SS3 is back with half as many contestants, half as many episodes, and so much more fun! I know it sounds contradictory but bear with me!


Interactions(YOU MAY EDIT)


Hola Team Leaders~ Teddy, Chandler, and Ursula

Teddy and Will



Teddy and everyone on his team except his alliance.

Teddy and Will (Will finds Teddy stupid, Teddy just hates Will in general)

Teddy and Keisha



SIGN-UPS (1 per user) (FULL)

Name - Gender - Stereotype - User. Chat in prechat. Now 13 spots yay

  1. Will - Male - The Arrogant Prep School Athlete - Surfer Voted out in Fabulous Four (4th)
  2. Apollo - Male - The Millitary Guy - Alpha Ranger Voted out in The Red Carpet (11th)
  3. Teddy - Male - The Villain - BB Voted out in In the Tiki Room (6th)
  4. Naomi - Female - The Harajuku Girl - Dark Voted out in Queen Zilla (5th)
  5. Ursula - Female - The Wannabe Sorceress - Electra Voted out in Following the Maps That Lead to You (3rd)
  6. Hope - Female - The Heavenly Sweetie - Loenev Not picked in Surfer's Survivor Goes Worldwide (13th)
  7. Jack - Male - The Outlaw - S321 Voted out in The Wicked Amazing Race (10th)
  8. Keisha - Female - The Ghetto Goddess - Jordan Winner in One Final Flight (1st)
  9. Yasuhiro Hagakure - The Clairvoyant - TF Quit in Illuminati Confirmed (7th)
  10. Michael - Male - The Guy Everyone Likes - Michael Voted out in Surfer's Survivor Goes Worldwide (12th)
  11. Chandler - Male - The Heroic Friend - ACTN Runner-Up in One Final Flight (2nd)
  12. Apple - Orange ya' glad he isn't a banana!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! - XxSolarMegidoxX Voted out in All Leads to Rome (8th)
  13. Reagan - Female - The Magician - Drew Voted out in The Survivor Games (9th)


Elimination Table

Rank Contestant Episode
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
9th ♀ Reagan WIN SAFE SAFE OUT
10th ♂ Jack WIN SAFE OUT
11th ♂ Apollo WIN OUT
12th ♂ Michael OUT
13th ♀ Hope LEFT


Contestant Eliminated Place
Tribe Place on
Reason for
Hope 1st Disqualified in
"Surfer's Survivor goes Worldwide!"
13th N/A N/A She was not picked
for a team.
Michael 2nd Voted Out in
"Surfer's Survivor goes Worldwide!"
12th Shalom 6th He did not participate in the
challenge and wanted to be eliminated.
Apollo 3rd Voted Out in
"The Red Carpet"
11th Hola 6th He did not help the team.
Jack 4th Voted Out in
"The Wicked Amazing Race"
10th Hola 5th He has been inactive.
Reagan 5th Voted Out in
"The Survivor Games"
9th Hola 4th She only spoke once or twice and was thus deemed a liability.
Apple 6th Voted Out in
"All Roads Lead to Rome"
8th Shalom 5th He did not contribute to any wins and
floated for the majority of the competition.
Hagakure 7th Quit in
"Illuminati Confirmed"
7th Shalom 4th He quit the competition to save someone on the opposite team.
Teddy 8th Voted Out in
"In the Tiki Room"
6th Hola 3rd Because of his evil nature and irritating attitude, he was voted off.
Naomi 9th Voted Out in
"Queen Zilla"
5th Shalom 3rd Deemed inactive in comparison to the other players.
Will 10th Quit in
"Fabulous Four"
4th Shalom 2nd Lacrosse season had started so he quit to participate in that.
Ursula 11th Voted Out in
"Following The Maps That
Lead to You"
3rd Hola 2nd Chandler opted to take Keisha to the final instead of Ursula, thus eliminating her.
Chandler Runner-Up in
"One Final Flight"
2nd Hola 1st Chandler received less votes at the final Tribal Council and came second.
Keisha Winner in
"One Final Flight"
1st Shalom 1st Keisha received more votes at the final Tribal Council and came first.


Surfer: Welcome back to Surfer's Survivor 3!

Will: Sup. 

Naomi: I am.... pleased to be here!

Teddy: *Arrives and Is Still Injured* Well I am not! I need the cash. Hey guys. *Shakes Hands With Everyone*

Will: Oh my HARDO!

Teddy: What's wrong?

Will: Walking around shaking hands? That's so hardo.

Teddy: So have any of you guys watched this show before?

Will: No, I got better things to do.

Surfer: Ahem.

Teddy: Oh you! I have to speak with you! You put those wolv *Remembers that Surfer did not put the Wolves injuring Teddy on Tv for Legal Reasons* Um nevermind.

Surfer: Listen kid! *pulls Teddy aside* You got lucky you lived. I didn't put those there, any outdoorsmen would know that. Mention the wolves and you're out.

Teddy: Well if I am out I'll let the world know.

Surfer: But you being out would require the world to know... You know what, your logic is crap. Just watch your step.

Jack: Just tell me we're going to Ocktoberfest and I'm game.

Will: I prefer Cali.

Surfer: And season 2's winner, Chandler is back!

o my hardo: o dear me!


o my hardo: o no! *Beats Will like Will's brother, Hanamura, did to him*

Will: I play football, lax, and hockey, Hanamura--I mean Hardo! *punches o my hardo into oblivion*

Reagan: *smoke sprays out of a tiny little ball and a shadow emerges* TADA! Hi i'm Sorceress Reagan! *a tall hot blonde haired girl jumps out of the spraying smoke* So this is camp huh? *she pulls a rabbit out of her top hat* oops sorry Whiskers..*she puts him back in* Hmmm better get on some proper clothes....*she spins super fast and her clothes change she was now wearing a Crop Top with booty shorts and some Jordans* So who'll be my first victim? Will it be that muscleman??? Or Teddy Bear? Hmm tough choice.....*she grabs Teddy* Come be mine! *She throws down another smokeball and they both disappear*

Teddy: Get off of me you @$&#!/. This cast is even weirder than the other one. So what are the teams?

Naomi: This is so.... how do you say.... exciting!

Teddy: Something tells me this game will be better than last time.

Surfer: Well, in a little while you guys will have a team pickig challenge (4 PM est) so you guys should get on the plane to get ready.

Will: ok, sure!

Episode 1: Surfer's Survivor Goes Worldwide!


Teddy: (CONF: Last time I worked hard. This time I play even harder. Teddy the bear will eat anyone that gets in his way! I still want control of my team and Surfer mentioned a team picking challenge. I need to pick the right ones that will listen to me. However I need to work harder this season because I am still injured by those *Censored By Surfer* they do not know that though.)

Will: Tesdy, what's up?

Ursula: I must perfect my magic... 

Hagakure: Magic? Can you tell the future too? *holds up crystal ball* Maybe you're a clairvoyant just like I am, uh, whatever-your-name-is-cchi!

Ursula: My name is Ursula. And I'm no clairvoyant. *giggles* I specalise in dark magic... 

Hagakure: Oh. Well, Ursula-cchi, I can tell you right now that I'm 30% right when I'm saying this, but you and that one military looking dude will end up hating each other, right? My crystal ball even says so, Ursula-cchi!

Ursula: Sure. *reads a tome*

Hagakure: Wait...isn't that some dark magic stuff...?!

Ursula: It is indeed...

Hagakure: Isn't that unnatural, Ursula-cchi?! And unnaturalness is a trait common in serial killers! DON'T LOOK AT ME, DON'T TOUCH ME, JUST GO! WE CAN'T BE FRIENDS ANYMORE!

Team Picking Challenge

Surfer: Welcome to the team picking challenge! You must run across the runway (4 lines) and grab a tribe flag (1 line). First two to do so will pick teams! (You may repost after 15 mins with no posting.)

Will: *runs* (1)

Chandler: *runs*

Hagakure: *runs* (1)

Hope: *hops*

Chandler: *runs*

Hagakure: *runs* (2)

Chandler: *runs*

Hagakure: *runs* (3)

Chandler: *runs*

Hagakure: *runs* (4)

Chandler: *grabs tribe flag*

Hagakure: *grabs other tribe flag* Nice one, uh, you look like a Mickey so...nice one, Mickey-cchi!

Surfer: Ok, so Chandler will pick first, and Hagakure second. THE PERSON WHO DOESNT GET PICKED IS OUT! 

Chandler: I pick Ursula.

Hagakure: Naomi-cchi!

Chandler: Teddy.

Hagakure: Apple-cchi reminds me of my Apple-cchi, naturally!

Chandler: Jack

Hagakure: Keisha-cchi!

Chandler: Reagan

Hagakure: Eh...uh...Michael-cchi!

Chandler: Apollo

Hagakure: Uh...hey, before I pick, Will I have a deal to propose. And since it's me, you know it should be 30% accurate to the topic!

Will: What? Im an athlete, you should totally pick me.

Hagakure: Promise that you'll be my friend and protect me from any serial killers, and I'll pick you, dude! If not, you're eliminated, so...huh. Tough spot for you, right? But, hey, it would mean discouns on fortunes!

Will: Uh, yeah, I'll keep you safe from serial killers. (CONF) "Genuinely."

Hagakure: Alright, I trust you, but uh, what about the friend part?

Will: Oh, yeah, that! I'll be friends with you!

Hagakure: Huh, alright! I pick Will-cchi!

Will: Yes!

Surfer: Well, looks like Hope has been sent packing early! Sorry, girl! *smashes her idol* Anyways, Chandler's team is the Hola Tribe! Hagakure's team is the Shalom Tribe! The challenge will start soon, so get to know each other!

Hola Tribe

Teddy: Hey, Chandler! I have to talk to you real quick!

Chandler: Sure man, what's up?

Teddy: *Walks Far Away With Chandler and When Out of Earshot* So. I thought I would be the best leader this series would have. But I thought you would be a great leader. I think you should be team captain. You are the perfect person to lead us to victory. So I think me, you, and someone else should have an alliance that runs the team. What do you think boss?

Chandler: Sure I'm up for it. 

Teddy: Who should run the team with us?

Shalom Tribe

Will: Hey, bros.

Challenge 1 (STARTS AT 8 PM EST)

Surfer: Come on in, contestants! Of course you know that Hope is gone... Well, anyways, we are in New York, about to take off. *intern starts engine, but there is a sputtering and then a bang*

Surfer: What was that? Interns, go check it out.

*five minutes later*

Intern: It seems as if we have lost a motor. It must've fallen from the wing!

Surfer: New challenge: Find that motor! It should be somewhere on the runway.

*contestants run out onto the runway. You can look in the luggage cart, the cargo hold, under the wheel, on the runway, or on top of the plane. First person to find it wins an advantage*

Surfer: Survivors ready? GO!

Chandler: *looks in the luggage cart*

Teddy: Ok our team will have one person looking in each place! *Climbs To The Top Of The Plane and Looks*

Neither of them find anything.

Hagakure: *looks under the wheel*

Hagakure finds nothing.

Chandler: *looks on the runway*

Nothing there (gg)

Hagakure: *looks in the cargo hold*

Hagakure and the others find 12 open suitcases. Guess which suitcase it is in to win.

Hagakure: Lucky number seven's gotta be it, 'right?

Chandler: Is it number 10?

Neither of them find the motor.

Teddy: is there for letters in bear I say number 4


Neither of them find the motor

Chandler: Number 1?

Nice try though.

Chandler: Number 9?, Teddy: 6?

Hagakure: Uh...three?

Neither find a motor...


Chandler: Number 2?

Hagakure: Five, it's gotta be five!

Chandler: 3 just in case ;/

(didn't see Teddy's guess gg) It was six!

Surfer: And Teddy wins it for the Hola Tribe! Shalom, I will see you at TRibal!

Winners Tribe: Hola

Teddy:Congrats team! We won the first challenge. *Whspers to.Chandler* So who will be our final alliance member?

Chandler: *whispers* I think we can trust Ursula.

Teddy: *Whispers* Good choice boss. Anyone who goes against what you say goes home. *Evily Laughs*

Tribal Council 1: Shalom

Surfer: Welcome to TRibal! Vote in the (CONF) for who you want to send home!

Will: (CONF) Michael was there, but he didn't help. I vote him.

Hagakure: (CONF) Michael-cchi was sending off some pretty negative vibes...and that is a trait common in serial killers! He has to go- he can't even look at me- he can't even touch me- if he does, I'm dead! And I know I'm 30% accurate on this!

Naomi: (CONF) I vote for... how do you say.... Michael! *poses* (CONF END)

Keisha: (CONF) I was left in the airport all this time, I deserve some R-E-S-P-E-C-T people *flips weave* Anyway, I'm going to vote for the trifling halitosis hood rat, Michael.

Episode 2: The Red Carpet

Hola Tribe

Teddy: *Whispers* Ursula I need to talk to you. (CONF: My plan needs to be perfect. We cannot lose a single member on our team yet. I must complete my first alliance. Chandler wants Ursula in. It should work I mean who doesn't want to be in an alliance with Surfer Survivor's two greatest players.

Ursula: .. What do you want?

Teddy: Do you want to join my alliance. We will rule the team.

Ursula: Sure....

Teddy: Welcome to control of the team. (CONF: She doesn't seem sure. I learned from last time that nobody can be trusted...not even myself. I will keep an eye on her but for now she is safe.)

Shalom Tribe

Will: Let's win next time.

Keisha: I would've been here if it wasn't for my flight being cancelled, I'm so lucky I was actually chosen to be in a team... Ratchet hoes @airport

Challenge 2 (STARTS TODAY AT 4 PM EST)

Surfer: We are starting the challenge a bit early. Today you will be coming up with ideas for a movie. Each team will come up with one. Come up with a plot and at least two main characters, along with a title and a theme song.

Surfer: Well it's fairly obvious that the Hola Tribe is never getting a theme song, and that Teddy was just trying to kiss up to me. That really sucks because I'M NOT JUDGING. I have hired a guest judge to do it for me. *sits back*

Hola Tribe Idea

Teddy: The film is called Surf and Survive. The two main characters are the annoying and bossy Bren- I mean Brian. And the country girl named Kare- um I mean Carrie. There are side characters like Cassan- I mean...uh...another girl named Carrie, and Lilly. They are trying ti survive after accidentally getting there by...surfing...yeah. They are trying te stop the smart, the strong, the handsome Tedd- I mean Freddy. In the end Freddy survives the longest after killing them. Any other ideas?

Ursula: That sounds good. Whatever.

Chandler: Good idea Teddy! 

Teddy: Based on true events btw. *Glares at camera knowing that Cassandra, Brent, Karen and Lilac will see this* Also the theme song is um...we need an outdoors song any idea?

Shalom Tribe Idea

Keisha: hmm, let's see... *thinks* How about "Keisha's Valley" which is a movie set in the lovely suburbs ghetto of St. Louis, Missouri. It follows the lives of Keisha, Deltrese, Breadquanda, AshwanabufontaQuiballafondellaRaquandaLaquishaBonishateashaBufoineTrellaniquequandrea and Tyrell as they form a cartel and attempt to steal from Wall Street. (but don't tell nobody 'bout that). By the way, it's theme song is "Ass Cheeks on my White Tee" :0 I think it's a good idea, anyone else agree?

Will: Not bad... But how about a film about a dashingly good looking hockey player who goes to an all boys high school? Walker, the boy, falls in love with a girl named Sarah and his career is put at risk! It would be called "Oh My Hardo!" and the theme song would be "My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark"

Keisha: hmmm, well I think we need somefin' off teh wall, ya get me? So I still fink my idea is betar, soz Will ily

Naomi: I think Keisha's how do you say... idea is fantastic! I would love to do costuming for it!


Hope: *arrives* Hi guyss! I'm feeling so bad for being not in here anymore. It looks really nice. Anyway, I'll give the results of this challenge. Hola Tribe, a good idea but it's not réally originial. You had to use more development in it which could be a main plot as first? It's going about Freddy. Carrie and Lilly are the other characters but I guess they'll die? Shalom Tribe, the idea is funny. But it needs more storylines. All by all it would be a nice comedy movie. I'll choose Shalom's idea because I love funny movies!

Surfer: Well it looks like Hola is going back to Tribal!

Hope: Sorry, guys! Anyway, it was nice to see you all back! Hopefully I'll meet you all again in the future! *hugs surfer* Byeeeeeee.

Tribal Council 2: Hola Tribe

Surfer: Welcome to tribal! What happened guys?  Vote in the confessional.

Apollo: (CONF) Sorry for being inactive but... Teddy.

Surfer: Achoo!

Teddy: (CONF: I was the only person to try! I have an alliance. So Apollo you are my vote. I hope my alliance is loyal.)

Chandler: (CONF) Sorry man, but I vote for Apollo. 

Surfer: Well, time to tally up the votes. And the person eliminated from Surfer's Survivor is... Apollo. *smashes idol* That was really not impressive, guys. I messaged all of you. Next time, there will be a time limit, and if you don't vote, it will be a self-vote.

Episode 3: The Wicked Amazing Race

Hola Camp

Teddy: Ok team! I want to make something official!, The Tribe Leaders are me, Chandler, and Ursula. If you have any complaints or questions ask us because we run this team! Anyone who disobeys us leaves! (CONF: I would have won last season if I was like this. But they are not in controll. I am. This is my game and Teddy the bear will eat any little bumblebee that gets in my way.

Chandler: Let's try and win the next challenge guys.

Ursula: Sure. *brushes off her robes*

Shalom Camp

Will: Good idea, Keisha.

Keisha: Why thank ya hun', I try. *smiles*

Will: *throwing a ball up in the air* What do you think the next challenge will be? *yawns*

Keisha: *sits down, lent up against a tree* Hopefully something that involves less work, I guess.

Will: That would be nice.

Keisha: *nods in approval*

Will: Where are you from?

Keisha: Well as you can tell, I'm rather ghetto like. I'm from 9th Ward, New Orleans, how 'bout yourself?

Will: Swellview. Richest town in America.

Naomi: I am having the fun here!

Will: Me too! I didn't detect a single bit of improper grammar. *scoff* Genuinely.

Hagakure: Yo, dudes! As the clairvoyant here, let me show ya some tricks if you want me to?

Naomi: I am of the sorry.... I am from Japan and haven't learned properly English.

Will: Did you just say clairvoyant? HARDO!

Hagakure: Hey, ya know, I think I have a right to be confident if I was accepted in the best school this planet's also in Japan, so yeah, pretty cool, right dude? I'm the Ultimate Clairvoyant...or Shaman...or uh, Fortune Teller, you can call me any. Anyway, feast your eyes on this...*pulls out crystal ball* Here, you will see a vision to cheer you up- *a ghost-like spirit exits the ball* AH! NO, I'M AFRAID! *runs behind something to hide*

Will: Whoa. A spirit.

Spirit: 'Ello. I've been preparing to kill ye, Will. Well, I died trying to kill ya, ya see. Remember how you got accepted into your school? I was going to host a despair-inducing event there where you'd die first...but I got the wrong school- but it proved to be better. Now, I'm dead.

Hagakure: HELP! I'M SCARED! Any god of deity, help us all!

Naomi: *makes a dress based off of Hagakure's fear* So much is here for use!

Will: *stares blankly at spirit* Harrrrrdo!

Spirit: Alright. So, I killed your parents. They're dead. And it was soooooo bloody! <3

Hagakure: AHHHH! This isn't natural, dudes- not natural at all! And worst of all I think I know what or who that is- no it can't be! I'm afraid! Any god of deity, please lend us your aid! Please!

Challenge 3 (STARTS TODAY, 2/28, @ 3 PM EST)

Surfer: Welcome to my hometown: Boston. Today you will be running the famed Boston Marathon--or half of it rather (13 lines, repost after 15 mins of no posting). First to finish wins it for their tribe. Survivors Ready? GO!

Will: *runs* (1)

Chandler: *runs*

Will: *runs* (2)

Chandler: *runs*

Surfer: And Chandler and Will take an early lead for their tribes!

Will: *runs* (3)

Teddy: *Runs* (1). Hurry team!!!

Teddy: *Stops* YOU GUYS BETTER HURRY THE @$!& UP!!!!

Will: *runs* (4)

Surfer: What's this? Teddy has STOPPED DEAD IN HIS TRACKS!

Teddy: YOU @$!& BETTER MOVE IT! OR @$&!in LOSE IT!!!!!!!

Will: *runs* (5)

Teddy: TEAM LEADERS STOP!!! *Walks Up To Chandler* This is what I mean the lazy losers do nothing. Back in $urfer Survivor this @$&! would get you eliminated! Once these @$&! make us lose lets vote for *Says Who He Wants Out*.

Will: wtf? *runs* (6)

Teddy: URSULA WE ARE VOTING FOR *Whoever he's voting for*!!!

Will: *runs* What are you doing?

Teddy: I'm doing what's RIGHT for the game!!!

Will: *runs* (8) Well don't come crying to me when you get eliminated.

Teddy: *Laughs* Trust me! I am the greatest player in Surfer Survivor! Don't come crying when I make it to the merge. Then you'll be gone!

Will: *runs* (9) Whatever you say!

Teddy: Watch your back and hide your honey! Because Teddy the bear will eat whoever gets in his way!!!

Will: *runs* Hide my honey?

Teddy: You dumb jock!!!

Will: *runs* I'm so confused... (11)

Teddy: You should be!

Will: *runs* (12) It's not a good thing when chirps are confusing.

Teddy: Ask your team about me so you will know who you are messing with! Once we merge you will be eliminated just like Jack!

Will: *runs* (13) Done!

Surfer: And the Shalom Tribe wins! Hola Tribe, I will be seeing you at Tribal tonight.

Tribal Council 3: Hola

Surfer: While some of your team was inactive, some threw the challenge. Who's headed home?

Teddy: (CONF: Well you guys are probally like that was the stupidest thing ever! The magic about Surfer Survivor 1 is that I had fun torturing everyone. During the pre-chat everyone on the other team seems intresting. I want my alliance to go to the merge and cause hell and have fun doing it. Anyways my alliance is voting for Jack! *Votes Jack*

Chandler: (CONF) Dang we lost. Anyways I vote for Jack. 

Ursula: (CONF) Jack.

Surfer: Jack has been elminated. *smashes his idol*

Episode 4: The Survivor Games

Hola Tribe

Teddy: Chandler! Urula! I got great news! There are only 2 people left to eliminate!!! We are an alliance of 3 so we know 100 percent that we are gonna make the merge. Then we will cause hell.

Shalom Tribe

Will: Ha! That was priceless!

Challenge 4 (STARTS AT 4:00 PM EST ON WEDNESDAY, 3/4)


Surfer: Welcome to the First Annual Surfer's Survivor Hunger Games! To kill someone you must hurt them with a weapon. They will die depending on realistic-ness and how active they are. Survivors ready? GO!

Will: *runs into the Cornucopia*

Naomi: *runs to the forest*

Will: *grabs a sword and a backpack and stabs Apple* (YOU HAVE ONE HOUR TO DO SOMETHING TO HEAL YOURSELF)

Teddy: *Runs To Forest*

Will: *follows Teddy*

Teddy: *Takes 3 Rocks* Hehehe! (CONF: Yeah I am still messing with my tribe. This time I am going to mess with their heads! Litterally) *Writes Vote Regan on the rock* *Looks behind him and notices something is in the bush*

Teddy returns

Teddy: *Throws Large Rock at Regan's Head*

Two cannon shots explode. Regan and Apple are dead. Shalom is down to four, Hola to three.

Will: *returns and slices Chandler's arm* (1.5 hours until you bleed out)

Chandler: *throws large rock at Will*

Will: Agh! *crumples to the ground and dies* (CHANDLER IS STILL BLEEDING!

A third cannon shot explodes and it's a tie!

Teddy: No! *Throws Rock at Chandler's Head*

Chandler falls onto the ground. Someone must heal him within the next 15 minutes or he's a goner. Teddy has one rock left.

A cannon blasts. Chandler is dead and Shalom has a 3-2 lead. Teddy has one rock left.

Hagakure: *grabs a bow-and-arrow* How do you use this thing- *accidentally shoots near/at Teddy depending on what le Surfer says* Wait, no! I don't want to kill! I've seen enough blood for once in a lietime! I'm afraid, god of deity save me! *Runs away*

The arrow hits Teddy in the leg, right near an artery. You have two hours to be healed.

Keisha: *appears from the cornucopia with an assortment of weapons and gear. She sees Teddy lying on the ground* Oh dear hun', I'll put you out of your misery *she stabs him with a large knife, a smirk on her face can be seen*

Ursula: Will my magic work her- *runs to the cornucopia * 

A cannon goes of and Ursula is the last remaining member of the Hola Tribe! Can she come back?

Keisha: *runs from the cornucopia and wrestles Ursula to the ground. She repeatedly stabs her in the chest* Take that!!!!

Ursula: Ahhh! *tries to kick Keisha off but is in pain* D:

Keisha: *continues to stab her repeatedly* Sorry hun'

Ursula: *closes eyes and dies*

Keisha: rip gurl *breathing intensifies*

Surfer: *revives dem all* Looks like Hola loses again! See you at Tribal!


Will: Teddy?? Naomi??


Teddy: *Throws Rock at Regan's head*

Nothing happens, since Regan hasn't left the cornucopia.

Teddy: I must be halucinating *Gets The Rock Back* Regan is at to cornucopia!! *Goes to cornucopia*


Hagakure: *arrives; panting* O-okay...pull yourself together, dude, you can...*thinks he hears footsteps* AH, I'M AFRAID! *hides*

Tribal Council 4: Hola Tribe

Ursula: (CONF) Reagan doesn't do much, I vote her.

Chandler: (CONF) I vote for Reagan. 

Teddy: (CONF: Bye Reagan!)

Surfer: And only three members remain on Hola! *smashes Reagan's idol* You guys better not lose, or this alliance is falling to bits!

Episode 5: All Roads Lead to Rome

Hola Camp

Teddy: Now we shall win the next challenge. Or the alliance is going the be destroyed.

Chandler: Yeah I know. Let's do our best this time!

Shalom Camp

Will: This is sweet!

Naomi: It is of the sweet!

Will: What--I'm not even gonna ask. *lays down*

Challenge (STARTS TOMORROW, 3/5, AT 4 PM EST)

Surfer: Welcome to Rome, home of the famed Circus Maximus. Speaking of which, that is your challenge. You must build a chariot (10 lines, stack as a team) and ride around the track (5 lines, stack as a team). You may repost after fifteen minutes of no posting. Survivors ready? Go!

Will: *builds* (1)

Chandler: *builds* (1)

Chandler: *builds* (2)

Teddy: *builds* (3)

Chandler: *builds* (4) 

Will: *builds* (2)

Chandler: *builds* (5)

Will: *builds* (3)

Chandler: *builds* (6)

Will: *builds* (4)

Chandler: *builds* (7)

Will: *builds* Come on!!! (5)

Naomi: *builds* (6)

Chandler: *builds* (8)

Will: *builds* (7)

Chandler: *builds* (9)

Will: *builds* (8)

Chandler: *builds* (10)

Will: *builds* (9)

Chandler: *runs around track* (1)

Will: *builds* (10) LET'S GO, PEOPLE!

Chandler: *runs around track* (2)

Will: *rides around track* (1)

Chandler: *runs around track* (3)

Will: *rides around track* (2) NO!

Chandler: *runs around track* (4)

Will: *rides around track* (3) My team sucks.

Chandler: *runs around track* (5) We win!

Surfer: Finally, Hola wins! Shalom, I will see you at Tribal.

Tribal Council 5: Shalom

Surfer: Vote!

Will: (CONF) I vote Apple. Is he even alive?

Apple: (CONF) I vote Will. Slay the actives...! (END CONF)

Naomi: (CONF) Bye Apple (CONF)

Hagakure: (CONF) Man, I don't know...I don't really trust Will after the whole 'hardo' thing...the dude's been acting weird for a 'friend'. I guess I'll go with him.

Keisha: (CONF) What a tuff' decish'... Girl bye @Apple

Apple: *Changes all of the votes to Keisha* (CONF) I'm surely safe now...! (END CONF)

Surfer: Apple, what are you doing? *reads votes* Why is Apple crossed out and replaced with Keisha? Well, Apple is voted out 3-2. Sorry, bud. *smashes idol*

Episode 6: Illuminati Confirmed

Hola Camp

Teddy: *Packs up some flint* Congrats team! We will be making the merge soon. Don't mind me I'm just working on a project. *Takes Some Wood To The Forest* (CONF: We are getting close to the merge. I have some big plans for everyone then! It might get me out but the others will be weaker after I make this move. But for now I cannot let anyone know about it. *Evil laughs*)

Teddy returns. 

Teddy: Hey guys I'm back! Sorry for being out for so long. To make it up I got you guys some berries. *Whispers* Look don't eat it all in one day! This should last tou the rest of the season. And according to my plans you will need these! Do not share these with anyone keep it for yourself! Because you will need it.

Shalom Camp

Will: Hardos.

Naomi: I agree with Will we need to hardo this competition. (CONF) Hardo is an American slang word for winning right? (CONF ENDS)

Challenge 6 (STARTS 3/6 AT 4 PM EST)

(Still on the plane)

Surfer: Come on in, guys! Say hello to the new Shalom Tribe: Apple voted out at Tribal. By the way, welcome to the Bermuda Triangle! In celebration of that, today's challenge will be to post the craziest conspiracy theory you can find. Survivor's ready? GO!

Will: Supposedly, Hitler, instead of suiciding, ran off to the Arctic and lived with some aliens there. He still could be alive...

Ursula: Toy Story 3 is based on the holocaust...

Keisha: The moon isn't real... The general theory appears to be that there is something behind the ‘Moon’, but what we see is actually just a giant hologram. The proposed reasoning behind this giant Truman Show-esque illusion doesn’t seem to have been formulated yet, but apparently it’s powered by a massive electrical system. nuff' said tbh

Teddy: You know that Norman guy from ASVU? I think he has a clone or a twin. In episode one of ASVU 10 Norman almost got into a fight with Apollo. In his confessional he stated that he is the best and does not need to use violence to win. And Norman always plays the game on how he thinks he should. Later in the challenge "he" used violence on both Nicholas and Devin. Maybe he did not repeat the joke and it was just his clone or twin. Also when Norman made the fake idol? What if he got left behind and his twin took the idols with him. That explains why Norman was on Pahkitew Island. The other Norman's last appearance was after Sky got eliminated. My final theory is that the violent twin killed Sky because he wanted to be the best and she won TDPI.

Naomi: I have the hearing that maybe we aren't of the real people and are actually of the characters but I doubt is real.



Blake: So Surfer has harrised me into judging -- anyways, no @Hitler, no @Holocaust, no @Norman, no @Wikipedia, so it comes down to Hagakure (*cough* TF), fourth-wall breaker, and Keisha. Based on substance, no @Naomi, and Keisha explained instead of giving a link, so...congrats, Keisha.

Surfer: Hola, I will be seeing you at Tribal.

Tribal Council 6: Hola Tribe

Surfer: You know what to do.

Teddy: (conf) I vote Ursula.

Ursula: (CONF) Teddy

Chandler: (CONF) I vote for Ursula. Sorry :/

Surfer: I'm sorry Ursula, but you have to leave. *smashes idol and Ursula leaves*

Surfer: Teddy, Chandler, congratulations. You have made the merge! Grab your stuff and head back to the NEW tribe: The Terra Tribe. (Latin for Earth). The Shalom Tribe is already there.

Hagakure: I can't handle you all! I'M AFRAID! I quit, let the dudette stay! You all have freaky auras around ya except her! I quit! I'm not throwing my life away to you all!

Surfer: Erm... Ok, well Ursula come back! Welcome to the merge, yadda yadda. Here, take Hagakure's idol. Now GO!

Episode 7: in the Tiki Room

Terra Camp

Chandler: (CONF) Wow I can't believe I made the merge and Ursula is still here! If I win I'll be sure to send Hagakure a little somethin' somethin'.

Will: This is nice.

Chandler: Very much so.

Will: *throws ball to Naomi* Think fast!

Naomi: *catches the ball in her glove hat* Why thanks of you Will!

Will: Can I have it back?

Naomi: *eats ball* What?

Will: *blinks*

Teddy: *Pulls Will to the side and whispers* Look I know that we did not start of as friends but do you want join my alliance?

Will: Erm... Sure, I guess... (CONF) I don't trust him. At all.

Teddy: Look. You will atleast make the final four. I can promise you that but, I have no idea what happens after that. Now I gotta take care of some buisness. *Walks over to Chandler* We need to talk now! *Walks far away from the others* We got what we wanted. Now we need a way to make the end. So the plan is to...(CONF: That was a long talk. Basically what I told him was that the two of us keep the alliance secret. Then the two of us would make a side alliance with one member in it. This would give us a 4 to 2 vote. I told him then it's every man for himself but I can promise that it will not. Yet I do not know what will happen, but something will happen. The best thing is that nobody knows that I am with this person, this person doesnt know that I am with that person, and that person doesn't know that I have control over him. I call it... O.I.P.,Operation Invisible Puppeteers It's the perfect plan! This time I will be unstopable!) *Whispers* I think you should be allied to Naiomi but I will let you decide. Tell me your decision later. I am gonna cause stuff at camp.

Goes back to camp

Teddy: Hello other team! I am Teddy. Those who has seen Surfer Survivor 1 knows who I am. And if you know who I am you will not mess with me unless your'e stupid. So stay out of my way unless you want to get eaten by the Teddy bear!

Keisha: Excuse me... Excuse me!?!?!? Don't you ever talk smack like that bs around us because I can guarantee you won't even make the final four *flips weave and snaps fingers*

Teddy: Look Godess of Ghetto! You have probably never seen Surfer Survivor One. I dominated everyone and if you keep @$!&ing with me you will be just like Brent! Understand? Now shut your #&@&@ $&! up! Next time we argue I won't be so friendly.

Keisha: Boo you hoe. Let me tell you something, did you win? no, so excuse me old timer I don't think someone like you can compare to someone like me or anyone else left in the competition, in your alliance or not. By the way, who is pretty much dominating this game? me/the shalom tribe. So sit on that *flips weave and walks off sassily*

Teddy: *Gets angry* YOU WANNA FIGHT ME THEN!!!?? *Gets held back by camera crew* OH IT IS ON!!! AT FIRST I WANTED URSULA OUT BUT I HAVE A CHANGE IN MY PLAN!!!

Keisha: Bitch you tripping, you ain't got nothing on this *her brute strength is too much for the production crew to handle and she tackles Teddy to the ground, repeatedly slapping him across the face*

Teddy: I'll have you gone from life and the game!!! *Uses all his strength to beat the @$&! out of Keisha* YOU @$!&

Keisha: oh em gee gurrllll ur $o $trong... *she pins Teddy down to the floor so that he's unable to move, gets her phone out and takes a selfie* Beatin' up a guy liek, he's so weak xoxo - That's my caption what do you think Teddy?

Teddy: *Goes full bear mode* AAHHHHH!!!! *Jumps up and lands on feet* IT AINT OVER!!! *Throws Keisha on the floor* What should I caption that? *Picks up Keisha by choking her and drops her back on the ground really hard*

Keisha: I could kill you right now but I'll be the better person... *she walks away and cusses at Teddy by sticking her middle finger up at him as she leaves*


Surfer: Sorry for the extremely late start. Anyways, welcome to the merge, everyone! *the six contestants cheer* OK, so welcome to Hawaii! Your challenge is to run to the platform (5 lines), grab the tiki pieces (3 lnes), run to the pedestal (5 lines), and assemble the tike (2 lines). Survivors ready? GO!

Keisha: *runs to platform* (1)

Chandler: *runs to platform*

Keisha: *runs to platform* (2)

Teddy: *Runs to platform*

Chandler: *runs to platform*

Keisha: *runs to platform* (3)

Chandler: *runs to platform*

Keisha: *runs to platform* (4)

Chandler: *runs to platform*

Keisha: *runs to platform* (5)

Chandler: *runs to platform*

Keisha: *grabs tiki piece* (1)

Chandler: *grabs tiki piece*

Keisha: *grabs tiki piece* (2)

Chandler: *grabs tiki piece*

Keisha: *grabs tiki piece* (3)

Chandler: *grabs tiki piece*

Keisha: *runs to pedestal* (1)

Chandler: *runs to pedestal*

Keisha: *runs to pedestal* (2)

Teddy: *Runs to platform*

Chandler: *runs to pedestal*

Keisha: *runs to pedestal* (3)

Teddy: *Runs to platform*

Chandler: *runs to pedestal*

Keisha: *runs to pedestal* (4)

Chandler: *runs to pedestal*

Keisha: *runs to pedestal* (5)

Chandler: *runs to pedestal*

Keisha: *assembles the tiki* (1)

Chandler: *assembles tiki*

Keisha: *assembles the tiki* (2)

Chandler: *assembles tiki* Done

Surfer: Keisha wins! She is immune from the voting tonight.

Tribal Council 7

Surfer: Welcome to your first post-merge tribal. Vote for anyone but Keisha.

Keisha: (CONF) Well my vote is obvious so Teddy, duh! *snaps fingers*

Ursula: (CONF) Teddy.m

Teddy:(CONF: Keisha you would be gone. I decided that my alliance will eliminte Ursula. She obviously is against me and Chandler. I hope my alliance votes with me.)

Naomi: (CONF) Most shameful Teddy must leave.

Will: (CONF) As much as I would love to be in your alliance... *votes Teddy*

Surfer: It looks like the villain Teddy is gone! *smashes idol* Five remain. Who will rise? Who will fall? Find out next!

Teddy: You all are making a huge mistake! How could you vote me out before that @$!# Chandler! I mean he @$&#in won a season already!!! Keisha go back in the hood and stay because there is no way you are going to win this game! And Will you are just not going to win because you @$&!#in suck!!! Naiomi, I don't know anything about you but I know that you aren't going to win! Ursula you are just dumb! Me and Chandler would have booted off your wannabe a**, if it wasn't for that @$!#! I hate all of you!! I hope a twist gets one of the returning contestants to win! Some of you don't even do anything but be @$!&in boring!!! Oh and Surfer, *looks at camera* It was wolves that got me injured. I'm suing so I'll get the million! You all are terrible at this game!!! Next time I play I will put everyone's life in danger! I'll see you all later.

Interns: *drag Teddy away*

Surfer: *looks at nails* Good thing this show isn't live...

Episode 8: Queen Zilla

Terra Camp

Chandler: Kinda glad and relieved that Teddy's gone. 

Challenge 8 (STARTS TOMORROW, 3/11, @5 PM EST)

Surfer: Welcome, contestants, to the Big Apple! Today your challenge is--

*The contestants hear a boom, followed by a roar and screams*

Surfer: Whoa! It's the famous Queen Zilla, wife of King Kong, climbing the Empire State Building! You guys need to stop it! This challenge is role-play based, so be active! Go find something to defeat the monster, and then GET TO THAT EMPIRE STATE BUILDING!

Will: Let's go, guys! *runs down the street*

Chandler: *runs down the street*

Will: Chandler, we need to find something to fight Queen Zilla. The rest of you, try to keep him from getting to the top.

Chandler: *grabs a giant log* How about this?

Will: Works for me! Now let's go!

Keisha: Why not just use my hairspray and lighter? Duh *appears from the stair well of the building, out of breath*

Chandler: *runs with log* Ugh this is heavy!

Will: *helps*

Chandler: *swings log at monster* Take this you fiend!

Keisha: Gurrrlll, you need to learn a little thing called respect. *stands on the edge of the buildings rooftop, flicks the flint to generate the flame on the lighter, and sprays the hairspray within the flame's direction.*

Ursula: Ummm.... I will use a spell that guarantees good luck! *points finger at Keisha* :D

Chandler: *swings log again* You're a tough monster!

Naomi: *takes pictures off trees and other things*

Chandler: *builds armor* Gotta protect myself!

Chandler's log strikes the monster, but he hangs on, barely. Keisha's attack is the crushing blow, and Queen Zilla falls.

Surfer: *panting* Well it looks like Chandler and Keisha win immunity!

Tribal Council 8

Surfer: Vote someone besides Keisha and Chandler!

Keisha: (CONF) Naomi, I guess...

Ursula: (CONF) Naomi.

Will: (CONF) Ursula and Naomi did barely anything to help... And they are both really hardo... But I think Naomi is pretty funny, so I vote Ursula.

Chandler: (CONF) I vote Naomi. 

Surfer: And the people in the final four are... Chandler, Keisha, Will and... Ursula! Naomi, it's time for you to leave. *smashes idol*

Episode 9: Fabulous Four

Terra Camp

Will: (CONF) Victory is so close, I can taste it. (END CONF) So, how's everyone doing?

Ursula: I'm doing just fine. *reads a book*

Will: You're in the final four of Surfer's Survivor... And your reaction is to read a book? HARDO!!!!!

Ursula: Please leave me alone, mort- um, Will.

Keisha: Gurll, wot' u doin' that for? And I'm gud dear, thnx for askin'

Will: Why don't you leave me alone, LOSER! *puts hand up for high-five from Keisha*

Ursula: I will cast a spell on you if you lay your hands on me.

Keisha: Preach gurll! *High-fives Will*

Will: I will ignore you, because like you can actually do spells.

Ursula: Of course I can.

Keisha: Don't waste ur breath hun', let her believe what she wants to... *walks off*

Will: Whatever. *rolls eyes*

Challenge 9 (STARTS AT 2 PM EST)

Surfer: Sorry for lateness. Welcome to Prague, the fashion capital of the world! Today's challenge is to link me to a picture of the most beautiful dress you can find. Survivor's ready? GO!

Keisha: Okay guys, I don't mean 2 brag or nothin' but liek, my dress is fierce

Chandler: I really like this wedding dress

Will: Here you go!

Ursula: Katniss's Mockingjay dress.... So magical. Mockingjay1.png.jpg

Hagakure: Why am I here, dude? I don't want to be here! There's only like one sane person here! But, um, fine, just none of you touch me you serial killers! Uh...uh...well, to be honest...Will's is too plain, dude. The other this is tough, man. Well, what does my crystal ball have to say? Y'know it was Napoleon's, George Washington's, and a couple of other guys's before- oh, here we go! *looks into it* I see...Keisha's dress getting a bronze...and...Chandler's getting a silver. I guess that means Ursula wins? It's probably just for the cool-looking wings or whatever, but it did look nice to me anyway! Now if you'll excuse me...*runs away screaming*

Surfer: Well it seems that Ursula is safe! Last time I ever let that boy on my show... See you four at tribal.

Tribal Council 9

Surfer: Four will be three in just a few minutes.

Will: (CONF) Chandler, who won season 2, is a huge threat.

Chandler: (CONF) I vote for Will. (At this point I don't think the host should still be in gg).

Ursula: (CONF) Will is annoying. (agreed @ACTN)

Will: Wait, stop. I quit. Lacrosse season is starting. I gotta go. *runs away*

Surfer: Well it looks like the tribe has spoken...? *smashes idol*

Episode 10: Following the Maps that Lead to You

Terra Camp

Challenge 10 (STARTS TODAY AT 4 PM EST)

Surfer: Oops @forgetfullness. Anyways, you may notice that you are blindfolded. You have to figure out what city we are in from this puzzle:

  1. This is Canada's second biggest city by population.
  2. This US city is home to the world's largest children's museum.
  3. In 2010, this Georgian city was rated the 7th most visited US city with 35 million yearly visitors.
  4. Disney recently made a movie about a town predominately made of immigrants where the children discover Cross Country and excel at that sport. What was the name of the town? Hint: __________ USA.
  5. What state is Chicago located in? (lol)

The first letters of each answer will spell out the solution. So if the answers began with p, u, p, p, and y, then the answer would be PUPPY. Survivors ready? GO!

Chandler: Miami? 

Surfer: And Chandler has made the finale two times in a row!!! But now it's time to find out who's going with him.

Tribal Council 10

Sirfer: Chandler, who will be going to the finale with you? 

Chandler: This is a tough decision Surfer, but I'll take Keisha. Sorry Ursula! 

Surfer: Sorry Ursula. You came so close, but the tribe has spoken. *smashes idol and Ursula leaves* Chandler, Keisha, congratulations on making it this far. These are your Surfer's Survivor finalists!!

Episode 11: One Final Flight

Former Contestants

Will: Hey guys!

Hope: Oh my gosh, I'm back. Why was I eliminated so fast, whyyyyyy? *cries on the ground*

Will: *mouths "Hardo!"*

Hagakure: Are you kidding me? Ursula was the only non-serial killer here...all of you get away from me! Don't look at me! Don't touch me! Just go! *backs away*

Will: Do I even have to say hardo?

Surfer: You guys can go vote at Tribal Council at any point. Keep interacting here though ;)

Teddy: Will you betrayed me!! *Throws him on the ground* Now the ghetto trash or the person who already won will win!


Chandler: Wow I can't believe I'm in the finale again. How do you feel Keisha?

Keisha: I think I'm in love with you baby, thank you so much for bringing me to the final with you<3 much love dear *hugs him* 

Chandler: Anytime dear :)

Final Tribal Council

Surfer: Vote who you want TO WIN!!!

Will: (CONF) Chandler has made it to the finale twice in a row. Can I get a hardo? *votes Keisha*

Teddy:(CONF: Chandler didn't vote for me. Chandler wins! *Votes Chandler*)

Hagakure: (CONF) Huh. Hmm...wait, I know! I'll determine it on a coin toss! *flips coin* Uh...heads...oh dang, I didn't assign anyone to anything! Okay heads Keisha, tails Chandler...*flips again* tails. Yeah, I vote for the dude then. He seems nice, I guess.

Hope: (CONF) If I remember, Chandler didn't picked me on episode 1 to be in his team which caused my elimination. I vote Keisha! *giggles and votes Keisha* (END CONF)

Ursula: (CONF) Keisha has magical potential... I vote her.

Apollo: (CONF) Keisha >

Surfer: And the winner by a vote of 5-2 is Keisha! Congrats to both of you -- Keisha for winning in your debut season and Chandler for making it to the finale two consecuteive times. See you guys next time when Fans take on Favorites in the Bahamas on Surfer's Survivor 4!

Keisha: I would like to fank all of y'all at teh academy for presenting me this gorgeous cheque. I would also liek to fank my fellow competitioners in their hard work and attempt at beating the one true kween. I would also liek to fank my mother AshwanabufontaQuiballafondellaRaquandaLaquishaBonishateashaBufoineTrellaniquequandrea for always being there for me in my time of desperation, as well as my 20 brothers and sisters; Coco, Bon'Qui Qui, Tyrell, Khadijah, Shaniqua, Little Baby Rue, DaDiamond, BiQuaysa, Hajanae, Jafari, Madrid, FriedChickeneisha, Phaedra, Zimbabwe, Tycia, Ewok, Trishelle, Marjorie, Obama and GloZell, I love you all. *runs away with cheque*

Will: I once knew someone named FriedChickeneisha.

Keisha: Imma add this 2 instagram!