just Evicted with cher

Day 3

Living Room

Lucky: Hello, Houseguests! We are now on Day 3... The HOH challenge should begin in a couple of hours so just relax for now.



HOH Bedroom

Current HOH: Raven

Pandora's Box: Do you choose to open Pandora's Box, Raven?

Raven: Hmmm *thinks* Yes! *opens Pandora's Box*

Pandora's Box: Congratulations, The Good Part - You have won immunity for the next two weeks., The Bad Part, Part 1 - During this time you cannot compete in any competitions, The Bad Part, Part 2 - You just have to wait and see...

Raven: Yay! Forget about the competitions! I'm safe!

Pandora's Box: Are you ready for the second and third bad parts about opening Pandora's Box? *evil laughs*

Raven: I guess....

Pandora's Box: Part 2 - During your two days of immunity, you cannot vote during eviction ceremonies. And............................................................................. Part 3 - Since you have opened Pandora's Box, you will be automatically nominated after your two weeks of immunity every week until you are evicted.... *evil laughs*

Raven: Great. I can't vote and I'm auto nominated. I gotta keep me and my alliance safe. Too bad Marmalade isn't here to help.....

Bedroom 1

Desiree: *crying* Drew's gone!

Bedroom 2

Bedroom 3

Bedroom 4

Nathan: *To himself* Wow, our alliance is doing really well!

HOH Challenge

Lucky: Today's HOH challenge is called "Crime Crushers"! You must grab all the items from your evidence locker (8 items, 1 line per item). Then, you have to replace each item (8 items, 1 line per item). The first person to ring the bell (1 line) will become the new HOH... GO!

Raven: *grabs item* (1/8)

Selena: *grabs item* 

Desiree: *grabs item*

Selena: *grabs item*

Raven: *grabs item* (2/8)

Selena: *grabs item*

Raven: *grabs item* (3/8)

Selena: *grabs item*

Desiree: *grabs item*

Raven: *grabs item* (4/8)

Selena: *grabs item*

Raven: *grabs item* (5/8)

Selena: *grabs item*

Raven: *grabs item* (6/8)

Selena: *grabs item*

Raven: *grabs item* (7/8)

Selena: *grabs item* (8)

Raven: *grabs item* (8/8)

Johnathan: *Grabs item* (1)

Raven: *replaces item* (1/8)

Johnathan: *Grabs item* (2)

Raven: *replaces item* (2/8)

Selena: *Replacs item*

Raven: *replaces item* (3/8)

Selena: *repleaces item*

Raven: *replaces item* (4/8)

Nathan: *Grabs item* (1)

Selena: *repleaces item*

Johnathan: *Grabs item* (3)

Raven: *replaces item* (5/8)

Selena: *repleaces item*

Raven: *replaces item* (6/8)

Johnathan: *Grabs item* (4)

Raven: *replaces item* (7/8)

Selena: *repleaces item*

Raven: *replaces item* (8/8)

Johnathan: *Grabs item* (5)

Raven: *rings bell* I won! :D

Lucky: Congratulations, Raven! You are the new Head of Household! In a few minutes, you will have to nominate two Houseguests for eviction.

After HOH Challenge

Desiree: Good job, Raven! You deserve it...

Raven: Thanks.....

Lucky: Raven, the time has come! Who do you nominate for eviction?

Raven: Spongebob and Johnathan for nominating me. Desiree consider yourself lucky because I will avenge Marmalade....

Lucky: SpongeBob and Johnathan, you are nominated for eviction. In the Veto Competition, Raven, SpongeBob, Johnathan, Nathan, Corey, and Daniel will be competing. Ya happy, Selena, this time I didn't "randomly" choose you. The competition will start soon, but for now can Raven report to her HOH room. Something is waiting for her. After recent events, Raven cannot participate.

Veto Competition

Lucky: VETO TIME! The chosen players must vote for who they think deserves veto. Pretty simple! The one with the most votes gets the Power of Veto! Raven cannot compete due to certain circumstances.

Desiree: Johnathan.

Johnathan: Spongebob.

Nathan: Corey

Lucky: Due to a tie, Raven must choose one of the nominees to hold the Power of Veto.

Raven: Johnathan

Lucky: Congrats, Johnathan! You have won the POV! Do you wish to use your power?

Johnathan: Yes, on myself!

Lucky: Okay, Johnathan is off the block which means Raven you must nominate someone new for eviction.

Raven: Sorry but my replacement nominee is Desiree....

Desiree: WHAT?!

Lucky: Okay, Desiree is the replacement nominee!

Eviction Ceremony

Lucky: Both SpongeBob and Desiree are up for eviction. You may now vote in the confessionals. *hums Jeopardy music*

Desiree: WAIT! None of you have any self-respect for me or yourselves. This show is a waste of time and I'm so f****** pissed at all of you b******. *punches Raven* How do you feel now, HOH? *punches SpongeBob* You stupid sponge!

Lucky: Desiree, due to violence and language, you are ejected from the Big Family house!

Desiree: WTF! *walks out* (whispers to herself) F****** b******!

Lucky: Because Desiree left, there is no eviction tonight so you're all safe. Oh, and I have some good news... Welcome back, Lady Marmalade! She has returned to the game for her avengance. Apparently I was getting sued... Whatever! Anyway, good night Houseguests be prepared for a "special" HOH challenge tomorrow.

Lady Marmalade: *appears in a puff of smoke* I'm back! :D

Raven: *hugs her*


Day 4

Living Room

Lucky: Good morning Houseguests!

Liam: Oh, Good Morning.... I've had no roommates for 2 Nights now! Can Nathen, Corey and Raven Join?

Lucky: Tomorrow, you will get new room plans...

Liam: YES !!



HOH Bedroom

Current HOH's:

Liam: Yes! Yes! YES!

Raven: I think we should let Lady Marmalade in our alliance.

Liam: Sure, She seems Really Nice and... voodooey

Corey: Yes, An Alliance Sleepover :D

Lady Marmalade: Thank you. :D

Liam: But we must Discuss who we're getting rid of next

Lady Marmalade: Spongebob and Sharky

Bedroom 1

Bedroom 2

Bedroom 3

Corey: *yawn* Time to get up AAAhhhh *falls of top bunk*

Bedroom 4

HOH Challenge

Lucky: Just answer the questions, pretty simple... #1: Who said,"No video games! Why did I sign up for this?!" Is it A - Nathan or B- Liam. (This is a speed challenge so the first four answers in this round will count.)

Corey: A

Liam: A

Sharky: A

SpongeBob: A

Lucky: The next two move on, Question #2: Who said, Desiree had that in the bag the moment we started to ignore her..." A - Corey or B - Johnathan

Corey: B

Liam: B

Lucky: The first one to answer this questions wins. What place did X come in?

Liam: 3rd Out or 13th

Corey: 13th 0.o oops

Lucky: Congrats, Liam! You are the new HOH. In a few minutes, you must nominate two houseguests for eviction.

After HOH Challenge

Liam: I would Like To thank Corey for helping me, no reason.... at... a-all

Lucky: Liam, who do you nominate for eviction?

Liam: I Nominate Jonathan And Spongebob, no hard feelings just stragetic

Lucky: Okay, participating in the veto is Liam, Johnathan, SpongeBob, and Corey. Ill tell you when it begins.

Corey: Wait "I'M" Competing After I Won Last PoV? 

Lucky: You didn't win last POV, but no matter what your competing.

Corey: Sorry I meant the last one i was atually here for (that doesnt mean if i was selected to compete in but didnt?)

Veto Competition

Lucky: Everyone, welcome to the Big Family Bowling Alley! In the veto, the selected players must roll a ball down the lane. You must work your way up knocking down one pin, then two pins, then three pins, then four pins and so on until a strike (1 line for one pin, two lines for two pins, until you get to six lines for six pins). The first one to a strike wins. Ready... Set... Roll Those Balls!

SpongeBob: *Rolls the ball* (1) (One pin)

SpongeBob: *Rolls the ball* (1)

Corey: *Rolls the ball* (1) (One pin)

Liam: Rolls the ball (1) 1 pin

Corey: *Rolls the ball* (1) 

Liam: Rolls The Ball (1)

Corey: *Rolls the ball* (2) (Two pins)

Liam: Rols The Balls (2)

Corey: *Rolls the ball* (1)

Liam:Rols the Ball (1)

Corey: *Rolls the ball* (2)

LiamLiam The Ball (2)

Corey: *Rolls the ball* (3) (Third pins)

Liam: Rols The Balls (3)

Corey: *Rolls the ball* (1) (Four pins)

Liam: Rolls the Ball (1) Four pins

Corey: *Rolls the ball* (2) 

Liam: Rolls the Ball (2)

Corey: *Rolls the ball* (3) 

Liam: Rols The Ball (3)

Corey: *Rolls the ball* (4) (four pins)

Liam: Rolls the Ball (4) Four Pins

Corey: *Rolls the ball* (1) (Five pins)

Liam: Rolls the Ball. (1) Five pins

Corey: *Rolls the ball* (2) 

Liam: Rolls the Ball (2)

Corey: *Rolls the ball* (3) 

Liam : Rols The Ball (3)

Corey: *Rolls the ball* (4) 

Liam: Rols The Ball (4)

Corey: *Rolls the ball* (5) (Five pins)

Liam: Roll the Ball (5) (Five pins)

Corey: *Rolls the ball* (1) (six pins)

Liam: Roll the Ball (1) Six pins

Corey: *Rolls the ball* (2) (six pins)

Liam: Rolls The Ball ( 2) 

Corey: *Rolls the ball* (3) (six pins)

Liam: Rolls the Ball (3)

Corey: *Rolls the ball* (4) (six pins)

Liam: Rolls the Ball (4)

Corey: *Rolls the ball* (5) (six pins)

Liam: Rolls The Ball (5)

Corey: *Rolls the ball* (6) (six pins)

Lucky: Congratulations, Corey! You have one the Power of Veto... Do you wish to use your power?

Corey: uhh can i save it for later?

Lucky: No! You use it now or never!

Corey: Jeez...! Never

Lucky: Okay, Johnathan and SpongeBob are still the nominees...

Eviction Ceremony

Lucky: The two nominees are Johnathan and SpongeBob. You may now vote in the confessionals. Liam and Raven cannot vote.

Corey: (CONF) I'm Voting For Johnathan Atleast Spongebob Competed for Veto

Daniel: (CONF) Jonathan....... I may have SpongeBob Underwear?

Lady Marmalade: (CONF) I vote to evict Johnathan.

Selena: (CONF) i vote Johnathan..SORRY! and sorry for not do the HOH challenge but today i wasn't at home

Sharky: (CONF) I vote Johnathan! Yay! :D

Lucky: With a vote of 5-0, Johnathan, you have been evicted from the Big Family house. But I do have some good news for the remaining nine contestants. From now on, when you get eliminated, you will go to the jury house and on finale night you will vote for the winner of Big Family!

Johnathan: Bye guys! *walks out*

Lucky: Everyone I just want to say that there will be two evictions tomorrow. Sleep on that... Well, until midnight.... Hahahahahaha!

Day 5

Living Room

Lucky: Good morning Houseguests! As I promised yesterday, your new room plan: Bedroom 1 - Corey, Liam, and Daniel, Bedroom 2 - Lady Marmalade and Raven, Bedroom 3 - SpongeBob and Sharky, Bedroom 4 - Nathan and Selena.


Corey: D: i pushed Nathan off WAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH DX (Cries)


Bedroom 1

Corey: I Love This New Room *Falls From Top Bunk* AHHHHH

Daniel: Sorry, Nathan for Pushing You...

Liam: Look, Nathan We just pushed you of because we had a plan to eliminate SPONGEBOB if Lady Picks You or anyone else in our alliance well Vote Snarky out

Nathan: Ok.

Lady Marmalade: We need to vote Sharky out because he is the target.

Bedroom 2

Bedroom 3

Bedroom 4

Selena: *wakes up*

Nathan: I'm still in room four!

HOH Challenge

Lucky: For today's challenge, you must fill in the blank. The best one will win and the winning person will become the new HOH. Raven and Liam cannot compete.

The fill in the blank: When I win HOH, I definately will __________________.

Lady Marmalade: When I win HOH, I defiantly will get my avengence and turn this house upside down! :D

Daniel: When I win HOH, I definitely will Keep Selena in Daniel (me)'s Arms, And then I'll get a GirlFriend, MWUHAHAHAHAHAH *Cough*

Corey: When I win HOH, I Definitely Will Make Sure Everyone gets their own room :D

Lucky: And the winner is... Lady Marmalade! Congratulations, you are the new HOH!

After HOH Challenge

Lucky: Marmalade, who do you nominate for eviction?

Lady Marmalade: I nominate Daniel and Sharky. Sorry.

Lucky: Okay, today everyone will be competing in the veto.

Veto Competition

Lucky: Today everyone will be participating in a fan-favorite - Big Family Platform Push. As you know, you will all be on a platform and it takes three lines to push someone off. The last one standing will hold the Power of Veto!

Corey: *Pushes Sharky*

Liam: * Pushes Snarky*

Corey: *Pushes Sharky off*

Liam: * Pushes Lady Marmalade* 

Daniel:*Pushes Lady Marmalade*

'Corey: '*Pushes Lady Marmalade off*

Daniel: *Pushes RAVEN*

Liam:*Pushes Selena*

Corey: *Pushes Selena*

Liam: *Pushes Selena off*

Daniel: *Pushes RAVEN*

Corey: *Pushes Spongebob*

Liam:* Pushes Spongebo*

Daniel: *Pushes RAVEN Off*

' 'Corey: *Pushes Spongebob off*

Liam:* Pushes Corey*

Daniel: * Pushes Corey*

Corey: *Pushes Liam*

Daniel: * Pushes Nathan*

Liam: *Pushes Nathan*

Corey:*Pushes Nathan Off* (i didn't want to D:)

Liam: *Pushes Corey Off*

Daniel: * Pushes Liam Off*

Lucky: Congratulations, Daniel! You have won the power of veto! Would you like to use your power?

Daniel: YES YES YES!!

Lady Marmalade: My replacement nominee is sadly Spongebob. Sorry.

Eviction Ceremony

SpongeBob and Sharky are up for eviction. You may now vote in the confessionals.

Selena: i vote spongebob D: sorry..

Corey: Sharkys too nice

Liam: I vote for Da Spongebob

Daniel: Huh.... sponge or shark.... sharks are cool I vote for the sponge please

Lucky: With a vote of 3-1, SpongeBob, you have been evicted from the Big Family house.The good news is that you are the first jury member. We will see you finale night!

Day 6

Living Room

Lucky: I'm giving you the day off today, but we need to get rid of someone so we will be doing a quick eviction.



Corey: I Didn't know thier was a Backyard *Takes deep brath* NATHAN QUICK!.!.!.!

Nathan: Wait... There's a backyard?

Liam: What The He'll, I didn't know Lucky Could AFFORD one

Corey: I'm Sorry But LM, Selena or Daniel is next :O 

Nathan: I guess they're the last three left... besides us.

Liam: I guess we vote Selena next

Bedroom 1

Bedroom 2

Bedroom 3

Bedroom 4

Eviction Ceremony

Lucky: You can vote for whoever you want out of the house in the confessionals.

Liam: Vote  For Sharky

Corey:(Conf) Hard But I'd Say Sharky sorry dude at least you got 8th place sorry for voting last time i thoght you were SB.

Daniel: I Vote For....... Sharks *Faints*

Sharky: Marmalade! She's a good competitor! :D

Selena: i vote for..Sharky D:

Lady Marmalade: I vote for Sharky.

Raven: I vote for Sharky.

Nathan: Sorry Sharkey.

Lucky: With a vote of 7-1, Sharky, you have been evicted from the Big Family house and you are the second jury member.

Day 7

Living Room

Lucky: Good morning Houseguests! I have a special surprise for you today. There will be three nominees and two people will be going home. The two people with the most votes will both be evicted. Raven is automatically nominated today for opening Pandora's Box so the HOH will only nominate two people. This HOH is very important and it will begin soon...



Bedroom 1

Beds for: Corey and Nathan

Nathan: I have to do good in the HOH today!

Nathan: That was a fast HOH... and I'm not even competing in the veto.

Corey: Man.. Sorry (CONF WITH NATHAN) Nathan i think we will Vote Dan or LM

Raven: I think Daniel didn't use the veto on himself because he's cocky. He wants everyone to think he is nice so he can win this whole show. We HAVE to get him out this week.

Nathan: Daniels too nice to vote out... :'(

Bedroom 2

Beds for: Daniel and Liam

Bedroom 3

Beds for: Raven and Lady Marmalade

Bedroom 4

Bed for: Selena

Selena: I'M ALONE XD

Selena: Hey Lucky, when the HOH challenge star? at what time?

HOH Challenge

Lucky: This challenge is called "Remember...". Looking at the titles below, you must list the HOH challenges in order from beginning to now. The first correct answer will win and that person will become HOH! Raven cannot compete.

Big Family Platform Push

Crime Crushers

BB History

Quotes of the Cast

Fill in the HOH

Double Trouble

Selena: Quotes of the cast,double trouble,Crime Crushers,big family platform push,Fill in the HOH,BB history

Lucky: Incorrect!

Liam: it was BB history, Big Family Platform Push, Double Trouble , Crime Crushers, Quotes of The Cast, Fill in the HOH,

Lucky: Correct and congratulations, Liam, you are the new HOH!

After HOH Challenge

Liam: I'm not going home today!!!

Daniel: Congrats, Liam ... It's your second time in HOH

Lucky: Yes, Liam, you are the first person in Big Family history to win HOH twice in a season. Anyway, you must now nominate two Houseguests for eviction. Raven is automatically the third nominee.

Liam: I Nominate Selena and...... Daniel  :D

Lucky: The three nominees are Raven, Selena, and Daniel. Everyone will be competing in the veto except Nathan. It will begin soon...

Veto Competition

Lucky: In this veto, you must climb the mountain (5 lines), roll down a boulder (3 lines), and then catch the boulder at the bottom of the hill (6 lines). The first one to complete this will hold the Power of Veto.

Selena: *Climbs* (1)

Daniel: *climbs * (1)

Liam: *Climbs* (1)

Corey:  *Climbs* (1)

Daniel: *Climbs* (2)

Selena: *Climbs* (2)

Daniel: *Climbs* (3)

Selena: *Climbs* 

Daniel: *Climbs*

Selena: *Climbs* 

Daniel: *Climbs up*

Selena: *Climbs* 

Daniel*Rolls down a boulder*

Selena: *Rolls Down a boulder*

Daniel: * Rolls Down a Bouldor*

Selena: *Rolls*

Daniel: *Rolls Down a Boldor*

Selena: *Rolls*

Daniel: *Catch*

Liam: *Climbs*

Selena: *Cathces*


Selena: *Catches* 

Daniel: *Catches*

Liam: *Climbs*

Daniel: *Catches*

Raven: *climbs* (1)

Daniel: *Catches*

Raven: *climbs* (2)

Selena: *Catches*

Daniel: *Catches* (6) I win

Lucky: Congratulations, Daniel! Do you wish to use your power?

Daniel: I Take Selena OFF the Nomination List instead of me

Lucky: Wow! That's a shocker! Anyway, Selena you are safe. Liam, who is the new nominee?

Raven: Congrats Selena! I'm happy for you. Daniel you are pretty nice. *hugs him*

Nathan: Wow Daniel, thats the nicest thing anyone's ever done on this show!

Liam: Uhh... Ummm everyone else is in the alliance so uh LADY MARMALADE

Lady Marmalade: I'm in the alliance to but I understand.

Liam: *Hugs Her* it was ANYONE in our alliance I had too

Lady Marmalade: *tears up* It's okay. *hugs him*

Eviction Ceremony

Lucky: Raven, Marmalade, and Daniel are up for eviction. Only Nathan, Selena, and Corey may vote in the confessionals for only one of these nominees.

Nathan: (CONF) I don't want to vote for Raven because she was in room 4, or Daniel because he was super nice. Sorry Lady Marmalade. You're the only other choice.

Corey: (CONF) Daniel was so nice he deserves to stay Uhhhh Raven. sorry girl dont hurt me 

Selena: (CONF) i can't vote Daniel cuase he saved me he is sooo nice !! i vote Raven

Raven: You all fell for his trick! He saved you so he wouldn't be voted out. Now he will make it to the final and everyone will vote for him to win.

Lucky: Because Raven got two votes and Lady Marmalade got one vote, both girls will be evicted, but you are the third and fourth jury members and well see you on finale night!

Raven: Selena I thought you were my friend, I kept you safe the WHOLE game. You floated right threw. I'll be voting for Liam if he's in finale.

Lady Marmalade: Oh well everyone's got to leave at some point. I love you all! *hugs everyone* *disappears in a puff of smoke*

Daniel: I just wanted to kiss Selena so I save  her

Selena: i'm so sorry Raven but Daniel is my love i can't vote him :(

Daniel: *Kisses Selena* I Love You... There.. there

Raven: *cries and leaves*

Lucky: Congratulations, final five! You survived a week in the house... We will see the surprises that await us tomorrow... Good night!

Selena: Daniel,i have to do a thing....RAVEN WAIT !! *Hugs Raven* you are my best firend right ?

Raven: I thought I was. You picked your boyfriend over me....

Selena: i know....and you have to understand me ;( ...i don't care if you will not vote me at the final i want be your best firend :)

Raven: Alright, I understand. *cries and hugs her* I love you gurl and I will vote for you in finale. We are BFF's. *hugs her and leaves happy*

Lucky: *pushes Raven out the door* Good riddance!

Corey: Not Cool Man!

Daniel: Who Could Do That...... Don't worry I got Ravens numbee

Raven: *talking to Selena through her physic abilities* He does NOT have my number and he is a player.

Nathan: Why would anyone shove a contestant out of a door? D:

Selena: *talking to Raven* why he said that he have your number but he haven't ?

Raven: *talking to Selena* I don't know he must be playing everyone in the house. Be careful of him and if you win HOH you must nominate him. Daniel: Umm ... Ok why does everyone hate me.... The number was for Selena  so she could call you

Selena: Daniel i don't hate, you are my love *Kisses Daniel*

Raven: *talking to Daniel* Sure it was! I never gave you my number. Selena I gotta go but just remember to always keep your guard up.

Daniel: Then what was that paper for....... Gah... that's inappropriate

Day 8

Living Room

Lucky: Good morning Houseguests! Congratulations on making it to the final five!



Selena and Daniel's Bedroom

Corey's Bedroom

Liam's Bedroom

Nathan's Bedroom

HOH Challenge

Lucky: To win this HOH challenge, you must run three laps around the track (4 lines per lap). The first person to reach the finish line will become the new HOH!

Nathan: *Runs* (1)

Corey: *Runs* (1)

Nathan: *runs* (2)

Corey: *Runs* (2) Win Nathan :O

Nathan: *runs* (3)

Liam: Go Nathan *Runs*


Nathan: *runs* (4) *1 lap*

Corey:*Runs*(4 one lap) (sorry or earlier XD)

Liam: Run (2)

Nathan: *Runs* (5)


Nathan: Runs *6*

Liam: Runs (3)


Nathan: *runs* (7)


Nathan: *runs* (8) (2 laps)

Corey:*Runs*(4) 2 laps)

Nathan: *runs* (9)


Nathan: *runs* (10)


Nathan: *runs* (11)

Corey:*Runs*(3) Win For Us Nathan :D

Liam: Go Nathan

Nathan: *runs* (12) VICTORY!

Lucky: Congratulations, Nathan! You have won your first HOH!

After HOH Challenge

Liam: Congrats, Who are You putting up for eviction

Corey: Nathan WOW i didn't know you could run... being a gamer and all, I was right you are strong!

Nathan: I used to run track.

Lucky: Okay, Nathan. Who do you nominate for eviction?

Nathan:*is breathing heavily* I nominate Daniel and Selena.

Lucky: Oooo... Nominate the couple, huh? Everyone will be comepeting in the veto and it begins in a couple of hours so you may chat here.

Corey: One Of The Couple will leave O.o oh no XD

Selena: no Daniel !! :(

Daniel: :O what, me or Selena is Going..... but but but

Nathan: sorry, but I didn't want to nominate Corey or Liam. :(

Veto Competition

Lucky: In this veto, you will be asked a question about this season. If you get it right, you get a point. At the end, the one with most points wins. Question #1: Who won the first HOH challenge?

Liam: Cher

Corey: Cher :D

Daniel:........ CHER .... I geuss

Lucky: Liam gets a point. Question #2: Who won the duo POV?

Corey: Me And Raven :P

Selena: Raven and Corey

Lucky: Corey gets a point. Question #3: Who won immunity for two weeks in the competition?

Corey: Raven

Lucky: Corey has another point which means he needs three more points to win. #4: Who got evicted on Day 4?

Selena: Jonathan

Corey: Johnathen

Lucky: Selena has a point. #5: Who were nominated for eviction when Desiree was ejected?

Corey: Spongebob And Johnathen

Selena: Spongebob and JonathAn

Lucky: Corey needs two more points to win. #6: Which houseguest returned to the game?

Selena: Lady Marlamlade

Corey: Lady Marmalade

Current Score:

Corey - 3

Selena - 2

Liam - 1

#7: Who won the most HOH's?

Selena: Liam

'Corey: Liam

Lucky: The score is tied. The tiebreaker question is... : Who was the first jury member?

Selena: Spongebob

Lucky: Congratulations, Selena. You have won the POV! Would like to use your power?

Selena: sure 

Lucky: There is a twist this week. Selena, since you are safe, you may choose the new nominee instead of Nathan. Either Corey or Liam.

Selena: i want nominee Corey

Eviction Ceremony

Lucky: Selena and Liam may vote for either Daniel or Corey in the confessionals.

Selena (CONF) i vote to Evict Corey

Liam:(CONF) I vote to evict Daniel... sorry

Lucky: Okay, tiebreaker... Um.... Usually the HOH evicts somebody, but lets have a friendly competition.

Tiebreaker Challenge

Lucky: Corey and Daniel must spell the longest word they know. The word with the most letters will keep that person safe and will evict the loser. Write the words below.

Daniel: Representatives

Corey: schizophrenia

Lucky: Daniel's word is longer so he is safe, but Corey, I'm sorry to say you have been evicted, but you are the fifth jury member!

Selena: YUPYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!! you are great Daniel

Lucky: Good night, Houseguests! The final four will bring great surprises...

Daniel: Winning Isn't everything... So I quit So Selena can he'd to the finals

Selena: *Faints*

Lucky: Okay, that's shocking! Now only three remain, I guess... *talking to himself* What are my agents gonna say about this?

Day 9

Living Room

Lucky: Hello, final three! First off, congratulations, and second, there will be three parts to today's HOH challenge. The HOH will evict one houseguest and take the other one with them to the finale.



Liam's Room

Selena's Room

Nathan's Room

HOH Challenge - Part 1

Lucky: This is how the three parts of the HOH challenge will work... In part 1, you will all play against each other. The two losers play in part 2 and the winner of the loser game will play the winner of the first game for the final HOH! To win the first part, you must dig through a pie (3 lines per pie) and for the final fourth pie after you dig through it, you must grab the key (1 line). The final HOH challenge begins now!

Liam: *Dig* (1)

Nathan: *Dig* (1)

Liam: *Dig* (2)

Nathan: *dig* (2)

Liam: *Dig* (3)

Nathan: *dig* (3)

Liam and Nathan completed their first pie.

Liam: *Digs(1)

Nathan: *digs* (1)

Liam: *Digs* (2)

Nathan: *digs* (2)

Liam: *Digs* (3)

Nathan: *digs* (3)

Liam and Nathan completed their second pie.

Nathan: *digs* (1)

Liam: *Digs* (1)

Nathan: *digs* (2)

Liam: *Digs* (2)

Nathan: *digs* (3)

Liam: *Digs* (3)

Liam and Nathan completed their third pie.

Nathan: *digs* (1)

Liam: * Digs* (1)

Nathan: *digs* (2)

Liam: * Digs* (2)

Nathan: *digs* (3)

Liam: Digs (3)

Nathan: *grabs key* (4)

Liam: Congrats

Nathan: Thank you.

Lucky: Congratulations, Nathan! You won the first part of the HOH which means you'll be competing in third part for the ultimate power!

HOH Challenge - Part 2

Lucky: For the second part, only Liam and Selena can compete. You must choose your favorite TDWT song and post the link next to your name. The person with the better song judged by me will play against Nathan in part three.

Liam's Song:

Lucky: Because Selena hasn't posted for a while, Liam has automatically won!

HOH Challenge - Part 3

Lucky: In part 3, only Nathan and Liam can compete. You must answer questions about the jury. Question #1: This jury member quit the game so his girlfriend can go to the final three.

Nathan: Daniel!

Lucky: Correct! Question #2: This jury member has the name of a bird.

Nathan: My friend, Raven!

Liam: Raven

Lucky: Nathan has two points. Question #3: This jury member re-entered the house.

Liam: Lady Marmalade

Lucky: Liam gets a point. Question #4: This person is the first jury member.

Liam: Spongebob

Lucky: #5: This jury member got evicted on Day 8.

Liam: Corey or Daniel

Lucky: The answer was Corey. Nobody gets a point. Whoever answers this question is the new HOH. #6: This jury member got evicted on a free vote.

Nathan: Sharkey

Liam: Cool.... Congrats you still beat me :D

Lucky: Congratulations, Nathan! You win the final HOH which means you are the first houseguest going to the final jury vote!

Eviction Ceremony

Lucky: Nathan, who do you choose to evict?

Liam: Intense....... D:

Nathan: I evict.......Selena. Liam has been a nice friend, alliance member, and competitor, and I feel that Daniel is the main reason Selena's made it this far. This was a really tough choice, I hope that you both understand.

Lucky: I'm sorry Selena, you are the final person evicted from the Big Family house and you are the final jury member. And congratulations Nathan and Liam, you are the final two! The jury will vote for which one of you should win Big Family tomorrow.

Nathan: I hope everyone doesn't hate me for evicting Selena...

Liam: No one could hate you.... your the coolest in The Contest...Duh.. you deserve this.. Hey we are both Tech Geeks and we are the Finalists

Lucky: We'll find out tomorrow on Big Family! Good night Houseguests!

Selena: i wasn't at home D: I'm happy that i arrived at least third ... .................................but ................................ of course I will vote for the final Liam ...sorry Nathan...

Day 10 - Finale

Final Two Chat

Lucky: Congratulations, Nathan and Liam, you have made it to the final two! You may chat here until the jury vote.

Liam: This is Awesome, Nathan.... I'm Glad I'm Against You In The Final 2

Nathan: This is going to be a good last day.

Liam: Yeah!

Jury House Chat

Lucky: Hello, SpongeBob, Sharky, Raven, Lady Marmalade, Corey, Daniel, and Selena! You are the Big Family Jury Members. Prepare any questions you would like to ask the finalists because the vote will begin soon.

Corey: Okay Dokay

Selena: Ok

Daniel: Selena!! :D

Corey: Althogh Sad i lost, i'm glad i'm not falling out of the top bunk again?

Jury Finale

Lucky: Okay, jury members! Is there any questions you would like to ask the finalists? Once the questions are asked, Liam and Nathan, you have permission to answer them however you would like! Please also say who the question is for.

Corey: Uh... Okay so Who Was The Least Hard to see go...

Lucky: Who is this question for?

Corey: Both of them!

Nathan: I'd have to say Desiree. After her rage, it was pretty easy to see her ejected.

Lucky: Oh, look! I have Desiree on the screen.

Desiree: (on large screen) *screams and kicks* Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! F*** you Nathan!

Lucky: Good bye Desiree! *hangs up*

Liam: Um... Probably Zero.... Never knew him... or Talked... we even shared a room but no talking and he was eliminated first

Lucky: Any more questions

Corey: Yes (to both) Who Was The Nicest On The Show?

Liam: Daniel... He Quit, Protected and was Most Polite all for Selena and getting her to the Final 3

Nathan: I'd have to agree with Liam. Daniel was definently the nicest.

Daniel: Aww... Thanks Liam and Nathan And I have a qustion

Daniel: Who do you think would be the cutest couple not counting me and selana

Nathan:Desiree and Drew.

Liam: Corey and CHER .... so cute

Corey: O.O Uh... Fine, Who Did You Expect to Win at the start?

Nathan: Probably Cher, considering she won the first challenge.

Liam: I always expected Nathan to win

Lucky: Last question!

Corey: Who Was The Most Annoying?

Nathan: Hands down, Desiree. Rants and horrible behaviour don't earn a spot in my friend list.

Liam: Desireee, Making so much noise.... me this ME that 

Final Jury Vote

Lucky: Okay, finalists! You have one last statement to make to prove you deserve to win Big Family! Liam, you are first.

Liam: What do I say, it wasn't the destination, it was the journey and I enjoyed every minute. I loved meeting Corey, Daniel, RAVEN, Cher, Lady Marmalade, Selena, Sharky, And Nathan! It was a great 10 days and I can't wait for next season!

Lucky: Nathan, it's your turn.

Nathan: This has been the best week and a half of my life, and I can't wait until next season. I've met some of the nicest people I know here, like Corey, Liam, Daniel, Raven, Lady Marmalade, Cher, Sharky, X, Spongebob, and even Drew. I've tried my best every step of the way until I made it this far. The finals. I hope that you remember the fun we had, and not just the winner, no matter if it is me or Liam.

Liam: Good Luck! :D

Nathan: You too! :D

Lucky: Selena, Daniel, Corey, Lady Marmalade, Raven, Sharky, and SpongeBob, you must now vote for the winner of Big Family!

Corey: Nathan

Daniel: Liam

Selena: Liam

SpongeBob: Liam

Sharky: Yay! Liam! :D

Raven: Liam

Lady Marmalade: Liam

Lucky: With a jury vote of 6-1, congratulations Liam, you have won Big Family and Nathan, you are the runner-up! Tomorrow, Big Family 2: Fans vs. Favorites will begin where eight of you will play ten major fans so we'll see what happens with that tomorrow! Everyone, this season of Big Family has finally concluded. Congratulations, Liam and good night everyone!