In a constant struggle for power

Only one will escape with there million dollar check intact

an you do it?


Gold Team

Sandwich - A Sandwhich That Can Speak - Liam. Burnt by Sound 15th
Giorgio - The Fat Chubby Scholar - WeAllLikeOwen&Dakota Burnt by Nono 14th
King Zactastic - The Wiki King - Fyrexx kicked for inactivity 11th
Matthew - The Hunky Gamer - TDY quit 11th
Dezzy - The Hot B**** - Luckyyy Quit 16th

Green Team

Danielle: The Perky Nerd - Fake kicked for inactivity 11th


Veronica - The Big Momma - LWashington Burnt by Wes 8th
Luna Lovegood - Student from Hogwarts - Loenev X
Yasuhiro - The Fortune Teller - TF Burnt by Conker 4th
Rosalina - The Curious Bookworm - Dawny Burnt by Sound 6th
Conker - The Worlds Ruler - Sound
Raven - The Cocky Physic - Zanna Burnt by Luna 10th
Wes - The Wise Guy - Wes Holden Burnt by Conker 7th
Rex - The Dragon Boy - Rex  Kicked for Inactivity 9th
Sound - The Straight Up DJ - Conker
Nono - A Terrible Knockoff of Nano - Nano Burnt by Luna 5th


- a strike for inativity, 3 and you are eliminated


At the start of each episode a paymaster is selected(each person can only be selected once)

There is then a challenge and the losing team votes 2 people into the bottom with the paymaster

Where the winning teams paymaster will burn one of their checks

there will be a merge

Episode 1

Paymaster pick - Gold

Vote here (remember to say who is voting) and then post below "(Name): *votes*" to show it was you , you have till 3EST monday to vote 

Luna Lovegood: *votes*

Matthew: *votes*

Sandwhich: *votes* derpderpderpderpderp.

Rosalina : *Votes* Hmmmmmmmmnnnmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I hope my vote helps the team *Reads* Everyone Knows Carbon Dioxide Is a solid duh I need to write some books some time whatever *Makes a serum* 

Veronica: *votes*

Giorgio: *votes*

Zac: Your king has voted!

Well, im sorry to inform you that Desiree injured herself on the way to the voting booth, that being said in a vote of 3-2-1-1 Luna your Paymaster this week

Paymaster pick - Green

Vote here (remember to say who is voting) and then post below "(Name): *votes*" to show it was you, you have till 3EST monday to vote 

Yasuhiro: *votes*

Sound: *votes aswell*

Nono: *Votes* :D

Conker: *votes* Nono bow down!!1

Rex: I voted

Wes: *votes*

Well since Danielle is unable to vote(fake has a week ban) and Ravens vote wont make a difference the Paymaster for the Green Team this week with a vote of 3-1-1-1 is..... Sound!



We will start off really easy, its a rating: food

everybody will earn points for their team so every bit helps

Sound: Hmm... I say Noodles! :D

Nono: Pizza, like DUH!

Wes: Cheese Burgers

Sandwhich: <----. Need I say more? -_-

Conker: Spaghetti!! 

Luna Lovegood: French Frites

Matthew: Um, pasta!

Raven: Seafood

Rosalina : Lemon Twist Poppy Seed Suprise Muffin :D

Yasuhiro: Like, woah dude! How about that Chow Mein?

Rex: Ravioli

Veronica: I will be sure you like ....CHOCOLATE!

I will now rank them 15 goes to the best and those who did not submit will get 0

Player Rosalina Raven Rex Veronica Yasuhiro Sound Luna Sandwich Nono Wes Mathew Conker Zac Giorgio Danielle
Score 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 0 0 0

The Green teams total is 65 averaging at 8.125 per person

The Gold teams total is 49 averaging at 7 per person

So the Green team wins!

Check Burning - Gold Team

Ok you know the Drill, send 2 names here they will join Luna in the bottom 3 where Sound has the power to destroy one of your checks and remove you from the game

Remember to say who is voting when you send it and post here afterwards

Matthew: *votes*

Rosalina *Vote*

Luna Lovegood: Why am i on the bottom 3?

Its the risk you run as this weeks paymaster, the bottom 3 consists of the paymaster and 2 others voted in

The voting was very poor guys, with a vote of 2-2 Giorgio and Sandwich are joining Luna in the bottom 3, Sound whos heck would you like to destroy?

Sound: I vote stupid Sandwich

*Throws Sandwiches Check in the fire* ok 18 of you now and has moved Yasuhiro to the Gold team to even up the numbers good luck everyone

Episode 2

Paymaster Pick - Gold

Ok guys you can vote anyone but Luna to be your Paymaster here, good luck!

Yasuhiro: *voted*

Veronica: *votes*

Rosalina: *votes*

Matthew: *votes*

By a vote of 2-1-1 Rosalina has been voted as this weeks paymaster

Paymaster Pick - Green

Ok guys you can vote anyone but Sound to be your Paymaster here, good luck!

Conker: *votes*

Holden: *votes*


Sound: *votes*

By a vote of 2-1-1 Nono is your paymaster this week


Get to know your fellow Contestants

Conker: Move loosers the world ruler comes through

Veronica: HAH you wish <.<


This weeks Challenge is a puzzle here screenshot your score and post it in a gallery below(if you dont know how google it)

Well its clear who won since Conker and Wes are both on the green team

Check Burning - Gold

You know how it works, send 2 names here to join Rosalina in the bottom 3, dont forget to say who is voting or I ant count it

​Rosalina : *Votes*

Yasuhiro: *votes*

Luna: *votes*

Veronica: *votes

with a vote of 3-2-2( was the tiebreaker) matthew and giorgio have been nommed with Rosalina

Nono, whos check will you burn

Nono: AH DUNNO! Uhh... Giorgio cause that's a sh**y name... yeah.. nuff said

Ok giorgio you have been eliminated *burns check* not only this but Matthew has quit and Danielle and Zac have been kicked due to inactivity *burns their checks*

10 left so that means only 1 thing...Merge!

Episode 3


Ok the challenge is Fill in the Blanks, the most interesting wins

I want to be made of __________ because_________________

Yasuhiro: I want to be made of hope because I stole the cookie from the cookie jar. (yolo)

Sound: I want to be made of Music because my DK skills would improve so much and then I will use my Sound waves to make Conker and Nono dea! MUWHAHAHAAHAHAHAH!

Holden: I want to be made of cheese because then I would taste good.

Luna Lovegood: I want to made of nargles because i am in Ravenclaw and love nargles.

conker: I want to be made of mind controle because than I controle everyone

Rosalina : I want to be made of rainbow sunshine unicorn kitties because it would be so Swag 

My favourite is Lunas, no idea what it means but it got the most laughs

Luna is this weeks Paymaster

Holden: what Does that mean with a merge

Check Burning

Ok guys vote hereas per usual, send me 3 names and those with the most votes will be in the bottom 3 where Luna has the power to send 1 of them home

Holden: *votes*

Yasuhiro: *votes*

Poor voting guys, those who didnt vote automatically give themself 3 votes

with a vote of 5-5-5-3-3-3-3-3 Veronica, Conker and Raven are the bottom 3

Luna who do you eliminate?

Luna: Hmm .. i send Raven.

Ok *Burns Ravens Check* down to 9 of you so good luck

Episode 4


Ok we are back around to Ratings so for this ones its flavors of Ice-cream

​Rosalina : Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough 

Holden: mint chocolate chip

Conker: Whisky strawberry taste

Yasuhiro: Cookies N' Cream, dude.

Sound: Caremel Danszen Cream

Nano: Yum, duh, Blueberry bubblegum icecream! 

Gotta go with Holden, its my legit favourite flavour

Check Burning

Ok guys vote here, if you dont you will recieve 3 self-votes

Wes *votes*

Conker: *votes*

Rosalina: *votes*

Sound: *Votes*

Luna: *votes*

Ok with a vote of 5-5-4-3-2-1-1 Rex, Yasuhiro and Veronica are in the bottom 3

Wes whos check do you burn?

Wes: Well two people are ghoing home tonight. Rex is auto out and I'm burning Veronica's check.

Correct *burns bot checks* we are now at the final 7 and goodnight

Episode 5


Todays challenge is a puzzle here, but this time i picked one on easy mode so dont worry, when your done put your screenshot in the gallery

Wow and by 3 seconds Conker is this weeks paymaster!!!

Check Burning

Ok guys send three names here, dont forget to say who is voting and post below and as always not voting warrants 3 self-votes

Conker: *votes*

Yasuhiro: *votes*

Sound: *votes*

Luna: *votes*

Ok by a vote of 7-4-4-2-1 Wes, Nono and Rosalina are in the bottom 3

Conker whos check do you burn?

Conker: this is a easy one *burns Wes's check* You may had less moves but I do more in less time :-D

*burns his check* ok we are at the final 6 and edging even closer to the finals, its still anyones game

Episode 6


Ok this week we will have another Fill in the Blanks so here we go

Wonderful things happen when you ____________________

Conker: Wonderful things happen when you are up all night

Luna Lovegood: Wonderful things happen when you dream about it

Sound: Wonderful things happen when your put on the unemployment line, like losing your girlfriend :D

These are all kinda boring tbh but Sound wins

Check Burning

Ok you know what to do send three names here and dont forget to include whos voting

Nono: *votes*

Sound: *votes*

Ok a poor showing for the vote but by a vote of 4-4-3-3-1 Conker, Rosalina and ( between Yasuhiro and Luna and it chose Yasuhiro) 

So Sound would you like to send home Conker, Rosalina or Yasuhiro?

Sound: uh....Rosalina

Rosalina : Aww seriously

And with that *burns her check* only 5 of you left gettin to the home stretch and anyone could win

Episode 7


As with our normal cycle we are once again doing ratings, this time its video game villians

Conker: Uhm video game villain, there are so many but I pick. Giovani!!

Sound: Joker

Luna Lovegood: Poison Ivy from Batman series.

Yasuhiro: GLaDOS from Portal, man!

Ooooh a good list, Ive gotta go with Poison Ivy, shes so unique so Luna wins!

Check Burning

Ok send up to three names here and dont forget to say whos voting, if i recieve no vote you recieve 3 self-votes which pretty much means your nominated

Conker: *votes*

Luna: *votes*

Sound: *votes*

Yasuhiro: *votes*

Well by a vote of 7-3-3-2 Nono, Conker and Yasuhiro are in the bottom 3

Luna who will you eliminate?

Luna: I choose .. Nano .. Nono ... or whatever.

*burns Nonos check* And with that we are down to the final 4!

Episode 8


Ok im deviating slightly but this challenge is a Fill in the Blanks

_____________ exploded brilliantly, like a firework

Conker: the over sized nicki minaj unicorn puking rainbows exploded brilliantly, like a firework.

Sound: The stupid godplying son-of-a-***** Nemo and his stupid friend exploded brilliantly, like a firework

Luna Lovegood: My enemy Voldemort and his annoying deatheathers exploded brilliantly, like a firework

Yasuhiro: Harold and his vote-rigging exploded brilliantly, like a firework.

Im a big fan of random if youve seen my camp and Conker takes the cake so Conker is the Paymaster!

Check Burning

Ok Conker, who do you not want beside you in the final 3?

Conker: I didn't expected to win but the person who I am not gonna send home is Sound, he is with me in the top 3 but the person I do send home is Yasuhiro, 4th plays isn't bad dude, *burns Yasuhiro check*

*burns Yasuhiros check* and now we have our final 3!!!

Episode 9

Check Burning

*Wes, Rosalina, Nono and Yasuhiro enter* now your aim is to make it to the final 2, these 4 will vote here to eliminate one of the final 3(remember to say whos voting) good luck and you may give speeches below as to why you shouldnt get 3rd place

Conker: I'm keeping it short, I have been active to the majority of this camp and I know that 2 of you most likely are gonna vote me for 3rd place but maybe there is a reason why you wouldn't cause if you let me through to the final 2 and I win you can at least you lost to the winner instead of some guy who also lost.

Wes: *votes* Conker look up total drama knowledge 3. The reason i gave then is the reason I voting for you to go home.

Yasuhiro: *votes* Obvious vote, dudes. But, good game, to the guy who goes home!

Luna: It will be nice the final two, but everyone needs to vote for the person they want to vote for. *smiles*

Well im stopping the votes early since Conker has decided to quit, he had 2/4 votes and was likely to go home but regardless he has quit so now we have our f2!!!!!


Sound and Luna you are the final 2 and will now compete in the final challenge which has 3 parts, the person who wins the most is this series winner

Part 1

Part 1 is a rating, you must post a Total drama ROTI character the winner gets you 5 their time

Luna Lovegood: Dawn, she has everything.

Sound: Oh ****! Uh... Sam

Wow you got my 2 favourite Characters but the winner is Luna

Part 2

Part 2 is a Fill in the Blanks, the winner gets 30 seconds removed from their time

My philosophy is ____________________________-

Sound: Myphilosophy is that I think Tikki is awesome, it's a serious problem D:

Luna Lovegood: My philosophy is that i think that Sound will place second this season

Luna is an obvious win here cause i dont like kiss-asses

Sound: Wait! I thought Philosphy meant mental problem!? Not a stupid theory... aw D:

Part 3

Part 3 is a game here, the best score wins screenshot it and post your best score in a gallery below

Well Sounds score completely anhialates Lunas so he wins this round


Well in a score of 2-1 the winner is Luna!!!!

Luna Lovegood: Awesome!