Holden: Hello Welcome to the songs of TDI. I am Your host Holden and we hope to have a great first Season.

Blaze: (arrives) well ain't this grand, i'm looking forward to showing off my music knowledge.

Survivor321: I've always wanted to be on a show that combined both of my very special interests! Music AND Total Drama! What will they think of next?!

Holden: Yup one of these camps haven't been done in a while.

Survivor321: Well, the boneheads who got rid of them are stupid!

RR44: Blame the dang polictics.

Holden: Yes sir and we even have one of the original song camp makkers competing........................................ Zac

Nemo: *attacks Holden* Why did you bring me in the show?

TDY: Hello!

Holden: *throws nemo off* To have fun with music hai yoshi

TDY: Hi!

Nemo: Hey, Yoshi!

Challenge #1 DJ

Holden: alright my 12 campers todays challenge is going to be for a reward of picking the teams. There will be 3 teams of 4 contestants each this season and the top three in the challege will be team captians. Your First challenge is to find s song on youtube that best represnts DJ. The entries will be due Friday Febuary 21st at 5pm EST. Good luck Guys..

BlazeHead51's Entry:

The Bear Necesties from the Jungle Book (i seriously couldn't think of anything else for DJ. XD)

Dianted's Entry: I'll Always Love My Mama - The Intruders

TrentFan's Entry: Barney - I Love You, it's a nice and gentle song, which is kind of like DJ, I suppose.

Fyrexx's Entry: N/A

Survivor321's Entry: N/A

RussellRules44's Entry: With Arms Wide Open by Creed ()

FakeBoy823's Entry: Blake's Smelly Legs.

XrosHeart's Entry: Fireflies by Owl City ()

NLG343's Entry: picks up a radio* Now here is my song, Wake me Up by Avicii

Total Drama Yoshi's Entry: N/A

Dawntdrotifan's Entry: Dawny : If Everyone Cared by NickelBack ()

WeAllLikeNoah&Dakota's Entry: I'm Owen I am fat, tubby, and fun I fart alot, burp alot, and eat alot 03:35, February 18, 2014 (UTC) DJ Gollun feat. Scarlet - All The Things She Said ()

Day 1 Chat

Holden: you can chat here while people are posting and stuff

RR44:'re a genius.

Blaze: i know...I KNOW!!, MWAHAHAHAHA!!!.........i know.

Nemo: What about me?

Holden: you will see when the enries are submitted and I post the results.

Challenge 1 results

BlazeHead- Wow XD I thought you were joking when you first put this entry up but the more I listened to it the more it does remind me of DJ. Minus the parts about relaxation this describes him very well. 7.5/10

Dianted- I totally see DJ singing this. His love for his mom is the number one thing on his mind. It describes probably why he tried out for TDI in the first place Great entry 8.5/10.

TrentFan- Dj is full of love BUT I would like to see Barney get angry like DJ has tons of times. Barney would not push Owen off a 10000 foot cliff. You got half of him right though hence your score 5/10

Fyrexx- No entry 0/10

Survivor321- No entry 0/10

RussellRules44- I could see DJ singing this song when he has a kid. It is more of describing him in the future though. Good Effort. I like this song a lot personally though 5/10.

Fakeboy823- No Entry 0/10

XrosHeart- I’m somehow missing the whole DJ aspect. It seems more Izzy to me. Points for trying 6/10.

NLG343- Okay I could see a little DJ in here. He does want to fit in with the crowd. He does want to find himself and I think through out the TD series he does. Though it does not describe much more than that. 6/10.

Total Drama Yoshi- No entry 0/10

Dawntdrotifan- Well I like this song personally. I think this song is a little too mellow for DJ. Not too much I can say about it but you did a good job 7/10.

WeAllLikeNoah&Dakota- Yeah I don’t see DJ at all in this. It seems more love song than Strong guy with a great heart. 2/10.

Holden: with that our team captians are Dianted, Blaze and Dawn. Grats guys time to pick your teams Dianted First.

Pick your TeamEdit Holden: Dianted your First (Dianted, TF,Fyrexx, Fake) (Blaze, Xros, Russell, NLG343)(Dawn,TDY, Weallikeowenanddakota, Survivor)

Dianted: I pick TF.

Holden: Blaze is next

Blaze: i pick Johnny.

Holden: I don't know who Johhny is but okay. Dawn Pick 2 people now to be fair.

Blaze: Johnny is Xros.

Holden: KK thanks blaze

​Dawny : I pick Tailsy and Weallikeowenanddakota

Holden: KK Blaze you will pick next and Dawn who is Tailsy XD

Dawny : TDY

Holden: kk

Blaze: I'll choose....Russel.

Holden: K Dianted now you choos 2 moree

Dianted: I shall pick Fyrexx and Fake.

Holden: K blaze your last pick is Either NLG or Survivor go for it.

Blaze: NLG!

Holden: KK we have our teams. All we need now is for the captian to pick their team names and color.

Blaze: (in a deep voice) we shall be The Mighty BlazeHeads!, our team colour shall be orange!

RR44: O.o.........Ooookkkaaayyy then?

Holden: KK we have our teams. All we need now is for the captian to pick their team names and color.

Dianted: Our color shall be pink, and we shall be named, "The Patricks"!

Dawny : Our team color will be light blue and we will be called the Twerking Rarity's!!!

Challenge #2 Duncan

Holden: now that I have challenged you with a really hard charecter we will go a little easier and make you work as a team. The charecter for the challenge is the bad boy Duncan. If you haven't already team captain's put your team names and colors in the chat above or Below Good luck and this challenge is due Tuesday the 24th at 5 EST.

The Patrick's Entry's

Dianted's entry: ("Bad" by Michael Jackson)

TrentFan's Entry: Beat it by Michael Jackson. Describes Duncan's cocky attitude and how it might conflict with him in life.

Fyrexx's Entry: This is mai song :)

Fakeboy823's Enrty: N/A

The Mighty BlazeHeads Entry's

BlazeHead's Entry:

Bully by Three Days Grace, i personally think this fits like a dream.

XrosHeart's Entry: Dance With The Devil by Breaking Benjamin

RussellRules44's Entry: (Keep Rollin' By Limp Bizkit, there really any doubt?)

NLG343's Entry: Nemo: *starts singing in front of Duncan*

The Twerking Rarities Entry's

Dawntdrotifan's Entry: Because Gwuncan

Dirty little secret by all American Rejects

Total Drama Yoshi's Entry: I don't feel like it.

WeAllLikeNoah&Dakota's Entry: Bad Boy by Cascada

Survivor123's Entry: I don't feel like it.

Day 2 Chat

Holden: If you haven't Above Captians please put your Team's names and color here or above or pm it it. Your choice. Also you can chat here and just have fun and talk with each other.

Nemo: Hope we win.

Holden: hope their is more entries

Holden: result tiem.

The Patrick’s

Dianted- This does describe Duncan’s Character in my opinion very well. The reason he does his activities are highly described. Just wish it talked a little more about his nicer side. 8/10.

TrentFan- This is a good entry. Duncan is a very cocky guy and I could see him singing this. But his character is more complex with him being nice too. But he would total;l ysing this to Harold. 8/10

Fyrexx- This entry is AWSOME. I totally see Duncan singing about Gwen after being arrested in TD:AS. Him grieving and showing his true character. Complete success on your part Zac. 10/10.

FakeBoy- No Entry 0/10

Good Job Over all you got 26/10 or D

The Mighty BlazeHead’s

BlazeHead- Well this seems more like the one getting bullied is singing this instead of the bully. Look at the second verse where a girl is singing. Therefore this can describe other characters better. Sorry 6/10.

XrosHearts- I think overall this is a good entry. I wish it had more of Duncan’s personality in it but in all He is in a constant dance with the Devil 7/10.

RussellRules- I could not understand a word of that song 5/10. Points for trying.

NLG343- This song seemed to dark even for Duncan. I kind of see how this relates to Duncan but in the end there are a lot more songs that describes him 6/10.

Overall: You guys did okay and got a 24/40 or a 60% which is a D-.

The Twerking Rarities

Dawntroifan- Good Entry. Not only would Duncan sing this about Gwen but it also describes why Duncan does some of the thing he does. Good job 8/10.

Total Drama Yoshi- No Entry 0/10

WeAllLikeNoah&Dakota- Seems more like Gwen or Courtney is singing this to Duncan and yeah. Not really about Duncan. Good Effort 5/10.

Survivor123- No Entry 0/10

Good Try you guys got a 13/40 or an F.

Well we can see that the Paticks got first the Blazehead second and The Twerking Rarities wioll be going to elimantion. For getting the highes score Dawn has immuntiy for bing the best of the worst.

Twerking Rarities Elimantion #1

Holden: Again Dawn has immunity time to vote.

Dawntroifan- Tailsy Good bye

Total Drama Yoshi- (self-vote)

WeAllLikeNoah&Dakota- Sorry Tailsy

Survivor123- I don't really feel like it. (self-vote)

Holden: with Two votes and since I told both Tailey and Survivor to vote and they didnt comply Tailsy is out. GL tweekers on the next challenge

Challenge 3 Geoff

Holden: Right into the next challenge sincr there is no rest on my watch The next challege is a little easy too. Find me the perfect song that matches Geoff. The party guy onf TDI and the aftermath host of TDA and TDWT. This is gonna be awsome. This challege will be due on Friday the 28th 5 pm EST. Enjoy and may the odds ever be in your favor.

The Patrick's Entry's

Dianted's entry: (Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO)

TrentFan's Entry: Party like a Rockstar by Shop Boyz

Because Geoffrey is a man of the partying ways, and while this has nothing to do with Bridgette, it should be pure Geoff. Err...or something.

Fyrexx's Entry:

Fakeboy823's Enrty:

The Mighty BlazeHeads Entry's

BlazeHead's Entry:

Geek in the Pink by Jason Mraz, need i say more?

XrosHeart's Entry: Friday by Rebecca Black.

Basically what Geoff sees every day of the week.

RussellRules44's Entry:

Having way too much fun, by Robbie Nevil.

NLG343's Entry: This is some party music:

The Twerking Rarities Entry's

Dawntdrotifan's Entry: Dawny : Hate Miley Cyrus but he is a party person right

WeAllLikeNoah&Dakota's Entry: We Like To Party by Showtek

Survivor123's Entry:

Day 3 Chat

Holden: please feel free to talk

Nemo: I hope we win.

RR44: I'll say this Nemo, You may be annoying (not like Sierra) but your a great team member. If we win, I might just have to take your word on it. You're the wind on my back and the sword by my shield.

Results #2

The Patrick’s:

Dianted- Well I could have seen Geoff singing this until in the second verse the singer says they are half black. It is pretty descriptive of someone who parties a completely different way than Geoff. Points for effort. 6/10.

TrentFan- There are better Songs that will Describe Geoff and then I saw a F bomb in it. You lose points for that. 6/10-3 points for swearing so 3/10.

Fyrexx- Good Entry. Should be a 8/10 because it was a good song choice but you lose 3 points for all the swearing in it. Sorry Zac 5/10.


Sorry but you guys lose.

The Mighty Blazeheads:

BlazeHead- Well this entry is great for the relationship between Bridgette and Geoff. But I think it goes a little too far and then it doesn’t really describe Geoff just him trying to woo Bridgette over. 7.5/10

XrosHearts- This is kind of a good choice. He likes to party and all the entries talk all about that but there is more to Geoff than just partying. 6/10.

RussellRules- I kind of see some Geoff in it but is defiantly describes other characters like Owen a lot better. He is having fun but he is and that is a part of hid character but there is so much more to Geoff than that. 7/10.

NLG343- NLG this is a complete fail. This does not describe Geoff at all. There isn’t even any words just music. 0/10.

So you guys got 51.3 % which is an F 20.5/40. The Twerking Rarities: Dawntroifan- First Verse was good, and then you can tell that they are describing a girl in the second verse so yeah. I could see Geoff in this song but there are better choices. 7/10.

WeAllLikeNoah&Dakota- This song does not really describe Geoff since there are no lyrics. Sorry 5/10. Points for trying.


You guys scrape by with 2nd place.'

Elimantion The Patrick's

Holden: you guys lose so its time to vote out one of your own. Dianted has immunity for having the highest score.

Dianted: Fake.

TrentFan: Fakey.

Fyrexx: (Self Vote)

Fakeboy823: (Self Vote)

Holden: and with that Fakeboy is out.

Challenge #4 Harold

Holden: We are going from the party dude to the geek. He's just like me. You must find songs that match Harold. We are getting closer and closer to the merge that you all need to shine right about now. The challenge is due Wednesday March 5th at 5pm EST. GL

The Patrick's Entry's

XxSolarEclipsexX's entry: This fits perfectly.

TrentFan's Entry: sung to Duncan or something.

Fyrexx's Entry:

The Mighty BlazeHeads Entry's

BlazeHead's Entry:

i struggled a bit on this one, since White N' Nerdy was taken, so...this is mine...

Moves Like Jagger by Maroon 5.

i have so lost this...

XrosHeart's Entry:

RussellRules44's Entry: (IDK why really, it sounds like him to be honest.....only, he's not a mammal.....or a platypus.)

NLG343's Entry: I think this is perfect :).

The Twerking Rarities Entry's

Dawntdrotifan's Entry:

WeAllLikeNoah&Dakota's Entry: White & Nerdy

Survivor123's Entry: Hey.

Day 4 Chat: Holden: Feel free to talk here.

Dawny : I QUIT EAT DIRT!!!........Then wash your mouth cause that's gross *Leaves*

Nemo: Dude, you are the captian you cant do that!

Dawny : fine mommy :(

Holden: so your not qutting then. sounds good Go do your enrty


Holden: Well i prepared for this situation. Here is Mabel

Nemo: That means Mabel has to rename.

Holden: huh???

Mabel: The Team Name! and the color! Duh! XP

Holden: We will just keep it with the paticks for now

Mabel: I demand we change it to The Mabels.

RR44: That sounds like a good name for your team.

Holden: maybe someday but now now

Nemo: What do you mean? I think we should do the Mabels!


The Patrick’s:

XxSolarEclipsexX - I 100 percent see Harold singing this to LeShawna. This also tells of his devotion and commitment. 8/10.

TrentFan- I totally see this being sung in revolt to his bullies. It describes him as well of what he is going to do and why he acts the way he acts 8/10.

Fyrexx- 0/10

The Mighty Blazeheads:

BlazeHead- I defintly see some Harold qualities in there but there are better song choices 7/10.

XrosHearts- 0/10

RussellRules- I really want to give this a high score since there are some lines that describe him so awesomely well but alas there are some parts that don’t fit like the egg laying mammal or having blue fur. Sorry RR 6/10.

NLG343- I see some great qualities of Harold in it but in the end there are better songs. 7/10.

The Twerking Rarities:

Dawntroifan- 0/10

WeAllLikeNoah&Dakota- The obvious choice. 10/10.

Survivor123- 0/10 No entry

Well the Twerking Rarities lose. Well they would lose if your teams still matter. We are going down to 2 teams. I’ll rank your performance if this challenge from 1 to 10. The even numbers will be on one team and the odd on the other. No elimanation today guys. You can thank dianted for quitting. The people who did not submit entries I ranked base on past performance.

1.WeAllLikeNoah&Dakota 2. TrentFan 3. XxSolarEclipsexX 4. BlazeHead 5. NLG343 6. RussellRules 7. Dawntroifan 8. Fyrexx 9. XrosHearts 10. Survivor123

Challenge Izzy

Holden: I dont have a lot of time so I'l quicky Explain it. Do a song for Izzy. Challenge is due Saturady March 8th at 5 EST GL

Unknown Team

WeAllLikeNoah&Dakota's Entry: Not sooo Izzy but blowing is her ussual Explisivo thing.

XxSolarEclipsexX's entry:

NLG343's Entry: This looks sooooooooooooooo Izzy! (dont tell me I am wrong)

Dawntdrotifan's Entry:

XrosHeart's Entry:

Unknown Team #2

TrentFan's Entry: Crazy Train by Ozzy Osbourne. Izzy doesn't have much to her, mainly crazy mentally, but still lovable to some. :)

BlazeHead's Entry:

probably fits Lindsay more but whatever...

anyway, song is Move by Little Mix, hopefully i'll get more points then Harold's one for this.

RussellRules44's Entry: (Shania Twain- Feel Like A Women....Cause...I don't really know.)

Fyrexx's Entry: Fefe Dobson <3 Legacy. Cause Izzy has this mentality/effect on people! ZacAttack Rawr 01:40, March 6, 2014 (UTC)

Survivor123's Entry:

Day 5 Chat

Holden: Make sure you dicuss what your new team names and colors are.

TF: So, since we need a captain...I volunteer?

Holden: sounds good what is your Team name and colr and plaese try not to do one of the old ones

TF: Light Coral and Team Justin is Really Really Really Amazing? It's something we all know is dear to us.

Holden: i would let you win right now with a team name like that but my producers wonlt let me. your name is good

Dawny : I also volunteer for team captain

Nemo: Dawny, please let me be Team Captain.

Mabel: I am the only good person on this team, TF don't get the role for his team okay he's harry.

Holden: Mabel will be the other team captain then. Your team name and Color

Mabel: The Junko Enoshima's, and um, firebrick.

Nemo: We should be the Heroic Hawks and our team color: Gold.

Holden: Sorry but Mabels Choice goes

Nemo: Junko Enoshima's are the stupidest name in the history of Mabel's names. Choose a new name. A better name for me!

Mabel: Nemo, no.

Nemo: Look, no ofense but what you named us is stupid. You want yourself be a idiot!

Mabel: What I say is final.

Nemo: So that weird name is out and it going to be the Heroic Hawks and Gold.

Mabel: Literally, no. Heroes suck, gold sucks, what I say is final. I even have an immunity idol! *pantses Nemo*

Nemo: *pulls pants up* No, its going to be Heroic Hawks, gold, and what I say is final. That's it. Don't argue about it.

Mabel: *pantses him again* It's already been decided, so uh, keep yo' mouth shut! *smacks him across the head with the idol*

Nemo: Fine, do it your way. But I will go to TrentFan's Team Justin right there.

Mabel: *tackles Nemo* No you won't!

Nemo: Oh sure. You just want me to be a real joke.*walks to Team Justin* Hi TF.

Mabel: *tackles Nemo, and kisses him* I love you...

Dawny : U to go handle that on the park bench some of us don't want to be blind!

Nemo: I will stay in Team Justin.


Junko Enoshima's

WeAllLikeNoah&Dakota I Think over all this is a good entry. The person seems more of a partier than Izzy is but she has got the craziness 7/10.

XxSolarEclipsexX I could not get past all the parying. I don’t’t think Izzxy likes to party this way at all. 5/10. Points for effort.

NLG343- I’m sorry but I don’t think Izzy is this crazy to eat people. 6/10.

DerpyandDawn Good entry- I wish it contained more detail about how Izzy or this girl was crazy but great song choice. 8/10. XrosHeart- 0/10 No Entry

Your Teams Final Score Is………….. 26/50 or 52%

Team Justin is Really Really Really Amazing

TrentFan This entry is nearly perfect. It describes how Izzy went crazy and whi she acts the way that she does. 9/10.

BlazeHead Sorry Blaze but I don’t think Izzy is sane enough to think this rationally 6/10. It would be probably better for Lindsay.

RussellRules44 It could have been a lot better. I don’t think Izzy would singe this but I agree with some of the crazy aspects 6/10.

Fyrexx This entry was also very awesome. Very near perfect. Izzy does leave a legacy and I think this taking place in a mental intuition made it even better 10/10.

Survivor123- 0/10 No Entry

Your over all score is……….. 31/50 or 62%

Holden: so the Junko Enoshima's lose by 5 points. Time to go vote someone out and Dawn with the highest score get immunity.

Junko Enoshima's Vote #1

Holden: time to vote again Dawn has immuninty.

WeAllLikeNoah&Dakota- (Self Vote)

XxSolarEclipsexX- WeAllLikeOwen&Dakota

NLG343- I agree with Dawn. And I am going to Team Justin.

DerpyandDawn- I vote WALOAD

XrosHeart- (Self Vote)

'Holden: wow Moon is out and NLG your still on this team.

Challenge Lindsay

Holden: People asked me to do this challenge this week and I'm complying with the request. Do your best Lindsay songes. The enrties are due Tuesday March 11th at 5pm EST Gl

Junko Enoshima's

XxSolarEclipsexX's Entry:

NLG343's Entry:

Dawntdrotifan's Entry:

XrosHeart's Entry:

Team Justin is Really Really Really Amazing

TrentFan's Entry:

'Cause I'm Blonde by Julie Brown

Not much to say...but enjoy? Stereotypical blonde and stereotypical blonde song go well together.

BlazeHead's Entry:

a bit of a risk doing this, but...

the song is You are the Music in Me (Sharpay version), pretend the male voice is Tyler and the girl is Lindsay.

hope you enjoy it Wes! XD

RussellRules44's Entry: This one goes out to Lindsay and Tyler and all the fun times they've had over the years. (Love Story- Taylor Swift)

Fyrexx's Entry:

Survivor123's Entry:

Day 6 Chat

Holden Last week we had some good chatting. Keep it up

Feral Zeke: *looks at Holden funny* (I had to do this)

Random Crowd: *laugh at Nemo*

Josh: *jumps out of crowd* Hey, junkie! *pushes Nemo*

Nemo: After this, I want to go to team Justin!

Nemo's Agent: You had granted access. *signs Nemo's approval to switch teams*

Nemo: Thank you.

Holden: you wish. I'm not signing that. your still with these 3 losers

Derek: meh, we've got enough people anyway, sorry Nemo.

Josh: Then youre still a junkie! *throws rock at Nemo* And everyone is a junkie! Mabel too. *Throws rocks at Junko Enoshimas*

Dawny : f*** you


Junko Enoshima's

XxSolarEclipsexX – I don’t think that Lindsay is this intelligent but beside that good entry 7/10.

NLG343- 0/10 No Entry

DerpyandDawn – 8/10. Totally lindasy. Wish there was more detail though about Lindsay.

XrosHeart- 0/10 No Entry

Your Teams Final Score Is………….. 15/40 or 38%

Team Justin is Really Really Really Amazing

TrentFan – Lindsay is much more than a blond. I’ll give you 8/10 though because it does describe why Lindsay acts the way she does.

BlazeHead – It was good I didn’t think I would say this. It was a good entry. Describes how Tyler and Lindsay act around each other. 7/10.

RussellRules44- Since I love Taylor Swift this makes this entry Awsome. It is a great discricption of Lindasy due to the fact that I totally see Lindasy and Tyler doing this type of song to be together. 9/10.

Fyrexx- 0/10 no Entry

Survivor123- 0/10 No Entry

Your over all score is……….. 24/50 or 48%

Holden: so the Junko Enoshima's lose again. 2 people not doing entries really killed ya today. Time to go vote someone out and Dawn with the highest score gets immunity.

Elimination Junko Enoshima's #2

Holden: You know the drill. Time to vote anyone on your team except for Dawn.

XxSolarEclipsexX- (Self Vote)

NLG343- Xros too!

DerpyandDawn- I vote Xros 4 not competing!

XrosHeart- (Self Vote)

Holden: Xros is out

Challenge Tyler

Holden: The name of the game is Tyler. Find an awsome song for this failure of an athlete. Challenge is due Saturday the 15th at 5 EST

Junko Enoshima's

XxSolarEclipsexX's Entry:

NLG343's Entry:

Dawntdrotifan's Entry:

Team Justin is Really Really Really Amazing

TrentFan's Entry: - Check Yes, Juliet by We The Kings. Tyler sings this to Lindsay, of course.

BlazeHead's Entry:

well, here's my next song...

the song is Now or Never from High School Musical 3, i hope me choosing all these HSM songs doesn't change my personality or something.

RussellRules44's Entry:

Fyrexx's Entry: N/A

Survivor123's Entry: N/A

Day 7 Chat

Holden: keep talking on


Junko Enoshima's

XxSolarEclipsexX – 0/10 No entry

NLG343- I thought this was a good entry even if I hare Bieber. 8/10. Good description of Tyler here.

DerpyandDawn – 7/10 It was good but ther were better.

Your Teams Final Score Is………….. 15/30 or 50%

Team Justin is Really Really Really Amazing

TrentFan – Its more of what Tyler and Lindsay would do than a descriptor of there personaties 6/10.

BlazeHead – Sorry not the best entry ever but I could see Tyler singing this from the bench. 6/10.

RussellRules44- Good It fits other chraredter better but its Good For Tyler 8/10

Fyrexx- 0/10 no Entry

Survivor123- 0/10 No Entry

Your over all score is……….. 20/50 or 40%

The Justins LOSE 0-0 and RR has immuntiy for todays eliamntion

Elimination Justin is Amazing #1

Holden: Vote out anyone on your team except for RR.

TrentFan- Survivor/Brian.

BlazeHead- Survivor, sorry dude.

RussellRules44- *Sigh* Look, Survivor. I like you and all, you're a great friend, and I respect that. But you haven't done a single challenge since Week 1 I don't think, and it's sooooo close to the merge. In camps, Floaters never win, we're still friends....but I have to vote for you, maybe next season if you get active. I'm really sorry. :(

Fyrexx- (Self Vote)

Survivor123- (Self Vote)

Holden: suvivor you out of here

Challenge Ezekiel

Holden: Challenge time and its a doozy this week. Do a song for Zeke. Challenge is due thursday March 20th at 5 EST

Junko Enoshima's

XxSolarEclipsexX's Entry: N/A

NLG343's Entry: Did this song since Zeke turned into a zombie.


Team Justin is Really Really Really Amazing

TrentFan's Entry: N/A

BlazeHead's Entry:

this won't fit with him very well but...meh..

anyway, song is Crawling by Linkin Park, this kind of relates to Zeke turning into a zombie to.

RussellRules44's Entry:

Fyrexx's Entry: N/A

Day 8 Chat

Holden: no one wants to speak in chat. Oh well.

Dawny : Muffins :|

RR44: Zeke lost on Jeopardy...Bay bay!....Hoooooooo, hoo hoooooo hoooooooooooooo, Zeke lost on Jeopardy......Bay bay!..........Hoooooooooooo, Hoo, Hooooo, Hoooooooooooooooo!

Nemo: Ezekiel. He makes my CRAZZZZZZYYYYYY!!!!!


Junko Enoshima's

XxSolarEclipsexX – 0/10 No entry

NLG343- Unfortanly this is not a song it’s a movie so I can’t judge it 0/10.

DerpyandDawn – Your entry was so awesome I cant describe how awesome it was 10/10.

Your Teams Final Score Is………….. 10/30 or 33%

Team Justin is Really Really Really Amazing

TrentFan – 0/10 No entry

BlazeHead – This is a great entry. It describes Zeke trying to get out of his monster states very well 8/10.

RussellRules44- In some weird way this describes Zeke and how he feels on TDI. 7/10

Fyrexx- 0/10 no Entry

Your over all score is……….. 15/40 or 38%

Holden: The Junko’s lose again and Dawn gets the sole vote to elimante Mabel or NLG.

Elimantion Junko Enoshima's #3

Holden: Dawn go ahead elimanate NLG or Mabel

DerpyandDawn: NLG cuz Muffin Muffin Muffin Muffin Muffin Muffin Muffin Muffin Muffin Muffin Muffin Muffin Muffin Muffin Muffin Muffin Muffin Muffin Muffin Muffin Muffin Muffin Muffin Muffin Muffin Muffin Muffin Muffin Muffin Muffin Muffin Muffin Muffin Muffin Muffin Muffin Muffin Muffin Muffin Muffin Muffin Muffin Muffin Muffin Muffin Muffin Muffin Muffin Muffin Muffin Muffin Muffin Muffin Muffin Muffin Muffin Muffin Muffin Muffin Muffin Muffin Muffin Muffin Muffin Muffin Muffin Muffin Muffin Muffin Muffin Muffin Muffin Muffin Muffin and Cupcakes ^-^

Holden: with that NlG and his movie entry is going home

​Dawny : Sorry my muffin wanted you gone........and it wants to Die so might as well make it happy! *Kills Muffin*

Challenge Owen

Your challenge for this week is Owen. Its due on Sunday March 23rd at 5 EST. I also have a few twist dfor you today. Zannabanna will be debuting in the competiton and also we are MERGING. The rules now are the worst three people of the week will be up for elimantion and the other people will vote one of them off. ENJOY.


XxSolarEclipsexX's Entry:


Dawntdrotifan's Entry:

TrentFan's Entry:

BlazeHead's Entry:

yet again a bit of a risk but i'm a risk taker!

the song is Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO, probably fits Geoff more but...meh.

RussellRules44's Entry:

Fyrexx's Entry: N/A

Zannabanna's EntryEdit

Day 9 Chat

Holden: Well come up with a team name and color for your merged tribe.

TF: How about "The Blazing Byakuya's"?

Dawny : No f*** you the Sexy Muffins!!

TF: about the Muffin Byakuyas?

RR44: Ik! Ik! Let's call them the Blazing Sexy Muffin Byakuyas! And our color shall be red!

Dawny : Yes!

Mabel: Um, no. The Fukawa's obviously.

RR44: How about the Blazing Sexy Muffin Byakuya Fukawas?

Mabel: No, what I say, goes.

Dawny : the ugly fukawa is a true name but not a team name so GFTO


Holden: you all have great entries with Mabel's being the best and Fyrexx is auto-elimanted for being inactive.

Challenge Katie and Sadie

Holden: since Katie and Saide are one person. Find a song that describes them both. Entries are due Wed March 26th at 5 EST. GL

The Blazing Sexy Muffin Byakuya Fukawas Entries

XxSolarEclipsexX's Entry:

Dawntdrotifan's Entry:

TrentFan's Entry:


BlazeHead's Entry:

nothing else to say, other then the fact that this song fits perfectly! XD

RussellRules44's Entry: Note: This song is what could happen if they were to grow apart.

Zannabanna's Entry: N/A

Day 10 Chat

Holden: Chat and enjoy


Blazing Sexy Muffin Byakuya Fukawas

XxSolarEclipsexX – I don’t get it sorry 5/10. They don’t complain about school at all compared to there characters.

DerpyandDawn – 7/10 Good entry. I see that they just want to have fun.

TrentFan – Awesome entry. Love how it keeps referring to the friends as a duo 9/10.

BlazeHead – I’m sorry but the couple in this song are dating and are not BFFF 6/10.

RussellRules44- 8/10. good Entry. You can totally see this happening when they fight over Justin

Zannabanna- 0/10 No Entry

Holden: So The bottom 3 and the one's up for elimantion are Zanna, Mabel and Blaze. TF Dawn and RR will vote one of them off.

Blazing Sexy Muffin Byakuya Fukawas elimination #1

Holden: Dawn, TF and RR must vote one of the losers out.

Dawn: I'm voting Maple he is a big threat

TF: I'm doing the Rex and voting Mabel, because Rex did in Pictionary.

RR: Well, Mabel's going to get eliminated anyways, so I guess I vote for her.

Holden: And Mabel is out of here.

Challenge #11 Gwen And Courtney

Holden: Thats right you have to do 2 entries this week One for Gwen and a seperate on for courtney. I'll give you an extra day to do it. so both enties are due Monday March 31st at 5 EST. Each will be jusdged out of 10 and the 2 people with the overall lowest scores will be up for elimantion GL. Please label whose entry is for who so i dont have to guess

The Blazing Sexy Muffin Byakuya Fukawas Entries

Dawntdrotifan's Entries: Gwen courtney

TrentFan's Entries: - Gwen - Courtney idk i panicked

BlazeHead's Entries: N/A

RussellRules44's Entries: (Honestly, You knew I would have SOME wrestling in it sooner or later!) (Courtney and Duncan I think)

Zannabanna's Entries: N/A

Day 11 Chat

Holden: chat it up. this place has been quiet since NLG left.

Feral Zeke: *Smiles* (Again, I couldn't resist)

RR44: ???

Nemo: Actually, I am back!

RR44: Seriously?, You keep doing this ALL the time, IT'S NOT FUNNY ANYMORE! *Brogue Kicks Nemo back to where he came from.


Holden: since Zanna and Blaze did not do the challege they are up for elimantion.

Blazing Sexy Muffin Byakuya Fukawas elimination #2

Holden: Dawn, TF and RR must vote one of the losers out.

Dawn: Zanna the Bandana Banana Berana should lose

TF: Zanna.


Holden: Its Zanna's turn to leave us forever.

Challenge Heather Bridgette and Eva

Holden: That right f4 three enries are to be due for this challege. These three girls will be due on Sunday april 6th at 5 pm EST. GLGLGL. Alos label whose entry blenoigs to which person so i can judge properly.

The Blazing Sexy Muffin Byakuya Fukawas Entries

Dawntdrotifan's Entries: Bridgette Heather Eva

TrentFan's Entries: - Heather - Eva - Bridgette

BlazeHead's Entries: Bridgette Heather Eva (probably fits Gwen more but idk.)

RussellRules44's Entries: Eva- O Fortuna Bridgette- Heather-

Day 12 chat

RR44: I didn't have anything for Heather, so I just had Mermaidman repeatedly say EVIL for 10 minutes, I hope that doesn't effect your choice.


Blazing Sexy Muffin Byakuya Fukawas

DerpyandDawn – 6/10 for Bridgette not much of her personality just someone who likes to surf. 8/10 for heather since this is the situations she does find herself in. 6/10 for Eva seems like a guy think about something when his girl isn’t around Total 20/30 or 67 %

TrentFan – 10/10 It fits so perfectly it aint funny for Heather. 5/10 for Eva the only thing that sounds like Eva is she is going crusin to give someone a brusin. Fits Beth a lot better but its good for Bridgette 7/10. Total 22/30 or 73%

BlazeHead – I love this song personally and it fits Bridgette so perfectly 10/10. Heather does fit this quite nicely and I see it in her 8/10. This song for Eva confused me and it did seem more Gwen 5/10. Total 23/30 or 77%

RussellRules44- I totall y see Eva sining this and acting like this 9/10. Not much personally just about surfing but more than the other one 6/10. Heather Not a song so 0/10 Total 15/30 or 50 %.

Holden: So the top 2 of the Day are Blaze and TF and they will be going to the F3. they will also vote on who will be getting eliamnted Between Dawn and RR. If the vote is a tie then RR will be going home for having today's lowest score.

Blazing Sexy Muffin Byakuya Fukawas elimination #3

TF and Blaze time to vote and you know what happens in case of a tie


TF: My vote goes to RR. While Dawny is a bigger threat, he's done well to get this far and deserves a spot in the F3.

Holden: RR with that even if Blaze votes for Dawn you are still going home so Hasta Luego

Challenge Beth, Cody, LeShawna and Trent

Holden: final three welcome. you guys are going to hate me even more but to make it to the F2 you have 4 entries to do. Muhahahahaha. winner of the challenge chooses who they want to go to the F2 with them. Challenge will end when all the entries are submitted or Saturday April 12th at 5 EST, whichever comes first. GL to you all. Remeber label who song belongs to who so i dont have to guess

The Blazing Sexy Muffin Byakuya Fukawas Entries

Dawntdrotifan's Entries: Cody I chose this to portray his flirty personality Leshawna her and Harold :) Beth this is what would happen if she went crazy :P and her dream of becoming a star Trent him and Gwen

TrentFan's Entries: ~ Cody ~ Trent ~ Beth ~ LeShawna because yolo

BlazeHead's Entries: Beth: Cody: Leshawna: Trent: (fixed the link) Blaze: i'm hoping these will secure me the win!

Day 13 Chat:

Holden: Since no on like chatting this chat up it will be centered on who america will think will win

Who Will Win Songs of the TDI TF 5 Blaze 2 Derpy 3

The poll was created at 19:41 on April 8, 2014, and so far 10 people voted.

Results: Blazing Sexy Muffin Byakuya Fukawas

DerpyandDawn – It was good but could better for Cody 7/10. Leshawna’s was good as well wish it had more personality though 8/10. Seems more of a break up song and Beth would never be this angry 6/10. Good choice 9/10 Trent total 30/40 or 75%.

TrentFan – 10/10 for Cody. Describes his emotions over losing Gwen to Trent and then Duncan. 10/10 for Trent. Describes how he feels about having to break up with Gwen so well. Beth’s isn’t’ that good 6/10. 8/10 for Leshawna. Pretty good description of what she learns from Heather. Total 34/40 or 85 %

BlazeHead- Best Beth entry out of everyone 8/10. It’s good. Good description of Gwen and Cody 8/10. I don’t see Leshawna in this. Seems more Heather like 5/10. Another grate Trent entry 10/10. Total 31/40 or 78%.

Holden: F3 all of you put up a great effort here but TF got first today and will be able top vote who to take with him to the F2.

Blazing Sexy Muffin Byakuya Fukawas elimination #4

Holden: TF your up with the sole vote to eliminate

TF: I be safe. I eliminate Blaze. Sorry.

Holden: Well you heard the man. Get out Blaze. Welcome our F2

Challenge Noah, Justin, Chris, Chef and Mr. Coconut

Holden: So F2 its time for the Finale. These 5 people are your final challenge. Get great entries and whoever earns the most points this challenge will be our Songs champion. I will judge the songs when all the entries are up GL. Again label which song goes to which person. GL.

Dawntdrotifan's Entries: ~Chris - He Wins a lot gg ~Justin - He is sexy gg ~Mr.Coconut - We don't know what he says so gg ~Chef - He is a Warrior gg ~Noah - Because He Doesn't Care gg

TrentFan's Entries: ~ Noah ~ Chef during Basic Straining and to DJ in their alliance for TDA. ~ Chris ~ Justin, change "Heroes" to "Villains" ~ Mr. Coconut

Day 14 Chat

Holden: lets welocme back all of our losers TDY, Fake, Dianted, Owen, Xros, Survivor, NLG, Fyrexx, Mabel, Zanna, RR and Blaze. How does it feel to be a loser.

Blaze: argh!, coming so close, and yet, so far, what a waste...

Dianted: im not a loozur ur a loozur *rides around on a unicorn* fite me, fite me irl

Blaze: unicorns are real! (CONF) not that i didn't expect that to be true already of course.

DA Final Results:

Blazing Sexy Muffin Byakuya Fukawas

DerpyandDawn – The Chris Entry is pretty good. People act this way around him 8/10. 6/10 for Justin, it really doesn’t describe him except for the sexy parts. Mr. Coconut 9/10. Its good. Describes the mystery about this contestant. Chef’s is pretty spot on too 9/10. Describes his attitude very well and military life. Finally Noah is solid. 8/10. Results: Really nice job 40/50 or 80%.

TrentFan – 10/10 for Noah. This is obviously the right choice. Unfortantly for Chef the song is spot on except for the part where Chef would quit in the song and that would never happen 7/10. I din’t get Chris’s at first but its obvious its someone singing at Chris 9/10. 9/10 For Justin. It is a great choice. Mr. Coconut and Owen under a palm tree nice 8/10. 43/50 or 86%.

Holden: The winner is Songs of the TDI is TF. Congrats. you have proven that your the best song player on the wiki.