After so many seasons of returning players, it was a good idea to get all new players to keep things fresh with all new dynamics. The ending to the previous season left many cliffhangers. How will Chris fare without Chef? Where is Scott now? Did Mike's alternate personalities really beat Mal? What is in store for the new cast? Find out on the brand new season of My TD!

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  1. Vicky - The Sweet-And-Sour Girl - Electra (WINNER)


  1. Mary - The Dramatic/Sensitive Model - Alpha Ranger
  2. Chandler - The Heroic Friend - ACTN
  3. Ren - The Anti Hero - XrosHearts
  4. Benry - The Optimist - XxSolarEclipsexX
  5. Warren - The Secluded Weirdo - Electra
  6. Ramone - The Shy Failure - Dianted
  7. Will - The Arrogant Prep School Athlete - Surfer
  8. Nay - The Crazy Chick From the Hood - XxSolarEclipsexX
  9. Luna - The Evil Queen - Loenev
  10. Fabienna - The Cheerful Beauty - Loenev
  11. Amanda - The Fun Daredevil - Dianted
  12. Jess - The Up-And-Coming Actress - Surfer
  13. Billy - The Unlucky Weakling - Sunsummer7
  14. Mary-Ann - The ... Who? - Dark
  15. Jeff - The Conspiracy Theorist - Sunsummer7
  16. Apollo - The Military Guy - Alpha Ranger
  17. "Jack" - The Moody Pyromaniac - TF
  18. Mickey - The Talented One - ACTN
  19. Fuyuhiko - The Misunderstood Jerk - TF

Elimination Table

# Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
19 Chandler IN OUT
20 Mary OUT


Chris: *staring into a picture of Chef* Oh Chef, I have no idea why you had to leave... I'm lost without you- *notices cameras rolling* ...I mean I'm lost without you working minimum wage! Now the budget is weaker! *tears photo* Welcome to My Total Drama: Fresh Batch folks and our new cast is about to arrive at Camp Wawanakwa!

Fuyuhiko: ...

Will: Hey, guys. *flips hair*

Jess: *walks in reading a script, bumps into Chris* Oh, sorry...

Jeff: Chris, maybe Chef didn't leave the show, and still works here! Maybe the quit was staged to build a tougher reputation of not being walked on!

Chris: *facepalm*

Warren: ... *rolls eyes*

Vicky: Hey guys... 

Fuyuhiko: ...Hi. Don't expect me to say anything else this whole time!

Amanda: Woo! Come on, Chris, I'm prepared for anything! Including a challenge involving Big Bird, a teleporting pyramid and/or a guy who is only half of one! Come on! *Laughs* Kidding. So, um, who are you guys?

Ramone: *Scratches the back of his head while staring at the ground* ...

Fuyuhiko: *puts hands in pockets and walks off*

Will: *pats Jeff on the back* We will put that one in the idea box, and move on with our lives! Sound good?

Warren: *stares at people*

Jeff: Fine, it's just one of the many possibilities anyway

Chris: Weirdo.

Will: Whatever you say.

Amanda: Interesting. All... interesting. Let's do something fun!

Apollo: Back for another season of TD... oh god...

Ren: Hello.

Jack: *arrives; hands in the pocket of his hoodie* Hmph.

Billy: *arrives, fascinated by everything* Wow! Camp Wawanakwa! *is stepping off boat but it gets loser to the dock, causing him to lose balance and fall on the dock* Ouch! *to Jack* Hi, how are ya?

Jack: *pushes Billy to the ground* Don't talk to me. I have plan out. And those things much more important than speaking with a disappointment like you. *readjusts sunglasses before heading off*

Billy: *falls over the dock after being pushed* Ah! *lands in water*

Chris: Now, here are the teams. Billy, Jeff, Jack, Fuyuhiko, Nay, Benry, Mary-Ann, Ren, Ramone, and Amanda, you are the Screaming Pizza! As for Warren, Vicky, Will, Jess, Chandler, Mickey, Apollo, and Mary, you are the Killer Spaghetti! One more thing, there is one hidden immunity idol hidden by each of your cabins, if you find it, that means that if you or someone else is eliminated, you will be able to play it to save yourself or someone else. There will also be clues to where it is hidden, and they are hidden as well, yet is easier to reach. Now get to your cabins until your first challenge!

Episode 1

Pizza Cabin (1)

Billy: Wow this cabin is of poor quality. But we might as well relax until our first challenge. *lays down on bed but shoots back up* Ouch! Nails in the bed! Poked me in the finger too, I broke a nail!

NaOnka "Nay" Mixon: *glares* (CONF) Billy, Billy... Billy! He's so annoying and I cannot stand him! Yo' exaggerrating is just obnoxious and I want to vote him out! You ain't funny, boy!

Amanda: How exciting! I'd rather be exploring but this'll do! So, how are you all? *Starts examining random things*

Ramone: H-Hi. Heh. *Sits down on a bed, but slips off and falls to the ground* Uh.... *Sighs*

Fuyuhiko: *to Ramone* Congratulations. You must be proud of yourself.

NaOnka "Nay" Mixon: *immediately looks over to Ramone* What the heck are you doing you idiot? That was my bed so stay away, seriously! Don't try to front me, girl!

Ramone: *Sighs* Sorry. *Stands up*

Amanda: I have to admit that looked like fun! Ha! *Jumps on the bed and she's sent to the ground* Yeah! Woohoo!

Jeff: What if the hidden immunity idol Chris mentioned isn't actually here? If you ask me, it's a conspiracy to make us try and unintentionally find Chef if he's still here at Wawanakwa and in hiding! 

Billy: But you said you thought he didn't actually quit earlier. 

Jeff: I also said it was one of many possibilities. 

NaOnka "Nay" Mixon: What immunity idol? I'm finding it! *dashes around the cabin, looking furiously* Out of my way or I'll throw your show out the window!

Billy: You can't rush these things in searching you know. You gotta look thoroughly in every area like this. *opens drawer and the clue falls right by NaOnka* Oh... you see!

NaOnka "Nay" Mixon: Bye suckers! *dashes out of the cabin after taking the clue to read it in private* (CONF) These idiots have nothing on Nay!

Jack: Hmph. How boring you all are...simply boring. I'd rather try my hands at sock puppets. Well, anyway, I'm going to go do something beneficial to me, unlike being in the same room as you all. I've lost several IQ points I could have used for better purposes and that makes me simply wouldn't want me angry now, would you? Anyway...*looks behind pillows in the cabin for clues*

NaOnka "Nay" Mixon: *reading clue she got* Yo? What the hell? This clue just says everywhere! Whatevs, I'll start looking out here while I'm waiting for the rest! *digs up under the cabin trying to stay hidden*

Amanda: Well I might as well join in! Ha-ha! *Looks under floor boards*

Ramone: I'll get out your way? *Goes outside*

NaOnka "Nay" Mixon: *shoves Ramone as Nay goes back inside* Damn! *looks under pillows*

Ramone: *Rolls his eyes* Hmm.... *Sits down, playing with some grass*

Amanda: It has to be around here somewhere, guys! Yeah! *Looks at the ceiling for the idol*

NaOnka "Nay" Mixon: Darn it... I need anutha' clue!

Benry: Ooh, what? A clue for what? Is it a scavenger hunt? How exciting!

Amanda: *Looks in the window sills*

Ramone: Well.... *Looks at the wood*

Spaghetti Cabin (1)

Mary: Oh my god why are these beds so poor of quality! This is the worst possible thing I need my beauty sleep! *whines*

Apollo: There is a immunity idol around here somewhere! *looks franticaly*

Mary: What are you doing freak? *whines more*

Apollo: Looking for immunity duh.

Fabienna: Hey, guys! *looks around* This seems... cool?

Luna: Damn! Why did I sign up for this, this doesn't look how I wanted it. Look at these beds. Ew!


Chris: It's time for the first challenge of the season! I made sure those cabins were EXTRA terrible this season! *to himself* I knew I didn't need that whiny Chef. *back to the campers* Anyway, this challenge is to cut down the team totems from the tree, and they are tied to a branch on the tree way up high. Your job is to cut it down using only a saw, and then use it as a sled to ride it down this steep hill we're on, back to the campgrounds. The team that does so first, wins not only immunity, but a LUXURIOUS HOTEL as their home! Get started!

Billy: I'll do it! *grabs the saw and starts attempting to climb up the tree, though struggling*

Jeff: I don't think we'll be able to cut it down that high up! Maybe we should use essentials to do it, and stack boulders and logs on top of each other, so we can reach it up high!

Billy: *falls off the tree* Ouch!

Jeff: Here Billy, we'll stack the boulders and logs for you to stand on and reach easier! Just keep your balance! *gives Billy a boulder to stand on to start with*

Billy: Okay. *stands on boulder with saw waiting for the stack to be high enough for him to reach*

Jeff: Help me get more guys!

Luna: Oh gosh...

Fabienna: Can we help?

Jeff: But we're on opposing teams. *pushes another boulder to Billy and carefully puts it under the other boulder*

Will: I got this, guys.

Jess: I was in a movie where this happened once! The kid fell out of the tree in the end!

Chandler: Come on guys! *climbs tree* 

Mickey: Here's the saw dude! *gives Chandler saw* 

Billy: He fell out of the tree? Dang...  

Jeff: Don't worry Billy, I'll hold the rocks in place. Team, get some more while I make sure Billy doesn't fall! 

talking pizza: o dear me

Billy: That pizza totem just talked...

Jeff: Come on guys, this can work! Oh, no time... *starts pushing more boulders towards Billy*

Benry: Hey! *smiles* What are we doing? Alright! *helps to push the boulder*

Will: *starts climbing tree*

Jess: *looks at tree* This could be a great central piece for a film.

Jeff: Thanks Benry! *stacks the boulders under the boulders Billy is standing on, letting him get a good reach for the totem*

Billy: I can do it! *is sawing the totem down, but finally loses balance and falls down, however he made enough progress sawing that the totem falls too* No!! *hits the ground and is crushed by the totem and boulders* I'm okay...

Jeff: We got the totem, now we can logride it down the hill towards the campgrounds! Let's go!

Fuyuhiko: And why should we trust you?

Benry: Alright, just do it! *smiles* Don't worry! Let's get on!

Jack: Meh. *pushes Billy away* Let's do it already then. I can't go home when I have...plans in store. Yes, quite.

Fuyuhiko: Still not convinced.

Jeff: *forces Fuyuhiko onto the log, everyone else gets on and begins sliding down the hill* Invincibility and luxury here we come!

Fuyuhiko: Don' down on me! *pushes Jeff off the riding totem in retaliation for forcing him on the log*

Jeff: *falls off, but due to the speed at which they were going, he is still able to reach the campsite, quickly tumbling down the hill* Ouch! Ow! My spleen! Ooh! *lands near the campsite where the totem runs him over* Ow...

Billy: We made it!

Chris: The Screaming Pizza wins! That was a landslide victory if a ever saw one, am I right? *insert drum beat for bad pun here* Killer Spaghetti, you gotta vote someone out.

Killer Spaghetti Vote (1)

Chris: Vote here.

Vicky: (CONF) Mary.

Warren: (CONF) Um, Mary, I guess?

Chandler: (CONF) Sorry but you didn't help in the challenge *votes Mary*

Mickey: (CONF) You didn't really help us so *votes Mary*

Luna: (CONF) Mary is our weakest team member *votes Mary*

Fabienna: (CONF) Difficult, but sorry, Mary... *votes Mary*

Chris: And the votes are in! If you receive a cookie, you are safe another day. The cookies go to... Jess, Chandler, Mickey, Will, Vicky, Warren, Fabienna, and Luna. Mary and Apollo, this is the final cookie. The final cookie goes to... Apollo. Mary, it looks like you are the first person eliminated from Fresh Batch. It's time for you to take the Toss of Shame! *Mary is put on a giant plate, which is tossed far into the distance as she leaves*

Episode 2

Pizza Hotel (2)

Billy: Now this is more like it!

Mary-Ann: Definitely!

Jeff: *to Fuyuhiko* Why would you push me off like that yesterday? Chris specifically told us we had to go down to win.

Fuyuhiko: You don't force someone onto a stupid log and expect to get away with it, now do you? Especially when the person wasn't trusting the stupid plan in the first place? Well, an eye for an eye. Now stop bugging me.

Jeff: Well was that not the plan that ended up working? You saw how long it took the other team to reach it without thinking outside the box, they never got it done.

Fuyuhiko: Still, you don't just force people- what the heck is wrong with you?

Jeff: Would you rather us not be in this hotel and be in a leaky cabin instead?

Fuyuhiko: You know what- just shut up and leave me alone. And yes, I would rather be in that leaky cabin, if it meant you weren't here.

Jeff: Whatever. *leaves* (CONF) I'm always looking out for everyone's best interests when I'm thinking, not just because everyone deserves to know what could have actually happened about stuff, but I put all creative possibilities into tough challenges to make them easier so we can all stay longer. And for me to do stuff like that, trying to lead the team the best I can and practically did 90% of the work for yesterday's challenge to no respect really irritates me.

Jack: Hmph...interesting. (CONF) Soon, they will all fall...but if I can get away with it for just a little longer...I'll just let those two idiots duke it out first- let them take each other out and we'll go from there...time to cause some destruction.

Billy: *listening to peace songs by the Beatles while the chaos around him is happening*

Amanda: Wow! Was that heart-racing! Woo! I'm ready for another!

Ramone: Y-Yeah, guys... we did it. I mean, you did it. *Tries to sit down but realized he tried to sit down on air and then falls* Hmph.

Billy: *walks up to Jack* Hey, what's up? Wanna be friends?

Jack: I have better things to do than makes friends- *looks at Billy, then smiles deviously* I mean, sure. Of course. Why wouldn't I want to be friends? (CONF) As if I truly want to be friends! All I need is an ally to stick up for me when I cause my destruction. Beloved destruction.

Spaghetti Cabin (2)

Will: *throwing ball up and down while sitting on bed* This sucks.

Jess: Well, it's good character building!

Apollo: Yeah, you got to have strong character.

Luna: Guys, did you saw why Mary was eliminated? Right. No strategies. Let's form a alliance together and we can vote easier for someone. (CONF) Why did I had to come with this idea? (END CONF)

Fabienna: Alliance... ?

Will: *swings legs over side of bed o face Lina* Sure!

Jess: Ok, that sounds good!

Luna: Great, so we are with four at the moment. And we are with nine people on the team. We need one more to make majority. *looks around* Apollo, wanna join?

Will: Yeah, join up, man!* tosses him the ball*

Luna: *grabs Will his arm and walks to the other side of the cabin* Listen, of course we are in a alliance but look, if we vote the people who are not in our alliance, the people who are in the alliance left. So we have to vote for someone of the alliance later. I was thinking, you and me could be potential winners if we don't vote for each other. Getting rid off Fabienna after the alliance would be smart and also voting Apollo wouldn't be a bad choice. What do you think about it? You and me.

Will: Yeah, of course! And I never doubted my ability to win for a second. *leans against wall*

Luna: *winks* Also, I'm getting tired of this cabin. Let's have a walk outside. Wanna join me?

Will: Sure! *leaves cabin with Luna.

Luna: *walks outside with Will* I have to talk with you about something. I don't know if you heard it but, there has to be a immunity idol here. If one of us find it we can safe ourself at a elimination ceremony if we need it. *looks around* Nobody, great. If we found it we should share it. Deal?

Will: Deal. So should we look around?

Luna: Yeah, and we have to find it soon before someone else finds it. I think it is in the forest, where are you going to look?

Will: I'll look around the cabin.

Luna: *walks into forest and looks around*

Will: *looks under porch*

Luna: *climbs in tree*

Chandler: I hope we can win the next challenge guys. 

Mickey: *walks around*

Luna: *looks to Chandler and Mickey* Why are you two here? We wanted some privacy.

Apollo: Alliance, sure.. :)


Chris: Today, this challenge is a war battle: Capture the Flag! The object of the game is to defend your flag in a fort, while stopping the enemy from besieging the fort and taking the flag to home base. Screaming Pizza, since you won the last challenge, you have a fort to defend your flag with, while the Killer Spaghetti need to besiege the fort, take the flag and take it to their home base, the Dock of Shame within 3 hours. Pizza, you are armed with: the advantage of being high up and Chef's old meatball bazooka I stole as a cannon or otherwise >:D Spaghetti, you have paintball guns and swords. And no rules of how you get the flag or defend it, all is fair in war. Let the battle begin!

Billy: Guys, some of us have to go down there and defend from the ground.

Jeff: But they are armed with paintball guns and swords!

Billy: Oh yeah. Then we'll just have to capture some of their weapons in battle. Jeff, you shoot with the meatball bazooka from the roof of the fort to take down some of the Spaghetti team so that myself, Jack, and if he wants to, Fuyuhiko, can take the weapons and defend from the ground. The rest of you can be guards inside the fort to protect it if our ground forces are defeated. This weapon capturing mission is what I've dubbed Operation Bazooka by the way.

Jeff: Operation Bazooka is underway! Move out!

Billy: *himself and Jack get down to the ground to defend*

Fuyuhiko: I...meh, whatever. It's better than just staying here like some worthless loser. *follows them recluntantly* 

Billy: *on the ground waiting for the Killer Spaghetti to strike* 

Jeff: You gotta be ready at all times, they could attack at any moment. *aiming the bazooka and waits for the strike* 

Jack: Why wait now...? Why not just bring the destruction to them?

Fuyuhiko: You idiot, we're not just wasting what we have now for destruction, what the ---- would that do?

Jack: Perhaps, lower morale?

Fuyuhiko: Look, you do what you want, but I'm not getting involved with it.

Chandler: I'll go for the flag I guess *goes for their fort*

Mickey: I'll stand guard *armed with paintball gun*

Vicky: WAIT FOR ME! *runs after Chandler*

Warren: *sits down* 

Jeff: *fires meatball bazooka at Chandler and Vicky*  

Chandler: Okay let's go! To the fort *goes to fort*

Mickey: *keeps a lookout*

Vicky: *runs and tries to dodge the meatballs*

Chandler: *dodges meatballs*

Mary-Ann: *sits by flag*

Jeff: *fires bazooka and hits Chandler but misses Vicky*

Billy: *charges towards Chandler and takes a sword and passes paintball gun to Jack*

Fuyuhiko: Well, I'll just be here and try to be relevant then.

Jack: *shoots at Chandler*

Jeff: INCOMING! *shoots at Vicky*

Vicky: Ha! *runs to the fort*

Warren: Yay. 

Vicky: *tries to dodge meatballs*

Jeff: *fires three more shots at Vicky*

Billy: I need your paintball gun, Jack. *takes it and runs right up to Vicky to shoot her down*

Chandler: *runs to fort*

Vicky: *is bombarded by meatballs* HELP!

Warren: *snickers*

Billy: *while Vicky is down he takes her sword and paintball gun, hands them to Jack*

Vicky: *snatches Warren's gun and sword and shoots at Jack* 

Chandler: *runs to fort*

Mickey: *guards fort*

Fuyuhiko: Hi.

Jack: Billy, get up and stop him!

Billy: *standing in front of the fort's entrance, guarding it, and shoot at Vicky many times*

Vicky: Gah! *tries to dodge meatballs*

Fuyuhiko: Hello.

Billy: *raises gun to let Vicky know that since he is directly guarding the door, if she tries to get in he'll shoot*

Vicky: *runs towards fort anyway*

Billy: *shoots multiple times at Vicky as she gets closer, knocking her down so he is able to take her weapons*

Fuyuhiko: It'd be cool to have a weapon. Oh well. *walks off*

Jack: Darn it...I hurt my ankle...this is ruining my plans!

Vicky: Ahh! *lies on ground*

Chandler: *lifts Vicky* Come on!

Vicky: Thanks! *starts running again*

Billy: *shoots Vicky again, along with Chandler* Well Fuyuhiko, since I have three guns and Jack's ankle died, I'll guard the door with one gun and you can fight with two. *hands him two guns*

Vicky: *tries to dodge while running*

Warren: *reads a book*

Fuyuhiko: Hmm...? Nah, you looked to be having fun out there. I'll take one, you can take the two, I guess...but it's not for you! It's because I...I'm too lazy to put coordination into two shots!

Mary-Ann: *shoots at Vicky*

Billy: Awesome! Let's do this. *shoots at Vicky along with Mary-Ann*

Fuyuhiko: *shoots at Chandler*

Vicky: *hit in the face* MY NOSE!

Billy: *fires more shots*

Fuyuhiko: Hey, let's calm down with the shooting...people are getting hurt- err, not that I care but, I'm sure Chris would care.

Vicky: *unconscious*

Warren: *laughs at Vicky*

Billy: Your right, let's wait until she strikes again, and I'm sure Chris would care if she got hurt too.

Chris: *watching Vicky on the ground unconscious, dying of laughter cause he's Chris*

Fuyuhiko: *to Chris and Warren* What the h--- is wrong with you guys?! Would you still be laughing if that was you?!

Chris: Dude, have you even seen an episode before? And I'd be laughing if it were Warren.

Warren: Cool.

Fuyuhiko: *shoots at Chris* ---- you. *goes over to Vicky and begins to carry her back to her team* Those losers...

Vicky: T-thank you....

Fuyuhiko: *arrives at her team and lays her down gently; in a strange voice, as if forcing intimidation* Don't mention it. Now, you better not try again because I'm not doing this again! Got it?

Vicky: *winces* Okay...

Fuyuhiko: Good. Just uh...well, why the h--- would I know what to do? Just be careful with your nose and stuff. *leaves*

Chris: Well I'd say that just about wraps it up. It's quite clear to everyone that the Screaming Pizza wins immunity again! For the second time, Killer Spaghetti, I'll see you at elimination.

Killer Spaghetti Vote (2)

Chris: Time to vote someone out!

Luna: (CONF) Well, since you are not really social you should go. *votes Chandler* (END CONF)

Fabienna: (CONF) *votes Chandler* I'm so sorry... (END CONF)

Will: (CONF) Chandler. He's weak.

Jess: (CONF) I've been instructed to vote Chandler, and I always listen to my directors.

Vicky: (CONF) Fabienna hasn't done anything.

Warren: (CONF) Fabienna..

Chandler: (CONF) Fabienna

Mickey: (CONF) Fabienna

Apollo: (CONF) Chandler sorry *salutes* (CONF END)

Chris: Cookies go to Luna, Will, Vicky, Apollo, Jess, Mickey, and Warren! Chandler and Fabienna, this is the final cookie. The last cookie goes to... Fabienna! Chandler, it looks like you have been the second person voted out!

  • Chandler is placed on a flying saucer and is fired away*

Episode 3

Pizza Hotel (3)

Jack: What? No treatment for my ankle? What sort of hotel is this?

Intern: We're a hotel, not a hospital.

Manager: *bribes Intern with a raise*

Intern: On second thought, let me treat that right away. *treats Jack's ankle*

Jack: Careful with that!

Fuyuhiko: *sighs and walks off*

Intern: *finishes taking care of Jack's ankle* There. Better. *leaves*

Jeff: Who knows, what if Jack's ankle... wasn't actually broken? *dramatic music* It was simply edited that way for dramatic effect on the audience? The evidence, as always, is here. *shows clips from the previous episode* If you look closely at this shot, you see it is Jack's left ankle that is limping, but in this other shot, it is his right... mysterious. D:

Billy: He was facing the other way. Do you not know your lefts and rights?

Jeff: ...My bad.

Ramone: So, guys, uh... *Clears throat* Never mind.

Amanda: Well, whatever you say!

Spaghetti Cabin (3)

Vicky: What the heck? Chandler ACTUALLY did the challenge... *glares at Fabienna*

Mickey: *to Vicky* I know. (CONF) Getting rid of your active teammate? I can already sense this team is very disastrous.

Apollo: It's fine Fabienna will just go next *winks at Fabienna.*

Mickey: I can sense your sarcasm and that's fine. Once Vicky and I are out of the picture and you continue to lose challenges guess who will be next *winks at Apollo*. Where were you when we needed you the last two challenges cadet? You left your teammates behind! (CONF) I hope I never go to war with this guy.  

Vicky: Well said, Mickey.

Apollo: What do you do for you life, act? I can act better than you and that's what you do for your f###ing living or whatever you do "The Talented One" i was more talented when I was 2.

Vicky: Wow, just wow. Real mature.

Mickey: Just leave it alone Vicky. *walks away*

Apollo: He needs ice cubes and cold water maybe even a fire department now.

Warren: *laughs* 

Will: *laughs* Dude, don't compliment your own chirps!

Apollo: Compliment, what do you mean? I did not compliment it

Will: you said he needed ice cubes for that burn or whatever. Oldest trick in the book. At my school, you'd get torn apart in a chirp battle for saying that.

Apollo: Torn apart? I know how to keep myself safe.

Will: *facepalm* Not literally. Like chirped, really hard.

Apollo: Oh, 'chirped', why not burned?

Will: *shrugs* Just how the boys say it I guess.

Apollo: Uh, ok? (CONF) wtf. (CONF END)

Luna: *stands in the front of everyone and eats a apple* Did you really think you could eliminate one of us? Listen good, Vickey. This game isn't about making friends and do Challenges together like happy ever after. The game is on and listen good, play it like it's your life. Because you will not win of me easily. Will, come. *walks outside*

Fabienna: I'm sorry, guys!

Will: Yup! (CONF) Apollo doesn't understand.

Luna: When will Apollo wake up? When will he understand he has to join us. We have majority now so if we want to eliminate Apollo we always can eliminate him, if he doesn't agree with us. *looks around* We should look for that stupid immunity doll thing.

Vicky: Pfft, Luna, you're making no sense. Stop being such a b****. 

Apollo: *wakes up and hears Luna* Yeah, I got you Luna we will be safe :).

Vicky: Safe with her?? Please. Stick with Warren and I and you'll be safe. I guarantee.

Apollo: How about we all just be friends that will work out in the end.

Vicky: *sighs* Just vote with us next episode. You never help in challenges, so you're a big target. We can change that.

Apollo: Maybe if these challenges did not happen during my time! (a.k.a Sunny).

Vicky: Excuses, excuses. Join us, please?

Apollo: Alright, sure *whispers to Luna* vote with us.

Vicky: ... Okay (CONF) I do not trust that boy.


Chris: Today's competition is one DESIGNED to make you humiliate yourself! A TALENT CONTEST! Teams, pick 3 representatives, and then they will perform for me to judge on a scale of 1 to 10. Highest collective score wins invincibility!

Jeff: *to team* Well, for what it's worth I'm pretty good at figuring stuff ou-

Billy: *knowing where this going* Anything else?

Jeff: Well I can do tons of skateboard tricks.

Billy: Alright. I can... um... do stunts?

Jeff: You sure man? No offense but you usually get hurt in these types of things.

Billy: No, I insist. Chris loves stuff like that.

Jeff: Alright...

Apollo: I can do pushups with my pinkies! Is that good?

Jack: Give me some gasoline and a match, and I can set the whole stage on flames...*laughs evily- but then hides it with a forced stop* So, what do you say?

Fuyuhiko: Sounds stupid to me, but if you want to get yourself killed go for it.

Jeff: Awesome Jack! Chris will love it. :D Looks like we have our three then.

Mickey: *to Apollo* I guess so. It depends how many you can do. 

Apollo: Watch Mickey! *does pinkie push ups* *some time later* 76, 77, 78, *drops* So :D?

Mickey: Sure if you really want to. I hope you don't tire yourself out though. 

Apollo: It's ok I just need a break after it also sorry about earlier when I said stuff about you I am just stressed here. 

Mickey: Alright. I myself have many talents. One of them little weird but I can shoot an archery bow with my feet. *does handstand* Apollo can you place that bow and arrow on my feet? 

Apollo: Uh, ok *places bow and arrow*.

Mickey: *pulls foot back* And...*arrow launches* 

Apollo: Wow, that is awesome! Also, put me on the list thing for who is performing.

Mickey: Okay! We only need one more performer!

Apollo: Awesome I think we can do this!

Mickey: I think so too man!

Apollo: As long as nobody messes up that is not trying to sound bossy.

Fabienna: I could dance the Swan Lake? I didn't do my best last challenge, I have to do this, guys! *looks around* Maybe we can finally win a challenge?

Luna: *looks to Fabienna* I'm okay with that, so we have Mickey, Apollo and Fabienna to perform?

Will: Sure, whatever.

Amanda: (CONF) I hate to say it but... I'm afraid that we'll lose. (END CONF)

Ramone: Well don't mind me... I'm not talented so it's okay. *Tries to lean against a tree but no such tree exists and he falls on his back* Ugh.

Chris: Okay, looks like the performers are set up! The Screaming Pizza will have Jeff, Billy, and then Jack. The Killer Spaghetti will have Fabienna, Mickey, then finally Apollo. Let the talent show begin! First up is Fabienna with... dancing the Swan Lake.

Fabienna: Wonderful! *turns the music of Swan Lake on* Enjoy... *looks to everyone and starts to dance and it looks like this*

Chris: It's alright, not too extreme but alright! 7/10. :) Jeff?

Jeff: I will be doing skateboard tricks! *skateboards up a ramp and loop de loop many times, doing Ollies, 360s, flips, and hangs ten at the end*

Chris: Wow, how intense! 8/10! Mickey, can you bring your team back in the lead?

Mickey: Okay so I have many talents but one of them is being able to shoot a bow and arrow with my feet. Now a good percentage of people who do this are girls, but I'm one of the few guys that can do it. It goes like this *shoots bow and arrow with feet*

Intern: Okay Chris I prepared the stage for the next ac- *arrow barely misses him* WOAH! AH!!! *runs off*

Chris: *laughing hard* Awesome, Mickey! 9/10! Looks like it's 8-16 now, two times the score of Pizza. Billy, you're doing stunts?

Billy: As a matter of fact I am! It's time to be extreme! I know you'll like this, Chris. :D *climbs up high diving board* Directly below me, there is a pool of underfed sharks. A foot away from there is a very SMALL pillow, which I will be aiming for.

Jeff: Dude, you're not gonna make it! Do something simpler!

Billy: I appreciate it Jeff, but I'm doing this! It's time this show JUMPED THE SHARK! :D

Chris: You didn't even watch Heroes vs. Villains did you?

Billy: Here I go! For the team! *jumps off high diving board but just misses the pillow, and lands in the shark pool* Ouch! OW! AHHH!!! *jumps out all scratched up and crashes to the ground, breaking a hole in the stage floor* Ow... OW...

Medics: *remove Billy from the challenge for treatment, putting him in a wheelchair and casts, but Billy misses the bus to a hospital*

Billy: *muffled* F***.

Chris: *at loss for words* 10/10 man, pure comedy.

Jeff: *slaps Chris*

Chris: *rubbing cheek* Apollo, you're up next.

Luna: *looks to Apollo* Goodluck, boy. (CONF) So, if he will lose for us he will be eliminated by his squad which means he would vote for us. This makes me into one thing. Destroying his act so we can easily eliminate one of the others. We'll be safe, and I'm talking about Will, Jess, Fabienna and me. Will Apollo vote with us? Of course he will, because with us he can make it far. Will he not? There will be a tie. And I'm sure we'll win that tie. (END CONF)

Apollo: Thanks Luna! *comes out on stage* so I can do push-ups with my pinkies... so uh *gets nervous* 1.. 2.. 3.. 4 *later* 78, 79, 80, 81 *drops* So? :D

Chris: Very impressive! Not the most stunning but definitely close! 8/10! It looks like it 24-18, and all Jack needs to do is score higher than 6/10! Time for the final act of the night, Jack!

Jack: Well, I could do the Heather route and ruin everything- but I'd prefer physical destruction, so...I've set up some explosives along the stage, but the fire will look great. Also I made it so the explosive sounds will be drowned out by classical music I practiced and recorded for such an occasion. I personally find it will make this all more...fitting. Ready, and...*presses button and the stage begins to have multiple, multi-colored smoke explosions played to classical music before the colored smoke from the fire engulfs the area. It returns and the stage is a mess and destroyed*

Chris: Wow... well the effects are definitely a 10/10, however now I need someone to clean this up for more potential challenges. Chef- oh yeah... Interns?

Intern #1: We quit!

Intern #2: Yeah, you suck Chris.

Interns: *leave*

Chris: What? So does this mean I have to do this? Ugh... the act was great but now I'm afraid I have to take out half the points. :@ 5/10. Looks like the Killer Spaghetti win their first challenge by one point. See you at elimination for the first time Pizza. *once everyone leaves, Chris looks at the destructed stage and remembers how Chef would have cleaned it all up* I need you, but I can't admit it...

Screaming Pizza Vote (1)

Chris: Time to vote.

Jeff: (CONF) Even though Jack caused us to lose, he still does stuff. Ren does nothing, which is why I'm voting for Ren.

Billy: (CONF) Well, I'm still true to my allies, so I vote Ren.

Amanda: (CONF) We've been in this game how long? No, seriously, how long? I have NO idea! But, whatever! Um... hmm... that one guy! He's said like nothing so I think it'd be best if he was voted off! Now I just need to think of his name.... It was like... Ben, or Rex, or Trex... maybe Trix? No, that's the cereal I had yesterday morning. Oops. Perhaps Ren... Yeah, I think that was it. *After a minute passes* Mmm... Trix. *Smiles; Laughs; Grins* (END CONF)

Ramone: (CONF) I hate to vote anyone off, but it's required so I have to. Well, I mean, Ren hasn't done much compared to the others, and I really hate to be mean to someone at all, ever... but I had to make a choice. Sorry. (END CONF)

Jack: (CONF) It's clear I should vote with the crowd now and hide my true intentions for later...especially now in such a moment of danger, I can't afford a risky gambit- *looks around* Huh? Where am I...? I don't- *eyes widen before returning to normal* Ah, one of those moments, right...Ren, sayonara.

Fuyuhiko: (CONF) Ren. The ****head hasn't done anything, of course he's gonna go.

Chris: Screaming Pizza, the symbols of immunity are cookies, These cookies go to...Jeff, Amanda, Ramone, Billy, Fuyuhiko, Benry, Nay, and Mary-Ann. The final cookie goes to... Jack! Ren, I can't say I'm shocked. *Ren is tossed away on a flying saucer*

Episode 4

Pizza Hotel (4)

Ramone: S-So guys... how are you all today? Happy about our win?

Billy: But we lost.

Jeff: I think what Ramone is trying to say is, what if Chris actually DID have us win? What if the elimination was faked because Ren was an ALIEN and the other team voted someone out? Right, Ramone?

Ramone: Well actually I just forgot we won... you know... bunch of stuff on my mind and junk, but I mean, if that's what you want to believe Jeff, then sure.

Amanda: Wicked! (CONF) Jeff is kinda weird, but I like weird... and Ramone, well, you can tell he's the type of person to sit alone at school... like everywhere. We just need to give him a chance and I bet my mind will be blown! Maybe all over the walls...! (END CONF) So, Ramone, how are you today? You sound upset, so would you like to say something?

Ramone: Well, actually I-- *Pulls out a chair, which drags along the floor, loudly* Oops. Lately I've-- *Sits down* just been feeling down y'know. For reasons I don't want to share.

Amanda: Well I hope things... get... better...? I've never helped someone out of depression or anything. All of my friends are upbeat and fun! (CONF) Yeah! You rock girls! You know who you are! Ha-ha! (END CONF)

Ramone: (CONF) She just called me depressed, not upbeat and not fun right? Yes? No? Just me? *Sighs* Okay.... (END CONF)

Spaghetti Cabin (4)

Will: This is so unfair!

Jess: I don't care, really.

talking can of chef boyardee: *fites will irl and wins*

Jess: I was in a short film about talking objects. It was called Battle for Dream Island or something?

Mickey: Well nice job winning our first challenge guys. 

Will: Yeah, nice jobs boys.

Jess: Boys? Isn't that kind of sexist?

Will: It's a general word. It means you guys are my friends, or teammates. Even... Brothers.

Luna: *walks back from outside to inside* I found some berries. It's not much but atleast we have something. *shows them the berries* (CONF) I wasn't looking for berries, I was looking for that stupid immunity idol. And I'm not going to stop with looking for it until I found it. (END CONF) But sadly, I forgot something. I've got to go back! *walks outside and looks behind the cabin*

Fabienna: Ahw! You are my friend as well. *hugs Will*

Will: Thanks, Fab. *follows Luna*

Luna: *looks to Will* I knew you were so smart you would follow me. *smiles* Anyway, we still haven't found the immunity idol. We have to find it soon before someone else does.


Chris: Hey campers, me and Chef actually talked on the phone last night, and he said that since he left, his life went sky high and I'm the weaker one! Can you believe it? :@ So to boost up my ego to the way it was, you all are gonna write a short essay on how awesome I am. ;) You have 24 hours to write, and I will judge on a scale of 1 to 10. Highest collective score wins. Get going!

Screaming Pizza Essays

Billy's Essay

Jeff's Essay

Fuyuhiko's Essay

Jack's Essay

Amanda's Essay

Ramone's Essay

Nay's Essay

Benry's Essay

Mary-Ann's Essay

Killer Spaghetti Essays

Luna's Essay

Luna: (CONF) *rolls eyes* So, yeah... Everything I'm going to say will be a lie. I'm warning everyone. (END CONF) Chris, you are the most amazing host ever. You bring everything great and it's fun to look at your amazing face. I even thought you were twenty years old. You don't seem old, you have a nice body and you are also f-u-n-n-y. They should write a book about you. (CONF) I think I'm going to throw up in a few minutes. (END CONF)

Fabienna's Essay

Fabienna: Well, this is not really difficult... You are not nice to people who are not famous. You love to hurt people, see people's anger and pain and love to scare people. You have a black heart, and think you are the best of all. But besides that you are not really confident and you have nothing except the show Total Drama. So that makes you a nice human because you live for something. I think you are really nice but you are not showing that on TV.

Will's Essay

Jess' Essay

Apollo's Essay

Apollo: HE is the best host ever. He loves to hurt people and has the best challenges and look ever. You have no soul, also you have nothing to do but Total Drama. But you are a great host, and you do great recaps and say funny things. He is confident, funny, and a good host. I could go on for hours about how amazing of a person you are :D. (CONF) That was the hardest thing I have even done... (CONF END)

Vicky's Essay

Warren's Essay

Mickey's Essay


Chris; Only three of you tried to show how awesome I am. You must really hate me! :(

Billy; Uh, yeah, we do.

Chris: Anyway... I might as well just answer quickly. Apollo and Luna, although you said great things, you forgot how I can see the confessionals. So, a 7/10 for both of you. As for Fabienna... that was... beautiful. <3 Not only did you not backtalk me in the confessionals, which made me think it was sincere, but you took the time to analyze me, and my humane side, and how it's just not on television. I mean, NOT THAT IT'S A CRY FOR HELP... anyway 10/10. Pretty clear the Killer Spaghetti wins. :D

Apollo: YUS!

Screaming Pizza Vote (2)

Billy: (CONF) I vote for Nay. You're not the most pleasant of people, plus you don't help much anyway. Dead weight.

Jeff: (CONF) Benry, I love your optimism, I just wish you'd put it to use in the challenges. Sorry but I have to vote for you.

Fuyuhiko: (CONF) Don't you dare look down on me, idiot. *votes Nay*

Jack: (CONF) Benry...your optimism and attitude is sickening to one as evil as I.

Amanda: (CONF) Benry. His happiness exceeds the limit and it gets annoying. (END CONF)

Ramone: (CONF) Hmph. Another vote. I'll probably be voted off, anyway, so I guess I'll just vote Nay. She already has everyone voting for me, I bet. Might as well make one final stand-ish type thing... right? (END CONF)

Chris: And it appears it is a tie between Nay and Benry! However, there's no tiebreaker challenge needed, as our footage reveals that Nay found the hidden immunity idol, which means it's time for Benry to pack his bags!

Fuyuhiko: No ****ing surprise here...

Chris: *tosses away Benry on a flying saucer*

Episode 5

Pizza Hotel (5)

Jeff: Did we really not do that challenge just to stick it to Chris?

Billy: Yeah...

Jeff: If you ask me, it w-

Billy: Enough already!

Amanda: Another loss... but no worries! We're bound to win this time, guys! So let's do it! *Does a backflip, landing successfully* Woo!

Ramone: Uh... yeah. (CONF) I don't know. I really don't. *Sighs* (END CONF)

Spaghetti Cabin (5)

Will: I'm surprisingly starting to get used to this!

  • Just then, a piece of the cabin's roof falls apart and hits Will on the head*

Will: *it bounces off bc he's so hardheaded* Ouch.

Apollo: Getting used to what you can't get used to a show like Total Drama.

Luna: Wow, are you okay? What happend? 

Vicky: *whispers* fake b*****!

Mickey: In the words of Courtney, "Winning has it priviledges" 

Luna: *looks to Vicky* I couldn't hear you, what did you said? *smiles* (CONF) I didn't heard it but it looked like she called me b**ch. (END CONF)

Apollo: Please stop being pageant queens we need to not argue if we want to win challenges.

Vicky: Nothing! :)

Warren: She just said how happy she was that we won the challenge... Duh.

Apollo: (CONF)It feels like I am talking to stuffed animals. (CONF END)

Luna: Did I ask you something, Warren. No. So you should shut up to me, same thing for Vicky. Got it?

Apollo: Shut up to me?

Luna: Did I talk to you? *pushes Apollo to the ground* No, if I need you I will beating with the potty. Which means I don't care about you, and I don't care what you are going to do in the future. Did I made myself clear? Perfect. *turns back to Will* They annoy me so much. *rolls eyes*

Apollo: You think I am just going to let you push me? Stop being the knock-off heather basically saying you are a total b****. I would rather be with Vicky then this crap.

Warren: Tell me to shut up again and I'll smack that smile off your face. 

Vicky: Warren, it's fine, I'm used to this. Luna, just shut up. Shut. Up. Apollo, stay away from that psycho.

Apollo: I will she better not touch me.

Luna: *smiles* The little children are forming a squad against me, and they are protecting each other. What sweet! Well, let me say one thing before I leave you losers, you three will go, one by one you all will fall. *looks to Vicky* Stay tuned, girl. *walks away*

Vicky: B****! :)

Apollo: S*** :)

Luna: *walks to Mickey* Hey Micky, we didn't talked. You seem like a N.O.R.M.A.L person. Not insane as the others. Would you like to walk a little bit with me?

Mickey: I try and sure let's walk! *walks with Luna* 

Apollo: Forming alliances, hmm?

Fabienna: I don't know? *looks to the two who are walking to outside*

Luna: Well, I wanted to talk with you about something. Everyone is telling you that I'm a horrible witch. And I understand, I'm not the most sweetest thing in the world. But what people don't understand, this is a game. A really hard game. If you don't play the game on level 100 you will die. The naive people will die as first. Look at Chandler, he was just the nicest person ever and he was eliminated. I know, he was a friend of you, but things happens. *looks to Fabienna who's inside* Fabienna is a friend of me but if the times comes she has to go. She is not smart at all. Anyway, what I wanted to ask you. Are you able to join me, Will, Jess and Fabienna to make majority on our next elimination ceremony. Warren is too-agressive, he wanted to punch me. A guy wants to punch a girl? Wow. And Vicky is too dramatic. Apollo seems great, he isn't really annoying or something so we could keep him. Besides everything, do you wanna join?

Mickey: Yeah I understand. Some people are a little weird, but sure I'll join you guys.

Luna: Amazing! Anyway, tell something about yourself, I'm very interested in you because I don't know anything of you. (CONF) Finally someone who has a brain. It's possible!!!! (END CONF)

Apollo: That was nice for once... nice Luna :).

Luna: *turns to Apollo* Did you listen? (CONF) Calm, calm. This boy just wants to be on your side, Luna. Respect him. *sighs* (END CONF) Well, it's true. By the way, Fabienna asked if you are in a current relationship.

Mickey: Well I have many talents, one of which I can shoot a bow and arrow with my feet. 

Apollo: Yes, I am in a relationship Apollona...

Luna: With... your... feet? Wow, you should show that. *looks to Apollo* Apollona? Apollo-na?

Apollo: gg but Apollo and Fiona Apollona it makes logic! :D.

Luna: Fiona? I don't know who Fiona is but okay, poor Fabienna. *smiles and continues walking with Mickey* But how do you do that with your... feet?

Apollo: Poor her. (CONF) Fiona is bae <3 (CONF END)

Mickey: *Does handstand and proceeds to shoot bow and arrow* Ta da! 

Apollo: So great :P. How do you even do that?

Luna: *claps* Amazing. (CONF) Challenge, please. (END CONF)

Apollo: *claps* (CONF) Where's the so called 'challenge'. (CONF END)


Chris: First, for this challenge, I'll need a volunteer from each team.

Billy: I'll go for my team.

Luna: Me!

Apollo: That was fast. (Attention craver @Luna.)

Luna: I have a good feeling about this, we'll win this challenge! *winks to Apollo*

Apollo: Yeah, maybe if you dont mess up *winks*.

Luna: Don't worry. (CONF) *gets red* (END CONF)

Mickey: Good luck Luna!

Apollo: Good luck hopefully it is a evil competition. :)

Amanda: Aw, man! I wanted a chance to shine! But, oh well. Billy, I trust you to win us this challenge!

Chris: Good. ;) Since you all thought it was so funny ignoring me in my time of need in the last challenge, that this challenge is an eat off with the most disgusting food you can make. Pizza, you will make terrible slop for Luna, and Spaghetti will make slop for Billy. Luna and Billy will then have an eat off, and the first to finish wins. Begin cooking!

Screaming Pizza Cooking

Jeff: Hmm... I know, we can make a pot pie of the things that people must never want to eat. *gets out a pot and adds stinky cheese, shampoos and expired milk*

Amanda: Ooh, I got an idea! *Leaves to get ingredients*

Ramone: Hmph. I don't know. I wish I could be a bigger help, though. Trust me. (CONF) They most likely won't, though, so.... (END CONF)

Fuyuhiko: Don't know, don't care.

Jeff: *adds numerous bugs such as flies* Almost done guys. walking to the microwave with the bad pot pie and puts it in* Oh, my shoe's untied. *tying shoe*

Frog: *wanting the fly on the pot pie, he jumps up on it to eat the flies, not realizing it's a microwave*

Jeff: Okay ready. *sets it to 2 minutes, however sees the frog in the microwave* AH! NO!!! *turns it off and pukes on the pot pie in fear*

Frog: *actually okay and leaves the area*

Jeff: That was close, plus since our initially disgusting pot pie has been made even more gross by me throwing up, plus it was only cooked for a short amount of time I'd say we're done! Now to wait for the challenge. We'll leave the revolting pot pie sitting out.

Amanda: *Runs back in* Aw, are we already done? No matter! *Places the worms and dirt she collected on top of the pot pie* Better. Yeah!

Ramone: I-I think I'm gonna be... *Runs outside and pukes*

Chris: And... time's up! I'll take this dish to sit out until tomorrow. ;)

Killer Spaghetti Cooking

Apollo: *puts dirty sock in blender* What else?

Will: How bout a lock of my hair? *puts it in*

Jess: And some duct tape!

Apollo: Don't kill him! *puts in sweat and rotten eggs*

Fabienna: I don't wanna have to throw up but someone could put a toe nail in it? *tries to not throw up*

Warren: Sure *peels off a part of his toe nail and puts it in Fabienna's hair* Oops!

Vicky: WARREN! *puts in an old sweet wrapper from her pocket*

Fabienna: Ewwww! Get out! Get out! *cries*

Warren: *laughs* *puts another toenail in the blender* :D

Chris: You guys have 3 more hours! (cooking is up by 8:00 pm EST, the eat off is tomorrow when Leonev will be on again)

Mickey: Ugh I don't like dirty things but *puts in dirt and cockroaches* 

Fabienna: *puts some eyelashes in it*

Apollo: *puts in sweat, dirty sand, and fish water*

Fabienna: I feel so bad for Luna, I hope she'll survive.

Apollo: She will, I'm sure *puts in a little puke* yes this is amazing :P.

Fabienna: hahaha. Your really funny!

Vicky: *rolls eyes* Someone shoot me.

Fabienna: What is your problem? *looks to Vicky*

Apollo: Yeah, seriously your being a b****.

Chris: And... time's up! I'll take this dish to sit out until tomorrow. ;)

Apollo: Why? It's fine.

Eat Off

Chris: Okay Billy and Luna, *gives them the food* eat up. :D

Billy: *eating food* Ew, it's like eating ocean water. D:

Luna: *eats and grabs a toe nail out of her mouth. it's a green one* Ohhh you are kidding me.. *continues*

Billy: *continues eating, struggling to chew* Ugh, this is revolting...

Luna: *eats* Disguisting

Billy: I gotta resort to better tactics. *starts force feeding himself* Taking one for the team.

Luna: *closes eyes and continues eating* I have to throw up...

Billy: *force feeding himself more* Almost there... *coughing* Oh my gosh...

Luna: *eats* Am I almost ready?

Chris: What do you mean?

Billy: *finishes eating* Finally!

Chris: Billy wins for the Screaming Pizza!

Killer Spaghetti Vote (3)

Chris: Vote here.

Fabienna: (CONF) You acted as a mean b**ch today, Vicky. (END CONF)

Luna: (CONF) Bye Vicky (END CONF)

Mickey: (CONF) Im gonna vote for Vicky. 

Vicky: (CONF) Luna is just...*gags* I vote her.

Warren: (CONF) That Luna fake b***h. 

Apollo: (CONF) *votes Vicky* 

Will: (CONF) Vicky.

Jess: (CONF) Vicky.

Chris: If you receive a cookie, you are safe. Fabienna, Will, Jess, Mickey, Apollo, and Warren. Vicky and Luna, this is the final cookie. The final cookie goes to... Luna! Vicky, time to leave! *she is fired away on a flying saucer*

Episode 6

Pizza Hotel (6)

Mary-Ann: I wonder if people would notice if I talked....

Amanda: W-What was that?

Ramone: It was Mary--

Amanda: Who...?

Ramone: ...

Amanda: I'm kidding! *Laughs* It was fun messing with you, though!

Ramone: Okay....

Amanda: *Raises le eyebrow* (CONF) He needs to lighten up... (END CONF)

Billy: *still recovering from his talent show mishap with one cast on his leg, looking up at a tree that could be climbed* ...

Amanda: *Looks outside and notices Billy* Hm... *Heads outside and goes to Billy's side* What're you doing? *Places her hand on his shoulder, looking up at the tree* Is there a squirrel family we can eat? If so, I have a perfect way to skin 'em and eat all the right parts, trust me... it would be good. *Smiles*

Luna: *knocks on the door of the Pizza hotel* It's cold outside, they should open this door fast.

Mary-Ann: Hello?

Luna: Hi. Can we come in, we're from the other team and we would love to talk with you. *looks to Fabienna* This is Fabienna, a girl who is also on our team. Maybe you know her, maybe you don't. And my name is Luna. So, can you let us in?

Fuyuhiko: No. Get lost.

Luna: Sorry? *pushes the door away* What did you say?

Fuyuhiko: Get. Lost. I'm dealing with enough losers here as it is, I don't need to see or talk to anymore from the opposing team, and besides you're one of the biggest idiots here.

Jeff: *cuts Fuyuhiko off* Hi! Sure, you can come in. *points to Fuyuhiko* Ignore Mr. Grump here, he's always like this. My name's Jeff. So, what's up?

Luna: Besides the fact I would love to teach him a lesson, he seems like a strong player. Anyway, I would love to talk about something *looks around* I want to deal with you. After the merge we should team up and eliminate all other contestants. My allies are Fabienna, Will and Jess. Also Mickey and Apollo are on my side. You could join us and eliminate the others with people who are on your side. We could rule this game.

Fuyuhiko: *quickly pulls Jeff aside* When I'm finished with you, you won't have any limbs left, you hear me?! *sends him back stumbling into a wall; turns to Luna and Fabienna* Now you two ****ers get lost! Go back to those stupid cabins you have! We won this fair and square and I'm willing to pull a few strings to get you both killed outside this competition if you don't leave in ten seconds...or I'll do it personally. Just get lost, ****heads!

Jack: *observing silently and un-noticed* (CONF) Fuyuhiko's anger and Jeff's stupidity...I'm sure I could push a few buttons and get someone eliminated using both of these attributes. Added to that, there's gullible Billy and pathetic Mary-Ann, who would probably listen to anyone just for attention. Now I can finally make an impact on this boring game... (non-CONF) *walks to Mary-Ann* Hello there.

Luna: *grabs her scratchpad and notices something* Thanks, Fyunkunthiko whatever. We'll see each other soon. *winks and looks to Jeff* If you are interested, your always welcome at our cabin.

Fuyuhiko: Yeah, whatever. Just go then, you cliche tryhard villain. No one except possible limbless lover over here *pulls Jeff back by his shirt and pushes him near Luna; but misses purposely* wants you here!

Luna: Idiot. Come Fab, let's go. *walks with Fabienna back to their cabin*

Jeff: Here, I'll go with you.

Spaghetti Cabin (6)

Apollo: It will be more quiet since Vicky is gone.

Warren: ... You little suck up, one second you're allied with Vicky and one second you're sucking up to Luna? what the heck?

Mickey: It'll be nice to have the place a little quieter. 

Apollo: Warren, at least I do challenges :). 

Will: Oh! We getting a little chirp battle here?

Luna: *walks to Warren* I warned Vicky and now I'm warning you. You should shut up to me, my friends and my allies. If you don't do that you will be gone next. (CONF) Vicky is gone, this leaves that all of my allies worked with me previous elimination. I should do something for them to keep them trusting me. When Warren is gone, there will be a huge party for our team. *smiles* (END CONF)

Warren: I honestly couldn't care less? 

Luna: *laughs*

Fabienna: *walks to Apollo* Hello there! How are you?

Apollo: I am fine what about you?

Warren: You are literallly the dumbest people I've ever met, so I quit. *sticks middle finger up at everyone and walks out*

Luna: Hahahahah, he is such a loser.

Fabienna: Me too, Apollo!

Apollo: Thank god Warren is gone. Anyway, It is a good thing that you are fine :).

Fabienna: Really? Thanks! *hugs him* Oops...

Luna: (CONF) *looks to her nails* I did a great job. As first, we eliminated Vicky. Did you saw her face when she was eliminated? And now, Warren quits due to being alone and a disrespectful member of our team. Shame on you if you watch this. Anyway, I think the merge will be soon and it's time to meet some new people. I have to make a step forwards on the game before it's too late. My contact with Will is a little bit less than before so I have to keep that up. But for now it's time to meet the other team. (END CONF) Guys, I'm going to take a walk, I'm feeling sick. *walks out of the door*

Fabienna: Ahw, Luna! Anyway, Apollo... I know we didn't talked much and I hugged you but, do you know what? I'm going to tell you what I want to tell you. Apollo, I l-

Luna: *interrupts Fabienna* Fab, wanna join me?

Fabienna: *sighs* Sure. (CONF) Luna is my best friend on this game but also it looks like she doesn't want to have me with Apollo in a relationship or something. Or does she? (END CONF) *follows Luna* How do you feel now?

Luna: I'm feeling good but I think it's time to leave Apollo, Fabienna. It's time for him to go soon and I don't want you to have pain or something. You don't deserve that, sweetheart. Anyway, I'm not sick, I just wanna meet the other team. Come! *walks with Fianna to the hotel*

Apollo: I want merge to be here maybe the cabins will be better. :P

Luna: *enters cabin*

Fabienna: *enters cabin* I think the challenge will be soon.

Jeff: *with them* So, we can continue our conversation. So basically you want the alliances from each team to team up?

Luna: *nods* You would be perfect and I guess we could come really far. Also... *looks to Will* Will, come over here! *looks back to Jeff* He's a alliance member and a great one.

Jeff: Okay, cool. I got a couple allies over there too. Billy, Jack, surprisingly Fuyuhiko-

Chris: *loudspeaker* Come to the challenge area!

Team Switch

Chris: Hello, final 14! Before we get to the challenge, I'd like to... switch things up. ;) That's right! There's gonna be a team switch!

Fuyuhiko: **** this ****. I swear if I get stuck with any idiots worse than the ones I'm stuck with now...

Apollo: Really? Chris y?

Fuyuhiko: So tempted just to quit right around now...

Chris: Sorry Fuyuhiko, it's against the new rules as of now. Had to be altered to prevent another Warren case. Anyway, the ratings suffered a 10% drop after Vicky left and I needed to act fast to shake things up! Anyway, the new teams are as followed: The New Screaming Pizza is: Fuyuhiko, Jack, Mary-Ann, Nay, Will, Amanda, and Ramone. The New Killer Spaghetti is: Apollo, Jeff, Mickey, Billy, Luna, Fabienna, and Jess! You may react to the difference now. :D

Apollo: Will scared me so good...

Luna: (CONF) Perfect. Will is in good hands and Jeff is on our team. What can I say? *crosses legs* Hello merge! (END CONF) Welcome to the team, Jeff & Billy!

Ramone: Well, welcome to the team Will. Everyone else I've been with, so there's nothing new there, but... yeah.


Chris: Today's challenge is for three people from each team to one at a time slide down a waterslide towards the ocean, swim to the bottom of the ocean to get puzzle pieces for a statue, and bring them back on shore. Once all nine pieces have been collected, you just stack them on top of each other to make a statue of me!

Billy: Of course.

Chris: You also have to avoid snapping turtles, jellyfish, and sharks! Plus, it's sewer water.

Jeff: Yuck!

Chris: I know! :D Anyway, three volunteers per team.

Jeff: I'll do it.

Luna: Me too.

Fabienna: *looks around*

Apollo: I will do it too.

Amanda: You should know I wanna' do it! Yeah-heah!

(Okay, the challenge will officially begin tomorrow, Games Night is tonight)

Chris: I need two more for the Screaming Pizza!

Jack: (CONF) With this, I could sabotage my team...there's no risk in this, really. (non-CONF) Me and...Fuyuhiko will go.

Fuyuhiko: What did you just say?! I make my own decisions ****head!

Jack: Oh, I was afraid to be called out on my grammar, not this. I thought that you would love to volunteer and lead our team to victory, that's all.

Fuyuhiko: Why the **** would I want that?! I hate all of you- I just want to be eliminated and never see you *****s again!

Luna: (CONF) He wants to be eliminated? Interesting... (END CONF)

Chris: Okay, the line up for the Screaming Pizza is Jack, Fuyuhiko, and Amanda. The line up for the Killer Spaghetti is Luna, Jeff, and Apollo. Begin!

(1 line for water slide and 3 lines for getting the puzzle pieces, then the next one goes)

Luna: *slides*

Jack: Oh, well, I must stretch first...*does stretches and doesn't do the challenge*

Fuyuhiko: Do that **** later! You volunteered me- so now, you do your stupid part of the stupid thing already!

Luna: *gets puzzle piece*

Jellyfish: *stings Luna*

Luna: Damn! Stupid thing. *kicks it away and gets a puzzle piece*

Jack: *stretches some more*

Fuyuhiko: YOU PIECE OF ****, DO SOMETHING! No, you know what? Do whatever the **** you please. I don't give a **** anymore.

Luna: *gets last puzzle piece* NEXT!!

Jeff: *slides*

Jack: Well, to tell you all the truth, I can't go because my ankle won't let me- *purposely falls, but makes it look like an accident* You see, I was playing around with Will- showing him my pyromaniac techniques, but he took it too far and I fell to the floor. My leg- and furthermore ankle have been feeling weak since.

Fuyuhiko: ...Then...what the ****? Why volunteer for a challenge you don't do **** at?

Jack: I'm not sure, Fuyuhiko, I'm not sure...

Jeff: *gets a puzzle piece* Woohoo!

Jack: If only Will hadn't been such a brat and burden to us all...

Jeff: *gets a second puzzle piece*

Alligator: *growling at Jeff*

Jeff: AH!

Chris: We told you it was sewer water, so we put gators in! ;)

talking can of chef boyardee: o dear me no!

Luna: *looks to Apollo* Make yourself ready.

Jeff: Hey... what if this gator wasn't a gator, but animatronic? *rips of the gator skin revealing a robot* Ah ha! *grabs puzzle piece* Go Apollo!

Apollo: *water slide* (1)

Freddy: Yer five nights are up mate! *stuffs Jeff in an animatronic*

Apollo: *puzzle pieces* (1)

Jeff: *smashes his way out of animatronic* You doing great Apollo!

Freddy: *forces Jeff into another animatronic suit; wounding him greatly*

Geoff: Yummilicious, dude! *eats the animatronic suit and treats Jeff's wounds properly before ending his only appearance and cameo in this series- as a hero!*

Apollo: *puzzle pieces* (2)

Pizza: *is eaten by Geoff before Geoff leaves. "Yummilicious, dudes!"*

Apollo: *puzzle pieces* (3) I am done! :D

Jeff: Thanks for the save Geoff! My name's Jeff! *puts statue together*

(4 lines for statue)

Apollo: *statue* (1)

Jeff; *finishing statue* Apollo, put the last piece on!

Luna: Come on, Apollo. *rolls her eyes*

Apollo: *statue* (3)

Jeff: Finished!

Chris: The Killer Spaghetti wins in a landslide victory!

Billy: Yes!

Chris: See you at elimination Pizza!

Screaming Pizza Vote (3)

Amanda: (CONF) I was sorta' out of it, wasn't I? *Sighs and starts smacking her palm against her forehead* Get! Your--! --Self! Together! Um, uh... I have to say Will, but I'll go home probably anyway. It's a shame. (END CONF)

Ramone: (CONF) I vote Will... after all, I've been with the rest this entire competition-- err, so far. I'd rather be with them than someone who I don't have any reason at all to trust... (END CONF)

Mary-Ann: (CONF) I vote.... Will....... (CONF END)

Fuyuhiko: (CONF) Either Jack's a lying piece of **** or Will did get us to lose the ****ing challenge. I don't trust Jack at all, but I don't like Will. So, Will.

Jack: (CONF) I'm hoping my plan has tricked everyone into thinking Will cost us the challenge- he is a challenge threat after all. Farewell, Will.

Will: (CONF) I vote Amanda. She hasn't done s***. 

Chris: Cookies go to Ramone, Mary-Ann, Fuyuhiko, Jack, and Nay. The final cookie goes to... Amanda! Any final words Will?  

Will: Yeah, Chris. I'm not leaving. *reaches into his pocket and pulls out... the immunity idol

Geoff: Aw, yeah, dude? Well, two can play at that game. *burps up immunity idol he ate from Sun's Camp 2* I use it to counter Will's bc yummilicious, dude!

Will: *gets it back bc admins shouldn't godplay*

Ramone: Wait! Let Amanda stay, please! I'll go instead... as you should know, I wasn't that happy here, anyway....

Amanda: C-C-Can h-he d-do that...?

Will: I can!

Chris: She meant Ramone quitting. And yeah, I suppose he can. *tosses Ramone away on flying saucer* Looks like you're safe for now though, Will and Amanda.

Geoff: *eats the saucer with Ramone in it* Yummilicious, dudes!

Episode 7

Pizza Hotel (7)

Amanda: I'm sorry everyone for being... out of it... *glares at Will* ... but I promise you will get taken down, no matter how long it takes. I will see you driven into the ground if it takes everything I have...!

Will: Whatever you say... *lounges*

Amanda: You think you're safe, but you're not. Have fun getting flung, though. Can't wait.... *Crosses arms and leans against a wall*

Will: Ha! Like you can beat me.

Amanda: The only reason you beat me was luck. Pure luck. And it's going to run out. That's a promise... and a fact. *Smiles*

Will: That's genuinely true. *scoffs*

Fuyuhiko: Both of you just shut up. I have better things to do than listen to you two argue. You're both only here because of luck, now shut the **** up and go back to being quiet already!

Jack: Tsk, tsk, temper, temper...

Fuyuhiko: Don't you dare look down at me! You won't have any fingers left by the time I'm done with you! You were obviously faking the whole thing you ****er, so don't criticize me as though you're perfect, ****head!

Will: Oh my HARDO!

Fuyuhiko: ..."Hardo"? What kind of ****er says "hardo"? What does that **** even mean? Did you think it'd sound cool or something? Because it doesn't. Tryhard.

Will: What's wrong with you? Hardo and tryhard are the same. Hardo.

Fuyuhiko: ...The ****? "Oh my HARDO" what ****ing context does that make any ****ing sense if that means tryhard? You're not cool, okay? No one here likes you- you're going home next and we're ****ing going to throw it just to get rid of you, you piece of ****. Just ****ing deal with it and stop making insults as you go, because they're not going to catch on, got it?!

Will: F****** loser. You think you're cool 'cause you swear? News flash, lots of people swear. And as far as chirps go, I won the chirp tournament at my school, so I wouldn't be messing with me.

Fuyuhiko: What, you think I curse because I think it's cool? Not my fault I'm surrounded by a bunch of idiots every single time...especially you. "Chirp"? What the **** know what? No. I'm done losing brain cells talking to you. Go ahead and go act like hot **** when you're really not, I don't care- you're going home anyway! Besides, it's not like you speak English when you go around saying **** like "Chirp" and "Hardo", thinking you're all cool when you're just faking it. At least curse words are actual ****ing insults.

Will: Curse words? Insults? *scoffs* I go to an all-boys prep school. I know what a chirp is, and swearing at someone just makes you seem rattled. That's right, Fuku-whatever-san is rattled!

Fuyuhiko: An all-boys prep school, huh? Well, have fun with that. I'm done losing IQ points talking to someone who thinks words like "chirp" and "hardo" and "rattled" are the ****. This is the real world. Your ****ing all-boy prep school can't protect you and your childish insults, got it? Now if you'll excuse me I have better things to do than converse with someone who thinks Kindergarten insults are so ****ing great. *leaves*

Will: My school was ranked number 5 in the country. Just 'cause I didn't go to Swear-cademy, doesn't mean I'm stupid.

Mary-Ann: Or we could fight the other team....

Spaghetti Cabin (7)

Jeff: I miss the hotel.

Billy: Yeah...

Jeff: Oh well, at least it's a chance to try new stuff huh?

Billy: I guess. Too bad about Ramone though.

Jeff: True enough. But it's for the best, he wasn't happy here.

Billy: Yeah, you're right.

Luna: *looks to the window* Something isn't feeling right. *looks to the Pizza Hotel*


Chris: Today's challenge is a relay race through an obstacle course, 6 to 6! As such, who will sit out from Spaghetti?

Fabienna: If everyone wants to play I could sit?

Chris: Okay! As six of you will be racing in the relay race, there will be six obstacles! First, there's a giant boot swinging that you must avoid being hit by, then there's a cannonball run where you need to dodge cannons, and then you need to log roll while dodging a wrecking ball. After that, you need to jump multiple platforms to the next obstacle. What follows are the WipeOut balls, and final obstacle is what I call the Grand Slam, where you must swing on a rope into a giant baseball mitt.

Jeff: So what's the order?

Chris: The order for Pizza is Jack, Fuyuhiko, Mary-Ann, Will, Amanda, and Nay. For Spaghetti, it's Billy, Jeff, Luna, Jess, Mickey, and Apollo. Begin!

(3 lines per character)

Billy: *running obstacle course*

Luna: Come on, Billy! You can do it!

Billy: *running obstacle course but notices the kicking boot coming in his direction* Woah!

Luna: Focus, Billy. Look to the kicking boot and dodge him.

Billy: Ok- *hit by boot and flies to Jeff* AH! *lands right by Jeff and tags him* Go!

Jeff: *running while dodging cannonballs* Lets do this.

Fabienna: I'm feeling a little bit sad because I can't run.

Luna: No worry, you'll be fine.

Jeff: *running through the course dodging cannonballs* Almost there Luna!

Luna: *makes herself ready*

Jeff: *makes an epic jump to Luna and tags her*

Luna: Great job, Jeff! *runs obstacle course*

Jeff: Thanks, keep your balance on the log roll!

Luna: *runs and kicks the cannonballs away*

Jeff: Great, just pass it to Jess!

Luna: Yeah, yeah! *runs to Jess and tags her* Goodluck!

Jess: Thanks! *runs*

Will: So, jack is throwing the challenge. Shocker.

Apollo: *waiting*.

Jess: *runs*

Billy: Almost there Jess! (One more line)

Jess: *runs* Apollo, go!

Mickey: Actually I think it's my turn. *runs*

Chris: Mickey is now at it and headed for Apollo!

Mickey: Nice narration Chris. *runs* 

Chris: I notice your sarcasm kid. :@ (xD) 

Mickey: You're so smart Chris. *tags Apollo* Go man go! 

Apollo: *runs* (1)

Chris: Apollo is dashing through the course!

Apollo: *runs* (2)

Chris: Now all Apollo needs to do is swing the rope and land in the baseball mitt! Can Pizza ca- oh who am I kidding they're dead.

Apollo: *swings rope and lands on baseball mitt barely* (3) I did it yay.

Chris: No surprise here. See you at elimination again Pizza.

Screaming Pizza Vote (4)

Amanda: (CONF) Guh-bye, Will. Have fun wherever you're flung to! (END CONF)

Will: (CONF) Jack threw the challenge. I vote him.

Mary-Ann: (CONF) Will is starting fights.... (CONF END)

Fuyuhiko: (CONF) The hardo or whatever the **** that word was. Seriously, was he expecting us to win this challenge for him? No one here likes him...

Jack: (CONF) Finally, the stupid challenge threat can go home. *votes Will*

Chris: Cookies go to... Mary-Ann, Amanda, Nay, and Fuyuhiko! Jack and Will, this is the final cookie. The last freshly baked cookie goes to... Jack! Will, it looks like your arrogance has annoyed your team to the point of voting you out! You just got chirped! *crickets chirp*

Intern: ... Don't, please.

Chris: Yeah, too awkward. Anyway, see ya! *tosses Will away on flying saucer*

Episode 8

Pizza Hotel (8)

Amanda: I told that egotistical jerk he'd get what was comin' to 'im!

Mary-Ann: Maybe we can stop fighting.....

Amanda: We did. We are. Now let's go surf down the stairs...! It'll be fun! *Runs*

Spaghetti Cabin (8)

Jess: I can't even act like I like this cabin.

Luna: (CONF) Will is eliminated? What? *looks furious* They eliminated my allie so they'll see my revenge. (END CONF) Me either, Jess. And believe me, we have to stick with each other. I don't know if you heard it already but Will is eliminated.

Fabienna: Will?!? Oh my goshhh!!!

Luna: Yes, and it's time to get some revenge. *walks to table and looks to Jeff and Billy* Guys, it's time to start the hard game, I guess. They are playing it dirty so we have to play it dirty back. Mary-Ann is a threat and a sneaky girl so she has to be eliminated really soon same thing for Amanda.

Jeff: Well, we're not on their team.

Billy: Besides, I kinda like Amanda...

Luna: I know Jeff, but if we reach the merge Mary-Ann and Amanda has to go, and Billy if you like it or not, if you wanna win you have to vote for your friends. Or is she a allie of you? *looks to him* (CONF) Or you are going with your alliance or not. (END CONF)

Jeff: Okay.

Billy: Well, I guess voting out is part of the game, but what have Amanda and Mary-Ann done to be threats?

Luna: *looks to her nails* Nay is nothing, Fukeihno or something is Jeff's allie and then we have the other boy. I forgot his name but he is also one of his allie. That means Mary-Ann and Amanda are my targets for now. I don't see why you don't know that, Billy.

Billy: Ah. (CONF) I'm a little nervous on this new team, the only one I'm familiar with is Jeff, but I guess I'd be considered lucky, Will had no one going over there. But I've recovered from the talent show injury and ready for the next challenge! I take any challenge!


Chris: Okay! Time for today's extreme challenge! Again, I will need three volunteers per team.

Billy: I'll do it!

Jeff: Me too!

Jess: Whatever.

Chris: Okay! Looks like it's Billy, Jeff, and Jess for the Killer Spaghetti! Screaming Pizza, how about you? 

Mary-Ann: Sure.....

Jack: I'll step up to the challenge- I do think my ankle's better now...

Fuyuhiko: *looks around and sees his teammates aren't budging; sighs* Fine...I'll go...whatever.

Chris: Awesome! The challenges are three extreme sports! One, is sky diving! Jack and Billy, you'll be sky diving 5,000 feet onto a couch directly below the plane you're jumping out of.

Billy: What? (CONF) I'm not good with heights...

Chris: Don't worry, you'll get parachutes. Jeff and Fuyuhiko, you will be doing the rodeo moose riding challenge! Basically you try to stay on the moose the longest until you fall off or beat the other players record.

Jeff: Sounds easy enough. That moose is definitely animatronic-

Moose: *punches Jeff in the face*

Chris: Anyway, the final one may or may not happen, it's one that will break a tiebreaker, however if a team has already one the first two and immunity there's no point. But I'll explain it anyway. Basically Mary-Ann and Jess, you two will be water skiing in mud... which is really hard ;), while trying to collect five flags and bring them to the finish line, as I try to stop you by driving the vehicle pulling the skis through the course. Anyway, let's do this!

-Chris is piloting a plane with Jack and Billy on it, ready to jump off with their parachutes; the couches on the ground are in position-

Billy: *jaw drops at the height* Well... good luck Jack... *jumps off, however his parachute slips off him and Billy is left plummeting towards the ground* OH CRAP! AH!!!

Jack: ...No one liked him anyway. *shrugs and puts on parachute* I suppose to win their trusts, I should at least try...very well then. *jumps*

Billy: *falling* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO- Hey I see the couch! *in diving position towards couch* Don't try this at home, kids.

Jack: *falling* This isn't too bad...*barely sees the couch* Time to start preparing, it seems. *yawns*

Billy: *in diving position* AH!!! *lands successfully in couch* Hey I did i- *the couch closes on him, trapping him inside*

Chris: Well, that's a point for the Killer Spaghetti, although I wonder if Jack landed safely. *watched Jack falling from the sky*

Jack: *too lazy to type out a good line, so lands safely on top of the couch*

Chris: Fair enough. Anyway, now it's Jeff vs. Fuyuhiko vs. the Moose! This moose is pretty angry, and we don't even know why. But it even scared the crap out of Chef- ... nevermind. Anyway, let's see how this will turn out after the Killer Spaghetti leads 1-0. If Fuyuhiko wins, we go to a tiebreaker, but if Jeff sticks it out, it's yet another blowout win for the Killer Spaghetti. Fuyuhiko, you're up first.

Moose: *practically breathing fire in anger*

Jeff: Woah... *to Fuyuhiko* Careful on that thing man.

Fuyuhiko: Yeah, yeah, I've faced a lot we go. You'd be surprised how hard it is being a cook- uh, I mean, let's just get this thing over with already! It's a waste of time. *gets on the moose and quickly holds on*

Chris: Begin! *honks horn* ;)

Moose: *now riled up and breaks out of the cage, running around the campgrounds thrusting and shaking Fuyuhiko around*

Fuyuhiko: *continues to hold on* Alright, just nice and steady...or something. Don't know what applies to this situation, but I'm not letting go- I won't let them look down on me...

Moose: *begins trying to force Fuyuhiko off by using its hoof to push him*

Fuyuhiko: *continues to hold on, although in pain*

Moose: *notices Fuyuhiko is staying on using only his hands, and breathes fire from its nose at Fuyuhiko's hands in epic slow-mo, which injures them*

Fuyuhiko: I'm not...letting you look down on me! *somehow still holds on, despite cringing from pain*

Moose: *desperately trying to get Fuyuhiko off at this point, it uses its hoof to attack Fuyuhiko's wounded hands, and jumps onto it's back to force Fuyuhiko off - crushing him, which he survives through cartoon logic*

Chris: Well I suppose that's enough for Fuyuhiko, clocking in at 3 minutes. Jeff, you're up.

Jeff: Oh my god... you got beat up out there...

Fuyuhiko: Shut up. My right hand's seriously messed up...and my left hand isn't exactly great either. Chris, I better be treated for all of these injuries...because if not...I have many ways to get you killed, you know!

Chris: Well, let's see... *holds up calculator, doing a bunch of math with the budget and what not* Well, we could, but that would mean I would have to get rid of my hot tub. Anyway, Jeff, you're up.

Jeff: >.> *cautiously gets on moose, grabbing it by the horns*

Moose: *breathing fire once more, however he is stopped by Jeff*

Jeff: *yanking on its horn more* Bad Moose! Bad Moose! Mad Moose- oh I mean... BAD MOOSE!

Moose: *going crazy again running around*

Jeff: *standing on the moose, while still holding the horns for safety* Woah!

Moose: *about to do the same thing it did to Fuyuhiko* RAWR-

Jeff: I bet you aren't even a real moose, and just like that alligator, you're ANIMATRONIC! *rips its fur off, revealing it is in fact a robot*

Billy: Fuyuhiko got beat up by a robot?

Jeff: Pretty much...

Chris: Well, it looks like Jeff won this one with a new record of 3 minutes and 1 second!

Jeff: No Chris, my victory can not be considered as such when competition goes to this extreme. Only when one wins by unbiased circumstances is it a true victory.

Chris: Yawn. Point is that the Screaming Pizza is going to elimination once more.

Screaming Pizza Vote (5)

Chris: Vote here.

Fuyuhiko: I'm not voting until you ****ing treat my hands, got it?!

Chris: Once you vote. :P

Mary-Ann:(CONF) Nay doesn't speak.... (CONF END)

Fuyuhiko: I'm not budging for you or anyone! Fix my ****ing hands to the best you can and then I'll vote. I won't let you look down on me!

Chris: If you don't vote I can promise you no treatment.

Fuyuhiko: Then I quit. Choice's all yours. Besides, judging by the burn on my right hand- I literally lost use to that hand for the rest of my life thanks to you! If you don't want to add on to how you will pay after this ****ing thing is over, then I'd suggest doing it now. Got it?!

Amanda: (CONF) Nay... *Sneezes* Yeah! (END CONF)

Chris: Fine... *uses medicines and bandages* Time to vote now. (CONF) He's like my child, if I had one... probably best I didn't.

Fuyuhiko: Good. Now, shut up. My right hand still- nevermind, I'll worry about that later. (CONF) Nay. Bye.

Jack: (CONF) Nay had an idol...she's a clear threat, and therefore she must be removed from the competition before I begin my grand plan...

Chris: Okay, cookies go to Amanda, Jack, and Fuyuhiko. The last cookie goes to... Mary-Ann! Nay, any final words? Actually I'm not gonna bother. *Nay is tossed away on a flying saucer*

Episode 9

Pizza Hotel (9)

Spaghetti Cabin (9)

Jeff: I hope the merge is soon.

Billy: Yeah, I'm done with the teams. I'm ready for a shake-up, something that'll really change the game for everyone.

Luna: Right... *smiles*

Mickey: It's just nice that we have come so far.

Jess: me too.

Billy: Yeah, I'm proud of myself.


Chris: Welcome to the challenge campers. Before we start, I'd like to announce that no one will be going home in this episode.

Billy: Yeah!

Chris: However, I'd like to say that your past has come back to haunt you. >:D

-All of the contestants previously voted out, Mary, Chandler, Ren, Benry, Vicky, Warren, Ramone, Will, and Nay, arrive on the scene looked really angry-

Jeff: This is insane... what are they doing here?

Chris: These are the Outcasts. One of them will be getting back into the game. They will also compete in this challenge against you for the reward of the winning team voting on who to bring back. If the Outcasts win, they vote one of their own to get back in. If Pizza or Spaghetti wins, it's vice versa, they vote someone back in.

Jeff: Well what's the challenge then?

Chris: *locks each team in a large prison* You each have a shovel and a cell, and you need to dig your way out of prison so you can pass a wall outside. First team to dig their way out of prison, cross the wall that same way, and cross the finish line wins the right to vote an eliminated contestant back in the game! Begin!

Billy: *digging*

Jeff: *digging*

Mary-Ann: *digging*

Jess: *digging*

Will: *digging*

Mary-Ann: *digging*


Will: *digging*

Mary-Ann: *digging*

Jess: *digging*

Will: *digging*

Mary-Ann: *digging*

Jess: *digging*

Will: *digging*

Mary-Ann: *digging*

Jess: *digging*

Will: *digging*

Mary-Ann: *digging*

Jess: *diffing**

Will: *digging*

Mary-Ann: *digging*

Jess: *digging*

Will: *digging*

Fuyuhiko: *digging*

Jack: *digging*

Mary-Ann: *digging* Done.....

Chris: The Screaming Pizza wins the challenge!

Screaming Pizza Outcast Vote

Chris: Vote someone back in the game!

Mary-Ann: (CONF) I vote Ramone...... he didn't deserve elimination (CONF END)

Fuyuhiko: (CONF) Vicky wasn't so bad, so her I guess.

Jack: (CONF) Vicky. Though, I wouldn't mind Ramone coming back either...he seemed weak.

Amanda: (CONF) Vicky. Definitely. (END CONF)

Chris: I have tallied the votes, and Vicky is voted back in the game! And now, we are at the final twelve, and to everyone in, I'd like to announce the merge! :D

Episode 10

Merged Cabin (1)

Chris: Just demolished the hotel, so all of you have to share one tiny, cruddy little cabin! Bye! *leaves*

Billy: Still good that we made the merge.

Amanda: Heck yeah, it is! Let's all celebrate with a run around the woods! We can, like, play tag or something else stupid...!

Jess: I like the quiet.

Billy: Yeah, I kind of like it when it's quiet too.

-Meanwhile, the pain from Fuyuhiko's burned hands and cuts come back as the treatment Chris gave didn't do any good, and he is in utter pain-

Luna: *rolls her eyes* (CONF) Vicky back? You have to be kidding me, that useless pig? Oh my gosh... *laughs* (END CONF) So, Jeff, it's merge. *whispers* Who was in the alliance?

Fabienna: Your hair is amazing! *looks to Amanda's hair*

Vicky: Hi everyone! Thanks for voting me back. :)

Fuyuhiko: Welcome back or whatever...*hands continue to hurt; but refuses to show outward pain* Anyone know how to handle burnt hands...?

Jess: Oh, I do!

Luna: Well, welcome back Vicky. We didn't started really ... nice but you are a strong player. What about armistice? It would be also nice for the group spirit. *smiles* (CONF) Vicky would be amazing to be in the alliance since she's villainous as me. (END CONF)

Fuyuhiko: *notices Luna* Oh, nevermind. I'll handle it on my own. Besides, I'm not letting any of you look down at me because of these stupid burns! *leaves*

Jess: Good, because I was just ACTING like I knew what I was doing. :D

Vicky: No. *walks with Fuyuhiko*

Jess: Good, huh?

Luna: *grabs Vicky's hair and pulls her back* No? Great. *pushes her back to Fuyuhiko* (CONF) She doesn't want to team up with our alliance? Wrong answer girl, wrong answer. (END CONF)

Fuyuhiko: She said no, so? You're dead anyways. It's a smart move...

Luna: Dead? Please, get out of my way loser. *shows her middle finger*

Vicky: You are the most insufferable, intolerable troglodyte I've ever laid my eyes on. F*** you. *slaps her*

Luna: Never touch me again. *jumps on her and punches her in the face*

Fabienna: Girls, girls, stop! STOP!

Vicky: *hits Luna in the jaw* Just did. *kicks Fabienna* You too, wh***.

Fabienna: Ouch! I just wanted to help... *cries*

Luna: *punches Vicky in her face with all her power*

Jeff: *follows Fuyuhiko, unaware of the chaos around him* Dude, I think you really need some help with those burns, you may not want it but you need it. *does a bunch of healing techniques for Fuyuhiko that ends up healing his burns, and there is no pain at all* There. I learned that in Boy Scouts for a bunch of healing techniques. I got kicked out though, they said it was because I was suspecting a conspiracy that the main scout troop leader was a tyrant trying to climb himself into political power.

Vicky: *holds her nose* This isn't over. *walks away*

Luna: *walks to Fabienna* Are you okay? She didn't hurt me but maybe she did to you?

Fabienna: *shakes* No, well, she kicked me. For no reason, Luna. *stands up* I don't want to fight on this show. *leaves*

Vicky: *sits outside and picks grass*


Chris: First of all, this challenge will not have a winner of immunity from elimination this week, although you could get it from bidding on it or getting chosen for it by someone else. This challenge is a bit more… special. ;) Since the merge has just begun, I decided to kick things off with… the first ever My TD Auction! How this is going to work is that I will offer some stuff for $500 in fake money I have given you, whether it be an advantage in the game like a clue to the hidden immunity idol, good food like a cheeseburger, or otherwise. I will also decide to keep some of items to be bid on covered for secrecy, so you might score big, or get something bad like a bowl of slop or something. We are bidding in $20 increments. The first thing to bid on… getting to choose the person immune from the vote this week!

Jeff: $20.

Billy: $40. 

Vicky: $60.

Fabienna: $80.

Luna: $100.

Chris: By the way, you can also jump multiple increments of 20.

Billy: $200.

Chris: Like Billy. The limit is 500.

Jess: ...Hm... $220!

Billy: I'm done bidding for this.

Chris: Going once, going twice... sold to Jess! She'll get to pick who is immune from the vote later. Next item... will be covered!

Billy: $20.

Jeff: $40.

Fabienna: $60.

Luna: $80.

Mickey: $100

Chris: Going once, going twice...

Jess: 120!

Luna: *winks at Jess* $140.

Jess: Huh? $160!

Mickey: I'm done bidding.

Vicky: $180

Jess: Im out.

Chris: Sold to Vicky! Now remember, since this was covered you may or may not get something good. *uncovers it, revealing the clue to a newly hidden idol* Next item... an advantage in the next challenge!

Billy: $100!

Jeff: $200!

Jess: Nope.

Mickey: What Jess said.

Vicky: $220

Jeff: $500.

Chris: Sold to Jeff for all of his money. This next item will be covered.

Billy: $20.

Jess: 40

Luna: I don't think this is a fair game since I was the winner of that hidden idol price but yeah... $60.

Vicky: $80

Jess: No you weren't, at least i dont think... $100

Chris: Sold to Jess! Let's see what you got! *reveals a slug* I told you there might be bad things. ;)

Luna: *giggles*

Chris: This auction is closed! Jess, who do you give invincibility too?

Luna: *looks to Jess and smiles*

Jess: Fine... Jess!

Chris: Ah, so you gave yourself immunity Jess? Smart. :D

Merged Vote (1)

Chris: Time to vote anyone except Jess!

Luna: (CONF) Now I'm voting for my feeling and for the game. Vicky has change on the immunity idol. She has a hint for it so if she has it she will be hard to get eliminated. Also, if someone punches me, ok. But not my friends. She kicked Fabienna for no reason. Also, Vicky, you are eliminated and you returned. I know it's dumb to vote for you because you are not a threat but you should knew better. I hope I'm not the only one who thinks about this. Vicky, we have to vote for you before you get the immunity idol. *votes Vicky* (END CONF)

Jess: (CONF) Vicky shouldn't be here. Humph. *votes Vicky*

Fabienna: (CONF) Sorry that I vote for you but you were really mean to me. And you hurted me. *cries again and votes Vicky* (END CONF)

Vicky: (CONF) Luna is a horrible person... *votes Luna*

Amanda: (CONF) If the things I've heard about Luna are correct, she is not one I'd want to have around. I vote her. (END CONF)

Billy: (CONF) *votes Luna* Best move I can make right now, you're a threat.

Jeff: (CONF) *votes Luna* Well I contemplated a bit, even though I like you I think you're too dangerous to keep around.

Mickey: (CONF) Since you want to quit, I'll vote you off *votes Luna*

Chris: Cookies go to Jess, Billy, Jeff, Fuyuhiko, Jack, Amanda, Mary-Ann, Mickey, Apollo, and Fabienna. The last cookie goes to... Vicky! See you Luna! *she is tossed away on a flying saucer*

Episode 11

Merged Cabin (2)

Fabienna: *sits alone* (CONF) Well, I have nobody now. Everyone voted Luna which means they are all against her and against me. Everyone hates me because Luna is bad... *starts to crie* (END CONF)

Jess: I was just acting like I missed her. I'm so happy she's gone! :D (CONF) Wow. Just wow.

Fabienna: *looks to Jess* Well, I'm happy you are still here. *smiles*

Vicky: *howls with laughter*

Jess: Aw, you too! *glares at Vicky* Why are you--I mean, yay, she's gone!

Fabienna: Vicky, why are you always mean to me? Because of Luna?

Vicky: Fabienna - You aren't that bad I guess... Sorry for kicking you... 

Fabienna: It's okay! I'll understand that you were angry. If I look back, Luna was really mean all of the time. Now we can finally talk about boys or fashion! *giggles*

Jeff: Well so far I'd say that was the blindside of the season.

Billy: Yeah, even as the one who planned it all out, I'm a bit stunned too, probably because I wasn't actually sure if it would work or not. (CONF) Well okay, it wasn't just me. I proposed it to my main ally Jack, and he had a lot of involvement too. Basically after I suggested it, I helped him plan the elimination and basically carry the whole thing out. It also helped that we, along with Jeff, Fuyuhiko, Amanda, and Mary-Ann had the original alliance for the Screaming Pizza. Well Ramone too, but she got beat early. And post-merge, we got Mickey and Vicky. Huh, that rhymes.

Fabienna: I think you did great, Billy. Anyway, she's gone so why should we even talk about her? *smiles and looks to her nails* When I'm back at home I'll make a appointement with my nail studio.

Mary-Ann: Maybe we can all get along now.

Vicky: Maybe. *looks to her nails*

Fuyuhiko: Yeah, finally. That ***** is gone. Seriously, how did she make it so far if only like two people liked her? She was just some stupid, cliche villain wannabe. Anyway, I'm going for a walk if anyone needs me...*leaves for a walk*

Vicky: She was a first class idiot. *follows Fuyuhiko* Is it okay if I come along?

Fuyuhiko: Sure. You're the only person here I respect anyway...

Vicky: I wanted to thank you for sticking up for me when my STUPID team mates were being their idiotic selves. Thank you. 

Fuyuhiko: Huh? What...?

Vicky: Never mind... I'm just glad you realised Luna was just... terrible, when everyone else was sucking up to her.

Fuyuhiko: Why the hell would they do that? She's a ***** in every way...and anyway, thanks for being tolerable then. Seriously, almost everyone here is an insufferable idiot. I'm not sure why I'm still here. I don't even care about the money.

Vicky: Yeah, they're all so annoying. You're the only one I can spend five minutes with and not scream out of frustration. I liked Warren I guess... 

Fuyuhiko: Yeah, Warren's alright, and then Jeff healed my hands, so I have no excuse not to hate him. You're probably the best one here though. Everyone else...well I just wonder how they made it this far in life with how idiotic they are. *sighs*

Vicky: Indeed. *looks back at the cabin and sighs*

Fuyuhiko: Yep. We're ****ed in the future- I mean these are the people of this generation...just imagine all of these idiots trying to run a country. Ugh, it makes me sick just thinking about it...

Vicky: Same here. What... What goes on in their minds? o_O

Fuyuhiko: Not sure...though I'm pretty sure their brains are the sizes of peanuts. Our future world leaders...just the thought makes me want to cringe. The world will be dead in a few years time because of them, so eh. Don't really care about my own life anyway.

Vicky: What? Why?

Fabienna: *dances around* (CONF) I feel like I'm a free person now. The game begins for me! (END CONF)

Fuyuhiko: Eh, life sucks anyway. I only have joy from my bike-riding gang and even then, that won't last forever...besides, I'm- nah, I've said too much already. But, yeah, life is just a horrible rollercoaster.

Vicky: I hope it gets better soon... *puts her arm around Fuyuhiko's shoulders*

Fuyuhiko: Thanks, but my life was destined to be horrible since the day I was born, so I wouldn't worry about's the way life is.

Vicky: Just remember, when you feel alone, I, at least, believe in you... :D

Fuyuhiko: ...Thanks. Those words actually mean a lot. Though, you don't really know too much about me...I'll explain one day. It's just...well...I just have to live up to something. It's what she would have wanted...**** I said too much again- what's wrong with me?!

Vicky: It's fine, don't worry... :D I'm too stupid to work anything out anyway... I have no idea what you're talking about so it's fine. :D

Fuyuhiko: Don't...don't play dumb with me...I know you caught on to're the smartest one here, I know you did...

Vicky: I'm not playing dumb. D:

Fuyuhiko: *shaking* No, I know you did...and it's my own fault I let it slip...

Vicky: Please calm down... It's fine! D:

Mickey: Guys how about we all just calm down.

Fuyuhiko: No...I won't calm's my own fault she died...I was too weak...too stupid...too helpless...I can't protect anyone...*falls on knees*

Vicky: What? I'm sure everything will be okay... you're not stupid or helpless... I'm sure that person would want you to be strong now, Fuyuhiko... *holds out her hand*

Fuyuhiko: *struggling* That person...didn't care about me...but I cared about's my fault they died...I was too young...too weak...

Vicky: *pulls you up* I'm sure they cared about you... I'm sure. 

Fuyuhiko: They didn't...if they did...they wouldn't have neglected me for their precious video games. They wouldn't have left this burden on me...they wouldn't have drove and played that stupid video game at the same time...

Vicky: J-just remember that I care... Okay?

Fuyuhiko: Why would you care...? You don't even know I act...half of it's just an act...

Vicky: If that's how you feel, fine... I just think you're pretty cool but, whatever...

Fuyuhiko: Why would you think I'm cool? I couldn't save...ugh...I'm the weakest person I know, alright?! I...I'll try to cool down and explain, if you want...just...ugh. I want to kill something...

Vicky: If you want to... And don't! Just... Please calm down... D:

Fuyuhiko: *still shaking* How can I calm down when my own weak self couldn't save someone from dying?! Do you know how much of a burden this put on me?! And not to mention the burden of living up to the person's favorite video game character- that's who they wanted me to be! They didn't want me to be me! They wanted me to be their stupid, precious video game character! And I was stupid enough to continue to go on with it!

Vicky: ... I'm sorry that happened... I-I should go now - I don't know what to say... I'm sorry...

Fuyuhiko: Don't. I'll be the one who goes, and if I don't return, then who cares...? I probably just died out there or something. Why would anyone care? *storms off*

Vicky: No, don't! *runs after him*

Fuyuhiko: *comes across a tree stump and sits on it; fighting the impulse to do anything bad*

Vicky: A-are you okay...? 

Fuyuhiko: I'm not...

Mary-Ann: So Fabienna do you have any plans?

Fabienna: *frowns* Plans?

Mary-Ann: What are you going to do?

Amanda: Man, it's kinda' lame here with you guys doin' nothin'! Come on! Let's go swim! Or... or... let's go race! Swimming or racing sounds pretty good right now...! *Stretches*


Chris: Today's challenge is the Hide and Seek challenge.

Billy: Huh, is that all you got Chris?

Chris: It's the one from TDI! Except since Chef isn't here... I will be the one with the water gun trying to spray you, like this! *sprays an intern with a huge blast of water, forcing him back multiple yards*

Billy: *gulp*

Jeff: So, how do we win Chris?

Chris: You have three options. One, do not get discovered in your hiding place while I search for you and be the last one standing. Two, if I do find you, run to the Dock of Shame to touch home base, aka the lifeguard chair, or three, help me find other campers!

Jeff: So I had an advantage for this challenge, correct?

Chris: Yes, your advantage is that if I find you, you will be able to go to another hiding spot around camp without me giving chase. Now before I start, go hide somewhere!

Jeff: *while Chris is turned around, he sneaks underwater while using a tall yet small piece of bamboo to use a a snorkel to breathe, and Chris does not suspect that he is hiding underwater*

Billy: *quietly walking fast, heading for a cave*

Vicky: *runs* D:

Mary-Ann: *uses her powers of being ignored hides behind Chris at all times*

Amanda: *Whispers to herself* I totally got this. *Tiptoes to the middle of the hotel's remains and hides under the rubble*

Apollo: *hides deep in cave* Anyone in here?

Mickey: *shrugs* Meh I'm hungry...*walks to dining area*

Jess: *climbs into a tree*

Chris: Okay... *sadistically with massive water gun* Ready or not, here I come... ;) Anyway *using loudspeaker to reach the whole island* Fuyuhiko is not participating in the challenge, due to depression. *begins searching*

Jack: *paints himself to camoflauge, then climbs another tree and blends in with the leaves*

Billy: *to Apollo* Oh the cave's taken but you can have it. *walks off to hide somewhere else*

Chris: *unaware that Mary-Ann is right behind him, catches Fabienna as she is the only one not hiding yet, and gives chase as he is ready to douse her*

Jack: *is still hiding and camoflauged*

Chris: *blasts Fabienna with water* Gotcha! Now that everyone out in the open is gone, who can I find and blast... *walking, still unaware that Mary-Ann is hiding behind him, unnoticed*

Billy: *out of cave, quickly looking for someplace to hide*

Chris: *kicks mess lodge door down and storms the dining area, sees Mickey and corners him while he is trying to smuggle brownies* Ah ha! I caught you! Did you even know there was a challenge? (Just as a rule, if the user doesn't post in one hour, they get blasted with water) *holds water gun to Mickey*

Mary-Ann: *is silent*

Mickey: Umm I guess I should run *runs away* 

Chris: *because he had Mickey cornered, he is able to trip him while he is running, he lands outside* Your only hope is to reach the life guard chair all the way by the Dock of Shame! *he sees Vicky nearby, as she was just running in panic* Two for the price of one. ;) *blasts water at Vicky, eliminating her* Now I can deal with you Mickey. *corners him again and shoots him* Last hope is to help me find other campers. :)  

Jeff: *still hiding underwater*  

Chris: Now, what was the winning spot in TDI... ah yes! *dives into water and spots Jeff*  

Jeff: *runs out of water* NO! *dives for lifeguard chair but is blasted by Chris* Aw dang it... well I still have that advantage! Just try and catch me in my new hiding spot! *hides behind tree* He'll never find me here-  

Chris: *sprays Jeff again* You're out. ;)  

Jeff: Oh, come on...  

Apollo: *is being silent*

Jack: *camouflaged* 

Mickey: Whatever. *walks around*

Chris: Now that I've looked in the seas, it's time I looked to the skies! *starts shooting at random trees - he runs out of water, so he reloads and aims at the exact tree Jess is hiding in*

Jack: *hides still*

Chris: *sprays Jess* Gotcha. *looks more*

Mickey: Who's left Chris?

Mary-Ann: *still behind Chris forever*

Amanda: *Staying silent under the hotel('s) rubble*

Billy: *still quietly looking for a hiding spot, and comes across the hotel rubble* Perfect! *hides under it, but sees that Amanda has already taken it* Oh, this is taken too... I'll just try to find another hiding spot, I mean unless you wanna hide together but if not, well you know...

Amanda: *Whispering* Err... I mean, as long as you're quiet... and don't get me caught... I'll let you stay. Just, keep it down. (CONF) I only let him stay so I could force him, and maybe force him to force others, to vote who I wanted at least once. If he actually thought I'd let him steal my amazing hiding spot for no price at all... well, he's stupid. (END CONF)

Billy: *hiding* Oh okay, thanks.

Amanda: *Sighs* Whatever.

Chris: *charges into a cave, and aims at Apollo*

Jack: *ye*

Chris: *shoots Apollo with water gun* Almost there! Jack, Mary-Ann, Billy, and Amanda are left! I wonder if there are more in the trees... *aims at trees and he is about to catch Jack*

Jack: *quickly moves higher up the tree and continues to camouflage*

Chris: *as he was aiming in the general tree area, he is still able to get Jack with water* Yeah! I think I got something! *kicks the tree, causing Jack to come crashing down* Three left. :D *begins looking more*

Amanda: *Whispers to herself* When's he finally gonna' catch the rest of 'em....

Billy: *quietly hiding under the hotel rubble with Amanda, not making a sound*

Chris: *quietly searching, however he is unaware he was walking on the hotel rubble and stubs his toe* Youch!

Billy: *whispering to Amanda* I got this, just stay here. *sneaks out of the spot from the back, sneaks into Chris's personal trailer, and buys Bugs Bunny attire off of ebay for $1* This will work. *puts it on, dressed as Bugs Bunny prepared to do a bunch on Looney Tunes inspired tricks to lead Chris away from Amanda's hiding spot* What's up doc?

Chris: Oh nothing much, just hunting some campers. *with the water gun he is about to check under the rubble, and is now very similar to Elmer Fudd*

Billy: *disguised as Bugs Bunny, he tries to draw Chris away* Well I'm sure you'd want a nice meal first huh, doc?

Chris: Listen kid, who are you-

Billy: No one important. *brings out a dining table from the mess hall* Please sit, doc.

Chris: Well okay but where's the food?

Billy: Relax, this will fill you up! *takes out a bicycle pump and attaches Chris's mouth to it* Okay, just relax doc. *pumps air from the bicycle pump to Chris, which inflates him like a balloon* There you are! How do you feel?

Chris: *just as he is about to respond, moving his lips to speak causes him to break away from the bicycle pump and he deflates all over the island, barely speaking* NOOOOOOOOO!!!

Billy: *as Bugs Bunny* Wait up! *runs after him*

Amanda: *Peeks through an open hole in the rubble* Wait, is Chris gone? Actually... are they both gone? Have I won yet? What did I... just hear? What the hell's goin' on?!

Chris: *lands as flat as a pancake* I'm gonna get that bunny! Forget the campers! *because he is so flat, he is able to slither like a snake after Billy*

Billy: *picks up a snake and puts it in a tree he is also climbing up the opposite side* Hey doc, I'm up here!

Chris: Yes! I caught you! *slithers up the tree chasing after what he thinks is a bunny* I got you now!

Billy: I sure you do, doc. *messing with the snake more and more, making it ready to bite him* I'm right here! *jumps off the tree just as the snake tried to bite and Chris slithered up to him*

Chris: *ends up being bitten by the snake instead* Oh come on!

Snake: *takes a liking to Chris*

Chris: Ah! No, no no no! Please don't do second base! No second base! *suddenly he has breathed enough to be normal again, however the snake is angry for not being a snake after all*

Snake: *chases after Chris*

Chris: AH! DON'T HURT ME MR OR MRS. SNAKE! WHOEVER THIS IS IS A LOT TASTIER! *grabs Mary-Ann who's behind him, not even recognizing her*

Snake: *persists and chases more*

Billy: *while Chris is running, he grabs a beehive from the tree and while he is on a low branch, he stuffs the beehive on Chris's head when he runs in his direction*

Chris: *is stung multiple times while running blindly from the snake, shooting water everywhere and runs out of water again* Why? OUCH! OW! Get the beehive off me so these bees will stop- OW, OW, OW! *he eventually ends up aimlessly falling off of the cliff on Camp Wawanakwa, which takes care of the snake but the beehive is stuck on his head* I'm feeling a drop here, whoever you ar- Ouch, another sting! Youch! *hits numerous planes on the way down, is struck by lightning that breaks the beehive, amplifying the pain of the stings, hits his head on a rock, and then his groin on a pillar in the water* My biscuits! *splashes into the water, which reloads his water gun*

Billy: That's all folks! ;)

Chris: *gets out of water with new ammo for the water gun, and squirts the "bunny"* No, that's not all! Gotcha!

Billy: Aw... *his Bugs Bunny mask is forced off, revealing himself*

Chris: Billy? YOU did this?

Billy: Yeah...

Chris: ... Impressive! Why didn't I think of those ideas? :D You're still out though, and so is whoever this is. *grabs Mary-Ann like with the snake and sprays her* The challenge is over! Amanda has won invincibility!

Merged Vote (2)

Chris: Time to vote!

Billy: (CONF) Just another person we gotta eliminate. I vote for Fabienna.

Jeff: (CONF) I vote for Fabienna, didn't help that you were with Luna and you're not doing much without her, so adios.

Amanda: (CONF) Now isn't the time to use my Billy-if-you-don't-tell-them-to-vote-whoever-I-want-I'll-eliminate-you-instead card. I hate to do it, though... he does sorta'-kinda' owe me, after all... right? *Shakes her head a little bit and sighs* But, that doesn't matter right now, because a few of us here are already set on eliminating Fabienna, so... I vote you. (END CONF)

Mary-Ann: (CONF) Apollo.... you are less noticeable that I am..... bye (END CONF)

Vicky: (CONF) Sorry, Fabienna, even though you are kinda cool, I vote you. 

Fabienna: (CONF) Not a easy vote but I'll vote randomly for Billy! (END CONF)

Mickey: (CONF) I vote for Fabienna.

Jack: (CONF) Let's go with...Fabienna. Though, I must say, Billy and Jeff are becoming quite useless...and this makes me angry. Perhaps it will soon be time to let them go...we shall see. And if it gets to be drastic- which I do hope it does! - then *pulls out explosives* removal by injury will work splendidly. Now is the time to start getting more serious. Until now, people have seen me as a comedic goof and idiot who poses no threat...well, we'll see what they think once I'm through.

Fuyuhiko: *still not present*

Apollo: *still hiding* gg

Chris: Cookies go to Amanda, Mary-Ann, Vicky, Jeff, Jack, Mickey, Jess, and... *tosses cookie all the way to Fuyuhiko's stump, uses loudspeaker* Fuyuhiko, you're safe too! Billy, Apollo, and Fabienna, you all got a lot of votes. *tosses cookie to Billy* Billy, you're safe.

Billy: Phew.

Chris: The last cookie goes to... Apollo! *tosses Fabienna away*

Episode 12

Merged Cabin (3)

Jeff: When's Fuyuhiko gonna leave that stump?

Amanda: In... a few minutes. I'll be back. *Smirks as she goes out to Fuyuhiko and his stump* 'Sup.

Fuyuhiko: *eyes closed* ...

Amanda: Why are you so uptight...?

Mary-Ann: *Stares at Jeff*

Jess: Uou guys are weird

Fuyuhiko: *not even in touch with reality right now gl gl* ...

Amanda: *Places her boot on Fuyuhiko's stomach, putting a little pressure under/on it*

Vicky: *walks to Fuyuhiko's stump* Oh. Well, she has a different approach to me, I guess...

Amanda: Ugh! *Takes her foot off his chest and slams it on the ground* I was just trying to... *Notices Vicky* Oh, uh... hey. I was hoping he would say something or do anything, but I haven't gotten a word out of him. It's useless....

Fuyuhiko: ...

Amanda: *Scoots Fuyuhiko over on his stump and takes a seat* So... you, like, depressed or somethin'?

Jess: FUYUHIKO NO!!!! *winks at others* PLEASE NOOOO!!!

Vicky: ... I hope you're okay, Fuyuhiko. You don't have to tell us everything but, sometimes it's easier to let it out...

Mary-Ann: *watches everyone from the trees* Interesting.

Fuyuhiko: *opens eyes after hearing Vicky's words* ...What? What the hell are you all doing here? Why do you care how I am? I'm not even a person, so go care about your own ****ing things. You have better things to do than just watch me, don't you?!

Vicky: Well, sorry. I was just trying to help. *walks away* 

Amanda: I don't give up that easily. What's botherin' you, dude?

Fuyuhiko: Mind your own ****ing business. My life doesn't concern you. It doesn't concern anybody. *leaves*

Amanda: *Hollering to Fuyuhiko* I would follow you but, I don't like dealing with sweet and considerate guys such as yourself! Okay, bye, then...! *Heads back to the cabin* Man, is he a piece of work. (CONF) Seriously, what's wrong with him? He's not going to last in this competition much longer while he's acting like that.... (END CONF)

Fuyuhiko: *finds another tree stump, sits on it, and sighs* My whole life is just some ****ing act and I still keep it up. It's not like I know anything else outside of it...but I won't let them see me like this...I won't let them...look down on me...

Vicky: *sees Fuyuhiko as she's walking back* Oh! Sorry. I guess you want your privacy. If you need me, I'll be at the cabin. *waits here for a few minutes*

Fuyuhiko: ...Wait.

Vicky: Hm? I thought you wanted me to leave me alone?

Fuyuhiko: I don't...I don't know anymore...

Vicky: Oh. I'll go if you want, unless you want to talk?

Fuyuhiko: Don't...go...

Vicky: O-okay. *sits next to him*

Fuyuhiko: I...I should probably tell you now...everything you know about me's a lie. I'm not even a person...I have no personality of my own. I forced the personality of someone's favorite video game together into me and now I don't know how to go back...I'm only telling you because I trust you more than the others...just don't...look down on me.

Vicky: I'm not gonna look down on you. Your personality has shone through when we've conversed, I can just tell. And I love it. 

Fuyuhiko: Most of the time if not all, I've just acted as Kuzuryuu would. So, no, I have none. And I accept just being some lowly impostor or something. I don't even remember how I used to act...I took the mantle and burden at too young an age. I'm probably just going to disappear after this stupid show's over. Not like anyone needs me anyway. 

Vicky: I-I'd love it if we kept in touch because I'm sure you're a great person deep inside - and I want to help you find your personality. 

Fuyuhiko: A great person? A great person wouldn't have let this happen to them...a great person wouldn't be so weak and stupid as I am now. I've never been strong, and I know idea why I thought taking on a tough persona would be a good idea. My right hand's been bad until now when I got my hand burned from the car crash, and now it's literally unusable. I need a cast or glove or something and then I'll just disappear. I won't burden you with all my troubles.

Apollo: Fuyuhiko, are you ok? e-e

Vicky: You're great to me anyway and... Please don't disappear - You honestly are not a burden... (Wtf Apollo you're not with me and fuyuhiko?)

Fuyuhiko: What's so great about me? That's right. Nothing. I'm not helping anyone by staying, I'll just go and that's that. I'm not even a person...

Vicky: no, please don't go - We can toss aside the past, together...

Fuyuhiko: What...? Why would you want to toss aside your past? And even so, I...I don't want to forget...but...even so, I...

Vicky: Just - I want to help you throught redemption... We can do it...

Apollo: (CONF) I Don't know what's wrong with people right now... (CONF END)

Fuyuhiko: I'm not me...I've never been me...why would you want to help a lost cause...? What benefit do you gain?

Vicky: The  benefit of helping someone I really really like start a new chapter in their life... 

Apollo: ... *standing in corner of cabin*

Fuyuhiko: Answer me this then. After all the **** I've caused, why would anyone like me at all? And the worst part wasn't was a ****ing video game was their personality I took on...I...I don't even exist...

Apollo: ... *whistling quietly*

Vicky: I want to help you find that personality... Please...

Fuyuhiko: You don't even know me...I don't even know me...why would you care about a lost cause like me...? Why haven't you left me already? All I've done in my life is be an annoyance. I...I just wish I might think me a fool, but...I want to see her one last tell her I'm sorry for failing her...

Vicky: That's not foolish... And I believe in you, that's why I haven't left you...

Fuyuhiko: Why do you believe in me? Why haven't you left? Any sane person would. I'm just a disappointment. I have nothing of my own. I'm just...taking up the spot of a life someone could use better. I guess I could say that. Well, not to put it in a rude way or anything, but why do you care...? What have I done to deserve anyone's pity? I haven't done ****, ya know...

Vicky: I-I'm not sure, I just want to help - and I care becuase I like you like I said before.

Fuyuhiko: I...I'm still not sure. How can you like me if I've never been me? I'm just an impostor or something like that...well...I just don't sure you don't just like the video game character? Ugh, damn it, why do I have to be so weak...? Even so, I...I...

Vicky: You're not weak - just surpressed. It's finally time to let go and turn over a new leaf, would you agree?

Fuyuhiko: Isn't it too late for that...? I couldn't save two mother's...and my own...I am weak...damn it, why did it have to turn out like this...

Vicky: Oh... I'm sorry about your mother - but - you can save yours. You just need a shoulder to cry on when it gets too much.

Fuyuhiko: Crying...? That would just make me weaker than I already am. And my life is already lost...I don't even remember...any dreams I had of my own...they're is my old personality...

Vicky: Crying doesn't make you weak but ok, and you can rebuild your life, I know you can do it.

Fuyuhiko: How...? All my past years have been lies...all I say...I'm not even sure if it's me saying it. And besides, crying is for the weak and I...I can't be any weaker...I'm not...

Vicky: ... You're not weak... Please believe me...

Fuyuhiko: But, even so...I...I just don't know anymore...

Vicky: It'll be alright - somehow...

Fuyuhiko: How are you so sure...? You have a future and a personality and I don't...but still...I won't let you look down on me as some damn kid...I have to stand up on my two feet and suffer the consequences of my foolish choices...and I'll come through...whether I'll stay or not, that's still a mystery, and whether I talk much now is also one...but even so, I...I'll try. Not like I have anything to lose by trying anyway. Just know, I won't be talking much...I have no personality, so why should I even speak...? Maybe I'll have a few Kuzuryuu-like outburts, but other than that...well, anyway, thanks. I'll make sure you don't look down at me like I'm some damn kid. I might not be a person, but I still won't take **** from anyone! And I definitely won't let anyone treat me like a kid! A promise is a promise...and I'll go through with mine. I'll still probably end up going, but I'll give life another chance, so...thanks.

Vicky: I'm glad you're gonna try... And I won't look down on you. 

Fuyuhiko: Why wouldn't you? After all I've done...well, I'll take your word for it...but I'm also taking your word for helping me, got it?! I admit, I'll need all the help I can I'll be holding you to your word. *eyes open wider; smiles awkwardly* Errr, I mean, if you don't mind, that is. Sorry, not used to not being mean in every sentence.


Vicky: Okay... *reaches her hand out when she is interrupted* Oh, um, okay?

Jeff: AWESOME! HERE MAN, HAVE SOME! *offers to Fuyuhiko*

Fuyuhiko: No, get los- *glances at Vicky and then looks down; sighing* I thanks.

Jeff: AW, C'MON MAN!


Chris: *sleepy from lack of coffee* Okay... hey campers... today's challenge is a TRIATHLON- *snores and falls asleep for 0.00001 seconds and wakes up* Wha? See what you're doing Jeff...


Chris: It's... on... your... other... hand...

Jeff: WHAT- OH I SEE. I UNDERSTAND EVERYTHING NOW... *calming down* Life makes perfect sense... hooray- wait Chris why are you so sleepy?

Chris: *rolls eyes and almost falls asleep in the process* Anyway, today's challenge is a triathlon, three challenges with five pairs of two... most challenges won by a pair wins immunity for the both of them... Okay so, the pairs are Fuyuhiko and Jeff, Vicky and Jack, Billy and Amanda, Apollo and Jess, and Mickey and Mary-Ann... oh, and you're handcuffed. :D First challenge is an eat off of grub from last season. One person will feed their partner, while their partner eats. First to finish wins (10 lines of eating and feeding), the roles have been picked... now do it before I fall asleep... *falls down asleep, while his head hits an alarm set to go off in 10 minutes*

Eating and Feeding

Fuyuhiko and Jeff Eating and Feeding

-Fuyuhiko eats, Jeff feeds-

Jeff: Time to get into overdrive again! *has more caffeine and gets hyper again* I love this stuff- *it kicks in* EAT UP!! *feeds Fuyuhiko rapidly by spoon* (1)

Fuyuhiko: *pushes Jeff away* Yeah, I'm not doing this. *leaves* (1)

Jeff: Come on Fuyuhiko, you know Chris handcuffed us! No use walking in place! *force feeds him more* (2)

Fuyuhiko: Alright, well, then let's try this... *forces spoon out of Jeff's hands* Let's see how you like being fed then! *force feeds Jeff instead* (2)

Jeff: GIMME THAT BROTHER! :D *grabs spoon back* CAFFEINE POWER! *feeds him holding on tight to the spoon* (3)

Fuyuhiko: *pushes Jeff's arm out of the way* I swear- while I may not have a Yakuza Clan by my side, I do have a biker gang ready to beat you to death after this- so unless you want to die after this stupid show, I'd suggest you ****ing stop. Got it? (3)


Fuyuhiko: You're dead after this. (4)

Jeff: *feeds* (5)

Fuyuhiko: *kicks Jeff in the stomach* (5)


Vicky and Jack Eating and Feeding

-Vicky eats, Jack feeds-

Jack: *whistles; pours poison into the food* (1)

Billy and Amanda Eating and Feeding

-Billy eats, Amanda feeds-

Amanda: Let's go, Billy! We can do this! *Grabs the food* I'll give you a few bites, give you a few seconds while you chew, and then more. Okay? We're starting. *Starts feeding the food to Billy* (1)

Billy: Alright. *eats* (1)

Amanda: 1, 2, 3... *Feeds* (2)

Billy: *eats* This is actually kinda good... (2)

Amanda: Then... let's speed this up! *Feeds* (3)

Billy: *eats* (3)

Apollo and Jess Eating and Feeding

-Apollo eats, Jess feeds-

Jess: *feeds the nonexistent Apollo* (1)

Apollo: *kisses Jess* I love you more than I love the sun! I am Apollo and I'mma gonna win! OH YE! (1)

Jess: Erm... This seems very unlike you, as an actress I know. *feeds* (2)

Apollo: *strokes goatee he just grew* I see. *kisses Jess again* I hate you. <3 (2)

Jess: Didn't you have a girlfriend in ASVU? Falona or something? *feeds* (3)

Apollo: My name is Tom. My full name is Jack Apollo Newtron. ;) *kisses again* (3)

Jess: So this Apollo thing was just... like... a role in a play? (4)

Apollo: And kissing you was an act too. You see, I'm actually a spy, miss. ;) And my name...well, I don't even know my own name anymore! I actually hate you! I kept changing my personality every five seconds in hopes someone smart would notice me, but I guess I had to come clean... (5)

Jess: Apollo...Tom...Jack... No! (5)

Apollo: Hm? Surprised I managed to outsmart everyone? I literally was so annoying and never kept the same character for more than five minutes- and none of you ever noticed! *laughs* (6)

Jess: *breaks down crying* NOOO!!! (conf) Laff. (6)

Apollo: I mean- haven't you ever noticed I rarely talk about my military experience or dog-walking farfetched adventures? I don't have any! I made it up as I went! Apollo...Jack...Tom...I have so many names- yet in reality, I have none! I'm just known as "spy"! I'm here to spy to make sure Chris McLean doesn't do anything bad, but I can assure you- I will reporting all of his actions to the Government! (7)

Jess: Really? Then our pain is over! We have been liberated! *rejoices* (7)

Apollo: I'm also reporting your poor, poor acting. It was on par with my level of acting- and that's saying something! (8)

Jess: *dies dramatically* (CONF) I have a friend named Tom-Jack-Tom. He finds flipping off cliffs delicious. (8)

Apollo: Oh. Well, I didn't really like you anyway! (CONF) I once had a friend named Eric. He was cheating on a girl named Megan with her sister, Carly. He somehow survived a violent plane crash, despite having to let go of Carly. But even then, Carly somehow survived, despite being directly hit by the plane! It was quite a spectacle! Why am I telling you this? Because I hate you! (9)

Jess: Aw... (CONF) I have a friend named Young Ace. His bully's brother is Big Ace. It makes sense or something like that. (9)

Apollo: *combs hair* When have you suddenly began to care about me? What- are you in love with me now that you realized I'm much more important than all of you, hmm? (CONF) I remember reading a story once in see- if you hang out behind an ice rink, you and the friend who tried to stop you from doing it get beat up! Literally, just that! Ice rinks sure are dangerous...that's my next mission, actually! Investigating why ice rinks are so dangerous. (10)

Jess: *runs away, crying* (CONF) I had a friend named Marsh. He changed his name to Marge. (10)

Mickey and Mary-Ann Eating and Feeding

-Mickey eats, Mary-Ann feeds-

Mickey: Come on Mary Ann! (1) 

Paddling to Boney Island

Chris: *alarm wakes him up* Huh? Oh, it appears that Apollo and Jess have won the first challenge and they get a point! :D Now, pairs, paddle to Boney Island where your next challenge awaits. (This is mainly for interacting, it'll end once I announce you're there)

Jeff and Fuyuhiko Paddling Interaction


Fuyuhiko: *jumps off the boat*

Shark: *eats Fuyuhiko*


Fuyuhiko: *glances at the shark* Between you and the shark, I'll take my chances dying. *jumps again*

Jeff: *begins sobering up briefly after stopping with caffeine to focus more on Fuyuhiko* What? *catches Fuyuhiko* I thought we were pretty okay! At least tell me why you don't like me, I don't get it... I try to be nice.

Fuyuhiko: I'll tell you what the **** is going on! We are not okay you b******! Do you know what you've ****ing done today?! How annoying you've been?! You literally are one of the worst people I know- the only person I know who's worse is myself! So, shut the **** up and paddle, got it?!

Jeff: Wow... I had no idea- well I had some idea, before I helped heal your hands! Do you know why I even did that? I did that because I considered you my friend! Not like what you're actually saying now, and of course you find me annoying. Everyone does! I shouldn't be mad at you though, you don't even know what I've been struggling with since I was four years old! You don't know my condition... *takes more caffeine and begins fidgeting even more*

Fuyuhiko: A ****ing coffee addiction isn't a condition. And besides, why would anyone in their right minds think of me as a friend? Just get rid of the ****ing coffee. Now.

Jeff: I thought of you as a friend because I'm someone who tries to look for the best in people! I don't judge people at first glance. Also, I worded it like that because it sure feels like a condition. You think I like my paranoia? Do you think I like my anxiety? Do you think I like all those things that ended up coming with my addiction?! Besides, I can't just get rid of it! Clearly you wouldn't know about a coffee addiction because you think it's just that easy, like at the flip of a switch I can just cure myself of this mental prison of insanity and fear! Believe me when I say that I'd love to stop but I'm too far gone to do anything, especially while I'm here!

Fuyuhiko: Don't look for the best in people when someone isn't even a person and has no positive parts in them, idiot...never said you liked it, so stop shoving words in my mouth. Get rid of the coffee. I'll tie you up if I ****ing have to! Look for substitutes. I know my fair share of addictions, but not firsthand. Do you think I have no experience? My mom ****ing got herself killed because she wouldn't put her favorite game down. And I couldn't save her. Do you think I like poking fun at people with addictions- do you actually think I have no idea what I'm talking about- like I only have a television's perspective on what an addiction is?! ****ing drop the coffee. Now. Toss it into the river, and then I'll tie you up for the next week so you won't go without coffee. You'll see you can live. It'll be painful, but you'll get through it.

Jeff: *stunned at the realization that Fuyuhiko's mom did in fact get herself killed from a video game addiction* Oh yeah... wow, I'm sorry, I wasn't thinking... I get kinda hyper from the caffeine, it results in me being kinda crazy, getting little sleep and therefore paranoia... then the conspiracy theorist in me was born- wow, you're right... *tosses all of the leftover caffeine into the water* It's not gonna be easy, but I'm willing to try.

Fuyuhiko: Good. I'll tie you up, alright? You're not getting back into your stupid addiction if I can help it. Anyway, my hand's acting up, so mind if I stop paddling for a bit? The burns might never fully heal, so I have to take caution.

Jeff: Sure. And thanks, I appreciate your help. You're a good guy. 

Fuyuhiko: Don't call people stuff you don't know, because I'm not. Never call me a good or nice guy again, got it? Because that's the biggest lie anyone could ever tell about me. Anyway, just keep on paddling then. I think we're almost there, but I'm not sure.

Jeff: Okay, if you insist... *starts paddling* At the very least though, I like you. Could we be friends?

Fuyuhiko: And why would you want to be friends with a guy like me, anyway? There's nothing to gain from it. So just keep paddling.

Jeff: *paddling* Well as I said, I like you. Just trust that. Plus, you're helping me with my issues, so thanks again. By the way, I was thinking, we might not actually be all that different... well aside from maybe viewpoints on stuff, but we both want to make a new start with our lives don't we? You're helping me, and naturally I want to help you.

Fuyuhiko: There's no reason for you to like me, okay? And uh, I guess? Well...fine. Though, I'm keeping your word on your help, got it?! I'll call off my bike gang- so don't worry about death from me once you leave this game.

Jeff: Okay then, we have a deal. Hopefully we can win this challenge. *paddles*

Jack and Vicky Paddling Interaction

Jack: *plants explosives*

Billy and Amanda Paddling Interaction

Billy: *paddling* So... I hope we win the next challenge...

Apollo and Jess Paddling Interaction

Apollo: *combs hair* What are you doing just standing there? Paddle!

Jess: *paddles like Yohng Ace punches... Powerfully*

Apollo: So, tell me- when did you begin to have a crush on me, dear? I must know! As a spy, it's one of the few pleasures I'll have- getting ladies and men to fall in love with me easily!

Jess: Since me and Tom-Jack-Tom broke up. Cri.

Apollo: Yes, very good! Any particular reason as to why so?

Jess: He fell off a cliff.

Apollo: I assume he flipped? Of course, of course, that's only natural! Am I right or am I wrong?

Jess: He did. And then he came back up and his mom understood. *wipes away tear*

Apollo: Excellent! Just...marvelous!

Mickey and Mary-Ann Paddling Interaction

Mickey: I guess I'm on my own *paddles* 

Get the Cursed Tiki Idol Back in its Cave

Chris: Welcome to the second part of the challenge! Turns out that cursed tiki idol from TDI? Yeah. Chef decided to put it back on Wawanakwa as a "parting gift." Very funny. >.> Anyway, each team has a fifth of the cursed idol in their backpacks, and your job is to race to the cave here on Boney Island, and then toss your part of the cursed idol into the cave. First team to do so wins this round. However, if Apollo and Jess win this one, they automatically win the triathlon, cause it's best 2/3. :D GO! (5 lines for each character in the pair)

Fuyuhiko and Jeff Running

Jeff: We can do this! *runs* (1)

Fuyuhiko: Tch. Can't we just walk? Why do we care about who wins...? *sighs and walks* (1)

Jeff: We'll be immune from being voted off if we win! *runs* (2)

Fuyuhiko: Haven't you seen me through this whole show? I want to get voted off... *walks* (2)

Jeff: *running* Oh? So you don't care about the million? (3)

Fuyuhiko: No? When have I ever stated I care? (3)

Jack and Vicky Running

Billy and Amanda Running

Billy: *runs* C'mon Amanda, even if Jess and Apollo don't win but we still lose we're out of it! (1)

Amanda: *Running with Billy, but skids to a halt* ... *Sighs* Chris, I... *Shouts a little louder* Chris, I have to quit! I'm so sorry, but I can't do this anymore!

Jess and Apollo Running

Mickey and Mary-Ann Running

Mickey: Let's go Mary Ann! *runs* (1) 


Chris: Okay, so Amanda has quit, basically meaning I have to put this episode to a halt because it would mess up schedule if two people got eliminated, no immunity winners this challenge. Although, you can all take away the fact that you had a bit of time to bond... and that's BORING. So next episode is bound to bring the drama and competitive nature out of all of you! Next time, on My Total... Drama... Fresh Batch!

Episode 13

Merged Cabin (4)

Jeff: *walks up to Fuyuhiko* So, how's it going? You never tied me up, kinda fighting the urge for caffeine. D:

Fuyuhiko: I would, but my hands keep ****ing acting up, it's really p***ing me off! Just...hmm...if you ever feel like drinking caffeine, slap yourself. Or something. Just wait a moment for my hands to cool down.

Jeff: I thought- *slaps self* I thought I- *slaps again* I thought I cured your hands already.

Mickey: Wow it sucks to hear about Amanda.

Fuyuhiko: *to Jeff* For the most part, but even then there are times it acts up. And it probably will keep going on for a while. Don't slap yourself too harshly though.

Mary-Ann: *still in the tree* HELP!

Jeff: I'll get you down if you tie me up with this rope, it's complicated but will you? ...nevermind. Billy, could you tie me up for reasons I don't wanna go into?

Billy: Uh, I guess so. *ties Jeff up tight with a rope tightly*

Jeff: *tied up very tightly* I can't feel my arms... and I can't walk... it'll be worth it though, thanks Billy! *hops away*

Billy: Uh, you're welcome... that was weird...

Jeff: *hopping* I can't help but feel I forgot about someone... someone very easy to forget about... *knocks into Mary-Ann's tree, which makes her fall off, however the tree crushes the tied up Jeff and he ends up inside a branch, hops over to Fuyuhiko and all he sees is a talking tree branch* Nothing to see here. *hops off as a tree branch*

Billy: *to Fuyuhiko* I've seen everything.

Fuyuhiko: ...I quit trying to understand life a while ago, and this just explains why. *walks away*

Jeff: *tries to catch up to Fuyuhiko, but trips on a rock and goes down a hill* Wait, it's meeeee....


Chris: Well, I had this super dangerous challenge, but that was apparently too "illegal," and couldn't be used... this is when I would usually just put Chef in to put in the same amount of pain, but noooo, Chef left last season. But that gave me the idea to use the TDA acting challenge! How it's going to work is that the nine of you will be divided into three teams of three, doing a scene of your choice, from a movie, TV show, or something you do yourselves. Best act according to me earns that team of three invincibility. Team 1 is Billy, Jeff, and Jess. Team 2 is Jack, Mickey, and Vicky. Team 3 is Fuyuhiko, Apollo, and Mary-Ann. Get to it!

Team 1 Act (Billy, Jeff, and Jess)

  • Team 1 is planning the scene*

Billy: Just got the greatest idea, we could act out a scene from the Wizard of Oz! Jeff is very helpfully a tree branch right now, so he can be the tree that throws apples at Dorothy, who will be played by Jess. Meanwhile, I'll be... a knight that saves the day! :D

Jeff: Not a bad idea, but I don't recall a knight ever being there.

Billy: Really? It's a really old movie, and I haven't seen it in forever.

Jeff: Same. Oh well, we can roll with it.

  • They are in costume and begin the scene*

Billy: *in clearly too big knight costume* Action!

Jeff: *throws apple at Jess/Dorothy's head, knocking her out* ...That isn't good...

Billy: *enters in knight costume* Dorothy! I have come to save you! *knocks the Jeff Tree out, freeing Jeff from the branch, and carries "Dorothy" on back but suddenly stops* Okay now I know something is out of place...

Jeff: *on ground* Keep going.

Billy: And Dorothy lived happily ever after- wait this isn't right. There's supposed to be conflict- oh crap we forgot the witch.

Jeff: NOOOO-

  • curtains close*

Team 2 Act (Jack, Mickey, and Vicky)

  • Team 2 is planning the scene*

Jack: Meh, not worth my time. *devises game plan tactics*

Mickey: Come on Jack we gotta think of something. 

Jack: You two go do something then, I have better things to do. *yawns*

Chris: You guys might want to hurry up, because so far only Team 1 has submitted something.

Vicky: We should do something about a stupid b**** called Luna.

Jack: Sure...

  • Scene*

Jack: *dramatic storytelling* There once was a twinkie named Luna. She was being hunted by a man named Teruteru Hanamura, as he needed her to beat his brother Hanumaru like his brother Hanamura (the other one did to him). Blah, blah, blah, in the end he found her and ate her instead, as Teruteru Hanamura learned the power of friendship. It's not a play, but meh.

Team 3 Act (Fuyuhiko, Apollo, and Mary-Ann)

  • Team 3 is planning the scene*

Apollo: I suggest we do a spy film! I have the experience required, of course! But, why are we handicapped for this challenge? There's only two of us...? I believe, anyway...

Fuyuhiko: Yeah, whatever, I'm not doing it. Go ahead and play all the parts for all I care. I'll just watch or something.

Chris: Hurry up! The only submission is Team 1 and I gotta say, their's sucks.

Billy: *off screen, distant* Hey!

Apollo: Why, what a splendid idea Fuyuhiko!

Fuyuhiko: ...What?

Apollo: Lights...Camera...ACTION!

  • Begin*

Apollo 1: Oh, my darling how are thou this beautiful day? Thys eyes shine bright like blue crystals in a sea of diamonds!

Apollo 2: How are thou romantic and sweet! 

Apollo 3: Well, lookey here, I can gosh darn sing! *sings song* I love you both.

Apollo 1: But, we love each other-

Apollo 2: Isn't that enough?

Apollo 3: *turns into Bowser* No, you will love me now!

Apollo 1: OH DEAR ME!

Apollo 2: I shall save thee, my sweet! *throws a twinkie at Apollo 3*

Apollo 3: NOT INTO THE PIT, IT BURNS! *sucked into a random books*

Apollo: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand scene!

Challenge Results

Chris: Okay, first off I think it's obvious that Team 1's performance was definitely terrible, with horrible effort and everything. Billy, Jeff, and I can't believe I'm saying this but also Jess, none of you should pursue acting as a future career. However it is close between Team 2 and Team 3. Jack, I love the new Hanamura trend happening recently, but it's not enough to stop the stellar performance of Team 3. Great use of a one-man act by Apollo! So that means... Apollo, Fuyuhiko, and Mary-Ann win immunity!

Merged Vote (3)

Jeff: (CONF) immunity? D: *votes Jess*

Billy: (CONF) Why'd you have to be knocked out that badly? Our act was worse than the Star Wars prequels, The Last Airbender, and The Lone Ranger combined - well maybe not that bad, but pretty close. Hopefully this works. *votes Jess*

Fuyuhiko: (CONF) All you've done is be an annoyance. It's time you go already, I'm not sure why you're still here when you haven't done anything. *votes Jess*

Jack: (CONF) All is going according to plan...I vote Jess. Why? As a fellow actor or actress she will soon be able to discover my ruse- not to say I have one. So, she must die in the pits of a book.

Mickey: (CONF) Sorry Jess but I gotta vote for you.

Vicky: (CONF) Jess.

Chris: Same as always, if you do not receive a freshly baked cookie, that means you have been voted off. The cookies go to... Apollo, Fuyuhiko, Mary-Ann, Jeff, Billy, Vicky, and Mickey. Jack and Jess, this is the final cookie. The last cookie goes to... Jack! *tosses Jess away on flying saucer* No dramatic exit? Oh well.

Episode 14

Merged Cabin (5)

Jack: *pretends to nap*

Fuyuhiko: ...

Billy: *does random but epic skateboard stunts* Woohoo! (CONF) You know, although I'm usually a pretty unlucky guy most of the time, through my experiences on Total Drama I've gotten a lot more confident. I mean, if I can survive one of the toughest shows ever, then I can handle anything in the real world! (NON-CONF) *backflips off of a cliff, grabs onto a tree branch mid-fall and lands on feet right by the supposedly asleep Jack* What's up Jack?

Jack: *continues pretending to nap*

Billy: Oh, you're asleep. *channels TDAS Alejandro and leaves on hands*

Jeff: *walks up to Fuyuhiko* What's up?

Fuyuhiko: Huh...? Oh, nothing. Just wondering about what I'll do when this show's over. I promised Vicky I'd stay, but it's sort of hard to do...

Jeff: Well, perhaps you can start checking out other things, perhaps as a way to identify interests and dislikes, as your own person. It can happen, better late than never, right? By the way, the show actually is almost over. I can't believe only eight of us are left... maybe that's why it's been so quiet.

Mickey: So what's going on guys? 

Fuyuhiko: And how do you suggest I do that? I don't know what I like or don't seems like you and Vicky know more about me than I do...

Vicky: And we can help you discover who you really are... Right?

Jeff: *to Vicky* Right! *to Fuyuhiko* As I said, perhaps just start to form personal opinions after checking stuff out, maybe TV shows, movies, sports, pets, anything there is to like or dislike. I think starting to form your own opinions that isn't how Kuzuryuu would think is a great step to forming your own identity.

Fuyuhiko: I guess so...but how the **** am I going to know if the Kuzuryuu personality or my own will be the one responding? I can't control that.

Jeff: Hmm, this could be trickier than I thought... well, let's start by clearly defining your own personality traits that are easy to see, like... you'd consider yourself as an intelligent person, right?

Fuyuhiko: How the **** am I supposed to know?

Jeff: If you were academically intelligent or street-smart as Kuzuryuu, it's something that would be applied to you also, right? Because you only have one brain, so luckily knowledge with Kuzuryuu will always be something you carry. So with this in mind, do you think of yourself as smart?

Fuyuhiko: I consider myself to have common sense if that counts for anything?

Jeff: Yes, that counts as smart. You see, there are traits about you that can potentially be similar to Kuzuryuu, which is inevitable and it's important to outline these things so you know what is also a part of you and what you shouldn't try to change. Now with that, what do you feel you also share with Kuzuryuu besides being relatively smart? Are you just as bluntly honest as him?

Fuyuhiko: This isn't ****ing working- this is just making me feel worse. What kind of ****ty idea was this, anyway?

Jeff: It's going to work, trust me. The point is to identify what exactly your own personality is. Anyway, now for the differences... before I start listing, I want to try to reach you. I know you don't know specifically, but what do you MOST want to say in how you're different from Kuzuryuu? I'm sure you may not want to acknowledge this, but I know the most glaring difference - you're a pretty good person.

Fuyuhiko: We've already been over this. There's no way in hell I'm a good person, so shut up, okay? We're getting nowhere with this. It's already getting irritating.

Jeff: Okay but, why do you hate being called nice? Most consider it a compliment. Also if you weren't nice, why did you help Vicky out after she got hurt all the way back in the second challenge?

Fuyuhiko: Yeah, I was going to let some idiots pelt her with paintballs and possibly hurt her. Sounds like a smart thing to do. *sighs* No, I guess there's something. I'd rather not resort to violence unless provoked or necessary, if you haven't noticed. I don't like taking things too far. But anyway, that's not nice- that's cowardice and debunks your whole point. I'm not a nice person okay?!

Jeff: Fine... although I have noticed some differences, for example you're a pretty good cook. Are you interested in cuisine?

Fuyuhiko: Uh, yeah I guess that's something. Cooking's alright, I guess...

Jeff: See? If that's something you enjoy than that can be part of your own personality, with interests and it can contribute to opinions and stuff. Just remember, unlike Kuzuryuu, you're real.

Fuyuhiko: ...Am I real? I'm just living someone else's life, not my own. I have none, I wasted it when I made this choice.

Jeff: Of course you're real, relating to a video game character or not. Kuzuryuu is a character developed and programmed for a video game sequel, you're an actual human, living, breathing, everything. Plus if you weren't real, you wouldn't be able to feel emotions like the ones you're feeling now; upset, confused, and insecure... living up to a fictional character or not, every human being will inevitably have these emotions, it's impossible not to.

Fuyuhiko: ...Shut up. Do YOU know what it's like living a fake life?! Losing yourself to do what you thought someone would have wanted?! Barely having any personality of your own- I'm just a lie! My whole existance! My life doesn't benefit anyone...and it definitely doesn't benefit my think before you talk like you're hot ****! You hear me?! At this point...I'm not even a person. And I don't want to drag you two down with me! You both have potential for good lives! Me? I have nothing! All I have is my biking gang- and that won't last forever! I'm not dragging you guys down with me...I'm not involving you in my problems. They're my own and with them, I dug my own grave. I made my decisions and these are the consequences. I dug my own grave. I'm not taking you two with me! So, go live your lives and leave me alone!

Jeff: I have to say, I don't know what it's like, but I'm sure you'll be able to at least try to stop while you can. I had an addiction to caffeine and you pushed me to stop. I thought it would be the most unbearable, let alone impossible, thing ever and now I haven't had a theory in days. I admit that you definitely have it worse than I ever did, but that doesn't mean I'm not giving up on my friend. You may question why I consider you so and my answer is that I simply care about you, and I believe that you have as much potential as me and Vicky. Also, I have a few questions. You don't have just your biker gang, if me and Vicky didn't like you then why would we be trying so hard to help you right now? That's why we're not leaving. Another question is, why do you feel your life doesn't benefit anyone when you clearly have two people right in front of you trying to find some way to help you as you helped me?

Fuyuhiko: I don't want you two to go through all this trouble- do you know how ****ing hard it will be to actually make my own personality? Do you think I want to waste your potentials on me? Because I don't. I don't want you to help me and waste your potential, because I actually don't have any potential at all. So just ****ing go and shut up.

Jeff: Fine, I'll be going, but please remember that we just want to help you out - if you need us, we'll be here. Anyway, it's getting late, we should probably get to sleep. *walks into the cabin and sleeps*

Jack: Ah, finally...I thought they'd all never go to bed...let's see here... *pulls out a stick of dynamite* I can't injure all of them, but...let's try this. *lights dynamite and quickly puts it under the person closest to him- Billy-'s pillow and runs out of the cabin*

Jeff: *briefly woken up by the noise Jack makes running out of the cabin - all he gets to see of Jack is a shadowed figure of his build with tan skin* Hmm... never mind. *falls back asleep in a few seconds*

Billy: *practically blown up by dynamite and yells in pain, waking everyone up*

Jeff: *immediately woken up again* What the heck? *sees Billy and is in shock* Chris! Billy's hurt!

*The next day...*

Chris: Yeah... looks like Billy randomly blew up. Luckily he was saved by the multiple layers of sleeping bags he was wearing to keep himself warm - it was a pretty chilly night, however he is still definitely in no condition to compete any longer. So... looks like Billy is eliminated by injury.

Jeff: Aw... bye Billy! :(

Billy: *muffled by full body cast making him difficult to understand* Don't worry, whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger, I wonder who did it though?

Chris: *tosses Billy away on flying saucer* Anyway, time for the challenge!


Chris: Well, the reason it was so cold last night was because I was hard at work to temporarily freeze the island to do the World Tour challenge from the Yukon! There are no flag poles here though. Basically the challenge is to run all the way across the island to the finish line pulling a very heavy sled. First to cross the finish line wins invincibility! GO! (6 lines)

Jeff: *runs with sled* (1)

Vicky: *runs* (1)

Jeff: *runs with sled* (2)

Vicky: *runs*(2)

Mickey: *runs* (1)

Vicky: *runs* (3)

Jeff: *runs with sled* (3)

Vicky: *runs* (4)

Mickey: *runs* (2)

Vicky: *runs* (5)

Jeff: *runs with sled* (4)

Vicky: *runs* (6) Yay! :D

Chris: Vicky has finished and she wins invincibility!

Merged Vote (4)

Jeff: (CONF) *votes Mary-Ann* Who are you again? How did you get this far?

Vicky: (CONF) Mary-Ann.

Fuyuhiko: (CONF) I'm no one's trouble anymore...I'm done being anyone's problem...I vote myself. I'm sure the others will get along just fine without me. I know what I'm doing, but I never wanted the money in the first place, so in the end...I really don't ****ing care. This place is respectable enough. It's the one thing I can look back on and be proud of.

Jack: (CONF) I shall abstain my vote for a bit longer...I need some time to think of who I should try to send packing. Let's see here...well, there are many people who I can see as threats to my plan...for now I will...Mary-Ann. Her stealthiness is quite threatening after all. Ah, that works. There's my vote.

Mickey: (CONF) I vote Mary Ann

Chris: The cookies go to Vicky, Mickey, Apollo, Jeff, and Jack. Fuyuhiko, you're here because you want to go home. Mary-Ann... who are you? The final cookie goes to... Fuyuhiko! Congratulations! ;) *tosses Mary-Ann away on a flying saucer*

Episode 15

Merged Cabin (6)

Jeff: *thinking on the stairs of the cabin, pondering about how Billy blew up* Hmm... it doesn't add up. (CONF) It's physically impossible for Billy to blow up at random, so obviously this was an intentional act of a truly evil individual. This is not one of my conspiracy theories, I'm over that. This is simply common sense. Now who could have done it though? Not me, Billy's not stupid enough to blow himself up, Fuyuhiko would rather try to find a way to get himself out of here right now, no reason to suspect Mickey, Vicky's nature simply wouldn't do that and as for Apollo? I don't understand him either but I don't think he'd sink to such horror. That leaves Jack... oh my gosh this makes perfect sense. Not only does he have a rather unpleasant personality, but he's also proven to be quite destructive, obsessed with chaos and destruction. I could definitely see him being insane enough to do this! When I even got a glimpse of what happened minutes before the explosion, I noticed his build and tanned skin tone. Sort of reminds me of someone, also with the same deep, menacing voice... holy crap I know who this guy is. He's not insane, he's evil, I gotta tell the others. Hopefully they believe me, I do have a reputation as a crazy conspiracy theorist.

Mickey: So, uh, how's everyone doing? 

Jack: *overhearing Jeff's confessional* What?! How did he- no. I know what I must do. *waits for Jeff outside the confessional*

Jeff: *exits the confessional and sees Jack* Oh, it's you. The jig is up, I figured out who you are. 

Jack: You might have, yes, but is anyone really going to believe a caffeine-addicted conspiracy theorist? I have been quiet in the game thus far, observivng how all of you have acted...I know some stuff about you none of the others do- I know Fuyuhiko's semi-secret. I know many things. I've kept my hands clean of blood as of late- there is no reason for anyone to not trust me besides the fact that I like explosives- and once again, may I bring up the fact you're a conspiracy theorist? You say my jig is up? What about yours, hmm? Thinking about all of this, who do you think everyone will trust? I will give you one last chance- do as I say, and I'll let you stay. Do not, and you have a ticket back home. Your game is officially over regardless, but if you wish to make your family proud a higher placing wouldn't what do you say? Partners? Or next elimination bait?

Jeff: Well first of all, I'm an ex-caffeine-addicted conspiracy theorist, but I haven't been too public with that development, so yeah they may not. But there's nothing wrong with trying to warn the others about your barbarity, whether it's likely to work or not, plus I can picture quite a few people who will believe it. And as for your offer, my answer is a blunt no. I would rather be eliminated than let my friends go down like Billy did. If I'm going down, I swear to whoever's in charge of the universe I will bring you down with me.

Jack: It's my word against yours, then. What a shame. I was looking forward to using you as my test subject. Ah, well. I've been quiet 'til now, so why wouldn't they believe me compared to you? You're finished.

Jeff: We'll see then, won't we? *walks away*

Jack: Hmph. *sees Apollo and quickly pulls him over to the side and pins him to a wall* Hey, buddy.

Apollo: Huh? What was that for?! 

Jack: You didn't expect your secret to stay hidden, did you? (CONF) Actually, that nutjob is the only one I could nothing on. His dish is clean...besides that spy thing, but I'm pretty sure everyone knows that by now.

Apollo: My did you-

Jack: Now's not the time for questions, my friend. Now's the time for keeping your secret safe.

Apollo: This spy won't befall any of your trickery! I swear it on my badge of espionage! You're finished-

Jack: I'll throw in a McDonald's gift card...

Apollo: Let's hear your offer then!

Jack: You vote Jeff with me in exchange for this gift card and the secrecy of your...well, you know.

Apollo: I do know!

Jack: After you vote Jeff, I just need you to try one thing for me...but it won't hurt much, I'm sure...

Apollo: You have yourself a deal! I will vote Jeff tonight. Now if you'll excuse me, I must rehearse for my new act after this show is over.

Jack: I'll leave you to it...*Apollo walks away* Time for a game of disappearing Jeffs...

Jeff: *walks over to Fuyuhiko* Hey Fuyuhiko, I need to talk to you about something really important, concerning everyone here.

Fuyuhiko: I thought I told you- *sighs* well, okay. Fine. What is it?

Jeff: Well, what I'm about to say will... shock you, but I want you to know that I'm being completely serious when I'm saying this, with some actual thought in it. What I'm saying is, Jack is actually *whispers his real identity to Fuyuhiko*

Fuyuhiko: *sighs* This is another one of your conspiracies, isn't it?

Jeff: It's not a conspiracy, it's a fact I swear. This one isn't baseless like the others, I thought about the possibility a lot after Billy blew up. I don't trust Jack, I don't imagine you would either?

Fuyuhiko: I don't either, but what proof do you got then?

Jeff: So far, logic is my proof. They both have the same ominous voice, same build, and don't you think it's a little weird how obsessed he is with destruction and chaos? Honestly I'm surprised no one else figured it out yet...

Fuyuhiko: Maybe you're on to something...but, it could just be a coincidence. I have a lot of similar stuff to Kuzuryuu- it doesn't mean I'm the same person after all. This is your first theory that might make some sense though...

Jeff: Well yeah, but even if that's not who Jack is though, it's still not a good idea to keep someone like him around, for everyone's safety. What do you say, vote him out?

Fuyuhiko: ...*sighs* Alright, fine. But if you're wrong...

Jeff: Trust me, this is the truth, and in the future we'll look back on this being glad we made the decision we made. Thanks Fuyuhiko. *leaves to convince Vicky* Hi Vicky, do you have a moment? 

Vicky: Um, sure? What's up?

Jeff: Well, what I'm about to say may stun you but Jack... isn't actually Jack. He's pretending to just be this guy who likes explosives, but really he's *whispers Jack's real identity to Vicky*. He's also the one responsible for injuring Billy badly enough for him to need to be evacuated. Just compare both of their tendencies; we need to vote Jack out if the others are going to have any bit of safety on this show. You in?

Vicky: ...Right. Sure.

Jeff: Okay, awesome. Thanks Vicky. 


Chris: Today's challenge is simple - maintain your balance on this balance beam in the middle of Lake Wawanakwa. Of course, there are deadly, man-eating sharks circling the water, so once you fall off let's hope you're a fast swimmer. ;) The last one on who hasn't lost their balance wins immunity. Begin! (Basically, if you don't post that you're balancing every thirty minutes, you're out. Simple but a challenge.)

Jeff: *balances* Huh, that all you got McLean? 

Mickey: *balances* My balancing talents should really help me here.

Vicky: *balances*

  • Fuyuhiko, Jack, and Apollo lose their balance and fall off* 

(It's been 30 minutes)

Chris: Three left, looks like it's narrowing down! 

Mickey: *balances*

Vicky: *balances*

  • Jeff falls off* 

Jeff: Woah! *lands by shark, which grins at him* AH! *runs back to shore immediately*

Chris: Two left!

Mickey: *balances*

  • Vicky loses her balance and falls off* 

Chris: Well, it looks like Mickey has won immunity! 

Merged Vote (5)

Jeff: (CONF) *votes Jack* I told you I would expose you, and mark my words, I will. The question is if I do it directly or through others I have warned, but either way you're going down. Hopefully, that time is now.

Mickey: (CONF) Sorry Jeff, but it's your time to go.

Vicky: (CONF) Meh, Mal is a threat but... *votes Jeff* oops

Jack: (CONF) *votes Jeff* Plain and simple.

Fuyuhiko: (CONF) *accidentally votes Jeff while not paying attention*

Chris: Well, after some very revealing confessionals during voting, the cookies go to Mickey, Vicky, Apollo, and Fuyuhiko. The final cookie goes to... 

Jeff: *glances at Jack/Mal, then calmly waits for the final cookie to be announced, knowing he is probably the one going*

Chris: ... Jack! Any final words Jeff?

Jeff: I do. *to Vicky and Fuyuhiko* Never forget that guy is Mal, he has to be eliminated soon... also... *to Vicky, whispering* Don't give up on him, I know that somewhere, Fuyuhiko has his own personality. *to Chris* I'm ready. *tossed away on flying saucer* WOOHOO!

Episode 16 

Merged Cabin (7)

Jack: *alone in the cabin with Apollo* Apollo, stand...right there.

Apollo: Here?

Jack: Yes, yes, perfect. X marks the spot, correct?

Apollo: I assume? Just what is it you're having me do anyway?

Jack: Oh...nothing much. Here. *tosses Apollo the McDonald's gift card* Alright. Good-bye. *pulls out remote and presses button*

Apollo: W-wait, wha- *is sent flying by the explosion and is never heard from again*

Vicky: ... He was a waste of space anyway.

Chris: *via loudspeaker* So true. Meet me for today's challenge! 


Chris: Welcome to the final four! Today's challenge will split you into two teams of two. You are to spend one night in the woods with your partner, setting up camp, hunting for food, and basically interact with each other before getting up bright and early to race back to the campgrounds. First pair back wins invincibility for the both of them. Lets see... the two pairs will be Jack and Mickey, and Fuyuhiko and Vicky. *hands out a map and compass to each team* Now get to your campsites! 

Walking to Campsite 

Fuyuhiko and Vicky 

(10 lines to get there)

Fuyuhiko: *walks* This is getting seriously annoying... (1)

Vicky: *walks* I  know, ugh. (2)

Fuyuhiko: *walks* I feel like he's not even trying am I still in? That one Roxanne person didn't make it this far when they wanted to be out, so why am I still in when I want to be out? No one likes me and I don't like them. I just want out. (3)

Vicky: Well, why don't you quit? (4)

Fuyuhiko: Quit? That's a coward's way out...and I've been enough of a coward. I'll keep going until my bad luck stops, I guess, but doesn't mean I'll enjoy it... (5)

Vicky: Oh... (6)

Chris: *runs up* There you are! Back to camp cause I'll die before this challenge is won.

Jack and Mickey 

(10 lines to get there)

Mickey: Let's go *walks* (1)

Jack: *throws pop tart at Mickey* Hey! You! (2)

Chris: *runs up* There you are! Back to camp cause I'll die before this challenge is won.

Chris's Trailer

Chris: Well, it's been two weeks since I last heard from the campers. If they haven't died I'll have to go find them myself. *eats pop tart Jack threw, which somehow landed in his trailer and walks off*

???: *hiding under Chris's trailer in an underground base* Excellent. Do your thing fellas.

???: You got it boss.

???: Yeah, count on us, we won't blow it.

Merged Vote (6)

Chris: No one's immune tonight! You guys stink at surviving. Why if we were just a parody of some reality show in a different universe you'd never make it past Day 1. Anyway, time to vote. :D

Jack: (CONF) Time to tip the scale- wait, no...doesn't sound right. Time for a game of disappearing Vickys. Alright, I've packed my "ingredients" here. *pulls out sack* A bit heavy for this weakling body...were I in complete control this would be far stronger, but alas...well, anyway. Time to cause some mental destruction this time and write a couple of Vicky votes...I believe I have the papers in here. Right. *begins writing on blank papers with a pen* Vicky. Vicky. and...Vicky. There. Time to put this pen back, as well as the real votes and...wait. What are my explosives doing here? And why are they lit. What- I...*rip*

Chris: Okay, it looks like Jack just blew up so gg. Welcome to the Final 3 Fuyuhiko, Vicky, and Mickey! 

???: *tries to run up to Chris for unknown reasons, but is stopped* 

???: *hold him back* Patience my friend... our time will come...

Episode 17 

Merged Cabin (8)

Mickey: Woah final three! 

Vicky: Yay.

Fuyuhiko: Meh.


Chris: Today's challenge is a classic. Previously used as the semi-finals endurance challenge in TD vs. Custom, all you need to do is keep your hand on this pole. Take your hand off after it starts aching, you're out. Last one standing wins immunity and gets to pick who to take with them to the final 2. You may begin! (Post every 30 minutes to keep yourself in, otherwise you'd be out of the challenge.)

Fuyuhiko: *hangs on to pole*

*Vicky and Mickey fall off because Electra and ACTN didn't post in the half hour they had gg*

Chris: Just like that, Fuyuhiko wins immunity!

Fuyuhiko's Vote

Chris: Okay Fuyuhiko, state in the voting confessional who you vote out and why. Welcome to the final 2!

Fuyuhiko: (CONF) Wow, I'm still here. Honestly, I don't see why I am. This whole thing is stupid, but...I know someone who does deserve to be here. They should have won the challenge, but whatever. I'm taking Vicky to the final two. She's a kind spirit, so I'll just consider this repayment for all the good she's done me. Doesn't change the fact that I might disappear, but...yeah. Sorry, Mickey. You're out of here. I wish it was me too.

Chris: Looks like it's you Mickey! *tosses him away on a flying saucer*


Merged Cabin (9)

Vicky: Yay.

Fuyuhiko: Meh...

Vicky: Fuyuhiko... I know this may be a little intrusive... But I always wanted to ask you, do you like cheese?

Fuyuhiko: That's actually one thing I've always known about myself, that might separate me from who I thought I once was...I like cheese every now and then, but that's it.

Vicky: Have you ever... you know... looked at the sky and thought, "I wish I could fly?" You'd be vulnerable to bows... But, still.

Fuyuhiko: ...Uh, not really. I never was one for flying.

Vicky: ... I can fly. Wanna see?

Scott: *randomly pops out of the ground* That would be delightful. :) *gets a bomb out of his pocket* Let's make her fly! :D

Chris: *runs up and pushes Scott away* NOOOOO!!! These kids are too young to- um, cause the cancellation of the series by death? Uh... come with me finalists.

Final Challenge

Chris: *standing in front of a large map of the island* Okay, somehow Scott and Jack breached security and intelligence finds that they have two people working for them as well. The fact that they popped up out of the ground implies they must be approximately underground in this general area. *points to specific area in the woods on the map* Race to that area, get inside his secret base, and shut off the bombs they plan on using to destroy the whole island. Once you stop him, the RCMP will be able to enter and assist you, and they one who stops the island from getting destroyed is the official winner of My Total Drama: Fresh Batch! What are you waiting for? RUN!!!

(6 lines to get to the area of the woods, where Chris will give further instruction)

Vicky: *runs* yay

Fuyuhiko: You go on ahead. I don't really care. This whole thing was a mess and I just see no point in continuing. Good luck with your island problems, I quit.

Chris: Just like that, Vicky wins! But, what about- 


Chef: pwned 

Chris: Ch-Chef? You're back! Please join the show again, because I'm honestly a wreck with you... it's rare I admit this, especially on camera, but lets face it, you made the show, not me. Without you, I was just about ready to end the show. Your not just a fellow production member but I actually consider you my only actual friend here. I know what I say to you sometimes might rub you the wrong way but I'll treat you a lot better if you stay, because I'm actually quite lost without you. 

Chef: ...

Chris: I'll give you a raise.

Chef: ...

Chris: ...Please...

Chef: ... <3 *hug*

Scott: *dragged away by RCMP kicking and screaming* You'll regret this McLean! I'll never get mental help!

  • one hour later* 

Psychologist: Now when did these feelings start happening Scott?

Scott: When I got voted off a reality show. 

Psychologist: I can't even begin to understand you, son. 

  • back at Wawanakwa*

Billy the Intern: Sir, the bomb. 

Chris: Wah? OH CRAP RUN. *swims away from island with Chef, interns, Fuyuhiko, and Vicky*

  • Wawanakwa blows up* 

Chris: Time to find a new island...