Welcome to T.D. Metro - City of Drama!
T.D. Metro is an abandoned city. Here, twenty-seven contestants will be responsible for rehabilitating the old metropolis into a city that people can actually live in! In twenty-one short days, only one resident will remain, and be crowned the mayor of T.D. Metro!


  1. 11347
  2. Aimers
  3. Alejandrofan3000
  4. Bbhinton15
  5. Bridgette dj10
  6. CD-TDA
  7. Dakotacoons
  8. First123
  9. Jake R
  10. Leshawnafan
  11. Mister.. E.
  12. Mr. Totaldramaman
  13. Mrdaimion
  14. Mrodd
  15. Nduke
  16. Oatmeal-
  17. Platypus09
  18. Reddude
  19. SethAllred343
  20. Snowgirl57
  22. TDADJ
  23. TDAwesome15
  24. Tdi
  25. TDISeriesFan
  26. Teamnoah123
  27. TotalDramaAddict
  28. TotalDramaFan1000
  29. Webkinz Mania


Gameplay Rules

  • The twenty-seven residents are split into three teams of nine.
  • Each team receives one million five hundred thousand dollars ($1,500,000) at the beginning of the game.
  • As the game progresses, each team will gain and lose money in order to re-build the once-active city of T.D. Metro.
    • How to gain money:
      • Winning challenges almost always results in a cash bonus and immunity.
      • Doing volunteer work always wins an extra $50,000-$100,000.
      • One of the other teams could loan money to your team (or, once the merge arrives, resident could loan money to another resident).
    • How to lose money:
      • Spending money on supplies for the challenges.
      • Loaning money to the other teams (or, once the merge arrives, players).
      • Godplaying. ($25,000 penalty per incident.)
  • On Day Two, a captain will be selected, and the captain will be the one to handle any concerns with the team's money.
    • For Day One, the team members must come to a consensus on what to do with the money.
  • At the merge, each team's money will be distributed evenly amongst the remaining members of the team.
  • If you miss three challenges, you will be automatically eliminated.
  • Have a blast while playing!

Day One - Home Improvement: City Edition

Day One Chat

Kgman04: Hello, hello, welcome! This is T.D. Metro - City of Drama! Once your name is placed on the contestants list, you can chat here.

Nduke: This is a weird city..

WM: I love Kg's camps.

Jake: Kg's camps are fun and have awesome challenges :D

MrD: I shall rule this game! >:D

Mrodd: Well... Its better then school :D

Nduke: I wish I was in s1!

Kgman04: Awwww! *feels the love*

Aimers: My first time in a Kg camp :D And they look so much fun!

Seth: Aloha guys!

Mrodd; They are :D And this time... Im here to win.

Aimers: Hopefully I don't go first :-/

Zach: *glares at Mrodd* *slits throat notion*

TDAddict: Nice to be participating in this season.

Alfan:Aimers, be more optimistic! Greetings, TDAddict!

Rocks: Hello, fellow competitors. Wish you all a good luck ^^

Alfan:You as well, Rocks!

Kgman04: I'm pleased to announce that the first team has been selected. Once I select a twenty-third contestant, the second team will be selected.

CD-TDA: Hola, everyone!
TDAddict: Nice! I'm a Window Washer!

Rocks: Hello teammate! :3

LF: Hello everyone!

Jake: Yay! I'm with LF =3

MrD: Windows! =D

Kgman04: The other two teams have been selected. In the meantime, watch out for T.D. High! We're already at the final nine, soon to be final seven!

TN:Hey everyone!

Mrodd: I dont think I know any one on my team...

First123: Hi, I guess.

MTDM: @Mrodd, if you don't know me how'd you Fb request me? :|. When I made my wiki fb, it said "Zachary St-Onge would like to be your friend."

Aimers: I love my team :D mrodd you know me :D I just hate the team name >.>

Tdi: Hello everyone! :D

Alfan:(CONF)I love my team so much! A lot of great people! First confessional FTW!

TDAddict: So guys, who is ready for an epic season two! :D

Dakota: Hey everyone!

Dakota: (CONF) My elimination was not fair last season. I am here to win. And my first target shall be... Aha!

Snow: Cant Wait. This is wayyyyyyyyy better.

Mrodd: Ok so maybe I know people ;S

Rocks: My team looks good so far. :P

TDAddict: (CONF) I already know who's going first if my team loses. I mean, I'm pretty sure it will be unanimous, but I like to plan ahead.

Snow: (CONF) I gonna win it!

Jake: (conf) I love my team :D

Dakota: (CONF) I "love" my team.

Jake: Just had to copy me >.<. You probably don't like your team if you can't find anything else to say >.>

Dakota: *walks out of CONF* Umm... That's the CONFESSIONAL. WHY ARE YOU LISTENING TO WHAT I SAY?

Jake: Were on TV, everything is heard.

TDAddict: *walks towards them* Greetings fellow competitors!

Jake: Hey teamy. How you doing?

Dakota: By people at home! Not us here.

Jake: Hey, don't speak so loud. Some teamate and a threat

TDAddict: Are you guys excited for this season?

Jake: Yeah, the money and challenges and friends!

TDAddict: (CONF) *whispering* I believe that this season will be the best yet. *end* Yeah, I'm hoping to at least make the merge.

Jake (conf) I know more about the cast, with school of drama. I was elliminated first! And then returned! But this is my season :D

TDAddict: (CONF) I plan to win this season, I like, really need the money. *sighs*

Elenaz: .... But I liked th eold team namnes :(

Alfan:(CONF)Did I come to win? A good question. My main goal is to have fun, but if I win, that's a bonus!

Mr. E: What's up? (CONF) I'm on the best team!!!

TDAddict: Nothing much, I just got dropped off here after my second elimination. (CONF) My team is obviously the best.

Jake (goes in TDAddicts conf) TY XD. (If this is godplaying, remove it XD)

TDAddict: When the time comes, I wish you all good luck.

Snow: Me too

TDAddict: So team, are you guys prepared to win?

Rocks: I'm set. :p

Jake: Ready! :D

TDAddict: Now back to casual chat.

AJ: The third team doesn't have any T.D. High final six members, both other teams have three! (i was bored so i counted lol)

Nduke: Awesome team!- the Patrolling Pedestrians.

TDAddict: I noticed that AJ, and if you expand that to the final nine, the first team has five, the second team has three, and the third team has one.

Alfan:My head hurts. You people are so smart! I love dis place!

TDAddict: Don't worry Alfan, although, in the city, calculations are everything, on the street, they mean nothing.

Kgman04: Start date has been pushed back to March 25th, sorry, guys.

Alfan:Not your fault, KG. You do your best.

Plat: It's ok. Go Patrolling Pedestrians :)

Alfan:*high fives Plat* You know it!

Mrodd: We Still wub you :) In a non-gay way <3

Challenge One

Kgman04: Hello, hello, hello! Welcome, all twenty-seven of you! Geez, that's a lot. No matter. Welcome to T.D. Metro - City of Drama! And, I'm really sorry about the date flip-flopping. I really didn't want to host both camps at the same time, but, I knew it was inevitable, so I might as well start now. Here's the backstory on the city of T.D. Metro, in case you want it. Back in colonial times, there was a city, called... well, we don't know what it's called, since all of its history is in ruins. Our temporary name is "T.D. Metro". But, anyways, the city was highly advanced. They had cars in the 17th century! However, after a freak earthquake, the entire city collapsed, leaving no survivors, but it did leave a huge mess. The goal of this game is to re-create that city.

And that's when you guys come into play! After a while, only one of you will be left standing, and that person will win all of the money they have ever earned throughout this game, along with the title of Mayor of Whatever-You-Want-To-Name-This-Town! *confetti* Anyways, you've been split up into three teams of nine. If you're going to stay in this city, you need a place to sleep, right? You'll have to build your own homes using the supplies in Everything and More, the one store that wasn't destroyed. The store has everything you'll ever need. And more! However, you can only buy a limited amount of things per challenge. You'll see in the Day One Store section.

But, right, your challenge is to make a house built for nine people. The most creative-looking house wins. Here's the blueprints for how to build a house. *throws each team a blue rolled up piece of paper* Aaaaand... that's all you need to know. The rest is up to you, let your creativity run wild! (Just don't godplay.)

Kgman04: *just looked at everything he typed* Holy crap. :| I don't even put this much effort into my school essays. XD

Window Washers Chat

TDAddict: Okay team, to start off, we need to plan, like, I think we should have three rooms, any objections?

TDA15: Meh, sure.

Rocks: Oh, yeah I forgot we need a plan. Okay, what is it? xD

TDAddict: Do you guys have any suggestions, I think we have it covered that we need three rooms.

TDAddict: We'll need a kitchen, and before we get to luxuries, we need the basics for survival.

TDA15: A kitchen, a bathroom, and a bedroom/living room.

Rocks: I think TDA15 and Addict should be team captains in the challenge. I honestly need instructions on how to build. =P

TDAddict: Okay, three bedrooms, a kitchen, a bathroom, and maybe a living room, lets try to make our house as money-saving as possible.

TDA15: The bedroom/living room could have pull-out beds, you the ones that come out of the walls?

TDAddict: Murphy beds?

TDA15: Yeah those. They'll save us money on all the bedrooms we'd be building if we didn't use them.

TDAddict: I like that idea, and according to my calculations, it would cost $54,750 just to get three rooms built.

Rocks: Guys, I'mma need a list of the items we will need to built this house so I could buy when we're ready.

TDAddict: Rocks, wait until we have everything planned out.

TDA15: No need for couches, mainly murphy beds and whatever non-expensive but cool stuff.

Rocks: Do we need a table of some sort?

Rocks: Nah, Beds are fine with me.

TDAddict: Okay, adding in the beds, and things for the bathroom, that's $138,400.

TDAddict: I also think we should have an A/C unit.

TDAddict: But we should remember, our house has to be creative, this isn't just about money-management.

Rocks: I think we should move the beds where we colud use one T.V. to watch from and I'm thinking we could create our own food in the kitchen as at least all members get to use it and a slide set.

TDA15: Yeah Addict, definatly a TV.

TDAddict: Do we really need a closet, like, can we trust each other enough to not go through everybody's stuff?

TDAddict: I don't think we should include one. (Come on guys, get active >.>)

Rocks: Nope, closets are useless when building this house.

TDAddict: We'll be getting a television as well, I'll add up our new total once we figure out some more prices.

TDA15: *shows the blueprint*

LF: Well we should definitely start off with the most important things first, and worry about the less important things for later.

Tdi: Woah, I didn't know this didn't start! Sorry for not doing much until now. So, the most important thing is bedrooms? Three bedrooms with three people per room?

MrD: Sorry for not talking earlier, everytime I tried I'd get EC'd, so I decided to wait a while... >.> Anyways, what's the plan?

TDAddict: We pretty much have it covered, we're going for creative, and can save us money, so, we're gonna have just three rooms, a bathroom, a kitchen, and a living room. The living room is where we can have the murphy beds. We also might have a television and a video game system. The bathroom is where we can have a shower, toilet, and sink, and maybe a washer and dryer, if we don't have room for it anywhere else. In the kitchen, which will also serve as the dining room, we're going to have a refrigerator, table, sink, and an oven. We also plan to get cable for the TV, an A/C unit, 4 windows, 3 doors, one front door, one for travel into the kitchen, and the other for travel into the bathroom, paint, and wallpaper. Any suggestions or objections?

Jake: (Sorry I was in bed, not awake) Lets have a pool! And a hot tub :D

TDAddict: Jake, maybe you could demand lamps, and end tables, we need to get everything in the house that's important before we focus on other stuff.

TDAddict: Jake, could you demand lamps and end tables? (Coffee table was already demanded)

LF: If you need me to, I can demand for something. And Jake, coffee tables were alreayd demanded, so yours doesn't count. That's why he said demand end tables.

TDAddict: Actually LF, since Jake is inactive, you want to demand those?

LF: Sure! So we need lamps and end tables?

TDAddict: Well, what I was thinking is that we could use some extra light when it gets dark, and the table, maybe to place the lamps on? Also, we're gonna need some place to put the stuff we don't have room for, but need when we're awake.

LF: Yes, I think that's a good idea! The lamps we can place in multiple rooms since we'll need light in most rooms, and the tables so we can put things on them.

TDAddict: Correct!

TDAddict: I think we should spring for the two outlets for each room, anybody got other ideas for what we might need?

Snow: Some red paint.

TDAddict: Okay, I think we should have a rug in the living room, and a counter for our kitchen.

(Rocks: I slept through the whole morning, can someone inform on what we did?)

Snow: Whos gonna write the list?

Rocks: I suggest we get a fire alarm just in case our house decides to set on fire. :-|

LF: Yes, safety is important.

Snow: I think a heater.

TDAddict: Okay, so, I'll add up our current price with everything we need from the previous suggestions, anything else we might need?

Snow: We might need laptops.

Rocks: Laptops aren't really useful. Maybe we should get those dinner tables?

TDAddict: I was thinking that before, we also are gonna merge our kitchen and dining room, so tables will be in there.

Snow: We should pick roomates.

Rocks: Can we all sleep trust each other to sleep in one room? :|

Snow: Well we have girls and boys.

Rocks: Fine, I guess one room for the girls and the other room can go to the guys.

Snow: Guys the other teams are done!

TDAddict: Rocks, our plan was to have everybody sleep in one room, Snow just isn't informed.. I'll list what we are gonna get, any suggestions or objections, I'll add.

  • House
    • Paint
    • A/C Unit
    • Cable
    • 3 Doors (One front, one leading to the kitchen, and one leading to the bathroom)
    • 4 Windows
  • Living/Bedroom
    • Room Requirements
    • 9 Murphy Beds
    • Television
    • Video Game System
    • 2 Outlets
    • 2 End Tables
    • 2 Lamps
    • Wallpaper
  • Cellphone
  • Kitchen/Dining Room
    • Room Requirements
    • Refrigerator
    • Sink
    • Oven
    • 1 or 2 Table(s)
    • 2 Outlets
    • Counter
  • Fire alarm
  • Bathroom
    • Room Requirements
    • Shower
    • Sink
    • Toilet
    • Washer and Dryer
  • Nails and Drills
  • Total Cost: ($141,460)

Rocks: KK, I'm okay with one room.

TDAddict: So, who's in agreement to buy this? I am.

MrD: I'm in agreement.

LF: I agree!

TDAddict: We can buy it now! Who wants to do the honors?

Rocks: I will. ^

Jake: I agree! Sounds reasonable.

Tdi: Sounds great! :D

TDAddict:: Well, since nearly our whole team is in agreement, we should have no trouble with the house.

Zach:I like the idea. Sorry I've been gone. Buy with rl.

TDAddict: No problem Zach, as long as you showed up.

Snow: I like it.

MrD: *sighs* We should have got the bubble blower...

Tdi: I think we've got enough

Patrolling Pedestrians Chat

WM: Suggest a fridge, stove and pool. ^.

BB: Alright, team, here are my thoughts: I'm thinking we need 3 bedrooms (each with a bathroom and closet), 1 living room, 1 kitchen, and a recreational room. All rooms (8, including the bathrooms) should have a different set of wallpaper. Each bedroom should have 3 beds, 1 television, and 3 sets of bedsheets. The bathrooms should each have a bathtub and sink. The living room should have 2 TVs, and couches. The kitchen needs a sink and a fridge. The recreational room needs its own bathroom (toilet and bathtub), a closet, couches, a bed, bed-sheet set, 3 TVs, and 3 video game systems. Lastly, the entire house needs paint.

WM: Nice idea Bb. Add a toilet in though.

Alfan:I agree with BB and WM. Now can we set this up or what?

Nduke: What about a sink, and hammers and tools like that?

Thoughts for Patrolling Pedestrians (Bbhinton15)
  • House (Overall)
    • 1 Paint
    • 1 Central Heating/AC Unit
    • Doors (Front Door, Back Double-Doors, 3 Bedroom Doors, 3 Bathroom Doors, Laundry Room Door Recreational Room Door)
    • 1 Drill
    • 1 Nails
    • 1 Fire Alarm
    • 9 Cellphones
  • Living Room
    • Kg's room requirements
    • 1 Wallpaper Set
    • 3 Couches
    • 2 TVs (with Cable)
    • 2 Windows
    • 1 Table
    • 1 Fireplace
  • Bedrooms 1, 2, and 3
    • Kg's room requirements
    • 1 Wallpaper Set
    • 3 Beds
    • 3 Bedsheet Sets
    • 1 TV (with Cable)
    • 1 Closet
    • 1 Couch
    • 2 Windows
    • 1 Dresser
    • 3 End Tables
    • 3 Lamps
    • Bathrooms 1, 2, and 3
      • Kg's room requirements
      • 1 Sink
      • 1 Toilet
      • 1 Bathtub
      • 1 Shower
      • 1 Window
  • Laundry Room
    • Kg's room requirements
    • 1 Washer and Dryer
    • 1 Closet
  • Kitchen
    • Kg's room requirements
    • 1 Wallpaper Set
    • 1 Refrigerator
    • 1 Sink
    • 1 Stove/Oven
    • 1 Window
    • 1 Table
    • 1 Counter
  • Recreational Room
    • Kg's room requirements
    • 1 Wallpaper Set
    • 3 TVs (with Cable)
    • 3 Video Game Systems
    • 2 Couches
    • 1 Bed
    • 1 Bedsheet Set
    • 1 Window
    • 2 Tables
    • 4 Laptops
    • 1 Hot Tub
    • 1 Gym Equipment
    • Bathroom
      • Kg's room requirements
      • 1 Sink
      • 1 Toilet
      • 1 Bathtub
      • 1 Shower
      • 1 Window


BB: Divide it into floors, if you want, but that's the basics.

WM:Awesome, I think we should do this.

TN123:Isn't there any way we could cut cost, we should try to spend as little as possible.

WM:Teamnoah, suggest a dresser and a hottub.

Alfan:We need to get a washer and dryer, and some dressers.

WM: And outlets.

TDISF: I think 3 bathrooms are enough. Not like we're all gonna pee or bath at the same time, right? That would save us money.

WM: Ugh! Nduke, did you read my PM? We need a hottub and cellphone. Not hammers. We don't need them!


Nduke: Sorry, WM, I didn't get a PM

AJ (Sorry everyone, i am on vacation so i have little computer time) But wow this looks good!!

TDISF: Hmm... What would be the total of that? I mean, if it's too much monmey we could take off some things that aren't REALLY neccessary.

Alfan:We still need BB to update this list,first.

Kgman04: *impatiently waits*

Crazed Citizens Chat

Mrodd:(Team3 <3): Ok for our sleeping arangements... Persanlly I would rather every one have their own room, but i know thats a tad expensive, so how about, 5 bedrooms?

Mrodd: *starts to sketch*

CD-TDA: I think we shouldn't waste our money on wallpaper, as it isn't really needed.

TDF: I agree with CDTDA. No needs for paints either.

Mrodd: * Shows Sketch*

CD-TDA: We could have three main rooms. A "living room"-esque room, a, uhhhhh... "sleeping" room of sorts, and a kitchen.

Mrodd: But but... CD... I made a plan :s What do you think about it xD Sorry .... but I dont like sleeping with many people>.>

CD-TDA: I like it, Mrodd. But I think the "Room with a View" is kind of unnecessary.

Mrodd: True... But if we dont have it, the stairs have to go into a bed room.

CD-TDA: I think that we could remove some of the "Kitchen & Dining" space to fit in those two bedrooms in Floor Two, therefore just getting rid of Floor Two.

Mrodd: Good idea * Goes back to sketch*

Dakota: That would save us a lot of money.

Dakota: So my last note got cut off, I'd say eliminate the rooms down to 4, so only add one on the first floor. That would save us money and the other rooms are pretty useless if we could fit two people to each room.

CD-TDA: Sounds good, Dakota. Each person could pick their room partners, yadda-yadda-yadda. -w-

First123: That sounds good.

Mrodd: How about this, and Sorry Dako JUST seeing your comments :s

Dakota: Well we don't need stairs anymore, and we can eliminate one of those rooms. Maybe add another bathroom? One for girls and one for guys?

CD-TDA: Uhhh, I like the current sketch, and I agree with the stairs comment that Dakota made. Now we have to decide on the content of our house.

CD-TDA: On our living room, I think we should get two couches. What about you guys?

Mrodd: Yeah, thats agood idea

Dakota: We need a bed for every bedroom, a fridge for the kitchen.

Mrodd: Err 9 Beds :P I dont want to sleep with any one.

CD-TDA: A toilet and a sink for the bathroom would be nice, too.

Dakota: Do we want windows?

CD-TDA: I'd say yes. I mean, we don't want to live in a completely dark house, do we?

Mrodd: Windows... are nice...


Dakota: We're only having 4 rooms, and one will have three people.

CD-TDA: I'd say two beds per room, and three beds for that other room.

Dakota: Do we want a TV?

Mrodd: we could put one in the livign area?

CD-TDA: We obviously need 2x4 Stud Sets, Drywall Sets and Tiling Sets. I think we could use paint, too, so our house looks decorated, but no wallpaper. 9 beds, a couple bedsheets (I don't know the exact number), two couches, a toilet, a sink, a shower, central heating/AC, a fridge and stove and ovens, some doors and a couple windows. Do you guys agree?

Dakota: Yes.

CD-TDA: We could add 4 (or 8, if everyone wants one) side glass tables to every room.

Mrodd: 4/8 sounds like a lot?

Mrodd: Oh... I see what you mean, and Updated our sketch :)

Dakota: So I got: 9 2x4 Stud Set / 9 Drywall Set / 9 Tiling Set / Paint / 9 Beds / TBA Bedsheets / 2 Couches / 2 Toilets / 3 Sinks / 2 Showers / Central Air (AC) / 1 Fridge / 1 Stove/Oven / 7 doors / 1 double doors/ 7 windows / 1 TV / Cable

Mrodd: Updated... With the Bathroom (( Note the bath rooms are the same in model, just different area.))

Mrodd: *Keeps Sketching*

MTDM: HOLY S***! O_O. I forgot to tell Kg about Sabbath. -_-". Anywhoooooo, I suggest a hot tub (if it's there; I don't remember) and a TV! :D. I moved like last year, so I know a minimum amount a me would know about building. I shot rooming with CD. ;)

CD-TDA: I personally like the hot tub, but I don't think we need it to survive. I mean, I think we're planning on buying a shower... a hot tub would kinda be a waste of money, in my opinion.

MTDM: Meh ideas.

  • Living Room
    • Television
    • Cable (duh)
    • 2 Couches
    • Video Game System
  • Kitchen & Dining
    • Refrigerator
    • Stove/Oven
    • Sink
  • CD & MTDM's Bedroom
    • 2 Beds
    • Dresser
  • Aim & Mrodd's Bedroom
    • 2 Beds
    • Dresser
  • Dakota & TDF's Bedroom
    • 2 Beds
    • Dresser
  • 11347, First123, & Seth's Bedroom
    • 2 Beds
    • Dresser
  • Total Cost: $59,940

That's not a lot compared to over a million dollahs... Talk amongst ourselves about the Set and AC and Heather stuff... 3:

Mrodd: Uhh.... You do know we need to KEEP as much money as possible for future challenges, right?

MTDM: Y-yes. :s What I said still leaves us with $1,440,060...

MTDM: Meh ideas. (UPDATED.)

  • Things-That-Can't-Be-In-Another-Section
    • Paint
    • Central heating/AC
  • Living Room
    • The $18,250
    • Television
    • Cable (duh)
    • 2 Couches
    • Video Game System
    • 2 Windows
    • Door (Front)
  • Kitchen & Dining
    • The $18,250
    • Refrigerator
    • Stove/Oven
    • Sink
    • Window
    • Door (Back?)
  • CD & MTDM's Bedroom
    • The $18,250
    • 2 Beds
    • 2 Bedsheet Sets
    • Dresser
    • Window
    • Door
  • Aim & Mrodd's Bedroom
    • The $18,250
    • 2 Beds
    • 2 Bedsheet Sets
    • Dresser
    • Window
    • Door
  • Dakota & TDF's Bedroom
    • The $18,250
    • 2 Beds
    • 2 Bedsheet Sets
    • Dresser
    • Window
    • Door
  • 11347, First123, & Seth's Bedroom
    • The $18,250
    • 3 Beds
    • 3 Bedsheet Sets
    • Dresser
    • Window
    • Door
  • Bathroom
    • Toilet
    • Sink
    • Shower
    • Window
    • Door
  • Total Cost: $219,150
  • Leaves Us: $1,280,850

Thoughts? :c

CD-TDA: I like it, but we've got $1,500,000. I'd like a lamp in all the rooms, and two lamps in the living room, possibly. I'd also add a coffee table to the living room, and maybe some bedside glass tables.

CD-TDA: Here are my thoughts:

  • Others
    • AC/Central Heating
    • Paint
    • Possibly wallpaper.
  • Living Room
    • Television
    • Cable
    • Couch #1.
    • Couch #2.
    • Videogame system.
    • Double front door.
    • Window #1.
    • Window #2.
    • Coffee table(s)
  • Kitchen Area
    • Table
    • Refrigerator
    • Stove & Oven
    • Door (leading into the kitchen)
    • Sink
    • Window
  • Room #1 (CD-TDA & MTDM)
    • Bed #1.
    • Bed #2.
    • Glass side-table
    • Bedsheet Set #1
    • Bedshet Set #2
    • Dresser.
    • Door.
  • Room #2 (Aimers & Mrodd)
    • Bed #1.
    • Bed #2.
    • Glass side-table
    • Bedsheet Set #1
    • Bedshet Set #2
    • Dresser.
    • Door.
  • Room #3 (Dakota & TDF)
    • Bed #1.
    • Bed #2.
    • Glass side-table
    • Bedsheet Set #1
    • Bedshet Set #2.
    • Dresser.
    • Door.
  • Room #4 (11347, First123 & SethAlfred)
    • Bed #1.
    • Bed #2.
    • Bed #3.
    • Glass side-table
    • Bedsheet Set #1
    • Bedsheet Set #2
    • Bedsheet Set #3
    • Dresser.
    • Door.
  • Bathroom #1 (Male, I guess. o.O)
    • Shower.
    • Sink
    • Toilet.
    • Door.
  • Bathroom #2 (Female, I guess. o.O)
    • Shower.
    • Sink.
    • Toilet.
    • Door.

CD-TDA: Those (up there ^) are just my ideas, so I pretty much agree with MTDM, except on some things which I added on there. We could always just merge the two bathrooms into one bathroom.

Dakota: I agree. Should I make the final transaction?


CD-TDA: Not yet, Dakota. Some of our teammates aren't here yet, and if they disagree, the transaction won't be valid.

MTDM: oh, kg added coffee tables. I think the living room should have 2. I'll sketch my ideas later. (thanks mrodd for the idea :D)

Mrodd: Im still up o.0 Well just woke up.... * Added new things to messy image :s*

Mrodd:*Shows newest sketch*

Mrodd: Ok... I think thats everything we said?

CD-TDA: For now, yes. I suppose our teammates will get on soon.

Mrodd: ( Copied your sheet and added prices....) Price: Without Wall Paper

Total: $259 120
Mrodd: Updated : 4 Outlets.... $ 259, 270

Aimers: I'm in a room with mrodd? o.O jk xD...Umm no offense to anyoine but this hous is getting a bit complicated...

Mrodd: xD The House is done, Just when we see somethign we like, we add it.

Dakota: Okay, can you make the final transaction Mrodd?

CD-TDA: We're not really making the final transaction yet.

Aimers: We have no second floor? .__.

Dakota: We decided against it.

Aimers: mhm kk...Well it looks alright! Now what about decorations... .__.

CD-TDA: I'd have a rug in every room, but the kitchen, and I'd have a few counters in the kitchen...

Dakota: Me and CD are now sharing a room. TDF and MTDM are now together.

Mrodd: Kk.

Mrodd :Aweosme :D

MTDM: I never agreed to that, thank you very much. -.-" In fact, I said NO to it. N-O. Do you know what that means? -_-

Mrodd: We just needed 3 people, we had four. So it doesn't really matter.

Day One Store

Kgman04: Welcome to Everything and More! Here, I'll be giving you.... stuff.... to build houses. You can choose anything that you think you'll want/need out of this list. You can also request items simply for decor/entertainment, like a TV, or wallpaper, however it will cost extra (but might get you the win in the challenge!) By the way, in order to BUILD A ROOM, you must have 2x4 studs, Drywall, and Tiling. That means each room costs a minimum of $18,250.

Item Cost
2x4 Stud Set $13,500 per room
Drywall Set $2,500 per room
Tiling Set $2,250 per room
Paint [entire house] $40,000
Bed $5,000
Closet $3,500
Wallpaper $500 per room
Bedsheet Set $40 each
Couches $2,000 each
Bathtub $1,000
Toilet $1,000
Video Game System $600
Heater $200
Murphy beds $9,000
Sinks $650
Central heating/AC $1,100
Television $1,350
Refrigerator $1,800
Stove/Oven $1,650
Cable $90
Door $200 each
Window $500 each
Shower $1,200
Table $300
Table with glass covering $500
Washer and dryer $2,000
Dresser $1,200
Coffee Tables $250
Outlets $75 each [2 per room]
Lamp $60 each
End Tables $300
Rug $70
Counter $1,000
Laptop $800
Drills $50
Nails $25
Fire alarm $75
Hot tub $9,000
Cellphone $450
Gym Equipment $4,000
Fireplace $4,500
Bubble Blowers $50,000 $5

Kgman04: There are rules for buying supplies in the rules section. Are there any questions? I know there are, just ask them.

Alfan:Can we buy one set of Studs, Drywall and tiling?

Kgman04: Transaction error. You must confirm with your team first. Remember, you can only go to the store ONCE.

CD-TDA: The Crazed Citizens would like to buy the following: 2x4 Stud Sets (x8), Drywall Sets (x8), Tiling Set (x8), AC/Central Heating, Paint, Television, Cable, Couch (x2), Videogame system, a double front door, Window (x5), Coffee Table (x2), Table, Refrigerator, Stove & Oven, yet another door, Sink (x3), Bed (x9), Glass-side tables (x4), Bedsheets (x18), Dresser (x4), four more doors, a washer and a dryer, Toilets (x2), Shower (x2), Counters (x4), and 5 rugs.

Kgman04: Crazed Citizens: Transaction completed. $266,510 deducted from debit card.

Rocks: The Window Washers would like to buy the following: A/C Central Heating, Paint, Television, Cable, Door(x3), Window(x4), Murphy beds(x9), Video Game Systen, Outlet(x4), End Table(x2), Lamp(x2), Wallpaper, Refrigerator, Sink(x2), Fire alarm, Oven, Table(x2), Shower, Toilet, Washer and Dryer, 2x4 Stud Sets (x3), Drywall Sets (x3), Tiling Set (x3).

Kgman04: Window Washers: Transaction completed. $193,635 deducted from debit card.

BB: The Patrolling Pedestrians would like to buy the following: 2x4 Stud Sets (x11), Drywall Set (x11), Tiling Set (x11), Paint (x1), Bed (x10), Closet (x4), Wallpaper (x6), Bedsheet Set (x10), Couch (x8), Bathtub (x4), Toilet (x4), Video Game System (x3), Sink (x5), Central Heating/AC (x1), Television (x8), Refrigerator (x1), Stove/Oven (x1), Cable (x1), Door (x12), Window (x14), Shower (x4), Table (x4), Washer & Dryer (x1), Dresser (x3), Outlets (x11), Lamps (x9), End Tables (x9), Counter (x1), Laptop (x4), Drills (x1), Nails (x1), Fire Alarm (x1), Hot Tub (x1), Cellphones (x9), Gym Equipment (x1), and Fire Place (x1).

Kgman04: Patrolling Pedestrians: Transaction completed. $403,605 deducted from debit card.

Demand List

Kgman04: Just put your name and two items you'd like to request (I'll decide on the price). You do not have to demand something, this is optional. Please make your demands reasonable (i.e. Don't say: "Kgman04: Rocket Launcher to destroy the other houses."). Also, post all actions under Challenge One, please.

Kgman04: When I mean Demand List, I mean you can demand items that AREN'T on the list, but I can add them.

Alfan: Couches?

MrD: Oh, in thet case, a video game system. =P

WM: I demand a toilet and bathtub.

Rocks: Extra: A heater.

TDAddict: Murphy beds?

Alfan:For my second demand, sinks?

BB: I demand a central heating/air-conditioning unit and Televisions.

CD-TDA: A refrigerator?

TDAddict: Stove/Oven?

TN123:Cable,because without that a TV is useless.

CD-TDA: I'm using up my second demand for door(s).

Dakota: Windows.

Dakota: Shower.

Rocks: Tables?

TDA15: Washer and dryer

Mrodd: Wooden Side table with glass covering... and TBA

TN123:A dresser

MTDM: Coffee tables. :c

Mrodd: Wanted to wait, as long as possible, but I guess I wont have time for that, Outlets Please <3

Jake: A coffee table? =D

LF: I would like to demand some lamps and end tables.

AImers: Urgh, I couldnt get on yesterday....I am a bit lost .__. what is going on?

Aimers: Rugs and Counters :D

Snow: Laptops

Nduke: A sink, and a fridge, and eh.... drills, nails, hammers, different tools.

Rocks: Fire alarm?

Kgman04: Err, Nduke, you can only demand two supplies. I'll put drills and nails since the other two are up already.


Plat: Umm...a weight room, and a fireplace

Kgman04: Uhhh, well, you can't demand an entire room, but you can demand stuff in it. :P I'll just put "Gym Equipment".

MTDM: (Since I still have one more demand, and my team is transacted, I wanna goof around a bit. :P) BUBBLE BLOWERS! :D lol

Kgman04: Hm, only 34 items have been demanded (up to 54 can, since 27 x 2 is 54. :P).

Zach: Zach demands for the best stereo set you have and the best Coffee machine you have

Snow: A poster with your team name.

Mrodd: If I catch any one from my Team Askign for anything After this message, they are DEAD

MTDM: :s I'm sure no one'll buy the bubble blower...

Day One Elimination

Kgman04: Alright. I was going to make you build your own houses, but I thought that'd take too long. So, I hired some construction dudes to do it instead. Now, the winner of this challenge is gonna have to be the Crazed Citizens. They didn't go overboard with their cash, but they kept their house looking pretty fly. The Patrolling Pedestrians spent just a little too much (my cut-off was $400,000), and the Window Washers were being tightwads with their cash. However, both losing teams will vote someone off! Hehe. Yep, vote in your respective sections. Captains have been chosen, also, so check the table for that.

Window Washers Vote

TDA15: Snow.

Jake: Snow, she is annoying at times

TDAddict: Snow, while she wasn't the least active on the team, I feel that she won't be an asset to us in the future.

MrD: As above, I vote for Snow. Sorry.

Zach: Snow.

Rocks: *votes Snow* Sorry but you didn't contribute to team much.

LF: I vote Snow.

Snow: Zach

Patrolling Pedestrians Vote

Plat: I vote Nduke

WM: I vote Nduke.

BB: I'm sorry for screwing our team over with all the buying, but I thought it looked good. >.> :-/ Anyway... I vote for Teamnoah.

Alfan:I vote Nduke.

Teamnoah:I vote Nduke

Nduke: I vote for TN.. :|

AJ: Sorry for missing most of the challenge, i just got back from vacation (yay!) I vote TeamNoah to give Nduke a chance

TDISF: I'm voting Teamnoah.

Mr. E: I vote for, TN123, I think Nduke will be a better asset later in the game, and if not, she's gone next.

Kgman04: And with that, Snowgirl57 and Teamnoah123 have been eliminated.

Day Two - Restaurant Wars

Day Two Chat

Kgman04: SQUAWK. Chat amongst yourselves. I forgot to mention; the Crazed Citizens win $150,000 for winning the challenge. ^^

Mrodd: Not enough to make up the loss, but still good * Smiles*

MTDM: We're making coffee. :3

Aimers: :D Money!

Jake: Awesome! Coffee ;D

TDAddict: I was never really a fan of coffee.

Zach: Orly?

Lilie: COFFEE?!

Zach: Lilie, go back to RP >_>


Zach: ... *shoves Lilie back into RP* Sorry bout' that.

Rocks: Coffee! *spazzes*

CD-TDA: Our money pwns. Coffee? ... Meh. :s

Challenge Two

Kgman04: Okay. I was going to make it just a cafe, but, now it's restaurants in general. Your challenge is to open up a themed restaurant. It only has to seat 20 people. Here are your themes.

  • Window Washers: Seafood
  • Patrolling Pedestrians: Barbeque
  • Crazed Citizens: Dessert

Kgman04: The captains are in charge of everything concerning the money. However, the rest of this challenge is up to you. For your restaurant, you will need:

  • 1 Greeter
  • 2 Waiters
  • 4 Chefs (in the Crazed Citizens' case, 5)
  • 1 Drive-Thru monitor

You will be tested by serving 20 different people simultaneously. The most efficient restaurant will win. This is, again, a double elimination (hey, there are 25 of you, don't blame me. >.>), so be on your toes. also, in your chat sections, you must post a final menu in bold font. The menu must contain 7-8 different dishes, along with prices. Prices must range from $1 - $40. Any questions? If so, post underneath THIS section (not your team's section).

Also, random note, but, a map of the city will be posted soon.

Window Washers Chat

TDAddict: Okay, lets start off with positions, then move on to dishes, then decorations, any objections?

Zach: People like Italian and Mexican. :D We should make a San Hose/Olive Garden mix!

TDAddict: Our theme is seafood. :|

LF: What do you mean by positions?

TDAddict: Greeter, waiters, chefs, and drive-thru monitor.

LF: Ah, now I understand. Well, we'll need a decent number of chefs, watiers and waitresses.

Jake: Seafood! :D. I wanna be a chef! :D

Tdi: I'll be greeter, Im not a fan of seafood >_<

Rocks: I'll be the waiter.

TDAddict: Right now, Tdi is the greeter, Rocks and I shall be the waiters, and Jake shall be a chef, any objections, because we need three more chefs, and a drive-thru manager.

LF: I can be either a chef or watiress, cause 2 waiters isn't enough for 20 people, but we also need more chef's...

TDAddict: Well, KG says 2 waiters, and 4 chefs, so you can be a chef, LF.

Rocks: I'll let LF be a waitress and I'll be the chef. :P

LF: Ok :P Anything was fine with me, but waitress is cool!

TDAddict: So, waiters are LF and I, Tdi is the greeter, Rocks and Jake are chefs. Who wants to manage the drive-thru?

Rocks: I'm going to think of some recipes for the seafood. :-/

LF: Well, this is a restaurant, so do we need a drive through? Those are more for fast food places. In real restaurants, waiters just handle carry out, like a normal order.

TDAddict: Well, KG says we have a drive-thru... So, apparently we have a drive-thru.

LF: xD Ok then, disregard my last comment. :P

Zach: I object to seafood. :/

TDAddict: I would to, but this is what KG asigned us. :/


Jake: Shrimp, salad, fish, a surf and turk, bread rolls, noodles, alligator tail! :D Rocks: I think this should be our proto-type menu.

Left Side Menu Plans Right Side
Breaded Catfish Fillets Alaskan Cod Fillets
Sushi Rolls Shrimp Cocktail
Jumbo Cooked Tail-Off Shrimp Clams & Oysters
Lobster Crabs
Fish Fillets Italiano Salmon
Crawfish Swordfish
Shark Eel
Bass Catfish
Sushi rice Seafood Platter
Lemonade Sprite
Water Iced tea
Slushi Wine & Beer etc.

</center> TDAddict: We just need 7-8 items, we also need prices. Rocks: KK, pick the 7-8 items of food you wolud favor the most.

Tdi: What does left side right side mean?

Rocks: I was thinking of two seafood bars on the right and left side of the store.

Tdi: Oh okay XD

LF: So far, so good! We could win it this time! I love the lay out and menu so far!

Rocks: Once jobs are selected, I'll entrust Addict with the list of items we need.

Tdi: KK

MrD: ... TDAddict's such an awesome leader, don't you agree?

LF: Yes, I do agree!


Zach: Why don't we do Shrimp Scampiolli for a menu item? It's a itialian/seafood dish. :D

TDAddict: Awww, thanks guys, Zach, I like that idea, a lot.

Jake: I was thinking, as chef, we could get some tea? =3

Tdi: Fish Tacos? :D

Zach: Let me see...

Left Side Menu Plans Right Side
Shrimp Scampiolli - $12.00 Calamari - $7.00
Lobster Rolls - $6.00 Crab Legs (Spider Crab), Includes 1/2 pound butter, 2 pounds. - $24.00 1 Pound - $12.00
Camarones Rancheros, Shrimp sauteed with anise, pepper, cumin, oregano, tomato, jalapenos. - $10.00 Catfish Tacos - $7.50
Caviar - $16.00 per pound Mahi Mahi Parm, Mahi Mahi lathered with cheese and marania with a bit of pasta on side - $13.50

And for drinks, I say $2.00 for any Fountian Drink with free refills. Beer, $5.50 for draft and $6.00 for bottles.

TDAddict: Zach, that plan is, brilliant! I say we have this as our official menu.

Rocks: Agreed.

TDAddict: Okay, we have our menu, we can start discussing decorations, but if somebody doesn't pick up the positions of drive-thru manager and the last two chefs, I'm assigning them.

LF: I think we shoould add on some desert to our menu, but I don't know any deserts with seafood O.o....

TDAddict: That would be nice, but another team already has an entire place dedicated to desserts.

LF: True, and there isn't much desert we can do with seafood anyway.

MrD: I'll be drive-thru manager so the other positions can be assigned quicker, I suppose.

Rocks: Addict, can I give a suggestion?

Jake: Fish tacos WTF? XD

TDAddict: Good, MrD, Rocks, anybody can make a suggestion, any time. :P

TDAddict: We have decided upon our positions, Tdi is our greeter, LF and I are waiters, MrD is the drive-thru manager, and Rocks, Zach, Jake, and TDA15 are chefs. Our menu shall be what Zach suggested, minus the catfish tacos. (I'll change this if I'm not allowed to say that >.>)

TDAddict: Okay team, any suggestions on what we should buy?

Rocks: My suggestions on what to buy,

  • 2-Seater Table (x4)
  • 4-Seater Table (x3)
  • 1-Seater Table (x2)
  • Window (x6)
  • Counter
  • Cash Register
  • Chair (x22)
  • Lighting
  • Door (x4)
  • Chandelier
  • Jukebox
  • Paint [entire store]
  • Clock
  • AC/Heating
  • Cooking Supplies
  • Refrigerator
  • Bench
  • Cabinets
  • Stove/Oven
  • Freezer
  • Restroom
  • Toilet (x5)
  • Sink (x2)

TDAddict: Okay guys, sorry for the inactivity yesterday, I like Rocks' list, and even though I don't need them, what are your opinions on it?

LF: I completely agree with this list! It should work perfectly!

Tdi: I agree with LF

Patrolling Pedestrians Chat

WM: I say we buy: 2 seater tables (x4) and 4 seater tables (x3), chairs (x20), windows (x3), counters (x3), cash register, paint, freezers (x2), fridges (x2), Cooking supplies (x2), Microwave (x2), Stove (x2), cabinets (x5), Food, Door (x3), jukebox, poster (x2), clock (x2), lighting and AC.

  • Total: $102,125

Alfan:What should we demand?

WM: Thoughts on my idea?

BB: I like it, as of now. I'm sure we're gonna add more to it, though, as more things get added to our Demand List. But, as of now, I like it.

WM: Yeah. I'll add my newer ideas when Kg adds 'em. Make sure someone demands a clock.

WM: BTW, someone add up how much money that is.

TDISF: Chairs also. That will also have to add 23 chairs. And, with everything, it will make 95,500. Correct me if I'm wrong. Plus, we should start with the menu. With could start filling in a table with dishes: Main Plate, Dessert, etc. What about that?

WM: You can be in charge of the dishes then.

WM: Anyways, I posted my idea. I think it'll be good to save a bit money. The 2 seater tables, 4 seater tables, chairs, windows, cash register, 3 doors, jukebox, 2 posters and the clock would be in the diner area, while everything else in the kitchen. Lighting, AC and paint cover the whole diner, I think.

WM: Should we remove anything?

AJ: That looks good, i requested a clock now

TDISF: So, here is the table. I think 7 dishes is okay. Plus, I think we maybe need a menu table for the customers to see what they can eat? Adn we need dishes. Propose things :P

Plat: We probably would need a bathroom for customers/employees to use.

Alfan:Shouldn't the table say price instead of prize?

Dish Price
BBQ Chips $1.25
French Fries $1.50
Main Plate
Dish Price
Hamburger $7.50
Hot Dog $3.50
Hot Dog (with hotlinks) $4.25
Steak $6.00
Dish Price
Fried Twinkies $6.00
Smores $5.00

WM: Any price raising suggestions?

TDISF: No, I think that's great. And Plat is right, we'll need a bathroom.

Alfan:I say the prices are fair. I just get hungry every time I see the list. :P

Crazed Citizens Chat

MTDM: /will post his opinions later.

Mrodd: Ok, So its a Desert place, we need to come up with some cool desserts... Maybe some kind of cake?

Aimers: Hmmm...I say we need a chessecake, a pie, a cake, a creme brulee, or something like that....So wehat sh'all our roles be? :P

MTDM: Ideas, yay.

  • Others
    • AC/Heating
    • Paint
  • Positions
    • Greeter
      • MTDM
    • Waiters
      • 11347
      • First123
    • Chefs
      • Aim
      • CD (Captain gets name in orange in my ideas, fyi.)
      • Dakota
      • Mrodd
      • TDF
    • Drive-thru monitor
      • Seth
  • Kitchen
    • 2 Windows
    • Counter
    • Freezer
    • Cooking Supplies
    • Microwave
    • 4 Cabinets
    • Food
    • Lighting
    • Door (leads to resturaunt)
    • Cash Register
  • Resturaunt
    • 1-Seaters (x2)
    • 2-Seaters (x5)
    • 4-Seaters (x2)
    • 6 Windows
    • 10 Chairs
    • 2 Benches
    • Lighting
    • Clock
  • Total Cost: $94,125
  • Leaves Us: $1,289,365

We should wait a bit more, because there've been barely any commands. But the early bird always catches the worm. :3 (Menu idea be comin' soon.)

Mrodd: Add two doors... We need an Entrance. Also... Having exactly twenty seats is... Meh. And for twent sweats, we need vent chairs... So meh. Also right now thats INCREDIBLY BORING!... And My Desserts:

- Une Creme Brulee (Apple?)

- Chocolat Mousse (Choclate/Strwberry)

- Tarte Tatin (Apple)

- Charlotte (Strawberry)

- Honestly... I can't forgot des Crepes xD ((Make your own?))

If you didn't guess, All are very popular FRENCH desserts (( I <3 them all xD))... Also, I love watching a creme Brulee be made, maybe we should have one waitor make that in the Restraunt part? Like Table Side?... If so We'll need a moving table thingy... Have no clue whats that called xD... And for the crepes, you can just ask what you want, because there are so many possible combinations xD (( Any ways Ill work on an image when I get back from meeting.)

CD-TDA: I'll post a full menu later.... but, I think we should have creme brulee (Trinity cream), baked cheesecake w/ strawberry sauce and diverse berries, crepes of several kinds (dark chocolate, white chocolate, etc.), Petit Gateau, and some other more which I haven't thought of yet. I'll post my whole menu later.

CD-TDA: Below are my thoughts:

  • Greeter
    • MTDM
  • Waiters
    • Mrodd
    • First123
  • Chefs
    • Dakotacoons
    • SethAlfred343
    • TotalDramaFan1000
    • Aimers
    • Courtney~Duncan~TDA
  • Drive-thru Monitor
    • 11347

CD-TDA: Here's my dessert menu. Hopefully no edit conflicts. x_X""

Dish Price
Banana Split $08.00
New York Cheesecake $11.75
Crepe(s) $07.00
Chocolate Mousse $04.75
Apple Strudel $06.95
Le Petit Gateau $08.00

Aimers: Hmm...The Gateau thing? I'm not sure what that is....It may be too complicated to serve? o.O I like everything else though...

CD-TDA: This, Aimers.

Dakota: Here's my ideas for a menu.

Dish Price
Banana Split $08.00
New York Cheesecake $11.75
Crepe(s) $07.00
Chocolate Mousse $04.75
Apple Strudel $06.95
Le Petit Gateau $08.00
Brownie Sundae $05.99
Silver Cake (Cake with Real Silver Accents) $18.00

Mrodd: Ok I think all of these are great :S

MTDM: (I won't be here for 25 hr. 7+ mn. Sabbath started (males have seven extra minutes) [edit] OMG FAIL. Starts @ 6:45 pm est :p.) I like Dakota's menu, because it has more desserts. :D

Mrodd: Sorry, I JUST had an idea, why dont we make the restraunt have an Alice in Wonderland Theme? I think it could be really cute.

Dakota: We definitely need a theme. The Alice in Wonderland may be a little creepy. I was thinking either a baroque theme found here, or a candy-themed restaurant to go with the desserts, with like, candy on the walls, tables that look like M&M,s stuff like that. And on every themed table, there are bowls of candy that come with the table for free, like the M&M's table has M&Ms, the Reese's table has Reese's ETC. It would only be like, a 3 dollar surcharge included in the bill. My ideas:

  • Others
    • AC/Heating
    • Paint
  • Positions
    • Greeter
      • MTDM
    • Waiters
      • Mrodd
      • First123
    • Chefs
      • Aim
      • CD (Captain gets name in orange in my ideas, fyi.)
      • Dakota
      • Seth
      • TDF
    • Drive-thru monitor
      • 11347
  • Kitchen
    • 2 Windows
    • Counter
    • Freezer
    • Cooking Supplies
    • Microwave
    • 4 Cabinets
    • Food
    • Lighting
    • Door (leads to resturaunt)
    • Cash Register
  • Restaurant
    • 1-Seaters (x2) (IDK how many people will come alone.)
    • 2-Seaters (x3)
    • 4-Seaters (x3) (Families may come due to dessert theme.)
    • 6 Windows
    • 20 Chairs (Eliminated benches due to high cost.)
    • Lighting
    • Clock
    • Jukebox?
  • Total Cost: $95,875
  • Leaves Us: $1,287,615
Dish Price
Banana Split $08.00
New York Cheesecake $11.75
Crepe(s) $07.00
Chocolate Mousse $04.75
Apple Strudel $06.95
Le Petit Gateau $08.00
Brownie Sundae $05.99
Silver Cake (Cake with Real Silver Accents) $18.00
Candy on Table $5.00 (Included in Bill)

Mrodd: Question... How is Alice in Wonderland Creepy?

Dakota: Have you SEEN the movie?

Mrodd: You know... BEFORE the movie, it was a childrens book? Right.

Dakota: I read that. It was even more creepy than the movie.


CD-TDA: I like Dakota's ideas. I think we should add a chandelier in there, though.

MTDM: ...we need a restroom. xD And I don't think a chandelier would do good in a dessert resturaunt... :s (Sorry guys, I have to go to a Purim party. T_T busy me.) nything in this section until you make a final transaction.)

Mrodd: Well since, you dont want my ideas, why dont you just post it?

Mrodd: Any who.... We still need a theme >.> And I cant wait for the merge... We could do 70's.

Dakota: We need to finish guys.

Day Two Store

Kgman04: Welcome back to Everything and More. The inventory has been reset. Again, the Demand List is up, and you can request whatever you'd like. There are no requirements for the buildings this time (the buildings are already built; you just need to decorate it and stuff).

Item Cost
1-Seater Table $250
2-Seater Table $500
4-Seater Table $1000
Window $1,500
Counter $1,250
Cash Register $250
Chair $125
Bench $500
Paint [entire store] $35,000
Freezer $1,250
Refrigerator $2,750
Cooking Supplies $750
Microwave $1,000
Stove/Oven $1,750
Cabinets $1,500
Food [ALL INGREDIENTS] $20,000
Lighting $4,500
AC/Heating $1,250
Door $500
Chandelier $1,125
Jukebox $875
Poster $125
Painting $1,250
Clock $125
Restroom $6,500
Toilet $750
Sink $750

Kgman04: Anytime now.......

TDAddict: The Window Washers shall buy: 2-Seater table(x4), 4-seater table(x3), 1-seater table(x2), windows(x6), counter, cash register, chair(x22), lighting, door(x4), food, chandelier, jukebox, paint, clock, AC/heating, cooking supplies, refrigerator, bench, cabinets, stove/oven, freezer, restroom, toilet(x5), and sink(x2).

Kgman04: Transaction completed. $105,875 deducted from debit card.

WM: The Patrolling Pedestrians shall buy: 2 seater tables (x4) and 4 seater tables (x3), chairs (x20), windows (x3), counters (x3), cash register, paint, freezers (x2), fridges (x2), Cooking supplies (x2), Microwave (x2), Stove (x2), cabinets (x5), Food, Door (x3), jukebox, poster (x2), clock (x2), lighting and AC/heating.

Kgman04: Transaction completed. $101,875 deducted from debit card.

MTDM: The Crazed Citizens shall buy: AC/heating, paint, windows(x2), counter, freezer, cooking supplies, microwave, cabinets(x4), food [all ingredients], lighting, door to kitchen, front door, cash register, 1-Seaters(x2), 2-Seaters(x5), 4-Seaters(x2), windows(x6), chairs(x10), benches(x2), lighting (cross that out if lighting is the whole place :|), clock, restroom, toilets(x4), sinks(x2).

Kgman04: Transaction completed. $104,625 deducted from debit card.

Demand List

Kgman04: ............ There's a lot more stuff on there. XD I did that so you guys could demand more specific items. Feel free to demand anything. You can see that the prices are now in multiples of 125; this is to make my job easier. :P

Rocks: Chadelier?

Nduke: Don't you mean a chandieleir? or however it's spelled?

WM: Jukebox and a poster. :3

Jake: How about nice paintings?

Rocks: Golden Spaaaatulaaa! :D (Spongebob has brainwashed me. xD)

Kgman04: Golden Spatula falls into the category of Kitchen Supplies. :P

AJ: A clock!

Zach: How about some food? We can't cook without it. I'll take two sets of food.

CD-TDA: Plates and cutlery?

Kgman04: Food's on there already. Plates and cutlery falls into the Kitchen Supplies category.

Rocks: Restroom. You can't have a resteraunt without it. ^^

Nduke: Then we would need toilets and sinks right?

Rocks: Mirrors (for the restroom)

Day Two Volunteer Work

Kgman04: This is volunteer work. It's the equivalent to T.D. High's extra credit. Like there, you can only guess once (unless I say otherwise), and if you change your answer/answer twice, your team will suffer a penalty of a $75,000 fine. Now, this is your volunteer work.

  • Your enemy's house is suffering from water damage. Being the nice person that you are, you decide to help. Name items you would need to repair it, and how would you do so? The first person to answer correctly wins $50,000 for their team.

MTDM. Only one. A phone -- to call the plumber.

Mrodd:... Im not a plumber... But... New Pipework, to replace the old (( As I would assume somethign is wrong with it?)) And a wrench to take off the old pipeing...Err yeah... Not a plumber xD

WM: Alright, alright. You'd need a wrench and tape to fix the pipes or wherever the leak comes from. I'd get a ladder to get the tape and wrench to fix the piping or wherever the water is coming from. To clean up the water, I'd get towels, a hair dryer and a water vaccum-majig to clean up the water.

Zach: Find the leak and cover the leak with duct tape. :D

AJ: I would get duct tape and a wrench to fi the pipes. I would also get towels to clean up the water, and bring other wet items outside, i would also get a phone to handle any extra damage that i can't handle and also to handle insurance stuff. I would also probably bring some money in case anything needs to be replaced.

Nduke: Hey guys, we need duct tape!

Dakota: Agreed with MTDM. A phone to call the plumber.

Rocks: If suffering from water damage, I would use the following tools: Screwdriver, Wrench, Nuts & bolts, Hammer, Submersible pump, a wet/dry vacuum, carpet cleaning machine, deodorizers, disinfectants, and body protection such as puncture proof gloves.

Now here's a description step - by - step on how to clean and repair your home:

  • Turn your power main to the off position so you don't get electrically shocked.
  • Determine if your water is "clean" or "dirty"
  • Use either a submersible pump or wet/dry vacuum to remove the excess water.
  • Clean up any existing furniture, clothing, or any type of flooring
  • Unscrew the pipeline of the water system with the wrench in your house
  • Look for mild or mold in your pipes to see if has been infected
  • Remember use the puncture proof gloves when cleaning & repairing
  • Screw back the regular pipes with new nuts & bolts
  • Make sure you get any existing water problems in your house before resetting it over

  • If anything's wrong or you have serious damage toward your pipelines, Call the plumbers just in case if it's a needed emergency.

Kgman04: o.o I suppose that's right, I'm guessing you used the internet for that, but I never said you couldn't. :P $50,000 to the Window Washers!

Rocks: Honestly, Google had no clue what I was talking about in this so I just looked for ideas in plumbing books. :P

Day Two Elimination

Kgman04: Okay. These challenges take FOREVER. So I'm cutting this one short (every challenge from now on will be a LOT easier, don't worry). I've decided to give the most creative restaurant (you guys all spent nearly the same amount) the win, which is... The Window Washers! *confetti* You guys win $150,000. The other two teams will be voting someone off! :D

Patrolling Pedestrians Vote

Nduke: BB.

WM: Nduke.

TDISF: My vote will go to Mr E. My decision was between him and Plat but, for personal reasons, I decided not to vote Plat off (I say "not to vote Plat off" because if I said "to vote Mr E off" it would seem like I'm mad at him or something else, and I'm not). I remember the rest of the other team members talking in this challenge and last one.

BB: My vote goes to Nduke.

AJ: Sorry but it's gotta be Nduke.

Alfan:Sorry, but I have to vote Nduke.

Plat: I will vote for Nduke.

Kgman04: And, with 5/8 votes, Nduke has been eliminated.

Crazed Citizens Vote

CD-TDA: Even though there were several people that didn't contribute to the challenge, I ultimately had to choose Seth. My vote goes to SethAllred343. It's nothing personal. I hope you understand.

Mrodd: As Our captain, you dont lead us very well, you dont have the right voice to lead. Im sorry. I vote CD

Aimers: Hmmm...I think that leadership is not what we need to vote off this vote....I will Vote Seth off because of participation :( Sorry...I really did not want to do that....Mrodd, CD is currently running just fine, Give her one more chance :D If she fails again (not saying she did) Then yea :-/

Dakota: Got to vote Seth.

MTDM: We have three team-mates who haven't done anything. if we don't vote one of them off, we'll have more eliminations. My vote goes to SethAllred343.

Mrodd: Just explaining my vote a little more :s Because its nothing against CD xD.... MTDM Ended up Buying our stuff, something the Captain is supposed to do, all Im trying to say is CDF has not beren doing what she/he is supposed to do as captain.

Kgman04: In a 4-1-(4) vote, Seth has been eliminated (I'm guessing the remaining 4 won't all vote for the same person).

Day Three - Attract and Attack

Day Three Chat

Kgman04: This sounds like the perfect title for a pedophile..... just saying...

Jake: Oh KG, you perv XD

Zach: *slams Levi into the Jail* Horrid Jeans. >:C

MTDM: @Mrodd's vote: one, CD's a she. :p Kg's been asking all the captains for the transactions, so Addict finally did it. WM, not the captain, did it too, after BB told him to I believe. CD's barely on anymore, so it's hard for me to bug her to transact. She told me I can do it, so I did it. --done--

Aimers: MTDM CD is on.....just not here ;) And irc, I think her time zone is a bit different then ours xD....Well come on...Give her another chance :)

Dakota: I don't know why you guys are targeting CD when other people, *cough*11347, TDF, and First*cough* haven't spoken or competed at all.

TDISF: Dakota's right. Even though I'm not in that team xD We can't keep losing members! D:

MTDM: @Aim; she's an hour after est. And she's busy, like, I think. @Dakota; I'm not targeting against CD. Maybe Mrodd is, but he has his rights. @Team; I forgot to say TDF wants to be voted out 'cause he's busy. He says he's not a quitter, but he'd rather be voted off fair and square or sumtin' like that.

Dakota: I'll take that into account MTDM. But I'd rather vote out the inactives than TDF, who could possibly participate later.

Jake: (conf) I'm really glad to get this far. Remember last season? (clip goes to Jake getting eliminated first) Yeahh.....

TDAddict: I knew we would win that one. :D

Aimers: Yea....Idk who I would vote for next week O_O probably an inactive....Oh which reminds me....Im gonna be on a trip tomorrow team so if the challenge comes up, I will not be able to participate :-/ I promise to be active As soon as I come back :(

Alfan:Two elims already. My poor team. <_<

BB: You can say that again.

Dakota: (CONF) I sense the Patrolling Pedestrians are the Team Victory of this game.

Rocks: Pedophiles and attraction? This definitely sounds like a reitrement home.

WM: We are going to win this challenge. -.-

Challenge Three

Kgman04: Alright. You've got a city. You've got restaurants. We're missing one vital aspect. PEOPLE. And people need somewhere to stay, i.e., apartment buildings. Luckily, there are three conveniently built ones around the corner of where your restaurants are. All you have to do is design an attractive poster to convince people to stay in your apartment building over the other teams' buildings. Here's some requirements the poster must have.

  • Cannot be over 640x480 pixels.
  • Must include the following information:
    • Number of floors (10)
    • Number of apartments (150, 15 each floor)
    • Cost for rent ($1,250)
    • Rooms (3 bed, 2 bath, 1 kitchen, 1 living, 1 dining)
    • Phone number to call (1-234-567-8910)
  • All "materials" must be bought at Everything and More.
  • Only ONE person will be responsible to make the image, however, you can all confer on what to put on the image. Post the final image with the thumbnail clearly stating, "Final Draft". (You can post drafts beforehand)

Kgman04: I don't care how you make it look, just include the info and fit the 640x480 requirement. Get going.

Window Washers Chat

TDAddict: .... I'm stumped, anybody got ideas?

Jake: Meh, I nominate an artist

Rocks: I think I'll nominate myself unless others want to do it.

TDAddict: How about anybody who wants to makes a poster, then the team votes?

Rocks: That sounds good to me.

LF: Sounds good!

Jake: I'm cool with that :P

Tdi: Good idea!

Patrolling Pedestrians Chat

TDISF: I could do the poster. Just give me suggestions. :3

BB: Well... we have a volunteer. :|

WM: Someone do the extra credit btw.

Alfan:Thank goodness. Art is definetly my weak point. The question is, what kind of poster do we want? Flashy, lights, what?

TDISF: I have one done. Tell me what you think about it, if I should add something...

WM: Nice job. Maybe make the words more eye catching and colorful.

TDISF: Okay, I'll see what i do later (I don't have much time now :P) And next time, I'll save the background first :P

WM: Anyone else care to do the extra credit? :P

TDISF: Here is another draft. Tried to make it more colorful. Things may be squahed a little because font here is bigger.

WM: Maybe a tad bit organized? xD If it isn't much? And the font a tad bit smaller?

Alfan:I like it, TDISF.

Crazed Citizens Chat

Mrodd: I can make it... But Its up to you all.

Dakota: Maybe we should all make one and vote for the best?

Aimers: Hmmmm, I say Mrodd makes it...I know you are good at art I believe :)

Mrood: dako is right.

MTDM: Agreed with Dakota. But of we're not going with her decision, I nominate Mrodd. (gtg guys, cya tommorow nght)

Dakota: HIS! :@

CD-TDA: Yeah, Mrodd could do it. Unless he votes me off again, jk.

Mrodd: Yeah, unless Dako wants too? Any ways.... My Extra Credit was a rush xD I will prolly re do it, Trust me... Im better then that xD? And Cd xD I just dont want to vote with majority xD Dont worry ;)

Aimers: Okay back to the actual challenge...what are everyone's ideas? We need to win again!

CD-TDA: So, Mrodd, are you gonna do it?

Dakota: Me and Mrodd are both going to post one here, and we will vote for the one we want.

Dakota: Here's mine, waiting for Mrodd:


Mrodd: SOrry all Im feeling REALLY sick Right niow, doing art is not helping. Dako. Just add the adress please, or say something about the big GREEN apartment

CD-TDA: I like it a lot Dakota, but you could make the text a bit smaller, since it looks kinda squished up.

Dakota: Will do to both.

MTDM: I like Dakota's. His sign is very cool. (Sorry; I feel stupid. T_T) I was gonna make one by hand, but I can not compete with that. :x

Day Three Store

Item Cost
Paper [necessity] $50
Markers $1000
Crayons $750
Construction Paper $750
Scissors $300
Glue $400
Lettering [necessity] $1750
Glitter $1100

Demand List

Kgman04: This week's prices are regular prices with two extra zeroes. ^_^

Day Three Volunteer Work

Kgman04: The city of T.D. Metro needs a "Welcome" sign. Design one. The best one wins $75,000 for their team. These are individual.

Kgman04: Dakota wins the $75,000!

Day Three Elimination

Kgman04: Horribly sorry about the hiatus thingy. Anyways, you may seem confused, but the thing is, every team was going up for elimination anyways, hehe. ^_^ This was mainly just a challenge to get some extra cash. Anyways, you know the drill, vote.

Kgman04: *whistles*

Window Washers Vote

Jake: I vote MrD. Least active :(

TDAddict: Nice KG, nice. >.> Anyway... I vote for Tdi, she isn't that active, and I know MrD can be active, because I see him a lot

Rocks: Agreed, I vote Tdi.

MrD: ... There was a vote up? :| Tdi.

TDA15: Whoa, whoa hold the phone. This camp's actually active!? I vote Tdi. -w-

Kgman04: Tdi has been voted off.

Patrolling Pedestrians Vote

WM: Plat, least active. And start getting active guys. -.-

TDISF: Oh, man! :( Anyways, my vote is goig to be to... Mister.. E. Sorry.

Mr. E: I guess, Plat? I don't know.

AJ: Sorry but i guess Plat

Plat: I vote Mister..E.

Alfan:I hate to vote for anybody out at this point, but I have to vote Plat. Sorry.

Kgman04: Plat has been voted off.

Crazed Citizens Vote

CD-TDA: My vote goes to 11347. Reason? Inactivity.

Dakota: I vote 11347, or whatever his name is.

MTDM: *votes MTDM* LOLWUTNO. (Srsly, don't count that. >_>) I agree with the above ^ two. My vote goes to none other than 11347.

Aimers: I vote for First123...Both users are inactive but...I dunno, I kinda favor 11347 a little more than first ;) I want to give her one more chance to be active but I suppose that the decision will eliminate her... (or is she a guy xD)

Mrodd: Im also voting first :s

Kgman04: 11347 has been voted off.

Day Four - Cha-Ching!

Day Four Chat

Kgman04: Talk it up.

Mrodd: Much Love <3

LF: Woot! Still here! :D

TDAddict: 20 left.

Bbhinton15: Rawr.

TDA15: Our team's awesome.

Aimers: Sigh...Oh well, first should be going home this week if we lose :D

Mrodd: Maybe....

Aimers: I hope so D: He doesn't participate!

Jake: How is everyone today?

Rocks: Agreed. @TDA15

Challenge Four

Kgman04: Welcome to the bank. :D Yes, the bank. All of the money is kept in here, in separate vaults. Combination vaults, from 1-9, three numbers each. See where this is going? ....... No? :| Fine. Each team has a vault. Each team member has four guesses. You can guess the combination of one of the other teams' vaults. If you get it right, you steal $100,000 from that team. Just guess any combination. The numbers don't even have to be in the right order. Anything, like, 4-9-3, or 0-5-2 (those aren't right). The numbers don't repeat. In total, there are 84 possible guesses, so, choose wisely. In a nutshell:

  1. Guess a combination.
  2. The numbers are from 1-9, as long as you get the numbers right, you win.
  3. Guess in the format: #-#-#
  4. Four guesses per member.

If no one gets the combination by the end of the challenge (doubtful, 80 guesses and 84 combinations? That'd be some horrible luck to not get it right...), nothing happens. This is a non-elimination, also, since we just had a triple elimination. Try not to repeat guesses. Any repeated guesses will not be retracted, and it will just be a waste. Guess under your chat sections.

Kgman04: Oh! Also! If you guess your own combination, you give each team $100,000.

Kgman04: Bah, nothing yet. Someone on the Window Washers is really close though.

Kgman04: Alright, hint: The numbers 0 and 3 are not in any of the 3 combos.

Kgman04: Next hint: One of the combos is all EVEN numbers. Beware, this might be your team's combo, so don't rely too much on this hint!

Window Washers Chat

MrD: ... What do you all think it is?

TDAddict: Not sure, maybe we should just take a guess with no basis? XD

TDAddict: 1-3-5?

Rocks: 1-6-9?

MrD: 5-2-8?

TDAddict: 8-5-6?

MrD: 8-9-7?

TDAddict: 7-8-2?

MrD: 9-6-8?

Rocks: 4-5-6

LF: 2-8-9?

TDAddict: 9-5-4?

Jake: 4-2-1

LF: 9-2-1

Jake: 6-9-2

TDA15: 9-8-7?

Rocks: 2-5-9?

Jake: 8-9-4

Kgman04: Jake, congratulations, you just guessed the Crazed Citizens combo!!! You have stolen $100,000 from them! By the way, the Window Washer's code was 1-5-7, and the Patrolling Pedestrians code was 2-4-6.

Jake: Yes! :D

Patrolling Pedestrians Chat

WM: 7-8-9, 1-3-6, 9-2-1, 7-5-6?

AJ: 1-4-9?

TDISF: 1-1-1? xD Don't look at me, it's possible >_>

Kgman04: The numbers never repeat. XD I won't count that. :P

TDISF: Ah, crap >_< Thanks :P well, 1-2-4

Alfan: 7-8-6, 1-4-6, 8-2-1, 7-4-6?

AJ: 2-8-7?

BB: 4-6-9.

Crazed Citizens Chat

CD-TDA: 1-3-7?

Mrodd: 2-1-4

CD-TDA: 3-4-6?

CD-TDA: 1-3-5?

Aimers: So you are saying WE lose money if we win? O___________O ummm 4-2-8

Mrodd: Errrr 1021lets see.... 1-0-2?

Aimers: Urgh, here goes... 9-5-8, 6-4-9, 1-8-4 :-/

Day Four Store

Due to ferret infestation.

Demand List

Due to ferret infestation.

Day Four Elimination

Kgman04: Well, there's no elimination, but you guys know how OCD I am, so this section it just reiterating that. :)

Day Five - Lace and Leather

Day Five Chat

MrD: *chats it up* -w-

CD-TDA: Why's the store infested, huh, Kug? >~>

TDAddict: Now we secure our place as the best team in the game. :D

Bbhinton15: Because he doesn't know how to clean, CD. -w-

LF: Woot! Go Window Washers!

Jake: Your welcome

Bbhinton15: Oh, look who's high and mighty now. >.> (sniffles over his team's loss)

Kgman04: Err, um, we've got it under control now, someone left a half-eaten chocolate bar on the counter.... *cough* BB *cough*....

Rocks: Our team is beast! :-]

Bbhinton15: I don't eat chocolate. :@

CD-TDA: Of course not, BB. *pokes BB's beer gut* -w-

LF: :O BB doesn't like chocolate?

Bbhinton15: I weigh, like, 135 pounds... Chocolate is empty carbs and cals. :'(

Jake: Your beer belly isn't empty though

WM: :|

Rocks: *sings "Willy Wonka"* It's the Candy Man, Can! :D

WM: We need to win this. :-/

Challenge Five

Kgman04: Hello, hello, hello, and welcome back. Last challenge went by pretty fast, this one, not so much. Your challenge is to make up your own Total Drama character. Original stereotype is optional, what's really interesting is the clothing! The local retail store's been cleaned out and we need some good stock to get customers. So, we look to you guys! Make up your own outfit for an original Total Drama character, and I'll draw it. I need something to get my creativity back in gear for TDStardom. T_T Be specific, 'cause I'm not re-drawing anything. >_> Entries due by 4/13, that way I can get pictures up by the end of the week, and it'll give me a reason to not to my homework.

Window Washers Chat

Rocks: Nice way to torture me, Kg. >_>

Jake: One for the whole team?

LF: We should decided on a gender first wo we know what to design.

Rocks: I vote for Male, all in favor?

Jake: I vote either

LF: *Shrugs* Male is fine with me!

TDAddict: Okay so, male, any ideas for clothes, the main focus?

Rocks: We have everything completed, all we need is your approval of it, members.

Male; Tough guy; wearing hat backwards, dark cyan; Un-zipped jacket, midnight blue, dark green undershirt; Baggy pants, blue; Spiked boots, black with dark grey spikes.

LF: I like it, I think it would totally work!

TDA15: Awesome. Like our team. >=D

Patrolling Pedestrians Chat

WM: Guy? Short sleeves, short pants... Colors? Black shoes btw.

Bbhinton15: I like guy and short sleeves, but.... I'd rather see him in long pants. -w- But, that's just me. I don't care for the color of his shoes; the colors of his outfit are what we have to worry about.

WM: Alright. I say dark blue or just blue pants. And a black, green, blue, red orwhite shirt.

Alfan:Should he look like a nice guy or a tough guy? And any accessories?

TDISF: I was thinking of a striped shirt. Black and Teal, maybe? :P

AJ: I was thinking would should have like an athletic looking person, with a (insert color here) zip down hoodie, Jeans, and white undershirt and yeah black shoes? And maybe brown or blonde hair? Either that or we could do somone in like a muscle shirt

WM: Fine w/me. Who's buying this?

TDISF: Muscel shirt is okay, but I don't think that a person with jeans would look athletic :P So I think that, yeah, jeans, muscle shirt and black shoes (maybe with some color details?). And I think BB should buy this, since he's the captain.

Alfan:Maybe WM could do it? BB seems really busy lately.

TDISF: What about...

Black muscle shirt, cadetblue jeans and black shoes with red details? Maybe it's too simple :P

Crazed Citizens Chat

CD-TDA: Long pants/short pants? Short-sleeved/long-sleeved?

CD-TDA: Better yet. Male or female?

Aimers: Ummm....For me, Idc for gender...Short shirt definitly, pants size doesnt matter....oh no this will be tough D:

MTDM: Female. Pink polka-dotted headband. ^_^ Short shorts?

Mrodd: O.0 Honestly if I see a girl wearign that I will walk the other way ....

CD-TDA: So, it's female, then?

Dakota: Can we do a gay male? I think that would be interesting.

Aimers: gay? Polka dots? Short shorts? Hmmmmmmmmm how bout a gay male short shorts polka dot with a headband advertising glee ^__^ jk O__O

Mrodd: Just put what you would wear >.> Its really not that hard.

CD-TDA: How about a redneck-like person? Flannel shirt, messy hair, toothpick in mouth, long jeans, and some raggedy shoes?

Dakota: Ok. Let's take a vote. Redneck or Gay Male?

First123: How did I manage to stay in?Um...sorry I haven't participated.

Dakota: Ok, so 'll post my idea for a gay male.

Lanky, medium-tall male, tan skin, firebrick hair, Justin Bieber-esque. Pink shirt, short-sleeved, with a purple loser symbol, similar to Glee. Teal jeans with holes in them, and Orange, Gold, and Teal High-Top sneakers.

MTDM: @CD: Yeah. Agreed. | @First: That's alright. But as long as you participate you'll be fine. :) | @Dakota: Dude, that's $9,000. O_O

Aimers: @MTDM that's like nothing lol :P @Dakota I love the idea :D The firebrick hair kinda scares me a bit though...there would need to be some natural hair in it...maybe blonde or brown? however, if we do add natural hair, the firebrick color cant be whole strands of hair unless we ant him as an emo or something O__O maybe mediumaquamarine tips or blonde tips eh?

First123: If its for a gay male the idea seems good.

Dakota: OK. Finalized.

Lanky, medium-tall male, tan skin, black hair, emo style, with firebrick and medium aquamarine tips. Pink shirt, short-sleeved, with a purple loser symbol, similar to Glee. Teal jeans with holes in them, and Orange, Gold, and Teal High-Top sneakers.

(Jake: Is really offended by this :|)

MTDM: (Why? :|) Dakota, we're only designing an outfit. No hair, skin, etc.

(Jake: By the way they think gays dress like that :/)

Mrodd: Again if I see any one wearing that Im walking the other way...

Dakota: Jake, get out of our chat. It's our character, we weren't trying to offend anyone. Mrodd, it honestly doesn't matter.

Lanky, medium-tall male, tan skin, black hair, emo style, with firebrick and medium aquamarine tips. Pink shirt, short-sleeved, with a purple loser symbol, similar to Glee. Teal jeans with holes in them, and Orange, Gold, and Teal High-Top sneakers.

CD, can you make the transaction?

MTDM: I striked everything we don't need, as we're an designing an outfit....

Day Five Store

Kgman04: This time, you have to buy... colors. Yeah, colors.

Item Cost
Black $1,000
White $1,000
Red $1,000
Blue $1,000
Yellow $1,000
Green $1,000
Purple $1,000
Pink $1,000
Brown $1,000
Dark Grey $1,000
Light Grey $1,000
Dark Green $1,000
Navy $1,000
Cyan $1,000
Orange $1,000
Gold $1,500
Teal $1,500
Fire Brick $1,500
Medium Aquamarine $1,500
Dark Cyan $1,500
Midnight Blue $1,500
Tan $1,500
Hot Pink $1,500

TDAddict: The Window Washers shall buy: Black, Blue, Dark cyan, Dark green, Dark grey, and Midnight blue.

CD-TDA (probably not logged in): The Crazed Citizens would like to buy the following. Pink, purple, teal, orange and gold.

Kgman04: Window Washers: Transaction completed. $7,000 deducted.

Kgman04: Crazed Citizens: Transaction completed. $6,000 deducted.

Demand List

Kgman04: Use this to pick specific WEB COLORS ONLY. ONLY FROM THIS LIST. The colors on the table are the "pure" shades, as I like to call them. So if you want a certain shade, you'll have to demand it. All custom colors are $1,500.

WM: Gold or teal.

Aimers: This might sound really dumb....firebrick and medium aquamarine please? ^__^

TDAddict: Dark cyan and midnight blue?

Kgman04: All up!

Dakota: Tan and Hot Pink.

Day Five Elimination

Kgman04: Alright. I decided to cut it short and just used what we already had. Since the Patrolling Pedestrians had nothing (nothing bought, at least), they're obviously going to elimination. But, who's the winner? Let's take a look at the pictures.

Kgman04: I love both of them, I really do, but the winner has got to be The Window Washers! I feel like The Window Washers' picture was something I could use in a fanfic. Window Washers, you win $75,000. Crazed Citizens win $40,000! Patrolling Pedestrians, time to vote!

Patrolling Pedestrians Vote

Kgman04: Time to vote someone off.

WM: MrE.

Bbhinton15: MrE, yeah.

TDISF: *sighs* Not again -.- I'm feeling like I'm leaving next, but I'll still vote Mr E...

Kgman04: Mr. E has been eliminated.

Day Six - Total Wrecks

Day Six Chat

Kgman04: Erm.... feel free to guess.

TDISF: I'm starting to think that we'll be building a dock D:

Jake: Our team rules!

TDAddict: Don't get too confident, it'll jynx us.

Challenge Six

Kgman04: This week's challenge is... school related. Surprisingly enough, the school was the only thing that remained PERFECTLY intact. However, T.D. Metro doesn't like public schools. Everyone gets homeschooled here. So, your task is to... well, just destroy the school. That's it. The team that gets craziest wins immunity and a $100,000 bonus. Second place wins immunity only. Worst team sends someone home. Unlike the other challenges, you can use your weapons before you buy them. You don't even have to fill out a transaction. Just use 'em. I'll just be charging you as you go.

  • Window Washers: Gymnasium, main office, two regular classrooms.
  • Patrolling Pedestrians: Cafeteria, orchestra room, two regular classrooms.
  • Crazed Citizens: Science lab, art room, two regular classrooms.

Kgman04: And, go!

Window Washers Chat

TDAddict: Before we start, we need to think of a way so, if we win, we'll be gaining money.

Jake: *throws a desk at the window*

Jake: *gets baseball bat from gym and smashes windows doors and equipment* ROAR! >:(

TDAddict: Remember, make it crazy. :|

Jake: You help to. *picks up chainsaw and cuts chairs and doors in half and goes to a classroom*

TDAddict: *puts controlled explosives in the main office* Bombs away? *sets them off*

Jake: *goes to a regular classroom* Hahaha! *cuts chairs and walls with chain saws, and throws chairs at windows and doors*

TDAddict: *goes to the remains of the office with a sledgehammer and starts breaking everything that wasn't destroyed(

Jake: *takes chainsaw and cuts walls and windows in regular class and throws desk outside of windows. Throws textbooks out of door*

LF: *Takes sledgehammer and slings it around madly in the gym* Rawr, this is crazy xD

Jake: *walks in second classroom* AHHHHHHHHH! *throws textbooks everywhere, cuts windows with chainsaw, and gets explosives and sets them off and runs to Gym* Watch out LF! *shoves her down*

Jake: Awesome. 2 class rooms plus main office destroyed. Now for one thing. *takes basketball hoop off and throws it at window*

TDAddict: *runs into the gym with a chainsaw and starts chopping*

MrD: ... *lies the bleachers with controlled explosives, the sets them off* Rawr.

TDAddict: *continues to randomly chop things with the chainsaw*

LF: *Swings sledgehammer around madly* This is fun :D

Jake: *swings baseball bat everywhere and chips everything.

Jake: *takes a gun and shoots the place up* RAWRRRRR! :@

Jake: *shoots up the 2 classrooms and gym and main office.*

Patrolling Pedestrians Chat

WM: (gets a sledgehammer and begins slamming the tables in the cafeteria wildly)

Alfan:*gets a sledgehammer and starts destroying the tables in one of the classrooms*

Alfan:*gets a Flamethrower and burns the Patrolling Pedestrians Rule and Alfain is Da Boss on the cafeteria walls*

WM: *destroys the walls, lighting and remains of the tables, thus destroying most of the cafeteria by using the chainsaw* Alfan, everyone else, finish it up. I'm going to the band room to throw the instruments out the window. *starts running up*

AJ: *Gets a chainsaw* ASTA LA VISTA BABY!! *Begins riupping through one of the classrooms*

WM: *jumps on the band instruments, thus destroying them* The trumpet. :( *destroys the trumpet and starts crying as he throws the instruments out of the window*

AJ: *Intense music begins playing* Time to throw down!! *Begins jump kicking the walls and the desk* Hiya!!

WM: How can I get the drumset out the window? *finds drumsticks and screws* Hmmmmmmmmmmm. ;)

AJ: *Takes his chainsaw back out* Time to finish things up in the classroom!!!! *begins sawing crazily* OH YEAH!

WM: *removes a few screws and smashes the windows with drumsticks, allowing the wind to blow in* Time to push this thing.

AJ: *Swings around one of the desks and slams it into another desk* This is so...energizing!! *Round house kicks the teacher's desk* Booya!

WM: *throws the drums and crash cymbals out the window, breaking them all*

AJ: Thats it TIME TO GO!! *Brings his chainsaw back and hurls through desks, goes and picks it up and starts swinging at the desks* We are not losing this time!

WM: *throws the chimes in a pile, breaking them all* Hmmmm. *looks at his chainsaw* YES! >:) *stares at the chairs*

WM: *destroys all the chairs and chainsaws the walls and floors that has dust inside* Ew. At least it'll get real messy.

AJ: *the classroom is completely obliterated* Ok time to move on to the next classroom, this is gonna be fnu! *revs the chainsaw and runs to the next classroom and begins tearing it apart* Will. Not. Lose!

WM: *starts destroying the music and desk*

AJ: *is still ripping apart the classroom*

WM: *throws the files, reeds, music sheets and mouthpieces in the garbage and throws it all on the floor* ;)

AJ: *Jumps up and spins with the chainsaw destroying all the desks* OH YEAH!

WM: *eats the apple and walks downstairs to see AJ going wild* Good job. Finish up here, I'll go check out the cafe.

TDISF: *uses a chainsaw to destroy all of the instruments in the orchestra room* YEAH! >:D

(WM: Dude, they are out the window. o.O)

WM: *sees Alfan did nothing* GAH! >:( TDISF! COME DOWN HERE!

Crazed Citizens Chat

Aimers: RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWR *starts smasing things in the art room with a sledgehammer*

CD-TDA: (grabs a sledgehammer and begins bashing desks in one of the regular classrooms) :@

CD-TDA: (lifts up a chair and throws it against Regular Classroom #1's wall) ROAR. :-@

Aimers: *smashes the equipment in the art room* ME ANGRY >:( *Starts making random holes in the walls*

Aimers: *Destroys half of one of the walls in the art room* RAAAAAAAAWR

Aimers: *picks up a cutting saw in the art room and starts destroying more things* Saw. Boring. BACK TO MY SLEDGEHAMMER!!! *starts making holes in the floor*

MTDM: *grabs a flamethrower amd walks into the second classroom, using the flamethrower in circles* HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. HAWWWWW. HAHAHAHA. >:DDDDD HAAAAAAAAAA. *fire gets on hair* O_O AHHHH. :'( *starts blowing (TNWSS, so shut up. >_>) at hair* HAWT.

Aimers: .... Good job in wasting almost all our moony -__- we will only gain 5000 dollars if we win... *uses sledgehammer the break the walls in class room 1*

CD-TDA: (tackles the clasroom's door down)

Aimers: *sledhammers the classroom floor*

Dakota: *walks into science lab with blowtorch and torches the gas pump on the lab desk, causing it to explode, hurting himself in the proess* Ow.

CD-TDA: (runs down to the art room) Aim, help me get this table!

Aimers: *runs in* I thought I destroyed this place already... oh well! *helps CD throw table and then smashes it with his sledgehammer*

CD-TDA: (watches as the table throws down one of the art room's walls)

Aimers: *looks around* CD look at this! It's a giant statue :o

CD-TDA: O.O Let's use it as a battering ram. Help me get this up. (lifts up one part of the statue)

Aimers: *lifts up other end* Where to? CD

CD-TDA: Towards the door. (begins to charge towards the door, with the battering ram-like statue in front)

Aimers: RAAAAAAAAAAAAWR *Also charges towards door with battering ram statue*

CD-TDA: (breaks the door down, along with Aimers) I suppose we can use this as a giant hammer to smash more desks. What do you think? ;)

Aimers: YESSS *puts it down for a brief second to smash holes in the floor* LETS GO!

CD-TDA: (lifts up the statue and brings it down on a row of desks) WHOOP!

Aimers: *Sledge Hammers the already broken desks* YESSSSS

Aimers: *takes dakota's blow torch and lights the art room on fir as well* Heee heee...Ok you can have it back now :D

CD-TDA: (tips a stack of chairs forwards onto a big table)

Aimers: *Uses the blowtorch Dakota bought to burn the chairs and tables* >:D

Day Six Store

Everything and More Day Six List
Item Cost
Sledgehammer $7,000
Chainsaw $10,000
Controlled Explosives $30,000 each
Blowtorch $50,000
Flamethrower $75,000
Flamethrower Fuel $10,000 per use
Guns $15,000

Demand List

Kgman04: I'm not really good at thinking of destructive objects. Please keep your demands reasonable. Also, you can use anything you demand without knowing the price, although, it's not recommended. I mean, these prices are a bit insane.

Aimers: How about a wreckingball machine? :D

Kgman04: Reasonable. :P

Alfan:What about a flamethrower, that we can refill? :P So more fuel costs extra.

WM: Grenades or guns? Lol.

Kgman04: Hm. Grenades sorta fits into "controlled explosives". Guns....

Day Six Volunteer Work

Kgman04: Shoot, I totally forgot about this for Day 4 and 5. XD Anyways, your volunteer work is a riddle, this time! Tell me this:

  • A man and his four friends goes to a casino with five roulette wheels. They each go to a roulette wheel, and they record what numbers the ball falls on. After a long day of recording, they find that one roulette wheel landed on 10, 24, and 31 most often. The next day, the man and his four friends go to that roulette wheel and bet on the numbers 10, 24, and 31 each time. They win a ton of money. The next day, however, they did the same thing, but lost money. What happened?

Jake: The ball landed on different numbers.

WM: The ball landed on different numbers in the roulette wheels.

CD-TDA: They went to a different roulette wheel?

Aimers: The casino switched the tables around? Idk...that doesnt seem answerable O_O

Kgman04: Aimers wins $75,000 for his team!

Aimers: O__O Did I seriously win that :P lol XD

Day Six Elimination

Kgman04: Well. That was... destructive. The winning team, though, has gotta be the Crazed Citizens. I guess you were called "Crazed" for a reason. But, errr, I just received a letter, and.... homeschooling is, erm, banned. So you guys are gonna have to cough up $125,000 per team to cover the damage.... whoops? And, there's no elimination this time, since TotalDramaFan1000 and First123 have both missed three challenges. See ya. Also...

  • Window Washers lost $247,000.
  • Patrolling Pedestrians lost $227,000.
  • Crazed Citizens lost $227,000, minus $100,000 for winning the challenge., or $127,000.

Errrr, sorry? Ehehehe....

Day Seven - Old Time Fun

Day Seven Chat

Kgman04: Thank Addict for the title. Gosh, it's so suggestive...

TDAddict: Shush up. >.>

TDA15: Our team is winning. -w-

WM: 227,000? Damn.

Aimers: I think my team just died..............

Mrodd: <3

LF: Window washers pown all, end of the story <3 :P

Jake: Window Washers rule >=D

WM: We have 5 people left, but we can still win our first challenge... soon. Hopefully.

Mrodd: But My Dear Lf, If you divvy your money up.... then divv our money up, Our team will have more then your team... * Smiles*

Aimers: *agrees with Mrodd* :D

LF: *Glares* And your point is? Who won the other challenge before this one? HMMMM? Yeah, window washers did, and we'll continue winning :D

Aimers: Lol...Well I can't wait for the merge so i can be on your team....I like merges lol :P

LF: I love merges too! :D

WM: Hey guys. Let us win just ONE challenge. K? K. Thanks. :)

Mrodd: Sorry If our team losses, Im out .... v,v

Kgman04: Oooh, tension. I likey. :D

Aimers: Mrodd just be active and try not to spend money :D

Challenge Seven

Kgman04: Your challenge this time has to do with the local Arcade! Your team will have to hire a nerd ($100,000) and tell him to design the video game of your dreams. And, um, that's it. Make your final idea in your chat section, in green font. Try to finish by Tuesday, 3PM EST. Best team wins $250,000. Second best wins $125,000. Worst is put up for elimination.

Window Washers Chat

TDA15: Our team doesn't need to spend the money, they already have me. >=D

LF: Way to diss yourself xD

Jake: XDDD

LF: Well, I don't play many video games, so what is popular?

TDA15: War games. In other words, the goal of the game is to kill thousands of people who may or may not be innocent. And yes, you do get bragging rights over how many people you can kill in under a minute.

LF: Well, do you think we should create a shooting game since people will be attracted to that, or should we be more risky and be original?

TDA15: Well, making a 1st-person shooter would probably be a bit cliche, so maybe a third person shooter, but with arcade-style graphics. Original, but still has the murder-happy sensation that people seem to love.

LF: Sounds good! Something appealing and different at the same time!

TDAddict: Well, if we're doing a shooting game, would you mind if I kinda... sit out? This isn't really something I'd know anything about at all.

LF: What do you know about? Cause like I said, I don't play many videogames....

TDAddict: What I know is pretty much limited to stuff like Mario....

LF: Mario games are popular though, aren't they?

Jake: I say we have racing, shooting, classical, mario and popular games. Agreed?

TDA15: I don't blame ya Addict, the Mario series is the greatest series of all time.

TDAddict: We just need to design the video game of our dreams, Jake, not an entire arcade. :|

Rocks: Back from vacation but I'll be a tad inactive, so the design of the game should relate to a Grand Theft Auto mixed with the Super Mario game series. That would make my day -w-

TDAddict: ... Yes.

TDA15: Agreed. ^^ Rocks, you wanna submit your idea?

TDAddict: Wait, we might have to go a little more specific...

TDAddict: Okay, cross between Mario and GTA... What would one do in this game? :|

Rocks: Errr... I think the whole goal of the game would have to do with the life as Mario in a Grand Theft Auto world where you have to play various mission till you get to the Final Boss battle; Bowser and defeat him to rescue his girl, Peach.

TDAddict: Basically, Mario, but with a GTA theme? O.o

Rocks: Yeah. xD You could add on more ideas to it if needed?

TDAddict: *just imagined Mario as a pimp* Umm, so like, if we need vehicles and stuff, they could be Yoshi, and Bowser's minions being the random people you can run over, get in fights with, etc?

Rocks: ....Definitely. :P we can add these ideas in. I think the game will turn out epic either way.

TDAddict: So, I think we have this all planned out, and I'm ready to finalize it, but, I want your approval first.

TDA15: Sounds good to me.

Rocks: Mhm, great work. Approval permitted.

LF: I think it's great! I approve.

TDAddict: Okay, that's half, even more if you count MrD, which I am, and our team's video game is pretty much a mix of Mario and Grand Theft Auto, Mario lives in the Grand Theft Auto world, performing missions, riding Yoshis, fighting Bowser's minions until he gets to the final battle boss battle against Bowser, to rescue Princess Peach.

MrD: That is... Actually pretty awesome. -w-

Patrolling Pedestrians Chat

WM: My ideas are a red/black/purple wallpaper and there's a kinect and Wii and stuff and arcade games like the Mario stuff for the arcade and games where you can get tokens and redeem them for prizes and a giant bullmoose in the middle of the room. :)

WM: Nvm. Any ideas? AJ? You are creative.

TDISF: Maybe some things realted to Star Wars or that stuff for the decoration. We could add a comic stand, maybe?

WM: No, we need a video game. Not an arcade xD.

TDISF: Oh.. Now I get it :P I don't really iagine something...

AJ: Why don't we do a Total Drama Video game, where the challenges are mini games, and in between challenges you talk to campers and have different options on what to say to them. You pick your allies and your enemies, and your friends, and at the end of each day if you lost the mini game/challenge, you have to vote someone off. There can be difficulty settings, so like on hard people won't be so easy to ally and will be really good at the mini games. Three levels can be Island, Set, and Around the World.

WM: Good idea. You get to pick your character and see and try to go through the end. And if you get eliminated, you can get a chance to return by doing different tasks or challenges or hang out with the eliminated contestants for Island and interview other contestants for Action to get a goal (maybe like The Big Picture) and try to ace a singing performance for World Tour.

Alfan:Can they have custom characters if they win? Like a custom season or something, where you can link it up and play online?(Wow, busy lately. ;( )

WM: Yeah, maybe a character creator. And a custom school season. Or city season. Just like these 2 camps.

TDISF: :o *idea* What about when you complete the three seasons (TDI, TDA and TDWT) you get to create a season with custom characters?

WM: That can be unlockable. Any more ideas?

Alfan:I think this is a pretty good idea.

WM: I'm doing this now, so we won't lose. GAH! Our team's video game is a Total Drama Video game, where the challenges are mini games, and in between challenges you talk to campers and have different options on what to say to them. You pick your allies and your enemies, and your friends, and at the end of each day if you lost the mini game/challenge, you have to vote someone off. You get to pick your character and see and try to go through the end. And if you get eliminated, you can get a chance to return by doing different tasks or challenges or hang out with the eliminated contestants. There can be difficulty settings, so like on hard people won't be so easy to ally and will be really good at the mini games. The three default levels are Island, Action and World Tour. There are also many unlockable features including custom characters, custom city and school seasons and much more!

Crazed Citizens Chat

Mrodd: Ok..... What kind of game should we make^

Aimers: How about a platforming game where you play as a ferret that is trying to destroy a store? (yes I am referencing this camp)

Mrodd: o0 I wont ask....

Aimers: Just look at the store demand list in the past couple of weeks including this one :P

MTDM: I think it should be very original, not rips off real games. Oh, and are se supposed to transact the nerd? xD

Mrodd: Well we dont want to get sued no, do we?

Mrodd: Well we need a game a lot of people like, its for an arcade, so something flashy and teenish

Aimers: I still like my ferret idea :3

First123: Hmm, this could be difficult.

Mrodd: First... your out xD Then Ferrets it shall be xD :P.... What should his/Her name be :o

Dakota: I'm sorry guys. I will not be active this entire week as I will be on vacation. Sorry.

MTDM: User:Mr. Totaldramaman/Template:NotActive

Aimers: Wait guys, this ferret idea of mine..don't just say yes its good...we can't lose with this few guys have to WANT it...any doubts and we have to make it perfect...

Mrodd: Sorry I was just radomly thinking OMG KAROKE! .... Similiar to DDR Or Rock Band, the player will sing to the chorus of their favorite songs, but if they get too off key, or fail the song, they may be shocked :o

Aimers: I actually like that idea ;) Let's do it...And maybe an unlockable ferret? XDDD We have to finish soon...the other teams are done :-/

Mrodd: Ok.... What else can we add o.0?

Mrodd: Ok, so our idea unless some one objects (( If you do just de-green this)) Every one loves DDR, and Rock Band, they are amazing arcade games, that any one can play. But for our game, we wanted something new, and something original.... So we came up with Are you, On key? An arcade game, where you are encouraged to sing,Whether its 100% fail, or amazing, but.... If you go off key, 1 too many times, youll get zapped. If you manage to perform 10 sings pefectly, youll unlock the ferret, the ferret will dance while you sing. (He's an amazing dancer! :o)

Aimers: Mroddi you have to buy the nerd

Day Seven Store

Everything and More Day Seven List
Item Cost
Nerd $100,000

TDAddict: The Window Washers shall buy: A nerd.

Kgman04: Transaction completed. $100,000 deducted from debit card.

WM: The Patrolling Pedestrians shall buy: A nerd.

Kgman04: Transaction completed. $100,000 deducted from debit card.

Kgman04: Crazed Citizens: Transaction completed. $100,000 deducted from debit card.

Demand List

Demand Center is closed due to food war between ferrets and employees.

Day Seven Volunteer Work

Kgman04: Random question: Who is my favorite character to play as in the Mario Party series? :3

Jake: Luigi

Mrodd; Toad

WM: Yoshi

LF: Mario...? xD

Aimers: Oooh i know this!!!! jk O__O Idk, Princess Peach? XDDDDD OMG FRICKIN EDIT CONFLICTS

TDISF: Waluigi

Kgman04: All wrong. :P I don't think anyone'll get this. XD

Aimers: Mario, Birdo, Baby Luigi, Chain Chomp, Bowser, Koopa Jr., SHY GUY!!!! D:

LF: *Slaps Aimers* You only get one guess :P

Aimers: Oh really? XD I guess I spazzed :P

AJ: Dry Bones

TDAddict: Bowser.

Aimers: The answer better not be Boo...I will stab someone if that is right >.> Boo happens to be my fav character and I'm surpirsed I just thought of him now...But this guess does not count anyway D:

Kgman04: Nothin' yet.

LF: Donkey Kong...? IDK who all is in it :P

TDAddict: Wario?

Jake: Daisy?

Kgman04: Still... fine, I'll let everyone get another guess.

Jake: King boo?

LF: Birdo? I love birdo xD

Kgman04: ..... Jake got it. XD He wins $75,000 for his team!

WM: King Boo isn't a MP character; it's Boo.

Jake: King Boo is a mario series character :|

WM: I know, but he's not playable. Boo is, not King Boo.

Jake: In Mario Kart he is playable o.O

WM: Kg said Kgman04: Random question: Who is my favorite character to play as in the Mario Party series? :3, not Mario Kart. :|"

Mrodd: King Boo is in Mario Party Silly

Jake: WM, just because your team is doing terrible right now doesn't mean we have to let you win :|

WM: Mrodd, he's not playable. Jake, I know that, but I am ticked off how you won when King Boo isn't a playable MP character.

Aimers: OMG WTH??!?!!? I TOTALLY CALLED THE BOO thing >:( I am like so angry at you Kg...You stole my favorite character >.> jk :P But seriously...I can't believe I didnt pick my own favorite characer lol xD

Day Seven Elimination

Kgman04: Okay. Let's go through these one-by-one (I just purchased the nerd for the Crazed Citizens since it was a necessity, anyways).

  • Window Washers: *is trying to imagine Mario as a pimp* XD I like it, it sounds really creative. I'd love to play that.
  • Patrolling Pedestrians: I like. I like a looooooot. :D I don't think I see anything wrong with this idea. Seriously, great job, I'd buy this ASAP. o.o
  • Crazed Citizens: Oooh, I like singing. I like singing a loooot. :D Hm, I like the idea, it just seems a little boring. Also, what are you going to do after you unlock the ferret? It seems really easy to win.

Kgman04: In first place, we have the Patrolling Pedestrians! Congrats on winning for once. XD In second we have the Window Washers! Crazed Citizens, you would be voting someone off, if I didn't just notice that TDADJ has missed three challenges. So, you're saved! Window Washers. you're down to six!

Day Eight - Silence is Golden

Day Eight Chat

Kgman04: 6-5-5... this game is getting close!

Rocks: Zach's gone.... and Silence is our theme? o.o

LF: Woot! We're still 6 strong :D

WM: We finally won.

TDISF: Oh mah gawsh :3

Rocks: (scratches his head) You guys know you lost all the other challenges? :|

WM: Note the finally.

Mrodd: I dunno but if I have to do everything for my team again..... Oh yeah I forgot about Aimers :s We have hope...., But not Much v,v

Mrodd: Aimers...... I swear if we lose because you Corrected our things :s

Challenge Eight

Kgman04: Today's challenge has to do with the library. Libraries contain what? Books! So, each team will be writing a "book", today. Each teammate will write a certain amount of sentences. The first teammate will start off the short story. The next teammate will extend it, and so on. The best story wins immunity for their team and $150,000. Second best story wins $80,000. Worst story wins no cash, and will be voting someone off.
Window Washers, each member on your team will write 5 sentences.
Patrolling Pedestrians and Crazed Citizens, each member on your team will write 6 sentences.
This is due tomorrow, by 8PM EST. Also, I shouldn't see anything other than the story in the chat sections. a.k.a., you can't chat with your team on a certain theme or plot. Just go with it.

Window Washers Chat

MrD: It's been three long, long years since Total Drama World Tour ended. A week after it was finally put to rest, giving the contestants great relief, and Chris no job. He was scouting the city, looking for something, anything that he could possibly do instead, but to no avail. He was just a thirty year old man now, devoid of hope and dreams. One day though, something very... Odd happened. *nudges over to whoever wants to go next* (I didn't want to make too much plot. xD)

Rocks: To Chris's suprise, he found an old-washed down phone. He took the phone and saw that it was opened to her Digital Calculator tool, where the number '8008' was typed in. "What the heck is this!?" He showed the phone to Chef. "It says 'eight thousand and eight'," Chef said in a subtle voice. It then turned into a shout, "which looks like the word 'BOOB'!" Chef began laughing as Chris grunted and marched off in an unclaimed room.

TDA15: In that room, Chris found what looked like a gym locker, and smelled like it too. With nothing else to do, he walked over to the locker, opened it, only for him to trip (somehow) and fall into the locker. The locker door slammed shut and it began to light up and it disappeared. After a while, Chris woke up. He managed to get out of the locker, only to find himself in Camp Wawanakwa. But something was different about it...

TDAddict: Chris realized that the island had become radioactive. With this realization, an idea began to form, a way for him to get his hosting job back, an brand new season, going to a radioactive Wawanakwa. He knew the old cast would never agree to come back to the show, so he would get an entirely new cast. He would simply pitch the idea to the producers, and they would eat it up. The only problem was, he didn't know how to get back to the mainland.

LF: Chris searched around the newly radioactive isdland to see if he could find a way back. With no success, Chris let out a big sigh of dissappointment and sat down on a rock. Then, a loud crackling noise came out of the rock and it disappeared. Chris stood up, wide-eyed as he stared face to face with a portal. "Well, you don't see that everyday," Chris said confused.

Jake: Chris then decides to walk into the portal, however instead, a bear shoved it on him. Chris went into a concusion for four through nine minutes. After the period of time, he got up and finally realized what he could do. He could make a fourth season so he doesn't go bankrupt and a sore loser. Thus, new drama begins with Total Drama Reloaded.

Patrolling Pedestrians Chat

WM: Once upon a time, there was a deleted episode of Total Drama World Tour. It was after the finale in Hawaiian Punch, after Heather lost her money to the animal-like Ezekiel. This was a challenge to see who will get the money. Each contestant got interviewed about how was like after Total Drama World Tour, like Total Drama Action and suddenly, someone went crazy and begun hunting down the contestants. Everyone split up and tried to find out who and get out of the mansion, before they got killed! One group was Noah, Owen, Izzy and Eva and one of them would be first on the menu...

TDISF: The killer started chasing at them, and they didn't even know it. Owen wanted to go to the bathroom, but Noah warned him it would be dangerous if they spearated, and that they should stick together, to which Owen didn't listen and ran to the bathroom. After waiting some minutes, the trio was worried about Owen. Another group, formed by Duncan, Gwen, Cody, Courtney and Justin, bumped with the trio, and they were all afraid. Eva asked one of them to go to the bathroom seeking for Owen, and Justin decided to go, since his good looks wouldn't permit the killer murder him. The two groups waited for almost half an hour, and Justin didn't arrive.

Alfan:A third group of Heather, Ezekiel, Harold, Alejandro, and Sierra wandered into the basement. The lights went out, and after a bunch of screaming, Harold and Heather, both covered in blood, escaped. They ran into the other two groups, and explained that they both thought the other was the killer. Duncan assumed it was Heather, as Harold was too nerdy, and she would have a motive, seeking revenge on those that cost her her million. Heather and Harold run off to avoid their fate, and as the others give chase, they find Heather's dead body to their shock. They all assumed Harold was the killer, and after much searching, found out that only nine of them, Duncan, Gwen, Cody, Courtney, Noah, Izzy,Eva, the missing host Chris, and the suspect Harold, were still left alive.

Crazed Citizens Chat

(P.S. Duncan = Total Drama Duncan)

Aimers: The bell rang at 4 PM sharp while everyone started to file out of the school. No one had ever stayed in that school past 4 and no one wanted to stay past 4. Rumors spread like wildfire about a curse in the school that it killed anyone in it past the end of the school day, So the teens all had the same goal to exit that school immediately. The doors were locked and it seemed that it would just be another typical day of rumors about the school, but this day would turn out to be anything but normal for Duncan, age 16 that day. He headed for the exit of the school five minutes past four since he was in the bathroom, and realized the doors were locked. The nightmare was about to begin.

Mrodd: He cursed, more then a few times, but he knew their was the back way out; he and his friends, would normally sneak out, during the general assemblies. As he walked through the silent halls, he could always hear a steady *Click. Click* as if some one was right behind him. He constantly looked back, but to his dismay, no one. Even a punk like Duncan, knew this was creepy, he quickened his pace, and he made it. The doors! He fumbled with the handle, it was slick, tooo slick, and the door was locked, and as he took his hand away, it was blood-red.

CD-TDA: Duncan quickly stepped back, clearly frightened. Slowly, he kicked the door open and peered around. He saw nothing, except for a hockey mask which lay on the floor. Cautiously, Duncan stepped towards the mask and picked it up, but the door shut behind him with a loud "thud!". He yelped in fear, and turned around, seeing a large shadow. He slowly glanced up and saw his old enemy from Total Drama Island...the psycho killer with a chainsaw and a hook. The killer laughed and then says...

MTDM: (wasn't here, see schedule) I would continue but the challenge is over.

Day Eight Store

Fumigation squad has been called to control stench of ferret droppings.

Demand List

Fumigation squad has been called to control stench of ferret droppings.

Day Eight Volunteer Work

Kgman04: What is my favorite book series?

LF: Hunger games series...

MrD: ... Harry Potter? :|

Kgman04: Nope. BTW, prize this time is $100,000.

Rocks: (nudges his head) Twilight Saga?

Kgman04: *vomits all over Rocks* :|

LF: The Lemony snicket or however you spell it series? O.o

Rocks: (is covered in vomit) That's the last time I'm ever bringing up Twilight...

MrD: You mean "A Series of Unfortunate Events" LF, and... Um... the Mickey Haller series, with books such as The Lincoln Lawyer? Ya, I have nothing. :|

WM: Random guess... Percy Jackson?

Rocks: Narnia? :-\

Kgman04: WM is correct! Are the Patrolling Pedestrians making a comeback?!? Will the Crazed Citizens drop to 3rd?

WM: Cha-ching. :D

LF: :| The Window Washers still pown.

Rocks: (catches a butterfly) I'm going to name you, "Mary Sue". :-D

Day Eight Elimination

Kgman04: Alright. Firstly, the win's automatically going to the Window Washers for getting everyone to submit. You guys win $150,000. As for the other teams, you both got 3/5 people to participate. Patrolling Pedestrians, I liked your entry, but you definitely could have been more "sentence-efficient", considering you knew one or two people might not submit. You elaborated a little too much on things that didn't matter. Crazed Citizens, I also liked yours. You also went into detail; however, it was one-shot-ish, so that's okay, which is why you guys win second place. Patrolling Pedestrians, time to vote off one of your own! Again!

Patrolling Pedestrians Vote

WM: Bb.

TDISF: -.- I vote BB. As a team captain you don't do much.

Alfan:Bye, BB. Sayonara.

Day Nine - For Your A-museum-ment

Day Nine Chat

Kgman04: Feel free to chat here, I don't make these sections for nothing. :P In other news, Webkinz Mania is the new captain of the Patrolling Pedestrians.

Challenge Nine

Kgman04: Every city needs probably has a museum. And, I think some of you may agree with me, they're boring. Mega boring. So, instead of finding crap that happened centuries ago, we'll be re-enacting a war! :D With... food. Yep. A food war. Like the school challenge, you don't need to buy the objects, just use them. Think of it as an enormous food fight. The team that "wins" the war (is efficient with their cash, throws strategically, etc.) wins $200,000. The second-best wins $100,000. Worst wins nothing, and votes off one of their own. Commence! There are no chat sections, just chaos. >:D

Food War

Kgman04: Go! *wears one of those radioactive suits to protect himself* :D

Rocks: (grabs a pea shooter and hides under a table) This is going to be intense. x_O

LF: *Grabs a pea shooter and an egg grenade* Gotta have some back up just in case.

MrD: *grabs an Egg Grenade, and stuff it in CD's pocket* :@

WM: *grabs a pea shooter and starts shooting peas at Jake* -.-

CD-TDA: (grenade explodes in pocket) O.O (grabs a pea shooter and begins shooting at MrD)

WM: Hmmmm... *sees Jake's glasses* TDISF, take off his glasses!

TDISF: *takes them off* :o

MrD: *is hit* Noooooooo! *falls over, and tounge sticks out* x.x *is whispered to* Wait... I'm alive? Sweet. *gets back up*

WM: *shoots at Jake* Now, he can't see. :) Throw them out now.

TDISF: *throws an egg granade at the Window Washer's 'fortress'*

WM: Good job. I'll get the glasses, but first. *grabs the safety gloves* -w-

MrD: *glances at WM* You're the leader, so... *charges at him with bacon sword* :@

TDISF: Okay... you attack three of the WW members and I'll attack the other three >:D *attacks MrD with a bacon sword*

WM: MrD, you are going down... in the place down town where the freaks will come around... When they... TAKE IT OFF! When they... TAKE IT OFF! When they... TAKE IT OFF! EVERYONE TAKE IT OFF!

MrD: *deflects it with his own bacon sword* En guard! On however you say that... *attempts to strike TDISF in the left side on his stomach with bacon sword*

Rocks: (starts shooting at WM) Leave my butterfly, Mary Sue alone :-@

Rocks: (starts shooting at WM) Leave my butterfly, Mary Sue alone :-@

TDISF: *defelcts it with the sword* Youw ont' get me that easily *does some strange moves and attempts to hit MrD in the head* (no hard feelings xD)

WM: *throws an egg grenade at Addict and Jake* Try to move away now. ;)

MrD: *is hit in the head* Lucky for me, I have nothing in there! :@ *uses the chance of TDISF not being ready to block to stab him in the stomach*

WM: *stabs MrD in the stomach in a hard fashion* >:D

CD-TDA: (uses this as a chance to slowly crawl behind a table) ;)

TDISF: *attemtps to hit MrD on his left side* ready, Mrdaimion? >:D

LF: *Shoots at WM with pea shotter* Die you evil fiend, die! >:D

WM: I don't wanna do this. *shoots LF with the pea shooter* :(

TDISF: *sees CD-TDA* :o *shoots her with a pea shooter* >:D

WM: Now, where was I? Oh yeah. *grabs Jake's glasses and throws them out the window* :) "Whoops".

MrD: *hits TDISF in the ehad while he's shooting at CD* :@

CD-TDA: (begins to run away, but is still hit by a few peas / dives behind a counter) Phew. x-o"

TDISF: x_x *shakes head* DIE D: *stabs MrD with his bacon sword*

LF: *Ducks and shoots at CD-TDA* I've got winning on the mind!

WM: Hello friend. :) (appears next to CD and starts shooting peas at her) :)

MrD: No-one stabs the D-man! :@ *takes out an egg gernade, and stuff it in TDISF's mouth while he siad die* >.>


TDISF: *eats the baxcon sword* YUM :D

CD-TDA: (uses BBQ Ribs shield to deflect WM's peas, and begins running away with the shield covering me)

WM: O.o Interesting? xD You gonna clean up this mess later? @TDISF

LF: *Runs after CD-TDA* I ain't gonna lose!

WM: *runs after CD-TDA also* COME BACK HERE.

TDISF: >:o *throws a mustard cannonball at CD-TDA* >:o

WM: Thanks. :) *watches the egg grenade explode at Addict and Jake* :33333

WM: *sees the new items* Good luck guys. >:)

CD-TDA: (is hit by some of the mustard, but is still fairly clean) Desperate times call for desperate measures. :@ (grabs a can on of onion gas and sprays it at WM, TDISF and LF) ;)

WM: *coughs*

LF: *Coughs and starts crying* It's because of the onion gas, ok? :P

CD-TDA: (grins and begins shooting at WM and LF with the pea shooter) TAKE THAT. >:D

WM: *stops coughing and ducks the peas* Ha. *runs toward CD and kicks her in the face* Get her guys.

CD-TDA: (is kicked in the face and begins to crawl away from the action while using the BBQ Ribs shield t protect herself)

WM: Again? *sighs*

CD-TDA: (whips out a hard bologna stick and smacks WM in the face with it before running away)

WM: *throws pickle ninja stars at CD-TDA's face*

LF: *Shoots peas at CD*

WM: *shoots more peas at CD* LF, glue her to the floor.

TDISF: *glues CD to the floor*

WM: Everyone! Target her! *throws grenades and peas*

MrD: *shrugs, and throws a gernade at CD* Rawr.

WM: Nice. :)

CD-TDA: (is pelted with various objects; idea comes to mind) Aha! (begins eating the barbecue ribs)

TDAddict: :| *takes this as an advantage, and throws an egg grenade where everybody is throwing things at CD, then hides*

WM: I know what you are doing... you are getting fat. *runs away after seeing the grenade*

CD-TDA: (finishes the barbecue ribs and uses the bones to unglue self from ground, gets an egg grenade out pocket and throws it at MrD and LF, then runs away)

TDAddict: *is hiding under a table*

CD-TDA: (pulls out the former onion gas spray and sprays it all over the room) Haha. (dives behind a table and sees Addict) o.o

TDAddict: ... Hi? :|

CD-TDA: (in a hushed voice) Hey, I know we're on different teams, and we're the top two teams in the competition right now. Wanna form an alliance just for this challenge to whoop the Patrolling Pedestrians? ;)

TDAddict: Just for the challenge, then sure.

TDISF: It's erally on now >:( *throws an egg granade at CD-TDA and she can't dodge it*

WM: *hits CD with the hard bologna stick multiple times, trying to knock her out*

CD-TDA: (siren goes off) Godplaying alert! Godplaying alert!

LF: *Hears Siren* Oh no! *Runs and hides under a table* (xD)

WM: Are you talking about yourself, CD?

TDAddict: *shoots peas at WM* (Dude, quit it, your godplaying is getting ridiculous, I know you don't wanna lose, but seriously)

WM: *gets hit by them* (My godplaying? K. I'll get hit by everything then)

TDA15: *hides under a table and eats food*

TDAddict: *takes advantage of this standstill to throw an egg grenade at TDISF*

WM: *runs around, since he doesn't wanna waste money*

Rocks: (fires rapidly at MTDM) Eat peas :@

Mrodd: Weee * Grabs a new Pea Shooter and shoots WM* Die.

Aimers: ROCKS DONT HURT MTDM >:( *pulls out a bologna stick and hits Rocks in the face* RAWR

Jake: *shoots peas at WM*

Aimers: EAT MY MEAT (TNWSS O__O) *whacks Jake in the face with the blognoa stick* RAAWWR

WM: You go Aim. :D

Alfan:*runs up with a bacon sword and pickle throwing stars(whatever they are called :P) and hits Jake with the stick*

Jake: *hits Alfan WM and Aimers with blognoa stick* >:(

Aimers: You can't hit that many people at once...that's like mass cheating lol :P Idk just wondering *smacks Jake in the face again*

WM: How can you do that? We are all separated. :|

Aimers: *continues to whack Jake with his blogna stick* RAWR

AJ: *Is running keeping his head low* You gotta think strategically!

Jake: *throws an egg grenade at the Patrolling Pedetrians and hides behind his teams fort*

MTDM: *grabs a pea shooter and being shooting Rocks* >-> (OMG, edit conflicts in the morning, and eventually... I forgot. xD)

Aimers: ....... *hits AJ this time with the stick* Sorry bout this >.> Challenge :P

Jake: *grabs BBQ ribs shield so he can shield himself. Also buys pea shooter* Eat my peas MTDM >:(. *shoots peas at MTDM*

Aimers: Team, don't waste money! *pulls out his bologna stick and swings it wildly at Jake*

Jake: *beats Aimers with bacon sword*

Rocks: (dodges, and quickly shoots at AJ but backfires and hits Rocks in the chest) Just great. :-\

Day Nine Store

Everything and More Day Nine List
Item Cost
Egg Grenade $5,000
Pea Shooter $2,500
Bacon Sword $3,500
BBQ Ribs Shield $4,500
Mustard Cannonballs $6,000
Honey Glue $5,500
Pepperoni Blindfolds $4,000
Ice Cream Immobilizer $6,500
Onion Gas $7,500
Pickle Ninja Stars $3,500
Hard Bologna Stick $5,500

Demand List

Kgman04: Yeah, my creativity died. Make up something creative here. Also, you're getting charged per use. So you can't be like, "*uses teammate's bacon sword*"

CD-TDA: Barbecue ribs shield...? o.O

TDISF: Umm, Mustard cannonballs :D (you can make them slip with that)

WM: Honey glue, so you can stick to the floor and can't get up (like acme glue).

Kgman04: You each have three requests this time, BTW. :P

WM: Pepperoni Blindfolds? Blinds the people, so they can't see.

Kgman04: Oooh, gurl, you creative. I'm making some of my own, now. XD

LF: Pickle ninja stars... don't ask, just go with it :P

WM: Good one. ^

Rocks: Sprinkles Cannon...

WM: Slippery Sundae, can send you slipping across the room.

Day Nine Volunteer Work

Kgman04: Ummm... okay. I really don't know what to do. Just post "Hi" here. The first five people to do so win $40,000 each for their team.

MrD: ... Hi?

LF: Hi!


Rocks: (looks at Mary Sue) Hi!



WM: </is late> NO. :(

Day Nine Elimination

Kgman04: Alrighters. Let's calculate.

  • Window Washers spent $62,000.
  • Patrolling Pedestrians spent $62,500.
  • Crazed Citizens spent $61,000.

Kgman04: You all spent basically the same amount... but when it comes to strategy, the win goes to the Crazed Citizens! You win. In second place we have, shockingly, the Patrolling Pedestrians. Window Washers, I just don't think you came together as a team as well as the others did. You'll be voting someone off. I'll update the table tomorrow.

Window Washers Vote

Rocks: (me and Mary Sue in CONF) We both decided to vote Jake, you godplayed and ruined our team. Sorry. :-\

Jake: (conf) I vote MrD, as he is least active or has been through most of the challenges. And I didn't godplay o.O

TDAddict: I'm voting Jake. (Just so you guys know, I'm gonna have almost 0 time online for an undertermined period of time, computer got a virus, and I'm on my parents computer right now, I'm gonna try to participate in every challenge, so don't count me out, I just wanted you guys to know just in case.)

LF: This makes me sad, but i have to vote Jake. I'm sorry!

Day Ten - On the Big Screen

Day Ten Chat

Kgman04: We've hit double digits!

Mrodd: And my teams in first ;) And now.... f only one would log on!

WM: We are gonna win this. ;)

Challenge Ten

Kgman04: What city would be complete without a movie theater? Your task today is to film a movie (we've got all the equipment we need; no purchasing necessary), but you're improvising it entirely. No consulting with your team, similar to Day Eight's challenge. Challenge ends tonight at 9:30PM. Go! Best wins $150,000. Second-best gets $75,000. Worst gets nothing and votes someone off.

Window Washers Chat

LF: *Stares into glass ball* Welcome to my shop! Take a seat, and I'll foresee your future. That is, if you are prepared to know what fate has planned for you.

Patrolling Pedestrians Chat


  • Webby
  • Ned
  • Bob
  • Sam
  • Marie

WM: Hey honey, I got you some chocolat-- *watches Marie kiss Sam and drops chocolate* O.O *runs away sobbing*

WM: *outside the house getting a bit upset, walking* I can't believe Marie would... would... just... cheat on me! I have muscles... I am nice to her. I don't know what Sam has that I don't.

TDISF: *sees WM crying* o.o Weeby? Why ya cryin'?

WM: Ned... *cries* Marie cheated on me.

TDISF: My name's not ned ._. *shakes head* I mean... HOW CAN SHE?! With who?! I bet it was that stupid boy SAM >_>

WM: Whatever, Flanders. Plus, how do YOU know about Sam? :|

TDISF: *sigh* Sam... *flashback, then flashback stops* Too lazy to flashback ._. Anyways, he was my schoolmate... The worst schoolmate. He had all the girls he wanted and even kissed the girl I liked... in my face... AND HE KNEW IT >:(

WM: How do you do that thing with the flashbacks. *shakes head* I mean... wow. I feel bad for you... SUCKER. *runs off laughing, but starts crying*

TDISF: SUCKA' YOUR MOMMA! D: *runs away crying too*

TDISF: Hey, Webby, how's everything?

WM: UGH! It's my other loser neighbor... BOB! >.> GO AWAY! >:(

TDISF: Why are ya so mean to me?! Uh? WHAT DID I DO?! *tears up* IF your wife cheated on you it isn't my fault! *bumps Webby* FIGHT ME IF YOU'RE A MAN!

Crazed Citizens Chat

NOTE: This is rated PG (For wording)

Mrodd: * Dressed up as a prince o.o( Dont ask xD)* I shall save you!

Mrodd: But I suppose, I must find you first... Perhaps in the Tower? * Jumps on his horse and rides to the far off tower* (YEAH For Fail-Fairy Tales ;) )

Mrodd: *As the horse races through a meadow* I wonder.... If her eyes, will be as bright as the Sun flowers, or as deep as the lilacs, I wonder... If she`ll be mine.

Aimers: *crossdresses as a princess* Oh no! Save me Prince!!!! XD

Mrodd: * Too self* She`s not as pretty as I was expecting... But I can not go home alone! * To the princess* And I will! * Jumps off the horse and draws his sword*

Aimers: OH NO!!! A DRAGON!!! *sees CD dressed as a dragon* HEEEEELP MEEEEEE

Mrodd: Crap! But... This is only made out of cardboard! * throws the sword away! And Bites the Dragon* SHOO!

Aimers: *watches the dragon run away* O_____O THANK YOU PRINCE :3

MTDM: Princess, i liek mudkipz1 do u liek mudkipz/ :D *record scratch / chases the dragon* Ramona, you will come back here and kill the princess this instince. >:(

Mrodd: *Grins* So.... Errrr No offence... But I dont think my Horse can carry us both back to my castle...

Aimers: :o *kicks Mrodd* He He....*climbs the horse and gallops away*

Mrodd: But.... But Horsey! *Starts walkign back, picking up the lilacs and Roses as he goes*

Aimers: *rides back* Awww...You did save me...Come on!

Mrodd: * Smiles and gives `her the flowers* Thanks * Jumps on* But.... Theres another princess we have to go save! On ward Horsey!

Aimers: *rides with Mrodd* look! Another Dragon! *points at a giant Dakotacoons Dummy*

Mrodd: That means... ANOTHER princess! *To self* Hopefully prettier aswell....

Aimers: *stabs dragon dummy with crown* :o I HAZ POWERZZZZ >:D Look the princess!!!! *points at WM*

Mrodd: * Shivers* The horror! Lets leave this place.... She can save her... or should I say Himself!

Aimers: WHAT!! NO!!! You should love him/her DDDDD: *puts the WM on the horse but it crumbles to dust* Hmm..I guess he was a fake XD Now what.........

Mrodd: We shall return to my castle and Marry, I mean what else could a guy and a girl do ;)

Aimers: EEEEE ^__^ *huggles the prince* IM GETTING MARRIEDD!!!!! *pulls out cellphone* MOMMY GUESS WHAT!!! I'm GETTING MARRIED TO A GUY!!!!! :D MY CROSSDRESSING WORKED ^__^

Mrodd: * Looks at the so-called Princess* Eh,,, What ever! * Hugs the Princess*

Aimers: EEEEEEEEEEEEE *arrives at castle* Marriage time:DDDD

Mrodd: but first.... I think I left something in My bedroom... Want to come with me?

Aimers: O___________O BEEP Not That on the first day DDDD: You dirty >.> *walks with him anyway*

Mrodd: Sigh... Honey! I need to get the ring.... v,v

Aimers: I'm A MAN DDDDD: *puts on woman mask* Never mind :D *follows*

Mrodd: * Enters his dark bed room* See? I told you it was big! ( DONT THINK DIRTY GOD!)


Mrodd: I know right, do you want to touch it? Ive been told its the hardest thing on the planet ( LAWL)

Aimers: ^__^ I wonder if it would fit in my mouth...That is one big ring!

Mrodd: I dont know... * Shoves it in his mouth* But be carefull.... You dont want to brake it! I mean, youll be touching it the rest of your life!

Aimers: It won't fit in my mouth DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD: *tears* Ok lets get married now ;)

Mrodd: Fine. * Shoves it back into his pants, and links arms* My fathers will be so proud!

Aimers: *goes to the altar* I DO! *is about to kiss the prince when a giant dragon breaks through the cieling* ACK SAVE ME DDDDDDDDDD: *is grabbed by the dragon*

Mrodd: But... I never got to give you it ;( *Pulls the ring out from his pants, and rolls it around in his hand* Ill save you... If its the last thing I do! *Runs out of the castle*

Aimers: *is captured* Why does this dragon have no nail poilish fore me -____-

Mrodd: * Still running* Not into Scary-Berry forest :O

Aimers: *is taken into scary berry forest* Oh the irony -____-

Mrodd: *Almst there* I never realized why they call it Scary, I mean.... * Camera pans out, revealing bright and colourful trees* Its not scary at all o.0

Aimers: *watches the trees turn into werewolvees with bombs* ONCE AGAIN..The irony -___-

Mrodd: Ok.... Is he even worth it * Sighs, but keeps walking(

Aimers: *waits for no irony* Wow...nothing... Finally! *dragon explodes* GOD BEEEEEP

Mrodd: Awwww.... Now his face will be even worse then before!

Aimers: *wakes up from random unexplained unconciousness* Urgh my face *feels face and it feels smooth and girly* WHAT?!?! Did get a gender change O_O

Mrodd: :O

FemaleAimers: Heeeey Prince ;)

Mrodd: Eh. No thanks. I think I can do better then some girly girl ! * Rides away*

The End xD

Day Ten Store

The employees have lives, y'know.

Demand List

The employees have lives, y'know.

Day Ten Volunteer Work

Kgman04: What is my favorite movie of all time? :D Hint: It came out in the year 2003.

WM: Finding Nemo

Mrodd: Errrr.... Final Desination 2

MTDM: Toy Story 2?

Aimers: .......... Pirates of the carribean?

Kgman04: The correct answer was Scary Movie 3.

Mrodd: DO I win for being in the right Genre xD?

WM: No, it's not genre. >.>

Mrodd: I was being sarcastic v,v

Aimers: Woot We won ^__^ With only two people! XD

WM: I was joking. xD

Day Ten Elimination

Kgman04: The winning team, by a bit of a landslide, is the Crazed Citizens! Second place goes to the Patrolling Pedestrians. Window Washers, you're voting off a teammate, again!

Window Washers Vote

Kgman04: Vote off a member. Leshawnafan, however, is immune for being the only participant. :P

LF: I vote for TDA15... you haven't been very active lately.

TDA15: (I was a bit busy, I'm back on it now :p) I vote Mr. D

Rocks: (is stresses out) I'm sorry, Kg I can't vote off one of my members. They're family to me. :-\ But, my guess my choice goes to .....Mrdaimion. (Please don't take this hard and you discussed this with me in Chatanago PM.)

TDAddict: I vote for MrD, sorry.

Day Eleven - The Sound of Mu-sick

Day Eleven Chat

Kgman04: Welcome to the merge.

TDA15: Aww I'm gonna miss our supremely awesome team.

Mrodd: THANK GOD I wub you merge :D

MroddL Gratz if your reading this, Is Kevins Fav. Song ;) No lies :)

WM: Good job team. We survived! ^_^ Lol.

Mrodd: Your Welcome WM :)

TDAddict: I totally lost. XD

Mrodd: ALOT of you just lost :)

TDAddict: Also, KG, get rid of those ferrets. >.<

Mrodd: Win streak :)

Challenge Eleven

Kgman04: Why, hello there, mergers! Yep, it's the merge. Each team's cash has been divided amongst the members equally. And, what would the merge be without a surprise? We've got two debuters! And, just who are they? Oatmeal- and Reddude would be their names! I averaged out the cash that each member had, and that determined how much money they start out with. Anyways, let's get to this challenge, shall we? When people drive through T.D. Metro, they aren't silent in their cars. They're listening to music, on their radios. Your challenge today is to pick a song that describes moi! Yep, pick a song that you think fits me best. Just put the YouTube link in the chat section. The best five entries will win immunity and $75,000. If there's a double-entry, the first person who posted the link will get credit, and the second will not. This is due tonight at 5:15PM EST.

Merge Entries

Kgman04: Post your entries here. Any other chat should be in the chat section.

LF: Random, yet awesome, like you :P.

Mrodd: Your always Peppy, even in the darkest times, We wub you <3

TDA15: Just because I can't find a song, here's a random song. -w-

Kgman04: Oh, I forgot to mention, this is a double elimination. :)

WM: You are a New York City Boy...

Oatmeal-: Take My Hand by Simple Plan. You seem like the rocker type, with the hair. XD. Just reminds me of you. You just don't care what people think about you, free-willed spirit; Like who gives a .... you know. :3 But, MEH.

Reddy: Friday by Rebecca Black just to tick KG off. :3

Alfan: Some of us(Mrodd) know you are this cool.

TDAddict: Firework by Katy Perry 'cause... IDK, you might sometimes feel down, but you got a bright and awesome personality.

CD-TDA: "Makes Me Happy" by Drake Bell -- Because you have the ability to make everyone around you happy with yoir funny jokes. :3

Aimers: Hmm...My entry is a fail Kg :P I soley based it on the fact you went through some really hard times and now are stronger from it lol :P Don't judge me >.< Stronger by Britney Spears I don't expect to win at all XD

Dakota: Well, I think you like Glee, and we're both from NY. So I picked... Empire State of Mind.

TDISF: Fail entry :P Who You Are by Jessie J (Jessica Cornish)

Day Eleven Store


Demand List


Day Eleven Volunteer Work

Kgman04: This is pretty easy for those of you that know me well. What's my favorite song?

Mrodd; Im a horrid guesser... But ?

Reddy: Uh.... ?


Kgman04: WM wins $60,000!

WM: Go me! ^_^

Day Eleven Elimination

Kgman04: Aaaaaaaaaaaand, the winners are: Leshawnafan, TotalDramaAddict, Mrodd, Alejandrofan3000, and TDISeriesFan! You five all win immunity and $75,000! As for the rest of you, you're all fair game. Time to vote!

Merge Vote

Kgman04: Vote off anyone except Leshawnafan, TotalDramaAddict, Mrodd, Alejandrofan3000, or TDISeriesFan.

WM: CD-TDA and MTDM. Sorry.

Kgman04: Oh, right, thanks for reminding me, double elimination, two votes!

TDAddict: WM and AJ.

Dakota: WM and AJ.

Mrodd: WM And CD-TDA



Oatmeal: I vote off CD-TDA and WM. IM SO CONFLICTED.

Alfan: I vote AJ...and Dakotacoons. I made a promise I will keep, and besides, I know you won't go. :P

Reddy: I vote out CD-TDA and.... Oat. Sorry dude, you're the only other person I can justify voting out without upsetting anyone...

TDISF: Okay, since I see this thing is getting heated up, I decided to not take part in this decision. My votes go to Aimers and TDA15, since I know there's NO way any of them goes home :)

LF: I vote CD-TDA and MTDM. Sorry, I'm kind of conflicted but at the same time I have my side.

Kgman04: With 6 and 5 votes respectively, CD-TDA and WM have been voted off.

Day Twelve - The Spite-ning Thief

Day Twelve Chat

Kgman04: Hello, our lucky 13 finalists!

Challenge Twelve

Kgman04: How's is like being in the merge? Fun? Good. Because I'm trying my hardest, hehe. *phone rings* Oh, lemme get this. *picks up phone* Mhm.... yes, this is KG. Yeah. No, I don't have insurance, why? .............. WHAT? *hangs up in tears* This is.... tragic. Um... apparently, my diamond-outlined watch was just stolen from T.D. Metro's jewelry store. I... I don't know how this is possible. I need you guys to find out who did it. You're able to purchase hints at E&M. But, everyone will be able to see the hints, so make sure you're using your money wisely. Whoever finds out will win the watch's worth - $150,000.

Merge Chat

Kgman04: Find out whodunnit! I'll give you the first hint. It was an eliminated contestant!

Aimers: ...... I was at a restaurant when the vote took place O________________O FAIL

Mrodd: ANy one gonna buy a clue xD?

TDAddict: Hmm, 16 possibilities.

Oatmeal: How much money do I have ?XD

TDA15: It was Plat in the dining hall with the lead pipe!

Mrodd: Hopign your wrongxD

Reddy: Is was Mister.. E. beuse his name is pronounced 'Mystery'. He's mysterous as well, so that's a lead.

TDA15: I have a feeling that at the end of this, Kg's gonna be all "Yes, ______ took the watch. AND, they're returning to the game!" or something like that. :p

Kgman04: Hint #1: The thief's full username is less than twelve characters (characters include letters, spaces, and symbols).

Mrodd: It was Jake R. I have my reasons if you want them just ask ;)

  • In a previous Challenge, he "Stole" Money from The Crazed's so he has experience.
  • His team in TD High won the Food Challenge, The VOlumnteer work for this challenge is related to food.
  • His name has less then 12 Characters.
  • His Nick name has 4 characters
  • He is Male

Oatmeal: It was First123, because he was the first one you could come up with.

TDAddict: That hint only removes three options. -_-

TDA15: I'm gonna say Jake R

Kgman04: Hint #2: The nickname that the thief used in this camp was more than three characters. Kgman04: Hint #7: The thief is male.

Reddy: It is Plat! Why? Well, I don’t know much about the series, but:

  • Plat’s name has less than 12 characters (it has ten).
  • Platypus09’s username ends with ‘09’; less then twelve.
  • Nickname has more than 3 characters.
  • He is male.

Oatmeal: It is Plat, Plat is a male, who's nick name is more than three character i.e Plat, and His user name is less than twelve character it is 10.

Aimers: I'm gonna take a gamble and say it was TDADJ a.k.a. Zach

Kgman04: Two guesses total after a hint has been released. Also, you must put your reasoning after the guess.

TDAddict: I'm guessing TDADJ.

  • His username is less than 12 characters, it is five.
  • His nickname is Zach, more than three characters.
  • He is male.
  • He was eliminated for missing three challenges, and he could be out for revenge.

AJ: Is it Nduke?

Kgman04: Hint #8: The thief's username does not contain a number. Also, all of the hints after Oatmeal-'s Plat guess have been disregarded. So you'd better guess again if you want it to count. Remember, you need to post your reasoning.

\Mrodd: Im gonna go with NDuke
He has less then 12 characters
No Numbers :)
His Nickname is Nike, or Duke, More then 3.
He is a male.
He is known to be sneaky
After Being eliminated, he went a crime spree, and decided to strike back at the show that ruined his life. (xD)

AJ: I guess Nduke</p>

  • He is male
  • His username is less than 12 characters, its five
  • His nickname is Nduke, which is more than three
  • He could be spiteful for getting voted out of the game

TDAddict: I'm guessing TDADJ.

  • His username is less than 12 characters, it is five.
  • His nickname is Zach, more than three characters.
  • His username has no numbers.
  • He is male.
  • He was eliminated for missing three challenges, and he could be out for revenge.

Reddy: It is Mrdaimion! Why?

  • Less than 12 characters; 9
  • Nickname is 3 characters (MrD)
  • Is male.
  • Does not contain number.

Kgman04: All guesses after AJ's have not been counted. New hint, hehe. Now I understand why Chris is so sadistic.

Kgman04: Hint #3: The thief's full username has more than one capital letter in it.

Reddy: TADJ Reddy: TDADJ

  • Is less than 12 characters
  • Nickname more than 3.
  • Is male.
  • No number
  • More than one capitol

Mrodd: TDAJ, His name has more then 1 cap and no numbers ;)

TDAddict: I'm guessing TDADJ.

  • His username is less than 12 characters, it is five.
  • His nickname is Zach, more than three characters.
  • His username has no numbers.
  • His username is all caps.
  • He is male.
  • He was eliminated for missing three challenges, and he could be out for revenge.

AJ: I guess MrD

  • His name has a capital M and D
  • His nickname is MrD, which is 3 or more
  • His full name is MrDaimon, less than 12
  • He is male
  • He doesn't have numbers, and is eliminated
  • He is probably spiteful, and hes very sneaky

Kgman04: Alright, alright, I'll let it slide and give Reddy the win. :P

Day Twelve Store

Everything and More Day Twelve List
Item Cost
Hint #1 $40,000
Hint #2 $45,000
Hint #3 $50,000
Hint #4 $55,000
Hint #5 $60,000
Hint #6 $65,000
Hint #7 $70,000
Hint #8 $75,000

Rddy: Errr.... I'll buy hint #1? O_o

TDAddict: I'm buying hint #2

Oatmeal: I'm buying Hint #7

Reddy: I'll buy hint #8. x_x

Reddy: I buy hint #3! :@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

Demand List

Demand machine experiencing technical difficulties.

Day Twelve Volunteer Work

Kgman04: I'm thinking of something. Five letters. Edible. What is it? Winner gets $45,000.

Mrodd: Omnom? No jk... Bacon?

Aimers: .......... Bread? lol XD

TDAddict: Pizza. :|

Oatmeal: Pasta

LF: Apple.

Reddy: Lemon.

TDA15: ...Candy? :|

Kgman04: Addict is correct!

Day Twelve Elimination

Kgman04: Alright, I grew a heart and let Reddy win the challenge. XD He's won $150,000 and immunity. The other 12 of you are fair game. Vote!

Merge Vote

TDA15: I vote for Kg for making the challenge more difficult than it should have been D:<

TDAddict: I vote for Dakota.

AJ: I vote Dakota too

Kgman04: no voting for the host! D:< Also, Addict now has Reddy's immunity, as said in Chatango. :|

Mrodd: TDA15.

Reddy: I also vote for Dakota. (CONF) I hope my moe doesnt get me a one-way ticket outta here...

LF: Um... I guess I vote... Dakota? IDK, this vote was kind of last minute because of certain events that occured.

Aimers: I will vote Dakota...he has been really inactive

MTDM: Dakota.

Dakota: I was on vacation guys. Anyways. I vote TDA15.

Rocks: (CONF:) I vote Dakota.

Kgman04: Sorry, but, with 7/13 votes, Dakotacoons has been eliminated.

Day Thirteen - Management

Day Thirteen Chat

Kgman04: Get ready to go crazy.

TDAddict: Dang it

TDA15: *is in the Final 12*

Mrodd: Oooh... Can I managae the bank... :O MONEY

Reddy: Crazy, KG? Where have yo been? These people exceeded that points years ago! (XD)

Rocks: ......Manangement?! o.o I got fired from every job.

Aimers: Exciting ^__^

TDAddict: Ugh, I have a feeling I'm not gonna like this challenge..

Mrodd: Lalalala Gardenening fun...

Challenge Thirteen

Kgman04: Okay, we've got a city going, sort of! Now, let's reflect on everything that's happened so far, shall we? *epic flashback sequence* But, everything isn't perfect. We've got problems all around. Each of you have been assigned a task. The six contestants that complete their task best will win $200,000 and immmunity from this challenge's double-elimination. Here's your tasks.

Task #1

Kgman04: Welcome back to challenge 1. This is Mrodd's assignment. The septic tank is shared between all three houses. It... kind of... spazzed. I need you to dig through the Crazed Citizens' lawn, unclog the septic tank, then put the lawn back into it's previous condition. Supplies must be demanded for E&M.

Mrodd: * Sits* I wonder when my order will get here.... But I guess I should start * Sighs, and starts scratching at the center of the lawn* Please Find Tubes.. Pleas find tubes...

Mrodd: * Still digging* Ok... SO maybe usign my hands wasnt a good idea... * Sees a truck* OH! My stuff!

Mrodd: * Runs and grabs the shovel and directs the people to put the grass and FLowers Over "There" * And leave the kit on the porch would you ;)

Mrodd* Starts digging with the shovel* Soooo Much easier!

Mrodd: *Keeps digging and finds bones* Meh.... Not a pipe * Throws them away*

Mrodd: * Still digging*

Mrodd: *Finds Pipe* Yeah! Now... Which way is the septic tank * Starts digging in a direction*

Mrodd: *Finds a large metal thingy* Im guessing this is the septic tank..... Now how am I supposed to get in there....

Mrodd: *Looks around for a door or something....* Oh... I should really get the kit DUH * Runs back to the kit*

Mrodd: *Running Back* I never realized how lonely... being alone could be ;(

Mrodd: * Back at the shiny thing* Ok... Door.... Where are you.

Mrodd: *Finds the door* Wewt! *Opens it and all the "Insides" Flow on to him.* Shower.... Ill need a shower!

Mrodd: *Manages to get inside* Ok.... I can see why this is clogged v,v Who flushed a chicken!?

Mrodd: *Takes out a cutty-thing from the kit* (( Yeah I know... I fail with words)) Ok... Now I just need to cut this tube.... Pull the chicken out.... Hmm I should have chicken tonight.... *Cuts the tube*

Mrodd: Ok.... * Pulls the chicken out* Ahahaha FIXED IT! -Water flows out of the tube- Now... To fix, My fix.

Mrodd: *Pulls out Duct Tape* Ive been told this fixes EVERYTHING! So.... * Holds the tube in place and begins tapeing it.*

Mrodd: AHA Fixed it! Errrr Now.... * Walks out of the tank, and closes the door* Now.... * Tapes out the tape and Make the Letters D-O-O-R On the door* Now no one will ever get confused again!

Mrodd: * CLimbs out of the hole* Now.... I guess I have to fill that in...

Mrodd: * Takes out the shovel again, and starts to shovel the dirt back into the hole* Fun.... First I smell like crap.. .Now Ill smell like sweat v,v

Mrodd: *Finishes Shoveling the dirt back* Ok.... BIg Circle of dirt..... Grass around it.... I dont think thats how it was... * Sighs and Grabs the grass he had ordered* More Sweat V=V Joy.

Mrodd: *Grabs the grass and rolls it over the dirt* Its not even! *Looks it the kit for anythign sharp* Plyers.... Theyll have to do!

Mrodd: * Takes the pointy side of the plyers and starts to tear the grass, where it overlaps the cother grass* ( O.0 Confuzzling I know....*

Mrodd: *Finishes the cutting* :D Now to plant the pretty flowers! * Starts planting them in circle, to cover any of the mistakes he may have made*

Mrodd: *Finishes planting* Pretty! Now.... To clean up the mess v,v * Starts picking up the trash*

Mrodd: * Throws the trash away* Done * Walks into his house and takes a shower*

Task #2

Kgman04: We're at the restaurant. This is Alejandrofan3000's task. The seafood restaurant brought in some swordfish, and the suicidal people in the kitchen keep trying to stab themselves. Try talking them out of it, or do something else. Just... stop that from happening.

Alfan:Why are you trying to kill yourselves?! :o You have so much to live for!

Employee #1: *slits wrist with swordfish* Life is nothing but a waste of time.

Task #3

Kgman04: Alright, apartment buildings! This is TDISeriesFan's task. The posters got torn down by some vandals. Luckily, they didn't get very far, I think they're throwing popcorn at toddlers in the movie theater. Track them down and try to force them to re-do the posters.

TDISF: *goes into the theatre and searches the vandals* Hmmm... I hate these vandals >=\

TDISF: *keeps on searching* These dudes are bad >_<

TDISF: *sees some guys throwing popcorn at toddlers and starts running to them* Hey, you! :@

TDISF: *is about to arrive to the vandals* :| Seriously? It was just three posters... Why can't I make them again? D: *keeps running*

Task #4

Kgman04: The bank! This is TotalDramaAddict's task. The bank, erm, got robbed. Well, not really. The thief... locked himself in the safe. -_- But, you need to find out the combination, with these hints. The first hint's free, all others will cost you $40,000 a pop. The first hint is: There are three numbers, from 0 - 9. The numbers never repeat, and they are all odd.

TDAddict: 3-9-7.

Kgman04: .............. I hate you. >.> Correct.

TDAddict: Nice.

Task #5

Kgman04: This is the clothing store challenge, and it's also Aimers' task. The assistant manager is having a hissy-fit, and he demands new supply. I need you to dream up the most fashionable outfit possible; anything that you need: shirts, shoes, jewelry, hats, the whole nine yards! All supplies will have to be demanded for E&M.

Aimers: Of course, I get a challenge where i have to spend money -__-

Aimers: *is waiting for Kg to update demands list* :P

Aimers: okay, I have most of the outfit ready Behold!!!

A stylish female outfit with the most hip skinny jeans, and a very fashionable tank top! The outfit comes with prada sunglasses as well. Next, we will look at the snazzy sneakers this outfit comes with. Look at the perfect design!

Aimers: So...Hissy fit Woman...What do you think so far?

Assistant Manager: *examines* ..... typical, but stylish. *raises a scorecard that has an 8 on it*

Aimers: :D Yea! Ok, I am going to add some more to this outfit so you will be making a lot of money in this store ^__^

''A stylish female outfit with the most hip skinny jeans, and a very fashionable tank top! The outfit comes with prada sunglasses as well. Next, we will look at the snazzy sneakers this outfit comes with. Look at the perfect design! Now, let's take a look at her belt. It is the latest design of Gucci's line of belts for women! The belt is high quality leather and very durable. And finally we have the earrings that are a bonus to the outfit. They are high quality diamond earrings, perfect for any women's night out at a club!

Aimers: Soo...What do you think now? :D

Assistant Manager: She's borderline Snooki, but I love it! :D

Aimers: And customers will line up around the block to buy this stylish outfit ^__^ Thank you, thank you!

Task #6

Kgman04: This is the school challenge, and AJ's task. We have a student failing. No big deal? Her average is a 19.03. She's just that idiotic. Meet me on the IRC/Chatango and take a 10-question quiz that she can study from. All wrong answers will be a fee of $35,000!

Task #7

Kgman04: Arcade! I'm getting a Reddude vibe for this one. The most popular game in the arcade is currently being hogged by some dude with like, a million quarters. I need you to design a game so good, that he'll be lured out of it. Of course, you'll need to hire a nerd to design it for you.... that'll be $50,000.

Reddy: *mounted on his Pony* On behalf of the Nerd and I, we present... BONG!

From the Mind of Reddude...

A Red Co. Production...



Welcome to BONG! Please insert 2 coins to play.

This little guy right here is BONG. BONG is new to the world of videos games, and like all new video game characters, he has to pass the test of virtual endurance. If he can make it through all 25 stages of 5 levels (that's 125 levels!), defeating famous video game bosses at the end of each stage, he will be accepted into the world.

Since we know most of you can't defeat 125 levels of epic gameplay in one round at the arcade, if you ever have to leave during a level, just copy down the code at the top right hand corner of the screen to return to this spot once you return.

  • The Joystick - Use the Joystick to navigate Bong left, right, or down.
  • The 'A' button - Use the 'A' button for offensive moves. BONG isn't perfect though, so sometimes he will miss.
  • The 'B' button - Use the 'B' button to jump up onto higher ground in the levels.
  • The 'Y' button - Occasionally, BONG will flash gold. When this happens, press the 'Y' button to unleash BONG's special attack.
Level Setup

To get throuh levels, BONG will need to smash trough obstacles and take out enemies to get to that level's exit. After BONG has beaten five levels (1 stage) he will face the boss of that stage. If BONG beats the boss, he moves onto the next stage. If he loses against the boss three times, he must restart a stage. If you happen to die on a level before reaching the boss, you will only have to rstart that level.

Boss Fights

Boss fights greatly differ from regular levels. You must defeat the boss, who is a character from a famous video game. In-oder to do this, you must jump, punch, and fight to drop the boss' heart level to 0 before he does so to you. After defeating all 25 bosses, BONG will be welcomed into the world of video games.

  • Heart - The Heart represents life. You get three hearts per level. If you lose all three hearts before completing a level, you must restart it. You get three sets of three hearts on a boss fight. If you lose all those hearts, you restart the whole stage. You can gain hearts in stages by collecting them.
  • Jet Pack - Allows you to hover around for 10 seconds. One use only.
  • Sword - A common weapon to defeat enemies.
  • Water Gun - A gun that blasts water to soak enemies.
  • Mystery Box - A useless box. It was left there as a glitch in the game. It makes some levels a lot harder than they should be. Unknown if it is an item or an obstacle.
  • Brick Wall - The easiest obstacle inthe game. Just repeatedly tap the 'A' button until BONG is finished smashing through the bricks.
  • Quick Sand - You'll sink if you get stuck! To avoid it, you must quickly jump across it using the 'B' button.
  • Vines - They'll long and covered in thorns! You'll have to slice through them with your sword!
  • Boulders - You must shove the boulders out of your way; it's a toguh task.
  • Mystery Box - A useless box. It was left there as a glitch in the game. It makes some levels a lot harder than they should be. Unknown if it is an item or an obstacle.

BONG has a limited supply of moves. Though, if you know how to use them right, they're all you need.

  • Smash - By repeatedly clicking the 'A' button, you can smash through many things blocking your exit.
  • Kick - By pressing the 'A' button followed quickly by the 'B' button, BONG can kick his enemies.
  • Special Move - When BONG flashes gold, simply press the 'Y' button to cause a plethora of explosions across the level.
  • Block - By holding down the 'A' button, you can morph BONG into a block for 15 seconds in-order to defend yourself.
  • Attack - Press the 'A' button while holding a weapon to use that weapon.

Throughout the levels, BONG faces many enemies. They include:

  • Trash Can Men - They'll suck BONG into themselves for 15 seconds.
  • Ninjas - Sword fighters that are minor threats.
  • Robots - Strategically engineered to weaken BONG's attacks.
  • Dragons - The toughest enemy. Can burn BONG to a crisp and instantly KO him.

BONG faces many famous video game characters as bosses. He must defeat these bosses in order to move on in this quest to become accepted into the world of video games. These bosses include, but are in no way limited to:

  • Pacman - The Star of "Pacman". You must avoid being eaten by Pacman in-order to be able to defeat him.
  • Mario - The mascot of Nintendo. Mario is very strong, and you will almost always need to have a weapon to conquer him.
  • Sonic - The mascot of Sega. Sonic is fast, so you'll have to find a way to use that to your advantage while facing him.
  • Link - A main character in "The Legend of Zelda". He is a skilled swordsman, but is unable to jump very well. You'll have to use that to your advantage to win against him.

And more!


Reddy: So, *turnsa to kid at most popular video game in the arcade* Well?

Task #8

Kgman04: TDAwesome15, you'll be coming back to the library! Yeah. These dudes won't shut up. Write two haikus insulting them to get them out of here. If that doesn't work, just chuck books at them until they cry.

Poem 1

You guys are so loud
Everyone hates you for that
Now get out of here

Poem 2

You're so hideous
You could pass off as roadkill
Your mothers hate you

Dude #1: *runs off in tears*

Dude #2: -_- As if. *continues talking to dudes #3 and #4*

TDA15: *throws random hardcover books at them* >.>

Dudes #2, #3, #4: OW. X_X *throws books back*

Task #9

Kgman04: TDA ROCKS! You'll be coming back to the museum! The security cameras in the American Wing are going through some difficulties. I need you to monitor the American wing and make sure no one touches any artifacts. You can get any weapons or whatever at E&M.

Rocks: (secures the perimeter) No-one passes through or out. >~>

Rocks: (gets out a shovel and stands next to the entrance)

Child #1: Pony! :D *touches dinosaur fossil*

Rocks: (grabs the child's hand away from the dinosaur and escorts him out) Don't touch it at all. >_>

Child #1: Mommy? Mommy!! *begins crying*

Child #2: *touches previous fossil*

Rocks: (grabs the 2nd child's hand and throws him out of the museum) Never touch it.

Rocks: (puts up a sign at the front building stating "Do not touch any of the artifacts or you will face the consequence.)

Rocks: (escorts people out of the building; closing the front door) Closing time, bye and have a great day! :-D

Adult #1: But it's only 2PM!

Adults #2 - #15: *riot*

Rocks: (thinks) Museum closes early because of a rainstorm and we wanna get you guys outta here as soon as possible. :)

Rocks: (takes out souveniers) For being well-paid customers, I'll give you guys free souveniers from the museum. :P

Adults: *squeal and run off with souvenirs*

Rocks: Job well done, Mary Sue. 8)

Task #10

Kgman04: Movie theater, Oatmeal-! The projecter is all spazzy. I need you and this sexy female co-star to dream up some dialogue to keep the audience entertained while I fix the projector. (You can make up the female's lines.)

Oatmeal: Entertain an Audience huh? What age is the audience range? -raised eyebrow-

Kgman04: 5 - 80 years old. >:D

Oatmeal: -walks on stage- Hey Bianca, two jews walk into a -

Bianca: Woah woah woah. No racial jokes!

Oatmeal: So you don't let jews in your bar? RACIST.

Audience: *awkward chuckle*

Oatmeal: Sorry about that Ladies and Gentleman, to entertain you, we've figured a universal way to entertain you all with MINDLESS VIOLENCE :3

Female Co-Star: -got in bikini and started beating up Justin Bieber-

Oatmeal: -starting beating him up also-

Justin Bieber: BABY BABY BABY -got hit in crotch- NOOOO

60% of the audience: *lols*

Oatmeal: So Audience Members, How about the-

Hot Girl: -kicked him in the groin- No one wants to hear you!

Audience: Ouch! *slight laughter*

Task #11

Kgman04: Alright, Leshawnafan, you're on the radio stations. The dude monitoring them had a few too many pills and passed out. You'll have to create a pop playlist that will keep the passer-by's satisfied while I get the monitor over to the hospital to make sure he isn't dead. A minimum of 10 songs is necessary.

LF: Alright, well here is my list of songs:

1. - Your Love by: Nicki Minaj

2. - Firework by: Katy Perry

3. - Bad Romance by: Lady GaGa

4. - Don't Stop Believin by: Glee Cast

5. - Halo by: Beyonce

6. - Neeed You Now by: Lady Antebellum

7. - Only Girl (In The World) by: Rihanna

8. - Run The World (Girls) by: Beyonce. (Nice new song)

9. - Pretty Girl Rock by: Keri Hilson

10. - Raise Your Glass by: P!nk

11. - Bleeding Love by: Leona Lewis

12. - Commander by: Kelly Rowland ft. David Guetta

13. - Impossible by: Shontelle

14. - Tik Tok by: Ke$ha

There's my paylist, hope you like it! :D

Task #12

Kgman04: And finally, here we are at the jewelry store with MTDM. We recently just got an overflow of stock. I need you to carry eighty diamond necklaces over to the Crazed Citizens house to keep for storage. Make sure no one tries to rob you on the way there.

MTDM: *stares at necklaces* Oh, my........

Dude #1: *glares at MTDM suspiciously*

MTDM: *places each necklace in hand for five minutes each, and placing them gently in their own bubble wrap* That took about seven hours...

MTDM: *puts forty pieces of bubble wrap in Box One, gently*

MTDM: *fifty minutes later; 40 necklaces are in Box One, 40 necklaces are in Box Two* So how long is the walk, jewler?

(MTDM: I REALLY have no time, and I'm expecting something big, so I'll just go with it. :s)

MTDM: ...oh, mama. o_o *grabs one box and walks 1/8 of the distance*

MTDM: *four hours pass; is 1/4 away from his former(?) house*

MTDM: *two hours pass; makes it to house, sees Mrodd* Hai Mrodd! :D

MTDM: *chats with Mrodd for ten minutes, pauses* No time to chat! Gotta work! *places box in house, goes back to store for Box Two*

MTDM: *six hours later; is back at the store, grabs Box Two* Well, the first walk was lucky....... *walks out and two people in black costumes and black masks, ninja-esque, jump out of bushes* .......spoke too soon.

Guy #1: *tries to take Box Two*

MTDM: ...should've bought a shovel... Pssst. *whispers* whydon'tcha go to to the store? There's way more jewels there.... Plus, my manager is really weak. .....we never had this coversation. Agreed? *extends hand*

(MTDM: I REALLY HAVE to go in like 10 minutes. So......?)

Guy #1: :| *walks over to jewelry store* -w-

MTDM: *walks over to Guy #2* :| *kicks him in the groin, wolf whistles, walks away* :3 *sees a truckdriver* Hey!! Man!! Can you help me deliver this package!? Please!?

Truck Driver: O.o Sure, whatever, hop in. *pulls MTDM in and drives to the CC's house*

MTDM: *ten minutes later; at CC's house* Thanks, dude! :D *brings package inside and places it next to Box One* I'm surprised nobody broke in to steal it. K. I'm beat. *expecting a phone call from boss; lies down on floor*

Day Thirteen Store

Everything and More Day Thirteen List
Item Cost
Nerd $50,000
Shovel $5,000
Flowers $100 each
Grass $2,500
Mechanics Kit $6,000
Sign $3,000
Hungry Guy $15,000
Life Counselor $40,000
Cookies $500
Pearl necklace $3,000
Skinny Jeans $700
Tank top $500
Sunglasses $200
Plastic hammer $2,000
Justin Bieber $99,999
Pony $40,000
Huge Box $3,000
Truck $30,000
Bubble Wrap $2,000
Fancy Sneakers $500
Fancy Girl Belt $1,000
Earrings $300

Mrodd: I would Like to buy, Shovel (x1), Flowers(x19), Grass(x1), and a Mechanic Kit(x1) For a total of… 15, 400

Kgman04: Transaction completed. $15,400 deducted.

Rocks: I would Like to buy a Shovel (x1), Sign (x1)

Kgman04: Transaction completed. $5,300 deducted.

Reddy: I'd like to buy a nerd.

Kgman04: Transaction completed. $50,000 deducted.

Reddy: I'd like to buy a pony, too.

Kgman04: Transaction completed. $40,000 deducted.

Oatmeal: I'd like to buy a pony, err. I mean Justin Bieber. D:.. my poor money.

Kgman04: Transaction completed. $99,999 deducted.

Aimers: I would like to purchase sunglasses, tank top, skinny jeans

Kgman04: Transaction completed. $1,400 deducted.

MTDM: Bubble wrap and huge box(x2). If you don't mind I'd like to start now as I have no time...

Kgman04: Transaction completed. $8,000 deducted.

Aimers: Aimers sh'all buy fancy sneakers, a girl belt, and earings :D

Kgman04: Transaction completed. $1,800 deducted.

Demand List

Kgman04: Demand anything necessary!

Mrodd: A shovel please ;)

Reddy: Apparently I need a nerd... *sees Mrodd and grabs his arm* Nevermind, found one. (XD)

Mrodd: Errrrr.... Help?

Mrodd: Flowers... Grass... Errr Mechanics kit ( Tool Box).... I think thats it :D

Rocks: A sign?

Alfan:A hungry guy, life counselor.....cookies! :P That is all, I think.

MTDM: I'd like to demand: your biggest box, and a... erm... that's about it. xD (Can you update the map so I know how much I need to walk?) Oh, and a truck. -w-

Aimers: can i demand a pearl necklace, a skinny jenase, tank top, sunglasses.

Oatmeal: I need a plastic hammer, like the ones you see in tom and jerry? Oh, and Justin Bieber.

Reddy: I almost forgot! I need a pony. :P

MTDM: I found out I have about an hour left.... My demand isn't on the store...

MTDM: almost forgot; bubble wrap.

Aimers: How about fancy sneakers?

Aimers: I just forgot XD Can I get a fancy girl belt and earings?

Day Thirteen Elimination

Kgman04: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand... the winners are Mrodd, Addict, Aimers, AJ, Reddude, LF, and MTDM. Yes, I know that's 7, but I couldn't decide! Besides, it makes this double elimination more nail-biting! Mhm. Double. Two votes, again. Your choices are: Alejandrofan3000, TDISeriesFan, TDAwesome15, TDA ROCKS, and Oatmeal-. This might be the closest vote yet.

Merge Vote

Mrodd: Sorry All, Not my idea, Ive been told by a hand full of people to vote... Rocks and Awesome toodles <3

TDAddict: I vote for TDISF and Oat.

LF: *Glares* To save my butt for next challenge, I vote TDA15 and Rocks. I know you two have been coniving :P

Rocks: I vote TDISF and Oat.

Reddy: TDISF and Oat.

TDA15: TDISF and Oat

AJ: Sorry, but i'm with LF on this one, but i can't vote Awesome, so i'm going with Oat, and Rocks

TDISF: Okay... I'm voting Rocks and TDA15

Oatmeal: Rocks and Awesome <..< Just to say my butt.

Alfan:*votes Oat and Rocks* Sorry, it has to be this way.

Aimers: Well...I do have to apologize to many people about this vote...I really don't know what I am doing anymore....My vote goes to Oats since he is toast and............................................Rocks :-/ I have too apologize a lot for this vote and I know it will kill me in the end X__X

Kgman04: And, with 8 and 7 votes, Oatmeal- and TDA ROCKS have been voted off.

Day Fourteen - Man's Best Fiend

Day Fourteen Chat

Kgman04: Hello, final ten!

TDAddict: Pets, this would've been Rocks' time to shine. >.>

Reddy: Excellent! \m/(>.<)\m/

Aimers: I hate myself X_x

LF: Woot! Final 10!

TDA15: I need immunity, I'm starting to think I'm a target (yet I'm the least threatening O.o)

Challenge Fourteen

Kgman04: Okay, we've got the ferrets out of the store. But, err, we don't know what to do with them. So, we've incorporated them into this week's challenge! People like pets, right? Your task this time is to train these ferrets so that they'll able to be sold to the public. Right now, they're wild, and probably rabid. Train them to be civil, not poop everywhere, and maybe even do some tricks. How are you gonna do that? I have no idea. Good luck! Best ferret wins $100,000 and immunity. Second-best wins $50,000 and immunity. Third-best wins $25,000 and immunity. The rest, nothing. Challenge ends 4/25 at 6PM.

Merge Chat

Kgman04: You each have assigned ferret numbers, to keep this as least confusing as possible. These are in no particular order.

  • Ferret #1 - Reddude
  • Ferret #2 - Leshawnafan
  • Ferret #3 - TDAwesome15
  • Ferret #4 - TotalDramaAddict
  • Ferret #5 - Mrodd
  • Ferret #6 - Mr. Totaldramaman
  • Ferret #7 - Bridgette dj10
  • Ferret #8 - TDISeriesFan
  • Ferret #9 - Alejandrofan3000
  • Ferret #10 - Aimers

Kgman04: Have fun! I'll be controlling the ferrets, so, uh, don't. k? Thanks.

TDAddict: *picks up ferret #4* Hey buddy!

Ferret #4: *growls, bites Addict's left hand*

TDAddict: Ow! Bad!

TDA15: Hey, I think this one likes me. ^_^ *Ferret #3 is chewing on his shoe*

Aimers: Hey buddy ^__^ *offers a treat*

LF: *Sticks hand out to Ferret #2* Awww, you're a cutie! Can I pet you?

AJ: *Slowly approaches ferret #7 and strokes it* Good ferret

Ferret #3: *bites through the shoe and bites TDA15's toe*

Ferret #10: *eats treat*

Ferret #2: **bites LF's hand*

Ferret #7: *hisses*

TDAddict: Listen, we're gonna have to set some rules.

LF: *Holds out a treat to Ferret #2* Calm down buddy, I'm your friend!

Aimers: Heeey buddy! Here's another treat! *offers treat while trying to pet ferret*

TDA15: Ow! Okay, you can have the shoe, you seem to like it. xD Besides, it's probably alot healthier than the food they're giving out at that one shop. Eat up, we got some fun training to do. :D

Ferret #2: *eats treat, clings to LF's leg*

Ferret #3: *eats shoe whole, is now full, and goes to sleep*

LF: *Picks up tFerret #2* Awww, hi there buddy! *Puts it down* Wanna learn some tricks?

TDA15: Well...that gives me enough time to think of some good tricks. See ya in the mornin'.

AJ: Dont hiss buddy! *strokes it softly and scratches it behind the ear*

Ferret #2: *hisses*

Ferret #3: *pukes out shoe, wakes up*

Ferret #4: *looks at Addict peculiarly*

Ferret #10: *eats treat, lets Aimers pet him*

Ferret #7: -w-

Aimers: Hey ferret...want to eat some more food and treats? *puts food on other side of hoop* come on..jump ^__^ It's delicious!

Ferret #10: *walks through hoop, eats food, curls up into a ball*

LF: *Puts treat behind her* Go get it!

Aimers: Awww, that's so cute ^__^ *places out newspaper for the ferret to use as a bathroom* If you need this ferret, don't be shy ^__^ Wanna try another trick? *throws ball* fetch for a treat :D

Ferret #2: *gets treat, eats, curls up*

Ferret #10: *poops like crazy on the newspaper, then bites the ball, popping it*

Mrodd: *HUgs his Ferret* Daddy Loves you,

Aimers: Rmemeber, only poop on newspaper..I got you another ball...but try jumping through the hoop's a little higher ^__^ There's another treat! *holds hoop*

Ferret #5: *bites Mrodd's nose*

Ferret #10: *yawns, shakes head, and digs through the bag of treats*

TDA15: Had a good nap? Good. ^_^ See this shoe? See it? *waves shoe in the air*

LLF: *Puts Newspaper down next to Ferret #2* Use that when you need to use the bathroom

Aimers: Awww thats okay...*pets ferret softly while feeding him treats* want anything else?

Mrodd: No biting * Pokes the ferrets nose* Do you wanna learn to play a game? hmmm?

Ferret #3: *hops up, grabs shoe in mid-air*

Ferret #2: *poops*

Ferret #10: *shakes head, pukes out some treats*

Ferret #5: *shrugs*

Aimers: aww...*uses remaining newspaper to wipe up puke* here, crawl through this tunnel thing!

Alfan:Awesome ferret, you look so cool!

TDAddict: Okay, first we need to lay some ground rules, first, no biting, second, for every good skill you learn, you get a treat, every bad one, a scolding, got it?

Mrodd: Dont be like that! * Shows him a treat* Just try and redo what I do.... *Bounces the ball of his nose*

TDISF: *picks up #8 ferret* Hey, cute Ferret *hugs it* ^_^

AJ: *pets the ferret's belly* ok good ferret! Your so good! Ok let's try potty training! *lays down newspaper*

TDA15: Awesome, he can jump! Good boy. Now...roll over.

Ferret #10: *makes it halfway through the tunnel, falls asleep inside it*

Ferret #9: *nods*

Ferret #4: *hisses*

Ferret #5: *eats the treat without bouncing the ball* -w-

Ferret #8: *bites TDISF's nose*

Ferret #7: *poops all over the newspaper*

Ferret #3: *shakes head* (I g2g now, guys.)

TDAddict: That counts as a bad behavior! Bad ferret!

Mrodd: No... Bad... I never named you! Hmmm You know, you look like a Cocoa, So Im gonna call you, Cinnamon! Now.... Try again, * Gives Cinnamon the ball*

Aimers: Good try ^__^ *pets ferret in tunnel softly in sleep*

LF: *Gives Ferret #2 a treat* Good job! You always use the newspaper for your bathroom needs!

Ferret #4: *rolls eyes*

Ferret #5: *bounces the ball on his head* :D

Ferret #10: *purrs*

Ferret #2: *purrs*

Mrodd: Good Job Cinnamon! Now... * Pulls out a treat* Come on, I know you want it!

Ferret #5: *eats treat* :D

TDA15: *holds the shoe up again* Wanna jump for it again? Backflip? Frontflip? Hm?

Mrodd: Awwww * Hugs* Now... Try and bounce the ball into this hoop :D * Holds the hoop up* Youll be playing one of the most hated sports of Canada :D

Ferret #3: *shakes head*

Ferret #5: *bounces ball, accidentally bites it* :|

Mrodd: Awww Itll be ok Cinnamon.. Ill just buy a new One :)

Mrodd: See? All better * Shows the ball* Now why dont you try again * Kisses Cinnamon, and gives her the ball*

Alfan:I always thought ferrets were awesome creatures! :D Here is some newspaper in case you need to go, and I also got a ball and some treats! :D

Aimers: That was some sweet purring ^__^ Here, have a treat *hands treat* Now try fetching this ball again... remember, no biting!

Reddy: *cautiously pets ferret #1* ....I'll call you Pete... You like that name? :3

TDISF: Uhhh.. >:| *glares at ferret* What do you want? :D Want some food?

TDAddict: Okay, first, I'll start with the easiest trick of them all, sit.

Ferret #5: *bounces ball like a seal* :D

Ferret #9: *abuses the newspaper*

Ferret #10: *eats treat, jumps on ball*

Ferret #1: *shrugs and chews on Reddy's shirt*

Ferret #8: *chews on TDISF's pant leg*

Ferret #4: *sleeps*

TDAddict: Fine, I guess I'll eat this treat by myself. *holds treat to his mouth*

Ferret #4: *shrugs and walks over to the bag of treats*

TDA15: (conf) Does he even know what they put in those? O.o

TDAddict: *takes bag and places newspaper down* Okay, relieve yourself on this, and you can get two treats.

Ferret #4: *poops on the newspaper and rolls away*

TDAddict: *gives ferret three treats* Now, that's good, so, what do you wanna be called?

Mrodd: Great job CInnamon, * Gives her a treat* Can you bounce it into this hoop? * Holds the hoop*

Ferret #4: *eats treats* :D *barks* :|

Ferret #5: (conf) *squeaking* (I ain't no baby seal!)

TDAddict: :o I shall call you Duke, ya like that?

Mrodd: Ill take that as a no.... Hmm * Lays down newspaper, i bet you have to go.... huh?

TDA15: Come ooooon, jump for it! ^_^ *throws it in the air again*

Ferret #4: *nods*

Ferret #5: *chews on the newspaper, then poops it out*

Ferret #3: *jumps, bites it*

Mrodd: Well... Its progress :D Now... Cinamon... I want you to stay..... * Walks away* Now come.

Ferret #5: *follows Mrodd*

Mrodd: Your amzing! * Gives her a treat* Hmm.... What do you want to do now?

Ferret #5: *awkwardly rolls around*

TDAddict: Good. *gives another treat* Now see this ball? *holds up ball* Can you do anything with it?

Mrodd: That looks like fun! * Rolls around with his ferret*

LF: *Grabs a hoop and puts a treat behind it* Now girl, jump through the hoop!

TDA15: Okay, ready for the next one? Go long, boy! *throws it to the other side of the field or whatever we're on*

Ferret #4: *pushes ball*

Ferret #5: o.O

Ferret #2: *walks through the hoop and eats the treat*

Ferret #3: *runs over, gets tired halfway, and sleeps*

Reddy: Sweet, it turns your shirts into bedding! :o *takes off his shirt and lets Pete chew on it*

Ferret #1: *chews on Reddy's shirt some more, then poops it out*

TDA15: Hm...time for Plan B.

Mrodd: This is so..... Enjoyable :O WHo would have thought? *Tickles Cinamon*

TDAddict: Hmm, let's see. *puts down tunnel, and lays ball in front of it* Can you push the ball through that?

LF: *Shrugs* Well, I guess that's a start! *Throws a ball to ferret* Go ahead and play with that for a little!

Ferret #3: O.o

Ferret #5: *laughs, then pukes*

Ferret #4: *pushes ball, ball gets stuck* o.o

Ferret #2: *sleeps on the ball* -w-

Mrodd: Awww, Im sorry Lil Buddy * Wipes her mouth with his sleeve* How about, we go on a walk? Hmm?

LF: *Puts down pet bed* Here girl, you can sleep on this bed! And remember, the newspaper is right next to you!

TDAddict: Ummm, how about we try again? *removes ball*

Ferret #5: *falls asleep on Mrodd*

Ferret #2: *sleeps on the bed*

Ferret #4: *pushes ball through*

TDAddict: Good boy! *gives Duke treats and pets him*

Mrodd: * Sighs* Or Sleep, Sleep is good too * Pets Cinnamon*

Reddy: *cleans up poop with one newspaper* Okay Pete, we iz try to teach you... BASIC ENGLISH! *points to first word in the first article of the first page* This word is "the". Thuh! Say it Pete, "Thuh".

LF: *Sets up tunnel with a treat at the end* Now when she wakes up, I can teach her to go through the tunnel!

TDA15: Alright my well-rested buddy, ready for this one? I'm gonna try throwing it again, but this time like a frisbee. All you need to do is follow it, jump up and catch it. Ready? *tosses it*

Ferret #4: *eating treat* Omnomnom...

Ferret #5: *purrs*

Ferret #1: *barks*

Ferret #2: *smells treat, walks through tunnel*

Ferret #3: *runs to it, doesn't catch it as it's in mid-air, but eats it once it falls*

LF: *Claps and pets ferret* Good girl! I need a name for you! How about Krista? :D

TDAddict: So, you wanna learn another trick, or are you good?

Ferret #2: *shrugs*

Ferret #4: *shrugs* (Challenge ends in 20 minutes, anyways.)

TDAddict: Okay, simple one, just jump through the hoop. *holds out hoop*

Mrodd: Your so cute when you sleep!

LF: Ok, time for one last trick! *Puts ball in front of Krista* Kick it to me! *Makes a kicking motion with her foot*

Ferret #4: *looks at the hoop, walks through*

Ferret #5: *yawns*

Mrodd: * tears up* Ill miss you lil buddy.... :(

Ferret #2: *frowns, looks at her stubby feet, then pushes the ball with her nose*

LF: *Gives Krista a treat* Good girl! :D Now, go ahead and take a little nap on your bed!

Ferret #2: *naps*

TDAddict: Close enough. *picks up Duke, gives him a treat and puts him into bed*

Reddy: Good boy! *continues lesson*

TDA15: Hm...I guess we'll have to resort to my sandals now. xD Anyway, I have an idea. I'll throw the first sandal into the air, you you jump up and catch it. Then, I throw the second sandal into that pile of scrap over there. You're good at chasing these down, so all you need to do is get it. I have a good tracking ferret.

Aimers: Hey ferret! you had a nice long nap ^__^ Now, let's try this... *holds hoop and puts it in front of tunnel thing...* There are treats on the other side ^_^

Kgman04: The challenge is over, guys. ._.

Day Fourteen Chat

Item Cost
Ferret Food $5,000
Ferret Treats $7,500
Newspaper $4
Ball $50
Hoop $50
Tunnel Thing $72
Pet-Sized Bed $2,000
Lead $600

Aimers: I want To buy ferret food and treats.... I can't make purple font because I'm on an iPod.

LF: I would like ferret food and ferret treats please.

Kgman04: Transaction completed (both). $12,500 deducted.

Aimers: Yea..I will buy the hoop and ball...oh the newspaper as well ^__^

Kgman04: Transaction completed. $104 deducted.

Mrodd: Errr Treats, Ball and Hoop Please ;)

Kgman04: Transaction completed. $7,600 deducted.

Aimers: Another ball, and a tunnel thing please? ^__^

Kgman04: Transaction completed. $122 deducted.

Alfan:Can I get a ball, a hoop, a tunnel thing(xD), some food, treats, and newspaper, please?

Kgman04: Transaction completed. $12,676 deducted.

Mrodd: Another Ball and News Paper Please ;)

Kgman04: Transaction completed. $54 deducted.

TDAddict: I would like: Treats, food, ball, hoop, tunnel-thing, and newspaper.

Kgman04: Transaction completed. $12,676 deducted.

LF: I would like a ball, hoop, a bed, and some treats.

Kgman04: Transaction completed. $9,600 deducted.

Reddy: I'd like two newspapers please. ^_^

Kgman04: Transaction completed. $8 deducted.

LF: I would like a tunnel thing please :P

Kgman04: Transaction completed. $72 deducted.

TDAddict: May I have a pet bed?

Kgman04: Transaction completed. $2,000 deducted.

Demand List

Kgman04: Demand anything humane.

TDAddict: Newspaper so we can teach it where to.. you know... relieve itself. :|

TDAddict: Oh, maybe like, a ball, and a hoop, for tricks.

LF: One of those like tunnel things that the dogs run through :P

Aimers: i would like to ask for a comfy pet sized bed ^__^

Kgman04: Aimers, if you demand one more thing, I'mma kill you. >.> (jk)

Mrodd: Errr Lead Please :)

Kgman04: .................. Lead? O_O

Mrodd: When you walk a dog, you need a lead.

Day Fourteen Volunteer Work

Kgman04: What type of dog do I have? :D (Like, beagle, pug, etc.) $50,000 to first correct guess.

TDAddict: Golden lab?

LF: BEAGLE! :P Well, that's what I have, so might as well guess that xD

Mrodd: Pom.

Aimers: yorkshire terrier ^_^

TDA15: A dog

Kgman04: Aimers is correct!

Day Fourteen Elimination

Kgman04: And the winners, from first place to third place, are Mrodd, TotalDramaAddict, and Leshawnafan! Mrodd wins 100 grand, Addict withs 50 grand, and LF wins 25 grand. And they're all immune! Everyone else is up for elimination. Time to vote!

Merge Vote

TDAddict: I vote TDISF.


Reddy: I vote for TDISF. Apologies, dude.

TDISF: Umm... I vote MTDM. Sorry D:

LF: I guess I vote for MTDM.

Mrodd: MTDM

AJ: Sorry, but TDISF

Kgman04: In a 4-3 vote, TDISF has been eliminated.

Day Fifteen - Black's Anatomy

Day Fifteen Chat

Kgman04: Hai, final 9.

Challenge Fifteen

Kgman04: Okay, um, there's been this disease going around, called Ferretitus. Like the name suggests, it comes from ferrets. Since you guys tamed your ferrets, you're safe, but there's still one more ferret roaming around T.D. Metro with ferretitus. Since we can't risk any residents other than yourselves getting it, you nine are in charge of getting rid of it. We've locked you in the hospital, which is the last location that the ferret's been seen. The first person who manages to quarantine the ferret wins $100,000 and immunity. Everyone who gets bitten by the ferret will lose $75,000. Capiche? Buy anything you need from E&M. Challenge ends 4/26 at 9PM. Go!

Merge Chat

Ferret: *crawls inside an air duct*

TDA15: Do you hear something?

Ferret: *squeaks, the squeak echoes through the entire hospital*

Mrodd: O.0 No? In this particular challenge risk is not worth the reward. v,v (Bye :) In Montreal, which is the last time I will have internet this week <3)

Alfan:Come on, Mrodd, what is the worst that could happen?

Aimers: O___O *Guys, I was planning on voting today but i guess the vote was ended D:* This is scary

Reddy: *picks up supplies* I'll be trying to prevent disease if you need me. *walks off*

AJ: Is this even legal? Well, let's get to it! *Grabs supplies* Off we go!

Alfan:(Aims, you and I both missed the vote. D:) Not sure, AJ.

Aimers: AJ you need to buy the supplies :P reddy already bought his...

Reddy: *walks into an empty hallway and starts leaving a trail of treats, leaving then 1.5 feet from each other, and placing the final one in the cage, which is on its side with the door open* Here ferret, ferret, ferret...

Ferret: *eats first six treats, gets full, and walks off*

Alfan:*counts out how much money Reddy wasted on that plan, is shocked, hides from his wrath*

LF: *Starts walking around the hospital alone* I need immunity again, or I'm out.

Alfan:Hey, LF. I saw the ferret rip Reddy off earlier. Ate most of his 15 grand treats, but avoided getting caught. Poor him. Never even heard of ferritus, or whatever.

LF: Hi Alfan! Yeah, I feel bad for the guy! I haven't ever heard of it either, but I've never played with a ferret before either...

Ferret: *squeaks, nibbles through power lines, cutting off all electricity*

LF: *Jumps* Ugh, I'll bet anything that the ferret cut off the electricity.

TDA15: Heeeere ferret ferret ferret...*is carrying a potato sack*

Reddy: It's dark... damnitt... *picks up cage and treat* Ugh. <.< *throws treat into garbage can and walks blindly in the dark with cage*

TDAddict: Ugh... (Sorry, computer is down once more, this is gonna be my only edit for the challenge probably, this computer is super slow, can you guys pleaseeeee not vote me out? :s)

Reddy: *lays down his chick ferret, which he has tamed* presenting to all ferrets in the hospital... *beams his flashlight on his chick ferret* Chick Ferret! And yes, she's available. ;)

Ferret: *sniffs, walks over to the chick ferret, gets freaky with it*

Reddy: Yes! *slams cage on the two ferrets and scoops them up, locking it in the process* :D

Baby Ferret: *awkwardly appears*

Kgman04: And, the challenge is over! Luckily, no one got bit. Reddude, congrats, you win back all the money you blew on that first failed plan, and immunity!

Day Fifteen Store

Item Cost
Ferret Repellent $35,000
Ferret Pheromones (not recommended) $20,000
Ferret Treat (only one) $15,000
Cage (not recommended) $30,000
Potato Sack $2,000
Flashlight $500
Chick Ferret $20,000

Reddy: I'd like to buy seven Ferret treats and one ferret cage por favor.

Kgman04: Transaction completed. $135,000 deducted.

TDA15: I'll buy one potato sack.

Kgman04: Transaction completed. $2,000 deducted.

LF: I would like 2 ferret treats please :)

Kgman04: Transaction completed. $30,000 deducted.

Reddy: I buy a flashlight and chick ferret.

Kgman04: Transaction completed. $20,500 deducted.

Demand List

Kgman04: I might have to limit this to make it less godplayish.

TDA15: A potato sack?

Reddy: A flashlight and a ferret of the opposite sex. ;3

Day Fifteen Elimination

Kgman04: Everyone's up for elimination Except Reddy. Time to vote!

Merge Vote

Aimers: I really did not want to do this :( But I made a promise to vote off LF this week a long time ago...I really REALLY did not want to do this -____-

Reddy: I also vote for LF.

TDA15: LF. (Sorry D:)

LF: I vote for Addict, the real threat.

Alfan:This is a simple vote. Addict, I want you to know, that I vote LF. :P

Kgman04: Mrodd and MTDM are on vacation, so they can't vote, and even if Addict and AJ both vote for Addict, LF will still be out in a 4-3 vote. Sorry. :-/

Day Sixteen - Life's a Beach

Day Sixteen Chat

Kgman04: Final 8!

Challenge Sixteen

Kgman04: We're at the beach! And the classic beach game is volleyball. What's better than a 4 vs. 4 game? Pick your own teams, however, Mrodd and MTDM have to be on separate teams, since they're both on vacation, and it'd be unfair. The members on the winning team win $75,000 each!

Merge Chat

Kgman04: Decide here.

TDA15: Me, Addict, Reddy and MTDM. (Best team evah :D)

TDAddict: I agree. (I'll try to be active the entire time :s)

Reddy: Sure!

AJ: I guess that leaves the rest of us

Aimers: I guess those teams are fine :P

Kgman04: Uhhhh, okay. :| Well, since Awesome piped up first, his team gets first serve. *throws the ball to TDA15* Go! First team to get to three points wins.

TDA15: Nice! *serves*

Aimers: Alright! *bumps the ball into the air* Someone on my team, hit the ball!

Alfan:*hits it towards Mrodd*

Aimers: *runs over hits the ball over the net* Mrodd is really inactive D: *realizes he hit the ball very high and not a spike* NO! D:

TDAddict: *waits for the ball to come down, then hits it to the other side*

Aimers: *hits it back to the other side* HA >:) *realizes it is still not a spike* NO! DDDD:

TDAddict: *bumps the ball to Reddy*

Reddy: *eyes widen* Meep! *ducks and covers, causing the ball to hit the ground* (CONF) I have to appear weak at sports so I'm not considered a physical threat; duh.

Aimers: Did my team just score? O__O (I dont know the rules of volleyball XDDDD)

Alfan:Aimers, we did. :D

Kgman04: 1-0, Aimers' team! Yeah, I'll just call them Aimers' and Reddy's teams. Round 2! *tosses ball to Alfan* Serve!

Alfan:*hits the ball as hard as he can over the net* Ugh, I hate sports, but volleyball is okay.

TDAddict: *hits the ball back over the net*

Alfan:*hits it back, but does not spike*Aw, man! D:

TDA15: *jumps up and spikes it*

Alfan:*dives to hit it back up and it goes in the air* Addict, hit dat. Before it hits meh! D:

TDAddict: :| *hits ball over the net and directly at Alfan*

Alfan:*is hit in the face* OWWWWWW!!!!

Kgman04: O.o Okay, um, 1-1. Ball goes to-- *hears someone shouting* What the heck? *puts on binoculars, looks out into the ocean* That..... That's a sinking boat! Someone, anyone, help those six people! *hears someone shouting "I DON'T KNOW HOW TO FRIKKIN' SWIM"* And hurry! They're about 100 feet away from shore! Challenge called off! (This has been planned from the beginning, don't give me any crap. >.>) You need a motorboat and six life preservers. As you can see, the motorboat costs a million bucks. No one has that much money, therefore, you'll all have to chip in to save some lives.

MTDM: Awz, I missed volleyball. D:

Aimers: ....... 100 feet Kg? I can swim that in 40 seconds LEGIT (IRL, no jooke, I'm on a wwim team >:D) *dives into the water and swims to the people* Wait...Am I allowed to just swim out there? O_O *returns to beach*

Day Sixteen Store

Item Cost
Life Preservers $500
Motorboat $1,000,000

Alfan:I put $379,828(whatever leaves me one dollar) for the motorboat.

Kgman04: ......... Wow. o.o Alright, then. Alfan puts in almost all his money! Once we get to $1,003,000, we can save some lives.

Alfan:I wanna donate 99 cents! :D

Kgman04: ........... Someone's lost all meaning in life. D:

MTDM: I'll donate $5,000? O_o

Aimers: I'll donate 10,000 dollars to the cause...I will donate more if needed when i return around 6 PM :P

Reddy: I've got it! We currently have $394,828.99, and if we the remaining active four who haven't submitted (TDA15, TDaddict, AJ, and Myself) all donate around the same amount of cash, we'll have exactly $1,003,000. If I submit $152,043.01, and everyone else I mentioned throws in $152,043, we'll have exactly enough money to save thos people! (Guys, trust me, I'm a math whiz.)

TDAddict: I trust Reddy, I donate $152,043.

Alfan:You guys, don't forget if we need life preservers! :D

TDA15: I checked, and Reddy's actually right :p. I'm donating $152,043.

Reddy: (forgot to say this) I donate $152,043.01.

Aimers: Alfan, the extra 3000 is for the life jackets....I am going to donate 40,000 to the cause..AJ and mrodd need to donate some D:

Reddy: AJ will need to donate $112,043 then.

AJ: I donate my bit, I will donate $112,043

Kgman04: Mmkay, I'll just deduct the cash from MTDM and Mrodd, since they're on vacay (or, well, MTDM's in Jersey, that doesn't count as vacay. XD). Uhhhh, cool. *gets motorboat, rides over to people, throws life preservers* Catch! ............................................... Oh, they're dead already. :| Oops. I guess, erm.... Alfan and Reddy are immune for being the most noble/strategic in a time of crisis.

Day Sixteen Elimination

Kgman04: Oh, hey, guess what? After flipping through my iPod, I saw that next to "Day 16", I have "8 turns into 6". That means double elimination! Mhm. Totally forgot to mention that. *awkward wink* Two votes, as usual. Vote! Reddy and Alfan are immune, they also win $200,000.

Merge Vote

Kgman04: I think I know who's going...

TDAddict: I vote Mrodd and AJ.

Alfan:I vote Mrodd and AJ. I am gonna be the last Patrolling Pedestrian now. :P

TDA15: Mrodd and AJ

MTDM: Um. I left Jersey last night, and chipped in $5,000. So gimme my money back. >-> Mrodd and AJ, are the two my votes go to. :)

Aimers: O________O Kg, you have this on your ipod? -____- Lol XDDDDDD...I vote AJ and Mrodd I guess :-/ Both votes are purely because of the situation....I have nothing against either of you, in fact, you are guys are pretty awesome :P

Reddy: AJ and Mrodd.

Kgman04: AJ and Mrodd have been eliminated.

Day Seventeen - Rollercoas-turds

Day Seventeen Chat

Kgman04: Congrats, final six! :D Also, heads up: All of the next eliminations will now be SUDDEN. DEATH. >:D

TDA15: ...Yeah, I'm screwed. xD

Reddy: Why me? *facepalm*

TDAddict: Nice title, so original.

Aimers: O__O Su-Su-Sudden death?

Reddy: *regains composure* Why, Alfan? Scared? >:P (XD)

Alfan:Wow, things are gonna get cutthroat. Plus, Aims and I are the last people in with Metro as their first season! ^_^

Challenge Seventeen

Kgman04: Who loves amusement parks? I do! :D And, you'd better. Your challenge this time around is to make your own rollercoaster. You'll have to specify track length, turns, twists, anything that comes to mind. But, you'll also have to buy these things. This is due Friday, April 29, at 7:30AM. Remember, these are sudden death, so the worst coaster gets the boot! Also, I'm assigning you "final" colors that you'll have to use to indicate your final rollercoaster idea.

  • Aimers - Green
  • Alfan - Brown
  • Addict - Orange
  • Awesome - Blue
  • MTDM - Cyan
  • Reddy - Red

Kgman04: So, color your final rollercoaster idea in that colored font.

Merge Chat

Aimers: O__O This is going to be a tough challenge D:

TDAddict: Can we like, color our rollercoaster cart a specific color?

Kgman04: Sure.

Reddy: *has his supples* Great! Since BONG has sold 1,000,000 games on over 8 consoles, I'll make a BONG themed rollercoaster! :D

TDA15: (conf) Well...I guess 6th place isn't so bad. -w-

Aimers: I think i am going broke this challenge X__X

TDAddict: I'm going broke for sure. :|

Alfan:I would like my 5 piece track with two sky blue cars going on my royal blue rollercoaster with 7 awesome fireworks going off at the highest point! :D

Aimers: I think I have my idea done...but I need to calculate the money X__X Math...........

TDAddict: My coaster is Mario themed. It starts with your hero being either Mario, Luigi, or Toad one orange tracks, when you start, you see a frightened Toad saying that Bowser has kidnapped the princess, and your adventure is off. You take your first twist, and there is Monty Mole, he digs holes, so the track goes up and down a couple of times, then another turn. There you meet Boo, and he scares you into sudden shutdown for a few seconds. After another turn, you meet Shy Guy, being shy, he makes you slowly rise up, and stopping at occasional points, because waiting at the top is... Bowser, holding Princess Peach. Then as you approach him, you take the huge drop through his "fire" into his stomach, by hitting him in the stomach, you "defeat" him, and you end by seeing Princess Peach and two Toads cheering that she is safe, all while Mario music plays in the background.

Reddy: My ride is titled "Level Up" and is themed after BONG, the video game I created for the thirteenth challenge that spiraled into popularity. At th beginning of the ride, ridaers will strap into the coaster cars modeled after a very minor enemy: Trash Can Men. As the epic music begins, the ride will start and go. The first unique feature is the first loop, where the ride wil circle around the blade of Link's sword. After a few more turns and fun, riders will spiral around a statue of BONG three times, leading up to the mega drop, standard for all thrilling roller coasters. After dropping down the drop, you will witness a straight shot to the triple corkscrew around the Dragon statue's breath of fire. The ride will then shortly come to an end. And by the way, fireworks go off everytime you pass a statue!

TDA15: A ride consisting of 0.45 at a top speed of 180mph, the car instantly launches you up an 80 foot climb. At the very top of the climb, the car starts an 80 foot twisted vertical drop, where the tracks from then on are painted so it looks like there’s no track. Special effects and lighting help make it look like the and through the wall (Using some kind of illusion, made to mimick a roller coaster crash). They are then in a pitch black tunnel. In the tunnel, they start going up another climb. This climb is a bit higher than the last. More special affects make it look like ghosts are flying around and under the car on the way up. They suddenly go over, and drop down even faster than last time, then going into a huge loop, with another vortex during the loop, and they come back to the entrance, and the ride comes to a stop.

Aimers: My ride is called "Fire and Ice" and will feature a mix of the two elements. The ride will begin where the rider will enter a car shaped as half a fireball, half ice cube. The ride then starts moving on the black roller coaster rail to create a contrast of the two elements. Each cart will have speakers in them that play epic music, to indicate the battle between fire and ice throughout the ride. During the first .05 miles of the ride the ride begins by taking you up, with epic music playing to keep a dramatic feel to the ride, it then drops you down a short drop and then slowly rises you up again. At this point at the end of the first .05 miles, the rider has reached the summit of the roller coaster. The cart then stops for a brief second right before it is about to go down the massive drop, and the epic music plays to create an even more dramatic feel. The music then reaches a climax and the carts drop, plunging you straight down into the battle between fire and ice. First, the speed of the plunge into the rest of the ride will create a chilling feel from the wind rushing against your skin. As the ride continues at top speeds, the ride starts to make a wide turn, with the interlocking towers in the distance. The rider will see these and note that one looks like fire while the other looks like ice. The cart then speeds towards this tower, and 2 heat flares fly right in front of the rider's face, creating a giant wave of hot air. This fire element continues, as the cart circles the tower multiple times and then goes off in a different direction, towards the ice part of the ride. Snow starts hitting the rider, creating a frigid feel to this part of the ride. The epic music continues in the background of the cart in the ride while the roller coaster reaches the finale in the final .05 miles. The remaining 3 flares then fly off, emitting a massive rush of heat while at the same time, the cold powder snow flies at you. the rider then takes one more giant drop in the ride as the elements pound at you and the music reaches another climax. The fire and ice then stops abruptly and the ride rushes into the platform station at top speeds that quickly drop almost instantly.The ride is then over!

MTDM: This rollercoaster represents, the one and only, T.D. Metro - City of Drama! There will be three carts. The rollercoaster is painted brown.
-A red Reddude-Alejandrofan3000 cart, with the two names inscribed on it.
-A blue Mr. Totaldramaman-TDAwesoms15 cart, with the two names inscribed on it.
-A TotalDramaAddict-Aimers cart, with the two names inscribed on it.
Dramatic music from Survivor's Tribal Councils play throughout the ride. Once the ride starts, the six riders will pass by a statue of Kgman04 holding a ferret, ride going slow. The ride then goes a bit faster, and the three carts split up after 528 ft..
-The red cart goes in many loops, 264 ft. long.
-The blue cart goes up, and up, and up, and up.........
-The orange cart stays at the same spot, doing nothing but going in a straight 264 ft. line.
By the end of the orange cart's straight line, it soaks in a bucket of water, and comes out. Soon, the red cart is 264 ft. up in the sky, and it falls down liek rly fast, landing in the bucket of water, and comes out, following the orange cart. The riders in the red cart, all dizzy, splash in the bucket, come out, and follow the red cart, following the orange cart. The ride ends, with the line-up staying the same.

Aimers: I think I spazzed on summary >.<

Day Seventeen Store

Note: The average rollercoaster is .45 miles long, in track length.

Item Cost
.05 miles of track $15,000
Paint [entire coaster; specify color] $50,000
Rollercoaster Car Thing $20,000
Car Paint $5,000 each
Trashcan cars $17,500 each
Fireworks $3,500 each
Fireball Cars $23,000 each
Ice Cube Cars $23,000 each
BONG Statue $15,000
Link Statue $10,000
Epic Music $1,000
Snow Powder Machine $25,000
Interlocking Pillars $20,000
Mario Cart $20,000
Luigi Cart $20,000
Toad Cart $20,000
Animatronic Bower $23,000
Peach Statue $19,000
Two Toad Statue $24,000
Monty Mole Statue $12,000
Boo Statue $14,000
Shy Guy Statue $13,000
Frightened Toad $17,000
Mario Music $1,000
Dragon Statue $14,000
Kg Ferret Statue $26,000
Alfan-Reddy Cart $20,000
MTDM-TDA15 Cart $20,000
Addict-Aimers Cart $20,000
Dramatic Survivor Music $1,000
Half Fire/Half Ice Cart $27,500
Tiny Interlocking Pillars $10,000
Whatever the hell Aimers said $500 each
Big Bucket $2,000
Lighting $1,200

Reddy: I'll buy 9 pieces of track and I'd like the paint color to be RED! :P

Kgman04: Transaction completed. $185,000 deducted.

Reddy: 4 trash can cars.

Kgman04: Transaction completed. $70,000 deducted.

Alfan:5 pieces of track,2 cars,sky blue car paint for both, royal blue coaster paint, and 7 fireworks, thank you! :D

Kgman04: Transaction completed. $199,500 deducted.

Reddy: BONG Statue, Link Statue, Epc Music. :|

Kgman04: Transaction completed. $26,000 deducted.

TDAddict: I'd like the carts of Mario, Luigi, and Toad, animatronic Bowser, Peach statue, two Toad statue, Monty Mole statue, Boo statue, Shy Guy statue, frightened Toad, Mario music, orange paint, and 10 tracks.

Kgman04: Transaction completed. $383,000 deducted.

Reddy: Dragon statue! The final thing i need! Huzzah!

Kgman04: Transaction completed. $14,000 deducted.

Aimers: I would like to buy: 7 tracks, black paint for the coaster, 3 fire/ice carts, a tiny interlocking pillar, epic music, snow powder machine, and five Whatever the hell Aimers said (flares) XDDDDDD That should total around $276,000 unless my math fails...which it does a lot XD

Kgman04: Transaction completed. $266,000 deducted.

MTDM: MTDM would like to buy: .05 miles of track(x5), Brown Paint, Kg Ferret Statue, Alfan-Reddy Cart, MTDM-TDA15 Cart, Addict-Aimers Cart, Dramatic Survivor Music, Big Bucket.

Kgman04: Transaction completed. $214,000 deducted.

TDA15: 9 pieces of track, lighting for special effects, 4 cars (2 on each train), green car paint

Kgman04: Transaction completed. $266,000 deducted.

Demand List

Kgman04: This is in case you want a theme for your coaster.

Reddy: Rollercoaster cars customized to look like trashcans...

Alfan:How much for fireworks to be shot in the background for mood? :D

Aimers: Can I demand cars shaped like fireballs and some like Ice cubes? Also, can those cars come with built in heaters or chillers?

Reddy: I demand a huge statue of BONG, a huge statue of Link, and epic music.

Aimers: I would like to demand snow powder flying from a machine, and two pillars curling around each other, one looking like ice, one looking like fire >:) but not actually made of it xD

TDAddict: I'mma demand a lot, a red cart with a Mario head, and green cart with a Luigi head, also a blue cart with a Toad head. I'm gonna need an animatronic Bowser that can "spit fire" on you, while holding a Princess Peach. A Princess Peach, and two Toads cheering statue, as well as a Monty Mole, Boo, and Shy Guy statue. Also a statue of a frightened Toad pointing off into the distance with a "Save Princess Peach" speech bubble, and I think that's it. Also some cheery music that sounds Mario like, and some Mario type dramatic music.

Reddy: A statue of a fire-breathing dragon.

MTDM: A Kgman04 holding a ferret statue, perhaps? Also, a red cart with Alfan's and Reddy's names inscribed on each side, one each. A blue MTDM-TDA15 one? An orange Addicto-Aimers one?

Aimers: can I demand a roller coaster cart that is half fireball, half ice cube?

MTDM: Oh! And the dramatic music that plays during Survivor's TCs. ^.^

Aimers: Can I demand a smaller version of the interlocking towers? maybe half as tall?

Aimers: Fire flares that shoot up like fireworks emitting, essentially the smae thing, but they makje heat and dont make fancy designs...hopefully cheaper :P

MTDM: A bucket of water that can fit a rollercoaster cart in.

TDA15: Lighting for special effects

TDA15: Paint that makes the tracks see-through

Day Seventeen Volunteer Work

Kgman04: I'm thinking of a number from 1-6. Guess it. >.> Correct guess wins $100,000.

TDAddict: 2.

Reddy: 6

MTDM: 5.

TDA15: 4

Aimers: ... I'm bout 3

Kgman04: TDA15 is correct.

Day Seventeen Elimination

Kgman04: Alright. Well, I'm afraid of heights, so I'm not going to test out those death traps. However, our guest judge, Sue Cydal, daredevil extraordinaire, would be happy to! Sue?
Sue: Thanks, Kaygee. Great to be here. Now, here's what I thought about each ride.
Kgman04: You rode them all already? :|
Sue: I know, sorry, I took a while.
Kgman04: .................. :|

  • Alejandrofan3000 - I'll admit, I love high rides. The sky blue was cute, too. The fireworks really topped it off. But... it was so short. Seriously.
  • TotalDramaAddict - The theme was pretty creative and fun. :D I really like how the ride changed its rhythm as it met different characters. The drop after Bowser was epic. But, it seemed a bit slow at some points, notably the Shy Guy section. The stop/start game really annoyed me. I think I puked a little.
  • Reddude - Ooooh, I love it. The drop was really exciting, and I didn't see the corkscrew coming. Loved it all.
  • TDAwesome15 - Simple, yet really cool effects. I liked it. I was kind of sad that the ride ended so quickly, really wanted more.
  • Aimers - I liked the storyline, really creative. The drops were suspense-filled, too. Although, I feel like it was more "ancient Greek myth" than "epic rollercoaster ride". The heat waves and snow were a little annoying to feel, too.
  • Mr. Totaldramaman - Oooh, I like how you have options. The theme is pretty creative, too. I had to ride it three times to go on all the options. My favorite was the blue one. The red one was kind of irritating, actually. After all those spins, I really didn't want to get soaked. And the orange one was just.... well, suckish. All you did was get wet at the end. The blue one was perfect, though.

Kgman04: So, Sue, who were your two least favorites?
Sue: I've got to say... Alejandrofan and MTDM.
Kgman04: Alright. And who is your choice for elimination?
Sue: You guys are both great rollercoaster designers, and I'm sure you would've done better if you had more cash, but the loser is...

Sue: Alejandrofan. I'm so sorry!
Kgman04: Well, Alfan, the fat lady has sung.
Sue: *smacks Kg into a rollercoaster ride, and presses "Go"* :@
Kgman04: X_x' Alfan, time to-- *plummets down* Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Day Eighteen - Right to Remain Violent

Day Eighteen Chat

Kgman04: Final 5! Way to go! You five have won back $350,000 each, by the way. It was going to be $250,000, but I felt bad.

TDA15: Final Fiiiiiive. And I'm winning. :D

Reddy: Yes! Final cinco! >:D

TDAddict: Cops. :3

Reddy: Cops? Where? *hides behind a bush*

TDAddict: I'm not even gonna respond to that. :|

TDA15: They're after him for the incident at the hospital. After he stopped the infected ferret with another ferret, their children inherited the infection and spread throughout the place. -w-

Aimers: 2nd? Alright :D

Challenge Eighteen

Kgman04: Every city needs a source of authority. We have police officers! Like Day 13, you'll be fixing problems. Find your task and fix it. The person who handled it the worst will be eliminated, while the others will win $200,000.

Problem #1

Kgman04: This is Reddude's task. In the pet shop, a ferret latched on to a customer's face, and they won't let go. Errr, fix it.

Reddy: O_O Oh my boxers that's bad... Um, stay calm, citizen! Let me think of something... *thinks* (I gotta go now)

Reddy: I've got it! According to my research, Ferrets are attracted to flashing lights. So, *turns off the lights takes out flashlight (either from the hospital challenge or his cop uniform, take your pick) and flashes it on and off quickly*

Ferret: *is slightly blinded* X_X *falls off*

Reddy:Yes! *puts Ferret back in cage* Yay! *turns to customer* Sorry for trouble.

Problem #2

Kgman04: This is TDAwesome's task. A female hospital patient received prune juice instead of orange juice and it throwing a tantrum. Calm her down!

TDA15: (Kg, stop posting challenges at unreasonable times >.>) Miss, miss we just need to calm down alright? The prune juice is gone, we're getting the orange juice now.


TDA15: Okay ma'am, then what can we do to fix it?

Patient: Please me! :@ Go fetch me a magazine.

TDA15: Will do. Would you like a certain one?

Patient: Yes. Teen Vogue. And hurry! I want to see Emma Stone's cameltoe.

Problem #3

Kgman04: This is MTDM's task. A person on the beach is riding their motorcycle across it, getting sand on people. Fix it!

MTDM: Excuse me, sir, please ride your vehicle spmewhre else. Thank you. :)

Dude: *ignores and rides*

MTDM: Um. You know I can arrest you, right? O_o

Dude: *shrugs and rides*

(MTDM: Okay. I gotta go. I'm probably getting eliminated tommorow, as I won't be here for 25 hours, and a few minutes, so I'm happy I made it thus far. Bye.)

Problem #4

Kgman04: A person feel off the coaster and is hanging on for dear life, Aimers! I need you to get them down ASAP.

Aimers: I love how i got the only dangerous challenge -_- well anyways....imaging to go up there to save him, but just in case, i will need to make his fall somewhat safe if he falls... *gets giant trampoline moved in by firefighters* ok step one to get him down :-/ *calls the firefighters on his phone* hi! We have an issue down at the roller coaster, can you bring one of those car things with the giant lifter things attached to it to take me up there?

Firefighters: *don't exist since there was never a fire station challenge*

Aimers: Oh.... Well Now i'm screwed -__- Well, time to go to the store... :-/

Aimers: *puts on some climbing gear* Ok Guy, I am going to get you done! * uses the other climbing gear to get on the roller coaste* Now I just need to make my way over to you D: This will be hard -__-

Aimers: *is within 10 feet of the guy* I'm coming!!!!

Aimers: *is next to the guy abd puts on a parachute* Ok I got you! put this parachute on while I hold you...Don't worry, I have you in place, Im attached to the coaster ^__^ Just take a deep breath and put the parachute on...

Guy: *hyperventilates, puts parachute on* :'(

Aimers: Ok Good! ^__^ We are almost through! Now we just need to get down...We both have a parachute on. If you pull the tab it activates, so all you have to do is drop from the coaster and pull the tab. It will keep you safe on the way down! Just to make sure you are safe, I will go at the same time as you, and if your parachute malfunctions, I will hold on...Ok ready? 1...2...3.. *jumps off coaster with guy and falls for a second* PULL THE TAB!!!! *pulls his tab* (the guys needs to pull his own tab*

Guy: *pulls tab seconds before hitting the ground*

Aimers: *reaches ground and catches guy* Don't worry I got you! * collapses under the weight* Urgh..You are heavy X__X Well, at least you are safe ^__^ Perhaps roller coasters are not your thing...

Problem #5

Kgman04: Addict, there was a huge car crash at the intersection of 18th Street and Avenue D. Sort out the issue.

TDAddict: Okay everybody, just stay calm.

People: *complain*

TDAddict: *mumbles* Of course. *regular voice* Listen everybody, problems will be solved, there is just gonna be a bit of a detour.

People: *grumbling* What kind of detour?

TDAddict: The one that means you guys get out of here faster. >.>

People: *shrug* Show us the way.

TDAddict: All everybody has to do, is turn around, and take another avenue or street to their destination, while I get this cleaned up. Got it? The part where you get out of here faster is whether you comply or not.

People: *do so*

People in the crash: *groan*

TDAddict: Now I can help you, *tries to get people out of the wreckage* Ugh, I'm not strong enough.

People in the crash: *awkwardly bleed*

TDAddict: Okay guys, move the car pieces so I can move these people.

Strong dudes: *do as they are told*

TDAddict: *moves everybody to the sidewalk*

People in the crash: *call Car Dealer to check their insurance policies (You're done. :P)*

Day Eighteen Store

Item Cost
Climbing Gear $5,000
Parachute $7,500
Strong Dudes $10,000
Truck $20,000
Bandages $69

Aimers: Can I buy climbing gear and two parachutes?

Kgman04: Transaction completed. $20,000 deducted.

TDAddict: I'd like to buy the strong dudes. :|

Kgman04: Transaction completed. $10,000 deducted.

TDAddict: I shall now buy a truck and bandages.

Kgman04: Transaction completed. $20,069 deducted.

Demand List

Aimers: A really good trampoline that can absorb the impact of a fall...

Aimers: Changed my mind...Climbing gear, parachutes,

TDAddict: Strong guys to move around the car wreckage so I can free them people. >.>

TDAddict: How about a truck and bandages.

Day Eighteen Elimination

Kgman04: We have another guest judge for this challenge! Please welcome, Poley Sawficcer!
Poley Sawficcer: 'Sup.
Kgman04: Well, Poley, how do you think everyone did?
Poley: I'mma be straight up wi'cha. Y'all all sucked. But some of y'all sucked less. *munches on donuts*
Kgman04: ......... k.
Poley: Long story short, MTDM did worst.
Kgman04: Well. Alright. Sorry, MTDM, but, it's time to go.

Day Nineteen - Public Termination

Day Nineteen Chat

Kgman04: Congrats, final four! Welcome to the quarterfinals! You've each won $200,000 additional bucks.

Reddy: Sweet! Final 4!

Challenge Nineteen

Kgman04: T.D. Metro's a big decent-sized city now. It'd be a pain to walk all the way from the beach back to your house, right? That's why cities have buses, to make it easy! Each of you will be making a bus route to go through the city. You'll each have to plan 8 bus stops. Place them strategically. Does it make more sense to put a stop in front of the Pet Shop, where people may go about once or twice a year, or the school? It's up to you. You four are fairly active, so, the challenge ends whenever you're done, which will hopefully be tonight. Here's your assignments (based on placings):

  • TDAwesome15 - The 1 Bus
  • Aimers - The 2 Bus
  • Reddude - The 3 Bus
  • TotalDramaAddict - The 4 Bus

Kgman04: Only the 3 most strategically placed bus routes will make it on the map. The worst will not, and the maker will be sent home! This'll be a close one. Make your final route look like this:

  • First Stop - 34 Street - Avenue Q
  • Second Stop - 37 Street - Avenue Q
  • Third Stop - 40 Street - Avenue R

Kgman04: Remember, that's an example, so don't go anything past 25 St and Avenue K. o_o And so on. Remember, only 8 stops.

Merge Chat

Aimers: Hmmmm...this will be a very interesting challenge :| I have to think about this a bit

Reddy: I hate this chalenge, but, here goes nothing…

  • First Stop – 9 Street – Avenue F
  • Second Stop – 9 Street – Avenue B
  • Third Stop – 1 Street – Avenue A
  • Fourth Stop – 17 Street – Avenue I
  • Fifth Stop – 6 Street – Avenue I
  • Sixth Stop – 14 Street – Avenue J
  • Seventh Stop – 3 Street – Avenue F
  • Eighth Stop – 1 Street – Avenue E

I know it’s a lot of driving, but… It’s a bustling city, what can I say? <3

TDAddict: Well...

  • First Stop - Second Street - Avenue G
  • Second Stop - Fourth Street - Avenue C
  • Third Stop - Eighth Street - Avenue C
  • Fourth Stop - Fifteenth Street - Avenue D
  • Fifth Stop - Twenty-third street - Avenue D
  • Sixth Stop - Twentieth Street - Avenue H
  • Seventh Stop - Ninth Street - Avenue K
  • Eighth Stop - Second Street - Avenue J (This is so they can you know, get to the amusement park, if you didn't know)

Aimers: Ok, this is my entry :-/ I chose everything based on where to place stops in locations where people could reach the most popular attractions based on previous challenge info within a few blocks max.

  • First Stop - 25th street - Avenue C: I chose this because it is a central place between the hospital, an E&M store, and the great beach. Three places in one, all within a max of one block...
  • Second Stop - 18th Street - Avenue C: The second stop is right on the movie theater and is also near an E&M...This was chosen because the movies are quite popular, and many people will want to go here.
  • Third Stop - 10th Street - Avenue B: The third focuses on the school, a very busy location, but even when school is over, it also is very close to an E&M store and the very popular arcade, revolutionized by the new Bong Game!
  • Fourth Stop - 3rd Street - Avenue E: The fourth stop is within a short distance between the apartment buildings, a housing development for many citizens, the bank, a place where money can be exchanged, and the team housings and restaurants. This stop is designed to take the rider very close to many important locations.
  • Fifth Stop - 1st Street - Avenue K: This stop is to the amusement park, the brand new and popular addition to the town that has become a huge part of the place! It also is near an E&M store for all those who need to buy a little supplies.
  • Sixth Stop - 7th Street - Avenue I: The sixth stop takes the rider very close to the Library, some shops, clothing stores, and the other side of the very large apartment complex so riders have access to both sides of it.
  • Seventh Stop - 16th Street - Avenue H: This stop is right next to the museum, a popular addition for scholars as well as an E&M store and the police station, for all those who need some help.
  • Eighth Stop - 23rd Street - Avenue J: This final stop concludes a couple blocks from the pet shop for all those who want a friend and also a short walk away from the other end of the beach, for those who do not like the other side. Also, this location is the closest to the first stop, making it very easy for the bus to go back to the beginning...

Essentially, my bus route is a circle path around the main parts of town and is designed to be a short ride to each location so waits on the bus or for getting on the bus will be minimal.

TDA15: I'm busy D:<

  • First stop - 4th Street, Avenue I: This stop picks up people from the apartments.
  • Second stop - 4th Street, Avenue F: Picks up more apartment people.
  • Third stop - 4th Street, Avenue D: Stops by the 3 resturaunts and an E & M store.
  • Fourth stop - 9th Street, Avenue B: Brings people to School
  • Fifth stop - 17th Street, Avenue D: Brings people to Theater
  • Sixth stop - 21st Street, Avenue H: Brings people near Radio Station, Pet Shop and E & M
  • Seventh stop - 17th Street, Avenue I: Brings to Museum
  • Eigth stop: 8th Street, Avenue I: Brings near Library, E & M, and Clothes shop

Day Nineteen Elimination

Kgman04: Oh, wow, this is.... this is a tough one. Let me break these down.

  • Reddude - You took the risk and went into an Unexplored Area, which worked in your favor, you stopped at City Hall's entrance! My only complaints are that the stops are pretty wide apart, and you didn't go as far north as I had hoped.
  • TotalDramaAddict - Yours loops a lot, and I like it. It has a really huge gap between stops 6/7 though, Other than that, great.
  • Aimers - Yours looped around the whole city, I like it. The one thing about yours that stood out was that it went the farthest north. Although, there are some wide gaps between stops. Other than that, I like it.
  • TDAwesome15 - I like the fact that it loops around the whole city. My only complaints are that between stops 7/8 and stops 4/5, those are some big gaps.

Kgman04: This is REALLY hard for me... but.... the worst line is....

Kgman04: Reddude. I'm so sorry.

Day Twenty - The Price Ain't Right

Day Twenty Chat

Kgman04: Welcome, semifinalists!

TDA15: Final 3. -w-

TDAddict: I actually survived?

Aimers: :-O

Challenge Twenty

Kgman04: Welcome! For the past nineteen days, you guys have been completing challenges non-stop. And while all of this was going on, a mini-mall was progressively being built in the northwestern edge of the city, near the beach. This mini-mall is huge. And inside it is three floors full of stores; Barstucks, E&M, Lacy's, GameStart, MCNickel, y'know, the usual. But there's something in it that makes it special - in the Food Court, there's a stage where six random customers can get up and compete in a mini-game show, to win up to $1,000 bucks. And we'll be doing that today! With three previously eliminated contestants! :D Give a warm welcome to CD-TDA, Webkinz Mania, and TDA ROCKS! Each semifinalist has been randomly assigned one of these three contestants. That contestants will represent their member in our challenge!

  • TDAwesome15 - TDA ROCKS
  • Aimers - Webkinz Mania
  • Addict - CD-TDA

Semi-Finals Chat

Kgman04: Alright. You guys will each get up on the platform. There will be an amount of money. You must choose an object that you think fits that amount of money. For example, if I say, "5 cents", you should say, "A piece of gum." The product that fits the best wins a point. The last person to get to 3 points loses the game for their semi-finalist! Any questions?

WM: I love this game. I pwn.

Rocks: (head-locks WM) Did ya miss me bud? ;)

WM: Thanks Nalyd.

Kgman04: Alright. The first amount is $20. Starting off easy.

WM: A youth-shirt.

Rocks: Hmm... a booby... trap. ;)

CD-TDA: A "Call of Duty" videogame.

Kgman04: The closest product was the Youth-Shirt, with $18! (I'm going by prices I know of. >.>) A COD videogame is $35, and when I googled "cost of a booby trap", it led me to a porn site, so I'm not risking that again. >.> Next price is $4000.

Rocks: a TV?

WM: Wow... grandfather clock. xD

CD-TDA: Er, a... bed? :'(

Kgman04: ......... WM gets the point again. :P The most expensive TV I know is that new 3D one, and it's barely over $2,700. Beds are $2,500 at most. Grandfather clocks are well over $3,000. 2-0-0. The next price is $.25.

WM: Chips.

Rocks: Dinner table.

CD-TDA: Candy.

Kgman04: WM gets the point, AGAIN. >.> Candy's 60-75 cents around here, and, Rocks, I won't get started on you. XD WM's done, his semifinalist has a ticket to the finals! :D Next price: $600.

Rocks: A golf club? o.O

CD-TDA: Erm, a videogame system?

Kgman04: It's a close one, but Rocks is actually closer. Video game systems tend to range under $400, while golf clubs can get pretty expensive. 3-1-0. Next price: $75.

CD-TDA: A chair? ._.

Rocks: a piece of gum. ;)

Kgman04: ............. CD-TDA's closer. 3-1-1. Next price is $10,000.

Rocks: My mom.

CD-TDA: A hot tub.

Kgman04: Uhhh.... CD-TDA's closer. :| 3-1-2. Next price is $1.

Rocks: Kg's mom in bed. -w-

Kgman04: Okay, CD-TDA doesn't even need to bid. >.> TDA15 is out, sorry, dude!

Day Twenty-One - Election

Day Twenty-One Chat

TDAddict: Jury vote? o.o

Aimers: If it's a jury vote, I just lost XD Well it was amazing making it here O_O I never expected it :|

Challenge Twenty-One

Kgman04: Welcome, you two. You're had fun, hopefully. :D Now, it's time to decide; which one of you will become the mayor of T.D. Metro? Like all good cities, that's decided in an election, a.k.a., a vote. EVERYONE ON THIS WIKI IS ELIGIBLE TO VOTE. :D The person with the most votes at 9PM EST on May 3rd wins the camp. Sweet, right? Feel free to post a speech underneath your section. As of now, voting is open!

Aimers' Supporters

Aimers: Ok, I am going to make this speech short and sweet. I know that Addict is an amazing user who has done AMAZING in this camp. If you support him, that is completely ok for me! He has done well, he is my close friend, and I am glad to be competing against him for the win. I know that I may seem unworthy to be the winner, but that statement would be wrong (I think XD). I have been extremely active in this camp, I have done really well in challenges, carrying my entire team for the win in the movie challenge, winning many volunteer works, and actually getting first in a couple of the sudden death challenges (Challenge 19 and Twenty according to Kg). I know I am friends with many of you, but if you support Addict, that is okay :). This is Aimers signing out :D

  1. -- Webkinz Mania (Talk | Contributions) 22:49, May 1, 2011 (UTC)
  2. --Nduke
  3. Got it memorized? Got what memorized? I have no idea. 23:06, May 1, 2011 (UTC)
  4. TDI$F was here 23:11, May 1, 2011 (UTC)
  5. I hope it's candy! Or a whole bunch of shoes! Or shoes made of candy! 23:16, May 1, 2011 (UTC)
  6. This is Bob. Bob says Hi!This is Bob hit by a Cherry Pie! 23:16, May 1, 2011 (UTC)
  7. ~Codyfan9000LANK :3 will PWN you like a n00b! 23:16, May 1, 2011 (UTC)
  8. Template:Mikeyy I'm back!!!!!! :D:D (not really :p)
  9. Leshawnafan! The featured diva of the wiki! 00:10, May 2, 2011 (UTC)
  11. Sittin in the front. Sittin in the back. Where can I sit? 02:00, May 2, 2011 (UTC)
  12. I'm new, I don't know how to make cool signatures yet... 19:57, May 2, 2011 (UTC)
  13. Jake Writer, Drawer, Friend 21:36, May 2, 2011 (UTC)
  14. Bridgette_dj10 im winning this timeee 22:18, May 2, 2011 (UTC)

TotalDramaAddict's Supporters

TDAddict: Okay, I know I'm not gonna get a lot of votes, but hear me out. I know not a lot of people liked the way I eliminated them, but I had made an alliance, and I was loyal. I was also pretty good when challenges were going on, save when my internet was down. I think I deserve to win for these reasons, vote me, thank you, don't, its alright.

  1. Wewt. WARNING: This user has a 100% chance of awesomeness! 22:49, May 1, 2011 (UTC)
  2. Lets go addict!!-Natedog14
  3. Duh. --TDAR is Excellent! ♥ 22:54, May 1, 2011 (UTC)
  4. --One by one, they’ll all go down!Trixie for Roleplay Season 4!!! 22:58, May 1, 2011 (UTC)
  5. I believe you deserve it more. Oatmeal-
  6. While both of you deserve it, I was originally in your alliance. ~ CD-TDA
  7. Team Addict Cause baby you're a firework Really you are Oh, no... 23:12, May 1, 2011 (UTC)
  8. Sure why not. --TDFan1000 Oh, you're going down! We're gonna bring the dinner to the table, and then we're gonna eat it! 23:58, May 1, 2011 (UTC)
  9. Kickin in the front seat Sittin in the back seat Which seat can I take? 00:09, May 2, 2011 (UTC)
  10. Rocks ruined our chances for a WW Final 2, but we can still have a WW mayor. Le's go Addict! TDA15 is cool 01:39, May 2, 2011 (UTC)
  11. Since everyone is eligible to vote, I felt 'why not'? You may not have reached a million, but you did win more challenges, so here you go. -Koops
  12. You were a threat, and nobody got rid of you when they could. You deserve it for winning the most, and for not getting eliminated even though you were the strongest competetor. No Need to Fear! Mr. E is here!! 17:42, May 2, 2011 (UTC)
  13. walks in randomly* Addict is kewl. *leaves randomly* I like girls who are hot hot hot better than girls who are not not not 19:22, May 2, 2011 (UTC)
  14. TEAMNOAH!@#

Day Twenty-One Results

Kgman04: Okay, erm, after a rather strange request, it seems that neither of our potential mayros want to win, but they want to govern the city together as co-hosts! So, uhhhh, congratulations, Aimers and TotalDramaAddict win T.D. Metro - City of Drama! :D Chat here if you want.


TDF: I should have won but whatever, congrats.

Snow: Plz name it Snow City!

WM: Can I have SOME money or a role? *cough AIM cough*

TDAddict: Oh yeah, Aimers, what should we name this city?

WM: *cough*

Aimers: :-@ @Addict. Ummm maybe? @Snow. Yes, I bestow 100,000 dollars to you WM for taking me to the finals XD...How about AIMERSVILLE DX

WM: Agreed. And thanks. :)



TDAddict: Aimers and I have decided to name our city TotalDramaAimers City, it may not be the best name, but it fits. Now you may live in the city. :3

Aimers :D WE NOW OWN YOU...I mean, enjoy the city :D

Alfan:Yeah, I sucked, I am gonna just take my PS4 and my empty wallet and leave TDAimers City, forever, and ride off dramatically into the sunset, bye, all! ;(

TDAddict: No, Alfan, you are forced to stay here. >.>


Alfan: Goodbye, TDISF!*leaves TDAimers City forever*

Mrodd\: Gratz to the winner <3 <3 <3

Mr. E: *everyone has already walked away* Hello? Anyone there? Hello.......? *fade to black* (xD)

WM: Chat it up. :@

TDAddict: Residen

Aimers: We should all go to the motel ^__^

City Records

T.D. Metro - City of Drama Records
Place Contestant Challenges Money
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21
4 Reddude Debuts in Day Eleven IN WIN WIN IN WIN WIN IN IN OUT $719,399
6 Alejandrofan3000 IN IN IN IN IN IN WIN IN IN IN WIN IN IN IN IN WIN OUT $500
Bridgette dj10 IN IN IN IN IN IN WIN IN IN IN LOW IN WIN IN IN OUT $365,462
Oatmeal- Debuts in Day Eleven IN IN OUT $172,449
13 Dakotacoons WIN IN IN IN IN WIN IN IN WIN WIN IN OUT $333,973
14 Webkinz Mania IN IN IN IN IN IN WIN IN IN IN OUT $477,505
18 Bbhinton15 IN LOW IN IN IN IN WIN OUT
20 First123 WIN IN LOW IN IN OUT
TotalDramaFan1000 WIN IN IN IN IN OUT
22 Mister.. E. IN IN LOW IN OUT
11347 WIN IN OUT
Platypus09 IN IN OUT
26 SethAllred343 WIN OUT
28 Teamnoah123 OUT
Snowgirl57 OUT

     [NAME]: This resident was on the Window Washers, and made it to the merge.

     [NAME]: This resident was on the Patrolling Pedestrians, and made it to the merge.

     [NAME]: This resident was on the Crazed Citizens, and made it to the merge.

     [NAME]: This resident debuted into the game at the merge, and was never placed on a team.

     [NAME]: This resident was placed on the Window Washers.

     [NAME]: This resident was placed on the Patrolling Pedestrians.

     [NAME]: This resident was placed on the Crazed Citizens.

     WIN: This resident was on the winning team for that challenge.

     IN: This resident's team came in second place, and was not forced to go to elimination.

     IN: This resident was declared safe at elimination.

     LOW: This resident received the second-most votes at elimination.

     OUT: This resident was voted off or eliminated.