Twogami is up to something evil, creating more despair than can possibly be imagined. Twenty-six teenagers trapped in a skyscraper will be put in the next class trial survival game.

Sign Ups (Closed)

Full Name - SHSL Skill - Gender - User

  • Morgan McQuillen - Super High School Level Cheerleader - Female - XxSolarEclipsexX
  • Hannah Morris - Super High School Level Terrorist - Female - XxSolarEclipsexX Twelfth Suicided
  • Dylan Soar - Super High School Level Internet Sensation - Male - Conker Fourteenth/Fifteenth Murdered By (Mikaell Badcop)
  • Markus Mungu- Super High School Level Dare Devil - Male - Conker Fifth Executed: Dare Devil Canyon
  • "Shade" - SHSL Ninja - ??? - Wolfdragon Rex First Murdered By (Daunte "Rex" Wolfdragon)
  • Scarlet Nightshade - Super High School Level Artist - Female - Wolfdragon Rex Eleventh Executed: Halloween Party
  • Jafri Baqir - Super High School Level Mathematician - Male - NanoPower512 Fourth Murdered By (Markus Mungu)
  • Milo Jackson - Super High School Mystery - Male- NanoPower512 Thirteenth Murdered By (Hannah Morris)
  • Sydney Smith - Super High School Level Superhero - Female - Gwopher Fourteenth/Fifteenth Murdered By (Mikaell Badcop)
  • Casper Kasteen - Super High School Level Ghost Hunter - Male - Gwopher
  • Yasmin Copland - Super High School Level Hipster-Swag - Female - SoaringSpirits Eighteenth Murdered By (???)
  • Jasmin Copland - Super High School Level Trick Artist - Female - SoaringSpirits 
  • Dann Leru - Super High School Level ??? - Male - IfraidGryphLW160BSF Second Murdered By (Daunte "Rex" Wolfdragon)
  • Vins Xcolle - Super High School Level Collector - Female - IfraidGryphLW160BSF
  • Nemo Park - Super High School Level Gamer - Male - NLG343 Seventh Murdered By (Hashimiko Ferandee)
  • Victoria Dazzle - Super High School Level Christian - Female - NLG343 Seventeenth Murdered By (???)
  • Aoul Koypeekay - Super High School Level Soccer Player - Female - Dakota Ninth Murdered By (Scarlet Nightshade)
  • Mikaell Badcop - Super High School Level Cop - Male - Dakota Sixteenth Executed: Cops & Robbers
  • Coralinea Komeada - Super High School Level Investigator - Female - D&D
  • Hashimiko Ferandee - Super High School Level Luck - Male - D&D Eighth Executed: Hash Brown Thug Life
  • Daunte Wolfdragon - Super High School Level Multiple-Personalities - Male - TF Third Executed: Multiple Madness
  • Dominic Dawson - Super High School Level Musician - Male - TF
  • Mikey Green- Super High School Level Golfer - Male - Wes Holden Tenth Murdered By (Scarlet Nightshade)
  • Signal Frogless - Super High School Level Geocacher - Male - Wes Holden
  • Dawson Dawson - Super High School Level Writer - Male - Dianted
  • ??? ??? - Super High School Level ??? - ??? - Dianted Sixth Murdered By (Hashimiko Ferandee)

Character Appearances

Please fill out what your character looks like, and what stuff they might have on them.

  • Morgan McQuillen - Super High School Level Cheerleader - Female - XxSolarEclipsexX - Long brown hair, a cheerleader outfit, blue pom poms, a black headband, and sneakers.
  • Hannah Morris - Super High School Level Terrorist - Female - XxSolarEclipsexX - Light brown hair, semi-long, a black shirt, a backpack full of weapons, a vest over her shirt, jeans, sandals, gold studs.
  • Dylan Soar - Super High School Level Internet Sensation - Male - Conker - Messy brown hair, short-ish, a Toby Turner style clothing and a Pewdiepie watch. He also has limited edition Smosh shoes.
  • Markus Mungu- Super High School Level Dare Devil - Male - Conker - Medium sized white hair, a grey shirt under a dark green jacket, and trainers
  • "Shade" - SHSL Ninja - ??? - Wolfdragon Rex - Various items


  • Scarlet Nightshade - SHSL Artist - Female - Wolfdragon Rex - Long blonde hair, with tints of various colours thrown through from her paints, white shirt with paint on it, knee length black skirt, with a jumper tied around her waist - Notepads, pencils, pens, paint brushes
  • Jafri Baqir - Super High School Level Mathematician - Male - NanoPower512 - Black and red glasses, short black hair, of muslim heritage, blazer, tie, very smart clothing, pointy black shoes.
  • Milo Jackson - Super High School Mystery - Male- NanoPower512 - Dark blue hood covers eyes, dark blue robe covers entire body and his clothes underneath, dark brown shoes, shiny slightly red knife and a journel
    Tumblr n3l5yb5ZwI1smnln9o1 400
  • Sydney Smith- Super High School Level Super Hero- Gwopher- tanned skin, light blonde hair in two puffy pigtails, wearing a simple light blue mask, a light blue top that connects to a darker blue skirt also black flats 
  • File:Casper1.PNG
    Casper Kasteen- Super High School Level Ghost-hunter- Gwopher- Light brown messy hair,a old wrecked beanie, a grayish blue jumper with 'THEY'RE REAL' in bold letters on it. Blue jeans and white sneakers.He has a scar with stitches cutting through the top of his eyelid reaching down to his cheek. He carries a poster with 'THEY'RE REAL' in his pocket along with a torch. Also he has bags under his eyes and a chip in his teeth. 
  • Yasmin Copland - Super High School Level Hipster Swag - Female - SoaringSpirits
  • Jasmin Copland - Super High School Level Trick Artist - Female - SoaringSpirits
  • Dann Leru - Super High School Level ??? - Male - IfraidGryphLW160BSF - Brown hair, white shirt, blue jeans, and brown eyes
  • Vins Xcolle - Super High School Level Collector - Female - IfraidGryphLW160BSF - Black hair, black shirt, blue jeans, blue eyes, carries a backpack and holds a magnifying glass when searching for items.
  • Nemo Park - Super High School Level Gamer - Male - NLG343
  • Victoria Dazzle - Super High School Level Christain - Female - NLG343
  • Aoul Koypeekay - Super High School Level Soccer Player - Female - Dakota - Aoul has long glittery blue hair, white skin, star sunglasses, red tank top, short green shorts, long white socks, and black shows.
  • Mikaell Badcop - Super High School Level Cop - Male - Dakota
  • Corelinea Komeada - Super High School Level Investigator - Female - D&D - longish Blonde hair, White T-shirt, Blue Jacket Covering t-shirt, Black Shirt, Head Band, Bracelet, and Black Shoes, Black Gloves that doesn't cover fingers, She has a charm Necklace that says "Komeada"
  • Hashimiko Ferandee - Super High School Level Luck - Male - D&D - Green Shirt that says "I'm Irish So Im'a Lucky :D", Blue Tennis Shoes, Reddish Hair, Black Leather Jacket, and bracelet that says Lucky
  • Daunte Wolfdragon - Super High School Level Multiple-Personalities - Male - TF - Brown Hair, Red colored eye in one eye, and hazel in the other, jeans, tennis shoes, and a t-shirt saying: "Science Rules! - Bill Nye"
  • Dominic Dawson - Super High School Level Musician - Male - TF - Light blue hair, green eyes, button-up, blue and white shirt, slacks, and Oxford shoes. He also always has his signature guitar by his back in a case.
  • Mikey Green- Super High School Level Golfer - Wes Holden brown hair, green eyes, wears a green golfing outfit, white sneakers
  • Signal Frogless - Super High School Level Geocacher - Wes holden yellow hair, green eyes, green skin, green and white sneakers
  • Dawson Dawson - Super High School Level Writer - Male - Dianted - Short, brown hair; Hazel eyes; Button-up, light blue shirt, with the top few buttons not buttoned, the collar loose, and, a light-blue-and-white-striped tie; Black trousers; And black Oxford shoes
  • ??? ??? - Super High School Level ??? - ??? - Dianted - ???


  • Please don't complain if your character dies. 
  • If they guess the killer wrong in the trial, everyone dies but the killer.
  • If you wish to kill someone, please tell Mabel preferably or Rex if you need to, or even TF if you've stooped that low in private message on the chat, explain how/where they died, who killed them, and provide clues so not everyone will be completely lost.
    • Additionally, all murders require a motive as well. Motives like "cause I wanna" or "for the lolz" will not be accepted.
  • To find clues, users must manually search the areas like: *looks under bed*, although some clues will be there, without any searching required.
  • You cannot kill both of one person's characters in the same chapter under regular circumstances.

ElectroId Cases

Case 01: The Murders of "Shade" and Dann

Case 02: The Murder of Jafri

  • Evidence:
    • Body's Condition
    • Tools on the shelves
    • Tools from the Toolbox
    • Strange Smell
    • Head Wound
    • Bloody Hammer
    • Doorknob Stain
    • Door Mark
    • Scarlet's Testimony
    • Tool Line
    • Vinegar Bottle

Case 03: The Murder of ??? and Nemo

  • Evidence:
    • Kitchen Skewer Stab Marks
    • Black Paint over Nemo's Body
    • Brown Hair
    • Pom Poms
    • Paintbrushes
    • Hashimiko's Skateboard Wheel
    • Blood-soaked notepad
    • Blood smear

Case 04: The Murder of Aoul and Mikey

  • Evidence:
    • Bloody Footprints
    • Cut up Jeans
    • Bloody Shoes
    • Pom Poms
    • Kitchen Knife
    • Pocket Knife
    • Weapons not matching wounds
    • Light Brown Hair
    • Blonde Hair
    • Piece of Jean
    • Bloodsoaked Notepad
    • Youtuber Picture
    • Paintbrush
    • "THEY'RE REAL!" Sign

Case 05: The Murder of Hannah and Milo

  • Evidence:
    • Blonde Hair
    • Milo's clean body
    • Dust from explosion and pom poms
    • Desk in Hannah's Room
    • Pen in Hannah's Room
    • Scrap of Paper in Hannah's Room (Reads "sory")
    • Hannah's ammo in Sydney's Room
    • Used Bazooka
    • Dust on Hannah's Body
    • Bloody Pom Poms
    • Broken Door Hinges
    • Monokuma's Testimony

Case 06: The Murder of Sydney and Dylan

  • Evidence:
    • Poison Bottle
    • Croissant
    • Papers & Pencils
    • "THEY'RE REAL" Note
    • Heartbreak Note
    • Rope
    • Cop Badge
    • Chair

Case 07: The Murder of Victoria and Yasmin

Dominic: Well, from what I recall, there was plenty of evidence, was there not? Meatballs, McDonald's Receipt, Pom Poms, A katana of sorts, Pens and Paper, Scribbled Notes by the Trash Can with YENDYS written on it, Happy Meal Box, Ghost Books, Reviving Ritual, A drawing of Milo, and a shuriken.

Elimination Table

# Contestant D1 D2 (Trial) D3 D4 (Trial) D5 D6 (Trial) D7 D8 (Trial) D9 D10 (Trial) D11 D12 (Trial) D13 D14
N/A Daunte Wolfdragon ALIVE INJURED ??? MIA
24th Dann Leru KILLED

Lobby (Pre-chat)

Markus: Whence am I? I am suppos'd to be jumping through fireth!

Scarlet: It looks like a lobby of some sort. *makes a rectangle with her pointer fingers and thumbs* It does not look picturesque though

"Shade": ........

Dylan: *looks left and right* I am afraid of the dark...! W-what d-do we do!?

Sydney: W-what happened? *holds head*

Casper: *jolts up* WHERE AM I!?!? *looks around, having a panic attack* GET ME OUT OF HERE!

Dylan: *slaps Casper* CALM DOWN! *Has a panic attack* HEEEEEEEEEEEELP MEEEEEEEEE! D:

Sydney: *jumps up* There will not be any fighting! 


Markus: Calm the heck down! >.>

Sydney: Hah! Its nothing cant fix! *flexes*


Scarlet: They?

"Shade": ........

Casper: *runs up to Scarlet* They haunt you, until theres nothing left of you! *drops to the ground* THEY ARE CRUEL!

Markus: As long as we work together, we will escape :D

Sydney: This seems like a job for.... *twirls around* Sydney Smith! *spins around to the wall and punches it with all of her strength*

Jafri: W-where am I?  You- I'm- there are people.... who are y-you people!?

Milo: *looks around and sighs*

Markus: We should look around for something to eat, not a way out... yet at least

Sydney: Why isnt this working.... *turns around, defeated* I guess that's a good plan.... *in anger, she turns around and once again punches the wall*

Markus: Okay, me and Wonder Woman (Sydney) will look where the tables are, Dylan, Casper and Milo look where that computer is, and the rest look at the far end.

Sydney: *smiles and nods* Leave it up to me! I will save the day! 

Hannah: Screw this, I'm out of here! *holds out her rocket launcher, firing it at the windows, but it explodes, thrownig her across the room against a wall, breaking it and there is no damage done to the windows*

"Shade": ...............There is no way out............

Morgan: I just couldn't tell that... *rolls eyes*

Hannah: Argh! *rolls her shoulder which is dislocated and pops it back into place* That was just a fluke, I'll blow this window to bits! *loads up her final rocket into the launcher* Heave ho! *shoots it, and she goes flying, smashing through another wall*

Morgan: You couldn't tell the first time?


Scarlet: *runs over to Hannah* Are you alright!?!

Hannah: Ahhhh! She's got me cornered! *presses two buttons, which fire rockets above her, but they deflect from the rough, sending her crashing across furniture debris*

Scarlet: *visible sweatdrop rolls down the side of her face* I kinda want to draw this now...

Hannah: *panicking, sweating, and hits two buttons, but nothing happens* Crap! Get away from me! *throws the tables off her, and runs to the window, but collides with it and knocks herself unconscious*

Casper: *Crawls into a balls and starts rocking back and forward* T-th-they're real...

Scarlet: *walks over to Hannah and starts poking her shoulder* Hey are you alright~?

Morgan: Looks perfect to me.

Casper: *clutches head and mutters to himself*

Sydney: What is my mission??

Scarlet: *keeps poking Hannah's shoulder*

Morgan: And... she's dead. Hopefully...

Sydney: *spins around to Morgan* You take that back!

Morgan: Why? Why should I be respectful? Because I'm a bright happy cheerleader? *raises pompom, rolling eyes*

Sydney: Cheerleader or not, you must have respect for everyone! 

Morgan: Not gonna' happen, you sick cliche.

Sydney: *pulls a fighting stance* What did you just call me?!?!!

Morgan: A cliche that belongs on Disney Channel.

Sydney: You're gonna wish you never said that when Im done with you! 

Morgan: Cliche to the max. If you're all nice, superhero or whatever cliche you are, you wouldn't dare going near me. Would that be against your loser code to attack innocent people?

Sydney: But you're being a big BULLY! *raises her fists*

Morgan: *smiling* It's called honesty, and isn't that a good quality?

Sydney: ITS CALLED BEING A B**** *punches her in the stomach*

Morgan: *giggling, looking down at her* You think that's going to hurt me? I'm a cheerleader, and if it's something I've learnt, it's freakin' endurance. *walks away, looks at her, and does a few cartwheels, until landing on her feet and promptly swinging her fist at her*

Sydney: You've asked for it! *round-house kicks her in the face, then jumps up and swings her elbow in her face* *steps back and flexes* I am STRONG!

Morgan: Wow, do you even have a life? *rubs her cheek after the kick, and swings her fist poorly at Sydney slowly, and as she tries to hit back, she grabs her him, twists it around, and pulls it behind her back, beginning to slowly bend it, creating a very horrible pain* Are you sorry?

Sydney: *kicks her leg back into Morgans shin and bites her arm, to get free* I AM STRONGER THAN YOU!

"Shade": *watching the fight silently*

Morgan: Ouch. *looks at the bite wound* Are you that pathetic? My energy isn't even worth your pathetic time, so please don't speak to me ever again, unless it's asking to spare a dollar. To which then, I wouldn't. *pulls Sydney's arm in, drops her onto her knee, punches her, drops her, then walks off to sit on a broken chair* 

Sydney: *wipes tear away* You're the worst! 

Morgan: It's okay that you're upset, and I truly feel bad for injuring such an adorable little girl like you. You've got some fight in you, and I truly hope you die of starvation after being neglected any rations whatsoever. *rolls eyes, sighing* 

"Shade": .............

Dann: Wow, so rude, much meanness.

Vins: Dann are you trying to be an internet meme even though you have no talent?

Markus: Man... Morgan... You are amazing, Sydney can go to hell :D

Sydney: *turns around and mutters to herself* No Sydney, you're amazing....

Coralinea Komeada : Hello Fellow Citizens I Hope I can have Grace with you all so everything can go as smoothly as possible :I 

Victoria: Markus can go to H-E-double hockey sticks for being rude to a Christian >_>

Nemo: Wow, you are good.

Coralinea Komeada : Does anyone happen to know were the "Host" of this event? And why would we be in a lobby? It just makes no sense....

Nemo: Probaly Solar.

Casper: I bet THEY trapped us!!!!

Coralinea Komeada : "They" as in who?

Casper: Cant you see them?!? 

Coralinea Komeada : Um.....................listen dear I think you mistaken this for a mental hospital *Grabs Casper's Shoulders* Be careful when you go 

Dann: The one who needs to go to a mental hospital is Morgan.

Vins: Be carful what you say or it's gonna be an extended fight.

Hashikimo : Hey Guys Look Out! *Riding on skateboard with a karate blue belt*

Casper: N-no.... the-they sent me here...

Corelinea Komeada : W-........never mind........anyway my name is Corelinea Komeada...what is yours?

Casper: ? uhhh well... my names Casper a-and my life's purpose is t-to hunt for g-ghosts... that's what got me here...

Corelinea Komeada : *Thinking*'s your talent......I think it's a possibility for "Ghosts" to be real.....

Casper: No! They're real!! *pulls out a wrecked poster of anti-ghost symbol and 'THEY'RE REAL' in bold letters*

Corelinea Komeada : *Examines and mumbles something detective-y* I well......I would need more evidence

Casper: Y-you want evidence?! I-I can see them!

Corelinea Komeada : *Puts hand on Casper's Shoulder* I know but I'm sure no other living thing can see it...

Victoria: What do you mean?

Daunte: I got sass.

signal: i cant see anything on mky GPS. dumb buliding

Mikey *hits a golf ball* FORE

Daunte: Signal gtfo.

Dawson: Who are you people? *Backs away* I didn't want any of this to happen... I don't even know what is happening. Just, stay away. All of you....

Daunte: wtf who is this

???: What? This wasn't supposed to happen! I don't even know what 'this' is! But, oh well! Life surprises you a lot in tons of ways! And you have to accept that! Doo-doo-doo-doo!

Dawson: I will accept what I want. And you're not something I want to accept. None of you are. None of this I want to accept. Just... get it away.

Daunte: fite me irl

???: ... Huh? Who wants to, 'fite'!? This guy over here, *Points at Daunte* wants to fight! Come on! Any takers? Anyone willing to hit him!? Anyone...!?

Sydney: There is no need for violence!

???: Violence is violence! Plus, he asked for it... literally! *Kicks Daunte in the stomach*

A FAt Guy: MUAH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! *gases the building, and everyone is knocked unconscious, and wakes up in the lobby in Chapter 1*

Aoul: I like winning awards

Chapter One: Twogami Likes Donuts

Floor One


"Shade": ....... *as if sensing more areas have become accessabile, he/she throws a smoke bomb down and escapes to a different room in the panic*

???: Woah! This is like... a lobby and stuff, or something! Mag-ni-fi-cent. Woop, woop! *Runs off, hoping to find something entertaining*

Dawson: I... can't believe none of them are even concerned about our situation. What are they? *Walks off*

Hannah: *rubs her head, and rolls across the ground, until she eventually springs up to her feet, pulling out a machine gun from her back, and fires up in the air* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! *eventually she runs out of the bullets, throws the gun, and backs away*

Morgan: Nice job. *rolls eyes, after glancing at the stuck elevator*

Scarlet: Come on, we have to help her!

Morgan: I'm perfectly fine right here. 

Scarlet: I'll draw a portrait of you if you help~

Morgan: I'd care... why? *raises eyebrow*

Scarlet: How about for a statue of you?

Dominic: *walks over to Morgan and Scarlet* Hello, fair maidens! Care for a nice song, from the musicianist of musicians?

Sydney: *quietly walks back in*

Casper: *runs in, gasping for air*

Hannah: *holds up gun, pointing it at Sydney* Get in the elevator now, or I shoot!

Sydney: Oh yeah? Why should I? *puts hands on hips*

Hannah: *fires the gun, but she's out of ammo* AHHH! *runs back to the elevator* They've got me! Call in airstrike!

Sydney: And another win for Sydney Smith!

Milo: *wakes up, looks around and smiles and mumbles something under his breath* ooh, a challenge....

Jafri: W-where am I? I.... I...... keep it together *laughs awkwardly* yeah, your fine....

Corelinea Komeada : *Wakes Up and gasps* W-Who was that I wasn't able to see.......oh well might as well go to explore this place.... *Goes to elevator*

Hashimiko : *Wakes up* Wow......dudes What happened?! Well I'm going to explore like a boss *Dances his way to the elevator*

???: *when no one is nearby and it is dark, sneaks up behind "Shade", thus stabbing Shade multiple times*

Morgan: *walks in, yawning, in her regular cheerleader outfit, and spots the corpse* So, it happened.

Daunte: *walks in and gasps and turns into Rex* Where am I? This isn't my One Piece convention. >:(

Scarlet: *yawning walks by Morgan and Daunte and tries to open the door before realising it's barred shut. She then walks over to Morgan and Daunte* What's going o- *sees the body and let's out an ear-piercing scream before fainting*

Hannah: AHHHH! *fires a pistol multiple times at Shade's head, scared* woot! *throws gun away* I saved us.

Fatman: *flying in on a jetpack* Upupu- *coughs, choking, and throws up a cheeseburger* Dammit, McDonalds. Anyway, soon we will be commencing our class trial to see who the killer is. So get some evidence and found out who did it, or you will all die! *flies away, but crashes multiple times*

Coralinea Komeada : *Arrives Glances At The Corpse and keeps walking towards the corpse* Hmmm it appears we have a murder....

Morgan: There's another corpse by the desk. Should we actually waste our time investigatnig?

Corelinea Komeada : *Gasps* Investigating is an art! If you won't respect it go somewhere else I'm going to find clues >.> like my dear brother would want me to >.> *Looks for clues on The Corpse*

There are two stab wounds in the back of Shade.

Vins: That's weird. *checks for a dying message*

Corelinea Komeada : Hmmm he must have been stabbed in the back maybe even deep enough to the spine........interesting.....

There is a note saying 'GHOSTS ARE REAL!'

Corelinea Komeada : *Takes off mask* o-O D:

The face is barely recognizable due to the gunshots.

​Coralinea Komeada : Hannah that f***er >.> oh well *Strips Shade Down in the name of investigation*

Morgan: You pervert, it's already dead. -.-

"Rex": (Daunte) What good does it do that f***er and poser? >:3 * looks at Shade's stab wounds*

There is still a rusty knife stabbed into Shade's spine.

− Vins: Hold on isn't Casper the one here who believes in ghosts?

Corelinea Komeada : *Pushes Rex* You f*** only I can investigate

"Rex": *turns back into Daunte, by gasping* wtf

Dawson: *Walks in, yawning, with his paper and pencil* What happened?

???: *Runs in* Me wanna know, too!

Corelinea Komeada : GFTO you are not needed *Investigate Crime Scene*

There is a long trail of blood with footprints resembling tennis shoes.

Dawson: *Notices body* ... This has to be some kind of sick joke, right?

???: *Pokes "Shade"* Nope, person dead. Much death. Many sorrow.

Corelinea Komeada : Hmmm Hashimiko has tennis shoes *Follows Trail of blood*

Scarlet: *still unconcious*

The trail stops where a few strands of brown hair and blood soaked pom poms lie.

???: Much blood! :O

Corelinea Komeada : *Picks Up Strand Of Hair* Hmmm *Glances at Morgan* Hmmm.......*Searches for more clues*

There are some ripped jeans part. Also a bracelet. 

Daunte: wtf is going on like wtf fite me *gasps and turns into Rex* You're on- but could you handle a ninja? >:3 *turns back into Daunte* wtf why rex, why didn't you like my status

Corelinea Komeada : *Looks at Daunte* WTF are you.....*Grabs Jeans* Ah hah! More evidence :D

Morgan: *looks at the crime scene*

She finds paintbrushes.

​Coralinea Komeada : *Looks at Morgan* Hmmm you found paintbrushes....interesting *Looks at crime scene*

Sydney: *walks in yawning, not paying attention to anything*

Corelinea Komeada : *Grabs Bracelet And Examines It*

Vins: The note is possibly Casper's, Hasimiko has tennis shoes according to Corlinea, the pom poms are Morgan's, now we have a paintbrush which possibly belonged to an artist. I forgot who is an artist here. Idk about the jeans and bracelet.

Corelinea Komeada : Rookie, the jeans belong to Casper and the bracelet is obviously Hashimiko's and the Artist is Scarlett you h*e

Reception Desk

???: *Jumps on desk* Nice! Woop, woop! *Runs off again*

Dawson: *Climbs behind desk then sighs* This is not even... *Tears up, then wipes his eyes* Forget it. Just... forget. *Grabs a paper and pencil off the desk, and begins writing*

Fatman: *appears in a giant fatsuit with a skinny Togami mask, and a jetpack, flying in* Hahahaha! Loving this place so far? You want out? Well, you have to kill someone! If you do, you can graduate from here and go back to the real world, away from these crummy buildings! Seem fair?

Hannah: No, it doesn't! *jumps onto a table, but it flips on her, injuring her, so she fires her pistol at at his fatsuit, which reflects into the table, which just misses her head, and rips through one of Morgan's pom-poms.

Morgan: 'K then. I'm tired of this cherade.

Fatman: You think this is a cherade? *holds out a knife, after flying to Morgan, and stuffs a cheeseburger down her throat* You're 2 chips away from being a plus sized model! I'll see you soon! *flies off*

Dawson: What...? Whoever that was... expects us to murder? Who would be idiotic enough to actually believe him, and do so...?

Morgan: *walks to the desk* My bet is one of you.

Markus: Honestly, it's not even WORTH escaping, a life would be taken

Morgan: This literally looks like it's gone through a natural disaster, much like your face, so I don't see why not.

Dawson: Don't you see? This madman is trying to offer something we couldn't refuse: freedom, in order to make us kill. And, looking at some of you, most of us are going to be dead by next week.

Markus: Whatever, I am going to get a room, you coming?

Morgan: Why not? I need to get away from everyone here before I strangle them.

Dawson: You guys, are actually planning on sharing rooms, with a bunch of strangers? Pathetic. Thanks, but no. Just, get out of my sight.

Casper: D-d-dead?!?

Dawson: That's what I said... now, get out. Or, never mind. Fools. *Rolls eyes then exits*

Casper: Heh *looks up to his left into thin air* You're right, he is a d**chebag!

Nemo: Beware! With Josh breaking in, murder is coming.

Victoria: Are you sure?

???: *stuff happens* shashqwjdh! *hangs dann, running off*

Hashimiko : I'm lucky *Laughs* Wow that dead dude looks like my mommy :o

Dominic: *walks in* Ahh! But alas, someone actually drove into the killing game! How horrible!

Hashimiko : *Dances while chanting "Im'a Lucky!"*

Dominic: Well, seems like it's just you and me, friend. Let us be gallant- and not waste a moment! *looks at Dann's body*

The body is hung by rope, and there is blood still coming out of it

Dominic: *inspects Dann's body closer*

He has a stab wound in his chest.

Hashimiko : Wow.......he still looks like my momma


Used to access the second, third and fourth floors.

???: Elevators! Magical ways to do stuff! Woop, woop! *Travels upward*

Hannah: *after being shocked by everyone, she runs into the elevator, holding a pistol, firing it to scare everyone away* Back off, now! *she hits the button, which travels her to the fourth floor which is the highest working button, but as the door is about to open, the elevator collapses, abruptly stopping halfway between Floor 1 and Floor 2, giving her two narrow exits* Dammit! 

It drops again, and Hannah is let free.

Markus: If this is the only way to the second floor than, whatever. *walks into the elevator and pushes button, it takes him to the fourth floor, but than drops down to the third floor, yet the doors are shut* Do you have any bright ideas, Morgan -.-

Morgan: I do. *presses the open button on the elevator* :) I'm such a genius.

Markus: *laughs and leaves the elavator*

Morgan: *follows him, reluctantly*

Dawson: *Enters, presses buttons, and then travels*

Hannah: *dives into the elevator, kicking the button before crashing*

Sydney: W-wait up! *rushes into the elevator*

The elevator shuts on Sydney, not opening.

Casper: Guys! *runs into the elevator*

Sydney is trapped inside the elevator.

Sydney: *presses random buttons* how does this stupid thing work?!

The elevator shoots up as fast as it can at the top of the building, then it steadily drops, stops, multiple tmies, rocking and throwing her around the elevator until it stops at the second floor, opening.

Sydney: *on the ground of the elevator and her head spinning* O-oww

Casper: *kicks the door like Sydney did, as the pain hits, Casper falls back*

Milo: *walks over and presses the down button and waits for the elevator*

Casper: *looks up at Milo* Take me with you!

Milo: *looks at Casper briefly before pulling Casper into the elevator* Which floor?

Casper: *looks down sadly* Any floor...

Milo: *presses floor 3* Did I upset you?

Casper: No?

The elevator opens at Floor 4.

Milo: Floor 4? This isn't our stop? Never mind! *walks into a room*

Casper: *tugs at Milo's arm* I bet THEY did it!

Vins: *pushes the button to bring the elevator down* I need to see what's happening on other floors.

Corelinea Komeada : Hmmmmmm I guess I can just press the button a- 

Hashimiko : *Dances In* Radical Dudes! *Hits all buttons* :P 

Corelinea Komeada : T-T oh well >.> I wonder if we will reach the destination soon >.> 

Mikey: Looks like it is time to golf



Floor Two


Used to access the third, fourth and first floors.          

???: *Runs out of elevator* Have to pee, have to pee!

Dawson: *Exits elevator* Hopefully, there are not any morons here.

Markus: *presses button and is taken to floor three rather fast, causing some water to be spilled*

Sydney: *walks out of the elevator, trying to get back her focus*

Sydney: How DARE that beat me! *runs back into the elevator and presses the four* I will not be beaten!

The elevator takes her to four.

Sydney: *walks out proudly* Hahah I beat it and I stand victorious once more!



Storage Room

???: A storage room!? :O Must look! *Enters room, and then locks door* Woop, woop! I wanna-- Sleepy! *Falls down, asleep*

A family of rats run across ??? trying to eat ???.

???: *Barely wakes up* What is-- oh... rats... literally. Eh. *Falls back asleep*

Markus: *grabs bucket and sponge from outside the door and leaves*

???: *Bolts up* Woah! Much sleep! Gotta go find humans! *Unlocks door, opens it and then bolts*

Old Dining Room

Sydney: *walks in, rubbing her arm* I AM strong.....

Sydney: What's fun to do around here... *walks out*

Dawson: *Enters, cautiously* No one in here...? Good. Anything helpful and/or entertaining? *Observes his surroundings*

The dining room looks like it went through a tsunami, which chipped walls, tables and chairs, some broken, sprawled out everywhere, and rats running around. 

Dawson: This is... completely dreadful. But, better than being associated with them pathetic wastes of space. *Sits down at a (not broken) table* I guess, I'll continue my work. *Takes out his paper and pencil and begins writing again*


???: *Pees* Good game, self! Woop, woop! *Runs off*

Markus: *uses Bucket to collect water from the tap, when it gets full he leaves.*

Floor Three


Used to access the third, fourth and first floors.

Markus: I will just get it over with... >:I *presses button and he goes down to room 1* NO! Room two! *presses button and goes to room 2, but with a narrow exit* Whatever. *crawls though narrow escape*

Morgan: *walks in, waiting for Markus*

Markus: *walks in* So which floor? *rolls eyes*

Morgan: *hits 4* This doesn't require you to talk, just follow.

Markus: *rolls eyes* ....



Destroyed Hotel Bedroom #1

Casper: *walks in and freezes* They've been here.

Casper: I can't be here. *runs out as quick as he can*

Markus: *inspects the room* Is this good enough for a dare devil?

Morgan: Well, for one, it smells like cat urine, much like you, and only has a mattress with springs poking out of it, and a fan that looks like it's going to-

Hannah: *after running out from the elevator, she shoves them out of the way, and enters the room*

"Shade": *steps in silently* ....................

Markus: Well, excuse you! *locks door from outside, not noticing Shade*

Hannah: *holding out a grenade launcher, pulled out from her bag* Get out, this room is all to my self! A sound terrorist needs a sound sleep! Out!

"Shade": ........ The door is locked

Hannah: *walks over to the door, firing the grenade at it, however nothing happens, and as she walks back, she is blown against the wall, knocked unconscious*

"Shade": ............... *leaves via some unknown method*

Destroyed Hotel Bedroom #2

"Shade": *examines the room*

There is pink blood all across the wall, a hatch at the top, and a bed frame without a mattress, and a pillow on the ground.

"Shade": *keeps an eye on the hatch as he/she leaves the room*

Markus: *puts mattress on bed frame and pillow on mattress* I can wash the blood later...

Markus: *comes back and use the 'water' to wash the walls, it makes it smell worse, but washes the blood away* Finally, a good-ish room.

Morgan: *walks in, glancing at him* Whatever. Anyway, this tight outfit is killing me. *takes off her chearleader uniform and shoes, in her bikini* I hope this place has some sunlight. Hey, idiot, want to come look with me so I don't feel the need to murder you?

Markus: Fine, whatever.

Morgan: *walks out, adjusting her bra which can only just fit her, heading to the elevator*

Markus: *follows her*

Destroyed Hotel Bedroom #3

"Shade": *walks in and examines the room*

There is one mattress, and the room has a foul stench.

"Shade": *gives a brief nod and leaves the room*

Markus: I have an idea, it'll be easy. *picks up mattress and leaves*

Floor Four


Used to access the third, fourth and first floors.

Morgan: *exits the elevator*

Markus: *Follows*



Meeting Room

Signal: Ribbit. Man i love ribbiting *looks at the walls*

Gym Area

Morgan: *enters*

The gym area has a giant pool which is somehow kept well, and off to the side are some tacky showers, and a workout room.

Morgan: *dips her foot in the water* Fine temperature.

"Shade": *standing off to the side of the room, silent*

Markus: Sweet, a workout room! :D

Morgan: *sits down by the pool, with her legs in* Ah... and to think this disgusting place had no benefits. *she scratches her back, however, she accidentally unclips her bra, causing it to fall off* AHHH! *she stands up, faces them and covers up her chest, only to fall backwards into the water*

Markus: What the he- *turns away to not see her...chest*

Morgan: *resurfaces, spitting out the water* Throw me my bra, now!

Markus: *picks up and throws bra at Morgan*

Morgan: *puts on her bra, as her cheeks go rose red, and she dunks herself under the water, swimming*

Milo: *walks in* ...... *starts mumbling* stupid... elavator...wasted...time...

Markus: *goes to work out* WOW! Still intact!

Milo: *sits down*

Casper: *follows Milo in*

Aoul: I'll do weight Lifting

Mikkael: *good* Hi! Would You Like A Glass of Water?

Markus: *goes to boy showers and finds clean spare swimming clothes*  How is this room kept so well, while the others are kept so bad.


Unknown Room

Trial 1

Fatman: *everyone is in a courtroom, gg* Put together your evidence, and try to find out who did it *spits out a salad burger* Yuck. Start with the weapon.

Scarlet: *lying over the top of her pedestal, still unconcious*

???: *Pokes Scarlet continuously* Huh?

Corelinea Komeada : The Weapon is a Rusty Knife that I found at the crime scene!        

Morgan: There was a rusty knife in the back of "Shade". I think that's all we need to know, here. 

Hannah: That Dann was also hung to de-

Morgan: I'll cut that claim to pieces, you clueless moron. That's supposed to be my stereotype. There was a stab wound in his chest, which likely killed him.

Dominic: Exactly. Oh, the bards would sing of their deaths in a mourning passion!

Signal: I think the killer wore sneakers

Hannah: Yell at me again, and I'll bomb you. >~>

Dawson: Pathetic. No. No!

???: What.

Corelinea Komeada : The Killer Wore Tennis shoes not Sneakers

???: Does it really matter? I'm bored!

Corelinea Komeada : Then go f*** yourself the brains are speaking >.>

Morgan: Someone else can point out the rest of the evidence. I hate this. >.<

Corelinea Komeada : Well there was a poster that said 'THERE REAL' or something >.> 

Daunte: wtf is this

Corelinea Komeada : So There was Paintbrushs to from Scarlet I believe

???: Auh! Nuh, uh! I will not do anything, like that you little s**t! Now shut your wh**e mouth, or I'll shut it for 'ya! :)

Corelinea Komeada : And there was also a bracelet that was probably Hashimiko's 

Hashimiko : *Twerks*

???: That's what I thought.

Dawson: Freaks.

Dominic: So, I suppose they may be true...however, is there any evidence left over?

???: I have no clue what's goin' on! Woop, woop!

Corelinea Komeada : The Jeans are Casper's

Mikkael: *good* Don't worry Casp... *switch face to bad* Don't lie! It was you Casper!

Morgan: Daunte too wears jeans...

− Vins: There was also the note which was possibly Casper's, WAIT A MINUTEWHAT IF THE KILLER STOLE ITEMS TO FRAME IT ON A BUNCH OF PEOPLE!

Dominic: Thinking about the people who wear jeans...Vins and Dylan do too, right? Hmm, I wish a better clue had been left. But alas, we will have to make do, won't we? I didn't really take much a glance of Shade's death, so what else was left? We could possibly come to a conclusion then.

Mikey: Mikey says Morgan did it. mikey is always right

Vins: The only proof that Morgan did it is the Pom poms.

Dominic: Well, Morgan is quite smart and beautiful- it's likely that she could conjure up a plan like this using a few clues against her.

Mikey: the killer had tpo be very flexible to hang Dann the way he was. A cheerleader is perfect for that. Also the brown hair and the bloody sneaker foot prints link her to the crime Vins: and what if each murder was a separate situation?

Morgan: I truly do appreciate the comments and compliments *glances up at everyone* But I didn't do it. If you had a brain, figure this out. There were tennis shoe prints, right? Which one of us wear those? My shoeprints don't match.

Vins: What if you stole a pair of them and tried to frame the one who wore them?

Dominic: Sneakers and tennis shoes are the same type of shoes, darling. ;) A rather dashing attempt, but alas not enough.

Morgan: Fair enough. Let's try again. If you looked at the corpses, you could tell that the murder happened recently, as blood was still coming out of the wounds. But, I was at the pool with a few others. Therefore, I have an alibi for this crime. -_-

mikey: i cut that claim to pieces. You could have snunk thorugh the air ducts while you were changing. and went a killed the people snuck back and acted like noting happened. Or you could of mudered them beofre or after you went to the pool.

Dominic: Mikey's claims are very much a possibility, sweet Morgan. ;)

Morgan: Are you kidding me? Really? I'll give you all permission. *pulls off her dress, with her bikini* Look at my boobs, and look at my theighs. The air ducts are so thin, only Shade can just get through them. I cannot fit through them, and my boobs, behind and thighs are enough proof as it is. So I cut your little claim to pieces. *rolls eyes*

Dominic: You forgot to address Mikey's other two theories. ;)

Morgan: But people were in the lobby when I went to the pool. And I discovered the body after coming back, which is why my hair was still wet.

Mikey: you could of still killed them before you wnet and used the pool to wash off blood or after. you wernt at the pool very long

Morgan: I was in the pool for a while with Markus, and Mikkael, Aoul and Casper were witnisses. You seem very pushy on me, Mikey. You have brown hair, which was found in the pool of blood, but so does Daunte and a few others. Pile all the proper evidence together, then see who it points too. Wow, you guys are a bunch of toddlers, but they'd probably figure it out before all of you losers.

Hannah: Brown hair... jeans... tennis shoes... I got it! One of you guys did it, and I will blow up the one of you that did!

Mikey: morgan. Well you just more evidence against you. At the pool you could of taken Casper's sign thing and tried to frame him since you had access to his suff at the pool

Morgan: I literally had access to water...

Dominic: Let's see...besides Morgan, the other potential suspects are Casper, Daunte, Dylan, and Hannah, I assume. Plus Morgan is still on the suspect list. So we're still at where we were.

Morgan: What about the clues Hannah mentioned? Does it fit anyone? Knowing that she's a nutcase, I have no idea.

Dominic: Basically everyone on that list except Hannah, herself.

Morgan: So-

Hannah: Let the one with despair experience lead this, so shut up, and listen, or you're dying! Listen, who wears jeans around here, and has brown hair?

Dominic: I just said whom, miss. Although, you do wear jeans too. ;)

Morgan: You do. And who else?

Dominic: I just said I've said a while ago. Does my answer lack the extravagance to earn your attention?

Morgan: Casper was at the pool with me. So, it's either Daunte or Dylan...

Dominic: Pardon me for asking, but when did Casper arrive at the pool? Also where was Hannah? ;)

Casper: Wa-wasnt me!

Scarlet: Urgh *stands up and rubs her eyes* huh? Where am I?

Morgan: When Milo and that arrived. He's innocent. Hannah, I literally have no idea, but I heard explosions...

Dominic: When DID Milo and him arrive, then? ;) 

Morgan: Like, just after me... But tennis shoes, brown hair, jeans... It's either Dylan or Daunte, and we need to work this out before we all die.

Scarlet: D-die?

Hannah: I'll explain later Scarlet! But I'd rather not die, but I'm fine with it! Let's get this going, I'm awaiting to see an explosive execution!

Morgan: Hey, Daunte, got any defence since Dylan ain't doing anything?

Daunte: fite me irl. I was going on a mind journey and reuniting with my personalities in my mind. I really want to find a bland, but nice and dumb person to love and go crazy without me and a nerdy idiot of a best friend who I would eliminate in the second season of a reality show under an evil persona. So basically daydreaming, gg

Hannah: Huh? 0.o Personalities? What kinda' bulls*** is that!?!

Daunte: I have mpd you f***er. *gasps and turns into Diante* Pancakes & Doge. ;/ *turns back into Daunte* so gg you offensive person who can't even lift like wtf

Morgan: *raises eyebrow* You killed them. GG.

Daunte: wtf I didn't kill anyone you f***er. fite me outside

Morgan: It all points to you. Fite me irl u lil fgt i bet u hard scope well guss wat ur a lil loser i did ur mom nd i bet u hard scope lol u dont evan lift sho me wat uve got fgt loser dylan's been afk all game. *coughs* I just lost twenty IQ points mimicking you...

Daunte: *drops the serious demeanour* I'm an admin on a wikia website wtf. Anyway, if I was day dreaming and said the entire thing on the spot how could I have killed like wtf.

Hannah: O.o

Daunte: Dylan hasn't said or done anything, so it's him, gg. I worship Doge, Hotnigel, and Jason too, so gg. Now gtfo.

Morgan: Go hit your reset button, murderer. >~>

Daunte: wtf you don't evan lift so fite me irl. Besides, I actually have defense so gg

Morgan: No you didn't. You killed them.

Daunte: I didn't, now gtfo.

Morgan: You are acting awfully shady.

Daunte: You weren't acting all great either when you were being questioned, so gg. Besides, you're still a big suspect. Also Hannah's questioning was invalid, like no one asked her anything, but she was cleared wtf. She's a terrorist with weapons how else do you get weapons wtf. Now fite me irl

Morgan: Show us all of your personalities. If you can't, then you must be hiding something.

Daunte: If you knew about mpd like wtf, they come out on their own by something happening. At least that's what TV told my mind and that's what is happening so gg

Morgan: So you're not showing us them. One of them killed, and you know it. 

Daunte: Do you even know what MPD is, like seriously?

Morgan: One piece convention! *Rex is triggered*

"Rex": Huh?

Morgan: You killed them both, give it up.

"Rex": I killed who, exactly?

Morgan: Shade and Dann. You killed them earlier.

"Rex": You offend me, miss, I wouldn't kill a weak two out of how many people are here if I could. I would kill everyone. :3 But no, I didn't do it. I don't even know who Shade and Dann are...all I know is they have names and those are their names.

Morgan: Don't lie, you killed them. Also, you said you were a ninja. You could Shade so you could be the only one.

Markus: Morgan is better than you! Stop trying to be smart and confess! 

"Rex": I'm not confessing anything lovebirds, just know that when you're all executed it was Morgan who brought you to your ends. :3

Markus: I don't about you be quiet, and stop trying to be smart. Even if it is Morgan, you...are...not...worth it.

Fatman: stfu you two lovebirds, time to vote! *chomps on McDonald's rapidly*

  • Morgan: Daunte
  • Hannah Montana: Daunte
  • Dylan Sprouse: D-daute :[
  • Mucus: Daunte
  • Scarlet: *crying* I don't know! Daunte?
  • Jafri Baqir:
  • Michael Jackson:
  • Sydney: Daunte
  • Casper: Daunte
  • Yasmin:
  • Jasmin:
  • Vins:
  • Finding Nemo:
  • Victoria:
  • Aoul:
  • Mikaell:
  • Komeada:
  • Hashimiko:
  • Daunte: Rex you betrayal f***er
  • Dominic: Daunte
  • Mikey: Daunte
  • Signal: Daunte
  • Dawson: Sick, pathetic failures. Uh, Hannah.
  • ??? ???: Hannah! She can't even lift.

Fatman: The person voted guilty is... Hannah, but she's not the culprit! But since you're all newbies, you get one chance and one chance only, because I want to see the despair. You have one final chance to change your vote.

Fatman: Let's check again. Hopefully you al- you guys voted Daunte guilty! But guess what, he's innocent! The person who deceived you all is...



Who is his persona. So, Daunte is getting executed since we didn't have the option.


Scarlet: *crying* W-why? Why did you kill?

Dylan: Yeah, WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT!?  YoloSwagHashtag

Sydney: How could you?!

Hannah: Does it matter why? We'll be doing a monstrous execution, so that's sort of fun! But besides, *polishing her gun* you don't know people's experiences and what they've been exposed to, so to some people, watching people die or killing them is just normal to them. Different people, different moral. But what can you expect from the madhouse of a world in which we live in, where hate and opinions clash, causing global warfare and explosions, while we are controlled like chess pieces by our leaders. *fires directly at the wall*

Mikey: you monster Daunte: i hope your death is slow and painful

Dylan: YEAH! You just can't going around KILLING people!

Sydney: I would like to know your reasons!

Dylan: You may be just a personality, but now you have got three people , Shade, You and Daunte


Casper: H-how could y-you??

"Rex": It does matter why, you dumb f***! :3 You see I killed Shade in a Ninja-off! He challenged me to a showdown and lost by a large margin, dying at the first hit! Then Dann cornered me with a knife and I wasn't going to let him out-ninja me and kill me, so I killed him for self-defense! :3 Who else could have outsmarted a fellow ninja? Stupid Morgan? Idiotic Markus? Or perhaps Lunatic Hannah? Nonsense! Also Morgan and Markus? I hope you die, Markus you're terribly bland and no one likes Morgan so :)

  • in mind*






Conker, new personality: IF HE CAN'T DO IT, DANISH MUST DO IT!

Danish: *insert sob here*

Daunte: *gasps* ...Yes, let her do it.

  • Danish, Conker, and Diante are found dead outside the Castle Floor, because Danish suicide-bombed*

Daunte: yolo *runs into the castle and pushes the reset button*

Rex: *is brought back* What- NO! I'M THE MASTER OF NINJAS- I'M IMMUNE TO DEATH!

Daunte: gg

Rex: *fades away* Nooooo~

  • real world*

Daunte: I'm back-

Dominic: Sorry friend, but you're being executed. Alas, Rex loves his bloodshed, which is something bards would sing criticism of.

Daunte: wtf rex that traitor, this is unfair but life is unfair so gg everyone :(

Sydney: Oh I want to punch you so bad!!

Dylan: Why does it have to be the nice guys D:

Markus: Nice guys finish last.

Daunte: I didn't kill, Sydney,...Rex did...IF ANY OF YOU HAD MPD YOU COULD BE IN MY SHOES RIGHT NOW! *drops to knees, crying and softly saying aho as a yodel*

Sydney: You have MPD??

Scarlet: *runs over to Daunte and hugs him tightly*

Dylan: *picks Duante up* It will be okay, you will go to heaven, you will be with everyone who cared for you, and Rex wil be no more as he will go to hell, you will be free, proud, respectable and brave!

Casper: I-I'll look for you...

Fatman: *hits button, and Daunte is dragged off*


Daunte is dragged forcefully up a fleet of stairs, which takes him to the top of the skyscraper, which shows a corrupt world outside it. He is thrown against a plank, and strapped in so he can't escape. Two people appear beside him, one showing Jasmin and Yasmin. Eventually, Monokuma starts blasting swearing on megaphones which bursts the heads off the girls, then pulls out a gun, which slowly moves across, shooting down the two corpses. Eventually, it stops the middle, and fires a rocket at Daunte, which sends him flying away into a building, exploding, while more dolls of his personas laugh. 

Dylan: *cries* DAUNTE! D:

Jafri: The d-death, the d-death, oh m-my god, please, I-i don't wanna die! Please! I'm too sensitive t-to die! One of y-you b*****ds are g-gonna m-murder m-me! 

Dylan: *cries* Yasmin and Jasmin died too! DUANTE! NOOOOO! D:

Scarlet: *faints from the deaths*

Dylan: *crying* D;

Jafri: Y-you're all out to get me, y-you a-all are gonna plan my murder so you can all leave, w-well, I've had it! S-shut the f*** up everyone!

Dylan: Don't sw-swear, Daunte just died!! Have you got no respect! *cries*

Jafri: Screw y-you, wait, y-you're all already planning to screw me!

Sydney: There is no need for fighting!

Dylan: He is disrespectng the dead, by dead I mean Daunte!

Morgan: You kill, you get executed. I don't care, so, bye Daunte.

Sydney: How DARE you?!

Jafri: F-f*** respect, you won't respect me when you gauge my eyes out with a spoon or feed me to rats! N-none of you care, g-go away!

Chapter Two: Despair Conquers All But McDonalds 

Floor One

Reception Desk


Jafri: *crying* Y-you're all planning on killing me...... Why? W-what have I done wrong? Is it my f-face or my trembling v-voice? *cries even more*

Sydney: *trying to comfort Jafri* It's all going to fine :)

Jafri: I-I don't wanna d-die, you're all p-planning ny murder, so you c-can all leave! *crying even more*

Sydney: D-dont cry! We will all figure this out and we'll get you back to your home safe and sound!

Jafri: R-really? P-promise? *crying*

Sydney: Promise *smiles*

Jafri: *hugs Sydney, crying*

Morgan: This is sad. I'm walking away. *rolls eyes, heading inside the elevator*

Jafri: T-thanks Sydney! I f-feel much better n-now...

Sydney: Im glad to hear that, feel free to talk to me whenever *grins*

Jafri: *actually smile* T-thanks again...

Sydney: It's no problem! 

Jafri: I-I'm sorry for boring you with my tears :(

Sydney: Oh no, I am more than happy to listen!

Jafri: *smiles* W-well, I'll leave you alone now if you want :)

Sydney: No, do whatever YOU want!

Jafri: *nervous* uh... S-sydney?

Sydney: What is it? *smiles*

Jafri: A-are w-we f-f-f-friends? *really nervous*

Sydney: Of course we are!

Jafri: Yes! C-can you wait a m-minute? I need to d-do something alone! Please? *runs to elavator*

Sydney: *nods*

Sydney: *hears a scream* And thats my cue! *runs to the elevator*

Corelinea Komeada : I'm bored.....>.> 


Can take you to any available floor.

Casper: N-not this thing again..

Milo: *standing outside elavator, writing in journal*

Casper: *spots Milo and grins*

Milo: *looks at Casper and softly smiles, before writing in journal again*

Casper: *pulls Milo  infront of the buttons for the elevator* Could you mak-make it work again??

Dylan: *runs in crying* D: *pushes button to go to floor 8*

Casper: No need to cry my friend, Milo is h-here to save the day!

Milo: All I did was- wait, floor 8 is off limits I think, don't press it!

Casper: oh no, you've done it now!

Dylan: It's only off bounds on the stairs *cries*

Milo: Jesus, ok! *elavator arrives at 8* .... *stomps out*

Markus: *runs in, presses button, arrives at floor 8, and runs out*

Casper: Wait for me! *Chases after Milo*

Morgan: *hits the button, and the elevator opens to her, and hits seven*

Casper: *Drops torch* W-wait up Milo! 

It shuts on him.

Casper: *pounds fists on the doors* M-Milo! It did it again!

Casper: *stars punching the door* OPEN UP! *head-bangs the door and knocks himself out*

The door opens. GG

Casper: *is still knocked out....*

Milo: *walks back in, to see Casper knocked out* Um... *pokes Casper*

Casper: *jumps up* THEY'RE REAL!

Milo: *falls backwards* What the- *falls on his back* eurgh!

Casper: *notices Milo* MILO!

Hannah: *gets into the elevator* Huh? New buttons? *hits one*

Milo: ... Hello, Casper? *looks at Casper* That's your name, I presume?

Casper: I-it sure is!

Milo: Grea- *gets pushed back*

Jafri: S-sorry! *presses floor 6 and it arrives on floor 6* B-bye! *runs out*

Casper: What now?! 

Milo: Eurgh! We go to the suite?

Casper: Whatever you want Milo! *grins*

Sydney: *runs in* Dang, what floor!?

Sydney: Lets go with the lucky number! *presses number 7*


Now in use, up to floor four, but five-nine are out of order.

Floor Two

Storage Room

Old Dining Room




Floor Three

Destroyed Hotel Bedroom #1

Destroyed Hotel Bedroom #2

Destroyed Hotel Bedroom #3

Sydney: *floats in, expression unchanged until she locks the door behind her, then she stars sobbing*



Floor Four

Meeting Room

Unknown Room





Floor Five

Office Rooms



out of order


Jafri: *presses floor 7, gets in and gets out when it arrives* G-got to hurry!

Morgan: *coming from her drop* Just one more floor to drop to, and I can use the stairs. *as she prepares to go down, the elevator starts rising, and she then slips, dropping on to the roof which doesn't harm her as it was just below her. She rolls, and sighs, but then looks up as something blocks above the ninth floor and screams, and rolls out just before she was going to be squished*

Floor Six

Proper Dining Room


Scarlet: *hides from Hannah in the kitchen*

Jafri: *runs in and grabs some objects* T-thats it! *puts them in bag and runs out, bumping into Scarlet*

Morgan: *enters* Scarlet? Are you in here?

Scarlet: *sitting down in front of the counter, sketching something in her notebook* huh? Oh hi Morgan *wipes her tears away*

Morgan: Don't share eye contact with me, just come to the Maintenance room... there's been another murder.

Scarlet: W-w-what? W-who? *starts tearing up*

Morgan: Jafri. I can't pinpoint who did it, just go. I'm heading back to a room, so I can think things through.

Scarlet: Wait... Jafri? She came by here a little while ago, in abit of a hurry

Morgan: Still not caring. *walks off*


Storage Room


Scarlet: *runs into the elevator, away from Hannah, and heads down to floor 6*

Morgan: *the door opens* That's a change. *exits*

Morgan: *enters, but once she's about to step it, it immediately drops, whacking her foot and falls to the bottom* You're kidding me... This is a safety hazard waiting to happen. *wedges open the door, and cautiously manoeuvers, and swings to the floor below her, almost falling down*


Out of order up to floor 9

Floor Seven


Morgan: *looks around at the stage, smiles, and looks down at her outfit* Just like old times, but usually... it was one the field. *walks down through the chairs, and as she stands on the stage, the lights dim and a spotlight shines bright on her, making her look like the star* Really? Well... it's been a while. *begins doing one of her performances by herself, while clapping along to a beat, singing the cheerleader routine, doing flips and whatever else she had to do, thinking no one will see her* 

Scarlet: *walks in, sniffling*

Morgan: *finishes off her routine, but cuts it short after noticing Scarlet walking in* W-what are you doing? Get out!

Hannah: *runs in, holding out rocket launcher* Stand still!

Morgan: WTF! 0.0 Put that down, you psycho!

Hannah: *shoots it, but it blows her back into the chair and hits a wall* AHHH!

Scarlet: Ho-how could anyone kill?

Hannah: Who cares? It's explosions. I see 'em every day, I nearly lose limbs! Scarlet, go away! I've got target practice! *points at Scarlet*

Scarlet: Ah-aaaaaah! *runs away*


Costume Storage

Changing Room

Maintenance Room

Jafri: *runs in and shuts door behind him and starts ???????*

A loud thud can be heard from the room

Markus: *comes in* Hello? :I

The room is a complete mess, with tools scattered everywhere. However the most striking feature is Jafri's body, lying face down in a pool of blood, his head crushed.


Fatman: *mouth stuffed with a hamburger* mmhp mhp mmmmph *swallows* sorry. A body has been discovered! Check your electro-id for the file! *flies away and drops hamburgers as he crashes into the wall*

Milo: *walks in with Casper* What's going on- OH MY GAWD, WHAT THE F*** IS THAT!?

Morgan: *follows them inside* I was wondering wha-OH. Well, I guess we should get investigating.

Hannah: wtf is this this is not a murder this sucks

Casper: OH- W-WHA- *clutches head*

Morgan: This was quick. Stop being wasteful, and actually get something done. Weird, people usually say this to me. *stares at Jafri's corpse, observing it*

Hannah: *looks around the room*

Morgan notes that his body seems to be slightly dissolved. Hannah notes that one top of the shelves around the left side of the room there are many tools.

Milo: Strange position, I wonder if he was meeting anyone, he was awfully pushy today :/

Markus: f he was meeting someone, it would make sense why he of all people would go into the Matinece room :I

Milo: *looks at scattered objects on floor*

Morgan: This looks... dissolved. But what could do that? Acid? Yeah right... For a cheerleader, I actually do have a brain. *keeps observing the body*

The tools on the floor seem to be from a toolbox lying in the blood pool next to Jafri. Morgan can smell something strange, that reminds her of fish and chips.

Markus: *investagates head* :I 

Morgan: Yuck, she reeks of fish... no surprise...

Casper: I-I dont like it h-here....

Markus: *still investagating the head*  :I

The wound on Jafri's head looks like it was hit by the corner of something.

Milo: *looks at Casper* We'll be gone in a few minutes, let's just decipher what happened to our friend first, k?

Sydney: *runs to the doorway* What's the scream all about?

Markus: That toolbox! He used the edge of the toolbox to kill hm! D:

Dylan: Hey guys, I am feeling better no- AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! *cries*

Sydney: *sees dead body and drops to her knees* W-what?

Dylan: *drops to his knees* Someone killed... him D:

Markus: Yes, I belive with the side of the toolbox! *investigates blood pool*

Hannah: *looks into the blood pool*

Milo: Sydney, Dylan, Jafri was murdered a few minutes ago, care to explain what took you so long? 

In the blood pool is a large bloody hammer.

Dylan: Crying in my room D: 

Milo: Crying, or hiding evidence?

Morgan: I'm going to get Scarlet. Let's not have her clueless. *walks out*

Hannah: *checks around the door and stuff*

Sydney: *gets off her knees and doesnt change expression* Well Ill be leaving now.

Milo: You're being awfully suspicious, Sydney, care to explain why?

Hannah notes a black stain on the doorknob on the hallway side. She touches it with her finger and her finger becomes stained with it, however it looks like it won't stain anything else.

Hannah: Get off! Is this a trap? Do they have my DNA? *fires dual SMG's, screaming, and runs out of the room*

Sydney:*leaves without talking*

Milo: Really!? What an idiot, she's definitely a suspect! 

Dylan: I can take you to my room to check! D:

Markus: *checks floor* Maybe there is something that can help us here :I

There doesn't seem to be anything else of importance on the floor. Perhaps examining something else will help.

Milo: *checks door* Hmmm... anything?

There is not much to note about the door, although there appears to be a mark on the maintence room side of the door a little bit above shelf height.

Markus: *checks toolbox* :I

Dylan: *checks corners of room... while crying*

There don't appear to be anything else of note with the toolbox or room corners.

Markus: *checks all shelves* 

Dylan: *leaves room*

Milo: Eurgh! It's like the murderer is tricking us, it's too complex to be a normal murder!

The tools on top of the shelves appear to be in a line, going around from the door, to the corner to the next corner before stopping just above where Jafri's body is.

Markus: Well, how about we... uh... *turns Jafri's dead body upwards and checks it*

There aren't any areas of interest here, but out of the corner of Markus's eye, he can see a bottle at the edge of the blood pool near the right hand shelves.

Markus: a bottle? What would that be doing here? *investigate bottle*

Milo: Casper, do you wish to leave now?

The bottle is marked with a label that reads "99% pure acetic acid (vinegar)". It is empty though.

Casper: *nods* I g-guess so... 

Markus: Vinigar is an acid, and is used on fish and chips! This was a murder weapon! D: 

Milo: C'mon, let's go to the suite where you can relax while I write my testimony *grabs Casper' s hand and pulls him along*

Markus: *addng evindence to his device* Okay, I better wrte a testimony :)


Morgan: *holds her blood soaked pom poms which had drived, and the elevator arrives, however it does not open* Come on you piece of junk. Stop acting like everyone else here. *keeps hitting the open button, which it eventually does, and she walks out*

Hannah: *exits, holding gun*

Morgans: *enters elevator, hitting button* How could the murder... happen so quickly...? Was someone hiding in there? *arrives*

Sydney: *steps in the elevator, her expression still not changing*

Sydney: *presses button 3*


Milo: *dragging Casper up the steps* C'mon! >:(

Casper: *rubs his eyes* S-sorry... 

Floor Eight

Cleaning Room

Staff Room

Suite #1

Milo: *walks in and puts his stuff on a bed* grr... stupid elavator.... *sits down and writes more*

Suite #2

Morgan: *enters the suite and locks the door* Finally. *sighs, and flops onto the bed, pulling out the ElectroID* Now, let's see. *taps on a few sections, and reads* Alright, clues, clues... let's go over what happened... Hmm... interesting... *tapping and thinking* That... that can't truly be an option. What else could have caused it? Hmm...

Regular Room #1

Regular Room #2

Double Room #1

Dylan: Hey! Who wants to share this room with me *inspects room*

Double Room #2

Markus: I deserve a double room! Dibs!

Small Room #1

Small Room #2


Markus: *clicks button and goes to floor 7*

Morgan: *as the door opens, she immediately bursts out, expecting the worst, and looks back* Now it wants to play nice? *folds arms and walks off*


Floor Nine

Library Debris

Computer Lab Debris



Morgan: *lying on the ground, panting, stands up and brushes herself off, as the elevator reaches her* Jesus christ... *enters the elevator, and presses 8*

Trial 2

Fatman: *coughing up french fries* You *cough* know the deal! Start with the *coughs up a cheeseburger* weapon if you want.

Morgan: His face was dissolved, almost as if it were something acidic.

Milo: I believe it was the toolbox or the hammer

Markus: I found a bottle of vinagar, 99% vinagar! That would explain his disovled face and smell.

Milo: And where would he get that? We're not a science lab!

Scarlet: hmmmmmm

Markus: No science laab, but floor 6 has loads of kitchen supplies.

Morgan: Well, figure it out. I'm supposed to be stupid, so don't count on me.

Scarlet: I was in the kitchen while it happened. And the only person to come by... was Jafri

Markus: With the possibility he was meeting someone, he was maybe bringing that vinigar :I

Hannah: Scarlet did it!

Scarlet: I did? When? I didn't even know about the murder until Morgan told me

Milo: No, it was obviously Sydney! He and her were talking and talking today, then soon after that, he's dead and she's no where to be seen, presumably hiding the evidence, and when I ask her, she leaves!

Markus: Hannah, I suspect you you know, because you are the only one strong enough to crack his head, other than Sydney.

Scarlet: Hannah is scary too....

Morgan: You've both got that wrong! Hannah could not have been the culprit, nor Sydney. Jafri entered the room, then later, Markus came in. And it was after that, we discovered the corpse.

Scarlet: Did Markus even have time though?

Morgan: Sydney could not have done it either, as she came in after, so she could not have hid in there or something... so either Markus killed her... or... *shakes head* Nah, that second thing isn't plausible. Markus... it was you.

Scarlet: B-but what about time?

Milo: What's if he set a trap... It's plausible

Scarlet: T-trap?

Morgan: The murder happened... within minutes... 

Markus: it wansn't me! You realise that you had the time too and that the murder couldn've happend minutes, maybe an hour before I got there! And if I was the killer, I would be long gone!

Morgan: Then, what else could have happened?

Sydney: Well it couldn't of been me!

Scarlet: G-guys... maybe we should focus on how it happened...

Morgan: It's definite that he went in that room... 

Scarlet: What if it was an accident? The maintenance room has alot of tools in it.

Casper: What do you think Milo?

Markus: I stll don't know why the vinigar was used though :I maybe to cover up the murder's mark

Hannah: His thoughts don't matter. There was black stuff on the doorknob, which got on my fingers, which I think is on Markus's hands. It was obviously there to incriminate someone. And trust me, I know when someone is getting played...

Milo: My theory is Markus was hiding inside the room, and told Jafri to visit him there in secrecy, Jafri was clearly frightened by the idea so he brought the acidic products for protection, but when he got there, straight away Markus ambushed him, and hit him upside the head with the hammer, before throwing a tool box at the unconscious boy, crushing his head, he then preceded to burn Jafri' s bofy with the acid and fled the scene, and came back pretending to be shocked.

Morgan: Wrong. Jafri entered the room, then later, he came in... If he was hiding then left, I would have saw him.

Scarlet: W-what about the tools on the shelves?

Morgan: He could have killed him with them, duh... *rolls eyes* Moron... or... nah. Markus is the killer...

Sydney: *clenches knuckles* is that right?

Scarlet: B-b-but they were arranged strangely...

Morgan: Any other bright ideas? Not that I care... But where are you coming at? A... trap? I didn't think that would be plausible.

Scarlet: *tearing up* I don't think Markus would do this though

Morgan: Get over yourself.

Hannah: Of course he didn't do it! The stains, his hand, and how quick everything happened... it must have been a trap, which would incriminate him!

Casper:cause milo said so?

Hannah: Milo was an idiot, it was a trap, and since he set it off, it would make Markus the culprit! Shut your mouth, or you die!

Scarlet: *crying* B-but who would set such a trap?

Hannah: Uh... Jafri...

Scarlet: D-did he really hate us that much? To do this?

Morgan: Who cares? Let's get to voting, we've solved this all...


Milo: Who take what back?

Markus: If your ony evidence saying it was me is, I found the body, than I have this to say, that is the MOST pathetic thing I have ever heard, and I am saying it to Morgan, the girl above being simple.

Victoria: Markus had set a trap, told Jafri to go inside the room, and he set the trap, causing his death.

Nemo: Markus is the culprit!

Victoria: *rolls eyes*

Morgan: Good thing my curiousity isn't as idiotic as his. You opened the door, set off the trap after she lured one of us there with the noises, and made you a culprit. GG.


Dominic: My, my...this trial is most unnerving...I guess it is time to take sides between Markus and Morgan.

Fatman: Think you have the answer?

  • Morgan: Markus
  • Hannah: Jafri
  • Dylan: Morgan
  • Markus: F**k you Morgan
  • Scarlet: *crying* M-Markus
  • Milo: Bye Markus
  • Sydney: Markus
  • Casper: Markus
  • Vins: Markus
  • Nemo:
  • Victoria:
  • Aoul: Markus
  • 'Mikaell: *both* Markus.... You lose
  • Corelinea: it's Markus Because *Something Investigator-y*
  • Hashimiko: Markus wasn't acting Radical so it has to be that dude *Something To Do With Luck*
  • Dominic: Markus...but it wasn't his least, in my opinion...
  • Mikey:
  • Signal:
  • Dawson: Jafri...? I don't care.
  • ???: Markus... I heard he doesn't lift either, but... *Whispers* you didn't hear it from me.

Fatman: *licking lips* Ooh, guys, have you tried this new bacon cheeseburger sub at Subway? It's delictable! Sorry McDonalds. Oh, right! The person you voted guilty is... Markus! Guess what, he is... sort of the killer. Jafri set a trap, and since he set it off, he is the culprit! LOLGASM

Morgan: Twice people have tried to vote me... can you realize I'm not in this to kill? F***ing idiots... -.-

Vins: Atleast we are still alive, for now.

Coralinea Komeada : Ugh >.> Why do people kill

Hashimiko : Totally not radical

Dominic: It wasn't his fault...Jafri set this trap, so he should be whom gets the blame...

Coralinea Komeada : Well I respect your kindness Markus should have been smarter when doing something 

Dominic: Well, my fair maiden, while it is true, it was definitely something unexpected and all of us here could have shared the same fate he will.

Coralinea Komeada : Yes....but we just need to be more careful and not kill like some people

Dominic: I'm aware of that, milady, but if it's an accident like this, it's good to at least offer some condolences. He's getting punished for it anyway...

Coralinea Komeada : Speaking Of That.....when is he getting the punishment?

Markus: *about to look like he is going to rage and call ***sh*t, but instead he tands up straight and smiles* Well, I never knew Jafri was so smart. :D

Dylan: What are you talking about, you are going to be executed!?

Markus: Not everyone gets executed in such a manner, I find it an honour, without having to actually destroy my honour too! Truely marvalous. Well, I say my goodbyes and thanks, it was a pleasyre to meet you all. *walks next to Monokuma and stand stll*


A chain wraps around Markus neck and drags him onto a motorcycle on top of the skyscraper and straps him onto it. The motorcycle starts and flies off the skyscraper, only to land on the next one. Over and over the motorcycle goes until it reaches the outskirts of the city. As Markus heads towards a canyon in front of him, he runs over a sign that says "DANGER". The motorcycle runs off a ramp on one side of the canyon and flies through the air, and the motorcycle lands safely on the other side. Markus's straps fall off, but the motorcycle is going to fast to safely get off. It ramps off another ramp above the ocean, and Markus makes a dive to safety, only for a shark to leap out of the water and eat him in midair.

Dominic: seems as if your words were the trigger, my fair maiden...

Coralinea Komeada : *Gasps* Vins!!

Vins: I'm ok, just.. inju- *falls to the ground, not dead*

Sydney: Justice never waits!

Morgan: Can you shut up already, Sydney?

Sydney: You shut your mouth before I beat you to tears!

Milo: *mumbles some inappropriate insults before writing in his journal some more*

Morgan: You're embarrassing yourself, sweetie.

Dawson: People are dead... people are dying... What's wrong with these psychopaths?

???: Uh, maybe 'der not as smart as us? Like, they wish 'dey had 'dem smarts we have, but 'dey don't, so 'dey kill to cause havoc!

Dawson: *Sighs* Moron.

Sydney: *clenches her fists* Im going to destroy you

Casper: *looks over to Milo, unsure on what to do*

Milo: *looks at Casper* Um...... We should all get some rest tonight, we've all had a.... terrible day so we'll need some more sleep to deal with the next one! 

Casper: *nods happily* whatever you say!

Scarlet: *crying*

Chapter 3: It's All Fun And Games Until Someone Looses A Sub...way... Inspired McDonald's Burger

Floor One

Reception Desk

Nemo: *sees blood everywhere*

Victoria: *sighs* Blood can't just appear everywhere then that.

Vins: I'm awake, I feel better for some reason.




Now in use, up to floor four, but ten-fourteen are out of order.

???: Stairs! :O *Runs up stairs, giggling*

Dawson: I need to get away.... *Walks up stairs*

Hannah: *Runs up the stairs*

Hashimiko : Yada Yada Yada Yada Yada Yada Yada Yada!

Coralinea Komeada : Will you shut your mouth >.> 

Hashimiko : ........................Luck 

Dominic: Well, alright then! *walks up the stairs*

Vins: LE STAIRS *walks up*

Floor Two

Storage Room

Old Dining Room




Floor Three

Destroyed Hotel Bedroom #1

Destroyed Hotel Bedroom #2

Destroyed Hotel Bedroom #3



Floor Four

Meeting Room

Unknown Room

Vins: *wakes up* Huh? Where am I?




Vins: *pushes button, then enters, then goes presses floor 7 button*


Vins: Appearantly, I defied the laws of physics,

Dominic: Still going on these stairs...*walks and goes up because everyone is doing that*

Floor Five

Office Rooms




Floor Six

Proper Dining Room

Hashimiko : *Riding on skateboard* Wow Dudeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee *Eats Food* 

Coralinea Komeada : Hmmm I should go find proper lifeforms 


Hashimiko : Wooooo! DUDE! This is were food comes from!

Hannah: *sharpening two knives* Hmm! Cool!

Morgan: *chops a bunch of tomatoes* If you're not helping, get out.

Mikey: *punches morgan and runs away*


Storage Room



Floor Seven



Costume Storage

signal: Look at all the cool frog costumes

Changing Room

Maintenance Room


There is something attatched to the elevator door.

Vins: Well that was quick. *exits out then notice the thing attached to the elevator door when it's closed* huh? *grabs it*

It explodes, and Vins is sent flying back.

Mikey: *runs here* what is this *investagates*

Vins: OW! Ugh... Wait how did I survive that? Who put that there?

Floor Eight

Cleaning Room

Staff Room

Suite #1

Milo: *sleeping on the bed* .......

Casper: *knocks on the door* Milo please co-come out!

Milo: *opens door* Hello, Casper... what is wrong?

Casper: Ther-theres been anoth-no TWO muders!

Milo: Thanks for telling me, let's go to the crime scene then..... where?

Casper: I-I'll show you! 

Milo: Okay, then, I'll follow *follows Casper*

Suite #2

Casper: *sits up in bed reading a book about ghosts, muttering to himself*

Casper: *still muttering to himself puts his torch back in his jumper pocket then leaves the room without sleeping the whole night*

Regular Room #1

Regular Room #2

Double Room #1

Dylan: *puts his curtain round his neck while it is still conected to the roof* bye...c-c-cruel w-world D:

Dominic: *walks in because the door is open* Trial is starting- what is going on?!

Dylan: I am going to... kill myself... because it felt like I knew Daunte from before, and it feels like we were friends! I can't like like thi- *curtain falls off* aw...

Dominic: Even if you did...this isn't the way to go out. Go out with a dash of nobility and dignity by being killed and not taking the coward's way out. Please, don't do this again...people will miss you- for example, the future bards! Just stay with us, if it isn't too much to ask?

Dylan: It is if everyone who deserve to live die, why I just sit here watching them, then do nothing in the trial cause I am useless! 

Dominic: Well, you could easily make the difference, my friend! Do not give up now! We live on for our dead friends- and that includes Daunte. He would want you to live and Morgan to gtfo, as he would say! Now, let us go back to the others for the trial?

Dylan: Okay... D:

Dominic: Do not be sad, you will be the one to avenge Daunte! The bards would sing of it. Anyway, let's go. *leaves*

Dylan: Daunte would be proud :I *follows Dominic*

Double Room #2

Small Room #1

Small Room #2

Scarlet: *lying on the bed, crying*

Sydney: *while she's walking past she hears crying, so she knocks on the door* He-hello?

Dominic: *arrives from hearing crying* Agh, those stairs are a long walk...Huh? What is this? Is anything going on in there?

Sydney: I'm not quite sure... *knocks again* Are you alright?

Dominic: How worrying...*knocks, as well* Are you alright in there? We just want to know if you're well?

Corelinea Komeada : *Knocks on door not caring about her feelings* Hey can I borrow some paints and a notepad?

Sydney: I think shes upset so nows not the time!

Dominic: Yes, I'm pretty sure now would not be a good time to ask, milady...

Sydney: *hears a scream* Oh no *runs off*

Dominic: Wait for me, my fair maiden! *follows*

Scarlet: *rubs eyes and sniffles and walks out of the room*


Casper: *stands in front of the elevator unsure of how it works*....why..?

Casper: *knocks on the elevator door* Open!

*The elevator opens and ???'s dead body is seen, with another body under them*

Mikey: *runs in after punching morgan* What the hell

Corelinea Komeada : *Walks In* Wow another f***ing death >.> *Looks Underneath ???*

Morgan: *pulls back Mikey's hair, slams his face into the wall, and drops him onto the ground and takes a look* Another death? Really?

Casper: *Screams and falls back*

*Nemo's dead body is found underneath ??? and he is bleeding more than ???, as if he died after ???.*

Mikey: Ow.

Hannah: *pulls out gun* The bodies! They're going to kill us! They've got bombs! *fires multiple times at ???'s feet*

Signal : Hannah they are dead. Put the gun away

Sydney: *arrives* What's goi- *Sees the dead bodies and screams*

Dominic: *arrives* Ah, but my fair- *sees the dead bodies* My word! How...awful!

Corelinea Komeada : As a sexy and expert investigator I can infer Nemo died after ???

Sydney: W-who would do this?!

Corelinea Komeada : That's what clues are for Sherlock >.> *Looks for clues*

Sydney: S-shut up!!

Mikey: *gets up and punches Morgan again and runs off*

Casper: W-whats goig- h-how?

Corelinea Komeada : Hello Casper >.> *Looks at Corpse for clues* and I won't shut up cause that's impossible you can't "Shut" when you're "Up" So GTFO

Casper: H-hello?- but wh-why *shaking in shock*

Corelinea Komeada : C'mon it's ok Casper just look for clues

Casper: I-it is? *Scoots over to the dead bodies*

Sydney: *points at Corelinea angrily* IT IS NOT!

Corelinea Komeada : Do you want to just grieve?! Or do you want to find them justice?!

Sydney: *pulls Casper back* Let me do it then.... they don't need to be up close to their friends in this s-state...

Casper: S-so what am I doing?

Corelinea Komeada : You can investigate with us

Sydney: *looks down smiling at Casper* What do YOU want to do? :)

Corelinea Komeada : You can decide *Smiles Faintly*

Vins: There is no Josh. *looks behind the corpses*

Casper: M-me? I-I want Milo....

Corelinea Komeada : *Slaps Her Face* Milo isn't here T-T

Casper: *shuffles feet* I-I know but I-I wish he was...

Corelinea Komeada : You can have your Marriage after the investigation *Looks for clues*

Sydney: *helps Casper up* Why don't you go get him while I help out? :)

Corelinea Komeada : T-T *Mumbles Something Under Her Breath*

Dominic: *looks at Nemo's dead body, cringing* This is horrible!

*Komaeda finds a blood-soaked notepad, while Dominic finds black paint on Nemo's body.*

Casper: I-I will *runs off*

Sydney: You shouldn't be so rude... *kneels down to investigate*

Dominic: It was a nice thing you did, Sydney, my fair maiden. ;)

Sydney: Im glad you think so... :)

Corelinea Komeada : Hmmm a notepad......Dominic what did you find?

Dominic: No problem, Sydney. ;) Also, I found black paint on Nemo's body...quite disturbing...

Scarlet: *walks in, sees the bodies, then gives a slight whimper and faints*

Corelinea Komeada : Hmmm Notepad + Black Paint = you guys know anyone with these items?

Sydney: You wouldn't think she would?

Corelinea Komeada : *Picks Up Scarlet* Who would....

Sydney: Scarlet...

Dominic: Well...if anybody is likely to have those utilities at their disposal it would be Scarlet...

Corelinea Komeada : Scarlet..........hmmm *Smirks* I guess you were thinking the same thing as me....but why would she need the Paint...

Sydney: *shakes head* She couldn't of..

Sydney: I doubt she would *searching for clues*

Dominic: What would be her reasons? She doesn't seem like the type to do it and this looks very intentional...*inspects a bloodpool*

Sydney: You're right....

*Sydney finds paintbrushes, while Dominic finds brown hair*

Sydney: But all these items belong to her...

Dominic: I don't exactly recall her color hair, but the paintbrush definitely is hers...

Sydney: It can't be that simple

Dominic: Well...we can't be sure it's her yet...right? Let's keep looking. *looks around the crime scene*

Sydney: I just can't believe would do something like this...

Dominic: Same with me, Sydney...

*Dominic finds a wheel from Hashimiko's Skateboard lying around the dead bodies*

Sydney: What did you just find??

Sydney: *looks at the wounds*

Dominic: I found a wheel from a skateboard it seems, my fair maiden.

*Sydney finds Kitchen Skewer wounds all over Nemo & ???*

Sydney: This is so awful....

Dominic: It is, indeed...*looks around*

Casper: *Walks in with Milo* Look who I-I got!

Milo: *walks in with Casper* So, how did the victims die?

Sydney: By the look of it I think they were stabbed to death

Dominic: How...painful. It looks like wounds from a kitchen skewer so...the item had to be from a kitchen. Let's look around some more, just in case?

Sydney: Good idea... *looks to Casper and Milo* You two coming?

*Just then Sydney trips over bloody pom poms and as she stands up.*

Dominic: *helps Sydney up and then looks at the bloody pom poms* Pom poms...those are Morgan's possession, correct?

Sydney: Id believe if she did it.... yes those are hers

Dominic: Yes...*looks around*

*A scratched, bloody, and unreadable bracelet is found.*

Dominic: I...see...

Fatman: Mmm, I love me some Subway! Sorry McDonald's. Anyway, time is up! Time for your trial! Hahahaha! *coughs up a meatball* Dang it Subway!

Casper: *clutches head* ARE WE READY?!

Dominic: I'm not sure...I shall go get the others. I'll be back, my fair maiden and her companions. *walks to wherever Dylan is*

Casper: Companions?

Sydney: Id rather sidekicks!

*Dylan arrives quickly and sees one blood smear stepping out of the elevator*


Scarlet: *slowly climbs the stairs to this floor*

Floor Nine

Library Debris

Computer Lab Debris


Dawson: *Enters* Take me somewhere useful. *Presses button and travels*

???: *Enters* Buttons! Woop, woop! *Closes eyes and then presses a random button* Let's see where I go...! *Travels*


Something is attached to the rail.

???: Stairs! Woop, woop! *Running, but stops abruptly, as ??? notices something on the rail* What? *Examines the something, but keeps distance*

Dawson: Move. *Makes his way past ???*

There is a single white bandage attached to the rail.

???: Bandage? :O Ew! *Runs up stairs*

Coralinea Komeada : *Singing Wrecking Ball* Oh what is that :o *Picks up bandage* Hmm this looks........interesting......*Puts it her pocket and goes to the 10th floor* 

Floor Ten


Coralinea Komeada : *Playing Game* Wow high score! Big brother would be proud :o *Keeps on playing* I'm bored :/ *Leaves*

Small Cinema

Back Maintenance Room



out of order up to floor 14

Floor Eleven

Romantic Dining Room




Floor Twelve

Small Rollercoaster Indoors

Old Theme Park Stalls

Spare Room



Floor Thirteen

Indoor Water Slide

???: *Runs in* Oh, my... GLICKITY GLOSH! :O Water slide! Woop, woop! *Does some stuff, and begins going down the water slide, and repeats this... over and over again*

Small Pool


???: *Exits* Let's see if this is fun! *Runs off*


Floor Fourteen

Massive Library

Dawson: *Enters* Woah... this is, magnificent. Just, grand. *Looks through some books, and begins grabbing some* This is gonna be fun. *Drops books at a table and starts piling up more books* Nice. *Takes some pencils and papers and begins writing some things, while looking through books*

Small Staff Room


Dawson: *Exits* Let's see if there's anything up here... the highest room we have access to at this moment.


Trial 3

Fatman: So who did it? Well, only about five of you were searching so when you die, gg. *chomps on Burger King* Have you tried the Whoppers lately- oh wait, you can't because you're in here...true despair! >:D Let's start with the weapon or something.

Dylan: I was...uh...doing something so I have no evidence D: *checks ID thing for clues*

Dominic: The weapon was somewhat of a kitchen skewer...

Dylan: There is no evidence on our Id's? :(

*evidence shows up gg*

Dylan: Stupid fatman -.-

Sydney: We also found pom-poms and art supplies at the scene of the crime!

Dylan: Who hated the victim?

Dominic: I'm not sure of whom, myself. Morgan doesn't seem particularly fond of anyone, but that is all I can conjure up...

Dylan: Oh... Daunte would be proud he'd be proud... What about the Pop Poms? *shows Id showing picture of Pom Poms*

Dominic: Yes, exactly. This crime does point to Morgan, but before we start the questioning the sweet suspect, we must look for any more.

Sydney: But what would her pom-poms be there? She couldn't be THAT dumb to leave them behind, I know she may look like it but i doubt she is!

Dominic: Another fair point, my fair maiden. Morgan has proven her intelligence countless times- however, that doesn't count her out...though it does make me wary. So any other clues?

Morgan: You guys realize that I never bring my pom poms with me and I haven't touched them since I got here? I know you desperately want to set me up as the culprit, but actually think for a minute.

Sydney: I just said that, listen up!

Morgan: You didn't even clarify anything you disgusting vigilante, so shut your mouth.

Dominic: Well- we weren't questioning you yet- but, I somewhat have trust you aren't the culprit, for I don't believe you would be stupid enough to leave your pom poms behind. But, questions must still be asked. Where were you for most of today? Where you, by chance, in the kitchen?

Dylan: ... D:

Morgan: I was chopping tomatoes, making lunch.

Scarlet: D-do we have to p-point out the killer?

Sydney: *clenches fists* Im this close... this f***cking close

Dominic: So that would be in the kitchen, correct, Morgan? That would be where the skewer had to come from- so did you happen to see anybody there, besides yourself?

Morgan: Shut up, Sydney. If this were high school, I would be owning your life. This skyscraper is pretty similar, so be quiet unless it's actually helpful. And yes, Dominic. I did.

Dominic: Who did you see?

Morgan: Hashimiko and Hannah, but people could have been in there at any time I wasn't.

Casper: *gasps* Maybe 'they' did it!

Dominic: It is quite possible, Casper. What were Hashimiko and Hannah doing there?

Morgan: Hannah was being a moron like usual...

Hannah: I'll shoot you!!!!!!

Morgan: And Hashi-... whatever, was just excited and annoying. But, there's also one other target that this is pointing to, just judginy by the evidence. *scrolling through ElectroId*

Dominic: What do you mean?

Morgan: Let's see... black paint.

Sydney: Im just wondering why the paintbrushes and pom-poms were left behind, seems like a set-up to me!

Scarlet: *giggles* You mean me? Unfortunately, I have an alibi

Morgan: Let's see, the bloody notepad?

Dominic: Hold it! I happened to have seen two things that may contradict Scarlet being the culprit! For one, milady was heard crying from her room for a while. Added to that, she couldn't have done it a while ago, beforehand, as the bleeding was still going- and in Nemo's case, almost fresh.

Morgan: Then it was either Hashimiko or Hannah.

Hannah: If it were me, there would be limbs everywhere. Just putting it out there...

Sydney: Wait there is another person...

Morgan: No there's not, shut your mouth.

Sydney: I believe there is.

Dominic: Whom do you have in mind, miss?

Casper: Corelinea Komeada!!!!

Morgan: Who here rides a skateboard?

Casper: T-th-they're telling me it w-was them!

Dylan: Markus rides a skateboard, but he is dead :(

Scarlet: *giggling* Could you perhaps be referring to Hashimiko?

Victoria: Yes!

Dylan: How would you know Vicky?

Vins: Hold on, what about that brown hair peice?

Corelinea Komeada : That could probably be......Morgan's she has quite the long hair...and she's a brunette it makes sense

Dylan: It could also be Hanna, is it dark or light hair?

Corelinea Komeada : I think it's more on the darker side

Dylan : If it is drak, then it is most likely Morgan's hair

Corelinea Komeada : And actually Morgan it would be pretty you said "I Haven't used this at all" I agree your a smart girl that would be "smart" to make it seem as a setup.....You did it......didn't you.....the genius cheerleader finally took into the despair which.....conquered you admit it Morgan you did it....

Dylan:  :I

Corelinea Komeada : Are you going to awnser Morgan or stay there like a oaf

Vins: Wait Morgan isn't the only one here who is still alive and has brown hair.

Corelinea Komeada : No one cares you b**** anyway Morgan your defense

Morgan: Don't talk to me... Also,. Hashimiko apparently rides a skateboard, and went to the kitchen. GG, you're the killer.

Fatman: IT's McDonald's time! I uh, mean voting time. *spits out burger which hits a button, and a giant portal opens, and Jasmin and Yasmin come flying in, back to life* Yeah they are back GG.

  • Morgan: Hashimiko
  • Hannah Montana: Hashimiko
  • Dylan Sprouse: Hashimiko
  • Scarlet:
  • Michael Jackson:
  • Sydney:
  • Casper:
  • Milo: Hashimiko
  • Yasmin: Hashimiko
  • Jasmin: Morgan
  • Vins: wow, much gg, so crazy- I mean Morgan or Mikey, I'll vote Morgan.
  • Victoria:
  • Aoul: Morgan
  • Mikaell: It's true that Aoul is the one who really did do it.
  • Komeada: Morgan didn't give a proper awnser I vote her
  • Hashimiko: Morgan dude >.> WTF who took my skateboard so un-radical
  • Dominic: Hashimiko...I wouldn't believe someone like you would do this, but...I'm almost certain it was you...
  • Mikey:
  • Signal:
  • Dawson: Hashimiko...

Fatman: Times up! *coughs up fries* Damn it Hungry Jack's! Anyway, the person voted guilty is Hashimiko...and you're...correct! Hash Brown did really kill them! *devours Hungry Jack burger* So, why did you do it Hash Brown- I mean Hashimiko?

Hashimiko : Well GTFO *kills himself*

Dylan: OMG! *revives Hashimiko with the power of Daunte's hope*

Hashimiko : *Kills himself*

Execution 3: Hash Brown Thug Life

*Dylan revives Hashimiko by kissing him and spreading Daunte's hope. A chain then grabs a nervous Hashimiko who is trying to kill himself to go through the academy and land on a wheel. Hashimiko is then put on a Wheel of Fortune and is spinned around and thrown by flaming hash browns. Hashimiko luckily manages to not go on fire. The wheel then spins faster and faster, causing Hashimiko to throw up, where he chokes on his own vomit and dies. Then his dead body is finally put on fire by a flaming Hash Brown and a huge fire starts, which disintegrates his body and just leaves ashes so gg.

Corelinea Komeada : :o hash browns ;( well what do we do now :/

Dylan: We use Daunte's hope, hope that we will live on! :D

Corelinea Komeada : GTFO Dylan your scaring the children >.> No one was talking to you

Vins: You just talked to him so gg.

Corelinea Komeada : *Punches Vins in the face* Get away w**** you know what I'm just not going to talk to you >.> You get me in a bad mood

Casper: They lied to m-me!!!

Corelinea Komeada : Who?.....

Vins: The people who told you ghosts are real? There not btw so gg.

Casper: Don't speak of them that way!

Dawson: Psychopaths... all of you.

Corelinea Komeada : Vins go away your angering Casper and Dawson >.>

Dawson: I don't even-- All of you need to stop the killing. Pathetic, little weasels. Just, stop it. Just... no.

Sydney: I agree! There is no need to kill others!!

Corelinea Komeada : There is no need for Morgan's face but it still happens >.>

Sydney: But we can put an end to killing!

Dawson: Sydney understands... I think.

Corelinea Komeada : How >.>

Milo: Shush! Casper, don't listen to them...

Casper: I-I wont!

Sydney: Can we leave now....?

Sydney: Well Im outta here! *waves goodbye and exits*

Chapter 4: McDonalds and War...

Floor One

Reception Desk



Sydney: *presses button 10, humming to herself*

Dawson: *Enters and travels*

Sydney: Hey! *smiles*


Floor Two

Storage Room

Old Dining Room




Floor Three

Destroyed Hotel Bedroom #1

Destroyed Hotel Bedroom #2

Destroyed Hotel Bedroom #3



Floor Four

Meeting Room

Unknown Room





Floor Five

Office Rooms




Floor Six

Proper Dining Room


Storage Room



Floor Seven



Costume Storage

Changing Room

Maintenance Room


Floor Eight

Cleaning Room

Staff Room

Suite #1

Coralinea Komeada : This room is now mine >.> 

Coralinea Komeada : *Comes In and Puts Paper on desk analysing* Where c-could shade b-be!

Suite #2

Regular Room #1

Regular Room #2

Double Room #1

Dylan: *runs in and locks door and crys* wait... Donimic is my new best friend, I should stop doing what I belived Daunte would want, but what I would want! *jumps and breaks through like 6 floors as he discovered the power of Godplaying* :D

Double Room #2

Small Room #1

Small Room #2

Scarlet: *sitting on her bed dead silent, then walks out*


Dylan: *runs out crying* STAY AWAY! D:


Floor Nine

Library Debris

Computer Lab Debris



Floor Ten


Small Cinema

Back Maintenance Room



Floor Eleven

Romantic Dining Room




Floor Twelve

Small Rollercoaster Indoors

Old Theme Park Stalls

???: *enters, and brutally stabs Aoul and Mikey to death, after chasing them through the stalls*

​Coralinea Komeada : *Looks at Corpses* WTF?! *Runs off back to office*

Dominic: *arrives and cringes* H-huh? Another death?

Scarlet: *leaves the spare room, notices the bodies and faints*

Dawson: *On floor* Ah! Please, I can't, uh!

Corelinea Komeada : *Picks Up Dawson and carefully sets him down* Dominic could you get a first aid kit? *Looks for Clues*

Dawson: Thanks, Carolinea. *Groans*

There is a trial of bloody footprints leading away from the blood pool.

Dominic: Uhm, I'm not exactly sure of where first aid kits could be located...haven't paid much attention to details of locations.

Corelinea Komeada : Well.............can you try?

Dawson: Someone... just go do something!

Dominic: I'll go try. I'll be back! *leaves*

Corelinea Komeada : *Follows Foot Prints* I'll be back to be careful Dawson 

Dawson: *Sighs*

Dominic: *returns* Behold! The first-aid kit is here- and me, but I'm not important right now. *opens the kit and tries his best to heal Dawson*

The foot prints lead Corelinea to the Clothes Store.

Dawson: *Sitting there, waiting for Dominic to do his best with his own ankle*

Dominic: *finishes* Any better?

Dawson: A little, *Stands up, but falls back down in his seat* But, I cannot stand up. Auhhh. *Looks at the bodies*

Dominic: Remain there for now, maybe a bit of rest is in order for some healing? *checks Mikey's corpse*

Dawson sees pom poms, while Dominic finds a large kitchen knife stuck in Mikey's corpse. The knife doesn't match the wounds though.

Dawson: Pom poms? Even more of them? What... the hell?

Dominic: Quite odd...*examines Aoul's corpse*

A smaller knife is stuck in Aoul's chest. It doesn't match her wounds though.

Dominic: interesting...*sees Scarlet* Oh! Milady, wake up!

Scarlet: *slowly stands up, covered in red paint* Huh? What happened?

Dominic: Never mind that! Besides the red paint, I don't believe you would like to cast your eyes on what has happened- given it's made you faint countless times, so my fair maiden I'd advise going elsewhere right now? I don't want your grieving nature to cause you to faint again.

Scarlet: Oh! *blushing* Sure *walks into the Spare Room*

Dominic: *follows Scarlet into the Spare Room, then returns* Alright, let's see...*looks at the wounds*

The wounds seem to be inflicted by the opposite knives.

Dominic: Hmm, makes sense...*checks the blood pool*

In the blood pool is some light brown hair, some blonde hair, a piece of jeans and a bloodstained notepad.

Dominic: Hmm...*looks around the location for anything strange*

On one of the stalls is a picture of Pewdiepie and Tobuscus, a paintbrush and a note that says "THEY'RE REAL!".

Sydney: What are yo- *sees dead bodies and screams* N-not again!

Dawson: Sadly, it did happen again. Lunatics like to take lives. *Sighs* Why does it have to happen?

Sydney: How can people be so cruel....d-do you have any idea who the culprit is...?

Dawson: Not yet... but we have some evidence.

Dominic: We definitely do have our suspects though...

Sydney: Oh yeah who are they?

Dawson: I-- don't even know...

Sydney: Dominic?

Dominic: Seeing this...Dylan...Casper, Hannah, and Morgan are.

Sydney: Ok let's figure out each of their motives to figure out who actually did it...

Dawson: Well, Hannah's a terrorist, Dylan was thinking about killing someone, Morgan is just a brat, and Casper... he still seems a little off.

Sydney: Deep down they all seem like good people.... I don't really know the deal with Dylan, I doubt Morgan would and Hannah and Casper...... they worry me... I mean they're good people but couldnt murder easily

Dawson: Really, any of us could kill easily. But those 4 seem to be our only suspects, and they are all suspicious... so we'll have to figure this out.

Sydney: I know for a fact that a lot of people couldn't kill easily! So what exactly is the evidence?

Dawson: Calm down, calm down. Well, the only thing I know for sure of is... pom poms. Did you find anything important, Dominic?

Dylan: *comes in* HIA! :D *runs to the picture, not noticing the bodies* OMG TOBUSCUS AND PEWDIEPIE! Toby games and Pewdie pie for life! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Dawson: Please, get away now. Idiot.

Coralinea Komeada : Greetings Fellow students and Sydney >.> I found 2 pieces of evidence *Shows Cut Up pants and Smosh Shoes*

Sydney: *angrily puts hands on hips*

Dawson: Carolinea, a bit rude... don't you think? Anyway, Smosh shoes... and pants... that's peculiar.

Coralinea Komeada : Sorry Sydney just erks leads to Dylan....

Dominic: Well, the evidence I found includes opposing knife wounds, light brown hair, blonde hair, jeans, a scribbled notepad, pictures of Tobuscus and Pewdiepie- whoever they are, and a note saying "THEY'RE REAL"! I wouldn't think Dylan would go through all of this to kill...would he?

Dawson: He did try to kill either you or Carolinea... plus he's a complete imbecile, so he would definitely do it.

Coralinea Komeada : Scarlet could have drawn the pictures of Tobuscus and Pewdie.....But Dylan is the biggest suspect right now

Dominic: That is true...nice observation, Coralinea. ;) Hmm...added to that Hannah is a terrorist with weapons, correct? She could have also had both knives as weapons, maybe?

Dawson: But, Scarlet could have easily forged that note you found. And the notepad, I'm sure, belongs to her as well.

Coralinea Komeada : Great observations.........I think Hannah, Dylan, and Scarlet are the suspects 

Dawson: Definitely.

Coralinea Komeada : Let's hope we can find out the killer we don't want to get executed

Dawson: Of course not. Especially since-- never mind.

Coralinea Komeada : So when do you guys think trial will commence?

Dawson: Not completely sure, but most likely soon.

Vins: Something is off with theese murders.

Coralinea Komeada : GTFO Vins

Dawson: *Rolls eyes* Seriously? What isn't 'off' about any murder? It's a murder! It's idiotic and grotesque. That's basically it.

Sydney: *nods* I've got a feeling Dylan did it...

Dawson: *Sighs*

Coralinea Komeada : *Sighs* We should have the class trial now 

Sydney: We do....?

Vins: But really, how come for the murders where 2 people were murdered Morgan's pom poms were there, but when Jafri was murdered alone, her pom poms weren't there. What's with that? Is there some "Frame Morgan by putting her pom poms near the crime scene if you are gonna murder 2 people" secret organization going on here?

Sydney: I have no idea! lik-like no idea at all!!

Corelinea Komeada : Ew Sydney your face is scaring me >.> *Moves Over by Dominic* 

Dawson: No. Sydney, your face is fine... Wait, I didn't mean it like that. Ugh. Just stop, Carolinea. *Rolls eyes*

Dominic: Well, the way you care about her emotions are admirable, Dawson. *whispers to Carolinea* He made it dreadfully obvious...however, he could still save his emotions.

Dawson: Shut your face. You do realize, I can hear your "whispering?" I'm right here, like what the hell.

Dominic: It's actually well that you heard. It could give you a bit of a caution for the future. Just don't correct yourself- you were doing fine until then.

Dawson: Oh, I... guess I didn't know that. Well, uh, umm, th-th-th thanks, Dominic.

Dylan: I only planned to kill Dominic, you realise only two people can be killed per trial, and so if I killed Dominic, I would have broke the rules. And who the heck loses there shoes when commiting a murder, it is a little far fetched i'd lose my shoes without going back for them! D:

Sydney: *eyes widen* WAIT! You planned on killing Dominic!?

Dylan: Y-yes... He knows :[

Dawson: Dylan... back away. I don't trust you being around us. If you were willing to try and kill one of your own friends... Just, get out of my face.

Corelinea Komeada : Seriously Go Away >.> 

Sydney: Yeah! I dont trust you! *points to Dylan*

Dawson: Sydney is one of the nicest people here, and even she doesn't trust you. That should be telling you something.

Sydney: Heh, thanks Dawson! 

Dawson: Uh, welcome. Hehe.

Sydney: *smiles* ... what do you guys reckon we should do now? 

Dawson: I guess... just sit here until the trial. Nothing else we really can do.

Sydney: But I dont think I can do that! Lets find something exciting to do! or atleast something to keep us busy!

Corelinea Komeada : *Grabs and Whispers to Dawson* Should we ask about the group?......

Dawson: *Whispering to Carolinea* Probably... if you think it's what we should do.

Sydney: What are you guys whispering about?

Dawson: Oh, umm... we were whispering about a group we formed. Some garbage about some trash, all in all, we want you to be apart of it. Do you... do you accept?

Sydney: I guess so....whos in it though?

Spare Room

Scarlet: *enters and starts painting on the wall*

Scarlet: *sits down and looks at her work, sometimes changing it*

Dominic: Just came to say that if you need anything, just shout for me or the others- don't go in that room, no one wants to see you faint again. Farewell. *Leaves*



Floor Thirteen

Indoor Water Slide

Small Pool



Floor Fourteen

Massive Library

Small Staff Room



Floor Fifteen


Clothes Store

Corelinea Komeada : Hmm I hope Dominic is getting Dawson a aid kit....*Looks for Clues around the store*

Changing Rooms

Corelinea notes a pair of cut up jeans and a bloody pair of shoes in the changing room

Corelinea Komeada : *Looks for Clues on the jeans*

There are no clues on the jeans

​Coralinea Komeada : *Looks for clues on shoes*

The shoes are a pair of limited edition Smosh shoes.

​Coralinea Komeada : Hmm....



Floor Sixteen

Food Court

Victoria: They added a food court? Not impressed. *walks away*


Fatman: *eating here*

Hologram of Daunte: uh sir f***ing hell u cant just eat all of our stock wtf fite me

Fatman: SHUT UP! *eats*

Hannah: *slowly walking by, hiding under the tables, until she eventually snags his fries, running off, eating and manically laughing, and dives into the elevator, as Morgan exits*

Morgan: Well then...

Coralinea Komeada : I've came here to investigate not eat this greasy and salty garbage..>.> *Goes to Back eating lots of French fries* *With French Fries in mouth* I...can infer that they u-use lots of grease. 

Fatman: Hey girl! *stuffing hamburgers in mouth* Can you go get some salad for me?

Coralinea Komeada : *Gives Him Salad While Eating Fries* WTF salad? What has Rachel Ray done to you *Sets Salad down*

Fatman: I personally can't stand the stuff *starts stuffing mounds of french fries into mouth, then swallows and picks up the salad* I guess I should thank you *hands Komeada a photo and flies off with his jetpack*

​Coralinea Komeada : Well I wonder what it is...*Looks at Photo*

The photo is of all the dead kids, minus "Shade" hanging out together.

Corelinea Komeada : W-what t-the h-heck why are all the dead kids there........and were is shade........where's this even coming from! I-i'll have to find more further my investigation of this place............ *Looks Up and Leaves*

Mikaell: *good* Hi! Do you sell Biritos?

Victoria: *gives Fatman a sub*

Dylan: DAUNTE! *runs to holagram, but can't hug it so falls over* Aw... D:

Dominic: *walks in* My, my what a fabulous establishment- well compared to the rest of the damaged places.

Coralinea Komeada : *Arrives* Hi Guys *Eats Fries and Sits Down* 

Dominic: *comes back with his bowl and sits down and is about to begin to eat*

Dylan: *comes down and sits next to Dominic sady* ]:

Dominic: What's wrong, Dylan? Also where's the chow mein I got you? D:

Dylan: Must of left it there, don't wanna go back... *sighs* 

Dominic: Ah, it's alright. You could just grab some fries from here? Or you could have my bowl?

Dylan: *looks at Dominic and feels ashamed, sendng a vibe that... Dylan was going to kill Dominic* :[

Dominic: You were...going to kill me in the Chinese Takeaway location...weren't you?

Coralinea Komeada : *Eating Fries* That is not allowed in a skyscraper environment >.> 

Dylan: ... yes... D:

Dominic: How come?

Dylan: I only wanted everyone to move on and to be executed in the name of Daunte, I thought no one would mind me being killed, but realised you would, so I planned to kill you to make sure you don't grief D:

Dominic: Oh, I see...I don't believe Daunte would want any of us to die except maybe Morgan and Markus- but let us not speak bad of the dead! We must live on in his memory, Dylan, not die- otherwise, who would live on for Daunte?

Coralinea Komeada : Dylan I'm sure lots of people would miss you

Dylan: Then why does Casper and Milo and Victoria and Morgan and YOU Komeada hate me! D:

Coralinea Komeada : I like everyone here :) in everyone I only mean Dominic, Casper, Dawson, and You :)

Dylan: NONE OF YOU CARE! You'd only feel be astonished and creeped out if I was killed/executed! *runs away crying*

Coralinea Komeada :/Come on Dominic let's go get Dylan....

Dominic: Alright. Anyone here is free to have my bowl. Let's go.


Victoria: One sub please.

Burger King

Chinese Takeaway

Dominic: *gathers a bowl of rice and orange chicken*

Dylan: *followed Dominic* Hurry up Dominique! *doing ???* 

Dominic: What? Um...let us head back to McDonald's? *gathers a bowl of chow mein for Dylan and leaves it on a table for him and then heads back to McDonald's*

Dylan: Darn! *follows and leaves ???*

Salad House

Unused Building


Dawson: *Exits* Wonder what this floor is all about... *After some time, re-enters* Nothing good. *Rolls eyes, and then travels*

Dylan: *runs in cryng and hits floor 8* 

Floor Seventeen

Dark Arcade Room

Abandoned Disco

Coralinea Komeada : This is a nice place to take a break :) *Dances*


Floor Eighteen

Lecture Room

Small Library

Dawson: *Enters* Not as large as the other one, but still great. *Grabs a few books, some paper and some pencils and then exits*


Dawson: *Enters* Nice. *Sets books, paper and pencils at desk* Safety first, I think. *Locks door and then slides a medium-sized stand in front of the door* Well, this should be fun. *Sits down at desk, and looks through some books while writing down some things*

Coralinea Komeada : *Enters* Oh....Hi you doing....

Dominic: *enters, following Komaeda* Hmm? Oh, hello Dawson.

Dawson: *Whispers to self* I forgot to lock the door... damn. Uh, what do you want? Why are you here? Don't even try to kill me. *Searches a through drawer, and finds something* I have scissors! *Lifts them up, looking from Carolinea to Dominic*

Coralinea Komeada : *Looks at Dominic* :D *Nervously Laughs* There is no need for scissors :)

Dominic: R-relax. We come with no intentions of harm.

Dawson: *Breathing heavily* How can I know I can trust any of you? *Still holding scissors, looking back and forth at them*

Dylan: *dues to his powers from before, breaks floor and jumps into room* Hello! I am sorry i tried to kill you, but now I will not dread on the past :D

Dawson: What the hell!? You actually tried to kill? All of you, get out!

Coralinea Komeada : WAIT! I had an idea......since we're all you guys want to form a friendship group to show Monokuma we're not going to kill anymore?!

Dawson: Friendship? With you fools? I actually find that hilarious. 

Dominic: Easy there...we all want to get out alive, correct? This might help.

Dawson: True...

Dominic: This will help us all get out alive, by knowing we have friends who will most likely not kill us and limit the targets on us from each other! How the bards would sing of it!

Dawson: Makes sense... fine, I'll "join." But, keep that idiotic psyhopath away from me. *Gestures the scissors at Dylan* But, I'm keeping the scissors. It's going to take a little more than a few nice words to get me to agree to let my life rest on your shoulder's.

Coralinea Komeada : Smiles :D you won't regret this!

Dawson: I better not.

Coralinea Komeada : Hope will always beat despair.........right Dominic?

Dominic: Correct, my fair maiden. Let us hope for the best.

Dawson: Whatever. Um, in case you haven't noticed, we're just sitting here, chatting, with the door wide-open waiting for us to all get killed. I suggest someone do something about that.

Coralinea Komeada : *Boards up door* gg :)

Dawson: Whatever.

Corelinea Komeada : Who else should we get to join the Hope Group......

Dawson: Sydney! Er, um, no special reason, she just seems like a good person to add. And that name, completely dreadful.

Corelinea Komeada : You Like Her :o

Dawson: Yeah, because I would definitely love a complete stranger. *Rolls eyes, but barely starts to smirk*

Dominic: Ahh, but is it a smirk I see? Perhaps we should settle a meeting between the two of you and see how well you hit it off.

Dawson: Shut up, or you'll have scissors lodged in your neck.

Corelinea Komeada : Ahw <3 Sydney the f***er and Dawson that's so cute!

Dawson: Don't call her that... I mean, it's just a crush. Geez.

Corelinea Komeada : Don't you want to make it happen though? My Secret Crush slipped out of my hands ;(

Dawson: I don't-- this is not of importance right now. Just, let's talk about something else.

Coralinea Komeada : Casper can join but not anyone else there all Sh*t 

Dawson: I don't know about Casper... he seems a little... off.

Corelinea Komeada : But we need as much as we can get

Dawson: I don't know. If we have too big of a group, we'll start to stand out. And will definitely be a target. We can add Sydney, but if we add anymore than that, we're just asking for us all to be killed.

Corelinea Komeada : Fine.....but we need to keep this a secret *Smiles* thanks for your help :) *Takes a seat by Dominic*

Dawson: What... ever.

Dominic: Well, it's just time to figure out how to go about finding Sydney for Dawson, while still being safe.

Dawson: Do you really want to die right now?

Coralinea Komeada : Let's talk to here...........when the trial is over.......

Dominic: Sounds fine to me- and Dawson, I meant for the hope group. My apologies.

Dawson: Shut up or get out of this room.

Corelinea Komeada : Don't worry it's ok Dominic :)

Dawson: He was clearly lying. 

Morgan: What is going on in here? 

Hannah: *firing her guns, diving under an office table* 

Dawson: What the hell is this?

Morgan: Why did the door explode?

Corelinea Komeada : G-guys........I have a bad feeling.......c'mon everyone lets go to the emusment park!

Morgan: Why? Did you kill someone and try to set up an alibi?

Hannah: *hits button, causing an explosion and throws everyone out fot he office*

Corelinea Komeada : OW! What was that!

Dominic: I'm not sure...are you alright, milady?

Corelinea Komeada : Yeah I guess so.......let's go to the amusement park...

Dominic: Very well. Let's go. *leaves to the amusement park*

Dawson: Yeah, because I'm perfectly fine! I broke my ankle! Is a little help too much to ask for!? Guys! Anyone!?

Dominic: *comes back and carries Dawson to the amusement park* Pardons. Let's get going. *leaves*

Corelinea Komeada : Be careful Dawson! *Follows*




Dawson: *Exits*

Floor Nineteen

Barely Stable Floor



Floor Twenty


Dominic: *finds a first-aid kit after a long walk of stairs* W-well...that was tiring. At least I found what was needed. *leaves back to the others in the amusement park*

Small Bedroom



Floor Twenty-One

Tool Room

Building Desks

Storage Room


Floor Twenty-Two

Sewing Room

Lecture Room


Floor Twenty-Three

Messy Lab


Floor Twenty-Four

Master Suite #1

Master Suite #2

Master Suite #3


Class Trial 4

Fatman: Let us begin! *chows down cookies* Uh...what was the location of the murder- let's roll with that.

Dawson: Screw that. We know it was either Scarlet or Hannah. There's no point in dragging this trial along.

Sydney: Ok lets just talk over it once more just to be safe!

Dominic: We think we know. We still need to go through details in order to get an understanding. It's possible that someone else could be the killer, but their clue is overlooked, and we would fall for it by voting the wrong person and all suffer a horrible fate.

Dawson: Whatever. Just, share your evidence to everyone.

Dominic: Well, starting off slowly, everyone saw the opposing knife wounds between Mikey & Aoul, correct?

Dawson: Barely, but yeah.

Dominic: Well, then let's move on. The evidence I found includes: light brown hair, blonde hair, jeans, a scribbled notepad, pictures of Tobuscus and Pewdiepie- the two Youtubers Dylan likes, and a note saying "THEY'RE REAL!".

Dawson: 'Kay. I also found pom poms... so, yeah... very original. 

Vins: I extremely curious about something.

Casper: Th-that note can't be m-mine!

Dominic: Yes, Vins? ;) Also Casper, you're not a big suspect, or at least in my eyes.

Casper: *grabs the real of note with 'THEY'RE REAL' on it* Because I-I have the real thing! 

Vins: Why did the culprit swich the knife in the first place? That's like uhhh putting an apple in a banana basket and a banana in an apple basket.

Sydney: It is..?

Dominic: Uhm...sure?

Dawson: Anyway, would anyone like to create any alibis? Because, Dylan and Morgan, you two are still suspects, even though I highly doubt Dylan did it... but, you two, along with Hannah and Scarlet... we know one of you did it.

Morgan: Are you kidding me? It's Scarlet. I'm not going to bother defending myself, because you accuse me every damn trial.

Hannah: Hey, I was McDonalds and then to the office with you guys! Komaeda seemed persistant on us going to the amusement park, and that is where the murder happened!

Dawson: Well, if you would keep ahold of your pom poms, we wouldn't have to accuse you, Morgan. And, oh please, Hannah. You have no alibi whatsoever. You just randomly popped up out of no where, just to cause an explosion, which caused my broken ankle. So, both of you are still suspects.

Scarlet: I can't believe you guys think I would kill anyone *tearing up*

Morgan: You've been messed up and giggling all week, Scarlet. You haven't been like yourself. And Dawson, why would I keep hold of pompoms that have been bloodstained by like so many corpses? I can't believe anyone would even touch them. 

Hannah: You think I'd kill? I'd prefer to blow someone up! This couldn't have been my work. >~>

Casper: She could of been possessed!!!!

Morgan: Possessed, it doesn't matter. Scarlet is the culprit. 


Morgan: It doesn't. Scarlet is clearly the culprit here.

Casper: Are you HEARING YOURSELF?!? You must b-be crazy!

Morgan: I've given up on common etiquette, so don't remind me of it. >~>

Scarlet: If I was the culprit *sniffling* Why would I leave so much evidence behind? Even evidence framing myself?

Morgan: Are you f***ing kidding me? No one intentionally leaves behind evidence to frame themselves... so that's one mystery out of the way.

Sydney: She would surely notice that though...

Morgan: Do you think Daunte meant to leave by evidence? Hashimiko for that matter? No, they are purely accidents, or that fatty sets them up.

Hannah: I think we've got this sorted! *points gun at Scarlet's head, shoots, but is blown back by the force and it is completely off* ARGH!

Morgan: So, what is your motive, Hannah?

Sydney: Heh you'd think she'd get her gun sorted out!

Morgan: Scarlet isolates herself from everyone. What could she be up to? Hannah just runs around bombing everything like a moron.

Scarlet: I want to stay away from the deaths *crying*

Morgan: Give it up with this fake crying nonsense.

Scarlet: *yelling* DO YOU EVEN HAVE ANY EVIDENCE THAT I KILLED THEM? *glaring at Morgan*

Casper: Wh-whoah!

Morgan: #guilty. Just look at her. 

Casper: Sh-shes freaking me o-out!

Morgan: Care to go over the evidence?

Scarlet: *twirling her hair around her finger* You mean the notepad and paintbrush? The same evidence from last trial? Anyone could have collected them from the elevator and used them. Or perhaps you mean the blonde hair? It's not like I'm the only one with blonde hair here.

Sydney: Ok, it MIGHT be Scarlet but we should keep thinking....

Scarlet: *giggling* What about Dylan? The footprints came from his shoes after all

Sydney: You could of been wearing them...? *chuckles* 

Scarlet: *tearing up* His limited edition shoes?

Sydney: I guess that does make sense.... well Im stuck!

Morgan: Dylan's an idiot, so he easily can leave things lynig around. You're still guilty, Scarlet. This behavior is unlike you. #despair

Scarlet: I doubt he would leave behind his shoes, considering he wears them everyday.

Morgan: And it's illegal to take off your shoes? God, you're supposed to be smart, and you're failing your stereotype so poorly, it's disgusting.

Hannah: Can we stop arguing, and cut to the execution? I wanna see some explosive action... not gritty arguments...

Casper: B-but who do w-we vote for?!? 

Hannah: *cleaning gun* That ain't the question, it's whether there will be some explosive action or not.

Scarlet: *shivering* A-a-a-and w-wh-h-hat abou-t-t-t t-he ph-h-hoto?

Sydney: The photo?

Scarlet: *slams fist into the podium and points at Dylan* Only Dylan would have that!

Morgan: *grinning wide* I'm eagerly awaiting the votes, so we can cull Scarlet, and move on. I've actually got things I'd like to do before die, so yeah. I suppose you could say I'm actually in a cheerful mood. Also, the photo, please? Really? I'm happy to see the despair in all of your eyes. Cut it out Scarlet, and move on.

Casper: So do I-I vote S-scarlet? 

Scarlet: You don't have anything decisive to prove I'm the killer.

Hannah: And there's nothing decisive about me being the killer either! *cups fist*

Dylan: I didn't do it SCARLET! If you stopped blaming me, you would know I WAS WITH DOMINIC YOU B**TH!

Casper:*clutches head* WHO DO I-I VOTE?!

Scarlet: *takes a slight step back and bursts out crying*

Morgan: The ripped jeans are also used as evidence to frame either Vins, Hannah or Casper. Vins isn't even related to this case, while Casper is a slight suspect, and there's a lot of attention drawn to that crazy freak, who could very well be bringing all the juicy despair. Hannah, show us your pants.

Hannah: Pervert. *shows her jeans*

Morgan: These jeans are used to incriminate Hannah, but she's still wearing these jeans... and they aren't ripped, nor have changed at all. So that's one piece of evidence thrown out.

Hannah: I said I wasn't guilty, seriously! >.>

Morgan: Scarlet, enough with your switch in personality. It's completely annoying.

Casper: How am I-I a suspect??!?!

Morgan: Also, the picture? First of all, why would you carry that with you every where you go? And second of all, I've been subject to Dylan's horrible personality which drives me despair ridden crazy...! But, I've never seen that stooge with any photo like that.

Dylan: *doesn't budge* I NEVER had a picture of Tobuscus and Pewdiepie, and even if I did, why would I just bring it to where I was going to MURDER!

Sydney: That is a good point!!!

Dylan: And you were in the room next to the crime scene! :D

Morgan: Hannah and I were at McDonalds, then I followed her to the office. She has a clear alibi. Now, Scarlet, you're probably full of despair right now... you've been found out. All the hope is now crushed, and you've got nothing to say.

Dylan: Scarlet!! If it wasn't you, then tell us your proof it wasn't you! Give us an alibi! :D

Scarlet: *wiping away tears* My proof? My proof is that I faint at the site of blood, and there was so much blood *shivering* so much blood *falls onto her knees and starts crying hard*

Morgan: Not decisive. But keep crying, it fuels my lust even more... >:) 

Dylan: You a**hole! How could you laugh at others!? People like you make me sick! 

Scarlet: *bawling* There was so much blood, the killer must have been covered in their blood *covers her eyes* Why do they keep dying?

Morgan: Hahahahahaha! I'm sorry, it's so deliciously full regret, anger, pain, and sorrow. How can't you laugh at it? And Scarlet, we're all clean! Also, you carry around your notepad, and it's soaked with blood...

Dylan: F*** you, why how can you DO that? D:<

Scarlet: *takes her hands away from her eyes* But I'm clean too! Just paint, just paint...

Dylan: What colour? D:

Fatman: wtf morgan you sick freak im the quen of despare lol

Dawson: Um, Scarlet... why exactly are you covered in red... liquid? You said the killer would be covered in blood. And I'm pretty sure that's what you're coated in right now. Care to confess, already?

Scarlet: *holding her head* I'm clean, I'm clean

  • Morgan: Scarlet. 
  • Hannah Montana: Scarlet.
  • Dylan Sprouse: Scarlet
  • Scarlet:
  • Michael Jackson:
  • Sydney: Scarlet
  • Casper: Scarlet
  • Milo: 
  • Yasmin: 
  • Jasmin: 
  • Vins: 
  • Victoria:
  • Mikaell: 
  • Komeada: 
  • Dominic: 
  • Signal:
  • Dawson: Scarlet... she's so guilty, it hurts me

Fatman: The votes are in. You voted Scarlet guilty, and she is! *eats subway* LOL she killed 'em both it was funny

Scarlet: *covering her ears* I can hear them *crying*

Sydney: Why'd you do it Scarlet?!

Dylan: And why did you frame me? D:

Scarlet: *crying* I just wanted the deaths to stop! I thought that I could stop them! But.... *suddenly stops crying and justs sits there* They didn't listen to me. They didn't listen... and then I thought of another way to stop them *looks over and smiles at Sydney* No-one can kill if everyone is dead, right? *loses expression and stares at the floor* It was just meant to be Aoul, but... Mikey saw... and.... I couldn't let him get away... I just wanted the deaths to stop...

Dylan: But even more deaths would happen if you won the trial! D:

Scarlet: .....

Morgan: How does that make sense? This crime was done for despair, I can tell. Guess what, Scarlet? You're going to die right now! *cracks up laughing* It's going to be amazing, and traumatizing! I'm sure you had good intentions, but you're such an idiot and you're gonna get culled!

Hannah: Huh? Dying? I thought the executions were CGI...

Scarlet: ..... *stands ups*

Morgan: What do you want? Your spotlight is over. You're as good as dead. Sit down, and await your well deserved death! >:D

Scarlet: *walks around the podium circle slowly* ......

Hannah: *holds out gun* Hey! Watch it! :O

Sydney: Whats she doing...?

Scarlet: *stops in front of Morgan and slams her fist into Morgan's face*

Fatman:  *chomping on a hamburger* Well this has been fun but. *chain latches around Scarlet's neck and pulls her away*

Morgan: *wipes blood away, laughing* Bring her back, Fatman! I want to show this b**** who is who in the food chain before she slowly rots away. >~>

Sydney: There will be no fighting!!

Morgan: Hahahaha! *giggling, then swings her fist which collides with Sydney's face* Just f*** up already you useless cow. You're so pathetically annoying, just stop talking! I will make your life miserable before you are killed. Never speak again.

Sydney: *falls down and curls up in a ball* PLEASE DONT!

Dawson: Sydney? *Hurries over to Sydney, and kneels down* It's okay. *Hugs her* It will all be over soon.

Sydney: *realizes how shes acting and gets angry* how dare she.

Fatman: Too bad. Now just watch the screen and enjoy the food- I mean execution.

Milo: Hmm.... *writes in journal*

Casper: *looks over happily to see what Milo is writing*  


Fatman looms over a weeping Scarlet as her peers stare down at her unforgiving, as she is dragged off by a chain. The chain pulls her into a makeup chair and makeup is applied, as a costume is picked out for a closet nearby. A screen rolls down, and when it rolls up, Scarlet is dressed up like a zombie, and flung in front of a broken down house. She nervously opens the door and steps inside. Almost immediately after stepping into the house, the door slams shut and she turns around trying to open it. After seeing that it's no use, she tiptoes further into the house. A ghost doll jumps out at her, and she runs screaming away from the doll. As she runs, more objects jump out to scare her, and she runs with her eyes closed. She slams into a wall and falls backwards, opening her eyes, as she faces a portrait of herself. Slowly the portrait reaches out at her and pulls her inside the frame, where only her screams can be heard, until they stop, and blood slowly drips out of the painting.

Milo: *hides his journal* ....Um....

Casper: *grins at Milo* What do you want to do now!?

Milo: I don't know, maybe... I don't know? Mourn her death?

Casper: *shrugs* Its all up to you!

Hannah: Whoa! That was a feel frenzy... I kind of feel bad for her...

Morgan: *grinning* That was refreshing. Remember, idiots, you kill, you die. Get with the system.

Milo: *grumbles* atleast some of us feel sympathy...

Casper: *nods*

Chapter 5: Sakura and Hamburger, a classic love story.



Dawson: *Enters with Sydney* Hmm... Let's go to... floor 28? Sound good?

Sydney: *looks at him* I guess so? 

Dawson: Okay, then. *Presses button 28, and the elevator rises*


Casper: *stands infront of the elevator sadly* If only Milo was here....

Casper: *Sighs and walks away*


Dawson: *Runs in, with Dominic* Ugh. You have to help me... What am I saying? Ugh! *Covers face with hands* I'm going crazy! I just randomly kissed her and we've barely had time together! And now I'm asking you for help! What's wrong with me!? *Panting heavily*

Dominic: Well, you're a fast runner...anyway, from what I saw, Sydney liked the kiss. I saw her blush and touch the cheek in which you kissed her- so there's a clear sign of mutual attraction. Just be yourself about it, be confident and ask her to be your girlfriend. It's simple, really. I know about romance, it's my expertise, besides music, so this might help. I could play a song for you two, while you ask? 

Dawson: *Slowly stops breathing so rapidly* Really? She... liked it? But, I don't know how to ask someone out! I've never done it... I mean, I haven't had much practice...?

Dominic: Just don't be too forward or cheesy or manly. Be yourself. Just ask her out calmly, like...hmm, let me think of something you might say. How about "I know we haven't known each other for too long, but I feel like we connect. Will you be my girlfriend? And sorry if I'm too forward about this. It's fine if you don't accept..." or something of the likes, perhaps? If not, just use that as an example while you think of one.

Dawson: Thanks, Dominic. Will do. But, I don't know, the music seems a bit weird. Just, let me show you what I need to. *Presses button, traveling upward to floor 28*

Dominic: No problem- just tell me what you need. *follows*



Floor One

Reception Desk


Floor Two

Storage Room

Old Dining Room


Floor Three

Destroyed Hotel Bedroom #1

Morgan: *walks in, looking*

A desk was recently brought into Hannah's room.

Morgan: *looks for more clues*

On the desk is an open pen and a scrap of paper.

Morgan: *reads paper*

The paper appears to be torn, and only "sory" in big messy spelling.

Morgan: K. *walks out*

Destroyed Hotel Bedroom #2

Destroyed Hotel Bedroom #3

Morgan: *walks in, searching*

Hannah's bag of Bazooka ammo is in Sydney's bedroom.

Morgan: Whoa! *leaves* Despaaaaaaair!

Floor Four

Meeting Room

Unknown Room


After realising there was no taco bell in the food court, Yasmin came to the pool to cool off. 

Yasmin: *walks into the pool* Ah, this is relaxing. 


Floor Five

Office Rooms


Floor Six

Proper Dining Room


Storage Room

Floor Seven



Costume Storage

Changing Room

Maintenance Room

Floor Eight

Cleaning Room

Staff Room

Suite #1

Suite #2

Regular Room #1

Regular Room #2

Double Room #1

Double Room #2

Small Room #1

Small Room #2



Floor Nine

Library Debris

Computer Lab Debris

Floor Ten


Small Cinema

Milo: *pulls Casper into the room* Ok, let's look around to see if there is a movie we can watch!

Casper: *smiling while watching Milo* Alright! 

Milo: *looks around* It's got to be around here somewhere...

Monokuma: *depressed* Upupu...pu...pu. Welcome to Monokuma Theater... We are selling tickets for the "Monokuma of Oz" right now...

Casper: GAH *jumps back* W-WHAT IS TH-THAT?!

Milo: It doesn't matter, it looks like a stuffed toy...

Monokuma: I'm not just a stuffed toy. I'm in charg- was in charge of this!

Casper: Uuuuuuuhhhhh , of w-what?

Monokuma: The mastermind wanted to be in charge though, so I got stuck with being an usher! *gives Casper and Milo the tickets* Just go and watch the movie.

Milo: Thank you....kind sir, we won't bother you again! *guides himself and Casper to some seats*

Monokuma: *walks to the projection booth and starts the movie* Gentlemen and Gentlemen! Please ignore all rules and enjoy the movie! Happy Desbearing!

Milo: *sits down next to Casper* Hopefully this is good :)

Casper: *grins* M-me too! 

Milo: *smiles at Casper* So what do you wanna do after this?

Casper: I-I dont know b-but *looks up at Milo* C-can I-I tell you s-something...?

Milo: *looks at Casper and smiles* Sure, go ahead..

Casper: We-well uuuuhh.. *looks down* I-I *blushes* I-I think I-I l-like you... I-I just really liked being with you and I-I would hate to be apart from you... 

Milo: Well, I like you too, you're a great friend, I'd hate to be apart from you too *smiles*

Casper: N-no Milo I-I like LIKE you... *blushes*

Milo: *looks at Casper strangely* What does "like like" mean?

Casper: Li-like this... *leans in and kisses Milo*

Milo: *kisses back, surprised*

Casper: *wraps his arms around Milos neck*

Milo: I love you, Casper. Do you know what I write in my journal? I write down what happened recently but I mainly write on how to keep you safe, and sometimes I draw about you. It may say I'm a Mystery, but I'm actually just a history teacher, nothing special about me... *hugs Casper* But you make me feel special...

Monokuma: *sitting on the bench in the lobby* Such despair inducing events! Upupupupu~

Morgan: *walks in* Cluuesss! Come to me. *rolls eyes, throws up, then looks for clues*

Monokuma: There are no clues here you b******.

Morgan: I hope someone pours water on you. Anyway, give me clues. >~>

Monokuma: Upupupu. Clues? What clues *snickering*

Morgan: Whatever you've got. .-. Not in the mood for bulls*** you robotic pig, I've got despair to get up to.

Monokuma: Gyahahahaha! No despair you could make rivals up to this!

Morgan: Tell me, JFC.

Monokuma: The pale kid and the dead guy were here yesterday! And they proclaimed their love for each other. Hah hah~ And then he got killed when he went for a walk! Gyahahahaha! Upupupupupu! Such lovely despair!

Morgan: F***ing disgusting and cheesy.

Mikaell: *good* There is a fat man named Twogami who is taking your spot.

Back Maintenance Room

Floor Eleven

Romantic Dining Room

Morgan: *sits at a table, slowly eating*


Floor Twelve

Small Rollercoaster Indoors

Old Theme Park Stalls

Spare Room

Floor Thirteen

Indoor Water Slide

Small Pool

Floor Fourteen

Massive Library

Small Staff Room

Floor Fifteen


Clothes Store


Floor Sixteen

Food Court


Corelinea Komeada : Sydney I have 2 reasons for bringing you here...

Sydney: And they are...?

Corelinea Komeada : 1. I found a photo and I need to look for more evidence 2. I really like there fries

Sydney: Oh alright, what is the photo?

Corelinea Komeada : it has every dead student......except Shade 

Sydney: W-what..? Show me.

Corelinea Komeada : *Gives Her The Picture*

Sydney: *eyes widen* H-how...?

Corelinea Komeada : I don't know......But we should probably show it to Dawson Dawson and Dominic Dawson ;/

Sydney: And fast! Lets go! *runs out*

Hannah: *running in* Sydney?!?

Sydney: What is it?! :)

Hannah: *holds her out a gun, after raiding soda cans and aliging them on a counter to order out* Target practice! And you need to be here incase I nearly... intentionally... accidentally... shoot someone...

Sydney: Uuuuhh why would I need to be here for that?

Hannah: *shoots, completely missing the can* Dammit! *fires in the air, annoyed*

Dawson: *Runs in with Dominic* Hannah! Let her go! *Runs up to Sydney* Are you okay? Did that thing hurt you?

Hannah: *points rocket launcher at Dawson* That thing? That's all I'm CALLED!?! >:(

Sydney: That thing? Dont you mean Hannah? :)

Dawson: Hannah, terrorist, thing, whatever.

Dylan: *runs in* :D

Sydney: Oh no, we're having fun!

Hannah: Labeling me so harshly? >:( Just because I do things differently than you, I'm not worthy? D: *fingers twitching, ready to send him to his grave*

Sydney: Hannah don't hurt him please!

Dominic: -What he meant to say was Miss Hannah in all her grace! Correct, Dawson? *whispers to Dawson* Just say yes politely...

Hannah: It doesn't matter. Clearly we are on different pages... you're dead, I'm alive. >~> *glaring at Sydney* Done, I just wanna blow them all up... ARGH! *shoots at the cans, hitting them all and draining them* Even us terrorists are friendly...

Sydney: Yes you are friendly! Ju-just dont blow them up, please!

Hannah: *puts her gun down, after almost firing a rocket at them* I need some to cool off... and let things blow over... hopefully some buildings. *waves goodbye to Sydney, smiling, and runs faster than anyone, jumping from wall, to furniture, into an undisclosed location*

Dawson: That was-- *Shrugs* I don't even know what that was.

Dylan: Dominic, are we friends?

Dominic: We are- and here, I would like you to have this. *hands Dylan a note saying "If I were to die, please tell my friends to keep smiling. I will be rooting for them as a spirit- for it takes more than swords and knives to cut through wounds and damage my spirit and hopes."* Just in the case I die, I'm entrusting you to show this to everyone, alright?

Dylan: I will, but no one will kil you, your a good person :D


Jasmin: Hey Yasmin, what do you think of this place? Subway is definitely the best fast food in the world.

Yasmin: What. Taco bell is so much better! 

Jasmin: Taco bell sucks. 

Yasmin: I am not talking to you! *leaves to taco bell*

Jasmin: *Walks up to the counter and orders a chicken fajita with pepsi, and sits down at a table next to a window and gazes outside, wondering about the outside world*

Morgan: *walks in, rolling eyes* Slow down, don't want to choke on despair and die while no one watches, nor gives a crap, whichever twin you are...

Burger King

Chinese Takeaway

Salad House

Unused Building

Floor Seventeen

Dark Arcade Room

Dylan: *drags Casper, Milo and Dominic here* If we stay here together, we have an allibi and cannot get killed :D

Casper: Tha-thats cool- *quickly looks over to Milo for his opinion* ri-right?

Dylan: Casper, you have to be more independent... :I

Casper: I-I-I am! 

Milo: .... *writing in journal*

Casper: *once again looks over to see what Milos writing*

Dylan: If you are so independent, then why do you need to go to Milo after a question or exection?

Milo: *writing more in journal, without even sparing a glance in Dylan's direction*

Casper: *backs down* I-I dont know...

Dylan: You depend on Milo too much, come on, help me find a arcade machine that works

Milo: *writes some stuff in journal, Casper can barely see that he wrote Dylan's name in there*

Casper: Hm...? I-I dont think I-I want to! *whispers to Milo* how about you? :)

Dylan: *glares at Casper* Fine *walks away to check games*

Milo: You can do what you want, since Dylan feels so concerned about you being dependant *writes more but Casper can barely see more in the journal, including a bit describing Scarelt' s execution*

Casper: *seeming a bit uncomfortable* but I-I dont want to do what Dylan tells m-me to do...

Milo: ....Fine, do you want to help me write.....

Casper: Write what?

Milo:.... it doesn't matter...

Dylan: YES! I found a Pac-Man game! It works! :D *turns game on* 

Casper: *rubbing arm nervously* Alright

Milo: *writes more in journal* You two play it or something...

Dylan: *starts playing* Wow, I have 2,003 points :3

Casper: *nods* Wh-whatever you say... *sadly walks over to Dylan*

Milo: *writes more in journal, sighing while watching Casper and Dylan*

Dylan: *Pac-Man dies* YAY! I got 58473528363- Huh? Hi Casper? What you want?

Casper: *looks to Dylan semi-angry* To play the game.

Dylan: Okay, *gets off the game* but you told me you didn't want to... *looks at Milo and the realises* ohhh...

Casper: *looks away annoyed* So how do I-I work this thing?

Dylan: You don't know how to play arcade games!? Well, you play as that yellow circle, you use the joystick *grabs joystick* this thing, to move around, move it left and Pac-Man, the circle goes left, you have to get all those white dots called pellets, you also have to avoid those ghosts, if you get a glowing pellet you can eat the ghosts, until they respawn, when you collect all the pellets you win the level and go on to the next, this continues to you die and all your points are added to the leaderboard where you ca see how good you were at the game compared to others :D

Milo: *looks at Dylan and growls, before writing more in the journal, using the words idiotic and Dylan in the same sentence*

Casper: *yelps and jumps back* G-GHOSTS?!

Dylan: Don't worry, they aren't real :D


Milo: It's ok, we can sacrifice Dylan if they try to get you -__-

Dylan: ...fine, do you want to play another game? There is Mortal Kombat, Space Invaders and Donkey Kong :3

Casper: *looks over to Milo, in fear* YOU WILL?!

Milo: *looks at Casper and sighs* I'm joking, I'm leaving, bye you two -__- =

Dylan: Wll bye Milo! Casper do you want to play any of the games? Mortal Kombat, Space Invaders or Donkey Kong :3

Casper: WAIT UP MI- *stops himself* o-oh wai-wait.... 

Milo: *leaves and sighs*

Casper: *sighs and goes back to the game* I-I wonder where he's going..

Dylan: I don't really know... so... what do you want to play? :I

Casper: Hm? *looks up to Dylan bored because he wasnt paying attention to what he was saying*

Dylan: What game do you wanna play? :(

Casper: *still isnt too interested in what Dylan has to say* Uhhhhhh I-I dont know...

Dylan: You know what forget this, you don't give a ***t about me even though I am trying to become your friend, if you don't want to get to know me then just leave D:

Casper: *looks down sadly, nods and leaves*

Dylan: *sits down in lonliness* :(

Dominic: Dylan, I'm still here if it matters.

Dylan: I know, but Casper doesn't care about anyone but Milo D:

Dominic: Perhaps, it's just a phase in his life? Having a good friend like Milo might have been new to him. He will hopefully grow out of it, but it's inspiring to see someone care for other people, even if it's only one person they care for, like Casper and Milo.

Dylan: Dude, I think that they might be more that friends D:

Abandoned Disco

Milo: *walks in and sits down, and starts drawing something in his journal*

Casper: *walks in sadly, not noticing Milo*

Milo: *drawing without noticing Casper as well*

Casper: *runs into Milo and trips over* W-what the h-heck!?

Milo: U-uh, h-hi? *drops journal by accident*

Casper: *realizes its Milo and then jumps up* S-s-sorry Milo! *picks up Milos journal for him* 

Milo: *Casper sees a detailed picture of Casper on one page* U-um.....

Casper: W-whats this...?

Milo: ........

Casper: *looks up smiling at Milo*

Milo: I-i... was...just... *attempts to grab journal*

Casper: Is this m-me? *points to the drawing*

Milo: *looks away, but nods head very slowly*

Casper: *starts grinning* R-really? Wow!

Milo: *quietly mumbles yes, embarrassed*

Casper: Well *hands the journal back* I-I sure liked the drawing 

Milo: T-thank you, I-I'm *mumbles something*

Casper: *leans in close to hear him* W-what was that?

Milo: I-I said I'm...sor... *mumbles it louder but it's still too quiet*

Casper: Heh I-I still cant hear you..!

Milo: I... said...I'm...sorry...for getting a-angry and leaving, alright?

Casper: Its no problem Milo! *grins* 

Milo: ... Where do you wanna go?

Casper: Wherever you want to go! 

Milo: I don't mind, where do you wanna go?

Casper: We could always just stay here and dance!

Milo: ....I...don'

Casper: Neither do I-I! *starts dancing like an idiot* Come on!

Milo: *walks up and does the awkward shuffling people do at parties and pass off as dancing*

Casper: *starts laughing* Thats it!! I-I think? 

Milo: Why are you laughing? It's better than your dancing! *laughs as well*

Casper: You're kidding yourself! *does even more stupid dance moves*

Milo: *laughs before tripping over* D;

Casper: :O A-are you ok Milo?!

Milo: Yes...

Casper: *helps Milo up* You sure?

Milo: Yes, I'm sure Mom *softly laughs*

Casper: Heh *looks up to Milo* Well I-I'm glad you are!

Milo: Thanks *smiles at Casper*

Casper: *shuffles back a bit nervously* S-so what now??

Hannah: *walks in, and notices a discoball hanging* Target practice... *grins, with an evil expression, shoots it which makes the room darker* Haha!

Casper: *jumps back into Milo* Y-yikes!

Hannah: Nut up or shut up! *chuckles, and shoots at empty beer bottles, missing* Dammit!

Casper: H-huh? What are you doing h-here?

Hannah: *points gun at him* I've got the perfect idea... you're going to be my hostage!

Casper: Uhhhhhhhhhh.... I-I am...? 

Milo: *silently starts backing up*

Hannah; Dance, sucker! *shoots at Casper's feet*

Milo: *pulls Casper out of the way* AH! D:

Hannah: *points gun at Milo's head* Move away, sucker! *pulls out rocket launcher instead, aiming it at him* 

Milo: *stays still* Shoot me then, as long as you don't touch Casper, I'm fine, besides, you'd get executed!

Casper: N-no!! Dont hurt Milo!!!

Hannah: Milo needs to go AWOL right now, then! *grinning, preparing to fire*

Milo: *stays still* .... *writes in journal stating Hannah planned to shoot him*

Hannah: *shoots the rocket launcher, which throws her back to the ground, but the force against the wall wasn't strong enough due to something wrong with the weapon, causing no explosion* ARGH!

Milo: Well, she's a potential murderer, she's definitely a suspect in future cases

Casper:*points to Hannha* Dont you go n-near Milo again!!

Milo: Casper, it's fine, she won't try anything... yet.

Casper: *mumbles* S-she better not....

Milo: Its ok, she won't, right Hannah?

Coralinea Komeada : :) *Comes in and carries Casper to some place private*

Hannah: Well, you'll know it's me if there's some limbs across the room, and explosions! 

Casper: Uuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhh

Milo: WAIT! Put him down, don't leave me with the terrorist!

Hannah: *points gun at Komaeda* Gimme' Casper! >~>

Milo: *picks up the rocket launcher, for bluff* I agree, this year please? Hannah, let's steal my friend back

Floor Eighteen

Lecture Room

Small Library




Floor Nineteen

Barely Stable Floor


Floor Twenty


Small Bedroom


Floor Twenty-One

Tool Room

Building Desks

Storage Room

Floor Twenty-Two

Sewing Room

Lecture Room

Floor Twenty-Three

Messy Lab

Floor Twenty-Four

Master Suite #1

Master Suite #2

Master Suite #3

Floor Twenty-Five

Pom Pom Room

Pom Pom Factory

Corelinea Komeada : A pom ppm factory is quite extravagant.....I wonder why they would need it.....*Looks For Pieces of Evidence while she has the Picture of The Dead Students in her hand* I should go find my fellow hope's

An explosion racks the building.

Morgan: *walks in* I've been waiting for the despair. ;/

Inside the Factory, Hannah's body is torn apart and thrown against the wall, while the door to the hallway is blown off, with Milo's body crushed behind it.

Dylan: Dom, I heard an expl-o my god... o.o

Morgan: And to think one of you did it... shame... Shall we get investigating?

Dylan: S-sure, but poor M-milo, and H-hannah was so fun D:

Sydney: *runs in* WHAT WAS THAT?!

Dylan: THEY ARE DEAD! D: *investigates Hannah's body*

Dominic: *runs in following* and Dylan sure are fast runners- *sees the dead bodies* My word! How...horrid!

Dylan finds a strand of blonde hair on Hannah's chest.

Dylan: Blonde? Hmm... *checks Milo's body*

Sydney: Oh no, no no no no no no no, THIS CANT BE HAPPENING!

Casper: *walks in* Have any o-of you guys seen Milo...?

Dominic: shouldn't see this.

Milo's body is surprising not covered in dust.

Morgan: *looks around*

Casper: Shouldnt see wh-*looks over to the dead bodies and freezes*

Morgan sees dust all over the room, most likely from the destroyed pom poms and the explosion.

Dawson: *Enters* Is everything all right? Did Hannah try to blow up another person, or did-- *Notices bodies* No... not Hannah... Why Milo? *Tears up*

Casper: *runs over to Milo* P-please b-b-be ok... please please please...

Dominic: This is...tragic...*looks around the factory*

Dominic notes a used bazooka near one of Hannah's hands. It was most likely the murder weapon.

Casper: *kneels down to Milo* Please...

Dominic: I'm afraid...he's not coming back Casper...*looks around the factory more*

Hannah's body is notable covered in dust.

Dominic: Hmm...that's odd...I'll get back to that later...*looks around the factory again*

Next to Hannah's other hand is a pair of bloody pom poms.

Casper: *shakes head* N-no...*clutches head* No no no!

Dominic: I'm sorry, Casper...if there had been a way to stop this, had I known somehow... *continues looking in the factory*

The door hinges are broken off, most likely by the explosion.

Casper: *looks down to Milo and starts crying* B-but he was all I-I had...

Dominic: Well,'re not living for yourself on to avenge Milo. If that is what keeps you smiling.

Casper: T-t-theres nothing left... I finally found the th-thing i-i-i really cared about and now i-its gone...

Pom Pom Library

Pom Pom Suite

Guitar Storage

Floor Twenty-Six


Floor Twenty-Seven

Faux Lake

Dawson: *Enters with Sydney* Woah... that's, fantastic.

Sydney: Whoa! Where are we now?

Dawson: Floor 27. Again, if that wasn't rhetorical. This seems to be some kind of... lake, or something similar.

Sydney: Thats pretty silly!

Dawson: *Chuckles* I don't know what you mean, but either way it makes me happy.

Sydney: *her head tilts* it does..? *jokingly* hm... you must be pretty silly then!

Dawson: *Shrugs, while smiling* Maybe.

Sydney: *smile fades* So, now what?

Dawson: Sit here? Let's just enjoy this time. Maybe, later, we can talk to Carolinea and Dominic. But, let's relax right now.

Sydney: *nods* I guess thats an alright plan!

Dawson: Great. *Sits down* I hope this never has to end... Well-- *Thinks about what Dominic said* Yeah, I really don't want this to end. *Smiles, while looking at Sydney*

Syney: *slightly smiles* Yeah... but all good things come to an end.... sad but yeah y'know, true!

Dawson: *slowly nods* Sadly.

Sydney: And Im always wondering if we're ever gonna get out of here!

Dawson: We will. But, don't worry too much. Not now. Not here.

Sydney: *gently touches her face where Morgan hit her* O-ow..

Dawson: Are you okay?

Sydney: Im just si-sick of Morgan!

Dawson: I understand. Morgan is pretty terrible.

Sydney: She should stop hitting me....I am so much stronger than her!

Dawson: If she tries to hit you again, I'll be there before she can to defend you. Promise.

Sydney: Thankyou but I can defend myself :) *looks down sadly* Well I thought I could...

Dawson: You can. You just need... motivation. I think...

Sydney: *turns away* Ma-maybe... 

Dawson: Uhh... yeah. I guess.

Dominic: *arrives, dragging Dylan because he dragged me so gg* Ah, hello Dawson & Sydney! How are you both doing this fine day?

Sydney: *quickly wipes her tears away and fakes smiles at Dominic*

Dominic: As a man of passion and emotion, I can tell all is not well. It's a fake smile- which is usually easy to see. What's going on?

Sydney: N-no everythings fine! *looks away again*

Dominic: I'm not one to be tricked if it ever comes to romance or emotions. It will take more than that to convince me.

Sydney: I said everythings FINE Dominic.

Dominic: Well...seems like we're getting angry...I'll choose to believe you for now. Just keep smiling and you'll be alright, if you really were upset.

Dawson: Yeah, Dominic. Idiot. Um, Sydney, Dominic and I have things to talk about and examine, is it okay if you stay here with Dylan? I would love to have you along... but, it's um.... guy stuff.

Sydney: Fine.... call if you need help, I'll be here.

Dawson: 'Kay. *Kneels down and kisses her on the cheek* Wait... *blushes* what did I just do? Uh, Dominic! Get me out of here! *Darts out*

Sydney: *blushes and touches her cheek where he kissed her* 

Dominic: *smiles as he sees this* Hmm...*mumbles to himself* He might have hope yet. *out loud* Wait, Dawson! *runs after him*

Sydney: *taps her foot and sighs* Whats taking them so long...?

Coralinea Komeada : *Silently Enters* Where is Dominic? And Dawson? I need to talk to them 

Sydney: *shrugs* I dont know,but they said they'd be back soon!

Coralinea Komeada : *Walks to Abandoned Disco then stops* Did Dawson tell you.......about the thing?.

Sydney: The thing??

Coralinea Komeada : The Hope Group to stand up to Monokuma

Sydney: Hmmm sorta!

Coralinea Komeada : We need to get Casper to complete the group c'mon *Leaves*

Sydney: *giggles* Good luck with that! *follows her*

Coralinea Komeada : *Lies Casper Down* We need to talk >.>

Casper: *shields face with arms*W-wha-what is it?!

Coralinea Komeada : The More we stay here.....the more people and Dominic..........oh yeah and the rest all created the Hope Group.....I want you to join in with us....But you can't tell anyone! Not even Milo

Casper: I-I couldnt! N-not without Milo! *bites lip*

Coralinea Komeada : Milo isn't as trustworthy as you.......or Dominic.....or the rest...I need to pick trustworthy people 

Hannah: *runs in, firing her sub machine gun everywhere* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Casper: *curls up* D-DONT!

Hannah: Give us back Casper!

Sydney: Stop shooting at us!!!

Hannah: Shut up!!!

Morgan: wtf! despair! is someone going to die?

Milo: *bursts in* Can we just have our friend back please?


Morgan: Shut up, or I'll ensure you're the next to die in the most despair filled ways possible! *manically laughs*

Hannah: STFU we're trying to get someone back! 

Dylan: Cora is a good person, she wouldn't take him without reason, just let them be :(

Milo: No, you don't just pick people up and kidnap them for good reason without a good explanation beforehand, it doesn't matter her reasoning, I'm taking him back with me... and... *sigh* Hannah...

Casper: *grins*

Hannah: *lifts Casper over her shoulders* Come on, let's get out of here before the airstrikes come in! *runs*

Milo: *runs after them*

Sydney: *to Coralinea* Do we let them go or...?

Dylan: *walks to Coralinea* Um, I will help you get Casper back if you tell me what you were telling him... unless you don't want me to hear... :(

Coralinea Komeada : Let Casper go if he wants to be with Milo forever and die here that is ok I'm not going to make Casper's choice we are going to make it out of here the rest can do what they want and so can Casper I need to save the most important people.....and Dylan I'm sorry I'm not going to tell you the rest

Dylan: Okay... but do you wanna hangout? I don't have any friends except Dominic :[

Sydney: But we're all important!

Coralinea Komeada : Some people can make the world a better purpose is to make hope in the my brother did I have to save people who can help society against despair some people are with fighting for......But some aren't

Dylan: Well, do you wanna hang out, I only have one friend and I'd love to make more D:

Sydney: Id be more than happy to be friends!

Dylan: (Dyla obtained a friend) YAY! Are we friends Coralinea? :)

Sydney: I think I have an idea where Dawson and Dominic went! I better go see if they're alright! *leaves*

Dylan: *follows Sydney* D:

Floor Twenty-Eight


Something is taped to one of the graves.

Dawson: Sydney, I wanted to-- *Noticed cemetary* Oh... my... ugh. Why would this be here? Why?

Sydney: *pulls a superhero stance* What is this place?!

Dawson: It's a cemetary... if that was not rhetorical. Maybe we should go somewhere else-- *Notices something on one of the graves* Hmm... stay here. *Walks up to the grave, and examines what is taped to it*

Sydney: No, I must help! *follows him*

A piece of paper is taped to the grave. It reads "The Mastermind can't do all this by himself. I must investigate. I suspec-". The rest of the paper is illegible.

Dawson: What the... apparently there's a Mastermind, and it definitely is a guy. So, that means it's either Fatman, or one of the other contestants. Shame. Um, I'll hold on to this, so I can show it to the others. *Grabs the paper, and puts it in his pocket* Let's go somewhere else, shall we?

Sydney: *nods* Thats a good idea.

Dawson: Good. This place is giving me the creeps. *Heads back to the elevator, and then heads to floor 27*

Dominic: *arrives with Dawson* So what did you need?

Dawson: To show you this. *Hands Dominic the paper the read, "The Mastermind can't do all this by himself. I must investigate. I suspect-"* What do you think about that?

Dominic: I'm not sure, exactly...

Dawson: You're useless. This note means one of us, or possibly even more, are helping the Mastermind. The Mastermind being Fatman. Don't you get it? The enemy is walking around right in front of our faces. I hope I can trust you.

Dominic: Ah, that meshes together fairly well. I suppose it makes sense. I'm not the mastermind, of course- and I trust you are not, either.

Morgan: *after spying, walks in, chuckling* You can trust one another? Like, someone's probably getting murdered soon, and you still have trust in one another? F***ing morons, I guess you lived happy lives to not know you can't trust anyone... Ahhh, despair at last...

Dawson: What the hell are you? Like seriously, go die. Please. It would make everyone feel a lot better. Idiotic psychopath. Anyways, Dominic, let's just, examine these graves. This note, *puts it back in pocket* was taped to one of the graves. It must have been here for a reason. *Goes back to the grave that had the paper taped to it, and examines it*

Morgan: Can't handle the truth? The crushed hope and anger is just gleaming in your eyes... Get over it, and accept the truth. Dominic might be killed tonight, or he might kill tonight. Don't put your trust in him, when it can easily be backstabbed.

Dawson: You need to be stabbed in the back, now shut up. I'm trying to investigate. *Examining grave*

Morgan: There's nothing there... :)

Dawson notes Markus's name on the gravestone.

Morgan: *leaves*

Sydney: *walks in* Yeah, I was right! You guys are here! Did you hear what just happened? 

Dominic: Hmm? What happened?

Sydney: What?! You couldnt hear Hannah and her crazy guns?!

Dominic: I heard something small- I didn't expect it to be guns though. Are you all, alright?

Sydney: Im fine! But Coralinea seems pretty mad, they were fighting over Casper? And you know Hannah, always having to includ her guns!

Corelinea Komeada : *Arrives* Sydney be careful when you're running hello fellow students

Sydney: I'll be fine!

Corelinea Komeada : We need to be careful there is 4 of us no? So we need to stay connected....or there is a possibility of death and we don't want that to happen do we?

Sydney: I guess you do have a point!

Corelinea Komeada : Well, since all of us are here *Twirls Hair* It's only common sense that we stick together if the killer perhaps, came in....I'm sure we would be able to take him on 

Sydney: Of course we could! *flexes*

Corelinea Komeada : Yeah.....?

Sydney: We are unstoppable!!! 

Corelinea Komeada : Sure?......

Sydney: So whats the plan?!

Corelinea Komeada : Obviously we need to survive, we need to make it out to the world,........we need to make sure we can spread hope.....But none of us must die or the whole plan is ruined which obviously means don't kill, but if you were to be must leave a message......and you must survive......that is all :)

Sydney: Heh, Im pretty sure its everyones goal not to get killed!

Corelinea Komeada : One difference,.......we need to survive, we can't die, do you understand?.

Sydney: *nods* Got it! 

Corelinea Komeada : Perfect

Sydney: Uuuuhh but why is it just us in it?

Corelinea Komeada : We don't need so much members, we know more deaths are going to happen we can't save everyone we only need 4 - 5 members Roger?

Sydney: Alright!

Corelinea Komeada : Now......follow me *Leaves*

Sydney: *shrugs and follows her*

Dawson: Hmm... Markus? Wonder what that means... if, it means anything. *Sighs* I'll figure it out. I just, hope Sydney is doing okay. *Shakes his leg, gently* At least I can walk, though. Not fixed yet, but I can walk. Umm... *Shrugs* might as well. *Examines another grave*

Aoul's name is on it.

Dawson: Well, that debunks two of my theories. I'll check one more. Hopefully, that will be enough to form another, educated guess. *Looks over another grave*

Scarlet's name is engraved on the gravestone. The area in front of the grave is open though, as if no body has been put in it.

Dawson: Hmm... quite peculiar. Wonder what's going on with, all... of this. No matter what, it's frightening.

Sydney:*runs it*  You'll never believe what Corelinea has!!

Hannah: *points gun at Sydney* Come on, let's go train. >~>

Sydney: *laughs* You're on!

Hannah: And no happy super hero bullcrap, it makes me sick to my stomach. -_- Let's go...

Dawson: I think this whole grave thing could mean-- *Looks over, and spots Hannah and Sydney* Wait, no! *Runs in front of Sydney, and whispers to her* She's dangerous. *Out loud* Hannah, get away. No one needs your bombs or anything here.

Dylan: Hey! Does anyone wanna hang out? :(

Sydney: *puts hands on hips* Its nothing I cant handle!

Dawson: She has a gun. *Shrugs* I'm just trying to protect you.

Hannah: Get lost, you two wimps! *pulls Sydney, in the direction of McDonalds*

Dylan: WTF!? Why is everyone being so trigger happy! I just want someone to hng out with! D:

Dawson: Don't think so! Dominic! Let's go! *Grabs Dominic, and "drags" him in the direction Hannah is going*

Dylan: Wow... Everyone is ignoring me D:


Milo: *Casper, Hannah and Milo run here* Ok, we're safe here :)

Casper: Thankyou for saving m-me!!

Milo: Your welcome... but also say thank you to... you know

Hannah: Milo, go away! Casper's got some training to do! >~>

Casper: But I-I want to stay with Milo!

Milo: I am staying here, I'll just be quiet then if you're training him or something

Hannah: I need to work on my accuracy. I'd shoot bottles, but, not fun enough! But instead... *straps Casper against a wall* 

Casper: Uhhhh......

Milo: If you try anything, I'll steal your gun and shoot you >->

Hannah: *paints in a board behind him* Alright, I'm going to throw knives, and try not to hit you! Seem fun? *pulls out dagger*

Casper: Heh, I-I guess so!

Hannah: *squints eyes, takes her aim, and throws a knife which just misses his head, stabbing through the metal wall where the bodies are, but drops* 

Milo: *expresses concern* Maybe you should use bottles :S

Casper: Its sa-safe!

Milo: I'm just concerned cause if she hits you, you're almost certainly dead because I don't know where the infirmary is...

Casper: No need t-to worry Milo! *smiles*

Hannah: *throws another knife, which misses*

Casper: N-nice try, heh!

Milo: *starts writing stuff in his journal, concerned* I don't think this is a good idea...

Casper: I-I've been in MUCH worse situations than this *eyes widen* M-much worse!!!


Casper: I-I just wished someone believed m-me...

Hannah: I kind of want to hit him... *throws another, barely missing*

Casper: *nervously laughs* Yo-you're not actually going to a-are y-you....?

Hannah: Pfft, maybe... *throws another one, stabbing his foot* Whoops. ;/

Casper: *screams* G-get me off from h-here!!!

Hannah: Oh come on, it's just a toe wound! *throws another knife, just missing his head* B****....

Casper: *holds his foot and clenching his teeth together* O-oww!

Hannah: Here's the final knife, let's hope I get the bullseye. *Grits teeth, laughing and throws it, and it slashes across his arm, causing some bleeding* There we go! Woo!

Casper: *high-pitched screams* W-why m-me! *now clutches his arm where is slashed him* 

Hannah: Now... *reluctantly unstraps him, and hands him a gun* Target practice time!

Casper:  *wipes tears away* W-wh-what...?

Hannah: Let's get firin', wimp!

Casper: *slowly nods* G-got it...*takes the gun*

Hannah: Come on! Let's head to the food court! >~> *walks out*

Casper: Alrig- *notices where he is and screams* TH-THIS IS THE WORST PLACE T-TO BE! *clutches head* OH NO, OH NO, OH NO, OH NO

Milo: You're not gonna die Casper

Casper: N-not because of this *points to where the knife slashed him* because o-of, al-all of this *looks around the room* I-ITS N-NOT GOOD *curls up into a ball and starts rocking back and forth*

Milo: It's ok, Casper! Now, do you wanna stay here or follow Hannah..... *pulls Casper back onto his feet*

Casper: N-neither! I-I just cant b-be here!!!

Hannah: Come on, you pu***. >~> Let's go! *tugs at his arms, and walks off* 

Casper: *Bites lip and shakes his head*

Milo: Well, if you don't wanna to go with Hannah, you can come with me somewhere?

Casper: *holds onto Milos arm for protection* Y-yes please

Milo: So... Where do you wanna go?

Casper: *shakes head* W-wherever you want to b-be

Milo: There is a small cinema on the tenth floor where we could look for a movie to watch?

Casper: S-sure!

Milo: *smiles slightly* Ok, let's go! *grabs Casper' s hand and pulls him along*

Casper: *gasps and blushes* G-got it 


Corelinea Komeada : I will wait to find my fellow hope's..

Trial 5

Monokuma: The Mastermind is off eating, so I'm in charge of this trial! Upupupupupu! What a despair inducing murder! Start with whatever you want you b******s!

Morgan: If you looked at the crime scene, there was an explosion. *rolls eyes* Probably a bazooka or grenade.

Casper: *looks over to where Milo used to stand and starts silently crying*

Morgan: The despair really is chewing you up, quite satisfying. Anyway, anyone got some input?

Sydney: *looks down and shakes her head, trying not to cry*

Dominic: I do happen to find the same answer to the weapon, Miss Morgan. ;) But do we have any clues as to whom the killer is?

Morgan: Blonde hair? Sydney? Did you give into despair?

Sydney:*looks up in anger* how DARE you say that! 

Morgan: But anyway, I think you should know that Casper and Milo hooked up in the cinema, and Milo died while going on a walk. The explosion must have killed him, well, this is gathered from Monokuma so take it with a grain of salt, knowing that freak.

Corelinea Komeada : But wouldn't Hannah have explosives?

Casper: *blushes* Sh-shut up!

Morgan: Yes, she did. But, she's a moron so she probably left crap lying around. Anyone got some theories?

Sydney: She was not a moron!

Morgan: Oh, please, that idiot nearly killed herself twenty times in one day...

Sydney: You're awful, you know that dont you?!

Morgan: I've gotten worse. But you're ugly, so you can't talk.

Corelinea Komeada : They Either Got it from Sydney's Room or They got it from somewhere else....


Dylan: Maybe she shot the bazuuka from a distance :I

Corelinea Komeada : No Shut Up,We need more clues to the murder 

Morgan: It's factual. *chuckling* But back to something relevant, what even happened here? I found some weird note saying 'sory'... but I'm confused...

Corelinea Komeada : 'Sory' couldn't that be Sorry it's only missing an r?

Morgan: What kind of idiot doesn't even know how to spell?

Dominic: It's impossible to have survived a bazooka explosion, correct? Maybe Hannah committed suicide and Milo was nearby when it happened? It could be possible Dawson's words hurt her that much...

Morgan: Hannah is such a moron, but what is this 'sory' on a paper in her room supposed to be?

Dominic: Couldn't it potentially be "sorry", and that could have been a suicide note?

Sydney: I-it is possible...

Morgan: Makes sense. Never expected anything smart to come out of your mouth, though.

Monokuma: Upupupu~ Votes are ready. Feel free to continue talking though. (Posted for the people who need to leave)

  • Morgan: Hannah
  • Dylan Skye: Hannah
  • Brisbane: Hannah...
  • Casper the friendly ghost: Hannah
  • Yasmin:
  • Jasmin:
  • Vins:
  • Victoria:
  • Mikaell:
  • Komeada: Hannah's Debt Of Her Life Got Shot Down By Herself I Vote Hannah
  • Dominic: Hannah...?
  • Signal:
  • Dawson:

Monokuma: And in a surprise twist, the dead Hannah was voted guilty! And is she the killer? Upupupupupu.....

Monokuma: Yes! She committed a flashy suicide and the blast killed Milo by the door!

Morgan: cool, but why? for despair?

Monokuma: *pulls out a piece of paper* You found part of her suicide note in her room! But it would have been too easy if I just let you find all that! Upupupupu~ Here is her note:

“Hahaha, riting is a bit hard, nevr relly new how to spel, mom nevr tawt me. Butt, *ripped out which says sory*it had 2 com to this, I just didint want 2 hert any1. U r all cool people  :) but sidnee I didint want u to end up lik mom  :( I didint want to make the saym mitsake agan… witch cost me a lot… not just u sidnee but I liked all of u eqally and I hop 2 see u all in the aftrlief. From ur pal, Hannah…  :) ”

Monokuma: Despair inducing isn't it!

Morgan: is that even a motive

Casper: I-its not cool!!!

Morgan: Sooooo, what mistake did Hannah make, apparently? And why does Sydney matter so much?

Sydney: Please stop talking.

Morgan: Literally don't speak to me, unless it's the despair in you talking. *glares* Monokuma, answer.

Monokuma: *yawning* Yes?

Morgan: What is this suicide note trying to tell us?

Monokuma: Upupupupu~ Too stupid to understand? She killed herself so she wouldn't kill any of you guys by accident! Especially not her best friend Sydney over her! Gyahahahahaha! And look how that turned out!

Morgan: So she killed her mom too? What an idiot...

Sydney: Morgan stop it...

Morgan: Once again, shut your filthy mouth before I shut it for you. :)


Morgan: Ahhh, despair finally kicking it. It's so juicy and beautiful. <3

Fatman: *sighing, walking down the elevator with a subway in his handS* oh you already did this *goes back downstairs*

Monokuma: *salutes when Fatman walks in*

Fatman: *in the elevator* I hope McDonalds doesn't know I'm cheating on them...

Casper: Despair?! Its not despair, its what everyone been thinking the whole time we've been stuck in the death trap, while you sit there complain and being rude to everyone!

Morgan: No, it's despair. :) 

Monokuma: Upupupu~ let's not fight on such a beautiful occassion. So tragic, Hannah saw Sydney as her mother, and didn't want to accidentally kill her like she did before in the middle east! Upupupu, are you all feeling it now?

Casper: Enjoy living while you still can Morgan. *leaves*

Morgan: Lol.

Corelinea Komeada : You're Enjoying This That makes me sick >.> *Follows Casper*

Morgan: Horrible misconception. I don't enjoy everyone dying at all, just the despair going on right here in the courtroom... I'm not that bad.

Vins: Hold on if it was suicide then who's gonna be executed?

Chapter 6: Breakfast of Mutual Killing





Floor One

Reception Desk


Floor Two

Storage Room

Old Dining Room

Corelinea Komeada : *Comes in with Dominic* This will be ok to stay here for a while....


Floor Three

Destroyed Hotel Bedroom #1

Destroyed Hotel Bedroom #2

Destroyed Hotel Bedroom #3

Floor Four

Meeting Room

Unknown Room



Floor Five

Office Rooms


Floor Six

Proper Dining Room


Morgan: *kicks a shelf against the door, which blocks anyone from entering, and manically laughs* Man, this place is horrible. *leans against counter, pulling down her right sleeve, revealing scars all across her wrist and down her arm, too many to count* It's been a while... *holds out knife, holding it to her, trembling, while crying softly to her self* Conceal... don't feel... *drops the knife, and to the ground, and cries due to despair*

Fatman: *screams out from behind the door* NO ONE LIKES YOU LOL! *runs off, dropping chicken nuggets*

Morgan: *smiling to herself, wiping away the tears and blood* Hahahahhahaha! Why would I care...? *forces herself to stand up despite the overwhelming emotions* Only... only the weak... fall... fall down like that... *covers back up scars, wiping away tears and realizes a little bit of blood from her leg after dropping the knife*

Storage Room

Floor Seven



Costume Storage

Changing Room

Maintenance Room

Floor Eight

Cleaning Room

Staff Room

Suite #1

Suite #2

Regular Room #1

Sydney: *walks in crying*

Regular Room #2

Double Room #1

Double Room #2

Small Room #1

Small Room #2



Floor Nine

Library Debris

Computer Lab Debris

Floor Ten


Small Cinema

Dylan: One ticket for The Lego Movie please, I heard it is great family-fun :D

Monokuma: We are not showing that movie. Upupupupu. Feel free to come watch "Batman and Robin", "Catwomen", "The Room", "Birdemic" or "Things" though.

​Coralinea Komeada: *Grabs Dominic and takes him to the library*

Dylan: Why is there all these horror and super hero movies D:

Back Maintenance Room

Floor Eleven

Romantic Dining Room

Dawson: *Enters with Sydney, who is wearing a blindfold* And, we're here. *Smiles, as he sets her down in a chair, and takes off the blindfold* Nice, isn't it? *Sits down at the chair across from her* I brought you here, because I wanted to... to ask you a question. And, I thought this would be the best way and best place. *Grabs her hands with his* Okay, I know we haven't had much time together, but I really like you. I want to be with you. *Exhales* Sydney... will you go out with me? 

Sydney: *slightly jumps back in shock* I-I like you t-too... but, I cant become clo-close to anyone anymore... not now and not here...

Dawson: *Drops her hands* I thought we had something special... *Tears up* I thought... I thought we could-- we could-- *Slams his fist on the table, before standing up* I can't believe this! *Storms out, while crying*

Sydney: W-wait... *starts crying* I-I cant do this...


Floor Twelve

Small Roller coaster Indoors

Old Theme Park Stalls

Spare Room

Floor Thirteen

Indoor Water Slide

Small Pool

Floor Fourteen

Massive Library

Small Staff Room

Floor Fifteen


Clothes Store


Floor Sixteen

Food Court


Burger King

Signal: *falls alseep on the floor*

Chinese Takeaway

Salad House

Mikaell: *bad* I want a Huge Ceaser Salad Right Now! *good* with a Crusamt please.

Unused Building

Floor Seventeen

Dark Arcade Room

*Shouts are heard coming from here*

Dawson: *Hears everything, then sighs* Uhhh... *Enters, grudgingly*

*Sydney is seen hung on the wall, with her neck out of distortion and crushed. Another body is seen near*

Dawson: *Begins to cry* Uhhh... *Heads over to the other body*

*Dylan is seen, sitting, but dead, with something lodged in his mouth...something mysterious.*

Dawson: *Stops crying, and begins to smirk, before checking Dylan's face*

Dominic: *arrives with Komaeda* I heard shouting, what's going on- *sees Sydney's body* My word! How horrid!

Dawson: Just deaths. *Chuckles*

Dominic: Dawson, are you feeling alright...?

*Dawson finds part of a croissant with a green liquid substance coming out of it, from Dylan's mouth*

Dawson: What the hell. Uh! *Pulls out the croissant, observing the liquid*

*Dawson sees the liquid drop and right next to Dylan's body, is a poison bottle*

Dawson: Poison...? Okay. Whatever. *Examines the bottle*

Morgan: *walks in, sighing* I'm going to miss that girl and how she squirmed through life...

Dawson: *Looks over at Morgan, and laughs, before looking back at the bottle*

Morgan: What are you laughing at, you disgusting waste of oxygen? Where's all the despair at?

Signal: *enters* Wow more death. Well this is fun and all but people keep killing my friends which is not cool

Casper: W-wh-what's going on *wipes his tears away and walks in* What are y- *sees the bodies and screams* N-n-no! *starts crying again* W-why...?

Mikkael: Your crying for the people you did kill?

Coralinea Komeada : Hmmmmmmmmnnnmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm interesting.........intriguing even........poison......Croissant.........hmmm I need more evidence ..*Looks for clues*

*Signal looks around to find pencils and papers, while Komaeda finds a "THEY'RE REAL" note*

Dawson: All of you annoy me. Pathetic. Ugh. Wait... *Notices pencils and papers, and the note* Oh, my gosh... I left something here... *Laughs*

Dominic: Dawson, are you alright? You're not acting like your usual self... *looks around*

*Dominic finds a ripped piece of paper with the words: "She broke my stupid, bloody heart. However, I-"

Dawson: That's so mean, Dominic. *Cries*

Dominic: What...?

Coralinea Komeada : *Looks for more clues*

*Komaeda finds a chair on the wall*

Dawson: Ugh! *Collapses*

Coralinea Komeada : Hmmm *Looks for clues*

Dominic: *goes help Dawson up* Don't fret just yet, I got you.

*Komaeda finds Ghost Books*

Dawson: *Moans and groans*

Coralinea Komeada : Be Careful >.>........*Looks for Clues*

Dominic: So do you perhaps need a trip to the infirmary in case anything is wrong- I know Sydney's death might be a factor, but the offer is still up?

Dawson: Sjsjujutstj-- 'Firmary.

Dominic: Alright... *takes Dawson to the infirmary*

Coralinea Komeada : *Looks on Sydney's Body for the name of investigation*

*Ropes appear to be hanging Sydney*

Coralinea Komeada : huh....*Looks for evidence around the crime scene*

*A cop badge is found on the ground, near Sydney's body*

Coralinea Komeada : Interesting.......:) I hope Dominic and Dawson are ok....

Casper: W-why are y-you smiling?

Coralinea Komeada : This case is interesting :) *Looks for clues*

*The ghost book, within its pages, has a yin yang symbol which is found*

Dominic: *arrives with Dawson* I do wish I had something to respect their losses...alas, I have nothing- not even a rose.

Dawson: S-Sydney. *Sighs*

Coralinea Komeada : Hmmmmmmmmnnnmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...*Looks on Dylan's body for clues*

Dawson: *Laughs* Sydney! Ah, ha!

Dominic: Right...taking you to Coralinea. *walks over to Komaeda with Dawson* Hello, my sweet lady- anyway, enough with idle flattery, do you think you might have some knowledge on Dawson's condition? I don't think he could change through moods like that- along with an attempt on his life by drug overdose...I believed the mood swings to be from Sydney's death- but apparently it's been happening before- unless he was supposedly normal when he attempted to take his own life. Any ideas?

Dawson: No! I told you to not tell anybody! That includes-- Uhhhh!

Dominic: After seeing yourself not cured- we can't risk any chances to what this might be, Dawson.

Coralinea Komeada : I already know what he has.........I knew it for a long time since I got to know him......they way he switched moods around Sydney.......he has Multiple Personality Disorder

Dawson: What.

Dominic: A beautiful mind could conjure up a theory quickly. ;) Anyway, I believe it might be Depression from what he was talking about with Sydney that made him burst in tears? He was crying before this muttering something about Sydney, correct? It would make sense, then.

Dawson: Or... would it? *Laughs*

Coralinea Komeada: Dawson,Dominic if you don't mind I have investigating to do *Looks for clues*

Dawson: Whatever. Not like I care. *Rolls eyes, before sighing*

Casper: *looking at them, wondering what they're talking about*

Dominic: Alright...enjoy yourself, my fair maiden. ;) Anyway, I guess I'll figure it out on my own, but depression is a likely possibility.

*As Carolinea looks she finds "olim noskcaj" written in blood and as she steps toward it, a pan falls on her as a trap*

Dawson: Depression...? Figuring it out...? You don't know me at all....

Coralinea Komeada: *Falls Over With Blood coming from her head*

Dominic: ...Besides's quite possible you received after-effects from the drugs *notices Coralinea* Woah! *runs to her side* This is not looking good....

Casper: *slightly giggles when he sees Coralinea bleeding*

Morgan: *glances at Casper* Jump off a cliff.

Dawson: Free. *Stands up, then stumbles out of the room*

Casper: S-so-sorry, I-I couldnt h-help it!

Morgan: That comment wasn't even made up of despair, it was purely unnecessary you oxygen thief.

Dominic: *sees Dawson leave and sighs, then puts Coralinea on the wheelchair* I'm not letting him on his own this time...alone time isn't the correct trick. *leaves chasing after Dawson*

Coralinea Komeada: *Groans* s-should d-die y-you ungrateful f-freak

Casper: *whsipers* I-I-I know...

Coralinea Komeada: *Slowly Tries to make her way while crawling* Ngggggh! I! need! More! Evidence! *Looks for clues*

Morgan: *rolls eyes, bluntly*

Vins: *comes in* Oh hi gu- *notices dead bodies, and looks at words written and blood* What the heck? These murders just keep happening and happening. Let's unscramble what the letters say. *scrambles the words in head* Milo Jackson...

Abandoned Disco

Floor Eighteen

Lecture Room

Dawson: *Walks in, and slams the door behind him, still crying* Why? I shouldn't have even-- Ugh! *Slams his hand on a table, before dropping in a chair, shoving his head into his hands, and bawling*

Sydney: *runs in crying* I-I'm so so so sorry Dawson! I'm just scared!

Dawson: *Silently exits, still crying*

Sydney: Dawson!

Small Library

Casper: *gathers up ghost books while quietly crying*

Corelinea Komeada : Casper?

Casper: *doesnt respond and tries to stop crying*

Corelinea Komeada : Crying over Milo isn't going to help you Milo would have wanted you to get off your f***ing a** and try to find a way out friendship isn't survival Teamwork is Survival I told you that they would die and guess what? They did *Sighs* It's to late to save them..........But it's not to late to save you, Milo wants you to survive and crying isn't going to help come and get me when you finally agree *Leaves to Cinema*

Casper: *shurgs off Corelinea, not listening to her and walks out with a bundle of ghost books*

Corelinea Komeada : *Scowls* I can't seem to crack his shell.......Maybe Dominic can do it......he is rather nice................uh I just need Casper on my side >.> 




Corelinea Komeada : Dominic I brang you here cause I need your help with something....

Dominic: What is it, my sweet lady?

Corelinea Komeada : I want to convince Casper to join the group......But he doesn't seem to listen, I know that your a sweet guy I thought you could go talk to him.

Dominic: Of course, I will endeavor for the best. Where is Casper, then?

Corelinea Komeada : Well I don't know.......we will have to look where he is..........we just need to find him Where there is Komeada There is Hope! We should go to the Cemetery first I think that is where he usually is *Leaves*


Dawson: *Enters, sobbing*

Corelinea Komeada : *Enters with Dominic* W-What.....happened?! 

Dominic: Dawson, are you alright?

Dawson: *Sniffles*

Corelinea Komeada: What happened? Are you alright just tell us and we can tell whoever did this they need to GTFO and STFU!

Dawson: S-s-s-s-s-s-Sydney! *Cries*

Dominic: What?

Corelinea Komeada : Wait........Sydney?! What did she do?! Well you probably need time alone so me and Dominic are going to leave bye....*Leaves*

Dominic: Yes...alone time might be the medicine for you- however if you need any support, just call out for us. *leaves with Komaeda*



Floor Nineteen

Barely Stable Floor


Floor Twenty


Dominic: *arrives with Dawson*

Dawson: Plugplgpglagikglgpga! *Falls down*

Dominic: Dawson! *helps him up again and puts him on a wheelchair* Are you alright? Is this some sort of seizure?

Dawson: 'Firmary. I want-- *Stands up, before falling into a cabinet, causing bottles and vials to fall out*

Some of the bottles and vials seem to be empty, with not much remains inside the rest.

Dawson: N-no! Don't see this! *Tries to grab as many of them as he can, but only drops them in the process*

Dominic: ...

Dawson: *Mumbling* Oh, what's the point? *Exhales, loudly* I don't even-- *Stands up* Just, get me out of here. I don't think I should be here, after I tried to-- never mind. *Sighs* Stshufmuh! *Stumbles over to the door*

Dominic: ...No. Get back on the wheel chair- seeing this shows you need massive help.

Dawson: *Crying* 'Kay...? *Stumbles over to the wheelchair, and then sits down* I-I-I'm s-sorry.

Dominic: ...

Dawson: *Begins to drift off to sleep*

Dominic: ...I need to go get Coralinea.

Dawson: *Jumps up* Huh!? No... please don't. I don't want anyone to know... I wanted to... to... to... die. I didn't want this to happen. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm... a mess. *Begins to cry*

Dominic: ...*pulls out guitar from guitar case* Well, if you want to die...I'll make it quick.

Dawson: *Leans his head to the side* What?

Dominic: You heard me.

Dawson: No. If you killed me, you would die. And, you can't die. You don't deserve to die. But, why-- Why would you risk your life? Especially, for me?

Dominic: I don't care about my own life much. I'd rather case for other's lives. From all my memories, no one really cared for me- not sure if people secretly hate me or not here. Plus it would allow progression for the others to survive. *puts guitar away* I won't kill you- I really wouldn't want to, but it would have seemed to please your wishes. Just don't let me hear you saying you want to die. Alright?

Dawson: Okay. *Smiles* But, hey, you're an awesome guy. Don't diss yourself. *Smile fades away* What do we do now?

Dominic: Many thanks. Let's just go back to the others. Stay in the wheelchair to avoid any further collapsing though, alright?

Dawson: I've been in this thing... right? Oh, um, uh... yeah. He, he, he.

Dominic: ...We'll see if Komaeda might have anything to help. Let's be on our way, then. *leaves with Dawson to the Dark Arcade Room*

Small Bedroom


Floor Twenty-One

Tool Room

Dawson: *Runs in, and laughs* Death! Death! Death! La la la la la la la! *Grabs a saw* La la la la la la la! *Starts spinning around the room*

Dominic: *comes in with Coralinea and sees the destructions* This is definitely something the bards would sing about in a negative manner...

Dawson: Dawson! I mean, Dominic! I'm Dawson... and you're Dominic! Just, *Sobs* get out! *Drops saw, and falls to knees* I just want this thing to end! I want to get out! I just-- Uhhhh!

Dominic: I'm not leaving you here to die. We've had this conversation before- we'll get out of this place.

Coralinea Komeada: Dawson.........w-we w-want to help s-stop

Dawson: Like I would believe that. Dominic, I trust. Carolinea, no. You make me feel... terrible. Get out! G-get out.

Dominic: ...Very well. Coralinea, could you wait a few minutes outside? I promise I will take you to the infirmary after this conversation. *wheels her outside the Tool Room and comes back*

Dawson: Dominic... I don't know. Why are you here? You couldn't have just let me alone?

Dominic: Do you really think I would let you get yourself killed? Only a foolish friend would- and I'm not making the same mistake of giving you alone time to quench your ill-fated thirsts. You need to be watched right now- before you successfully end up taking your own life. No one wants that.

Dawson: Uuuhhh... okay.

Coralinea Komeada: *Outside* F-F*** them.....i-i'm going to f-further my i-investigation Dawson c-can die! M-maybe.....I hope not....w-whatever! *Leaves*

Dominic: So if you permit me permission- could you tell me what's wrong?

Dawson: It's complicated. It's too much. I'm not going to tell you. I'm super sorry. If there was anyone I would tell, it would be you, but I don't think I should.

Dominic: I suppose it's fine. Just don't go about doing these kind of things- no one except maybe Morgan for despair, would want you dead.

Dawson: I wish I could believe that. *Sighs* But, I won't. No promises, though. But, I just, don't want to go back to the crime scene, it will only hurt me.... So, what do we do now?

Dominic: Fair enough. Anyway, let's go take Coralinea to the infirmary? *walks outside to get her but sees her gone* Oh...

Dawson: What?

Casper: *shuffles up to the door, clutching his stomach* Dominic can I-I-I talk to you..?

Dominic: Uh-um...Sure. What do you need?

Casper: *lowers his voice* D-do you think people can c-change...?

Dominic: Of course they can. It's hard to do- but with enough motivation or hatred, it could happen for better or for worse. Why do you ask?

Casper: B-because I-I-I been even w-worse lately, I-I-I don't know whats happening to m-me, I-I'm just s-so sorry... 

Dominic: It might be Milo's death dragging you down- it dragged us all down. In any case, if Milo is the true cause, just believe Milo would want you to be nice to everyone and live a fantastic life- not ruin yours over grief for him. Right?

Casper: *wipes tears away* You r-really think Milo wou-would want that...?

Dominic: Of course. According to Monokuma, you loved each other- it's only natural he would want the best for you.

Casper: *nods and whispers* I-I'll do w-whatever he wants...

Building Desks

Storage Room

Floor Twenty-Two

Sewing Room

Lecture Room

Floor Twenty-Three

Messy Lab

Floor Twenty-Four

Master Suite #1

Master Suite #2

Master Suite #3

Floor Twenty-Five

Pom Pom Room

Pom Pom Factory

Pom Pom Library

Pom Pom Suite

Guitar Storage

Floor Twenty-Six


Floor Twenty-Seven

Faux Lake

Floor Twenty-Eight


Casper: *walks in, reading his ghost books* P-please w-work.. *looks for Milos grave, but its not there* W-what..?

Monokuma: *jumps out of Milo's open grave* Upupupu! Milo is still in the morgue! *wipes forehead* I've been digging this hole for his body...

Casper: T-thankyou Sir. *leaves*

Corelinea Komeada : *Comes in with Dominic* ................Casper...has been here..........*Leaves*


Casper: *walks in, eventually finds where Milo's body is stored, sits down next to it and looks up to it, slightly crying* A-and you were special to m-me too.... *rubs his eyes and opens the ghost books, reads them and starts muttering to himself*

Morgan: *leaning against the wall, glancing at him* What... are you doing?

Casper: *turns around* L-leave me alone, I-Im trying to concentrate *rubs his tears away*

Morgan: *rolls eyes, glancing* Whatever, trying to bring your boyfriend back to life?

Casper: *looks down to his books* N-no.... tha-that's not possible....

Morgan: *folds arms* Then what are you doing? Despairing? 

Casper: I-Im finding Milo's spirit...*looks over to where Milo's stored and sighs* He's all I-I have...

Morgan: *facepalming* Oh my god, just... just stop. I've seen some pretty pathetic things as a cheerleader, but this is... downright pathetic. You need to let it go. He's gone, stop despairing, actually, keep with the despair. It's interesting.

Casper: I couldn't care less about what you've seen in your cheer leading life.

Morgan: Get over yourself. Seriously. >~> It's just allowing you to give into despair easier! *chuckles, lightly*

Casper: I-I-I..... -just lea-leave us alone...

Morgan: Come on, it's interesting watching the despair eat at your heart, and take away everything you love.

Casper: Nice t-try! *starts putting his focus into the books and starts muttering again*

Monokuma: *walks in and drags a bag out of one of the slots, presumably filled with Hannah's parts, towards the graveyard*

Casper: *nods at Monokuma as he goes by*

Monokuma: *yelling as he walks out* You better hurry up with your goodbyes! I'm burying him next! Unless you want to bury him yourself! *quietly* Upupupupu

Casper: *whispers to himself* I-I can do this t-there....

Coralinea Komeada : *Arrives* Casper-! Me and Dominic have to talk to you....!

Casper: *ignores them and continues reading and muttering*

Coralinea Komeada : Stop ignoring us, we're trying to help you!

Casper: I-if you were helping m-me, you'd l-leave m-me alone!

Coralinea Komeada : No we wouldn't! 

Dominic: Come on, Casper. We don't want to see you hurt. Nor would Milo, he would want us to assist you.

Coralinea Komeada : You need to, Join our group......we want to keep you safe!

Monokuma: Keeping him safe? Or prepping him for the slaughter? Gyahahahaha!

Casper: *keeps on muttering and reading*

Monokuma: Hey kid I'm here to collect the body, unless you seriously want to bury him yourself.

​Coralinea Komeada : just get rid of that f***er Milo!

Casper: *glares at Monokuma* Don't interrupt me!

Coralinea Komeada : >.>..............I hope you die I bet even my brother would be happy to see you burn in hell you worthless piece of rejected gay Ghostbuster trash let's go Dominic he is not worth our time >.> *Leaves*

Casper: *slowly starts fallings asleep for the first time in days*

Sydney: *walks in because she figured Casper would be there* Hello? *sees Casper sleeping* Oh.... *sits down next to Casper*

Casper: *jumps awake* Milo?!

Sydney: No... just me... mind if I talk to you....?

Casper: *sighs* Go ahead, you're the only one who'd wanna talk to m-me.... i-I've been the worst.... I-Im sorry *starts crying* ....He was all I-I had.... all m-my life I-I grew up thinking I-I was nothing and worthless, my parents even told me that.... but Milo made m-me feel important, I-I've never loved anything more than him and now he's gone, I-I've got nothing... *cries even more* he made m-me feel like I-I was a person, I-I've never met anyone as amazing as him, I-I adore him and I-I love him with all m-my heart... *clenches fists* he's all I-I have....

Sydney: You're not the only one going through a painful time, I missed my chance with the only guy I've ever liked. Also....if it makes you feel better my parents hated me too, they used to beat did the kids at school... that's what got me here today... I'm the person I needed when I was a kid.

Casper: I-Im sorry....

Sydney: Yeah...but my life goes on.... yours will too *smiles*

Casper: I-I don't think I could ever move on from Milo....

Coralinea Komeada : *Listens* ..........................

Sydney: Ok fine, I'm not asking you to move on from Milo, just let us protect you!

Casper: .....just promise you'll let m-me be with Milo lots....

Sydney: It's better than nothing, just let me talk to Coralinea about it *stands up and walks out to find Coralinea*

Coralinea Komeada : shhhhhhhhh....

Sydney: *lowers her voice* What are you doing?

Coralinea Komeada : Investigating :/

Sydney: Investigating what...?


Floor Twenty-Nine


Weapons Room

Computer Room

Motorbike Storage


A shuriken is stuck in the floor of the Dojo.

Vins: Huh? *gets shuriken out with knife* This is strange *puts shuriken in backpack*

Art Gallery

Maths Classroom

Floor Thirty

History Classroom

Model City

Model Graveyard

Plaid Room

Magic Room

Unknown Room

Floor Thirty-One


Games Room


Soccer Field



Floor Thirty-Two

Dart Room

Hall of Mirrors

Music Room

Golf Field

Vins: *playing golf* I'm curious on fatman wants from all of this.

Frog Pond

Signal: My natural enviorment. Sweet

Small Library

Unknown Room

Class Trial 6

Fatman: lol one of you killed someone *eats Subway, which is in a Happy Meal box* Don't judge me. McDonald's can't know of my secret relationships. *munches down more Subway*

Dawson: Ugh. No one cares, person. Wait... *Laughs* Why are we here?

Casper: W-what do you mean why are we h-here..?

Dawson: What?

Dominic: Alright then. Moving on...let's begin with the murder weapon, shall we? It seems obvious to me Dylan died via the croissant. He swallowed some of it and was poisoned or choked on it from it being shoved down its throat- though I think I prefer the first method as it seems to make sense for why the poison was there.

Vins: Well that seems good to me so let's move on to the next subject, what killed Sydney?

Dominic: To me, she looked like she was hung against the wall, but any objections?

Corelinea Komeada :'s spot on that's what killed Sydney

Dominic: Hmm. That's a fantastic pin point, and a quick one, I suppose. Alright, so any clues?

Dawson: The only thing I knew about was the poison bottle, and the poisonous croissant, like-- Uhhhh! Uhh... I'm... okay.

Corelinea Komeada: I found "Olim Noskcaj" on the wall

Dawson: *Starts rocking his head, side to side, then abruptly stop* Milo... Jackson. Could... Casper have done that?

Dominic: Hmm- anything else?

Dawson: I don't know. Ha... ha... ha.

Corelinea Komeada: Well.......I noticed another thing......Ghost Books

Dominic: That's, so far it's all leading to Casper, I assume? Anything not relating to Casper?

Corelinea Komeada: Well, there was a cop badge 

Dominic: If I do remember correctly, Mikaell Badcop is the SHSL Cop, correct? So that leads to him?

Corelinea Komeada: Yes, 

Dawson: What?

Corelinea Komeada: The Ghost Book has a Yin Yang Symbol.....possibly referring to Hope and Despair.......right?

Dominic: Incorrect, my sweet lady. ;) I'm afraid that it could also be a reference to Mikaell. We've seen his good-cop, bad-cop transformations. Right, Dawson?

Corelinea Komeada: Hmmm but where would he get those books Casper took lots of ghost books from the library where would he get them? 

Dawson: Well, yeah, Dominic. I... am pretty sure I know who it is, but... someone name all the evidence, real quick. All of it

Corelinea Komeada: Well isn't there one more piece.....

Dawson: What would that be?

Dominic: I'm not sure what you mean by it, my fair maiden.

Dawson: Are you two dating? Or does Dominic just love flirting?

Corelinea Komeada: *Blushes* Lets focus on the case >.> There was a note that Dominic found it said "She Broke My Stupid, Bloody Heart, However I-" 

Dawson: *Shrugs* It was just a simple question. And-- Wait, what? How did that get out!? I thought-- *Sighs* Yeah, I wrote it. But, I didn't mean for it to get in someone else's hands. Just, no one would listen to me anyway... and I love writing... so... I-- Yeah, you know. *Sighs*

Corelinea Komeada: I i know you wrote it but what was after "However I-" and Why was it ripped up?

Dominic: Late response, but I'm a natural man of passion, Dawson. Flirting is my specialty. Anywho, I agree with the sweet-as-chocolate Komaeda's question, what did you write after it?

Dawson: *Blushes* I won't say. But, it was ripped because I was angry after writing it. I just didn't want any of it to be true, I couldn't let any of it happen. And-- never mind.

Vins: Umm Dawson are you ok? You are acting suspicious.

Dawson: Who the hell do you think you are!? I'm perfectly fine! Uh! Idiot!

Dominic: Vins, I wouldn't recommend pushing him at the do we have any verdicts or theories, anyone?

Corelinea Komeada: F*** You Vins I think Mikkeal is the killer

Dawson: *Giggles*

Corelinea Komeada: Dawson don't giggle for all we know......your the killer

Dawson: *Laughs*

Vins: I think we should go over the murder one more time.

Dawson: That's booring! Why don't we just end this thing now? Carolinea thinks I'm the murderer. So might as well just vote for me... so you can see me executed. Would that, make you all happy?

Corelinea Komeada: Dawson you're probably still high from all the drugs you took! We need solid evidence! Stop leading us in the wrong direction!

Dawson: Why would I do that? That's not what I'm doing. That's quite rude to suspect me of doing... that.

Fatman: wtf is going on lol, are we done

Corelinea Komeada: No you Dumb A** we need more evidence anyone got anymore?

Dawson: Well... what if I told you... I may have saw someone purchase something that may have been used to do something else. *Chuckles*

Dominic: Hmm? Go on, if you can, Dawson?

Corelinea Komeada: Yes, go on 

Dawson: Well, when I was... *Clears throat* on my... *Coughs* drug-frenzy... I saw someone purchase a croissant... and that is what was used to kill Dominic. *Giggles* I mean, Dylan.

Corelinea Komeada: Who purchased it? 

Dawson: Mmmmmmm... ikaell. Fatman, end the vote! If we're wrong... *Smiles* Just, end it!

Dominic: It would make terrific sense...are we absolutely certain though?

Fatman: *typing chapter of Morgan x Casper* what oh lol *munches another Sub and goes type ea chapter of Coralinea and Dominic* hurry up losers. Also Coralinea, Dominic, Morgan, Casper get married pls so I can win a bet

Corelinea Komeada: *Blushes* Rrrrr I have better things to do then help you win a bet! And Mikeall?

Dawson: Carolinea... Dominic... you must. *Grabs Dominic's arm, and drags him over to Carolinea* There you go. Come on. Go right ahead.

Dominic: ...Huh?

Dawson: What?

Corelinea Komeada: *Gets Redder* Just Stop D:<

Dawson: Come on. You two are beautiful. Just... do it.

Corelinea Komeada: *Gets even more redder* S-Stop!

Dawson: You're blushing. I know you want it to happen. Come on....

Corelinea Komeada: *Blushes* Lets focus on the case >.>

Dominic: Yeah, c-can we just move on?

Dawson: Whatever. But, it was definitely Mikaell, just end this trial, Fatman! Let's get this over with!

Dominic: ...Y-yes, this is our last gambit. We'll see how we fare, as it seems no one seems to object. Seems as if this may be our last stand or our ultimate luck. Also, I apologize for this Coralinea...uhm, yes. That is all.

Corelinea Komeada: No need to apologize

Fatman: *crying irl* this was beautiful tbh, ok gg losers go vote and die *eats chicken nuggets*

  • Carolinea Komaeda: Mikaell is the murderer
  • Casper Kasteen:
  • Dawson Dawson: Meh... Mikaell
  • Dominic Dawson: Mikaell.
  • Jasmin Copland: Mikaell killed that guy. :(
  • Mikaell Badcop:
  • Morgan McQuillen:
  • Signal Frogless:
  • Victoria Dazzle:
  • Vins Xcolle: I guess Mikeall though I have a bad feeling that we are gonna get wrong.
  • Yasmin Copland: Mikaell gg.

Fatman: And the person voted guilty is Mikaell Badcop and you're...




Wrong! The killer was Signal Frogless! You're all getting executed lol gg

Vins: Me and my big mouth, but there was no evidence of Signal doing it what the heck?

Dawson: We were wrong...? Nice. *Giggles* What?

Dominic: ...Seems as if it's the end of the road for tears today, it's pointless...I'll just have to keep on smiling through death.

Dawson: Don't you think you should do one last thing first? *Clears throat, as he points at Carolinea*


Dominic: Well...I can offer you your last dance, milady? That is if you want. If you want to die right away, I'm fine with it too.

Corelinea Komeada: .............f*** dancing *Makes Out With Dominic*

Fatman: wtf stop interrupting me...i was going to say jk lol. Mikaell Badcop was the killer!

Dawson: No! *Pushes Carolinea* How could you!? *Slaps Dominic* And yes! I knew I was right! Yeah!

Corelinea Komeada: WTF r u? *Makes Out with Dominic*

Dawson: Good game. *Faints*

Corelinea Komeada: C'mon we should take him to the infirmary

Execution 6: Cops & Robbers

(Rex will post)

Episode 7: Fatman is hot tbh





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Proper Dining Room


Storage Room

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Regular Room #1Edit

Vins: *sleeps, then starts having nightmares of getting chased by 8-bit boos for some reason, then wakes up screaming* AHHHH- oh no, it's haunting me again.

Regular Room #2Edit

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Dawson: *Enters with Dominic and Coralinea* ... Unphased? Barely. *Sighs* It's just... I believe the killing is finally over. Sure we were attacked. But... well, I don't know... but I don't think anyone else will die. And it makes me have faith. It gives me hope that the rest of us might live through all of this.

Dominic: *arrives with Dawson and Coralinea* Hmm?

*a tied up Jasmin is found with multiple knife wounds and a cut through her mouth. Blood lays everywhere, but she clings on to life. Just then a shriek is heard from somewhere near, followed by another shout*

Coralinea Komaeda: Dawson y-you f***'in jinxed us....

Dawson: *Notices Jasmin* Oh, my God. At least, she's alive? Uh! *Tries to take off the rope, but fails* Dammit! I'll be back! *Runs toward the screams*

Dominic: W-wait! Uhm...hold a moment, Jasmin. I'll be back to help. Coralinea, stay here to make sure she's alright? *leaves after Dawson*

*The shouts are heard from the Salad House*

Coralinea Komaeda: N-No I need to g-go *Crawls to Salad House*


Coralinea Komaeda: *Enters* Hmph Jasmin are you alright? *Looks for clues*

*a receipt for a McDonald's Happy Meal is found*

Coralinea Komaeda: *Looks for Clues*

*Pom poms are found in one of Jasmin's bloodpools. Jasmin looks at Coralinea as if wanting to be untied*

Coralinea Komaeda: *Looks for Clues*

  • Blood-stained paper and pens are found*

Coralinea Komaeda: Interesting *Looks 4 Clues*»

Burger KingEdit

Chinese Takeaway

*Rumbling is heard*

Coralinea Komaeda: Huh...I hear something....

Morgan: *walks in, with raised eyebrow* What is going on?

*Chinese Food is splattered all over, and everyone gathers there after more chinese food keeps flying out of no where everywhere*

Morgan: Okay... what is going on?

Coralinea Komaeda: Why Couldn't we have been splattered with McDonald's instead *Spits out Noodle*

Dominic: I'm not certain, myself...

*Suddenly the lights go off, and shouts from Dawson, Signal, and Coralinea are heard. The lights turn on and Signal is seen on the floor with a knife mark on his leg, bleeding, while Coralinea has a knife stabbed into her stomach, and Dawson has a bruise on his face. Jasmin Copland is nowhere to be seen*

Coralinea Komaeda: .....................*Pulls Knife out and cringes*............... w-where is J-Jasmin

Dominic: Are you alright, Coralinea? *rushes to her*

Coralinea Komaeda: I'm fine...we need to find Jasmin

Dominic: Alright...tell me if you need anything, though.

Coralinea Komaeda: A First Aid Kit would be nice....

Dominic: Alright. Want me to carry you- or just go on and bring back a wheelchair?

Coralinea Komaeda: Just Carry Me

Vins: Uhhh what's going on.

Dominic: Alright. *begins to carry Coralinea* You wished to go the infirmary, correct? Then let's go off at speed the bards would sing of! *goes to the infirmary with her*

Dawson: Ow. *Rubs two fingers down his face* Auh! *Pulls fingers away* How did this happen? Never mind. I just, need to treat this injury. *Walks out*

Signal: Great I got stabbed

*a knife comes out from the shadows and hits Vins in the stomach. Then two more are thrown, which also hit her in her stomach, causing her to fall, but stay alive.*

Vins: Ugh...where...are...these...knives...coming...from... *faints*

Salad House

Dawson: *Runs in* What happened!?

Dominic: *arrives behind Dawson*

*Victoria is found dead, with her head cut-off and rolling on the floor*

Dawson: *Drops to knees* I had faith in everyone....

Dominic: My horrible...

Dawson: *Tearing up* I thought no one else would die....

Dominic: I thought so too...

Dawson: But these idiots just love bloodshed! *Slams fist on the floor, then raises self up*

*A loud sound is heard behind the counter*

Dawson: Just great. I'm sure it's something else, oh, so important and bloody!

Coralinea Komaeda: *Crawls* H-Hello Everyone *Hears Sound* I think I heard something....

Dawson: Whatever. *Walks over to the counter, and takes a look behind it*

*Yasmin is found, barely breathing and alive, while hung. She begins to cough out blood and mutters the word "Help" before a knife from the shadow hits her in the neck and kills her*

Dawson: Just... disgusting. And I actually had hope in these morons. My mistake.

*From the shadows, two knives are thrown, aimed at Coralinea and Dawson's heads, who are next to each other on the ground. Dominic jumps in front of them and is hit in the arm by the knives*

Coralinea Komaeda: *Rushes to Dominic* Dominic! *Quickly Wraps Bandage around Dominic's Arm*

Dawson: *Sighs, before walking over to Dominic* Why'd you do that? Stupid move.

Coralinea Komaeda: *Hugs Dominic* Are you ok?!

Dawson: He's fine. But, Yasmin and Victoria... they're kinda not.

Dominic: Yes, I'm fine...just a mere wound, that's all. I'd rather die, than let my friends do the deed. It doesn't compare to the deaths that just happened, though...

Dawson: You're still stupid for taking those knives. But, yeah, the deaths....

Coralinea Komaeda: We should check and see if Jasmin is ok

Dominic: *to Dawson* Stupid? Most likely. But as I've stated, I'm not letting my friends die. Knowing I could have done something to stop it would be guilt I would have to live on for the rest of my life. *to Coralinea* Oh, right! We probably should...

Dawson: Whatever. But, first, no. Dominic, I have something to ask you... in private. Coralinea, stay here. We should be back soon... hopefully... I think.

Dominic: Hmm? Well, alright. We'll be back soon, alright, milady?

Dawson: Yeah, yeah. Whatever. Come on. *Exits with Dominic*

Vins: *crawling* *accidently pulls Yasmin down* oops... *faints again*

*The ropes fall as well, and attached to the rope, a "GHOSTS ARE REAL!" sign is attached.*

Signal: Intresting *examins Yasmin*

*Three Meatballs are found dropped on the floor, near Yasmin*

Dawson: *Enters with Dominic* Hmph. Still as terrible as I remembered. *Shakes head, as he walks over to inspect Yasmin's body*

Dominic: *looks around Victoria's body* Still, horrible...

*A bloody ninja blade is found by Dominic. Meanwhile, Dawson finds a book with rituals about reviving ghosts, and the name "Milo" en-carved in it.**

Dawson: *Picks up the book, and tosses it to the side* No need. *Continues to investigate Yasmin's body and the surroundings*

Vins: Hi guys, someone threw 3 knives at me and I had to crawl to get to places but I'm feeling better, guess I'll just investigate. *searches near Victoria's corpse*

Unused Building

Dawson: *Enters with Dominic* Okay, so... I haven't even seen Sydney. Is she okay? Where is she? Did... did something happen?

Dominic: ...Huh? Oh...right. I believe you were on drugs when that happened and the side-effects might have wiped it from your memory...well, let's just say...she's gone.

Dawson: She... *Gulps* is gone? *Tears up* W-w-what do you mean?

Dominic: Sorry for being a bit harsh with my explanations, but if by any chance you remember the last trial...the last trial was to find out who killed her and Dylan.

Dawson: *Cries* Of course she rejected me, but I didn't want her to die!

Dominic: Rejected you?

Dawson: *Stops crying abruptly* I th-thought I t-told y-you....

Dominic: I'm afraid I don't recall at this moment...might be with everything rushing in, such as the murders and the likes.

Dawson: *Wipes eyes with his sleeve* Well... after I asked her out... she... well, you know. At least... you should.

Dominic: Oh...many pardons for triggering the memory.

Dawson: 'Kay. It's just, I thought I finally had my chance... my first girl-- I mean a new girlfriend... But, I failed.

Dominic: Rejection is usually hard, but it also hardens character. It shall help you in the future, or at least I think that's what happens. In any case, there are plenty of more fish in the sea out in the real world, though it will sting living on without'll be fine.

Dawson: *Flinches* Well, yeah... maybe you're right. But, will we ever even get to see the outside world? What if... what if something bad happened to them, out there? I'm not the most optimistic person... and I don't know if we'll even be safe... at all.

Dominic: That is true...well, you may not be optimistic, but can't give up all hope, right? Being a pessimist gets you no where. I'll just keep smiling to the end. As long as we have each other's backs- well, at least we'll die with friends, rather than live alone, right?

Dawson: I understand what you're saying, I guess... I think I understand, anyway. Thanks... I think.

Dominic: Not a problem.

Dawson: *Sighs* I just... can't believe Sydney... is... d-d-d-d-d... Well, you know. I just, thought I actually had a chance... at love. But, guess not. And one of the only times I've ever been close... I mean, one of the only times, I've actually cared... yeah... let's go with that....

Dominic: I know how it feels to lose a loved one or two, though for me, it was family, not exactly that type of love, but still. You'll end up being fine, right?

Dawson: Depends on what you mean with the definition of 'fine.'  I don't have the best luck in love... or life, in general.

Dominic: I was referring to life in general. Well, you just take whatever life throws at you, do you not? As long as you overcome the obstacles and come out on top, it's a good life, no matter what the luck. It's the hardening of character which helps with it. They will always be by you as spirits- scolding or praising your every move. It is they who you also live for, not just for your own self, as I've told Dylan about Daunte. Just remember that, and luck doesn't matter.

Dawson: I've never believed in luck. Either good things happen, or they don't. And your life and environment decide which is going to happen to you for the best or the worst. But, looks like life decided to just give me a firm slap across the face, because I don't even undestand what is going on anymore....

Dominic: Hold a moment, didn't you just say you didn't have the best of luck? Why say that if you don't believe in luck?

Dawson: Well, if I don't have good luck, why believe in it?

Dominic: Well, if you're saying you have bad luck, but don't believe in- Nevermind. Well, I think everything is settled. If that's the case, let's go look for clues, then?

Dawson: Huh...? Oh, right. Um, sure. Let's go. *Heads back to the crime scene, with Dominic*

Floor SeventeenEdit

Dark Arcade RoomEdit

Abandoned DiscoEdit

Floor EighteenEdit

Lecture RoomEdit

Small LibraryEdit




Floor NineteenEdit

Barely Stable FloorEdit


Floor TwentyEdit


Dawson: *Lying on a hospital bed, unconscious, with Carolinea and Dominic standing by*

Corelinea Komeada: Well....are you ok Dawson? *Sits on Hospital Bed*

Dawson: *Laying there*

Dominic: We'll just have to stay by his side until he's better...

Dawson: *Moans quietly, then stops*

Corelinea Komeada: What do you want to talk about Dominic?  I'm really bored

Dominic: Depends what you would prefer, milady. ;)

Corelinea Komeada: *Blushes* Well...I've always wanted to hear you sing can you sing for me?

Dominic: Why, of course, my fair maiden. I warn you, I'm not good at song-writing, so I can only sing covers to songs- but I don't recall what any of the songs I know are called. *pulls out guitar and sings a cover of*

Corelinea Komeada: Ahw....that's terrible *Throws Tomato at his face* beautiful 

Dominic: Many thanks. I'll be back- I think I heard something...*leaves*

Dawson: *Jumps up, breathing heavily* What the-- Where am... the infirmary. Why am I here? Hmm... maybe, everyone else is off somewhere. I love how they easily left me here, though.... *Slides off the hospital bed, and walks out*

Coralinea Komaeda: Ok thanks Dominic *Grabs Bandages and Puts it on her stomach* I better give the rest to the other one injured

Dawson: *Walks in* Oh, hey. *Raids the cabinets until he finds some kind of cream, and then applies it onto his injury* This should help. So, are you guys all right?

Dominic: We're alright, I believe. Well, then, Coralinea do you feel well enough to walk on your own, get a wheelchair, or would you like me to carry you? I am fine with either of the options.

Dawson: Do whatever. I mean, just put her on a wheelchair. Or something. I was going to to grab some food. Want to come with?

Dominic: Well, I suppose it's great you're unphased by what just happened, but I suppose we could join you for a quick meal? Let's go then. *drags them both to Mickey D's*

Coralinea Komaeda: Whatever..

Vins: Almost... there... *crawls ontop of hospital bed, then rests, then faints.

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Floor Thirty-TwoEdit

Dart RoomEdit

Hall of Mirrors

A shadow can be seen reflected in the mirrors.

Music RoomEdit

Golf FieldEdit

Frog PondEdit

Signal: My natural enviorment. Sweet

Small LibraryEdit

Unknown RoomEdit

Floor Thirty-Three

Swagakure Land

Floor Thirty-Four

Indoor Baseball Field

Broken-Down Laser Tag Arena

Floor Thirty-Five

Robo-Bull Rodeo Room

Magic Studies Room

Empty, Unpainted Room

Floor Thirty-Six

Sparring Room

Doge Exhibit

Haunted Room

Class Trial

Fatman: lol someone else died u all suck *notices meatballs missing from his Subway* damn it i forget my happy meal and now my meatballs too? wtf is this...ok so let's start with the evidence.

Dominic: Well, from what I recall, there was plenty of evidence, was there not? Meatballs, McDonald's Receipt, Pom Poms, A katana of sorts, Pens and Paper, Scribbled Notes by the Trash Can with YENDYS written on it, Happy Meal Box, Ghost Books, Reviving Ritual, A drawing of Milo, and a shuriken.

Coralinea Komaeda: Correct Dominic...... if I'm correct which I definitely am.... Vins found a shuriken in the wall!

Dominic: I believe you are right, my sweet.

Coralinea Komaeda: And The Scribbled says YENDYS doesn't that seem familiar? Like Sydney? If I'm correct Dawson was pretty fond of Sydney he wrote that note

Fatman: ikr

Dominic: I suppose...that might be true...

Coralinea Komaeda: Fat Man Shut the f*** Up don't agree with me you f***ot anyway......The McDonald's Receipt goes with the happy meal correct?

Dominic: Yes, that is quite right. I also recall Fatman stating he lost two out of three of those possessions.

Coralinea Komaeda: Yes so that evidence leads to "Fat Man" it possible that fat man could kill? I mean he is the "principal" I'm not saying he is......But is it possible!?

Fatman: i could tbh, but the evidence was from me talking to someone about their murder plans

Dominic: If so, who was that person?

Fatman: uh. *yanks lever and "Shade" 's dead picture on his trial desk is removed and Shade drops out of the sky and lands on his face*

​Coralinea Komaeda: So you're here.....Shade :) How has it been? I haven't seen you since The First Day :)

Dominic: Yes, just that...though I also have my own question. How are you alive and back here?

Fatman: well he went into a comatose, but woke up due to my nidai juice

Dominic: I that must mean he never died?

Fatman: yes

Vins: Also there is evidence that points to Casper doing it.

Coralinea Komaeda: F**k You, When Did Shade wake up?

Fatman: vins die *bucket falls on Vins' head* anyway, the day milo died lol

Dominic: I see...why was this a secret?

Fatman: ...uh...for the yoloz?

​Coralinea Komaeda: I want a valid awnser you pig......

Fatman: stfu or u die. personal reasons duh *chomps on Subway*

​Coralinea Komaeda: And I found a picture.....of all the dead kids....But Shade is missing!

Fatman: idc he's an antisocial freak

Coralinea Komaeda: But why was there a picture of all the dead kids? I don't remember any of them taking pictures!

Vins: We are going off topic can we go on topic?

Coralinea Komaeda: Shut Up You Batch >.>  F*g Man awnser the question

Fatman: i do not respect your attitude :(

"Shade": *stands up and stays silent, he/she however oulls something out of his/her pocket and fiddles with it*

Coralinea Komaeda: Whatever answer the question "please?"

"Shade": ... You answered your own question...

Dominic: Right, then...let's go back on topic for now, and see if we find anything. We can go back to questioning Fatman once we made more progress?

"Shade": ... So who do you suspect?

Vins: Let's see there's evidence of Casper doing it like I said before.

Casper: *eyes widen* H-huh?! I-I-I wouldn't ki-kill! 

"Shade": ... there is no motive...

Casper: *finally notices Shade and jumps back in suprise* W-what?! I-I-I thought you d-died?! 

"Shade": *throws a shuriken that embeds itself in Casper's stand* ... that false ninja could never kill me...

Casper: But everyone saw you d-dead... h-how does that w-work?!? 

"Shade": ...

Casper: There was a tr-trial, h-how are you here r-right now!? 

"Shade" ... pay attention to the conversation Ghost

Vins: Anyways another question I have, where did all the knives come from?

"Shade": ... you have access to 36 floors... ... there would be plenty of knives...

Casper: S-sorry I-I-I blanked o-out...

Dawson: You guys are a pretty pathetic bunch. It saddens me. Considering I'm forced to be stuck in here with you guys for who knows how longer....

Coralinea Komaeda: Casper does have evidence against him but I doubt he is the killer

Dawson: A guy who you thought died a painful death just randomly pops up after a very long time, and you're more worried about whether or not Casper is the killer? The pity just keeps getting worse.

"Shade": ... trying to place the blame on me?

Vins: No... But fatman is kinda acting suspicious (I mean he doesn't capitalize or punctuate his sentence)

Dawson: Trying to put the blame on you? Yeah, that's what I'm doing. *Rolls eyes* You are sincerely stupid. And Vins, shut up. You're no help. Ugh. Why are there no sane ones left!?

"Shade": ...

Coralinea Komaeda: I get where you're coming from, but can we just have the Vote already?

Fatman: no >:(

Coralinea Komaeda: If Shade woke up when Dylan come I found the picture, And Shade wasn't in the picture but everyone else was in the picture but I found the picture before Shade died 

Dominic: Well, I happen to have a theory...maybe Shade was never apart of our group and worked with Fatman to make this possible? It's just a theory, of course.

Fatman: u lil fgts wtf ok fine :(

​Coralinea Komaeda: I knew it! Shade must be working against us 

Fatman: yeah lol i also blackmailed him to kill- i mean uh...yoloz

Vins: So does this mean all this time "Shade" is the killer? Also what's his real name?

Coralinea Komaeda: STFU B**** *Stabs Vins in the hand though not killing her* Ok so I think  we should start the vote

Dominic: I doubt it would be Shade, it seems too obvious...also, Fatman's last sentence seemed kind of forced...

Fatman: ok, voting time!!! :(

  • Dominic Dawson: Fatman
  • Coralinea Komaeda: Fatman
  • Dawson Dawson: Vins
  • Signal Frogless:
  • Casper Kasteen:
  • Jasmin Copland:
  • Vins Xcolle: fatman
  • Morgan McQuillen:
  • "Shade":

Fatman: so you all voted me as the killer and this is so offensive omg :(

But am i rly the killer irl rn...




no the killer is dawson dawson

Coralinea Komaeda: Good Job Dawson, You played the game well

Dawson: *Sighs* Moron.

Dominic: It's not real, my fair maiden. Again, Fatman forced his sentence. One who knows music also knows some acting- though his acting really isn't something to write home about- no offense.

Fatman: die...ok fine i killed but you can't stop me!

*Signal's line about frogs*

Coralinea Komaeda: Dawson shut up mother f***Er and Yes we can your to Fat to escape

Dawson: And you wonder why you're so lonely.

Coralinea Komaeda: ......? I never mentioned I was lonely, and you shouldn't go around calling people names that is why I called you a f***er because you acted like it it doesn't mean I have anything against you so shush I'm not lonely

Dawson: I love how fast you change your moods and everything. Are you doing it on purpose, or is it actually serious?

Coralinea Komaeda: I like how quickly you turn back into a jerk what do you have against me? What did I do to you I called you names but I've always considered you as a friend why do you always try to bring me Down by saying "Moron" and "Idiot" it's just mean you're not something special that you can just treat someone like they aren't equal to you I am equal to you just treat me like it

Dawson: Don't compare the trash in front of me, also known as Coralinea, to myself. Just stop embarrassing yourself.

Coralinea Komaeda: So you think you're better than me? You are embarrassing to the world thinking you're better then everyone you think we aren't equal, well guess what? We are equal, everyone is equal no matter how they look, there race, there intelligence, there weight, there height, People may not believe that they are the ones who are embarrassing who disgust me now you are one of those people

Dawson: I don't care about your words. I don't care about anything you say. You've been a bother ever since you came to me and begged me to join your crappy little group. Which I am not in, anymore. I was never really in it, but I don't care. And, for the last time, stop saying we're equal. We're not equal. Okay? Okay. Now, run along and try not to ruin someone else's life.

Coralinea Komaeda: As you wish, come on Dominic we.can spread hope without Dawson

Dawson: Whatever.

Morgan: *raises eyebrow* Still this hope bullcrap?

Coralinea Komaeda: yes would you like to join?

Vins: So what are we gonna do with fatman?

"Shade": ...I can take care of him...


Fatman: no um *presses button which brings causes the walls to close in* lel suckers *runs*

Jasmin: In the name of Subway-

Dawson: We don't need your Subway right now.

Dominic: Alright, it's best we just keep calm. We'll get through this alive.

Coralinea: We're going to die, aren't we?

Vins: You do realize the door is open and we could leave right guy-

Dawson: Shut up.

Morgan: *punches Vins to knock her out*

Dawson: That's better.

Signal: Hey guys, there's an open door we could just leave before the walls crush us in.

Casper: Y...yay.

Coralinea: Nice work, Signal.

"Shade": *walks out with the others* I feel like we're forgetting something...

Dawson: Nothing important.

*Meanwhile the walls finally collide, with Vins's unconscious body in the middle. R.I.P.?*

Dominic: I fear we may have lost sight of Fatman...

Dawson: That's not important right now- right now, we need to find a way out of here.

Dominic: Agreed- perhaps we'll find him outside and settle the score?

Casper: *shaking* I have...things...he will pay...Milo...

Dominic: Casper, calm down, now...we'll make sure he gets what's coming to him- just stick with us, okay?

Casper: *breathing slowly* O-Okay...

Coralinea: First thing's first...we need to find a way out.

Morgan: Um, the stairs?

Signal: Yeah- hey, they're blocked.

"Shade": I knew this would happen, so I had a plan...

Coralinea: Really?

"Shade": Had. I forgot it along the way...

Dominic: Well, thanks for the insight, Shade. Hmm, perhaps, the elevator?

Casper:'s blocked...what are we going to do?

*Everyone looks at Dominic*

Dominic: Why are all eyes on me?

Dawson: Well, you usually have good advice and stuff, so...

Morgan: Even though you are an idiot...

Dominic: There's not much we can do...we've lost.

???: no

"Shade": ...What is this?

???: More of a question of who- I'm Daunte Wolfdragon, I'm sure you all know me.

Morgan: ew

Coralinea: Why the proper sentence speech?

Daunte: Don't you see? That was all a guise- a hiding of my identity, if you will. I work with the Future Foundation, a group of survivors, who seek to stop the despair. Just keep your chin up and don't fall to it.

Morgan: *cracks up*

Daunte: What's so funny? You actually want to fight me- I welcome it. I don't like the look of your mug.

Morgan: No, this is all- the deaths- *laughs*

Dominic: Laughing at such a delicate manner is's almost as if-

Morgan: I am in despair? I find this funny? Bingo! *cries from laughter*

Daunte: ...Debating between still rescuing her or leaving her to die...

Dawson: Leave her.

Dominic: ...Take her.

Dawson: Why?

Signal: No one likes her.

Dominic: That may be the reason- we need to atone for what we may or may not have done wrong.

Dawson: ...

Dominic: I know you may all not agree, but it's just my point of view, you know? It's just not right, if we might have had something to do with it. Could we live with this guilty for the rest of our lives? And even if it's not our fault, should we leave her to die- we could have saved her, and brought her back from the despair. It isn't right to just leave her.

Coralinea: ...Fine. So how are we escaping?

Daunte: ...Meh. I guess we could...alright...anyways, to answer your question, my cohorts- Leon Kuwata, Kiyotaka Ishimaru, Byakuya Togami, and Sonia Nevermind should be arriving shortly via helicopter.

Ishimaru: *breaks through glass* Ow- I mean, we're here! Ouch! Bleeding is not allowed on school property!

Daunte: Don't mind him- now move along.

Casper: But Fatman...he needs to- Milo...

Daunte: Hmm? I'm afraid I don't understand gibberish. Speak up?

Casper: Fatman...he-he killed Milo...he needs to...*jumps off the skyscraper broken window*

Jasmin: That looks fun! For Subway *jumps as well*

Morgan: *laughs so hard she stumbles back and falls off*

"Shade": ...I know this may seem rushed, but I've been thinking for moments of time- I don't deserve life...or at least, not to be here with you all. I've been thinking for all my silence...and I will follow suit of the three. *jumps; but disappears from vision as soon as it does*

Signal: R.I.P.

Daunte: No! *on walkie talkie* Sonia, Leon, Togami, four of the kids have jumped!

Togami: ...What kind of fools would-

Sonia: We'll save them. Thank you, Daunte.

Leon: *piloting the helicopter* What's going on?

Ishimaru: LEON! *jumps*

Daunte: *via walkie-takie* Ishi also jumped.

Leon: ISHIMARU, NO! *swoops down and catches Casper, Jasmin, and Ishimaru* ISHI!

Ishi: BRO! *hugs him*

Sonia: No, wait- there's still one more!

Morgan: *falling to her death*

Casper: No...Fatman...*faints from dehydration*

Leon: We don't need this s*** right now...first her, now him?

*Casper's Mind; Dark Room*

Casper: Where am I...? Did I not make it...?

Milo's Ghost: No you're just haven't had water for a while.

Casper: Milo! *hugs Milo's ghost and sobs* You''re here.

Milo's Ghost: Just to snap some sense into you. Survive or die a hero, or we're not having a ghost baby. <.<

Casper: B-but-

Milo's Ghost: It's for your own good. Live your life- forget me for now. When the time comes, we'll meet again.

Casper: I don't want to leave you, I won't go! *Room begins to lighten up* No!

Milo's Ghost: I'm sorry.

Casper: Milo! Milo! No! Nooooooooo- *wakes up*

Togami: Did we need to use my water for this?

Sonia: Yes. Yes we did.

Togami: Hmph.

Leon: You alright, little guy?


Leon: Seriously, is he like Finnish or something?

Sonia: Stop getting distracted! *smacks Togami, Leon, and Ishimaru's foreheads*

Ishimaru: Ow! What did I do?

Sonia: Um, nothing sorry-

Ishimaru: :(

Leon: We're nearing the ground, we're not going to make it!

Togami: The one falling?

Leon: No, us!

Casper: I see a ghost forcefield around us...Milo...

Leon: Seriously, what are you?

Togami: I agree.

Sonia: *smacks Leon and Togami's foreheads* That's great...erm, Casper, was it?

Casper: *nods quickly* We're going to make it. And just to make sure for everyone...*jumps off*

Togami: Are you actually serious? <.<

Casper: *while falling* Milo, I know you'll save me...I know...Milo? Milo- *RIP*

Daunte: *on walkie-talkie* How many were saved?

Leon: Err...we'll answer when we pick you up. Yeah...


Leon: ...

Togami: Actually, it might be worse, if no one can properly control this helicopter- don't you see? We're about to crash! And to think my Fukawa- I mean, *blushes* Erm, *Leon begins to snicker* shut your mouth, peasant! And as if you have the right to speak! You and Ishimaru-

Sonia: These are the last moments of our lives- could you both stop arguing like little schoolboys?!

Leon: Al...alright. If we survive this, I'll invite you to tea or something.

Togami: I should be better than this...although if we survive I'll be the one inviting you, I'm not drinking any of the middle class common filth-

Jasmin: *saves the helicopter by taking control* I'm good at flying air stuff. I once flew stuff to support Subway with a banner and stuff.

Togami: Well, that is a bullet dodged.

Leon: Yeah, wait, ya worked at Subway, right?

Jasmin: No I worked at Burger King. I was fired.

Leon: Oh.

Jasmin: Worth it.


Sonia: You banned celebrating- you said it wasn't acceptable on school property.

Ishimaru: Oh no- I did...I don't deserve to live any more! *jumps off*

Leon: ISHIMARU, NO! *cries*

Ishimaru: *cries as he falls to his death*


Sonia: *restrains Leon* No, we've lost too many people! Togami, help!

Togami: Alright. *restrains Leon*

Sonia: Jasmin, hurry!

Jasmin: For Subway!

*The Group arrive where the others are*

Sonia: Hop on!

Daunte: Where's Ishimaru? Casper? Morgan? Shade?

Sonia: Ishimaru jumped after he broke his own rules- help me restrain Leon, we'll talk when we're all out!

Dawson: Um, could we just know?

Dominic: Judging from the reactions...they didn't make it.

Togami: I'd love to tell you Casper went out a nobleman, but...he went out an idiot. He jumped off because he thought Milo would protect him- who and what is Milo? <.<

Coralinea: I knew Milo would be the end for least, we still have each other. *kisses Dominic*

Signal: *to Dawson* At least we still have-

Dawson: Don't even think about it.

Signal: I feel left out. :(

Jasmin: Everyone's on board? Good. Let's roll. And look for the nearest Subway! :D

Dawson: Yeah, let's go. 

*On the ride down; Leon is now tied to his seat, sobbing, as the survivors sit, sadly*

Dawson: So many deaths, it's something I would write.

Coralinea: I'm surprised Sydney's death isn't-

Dominic: Coralinea, sh-

Coralinea: Affecting you. You were crazy for her.

Dawson: I was. Not any more. I should have known it wouldn't have worked out. I was just an idiot. Still am, probably. I mean, it's me I'm talking about. I'm not lucky or likable- I'm lucky to have had Dominic to talk to- that's it. Life sucks- why did I survive when so many died? They got the easy way out. I'm stuck here, living in some apocalypse, because the stupid governments let a man with obsession to cheeseburgers and some movie theatre bear take over the stupid world and bring us all to stupid despair. Not that I'm in despair now of course- this is the happiest I've been all day...

Coralinea: Sucks for you, I guess.

Dominic: ...Is that your real reaction to this?

Coralinea: I don't like him.

Signal: So how about that airplane food-

Dawson: Shut up.

Signal: Frogs are nicer than humans, I've learned here. :(

Dominic: He's just upset, Signal. Anyways, Dawson- it was just one girl. There are many more in this world- well, perhaps, not now. But there will be when the earth is back to normal. We will get through this.

Dawson: How do you know? We could all die via Fatman bombing for all we know!

Dominic: I know, because I do. Trust my judgement. Just enjoy your moments in life and keep positive, all right?

Dawson: Al...alright.

Sonia: We've landed.

*the survivors exit the plane*

Dawson: So, what now?

Signal: Is this where we go our separate ways?

Jasmin: I don't know about you guys, but I'm running off to Subway! *runs out of view, presumably to locate a Subway*

Sonia: Well, then.

Togami: Leon's still in his seat. We should make this quick.

Sonia: Just what I was thinking. I'd like to extend an invitation to all of you for the Future Foundation- you know what it's like- so do we. We will fight for freedom and above all, fight to rid ourselves from despair. Any input, Togami?

Togami: Fatman's dead.

Sonia: Now is not the time to be joking around! *smacks Togami's forehead*

Togami: Would you stop? Anyways, it looks like we landed on him while he was chomping down some Hungry Jack's. Disgustingly unhealthy and just so cheap and's an insult to the world, those cheap burger dinings-

Sonia: You should be cheering, that's one more step up in taking back the world!

Togami: I should, but I'm not.

Sonia: So, what do you say?

Dawson: ...I have nothing better to do.

Coralinea: I can put my investigation skills to the test!

Signal: I can feel included!

Sonia: That's great! *turns to Dominic* And you?

Dominic: I have a place I should head back to, actually- I'm sorry.

Sonia: You shouldn't trek alone though, save it for later. We'll escort you.

Dominic: This is something I must do alone. I don't want to involve you in this.

Coralinea: No, I'm not letting you go! You'll just die out there! Walking alone is basically asking for it!

Dominic: And so be it. I have duties I must perform...

Dawson: No.

Dominic: Hmm?

Dawson: Fine, let the Future Foundation do their own thing. But you're not going alone. I'm coming too.

Dominic: But-

Dawson: A wise person once told me not to throw their life away, but to embrace it. You don't want to be seen as a liar, now do you?

Dominic: No...I suppose not. But, are you sure?

Coralinea: Yes, we are! I would never let you walk alone! We're a trio, we walk together.

Dawson: *rolls eyes* Yeah. Trio. Woo. Whatever.

Coralinea: I don't like you.

Dawson: And I don't like you.

Signal: I'll come too! Got nothing better to do.

Sonia: Are you all sure- could we at least escort you?

Coralinea: No thanks- although, you could do me a favor. Look out for my brother would you? He looks sort of like me.

Sonia: Certainly. But that's not a lot to go on-

Coralinea: Just- nevermind. I know he's alive. With all my heart. *looks up at the sky* You just go back. We won't burden you.

Sonia: All right. Best of luck on your journey!

Togami: Well, we better be off...Hagakure is making his famous weed pies! I don't like him, but he makes a mean weed pie. I wonder his ingredients, at times.

*they leave*

The 4: *stand together, looking as they fly away* Good bye.


Nagito: *looks up at the sky* Sister...

Kuzuryuu: Komaeda, you coming?

Nagito: Yeah, just...give me a minute.

Ibuki: Alright!

Kuzuryuu: But-

Ibuki: Kuzu, let's go! *drags him off*

Nagito: Sister...*coconut falls on his head* Ow!