Lucky: We brought a brand new cast to the Big Family house last season. This season we are bringing ten more newbies. Those ten will play eight from last season. Who will win? The fans or favorites? In.... Big Family 9: Fans vs. Favorites 3!

Big Family 9:
Fans vs. Favorites 3
Big Family
Name Entry Exit      
Jay Day 1  Day 12   
Carmelina Day 1  Day 12   
Jackson Day 1  Day 11   
Dawna Day 1  Day 10   
Lydia Day 1  Day 10   
Yin Day 1  Day 9   
Diantha Day 1
Day 7 
Day 5
Day 9 
Carter Day 1  Day 8   
Danielle Day 1  Day 7   
Matthew Day 1  Day 6   
Yang Day 1  Day 5   
Jessica Day 1  Day 4   
Shari Day 1  Day 4   
Victoria Day 1  Day 3   
Mabel Day 1  Day 3   
Nemo Day 1  Day 2   
Fiona Day 1  Day 1   
George Day 1  Day 1   
Head of Household
Jury Member
16px - Power of Veto Holder



  1. Carmelina - The Silent Bookworm - XxSolarEclipsexX Runner-up - Day 12
  2. Lydia - The Rowdy Country Girl - Dawntdrotifan Evicted - Day 10
  3. Yin - The Kid - Conker511 Evicted - Day 9
  4. Carter - The Bubbly Delight - Dianted Evicted - Day 8
  5. Yang - The Psychopath - Conker511 Evicted - Day 5
  6. Jessica - The Devious Diva - Dianted Evicted - Day 4
  7. Mabel - Web Show Host - NanoPower512 Evicted - Day 3
  8. Fiona - The Dangerous Criminal - NanoPower512 Evicted - Day 1


  1. Jay - The Snide Realist - TrentFan Winner - Day 12
  2. Jackson - The Arrogant Guy - XxSolarEclipsexX Evicted - Day 11
  3. Dawna - The Klutzy Dumb - Dawntdrotifan Evicted - Day 10
  4. Diantha - The Pokemon Lover - TotalDramaYoshi Evicted - Day 5 / Returns - Day 7, Evicted - Day 9
  5. Danielle - The Nice Nerd - FakeBoy98 Evicted - Day 7
  6. Mattew - The Hunky Gamer - TotalDramaYoshi Evicted - Day 6
  7. Shari - The Playful Joker - TrentFan Evicted - Day 4
  8. Victoria - The Rich Christian - NLG343 Evicted - Day 3
  9. Nemo - The Nice Gamer - NLG343 Evicted - Day 2
  10. George - The Rude Strategist - Fakeboy823 Evicted - Day 1


Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7 Day 8 Day 9 Day 10 Day 11 Day 12
Jay George  
Nemo No
  Danielle Carter Vetoed
Jackson Winner
Fiona   No
  Rep   Yin Carter Diantha Dawna
Jackson George  
Nemo No
Shari Diantha Matthew Danielle   Yin Dawna
Dawna Nemo  
Nemo No
Diantha Matthew Danielle Carter Rep Jackson
Fiona Nemo No
Jessica Yang Matthew Danielle Carter Diantha Jackson
Yang Nemo No
Jessica   Jay Danielle      
Diantha Nemo  
Shari Rep  
Won Challenge to Return Carter    
Fiona Nemo No
Matthew Yin    
Danielle George  
Nemo Mabel
    Matthew Yin  
Matthew Nemo  
Nemo No
Mabel Nemo No
Fiona Nemo No
Shari George  
Nemo No
Fiona Nemo No
Victoria George  
Carmelina No
Nemo George  
George Nemo  


Lucky: You can all chat and meet each other while the game is in its early stages.

Yin: Stupid contract, forcing me to compete >:I

Carmelina: *adjusts glasses nervously* B-back... here?

Lydia : What in tarnation!!! I didn't agree to this I'm supposed to be in Louisiana with my auntie planti'n crops stupid contract.....

Nemo and Victoria: Um, we are favorites.

Dawna : uH hAve U eVEr BiN iN biG FaMIly

Carmelina: *glances at Nemo and Victoria, then writes in her notebook*

Yin: You have to have been in BF: 8 to be a favorites

Nemo: *punchs Yang*

Victoria: *punches Yang*

Matthew: Hey everyone

Diantha: I love Pokemon

Dawna : DoorMan wit is DokeMan 

Diantha: An awesome game with different creatures and

Matthew: -_-

Dawna : It sounds like Animals on Steroids

Diantha: That's mean

Matthew: Who cares?

Day 1

Living Room

Lucky: Good morning everyone and welcome to Big Family 9: Fans vs. Favorites 3! Last season, sixteen brand new Houseguests entered the Big Family house and competed in the the most controversial season of Big Family yet. Estelle and Sasha were in the final two, and just as the winner was to be revealed, the house blew up! Now, we have a brand new house and ten new Houseguests which will fight against Houseguests of the previous season in the third Fans vs. Favorites battle! Today, the fans will vote off one person and the favorites will vote off one person based on first impressions. I am also warning you. If you do not chat in the chat areas for a certain amount of time, you will be ejected. Who will win? Who will lose? Who will fall under the pressure? We will have to find out on Big Family 9: Fans vs. Favorites 3!


Yin: *comes in* Oh here is my game-bo- wait taht is a phone, where is my gameboy11?! 


HOH Bedroom

Bedroom A

Carmelina: *sits down on a bed, scribbling in her notebook, alone*

Jackson: *walks in* Sup, bookie?

Carmelina: *nervously puts notebook against her shirt, hiding it*

Jackson: I ain't gonna waste my time. *walks off, rolling his eyes*

Yin: *walks in and sits next to Carmelina* Is it okay if i take the top bunk?

Carmelina: S-s-sure... *hides under blanket*

Yin: Well, I you feel better after ... what's going on... maybe we can get a smoothie *gets on bed*

Carmelina: W-why... would you ever want to talk to me?

Yin: Because... you seem like a nice person and i am guilty for not talking to you last season. So... *gets in his bed and reads "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" *

Carmelina: Oh... okay... *slightly blushes, and writes a bit in her notebook, privately so no one can see it*

Yin: *smiles and continues reading* Oh, i forgot my gameboy *walks out the room*

Carmelina: *sighs* What... just happened?

Bedroom B

Nemo and Victoria: *arrives*

Yang: Nemo, i have a dare for you, and if you complete it, i will give you "GamerBoy11", It is not out yet but i stol- won this in a competition.

Bedroom C

Matthew: *calls first bed*

Diantha: *calls second bed*

Matthew: I can't wait for the first challenge

Diantha: *playing Pokemon Y* I BEAT IT!

Bedroom D

Eviction Ceremony - Fans

Lucky: Welcome to the house, new Houseguests! You will vote for one Houseguest to be the first one evicted.

Jackson: The most amazing Jackson is voting for none other than George, man!

Nemo and Victoria: *votes George*

Dawna ; I vote Nemo 4 not being able to understand the simplest of rules!! Cuz seriously like honestly he can not contribute to the competition that much seriously!! *Trips and break vase* oops it must not be my day or I would totally be showing off my awesomeness

Matthew: I vote Nemo because I heard he cheats

Diantha: I vote Nemo because I don't really like how I never saw him and he has participated in so many other camps so...

Nemo: *writes letter* Dear, Dawna, Matthew and Diantha,

I am not evil.

Please make this wish come true!

Love, Nemo

Jackson: The votes are tied, so he's not out yet.

Jay: *rolls eyes* Yeah. And thus, I vote George because Jackson seems sane and he voted George so...I'll go with that.

Shari: Nemo is such a loser! *laughs* But I vote George, so I can make fun of Nemo some more!

Lucky: Oh, poor George... You are the first fan in Big Family 9: Fans vs. Favorites 3 to be evicted from the Big Family house.

Eviction Ceremony - Favorites

Lucky: Welcome back favorites, but now you must vote one of you out. Good luck!

​Lydia : Well I be a dog in New York I vote Fiona cause she is biggest threat 

Carmelina: I g-g-guess... Fiona...

Mabel: Fiona! She did nothing last season!

Fiona: Mabel... I vote for you but YOU DIDN'T DO ANYTHING EITHER, AND I GOT FARTHER!

Mabel: Yeah, but I get the show more views, which gives the contestants more seasons!

Yin: *to Yang* I am going to vote for Mabel

Yang: *looks evily at Yin with scary eyes* >:) (CONF) I vote for Mabel (END CONF)

Yin:  *scared* (CONF) I vote for Yang, i am afraid, she will kill me o.o (END CONF)

Jessica: I vote for Fiona.

Carter: FIONA! *Laughs*

Lucky: Fiona, you are the first favorite evicted from the game. Good night Houseguests!

Day 2

Living Room

Lucky: Good morning Houseguests!



HOH Bedroom

Bedroom A

Bedroom B

Yin: *comes in and sits on bed* Hard Challenge, :(

Bedroom C

Matthew: Day 2, how exciting!

Diantha: I know! Time to beg the Pokemon company to make Pokemon Z

Matthew: Seriously?

Bedroom D

HOH Challenge

Lucky: Were doing Platform Push. It takes ONE line to push someone off. Last one standing wins HOH!

Matthew: *pushes off Danielle*

Diantha: *pushes off Yang* I think you deserve this becuase I saw last season and you weren't the nicest

Jackson: *pushes off Yin*

Carmelina: *pushes off Jessica*

Matthew: *pushes off Carmelina*

Diantha: *pushes off Jackson*

Mabel: *pushes Lydia off*

Matthew: *pushes Mabel off*

Diantha: *pushes Carter off*

Danielle: Dang it! First one off and my closest alliance member gone. I'm screwed.

Dawna : *Pushes off Nemo*

Matthew: *pushes off Victoria*

Diantha: *pushes off Jay*

Dawna : *Pushes off Shari*

Danielle: Go guys! You can do it!

Dawna :*Pushes off Mathew* don't worry friend I'll make sure your safe k 

Diantha: *pushes off Dawna*

Lucky: Diantha wins HOH!


Lucky: Diantha, which two Houseguests do you nominate for eviction?

Diantha: I choose Nemo and Carmelina

Veto Competition

Lucky: The person to climb the rope (5 lines) and ring the bell (1 line) wins veto!

Matthew: *climbs rope* 1

Diantha: *climbs rope* 1

Danielle: *climbs rope* (1)

Matthew: *climbs rope* (2)

Diantha: *climbs rope* (2)

Danielle: *climbs rope* (2)

Matthew: *climbs rope* (3)

Diantha: *climbs rope* (3)

Danielle: *climbs rope* (3)

Matthew: *climbs rope* (4)

Diantha: *climbs rope* (4)

Danielle: *climbs rope* (4)

Matthew: *climbs rope* (5)

Diantha: *climbs rope* (5)

Danielle: *climbs rope* (5)

Matthew: *rings bell*

Lucky: And Matthew wins veto!

Veto Ceremony

Lucky: Matthew, would you like to use your power?

Matthew: No, I do not

Eviction Ceremony

Lucky: Carmelina and Nemo have been nominated for eviction. Diantha and the nominees cannot vote.

Matthew: I vote Nemo

Dawna : I vote Nemo to 

Danielle: (CONF) I vote to evict Nemo. Sorry.

Jessica: I vote Nemo. Just no.

Carter: NEMO! Sorry, but I don't like you! *Chuckles*

Lydia :Your the weakest I want opponents that can actually do good no offense so I vote Nemo

Shari: It's so funny making fun of you, but you kinda don't belong here. Kinda. Later, Nemo.

Jay: I vote Nemo. *sarcastically* He's too amazing for this and is totally a hero to us all

Victoria: *votes Carmelina*

Danielle: Gosh! This sure is fun. Right!

Nemo: *votes Carmelina and finds a immunity idol*

Lucky: Nice try cheating, Nemo! Bye! You really won't be missed... Good night Houseguests!

Day 3

Living Room

Lucky: Good morning Houseguests!



HOH Bedroom

Danielle: I deserve this so much! EEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bedroom A

Bedroom B

Bedroom C

Matthew: So close to winning!

Diantha: I know!

Dawna : Well you tried your best and that is all that matters *Stands Up and trips over a cord hitting her head really hard*

Matthew: You okay?

Dawna : Oh um yes whatever your name is *Stands Up* I'm just fine 

Diantha: Where is Lucky, I want the veto challenge to come

Lydia : *Walks in* Oh well he usually comes later but how are y'all doin

Matthew: Pretty good!

Dawna : Happy means Hurt right? *Falls over*

Danielle: *enters* Hey guys! How's it goin'.

Bedroom D

HOH Challenge

Lucky: Today we are doing a line game. The first person to climb the mountain (5 lines), dig down (7 lines), and bury the bomb left by Nemo. (2 lines) the first one done wins HOH!

Victoria: *climbs down mountain* (1)

Danielle: *climbs* (1)

Victoria: *climbs down mountain* (2)

Danielle: *climbs* (2)

Matthew: *climbs* (1)

Diantha: *climbs* (1)

Danielle: *climbs* (3)

Matthew: *climbs* (2)

Diantha: *climbs* (2)

Danielle: *climbs* (4)

Matthew: *climbs* (3)

Diantha: *climbs* (3)

Danielle: *reaches the top of the mountain* (5)

Matthew: *climbs* (4)

Diantha: *climbs* (4)

Danielle: *digs* (1)

Matthew: *climbs* (5)

Diantha: *climbs* (5)

Danielle: *digs* (2)

Matthew: *digs* (1)

Diantha: *digs* (1)

Danielle: *digs* (3)

Matthew: *digs* (2)

Diantha: *digs* (2)

Danielle: *digs* (4)

Matthew: *digs* (3)

Diantha: *digs* (3)

Danielle: *digs* (5)

Matthew: *digs* (4)

Diantha: *digs* (4)

Danielle: *digs* (6)

Matthew: *digs* (5)

Diantha: *digs* (5)

Dawna : *Climbs down Mountain* (1)

Matthew: *digs* (6)

Diantha: *digs* (6)

Danielle: *digs* (7)

Matthew: *digs* (7)

Diantha: *digs* (7)

Danielle: *burys* (1)

Matthew: *Buries* (1)

Diantha: *buries* (1)

Danielle: *finshs burying* (2) Done! YES!

Lucky: Danielle wins HOH!

Eviction Ceremony

Lucky: Danielle, you may vote to evict one fan and one favorite.

Danielle: I vote to evict... Mabel and Victoria. You're both so nice and you both deserve to be here, BUT it's just a game move. Sorry and see you at the finale!

Lucky: Mabel and Victoria have sadly been evicted from the Big Family house. Good night Houseguests!

Day 4

Living Room

Lucky: Good morning remaining Houseguests! Today the house will be split in two - the fans house and the favorites house. Two HOHs, Four nominees, Two Veto Winners, and Two Evicted Houseguests. Good luck!



HOH Bedroom

Bedroom A

Yin: *wakes up* Good Mourning Carmelina! :D 

Bedroom B

Yang: GRRR! This place sucks! And by that i mean the people suck! And by that i mean everyone has the prissy little attitude to hate ME! And I HATE THAT JERK JESSICA! WHO DOES SHE THINK SHE IS! You know what, i will get her eliminated today! ASLONG AS I LIVE! Uh... But i like how Lucky makes twists everyone hates, MUWHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Bedroom C

Diantha: *sleeping*

Matthew: Wake up there is a challenge, I told you not to stay up all night watching the episode of Pokémon!

Diantha: *still sleeping*

Matthew: WAKE UP!

Diantha: *says this in her sleep* What?

Matthew: Finally you are up!

Diantha: Lucky, should give us the results really soon!

Matthew: Let's wait for everybody to vote..

Diantha: Okay

Bedroom D

HOH Challenge - Fans

Lucky: To win HOH, you must post three songs judging them 1-3. My top three favorite songs will win HOH!

(I am only doing Matthew, I am not finding 6 songs sorry)



Lucky: Oooo... Sorry, Matthew! Not an Ellie Goulding fan which means Danielle wins HOH!

Matthew: Darn... (I don't think either user of the two HOH people are on)

HOH Challenge - Favorites

Lucky: Today we are doing favorites Platform Push. Last one standing wins HOH!

Jessica: *Pushes Yang*

Carter: *Pushes Lydia*

Yin: *pushes Carter*

(Jackson isn't a favorite)

(Changed it, But can Carmelin go up against Jessica :3)

Jessica: *Pushes Yin*

Carmelina: *pushes Jessica*

Lucky: Carmelina wins HOH! Because you guys don't do challenges, it will be last to edit!

Nominations - Fans

Lucky: Danielle which two fans do you nominate for eviction?

Lucky: Danielle nominates Jay and Dawna.

Nominations - Favorites

Lucky: Carnelina, which two favorites do you nominate for eviction?

Carmelina: J-jessica and Carter...

Yin: Smart move Carmilina

Veto Competition - Fans

Lucky: Fans, to win veto, you must write a story about your Big Family life. Stories are due by 7EST. (Although Danielle hasn't nominated anybody yet, you may still begin the challenge.)

Matthew: It began a few days ago (for real) when I found out I was going to be in BF9, I was so excited and packed my bags. When I got in I saw favorites and fans like me, my stepsister Diantha was accepted too! On day 1 I was glad I was not eliminated but I felt bad for George. On Day 2 it was the best, Diantha won HOH and I won veto! Day 3, was good I wasn't in danger! Now on Day 4 I want to win veto again because whatever Danielle decides I can change!

Diantha: So I came in this season so excited because if I won I would be able to make the Pokémon Company make Pokémon Z and a Pokémon Wii U game so I could play it all day. On Day 1 it was okay but no excitement, Day 2 was amazing I won HOH, and one of the nominees was Nemo and he left I had a good decision. Day 3 and today were meh days and I want to win veto so I change who may be going home tonight!

Lucky: Matthew wins veto!

Veto Competition - Favorites

Lucky: Favorites, to win veto, you must write a story about your Big Family life. Stories are due by 7EST.

Carmelina: *Writes, in private* W-well... it all began last season, when I debuted into the Big Family house... I survived a few challenges, scraping by the dreaded eviction ceremonies... I never appreciated the presence of anyone here. I guess... I stuck to myself. I would never let them learn about me, or what I do. Which is why I stayed hidden from them, keeping away... If they found out, they would ridicule me... I eventually w-won a challenge, and it felt empowering. like I did something good... I got nominated, but survived an elimination... only to be eliminated right after that. Then the house blew up, and I returned for another season. Yin... talked to me? It was rare. No one ever wants to talk to me... I'm always rejected... it felt weird, like I had a friend. Well, I won a challenge, and now I'm here, doing a veto challenge... (I have to go, so if I do win veto, I'd like to keep the nominations the same)

Jessica: *Writing her story on a piece of paper in private* My story about Big Family. I had a better time than I thought I would. Last season, well... winning HOH and veto was a blast, so was last season. I love the challenges and I can't believe I am about to write this, but the people are not all that bad. I made the final three, and it was a fantastic experience. Until Sasha that cow turned on me and got me booted. Screw you too, Sasha. Oh right, story. I also obviously was in the jury, and I think some others that made it there deserved it. SOME. And I am just glad neither Sasha ot Estelle won, because neither deserved it. And when the jury started voting me to be the winner, I actually felt special. Something I have not felt in forever. Sadly, the house blew up and the votes for me did not count. So far, this season has not been too good for me, but if I can make it farther, I will definitely win. And if I do not win, some people are gonna receive a fist to the face. Being so close to elimination, AGAIN, with the same dweeb, also known as Carter. It sickens me, really. I cause drama, and I am amazing. I deserve to win this veto, and every other challenge from now on, to be honest. But, this veto challenge is the most important. This is MOST of my story about my time on Big Family.

Carter: *Writing his story on a piece of paper* I liked my time on Big Family. Hopefully, it won't end just yet, though. So, I hope I win veto. PEACE OUT GUYS! 

Yin: *writes but in private aswell* Well, In the first season i made no friends. No one was really the talking and hanging out type. I barely survived eliminations and got bullied by Yang nonstop, but when i was eliminated, i felt a slight rush of dismay , and a little disapointment that no-one thoght i deserved to stay and that really bugged me! I decieded to root for Jessica after Carmelina's elimination and went on strike when the final 2 came along! After the season, i tried to come in contact with Carmilina but when i asked Lucky what it was, i was forced to compete in this season, although i reallybonded with her, i think, and now i am doing a veto after getting kicked off a platform for the 3rd time

Lucky: Carter put so much effort in his so he wins veto!

Veto Ceremony - Fans

Lucky: Matthew, would you like to use your power?

Matthew :Yes, I would like to switch Dawna with Shari

Veto Ceremony - Favorites

Lucky: Carter, would you like to use your power?

Lucky: Carter vetos himself.

Eviction Ceremony - Fans

Lucky: Jay and Shari have been nominated for eviction. Danielle and the nominees cannot vote.

​Dawna : I vote Shari cause she is like the least dare devilness *Climbs Tree and jumps off and lands face on the ground* Perfect

Matthew: I vote Shari because I haven't seen her yet

Diantha: I vote Shari because I haven't seen her ever

Lucky: Sorry, Shari! But you are evicted from the Big Family house...

Eviction Ceremony - Favorites

Lucky: Jessica and Yang have been nominated for eviction. Carmelina and the nominees cannot vote.

Carter: I vote for Yang because he I think is scarier.

Yin: I vote Jessica because Yang is my sister and Jessica is a threat

Lydia : I have nothing against you but your just to good of a player your a major threat so I vote Jessica

Lucky: Sorry, Jess! But you are evicted from the Big Family house!

Day 5

Living Room

Lucky: Good morning Houseguests! Same rules as yesterday apply. The fans will play against the fans and the favorites will play against the favorites. Good luck Houseguests!

Yang: *walks up to Yin's Locker and brakes it* The clothes are in there!

Jackson: Sweet! *pulls out lighter* Ready?

Yang: *Holds them out* Ready Steady, GO! >:D

Jackson: *lights them up, as they burn away* Muah ha ha ha, dude! That's what he gets for being a wimp and suckerrr!

Yang: MUWAHAHAHAHAHA! *takes lighter, brakes Carmelina's locker and burns her diary* That's what you get for beig so shy!

Jackson: Hahahaha, what a loser! Even though she has her more used notebook with her, burn all the memories! Ha!

Yang: *gets out Carmelina's clothes* Shoud i? >:)

Jackson: Oh hell yes!

Yang: *burns Carmelina's clothes* OH! Yin's teddy bear is in the bottom of his locker, BURN IT!

Yin: *runs in* NOT MISTER WHISKERS! :0 *runs to locker but is still far away*

Carmelina: *peers outside* What's... all... the commotion? *notices her diary, and dives for it* No! *drops her notebook*

Yang: *burns Teddy bear and heads to the notebook*

Yin: *picks up notebook* Stay off! It is Carmelinas!

Jackson: Dude, what's in it? Open it up!

Carmelina: *picks up her diary, sighs, then looks back at Yin and Jackson with her notebook* O.O No...! D:

Yi: I WILL NOT OPEN IT! *throws it to Carmelina*

Yang: *pushes carmelina and catches notebook* >:D

Carmelina: .... *drops to floor, gulping* (CONF) T-they're going... to think... I'm a freak...

Jackson: Whoa, lemme' see!

Yang: *goes to jackson and open the norebook*

Yin: *runs to Carmelina and helps her up*

Carmelina: ... *the notebook is full of drawings of many cast members in pairs, with them kissing, several headcanons, fanfiction love stories about Yang x Jackson, Bianca x Caiden, and many others, and many shipping charts she has made along with other stuff, and she faints*

Yang: *is disgusted*

Yin: *picks Carmelina and takes her to the HoH*

Jackson: Whoa, dude! *holding notebook* Hahaha, me and Yang? No way, girl! She's too... weird. And I'm better than that.

Yang: Your the one who asked me to hangout, loser!

Jackson: *shrug* They're all basic!

Yang: Well, let's get back to buisness! *brakes Carter's locker and inds millions of pants* Let's burn them!

Jackson: *throws Yang the lighter* Your turn.

Yang: *turns lighter on and throws it in there* And Jackson, Have a nice day *pushes Jackson in burning locker and locks it* (CONF) Newbies should just learn!

Jackson: What the hell man? *bangs on door* Help! Fire! D:

Yang: Next time, Chose a different person to insult >:D

Jackson: You idiot!

Yang: Give me one good reason why i should let you out! I mean i am probally out anyway!

Jackson: Because I'm awesome? Quick! My leg's getting hot! I'm sweating! Help!

Yang: Fine, But  remember, i can hurt you!  *opens door*

Jackson: *tackles Yang onto the ground, holding out lighter* Do you know how hot that was? It was sauna, squared, dude! *holds out lighter* Your hair goes goodbye! >:D

Yang: *punches Jackson and throws him back in the locker and she locks the door* Bi**h *leaves*

Jackson: *dodges the punch, dodges the locker, and chases after her*

Yang: *kicks Jackson and takes lighter* >:I

Jackson: Argh! *snatches lighter back* Told ya' I'm sick!

Yang: And i am sick of you! *picks up Jacksonand throws him on the ground*

Jackson: Oww! *gets up, and grabs onto her hair* Chop chop! :D

Yang: *kicks him  in the **lls *

Jackson: Yippee! Aren't... you... weak? *drops, in pain*

Yang: ***k you! *jumps on Jackson and walks off*


Carmelina: *walks behind a counter, sighing*

Yin: *runs inside* Carmelina! I don't think you are ugly, you are autually kind of pretty, but you do not deserve to be upset D:

Diantha: *walks in* Here to get a... whoah what is going here?

Yin: Uh... I am talking with Carmelina, uh what do you want (CONF) How embarssing (END CONF)

Diantha: Just juice...

Yin: *looks through cabinet blushing* Wow, there are 37 different kinds! Which one do you want (CONF) I Hope Diantha doesn't ruin my chances with Carmelina- AS A FRIEND! HeHe

Diantha: The most exotic

Yin: Banna Coconut Pinapple Pickle Grape Juice :I (CONF) >:I

Diantha: Thanks (CONF) Something is up with Yin (END CONF)

Yin: *hands Diantha juice* (CONF) Diantha ruined a perfect moment for me and Carmelina

Carmelina: *watching everything, from a corner* (CONF) What... is the m-matter with him? D: (END CONF) *runs out, back to bedroom*

Yin: *sits down and sighs* D:

Jackson: *enters, sipping juice* Man, this competition blows! Too dull for someome awesome like me!

Yin: *gets up and leaves to HOH*

Yang: *comes in and gets Death Killer Juice* >:3 *drinks*

Jackson: *drops drink* Whoa, aren't you that crazy chick? Please stay away, I don't want to stoop that low, man!

Yang: Oh, Shut up and get out of my face has-been!

Jackson: Hold up chick, who are you calling a has been? I'm awesome!

Yang: Well, a has been is a guy/girl who was popular but is really not popular anymore, and you haven't spoke for days so... UNPLOPULAR/HASBEEN YOU aRE!

Jackson: That's just like, your opinion man! Don't hate! D:

Yang: Haters gotta hate, Losers gonna lose *pushes Jackson over and walks off*

Jackson: Whoa! *falls onto ground* Hey, wait up!

Yang: *stops and grunts* What do you want -.-

Jackson: I dunno, man! I know asking you is pretty pathetic, as you're so horrible, but why don't we hang out? I mean like, everyone else is busy and boooring.

Yang: Fiiiiiiiiine, What ever. *helps Jackson up* Just don't be boring -.-

Jackson: Being awesome is my specialty! *chuckles* So, wanna go and burn Yin's clothes?

Yang: Which ones, Pyjamas or Graduation >:D

Jackson: Why not both?

Yang: I think i will enjoy this! >:D! he keeps them in the living room, c'mon *runs to living room*

Jackson: Hold up! *follows*


Matthew: It is nice out here... *takes a picture out of his girlfriend* I miss you.

Yin: *runs out looking for Carmelina* CARMELINA! HELLO!? :o

Matthew: She isn't here Yin...

Yin: Aw...  *runs into the kitchen* :O

HOH Bedroom

Yin: *comes in and sighs* Aw! :( (CONF) I wanted Carmelina to be my friend, but she keeps pushing me away D: (END CONF) *locks door*

Yin: Huh? I smelll fire *unlocks door and heads to Living ROom*

Yin: *lays Carmelina on his bed* 

Carmelina: *slowly crying on bed*

Yin: Uh... You okay? D:

Carmelina: *in fetus position on bed, tears dripping*

Yin: Well, i you do not want to talk right now, i will just l-leave *leaves room*

Carmelina: ARGH! *throws vase at the door*

Bedroom A

Yin: *wakes up* Hey Carmelina! :DD

Carmelina: Oh... h-hi...

Yin: What is up! :D

Carmelina: You think... I'm ugly, don't you? This friendship is all... a lie! D:

Yin: Ugly? Why would i think that?!

Carmelina: It's t-true! *storms out of room*

Yin: *runs out and follows her*

Carmelina: *locks the door behind her, getting back inside, and writes in her notebook*

Bedroom B

Bedroom C

Matthew: I hope Jay goes home..

Diantha: Yeah...

Matthew: I am going to go to the backyard..

Diantha: I'm back

Matthew: Ew... is there pickle in that juice?

Diantha: *cries* I'm a nominee...

Matthew: Don't cry

Bedroom D

HOH Challenge - Fans

Lucky: To win HOH, you must fill in the blanks. The best answer wins. (If you are curious what this challenge is, look at previous Big Family seasons.)

I want _______ to go home because _________.

Matthew: I want Jay to go home because he is not active and I haven't seen him around the house.

Diantha: I want Jay to go home because he has never talked me nor to him so I don't know what he is like so I want to evict him.

Lucky: Matthew wins HOH!

HOH Challenge - Favorites

Lucky: To win HOH, you must come up with a challenge idea. Best one wins!

Yin: My challenge idea is a Lucky themed obstacle cource with Lucky themed obstacles

Yang: My idea is a boxing fight, 2v2 for the final 4 favourites.


Carmelina: An... insult competition...

Lucky: Of course, anything about me wins, but the complement challenge is so last year so Yin wins HOH!

Nominations - Fans

Lucky: Matthew, which two fans do you nominate for eviction?

Lucky: Matthew nominates Danielle and Jay.

Nominations - Favorites

Lucky: Yin, which two favorites do you nominate for eviction?

Yin: Carter and Yang!

Yang: I WILL KILL YOU! And what was the point of keeping me in if you were only going to eliminate me!

Yin: When i gave 2 reasons, i meant ony the latter, Jessica was a threat!

Veto Competition - Fans

Lucky: The first person to shoot (one line) all of the evicted Houseguests so far will win veto!

Jackson: *shoots Diantha*

Lucky: Jackson wins veto for being the only one to shoot.

Veto Competition - Favorites

Lucky: The person who posts the funniest picture of anything (memes are allowed) will win veto!

Lucky: Well, LOL at everyone's except Yang's. Like seriously, something is wrong with that kid. I think the best was......... Carter's.

Veto Ceremony - Fans

Lucky: Jackson, would you like to use your power?

Jackson: Heck yeah, I'd like to replace Jay with Diantha!

Veto Ceremony - Favorites

Lucky: Carter, would you like to use your power?

Carter: YEAH I GUESS! I would like to replace myself with.... Carmelina. Sorry Carm. I just thought-- I really thought-- nevermind! D:

Eviction Ceremony - Fans

Lucky: Danielle and Diantha have been nominated. The HOH and nominees cannot vote.

Jackson: Diantha!

Lucky: Diantha is evicted...

Eviction Ceremony - Favorites

Lucky: Carmelina and Yang have been nominated. The HOH and nominees cannot vote.

Carter: I VOTE FOR YANG! ONLY BECAUSE I like Carmelina....... oh uh, umm...  as a friend, not 'like like'.... or something.

Yin: (CONF) I like carmelina, so i am voting for Yang! (Yes, i AM voting my own charater off)

Lucky: Yang is evicted from the Big Family house.

Day 6

Living Room

Lucky: Good morning final nine! Today will be a regular day and one person will leave, BUT tomorrow is another story. The nine evicted Houseguests plus the evictee today will compete in a challenge to return to the game. Then the jury begins. The game is now in full force! Good luck Houseguests!


Matthew: Now where is it, oh here it is!

Yin: I am going to cook myself lunch

Matthew: *leaves*

Yin: *making a chicken Burger* :D


HOH Bedroom

Yin: *outside* Carmelina, Why are you angry at me, i didn't read your notebook, i even tried to get it back to you! D:

Danielle: It's Danielle. Can I come in? *holds down Yin*

Yin: But What Did i do? *at both girls*

Carmelina: *lets Danielle in, locks Yin out*

Danielle: *whispers* Listen. I know what he did was wrong, but you have act like your making up that way you can backdoor him. That'll make it hurt harder.

Carmelina: I know deep down... they all... insult me... I'm so weird, I'm a freak! I shouldn't be here!

Yin: *walks away and crys* (CONF) I thought she was nice! I didn't insult her, i supported her, i did nothing wrong! But she still hates me and prefers someone who she doesn't talk too. D:

Danielle: Yes you should! Listen. I can be your friend and we'll watch each others backs. Final two? *sticks out hand*

Carmelina: You think I'm ugly, don't you? You're using me and my naivety! D: You secretly despise me and what's written in my journal!

Danielle: No I don't. *whispers* At home I'm an outsider too because of the way I dress and my interest in computers. *starts sobbing* Well I sgow you when I make too the of Big Family you JERKS AT HOME!

Carmelina: *hugs Danielle* T-thank you...

Danielle: *stops sobbing* Well! Let's go work our magic!

Bedroom A

Bedroom B

Bedroom C

Yin: *walks in sobbing* :(, Wait this isn;t me room 

Matthew: (CONF) First Diantha, now me what's going on, if I don't get eliminated today I can let Diantha return!

Yin: Hi Mathew *wipes tear*

Matthew: Wanna come in?

Yin: *comes in* So what's up *tears stop*

Matthew: Diantha got eliminated and I'm in this room alone, she's my stepsister... and I want her back here!

Yin: Well, try being a favourite! We are so outnumbered! D:

Matthew: I don't know but I know next season could be different with no labels so no outnumbering

Yin: Yeah, That would be good :3

Matthew: I think there should be veto soon, and I want to replace my self

Yin: I'd replace you! :D

Matthew: Thanks, but I'm still thinking of a replacement nominee

Yin: I think i know what i would do.

Matthew: What?

Yin: Cant tell :3! But anyway, i am glad my sister is gone

Matthew: I'm going to the kitchen okay

Yin: Can i come?

Bedroom D

HOH Challenge

Lucky: To win HOH, you must clean the backyard. First, you must find the detergent (3 lines), then clean up the spilled juice (4 lines), then use the vacuum (5 lines), and run up to the HOH bedroom to win. (1 line) First one done wins!

Yin: *finds detergent* (1)

Carmelina: *finds detergent* (1)

Yin: *finds detergent* (2)

Carmelina: *finds detergent* (2)

Yin: *finds detergent* (3)

Carmelina: *finds detergent* (3)

Yin: *cleans up spilled juice* (1) I am sorry Carmelina if i did anything to upset you

Carmelina: *cleans up spilled juice* (1) die...

Danielle: *finds detergent* (1)

Carmelina: *cleans up spilled juice* (2)

Danielle: *finds detergent* (2)

Carmelina: *cleans up spilled juice* (3)

Yin: *cleans up spilled juice* (2)

Carmelina: *cleans up spilled juice* (4)

Yin: *cleans up spilled juice* (3)

Carmelina: *vacuums* (1)

Danielle: *finds detergent* (3)

Jay: *finds detergent* (1)

Yin: *cleans up spilled juice* (4)

Carmelina: *vacuums* (2)

Danielle: *cleans juice* (1)

Carmelina: *vacuums* (3)

Yin: *vacuums* (2)

Carmelina: *vacuums* (4)

Yin: *vacuums* (3)

Carmelina: *vacuums* (5)

Yin: *vacuums* (4)

Carmelina: *runs to HOH bedroom* (1) I win... 

Yin: *vacuums* (5) Congrats!

Carmelina: *walks off*

Danielle: Yay Carmy!

Yin: *runs into HOH bedroom* (1)

Carmelina: *locks door before he can get in* 

Lucky: Carm wins HOH!


Lucky: Carmelina, which two Houseguests do you nominate for eviction?

Carmelina: Matthew... and Jay.

Veto Competition

Lucky: To win veto, you must make a list of your top five favorite Big family Houseguests and explain why you like them so much. The best one wins!

Danielle: Here's my five

5. Bianca: She was never afriad to speak her mind and was a brilliant competitior!                                

4. Daniel: He was so sweet and cared for others. Who can forget what he did for his girlfriend. :D            

3. Nathan: Was into technolgy like me and always had a good motive for everything!                              

2. Liam: Was the best gamplayer EVER! Always made the right alliances and made it to the finale a lot.

1. Carmelina: She's quiet and reserved but plays a big game and shes just like me! FRIENDIES!

Yin: 1. Dessire: She was very funny season 1    2. Daniel: He quit for his girl and is so nice   3. Mallory stalked Trey, HILLARIOUS :D!   4. Corey: He was nice, Funny-ish and sweet, he would be higher but he always loses.   5.  Mathew: He is like my new Best BigFamily Friend :D

Lydia : 5. Dusk she was funny I guess 4. Corey I always rooted for him 3. Bianca was amazing <3 2. Trey I love him to 1. Liam is my favorite contestant cause he was good player and he was funny to 

Matthew: Here are my top five (can they be eliminated conestants and oldies if not I can change just tell me)

  1. Diantha - We've known each before the game plus I kinda found it funny how she always played Pokémon plus she's my stepsister
  2. Danielle - I find her interesting in a way because she is getting very competitive and is competition
  3. Carmelina - I kinda feel bad for her about what happened with Yang plus she also is kinda interesting so because she is very quiet and could hold a lot of secerets
  4. Liam - Pretty cool a very good player and I think I want to V. him in a season because it would be cool
  5. Yin - A new friend pretty cool actually

Dawna : Well 5. Yin I feel bad he is always harassed by his sister 4. Diantha she is a really good friend and cool 3. Matthew your nice and a good friend to and very active 2. Liam is awesome 1. Daniel is the nicest person you could ever meet!

Lucky: I never needed a nice perfect list. Just something that made me smile... Dawna wins veto!

Veto Ceremony

Lucky: Dawna, would you like to use your power?

Lucky: She will not use it.

Eviction Ceremony

Lucky: Jay and Matthew have been nominated. Carm and the nominees cannot vote. Carm... I love it!

Carter: I VOTE MATTHEW! SORRY MATTHEW! And I love her-- the nickname too! :D

Yin: EH! I vote Jay!

Dawna : I wanted to use my veto :( I vote off Mathew :( sorry I don't want to but your the biggest threat

Lydia : I vote off Mathew

Jay: Whatever. I know I'm out, but, whatever. Not like any of you have any brains. Any way, a warning. Don't trust the frowns. They're fake...I'm ready to leave, whenever.

Jackson: Matthew dudes!

Lucky: Sorry, Matthew. But you are evicted. Good night Houseguests!

Day 7

Living Room

Lucky: Good morning Houseguests! Yes, today is the day. All ten evicted Houseguests will fight in a competition for a chance to return. The winner will then return to the game. Lucky for the Houseguests in the house, there are no challenges. But there still is a vote. That person will become the first jury member. Good luck Houseguests!



HOH Bedroom

Bedroom A

Bedroom B

Bedroom C

Bedroom D

Eviction Ceremony

Lucky: Anyone can vote for whoever they want out.

Carmelina: Y-Yin... I know he knows, and I know he hates me... he's using me! D: It's because I'm ugly, a freak, a monster, and what was in my notebook completely justifies all of that! *sobs* G-girl power? I can trust Danielle, right?

Jackson: Danielle.

Jay: Danielle? I suppose so...have fun, Danielle, back in reality, while we fight this insanity. *sarcastically* I love this. Like, you don't know how much I love this show... <.<

Yin: I vote for Danielle, she is mean to me, AND WHAT DO I KNOW CARM! I DIDN'T READ YOUR NOTEBOOK! I tried to be your friend but you keep rejecting me.

Dawna : Dannielle I guess

Lydia : That Little Snake Dannielle


Lucky: Well, Danielle! BAI! You are the first jury member... Also, welcome back Diantha and good night Houseguests!

​Dawna : Omg your back Yay *Goes to hug her and trips over rock and almost falls of ledge*

Chance to Return Challenge

Lucky: The chance to return challenge is....... Platform Push! It takes one line to push. The last one standing will return to the game. GO!

Matthew: *pushes off Jessica*

Diantha: *pushes off Nemo*

Yang: *pushes Mathew*

Shari: *pushes off Victoria*

Yang: *pushes Shari*

Mabel: *pushes off George*

Fiona: *pushes off Yang*

Diantha: *pushes off Fiona*


Mabel: I don't wanna win though :/

Lucky: Ummmmm... Okay, then...... Diantha returns, I guess...

Day 8

Living Room

Lucky: Good morning Houseguests! Diantha is back in the game. Only eight remain... Good luck!


Diantha: *gets food* Delicious!


HOH Bedroom

Bedroom A

Bedroom B

Bedroom C

Diantha: It's boring in here...

Bedroom D

HOH Challenge

Lucky: For today's HOH, you must fill in the blank. Best one wins!

I'm going to _________ because....

Carmelina: *sighs* I'm going to become more social because this is a social test is it not, and secluded and a loner is getting me no where! *smiles* I... I did it...

Jackson: I'm going to be even more awesome, because I can get even better.

Carter: I'm going to calm down because I can't lose this thing again. Not so close, again.

Diantha: I'm going to lower how hyper I am for Pokémon because I can make everybody happy and make new friends

Yin: Uh... I will say it in confestional, and i am sorry carmelina, i will stay out of your way :( *goes to confestional* (CONF) I am going to help Carter have Carmelina as his girlfiend because i want her happy, and Cater OBVIOUSLY has a crush on her... so i will help them get together :) (END CONF)

Lucky: *tears up* Yin that's so sweet! You win HOH!


Lucky: Yin, which two Houseguests do you nominate for eviction?

Yin: I will get you know who with you know who. But Carter is also a threat and Jackson is cruel

Eviction Cermony

Lucky: Carter and Jackson have been nominated for eviction. Yin and the nominees cannot vote.

​Dawna : I vote Carter 

Lydia : That Carter guy

Carmelina: Carter, he's the biggest threat... (CONF) I'm a-actually comfortable with speaking?

Jay: I agree with Carmelina. Added to that, he's just so cheery he's annoying. <.< Good bye, Carter.

Lucky: Carter is evicted and the second jury member!

Day 9

Living Room

Lucky: Good morning Houseguests! You've had a few days off so the game is going to continue full force! Good luck!



HOH Bedroom

Bedroom A

Carmelina: *shredding up her notebook*

Jackson: *looks in, then looks out and leaves*

Bedroom B

Bedroom C

Bedroom D

HOH Challenge

Lucky: Best challenge idea wins!

Jackson: Uh, something epic? Like jumping through fire hoops, or a paintball competition where you shoot the other people, but they have the chance to dodge, and 3 hits and you're out.

Carmelina: A challenge where you have to pick a box from 1 to 6/7/8 depending on who is left, and you can only chose one, and no box can be chose twice. For example, boxes 3, 5, and 6 are lucky and the people who chose them will compete in a trivia or line challenge contest, winner gets hoh.

Diantha: Running through the house getting every item Lucky wants from each room or do what he wants in the room!

Yin: Um... The Best Joke wins? (CONF) I deserve to be eliminated! Carter was eliminated ecause Dawna told me to nominate him! If i am nonimated i deserve it! BUT IF I AM SAFE! I WILL AVENGE HIM!

Lucky: I always like pain... Jackson wins HOH!


Lucky: Jackson, which three Houseguests do you nominate?

Jackson: Uh... Yin, Diantha and Jay.

Veto Competition

Lucky: We will be doing Jackson's challenge for veto! First, you must jump through five hoops of fire (5 lines) and then shoot all of the remaining contestants (7 lines, say each name). First one to finish wins!

Carmelina: *jumps through a hoop of fire* (1)

Jay: *jumps through one hoop of fire* (1)

​Carmelina: *jumps through a hoop of fire* (2) This is... dangerous...

Jay: *jumps through one more hoop of fire* Extremely. I'm shocked I haven't died yet. (2)

​Carmelina: *jumps through a hoop of fire* (3)

Jay: *jumps through a hoop of fire* (3)

​Carmelina: *jumps through a hoop of fire* (4)

Jay: *jumps through a hoop of fire* (4)

Carmelina: *jumps through the last hoop of fire, panting* (5)

Jay: *jumps through a hoop of fire* (5)

Carmelina: *shoots Jay but not rlly* (1)

Jay: *shoots Lydia* (1)

Carmelina: *shoots Jackson* (2)

Jay: *shoots Carmelina* (2)

Carmelina: Don't shoot me. :( *shoots Yin* (3)

Jay: Uh...sorry? *shoots Yin* (3)

Carmelina: *shoots Diantha* (4)

Jay: *shoots Jackson* (4)

Carmelina: *shoots Lydia* (5)

Jay: *finds an immunity idol (Not really XD) - I mean shoots Dawna* (5)

Carmelina: *shoots Dawna* (6) This is the last person...

Jay: *shoots Diantha* Now what? Are you going to like, shoot yourself or something? (6)

Carmelina: *shoots self* (7) That makes seven, even though there are 6 people excluding ourselves... 

Lucky: Carmelina wins veto!

Veto Ceremony

Lucky: Carmelina, would you like to use your power?

Carmelina: Replace Jay with Dawna...

Yin: I wouldn't shoot you carm, infact i wouldn't shoot anybody (CONF) BECAUSE I AM TOO MUCH OF A WIMP! And i think my karma is happening! D:

Carmelina: *blushes slightly* Uh t-thanks...

Jay: Err, thanks Carmelina for taking me out of nomination... *flips through a cheesy book, only skimming, and then throws it away* Ugh. I hate my luck. <.< Anyway, good luck to the sucks being nominated.

Yin: I know, Sometimes i wish we could get an episode to OURSELFS and not any challenges 

Jay: Considering Lucky's personality, that would never happen. Which, while a ********** move, it's for ratings or some junk like that.

Yin: Yep! I remeber when this show was innocent! D:

Eviction Ceremony

Lucky: Dawna, Diantha, and Yin have been nominated. Carm and the nominees cannot vote.

Yin: (CONF) I feel like everyone is going to vote me out. But Carter didn't deserve to leave, and I know Carmelina still hates me and Jay isn't that fond of me... I think :(

Jackson: Diantha, she needs to go! Threatttt!

Lydia : Diantha 

Diantha: (CONF) I know I'm going, bye and I am not a threat anymore people. I don't even do veto. So I want Yin or Jay to win.

Jackson: (CONF) Can't wait 'till all these suckers bite the hay, maybe even Jay and Yin to go next? I'm so much better than everyone here!

Diantha: (CONF) I want that jerk Jackson to go! He's such a jerk. He got me out once and now so vote him off people!

Jackson: (CONF) I never thought I'd get this far, but everyone else must suck! Can't wait for Diantha to go next, she's such a drag.

Diantha: (CONF) If I am a threat so is Jackson I mean, he is a *punches camera* zzzzzzzzz

Jackson: (CONF) Why is the camera broken...? Whatever! Still awesome either way!

Diantha: (CONF) If I'm leaving let me vandalize the confessional! *vandalizes*

Yin: (CONF) *sits down* The vote has been okay so ar ut, OOOOW! *finds out he sat o the camera's broken glass* D:

Jay: (CONF) Diantha. Enough said, really.

Dawna : (CONF) Diantha is gone I guess I shouldn't be to surprised my dare deviling super awesome fragile amazing beautiful stunning supercalifriciosespialidoisiosness beats her animals on steroids video game addiction 

Lucky: Diantha is evicted, but someone else needs to go. Carmelina, please vote to evict Dawna or Yin.

Lucky: I messed up. Jackson needs to vote.

Jackson: Yin! He's too much of a threat!

Lucky: And with that Diantha and Yin become the third and fourth jury members! Good night Housgeuets!

Day 10

Living Room

Lucky: Good morning and congratulations final five! One HOH, three nominees, one veto, two voters... Good luck Houseguests!



HOH Bedroom

Bedroom A

Bedroom B

Bedroom C

Bedroom D

HOH Challenge

Lucky: To win HOH, you must be the first person to give a summary of all of the HOH and veto competitions.

Lucky: Because it's been six hours and nobody has done the challenge, there is no HOH.

Eviction Ceremony

Lucky: Please vote two people to be evicted.

Jay: Vote two people? It's rather obvious who I'd vote for...Lydia & Dawna, the most annoying two of the bunch.

Carmelina: Lydia... and Dawn. I'm sorry it has to be this way.

Jackson: Lydia and Dawn are complete losers! I can't have them hogging my awesome mansion!

Dawna : I vote Jackson for being a jerk and Jay cause I practically saved him the first time he was up for eviction 

Lydia : ^ Explanations are stupid

Lucky: Lydia and Dawna... I am sorry, but you are evicted from the Big Family house. You are the fifth and sixth jury members. Tomorrow the final three will battle in one last HOH challenge. Good night Houseguests!

Day 11

Living Room

Lucky: Good morning final three! Congratulations for making it this far! Today is your last Head of Household challenge. The final HOH will select who he or she would like to take to the finals. Good luck Houseguests!



HOH Bedroom

Bedroom A

Bedroom B

Bedroom C

Bedroom D

HOH Challenge

Lucky: The first person to list all of the evicted Houseguests of Big Family in order will win the final HOH

Jay: Be more precise next time, numbskull. Anyway: Zero, Kendall, X, Cher, Drew, Desiree, Johnathan, SpongeBob, Sharky, Raven, Lady Marmalade, Corey, Daniel, Selena, Nathan, Liam, Matthew, Firey, Liam, Zane, Lady Marmalade, Nathan, Sharky, Miami, Patrick, Sheamus, Raven, Lara, Corey, Robin, Chef, Chimaroj, Selena, Lily, Kane, Miz, Karl, Desiree, Johnny, Athena, Drew, Glyce, Aaron, Mickey, Chandler, Trey, Nathan, Amber, Luna, Dusk, Mia, Liam, Corey, Daniel, Mia, Jeremy, Dusk, Jake, Cayden, Portia, Kiara, Sugar, Damon, Daniel, Trey, Trevor, Corey, Johnny, Bianca, Nathan, Trevor, LeAnn, Kelly, Elle, Mimi, Miranda, Elizabeth, Garrett, Dusk, Nissan, Damon, Johnny, Trey, Nathan, Liam, Corey, Caiden, Bianca, Caiden, Bianca, Brad, Adrianne, Christina, James, Flex, Liam, Cindy, Lady Marmalade, Luna, Trey, Daniel, Nathan, Corey, Mallory, Trevor, Raven, Amber, Robin, Chimaroj, Flex, Johnny, Mia, Lily, Amber, Sugar, Lara, Trey, Cindy, Nathan, Caiden, Lady Marmalade, Raven, Corey, Daniel, Bianca, Liam, Luna, Maya, Dreyk, Emma, Will, Lydia, Mabel, Fiona, Yin, Yang, Kat, Gerald, Carmelina, Carter, Jessica, Sasha, Estelle, George, Fiona, Nemo, Mabel, Victoria, Shari, Jessica, Yang, Matthew, Danielle, Carter, Diantha, Yin, Lydia, and Dawna...which is all a shame, since X & Zero were among my favorites and inspirations.

Lucky: And Jay wins final HOH!

Eviction Ceremony

Lucky: Jay, who do you vote to evict?

Jay: I vote to evict...Jackson. Simply put, Carmelina is cooler. That, being said, I'm going to lose this jury vote, but does it really matter? Since, I don't really care, she can go ahead and have the win, though that doesn't mean I won't try.

Lucky: And with that, Jackson will be the final jury member. Good night Houseguests!

Day 12


Lucky: Good morning and congratulations final two! Today is the last day of Big Family 9. Today the jury will vote for a winner. Who will it be? Carmelina or Jay? Favorite or Fan? Let's find out now on Big Family 9: Fans vs. Favorites 3!

Final Two Chat

Jury Vote

Lucky: The seven jurors will now vote for the winner of Big Family 9!

Diantha: I have to choose... Carmelina, she was a really big threat and a good player

Dawna : Jay because he has come along way I mean I thought he would be eliminated 

Lydia : definitely Jay!

Yin: Um... Jay i geuss... He was a lone wolf and i respect that. :D

Carter: I HAVE TO VOTE JAY! Carm doesn't even like me.

Lucky: And with that, Jay wins Big Family 9: Fans vs. Favorites for the fans!

Jay: I won...? How did this even- what...OK, good game or something...I was pretty sure I would be third out. Well, thanks to the people who voted me. You did good too, Carmelina.

Dawna : No she didn't she's dead!! *Shoots Carmelina*