This is Nano's Treasure Adventure: Secret Ruins!

Nano: Hello, and welcome to Nano's Treasure Adventure! 16 contestants will compete to see who will discover the Sapphire Gem - a priceless item that was hidden by Milly Bones before she went into hiding 5 years ago! The contestants will be my crew along with Daniel Columbus, my first mate because of his annoying "This is too dangerous" nonsense and "This is terribly illegal to take them to a secret government area" protests! So, who will be the best explorer and risk their life to get me some mone- I mean, to become the most famous person in.... something?


This camp was made by User:NanoPower512

Ok, so everyone knows this but I'll explain anyway;

Every episode will begin with a pre-chat, before merge will consist of team chats and during merge will be everyone chat, then a challange will take place meaning teams or contestants on their own will battle it out to see the victor, the losers will go to elimanation where they will vote out a contestant, this process continues until there is only one contestant left whom shall be crowned the winner!


  1. No cheating nor godplaying, like corrupting Nano
  2. Swearing is allowed as long as you use * like s***
  3. Personal attack contestants, not users
  4. Obey wikia rules... duh
  5. Nano talks in bold, not anyone else... except Daniel who is still my character
  6. No editing the Elimination Table unless you are Dianted Fyrexx, who is being helpful!
  7. You can't be other players... ever!
  8. Being elimanated isn't the end of the world... but it is final, unless you get voted back on (Hint! Hint! Spoiler!)
  9. Be active...... duh again
  10. Double post is..... WRONG! No excuses!
  11. Have fun... DUH x3!


Who likes Indiana Jones? Who likes Treasure Island? Who likes all action? Well, these all inspired this camp, it will include references to many things like that and will include plot twists... yep, you heard me, there is a plot going on!

So sit down on this HILLARIOUS and EPIC ride to a treasure worth waiting for... unless this camp dies and never happens..... but who cares!? :D

Anyway, this is a concept which is hardly used and it's funny when I think about it, Nano is based off Chris so he's an uncaring jerk but don't worry, he gets what's coming to him! Daniel is my most popular contestant and honestly, he deserves it cause I love him too, so he gets a reoccurring role as a caring co-host!

I hope you all sign up and have fun, because if you don't... this wasn't how I wanted it to play out, because it should be for laughs and a funny suttle storyline in the background, this is the most original thought I've had and I intend to make it happen!



Matthew and Caden

Poppy and Jewel - BBBFL 


Halyn - Nano of The Monkey-Butts: Episode Two - TBD.

Holden & Nano: Episode Four - TBD

Poppy - Nano: Episode Two - TBD


Poppy and Nemo - ( 1 sided - Poppy [and possibly 2 sided])


It's up to you who you want to sign up as but I really want you to sign up either way, I need you to sign up as two people per user!


Honestly, this one is the one that always fills up first so come on, please sign!

  1. Indigo - The Faker - Conker511 5th place - 15th voted out
  2. Holden- The irish jerk- Wes Holden
  3. Johnny - The Risk Taker - BlazeHead 51 15th place - 4th voted out
  4. Matthew - The Hunky Gamer - TDY 17th place - 2nd voted out (Returned as host for Aftermath, episode 11.5)
  5. Caden - The Rich Kid - TDY 6th place - 14th voted out
  6. James - The King Wannabe/Bad Fan Fiction author - Dawny 16th place - 3rd voted out
  7. Nemo- The Nice Gamer- NLG343 9th place - 11th voted out
  8. Liam - The Drama King - TF 8th voted out (Returns)
  9. Bruce (Debuter) - The Batman Cosplayer - Phyneo (Joined Episode 6) 7th place - 13th voted out


GURRLZ! Females are honestly more interesting than boys in camps because they normally develop but people signup as boys most of the time, so let's be rebels and sign as a GURRLL!

  1. Poppy - Nemo's Biggest Fan - Conker511 13th Place - 6th voted out
  2. Jasmine - The World Traveler - Dianted 14th place - 5th voted out
  3. Jessica - The Devious Diva - Dianted 12th place - 7th voted out
  4. Chloe - The Cute Ginger - BlazeHead 51 11th place - 9th voted out
  5. Jewel -The Dumb Fashionista -Dawny  10th place - 10th voted out
  6. Halyn -The Islander - Fyrexx 3rd place - 17th voted out
  7. Victoria- The Rich Christian- NLG343 18th place - 1st Eliminated
  8. Isabel - The Confused Klutz - TF 4th place - 16th voted out
  9. Yasmin (Debuter) - The Dancing Queen - Amber (Joined Episode 6) 8th place - 12th voted out

Debuter (This had to be done sooner rather than later :D)

Eventually, there is always a debugger or comeback, so this is where people NOT playing the camp atm can audition, you can only audition as one person, if you are in the camp with both/one character, you can't audition, it doesn't HOW many people sign up, but one per user, the winner of the episode 5 challenge will pick one of them to join the game :D

  1. April - The Sarcastic - XxSolarEclipsexX
  2. Yasmin - The Dancing Queen (only seventeeeen, ooh-ooh) - Amber
  3. Bruce - The Batman Cosplayer - Phyneo
  4. Princess - The beautiest from all - Loenev
  5. Edwin - The Fat Jock - WeAllLikeOwen&Dakota


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Elimination Tables


You have been warned, as I am not kidding

Elimination Table (The One And Only!):

2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17
14th Jasmine WIN IN WIN IN OUT
16th James IN IN OUT
17th Matthew IN OUT
18th Victoria OUT

     NAME: This contestant was a member of the Sorry Shipmates.

     NAME: This contestant was a member of the Putrid Pirates.

     WIN: This contestant won the challenge.

     WIN: This contestant won the challenge for their team and chose a debuter to debut.

     IN: This contestant lost the challenge but recieved no votes.

     LOW: This contestant received some votes, but was not eliminated.

     OUT: This contestant was eliminated.

     DEBUT: This contestant debuted in this episode.


Nano: Hmm.... Welcome to my show, Contestants! Chat here for a while!

Daniel: I seriously disagree with your methods, this is incredibly risky and we are putting innocent lives at ris-

Nano: You're no fun, Mr. Ex-Contestant! Go hug a tree or something! Wait, no...Instead, go get the boat ready, we're leaving in an hour!

Indigo: Well, I am a lawyer so i can make sure we leave in 2 hours! :o

Nano: Um... No... You're description says you're a....Oh.. Anyway, WHERE IS EVERYONE ELSE!? There is alot more people planned to come!

Indigo: My description says "Dr Digwalt, A super he-" Oops, wrong lie, i mean description

Holden: well shall see what happens this season

Indigo:I am  the producer, of Harry Notter

Nemo: *is seen sitting on the boat* Hello.

Victoria: *is seen sitting on the boat* Daniel! Give me a Sprite! And hurry!

Indigo: I inveted sprites

Nano: You guys suck!

Anyway, for the next 8 weeks you will all get to know one another, these will be your friends... your rivals and my money makers... I mean, your enemies! I will be like your boss, and Daniel will be your friend! Note that in your contract that you signed, when you're elimanated we are not entitled to take you home unless you are final 2, also, each team will be staying in their own personal wing, per team. You will all do as I say when I say it, those who don't face the possibility of elimination, so don't mess up!

Well, I've decided your teams......

The Sorry Shipmates - Indigo, Johnny, Caden, Nemo, Jasmine, Chloe, Halyn and Isabel

The Putrid Pirates - Holden, Mathew, James, Liam, Poppy, Jessica, Jewel and Victoria

Daniel: Um... Sorry Victoria, but in my contract it states I can't supply contestants with goods! Anyway, the boats ready to go! *everybody aboards the ship* OK, let's get this 8 weeks done with, off we go!

Challange 1 - Flags for the win!

Nano: Well, see, I cheaper out looking for a flag because of the shows extremely terrible budget so....

Yeah, I need you all to post a flag picture in the flag area, the best one will be our flag for the rest of the trip! It's not one per team, everyone post one and the best one will have the contestants team win... in the captions put something like "_____'s Flag"... why didn't I just buy one myself? Do you know how expensive flags are? Me neither but probably alot!

Flag Area (This is where you post your flag)

Holden: that geocaching flag is mine:

Chat (You can chat here if ya like)

Holden: that was fun

IndiGo: Yeah ikr

Nano: It's not fun, weirdos!

Poppy: *texting* Nemo has been shown to be a little small compared to my calculations i made when i saw him at his school, but Victoria is as tall as i saw her and yet again i have seen no comparisons of love between them but if they do i will crush victoria and have her eliminated on the first elimination i can and then me and my Nemo-Kins will be together forever forever forever forever forever forever forever forever forever forever forever forever forever forever forever forever forever forever forever! *gets reply* Mum, what do you mean you don't care, IT IS NEMO!

Halyn: This is the flag of my peoples! 

Matthew: Go UEFA!

Caden: My flag will win because I am rich!

Nano: Geez, a few of you cheaped out, didn't you? Anyway, we all know it's between Poppy' s creepy obsessive flag and Chloe' s nice one! Well... Chloe' s because 1. Nemo isn't even on Poppy' s team and 2. HAHAHA! That humour is HILLARIOUS to my primitive mind! So that means the Putrid Pirates LOSE and are up for Elimanation... Yeah...

Daniel: I don't like how you plan on ditching every contestant who's voted out-

Nano: SHH! Don't listen to him, he's an intern!

Elimanation 1 - The Putrid Pirates

Nano: Hello, Putrid Pirates! You must suck to be the first up, well, only one of you is leaving today, so you'll be able to bounce back but here's the elimination rules;

Every member of the team must go into a confessional or should I say, the storage room with a camera in it, and vote out a team mate who shall NOT return! Remember, it would be smart to strategize! Anyway, the contestant who receives the most must jump off the plank of losers and ride the Canoe of losers! Go!

Holden: (Conf): I'm gpnna vote Victoria since she didn't help *votes victoria*

Jessica: (CONF) I vote for Victoria because I hate her.

James :(CONF) I vote for Victoria cause the other people are and I don't want to be beaten up 

Jewel : (CONF) OMG like Victoria needs to go get a check up a dress check u I know this is mean but girl tank tops are so last summer

Liam: (CONF) Victoria! She didn't do anything and will never do anything! This is horrible! The worst, possible thing! And as thus, I vote her to prevent the worst, possible thing! It musn't happen!

Victoria: (CONF) *votes for Holden*

Poppy: (CONF) I totally vote for Jewel because she didn't do da challenge and Victoria is Nemo's friend and Nemo will be my future boyfriend then husband then dead husband that i will cry over for 5 years until i die of heart attack, i already got the crying the rehearsed. WAH! WAH WAHHHHH! NEMO WHY DID YOU LEAVE ME! See?

Nano: Ya know, the person I expected to get out GOT out, because they didn't do the Challange and they are extremely unpopular, so sorry Victoria, maybe you should've been more useful! Oh, and there are no returning so don't even try coming back! *pushes Victoria off the plank of losers and into the canoe of losers, which floats away*

Well, that's that! So the Putrid Pirates are one member short and the Sorry Shipmates are ahead, but who can survive the longest weeks of their lives? And who's got what it takes to be the best explorer they can be? Who knows? Will Nemo and Poppy be able to cope with Victoria's departure? Will I come up with good challanges and will Daniel ever shut up? Find out on Nano's Treasure Adventure!

Episode 2 Chat: All's fair in love and WAR!

Sorry Shipmates Room

Nano: Aren't you the lucky ones? Eh? Haha! Don't worry, you'll all see that elimanation area some time or another! Well, here are you're mandatory beverages, here are some movies and here are some book; but it's illegal to steal them and you'll be caught on camera!

Hayln: *Eyes light up as she grabs onto all of the new things* what is this? *she snaps a CD in two* could be a good throwng weapong *examines*.


Hayln: *shrugs* what ever you say monkey-butt! *skips around the cabin staring at the shinies*

Nano: MY NAME IS NONO- I mean, stupid Dianted, MY NAME IS NANO!

Halyn: Nano of the monkey-butt clan? It is nice to meet you, I am Halyn of the Roses. *offers hand*

Nano: *sigh, sarcasm* Gee, yep, that's me! *shakes Halyn' s hand* Miss Halyn of the Roses *rolls eyes*

Indigo: Wow, this place is so nice i don't want to lie *looks at movie selction* Maximum Extreme 4?! That movie ruined Antoirnet's Charater (CONF) Played By Bianca, Who also played Big Family (END CONF) And they killed off Rojer (CONF) Played by Barry, who failed at doing a reality show (END CONF). I AM YOUR PRODUCAER NANO! PICK BETTER MOVIES!

Nano: No... you aren't... AND FINE! *throws the 80th sequel to Twighligt at Indigo* ENJOY! :D and *confiscates all movies except that boring one he threw at Indigo* Blame Indigo!

Indigo: Shoot! Wait! *looks at title* 'The Death of Bella' HAHAHAHAHA! *drops movie through hole* :(

Nemo: This song sucks. Everything is Awesome. *drops it in hole*

IndigO: YOU MONSTER! *tries to stuff nemo down the hole but he is too big* GRR!

Nemo: *gets out of hole* Calm down, dude. *walks to bed and plays his 3DS*

Halyn: Is this how people greet one another? *Tries to shove Indigo into the hole too* Hey! I'm Halyn!

Nano: You ungrateful jerks! Why did you do that? *phones Nemo, Halyn and Indigo's parents the bill for what they broke* >->

Indigo: I am Indigo, OW! *pushes Nemo down hole due to Halyn's weight* Oops.

Nemo: *is still in bed! Poppy's face pops up on 3DS* Hey, Poppy.

Poppy: *in 3ds* HAI! Why are in a hole, on a bed? :3

Nano: *watches them all being weird* Um.... Uh... YOU GUYS WON LAST CHALLANGE!? YOU'RE FREAKS!

Poppy: *in 3ds* Because they have Nemo on their team!

Halyn: Yeah! We're freaks *cheers, tossing rose petals into the air*

Indigo: *catches rose pedals* Your weird? :I

Nemo: I am not in a hole. I am still in this bed in this room. Wait, guys, it is getting dark.

Nano: Geez, where were YOU ALL born, a mental hospital? And poppy, he didn't even do the challange

Poppy: *in 3ds* Don't make me hurt you!

Indigo: *looks at Halyn* so... want to go into the hole to find that CD? Anyone?

Nano: It only looks dark because the shades are blocking the light! *takes off shades and it's dawn* Actually, the day just started! *a pirate ship is seen in distance but ONLY nano sees it* Um... *closes shades and makes them unopenable, so no opening it or it is godplaying* Lets... stay in the dark! *turns on all lights*

Indigo: *jumps into hole* AHHHH!

Halyn: *jumps on Nano of the Monkey-Butts* If I feed you a banana, will you let me ride you?

Nemo: Don't worry, Halyn is just crazy.

Poppy: *in 3DS* I know :3, nemo-kins

Indigo: *underground* So what is down here *sees useless stuff* GRR! Huh? The voting box! :D

Putrid Pirates Room

Daniel: I'm so sorry you guys lost but don't worry, you'll win eventually, I know it! I'm sorry I can lend you any beverages nor snacks of any kind! But... If you believe in yourself, you can accomplish anything! *hears lots of ruckus outside* Huh? Um.. I'll go check on that, it's probably Nano's hyper drive malfunctioning again! *Runs out and locks door

Poppy: *using laptop to use security cameras to  spy on Nemo* :)

Jewel : spying is so last year spying is a fashion item right?

Poppy: It is not. And thanks for not helping us last challenge, but we can be friends. ASLONG AS YOU DON'T GET IN THE WAY OF ME AND MY NEMO-KIS!

Jewel : Oh yeah sure whatever you want 

Poppy: Cool! *chats with Nemo in 3DS*

Jewel : (CONF) What Video games are real? I thought it was a creeeepy myth

Poppy: *still chatting with nemo* So Jewel, you have a BF

Jewel : Yes we own a Salon,Tanning place,Fashion store together <3

Poppy: *;ooks away from 3ds* Wow, He m,ust be Nem- i mean Nice

Jewel : We have the perfect relationship I just feel bad for the people who aren't officially  dating anyone

Poppy: (CONF) I am not officially dating Nemo *crys* (END CONF) *sheds a tear and goes back to talking to Nemo*

Jewel : (CONF) What it needed to get out there. Do I really think she will be happy Dating Nemo, no! As her new bbbfl, I need to sound like Nemo is the worst person ever, the problem is Nemo is the worst person ever so I'll have to ask poppy what she hates!

Poppy: *chats witth nemo* Don't make me hurt you! Chris! XD

Challenge 2: Sir Short Hair and his Crew

Nano: For our challenge we will be playing dodgeball- *notices a cannon ball fired at the ship* AHH! IT'S CAPTAIN SHORT HAIR! He is famous for tracking down idiots on boats and destroying there engines... hyperdrive broke... then driving from a distance... saw them from the window... and the killing them all! RUN! *him and all contestants run into Nano's gigantic room* Is everyone here?!

Daniel: AHHHHH! *getting pulled out of the room by pirates* HELP!

Nano: IT'S TOO LATE FOR HIM, GO! GO! T-the challange is to... um... hide! The person to save us all wins for there TEAM, once almost everone is captured, the nefarious captain will spare there lives if a survivor answers a riddle! Pick you're groups and go! (Form a temporary alliance, with some of your team or the some of the other teams members, or go alone, and hide in one of the areas on the ship, once everyone's out but one, that person must go to the main deck and answer the riddle)


Indigo - The Faker

Holden- The irish jerk

Johnny - The Risk Taker

Matthew - The Hunky Gamer

Caden - The Rich Kid

James - The King Wannabe/Bad Fan Fiction author

Nemo - The Nice Gamer

Liam - The Drama King

Poppy - Nemo's Biggest Fan

Jasmine - The World Traveler

Jessica - The Devious Diva

Chloe - The Cute Ginger

Jewel -The Dumb Fashionista

Halyn -The Islander

Isabel - The Confused Klutz


Matthew: Lemme hide here

Caden: I'm with ya!

Cook Pirate: *singing* Making dinner, it's a winner, cooking up a pot of fun! *not noticing Mathew and Caden, who can hide*

Matthew: *hides*

Caden: *hides*

Cook Pirate: Hmm.... What was that? *walks over to Caden' s hiding space* Anyone 'ere? Any... Hiders 'ere?

Matthew: (whispers to Caden) Come here even though we are on different teams we are stepbrothers!

Cook Pirate: *hears Mathew and walks up to him* AHA! *stuffs him in bag then leaves, leaving Caden alone*

Caden: I have to leave!

Liam: *hides, worrying*

Jewel : *Hides while shivering*

Liam: *whispers to Jewel* Magnificent meeting you here...? I don't know any more, the world is falling apart. D:

Jewel : *whispers to Liam* I hate Nona or is it Nano.....I like sandals :) this is a hard challenge

Liam: *whispering* Yeah...I knew pirates were the epitomy of all evil...*sighs* we're all going to die. D:

Jewel : *Whispers* yeah

Storage Closet

Chloe: (hides inside) hopefully they won't find me here...

Johnny: (opens the closet) Chloe!, fancy meeting you here...can i hide with you?

Chloe: no...way.

Johnny: oh come on!, please?

Chloe: go away Johnny!

Johnny: fine!, you'll regret this though! (runs away)

Chloe: idiot...(shuts closet again)

Pirate: OOH! *captures Chloe because they're is no one in room to save her*

Jewel : *Sighs then sees pirates and runs to kitchen*

Daniel' s Bedroom

Holden: *hides under the bed*

Pirate: *comes in* OHH! Ah want a computer! *starts stealing stuff*

Nemo: *kick pirate in the shin, sees the pirate fall down the window, making him dead*

Holden: WTF was that nemo oh well *takes the pirates gun* now don't you move

Pirate: *alive, waking up* huh? AHH! Shoot him! *tries to get gun but sees Holden have it* Um.... Hehehe... I didn't mean that

Holden: *okay don't you move or I will. *trips and drops the gun* Dang it

Pirate: .... *Gets out bag*

Holden: we don't need to do this so don't kill me. I was only gonna shoot you in the leg......... i mean I wasn't gonna shoot you at all. Chris I hate you

Pirate: Chris, who's Chris?

Another Pirate: *opens door* Hey, it's lunch!

Pirate: YAY! *drops bag*

Holden: What was that *picks up bag and looks inside*

Poppy: *in bag* Arn't you supposed to be running

Pirate: *captures Holden for not escaping* I almost lost ya 8D

Poppy: *in bag* OW! 3 people one bag! Jerks, oh hey Holden

Liam: *walks in, then sees the pirates* Erm, this isn't safe! AH! *runs away to the Kitchen*

Jewel : *sees pirates and runs out of room screaming going to the storage closet*

Sorry Shipmates Room

Halyn: *looks around and then jumps into the hole* Blurg-Blurg-Blurg!

(CONF): Halyn: This is the way that my people hunt for fish!

Indigo: *crushed by Halyn* OW! Huh? Halyn!? has the challenge started?

Halyn: Blurg? *Sees Indigo, and motions him to shut up.* BLURG! *Quickly raises her head to catch her breath than lowers it back into the hole*

Indigo: There is no water, what are you doing!?

Halyn: Oh... Well it was dark! How was I supposed to know. Now shhh. Indi of the Go clan! 

Indigo: So want to alliance in this challenge, as long as my hypoosise is correct!

Nemo: *runs in* Guys. I am right here. After I went in, I locked everywhere the pirates can come into.

Caden: *runs in* Can I hide here?

Nemo: Yes, you may. And oh, by the way, lock the door.

Caden: *locks door*

Nemo: Good, you don't have to do the windows. I locked them.

Pirates: *break in because Nemo' s godplaying doesn't count* MWUHAHA! SOMEONE LEFT THE DOOR OPEN! *grabs Caden' s arm* (You get the opportunity to save Caden, but if it isn't realistic or too pathetic, I won't allow it! Mainly talking to you, Nemo, cause cheating is wrong :/)

Nemo: *kicks Pirate in the shin and watches the pirate faint*

Caden: Kick him out of the room before he wakes up!

Nemo: *opens a window and kicks pirate out of the room and into the water, closes window and locks it*

Pirate: *doesn't faint, last warning Nemo, it's ABOUT surviving, not beating pirates up, no gondmodding* Comes back in and Grabs Halyn* (Someone save her? Except Nemo, he's banned from saving Halyn)

Caden: *punches pirate and takes Halyn* Take that pirate!

Indigo: *pushes Nemo into Pirate's other hand and runs* >:)

Caden: *follows Indigo* Great work!

Pirate: *confused* Huh? OW! *pushes Nemo away and Doesn't care* MY HAND! OW! *Runs to toilet*

Pirate (it's been ages): Where was I? Oh yeah! *grabs and captures Nemo, he is out!*

Putrid Pirates Room

Indigo: *gets out of hole* so this is what a LOSING room looks like?

Jasmine: *Runs in* Well, uhh.... ah ha! *Crawls under bed*

Indigo: Fellow Teamate? What are you doing?

Jewel : *Runs in* Hi no time to talk

Indigo: *pushes Jewel in hole* NO! Only my team!

Pirates: *burst in* YO HO, LOSERS! *captures Indigo* Who's next?

Indigo: AHHHH!

Jasmine: *Covers mouth with her hands and starts breathing slower and easier*

Jewel : *Runs out of room screaming going to Daniel's room*

Pirate: *captures Jasmine because there is no one here to save her, blame Jewel*

Cargo Hold

Liam: This should do, I believe! Unless it doesn't- but it has to! D:

Isabel: Sh...*hides*

Liam: Oh, um, right. *hides*

Pirate: *comes in* Where do they keep the treasure around here? *looks through boxes*

Liam: *keeps hiding, nervously*

Isabel: *tries to make a run for it but trips* OW! D:

Pirate: *grabs Isabel* (Liam can either save her, but will most likely be caught himself, or continue hiding)

Liam: *frowns, but keeps hiding, think he's much too weak to save her and would only get both of them caught, then drops tears out of regret and remorse and decides to go save her, but then thinks about the first option and keeps hiding while thinking of what to do*

Pirate: *captures Isabel and leaves*

Liam: *sneaks out and runs to Daniel's Bedroom*

Nano' s Arcade

Poppy: *drags Nemo and Jewel here* Okay, Bbbfl and Nemo-kins! We will hide in here! :D


Poppy: TO SAVE NEMO'S BEHIND I MUST! *pushes Nano out of the Arcade and locks the door* Done and Done

Nano: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! *you hear people talking and dragging him off*

Voice: I know you're in there >->

Jewel : Um is there a way out of the arcade?

Poppy: *Rips 6 different holes and throws Nemo through number 2 and she takes Jewel with her in number 5*

Jewel : AAaaaAAaaaaa

Poppy: *runs through hole with Jewel*

Nemo: *runs through hole* Wait, there are 4 holes that are valid. This is a valid one!

Pirate: *breaks down door* Hm.... *looks around* HEEEELLOOO!? 8D I'm only going to kill ya!

Poppy: *keeps running but picks up Jewel to go faster* Sorry (Ittalics means wispuring)

Jewel : *Runs* Who are they

Pirate: *grabs Nemo' s Leg* Hello, buddy! (Only Jewel and Poppy can save Nemo, if what they do is something I consider not realistic enough to save him, Nemo will be first captured in challenge)

Poppy: *runs back to Nemo and kicks Pirate in the shin, throws Nemo in Hole 5 and is chocked*

Pirate: 'Ey! Where'd the little one go!? Why ya little- *Gets out a bag and chucks Poppy in bag* Come on!

Poppy: *In 3ds* Nemo keep running and make a turn

Nemo: *runs and makes a turn* A valid hole! *comes back from Daniel's bedroom*

Pirate: Ooh! *looks at Nemo* (I'm sorry, NLG, but that's godplaying, I'll let you off but NO killing the pirates, no releasing kidnapped contestants like Poppy and no coming back once you're caught, I gave Poppy the opportunity to save Nemo, I didn't give Nemo any opportunity to save her, If you godplay one more time, you're captured!)

Nemo: *runs back to Shipmates Room*

Jewel : Ok this doesn't look safe at all *Runs to PP room*

Intern Room

Poppy: *breaks floor board and throws Jewel in room* Win for me. *fixes floor-board and runs away to save Nemo*

Jewel : ehhhhhhhh what I'm alone Poppy I'll win for you I'll have to stay her I guess

Jasmine: *Sneaks in and hides behind boxes*

Jessica: *Walks in* Uh. Why are other people here? >.>

Pirate: *comes in, stuffing James in a bag for inactivity* RAH!

Poppy: *in bag* Screw me! 6 People in a bag!

Jessica: *Sees the pirate then dashes behind a barrel*

Pirate: *grabs Jewel* YOU'RE COMING WITH ME, GURLY! (Jewel can be saved by Jasmine or Jessica, or by herself if she hits his weak spot*

Jewel : *Kicks Pirate in the Kiwi 's* LET GO

Poppy: YAY! Go Jewel!

Pirate: O..MA... *slumps over and hits the ground*

Jewel : You no mess with me Gurl friend *Runs to a Nano's arcade*

Jasmine: Ah! *Runs to Putrid Pirates' Room*

Jessica: I'll follow her! *Follows Jasmine*

Pirate: *picks up bag and pulls Jessica straight into the bag* GRRR!

Main Deck (Open To Final 4 Contestants Left)

Pirate: *stuffing Johnny in bag* HAHA!

Captain Short Hair: 'Ai ladeys, you must be the survivors! This nano fella says getting the riddle CORRECT will save yur friends, which is correct, I love riddles!


Captain Short Hair: Ok, well, 'eres the riddle; If you look you cannot see me. And if you see me you cannot see anything else. I can make anything you want happen, but later everything goes back to normal, What am I? Three tries each or your friends die! :D

Liam: That is MUCH too easy! Your imagination, of course- unless I'm wrong. I'm wrong aren't I? That's horrible! D:

Holden: *yells from the bag* A DREAM

Captain Short Hair: *@Liam* WHAT? How did you get that!? It's too difficult! *dumb face* Fine, your friends are free...pick a guy you hid with!

Liam: Isabel, Poppy, Holden, or Jasmine...well, Poppy I admire your noble sacrifice for the young prince, Nemo! It's like you were his knight- always by his side! Absolutely fantastic! So I choose you. Sorry to the others, but I doubt you'll be going- unless I'm wrong. Please don't say I'm wrong, you're all amazing. D:

Poppy: *gets out bag and hugs Jewel* Ooh i missed you, but where's nemo 

Jewel : I don't know

Holden: meh whatever. I probally vot enan inactive

Poppy: You don't know, then he must be in the bag, there was so many people i couldn't see him

Jewel : Aww I get immunity but I wanted a giant hat huh this will have to do *Puts Immunity on her head* EW TACKY *Puts real hat on her head*

Liam: So when's the ceremony? We've been waiting for ages! D:

Poppy: *goes and hugs nemo and brings him to Jewel* SEE IT IS NEMO! <3

Jewel : EW TACKY- I mean yeah he is cute for you

Poppy: YAI! You are my BFFFL! And Nemo is my Nemo-kins! :D

Daniel: *angry* YOU ABANDONED ME, EVERYONE! None of you helped me! D:

Nano: Look! *pirates escaped and can't be found* uh... Well, Jewel, Liam, Caden, Halyn and... *sigh* the back stabbing ape of a teen, Poppy, all have immunity, greeeat -__-. Anyway, all of you except them five are up for Elimanation, not some of you did less than others and do nothing, so pick carefully!

Elimanation 2: Uh... Almost everyone

Nano: Remmber the rules, Putrid Pirates! Sorry shipmates, the rules are that;

You must all go into the confessional and vote off a contestant who did BAD or something, don't be totally obvious, and I'm sorry, but Poppy is immune like the others so we can't vote her out! >:(

The loser with most votes must jump of the plank of losers and ride the canoe of losers... somewhere! VOTE!


Indigo: (CONF) Mathew, haven't talked to him.

Holden: (CONF): This vote doesn't matter So I vote off Chloe. 

Jessica: (CONF) I vote that idiot Mathew.

Jasmine: (CONF) Hmm... I have to say Mathew.

Liam: (CONF) Mathew is the epitome of all things loser-tastic! And it doesn't even deserve the -tastic. THE HORROR! D:

Isabel: (CONF) Mathew...

Nemo: *votes off Matthew, with a Iron Sheik expression* Matthew is super awful! We should put him in a camel crutch. Groggy! *shakes neck* GROGGY!

Halyn: (CONF) it appears that the people of my tribe are voting for you, sorry Matthew. 

Johnny: (CONF) i vote for Matthew, sorry.

Chloe: (CONF) i think it's time for you to go Matthew.

Matthew: (CONF) I vote Jessica for calling me an idiot I mean come on, am I that bad? People vote Jessica off next time, she is a DIVA!

Nano: Blah blah blah, Matthew's gone! *pushes him off plank of losers*

Episode 3 Chat: Adventurous Knowledge

The Winners Room

Nano: *sigh* Apparently, I always have to stay with the winning contestants after a challange, so I have to stay in the same room as Miss Ungrateful Halyn, and the backstabbing jerk, named Poppy! Anyway, kinda disappointed Halyn won again because all she does is ruin perfectly good CDs and then insults me! Here! *throws a bunch of movies and video games down, with beverages*

Poppy: It was for Nemo -.- Deal with it!

Caden: This is the life!

Halyn: *Pokes Nano* You're not very nice. 

Poppy: *turns on 3ds and chats with nemo* HAI NEMO! :3

The Losers Room

Daniel: I-I know some of you lost last time, and lost again! But keep trying and you'll succeed! Um... Also... Why did none of you save me, you all just... ditched me :/

Indigo: WAIT! When were you taken, and why would you be ditched if it was just a challenge, it was right!?

Holden: Meh I like in here. It is fun

Daniel: Challange? Oh right... it's fake if you would sue over it! But, Everyone else... why? :(

Holden: i wish it was time for another challenge

Nemo: Hi, Daniel!

Holden: *sings* Born to be bored out of my mind

Poppy: *Pops up on 3ds* HAI NEMO! :3

Indigo: Uh...

Challange 3: Who Killed The Intern?

Nano: It looks as if today we are safe from invading pirates and lawsuits, which means it's a good day! I was going to play dodgeball today since we missed out on it last episode.... but... I didn't want to so instead we are doing a whodunnit challange! INTERN! *intern dives onto floor, pretending to be dead* See, he's dead! Anyway, this intern savagely killed off-screen during my coffee break, by one of the suspects that will be mentioned later!

So your job is to find out which one committed the crime and write about why it's him, it doesn't matter who does it first, it matters who puts the most effort and logic into your explanation! No copying over people's lines because that has no effort involved! Anyway, get to sleuthing!


Miss Frisker - She is a snooty rich producer of the show who airs the show frequently on the TD channel with the other reality shows, she was closest to the intern when he was murdered and was found screaming with Mr. German and Mr. Power at the time of death! She refused to talk about the event when asked about it.

Mr. Power - This man is Nano's uncaring father who came to the show to add some "fatherly" improvements, he was with Miss Frisker, Mr. German and the now dead Intern during the time of murder, he hates all interns because they never get it right! He said for a few brief few moments he couldn't find Mr. German when the lights went out.

Mr. German - A french man who secretly supervises the show unknown to the contestants, and is in charge of the shows budget and cast. He had a conflict with that intern because that intern should've been fired but the producers let him off, he was with Miss Frisker, Mr Power and now dead Intern at the time of the murder near the door, he states the lights went out for a brief few minutes before the death.

Daniel Columbus - A co-host who was on the ship when the murder took place, he is cheery yet unlucky as well as unliked by Nano, nothing else is known about his involvement in the death of the intern. He stated he was tending to the losing contestants at the time of murder.

Info on Death

The intern was found in the kitchen on the floor, bleeding but dead. He had slashes on his arm from a knife attack and there was Miss Frisker' s handkerchief on him, either to stop the bleeding or something left behind. The lights near the door had been tampered with, and someone apparently held him down, giving the impression of two murderers!


Nano: So type up your theories here, remember, the most logical, long and most effort will win, not who did it first! So-

Daniel: WHY AM I A SUSPECT? I thought we were partners!

Nano: No... you're annoying, Anyway, GO!

Caden: I think the two men did it because your dad hates interns and that other guy was having conflict with him so they Ms. Frisk's hankerchief to blame her!

Nemo: Ms. frisker!

Johnny: i would say you're dad is responsible, perhaps he came onto the ship in a pretty bad mood, the dead intern probably did something so wrong you're dad flipped!, so he most likely killed him because of this, i'm sorry this ain't any longer but i really don't know what else to say.

Chloe: i'd say Daniel is the killer, he might of thought the intern was making good progress, so much good progress that Nano was considering replacing Daniel, this may have made Daniel pretty mad, so Daniel must have killed the intern to stop him replacing him!, and did you see how badly Daniel reacted when Nano accused him?, that's made me really suspicious.

Poppy: I think it was Mrs. Fricker because she is Nemo's choice!

Indigo: I think it was Nano's Father  as he said 'he couldn't find Mr. george for a while during the lights out' which would pin it on Mr. George, Mrs. Fricker's hankerchief was near the victim aswell, evidence saying it was her. But Nano's father has a real motive and is a strong suspect! If i am wrog than I think Mrs. Fricker had an affair with that intern, which would explain the hankercheif and refusal to talk about the situation.

Halyn: In the land where I am from, people do not kill others. We simply banish them to the outskirts of the land. I believe that Mr of the German Clan, and Mr of the Power Clan are the killers! Mr of the German Clan obviously has a fake name. He speaks with the tongue of the french, but claims to be a member of the German clan! What kind of lie is this? He says he no like the interns and then BOOM lights go poof and intern is found dead! But he can not do crime alone! You say someone hold intern down! This must be his father! His father does not love his son and so he will willingly fake kill son to add to drama for the show because he is secret producer! Mrs.Frisker has done nothing wrong asides from being upset about the loss of a good friend, the hankerchef is there because she cried over the dead body and forgot it there :( When the lights went out, Mr.Power held the intern down and Mr.German, if that is his REAL name, slashed him up with a kitchen knife! 

Indigo: I have another theorie, THAT EVERYONE KILLED THE INTERN! Mrs. Fricker kept him down, one of the others slashed him! AND THE OTHER MESSED WITH THE LIGHTS!

Daniel: BUT CHLOE! I was with you and the other- *sigh* B-but...

Nano: SHHH! Continue with thy theories please >->

Chloe: sorry Daniel it's nothing personal, it's just what i think.

Indigo: I think i have figured out how it goes, Mr. Power came on the show to give some fatherly touches because he was uninpressed by his sons work. Mrs Fricker and Mr. German had a scheme to get payback on the Intern for being lousy and cheatiing on Mrs Fricker. When Mr. Power sat in the room, waiting for his son to allow him inside, Mrs. Fricker insisted that the intern should have some tea for his work. The Intern was goeing to fix the lights that were barely working and that he was assigned to do it by tomorrow. All 4 of them sat down at the table, but then  the lights went out do to them being unstable in the first place. Mr. Power sat where he was but he could no longer see Mr. German's outline as Mr. German got up and moved to get a kife while Mrs. Fricker first assured the Intern nothing was happening and that the lights would turn on in a second. Mr. German got the knife and Mrs. Fricker than cahnged her attitude and pinned the Intern down! But Mrs. Fricker wasn't a little careful at that moment as when she whipped the blood off her dress and Mr. German, She dropped her hankechief! Mr. Power heard the screaming, but was too afraid to do anything. Mr. German and Mrs. Fricker sat back down and waited for the lights to go on again. Mrs. Fricker did a no coomment because she knew she would have a flaw that would lead to her. Mr. German told them a cover story while Mr. Power told the truth.

Holden:  I say it was 2 people..... Daniel Columbus and Mr. Power. It took two people to do this murder. Knowing that Mr German had a motive they tried to frame him. But Mr Power had a motive too. Because Chris is on a ship he has access to knives like the one used from the ship's kitchen and he took one from the set and gave it to Mr. Power. With this he also rigged the lights so that he could turn them off when he was by himself in the ship. Chirs then turned off the lights and in the darkness Mr Power murdered the intern. Then he went back to his spot and told Chris  to turn the lights back on by means of technology. Chris did and when the lights tunred back on the intern was seen dead. Mre. Friskers freaked out and used her hankerchief to try to save him by stoping the blood flow but it was too late since he was dead. In this confusion Mr. Power unplugged Chris's gear from the light and hid it. Mrs Friskers also forgot her hankercheif in the confusion Then you know the rest the police came and Power tried to frame German. Thats what happened

Nemo: Ms. Frisker walks down a hallway. When she was walking, she saw Cody and killed him. Mr. German and Mr. Power was trying to kill Ms, Frisker. But is seen dead. Daniel saw this, and ran away from Ms. Frisker to tell the truth. That is what happened. *sees Police car* I hope I am right!

Nano: Well, only one of you are correct... well, close to correct, the killer (s)... was Mr. German and Ms.Frisker!Congrats Indigo! My dad isn't a killer, but he DOES have no heart! It went down like this;

Ms. Frisker was being ripped off and was unimpressed by said Interns work despite the two having a prior relationship and held many conferences to convince other to fire him, yet all results led to no. Mr. German had enough of this Intern's goofing off, and had saw Ms. Frisker hold those meetings, and decided she was the perfect candidate for the plan. While the intern was in the kitchen making me coffee, Mr. Power attempted to flirt with Ms. Frisker before accidentally spilling something on himself, where she responded by giving him her handkerchief to wipe it off. Suddenly, Mr. German turned off the lights, and still attempting to give the illusion of him being next to Mr. Power at the same time. Ms. Frisker covered the interns mouth before slashing his neck with a near by knife, before hurrying back to her seat as well as Mr. German. Mr. Power remembered he couldn't find Mr. German and Mr. German stated how the lights went out, but Ms. Frisker was scared of her making a terrible lie and/or making a truth that would send her to jail, stated no comment!

Well, that means the Sorry Shipmates win again! Well, I know most of the Putrid Pirates won't make merge -__- and WHY HAS HALYN... and Caden.. NEVER BEEN UP FOR ELIMANATION!? Never mind, they'll lose eventually.. after Halyn breaks all my stuff! Anyway, voting time!

Elimination 3: Putrid Pirates.. again

Nano: You should all know the way of elimination by now... HAHAH! Ah... That's funny, cause you're losers! Anyway, vote a member off who didn't do the challenge... or you hate them for reasons I don't understand :/

Daniel: You... made me a suspect!? :(

Nano: SHH! Daniel! Anyway, vote!

Poppy: (CON) I vote for James, he did nothing -.-

Holden: (CONF) I vote James

Nano: I'm disappointed with the lack of votes, come on putrid pirates! No wonder you guys lose! Well, *pushes James off boat.... with the suspects* That's done with! Anyway, what'll happen next time? Will the Sorry Shipmates meet elimination, Will Halyn stop breaking my stuff and will somebody help the Putrid Pirates? I mean for heaven's sake!

Episode 4 Chat: High Tides

Sorry Shipmates Room

Daniel: YAY! Nano said he'd rather spend some time with the losers than another night with this group, so that means I get to occupy you guys, isn't that great! Anyway, I brought popcorn, movies that got critical acclaim, beverages, tons of sweets, video games, letters from your parents.... Um... Why does one of these have a spear in it? *looks and sees its for Hayln* Oh, I get it! Anyway, also.... NEW UPGRADE! *shows platinum HD 2700p tv that's huge* Congrats!

Nemo: Hey, Daniel. You're favorite!

Poppy: *pops up on screen* HIA!

Caden: I just can't wait to win again!

Putrid Pirates Room

Nano: HELLO! I am your host, inactive losers! And I can't stand the winners anymore, so I'll stay here with you guys... ew, is this what a loser room looks like? No gifts? *realises you don't get that stuff if you lose* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Holden: I not inactive Screw you

Nano: Then why do you guys always lose challenges? *troll face*

Holden: We had a better theory last challenge but you didn't care..... This is rigged. We have abetter team but since these inactives are leaving we should be good now.

Nano: Um... the challanges aren't rigged... but don't worry *reads inspirational speech* you can shine no matter what you're made of... you can wi- geh, eww... it's so dumb! *throws it out of window*

Poppy: I told you! They are winning cause they have Nemo! D:

Challange 4: Drowning worse than Exercise

Nano: AHH! We were gonna play dodgeball but it's seriously raining bad! We need to get to the safe deck, down stairs! 1 line to run to stairs, 7 lines to run to the bottom of the stairs and 1 line to hide in the safe zone! The first one there wins for their team, so Putrid Pirates.... TRY YOUR BEST OR THAT LACK OF PRIZE ROOM WILL BE YOURS FOREVER! GO!

Daniel: *already there* ... I wonder which team will win :/

Caden: *runs to the stairs* (1)

Holden: *runs to the stairs* (1)

Caden: *runs to the bottom of the stairs* (1)

Nemo: *runs to the stairs* (1)

Caden: *runs to the bottom of the stairs* (2)

Holden *runs to the bottom of the stairs* (1)

Caden: *runs to the bottom of the stairs* (3)

Holden: *runs to the bottom of the stairs* (2).

Halyn: *dances down the stairs* I love the rain!

Holden: *runs to the bottom of the stairs* (3)

Nano: AHH! *sees thunder* FASTER EVERYONE!

Holden: *runs to the bottom of the stairs* (4)

Liam: *runs to the stairs* (1)

Isabel: *runs to the stairs and trips when there* (1)

Holden: *runs to the bottom of the stairs* (5)

Liam: *runs to the bottom of the stairs* (2)

Isabel: *runs to the bottom of the stairs* (2)

Holden: *runs to the bottom of the stairs* (6)

Liam: *runs to the bottom of the stairs* THIS IS AWFUL! THERE WILL BE NO SURVIVORS! D: (3)

Isabel: *running to the bottom of the stairs* Keep your chin up, we'll live! (3)

Holden: *reaches the bottom of the stairs* (7) YESH almost there

Liam: *runs to the bottom of the stairs* (4)

Isabel: *runs to the bottom of the stairs* (4)

Holden: *Dives and hides in the safe Zone* PHEW That was close

Nano: *everyone runs into room straight after Holden* Oh.... For the first time ever, the Putrid Pirates steal the victory from the Sorry Shipmates! Congratulations, Losers! So, that means, they finally get the good stuff and the Sorry Shipmates get nadda... unless lack of a member counts! So, see you in the elimination room!

Elimination 4: Sorry Shipmates- OMG, FINNALY

Nano: *in the super secret safe deck elimination area* HELLO, EX-LOSERS! Here's how the thing works, vote out the person who hasn't done the challenge and does least for the team. So, get up and vote out the slackers, the person with most votes will be pushed off the plank of losers into the canoe of losers to... sail away? Yeah, now go!

Indigo: (CONF) I vote Johnny, Johnny barley does any of the challenges! Team, i am sorry for not doing this one, but Johnny has been dragging us down as he has done praticaly nothing to help our team!

Isabel: (CONF) Johnny.

Halyn: (CONF) *pokes the camera* I vote for Johnny, Indigo seems super duper nice!

Caden: (CONF) Johnny

Chloe: (CONF) sorry but i vote for Johnny.

Johnny: (CONF) i vote for Indigo.

Nano: Not really shocking but everybody got no votes except Johnny and Indigo.... Indigo is safe and Johnny is out! *pushes Johnny off plank of losers* Isn't that refreshing? Anyway, here we go... I guess we all stay here because it's too wet to go back upstairs...umm...

Episode 5 Chat: Huge Disaster

Putrid Pirate Side of Room

Nano: YAY! You guys unexpectedly won a challenge, meaning I don't have to hang out with the stereotypical winner team and I still get to hang around your prizes! *all stuff Daniel had in last episode is thrown on floor* Warning; If you keep winning, I'll move back to team 1

Poppy: NemO! Over HERE NEMO! NEMO NEMO! :D

Jewel : Hey BBBFL I just got a new dress it's called a table cloth *Wraps Table Cloth around her* Cute Right?

Poppy: OMG THE CUTEST! ^-^

Sorry Shipmates Side of Room

Daniel: We can't go to the top deck because of the serious rain and storm... but don't worry it will end soon... I hope :/

Caden: In here, it sucks!

Indigo: Atleast we can see the stupid winning team -.-

Challange 5: A Swimming Problem

Nano: Ok, now that we're alone, we can all finnaly play dodgeba- *a huge crack snaps the boat apart, it begins flooding* Ahhh! Nowhere is safe! U-um... uh, I GOT NOTHING!!

Daniel: *pushes Nano out of the way* I see land! And remember, we have canoes for all contestants! We can run to the boats (3 lines), jump onto said boats (1 line), sail over to the land (8 lines) and call for help, loudly! (2 lines)... RUN! *jumps onto a canoe with Nano and paddles*

Caden: *runs to the boat* (1)

Indigo: AHHH! *runs to boats*

Poppy: *runs* FOR NEMO!

Caden: *runs to the boat* (2)

Poppy: *runs to boat* ME AND NEMO-KINS!

Indigo: *runs to boat*

Caden: *runs to the boat* (3)

Poppy: *runs to boat* WILL MARRY!

Indigo: *runs to boat*

Caden: *jumps on to the boat* (1)

Poppy: *jumps in boat*

Indigo: *jumps in boat*

Jewel : *Runs to boat* (1)

Poppy: *sails to land*

Indigo: *sails to land*

Chloe: (runs to boat) (1)

Holden: *runs to boat* (1)

Poppy: *sails to land*

Indigo: *sails to land*

Holden: *runs to boat* (2)

Poppy: *sails to land* (3)

Indigo: *sails to land* (3)

Holden: *runs to boat* (3)

Poppy: *sails to land* (4)

Indigo: *sails to land* (4)

Holden: *jumps in the boat* (1)

Poppy: *sails to land* (5) Indigo's cathcing up! :0

Indigo: *gains speed and, sails to land* (5)

Holden: *starts sailing* (1)

Indigo: *passes Poppy, sails to land* (6)

Poppy: *sails to land* (6)

Holden: *Sails to land* (2)

Indigo: *sails to land* (7)

Poppy: *sails to land* (7)

Caden" *sails to land* (1)

Indigo: *sails to land* (8)

Poppy: *sails to land* (8)

Caden: *sails to land* (2)

Holden: *Sails to land* (3)

Indigo: *calls for help* (1)

Poppy: *calls for help* (1)

Caden: *sails to land* (3)

Poppy: *calls for help* (2)

Indigo: *calls for help* (2)

Caden: *sails to land* (4)

Holden: *sails to land* (4) I hear screaming i think someone won

Nano: Eh.... Poppy wins for her team! So they're safe again! Yaaay -__- I'm moving on, I can't wait for merge!And *everyone arrives* .... We... alone

Elimination 5: Sorry Shipmates

Nano: Um... I'm really sad that we are stranded but more importantly, one of you is gonna test my cannon of losers! So vote! :D

Indigo: (CON) I vote for Jasmine :3

Caden: (CONF) Same as Indigo

Jasmine: (CONF) I am going to have to vote for Nemo, as he is not the best team mate. (END CONF)

Isabel: (CONF) Nemo.

Chloe: (CONF) i vote for Nemo.

Hayln: (CONF) *Is still poking the camera?* Did my tribe lose a challenge? Maybe I should leave this magical object behind and focus! *votes Jasmine* 

Nemo: Is this wierd? Is she creepy? THEN WHY IS STILL HERE?!! *votes Jasmine*

Nano: Ok, this is the closest vote we've ever had, with everyone getting no votes except Jasmine and Nemo, tonight, one of you is going home! Nemo, you tend to be weird and have your own personal stalker, pretty creepy but good reason to send you packing, and Jasmine, you aren't that useful in challenges, are you? Well... with 3 votes..... Nemo is safe and with 4 votes Jasmine is leaving! Yay for using new cannon! *shoots Jasmine far away with Cannon of Losers*

Episode 6 Chat: Lost

Putrid Pirates...Group

Nano: Coincidentally, this is the second time you guys won, so woopee for that but... merge is still GONNA be better than this :D! But anyway, we always need the winner gifts so sorry but- *throws coconuts at everyone* BEVERAGES!

Holden: *coconut smacks him in the head and knocks him out*

Nano: Um.... I'm not legally entitled to check if he's still alive, right?



Nano: Um... just so you know, Liam, that crash was REAL so this isn't a SET which means I didn't have time to go grab my poison! So, Mr Exaggerate, you're completely safe... from poison, I don't know what lives here! :D

Liam: WELL- YOU MAY NEVER KNOW! Also I'm not Mr. Exaggerate! I'm Mr. Cautious, thank you very much!

Nano: *starts praying for a lion to come and eat Liam* Please...please....COME ONE! EAT HIM! PLEASE!?

Sorry Shipmates Group

Daniel: Why can't we sit with the others over there? Just because you guys are still on different teams doesn't mean we have to sit all the way other here :/

Indigo: Is there anything stopping us from going over there? :/

Halyn: *leaves the confessional* there's a very shiny thing in there. I will call it the camerlyn!

Daniel: *sigh* It's a camera and also.... Nano has a gun in his bag to shoot contestants and Intern's who don't listen... worst of all, he tricked you all into signing a waver about not being able to sue him afterward... except maybe like Halyn, we didn't know where she lived.

Halyn: *Stares at Daniel* What's a camera? 

Daniel: Um... It's a device that records things so you can watch later, they're like, everywhere! :/

Halyn: *Nods* Where's Nano of The Monkey Butts? I miss his *frowns*

Daniel: He prefers spending time with the winning team, not the losing team.... and don't you and him hate each other?

Chloe: why would we care if Nano's hanging out with us anyway?, the guy's insane!

Halyn: He-He hates me?! *Runs off and plays with her lucky rabit's foot*

Daniel: Geez, Halyn, you should be lucky he's over there, he's the reason I finally found some one I hat- dislike :/

Isabel: *jogging around the room in a practice to not trip* Come on, I can do this... *trips* :(

Halyn: *looks over at Isabel and walks to her* Are you ok? What clan are you a part of? *eyes go wide* 

Isabel: I'm fine, I think...what's a clan?

Indigo: *starts making tent with wood* Halyn! Your a tribe person, help me!

Halyn: Oh! A clan is a group of people who love each other ver much! *Gives Isabel her rabit's foot* Indigo needs my help! BYE *Runs off* 

Indigo: WOW! You autually said my name correctly! Can you get cloth or leaves to make a tent roof? *building Tent*

Halyn: *grins* I try to remember names! People get mad at me when I don't... *Walks away in search of leaves* 

Indigo: You can still call me Indi of the Go clan if you want C: *finishes wood* 

Halyn: *Hums to herself while collecting tree branches* Hi-ho... Hi-Ho...

Indigo: *starts making campfire* WOW! Our "Tribe" is doing better than the other "tribe"

Challange 6: Desolate Desperation

Nano: Ok! Looks like we're done here *drinking coconut milk* Ok! I think its time for dodgeball! *looks around* YAY! Nothing will stop it this time! Anyway- *helicopter arrives* YES! We're safe! Screw Dodgeball! That's better than that! Anyway, um... the Challange is to.... sign these wavers saying you won't sue us?

Daniel: No, just no, Nano! *everyone gets in helicopter and it flies them to a pyramid* Thanks for the ride! Oh... you have some people that would like to come with us? Hmm.....

Nano: *gets an idea* YEAH! I have a plan! Everyone, since Poppy won the last challenge, she'll be able to pick one of these "debuters" for her team! And the winner of this Challange also pick one! That's why they'll be no returns! Choosing after the challenge! The challange is to pick a path inside the giant pyramid, warning, watch out for mummies this will be like the pirate... challenge? Except you MUST stay on your path, and the first to say "the password" at the end of the challenge wins for there team! (Basically, you have to pick a path, continue as I throw some obstacles at you all as you chat in groups like the second challenge, but you must use logic to stay uncaught, when I think I believe its time, you all can edit the last area and the first one to say "the password" will win for there team)

Path 1

Jewel : Omg this is tots not cool anymore maybe I'll find my emergency credit card and I can buy emergency jeans it's true you know!

Trap: *springs into action and punctures part of Jewel's clothing

Poppy: OH NO! Your dress is ruined! Don't worry, i will win this challenge to avvenge your dress! :0


Poppy: But aslong as we stay together, the mummies have no chance (Nemo, you are already on a path, you cannot be in this one too)

Path 2

Halyn: *enters the path* Is this one of my peoples?

Nano: *walls in and sees Halyn* ...... dammit.... *attempts to leave but knocks something over*

Halyn: *Spins and jumps on Nano* AHHHH! *pokes Nano* Who are you!?


Halyn: *Hugs Nano* Monkey Butt! I thought you were a mummy or something!

Nemo: *enters path* Get away from him! *punches Halyn*

Nano: As.... special... as she is, you don't have to hit her, she wasn't doing anything wrong...yet :/

Halyn: *Runs off*

Nano: ...If I was someone else, I'd go after her, but I'm me, so I won't

Mummy: *comes in* Mouue! Mueoo! Mrueuo!

Nemo:It catches someone for the soul to disappear. Here, Have Halyn! *pushes Halyn to the Mummy*

Halyn: *is pushed* Na-Na-No of the Monkey Butts is that you? *walks towards the mummy* (This will be your first, and final warning of bunnying in camps Nemo. Bunny or Godplay again and you will be banned for a day. If you do not understand why you are getting this warning, please contact me on my talk page.)

Nano: I'M OVER HERE YOU- GET OVER HERE! *throws shoe at mummy* .... Um.... Sorry?

Mummy: *runs at Nano, and captures him before a trap door makes the mummy and Nano fall down*

Indigo: *comes in and see's Nemo and Halyn* Halyn of the something tribe (CONF) I am trying to become Halyn's friend because she doesn't have that much or any friends.

Halyn: *tackes Indigo* Indi of the Go clan! *points to Nemo* that creature tried to attack me! And I'm from the Freya clan. Halyn of the Freya's. 

Indigo: NEMO! She is our... 'tribe' member, you cannot just let the mummies take her!

Nemo: *looks at hole* The mummies are gone.

Halyn: *nods frantically* But they took Nano of the Monkey Butt Clan! Should one of us go after him? *Looks into the hole* 

Nemo: Halyn, you go.

Indigo: Nemo, YOU go, oh wait, your heartless. And we have to keep moving, sorry Halyn. :( *keeps walking to end of path*

Halyn: *Looks down the hole* Good bye Monkey Butt.... *Walks after Indigo* 

Indigo: So... Halyn, see any traps?

Halyn: Indi of the--- Indigo it's too dark for me to see anything. 

Indigo: *gets out phone* :D I HAVE MY PHONE! We can use it's light to see! *turns phone on*

Halyn: *Screams in terror at the lightsource and runs away* IT WANTS TO EAT MY SOUL!

Indigp: *runs after her* NO! IT IS JUST A PHONE!

Halyn: INDI OF THE GO CLAN!!! I thought you were my friend!! Why are you conspiring against me with the phone of the soul-eater clan!!

Indigo: GOD! *brakes phone* Fine, we will just work together without the useull phone -.-

Halyn: *Keeps running* 

Indigo: *gets out leaves* These are the lucky leaves! who ever owns will be lucky and free from soul stealing (CONF) GOD!

Halyn: *stops and slowly turns* Lucky? Lucky? Like rabbit's foot?

Indigo: Yeeeeeeeeeesss. And if you work with me, you can have it :3

Phone: *gets possessed with a mummy's soul and starts flying towards Halyn* Guergh!

Indigo: HOLY S**T! *whacks phone with supposed lucky leaves*

Halyn: I TOLD YOU IT WANTS MY SOUL!! *Runs away from Indigo* Please soul-eater clan leave my soul alone! I promise it doesn't tasty as juicy and berry-filled as you think!

Indigo: HELP! *is eletrishocked by phone wires* HALYN! HEEEEEEEELP MEEEEEEE!

Halyn: *Looks back at the scene and shakes in fear* But it will steal my soul!!

Indigo: *getting shocked* But i am yo- y-y-y-your f-frie- *is knocked out cold*

Phone: *in pieces, which generate into many more complete phones, pushes Indigo near the trap door*

Indigo: *is alomost in the trap door*

Halyn: F-fr-friend? What is this? I MUST KNOW! *runs back for Indigo* 

Indigo: *about to fall off*

Phone: *pushes Indigo inside trap door*

Halyn: Indi of the go clan? *She runs away from the phones* I will find you!

Phones: *hiss* SSS! *follow her*

Halyn: What did I ever do to you! Why do you want my soul?! It tastes like fish! *Keeps running away*

Phones: *turn around to kidnap Nemo, will Halyn save him or save herself?*

Halyn: Yay! I made it! The soul-sucksers are going to suck that evil creatures soul! *Keeps running*

Phones: *kidnaps Nemo, meaning he's out* BZZT!

Halyn: *Keeps running* Now if I were part of the go, or monkey-butt clan where would I hide?

Indigo: (CONF) After re-watching the footage, i think Hayln doesn't understand the consept of gone :( (END CONF)

Path 3

Caden: *walks into path 3*

Daniel: *follows Caden* Um... can I come with you? I don't know where Nano went :/

Holden: *takes path 3 * this is fun

Caden: At least there is no mummies and we're in a group, me, you, and Holden

Holden: lets just kkep going an see what happens. *walks ahead*

Liam: *ends up joining path 3* Wait for me!

Holden: Anyone here

Mummy: *secretly kidnaps Daniel and Liam* gehje!

Path 4

Chloe: oh well, i guess i'll stick to this path...(walks down the pathway)

Isabel: *walks down path 4*

Mummy: GEURH! *grabs Chloe's leg, save her or save yourself Isabel*

Chloe: ahhh!!!, Isabel!, help me!!

Secret Area (allowed in now)

Nano: *sitting, tied up with the people who are out* Um.... AHHH! So.... HELP ME! So say... THE PASSWORD! AHH! *above fire*

Halyn: *Runs into the area* Monkey Butt!!! Indigo! What is this 'The Password' you speak of? And why are you cooking yourself? *tries to lick Monkey Butt* I wanna taste!

Indigo: HALYN! AHHH! HELP! :0

Poppy: The Password!

Nano: *released* I'M SAFE- and you guys too... yaaay :/ Anyway, Popp- *ground collapses and everyone falls through, minus the mummies* ow...

Daniel: OUCH! But... Um... Nano? Can someone else pick a debuter? It's unfair she picks both!

Nano: -__- Um.... Poppy, will you pick both or allow someone else, who didn't get captured, to pick someone to debut... it's totally your choice! But one sec- *calling the army* SAVE ME! I DON'T CARE IF THE REST DIE. SAVE ME!!! Now, Pick...?


Nano: Gee, selfish much? But since you won fair and square- *gets out device* This will doom two of those people to suffer our fate with us, choose!

Poppy: *clicks the Princess and Yasmin icons* :D

Nano: Well... oh. Actually, our sources say Halyn said The Password first so.... *only counts the Yasmin click* Pick one Halyn!

Halyn: *Randomly clicks on the remote* 

Indigo: A little help here Hayln?

Nano: So Yasmin is in! But.... Bruno is too! (Random.Org) So... *the two debuters fall into the cracks* AHH! Great, more mouths to feed, eh....but- The putrid pirates... lose again, and since Poppy picked Yasmin, she is on they're team, but immune.. duh! Welcome Bruno to team "We win to many times it's not funny"!

Elimination 6: Putrid Pirates.... eh..

Nano: Ok! Just because we're lost doesn't mean I still can't send you crashing threw the ceiling with the cannon of losers! Anyway, vote for someone except Yasmin... yeh :/... wait a minute, is this show still legal?

Poppy: (CONF) I vote for Jessica for only helping us once or twice

Holden: (CONF) I vote for that nemo loving freak now as Poppy. I thinkfk you have been throing challeges for Nemo *votes Poppy*

Jessica: (CONF) I vote Poppy, but I don't care.

Jewel : (CONF) Jessica cause I can see in her eyes she is so jelly of me

Liam: (CONF) I was told by someone in vote for Poppy. I'm sorry! D:

Nano: The votes are in... and everyone is in, except Jessica and... Poppy? Ok... with 2 votes Jessica stays and Poppy is eliminated... HAHAHAHAHAH! OMG YOU GUYS- Why vote out one of your most active members if you said you'd vote out the inactives, she won you a challenge and a debuter and you repay her by eliminating her, no wonder you keep losing but- *shoots Poppy out cannon of losers* .... THAT'S WHAT YOU GET FOR SACRIFICING ME IN THE SECOND CHALLENGE! Never felt any better, anyway.... What will happen to us? Will we starve to death? What will happen to the debuters? And will the Putrid Pirates start winning more challenges? Who knows... except ME cause I want to live!

Episode 7: Living life to the Fullest

Sorry Shipmates Treasure Room

Nano: Ooh! Shiny! Cool! Anyway, chat amongst yourselves!

Nemo: You know what Nano? The next time we lose, I'll vote for Hayln.

Halyn:: *Hugs Nano* I'm so glad I found my monkey-butt!

Nano: Um... Ok, Nemo? And yes... you found me... isn't that nice? *still wiping where she licked him* :/

Poppy: *on screen on nemo's 3DS* AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! *splashes into water* (It is still working and she is drowning!) 

Indigo: Why are we even HERE!? Oh, Well *gets out the Lucky Leaves* >.>

Nano: *puts 3DS into cannon and shoots 3DS at ground, breaking it instantly and unusable* We will have no ex-contestants talking or anything with us... even if they were calling for our help!

Indigo: That must be painful, but boring 

Halyn: You tasted salty, I like salt. *lunges at Nano to lick him again*

Indigo: WOAH! *holds Halyn back* Uh... How about we... Uh... PLAY! :D (CONF) I COULDN'T THINK!

Halyn: *clenches her teeth* But-but tasty!! *Sees a stick and tries to jump after it* 

Nano: ....Tasy!? D:

Halyn: I WANT STICK *Bites Indigo's hand*

Indigo: AHH! 

Halyn: *Chases after the stick and brings it back to Indigo* Indi of the go clan, why are you whining like baby monkey who slipped on banana peel?

Indigo:You bit me! REAL HARD! D:

Halyn: *drops the stick* I bite all of my clan members. 

Indigo: So wait... that would mean I am... Indi of the Freya (CONF) That was weird... but it was autualy pretty sweet :D

Putrid Pirates Treasure Room

Daniel: *sleeping* YAAAWN!'t kill the contestan- YAWN! it's illegal....

Holden: (CONF) Yeah so waht Poppy was active. The team could planily see that he was going to throw challeges to let Nemo keep ewinning. The only chaleges we won was the one i won personally and the one that I made Poppy win afeter he tried throwing it to indigo. Thats why he is gone and good ridance.

Yasmin: Yo, everyone! *boogies* 

Daniel: ...... YAY! *boogies with Yasmin for no reason*

Yasmin: *twerks it and werks it*

Challange 7: Nano's Less Threatening Challenge

Nano: Ok! Because of all the probably illegal events that have recently occurred, we'll do a less threatening challenge, so no dodgeball like I originally planned, so I'll do, like, a nicer, lovely challange appropriately named; Nano's Less Threatening Challenge! So, I will ask you a number of "what would you do" questions and the best one will score a point for their team!

Daniel: Um... You'll probably still go to jail, sir

Nano: >-> Shut up, Nano!

Round 1

Nano: If you were going to be sent to jail because you were hosting a reality show which did many illegal stuff, what would you do?

Indigo: I'd trick the president into giving me the pardon! >:D

Yasmin: I'd twerk! *twerks*

Halyn: Stab them with the sacred stick of the Freya's!

Bruce: I would easily evade being captured...because I'm Batman!

Chloe: i'd probably try to convince the police that my identical twin clone was responsible. (smiles)

Holden: Take the jail time jaill does youm good. Look at chric McCalin from the total drama series Jail made him a better him

Jessica: Say I was being forced to do so which would fool the cops, obviously. 

Caden: I'd pay the police and FBI!

Nano: Well.... I kinda like Chloe's the best so... yeah, thanks Chloe! *writes that down in notebook* Now I know what to do when it happens! 1 point to SS!

Round 2

Nano: Ok, If episode 8 was... per say... Daniel's birthday but I lost every gift his parents sent on the ship, what should I do?

Daniel: WHAAT!? What- why, but- NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Indigo: Well, I would make a challenge for us to make Daniel his present so you can clear your concience, or atleast not look bad on tv.

Holden: *buy him a gift card and say it was from them*

Chloe: probably tell him your parents still love you.

Jessica: Tell him to shut up. 

Caden: Buy him new presents.. duh!

Nemo: Leave me to buy you a gift and buy me a gift for Daniel.

Halyn: If he is turning 18 we should sacrifice him to the youth gods! 

Nemo: That was wierd.

Isabel: Hold a party for him?

Liam: We could drowse him for the whole day, which gives us a day to find a solution! :D

Nano: The one that I like most is Indigo's, it can benefit my lazy mind! so... You all know what tomorrow's challenge might be, with special tweaks! ;)

Round 3

Nano: Picture this; Aliens abduct you, and pull you up into space right after the last contestant is eliminated and you've won, leaving me, Daniel and that... other loser who just lost, to just stand there, what would you do to escape?

Holden: I would kick all the aliens in the Kiwi's

Indigo: Well... I would see the Aliens and say... Or sing 'Baby, Baby, Baby, Ooooooh'... They'd probably kick me out that second

Nano: Anyone else? :/

Bruce: Well I am a professional escape escaping would be like child's play for me.

Halyn: What's an alien? But if it's anything like the spirit tales, I would perform the sacred dance, and my ansestors would save me. 

Yasmin: I'd twerk with them! Then once they're all twerked out, I'll use my breakdancing SKILLZ to punch them into space dust!

Caden: I'd use a stick and whack them till they are dead!

Chloe: i'd tell them i never won at all and the other guy won.

Nano: Umm... Sorry, *breaks fourth wall* Wiki problems! Anyway, I'm glad to announce that... I liked Yasmin's the best XD!

Round 4

Nano: Speeding things along, If you had broken your leg while jumping off a McDonalds building near Me, Daniel and every other contestant, who would you sue? (Round 5 is also up so you can all edit this one and continue so I can give points!)

Indigo: Honestly, Their is no reason to sue... My contract says that 'You can't be held responsible for the sudden demise of your Cast!'... And i know you made copies!

Halyn: Sue? What is this this word?

Holden: I would Sue Halyn causee I know she had something to do with it

Nano: Honestly, sueing someone who doesn't know how to sue back sounds pretty good to me, Holden gets a point!

Round 5

Nano: Alright, On vacation with 1244,00000,00000,000 million bazillion in cash, what would you do?

Indigo: Well, I could honestly buy the vacation location itself, turn it into a resort and still have a ton of cash to cheap-os to have me live like a king WHENEVER I WANT! But i already do as my parents already own a roller-coast!

Halyn: What is cash? Is it flameable? OH OH I would make big big fire!

Holden: I would go a buy Disney World and repeativly got on splash mountain

Chloe: i'd purchase Earth and everything in it! (laughs)

Caden: I'd make my own resort and then pay everyone on the show to be your helpers to find that treasure

Nano: Halyn.... you win! That's totally what I'd do! I would have money to burn so.... I'd burn some of it then laugh at my poor friends! *laughs as every contestant still here and Daniel* ....losers...

Round 6

Nano: If I died, what would you do? Better be good!

Indigo: I'd realise that this season was for nothing and that my Mum will ground me for skipping my law-school graduation!

Halyn: Take skull and make new necklace! *reveals her bone necklace*

Holden: I would throw this huge party celebrating you life and death!

Chloe: i'd probably make sure none of these guys touched you're money or anything else you own, if you have money that is

Caden: I would bury you in my private graveyard right beside Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston plus I will bury you with the treasure I win from this game!

Nemo: When Daniel and I die, you will be next to me and Daniel. And if you die right before me, I will hold a funeral and everyone youlll love will come there

Nano: 1. Nemo, are you obsessed with Daniel or something cause you keep talking about him... it's kinda creepy + you didn't have to mention where'd you'd bury me... but ok! But Caden obvs wins this part of challenge, DUH! I have to end the challenge here, Putrid Pirates are up for elimination but Holden gets immunity for DOING SOMETHING! And this isn't even funny, expect more running challenges from now on!

Elimination 7: Putrid Pirates >->

Nano: Holden is immune, so four of you are up for elimination, but there will only be three of you left at the end of the day! Yep, two people are going home, might vote of those members who only vote, who begin with "J" and end with "A", just saying, go!

Holden: (CONF) I vote for Jessica because It is the right thing to do

Liam: (CONF) Jessica, it's my only hope! I'M DOOMED! D:

Jessica: (CONF) For your information, I actually did help out in this challenge. Liam, bye bye.

Nano: *shoots Jessica and Liam out of cannon through the roof* Ok, so that's two people gone and 3 left on this team... not for long because- Wait, I'll tell you tomorrow! So, will this team stop sucking so much? Will the other team stop winning because I can't take it? Will Daniel ever get his presents? Probably not, but stay tuned!

Episode 8: Daniel's Birthday Surprise

Sorry Shipmates Treasure Room

Nano: *dodgeball Nano was holding explodes* oh.... now how am I supposed to keep the joke running? Gah! Anyway, chat again, but look how shiny it is down here! Wait a minute, *reads off contract* No contestant can steal stuff from designated areas as well as valuable items, except the prize money! So, *locks off the treasure part of Room to himself* G'day! Now remember, if you take anything it's a violation of your contract and I'm advised to shoot ^-^

Indigo: *shivers when he sees Halyn* Oh, Uh... Hi Hayln! :I (CONF) I like Hayln, but when she is around it makes me a pain magnet, i realised that last challenge. And I have a Algophobia, And that's a fear o being hurt... I hope Nano doesn't see these confestionals.

Nano: (In his own Conf) I totally do!

Nemo: Indigo, the next time we lose, we should vote Hayln of the Zombie-Touches off.

Halyn: Hey Indi of the Freya's! *tackles him to the ground* what's up!?

Nemo: *flips Hayln over and tackles her* Don't harm Indigo and no one gets hurt.

Indigo: Woah! Everyone calm down! Neo, remember we are a team! And i already have an allia- sandwich!

Nemo: *gets tackled* Why you! *accidently cuts down Halyn's pants, leaving her in her underwear*

Putrid Pirates Treasure Room

Daniel: .... Why does it feel so lonely in here? And it's so spacious! It's like the desperate desolate desert! And only 2 of you survived the entire time! And Yasmin.... look at your room! </3

Holden: this has been fun and all but we really need to win guys TEAM HUDDLE

Jewel : K what do you want to talk about?

Holden: We just can't lose again that is all

Challange 8: Daniel's Birthday Suprise

Nano: Everyone! Today is Daniel's birthday, woohoo! But, we lost all his presents in the crash so that's not going to work! And, as my gift to Daniel, we will be having... MERGE! Yep, all for one and one for all! Your challenge is to make Daniel a present, the first three to finish win invincibility! So, you must first get the tools (2 lines), then build the present (6 lines), box and wrap the gift (4 lines) and pass it to Daniel (1 line) GO!

Daniel: Aren't you forgetting something? :) *wants Nano to sing happy birthday*

Nano: Huh? Oh yeah, This challenge was thought up by Indigo!

Holden: *gets tools* (1)

Indigo: *gets tools* (1)

Halyn: *Runs and gets some of the tools* These are almost like the ones we make in my clan! Except they don't have any bones *frowns*

Holden: *grabs tools* (2)

Halyn: *grabs some more tools* If only they were made of bone!

Holden: *Starts Building present* (1)

Halyn: I've got a super idea! It will be perfect for one year closer to sacrifice gift! *Starts to build the gift* (1)

Holden *builds gift* (2)

Halyn: *continues building the gift* It needs more bone.... (2)

Isabel: *gets tools* (1)

Holden *builds gift* (3)

Indigo: *gets tools *

Halyn: Maybe if I add some more berry juice! *Builds the gift* (3)

Holden *builds gift* (4)

Indigo: *builds presents*

Holden *builds gift* (5)

Indigo: *builds presents*

Halyn: The people of Freya will be jealous! *Builds gift* (4) 

Holden * finishes building gift* (6)

Halyn: *builds gift* It's almost perfect! (5)

Holden: *begins boxing gift (1)

Halyn: *finishes the gift* Make the Freya's proud! (6)

Holden *boxes gift* (2)

Isabel: *grabs tools, then trips*

Holden: *begins wrapping gift* (3)

Halyn: *licks the present to prepare the wrapping* tastes just like Lady Freya's! (1)

Holden: *Finishes wrapping present* (4)

Halyn: Indi! You would like this gift! *plomps it into a box* (2)

Holden: *Passes Gift To Daneil* I WIN first immunity YES

Halyn: *Uses Leaves to wrap the box, after watching Holden wrap his gift* What a strange way of doing things! It's much easier to make the Great Bird eat gift, then poop out in egg. (3)

Indigo: I would? *builds presents*

Nano: Holden has immunity, keep going everyone!

Halyn: *Nods as she finishes wrapping the box in leaves* It is a traditional Freya gift! (4)

Indigo: Well cool! :D... I don't really know the Freya Traditions... Can you tell me? *builds presents*

Halyn: No! That would ruin everything *Runs and gives her gift to Daniel, as she gives it to him, the leaves unravel* It's a bone bracelet it's supposed to be made up of the kills you make... but since you're too silly to know how to kill, I used some of my extras! (DONE :D) 

Indigo: *builds presents* Okay.... Well i celebrate Christmas! :D

Daniel: Aww, thanks! *hugs Halyn*

Nano: Halyn is immune as well, one spot left!

Indigo: *builds presents* I need to wrap! :O

Nemo: *gets tools* (1)

Indigo: *wraps presents* (1)

Isabel: *builds present* (1)

Indigo: *wraps presents* (2)

Isabel: *building present and gets a paper cut* Ow... (2)

Indigo: *wraps presents* (3) You okay?

Isabel: *building present, cautiously* Yeah...stuff like this happens to me every day. (3)

Holden: go guys go

Isabel: *builds present, not wanting too much silence* So how's life, uh, Indigo, right? (4)

Indigo: *wraps presents* (4) It's ok

Isabel: *smiles, while building present* That's good. (5)

Indigo: *gives present to daniel* It is Lucky Leaves! To keep you happy! And the only way i can get rid o them without Hayln noticing. *muttering*

Isabel: Good job, Indigo. *present explodes in her hands, wounding her paper cut even more* Aw...

Indigo: Uh... Let me help you... *helps Isabel up and gives her a bandage* There! :D

Isabel: Thanks. :)

Indigo: So Isabell... Want to go back to the beach and catch some sun! :)

Isabel: Sure! Sounds fun. :D

Indigo: *walks to beach with Isabel* Cool :D

Isabel: Yeah. :)

Indigo: Sadly, Some-ones getting eliminated :D

Isabel: Yeah. :( I hope it's not me, though I'm happy you're safe.

Nano: STOP, STOP, STOP! No beach walks! We're still inside a pyramid >-> Why do you think we chat in the treasure rooms?! And besides, Indigo is immune as well, meaning everyone else is up for elimination!

Elimination 8: Everyone but Holden, Halyn and Indigo

Nano: Ok, everybody vote for who you want out! The cannon still works ;)

Indigo: (CONF) Chloe! She does nothing anymore! 

Isabel: (CONF) I forgot Chloe was here...I thought it was Johnny who was here, both aren't lively...I vote Chloe, then.

Holden: (CONF) Its got to be Chloe *votes Chloe*

Halyn: (CONF) Nemo of the monster clan! He keeps hurting me! 

Nemo: I vote for Chloe because she is creepy and to save myself.... *votes Chloe*

Caden: (CONF) Chloe

Jewel : (CONF) Chloe

Nano: With loads of votes, Chloe can't be saved! So... *shoots her out of cannon* YAY! That's it with this episode! Good night and stay tuned!

Episode 9 Chat: We got this far?


Nano: *accidentally breaks huge wall, merging both treasure rooms together* Oh.... Well, everyone chat! Since we are at the official halfway mark, we don't have many left to dispose of- eliminate!

Indigo: Wow, I hope we get out here soon :(

Holden: Well hai guys lets work together and have some fun

Indigo: Um... Why would I work with the Irish Jerk!

Holden: Cause it would be fun.

Indigi: Yeah? Like that time you made up a story about Poppy sabotaging you team! Like I'D trust you!    (CONF) I used to be bullied by a guy named Wes, this was 4 years ago though, He was bossy and teased me all the time! Altough they are COMPLETELY DIFERENT people, it bugs me how simmilar they are! (END CONF)

Holden: I didn't make up a story. To me he was throwing challenges so sorry and my team agreed with me. sorry for elaimnted your friend though Indigo.

Indigo: You never told your team the story, You were just lucky! And thanks.. ish

Nemo: You can still see Hayln's underwear! *chuckles*

Indigo: nemo, You liked Poppy right?

Nemo: Yeah. What do you want to say? Am I dead meat?

Isabel: *just watching everything, out of boredom*

Bruce: *eats a Bat-Cookie*

Nemo: I guess not. And you can still see Hayln's underwear! *stares at Hayln's underwear* (Fryexx, please make Halyn tell what her underwear looks like.)

Halyn: *Runs off covering her bikini made of leaves* The gaurdians of my clans will shun me now! 

Nemo: What the? She has a bikini of leaves under her underwear! But I can still see it! *chuckles* (OK, Fryexx. Nemo can see Hayln's underwear under the bikini of leaves. Please make Hayln tell that what her underwear looks like and make her say "Darn! My (underwear style) underwear is still showing!")

Indigo: Nemo, Stop looking at Halyn's bikini, you realise that not that muuch people in the game like you, So if you stop being a jerk you can get farther

Isabel: Nemo confuses me... :(

Indigo: He confuses everyone :I

Nano: So... Nemo went from a weirdo to a p***? Um... Ok?

Challange 9: The End of a Running Gag

Nano: Ok, now... WE ARE PLAYING DODGEBALL! Yes, no distractions, just dodgeball! Ok, so remember! No catching, that's for boring! It takes 3 lines to knock someone out, last TWO left get immunity, if your out, no coming back, go! Oh, and for example- *throws ball at Daniel 3x* You don't do that, one hit per line!

Daniel: *knocked out* ehhhh?

Indigo: *throws at Holden*

Isabel: *throws at Jewel*

Indigo: *throws at Holden*

Isabel: *throws at Jewel*

Indigo: *throws at Holden*

Isabel: *throws at Jewel*

Indigo: *throws at Halyn*

Isabel: *throws at Yasmin*

Indigo: *throws at Halyn* WOW! Isabel, we are doing good :D

Isabel: *throws at Yasmin* Yay! :D

Indigo: *throws at Halyn* :D I hope we get imunity

Isabel: *throws at Yasmin* Me too. :)

Indigo: *throws at Caden* Well, 2 people get immunity

Isabel: *throws at Bruce* Yeah, I think.

Indigo: *throws at Caden*

Isabel: *throws at Bruce*

Indigo: *throws at Caden* Almost done

Isabel: *throws at Bruce*

Indigo: *throws at Nemo* Nemo is the last left :D

Isabel: *throws at Nemo* This was fun! :)

Indigo: *throws at Nemo* AND HE'S OUT! WE GET IMMUNITY!

Nano: So Isabel and Indigo get immunity! So everyone else is up for elimination! Now, I have to go find another annoying gag to use every episode!

Elimination 9: Everyone but Indigo and Isabel

Nano: Vote for anyone but those two, they got immunity! Vote! You know, I can't get over how many of you there are left, haha!

Daniel: *checking his computer* It's amazing how good the reception is here, but only I have a computer, wait- SIR! I don't think we should eliminate anyon-

Nano: SHHHH! Continue, everyone!

Indigo: (CONF) BRUCE! he debuted to do nothing!

Halyn: (CONF) *Now wearing a floral dress* Nemo. 

Nemo: I have to vote for Bruce. He looks creepy!

Caden: Um... Bruce

Bruce: Nemo

Holden: (CONF): I vote For Nemo. Goodbye

Isabel: (CONF) What was the name of that confusing, annoying kid? Yasmin, right? I vote Yasmin! Wait no, wasn't it- *trips* Ow!

Jewel : Nemo the *Lindsay Middle Finger* is safe!! Cause I QUIT LIKE A BOSS AND LOOK HOT DOING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nano: Oh.... Bye, Jewel! *shoots Jewel out of cannon* Quitting sucks, she was gonna be the deciding vote! Anyway, stay tuned for more ...drama? Next time on Nano's Treasure Adventure!

Episode 10: Genre Confusion


Nano: Everyone! While you were all sleeping, me and Daniel dragged you all over here, apparently right next to the place of MY treasure! </3

Daniel: I still don't get what they win

Holden: okay this is fun

Nano: I hate you guys, your so silent!

Nemo: Did you know Hayln is wearing a see-through floral dress?

Challange 10: Treasure Room

Nano: What!? DANIEL! You said we wouldn't find the treasure until final 2! Not final 8! It's right around the corner! *sigh* fine! The challange is to get me my treasure, we'll figure out what to do after then, let's go! Run to the first room (4 lines), open door (1 line), run to 2nd room (3 lines) open door (1 line) and hand me the treasure! (1 line), GO!

Indigo: *runs to first room* (1)

Bruce: *runs to the first room* (1)

Indigo: *runs to first room* (2) Sorry Bruce for yesterday

Holden: *runs to the first room* (1)

Bruce: *runs to the first room* (2) Eh it's alright.

Indigo: *runs to first room* (3)

Bruce: *runs to the first room* (3)

Indigo: *runs to first room* (4)

Bruce: *runs to the first room* (4)

Indigo: *opens door* (1)

Bruce: *opens the door* (1)

Indigo: *run to 2nd room* (1)

Holden: *runs to room 1* (2)

Indigo: *run to 2nd room* (2)

Holden: *runs to room 1* (3)

Indigo: *run to 2nd room* (3)

Bruce: *runs to 2nd room* (1)

Holden: *runs to room 1* (4)

Bruce: *runs to 2nd room* (2)

Indigo: *opens door* (1)

Bruce: *runs to 2nd room* (3)

Holden: *opens door to 1* (1)

Indigo: *hands Nano treasure* (1) OW! This is heavy!

Bruce: *opens the door* (1) Well done Indigo.

Holden: *runs to room 2* (1)

Indigo: It was nothing... except pain, BUT I feel Holden deserves my immunity! (CONF) This can put me on good terms with Holden, as we got off to a rocky start. (END CONF) 

Holden: Well thanks Indigo *stops running*

Indigo: It's okay... (CONF) I HOPE I AM NOT ELIMINATED! And how did we get a camera in here, the ship had all the camera's and it SANK!

Nano: >-> I hate friendship, so who else will get immunity?

Bruce: *hands Nano treasure* (1) Here you go Nano?

Caden: *runs to the first room* (1)

holden: guys the challenge is over XD. Only 2 winners which was Indigo who gave immun tiy to me and Bruce

Nemo: Why did you say that? I haven even started!

Nano: :D well, congrats....Holden and Bruce! Yeah, so it's elimination time, wait *picks up Sapphire Gem* Wow .... it's so beautiful and..... expensive! Yay! I'm gonna be rich! On to the back up boat! I-

Daniel: THERE WAS A BACK UP BOAT!? But you had us wait here-

Nano: Um.... I wanted it to look like a very nice planned show, what's better than multiple environments? Fine, one more cannon shoot before we go!

Elimination 10: Everyone but Wes and Bruce

Nano: Vote for anyone but Wes and Bruce because they are both immune, so vote!

Holden: (Conf) *votes nemo* he is is a perv

Bruce: (CONF) I will vote for Yasmin. She hasn't done much so...yeah.

Isabel: (CONF) Nemo. He's creepy and confusing. :(

Indigo: (CONF) Goodbye Nemo! (END CONF)

Halyn: (CONF) Nemo of the monster clan!

Nano: All the votes have been tallied and.... Nemo is saf- yeah, that prank won't work, goodbye Nemo! *shoots Nemo out of the cannon* done, and done! G'day, and goodnight!

Episode 11: Meet Miss Milly


Nano: *everyone wakes up on new boat* Isn't it great? I finally couldn't wait and now... I dragged you all here in your sleep! It was funny, especially when Daniel hit his head multiple times! Anyway, wait here and chat! ;)

Daniel: *delirious* Mommy, is that you? *faints*

Indigo: *whoozy* This boat is making me- *holds mouth* (CONF) I think i was upside down when Nano pulled me! I think my mouth was open aswell and now I am sick from whatever my mouth touched *vomits* (END CONF)

Halyn: *sings softly* A whole new world.....

Indigo: *walks up to Halyn and faints from sickness*

Holden: *Gives Indigo some Ginger* that should help

Indigo: T-Th-Thanks... Urg... 

Holden: Ginger is a cure for sea sickness (Conf) i dont people think I'm much of a hthreat here but I am coming to win this whole game

Indigo: C-cool, but it might not be sea sickn- *vomits in Holden's face* (CONF) Holden is a major threat! He convinced his team to vote out Poppy without giving them a reason... until after the vote, and he is the strongest member in the game! But he is nice...sometimes

Holden: I'm gonna go take a shower

Indigo: Okay... *passes out next to Hayn*

Holden: *comes back* so how are you guys all doing

Nano: We're doing... a challenge! :D

Challange 11: Milly strikes back! (PART 1)

Nano: LOOKS LIKE WE'RE PLAYING VOLLEYBALL! So- *boat crashes* what the- NO! It can't be- No, there is no way- IT'S MILLY BONES! No one has ever escaped her wrath! We're d-d-dooomed! D:

Daniel: SIR! By my calculations, we won't be able to escape in time! We only have precisely 10 minutes (not really) before she steals the jewels back and blows us up! But... there is one way! If we can outsmart her, we can escape and evade her until we reach... *looks at map* Canada! Where we can go to your uncle, Chris McLean, for some help, he could help us get back to our starting point, where she and her crew cannot sail to! It's genius!

Nano: o-ok, o-ok, that seems to be a good idea but... How do we out smart her?

Daniel: Well, first, I need a distraction so I can make it on to her boat, so I can finish something e.g sabotage them ;)

Nano: On it! Everyone, for the first part of the "challenge", we will be fighting some pirates! Let's get ready to rumble!

(E.g: Player and Pirate both start with 150 health points, every time you do a move, I will rate it out of ten, the higher your point is, the higher the damage you inflict on the enemy gets, my attack points will be randomly chosen with, so I won't appear to be cheating, the person who beats my pirate in the least amount of time wins the advantage for part tw- TWO PARTS?! NANO IS BEING ORIGINA- actually, this first part is based on an idea MRace2010 gave me for Total Drama Olympics... so... yeah XD, credit to him!)

Indigo vs Male Pirate


Indigo: Hmm, tough, ugly and probably infected, I can take care of this! *kicks him in his weak spot ( The Kiwi's)

MP: D: OUCH! *does 7p damage, currently at 143 hp* WHY YOU- *slaps Indigo at...9p, Random.Org don't like you*

Indigo: OW THAT HURT! *jumps on him and begins jumpinh up and down 11 times* (CONF) I had a phobia of bing hurt, it was the only thing I could think of!

Pirate: GRRRRRRR! *that did 8p hit, 135p left* WHY YOU! *picks up a gun* :D

Indigo: *takes the gun and shoots pirates foot*

Pirate: *gets 10p damage* OUUUUCH- AH! *stabs Indigo, 9p damage XDD*

Indigo: *shoots him in the stomach 2 times* YOU *****! STOP BEING A BULLIE! YOU ARE SUCH A JERK! HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP!

Isabelle vs Female Pirate


Isabel: Uh....*attempts to tackle the pirate* I'm so confused, but I think this is what Nano wanted...

FP: ARGH! *did... 4p damage, currently at 146hp* HOW DARE YOU- I am a strong female, AND- A CIT! I'm SO calling my lawyers later! *punches Isabel, terrible 2p hit, Isabel at 148hp D:*

Isabel: Hey! *sweep kicks FP, to make her trip*

FP: WOAH- *trips, 9p damage, currently at 137hp* OW- YOUR SO GONNA GET IT! *picks up a sword* RAAH!

Isabel: D: *runs behind her and just pushes her to a wall in order to defend herself*

FP: RARGH! YOUR SUCH A LOSER, I'M A CIT! *gets hit... 2p, currently at 135hp* I WILL- DIE! *throws her PDA at Isabel, does... 8p damage, what a hard pda D:*

Holden vs Dumb Pirate


Holden: The cheapest move ever *kicks the pirate in the kiwi's*

DP: OUCH! *it does 7 damage, currently at 143hp* Grr! *grabs Holden* >->

Holden: you better not *uses his fist and smashes the pirates nose repeativly* That should break your nose

DP: OUCH! *falls backwards, that did an impressive 10p, currently at 133hp*

Holden: Well since your obviously not smart here is a question. If a tree falls in the middle of the forest but no one is there to hear. Does it make a sound?

DP: Huh? I-i... don't... Well... I... ARGHHHHHHHH! *does an impressive 9p to his dumb head, 124hp* WHAT- NO!*kicks Holden at 5p*

Holden: or can you say peter piper picked a peck of pickled peppers. So how many pecks did peter piper pick

DP: .... I don't know, you never told me :/ *does 4p damage, 120hp*

Caden vs Cook Pirate

Nano: HELP WITH THE DISTRACTING, BEAT THIS FOOL UP... wait, he looks like that cook from the second challenge...

Chef Pirate: Well, I was fired so this was the only job I could find!


Caden: *kicks pirate* HELP!!!!!

Nano: No! *keeps running*

Chef Pirate: *gets hit, 7p hit, 143hp left* grrr! *hits Caden with a giant pot*

Halyn vs Pirate from the Future


Halyn: *Dances the spirit awakening dance* Help me my ansectors, for this man has strayed from our ways!

Pirate: *kicks Halyn during her dance* RAHH! *did 5p hit*

Halyn: *Pulls the bone out from her hair and smacks the pirate* Taste the power of the dead!

Pirate: *teleported behind her, got hit 10p, 140hp left* TASTE THE FUTURE! *kicks her, 4p hit*

Halyn: ROAR! What is the future? *Throws the bone at the pirate*

Pirate: *gets hit, 6p hit, currently at 134hp* Grr- *picks up a sword* >->

Bruce vs Pirate who's cosplaying as the Joker


Bruce: THE Joker! My arch enemy! What fiendish plan do have this time! *throws a Bat-a-rang at "The Joker"*

"Joker": MWUHAHAHA! *5p taken out, 145hp left* DIE, BATMAN! *uses his handbuzz on Bruce... an unimpressive 2p*

Bruce: You can't kill Batman! That's not part of the script! *roundhouse kicks "The Joker"*

"Joker": ARGH! *did an impressive... 6p hit, 139hp left* OW! *punches Bruce with his hand, a 6p hit!*

Yasmin vs Miley Cyrus

Nano: HELP WITH THE DIS- What the heck!? Is that miley Cyrus?


Nano: .....just beat her up *runs away*

Challange 11.5: Milly strikes back! (PART 2)

Daniel: I'm back, that wall was surprisingly easy to smash :D... also... Milly's boat is sinking but they haven't noticed yet! :)

Nano: That's enough distracting! It's obvious Holden won, so... he gets the advantage in the next challenge!

Daniel: Now for part 2 of the plan, we need to... evacuate! So... we REALLY need to escape via the best way possible- *everyone gets onto a helicopter flying by* YAY! So convenient! Anyway, meet Chris Mclean!

Chris: HELLO, VIEWING WORLD! I am Chris McLean, and I am a saviour! Apparently, part 2 involves all of you to... *sees a cannon fired at them* D: jump out now! *pushes everyone out plane, and jumps, they're all falling* IT'S OK, WE'RE ONLY FALLING A GREAT DISTANCE FROM THE GROUND, UNLESS WE- THEY'RE IS MY COTTAGE! *points at a huge mansion* ALL WE HAVE TO DO, IS FALL INTO MY POOL! IT'S SMALL BUT IT'LL FIT US ALL! *points at the huge pool*

[Ok, your challenge is to fall into the pool... "Well, DUH! It was just said up there ^" but it's a line challen- Nooooooooooo! Why nano? Why! Lack of originality- wait, I gave you guys two challenges and an aftermath >->. Anyway, It takes 7 lines to fall down, 4 lines to correctly position your fall and 2 lines to finish, don't worry, future challenges have more promise ;) , Wes gets to start on the second line! ]

Holden: *Falls down* (2)

Halyn: *Falls and looks into the camera* Is this this the future?


Holden: *Falls down* (3)


Holden: *Falls down* (4)


Holden: *Falls down* (5)


Holden: *Falls down* (6)


Holden: *Falls down* (7)


Holden: *Positions fall* (1)


Holden: *Positions fall* (2)

Indigo: *trys to position* OH CRAAAAAAAAAA-

Holden: *Positions fall* (3)

Indigo: *trys to position* -AAAAAAAAAA-

Holden: *Positions fall* (4)

Indigo: *trys to position* -AAAAAAAAAA-

holden: *Finshes* (1) almost there

Indigo: *trys to position* -AAAAAAAAAA-

Holden: *finishes* (2) I WIN

Indigo:  -AAAAAAAAAAHHH- *about to fall in water*

Nano: Wait- Why is everyone less important than me getting more lines!? This is an outrag- *everyone but Nano hits the pool, who hits the roof of the house* ow... I'm o.k.... ouch- Why!? Eugrgh, today, we have a twist, and its not my ankle, OUCH! Only Holden gets immunity! Everyone else vote!

Chris: So... When do I get payed? Cause I'm technically part of the show now...

Daniel: Wow... really? >->

Elimination 11: Basically, not Holden

Daniel: *fixing Nano's ankle... and leg in general* Umm... Vote and they get flushed down the toilet of shame? We need to use old props we could find so we could afford to pay Chris :/

Holden: (CONF) This vote was tough but it has to be Bruce. *votes Bruce* Sorry man

Indigo: (CONF) Holden said he'd beat me up if I don't vote for.......... Bruce..... SORRY! I GOT A FEAR OF GETTING HURT! D:

Caden: (CONF) Bruce

Halyn: (CONF) The spirits say Caden is the way. 

Bruce: (CONF) Caden

Isabel: (CONF) Caden. He hasn't done much... :(

Nano: *getting fixed* What!? Come on! Why is it a draw? And WHY HAS YASMIN NOT VOTED AGAIN!? She didn't help distract or anything, how much have you done? Ok, in a twist, I'M ELIMINATING YASMIN FOR INACTIVITY! So, thats that! :) *flushes Yasmin down toilet of shame*

Episode 11. 5: Beginning of the Aftermath

Mathew: Hey, I'm the new host for a dumb aftermath show, which technically isn't even part of the show! So, here I am, having a GREEAT time, and now, I must introduce the peanut gallery, every single loser who was eliminated, including but not limited to; Victoria, Jewel, Poppy, Liam, and Jessica to name a few!

After watching the show, I've realised that there are literally no really mean people, no one's backstabbing or anything, quite boring when we know it'll be friendship finale *sigh* but, it's how it goes, so why make an aftermath despite this being a camp? For the *reads of sheet* "Lolz man? It's awesome bro-" who writes this garbage! Anyway, peanut gallery, who do you want to win?

Poppy: NEMO... IS WITH ME! :D We unanimously vote for Isabel

Mathew: You do realize unanimously means ALL people, not just you and Nemo... wait, did you even ask him?

Poppy: *looks at Mathew like she's trying to make Mathew burn, and it is working a little* Nemo... And.... Me... Decide.... Together 

Mathew: *uncomfortable* anyone else? :S

Poppy: *looks even more angrily at Mathew* Nemo's...Vote...Is...All...That's...Needed

Jewel ,: I agree with my BBBF

Johnny: i haven't really been paying attention to the show since i got eliminated, but starting now, when things have started to heat up, i can't stop watching!

Chloe: i agree!, i really can't put a finger on who will win it's that close!, whoever wins deserves it though, even if they are a**h**es

Victroia: I am back, sweeties! *hugs Poppy*

Mathew: Of course your back, Victoria, technically, you've been here the longest! Anyway, who do you all think will be joining you guys next elimination? Or can you not really pick someone?

Poppy: Uh... The only person I can think of who deserves to go home, and here is Yasmin, EeeeeEee *hugs Victoria, Jewel and Nemo*

Nemo: OK... O_O

Matthew: Also, how des it feel to be the latest eliminated this close to the treasure, Nemo?

Poppy: Nemo, You don't have to answer this if it makes you uncomfortable

Nemo: I will come back! And better then ever! :D

Victoria: I already came back.

Nemo: O_O

Mathew: Um... None of you losers are returning... or will you? SOME OF YOU WILL BE ABLE TO *reads script* REJOIN THE GAME, WOO...hoo? Anyway, pick a number out of 11, only 5 of you will compete to REJOIN, MWUHAHAHA! Isn't that fun? Oh, and don't say, *finds right number* >-> pick any number that wasn't already chosen!

Poppy: I love Nemo, and he was out 11th so... 11 :D

Liam: Lucky number 7! Unless it really isn't lucky and 7 actually 8 9! That would be horrible! :(

Victoria: The merge was at episode 9 so 9.

Nemo: Lucky 10!

Mathew: I guess only 4 of you want to return :| anyway, The challange is... to survive a challenge, anyway, the list says, not returning is;




Poppy, you were the bottom of the list




Nemo, you were third, so near the bottom, sigh, and I was adjusting to your pants joke!

But it's between Victoria and Liam... the one returning is... Liam! Victoria, despite being out first, you don't get a second chance for development! :D so congratulations Liam, you get to REJOIN after episode 12's challenge! So- *shoves Liam in a box and mails it to Chris* Should be there by Saturday! :D so, see you next time on NTA: SR!

Episode 12: The Hunt


Nano: So, talk to everyone, also, don't bother me and Chris, we have a lot of things to catch up on-

Daniel: Aren't you discussing that you're cutting my paycheck!? >->

Nano: Um... *runs away*

Indigo: HI! Daniel! :P

Caden: Let's just start the challenge, Liam is back and it is final 7 again

Indigo: No, He rejoins after the challenge! :D

Caden: Oh

Indigo: Sorry dude :3

Nano: How the heck do you know he's returning? I banned sneaking looks at the tvs! *pushes suspicious box that just arrived in the mail down the basement stairs, it sounded like it was screaming* Why was this even sent here? Anyway, continue talking!

Indigo: That might be... Liam... is he okay?

Holden: no one better turn cause that will be cheap

Challange 12: Randomness Is Good

Nano: Ok, since this season is about exploration and such, you will all be doing a huge map like challenge! Ok, so here is how it goes;

It starts with you all having to run to my closet (6 lines), and then you have to find a funny picture and post it, if it's better than 6/10, you continue, if not, you'll have to post a very sad pic but I won't rate it (state in the actual challenge that you've posted, also, and put captions so I can tell who posted) anyway, you'll then have to answer a question, each person gets a separate question, if you get it wrong you'll have to do another until you have to get it right, run to my pool (3 lines) and then you have to link me to a great camp, and then say "I WIN!" First person to do so will win single immunity! Ready .. set ... GO!

Photo Area (This is where you post your photo, please mention who posted in caption)

- Actual Challange -

Daniel: Go! Go! :D

Indigo: HA! I was in cadet trainig! I CAN DO THIS EASILY! *runs*

Holden: *runs to closet* (1)

Isabel: *runs to closet and immediately trips* Ow. :( (1)

Holden: *runs to closet* (2)

Isabel: *runs to closet* (2)

Holden: *runs to closet* (3)

Isabel: *runs to the closet* (3)

Indigo: THIS WILL BE EASY-ISH! *runs*

Isabel: *runs to closet* (4)

Indigo: WAIT UP! D: *runs* (3)

Isabel: You can do it Indigo! :) *runs* (5)

Indigo: Okay! :3 *runs* (4)

Isabel: *makes it to closet* Yay! You're almost there Indigo! :) (6)

Indigo: You are really nice! *runs* (5)

Isabel: Thanks. :)

Indigo: YAY! *runs* (6)

Nano: that picture sucks, find me a sad one! >->

Indigo: What about mine?

Nano: Adequate, Indigo, continue!

Isabel: How's my sad one? Also, congrats Indigo! :D

Indigo: YOURS WAS MEGA SAD, ISABEL! Yet thanks! :D

Nano: Anyway, after Indigo answers I'll ask Isabel her question; Who has been up for elimination the most times without being eliminated?

Indigo: CAYDEN! :D

Nano: Ok, Isabel, counting only people still in, who has been up both the least amount of times and won the least amount of wins?

Indigo: TO THE POOL! *runs to pool* (1)

Isabel: Go fast Indigo! :) Also, Bruce?

Indigo: THANKS! *runs to pool* (2)

Nano: CORRECT AND GET YOUR BUTT MOVING, so this can look close! *kicks Isabel forward*

Isabel: *runs to the pool* (1)

Indigo:  *runs to pool* (3)

Isabel: *runs to pool* You're almost there, Indigo! *trips* Ow. (2)

Indigo: I WIN!

Nano: No, no you haven't :/

Indigo: Oops! Uh...

Isabel: *runs to pool* (3)

Holden: *runs to the closet* (4)


Holden: *runs to closet* (5)

Isabel: I win! Uh...I think? Probably not. :(

Holden: Maybe *arrives at closet*

Nano: Technically, Indigo finished first, but so did Isabel... screw it, you both get immunity! And BTW, awesome camp there Isabel, I completely agree! Everyone else, let's see you at elimination... also.... Liam is back in the game, he won the aftermath challenge and has returned! But he can't vote today, so... ELIMINATION TIME!

Elimination 12: Not Indigo and Isabel!

Nano: EVERYONE... but Liam, VOTE! Woo! I feel so free now that we have the treasure and escaped Milly Bones!

Holden: (Conf) Bruce is the biggest threat left in this game *votes Bruce*

Isabel: (CONF) Uh...Bruce? I don't know. :(

Indigo: (CONF) Bruce D:

Nano: *sigh* Why are we getting rid of debuters? Well, *points at Liam, who just returned* looks like you won't stay here long! *flushes Bruce down toilet of shame* Well, that's that! :)

Episode 13: Pirate Show Takes Flying Lessons


Nano: *on phone with Mathew* No, look, YOU don't get paid, you were an ex-contestant and therefore should not receive payment, you already lost, just cause you now host the aftermath doesn't mean you deserve a pay check, even Daniel doesn't get paid! *hangs up* anyway, let's skip the talking and go on to the challenge! (XD)

Freddy: *in a time machine, teleports here* WAIT! I wanna debut!

Nano: NO! *flushes Freddy down toilet of shame* Geez, we didn't need a cameo appearance! -__-

Challange 13: Airplane Panic

Nano: Ok, so look here, there is enough money for the first class section, but only I will afford it, but because I'm legally entitled to have you come with us, I scratched up enough money for you all in the, ew, normal class, but guess who's not having lunch tomorrow... you guys! Anyway, goodbye!

  • On the flight two hours later

Daniel: *looks around* Um... everyone... Nano says we'll skip the challenge today, but the producers NEED one or we'll need another double elimination because we can't afford an extra episode! So... challenge... since we also have to look out for a possible Milly Bones... I don't know what she looks like so can you all tell me what you think she'd look like.. wait... even better, post me a picture of what you think resembles her the most in your mind?

Milly Bones Look-Alike Area

Chat Here

Indigo: Ew... That was horrifying

Holden: agreed

Daniel: I agree as well, but, honestly, the Isabel' s Milly Bones, in my opinion, looks the most like her... I think! So when we land, we'll eliminate someone!

Elimination 13: Isabel is Safe!

Nano: What!? Daniel, I'm the host, don't ever host challenges again unless I say you can, now vote... but Isabel, she stays safe and a place in the final 5!

Holden: (CONF) Tough vote but I'm going to vote out Caden. Sorry Dude

Liam: (CONF) Caden! Has he done anything memorable? No! I hope I do something memorable! D:

Isabel: (CONF) Um, Caden, I guess.

Caden: (CONF) Um, Liam (I try to do challenges but am too late or in lines when I do it no reply and I lose)

Indigo: (CONF) *sighing* Caden... I am so sorry! But thanks for allowing me to vote for you! D: 

Nano: Oh, that's nice, you asked permission to send that loser off the show, missing out on a chance of fame... you're SOOO nice, anyway, *shoots Caden out of cannon* Bai, bai! Anyway, that's one more down, only four left to go before a determined winner! Wooohoo!

Episode 14: Length Party


Nano: EEE! It's been 14 episodes! That means this show is successful and.... we're throwing a party, WOOO! There are only 5 of you left and only a few more of you to boot, I've taken us to this fancy abandoned building to throw a party at! So, I'm inviting a few special geusts to visit for the day, isn't that great?

Daniel: YAY! More people! I haven't talked to people other than you guys for days! <3

Nano: No one cares, Dan! Now.... sweep the floor!


Holden: Final 5 Liam did you ever think we would get here after that crap fest we hyad as putrid pirates constanly losing

Nano: My name is Lia-

Daniel: We don't need to make that joke, Nano >->

Indigo: Well, I am glad you guys are here! :D

Challange 14: Party Planners

Nano: I have invited a few geusts to join us here! They include... Amber, that contestant who was also in a relationship with Daniel-

Daniel: AMBER! *hugs her* I-

Nano: Yeah yeah yeah, anyway.... Luckyy, the BF host for SO MANY seasons... Who's also met Daniel, wow, that kid gets around.... Trey, that geeky camera guy who was on BF as well... really? Anyway, we have Freddy, the final 3 guy in TDATI(A) and finally, Jo, a creepy stalker... wait... No, it's just like Poppy! D:


Ok, so what's the challenge? Well, All of you are given a different guest to appeal to, the geust will come with a description of what they hate, love, like and don't like! You must then take that information and make your side of the room the best to that contestant, one thing per line like "Guy: *makes puppy pizza*", not, "Guy: *makes party* I'M DONE!"

Also, you may only edit once another contestant edits there area and/or your guest talks to you, or it's been 30 minutes!

But at the end of the challenge, The geusts will rate your attempts out of 20 and the highest will be the victor... and.. even meaner... the one who wins gets to pick who goes home, do not receive head to the elimination ceremony, do not receive safety! Right there, right then! GO!


Its pretty simple, you must write in the geusts area what you like, love, hate, don't like, nothing too specific, don't wanna make it easy, do you? Also, you may talk to your "party planner" but only them, no one else! Also, when everything is done with, I'll ask you in chat for your rating, but in PM so only I know what it is... that's pretty much in, thanks for appearing! :)

Guest Area

  • Guests please add here
  1. Freddy
    1. Likes: Future
    2. Loves: Salt
    3. Hates: Paradoxes
    4. Doesn't Like: Cavemen
  2. Amber
    1. Likes: Cookies
    2. Loves: the color pink and Daniel
    3. Hates: Bad mood
    4. Doesn't Like: Nobody
  3. Lucky
    1. Likes: Big Family
    2. Loves: Himself
    3. Hates: Big Family Contestants
    4. Doesn't Like: His Low Paycheck
  4. Jo(I found you Holden-babes <3)
    1. Likes: Her Holden-babes
    2. Loves: Her Holden-babes
    3. Hates: People trying to take her Holden
    4. Doesn't Like: People talking to her Holden
  5. Trey
    1. Likes: Movies and Dusk
    2. Loves: Dusk (From Big Family 4 and 5)
    3. Hates: Lucky
    4. Doesn't Like: James (From Big Family 5)



Nano: You get.... Jo! Congratulations, now start building!

Holden *bulids a statue of Jo and Holden holding hands*

Jo: I love it <3 *jumps on top of him and starts frantically kissing*

Holden: *builds a pit where Jo can throw all the other Holden lovers into lava*

Jo: muahahaha nobody else will ever love you and live to tell the tale *smiles evily* 

Holden: *builds a shrine equiped with pictures of Holden and Holden artifacts*

Jo: *hugs him to the point of choking*

Holden: How about this *drops to one knee and pulls out a ring that I built* Will you marry me

Jo: OMG! OMG! OMG! now I can look at you sleeping live, and follow you even more closely <3

Holden: Yeah Sure ya can. *pushes a button which makes Holden and Jo shapped fireworks appear*

Holden: (Didnt know you could double post this challege) *makes a wedding cake that is for Holden and Jo*


Nano: You get.... Freddy! Poor you, now BUILD!


Isabel: OK- I think! *builds hot tub that says future on the outer sides and Freddy on the inner sides*

Isabel: *builds a statue of salt*


Nano: Don't freak out, but you got Amber, BUILD NOW!

Liam: Amber? Um...*begins to panic* Um...uh...I don't know what to do! D: *starts making pink colored cookie statues* Maybe this- I don't know! :(

Liam: *panicking* What to do, what to do...*builds statue of a pink Daniel* I don't know any more! Why did I even build him? D:

Amber: OH MY GOSH! I want them on my room! They are soo nice, pink, cookies and OMG DANIEL! *kisses the statue of pink Daniel* I love this soooo much!


Nano: You get.... Trey! Good for you, now go!

Halyn: *Dances around as she places tropical foliage around* 

Trey: Nice :D


Nano: You get the last one left... Lucky! Get building!

Lucky: Before you start building to appeal me, I reccommend building a thrown for thy to sit on! Thy means I, if your that dumb...

Indigo: *builds Giant throne painted gold that is being lifted by a statue Daniel and Bianca* GRR!

Lucky: Ahhhh... This is the life! Before you start, a statue of me holding a million dollars would be lovely.

Indigo: *muttering the word selfish and self obessed over and over again* FIIIIIIINE! *builds A statue of Lucky holding 1 million dollars in a suitcase* What else do you wanr your majesty? -.-

Indigo: *gets a chauuldren and fills it with hot water*

Lucky: I want my script for the next episode of Big Family, pronto! Chop chop!

Indigo: *has old contestant statues hanging by a thread abov ethe hot cauldron* I'LL BE RIGHT ON IT! D:

Lucky: Where is my hourly fruit tartar?

Indigo: *makes Fruit TarTar * Okay -.-


Nano: Ok, so for now, it's undecided, only 3 people have decided their rating, so for now, everyone chat, but can Lucky and Trey please give me their ratings in chat!

Holden: that was fun.

Liam: *hiding behind Holden* I feel like I did horrible! It wasn't fun. :(

Isabel: You'll be OK, I think. :)

Liam: But how do you know? We can't be certain until it happens! D:

Holden: Where is Nano he is waisting mty precioaus time

Indigo: FINAL 5! Man, this is the best day of my life.

Isabel: Yay!

Nano: We haven't received Lucky's rating yet, be patient! >->

  • Eleven-teen bigillion hours later

Nano: GEE, IF THAT'S IT, WE SKIP HIS RATING, sorry Indigo but don't worry, you wouldn't have beat Amber's 20/2- just kidding, Jo gave 18/20 for Holden, would've been higher but there was no candle light dinner, no king sized bed or some woohoo action going on! So, Holden, which loser is losing?

Holden: Well I'm going to admit now that I am a huge liar. The one going home is Not Liam. Not Hayln. I'm sending home Indigo sorry but you were a great competitor but you need to go home now. BUh bye. and you can take Jo with you cause I just used her to win the challenge. The engagement if off. We are through.

Nano: What!?

Daniel: LE GASP!

Nano: Oh well, bye Indigo! *shoots him out of cannon* He can wait for the next rejoi- oh wait, HAH! Anyway, told you there was DRAMA, you owe me 12 bucks Daniel! Anyway, see you next time on NTA:SR!

Holden: (CONF) My plan is complete. I turned Caden, Nemo and Indigo a solid alliance on themselves. They all voted each other out and now I'm still here. Alliances need to stick togeter or your screwed.

Halyn: *Jumps inside of the cannon, tears rolling down her face* Indi of the Freya clan? What did this black monster do to you? *Jumps into Nano* Where did my clan go?! Did the plague get them again!?!

Nano: No... Holden did, so get over it! :/

Halyn: *Smacks Holden with the bone from her hair* MAKE HIM COME BACK DO-DO HEAD! '

Holden: no get off you you Freak. You should be happy I kept you and sent home Indigo

Nano: Um... Lucky? Amber? Jo? Trey and Freddy? .... Let's see you visit Indigo! *places them in cannon* Bye! *shoots*

Liam: (CONF) While I'm happy I'm still here, poor Indigo was lied to. :( I'm this way because someone lied to me and made me paranoid! *Determined* I will avenge him and all those lied to! *now worried* Unless, I can't. D:

Isabel: Poor Indigo. :(

Liam: Indeed...that looked painful! D:

Holden you should know you have gotten shot out of it liam

Episode 15: Almost There


Nano: EWWWW! It's almost the end of the season! You're all going to miss me terribly when this is over! And I haven't got any clarification for a season 2, so I have to go back to my old job... being a d*** on wiki chat! D:

Daniel: Did you get any clarification for THIS season?


Halyn: Indi of the Freya clan is still missing, Nano!

Nano: He's out! Eliminated, and not coming back! So, by that logic, you WON'T see him again! >->

Holden: yeah he is a loser. He got shot out of that cannon

Challange 15: Nano's Almost Over Season Quiz!

Nano: Ok, so since we're near the end of the show, I think it's appropriate to make a quiz about everything on this show!

Daniel: Wow, couldn't we go with that treasure challenge instead of coping out and being unoriginal?

Nano: Nope! Anyway, first question, first two people to guess get a point! Who was 10th in the competition?

Holden: Jewel. She Quit

Liam: Jewel, correct? Unless, I'm wrong. I'm wrong, aren't I? :(

Isabel: Jewel?

Halyn: Chloe! Never forget. 

Nano: Point to Holden and Liam, who sacrificed themself for a member of the other team in a challenge?

Liam: Poppy for I wrong again- wait I was right the first time- wait...

Holden: It Was poppy

Nano: Another point to Liam and Holden, now only one person gets the points; What was the drink Victoria requested in her episode of elimination?

Holden: she wanted a sprite

Nano: Name everyone who didn't participate in the first challenge? (Point to Holden)

Holden: Victoria, James, Jasmine, Jessica, Jewel, Nemo, Yasmin, Bruce

Nano: Um...Well, Yasmin and Bruce don't count but you did the people who didn't do it, so yeah! Point to Holden.. again! Who, out of everyone still in, has gotten the most votes at elimination?

Holden: Liam he has recive 2 votes. One from Caden and one from Jessica

Nano: Correct, Holden... wins for getting 5 votes correct, so he gets immunity... what a surprise! Anyway, elimination time!

Elimination 15: Drama!

Nano: Well, one of you is in the final 3, but two more you will also join him! One of you isn't coming with them, cast your votes!

Holden: (CONF): Hayln sorry but my alliance wins in the end.

Liam: (CONF) Good-bye Halyn. My apologies. :(

Isabel: Wait! I quit! No one deserves to go! :(

Holden: WHAT don't leave we have been dominting this game together. Easy F3. Please dont got

Nano: How heroic of you... *places her in the cannon and fires it really hard* We're so close, she'll land at the starting point probably! Anyway, congratulations final 3, it's been a tough road up to this point, some backstage backstabbing by Holden, some lucky returning for Liam... and Hayln who just kinda happily danced to this point by winning challenges but none the less, I am proud.... to never see you again after this, it's not like any of you are returning for a second season! Anyway, as for tonight, you all get one night on a video chat with the person you love most! G'day and tune in next time for some more NTA:SR!

Episode 15.5: Near Finale Aftermath

Mathew: HELLO! I am Mathew and this is the NTA:SR Near Finale Aftermath! Last time you saw me, I hosted a small challenge in which the winner was'd back into the game, this time we will have another challenge but more on that later! We're interviewing two losers today and our first guest apparently produced Harry Notter, whatever that is, and was backstabbed in the final 5, Welcome Indigo! *starts clapping*

Indigo: YEAH! I am so glad to be on TV without being tortured! :D

Matthew: How does it feel to have your backstage alliance break up with you leaving and him staying, in the fiercest way?

Indigo: ...Eh...No biggie...

Mathew: really? Wow....Um.... How does it feel to see a really confused Hayln cry over your departure?

Indigo: really depressing that she misses me so much O.O

Nemo: I hope Hayln loses! I hope either Liam or Holden wins! :3


Mathew: Ew... you're so boring! I'll skip the Isabel interview cause it's taking fo'evar... Ok, who writes this s***? Anyway, as a twist, you all are battling to see which contestant gets the advantage in the finale! As a request so I don't get sued, Indigo automatically gets to participate for not getting a rating, despite being really active, which kinda caused part of his elimination! So, Indigo, which team and also... Who else is participating and for who? After Indigo says, pick!

Indigo: I will help Halyn! She is my best friend on the show so I need to help her.

Jewel : I'll pick Liam he is nice 

Caden: Halyn!

Mathew: Um.. Hayln is picked, which means pick Holden or no one! :/

Caden: Holden :(. Stupid backstabber

Mathew: Cool, so Indigo is team Hayln, Team Liam is Jewel and Caden is team Backst- Holden, ok! On to the challenge!

Challange 15.5: Mini-Challenge

Mathew: You all need... to.. write a paragraph about why your person deserves the win and their best qualities, lying is... brilliant, because this is basically impossible if you hate who you picked! I will judge them, the best one wins!

Indigo: Halyn deserves to win as she isn't even USED to the competition but she still pratically danced her way here, had immunity the first like 4-5 episodes,  won multiple challenges, a great friend, likes Nano to the extreme to even making a big cut out of him to give to him when he wins best person in the world award, has exceptionally high hopes for the show, survived Nemo's rargh, stayed healthy, didn't backstab anyone like Holden did to everyone in merge except for 4 which is the other members of the f3, bruce and Isabel, made a great party with pictures of her BFFs and the Harry Notter movie starring-Barry-Shippington-Hanna-Montana-Jonas-Bleak-Justin-Bieber-and-moar. A reason why she deserves to win is because she put up with everything in her way and took it to the ground, even an evil phone monster aswell as a great anticipatiion to win this season so she can prepare her village for winter, do her sacrifice thing, get better hunting equitment and even get cabel!

Mathew: *sigh* Since he's the only one who tried, Indigo gets Hayln the advantage... How did the islander get this far and gets an advantage in the finale? It's like a scripted tv show, and that'll make people spread rumours -__- but since that's it, good night and see you tomorrow for the thrilling climax of NTA:SR!

Episode 16: The Finale Episode


Nano: Ok, everybody, as a prize, like I said yesterday, I got 3 people on video chat that you all love, so everyone chat with your friends while I plan the best... challange... ever! (The geusts will be controlled by me :P)

Holden: Hey Wes i made it to the F3 Told you it would be that easy.

Liam: Wait, is that my dog? :D

Dog: Ruff ruff, ruff! *starts peeing on Liam's video games*

Wes: Well, colour me impressed, didn't think you would!

Holden: I'm going to tin it all. i might have screwed up in survivor twice but NTA will be different

Wes: That's what you said last time when you entered that dancing competition, and did you win that?

Holden: Shut up *smashes Chat screen* I'm doen talking to that fool

Liam: Sparky, why? That is the worst possible thing! D:

Nano: Hey! Why'd you do that? Fine... Anyone else you'd LIKE to talk to?

Dog: *starts licking screen* Ruff, ruff!

Halyn: Freya Freya! *Click Click. Whistle Whistle* 

Nano: Who are you chatting to?

Halyn: The mother of the clan of Freya women! How dare you disrespect her. 

Holden: I wish you the best Hayln but shut up

Challange 16: Nano's Treasure Finale!

Nano: TWO PARTS OF A CHALLENGE! The first part will knock out one unlucky contestant, and the final two will commence! So... nice to meet you all for one final time! And thanks to a special aftermath challenge, Hayln gets an advantage provided by her recently eliminated friend, Indi of the Go clan! So, what's part 1? Wells it's simple...

A Combination of Every Past Challenge! This is what you have to do;

  1. Find a picture of a terrible flag, (Hayln gets to both skip this one and...)
  2. List everyone who participated in the challenge, in the order of how they got out (Hayln gets to skip the first five out, this is her LAST advantage!)
  3. Write a paragraph about why Mr.Power wasn't the culprit (7 lines minimum)
  4. Run to driest room (8 lines)
  5. Sail to me (6 lines)
  6. Pick a debuter!
  7. What was the first question I asked you?
  8. Find me a picture of a great present!
  9. Throw a Dodgeball at the person who supported you in the Aftermath challenge
  10. What's the name of the Gem we want?
  11. Beat up Daniel (2 Lines)
  12. Link me to a great camp
  13. Describe the pic you made in this episode
  14. Name who was your geust
  15. ...... Skipping this one out! ;)

Holden: Part 1 is done. on to part 2

Halyn: *spins around* (Not doing this challenge. Sorry. It's WAY too long- my attention span does not last nearly that long.)

Holden: Well the people were Poppy, Matthew, Holden, Isabel, Chloe, James, Jessica, Nemo, Indigo, Jasmine, Johnny and then those who werent captured. Hayln, Liam, Jewel and Caden. Time for Part 3

Nano: I forgot to mention, every 20 minutes you can post again!

Holden: (Its been 20 miutes) Mr Power was not the murderer cause that belonged to Mr German. He was the one who likked that porr intern along with miss Frisker. Since those two did it it could not be Mr power at all. Mr power was just sitting on the couch when the lights went off. With that he jaust sat there while the other two committed the crime. In all Mr Power was inncocent and i'm sorry I blamed him to begin with. Screw you Frisker and German.

Holden: (20 more elasped minutes) time to start part 4 *runs to driest room* (1)

Holden: *runs to driest room* (2)

Holden: *runs to driest room* (3)

Holden: *runs to driest room* (4)

Holden: *runs to driest room* (5)

Holden: *runs to driest room* (6)

Holden: *runs to driest room* (7)

Liam: Poppy, Matthew, Holden, Isabel, Chloe, James, Jessica, Nemo, Indigo, Jasmine, and Johnny, I think...I can't be wrong now! I can't lose to a liar! D: Halyn, Jewel, Caden, and I weren't captured.

Holden: *arrives in driest room* (8)

Liam: Mr. Power wasn't the culprit, due to it all being Ms. Frisker & Mr. German. Mr. German turned off the lights to allow Ms. Frisker to murder. They both liked the intern. Since that, Mr. Power couldn't have done it. He was being lazy on a couch when the lights turned off! Mr. Power is innocent! D: Mr. German & Ms. Frisker are the culprits! >:(

holden: *sails to Nano* (1)

Liam: *runs to driest room* (1)

holden: *sails to Nano* (2)

Liam: *runs to driest room* (2)

holden: *sails to Nano* (3)

Liam: *runs to driest room* (3)

holden: *sails to Nano* (4)

Liam: *runs to driest room* (4)

holden: *sails to Nano* (5)

Liam: *runs to driest room* (5)

holden: *arrives at Nano* (6)

Liam: *runs to driest room* (6)

Holden: Part 6. I would pick April cause besides Liam she wopuld have made a good allaince member that was worthy of my presence cause the rest of the people on this season were the stupidest most Naive people I have ever met. Like Serioulsy I told 10 people i'll take them to the F2 and all of them belived me. These people were super stupid. I took the only person with brains here and I'm happy that it was Liam. Not morons like Caden, Nemo or Indigo.

Liam: *runs to driest room* (7)

Holden: For part 7 the question was If you were going to be sent to jail because you were hosting a reality show which did many illegal stuff, what would you do?

Liam: *arrives at driest room* (8)

Holden: Part 8 is posted. A great present would be 1 million dollars which I know I'll get for winning this competition

Liam: *sails to Nano* (1)

Holden: I Was reluacnalty chosen by Caden. *smackes Caden in the face with a ball*

Liam: *sails to Nano* (2)

Holden: We are looking for the Sapphire Gem for part 10

Liam: *sails to Nano* (3)

holden: *kicks daniel in the kiwi's* (1)

Liam: *sails to Nano* (4)

Holden: *pulls a Leon and shanks Daniel with a knife* (2) done with part 11

Liam: *sails to Nano* (5)

Holden: Here ya go for part 12's_Writing_Camp

Liam: *arrives from sailing to Nano* (6)

Holden: Mine was a picture of Milly Bones after a raid. she lost a eye and her sword was covered in blood form the people she just killed. Part 13.

Liam: Um, I'm not sure if I could pick one who already debuted, but I pick Bruce! He's really cool, plus Batman is awesome! :)

holden: I'm in the f2. MY guest was my Brother WES

Indigo: *wispures to his 2nd BF Caden* Isn't he supposed to say his challenge 14 geust *done wispuing* GO HALYN!

Holden: I named my wrong guest. It was my ex fiancé Jo. Im in the f2 now.

Nano: Well... since waiting for Hayln who isn't competing cause she's lazy and ungrateful with her advantage, and Liam, Holden picks who moves on with him, please make an appropriate choice :)

Holden: Putrid Pirates rule. I pick Liam to come with me so we can have a F2 together. Plus Hayln is too big of a threat to keep around

Picture Area

Challange 17: The Part Two

Nano: OK! There is only one part of the challenge left, we have to play dodgeball-

  • Milly bones and her crew show up!

Milly: THERE YOU ARE! You've been after my treasure since day one, you're evil! Due to legal violations and many wrongful doings on this show, you shall be sent to jail for your crimes!

Nano: U-uh! But I shouldn't, tell em contestants! You're final challange is... to... write a paragraph.. No.. a huge paragraph of ten line minimum providing everything I've done right which truely benefit us all! You must write in full detail and the best one is the true putrid pirate winner! Let's go contestants! (You must link and provide a balanced argument)

Holden: Milly through out the competition Nano has helped us so much so he cannot be arrested. On day one helped us get rid of the most annoying person I think I ever met Victoria. Day two he helped us get pass the pirates that were attacking the boat and helped us escape. Day 3 he helped clear his father’s name of murder and made sure that Mrs. Frisker and Mr. German got that justice they deserved. Day 4 he gave us a way out of the rain so that we would not drown on the deck of the ship. Day 5 he gave us all boats so that we could escape the sinking ships and he saved our lives once again. Day 6 he rescued two people who needed help on a deserted island even though I personally would of left Yasmin and Bruce to die on that island. Day 7 he let us into his life a bit so that we could all trust each other more by answering his questions. Day 8 he threw a birthday party for his friend Daniel and let us help him celebrate it. Day 9 he let us have fun by playing some dodge ball so that we could get to know him and the other contestants better. Day 10 he helped us find some treasure and even let us keep some of it. Day 11 he helped us escape with our lives when you Milly were trying to kill us. Day 12 he let the remaining people even get closer by letting us have a fun challenge and he was awesome enough to let my buddy Liam come back too. Day 13 he helped us discover the actual identity of the person named Milly or yourself who was trying to kill us. Day 14 he made is so that 5 random people would have a great party then was thrown and planned by the remaining contestants. Day 15 and 16 he gave us chances to relive the memories that we have had with him. Nano has done so many good things for us. Please don’t kill or arrest him. Pretty please with a cherry on to. just loook at what he has done. He is the niciest guy in the whole world. He has helped a bunch of misfits become friends. Nothing he has done was for bad, it was all for good. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE leave the greates guy in the world be.

Liam: Milly, I hope you're able to reason. Well, Nano did many things this camp! In general: He taught us generation of teens a new meaning of life. Half of us formed friendships and learned lessons. He did his best to ensure our escape from you, thinking you were a villain and thinking our lives were at stake. He was nice enough to throw his intern, Daniel, a party and used the challenge to help us show our thanks to Daniel, which was very nice for Daniel. He allowed Mathew to host an Aftermath show, caring and being wary that the eliminated contestants get some action too and aren't forgotten. He allowed a returnee to return to spice up the competition and additionally, help reform some broken friendships- to which I was chosen. He didn't allow us to forget who brought us this far, like our friends and family back home and made his best efforts to ensure we all got to speak to them, so we wouldn't feel lonely. All in all, he has done nothing wrong! He's saved lives, brought justice, provided us with our needs, and many other things in this camp! You're the one who deserves to be arrested for all your attempts to kill us! Nano has done nothing wrong and he deserves to be a free man, for he is an amazing one who cares about his contestants, though he may not show it. Nano has done the best of any game host to ensure our needs were met, we were fed, we weren't left drowning if ratings went down- he truly cared! And as I've stated this whole speech: he has done nothing wrong! He's not guilty! He continuosly saved lives, met our needs, and a lot of other things! How is that a crime? Please don't arrest an innocent man. He's a great guy. I end this speech for and not against Nano, that he is a great host and just a good overall guy. Don't make a mistake about it or with your assumptions, he's done no wrong and, in my eyes, will never do so.

Nano: ... You all truly care, that's heartfelt, I can't believe you guys would say so much wonderful things about me, I pronounce the winner of this challenge, as well as this show......... Holden, you described everything I've done right each day of the competition, but Liam won't be left out! *gives Holden one million pounds and treasure, while handing 10,000 pounds to Liam* I feel a new change of hear-

Police: *handcuffs Nano* You're under arrest for breaking into government areas with many teenage hostages, attempting to steal priceless jewels and forcing them to compete for a sick prize, that should get you... alot of years in jail, you're coming with us!

Milly: HA! I win!

Police: You're under arrest too, for attempting to murder many teenagers! *turns to Daniel* I hope you get these children home safely, kind sir! *drives away with Milly and Nano*

Daniel: B-but..... I.... NANO HAS BEEN KIDNAPPED! *sees cameras still rolling* Well, that was an action-packed show with an... awesome... twist ending, with Holden ending up champion and Liam placing second, it was an unexpectedly great season! Not sure about a second season but it was brilliant none the less! As we all part ways, we'll always remember the host who was sent to jail, Goodbye everybody! *cameras turn off*

Holden: I won. Yes Betraying 10 different people was so worth it. I'm now filthy rich with all this Treasure.

Daniel: The seasons over, shush up please, it's not like we'll get a second season!