Welcome to my attempt at a camp! It will be TDWT with CUSTOM CHARACTERS ONLY. You will be competing for 1,000,000

Host: Codmister(Me)

Chef: Me

Playas Des Losers

Season 2

Sign-Ups (CLOSED)

  1. Kate-(Girl)-(The Singer)-Kate4TDWT
  2. Gerard-(Boy)-Overcompetitve Pessimist-Sunslicer2

Eliminated/Aftermath Peanut Gallery

  1. Genesis-(Girl)- (The Over-Religious Person)-THEBIGTDIFAN
  2. Name Unknown(The person of mystery)-D-Squire
  3. Danielle-(Girl)-(The same girl with the O.K. mood)-124oeo
  4. Tweek-(Boy)-(The Twitchy Hypo)-TheEvilOctorock
  5. Ivan-(Boy)-(The Funny Prankster)-124oeo
  6. Rachel-(Girl)-(The Mean Cheerleader)-Snowgirl57
  7. Explosivo(Boy)-(Not TDI)-(Explosive Lover)-TheevilOctorock
  8. Maria-(The Dumb One)- Mr. E*
  9. Ryan-(The Hot Guy)- Youre2490
  10. Drake-(Boy)-(Homicidal Evil Twin of Jake)-Codmister
  11. Jack-(Boy)-(The fast guy)-thebatmanman
  12. Max-(Boy)-(The Party Animal)- Mr. E
  13. Jake-(Normal Guy)- Codmister
  14. Courtney-(Girl)-(The Make-up artist)-Heather rocks
  15. Anonymous-(IDK LOL)-(you dont need to know)-teamnoah123
  16. Mech-(Boy)-(The Death Trap)-Plat- Main Antagonist

Hosts: Geoff and Bridgette-Codmister

TDI Sign Ups (Peanut Gallery) (CLOSED)

You can be a contestant and TDI character. You can be up to four TDI characters. Everyone who is not picked will be played by me

  1. Noah-teamnoah
  2. Cody-teamnoah
  3. Tyler-teamnoah
  4. Justin-Codmister
  5. Trent-Youre2490
  6. Ezekiel-teamnoah
  7. Heather-HeatherRocks
  8. Courtney-Kevvy9
  9. Lindsay-Sunslicer2
  10. Eva-Youre2490
  11. Sadie-Codmister
  12. Katie-Codmister
  13. Beth-Sunslicer2
  14. Duncan-Mr. E
  15. Harold-Youre2490
  16. Alejandro-Youre2490
  17. Sierra-Kevvy9
  18. Blaineley-Codmister
  19. LeShawna-Sunslicer2
  20. DJ-Mr. E
  21. Gwen-Sunslicer2
  22. Izzy-Kevvy9
  23. Owen-Codmister


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Elimination Table/Voting Table

Contestant Placing Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

8 (AF)

9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17(AF) 18 19 Merge Season 2
Kate 1st Losers SAFE NV SAFE Tweek NV SAFE Maria SAFE NV NV Gerard Gerard NV Jake Courtney Mech SAFE SAFE WINNER YES PASS
Gerard 1st Failures WIN WIN Danielle WIN SAFE SAFE Ryan SAFE Max Jack NV NV Max Mech Anonymous NV SAFE WIN WINNER YES PASS
Mech 3rd Failures Starts Day 3 Danielle WIN Rachel LOW Maria SAFE Max Jack Jack Gerard Max Jake Anonymous NV SAFE OUT YES PASS
Anoynomous 4th/5th Losers SAFE N.U. SAFE Tweek Ivan SAFE Maria SAFE Max Jack Jack Gerard Jake Jake Courtney YES PASS
Courtney 4th/5th Failures WIN WIN NV WIN NV SAFE NV SAFE NV NV NV Gerard Jake NV NV YES PASS
Jake 6th None Ryan QUIT Returns Day 12 NV Max Mech YES FAIL
Max 7th Failures Ryan SAFE WIN SAFE Rachel WIN Ryan SAFE Mech Hired Jack Gerard NV YES PASS
Jack 8th Losers Ryan SAFE WIN SAFE Ivan WIN NV SAFE Max Drake NV YES PASS
Drake 9th Losers SAFE N.U. SAFE Tweek Ivan SAFE Maria SAFE Max LEFT YES FAIL
Ryan 10th None NV Returns Episode 7 Maria OUT YES FAIL1
Maria 11th Losers WIN WIN Danielle WIN NV SAFE Ryan YES FAIL
Explosivo 12th Failures Ryan SAFE WIN SAFE NV OUT YES FAIL
Rachel 13th/14th Failures WIN WIN NV WIN NV NO FAIL
Ivan 13th/14th Losers Ryan SAFE WIN SAFE NV NO FAIL
Danielle 16th Amazon WIN WIN NV NO PASS
Genesis 18th Amazon WIN QUIT NO FAIL

Purple means invicibility Orange-red means would have been eliminated, but someone quit, before they left.


Week 12: No one was eliminated.

Maroon: Accidentally voted for him or hersel

DO NOT EDIT THE SEASON TWO COLLUM. White (teams) means they had no team during the week 5 swap. 1- Ryan originally didn't pass into the next season.


  1. No Godplaying
  2. No cursing except for crap, piss, and stuff like H*** with the stars. I wouldn't really care about the cursing but Im trying to make this like Total Drama
  3. Try and be a little active
  4. You can be at least 2 character
  5. You must sing in the songs or you will be eliminated unless i say if you sing that counts for your whole team.
  1. Two returns are allowed
  2. There will be an elimination every day unless I say so.


Drake's Alliance-Drake, Anonymous, Mech, Jack Leader Eliminated

Jack's Alliance- Jack, Kate Leader Eliminated

Ryan's Alliance-Ryan,Kate,Mech Leader eliminated

Anonymous's Alliance- Anonymous, Jake Leader Eliminated


Drake-Kate Attraction

Ryan-Courtney Attraction

Kate-Mech Attraction

Courtney-Mech Relationship

Ryan-Kate Attraction

Kate-Male Attraction

Kate-Gerard Relationship


Jake-Everyone Friendship

Explosivo-Jake Friendship

Drake-Anoynomous Friendship

Jack- Max Friendship

Jack- Kate Friendship

Max-Everyone Friendship (Except Mech)

Jack-Everyone Friendship (Except Mech)

Kate-Ryan Friendship

Ryan-Mech Friendship


Everyone-Mech Conflict

Everyone-Drake Conflict

Drake-Jake Conflict

Anonymous-Gerard Conflict

Kate-Drake Conflict

Gerard-Mech EXTREME Conflict

Pre-Game Chat

Codmister: Welcome Max!


Codmister: Someone's had a little too much coffee. Nice to meet you man.

Max:How'd you know? *jittering slightly*

Codmister: Lucky guess.. Welcome Courtney!


Codmister: Max, you are the team captain of Team Amazon because you arrived first. Courtney, since you arrived second, you are captain of Team Victory.

Courtney:Can I switch with Max?

Kate: *arrives, singing*

Max:Sure. I'll switch.

Courtney:Yes!Hi Kate!

Kate: C-GIRL! *high-fives her* How's it going?

Ryan: *arives* Hi


Codmister: Alright fine you can switch. Welcome Ryan and Kate!

Kate: HEY CODDY!...Or is it Cody?


Ryan:I think it is cod like the fish.

Kate: IKR??! Can I change my team name? To KIRRRRT! Kate is really, really, really, really, talented!


Ryan: Cod is really good.

Kate: I LOOOOOOOVE FISH! It's SO yummy!

Courtney:I don't like fish.


Courtney:Can't have my opinions?

Ryan: Sorry.

Courtney:It's okay..

Ryan: Your name is Courtney right?


Ryan: Thats a nice name.


Ryan: But you look familear.

Courtney:Not really,I don't know you much.

Ryan: You must look like someone I know I guess.



Ryan: Calm down Kate.

Courtney:Wait for Codemiester..

Ryan: His name is Codmister.

Kate: I know. I am just drematic!

Courtney:Oh,cool!(HR:Need to go!)

Ryan: I'm a Leo (Youre: Bye)

Max:Where are the other like... 15 contestants?

Rachel: Uhh why am i here

Codmister: Welcom Rachel. And yes kate you can change your name./.

Codmister: Also My name is supposed to be after Cody and idk what the 22 is for

Anonymous:(pops out forom behind rachel)i hide in the shadow

Rachel: Why me

Jack: How's it going all?

Rachel: Now bad

Gerard: When is life ever good? *sighs*

  • Explosion Sound*

Explosivo:Weeeeeeeeeee*FacePlants ground* Hi Everyone

Jack: Aren't you funny.

NU:My name.......Is unknown!

Rachel: you're soooooooooooo going down

Anonymous:Yes he is

Anonymous(CONF):im the one who is mysterious, NOT HIM

Max:(CONF) So we have 2 unnamed people.

Rachel: (CONF) Twin nerds ill call them pete and jon

Courtney:*sighs*Wow..(CONF)I love the team Name Team Amazon!

Rachel: Courtney lets make an alliance

Ryan: *is listening to them*

Courtney:What's in it for me?

Rachel: ill take you to the final 2 with me

Anonymous:(randomly swings down from ceiling and hangs like a bat)can i help

Rachel: no

Courtney:*thinks**to Rachel*Sure.(CONF)Maybe if I join I won't be a traget.

Rachel: Good ask kate if she wants to join

Ryan: *walks up*

Rachel: what

Anonymous:you really want me out that badly that you have to recruit all of my teammates

Courtney:What?*goes to Kate*Want to join an alliance with me and Rachel?

Ryan: I just herd eveything you said.

Courtney:What a stalker.

Rachel: Lets go

Ryan: I was over there at the time doing yoga.

Rachel: yoga nice idea

Anonymous:and im not a stalker either, i am just a guy who watches your every move

Rachel: fine pete


Ryan: Right..................


Ryan: Happy he's not on my team.

Courtney"No,happy he's not on my.

Anonymous:i take offense to that (not really)


Ryan: We meen Pete.

(sorry, im ussually gavin so i sometimes accidentally put him instead of anonymous, so if you see gavin, i mean anonymous)


Ryan: Chris can I swich teams?

Explosivo:Hey I find that offencive I should blow you up

Ryan: *backs away into Courtney* Sorry

Courtney:*whispers*It's okay...

Ryan: *keeps walking away but looks back and winks at her*

Courtney:*confuse*What was that for?

Ryan: *sitting agenst a wall*

Kate: *does a random flip and sings*

Courtney:*goes to Ryan*Why did you wink at me?

Ryan: I'm a bt to flurtitive.

Courtney:Why are fulrting with me?

Ryan: I flurt with almost any cute girl.

Courtney:*blushes lightly*You think I'm cute.

Ryan: Yes.


Ryan: I flurted with you when I got here.


Ryan: Remember that's a nice name.

Courtney:Oh,yeah.*sings Firework*

Gerard: I hate that song.

Ryan: Go away.

Gerard: That's what they all say. *sighs and walks to the corner of the room*

Courtney:*gasp*You hate it..

Ryan: Courtney calm down.

Gerard: I hate everything. Well, almost, everything.

Codmister: Hey Jack! Gerard my man! Great to meet u guys And you....mysterious people..

Codmister: Thats 10 people here. 7 more to arrive.... to keep you guys entertained, heres a pre game challenge!!!!!!!


Ivan:Knock Knock

Danielle:Whos there?

Ivan:interrupting duck

Danielle:interupting duck*at that time* Ivan:Quack!

Codmister: Hello Danielle and Ivan.

Codmister: And here comes Maria!

Pre-Game Challenge

Codmister: To gain an advantage in the first challenge for your team, you must answer the following:

Who was voted off 2nd in TDA?

Who won TDDDDI? (trick question)

What challenge was 5th in TDWT?

Codmister: The first person to get all of them right wins for their team, something to help them for the first challenge. Start!!



2.everyone in TDA except courtney

3.climb the statue of librity

Codmister: The last two are right.



2.Everyone in TDA except Courtney

3.Climb STatue of Liberty,Race with Baby Carrages

Codmister: Max got it!!!

Codmister: Max wins it for Team Victory, true to their team name. You guys win a map!!!

Gerard: I don't like my team? Will anyone switch? (I wanna be on Team Amazon! My friend is on it, and he's new, so I gotta protect him... or get rid of him)
Codmister: ok ur on team amazon now instead of Jack

Gerard: Okay.... (Jack was the friend... but I don't mind, at least he's away from Rachel)

Jack: *rocket noise* Thanks for trying to save me from Rachel.

Jack: *rocket noise* Wait to win for the team Max, and hello to my new team! This is why Max is the captian.

Gerard: I don't like him. *sighs* (if It's in parenthesis, it's not the character talking, it's the user, Jack)

Anonyous:(jumps in through a window)what happened

Gerard: *backs away* (Now confusing him Anon!)

Codmister: Now that we have our teams, lets START!

Walk Like An Egyptian Part 1

Codmister: Welcome to my attempt at a camp! Here we have 17 awkward teens with ous who will be competing for $1,000,000!! We still have to wait for the Plane we will be flying around all season so you guys talk amongst yourselfs.

Gerard: I thought that everyone knew that already. Oh well...

Anonymous:so.............................nice weather isnt it

Drake: Where's the f*** plane!! I can't wait this long!!!!! OOOOOOO look at that ant...*stares at ant*

Danielle: *sings We R who we R*

Gerard: I feel so alone.... *huddles in a corner* BUT I WILL WIN! (xD)

Jake: *talks to Gerard* Are you ok dude?

Gerard: *cries* No! Nobody likes me... except for Kermit....

Jake: I'll be your friend.

Gerard: And Kermit's too? *holds up a Kermit the Frog plushie*

Jake: Uhh... Yeah! We'll be like the three Musketeers! (i think i spelled it wrong XD)

Gerard: Friends... it feels nice. (Fixed it for you)

Anonymous:AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH...................enough mushy small talk*shoots plane driver on other side of runway*Thats our plane
Codmister: Anonymous... that wasn't our plane. Our plane is right here!! *points to a fancy jet*

Gerard: Does it really matter what plane we fly? We all know we're going to crash and die, anyway.

Codmister: Wait that plane is in our way.

Chef: *moves fancy jet*

Codmister: This is our plane!!! *points to Total Drama Jumbo Jet*

Codmsiter: If your team wins a challenge, they will get to sleep here in First Class *shows them first class* While the other teams will sleep here*shows them economy class* Any questions?

Anonymous:i have one, can i get arrested for killing that guy when we are in egypt

Codmister: I hope not. lets move on.

Max:So...Now what.

Anonymous:*props dead dude up in a standing position*we should just start flying i guess

Rachel: Yeah

  • Plane starts flying*

Codmister: Ok contestants, the best part about this camp is:.... You get to sing!!! You all mustsing at least one line in each episode, for good ratings. Try and dont make the song too long

Song One!!

Anonymous:*plne takes off*Were flying above canada , gonna get to egypt, the plane is falling apart, this broke down peice of ****

Gerard: If I fly in this plane, I will die in a bit. But for now I'll just scream, and hold on to Kermit!

Rachel:I want to live

Jake: I hope we don't crash and be dead in a dash

Drake: I still need to get my licence to kill!!! SO LAND THE CRAPPY PLANE!!

Anonymous:*holds up a gun*Thats insane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*laughs maniacally*

Rachel: Get me off the killing plane *Puts on makeup*

Anonymous:*still singing*calm down its a toy

Gerard: No he's not! He's a frog boy!

Rachel: Who

Gerard: Kermit, you foo'! (yay for rhymez!)

Jake: I really hope i live to see

my children, my wife and maybe try some ecstasy?

Drake: Shut up brother can't you see? Your as boring as a tree!

Max:Yeah. Uh... THREE!!! (XD)

Codmister: Come on kids keep on singing! If you don't you won't get the...uh winning?


Rachel: Land the planeCodmister: Remember all contestants must sing in each show or they will be immidiatley eliminated

Danielle and Ivan:I really want to surive on this plane!

Codmister: If you sang, you sang for your team so you are all safe.


Challenge 1: Race Through the Pyramid

Codmister: Welcome to Egypt!! You will have to navigate through a pyramid to be safe. The first five people of your team who gets there first wins for their team. Team Victory has a map through the pyramid although you can go over the pyramid. And START!!!

Gerard: *runs through the the third tunnel of the pyramid* I'm winning this!!!

Anonymous:I shall find my way through the shadows*closes his eyes and runs into a wall*oh crap

Jake: Ok the map says we should go.... That way. *points to a tunnel in a fork in the road*

Drake: (CONF) Even though I would like to kill all of these stupid teens, I still need someone to help. Someone who won't tell us his name...

Drake: Hey Anonymous! We should have a two person alliance to make it into the final two!

Anonymous:Okay, but we should talk about that later, we need to figure out which way to go

Drake: This might help *shows Team Victory's Map* Stole it from my brother and replaced it with a fake.

Anonymous:*laughs*dude,youre a genious

Drake: Come on, it says we go this way.

Jake:*sees a dead end* Wait this doesn't seem right. The map says this is the exit.

Gerard: *keeps walking through the pyramid and sees a mummy* Why did I ever think I could win this? I never win anything. Just like him. *stares at the mummy, sees it moves, and runs away*

Anonymous:look, its okay, lets just go back and win

Explosivo:Jake watch out this is gonna be big *puts explosives all over dead end*


Jake: Awesome Explosivo! *runs to finish*

Drake: Here's the exit! *runs to finish*

Codmister: Thats Jake, Drake, Explosivo and Anonymous. So far Team Amazon doesnt have anyone at the finish...

Gerard: *runs out of the pyramid and is still being chased by the mummy* I knew my life wouldn't last long! Not even dead people like me!
Codmister: Here comes Gerard! Thats two for Team Victory, two for Team KIRRRT and one for Team Amazon. Who will come next?

Jack: dang I am late lucky I am fast. I am gong over the pyramid.

Jack: *10 minutes later* A quarter way up! Is someone following me? Is that a **** sphinx! *getting chased*

Jack: *still getting chased* Somebody on Victory help me please!

Jack: *15minutes later* Fought of the sphinx at the top of the pyramid!

Jack: *starting to run down the pyramid slips and falls* Owwwwwwwwwww my shoulder is dislocated! OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW THERE GOES MY LEG!!!

Jack *limps across the finish line* MEDIC PLEASE!!!! INJURED CONTESTANT ON THE FEILD OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gerard: Wait! I forgot Kermit! *runs back into pyramid searching for Kermit*

Codmister: Medic!! *Chef shows up in nurse outfit and takes Jack to infirmery* Ok so thats three Victorys, two KIRRT and one... where's Gerard?

Gerard: *comes running back* I found Kermit! Now let's see who this mummy is. *unravels gauze* Old Man Jenkins?! Oh wait, that's Courtney!

Codmister: Ok now we have three Victorys, two KIRRRT and two Amazons.

Explosivo:ill go get Ivan and max

Jake: Hurry Explosivo!!

Tweek:Ah! I made it

Jack: *shouts from infirmary* Hurry Explosivo! My body is feeling better! I should be better by tomorrow!

Gerard: I hate my team.... (xD oh and Bat, you might wanna log in)

Codmister: Seems like Team Amazon is sucking.

Explosivo:*runs Walk Like An Egyptian Part 2out with the rest of Team Victory* ill be back in a sec.

Codmister: Team Victory takes the lead!

Gerard: (CONF) I think this is the first confessional of the season. Wait a minute, I actually achieved something! Wow, that's shocking, but forget it. I'm gonna vote for Rachel. I may be a downer, but she is too.

Explosivo:*runs out with the rest of contestants* RRRRUNNNN

Pyramid collapse's

Codmister: Ok everyone made it out so... a second challenge!!!

Gerard: *has Kermit up to his ear* Really? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Anonymous:Okay, lets win this

Anonymous:(CONF)I cant lose BOTH challenges

Tweek:Yeah I cant lose that would be to much pressure.AH!

Walk Like An Egyptian Part 2

Challenge 1 Part 2

Codmister: Ok, Team Victory got the closest to winning so they get a stick. Team KIRRRT got second so they get a goat and Team Amazon got last so they get a camel. You must bring your item to the other side of the river,(dont know its name), and cross the finish line. The first two teams there are safe.

Gerard: *climbs on camel's back* These things are so slow. We're gonna lose.

Tweek:AH! icant lose

Codmister: To make things fun *ding-ding!*

Song Two

Jake: We are stuck in this stupid desert

Anonymous:Its hot and painful

Ivan:We will never surive,Ouch!!!

Danielle:So windy I can not see

Gerard: And now, Kermit has to peeeeee-eeee

What is this show, doing to us?

In a desert, don't make a fuss

Yes it's true,

life does suck,

but then again, when does it not?

Anonymous:with pot

Drake: I'm sick of singing!

I might as well just quit.

But what about all that cash

I think I just took a S***

Max:YEAH!! Wait, no.

Courtney:Oh why did we get a camel?


Back to Challenge

Codmister: if you sang you sang for your team.

Jake: Come on Team! Lets move out! *starts running with stick*

Courtney:Go camel!*slaps it butt and starts going crazy and running *

Explosivo:Youll never catch us *uses smoke bomb*

Gerard: *falls off camel* help!!!!!

Courtney:*grabs his hand*(HR:It's The Nile River)

Drake: Move faster you stupid GOAT!!!!!!!!!! *goat goes slower*

Courtney:*camel slows down*Finaly..

Codmister: Team Amazon is in the lead!!

Courtney:Yes!*gets lost*Umm where are we?

Explosivo:Its time to go Extreme*makes a jetpack of fireworks*WWWWWHHHOOOOSSHHH

Courtney:That gets you no where.

Gerard: *gets Kermit to give him directions*

Courtney:Why are you talking to the camel?

Jake: There's the Nile!!

Gerard: No, this is Kermit! *holds up Kermit the frog doll*

Explosivo were almost there.

Courtney:*sees the Nile*Let's go*slaps the camles butt again and goes running toward it and then stop at the water*Yes!

Anonymous:We are far behind, we have to hurry

Courtney:*gets off Camel*Now what?

Gerard: We're way ahead, so they've got to go, we've got to give Kermit it a hand, maybe I don't knoooowww.

(Explosivo:gotta go)

Codmister: here's team Amazon!! You guys must make a boat to sail across the river using only stuff around you.

Jake: *arrives* Lets Get to work Team!!

Courtney:*making a boat*

Drake: *halfway there* I think i can see a camel!! Lets go FASTER!!!

Courtney:*halfway done with the boat*

Courtney:*looks at Gerard*Put your toy away.

Gerard: *covers Kermit's ears* Don't say that! He gets offended.

Courtney:Come on he's not even real.

Gerard: *gasps* How could you say that?

Courtney:Let's just get on with the challenge.

Gerard: Fine. *chops down cacti using Kermit as his axe*

Anonymous:UHhhhhhh..... we will never win*kicks goat but it feels like metal*HOLY CRAP, a robot goat

Jake: *finishes small boat* done!

Gerard: *attaches cactus strings to boat to keep it together* Done!

Courtney:*finishes a medium size boat*Let's go!*gets on the boat*

Drake: *uses random balloons to help the goat float* DONE!!

Gerard: *starts to row the boat across the river, with Kermit sitting on his side*

Drake: *balloons help go fast but is still behind Team Amazon*

Jake:*can't fit whole team*

Gerard: *takes cactus needles off of Kermit and pops the balloons* Thank you, Kermit!

Drake: We can still swim with the goat! GO!!!

Jake: Finally gets going

Codmister: *ding-ding* and watch out for alligators!!

Song 2 (Reprise)

Courtney:Oh alligators we aren't food.

Please don't be in a eating mood.

Gerard: The Nile, oh Nile River....

Don't wanna be, in de-nile!

On the Nile-on the nile river!

Anonymous:Drake, jump on the robot goat

Drake: OK OK OK!!

Jake: Why is my team sucking? We are Team Victory for something!!!

Courtney:Oooh oooh

Codmister: The Amazons.... WIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNN!!!

Courtney:*joins him*WIiiiinnn!Yeah!

Gerard: *ends song with final line* Ooooohhh, yeaaaahhh!

Challenge Results

1. Team Amazon

2. Team KIRRRT

3. Team Victory

Courtney:Yes we won!*hugs Gerard*

Codmister: Team Victory is voting someone out.

Gerard: Yeah! *hugs Courtney and Kermit*


Vote 1: Team Victory

Jake: I'll have to vote Ryan. He didn't help in the challenge or sing. *stamps Ryan's passport*

Max:I vote for Ryan, Sorry man *Stamps Ryan's Passport*

(Codmister: Mr. E, could you also play as your other characters? Good night.)

(Ok. Sry)

Explosivo:I cant believe we lost we were going so well at first. oh well *stamps ryan*

Jack: There isn't much to it *stamps Ryan's passport* sorry man.

Ivan:I agree *stamps Ryan's passport*

Codmister: Thats bye bye for the loser, Ryan.*hands Ryan parachute and Chef pushes him out*

Jake: Sorry dude.


Team Victory

  1. Max-(The Party Animal)- Mr. E(TEAM CAPTAIN)
  2. Ryan-(The Hot Guy)-Youre2490
  3. Explosivo(Not TDI)-(Explosive Lover)-TheevilOctorock
  4. Jack-(The fast guy)-thebatmanman
  5. Ivan-(Boy)-(The Funny Prankster)-124oeo
  6. Jake(Boy)-(The nice guy everyone can get along with)-Codmister

Team Amazon

  1. Courtney-(The Make-up artist)-Heather rocks(TEAM CAPTAIN)
  2. Rachel-(The Mean Cheerleader)-Snowgirl57
  3. Gerard-Overcompetitve Pessimist-Sunslicer2
  4. Danielle-(Girl)-(The same girl with the O.K. mood)-124oeo
  5. Maria-(Girl)- (The Dumb One)- Mr. E
  6. Genesis-(Girl)- (The Over-Religious Person)-THEBIGTDIFAN

And Apparently Kermit...


  1. Anonymous-(you dont need to know)-teamnoah123
  2. Name Unknown(The person of mystery)-D-Squire
  3. Tweek-(The Twitchy Hypo)-TheEvilOctoroc
  4. Kate-(the singer)-Kate4TDWT (TEAM CAPTAIN)
  5. Drake-(Boy)-(Evil twin brother of Jake)-Codmister

Super Crazy Happy Fun Time in Japan

First Class (Team Amazon)

Courtney:Ahh first class. This is the life 

Gerard: *sleeps*

Kermit: *puts his arm around Courtney*

Courtney:*takes it off slowly*

Gerard: *still sleeping across from Courtney and Kermit*

Kermit: *scoots closer*

Courtney:*scoots farther away*(CONF)That frog is creeping me out..*sees Kermit in The CONF,runs out screaming*

Kermit: *on Courtney's lap* Forever....

Gerard: *sleeping through all of this*

Courtney:What do you mean by forever?

Kermit: *grabs Courtney's hand* Forever!

Gerard: *wakes up*

Kermit: *falls limp, like nothing ever happened*

Gerard: What did I miss?

Courtney:Your frog likes me..did you know he can talk.

Gerard: What are you talking about? He's just a doll. I got him from this weird guy on the street. He said to me, "Cursed is thou who houses this creature." I thought he looked cute so I took it from him.


Gerard: Takes care of him.

Courtney:Oh.Now what?

Gerard: I don't know. I guess I'll tell you a story. Okay, so after the first week I got Kermit, my mom got me a cat for company, but that night, I heard my cat hissing, and when I woke up the next morning, I found kermit with a red stain on him and my cat dead. Weird, huh?

Courtney:*scared*Nervously*Yeah..(CONF)I'm so scared..

Gerard: Kermit's nice though.

Kermit: (CONF) *climbs through vents and is peeking in on Courtney* (GTG, Bye)

(HR:Bye.)Courtney:Yeah..Protect me.*jumos onto Gerard's arm*

Maria:YAY WE WON!!!

Tweek:*Hiding and spying on Kermit*

Rachel: Yes First class

Courtney:Like you did anything..

Rachel:I song And no one else did.

Kermit: *holds on to Courtney's hand*

Gerard: *oblivious to Kermit* Yeah, it was only me, Courtney, and Kermit that did the challenge! And Kermit's a doll!


Rachel: LaLaLaLaLa

Gerard: At least we know who to vote off.

Courtney:Real mature Rachel.*gets off of Gerard*

Gerard: *pouts*

Rachel: I was warming up my singing voice

Gerard: And now I'm warming up my voting off voice.

Courtney:Fine.*gets back on Gerard*

Gerard: *smiles* Another friend! Hear that Kermit?

Kermit: *turns his head towards Courtney*

Rachel:Where are we going

Courtney:*skakes in fear**gets closer to Gerard*I don't know..

Rache Who wants makeup

Kermit: *raises hand and points at Courtney while Gerard isn't looking*

Courtney:What did I do!?*holds tight to Gerard*

Kermit: FOREVER! *holds up dagger and Miss Piggy doll, then falls limp*

Rachel: What?

Courtney:I don't know...

Danielle:*walks in* Hey,guys!


Economy Class (Team KIRRRRT and Team Victory)\

Tweek:*outside confessional*Huh?*heres Courtney*AH! The Dolls Evil.

Explosivo:Tweek could you shut up im sleeping 


Explosivo:*walks of*

Tweek:*runs to first class*

Anonymous:well, second is better than losing

Anonymous(CONF):Now us and team victory are tied, we just need to have the amazons lose and everything is even again

Jake: (CONF) How could we lose? We did got so close to winning both challenges! We can not find ourselves at the drop of shame again.

Drake:(CONF) I need to get my stupid alliance with Anoymous to start moving. We need to sabotage the Amazons.

Jack: victory has the most potential out of everyone if Ryan would have participated than we would have won. By the way chef fixed me and I am back to normal.

Challenge 2

First off, If you are online now, put your characters name,ur team and your account name below this.

Rachel-snowgirl57-Team Amazon

Courtney-Heather rocks-Team Amazon.

Jake-Codmister- Team Victory

Drake-Codmister- Team KIRRRT

Gerard-Sunslicer2-Team Amazon

Kermit-Sunslicer2- Team Amazon

Jack-thebatmanman- Team Victory

Max-Mr. E -Team Victory

Maria- Mr. E-Team Amazon

Danielle-124oeo-Team Amazon

Ivan-124oeo-Team Victory

Anonymous-teamnoah123-team KIRRRT

  • floor drops and they all fall*
  • ding-ding!*

Codmister: Sing for your team or you are out!!

Genesis:I quit.

Song Three

Gerard: Blah!!!! (does Kermit have to sing?)

(CM: No)

Drake: If I have to sing again im quitting!

Danielle:WE are falling for our lives


Courtney:We're singing as were falling.

Jack: We will all die

Courtney:Well some are canonballing.

Jack : Why is the world so cruel? I love you mom!

Drake: Yeah!!! *cannonballs*

Anonymous:This crap is not rhyming*screams*

Rachel: Before we fall into the ground

Drake: So you want us to be miming?

Jake: I don't want to hear that crashing sound!!!

Rachel: Our lives are gonna be over soon


Back to Challenge 2

  • everyone lands in rice*

Codmister: Konichiwa and Welcome to Japan!!

Courtney:AHH!*falling*I don't want to die!

Jack: why'd Ryan get a parachute.

Jake: AHHH!!!!*falls and lands on Courtney* Sorry!

Rachel: I lived YES

Codmister: Ok we get it your all alive. Whoopdidoo.


Codmister: *brings them to a giant pinball machine* This is where the challenge happens.

Rachel: Wheres the pinballs

Codmister: You will be the pinball!

Rachel: We almost died you should be the pinball

Codmister: No Rachel. Each team must pick a person to roll around in the pinball with an animal. The one who scores the most points wins!!

(Codmister: Don't just go like they won or something. have something make them better or worse at the challenge)

Courtney:I nominate Rachel.

Codmsiter: So thats Rachel for the pinball challenge. Your animal is a panda!

Drake: *sneaks in panda nip* (like cat nip that makes it go crazy)

Anonymous:I volunteer, i have already avoided death once today, might as well go for it again

Jake: I'm sorry. I'm sick of this game. I QUIT. (he'll return) See ya bro.

Courtney:Good luck.

Codmister: So thats Rachel for Team Amazon, Anoynmous for Team KIRRRT and who will volinteer for Team Victory?

Rachel: Im not doing vit

Anonymous:*jumps in pinball*BRING IT ON

Codmister: *throws panda in with Anonymous* You can start when your ready.


Courtney:Fine I'll do it!*grabs a panda and gets in the pinnball*

Chef: Alright. *pulls back shooter and lets go* *Courtney's pinball goes speeding fast*

Anonymous:*spinning out of control and screams*This isnt very fun

Courtney:*hitting those point thing*Ow,Ow,Ow.
Amazon Panda: *looks at Courtney with affection and snuggles in her arms*

Rachel: Were winning

Courtney:Aw.*gets hit again*Ow.

Codmister: 40 points for the Amazons!

Anonymous:*slams against point things*OWWWWWWWWW............

Anonymous Panda: *growls and attacks*

Anonymous:I repeat, NOT FUN

Courtney:*hitting the point thing repeativly*Owwwww!!!

Courtney:*the pinball stop and is back at the studio place**gets out*Oww my head..

Jack: I will go in for Victory.

Jack: *10 minutes later* come on this is torture I am repeatedly hitting the point thing will I get any points?

Anonymous:*hitting point thing while covered in panda blood*

Anonymous:(conf);*dressed like a vietnam war vetern*never **** with me man, DONT DO IT

(HR:Can I say I got 1,000 points because each hit is like 100.)Courtney:Ow..

(CM: yeah)

Courtney:Here's the panda.*gives it back to Codemister.*

Codmister: Team Amazon wins!!!

Codmister: Second is Team Victory.
Courtney:*to her team*Your welcome..*faints*

Codmister: And last is Team KIRRRT for hurting the panda.

Challenge 2 part 2

Anonymous:(im sorry if that offended anyone, but hes a psycho)

Codmister: The next part of the challenge is to create and direct your own Japanese commercial for Chef's Codmister Sexy yummy Tum Tum Happy Fun time fish sticks.

Codmister: Since Team Amazon won, they get to choose their props first, then Team Victory and then Team KIRRRT GO!

Courtney:I made my commercial.

Team Amazon Set

Courtney:*finding stuff*Hmm exploding fish sticks.with fireworks.That would work.*makes the commercial*

Team Victory Set

Jack: okay here are the things left- regular fish sticks, a godzilla costume and a food gun *thinking* Victory is ready.


Anonymous:okay............all thats left is a tiger woods mask and some gatorade

Drake: I could dress up as Tiger Woods!!??

Anonymous:Thats the best we have, and if we have gatorade in the commercial that might help

Drake: I got it! I could be Tiger Woods and favor the stupid fishsticks over gatorade!!

Challenge Results

Codmister: Ok (descibe) show Chef the commercials. Whichever one he likes best wins invincibility!

Anonymous:do we acctually preform our comercials Jack: Chef are you gonna reveiw these or what this is taking forever.


Anonymous:we all know that tiger woods is the most honest and beloved man in the world, so we wanted to see which he liked better, Gatorade, or chefs yummy fish stick............thingys

Chef: Lame and stupid.

Team Amazon:

Courtney:The commercial is about five fish sticks exploding and then fireworks appear and then it says Yumm.Eat them!

Chef: I don't know why but I love explodin stuff

Team Victory

Jack: Godzilla is attacking Japan looking for food. All he can find are these low brand frozen fishsticks. Then the military comes in and shoots chef's mouthwatering yummy fishsticks into godzilla's mouth. Godzilla is satisfied and never seen again.

Chef: That was good.

Chef: The Winner is Team Amazon! Second Place Team Victory and last team KIRRRT with their stupid Tiger Woods thing. You lose and your kickin someone off. Tonight!

Vote 2: Team KIRRRRT

Drake: I vote Name Unknown. He didn't do anything! *stamps Name Unknown's passport*

Codmister: You have one more day to vote (I had to stay home sick today)

Tweek:AH! I vote Kate I hate her

Anonymous:I vote Name unknown, i WILL be the only unknown person here

Codmister: That's bye bye for... Whatever that guys name was

Anything Yukon Do I Can Do Better

First Class: Team Amazon

Courtney":Yes again!(CONF)Hopefully Kermit doesn't do anything..

Kermit: *is locked in a cage* KILL!

Gerard: *eating a cookie in first class* Yummy.

Courtney:*is next to him**siping a juice*

Gerard: *looks at ceiling* Why is their red stuff dripping form the ceiling?

Courtney:*gets scared*I don't know.(CONF)I hope Kemit doesn't kill me.

Kermit: *shoots an arrow at Courtney's head, but misses*

Gerard: What was that?

Courtney:Protect me.*sits on Gerard's lap and ducks*

Gerard: You sure like sitting on my lap...

Courtney:Yeah,just protect me.*gets closer to Gerard*

Gerard: *shrugs then cuddles with Courtney*

Courtney:Please stop that.

Gerard: The get off my lap.... Kermit's just a doll, and I'm just a weirdo.

Courtney:*gets off his lap*I'm going to DIE!

Gerard: He's a f******* doll! *has a knife go past his head, then holds on to Courtney* Ahhhhhh!!!

Courtney:*ducks*Oh my gosh..

Gerard: *screams* We're gonna die!

Kermit: My pretty, you will make a beatiful Miss Piggy, and you, idiot master, shall be our child!


Gerard: Anything you wanna say before we die?

Courtney:No.....I mean Yes..*screams*HELP!

Gerard: *sighs* (CONF) Not what I had in mind.

Kermit: * comes in confessional*

Gerard: Okay... *follows Kermit back to first class*

Courtney:What are your final words Gerard?

Gerard: *looks down* Please get off my lap. *smirks*

Courtney:I am!*grabs a gun under a seat and shoot Kermit multiple times*

Kermit: *falls over*


Gerard: *staring in awe* (CONF) Hot.... where'd she get the gun?

Courtney:I win!

Gerard: *depressed* Can I see that gun for a second?

Courtney:Sure.*gives it to him*

Gerard: Thanks! *takes the gun to the bathroom, you hear a bang, and red pours out from the door*


Gerard: *walks out with a broken watermelon* I knew blowing this up would make me feel better.


Gerard: *shrugs* I just imagine the head of the person I'm mad at when I shoot.

Courtney:Who are you mad at?

Gerard: No one in particular.

Rachel: Dont shoot me

Anonymous:*kicks gun out of gerards hand*guns dont kill uh...........i kill people, with guns

Mech: Hello...teammates. *walks in with sunglasses on* not on this team but okay, nice to meet you*goes back to loser class*

Courtney(Kermit): *kisses Gerard*

Mech(Kermit): *punches Gerard*

(I like controlling other chars =D)

Economy Class: Team Victory and Team KIRRRT

Jack: We didn't lose! So KIRRT who you voting off

Tweek: IM SAFE

Explosivo:from who?

Tweek:Kermit that doll gerard has

Explosivo:Ok. *walks off*

Tweek:Wait it said it will be back AH! Im gonna Die.

Jack: What will it take to expose that doll to Gerard.

Tweek:He found out that its evil. Courtney shot it multiple the head

Drake: Tweek go vote!! We have to get rid of Name Unknown!!

Rachel: HELP

Anonymous:*looks at rachel*i voted name unknown, so i think hes gone

Anonymous:Ever since i allegedly"killed"that panda, my license to kill has been revoked, it was either that or jail, and i cant live with the stuff that happens in jails*shudders*

Rachel: Not him Gerard he has a gun

Anonymous:Ohhh......*kicks gun out of his hand*better

Rachel: Thx *goes back to first class*

Drake: Ok,Tweek, Anonymous, the next to go is Kate. Deal?

Anonymous:Yeah, shes an easy target

Drake: Ok then we'll be the final three cuz of our new alliance.

Tweek:OK (GTG)


Drake: (CONF) Ahhh beautiful...But I need this alliance with Tweek and Anonymous to work out....*sighs* Kate...

Kate: (CONF) Drake and Mech are amazing...but I feel like they hate me. *looks sad*

Anonymous:guys, we have o win next time, or at least come in 2nd, because i dont want to vote anyone else off

Jack: Is anybody worried that dead doll might posses someone? Maybe when we stop in New York City we can find the guy who gave Gerard the doll and get the curse reversed.

Anonymous:we can do that if we go to new yor, it would be a good side challlenge

Kermit: *possesses Jack*

Jack(Kermit): I like cheese. (Am I allowed to do this, Cod?)

(Codmister: Sure it will be cool)

Challenge 3

Before we start, put your character's name, team, and username beneath this if you will be participating in Tonights Challenge.

Drake-Team KIRRRRT-Codmister

Max-Team Victory!- Mr. E


Anonymous-Team KIRRRT-teamnoah123

Jack- Team Victory- thebatmanman

Mech- Team Amazon- Plat

Kate-Team KiRRRRT-Kate

Codmister: Ok everyone! Welcome to the Yukon!! *in comfy jacket*

Anonymous:OHHHHHHHH a fellon in canada remember

Kate: Were are OUR jackets?

Codmister: Chef has them.

Chef: *drops jackets in lake*

Codmister: Alrighty then.
Codmister: You all will be representingyour team in today's challenge!!

Jack: Thanks chef.

Codmister: Drake, you have to sit out this one

Drake: Crap!

Codmister: You must all find your teams flags scattered around the Yukon!

Jack: do you know how f****** big Yukon is!!!

Codmister: Yes, yes I do :) GO!!!!!

Codmister: Also, Green flags are wild cards!!

Jack: my speed could be a factor Max.

Jack: my best guess is it is in the most dangerous places in Yukon.

Jack: Lets go victory.

Jack: I'll go check on top of that gigantic mountain. *starts sprinting*

  • Flag is next to seal*

Anonymous:I WILL FIND THAT FLAG*hdisappears behind a glacier

Mech: *starts to look for flags*

Drake*through walkie-talkie* Anoynomous! There is a flag right near that glacier!

Jack: *finally gets to top of mountain panting* I got a flag that's one for Victory. * slides down side of mountain*

KAte: *dives into water* COLD! *finds a flag* Thank...god...*shivering*

Codmister: Ok thats one flag for Team KIRRRRT and one for Team Victory. The one team to get to three wins!

Jack:* rolls around in snow to cool down*

Jack: *Spots flag in tree and starts climbing*

Mech: *sees flag in avanlanche* Go! *throws Gerard in the avalanche*

Codmister: Thats two flags for Victory, one for Amazon and one for KIRRRRT

Jack: *Grabs flag, slips, and face plants ground* I got the flag and OWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!

Max:*Finds a flag* Got it!

Codmister: Victory wins!!!

Jack: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous:*looks where drake told him and finds a flag*Yes

Codmister: KIRRRRT gets 2nd!! Looks Like Amazon is going to elimination!

Elimination Day 4: Team Amazon?/Song Four

Codmister: To make this fun, you must sing about who you are voting out and why and why you should'nt be voted out. Anyone who doesn't sing is OUT!!

Anonymous:*comes out with drums from the corner*i just like helping with the songs*starts playing*

Jack: do other teams have to sing Codmister?

Codmister: Not unless they want to.

The theme is to Her Real Name Isn't Blaineley

Gerard: I should not be voted off, because I did the first challenge. And Danielle, dumb gal, she should not be here!

Codmister: Mech must stay, cuz duh it is his first day here! He has invincibility so listen with your tiny ears!

Mech: But Danielle's a nasty fake blonde schemer who is just very mad! That I will dominate our team and your alliance!

Maria:Hey! I sang So I STAY! I vote for Danielle.

Anonymous:*screams while playing the accordian*you three should stay, its a fact, vote rachel off you idiots

Drake: I cannot believe why I want, to vote off someone like Kate, it breaks my tiny heart!

Stowaway: They thought they had left me and depart, but this person's got winning is his heart!!

Courtney:Hey I wanted to sing.


Codmister: With three vots against her, Danielle is out! *hands Danielle parachute and kicks her off*

Courtney:You lost while I was gone!I hate you.

Jack: what about the people who didn't sing.

COdmister: haha yeah I lied

Broadway, Baby!

First Class: Team Victory

Jack: *adjusts seat* this is very relaxing I gotta get hear more often.

Max:I know right.

Economy Class: Team KIRRRRT and Team Amazon

Drake: (CONF) We just can't seem to win or lose!!

Courtney:*sighs*We are in loser class!WHY!

Anymous:because you lost*laughs maniaclly*it happens to us all the time

Courtney:Shut up.

Drake: Come on sweetcheeks, alliance? We'll make sure you don't get kicked off.

Courtney:1,don't call me "sweetcheeks",2.Sure. Jack: *enters lower class and talks to Gerard* you better watch out for Drake he has his hands on your girl.

Kate: *shivering with blankets* cold. toes

Drake: *looks away from Kate and slides an extra blanket to her*

Courtney:Are you okay Kate?

Kate: *grabs the blanket and smiles at Drake* I'm....i'm fine. *sneezes*

Anonymous:and if you lose your toes, dont worry, surgery does wonders now-a day


Jack: I am sorry your cold want to come into first class? It has heat.

Mech: Ooh...another tough guy. I'll watch out for you.

Jack: Courtney I didn't mean to offend you I am not here to make rivals.

Courtney:Go away JACK!

Kate: *sternly I...I wanted to...elilimin-*sneeze*

Drake: No. Your helping out our team. Next is Tweek

Courtney:I'll never lose not next time.

Gerard: Yeah, I miss first class. *remembers last first class*

Mech: So...fellow Amazons. Hey...wait...*looks at Courtney* Nope, never mind.

Drake: With that freaken doll?

Gerard: She wasn't possessed! At least I don't think she was.

Mech: Hey...Gerard, is it? How's your life going for ya?

Gerard: Bad? We did just lose. (CONF) Mech is acting weird.

Courtney:*to Mech*What!?

Jack: I deeply apologize for that Kate. I was raised a gentleman so if you would care to join me and my team in first class you may. It would be our pleasure. *exits lower class*

Challenge 5: New York!

Codmister: Welcome to the Big Apple, New York!!

Mech: Well, I would like to get along with you Amazons to try to win challenges. (CONF) Ugh...I hate playing nice! *rolls eyes*

Courtney:Great.*rolls eyes*

With Every challenge: Put your name, team and username below for Tonights challenge

Jack-Team Victory-thebatmanman

Drake-Team KIRRRRT- Codmister

Gerard-Team Amazon-Sunslicer2

Courtney-Team Amazon-Heather rocks

anonymous-teamnoah123-Team KIRRRT


Codmister: Alright. Your first challenge is kinda complicated.

Jack: Great!


Kate: NEW YORK!!

Jack: we might be able to reverse kermit's curse.

Courtney:Curse? Codmister: That's the point of the first challenge. Find the man that sold him Kermit and get rid of the curse before he kills us all

Jack: you know after you shot him he said I will return.


Courtney:Gerard you find him,you know the most.

Jack: wait a minute that is an unfair advantage for amazon considering oh I don't know HE KNOWS WHAT HE LOOKS LIKE!!!!!

Gerard: Follow me, Court! *whispers* He's old, with blue hair, wears no shirt, has a beer gut, and is wearing moldy underwear.

Courtney:*solling him*Ew.

Jack: Codmister is this even the challenge.

Codmister: No. This is a life or death matter!

Jack: So this doesn't affect the game?

Courtney:Life or DEATH!

Mech: LIfe or death? I'm your guy. *takes out pocketknife*

Jack: How about we all put aside our differences to find this creep.

Drake: Sure

Courtney:Gerard where is this creep?

Gerard: There! *points toward a hobo then runs to him* Are you the guy that I stole a Kermit from?

Hobo: No, eh. But I got this wallet from a nincompoop with a toque.

(CM: this is pretty epic)

Courtney:Your useless.*goes the other way*

Kate: *shivering, falls over* I...I'm not much *sneeze* Help.

Drake: Me and Kate will wait here.

Courtney:*sees that there's two ways*I'll go right.*goes right*

Anonymous*runs back and kills hobo*youre useless.

Kate: *leans aganst Drake* Soo.......soo me warm?

Drake: Sure*gets closer to her*

Jack: I'll wait with Kate and Drake to.

Gerard: *remember's something* Right! *takes right, but runs into a gang hideout* Oh, crap!

Courtney:Hmm.*looking around*

Jack: Drake and kate I grew up in these part and there is a sauna near here if you guys want to stop by and defrost Kate.

Drake: Sounds good for Kate to feel better


Jack: yep lets go.

Kate: Thanks.... *sneeze* guys...

Jack: Your welcome.

Gerard: *tied to a bomb* Help!

Hobo with blue hair: Sing, little monkey!

Gerard: I should have just gone left, now I'll never get me a BFF!

Courtney:A dead END!?*turns around and sees the guy that sold Kermit*Umm...Do I really have to sing?

Jack: Kate feeling better?

Gerard: I know I'm going to die so... *kisses Courtney then blows up*

Courtney:What the heck.Can we kill the guy that sold Kermit?

Kermit: *possessed Gerard before he died, and used his ghost powers to get him out of the building* I can't kill the kid, he loved me.

Courtney:*beating up the hobo that sold Kermit*

Gerard: *runs in and helps Courtney* Stay away from her!

Courtney:I can handle this.*kicks him and then throws him*

Kate: *comes out of spa looking better than ever* We have a game to win. *runs in a random directon*

Gerard: *ties up hobo* Team Amazon wins!

Courtney:Yes!*hugs Gerard*

Mech: Congrats, "team"!

Courtney:Like you did anything,and stop pretending you are not a nice person I can tell so please stop.

Mech: So you're opposing me??? Not nice...

Courtney:Come on we all here your "Not nice"Voice in your tone.

Mech: *rolls eyes* Well, we all see your obvious crush on Gerard.

Courtney:I wouldn't be talking he actually does something unlike you.

Gerard: Is someone defending me? *confused*

Mech: I would've helped if I was assigned to the challenge. But I wasn't.

Courtney:You were.*puts her hand over Gerard*Don't talk!

Gerard: *sighs*

Kate: *runs up to them* Hey guys!

Mech: Oh, hello opposition.

Gerard: *knees Mech in the groin* And I thought I was hopeless.

Courtney:*gets the gun she had since first class**shoots the hobo*He's no use anymore.

Mech: *on ground* Ooh...Gerard...whatthe heck was that for?

Gerard: *stares at hobo* Poor hobo.

Courtney:I want to use this gun again..(CONF)I really do..

Kate: *helps Mech up* Are you ok? *to Gerard and Courtney* Guys!

Mech: Oh...I'm fine opposition. (CONF) Why do people thin I'm mean? I'm a nice, friendly person that is EASY to get along with. >:)

Courtney:What?*shoots another hobo*

Gerard: But he called you a b****, Kate!

Mech: So you're playing it that way, huh Gerry? Hmm...Gerry...good nickname...

Courtney:That's true.

Gerard: Court's a good nickname, too. *puts hit arm around Courtney*

Courtney:*takes it off slowly*...

Mech: What's that Gerry? That's the sign of rejection. >:)

Courtney:*rolls eyes*

Gerard: *mad at Mech* Oh yeah? *kisses Courtney again* She doesn't care.

Courtney:*seems like kicking Gerard but kicks Mech*Don't think your the best around here!

Mech: Ouch! Alright, I never knew you two were this far in. *backs off*

Courtney:I have no idea what you said.

Mech: Well, I have no idea about you having no idea about me having an idea on your idea of what I said. >:)

Courtney:Trying to confuse me not working.

Mech: Whatever. You two have fun playing your little romance games. *rolls eyes*

Courtney:We are not playing no romance game,one thing you might as well stop or I'll kick you off.And Mech take this.*shoot shim on the leg*Now who's tough.

Mech: Oww!!! Was that a real gun???

Courtney:What do you think.

Gerard: Yeah, I use it when I get mad at myself.

Mech: I think...that you can't stop giving me attention. *faints from lack of blood*

Courtney:*puts a bandaide on his leg*(HR:Gtg bye,)

Explosivo: oh im glad I got to you guys in time. If you see a hobo with blue hair run cause I sold him a bomb for a doll. hey if you look closly it kinda looks like a kid kermit.

Anonymous:go courtney, violence is always the answer

Jack: Max care to make an alliance?


Jack: Great!

Jack- Explosivo alliance?


Anonymous*comes out of store*they have everything in new york, i just bought a cinnabun from a book seller/crack dealer

Jack: Codmister are we gonna have a challenge or not?

Gerard: *sees Mech flirting with Courtney* I knew it was too good to last. (Jack, go on chatango... it's on homepage scroll down and look around, then click link)

Courtney:What?*looks at Gerard*

Gerard: Mech was flirting with you. *breaks the fourth/third/second/first wall and points up at Mech's line*

Courtney:He was how?

Gerard: "I think.... that you can't stop paying attention to me."


Kate: You two are SO cute together. *pushes them together and sighs* (XD)

Courtney:What is your deal Kate.*gets off of Gerard*

Anonymous:ya, mech is a psychotic freak, now be quiet so i can kill that pigeon for the penny in its mouth*aims rifle*

Jack: I'm calling animal abuse.

Kate: *to Court* What's YOUR problem Miss. DOWNER?! *sings*

Courtney:What's your problem always singing at the wrong time.

Gerard: Courtney, why do you hate me?

Mech: *looks at Gerard* What do you mean? You two were made for each other!

Courtney:*to Gerard*I don't hate you.And Mech,say one more thing and I'll shoot you were you don't want to get shoot.

Anonymous:need this*throws her the rifle*

Kate: *laughs* He's right you know! Kissy, kissey.*to COurt* Shoot where you don't want to get shoot? Nice grammer...

Courtney:shut up!*shoots and almost hit KAte(*

Jack: can we please make it the entire season without any fatalities.

Gerard: *sighs* You can admit it Courtney.

Kate: *smiles at Jack* Thanks Jack...I think.

Jack: you are welcome! :)

Courtney:Fine.jst don't mess with me.

Jack: point taken

Gerard: *sighs again* You can admit that you hate me Courtney...

Courtney:I won't your like my only friend here.Unless Kate stops making fun of me.

Anonymous:wow alot of mushy crap happens without a challenge

Courtney:That's kinda true..

Gerard: *sings to himself* Here we go again.... I kinda wanna be more than friends... So take it easy on me... I'm afraid you're never satisfied!

Mech: *rolls eyes* Why do you two keep denying each other?

Courtney:Fine.*kisses Gerard*Happy!?

Anonymous:while filming*with a little editing the internet will be

Gerard: *hugs Courtney* Finally!

Jack: Congrats Gerard.

Courtney:*hugs back*

Kate: AWWWWWWW!!!! *claps*

Courtney:...*claps also*

Anonymous:*cheers*YAAAAA...........people i dont know well in love

Courtney:*slaps Anonymous*You annoy me..

Jack: You two should go for a walk in central park. Anybody want to go sightseeing with me?

Gerard: We need to talk. *pulls Courtney into an alley*

Mech: (CONF) Part one: complete. Next up, Jack and Kate... >:)

Gerard: We need to get Jack out. He's made too many alliances. And one of them is with Kate. You don't bring someone to a sauna for no reason.

Courtney:Fine.but I am in no use of alliances.

Anonymous:(CONF):i was an a-hole to gerard and courtney, so i thought i wouold do something nice for them

Anonymous:FREE CAKE


Kate: This is romantic and junk *rolls eyes* But what about the challenge? What about WINNING?

Jack: What Kate said!

Courtney:My team won already..

Anonynomous*throws cake backwards*when the **** did that happen, i mean at what time did this event occur

Kate: Whatever. Let's see the sights. I was born in New York, you know? Lived there all my life...'till Jamie and I moved to Montreal. Then I joined a couple reality shows...met lots of new people...etc. Tell me baby, do you reconize me? It's been a year, that doesn't supirze me.

Mech: Ugh...part two is gonna be annoying... *rolls eyes*

Anonymous:im going back to the cinnabun store

Jack: let's go Kate.

Gerard: *snickers* He has no chance.


Gerard: *kisses Courtney again* Thanks for agreeing with me.

Anonymous:*two hours later*so who was second, KIRRRT or Victory

Mech: (CONF) Dealing with this "Jack" is gonna be harder than I thought...

Kate: *smiles at Jack and Mech* It's nice to have friends like you!

Explosivo:Acually My team shoulda won I found the guy first I just gave him an explosive instead but how am I meant to know what he looks like and I dont know how to get rid of a curse.

Anonymous:i just randomly shot a hobo, that should win it for us, plus we have a numbers disdvantage

Drake: Wait. I'm your friend right Kate? *looks really hopeful*

Codmister: (sorry about delay) Ok!!! WE'RE SAVED! Team Amazon wins invinciblility! For the rest of you, you will be the only teams competing in today's challenge.

Real Challenge

Codmister: You're fist challenge is to climb the Statue of Liberty with your team's respective ropes. KIRRRRT on the left and Victory on the right. When you get up there, grab a baby carridge and slide down the pole to get to the ground. First team there gets an advantage in the next challenge. GO!!
Drake: *starts climbing* (CONF) I NEED TO WIN THIS FOR KA...I MEAN MY TEAM!!!! WE NEED TO BE SAFE!!!

Anonymous:*while climbing*so we vote tweek now, right

Jack: *Starts climbing*
Drake: No Duh we get rid of Tweek.

Anonymous:its just that you said kate before so.........

Drake: *interupts* That was just to gain Tweek's trust

Jack: *still climbing*

Codmister: Looks like Team Victory is in the lead

Drake: We need to lose.

Jack: *reaches top and finds carridge*

Jack: *grabs carridge and slides down pole but clothing gets stuck on something*

Anonymous:*gets to top*we need to get the freckin carridge*does izzy flips and grabs carriddge*lets go

Drake: *jumps down*

Jack: *struggles to get loose but eventually does get loose and slides down rest of pipe*

Anonymous:*slides down pole*CRAP!!!!!!!!

Jack: (Codmister what now?)

Gerard: You can do it Anonymous! *quietly* Now he can't. (Win the challenge?)

Courtney:Starts climbing*

Jack: (Courtney you already won you don't have to climb)

Courtney:What I can't get extra credit.?

Jack: sadly I don't think so

Courtney:*climbs to the top*What!?I can't hear you.*flips to where the carriage is**goes the pole and holds onto the carriage while she goes down*

Gerard: *starts climbing* Court, you're going to hurt yourself! Please stop! We already win immunity, and I'm sure we can get Maria, Mech, and Rachel to leave first class for a while, if you know what I mean! (xD)

Courtney:Nooo*goes down the pole*

Gerard: *goes down pole, too* Court, stop now before you get hurt!

Courtney:Let me be free.

Kate: *climbing* Ow...ow...ow...ow....*makes it to top* OWWW!

Gerard: *holds Courtney* We won already!

Courtney:*hits the bottom*Ow..

Kate: *trying to get baby carrage* Steady...steady...GOT IT! *goes down pole* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Gerard: *walks up to Courtney* I told you to stop. *picks her up and carries her to the infirmary*

Explosivo: *reach's bottom* let go *grabs carrage and runs*

Tweek:*goes down pole*AHHHHH!

Anonymous:tweek, drake is plotting to get rid of you

Courtney:I don't need to go to the infirmary*

Codmister: Team Victory won! Looks like Team KIRRRRT is voting someone out.

Gerard: Too bad. I'm still taking you to the "infirmary". *winks*

Tweek:AH done 5 crates of coffee in the plane

Vote 5: Team KIRRRRT

Drake: I..I have to vote Tweek.

Anonymous*sighs*tommorow, i know i will feel like a dumb*** but i have to vote tweek

Kate: *smiles cutely at Drake* I vote Tweek. (CONF) Having Jake and Derak on my side is awesome!

Anonymous:so, fianl three of KIRRRT

Tweek:*clinging on plane*Im not leaving my coffee behind

Anonymouis:*throws him coffee*i am really sorry

Explosivo: I dont think he's gonna be able to catch that besides he'll let go eventually well Im going back to first class

Gerard: Justin Beiber! *points and legasps* Loser.

Anonymous:can i shoot that one

Gerard: No. *pushes JB out of plane* Idiot.

Slap Slap Revolution

Dining Room

Codmister: I have called you all here to tell you guys something... NEW TEAMS!!!!

Mech: *rolls eyes* What fun.


Rachel: What teams

Explosivo yeah what teams.

New Teams

Screaming Failures

  1. Gerard
  2. Mech
  3. Rachel
  4. Courtney
  5. Max
  6. Explosivo

Killer Losers

  1. Kate
  2. Jack
  3. Anoynomous
  4. Ivan
  5. Maria
  6. Drake

Losers Chat

Anonymous(CONF):great, just ****ing great, as soon as i was getting a dependable ally, im on my own again, i have to gain the trust of my new teammates, and i know how

Anonymous:FREE CAKE

Jack: I could go for some food!

Jack: Anybody care for an alliance?

Drake: Hello new team! *evil grin* (CONF) If I'm going to win this, all of the players on my team are going next. So we have to lose every challenge.

Kate: *smiling* This is awesome! Jake, I would love to be apart of your alliance!

Jack: Hey Drake! How's it going?

Ivan:*watches video* Throw some Ds on the b****

Anonymous:????????????? alright then, hey drake

Failures Chat


Courtney:This is so wierd..



Gerard: (I know I'm not on this team) Hey, Drake... Wanna switch teams? I wanna be with Courtney,and watching Jack and Kate his on each other is getting annoying.

Mech: I dunno...I don't think team switching is allowed...

Gerard: I've switched before.

Drake: YES I'LL SWITCH!!!(CONF) *looks at camera silently* WHOOO HOOOO!

Gerard: *sneaks into first class with Courtney*

Courtney:What do you want?

Gerard: I need to tell you something important.

Courtney:What is it?

Gerard: I'm really not sure how to say this.

Courtney:What is it,wait don't tell me,I want to break up with you.

Gerard: What?!

Courtney:You worry too much,and I want to stay focoused..

Gerard: *shocked* What did I do to you?

Courtney:I knew you were going to break up with me so I did it myself..

Gerard: *confused* I was just gonna tell you that Jack has a crush on you! *mad* But if this is how you feel, then....!

Courtney:What!?Anyways,then WHAT!?Huh,I don't need you.

Mech: Woah...that was harsh. Even I wouldn't break up THAT suddenly. Oh, wait, never mind.

Gerard: What do you mean you don't need me? If it weren't for me, a hobo would have killed you!

Courtney:*takes out her gun*Your not in this!*points the gun at Mech*And Gerard..I couldv'e done it myself..

Gerard: *gently pushes gun down* You're not killing two hearts today.

Courtney:I might as well do this!*going crazy*I bombed this plane*manically laugh*

Gerard: Courtney! Stop! You're just going to end up killing yourself!

Courtney:No,but I put clues all over this plane that will tell you how to disbomb this plane..*grabs the last parachute**breaks a window and jumps off*.

Gerard: *grabs Courtney before she jumps off* Oh no you don't!

Courtney:*kicks him*Ahh!*falls down*

Gerard: *falls down, too, with Courtney on top of him* Come on.... Don't do this. We all care about you. *coughs* Except for Mech... *coughs*

Courtney:No they don't..

Gerard: Yes... They do... Or at least I do... *leans in and kisses her*

Courtney:Why did you do that?

Gerard: Because one, I care about you. And two, you were so confused you didn't notice me handcuffing your hand to the chair.


Gerard: *takes out a puppy* Tell me where the bomb is or the puppy gets shot!

Courtney:You don't have the guts.

Gerard: *shoots puppy's leg* You sure?

Courtney:I'm sure..

Gerard: Either you calm down, and admit you still like me, or I will shoot this puppy in the head! *holds gun up to puppy's head*

Courtney:Go ahead kill the puppy..But you will also kill me..

Gerard: How would I be killing you?

Courtney:That puppy can triger the bomb on me..

Gerard: You put them bomb on you.... *sighs* It's creepy how she sits there, and don't even think. I don't want to see her bum, all naked and pink!

Mech: No one hurts my puppy Scoopula!! *takes puppy away*

Courtney:Scoopula?And Gerard..GET ME OUT OFF HEAR!

Mech: So you're making fun of my Scoopy? Fine, no bomb remote for you. *throws controller into random lake*

Courtney:I was questioning it's name..

Gerard: *takes bomb off of Courtney, throws it out of plane, and laughs* Well that's over with. *frees Courtney and big explosion happened* Cool! It hit New York City! mean Lady Liberty...

Mech: know, I'd rather not know...anyways, we need to beat the Losers and stick as a team.

Courtney:*puts arm around both of them*We should make an alliance..

Gerard: Didn't you just dump me, though?

Ryan's Notebook: *falls from a hatch in the cealing*

Courtney:Fine.don't be in it.*takes arm off him*

Gerard: *sighs* Why did we even break up, anyway?

Notebook: *comes open*

Courtney:*notices the book*..You

Notebook: Wow Courtney is just so hot and nice.

Mech: Ok....creep.

Notebook: I still can't belive it is day 1.


Notebook: I still can't belive i flurted with her. (This is ryan's and it can't talk)

Gerard: Sooo.... *throws notebook out of plane* Courtney, I'll join your alliance if we get back together.


Gerard: Yay! Now I won't have to use these! *puts away dagger and gun*


Mech: ...again, not questioning the nature of your relationship...

Courtney:It's okay..

Gerard: *rolls eyes* At least I have a relationship. (CONF) It seems like me and Courtney almost always hook up during a near-death experience.

Courtney:Ooh.good one..

Mech: Do you want me in your alliance or not, Mr. Sarcastic?

Courtney:*clears throat*Excuse me..

Mech: What? Are you going o continue insulting me or start an alliance?

Courtney:You said his alliance!

Gerard: My girlfriend is not a boy! At least I hope she isn't.... (O.o)

Mech: *rolls eyes* My bad sweetcheeks, your alliance. Happy?

Explosivo:can you shut upim trying to aim this missile

Challenge 6

Codmister: Ok contestants. You will choose from each team to open a giant apple out of 5 apples. Inside the apple is something useful or useless. Put your name, team and username on one of the numbers and i will tell you what you get in Bold print.

Drake: I'll do it for the Losers

1.Anonymous-losers-teamnoah-Cow Manure



4.Mech-Failures-Plat-Little Apples

5.Max-Failures-Mr. E-Invincibility from being voted off

Codmister: *whispers* Welcome to the Alps! You guys might wanna be quiet or you'll cause an avalanche. And because we love you, *ding-ding* (Bold print means quietly



Song Five

Theme is to Eine Kline

Drake: Iiiii think Iiiii am going to go insane!

Max:I really, am in so much pain (Don't ask.)

Mech: Shut up, or you'll be outta luck, you suck the lemon chuck

Anonymous:its cold its true

Maria:Uh..... Blue.

Gerard: Now what are you nitwits goin' to do? Do? Do?


Back to Challenge

Codmister: Looks like you guys survived. Anyways! Your challenge is to make a giant sassuage to ride down the mountain by pushing meat into a meat compacter. But you can use a meat grinder if you have one....START!!

Gerard: *holds up meat grinder and kisses it, then pukes*

Anonymous:I lnow how to grind it, *eats ita nd then vomits it into tube*

Codmister: I got something brutal! You must pick someone from your team to ride down as a sasuage like Owen!

Gerard: *points at Mech* (and Cod... TPI isn't cancelled, just going slow)

Anonymous:*points to mech*that works i guess

Drake: Anoynomous, he's not on our team( Good cuz I liked that camp)

Anonymous:ohhhhh................well who else can we use

Drake: .......

Mech: *points at Gerard* I am NOT doing it. I'd rather die.

Gerard: I can make that happen... *holds up gun and dagger he took from under seat*

Drake: HOLY Sh**!

Anonymous:what, i use a gun like every 5 seconds see*shoots a bird*

Mech Go ahead, try to kill me.

Gerard: *walks close up to Mech and aims gun at kiwis*

Anonymous*kicks gun out of garards hand and grabs it*i dont feel like like playing the killing game right now

Gerard: *stabs Anon in the kiwis/breasts*

Chef: *picks up Gerard and puts him in cargo of plane before stabbing Anoynomous*
Drake: Fine. I'll do the eating. But it will be.....disgusting!!!!

Explosivo: and i'll do the eating for my team it'll be fun riding down the mountain.

Codmister: Come on and HURRY UP!!! Also who doyou want to win TDWT in the USA?

  • Drake/Codmister-CODY!!!
  • Rachel: Heather
  • Explosivo-Cody
  • Anonymous:CODY CODY CODY CODY, i voted like 50 times

Drake: Done! *throws up* (CONF) I will never eat meat again. *throws up*

Rachel: Were losing

Codmister: And the Losers are in the lead!!! The Failures need to catch up!! (Im giving the failures till 6:00 to start racing)

Drake:*starts sliding down hill with team*

Codmister: Ok, no one is online with Team Failures so Losers win the first challenge!

Drake: *makes it* I can't move!! *tries moving*

Codmister: Ok since no one is active, both teams will bne voting out someone tonight!! Yay!

Plane Cargo

(Just Gerard)

Gerard: Well this sucks.

  • Knife aims at Gerard but misses

???:*evil laugh* Hello Gerard.*door closes* You're not going anywhere

Vote 6: Both Teams!!

Codmister: Since Gerard is somewhere stuck on the plane, he has invincibility.

Losers Vote

Jack: I vote Ivan *stamps Ivan's passport*

Anonymous:*votes ivan*yeah

Drake: I vote Ivan.

Codmister: Looks like Ivan's out. (besides he is never active)

Failures Vote

Mech: *votes Max*

Codmister: Max has invicibility

Mech: Fine....I vote Rachel.

Max:*glares at Mech* I vote Rachel.

Codmister: With two votes against her, Rachel is out. Sorry* gives parachute and kicks her out*

The Am-AH-Zon Race - MERGE

Economy Class- Both Teams

Drake: (CONF) I'm so lucky i survived another week. Even with all this meat in my stomach*looks at stomach and groans then throws up*

Anonymous:*talking to parole officer over phone)**** you, your not mah momma*hangs up*

Jack: (CONF) This game is starting to get really interesting. *looks down sees vomit and throws up*

Drake: Anoynomous, *throws up in bucket* we need to get rid of Maria next. Deal?

Anonymous:if the oppurtunity comes i will, okay

Drake: Awesome. *throws up in bucket* Jack, what do you say? Deal? *throws up in bucket*

Kate: *screams* EW! EW! EW! *moves away from Drake* STOP DEARAK!

Courtney:It's Drake..

Kate: *pesses back against wall of plane* Whatever Clamantha!

Courtney:It's Courtney(CONF)Since when was Kate dumb..*shrugs*

Kate............I totally knew that.


Jack: deal ( By the way everyone for some reason wikia won't let me log in so from now on I am going to show up as wiki contributer)

Courtney:*rolls eyes*Of course you did..

Mech: Stupid people nowadays...

Courtney:I know..

(Codmister: Cody didn't win.... :'( )

Drake: Sorry Kate. It's just that I had to eat that..*throws up in bucket*

Courtney:You forgive her,even though she said your name wrong..

Anonymous:so whats the challenge(yahh, we only got see THE CRAPPY HEATHER ENDING AGAIN, but i saw als and it sucked worse)

Explosivo:Has anyone seen Gerard. I hav'nt seen him since he got put in the cargo

Jack: no but when I was entering the plane I herd screams.

Explosivo:well thats not very good is it

Challenge 7: Welcome to the Jungle!!

Codmister: Put your name, team and username as always.

  • Drake-Losers-Codmister
  • Anonymous-teamnoah-losers
  • Jack- Losers- thebatmanman
  • Courtney-Failers-Heatherr rocks
  • Kate-Losers-Kate4TDWT
  • Max-Failures-Mr. E

Codmister: Welcome to the Amazon!! *Welcome to the Jungle starts playing* Your task is to have a race through the Amazon. Without your teammakes! The last one here is immidiatly eliminated and their team has to be in economy class. GO!!!!

Kate: *begins to run*

Courtney:*starts to run*
Drake: *starts running after Kate*

Jack: *starts to sprint*

Jack: *reaches edge of woods and runs into spiderweb and flips out*

Jack:*struggles in web than breaks free and runs into the Amazon*

Codemiester: Looks like Jack is in the lead!!
Drake: *gets lost and falls in a trap hole*

Jack: *finds giant knife*

Drake: CRAP!!! HELP!!! CODEMIESTER!!! HE-*gets kidnapped*

Jack: *sees giant spider who made web and stabs it in the eye*
Drake: *gets thrown out of bag and is pointed at by spears* Oh Crap.

Jack: *reaches finish and sees codmister* Codmister I heard screams it sounded like Drake. HELP HIM!

Codemiester(thats my new name): Um... Chef? *looks at Chef*

Chef: *shrugs*

Codemiester: Well, we can't do anything. He'll have to do it by himself. Hopefully he wasn't caught by the native tribe in the Amazon. Oh well. Jack got here first which means a reward for Jack!

Courtney:*comes out all beat up*Help me..


Jack: At least take Courtney to the infermary.

Courtney:I-I-I think-*faints*


Max:8Has reached finish* Uh, Drake is kinda kidnapped and stuff.

Jack: wait what do I win?

Anonymous:hello, drake, dont scream please*sees drake in the hole*you okay dude

Codemiester: We have sent out the Total Drama Machine to find him.

Drake: Anoynomous!! HELP!!

Courtney;Well if no one is doing anything,I'm going to help Drake,

Codemiester: Ok fine. But take this walkie-talkie. So far Max, Jack and Courtney have made it.

Courtney:Okay.*grabs the walkie-talkie and runs into the Amazon*

Drake: *talks to Wa-Wa Tribe* Ok guys.... I don't mean any trouble.....*kicks one in the stomach and grabs his spear*

Anonymous:glad your out of that hole drake*gets on a tiger*lets go*starts towards finish
Drake: This is weird but fun!!!

Kate: *finishes running*

Jack: Kate Drake's in trouble please help me find him.

Codemiester: And Kate makes it!!

Anonymous:*passes finish line on tiger*Yeah, not going home

Codemiester: Ok so thats just Mech vs Maria. *speaks to walkie-talkie* COurtney? Yeah we found Drake. You can come back now.

Maria:*Walks over finish* I'm not leaving!

Codemiester: Now its Mech vs Explosivo. Who will make it here first?

Looks like Explosivo is out. Sorry but Mech would kill me. But don't worry, theres always next season. You all qualify! You too Explosivo!

Codemiester: Welcome everyone, to the REAL merge!!!

The Return Of Ryan/ Can't Help Falling in Lourve

First Class: Jack and Max

Max:THIS is the life.

Jack: Yes it is.

Economy Class: Everyone else

Anonymous:(CONF):ive never been in winners class

Drake:(CONF) Now that we're in the merge, this game just got 8 times harder. Hopefully ANoynomous and I will destroy these guys.

Ryan: Guess who's back!

Anonymous:Ryan, woohoo, youre back dude, now be quite so i can watch the daily show

Drake: (CONF) At least its Ryan instead of my brother. New alliance i smell?

Ryan: So where is Courtney or Kate?

Maria:Um, Right there. *points to Courtney and Kate*

Ryan: Hey girls

Anonymous:(CONF):kate is cool, drake likes her, shes okay. Courtney does nothing except watch high school musical and use glitter glue

Drake: (CONF) Now that the teams are gone, I need all the help I can get. Starting with Kate.

Anonymous:*to drake*so our plan is to pull ryan and kate in to help, right

Drake: Yeah. You can decide who you want to get kicked out. I'm too tired.

Codemiester: Ok guys, we found Gerard!! Anyways, for this next challenge, I will put you guys in groups of two with handcuffs!!

Kate and Gerard

Maria and Mech

Drake and Jack

Ryan and Courtney

Anoynomous and Max

Mech: What fun... (Sorry I couldn't be on earlier. I had a lotta stuff to do)

Anonymous:*locks handcuffs with maz*so whats the challenge, just to remain chained up

Ryan: Happy I'm not stuck with Courtney or Kate.

Kate: *elbows Ryan in the stomach*

Ryan: *whispers to her* You guys are my friends so I wanted to be stuck with you or Courtney.

Kate: *whispers to him* Not Courntey, I'd be more than happy to switch with you!

Ryan: *whispers* Plus that hurt.

Kate: Sorry, 'bout that. So are we going to switch, or not?

Ryan: I have an idea to sabitache Courtney and Gerard.

Codmister: The challenge will be tommarow at 4:30

Kate: That's not nice, Ryan.

Mech: Tell me more of this sabotage...

Kate: (CONF) Court's been a thone in my side sence day one....sabotage is sounding pretty nice right now.

Ryan: All we have to do is handcuff them to eachother.

Kate: Ah, no. What YOU have to do, Ry, is switch with me, flirt with Courtney, and get HER to like YOU, then you brake her heart.

Mech: *facepalms* Gerry and Court are going out. Anyone wanna hear a USEFUL plan?

Ryan: I've watched everything since I left and she almost killed herself and I don't feel like dieing or getting in between her alliance.

Kate: *rolls eyes* If he flirts with Court, Gerry gets heart-broken, if Court gets dumped, SHE gets heart-broken.

Ryan: And that alliance seems powerful.

Kate: Are we using my plan?

Ryan: Ok but if it doesn't work I'll probably be dead.

Kate: That's a risk I'm willing to take. CODDY! Ryan and I are switching!

Ryan: *starts to write his will* I'm so gonna die.

Mech: Can I say something???

Ryan: WHAT!

Mech: Listen, I know them well. Having Ryan flirt with Courtney won't work. They are in a tight relationship. What we SHOULD do is get Ryan to flirt with Courtney with presure, which will get Gerry mad. We can then use that anger to vote one of them off.

Ryan: I thought they were your alliance.

Mech: They don't trust me...

Ryan: Idea..................why don't us 3 form an aliance?

Challenge 8: The Race to make a Sculpture...with handcuffs

(Codmister: I have decided that if there is a season 2, you will be able to be one of the 7 returning characters and/or two Total Drama Characters. Your spot in season 2 depends on your activity and character. Also, since there are only three girls and the rest are guys, please don't get rid of all the girls because I want the final two to be a boy and a girl)

Codemiester: Welcome everyone to the final 10. Max, your optimistic attitude and partying skills have gotten you far. Gerard, your such a downer its unbelieveable you made it this far. Courtney, you have helped Gerard get this far. Ryan, since you sued me for unfair elimination, I may not comment about you. Drake, I'm suprised you made it this far with everyone hating you. Mech, same for you. Anoynomous, will your mysteriousness help you win? Maria.....How? Jack, for a new member you have made it clear that you are great at this game. And last but least, Kate. Will your singing help later? Who knows... Anyways, Congratulations for all of you.

Anonymous:(do we keep INACTIVE GIRLS, im fine with kate, but cortneys just kind of there)So we are making a scurpture, so i legally can use this, for the sculpture of course*pulls out machette*

Codemiester: No you can't Anoynomous, What would you use it for. (Idk whats going on with Courtney. HR is usually active.)

Anonymou:(oh, sorry, i based that statment mostly off of the last challenge, but yeah she will be back)BULL CRAP, bull crap i say

Codemiester: ANd the challenge begins NOW!!!

Kate: *pulls her partner along* Let's GO!

Anonymous:MAX, You weigh like 300 punds*drags max along*

Jack: *Pulls Drake* man you ate a lot of meat!

Jack: *gets all the pieces together and takes out super glue* come on Drake lets start building.

Jack/ Drake: *building*
Codmister: Looks like Drake and Jack are in the lead, thanks to Jack's running skills

Jack/ Drake: * 3 quarters done*

Drake: So who should we vote out next? *keeps building*

Anonymous:maria seems like the best option, i know shes the weakest link, so noone would miss her

Jack: *high fives Drake* Done. Nice job man.

Mr. E:Um, Max Is Skinny XD)

Kate/Partner: *gets peices and starts to build* (I forgot who her partner it..LOL)

Jack: (codmister Drake and I finished)

Anonymous:MAX, DUDE, whyd you tape bricks to yourself

Max:I didn't.

Anonymous:*eyes shoot daggers*then it must have been............HIM

  • shows Jay Leno flying by and flipping off Anonymous*

Gerard: *whispering to Courtney* This can only save us. *very loud* Courtney, we are THROUGH! *to Ryan* You can have her.... she tried to dump me before, and staying down in the cargo changed me.

Mech: *starts building* We're behind! *whispers to Ryan* Now do something!

Gerard: *starts building and pulling Ryan* Now's not the time! That was to throw Courtney off her game! (CONF) Being almost killed in the cargo hold changed me.... for the worse!

Ryan: *punches him* Don't pull me.

Gerard: *holding punched eye* Yes, punch me after I let you have a girlfriend. How nice. *rolls eyes*

Kate/Courtney: *almost done*

Gerard: *halfway done* They're way ahead, so we've got to go. We've got to build something, not fail, something that will sho-ow!

Ryan: *helping him* Sorry anger isues.

Gerard: After this challenge, ask her out, okay? And maybe we could form an alliance.

Ryan: And why did you almost kill Mech's puppy?

Kate/Courtney: *finishes*

Kate: DONE!

Gerard: Ryan.... That was a stuffed animal... not a real puppy. And also, thanks Kate. You just handed me immunity. (Remember, Kate and Ryan switched... look up at list)

Jack: (actually Drake and I finished first look up the list)

(SS2: Actually you never typed: Jack: *finishes*, you just said that you finished, but you never actually did)

Ryan: *beep*

Gerard: (CONF) Being down in the cargo scared me, and turned me evil.... At least I can still be pessimistic.

Anonymous:*finishes putting head on statue, therefore finishing*can i get unattached from max now

Codmister: Drake and Jack get first place! And Kate and her partner got second. Kate,Drake,Jack and Gerard wins! The rest of you are up for elimination.

Anonymous:lets go maria, i REAlLY want her gone

Gerard: But Drake and Josh never finished! (yayz for reference, and all bat said was: Jack: (codmister Drake and I finished)

Vote 8

Drake: I vote Maria

Ryan: Cour.........Mar................Cour........................Maria.

Mech: *votes Maria*

Gerard: Ryan.... He threatened me, and made me dump Courtney.


Kate: *votes Maria*

Codmister: With 5 votes against her, Maria is out. (Can someone help with the elimination table? it won't let me change the color)

Ryan: *smurks*


Anonymous:(CONF):one of my main 2 enemies is gone, N.U, and now i have to focus one the other one, Gerard

Gerard: Umm, Anon. Everyone wanted her gone. All you said that was that you wanted her gone, but nobody was listening to what you said. (CONF) Anonymous irks me.

Anonymous:dude, i know, im just saying im happy.

(SS2: You can't listen in on CONF, it's a known rule, so stop breaking em)

Gerard: *eating chinese white rice* Yum!

Drake: *speaking to Anon* Who should we vote out next?

Rachel: hi drake

Drake: umm... hi. Aren't you supposed to be at the Aftermath Studio?

Codmister: I let her watch you guys compete.


Rachel: The ratings you lost when i got eliminated

Anonymous:we can make as many ratings as we want*shoots clifford the big red dog out the window*see

Jack: so... who do we single out next.

Rachel: Mech

ANonymous: i gotta say gerard, he knifed me

Rachel: Fine this a live interview

Gerard: Anon.... Two things. One, don't announce who you're voting out. And two, I just broke up with my girlfriend, and now I have to get eliminated? I'm sorry, okay? I never really meant to hurt you, but Mech just made me really mad. (CONF) Idiot.

Drake: (CONF) Gerard or Mech.....

Mech: Hey losers, I'm no threat. Everyone hates me, there are others that are bigger threats than me.

Drake: Mech, how about an alliance? Me, you and Anon?

Jack: Drake can I get in on that

Mech: Meh. I guess.

Jack: great! (CONF) now who do i vote out next

Rachel: im right here

Gerard: Like Jack, he's won every immunity challenge, and Cod said it himself, he's doing good. For the host to acknowledge that, it means he's a threat.

Jack: Gerard is trying to draw attention away from himself!

Gerard: Meh, so are you right now. Why don't we just get rid of Drake? No one likes him except for... *snickers* Kate.

Anonymous:screw you dude, drake is frecking awesome, so is kate, jack, max, and everyone else except you, killing things and being mean, i mean who does that

Gerard: Harsh much? And to think, I did NOTHING to you!

Anonymous:*puls up shirt and shows a nine inch knife mark*you were saying

Ryan: Hey guys

Chat Here if you are in the game still During the Aftermath

Drake: *watching T.V. and sees an Aftermath commercial* Crap! Is that us? (I will not make either of my characters, Drake and Jake, make it to the final 2 becuz that would be unfair)

Anonymous:we get tv..............................................why am i the last to know

Drake: It's been here all season...

Rachel: Is that me! I look cute

Anonymous:*thinks*i just realized something, im the only one left in the game to never win a challenge, and one of the only 4 overall

Kate: *runs in screaming with joy* GUESS WHAT?!?


Kate: I, Katherine Elizabath Tellerman, or as YOU call me, Kate, is PREFORMING ON THE AFTERMATH! *screams and jumps up and down*

Anonymous:not as cool as my new my dora dvd player*shows her it* but still very cool

Kate: *facepalms* It's MORE than cool! I will be SINGING in front of EVERYONE! I'll be singing Raise Your Glass, Make It Shine, and....STRUT! By Adam Lambert. *sighs romanticly*

Anonymous:uhhhhhh................oh just screw it , there are MILLIONS of problems with that statement

Gerard: So true.... and Anonymous, I'm sorry about before. It just reminded me of an incident that took place that turned me pessimistic.

Anonymous:well im sorry i got so pissed at you, but dude......................dont stab people, because remember, knifes dont kill way.............i kill people , with knifes

Drake: Awesome Kate! I'll be watching you on T.V.

Gerard: Thanks, Anon. By the way.... who do you want out next? (CONF) Easy, easy, alliance.

Mech: Of course she's singing... *rolls eyes* Anyways, who's going next?

Anonymous:i say jack

Max:(CONF)It's really getting down to the wire, I need to up my game to win this.

Anonymous:i say jack(codmister, couild you make a who should win poll)

(Codmister: I'm gonna but IDK how to...)

Drake: Jack...but he is the nicest guy here. Besides Max. There is always Ryan.

Max:I'm up for that.

Drake: I still hate all of you though. Except Anon.

Courtney:I hate you..

Drake: Ok. :D

Codmister: Who wants a mini challenge?


Codmister: Ok, who do you think will be in the final three?

Courtney:Me,Gerard,and umm...Drake I guess.

Drake: Me, Anon and Kate(Im trying not to get Drake into the final 3 cuz he's my character and i am also the host so that would be unfair..)

Gerard: Courtney, you still mad?

Kate: Me, Jack, and Dearak.

Gerard: Probably me, Kate, and Courtney....and guys, do you think that three that get the most votes for final 3 will get immunity?

Codmister: No Gerard, I was just seeing if you guys are really that egotistical to think you'll make it. Anyways, the Aftermath Peanut Gallery get to vote someone off so you are all not safe.

Gerard: From old TD, or this competition?

Codmister: From the competition. Or I'm lieing. Who knows?

Gerard: Great.... (could I choose some TD people... please?)

Kate:*gives Gerard a "Really?" look* So, Coddy, when is my musical appearance?

Codmister: Tomarrow at 5:30. (Of course you can sign up.)

Mech: *mumbles* Hopefully no time soon...


Gerard: *whispering* Courtney, just so you know, I dumped you to save both of us.

Drake: *glares at Mech* Who are you talking to?

Kate: *elbows Mech in the stomach*

Courntey:*snikers**whispers back to Gerard*Okay

Mech: I was talking to myself, thank you very much.

Kate: *gives Mech a knowing look* You lie.
Drake: Kate... why do you always call me Deareak?

Gerard* whispers to Mech* Listen, people want you out. Help me get out Ryan, and we can rule this game with an iron fist.

Mech: BUt I was talking to myself...why would I say that out loud?

Courtney:How can I not hear're right next to me.

Kate: That's not your name? Sorry Drew!

Drake:.....Its Drake....

Ryan: Hey guys

Kate: Oooooohhhhh! Sorry Fred!

Drake: Nevermind..

Anonymous:(CONF):when did kate become retarded

(Codmister: I'm thinking of moving the aftermath to right now. Would anyone be available to do it?)

(TN123:yeah, i would)

(SS2: I do, so that's like 12 people that can do it)

(CM: Awesome!)

Courtney:*whispers to Gerard*Thanks for saving me..

The Aftermath I (do not edit here unless you are out of the game except for Kate

  • theme song plays*

Geoff: Welcome one and all to COdmister's Aftermath!!!

Tyler:*waving*hey geoff

Geoff: Shut Up! I'm giving my monolouge!

Bridgette: Ease up Geoff. Geez.. Anyways we have th eentire total drama cast with us tonight!! We have Tyler, Cody, Noah, Ezekiel, Eva, DJ, Harold, LeShawna and many others with us!!!

Cody:noah left like an hour ago

Geoff: Why?

Bridgette: Anyways, we'll ask you guys who you think should win the million!

Gwen: Gerard... he reminds me of me, but a little bit more sad.

Blaineley: None of these unfamous people should win. I should win! ME ME ME!!!

Geoff: I think Max should win. That guy knows how to PARTY!!!

Bridgette: I think Kate should win. She's such a great singer and is so sweet.

(HR:Can I be HEather PLEASE!)

(CM: Yes)

(Kevvy9:I'm heather)

Izzy: *swings on the wires* Where's Big O

(HR:Can I be Heather please!)

Owen: Izzy!! Over here!!!

Izzy: *looks for Owen and swings to him then jumps off the wires* Theres big o

(Kevvy: Hr

Rachel: Who wants me to win

Sadie: I think Jack should win. He's soo cute and nice.

Katie: Well I think Kate should win.

Sadie: Jack!

Katie: Kate!!

Heather:I want..hmm..there isn't anybody good except my sister Courtney..

Geoff: She's your sister?!

Bridgette: Rachel, you're out of the game..

Justin: I think Ryan should win. He reminds me of me.

Rachel: Or not

Heather:*to Geoff*Yes

Geoff: Well anyways let's get on to buisness.

Bridgette: You all get to decide whos going home!!!!

Geoff: You must pick someone to compete for your selected contestant to help them win immunity!

Rachel: I want to go back!

Ezekiel:ill goe foor anonomouse eh

Justin: i'll go for Ryan

Sadie: Well I'LL go for Jack!

Rachel: ill go for Rachel

Tyler:your not in the game rachel

Izzy: I'll go for Kate

Seirra: I'll go for who Cody picks

Rachel: This is a free set

Jack: (CM can I please take over Sadie Please!)

Cody:lets go kate Lindsay: Oh! Oh! Oh! Kathalina should totally win!

Beth: I think Gerard could win, but he has to believe in himself more.

(Codmister: Ok Jack)

Geoff: Like TDWT, you will all compete for your contestant in a board game. Beth will go first for Gerard!

Beth: So what do I have to do? (sorry can't remember... Don't I roll a die) *rolls die*

Geoff: Beth lands on the Amazon square with two spaces. You must dodge spears and boulders! Ready? GO!!!

Beth: That's easy! *(remember, Beth has sports skills... TDA anyone?) *starts to dodge and jump*

Tyler:Go anonymous, dudes almost as big a fail as me

Geoff: Beth wins! Next up to roll is Izzy!!

Izzy: *rolls die* Be the most epic thing of death

(Kevvy9: Gtg Bed. I will be on at 4:30 2marow ok)

Explosivo:*falls through roof* Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Hi guys. has anyone seen Tweek or Jake I hav'nt seen them anywhere

Kate: *runs into the Aftermath* AM I LATE!!!?!?!?! *sees Noah, Cody, and Tyler* EEEEEEEE! OMG! I LOVE YOU GUYS! *sees Courtney and Heather, rushes over and hugs them* YOU ARE SOOOOO AWESOME!

Geoff: You know what? Screw the board game! Let's have some fun!!!!
Bridgette: Here's Kate!! Singing her songs of choice( dont put all the lyrics, just put like a few)

Cody:*to kate*adam lambert left with noah to watch CSI, and thats why noahs not here

Kate: *eye twitches* Ok, I'm catching up with them soon. *takes hair our of pony-tail, and takes off coat to reveil a pretty black dress*

Justin: Not too shabby...

Kate: *sits on a piano* Hey, guys! *begins to sing Raise Your Glass*

Ezekiel:*crying*i louve these soung eh

Bridgette: Whoooo!!! GO Kate!!!

Kate: *singing* So raise your glass if you are wrong, in all the right ways, all my underdogs. *points to everyone eliminated*

Geoff: That was Kate!!!!! Great job!! Now we have something to talk to you guys about.

Bridgette: Tweek and Jake are missing!

Explosivo: I have no idea where they are

Ezekiel:theiy coulld bey weth nuah und Udam Lumbert wutchin CSI

Geoff: Zeke man, we checked and there not there....

Bridgette: Jake was last seen in Japan while Tweek seems to have never got off the plane. I hope they're ok..

Explosivo:so thats why there was coffee missing in the crates

Geoff: He's on the plane!!! Umm... we need to go to commercial break right now. *starts calling Codmister*

  • Commercial Break*

Bridgette: Welcome back! Well before the show ends we have one more thing to ask.. who should go home?

Explosivo:Gerard. If he dos'nt get eliminated he will die!

Blaineley: I think Drake should leave. He is so unfabulous.

Justin: I also think Drake should leave.

Sadie: Kate!

Katie: Jack!

Owen: I think Mech should leave.

Explosivo:so you guys don't care that Gerard could die on the plane easily

Ezedkiel:gerard, muns goet problems und i huve to guet heme to wutch the fumily fued


Gwen: I vote Jack, he's just too... happy... (Cod, we all have school, you can't expect us to vote at midnight or in the morning, you gotta give us some time.)

Bridgette we are officially out of time! The person with the most votes was unfortunatly Jack. Sorry!! We hope you can return for season two!!

Geoff: See you next time!!

Beth: Wait! I want to vote off Ryan!

Lindsay: Me too!

LeShawna: I guess I will as well.

Gwen: *staring at them staring at her* okay, I switch my vote to Ryan.... (yayz for switching votes!)

I See London...

First Class:Jack, Drake, Kate and Gerard

Drake: So this is what it feels like to be in first class...*sits next to Kate*

Gerard: .... Help me get Ryan out... (and Cod, I voted for Jack NOW... I couldn't vote last night because you didn't put it up, and I was in school today)

(codmister: Sorry!)

Drake: (CONF) I can't believe Jack is out. He was actually a friend of mine...

Gerard: (CONF) *smirks* The more.... the less merrier. Now all I have to do is get rid of Ryan.

Codmister: *comes in room* Ok everyone, get out! I need some "time" to do.....something.

Drake: WHat!!! No!!!
Chef: Get your little butt outta here!!!

Chef: *finds a special "person"*

Codmister: Ok dude. We know your here. We actually want to bring you back in the game. But first, you must do a challenge for us. Dress up as Jack the Ripper and kidnap all the contestants ok?

Economy Class: Everyone Else

Mech: Ugh...I hate losing.

Anonymous:IVE NEVER WON, i dont know what its like to win


Codmister: Ok, I need some time in First Class with the setting up challenge stuff so Kate, Drake and Gerard are joining you

Gerard: Screw you... (You know I changed my votes right?)

Anonymous:(CONF):me and drake can easily pull in jack and win a challenge, and the vote

Dining Room

Codmister: For the first part,(not really a challenge) you must jump out of the plane with only 7 parachutes. Someone will have to share.

Max:*takes parachute and jumps*

Drake: *takes parachute and jumps*

Gerard: *pushes Jack out of the way, steals parachute, and jumps* (Cod... I voted off Ryan instead of jack)

Anonymous:*takes parachute*

(Codmister: Fine. But you have to change the elimination table)

Mech: *takes parachute and jumps*

Codmister: Looks like Court and Kate have to share

Mysterious Stranger: *kidnaps them*

Codmister: Or not. Hehe.

On the ground:

Anonymous:well, that was weird, and where are the girls

Max:I dont Know.

Gerard: Finally! Ryan is gone so I can get back together with Courtney!

Anonymous:(sarcastically)cool, im so happy for you*regular tone*enjoy that

Max:I never got why Ryan returned in the first place.

Drake: Ohhh.....I hope Kate is ok...

Chef: *drives a London bus*

Codmister: Hop on every body! Tonights challenge will be kinda different and same. Welcome to London! Your first challenge is to recolor a TDI character to look like Harry Potter. If you do it then you get an advantage. If you can't thats ok.

Anonymous:Here(i know it sucks)

Gerard: Done!

(Plat: You have to state that it's a recolor camp in the I have an excuse for not turning one in :P)

Anonymous:gerard, yours looks more like a suicidal vampire than harry potter, cape is good though

(Codmister: I forgot sorry Plat cuz this is my first successful camp :P)

Codmister: Ok entry's are done! Anon and Gerard you get a bag!\

Anonymous:A bag,*shrugs*alright then

Codmister: Ok everyone. Gather round, Its story time with Uncle Cod. Once upon a time, 6 contestants of a reality show had to capture Jack the Ripper. But first they had to endure challenges to help find him. And thats what happened to Kate and COurtney.

Challenge 9

Codmister: Your first challenge is to strip down these guards to find a clue. I will tell you when you find that clue. And to make things more intresting- *ding-ding* Song time! Annd GO!!!

Song Six

Drake: Its creepy how they stand there, and don't even blink. I don't wanna see their bum, all naked and pink!

Jack: what are we searching for are Kate and Courtney dead?

Jack: Wait why are these gaurds missing limbs? Did Jack the Ripper attack them?

Drake: I guess we'll find out... lets start with the head..*takes off guards hat*

Jack: I open his shirt *gasps* why is there no skin on his chest, and why is there a note? *takes note*

Codmister: Thats just a recept, for these wax guards!

Gerard: I'll check his socks, pink with polka dots!

(Codmister: Gerard gets his clue!!)

Jack: *looks on his back* Oh my god I found the clue *is this Ryan's arm?

(Codmister: Jack has found his clue!)

Drake: I gotta catch up! *see guards butt* I'm gonna throw up...

Jack: what is in the hand?

Mech: I think it's mine! *grabs it*

Jack: *hit's Mech on head and takes it back*

Mech: *hits Jack again*

Jack: *hits Mech and retains item*

Anonymous:*using a vaccum clener*now this is the way to win*finds clue*

Gerard: If I'm gonna keep this clue, there's only one thing to dooo-oooo! Run away from these nutjobs, and hold on to my shoes! *runs to White Chapel*


Challenge 9: Nab the Ripper!!

Jack: *runs and hides*

Mech: WHo needs clues when you can cheat? *runs to White Chapel*

Gerard: *ahead of him* You idiot! Each clue is different! *runs into a chapel at White Chapel*

Jack: *sees map in hand and follows it to cave enterance in woods*

Anonymous:*shrugs*seems the song stopped*follows gerard*

Mech: Hey, Anon, can we talk?

Anonymous:sure dude

Jack: *sees videos of Kate and Courtney being tortured*

Mech: Hey you what will really catch Kate's eye?

Gerard: *finds a secret doorway in church and goes down the steps*

(Sun: Jack, you're the one cheating, you're in a cave, there's no hatches, no bows, no arrows, and last time i checked, there's no outlets for a tv in a cave)

(let Cod decide that!)

(Or I could go get and admin, and have him decide how long you're ban is?)

(COd: That is unfair and its not part of the challenge.)

Gerard: *in church basement* Kate! Courtney! *runs over to an altar which they are tied down on to*

(That's still godplaying. You don't just find a random map that leads you to the spot)

Ripper: *Kidnapps Gerard*

Mech: *finally gets clue* Bout time
Drake: *gets clue* Finally! *reads clue and runs to Buckingham Palace*

Jack: Uses his map and it oddly leads him to the freezer at McDonalds

Codmister: So far, Drake is the only one on the right way.

Mech: *reads clue* Buckingham Palace.. *runs*

Drake: *gets into torture room* You must stretch yourself or a friend to find The Ripper...Crap.
Ripper: *kidnaps Jack*

Jack: *screams*

Drake: I guess I'll have to stretch myself since I don't have any friends....

Anonymous:*uns up*stretch me dude

Drake: Are you sure?

Anonymous:yeah, we have better chances if both of us win then if one of us wins

Drake: Thanks man! *Starts stretching Anonymous*

  • done stretching and finds clue* "Look for an egg.... THATS ALL?!

Anonymous:wait.......its all so clear to me now, jack was right all along, we have to get an omlette from mcdonalds

Drake: *mouth drops open* Thats what the producers made up? AN OMELETTE?@ THATS SO STUPID!!! Ok lets go. *starts running to McDonalds.

Ripper: *kidnaps Drake*

Drake: AHHH!!!!

Jack: Is in room with Ripper, Drake, Gerard, Kate, and Courtney

Gerard: *whacks Jack in the back of the head* McDonalds? Really?

Jack: what

(Cod: Can we finish the challenge? This is taking way too long..)

Gerard: *grabs Ripper's arm* Does this count as catching him?

Codmister: *out of nowhere* Yep.

Drake: Now lets see who the real Ripper is... *unmasks him* Old Man Jenkins?!!!

Codmister: No. *unmasks him again*

Everyone: TweeK?!

Codmister: NO! *unmasks again to reveal..*

Everyone: Jake!!!

Jack: WHAT THE F***

Jake: *really pale and dirty* I got stuck on the plane with my parachute and couldn't get out till Chef found me. Then they said I could come back on the game if I didn't get caught. I would have stayed if it weren't for you meddling kids and your stupid Gerard!!!

Gerard: *waves*

Jack: Where have I herd that before

Gerard: Meh.. I wonder who's going tonight.

Codmister: No one really completd the challenge or caught the ripper so, all of you are up for eliminatioN!!!

Gerard: Didn't I win immunity?

Vote 9

Jack: I vote Max (guy didn't make an edit for a while)

Gerard: Max

Mech: Max

Drake: Max. Sorry dude.

Anonymous:Max(5s enough)
Codmister: With 5 votes against him, the part guy Max is out. But he gets a special reward... JAKE!! *gives Max parachute and shoves Jake and Max out the plane*

MAx:AAAAAHHHH! *clings onto the plane wing* I SHALL RETURN!!!!!

The Ex-Files

First Class: Gerard and Mech

Gerard: *in first class with............ MECH!*

Mech: *ditches for loser class*

Gerard: (CONF) So Mech chose to leave? AWESOME! First class to myself and my pessimism.

Economy Class: Everyone else

Jack: so... that was a terrifying challenge.
Drake: no kidding...(CONF) I was so worried about Kate....

Jack: What would Jake have gained by kidnapping us

Mech: Hey everyone...I'm joining you guys

Drake: He was gonna be on the show again. Umm. Hi Mech?

Mech: I just want him to be alone. Plus, I need to prove myself to you guys.

Jack: Great

Drake: Let me guess, you want to get rid of Gerard next?

Anonymous:We all do, but i kindof feel bad for him, hes trying really hard, we all are

Mech: Gerard has been insulting to me...

Jack: how

Gerard: *in economy* Jack, Drake, Anon, wanna come to first class? It still scares me... It's like Kermit is still there...
Drake: I thought we killed Kermit?
(Cod: There will be a challenge tommorrow at 6:00-7:00 so be there unless you cant. If you cant i'lltry and reschedule)

Anonymous:dude, the only reason we are aainst you is because your an overbearing pessemist, if you want to get people on your side, then come into losers class

Gerard: Do you even know why I'm pessimistic?

Anonymous:no, tell me

Gerard: In first grade, I found out that Santa wasn't real, so I freaked out in the middle of class. My teacher then started to smack my hand with a ruler, and I always remember that day during Christmas. And since then, I'v never wanted to raise my hopes to high.

Anonymous:it must have sucked finding out that santa, the easte bunny, the tooth fairy, and china never existed when you were 7

Gerard: Yeah.... But at least my parents gave me 50 bucks after that...

Drake: I was an experiment to create the greatest baby ever but I got chemical X on me which turned me evil.. Not really...

Jack: when I was 7 I was subjected to numerous genetic surgeries on my legs to cure my paralysis from then on in I have been one of the fastest teenagers ever.

Anonymous:i was born from a dolphin, it was painful, and made me mysterious with my powers


Drake: But really, who should leave next?

Mech: Duh, it's Drareg.

Courtney"*rolls eyes*

Mech: What's with the sarcasm?

Courtney:Who the heck is Drareg.

Drake: Really? Starts with a G? Ends with a Erard?

Gerard: *waves hand in his face* I'm sitting right next to you!


Mech: Oh yeah...I know.

Drake: I know your there. I was just joking...or at least I was (CONF) Should I vote him out ?

Courtney:(CONF)I guess..I have to vote for Gerard..I don't want to be a threat..
Drake: (CONF) I like Kate and all but... Is the million worth more than Kate? Probably.

Anonymous:(CONF):gerard is a great player, but without great campaigning, hes going next

Camera Guy: You guys are so boring..

Mech: Oh really?? *beats up Camera Guy*

Courtney:*kicks him*

Gerard: I have an announcement everyone. You are all trying to get me out, and I can respect that, but what you don't know is that Mech, yeah, he'll betray you in a second. I trusted him, and now he's trying to get me out, even after I let him be in first class.

Mech: Bla bla bla...but I'm easily beatable in f2 >:)

Gerard: No you're not... you do good in challenges, and you were able to join after the contest started, which means the host likes you, which means rigging.

Courtney:Laying down*

Mech: Jury vote? I would get sweeped. And why the sad face, Court?

Gerard: She's sad that everyone wants me gone. And do you really want to make her sad? Why don't we just vote off Kate? She hasn't said a word yet.

Courtney:I'm not face is just stuck like this..

Mech: Everyone hates me anyhow, I need to survive.

Anonymous:so where do you guys think we are going next

(Cod: Whos the Heather of this season?)

(HR:I'll be..if you want)
(Cod: But Courtney's not really evil..)


(TN123:i think gerard in tdwt standards, and mech by tdi standards)

(Cod: So who should get burned by lava/hair shaved/whatever else I have planned.....)

(TN123:mech, because gerard is more of a pessimistic scapegoat, mech is evil and working behind the scenes, more like heather)

Drake: (CONF) The ones with a threat to me are Jack, cause he is the nicest and Mech because he will somehow get me voted off. Sorry Jack but I think your my next target.

(Plat: Mech is definetly the Al for this season)

(Cod: I don't know if you guys care but there will be a cliffhanger/twist at the end of the season)

(Cod: Also, can u guys kick off Drake? I am tired of comepeting and hosting)

(Plat: Sure....and I don't care as long as there is a winner)

(Cod: Thx. There will be a winner. It would be stupid to end a camp without a winner)

(TN123:i will kick drake off, but he has to do something to deserve it, make him betray all his friends and have everyone hate him so he can get kicked off)

Drake: (CONF) You know one here is worth the million! They all should die!! They are worthless piles of meat, squirming around in a stupid show about a sick, a**hole of a host! I HATE THEM ALL!!!! ..... But Kate is still hot...

Codmister: *watching CONF with rest of cast* Ahh... the drama.

Anonymous:*shoots elmo out the window*we all missed that gag didnt we

Mech: Meh, I don't care if he thinks we shall all die.

Anonymous:so drake, who sould we get rid of next

Gerard: *facepalms* Did you just see that confession? The one where he cursed you out and said you should die?

Drake:(CONF) How did they know about my confessional? Do they know about this one? Or the next? Or the next? Or th-*cuts off*

Kate: *with wide eyes* Heh....heh...*talks to everyone, except Drake* Thanks for saving me. One minute I was about to jump out of the plane then BOOM I was kidnaped!

Anonymous:by who

Kate: That's the thing! I don't. Know! And it's WEIRD!

Challenge 10: Area 51

Codmister: Ok contestants, Welcome to Area 51! Home of the aliens and other creepy crap.

Kate: Aiens? Area 51? These shows are so repetitive.

Codmister: I know. Anyways, each of you must somehow get into the actual building of Area 51. With or without a partner. Your choice. GO!!!

Kate: *takes a deep breath and smiles cutely* Anyone want to partner up?

Mech: Anyone wanna part....oh...

Drake: Kate! Partner?

Courtney:Partner anyone?

Mech: I'll partner with you Courtney. *glares at Gerry*

Courtney:OKay..*starts walking*

Codmister: So Mech and Courtney are in the lead!!


Kate: *runs back into plane, grabs a cane, and comes running out* Ready. *grabs Jack and begins to run*

Gerard: So my ex is teaming up with my enemy. How swell. Might as well beat them. *starts running*

Anonymous:*starts running*parteners are for squares

Drake: (CONF) So no one wants to partner up with me. Fine (OUT OF CONF) *starts running*

Tweek:*enters area 51 finds clone*AH!*runs*

Main Entrance-Mech, Courtney, Kate and Jack

Courtney:How are we getting in?

Kate: *smirks* Leave that to me. *takes cane, opens window, swings and hops in* *whipsers* Let's go! And stay quiet.

Minefield: Anonymous, Drake and Gerard

Gerard: *walking carefully* Guys, who do you wanna get out next?

Drake: Jack. He's too nice. *mine blows up* AH!!

Anonymou:*stepping carefully around the mines*why am i doing this if i can randomly pop up over there*keeps walking slowly*

Drake: *falls back down from mine explosion and lands on another mine* F***!!

Gerard: I have an idea! *throws pictures of Courtney and dead kermit doll at the minefield, and mines explode* Let's go! *starts running and throwing pictures*

Codmister: Song Time!! *ding-ding*

Song Seven: Inside Area 51

Kate:Come on guys. We gotta win, so lets go Mech, Court, and Jack.

Jack: We are gonna win!

Kate: *running down the hall* So lets go, before the gaurds attack!

Jack: lets follow Kate!

Mech: before it gets too late...

Jack: Ya!

Gerard: Have fun, with my ex, and you're stupid date!

Kate: *finds the room where the alein stuff is held* I think I found ittttttttttttttt.

Drake: Apparently everybody hates me...

Gerard: Girlfriend Stealer!

You never were my friend!

And now it's time to diss you!

and no one's gonna miss you, now!

  • follows Kate* I found it too!

Jack: Kate you found it!


Drake: *looks around* What crap can I find?

Gerard: *steals a yellow egg with glowing patterns on it*

(Jack: (Cod did Kate and I win)

(Cod: You have to bring it back to me in one piece.)

Jack: *turns to Kate* lets bring him this laser gun!

Gerard: *runs back to plane with the egg* I win!

Drake: *finds alien that attaches to his face* AHHH!!! *runs out of Area 51

COdmister: Gerard gets first place!

Jack and Kate: *returns* Dang it we lost *give Cod egg anyway*

Codmister: Kate and Jack get second! Who will come next, Mech, Anon or Drake?

Mech: Meh, *gets there with glowing cube*

Drake: *runs all the way to plane with alien on head..then smashes it* Does this count?

Codmister: Nope. Mech makes it!

Anon:*runs past finish line with alien space ship*whtad i miss

Vote 10

Gerard: Jack.... (little fluffer)

Jack: Drake

(Cod: You can't vote for Gerard.)

Drake: I vote for Jack. (CONF) So what if he's my friend?

Mech: I vote Jack...


Jack: well I had a good time by everyone. Thanks Drake, Kate avenge my getting voted out.

(Cod, didn't you want to get Drake out? You could have him quit now that he knows he lost Kate)

Jack: (Cod please?!)

Drake: WAIT!!! Don't make him leave. I should leave. Everyone here hates me and even Kate. I'm sorry but i don't derseve the million. *jumps out forgetting the parachute*

Codmister: So anyways, Drake is out. *throws him parachute YOU FORGOT THIS DUDE!!!

Jack: So I am still in?

Codmister: Yep. Goodnight everyone!

Jack: Kate I am still in YES!

Anonymous:(CONF):final 6, the big leagues

Jack: (CONF) now I know people want me out. I got to win

Gerard: (CONF) Jack.... *thumbs down* Is going down just like my popularity.

Anonymous:(CONF):i never fell secure, i always fell far away from the group from the group just because i"kill things"i need to get new allies now that drakes gone

Jack: Anyone care for an alliance?

(SS2: Why is Max returning? He's just gonna be inactive again -.-)

Tweek:AH! bye guys nice being on the plane. *jumps off*

EvilTweek:*gets in cargo hold*

(Mr.E:I asked, and I wasn't able to get on for a couple of days, because I was out of town. -_-)

Picnic At Hanging Dork/Rock

First Class: Gerard and Anonymous

Anonymous: YEAH, so gerard whats it like up here

(Cod: Cuz you brought a freakin spaceship!)

Anonymous:*sits back and starts eating cake*this is the life

Max:*Steals cake from first class* Yum.

EvilTweek:*steals cake from first class and Grabs Max**whispers*Max if you ever return and say I'm here i will tear you Limb from Limb.

Max:It's okay, geez, like i'd tell them.

Economy Class: The Rest of You

Mech: Meh, I know who's going next.

Anonymous:*pops head in*who are you guys thinking


Anonymous:i meant who are we voting for*sits down*

Courtney:Well..hmm I have no idea..

Anonymous:im still thinking gerard or jack, they both have targets on their backs

Courtney:I might even add Max.

Jack: (guys I would like to say that the reason Sunslicer2 and I had a field trip today so that is why we haven't made any edits today)

Anonymous:(you two know each other)

Gerard: (yep, we go to the same school.... philly cheese steaks=yum =D) So, I think Max is going next when he returns.... or maybe Kate... That would get you in the final 2 for sure Courtney, being the only girl.

Courtney:You're right.*puts arm on his shoulder*

(Mr. E:How would your characters know Max is returning?)

Gerard: *glares at it* Traitor.... (Cuz they bez smarticle!)

Courtney:What did I do?

Gerard: *muttering* Flirting with Mech... disgusting. Then again, who could ever like me?

Kate: She? And...MECH?! *bursts out laughing*

Gerard: .... Did you see them during last challenge?

Kate: They were talking! Big whoop. And I'm SO glad Drake is gone. That stalker was creepy. But it's sad that a pawn is gone. Hey that sounded cool!

Gerard: So how are you and Jack going? *winks and smirks*

Courtney:Me flirting with Mech..*burst out laughing*

Gerard: If you think I'm that ridiculous, then fine. I was hoping we could get back together after Ryan left, but now, I really don't care!

Anonymous:nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, you guys are the only relationship left

Kate: I thought they were the ONLY relationship.

Courtney:I don't think that all!

Gerard: We were the only relationship.... until I had to dump her to save her in this game because you wanted her out.... But now, I don't want to get back with someone who doesn't even thank you.

Courtney:You know what,we are through FOREVER*stomps away*

Gerard: I already dumped you! *stomps into first class*

Courtney:Like I care,you stupid nerd.(CONF)I'm glad I broke up with him.

Gerard: At least I don't have terrible nose hair! And I dumped YOU!

Courtney:I don't care,and I don't have terrible nose hair.And at least I didn't have a crazy frog that almost killed me!

Mech: What are you guys talking about???

Courtney:Not Gerard.*head turns*

Gerard: *rolls eyes* And by the way, Kermit was trying to kill you. He obviously wasn't that bad.

Kate: *puts arm around Mech randomly* They love, then hate, then love, then hate. What's up with that? (XD)

Mech: Weirdos...who would ever do something as random as that? I sure wouldn't (:P)

EvilTweek:*Making machine thing outside Econemy class*

Kate: *to Mech* I know, right?! I mean it's like so random!

Anonymous:okay then welcome back

Kate: *puts other arm around Anonymous* So, what's new....

Courtney:*to Gerard*Oh he was bad.

Gerard: You're just jealous because he got to sit on my lap!

Courtney:Oh,whhy would I be jealous of him?You know I still have the bomb in this plane and I'm not afraid of making it go on again.

Gerard: You would kill yourself!

Courtney:And why do you care,huh!?(HR:They are like Courtney-Duncan after they broke-up)

Gerard: I don't! But I didn't realize I used to date an idiot!

Mech: Bla, bla, bla. Stop being such drama queens...

Anonymous:ya, lets all agree to stop bickering

Anonymous:(CONF):*smirking*im not #1 psycho anymore

Gerard: (CONF) *stuck in the toilet* And who is?

Courtney:(CONF)And to think I actually liked him,and By the way I did say "thank you",but I guess he didn't hear,but I don't care.

Mech: (CONF) Yea...relationships...all they do is hurt ya. I mean, why would anyone ever be in one?

Gerard: *climbs out of the toilet and scares Mech* Hi.

Mech: (CONF) Shut up! *flushes toilet*

Challenge 11

Codmister: Welcome to Australia mate!

Courtney:What,are we going to sing opera because of the Sydney Opera house?

Anonymous:ah australia, the only major country i havent been a convicted felon into

Codmister: *to Courtney* Maybe..

Courtney:*rolls eyes*Why bother.

Codmister: Today's challenge is a race to a big hill while twisting on the original Total Drama World Tor challenge, you're riding kangaroos!!! First you must catch a kangaroo. GO!!!

Gerard: *chases a kangaroo and trips over*

Courtney:*staring at kangaroo*Let's go!*jumps at the Kangaroo beating it up*

Anonymous:*eye of the tiger starts playing and Anon jumps for kangaroo*risin up, out on the streets*and falls on ground*

Mech: *already on Courtney's kangaroo* Excuse me, I was here first.

Courtney:*glares at him*Jumps at him*Give it back..*punches him*

Max:*jumps on kangaroo* Whee!!! *Kangaroo rides away*

COdmister: Max!!! You were supposed to wait for my awesome introduction! *in a whiny voice*

Mech: would I give it back?

Max:Ok, sorry.

Kate: *sings and a kangaroo comes to her* Thank you, my lovly creature. *climbs on his back* NOW MOVE IT!

Mech: Hurry up with your awesome introduction..

Kate: *rides back, next to Mech* Wanta' ride?.

COdmister: No point. Anyways Max is back whoop de doo.

Mech: *rolls eyes* I already have my kangaroo. Can we go yet Codmister?

MAx:Ok... *rides away*

COdmister: I all ready said go. I was talking about Max's introduction stupid.

Mech: *starts riding*

Courtney:*gets another kangaroo**climbs on to its back*Go!*the kangaroo goes*

Mech: Finally got going, Court? *laughs*

Courtney:Yeah,Mech*slaps him*

Mech: Ooh, I'm SO scared...

Anon:*gets on kangaroo*FINALLY*starts riding*

Courtney:*jumps and kicks Mech off his kangaroo*Ah!*gets on his kangaroo*

Mech: *lands next to a bunch of horses* Rapido, caballos!!!

Codmister: Song time! Duet between Courtney and Mech!! *ding-ding*

Song Eight

(Theme is to I'm Gonna Make It)

Mech: This show's a train it's moving need for any cheesy romance. Kicking me off just wasn't right. So, look out now, you're in my sights.

Courtney:*rolls eyes*Mr.Stupid now,suddenly,gotta barf now excuse me.

Mech: Don't try to make me feel ashamed...I know you can't get enough of me.

Courtney:Go ahead say what you want,but I won't let you get this easily.

Mech: I'll make sure that you go home before me!!! Courtney...

Courtney:*raise eyebrow*You're not gonna make it!

Mech: And you can't stop me now, just you try...

Courtney:And you can kiss the million bye,bye.

Anonymous:you two will not get that far, but bickering will will just break m car, just work things out and you will see, it really sucks to be lonely

Courtney:You weren't suppose to be in the song!

SO I have to say,so long!*pushes him out of the way*

Mech: I'm gonna make it, and you can't stop me now, just you try.

Courtney:I'm gonna make it,and you kiss the million bye.bye,bye.

Kate: Guys calm down. Don't kill me. Or each other, please!

Mech: *pushes Kate* We can do whatever we want to!

Courtney:Like you know what to do..


Back to Challenge 11

Anonymous:Enough singing

Courtney:You aren't the host*slaps him*

Mech: Why? We all know you would LOVE to continue dueting with me.

Courtney:Because he isn't the host*kicks him*

Kate: *pushes Mech* I've been nice to you! WHAT'S YOUR PROBLEM!?!?!

Anonymous:*suddenly realizes*guys whats our problem, weve let $1000000 turn us into a bunch of homicidal psychos, lets try and be civil to one another


Kate: *perks up* Yea, Anon! You're right! *whispers to Court* If you even try, to get with Mech, your dead.

Courtney:*whispers back*Why would I?

Mech: Civil? *laughs*

Kate: *whispers back, suprized* You don't like him? He's dreamy, cute, amazing, not to mention hot.

Australian Hill

Codmister: *to Chef* What is taking those kids so long?

Chef: *shrugs*

Mech: *finally arrives* Where's my prize?

Codmister: Ummm...well, you could have some Cheezy Poofz...

Kate: *arrives* Well, that was fun.

Anonymous:*arrives*that took a long time, It sucked

Codmister: Your next part of the challenge is to attach a bungie cord to your foot and jump down and grab a sheep. WHen you grb the sheep, you must shave it to see if it has your face on it. Since Mech was here first, he gets an electric sheep shearer. GO!!!

Kate: I'M GOING! *jumps, gets a sheep and comes back up* AHHHHHHHHH! I GOT ONE! *rips off sheeps fur, crazily* face.

Max:*arrives* Hi. *jumps and gets a dingo* AAAHH!!

Anonymous:*jumps nd gets sheep, sheers it, but it has gerrds fce on it*noone must ever know of this*throws sheep off cliff*

Gerard: *arrives, and starts to whisper to Kate* I know I've been acting cruelly to Courtney, but I really want her back. Will you help me make her jealous?

(SS2: Jack, one line win=cheat. You can't do that and I've been over this with you.)

Gerard: *takes bungie cord from Mech, dives down and gets a sheep*

Max: *jumps again and tears sheep hair off, but finds Courtneys face on it* Um, *throws off cliff*

Gerard: It's a good thing I have these! *holds up gun and knife*

Jack:*starts gnawing on sheep fur*

Jack: *still gnawing*

Jack: *15 minutes later finds his face and vomits sheep fur on sheep*

Gerard: *pushes Jack's sheep off the cliff* Oops. *starts shearing his own sheep* (next time, don't edit 3 times in a row, give others a chance)

Jack: (sorry) dives after sheep and catches it but hurts his arm, hand, and wrist.

Jack: weakly says got it and passes out.

Gerard: *almost done shearing sheep and sees a bit of the person's hair, revealing it to be a boy*(Jack, I told you to stop doing multiple edits in a row, I'm trying to win too)

(Bat: SS2 all I did was jump of a clif and injure myself)

(SS2: Still! It's unnecessary for you to put it in more than on line)

Mech: *uses his sheep shearer to uncover face* Dang it, it was a dud.

Gerard: *finds his face on the sheep* I win! And I always had this back-up! *shows a sheep with blood and a carving of his face on it*

(Bat: I would argue but I am unconcious)

(SS2: I won fairly though.... in more than 1 line.... unlike you)

)Bat: I know and I acept that)

(Mr E:XD Sun)

Mech: Ummm... *kills Gerard's sheep* There, now no one has their face on a sheep (Plat: Again with the godmodding Sunny -.-)

Gerard: ..... Way to kill the decoy. (and how is it Godmodding? I won fairly. and at least I don't erase people's lines when they win after all the work they did! >=0)

Mech: *deforms Gerard's face so the picture doesn't match and deforms his own face to look like the sheep. (Plat: Fairly does not mean first sheep. It's like your endless victories in TPBB)

Gerard: Wow.... (Plat, stop cheating! I won! And look at the show, doesn't he win every single time? YES! And you've cut my character out for 7 chappy's straight. He deserves SOMETHING)

(Plat: Yeah...its ironic how you say that I am the one cheating, when Gerard has had immunity since episode 3. Doesn't that tell you something??? Gerard has won every immunity (individual) yet by godmodding. At least try to be realistic. -.-)

(SS2: yes, just because I've won challenges means I've godmodded.... Makes perfect sense... No! People can't be good at camps! NO! They have to godmodd to make it far! and I haven't won every immunity challenge, Jack won 2, I won 2....)

Gerard: Hmmm.... It's a good thing this is a TV show.... and the fact they RECORD EVERYTHING!

Mech: Meh, you're still going home next time you lose guaranteed.

Gerard: Yeah... you're gonna be the only one voting for me. Kate is my friend. Jack is my friend. Anonymous is my friend. And even though Courtney is mad at me, she won't get rid of me.

Mech: Believe what you want...I have majority whether you like it or not. (Plat: Well, I may have majority. You know how terrible my counting is xD)

Gerard: ...... 4 is more than 2. (SS2: ....*facepalms* How do you get 2 off of 22? xD)

Mech: Sure...I know my votes, and trust me, you're gone next. (Plat: It's not my fault I somehow ended with 13 guys and 9 girls...I wasn't sure what gender Blade was :P)

Gerard: But I have immunity.... And everyone hates you.... (SS2: That would still be 12 and 10 *facepalms again*)

Mech: *shears his sheep and finds his face in it*

Gerard: Too bad I already won. *rolls eyes*

Max:(CONF) Really, the way I see it, is that I'm not really a threat right now. But I still need an alliance, Gerard seems to always get immunity, so he might be good ally, but then again.... *Tape cuts*

Migit Man: I be passing by! (See my page for detailed image of this man) Top of the morning! *gets rammed by a sheep and falls off the cliff* It's a good thing I have God on my side! *falls into a pillow of sheep* (=D)

Anonymous:(CONF):there is ALOT of conflict right now, im trying to stay as far away from it as possible,

Codmister: You guys are REALLY getting on my nerves so Kate wins!

Anonymous:GO KATE

Vote 11

Codmister: Tut, tut,tut. Cheating? arguing? Fighting? Killing those endangered AlbinoBlackSheep? (yayz for refrences :D) You could have all died and I would have lost my paycheck! Fortunatly, Kate was the only was acting right and has immunity tonight. So go and vote away.

Anonymous:im really pissed at this arguement, all of the campaigning against each oter, argueing, im voting jack though

Mech: I vote Jack

Kate: *claps* I vote....Max.

Max:Sorry dude. I vote for you Jack.

Codmister: Kate, you can't vote for Max. He isn't really competing. He is.....well you can't vote for him.

Kate: Fine, I vote Gerard.

Codmister: With three votes against him, Jack is out. (Everyone congratulate thebatmanmann cause this was his first camp and he got pretty far)

(Plat: *claps*)

(Kate: *gets a confetti cannon* CONGRATS!)

(TheEvilOctorock:Nice work)

EvilTweek:*waves at jack outside plane* bye bye

(SS2: Gratz Jack.... and nobody cheered for me this much when I won the first camp I ever joined... I feel rejected... so Jack, what kind of candy do you want me to bring you?)

(TN123:Good job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, and this isnt forced enthusiasm i swear)

Chinese Fake-Out

Pre-Voting Chat

Codmister: Chat here if you are waiting for the votes to b e counted.

Anonymous:*watching survivor in the corner*are you guys sure the tvs been here the whole time

Max:Hey, Anon? Who did they vote out on Survivor?

TV:and brendaa is eliminated

Anonymous:AHGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHh **** ,****, ****, **** why brenda ****, *sighs*dammit i had $100 bet on her

Kate: Guess you better pay up, huh, Anon?

Max: I knew it. She would never win

Anonymous:*throws money in the air*go crazy

Kate: *snatches money out of air and high-fives Max*

Mech: Noooo Brennnddaaaaa...she was my "sista"

Kate: Meh, she s'right.

Anonymous:if by s'right you mean the best survivor character ever then yes, very s'right

Kate: *scoffs*You just like her 'cause she's pretty.

Mech: Meh, she's not the best. I mean, if you call 9th place "the best" then sure...

Anonymous:NO SHES AWESOME, now that marty left shes all ive got, now i have to root for jane

Mech: Good fo' you. Anyways, who's going after Jack?

Kate: JACK'S LEAVING?!?! NO! *shakes Mech* HE CAN'T! THEN ALL I'VE GOT IS YOU!...That didn't come out right.

Mech: ...ok then...I'll pretend that didn't happen.

Kate: Good. Anyway, we vote out the Courtney hurter?

Anonnymous:later, not now

Mech: What he said.

Kate: *sighs* I know. Lets not vote out Court though.

Anonymous:yeah, courts cool, she should stay a while until all the weirdos are out

Kate: AND, any one of us could beet her in a jury vote...besides Mech.

Anonymous:acctually id still vote mech

Kate: would I. He's got this charm to him. And he's cute, and funny, and sarcastic. He reminds me of Edward from Twilight: Just when you think he's going to bite you, he doesn't, and only because he cares. *sighs*..........what were we talking about?

Mech: *jumps off a cliff upon hearing the word "Twilight"*

Kate: *shrugs and starts reading Mech's obituary*

Mech: (CONF) Jack's going now, and then Gerry is sweet.

Kate: *knocks on Confestional door* Mech? You alive?

Mech: (CONF) No...I'm dead.

Kate: -_-. *picks lock and goes in the confessional* Hey.

Courtney:*sighs*This is boring..

Gerard: So Kate, what's you're answer?

Kate: *to Gerard* Me? But what about----I see your delema.

Coutney:(CONF)As me and Kate being the only girls we are more likely to get in the final four,I need her to trust me.

Gerard: Kate... asked you if you would help me make Courtney jealous.

Kate: How?

Gerard: Pretend to date... I bet Mech would like you a lot more if he knew he couldn't have you.

Courtney:*walking sees the T.V*When did that get here?

Kate: want Court back, don't you?

Gerard: *facepalms*

Courtney:I might as well watch it.*starts watching it*

Kate: YOU DO! You want help getting her back?

Gerard: *facepalms again* I thought we already settled this.

Courtney:*surfing through the channels*Boring,Lame,Ooh look we're on T.V,*starts watching*

Kate: *hugs Gerry* Totally! I will!

Gerard: *hugs back* Thanks babe! *throwing knifes TV* She mustn't know!

Courtney:What the Heck!*stomps away angry*(CONF)Why did he do that,UGH,I can't watch T.V in this show.

Kate: *goes up to Court* Hey! Wacha' watching?

Courtney:Nothing now.

Kate: I got some ne-ews! ( in a sing-song tone*

Courtney:And what is that?

Kate: Gerry still likes you!!

Courtney:*shocked,but goes back to normal*Well it doesn't matter,he broked my heart.

Anonymous:*plays every rose has its thorn*that should solcve all of your relationship problems

Gerard: I don't like you! I like Kate! And if it weren't for me, you would have been voted off that night! Ask Kate!

Courtney:No thanks!

Gerard: Fine! But you just admitted you care! How could you're heart still be broken if you didn't care?

Courtney:I don't care!

Gerard: Oh yes you do! You care about me!

Mech: *goes to Courtney* Gerard is going out with Kate. Just so ya know.

Courtney:Like I care,and no Gerard I don't care!

Gerard: Yes you do! End of conversation! *tries to stomp past Courtney, but trips and kisses her*

Courtney:*moves out of the way**stomps off*

Gerard: *follows Courtney* I know you're still in love with me!

Courtney:No I'm not.

Mech: No, she doesn't because she loves me. Isn't that right, Court? >:)

Kate: I better not be right, Court. *glances at her*

Courtney:Stop looking at me.

Anonymous:*looks at broken tv*how am i gonna watch survivor, I HAVE $1000 on jane tonight

Courtney:I bet you she isn't going to get out.

Kate: Listen! I don't like Gerry. Gerry likes Court, but won't admit it. Court likes Gerry but won't admit it!

Courtney:Not true!I don't like Gerry!

Mech: *evilly glares at Kate* She like me, remember?

Kate: *evilly glaresback* No, she likes Gerry. Agh! I don't KNOW what I ever saw in you.

Courtney:Someone just confessed something..

Gerard: Now we're just waiting on you.

Courtney:For what?

Kate: I don't like Mech...kinda...I don'!

Courtney:..You like him or not?

Kate: No...*a recording of her saying that Mech is cute plays* CAMERA MAAAAAAN! *runs towerds the Camera Man*


Mech: (CONF) And everyone goes crazy again...I love my life. *snickers*

Kate: *you hear a sound of a crash, a bang, and the sound of a man screaming* *Kate returns with blood on her hands* What were we talking about?

Courtney:*eyes widen*

Kate: Oh, I didn't kill him! I just broke both hisarms, his legs, and gave him a bloody nose!

Courtney:..We don't have a camera man anymore!

Max: *set cam on tripod* there.

Max:(Goes to CONF and sees dead camera guy there) Aaaaaahhhhh!!!!!!

Kate: *fallows Mac* I DIDN'T DO IT!

Anonymous:swear to god it wasnt me this time

(They go into a clue senerio)

Max:Was it YOU! *Points random stick in Kates face*

First Class: Kate

Kate: *getting a foot rub, and eating bacon* Ahhhh....this is the life. *shouts* MECH! WANNA JOIN ME!?!?

Mech: *comes up* Why I refuse first class? My alliance know what they are doing anyways.

Economy Class: The rest of you losers :P

Mech: *breaks the fourth wall and looks above* We're not losers!!! Don't "Colon P" us!!!!

Anonymous:*turns off survivor*clip show my @$$, i just wasted an houer of my life*falls asleep

EvilTweek:*grabs Max while noones looking*hey Max if you split the prize money with me I will help you oh and the camera guy I killed him


EvilTweek:Good remember don't tell anyone im here or ill kill you

Anonymous:dude we can all see you, your only 10 feet away from everyone else

EvilTweek:Oh yes well im glad i made this*shows machine*it makes everyone forget everything from the last 2 minutes*pushes Max away and turns on and runs**flash happens*

Challenge 12

Codmister: Today's challenge is in.....China!! Each of you must run all the way down the Great Wall of China on each of these vehicles (put your name and user name on ONE of these)

Skateboard- Kate-Kate4TDWT


Ace the Donkey-Mr. E (YEAH!! XD)



Tricycle- Mech- Plat

You can start whenever you are ready!!

Anonymous:*starts riding*

Kate: *starts riding*

Anonyous:*4 miles into it and panting*this is hard

Kate: *passes Anonyous* Hey there! *contuines riding*

  • Mine explodes in front of Kate*

Codmister: Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you that there are mines all over the Great Wall. Haha!

Max: Go Ace Go!!!!

Codmister: Also when you reach the end of the wall, you must ring this gong.

MaxI'm Halfway there!!!!

Codmister: Ok, Max wins the first challenge. The second challenge is to honor Thanksgiving by eating as many full turkeys as you can. Winner gets invincibility!!! But we still have a challenge after this.... GO!!!'

Kate: *finishes race and begins to eat turkeys*

Mech: *eats turkey*

Max:*Has already eaten 2 turkeys*

Gerard: *starts hopping on his pogo stick*

Anonymous:*finishes on his bike and starts eating turkey*

Codmister: Max is in the lead, followed by Anon, Kate, Gerard and last Mech and Courtney.

Anonymous:*continues to catch up to max*i can do this all day

Codmister: Since no one is doing the challenge (I dont blame them, its Thanksgiving) We will have all of you vote off someone. Tonight till 6PM tommarow

Vote 12

Mech: *votes Gerard* This is how we will end it.

Anonymous:*votes gerard*sorry dude

Courtney:Sorry.*votes Gerard*

Kate: *votes Gerard* You've been a good, little pawn. But pawns always bow down to queens. (DUN DUN DUN! XD)

Mech: (CONF) Everything's going well... >:)

Kate: Mech, I have an idea about who's next. *evily grins* (CONF) Am I evil? Oh-NO! Am I good at playing the game? You betcha'! I want to give a shout out to Ryan and Jack! Miss ya'! To my ex-pawn Dearak! You got me far!

Mech: And who exactly would this be???

Kate: *whispers in his ear: Courtney or Anon*

Max:Sorry, Gerard, If I vote against the Group, I'll be eliminated next. *votes Gerard*

Codmister: And the person leaving one! This was fake!! Instead, we have another returning contestant!!! Isn't that great? Here's Jake!!

Jake:(sick and pale)

Anonymous:i dont think you can move, are you alright

Gerard: Pawn you say, Kate? Well look who's still here. (Cod, if you had me eliminated during Thanksgiving, I would make you're life hell =D jkjk, but I would be mad)

Max:(CONF)Thats good, Gerard is an Ally to me, and I would have been in trouble if he had left.

Gerard: (CONF) Max.... yeah. NEVER and I mean NEVER will I trust HIM again.

Mech: Gerard's

Max:We can tell your thrilled.

EvilTweek:*Grabs Max into cargo*Max watchout Gerard doesn't trust you luckily Kate and Mech are voting out Anonymous, Gerard and Courtney*puts him in elimination room

Anonymous:*to gerard ,courtney, and jake*ive heard my name be called afew times, ive also heard your names to gerard and courtney, iif the four of us team up we have the numbers

Gerard: I will, but Court still hates me.

Anonymous:hate is a...........................fitting word, but we all have to work together to ensure our life in the game

Gerard: True... Anonymous, you're probably the only one I can trust as of right now. And Jake, because he hates no one.

Anonymous:yeah but thats mostly because jake is a psychotic zombie

Gerard: Meh... maybe we should get Max on our side.

Jake: Who are you calling a zombie? I just don't feel well..

Max:I heard something about an alliance, can I join?

The Attempt At Challenge 12

Codmister: I already explained it earlier so GO!!! Jake has to walk because he is a quitter :)
Jake: *starts running* (CONF) I really want to make it farther this time...

Gerard: *starts hopping with his pogostick* For SPARTA!

Max:Ok. Go Ace Go!!!!! *Ace starts walking slowly*

Gerard: *hops off his pogostick and whacks Ace in the leg* Tally ho! *starts hopping again*

Anonymous:*starts riding bike*max you can be in our alliance okay

Jake: *running and accidentally trips Gerard's pogostick* Sorry! *keeps running*

Gerard: *gets off pogostick and chases Jake waving around the pogostick like a weapon*


Anonymous:*keeps riding and sees jackie chan robbing an old mexican women in a dora hat* not the only one who saw that right

Gerard: Okay. Now go sit in that corner while I win the challenge! *points towards a corner and starts running again*

Mech: *rides tricycle*

Anonymous:*looking at mech*ill give you the bike if you vote courtney

Mech: *continues riding* Sorry, I'm voting either Gerard or Jake next.

Codmister: This challenge is annoying, lets just go onto the next episode.

African Lying Society

Economy Class: Everyone

Courtney:Well this weird.

Jake: Yeah. How did you guys survive on this show? It's really brutal sometimes and dangerous.

Courtney:I agree,.

Jake: Besides, when are we gonna have a winner? Its been like 13 weeks or something.

Codmister: Good news everyone! We are "borrowing" The idea of an immunity idol from other shows! The question to it is, Bite.


Mech: A nail? Animals can bite it. (:P)

(Cod: No. That was from TDH3 :P )

Anonymous:to chew, to eat , to taste, to die

(Cod: Nope. Its really simple)

Courtney:I don't doesn't make any sense.

(Cod: It is one word. Hint: (this will give it away) den*** (not a curse word) )

Mech: Dental?

(Cod: No. That was just a hint, not the actual word.)

Courtney:So you can't say te full word.

(Cod: What? Anyways, Hint 2: Starts with T. So thats has to do with dental and starts with a T.)


Codmister: And Courtney gets it!


Codmister: Ok Courtney, you have three options to do with it. You can make it so that if you are eliminated you will not be. You can bring it to season 2 or you can use it on another player when they are eliminated. You don't have to choose right now but keep it in mind..

(Cod: Also, the final four will be 2 boys and 2 girls and I am saving Niagara Brawls for that)

Anonymous:im really happy for you courtney

Jake: Awesome job Courtney! (CONF) I don't know if this is rude or not but I want Courtney and me to become good friends. Maybe she'll use the idol on me if i'm kicked off..

Courtney:(CONF)This immunity idol will be a great use of me.

Gerard: Courtney, listen, I know you're mad at me, but can we just forgive each other and be friends?

Courtney:Give me a good reason why.

Mech: What do you mean? Court and I are dating.

Courtney:Say what!?

Jake: Its been on all the front pages of the tabloids. I found them after Codmister threw them away on the plane and read them.

Mech: Isn't that right Courtney?

Courtney:Umm yeah..

Mech: See? >:)

Courtney:*whispers to him*Why did you do that?

Gerard: (CONF) Them? Dating? Yeah, right! I don't care though, because now Kate is gonna kill one of them.

Jake: Its weird cuz, well you*points to Gerard*, Courtney and Mech are the only ones who are or is in a relationship. My brother liked Kate though so...i don't know. Nevermind.

Mech: *whispers* Do you want to get far or not?

Courtney:*whispers*Fine,byt what do we do?

Mech: *whispers* We're dating, remember?

Courtney:*whispers*But what do we do now?

Mech: Wait for Kate and Gerard...

Gerard: *walking around in first class with Kermit doll* Come out, come out wherever you are!

Courtney:Why them?

Mech: One word. Drama.


Kermit: *posses Kermit Doll* yes, master?

Gerard: Destroy Mech! DESTROY HIM!

Jake: Did anyone hear Gerard yell?

Anonymous:*yells*gerard you okay

Gerard: AGH!!!!!!!

Kermit: *walks into Economy class*


Jake: What the F***!!! (CONF) Did I mention that I have a really bad mouth..

Kermit: *takes an AK-47 out from under his hat and blows Mech's luggage away with a rata-tat-tat*

Jake: Where did it get a gun!!!???


Anonymous:*bites his lip

Flashback:Anonymous-storing these guns int the confesional is really helpful

Chef: *comes out and starts fist-fighting Kermit*

Jake: Wait, If Chef's here, then who's flying the plane?

Plane: *starts falling*

Courtney:*screams**holds on to Mech*

Gerard: *runs in and pulls Mech and Courtney apart* Kermit stop!

Kermit: *starts shooting at Chef*

Codmister: *on intercom* Hello contestants. This is Codmister speaking. Ahem, AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Plane Crash in Africa

Anonymous:GREAT, JUST GREAT, we land of all places in africa, where the hell are we gonna get our plane repaired in africa*sees an airport/automechanic shop*oh the irony

Jake: Is everyone ok?

Codmister: Ok guys. Chef is ok, he was wearing his random bullet-proof vest and was an idiot to leave the plane with NO PILOT!!!!

Courtney:*falls out of plane and lands on Gerard*

Gerard: *on ground with Courtney on top of him* Hello, comfortable I see?

Courtney:*gets off*

Kate: *clinging to Anonymous* We're all going to die.

Anonymous:*to kate*lets hope not, death is painful trust me

Kate: *relizes she's hugging Anonymous and gets off* Sorry Anon. *whispers in his ear: We vote out Courtney next?*

Codmister: Ok everyone, we will have to go to an airport for the Africa challenge now because of CHEF!!!


Codmister: Today's challenge is all about the wild Africa! *gives everyone paintball guns and tranq balls* Your task is to catch a lion using these balls and your guns, starting, NOW!!! *lets out Lion*

Rachel: Heres your hair gel

Codmister: Why thank you new intern. Now lets go back to the plane, have soem hot cocoa and watch these guys get mauled by a lion.

Rachel: OK and i have a name

Codmister: Fine, Rachel. Lets go.

Jake: I got an idea...*makes tranq grenade* (CONF) My brother taught me most of this stuff when we were younger.

Kate: *loads paintball gun with tranq balls, and puts on sunglasses* Locked and loaded. *sees lion and dives behind bush*

EvilTweek:Oh man this is gonna be fun(CONF)I could'nt help watching them getting attacked by a lion besides I'm just gonna erase there memory

Gerard: *deciding between an AK-47 and the tranq gun* Which one?

Mech: *takes out a machine gun from his pocket* Let`s do this.

Anonymous:YEAH I GET TO SHOOT SOMETHING WITHOUT GETTING ARRESTED*goes to his confesional gun stash*

Anonymous:(CONF):courtney thinks she can get my vote, but no matter what she does, she will have to do alot more if she wants my vote

Rachel: Vote for Mech hes evil

Mech: *shoots Rachel*

Rachel: Youre so out

Anonymous:ah rachel, you and your drugs

Max:We can use gun? AWESOME!!! *pulls out rocket launcher*

Anonymous:*goes to find the lion*

Kate: *still in bush, aiming at lion**lion roars**shoots at Courtney* Oops.

Gerard: *chooses tranq gun* Time for blood. *starts running, but stops when he sees squirrels "wrestling"* Ewww!

Kate: *missfires and shots Gerard* Oops.......

Gerard: *bleeding on the ground* You will pay! And not only for this, but for calling me a pawn! *gets carried off by medics*

Anonymous:*to gerard*hope your not in to much pain dude

Courtney;(CONF)Kate is out!

Gerard: *walking into confessional at the time* Why?

Courtney:(CONF)Look at my leg,it has a hole in it.Because of her lazy shooting.

Gerard: Yeah? Well look at my arm! *holds up arm but it jiggles and falls down, limp*

Courtney:I am getting that Lion!*gets out of confessional*

Gerard: Isn't you're leg still hurt?

Courtney:It's patched up*hits a tree*

Gerard: *flinches* Want me to carry you?

Courtney:No thanks..*lays on the ground*

Gerard: Are you sure?

Courtney:Fine carry me..

Mech: cute. >:)

Gerard: *grins* As you wish. *picks up Courtney, turns around and sees the lion* Oh crap! Sorry! *shoots Courtney with he tranq gun, then uses the last two balls on the lion* Yes! I win! *starts dragging the lion to the ship*

Courtney:*face alsleep(I will destroy you!

Anonymous:gerard, we still vote kate right

Gerard: *finally makes it back to plane* Mech. While I do hate Kate, if we get rid of her, that would hand Courtney a spot in the final 2.

Mech: *rolls eyes* As much as I hate it, I'm going to have to team up with you.

Courtney:Is anyone going to help me!?

Gerard: If you vote off Mech with me.


Gerard: Good. (CONF) Now that me and Courtney have broken up, I've become a new person. I feel so evil, but I don't want to stop it!

Courtney:(CONF)If I do get voted off I'll use my immunity idol

Mech: (CONF) Ugh...I don't feel so safe anymore...I have to support the one in power, Courtney and that immunity idol. I don't think Gerard is the happiest right now...

Kate: *goes to Gerard* I'm sorry. I just slipped up. I was so scared, because of that lion, but I'm glad you won! Can...can you forgive me?

Gerard: No. You also called me a pawn. Well look who's the boss of who now. *walks away*

Kate: *tears form in eyes* You and Anon are the only people that care. The only people are left. *quietly* The only people I care about.

Mech: Again definetly have a unique way of playing this game.

Gerard: Considering she was hitting on you ten minutes ago.

Kate: *turns to Mech* So do you, Mechy. Hope you enjoy swapping spit with Courtney.

Gerard: *gets mad* DEAD....

Kate: I heard they were going out!

Gerard: *holds up AK-47 that was in his shirt* DEAD....

Kate: *nervous* Me...or him?

Gerard: *glaring* Who do you think?


Gerard: I was talking about Mech...

Mech: Again, how cute.

Anonymous:its adorable isnt it

Gerard: *grunts*

Kate: *whistles* We are the final...*counts on fingers* 6! I think....are we going to let a pety scwable turn us into monsters...except for Mech, who was already one...anyway, we have been threw TOO MUCH to just fight like this. Remember Area 51? Courtney? Mech? Remember fighting the Yukon, OH, BTDubs, BEST SPA DAY EVAH! So is THIS what we have come to? This? *to Gerard* I'm sorry for everything. I relly hope we can remain friends. *to Courntey* Sisters for life! *to Anonymous* Thanks. I think your the nicest person here. *looks at Mech, glares, then quickly hugs him and bugs back* Come on!. *sings We Are The World*

Anonymous:im the nicest person here?

Kate: *stops singing* Well, yea, Courtney and Gerard are going to murder me, and Mech's...Mech. *smirks* And have a soul.

Anonymous:i dont wanna sound like a ****, but we should get back to the challenge

Kate: Gerard won. he got the lion. *sees another lion* HOLLY- *shoots it* Ok...done.

Courtney:Kate I don't want to "murder" you.You just shot me!

Kate: Yea, WITH A TRANQ BALL! It shoulda' knocked you out or made your leg numb.

Courtney:It did make my leg numb!And a big bruise,

Kate: It exploads on impact. That buise is your fault. *grabs unconcious lion and goes to codmister* I got a lion. Now lets get out of here before it wakes up.

Courtney:(CONF)And doesn't ask me "Are you okay".

Codmister: And Kate wins!

Jake: Wait no!!! *drops tranq grenade that tranquilizes everyone and makes them fall asleep*


Codmister: Wake UP!!! We have been here for five freakin hours!! *ding-ding* If you don't sing, YOU ARE OUT!!!

(SS2: Cod, that's not fair! I got the lion first! WAAAAy before Kate did!)

Codmister: If you sing, you win too SS2!!

Sun: I should have won from the challenge, not the song.

Cod: You did. I wouldn't have the host be that much of a d***. You and Kate won. Congrats!

Sun: *glares*

Cod: Don't look at me that way! I let you win! You won. The end. Yayz for Sun!

Song 9

(Theme is to Wake Up)

Gerard: Well Codmister, he's an unfair host!

His only goal, is to boast!

Cheating me!

Out of my win!

I will have my revenge!

Courtney:Oooooh Cheater is what they call you when you were an unfair host

Jake: I accidentally dropped a grenade, we could see the balls all over the place. Really, there were THAT many.

Kate: Well it's a wonderful day, except for this.

I will get up, and get to first class.

And vote you out, you won't be missed.

Jake: I can't feel my butt cause it won't wake up, Huh? Is there something you wanted to say? Kate! KATE! Kate *faints from the pain*

Kate: *tries to stand up* Well it's a horrible day, now that I'm in pain.

And that I want to go.

But it could get worse.

Because here it can't rain!

Anonymous:i'll shoot jake, and win this damn game, as soon as my brain wakes up, my brain

Mech: Say what?



Vote 13

Codmister: Now that we got our plane fixed, Its time to vote, who will go byebye? Probably Jake. Also, you cannot vote for Kate or Gerard because they won the challenge.

Jake: I vote Max.

Courtney:I vote Jake

Anonuymous:i vote jake

Gerard: I vote Max....

Codmister: Well! Seems like we have a tie! Its up to Kate and Mech to vote! If they don't vote by 10:00 then I have a special tiebreaker for them.

Mech: Max

Codmister: Max is out! (vote Jake out next and then go back to your eliminating schemes, I'm talking to you Plat and Sun..)

Ryan: *randomly walks in* With a Co-Host. *evil smile*

EvilTweek:Max take this*gives him jetpack*now that your all here I can do this*turns amnesia ray on*Bye*runs*

  • Flash*

Niagara Brawls

First Class: Gerard and Kate

Kate: *smiles at Gerard* Hey Gerry. *sings "Mean"*

Economy Class: Everyone Else

Anonymous:*listening to blink 182 in the corner*someone should fix the tv

Jake: I'll try! *tries fixing it and makes it implode* Oh crap, sorry! (CONF) I am the most clumsy person in my school so I should try and stay away from things I can break, to get on the other's good side.

Challenge 14

Codmister: Before we start, does any one of you want to sign up as a TDI girl? We need 3.

Cod: Ok I'll be the rest

(Whole Total Drama Series Girls)

  1. Sierra-teamnoah
  2. Bridgette-Cod
  3. Eva-Youre2490

Codmister: TOday's challenge takes place in the beautiful Niagara Falls! Each female contestant, including the guests, must play the slots to pick a husband. Oh yeah, and Ryan is Co-Host. Bridgette, you're up first.

Chef: *throws Gerard, Mech, Anon and Jake into a slot machine and then a bear*

Bridgette: Here I go! *pushes slot machine and gets Anonymous*

Cod: Kate is up next! (I tell you who you get)

Kate: *pulls lever*

Cod: And you get, Mech!

Kate: Ok! *takes Mech*

Ryan: *glares at them*

Codmister: Eva! Your turn!

Eva: *pulls the lever* Please not Gerard.

Codmister: And you get Gerard!!! Last up is Sierra with a Bear, dressed as Cody and Courtney and Jake. Ok now that we have our couples, on to the first part of the challenge. Each of the grooms must direct their brides to their respective dresses. GO!

Gerard: Go straight Eva! (wouldn't it have made more sense to pair Gerard up with Courtney?)

Kate: (Me: Plat's not on.)

Mech: Go foward or something. (Yea I am :P)

(I think Youre's trying to make me lose on purpose =P)

Codmister: Gerard switch with Jake. Jake switch with Mech. Ok now GO!

Gerard: Courtney, take three pace straight, and then turn left, walk two paces, and go forward!

Jake: Ok Kate! We're partners now so go five steps forward and two steps right!

Kate: Gotcha! *moves five steps forward and two steps right* Now what, Jakey?

Eva: I have to have Mech that *beep*.

Jake: Ok! Now go 12 steps forward and one step right and you are there!

Gerard: Courtney?! Are you listening to me?!

(Cod: She's not on so I guess someone will have to be her)

(Sun: I will!)

Courtney: Yes! Now leave me alone! *starts walking without listening to Gerard*

Anonymous:okay bridgette, go straight

Bridgette: Okay! *walks into mud* Anon! You never told me to stop!

Mech: UGH!!! Can I switch? Does Codmister want me to lose?

Codmister: Fine! Switch with Anon.

Bridgette: Mech come on! Do you wanna win this challenge or not? Its up to you. I'm not competing.

Mech: Bridgette, just follow your gut or something.

Bridgette: Fine. *walks into cake*

Jake: Bridgette! I'm sorry for Mech's behavior! Walk three paces left and 5 paces forwards!

Bridgette: Thanks Jake! *starts walking*

Mech: Jake, what are you doing?

Jake: Your treating her badly! Also, I am helping you win aren't I?

Gerard: Courtney! Turn left!

Courtney: Why should I listen to you? *turns right and falls into jello*

Gerard: I told you!

Gerard: Just admit you still like me, or I won't tell you where to go!

Courtney: Fine! I like you! Now please help me!

Mech: Fine, keep go three paces right, and two foward. *rolls eyes*

Bridgette: Ok. Am I almost there?

Mech: Sure, now run foward across the bridge or something.

Bridgette: *runs into dress and falls over*

Codmister: Bridgette made it to her wedding dress! Who else will make it?

Gerard: Turn left then run straight forward!

Courtney: *does what he says and gets a very short, low-cut, dress*

Codmister: Ok! Courtney makes it! The rest of you lose. Now for the next part of the challenge.

Bridgette and Mech Vs. Gerard and Courtney

Codmister: Each of you must walk across the balance beam bridge to get to the other side with your bride/groom ANd a song!

Song 10

Gerard: Marriage is a complicated thing! *starts walking across carefully*

Courtney: It begins, when the wedding bell rings! *is being carried*

Bridgette: I really hope to see my Geoff agaaaaaaiiin!!! *starts carrying Mech*

Gerard: Trials, and hardships, and cups of coffee! *is halfway there*

Courtney: *sipping coffee, then throws it at Bridgette* And husbands, that don't know, you're last name!


Bridgette: I really don't want to die today Courtney so suck it up and don't throw COFFEE!!

Ryan: Don't yell at her.

Courtney: It's not my fault, and I'm not sorry!

Gerard: But now Mech will be! *reaches finish line*


Codmister: Gerard wins! And Courtney too.

  • Plane Leaves*

Tweek:*Drives up to Niagara Falls and see's plane*Dang it! I'm too late (No cursing EvilOctorok -__-)

EvilTweek:*outside plane Flipping Tweek of*F*** You Tweek Ahahahaha

Vote 14

Codmister: You cannot vote for Courtney. Or Gerard, again.

Gerard: Goodbye! Finally! *votes Mech*

Jake: *votes Mech*

Codmister: This is amazing! You guys actually managed to get the Main Antangonist out! Before the final 3! Or did you....We still have to have Anon and Kate vote. And Mech.

Kate: *singing* So I got my vote on, I won't regret it in the morn', but now, I'm a gonna, I'm a gonna-*votes Jake*

Mech: *votes Jake* (Sunny should get out for cheating, he put Courtney's vote for HR -.-)

(Sun: I was told to play as her. :P)

(Plat: For the two person challenge, not the vote smart one. )

(Youre: I'm with Plat there.)

(Kate: Ditto)

(Sun: I was told to! And she's my partner! If one of you guys took her, would you try and give me the win? no! it would be unfair! Why don't we just eliminate Cod?)

(Plat: Not the vote. Just the challenge. I don't mind that you won, but you can't vote as her.)

(Cod: You mean vote off Jake right? Cause you can't vote the host off :P)

Codmister: Ok! Lets see the votes. One for Jake. One for Mech. One for Jake. Lastly, Jake?

Jake: What? (CONF) *shows Jake accidentally voting himself instead of Mech because of his clumsyness*

Codmister: Looks like Jake the Clumsy is now Jake the Clumsy loser. Bye bye! *shoves Jake off plane with parachute* Final 5 guys. Who will win? Find out next time!

(Cod: Could someone help with Elim. Table?

Anonymous:*runs out of the bathroom*i vote jake(sorry i wasnt here)


First Class: Gerard and Courtney

Economy Class: Kate, Mech and Anonymous

Kate: (CONF) In loser class with Mech and Anon. *sighs* Yay,

Kate: Us three need an alliancs. We are the strongest competitors. Well, Mech and I. Anon is here because he's nice. We CAN make it to the finall three. And then whoever wins, splits the money. Three ways. 25%, 25%, and 50% for the winner.

Mech: Why should I trust you?

Kate: The same reason I trust you. Because I'm your only ally at this moment.

Rachel: evil

Anonymous:im in, sounds really fair, so we just get out courtney, but im staying loyal to gerard

Kate: She's not a saint, she's not what you think, she's an actress. (I'm finding songs for everyone left in the game. 8D I have Mech and Courtney. time to look for anon's)

(TN123:make anons something incredibly random, )

(Kate: I got Kate's (Make It Shine) Mech's (Mean) Courtney's(Better Than Revenge Gerard's (innoncent) and Annon's? (Do You Like Waffles?))

(Cod: Who do you think was this season's protagonist? I think it was Gerard)

(TN123:no, gerard is just a scapegoat, mech is evil i think, but they are both antagonist)

(Kate: It was Kate or Jack. I'm working on couple's songs. KatexMech: Your the Reason KatexAnon: Finally Falling KatexGerard: Hey, Soul Sister CourtneyxMech: Say What You Need To Say CourtneyxGerard: Kissin' U)

(tn123:sorry i thought you said antagonist,there is no real protagonist)

(Mr.E:What about Max's theme song, just curious XD)

Gerard: Kate, do you wanna come to first class? Courtney got mad at me after I mentioned Kermit. (CONF) If I can get two girls into the final 3 with me, I have a guaranteed spot in the final two. Codmister said so himself. He wants a boy-girl final 2.

Challenge 15

Codmister: Welcome to Easter Island! Home of those creepy stone tiki heads. You each must grab 3 eggs from any ones of these stone heads. Mech is red, Gerard is green, Kate is pink, Courtney is purple and Anonymous isblue. GO!!

(THe stone heads are of the eliminated contestants. Remember, NO GODPLAYING and I will tell you what color egg you get. Just put, Person: *examines Eliminated players head*

Kate: No fair! I rather have purple or black. Pink is, like, the worst. *looks at a stone head of Drake and laughs*

Codmister: Or i could just kick you off the show. Now what did you saw about your egg color?

Anonymous:*starts looking in genesis's head*crap, bible ,bible, quran, no EGG

Kate: Nothing! *looks in the Drake head*

Gerard: *examines Maria's head* Nope, nothing but hot air! (Anon... the quran is muslim :P and Kate, why, oh why, oh why must you pick "Kissin' U"?)

Kate: (BECAUSE I support CourtneyxGerard) *laughs at Gerard comment and looks in Drake's* Nothing but thoughts of me.

(Kate found a Pink egg and a note)

Drake's Note: To Kate. Here's your stupid egg princess. I thought there was something between us but I guess not. Whatever. From Drake

(Gerard found nothing. Because there is nothing there....)

(Cod: Also, Kate, CourtneyxGerard is the only relationship :P)

(TN123:not if you count the imaginary N.U. and Genesis, and sunslicer the quran thing was the jke)

(Cod: Next season, we need ALOT more relationships and conflicts -__-)

(Sun: How about Gerard and Courtney break up?(again) and Kate and Gerard get together, while Mech-Courtney happens)

Gerard: *examines Jack's head* Hey, Kate, wanna hang out after this challenge?

(Gerard found a Pink egg and a green egg)

Mech: *examines Jake's head*

Gerard: *pockets green and pink egg, then examines Ryan's head*

(Mech finds eggs of every color)

(Gerard finds a purple egg marked "for Courtney")

(Mr.E:Who's Genesis?)

Mech: Ooh, who wants an egg? I found one of every color.

(Cod: Genesis was the over-religious girl who didn't do much and quit early in the game)

(Mr.E:Oh. I guess that explains the name"Genesis")

Mech: *examines NU's head*

Gerard: *examining Ryan's head* I'll take a green one for a purple one Mech!

Mech: Nice try, my color is red, smart one.

Anonymous:*looks in ryans head*whats in here

(TN, I already examined Ryan's head.. Gotta examine someone else)

(Mech finds a blue egg labeled, for my nemesis, Anonymous)

Anonymous:who sent that mech*starts to look in Tweeks head and finds a red egg* *and finds a note*

Tweek's Note: Mech, you are the one I am rooting for to win. AHHH! Take this egg to help AHHH!)

Mech: I'll trade you once you find a red egg.

Anonymous:fine*looks in drakes head and hobos jump out and start hitting him with a bat*WHY WOULD ANYONE DO THAT

(Anonymous also finds an blue egg and a note)

Drake's Second Note: TO: Anon Sorry about the hobos. ANyway, here is this egg, since we are still friends, right? From: Drake)

Max Head:Come to me.

Anonymous:HOLY CRAP MAGICAL TALKING HEAD*walks to max head*

Kate: *searches in Ivan's head, while looking at Drake's note* Not true, Drake, I always thought you were cute. *shrugs*

Ryan: Cod you still need to take me back to the resort.

Anonymous:great, ryans here, kate could you get mech to give me my last egg, alliance remember, if im safe we have the #s to get courtney out

(Kate finds a green egg)

Codmister: Chef will. Come on...

Chef: *throws Ryan on the boat of Losers* Let's go pretty boy.

(Anonymous finds a blue egg)

Kate: Ok Anon. *tackles Mech and get's the blue egg* Now, Anon. You need to help me find MY eggs. *looks in Explosivo's head*

Ryan: *bribes Chef* I need to drop by somewhere first.

Mech: *steals it back* Hey, don't tackle me!

Anonymous:*hands mech his red egg*you vote courtrney tonight, right

Kate: *overhears them* (CONF) ANON!!!!

Gerard: Kate, I'll give you my pink egg for you're green egg.

Kate: Ok. *hands him the green egg* Gerry, I'm going to get eliminated tonight.

Gerard: Thanks. *gives her pink egg* Now we both have immunity. rachel: can i look cuter

EvilTweek:*Grabs Anon*Hey Anon Tell you what if you don't tell anyone i'm here I will help you win to start you off *Gives Him A Blue Egg* Rachel: *finds brown egg* what*finds note* to Rachel

Kate: Gerry, I have two. I just need one more. *falls in Jake's head* The clumsyness wears off*

Anonymous:im tired(i meant courtney, i get you two confused alot kate, i fixed it and i meant courtney)

Kate: So am I Anon. (oopsies. 8D. What couple fanon/canon do you support? I love CourtneyxGerard and KatxAnon. XD. I think a good theme for KatexMech is You Belong With Me, Love Story, or Your The Reason. I CAN'T THINK OF A SONG FOR ANON! Grr!)

Rachel: *finds brown and pink eggs* yes *drops pink egg* opps

Kate: *dives after the pink eggs and catches it* YES!

Codmister: When you have collected your eggs, you must run through this cave for the next challenge. Go!

Anonymous:*runs next to the opening of the cave*im playing safe

Kate: *crawls on floor of cave* Me too.

  • giant boulder rolls at them*

Codmister: I love this job.

Mech: *takes egg from Anon* I have all three! *runs to opening*

Kate: *screams and runs to the side of the cave*

Mech: (CONF) I don't know why everyone's rallying for Courtney...she is easy to beat in the final two >:)

Codmister: Mech makes first so he gets a helmet. Ok everyone. Your next challenge is to climb that mountain and put all of your eggs in the Condor's nest. Also, the condor can only be calmed by singing and music so *ding-ding* Mech goes first.

Song 11

(I will play the condor and tell you if I like the song or not. Theme is to Condor)

Mech: I'm tall, I'm tan, I'm young, I'm handsome...

And I'm going to win this

So hush my sweet condor....let me win this one please.

Kate: So come, kill Me-ech.

You know he deserves it.

So hush my sweer conder

Don't kill me please.

Mech: I know...I heard that, So, you're going down...

Condor, all I want is peace and not this clown

Hush my condor, let me in the final four.

Kate: Mech, oh Me-e-ch.

Don't you know.

My hate is all a show.

So come. Com o-o-on.

This is so stupid.

Admiting things, in a so-ong.

Mech: I don't believe that so don't be giving me flak

Cause I know you're evil, and are not turning back

So hush my sweet, let me into the final four

Kate: I...oh I, I, I

Must agree,

You you are slso, don't you see., evil jerk.

You were bringing me strife.

Till' I became your wife! *mumers: Untill we switched*

So come on! Get a life!

Gerard: I, ho-ow I, how I really hate this love talk,

and I wanna get back to sulk-ing!

Max Head:Get the eggs in there! Hurry!

Mech: *climbing* These....these human jerks

They're giving me strife

Gerard: Sto-op oh sto-o-op, stop talkin' 'bout yourself.

You're just a lout, so go and pout! *throws purple egg he had at Mech*

Mech: *uses dodgeball skills to catch it* Well, Gerard, get a life!

Kate: *climbing* Thanks mmy sweat Mech-y. Soon I'll be in the final four

Gerard: Oh, oh! I want some moo-ore!

Condor: *knocks Kate off*


Codmister: Mech, Gerard and Kate win! The bottom two is Anonymous or Courtney.

(TN123:my sister needed the computer to piss me off)

Vote 15

Mech: *votes Anon* Sorry, dude.

Kate: *votes Courtney* Sorry, girl.

Anon:*votes courtney*everyone who votes with me has my loyalty'

Gerard: I'll vote for..... Anonymous. Next time, win challenges. (And there goes two people that WONT win)

Codmister: And the person leaving is....both of you. Really, we are running low on episodes. Sorry guys. *shoves Anon and Courtney out with one parachute*

(Sun: Is anon out now? I want f3 with a vote!.... I can at least get second)

(Cod: There will be one at the next aftermath which is after this next episode)

(TN123:i acctually think its smarter to keep anon, im not just saying that, but you really wanna win that way)

(Sun: I just want this season to end. Plus, Gerard is a pessimist, he also sees the bad side of things, and keeping you in would be "bad".... but is courtney out too?)

(Cod: Sorry TN. You'll be there next season though. The whole final 5 is in the second season. But the second season will be in Febuary or later in December. Which month should I do? Also, my computer sucks so it won't let me do elimination tables. Could someone help?)

Awww Drumheller..

Codmister: Congratulations Final 3. This is where things get tough. Only three more eliminations until the winner is chosen. Who will it be? Mech, the Death Machine- This dude's been playing this game hardcore and has been able to escape every elimination so far. Kate, The singer- Kate has been playing the game fairly since the beginning. Can that help her win? Gerard, The Pessimest- I don't know how you made it this far with your negative attitude. Can you win? We'll find out.

First Class: Mech, Kate and Gerard

Kate: The final three. Can you believe it guys. I just hope Anon's doing okay.

Mech: (CONF) Court's gone? God, is everyone going to be mad at me....whatever, antagonists get at least third.

(Cod: Also guys, based off Sunsummer7, I will be making an alternate ending. One for the female winner and one for the male winner. Do you think there should be a Final 3 vote?)

Kate: I'm making hot cocoa, does anyone want any?

Gerard: I'll take some if you don't mind.

Anonymous:*guards pick him u and start carrying him away*wait what...........this is ****ed up, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Challenge 16

Codmister: Welcome back to Alberta Canada! In today's challenge, you each must dig up fossils and make them a dinosaur of your choosing. We will then have you guys vote. THIS WILL BE A REWARD CHALLENGE

Mech: Hmm....*starts making a GerardandKateareawesome-osaurus*

Kate: EEEEE! *makes the GerardxKatexMechareBFF-inousor*

EvilTweek:*on plane* *sighs*I'm bored. Wait ive got an idea

Gerard: *starts building a Kermitholdingahotcocoa-saurus*

Codmister: Time's up! First up is Mech's Dinosaur. Kate, tell us what you think of it. And we have an electric chair to know if you're lying or not.
Chef: *straps Kate to electric chair* Heheh. You might wanna tell the truth singing girl. Heheh!

Kate: It's awesome. I love it. *smiles then gets electricuted* OK FINE! It's ok, kinda sucky. *electrucuted* FINE I love it! *electricuted* I *not electricuted* FINE! But, I really do love it...*sniffs air* What smellls like bacon?

Codmister: Ok. That's one good. Next is Gerard.

Gerard: *staring oddly at Kate* Okay.... I hate it. *does not get electrocuted* Oh, I thought I had to comment on Mech. Well... I don't really like the dinosaur, because I know I'm not awesome. *does not get electrocuted again*

Codmister: So thats one good and one bad for Mech. Next is Gerard's dinosaur. Mech, your up to judge Gerard.

Kate: *starts singing "Just The Way You Are"* I miss Anon.

Gerard: Kate, do you wanna hang out after this challenge?

Mech: I absolutely despise it. *gets shocked*'s're lucky that there's a cold front today.

Kate: *smiles, sniffs air and frowns* Now I smell hamburgers. Yummy.

Codmister: Thats one good for Gerard. Your turn Kate!

Kate: OK1* gets on chair* I hate it. Kermit almost killed us all. It's awful. *doesn't get electricuted*

Gerard: But what about the hot coca? And while you're in there... do you wanna go on a date?

Kate: Oh COURSE Gerry. *gets electricuted*

Gerard: Wow...... *walks away*

Kate: GERRY! WAIT UP! *fallows him* Listen, we are great friends, right? Well then let's keep it that way. And besides, that wouldn't be fair to Courtney. *winks and walks away*

Gerard: You realize we broke up right?

Codmister: Kate's dino is next with Gerard rating it

Gerard: *sitting in chair* Terrible. Annoying. I hate Mech. *does not get electrocute* (CONF) Those chairs can only shock you if they can read you're brain waves. Luckily, I know how to control my brain waves.

Codmister: Thats one bad for Kate's dino. Mech, get on the chair.

Kate: *studies Gerard's face* HE'S LYING! (CONF) I'm VERY good at emotions. VERY good.

Gerard: *appalled* I would never lie! (CONF) If she won't join me, she has to go. I can at least beat Mech in a vote.

Kate: You lied about liking me. *crys* (CONF) No one can resist my one.

Codmister: Since Mech isn't voting, he gets a kids sandpail and a sandshovel. Gerard gets a jackhammer and Kate gets a shovel. You all must dig for oil and bring it back to the plane. GO!!

Gerard: Kate, if you can't trust me about that, then we can't even be friends. *walks off and starts hammering into the earth*

Kate: *walks over, turns Gerard around and kisses him*

Chef: *catapults rock onto Gerard*

Codmister: Song time!

Song 12

(theme is to This is how we will end it)

Kate: *smirks* I made..

Drake go insane.

Robbed Jack of his faboulus brain.

Made even Anon lose the game.

Now I' might leave in that crate...r

Gerard: This is not how I'll lose it!

This game I have played!

This is not how I'll lose it!

Listen in to me Kate


Is it your boyfriend that you won't save?

Do you think that you're being brave?

Kate: Who said we were going out?

Now listen to me!

Shut your mouth.

This is how we will end it.

This game we have played.

Say that you'll vote Mech,

and you might be saved.

Gerard Oooo-Oooo.

Yeah of course I'm voting off Mech.

Look at the top of this page, please check!

According to Cod we are dating,

Even if we're not, admit we have a thing!

Please, Kate. Help me out of this hole.

Is this how you want me to lose?

Because I got jammed into a pit by a stupid rock?

Is that how you wanted me to go?

Codmister: Nope. *pulls rock off Gerard* Now do the challenge!!! NOW!


Gerard: *starts digging into the ground again* Come on! I need oil!

(Gerard hits oil)

Gerard: Yes! *points at oil* I win!

Codmister: You still have to bring it to the plane.

Kate: Congrats, Gerry. *gives him a kiss on the cheak and digs*

Gerard: *starts carrying the oil can-thing back to plane and facepalms* Yes, you always kiss someone who you're not dating.

Codmister: Gerard wins!! Now, time for elimination!!

Vote 16

Kate:*votes Mech, gulps*

Gerard: I don't know... if I vote Mech, Kate will win in a vote, but if I vote Kate, I would win, but Kate would hate me.

EvilTweek*on Plane* *finishes Mask*done now phase 2*takes Oil drum*

Codmister: And the person leaving is.......NO ONE!!! As I said before, it was just a reward challenge! For now, you are all safe. Gerard gets First Class all by himeself tonight!

EvilTweek:*in mask so they cant tell who it is*Hey ButtLickers *grabs match and throws it in the air*Bye*runs away*

Gerard: *grabs Kate and runs out of the plane*

Codmister: What the?! *plane explodes* NOOOO!!!!! MY BEAUTIFUL PLANE!!! *runs toward plane*

Gerard: Yes! Mech never made it out!

Mech: I made it smart one....and before you burn em... *looks at votes* Ooh, you two are SO dead.

The Aftermath II

Bridgette: Welcome to Codmister's Aftermath SHow. We just got terrible news that the plane exploded!! We don't know who it is but it is a blond teenager with a mask. Anyways, today will be short. We'll have a vote from the peanut gallery and then talk to our eliminated players. Geoff isn't here because we got in a fight and are in a permanant break-up. I-I-I'm fin- *starts crying*

Owen: I'll take over Bridge. Anyways! Who's ready to party!

Peanut Gallery: *silent except for cricket*

Owen: Umm. Ok! Now, who you gonna root for? Who's it gonna be? Is it Mech, Gerard or will you pick Katey?

Jake: I vote for Kate.

Drake: (in casts) Mhmhmhmhmhm.

Jake: He said "I vote for Mech"

Explosivo:I want Gerard to win

Owen: I want Kate to win. She's so nice and preeetty...

Blaineley: I vote for Mech. It's not that I like him, it's just that the others suck.

Justin: I don't know why but I vote for Gerard. He's like a uglier but smarter version of me.

Katie: I vote Kate.

Sadie: OMG. Me too!!

Noah: Meh. This Final 3 is better than Total Drama Death Trap Plane but they all still don't amuse me. Mech.

Cody: I say Gerard. He's alot better than most people I know.

Tyler: Mech. His sports skills are like mial ne, just a tiny bit better.

Lindsay: Ohh oh oh!! I vote for Kathy. She is so cute and has the same shoes as me!

Courtney: I don't want any of them to win. I am still working on my Total Drama lawsuit!!!

Izzy: I vote for Explosivo!!! BOOM-BOOM!!

Gwen: Like before, I vote Gerard. His sulking matches mine.

Beth: I vote Kate. me and her could be total BFFKBL! Best Female Friend Besides Lindsay!

Duncan: I vote Mech. I like his style.

DJ: I vote Kate for being so kind and trustworthy.

Alejandro: I vote Mech.

Harold: i vote Gerard. He has mad skillz, just like mine!

LeShawna: i vote for Kate. That girl is too precious.

Eva: I vote for Mech. I like him. GOT SOMETHING TO SAY?!

Ezekiel: I have to vote for Mech, eh. He is really cool. Sierra: I vote for Gerard, just like Cody!!!

Trent: I vote for Gerard. *winks at Gwen*

Gwen: *looks awkward and waves back*

Heather: I vote Mech. He is super-cute. *looks at Alejandro while saying that*

Alejandro: *starts getting mad*

Genesis: I vote for Gerard. God bless his soul.

Name Unknown: I vote for....No one....

Danielle and Ivan: We vote for Kate and Mech.

Geoff: *appears out of nowhere making out with Bridgette* That's all the time we have! See you next time! Oh yeah and the votes don't mean anything, It's just to make people think they have control over who wins> *goes back to making out with Bridgette* (I'm talking about Cartoon Network's TDWT Poll >=(

Max:Hey! I forgot so say anything!

Maria:*Sips from coconut*

Ryan: I so want Kate and you know why.

Eva: I say it should be me but Gerald gets mine.

Trent: Kate because of her talents.

Harold: Mech because he is another version of me.

Alejandro: Mech he is one of the main antagensts of the show.

Rachel: (on video) Hi

Planes, Trains and Hot-Air Mobliles

Plane Ruins

Codmister: *crying over plane* Noooo...NOOO...My beautiful plane...ruined!!

Chef: *pulls out emergency kit*

Codmister: My kit! I'm gonna make it! They can't stop me now! Let them try! *gets in helicopter* Your task is to find a way to Hawaii. Bye! *flies off*

Mech: *starts walking* Where can I find a way to... *trips* Ugh!!! Who puts train tracks in the middle of nowhere?

Gerard: Idiot... *starts running down the train track to the station*

Mech: Oh yeah... *walks to station and boards train* Thanks for voting for me last night, idiot.

Codmister: Oh yeah! I remember! I was supposed to give them GPSs. Oh well! *throws them on traintracks out of helicopter*

Gerard: *catches a GPS and continues walking to the train station*

Mech: *catches two* That's what backstabbing Kate gets...

(Cod: Would it be fair if there were two male Finalists?)

(Plat: It's sorta pointless giving someone a pass into the final two because of their gender.)

(Cod: Good point. Besides, this isn't Total Drama. Survivor has had two male finalists)

Mech: (CONF) As much as I hate Gerard, Kate is way too likeable to bring into final two. Plus, she voted for me! Good thing she didn't see that it was non elimination.

Gerard: *reaches train station* Yes, one ticket for Los Angeles, California. *hands over money and train start immedietely from extra five hundred thrown in*

Mech: *at Mexico-US border* Hmm...let's see...there are boats from Mexico to Hawaii...*checks weather forecast* Let's see....storms in Seattle, Los Angeles, and San Fran. Good, looks like it's clear for me.

Gerard: *arrives in LA and rain ends* Cool. *catches flight and starts flying to Hawaii*

Mech: *arrives in Mexico and rides boat* Final two, here I come! *evil grin*

(Cod: We might do this tomarrow cuz i'm getting offline now and Kate isn't here so wait till everyone is online tomarrow)

(Plat: In the afternoon then...I won't be on morning or night)

(Cod: Fine with me. If I'm not here, just do the challenge without me and i'll check later. Can't wait for Finale!!)

EvilTweek:*on plane with Gerard*

Tweek:*gets a bike to Mexico*

(Kate: Sorry guys! I got Chanakah!) Kate: *on motorcycle, heading to Mexico*\

(Cod: Me too but I don't have much family over or anything. I'm half-jewish. Happy Chanakah!)

Kate: *pulls up motorcycle to the Mexico/U.S boarder* Final two, here I come. *rides* (Kate: You two! I'm going to a party on Sunday. I'ma gonna win my some choclate! Itz dradel time!)

(Cod: Wait. We have to wait for Plat and Sun to be on tomarrow afternoon. Can you be there?)

(Kate: I don't know! I realy hope so.)

(Cod: if you're not, then I'll postpone it. I want everyone to have a fair chance to win this, including doing it at the same time)

(TheEvilOctorock:how bout next saturday or sunday thats the only time i'll be here)

(Cod: Sorry guys, this challenge is only for the final three. You can't interfere with it but you can make a cameo.)

(Cod: If you can do the challenge right now, put your name under this)




Codmister: Those guys better hurry up, there's a severe storm coming up. (When you get to the finish line, you must ride a boat to Hawaii when I tell you to.)

Kate: *riding on motorcycle, eating taco*

Gerard: *on plane, listening to announcement* We have to stop in Mexico? Ugh! *lands in Mexico, sees finish line, and runs to it* I win!

Kate: *rides across finish line* (Kate: There's got to be a name for that. Oh, wait! There is...godplay. -_-)

Gerard: Damnit! (I never said he crossed it ;D)

Codmister: Great job guys! Kate, since you crossed first, you get a wheelbarow. Since Gerard crossed second, he gets a baby stroller. Since Mech isn't here yet, he gets nothing. Now to wait for Mech...

EvilTweek:*gets off back of plane*ow maybe next time I should get in the plane

Tweek:*only 2 Thirds to Mexico*I'm never gonna get that other Tweek

Rachel: Im gonna win it

Codmister: Ok! When you arrive, you must jump on a boat to Hawaii. I'd hurry up if I were you.

Gerard: *sneaks on to a boat and starts the boat*

Codmister: And Gerard is in the lead!!! Who will catch up? Also, *ding-ding*

Song 14

Kate: *hops on a boat and starts it up*

Gerard: *ahead of Kate* This show's a boat,

it's hard to float

I'm in the lead, but I won't gloat!

Mech: I'm not sure where you'll go, but I caught up from Mexico

Gerard: Mr. Mech, now, suddenly, I'm speeding up now, leave please! *starts going faster*

Kate: *catching up to Gerard* I'm gonna make it.

You can't stop me now, just you try.

That fortunes for me...

I'm gonna win it, just you see.

Gerard: I never thought I would make this far!

Let's face it I let low the bar!

But now I'm in the final three,

and no one will be stopping me! *goes faster*

Kate: *catches up* I'm gonna win this.

Come on stop me, you can try.

Take your hopes of winnin'

and kiss it all, bye, bye, bye,

Gerard: You are the worst,

why can't you let me win?

Look over there!

I think I see the fin! (ish line) *crashes into the island and flies forward*

Codmister: And that's a spot in the final 2 for Gerard! Now we have a special surprise...a tiebreaker! yEP! See you next time!!

Hawaiian Punch! Aloha, Finale!

Codmister: Welcome to the season finale of Codmister's World Tour! Last episode, Gerard won a spot in the Final 2! Kate and Mech tied, causing them to have a tiebreaker. Now Gerard, since you won the race, you can select the tiebreaker yourself or let kate or Mech do it. Which one are you gonna do?

Gerard: I guess I'll do it...

Codmister: Ok! You must catch a golf ball thrown at you by any of the contestants! Go!

Jake: *throws a golf ball at Gerard's head*

Gerard: What did I ever do to you?!

Jake: Sorry! Its what Codmister told us to do!

Kate: *hands Gerard a golfball* Here.

Gerard: Um, okay? *opens golfball*

Codmister: Gerard has selected the Hawaiian Fire Dance of Death!!! Kate and Mech must battle it out to knock each other off the platform with fire behind them and shark-infested waters! Go


Gerard: Make this quick please.

Codmister: Yeah, we're kinda on a schedule and we just want a winner already...

Mech: I'm sorry...but this is for your own good. *starts to beat up Kate*

Gerard: *tosses Kate his knife* KILL HIM!

Kate: *roundhouse kicks Mech*

Mech: *catches her leg* And here comes the finish! *throws her on the fire at the end of the platform*

(Cod: A little too violent...)

Gerard: *cuts himself loose with his knife and and pushes down Mech*

Kate: *grabs Mech by the hair*

Codmister: You still need to knock each other off the platform!!

Mech: Oh's about if we don't knock each other off? Does that make Kate and I the final two?
Codmister: Won't work, already tried that.

Gerard: *pushes Mech off the platform* Does that work?

Kate: Does that mean??? I'm in the final two?!

Mech: *climbs back on* You can't do that, Gerard....hey look, Jack and Drake are drowning in quicksand!

Kate: Meh, good for them. *punches Mech*

Gerard: *laughs*

Mech: Wait... *unties Gerard* Now, you can't win even if I do get displatformed!

Gerard: *ties a knot over his wrist* Now she can.

Kate: *knocks Mech off*

Gerard: *unties wrist knot before Kate can*

Codmister: Kate wins!!!!

Mech: Ah, but she didn't untie now we have a three way final three. *gets back on and knocks off Kate*.

Kate: *attacks Mech*

Gerard: *ties a knot over his wrist and lets Kate untie him*

Mech: *pushes Gerard into the water*

Gerard: *climbs back up* You realize I get to choose the winner of the tiebreaker now, right?

Mech: Whatever....go ahead, choose the protagonist...I'm sure you will DEFINETLY win.

Gerard vs. Kate vs. The Volcano!!

Gerard: So what do we do?

Kate: Good luck, Gerry! *gives him a kiss on the cheek*

Gerard: *grins* Good luck to you too.

Codmister: Each of you must pick two helpers from the peanut gallery (to play as) to help you build a voodoo dummy out of Hawaii's natural resources, pineapples and driftwood. Since Kate won the tiebreaker, she gets to pick her helpers first.

Kate: I pick Court and Mech!

Gerard: I'll pick Jake and Anonymous! (Good luck Kate, Mech don't want you to win, and Jack can't even find the wikia activity button xD)

Anonymous:back in the game,kindof

Jake: Hope I can help!!

Gerard: Great guys!

Codmister: And one last thing, *ding-ding*

Song Finale

(Theme is to Versus)

Gerard: My teammates, please head straight.

That's it, you're doing great!

Jake: *starts running*

Search through the wood and slate,

build me,

a dummy of Kate!

Kate: Get my some weird looking eyes.

And a butt that's supersize.

Gerard: Get me some jumbo hips!

And some swollen lips!

Bring me some weeds and flies,

move quicker or you'll die!

Jake: Are these thighs, fat enough? Sorry.

Gerard: I might still win this,

though you could take it

I'm still here in it,

I'll be gone in a bit!

Kate: That's it now, hurry back. I need legs weak as heck.

And he's so, scrawny and flat.

He aint all that!

Gerard: Get me two arms, flimsy and so

Hurry now, I want to go,

Get my two logs dead and green

Kate's lucky she's got a spleen!

Kate: I'm gonna win it!

you can't take it!

I've been working

But you just fake it!

I'm going faster!

I'm the master!

You'd just smash it!

But I just made it!*finishes*


The Race to The Million

Codmister: Kate wins!

Gerard: *grumbles but grabs his dummy and starts to run up the volcano*

Kate: *puts dummy on wheelbarrow and runs*

Gerard: *starts throwing his knives behind his shoulder and starts running even faster*

Kate: *ducks knives and catches up to Gerard*

Gerard: *whacks Kate with his dummy and runs ahead of her*

Lava Pool

Codmister: *on other side* Over here! You each must jump across these stones to the other side. Your helpers can cut ropes attached to booby traps or leave them be. Kate's helpers get the knifes cause she won the dummy challenge.

Gerard: *tosses both Jake and Anon a knife and starts to jump across*

Jake: *cuts the first rope and a log falls down and hits an empty stone*

(Postponed until 3:00 PM)

(theeviloctorock:can someone play as Tweek & Eviltweek. Cause EvilTweeks meant to do the Ezekiel thing where he trys to steal the case and Tweek reaches the island as soon as They reach the top and when EvilTweek attacks them Tweek Punches him in the Face)

Gerard: *is halfway across the stone jump obstacle* I could actually win this!

Codmister: Gerard is in the lead!! Will he win it?

Ryan: Go KATE!

Kate: Thanks, Ry! *tosses him a knife* Help me! *jumps across a stone*

Anonymous:*cuts a rope and piano falls on kate*sorry kate

Gerard: Hey! You don't get three helpers! And only I can throw knives! *throws a knife and cuts one of Ryan's fingers* Oops. *jumps across another stone*

Kate: NO WAY, GERRY! *hops across another stone, moving in front of Gerard*

Jake: *cuts a rope that causes a cage to fall on Kate and Gerard* Crap!

Gerard: *pushes the cage over with his dummy* I'm gonna win! *makes it across*


Volcano Peak

All the Contestants/Peanut Gallery: *sweating like crazy*

Codmister: So...Any one know when they will be here?

Gerard: *runs up to the mouth of the volcano and holds his dummy up* Hello victory!

Max:Geez Cod, you think you could pick a volcano that ISN'T active?

Maria:*sips from coconut*

Kate: *runs to the top and colapses on knees* NO! *crys* I've worked so hard! Now your just goingto take the million and run out of my life forever! *crys harder*

Max & Maria:*rolls eyes*

Gerard: *winks* Well guess what, there's gonna be two winners. *takes both dummies and throws them both in at the same time*


Ivan:Nice season!

Max:That's it?

Ryan: *smiles at Kate* (CONF) Revenge time!


Codmister: Kate and Gerard win!!!!

Native 1: You didn't throw any pineapples in the volcano did you?

Native 2: There are signs, everywhere!!

Volcano: *statrts erupting*

Codmister: uH OH.

EvilTweek: *appears behind Kate and Gerard and pushes them out of the way and goes for the million in Codmister's hand*

Codmister: *starts fighting for the million and lets go*

EvilTweek: *holds on to the money and falls into the volcano*

Codmister: Wow. That was cool. Anywho, RUN!!!!!

Gerard: *grabs Kate off the ground and starts carrying her down the volcano*

Max & Maria:*runs*

Jake: *runs with Drake*

Kate: *holds on to Gerry*

Ryan: *walks*

Gerard: *grins and runs even faster* To the water!

Ryan: *walks slower*

Kate: *points to water* THere!

Gerard: *runs into the water with Kate in his arms* You know, if we weren't about to die, this would be like one of those cheesy romance movies.

Kate: That makes it more romantic. *kisses him*

Ryan: *sits on a rock* Peace


Codmister: Well, see you next season I guess. Maybe with an all new cast because let's face it, these guys are probably gonna melt. I'm Codmister and this has been Codmister's World Tour!!!!

Anonymous:*swims up*wait what just happened*a giant fireball comes up* oh ****

(Hours later)

EvilTweek:*climbs out of volcano*F*** that hurt


Alternate Ending: Kate Wins

Codmister: So, anyone know when they'll get here?

Gerard: *arrives* I am gonna win!! *starts to throws dummy into volcano*

Kate: No!!! I worked so hard!! And now you're gonna take the million and leave me forever! *cries*

Gerard: No I won't. We'll do this together. *takes Kate's hand* Let's throw them in together.

Kate: *kisses Gerard and then knees him in the kiwis* No way Gerry!!
Gerard: NOOOO!!!

Kate: *throws dummy* Yes! I win, I win!

Codmister: And thats a clean Million for Kate! Winner of Codmister's World Tour!!! *gives Kate Million*

Everyone: *cheers*

Native 1: You didn't throw any pineapples in the volcano did you?

Native 2: There are signs, everywhere!!

Volcano: *starts to erupt*

Codmister: Uh oh...

EvilTweek: *appears behind Kate and fights her for the million*

Kate: *lets go and million falls into volcano, along with EvilTweek*

Codmister: Well that was random. Anywho, RUN!!!!!!!!

Everyone: *runs*

Codmister: *on boat* See you next season! Right here on Codmister's World Tour!!

EvilTweek: *flies out of volcano and hits Codmister's boat*

Everyone: *laughs and then screams and swims away*

Kate: *dives up* Wait! What about my money!! Coddy? *sees giant boulder aiming for her* AHHHH!!! *cuts off*

Alternate Ending: Gerard Wins

Gerard: *arrives at volcano* I'm gonna win!! I'm gonna win!! *gets ready to throw dummy*

Kate: Nooooo!!!! Please Gerry, give me a chance. I, I love you...

Gerard: Really? *throws dummy into volcano* Me too..*makes out with Kate*

Codmister: Ummm.. Apparently, Gerard wins!!!!! *hands Gerard million*

Gerard: Yes! Yes! Yes!!!

Native 1: Wait, did you throw pineapples into the volcano?

Gerard: Uh, yeah.

Native 2: *facepalms* We're all screwed now!!!

Volcano: *starts to erupt*

Codmister: Uh oh.

EvilTweek: *appears behind Gerard*

Tweek: *arrives* No!! AHHH! Where are you goin, Evil me?!! Time to finish you!!

EvilTweek: Bring it on!!! *starts fighting Tweek and hits Gerard, knocking EvilTweek and the million into the volcano*

Codmister: Intense...Anywho, RUN!!!!!

Gerard: *runs with Kate in his arms*

Everyone else: *runs and screams*

Codmister: See you next season! Hopefully, the million will stay intact. I'm Codmister and this has been Codmister's World Tour!!

EvilTweek: *flies out of volcano and sinks Codmister's boat*

Everyone: *laughs and swims form the volcano erupting*

Gerard and Kate: *surface and don't see the giant boulder flying at them* *cuts off*

Alternate Ending: Anonymous Wins?

Codmister: What is taking so long?

Anonymous: Yeah! It's like 5000 F****** degrees up here!!

Gerard: *arrives* I'm gonna win!! Whoo hoo!

Kate: No!! *starts crying* I worked so hard and now you're gonna take the million and leave my life forever! *cries harder*

Gerard: *drops dummy and goes over to Kate* What are you more upset about? Losing the game

Kate: Gerard, we have a special connection. Together, we can take over the world!!

Gerard: Kate. *makes out with her*

Anonymous: This is stupid. *walks over to Gerard's dummy and throws it into the volcano*

Codmister: Anonymous wins!!!!! *gives Anonymous million*

Gerard: What? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous: it wasn't that hard..

Native: Hey kid, did you put pineapples in the volcano?

Anonymous: Yes..

Native 2: That causes eruptions!!

Volcano: *starts to erupt*

Codmister: Crap!

EvilTweek: *appears behind Anonymous and lunges at him*

Anonymous: *fights EvilTweek and throws him into volcano* I still have the money!!

Codmister: Well, anyways, RUN!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone: *runs*

Codmister: Well that was unexpected. See you next season! Right here on Codmister's World Tour!!!

Everyone: *swims away from volcano*

Secret Ending

Codmister: Hey dude, you ready for season 2? *speaking to a 16 year old boy*

Boy: Yep. As long as I win.

Codmister: Well before you do, you might wanna sign these documents of no importance.

Boy: Fine. *signs*

Codmister: Great. Get ready Sam, things are gonna change. *evil grin*

Sam: *evil laugh*

A Message From Cod

Cod: Thanks to everyone who helped make this my first successful camp. I can't believe I actually did this. Thanks to everyone who competed and who helped to make this camp better. You guys helped me from a noob to an actual somebody. Thank you.

Clue 1: The name of a cat, who's named after a "wild" flower... For the second clue, look in a place, with a very long tower...