Lucky: Last summer we spent two seasons with contestants isolated in the Big Family house. Both Liam and Lily came out on top, but this time it is different with many twists and turns. Twenty new and returning contestants will join for the adventure of a lifetime! Welcome to Big Family: The Reincarnation!

Big Family: The Reincarnation
Big Family
Name Entry Exit      
Daniel Day 1  Day 15   
Corey Day 1  Day 15   
Liam Day 1  Day 14   
Mia Day 1  Day 13   
Dusk Day 1  Day 12   
Luna Day 1  Day 12   
Amber Day 1  Day 11   
Nathan Day 1  Day 10   
Trey Day 1  Day 10   
Chandler Day 1  Day 9   
Mickey Day 1  Day 8   
Aaron Day 1  Day 8   
Glyce Day 1  Day 8   
Drew Day 1  Day 7   
Athena Day 1  Day 6   
Johnny Day 1  Day 5   
Desiree Day 1  Day 4   
Karl Day 1  Day 4   
Miz Day 1  Day 3   
Kane Day 1  Day 2   
Head of Household
Jury Member
VETO - Power of Veto Holder


  1. Daniel - The Nice Guy - NanoPower512 Winner - Day 15
  2. Corey - The Cool Kid Wannabe - Conker511 Runner-up - Day 15
  3. Liam - The Sarcastic Type - NanoPower512 Evicted - Day 14
  4. Mia- The Fanfiction Author- Boomerangfish Evicted - Day 13
  5. Dusk - The calm meditator - Dawntdrotifan Evicted - Day 12
  6. Luna - The next (lesbian) Heather - Loenev Evicted - Day 12
  7. Amber - The Dumb Princess -Loenev Auto-Evicted - Day 11
  8. Nathan- The Video Game Addict- Boomerangfish Evicted - Day 10
  9. Trey - The Film Maker Kid - Conker511 Won Final Attic Duel - Day 8 / Evicted - Day 10
  10. Chandler- The Heroic Friend-ACTN Ejected - Day 9
  11. Mickey- The Talented One- ACTN Evicted - Day 8
  12. Aaron - The Animals Rights Fanatic - TrentFan Lost Final Attic Duel - Day 8
  13. Glyce - The Planner for the Future - TrentFan Lost Final Attic Duel - Day 8
  14. Drew - The Athlete - Luckybrandon100 Lost Attic Duel 6 - Day 7
  15. Athena, the Scene Chick - Royal SeaGod Lost Attic Duel 5 - Day 6
  16. Johnny - The Badass Dude - BlazeHead 51 Lost Attic Duel 4 - Day 5
  17. Desiree - The Hot Chick - Luckybrandon100 Lost Attic Duel 3 - Day 4
  18. Karl - The Complaining Guy - BlazeHead 51 Lost Attic Duel 3 - Day 4
  19. Miz- The Reality Superstar- RR44 Lost Attic Duel 2 - Day 3
  20. Kane- The Monster- RR44 Lost Attic Duel 1 - Day 2


Lucky: Talk with the other Houseguests before you enter the house!

​ Liam: I can't believe I'm back again :) After Winning the first season and being technically third out last season I'm back!

Daniel: At least you were in last season, I wasn't a favourite :(

Lucky: I wonder why...

​Daniel: D: what's that.supposed to mean? :(

Dusk: hello im dusk i hope i can be freinds with you guys ive never been in big family before

Athena; Hey everyone. -puts up two fingers, symbolizing the "peace" sign-

Dusk : i know peace you look nice

Miz: Sup Mizfits?

Kane: ............

Nathan: Hey everyone! Its great to be back... again.

Mia: Hey everyone, its great to be here!

Liam: Nathan, Corey, Remember Season 1? THAT WAS AWESOME! and this season is BIGGER! 

Daniel: I'm Scared..... I'M GOING TO BE OUT FIRST D:! And I didn't have any friends in season 1, no one noticed me untill I quit final 4! AND WITH MORE PEOPLE I'LL BE KILLED AND.....AAHHH!

Day 1

Living Room

Lucky: Hello, everyone and welcome to the Big Family house! You will spend fifteen days here and last one standing wins. This season will be different, but that twist will be revealed at the first eviction ceremony which begins right about now!



HOH Bedroom

Bedroom A

Bedroom B

Bedroom C

Bedroom D


Eviction Ceremony

Lucky: The twist this season is called The Reincarnation. When you get evicted, you are not out of this game. There is a new room called the Attic where the evicted Houseguests will stay. You will compete in challenges and the loser gets officially evicted. The last person standing in the attic will return to the game. To start this season off, you will vote off two Houseguests that will immediately be sent to the Attic.

Desiree: Anybody who has the name Karl needs to go and anyone who has a name like Kane needs to go.

Drew: Whatever Des says goes. Bye Karl and Kane!

Daniel: I wasn't very..... Talkative to You two, Drew and Desiree so to apologize I'll vote Karl and..... Kane.... VOTING ALREADY, THIS IS TOO HARD D:

Liam: Might as well go for the majority of the votes because what I say won't change nothing, Karl and Kane *sigh*

Amber: I vote for Karl and Kane.

Luna: Me tooooo ! Karl and Kane.

Mia: Oviously Karl and Kane. You can't go against the majority...

Nathan: Karl and Kane I guess.

Liam: Nathan, Sup, Haven't seen you in a while!

Nathan: Its been a while since season two, hasn't it?

Liam: Yep, It was cool when we were final 2

Lucky: Karl and Kane are the first two Houseguests traveling to the Attic. Tomorrow the challenges will all begin. Good night Houseguests!

Dusk : good night mr. uh ....... person and sweet dreams to you all

Nathan: Hey, uh... hosty voice, how much did it cost to have The Attic installed?

Lucky: Not much. We've always had it. The producers said we needed to use all our space.

Day 2

Living Room

Lucky: Good morning Houseguests! Ready for some challenges? I know, I am!



HOH Bedroom

Bedroom A

Bedroom B

Bedroom C

Bedroom D


Lucky: Hello Karl and Kane! To start you guys off easy, the first person to say "I will return", will move on while the other person will officially be eliminated.

Lucky: Because both of you are too lazy to do any challenge, I randomly selected the winner and the person getting eliminated. The winner of the challenge is............... Karl! I'm sorry Kane, but you have been officially evicted from the Big Family house.

HOH Challenge

Lucky: For your first HOH challenge, you will have to answer trivia about season two. Pretty simple! Question #1: Who won season two of Big Family? The first six to answer correctly move on to round two.

Amber: Lily wins.

Luna: Lily wins.

Liam: I WON the first so I MUST know who won number 2, it's Lily

Daniel: Lily!! I was rooting for Selena but oh well

Desiree: Lily, duh!

Drew: Ummm... Lily

Lucky: Amber, Luna, Daniel, Liam, Desirre, and Drew move on! Question #2: Who got eliminated first in season two? The first four to correctly answer move on.

Amber: Matthew

Luna: Matthew

Daniel: Mathew

Liam: Mathew

Lucky: Amber, Luna, Daniel, and Matthew move on. Question #3: Who was the first jury member in season two? The first two to correctly answer move on.

Amber: Lady Marmalade

Luna: Lady Marmalade

Daniel: You two talk to much, But Yes Lady Marmalade

Lucky: Amber and Luna move on. Final Question: What user is the host? The first person to answer wins.

Daniel: Lucky! (WHY NOT :D)

Luna: Lucky (luckybrandon100)

Amber: Oh. she wins.

Lucky: Congratulations Luna! You are the first HOH!

​Daniel: Congrats Luna :)

Luna: Thanks! You do it great, to. (CONF) This feeling, feels so nice. I'm happy i win this challenge.


Lucky: Which two Houseguests do you nominate for eviction?

Luna: Nathan and Mia.

Lucky: Competing for the veto are, Luna, Nathan, Mia, Daniel, Drew, and Trey. You guys may chat here until the veto competition.

Liam: Nathan, I hope your not elimanated

Luna: Veto competition.. sounds new for me.

Daniel: You compete to take someone off the nomination list, or to stop others from changing, if used mine on Nathan, You'd have to nominate someone else else instead and those nominees would be up for elimination.... or attic? Anyway You win POV (power of veto) by winning this next competition

Luna: Sounds difficult. But thanks for the info!

Daniel: Its easy, Did you know Liam Has won the most veto's in season 1? And Lily season 2? And, Coincidently, Those two won their respected seasons!

Dusk : wow ive never been here so i barely know any of the contestants im sorry for not competing in this challenge

(Boomerangfish: Sorry I didn't compete in the challenge)

Nathan: Well, this stinks, two days into season three and I'm already up for elimination.

Mia: Stop complaining! I'm tired of hearing this! Your just making it harder to focus!

Athena: (Diary Room: I'm happy I wasn't nominated, I just need to keep hoping I am safe.)

Dusk : ooooo i wonder whos gonna win the veto competition

Athena: -applying black nail polish- Hey, Dusk. I like your name, it's so...dark. I like that. -side smiles-

Dusk : um thank you your name is cool too

Athena: So, what do you? Outside the house, I mean. (DR: I think I should get Dusk into joining an alliance with me. I need protection, and so does he. We could easily make it to the finale.)

Dusk : i sell my art to people and give it to animal shelters and i like to meditate and i go help this nature orginization my sister owns it Dawn

Athena: Oh, that', I guess. So, tell me about your sister. How's she like?

Dusk : she was on total drama revenge of the island shes nice and kind were twins she loves animals and nature the only difference is that i love art shes more of a book worm

Athena: Wow, do you get along with her? -blowing on nails to dry them-

Dusk : yeah we both auditioned for tdroti but only she made it in but thats ok

Athena: So...-whispers- Do you wanna be in an alliance?

Dusk : *whispers* sure but first tell me what you like to do

Athena: -whispers back- What do you mean? 

Dusk : I mean like what do you do out of the house do you have a job or anything you like to do

Athena: -whispering- Ohhh, I'm a tattoo artist! 

Dusk : cool do you have any other hobbys

Athena: -stops whispering- Yeah. I draw. I play the clarinet. And I'm in college to become a professional tattoo artist.

Trey: And I make movies*buts in*

Dusk : cool i make animations thats what im going to be after i finish college i love to draw uh and make movies

Trey: :D Wow so great, did you know Daniel is the least talked about character

Dusk : then lets talk about him uhhhhhhh hes very nice what do you think Athena

Trey: I think he's nice too (Conf) she is SO nice,*eyes turn to hearts *

Veto Competition

(Boomerangfish- Sorry, I won't be able to compete. I will be @ a family thing)

Lucky: For the first veto, you must find two puzzle pieces (3 lines). You then have to put the puzzle together. (3 lines) Once you finished the puzzle, grab the veto medallion (1 line).

Luna: *finds puzzle pieces*

Corey:*finds puzzle piece*

Luna: *finds puzzle pieces*

Daniel: *finds puzzle pieces*

Luna: *finds puzzle pieces*

Daniel: *finds Puzzle pieces*

Luna: *Put the puzzle together*

Daniel: *put the puzzle together 1*

Luna: *Put the puzzle together*

Corey: *Gets puzzle piece*

Daniel: *put the puzzle together 2*

Corey: *Puts Puzzle together*

Daniel: *puts Puzzle together 3*

Luna: *Put the puzzle together*

Daniel: *grabs medalion* YAY!

Luna: Congratz Daniel!

Lucky: Congratulations Daniel, you have won the Power of Veto!

Corey: lucky

Dusk : uh why was the challenge so early darn

Veto Ceremony

Lucky: Daniel, do you wish to use your power?

Corey: Use it on Nathan :D

Lucky: Luna, because Daniel vetoed Nathan, you must choose a replacement nominee.

Luna: Ehm Miz or something ..  

Daniel: No I didnt! Well, I do but that was Corey *slaps Corey* now don't do that again!

Lucky: Excuse me?

Daniel: When I didn't say Nathan and Corey did, you accepted that, yes I was going to say Nathan anyway but that's cheating Lucky!...... unless your blind, Are you blind? If so SORRY!

Lucky: Oh I apologize... You still want Nathan?

Daniel: I'll let you off for being so nice! Anyway, I'll keep it one Nathan!

Eviction Ceremony

Lucky: Mia and Miz have been nominated for eviction. You must choose to evict one of them. Luna and the nominees cannot vote, but everyone else can.

Dusk : i dont know maybe ....................................................miz?

Amber: So can i vote to?

Trey: Miz

Corey: Mia, no miz

Amber: I don't know her but i vote for Miz.

Desiree: F*** you Mia.

Drew: I guess that means bye Mia.

Chandler: Mia

Mickey: Sorry Mia.

Daniel: Miz! 

Liam: Eh.... I don't care, my opinion won't count anyway so I guess Miz?

Lucky: By a 6-4 vote Miz has been evicted from the Big Family and will be sent to the Attic. Goodnight Houseguests and see you all tomorrow! *evil laugh*

Dusk : good niht talking voice thingy

Trey: Hey Dusk, (CONF) Man I think I like her, But she has an alliance so my... uh hehe... can't make it through.(END CONF) What's up

Day 3

Living Room

Lucky: Good morning Houseguests! Today is the very special DUO DAY!

The Duos:

Aaron and Trey

Amber and Nathan

Athena and Mickey

Chandler and Mia

Corey and Luna

Daniel and Liam

Desiree and Johnny

Drew and Glyce

and congratulations Dusk, you are immune, but you cannot compete in any challenges!



HOH Bedroom

Bedroom A

Bedroom B

Bedroom C

Bedroom D


Lucky: Karl and Miz, for the second Attic battle, you must jump out of the window (3 lines) and climb back up (5 lines). The first person to climb back up will stay in the Attic and the loser will officially be eliminated.

Lucky: Before we grow old please...

Lucky: A new twist will start tomorrow for the Attic since people are not doing the challenges. Anyway, the random winner is........... Karl! Miz, you are officially eliminated.

HOH Challenge

Lucky: In this HOH challenge, we will be playing a Big Family fan-favorite, Big Family Platform Push. You must push everyone off the platform (3 lines per person). The last person standing becomes the new HOH for themselves and their duo! Being immune, Dusk cannot participate.

​Daniel: *Pushes Mia*

Liam: *Pushes Mia*

Trey: *pushes Daniel*

Corey:*pushes Daniel *

Daniel: ow.... *Pushes Mia off*

Liam: *Pushes Corey*

Corey:*pushes Daniel * Don't slap me :(

Trey:*pushes Liam*

Liam: *Pushes Corey* Why attack me just because I attacked Corey? That's being a suck up

Trey: *pushes liam* U my favorites

Corey: *pushes liam *

Nathan: *pushes Chandler*

Desiree: *pushes Chandler*

Drew: *pushes Chandler*

Lucky: Mia, Daniel, Liam, and Chandler are out!

Corey: hey Nathan

Trey: for dusk * pushes drew*

Johnny: (shrugs and pushes Trey)

Corey: *pushes drew*

Trey: *pushes drew off*

Nathan: *pushes Desiree*

Lucky: The only people that remain are Corey, Trey, Desiree, Nathan, and Johnny.

Desiree: *pushes Johnny*

Nathan: *Pushes Desiree*

Desiree: *pushes Trey*

Lucky: Because everybody is a wimp, *pushes a button making everybody fall off the platform* I randomly chose the new HOHs (using Congratulations Daniel and Liam!


Lucky: Daniel and Liam, which two duos do you nominate for eviction?

​Daniel: This time, ITS ME THAT SAYS IT xD Not anyone else! Anyway, Drew' s group and Desiree' s groups respectively

Liam: Eh, okay YEAH *wasn't listening*

Lucky: Respectively... How sweet!

Dusk : im sad i couldnt compete in the challenge

Veto Competition

Lucky: In this veto challenge, you must break open and piggy bank (1 line) and find a coin (1 lines). At 6EST tonight, the duo with the most coins wins the veto!

​Daniel: *breaks open a piggy bank*

Liam: *finds coin 1* (this is surprisingly easy -.-)

Desiree: *breaks open*

Drew: *breaks open*

Nathan: *Breaks Open*

Daniel: *finds coin 2* 

Liam: *finds coin 3*

Mia: *Breaks open*

Liam: *finds coin 4*

Daniel: *finds coin 5*

Nathan: *Finds Coin One*

Mia: *Finds Coin One*

Dusk : Come on lets go athena you to trey (CONF)I think athena and trey are my best freinds

Lucky: Daniel and Liam once again win the Power of Veto!

Johnny: whatever...(breaks open)

Veto Ceremony

Lucky: Daniel and Liam! would you like to use the veto?

​Daniel: No thank you

Eviction Ceremony

Lucky: Desiree and Johnny and Drew and Glyce are nominated for an eviction. Please vote for a duo. Daniel Liam, Dusk, and the nominees cannot vote, but everyone else can.

Johnny: if me and Desiree get voted out then i'll fully understand, it's my own fault i didn't do anything in those challenges, just saying...

Lucky: You guys are so lazy today... Gosh! Well, I guess I have to randomly do this too. The duo that will be sent to the attic is.......... Desiree and Johnny. Drew and Glyce, that means you are safe for another day. Tomorrow we are making Big Family history having a brand new special day and a new twist that will be permanent in the Attic. Good night Houseguests, if you aren't lazy enough. Man!

Dusk : good nigt speaky thingy

Trey: Hi dusk * starts recording her* your my new movie star... :D

Day 4

Living Room

Lucky: Good morning Houseguests! Today is Half n' Half Day! Half of you will be sent out of the house unable to compete in challenges or be evicted. There will be 8 of you staying here which makes your chances of being evicted greater. The people that will be leaving for the day are Amber, Chandler, Daniel, Dusk, Liam, Mia, and Nathan. For the Houseguests that are here, there is a new twist in the Attic. Make sure to go up and check it out. Have a nice day Houseguests!

Outside of the House

Daniel: I don't know whether to be happy that I won't be elimanated today, but sad I can't compete today

Liam: *sarcastically* Oh...No.. We can't compete! -.- *pulls out a game console*

Nathan: *Whispering* Hey Daniel, Liam, want to form an alliance with us and Corey?

Liam: *whispers* We got far first season with that strategy, yes

Daniel: *whispers* Um.... Ok..... But I haven't been in an alliance before.... all I did was help Selena



HOH Bedroom

Bedroom A

Bedroom B

Bedroom C

Bedroom D


Lucky: There is a new twist this season because not everyone is doing these challenges. The people in the house will now be representing the evicted Houseguests. Our evictees Desiree, Karl, and Johnny will not be playing. Corey will be representing Desiree, Luna will be representing Karl, and Trey will be representing Johnny. That means only Corey, Karl, and Trey will be competing. Now to the challenge! You must grab a puzzle piece (1 line), put it through a maze (5 lines), and place it on top (1 line) five times. You will grab five puzzle pieces. You will put it through the maze five time and you will place it on top five times. Everybody, ready? Good luck!

Trey: FOR DUSK * pushes Karl and Corey while I grab a puzzle piece*

Corey: Jeez *gets up and grabs a puzzle piece*

Luna: *grabs a puzzle piece*

Lucky: As the Houseguests get a move on this challenge*

Luna: *put it trough a maze*

Karl: wait, am i playing or am i spectating?

Lucky: Luna got the farthest in the puzzle representing Johnny. I'm sorry but Desiree and Karl, you have both been offcially evicted.

Johnny: phew, i owe you one there Luna, thanks.

Trey: I represent johnny, but can you still have him in because I hate Desiree and Karl.

HOH Challenge

Lucky: For today's HOH challenge, you all will describe the best moment in the game so far. The best description judged by me will become HOH! (Remember only 8 of you are doing this challenge.)

Luna: The best moment of this game ... When I win the veto challenge! It was so nice, i feel my self as a hero! I love that moment.

Amber: The best moment are the begin of this game. It's a lovely family.

Lucky: Congratulations, Luna. For the second time, you have won HOH!


Lucky: Luna, which two Houseguests do you nominate for eviction? You don't have such a vast choice.

Luna: Dusk and Athena

Lucky: Oooo... Very interesting. I just realized that Dusk isn't here. You must nominate somebody else.

Luna: Chandler ?

Lucky: He's gone too. Look at the table. If there is gray for Day 4, they are not here.

Luna: Corey.

Veto Competition

Lucky: For today's veto, you must shoot Nerf bullets at each other. It takes one line to shoot someone. If you are shot at, you are out. The last person standing wins the veto.

Luna: *shoots bullets at Aaron*

Lucky: Amber is not here. Aaron is out.

Drew: *shoots Corey*

Lucky: Corey is out.

Luna: *shoots Drew*

Lucky: Five remain. Drew is out.

Luna: *shoots Mickey*

Lucky: Mickey is out.

Luna: *shoots Glyce*

Lucky: Glyce is out. Trey, Luna, and Athena remain.

Luna: *shoots Athena*

Trey: bye * shoots luna*

Lucky: Athena and Luna are out. Congratulations Trey, you have won the veto!

Veto Ceremony

Lucky: Trey, would you like to use your power?

Trey: duh and I use it on Corey

Lucky: Luna! who do you nominate as a replacement?

Luna: I think i will nominate ... Drew.

Eviction Ceremony

Lucky: Only Aaron, Mickey, Glyce, and Trey are allowed to vote to evict eiether Drew or Athena.

Dusk : hey guys i had to go to a emergancy animal rescue(Can the next challenge be AT 4.30

Lucky: Cause you're all inactive, I had to it AGAIN! And the evicted person that will be sent to the Attic is........ Drew. Athena, you are safe. Good night Houseguests! A regular day is planned for tomorrow.

Dusk : good night speacky ting

Trey: Hey dusk, wuts up (p.s. is dusk a girl or a boy )

Dusk :(girl  but in the other one hes a boy )

Day 5

Living Room

Lucky: Good morning Houeguests! We have some exciting competitions so get ready!



HOH Bedroom

Bedroom A

Bedroom B

Bedroom C

Bedroom D


Lucky: So who's in the attic today? Oooo... Drew and Johnny. So let's see... Liam represents Drew and Nathan represents Johnny. For today's duel, you have to place a domino (1 line), balance it on a platform (2 lines), and knock it over to break a plate (1 line). The first person to do so helps the person they are representing by moving them on to the next level. Ready... Set... DOMINO!

​Liam: I don't really like Drew.... we never talk... -.- *places domino*

Nathan: I don't really know Johnny. *places domino*

Liam: *balance it on platform* Eh, And me and Daniel agree to that alliance!

Nathan: *Balaces it on a platform* These must be some fragile plates...

Liam: *balances it on a platform 2* Wow.... Such an original challenge -.- and we'll break it anyway

Nathan: *balances it on a platform again* Or is this domino superpowered?

Liam: *knocks over to break plate* .... I guess not.... and I win :(

Lucky: Drew stays and Johnny goes!

HOH Challenge

Lucky: In this challenge, you have to influence me about a camp here on TDI Camps Wiki I should join. Include the title, host, main idea, and anything else that will help your persuasion. The best persuasion wins HOH.

​Liam: Well, I think there are no camps for you, deep down, your a host at heart who makes camps others suffer, not to suffer yourself, and there isn't any camps currently open that isn't yours or you haven't signed up for, Your own camps are good enough and supply a HUGE amount of contestants to participate, your camps have a natural flow that touches people, and that's why we all signed up, so please, don't sign up for camps that are bad or not open, continue this one untill the winner, and then you'll see.... there will be a camp just right for you :)

Daniel: Total Intern Drama because your cool like that, and who's a better host than you, and you know the idea already

Corey: Well This camp is great and the host could be a little more devious, but All camps are great, even if their inactive so just pick one you seem to like and hope it works out.

Trey: Just WING IT! :D

Lucky: BRAVO LIAM! Bravo!


Lucky: Liam, who do you nominate for eviction?

​Liam: Athena and Glyce, the two never do anything :)

Veto Competition

Lucky: For the veto, we are bringing a back a Big Family favorite, climb the rope (5 lines) and ring the bell (1 line).

Liam: *climbs the rope (1)*

Luna: *cilmbs the rope*

Liam: *climbs rope 2*

Luna: *cilmbs the rope*

Liam: *climbs rope 3*

Luna: *cilmbs the rope*

Liam: *climbs rope 4*

Luna: *cilmbs the rope*

Liam: *climbs rope 5* almost there

Daniel: *climbs rope 1*

Lucky: The contestants are in the final stretch.

Daniel: *climbs 2*

Liam: *rings bell*

Lucky: And Liam wins the veto.

Veto Ceremony

Lucky: Do you wanna use the veto, Liam?

Liam: Nope :) and I'm noticing your recycling challanges

Eviction Ceremony

Lucky: Athena and Glyce have been nominated for eviction. You may vote for one of them. The HOH or the two nominees cannot vote.

Luna: *votes for Athena*

Amber: *votes for Athena*

Liam: *votes Athena*

Daniel: *votes Athena*

Mia: *Votes for Athlena*

Nathan: *Votes for Athlena*

Dusk :*votes glyce*

Trey: GLYCE! Oops I'm not in confessional (Conf) glyce * facepalm*

Corey: *votes for glyce*

Lucky: In a 5-3 vote, Athena has been evicted from the Big Family house and will be sent to the Attic. Goodnight houseguests!

Day 6

Living Room

Lucky: Happy Halloween Houseguests! Because it is a special holiday, there will be no challenges except for an Attic duel. There will just be a free vote. *evil laughs*



HOH Bedroom

Bedroom A

Bedroom B

Bedroom C

Bedroom D


Lucky: For today's haunted attic duel, we will have Mia representing Athena and Liam again representing Drew. You will have to grab bags of puzzle pieces (4 lines) and then put the pumpkin puzzle together. (3 lines) Ghoul luck! Hahaha! Amazing hosts like me have the power to do that... what? Just go!

​Liam : AGAIN!? *grabs a bag of puzzle pieces*

Trey: Can I Do the challenge for Mia?

Liam: No!! *grabs a bag of puzzle pieces 2*

Lucky: Liam won the challenge, Drew moves on. That also means Liam gets to compete again for Drew! Athena is officially eliminated.

Eviction Ceremony

Lucky: Anybody can vote for whoever they want... I really don't care.

Luna: Dusk. *votes for her*

Amber: *votes for Dusk*

Dusk :*votes amber*

Trey: * Votes for Aaron *

Corey: *votes for Aaron *

Liam: Um.... Aaron *votes Aaron* at least Dusk Tries

Daniel: Oouhhhhhhhhhhhhhh............ Aaron?

Nathan: Aaron doesn't even DO anything! *Votes for Aaron*

Mia: *Votes Aaron* Do I even need to explain this?!

Lucky: In a 6-2-1 vote Aaron will be sent to the attic. Only two attic duels remain and a double elimination in store tomorrow. What can possibly happen next? Good night Houseguests!

Day 7

Living Room

Lucky: Happy November which means Happy Double Eviction Day! We have a who deserves challenge and a quotes contest... Yeah, I know, Liam... They're recycled from season one so get off my tail you little rat! *changes mad face to a smile* HAVE FUN TODAY!



HOH Bedroom

Bedroom A

Bedroom B

Bedroom C

Bedroom D


Lucky: After today one more duel remains, this is the final challenge where people will be represented. Tomorrow, in the final duel, it is their job to do the challenge. Anyway, Liam because your my favorite Houseguests in the whole wide world, you get to represent Drew AGAIN and Trey, since you're so excited for I don't know what, you can represent Aaron. The challenge! Pull three puzzle pieces (three lines) and put together a slide puzzle (4 lines). Go, you two!

​Liam: I'm your favourite -.-? * *pulls one puzzle PEICE* 

Trey: *pulls one puzzle piece *

Lucky: It's called sarcasm Liam...

Trey: *pulls 2nd puzzle piece*

Liam: I know what Sarcasm is, it's my personality, I was joking! *pulls 2nd puzzle piece*

Trey: *pulls final\ 3rd puzzle piece*

Liam: Oh well, bye Drew! I can't win forever! :) *Pulls last PEICE*

Trey: GG *Puts togetherslide puzzle 1*

Liam: *yawn* why are the challanges like preschool games in the attic? * puts together*

Trey: IKR *puts piece together 2*

Liam: Don't use text language please *puts together*

Trey: Ok, your my 2nd favorite bf character, 1 is Raven *puts puzzle together 3*

Liam: I miss raven :| *puts together*

Trey: *puts puzzle together 4/ AKA Finishes*

Liam: Congrats!

Lucky: Aaron moves on to the final duel while Drew is officially eliminated!

HOH Challenge

Lucky: Who do you think deserves to win HOH? Vote for anybody but yourself that you think should win HOH. The person with the most votes at the end wins HOH!

Daniel: Why would I vote Me? I OBVIOUSLY vote Nathan!

Liam: Huh? Eh, Trey?

Corey: I vote Nathan, + can we alliance Nathan

Trey: Dusk

Dusk :trey i dont deserve it i gouldnt do any of the challenges

Nathan: *whispering to Corey* Oh yeah I forgot to tell you, you're in *ceases whispering* I'll vote Liam

Mia: I'll vote for, um, Trey I guess

Amber: I vote for Liam!

Luna: Yeah, i vote for Liam to!

Liam: O: Thank You! I didn't think I would be nominated by anyone :) *hugs Amber, Luna and Nathan, kind of out of character*

Lucky: Liam and Nathan both got three votes. I random.orged and Nathan wins HOH!

​Daniel: Lucky, Who voted for Nathan other than me?


Lucky: There is no nomination ceremony today. The three random nominees are Trey, Glyce, and Liam. Good luck!

Veto Competition

Lucky: In this veto, you must remember quotes. The person with the most points after five questions win the veto. Question #1: Who said "At least you were in last season, I wasn't a favorite :("?

Nathan: Daniel

Liam: Daniel, AHH I'M UP!

Trey: Daniel

Corey: Daniel

Lucky: Nathan, Liam, Trey, and Corey get a point. #2: Who said "I'm your favorite?"

Nathan: Liam

Liam: Me! During the attic

Daniel: Liam?

Lucky: Nathan, Liam, and Daniel get a point. Who said "whatever. Des says, goes"?

Nathan: Drew. :)  

Liam: Drew? I think

Trey: Drew

Lucky: Nathan, Liam, and Trey get a point. Who said " No I didnt! Well, I do but that was Corey *slaps Corey* now don't do that again!"?

Liam: Daniel

Nathan: Daniel... I think?

Lucky: Liam and Nathan gets a point. Who said, "I'm the host."?

Nathan: Hosty Voice!

'Lucky: Nathan answered first so he wins veto.' 

Liam: Oh well, Congrats

Veto Ceremony

Nathan, would you like to use the power? If so, use it and make a rep nominee.

Nathan: I'll save Liam and replace him with Luna

Liam: THANK YOU!! :D

Eviction Ceremony

Lucky: Glyce, Luna, and, Trey have been nominated for eviction. You will only vote for one Houseguests. Nathan and the nominees cannot vote. The two Houseguests with the most votes will be the final Houseguests sent to the Attic and will compete against Aaron for a chance to return.


Mia: Glyce

Liam: Trey

Daniel: I HATE VOTING! Sorry, Trey!

Amber: Glyce, sorry.

Lucky: In a 3-2 vote, both Trey and Glyce have been eliminated and will be the final Houseguests being sent to the Attic this season. The final duel will begin tomorrow. Good night Houseguests!

Day 8

Living Room

Lucky: For the past seven days, the evicted Houseguests have been fighting for a chance to return in the Attic. Today, an evicted Houseguest will return. Will it be Aaron, Glyce, or Trey? We will all find out on this exciting day of Big Family: The Reincarnation!



HOH Bedroom

Bedroom A

Bedroom B

Bedroom C


Bedroom D


Lucky: It is what we have all been waiting for! THE FINAL ATTIC DUEL!!! Aaron, Glyce, and Trey will be competing for themselves in this duel. You will have to build a flag with your name on it (5 lines) and pull the lever to raise the flag (2 lines). The first person to do this will return to the game. Good luck and GO!

Trey: *builds flag * 1

Lucky: And Trey begins to build!

Trey: *builds flag 2*

Lucky: Trey finds the second piece to his flag.

Trey: *builds flag 3*

Lucky: Because the others aren't trying, congratulations Trey! You will be returning to the game!!

HOH Challenge

Lucky: For this special occasion, we will be doing a special fill-in-the-blanks challenge. I will judge each fill-in and the best one wins HOH!

If ___________ returns to the game, I will __________________________________.

​Liam: If Drew returns to the game, I will PERSONALLY flip out because I competed in 3 Duels to keep him in and lost the last one, He SHOULD be out for making me compete in extra challenges for NO reason! All it did was stall the inevitable! I'd personally punch him in the stomach and cry my self to sleep at night, for wasting unneeded energy

Daniel: If anyone comes back, I will bake them cookies :3

Corey: If raven comes back, I'd invite her into my room and have so much fun with my alli- friends :3 Plus I'd take some of Daniel's cookies :3

Luna: If Kane returns to the game, i will be crazy. He is the first guy who's voted out and its unfear he comes back.

Amber: If Desiree returns to the game, i will be happy for her. She is a really lovely girl and i want her back!


Liam - 4/10 : Thanks a lot for the lecture! *rolls eyes*

Daniel - 7/10 : Somebody is coming back today. I'll be expecting some cookies...

Corey - 9/10 : You are always great at this challenge because of your creative imagination

Luna - 6/10 : I know, right... Use a little more grammar that is correct.

Amber - 0/10 : You are retarded wanting Desiree to return...

Lucky: Congratulations Corey, you have won HOH!

​Daniel: *Runs into kitchen* AHHH! Cookies! :3


Lucky: Corey, which two Houseguests do you nominate for eviction?

Corey: Luna and Mickey, Luna tried to eliminate me and Mickey never does anything. I would say amber but I pity the retarded

Veto Competition

Lucky: In this veto, you must climb the mountain (5 lines) and roll down (3 lines). The first person to do so wins veto.

Luna: *climb the mountain*

Daniel: *climbs mountain*

Luna: *climb the mountain*

Corey: *climbs mountain*

Daniel: *climbs mountain 2*

Luna: *climb the mountain*

Corey: *climbs mountain *

Luna: *climb the mountain*

Corey:*climbs mountain*3

Luna: *climb the mountain*

Corey: *climbs mountain * 4

Luna: *roll down*

Corey: *climbs mountain *5

Luna: *roll down*

Corey:* rolls down*

Luna: *roll down finally* Yeah i have veto.

Liam: Congrats

Veto Ceremony

Lucky: Because Luna is obviously using the veto on herself, Corey you must nominate a replacement.

Corey: Chandler

Amber: *Almost faint* Thank you so much.

Eviction Ceremony

Lucky: Mickey and Chandler have been nominated for eviction. Corey or the nominees cannot vote.

Liam: (CONF) Mickey, it is random since neither do anything!

Daniel: (CONF) Mickey

Nathan: Sorry I didn't do anything... *Votes Mickey*

Mia: *Votes Chandler*

Amber: *Votes Mickey*

Luna:*Votes Mickey* I havent a choice.

Lucky: In a 5-1 vote, Mickey has been officially evicted. There is know more Attic... Now you need to be even safer... Oh and tomorrow the Attic winner, Trey, will return plus a new houseguest will debut. Good night Houseguests!

Dusk : ooohhhh can't wait to see trey

Day 9

Living Room

Lucky: Welcome back Trey! There will be no Debuter, false alarm... For now! We have memory challenges today...



HOH Bedroom

Bedroom A

Bedroom B

Bedroom C

Bedroom D

HOH Challenge

Lucky: The first person to correctly order the HOH challenges and describe the rules wins HOH.

Liam: Trivia; In this game we had to answer questions about previous season of Big Family, Big Family Platform Push; In this recycled event we had to be paired up and push everyone off and the last person left WON for their duo, Then We had describe the best moment in Big Family So far and the winner got HOH, Then we had to persuade you which CAMP you should join and include their host, idea and such, Then Voted who deserves HOH, Then we had to say what we would do if ____ came back, best answer won, and then this one where we put all HOH challanges in order, Day 1 and 6 we had none :)

Lucky: Congratulations, Liam! You have won HOH!


Lucky: Liam, who do you nominate for eviction?

Liam: Dusk and Chandler, neither compete in challanges

Veto Competition

Lucky: Same challenge as HOH, this time with the veto comps.

Luna: Trivia; In this game we had to answer questions about previous season of Big Family, Big Family Platform Push; In this recycled event we had to be paired up and push everyone off and the last person left WON for their duo, Then We had describe the best moment in Big Family So far and the winner got HOH, Then we had to persuade you which CAMP you should join and include their host, idea and such, Then Voted who deserves HOH, Then we had to say what we would do if ____ came back, best answer won, and then this one where we put all HOH challanges in order, Day 1 and 6 we had none :)

Nathan: Day one, there was no Veto. Day two, we had to peice together a medallion, day three, we had to break open a piggy bank and collect coins for our duo, day four, we had a nerf fight, last one standing won, day five we climbed a rope and rung the bell at the top, on day six there was no veto, on day seven we had a "who said that quote" contest, where we took a quiz on quotes said earlier this season. Day eight featured climbing a mountain and rolling a boulder down that mountain. On day nine, we listed all of the veto competiotions.

Liam: Luna just copied everything I said! That's kinda unfair for Nathan who dis it all by himself!

Lucky: It was veto anyway, Luna. Congrats Nathan you win!

Veto Ceremony

Lucky: Would you like to use the veto?

Nathan: Nope.

Eviction Ceremony

Lucky: Dusk and Chandler have been nominated for eviction. Liam and the nominees cannot vote.

Daniel: Um... Sorry but I pick Chandler

Nathan: Chandler doen't DO ANYTHING!

Mia: I don't like Dusk.

Amber: Dusk, cause you want me out of this game! And that hurts my feeling.

Luna: Dusk.

Lucky: Although Dusk would be evicted in a 3-2 vote, Chandler is going to be ejected for total inactiveness. These evictions are starting to get much harder by the looks of it. Only actives remain and if you are eliminated, from now on, you are in jury! Congratulations Houseguests, your welcome Dusk, and good night!

Day 10

Living Room

Lucky: This is the tenth day here in the Big Family house and things have just started to stir up. Today two people will be leaving and there will be a special twist at the eviction.



HOH Bedroom

Bedroom A

Bedroom B

Bedroom C

Bedroom D

Eviction Ceremony

Lucky: Who are being the nicest Houseguests in the house? Today you get to choose. You will all vote for two Houseguests that you trust. Those two will then vote to evict any Houseguest of their choice.

Dusk :trey and amber to prove that im sorry for voting her

Liam: Nathan and Trey

Daniel: Nathan and Trey defiantly

Lucky: Well that's too bad because in a 3-2-1 Trey and Nathan have been evicted. You guys just got tricked. When it says eviction ceremony, don't you think you're evicting someone. With four days remaining, the twists are yet to come. Good night Houseguests!

Amber: Are Trey and Nathan out of this game? Huh..

Lucky: Yes.

Amber: *realises* (CONF) 1 vote and i .. i was out of this game. I misses Trey and Nathan..




Lucky: And I forgot... Trey and Nathan are the first two jury members.

Dusk : what does that mean speaky thingy

Mia: Heh, I didn't expect anyone to vote for me anyway.

Day 11

Living Room

Lucky: Only four days remain.... Winning these competitions are crucial!



HOH Bedroom

Bedroom A

Bedroom B

Bedroom C

Bedroom D

HOH Challenge

Lucky: In this HOH, you will all pick a box in between 1-7. There are both good rewards and bad rewards. One of the boxes contains the HOH. One of the boxes contains auto-eviction.

Amber: O pick 3.

Luna: I pick 7.

Daniel: 2

Liam: 6

Corey: 1

Mia: I'll pick box number five.

Box #1: Ticket to the Final Three

Box #2: Hidden Immunity Idol

Box #3: Auto-Eviction

Box #4: Nothing

Box #5: HOH

Box #6: Nothing

Box #7: Nothing

Lucky: Congratulations Mia, you are the new HOH and I'm sorry Amber but you are auto-eliminated.


Lucky: Since Amber is auto-evicted, there is no other eviction. Mia will remain HOH for tomorrow. Amber is also the third jury member. Good night Houseguests!

​Daniel: Ok!

Dusk :yay i cant belive i made it this far huh and i dont deserve it

Daniel: Trey would be proud!

Dusk : yeah but i didnt compete in any challenges i wish tthey were at 4.00

Liam: Don't beat your self up, and relax *pats dusk on back*

Corey: Dusk! Trey left this for you, * shows a movie about trey confessing his feelings about dusk, with a montage of their good times*

Dusk :thanks corey

Day 12

Living Room

Lucky: It is the twelfth day and only six remain. By Day 13, only four will remain. That means two people will be leaving today. You will vote for one person. The two people with the most votes are out. Corey cannot compete in ANY challenges today or tomorrow due to his final three pass!!! Good luck Houseguests!



HOH Bedroom

Corey: Technically I can sleep in this room, MIA WE ARE ROOM MATES, You are the only room mate that's not in a alliance or a love couple. :D

Bedroom A

Bedroom B

Bedroom C

Bedroom D


Lucky: Mia, which two Houseguests do you nominate for eviction?

​Liam: I'm not popular, so I'll probably be picked

Daniel: Don't say that, your nice

Luna: I'm scared, but i think i will be nominated.

Daniel: No... You wont

Mia: Alrights, I've been thinking. I will nominate Luna, and Dusk.

Veto Competition

Lucky: First person to eat ten pies (ten lines) wins veto!

Luna* eat pies*

Dusk :*eats pies*

Dusk :*eats pies 2*

Lucky: Nobody wins veto. Luna and Dusk are official nominees.

Eviction Ceremony

Lucky: Luna and Dusk are the nominees. Mia and the nominees cannot vote.

Dusk :anyone gonna vote

Lucky: In a 0-0 vote, both Dusk AND Luna are evicted! They are the next two jury members. Good night houseguests! And welcome to the final four...

Day 13

Living Room

Lucky: Welcome final four! Congratulations, for making it here! You must work even harder to secure your spot. Today we will be doing something different. You will compete in an HOH. The winner of the HOH will then vote to evict one of the two other Houseguests. Corey is safe for the day. He is not able to compete in the HOH or vote. It will be very tough for all of you! Good luck Houseguests!



HOH Bedroom

Bedroom A

Bedroom B

Bedroom C

Bedroom D

HOH Challenge

Lucky: Today you will have to answer questions about the season of "Reincarnations". At the end, the person with the most points after five questions wins. Question #1: Who had the chance to return to the game?

​Liam: Kane, Miz, Karl, Desiree, Johnny, Athena, Drew, Glyce and Aaron, all had went to the Attic and had a chance!

Daniel: Raven? Because.... Corey won that challenge thing?

Lucky: The correct answer was Trey. I guess Liam gets the point. Question #2: Who was the first jury member? (The questions are about THIS season!

Liam: Um.... Trey Again... it was both him and Nathan but Trey got more votes... right?

Lucky: Liam is correct so he wins HOH!

Eviction Ceremony

Lucky: Liam, which Houseguest do you vote to evict? Mia or Daniel.

Liam: Mia, Alot less active

Daniel: YAY!!

Lucky: And the final three is... Corey, Daniel, and Liam! Tomorrow you will compete in the three-part HOH. Good night!

Day 14

Living Room

Lucky: Twenty contestants all fought for the final three. Only Liam, Daniel, and Corey achieved that goal! It is time for the three-part HOH! Good luck final three!



HOH Bedroom

Bedroom A

Bedroom B

Bedroom C

Bedroom D

HOH Challenge - Part 1/Final Eviction Ceremony

Lucky: In the first part, all three of you will compete. You will push each other off (3 lines per person). The last person standing wins the first part!

Corey: man I am gonna get teamed * pushes Liam*

Liam: *Pushes Corey* 

Daniel: *Pushes Liam*

Corey: aw I can't win :( well sorry Dan * pushes Daniel because I'm an idiotic*

Liam: *Pushes Corey*

Corey: * pushes liam off* Daniel I have a question?

Daniel: *Pushes Corey off* Yes?


Lucky: *rises to platform* Because you are all wussies, wanting to win and all. I have to do the dirty work myself. Daniel wins the final HOH and Liam is eliminated. Congratulations final two! One of you will be the third winner of Big Family! Enjoy your last night and good night! Who will win? Corey or Daniel? You will just have to wait and see!

Day 15


Lucky: Fifteen days, over twenty-five challenges, eighteen evictions, and so many moments of fun! Welcome to the finale. Tonight the jury will vote for either Corey or Daniel on who they want to win! The third winner will be crowned tonight. Good luck Houseguests!

Final Two Chat

Jury Chat

Jury Vote

Lucky: The jury, who is Trey, Nathan, Amber, Luna, Dusk, Mia, and Liam, will vote for the winner. Who will win? We will find out right now!

Amber: Daniel for the win.

Luna: Daniel will win.

Mia: Daniel's pathetic. I vote Corey.

Nathan: Original alliance for the win! I vote for Corey.

Daniel: Thank you, Amber and Luna! And I respect your decision, Nathan. I don't respect yours Mia because you were mean.

Liam: Daniel! Go Daniel!

Trey: Go Corey, :D dusk it's been forever.

Lucky: Dusk will make the final vote on who will win!

Daniel: *starts calling home* The competition show is almost done.....yes... yes... No.... No... ????....bye?

Corey: *calls mom* MUMMY, I AM NO LONGER A D- *His mum hangs up*-ISAPOINTMENT

Daniel : *smiles*

Lucky: If Dusk doesn't vote by 6EST, somebody random will have to vote twice.

Dusk ; i choose.........................................daniel (sorry was in chicago for whole day)

Lucky: Congratulations Daniel! You are the winner of Big Family: The Reincarnation!'For the final time, good night!