A gaggle of insane, crazy, or just regular people from society have been forced to compete in a grueling competition at Camp Wawanakwa. It's a challenge where losing means death, and the victor meaning sole survivor. In a game of Life and Death, alliances and morals will be tested, as they will fight for their lives. As an advantage to keep things interesting, they will all get their own Future Diaries, which will tell them some sort of future, reflecting their personalities. Who will rise to the top, and make it out alive? And who will just be another one in the grave?

Rules (Please Read)

  1. No complaining.
  2. Accept your death.
  3. Try not to godplay, but in a killing camp, it happens at times. :)
  4. Do not attack XxSolarEclipsexX because your diary isn't the greatest. He tried.
  5. If something is reported in someone's diary about you, and you might not have been planning to do it, please go along with it in some way. Otherwise, telling the Future wouldn't be so helpful if users go against it. 
  6. If you are planning on either killing/harming a character, or doing something important or anything, make it obvious or tell me, because it would make updating the diaries much easier.
  7. The only way to check your diary is to manually do it, and I will attempt to give you an update in time! 

Sign Ups (1 per user)

Sign up like this:

Contestant - Age - Gender - Occupation/Studying/Unemployed - Personality/Traits - User

  1. Cassidy - 16 - Female - works at florist shop - she is kind of a hippie she is very linked to her spiritual self and loves nature- Dawntdrotifan - Ninth eliminated from the survival game.
  2. John - 18 - Male - Writer/College/Employed (Movie Director, Writer) - Friendly, Intelligent, Can be a bit naive/Takes in his surroundings to think of ideas for new books and movies, Likes to be social - Dianted - Seventh/Eighth eliminated from the survival game.
  3. Simon - 32 - Male - Butcher - Appearing to be friendly, he's rough, tough, can take a beating, and also has a hidden identity of a serial killer - XxSolarEclipsexX - Second eliminated from the survival game.
  4. Bobby - 11 (almost 12) - Male - School/Water Boy - He is an an enthusiastic prodigy who is very optimistic and good with art and music but lacks creativity to be useful with it. - TrentFan - Tenth eliminated from the survival game.
  5. Iris - 17 - Female - Year 12/Part Time Work at Library - 3 Traits: Hard Worker, Loner, Photographic Memory - Personality: Iris is an inutivite person who loves to read. She aims to become a detective - Your favourite loner - Victor of the survival game.
  6. Tristan - 14 - Male - High School - He is a hot headed boy who likes to be in charge, and loves attention, even making up lies to get it - NanoPower512 - Fifth eliminated from the survival game.
  7. Donny - 10 (Wow, XD) - Male - Works as 'Home' School - He is a young boy who fails misrebly, but doesn't know it, he is rather chidish, plays appropriate video games and he has no idea of the bad future and possible demise - Conker51 - Sixth eliminated from the survival game.
  8. Trevor - 20 - Male - Works at a Guns store - he is a mentally unstable man and cannot seem to trust anybody, even the people who buy guns from him, ocasionally he shows a more human side but he usually appears as quite aggresive and terrifying. he is not afraid of death and seems to believe he has no future - BlazeHead 51 - Fourth eliminated from the survival game.
  9. Felicia - 19 - Female - Criminal Justice Major/Police Officer in Training - She is a young woman concerned heavily with the principle of justice.  She's always attempting to aid those who are in need, and never gives up on something once she begins it.  Despite being a proficient shot with a firearm and an ace in hand to hand combat, she prefers to solve her peoblems peacefully through words as to cause minimal bloodshed. - SpaceWeather - Eleventh eliminated from the survival game.
  10. Alexa - 13 - Female - Coffee Shop Assistant - She is an outgoing and bubbly teenager who has boundless energy. She is very clumsy, but loves to be optimistic. She is often the one who delivers coffee to faraway apartments since the coffee shop offers deliveries. Paid less than twenty dollars a week, she hopes to become an artist, and rich. - Radio Reactive - Third eliminated from the survival game.
  11. Flex - 21 - Male - Criminal/Rebel - Mean Spirited/Demontied/Manipulater - He is a mean spirited Young Adult, that tries to fell good for himself and is a good manipulater that can do anything to win anything he wants! He never gives up and usually is called "the guy that likes every hot girl he sees" which is kinda true! #Flexcomeback :D - YOUR FRIEND Mr. Xay - First eliminated from the survival game.
  12. Anita - Female - Mechanic - Rough, tough, rude - Against all the girly-girl stereotypes, she'll be one to give your money a run. She works as a mechanic, and she's more cut out for the work than any of the guy's in the garage. Don't be fooled by her looks, she's quick to attack, and forceful too and insisted that she would go into the game without any Future Diary, as she doesn't need it. - XxSolarEclipsexX - Seventh/Eighth eliminated from the survival game.

Death Chart

User: 1 2 3
Alexa DEAD
Simon DEAD
  1. Flex - Brutally murdered by John.
  2. Simon - After ambushing Bobby and John in the output, he was eventually attacked by them, and was decapitated.
  3. Alexa - Ambushed in the cabin by John and Bobby, and is brutally attacked.
  4. Trevor - After Bobby and John attempted to kill him, Anita kept him alive for information, but later slashed his throat.
  5. Tristan - Drowned by Bobby in the lake.
  6. John & Anita - In an epic battle, John was stabbed in the throat and Anita had sustained too much wounds, and they died together.
  7. Cassidy - After trying to attack Felicia, she is eventually stabbed.
  8. Bobby - While Iris was trying to bargain with his life, Felicia threw a knife, knowing that it would kill one or the other, and it stabbed him in the head.
  9. Felicia - In a long battle, Felicia's hand gets crushed by Iris in a trap, and she later stabs her in the throat.

Future Diaries

The Peace Diary

  • Owned by Cassidy, this diary reflects her personality as spiritual and peaceful. It will instantly update her on any discord between people, fights, violence, or anything like that soon to come. This can help her avoid violence, solve problems, and keep peace between the Diary users and regular people.

The Observant Diary

  • Owned by John, this reflects his personality of liking to document and take in his surroundings. A handy device, it gives him information on all of his surroundings in a semi-wide proximity, and things that will happen in the very close future. It gives him a quick heads up on what will go down near him.

The Victim Diary

  • Owned by Simon, this reflects his tough personality, and hobby. It gives him a list of all his possible victims, and ways he can kill them, how they will potentially fight back, and weapons to use, as he's a recognized serial killer in the real world. The flaw? It doesn't tell him if he'll be successful.

The Illustrative Diary

  • Owned by Bobby, this reflects his lust for art, despite the fact that he's not the best with it. It will update him with pictures portraying the future every five minutes if there is something useful to report on. 

The Evidence Diary

  • Owned by Iris, this reflects her love to be a detective. It gives her information about anything mysterious, or crimes or anything like that, informing her of possible culprits, what went down, and clues.

The King Diary

  • Owned by Tristan, this reflects his arrogant and attention seeking personality. It gives him information on all of his successes, but that's all there is to it.

The Failure Diary

  • Owned by Donny, this reflects his personality of a failure. It will give him information on any failures related to him.

The Dead End Diary

  • Owned by Trevor, this reflects his personality of misery, and believing in no future for himself. It informs him when anyone will meet their demise.

The Justice Diary

  • Owned by Felicia, this reflects her personality of seeking justice. It will inform her of any form of injustice, such as littering, loitering, robbing, or even murder.

The Optimist Diary

  • Owned by Alexa, this reflects her personality of being happy and an optimist. It will inform her of anything positive that will go on, or that happens. 

The Manipulation Diary

  • Owned by Flex, this reflects his personality of manipulating and being mean spirited. It informs him of ways to manipulate and deceive in his favor.


Unknown Area

  • All eleven find themselves trapped in a Main Lodge of a Camp of some sort, and have no idea what's going on.

Simon: *slams fist on table* What is this? Where are we?

Felicia: *she looks around at their surroundings*  Seems to be some kind of lodge or something.  As to how we got here though... well it's anyone's guess I suppose.

Simon: *chuckles maliciously* Well then, somebody better get me the heck out of here... or else...

John: Heh... this is, quite interesting. I know... a book, with plenty of strangers, popping out of no where, in an abandoned building or something, and then they must escape, because only one can come out alive. Or, even a fanfiction, or maybe a camp eventually for the LULZ.

Simon: Keep your crap to yourself, kid.

John: And keep your uninspiring words to yourself, man.

Iris: *walks away from the group and tries the doors*

Tristan: *wakes up* Hm.... No diamonds? No lovely gold bed? No parents trying to smother me? I've been kidnapped! *sees others* Aww, I wasn't first up, Who is the...uh... leader?

Donny: I can be a leader big sir, what's your name? (Be in mind he's about 10)

Iris: *under breath* Not good, the doors are locked.

Donny: OH NO! My mum is making tacos today, i love tacos, I WILL MISS IT!

Simon: Idiot.

Tristan: No leader, eh? Well, I propose that you elect me as your leader! ;)

Donny: :U i AM NOT AN ID-IDIOT YOU, uh, meany >.>

Iris: Why would we elect you as leader? *tries opening a window*

Donny: Let's vote, i vote this dude *points at Iris* and not this dude cause he is a meany *points at Simon*

Iris: ...Did you just call me a guy?

Donny: I MEAN GIRL! O.o Sorry, don't shout at me please, WHHAAAAAA! 

Iris: *places hands on chest* Am I really that unfeminine?

Tristan: *writes notes* So Little boy has 0, I have my vote and Girl has 1, I see..

Donny: What does 'un-fuenumy' mean

Iris: I think the police-women would be the best leader if we need one *points at Felicia*

Donny: What does 'un-fuenumy' mean

Iris: *sigh* It means "Not Girly"

Voice: There is no need for leaders.

Iris: *sighs again* Thought so. Who is speaking?


Iris: Most likely not

Donny: Maybe it is santa, because i didn't get any presents on christmas he may be here with them :D

Iris: ... *muttering* Should I tell him Santa isn't real?

Donny: Did you just say santa isn't real or find an escape route?

Iris: Find an escape route *muttering even quieter* That was close

Donny: YAY! Come on miss ^D^ 

Iris: I've already tried the doors and windows

Donny: *falls down on floor* WHAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

Simon: Shut your mouth! And you, voice thingy, what... is this all?

Voice: Soon enough.

Iris: So no help from this mysterious voice then


Trevor: stop with the crying!, or else i'll take you're hurt you're other leg even more!!

Cassidy : You bully how dare you threaten him he is must a small little kid art though supposed to be civil my inner self is highly disgusted

Donny: Thanks nice lady but my leg- h-h-h-h-hu-hurt 

Cassidy : my name is Cassidy young one but I  do have gauze *wraps Gauze around his leg* I will have to ask the voice for disinfectant but now try to find your inner peace and you will feel better promise

Flex: *walks in front of Donny and Cassidy*

Donny: OMG! A JOCK! You are so cool! :D can i be your friend

Jonh: *Scribbling stuff down on a piece of paper* Good, good. This is all fantastic.

Donny: WOW! An author, did you write 'Sammy Squirel Saves The Day' OR I KNOW, my mum's (MUMS, plural) make me read it all the time 'The Psychiatric House: Stay Inside, All the Time' :D

Alexa: *appears* What the? I thought I was delivering coffee to Ms. Brockman!

Bobby: *examining the room* Well...Hm...

Donny: *gets out 'The Psychiatric House: Stay Inside, All the Time'* can you read this to me (@ bobby)

Bobby: Sure?

Donny: Ok *opens book* Look, Chapter 1: Rules :D

Bobby: Such a simple book, really...OK. *Reads chapter 1 to Donny as soothingly as he can for a child*

Donny: Can i read the rest? KAY! :D Rule 37: No playing before 2:30pm and after 3:00, Rule 38: No Getting out o bed or strict punishments, Rule 39: No escaping your room or all of the pshy- phycir- Phycoristigs? OH! I call them mums, will give you a spanking! :D

Tristan: *glares at Donny* That's a book of rules, you guys said there wasn't a leader here! >->

Felicia: *she silently pulls up a chair from the table and sits down*  Well, there is no need for leaders I suppose.  That entity which spoke earlier appears to have gathered us all here for some sort of purpose.  It's all a bit of a Deus ex Machina if you ask me.  I'm still trying to figure out if this is all a dream really.

Trevor: this ain't no dream, this is very much real.

Cassidy : it is Certain it is real the real question is how we will escape

Alexa: Aw! But the party just got started!

Cassidy : my instinct tells me this is a bad place and I trust my inner self *meditates*

Flex: You can be my friend Donny (CONF) Only so I could get rid of him later *laughs demonally* (CONF ENDS)

Donny: Can we play a game? :D 

John: Would not be the brightest thing to do... we start playing a game, something goes wrong, and bam!... all of our heads are on a wall in an igloo in Africa. You may ask how that is possible... well... I don't know either. *Continues to scribble stuff down on papers*


John: Bothersome, little... *Sighs, then shakes head* Just... just wow.

Donny: *under table crying* wAhAHhhhHAHHhahaHHAHAHH!

Tristan: JOHN! We need him to shut up! *walks up to Donny* Hey little guy, do you want ...a new book? It's called "How to stop crying for Dummies", do you?

Donny: WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! *Cries 500000000 times louder and also whacks tristan with the book, but it shouldn't hurt*

Tristan: WHAT DID I DO WRONG? This cost 5 pounds... that I bought 3 years ag- let's just agree that was very mean of you! >~>

  • Suddenly, everyone is gassed and robbed of their memory of meeting each other. They awaken, each standing on a pedestal in some kind of figment of imagination, while Deus Ex Machinima, a god of some sort. They can all see themselves, but everyone else is a shadow to them. 

Deus Ex Machinima: Welcome to the Survival Game. Once you wake up into reality, you will each realise that your phones have all been outfitted with the newest technology, telling the future in their own forms. This is all real. The truth is, I'm running out of time and someone must succeed godhood. So, you must kill the others to survive. If you do not, you will die. Last man, or women, standing wins the throne, and stays alive as a god. Your life is also entwined with your diary. If it breaks, you no longer exist. Find the other diary holders, team up or go solo, and kill. The meeting adjourned.

Day One

Main Lodge

  • Cassidy awakes here.

Cassidy : oh my god since I'm in the main lodge I should leave soon

Cassidy : *grabs bag of peanuts* food covered *grabs medicine and water bottle without water* perfect so far

Cassidy : *walks to kitchen*


  • Simon awakes here.

Simon: *stands up, slightly distorted* Hehehe, so, let the games begin. This will be a synch. Locate, deceive, kill. Better armor up. *slips a butcher knife into pockets you know of those short kinda vest things, like B's in Ice Ice Baby*

Cassidy : *takes food* ok let's start *walks into forest*

Cabin 1

  • Donny awakes here.

Donny: o.o wut da, HELLO? MUMMY! ARE YOU DERE?

Cabin 2

  • Tristan awakes here.

Tristan: *wakes up* .....NO! I'm gonna die at 14! So young! *hides*

Cabin 3

  • Trevor awakes here.

Trevor: (wakes up and looks around) so this is it huh?...i guess i gotta do what i gotta do...(grabs an axe nearby where he was sleeping) it's killing time...

Trevor: (looks out the window) it looks like there's nowhone around, i guess i'll have to wait a while...

John: Same thing as last time. Stay here. Here I go... again. *Kicks open the door, and runs in and ties Trevor up with a fight* Okay, Bobby, get in here and lock the door!

Bobby: *comes in and locks door* Got it!

John: Okay. Good. Now... *Nudges a dresser in front of the door* Good. And, *Closes the blinds* We're gonna stay here for a little bit. And... well, would you like to kill Trevor?

Trevor: think this threw Bobby!, this guy will kill you the minute you two are the last ones left!, you help me and i WILL help you get far!, and we could always make a three man alliance? (the two are unaware he's still holding the axe)

Cabin 4

  • Alexa awakes here.

Alexa: *wakes up and groggily rubs eyes* What a nightmare for the people to participate in the Survival Game. *looks arond, uncertain* Aaaand I'm one of the people. Hmm, let's see.. *grabs rope and a baseball bat* Such handy items!

John: *Looks in window* Okay, not who we were looking for, but... let's go ahead and get her. We can use her items against her. Alright... stay here. When I say it's clear... then you come in, and lock the door. When we're done, we'll go find Trevor. Got it? Good. Alright, I'm going in. Hmm... *Opens door, and sighs* Sorry, 'bout this Alexa. *Pulls the rope out of her hand and ties her up, with struggle* Okay, Bobby, come in! And hurry! And make sure to lock the door!

Bobby: *runs in and locks door* OK!

John: *Closes all the blinds* Okay... let's do this. *Lifts butcher knife up, and smashes it into the top of Alexa's head* Ah! *Slices her head again* Ugh! *Slices it again and her head splits in two* Ewww.... ugh! Ew. Just, horrible. Anyways... we can't make this look too suspicious. Help me lift her body, we gotta throw this under the bed. *Lifts her up by her arms* Get her legs.

Bobby: OK, John! *holds up Alexa's dead body's legs to keep her up* Now we lower it, right?

John: Yes. *Lowers Alexa's body, and swings her body under the bed. Ugh. *Wipes off his butcher knife with a sheet off the bed, and puts that under the bed also* Okay... let's go. *Takes the rope, unlocks the door and leads Bobby to Cabin 3*


  • Iris awakes here.

Iris: *groggily rises* Was that real? *takes her phone out and checks it* Mystery: Survival Game? *pauses* It... is real...  This isn't good.... I need to find a weapon to protect myself with...  *picks up a stick* This will have to do for now *heads off towards the river*

Cassidy : *climbs up tree but failed* darn *tries again and succeeds* eats peanuts and falls from tree then goes into a cave sorta of thing*

Cassidy : *in cave* *shivering* this game is terrible forcing people to kill each other IT'S SO UN-FAIR!!!! *dramatically* but I still got food I can pull a Katniss I guess.

  • Cassidy's latest diary entry: Two people are killed, how awful! D:

Cassidy : OH.......THE.............DRAMA!!!!! Who is responsible for such brutal rough housing

Cassidy : why if I killed some one i.....I....would Cry *cries*

Cassidy : *Eating peanuts* I have a feeling that someone is dying right now


  • Flex awakes here.
  • His latest diary entries signal a Dead End.
  • He can manipulate Donny easily, due to his naivety according to his diary.

John: *Walks up, and sees Flex still sleeping* You, pathetic son-of-a-bit**! *Takes his driftwood and sarts beating Flex with it, and sobs while doing so* Ugh! Ah! Ah! *Pants* Heh... ah! *Smacks Flex in the head one last time and cracks his skull open* Oh... my... god. What have I done? Ugh... let's see... *Takes out diary, stares at it's cover, and then puts it away* you know what... this diary has already caused a death. I'll wait to see if I have use it. But, for now... *Takes Flex's shirt and wipes all of the blood off his driftwood, then throws Flex and the shirt off the cliff* Gee. *Wipes eyes from his eye* Okay... I better leave now. *Runs off back to Outhouse*

  • Flex's Latest Diary Entry: Killed by John.


  • Felicia awakes here.

Felicia: *slowly rises*  Why does all this crap always happen to me...  *she looks to see her surroundings*  A river eh... I can probably make use of this somehow.  God of time and space though... I don't even want that damn title.  I'd much rather just go back home.  But I guess all I can do now is prevent it from falling into the wrong hands.  *wanders a bit down stream and manages to find a shovel which was stuck in the ground*  Well it's not exacly my style but it'll have to do.  Now I wonder what the hell this diary does... *looks down at her diary*

Iris: *flicks through her diary then looks up and sees Felicia* A police women? She might be useful as an ally... but do I really want to have an ally? *hides behind a tree and keeps an eye on Felicia*

Felicia: *sighs*  If I'm gonna survive I'll need someone to watch my back.  Someone who has the same ideals as me.  Someone who won't double cross me.  But man oh man, all those people back there looked like they had something a bit off about them.  *sighs again*  Man oh man I don't even want to be in this thing.  I just want to go back to my normal life.  Stupid competition, die and you die, win and you become a damn God.  I don't want to live forever though... but I also don't want the wrong person becoming God just to wipe out the planet.  *turns to the river and sits at it's edge*  Well, maybe I can talk everyone down from this.  If we can come to a peaceful conclussion... then perhaps we can all make it out of here with our lives intact.

Iris: Hmmmm *checks her diary* Doesn't seem to be anything here about her betraying me... although my diary might not tell me that... The format seems quite similar to my notebook.. Argh Iris get back on track. I have to trust my diary on this... but just to be safe... *walks away from Felicia then goes out into the open a fair distance from her* If I want her to trust me I'll have to approach her in the open. *slowly walks towards Felicia and waves her way*

Donny: HELLO! :3 *right behind Iris* Do you know where my mom is?

Felicia: *surprised by the noise from behind her she springs up, shovel in hand*  Whos th... *she notices the small child and the teen*  Oh God... I can't believe they'd bring kids like you into this game.  *she lowers her shovel but still holds it*  Listen, I'm not going to hurt either of you. Here *she drops her shovel and waves them over* come here.

Iris: *walks over to Felicia* Hello

Felicia: Thank goodness you're sane.  So, I suppose we're stuck in this game.  I'm just trying to find a peaceful solution before we all end up killing eachother for no true reason.

Iris: Yeah. Oh I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Iris 

Donny: I am Donny, but what did you mean about "I can't believe they'd bring kids like you into this game" and that your not going to hurt either of us o.o

Iris: *diary statics* Hmmm? *checks Diary* "Mystery: First Death"... someone's died already! Ahhh, oh right! Who are the suspects! hmmm... "Suspects: Second and Fourth" Huh? Second? Fourth? What does that mean? *sighs*

Donny: DIED! o.o what do you by mean that? :I

Felicia:  *she puts a hand on Donny's shoulder*  It means someone was killed little guy.  Think of this like a video game... except in real life.  We're all fighting eachother for survival... but I don't want to do that.  I won't hurt a kid.  *looks up at Iris as her own diary flashes as well, she looks to see that it says a murder has taken place in the outhouse.*  I'm Felicia... and it seems someone has already died.  Best to steer clear of the outhouse I suppose.  I was hoping I could prevent all this violence... but it appears some people had other plans.  *thinks for a second*  Perhaps the "Second" and "Fourth" are the suspects designations in this game.  Perhaps we were all labled with a number as well.  It's all too confusing to really think on now.  At the moment we have to steer clear of others, there's no telling who could be hostile.  *looks back down at Donny*  I promise though, I won't let anyone hurt you guys as long as I can.

Donny:  THANKS! You're nicer than my moms, you autually care about me! :D

Felicia: *cocks her head a bit to the left, her eyebrow is raised quizzically*  Now what type of mom doesn't care for her child?  Here *lifts Donny up to carry him, attatches her shovel's handle to one of her belt loops* let's find somewhere a bit safer than out here in the open.  *Turns to Iris and gives her a warm smile* You're welcome to come along too... I'd rather not be a part of all the violence if I can avoid it.

Donny: Yay, *sits on her sholder* :D

Iris: Maybe our large group will prevent people from attacking us *sigh* I think I could see some cabins from the forest I woke up in. Maybe we should head there

John: *Arrives with Bobby, and sees Donny, Iris and Felicia, so he takes Bobby and hides behind a tree* Okay... we don't want to attack them, they don't look harmless, and there's three of them, and only two of us. So... maybe head somewhere else? Yeah, that's what we'll do, let's go. *Sneaks behind the trees with Bobby and heads for the cabins*

Iris: *notices Felicia's diary flashing* Another crime? *checks diary* I missed a mystery before! There's been two deaths so far! Not good, not good... Your diary proberbly says Assault or something... which means we might have three deaths soon...


  • Bobby awakes here.

Bobby: Woah, where am I? *Looks around* Hmm. Maybe I should go find people? People are fun! But...I can't be too sure. *flicks through diary really quick* Uh, I'll head to the Outhouse randomly. Because it sounds fun! *runs there*




  • John awakes here.

Donny: *walks from Cabin 1 or 2 to here* MUMMY? where are ya ;(

John: *Wakes up and stretches* Ah! Where am I? *Sighs* I--I-- have a new idea for a movie. *Starts scribbling more stuff down, but then stops after he heards a yelp* Ah! What was that!? *Runs out the outhouse* What was--!? *Sees a dead bear on the ground* What!? Ew! Ugh! It stinks! Well, if someone or something could and would kill a bear, I need something to... *Picks up some driftwood and swings it around* This should do. Now... *Opens his diary and start reading it* Hmmm...

Donny: Mister, can you help me find my mummy, she might take me out of dis cruel place! :D

John: Huh? Oh, uhhh..... sure! Your mummy... is over at the river! Now, go!

Donny: YAY! *runs to The River*

John: That kid is super-- huh!? My diary says something horible about him! Wow, I never thought I'd say that. But, it says here... that Flex plans on killing Donny. I mean, he's 21, and Donny is 10. The little kid is annoying, but you would be willing to kill him? I mean... as much as I hate to say this.... well, I have to survive. And if Flex is willing to kill a 10-year old, I guess he wouldn't take a second look at me, before stabbing me in the neck with a pick axe. So, I guess... Flex.... you're gonna have to die. *Wipes his eyes and sighs* Why? Why world? *Sighs again* I have to. *Keeps sneaking around until he reaches the cliff*

Bobby: *walks in* Seems like there's no one here right now, so I'll just take a rest while I think of what to do. But thinking's fun?

  • A dead end flag is signalled on his phone.
  • Latest Entry: A nice picture drawn with pencils of Bobby getting cornered by a tall man, with a giant butcher knife cowering in fear.

Bobby: ...Aw. *spots John heading back here and runs to him and clings to his leg* My diary says a man with a butcher knife is going to kill me. D:

John: A tall man, with a butcher knife? Huh... that there is scary. So, what should we do about it?

Simon: *kicks door open* Come out, you piece of crap! *reveals butcher knife*

Bobby: *clinging to John's leg* SAVE ME! D:

Simon: What are two dudes doing in the outhouse? He's just a kid, John! *swings butcher knife*

John: I should have known! You.... nasty... little... pervert! *Smacks Simon over the head with the driftwood* You-- *Smacks him again* old-- *Smacks him* weirdo! *Smacks him again, but Simon is completely unphased* Uhhh...... last resort time! *Smacks Simon in the crotch with the driftwood, and lifts it up over his head, but it flies out of his hands and lands in Bobby's arms* Oh! My! Ahhh! *Runs beside Bobby* Give the driftwood! *Booby just cowers and won't let go, so John grabs him by his shoulders* Dude, you have to do this! Just.... hit him with it! Come on! Hurry!

Bobby: *catches driftwood* Uh-uh...I can't afford to be scary...I can't. *grabs driftwood and continuously bashes Simon in the back of the head as hard as he can* HEY THIS IS FUN! *continuously does so*

John: Nice, Bobby! Now, for the finishing touch! *Runs and steals Simon's butcher knife, swings around, and chops Simon's head off*

Simon: *head rolls off, as he collpases onto the ground.

  • Latest Diary Entry: Dead End.

John: That... was intense. Alright. So.... Bobby. Keep that driftwood. I got this thing. *Swings butcher knife around* So, what should we do next? Uhh... duh! I'll check my diary! *Opens and starts reading* Well, good this is... it doesn't say anything about you dying... a few injuries... i don't know what from... but other than that, you're good. Congratulations little bro. Now, let's see if I die soon... well, huh... there is this. *Collapses*

Bobby: Yay- wait, John! Are you OK? D: Wait no he collapsed, so obviously not...JOHN DON'T DIE ON ME! D:

John: *Lies there, barely breathing*

Bobby: JOHN! What to do...what to do...*thinking*

John: Huh! *Lifts himself up and starts looking around, still barely breathing and sweating* Gee! Ah! We have to--! *Stands up and falls back down* I... can't stand. You'll have to help me for a bit. Here, help me up, we've got more killing to do... oh my gosh. I can't believe this. But, but... only one of us can survive. And, if I die, I wan't to at least make it close to the top. *Sighs* Bobby, can you help me up? *Lifts up arms*

Bobby: Sure. *helps John up and helps him keep standing*

John: Thanks. Oh, right! *Grabs his diary and butcher kinfe and puts both items it in his back pockets* Anyways... I don't know what to do now. Is, there anything in your diary?

Bobby: Just the picture of Simon about to come kill me...he was scary. D:

John: Well, that's a no. Uhhh... where could we go? Huh. I think-- I think-- I don't know. *Sighs* I think I have to use my diary... *Opens it* I can tell you this, no one seems to be that close to us or the outhouse. And... I'm almost certain that my legs should be okay.... now. *Let's go of Bobby, and he stands perfectly* Awesome. So, it's up to... we can go out, and kill some more others, to make sure we don't die first. Or... we could stay here for a while. Your choice.

Bobby: I guess I'm fine with either...

John: Of course it is... I say... let's go kill someone else now, that our adrenaline is pumping! Then we'll come back and just do whatever, maybe. But, who should we kill?

Bobby: I don't know.

John: Actually... I'm still feeling a little woozy. Let's just stay here for now. *Yawns* Good night, dude. *Lays down*

Bobby: *asleep*

  • A few hours later*

John: *Wakes up, yawns* Uhhh.... huh? Oh, ummm..... Bobby, Bobby, wake up! *Shakes him slightly* Come on, dude. *Still shaking him*

Bobby: *wakes up* Huh? Am I alive...? *looks around* Seems like it...

John: Yes, you're alive. Now, *Opens diary and starts reading it* Let's see if there is anything about... huh! Trevor. Naughty little fella. It seems, he is going to try to kill two-- just two people, just to get some more attention. Who would do that? Well, I guess our next target is assigned. We must... go find Trevor. And kill the attention-seeking fool. *Closed diary, which actually read that Trevor was going to kill John and Bobby, and puts it in his back pocket* Okay, let's go find this Trevor guy.

Bobby: OK! :D

John: *He and Bobby run out, sneaking around and behind things, until they reach the river*


General Campgrounds

Simon: *holds out butcher knife* Let's slay... Let's look at my victims, shall we?

  • Latest Entry: Bobby, 11, weak, naive. No chance of fighting back, probably fleeing. 

Day Two

Meeting With Deus

Deus Ex Machinima: Three have already been eliminated from the survival game, with two unstoppable forces. I suggest you all rise up against them and take them out, if you want any chance of survival in this game. Since you're all trapped on an island... *reveals everyone's identities* Now it'll be easier to locate your targets. Eight of you remain, but it's soon to be nine to remain. Another contestant is joining the game, to keep things interesting...

Iris: Is... that even allowed?

John: Apparently... yes.

Cassidy : NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO *Dramatic music plays* I've ran........OUT OF PEANUTS WHY WORLD OUT OF ALL THE THING'S you do this *Calms down* it is fine I have spiritual food *reads Bible*

Iris: I wonder who the two unstoppable forces are... Perhaps one of them is Second and Fourth? But who exactly are those two? *looks around at the remaining players* What a mystery

Cassidy : well whoever it is there very sorry im sure God tells me to take his trust in this

Anita: Hahahaha. *appears on one of the pedestals* Greetings, morons. I am designated 12th among you, and you're all going to die!

Iris: So you're Twelfth *counts backwards as she points at each person in turn* Thank you for that information. Now I know who Fourth and Second are

Anita: Whatever, nerd girl. I'll be the one to snap their throats in half. *clenches fists* Just you all wait.


Cassidy : Don't worry she won't touch you I'll make sure :)

Anita: Idiot, they are just playing you, Cassidy. They'll kill you when you get the chance.

Felicia: How... interesting.

Main Lodge

Iris: *groggily rises* Wher-where am I? *calls out* Felicia! Donny! ... They're not here *phone rings* Who could that be? *picks it up* Hello? Lily? No I can't return your phone right now, I'm in a tou- no don't call th- actually yeah call the police! Okay listen closely *explains her situation* You got it? ... what do you mean that's too far-fetched to believe? Just tell the police this! They'll know something is up because there's a police women here too! I'll call you if I need to relay something alright? *hangs up* If the police believe Lily, we might be able to get out of this *pockets phone*

Anita: *runs inside, and shuts the door, panting* Who are you? *glances at Iris*

Iris: !! Who are you! *recognizes Anita from the meeting* Wait you're Twelfth! *backs away from her*

Anita: I'm not going to kill you... yet... *flips her hair back, and yanks her arm* Come on, let's go back to the River! We need to talk. Resist, and you'll die.

Iris: *reluctantly follows*


Anita: *rummaging through the draws* Hmm... *pulls stuff out* Screw driver, hammer, and a few knives? Perfect. Needa' butter me up strong. *holds out a small metal plane, and stuffs it into shirt* Let's roll. :)

Cassidy : La La La La *Grabs Bag of peanuts and a Knife and some more food* knives to crack my peanuts YAY

Cabin 1

Cabin 2

Cabin 3

John: *He and Bobby arrive at the Cabin* Uhhh.... I don't know, maybe there's something inside. Huh, *Looks inside the window* Oh, my gosh. He's still there... except on the bed, and not tied up. Well, of course since we have rope. But, oh... look! He has an axe! Okay... let's get in there. Give me that, *Takes the rope, kicks the door open, picks Trevor up and ties him up with the rope* Now, just like last time, and the time before that, and get in here and lock the door, and grab the axe if you really want a weapon!

Anita: *running, with Donny in her arms as he tries to get off* Uh-uh, I have plans! *kicks the window, smashing it, entering the cabin with him*

John: Uhh... you're that new chick! What are you doin'? That's a kid!

Anita: Should I leave you dudes with each other all tied up? Perv, this is a game for killing not for bondage. *spits on the ground* Anyway, I came with him. You do one thing to Mr. Boy Toy on the ground or me, and it's lights out for this kid. :)

Bobby: *ignoring Anita and John, grabs the axe quickly randomly because he needs a weapon* YAY!

John: It's not something perverted. Last time we tried to kill him, he had an axe. We didn't want anything surprising us this time. And fine. But, don't you dare touch him.

Bobby: *randomly hitting the wall with the axe*

Anita: *throws one of her pocket knives she found at Bobby, lightly cutting across his arm and stabs into the wall* Put. The. F***ing. Ax. Down. And shut it, older dude. I don't give a f***.

Bobby: OK...Geez...*puts the axe down*

John: Bobby, just come over hear. So, Anita..  you pop in here, and expect us to believe you? How do we even know you have the guts to kill him? You may have scraped Bobby's arm. But, you knew it wasn't going to actually penetrate him. You think you can just come up in here and expect to control us? Why don't you want this fool killed, anyways?

Anita: Look at Donny's shoulder... *reveals to be bleeding, as there is a small stab wound, surviveable, but still harmful* Also, get out of here, or I will kill you both. Take another step closer to me, and Donny dies. *holds knife up to his throat* GET OUT.

John: Come on Bobby. *Grabs his axe and then grabs his arm and takes him outside* Well, I see this bit** is going to be annoying. Very, annoying. I don't know. Let's... head somewhere. I don't know. *Keeps running until he and Bobby reach the river*

Anita: *walks to Trevor, and kicks him* Unconscious? I'm not waiting for him to wake up. Sorry. *slashes Trevor's throat, while Donny watches.* I'm not letting THEM get away. *follows John and Bobby, while dragging Donny along*

Cabin 4

Iris: *arrives with Felicia and Anita*

Anita: What's your propositions?

Iris: We set up a trap. Second and Fourth will be going after us soon enough, maybe even next. They most likely don't know about what happens if a diary breaks, so we can use that against them

Anita: Alright... *sigh* I just want to kill them and get this done with... I just... feel incredibly bad for that kid... 

Iris: Kids really shouldn't be in this game... One is bad enough, but two?

Anita: Man, I just... wish I could go back and stop that. But I don't want him here seeing what is about to go down tomorrow.... they'll just kill him... Like they did... My survival instincts kicked in... no... no! This isn't happening. *shakes head, and sighs*

Iris: Did something similar happen to you before?

Anita: My family and I were never the best around. To be honest, we lived in an abandoned factory in Seattle. We could barely get by, and we were so lucky no one kicked us out. But one day... *sobs* A group of men escaping a bank heist hid in here. They saw my parents... They knew I was in here. They were sick men. So I watched, behind the crates as my father was slowly, but painfully beaten to death, while they curb stomped my mother to the ground... They abused them, and didn't show any mercy. Keep in mind that I was only eleven years old. You know what I did? Right as I saw my mother's eyes stare into mine, as blood poured down her face... and the life was drained out of her while I watched hidden, and my dad saw too, only to be killed soon after... I grabbed the machete... showed no mercy... and killed all four of them. I didn't hesitate. They did the unthinkable, and tortured them... Fortunately for me, they didn't expect it and underestimated them. The cops were shocked after finding six bloodied corpse and the factory in fire. I guess from then on... I thought that life was just meaningless if people felt no remorse for killing. I never valued anyone's life from then on, because... if it can just get thrown away so easily and carelessly, why invest your thought and emotions into it. Kill or be killed, that's how I live now thanks to that. But enough about me... how can you remain so chill throughout this all? 

Iris: I'm not sure myself. I guess I just feel like... if I show any emotion, any cracks i'll just break down. I've always been by myself, so I know how to hide my emotions well... but this game is just too much! *starts crying* Why do we have to kill each other!

Anita: We don't need to focus on that right now... *wipes tears from eyes and smiles* We just have to hope for a better future... I've... never felt... happiness and hope before... Whatever. What are we going to do? Those psycho killers are probably already plotting against us, and Cassidy is no where to be found...

Iris: *sniffles* W-well we're going to need to lure them to an ambush. We also need to seperate them from their diaries, maybe trick them into breaking theirs... !! *pulls out her friends phone* We could use this!

Anita: Resourceful. And... I don't deserve to win this. So, I'll do whatever I can to make sure they die, and either you and Felicia succeed. Even if it means I die.

Iris: *grabs Anita's shoulder and looks her straight in the eye* We're all going to survive alright?

Anita: We're going to end those f***ers, and us three.... WILL make it to the end. What happens then is anyone's guess. We need to armor up, get weapons, protection, and whatever we need to ensure our survival in this game.


Cassidy : Oh NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I don't want to do it *Awakens* aww seriously well better get some food



Anita: *runs to the river, and begins to soak her face in the water to clean it* I'm so going to win the throne of Godhood. *looks around, and notices Donny and holds out one of her small knives she snagged from the kitchen* Listen, I don't endorse child abuse, bucko, but, you shouldn't be alive to watch all of this go on around you. *runs at him with knife*

  • Donny's latest diary entry: Dead End

John: *Arrives and sees Felicia and Iris* Okay... we won't want to stop here. *Continues running with Bobby*

Anita: *follows them here, but they have fun out of their sight* Ugh, where they? Tell me, you two! *drops Donny onto the floor, revealing blood to them*

Iris: *arrives with Anita*

Anita: Listen, we need to eliminate that kid and older guy who have killed way too much people in this game. *looks at Donny, Iris and Felicia* Whether you want to kill doesn't matter, you refuse, you'll just be killed. :)

Iris: You mean fourth and second? It's true, they've done all of the killing so far. Even if we did escape they'd be a threat to society

Anita: *sighs* Yeah, well, I did stop them from killing Trevor, but somehow his little neck was split open with some kind of knife. Also, Donny, no offence but you're dead weight. *snatches his phone* You'll be missed. *snaps it*

Iris: ... you've confirmed my suspicions... *looks at diary* I think I can come up with a plan to take both of them out, but give me a few minutes to think over it

Anita: *watches as Donny crumbles into oblivious* Well, that turned out differently than I thought. But we can't discuss this in public. There's three others out there. Let's get into a cabin. Come on. *glances at Felicia and Iris*

Iris: You lead the way

Anita: We can't waste any time, and let those rats get ahead in this. *runs with Felicia and Iris*


John: *Arrives with Bobby* Who's this? Uhhh... I'm pretty sure this is that Tristan guy. How about we just do this fast and get it over with? Okay... good. *Runs and stops beside Tristan* You about to die! *The dock under their feet fails and they both fall in the water* Bobby! Ah! I never learned to swim! I'm regretting that now! Bobby! Agrgrgrgrgr!!!

Bobby: John! D: *Swims out and tries to help John out*

John: Artgrgrgf! Help me, Bobby! Help! Ahhh!

Bobby: *gets John out of the water* So what now...?

John: *Coughs up water* Just, *Coughs up some more* drown his a**! *Coughs up some more water* Got that? Just do it! *Coughs*

Bobby: Me...? OK... *Swims back out and pushes Tristan's head under the water and keeps it there, drowning him or at least attempting*

John: *Coughs* Come on, Bobby, do it! You can!

Bobby: OK! *keeps Tristan's head under water for five minutes, drowning him*

John: Ugh! *Coughs* Okay. *Pulls Bobby up onto the dock* Okay, we have, to, go... now! *Grabs Bobby's arm and just runs*


John: *Awakens* Huh? When did I... come out and fall asleep on the beach? Uhhh... okay? Uhh... Bobby? Where are ya little dude?

Bobby: *has been awake, looking around* John? You're finally awake?

John: Yeah... I think. Yeah, I'm awake. Anyways... *Rubs eyes, and stretches* uhh... where's our weapons? Please tell me, you have our weapons.

Bobby: I have the butcher's knife and rope...I couldn't find the driftwood.

John: Well... keep the rope. Sprry, but I'm taking the butcher knife. *Takes the butcher knife* I blacked out, after we tied Trevor up and were about to kill him. We can't let him get away with that info. So, we have to find him.... now! Where should we check first?

Bobby: I don't like the knife still has some blood from Simon. He was a scary man. D: Anyway, let's check the cabin we were last at? But first could we look for a replacement weapon from my driftwood in case we get separated? I'm scared. D:

John: *Sighs* Fine. We'll go to the cabin... I guess, and we'll look for Trevor and a weapon for you. Okay? Okay. Let's go. *He and Bobby race to Cabin 3*



John: *Pulls Bobby inside and locks all doors* Okay, we'll stay here for the moment. We'll wait a little, then check our diaries to see if there is going to be deaths. Which, let's go ahead and check... *Pulls diary out* Huh? Ain't that something. It says here, that there is going to be at least one more death today. I'm not sure if there will be more, but it says at least one more.

Bobby: *thinking strategically* Hmm...I'm thinking, I don't know how many people are left, but considering we know Trevor probably died, Tristan died, and etc. Not a lot will live. I say we gun for Iris first tomorrow? She's like the weird one, plus since we don't know her, it wouldn't have any emotions. However if Donny is alive tomorrow, can we let him live with us if it's possible. Please? Me and him are too young to die. D:

John: Of course. Of course. I do agree with Iris going down first. But it's going to be tricky with Anita and Felicia up her butt. But, it shouldn't be too hard. You're a pretty smart kid. I say, we take down Iris, then Felicia, then Anita or Cassidy, which ever one out of those two that didn't die, we kill them after that. And if Donny isn't dead, us three can just hang out here until... until something. But don't worry, we will not die.

Bobby: I'm thinking...Felicia isn't that much of a threat, right? We save her and Cassidy for last and kill Anita second? Also, I hope he isn't dead. :(

John: I sure hope not. Anita is a horrible person. I wouldn't even spit in her direction. Well, we have our plans... so what do we do now?

Bobby: I don't know...I never wanted to be in this, though no one did either. Also did you see what Anita did to Donny there...? I should have whacked her with my axe because knowing her cruel heart she might have killed him...*tear drops* Anita's a jerk...they're all jerks...but so are we...we did kill Alexa and Tristan and they were barely teens...this game is just ruining everyone. *begins to cry*

John: It's ruining all of us. *Begins to cry himself* But, if we don't kill Anita and Iris, maybe the other two too, they will gonna come after us. And we don't want to see each other die. So, we have to be strong, and do this for ourselves. *Wipes one of his eyes* This... is awful. 

Bobby: I just want to go home...or die a peaceful death...hey John, I know one of us will have to die if we do manage to defeat the jerk. Promise me if you do kill me, you'll make it as least harmful as possible or in my sleep? Also name a pet rock after mom said I would have had an actual pet soon but then I was here...*wipes off tears with his arm*

John: *Sobs even harder* Uhhh.... I will? *Sobs* *Wipes his eyes with his shirt* You know, you remind me... of my son, me and my girlfriend had him by accident, but he was amazing. Fun little fella he was. Just like you. I loved him, John Jr.. *Sobs* He was killed by a robber. We didn't even realize it until after he had left and he stole everything we owned. We're sure he woke up, and came out to see what all the commotion was, and the robber must have shot him. *Sobs* I still can't believe it! *Sobs even harder, barely able to breath*

Bobby: *comforts John, still sad* Don't cry...I'm sure John Jr. would want you to stay strong for him...

John: Thanks. *Wipes his eyes with his sleeve* Okay, Uhh... huh. Ummm... I don't even know.


General Campgrounds

Day Three


Deus: Only seven remain. Tonight, hopefully, one of you will become my successor. Also, these new rules come into play. :) Follow them, or be removed.

~ Rules ~

Anita: I will win this.

Cassidy : Wait were is Donny?

Anita: He passed on, unfortunately. Does life even have any value anymore?

Cassidy : Wait I.....I....lied I said I would help......but he...he Died *IN MIND* Anita : Life doesn't matter anymore *IN REAL WORLD* *Pupils turn Red and Lips turn black and here hair turns Red* He he HA HAHA I guess you are right.

Felicia: *she simply stares into the ground gripping her shovel, her knuckles are white*  Considering that it was oh so easy for you to take a life... I suppose it really doesn't matter to you anymore eh Anita?  I still can't believe I allowed you to simply kill the boy without any repricussions.  I suppose my goal is unfufilled then.

Main Lodge


Cassidy : *Grabs Knives* HA HA HA

Cassidy : *Reads Diary* well well well Donny *Snuggles with a Rabbit skin*looks like we're the final 4 He he he I'm so happy I could keep my promise to you

Cassidy : well might as well make my mark HA HA HA

Cabin 1

Cabin 2

Cabin 3.

Cabin 4

Anita: *drags one of the beds forcefully in front of the door* Iris, you got the window covered? Also, got the armor on?  John: *Runs up to Cabin 4 and peers through the window* I see them! They're in there!  *Kicks door* It won't budge! Ugh! Ugh! Bobby, don't just sit there! Help!

Iris: Got it *moves the cupboard to block the window and does the same with the over bed, before looking over and nearly shrieking* Someone was killed here!

John: *Runs up to Cabin 4 and peers through the window* I see them! They're in there!  *Kicks door* It won't budge! Ugh! Ugh! Bobby, don't just sit there! Help! 

Anita: It was Trevor... the others got to him. *throws her one of the small daggers she got from the kitchen* Don't lose hope. This is cheesy, but we will pull through. >.> *leans against the beed, blocking the door from being broken down* IRIS!

Iris: Got it! *also leans against the bed after catching the knife*

Anita: *keeps watch against the window, as she leans on the bed*

John: Stupid door! You know what? Forget this! Give me that! *Grabs Bobby's axe* Let's do this! *Runs around to the back, and tries to chops his way through*

Bobby: OK...

Anita: Come on, Iris! Let's get out of here, we can't fight them in such a small area! *pulls the bed back with all of her force, and notices as an axe breaks through the wall on the other side* Open the door, Iris! Let's run!

John: *Makes his way through*

Bobby: *behind John*

John: *Tackles Iris* Help me, Bobby!

Bobby: *right behind John, slightly crying* What did you want me to do...?

Anita: *dives in John's direction, to knock him off Iris* 

John: You little brat! *Swings his butcher knife in Anita's direction* Bobby, get Iris!

Bobby: *tackles Iris, but it's not enough to bring her down because he's 10*

Iris: *grabs Bobby and places her knife to his neck* LET GO OF ANITA!

Anita: *the knife cuts into the metal she had stuffed into her shirt* Moron! Get off Iris! What has she done? I killed a kid due to my own view of life. Guess what, just take me and let her go. *swings her arm at John's face* Get out of here, Iris!

John: *Arm hits him in the face* You-- *Sees Iris on Bobby* Don't you touch him! *Slams his shoulder into Iris, knocking her off of Bobby*

Iris: Gah! *slashes at John with her knife*

Bobby: *sobs, watching John*

Anita: *dives into the back of John, holding out her knife* Stab John, Iris! Get him!

Iris: *hesitates slightly then aims to stab John in his chest*

Anita: *grabs onto his arms after jumping a firm grip* Lights out, mother f***er...

Bobby: *knows it's all over for John and escapes to the outhouse, crying*

Iris: *closes eyes and aims to stab again*

John: Bobby! *Tosses the axe, barely going anywhere* Help!

Bobby: *runs back, but hides then sees axe in sight* ...

John: *Breaks out of Anita's grip* Come on, Bobby! Please!

Iris: *aims for a third stab*

Bobby: *gets the axe and then aims for Anita's back*

Anita: *is knocked onto the ground by him, and watches Iris* You stabbed him... not... deeply... but you got him! Go get Bobby, I'll take care of him! But don't kill Bobby... but stop him. GO IRIS!

John: *Grabs butcher knife* AHHHHHHHH! *Swings at Anita*

Iris: *turns and goes to tackle Bobby*

John: *Swings at Anita, gashing her shoulder*

Bobby: *struggling to get out*

Iris: *pulls the axe out of Bobby's grip*

Anita: Argh! *back bleeding from the axe gashing at her* You can't get me John! she swings her pocket knife in the direction of his neck, barely being able to do so after the immense pain she is in*

John: AHHHHHHHH! *Stabs Anita fatally*

Bobby: *struggling to get out of Iris' tackle* Let me go!

Iris: *pulls Bobby up and drags him away with her*

Anita: *knife stabs into John's throat, as she is stabbed in the heart* Iris... this is... *spits out blood* for you... Kill them all...

John: *Gurgles and spits up blood*

Anita: *as she's about to die, lies on the ground next to John, pouring out blood* I deserved this... sorry Donny... *coughs out more blood* I am a bad person... I guess life does have a value after... a.. *dead*

John: Uuhhhh! *Falls on his his knees* Bobby, make sure to name a rock after me. *Smiles a little and then falls forward, laying there dead*


Cassidy :*with blood on her with animal skins* Come on little Rabbit I need more meat for dinner He He HA HA HA

Cassidy : well I should go get supplies *Go's to Kitchen*








Iris: *drags Bobby here* I'm sorry you had to see that

Bobby: *sobbing*

Iris: I'm sorry... but only one can survive...

Bobby: *Sobbing* I know...and I know I'm not going to live. But can you promise me to fulfill the promise John gave to me about naming a pet rock after him...? I won't be alive to do that...he was like a father to me real one died when I was I followed what he doesn't matter any more. In life, it's just full of jerks. And I include myself...

Felicia: *she nonchalantly sneaks her way behind Iris as quietly as she can and swings her shovel blade first at her neck*

Iris: I promise I'll do that Bobby. In fact I'll do more then that. I'll name a whole pet rock family after you and John oka- Guh *gets hit and falls over, but doesn't die*

Felicia: *she quickly steps on Iris's back*  You still alive?

Iris: *doesn't make a sound due to being knocked out*

Felicia: *sighs*  I can't believe I'm about to do this...  *winces and then raises her shovel*

Bobby: *still crying, not seeing any of this*

Iris: *pulling herself awake, she barely is able to speak* D-don't

Felicia: *halts her shovel and backs up a bit*  Okay... get up slowly.

Iris: *conciousness fades again*

Felicia: *sighs again*  What the hell has this game done to us... I'm a cop about to kill an innocent girl I should be protecting...

Bobby: *hears Felicia's voice and looks up, while wiping away tears* Huh?

Felicia: I try and protect the innocent... and yet I stand by and watch as some little kid gets killed... no, not again.  *looks at Bobby*  You're that kid who was with John... I need to make sure you're the last one standing.  Only innocence like yours can save this wretched place we call Earth.  In order to do that though... Iris has to die.  *looks down on Iris*  But I just... I don't think I can kill her... I don't want to kill anyone.

Bobby: ...

Cassidy : *Swings at Felicia*

Iris: *conciousness flickers* urrgg

Cassidy : *Kicks Iris*

Felicia: *heard Cassidy first and dodges out of the way, swinging at her no off balance frame*

Iris: GAH! *threatens to black out again*

Cassidy : *get's up.from Ground*

Bobby: *thinking about his rope and thinking about what to do*

Felicia: *tries to jam the sharp and of her shovel into Cassidy's throat*

Cassidy : *Stabs Felicia but not very deep so she only loose a minimum of blood*

Iris: Felicia! *in a momentous burst of strength, she leaps up to tackle Cassidy*

Bobby: Should I like...tie her up somehow? I don't know. *cries again*

Felicia:  *Falls to one knee, rips out the knife, and cries out in pain.  with her resolve at Bobby's cries she quickly lunges for Cassidy's throat, knife in hand*

  • Stab is successful

Bobby: *still crying, wishing John was there*

Iris: *collapses off Cassidy, panting heavily* It's over...

Felicia: *with blood soaked hands she crumples to her knees* I suppose it is... because I refuse to kill anyone else!

Bobby: *holding rope in hands, planning his next move*

Felicia: *looks up to the sky*  God forgive me... wait a minute...

Bobby: ...

Iris: Before you do anthing *pants* Let's make this fair *pulls out her friend's phone* Let's break our diaries

Felicia: Are you... serious?

Iris: Yes *pants* I am... *snaps the phone*

Bobby: ...

Felicia: *watches as Iris doesn't fade*  You lied.  It was a valient effort... but if I die with murder on my hands I'll go to Hell...  I've spent my life doing good deeds to avoid that... but if I become God I can do anything I want. 

Iris: Shame it didn't work.

Bobby: ...Why are you guys doing this...weren't you like fighting to not kill or something? Now you're all going to kill each other and then kill me...

Iris: But that death would have only been a bonus *leaps past Bobby and grabs the rope out of his hands, then turns around to strangle him with the rope* Now stay back, or the kid dies

Felicia: *raises an eyebrow* Well... that could've worked about five minutes ago... but now, I kinda think God has a nice ring to it!  *tosses a knife aimed at Bobby's head knowing it'll either hit him or Iris*

Iris: *pulls Bobby into the knife*

  • The knife impales Bobby in the forehead, deep in. No chance of survival.

Bobby: *last words* Both of you are even worse than what John and I were...if I go to heaven or not...I'd hate to have both of you as gods...look what this has done to you...I now miss I know Iris won't complete her promise...just be happy as a god knowing you killed a little kid...have fun...*he blinks and that's when he dies*

Iris: *pulls the knife out of Bobby's head, then tosses Bobby's dead body towards Felicia and starts moving backwards towards the unlit bonfire*

Felicia: *watches as Bobby's body disolves in front of her, rips off her tredded boot, and tosses it at Iris's head.  She quickly follows this by taking off her belt and slowy going towards Iris.*

Iris: *ducks under the boot and continues walking backwards over the unlit firepit while pulling something out of her pocket*

Felicia: *Quickens her pace slightly, yet stops to remove her other boot and throw it at Iris who is currently in a stationary position.  Once thrown she continues to move towards Iris belt in one hand, shovel in the other.*

Iris: *ducks under the boot again, this time scraping something against the unlit fire. This time when she stands up she starts moving backwards faster*

Felicia: *picks up a near by stone and tosses it at Iris's head.  The taking a wide birth and avoiding the fire pit she charges towards Iris*

Iris: *ducks and rolls out of the way of the rocks, she then tosses one of her knifes at the fire while wrunning backwards away from Felicia*

Felicia: *the slow moving knife lands... in her shoulder.  Felicia rant to intercept it and allowed it to hit her.  however the force behind it was far too weak to do much but slightly break skin.  She pulls it out and proceeds to aim and throw it right at Iris's head as she's running backwards and vunerable.*

Iris: *tried to dodge but get's hit in the shoulder by the knife. As she yells out in pain though she also starts to laugh as the bonfire behind Felicia starts to collapse towards her*

Felicia: *hears the incoming pile and dodges to the inside of it.  As she dodges inwards all but one log rolls over her and doesn't harm her.  However one log finds it's mark and crushes her left hand.  She screams in pain and goes motionless.*

Iris: *panting, she throws her second knife directly at Felicia and struggles to muster up the courage to pull the one out of her arm*

Felicia: *still motionless the knife digs into her left arm a bit but it's shallow due to Iris's weakened state*

Iris: *while still panting she pulls out the knife and rushes at Felicia*

Felicia: *waiting until her combatant came near Felicia awakens from her faux unconciosness and swings her belt in her free right arm, buckle first, right at Iris's face.  To ensure she gains the upper hand she also kicks outwards with her right foot rimmed with her sharply pointed nails.*

Iris: *impales self on Felicia's foot, but stabs at Felicia's throat. The belt buckle slams into Iris's cheek*

Felicia: *she desperatley whips her arm back around and cathes the knife with her free hand.  As blood seeps from her hand she wraps her legs around Iris and swiftly lifts her self, mouth open, to bite at Iris's throat.*

  • As Felicia's hand was stabbed, the knife still thrusted back into her throat, cutting it open leaving Felicia to bleed out as Iris is the last one left standing.

Iris: *falls backwards as she blacks out*

Deus: *summons Iris to his lair, as he is about to crumble into oblivion* Take my core. *hands her his core which has all of his powers* You have surprisingly outwitted, outplayed, and outlasted the other contestants. Therefore, the throne is yours... *dies, as Iris becomes the new god*

General Campgrounds


Iris: *closes her eyes* Bobby, I will fufill my promise to you *creates four rock golems that look like Bobby, John, Donny and Anita, and brings them to life*

Anita: *in ghost form* Talking rocks? Are you kidding me? But job, kid. I knew you had it on ya'. *drifts off, and disappears, as she passes on*

John: Thank you, Iris. You did my last wish. And now, I get to be with my son after so long. *Drifts off, and disappears, as he passes on*

Bobby: *in ghost form* I guess you did deserve to win after all...I hope John will forgive me in the afterlife. Thank you Iris. Thank you. *drifts off and disappears, as he passes on*

Simon: I honestly don't five a f***. *passes on*