Hello and welcome to a remote island in the middle of the Pacific! This is Surfer's Survivor: a camp in which 16 teens will face off to find one lone survivor! The winner wins ONE MILLION DOLLARS!!!Template:Infobox

Sign-ups (2 per user, OCs only)

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1. Brad - 16 - The Smart Didgeridoo Player - Lindsay

2 Teddy - 16 - The Villan - BBGUN

3. Brent - 18 - The Quiet Evildoer - Surfer

4. Pierro - 17 - The Chubby Sportish Dude - Dakota

5. Aaron - 13 - The Boy Genius - NanoPower512

6. Norville - 16 - The Wimpy Hippie - NanoPower512


1. Janice - 18 - The Insane Depredator Beast - Lindsay

2. Lilac - 16 - The Boy Crazy Girl - Surfer

3. Stephanie - 17 - The Fashionista - Dakota 12th place, eliminated due to inactivity

4. Karen - 17 - The Country Daisy - Dark

5. Artemis - 17 - The Brave Girl - Welsh

6. Cassandra - 17 - The Nerdy Rich Kid - Welsh




Brent and Teddy

Cassandra and Miles Tribe (one sided, Miles side)


Brent and Karen

Cassandra and Teddy


Lilac and the boys (one sided, Lilac's side)

Lilac and Teddy (one-sided, Lilac's side)



Place Contestant Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Eliminated Stephanie Pierro Aaron Artemis Janice Norville Brad Lilac Brent Teddy Karen
5th Lilac Senatores WIN IN IN LOW IN IN IN OUT
6th Brad Senatores WIN IN IN IN IN LOW OUT
7th Norville Miles IN WIN WIN WIN WIN OUT
8th Janice Senatores WIN IN IN IN OUT
9th Artemis Senatores WIN LOW IN OUT
10th Aaron Senatores WIN IN OUT
11th Pierro Senatores WIN OUT
12th Stephanie Miles OUT

Elimination Table


Cell Meaning
Contestant Name This contestant is a boy
Contestant Name

This contestant is a girl

Miles This contestant was a member of the Miles Tribe
Senatores This contestant was a member of the Senatores Tribe
OUT This contestant was eliminated
IN This contestant went to elimination, but was later determined safe.
WIN This contestant's team won.
WIN This contestant won for their team or won the individual immunity challenge
LOW This contestant was in the bottom two at Tribal Council
IN This contestant had immunity at Tribal Council
Placing This contestant was eliminated during the teams phase
Placing This contestant was eliminated during the merge
3rd This contestant placed third
2nd This contestant was the runner-up
1st This contestant won the million dollars!

Contestant Table

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Pre-chat (when you sign-up, PLEASE post here!)

Surfer: Hello and welcome to Surfer Survivor, Season One! Let's meet our contestants!

Brent: Hey, Surfer!

Lilac: OMG itss a boy!!! hi, Imm Lilac

Brad: Hola a todos

Janice: Hola Lilac

Lilac: Hi Brad... (CONF) He's kinda cute...

Brad: Gracias Lilac

Janice: *loving* Hola Teddy

Karen: Howdy!

Janice: Hola Karen

Artemis: Hey! Can't wait to get started. :)

Aaron: *walks over to the other contestants* Greetings, my fellow competitors! I'm expecting we've already began making acquaintances, have we? *smiles innocently*

Teddy: Let the games begin! I'm all about the outdoors

Surfer: We have an interesting cast of characters this season! Now for teams. On the Miles Tribe: Brent, Norville, Teddy, Cassandra, Stephanie, and Karen. On the Senatores Tribe: Pierro, Aaron, Brad, Lilac, Artemis, and Janice. Now, would everyone please report to their respective tribes and get a shelter or something set up?

Episode 1: Welcome to the Island



Miles Camp

Brent: Hey, guys!

Teddy: Hey. We should start building a shelter

Brent: Definitely. Teddy, you want to go grab some wood with me?

Karen: What can I do?

Senatores Camp

Lilac: (CONF) I'm so excited, the boys on this team seem awesome!!!!

Aaron: So, friends, what fun bonding games shall we play to get to know one another? (CONF) I always knew I'd get on a game show, my vast intellect is something people would definitely aspire to see on TV!

Janice: Emocionante

Brad: Muy Bien

Lilac: We could play Spin the Bottle, so I can kiss lots of BOYS!!!

Brad: Si

Janice: Claro

Challenge (Wednesday at 6 PM EST, if you can't make it, let me know and we can work something out)

  • campers enter*

Surfer: Welcome to the challenge! This challenge is a line challenge. First, you will run to the center of the arena (10 lines). Then, you will grab the idol that's your team's color and run to the pedestal (5 lines). First team to place an idol on the pedestal wins immunity! Ready? Go!

Brent: *runs* (1)

Lilac: *runs* (1)

Brad: *runs* (1)

Janice: *runs* (1)

Cassandra: *runs* [1]

Artemis: *runs* [1]

Brad: *runs* (2)

Janice: *runs* (2)

Cassandra: *runs* [2]

Artemis: *runs* [2]

Brad: *runs* (3)

Janice: *runs* (3)

Karen: *runs* (1)

Brad: *runs* (4)

Janice: *runs* (4)

Cassandra: *runs* [3]

Artemis: *runs* [3]

Brad: *runs* (5)

Janice: *runs* (5)

Surfer: Well the participation was... Mediocre... So for getting the farthest, Brad and Janice win it for the Senatores Tribe! Miles, see you at Tribal!

Elimination Ceremony 1: Miles Tribe

Surfer: Vote!

Karen: (CONF) I reckon I'll vote Stephanie... she hasn't done anything. (CONF ENDS)

Cssandra: (CONF) Writes Stephanie on a piece of paper* Sorry girl. (END CONF)

Brent: (CONF) I want to make our team stronger, and I think that the best way to do that is to eliminate the weakest link: Stephanie.

Surfer: Well, Stephanie, you have been eliminated. *smashes statue with Stephanie's name (that's the thing instead of snuffing the torch)*

Episode 2: Weather the Storm

Surfer: I would set about making your camps... There's a storm a brewin'! *lightning claps behind him*

Miles Camp

Teddy: There is going to be a storm so we need to build this shelt *Gets interrupted by Brent

Brent: All right people, we need to set up a hut! Nothing pretty, just needs to serve the purpose!

Karen: Yeah!

Brent: Karen, let's go get some wood. *when they are out of earshot* Do you want to form an alliance?

Cassandra: *makes measurments for the hut* Hm, if this side is... and if this is.... aha! There! Hey guys, come see these plans I made for our hut! :)*

Karen: Sure! Wow Cassandra that is mighty fine!

Brent: *still with Karen* Nice! (CONF) With my alliance with Karen, there's no way I'm not making the merge. (END CONF) *now with rest of group* Nice job, Cassandra! Now let's build it! *grabs wood*

Teddy:*Glares at Brent* (CON) I've seen Brent in Camp Drama. He would just say those things to make alliances with people! It's even worst that he is almost like the unofficial team captain! I need to be the captain not him! (END CON) *builds shelter*

Brent: *sees Teddy's glare* (CONF) Hm... Teddy seems to be upset at me... If I get a chance, he's a goner.

Karen: (CONF) Brent seems to be a good guy and I guess an alliance could be the difference between second gone and winner! I still would rather have my whole team still here though. (CONF ENDS)

Brent: *places sheet over roof of shelter* That should work, shouldn't it? Anyone want to add anything?

Teddy: Nice work guys!

Brent: And not a moment too soon. *admires their work* We make a great team. Let's win the challenge today!

Teddy : Cassandra do you t to pick berries with me?

Brent: *looks at Teddy* (CONF) Is he making an alliance with her?

Senatores Camp

Lilac: We won! Whoo!

Challenge (Saturday at 1:30 PM EST)

Surfer: Come on in guys! Senatores, get your first look at the new Miles Tribe without Stephanie. OK, here is your challenge. *rain starts* As you can see, there is a huge storm coming! Your challenge is to build a boat, since the river may flood. First, you must gather wood (5 lines, stack as a team). Once your team members have finished all five lines, you can move on to the next part, building (5 lines, stack as a team). When you finish building, you can row down stream (5 lines, stack as a team). Contestants, ready? Go! (you may repost after 15 mins no posting)

Brent: Let's go, Miles! *gathers wood* (1)

Lilac: *gathers wood* (1)

Brad: *gathers wood* (2)

Janice: *gathers wood* (3)

Brent: *gathers wood* (2)

Lilac: *gathers wood* (4)

Karen: *gathers wood* (3)

Brent: *gathers wood* (4)

Lilac: *gathers wood* (5)

Karen: *gathers wood* (5)

Brent: *builds ship* (1)

Lilac: *builds ship* (1)

Surfer: It's neck and neck!

Karen: *builds ship* (2)

Brent: *builds ship* (3)

Lilac: *builds ship* (2)

Karen: *builds ship* (4)

Lilac: Come on, guys! *builds ship* (3)

Brent: *builds ship* (5)

Karen: Lets go! *rows (1)

Brent: *rows* (2)

Lilac: *builds ship* (5) Done!

Karen: *rows* (3)

Brent: Almost... *rows* (4)

Lilac: *rows* (1) NOOO!!!

Karen: *rows* (5) YEEEHAWWW!

Surfer: AND THE MILES WIN!!! You can head back to camp! Senatores, I will see you at tribal.

Elimination Ceremony 2: Senatores

Surfer: Vote!

Lilac: (CONF) I vote Artemis. She hasn't done anything! I would vote Pierro, but he's a boy so... Yeah.

Brad: (CONF) Yo voto por Pierro (CONF ENDS)

Janice: (CONF) Yo voto por Pierro (CONF ENDS)

Pierro: (CONF) I vote Artemis. (Note: My internet is kind of bad.)

(OK, if you cantt make a challenge let me know and I will try to excuse you)

Artemis: (CONF) I vote Pierro. (CONF ENDS)

Surfer: Well Pierro, your tribe has spoken. You are eliminated. *smashes idol and Pierro leaves*

Winner's Camp: Miles

(There is a loaf of bread on the table)

Karen: Wooohooo!

Brent: It feels nice to win, eh? *eats bread*

Teddy: Yeah it is! I wonder who is going home tonight!

Brent: I dunno... At least it's not one of us. Nice work on the shelter, by the way! *rain pounds the roof* Nice job, team!

Episode 3: Like a Rainbow After Rain

Surfer: Last time on Surfer's Survivor, alliances were forged in the Miles Tribe as a power struggle between Brent and Teddy formed. However, the tribe as a whole strengthened as they built their shelter to survive the coming storm and sent the Senatores Tribe to Tribal Council, were Pierro was eliminated in a close vote between him and Artemis. With the rain pounding down on them, the momentum is definitely not in the Senatores' favor. Can they turn it around? Find out on Surfer's Survivor: Season One!


Miles Camp

Teddy: Rise and shine people! Alright we gotta find us some breakfa- *Gets interrupted by Brent*

Brent: *yawn* It feels great waking up after a good night's rest. Everyone, let's get a move on! We need to rustle up some grub!

Teddy:*Glares at Brent*

Karen: *wakes up* Yea! (CONF) Me and my team are working better than a cow and her milker! (CONF ENDS)

Brent: Let's try to find some berries or something.

Karen: Sure!

Brent: *picks some berries* So, whereabouts are you from?

Karen: A little town in Kansas called Rivertank. How bout you?

Brent: well... I was from the Midwest but we... Moved to NYC.

Karen: The Big City! All my friends talk about goin there!

Cassandra: *wakes* I#ll go to pick berries since no-one's awake.... *goes to pick berries*

Brent: Yeah... It's nice. Big.

Teddy: *Goes to pick berries with Cassandra* (When out of Earshot) Cassandra, since day 1 Brent has been taking over the tribe. I think you'd be a better leader than him but he wouldn't let that happen we should vote him out. Deal?

Cassandra: Sure, it's a deal.

Teddy: Good we should spread the word around the camp so our target is gone. But don't tell Karen.

Senatores Tribe

Lilac: Ugh... (CONF) I just slept in a puddle. Worst. Night. Ever!!!

Artemis: Guys, I'll try hard in the next challenge!

Lilac: Don't worry about it. (CONF) We had to send home a boy...

Challenge (Monday at 6 PM EST)

Surfer: Welcome contestants! *contestants enter* Miles, get your first look at the Senatores Tribe WITHOUT Pierro. OK, so today's challenge is a rating challenge. You will go around the island and take a picture of something beautiful you see after a storm! (Post a picture. It can be anything: a rainbow, sun peeking out of the clouds, as long as it's something that happens after a storm. 3rd party judge will decide the winner, since I will be posting pictures. You can post a link or a physical picture.) Survivors ready, GO!

Karen: I hope this'll do!


Artemis: :)


File:Rainbow istock.jpg
File:Rainbow 02.jpg



Surfer: Now, for the guest judge!

Ifraid: Hi.

Surfer: Judge! Go judge!

Ifraid: Ok. Karen, you get a 6/10, it's ok? Teddy gets a 9.5/10. I love it. Artemis, you get the opposite. 2.5/10. Everyone else gets a 7/10 since I'm lazy, except Lilac. You get an 8/10.

Surfer: Well, let's add that up... SEnatores, you got a 31.5. Miles you got a... 36.5! Miles wins again!!! Senatores, see you tonight at tribal. Oh, and Miles, you get an extra reward... Some pasta and sauce!!!! Cook it back at camp.

Tribal Council: Senatores

Lilac: (CONF) I vote Aaron. He's literally done nothing!

Brad: (CONF) Yo voto por Aaron

Janice: (CONF) Yo voto por Aaron

Surfer: Well, there's a majority. Aaron, you have been eliminated. *smashes idol*

Episode 4: The Hunger Games

Surfer: Last time on Surfer's Survivor, the rain finally stopped and the contestants took some nice pictures. Guest judge Ifraid decided the Miles Tribe members were top dogs, and the Senatores sent Aaron home. Can they turn it around?


Senatores Camp

Lilac: Come on, team! We got to step it up!

Artemis: Yeah guys, we can do this!

Lilac: (CONF) We really need o pull this together. How can I focus on boys if my team sucks?

Miles Camp

Teddy: (CON) We might make it to the merge! I need to make an alliance to beat Karen and Brent before they beat me. With them gone the team will have no leader and then I take over! (END CON)

Brent: All right, let's cook up the pasta! *begins boiling water*

Karen: If we keep winnin we might all make it to the merge!

Brent: Yeah! (CONF) First chance I get, Teddy's gone.

Teddy: I won't be eating pasta. I don't like it.

Cassandra: Yeah, our team is awesome, we're so strong and smart! (CONF) Hahaha, no way! I'm by far the smartest player here! My team, watch your backs... (END CONF)

Teddy: *Whispers* Cassandra meet me later I have a plan. *Yells* Guys I'm going to find us some berries I'll be back in a while! *Goes to the look for berries*

Brent: Umm, ok! Pasta will be ready soon! (CONF) That's suspicious... Why would he be getting berries if we have pasta? I have to talk to Karen.

Challenge (Saturday at 3 PM est)

Surfer: Welcome to the Arena, contestants! Miles, get your first look at what remains of the Senatores Tribe: Everyone except Aaron. Our challenge is based of off the Hunger Games! First, you must grab a weapon. (3 lines) then, you must kill your opponents (1 line each). Team to run out of players first will be headed to elimination! You may repost after 15 mins of no posting. Survivors ready... Go!

Brent: *runs to weapons* (1)

Lilac: *runs to weapons* (1)

Brad: *runs to weapons* (1)

Janice: *runs to weapons* (1)

Brent: *runs to weapons* (2)

Lilac: *runs to weapons* (2)

Brad: *runs to weapons* (2)

Janice: *runs to weapons* (2)

Brent: *grabs sword* (3)

Lilac: *grabs bow and arrow* (3) There. Now I look just like Cupid!

Brad: *grabs sword* (3)

Janice: *grabs bow and arrow* (3)

Karen: *runs to weapons* (1)

Brent: *stabs Artemis*

Lilac: *shoots Norville*

Surfer: Artemis and Norville are out!

Brad: *stabs Cassandra*

Janice: *shoots Karen*

Surfer: So are Cassandra and Karen!

Lilac: *shoots Teddy*

Brent: Uh oh! *shoots Brad*

Surfer: So are Teddy and Brad! Janice and Lilac are left for the Senatores! Brent is left for the Miles!

Brent: *stabs lilac*

Surfer: And Lilac is down!

Teddy: *Sneaks over towards the weapons* (1)

Surfer: Hey, Teddy, you are out! *throws back to cabjns*

Teddy: *Flies through the air* Noooooooooooooooooooooo! *Falls*

Brent: *stabs Janice* Yes! We won again! We did it!

Surfer: And the Miles have won again! Senatores, you started with six. Tonight, you will hit half of that. See you at Tribal.

Winner's Tribe: Miles

Teddy: Good job team!Lets keep on winning to make it to the merge! (CON) I don't want to get rid of Brent yet. That plan requires losing, atleast two allies, and I only have one ally and I don't want to give all of this up! Winning is awesome! But I may have to risk it to eliminate the enemy. And the enemy is our unofficial leader and when he's gone the tribe will fall apart and then i take over!

Karen: That is what I've been saying! (CONF) I feel like nobody listens to what I have to say anymore... (CONF ENDS)

Brent: Well, at least we have our pasta. (CONF) If we lose, I will go for Norville since he hasn't tried and then Teddy. Hopefully we don't lose, though.

Tribal Council: Senatores

Surfer: You should know what to do by now!

Lilac: (CONF) I can't deal with these people anymore! I vote myself. This is ridiculous!!!

Brad: (CONF) Yo voto por Artemis

Janice: (CONF) Yo voto por Artemis

Surfer: Just waiting on Artemis...

Lilac: Ok!

Surfer: Well, I don't think Artemis is gonna vote so... See ya! *smashes her idol*

Epiosde 5: Supers Salute


Miles Camp

Brent: Nice job, team!

Senatores Camp

Challenge (Sunday at 1 PM EST)

Surfer: Welcome contestants! Artemis is gone! Today's challenge is to come up with a superhero and their power. We will have another guest judge.

Lilac: Mine would be Cupid. He would have a bow that would shoot people and make them fall in love.

Brent: Mine would be The Superstorm. He can create powerful storms to defeat enemies.

Karen: My Superhero is Cattle Call. She can call on any farm animal to help her.

Brad: Mi Instrumento Favorito es mi Didgeridoo

Janice: Mi Favorito es la Jungla

Teddy: Sorry I've kept you waiting Surfer. I've been planning the best superhero! Meet The Human Bear! Sure he's a little scrawny kid but when you **** him off he grows, gets hairier and has the ability of a bear and could CRUSH HIS ENIMIES *Looks eviliy at Brent*

Cassandra: Hmmm... Maths Man. He'd use his maths skills to work out the logical and practical solutions for each problem he comes across. Maths is awesome.

Teddy: *Facepalm*

Surfer: I agree with you, ted. But we will have to see what the guest judge thinks!

ACTN: Hey guys! I'll just get to it.

Lilac-I gotta say I'll give you an 8/10 for creativity.

Brent-Ehh kind of vague 6/10

Karen-How would that defeat supervillains? 5/10

Brad-Uhhh what? 0/10

Janice-Again what? 0/10

Teddy-It's pretty nice a 7/10 cause it's a little ripping off The Hulk

Cassandra-No but because it's better than Brad and Janice I'll give you a 1/10

Surfer: Ok, here goes...

Senatores avg: 2.667

Miles avg: 3.8

Senatores are going to elimination again! God, you guys suck!

Winner's Camp: Miles

Teddy: Victory is ours once again guys! (CON) This is like a curse! We will never lose again! Since me Cassandra, Brent, and Karen are the only active ones so if I get them I will have control over the team and nobody will stop me! (END CON)

Surfer: *walks in* I just wanted you guys to know that the five of you have made it to a huge spot... THE MERGE! Congrats!

Teddy: Yay! Good job team we made it! (CON) §@#*! I didn't even get to takeover! My team better watch their backs! This time I won't be so nice! (END CON)

Brent: Yay! (CONF) Phew! I couldn't trust Teddy any longer

Cassandra: Sorry guys... I did badly... :(

Teddy: *Whisper* Pssst Cassandra we have to talk ASAP! *Yells* I'm going to gwt berries Cassandra wanna come?

Brent: Can I come?

Teddy: Your name isn't Cassandra is it!? (CON) Now that I am in the merge I don't have to be nice to those disgusting pest I call teammates! (END CON)

Brent: Sorry for asking... (CONF) That just made him look more suspicious...

(1 hour later)

Teddy: *Walks bacj with Cassandra and a basket of berries witj an evil look on his face * We're back! Here are your berries guys! (CON) I learned this trick on Camp DRAMA- Borneo! I gave them all poisonous berries *evil laughs* If you think it can't get any worst for my team, you don't know my plans! (END CON)

Brent: Cool! *grabs some berries and eats* So, Cassandra, what did you guys talk about?

Teddy: We didn't do alot of talking except the conversation about us keeping the team together and voting out thw other team.

Brent: Your name isn't Cassandra, is it?

Teddy: *Glares at Brent* (CON) I can't wait till he gets poisoned (END CON)

Brent: (CONF) Ha! The look on his face was priceless!

Teddy: Uhh... No but yours is! (CON) When will those poison beries poison him!? (END CON)

Brent: *coughs* What's up with these berries? Oh, I don't feel so good! *runs over to the bush and hurls five times*

Teddy: Cassandra what did you do with the berries!? (CON) Oh Cassandra, how could you! *Evil laugh* (END CON)

Brent: Cassandra... I don't believe it! You seemed so nice... I would think Teddy would do this, but not you! *hurls*

Teddy: Wow Cassandra even I wouldn't go this far you are too dangerous to be on this team i'll see you at tribal council! (CON) It's the merge now and I don't need her! I never needed her after all because our team only eliminated someone one time! And I hate my team now and the best thing about this is that she doesn't talk that much and she won't defend herself now. Bye Cassandra! *Evil laugh* (END CON)

Brent: *glares then walks away*

Karen: (CON) This is all turning out like my papa's meat pie... rotten (CON ENDS)

Brent: I can't believe she did this! *hurls*

Tribal Council 5: Senatores

Lilac: (CONF) I vote Janice. She made our team lose!

Brad: (CONF) Yo voto por Janice

Surfer: and Janice is out! *smashes idol* Welcome to the merge, you two! Your new tribe name is the Romanes, Latin for Romans.

Episode 6: The Merge of a Lifetime

As conflicts continued to develop on the Miles tribe, guest judge ACTN decided that the Senatores would go back to elimination. Janice was eliminated and the teams merged!


Brent: We made the merge! (CONF) I. Hate. EVERYONE RIGHT NOW!!!

Lilac: Woo hoo! *sees Teddy* (CONF) Whoa, he's kinda hot! Then again, I think everyone's hot...

Karen: The merge! (CON) I never thought I would get this far! (CON ENDS)

Teddy: *Goes to Lilac* Hello there!

Lilac: Uh... I... And... Yeah! Hahahaha! (CONF) That went well!

Teddy: You too! I'll see you around! (CON) I messes with my team enough. I think its time I show the other team whats up my sleeves! (END CON)

Lilac: Wait! Uhm... Your pretty cute...

Teddy: You are too!k set

Lilac: Thanks so much!!!!

Brent: Hmm... (CONF) Teddy has Lilac wrapped around his finger! This won't do!

Teddy: No need to thank me.

Lilac: Maybe... After the season or something... We could go out?

Teddy: Sounds like a plan! (CON) Instant unofficial alliance! After Cassandra goes home i'm wondering if Karen or Brent should go next. Either way I'm running this game! (END CON)

Brent: (CONF) Yeah, I'm screwed.

Teddy: Alright guys we need to build a shelter quickly! I'll go find wood anyone want to come with me?

Cassandra: What the heck, Teddy? Stop spreading lies about me. Guys, we can't have a sneaky guy like Teddy on our team. He'll back stab you all! Please believe me :(

Brad: Buena idea Lilac

Lilac: I will always stand by my Teddykins!

Brent: (CONF) I don't think Teddy is telljgm the truth

Karen: Well this is a tricky situation!

Brent: *pulls Karen aside* This is the perfect opportunity to recruit Cassandra for our alliance! It's obvious she wouldn't try to poison us. It was Teddy!

Teddy: *Glares at Brent* (CON) I wonder whay the are talking about! (END CON)

Karen: If your sure... I don't know.

Brent: Whatever you think.

Karen: Ok then, Sure! (CON) I hope Brent doesn't pick her over me though... (CON ENDS)

Brent: Hey, Cassandra! Get over here! I have a bone to pick with you! *when she is there* I know you didn't do it. Join me and Karen's alliance?

Teddy: This is too much of a negative environment for me to be in! Lilac wanna go pick some berries and talk?

Challenge (Wednesday at 5 PM est)

Surfer: Welcome contestants! Seems that tensions are building eh? Today's challenge is another liner. First, you will run up the stairs (5 lines) grab the idol, (1 line) and run back (5 lines). Then you will assemble the pedestal (3 lines) and place the idol on top (1). Then, you will choose who you want to share immunity with. Go!

Brad: *runs* (1)

Teddy: *runs* (1)

Brad: *runs* (2)

Teddy: *runs* (2)

Brad: *runs* (3)

Teddy: *runs* (3)

Brad: *runs* (4)

Teddy: *runs* (4)

Brad: *runs* (5)

Teddy: *runs* (5)

Brad: *grabs the idol*

Teddy: *grabs the idol*

Brad: *runs* (1)

Teddy: *runs* (1)

Brad: *runs* (2)

Brent: *runs* (1)

Lilac: *runs* (1)

(You can repost after 15 mins of no posting)

Teddy: *runs* (2)

Brad: *runs* (3)

Brent: *runs* (2)

Lilac: *runs* (2)

Teddy: *runs* (3)

Brad: *runs* (4)

Brent: *runs* (3)

Lilac: *runs* (3)

Teddy: *runs* (4)

Brent: *runs* (4)

Lilac: *runs* (4)

Brad: *runs* (5) Teddy: *runs* (5)

Brad: *Assembles the pedestal* (1)

Teddy: *Assembles the pedestals* (1)

Brad: *Assembles the pedestal* (2)

Teddy: *Assembles the pedestals* (2)

Karen: *runs* (1)

Teddy: *Assembles the pedastals* (3)

Brad: *Assembles the pedestals* (3)

Teddy: *Places idol on top* Yes I win!

Surfer: Teddy wins! Teddy, who do you choose to have immunity with you?

Teddy:(CON) It's hard to remember the other team member's name! You know the one who thinks I'm going out with her! ( END CON) *Tries to remember name* Uhhhhh Karen? (CON) Oh that's her name! Wait no it's not! (END CON)

Karen: Me?

Surfer: Umm... OK? Karen and Teddy have immunity. (CONF) I'm like, 99% sure he means Lilac...

Tribal Council: Everyone but Teddy and Karen

Surfer: Brad and Lilac, you should be used to this. Everyone else, this is a wakeup call. VOTE!

Brent: (CONF) Norville. Like, who is he???

Lilac: (CONF) Norville. He's floated too long.

Karen: (CONF) Brad, He is too strong!

Teddy: (CON) I want Brent out! But there is a threat out there and he was going to beat me! So bye Brad! (END CON)

Surfer: The votes are neck and neck! We just need Brad, Cassandra, and Norville to vote!

Cassandra: (CONF) I think I'm going home... I vote Norville. (END CONF) Brent, Karen, sure I'll be in your alliance.

Surfer: I will now read those of you who are safe with no votes: Brent, Lilac, Teddy, Karen, and... Cassandra! Brad, you are a major threat. Norville, you're a floater. The sixth person voted out of Surfer's Survivor is... NORVILLE. *smashes idol* Congrats, you six, on making it halfway. See you tomorrow.

Episode 7: Duos


Romanes Camp

Lilac: (CONF) Why did Teddy mistaken the for Karen? I'm gonna get that girl!

Karen: Hey Lilac! I love your hair!

Lilac: Awww, thanks-- I mean... I hate yours! (CONF) Come on, Lilac, get it together!

Teddy: Hey Karen (Lilac)! You wanna go to the beach and talk about stuff?

Karen: No! why do you want to hang out with me anyways...

Teddy: *Whispers to Karen* When I come back with whatever her name is meet me in the woods!

Lilac: By Karen do you mean... Me?

Teddy: Yes just meet me at the beach.


Lilac: Teddy, I really like you, but why do you keep calling Karen lilac and me Karen?

Teddy: I'm sorry. Part of it is that since you are on the other team I forget your name. But mostly I get nervous around you. I'm sorry, I hope you can forgive me. *Almost kisses Lilac then stops* Uh oh! *Runs to behind a tree and fake barfs to trick Lilac*

Lilac: *waits for kiss with eyes closed, opens and sees him barfing* Did you get poisoned sweetie?!?

Teddy: *Coughing* Something like that! Here's what happened. Before the merge Cassandra went to go get some berries. She came back and I was the first one to get one. She's in a alliance with Brent and Karen so she didn't give them berries and they were poisoned berries. I want to get her out of thr game but she has an alliance of three. Can you vote for her? (CON) Cassandra won't know what hit her? (END CON)

Lilac: Of course, babe! No one hurts my Teddykins!

Teddy: Thank you! We just need to get Brad to vote for her and she's gone.

Lilac: We should also make sure that their alliance is voting for different people or else there will be a tiebreaker.

Teddy: Trust me it won't be a problem. I made sure of it.


Teddy:Karen I'm glad you decided to show up!

Karen: What do you want Teddy?

Teddy: I'm glad you asked! I heard that Cassandra was in you and Brent's alliance is that true?

Karen: I guess so...

Teddy: (CON) The fool just revealed the full alliance to me! This game is too easy! (END CON) So I wanted to know if you can betray her and vote for her!

Karen: W-What??

Teddy: That sounded like a no. Oh well, I tried. It would be a shame for her to win over Brent and the One Million Dollar prize. That would be terrible because with her brains none of us stand a chance. Even worst what if Brent likes her more than you!

Karen: Hmmmm...

Cassandra: (CONF) *sigh* I know I'm going home. I hope Brent and Karen don't betray me. Lilac, Brad and Teddy are sure to get me out.... If only they knew that Teddy has been deceiving them this whole time. (END CONF)

Challenge (Friday at 5 PM est)

Surfer: Campers, come on in! *everyone enters* Congrats on making it halfway through! Now, here's the challenge: You will be split into three teams of two. There will be three parts to the challenge. First is a line challenge, followed by a puzzle, followed by a guessing game. Once you finish one part, you move on to the next. First team to have both people finish wins immunity. The teams are Lilac and Karen, Brad and Cassandra, and Brent and Teddy. I didn't randomize them... I merely put you with the person you will most likely get into a conflict with. Creates some drama. All right, contestants, let's head over to the first part!

Part One: The Line Challenge

Surfer: Here's your challenge: you must run down the path (6 lines), slide down the mudslide (1 line), and swim to the finish (3 lines). If no one posts after fifteen minutes, you may repost. GO!

Brent: Let's go, Teddy! *runs* (1)

Lilac: *runs* (1)

Karen: *runs* (1)

Brent: *runs* (2)

Lilac: *runs* (2)

Karen: *runs* (2)

Brent: *runs* (3)

Lilac: *runs* (3)

Brent: *runs* (4)

Lilac: *runs* (4)

Brent: *runs* (5)

Lilac: *runs* (5)

Karen: *runs* (3)

Brent: *runs* (6)

Lilac: *runs* (6)

Karen: *runs* (4)

Brent: *slides*

Lilac: *slides*

Karen: *runs* (5)

Brent: *swims* (1)

Lilac: *swims* (1)

Karen: *runs* (6) GO LILAC!

Teddy: Wait for me! *Runs* (1)

Brent: Teddy come on! *swims* (2)

Lilac: *swims* (2) Karen don't let him catch you!!!

Karen: *slides*

Teddy: *Runs* (2)

Brent: *swims* (3)

Lilac: *swims* (3)

Teddy: *Runs* (3)

Karen: *swims* (1)

Teddy: *Runs* (4)

Cassandra: *runs* [1]

Karen: *swims* (2)

Karen: *swims* (3)

Cassandra: *runs* [2]

Part Two: The Guessing Game

Surfer: Guess my favorite number, 1-10!

Brent: 6?

Lilac: 8!

Surfer: Nope! (Numbers change after each guess by my OCs)

Brent: sticking with 6!

Lilac: 4?

Surfer: No!

Brent: 5!

Lilac: 2.

Surfer: Nuh uh.

Brent: 3!

Lilac: 7!

Surfer: Wrong!

Lilac: 7!

Brent: 1!

Surfer: No!

Lilac: 7!

Brent: 4!

Surfer: You guys stink! No!!!

Lilac: 7!!!

Brent: 8!

Surfer: NOOOOO!!!

Karen: 7!

Lilac: 8!

Brent: 9!

Surfer: Wrong!!!

Karen: 5?

Lilac: 7!

Brent: 2!

Surfer: Brent is right!!!

Lilac: SEVEN!!!

Surfer: No!!!

Lilac... 7?

Surfer:... No.

Lilac: 7?

Surfer: No!

Karen: 2?

Lilac: 7!

Surfer: Karen is correct!

Lilac: 10!

Surfer: No!

Part Three: The Other Guessing Game

Surfer: Guess my favorite color: Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, black, brown, white.

Brent: Orange?

Surfer: Nope! New color!

Brent: Black!

Surfer: No!

Brent: Green!

Surfer: No!

Karen: Yellow?

Brent: Green?

Surfer: Brent is the first one to finish! That means that he and Teddy have immunity! Let's head down to elimination...

Tribal Council: Everyone but Brent and Teddy

Surfer: Vote!

Karen: (CONF) Hmmm... Brad.

Brent: (CONF) Brad.

Lilac: Cassandra.

Cassandra: (CONF) Brad... (END CONF)

Teddy: (CONF) Brad almost beat me last time! He'll go today! But brains are more of a threat then brawns. *Votes Cassandra*

Surfer: Well, Brad has been eliminated. *smashes idol*

Episode 8: Race for the Final Four


Romanes Camp

Brent: (CONF) Finally, the biggest threat in the game is gone!

Lilac: *to Teddy* Is the plan still to eliminate Cassandra? Or has it changed?

Teddy: Let's talk about it at the beach.

Cassandra: (CONF) I'm going home today. (END CONF)


Lilac: So...

Teddy: The plan is to vote out the alliance with Cassandra and Brent. I convinced Karen to vote for her but it seems like she betrayed me! (CONF) *Evil laugh* I am owning this game! All I have to do is beat the brain and brawn then i've won!


Teddy: Shall we make this alliance oficial?

Karen: With her?

Teddy: The three of us!

Karen: No. *leaves*

Teddy: (CONF) I knew it! She did vote for Brad! I need to keep her and Lilac for the final 3 then create conflict between the two. But the question is who is going to the finale with me?


Challenge (Starts TODAY at 3 PM est)

Surfer: Today's challenge is simple. Run to the barrels (10 lines), roll the barrel with your name on it back to start (10 lines), build your raft (4 lines), and push it into the ocean (1 line). First person to do so chooses who goes home. If no one posts after fifteen minutes, you may repost. Go!

Brent: *runs* (1)

Lilac: *runs* (1)

Cassandra: *runs* [1]

Teddy: *runs* (1)

Cassandra: *runs* [2]

Teddy: *runs* (2)

Cassandra: *runs* [3] You won't beat me!!!

Teddy: *runs* (3)

Cassandra: *runs* [4]

Teddy: *runs* (4)

Cassandra: *runs* [5]

Teddy: *runs* (5) WHY CAN'T YOU LOSE!

Brent: *runs* (2)

Lilac: *runs* (2)

Cassandra: *runs* [6] SHUT UP!

Teddy: *runs* (6)

Cassandra: *runs* [7]

Teddy: *runs* (7)

Cassandra: *runs* [8]

Teddy: *runs* (8)

Cassandra: *runs* [9]

Teddy: *runs* (9)

Cassandra: *runs* [10] YES!

Teddy: *runs* (10)

Cassandra: *rolls her barrel* [1]

Teddy: *Roles Barrell* (1)

Cassandra: *rolls her barrel* [2]

Teddy: *Roles Barrell* (2)

Cassandra: *rolls barrel* [3]

Brent: *runs* (3)

Lilac: *runs* (3)

Cassandra: *rolls barrel* [4]

Cassandra: *rolls barrel* [5]

Brent: *runs* (4)

Lilac: *runs* (4)

Cassandra: *rolls barrel* [6]

Brent: *runs* (5)

Lilac: *runs* (5)

Cassandra: *rolls barrel* [7]

Brent: *runs* (6)

Lilac: *runs* (6)

Cassandra: *rolls barrel* [8]

Brent: *runs* (7)

Lilac: *runs* (7)

Cassandra: *rolls barrel* [9]

Brent: *runs* (8)

Lilac: *runs* (8)

Cassandra: *rolls barrel* [10] nearly there...

Karen: *runs* (1)

Cassandra: *builds raft* [1]

Brent: *runs* (9)

Lilac: *runs* (9)

Cassandra: *builds raft* [2]

Brent: *runs* (10)

Lilac: *runs* (10)

Cassandra: *builds raft* [3]

Surfer: Forget it! It's obvious who's winning this... Cassandra! Would everyone please report to Tribal?

Tribal Council: Cassandra decides

Surfer: All right, Cassandra, who's going home?

Cassandra: Well, I'm gonna choose from two of you... Karen, you are safe. Brent... You're safe. Teddy... you're safe too. Sorry Lilac... BUH-BYE! *giggles*

Surfer: Well, Cassandra has spoken. See ya, Lilac! *smashes idol*

Episode 9: Do You Want a Million Dollars?


Romanes Camp

Karen: (CONF) I think I'm friends with everyone right now... Final 3 here i come!

Brent: (CONF) Ok, so Karen and Cassandra are pretty much on my side, any my only enemy is Teddy. Looks like I'm a lock for the final three, along with Karen. I don't think Cassandra will be eliminated. Once we get there, I can ditch my allies, win the challenge, and advance to the finals, where I'll beat out whoever else is there with me! It's foolproof!

Cassandra: (CONF) After Teddy leaves, it's plain sailing from there!

Teddy: (CONF) My sidekick is hone, I am alliance bait, and speaking of Lilac I never called off that date! Noooooooooooooooooooooo!



Challenge (Starts Monday at 5 PM est)

Surfer: Welcome, contestants! Todayss challenge is to answer two questions: why you should win the million and what you will do with it if you win Go!

Brent: I should win the million because ivee worked hard Ivee done every challenge and led a great alliance to this point, a point where we are ready to eliminate Teddy and go the finals! I will donate the million to build a new house for my family in the Midwest It was destroyed... By a tornado

Teddy: I should win the million because I led the team that won the most! But a obstacle that has tries to stop me from doing that is names B-R-E-N-T! I also lead alliances that got me to victory! And my alliance member is right there! *points to Cassandra* And since you guys would be the reason I won I'd spend it for all of you!

Karen: I should win the million because I have no enemies at this point in the game and I also was the heart of the Miles group which all the final four are made up of! I will save the money until I need it maybe use some of it for something fun... like a party maybe? I don't know I didn't think I was gonna make it this far!

Cassandra: I should win the million, because, I have had so many people telling me what to do and bossing me around. People have been lying to me, telling lies about me, and creating alliances behind my back. Well, I overcame these obstacles and overthrew the manipulative people that tried to control me. I dominated yesterday's challenge and eliminated a threat. I would use my money to donate to charities, and also go on holidays with my friends and family! I'm glad I got this far, and I'd love to win. Thanks y'all. :)

Conker: I am judging this... Cassandra, yours was good but boring. The other two was lacking so I'll just announce Teddy wins okay? Loving you Teddy. Back to my closet. *walks off*

Cassandra: B-but... Okay...

Surfer: Well, that means Teddy decides who goes home! Teddy, who will it be? The choice is yours.

Teddy: Bye Cassandra!

Cassandra: No, please! I'm a good competitor! We're such good enemies. It'll give you the drive to win! Please Teddy...

Teddy: The choice is final! There is only one brain in this show and its me now.

Cassandra: You're sure you don't want to eliminate your 'arch-enemy' Brent? Just give me a chance Teddy... I didn't eliminate you last episode, I eliminated Lilac...

Teddy: Fine! But only because I don't want to hear you wine all day! Brent you're gone!

Cassandra: Thank... thank you, genuinely, thank you!

Tribal Council: BRent

Surfer: Well Brent, looks like your time is up. *smashes idol* Final three, congrats on making it this far.

Episode 10: Do You Know Your Stuff?


Surfer: Today's challenge is a quiz. Post the answers on my talk page, all at once. Go!

Surfer: Well final three, only Cassandra participated. She was so close to perfect, but she missed one thing: Fakeboy cohosted Big Family: The Reincarnation. I'll give it to her. So, Cassandra, who is going to the finale???

Cassandra: Easy. Karen, you're coming with me. Sorry, Teddy, keep in touch with me, yeah? *hands him a piece of paper with her number on* Bye, Teddy.

Karen: Wow! Thank you!

Teddy: Keep touch? *BLEEP* YOU , YA *BLEEP* ! I should go to the *BLEEP* ing finale! Not that *BLEEP*! *sees wolves* Oh *BLEEP* *Gets attacked and chased by the wolves*

Cassandra: ... Wow, sore loser.

Teddy: *On the ground and is not able to walk* Some day I will get you all! You'll se- *Gets attacked by more wolves and gets really injured*

Surfer: For legal reasons, we say this never happened


  1. Who founded the Wiki?
  2. Who was eliminated first in Total Drama Space Adventure?
  3. Who hosts ASVU?
  4. Who came in fourth in Total Drama Meltdown?
  5. What users have hosted the Big Family series? (Two! Tricky...)

Episode 11

Surfer: So, ladies, what would you like: a vote, or a challenge?

Cassandra: I don't mind... (can I edit the elimination table)

(If you want.)

Surfer: Let's do a challenge. It will start today at 4 PM est.

Surfer: Sorry for the delay. Here's your challenge: run to the post (10 lines), climb it (8 lines), grab the million dollar case (1 line), and raise it in the air (1 line). Go! You can repost after 15 mins of no posts

Cassandra: *runs* [1]

Cassandra: *runs* [2]

Cassandra: *runs* [3]

Cassandra: *runs* [4]

Cassandra: *runs* [5]

Karen: *runs* (1)

Cassandra: *runs* [6]

Cassandra: *runs* [7]

Cassandra: *runs* [8]

Cassandra: *runs* [9]

Cassandra: *runs* [10]

Cassandra: *climbs* [1]

Cassandra: *climbs* [2]

Cassandra: *climbs* [3]

Cassandra: *climbs* [4]

Cassandra: *climbs* [5]

Cassandra: *climbs* [6]

Cassandra: *climbs* [7]

(finally finished the table, hope you like it. want a contestant table too?)

Cassandra: *climbs* [8] Nearly... there...

Cassandra: *grabs the case* ...

Cassandra: *raises the case* I WINNNNNN! :D

Surfer: And Cassandra is the winner of Surfer's Survivor Season 1! See you all next season!

Karen: Congrats Cassandra!

Cassandra: Thank you Karen! :)