Time for one of the biggest seasons ever! In this all-star season, we will have the best of the best compete strategically, physically, and socially in the biggest challenge yet, or risk being eliminated in the Flush of Shame! 15 all-stars, one winner! $1,000,000!



  1. Mike - SKX (WINNER)


  1. Scott - S321
  2. B - S321
  3. Griffin - SoaringSpirits
  4. Kyndel - SoaringSpirits
  5. Anne Maria - SoaringSpirits
  6. Derek - S321
  7. Alejandro - Sunsummer7
  8. Bridgette - MPPS
  9. Paper - TrentFan
  10. Dawn - TrentFan
  11. Gwen - Sunsummer7
  12. Lindsay - Sunsummer7
  13. Courtney - MPPS
  14. Noah - TrentFan
  15. Heather - MPPS

Elimination Table

Rank Player Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
1st Mike Debuts in Episode 7 SAFE LOW SAFE WIN SAFE WIN WIN WINNER
14th Griffin SAFE WIN OUT
15th B WIN OUT
16th Scott OUT


  • 1: Heather was originally voted off, but she had an immunity idol and the remaining votes sent Dawn home.
  • 2: Heather and Lindsay's votes were a tie, so Heather tricked Lindsay into eliminating herself.


Chris: Come on in, All-Stars!

Heather: *arrives* Another season? Ugh, just hand me the million and let me walk away already.

Courtney: *puts her arm out in front of her, blocking her path* Not so fast. I am a C.I.T. I've been trained for this stuff, if anything, you're going down.

Bridgette: Girls, please. Let's not fight.

Courtney: *glares* Pfft, you, of all people, trying to intervene?

Heather: You make me sick, both of you.

B: *walks off the plane in slo-mo* Thank you! Thank you very much!

Scott: The three stooges are back!

Derek: *pops out of the ground* And better than ever! Hyuk hyuk hyuk!

Lindsay: Hi! I'm Lindsay! I'm glad to be back at... what's the show called again?

Gwen: *arrives* It's Total Drama. *sighs*

B: *to Derek and Scott* But one of you needs to be Curley, so off with the hair! *takes out a razor*

Scott and Derek: *point fingers at each other* IT'S HIM*

B: *plays einey meeny miney mo, and lands on Scott, than hands him the razor* Well, it's you ol' chum! *smirks*

Scott: *glares at B and shaves his hair off* Now we're complete...

Courtney: Are you three... even legal?

Bridgette: (CONF) Being an antagonist really screwed things up for me. Why did I do it? Pressure... I don't know. Maybe, well, actually being a decent person will get me far.

B: What's that supposed to mean? I mean, I know what it means, but in this context?

Courtney: Jusr don't expect to make it far.

B: Touche! If I'm going down early, you're going down with me!

Chris: Since Anne Maria's name was drawn out of a hat earlier, she will go to the team that loses the first challenge. *hands out team buffs to contestants* Head to your campsites!

Episode 1

Players Cabin (1)

Lindsay: *sighs, feeling alone* (CONF) In World Tour, I was eliminated by an alliance... I didn't have many friends. I want at least one! (NON-CONF) I need a friend... any friend.

Heather: (CONF) Lindsay? An All-Star? That's like calling a Flip-Flop, Steven Dawkings or whatever his name is. (END CONF) So, Lindsay? Looking for a friend? (CONF) That moron would probably join me anyway.

Lindsay: Of course!

Heather: Nice to have you with me. *glares at Scott* Hey, ginger snaps, get over here. (CONF) Way too easy. Is this game even worth playing anymore?

Scott: *comes over* What the h*** is it?

Lindsay: *to Heather* So, are we friends?

Heather: *to Lindsay* Sure. *snickers, and shoots daggers at Scott* Whoa, first of all, you've got things the wrong way around. *signals Lindsay to agree* I give you attitude and you accept it, and move on with your shallow, pathetic life, not vice versa. It wouldn't work. Second of all, fine, no alliance for you, unless you accept these policies. And if you ever throw a challenge, without my call, you're a goner. Us three will make the final 3 and merge, under my​ policies.

Lindsay: *gets the signal* Okay, I agree with Heather!

Scott: *to Heather* Woah, woah, woah. You're not the despot of this! We're co-operating. We run strategies by each other and agree. As Machievelli once said, "The ends justifies the means". We'll do whatever it takes to reach the final stages of the game.

Heather: *hi-fives Lindsay* She is the prime example of a worthwhile alliance member. (CONF) More like the prime example of a Flip-Flop with a half-brain cell. (END CONF) Sorry bud, you follow my orders, or you're on your own.

Scott: *glares at Heather* Deal, but I get to actually have a say in things! I saw the s*** you pulled in Island and you failed! Contrary to what you think, you're not the only person here with a functioning brain!

Heather: *whispers* Keep your mouth shut, don't bring up anything, and maybe I'll give you some say in what we do. But for now, I want to hear an apology. I made the final 3. I saw that crap you pulled in Revenge. Yeah. Whoopie-doo. 

Scott: *whipers* Fine, I apologize, and if you don't give me say, I'm more than willing to reveal what you did to everyone!

Dawn: *meditates randomly*

Heather: They know, they don't care. So you shut up, you get say, don't even bother with your stooges, and let me do some work, while you use your half-brain cell to think of strategy, and I have to agree with it. *walks to Dawn* Meditation? Wow, you're so unique, and peaceful. (CONF) Eww. Creep.

Dawn: Thanks.


Heather: Wow, I totally agree with you about Mother Nature needing support! Infact, I'm totally donating a good amount of my winnings to charity, to help improve our world! Compassionate, and supportive people like you should win, and I could help you win that. (CONF) The most I'd donate, is a million dollars. To myself, of course. Mother Earth can go - (END CONF) You know what, Scott? Just, leave.


Heather: *pulls him aside, and whispers* We'll work this out later, just let me do what I need to do first. *Back to Dawn, and puts on a fake smile* So, what do you say?

Dawn: Sure.

Lindsay: *walks to Heather* So, BFF! Can I walk with you a minute? I have some questions.

Scott: (CONF) Heather thinks that I have no rights and will willingly serve as her subordinate! I'm the author of MY fate buddy!

Heather: (CONF) Ok, so I've got Flip-Flop, Icky Ginger Snaps, and Freaky Voodoo Weirdo. Incase one goes AWOL, I need a replacement... but... who is there to chose from? Griffin and Kyndel? No way. That only leaves... *gulps* Alejandro... Ugh. Why can't this be simple? (END CONF) Sure, Lindsay, BFF...

Lindsay: *walking with Heather* I saw that Scott got rules, what about me? *innocent smile*

Heather: Don't worry, BFF, we'll get our priorities straight. I'll let you use some of my make-up, ok? SOME.

Scott: (CONF) Heather Moore, the dumb*** Queen Bee thinks she can tell me what to do! And it's really pissing me off! My dad always told me that I was in charge! I'm a McLane, I DECIDE! She's the Harley Quinn in this alliance! I'M THE JOKER! AND THE JOKER NEVER IS PUSHED AROUND!

Lindsay: *to Heather* Yay! Thanks. *hugs* But still, what are the priorities? I'm wondering, and excited!

Heather: ... If you have like, anyone you want to vote out, I'll totally vote with you! Oh, and, you have a higher rank than Scott in this alliance hierarchy. *walks over to Alejandro* Alejandro, we need to talk.

Scott: *re-grows his hair, spray paints it green and puts on clown warpaint, looking like the Joker* Why so serious.....?

(ok wtf)

Alejandro: Heather? It's been so long. We haven't talked since My Total Drama World Tour. What do you need?

Scott: *thinking he's the Joker, to Heather* Harley Quinn, we're working together! Exactly the same at best!

Heather: *shoves Scott into furniture, causing it to collapse on him, and ignores him* Alejandro, it's been so long. *strokes his shoulder* We were a thing, remember. So, maybe, buddying up with Dawn, Lindsay and I? Oh, and ranga too. We'd be unstoppable.

Alejandro: Sure, why not?

Heather: Perfect. (CONF) Ah, I can't wait until the first challenge, so we can show the other team who is really boss.

Scott: *dodges the attack and puts a kick me sign on Heather's back* I'M THE CAPTAIN OF THIS EXCURSION!

Lindsay: Heather, Scott put something on your back. *takes it off* Oh it's a "kick me" sign!

Heather: Wow, real mature Scott. *throws his clothes drawer at him* (CONF) That little ginger kid is seriously getting on my nerves.

Scott: *throws Heather's clothes at her* LIKE YOU'RE THE EPITOME OF MATURITY!

Heather: *snatches her clothes* Eww, get out of my clothes you sick perve. (CONF) Ugh, he's going next. When we lose, I've already got the numbers, we WILL boot Scott. (END CONF) You see this, Al? That little freak is touching my things, and that is not permitted.

Alejandro: I know! What's his problem...

Stars Cabin (1)

Courtney: So, I've made up a bathroom schedule, and have decided that as everyone has to share a bunk bed, leaving one person with two bunks to themselves, I get it, as I will be the most contributive person to our team, and will lead us all to victory, you can count on me, as I need my rest. *sticks the schedule on the wall*

Bridgette: It's all yours.

B: *glares at Courtney* Who do you think you are sister?! You were too chicken to jump off the cliff in Island, and you think you're the best member of the team!? Ha, sure!

Courtney: *grunts* Stick with your stereotype, and stay silent. Frankly, no one wants to here it, B. I'm the A-List. You're what your name implies.

Bridgette: *Walks to B* She's a bit tough, but, you'll get use to it*

B: I'm not dealing with her bulls***, even if it kills me!

Bridgette: *puts her hand on his shoulders* Come on, B. Let's not get angry with her, let's just, relax, and maybe do a little yoga meditation?

B: No Bridgette! She can't speak down to the son of Notorious B.I.G! My daddy demanded respect, and I do too! Meditation ain't gonna help me! When someone smacks you in the chops, SMACK BACK! Not literally of course!

Bridgette: *walks back a bit* I'll... just leave you two at it.

Courtney: I'd be glad to give this big tough boy some loving! Loving from my fist of FURY!

B: Oh yeah! Lay it on Ol' Thunder Belly then!

Courtney: Well, you can show some manners like the real man you are, and wait, I'm a bit stressed out today. I need a massage, nice, long, hot shower, yoga, excercise, nutritional breakfast, and win the challenge for our team. 

B: A real man never is pushed around!

Courtney: A real man? Please... Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go to the bathroom.

Gwen: *comes in cabin* Sorry I'm late. It took forever to find this cabin...

Courtney: *pompously walks out of the cabin, shoving Gwen* I'm in charge.

Gwen: *rubbing head* Got it...



Chris: Challenge time! You will do the cliff jumping challenge from TDI! Most jumpers wins the advantage for the team in Part 2! GO!

Lindsay: *in fear, to Heather* Wanna jump together, BFF?

Scott: *jumps off*

B: *jumps off*

Derek: *jumps off*

Noah: *sarcastically* Oh boy..............I love challenges that can kill me. *jumps off, bored*

Dawn: *jumps off, meditating*

Paper: Um.........*jumps off, recluntantly*

Heather: No, there's no way I'm jumping. *folds arms*

Lindsay: Okay... I'm too scared to jump off myself... can you push me off?

Scott: *in the water at the bottom to Heather* OH YEAH! I'LL BE THE JUDGE OF THAT! *shoots a spitball at her, which makes her lose her balance*

Heather: I'd be glad to. *snickers, with an evil grin, and shoves her with all her might off the cliff* (CONF) I've always wanted to push idiots off cliffs, I was hoping to knock ginger snaps off, but, Lindsay is good enough. (END CONF) *slips, and falls off with Lindsay* Alejandro! Get down here! There's shar- *splashes in the water*

Lindsay: *in water* Thanks Heather. We really did end up jumping together!

Alejandro: Don't worry, Heather! I'm coming! *jumps to the rescue*

Heather: Help! (CONF) I hate, hate, hate this show!

Alejandro: *lands in water and carries Heather out of the water*

Heather: Uh, thanks.

Bridgette: *Faces the cliff* You can do it, Bridgette. You did it, like, what? 6, 7, 8, or something seasons ago? You can do it, now! *jumps*

Courtney: I have this medical condition called- *slips on Scott's spitball which missed Heather* Ahhh! *falls off the cliff*

Chris: And... time's up! The Stars got 6 jumpers, and the Players only got five. They get an advantage in the second part. The teams must now dig up parts to build a hot tub. The catch? Booby traps are set around the island! The Stars' advantage is that they don't have those on their section of the island. The Players are fair game. Start digging!

Alejandro: *starts digging*

Lindsay: *starts digging*

Gwen: *starts digging*

Courtney: *blows a whistle* Get digging!

Bridgette: *starts digging*

Heather: This is childsplay. *walks over to Courtney* Wow, you're a real leader, aren't you?

Courtney: Duh, I'm a C.I.T

Heather: That's awesome. It's also awesome how you're bossing around your entire team, only caring about yourself, and drowning out their say. (CONF) That's why I do, but still. (END CONF) You're a real, worthless, team player. Good luck. *walks back, and starts digging*

Courtney: Shut up! I am a C.I.T! I NEED to boss people around! It's more like...

Bridgette: Just get digging!

Paper: *starts digging*

Noah: *starts digging*

Dawn: *starts digging*

Heather: *continues digging*

Courtney: *reluctantly starts digging* (CONF) Heather is just trying to make a fool of me. She's good, but, she's gone.

Scott: *starts digging*

B: *starts digging*

Derek: *starts digging*

Bridgette: *digs*

Heather: *digs*

Courtney: DIG! 

Scott: *digs*

Gwen: What is Heather's deal? *digs*

Scott: *digs*

Alejandro: *digs*

Lindsay: *digs*

Gwen: I see the hot tub material!

Scott: *pulls out a piece of wood*

  • a trap hurls Scott away*

Gwen: *digs up hot tub stuff*

Scott: *pulls out the pieces*

B: I got something!

Gwen: *starts making hot tub*

  • trap hurls Scott away again*

Chris: *laughs*

B: *helps Gwen assemble it*

Derek: *Also pitches in*

Gwen: *still building it*

Lindsay and Alejandro: *digs up pieces but are hurled away*

Derek: *helps build*

Gwen: *almost done*

Scott: *whispering to Heather* I promise to do whatever you say to be in your alliance!

Gwen: *finishes* There!

Chris: The Super Stars win the first challenge! Powerful Players, see you at elimination!

Pre Vote

Players Cabin (1)

Scott: *to Heather* Listen, I'll let you do what you want in the alliance and I promise to listen! Just don't vote me out! I actually tried today unlike Griffin! 1 more chance and if I pull that Joker s*** again, I'm out!

Heather: I think you're forgetting something. This is my alliance, you won't let me do anything, I let you. So, no. You're on your own, buddy. See you at elimination.

Lindsay: *in private, to Heather* So, BFF. Who's going home?

Scott: Fine! You tell me whatever to do, and I'll listen!  (CONF) I'M THE AUTHOR OF MY FATE BUDDY! This is OUR alliance, not hers! But I can frame someone here and get off scot-free! (NON-CONF) *puts on gloves, takes out a finger print kit, approaches the sleeping Griffin, stamps his fingers onto the kit, swipes Heather's iPod, places it onto Griffin's hand and puts it under-neath his covers as the marks dissapear, then destroys his gloves and finger print kit*

Griffin: Okay everyone, tonight we need to take out the biggest link, which is Alejandro. Also if you vote with me on this you can ensure your safety in the game tonight. Please consider it. *to heather* Hey, I'll vote with you tonight if you'd like. Who are you wanting to take out tonight? Apart from Scott, since he could be an asset when the numbers go against him.

Scott: *to Dawn, whispering* I need to speak to you.

Heather: *to Lindsay and Griffin* Scott, definitely. I don't care who's next, but Scott is going now. (CONF) Alright, I've got Lindsay, Dawn, Alejandro and I which will send Scott packing, and getting Griffin to vote with us would be perfect. 

Stars Cabin (1)

Courtney: We won, thanks to my fine' leadership, right... team? *awkward silence*

Bridgette: Right! (CONF) Getting goodie-goodie with Courtney wasn't a bad idea, maybe people will forget about my past... I only hope.

Courtney: (CONF) Bridgette has been acting rather suspicious, ah well, any supporter is good. Everyone is probably just hiding the truth due to the embarrassment of admitting that they were wrong. Hmph. I always have my pride.

Noah: *reading book*

Paper: *recovering from a shark bite, when he was bitten off-screen* Ow........ow.........

Gwen: Are you okay? I know what it's like being brutally injured, so let me help. *bandages Paper*

Players Vote (1)

Chris: Vote here.

Heather: (CONF) Scott. Muah ha ha.

Lindsay: (CONF) My BFF is voting Scott, so I will too.

Alejandro: (CONF) Voting for Scott. SUCKS TO BE YOU! *cameraman confronts him* No, I'm not nice. I was just happy to see Heather again, but eliminating people is so much fun! HAHA!

Dawn: (CONF) Scott. Sorry.

Chris: Here are the results! Marshmallows go to... Dawn, Alejandro, Lindsay, Kyndel, and Griffin. Heather and Scott, the ultimate rivalry, one of you is going. The final marshmallow goes to... Heather! Scott, time to take the humiliating ride in the Flush of Shame! *flushes Scott*

Episode 2

Players Cabin (2)

Heather: (CONF) Ah, I'm so relieved Scott's gone. I've got my alliance, and nothing will stop us. Oh, who will go next? First of all, we need to win. (END CONF) Lindsay, snag me my brush.

Lindsay: Okay bestie! *gets it and brings it to her*

Heather: Oh, and my hair straightener, shampoos, soaps, outfit to change into, breakfast, and get the shower running hot water for me. (CONF) Ah, it's nice to have a stupid slave.

Lindsay: Okay. *gets everything she needed and turns the hot water on* Done! :D

Heather: Thanks... bestie. Now, do whatever you want. I need my shower. *Walks off, into the bathroom*

Alejandro: *resting* (CONF) I have this stupid game in the bag! I played a part in an elimination already! Luxery here I come!

Lindsay: *waits for Heather*

Heather: *arrives back in the cabin, with her clothes back on, and a towel around her head to keep the moisture* Ugh, so... what now?

Lindsay: So Heather, can I borrow some make-up?

Heather: Sure. Don't waste it all though.

Lindsay: *using make-up and finishes* That should do it. Plus there's still some left. *gives it to Heather*

Stars Cabin (2)

Gwen: (CONF) After Heroes vs. Villains, I've been getting hate mail saying "You stink!", "Cody's a sweetheart, you are the devil!" and "Bridgette's innocence opposites who you are". Enough already. I'm guilty, I know. I'm debating if it's too little too late to redeem myself and make nice with Bridgette.

Bridgette: So, Gwen... how's it hanging?

Gwen: It's been... okay to say the least.

Bridgette: You alright?

Gwen: I've just been feeling kinda guilty recently. So I just wanted to say that I'm sorry we were at odds in World Tour and Heroes vs. Villains.

Bridgette: It's fine, it's all in the past.

Gwen: So does this mean we're friends?

Bridgette: Sure. Let's bury the hatchet. (CONF) And bury Gwen with it.

Derek: *whispers to B* We need to team up with Bridgette. *to Bridgette* Do you want to make an alliance with me and B? We'll be loyal

Bridgette: Alliances? Eh, I'm not one for strategic games. I just want to have a good time.


Chris: You will all have to race to the end of a trail. The team with the most members at the end when time runs out wins immunity. GO! (five lines)

Lindsay: *runs*

Alejandro: *runs*

Gwen: *runs*

Heather: *runs*

Bridgette: *runs*

Courtney: Go team! *Runs*

Gwen: *runs in lead* Come on guys!

Lindsay: *running with Heather* So if we lose again, who goes?

Alejandro: *charging*

Heather: *running* Kyndel or Griffin.

Courtney: *runs*

Gwen: *runs*

Lindsay: *running* Okay.

Alejandro: *runs up to Heather* I think Griffin was planning on getting me out last time, can we vote him off if we lose?

Heather: Ugh, fine loverboy *Runs*

Gwen: *running, almost there*

Alejandro: Cool. *running*

Lindsay: *running*

Heather: *runs*

Gwen: *finishes* Yes!

Lindsay: *also finishes* Woohoo! 

Alejandro: *finishes* We're winning!

Noah: *walks* Yeah, feel the burn.....*reads book*

Dawn: *runs* I feel a sarcastic vibe coming from Noah.

Paper: Probably because he is sarcastic? I don't know. *runs*

Heather: *Finishes*

Courtney: *runs*

Bridgette: *runs*

Chris: Time's up! Since most of you can't cross a line three blocks away, it's time for elimination for the Stars!

Stars Vote (1)

Gwen: (CONF) B. Courtney is pretty much head of the team right now and anyone who crosses a leader won't get far in my book. Apologies.

Bridgette: (CONF) B is... something, and it's not good in my books. I vote B.

Courtney: (CONF) I vote B. No one can challenge me, and think they can get away with it. Not on my watch, ha ha.

Noah: (CONF) B. *Flips page on book* Why? I don't care, I just picked whoever. Now to get back to my book.

Paper: (CONF) B. Sorry.

Chris: Marshmallows go to... Paper, Gwen, Bridgette, Noah, and Derek. The final marshmallow goes to... Courtney! See you B! *flushes him*

Episode 3

Players Cabin (3)

Lindsay: *resting*

Heather: *wakes up, yawning* Lindsay, bring me food... Ugh, I'm starving in this death trap.

Lindsay: *gets up* What kind?

Heather: Just shut up, and get me anything...

Lindsay: Alright. *gets to the mess hall and starts looking for pancakes, finds some and cooks them correctly* Wow, I did something right! *gets them*


Lindsay: AH! *runs and gets back to the cabin* Here you go. *gives pancakes to Heather*

Heather: *bites it, and spits it out* This tastes like cardboard! Ugh, you're pathetic. 

Lindsay: Sorry...

Heather: (CONF) I can't wait to win the next challenge, to show those stars who really is boss.

Lindsay: *sitting at tree, depressed*

Heather: *walks outside, stretching* What's with you, Lindsiot, oops, I mean, bestie.

Lindsay: Nothing, I'm just... pathetic. I never succeed at anything.

Heather: Do you even know what succeed means?

Lindsay: For once, I do. It means to not fail and do things right.

Heather: You're good at something, vote pawn! ^-^ Be proud. *walks off, and says indistinctly* Moron.

Lindsay: Wait, what am I good at?

Heather: Alliances, human labor... whatevs.

Lindsay: Oh, okay. :D *walks off*

Alejandro: (CONF) Oh my gosh. That Lindsay's so stupid that she doesn't even know that Heather doesn't care for her when she pretty much told her that. What an idiot!

Dawn: (CONF) I feel some strange aura coming from Alejandro.............*meditates*

Alejandro: I'm going for a walk in the woods if anyone wants to join me! *starts walking*

Dawn: *meditating*

Alejandro: Dawn, wanna go for a walk?

Dawn: Um.......sure.

Alejandro: Cool. Nothing like exercise.

  • While they are walking in the woods, a tree blocks the way they came*

Alejandro: How does that happen?

  • it starts raining*

Alejandro: Darn it. We can take cover in that cave. *they go in the cave and lightning strikes the top, rocks pile the way in and they are stuck in a cave* Why must this happen. It's not like things could get worse in my life.

Dawn: I'm sure this will get better eventually........

Alejandro: It's not like this isn't abnormal for me. Just adds to the chain of events I had after World Tour ended.

Dawn: Hmm, feel free to talk about it. It's better to express emotions. Holding emotions in isn't healthy.

Alejandro: That's true. After World Tour ended, I was runner-up but I still got Heather. After I got home though, my brother Jose taunted me. I recall him saying how I was too dumb to even pick up the right dummy. I rebounded by saying I still got a girlfriend but he mentioned how at the same time, Bridgette betrayed me. He started teasing me and at that point, I swore that if I played again I would play more aggressively and finish on top.

Dawn: I see. Is that all?

Alejandro: Not really. Then came Heroes vs. Villains. I was determined to win and when I was put on the outside, mostly by Cameron, the cool, calm macho figure in myself just collapsed. I guess it was still wrong for me to treat people the way I did and I acknowledge that now, but I just felt that I was misunderstood. I felt there was no other way out than to join Brick, and look where that got me. When I allied with Brick I actually thought I found my first friend in the game, but then suddenly he hated me and even gave his rival FANG a sword to beat me up, and I was horribly disfigured. At that point, I faced depression and it was just too much. *pauses and then starts crying* I never ment for me to turn out like this!

Dawn: *pats Alejandro's shoulder* There, there. You can still change and maybe people will begin to like you?

Alejandro: How can I do that? I feel like there's no way to turn back. Besides, I'd need some help to get back on the right path.

Dawn: You could just take baby steps? I'll help.

Alejandro: Thanks! By the way, can we be friends?

Dawn: Sure.

Alejandro: Cool. So, how are we gonna get back to the cabin?

Bear: *charges toward them and ends up knocking over the rocks, freeing Alejandro and Dawn*

Alejandro: Well, that was good luck. *heads back to the cabin with Dawn and climbs over the fallen tree*

Heather: Ugh, when's the challenge? I just want to hurry up and win this stupid game...

Stars Cabin (3)

Noah: *reading a novel*

Courtney: *glances at Noah, furiously* What do you think you are doing?

Noah: Reading a novel by John Steinbeck. Why?

Courtney: Shouldn't you be whipping yourself into shape? The challenges are so obviously physical, and incase you haven't noticed, bookworm, we lost last time!

Noah: Look. I'm not in the mood for sarcastic remarks or witty snapbacks right now, so can we continue this later when I'm done with this novel?

Courtney: We'll continue practicing your elimination next!

Noah: Please do. I don't even like this place. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to read in peace. Not trying to cause any trouble for once, so be grateful. Bye. *leaves*

Gwen: *witnessed the whole thing but decides to not get involved, knowing that if she did she'd end up screwing herself over*

Courtney: Mind your own business, gothhead.

Gwen: Courtney, I thought we were friends! We were in an alliance to get to the final three in My TDWT and we got along pretty well. What's wrong?

Courtney: Ugh, I just don't want to talk to you, I know what you're up to, so just back off. (CONF) No one can throw me off my game, no one!

Gwen: I'm not up to anything. I promise. I just want to be friends, okay?

Courtney: Whatever, make one mistake, and I'll mark it on your tombstone!

Gwen: Gotcha.

Courtney: (CONF) I don't trust Gwen...


Chris: Guess what, kiddies? We're gonna play paintball! Here's some ammo! *hands them leeches* We had a little bit of toxic waste left over from My TDRI, and I just hate to waste. *sadistic grin* These leeches will paralyze people if hit, part of the waste effect. Have fun! *drives away and hits a tree* OW!

Heather: Perfect. Who to hit first...

Courtney: *aims at Heather* You're mine, dirtbag!

Lindsay: *runs in and shields Heather* If you wanna hit my BFF, you're gonna have to get through me first!

Gwen: Well if you're gonna hit MY BFF, you're gonna have to get through ME first!

Courtney: BFF? (CONF) Gwen? BFF? This is not like her at all... She must... really be trying... Meh. More help for me (END CONF) *shoots at the two girls*

Heather: Thanks, Lindsiot! *fires at the other two BFF's* AL! HELP!

Alejandro: *runs over and starts firing at the other team*

Gwen: *firing* Bridgette, can you help us fire at them?

Bridgette: Ugh, I don't support this challenge. These leeches are.... Oww! *fires at the team*

Alejandro: *fires*

Lindsay: *fires*

Gwen: *fires*

Courtney: *fires* I AM A C.I.T. I WILL WIN!

Heather: Oh no you won't! *fires*

Bridgette: *fires*

Alejandro: RETREAT! *whispers to team* I have a plan. We could be like Duncan and fire at the same person at once. They'll go down one by one.

Bridgette: Where did they go?

Courtney: Darn it! Ugh!

Heather: Can we take out Gothie and C.I.T first?

Alejandro: Sure.

Gwen: *eavesdropping, reports back to her team* They're gonna use Duncan's dodgeball strategy, so let's do it to them.

Alejandro: *fires at Gwen*

Lindsay: *fires at Gwen*

Gwen: *dodges, fires at Heather* Looks like Heather was a little late in firing, so I barely dodged.

Heather: Ugh! Just, get hit! *fires*

Courtney: Oh, no you won't! *shoots*

Gwen: *fires at Alejandro*

Alejandro: *is hit* OW! *temporarily paralyzed*

Gwen: *fires at Lindsay*

Lindsay: AH! *temporarily paralyzed*

Chris: *flies in on a jetpack* Well, it looks like the Players are getting picked off one by one, so the Stars win the challenge! Players, you have to vote someone out!

Players Vote (2)

Heather: *votes Griffin*

Alejandro: *in a daze* I VOTE THE GUY WITH THE MOUSTACHE! *votes Griffin*

Lindsay: *also in a daze* Griffin... HE STOLE DA COOKIES! *votes Griffin*

Chris: It's probably the toxic waste in the leeches. They'll be better by tomorrow.

Griffin: *votes Alejandro*

Kyndel: *votes Alejandro*

Anne Maria: *Votes Alejandro* I AM THE MOST ORANGE PERSON HERE!

Dawn: *votes Griffin* Sorry.

Chris: Griffin, time to go. *flushes*

Episode 4

Players Cabin (4)

Alejandro: *walks over to Dawn* Hey Dawn. Thanks again for agreeing to help me be nicer. Can I have some lessons on it right now?

Dawn: Sure! First about starting with animals? *hands Alejandro a bunny* This little one is sleepy but can't sleep. Why not sing it a lullaby?

Alejandro: Okay. *starts singing one and it attacks him* OW!

Bunny: *starts scratching his face*

Dawn: ..........I don't think he likes you that much.

Alejandro: Can you help me? *is being beaten up by a bunny* (LOL Al's getting beaten up by a bunny. xD)

Dawn: *calming down the bunny* There, there. *Starts singing lullaby to the bunny*

Bunny: *tackles Dawn and attcks her*

Alejandro: Dawn! *saves her from the bunny and releases it back into nature, helps Dawn up* You okay?

Dawn: *dizzy* Yeah, I'm fine. I think I got the wrong bunny.

Alejandro: Maybe we shouldn't start with animals. Anything else?

Dawn: Um, yeah. *falls*

Alejandro: ...Dawn? DAWN? *pokes* I gotta get Chris. *calls*

Chris: *rides in* What? I was enjoying myself in my hot tub. Plus this is great for ratings! :D

Alejandro: Forget your stupid ratings! Someone help her!

Chef: *walks in and takes Dawn to a medical room* Ah, I hope I get paid double for this.

Alejandro: Is money and ratings all you can think about when one of the nicest campers just was knocked unconscious?

Chef: *sighs and gives her a shot that heals her, bandages her up and leaves*

  • Dawn wakes up*

Alejandro: Are you okay, amiga?

Dawn: I'm fine.........what happened?

Alejandro: You were knocked out from your injuries. I tried waking you up but it didn't work. I called Chris and Chef but they only cared about the ratings of the situation, but I cared for your well-being. I convinced them to heal you, your bandaged up, and you have a shot in your arm that healed you. I'm glad you're okay.

Dawn: Thanks for the help.

Alejandro: You're welcome. Wait, did I just do something nice?

Dawn: You did. That's great, I knew you had it in you.

Alejandro: Cool. Let's get back to the cabin. *walks back with her*

Dawn: Thanks again.

Alejandro: You're welcome. Thanks for helping me. *hugs Dawn in appreciation*

Lindsay: *whispers to Heather* Uh, bestie? *points to Al hugging Dawn*

Heather: I already know, Lindsiot, I mean, bestie. *walks to Alejandro* Hey, Al, I know you hate that nickname, Al. What the heck is this? *in private* Dawn, and you? You better cut this out, or you're next!

Alejandro: First of all, I don't really have a problem with Al. Well okay, I kinda do but I'm doing better at getting used to it. Besides, Dawn was just helping me be nicer after my Heroes vs. Villains performance.

Heather: *plants a kiss on Alejandro's lips, and pulls back* You want this, stay away from, this! *points at Dawn, behind her back* She's for votes, not for locking lips! This game isn't about being nice, you of all people should know this. If this continues, she's going home, and you're going to be crying for your mommy! *walks off, grunting* Go run the shower, Lindsiot, ugh.

Lindsay: Okay. *walks off and runs the shower*

Alejandro: If it bothers you so much, can you teach me?

Heather: Nice gets you eliminated, mean, and wits, gets you far. Everyone should obey you, and do what you want. Not going skipping in a stupid little forest with five year olds, vegan, losers.

Alejandro: Uh, okay. *walks away*

Lindsay: Shower's ready, BFF! :D

Heather: Great, Lindsay. So when I get back, I better have my meal ready. *walks to shower*

Lindsay: *has a meal waiting for Heather for when she finishes showering*

Stars Cabin (4)


Chris: Time for today's challenge! An eating contest. The team with the most members to eat disgusting things wins the challenge. Also if you puke, you are disqualified from the challenge.

Alejandro: *gulps* (CONF) Okay... I've been dreading an eating competition. It's one of my fears, and it may destroy this temple. *takes shirt off, revealing a very muscular body frame*

Chris: First, you will eat leeches alive!

Lindsay: Please tell me those aren't from the last challenge...

Chris: They are.

Lindsay: *faints*

Chris: Okay. GO!

Alejandro: *reluctantly eats some, gags*

Lindsay: *still passed out*

Gwen: For the team! *eats*

Dawn: Um..................

Noah: Fine. *eats some slowly, disgusted*

Paper: *hesitantly eats some*

Alejandro: *stomach growls* Oh no.

Lindsay: *wakes up, sees dish* Ew.

Gwen: Here Paper, imagine they're gummy worms.

Alejandro: *to Dawn* Is something wrong?

Dawn: I'm not a fan of eating any live organism...........

Paper: Okay goes nothing. *eats more, slowly eats faster*

Alejandro: Me neither... *begins eating, slowly*

Heather: Leeches, are you kidding me? *tries to gulp them down, but spits them back onto the plate* Lindsay, take one for the team, will you?

Courtney: Hah, can't even have a little bit of leeches? *bites the head off one* I am a C.I.T. I was prepared for this.

Bridgette: I, c-c-can't do this...

Gwen: Bridgette, pretend they're gummy worms and not alive. These leeches are toxic, you'd be helping them by putting them out of their misery.

Lindsay: Okay Heather. *starts eating both bowls and swallows them* That wasn't so ba- *pukes it back up* Ugh.

Dawn: *eats VERY slowly*

Paper: *eating now an a barely below normal pace*

Noah: *still eating slowly*

Lindsay: *puking more* Ew!

Alejandro: Mama Mia- *pukes* Ugh.

Chris: Okay, after analyzing the teams, here are the results for the winners: The Stars!

Players Vote (3)

Alejandro: *votes Kyndel*

Lindsay: *votes Kyndel*

Dawn: *votes Kyndel*

Chris: Time for marshmallows! Lindsay, Heather, Alejandro, and Dawn. Kyndel and Anne Maria, this is the final marshmallow. It goes to Anne Maria! Kyndel, time to go. *flushes her*

Episode 5

Players Cabin (5)

Lindsay: *resting*

Heather: *sleeping like the angel she is*

Lindsay: *wakes up* Morning, guys. *falls out of bed* Ow.

Heather: Uh, can you be a bit quiet? SOME OF US are trying to SLEEP!

Lindsay: ...Okay.

Chris: *on loudspeaker* MORNING CAMPERS! Today is an instant double elimination. Get voting!

Stars Cabin (5)

  • everyone wakes up*

Gwen: *whispers to Courtney and Bridgette* Hey guys. I was wondering if we could make some kind of a friendship alliance. Maybe Paper and Noah could join.

Chris: *on loudspeaker* MORNING CAMPERS! Today is an instant double elimination. Get voting!

Gwen: Well?


Players Vote (4)

Alejandro: (CONF) I vote for Anne Maria. Last person not in the alliance.

Lindsay: (CONF) Anne Maria. Sorry.

Heather: (CONF) Anne Maria, ugh, get that fake tan out of my face.

Chris: Marshmallows go to Lindsay, Heather, and Alejandro. Either Dawn or Anne Maria is going. Who's it gonna be? It's Anne Maria who's going. *tosses final marshmallow to Dawn* See you Anne Maria. *flushes*

Stars Vote (2)

Gwen: (CONF) I vote Derek. Last person not in the future alliance. Sorry.

Courtney: (CONF) Derek.

Bridgette: (CONF) I don't want to hurt his feelings, but, Derek is weird.

Chris: Marshmallows go to Paper, Noah, Bridgette, and Gwen. Final marshmallow goes to Courtney! See you Derek. *flushes*

Episode 6

Merged Cabin (1)

Heather: Ugh, great. Now there's less room!

Lindsay: *walks over* If you want, BFF, you can have my bed too. I'll sleep on the couch over there. *points to it, which has many cockroaches and nails but she is completely oblivious*

Heather: Thanks, bestie.

Alejandro: *meditating*

Heather: Ugh, meditating? What are you?

Alejandro: *stops* I've been doing it regularly for a while. I was thinking about the future. And that attitude towards me is why I can't take this anymore. I can't put up with it. I'm sorry, senorita, but... we're done. Sorry. *starts walking away*

Heather: *heartbroken* ... A...Alejandro? What do you think you're doing! GET BACK HERE!

Alejandro: I'm sorry if this breaks your heart, I'm trying to be nicer. Hopefully we can move on maybe?

Heather: ARGH! NO!

Courtney: Heather... has...

Bridgette: A heart?

Heather: SHUT UP!

Alejandro: (CONF) I feel kind of guilty, but at the same time I didn't do much wrong. What girlfriend orders their man around, asks what I am because of meditating, forbids me from seeing someone for help, and all that stuff. Will I regret it in this game? Perhaps, but right now I'm more concerned about the well being of the others. 

Dawn: *meditating outside with Paper*

Paper: *failing* How do you even do this?

Dawn: Just relax. You probably have too much stress.

Paper: *begins to meditate* I'M DOING IT, I'M DOING- *Falls over* The cons of being a piece of paper........

Alejandro: (CONF) I kind of feel alone right now, and Heather might not take me back. If she did though, I'd be back where I started. I need to be with someone who cares. Paper and Noah are out of the question. Why? I'm straight. But anyway, I think me and Courtney would be too much like my experience with Heather. Gwen... I doubt she'd trust me again, especially after I betrayed her in Heroes vs. Villains. Bridgette? I gave her a chance... possibly the biggest mistake I've made, or one of them. Lindsay will be with Heather no matter what. And Dawn... not really a bad idea! She's helped me be nicer, I saved her life, and she's pretty, caring and smart. Why not?

Lindsay: *resting*

Alejandro: *walks over to Dawn* Can I talk to you alone for a minute?

Paper: *meditating finally*

Dawn: *whispering* Sure, but let's not disturb Paper and just walk away quietly really quick?

Alejandro: *walks away quietly with Dawn* So, first off, things didn't really work out between me and Heather... we broke up.

Dawn: Oh I'm so sorry for you there anything I can do to help you two get past this?

Alejandro: Well I think Heather will always be kind of bitter but... will you be my girlfriend?

Dawn: *Confused* I'm sorry, could you repeat yourself again?

Alejandro: Alright. Since things with me and Heather didn't work out, will you be my girlfriend?

Dawn: *blushes a little then stops* Wait, am I your second choice?

Alejandro: I realized for some time that I'd rather be with you than Heather, but I was too intimidated to break up with her. I realized that you're much better than that, so you're my first choice.

Dawn: *blushing* Oh. Um.

Alejandro: *kisses her, smiling* What will it be?

Dawn: *at a loss of words* Uh. *smiles* Sure.

Noah: *was reading a book right next to them* ..........Bleck. Cheesiest couple ever. But uh. Here *hands Romeo & Juliet* the couple you beat in terms of cheesiness. Have fun. *leaves, reading Of Mice and Men*

Alejandro: Cool. *they kiss again*

Lindsay: *laying on the couch, but is flung away by the springs and lands next to Alejandro and Dawn kissing, silently* Woah. *runs back to the cabin*

Alejandro: Did you hear something? Eh, I think it's nothing. (xD)

Dawn: I sensed aura but maybe it was just a bunny.

Lindsay: *running back to Heather in private, whispers* I just saw Dawn and Alejandro get together and kiss. D:

Heather: WHAT, you have to be kidding me...

Alejandro: *walking back to camp with Dawn, smiling*

Lindsay: *whispering* Not kidding. What are we gonna do?

Heather: Oh, leave it to me... *watches as Alejandro walks back into the cabin* Honey, you're back! Where were you? It doesn't matter, as long as you're with me... *plants a kiss on him, while Dawn watches*

Alejandro: *pushes Heather away* But we broke up, didn't we?

Heather: Ugh, I need to talk to you, in private, so that means, back off Fairy Princess... *walks in a secluded spot with Al*

Alejandro: *in secluded spot* So, what is it?

Heather: Here, I think you should read this. *pulls out Dawn's diary, where she forged in her handwriting* Oh, wait, let me read it. Dear Diary, well, if I must say myself, this competition is a breeze. No one's targeted me, which is a positive thing, but Alejandro has taken accustomed to me. On the outside, he seems like a really nice guy. But, I've seen the show, and his aura... my gosh, it's like, murderous. So is everyone's on my team, so I really need to look out for myself, especially around Heather. I know he likes me, whether he's faking it I can't yet figure out, but I swear to Mother Earth I will stop these people in their tracks, before it ends up badly for all of us. Alejandro, Heather, they all must go... Sooner or later... *puts it down* Well, I'll let you decide what you think about her. *walks off, shoving Dawn, and leaves the cabin* COME ON, LINDSAY!

Alejandro: *to self* Oh man. I need to sit down for a bit...

Lindsay: *follows Heather* What is it?

Heather: Let's just, steer clear of the heat for bit, go for a walk. 

Lindsay: Alright. *walking with her*

Heather: So, if we lose next, we are voting out Alejandro.

Lindsay: Okay. What happens after that?

Heather: Dawn goes too, and we fly to the finals.

Lindsay: Yay, final 2! :D

Alejandro: (CONF) I thought me and Dawn were tight, but... *sighs* (NON-CONF) *in private with Dawn* I know what you did.

Dawn: About the baby panda? I thought it was just a dream............

Alejandro: Not that. You wrote in your diary how you really didn't like me and you wanted me OUT. You think you know a person! *sighs* Man... *walks away*

  • while Dawn is sitting down after this, Gwen approaches her*

Gwen: What's wrong Dawn? You seem down.

Dawn: *doesn't know what's going on any more, depressed* I don't know any more......................I don't even know what Alejandro was talking about...............

Heather: *watches, laughing* Hahaha. *walks over to Dawn* Haven't you like, read his little aura thingy, you should know he's not worth your time, that handsome jerk...


Chris: Run this obstacle course from the giant boot, to the cannonballs, to wrecking ball alley, to platforms, to the Wipeout Balls, then the baseball mitt. GO!

Alejandro: *sighing, is kicked by boot to cannonballs* OW!

Lindsay: *running from boot*

Gwen: *running*

Heather: *stands* What the heck? *is booted* AGH!

Bridgette: *jumps to the cannonball*

Courtney: *runs from the boot*

Alejandro: *dodging cannonballs* AH!

Lindsay: *makes it to cannonballs, ducks from one and it hits Gwen*

Gwen: Ow. *falls over*

Heather: Ouch! *runs across the cannonballs, dodging*

Courtney: Ah! *dodges, butone lands behind her, and hits Bridgette*

Bridgette: Salad... fingers... *unconscious* 

Alejandro: *gets to wrecking ball alley and jumps from the ball to the platforms*

Lindsay: *finishes running the cannonballs, gets to wrecking ball*

Gwen: *crawling* Ow. Ow. Ow. *sighs*

Heather: *runs to wreckingball ally* NO NOT ANOTHER ONE!

Courtney: *dodges more cannonablls, and runs to wreckingball alley*

Alejandro: *tries to jump to a platform but is not far enough and falls* OW!

Gwen: *still crawling* I'll get there one day.

Lindsay: *can't balance and falls off* It hurts...

Heather: *nearly at the platforms* I HATE THIS STUPID GAME! *hit by a wreckingball* AH!

Courtney: Ha! *hit by a wreckingball*

Alejandro: *gets back up and jumps from platform to platform*

Chris: Alejandro is dominating this challenge!

Lindsay: (CONF) He can't win, me and Heather are supposed to vote him off. That only leaves one option. I have to win this challenge. (NON-CONF) *gets back on wrecking ball alley and jumps off of it, gets to platforms*

Gwen: *crawling, gets to wrecking ball alley and is hit by it, with bruises everywhere* Ow...

Heather: *flies off the wrecking ball, crashing into the platforms, and falls down by the beavers* NO! NO! HELP!

Lindsay: Bestie! *jumps down and knocks out the beavers, jumping platforms*

Alejandro: *gets to the Wipeout balls*

Gwen: *crawling to platforms, in pain* This is agony.

Courtney: *lands on the platforms, and it collapses by Heather* AH!

Heather: Watch it! You can have the beavers! *climbs back up, reaching the end of the bleachers*

Alejandro: *bouncing and gets to the final stage* Okay, I can do this. 

Heather: Oh, come on? There's more?

Courtney: You, you, Heather! You, I can't believe you... AH! *shoves her onto the bouncy balls and jumps with her*

Alejandro: *currently outrunning them both, is almost at the baseball mitt*

Heather: *bounces off the balls, landing perfectly on her feet* Ugh, finally, no pain!

Courtney: AHHH! *lands on top of her* So not cool! I hate this!

Heather: GET OFF! ARGH!

Alejandro: *at the rope* I just need to swing on this and I'm in the final eight! Wait, *looks down* Heights. Right. 

Heather: *running to the swing* Oh, no you won't!

Courtney: *chasing after her* Oh no YOU won't!

Alejandro: *holding the rope, about to swing* Here goes... *sees beavers on the ground right below him* Uh... *passes out*

Heather: You're just making it to easy, Coward-andro *jumps onto the swing in which he fell off*

Courtney: I will not let you beat me! *jumps onto the same swing as Heather, and it swings around, as they collide into multiple posts together*

Alejandro: *passed out* ...

Heather & Courtney: *both jump out onto the Mitt*

Heather: Yes I won!

Courtney: No, I- *slides off*

Chris: Heather wins immunity!

Merged Vote (1)

Alejandro: (CONF) I honestly don't know who to vote for... maybe... Bridgette? She betrayed me before so... why not? Still don't want to vote someone though.

Gwen: (CONF) Alejandro. Reason one: you betrayed me. Reason two: You're a threat. Reason three: What you did to Dawn was WRONG. 

Lindsay: (CONF) Jalapeno, I have to. 

Courtney: (CONF) As much as I'd like to vote off that evil, dreaded, Heather, she's got the immunity that she stole from me! Alejandro is the biggest threat around here, so, I'd like to vote him off.

Heather: (CONF) Alejandro is going down, I vote Alejandro.

Bridgette: (CONF) I have to vote with Courtney and Gwen, so, Alejandro.

Noah: (CONF) Later

Paper: (CONF) Alejandro, did you see what he did to Dawn? Now I'm somehow a better meditater than her because of her stress................seriously what.......I don't even- *commercial*

Dawn: (CONF) Bridgette.....................even though Alejandro................uh....................*still depressed and confused*

Chris: Marshmallows go to Heather, Lindsay, Gwen, Paper, Noah, Courtney, and Dawn. The final marshmallow goes to... Bridgette! Sorry Alejandro, your out.

Alejandro: What? I thought I was getting along well...

Noah: Oh well. That's life.

Alejandro: Alright, well... see you guys. This has been a journey of a lifetime... sort of. I got nicer, broke up with Heather, started dating Dawn, but then Heather told me that Dawn wanted me out and-

Dawn: *in a depressed tone* I didn't want you out..........I didn't even vote you and you trusted Heather more than you would me?

Alejandro: Then what about this? *shows Dawn's diary to her that says how she "wanted" him out in her handwriting* I seemed like your handwriting... wait... *sees other pages* this handwriting looks the same... be right back, I need to investigate. *leaves and comes back with a pen and a pencil* The handwriting looks the same, except the previous pages were written with a pencil, and this last one was with a pen. Come to think of it, Heather only brought a pen to write with and you only brought a pencil, so that means... UGH. I am an idiot. Heather forged your handwriting!

Dawn: ...............

Alejandro: I'm sorry I jumped the gun... I made a mistake. Can you forgive me?

Dawn: ..............Sure.

Alejandro: Thanks, I appreciate it. You're a sweet girl. I'll see you at the finale or playa des losers. Win for us. You have the social and physical game down, no doubt. But one more thing: you'll need to play a bit strategically too. Thanks for helping me be nicer too. *kisses her on the cheek* I'll see you soon. *is flushed away*

Episode 7

Merged Cabin (2)

Heather: (CONF) Now with Alejandro gone, and the spoilers leaked, I'm going to have to do the best I can to survive this place... There's eight of us left,  so, I've only got Lindsay. Dawn would never trust me, Noah's a jerk, Paper's... I don't even know how that thing is possible, Courtney's a Type A, Gwen's got some alliance with her, which leaves... Bridgette? Well, I have to work with what I got, and surfer girl is joining me. If I can win immunity today, I'm unstoppable!

Lindsay: *walking alone with Heather* So, what's the next plan?

Heather: Well, Bridgette needs to go, then fairy princess. I just don't like blondes. 

Lindsay: Wait, I'm blonde.

Heather: Trust me, I like you too. (CONF) That girl is so naive, I need to drop her, but, now's not the time.

Lindsay: Either way, how are we gonna get Bridgette out? We only have each other, Gwen, Courtney, Bridgette, Noah, and Paper have a bit of an alliance, and Dawn probably won't be with us now.

Heather: Trust me, she's easy. We should go back to the cabin. (CONF) Y'know, I've been planning something, and I just can't wait for it. Oh, this game is mine, mine, MINE!

Lindsay: Okay. *gets back to the cabin*

Heather: *arrives at the cabin, opens it, and no one's there* Good, they must be at the lodge. Lindsay, lock the door, tightly, I need my time. *starts to ravage through people's stuff*

Lindsay: Okay. *inside and locks the door as tight as it can get*

Gwen: *starts walking back to the cabin* I need to write something.

Heather: *plants stuff*

Gwen: *trying to open door* Why is this door locked?

Lindsay: *whispering to Heather* Red Alert. D:

Heather: *screams* WHAT THE HECK? *signals to Lindsay to unlock the door* YOU, YOU, WHAT? WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?

Lindsay: *unlocks the door and quickly hides under the couch*

Gwen: What exactly are we freaking out over?

Heather: Ok, so, you know how my hair's been tacky? That's because I couldn't find my darn HAIR STRAIGHTENER! JUST LOOK AT MY HAIR, IT'S QUALITY, UGH! So, do you know what I found? *shows her under Bridgette's bed* That speaks for itself... that meddling thief, she's got evil on all of us! You remember her in World Tour...

Gwen: And my diary! *grabs it* And then there's also Paper's pencil, Courtney's PDA, and Noah's book. This does make sense, because me and Bridgette were at odds before so that explains her taking my stuff, plus she was a villain. I still don't get one thing though... why was the door locked if you're the only one in here?

Heather: This is horrible, what kind of person would do that? Sure, I'm not the nicest, but, I don't do that kind of thing! Way out of my league... Show's what you really know about someone...

Chris: *on loudspeaker* Here you guys are! The final 8. Welcome to it Heather, Lindsay, Dawn, Gwen, Courtney, Bridgette, Noah, and Paper. The eliminated people have been Scott, B, Griffin, Kyndel, Anne Maria, Derek, and Alejandro. 15 true all-stars. But wait! Amidst the shadows, a super secret surprise contestant has came back. The producers and I had this idea on their mind for a while now. This following contestant has returned to play one more time: Mike!

  • Mike arrives on a boat*        

Mike: Hey guys! Glad to be back!                                                                                                               

Gwen: Hey Mike.

Lindsay: Hi!

Mike: (CONF) Since I have been gone a few seasons, and had some off time, I have been studiying ways to win and stratagies. So I have a good chance. Chester: Yeah, and maybe you can actually make it to the final 3. Mike: Anyways I have a good feelign about this season *Grins*

Gwen: *walking and whistling*

Lindsay: *doing make-up*

Mike: *walks up to Lindsay* "Hey Lindsay how has it been with you?"

Lindsay: Not bad. I got myself a BFF! I help her a lot. I make her meals, turn the shower on for her, and I even shut up when she tells me too. :D

Mike: *Raises eyebrow* "Alrighty than..." (CONF) "Does she realize how....well... dumb she is?"

Lindsay: Do you wanna be friends with Hannah too?

Mike: "I'll consider it" (CONF) Already making friends... thats just what I need *Grins*

Lindsay: Yeah, we'd have a lot of fun! As long as you do everything she says! Oh and heat up the shower, let her make every strategic move, make her meals all the time, and don't make the pancakes taste too hard she hates that. If all of that happens, me, you, and her will get to the final 3! :D

Mike: "She sounds intresting..." (CONF) "Intresting like a freaky dictator, i'm going to have to distance from Hannah, I mean Heather. Manitoba Smith: Yeah that sheila could be a major threat dont ya reckon? Mike: So it is in my best intrest to not team with her.

Gwen: *walks to Dawn* I'm sorry Alejandro got eliminated, you okay?

Dawn: I'm fine......I'll try to win for him........or make it past one episode at least.

Gwen: That won't be too hard actually, I saw Bridgette was taking people's stuff. I saw them under her bed, I'll show you. *shows her under Bridgette's bed* See Noah's book, Paper's pencil, and Courtney's PDA? Me and Heather found our stuff: my diary and her hair straightener. This could be enough to send her packing.

Dawn: She did? I thought I was sensing regret in her aura, but if she did this I think I was wrong.

Gwen: I thought so too. But if it makes you feel better, you're welcome to join me and Courtney's alliance once Bridgette leaves.

Dawn: Sure.

Gwen: Okay, cool. I do recall that Lindsay is definately on Heather's side though. When Bridgette goes, our alliance would have 3 and Heather's would have 2. Also, when Bridgette is voted off next, there'd be 8. 8 minus 5 is 3, so the swing votes are Paper, Noah, and Mike. If we can just get them on our side at the final 8, we'd surely get Heather out in a 6-2 supermajority.

Dawn: Well Paper should be easy, me and him meditate often and are in good standings so he might listen. I don't know about Noah and Mike though. It could work though.

Gwen: Okay. *grabs Paper's pencil, Noah's book, and Courtney's PDA* Let's give these back to them. *gives them back* Paper, Noah, Courtney, me and Dawn saw those items hidden under Bridgette's bed, wanna help us vote her out?

Noah: *sees a slight rip in his book and in a slight anger tone* Yep. I'm in, no one rips my books.

Paper: I don't even remember bringing a pencil, but sure. *Throws pencil away* Sharp things give me the creeps.

Scott: *pops up behind Paper* What about dull things?

Gwen: *scared* AH! How do you just get here?

Scott: The nature of my origins shall be left ambigous. Now if you want to remain unscathed, I suggest that you run this instant!

Gwen: *running* What did I even do to you?

Scott: *chasing after* I am impartial to whoever caused me to be prematurely ejected!

Gwen: I had nothing to do with it, we were on opposing teams and I couldn't have voted you off. Heather did.

Scott: Listen sister! Since we're not on the same page, I'll dumb things down a little 'kay? I DON'T CARE WHO VOTED ME OUT! I WANT REVENGE ON EVERYONE!

Gwen: *running* What about... *has an idea, unleashes someone from a cage* her?

Scott's Grandma: You lied about me, Honey Boo! *smacks him*

Scott: *facepalms* Alright smart one! I'm taking you to where all the defiant contestants go! *grabs Gwen and carries her off somewhere* *later he returns and Gwen's left arm has a unicorn tattoed onto it* Anyway, *to Paper and Dawn* Blondie, tree skeleton! I have a treat for you! *hands them both a jar of fake peanuts*

Paper: Oh, sweet! *opens it and is scared by the snakes* AGH!

Dawn: .................*sighs and opens it and isn't scared* I'll admit it worked really well on Paper.

Mike: *Walking in the forest* (CONF) So far i'm not getting connected to anyone yet, see my plan is to lay low and get peoples trust, try to outlast the others, vote with the croud, than come the final 4... Phase 3.... *Grins*

Scott: The era of Scott has commenced, so prepare for the inevitable dawn of bleakness miscreants! (CONF) Since I really wanted to cause an uproar, I secretely snuck into the girl's cabin and rummaged through Dawn's clothes. I snagged one of her bras, quickly ran back to the guy's cabin and made it into a slingshot! *slings a marshmellow at the camera* Man, these things are flexible! (NON-CONF) *uses the bra to sling some marshemellows at a soda can and laughs* This is the life!

Mike: *Notices Scott flinging marshmellows with a bra* "Umm Scott... what are you doing?"

Heather: Agh, what is that little redneck ginger doing back here? (CONF) Ugh, what the hell Chris? I voted him out fair and square. Eh, doesn't matter, he'll be gone by dusk...

Scott: *hears Heather's comment and approaches her aggressively* Listen up Queen Bee! I'm not returning as a contestant! I'm back as something even worse! I get to decide challenges which will make your life a living h****, so you better watch yourself!

Chris: Woah, woah, woah. You're both wrong. Heather's wrong because Scott isn't back as a contestant, and Scott's wrong because he's not deciding challenges, and is only having a role in this one. So get it right Scott, or you won't finish your only challenge. 

Mike: "Than what role is Scott playing?"

Chris: A psycho for this challenge. He will be hunting you down one by one, making emotional marks on you. Gwen for instance just got a unicorn tattoo on her arm. So, start running!

Mike: "Wait now?" *Runs*

Scott: *darts after Mike while laughing maniacally* Let the games begin!

Snakes: *corner Paper and attacks him*

Chris: Okay it looks like Gwen and Paper are out so far. 

Lindsay: *accidentally runs into Scott* AH!

Mike: *Sprints to a tree* (Is this like the chef hide and seek from season 1 of Total Drama?)

Scott: *breathing heavily as he nears in towards Lindsay's angelic blue eyes* You'll LOVE your punishment! *laughs maniacally and carries Lindsay off to the rusty tin shed where Paper and Gwen are being held hostage*

(No Mike, a horror challenge)

Lindsay: AH! What are you doing to me? *thinks* There's Mike behind that tree! 

Mike: *Sprints to the top of a mountain and hides there* (CONF) What the heck? What's gotten into him?

Scott: *to Lindsay* You'll find out soon enough! *Smirks deviously as he draws a filfthy needle from his duffel bag* Do you prefer pink or red?

Lindsay: *oblivious that it's a trick question* OH! I LOVE PINK! :D

Scott: *evily grins* Very well then! Must I say, a wise choice indeed! *cackles insanely as he starts tattooing Lindsay's back, struggling to hold her down*

Lindsay: It...feels...great!

Scott: *annoyed* Oh really...? How about now?! *tattoos Lindsay's butt as he continues to keep her down*

Lindsay: AH! Okay, that's enough! *finishes* How do I look? *looks in the mirror* AH! I HATE GETTING A TATTOO! *runs off* Get someone else now!

Mike: *Walks down to the river*

Scott: *hides in a blueberry bush, sticks his hand out and yanks onto Mike's pants, pulling him down*

Mike: "Grahhhaha, "Get off me you carrot topped freak!" *Kicks Scott in the gut and starts running*

Scott: *runs after* You're not going anywhere you insane freak! *takes out a tranquilizer and aims at Mike* SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FRIEND! *shoots him in the butt*

Mike: *Cringes in pain from the shock* "Where the He** are you getting all this stuff?" *tries to crawl away*

Scott: *pulls him to the shed* That my friend, is between me and he who must not be named! *hurls him onto the coffee table and takes out a razor* Hold still! *shaves Mike's head* Now here comes the fun part! You can either make this hard or easy! I suggest the later, since this won't hurt a bit! *throws off Mike's clothes and starts to tatoo him with a rusty needle doused in blue ink*

Mike: "CHRIS!!!! THIS IS GOING TO FAR!" **Screaming* STOP IT STOP IT!!!! *Kicks Scott in the face*

Scott: Chris can't hear you sweetie! *presses a red button and Mike is restrained to the table* Where was I? Ah, yes! *continues tattoing Mike*

Chris: *in control room* No it's not getting to far. :P

Mike: *Screaming* "Scott what happned? Why are you doing this?"

Scott: Don't worry, I just have one finishing touch left! *tattoos "McLane Was Here" on Mike's back* All done! *unrestrains Mike*

Mike: *Puts clothes back on* "You suck, this better be removeable" (CONF) *All Blue* *Sighs* "Well I guess I'm all blue now, I really hope that they can remove this

Scott: I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but all that's permenant! Sucks to be you! *dementedly laughs*

Chris: *in control room, laughs* Yep. Scott's really a good tool to mess with the cast with. *laughs again*

Scott: *turns to Gwen* As for you, when was the last time you had a haircut?!

Gwen: You did me already, and I can't remember. 

Scott: *whips out the same razor he shaved Mike with* Doesn't matter, cause you're getting one right now! *locks the door, and corners Gwen with the razor* Best part is, no gaurd! *takes off the clipper gaurd and laughs uncontrollably*

Gwen: Let's just get this over with. 

Scott: *shaves Gwen's head completely bald* All done! Want a look? *hands her a mirror*

Gwen: Fine. *looks* Hey, this is actually okay the second time. First time Bridgette cut my hair in WT, and now it's the second time I'm used to it. I'm not one to care about what I look like, same goes for the tattoo. Thanks for helping me realize it Scott. :D *walks off*

Scott: *shocked* So you're saying you that haircut?

Gwen: *off screen* Pretty much, yeah. Thanks again. 

Scott: Damn it! Anyway, before I mutilate anyone else, I have a little bit of demolition to get done! *runs to the mess hall, places the oil barrels in place and picks up a match* LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! PREPARE TO SEE THE DESTRUCTION OF THIS H*** HOLE!

Many Animals: *in an audience, clap hands*

Scott: *lights the match and runs out* 5,4,3,2,1! *the mess hall explodes*

Chef: *running out, on fire* AH!!! THEY DON'T PAY ME ENOUGH FOR THIS! CHRIS! I NEED A WORD WITH YOU ABOUT SCOTT! HE'S BEING- *is knocked out by a big acorn*

Chipmunk: *smirking*

Scott: That was only part one of the fabulous Cirque De Scott! For my next act, I will ignite the dock of shame! *Lights it on fire*

Chef: *suddenly wakes up at tose words* What? No! That's worth approximately 10% of my paycheck! Chris? Why'd you let this nutball in? I HATE CHRIS! WHY???

Scott: You do realize he intends to fire you right here, right now! *smirking*

Chef: Really? I haven't gotten to get paid for anything yet! I haven't gotten a major role in the series! I haven't gotten to serve my special dish called _____ _______! What should I do?

Scott: Kick his *** WrestleMania style! I'll make you mask, then you can show him what happens when you fire your loyal employees!

Chef: I already have a mask! *puts it on* Let's rumble! 

Chris: *sitting, making an intern clean his nails*

Scott: *to Chis* Chef told me that he was saying bad things about you behind your back! Brawl him WrestleMania style!

Chris: What? I thought he was a loyal one! I'LL GIVE HIM A PIECE OF MY MIND! *charges toward Chef*

Chef: *charging toward Chris*

Chris: You're a total backstabber! 

Chef: You're a total dictator! 

  • They start wrestling away from the scene*

Heather: I'm just going to... leave... *runs into the cabins, locking the doors, and blocks them* 

Scott: *sprints after Heather and smashes the window open with his fist* YOU CAN RUN, BUT YOU CAN'T HIDE!

Heather: That may be true, but I can still kill you!!!! *picks up a lamp, and throws it at Scott's head, and it smashes over him*

Scott: *is completely unfazed, then charges at Heather enraged, picks her up and drags her to the tin shack*

Heather: *boots in the kiwis while being dragged, and manages to pull herself off* You will never, ever touch me EVER! I've been waiting seasons to win, and you will not stop me! *runs*

Scott: You're not going anywhere under my watch! *pulls out a tranquilizer gun and shoots Heather in the butt*

Heather: Ha, what a moron, that's not real... why am I... is the world... ending? *collapses*

Bridgette: *watches from a distance* What's he doing to her? Heather might be mean, but this is... murder! Did he just kill Heather?

Scott: *drags Heather off to the shack* You'll have to find out for yourself! *laughs evily*

Heather: *wakes up, strapped onto a table* What? What are you doing? I will destroy you, you disgusting, vile, pathetic, horrible, white trash, soulless, *****, ginger ******! LET ME GO! NOW! I will call the cops when this is over! *tries to break free, but can't*

Scott: There there! Now hold still for Dr. Scott while he gives you a shot! Trust me, this won't hurt a bit! *applys the rusty needle to her pale white skin, while he laughs maniacally*

Heather: Argh! What the heck? You ******************* SOMEONE GET ME OUT OF HERE!

Bridgette: *hearing from a distance with Courtney* Should we do something?

Courtney: *folds her arms* Nope.

Scott: Did I say it wouldn't hurt a bit? Well I was right! IT HURT A LOT! *continues, ignoring Heather's protests*

Heather: *starts to cry* Please... stop... it hurts more than the abuse I've been put through.. and when my friends see this... I'll be nothing... *bawls*

Scott: You know what..I went too far with the tattoos! That's so 1970s!

Heather: Are you going to let me go *still crying* Can you please take this off?

Scott: Of course not! *attatches a helmet to her head* Electro-therapy is much more effective! *presses the red button and the jolts turn on*

Heather: (CONF) *takes place after* Amiewlfjr Ihate you! (ENDCONF) AGHEHWFHWOF! *electrocuted*

Scott: All done! *leads her into the closet and locks the door* Now stay there until the end of the challenge like the good girl you are! *laughs hysterically* (CONF) Finally! That felt so good!

Heather: *crying in the closet, and bangs on the door, but to no avast* LET ME OUT!

Bridgette: Oh crap, we need to get out of here!

Courtney: Oh, I'm not afraid. This little psychopath thing from this rebel trying to look cool, yeah, it's adorable. I'm a C.I.T. There's no way that loser is any threat to me. 

Scott: Or is he? *shoots Courtney in the leg with his tranquilizer*

Bridgette: Courtney! *drags her back into the Mess Hall, and starts to block the entrances*

Scott: I already destroyed it! *laughs maniacally, drags Courtney into the tin shack and straps her to the table*

Bridgette: (CONF) You know what, I've ended up in a robot suit, I'm not going to let anyone hurt my friends, whether I like Courtney or not. (END CONF) *sneakily follows Scott into the cabin, holding a wooden plank, and is not noticed*

Scott: Now Courtney, there are either two options! Blue or gold! Take your pi- *hears something and turns his head* What was that?!

Bridgette: Argh, he sees me! *beats him over the head with a plank* I'm so sorry!

Courtney: W-w-what's that? *starts to wake up, drooling*

Scott: OW! *rubs his head* *To Bridgette* Listen! If you get out of here now, I'll let you off the hook!

Bridgette: Not until you let everyone go! *whacks him again*

Scott: You're lucky I'm even offering this to you! I could easily turn you into a breathing painting like your friends if you don't comply!

Bridgette: I'm so sorry, I really don't want to do this, but karma... *whacks him again, which knocks him down for a bit, enough to do something* Courtney!

Courtney: You came... I want to see that punk... humiliated! I AM A C.I.T!

Bridgette: *unstraps her, and picks up the ink needle*

Scott: *facepalms* Well, here comes the ultimate punishment! *presses the red button, and Bridgette and Courtney are restrained*

Bridgette: *still holding the ink needle in her hand, and accidentally jabs herself with it* Oww, that cut me... Yes! *twilts her hand slightly, which hurts, but ultimately, begins cutting through the restraint on her right hand*

Scott: *swipes the needle out of her hand and tattoos Duncan on Courtney's arm* *to Bridgette* Now try and stop me!

Bridgette: *managed to cut enough of the restraint to set one of her arms free* I will! *punches Scott in the face with all her force, which hurts her arm, as it stretched out a lot doing that, and punches again. (CONF) Oh, the wonderful of adrenaline! I haven't felt that since I went surfing, or... the drama suit... hehehe....

Scott: S***! That f****** hurt!

Bridgette: *climbs out of the restraints, and runs to the closet, unlocking it* Quick, Heather get out, before Scott gets back up! 

Heather: That freak... let's get out of here! I can't thank you enough...and to think...

Bridgette: Not time, let's go, save it for later! *runs her out* We'll come back for you, Courtney!

Scott: *darts out to the control room, climbs onto the roof and whips out a loud-speaker* THE TWO BLONDES WILL COMPETE IN A FINAL PART OF THE CHALLENGE TO CLAIM IMMUNITY!

Bridgette: Dawn? So, what do we do? This was all a challenge?

Heather: Challenge or not, HE TATTOOED ME!

Bridgette: Don't worry, I know this wicked remedy for it! 

Heather: *hugs Bridgette, reluctantly* Thank you... Thank you...


Dawn: What?

Noah: *laughing* I don't care if this does get me a tattoo or shaving, this is pretty funny. Scott, you've earned my respect, even if you harm me. *Wipes tear from laughing too much*

Heather: Ugh, shut it, Noah! >.>

Bridgette: *walks over to Dawn* So, I wonder what we have to do... This challenge is extreme...

Dawn: Yeah...........

Noah: (CONF) *Still laughing* This is comedy gold right here.

Heather: *shoves Noah out of the way* Uh, this tattoo needs to go.

Bridgette: Bring it on, Scott!


Dawn: I don't wear bikinis but I'll go change into my swimsuit I guess.

Heather: Remember, Bridgette. This still doesn't make up for your stealing, you thieving traitor.

Courtney: *folds arms* I hate both of you. Bridgette: Uh... *goes to change, and to head to the dock*

Noah: Since I haven't been strapped down, I'm going to go laugh in private. That way I don't get shoved to the floor again. *randomly leaves*

Dawn: *goes to change, and then heads to the dock*

Scott: *yanks Noah off to the shed, tattoos Joker onto his back, gives him a mohawk and drags him out again* Also ladies, this challenge will be much easier for both of you if you wear bikinis, since you won't get bogged down by the water as much, so *hands Bridgette a blue one and Dawn a pink one*

Dawn: No thanks.

Noah: *back with everyone else* Actually like the Joker. I like his sadisticness.

Scott: This challenge has to be on an even playing field, so I'll make both of your swimsuits one piecers! *hands Bridgette her surfing suit*

Bridgette: Uh, seriously. So, what do we do? *changes*

Chris: You will swim out and retreive a chest. Then you will dig for a key. Then you will use the key to unlock the chest. Whoever does it first wins immunity. GO!

Bridgette: Good luck, Dawn. *dives into the water*

Dawn: Good luck to you too. *dives in*

Chris: Both are off to a good start!

Dawn: *swims*

Bridgette: *swims, in search for a chest*

Scott: Oh, I forgot to mention! The loser of this challenge will be tatooed by me! And that's not a maybe, it's an absolute! *Holds out his needle and smirks while cackling madly* I'll be right back in a second! *runs into the shed and shuts the door as he stares at the sloppily kept tattoo kit* Should I really do this....? YES! IT'S TIME FOR MY TRANSFORMATION TO BEGIN! *reaches for his tightly strapped mask and slowly pulls it off as his hands tremor* YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!! *he flails in pain as the mask shatters onto the floor into pieces* *turns on the tattoing machine and returns an hour later completely tattooed:* I'M BACK!

Dawn: *swims*

Scott: *to Noah* There's one more finishing touch I have to give to you! *drags Noah to the shed and tattoos his face into the Joker's*

Mike: So am I playing or what's going on here?

Scott: You're out of the challenge lame-brain!

Chef: I think Bridgette's gonna win this one.

Chris: No way man. It's all Dawn.

Chef: Let's arm wrestle on it. *wrestles*

Scott: Lindsay, I notice you really can't stand your tattoo. I'll remove it right now if you want me to. But let me warn you, tattoo removal is a painful procedure. It will take you a few weeks minimum to recover, as you'll feel soreness at the area where the tattoo once was.

Lindsay: Anything! I don't care if it hurts, I just want it off.

Scott: *loads Lindsay onto the operating table, puts up a curtain, removes the tattoo and bandages up her butt* All done! Anyway, I want the Brit to win the challenge! (It's part of something me and TF came up with)

Mike: *acting all depressed* (CONF) I wish I could somehow show my worth... i feel worthless... *Gasps* Wait... how'd I get in here?

Scott: *to Dawn* Remember! I'm giving you a tattoo if you lose this challenge!

Mike: *Sighs* "Why can't life be better?" *Gasps* "What keeps happening!" (CONF) "Ever since Scott tattoed me I have been having strange things happening... I cant put my finger on it"

Dawn: *retrieves chest*

Scott: I think the Brit's got it!

Lindsay: *laying down* It sure is nice to be tattoo free finally. It hurts but once you ignore it, it's fine. It's just pain, and- wait who exactly am I talking to? (xD)

Scott: *facepalms* Me you bloke! I swear, sometimes, I think your mother was a crackhead, whose own mother was a crackhead as well! No actually, I think your family discovered crack, though if they did, props to them! *smokes crack*

Lindsay: I just didn't see you. You see, Doctor Scud, I just have a habit of talking to myself.

Scott: *facepalms again* Do I look like a dog to you?! Seriously, you've been watching too much Toy Story! My name's not Scud you idiot, it's Scott!

Lindsay: No, you look more like a skeleton to me.

Scott: *facepalms* Seriously, you're gonna give me a concussion soon!

Lindsay: Sorry about your concussion Doctor Skelescott. Maybe I can fix it! *drags Scott to his own shed and accidently presses the red button that traps Scott onto a table* Hold still! *starts tattooing his head with a needle but accidentally pokes it in his eye* Oops! Curse this needle! *throws it into the distance* Maybe this is karma? I don't know...


Lindsay: *an idea pops into her head* Hm... SLAP *slaps Scott hard*

Scott: Lindsay! Let me go!

Lindsay: Sorry, but this is karma for torturing everyone, even those who did nothing to you. Hey, what's this? *sees an electro therapy thing that Scott used on Heather* SHOCK! *shocks him*

Dawn: *gets back on ground with the chest*

Scott: NO! NO! NOT THAT BUTTON! ANYTHING BUT *hears it turn on* Oh SH- *is electrocuted* YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!! (CONF) Wrindray! Ru wuiwened re!

Lindsay: *yells* Heather, you really should do this! *electrocutes Scott*

Heather: *comes over to her, laughing*

Bridgette: *grabs the other chest, and starts swimming to the surface*

Dawn: *digs for key*

Lindsay: *shocking Scott more* LOVE IT!

Scott: YOUUCH!

Lindsay: *shocking him AGAIN* I'm loving this. Think about it, if you never targeted innocent people, you wouldn't be here right now. :D

Dawn: *digs for key*

Scott: When we get off the island, I'm going to suit your ***, no question abou it! YOUCH!

Mike: *Walks over* "Haha, that's one way to tame the beast" Chester: "Yeah, and maybe this youngster here can learn some manners." Mike: "I think he wants another shock Lindsay!"

Lindsay: Okay! *shocks Scott again* Serves you right! *shocks again millions of times* This is fun! Scott, are you sorry yet? 

Scott: NEVER! YOUCH! (CONF) That girl is an undiagnosed psychopath!

Mike: "Haha" *Gasps* "I think we should..."increase" his pains don't you think?" *Sets electricity to full power* *Gasps* "Where am I?" (CONF) Gosh! I can't keep control of myself... this is weird

Dawn: *finds key*

Chris: Now all that Dawn needs to do is open the chest and she gets immunity!

Dawn: *opens the treasure chest*

  • the machine bursts and Scott runs out*

RCMP: *flies out of chest* This is the Royal Canadian Mounted Police! You're busted, Scott! ...Where is he? He must be dead! *sees Scott running out of the shed, tattooed like a skeleton* This may be the real culprit! The Skulled One must be captured!

Scott: You'll never take me alive! *runs away frantically*

Lindsay: Actually- *shushed*

RCMP: *chases The Skulled One (Scott) away, leaving his fate unknown*

Chris: Well, that was a twist. Dawn wins immunity!

Merged Vote (2)

Gwen: (CONF) *votes Bridgette* You thief! I thought I could trust you.

Lindsay: (CONF) *votes Bridgette*

Heather: (CONF) *votes Bridgette* With my plan in action, there's no way you're making it past this elimination ceremony. Wow, they're all so stupid.

Courtney: (CONF) *votes Bridgette* Oh, Heather, you'd totally be gone right now, but PDA thief has to go.

Bridgette: (CONF) *votes Heather* So close to winning immunity. Oh, well. I'm definitely making it through tonight. Heather is a bit mean, and, well, I can't vote for Scott so, I vote Heather.

Dawn: (CONF) *votes Bridgette* Sorry, but I don't think stealing stuff is right.

Noah: (CONF) *votes Bridgette* Still love this Joker tattoo. *laughing, still remembering everything else*

Paper: (CONF) *votes Bridgette* Yeah..........self-explanitory, right?

Mike: (CONF) *Votes Bridgette* "I have no opinion on you, you don't talk to me."

Chris: The marshmallows go to Dawn, Paper, Mike, Lindsay, Courtney, Noah, and Gwen. Bridgette and Heather, this is the final marshmallow. It goes to... Heather! Bridgette, it was a unanimous vote for you, so time to go! *flushes away Bridgette*

Episode 8

Merged Cabin (3)

Mike: (CONF) "Since I was not voted out last night, i'ts clear to me that I am not hated... than again she did steal Courtney's PDA..."

Gwen: Hey Mike, can I talk to you for a minute?

Mike: *Walks over to Gwen* *Whispers* "What?"

Gwen: Me, Dawn, Courtney, and maybe Paper and Noah are together in an alliance. Do you want to join so we can take down the biggest threat: Heather.

Mike: *Nods in approval* "Yeah, ever since Lindsay told me what I had to do for her if I wanted to be her friend she concerned me."

Gwen: *interested* Like what?

Mike: *Shivers* "Like, doing everything she says and everything. I swear that girl gives me the chills. I say we eliminate her." *Gasps* "Or simply end her life" *Grins than Gasps* "Wait what? Where am I... Gwen did you notice anything?

Gwen: Wait... that was really intense right there, with what just happened. >.>

Mike: *Nervous* "I have no idea, I thought the doctor got rid of my personalities. *Gasps* Chester: Yeah but too bad. This is MY LAWN! *Gasps* I'm fine with my normal ones, but this new one seems weird."

Gwen: I think it's more than just a new personality. I'm thinking that it's an evil one. Way worse than all four of yours combined. He just said to end Heather's life...

Mike: *Widend eyes* "I would never do that!"

Gwen: I know you wouldn't, but this may be a new evil personality. If you want, maybe I can see what I can do.

Lindsay: *with Heather in private* What's the new plan?

Heather: (CONF) With Bridgette gone, I've only got Lindsay on my side...  Maybe bookworm and gothic loser might want to join me? Besides, Lindsay's too dumb for her own good, she's going soon. But, oh, who to fiddle with next? Mike's creepy, Courtney wants me out, and the rest I don't give for. Maybe Dawn could go? (END CONF) *to Lindsay* I need more votes, so you just stay put, moron, I mean, bestie. *walks over to Noah* Hi Noah. c:

Noah: *crosses arms* What is it?

Heather: *fake smiles* Noah, I'd love to ensure your safety in the competition, so alligning with Lindsay and I would be the best way to do it. We could dominate this game. c:

Noah: *bursts out laughing* You think I'm dumb enough to fall for that? I think you've been around Lindsay too long.

Heather: *pins him against the wall* Listen, dorkling. If you don't allign with me, I'll give you another tattoo... OF MY FIST! *lets him go* Pretty, pretty please? c:

Noah: I've had many punches thrown at me, that doesn't scare me. *smirks* How about we do this. I will allign with you and Lindsay on the condition that you provide a favor in exchange. It's nothing big. Just tell Chris he sucks and I'm good. I'd do it myself but he's not really worth my's as easy as that. So do we have a deal? (CONF) I know I could have asked for more or said yes, turned on her, and threatened to expose whatever to everyone as a blackmail for something in exchange, but I didn't. And I know there's the possibility she'll eliminate me, but do you think I really care? I don't even know why I'm here again. I just want out. But no quitting. I read my contract and found out he made it so I can't quit this season, or at least not yet. Working on a loophole......

Heather: Deal, munchkin. *walks off*

Mike: "Gwen how about this, we talk to Noah about my personalities. He's like the smartest guy here surely he could know something." (CONF) I will now resort to anything now, I can't control this. *Gasps* Manitoba: Surely that smart toothpick weasle should know something don't ya reckon?        

Gwen: Good idea. I'll go talk to him, maybe he'll have an idea. *walks to Noah* Okay, me and Mike need your help. Mike's been acting all depressed and even said to end Heather's life, which we suspect is a new evil personality. Since you're probably the smartest one here, we think that maybe you can help.

Noah: I AM the smartest one here. Anyways, I finished all of my books and it's too late to be re-reading any books I've read, so sure, I'll help. Why not?

Gwen: Thanks. I can't quite figure out how to get rid of this one, so how should we handle this? Do we need to figure out what started it maybe?

Noah: Alright, first I'll need to talk to Mike, then see his personality, then some other geeky intelligent researches and such. So this will require time, patience, brains, David Beckham, and hard-work. So where is Mike anyway?

Mike: *walks over to Noah* "Right here"

Noah: Alright. So Mike, when did you begin to notice this new personality?

Mike: "After Scott tatooed me... hey wait a minute... I'M CLEAN! The tatoo is gone.. I did'ent even realize this"

Heather: *walks up to Gwen, smiling* Hey, gothic s-, I mean, Gwen! Looking fetch today!

Gwen: Thanks, same to you.

Heather: So, I heard Courtney, Paper and Mike were gunning for you... I'd love to ensure your safety...

Gwen: Wait... they were? We were friends though.

Heather: Please, I've heard enough from them. You could join forces with me, and we could totally take them down!

Gwen: What about Dawn?

Heather: Yeah, I overheard her reading all of our strengths, weaknesses, and everything about us like we're books. We need to eliminate her, pronto.

Gwen: Well... I'll join as long as we keep Mike as long as we can, me and Noah need to help him with something. Deal?

Heather: Mike? Are you sure? I'm pretty sure Mike is the alter ego.

Gwen: That's possible but still. I'll join you if we keep him long enough to solve it.

Heather: Thank you, but, another theory.... Maybe he's faking it to get ahead in the game with our support and sympathy?

Gwen: Possibly. So it's me, you, Lindsay, and Noah?

Heather: Definitely. c:

Chris: *on loudspeaker* Hey campers! FYI, I have hidden an immunity idol somewhere on the island. Every now and then, I'll provide clues. The search is on.

Lindsay: *to Heather* Wanna look together, bestie?

Mike: *Hears Chris announcement* (CONF) "An idol hmm.... I could use that" (CONF OUT) *Begins looking for the idol*

Heather: Uh, sure. Go search everywhere around Mike, and other places. Don't want him finding it, he's too much of a threat. I'll go look too. SO, GO! *looks around bushes, and rocks*

Lindsay: I'll follow Mike and distract him and you can search, is that good?

Heather: Wow, something intelligent actually came out of that tainted mouth of yours. Good, just, go do that. *looks around the forest area*

Lindsay: *runs over to Mike* Hey Mike! What's up?

Heather: *continues searching*

Lindsay: *to Mike* So, what are you looking for? *gasps in excitement* IS IT A PONY? :D

Heather: *searches more*

Lindsay: One time a pony ran over me and it knocked me out. People say that's when my brain was damaged.

Gwen: *walking by* That explains so much.

Courtney: Idol, idol, where are you? D: *searches*

Heather: *squeezes her hand inbetween two boulders, feeling something* Oh, lookey here. *grabs the idol* (three lines bby)

Lindsay: *walks and finds Heather* Did you find it?

Heather: *winks* Definitely.

Mike: (CONF) So Lindsay either has brain damage due to the carelessness of a pony.... or she's just stupid... I'm going to go with my gut and say she's stupid. (CONF OUT) "Darn I can't find this stinkin idol!" Chester: Ahh I give up this idol whipper snapper obviously isint out here!" Mike: *Goes back to camp*

Courtney: Where is this stupid idol? Heather better not get to it... Ugh. *continues searching, furiously*

Heather: *casually walks by Courtney, whistling* Little Miss C.I.T. can't even play a little game of needle in the haystack?

Courtney: Ugh, just back off before one of us gets hurt. I swear, I'm going to find this idol, and eliminate you first chance I get! You hear me? *searches in a rose bush* Ouch!

Heather: *manically laughs* I wouldn't be so sure about that. *walks off*

Intern: *walks to Chris* You suck, boss.

Chris: *grabs him by the collar* What?!

Intern: IT WAS CHEF!

Chris: This isn't over Chef! Meet me at the theater for the challenge!


Chris: I'm gonna settle my rivalry with Chef once and for all!

Chef: We'll settle this like men!

Both: You will dress up in a costume and then we will try to agree on judging them!

Chef: Also, make it be a women's dress...

Chris: Be quiet.

Mike: "Do we get any materials?"

Chris: Yep! Over there. :D *points to a dumpster filled with dresses*

Heather: This will be a synch. (CONF) I might not even need my idol tonight...

Chris: Not so fast. Boys wear dresses, and girls wear boy's clothes.

Everyone: *glares*

Chris: Hey, it was Chef's idea. :3

Chef: *knocks Chris off his seat*

Lindsay: *gets to the "Girls" dumpster and grabs a tuxedo* No, this doesn't suit me.

Gwen: *gets to the "Girls" dumpster and grabs a torn blue shirt* Okay, all I need are some jeans...

Heather: Yuck. *goes to the Girl's dumpster* Gwen, you're practically a crossdresser, help? c:

Gwen: Here, try this. *gives her a shirt with the same color that Heather's shirt normally has* Maybe this. *gives her some shorts*

Heather: Pfft, whatever. *walks off to change into it* (CONF) Who's left? Lindsay, Gwen and Noah are all wrapped around my fingers, so they can't go yet. Mike, eh, he's okay, but is no threat for me at the moment. That leaves Dawn and Paper. Dawn's too likeable, and Paper is just sliding under the rader. Paper would be an easier target to get eliminated. But Dawn, Dawn, Dawn, don't even think for a minute that you're safe. I've got my eyes on you, fairy girl. Hahahaha! *laughs manically*

Gwen: *walks off and gets in outfit*

Lindsay: *to Heather* So, can you help me find something to wear? These are all disgusting smelling. D:

Heather: (CONF) The perfect opportunity for a little sabotage. I mean, it's a fashion challenge, it's the dumb blonde's only plausible life skill other than taking orders mindlessly. She just, can't stand in my way. That's all. (END CONF) Here. *pulls out some trashy, mouldy overalls from the garbage dump, and a bandanna* Yeah, this works perfectly. Whatever you do, don't listen to anyone, and wear it. It suits you. c: It's vintage, and adorable. I love it. Let's hope Chris does too!

Lindsay: Yay! Thanks. By the way, since you helped, you want me to add a little bit of make-up to you?

Heather: Uh... sure. I don't think guys wear make up, though...

Lindsay: True. Then maybe I can help you win. What's first?

Heather: You see Mike over there? Do a little, sabotaging? C:

Lindsay: Wait, what if they catch me and they vote me out?

Mike: "Ew, is there anything that... looks like it could be sold in a store.. or a gas station?"

Heather: *looks down on her outfit* This better win me the challenge. 

Courtney: *searching through the dumpster* I sincerely doubt it. *throws back dirty clothes* Gross! *pulls out a tank top, and mucky jeans*

Heather: *walks back to Lindsay* It'll be fine. Go, like, stop Mike or something.

Lindsay: Okay. *walking over to where Mike is but hides behind a pile of rocks* Maybe I shouldn't... *starts walking but trips, causing the rocks to pile up on Mike* Oh no... :( *runs away quickly*

Heather: *folds her arms* Perfect.

Courtney: *walks over in her outfit* And what are you laughing at, Man-ther?

Heather: Oh, none of your business, and nice outfit.

Chris: It has officially been a while. You've had enough time to pick an outfit, so time is up. Heather, Gwen, Lindsay, and Courtney are the only ones with an outfit so they move on to show their stuff. Mike, Dawn, Paper, and Noah don't move on. Up first, Gwen!

Gwen: *shows up on the runway, with a torn blue shirt and jeans*

Chris: Awesome, Gwen shows her personality in that dress. That'll be hard to beat.

Chef: What?! Those clothes are pathetic! We can't agree on anything!!!

Chris: Which is why I'm doing it from now on. *pushes him off* Next, Lindsay!

Lindsay: *on runway* Hi! I'm Lindsay and these are my clothes! *poses*

Chris: Woah. Those clothes don't even suit your face! *sniffs* And you smell... bad. Must be the outfit. Folks, as much as Gwen has a great chance, Lindsay has a very low chance. Who will be pretty? Who will be ugly? And will me and Chef agree on anything?

Chef: NO!

Chris: Find out after the break.

  • commercial break ends*

Chris: Okay, we're back. Courtney, you're up. Then Heather goes up and we will judge her.

Courtney: *walks up in her tank top, and ripped, dirty jeans* Ugh, just give me my immunity already.

Chris: Your jeans being ripped doesn't fit you, but it's good for finding it in a dumpster. Next, Heather.

Heather: *walks out with an evil grin, posing in her shirt and short that Gwen had given her*

Chris: Great job! Same shirt and jeans cover and you still look good. I've tallied it up and it's between you and Gwen. The results? Heather gets it!

Merged Vote (3)

Chris: Time to vote. Who will be getting the flush?

Heather: (CONF) My alliance and I will be voting for Paper. Think about it, he hides in the shadows. He doesn't do much. Maybe he's plotting against us? He needs to go.

Lindsay: (CONF) I vote for Paper. Heather made me.

Gwen: (CONF) I'm really sorry, but Paper. If Heather ever targets Mike or Dawn, I probably won't do the same, but I don't really know you that well. Sorry.

Courtney: (CONF) Ugh, Heather's safe? This is rigged, I tell you! I deserved that immunity! I am a C.I.T. No one crosses me! Well, Paper is the least deserving right now, so I vote him.

Mike: (CONF) "As much as I want to vote for Heather! I have to vote for Paper, what has he done since I have come here? NOTHING!"

Paper: (CONF) I vote................wait I'm still in? Why? I've done nothing but getting hurt, seriously. If I don't go today, there's something seriously wrong. Anyways I vote uh. Mike? He's sort of offense to him, of course.

Noah: (CONF) I was told Dawn, but I have this Spidey-Geek Sense that no one else is targetting Dawn. So naturally................I don't care. So I vote Paper. Why? While he has done nothing to annoy me, unlike everyone else................he has done nothing.

Dawn: (CONF) I'm going to have to vote with Mike. I just feel something isn't right with him at the moment.......

Chris: Marshmallow time. 

Chef: I'm doing it! *pushes Chris away* 

Chris: Hey! Give me that! *swipes the tray away* 

Chef: *walking away, muttering* Chris, controlling, stupid show...

Chris: Anyway, marshmallows go to Heather, Lindsay, Gwen, Noah, Courtney, and Dawn! Mike and Paper, this is the final marshmallow. It goes to... Mike! Paper, you're out. And you know what that means? FLUSH of Shame! 

Paper: Finally! I was beginning to wonder if I'd ever g- wait flush of shame.............water?

Noah: You didn't think this through, did you?

Paper:*staring at the Flush of Shame in fright*

Mike: *Runs up to Paper* "Hey I voted for you, nothing personal right?

Chris: Time to go Paper. I'm not allowed to wash you up cause that'll kill you, so here you go! *puts him into a plastic bag and ties it* Happy trails! NOT! *flushes*

Episode 9

Merged Cabin (4)

Mike: (CONF) "And than there were.. how many? like 7 or 8? Who cares, no one is going to beat me... I promise you that. No one suspects a thing... Let's keep it that way." (CONF OUT) *walks around the forst*

Lindsay: *sees Mike* Hey Mike! What are you doing?

Mike: *Rolls his eyes at the sight of Lindsay* "Oh nothing Lindsay! Just walking around and getting everything off my mind... You're pretty good at it, maybe you could join me?"

Lindsay: Sure! *walking with him*

Mike: "So Lindsay, tell me about Heather. What are her plans?" (CONF) "Perhaps this weak minded girl can give me the heads up on stuff."

Lindsay: I haven't heard too much recently. Here, I'll ask her! :D *about to walk off to tell her*

Courtney: (CONF) Ugh, I have to get Heather eliminated. She's done too much damage to this show, and it's so unfair that she's still here. Lindsay's a complete moron, and will stick around her, Noah, nah, but perhaps I could get Gwen and Mike on my side...

Lindsay: *to Heather* Hey bestie. Mike just told me to ask you what our plans are.

Mike: "NO!" *Facepalms* (CONF) "Perhaps I should have chosen a better tactic"

Dawn: *Meditating*

Noah: *to Dawn* Don't you meditate every day?

Dawn: Yes, why?

Noah: Why exactly?

Heather: *facepalm* You freakin' moron. Just tell him... bull. Or, whatever. Just don't give anything away... *walks off*

Courtney: *walks up to Mike and taps him on the shoulder*

Mike: *Turns around to see Courtney* "Why hello sunshine! How may I help you today?"

Courtney: Sunshine? *folds arms, slightly blushes, and pulls him aside* Listen, we have bigger problems on our hands. Heather is getting unstoppable, and we need to take her out, pronto.

Mike: "Finally! Someone who has some sanity on this show... other than Noah! Alright, I'm in no matter what! As long as Heather is outta here!" 

Dawn: *to Noah* Because it's fun. You get to connect with your inner soul.

Noah: Bleck. *goes to read a book*

Dawn: *Continues to meditate*

Gwen: *to Dawn* Hey, can I get in on that?

Dawn: Sure.

Gwen: Thanks. *meditates*

Courtney: Listen, you're not going to go all sabateur on me? Because you and I can easily make the final 2... together. *coughs* I mean, we should see if Gwen or Dawn could join us. (CONF) He's... Ugh. No.

Mike: "heck no! Why would I betray you. I want Heather gone. Also me and you final 2? Sounds perfect. (CONF) Perfect as in I am the one winning, sure I'll take her to the final 2.. but no promises on playing fair at that point.

Courtney: *smiles* Great, now, go get Gwen and Dawn on our side. c: (CONF) Wow... I'm actually in a good mood...

Mike: *Walks up to Dawn* "Good morning beutiful! Hey so me and Courtney are plotting Heathers flush... did you want to join us?"

Courtney: *overwatches the two talking* Beautiful? *glares in jealousy, and looks at the camera* This better not make the final cut. >.>

Dawn: (CONF) Strangely different...............but I'm still trying to avenge Alejandro. (Non-CONF) Um, sure.

Gwen: *meditating next to Dawn* Blindsiding Heather, huh?

Mike: "Yup, you in" (CONF) These fools have no clue how persuasive they are... I only merely need their votes... than they can do whatever they want....

Gwen: Hmm... I'll take it into consideration. (CONF) I don't really want to pick a side just yet. Heather and Mike both need my votes, so I'm the deciding vote. I'd like to keep it that way.

Noah: *puts down book* This is trite. It sucks. *throws it into the forest and then walks by Gwen and Dawn* Hey Gwen, what vibe were you picking up from Mike when he talked to you? I'm still doing that personality comparison thing. Or whatever.

Gwen: Kind of a strategic vibe. Though he usually gasps before switching personas right? I haven't noticed him doing that since his tattoo disappeared.

Noah: *writing it down* He does.

Gwen: So maybe that persona went away but Mike is strategic? Maybe that persona had an effect on him.

Noah: Gwen, then explain why we haven't seen Chester, Vito, Manitoba, or Svetlana if only that persona went away. MPD doesn't cure itself, you know. 

Gwen: I know, but I have an idea that may show if Mike can transform into his personalities. *to Mike* Hey Mike, we need your shirt off. *takes it off* Vito is that you?

Noah: *skeptical* He could easily fake it if he's the persona. But whatever.

Vito: "Hey babe this twerp buggin ya?" *Picks up Noah with one arm* "Light fella if you ask me, what should I do with this chump?"

Gwen: First, don't call me babe, I'm dating Cody. And two, he isn't bugging me so let him down. *puts Mike's shirt back on*

Mike: *Gasps* "Where am I?" (CONF) "Did Gwen take off my shirt... Darn it..."

Noah: Hmm, *still a bit skeptic but not as much as before* Mike, thanks for taking the random examination I guess. Seems you're fine. SEEMS. But be wary.

Mike: "I'm shaking" (CONF) "If that noah- it - all of a twig thinks he's in my way of the million... He's got another thing coming."

Chris: *walking by, whistling*

Heather: *stretches* You suck Chris.

Chris: Wait, WHAT?

Chef: *walking by, laughing* That's hilarious! Oh my gosh, HAHA! You just got told.

Chris: *glares*

Chef: What? Just having some fun.

Chris: Either way. Challenge time!


Chris: Today's challenge is a boat race around the island! Some boats are skilled, some boats are crappy. You may go in groups if you want. In the meantime, look out for obstacles. >:D

Lindsay: *running with Heather* Wanna be in the same boat? We could talk strategy. :D

Heather: Ugh, fine, but I'm driving because you're a complete moron! *runs to a speedboat*

Courtney: *pulls Mike* Let's do this!

Lindsay: *in boat with Heather* Lets go!

Gwen: *gets in boat and starts driving alone* (1)

Dawn: Noah, want to be my partner?

Noah: Sure- just don't pull any of that meditating stuff on me. *gets in boat with Dawn*

Gwen: *in the lead* Woohoo! (2)

Noah: *starts driving boat, while Dawn keeps an eye out* (1)

Courtney: *pulls Mike into a boat, and drives off* (1)

Heather: *drives* Out of the way! (1)

Lindsay: *in boat* So bestie, what's the plan tonight?

Noah: *drives and sighs out of boredom* (2)

Heather: I'm going to win the challenge, and Dawn is going to go home. c: And we need to win! (2) *continues driving*

Courtney: *keeps driving* (2)

Lindsay: Okay. It looks like we can make the final two together!

Gwen: *drives past them* (3)

Heather: Grr, get back here! *drives* (3) Lindsay, throw rocks!

Courtney: *speeds along by Heather* Mike and I will win this! (3)

Lindsay: Okay! *throws rocks at Gwen and Courtney*

Gwen: *driving, barely ducks* (4)

Chris: Gwen reaches Coconut Alley!

Gwen: Coconut Alley? *hit on the head with a coconut* Ow! *stops driving, rubbing head*

Heather: *keeps driving* More! (4)

Courtney: What the heck are you doing, Lindsay? *dodges rocks and drives* (4)

Lindsay: *throwing rocks at Gwen and Courtney again*

Gwen: *hit by rock* OW! *sore but speeds off away* (5)

Heather: We need to catch up... *Keeps driving* (5)

Courtney: *drives* Don't worry, Mike! I"ll win this for us! (5)

Gwen: *speeding off even more, way in the lead* (6)

Heather: *continues driving* You witch! (6)

Courtney: You're the b**** *drives, ahead of Heather by a slim margin* (6)

Gwen: *driving, still in the lead* Did you just call me a witch, Heather? (7)

Heather: *driving* Yup (7)

Courtney: *drives* (7)

Gwen: Calling an alliance member a witch? Quite a move you got there. *drives off* (8)

Courtney: Gwen, you can join me anytime! *drives* (8)

Heather: You're worthless, anyway! *drives* (8)

Gwen: *driving* I'm starting to consider it Courtney. (9)

Courtney: *speeds up* Good. (9)

Heather: Oh no you don't! *drives, and throws a rock at Courtney's boat* (9)

Courtney: AH! Mike! *boat crashes, with Courtney and Mike floating in the water*

Gwen: *drives past finish line* Yes! (CONF) Now that I have immunity, I am untouchable tonight. Not only that, but the entire elimination tonight will be based off my vote.

Chris: Gwen wins immunity!

Merged Vote (4)

Chris: Vote here.

Courtney: (CONF) Heather only has Noah and Lindsay, so, she does not have the numbers. I vote for her. Heather, you're gone sweetie.

Heather: (CONF) As much as I hate Courtney, I need to focus on my threats. I vote Dawn.

Lindsay: (CONF) I vote Dawn. My bestie's doing that too. :D

Dawn: (CONF) Heather. I have this feeling something else will happen though and it involves me.........

Noah: (CONF) Alright, I somehow made it this far and it seems I'm not getting out of it soon, so maybe it's time to really get strategic and try to ensure a final two spot..........I'm doubting Heather can deliver her "promise", though that is what I expected from her. However, with surprise-package Mike, the meditators, Heather, and Lindsay, what choice do I have? Hmm............while not exactly known for my supposed loyalty, I'm a geek man of my word, even if Heather's suck comment was overdue. I vote Dawn. No hard feelings, I suppose. Besides she'll get to return to Al and stuff. She's learned a good deal of strategic experience from this, so I guess that's the cherry on top of her elimination cake. For now, I'll stay with Heather, since everyone's in an alliance. I'm pretty sure she'll blindside me eventually though.

Mike: (CONF) "I'm sticking to my allaince.. for now... I vote Heather, if that threat is gone I can than go to Noah, once Noah is gone it's a one way ticket to the final 2."

Gwen: (CONF) Looks like I will be the deciding vote. I have complete control right now and nothing can go wrong. The witch votes Heather. :P

Chris: Marshmallows to Gwen, Mike, Courtney, Lindsay, and Noah. Dawn and Heather, one of you will go. The last marshmallow is to... Dawn! Heather, since Gwen decided to vote you, any last words?

Heather: Really? You're all that gullible to believe that I'm getting the Flush? The person eliminated tonight... is Dawn. *smiles, wickedly, and pulls out her invincibility statue* Tonight, I'm unstoppable.

Gwen: Darn it! Sorry hun. :( *pats Dawn on the back*

Mike: *Glares at Heather* (CONF) "That was my idol... She's good.... too good...."

Dawn: *To Gwen* It's fine.........I knew deep within me I wouldn't have made it much further anyway......

Noah: *sarcastically* Another elimination survived? Woohoo. *flips page of book he's reading*

Heather: *pushes Dawn in the direction of the Flush of Shame* It's time to go. *smiles* Get out of the competition. (CONF) I am owning this game. I've eliminated so much of the cast, it's not even funny. First, ranga Scott, then Griffin and Kyndel, that no one liked, Anne Maria who needs to learn about style, Alejandro that cheater, Paper that, something, Bridgette who was easy, and now... Dawn! That's eight campers, half of the cast. I'm not good, I'm great. Heck, I'm spectacular.

Dawn: ...........You know something I've learned during my time here? *to Heather* I've been too nice for my own good. Thanks for making me realize that. Anyways, you do realize only Lindsay likes you, right? If it all comes down to a vote you're doomed and you definitely don't got mine. I hope you go die in a ditch...........erm, sorry?

Noah: *facepalms* It was getting so good too. Juicy and the likes.........and she still finds a way to ruin it.

Dawn: Anyways, Noah, Gwen, Courtney, Mike, Lindsay, I wish you guys luck.

Noah: Shouldn't you be "scolding" me too? I voted for you. I sided witih Heather.

Dawn: I can tell you were recluntant.

Noah: Yeah, so I was. Doesn't make a difference though, does it?

Dawn: I can feel you're not as sarcastic and harsh on the inside as you portray yourself on the outside.

Noah: Tough luck, I am. Looks like your fortunes or whatever were wrong.

Dawn: Noah, were you bullied as a child?

Noah: .....................How did you know that?

Dawn: I'm getting the vibe.

Noah: No, aura sensing is fake. Did you happen to call mother? I told her not to talk about me to anyone. *looks at the ground, crossing arms, uncertain*

Dawn: You don't have to be as mean as the bullies were to you. Remember your older self?

Noah: This happened when I was four. So this is my older self. I still get a lot of stick from it but I don't care. Make your point, I'm pretty sure you're dragging on this episode.

Dawn: Noah. Isn't it tiring and sad to always be harsh? You're driving away people.

Noah: I don't need too many friends. I already got a few. There's...........................about two. Wow, I just realized my life sucks. *Sarcastically* Gee, thanks.

Dawn: You could still fix that, if you become nicer. Remember that. It's never too late to go the other direction in your life.

Noah: .................

Dawn: But it's your life. Do what you want with your life. But, don't kill any animals please?

Noah: ..............Seriously, you're dragging on the show, you should probably get ready to be flushed. Look on the bright side, you're back with Al and what not. See ya.

Heather: *rolls eyes* Everyone loves me, just.. go.. *pushes her into the Flush of Shame*

Chris: *flushes Dawn* That was intense.

Episode 10

Merged Cabin (5)

Noah: *thinking of Dawn's last words*

Heather: *wakes up, yawning, and looks around the female side of the cabin* Lindsay's asleep, Courtney's asleep, and Gwen's asleep... (CONF) Ugh, I've only got Lindsay the moron, and Noah on my side, and both of them could easily turn on me soon. So, I need to ensure I've got this. Three people are against me, and I'm going to turn this game upside down. (END CONF) *walks over, sneakily, to Courtney's bed and grabs her PDA from her bedside. Snickers, then walks over to Gwen's bed and cautiously stuff it under Gwen's pillow. Notices that they are about to awaken, and runs back to her bed and pretends to be asleep*

Gwen: *wakes up* Morning Courtney. We almost did it last night. :D

Courtney: Yeah.. *looks around her bed* My PDA... where is it? >.<

Gwen: I'm not really sure. We could look for it. *starts looking under beds*

Mike: (CONF) "How was I supposed to know she would go and play an idol like that! I spent 2 hours looking for that idol! Heather going to pay! On the up side. I have Courtney and Gwen. Who will be great assets to my plan. Heather is too powerful to move on in this game, she is the next one to go! (END CONF) *Get's dressed and walks around thee forest*

Mike: (CONF) "Perhaps I could get Noah on our side... Too get Heather, obviously I'm now a target to Heather.. I must speak to Noah!" (END CONF) *Goes back to the cabin and speaks to Noah* "Morning Noah! How did you sleep? Is that a new haircut?"

Noah: I slept fine thanks for asking, I guess. Judging by the haircut comment, you want something or did something. What is it?

Mike: "You're smarter than you make yourself out to be... Anyway's I know you are tight with Heather and stuff, and we have had our differences but I am wondering if you would like to join my allaince with Gwen and Courtney to vote off Heather, she's a major threat, if you go with her you're chances of winning will  be at an all time LOW, but with me, the final 4 is gaurnteed."

Noah: *remembering Dawn's words* Fine, I'm in. I know Heather would backstab me soon anyways. Time to make use of my options and opportunities.

Mike "Thank's man" *Shakes hand* (CONF) "Perfect, now that we have Noah, Heather's elimination is gaurnteed... just as long as Gwen and Courtney stick together. Once Heather's gone, her... uhh.. friend? Will be the next to go... Once that whole allaince is down... I shall go to the top *Grins*  

Gwen: *searching under beds but accidentally knocks her pillow over, revealing Courtney's PDA* Courtney, I can explain!

Mike: *Looks around devilishly* (CONF) " In case you imbicals have wonderd why I am in the forest all the time is so I check up on a fake idol I made. Now time for a little announcement!" *Immatates Chris's voice* "Hey campers I am a stuck up rich boy who lives with his mother" *Normal voice* "That should do" (END CONF) *Walks into the producers room and see's Chef sleeping by the controls, walks over to the voice room quietly, picks up the microphone with caution* *In chris voice* "Morning campers! I have hidden another idol somewhere in the camp! If you find it you will be powerful!" *Leaves and goes back to camp* (CONF) "Sure I'm breaking a few rules... but anything for the million."

Courtney: You thief! *snatches PDA* You're done for!

Mike: (CONF) See? I'm not the one playing the players, by trusting me the players are playing themselves. (END CONF) *Run's back to cabin* "Hey guys did you hear about that idol?"

Gwen: An idol? Better look for it, it could help me here. *glaring at Courtney, runs off and starts looking*


Heather: (CONF) All too easy. Either Gwen or Courtney is totally going home, which leaves me with three, and them with two, and one of them isolated.

Mike: (CONF) "Gwen and Courtney are going at each other like crazy, Heather had to do something with this... but what? She's eliminaing all chances of me eliminating her.... Unless....." (END CONF) *Get's out of confessional, runs to the forest and grabs the fake idol, runs back to camp to comfront Heather* "Heather, come here, I wanna tell you something."

Heather: *walks over to Mike* What is it? It better be important.

Mike: "Well... I have found the immunity idol Chris was talking about, I am showing you that you can trust me by giving it to you." *Hands Heather the idol* (CONF) "Perhaps if I can get her to take this idol, I can tell Courtney and Gwen that Heather has the idol, and she is too powerful with it and we need to vote her off and get rid of that idol... it's full proof."

Heather: *looks at the idol, glaring* I don't need it, but your sorry @$$ will. I refuse to partner with the enemy. *folds arms and walks off*

Mike: *Run's back to Heather* "Look, you're really smart, I want you to have this, I over heard some people griping about voting you off, play it and you can trust me."

Heather: *takes it* You're really trying to get yourself eliminated, aren't you?

Mike: "No, just stratagy, trust me, who do you want gone?



Chris: Today, we will gather ingredients for a sundae- *thrown into the distance by Chef* AH!!!

Chef: It's always your decision! I'm gonna decide this one.

Chris: *in a tree* Stop being so pushy!

Chef: You're the one who ALWAYS tells me what to do. Plus you never pay me.

Chris: FINE.

Chef: Anyway, I am known for two things. My cooking, and my military background. You must finish GIGANTIC pancakes, which will feature lots of ingrediants that will make it really hard. Once finished, you will run an obstacle course featuring the Bouncy Butts, then the Rolling Pins, and then you will be kicked by the Giant Boot to the final part. The Salad Spinner! You will be spun around until you come out. And you have to finish it all without spewing! First to do so wins! What are you fools waiting for? GO GO GO!!!

Lindsay: *runs up and start eating her pancakes* This is easy! I just need to worry about carbs, but I can burn it off! *eating more but swallows nails on accident* Ew! And OW! Do I get water with this?

Chef: *shakes head*

Gwen: *eating and doing better than Lindsay until she sees a skunk and it starts spraying her* WHY?

Mike: *Run's up and begins eating pancakes, noitces some weird crawling things*

Spiders: *crawls around Mike, biting him lots of times*

Gwen: *tosses the Skunk away, continues eating pancakes*

Skunk: *lands at the Salad Spinner, sees it starting* ... :( *thrown far, far away*

Lindsay: *finally gets the nails down, starts eating again*

Mike: *Screams* "Chris, you'll pay for this" *Tries eating while in pain*

Lindsay: *almost done with the pancakes, but a swarm of bees come out* AH! *starts running away but splits her pants* AH!!!!

Gwen: *almost done, notices crabs jumping at her* OW! OW!

Mike: *Eat's and has 7 chuncks left, monkeys hop on him and pull his hair* "Ahhh!" *Run's in cirlces*

Gwen: *tosses the crabs away, finishes eating* Yes! *starts running to the Bouncy Butts*

Lindsay: *finishes eating, right behind Gwen*

Mike: *Shakes off monkeys and eats the last of the pancakes, runs towards the Bouncy butts but feels woozy*

Gwen: *gets past the Bouncy Butts one by one* Ow. Ow. Ow.

Lindsay: *does the same*

Mike: *Summons Svtlana* "The olympic gymnastic hero is HERE!" *Does a double flip on the bouncy butts and catches up with Gwen and Lindsay* (CONF) "What can I say? Having MPD has it's perks."

Gwen: *gets to the Rolling Pins and falls off* AH!

Lindsay: *does the same and passes, is running to the Giant Boot*

Mike: *Sprints a little ahead of Lindsay, but still neck and neck, runs towards the Giant boot*

Lindsay: *in front of the Giant Boot* I don't get it, it's a dead- *hit* AH! *in the Salad Spinner*

Mike: *Flies in the salad spinner as well* "AHH, I'm gonna be sick" *Holds hand against moutch"

  • the Salad Spinner turns on and both Lindsay and Mike are spun around*

Lindsay: *finishes first* Yes! My first immunity! *gags* But those nails around settling well. :( *pukes*

Chef: Ah well. Lindsay puked which makes Mike our winner!

Merged Vote (5)

Chris: Time to vote!

Gwen: (CONF) Despite the fact that Courtney hates me, even though I really didn't do anything, I'm still voting for the original target - Heather. And this time, it WILL work.

Mike: (CONF) "That Chris did not give me the time to elaborate my plan, now that Heather has a false knowing of my personal nature I can only assume that she has no clue about this. My vote is for Heather, that witch has too much power."

Lindsay: (CONF) Heather wants to vote off Gwen, so she has to go. Gwen is my vote. 

Heather: (CONF) I vote for Gwen. c: Bye goth girl.

Courtney: (CONF) Heather's a total b****, but Gwen stole my PDA. Touch my stuff and you're dead. I vote for that little sabateur, Gwen!

Noah: (CONF) Hmm, who to vote.........................I'll vote for. *remembering Dawn's words, Mike, but his own words* Uh I need an in-between kind of thing. Courtney? I need to get my head together before the next episode.

Chris: The marshmallows go to... Mike, Lindsay, Noah, and Courtney. The final marshmallow goes to... Heather! Weird. I was expecting a tie but it turned out to be a 3-2-1 vote against Gwen. Adios!

Gwen: *sighs* Oh well. I thought this would be my season. But Courtney, now that I'm out of the game, I can tell you something. I did NOT steal your PDA. I was framed! And even though you hated me, I still didn't vote you off. I voted Heather. But, don't hate the player, hate the game. :) I'm ready Chris.

Chris: *flushes Gwen*

Episode 11

Merged Cabin (6)

Mike: (CONF) *Grunts* "How could I be so naive to think that it would be Gwen! Someone did not keep their promise... *Has a look of realization* (NON CONF) "Hey Noah come here for a second."

Noah: *comes over, crossing arms* Yes?

Courtney: (CONF) So Gwen didn't take my PDA... I jumped the gun on that... and now she's eliminated. To be honest, she was the only camper I could stand, and, well, maybe even liked here...

Heather: (CONF) Well it's the final five, and is anyone really shocked that I'm here? 

Mike: "Got something to tell me? I thought you said you would vote for Heather!" (CONF) "Well, maybe he had something going on in that big brain of his, If I can just get Courtney and Noah with me on this..." *Gasps* "What the heck? Where am I? *Gasps* Chester: "We took care of DARN Mal for you!" *Gasps* Vito: "Hey, it wasent easy either!" *Gasps*  Manitoba: "Come on mate, keep you're head in the game" *Gasps* Mike: *Laughs* "Mal has been in control? I thought I got rid of him! Darn it! No more, I'm in control now! (NON CONF) "Noah... what was I talking about again?"

Noah: *to Mike* First of all, Courtney and Gwen would eventually have turned against each other. We still have majority and I have this feeling Heather would win the tiebreaker given Gwen's lowish confidence in herself from what I have observed. Or if not, she's just a bit.......odd. Thus, the problem is eliminated and now we can get rid of Heather like you wanted, no problems here. And secondly, you were asking me if I voted for Heather.

Mike: "Oh that's what I was doing yeah totally." *laughs nervously* "So Heather it is, me, you, and Courtney final 3?" (CONF) "I'm trying to eliminate Heather? Mal is smart..."

Noah: Yeah, sure.................*noticing the nervous laughter* What's with the nervous laughter?

Mike: "I don't know, keep a secret? I think en evil personality of mine has controled my body, named Mal! Apparently my other personalities took care of him... It's the real me now... promise... I just want you to keep me in check ya know?"

Noah: Your secret is safe with me. I trust you, so I got your back.

Mike: "Thanks man! With Gwen gone I could really use an ally!"

Noah: No problem.

Mike: (CONF) "Now that I got Noah on my side I can try to get Courtney to join us! Final 3 could be me Noah and Courtney, once Heather is out we could have a fair fight to the end!" (NON CONF) "Hey Courtney, can I ask you a question?"

Courtney: Get bent. >~> I'm not talking to any of you here. (CONF) I know everyone's trying to hook up an alliance with me. It's practically a turf war between those weirdo nice people, Noah and Mike, against Lindsay and Heather. The only person who... well... I'd even team up with was gone due to a stupid sabateur. I will get to the bottom of Gwen's PDA stunt, and I will get whoever messed with us eliminated, alliance or no alliance.

Lindsay: *walks to Heather* Hey Hannah! What's our next strategical move?

Mike: *Gives Courtney a confused look* (CONF) "Courtney? Not bad, Zoey is my girl. At first I thought we had something... apparently not... Zoey is still mine. But we need her vote..." (NON CONF) "Courtney listen! I need you to vote for Heather! She has the idol! WE need to flush it out before she can play it at the final 3 challenge and get a automatic spot in the finale!"

Chris: *drives into camp* The losers (minus Scott) voted for who to have immunity. That person is Courtney! Time to vote!

Merged Vote (6)

Mike: (CONF) "Atleast it wasent Heather who won immunity, my vote is obvious, Heather. Chances are theres going to be a tie... I sure hope Courntney votes Heather."

Courtney: (CONF) Who to vote? Well, it's either Heather or Mike and both need me on their sides to stay in the game. None of them will get to me. But, I'm going to vote Lindsay. That girl is so stupid for following Heather, and she isn't even deserving at all of winning. Besides, with Heather having no one to side with her... oh, the glory!

Heather: (CONF) It would be Courtney, but unfortunately, she has immunity. Mike and Noah would be easy to take out in a finale so that leaves Lindsay. God, I dread her, and a gullible girl with a brain the size of a walnut would make it easy for the others to team up with her and convince her to vote me off. She's my only ally right now, but, she needs to go... Maybe Courtney and I could form an alliance? *chuckles* As if...

Lindsay: (CONF) I vote for Nick. He's the smarterest person around here and he is a threat... maybe. Me and Hannah haven't talked yet so I think it's Nick.

Noah: (CONF) I vote Heather, as I'm siding with Mike on this one. She has long overstayed her welcome, but her supposed strategies have brought her all this way. I applaud her for her strategic mind, but being the biggest threat here she gets my vote.

Chris: Marshmallows go to... Courtney, Mike, and Noah. Which leaves the two besties, Heather and Lindsay.

Lindsay: What?

Chris: Exactly. Totally dramatic. It was a TIE!

Lindsay: *to Heather* Looks like we're gonna be separated. What now? :( (This is when Heather tricks Lindsay into saying something backwards that makes "I will quit for Heather." xD)

Mike: *Gives Heather a dirty look* (CONF) "That sceaming witch, I hope Lindsay wins this tie!"

Courtney: (CONF) Maybe I should've voted for Heather...

Heather: Hey Lindsay, there's a sale at the Khaki Barn! The Flush of Shame will totally lead you there!

Lindsay: Okay. I'll miss you Hannah! *hugs and then turns to Chris* I'll quit the game. There will be no tiebreaker since there's a sale at the Khaki Barn! :D

Chris: Okay, you're out. But there isn't a sale at the Khaki Barn, and the Flush of Shame won't even take you there...

Lindsay: Wait, what? That means... I'm out- Wait I changed my mind!

Chris: Too late. ;)

Lindsay: That also means... YOU! *turns to Heather* They were right! Mike was right, Courtney was right, Dawn was right, everybody in this motherf***ing game was right! You are an a**hole and a liar, and most importantly a two-faced backstabbing lying little ******************** *********************** ************** ******!!! I can't believe I ever trusted you and your horribly ugly nails. I was told I would go to the finale with you, at the price of what? Doing every damn thing for you and being insulted right to my face! And going to the finale with you didn't even happen you son of a b****!!!

Mike: *Widens eyes* "Yeah umm you tell her Lindsay!" (CONF) "Children watch this show... something to consider..."

Chris: *grinning*

Everybody in Playa: *widens eyes and is smiling*

Lindsay: And guess what bestie? I'm smarter than you think I am. I was willing to sacrifice my entire game just so you could win. And I did that because I thought we were BFFs! But no. You are a b****! And guess what! This is the girl who eliminated many people, overall mean in general, and guess what! Bridgette didn't steal those items! HEATHER DID!

Heather: You really think I care? Guess what? I'm in the final four, you're not. What does that tell you?

Lindsay: Of course not. You don't care about anyone, as proven when you broke up Alejandro and Dawn!

Mike: *Mouths* "It tells me you're a b***h"

Lindsay: Also, it tells me you're a b****rd!

Heather: I'm going to win this game, and none of you lazy, whiny and multiple morons will stop me.

Lindsay: Nice to know, but all I can say is that you will at least have karma. Maybe even something like THIS! *tosses a working razor at Heather's head, completely shaving all of her hair* Bye, bestie. *in Flush of Shame* I hope you win Mike! *flushed*

Episode 12

Merged Cabin (7)

Heather: My hair! *snaps mirror* (CONF) All I did was play the game fair and square. That little brat...

Mike: "Alright Noah! Heather has managed to tick me off! She HAS TO GO! There is no exceptions.. perhaps we can try to get Courntney on our side, we could be final 3!" (CONF) It's nice to know Lindsay wants me to win, I'll try my best to win for everyone who wants me to. I hope it turns to be a fair fight between me Courntney and Noah! (NON CONF) "Courtney, have you considered my thoughts on Heather? Do you want to join me and Noah to take her out?"

Courtney: I will take her out on my own terms, but you're just as bad as her. We're going to vote her off, then you're going to betray. A guy with multiple personas is way too fishy for me. >~>

Mike: "I can make no promises at the final 3, but if you vote Heather the final 3 will be a fair fight, promise."

Courtney: No deal to the final 2, not trustworthy due to this fishy attitude... I sense not worth my time. *folds arms and walks off*

  • Courtney bumps into Chef*

Chef: Hey Courtney. Me and Chris are still against each other, and I need to show him who he's messing with. I'll make you a fine deal. I tutor you to be tough, and if you win you must split the prize money 50-50.

Courtney: 70-30, and I'm in. c: (dontworryguysthisisntriggedtrustme)

Chef: Alright, you've got a deal. You don't need a stupid alliance to get you far. What you need, is power and demanding stuff... something like that. First you need to do that by destroying the cabins, and they'll know not to mess with you and Gwen again.

Courtney: Oh, I'm good at destroying things. Those little jerks have it coming... *grabs a hammer, and begins smashing up the cabin*

  • the cabin is destroyed*

Heather: What the f*** did you do? *shocked* Where are we supposed to sleep?

Courtney: Silly losers, you voted out my friend, and I'm showing you what I'm made of. You harass me, I get my lawyers. Your call, daddy's girl.

Mike: "What the..? What's wrong with you Courtney?" (CONF) "She just crossed the line, she's stubborn and above all  SPOILED! She's so the next one to go, forget Heather."


Chris: *flying a helicopter, carrying the final four* Here comes the drop! *helicopter lets go and they fall down* Today's challenge is simple. As of now, you are stranded in the woods! There are two teams. Mike and Heather, as well as Courtney and Noah. These teams need to find a way out of the woods and into camp. First team to do so gets invincibility, and the remaining two are up for elimination. Also, you have limited resources. Each team has one candy bar, a roll of toilet paper, a tarp, and a compass. GO!

Mike: "Alright Heather! You get to lead since you're smart and a great leadrer!" (CONF) "I need to warm up to Heather and gain her trust, Courtney needs to go!"

Heather: Alright, so... the sun rose East... *pulls out her compass* So, the camp should be West of here. Yes, I've waisted my time doing this, because everyone is too stupid to talk to. Let's go, and we need to conserve our candy bar and toilet paper.

Courtney: I am a trained survalist....

Mike: "I'm in no need to poop, let's go!" (CONF) "Great, if we have good teamwork we can win immunity and get automatic spots in the final 3!" (NON CONF) *Begins walking west with Heather*

Noah: *to Courtney* Alright, that's great I guess. Let's get a move on. *pulls out compass and looks at it* Hmm.

Mike: *While walking* "So Heather, I know we have had our differences but... I want to team up with you to vote off Courtney, I know you dislike her, me and... pretty much everyone here but yourself... But I trust you and want you to come to the final 3 with me and Noah."

Heather: Fine. But, only if I get a ticket to the final 2. *smiles, and keeps walking*

Mike: "I'll try my best, but no promises, this is not my game!" (CONF) "It's kind of hard, me and Noah have had our allaince... but Heather is.. evil... but I need her vote!" (NON CONF) *Keeps walking* "Hey does this path look familiar?"

Heather: We better not have been going around in circles. *pulls compass back out* Darn it, we haven't even been walking east!

Mike: "Are you kidding me!" *Turns around* "Let's go, no chance of winning now, if we run maybe we can catch up." *Run's with Heather*

Heather: *runs with him*

Courtney: So, uh, Noah. *eats the candy bar* I'm more important, I do more excercise, and I deserve more food. You can eat the toilet paper. >~>

Mike: "Come on we can do it!" *Keep's running*

Heather: Faster, pencil neck! *runs*

Mike: *Runs* (CONF) "Is my neck that thin?" *Rubs neck*

Heather: *pants while running* It's getting dark... where is the campsite?

Noah: *not caring, to Courtney* Whatever. *looks at compass* Okay, let's see......

Bear: *approaches Mike and Heather, growls*

Mike: "B-B-B- BEAR!!!!!!, RUNNNN" *Grabs Heathers arm and runs*

Bear: *grabs Heather's other arm and starts dragging her into his cave*

Heather: Oh my gosh! Stupid Chris! *sprints*

Courtney: Get us out of here, Noah. >~>

Bear: *drags Heather in cave and brutally injures her, roars*

Mike: "Heather? HEATHER!" *Runs to the cave* Chester: "AHhh this cave is dirty!" Mike: "Quiet Chester don't get me caught!"

Heather: Mike! Help! D: Argh, get off of me! This hurts too much!

Noah: *Licks finger and put it up in the air* Okay, plus calculations.........let's go west. *starts walking*

Vito: *Punches bear in the face* "Think twice before you mess with me!" *Takes Heather and runs*

Bear: *had injured Heather a lot, chases them*

  • Heather is now injured to the point she can barely walk*

Heather: Thank you... (CONF) That stupid bear bruised me up and I can barely walk now! I hate this show... but... that was kinda hot when Mike... ugh, forget this don't air this at all...

Mike: "Oh no, I'll save you!" *Grabs toilet paper and wraps it around wherever the wound it >.>*

Heather: Ugh, gross. You have to like, get your fishy hands and drag me somewhere safe. >.>

Mike: *Picks up Heather* "Alright, perhaps we can make it?" *Runs west*

Heather: Faster! (CONF) Before any of you ask, I did not enjoy it when he held me... c: 

Mike: *While holding Heather runs west, panting* "I'm getting pretty tired Heather, I can't see the camp!" *Eats half the candy bar and gives the rest to Heather*

Heather: *eats the rest* Way too much carbs... just find it!

Mike: "I'm trying!" *Running, sweat drips down this forehead onto Heather's cheek* "Oh *Giggles* Sorry!"

Chris: Mike and Heather are almost at camp!

Heather: Come on, faster! Maybe this will help. *kisses him on the cheek as he runs* (CONF) That was purely out of strategy... c: 

Courtney: Come on, Noah! Let's go!

Mike: *Gives Heather a strange look, while sprinting* (CONF) She does know I have Zoey at home? But hey I guess I'm the ladies man of the season *Smiles* (NON CONF) "Hear that? Were almost there!" *Running*

(Mike and Heather can finish right about now)

Mike: "I see Chirs! And Camp!" *Runs to chris with Heather in his arms* " We made it!" 

Heather: We won! *kisses him on the lips* (CONF) His lips taste like... loser. Ugh, who's he been smooching? Anyway, if I get him to like me, I get a ticket to the final 2! This is totally strategic... Hehe.

Merged Vote (7)

Mike: (CONF) "I'm in the fianl 3, who knew it would come to this! Well since Courtney is a big failure! I'm voting for Courtney.

Courtney: (CONF) Noah, as he's the only one I can vote for. Little chump has done nothing all season, and shouldn't even be in the final 4! Even Heather is more deserving, but that rat has immunity.

Heather: (CONF) I vote for Courtney, what an idiot. Where are we supposed to sleep now?

Noah: (CONF) Courtney. Even Heather is more tolerable than her. I know Dawn says everyone can change, but I doubt that about Courtney. Anyway, I hope Mike's got my back on this one at least.

Chris: Here are the marshmallows. First two go to Mike and Heather, for winning immunity. And now with an automatic immune two, you get an automatic bottom two, especially in the final four! Noah and Courtney, one of you will go. The final marshmallow goes to... Noah! Courtney, you're out, most likely for destroying the cabiins.

Chef: ... *to self* I didn't quite think this through...

Chris: You said what?

Chef: Oh, nothing. I just said that you, Chris, are the most bossy person I have ever met. Even more than Heather.

Chris: Seriously? Go scrub the outhouse!

Chef: Fine, only because that further proves my point. *walking away* (CONF) At least I finally know the truth about Chris. I've known about him since when Scott was part of the challenge. Thanks for the eye opener.

Chris: Here we are! The final three! This will be a tense semi-final in an All-Star season. We have Heather, Mike, and Noah! What will happen in the most tense finale arguably since Heroes vs. Villains? Find out next time, on My Total Drama All-Stars!

Episode 13

Merged Cabin (8)

Chef: *comes in wearing a butler's uniform* Wakey, wakey. *is setting up chairs around a table, with great food such as sausages, eggs, bacon, toast, and pancakes with extra syrup* Don't get the wrong idea. Chris is making me do this because of my "bad" behaviour. Also he felt that since you made it so far in the game with nothing but torture, he decided to cut you a break and make me cook you good food. Enjoy it while it's happening. :| So, maybe socialize or whatever. *leaves*

Heather: Finally, a decent breakfast after weeks of crap. >.> *eats*

Mike: "Holy cow! This looks awesome!" (CONF) "So final 3? Me Heather and Noah... who thought it would come to this... I hope people don't get mad because I came half way through the season... But hey It was awesome! (NON CONF) *Grabs all tge bacon, and eggs he can and eats them*


Chris: Here you are! The final three! And guess what? We're going to Hawaii for the finale again. I'd use the Total Drama Plane from My TDWT, but it was destroyed in the same season. So I decided to make this a final three challenge to race to Hawaii using your own methods of transportation. Bring it in! 

Intern: Anything to prevent washing your stinky feet. >.> *plays video*

Chris: You will need to find some sort of route from here in Muskoka, Ontario to Mexico. Then you will race in a boat race to Hawaii, and the first two to make it gets to the final two! *takes the video out of the screen*

Chef: *pushes Intern* 

Intern: Hey! *trips and a DVD slips out of his pocket and into the TV* 

DVD: *plays a DVD entitled Heather's Greatest Hits*

  • The DVD shows Heather ordering Lindsay around, her eliminating Scott, her breaking up Alejandro and Dawn, her stealing items from everyone and pinning it on Bridgette, her idoling Dawn out, her stealing Courtney's PDA and pinning it on Gwen, tricking Lindsay into eliminating herself, and her being mean. DVD ends*

Chris: Intern! That was supposed to be secret until the end of the game! 

Intern: It's not my fault, boss! Chef pushed me and the DVD slipped out of my pocket! 

Chris: Chef! You're getting a pay cut. 

Chef: Oh well, it was worth it. *walking away* 

(Don't worry, I talked to Solar about this a few weeks ago and he was okay with it)

Chris: Anyway, the race is on! *blows air horn* GO!

Mike: Darn it! I have no idea what I can do! *Hatches Idea* (CONF) Perfect :) (NON CONF) *Goes to Chris's Luxery house and steals a motercycle and steps on it* (1)

Chris: And Mike takes an early lead! (For the third time Mike, you need to race to Mexico ON LAND. Motorboats will be waiting for you at the beach at MEXICO. That's why I changed motorboat to motorcycle. This is the same challenge in TDWT episode 25.) 

Mike: *Wind blowing on face* This is awesome! *Rides towards Mexico beach* (2)

Noah: *rides motorcycle* Meh. (Sorry I haven't been on and won't been on. I've been busy with a new school and recently got sick so I might not be on tomorrow. Ugh. Life. >.>) (1)

Mike: *Rides motercyle* I wonder how long it will take me to get there! (How long do we have to ride?) (3)

Heather: Ugh... *runs and takes an ATV from Chris's mansion* (1)

Mike: *Rides his motercycle down a dirt road* Woo hoo! (CONF) I might make it in time :D) (4)

(Won't be on until later tomarrow- Mike)

Heather: *chases after him on the ATV* This is way better offroad, so who made the wiser decision now? (2)

(It takes five lines to drive to Mexico, and five lines to drive the boat to Hawaii.)

Heather: *continues driving* (3)

Mike: Me! I SEE THE BEACH *Rides to the beach and gets there* (5)

Heather: Ugh, you're not going anywhere, Mike. *drives on ATV, nearing the beach* (4) (CONF) So they think that they can guilt trip me with that stupid DVD? You know what? I don't care, I'm in the final 2 anyway, no one can stop me. Sure, I'm not the nicest. But what do you expect? If you lived me, you wouldn't exactly be the belle of the ball...

Chris: Surprise! Change of plans. Mexico beach is the stopping point. Mike, you have secured yourself final two. But it looks like Heather will make the final spot. 

Noah: *riding* Yep. No way I can win now. This whole place was a waste of time. I guess I did learn something though. (2)

Heather: *reaches the beach* (5) I'm in the final two!

Chris: And so is Mike.

Helicoptor: *now flying Noah to Hawaii*

Chris: Here we are! THE FINAL TWO!!! :D And to celebrate, we will have every finale challenge ever in My TD history join together in the biggest, baddest, death-defying challenge ever! What will these ultimate rivals do? Stay tuned for more My Total Drama All-Stars!

Episode 14

Chris: Welcome to the biggest challenge yet! First, we will have the losers vote on who gets a big advantage in the final challenge.

Alejandro: Heather, your butt is going DOWN! *high fives Dawn*

Gwen: Yeah!

Lindsay: *nodding* >:)

Mike: (CONF) Final 2! And the losers get to decide who gets an advantage... provided how many people Heather pissed off, I think I will get the advantage! (Please don't start this today, let's start it when both me and Mable are here to make it fair :)

Bridgette: Heather will pay to what she did to all of us.

Courtney: *shrugs* They're both rats.

Lindsay: Yay! I get the first vote! Heather, I was a loyal friend to you. Where you a loyal friend to me? ABSOLUTELY NOT. Who needs a fake friend? No one. Face it, I was the one person who would absolutely vote for you if you made it to the end and I didn't. But you betrayed me, and I will vote for Mike. Go Mike! :D

Gwen: Heather, you probably would have had my vote, but ever since I apparently became a cruel, heartless witch... hypocrisy there? *everyone laughs* I've decided to vote for Mike. I vowed to help him defeat his alternate persona, though he did do that on his own. So, I'm helping Mike instead by voting for him.

Alejandro: Heather, you do NOT get my vote. Mike does. What were you doing?! Trying to break up me and Dawn's relationship? That wasn't just strategy. It was going to possibly affect me and Dawn's everyday lives. Just goes to show that you are a drama starter and you do not deserve any votes... *sees the DVD fall out of the TV after an intern did it* ...and will not get any votes if I have anything to say about it. ;) *plays the DVD, which shows all of Heather being mean, manipulative, and eliminating pretty much everyone on the show* So... whatcha gonna do?

Chris: Okay, that's three votes Mike, and zilch for Heather.

B: I vote for Mike! Heather, you're a worthless piece of **** who eliminated Scott, destroyed Aladawn, voted out Bridgette, framed Gwen, and treated Lindsay like ****. I know you're angry at the world because you were a worthless fat*** in middle school, but that's your own fault for refusing to put down the twinkies! It's time you get a taste of your own medicine!

Derek: Heather, there's no way you're getting my vote! You eliminated my main man Scott, who's out in the boondies now, destroyed Al and Dawn, made Gwen look like a thief, and treated Lindsay like a pawn! Your social game sucked ***! You have no f****** chance to win this game now! You can talk, you can talk, but it won't work! With this advantage, Mike will surely win the season! I can't wait to see you breakdown on national TV! It will be awesome!

Lindsay: I have just found my new besties! *hugs B and Derek*

B: *hugs Lindsay* That b**** will get owned!

Derek: *hugs Lindsay* I have a plan!

Noah: Mike. No problems at all. He was a great ally, even if he was suspicious at the beginning.

Dawn: Mike. He's a nice guy. Heather................this is were you'll get what you deserve. Nothing.

Paper: Mike. Seriously. Just watch that DVD.

Mike: Seriously? You guys are awesome! I watched hat video of Heather and kind of had... thoughts about that. But I promise you guys... she's goign down. I'm sorry I dident get the privilage of meeting all of you since I came in half way through the season.

Anne Maria: I hate how two main canon winners made the finale, never the less I have to vote for Mike. 

Griffin: Heather is the queen of loserdom so I vote for Mike.

Kyndel: Go Mike, go Mike!!

Bridgette: Is this even a contest? Obviously I vote for Mike.

Courtney: I vote for Mike as well.

Heather: (CONF) They really think they can break me? *laughs manically* Please, they all have the mentality of a toddler, maximum.

Mike: I think it's annoymus, but that's just me.

Chris: Actually, it isn't just you. Every single person here wants you to win, and not Heather. Here's your advantage. You get to have two people help you in this challenge. Choose.

Mike: Well, I love each and everyone one of you, but I choose, Gwen and Lindsay

Heather: Where is my support? >.>

Lindsay: It's gone bestie. No one wants you to win now. And yay! I'm with Mike!

Chris: Time to race to the base of the volcano. GO!

Lindsay: Come on Mike! *running*

Gwen: You can do it!

Heather: *runs* 

Mike: *Runs*

Heather: *runs* You're doomed!

Mike: *Runs neck and neck with Heather* You're CrazY!

Heather: *smacks him in the face, and pulls herself in the lead*

Mike: Come on team a little help? *Runs back to Heather*

Heather: They can't do anything yet! *gets a lead on him, ignoring the pain in her legs*

Mike: (CONF) Perhaps I can distract her with my charm? (NON CONF) *Running* Hey Heather did I ever tell you how beutiful you look when you're limping?

Heather: Get lost, I don't need another one of you. *limps ahead* Just, stop. Get away! *looks away and keeps running with her limp*

Mike: *Runs and catches up next to Heather* Wernt you the one who kissed me the day I saved you?

Heather: *reaches the finish line* That... never happened. *blushes, then ignores it*

Mike: *Reaches finish line* Are you sure? You're blushing cheeks tell me other wise... I lost anyway.

Chris: Not yet, Mike. That was part 1. Part 2 is making armor. This is where your helpers come in Mike. Start making armor from that pile *points*. GO!

Heather: *grabs stuff from the pile* Come on! D:

MIke: *Grabs some stuff from the pile* Lets do this guys!

Heather: *starts building stuff from the pile* You're weak, you actually need helpers.

Mike: *Flexes bicep* Weak? I say otherwise *Starts building his armor* I dident play the villain game, that is why I have the help.

Heather: *continues putting together her armor* I don't care.

Lindsay: Hmm... electric wires, metal, computer parts... you could be Iron Man!

Gwen: that's actually a good idea!

Mike: Wow Lindsay, nice idea! *Creates Lindsays armor idea*

Heather: That's an idiotic idea. *grabs nails, wood, and razors and begins crafting more armor out of that*

Mike: *Puts the wires throught eh computer and the computer parts in, than starts putting the outter shell on* Almost done guys!

Lindsay: @Heather ;(

Heather: (camerno plz) *gets her hard wood, metal and nail infested armor, and grabs a crowbar*

Mike: *Finishes welding the armor* DONE! *Armor glows as it shows the beuty of a iron man suit*

Heather: Loser. *shows metal and wood armor, with spikes and nails pounting out, and a helmet made of metal, also has a crowbar with nails glued to it*

Chris: There we go. Mike, your helpers are done. Now you will fight up the volcano, and then get a piece of wood. First one to toss it in the volcano wins! GO!

Mike: *Runs*

Heather: *hits him with the crowbar, and runs*

Mike: *Holds up hands and zaps her leg, runs past her*

Heather: ARGH! *throws the crowbar at him, and limps back to him*

Mike: No you don't! *Punches Heather in the face and advances towards the top* (3)

Heather: Don't hit a lady! I kissed you! *runs to him pulls his legs, and they both topple down*

Mike: I dident ask for it~ *Kicks her in the face and keeps running up* (4)

Heather: Get back here! *runs behind him* (4)


B: *hurls two bags of trash at Heather and they explode upon impact onto her, covering her in trash*

Mike: *Runs up the volcanbo* (5)

Heather: Gross! *throws her crowbar at B, knocking him out, and attempts to catch up to Mike* You... can't win! D:

MIke: *Runs near to the top of the volcano* YES I CAN! (6)

Heather: Please... just wait. *runs to him, panting* (6)

MIke: *Runs to the wood and picks it up* (7)

Heather: *picks up her wood, and knocks Mike out of the way* (7)

MIke: OKAY THAT IS IT! *Picks up Heather and throws her to the side, than chucks the wood into the volcano* (8)

Chris: Mike wins!

B: *wakes up* HEATHER! *throws a tire at her*

Heather: *drops her sacrafice wood* You... It's all over... And I lost... ARGH! *kicks her one into the volcano, and pushes Mike closer to the edge* >.> *hit by the tire, and hangs on right in the middle of the volcano, on a ledge* HELP! I'M GOING TO FALL IN! 

  • volcano starts rumbling*

Chris: I guess wood doesn't go well with lava! Run! 

Everyone except Heather: *runs* AH!

Heather: *pulls herself up from the volcano, and turns around and notices as it's just about to erupt, and a tear falls from her eye* And all I did... was play a stupid game... 

  • Heather is severely burned by lava*
  • While everyone is safe from lava Mike runs up to Heather* Still think she's alive?

Heather: *running to the water* AH I'M BURNING ALIVE! *killedjk*

Mike: *Laughs* Karma at it's best, I can't belive I won! WOO HOO!

Chris: Yeah, does anyone really care? It's Heather!

Everyone: *laughing HARD*

Derek: Maybe we were too hard on her. I mean, all she did was play a game.

B: Yeah, I feel bad for her.

Heather: *burning alive*

B: *hurls water on her, extinguishing her*

Heather: *suffering from imense and excrutiating pain and needs medical attention asap*

Chris: We'll heal her. It's been a great season, with our winner Mike. Tune in next time for My TD: Fresh Batch!

Heather gets placed in the Drama Machine

Chris: *in a private room with Chef and Heather who is on a medical bed* Don't worry, we'll heal you and you'll be good as new. Hopefully. Do it Chef!

Chef: *grumbling, activates the controls*

  • robot arms are placed on Heather, following by a metal torso, and finally a robotic face is being lowered down to Heather*

Chris: This is gonna be fun. :)

  • the face is placed on Heather, she is now the Drama Machine and rises*

Chris: Well, Heather... it looks like you are now a cold-blooded robot... like your heart was. Anyway, we need you to sign some paperwork, so we don't get sued. I mean, seriously. If we didn't put you in this life-supporting suit, you'd be dead right now. Now Chef, clean my feet.

Chef: *musters enough courage* OKAY, I'VE HAD IT. *storming to Chris* You never pay me, yet you always order me around and have me stuck in a 70-year contract with you. Until now. *rips up contract* We haven't exactly been seeing eye-to-eye this time, so I'm leaving this show. For good. Farewell, Chris McLame! *walking off*

Chris: But... Chef...

Heather: *voice muffled in suit* Where is my money? D:

Chris: With Mike. Face it, Heather. You lost, Mike won. You get zilch. :3

Heather: This is not fair! I will sue you for every penny you have!

Chris: Sorry, but it's just the rules that when someone's out, they're out. But just to be sure you can't plead your case... *turns off Heather's communication chip, making her only speak beeps* That should do it. *laughs* Spaz. *walks away*

End of camp