Twenty cast-mates, a few weeks, and an island. This is Survivor, MabelPinkiePieStyle. The contestants will be split into two tribes, and will compete in challenges. The winning team will get a reward, and the loosing team will vote someone out at the dramatic tribal council. Halfway through the competition, the teams will merge, and it's everyone for themeselves. Once we reach the final 3, there will be a jury vote, and whoever gets the most votes will be voted the winner of Survivor, and will claim an undisclosed prize.

Sign Up Sheet (CLOSED)

  • Name: Carrie. Age: 26. Gender: Female. Stereotype: The Crazy Hose Beast. User: MabelPinkiePieStyle.

Signing up is as easy as that, and you may have up to two characters per user.

  1. Name: Quince. Age: 24. Gender: Male. Stereotype: The One Who Wants To Be Well-liked. User:Miniapollo17
  2. Name: Emily. Age: 22. Gender: Female. Stereotype: The Hippy. User: Miniapollo17
  3. Name: Hillary. Age: 24. Gender: Female. Stereotype: The Leader. User: MabelPinkiePieStyle
  4. Name: Maxis. Age. 23. Gender: Male. Stereotype: The Overly Religious Nut. User: MabelPinkiePieStyle.
  5. Name: Norma. Age: 20. Gender: Female. Stereotype: The Beauty Sweetheart. User: TDWTFAN_5
  6. Name: Valarie. Age: 18. Gender: Female. Stereotype: The Wannabe Teenager. User: HappyMittens
  7. Name: Vincent. Age: 18. Gender Male. Stereotype: The Overwelmed Goth. User: HappyMittens
  8. Name: Mick. Age: 21. Gender: Male. Stereotype: The Rock and Roller. User: Koolkman76
  9. Name: Troy "Troyzan" Age: 25. Gender: Male. Stereotype: The Crazy-Awesome Super Fan Photographer. User: Survivor321
  10. Name: Chris. Age: 24. Gender: Male. Stereotype: The Laid Back Guy. User: Survivor321
  11. Name: Buford. Age: 25. Gender: Male. Stereotype: The Bully & Professional Wrestler. User: Buford's Lair
  12. Name: Monty: Age: 22. Gender: Male. Stereotype: The YouTube Star. User: Buford's Lair
  13. Name: Andrea. Age: 18. Gender: Female. Stereotype: The Tactical Hot Chick. User: Liamliamliam
  14. Name: Nissan. Age: 17. Gender: Female. Stereotype: The Miss I-Am-Best. User: MRace2010
  15. Name: Phillip. Age: 18. Gender: Male. Stereotype: The Tireless Traveller. User: MRace2010
  16. Name: Linda Age: 15 Gender: Male. Stereotype: The girly boy User: Misterunknown.
  17. Name: Mandy. Age 14 Gender: Female. Stereotype: the I don't care girl. User: Misterunknown.
  18. Name: Falco, Age 26, Gender: Male, Stereotype: The Smart Sucker, User: BlazeHead 51
  19. Name: Toby, Age 19, Gender: Male, Stereotype: The Stick-Up, User: BlazeHead 51 (WINNER!)
  20. Name: Thomas, Age 18, Gender: Male, Stereotype: The Rich Guy, User: Xroshearts (Replaces Lexi in ep 3)


  • No swearing.
  • No Godplaying, or cheating.
  • No quitting, unless necessary.
  • Please do not insult other users.
  • Do not edit past episodes.
  • Don't play as other characters.
  • Please do not complain.
  • If you are inactive for more than three or more episodes in a row, you may be eliminated or replaced by another user who would like to be in, at the host's discresion.

Elimination Table

Episode 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Eliminated Valarie Quince Monty Buford Phillip Vincent Thomas Andrea Troy Chris Hillary Maxis Nissan
Place Voter 5/10 7/10 5/9 7/8 /9 Banned 6/7 5/7 4/6 5/11 5/10 /9 AutoOut
7th Emily None Phillip Andrea Mandy Falco Maxis Falco
4th Falco Phllip None Andrea Chris Hillary Maxis Mick
5th/6th Linda Valerie None Andrea Toby Hillary Norma Mick
2nd Mandy Valarie None Andrea Norma Hillary Norma Mick
9th Maxis Phillip Phillip Andrea Chris Hillary Norma
6th/5th Mick None None Buford Thomas None None Toby Maxis Falco
8th Nissan Quince Monty Buford Thomas Troy Chris None Maxis None
3rd Norma Quince Monty Buford Thomas Troy None Falco None Falco
1st Toby Quince Monty Buford Thomas Troy Chris Hillary Maxis Mick
10th Hillary Quince Monty Buford Thomas Troy Chris Maxis
11th Chris Valarie Phillip None None
12th Troy Quince Monty Buford Thomas None
13th Andrea Valerie None None
14th Thomas None None Buford Toby
15th Vincent Phillip None Banned
16th Phillip Valarie None
17th Buford Quince None None
18th Monty Quince None
19th Quince Nissan
20th Valerie Phillip
Place Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
16th Phillip LOW WIN WIN OUT
17th Buford SAFE SAFE OUT
18th Monty SAFE OUT
19th Quince OUT
20th Valerie OUT

Day One


MPPS: Hello, this is MabelPinkiePieStyle, and I'm bringing you the first season of Survivor! Let's wait as our contestants will join as shortly. Alright, we have our first two contestants!

Norma: Hello!! I feel very pleased to meet you, my name is Norma...

MPPS: Welcome, Norma!

Hillary: Hello, contestants. I will lead my team to success!

Maxis: Nope, God will aid us all, or those who are willing to accept him.

MPPS: Who said anything about teams? Jk, there are.

Norma: I just hope my teammates to play a clean game, just like I'm planning to play.

MPPS: It'll be crazy, this is a reality show!

Norma: Reality shows are so lovely!! Can't wait to see the first couple!! (CONF: Hopefully, I'll be in that couple :P)

Emily: Hello everyone! *Puts on a "Be green!" hat.

Quince: Yeah, I can't wait to see the couple, either! (CONF: Am I being liked enough?)

Norma: Wow! Seems like there's a treehugger!! Hello! :D

Hillary: Good day, campers. (CONF: I will succeed, and no one will stop me. Not even man candy.)

Emily: Actually, we prefer to be called tree savers. But, anyways, hi!

Maxis: Jesus is all around us, in food... drinks... trees, everything.

Quince: Raise your hand if you like me!(CONF: Do you like me? D:)

Maxis: *does nothing*

Hillary: *raises hand, but doesn't like him* (CONF: I don't like anyone here, but I need to win.)

Emily: *Raises hand*

Quince: Maxis, you don't like me?

Mick: *Walks off boat and smashes guitar* "I've got tons more of those..."

MPPS: That's interesting...

Troyzan: *sprints off the boat and does a few backlips* I can't believe I'm actually on Survivor! I've waited all my life for this oppurtunity! (CONF) When I stepped off the boat, I almost felt as if I was dreaming what I dream every single frickin' day of my life! TO ACTUALLY BE ON SURVIVOR! This feels so surreal, I need someone to pinch me! *pinches himself* Ow! *pinches himself again* Ow!

Maxis: He's controlled by Satan! *pulls out holy water and throws it at him* THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELLS YOU!

Hillary: (CONF: I really need an alliance member)

Troyzan: *wipes the water off of his drenched body, and angrily glares at Maxis* Hey, what the h*** was that for you idiot?!

Mick:(CONF: I'm not afraid of losing I know I'll win once I win I'm going to buy more guitars to smash!!!)

Quince: Troyzan, is it? Do you like me as a friend?

Troyzan: Ugh..yeah, I guess.

Chris: *casually walks off the boat* What's up guys? (CONF) So I decided to sign up for one of these reality shows! Overall, everyone seems...interesting so far. If I can make a few good friends, I won't regret a thing!

Maxis: *splashes more holy water* AH! SATAN IS GETTING MORE POWERFUL! *cowers in fear, while praying to God for his survival*

Troyzan: *wipes himself off yet again, then inquires to Maxis* Dude...did you forget to take your meds this morning?

Maxis: God, please offer me protection from this unholy beast! *crawls away from Troyzan*

Chris: *rolls his eyes* I'm surrounded by basket-cases!

Troyzan: You're telling me!

MPPS: In all honesty, I'm surrounded by basket cases. 6 more campers to go.

Hillary: Get up, Maxis, and stop acting like a moron.

Quince:*Whispers to Troyzan* I think Hilary likes you... go check her out. (CONF: Now Maxis will like me if I make Troy the "Demon" go away.)

Troyzan: (CONF) Maxis is a very peculiar guy. Whenever I act even a bit enthusiastic, he claims I'm a "demon", "Satan", you name it! I honestly think he's an undiagnosed schizophrenic! (NON-CONF) *wipes sweat off his forehead* I'm hot and I need a break from "El Loco"! I'm hitting the lagoon! Anyone can feel free to join me! *throws off his shirt and sprints off*

Chris: I'm game! *does the same*

Mick: *smashes head on guitar*, "ROARS!"

Maxis: He's possessed!

Hillary: If you don't get up, your face is going to be possessed by my FIST!

Troyzan: *at the top of an incredibly high cliff, moves back, runs forward, then does a backflip into the water* Yahooo!! *Lands with a splash and swims around* What do you give that, guy who's name I don't know!?

Chris: 8 or 9?! And it's Chris! *backs up, and runs forward* YEAAAAAAHH!!!! *cannonballs off* AWOOOOOOOOO!!!! *makes a large splash in the water, resurfaces, and spits out a mouthful of water*

Troyzan: Blegh! And it's Troy, or "Troyzan", with emphasis on the ZAN!

Chris: Cool nickname brah! Anyway, that Maxis kid is driving me insane! I wish there was a mute button for him!

Troyzan: I know right?! I honestly want to ducktap his mouth shut before I'm admitted to an insane asylum!

Quince: *running to cliff* Wait up, friends!

Troyzan: *to Quince* Hop on in! You're just in time for the "Super-Awesome Totally Tropical Natural Pool Party!" Hosted by yours truly, Troyzan Robertson, with emphasis on the ZAN!

Maxis: *sneaks over to the over to the boys* Devils...

Troyzan: *to Maxis* No need to be crabby Maxy boy! If you take a dip in the drink, you'll be a changed man by tommorow! Dive in, the water's a heated 85!

Quince:*Hops in* Come on, Maxis, you're going to spend a while of this season with us, so go ahead and jump on in!

Maxis: Shut it. *dips his foot into the water* I hate your swimsuits.

Quince: Well, on the other hand I like yours!

Mick: *Smashed guitar on Maxis head* Goodness your worse than The Beach Boys...

Maxis: Homosexuality is a sin, have you read the bible? *glares, and is knocked out by the guitar from Mick, and falls into the water unconscious.*

Troyzan: How could he NOT like the "Corona" with stripes one?! It's a classic!

Chris: We're not gay, and even if we were, he has a lot of f****** nerve to diss gay people!

Maxis: *is drowning underwater*

Mick: *Jumps in saves him*

MPPS: What a violent cast.... just four more contestants, and we can start the game!

Mick:(CONF: "Well what can I say, I felt bad for him." *Flips hair epicly*)

Maxis: Wow, thanks Mick. *coughs out water*

Troyzan: (CONF) I probably should have tried to save Maxis, even if he was annoying me very much!

Quince: *Claps* Go Mick! (CONF: He beat me to it! Now I might not be liked by him, as a friend!)

Maxis: I'm going, stupid Anti-Christs! *walks off to other contestants*

Chris: Party pooper! (CONF) He needs to relax!

Mick: *plays loud guitar riff* (CONF) "Well I do need to practice"

Hillary: Back so soon, Maxis?

Maxis: Shut it! *goes off to pray*

Troyzan: Hey Hilary! Come on in! The water's fine!

Hillary: *takes off clothes, and is in her bikini and dives into the water* This is nice.

Troyzan: I know right!? This is the coolest pool party ever!

Hillary: It's party now, since Maxis is gone. *blushes*

Troyzan: (CONF) Hilary is the hottest chick I have ever met! She also has a personality too!

Chris: Yeah, that's for sure!

Mick: *Starts playing song on a guitar*

Quince: If I win, I'm going to split my money with everyone! What about the rest of you?

Hillary: *dives into the water* Woohoo! I haven't decided what I'd do with it if I won, possibly pay for my University degree, then share the rest.

MPPS: Don't get too crazy, once four more people join, teams will form, and there will be a challenge.

Mick: If I win I'm buying everyone guitars!

Hillary: Um... okay then.

Troyzan: I'll probably use mine to make my own TV Show, since I already earned my degree.

Mick: *Plays guitar quietly in the awkwardness*

Norma: I like how you play the guitar...*winks* (CONF: I Truly want to know in which tribe I will be..)

Hillary: You're pretty good, Mick. A bit off tune, but pretty good.

MPPS: Three more campers... SUSPENSE!

Troyzan: (CONF) I don't think that Mick is that good a guitar player! An armless beagle could probably play better than he can!

Monty: *starts recording* Hey! It's Monty! Remeber about last week's video? This week's will be way much better. I will be competing in Survivor (MPPS). Watch me win. Hope you guys root for me. Bye! See You Next Week! *stops recording* And We're Clear! *uploads video* Oh, Hi Guys.

Philip: is the place...hi..

Nissan: Hi losers!

Troyzan: Welcome to the shindig! I'm Troy or Troyzan, with emphasis on the ZAN!

Chris: And I'm Chris! The guy WITHOUT a cool nickname!

Troyzan: (CONF) Having been an avid Survivor viewer for all of my life, I realize now that I need to form an alliance. I need to find some people who will do absolutely anything I say! The only question is...who?

Norma: Why don't you like your name Chris? (CONF: I Love my name!! It's a tribute to Marilyn Monroe, whose real name is Norma! :D)

Chris; I like it, I just don't have a cool nickname for it! (CONF) My parents named me after the late Chris Farley. I've seen his work, and all he does is run around screaming like an idiot, but at the same time, he's kinda funny.

Andrea: Hello Guys :D

Norma: HiHi!! :D Nice to meet you!!

Troyzan: Hey there! I'm Troy or Troyzan with emphasis on the ZAN!

Chris: And I'm Chris! The guy with a boring nickname!

Norma: When will start the competition?? I mean..isn't the cast full already?

Troyzan: When the lazy host gets off their bum!

Norma: (CONF: Go on...I'm getting bored and nobody is speaking...I hope action starts soon..)

Emily: (CONF: I sure hope I stay in for a while, I'm playing for nature!)

Nissan: (CONF: I hope all these guys get out of my way, specially the ones who posted up me z.z)

Phillip: (CONF: The place seems nice, and the others too. Let's hope to go well here, uh...)

Troyzan: (CONF) Maybe I could potentially use Maxis into voting for whoever I want! He fits all of the qualifications of the stereotypical lackey! Dumb, loyal, and incredibly naive! He'd be perfect! But I need to convince him to join me!

Norma: (CONF: C'mon please...announce the teams already :/ )

Mick: (CONF: The hosts are slower than The Rolling Stones releasing their new singles back in the day)

Norma: Hi Mick!!

Mick: "Hey Babe" *filps hair*

Norma:  *Winks* How are you?

Emily: *Giving random intern long lectuure about keeping the environment clean*

Norma: HiHi treesaver! :D

Emily: Hello!

Troyzan: Hey! I'm Troy or Troyzan with emphasis on the ZAN!

Chris: And I'm Chris, the guy WITHOUT a cool nickname!

Emily: Chris, why don't I give you a nickname then, how about... Cristo? Or you could even have Kristoff! Which would you prefer?(CONF: Man, everyone here seems nice so far!)

Chris: Hmm...Cristo will do for now as a temporary one! (CONF) At least SOMEONE finally gives me a cool nickname! But nothing can be Troyzan! THAT is a cool nickname!

Emily: So, anyone have a clue what the first challenge will be?

Norma: To tell the truth nope...Because the hosts isn't appearing...not even a signal...nothin'...

Quince: I hope the first challenge is easy.

Lexi: *Walks off boat* "Sorry I'm late the driver was drinking while boating" she said shyly.

Emily: You didn't  miss much, I have a feeling a challenge won't start in a while.

Troyzan: Same! The host must have had their feet glued to the floor!

Quince:(CONF: So far, I have a feeling I'm not leaving a good impression on many people. I'll have to try harder to be liked, then!) TroyZAN, you look great!

Okay, teams for the season are... well... you can name the teams later, but they are right now... The Purple team is... Andrea, Chris, Emily, Falco, Linda, Mandy, Maxis, Phillip, Valarie and Vincent! The rest, Buford, Lexi, Hillary, Mick, Monty, Nissan, Norma, Quince, Toby and Troy are the orange team! Now, they will both vote vote one member from their team.

Purple Team Vote

MPPS: Purple team, vote! (Check the elim table if you are unsure of your team.)

Maxis: I vote... I don't know, Phillip...

Falco: completely random vote, i vote for Phillip.

Andrea: Valerie is an ugly name. DROP DEAD VALERIE


Mandy: pff like I care who is gonna be voted out as long as isn't me.. I vote off Valarie

Philip:'s....O.o....yeah sorry i vote you

Valerie: I vote Philip.

Vincent: Philip not my type, so I vote him.

Chris: I vote for Valarie

Emily: I vote for air pollution, since I can't decide on anyone.

Valerie: Oh No. Now I have to be elimanated. Since I have 5 votes against me and Emily won't vote. *inhales*

MPPS: Valarie... is gone.

Orange Team Vote

MPPS: Orange team, vote.

Hillary: I vote Quince. He's a try hard.

Toby: uhh...sorry but i vote for Quince.

Norma: I love my team's colour ^^ it represents happiness and energy ^^...By the ways..I vote for Quince.

Nissan: Um..yeah. Anyhow, since i won't like him surely and he'll get in my way i vote Quince

Buford: I VOTE QUINCE!!! *beats him up*

Monty: O_O I vote Quince. Srry :(

Troyzan: My vote goes to Quince. I'm sorry dude, but it's the majority's choice. Neverthless, you need to stop trying so hard to be liked. You already have all the qualities for people to fawn all over you! Build up some confidence when you go home, and remember to thank Troyzan Robertson, with emphasis on the ZAN!

Quince: I can't decide! If I vote off this person, he'll hate me, and if I vote off this person, she'll hate me! I vote... hmm... *Draws random name out of a hat* (I actually did random for this* Nissan. Sorry!

MPPS: With the majority vote, Quince is gone.

Day 2


Hillary: It's so nice, today.

Emily: Poor Valerie, and... whoever the other guy was.(CONF: So, I survived the first day. Go me!)

Troyzan: Quince really needed to not annoy everybody, so it was kinda his fault that he was voted out. (CONF) I'm not trying to be a sociopath when I compete in this game, but I need to have some disregard for feelings when I'm participating. If I get too invested with the contestants, then I'll become distracted from my tactics and strategies, and that would be detrimental to my game. I need to pretend to be everybody's friend while not giving a rat's *** about anybody, and I need to create a cult revolving around me! If I can convince everyone that I'm the next coming of Christ, then everyone will do everything I say! I bet if I told someone to jump off a cliff, they would do it because they would love me so much! *laughs* It will be like taking candy from a baby! There's no challenge involved at all, since I am Troyzan, with emphasis on the ZAN!

Emily: I just noticed you were on my team, Cristo!

Chris: True that!

Norma: I like my team!! ^^ But I truly wanted to be with you, Emily.. (CONF: Yipee! I managed to survive the first day!!..I wonder what today's challenge will be about..) By the ways...Should we pick a name for our team Troy?

Troyzan: I say we name it Diablo! It's a very catchy name!

Emily: Thanks, Norma! Now we wait for a challenge.


MPPS: For our first challenge... contestants must... Come up with the best team name, and making a pretty logo for it will score you bonus points. Winning team for this, will have an advantage in the next part of the challenge. A HUGE advantage.

MPPS: Guys, not much time left... Be quick and decide on the team name, because you're going to need this advantage.

Orange Team's Challenge

Nissan: Uh, what about Flamehawks?

Troyzan: Forget my dumb old name, I say we go with that! (CONF) I actually thought the new team name was really lame, but I'm ***-kissing to not look like a tool.

Hillary: That's sounds pretty good.

Purple Team's Challenge

Philip: I don't really know what to say, but what about the Tireless Travelers?

Emily: Purple Puppies!

Maxis: I've got it... God's Nation!

Emily: Fine then, I'll change my suggestion to the Iris of glories!

Maxis: No! God's Nation! What are you, the Anti-Christ?

Emily: But Iris of glory sounds cool! We could be nicknamed Iggy for short!

Maxis: Oh, fine... ): I hate you all

Chris: How about Conquistador!

Maxis: Nah, Iris of Glories, we all agreed on that, so stop being an Anti-Christ!

Chris: Fine, I'll agree with that! *to Maxis* Listen dude, *whispering* Why don't we make an alliance in this game? I promise I'll take you to the end.

Maxis: *to him* I don't know, you're quite Satanic.

Chris: I promise you I'll take you to the end!


MPPS: I chose not to judge the challenge, because it might be biased, don't know why, but yolo. So I asked a special friend, Leon, who said Iris of Glories sounded cooler... so they win the advantage for part two! Part two is to run across the beach. It takes 15 lines to win, but the purple team only has to do ten lines! Start now!

Hillary: *runs* (1)

Chris: *runs*

Troyzan: *runs*

Emily: *Runrs*(2)

Hillary: *runs* (2)

Maxis: *runs* (1)

Emily: *Runs* (Either 2 or 4, based on if the lines count for ourselves or for the team?)

Troyzan: *runs* (2(

Chris: *runs* (2)

Emily: *Runs* (3)

Chris: *runs* (3)

Troyzan: *runs* (3)

Emily:*Runs* (4)

Troyzan: *runs* (4)

Chris: *runs* (4)

Hillary: *runs* (3) (2, because lines count for themselves, but first person to finish wins for their team)

Emily: *Runs*(5)

Chris: *runs* (5)

Troyzan: *runs* (5)


Maxis: *runs* (2)


Chris: *runs*

Troyzan: *runs*

Hillary: *runs* (3)

Troyzan: *runs*

Chris: *runs*


Chris: *runs*

Troyzan: *runs*


Chris: *runs*

Troyzan: *runs*

Emily:*Runs* We win!

Chris: *runs* Wohoo!!!!

Troyzan: *runs* Oh man!

Emily: Good job, Cristo!

Chris: Thanks Emily! *whispers* Wanna join my alliance?

MPPS: Iris of Glories... Win! Flamehawks or whatever, elimination time!

Emily: Yeah, I'll join if you don't backstab me.

Chris: Deal (CONF) I've just secured an ally, and I might have another one as well. I would say my position in the game is pretty good right now, so I hope it stays like that.

Flamehawks Vote (1)

Troyzan: (CONF) I vote for Monty tonight. He hasn't done anything to help our team, and at this stage in the game, contribution is crucial. Mont, go home.

Hillary: (CONF) My alliance has decided, and Monty, it is time for you to go. You're not helpful at all, and you are just dragging us down to the bottom.

Norma: (CONF) I'm part of the Barbecue Alliance ^^ It's so cool to be with Hillary and Troy :D By the ways my vote goes to Monty, sorry little guy, is nothing personal!

Toby: (CONF) sorry Monty, but i'm voting for you, sorry again dude.

Nissan: (CONF) See? My team names pwn hard! Nobody has a chance. Anyhow, i have to vote Monty the monty since he wont let us win. Bye guy (and sorry if i didn't partecipate, i coudn't >.<)

MPPS: And with that... Monty is the third person eliminated from Survivor, MPPS!

Day 3


MPPS: Due to Lexi's inactivity, Thomas, who is 18, and a rich guy, will be debuting, and taking her place officially, NOW!

Mick: Thomas do you know any chords on the guitar?

Thomas: A bit.

Mick: Nice... (CONF: I like this guy.)

Hillary: Welcome to the competition, Thomas is it? (CONF: Don't need him, but he could be an asset to my alliance.)

Thomas: Yeah! (CONF: Okay so yes I am a bit rich so why would a guy like me be here? Well I got all my money and accounts frozen because my father thinks that I can't work for anything. So to prove him wrong I came here.)


Mandy: pff *picks up a spear and stab them all to death* Don't be such a girl.

Troyzan: Welcome to the game Thomas! I'm Troy or Troyzan with emphasis on the ZAN! (CONF) I hope that Thomas is willing to be a potential ally of mine. The more numbers I have, the more power I also potentially have.

Mandy: *glares at Linda* (CONF) She is so ugly if it wasn't for her high voice I would've tought she was a boy.. geez she is ugly (END CONF)

Mick: Thomas care to ally I feel so alone with all these alliances around me I won't last long. (CONF: I really need an ally, I mean you can't win without one.)

Thomas: We can be friends.

Hillary: *pulls Mick aside* Buddy up with Norma, Troyzan and I?

Mick: Alright that's fine I guess... (CONF: Well no allies, but I did make a friend reminds me of that Beatles song...)

Troyzan: *to Mick* You can be in me, Norma and Hilary's alliance! Also, why don't we go crabbing? We're low on food.

Mick: "Alright Thanks!!!" (CONF: Yay, an ally hopefully this isn't a trick but otherwise I'm happier than John Lennon when met Yoko Ono!)

Troyzan: Ok! First we need to find two long, and sharp sticks! *he walks by the jungle to discover two long tree branches that had fallen down in a storm* Awesome! *he grabs one, and hands the other to Mick* Before we set out on our excursion, we must sharpen these sticks! Let's find a rock! *wanders around until he sees a stone* Here! *rubs his stick continously against the stone and after 5 minutes, the front of the stick is sharp* Now your turn.

Mick:*Rubs stick on rock until it gets sharp enough* All right.

Troyzan: Follow my lead! *he creeps into the jungle quietly, looking around for crabs* Make sure you approach them quietly so they don't scurry away!

Mick: "Ok..." said in a whiper

Maxis: *reads the bible* Ahhh....

Troyzan: NOW ATTACK!!!!!!! *takes his stick and stabs two crabs violently, then they get wedged on the stick* Like that!

Mick: "Seems easy enough", *stabs at one but misses and keeps stabbing at one until he gets it* "Got it."

Troyzan: You're learning fast! Before we get back to camp, smear the blood from the crab onto your face and chest, and let out a battle cry, like I'm about to. *dips his fingers in the crab's blood, then smears it onto his cheeks and chest* I AM TROYZAN!!!!!!!!!!!! AIYIYIYIYIYIYIYIYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!! *pats his chest rabidly as he yells this*


Troyzan: We will return to camp as warriors with food! *skips back to camp* Follow me young apprentice! (CONF) I feel a bond growing between me and Mick! I love going on hunting expeditions with him and teaching him new skills! It seems that he admires me to some extent, so he might be expendable too! I'll have to wait and see!

Thomas: So Troyzan.

Troyzan: *emerges from the shadows, back into camp, then hears Thomas' voice* Yeah Tom?

Thomas: I was thinking maybe we could be allies.

Troyzan; Definitely. Join me, Mick, Hilary and Norma.

Thomas: Good.

Mick:"Welcome to the group, I'm also new."

Troyzan: You should have joined me and Mick on our hunting expedition! We speared crabs, smeared their blood on our bodies and let out battle cries!

Hillary: You... what?

Troyzan: Yeah, we just did everything I described, and it was AWESOME!

Mick: Yep, it was pretty cool. *fingers notes on guitar*

Troyzan: You should join us next time Hilary!

Norma: HiHi dear friends!! How are you doing? Have you think about a good name for the alliance? ^^ (CONF: Seems like we have more allies!! ^^ It makes me so glad that Mick is part of the alliance, he's kind of....a good musician :$)

Emily: Am I the only one over here from Iris of Glories? Oh well, hi Flamehawks! (CONF: So now Monty is out, and Lexi got replaced. This last challenge was overall fun, so I wonder what else is in store for us.)Whispers to Troy* Hey, Troy. I want to ask something?

Hillary: *finishes her crab, and relaxes on the beach*

Troyzan: What is it?

Norma: Hi allies!! Hi Emily!! What'll be the name of our alliance? ^^

Emily:Nevermind, teehee! And hi Norma! (CONF: I was going to ask for an alliance, but doing so would have been confusing, us being on separate teams and all... plus being around him gives me a bad feeling.)

Mick: Maybe The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Queen, or The Crabs...

Norma: The Crabs Alliance? it sounds sooo...Awesomeee!! (CONF: I dislike it, but if Mick likes it, I like it too! :$)

Emily: Norma, your challenge submission thingy was so good!

Norma: My challenge what? Do you mean my tables? thank you very much! I truly like to make tables actually :P Yours is pretty cutie too! :D

Emily: Thanks, but I have a feeling you will win. You even put a Jury Vote in it!

Norma: Thank you and I hope so!! I did it because most of the people who had done the challenge (until now) are mostly from Iris of Glories, so I must make it harder for you guys to win!! :P Plus if you guys go to the elimination council, I don't think they'll vote you out, you're like the team's leader ^^ (CONF: And the truth is that, I don't want to lose a challenge again -_-)


MPPS: Alright, teams, for this challenge, you guys have to tell me your dream TDI elimination order, and explain why your camper gets eliminated on this. The challenge will be due sometime on Friday. So here is an example. 22nd - Ezekiel - He gets eliminated because of blah blah blah. Adding elimination tables and other bonuses and more elaborate answers will score you bonus points.


Norma: Here is mine: (Please do take in count my effort and I made these tables today 16/05/2013, before ANYONE could have copied them, here is my signature as a proof: --TDWTFAN 5 (talk) 22:39, May 16, 2013 (UTC))

Elimination Order

# Contestant Team Reason Voted Out Merge
22th Eva Killer Bass Even when she was a strong competitor, she was too lazy and did not help the team, so their mates boot her off.
21th Ezekiel Killer Bass He was very annoying and sexist, so all her female teammates had no doubt about eliminating him.
20th Cody Screaming Gophers Heather and Justin told Owen, Beth, Izzy and Lindsay to get him off the competition for being too weak.
19th Heather Screaming Gophers Gwen and LeShawna discovered Heather's real intentions and plans, so they told everyone to vote her off.
18th Sadie Killer Bass The entire Killer Bass got tired of her friendship with Katie, so they decided to separate each other.
17th Harold Killer Bass Harold sabotaged the team so he could get Courtney off, separating her from Duncan. But the team vote him off before he could do that.
16th Owen Screaming Gophers Their teammates thought that he was Unuseful, and too stinky, so the whole team except Izzy, voted against him.
15th Trent Screaming Gophers Gwen was supposed to be eliminated, but he quit the competition to protect her. She promised that she'll do anything to win for both.
14th Beth Screaming Gophers Justin sabotaged the team, and told the others that was Beth who made them lose. Everyone (except Lindsay) voted her Off.
13th Courtney Killer Bass Tyler was supposed to be eliminated, but he used the Hidden Immunity Idol he found somewhere, so Courtney got eliminated.
12th Tyler Killer Bass The Killer Bass were angry after Tyler's action on the last elimination ceremony, so they made him walk through the Dock of Shame.
11th Izzy Screaming Gophers Duncan told Gwen, Noah, DJ, Geoff and Katie to vote her out, because Izzy was getting too annoying and liar. Intrepid Mergers
10th Noah Screaming Gophers

Noah was about to tell the truth about Justin's tricks to win the competition, But got eliminated before he could say a word.

9th Gwen Screaming Gophers Justin made Bridgette and LeShawna think that Gwen was a traitor, and a liar, so they vote her off and she became depressed.
8th Katie Killer Bass Katie lost an Immediate-Elimination challenge, so there were no votes in the ceremony and she got off the Island.
7th Duncan Killer Bass During the challenge, Justin won an Immunity Ticket, and he was able to choose the person that will be eliminated. He chose Duncan.
6th DJ Killer Bass Chris got to remove DJ off the competition because of several injuries he suffered during a challenge.
5th Geoff Killer Bass The losers had the opportunity to choose a contestant to be with them in Playa Des Losers, They voted for Geoff and he got out.
4th Lindsay Screaming Gophers Lindsay lost an Immediate-Elimination challenge, so there were no votes in the ceremony and she got voted out of the Island.
3rd Bridgette Killer Bass LeShawna won the challenge, that let her choose his rival in the Finale, she chose Justin because it was a part of her plan with Bridgette.
2nd Justin Screaming Gophers At the Finale, in the Jury vote, he received 4 votes out of 9, becaming The Total Drama Island's Runner-Up.
1st LeShawna Screaming Gophers At the Finale, in the Jury vote, she received 5  votes out of 9, becaming The Total Drama Island's Winner.

Finale: Jury Vote

Contestant Voted for Winner Reason of Voting
Izzy Justin Justin promised her that if she'd vote for him at the finale, he'll date with her.
Noah LeShawna He wanted Justin to lose because of playing a dirty and tricky game, so he voted for LeShawna.
Gwen LeShawna LeShawna is one of her best friends, so obviously she voted for her to win.
Katie Justin Justin promised her that if she'd vote for him at the finale, he'll date with her.
Duncan LeShawna He wanted Justin to lose as a revenge of his elimination back at the Island, so he voted for LeShawna.
DJ Justin Justin promised him that if he'd vote for him at the finale, he'll share the prize money with him.
Geoff LeShawna He thinks that LeShawna is a very cool girl who likes to party, this made him vote for her as the winner.
Lindsay Justin Justin promised her that if she'd vote for him at the finale, he'll date with her.
Bridgette LeShawna LeShawna is one of her best friends, so obviously she voted for her to win.





In order of elimination P: I'm too lazy to make a table.

  1. Sadie - She is deemed useless by her team, and is eliminated.
  2. Katie - Sobs too much about her friend being eliminated, so is voted out.
  3. Ezekiel - Insults people, and is gross.
  4. Justin - Fails the challenge, so he is eliminated.
  5. Noah - His sarcasm annoys everyone.
  6. Heather - Everyone realises that they should vote her off.
  7. Eva - Couldn't control her temper, and is voted off.
  8. Tyler - Is an epic fail.
  9. Lindsay - Her stupidity annoys everyone, and she is voted off.
  10. DJ - He looses the challenge due to his fears, and is voted off.
  11. Owen - Is a disgusting ball of fat lard.
  12. Izzy - Is hunted by the RCMP
  13. Cody - Is voted out for being a creep.
  14. Bridgette - Is a huge threat, so she is voted out.
  15. Duncan - Is a pyro, and criminal, so they vote him out.
  16. Gwen - No one likes her.
  17. Trent - Was a threat, and was voted off.
  18. Courtney - Was voted out by the losers.
  19. Harold - Beth and Geoff took him out.
  20. Geoff - Beth and Leshawna voted him out.
  21. Beth - Lost




Here's mine. It took some time to elaborate

Place Contestant Team Merge? Reason N. Votes
22nd Beth Screaming Gophers She didn't show much skills in the starting challenge, so everyone thought she was the worst of the team 10/11
21st Eva Killer Bass Because of her aggressivenes, the teammates were scared from her 8/11
20th Trent Screaming Gophers Trent has lost his voice in the talent show, and also his guitar talent, by leading the teammates to vote him off 6/10
19th Harold Killer Bass His nerd doings weren't much helpful, so was voted off, but survived because of Duncan's votes. He lost the tiebreaker, though 5/10
18th Katie Killer Bass Was annoying to the teammates, even because she and Sadie made the team lose the challenge 7/9
17th Ezekiel Killer Bass While he was going well at the start, he was shown to be a jerk nextly, therefore having teammates dislike 7/8
16th Gwen Screaming Gophers She was voted off because everyone thought that she was the reason of the Heather conflict, though Heather was instead 8/9
15th Bridgette Killer Bass Didn't want to continue, because she really didn't like and because she had something to do elsewhere QUIT
14th Sadie Killer Bass After many cries because of missing Katie and her low performance, she was voted off 4/6
13th Geoff Killer Bass Since he wanted to be with Bridgette, his love, he did the worst by making the teammates voting him 5/5
12th Justin Screming Gophers Was useless, but the girls didn't want him out for obvious reasons. After Leshawna cleared their minds, he got booted off 5/8
11th Heather Screaming Gophers Everyone discovered she was manipulating the others, therefore leading this to her elimination 6/7
10th Duncan Killer Bass Merged His bully personality led everyone to not be in his side. Also, he was playing jokes on the "wimps", as he calls them (Tyler, Noah, Cody) 7/10
9th Tyler Killer Bass His great performance in the latest days made everyone think him of a threat, and after him losing, he got off 5/9
8th Owen Screaming Gophers Almost veryone had enough of him, because of it's farts...mostly 5/8
7th Courtney Killer Bass Even if she didn't want, she had to solve some lawyer thing, and since you can't get back in the camp, she was eliminated QUIT
6th Noah Screaming Gophers He was the only one who didn't do the challenge, so he was voted off 5/6
5th Cody Screaming Gophers While exploring the glacials, he felt in an icy lake and froze. Because of that, he couldn't continue, and everyone voted him off 4/5
4th Lindsay Screaming Gophers In the tiebreaker against Leshawna, she lost 2/4
3rd Izzy Screaming Gophers Got 3rd in the final run FIN
2nd Leshawna Screaming Gophers Got 2nd in the final run FIN
1st DJ Killer Bass Got 1st in the final run FIN


Eva - 22nd - Killer Bass - Eliminated due to being way to angry around the team.

Sadie - 21st - Killer Bass - she cost the Bass another challenge, witch she was eventually eliminated because of.

Katie and Ezekiel - 20th & 19th - Killer Bass/Killer Bass - eliminated due to doing the worst in a hide and seek challenge.

Tyler - 18th - Killer Bass - eliminated for not helping the Bass in the challenge and spending time with Lindsay instead.

Bridgette - 17th - Killer Bass - the Bass were cursed after Katie left a mysterious coin behind after her elimination, Bridgette was eliminated as the Bass thought she was responsible for the eliminations, much to the anger of Geoff.

Harold - 16th - Killer Bass - Eliminated due to being the weakest on the team.

Geoff - 15th - Killer Bass - eliminated by Courtney, Duncan and DJ, who Courtney convinced to help her and Duncan to vote Geoff off.

Courtney - 14th - Killer Bass - eliminated by Duncan and DJ for being to demanding.


Noah - 13th - Screaming Gophers - eliminated for trying to stop Leshawna and Heather from making alliances again.

Izzy - 12th - Screaming Gophers - eliminated for nearly killing everyone in the challenge.

Justin - 11th - Screaming Gophers - he tried to get Lindsay and Beth to betray Heather and join his alliance but Heather found out early enough and got most of the team to vote Justin out.

Beth - 10th - Screaming Gophers - eliminated by Heather's alliance for betraying them and joining Leshawna's alliance.

Owen - 9th - Screaming Gophers - Owen was eliminated due to being a threat in the competiton.

Trent - 8th - Screaming Gophers - eliminated after Heather made everyone believe he'd cheated on Gwen.

Leshawna - 7th - Screaming Gophers - Heather convinced Duncan and DJ to help her and Lindsay to vote for Leshawna, who only had Gwen and Cody left in her alliance.

Heather - 6th - Screaming Gophers - Duncan and DJ realised Heather used them, and joined Gwen and Cody in voting Heather off, who now had nowhone left to help her after Gwen told Lindsay Heather was using her.

Cody - 5th - Screaming Gophers - was automatically eliminated after being the last one to reach the top of the mountain in the hiking challenge.

Gwen - 4th - Screaming Gophers - Gwen believed Duncan, DJ and Lindsay deserved it more then her, so she threw the challenge and asked the three to vote for her, as she missed Trent and Leshawna, everyone did so and Gwen was eliminated.

Duncan - 3rd - Killer Bass - Chris ended up disqualifying him after he refused to shave his mohawk off and deny being close friends with DJ, witch he really was.

Lindsay - 2nd - Screaming Gophers - lost the final challenge to DJ after getting distracted by Owen, Izzy and Heather.

DJ - 1st - Killer Bass - defeated Lindsay in the final and won Total Drama Island!



Emily: Here is my version of TDI. As you can see, my elimination hart goes from bottom to top, so please start from the bottom to see who got eliminated first. Also, this season had a different little storyline then what happened in the original, so enjoy!

Placing: Contestant Name: Team: Reason Why Eliminated:


Heather Winner! She didn't get eliminated, scroll to the bottom to see where it starts.
2 Cody Runner Up Cody lost in the finale as Heather knocked him unconcious, due to knocking down a tree by driving a tractor into it. The suitcase full of money was taken by Chef, as he shouted, "I quit! I'm a millionaire!" and ran off.
3 Justin Third Place Heather targeted Justin, Cody targeted Heather, and Justin targeted Cody as they all had to race. Heather managed to trip Justin as Cody got first and Heather got second.
4 Duncan Merge Heather and Duncan broke out into a fight again, thus breaking their short alliance. Cody and Justin used this opportunity to vote Duncan off, since Heather won immunity and could not vote.
N/A Reward Merge The reward was that no one was eliminated, even though everyone lost the challenge.
5 Noah Merge As he won immunity the past two challenges, Heather and Duncan chose to vote him off. Yet again, everyone else voted off different people.
6 Tyler Merge Creating a new alliance with Heather, Duncan and her chose to vote off Tyler, as everyone else voted off a different person.
7 Courtney Merge Eliminated because an argument broke out between the four alliance members, and the other three not in the alliance thought this the best time to vote one of them off. They chose to vote off Courtney.
8 Gwen Merge Eliminated because the alliance finally agreed to vote off Gwen, since she almost won immunity.
9 Bridgette Merge Eliminated because she angered Courtney by insulting her, after those two had a major fight. Needless to say, the alliance was the majority, since a couple voted for Heather.
N/A Reward Merge No one is eliminated because it was a reward challenge. Duncan won the reward, which was a brand new car(Which Chris "Accidently" blew up.)
10 Katie Merge Eliminated because Heather though Katie was trying to hook up with Cody. Once again, Heather, Courtney, Duncan, and Cody voted her off, officially making those four an alliance.
11 Harold Merge Courtney, Duncan, Cody, and Heather all agreed to vote Harold off, because he was actually doing well that challenge.
N/A Tyler and Justin come back Merge Nobody got eliminated this challenge, although Lindsay was about to leave until Tyler came back and changed her mind.
12 Beth Screaming Gophers Eliminated because, since Heather's alliance got revealed, she has sought after voting her off every time they lost a challenge, and kept making the team lose. Because of this, the team voted Beth off.
13 DJ Killer Bass Eliminated because he was the one who made them lose the challenge.
14 Izzy Screaming Gophers Eliminated because Heather noticed her and Owen were getting along too well, so she managed to get them to fight and everyone else voted Izzy off.
N/A Reward Challenge Killer Bass won the reward. Nobody got eliminated, but the Killer Bass won a Chris action figure, which they threw away.
15 Trent Screaming Gophers Trent got mad at Heather for not trying to eliminate Gwen yet, so he told everyone about the alliance, although Heather and Cody both said it was Trent's idea. Surprisingly, they all believed Heather and Cody.
16 Eva Killer Bass Eliminated because Cody broke her MP3 player, causing her to get angry and accidently lose the challenge.
17 Leshawna Screaming Gophers Eliminated because she got on Heather's last nerves, and Heather won a prize to pick who got eliminated for "doing her hardest these past few challenges," according to Chris.
18 Geoff Killer Bass Bridgette was supposed to be eliminated because she got Courtney and Duncan mad, but Geoff volunteered to leave in her place.
19 Tyler Killer Bass Eliminated because he lost the challenge on purpose to hang out with Lindsay.
20 Ezekiel Killer Bass Eliminated because he and Katie were arguing the whole challenge, and everyone agreed that Katie was more useful.
21 Justin Screaming Gophers Eliminated because Heather and her newly formed alliance with Cody and Trent (Cody joined to survive longer, and Trent joined to get Gwen out) thought Justin would be a threat, thus three votes against him.
22 Sadie Killer Bass Eliminated because Sadie and Katie were getting on the team's nerves, so Courtney convinced them to vote off Sadie.


(No Merge in this, if there was it would change this elimination order a little bit.)

22nd - Katie (she wanted to quit to save Sadie from elimination.)

21st - Eva (she attacked Bridgette for doing something wrong in the challenge, witch convinced the Bass to vote her out.)

20th - Sadie (the Bass eliminated her after she wouldn't stop crying about Katie quitting for her.)

19th - Gwen (Heather managed to get Justin, Lindsay and Beth to help Heather vote Gwen off, after Gwen humiliated her in the challenge.)

18th - Justin (eliminated after Heather belived he would try and overthrow her in the alliance.)

17th - Ezekiel (eliminated after he accidently blurted out yet another sexist comment.)

16th - Izzy (eliminated after she walked out on her team during the challenge to go talk to animals instead.)

15th - Geoff (he wasn't focusing on the challenge, so the Bass (except for Duncan) voted him out.)

14th - Owen (eliminated after both Leshawna and Heather saw him as a threat.)

13th - Cody (Lindsay and Beth invited Cody to Heather's alliance but Cody insulted her for getting Gwen eliminated, this angered Heather who eventually managed to get Cody eliminated with the numbers advantage.)

12th - Tyler (he tried to convince Lindsay to walk out of Heather's alliance, but Heather found out about this and secretly tricked Courtney to get the rest of the Bass to vote Tyler out.)

11th - Leshawna (Trent was tricked by Heather into believing Leshawna hated Gwen and helped Heather in voting Gwen out, Trent was angered by this and helped Heather's alliance to vote Leshawna out, who tried to defend herself, but failed.)

10th - Courtney (Courtney couldn't seem to trust the rest of the team after Tyler's elimination, she couldn't trust even Duncan, her own new boyfriend, Duncan then secretly joined Harold, DJ and Bridgette in voting Courtney off after she was way to bossy and demanding in the challenge.)

9th - Noah (Noah tried to convince Lindsay and Beth that Heather was using them, but Heather told the two that Noah was just doing this to get the two to allign with him. Lindsay and Beth suprisingly trusted Heather and voted for Noah, who even with some help from Trent, was still eliminated.)

8th - Bridgette (Duncan saw her as a threat due to being popular around all the remaining contestants except for Heather, Duncan convinced Harold to help him in voting Bridgette off after Duncan made him believe Bridgette threw his keyboard into a toilet.)

7th - Trent (with nowhone else stopping Heather's alliance from taking over the competition, Heather realised Trent was the last person standing between her and total control of the Screaming Gophers. Beth eventually realised Heather was indeed using her, but failed to convince Lindsay, Trent and Heather went into a tiebreaker at the vote off, but Trent was not focused on the competition ever since Gwen was eliminated, meaning Heather got the win, Trent then became happy for the first time in days, claiming he was overjoyed he would see Gwen again.)

6th - Lindsay (Beth was stuck between a rock and a hard place. Heather and Lindsay were near unstoppable, Beth was now the only person left not on Heather's alliance. at the challenge Beth skilfully managed to win immunity for herself while Heather and Lindsay had to go to elimination against each other. Heather and Lindsay competed in a tiebreaker and Heather was again the winner, meaning Lindsay was automatically sent home.)

5th - DJ (both the Bass and Gophers were finally brought together as the final five was now the only ones left. as the challenge progressed DJ began to believe Duncan, Beth and Harold could beat Heather without him, so DJ decided to announce he was quitting the competition as he also missed everyone and his ma. DJ quietly left the contest and then there were four...)

4th - Harold (the final challenge would be a tag race across the island in bikes. Heather and Beth were made a pair while Duncan and Harold were another. Beth and Heather luckily managed to win the challenge as Duncan and Harold wouldn't stop arguing. Duncan and Harold were eventually forced to compete in yet another tiebreaker, with Duncan suprisingly just managing to win. Harold was rather ashamed of himself as he left the island.)

3rd - Duncan (Duncan, Heather and Beth discovered that the semi-final challenge would be another race, but this time on foot. Duncan leaded the race for most of the time but ended up getting chased by a bear after accidently running into it to get away from an enraged Heather after Duncan pranked her. Beth won the race and Heather placed second, while Duncan was still getting chased by the bear. after some time Duncan was dragged to the boat of losers, where he was the last person to go to Playa Des Losers.)

2nd - Heather (Beth and Heather would once again be racing for glory but this time, it would be for the title of Total Drama Island winner. Duncan, Trent, Leshawna and Gwen helped Beth out in the race while distracting and annoying Heather at the same time. Beth sucessfully managed to cross the line and Heather was finally defeated.)

1st - Beth (Beth was sucessful in winning the challenge after beating Heather to win the competition, congrats to Beth!)




Mandy: Like I care about those TDI character who won or not, I am here to win this survivor camp.. 

# Contestant Team Merge
22th Ezekiel Killer Bass
21th Lindsay Screaming Gophers
20th Cody Screaming Gophers
19th Gwen Screaming Gophers
18th Trent Screaming Gophers
17th Eva Killer Bass
16th Sadie Killer Bass
15th Courtney Killer Bass
14th Tyler Killer Bass
13th Geoff Killer Bass
12th DJ Killer Bass
11th Katie Killer Bass
10th Owen Screaming Gophers
9th Justin Screaming Gophers
8th Bridgette Killer Bass Merge
7th Izzy Screaming Gophers
6th Noah Screaming Gophers
5th Beth Screaming Gophers
4th Harold Killer Bass
3rd Heather Screaming Gophers
2nd Duncan Killer Bass
1st LeShawna Screaming Gophers


Linda: Lindsay's top is so hot right now. 

# Contestant Team Merge
22th Ezekiel Killer Bass
21th Eva Killer Bass
20th Katie Killer Bass
19th Sadie Killer Bass
18th Noah Screaming Gophers
17th Tyler Killer Bass
16th Heather Screaming Gophers
15th Gwen Screaming Gophers
14th Geoff Killer Bass
13th Cody Screaming Gophers
12th Owen Screaming Gophers
11th Izzy Screaming Gophers Merge
10th Trent Screaming Gophers
9th Courtney Killer Bass
8th Leshawna Screaming Gophers
7th Duncan Killer Bass
6th Harold Killer Bass
5th Bridgette Killer Bass
4th Beth Screaming Gophers
3rd Justin Screaming Gophers
2nd DJ Killer Bass
1st Lindsay Screaming Gophers


Mick: Mine (sorry I'm using the monobook layout because the wikia one doesnt work so idk how to make a table on this layout)

22nd - Ezekiel- Killer Bass - He is just plain annoying and sexist got to treat them ladies right 21st - Sadie - Killer Bass - Just annoying with Katie 20th - Katie - Killer Bass - Same as Sadie 19th - Beth - Screaming Gophers - I never really liked her she was just too nerdy for my taste 18th - Eva - Killer Bass - An ugly woman who might be a man 17th - Heather - Screaming Gophers - She is just a jerk 16th - Tyler - Killer Bass - He is just plain stupid 15th - Justin - Screaming Gophers - Never talks 14th - Cody - Screaming Gophers - He just needs to get a girl friend besides Gwen 13th - Harold - Killer Bass - Too much of a nerd for my bad boy taste 12th - Tyler - Killer Bass - He is too stupid 11th - Courtney - Killer Bass - She tries to be a bad girl but is doesnt work for her 10th - Izzy - Screaming Gophers - Is really stupid 9th - Noah - Screaming Gophers - His sarcasm is funny but gets annoying and never helps 8th - Leshawna - Screaming Gophers - Too fat 7th - Owen - Screaming Gophers - Too fat 6th - Duncan - Killer Bass - I admire his rebelness but doesn't play guitar 5th - Lindsay - Screaming Gophers - Too stupid 4th - DJ - Killer Bass - Too much tallk of his mama 3rd - Gwen - Screaming Gophers - She was nice but could be mean when she wanted too 2nd - Geoff - Killer Bass - He is pretty cool but cool enough to win 1st- Trent - Screaming Gophers - Best guitar player besides me of course


Nissan: If this camp wasn't already easy. Umpf, here it is

Place Contestant Team Merge Reason
22nd Noah Screaming Gophers In the first running challenge, he pratically did NOTHING, so he got the boot
21st Lindsay Screaming Gophers She was pretty dumb, and since they lost just for that, Heather commanded everyone to vote off her, despite being in her alliance
20th Owen Screaming Gophers Instead of caring of the challenge, he went to eat in a buffet he found, so Heather wanted him out
19th Beth Screaming Gophers Was the one who caused unluck to the contestants
18th Sadie Killer Bass She and Katie annoyed everyone with their friendship, so Sadie was voted out
17th Leshawna Screaming Gophers Heather, by wanting her out, pretended that she was the one who made the team lose the challenge, therefore she was eliminated
- Izzy Screaming Gophers Even if trying to help, she messed up the build-a-treehouse challenge, and then...ya know the story. Returns later
16th Gwen Screaming Gophers The same of Leshawna
15th Trent Screaming Gophers He was so sad after Gwen's elimination that he quit just to stay with her. What a lovely
14th Katie Killer Bass Annoying everyone since Sadie wasn't in the game with her, so she got voted off too
13th Justin Screaming Gophers Was useless, so both Cody and Heather voted him off, even if it was too late
12th Cody Screaming Gophers He lost in the tiebreaker between Heather and him, so he was insta-out
- Izzy Screaming Gophers Merged Sharks RETURNS HERE
11th Tyler Killer Bass Since who was last in the race challenge would've been off, Tyler was eliminated
10th Eva Killer Bass Despite being really helpful for the team and the reason why the Killer Bass won almost all of the challenges, Heather convinced everyone to vote her off cause of her brutal nature
9th Harold Killer Bass Did the worst in the challenge, therefore had a big vote penalty. Since everyone got at least 1 vote, he was eliminated
8th Courtney Killer Bass With Duncan unavaiable to save her from being eliminated by threating the contestants to not vote her, the others did so, and she got off
7th Izzy Screaming Gophers Chris was so annoyed at her that he expelled her immediately, therefore saving Heather from elimination
6th DJ Killer Bass In the horror challenge...well....the reason of Total Drama Island...the same...yeah
5th Ezekiel Killer Bass He was unnoticed from everyone, and when he finally got noticed, everyone, considering him a threat, voted him off
4th Bridgette Killer Bass It's unknown why she got off, possibly because of Heather
3rd Duncan Killer Bass In the tiebreaker for the final 2, he lost to Geoff, since the party guy had more luck in the card-picking
2nd Heather Screaming Gophers In the final jury vote, EVERYONE VOTED FOR HER TO BEING KILLED and then she was killed and therefore out of the game
1st Geoff Killer Bass In the final jury vote, nobody voted him to being eliminated, so he won. The other reason of him winning, despite Heather, was the fact he would've throw a party if so :P


Orange Team's

Norma - This is exactly what I wanted, perfect description, pretty colours, and I liked the elimination order and reasons. 10/10

Hillary - Kind of weak, not much elaboration, table or anything. 5/10

Nissan - Like Norma's, it is pretty much everything I asked for, and pretty as well. 10/10

Mick - Like Hillary's, but I'll give you an extra mark because Monobook was the only thing you could use. 6/10

Purple Team's

Linda - Nice, nice, but not much elaboration on why they were eliminated. 8/10

Mandy - ^ Pretty much the same. P: 8/10

Phillip - I think you had the best one, more elaborate answers, and even the amount of votes they received. I liked it. 10/10.

Toby - Good, but no table = less marks. 6.5/10

Falco - Good, but no table. 7/10

Emily - Amazing, perfect elaboration, but the table could've been prettier. 10/10

MPPS: With that, the Iris of Glories secures another victory! Flamehawks, another elimination ceremony for you!

Flamehawks Vote (2)

Norma: My vote goes to Buford. (CONF: We lost again T_T)

Hillary: BUFORD!

Toby: sorry Buford, i vote for you.

Thomas: Buford

Nissan: Yeah, i got the max score. Anyhow Buford is dead weight, so bye bye him

Mick: Well everyone is voting off Buford so I might as well... (CONF: I hope our team will do better though I probaly did the worst on that challenge)

Troyzan: I vote for Buford, since he practically never helps us.

MPPS: 6/8 votes... that's enough to send you packing.

Day Four


Hillary: We better not lose AGAIN!

Mick: 3 in a row that's worse than when the Beatles released their movie Magical Mystery Tour

Hillary: Our team needs a Magical Mystery Cure! Immediately.

Mandy: Ha Hillary you better do loose again haha *texting*

Linda: OMG that was like, so majorly harsh omg.

Emily: That was rude. However, losing three times in a row is unlikely, so don't get your hopes down yet.

Linda: OMG like yeah I totally agree with you Emaly. Oh my god like, like, like omg

Maxis: What losers, God bets on us!

Mandy: Hey hotstuff *massage Maxis shoulders* so you are the strong guy who wins for us all hte time huh?

Norma: ... Let's win this time my dear Flamehawks!!

Mandy: Norma you can forget it. Seriously your team is so lame. 

Norma: Sorry, you did an awful challenge last time, you only won because most of your team did the challenge, but everybody knows my tables were better than yours, because I put my effort on it. Instead you don't care anything.

Mandy: Than you should get your team together otherwise we all go one by one.

Linda: OMG stop being like so mean like seriously.

Mandy *immertating Linda* Like seriously *normal voice* I bet you never had a boyfriend.

Linda: Hey! I like girl!.

Mandy: O_o didn't saw that comming..

Norma: ._. ... (CONF: .......O.o)

Emily: O_O Okay then...

Norma: I hope you don't take this as personal Emily, I don't want you to lose, I just want my team to win. *Hugs Emily* and I hope SOME PEOPLE *Looks at Mandy* receives a try of its own medicine.

Mandy: Oh that is not gonna happen trust me. 

Mick: *Smashes guitar on head* AHHHH!

Maxis: I'm praying because I'm scared. ):

Norma: Are you Ok Mick? *Gets closer to him* Are you hurt? :$

Linda: OMG Why is everyone like going insane?

Mandy: Because they are confused.. I would be too if I was in such a bad team.

Emily: Mandy, you're not helping.

Norma: At least my team isn't as disfunctional as yours.

Emily: *Gasps* (CONF: Is my team really that bad?)

Mick: I'm fine Norma I'm just frustrated

Mandy: First of all I didn't came her to help I love to see you all try hard and not succeed, second of all I am not on your team cause if I was I was on a disfunctional team, last time I checked your team lost 3 times in a row. that is not nothing.

Norma: I just won't keep discussing, I'll just focus on the challenge and the best team will win, that is all. *To Mick* I'm glad you're fine...Are you as frustrated as me? for the same reasons?

Mick: Ya, this is how my last band broke up Mick and the Crickets...

Thomas: Um, so what now?

Mandy: Mick and the Crickets *get's a laugh attack* What. hahah. is hahah that for name haha Mike and the hahaha. (CONF) *keeps on laughing* (END CONF)

Linda: (CONF) Is it me or does every think I am a girl, OMG I hate that like oh my god, it's clearly I am a guy right, like oh my god. (END CONF)

Mick: (CONF: Ehhh, it wasn't my best band...)

Norma: If you want, when this competition ends, we can form a duo!! I have a pretty good Mezzo-Soprano voice!! *winks*

Mandy: *laugh louder* What Norma and hahah Mick hahahahha a spoon has even more personality than you too combine hahahaha.

Mick: Mandy I'm going to laugh when you become the next eliminated.

Norma: Me too!

Emily: Can we all stop fighting?


MPPS: Trivia time! Here are 12 quotes from all five TD Seasons (including quotes from Potenza's All-Stars videos) Whichever team who says this, and in which season for the most quotes correctly, wins!

  1. I've never heard of fish eyes being called that, but sure!
  2. Say hello to my metal friend!
  3. You look pretty good when you're cooking... like my friend, Evan's, really hot mom! ~Norma
  4. You're going down, we're gonna bring the dinner to the table, then we're gonna eat it! ~Norma
  5. Your soul reads like an open book, you had such a lonely childhood, it must've been difficult.~Norma
  6. FASHION SCHOOL, HERE I COME! What, you heard me! ~Norma
  7. Give daddy some sugar... ~Norma
  8. Ooh, stalkerlicious.~Emily
  9. Heather is like my best friend on the island. Sure, she may steal my food and borrow my clothes and call me names, but that's what BFFs are for, best female friends!~Emily
  10. You just would've been kicked off in another episode. No one liked you that much.
  11. Are YOU Tyler? ~Emily
  12. Excuse me, Kyle, can I get a cabin with a lakeside view because I'm the prettiest?~Norma

Norma: Here are my Answers:

  • You look pretty good when you're cooking... like my friend, Evan's, really hot mom! - Geoff (TDI)
  • Excuse me, Kyle, can I get a cabin with a lakeside view because I'm the prettiest? - Lindsay (TDI)
  • Your soul reads like an open book, you had such a lonely childhood, it must've been difficult. - Dawn (TDROTI)
  • Give daddy some sugar... - Harold (TDI)
  • Say hello to my metal friend! - Chris (TDAS)
  • You're going down, we're gonna bring the dinner to the table, then we're gonna eat it! - Tyler (TDI)
  • FASHION SCHOOL, HERE I COME! What, you heard me! - Brick (TDROTI)
  • I've never heard of fish eyes being called that, but sure! - Chris (TDAS)

MPPS: The first three were correct, 4 and 5 were the right person, but wrong season. last one was in TDI, but not by Owen.

Emily: Ooh, Stalkerlicious-Noah(TDWT)

Are YOU Tyler?-Lindsay(TDI, I even know the episode. The one with PLaya De Loser getting to vote for who gets out..)

Heather is like my best friend on the island. Sure, she may steal my food and borrow my clothes and call me names, but that's what BFFs are for, best female friends!- Lindsay(TDI)

Say Hello to my metal friend!-Chris(TDA)

MPPS: First three are correct, last one you got the season wrong.

Norma: Could you check out my answers again please?

Emily: Say hello to my metal friend!- Chris(TDI)

MPPS: There is only one season that the metal friend quote can take place in... hint heroes vs villains season.

Emily: Say hello to my metal friend!- Chris(TDAS)

Norma: CHeck my answers!!

MPPS: Sorry, Emily, but Norma beat you to it, and won the challenge for the Flamehawks, as they have majority of the quotes! FLAMEHAWKS WIN!

Norma: FINALLY!!! I MADE MY TEAM WIN!!! *Kisses Mick* I'm so happy I could cry right now :') *Hugs Mick*

Mick: *Kisses back* Nice one!

Emily: Nice one Norma!

Troyzan: HOORAY! WE F****** DID IT! NAKED TIME! *takes off his clothes and runs around naked dancing*

Norma: Thank you very much Emily!! You did a nice one too!! *Hugs her* I wish you luck on the council!! (CONF: And I hope you all vote Mandy out ¬¬)

Iris of Glories Vote (1)

Emily: (CONF:I vote off Phillip. He hasn't really helped much.)

Maxis: Definitely Phillip.

Chris: I vote for Phillip

MPPS: Phillip... no no, you no stay here. Also, since Happy Mittens is banned... Vincent is also out!

(Unknown: seriously.. can you make a challenge that does last more than 10 seconds. there are people in different time-zones and it's kinda unfair if you post short challenges when on the otherside of the world people are sleeping and getting voted off because of that.)

(Race: Yeah, what said Unknown. I didn't even manage to know that there it was a challenge, and they voted me out just because i didn't nothing since I WASN'T able to. That's unfair :(. So...can you make more lasting challenges, please?)

(MPPS: I actually suffer from Time-Zone related problems as well, and I always miss challenges because they are on at the time I did this challenge, which is when most people are on, but I can only do that on Week-Ends. However, I will try to do more lengthy challenges. The quote challenge was intended to be lengthy, but it was rushed through.)

Day Five


Maxis: Great, two members lost in one day.

Emily: Well, guess we're even with Flamehawks again.

Maxis: We'll succeed.

Mick: Well at least I'm still here...

Hillary: *laughs*  No, you won't.

Emily: Don't turn into Mandy.

Hillary: Shut it, Un-feminine-ly.

Emily: Okay, two things: One, I'm not a mirror. And two, why are you even talking to us?

Hillary: Do you have a problem, or something?

Mick: Ladies I know I'm hot but there is no need to fight over me.

Hillary: No one likes you, you can't even play your own guitars, tryhard.

Mick: Awww... (CONF: That was mean, she must be mad, I understand though)

Emily: Its one thing to not get along well with the other team, but your own teammates? That is just ridiculous, right Maxis?

Maxis: Shut up, I heard you hate Jesus!

Emily: I don't "hate" anything. (CONF: Everyone is so tensed lately.)

Maxis: Denying, denying. (CONF: She really should read the bible)

Emily: I'm not denying anything. Forget it, I'm going on a walk before the challenge. *Walks off*

Mick: Well this is more awkward than Pete Best and Ringo Starr in the same room.

Maxis: Who said you could leave? BOW DOWN FOR JUDGEMENT DAY, FOOLISH MORTAL!

Mandy: Ha I am still here *throws a rock at Norma*

Hillary: A bit too far, Mandy... Maybe at Emily...

Mandy: That is true that girl is stealing my style!

Troyzan: Oy vey! Not again Maxis! (CONF) Maxis NEEDS to shut up! It's been over a week out here, and I'm slowly losing my sanity!

Chris: Yeah! Shut up Maxis!

Troyzan: I'm going spearfishing! Does anyone want to join me?

Hillary: No, I'm good.

Norma: Hi!

Maxis: What now, Un-Norma-L?

Mandy: *pushes Norma in the water* move you are in my way *texting*

Chris: *to Troyzan* I'm game!

Troyzan: Great! *picks up two spears and hands one to Chris* THE ADVENTURE BEGINS, AND AWAY! *charges into the water*

Chris: *does the same*

Norma: I'm actually in my swimsuit, so thanks for that dear Mandy! >:D (CONF: Having fun in the water, la la la...)

Mandy: *texting*

Norma: C'mon girl!! Don't you wanna have some fun? *Splashes Mandy's phone*

Mandy: *angry* u wanna splash water *throws a can full of hot coffie over Norma*

Norma: MmmHmm, tasty coffee!! ^^ *Goes Underwater* .... *Goes Out of water* But I'm clean now! :P

Toby: uhhh...i'll just hang out in the woods for a little while....(quietly walks away)

Nissan:Uh.......................everyone is so mad life is ruined *gets to sleep*

Mick: So when will the challenge be?

Andrea: Nah, I trolled you :P


MPPS: Time to judge the activity of our fellow campers, with an extremely boring challenge. I'm serious, all you have to do... type *I'm active, mate.* Once we knock out all our inactive competitors, our challenges will get more interesting.

Hillary: *I'm active, mate.*

Maxis: *I'm active, mate.*

Mick: *I'm active, mate.*

Norma: *I'm active, mate.*

Mandy: *puches Norma in the spikey bushes* *I'm active, mate* 

Linda:  *I'm active, mate* 

Falco: *I'm active, mate*

Toby: *I'm active, mate*

Andrea: *Im active, mate*

Troyzan: *I'm active, mate*

Chris: *I'm active, mate*

Emily: *Im active, mate* (Sorry if I was late I'm busy on weekends.)

Nissan: *I'm active, mate* (well....ya know the story)

Emily:*I'm still active, mate* (I wanted to post that again.)

MPPS: Alright, that is enough time. Okay, everyone except Thomas and Toby did that... so... Orange team looses because those two were from that team.

Flamehawks Vote (3)

Norma: Back to the old times -_- My vote goes to Thomas, nothing personal, just inactivity. x

Thomas: I vote Toby, since I didn't know there was a challenge and I was really busy.

Nissan: Don't yell at me, but I vote Thomas. Next time you do challenges, it's all your fault!

Troyzan: I vote for Thomas for not helping

Toby: lol, guys i actually did help in that challenge...anyway i vote for Thomas.

Mick: I vote against Thomas... (He replaced my character I forgot about)

Hillary: Thomas.

MPPS: With that, Thomas is out!

Day Five


Mick: Well ladies I'm off too play my guitar.

Mandy: That is good for you...

Emily: And I am in a good mood today!

Toby: why's that Emily?

Emily: Its because my father protected a national park with his protesting!

Toby: woah!, he sounds awesome!

Emily: Yup! I take after him in a lot of ways.


MPPS: This camp is dying... so what is better fun than JUMPING OFF OF A CLIFF? Yup, first team to have all their members jump... wins!

Hillary: Um, seriously? *peers of the edge* Isn't that dangerous?

Maxis: God blesses me with survival! *kisses his cross necklace* For Jesus!

Hillary: *rolls her eyes*

Maxis: I can't do this... *stops at the edge, and looks down*

Hillary: Hey Maxis...

Maxis: What?

Hillary: *kicks him off the edge* Ha!

Emily: Come on Iggies! Don't let my father down!  And thanks Hilary for helping my team by getting our member to jump! *Hops off*

Nissan: C'mon, don't tell me you're not going to jump down, scaredycats *jumps off the cliff* AAAAAAAAAAAH

Linda: This is so scary.

Mandy: Move lady face *kick's Linda off the edge* done and whao *slips of the cliff* AAAAAAHH

Norma: *Takes her clother off and puts her swimswit on* Ok, since we are supposed to do this to win, let's do this!! *Jumps off the cliff* MICK WATCH THIS!!!! :P

Falco: (jumps off the cliff with no reaction)

Toby: can do this can do this...(runs and trips on a rock, then falls off the cliff) AAAAAAAHHH!

Mick: This should be fun *falls of cliff and smashes guitar at the bottom, flips hair epicly*

Hillary: *slips off the cliff* AHHH!

MPPS: Okay, that's over enough time for this challenge! 5/6 jumped for the Flamehawks, and 5/7 jumped for the Iris of Glories... So... since the Flamehawks have a higher percentage of jumpers, than the Iris of Glories LOSE!

Iris of Glories Vote (2)

Maxis: (CONF): I vote for the demon spawn... Andrea.

Linda: (CONF) Mandy puched me of the edge. anyway I vote off Andrea she didn't jump sorry but you gotta go. (END CONF)

Mandy (CONF) Seriously counting percentage? That is lame just because the other team sucks you are gonna do that.. Anyway I vote out the one that didn't but since that there are two I can't vote them both so I vote out the uglier one, bye bye Andrea! (END CONF)

Emily: (CONF:) I vote off Andrea, since she didn't jump. Sorry girl.

Andrea: I didnt know there was a challenge :\ Anyways. I quit. Bye

Falco: (CONF) yeah, i vote for Andrea, sorry.

MPPS: Andrea, were you even aware that this competition was taking place? YOLO, BYE!

Day 8


MPPS: Day 8 guys, we're nearing the merge!

Maxis: Good, I can't wait to get away from these stupid freaks...

Hillary: And like you're not one?

Maxis: *sprays her with holy water* DIE!

Emily: Hey! Conserve water, Maxis.

Mandy: yep still in this race B&%^$es..

Mick: Maxis chillax, you don't want to be voted off first. *Playing guitar quietly*

Linda: How can you call me a freak *start crying outloud and runs away*

Mandy: What the  Aff was that?

Emily: I don't even want to know.

Mandy: *glares at Emily* I was talking to the air *walks off*

Emily: Yeesh, don't need to get all mad over it.

Toby: the merge already?, this competition sure is going fast.

Mick: Faster than a Beatles concert...

Falco: (rolls eyes) tell me about it...

Emily: This may sound stupid but what is The Beatles?(CONF: I've been born and raised without any distractions, meaning no TV, Computer, Phones... Heck, my parents are only rooting for me at my Aunt Ylime's house.)

Mick: Only the greatest band in the history of the world!

Emily: Band?


Maxis: Wow, you guys suck.

Mick: Is the merge anywhere near?

Emily: Yeah, host, when exactly is the merge?

MPPS: Next episode, or the episode after... yoloswag. 


MPPS: For the first part of your challenge, each team must collect as much crabs, oysters, shrimp, or whatever. They are going to be a necessity for the next part of the challenge! 

Emily: *Collects a crab* Good thing my mother was good with these creatures!

Mick: *Collects shrimp in guitar*

Emily: *Collects an oyster* Good thing my cousin taught me how to catch these things!(Prepare for the repeated joke next line)

Nissan: *collects a crab* Hey buddy, don't even try to tackle me, ok?

Norma: *collects a shrimp* Hi Little thingy, how are you?.. (CONF: Ewwwww)

Linda: *collects a  crab* 

Mandy: *collects a shrimps*

Nissan: *collects an oyster" Hey, say hello to your new momma

Linda: *collects a  shrimp* 

Mandy: *collects a oyster*

Emily: *Collects shrimp* Good thing my Aunt Ylime is good at fishing!

Toby: (collects a crab)

Falco: (collects an oyster)

Emily: Go Iggies! *Collects another shrimp* And go fish!

Mick: *Puts crabs in guitar*

Emily: *Collects a crab* Mr. Snappers, don't you dare pinch me!(CONF: Okay, maybe I was a bit childish on this challenge...)

Nissan: *collects a shrimp* Oh, you're so whimpy :)

Emily: *Collects an oyster*

MPPS: Next part of the challenge... THROW THE SEAFOOD AT THE OTHER TEAM!

Toby: (throws seafood at the other team)

Falco: (throws seafood at the other team)

Mandy: (throws seafood at the other team) 

Linda: (throws seafood at the other team)

Emily: *Throws seafood at the other team*

Norma: Dear Mandy, please do eat this! :3 Love: Norma *Throws seafood at the other team*

Emily:*Throws seafood at other team* Doing great Norma!

Mandy: Well I give you this in return Norma: Yours Mandy *Throws seafood at the other team*

Maxis: *Is hit and falls down* Argh! Help!

Hillary: Ha! Take this! *throws Seafood at the other team, aiming primarily for Maxis*

NIssan: *throw seafood at other team*

Emily: *Throws seafood at the other team* I don't see the point in this challenge anymore, but go us!

Mick: *Throws seafood at Emily*

Emily: *Throws seafood at Mick*

Nissan: Die Glory thingies!!!! *throws seafood at everyone of opponent team*

Emily: Glory thingies? *Throws seafood at NIssan* How dare you!

NIssan: *throws seafood at Emily and it goes right in his face* Ha!

Mandy: *Throws seafood at the other team*

Linda: *Throws seafood at the other team*

Nissan: *throws seafood at the other team* Ya're going to be defeated!!

Mandy: *Throws seafood at the other team*

Linda: *Throws seafood at the other team*

Toby: (throws seafood at the other team)

Falco: (throws seafood at the other team)

MPPS: AND THE IRIS OF GLORIES WIN, AS THEY HIT THE OPPOSING TEAM THE MOST! Weird challenge, I know. Flamehawks, once again, someone is saying goodbye.

Flamehawks Vote #4

Hillary: (CONF) Troy thinks he's got this game,. but nope, I'm running it. He hasn't done much recently, and he's a huge threat for the merge coming up, and my vote is casted towards Troyzan. </3 bye bye.

Nissan: (CONF) Hey, how you vote without having the voting section thingy? Just asking. Anyhow, Troy with the ZAN at the end has been useless so i throw a shrimp at him and he gets out of the game...ya know..what i mean right?

Toby: (CONF) Troy thinks he's the man in this, when he hasn't done anything at all...anyway, i vote for him, Troyzan.

Norma: My vote goes to Troy, Nothing personal dude, just want to keep my friendship with Hillary and Mick before and after the merge.

MPPS: That is a majority of the votes, which makes TroyZAN eliminated!

Mandy: What a stupid team you should've voted Norma off, ohwell guess everyone makes mistakes.

Mick: Mandy chillax Norma is cool...

Mandy: Well Mike you might be right except from that part the Norma is cool. But she will go down. Trust me *laughs like a maniac* *camera zooms in and hit her face* Seriously aren't there any better camera people..

Day 9


MPPS: Well, since there is just like, SO much tension going on... I'm merging you all! Every man for themselves.

Maxis: Finally! *stretches arms* Now I don't have to work with those LOSERS and SINNERS anymore!

Hillary: Great, now voting you off, is going to be SO much easier now. You're digging your own grave, Maxis. You're going to be the one to repent.

Toby: (yawns) man i'm tired...

Norma: Hillary? The you know what is still on right? (CONF: If the alliance is still on, we can vote out the stupid people, and we can finally join my BFF Emily :D)

Mandy: *throws a rock at Norma* so you made it to the merge ha?

Hillary: *nods to Norma* (CONF: So I've got my alliance, well, it's pretty tiny with only me and Norma, I believe, since I kind of betrayed Troy for the good of the game, as the merge was coming up soon. But, we can always expand, and grow.)

Emily: Congrats to everyone who made it this far! (CONF: Woohoo! Making it to the merge is accomplishment enough.)

Maxis: *chuckles* Stop talking, no one cares, and cleanse yourself from your sins.

Emily: *Puts on the "Be Green!" hat again* Do you even know my sins? Or are you just assuming that. (CONF: Sheesh, Maxis and Mandy, or shall I call them the M&M's, are quite bothersome.)

Nissan: *stares at the sky* (CONF: I better find an alliance, or i'm just going down...unless i win most of the challenges or i go unobserved.....yeah...)

Mandy: (CONF: There is something weird here)


MPPS: Alright, mah homies, your challenge... *throws everyone paintball guns* Hide, and shoot eachother. 3 shots hitting knocks you out of the challenge. Last one standing WINS. (Try not to godplay, and be fair).

Mick: *Takes Paintball gun and hides behind bush* *Shoots Mandy* Oh yeah!

Mandy: *Takes Paintball gun and hides behind bush* *Shoots Mick*

Linda: *Takes Paintball gun and hides behind bush* *Shoots Mick* 

Emily: *Takes Paintball gun and hides behind intern* *Shoots MAndy* That's for Norma!

Mick: *Shoots Mandy* "That's three your out!"

Linda: *Takes Paintball gun and hides behind bush* *Shoots Mick* 

Mick: Grrr! Linda When my band becomes famous I will ruin your life!

Linda: *Takes Paintball gun and hides behind bush* *Shoots Norma* 

Emily: How dare you shoot Norma! *Shoots at Linda*

Linda: What the horselips you act like she is your girlfriend. *Shoots Norma* 

Emily: Its called a BFF! *Shoots at Linda*

Linda: What ever.. *Shoots Norma* 

Emily: *Shoots Linda* Sorry Norma!

Norma: Linda, I have nothing against you dear, why are you so mean? .-. (CONF: I thought my only conflict was with Mandy -.-) And thanks a lot Emily! you truly are a friend :3

Linda: I don't have nothing against you it's just that Emily is acting kinda weird and not Norma is my BFF weird and I have to throw someone out and you were the one I remember your name... *get puched away by Mandy* WHOA

Mandy: Don't talk to that piece of meat girl.

Linda: I talk to who ever I want to talk and I AM NOT A GIRL!!!.

Nissan: Well, you shouldn't forget me *shoots Hillary and hides behind a bush*

Hillary: *shoots Linda* You're out!

Maxis: *shoots Hillary* TAKE THIS! FOR JESUS!

MPPS: Mick, Norma, Mandy and Linda are OUT!

Nissan: It's sad, but you can't stay here >:) *shoots at Hillary*

Toby: (shoots at Nissan and runs away)

Falco: (shoots at Toby)

Emily: *Shoots at Chris*

Hillary: *is hit three times* NU!

Maxis: *fires at Toby* TAKE THIS

MPPS: Hillary is out!

Emily: *Shoots at Toby* And Toby is out!

MPPS: Ehem, that is MY LINE! Toby is out!

Falco: (shoots at Chris)

Maxis: *shoots Chris*

MPPS: CHRISSY IS OUTTY! We've got Falco, Maxis, Emily, Nissan... wait... just those four. If I missed anyone else, they are automatically out of the challenge for not participating. So, Falco, Maxis, Emily, Nissan... immunity for all four of you! You cannot be voted for tonight!

Merge Vote (1)

Maxis: (CONF) I vote that stupid Chris, he does like, nothing.

Hillary: (CONF) Unfortunately, Maxis is immune, so I cannot vote for him. So... Chris.

Nissan: (CONF) You know, i've been spying the other team like....weeks! You know what, Chris is a lazy dude, and that just sucks. He gets off cause i don't like him.

Mandy: (CONF) How much I love to vote off Norma... so I am gonna do that bye Norma

Linda: (CONF) I think Emily is more than just a BFF from Norma, so I do this to save her from doing more damage to herself.. but I can't so I vote Toby? I don't know why I have to vote..

Toby: (CONF) uhh..i guess i'll vote for Chris.

Falco: (CONF) Chris has to go, period.

Emily: (CONF) I vote... uh... I guess Mandy. 

MPPS: Chris is out. 

Day 10 or whatever


Emily: Congrats to everyone still in. Has anyone seen my "Be Green!" hat?

Mandy: you mean that ugly hat Linda threw it in the trash.

Linda: Ew you wear that head, here I made a new one *put on Emily's head*

Emily: Uh, thanks I guess.

Norma: It's so cute *-* Linda you have style!! :3 Could you make a scarf for me? (CONF: I lost yesterday's voting ceremony .-. I was so busy with my studies :S I forgot I had to vote :S)

Mick: Could you make a cozie for my guitar? (CONF: My guitar needs to be warm too I guess...)

Maxis: Your guitar sucks! *glares, and looks back down at his bible* (CONF: I'm trying to keep these guys from going to hell, but they just don't listen.)

Hillary: OH SHUT UP! YOU'RE MORE ANNOYING THAN MANDY! (CONF: I will get that little no good bible freak out of this contest, no matter WHAT.)

Toby: man, does everyone hate each other or something?

Falco: (shrugs)

Linda: Well Norma I made one yesterday this is called the wind of the dragon, it's inspired by Legend's about dragons. *gives the scarf* Karl Lagervelt, only the best fashion designer excepted this one in his new collection.

Mandy: WOW that looks good.

Norma: It looks so beautiful *-* Thanks Linda :3 You sure know lots about fashion!! :3 (CONF: Linda could be my BFFBoy ^_^ I love his taste in fashion :P)

Mick: ANy chance you have a guitar cozy?

Linda: Sorry Mick, I do have one at home but not here, currently I am making a jacket that change colour depending on what season it is and what the weather conditions are, for example if the sun shines the jacket is yellow but when it snows the jacket will be white. and if it is cloudy the jacket is dark blue.

Mick: Darn I was hoping you had one. I'll just have to warm up my favorite guitars myself...


Chef: Alright, morons. We're playing a fun little game of... hide or SPAGHETTI CAN TO THE FACE! Simple rules really, you're hit, you're out. Last two individual standing contestants win immunity, and a nice little reward.

Maxis: That is totally not holy, Jesus will hate you for this! So will God, so repent!

Chef: Lolwut *shoots him* YOU'RE OUT!

Hillary: *runs into the woods*

Mandy: *place a projector in Chef's kitchen and runs into the woods* (CONF) That projector projects a silhouette I hope Chef falls for it. (END CONF)

Linda: Oh no I didn't wear my, oh my god I am about to shot by a crazy chef with a bazuca that blast spaghetti on your face  outfit. *runs to his cabin and change into the out fit and runs into the woods*.

Emily: *Places "Be Green!" hat Linda made in a tree, then hides in a box and covers self with blanket* Yay me!

Mick: *Runs behind Emily*

Emily: You know, you should find your own spot, this box isn't big enough for the both of us. (CONF: Everyone else so far has run into the woods. I'm hoping I won't regret doing different.)

Chef: You two are done like dinner. *aims at Emily and Mick*

Emily: *Hides behind Mick* I'm allergic to spaghetti!

Mick: T*hrows box at chef*

Emily: Uh, I suggest running now? *Starts to run off*

Mick: *Runs with Emily*

Chef: *shoots at them, but one goes flying into the forest, hitting Hillary* (I don't want my characters winning challenges, or it'd look like cheating in my own camp :P)

Hillary: DAMN!

Chef: Come back here, you two! 

Emily: Hey, where's Norma? *Runs into a bear* Yikes! 

Chef: *tries to shoot Emily, but hits the bear* Uh.. oh... *dashes*

Mick: AHHH!!!! *slams guitar in bears head*

'Chef: Yo, thanks guitar dude... BUT YOU'RE OUT! *shoots a can of spaghetti at him, and hits'*

Emily: *Runs off into the woods* No wonder everyone went in here.

Chef: *goes into the woods, looking for more bait*

Mick: *Sits by Maxis and Hillary* Well this sucks... *Slams guitar in anger*

Mandy: *runs up the hill and jumps of the cliff into the water*

Linda: *runs into a cave with bats and runs out of it* AAAAAAAAHHHHH BATTSS!!! 

Toby: (runs into the woods as well.)

Falco: (runs into the bedrooms)

Norma: *Dives into the river*

Mandy: WHAT! NORMA WHY ARE YOU IN MY RIVER! *puches her underwater*

Emily: *Hides in tree*

Linda: WAHHHHHH *runs into Falco* OOH!

Falco: oof!, holy hell!!, that hurt! (holds nose)

Linda: *runs away and points at Sasquatchanakwa*

Nissan: Seriously? I'm that hideous here?! *dresses as a tree*

Falco: uggh...i think i'm OK...(hides somewhere in the bedroom)

Emily: *Sits in tree still, making apology letter to Mick* (CONF: It was my fault Mick got hit by Chef. Oh well, apology time!)

Chef: *leans on Nissan, thinking she's a tree* WHAT THE HECK! *Fires at Nissan*

Nissan: *as a tree* Owch, do you think is nice to throw hot spaghetti at a poor tree like me? *assaults Chef*

Interns: *Drag Nissan away to the loser bench*

Chef: *notices Linda running and shoots him/her/whatiswithlinda* Easy as pie. 

MPPS: Only Emily, Falco, Mandy, Norma and Toby remain. Only two can win.

Emily: Oh hey I found my hat! *Puts it on*

Chef: Oh hey, I found my smart mouthed little teenage competitor who's going to get SHOT! *fires at Emily, but misses*

Emily: Stranger danger! *slaps Chef and runs off*

Chef: No one has ever hit me, insulted me, and not have been afraid of dying... Emily, you've got guts. You win immunity, and no one else.

MPPS: That was weird...

Merge Vote (2)

MPPS: Emily has immunity, so she can't be voted out.

Hillary: (CONF: I vote Maxis)

Maxis: (CONF: I vote Hillary)

Emily: (CONF: I did not expect that to get me immunity, but yay! Hmm, tough choice on who to vote. Luckily I can draw out of my hat! *Pulls random name out* And mark up a vote for Falco.)

Mick: (CONF: I guess I have to vote on whichever person my guitar wants to smash the most. Darn it's Toby I like him but I have to go with my guitar...)

Mandy: (CONF: Norma is a pain in the ***** but I gotta vote someone out so I vote Hillary)

Linda: (CONF: I vote out Hillary she came way further than I expected, you know what I am gonna make a summerdress with the colour white and black, it is gonna have the feeling of wind, here are some sketches)

Norma: (CONF: Hillary is my friend, I'm not a traitor, Linda is my friend too..Um...My vote goes to Falco)

Falco: (CONF: Hillary NEEDS to go.)

Toby: (CONF: i'll vote for....Hillary.)

MPPS: Hillary, buh-bye!

Hillary: You're voting me out instead of that Maxis freak? D:

Mick: Sorry Hillary if I had it my way it would be worse people than you...

Day 115


Mick: *Smashes guitar* Ugh I couldn't tune it...

Norma: Hi Mick :P What are you doing?

Maxis: Shut up.

Norma: Why are you so mean little guy? .-.

Emily: *Places apology muffin outside Chef's kitchen* There we go!

Maxis: You guys are weird.

Emily: Aren't we all? That, my friend, is the loveliness of life!

Maxis: Ha, no. *Goes away to pray*

Toby: she's right though, everyone's sane in their own right i guess.

Emily: Thank you Toby.

Toby: you're welcome. (smiles)

Falco: (CONF: man...that vote off was to close to call, i'd best start avoiding these situations more or else i'm done for!)

Mick: (CONF: Man I hope we do something with guitars for our next challenge)

Mandy: *puches Norma off the hill*

Linda: Mandy that was unnecessary, anyway check new design *shows everyone sketches* Do you like it.

Emily: I like the fourth one the best! And Mandy you should make Norma an apology muffin and get over your little rivalry.

Nissan: The best is the 2nd one. Also, Mandy, are you that mean to dislike Norma so much? Norma is so normal

Maxis: More like... un-norma-l. She's not normal at ALL.

Norma: Dear Maxis, If I am un-norma-l, what can we say about you? I mean, who knows if you truly go away alone to pray? or to do something else? Isn't that a little suspicious that you dislike everyone and always want to be alone? You look more likely an Emo than a Christian. And Mandy, we're just not friends, but not enemies :3 Just rivals. Hi Emily and Hi Linda :3

Mick: Very unnecessary Mandy, Are you ok Norma *Puts arms around her*

Mandy: *puches Mick together with Norma of the hill* Mind you own bisniss, she is indeed not Norma-l plus that b*&^% keep on poisoning my eye sight..

Linda: How does she do that?

Mandy:  By just being here... 

Linda: that doesn't make any sense, anyway I am gonna make 2 and 4 than. *goes somewhere and making the designs for the skirt (2) and jacket (4)*

Mick: Mandy you need to chillax and listen to Bob Marley or The Beach Boys or something...

Emily: Who?

Mick: *facepalm* Well anyway Linda I how about a guitar cozie I have a lot of guitars that are cold and need some warmth... Mandy: Who the F**** are you talking about.

Linda: *screaming from where he is making the skirt and jacket* I am almost done!!!

Nissan: Well, the guy is talking about that you need to go *pushes Mandy off the hill* (CONF: Haven't you seen Mandy recently? She's, like, really annoying and mostly boring. I have to do something, uff)

Mandy: OH NO YOU DIDN'T JUIST DO THAT!! *walks up to Nissan and knocks him out*

Linda: I AM DONE CHECK THIS OUT!!! *show skrit and jacket*

Nissan: Oh my NOOOO!!!! You called me a....boy :(

Emily: It looks great Linda!


MPPS: Since Chef and I are gone for the night, it's up to you guys to decide who gets immunity. Vote, compete, or whatever, but you guys will decide it. Only one person can have it.

Emily: Ooh! We should do something eco-friendly! Or a sing-off! 

Toby: a sing off?, what would we all sing?

Emily: Uh... How about we make it up as we go along? Only if everyone else is okay with it.

Mick: We should sing a Beatles song! Me and my band do Beatles stuff all the time!

Emily: That would be a good idea if I knew a Beatles song.

Linda: Mandy come here *takes Mandy and gives her clothes*

Mandy: What the....

Linda: *making a stage* Runway show time!!!

Mandy: What am I suppose to do?

Linda: WALK!!

Mandy: What the fu*^%$. *walks*

Linda: Check my skirt and jacket on my runway!

Nissan: I would do a very epic stunt drive with my Nissan Juke. I mean, it's my name *goes on car and starts engine* We're almost going! Wanna hop on?

Emily: But what about the challenge?

Nissan: What's the challenge anyway? I'm terribly confused...

Linda: *singing out of tune* MY HEART WILL GO ON!!

Mandy: *hit Norma with a stick* Well we are suppose to do a challenge right, let's hit each other with sticks *hit's Norma again*

Emily: The challenge is we make up our own challenge. Or anyway we want to get someone to have immunity. And don't hit anyone with a stick! Nature is not a weapon, it is your friend!

Mandy: I am not hitting Nature I am hitting Norma and she is technically she is a robot.. *hitting Norma again*

Emily: Well then stop. Can't we all think of a simple challenge to do that is safe and harmless?

MPPS: That was... HURRENDOUS! My gosh, how on Earth couldn't you guys figure out what to do? But, immunity goes to those who actually tried. Mandy, Emily, Linda, Nissan, Mick and Toby! So, Maxis and Norma are up for elimination.

Merge Vote (3)

MPPS: You can only vote for either Maxis or Norma.

Maxis: Un-Norma-L.

Emily: (CONF: My vote is obvious. Maxis. Why would I vote off my bff?)

Mick: (CONF: I have to go with Maxis, I want Norma to stick around a while if you know what I mean)

Mandy: (CONF: Perfect, Norma Maxis are up for elimination and ofcourse I am voting off Norma she is a pain in my butt)

Linda (CONF: No one said anything about my skirt I made anyway I vote out Norma she is nice but Maxis desirves it more and I want to free her off the torture that Mandy gives her. It's all in good will Norma. ) 

Nissan: (CONF: Well, why should i need to vote off Norma? She's a nice girl. Maxis is way creepier, so he gets off. Not my prob here)

Norma: (CONF: My vote obviously goes to Maxis ._. I hope I don't get booted out, or if I do, I hope at least I became part of the Jury...)

Toby: (CONF: sorry, but my vote goes to Maxis.

Falco: (CONF: i'm gonna vote for Maxis, no hard feelings.

MPPS: Maxis is out, and is our third member of the jury.

Day 12


Emily: Anyone else find it magically quieter suddenly?

Mick: Maybe it's because half of the contestants got eliminated. *Tune guitar*

Mandy: Unless you can't count which is not a suprice if you couldn't but 12 isn't the halve of 20... (CONF) Okay call me what ever you want but why is characterless Norma still here? She should be gone right now not being here being here characterless self...(END CONF)

Linda: NEW SKIRTS AND TOP'S ARE DONE! and Mike I am almost done with the guitar case!

Nissan: Well, lemme see them Linda. I think one of them will be my new look! (CONF) Ok, another one is gone. Who will be the next, which is obviously not going to be me.....why i'm saying that, it just brings unluck. DAMN ME *slaps herself (END CONF)

Falco: man, it's getting quieter and quieter by the day huh?

Toby: tell me about it man, it's gonna be a pretty close final.

Mick: Well your lucky you have me to entertain you. *Plays guitar*


MPPS: Alright, today, since everyone is so close, despite Mandy and Norma, this challenge is going to work as you being put into pairs.... Mandy and Norma are pair one, Falco and Mick are pair two, Toby and Emily are pair three, and Linda and Nissan are pair four! Alright, listen up. You are all tied up to your partner by your leg, so, if they fall, you're falling too! On your platforms, you must try to sabotage the other team's platform, by throwing things at them to loose their balance, or try to wobble their weak platform, without you falling too. Last duo standing wins immunity. Play fair.

Emily: Poor Norma. Anyways Toby let's win this!

Mick: No me and Falco got this *has guitar ready for anything to be thrown at him*

Mandy: How much I hate you, we have to win this and if we don't I am gonna blame you!

Linda: OMG I have to change clothes *changing clothes* ha! this is my i am teamed up with someone clothes.

Toby: so what can we throw Emily?

Falco: come on, me and Mick have got this no problem.

Nissan: Uuh.....well. *whispers to Linda* I've got some soap, but do you have some water? We need to make trip someone if we want to win.

Linda: I have some water here *gives Nissan the water* who do you want to trip?

Emily: I got nothing. Toby, time for you to show your stuff! Any ideas?

Mandy: ... seriously? are you gonna say nothing to me right now?

Nissan: Uhm....well...Hey Mandy! *throws the soaped water at Mandy. It splashes everywhere on their platform*

Mandy: Oh Nissan you are gonna get it *pick up a tree and throws it at Nissan and slips*

Linda: I don't really hate anyone around here, why did you do that Nissan? 

Norma: Mandy, why don't we use my heel as a weapon? *Gives a Heel to Mandy*

Mandy: Wow I never expected you to do that kinda of thing? Alright I know we don't like eachother but let's kick some A$% !

Norma: Go on and throw it girl! :3 Nothing personal Nissan, just playing the game!!

Mandy: I have a idea *whispers to Norma* Okay I know where MPPS get's her diet coke from and there happens to be mentos too, let's make a mega diet coke and mentos bomb! and throw it at Falco and Mike!

Norma: Luckily I have some mentos in my pocket!! One...Two...Three..This should do *Gives the mentos to Mandy*

Mandy: I'll be right back *get's 5 bottle of diet coke* haha no wonder MPPS doesn't loose weight doesn't she know diet coke isn't that good for you. (this is not ment offence to you MPPS I mean it as a joke and just for in the game I hope you understand that) Okay Norma it's time to throw the bomb, you have to put the mentos first into the diet coke and close the bottle!

Norma: *Puts the mentos, one by one on the diet coke* Bubbles! :S *Fastly closes the bottle and throws it to Nissan* Here you go!!!

  • the bottle explodes*

Mandy: Wow that was amazing let's me do one *put's the mentos, one by one in the diet coke and close the bottle and throws it at Falco* (CONF) Who would've taught? Me and NORMA!!, NORMA the girl I hate all season, I am  getting along with her! This day can't become any weirder.. (END CONF)

Norma: Nice one Mandy!! :D (CONF: Sadly, Mick is Falco's partner :/ I think I like him...Better to tell him before he gets out of this...And it's fun to be partner with Mandy, she has a good strategy and humor sense..)

Emily: *Looks around* Ooh a little branch. And a vine attached to it. Idea time! *Breaks the branch into two smaller pieces and ties the bottom of one to the other* Got it!  *Weaves the vine into the branch, forming a slingshot* Now to test it first. *Finds a small rock and slingshots it at the host* Okay it works!

Mandy: Who should I throw it at next? *tooks around* Ha YOU THERE *put's the mentos, one by one in the diet coke and close the bottle and throws it at Toby*

Nissan: *all wet* Uff....So, a mentos+cola thing is your weapon? SERIOUSLY?!. Well, GET SOME OF THIS *throws a rock at Mandy's stomach making her trip because of the soapy water* (also, when you know you're out?)

Emily: *Slingshots a rock at Nissan* Rocks are my weapon, copycat!

Mick: *Throws guitar at Mandy* Haha take that! Maybe you'll learn never to diss The Beatles...

Mandy: *put's the mentos, one by one in the diet coke and close the bottle and throws it at Mick* You know what the Beatles still suck! 

Mick: *Stumbles* tsk tsk tsk bad Mandy. I'm bringing the bass. *Throws bass*

Nissan: *gets hit from the rock and trips, also with Linda*. least we didn't fall. I need some sticks, but you have to give me some clothes.

Mandy: wow Maybe you should keep your guitars because Linda isn't making that guitar case for nothing.. 

Mick: I've got tons of guitars, more than I can count and it's not a case its a cozie.

Linda: *running* Mick catch the cozie is done *falls and the cozie fly's through the air and hit's Mick* OH NO!!

Toby: (gets hit by coke bottle) that hurt!, but it doesn't matter! (throws coke bottle back at Mandy)

Falco: anything else we can throw Mick?

Emily: *Slingshots at Mandy* Double attack!

Mick: *Throws guitar at Mandy* Noo! My guitar cozie!

Falco: (slingshots at Mandy)

Norma: TOBY!! Cover your teeths!! And sorry for this!! *Throws one of her heels to Toby* (CONF: I said that because I think Toby has a cutie smile and pretty teeths...But I like Mick better <3) Mandy don't give up!!

Toby: (ducks) yikes!, that was way to close...

Emily: Toby, you okay? *Slingshots at Linda*

MPPS: Excuse me? I am no girl. Sure, I may have fabulous hair, and a beautiful physique, but I'm too good for your gender, Mandy! *throws an acorn at her* Hurry up guys, and knock a pair down!

Emily: *Slingshots one at Falco* Can't you see I'm trying?

Falco: same here!, it's like there's no end! (slingshots back at Emily)

MPPS: *throws everyone proper slingshots, with incredibly jaggered and hard rocks as ammo* This will be fun. Try to knock down Mandy and Norma, really hate them both.

Emily: I'll aim at Mandy with pleasure. Here's some karma for you! *Slingshots the jaggered rock at Mandy*

Toby: awesome! (slingshots hard rocks at Mandy)

MPPS: Dayum, Mandy has been hit so much, she can't keep her balance on the platform anymore, and both she and Norma are out of the challenge! Only three pairs left!

Emily: Nice one! *Slingshots one at Nissan*

Mandy: Sorry it's not my fault you are feminine looking, man you are like Linda only he isn't annoying.

Linda: *throws a boulder at Emily* Okay I might look feminine but I have manly power.

Mandy: More like hulk power.

Nissan: *finishes the clothing shield in time* Yes! Now slingshots and whatever wont hurt us how we knock out other pairs, Linda?

Norma: Go Emily!! Go Mick!! (CONF: Competition is starting to get hard, I don't know who should I support because almost everyone is nice, the only guy I know nothing about is Falco, and I'm not so sure if he even knows my name...Hillary if you're watching this, I miss you friend :'( )

Toby: (slingshots at Nissan) double attack!

Falco: and here's one right back at ya! (slingshots at Toby)

Emily: A boulder?! *Gets hit and falls, knocking her and toby out of the challenge*

Linda: *picks up another boulder* You two are pathetic sling shotting rocks. if you want to do it the good, this is how you do it! *throws the boulder at Toby and Falco* (CONF) I didn't knew that Linda was that strong. She can knock out thousands of people if she CONF)

Linda: (CONF) I am very strong but Fashion is my pasion, like water in the sea I belong there! (END CONF)

Emily: Don't hurt Toby! Mandy, mind handing me mentos and a diet coke, please?

Mandy: Well you can have the bottle but there is nothing in it anymore me and Norma drank it up..

Emily: Aww...

Mandy: Seriously Emily so uncreative? Get a air pump tape and some water I will show you how a bottle can be usefull!

Falco: you wanna see me at my buffest?, watch this pretty...girl-boy? (throws boulder back at Linda)

Linda: *yawn* That is all? *catches the boulder*.

Nissan: Yeah, nice one....*without him noticing, shoots a rock at Falco, and it hits....his jewels >.<*

Falco: (cringes) man down...(drops to floor, taking Mick down with him.)

Mick: Falco!! (CONF: I might not buy him a guitar if I win...)

Linda: Wait are we the only couple left now?

Falco: no...i'm getting back up...(gets back up)

Linda: hey why is my hair spray here? I have a idea *throws the hairspray with a lighter and make the hairspray explode where Falco is* there we go. 

MPPS: Linda and Nissan win! amirite or wrong?

Emily: Mandy its okay. I'm not one to hold a grudge.

Linda: We won yay! *drops the boulder on his toe* AAH!! *falls of the platform*

Mandy: *laughing* OMG that was f&*^$ng hilarious!

Merge Vote 4

MPPS: Votes against Linda or Nissan won't count, but you can vote for the others.

Emily: (CONF:I guess I vote for Falco, he's the only one I don't know well.)

Mick: (CONF: I have to vote for Falco... I'll buy him two guitars if I win because I feel bad)

Falco: (CONF: i think Mick should go, he's in over his head with this.

Toby: (CONF: sorry, but Bon Jovi...i mean Mick, needs to go.)

Norma: (CONF: *Writes the name of Falco* And after today's elimination, things won't be easy anymore)

Mandy: (CONF: In a normal elimination I would vote out Norma BUT since we had a wonderful day together I desided to vote out Mike *writes down mike* I mean common that mother F*&*er throw a F*%^&ing guitar at me what a idiot)

Linda: (CONF: I vote out Mike I made him a guitar case and he can have that it took me 90 hours to make that I usually get paid for that! *writes down Mike*)

Mick: (Falco and toby come on you cant change votes that's not fair)

Falco: (sorry Mick but people change their votes all the time in this wiki, it's just how it goes. :(

Linda: Mike here you have you guitar case thingy. *hand it over to Mike* I used special matrial I only use for special projects.

MPPS: I'm taking it that by Mike you mean Mick? Alright, let me tally the votes... One vote Falco, Two votes Falco, One vote Mick, Two votes Mick, Three votes Falco, Three votes Mick, Four votes Mick... Darn it, Nissan didn't vote again... so, well, Nissan is out! U MAD BRO?

Nissan: But, btu, but....I COULDNT EDIT D: (yay, i found a way to get back editing, but it takes much time...)...and if i am in time i vote for Mick :-[

Day 13333333632


Linda: Okay Mick here is your guitar case *hands it over*

Norma: Hi Linda! :) Hey Mick!! Can I tell you a secret? (CONF: It's now or never...)

Linda: well tell me. 

Norma: No no It's between Mick and me! But thanks anyway ;) I'm still wearing the purple scarf you gave me, I soo love it!! Don't you have anything I can use with it?

Mick: Anything you want babe...?

Mandy: ugh puke is that really how you call her? She has a name you know that! 

Linda: And you didn't even say thanks to me for your case and no Norma I am sorry but I cost me over 90 hours to make taht giutar case thing so didn't really had time to make anything else, I am already sketching though.

Mick: Oh well sorry, thank you...  

Linda: Doesn't matter *singing out of tune* HAAAYYY I JUST MET YOU AND THIS IS CRAZEEEE!!!

Toby: (groans)

Falco: (singing with Linda, in tune)  so delete my number...and keep the baby?

Norma: *Gets closer to Mick and starts to whisper in his ear* Look...From the moment I saw your beautiful green eyes, and when I listened to your voice, and to the way you play that guitar I started to feel something for you, and you know, like John Lennon says Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted, and I would really enjoy to waste my time with you <3 My question is..Do you feel the same?

Mandy: Linda please shut the f*%^# up *puts a sock in Linda's mouth* ugh much better.

Linda: *spits out the sock* EW what was that for.

Mandy: You're singing out of tune..

Toby: is it over?

Falco: for now...

Toby: (gulps)

Challenge 02

MPPS: Insult eachother. Take it as far as you want, but don't insult the user themself. Best insulter wins immunity. Just wanna see some drama for you guys. 

Toby: insult each other...this isn't gonna be good...

Falco: OK..i'll kick it off,'re a selfish, idiotic, cowardly little b**ch whose only friend is imaginary!

Toby: OK, fine, have it you're way...Falco, you're an old, crazy, nasty loser whose parents decided to name you after a character from Star Fox!

Falco: .........

Mandy: Noobs.. Okay Falco and Toby you wanna know how you insult someone!  Yo Mike I bet the only reason why you carry a guitar with you is to make desperate, insecure  girls like Norma fall for you, I bet you can't even play more than bieber songs... and Emily your friendship with Norma is kinda like the friendship between Zoey and Mike but the only differance between you and them is that they admit they had feelings for eachother and you keep on denying it. 

Falco: pretty good.

Toby: everyone in this god damn contest are a load of b**ches who always argue and complain, argue and complain, and argue and complain again!, Mandy's way to bossy, Linda's the next wannabe Sailor Moon, Mick sucks at playing the guitar, Emily is most likely one of those crazy people who live in huts on top of hills, Norma's some sad little lady who constantly flirts with boys to get ahead and Falco's an old, useless crow who only contributes to the team when they're working their butts off, EVERYONE IN THIS CAMP IS A B**CH!!!!!............................sorry.

Mandy: Well well, Falco you're a pathetic competitor I means seriously you've got you a$# kicked last episode my soemone who's 11 years younger than you and she looks like a guy. Toby it's hard to insult you cause there is seriously nothing to insult you on, it's hard to do that to someone with pretty much no character.

Falco: seriously, shouldn't you be back in class Mandy?, you're teacher will be wondering where you are.

Mandy: Unless you're that forgetful already but if you can remeber that we have vacations on school

Falco: forgetful?, yeah right, i'm fine, unlike you're parents, who CLEARLY dropped you on you're head as a baby.

Linda: Guys guys don't fight!

Mandy: Lady face you do realize this is the challenge?

Toby: the challenge is to insult each other, as hard as that is to believe.

Mandy: Insulting you guys is getting boring I want to know what the other hopeless pathetic motherf&*^kers have to say.

Toby: (shrugs)

Falco: ........

Emily: This is a weird challenge. (CONF: I got taught not to be mean all my life D:)

Toby (CONF: what a day....)

Norma: Where should I start? Okay, I'll be as nice as possible. Toby is such a silent guy who likes to eat his own snots when nobody is looking at him. Falco is just a guy who likes to stand up over there just like an idiot and count how many clouds are up in the sky, I always wanted a lightning to shoot him and get him back to the reality. Linda is a feminish guy who likes fashion as much as a girl, and that's why everybody thinks he likes boys, or that he is even a girl with short hair, and I must confess I thought the same when I saw him for the first time. Mandy is a complicated girl who dislikes everybody and does not care about anything, In my dreams I always take her by her hair and get his head into the toilet. Mick lives in his own music world where he talks to his imaginary friends and plays the guitar in famous bands, which personally I've never heard about. And Emily is so far the only person I know who, instead of smoking, spents her free-time thinking about fields, ponys, ducks, apples and trees, so, Like Mick, she lives in her own world full of peace and love. That is all. (CONF: I truly dislike this challenge :S I had to insult my bff and Mick and Linda and that makes me sad :'( )

Mandy: wow... that was... awful... (CONF: I love this challenge, wanna know why because everyone except me sucks at it whahaha)

Mick: MANDY SHE JUST SUCKS AT LIFE.... Linda has B style clothing. Toby just needs to die... same with Falco, Emily needs to stop with the green stuff... (CONF: I just couldn't insult Norma... but I feel bad for everyone else I'm afraid they won't like mee...)

Emily: If everyone else is doing it, then I guess I will. First off, Mick's obsession over being famous and bands and such makes him look almost as much as a freak as Mandy is. Toby, honestly the only reason I even knew you were existing is the fact we were partnered up.  Falco, man, I don't even want to go there. Linda is even worse than Mick obsessing over his little fashion projects. I mean, is there anything worthwhile or useful you can do? Once again, back to Mandy. Mandy is one of the worst people I ever met, personality-wise and in the looks department as well. I know why the nature around here is so green, because its covered in the barf people puke out when they see you in the morning. And Norma is just a reincarnated form of Sierra, meaning she stalks Mick so much it makes me want to slap her. (CONF: At least mine weren't that hurtful. If you're watching this at Aunt Ylime's house, I'm sorry mom!) 

Mandy: seriously is that all you got? It's like I'm having a running contest with 6 people without leggs, besides the only reason why Mick wanna be with Norma is because his guitar doesn't have a tongue and he want's to choke on  a real human tongue for once instead of the wood of his guitar.

Falco: so Norma, how many guys have you spent the night with this week?, seven?, eight?, maybe even nine?

Toby: Mick basically sucks at playing the guitar and really should just die, i mean, that's a face only a mother could love, and Emily, seriously...just get out of here. (CONF: man this sucks, i like pretty much everyone here, what a crappy challenge...)

Linda: Well I can give it a try, Mandy you're mean like.... like... a teacher, Falco you're name is like that one of that bird I think, Emily you Emily-ish, Norma is too nice and I really have nothing bad to say about her.  Mike's guitar is like a ... a... egotist it's smaller than he think he is.. (I suck at insulting people)

Mandy: Ladyface, you suck at insulting people.

Falco: why do people always say i'm Falco from Star Fox!?

Toby: cause you have the same name as him?

Falco: that......might be true.

Norma: I haven't spent my nights with anyone, and how about you? How many guys have you been with last night? Did you and Toby broke up already? Because seems like Toby prefers to be single than being with such a sucker like you, dear. And Mandy if you think that I'm so awful you should look yourself at a mirror and then look a photo of me when I was at your age: we're soooo similar, But I stopped being so selfish and now everybody in my town likes me. :3 If you want to have a boyfriend, stop screaming.

Mandy: uhm last time I checked this is not screaming and I don't want to have some pervert who just want's to taste the inside of my mouth because his guitar taste like wood. And I am not some desprate girl who falls for some guy who sings, 'you might not beautiful but I still want you.' 

Norma: Nice answer, you've got a point there. (CONF: I guess this challenge was made for Mandy, but I won't give up right now).

Linda: So... what now?

Norma: Well dear, I say we wait for the results (CONF: But is obvious Mandy has done it again. I must applaud her for being such a good insulter, I'm not a bad loser)

Falco: (to Norma) took you long enough!

Toby: well if that's it for the challenge then i need to go lie down (slowly walks away)

Emily: Well, I guess if anyone needs me I'll be yelling at an intern for not conserving energy.

Linda: I am going to sleep *falls in sleep standing*

MPPS: And Linda wins the challenge! Ha jk, she/he whatever, sucked! Major! Starfox lost, Emily lost, everyone lost, except for Mandy and Norma... Woulda just been Mandy, but that last one from Norma won it for about her boyfriends... So. Yeah.

Merge Vote 4 I think I'm not too sure noh8plz

MPPS: You know the drill, Emily, Linda, Falco, Toby and Mick are the only ones who can be voted for.

Mandy: (CONF) I told you I would win, they just suck Norma's last one was indeed good, maybe incorrect but good, I vote out Emily, she is a major threat (END CONF)

Linda: (CONF) I am so bad at insulting people, anyway I vote out Emily I like her but she is so popular. (END CONF)

Falco: (CONF) sorry, but i vote for Emily, she's a massive threat.

Toby: (CONF) i vote for Emily, she's nice, but i think this is the end of the road for her.

MPPS: Even if Mick, Emily or Norma vote, four is a majority, and Emily is safely eliminated. Did not expect that one... oh yeah, and new rule, try to refrain from changing votes. (;

Day 14

Day 14 CHAT

MPPS: 'Ello, final six! :D We're nearing the end.

Toby: the final, this is insane..(CONF: that challenge the other day wasn't great to say the least, i think it might have done some damage to the team, i'm shocked Emily's gone, she was a likely winner in my book, but oh well, life goes on.)

Linda: FINAL 6 EEEEEE *get a slap in the face by Mandy*

Mandy: Pull yourself together Lady face (CONF: Emily got what was comming to her, it was her own fault making so much friends on this show, now it's just waiting untill the upcomming elimination and vote out *camera battery got empty)

MPPS: Love eliminations? Because two of you are going to get eliminated today! :D


MPPS: Alright, the first step of the challenge... there are six boxes here, and four of them will advance you to the next part of the challenge. Select either Box 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6. But be careful, two of them are boobytrapped! Trust me, you're going to want to pick the right one, because it's a double elimination vote off!

Toby: (gulps) OK...i'll pick first....i'll pick.....2.

Falco: i guess i'll go for 6.

Box 2: *opens up, and a giant fist knocks Toby out of the challenge, and reads in a robotic voice* Your box was booby trapped...

MPPS: Falco moves on to round two, but Toby doesn't, losing all chances he ever had at winning immunity! Only Boxes 1, 3, 4 and 5 remain to be chosen, and one of them is booby trapped!

Toby: (CONF: just like that!?, talk about bad luck!)

Norma: I pick numbuh 3 (CONF: Final 6, OMG, I can't believe this is happening ^^ And I'm shocked that my bff got eliminated :( )

Box 3: *opens up, and knocks Norma out of the challenge*

MPPS: Tough luck, Norma and Toby. 2 and 3 are booby trapped. Only Falco, Linda, Mandy and Mick have a shot at immunity now!

Falco: so what's the next part of the challenge?

Mick: Ugh I'll choose 1 which will be what our first song will reach on the charts with me band...

MPPS: *cages all four of the contestants* Alrighty, your task... escape from the cell. All you have in your cage, which is hung above a giant pool of slime, is rope, scissors, and whatever you guys keep with you. First two to escape reasonably, and avoid falling in the slime, move on to the final part of the challenge!

Falco: well i have a saw with me so...(starts to saw bars off)

MPPS: What the heck kinda person has a saw with them? o.O That's the kind of person you don't want to know in real life, kiddies! :D

Mandy: I pick box 4

Linda: I pick box 5

MPPS: Mandy and Linda, you're caged up, with Falco and Mick. Toby and Norma already picked the wrong boxes, so... no need.

Mandy: Okay Norma I hope you have a hard head, *lift up Norma and smash the door with Norma's head*

Linda: O.O

Falco: (sawing bars) (2)

Mandy: *smash the door again with Norma's head* Okay this is not working.

Falco: (sawing bars) (3)

Mandy: *steals Mick's guitar and try to smash the door open*

Linda: Last year I have been to the Totally Spies gadgets give away and they gave me this freeze everything spray let me try it *spray with the freeze spray on the lock of the door and than kick's it* AW!! WHY IS IT POSSIBLE ON TV AND NOT FOR REAL!!

Falco: (sawing bars) (4)

Mandy: *gives guitar back completely broken* I am sorry about you guitar, but think about it this way atleast you didn't on the ground. Yo Lady face squared pants use your muscles you're the one who picked up those boulders.

Linda: But than my nails i had a pedicure this morning.

Mandy: You're kidding me right?

Falco: (rolls eyes while sawing bars) (5)

Mandy: Linda break that door with your f*^&&ing hands!!!

Linda: But my nails?

Mandy: Okay I'll do it myself with the saw of Falco *ripps the saw out of Falco's hand and try to open the door but breaks the saw* Oh F****k that sucks..

Falco: you're lucky that was the last bar!, (kicks down the half sawed bar) i'm getting out of here! (climbs rope and starts to move across)

Mick: Ugh my guitar.. oh well I have tons more... *throws guitar in slime and jumps on guitar*

MPPS: Falco and Mick move on! *cage drops, and whoever did not escape falls into the slime* Alright, since Falco escaped first... he wins immunity! Mick, as your second place prize, you get to select one person who cannot vote, with the exception of Falco. Will it be Mandy, Linda, Norma or Toby?

Mandy: Seriously Mick pick one of us *whispers Norma* seriously don't take so long gees

Mick: I'll pick Mandy (lol sorry I too long)

Toby: so uhh....can we vote now?

Mandy: *slaps Mick* you will regret this!

Mick: Sorry here is a guitar *hands guitar*

Mandy: You're gonna regret you gave me this guitar *smashes the guitar in Micks kiwi's*  I can't play guitar *leaves the guitar where Mick is rolling around in pain*

Falco: is this gonna be much longer?

MPPS: Omg, shut up Falco, or you're next buddy! :D

Merge Vote 555555

MPPS: Two votes. Two elims. Mandy cannot vote. You may not vote 4 Falco. He is the temporary swagdaddy.

Mandy: (CONF: I would've vote someone, if I could Mick you will regret this decision)

Linda (CONF: I vote of Mick and myself, geez this game is fun and all but I want to keep some clothes for my runway show in Paris. And don't give it away to some girls who can't make their own clothes *packing his bags* (real reason I want to keep in fair and having two competitors in the top 4 is not that fair))

Norma: (CONF: *Writes the name of Toby* Sorry, nothing personal. *Writes the name of Mandy* I don't want to vote Mandy off but, I can't vote Falco, so I have to do this :'( )

Toby: (CONF: i'm gonna go a long shot and vote for....Linda and Mick, to really nice people, honestly, but they gotta go.

Falco: (CONF: Linda and Mick, sorry, but that's who the swagdaddy wants off.)

MIck: (CONF: I vote off Linda and Toby)

MPPS: Mick and Linda... Buh-Bye. So, Mandy, Norma, Falco and Toby round up our final four! Who will be the next to go? IDK and IDC! :D

Day... darn it I forgot someone change it because I'm too lazy


Norma: (CONF: Final 4...And Mick and Linda are gone... :( Now I have no friends here...except maybe Mandy...)

Mandy: (CONF: Final 4 and Mick tought he could out play me haha he wishes, now eventhough Norma is popular I don't want her gone, girls need to stick together! Falco need to go he should've gone last episode instead of him Linda went.. seriously.)

Falco: (CONF: the final 4...never thought i could get this far, considering how i'm the oldest competitor...hate the fact Linda had to go the other day, but Mick deserved to go, me and Toby got to stick together as the last guys left in the game, i guess it's only a matter of time until one of us walk home a winner...)

Toby: (CONF: the final 4?, this is a shock even to me, i just hope i can stay all the way till the end, but it will be a tough contest without a doubt...)

MPPS: Who says any of you guys are walking home, as winners?


MPPS: Alright, girls versus boys, in the final four challenge! Mandy and Norma, versus Falco and Toby, in this wild-wild-west challenge, which will blow you away! I have just airlifted in a Western Town set, and you two as pairs must work together, and open fire on your opponents, while staying low for your own safety. *throws them both laser tag thingies* Once you've sustained enough damage, your shirt thingy majingy will turn off, and you will have to rely on your partner to finish the job. Last duo, or person, standing, wins it for the two of them! :D

Mandy: Alright Norma time to take those boys to the graveyard where they belong!! *shoot Falco*

Toby: let's take these girls down Falco...(shoots Mandy)

Falco: with pleasure...(shoots Norma)

Mandy: Wow (shoots Falco)

Falco: what?, you treat me like a b**ch! (shoots Mandy)

Mandy: If you can't stand the hit go and surender yourself (shoots Falco)

Falco: not gonna happen! (shoots Norma)

Toby: (shoots Mandy)

Mandy: I will make that happen (shoots Falco)

Falco: suuure...(shoots Mandy)

Toby: (shoots Mandy)

Mandy: I will make that happen (shoots Falco)

Norma: Let's get the animals into their Doghouses Mandy!! *Shoots Falco*

Mandy: Let's take these boys down!! (shoots Toby)

Norma: *Shoots Toby* Sorry Toby! Nothing personal buddy!!

Mandy: (Shoot's Toby) Norma don't be so nice they desirve it 

Norma: Okay then :3 *Shoots Toby* (CONF: Go Team NorMandy!! :3 :P Working with her is so f*ck*n cool *Puts sunglasses on*)


Norma: *Shoots Falco* DIE B*tch!! B) (CONF: I always wanted to say that ^^)

Toby: DIEEEEE!!!! (shoots Norma)

Falco: (shoots Mandy)

Mandy: (Shoots Falco) (CONF: Did Norma just say B*&ch? Wow I'm proud. )

Falco: (shoots Mandy)

Toby: (shoots Norma) sorry Norma...

Norma: No need to worry!! *Shoots Falco* Keep shooting Mandy!!

Toby: (shoots Mandy)

Falco: (shoots Norma)

Norma: Dear, Stop being so mean with a girl!! *Shoots Falco*

Toby: (shoots Norma)

Falco: (shoots Mandy)

Mandy: (Shoots Toby) Die B***CH!!!

Norma: *Shoots Toby*

Mandy: (shoots Falco)

Norma: *Shoots Falco* Eat this Bird :3

Mandy: (shoots Falco)

Norma: *Shoots Falco*

Mandy: (shoots Falco)

Toby: (shoots Mandy)

Falco: (shoots Norma)

Mandy: (shoots Toby)

Toby: (shoots Mandy)

Falco: (shoots Mandy)

MPPS: Mandy has sustained thirteen hits and Falco has sustained twelve! Those are enough to knock them out of the challenge. It's Norma vs. Toby. Who will win it for the duos?

Norma: *Shoots Toby*


Norma: Gang Bang I'll shot you dead b*tch!! *Shoots Toby* (CONF: Yipee Mandy is mah new friend :3)

Mandy: (CONF: Who would've thought Me and Norma friends, back during the platform challenge it was fun but now it's up to her to keep the girl power high!)

Toby: (shoots Norma)

Norma: *Shoots Toby*

Toby: (shoots Norma)

Norma: *Shoots Toby* Take dis :3

Toby: (shoots Norma) take dat. XD

Norma: *Shoots Toby* (CONF: Isn't this...repetitive?)

Toby: (shoots Norma)

MPPS: And Norma wins it for her and Mandy!

Final Four Voting

MPPS: You can only vote for either Falco or Toby. Choose wisely. 

Mandy: (CONF: Goodbye old men Falco 1 down 3 left.)

Falco: (CONF: stupid kid, i vote for Toby.)

Toby: (CONF: sorry Falco, but you've come way to far then expected, i vote for you.)

Norma: (CONF: *Writes down the name of Falco* Obviously I wouldn't vote for Toby because I think he's nicer than Falco. And Mandy is mah new friend and has immunity. So bye bye Bird)

MPPS: Marshmallows go to, nah, screw that. Falco. Buh-Bye!


Final 3 Chat

MPPS: Alrighty-o! Final day on the camp! Two of you will be eliminated, one in a cool vote, and... another... in a jury vote! Who will be crowned the winner? Toby, the boring guy, Norma, the weirdo, or Mandy, the total **************?

Mandy: Yay final 3, the first part should be easy but the Jury vote.. I didn't made alot of friends during my time here..

Norma: Woo-Hoo!! Final 3!! ^^ Congratulations Mandy!! :P And you do have friend, like Linda for example..(CONF: I'm very glad to be here, I always thought I'll got kicked out before the final 5, but I managed to get here!! ^^)

Toby: (CONF: it's awesome to be in the final three, i always thought i'd get eliminated quite early, but i've gotten further then expected, maybe i even have a chance to win!)

Final 3 Vote

MPPS: Challenges are mainstream, so in order to reach our final 2, vote someone out. It's free for all. So, Mandy, Norma and Toby... vote wisely. Vote carefully. Think about who you want to take to the Jury Vote with you, or who shouldn't go. And if this ends up as a tie... damn it.

Norma: (CONF: *Writes down the name of Toby* I pick Mandy as my rival on the finale because she's my friend and It's better to me lose against a friend than losing against a...dumb boy.)

Toby: (CONF: i vote Norma, she's pretty but like all the pretty girls she'll turn into a b**ch come the final, and i'd find it more interesting to compete against Mandy.)

Mandy: (CONF: Okay Hard choice but I gotta vote Norma, she is popular and since it's a Jury vote she will win for sure she is nice but I think I have a better chance agains Toby.)

Norma: If I lose, I'm 3rd, am I part of the Jury?

MPPS: Lol, bye Norma. Last member of the jury.


MPPS: Alright, Jury Vote! No speeches, because honestly, Mandy and Toby, no one likes you guys. ANYONE WHO WAS VOTED OUT POST-MERGE, VOTE FOR A WINNER!

Hillary: I vote for Toby, because Mandy's a b****.

Maxis: Pfft, this should be me winning. Unholy beasts. Toby is the anti-Christ, so, I vote Mandy.

Linda: I vote for Mandy it's really hard but I guess I vote her cause she worked the hardest of the two.

Norma: Hard times, I can't believe I have to choose between two persons that voted me out; but anyways, My vote goes to Mandy. She was my enemy when this started, but we became friends recently and I hope it does not change.

Falco: i don't like either of these people honestly, Toby for getting me voted out and Mandy for being a total b**ch to me, but Toby was more friendly out of the pair of them so i vote for him.

Nissan: First to say "DAYTONAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA *drumroll*" gets my vote :)

Chris: My vote goes to Toby

MPPS: we neeed more votesswoefwjwel


Mandy: Who the f*&ck is Daytona? Anyway Tarzan or Tay zan or Trozan or whatever your name is. It's very cute you want to vote but you do not belong in the category post merge, I feel sorry... Wait.. *burps* Oh I don't feel sorry I just had to burp I drank alot of diet coke.

Nissan: Oh well, i was going to give my vote to Toby in anyway :)

MPPS: And with that, Toby wins Survivor MPPS! :D