Eight different users in the town of Mafville, known for it's reknown mafia, are in a life or death game where they must scumhunt, work out who mafia is and lynch them, before they all end up dying. If the amount of town/third party and mafia users are the same, then mafia wins. If the town can lynch the rest of the mafia, then they win. </p>


  • The game has eight users, five townies, two mafia, and one unknown role.
  • The roles are three villagers, two mafia, one cop and one doctor.
    • Villager: Are regular users, but they can only lynch. Sided with the village.
    • Cop: Every night, a cop can choose one person to investigate. They will get a report the next day as to whether they are mafia or sided with the town. Sided with the village.
    • Doctor: Every night, the doctor can choose one person to save. If that person is killed by the mafia, they won't die. Sided with the village.
    • Mafia: Every night, the mafia can decide to kill someone or not to. Sided with the mafia.
  • You will all get your role revealed to you in private message on the wiki chat. You cannot screenshot it to prove what role you are, doing so will get you kicked out of the camp, and not allowed to compete in any further ways. Although, you can convince people what role you are, but screenshots as such are banned.
  • One user will have a special role, not known to the others.
  • Every day, the remaining users will get the opportunity to lynch or not to lynch. To lynch means to kill them, in hopes to find out if they are mafia, and mislynching can have it's disadvantages. The person with the most votes is lynched, or they can no lynch, which means no one will die. In the event of a tie, no one will die.
  • The mafia wins if the ratio of mafia to village/third party is 1:1.
  • The village wins if they successfully lynch all the mafia. However, they automatically lose if the amount of mafia and village is the same, basically, two mafia and two village. 
  • The mafia, doctor and cop must all contact me who they want to kill, want a report on, and want to save respectively on chat.

Death Chart (DO NOT EDIT)

Citizens Role Night 1 Day 1 Night 2 Day 2
Tikkibikki Villager SAFE SAFE SAFE WIN
XrosHearts Villager SAFE SAFE SAFE WIN
WelshGirlAmber Lover SAFE SAFE SAFE WIN
Dianted Doctor SAFE SAFE DEAD
Wolfdragon Rex Mafia SAFE LYNCHED
Wes Holden Villager DEAD

Sign Ups (Closed)

Please only sign up if you know how to play mafia, or if you can follow the instructions given. Only seven allowed. Only eight will be accepted.

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Talk amongst yourself for now.

Rex: So...

Tikki: how are we gonna all comunicate? we need time to discuss and time zones will inevitably get in the way we would need like a week per day and preferably a chatango(if you could reord it somehow and paste it as our chat that would work even better)

(Once everyone has all decided to lynch or not to lynch with the voting, the day ends, so it can go on for as long as you guys need. You can talk in chat to share reports, and try to find out who is maf and stuff)

Holden: I'm already calling that Zac is already the maf.

Tikki: Ok so i have my role does it start day or night?

Dianted: I have mah role and this is gonna be tons of fun. 

(This is just a chat to talk to the others, while I give out your roles, and you shouldn't share them this early as the maf might find knowing what you guys are handy. ;) Once I give out all the roles, it'll be night and no one can talk, and then the power roles make their decisions, then in Day 1 you can do what you need to do)

Night 1

Mafias, Cop, and Doctor need to message me their plans for the night. Do not talk here.

Day 1

Wes Holden, the villager, will need someone to carry their rabbit.


Rex: Any suspicions?

Dianted: None, really. Probably just random lynch and hope for the best.

Rex: But then who should we lynch? Maybe Xros or TF?

Zac: Schmr. Cop claims. Doctor save the cop tonight. 

TF: Well, I'll claim cop and I actually got a good read on someone. Rex is maf. Now I'll wait for Rex or his mafia buddy to counterclaim...

Tikki: well im not gonna cc, we have a mislynch so this progress is good

Rex: How can we know we can even trust your claim?

TF: I have no counterclaims, so far, so yeah. Care to counter already, or just panick and try to call me a liar? Either way, if I'm lynched, you're gone when they see I really am cop. Sorry Rex.

Zac: lolol TF. I'm cop. Just seeing who would bother to Claim. Innocent on Dianted. 

Dianted: Yay?

TF: Well, I know mafia from my viewpoint, so if you'd like to lynch me you can. It would just show you the maf, right off the bat.

Zac: Lynching a cop claim D1 is ALWAYS a bad idea. You should always NL. While we have a ML currently, there could also be a fool, or miller in the game. Meaning it could be GG with a ML. 

TF: True, I could potentially be a fool as the unknown role, but why would a miller claim cop, unless he wants to game throw?

Zac: Hmmm no. I'm just saying that there's a chance a miller is out and about or like roles that throw reports off. For all we know a lover is in the game. 

Rex: I wasn't calling you a liar. I was just stating that we shouldn't believe you straightoff just because you claim cop... and you know. Defending myself from being ml'd. I happen to like living

Only 24 hours left to lynch.

Tikki: I guess your right but I think we should lynch rex to test TFs theory, if hes wrong TF is a very likely maf and if hes right we have a confirmed cop for the doc to protect, either way we know our cop then

The fat lady has sung, for Wolfdragon Rex, the mafia.


  • Amber - N/A
  • Rex - N/A
  • Xros - Zac
  • Tikki - Rex
  • Zac - No Lynch
  • Dianted - Rex
  • TF - Rex

Night 2


Day 2

Dianted the doctor, never woke up.


TF: OK, so I investigated Fyrexx, and he's maf. Good game everyone.

12 hours left.

TF: I think I did a good job as Batman- err, I mean cop. I just wonder what everyone else's roles were.

The night never came for Zac, the mafia.



TF: Legit. So, wait, who was lover on though? o__o


TF: That's cool. Well, we won, so yay! *dances away*


  • Amber - N/A
  • Xros - Zac
  • Tikki - Zac 
  • Zac - N/A
  • TF - Fyrexx/Zac