Holden: Based on the success of season 1 it is time to do the sequel. It is a pretty easy and fun type of camp. There will be 5 Returnees and 8 Newbies that will be choosing songs. Though these aren't just any type of songs. We will be choosing songs that match the personality of TDI contestants. Every so often I'll ask you to find a song for a RotI contestant. I'll judge it on a scale of 10 for originality and if it describes the contestant. After judging the worst team will be put up for elimination where they must vote one of their own out. We will merge too and the bottom three of the week will be put up for elimination in that case. Eventually only one will remain. Who will be crowned the Songs of RotI Champion.


  • Do not complain about your elimination.
  • Songs MUST come from Youtube. Preferably a video that has the lyrics or I will change the video so they are easier to judge
  • with the link post the name of the Song and the Artist.
  • No songs with porn or swearing allowed. Songs containing either will be docked by 3 points.
  • Songs sung in English only.
  • If someone already posted a song and you then post it. You will score a 0 so look at the entries carefully.
  • Even though there is a due date for entries challenges can and will be ranked at the feeling of holden.

Example Entry: Alejandro by Lady Gaga Gaga (reason why you picked this song) Entry for Alejandro

Elimantion Table

Contestant Original Team Switched Team Merged Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Phy Conductors Surfers PLTC IN IN Alpha WIN WIN Surfer WIN Dark Liam Zanna TF WINNER
Dark Maestros Liamas PLTC IN Dark WIN IN Gwopher WIN Loenev LOW LOW NV LOW RUNNER UP
TF Maestros Surfers PLTC Nemo TF WIN IN WIN Surfer WIN NV LOW LOW OUT
Zanna Sopranos Surfers PLTC IN WIN IN Mabel WIN Surfer WIN Blaze Liam OUT
Liam Maestros Liamas PLTC IN Dark WIN IN NV WIN Dark Blaze OUT
AJ Sopranos Liamas PLTC IN WIN IN Mabel NV WIN Loenev Blaze DQ'ed
Blaze Conductors Surfers PLTC IN IN Alpha WIN WIN NV WIN OUT
Loenev Maestros Liamas NONE IN Dark WIN IN NV WIN Dark
Surfer Conductors Surfers NONE Nemo IN Alpha WIN WIN TF
Gwopher Sopranos Liamas NONE NV WIN IN Mabel Gwopher
Mabel Sopranos NONE NONE IN WIN IN Gwopher
Alpha Conductors NONE NONE LOW IN Alpha

Sign ups (Closed)

  1. Phy
  2. Darrrrrkkkk
  3. TrentFan
  4. Zannabanna
  5. Icicle ;D
  6. WelshGirlAmber
  7. BlazeHead 51
  8. 💖 Loenev 💖
  9. Surferdude1219
  10. Gwopher!!
  11. based mabel
  12. Alpha Ranger
  13. Nemo- NLG343

Pre Chat

Holden: Welcome competitor to s2. for examples about how to do this type of camp look at season 1. Lets have a great time and see who will be our song champion this time. I also need a color for the table so post it below.

Surfer: I want yellow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nemo: I'll take Lime then.

Gwopher: Cool I'll I dont know some colour of blue or something ( I dont even know how to get colours )

Holden: I just added it to the table up on top.

Gwopher: Can you make it a lighter blue lmao....

Holden: there you go

Gwopher: thanks! sorry that looked rlly mean

Holden: its fine. enjoy the competiton

Alpha Ranger: Hi :).

Holden: I guess i better introduce some of these guys. We have new contestants Surfer, AJ, Gwopher and Alpha. then returning from s1 we have NLG who was only one day away from the merge when he posted a movie for his song, got a 0/10 and then was eliminated by Dawn. Also we have blaze who got third after barley losing the f3 competition and had TF send him home. Though he by far had the best entry of the season. Welcome guys!

Surfer: Thanks, Wes. And Nemo, really? A movie as a song?

Blaze: (sarcastically) now there's a guy that knows his music..

Gwopher: lmao so cool buddy holly

Loenev: I hope this will be great 💖💖💖

Icicle: fanks

Nemo: It's "thanks"

Holden: We also have Dark, Liam and Loenev. All newbies. Also We have to god know as mabel from s1 who was such a threat that everyone voted him out as soon as a chance opened up. A few more people and we can start. lets begin.

Challenge 1 Dawn

Holden: Just like last year we need to make our teams so this challenge is just being held to rank the teams. You will all need to find an song that describes Dawn. Something mellow might suffice. You have until 1/13/15 at 5pm EST to do your submission. To make things more interesting in the next challenge Team 1 will receive an extra 5 points, and team 2 will recieve an extra 3 points. The top 3 will also get to decide on their team names and colors and be the team captians. The teams will be decided from best to worst entries. GL

AJ's Entry

Idk. Eliane - Venus & Mars

Blaze's Entry

this is without a doubt a long shot, and i don't think i'll do greatly well but...meh..

anyway, the song is Summertime Sadness by Lana Del Rey, i don't really know how i saw much aspect of Dawn in this but...this is my entry. XD

Surfer's Entry

It's a Disneynature song about saving the planet!

Nemo's Entry

Gwopher's Entry - lmao well it aint the beatles, p.s peace and love

Alpha's Entry

Fireflies by Owl City:

Dark's Entry

Dark: We are the World!

Loenev's Entry this reminds me to Dawn <3.

Liam's Entry World Peace I guess? It's brand new too ! (Had to use Itemvn since YouTube has pitched version ew)

Mabel's Entry dont ask alpha stole mine 

TF's Entry why not

Zanna's Entry

Phy's Entry Weird Friendless Kid

Dawn was pretty much the outcast within the cast...aside from a few interactions.

Day 1 Chat

Holden: Talk to your friends and your enemies here. We should be having a great season. We also brought back the CONF for your pleasure.

Surfer: Yay for submitting songs! Do it so I can vote one of you out and crush your dreams!

Holden: Well i better introduce the rest. We have newbie Phy, our returning champion TF and returner who made it to the merge Zanna.

Dark: Mabel is like dusty...

gwopher: helloooo

Holden: times up

Results 1

AJ- This feels more like a love song but I can kinda see Dawn singing this to a plant or animal that she loves a lot. Also she isn’t this chill in my opinion but I really love the song 6/10.

Blaze- the nature parts are spot on but then the song goes to girly girl parts like her putting on a red dress and taking of her high heels. This is another love songs. Great effort but you did miss the mark a bit. 5/10

Surfer- Great Entry. I actually really like the aspects of these singers trying to inspire people. During RotI I saw Dawn reading people’s Aura’s and helping them progress with their lives. This song totally fits that and I can easily see Dawn singing it to everyone except Scott. A solid 8.5/10.

Nemo No Entry 0/10.

Gwopher- As much as I thought this was going to be a train wreck listening to it Dawn so perfectly fits this song. This is describing Dawn’s ideal society and how she looks and views the world. I love it 9/10.

Alpha- great song but someone named TF posted it first 0/10.

Dark- Solid Entry Dawn really does want to help the people of the world but I felt this song was more of their physical needs unlike Dawn who wants to help solve internal conflict. Great entry though and Dawn will save the world 8/10.

Loenev- This is a good entry it does remind me of Dawn a little bit but the more I watch the more I though THIS IS ZOEY. It is good for dawn though 6.5/10.

Liam- I feel that Dawn is more socially akward than this song makes this girl out to be and then there were also some swear words in it so you lose a few points for that 3/10.

Mabel- XD nothing about Dawn at all but I will give you a 1/10 because I like DR.

TF- the obvious choice 10/10.

Zanna- I can see Dawn singing this song to the universe but it is a bit of a love song but a good entry none the less. 7.5/10.

Phy- I can see someone singing this song to Dawn but I can also see them sing it to Cameron or B. it’s a great entry but a little generic. 7/10

Holden: So these are the entries so I guess I will rank you now and based on those rankings I will make the following teams

Team 1

TF (Captian)




Team 2

Gwopher (Captain)




Team 3

Surfer (Captain)




Holden: So here are our teams and from now you will help or make your team win or lose. I will now post the next challenge. At the same time Alpha and Nemo are both up for elimination for scoring 0's and the team captians will get to vote one of them out, So go to the CONF and vote one of them out and the one who stays will go to team 3. Also to the team captains i need team names and colors. Only your vote counts for this so have fun with it.

Elimination 1 Alpha or Nemo

Holden: Time to vote for either Nemo or Alpha.

TF: Alpha copied me tbh, but I'm going to go with Nemo on this one. Good night, sweet prince. get it

Surfer: At least alpha tried. Nemo, you're gone.

AJ: nemo

Holden: with 2 votes by the team captian's Nemo is going home.

Challenge 2 Anne Marie

Holden: so today Anne Marie is the person you need to post a song about. I think this is going to be a fun challenge. It is due at the latest 1/14/15 at 5 PM EST but i can close the challenge early depending on demand

The Music Maestros

TF's Entry

Dark's Entry

Loenev's Entry This is totally Anne Maria!!

Liam's Entry I feel like this describes her more from a viewer point of view. ya Am I Chasing Tiiiiiiime Because I've Wasted My Time On You 19:52, January 14, 2015 (UTC)

The Superb Sopranos

Gwopher's Entry - apart from the fact that im singing lead vocals on this song this song is wiCKED, also star collector practically means "gold digger", it totally fits annemaria cause she only was a little bit interested in zeke cause he had the huge diamond thingy, also shes in it for the glam stuff yo, exactly what this song is talking about

Zanna's Entry Though the whole song doesn't explain her, the overall theme of the song defiantly represents Anne Maria in a way. She loves her hair and without it she wouldn't be the same. In a sense, as the lyrics state, she is her "hair". And the lyrics "I'm as free as my hair" can relate to her because, like her hair, she is a very free-spirited girl.

AJ's Entry

Mabel's Entry <3 clean version 'do. Explains Anne Maria's thirst and love for looking good and out there ;) and love for lust ;) and a bit of shallowness but still anne maria <3 

The Crazy Conductors

Surfer's Entry she so fancy

Phy's Entry

Blaze's Entry

long shot again, but you know me, i like to live dangerously. XD

Alpha's Entry

Day 2 Chat

Holden: Chat your hearts out and Team captains I need your colors and names for the table.

Amber: We should be deeppink or baby blue? :DD

Amber-J: Um, I have some suggestions. Music Maestros, team Soprano and The Conductors or something. Idk.

Holden: it is done.

Results Anne Marie

TF- It was not the best entry ever. I could see a more feminist contestant like Courtney singing this but I kept thinking this is the exact opposite of how Anne Marie acted with Vito. Good attempt but try again next time 6/10.

Dark- No Entry 0/10.

Loenev- Good entry. I can see Anne Marie singing talking about her looks but I also feel that there is a little more to her personality. Great entry overall 9/10.

Liam- Good Entry as well. It seemed a little dark in places and I would hope that Anne Marie would never go to those lengths to get a guy but she probably would. Good entry 8/10.

The Music Maestros got 23/40 or a 58%

The Superb Sopranos

Gwopher- I am sorry but I don’t see Anne Marie in this song. It seems like this would be more or an intern for one of the celebrities. Anne Marie’s personality forces her to be front and center and this song does not describe that sorry. 5/10.

Zanna- I Really love this entry. I can she wants to be the free spirit and her Hair is her identity of how she is that free spirit. This song in company being called hair makes this song awesome 9/10.

AJ- I feel the work aspect is a little off because I don’t think Anne Marie has worked a day in her life. Though the parts about her wanting to be rich and that was she is working towards are spot on good effort. 7/10.

Mabel- XD, well I don’t think she cares about her lower half as much as anaconda but if you replace butt with hair that would describe that aspect of pretty well. Good effort. 7/10.

The Superb Sopranos got 28/40 or 70%

Surfer- The music did not work on the video so I had to try to judge it by just using the lyrics so yeah. I think she wouldn't party this hard but she probably does like to party. Make sure the music is working because you will probably lost some points for it. 4/10

Phy- You win. Everything that describes Anne Marie is in this song. 10/10. Best entry of the season thus far.

Blaze- Wow. This team has great entries. I think that this is Anne Maria’s goal in life and how all of her friends who never believed in her will react when they see her become famous and be on RotI. Great entry. 10/10.

Alpha- No entry 0/10.

Crazy Conductors got 24/40 or 60%

Holden: The winners are Superb Sopranos and Crazy Conductors are also safe but Surfer and Alpha should be counting their lucky stars that Blaze and Phy had such good entries. Music Maestros are going to elimination where Loenev has immunity for being the best of the worst. Either TF, Dark or Liam is going home. All four of you head to the CONF and vote one of your teammates out.

gwopher: how dare u tho... how dare u say 2 me MY OWN SONG only deserves 5/10, now thats disrespect, ur not respecting me ur not respecting my song, i thought u were better than this...smh obviously ur not....

Elimination Music Maestros #1

TF- (CONF) I vote Wes Holden. (Self Vote)

Dark- (CONF) Bye Me!

Loenev- (CONF) I really like you Dark, but you had the lowest score of our team. So I think it's fair if we vote for you. But I still really like you <3 <3

Liam- (CONF) R I P Dark. Btw you know her name is Anne Maria right

Holden: With 3 votes Dark you are going home.............................Gotcha. To be nice since we haven't done this type of camp in a year no one is going home this time. Dark count your lucky stars and make sure your entries get posted quickly of you might be the next to go.

Challenge 3 Staci

Holden: Staci is the name of the game, the name of the game is Staci. You will have to submit an entry that describes Staci. This should be fun and i cannot wait to hear your entries. They are due 1/17/15 by 5PM EST. GL

The Music Maestros

TF's Entry

Dark's Entry Getting Down on Friday!

Loenev's Entry

The Dutch song 'Je praat te veel' which means 'You talk too much' was just the best song I found. But now I have a English song what describes Staci.

Liam's Entry obviously.

The Superb Sopranos

Gwopher's Entry

Zanna's Entry Staci is very annoying to most fans out there (and most of the contestants) and isn't liked by many. She receives a lot of hate but no matter what she did always stick to being herself.

AJ's Entry

sorry not sorry

Mabel's Entry idk

The Crazy Conductors

Surfer's Entry

Phy's Entry


Blaze's Entry

kinda did this one as a joke, but it could describe some weird guy trying to break up with Staci. XD

Alpha's Entry

Day 3 Chat

Holden:We need some excitement. Post here.

Dark: I'm Alive!!!

Surfer: Sorry for last time. Guess I didn't listen to it.

Holden: You have a day left. Get those entries in

Blaze: to be honest i won't be surprised if you give me a low score, but whatever, i just hope i can get as far as i did last time.

Loenev: I'm sure we'll win! <3

Results Staci

Music Maestros

TF- This has absolutely nothing to do with Staci except she won’t shut up and rick rolling will never end. Good attempt but I wish it described her a bit more 6/10.

Dark- The annoying factor of this song describes how I feel about Staci a lot. Not too much personal detail about her but it is a good entry 7/10.

Loenev- Great entry. I really like the part where he describes exactly what she talks to much about. 8/10.

Liam- This perfectly describes how people respond to Staci and how they feel when they are stuck around here for long periods of time. Blah, blah, blah 9/10.

The Music Maestros got 30/40 or 75%

The Superb Sopranos

Gwopher- No entry 0/10

Zanna- I do see where you are coming from but I think more of this song is how people Swift is not really true while the Staci we see on total drama is the real Staci. Good effort 7/10.

AJ- Yes Staci is fat but we do not know why and I do not think she would sing this to anyone nor would anyone sing it to her. I think Staci has a lot more to her than we have seen. 5/10.

Mabel- Like AJ yes Staci is fat but in contrast there are some aspects that I do feel that describe Staci like her talking to her mom and neither of them shutting up. Good effort 7/10.

The Superb Sopranos got 19/40 or 48%

Surfer- No Entry 0/10

Phy- Again this entry is brilliant. You know exactly what people want to say to her and this decribes what staci says and why she says it. I love it 10/10

Blaze- Sorry but the staci in this song does not describe the Staci in total drama. Good effort 5/10

Alpha- No entry 0/10.

Crazy Conductors got 15/40 or 38%

Holden: So the Music Maestros win and the Superb Sopranos got second. Sorry Conductors but having 2 teammates not do the challenge really killed you. Phy has immunity at the vote for having the highest score on your team. Now go to the CONF and get to voting. If you don’t vote after 24 hours you will self vote and if there is a tie the person with the lowest score today will go home.

Elimination Crazy Conductors #1

Holden: You have to vote out somenoe now. Everyone is up for elimination except Phy. Enjoy

Surfer- (CONF) Dang, I was just gonna post. Anyways, I vote Alpha.

Phy- (CONF) Well I wasn't expecting solo immunity...but I vote for Alpha.

Blaze- (CONF) meh, i kinda expected to not get a high rating anyway, but back to the voting, i vote Alpha.

Alpha- Oh yeah I kind of forgot this camp existed. So bye *quits*

Holden: And Alpha is going home.

Challenge 4 Mike

Holden: I want to a mike entry. This needs to be good and i can't wait to see your entries. They are due 1/19/15 at 5pm EST. Have fun with all the personalities of Mike.

The Music Maestros

TF's Entry

Dark's Entry

Loenev's Entry

This was a hard one. But I think I found a great one! :) -

Liam's Entry

The Superb Sopranos

Gwopher's Entry because of vito and him

Zanna's Entry This week's theme was so far the hardest to find a good song for. For me it was between this and "Best of Both Words" from Hannah Montana and I ended up choosing this one. When the lyrics say, "You think I'm crazy" that can relate to Mike because some people may make fun of him because of his disorder but that isn't fair because it's out of his hands and he can't control it. And the lyrics, "Get along with the voices inside of my head" can be compared to Mike's alter egos.

AJ's Entry I think this works. :D

Mabel's Entry

The Crazy Conductors

Surfer's Entry The song describes how Mike has two sides to him and is especially significant in regards to his relationships. people are probably confused by his antics and it affects him in these relationships.

Phy's Entry

Probably not the best choice. But it has Personality in it so there's that XD Oh and the lyrics are in the description.

Blaze's Entry

this kinda describes Mike trying to hide his disorder from everyone, but hey, the scoring's up to you Wes! XD

Day 4 Chat

Holden: lets have some fun

Results Mike

Music Maestros

TF- 0/10 No entry

Dark- This was an awesome Entry. It explains so that how if Zoey were to break up with mike, what all of his personalities would do to her. Very creative 9/10.

Loenev- Some of the lyrics confused me and I don’t think they described the personalities very much in the song. It just said I will change my personally based on your mood to me. 6/10.

Liam- This is exactly how Mike would describe some of his personalities, especially Mal. This was a fantastic entry and I love Imagine Dragons. 10/10.

The Music Maestros got 25/40 or 63%

The Superb Sopranos

Gwopher- There was a TON of swearing all over this entry and I feel it did not completely grasp who mike is but I did like the aspect that wherever this guy was this other person followed him. 3/10. You lost points for all the swears.

Zanna- I like it. It shows how mike and other people view his multiple personality disorder. He is friends with some monsters but though conquering them he has become a new person. 8/10.

AJ- I fell this song describes mike and how he wants to get out of his shadows of his personalities but at the same time I can make cases like that for other TD characters like Cameron and his plastic ball. Good Entry 7/10.

Mabel- No entry 0/10

The Superb Sopranos got 18/40 or 45%

Crazy Conductors

Surfer- I love this Entry. As we can see from RotI this is exactly how Zoey acts around Mike especially when Vito comes out. This is a perfect song 10/10.

Phy- Sorry but I think there are better songs out there that describe Mike and his antics 5/10.

Blaze- I can see the theme of this song being used by Scott to exploit Mike but that is really the only connection I really saw. I don’t think Zoey will be a regret for Mike 7/10.

Crazy Conductors got 22/30 or 73%

Holden: Well the Crazy Conductors win by over 10% to our 2nd place Music Maestros. Sorry Sopranos but you are going to elimination and you have 24 hours to vote or you self vote and yall know about the tie rule. Also Zanna has immunity for being the best of the worst so you cannot vote him off. GL

Elimination Superb Sopranos #1

Holden: Zanna has immuntiy so go and vote someone off your team and i have a special surprise for all the remaining contestants afterwards

Gwopher- *votes Mabel*

Zanna- I vote Mabel

AJ- Mabel : D

Mabel- *votes Gwopher*

Holden: With 3 votes Mabel is going home. Now for the twist, we are going to condense into 2 teams. Based on this challeneg scores here they are spo enjoy them and i will now post the next challenge.

Team 1

Liam (Captain)





Team 2

Surfer (Captain)





Challenge 5 Zoey

Holden: Post a great entry on Zoey which i feel shouldn't be too hard but i have been wrong before. They are due 1/21/15 at 5pm EST. GL

Liamas in Hats

Liam's Entry -- Zoey about Mike tbh. It's hard to think of a song without including Mike ;)

Dark's Entry

AJ's Entry signing to mike.

Loenev's Entry

Zoey doesn't act like it, but she thinks she's royal.

Gwopher's Entry

Surfer and the Surfettes

Surfer's Entry

Zanna's Entry I don't know much about Zoey but I chose this song because it can explain Zoey and Mike's relationship.

Blaze's Entry

Phy's Entry

Not really bout Zoey, but more about how her character is pretty much dependent on Mike.

TF's Entry

Day 5 Chat

Holden: Have fun chatting with all your fellow competitors and Liam and Surfer, I need team names and colors

Surfer: Surfer and the Surfettes. Our color is yellow.

Holden: It is done.

gwopjer: lol also chill....jojnny rottmn would hate u

Amber: Sweetheart, you are addicted to boysssss! hahahah

Dark: Our team is all the girls and Liam he should call us Liam's Angels!!!! please Liam!!!

Gwopjer: I'm not gay.

Amber: But gwophii you are a girl right?? You told me that? :OOO

Liam: Our team is called Liamas in Hats and our team colour is #007ACC

Amber: I like it Liam <333

Liam: results now pls

Holden: Sorry I have to leave soon but they will be up as soon as I come back.

Results Zoey

Liamas in Hats

Liam- Yes I think that there is some Zoey like qualities in this song because she can’t get mike off her mind but using the same logic you could make this a Sky and Dave song. Good effort 7/10.

Dark- I quite enjoyed this entry though I can as well be described to multiple total drama characters Zoey does not want to be alone and that fear drives her to be the person she is today. Both in good and bad ways. 8/10.

AJ- This song is totally Zoey when Mike goes Vito and is all over Anne Marie. Besides that I can easily see Zoey’s shyness and finally breaking out of her shell and going after the boy of her dreams. Great Entry 9/10.

Loenev- I don’t see Zoey in this song. I love the song a lot but Zoey seems a little more shy than the person being described here. Someone richer and more famous like Dakota maybe but I just don’t see Zoey in it 5/10.

Gwopher- No Entry 0/10

Liamas in Hats got 29/50 or 58%

Surfer and the Surfettes

Surfer- I little slow in the intro but the chorus is spot on for Zoey. She does not want people to leave her and will do everything in her power to prevent that from happening. Good entry 7/10.

Zanna- Wow that was amazing. Zoey is looking for qualities in a person like mike who fits that description I love it, spot on 10/10.

Blaze- No Entry 0/10

Phy- Interesting choice. I can see how her character is very dependent on mike but she can hold her own ground. Especially in the F4 of TDRotI. 6/10.

TF- This can describe a lot of TD couples but I do see Zoey singing it. Everything in her life is made better by Mike. Good entry 7/10.

Surfer and the Surfettes got 30/50 or 60%

Holden: By 1 point the winners are Surfer and the Surfettes. They are safe from elimination this evening. Liamas in hats one of you are going home, AJ has immunity from being the best of the worst. Go the the CONF now and vote off one of your teammates.

Elimination Liamas in Hats #1

Holden: Time to vote. AJ has immunity

Liam- (No vote)

Dark- Sorry Gwophs!

AJ- (No Vote)

Loenev- (No Vote)

Gwopher- yo sorry I vote for me cause lmao I probably can't do any more challenges cause I'm too busy but yea

Holden: If Gwopher needs to leave i will not be in the way. So we are down to 9 and another challenge will be going up now.

Challenge 6 Sam

Holden: Time for you next challenge I want you to do a fun entry on Sam. What do you think describes Sam will be up for debate. The entries will be due Friday 1/23/15 at 5pm EST. Now get working on those entries and have fun with it.

Liamas in Hats

Liam's Entry

Dark's Entry this!

AJ's Entry

Loenev's Entry

When I saw Sam, I knew I would love to do this song:

Surfer and the Surfettes

Surfer's Entry This describes how Sam wants Dakota to love him, though he is very weird.

Zanna's Entry

Blaze's Entry

i think this song is pretty awesome, but hey, i'll let you decide if it's worth a high rating. XD

Phy's Entry

Not so much about his gaming personality, but it does describe mainly his lack of energy without proper motivation.

TF's Entry

Day 6 Chat

Holden: Which team do you think is going to win guys.

Results Sam

Liamas in Hats

Liam- No Entry 0/10

Dark- Great entry. Describes the relationship between of Sam and Dakota very well. Just wish it had references to video games. 9/10.

AJ- Good choice. He really is white and nerdy but I think there is more to him than this. 8/10.

Loenev- I like the song but it does not really describe Sam at all. Its just the Mario theme song 5/10.

Liamas in Hats got 22/40 or 55%

Surfer and the Surfettes

Surfer- I kinda see Sam doing some of these thing in order to get with Dakota but I think this song takes it a little overboard, especially in the second verse 7/10.

Zanna- No Entry 0/10

Blaze- You win. That was so Sam. Best Entry of the day 10/10.

Phy- Good entry. He is pretty lazy but I can see that he is a bit outgoing too. 8/10.

TF- No Entry 0/10

Surfer and the Surfettes got 25/50 or 50%

Holden: Well Liamas in Hats win the challenge. Surfer and the Surfettes two people not doing entries kinda killed your score and now you are going to elimination. Blaze has immunity for having the highest score. See y’all soon.

Elimination Surfer and the Surfettes #1

Holden: Time to vote. You will have at max 24 hours. Blaze has immunty. Gl

Surfer- I vote TF because, looking back, Zanna has excelled and gotten better scores. Sorry bae. </3

Zanna- I vote Surfer.

Blaze- (No Vote)

Phy- Surfer.

TF- Surfer. YOLO.

Holden: In a suprising blindside team captian Surfer is out but you guys are still stuck with the name gg

Challenge 7 Jo

Holden: Your next Challenge is to post a fantastic entry about Jo. They will be Due 1/25/15 at 5 pm EST. Have some fun with the songs and work your tails off

Liamas in Hats

Liam's Entry Mainly the chorus, because Jo is a really competitive fighter and becomes stronger every time she is knocked down.

Dark's Entry

AJ's Entry

Loenev's Entry

Jo is villainous, angry, mad and... BAD!!

Surfer and the Surfettes

Zanna's Entry I chose this because Jo is very strong person, physically and mentally.

Blaze's Entry

i had no idea what to do for Jo, but i guess this will have to do, it kinda displays how she acts around guys and what she'd probably do if any of them tried to make a pass at her.

Phy's Entry

Jo came into TDRotI (and to a very minor extent, TDAS) with a plan and those who underestimated her were taken out of the competition.

TF's Entry yolo

Day 7 Chat

Holden: Someone say something cause I am really bored

Phy: Hi.

Holden: Oh thank you for talking Phy, being the host of an award winning show can be really lonesome.

TF: *runs*

Holden: *chains TF to a Pole* Good luck with all that running

Amber: Go TF! Go TF! Go TF!

Results Jo

Liamas in Hats

Liam- Sounded like a love story a bit but I kept thinking that she could sing this after both of her eliminations. Good effort 7/10.

Dark- This definitely sounds like Jo bossing people around and think she is all that. Good entry 8/10.

AJ- This is a really good entry. I feel this describes how some characters like Eva or Jo turned out the way they did. Fantastic 9/10.

Loenev- I really do not think Jo is evil or bad, she is just misunderstood and a little bossy like Courtney. I feel it also was not descriptive enough. 6/10.

Liamas in Hats got 30/40 or 73%

Surfer and the Surfettes

Zanna- Yeah I like it. It also describes how she could of possibly turned out and I know she would give them at least a little credit 8/10.

Blaze- Well it think this does describe her because the only boys that would want to date her are the ones she does not like. Also the girl in this is pretty violent 9/10.

Phy- I like it. Jo has this attitude and her gender can be one of the reasons 9/10.

TF- I do not see Jo at all in this 5/10.

Surfer and the Surfettes got 31/40 or 78%

Holden: Again by one point surfer and the Surfettes win the challenge. Liamas in hats must no go and vote off another one of your members. AJ had the best entry and thus gets immunity.

Elimination Liamas in Hats #2

Holden: Vote off anyone but AJ. You have 24 hours.

Liam- I hate being in this situation...I guess I'll tie and vote Dark? :3

Dark- Loenev had the lowest score...

AJ- Loenev

Loenev- Dark, because Liam and me were the first with a song.

Holden: Well since we have a tie we have to go to our tie breaker rules. This is only the second time we have had to do this and the person with the lowest score of the day in the tie will be sent home. Today that is Loenev since she had an 6 while Dark had an 8. Well in other newe Liamas in hats and Surfer and the Surfettes are no more. WE ARE MERGED.

Challenge 8 Alejandro and Sierra

Holden: Yes i know they aren't RotI characters but we are going to do them anyway. As people of the merged cast you now get to do multiple entries. I promise at max you will only be doing 3 entries and that is for the finale if you make it that far. Give me some great Alejandro and sierra entries. As a note Alejandro by lady gaga is banned from being used. The 2 people who score the lowest in the challenge will be up for elimination and everyone eles will vote one of them out. The entries are due on 1/28/15 at 5pm EST. Enjoy. Also please make sure you label your entries so i don't have to guess who is the song being sung about

Team Phy plus Lucina and the Treble Clefs

Liam's Entries

  1. - Sierra. Her love drives her crazy for Cody :p
  2. - Alejandro. Everybody who has "been" with him knows he is utter trouble. :p

Dark's Entries

  1. Sierra!
  2. Alejandro!

AJ's Entries

  1. Sierra singing to Cody
  2. Alejandro may be pretty, but he has an ugly heart!

Zanna's Entries

  1. This is a good song to describe Alejandro. He is clearly a womanzier and uses girls by manipulating them with his looks.
  2. I think this is a good song to describe Sierra's relationship with Cody. She is very obviously obsessed with him.

Blaze's Entries

  1. everytime i hear this i think of either Al or Scott, but i think this is better for Al tbh. XD
  2. imagine 30H!3's lyrics are actually Cody talking about Sierra. XD

Phy's Entries

  1. Sierra's song since she is well a stalker.
  2. Alejandro's song

TF's Entries

  1. - Alejandro
  2. - Sierra during World Tour

Day 8 Chat

Holden: I need a merged team name and color.

TF: Team Song Team, color black?

Dark: Treble Clef! Black!

Amber-J: They're both good!

Phy: Team Phy and the color is red.

TF: Wait, how about Team Lucina, color teal tbh?

Amber-J: Yassss @Tf

Phy: But Team Phy D:

Blaze: how bout the Mightier BlazeHeads!?, color can be orange. XD

Holden: Give me one name or i will combined all the suggestions like last year

Liam: We should call ourselves Reloaded since that was what Roti was originally :)

Dark: Treble Clefs!

TF: Team Lucina & Phy, color black. You know, compromise and stuff.

Holden: you are now the Phy plus Lucina & the Treble Clef's with some sort of blackish color

Results Alejandro & Sierra

Phy plus Lucina and the Treble Clefs

Liam-The Alejandro song is awesome. Everyone he tricked in TDWT defiantly felt this way about him 9/10. Though your sierra entry was generic and could have been better 7/10. Total 16/20 or 80%

Dark- I did not really get the Alejandro entry. It seemed to be talking more about pollution than evil 6/10. I think the Sierra entry is good but I think Sierra is a little blunter than this stalker 8/10. Total 14/20 or 70%

AJ- This matches Alejandro perfectly, I love the entry 10/10. The Sierra entry is good too but I feel some of the stalker qualities are missing. 7/10. Total 17/20 or 85%.

Zanna- It’s a great entry though I feel Alejandro has some respect for women though the descriptions are right on 9/10. For the sierra entry I was a bit confused since the boy was the stalker but other things did make sense in the end. The stalking was a bit off to 6/10. Total 15/20 or 75%

Blaze- Alejandro’s entry was very generic. 7/10. I get where you were going with Sierra’s but I feel you missed the mark a bit 5/10. Total 12/20 or 60%.

Phy- I like Alejandro’s entry, it seems that all the girl she talks too he breaks their hearts 8/10. Sierra was really good as well. Cody does react when sierra does her stalker like activities 8/10. Total 16/20 or 80%

TF- Its kind of generic for Alexandro 7/10. Sierra entry wins hands down 10/10. Total 17/20 or 85%

Holden: well with the lowest scores Blaze and Dark are going to elimination and one of them will be going home. Remaining contestants please go and vote one of them out.

Elimination Phy plus Lucina and the Treble Clefs #1

Holden: Vote off either Blaze or Dark, you have 24 hours to do so.

Liam- Voting Blaze since Dark was on our team before :L

AJ- Um I'll vote Blaze, I feel bad for voting you, I still love you okay <3

Zanna- I vote Blaze.

Phy- Voting Dark since Blaze was on our team before

TF- (No Vote)

Holden: It looks like Blaze is out. Sorry hopefully you have a better time next season.

Challenge 9 Scott and Fang

Holden: Its time for our next two competitors Scott and Fang. I want a great entry for each of them. you will have until 1/30/15 at 5pm EST to post your entries. Bottom 2 will be up for elimination. Have fun and good luck.

Team Phy plus Lucina and the Treble Clefs

Liam's Entries

Dark's Entries

AJ's Entries

Zanna's Entries

  1. I chose this song for Scott because he came to Total Drama to win. He will do whatever it takes (manipulate, backstab, and lie) to do whatever it takes. After all he did "come to win".
  2. I chose this song for Fang since is a "radioactively" mutated shark.

Phy's Entries

  1. Scott's- Well he was an antagonist and he did "a good job" at manipulating his team and stuff.
  1. Fang- Fang spent most of his time being a hunter and chasing his prey Scott. He would go to the end of the earth to get his revenge on Scott.

TF's Entries

Day 9 Chat

Holden: Welcome to our Final 6. Let us celebrate

Results Scott and Fang

Holden: Wow only 2 people did the challenge really guys well we are going to have to put a few twits into this challenge due to the lack of participation. First AJ left the wiki so she has been automatically DQ'ed but there is still one more person going home. Phy and Zanna for being the only people to do the challenge you get to eliminate one of the other 4 people. Please go to the CONF and do so now.

Elimination Team Phy plus Lucina and the Treble Clefs #2

Holden: Phy and Zanna please eliminate either Liam, Dark, or TF.

Phy- (CONF) I guess I'll vote for Liam.

Zanna- I vote Liam.

Holden: Liam it is 5th place for you.

Challenge 10 Brick and B

Holden: Give me a great entries that resembles Brick and B. They are due 2/2/15 at 5pm EST. GL

Team Phy plus Lucina and the Treble Clefs

Dark's Entries

  1. - Brick
  2. -B

Zanna's Entries

  1. I chose this song for B because I feel like something happened in his past that has caused him to not speak.
  2. I chose this song for Brick because since he is a cadet he will always try his best and never raise his "white flag" and surrender/give up.

Phy's Entries

  1. Brick
  1. - B

TF's Entries

  1. ~ B
  2. ~ Brick's values of teamwork, as well as his military nature.

Day 10 Chat

Holden: Welcome to our Final 4. Let us celebrate

Dark: Same!

Phy: *celebrates*

Holden: gg

Phy: gg


Results Brick & B

Phy plus Lucina and the Treble Clefs

Dark- The beauty aspects do not really describe Brick but people putting him down does. It’s a good entry 8/10. Wow your B entry was amazing. I total see B having some struggles and speaking is where he has the biggest problems 10/10. Total 18/20 or 90%

Zanna- Again the love aspects are not brick but see the never giving up attitude 9/10. The B song I get the exact opposite of what you were trying to do. This person would not stop talking and she want him tou stop. Good on other points though 7/10. Total 16/20 or 80%

Phy- I love this song and with the military I feel this is a good entry for them and for brick. 10/10. Your B entry was really good too. This could explain why he does not talk 9/10. Total 19/20 or 95%

TF- There is more to brick than the military. I kinda feel you missed the mark. 7/10. Obivous choice for B 10/10. 17/20 or 85%

Holden: Well Phy and Dark win the challenge and secure their spots in the F3. Not there is one spot left and either TF or Zanna will receive it. If there is a tie in the vote Zanna will go home for having the lower score today. Please go to the CONF and vote

Elimination Phy plus Lucina and the Treble Clefs #3

Holden: Time to vote out either Zanna or TF. GL

Phy- (CONF) sorry but I'm going to have to vote for Zanna.

Dark- (No Vote)

Holden: It does not matter who Dark votes for since Zanna is out either way.

Challenge 11 Cameron Before and After

Holden: So this week i want you to do something a little bit different. I want you to post an entry of Cameron of how he was like before RotI and one after. So I would like bubble boy Cameron and million dollar winner Cameron. You will have to 1/3/15 to post the entries by 5 pm EST. GL.

Team Phy plus Lucina and the Treble Clefs

Dark's Entries

1. before -

2. after -

Phy's Entries

1. Bubble Boy Cam- I chose this because Cameron starts of as the weak runt but with the support of the friends he makes, he is lifted up to meet the challenges of the game.

2. Winner Cam- Basically Cameron grew more confident after winning and he can move on and live his life to the fullest now that he no longer needs his bubble.

TF's Entries

Day 11 Chat

Holden: F3 please chat below while i also poll the world on who they think is going to wins Songs of the RotI.

Who will win Songs of the RotI?

The poll was created at 09:07 on August 3, 2015, and so far 1 people voted.

Results Cameron Before and After

Phy plus Lucina and the Treble Clefs

Dark- I see a little Bubble boy Cameron in this before he was on RotI but I feel that he at least did not party that much. 6/10. After yes he is the champion but there is more to Cameron than winning RotI. But overall it is great and this song shows the ultimate underdog story. LOVE IT 10/10. Total 17/20 or 85%.

Phy- I think it’s good. I see that it was his friends that helped bubble boy Cameron be where he needs to be 8/10. Cameron totally would sing this after season. LOVE IT. 10/10 Total 18/20 or 90%.

TF- You missed the mark on bubble boy Cameron 5/10. You nailed winner Cameron as well 10/10. Total 15/20 or 75%.

Holden: Well Phy wins the challenge. Now you must eliminate either Dark or TF. Please go to the CONF and do so now.

Elimination Phy plus Lucina and the Treble Clefs #4

Holden: Time to vote off either TF or Dark. Phy the choice is yours.

Phy- (CONF) You wanted 3rd so bye TF

Holden: Our Grand champion TF has been dethroned

Challenge 12 the Finale: Lightning, Dakota and Feral Zeke

Holden: Give me 3 great entries. One for each of the people above and the person with the higher score after this Challenge will be the winner of Songs of the RotI.

Team Phy plus Lucina and the Treble Clefs

Dark's Entries

1. Dakota

2. Lighting

3. Feral Zeke

Phy's Entries

Lightning- Yeah..... Lightning has to live pressure from the huge legacy his father had placed upon him.

Dakota- I guess this fits Dakota at least before she becomes mutated.

Feral Zeke- As we all know, Zeke goes from a bumbling homeschool to the feral animal that he is nowadays.

Day 12 Finale

Holden: Lets welcome all of our Losers. Nemo, Alpha, Mabel, Gwopher, Surfer, Loenev, Blaze, AJ, Liam, Zanna and TF. Welcome to our finale guys.

Surfer: *glares at former teammates* (CONF) I'm still steaming (jk irl ily)

And The Winner is...

Dark- For Dakota I can see this and Sam being a song for them. It describes how her thought on people has changed. 9/10. Your lighting entry is a bit weird to me but lightning does have the same goals as ASH. He wants to be the best. 8/10. The dancing stuff isn’t zeke but I like all the refences to Manaiacs 8/10. Total 25/30 or 84%

Phy- Your Dakota entry is spot on her personality gj 10/10. I didn’t really get your lightning entry but I liked the tune 7/10. You win with the Zeke entry. 10/10. Total 27/30 or 90%

Holden: Phy you have won Songs of the RotI and are the New GrandMaster of music. Congratulations. How does it feel.

Phy: It feels nice.

Dark: Congrats Phy!!! I WILL DESTROY YOU NEXT TIME.... this was fun!!!! <3 <3 <3

Holden: *gets a phone call* Well he have been renewed for a third Season, Songs of the TDCouples, *punches TF and takes his crown and gives it to Phy* Who will be our winner enxt time. To find out please tune in.