Nano: BOOM! I, Nano, have devised a simple camp idea that'll probably last only for 5 days before being scrapped but why not? It is Nano' s Writing Camp, the only camp that tricks you into using proper grammar and correct spelling in 2014! It's like a good camp, but very short! So, come on down to Nano s Writing Camp!


It is a pretty simple idea, with a simple structure! Every episode, there will be a challange where the 7 users will write something such as storys or character description or more! If your story is not meeting the standards the others are reaching.... BOOM! Your out! No vote, no returns! Only Nano can talk in bold and follow the normal wikia rules as well.

Sign Ups


E.g. NanoPower512

  1. I am a writer, but this shall be for fun! :D
  2. You all will lose, I've written enough fanfictions as it is.
  3. Your favourite giveitago person
  4. Training for being a game writer!!! :D...yeah that's my dream job
  5. Training to be a professional loser, going great so far c:
  6. I'm a decent writer, I'll give this a try.
  7. Flutter Rage : I WANT PANCAKES!

Elimination Table

Place Name Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6
1st Dianted In Low Win In Low Winner
2nd XxSolarEclipsexX In Win Low Win Win RunnerUp
3rd Wolfdragon Rex Low In In In Low Out
4th MRace2010 Win In In In Out
5th Conker511 In Win In Quit
6th Russelrules44 In Out
7th Dawntdrotifan Out

Episode 1


Nano: All chat here before you all get... writing.... lessons.... wow, this show sucks but whatever!

Rex: You mean this isn't the Grammar Nazi camp? Damn.

Nano: >.> no, also, everyone else, your name doesn't have to be bold... wait, there is no one else :|

Rex: Bolding the names of characters is important to differentiate their lines and to be able to tell who is who, especially when the format is in script.

Nano: I don't trust people who want to go to Grammar Nazi camps! They're mean and they correct words others say!

Rex: So you don't trust me? How... unfortunate...

Nano: I'm the host, I don't need to trust nothing!

Race: C: I can say emotions :D

Conker: i cun defuniatlay spull rict, thiz shie iz un du bakg 

Nano: New rule; Have acceptable spelling, I won't rage about it unless it's like that during challanges ^

Race: Wai?

Conker: I HATE YOU! @ Nano

Nano: (changed your line) Only I can talk in bold, ya jerk! And CAUSE I CAN! I just don't want grammars worse than a blind and deaf 3 year old's spelling!

Conker: I-i-i , ;(

Nano: Great, now 6 more losers is all I need!

Conker: But the rules say "it is a pretty simple idea, with a simple structure! Every episode, there will be a challange where the 8 users will write something such as storys or character description or more! If your story is not meeting the standards the others are reaching.... BOOM! Your out! No vote, no returns! Only Nano can talk in bold and follow the normal wikia rules as well."

RR44: Yeah, What gives?

Nano: What? I don't see that? Check the rules again >:D……… Fine, it's back to 8 competitors, ok? That doesn't make it easy, you still have to write soon, when we get one more member

Rex: I enjoy seeing everyone making a unique entry line

Nano: "unique entry line"? For I'm saving my brain for elimanati- challanges and I didn't understand that :|

Rex: *snickers*

Nano: What's so funny? And I cant wait to get this started, now just one more loser!

Mabel: So, you guys are the competition? *laughs, manically* This'll be fun. Fun, as in, watching you lose.

Nano: So... that's 8 people :D


Nano: So, as a compliment to myself, your first challange is to write a story about what you would do if you met me! Doesn't matter when or where, but is has to be entertaining and the winner will be declared for the first episode and also the loser, it'll finish on Friday so start writing my precious authors! >.> none of you better mug me in the story... unless it's a perfect funny one :)

Rex' s

I... don't know you that well at all ._. so I'm not writing a story


Walking down the ally-way, I had loads of mini wrecking balls i got from my mugging. I don't know why, i was in a phase, i geuss. Then i saw a small guy, who looked very rich with wrecking balls, so i ran over and             "Hello sir, you look nice, and very good with the lady's am i right?" 

"What are you talking about?" The man said, looking like i was an imbilcile, "Aren't you my cra-"

"I am talking about your purse, it looks quite filled all the wrecking balls in the world" I replied, oblivious to the fact it was a rugsack.

" IS THIS A ****ING JOKE!" The Man shouted quite rudely " IT'S ME LIAM, YOUR-"

I saw that he could call the cops if i continued, so i decided to do a hit and run. I ran to his purse, grabbed his purse, AND...





got punched in the ****ing face! Walking home after waking up, hours later, i decided i would never mug anyone again and would never, ever meet that man, Liam, again. But as i opened the door to my room, i got another punch from that guy, Liam, or more commenly known to me, my brother! O.O


I was at the coffee shop where I was supposed to meet this Nano person, personally, I wasn't too sure about this, I meant, Was he gonna be nice? Was he gonna be mean? Was he gonna be weird? Or was he gonna be......well, you know.

I had to wait for 5 hours, 36 minutes and 11 seconds, but after a while, he arrived. Of course, as I expected, he looked like a human Cody....only, younger...and his hair was a lot more messier.

"Sorry if i'm late, I had to wait 4 hours for a stinkin' taxi and none of them would take me!, You must be Russelrules44 right?" he held out his hand joyfully.

"Uh, yeah?" I got a bag of Cheez Its and got one. "Do you want some Cheez Its?"

"What now?" Nano never had a Cheez It before. "What is this...."Cheez It"?"


Mabel' s

I had arrived at our supposed meet up area, down by the local park directly in front of the fountain, which occasionally diluted alcohol from common high school parties in the summer months. As I awaited my guest's arrival, and seriously pondered departure, I begun to curiously think about what this person could possibly look like in real life. Judging by the way we communicate, he can't be older than thirteen despite his useless claims, it's impossible. Unless, it's some sort of trap. But, I seriously doubt that.

What would he think of me? I'm certainly not a sight for sore eyes, heck, maybe he'd gauge his eyes out with a spoon at first sight? Or would I do that to him? But, whatever the case, I'm still eager to see how one of my greatest, and best Internet friends will be like personally, and this would definitely extened our friendship closer. Uh, not like that.

My eyes instantly shot to my right, which come to think of it, was a westernly direction. Behind all of the buildings in this clogged down, stood two tall mountains which should be considered hills as they are not technically classified as mountains, but, still tall landmarks the same. The dreamy orange sky as the sun goes to it's nightly hiding place, as the moon steadily takes it's place, reflecting down onto the Earth. Sunsets are especially beautiful across mountains. 

Nevertheless, my eyes weren't exactly pleased with this person who I could just tell was this supposed NanoPower512 of the Total Drama Island Camps Wiki, but as they say, beauty is only skin deep. When you think about it, he was slightly cute and seemed to be twelve. Skinny, fuzzy light brown hair, he was almost too mature in chat to look this young. But, I'll take his words and say he's fourteen, just older than I am.

He shot a look at me, chuckling. "So we meet, XxSolarEclipsexX." He held his thumb out, seemingly joyful.

"I would prefer you not saying my entire username, Liam," I shot a reply back, and instantly grabbed onto his collar, slightly lifting him up due to his low weight, "so, what do you have on you? Huh?" I had an incredibly serious look on my face, dropped him, and we both laughed alongside each other. It was just nice to meet up in real life.

Liam sighed gently, bursting at the seams with relief which flew throughout his body, and his heart begun to beat slower again. "Ah, Mabel, still the same as you are on chat." He poked his tongue out.

I sighed too, as I wiped my eyes as they had visible purple bags on them, due to my consistant habit of staying up late in the night. "I'm being serious," I shot a serious glance at him, breaking the silence, "what do you have on you?"

He gulped, then continued to laugh. "Silly Mabel! Thugs are for New York!" I continued my glance, and begun to shoot daggers from the corners of my eyes, and at this time he realised that this was no longer a joke, and rummaged through his pockets. "Five... bucks?" He held loosely in his hand.

I snatched it, smiling. Money has always made me happy. "Five bucks richer than I thought," I laughed, and once again, his heart beats returned to beating at their regular state, "so, where are you getting me lunch at?"

"Still the same, Mabel," he attempted to snatch his money back, as I laughed with him.

"Still naive, Liam," I spoke, as we walked down the street, leaving the park. It turned out better than I expected. He had his flaws, but better him than a fourty year old trying to kidnap me, right? Well, that would give me the attention I've always wanted.

Dianted' s


"Nano" and I were thrown into a damp, dark room, with the door barricaded with tons of things, from boxes to chairs to random buckets of odd, sludgy goop. "You got us into this mess, I hope you plan on getting us out of it!" I screamed. "Calm down, I got this," Nano assured, but still not completely sure of if his "plan" would work. "All we have to-- is," Nano spoke in a whisper, then started shouting hysterically. "What are you doing!?", I asked, trying to shield my ears as much as possible from the horrible sound. A guard came running out from the shadows and yanked the door open, with a loud "bang". "What was that sound!? Answer me before I--!" The guard stopped as Nano hurled himself towards the guard, knocking both of them to the ground. Almost as I knew what to do, as if I have done this eight times before, I jumped on tope of the guard, slammed a left hook into his face, and stole the keys from the side of his belt. "Quick, before someone sounds the alar--," Nano squeeled, but was cut off by a cry of vast bells and sirons going off in every direction. "What do we do now!?" Nano wondered. "Don't worry, I know what to do, but you're going to have to trust me on all of it." I told him, with a bit of panic in my voice, as I started to unlock the chains off of Nano's arms, after I had done mine, the ones they had tied our hands together with. "Done," I said, feeling accomplished after I had finished unlocking Nano's chains. "Now, what we do is," a few guards had ran into the room, "run!" we both shrieked and we tore down a hallway on the other side, with the guards at our heels. We took a left, then a right, and anither right, but as we continued, we just found more guards to start chasing us. "This was your bright idea!?" Nano asked, astounded. "This wasn't, but this is!" I promised and then took Nano's arm and jumped downward, heading toward the sewer entrance. "Are you insane!?" Nano howled. "Yes, yes I am!" I bellowed as we landed with a giant splash. "Come on!" I yelled at Nano, as we started to pick up speed and finally arrived at the destination I needed to be at. "What are we here for?" Nano asked. "Before I answer that," I started, and then pulled a lever, pushed a few buttons, and typed in a few things, shutting off the alarms, and blocking all entries and exits into the room. We both sighed and continuously tried to catch a breath, even though it seemed impossible. "What-- are we supposed to do now?" Nano questioned after he finally began to breath. "Well, we can leave, now." I told him, while pressing a button, causing a ladder to bend down from the ceiling. "Look, we shall climb that ladder, and then we'll never see each other again. Doing so, will be the only way, neither of us will be sent back here... or worse... a place with no pancakes. Alright, you first." I said as I waved my arm toward the ladder, and Nano began climbing, with me not to far behind him. We reached the top, and pulled ourselves up. "I guess, this is our time to part." Nano sighed. "For now." I told him pretty enthusiastically. "Nice meeting you, and finally going to prison once again!" I yelled as I began walking away, and then disappeared in the shadows, chewing on a pancake.



Dawn : I don't know I would say hello I guess.....


(This story places in the same location of HvV: TUS, Campikia City, prior to the events of Chapter *beep*)

Waking up with the need to challenge someone in a car race is something that usually never happens, unless you're talking about me, Race. Co-hosting is not an easy work, and I have to deal with contestants that cry every time things aren't OK with them. Also, the "safety rules" that Zanna made became my biggest nightmare. I'm pretty sure it's the reason why I am frequently nervous these days. As I grew up with Colin McRae Rally 2.0 and Toca Race Driver 2, pearls of racing genre games, I find in it the biggest source of entertainment possible. Whoever had my same experience is going to agree. So, I got up, dressed up and went outside, leaving the poor Hollywood alone with our cast that, I believe, is soon going to get revenge.

Walking by the streets of the Campikia City, I frequently gave looks to the surroundings, searching for the unlucky one that would've been challenged against his will and be ultimately defeated from the master of the 4 wheels made a person. I kept fantasticating for hours: I saw myself drifting through the sharp turns of the most feared circuit, also known as Nurburgring, while my opponent was crashing into a wall every single second and in the end blowing up his car out of rage. In the meantime, I was partying about my victory with the greatest racers known in Earth, cute girls and some random guys that popped out from my  very strange mind.

After hours of endless walking, I finally found the perfect pick for my evil plan: NanoPower512. Also known as Nano, this special specimen of Australo Homo Sapiens Sapiens is known for being extremely ingoobelyblench and his activity. He's one of the guys which you can expect the unexpected, but that's his biggest times. He is known from many people of Campikia and this made him popular in the city. Right that moment he was watching a showcase of comic films with some money in his hand. Despite this, I couldn't wait and decided to force the so desired challenge, no matter what.

"Heey Nano! How it is going?" I asked him, with a tone that became infamous to the inhabitants of the town. It was the challenge tone and, with that said, Nano started to get nervous.

"Urr.....sup Race! How it's going?" He replied to my greet, being frightened a little.

"Fine" I replied back. ".......listen. I had an idea!"

"Which kind of?"

"Something you'll like!"

"No, thanks Race, but I'm NOT falling for it." Nano tried to back off, but I kept on following him. "I'm not going to join your racing challenge, NOT AGAIN!"

"Come on, what's so bad about it after all? It's just a simple friendly competition, nothing that horrible."

"If with that you mean pushing me to the walls every time, spraying champagne to my face, sending me to the dump and publishing my failure exaggerating it in world scale then sure, it's not that horrible." My plan was going to fail, but I had the secret weapon in my mouth, ready to pop out.

"Yeah, I know....obviously you're scared about this". I replied. With that response, Liam head started to literally ERUPT in fury

"What you just said?" He angered at me, almost going to strangle my neck.

"I said the truth." I willingly replied to make him raging even more. "I mean, everyone knows you're a lo-"

"Me and you! Tomorrow, at 7 PM! Circuit du Thanatos! We'll meet here, in a fight to the...death! See ya!" Nano interrupted me. I couldn't even give a response that he immediately left the place, leaving me there just like after a litigation. My plan worked: infuriating Nano by making him accept the challenge I offered without being even aware of the risks. Now that my goal was accomplished, I had to get ready. I went back to the headquarters, retired in my garage, thing that aroused the curiosity of a great portion of the contestants, and started working up on my car. It took ALL the night, because I really wanted to have a secured victory against Nano. You never know: he seems weak and everything, but he can destroy you on challenges which you thought to be the greatest. At about 6:00 AM I finally finished my job and I headed towards my bed, falling in an eternal sleep.

The following day, the said hour, I headed with my 4 wheels jewel to the Circuit du Thanatos, Campikia City's own racetrack. It's a succession of hills, crests and turns, messing up your brain. There are many mind tricks that make you think to head one way while the right one it's the other one and.....worst of all.....the Omega! The circuit's hardest turn. It's basically an incredibly sharp hairpin bend that is preceded by a big downhill, the Fast Drop. If you don't brake at the right time, you are sure to get off the road and land in the sand. Because of the inclination of the terrain, getting in that sand makes your race automatically OVER. There's no actual way to come back from here or, at least, nobody ever managed to get away from it. That is why it's named the Omega: it can be the end of your race......and it's the final turn. I was incredibly nervous, even though I had a good knowlededge of the track. Whatever, it was the time of beating up someone.

As I was driving with my green Toyota Supra, awesome car and known for his killer reputation (it DISINTEGRATED most of his rivals.), fast and easy to control, I gave a look at Nano's vehicle. I tried to prevent myself from chuckling. That car was a Smart Fortwo, a horrible piece of architecture. His design is disgusting and, small as it is, I knew it was going to be incredibly slow! Victory was already mine, Omega or not.

"So, is this your car? Really?" I asked him with a disappointed tone, almost teasing him.

"It was the only one I could find at a cheap cost" Nano replied back, not paying to my derisions. Instead, I noticed a little smirk in his face. Somehow, I thought that Nano had a little gift for me, which meant things weren't going to be easy as I expected.

"Couldn't you borrow another one from someone who has decent cars at least?" I kept asking. "I mean......there are LOTS of even greater ones. You know, right?"

"I would have done that, but I just like this one.". At these words, I knew something was behind it.

"....OK.....may the best one win, then." I replied, giving my hand to the opponent, ending with a hand shake. Now, you may have noticed my jerkiness, but I can explain. When I'm involved in a sort of competition, whatever it is, I tend to be a bully. That's sad, I know, but it's something I can't resist at! Despite this, I respect my opponents, and I treat them just like I wanted to be treated.....unless I'm the victorious one. And finally we got in the starting line. Me in the left, he in the right.

The host of the race was TrentFan, a friend of ours and the mayor of the town, who offered himself to lead everything and start our "fight".

"OK! The rules are simple!" Trent shouted from the standing point, enjoying the panorama of the hills that surrounds Campikia City. "The race will be 1 lap long only! The first who surpasses the finish line wins the race! The last one loses EVERYTHING! MWAHAHAHA-"

"Hey! I don't want to lose everything" Nano shouts back. "Can't we share some...chips after this? I mean-"

"SILENCE MORTAL!" Trent immediately intterrupted him, pointing at him. "It actually makes everything interesting!" He then smashed the button which starts the countdown. Me and Nano gave a final look to eachother. It was finally the moment for the truth...








We both had a rocket start.....we BOTH had one. My suspects about Nano's secret plan were true! That Smart WAS overpowered and, if you were me, you would've been impressed by a city car which spits flames from his dixie....and I'M TALKING ABOUT A SMART FORTWO! I later found out that the...thing was made none other than that Vic J, the city's greatest street racer, the one who got the biggest range of mighty modified vehicles and that PWNS you whenever you meet him. Nonetheless, my Supra was able to keep the pace of that monster.

"Take this, Race!" Nano shouted at me, while we were both going for the first turn, the Alpha. "I KNEW my plan was going to work!"

"Are you kidding me?! I knew it from the start that you were going to trap me..."

"......stupid me and my effort to be hideous.". The race kept going on, and I admit that Nano, as a driver, was really good. Maybe it's because of the track, as it is the best one he knows, or maybe it's the luck that helps the beginners. He was always behind me and we went through the mind-blow turns, like the Cornwall Hop, which is a left turn preceded by a crest which blinds the bend or the Three S, a group of chicanes that prevent cutting via several walls, similar to Surfer's Paradise ones, if you know that track. Every twist was hard and complex to complete, but both of us made it through and, thanks to my skills, I managed to reach a good distance from that beast. Finally, both of us got over the second last turn, the Brianne's Hairpin, the one which precedes the Fast Drop.

Here the speedy downhill started, and I was getting far away from Nano's car, just way more quickier than before. This made me proud of myself, because I knew I was going to win for sure! I would've been able to , spray champagne in his face, sending him to the dump and publishing his failure exaggerating it in world scale! The straight went on for kilometres and I was keeping my foot on the accelerator pedal, fantasticating about my epic victory. This until I remembered one thing: the Omega was just 500 metres ahead.

This made me panic! The hardest turn which leads you to game over was close and I was going too fast for braking in time. Also, the drop is known for being very slippery, which means I had a little friction for stopping right before falling into the sand. I thought about every method to arrest my car's doom, and then I tried by hitting the side walls, hoping to decrease the speed. This idea was just stupid and didn't work at all. Instead, my vehicle started to uncontrollably spin and, sadly, it went directly where it didn't have to land, the Hole of Death, or this is what I call the pit of sand of no comeback.

Now I was there, trapped from the climb, almost going to swear, enraging like a provoked bull. Worst of all, I saw Nano's vehicle slowly approaching, getting down the Fast Drop. I was getting desperate, and I was crying about the fact that I couldn't kick him away and shout, "No, you don't pass from here!". I stopped being a baby and tried to make my car get away from the returnless hole. As the car got a great power, I tried to climb up, pulling the gas pedal.....but it wasn't working. The grip was almost absent.

"Yes! I'm going to win" Nano, in happiness, cheered as he noticed I was trapped down there. "At least I'm not going to be every other single time you challenged me."

"It isn't over yet!" I shouted back, destroying the accelerator because of the force I gave my foot. My poor Supra made the biggest effort to make it out from that dead end and, much to my expectations, exit from it, crashing on Nano's Smart, which meanwhile was completing the final hairpin. I couldn't believe. I, M. "Race" R. from Italy, finally defeated the fear of the many racers who once got here in Circuit du Thanatos, the final boss of every hard track in existance, including the infamous "Green Hell", the hope-shatter for many people who gave it a try. I....finally claimed....that it was possible! I was given the chance to enter the legend, along with my steed. In that moment, I felt that everything was accomplishable! Describing the joy is impossible.

Sadly ending my dreams of honor, I got back to the fight against Nano and his piece of (you know). That crash made both of us spinning around uncontrollably, but both of us had the luck of not ending in the Hole of Death again and at the same time, the misfortune for not seeing the other one going there and miserably losing. Tons of smoke rose up from the road, making TrentFan almost to call the fire departement. Finally, both of us stopped and somehow, because of the irony, we were both just like the start. The finish line was some meter right away and the final sprint would had decided everything.

"So....this is our final chance." I told a dizzy Nano from my almost-busted car. "May the best one win!"

"Yup!" He replied back. "Thanks for the encouragement. I'm so pumped to know that I'll win thi-"

"Don't even try." I immediatley interrupted him. We then charged our wheels, going for a big startup. We gave a final look to eachother, then looked at the gate where everything would have ended. And then.........we released the brake pedal and started our final sprint to the goal.

My startup was great, but so was Nano's. Both were in the side of the other one and nobody would've told whoever was going to win. At first it seemed like I was the lucky one, but then Nano managed to overtake me. Then I did, then he did and this went on for a while. TrentFan was incredibly confused and hardly knew who was going to surpass the finish line first. Final meters. Our speed is incredible. We both push on the gas pedal the hardest we could, trying to go the fastest possible and then............boom, we passed the finish line, really close to eachother. TrentFan didn't even know who was the winner and, since the decision was his, he checked the photo finish.......





"NANO IS THE WINNER!" Trent shouted loud. He was declared the winner, all because he was a few centimeters right ahead of me. While I was almost going to explode in anger, Nano threw a joy scream, jumping around like a mad horse and shouting various victory phrases. He...did it. Wow.

"YES!" He kept shouting. "I AM THE VICTOR!". He then turned his face to mine and started to tease me. "And you, Race, you lost! You were too slow! I'M SONIC JR. NOW!"

"Yes...good one, Nano." I, deluded of myself, told him, imaginating the deathliest tortures for him.

"And noooow." He started. "There's only one thing to do!". I still remember the face he had when he said that. It was one of the most evil smirks I ever saw. At the same time it was menacing, bad-promising and the ones you want to give a slap.

", Nano, don't." I begged him, knowing what he would had done with me. "You're not doing this to a friend, right?"

"No...obviously not." Nano replied back, making me relieved.

"Thanks, Nano, you're such a great guy.". I hugged him.

"Nah, I was just kidding." he then blowed up at me. happened. The same things I planned for him happened to ME! I got sprayed by LOTS of champagne, almost taking away my breath, sent to Carmeline's Dump (considered to be the stinkiest out of the dumps of the city) and my failure got over-exaggerated not at a world scale...but in a UNIVERSAL SCALE. Incredibly ashamed, I ran back to the headquarters, obviously under cover, preventing every teasing of any kind and when I got here, slammed the door and locked it thousands of times. I didn't want to talk about it never and ever, but then Zanna came.

"Hey Race!" He greeted me in a teasing tone. "So, how your defeat was? I did read the journal!"

"Let's just not talk about this." I angrily replied.

"OK, OK.....silly rabbit with cute pink ears that wears a diaper! You really had to wear like that? Thank you! It was the greatest thing ever!". He then started laughing out loud, falling on the floor and at times not even being able to breath.

....I don't even want to say what I've done with him after he stopped freaking out...


(Ok, maybe this is out themed, but you didn't explain if I had to meet you for the first time or simply in real life. This is pratically the answer of what you asked: what would I do if I met you? Challenge you in a race in the hardest circuit in the world :D)


Nano: Ok, everyone has tried except Rex but I'll excuse him cause let's face it, I've hardly met him! But other than that, it's all done, so here are my thoughts;

Russel - Um... It's tbc so I'll give it a break but 4/10

Conker - >.> I tell everyone not to mug me in it and only my brother does 4/10

Rex - Excused 3/10

Mabels - yes! loved it! It's pretty good and nicely done! I give it 7/10

Dianted - Not the sweetest pancake but it's at least accurate, I totally would be the one to get us in that situation 5/10

Dawn- :( You'd say "Hello, I Geuss" 0/10 not even trying

Mrace - OMFG! I loved HvV and now I adore it! It's suspenseful, amazing and let's face it that ending is what would happen, and you basically went found the best loophole ever! 8.5/10! :3

So it's clear that sorry, Dawn is out today and Mrace is today's winner! Who's out next? Find out next time on NANO' S... WRITING... CAMP!

Episode 2


Conker: I think my brain has fell asleep, too much writing ;(

Race: Really?


Nano: Hm.... It is Monday..... who wants a Challange? I do! *raises hand* Haha! Ok, let's get real here... I want you to write a story where you got final 5 in TDWT, but in a unanimous vote (not counting yours) you get the boot harshly, it doesn't matter WHO is in the final 5 with you but you still get the boot! I prefer that you aren't expecting it but, beggars can't be choosers so... WRITE! Ends Thursday so... WRITE, AGAIN!


(I've got this idea from my only match of Chatsurvivor. The protagonist is Bridgette, while the other finalists are Alejandro, Heather, Tyler and Duncan)

I already faced tons of eliminations, but this one was the most enervating. It was the last one. The one that would decide the final 4 and the contestants with a chance of winning the so desired million dollars! Total Drama fans from every side of the world were waiting for this moment for such a long time. We, the contestants, were scared about it. Some weren't that frightened, others didn't have anything else to think about and I, Bridgette, was panicking. I've reached this point with only one ally: Alejandro. For my whole World Tour experience, I thought he was loyal and honest with me, but now that we were approaching the end? Almost everyone would blindside their best friend for achieveing an enormous prize and in previous times the now-eliminated ones warned me about Alejandro's real intentions. I sometimes thought about it, but then regretted what they had to say.....until now?

The plan was the following: we had to convince everyone to eliminate Heather. Tyler is easy to convince, but Duncan is not. I'm not going to state how Alejandro was going to convince him, also because he didn't tell me how he would've done that (He is the mastermind and the planner. I'm just a reinforcement which gives out some ideas.).

We were all there, at night time, sitting in our places and watching Chris preparing himself to announce the  unlucky one. To keep my quietude I thought about every method possible: rolling my thumbs, thinking about what I liked, revising surf's rules, deep breathing and looking at the other ones nervous faces. The cynical host took a breath. It was the time.

"So, congratulations for making your way to the final 5!" Chris started in a relatively amazed way. "You got through our arsenal of doom and you survived. You tasted the most disgusting food and somehow you didn't vomit. You had to face betrayals, couple breaking and eliminations and you didn't cry. These are all worthy reasons for a place in our final 3, but 2 of you aren't going to make it.". His speech made me proud of myself and got away many of my fears. It was true .

"I am now going to reveal the votes..." Chris announced, breaking everyone's security. "...and since these are the finals, a good revelation of the votes isn't bad after all. Here's a television which will reveal everyone's thoughts about who they want off! Alejandro. Since you're safe from elimination, relax and take a laugh!". Chef, whom was just standing here, spectating the ceremony, got a remote and pointed it at the TV. It then showed every confessional of each finalist, the first being Duncan.

"Urgh...I don't know who to vote for..." Duncan muttered in the recording. "....but I guess I'll go with Heather. She needs to go, seriously.". Just like Alejandro wanted. I gave a sigh of relief and I knew I was going to get through this....until Alejandro's own tape came on.

"Well, my alliance will get through this." He stated. "Adios, Bridgette!"..............what?

Alejandro....voted for me?

What is going on? I...thought we were allies. I thought he was loyal to me. Why did he cast his vote against me? Was it strategy or something? Heather's tape got on after Alejandro's

"Haha, Bridgette." She laughed in the recording. "You really thought Alejandro was in your side? We are allied, buh bye.". ............Alejandro was on Heather's side?

Why was he planning to get rid of me now? What was the point? I thought he wanted Heather off, not me. Why did he ally with her target? Why has he done that to me?

"" Tyler said in his tape, as it was his turn. "Alejandro told me to....and I didn't want to vote Duncan....I mean...we're friends....sorry.". I had no words.....

"Well, it's pointless to reveal your confessional, Bridgette." Chris told me, throwing the barf bags at everyone else...

"You're out."

I couldn't believe it, I didn't want to believe it and I didn't want it to happen. Alejandro, the one who became my friend thanks to the alliance HE proposed, the one I could've asked something I didn't know..........blindsided me. He stood on Heather's side, for some reason. The previously eliminated ones were right, and it's a shame I only be aware of that now. He's a manipulator, a betrayor and I felt to his fake loyalty. What an idiot I am. Because of him, I also forgot about Geoff and was intentioned to get with that latino! While my body wanted to strangle him to death, my heart didn't have that strength and kept to a despair which only time could cure.

"At least tell my why you betrayed me!" I angered at him. Tears started to gently flow down my face.

"Simple." He started replying quietly. "If there's going to be a jury, you're mostly going to win, as you're the fan favourite here. Since this is the final elimination, it was the greatest moment to get you off. Now you're eliminated and I'm happy with it. Adios, Bridgette.". Why?.........

"Well, enough with the chit-chatting." Chris interrupted us. "It's time to go. Goodbye, Bridgette."

"Goodbye" Tyler waved at me. "Sorry if I did vote for you.

"No problem!" I reassured him. "You're not the problem. That is another one.". I gave a final glare to Alejandro, promising myself that I would get revenge sometime.

Then, I got pushed out the plane from Chris and started falling from up above the sky....



This is the story of how a young, inncoent, handsome and attractive man was kicked off the show, Total Drama: World Tour, and was completely ripped off causing him to go on a stupid wikia to try and keep his diginity, but everyone who didn't appreciate his better-than-them-ness (the -ness was intentional) was there, but anyway.

At the beggining of a beautiful day, we were flying over the Brooklyn Bridge waiting for the challenge to start. Dianted won the challenge yesterday, but i wasn't worried about him; i was worried about my other competitors, Mrace was really good at the challenges and was well liked, Nano had a freaking immunity idol! My only chance of staying in the game was to get the others to vote off NLG.

Somehow, despite all odds, NLG434 was still in the game even though he cheated in alot of the previous challenges, even i was a little suprised, but i needed EVERYONE to aboslute hate him, so i didn't have time to wonder how lucky he was.

I was so desprate to stay in the game, that i even slept in the conestional that night to see if any one had any secret's or any plans to vote me out of here; no-one did though, so i slept on a cold metal floor all night while Dianted had a fancy bedroom and everyone else atleast had an excuse for a bed. What hurt was that no-one cared enough to look for my absolutely amazing self though.

"Good mournig! hope you had a nice sleep! He he," Chris said on the loud speaker, i had a feeling that was directed at me, "Challenge starts in half an hour, so get up!" I climbed out the confestional vent and exited the confestional.

"How long did it take for the number 2!" NLG joked, But i don't think anyone finds poop jokes funny, because i sure don't, "I'm just joking, but maybe we should work together to win the challenge, do you want to?"

"Nah," I answerd, because he was my last chance in staying in the game, but in retrospect i should of said yes, "Your the lone wolf winner dude". After saying that i looked around, thinking Rex might be there, he wasn't, but when i looked back NLG looked happy i called him that.

"He sure is the oposite of you!" Nano shouted at me, i think he was still angry i eliminated Loenev, "You are an attetion seeking JERK!"

"Jeez, calm down!" I shouted back, i was so offended he called me an attetion seeking jerk though, because every gives me their attention on their own, i don't fake it, "I know i've done alot of things YOUR going to regret! But calm down will you!" Nano left after that, but only because the 30 minutes were up.

After that argument, i decided it would be best if i lay low for a while, obviously away from Nano, but i had no idea what the challenge was as we just made it to new york. I stept off the plane, and saw we were in some obstacle course verstion of New York. 

"Welcome contestants to the New York obsta-kill course, this challenge is so dangerous, I MIGHT DO IT AGAIN SOME TIME!" Chris laughed, but nobody laughed with him, "Your challenge today is to take one of the two routes to the middle of the city, the two routes are the Broke-lyn Bridge, and The Twin Owers! GO!"

I went through the Broke-ly Bridge, no way i'd go through the Twin Owers, it would take to long, but MRace and NLG went there. While running i was way behind, so i went a little off course to get ahead, but i only caught up with Nano and Dianted, who were helping each other, and that's when i realised they were in an alliance.

"Hey, look who's here!" Dianted said wickedly, he looked at me like i had no chance in beating them "Let's show him some fun!"

"Okay," Nano replied, as he did the same as Dianted "this shall be fun"

I tried passing them, but Dianted pushed me away, and Nano dropped some marbles, which caused me to trip, after the fall i could't get up, but it was too late, somehow Mrace made it to the end and everyone else ended up losing.

"CHRIS!" I shouted "THEY CHEATED! It is so unfair!"

"Well, two things, One: i don't care, Two: NLG was the only one to cheat, he chopped a rope off." Chris said, making me feel overjoyed with happiness, because everyone would vote for a cheater. I rushed to the confestional.

"No-one will vote me, except for NLG, but they won't because NLG cheated and cheater's never win" I explained, being a little cocky, and forgetting the alliance, "I won't even vote, because my likability exceeds most contestants!". I walked over to MRace, trying to make good with him so i have a bigger chance of staying in the game.

"Hello MRace" I said "How are you, winning the challenge and all."

"Okay," Mrace said "but NLG was a bad cheater, i almost fell off the tower."

Nano then finished voting and Mrace already did, Dianted went in to vote, left and then NLG went in to vote, and then out, so everyone was done.

"Time for elimination, so go to the elimination area" Chris said on the speaker-phone.

Chris, The host of TD: World Tour, gave the cast a gaze after counting the votes, i couldn't tell if it was happy or disapointed. He then took a deep breath and said "Wow, tonight's winner is truely excpected, so no advance in ratings, way to ruin the show folks, but we all wanted this one gone, didn't we."

"Yes," I wispered to myself, i knew that i was the best person on the show, and that Dianted, Nano and MRace wouldn't vote me out over NLG, "I've go this in the bag."

"The eliminated contestant this episode is..." Chris said in a pause, while he did that i gave NLG a smug face "... CONKER!". I was so shocked, but when i turned round, NLG gave me a smug face, and i hated the irony in that.

"It was a unanimous vote, so your out" Chris said, at first i was conused but then i remember'd that i was so confident, i didn't vote.

"THIS IS SO UNFAIR! " I shouted in furious anger "I was supposed to win the money! I am th-" but before i could finish my sentence i was thrown out of the plane by the other contestants, without a parachute.

After that i spent 3 weeks in the hospital and sued Chris for my injury's, but i only won one quid.

I am so sad, so sad.

By Conker511


I sigh in relief, as I watch the final tranquilizer ball be blasted in the face of the wretched, insane, and highly dangerous feral freakshow commonly known as 'Ezekiel' fall to the ground unconscious. Looking beside me, I notice a dark-chocolate skinned teenage girl, with a mall kiosk tee-shirt with kumkquats stitched onto the khaki material. If it weren't for her, it's likely that I wouldn't be breathing at this moment. After all, I was left with a slingshot and one ball which someone promptly stole from me. I wonder who that could have been, I promptly thought to myself and rolled my eyes.

"Don't worry sugar baby," Leshawna replied to me, as Chris McLean shortly approached her to announce her victory, "ain't no one gonna' take down a sista' tonight."

Chris McLean begun to announce it, as some victory music was played in the background by the production crew. "Leshawna wins immunity, and first class with the cast mate of her choice! Also, one of you will be voted off tonight."

Alejandro, Heather, Tyler and I all exchanged glances torwards each other, just wondering who would be next to take the Drop of Shame. Each of us has a solid reason to be eliminated. Alejandro's an incredibly strong player, Heather is a witch, nice guy's like Tyler always make it to the end, and I'm not exactly popular with the remaining contestants. "You did good, Leshawna. I owe you one."

"Uh," Chris McLean frantically looked at us, and I could sense nothing good from this body language, "now is no the time for loving. Get back into the plane right now, before that feral wakes up!" We followed his orders, and fled to the cargo hold as soon as possible as it took off into the skies.

Holding up my head with my right arm, I leaned onto the wooden table inside the kitchen area with the other four, in pure boredom. The one thing that got to me in this game was how it was practically impossible to enjoy yourself while passing time without being in first class. Even then, it was a struggle. 

What even kept me going through this crap fest of life endangering challenge? Yeah, probably like everyone else, the money. Whether I'll win it is debateable, and whether I'll survive this game until the finals is even more controversial as the amount of lawsuits this show has suffered from. "So, any idea who we're voting out tonight?" I broke the wall of silence.

Leshawna sipped her glass of water, as she decided to hang out with us and leave first class until after the ceremony for now. "I don't know 'bout right now, but Queenie over there is getting right on mah' last nerves and if you mess with a sista', you're going down!"

"You are so lucky you have immunity," Heather folded her arms in disgust, "because I'm pretty sure your giant weave wouldn't even be able to fit out of the cargo hold." As I watched in delight, I could only notice how full of rage Leshawna was, and how desparate Tyler was to hold in his laughter at the Queen Bee's smug replies to the ghetto girl.

Leshawna waved her fingers out, which definitely never meant anything good as I have seen. "Oh no, you do not wanna keep going on with what you are saying! I will knock another one of your pretty little teeth out of your wig infested head!"

Before I could step in as I planned or Tyler could continue laughing, or Heather could come back with an even bigger insult, the seemingly attractive Spaniard had his input. "Ladies, let's not fight. Let's become one, and work our way to the finale. These fights are old, and two beautiful girls like you shouldn't strain yourselves." Leshawna only blushed at this.

"Heather," I chuckled as I spoke out to her, "we all know about your raging crush on Alejandro, you don't have to hold it in. Accept it, we won't think any differently of you." This only just fueled the fire.

She was completely maddened now, and I just see some red on her cheeks as she shot millions of daggers at me threw her slightly squinted eyes, due to her Asian-Canadian descent. "You are so eliminated tonight! I have had it with you!"

I glanced back at her, quick to shoot a reply. It felt empowering, and I haven't felt this good in the game since a while, well, ever since I finally voted off Sierra which ended all the stalking business. "You've got no power here. As you can see, who would ever agree to an alliance with you after all your history in the game? Even Alejandro is more trustworthy than you, and he's... something!" I laughed.

"He does have a point," Tyler nodded along with Leshawna in agreement. I could also sense some hatred coming from Alejandro too as I have this game in the bag. Maybe I spoke too soon?"

Suddenly, the silence was eventually shattered as our infamous host begun to talk through the loudspeaker, making an important announcement to us all. "Alright, morons! Get voting! I want to hurry up and throw one of you out of the plane as soon as possible." I was the last to leave as Leshawna and Tyler promptly headed there, as Heather glared at both the ghetto girl and I, and Alejandro left me with a wicked smile.

Could I be going home today? I doubt it, and since when is my intuition ever wrong?

"Greetings, friends," Chris shot us all a look of glee, and I could just tell that throwing someone out of a plane with a crummy parachute was just his guilty pleasure of the season and I could tell Heather was annoyed with his claim of being her friend, "tonight one of you will be going home... except Leshawna. She has immunity."

Heather folded her arms, furiously. "I know, it's a horrible thing for us all to deal with. But, we don't want to completely destroy the exit with her width."

"I literally will smack you down right here," Leshawna clenched up her fist in fury, and I kept watching in delight to see how this would play out, "you're only here because of sheer luck! I will not hesistate to throw you outta' the plane right now!"

Chris chuckled in amusement, as Tyler also bursted out laughing mainly due to his love for catfights. "Well, I am enjoying this a lot, save the fire for after the elimination! So, you all know what to do. Go ahead and cast your votes, and I will announce them shortly after." 

I stood up, as I was designated to cast my vote first. I was given weird looks by everyone, but I just shrugged them off. Besides, I knew who is going home. Call it a sixth sense, but I have a wicked talent for always predicting the correct eliminatee! 

I entered the booth with a smile on my face, as I felt so happy to make it this far. Looking in front of me, I found passports with a picture of our face on each one. Familiar. I held out the stamp, and put a cross one my choice of who I wanted to send out of the plane. "Easy vote," I said to myself, "have fun being eliminated!" I said to the passport, and entered.

I watched before me as the other four begun to cast their votes. I couldn't particularly pick up any vibes from them on who they would be voting, but I know who I voted for would surely be the one eliminated. "Good luck everyone."

"You'll need it," Heather snapped back at me. Even if I do get a vote, it'll defintiely be a sole vote by the witch over there.

Chris suddenly emerged, holding out five different crummy looking passports. They were the votes we all cast, and the suspense of who was going home was literally tearing me apart for some reason, even though I definitely did know who was going home. "Alright, interesting. Not surprised, but interesting." He read through them all, and held out the four incredibly disgusting barf bags to hand out to us.

"You know the drill," he threw the first one in the air to a certain competitor, "and Leshawna automatically gets one for winning immunity. Calm down Heather." She shot another dagger torwards the infamous and jerk of a host.

I gulped, as he threw the next one out to someone who wasn't me. Where's my one? Hello? 

"Tyler is safe," he threw the third barf bag in my direction so I felt accomplished, but then I realised it was to the person behind me, "as is Alejandro."

I glanced at Heather, smiling as I felt certain that she would be tonight's eliminated contestant which she has had coming for a long time. But at the back of my head, I wasn't quite sure about my definitive safety in the competition. I gulped loudly yet again which everyone could hear.

"The final barf bag goes to," I couldn't bear to keep my eyes open through this, as I crossed my fingers in despair, just hoping I would get it and I heard him throw at as the peanuts bounced around in the disgusting paper brown packaging, "Heather. Sorry Mabel, but, you're outta' here! You weren't that cool anyway."

I stood up, half full of melancholy, and half fool of despair. "I didn't really expect this," I rudely glanced at Heather, "but, I'm kind of glad to be out of here and away from Chef's cooking." 

"Appreciate me!" The large, buff cook threw a butcher knife in my direction, but it was instantly sucked out of the plane door as Chris threw me my crummy parachute. "Lousy kids."

Looking out the plane, I guess I'd finally conquer my fear of sky diving if this parachute can even support me. I'm not fat, but, it looks pretty weak. As I lifted it back on, and looked at the others I finally pieced together why I was eliminated. "Alejandro and Heather. Continue your wrath."

"Look, I'm sorry," Leshawna sighed as she apologized, "but this game really didn't fit a stringbean like you. Nothing personal."

I smiled, as Leshawna was one of my closest friends I've ever made. "Right, promise you'll knock another tooth out of Heather? Anyway, it's been fun. Alejandro, you're pathetic, and so is your shallow girlfriend. Beware, other two."

But before I could finish talking and denouncing the true evil in the show, I was adruptly shoved out of the plane by Chris McLean, as he didn't want to ruin any surprises.

Farwell, Total Drama World Tour and it's hosts. I will not miss you.



Down to the final five. Oh man this is getting exciting! Everyone is so close to the prize! And now it's time for the elimination. I bet Negima will go out this round, he didn't gain many friends from his performace lately.

Oh! It's my turn for the confessional! Better brush the dirt off me, don't want to look bad for the cameras. "I vote for Negima," I say as I stamp his passport, "He's been a nuiscence lately." Simple lines, simple purpose. So out of character, the audience will be thinking I have a plan brewing.

Daunte's entering the confessional now. There's no way he'll vote for me, we're best buds. I can't help but think that he might betray me though... but I know he won't. He'd never do that, would he?

Chris is calling everyone to the cargo hold for the Drop of Shame ceremony. "Welcome remaining contestants! Today we're doing something very special! Instead of just telling you whose safe, we're going to show you!" he exclaimed as a T.V. dropped down from the roof.

First up was Blaze. "I vote for Rex. He should've gone ages ago!" He must really hate me, considering how much he's stamping my passport. I glance over at Blaze and glare at him and then noticed he stamped himself by accident.

Draven was the next to have his vote revealed. "Rex, because he keeps calling me Draven instead of Dra," he stated as he let out a sigh. I glanced at Draven and gave him puppy dog eyes, aided by the fact that I'm part canine, but he just glared at me.

Negima's answer was short and sweet. "Poochyena," he grinned while he said that. He gave everyone a pokemon nickname, and it was obvious who he was talking about.

I tried to put on a brave face as my vote was announced. No matter what happened, I'd be going today. But at least Daunte didn't vote for me... or did he? My fear came back stronger than ever and it nearly showed.

Daunte's vote was slow. He paused for a good minute or two before saying, "That adorable idiot Negima." I nearly broke my concentration in the joy that my best friend didn't vote for me. I was so relieved, but then I remebered I had to go.

I walked up to the door, turned and saluted my competitors and jumped out backwards. I heard Daunte yell out, "Hun! You forgot your parachute." I grinned as I spread my wings and flew off. Maybe next time I'd win.

Dianted' s

"How did I get eliminated!?" I screamed after Chris had pushed me out of the plane. "I mean, seriously! Alejandro and Heather have been tricking Cody all of this time, and he still hasn't realized it! I just hope Gwen does good! Man, I really want some pancakes," I yelled as I took one out of my jean pocket, and started gobbling down. "I mean, like... hmmmm..... pancake....anyways, wait! What was I talking about? I-- AAAAAAAAHHHH!HHHHHHH!" I screamed as I slammed into a tree, and a bunch of tree sap spilled on me, and then a a group of wild bears came out and started attacking me, stole my pancakes, and growled like there was no tomorrow. I continued to scream and plead for help, but all I was doing, was attracting more animals to attack me. "I hate animals!" I screamed, but that just caused the animals to start getting angrier, and attacking me more and stronger. "Why did this happen!? I lost my pancake! NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

The reason this is so short... well it's a long story, well, this isn't a long story, but it's a long story why this story sucks so bad and it's so short. Nano knows, and some other people might know why... but yeah..... PANCAKE! :D


Nano: Hm.... Interesting, very interesting! Let's get started:

Conker - Hm... Ok 7.5/10

Mabel - A little late but brilliant 7.5/10

Mrace - great story but I said unanimous except your vote and... it must include Mrace per say xD 7/10

Russel - No Story

Rex - Its up to standard 6/10

Dianted - Yeah, Yeah don't remind me about EC'ing you 5.5/10

So first place goes to Conker and Mabel, Sorry Russel but your outta here! GOOD NIGHT! PEACE!

Race: I misunderstood everything XD

Conker: Don't worry, you can gaze upon me, YOUR BETTER HALF :3

Mabel: Next challenge?

Episode 3


Nano: Man, I am getting bored of it being about you and TDI, Users! So... Conker, Rex and Mrace will be writing a fantasy story! Mabel and Dianted will be writing a science-fiction! I LOVE Fantasy, Science-Fiction and (not relevant) Apocalypse stories! Now, WRITE! Nano: Update; Dianted switched over to Fantasy and Conker switches to Science-Fiction because... they asked to switch... Also, NO MORE SWITCHING! >.> MY DECISION IS FINAL! 



As the sun sets silently in the fading red sky, a man cloaked all in black steps out of an ivy covered balcony. The man speaks softly into the wind, "Go my minions." A window of some sort slowly opens below the balcony, and a dark mass crawls out, and then flings off towards the sunset.

The scene slowly shifts to a much more cheery location and time, a festival at the capital. A young man, our protagonist, walks out of a tent, fiddling with the item he just bought. The man inside can be seen for the briefist of moments, wearing a superior smirk about the deal he just made, before the tent opening is closed by the unsuspecting customer.

A young girl, next even ten, runs up to our hero and pulls him over to a stand and points out a game, she thinks he can win. The hero sighs and pays the stand owner for one game and takes his shot. Of course he fails at this rigged game. The young girl is crushed, but our hero just puts on a smile and lets his sister lead him around.

Of course, even a cheery festival such as this has it's dark secrets. As the greedy shopkeeper closes his shop, a shadow silently slips inside the tent. It rises over the man, without making any form. Then, as quickly as it entered, it leaves without a sound. Only later would the guards find out what happened to the shopkeeper, and even later the con artists around the festival.


(I am writing as if I were the knight on this mission, just in case for no confusion! Also, thanks Nono for letting me switch to Fantasy :3)

My orders were clear: Find this magical serpent gem, and bring it back to headquarters. I didn't know if I would be able to complete this menacing task or not. I had a gleaming sword at my sweaty throat. The serpent gem was in the wrinkly hands of the king who I had been targeting for months, trying to end his diabolical life. He goggled at me, with a crooked grin, slightly chuckling to himself. I had no way to protect myself, and I knew I would be dead before breakfast. There were several other knights surrounding myself, and all the exits and entrances. They were dressed in shining, storm cloud grey pieces of armor. Numerous of them had their headgear on, hiding their faces, but some had them off, exposing their dreadful to look at faces, covered in scars and bruises, all several different colors, ranging from bright purple, to sky blue, to sea-foam green. The crammed room I was in, despite the sever situation I was in, was pretty engaging. On the ceiling, there were divine paintings. Four, to be exact. The one in the top left corner, showed a brown horse on it's hind legs, wearing a black mask and bearing a knight on it's back. The one right beside of it displayed a beautiful mistress, wearing a red dress with white and black lace on countless areas of the dress. The one right below it, revealed the serpent gem, glowing a very blinding aura of green in the middle of the air, with a few trees in the background, along with the sun in the sky. The last portrait, to the left side of the serpent gem painting, put on view a dragon exhaling a orange-ish yellow-ish intense fire. I didn't know what these meant, or if they had anything to do with each other, or if they were just for display, but I didn't get to embrace the marvelous room much longer, as I had been picked up, and thrown out of the room, crashing down the stairs and smashing my head hard against the dense cobblestone, before falling into a long slumber.

I lifted myself up groggily, confused and feeling a little sick. I opened my eyes and was stunned. The mistress I had seen in the painting, was standing in front of me. I was still feeling eerie and didn't understand what was happening. I quickly scanned the area, and it seemed I was an a jail cell, and for being one, it was pretty comfy, a bit crammed, but comfy. The mistress bound her arms around me faster than you could say "sabotage". "You must be the one!" she squealed. "The one who will fulfill the prophecy!" she explained loudly at my puzzled facial expression. "What prophecy?" I asked, still very confused. "You know! The special prophecy that will get back the serpent gem, save me and save the village!" "I still have no clue what you are talking about, fair maiden." The princess looked very annoyed. "The prophecy, this prophecy," she pulled a dusty scroll out of her top,

" 'A mysterious stranger will be presented to you.

He will set this village anew.

He will end up with the prettiest one in the village, treasure, and fame,

But there will be a price, making him--.'

"Making him what!?" I yelled hysterically. Of course I wanted to save this princess and the village, but I wanted to know what I would be "made" if doing so. "I don't know, every prophecy that belongs to this village, there is always an important, key word missing, always." "Well, that's just great! Well, first we have to find a way out of this cell." "That may be a problem." "Why is that?" "Because one of the nights are standing right there, staring at us," the fair maiden gulped. The night that was standing at the door ran off, most likely to alarm the king and the other knights, while I knew the princess and I were in major trouble.




(YES, FANTASY <3. This is going to be long and dialogless :C)

You know all the mythological creatures existing in nowadays world, but nobody shoed they exist, neither gave proof like fingerprints, personal belongings and any other thing. For years the humanity tried to find these legends for satisfying their hunger for knowlededge, but what they didn't know is that all of exist. Their location is the ancient world of Brydgelwar.

Somewhere in the multiverse, this is the place for all the imaginary creatures to live in peace and harmony. Unicorns, fairies, centaurs, sirens, residing in the big oak forest that cover the large plains, the endless mountain chains, the mighty jungles and oh no this story is ending now WAIT NO PLEAS-


Nano: Sorry but I did tell most of you it was due Saturday, and I didn't want to edit conflict someone again!

Conker - Your in, You win, then you don't post one :/ (No Story)

Mabel - I told you, the deadline was today! Sorry! (No Story)

Rex - Hm... I think this is my favourite of yours 7/10

Mrace - …… My LEAST favourite of yours, sorry 5/10

Dianted - D: ………… 8/10! This was great!

So the results are in.... AND DIANTED WINS THE CHALLANGE! And a new twist, the winner is immune and the rest vote someone off! Good Luck!


Nano: Vote for anyone BUT Dianted, got it? Yes, yes you do!

Dianted: I vote Maple (Mabel/Solar), sorry, but you're the biggest threat here! 

Conker: mrace is the biggest threat, but mabel always forgets this camp excists

Dianted: But, to be honest... Race has been kinda slacking recently, so... yeah.

Conker: Only on this new one, Nano said MRace was perfect last one just a little rules were ignored so Mrace didn't get his full points but Mabel is forgetting this camp even excists, so i vote Mabel 

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Episode 4


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This story is written in a strange style, so if you don't understand it straight away, that's fine.

The sun shining through the windows woke Mindy up. A morning just like any other. After a quick wash, Mindy put on her uniform and headed down the path to her school, crossing the street when nearing the payphone. Like all other days, Mindy didn't learn much at school, and what she did learn, she didn't find very useful. Afterschool, Mindy went to the park to enjoy nature. The vibrant flowers glowing with life. After spending some time in the park, Mindy headed home, ate her tea, and read a book until she fell asleep.

The sun shining through the slightly cracked windows woke Mindy up. A morning just like any other. After a cold wash, Mindy put on her dirty uniform and heades down the path to her school, crossing the road when nearing the payphone. Like all other days, Mindy didn't learn much at school, and what she did learn, she found useless. Afterschool, Mindy went to the park to wonder why some students were sick. The flowers were just blooming. After spending a few hours at the park, Mindy headed home, ate her bland tea, and read an old book until she fell asleep.

The sun glaring through the cracked windows woke Mindy up. A morning just like any other. After a freezing wash, Mindy put on her tattered uniform and headed down the path to her rundown school, crossing the road when nearing the payphone. Like all other days, Mindy didn't learn much at school, and found everything useless. Afterschool, Mindy went to the park to wonder why she was the only one at school that day. The dying flowers were being crushed by rocks. After spending her afternoon at the park, Mindy headed home, ate some biscuits, and read a scrappy book until she fell asleep.

The glaring sunlight from the broken windows woke Mindy up. A morning just like the others. After a cold bucket of water wash, Mindy put on her falling apart uniform, and headed down the path to her closed school, crossing the road when nearing the payphone. Like all other days, the teacher was missing, and Mindy learnt nothing. Afterschool, Mindy went to the graveyard to think about her life. The gravestones' names were eroded away. After waiting until sunset, Mindy headed home, went to bed on an empty stomach, and cried herself to sleep.


(This story is based on a dream I had previous night :o)

That night, in a rich district of New York City, Terry Callahan, a renamed lithologist professor and also a scientist who contributed to the developement of certain machineries for Earth's study, was checking the results of his new creation: a device that analyzed the depths of the Earth, made previsions about the upcoming earthquakes and gave the results in form of paper. With the help of coffee, Terry kept studying these results, trying to find something and alert the population of the arriving danger. He wasn't tired of it. That was what he enjoyed the most: previding the future and giving in the most accurate way possible a premonition of what would have happened. While he was reading, his eyes felt into a section of the analysis about the Ring of Fire, a large zone in the Pacific Ocean where the seismic movements were incredibly constant. The words that paper said made Terry jump on his own chair, surprised and frightened about his discovery, backing off his desk and conjuring what he did read. I am now going to explain what frightened him.

The analysis gave out a map of the Ring of Fire area, describing the situation of the rocks and giving out some premonitions of future earthquakes. This area's condition was drastic. The rocks were placed in a certain way that if only one would break, another one would, and then another one, another one, and another one. To make it short, a single rock would cause a massive chain reaction that would've create the biggest earthquake ever existed. The many breaks would've incontrollably move the entire planet and induce all of Earth's plates to shake without a end. No zone would've been safe. The earthquake was going to cover the entire America, Asia, Oceania and even Europe, Africa and Antartica. The paper said that the next earthquake, the one that would cause this disaster, would happen just the next week, 13th July 2014.

After getting back in himself, Terry immediately got the phone, made the number of the NASA and called them. The conversation was the following:

"Hello. Army here." the other side of the phone replied to the call.

"Terry Callahan is here." Terry said. "Listen, we have a big problem."

"Oh, Terry. Nice to hear you. What is it?"

"There is going to be an earthquake..."

"...and there's a problem with that?"

"It's not an ordinary earthquake. It's a giant one! The action range will cover the entire earth and doom the entire humanity!"

"...are you kidding me? Why should we believe you?"

"Here, I'm sending you a fax.".

The copy of the results shortly arrived at the army base and were collected from General Coldenstray, a veteran of the national protection body, but also a close friend of Terry Callahan and somebody who knows about the movements of the Earth.

"....Wow." He exclaimed, bringing the attention of some lieutenants. "Is this real?"

"Sadly real." Terry replied.

"It will happen in one week?"

"In one week.". The military men started sweating because of the nervousness, but then got back in himself, pushing the other people away from him, keeping the disastrous premonition away from these curious eyes and preventing the panic of his fellow members.

"I've got one idea." Coldenstray reassured the scared scientist.

"Tell me General."

"We still have one week to escape from Earth. I have the number of the NASA, so I can contact them about this and propose to prepare the spaceships and scatter them in the various places of the world. The population will then transfer on these and, once they're filled, will start flying in the space, far away from this danger. What do you think?"

"Spaceships? Are you kidding me? Do they even have these?"

"You don't know NASA, Terry. They even have too much. This will work for sure, trust me."

"Ok, thanks for the help, Coldenstray!"

Once the call ended, the veteran, just like the plans said, called the NASA, explained everything and asked about the savage procedure. Despite the predicted big costs for the whole operation, the organization accepted and soon the humanity was close to safety. In various parts of the world, the easy-reachable ones, spacheships were deployed and gave a help to whoever managed to reach these to escape and live forever (maybe) in space. The operation kept going for 4 days straight, non-stop, as many lives got off the soon-doomed planet. Earth slowly depopulated and the animals soon became the prevalent species, even if for a short time.

Callahan's family was one of the last to approach these spaceships and get in. It was composed from Miranda, Terry's wife from 20 years, a young girl with long shiny blonde hair, thin and two eyes with the colour of the sky, Franklin, the eldest son, and Barney, the youngest. All of them headed to the final spaceship of New York zone that would head in space.

"Stop here!" a guy, which is then revealed to be the controller, commands the family. "What is your name?"

"I am Terry Callahan." Terry replied. "This is Miranda, Franklin and Barney, my family."

"Oh, you're Terry Callahan, the one who preannounced the disaster. Get in. Your room is 43H, 5th floor on the right at the end of the Eastern Hallway"

"Thank you sir.". The family, following the instructions, walked their way to their new home, perspecting what would've happened in the big black, but then Miranda stopped on her place, searching for something.

"Terry..." Miranda called his husband. "Where is our Barney?"

At these words, the father frigthened. Their young son wasn't with them. He could've been somewhere in the spaceship, in someone's room, in the engine room and, worst of all, outside of the entire mechinery. The controller was the one who gave out the situation.

"Hey, kid, come back here!" his voice shouted to the outside. The two parents  ran to see what was going on. It was Barney, outside the spaceship, distracted from a cute dog that was snooping in the surrounding area. The two called him various times, but the son was getting further away.

"15 seconds to the doors closure." the controller informed Terry. "You need to get back in."

"Are you kidding me?" Terry angered at the man. "I must save him!". With these words, he jumped outside and ran towards the little one which was still cuddling the animal.

"Be quick! There's not much time left!" Miranda encouraged his husband from the door, worried for what would've happen. He managed to grab the little kid and was heading towards the door, but it started to ultimately close

"Quick! There's no time left!" the controller shouted at him,

Continuing tomorrow because I was a little long...hehe...


Looking down at the corpse below me, I knew that this wasn't going to end well. How are they even real? Is it possible? Or is this just a dream? But she died before my very eyes... her dark red flesh torn out from her neck, as the blood poured out non-stop. It was a traumatizing experience, and my hands were still tainted in her flesh blood after fending off against the creature that stood in front of me. This can't be real... But I saw it... is this some twisted reality that someone has prepared for us? Are zombies actually real?

Why her? I mean, what karma did she have in store for her? Her silky black hair, with her small pink glasses, and weird fashion choices... how she would obsess over manga, and books, but never really showed her true self until moments before. She... trusted me to get her out of this nightmare... but... it all happened so fast... I looked down once again at her corpse, and she still had her formal high school uniform on, and I knew the red stains were definitely not coming out. But there was something odd. For a second there, I saw her fingers slightly twitch. Nerves, or is she still alive? It's impossible due to how much blood she has lost.

Tears begun to drip from my interesting looking hazel eyes as many people say, as I dropped onto my knees. This caused the water to mix in with the blood, causing an unusual colour. Her face was still in shock, so I rested my hand on her crossed eyes, shutting her eyelids. I closed her jaw too, at least her corpse could rest in peace. I watched carefully, as I endlessly mourned her cold death. Her fingers twitched again, but I must have been hallucinating. Looking back at her sweet, pale face, I could notice as her skin begun to slightly transform into an odd shade of green.

Is this even possible? What was going on? Was I hallucinating again? Is this all a dream? Was I even hallucinating at all? Is this even reality? 

All of these questions throbbing in my mind caused some sort of migraine, and I rubbed my forehead, attempting to relieve the pain. But alas, it finally went away... but... did I just hear someone mutter? It sounded quite deep, and the only person in the classroom was Sakura and I... But the voice was too deep to be her, and she sounded terribly ill. Looking back at her face, once again, it begun to be more calloused and green.

It was from this moment on, I shot up immediately to my feet, frightened with the crowbar still in my hand. This was real... this wasn't a fantasy. It's just like in the movies. She looked... just like one of them that attacked her... I gulped, as these thoughts continued to engulf my mind. She was a zombie. Once you're bitten, you're turned, so it seems. 

She begun to rise onto her feet, in a slow motion, as if her energy had been drained. She had a noticeable limp, and hunched back and a scrunched up facial expression as she took slow steps torwards me. Sakura continued to make those deep groans, which she had made before, and raised her sharp nails out torwards me. If I didn't do anything, she'd kill me and I'd become one of them. But, if I kill her... I'll have a fighting chance. But, Sakura was always something special to me and she doesn't deserve to have her life thrown away by some stupid pandemic. Maybe there's a cure?

I begun to form some small courage inside me, and looked straight into her eyes, which rolled up to the back of her head. It was a horrific sight, and she was right in front of me.

"Sakura-chan," I muttered, looking straight at her, with my weapon firm in my hand, and stopped the tears from endlessly dripping, "does it really have to come to this?"

Sakura lunged at me, with all her rotting strength. Her teeth were out, and due to her weakened state, some were already missing. Inside her mouth was disgusting, and she smelled horribly. Was this the end? I held my crowbar up close to my chest, to keep myself protected as I couldn't bring myself to attack her animated corpse. I was a coward. Within milliseconds, I accepted my fate, and knew I was going to die.

Her lunge was forceful, and fresh blood splattered onto my face, as I gulped. But, I felt no pain. She didn't bite me. Looking down, I noticed the crowbar, dug deep into her chest, as blood spilled out. She made a weird roar, symbolizing her pain. I... stabbed her. But, she did it herself.

I tried to push her away from me, but the crowbar dug deep into her, jabbing through the flesh and poking out of her back. It seemed the transformation had severely weakened her, and I could sense the anger. But, does a zombie even have thoughts, or a properly fuctioning brain. 

I pulled out the crowbar, and even with the wound, Sakura picked up the pace with approaching me. I was frightened still, but I'm not going to become undead bait. A leap of adrenaline rushed throughout my relatively thin and scrawny body, and I felt empowered, even in my frightened state. I swung the crowbar with all my force in her direction, and watched as blood seeped out of both her wound in her stomach, and newly created neck womb.

"I'm sorry," I noticed as my crowbar pierced through her neck from the left, stabbing through the left as blood poured down, and the zombie dropped to the ground, "I've always... loved you... if you're even in there Sakura. I hope you watch down on me. I'm going to survive, for the both of us."

After facing away from the corpse, I could notice footsteps, but fast and loud, as if someone was sprinting outside. It couldn't have been a zombie...

After taking another step back, only to collide with a desk inside to the classroom and flop onto the ground, I saw the door slam right open carelessly, and in front of me might have been my only hope. "Mabel," I heard one of the females speak, after seeing me on the ground, "Sakura..."

"What the hell happened to Sakura chan?" One of the other girls, with light blonde hair traveling down to her waist, dropped onto her knees, as tears begun to drip down from her eyes. "Mabel... why?"

One of the guys there, stood up straight and was holding a baseball bat. I could slightly recognize who he was, but my vision was blurred from the tears and shock. "Get up on your feet. It's sad, but we've got to get over this, and look to the future. Aw, who am I kidding, we're screwed..."

"Tsubaki," I looked at the blonde girl, "I apologize. Ai, Taichi, she... she... tried... ro kill me... is she one of them?"

Taichi and Ai nodded, but Ai just glared.

"You should have done something, Mabel," Ai shot a glance at me, and coupled with her tough exterior and long black hair, it was frightening, "you should have protected her..."

I gasped, and this brought back more terrifying memories of when she was turned into one of the flesh suckers. Taichi kept his cool as I could see, while Tsubaki continued to sob in sorror. "I... it all happened too fast, Ai. I'm sorry."

Ai folded her arms, and stomped her foot on the ground as she begun to approach me. "Well guess what? You think I care? You're pathetic! You just let her get bitten by one of those, and now... she's gone? You loved her, I always knew your idiotic ways of trying to talk to her, but you god damn failed."

"Ai, please," Taichi rested his hand on her shoulder in an attempt to calm her down which I fixated my vkiew on, she pulled away.

But before she could rage at me for any longer, due to something I had no control over, Tsubaki spoke out before her. "Ai, it's not his fault..." She wiped a tear from her eye, and looked away from the corpse.

Taichi then later tried to handle the situation, which is something he's prone on doing. "Listen, ladies and Mabel. We don't have time for the blame game... we've got something wild out there, something ready to rip us climb from limb without hesitation. Let's escape this school..." He smiled.

I pulled myself up onto my own two feet, and we begun to flee the classroom. The hall of the school seemed clear, and we ran without hesitation, ignoring our needs for a break, and with a motive. To get out of here. Once we reached the end of the hall, we were met with a staircase, and there was a lot of them.

"What do we do?" Tsubaki inquired, as she was still shaking with fear.

There was a whole army of the flesh nibblers, all ready to attack at any given moment in which they located us. We had our backs against the wall, preparing ourselves. "What else can we do?" I added, speaking softly.

"We kill them," Ai bravely spoke out, and began to walk back the way we came from.

Taichi watched intentively, and I could tell that he was frustrated. "Where are you going?" He muttered to her, but she continued to walk away. "What is her problem?"

"If..." Tsubaki gulped, as she tried to speak to us, "we have to kill them, what do I use? I don't... want to do this..."

"We'll have to stay strong," I coached her. I couldn't have her running out into the field in fear, "they're not our friends anymore... they're the enemy. Kill them, or be killed yourself, Tsubaki."

"Ai..." Taichi muttered under his breath, awaiting for her return as she entered one of the class rooms, "what the hell are you doing...?"

After a few moments of waiting, I knew we had to get out of here as soon as possible. But the question remains. Where is Ai and what is she doing? If we leave this for too long, it's inevitable we'll be swarmed, and we'll never make it out of the school alive. Does hope even exist anymore?

Suddenly, right as I was about to make the first move in taking out the undead, the door in which Ai entered shot open, and she revealed herself. "We all need weapons, don't we?" She threw a large machete over to Tsubaki, which spun on the ground by her feet. "Did you miss me?" She held out a large meat cleaver. "I mean, I'm not going to fight off the undead with my fists."

"So we are all armed," I spoke out and tried to take control of the situation, "let's roll..." I sighed heavily.

Taichi begun to lead the way, as he held out his baseball bat which was already stained in blood, ready to strike. I did the same with my crowbar. I wasn't particularly too close with these people, but they were in my homeroom class. We were just peers to me.

Meeting us at the stairs was roughly twenty of our undead friends, ready to rip our flesh apart and turn us inside out. It was a horrific sight.

"Let's slash." Ai commanded, with a wicked smile of satisfaction on her face, which left some kind of awkward and evil taste in my mouth which was definitely hard to explain. "Goodnight!"

I watched her take the lead, as she held out the meat cleaver and forcefully dug it into one of the corpses head. It attempted to take a bite into her shoulder, but she forced it all the way through, splitting the head in half as blood shot across her face but she had no expression. 

"My god," Tsubaki spoke, as she and I stood back from all of the chaos, still holding her machete. "Why? This is brutal..." She scoffed.

"We've got to do what we've got to do," I spoke to her from the top of the staircase, and watched as another head was squished across the wall with Taichi's bat, causing fragments of it's brain to spill out along with the blood, "gross, it might be. But, it's necessary for survival."

As she nodded, I walked down the stairs armed with my crowbar, as more of the bodies met their makers as Ai's cleaver and Taichi's bat definitely delivered with more struggle.

One of the undead begun to approach me, and without hesitation, I impaled it with my crowbar through the chest, ignoring the horrific blood that begun to pour it. But, before I could pull out my crowbar, it backed away with it still impaled through it, and launched at me, ready to bite. 

"No," I called out, and as it was about to dig into my flesh, I regained my hold onto the crowbar, which pushed deeper through the corpse as more blood oozed out, escaping the body. With all my strength, I pushed it against the wall, pulled out the crowbar and took a swing against it's head.

Not to my surprise, the corpse was incredibly weak and it's head was instantly decapitated as blood squirted out from it's neck. I could tell that once was walking up behind me, and took a swung. Ten points! I got it directly in the throat. This killed it instantly, and a limited amount of zombies were alive.

"Let's pull through," Taichi ordered, as he begun to slowly beat one of the remaining few undead by the staircase, as more blood stained through his clothes.

"Hey," Tsubaki muttered from the staircase, as she blocked her view with her hands, "please don't be that... gross..."

I watched as Ai ran down the stairs, holding her meat cleaver up in the air, screaming out. It's as if adrenaline was rushing through her, and I was slightly concerned. "Die," she screamed out, as she cut through it's stomach from the right, and with all her force, it managed to bisect the corpse easily.

"Oh my!" Tsubaki shuddered even at hearing the slashing going on.

"That's the last of them up here," I informed the others, after taking a good look around, "but there's probably going to be way more down there..."

Taichi nodded his head, and looked down at the bloodshed below us. "That was empowering to say the least. I did pretty damn nice, right Ai?" She just rolled her eyes, murmuring that he's an idiot. "See? I did quite good. QUITE!"

I sighed, looking back at Tsubaki as we begun to make our descent. "Let's get moving." I looked back at Tsubaki once again to see if she was going to follow us. "Tsubaki!"

"Duck!" Behind her stood one of the undead, but she never noticed. If I didn't do something, it would instantly bite into her, and turn her into one of the undead. But I couldn't let that happen. She followed my order, and with all my strength, I launched my crowbar at the zombie which stabbed it through the chest.

She turned around, and watched it, screaming in horror. I couldn't even calculate how frightened she was at this, due to her being a shy girl. "Oh my god!" 

The zombie wasn't going to stop, and there was nothing I could do in time. I could only help for the best...

"I'm not going to be a pushover for you any longer!" I heard Tsubaki raise her voice, which is something I've never seen her do before. She held out her machete, and begun to violently stab the zombie multiple times, as blood splattered all across the staircase and her body. "DIEEE!" She screamed, as there were various holes in the corpse, and as the body fell to the floor, she still kept attacking it gruesomely with the knife. We were all shocked, I could tell. Who knew she had this in her? No matter what the occassion, she would never harm a soul. Well, whatever adrenaline that got into her doesn't matter right now. Us escaping does.

"Come on," Taichi continued to lead us, as we made our way down the stairs, and cautiously walked down the hallway. Limbs and flesh were spread everywhere, as the walls were painted in blood. "It's gross, but we don't have all day."

But as we reached the end of the hallway, and began to go left, something interesting was to our side.

"Help," a beautiful blonde haired girl screamed, as she got hoisted onto the top of the lockers, "TF, come on, get up! My special vegan diet I prepared for you every day will give you the strength! Don't die!"

TF, the teenaged boy below him panted, and attempted to hoist himself up. "I'm trying, Asahina!" 

Sweat poured down his face, when suddenly one of the undead dug into his flesh on his shoulder. "Oh my god!"

"Let's get him!" I ordered, as the three followed behind me.

However, Ai took the lead as she held out her meat cleaver in one direction. She was prepared to slice through a skull, and with a smile on her face. As TF stood back up onto his feet, and looked at Ai, the zombie dug back into his neck, causing blood to squirt onto the locker doors.

"Heads up," Ai muttered as she ran past the zombie and TF with the meat cleaver still out.

Upon watching, I could notice blood squirt up in the air, tainting Asahina's uniform from the top. After the blood cleared, I could notice two corpses standing up, both with their heads missing, and blood rushing out. It was disgusting.

Asahina was trembling in fear, and got herself off from the top of the lockers. She rolled up her fist, and was enraged. "You killed him! Monster!"

"What the hell, Ai?" I roared at her, demanding an explanation.

Tsubaki also added, while furious. "He was... innocent... he wasn't even one of the dead! What, does this drive your killling spree or something? What the hell?"

"Not... even... a proper goodbye," Asahina's eyes twitches, as tears mixed with the pile of blood below her.

"Are you all idiots?" Ai rolled her eyes, as she began talking to us, probably to explain her murderous deeds to us all. "If we left it any longer, TF would have been dead, and Asahina would be even more emotionally scarred."

Asahina sighed, looking at us all. "Being honest, I don't really care about that."

Tsubaki gasped, shocked by this. "But... he was your boyfriend..."

"I never loved him though, he was too nice, and never followed my orders." She replied.

But as Tsubaki was going to say something, Taichi cut her off. "Listen, we don't have time to debate about morals, murders, or relationships. We need to get out of here before sunset, or who knows what could happen to us in the dark."

I nodded in agreement. "Taichi is correct, let's go." We continued to make our way through the hallways, with a new motive other than survival.

As we continued to pick up the pace, we had made a good progress throughout the school. Getting out seemed easy now, as we hadn't come across any zombies on these two school floors. But suddenly, the exit was just there, and a huge crowd of zombies stood in front of us.

"Well, what are we waiting for?" Ai said, preparing her meat cleaver which was tainted in blood, and she licked her lips.

"I just want to say, I really love you guys." He smiled, looking at us. "No matter what, we've always been good friends, and we're going to make this out together... No matter what the cost that this crowd can do. As long as we are together, we've g- Ah!" He ran out, shoving Ai out of the way.

A pointy and large set of teeth dug into the flesh in his shoulders, as blood instantly poured out of the wound created by... one of the undead. "Someone!"

I ran over there in fury with my crowbar in hand, and looked at what was going on. Asahina... was the one biting him... as if she was transformed into one of the undead. This means Taichi was inevitably going to become one of them, and after what just happened between us, I cannot accept that as a fact.

"You... *****!" I swung my crowbar, which stabbed into Asahina's face. Well, she wasn't Asahina anymore.

Taichi dropped onto his knees, panting, as the pain enveloped him. "God damn it... Well, I spoke too soon, didn't I?" He chuckled, still smiling as his fate was sealed.

Ai ran over to him, this time without a cleaver ready to decapitate him. She rested his hand on his shoulders, tears pouring out. Who knew she had emotion? "Taichi... no! Please... this can't be real..."

"Oh, it's real baby," he laughed, as he took his last few breaths, "you owe me one, right? I mean, I saved your life. You deserve it... I love you... I always have... I wanted to be your groom, but isn't that dream faded? But, due to the circumstances, I never got to confess my love for you... But, this was the least I can do. You three need to get out of here, I know you can."

"You should have let me take the fall," Ai's grip on his shoulders became tighter, "and your slow behind doesn't even need to ask. I'd happily... be your bride."

The two shared a kiss, as tears poured down both of their faces, as Tsubaki and I nervously watched.

"I've kind of got a soft spot for wimps like you," Ai smiled, as she pulled away from the kiss.

"There's no going back," Taichi replied, as his face became green, "get out of here, and kill me. Before I become on of them. I swear, I will not become a zombie!"

Ai nodded, and held out her cleaver hesitantly. He saved her life, and willingly died for her. It was the least she could do to repay her debt. "Look away," she told us, as Tsubaki and I faced the hord.

We heard a slash, and looking back, Taichi was without his head... which still had a smile on it's face.

"Alright," Ai looked at us, wiping away the tears. "We're never going to get through this without dying, and Taichi had no business dying today... it should have been me... The door is unlocked, is it not? I'll clear a path for you, no matter what might happen to me. But what happens after that is on you two. So get out of here. I'll probably die, but, I embrace death."

"No!" Tsubaki cried, dropping on to her knees. "Please... Ai... It's not your fault."

"Shut up, or the zombies will be lured by the sound. They are blind, are they not?" Ai held out her cleaver, and walked into the crowd. "Let's do this."

Multiple limbs begun to fly, as she swung the cleaver, cleanly slicing through many of the undead. We followed behind her, properly armed.

I swung my crowbar into one of the throats, getting it wedged inside, while Tsubaki took responsibility while stabbing into one of the zombies, forcing it onto the ground. "I'm sorry," she muttered.

"Die!" Ai screamed out, as she slashed through a whole bunch of corpses, while continuing to clear through a path, to which we followed.

This was the biggest bloodbath I had ever seen. Red liquid oozed everywhere, and spread across the walls, as the corpses dropped onto the floor.

"Nearly there," Ai informed us, as she continued to cut through some of the undead flesh. "No!" A large set of teeth dug into her back, and she spun around, and instantly decapitated the zombie.

"Ai! No!" I called out, knowing that she would soon become one of the undead.

"This is horrible..." Tsubaki let out a few tears, as Ai and I continued fighting through the horde. 0

The path had been cleared, and we made our way to the exit. "So, here we are..." I sighed, holding my hands on the handles.

"Ai... why...?" Tsubaki sobbed at the thought of her dying.

Ai shrugged, and rolled her blue eyes. "Who cares? I went by my word, and I helped you guys. Get out of here, before I become one of them... survive out there."

"Ai, thank you so much." Tears fell from my eyes, as she threw up some blood, and her skin went into a green colour. Tsubaki also agreed.

Ai chuckled, holding out her cleaver. "No f***ing way am I become one of those undead motherf***ers. Goodbye, and good luck. Maybe I will be reunited with Taichi..."

"Thank you... again..." I said to her, because without her help, I would have been dead. She held up her meat cleaver, and Tsubaki and I faced away, as a weird chopping sound was heard, and something rolledo n the floor...

I couldn't bear to the see site of a decapitated noble friend.

Ai would forever live on my world, as she sacraficed herself to save us. Taichi too. The sun shined bright into our eyes, as Tsubaki and I entered the outside world. What would become of us...? THE END


Nano: I'm gravely disappointed in one of you, who hasn't done the last two challanges but whatever!

Dianted: __/10 cause...

Conker: 0/10 .. YOU LITTLE INACTIV-

Rex: 7.5/10 Took me a while to understand but nice!

Mabel: ..... 8.5/10 OMG Apocalypse is your thing!

Race: ....7/10 Good but not your best.. Your best included me :D

And whoever didn't expect Mabel to get immunity, they're idiots! Anyway, vote!


Conker: I quit, i am bored with tis camp, sorry. :(

Mabel: *was actually going to vote Conker* Okay.

Nano: Well, I hate quitters so... *flushes Conker down the Toilet of Shame* .... YAY! That was so fun!

Mabel: Cool.

Episode 5


Nano: Due to budget problems, we can't afford to do two things; 1. We can't tell you what to write so you can write anything this week and 2. We can't keep 2 of you anymore, so after this is the final 2! It's due in on Friday!



"I don't speak English," spoke a brown hair girl cheekily.

"B-b-but, April," a blonde spoke, "you just-"

"I have the swine flu."

"She doesn't," interfered her boss.


There once was a guy who had sumbs, he now has no sumbs, good bye. 

(Wolfy is inactive, and Race quit with camps, there's no point in trying! :P)


Due to budget cuts, we have had to remove words from this story. We _______ for this event.

___ walked out to the ___, and started ____ his ___. ______________ noticed this ___ and ____________ for him.


Nano: Hmm... We have 2 twists; 1. Mrace is out for... no story and 2. Mabel picks who goes with him in final 2, so pick!

Mabel: Can't there be a final 3 finale? :(

Nano: FIIIINE! Geez, most contestants just deal with it! So... I don't know, sit.. here? Cause I really don't want a protest against me like BF!

Mabel: Shut your mouth, fool. And give us a topic next time, sweetheart. :)

Episode... Final


Nano: Well, Your final challenge is *cries* a choice of three story topics; a Thriller, a story about a TD contestant or..... A story about me and you parting... get it? Cause this is the last episode... yes, pick one of the three!


"You have to be kidding me!" the woman sneered. "You're only kidding yourself," the other woman shot back.

The woman who had started the fight, and almost ended it, actually accepted defeat and just glared, glared and glared some more. She knew inside though, that there was no amount of glaring that could take her down. She finally slumped off murmuring great comebacks that would have been great, but she knew it would seem and look incredibly foolish if she went back and started screaming those insults in her face. She trudged inside the cabin, and began whimpering in her pillow. The argument had lasted almost a whole ten minutes, and she ran out of insults.

You suck! You are the worst person ever! You are foolish! Everyone hates you! Even your own parents wanted you out of your own house! You are pathetic! You are weak! The list goes on, and on, and-- on! All of these awful thoughts began to flow through her mind, she now realizing they were all "true." She would be the one who they laughed at, and the one who was always teased and bullied.

She continued weeping in her pillow, though she knew she had to keep quiet or the other girls still remaining would realize this and start to mock her just like her mind was doing. "Who is that?" a sweet voice whispered. "What are you doing?" She didn't know why, but she stayed completely still. "I know you're doing something, but what?" the voice continued. "I'm doing nothing, now go to bed," the girl cried but in a deeper voice than her's. "Okay?" the voice's hostess was completely confused, but she laid back down like she was told.

"So, close," she whispered to herself as she dabbed her eyes with the blanket laying on the bed. She finally had enough courage to pull herself off the bed and she dragged herself out of the cabin for a midnight snack. She wasn't supposed to but she was starving and she couldn't care less at the moment.

She reached the main lodge. She peered inside and glanced continuously from left to right to left and back to right. Though, she practically threw herself into the building after she heard someone whisper. She ran to the kitchen, but was not very successful, as she caused so much racket. She was right in front of the kitchen when she smacked into the door and fell backward. This incident, caused her to scrape her left elbow and it started bleeding. To make matters worse, she was feeling dizzy from a minimum amount of food and from knocking her head on the doorframe.

To make the situation even worse, she still heard the whispering voice. She brought up enough strength to drag herself into the kitchen area. Hopefully, the voice's host or hostess would either leave, or get out. She locked the door and slid a large piece of driftwood in front of the door just in case. This risk-taker kept crawling and snuggled herself into a corner. But, not before grabbing a piece of bread to munch on. Although, she thought it was some type of fruit and was moldy-- but both thoughts were wrong. She bit into it and started-- crunching? She spit it the soggy piece of bread out instantly and to get that awful taste out of her mouth.

She went to grab for the fridge handle but heard someone trying to get into the kitchen. So she pulled her hand back, fit herself back into the corner, and tried to do everything she could manage to keep calm and stay quiet. The handle and the door kept shaking. Louder and louder the sound would get. Deeper and deeper the host or hostess' voice would get. More and more frightened she was becoming.

She was actually now shaking terribly from being so scared and from barely any food. She didn't know if she would see her not-so grateful parents again, she didn't know if she would even see another sunset-- or her boyfriend who, for some reason, stayed with her, after all those times she treated him poorly. She would possibly not see anything after this moment, except for the dwelling blackness that took over as she lost all consciousness.




She woke up in a pool of sweat. But, it wasn't her own. Some teen was laying beside her, facing the other way. She shook it off and looked around rapidly, wondering where she was. She noticed several bodies standing-- no, not standing-- around... literally. She yelped and heard something fall and crash from a distance. She tried to lift herself off of the table she was lying on, but realized her leg was chained to a beam near the table. So, she did the best she could do-- pretend she was still-- knocked out? She heard rumbling so she lay back down, closed her eyes and tried to match the position she was in when she woke up, the best she could. If the plan would work, well, she would have to just wait and see.

The barely conscious and barely breathing woman was still laying like she was dead. She heard someone enter and she began to get real nervous and sweaty. She couldn't help herself. She wanted to just kick him/her, or at least curse him/her out. But, she knew if she even moved she would have been killed instantly. She had to know what this man/woman was doing. She gazed over, and saw a muscular male cutting up meat. He had numerous shelves being buried under things such as jars, knives of sorts, and the thing that seemed to be there the most-- dead animal carcusses. Gross was the only thing she could actually get her brain to say. As it was still dazed, and the part unaffected was still trying to figure out this whole situation. The last thing she knew was the man turning around and walking up to her. She had completely stopped breathing out of fear. But that did not seem to help, as he just picked up one of the jars up and dumped its contents all over the floor. He juggled the jar a few times and then smashed it over her head. She blacked out instantly.




The woman woke up in a puddle of something-- but this time it was not sweat. It was blood. The corpe lay beside her. The only thing on her head, a few patches of thick, dirty hair. She was completely naked except for a blanket wrapped around her stomach, but that too was drenched in blood. She saw a crowd of people around her. Chris was talking to a few police officers, his eyes were popping out of his head, and his hair was ruffled. His clothes looked like they were put on and worn by a two year old. She pulled herself to look at the girl laying beside her, dead. It was the girl who she had been fighting with-- Gwen. She could not help but sob softly. She pretty much hated Gwen, but she did not want to see her dead-- or be laying in her blood. A few of the other campers finally realized that she was awake after so long. They darted over to her and she was delivered by a fiery wave of hugs and pleasant greetings. Bridgette, Trent, D.J., and Owen were the only ones she could see. There were others talking to other police men and others behind this tiny group, but she could not lift herself up to look. Duncan had walked out with a few cups of coffee, tea, and other beverages. There were also some snacks but Owen and D.J. were quick to snatch at them. "Here." Duncan said as he set a cup of hot tea in the woman's hand, but grabbed a hold of her other one. "Privacy please?" he spoke softly trying not to cry. The other four knew what was going on so they left. "I can't believe it." Duncan sobbed. "Can't believe what?" she asked, sipping some of her hot tea. "Courtney's... dead."

"How can she be dead?" she questioned. "I don't know-- I was finally going to tell her that you and I were-- a thing, but it was too late. She was in a body bag filled with blood and-- jelly... green jelly." Duncan replied. "Now I wish--" "I wish I wouldn't have hid behind her back." Duncan slowly cried as he stared off into oblivion, "I--" the woman stammered. "I had no right to be with both of you." The lady just sat there. She did not know what to say, and she just wanted things to be back to normal. Duncan sat there with her, her hand in his, in the silence. After a few minutes he hugged her and walked off, still sobbing. "But, who was the one who did all of this?" she cried. "Chef-- Hatchet," a police man told her not looking up from his notepad.

Chef, the guy who had caused so much trouble and pain had caused even more by killing and injuring almost 22 campers, plus Chris who was still looking like he was going to throw up a few organs at any moment. She was still starving and her throat was still scratchy. She finally sat up and stood onto the ground. She immediately felt all the pressure and collapsed. A sweet voice, the one who was talking to her during that night in the cabin, asked her if she needed help. Of course she needed it, but she knew she would be seen as weak if she needed help from-- Lindsay. "I don't need you help," The girl replied forcing back her tears while failing in pulling herself off of the ground.

She could not help it anymore. She unleashed all her tears and sobbed nearly 15 minutes away. The innocent girl was still sitting beside her, hugging her despite her being mostly covered in blood and sweat, some not even hers. "It's okay." Lindsay said, her voice cracking as she closed her eyes, squeezed her tighter, and actually began crying herself. "It's okay,"






The brown, chipped, and eerie looking door was ajar in her view, and gave off a negative vibe. From the slight peak inside the building, there wasn't much to be shown other than dark black hallways, which would make you think twice about even entering. Slightly gulping, she firmly placed her small hand on the rusty doorknob, and pushed the door open slightly more. She was genuinely terrified, but there was no holding back. She knew she was at one with the spirit and ethereal world beyond regular view, but it was still a situation she had never been in before, as fear ran down her spine.

"M-mother?" Spoke a light voice which trembled, as her eyes darted to the left of the hallway, as she noticed a switch. Hopefully this would light up her view, and if not, she would be in trouble. Flicking on the switch, she looked directly up at the light before her, which slightly crackled but then she heard glass shatters and she ducked in fear as it had busted. It had blown out on her, and she was left stranded in the darkness.

She shook her head, gasping. "I'm not sensing anything positive about this location, but why would mother send me here?" Dawn had begun to remember the note on her front porch, which had guided her to this direction. She had second thoughts about it, but decided to trust it.

A wind blew through the house, as her bangs lifted through the air, floating. She turned back, and noticed the sunlight outside end, as the door slammed shut leaving everything pitch black, and she heard a lock on the door. "No," she muttered, as she turned back to rest her hand on the doorknob, and with all her strength in twisting it, it would not open up for her.

"What's going on?" She muttered to herself, and could sense something supernatural inside the building.

This would force her to continue to explore the building, hopefully searching for a way out. But navigating would be tough due to the pitch black environment she was in. After walking down the hallway, she turned left but bumped into a wall, falling back onto the floor, and could hear some rattling under here.

"Huh?" She questioned, only for a few of the wooden planks below her to collapse, and she wailed in midair and dropped down into a basement.

Panting, she was relieved to not be injured and stood up in the dark room and dusted herself off. "Where am I?" She sighed, and was getting even more of a negative and thrilling vibe from this room. Running her hands along the wall, she managed to flick on a light switch, revealing the room.

She gasped, and her heart beats went by faster and faster as she could barely keep in her screams. Her emotions generally laid hidden, but she let out a sharp squeal. It wasn't very loud, but it didn't give off a good sound to anyone's ears.

And there it was. Fresh red blood painted across the walls, still dripping down onto the thick concereted floor. "You're... next?" Dawn gasped, slightly panting and begun to sweat which she had commonly done when fear circulated her slim and short body. 

Dawn backed up against a wall, but she knocked down a shelf which spilled a few toolboxes, and other equiptment which would be used for gardening and trimming. 

There it was, staring her blank in the eyes, despite the pupils being rolled into the back of it's head. The body was coated in blood which tained the Spanish dress which seemed awfully familiar to her. The women had sleek brown hair... "M-mother?"

Dropping to her knees, Dawn was experiencing one of the worst feelings she had ever felt... "Why... why so early? We were just getting to know each other better... I curse this world, and the human beings brought into it who could be so negative!"

Footsteps were heard behind her, along with various tools being heard knocked over onto the ground. Someone was inside the basement, or at least nearby. 

Now wasn't the time for mourning, it was the time for survival. Was someone after her? Who had lured her here? But there was only one thing she could tell from this all. There would be more blood to shed, which goes against all of her morals, and all the peace she had ever believed in.

"Mother..." Looking back at her mother one last time, she stood up, and wiped away the tears which ran from her teal eyes. Her emotions kept on enveloping her, but she stayed strong.

"So you showed up? Knowing your apparent voodoo junk, I was sure you would get a negative premonition, or whatever you witches do," a cloaked figure with a metal baseball bat in one hand, and a kitchen knife in the other, spoke out loud, "you don't deserve to be in this world."

Dawn backed against the wall, trying to get further away but there was no escape in her midst. From that moment on, she was assured she would be next as the blood on the wall mentioned. "But... why? Why could one be so corrupt as to commit this?"

"There's no room in the Earth for someone with capabilities beyond ours," he replied smugly, "for all we know, you could be the spawn of a devil."

"That is no reason to kill," Dawn wimpered as she felt the need to collapse, "but why my mother?"

"To give you the heads up," he spoke again in the intimidating vioce, "she gave birth to you, she must be one of your kind as well..."

She ran, and sprinted as fast as she could. Many shelves stood in her way, but she was eager to find a way out of the basement, and flee before the ignorant beast could spill anyone else's blood. But then she was faced with a problem, as the lights went out.

"Don't even bother," he replied, "can't I just do this quickly so the world can thank me for it?"

Dawn wanted to reply to ridicule and shame him, but speaking out would only give off her location thus destroying anyway of escape. She could never fight back, as she was just a weak little girl. The powers she did possess didn't do her any good, as she was still led into this trap. But there had to be a way out. there had to. There always is a workaround. 

Crawling across the floor, she had to make as little noise as possible even though he was slowly approaching, and getting closer. Her hand suddenly rolled against something, which flickered and emitted small amounts of life.

It was a torch. She could use this to her aid, and her location still would be hard to find. She pointed the torch straight ahead of her, and followed that direction, but was then stopped.

A brick wall was blocking her move. The exit must have been on the other side. But she couldn't possible reach it without getting captured. She would have to fight back, but she knew it was wrong. Harming someone is against morale and Mother Nature, even in self defence at times.

But she had to put her beliefs back if she even wanted to do justice. Pointing the torch around, she noticed a brick in a shelf, and held it up and got up onto her feet.

"I'm here," she firmly spoke and pushed away all fear and despair, as hope and courage was born. It was something she never had utilised before in her life, as she was always secluded away in the forest, or in her bedroom.

The lights then were flicked on, and right in front of her... was him...

"Pa...?" He dropped his cloak, and stared directly into her eyes and this caught her completely offguard before she could pull any attack. "But... why?"

Before she could get an answer, or even attack him, her father went charging straight at her, knife in hand. She was in a state of shock, and moving would not be plausible or possible. A sharp pain was felt in her stomach region, as her nerves reacted to this attack and she wished she would be dead, rather than experiencing it.

Looking down before her, she noticed the knife stuck deep into her torso. She dropped the brick, which slammed into her father's head, dropping him onto the floor in pain.

"F-father?" She could barely process what was going on, besides the immense pain she was in. She rested her hands over the wound to apply pressure, as fresh red liquid continued to ooze out, creating a small puddle on the concerete beside her father, who's head was also bleeding.

Dropping onto her knees, she just wanted her body to go into an unconscious state, so she wouldn't feel the pain no longer and so he could finish her off quickly.

But she had the will to live, and she needed to avenge her mother and even up the balance between good and evil. She didn't have the energy to get up and run away, so she crawled across the concerete in an attempt to flee, as more blood continued to pour out.

It was a slow process, but it was effective, as her father continued to roll on the ground in pain, his forehead still bleeding from the brick. "You son of a... I curse your birth, I curse ever marrying that loser your wife was once known as... I will kill you! I swear on my life, I will rid the Earth of your witchy evilness! You're the reason my life fell into despair, and ending you will rid me of it... So I can start anew..."

Dawn coughed on her own blood, which she spat out of her mouth. The pain was even more unbearable, but she had faith in herself. She had continued crawling across the basement floor, getting closer and closer to the staircase and a chance of living in the world.

"No," she could barely speak as he had a firm grip on her leg, "stop it, daddy..."

"Why should I, you little rat," he pulled her closer in, holding out the knife ready for another stab. He stood up, and lifted her up with him, with his arm wrapped around her thin neck, and the knife ready to impale her and finish her off, "Die!"

More tears fell down, which dropped onto his hairy arms. "Please don't do this," but besides her cries, he was ready to stab into her, "daddy!"

He was about to deliver the final stab, but she pushed herself back against him which had him back into the shelves, as multiple paint buckets fell onto his head. He let go of her and fell onto the ground, but the knife dug into her leg, causing even more immense pain.

"I... I loved you," she pulled the knife out, as her father looked her deep into the eyes, "but you betrayed me and mother... I'm sorry, Mother Earth."

And with that, blood splattered across her face and clothes, as she stabbed into his back and he yelped in immence pain, like she had once done. But she didn't stop with that stab, as he deserved more pain to be inflicted upon that.

She delivered many more, which splattered and spread out blood across the walls, shelves, ground and herself as he continued to scream in horror.

Panting, she stabbed the knife into his forehead, and could barely get back up on her feet, as she spat out more blood. One could barely recognize the body, as there were over a hundred stab marks. "I'm... I'm sorry... but... mother had to be avenged, and the negativity had to be thrown out.

Her eyes rolled to the back of her head, and her eyelids shut tight. Blood eventually stopped pouring out of her two wounds, and she dropped onto the concerete, seemingly lifeless.

"Dawn?" Sirens were heard, as a nurse shook her shoulder, but she would not respond.

In her final thoughts, she was happy she had restored peace within her family, even though it ended to the end of their lives. She had to die for ending another life, but it was not in vain.

She would never awaken again, and one could ring the bells as the witch had met her fate.



I pick the third choice.

Yeah I won! *grabs the trophy from Nano and socks him in the face* Muahahaha!

That is something that might happen if I win (this camp has just gone downhill).


Nano: *crying* We had such good memories together, I don't know how I'll move on..... oh well, anyway, time to judge! Also, I realized today, Mabel and Dianted really like stalling >->

The worst story was.... Rex's, he didn't attempt the challenge as he didn't even try, but he did get 3rd so congratulations!

But now, only Mabel and Dianted remain, both had great and intriguing plotlines, it was extremely hard deciding who had the better story but, sadly, only one won...

The winner of the final writing challenge is....





...Dianted! Maybe even the second best story in the camp (My fave was Mraces first story), it was intriguing, I was into reading most of all! At the beginning of the camp, your stories weren't the best, with very bland stories and many mistakes, but I feel this is a huge improvement and the biggest difference from your first story! Mabel, you put up a valiant effort, with your wins, but Dianted's story was, in my terrible opinion, just a little more dramatic and best! So wish to grant you, Dianted, the title "Dianted - The Great And Powerful Writer"! Anything to say in response, Dianted, and anything you'd like to say Mabel?

Mabel: That Dianted doesn't exist? *murders Dianted >:D*

Dianted: *Gets revived by Cameron* Haha! I win! Now Maple, get out! And thanks Nono!

Mabel: Wait, I quit, and let Dianted win out of pity!

Dianted: You lost. I won! Too late to quit! :D

Nano: Can't quit, you already lost! :), So is there anything you'd like to say to the other before we leave?

Mabel: Will there be a sequel which Dianted will inevitably lose?

Nano: Hm... NANO'S PICTURE CAMP! Genius- *punched by Ed MacDonald* Fine, I'll make a GOOD sequel! Ok, That was this season of Nano's Writing Camp! *spaceship sucks him, Cameron, Ed, Mabel and Dianted into it, and leaves Rex behind for not trying*