What if...the game we all played, had been different?

Hosted by: TF and Mabel


  • Please don't complain if your character dies.
  • If they guess the killer wrong in the trial, everyone dies but the killer.
  • If you wish to kill someone, please tell either TF or I in private message on the chat, explain how/where they died, who killed them, and provide clues so not everyone will be completely lost.
  • To find clues, users must manually search the areas like: *looks under bed*, although some clues will be there, without any searching required.

Sign-Ups: (CLOSED)

Sayaka Maizono - Super High School Level Idol - Dianted 1st killed by (Makoto Naegi)

Mukuro Ikusaba - Super High School Level Soldier (masquerading as Junko Enoshima, Super High School Level Fashion Model) - Wes Holden 3rd killed by (Kyouko Kirigiri)

Leon Kuwata - Super High School Level Baseballer - TF Graduated from Hope's Peak Academy.

Chihiro Fujisaki - Super High School Level Programmer - Gwopher

Mondo Oowada - Super High School Level Gang Leader - Wes Holden 5th "killed" by (Hifumi Yamada)

Kiyotaka Ishimaru - Super High School Level Hall Monitor - Your favourite prefect

Hifumi Yamada - Super High School Level 2D Artist - XxSolarEclipsexX 6th Executed: Magical Garment Boy

Celestia Ludenburg - Super High School Level High Roller - DerpyandDawn

Sakura Oogami - Super High School Level Fighter - DerpyandDawn 7th killed by (Leon Kuwata)

Kyouko Kirigiri - Super High School Level ???? - Tikkibikki 4th Executed: Firey Business

Makoto Naegi - Super High School Level Luckster - Your favourite luckster 2nd Executed: Makoto Naegi Da

Yasuhiro Hagakure - Super High School Level Clairvoyant - TF

Byakuya Togami - Super High School Level Heir - Dianted

Touko Fukawa/Genocider Syo - Super High School Level Writer (Fukawa)/ Serial Killer (Syo) - XxSolarEclipsexX

Aoi Asahina - Super High School Level Swimming Pro - Tikkibikki 8th killed by (Leon Kuwata)

ElectroID Cases

File 1: The Murder of Sayaka Maizono

  • Victim: Sayaka Maizono
  • Scene of the Crime: Celes and Maizono's dormitory
  • Approximate Time of Death: 9:30pm
  • Murder Weapon: Murumasa Sword
  • Clues:
    • Sword planted under pillow
    • Monobear's entrance testimony
    • Prizes from machine
    • Wounds on the corpse
    • Playing card
    • Broken crystal ball

File 2: The Murder of Mukuro Ikusaba

  • Victim: Mukuro Ikusaba
  • Scene of the Crime: Kirigiri and Mukuro's dormitory
  • Approximate Time of Death: 4:20am
  • Murder Weapon: Dumbbell
  • Clues:
    • Asahina's missing slacks
    • Bloodstained bathing suit
    • Broken door lock
    • Donut crumbs
    • Hair ties
    • Marks in blood trail
    • Boots
    • Location of murder weapon

File 3: The Murder of Mondo Oowada

  • Victim: Mondo Oowada
  • Scene of the Crime: Third Floor Classroom
  • Approximate Time of Death: 3:30pm
  • Murder Weapon: Falling desk
  • Clues:
    • Pencil stab wounds
    • Crucified body
    • Head wound
    • Table in the center of the class.
    • Pool of blood.
    • Letter
    • Grease over things
    • Genocider Syo fact book
    • Rope around class, from ceiling too
    • Flattened Mondo back

File 4: The Murders of Sakura Oogami & Aoi Asahina

  • Victims: Sakura Oogami & Aoi Asahina
  • Scene of the Crime: Asahina and Sakura's dormitory
  • Approximate Time of Death: 12:01 AM
  • Murder Weapons: Monobear Glass Bottle & Knife
  • Clues:
    • Orange Hair
    • Purple-Brown Hair
    • Torn White Clothing
    • Blood Trail
    • Togami's Book
    • Monobear Bottle Glass
    • Used, Old Playing Card
    • Knife
    • Maroonish Shoe

File 5: The Murder of ???

  • Victim: ???
  • Scene of the Crime: Greenhouse
  • Approximate Time of Death: 10:36 AM.
  • Murder Weapon: Dumbbell
  • Clues:


# Contestant D1 D2 - The Trial D3 D4 - The Trial D5 D6 - The Trial D7 D8 - The Trial D9 D10 - The Trial
1st Junko Enoshina INJURED GRADUATED
14th Mukuro Ikusaba ALIVE ALIVE KILLED
15th Makoto Naegi ALIVE EXECUTED
16th Sayaka Maizono KILLED

Theme Song:

In order of seen:

Makoto Naegi

Leon Kuwata/Sayaka Maizono

Chihiro Fujisaki/Kiyotaka Ishimaru

Mondo Oowada/Hifumi Yamada

Yasuhiro Hagakure/Mukuro Ikusaba (as Junko Enoshima)

Aoi Asahina/Sakura Oogami


Toko Fukawa/Byakuya Togami

Celestia Ludenburg/Kyouko Kirigiri


Maizono: I'm totes perf!

Togami: No you're not, peasant. 

Maizono: I'm totes scared. >.>

Togami: You should be, you poor freak.

Maizono: You make me sick. >.>

Togami: Go get Obama Care to take care of you then, poorbie.

???: die

Fujisaki: No! We must keep at peace!

???: OK shut up, anyway welcome- here we kill-

Fujisaki: We can't kill! It won't keep us at peace!

???: And what happens if you annoy me too much...*grabs hammer and hits a button*

*Everyone is watching from bleachers as Fujisaki appears on the screen*

-Super Fujisaki Bros.-

Fujisaki: *is in a 8-bit sidescrolling game and sees multiple 8-bit ???'s behind him* No! Please! *tries to run, but is eventually caught and beaten to death and "Game Over" appears on the screen, written with Fujisaki's blood*

Asahina: Hey guys, got any Donuts?

Kirigiri: ....

???: Understood- good!

Fukawa: Ahhhh! *faints*

Hagakure: *disturbed* Woah, dude that's like...woah!

???: I need to go set-up some stuff, so mingle around here- don't try to escape, unless you want to end up dead like Fujisaki!

Owsaba: What just happened

Ishimaru: F-fujisaki!

Maizono: He wouldn't have died if he would have been fabulous like moi!

Monokuma: Ooh, you ba***rds! Might want to go explore the place. But remember, they only way out of here is to kill... upupupupupu!

Maizono and Celes's room

Maizono: Who's you!? And why you up in mah room!? >.>

Celestia : This is my place b**** I'll f*** you up unless you get the f*** out of room do you really want to get executed?

Maizono: Shut up wh***! Do you really wanna die today? :)

Celestia : Shut up d*** I'll f*** you up you st*pid little bas**** I'll make you get executed no matter what peice of s***

Maizono: You'll die... promise. Whether I do it or not... you will... die. 

Celestia : Please this b**** isn't going anywhere!!

Maizono: That's what you think.

???: *appears while Maizono is sleeping and grabs their muramasa sword, but first duct tapes Maizono's mouth. Then they stab Maizono and she begins to cough out blood. They then slit her throat half way and let blood squirt onto the floor, where Maizono quickly goes pale and dies of bloodloss. They quickly leave a playing card, as if it had fallen from their pocket. They, however step on the blood on their way out, leaving tracks past Oowada & Ishimaru's room, but it then fades away*

Tomagi: *Walks by* Where's my sweater? I thought for sure it was right-- *Looks over and sees Maizono all bloody and dead* Ugh... orgh... somebody! Clean up in bedroom here! Ew! Auw! Why the-- ew!

Fukawa: *Chases Togami* B-byakuya Sama? W-what is it? *looks at the corpse, and faints*

Yamada: Is this were my douji- AHHH!

Leon: Wassu- *sees Maizono's dead body and ends up running away*

Monobear: Upupupupu, looks like you b***ards discovered a corpse. After some investigating, we will begin our class trial to determine who the killer is...

Leon: *comes back because he forgot his baseball and sees the playing card and puts it in his pocket because no one else will gather a clue* Huh...*sees the blood footprints and then runs away disturbed*

Oowada and Ishimaru's room

???: *the crystal ball falls as he passes the room and breaks*

Yamada: Hmmm, interesting. *investigates the crystal ball*

Mondo: A smashed crystal ball nice

Togami and Naegi's room

Naegi: Hey...

Togami: Don't talk to me, freak.

Naegi: ... that's not very nice...

Togami: What... ever.

???: *leave the muramasa sword underneath Togami's pillow and then sneaks away to see if anyone has followed him*

Fukawa: *sneaks into the bedroom when Togami isn't there because idiot Naegi left the door open, and sniffs his pillow* Byakuya-sama... :) *notices the sword*

Leon and Yamada's room

Leon: *still scarred from Fujisaki's death* What the h***!

Yamada: I know! D: It was much like this manga I edited...

Asahina and Sakura's room

Asahina: Donuts!!!!! 

Mukuro and Fukawa's room

Fukawa: *glares at her* F-fake b****...

Junko: i doent know who this Mukro is but lets find a clue

Hagakure's Room

Hagakure: Woah, dude, a room to myself! *naps almost immediately*

???: *has been there all night and takes the crystal ball in the room and walks away*

Monokuma Store

Monokuma: You all get one coin! Buy from here and you get something probably pointless! Upupupupu! It'll be selected randomly!

Togami: I don't have the time to carry around some worthless coin. *Inserts coin*

Maizono: Okay, sounds... cool? *Inserts coin*

*The items you receive will be told to you in PM*

Naegi: Maybe I'll be lucky *inserts coin*

Togami: Pathetic items. Just, useless junk. Ugh.

Maizono: I got me, some glasses. Nice. *Puts glasses on* I'm cool. Well actually, I'm hot... but that's not what I meant... or is it...?

Hagakure: Woaah! *inserts coin*

Celestia : *Enters Coin*

Sakura : I like trains! *Inserts Coin*

Yamada: Let's hope I get Doki Doki Princess Warfare... *inserts coin*

Fukawa: *inserts coin*

Monokuma: YOU ALL GOT YOUR ITEMS! Upupupupupu! Night time! Lights out!


Kirigiri: Not having a Bedroom was a bit of a pain....

Asahina: *eating a donut*

Mondo: This place sucks

Junko: but its so Pretty

Class Trial

  • The fourteen students are brought into the courtroom, and stand at their designated podium things*

Monokuma: Upupupu, welcome to the class trial, you b***ards. One of you here killed Maizono, and it's up to you to put the clues together and find out who did it. If you guess correctly, the killer is promptly executed! :D But if you guess wrong, the killer graduates, and all the blackened are executed instead! Let's begin, and why don't we start with the murder weapon?

Hagakure: Like, what could it be, dudes?

Junko: like what was it

Togami: As if I care, all I saw was her bloody body-- ew.

Yamada: She was clearly stabbed, and there was duct tape over her mouth... I clearly think something is going on here, and it couldn't have been me, as I'm not interested in that kind of stuff with 3d girls...

Leon: Uh, hey, bear thing, don't we get any clues or something?

Monokuma: You ba***rds were supposed to search for them...

Mondo I didn't see anything. Just a crystal ball that was smashed to bits in my room

Leon: Hey! I found a playing card- and the only person I know who has these is Celes!

Yamada: Yes, I definitely noticed that too! It was Hagakure's! Also, didn't the blood tracks stop there?  @Mondo

Fukawa: We should move onto the... m-murder weapon...

Hagakure: Woah! My crystal ball- well, it's right here dudes! *tries to pull it out, but doesn't see him with him* Woah! Where could it have gone, dudes?

Leon: I still stand by the playing card I found...though that Hagakure hint is fishy too.

Mondo: Does anyone even know what the weapon should be how we start this

Togami: Wait a minute... stabbed? Duct tape? Playing card? Bloody footsteps, and something else that aligns perfectly... well, I have 2 ideas of who might be the killer... but I won't say anything unless we're cleary lost. 

Yamada: Onto something useful, Maizono had a cut throat and stab wounds. Clearly a knife killed her, just like that manga I edited...

Junko: Well that sounds right to me. But I'm lost who murdered who

Fukawa: Under Byakuya-samas pillow... I found a sword. He would never kill, someone is trying to frame him to ruin my chances, because you think I'm u-ugly...

Leon: The h*** did they even find the weapon to kill someone with?

Yamada: There are no possible weapons here! It must have come from the monomachine! That is where I got my heels from! Madoka wears those!

Togami: Wait, the playing card apparently belongs to Celes, and I heard a lot of bickering between her and Maizono while I was taking my two-minute jog... we may have something here.

Mondo: Trying to get the attention of themselves by "faking" an attempt to find the killer most likely. Togami really you dont just find a murder weapon

Fukawa: T-togamisama! If Yamada is right... the killer could only be someone who went to the machine... Togami would never kill anyone...

Leon: Well, if there's no other way, the killer did have to go to the machine! Which clears about half...?

Togami: Mondo... did I ask for you to speak?

Mondo: I can talk if I want too Togami

Yamada: This means the murder can only be either Togami, Hagakure, Celes, Naegi, Fukawa, Sakura  and I... 

Hagakure: The person must have gotten lucky, dudes. Well, until now, if they're executed.

Togami: No you can't, Mondo. Now scurry off, or I'll have to sue you. And ha! Celes appears again! 

Yamada: We have progress. The weapon was obviously the sword Fukawa found under Togami's pillow, and we already have our suspects! *lifts high heels* I got these from the monobear thing! I will treasure this merchandise for good.

Fukawa: I g-got scissors... *looks away from everyone*

Hagakure: I got a pizza, dudes! *pulls out smelly pizza* Yummilicious, am I right, dudes?

Mondo: Well Who owned a crystal ball again whoses glass is all over my bedroom floor, oh thats right its Hagakure

Fukawa: M-monokuma... one can only get into someone's elses d-dorm with their permission... right?

Monokuma: Eyyup! Unless you have their key, or the door is left open, the owner can only let you in with their permission!

Togami: EXACTLY! Celes had to do it!

Hagakure: Man, that's how they must have gotten my crystal ball! I left my door open and took a nap. Awesome nap, too.

Leon: Hold up! They could have gotten lucky and found the key, Togami! Don't count it out of this. Plus, Maizono could have left the door open...or something.

Mondo: Celes could of left the door open. I heard there argument and her storming out

Togami: Well, when I went by the door was closed. And I don't remember anyone storming out.

Fukawa: N-naegi could've been the only one who planted the sword, T-togami sama... You are smarter than... hiding it there... <3

Hagakure: Could be, dude. I was napping, so I didn't hear anything, but someone telling me to get in the spaceship and abducting my cheeseburger in a dream! *to Mondo*

Junko: all I know is that I'm too beatuiful to be a murderer.

Leon: It could be antenna hair...explains all the potential luck, maybe.

Togami: We're getting no where talking about ugly girls and dreams.

Mondo: I heard Screaming and yelling and then there was nothing. Then after a while someone smashed a craystla ball outsid my freakin door

Yamada: So Naegi tried to pin the murder on Celes AND Togami? Are you sure he's not a manga character? Look at his ahoge! 

Fukawa: E-exactly...

Junko: togami who are you calling Ugly

Togami: You, you Obama Care loving psycho.

Yamada: WE have a trial! And we might have the suspect, so quit fighting! Save the catfights for later. ;) Imma need some inspiration for this new doujinshi...

Leon: It makes some sense and then stealing Hagakure's stupid crystal ball could give him some edge on dropping it, in case he made the evidence too obvious...what the heck, Naegi?!

Monokuma: So have you figured it out? Or would you ba**rds like more time to discuss? Whatever the reason... hurry it up, stop the drama and decide on a killer! *eats honey*

Mondo: the consenses in Naegi I think

Leon: Yeah, that's my new opinion, anyway. Seriously, what the heck Naegi?

Fukawa: You m-monster... Naegi... you killed her! And tried to frame my prince...

Hagakure: And me, and Celes, dude!

Togami: I guess it makes sense, that Naegi is the killer. She (I think) was very smart, making it so easy to skip right over her (I think) and the blame to be put on Celes. And thanks, Fukawa?

Naegi: H-hold on guys. What about Fukawa's scissors? Couldn't she have used them?

Fukawa: ...

Yamada: She could have! A sword isn't very practical... 

Leon: Hold up! The blood footprints looked like tennis shoes, which only a few of us have- and that's not Fukawa!

Fukawa: Y-yeah... 

Yamada: She could have taken someone's shoes!

Naegi: And she's pretty quiet. She could easily sneak into someone's room to steal them

Hagakure: Yeah, dude! Though, didn't Yamada say somethin' was going on with Maizono with the duct tape? Why would a girl do that?

Fukawa: Only one of you d-disgusting men could even think about something like t-that... besides, I'm loyal to my prince...

Naegi: What if you put it under the wrong pillow though

Mondo: Just stick to our gut and choose Naegi. He had a motive, oppurtunity and no alaebi.

Naegi: And what would my motive be then?

Yamada: But Naegi, all the evidence points to you! But if you want to prove your innocence, show us what you got from the machine...

Mondo: Your motive is to fram Celese. You wnat Celese to die so your framed her in this murder. thats your motive.

Naegi: How is that a proper motive though?

Mondo: it was either you or Hagakure. His shettered crystal ball was found over at the flight of the ???

Hagakure: I told you dudes, I got a pizza. *about to take a bite but notices anchovies* Sick, dudes!

Naegi: Hagakure stated earlier that his room was open. Anyone could have taken it.

Yamada: *shows heels* These are mine!

Fukawa: *reveals scissors nervously*

Yamada: ... Show us, Naegi.

Naegi: I got a pack of Greaspuds. I don't like them so I left them in the cafeteria for whoever wanted them

Yamada: There were none of those! I would know, as I'm always in the kitchen!

Fukawa: Don't lie Naegi...

Naegi: I'm not lying!

Yamada: You killed her and did stuff to her! Don't lie!

Naegi: I didn't do anything! I don't even have a motive for this!

Yamada: You wanted to escape! And we knew you loved Maizono, who even likes 3d girls anyway, so you killed her to make us not suspect you!

Leon: Plus wouldn't this be your cheesy hope, anyway?

Mondo: Fukawa though is the only person that had access to all the evidence before it was evicdence. The sord to stab her, The sizzors to slit her throat, the crytal ball. EVERYTHING

Yamada: Interesting...

Fukawa: D:

Ishimaru: We don't want to make a mistake, so let's think about Fukawa

Yamada: Mondo, I was the one who found the crystal ball... *chuckles*

Leon: I still stand by the tennis shoe theory...

Ishimaru: Couldn't Fukawa have stolen someone else's shoes though?

Yamada: Back onto the weapon, her scissors couldn't have been the weapon! Judging by her scissors she showed us, they are two thin as compared to Maizono's cut and stab! Naegi is still the one who hasn't shown us his weapon which stabbed into her! *giggles*

Naegi: Neither has Sakura or Celes

Fukawa: They aren't s-suspects...

Yamada: Show us, Naegi! Clear yourself!

Junko: Naegi.... your a murderer

Naegi: I told you what I got already...

Yamada: You're lying! Without visual proof, it's wrong! I have been in the cafeteria all the time, and you've barely shown up!

Naegi: Do you have any proof I'm the killer then? Because "Without visual proof, it's wrong!"

Yamada: You killed Maizono with a sword, as it is the only weapon we know of that even could be used which fits the wounds, you won't show us what you got, you are the only one who could have planted the sword under Togami's pillow, and you make up lies! And the footprints fit you! Naegi, you killed her!

Leon: Naegi, stop being such a wuss and man up to it.

Naegi: Fukawa could have easily done it as well, especially if Celes got the sword. She could have used it to kill Maizono and then tried to frame me, but put it under Togami's pillow because she didn't know which bed was whose. She's quiet enough to sneak around and get Hagakure's crystal ball as well. And she easily could have stolen someone's shoes.

Yamada: Fukawa could have instantly known who's pillow it was...

Fukawa: Because I can detect his scent from miles away... <3

Hagakure: Plus, everyone has had their items to present, dude.

Leon: Everyone besides you, Sakura, and Celes.

Fukawa: I was in my r-room with Junko all night... Don't judge me, Togami sama! D:

Celestia : I got a pocket knife with butter but I'm glad that excuse for a f***ing student he needed to Die that b***erd 

Sakura : I like donuts I got a donut :)

Yamada: Which means you did have the sword!

Fukawa: W-which is bloodstained...

Yamada: Naegi, you are the killer!

Leon: Fess up, Naegi.

Naegi: I-I-I'm not the killer...

Hagakure: Come on dude, we know it's you.

Naegi: ...

Monokuma: Hurry up, I'm getting bored.

Naegi: If you really think it's me... you should go through the events of the murder once more...

Yamada: First, you had gotten the sword out of the machine from monobear, and thought you could penetrate someone with it... Afterwards, due to your relationship with Maizono, you thought it would be smart to kill her as no one would suspect you. You sneak into Hagakure's room when he left the door open and stole his crystal ball, smashed it in Mondo's room when he was off somewhere... Then you snuck out Celes's card, and prepared to do your deed. After getting invited into Maizono's room when Celes wasn't there, probably gambling, you slashed her throat, stabbed her, but duct taping her mouth so no one could hear her screams... You then left Celes's card there, and walk off, but leaving bloodmarks by Oowada and Ishi's room, to which you took off your shoes so they would stop, making it look like the culprit resided there. After returning to your room, you carefully placed it under Byakuya's pillow to make it look like it was his... So it has to be you, Makoto Naegi!

Naegi: ... Monokuma... start the votes...

Monokuma: Why not? I'm ready for punishment time!

  • Asahina:
  • Celes: Naegi probably can't even gamble what a f***ing loser 
  • Oowada: Naegi
  • Sakura: I think it's the cheese burger but since people are voting Naegi I vote him to :3 #Body Slam
  • Fukawa: Naegi
  • Naegi: Fukawa
  • Kirigiri:
  • Togami: That peasant, Naegi
  • Yamada: Naegi
  • Junko: Naegi
  • Leon: Naegi
  • Ishimaru: Naegi
  • Swagakure: Cheeseburger

Fukawa: M-monster, Naegi!

Ishimaru: Why Naegi!

Monokuma: *a machine then shows Naegi's picture after rolling through everyone, with a guilty sign on it* Upupupupu, it turns out Naegi was the killer!

Fukawa: But why?

Naegi: ... I wanted to know if my family was safe... Monokuma could've done anything to them...

*Naegi is dragged away*

Execution 2: Makoto Naegi Da

*Naegi is in a room filled with school desks. In the center is a large conveyor belt where his desk is located. As he sits there, it goes backwards towards the end of the room. Behind him at the end of the conveyor belt is a large block resembling a trash compactor that slams down every few seconds intending to crush whatever is underneath. Above is a television showing Monokuma's face on it. As his desk moves backwards, Monokuma dressed as a teacher appears in front of him and attempts to teach him a lesson in class. Naegi then looks back and shouts Maizono's name and forgiveness of Lady Luck and falls into the incinerator, taking hours to burn alive, before dying*

Floor 1


Yamada: *adjusts glasses* So we are here!

Chirhiro: *nods* So we are 

Yamada: *rummages through the pantry, pulling out some chips in the progress* Oh, uh, want anything?

Chihiro: Oh, no thankyou! I fed myself quite well in the infirmary, so no need to bother about me!

Yamada: In that case... *pours an entire pack of chips into his mouth*

Hagakure: Is there anything here, dudes? *looks around*

  • A cheeseburger is seen on the counter.

Hagakure: You came back for me, dude! *takes his cheeseburger and heads to the pool*

Laundry Room

An unknown identity stops by here, leaving something by the washing machine. 

Togami: Finally, somewhere private, I should be able to figure out some of those entries I found in that book now. *Starts walking around, thinking, and then notices something by the washing machine*

  • A wet bathing suit is seen, covered in pure pink blood.

Togami: Bathing suit? Well, there's only one person I know who loves swimming. But, let's investigate the pool area first, before I make an incorrect decision, if I am ever incorrect that is. *Exits*

Changing Room



Celes & Fukawa's Room

Celestia : Hmmmm should I go gamble

Fukawa: I w-won't let her escape... 

Celestia : Won't let who escape?

Fukawa: *gaps* N-nothing, you don't care... you just t-think I'm ugly... you wish I died like everyone else wants!

Mukuro & Kirigiri's Room

Kirigiri: Tell me a bit about your modeling career

Kirigiri: well fine...*leaves slamming the door*

An unknown figure enters the room. After exiting, a stretch of blood is across the ground, and Mukuro lies lifeless against the wall, with a giant wound on her head, and a pink hair tie lies loose in the area.

The room has two bed's, one belonging to Kirigiri and Mukuro each, a cupboard, desk, and lamp but there is also a corpse and a blood trail. One may search for clues at their will.

Kirigiri: O_O *runs over and tries to shake her awake*

Hagakure: *knocks on the door* Junko, dudette! *it opens and he sees Mukuro's dead body* What- AHHHHH!

Leon: What is it Hagakure- *sees Mukuro's dead body and his face turns pale from fright* Woah...

Fukawa: B-blood... *faints

The room has two bed's, one belonging to Kirigiri and Mukuro each, a cupboard, a door, desk, and lamp but there is also a corpse and a blood trail. One may search for clues at their will.

Monokuma: Upupupu, looks like you ba***rds have come across a dead body. Following a brief period of investigation, we will commence our SCHOOL TRIAL!

Kirigiri: *gathers her composure* ok how did the killer get in here *investigates the door*

  • The door lock is busted somehow.

Kirigiri: Ok so before I leave *inspects corpse*

  • Junko's hair seems to be... almost as if... it's about to fall off? Also there's a hairtie... 

Yamada: A hair tie? Hmm... *pokes Junko, and her wig falls off* WWHAAAAA!

Leon: *heads back and sees Junko without her wig* What... *looks away, disturbed and looks in Mukuro's cupboard*

  • It's empty.

Leon: There's gotta be something here...maybe. *looks at Mukuro's desk*

  • It's empty.

Togami: Has to be clues-- wha!? *Sees dead Junko and her wig* Ew. Blood everywhere. Hmmmm, oh a pink hair tie. This is starting to make a little sense... or is it?

Fukawa: *staring at Togami, drooling*

Leon: *examines Mukuro's lamp*

  • Yeah there's really nothing there.

Togami: Fukawa, go do something else, other than staring at me for a change.

Leon: Uh, yeah, wasn't really expecting anything there. *checks Mukuro's bed*

  • A pair of bloodstained boots are seen under it, with the bottom covered in red blood

Fukawa: *gasps* O-oh, Byakuya sama... yes... *walks off*

Leon: *sees the bloodstained boots* Hmm...don't Kirigiri & Junko both wears boots...?

Monokuma: Upupupu, we will begin the class trial shortly!

Togami & Swagakure's Room

Hagakure: *Cheeseburger is abducted* NO, YOU NEVER LOVED MEEEEEE! *Cries*

Fukawa: *sneaks in room*

Togami: Cheeseburgers? The hell... I'm out. I have more important things to be doing than staying here with you, uneducated fool. *Leaves, and shuts door behind him*

Leon & Oowada's Room

  • A photo is on the floor, where Maizono, Naegi and Chihiro are seen together in a classroom, smiling. Naegi and Maizono have their arms around each other.

Kirigiri: *find the photo* how peculiar

Ishimaru & Yamada's Room

Yamada: *opens the door, allowing Chihiro inside* You're gonna' be impressed. 

Chirhiro: I bet I will!

Yamada: *flips open one of his notebooks, but it was inappropriate drawings, and his face goes red* Ahh! Not this one! *flips to another page, which shows something he's been working on* This is Mirakarun! She's a princess, engaging in battle with Mahiru, the evil instra-grammer!

Chihiro: Ohhh! She sounds... hm, fun? 

Yamada: Exactly! *stomach grumbles* I'm starved...

Chihiro: Come to think of it, so am I! Perhaps we should head over to the Kitchen? I mean if thats whats ok with you...

Yamada: I could do with some chips. 

Chihiro: Shall we go then? *gestures to the door*

Yamada: S-sure! *exits*

Asahina & Sakura's Room

Floor 2



Asahina: *swims to the edge of the pool, grabs a donut and starts eating*

A large pool of blood is seen with a trail of blood leading through the academy. A dumbbell is seen, completely bloodstained, and various donut crumbs are in the area. Look for clues?

Leon: *walks by the pool, watching his back*

  • He is met with what I just said in bold, because he's an incompetent f***ing idiot.

Togami: *Walks in quietly, and whispers to himself* Leon? What the hell... anyway, hmmm.... dumbbell... donut crumbs... Asahina's right there eating one... but I won't be tricked that easily. I thought for sure it was Celes the whole time, last time, so I have to gather some more evidence before I do anything. *Exits*

Leon: *Looking at the clues intently* ...Hmm...*walks away, trying to put the puzzle together in his mind*

Hagakure: *looks at the dumbbell* Woah, bro! How did the blood even get here if the murder was in a room!?

Asahina: *walks in then dives into the pool and starts swimming* swimming calms my nerves

Hagakure: *looks at the trail of blood, not seeing Asahina* Should I like, follow it or something...

  • Put the bong down, and take a closer look at the trail

Hagakure: *bends down and looks at the trail, closer*

  • Shoeprints are seen, but they don't seem to resemble regular prints from shoes.

Hagakure: Those don't look like regular shoeprints, woah!

Changing Rooms

Ishimaru: *tries to open the boy's door* Hmmm?

Monokuma: Remember your electro-ids? You must scan them in order to enter the right bathroom! If you try to get into the other bathroom, this gattling gun will turn you bas***ds into swiss cheese! Only guys can enter the male changerooms, and vice versa!

Ishimaru: *uses electro-id on the door and enters*

Leon: *uses his Electro-ID on the door and enters*

Togami: Let's see if anything suspicious is in here. *Uses Electro-ID on the door and enters*

Leon :*looks around for clues near here**

  • F*** off there are no clues like seriously.

Leon: *heads back to the bedroom where the murder took place*

Fukawa: *opens the door to the female, forgetting to scan her card* Byakuyasama will be so proud if I find helpful evidence... *thinks* W-wait, don't I u-usally need to s-scan?

Monokuma: In the case of a murder, all important rooms will be unlocked for everyine during investigations...


Ishimaru: *looks around the room* Up to standards

Leon: *Scans the area, still watching his back out of fright*

Togami: Ugh... *Looks around for clues*

Leon: Huh...*goes back to the changing room entrance to look*

  • There's no clues here, gtfo 

Togami: I saw a dumbbell that had blood stains on it near the pool area, but all of them seem to be here, so that must mean the killer is a female and took it from the girl's room, or a guy was able to get his hands on a female Electro-ID card... hmm... or does that even match up? Whatever. *Exits*


A dumbbell is missing from the room.

Asahina: *walks from the pool, opens her locker, looks inside but her slacks arent there*

Fukawa: *enters* Isn't there usually a dumbbell here? It has to have been the murder weapon... which means...


Yamada: *looking through the shelves* Where's all the manga? D:

Togami: *Enters* Hmph. *Walks around looking through random books* Interesting. Mmhm.

Yamada: *looks through the archives, and notices a certain book* :O

Togami: *Sets down his last book* Hmm... very interesting. But I should wait as it may make some sense later. *Exits*

Fukawa: *follows Togami, drooling*


Monokuma: We found Chihiro Fujisaki still living- that lucky b*****d- so they shall be at the infirmary! Upupupupupu!

CoryFujisaki in the House Infirmary

Yamada: *walks in* Chihiro? You're alive? :O

Chihiro: *slowly sits up slightly struggling* heh *rubs head* I guess it seems so?

Yamada: *slightly nervous* I never often talk to girls of a three dimensional caliber... 

Chihiro: *smiles and looks to her side nervously* I guess I could say the same *bites her lip and slightly shrugs*

Yamada: *gasps* W-what? Aren't you popular? :O *shrugs* Well, every woman is a mystery to me!

Chihiro: *giggles* Depends on what you consider popular...

Yamada: But you're kind of cute... *slightly blushes* Well, for a real girl and all! Don't get the wrong impression, I've already got my waifus in line! *smiles firmly at her, proud*

Chihiro: Well thankyou! *looks at him smiling* and I bet you do *slightly giggles*

Yamada: Uh... *nervous, and shares eye contact with Chihiro* Why don't you come and see my wicked manga drawings! No strings attatched, of course! Princess Warfare is just amazing! I even have the collectors heels. *fangirling*

Chihiro: *gently claps her hands together happily* I'd love to!

Yamada: Are you fine to walk? Or shall I prove my manliness, and carry you there? *wipes sweat off his face, even though he just stood up*

Chihiro: *shakes her head politely * Lucky for me, my legs are doing alright *slowly gets up off the bed* *she heads for the exit but turns back around to Yamada* but thankyou for the offer *she nods*

Yamada: S-sure! *chuckles, rubbing the back of his head, then straightens up* Let us go! *walks to the exit, slightly tired out and heads to his bedroom*

Chihiro: *follows behind* *looks around the hallways* Where is the others?

Yamada: *panting* They are probably chilling somewhere!

Chihiro: Oh ok! How have they been?

Hagakure: *running through* HAVE YOU SEEN MY CHEESEBURGER? :( Oh hey, Fujisaki, dudette, and Yamada, dude.

Class Trial 2

Monokuma: Upupupu, welcome back, ba***rds. Looks like one of you gave into the pleasure of ending another student's life... oh the despair! You know the rules, let's get started.

Yamada: We should discuss the murder weapon first! Leave the accusations until we've compiled it all!

Kirigiri: could it have been anything besides the dumbell?

Yamada: Not that I know of...

Togami: It was definitely the dumbbell. 

Leon: Yeah, I don't see logic in anything else but the dumbell.

Fukawa: And the d-dumbbell was missing from the f-female changing room, which means the killer has to be a g-girl... R-right Byakuya Sama? <3

Asahina: *eating a donut* what was with the wig falling off?

Hagakure: I think it was a girl, dudes and dudettes! I found footprints that were of feminine footwear.

Monokuma: Ehh, the Junko you've been talking to, the Super High School Level Fashionista or whatever, is not really Junko. But that ain't important right now.

Yamada: Footwear?

Hagakure: It looked like heel or bootprints, dude!

Kirigiri: it was at the pool

Leon: If it matters, Hagakure, I found boots on "Junko's" Bed, covered in blood.

Kirigiri: they were a pair of my boots, probably trying to frame me

Yamada: So, let's get this straight, "Junko" was killed in her bedroom with a dumbbell...

Hagakure: Hey, couldn't they have killed Junko by the pool then dragged her to her room, creating the blood trail or something, or am I missing something, dude?

Asahina: *eating a donut* it has to be the file says it was in the room

Yamada: You're right.

Hagakure: Or, wait, dudette! What if she was only knocked unconscious by the dumbell and began to bleed and was dragged off to her room, creating the trail, where she was finally killed off in her room?

Yamada: If she was killed in the pool, there could only be one person who did it...

Asahina: *eating a donut* no everyone has access to the pool 

Yamada: Well, two people. The tracks match Kirigiri and Celes's feet. Well, this doesn't make them culprits, but it puts suspicion on them.

Kirigiri: yes but my new boots turned up covered in blood, someone coulda taken them from my room

Yamada: Your door lock was also broken, meaning anyone could come in, and frame you...

Kirigiri: All we know for definite is the killer was female

Togami: This is also quite important. *Pulls out the bloody bathing suit* I found this near the washing machine in the laundry room.

Fukawa: :O It was that i-diot swimmer...

Asahina: *stops eating a donut* thats my swimsuit, but it wasnt me

Leon: The killer wouldn't be that idiotic to make it too obvious, right? Just look at the donut crumbs everywhere, if she's a killer, she's a sucky one.

Yamada: But she goes to the pool a lot, and eats donuts there, so it could have been from earlier! But all the evidence points to her...

Leon: Asahina...why did you do it, then?

Kirigiri: so wouldnt it be a stroke of genius to make it so ovbvious you dont suspect them

Asahina: *eating a donut* you really think im that smart? i didnt do it

Leon: I trust offense, I guess.

Yamada: Hmm...

Fukawa: You can? She's just a m-monster with a huge rack. That wh*** must be s-seducing you... she killed her!

Leon: Come on, no one's an idiot enough of a killer to leave all that evidence behind!

Hagakure: Maybe, dude. Not sure yet.

Fukawa: Then... who else could it be?

Yamada: She's the only one it could be!

Kirigiri: lol all that evidence being there makes you believe shes innocent, if its her shes smart

Asahina: but its not

Leon: It's between Kirigiri and Asahina, and Kirigiri is easily the smarter of the two- it would be easy for her to orchestrate the plan.

Yamada: Asahina is the ditzy girl, it'd make sense for her not to cover it up well.

Fukawa: Only a g-girl could have done it, Asahina is always by the pool, or in the gym kind of stuff... and her clothes are covered in blood... K-kirigiri could easily be framed as her d-door was busted... Asahina, you did it...

Leon: I guess that's true- maybe it was Asahina.

Hagakure: I'm still not sure yet dudes, I think it may have been the cheeseburger.

Leon: How would a cheeseburger even commit a murder- nevermind.

Kirigiri: If I were to kill i would leave way more red herrings

Asahina: and em.... id lose my bra

Monokuma: Upupupu, time is nearly up! Get those accusations correct, because voting will happen shortly! Have you decided on your culprit?

Togami: Screw all of you. Asahini, Kirigiri, one of you did it, and we know... so one of you better 'fess up now.

Leon: Yeah, which of you was it?

Asahina: Its not me

Kirigiri: Its not me

Hagakure: Woah wait, dudes! Couldn't Celes have also done it? She has the heels for it!

Ishimaru: Are we even sure it's either of them?

Leon: What do you have in mind then, Ishimaru?

Celestia : IDC it's not me I'm going to f**ing gamble

Ishimaru: The evidence just seems too obvious. And what about alibis?

Leon: That's what I thought, but it's only the two of us who think that...

Togami: All the girls are cleared except for Kirigiri and Asahina. I personally, think it's Asahina. If I'm wrong, I'm wrong, but that's just a theory.

Hagakure: Dude, if you're wrong and we all follow, we all die!

Ishimaru: Perhaps we should run through what we know quickly

Leon: Sounds cool to me.

Ishimaru: Most likely Junko was attacked at the pool, and dragged to her room. Any objections?

Leon: None from me.

Hagakure: None from me either, dude.

Fukawa: R-right...

Ishimaru: The broken doorknob indicates that it was someone other than Kirigiri. Anything to add about your doorknob Kirigiri?

Kirigiri: *shrugs* not really, the killer probably saw it was broken and decided to take advantage of it

Mondo: all the clues point to Ishimaru

Ishimaru: Why would the killer break the doorknob? And who even could? Proberbly only Mondo or Sakura

Monokuma: No more talking, it's voting time!

  • Asahina: kirigiri
  • Celes: Kirigiri cuz she's a b**tch and a ************************* and a ********
  • Oowada: Asahina
  • Sakura: Kirigiri
  • Fukawa: Kirigiri
  • Kirigiri: asahina
  • Togami: Kirigiri fools
  • Yamada: Kirigiri
  • Leon: Kirigiri
  • Ishimaru: Kirigiri
  • Swagakure: Cheeseburger
  • Chihiro: Kirigiri

Monokuma: The votes are in... and the person voted guilty after this despair inducing trial is...

Kirigiri! Looks like you were right, she really did kill her!

Yamada: ...

Celestia : OMFG like this makes me want to be happy 

Execution #2: Firey Business

*Kirigiri is taken aside by a criminal and they open her ribcage and stab her in the face, then start a fire and she is burned repeatedly, continuingly reviving, as she watches her life history and continues and never fully burns to death, but ends up starving to death, in which five minutes after she turns to ash and fades away*

Day 3

Floor One


Laundry Room


Changing Room



Fujisaki & Celes's Room

Celestia : Ewwwwwwwwwww I have to share a room with you grr Sakura is rooming with Hamburger D:< she is so lucky

Fukawa & Asahina's Room

Sakura & Hamburger's Room

Sakura : Hey Sexy *Smiles* Do you want to be my boyfriend?

Hamburger : *Poker Faces*

Sakura : YAY! Your my boyfriend now let's go boyfriend

Hamburger : *Cries but with Grease instead of water*

Sakura : Let's go have fun while finding clues for murder ^-^ 

Leon & Ishimaru's Room

  • A photo is seen on the ground in their bedroom, of Mukuro Ikusaba (without her wig on) smiling with Kirigiri by the art room, with a poor painting behind them. Junko's left giant hair thing is seen on the side, but her body is not there.

Leon: *sees the photo* Huh...what's up with photos always being in my room?

Ishimaru: There were more?

Leon: There was this pic of Naegi and Maizono and Fujisaki being friends in a class or something unimportant, so I just dismissed it.

Ishimaru: That sounds pretty important. Especially if the pictures were real *picks the photo up* Let's organize a meeting to discuss these pictures.

Leon: Alright. Sounds good, I guess. *shrugs*

Ishimaru: Tell everyone to meet in the Cafeteria. I'll look for everyone on the second and third floors.

Swagakure & Yamada's Room

Togami & Mondo's Room

Mondo: Well this is fun

Togami: No it isn't, failure. I have research to do. And I definitely do not need you. *Exits*

Mondo: My gang will get you *exits*

Ishimaru: *waits for Togami to open the door*

Togami: Ugh. *Unlocks/Opens the door and enters with Ishimaru* There you go. Look over whatever you want. 

Ishimaru: Thank you Togami-san. *searches around the room*

  • By Togami's pillow, is a book covered with greasy handprints.

Ishimaru: *carefully picks up the book* Hmm?

Togami: What the hell is that...? Ew. It's greasy! Who the hell eats food while dealing with books!? 

  • It's a Genocider Syo casebook, featuring information on all the murders.

Ishimaru: *flicks through the book* I think this might be the missing book

Togami: Must be... but why is it in here? And why is it greasy? Ugh.

Ishimaru: Someone must have wanted to frame you. *looks at a page and gasps* Mondo was killed just like these guys *shows Togami*

Togami: Someone tried to frame me? Pathetic. And... *Inspects page without touching book* Hmm... the only ones to have been in the library at all this whole time we've been here, was Leon, you, myself, Fukawa, and Yamada. I know I didn't do it, you didn't do it, and I don't see how Leon could've done it... so that leaves Yamada and Fukawa. This is very interesting, it's possible someone else could have done it but still, hang on to this book. We can use it during the trial.

Ishimaru: It'll be helpful. *does one more quick sweep of the room*

Floor Two


Ishimaru: *pokes head into the room and scans it*

Leon: See anything?

Ishimaru: Everything seems to be in pristine order. Perhaps the Library might have something?

Leon: *shrugs* Maybe. Alright, let's go then.


Togami: *Enters* Eh, this place doesn't seem fabulous enough. *Exits*

mondo: *enters* where did he go *exits*

Fukawa: Togami-kun? D: *looks for him*

Changing Rooms




Togami: *Enters* Well, time to check out that book again, and of course some others just to see how things are written. *Starts looking through various books*

Mondo: *enters* There you are Togami don't you ever insult me again. Or my gang will get you when we are all done with this.

Togami: *Looks up from his book* Die. *Starts reading once again*

Mondo: We need to trust each other but you bratty additutd is getting on my f***in nerves

Togami: *Looks up* So, you have been following me just to insult me. Good for you. *Starts reading*

Fukawa: *runs in* B-Byakuya-sama, I've been looking for you everywhere...

Mondo Not insult you challenge you. The Sauna. Whoever can stay in it the longest wins what do you say

Fukawa: W-we don't have time for that, stop trying to p-put a wedge between my m-man and I... is it because... you think I'm ugly? You all do!

Togami: Err, I took a detour to the pool but then I came right here. And now this filth named Oowada or whatever is being quite a bother... and I don't have time for your petty games, and Fukawa you're fine.

Fukawa: Byakuya sama... it's important... p-please... we must speak in private...

Mondo: *grabs Togami* not until i get a f***in answer from you

Ishimaru: *opens the door and notices what is going on* FIGHTING IS AGAINST SCHOOL RULES!

Mondo: i'm going to be waiting for you upstairs in the third floor. Be there or be a square *leaves*

???: *after everyone has left, grabs a book from the archive, and heads back*

Leon: *walks in and looks around*

Ishimaru: *opens door to the Archive and looks in*

  • There is a missing book between files of multiple well known murderers in Japan... there is also some grease over a few of the books in the area.

Ishimaru: Hey Leon. I think there's a missing book. Can you try and find a catalogue somewhere?

Leon: I'll check for it. *goes search for a catalogue*

  • There is no catalogue, these are secret... maybe you can check somewhere else as to where the missing book might be because there are totally catalogues on top secret files hidden from the public.

Togami: What the hell is going on...?

Leon: Looking for a missing book. There isn't a catalogue here, but why the h***? Whatever. 

Ishimaru: Togami, you spend a lot of time in here. Do you have any idea what the missing book is? *indicates the spot*

Togami: I've spent most of my time looking through books to do research. I'm not sure, but I guess I could look around. *Starts looking around bookshelves*

Ishimaru: Mondo is your roommate right? Did he say anything strange or notable?

Togami: Actually he did. He said something about wanting a fight or something like that. Then he went somewhere to the third floor. Why? What happened?

Leon: He died there, on the third floor.

Ishimaru: Didn't you hear the Body Discovery Announcement?

Togami: Sorry, I was so busy in thinking. But, the only one that knew for a fact that Mondo, or Oowada was heading to the third floor was Fukawa, as I have been here the whole time.

Ishimaru: Hmm... Can I borrow the key to your room? There might be a clue there.

Togami: You cannot have the key, you peasant. But I will walk you there if you think this may help. Let's go. *Exits library and heads for his room*

Ishimaru: Leon, keep searching for clues. *follows Togami*

Leon: Alright...*inspects the grease closer*

  • The grease smells slightly sweet, and is orange in color, almost as if it had come from someone's fingers

Leon: Hmm...Sakura is rooming with Hamburger so maybe her? Maybe Yamada, he looks like he eats a lot of weird food...or maybe Fujisaki? I don't think anyone else usually has grease...maybe Asahina from donuts- but I don't think donuts have grease.

Floor Three

Recreation Room

Art Room

Physics Room

Storage Room


Mondo; *enters* he better be coming that little s**t

???: *enters the room* *stuff happens* Ah... *exits* 

???: *is back* *does stuff*

???: *mondo is no longer alive*

Yamada: *falls on the ground after seeing this* AH!

Leon: Hey guys anyone here, Ishimaru wants you in the cafe- *sees Mondo* AW COME ON!

Ishimaru: Yamada, head to the- urk... Mondo?

Fukawa: *walks in* T-Togami, we still needed to... AH! *sneezes, then faints*

In the room, Mondo is shown crucified against the chalkboard in the classroom. Multiple pens stab into his body, as his arms are hung up by a rope, kept up by the projector. Blood is in a huge pool across the floor, along with a fallen desk.

Hagakure: Woah, that's cruel!

Ishimaru: It's happened again! W-why...

Monokuma: You don't say? Now, this, I can say, was definitely done for despair! You know the drill, investigate, yadda yadda...

Leon: *pale from fright again, investigates Mondo's body*

  • From looking at the front of his body, blood is pouring from a wound on his head, and it also slightly leaks out from the stabs with the pencils on his arms. His arms are hung by an extention cord up, from an above projector

Fukawa: *wakes up, yawning* Whoa, just look at all that blood! I'm moderately surprised that any of you had the guts to create this work of art! It's beautiful!

Yamada: F-f-fukawa?

Ishimaru: Did she bump her head or something?

Leon: That's kinda a creepy thing to say...

Hagakure: Dudette, you feeling OK?

Fukawa: *laughs manically* Just seeing this corpse makes me happy!

Yamada: I... uh... *nervously* I'll go take her back to her dorm... *walks off with Fukawa*

Ishimaru: I'll go search the second floor

Leon: I'll go with you, Ishimaru, I guess.

Hagakure: I'll look around the classroom or something, dudes. *Searches the classroom*

  • Hagakure spots a table in the center of the classroom, with blood on it, which is also right next to a pool of blood.

Hagakure: Huh...*looks near the door*

  • Broken rope is seen by the door, which travels around the sides of the classroom

Hagakure: *Looks at the ceiling*

  • There is loose rope which looks like it has been cut, which dangles above the pool of blood by a meter

Hagakure: Huh...maybe a pair of scissors or something did this? Not sure. Woah, but how would they be able to beat Oowada to kill him, over vice versa? How would Oowada be killed like this? *thinks and checks the chalkboard, closer*

  • It says 'Bloodbath Fever', but written from blood...

Chihiro: *bites lip* This is awful.... do you have any idea who it could be?*looks over to Hagakure for an answer*

Hagakure: Wait...why would the dude write that? I think it was him who wrote it...? Was it a clue or something? Also Fujisaki, dudette...I don't know yet... *inspects the fallen desk*

Chihiro: Well whoever did it must not have a fear of blood *looks over to Mondo* they sure were fully into killing him...

  • The fallen desk has a small bit of rope tied around one of it's legs, but it looks to have been cut off.

Hagakure: I think this is starting to all come together, dudette! At least, one part of the mystery...*inspects the projector*

Chihiro: *glares at him suspiciously* You sure seem to know what's going on... *edges to the door*

  • Chihiro comes across a small note on the ground.

Chihiro: Hm? *picks it up and open it to see what it says*

  • The greasy letter reads: 'Come to the classroom on the third floor, idiot.'

Chirhiro: *quietly gasps and hesitates* Should I?.... *starts to make her wasy up to the third floor* Curiosity got the best of me...

Hagakure: It's obvious if you look around, dudette! *checks the pencil wounds on Mondo*

  • The pencil wounds stop bleeding from his arms, and his head wound has already stopped a bit before.

Hagakure: Huh...*checks behind Mondo to see any back wounds or anything*

  • Mondo's outfit is flattened, there is bruising, and blood wounds on his back


Monokuma: Get in, ba***rds. Let's get to the trial area.

Togami: Pathetic name-calling. *Enters elevator*

Ishimaru: *steps in* Who could've killed him...

Leon: *steps in* I have my suspects...

Hagakure: *steps in* I think I know some stuff...

Togami: Well, don't just stand there, tell us!

Chihior: *walks in*

Ishimaru: Perhaps we should discuss the pictures me and Leon found?

Leon: *to Togami* I figured the grease out. Only Fujisaki, Yamada, Sakura, and maybe Asahina tend to have grease- Sakura because she's rooming with hamburger. Anyway, they probably killed the book and maybe killed Mondo, too? I don't know why the h*** they would, but...

Togami: Hmm.... makes sense. Yamada was also the only one out of that group to ever be in the library. And knows where everything would be. So, that must be something...

Class Trial 3

Monokuma: Get on with it. *nibbling on fish*

Ishimaru: Perhaps we should start with the weapon.

Hagakure: Hold it, dudes! I got something!

Yamada: Uh... what is it?

Hagakure: Well, after inspecting the not-so-rad place, it leads to it being some sort of suicide or sacrifice! Though, I don't think he'd be able to do it alone...

Yamada: What do you... mean? Look at the corpse, it was clearly a murder... and I know who did that!

Ishimaru: And who would that be?

Hagakure: Not exactly! I think it was...maybe a set-up! How else would anyone be able to beat Oowada in a fight to kill him? There were no bottle smashes or anything...maybe it was a set-up or something? Probably spouting gibberish again, bros, but hey, I'm pretty sure it was a suicide or something among those lines...

Fukawa: T-there was rope by the crime scene...

Yamada: But look at the state of the corpse! It was obviously a murder!

Hagakure: Who do you suspect then, broski?

Yamada: Well, when I was looking through the library yesterday... I saw this weird book... about Genocider Syo! The murder fits it with the cruficiation, and the writing on the wall! I went back to double check, and the book was gone!

Ishimaru: You mean this book? *holds up the book he found*

Hagakure: Genocider Syo?

Leon: Anyway, there was grease where the book was missing, as I've stated before, and it leads likely to Fujisaki, Yamada, Asahina, and Sakura...unless someone else ate something greasy.

Yamada: But where was that book?

Ishimaru: ... Togami's and Mondo's room...

Yamada: W-which means... he hid it so he could cover up the fact that he tried to frame someone!

Leon: Togami never eats anything greasy enough to leave stains from where it was missing, he wouldn't do anything to his stupid "rich" hands to make them dirty, I think.

Yamada: Then how did it get in there? Togami has to be the culprit! And Genocider Syo too! Or he tried to mimmic Syo!

Ishimaru: He was the one that let me into his room. If he was the culprit, I doubt he'd do something like that.

Leon: Idiot, why would two people work together to kill Mondo- is that even allowed? Stop panicking.

Yamada: Then how else? He has to be the culprit! There is no other wa-

Fukawa: I'll c-cut that claim... t-to pieces! 

Hagakure: You got something, dudette?

Ishimaru: Fukawa, you were with Togami the whole time right?

Leon: She would be, she's like deeply in love with him or something cheesy like that...

Fukawa: Well, when I was out looking for e-evidence... for Byakuya-sama... <3... during the trial for Mukuro, I accidentally opened the f-female changing room door without scanning my ID... Monokuma explained to me t-that all doors are unlocked in the event of an execution... so my prince is innocent! One of you is trying to frame him to make me sad, because you all t-think I'm... ugly!

Yamada: I never thought of it that way... You could have told us this earlier!

Leon: That's true. So who are you going to accuse now, Yamada?

Hagakure: Maybe the hamburger did it- probably not, but he needs some action in these scenes. :(

Yamada: I remember the files... :O Genocider Syo is... Fukawa!

Fukawa: ... 0.0

Ishimaru: She did act pretty strange when she fainted. But she was with Togami when the murder happened.

Hagakure: She may be, but if she was with Toges the whole time, how did she manage to kill Mondo, if that's what you're implying, dude?

Yamada: But I saw Fukawa walking down the hallway after I exited my room after... uh... some extent... manga reading! Nothing else... hehehe... And she fits the case, with Dissociative Identiy Disorder... remember her after discovering the body? She was even crazier when I walked her back to her room.

Ishimaru: Even if Fukawa is Genocider Syo, I doubt she committed this murder.

Yamada: But she is Genocider Syo...

Fukawa: *drops onto the ground of the courtroom, fainting*

Ishimaru: Fukawa! *starts to head towards her*

Fukawa: *launches back up in the air, with a long tongue, moving braided her, and scissors in her hands* So it's finally time to stop keeping up appearances!

Ishimaru: Gyah *takes a step back in surprise*

Togami: Interesting.

Fukawa: What's the matter? >.> I'm your friendly neighborhood serial killer! :) Genocider Syo! *glares at Togami* Who are you, hottie?

Ishimaru: ...

Genocider Syo: Meh, so what's the deal here? If you don't tell me, I'll cut someone's throat!

Ishimaru: It's just... you're personality has taken a complete 180

Togami: Wait... did Syo just call me a... hottie?

Genocider Syo: Not that, idiot @ ishi! What's with the court setup? Are you trying to convict me?

Yamada: Yes! Because your crazy behind murdered Mondo!

Genocider Syo: Oh, that dead guy in the classroom? Yeah, it was a work of art, but it ain't my victim!

Chihiro: Who could it possibly be?!

Yamada: All the evidence points to you!

Ishimaru: Mondo doesn't fit Syo's style at all.

Leon: Personally, I think Yamada's been acting too jumpy today, but that's just my opinion. *shrugs*

Chihiro: He couldnt!

Yamada: But... the murder... the crucifiction... It fits the exact profile! 

Ishimaru: No it doesn't. What was Mondo crucified with again?

Yamada: The pencils and rope...

Genocider Syo: Pencils? Rope? I'm not that much of a boring killer! *reveals her sharp scissors* These babies are home made, did you even look at the files?

Chihiro: Files?

Ishimaru: er... just like what Syo said, she crucifies her victims with scissors, not pencils

Hagakure: Plus it's likely that Mondo could've died before the crucification, dude...that's why he stopped bleeding so fast!

Yamada: Then Sakura... has to be the killer! Look at the strength! She killed him! She must have hit him with the table...

Chihiro: *looks down worried* It could of been anyone....

Ishimaru: Sakura was in her room.

Hagakure: How do you know he got hit by a table, bro?

Yamada: B-because... *because sweaty and nervous* She was obviously hit by it! There was blood everywhere! Sakura has no alibi! And all the grease everywhere, her burger too!

Ishimaru: We told her about our meeting before the murder happened. She didn't have time to do it.

Leon: Stop panicking, it's not helping your case Yamada.

Hagakure: How would you know though, dude? "She was obviously hit by it" isn't an answer.

Yamada: B-but...

Genocider Syo: *sneezes, thus turning back into Fukawa*

Fukawa: W-what happened?

Yamada: Fukawa... you snuck into Byakuya's room when I was walking back!

Fukawa: I d-don't remember anything like that... I peeked into his room to talk to him... I don't even remember anything after that, n-nor getting here...

Yamada: You hid the book in there.

Fukawa: You must have d-done it...

Yamada: I'm not guilty! Please, everyone!

Hagakure: It was you, Yamada, don't lie, dude.

Yamada: No! I can't accept that! You're out to get me! The grease on the book and letter was from Sakura!

Hagakure: Weren't you just framing Fukawa a minute ago?

Leon: Stop flip-flopping around, Yamada.

Ishimaru: She couldn't have killed him. She didn't have time to

Yamada: You're wrong! You're all wrong! It's BS! This isn't a manga!

Chihiro: Yamada was with me basically the whole time when Mondo would of been murdured! Right Yamada??

Yamada: E-exactly!

Hagakure: Wait a minute, what letter, dude?

Yamada: Uh... uh... F-fujisaki showed it to me...

Chihiro: I did?

Leon: I'm calling BS on all of Yamada's defenses, but go on...Fujisaki, is this true?

Yamada: *face blank* She... did... Yeah...

Fukawa: You k-killed her... You monster! *sneezes*

Genocider Syo: And you did a darn fine job of it! Just look at the blood everywhere! It's inspirational, but you've got a lot to learn from me!

Yamada: I... I... I'm innocent...

Chihiro: *looks up with tears in her eyes* Ar-are you lying?

Yamada: ... *tears fall from his eyes*

Monokuma: With that, let's get to voting!

Yamada: N-noooo!

  • Asahina:
  • Celes:
  • Sakura: 
  • Fukawa: Yamada
  • Togami: Yamada
  • Yamada: Sakura
  • Leon: Yamada
  • Ishimaru: Yamada
  • Swagakure: Yamada
  • Chihiro: Yamada

Hagakure: So here's how it happened dudes! Mondo was hoping to lure someone to the Third Floor's Classroom. He set a trap which would kill him, due to falling into despair, so that the person who killed him would be executed, as well. Partial suicide. Then, when the culprit stepped in the room, Mondo's death happened. In an attempt to blame things on Syo, the culprit grabbed her book, read it, and crucified him. He then left, not knowing about the icky grease on his fingers. He then remembered what Monokuma told everyone and attempted to blame Togami, to have a secondary blame. He attempted to clear his name, but it didn't work. The thing is though, this wasn't even culprit's fault, it's Mondo's and Monokuma's, but he still technically took part in the murder/suicide of Mondo. The culprit was unable to keep his cool and blamed many things and end up making many slips...however, I can't really blame him. It was you, right, Hifumi Yamada?

Monokuma: The time to vote is over... The person voted guilty is...

Hifumi Yamada! And guess what? He was the culprit! He killed Mondo Oowada!

Hagakure: Sorry Yamada, dude.

Yamada: B-but... it was... an accident...

Chihiro: *gasp* No!

Leon: Damn...that's tough...

Yamada: I'm so sorry Chihiro... and everyone... He lured me in there... and when I opened the door... the trap went off and Mondo got crushed by a desk... I knew I was going to be executed if they found out... so I tried to cover it up... I d-didn't mean anything... Please... *sobs* Manga needs me...

Chihiro: *sighs and lowers her shoulders*

Yamada: *wipes tears* I will die a man... and with honor... I have lived, I have loved, and I have lost. Chihiro, you are the only 3d girl that will ever hold my interest! I bid you good luck, and you should finish off those manga chapters I was editing. *blushes, wiping tears, and leans in for a kiss*

Monokuma: It's punishment time! *whacks a button*

Yamada: *is super close to locking lips with Chihiro, but a chain bursts through, and wraps around Yamada's neck, dragging him off, but he collides with Hagakure, dragging him into the execution with him*

Execution 3: Magical Garment Boy

Yamada is brought into a special room, and his clothes turn into a pink dress, and he is given a staff. Hagakure also stands behind him, with angel wings. He fires magical blasts at the oncoming monsters, saving the world. But eventually, his magic runs out, and they swarm around him, ripping him from limb to limb and he is killed. Hagakure is then attacked, and the execution ends.

However, Hagakure is pulled out and is placed in the infirmary, after losing an eye.

Celestia : Well that was very interesting I'm going back to my room 

Floor 1


Genocider Syo: *sneezes, turning back into Fukawa as she enters*

Fukawa: *sits down by a table, waiting for everyone to arrive*

Chihiro: *walks in glumly, slowly sitting down, never looking up* 

Fukawa: S-stop being so selfish, we have i-important thing to t-to talk about... *glares at Chihiro, then looks away*

Togami: *Enters* Ah. *Walks to Fukawa and takes a seat on the table*

Ishimaru: Why did you yell lovebirds at us? *sits down at the table*

Fukawa: We need to get out of this s-school, before anyone tries to kill my prince Byakuya sama and I... <3

Togami: Err, okay?

Hagakure: *sitting at the table* Uh, I thought we knew that already, dudette.

Fukawa: There has to be someone... controlling that b-bear...

Togami: Certainly makes sense. But the question is: who... or what?

Fukawa: We should go... explore... the fourth room...

Togami: I agree. Let's go then, I guess...

Celestia : Fine 

Laundry Room




Asahina and Sakura's Room

Genocider Syo: *bangs on door* Cafeteria!

???: *Walks in to ask Sakura after the door was left open by the banging for something, but then sees Sakura pick up a knife and head to ??? and then cut his arm with it, leaving a wound. In an angry panic, whacks Sakura with a Monobear bottle, which causes her to fall down unconscious. Then ??? grabs the knife out of her hands and stabs Sakura in the gut, where she dies of blood loss. Then ??? looks back and in another panic, knowing ???'s time could be up, throws the knife at Asahina accurately, which hits her face and goes to her brain, which automatically kills her and makes her drop down next to Sakura. They then sneak out, but not before leaving a lock of red-orange hair and a torn part of a white clothing item. Along with this, a lock of purple-brown hair is found on the ground, with a pair of maroonish shoes.*

Genocider Syo: *while Fukawa is walking down the hallway, sneezes* Muah ha ha ha! I can just sense blood! *opens Asahina/Sakura's door because all doors open after murders* Ooh! This is beautiful! *sneezes due to the dust*

Fukawa: A-ahhhh! Somebody! T-there's blooooood! *faints*

Togami: What is beautiful-- *Sees dead bodies* Two? People are still killing? What the hell...?

Ishimaru: *walking back from the cafeteria* Hmm? What's the holdu- *spots the dead bodies* No....

Leon: Yo, Ishimaru, wait up- *sees the dead bodies and turns pale once again*

Hagakure: *waltzes in* Am I missing anything, dudes- *sees the deaths* Ogre! Hina! Why? :(

Fukawa: *wakes up, sneezing again due to the dust*

Genocider Syo: *looks at Ishimaru* There a problem with dead bodies? >.>

Togami: ... 'kay...?

Ishimaru: Of course there's a problem!

Genocider Syo: *withdraws scissors, holding them against Ishimaru's throat* You're pretty good mancandy, not as good as Byakuya sama, but cutting your throat will be satisfying too...

Monokuma: Hold up, only two murders can happen a day. >.>

Genocider Syo: *puts away scissors* :P

Togami: What the... hell?

Celestia : Well another tragic incident I wonder who the culprit is 

Togami: Looking for clues may help? *Looks under bed*

*Togami finds a book titled "100 Reasons Why Money is better than Humans" with multiple expensive-looking bookmarks*

Celestia : That's interesting...this person must be money hungry that they would kill someone....but who? Hmmm

Togami: What the-- the book is mine obviously, but I haven't been in here. Ugh. Somebody stole my book to try and frame me. I hate these idiotic psychopaths! Hmph. *Searches desk*

*Togami finds squat.*

Togami: Oh, that's nice. Very nice. *Searches the lamp for fingerprints*

Celestia : *Searches luggage*

*Celestia finds hamburger while Togami finds, once again, nothing.*

Togami: Of course. *Rolls eyes*

Leon: *looks at the dead bodies*

*Leon sees Asahina & Sakura close together, but a blood trail behind Asahina, as if though she hadn't died on that spot*

Leon: That's...something?

Hagakure: I guess so, dude.

Togami: Hmm... Asahina must have tried to esacpe the killer's grasp but then got struck down, or she was killed somewhere else and then she was dragged. And, now to examine the horrid blood pools. *Examines Sakura's blood pool*

*Togami finds a playing card & glass pieces in the blood pool, which cut his hand, making a wound.

Togami: Ah, dammit! *Clutches his wounded hand with his other one* Ugh. A playing card? And glass pieces, hmm... *Observes card and glass pieces*

*The glass seems to be like a drink from the cafeteria. The card looks a bit crumpled and bloody. It looks as it has been used.*

Togami: Well, okay.

Celestia : This is my playing card what's it doing here? *Eats Hamburger* Mmm Sakura is right it is Sexy *Eats More* Mmmmm

Fukawa and Togami's Room

Togami: How interesting... who are you now? Fukawa or Syo?

Fukawa: F-Fukawa obviously, Togami-kun... We can... make love... the camera's don't matter... <3 You're my prince, Byakuya-sama...

Togami: Nice to see that I'm appreciated after so much hard work... *Kisses Fukawa on the cheek* You can have that.

Fukawa: *blushes so much* Byakuya sama! I... I love your affection... when we get out of here, we will get... m-married... We have to get out of here... I'll g-go get the *sneezes*

Genocider Syo: *kisses Togami* You're so hot, but, too hot to kill, Byakuya Sama! We'll get married one day! >:3 I'mma get the others, so we can plot our escape!

Togami: Literally, two-faced. I keep hearing screaming about the cafeteria so... *Heads to cafeteria and locks door behind him*

Ishimaru and Leon's Room

Genocider Syo: Lovebirds, cafeteria! *bangs on door*

Chihiro and Hagakure's Room

  • A picture is seen of Oowada painfully scratching Yamada's hair, while Leon glances from the side, and Chihiro is seen below the picture, by Hagakure's Crystal Ball. Similar hair is seen from the side like Junko's, but it is cut off.

Genocider Syo: *bangs on door* Cafeteria, now!

Hagakure: *takes a quick glance from his good eye at the picture* Uh...looks sorta weird.

Celestia Ludenberg's Room

Celestia : *Yawns* I hate this high school

Genocider Syo: *bangs on door* Cafeteria time!

Celestia : Uh fine *Goes to Cafeteria*

Floor 2




Changing Rooms



Floor 3

Recreation Room

Art Room

Physics Room

Storage Room


Floor 4

Music Room

Fukawa: *drags Togami there, and opens the door*

Togami: I-- I was dragged. What?

  • A photo is seen with Fukawa standing by Togami, while Celes plays the piano.

Fukawa: *lifts it up, frightened* W-what is this?

Togami: *Examines picture* What the hell...?

Fukawa: I d-don't remember this...

Togami: I certainly don't either...

Fukawa: It's... no use... let's check somewhere else... *exits*

Togami: Hmm... o...'kay? *Follows Fukawa*

Celestia : Exploring this whole floor at night alone isn't the greatest thing >.> well might as well do it 

Staff Room

Ishimaru: Flowers everywhere...

Leon: *walks in behind Ishimaru* Woah, so many flowers.

Ishimaru: Did something happen?

Leon: I don't know...

Ishimaru: I don't think there's anything that can help us here... *heads towards the chem lab*

Celestia : *Arrives* Flowers how wonderful *Exits*

Headmaster's Office

Fukawa: *looks outside door, and tries to enter*

Togami: *Tries to enter as well* Door seems to be locked... but why?

Fukawa: There h-has to be something important in t-there... *exits*

Togami: Presumably so. And I guess I'll continue to follow you because-- well just because. *Follows Fukawa*

Data Processing Room

Second Chemistry Lab

Ishimaru: Hmmm *looks at the cabinets*

Celestia : Hmmmm nothing interesting here *Exits*


Chihiro: *walks in* Guess we wont be using this room... *sighs*

Hagakure: *walks in* 'Sup dudette!

Celestia : *Arrives* Well this is no use at all

Class Trial 4

Monokuma: Upupupupu! The time has finally come!

Togami: *Wounded hand now wrapped up in cloth* I still can't believe someone is stupid enough to continue killing... hmph.

Hagakure: So what now, dude?

Togami: Call me 'dude' again, and I'll slap you with my good hand.

Hagakure: Uh, sorry?

Togami: You better be sorry. >~>

Leon: Anyway, what now? Let's get the ball rolling.

Togami: Alright. I found glass near Sakura's dead body. Meaning, someone must have smashed a bottle over her head or something like that. But, she died from blood loss. So, the killer must have knocked her unconscious and then stabbed her.

Hagakure: Uh, I guess it makes sense.

Fukawa: ...

Togami: While Asahina, the knife was lodged in her head. Through the forehead and into her brain. I'm guessing the killer threw it in her direction and it lodged in there, and then she dropped right away or staggered a bit and then fell.

Leon: I think that could work.

Ishimaru: What abou the blood trail?

Togami: Well, seeing how much blood there was, it could have just flowed out of them and down the floor.

Fukawa: B-But T-togami... How could one p-possibly aim and throw so p-perfectly? But if you say it is what happened, then I am inclined to b-believe it...

Ishimaru: Exactly.

Togami: Seeing how Asahina dropped so close to Oogami, I'm sure she couldn't have been too far away.

Fukawa: *sneezes*

Genocider Syo: Muah haha... Where is this? >.> Oh, back at this trial. Where's the blood?

Togami: What... the hell? Why do you tend to sneeze so often...?

Leon: Maybe it's just a phase or something.

Togami: Well it's kind of annoying. Sneezing, sending all those filthy germs everywhere. >_>

Hagakure: Anyway, back to the trial, dudes?

Togami: What did I say about that word, 'dude'? >~>

Hagakure: That was in general to everyone, bro. That better?

Togami: *Slaps him upside the head* I said, 'shush'! :)

Hagakure: Ouch...

Togami: Ugh. *Rolls eyes*

Genocider Syo: This is such a drag. .-. Where is the blood? What are we doing?

Togami: The blood was all over the floor back in the room. And now we're trying to find the killer. Obviously. 

Leon: Any ideas then Togami?

Togami: Any ideas from you, then Leon? Don't put me on the spot, you failure. 

Leon: I'm still thinking it through, geez. Tough crowd...

Ishimaru: Assuming the knife was thrown, is there anybody here who could throw it that accurately?

Togami: Well, do we even know anyone's strength and stamina to figure that out?

Genocider Syo: Who uses knives? That's unprofessional! *reveals scissors* This is how you do it! *throws a knife, which hits Monokuma's chair above his head* 

Ishimaru: ... right...

Togami: Well, at least we know Syo or Fukawa didn't do it? But, good luck not getting killed by Monokuma, Syo.

Ishimaru: Syo wouldn't use a knife, and Fukawa wouldn't be able to throw one... so yeah...

Monokuma: Meh, if she hit me, she would be in BIG trouble!

Genocider Syo: Fukawa is pathetic. <3 So Byakuya sama, any leads so we can get to the beautiful punishment? >:)

Ishimaru: ...

Leon: I'm stumped...

Hagakure: Uh, couldn't it be like a funky sports kind of guy or gal?

Ishimaru: ...

Hagakure: And the only sports kind of guy we have is...Leon?

Leon: Huh? You say I did this?

Togami: If you would shut up, I was about to say, that I suspect Leon. He has to be the only one here that could throw a knife that accurately. 

Ishimaru: It couldn't be him!

Leon: I can only throw circular objects, geniuses. That's what baseball is.

Genocider Syo: Then who else could it be? Only you could do that!!! Just accept it, so we can get to the execution!

Ishimaru: He didn't have an oppurtunity to kill them!

Leon: Shapes and trajectory differ, idiots. A ball and a knife are different in shape. Only Ishimaru is smart enough to realize this.

Togami: You failure, you could throw a knife in the same style and/or fashion. Clutch your hand around the handle and throw. It's that simple. I mean, everybody else is too weak to do so, and killing someone on my part is incredibly awful. Plus, you always have seemed a bit odd.

Leon: Of course you wouldn't understand, you haven't played the game. The shape differs the throw, duh. I'm only good for circular items.

Ishimaru: Leon was with me all night. There was no time for him to kill them.

Genocider Syo: Then who else is it? *glares* Answer, or I'll crucify you.

Ishimaru: I... don't know...

Hagakure: Didn't everyone have evidence against them in the trial, dudes? So if it's supposedly not Leon, then who is it?

Togami: Well, that was a fun little game. At least Leon actually does have brains to stand up for himself and not just sit there and be useless. I suspect Fujisaki. She hasn't said a word in forever, and despite her looking small and weak, it really depends on how the knife was.

Monokuma: Upupupupu! (Mabel time's up line)

Genocider Syo: Fujisaki? Would that girl even have it in her to kill? >:3 execution tiem. Anyway, that little loser Chihiro can't be the killer... nothing points to her. Who would have the accuracy? Or guts? 

  • Celes:
  • Fukawa: Fukawa
  • Togami: Fujisaki
  • Leon: Fujisaki
  • Ishimaru: Fujisaki
  • Swagakure: Fujisaki
  • Chihiro:

Monokuma: Time's up! And the person voted guilty is...

Chihiro Fujisaki! And...YOU'RE WRONG! UPUPUPU! The culprit was...Leon Kuwata!

Leon: Ishimaru...I'm sorry...

Genocider Syo: *holds up scissors to Monobear* You wouldn't dare execute us. >.> We'll destroy you first... when it's us against you, you can't beat a murderer!

Monokuma: If you attack me... you're getting punished!

Genocider Syo: I'll take the bear, and rip his fluff out alive! Go protect the button, you idiots. >.>

Leon: It was just one here deserves to die...

Genocider Syo: Do it. >.> *slices at Monokuma with scissors*

Monokuma: Upupupu... this is against the school rules! No violence against the- HEY!

Genocider Syo: *slashing at him* MUAH HA HA! JUST LIKE OLD DAYS!


Genocider Syo: *slashes the wires in Monokuma, forcing him to shut down* Where's the blood? >.>


Syo is dragged onto a conveyer belt, as it slowly nears the end, stuff happens. Scissors shoot out in Syo's direction, in which she deflects many and dodges, but some stab into her. Eventually, after bleeding a lot, but deflecting them, the conveyor belt stops, and right as about the thing is going to crush her, she jumps back, and falls into an unknown pit.

Everyone else just sits there, staring, shocked, and confused. But they have no idea what's going on.


A chain grabs Leon around the neck, before he can talk to anyone, and drags him through the academy. Many trophies fall on him to show his victory, but he slams into the giant door which seperates them from the real world. He stands up, bruised an in pain, and the door opens, and the chain throws him down the stairs, as the gate shuts in front of him, and he is out in the real world. The door then shuts, and he's on his own, gg.


???: So they found Monokuma's weakness... Well, they need to be executed. And I'll show them what despair is... *manically laughs, and exits head master's room, leaving it open*

Floor 1


  • A note is left: "If you want them back, commit a despair inducing murder... or more kidnappings are to come. Are they even alive? That's for you to find out..."

Celestia : *Comes in* Hello anyone?..Please anyone..? *Looks at note* O-O *Celestia Screams and runs to here room*

Laundry Room

Trash Room

Ishimaru: *tries the key on the trapdoor*

  • Ishi falls into a chute with the key, landing where Chihiro, Hagakure and Fukawa are in le pit of trash.

Hagakure: *gets out of the trapdoor* Woah, dude! Funky!

Monokuma: So you've all figured it out? And yes, I'm back. >.> And the final trial will be soon... Upupupu, you traitorist and curious ba***rds will get what is coming!

Hagakure: Wait, what dude?




Togami's Room

  • A photo is found.

Togami: Hmm....? *Observes photo*

​*The pictures includes all 15 students smiling in the third floor classroom, with wild, long, blonde hair to the side. All students, but Togami himself, that is, who seems to be missing.*

Togami: What... the hell? Hmm... ugh. *Puts picture in his pocket, then exits and shuts the door behind him just in case*

Ishimaru's Room

  • A photo is slipped under the door

Ishimaru: ... *picks up the photo and looks at it* ...

  • It has all fifteen students smiling (yes including mukuro) by the cafeteria, with some wild pink hair to the left but the identity is hidden. Also Ishi isn't there somehow.
  • Ishimaru: ... *slowly trudges out of his room and heads towards the stairs*

Chihiro's Room

???: *uses ElectroID to enter some how* *slams Chihiro in the back with a dumbbell, knocking her unconcious, and drags her out of the room*

Celes's Room

  • A photo is slipped into the room.

Celestia : *Is curled up in a ball crying* I can't believe it... *Cries* I should go find the others *Goes to Cafeteria*

Celestia : Who Wrote that note? *Leaves to investigate*

Celestia : *Sighs* I'll wait for someone else

*Celes finds the pic to have all 15 students smiling in the Art Room. Wild, long, blonde hair appears from the side. All students seem to be there, but Celes herself it seems. As if she were missing?*

Celestia : *Stares at picture* no....No..NO NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO NO NO NO!!*Starts Smashing Picture* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO NO NO NO *Grabs picture and throws it across the room* no......*Starts Crying*

Celestia : I'm going to go find the others *Goes outside*

Swagakure's Room

  • A photo is slipped into the room...

As Hagakure is about to check it out, someone with a mask enters... They hit Hagakure with a dumbbell, and drag his unconscious body away.

Floor 2




Changing Rooms

???: *uses ElectroID card*



???: *enters, grabbing something, and leaves*

Floor 3

Recreation Room

Art Room

Physics Room

Storage Room


Floor 4

Music Room

Staff Room

Headmaster's Office

Ishimaru: ... *shakes the door handle, but doesn't register any surprise when the door is unlocked*

Togami: *Walks up* This door is actually unlocked? How odd... Oh well, you first. I'm too good to enter first.

Ishimaru: *enters*

Togami: *Enters as well*

  • welcome to le jungle

Ishimaru: *scans the room*

  • kk theres a desk but what is on it? is it a pokemon? a pekomon?

Togami: *Examines the desk*

  • He finds a very special key... but what can it do?

Togami: *Picks up key and observes it* Hmm...I'm going to keep this. Seems important. *Shoves key in pocket*

Ishimaru: Try... the locked door... *walks out of the room*

Togami: I was about to head there, you fool! Give a guy a damn second. *Exits*

Data Processing Room

Togami: *Pulls key out of pocket, unlocks door, enters and then shuts door behind him* 

He is met with a room full of monitors, displaying nearly every room, with multiple recordings. It also mentions that it is broadcasting... however, the monitors shut out and the room is dark.

Togami: What the hell!? I hate this place.

Ishimaru: Togami. Someone else was murdered...

Suddenly, they are launched out of the room, and the door shuts. Togami's key rolls across the ground by the two.

Ishimaru: Hmmm *picks up the key and heads down to the Trash Room*

Hagakure: *arrives to look around for anything at all*

  • whoa would you look at that its a dvd titled 'dont look maizono nudes incoming'

Hagakure: Uh, I'd like to think I have my morals, bro. *looks away like a REAL man*

Genocider Syo: *runs in* What's this? Maizono? That ugly girl? Ooh, I wonder why anyone would be attracted to her! Put it on, or I'll kill you!

Hagakure: *sighs* Fine, dudette. *inserts the DVD recluntantly, but not wanting to die*


Maizono is shown inside the principle's office.

Maizono: I agree to the school's terms and conditions, and would love to become a student. :)

It cuts to static, then someone else is in there.

Togami: I agree to joining this p!ss poor school. >.<

Static again, then someone else.

Ikusaba: *with her regular look no junko* I agree to joining the school, and accept the terms and conditions as a student.


Ishimaru: I will follow the rules, and accept becoming a student!

Static. It shows someone awfully similar to what Ikusaba was known to them as. But before they can watch any longer, the power is pulled, rendering it impossible to continue viewing.

Second Chemistry Lab


Floor 5


Biology Lab


Fukawa: *walks in slowly, shuddering*

Hagakure: *walks in cautiously* Woah...

  • The room is chilly, and there are places to pull out where corpses are. gg

Hagakure: *checks the corpses*

  • He opens one, which reveals Asahina's corpse, with a blanket over her.

Fukawa: *sneezes*

Genocider Syo: The morgue! Muah ha ha! One of my favourite places! *opens up one, and drools over Maizono's dead body* It's... b-beautiful! *kicks it shut*

Hagakure: *shivers and checks another corpse*

  • It's Sakura. Dayum, is she hot even dead.

Genocider Syo: *rips open another one, revealing Naegi* Ooh, this one looks so cute and hot frozen!

Hagakure: Uh...*checks another corpse*

  • It's Kirigiri.

Genocider Syo: *slams Naegi shut, but the body falls down onto the ground, but she leaves it* I wonder if it'll decompose soon. >:3 *opens up Mondo* Man, what happened to this guy? 

Hagakure: He had a lotta despair in him, the dude...*checks a new corpse once more*

  • Yamada it is.

Togami: *Enters* What is this... morgue? Ew.

Genocider Syo: *leaves Ikusaba's open, ignoring her body, and runs over to Togami* Byakuya Sama, I've missed you! <3

Hagakure: *checks one more corpse*

  • The rest are empty.

Togami: That's interesting?

Genocider Syo: I'm gonna go off! >:3 I wanna get a look at the corpse! Why isn't it in the morgue for me to drool over in private? That's where corpses go! >.> Dumb bear! *walks off, but sneezes*

Fukawa: W-what happened? B-byakuya sama?

Togami: Not sure. *Exits*

Monokuma: *the six enter, and sighs* What did you ba***rds want to see? This is just where all the dead bodies are. >.<

Hagakure: It's like a field trip, but without a magic school bus, dudes! :( *goes to check a corpse*

Togami: Whatever. *Goes to check Ikusaba's body*

  • Ikusaba is dead. She's been dead for a while.

Monokuma: This is quicker. *presses button by the side, and all the things open, revealing the corpses*

Genocider Syo: Ooh, I need one of these to keep track of my victims! <3 Anyway... *checks them all* Junko... isn't here! But she's dead! >.>

Monokuma: Upupupupu, let's get going. *they go back to the trial*


???: AHHHHH! *falls on the ground, seemingly dead*

Ishimaru: *walks into the greenhouse and spots ???*

A corpse is spotted in the middle of the greenhouse. It wears a very familiar uniform, and is masked with some light coloured hair which the mask couldn't cover. The head of the mask is tainted in blood, which the corpse lies in.

Ishimaru: It's happened again... *goes to take off the mask*

  • Before he can get a glimpse of the face which he slightly sees under the mask, rope pulls the leg of the body, dragging it to the roof, hanging it upside down out of anyone's reach. The mask stays on

Ishimaru: Huh? *watches the hanging body for a minute in disbelief then goes to examine the pool of blood*

  • He notices that there is a strand of pink hair in the pink blood. Eventually, the rope drags the hanging body away into an unknown area, out of anyone's view.

Ishimaru: *searches the area around where the body was*

  • There is a dumbbell. There is no more evidence to be found.

Ishimaru: hmmm.... *takes a look at the chicken coop*

  • yeah there is nothing in the greenhouse gtfo

Ishimaru: Hmmm *heads towards the Data Processing Room*

Classroom 1

Messed up Classroom

Celestia : What the?! What is with this class room? Oh well *Leaves*

Togami: *Enters* What the... hell? *Observes classroom*

  • It's almost as if a bomb has gone off inside. There is mess, tears, and broken furniture everywhere. Despairrrr.

Togami: What the hell happened in here!?

  • thats 4 u to figure out

Togami: *Examines some of the broken furniture*

Basement (rip fukawa)

Fukawa: *wakes up, in a pile of trash* Where am I? Byakuya sama? Help me! *blocks nose because of stench* My b-body hurts... Why are there wounds on me...? This place is gross... is it because you all t-think I'm ugly? 

  • Hagakure and Chihiro find themselves crashlanding inside here, with no exit.

Fukawa: O.O

Hagakure: Ouch...

Ishimaru: Ow...

Hagakure: Hey dude, what's up?

Ishimaru: Someone was killed again...

Hagakure: Wait, what? Who was killed, if ya don't mind me asking, dude?

Ishimaru: They had a mask on, so I couldn't check. And then the body got pulled away... Although... I haven't seen Celes...

Hagakure: Oh, I see, dude...huh...weird...*thinks*

Ishimaru: *looks around the basement*

Fukawa: G-get us out of here...

Ishimaru: Help me look for a ladder then

Fukawa: B-but there's a door. *points to it*

Ishimaru: ... so there is... *uses the key on the door*

  • There is ladder

Fukawa: L-let's climb it... *climbs*

Ishimaru: *starts climbing*

Hagakure: *climbs*

they make it out gg

Class Trial 

Monokuma: Who is the killer, guys? Also... one of you ba***rds stole my key... If you can get past the murder, we'll be having a special trial after that. Who is dead, too?

Fukawa: W-well, there was a wound on the head from what I could see when it was hanging...

Hagakure: I saw some hair hanging out of the mask, so wouldn't it mean it was long hair, dudes?

Fukawa: B-but all of us are alive. W-who is it? And why are there s-sixteen spaces if there are only f-fiteen of us? Why are we h-here? We all have alibis... AHHH! *frustrated*

Togami: Hmm, is it possible that could there been another of us?

Fukawa: M-maybe... But who?

Togami: How should I know? Just a possibility.

Fukawa: I r-really don't know much about the case... b-but maybe she knows... *sneezes*

Hagakure: Wait a minute, dudes. Syo and I saw a video with a mysterious student, I think...or wait...let me recall it...but we saw the entrance of Ishimaru, Togami, and what Ikusaba looked like without her wig...and we saw someone who looked like how Ikusaba had looked before...

Genocider Syo: Wasn't that Ikusaba bimbo pretending to be Junko? The pink hair from the hanging corpse looks the same... which has too disappeared. >.>

Hagakure: Ikusaba was, dudette. Maybe the dead one was a real Junko somehow or Ikusaba, again?

Genocider Syo: So Junko is the victim! >:3 But question, why wasn't she in the morgue? I was going to tear through her corpse! D:

Togami: That would make sense... the sixteenth space... was for the real Junko. And as for the morgue... hmm...

Genocider Syo: I went back to the morgue after I noticed she was gone from hanging, and she still wasn't with the other dead things. >.>

Hagakure:'s crazy, but maybe her body was moved or something? I don't know why though.

Genocider Syo: But where would it go? :O Dead bodies go in the morgue, stop ruining everything you stupid bear. >.> 

Hagakure: Maybe she wasn't technically dead when we checked, but then died after we left?

Genocider Syo: Oi! Monoloser! I call a recess! I would like to check the morgue... <3 *slightly drooling, and pulls out scissors* 

Hagakure: If it's possible, dude, I'd like to, too.

Togami: Interesting. Recess, morgue and Monoloser all in one sentence... hilarious.

Monokuma: *shrug* Fine. Why not? >.> *Togami, Hagakure, Celes, Fukawa/Syo, Ishimaru and Chihiro board the elevator* Let's go to the morgue, you bas***ds.

Monokuma: *they return* >.> Hurry up.

Togami: Calm yourself, bear. Now I'd like to discuss something. I definitely don't remember doing anything to get into this school, but I did find this. *Pulls out picture he found in room* All of you are here, except for me. Seem weird to any of you? >.>

Genocider Syo: *snatches it* B-byakuya sama, you look so adorable, why wouldn't you be here? I would kill if you if I didn't love you! <3 Hey, that Junko girl is off to the side, slightly. >.> So she is a student here.

Togami: Um, okay? Off to the side slightly... *Observes picture* Now that I actually look, I can't even see her face. And I'm not even there. What the hell!?

Genocider Syo: I can take dirty pictures if you want, Byakuyasama! >:) Anyway, why wasn't Junko there? She's dead...

Monokuma: Upupupupu...

Hagakure: To add on to the photo things, dude. *pulls out the one with Leon, Oowada, Yamada, and Chihiro* You can see Junko from here- plus if she's not dead, why isn't she in the trial? Why has she never been in the trial? Is she in like the infirmary or something?

Genocider Syo: Dead people don't go in the infirmary... only live people do! :O Anyway, this is suspicious... She has to be in the morgue if she's dead! And we know it's Junko!

Hagakure: This is crazy confusing, dudes!

Togami: Hmmm... aha! Of course! Hagakure's picture and mine both have Junko in the picture, but her face is off camera, not in the spotlight. Plus, when Syo mentioned something about Junko being dead... Monokuma made a random noise that made it seem like he was nervous. Plus, hmm... maybe Junko isn't dead. The sixteenth student, Monokuma sounding nervous, us not seeing Junko's face at all... Junko's the one controlling the bear! Because the Junko competing with us, was Ikusaba all along, so she could make it seem like she was dead the whole time, but in reality, she's been controlling Monokuma!

Monokuma: Upupupupu, if that's what you think. *hits button, and Junko Enoshima's unconscious body is launched into the middle of the trial room* This ba***ard has been out cold for a while!

Hagakure: Out that means, they're not dead and that's why they're not in the morgue, right, dude?

Genocider Syo: So that's why she wasn't in the morgue...! She never died! And where did her head wound go?

Hagakure: Plus, if she isn't dead, why are we holding a trial, dude?

Junko Enoshima: *pulls herself up, and her eyes flicker* W-where am I?

Monokuma: Upupupupu! One of you bas***rds stole my key, and if you want out... you'll have to solve all the mysteries to the school... Or, you all die... Are you ready?

Junko Enoshima: 0.0

Monokuma: So that's part one... and... let's move onto part two. You don't remember anything since coming here a few weeks ago, but there are these despair inducing photos! :O Explanation? 

Celestia : Cough it up Blondie >:| 

Junko Enoshima: Uh, I have no idea what you're talking about... I don't remember anything...

Hagakure: Maybe it was to provide memories or something, dude? What do you guys think?

Celestia : Sure.....but how?

Hagakure: We would get memories from pictures slowly, the longer we kept looking at it. Maybe they were to induce despair?

Genocider Syo: You guys don't remember? *sneezes*

Fukawa: W-what's happening? D:

Celestia : We should just wipe out that monochromatic turd *Points to Monumuka* And leave >.>

Ishimaru: We can't leave. The entrance is sealed.

Monokuma: I don't think one of you would want me gone... and if you can't answer my question, you all die. :)

Ishimaru: To make us despair about killing our friends?

Hagakure: I think so, maybe, dude...

Celestia : I don't have a possible explanation....

Hagakure: Wait a minute, dudes, let's put this together...Monokuma mentioned something about one of us not wanting him gone...if we go with Togami's theory, the person Monokuma mentioned is the one controllin' him, right? Well, Togami's picture had everyone, but himself in it. Ishimaru or Celes, could we see your pictures you have gathered during your time here, so I can make my conclusion?

Ishimaru: *shows the picture he found today* I also found a picture of Mukuro and Kirigiri after they were killed. And you can see Junko's hair in it. Leon also told me he found a similar picture with Naegi, Maizono and Fujisaki

Hagakure: Huh...well, thanks Ishi and Leon. My conclusion is the reason Monokuma gave us these pictures, with everyone absent in their own, to show that any one of us is the true controller of Monokuma and are a traitor! Also, most of these pics point signs to the dudette, Junko. Or the other reason is so we could remember Junko, along with the other things noted before. We haven't seen Junko until today...

Fukawa: B-but who attacked Junko?

Junko: Someone did... I don't... remember...

Monokuma: If you can't explain the photos, you all die!

Ishimaru: We knew each other before coming here. Is that it?

Monokuma: Upupupupu, one last chance.

Hagakure: ...It's to explain our lost memories for what happened in this school before we forgot everything?

Monokuma: But how did you lose them? And how do you know you lost them? ;)

Hagakure: Well, to answer the last question, I just remember walking in and then a gap to when we were meeting and told about your killing game, dude.

Fukawa: *sneezes before he talks*

Genocider Syo: Huh, you forgot all about it? 

Hagakure: Forgot about what? The gap, dudette?

Togami: We could have been drugged. And we know we lost them, because we have photos of us all together. And what other way could we all be together in several photos unless we were in this school together? And also, that video the other two mentioned, we had to accept our way into this school...

Genocider Syo: It's all a blur, as this stupid body didn't have sneezing problems, but like years ago we locked ourselves in here!

Hagakure: What do you mean, dudette?

Genocider Syo: We've been in here a while. >.> You guys don't remember it, I don't think lousy Fukawa remembers it, so you guys must have had your memories wiped... and they forgot about me! >.>

Hagakure: I think that proves my it's lucky they forgot you, dudette.  And if our memories have been wiped- do you remember anything more specific?

Monokuma: Why did you trap yourselves in here?

Togami: The only thing I can think of, is that we locked ourselves in here... to possibly get away from something or someone. Just a guess. Because why else would we agree to stay here forever?

Hagakure: Maybe it could have been Monokuma or something? Unless he fooled us from beginning or some junk...

Monokuma: Upupupupu, you all went mad crazy and trapped yourselves in here! I didn't do it!

Togami: We all went "mad crazy"? And trppaed ourselves in here? That helps my conclusion. We had to have trapped ourselves in here to protect ourselves then.

Monokuma: *plays a video with the outside world, which is in ruins with people fighting* Why would you guys ever want to kill me and go back to that?

Togami: I would rather kill you and help fix the world, then be stuck in hrere for the rest of my life and deal with you.

Hagakure: Yeah...there a few people we might want to help or somethin''s still better than this.

Genocider Syo: Ehhh, the huge catastrophe outside don't bother a serial killer!

Togami: So, what's the deal? How long has this "apocalypse" been going on? And who and/or what started it?

Hagakure: Added to that, one of our friends is out there, suffering...that's just not cool, dude. Helping people is key to a good life or something like that. However, I'm curious about what Togami is asking, too...

Togami: You should be. >.> Now bear, answer.

Genocider Syo: You don't remember at all, Byakuyasama? It's been going on for years! That is why we trapped ourselves in here!

Monokuma: That's right! But, final question... which one of you is the mastermind?

Hagakure: Hmm...Junko, dudette, do you remember anything of being attacked? Like the killer's appearance or something?

Togami: Interesting. Hagakure being helpful. Strange, yet amazing.

Junko: No... they masked themselves while you guys were off doing stuff... I've been trapped in the Data Processing room where no one could see me!

Hagakure: Did they look like a guy or girl or something- or did you not get to see anything but the mask?

Junko: I could barely see... but they had longish hair, I guess... It was so quick! I couldn't really tell!

Hagakure: Hmm...maybe it was a girl then. Where was everydude today? The attack happened today, I, yeah?

Genocider Syo: *sneezes*

Fukawa: W-what's happening?

Hagakure: We're trying to determine who the killer was today, Fukawa...I know I saw ya kidnapped with me and Fujisaki underground today, so I don't think it could be us...Togami, Ishi, Celes, where were ya guys today?

Togami: I was with the bore Ishimaru. *Rolls eyes* And both of us were together, most of the time anyway. After a while he disappeared. But I was in the data processing room, and things were dark. And it makes sense that we couldn't see Junko. But, where were you, Ishimaru after you left?

Ishimaru: I went to check out the trash room. That's how I got everyone out for underground.

Hagakure: you have anything? And if so, anyone to prove you were there? I wouldn't think so...

Togami: Not possible. Ishimaru was with myself and then with you guys. And before he was with you, you guys were in the basement together. And don't forget he came back to me afterwards, I'm pretty sure anyway, to tell me there was a murder. And I stayed in the same spot because I was annoyed by everything and everyone. So, the mastermind has to be Celes.

Hagakure: was you, wasn't it, dudette?

Celestia : No it wasn't me in case you have noticed I was in my room the whole time

Fukawa: B-but how can we know for sure, when we were all off?

Hagakure: Well, dudette, you do have the long hair needed to commit the crime...Junko said the murderer had long hair and that leads to you...

Ishimaru: The hair in the blood pool was pink though

Hagakure: Then...huh? It could be, maybe, because the dudette got hurt and some hair fell out or something?

Junko: I was hit in the head... 

Celes: You wish to declare me the culprit?

Hagakure: Then it makes sense why Ishi found pink hair in the blood pool...anyway, Celes, most of the evidence- the little we have- points to you, dudette.

Celes: *giggles* But that's wrong, I was with you two the entire time, was I not?

Hagakure: What do you mean, dudette?

Ishimaru: You weren't with us.

Hagakure: Ishi & I weren't near each other until he saved Fujisaki, Fukawa, and me...

Celes: Do you not remember? I was with you and Ishimaru, we were having tea in the cafeteria. I could never spare the time to even attempt to attack Junko.

Ishimaru: I haven't been to the cafeteria today

Hagakure: I was kidnapped and didn't have time to go to the cafeteria today, dudette...

Celes: Did I say Hagakure? I simply meant Togami-kun. My mistake. But yes, we did. Don't try to lie because you wan't accept that one of you is the mastermind.

Ishimaru: Togami was with me.

Celes: Ishimaru, you, Togami and I were at the cafeteria. Then you heard the scream, and I followed you. But Togami wasn't in the cafeteria then. He has to be the culprit. :)

Ishimaru: Scream?

Celes: Did you not hear the scream from Junko? We were in the cafeteria. It's easy to note your selective memory, and can anyone trust you after last trial?

Togami: Celes, you filthy peasant! The only time I was ever in the cafeteria was with Syo a long time ago with everyone else. So don't try to pin things on me, failure. >.>

Fukawa: O.O

Celes: Cracking under the pressure, I presume? You're the only one smart enough here to pull off being a mastermind, and you're always hiding away from everyone. You very well could be it, and I am certain you are. 

Togami: I would be pretty flattered, but it's coming from you. I hate getting my hands dirty. So, will you give up this charade and tell us you are the mastermind already? Because frankly, I'm getting bored.

Celes: But it points to you. Junko, the hair was poking out of the mask, right? Your hair is quite long for a guy, so it easily can be you. You hate us more than anything, so you would easily wish to fulfill your goals of creating despair among us, which I would never fall for. 

Togami: ... I don't really hate any of you, if I must say. I like and/or respect most of you all, but I like to hide my feelings because they get in the way of my life. There, the beans have been spilled. *Shrugs* Your hair could definitely stick out of the mask, and I was in the data processing room, and Ishimaru knows that. I couldn't have done it. Good game Celestia. Good game, indeed.

Celes: I refuse to accept your claims. That is not what happened. You had ample time to attack Junko, as the scream happened before you guys found the key. How do I know? I was following you both to see what you were up to. Do not lie to me.

Togami: And I refuse to accept you and your claims. I didn't have time to attack Junko even if I wanted, which I didn't.

Celes: You always strand yourself away from everyone, even Fukawa. It's likely you tried giving yourself an alibi this time around when you pulled off your grand move. I can see right through your lies, I'm not a gambler for nothing. *smiles, mischiveously*

Togami: Oh, you failure. You still have no alibi, yet I actually have one that makes sense. And why the demonic smile? Thinking about killing someone else?

Celes: *giggles* I'm just eagerly awaiting your execution for your deceit. All the evidence points onto you, Byakuya Togami. You are the mastermind.

Hagakure: Knowing Celes...while I'm unsure if she was with you guys at the cafeteria...well, to be honest, dude & dudette, you're both fishy to me...but who should I believe...?

Celes: Togami is a genius, how could any one else other than him pull this off? 

Monokuma: Will everyone come to an agreement already?

Ishimaru: Be quiet Monokuma. We're discussing

Togami: Celes, die. Hmm, wait... do any of you guys know what attacked you? Like, what weapon perhaps?

Junko: When I turned around, a dumbbell hit me in the head...

Togami: It has to be Celes. During a mini-investigation I had not that long before the trial started, I checked both rooms and there was a dumbbell missing out of the girl changing room. Yet, the guys' room still had all theirs.

Celes: You must be seeing things. You could have entered it, using someone else's ElectroID-

Fukawa: N-no! Togami would never! I've been f-following him every day... He would have n-never had the chance to do so... Y-you're the mastermind!

Celes: No.

Togami: Oh, please. This is why I like having my own stalker. 

Celes: I will cut your head off! Togami is the mastermind... aho aho aho aho aho aho!

Togami: We have our mastermind, ladies and gentleman.

Celes: You shi***y imbecile! I refuse to accept this.

Monokuma: Ehhh, can we just give it all up, for my owner?

  • The room is filled with smoke, making it unable to be seen, and when it comes back, Celes is seen in the throne where Monokuma sits, with him in her lap. 

Celes: I've always wanted to be a Queen...

Togami: Give up, Celestia. We're done with your pathetic games.

Celes: *giggling* Game? Do you think life or death between students is a game? I am utterly disappointed that you're not the mastermind instead.

Togami: I'm utterly disappointed that you're still alive.

Celes: Well, I guess we're back here. So, I suppose you all want to see me executed for the drama I have caused among you. I would be correct in saying that, right?

Hagakure: Yeah, pretty much...

Togami: Of course, you deserve death.

Celes: But truthfully, I wasn't the one behind all of this.  

Togami: Pardon?

Celes: There is more to this all than just me deciding to force you all into this for despair.

Togami: Like...?

Hagakure: I don't even know what the heck is going on any more!

Celes: After we had locked ourselves in the academy to protect us from the catastrophe outside, Jin Kirigiri saw something in me. He promised me billions of yen if I had conducted a despair game of mutual killing. I gave into my greed, as with that money, I could accomplish my dream of living in a western castle. We had come up with the Monokuma project, but I had betrayed as he didn't like my view. He had to die. I truthfully wish this all never happened, but what's done is done, so I must accept my death. But if you kill me, the only thing that keeps you alive is the air purifier, which will shut down with my body, forcing you all into the chaos of the outside world. Togami, your family has fallen. The rest of you, there is no where for you all to go back to... I wish to remain in the academy, but my fate shall be your choice. Afterall, I led you all into killing your own friends out of my own temptation and greed, so you will decide whether I will join the outside world with you all, to create hope and fix it all.

Vote to Save or Kill Celes.

  • Togami - Die, Celes
  • Hagakure - Well...the dudette may have killed almost all of our friends...but she has to atone for her sins first, right? She's lucky that one got away with it so...she has to live to atone for them...Forgiveness is key, right?
  • Fukawa - Save.
  • Chihiro - 
  • Junko - Save. I know exactly what she's going through, I've been asked to do so many things as a model, it's not her fault.
  • Ishimaru - I want to see if Leon is okay. And I don't want anyone else to die...

Celes: So, you have voted me to be saved...


The cast stands by the large door which seperates them from the outside world.

Togami: Finally, this p!ss poor crapgame is over.

Fukawa: N-now Byakuyasama and I can get married... in the real world.

Togami: Did you not hear? The world is in chaos, so it's a gamble exiting the school.

Celes: *giggles* I wonder what we'll be met with.

Chihiro: Now... we can all be friends.

Togami: It's not like I'd be... friends with any of you...

Ishimaru: Killing is not welcome in a school environment!

Junko: Can we just get this over with? I have a career.

Fukawa: T-the world is broken, idiot girl.

Junko: Hey! What was that?

Celes: Let's refrain from fighting, and have hope in one another.

Hagakure: Yeah, dudes! Without my crystal ball, I can predict with certainty that we will restore hope for all!

Ishimaru: Exactly.

Fukawa: Byakuya sama is my hope...

Togami: Yeah, yeah. *rolls eyes, with a faint smile*

Celes: On three?

Junko: One...

Hagakure: Two...

All: Three.

Celes hits a button, which opens up the door to the exit. They are met with a ruined world outside of them, and some one familiar is waiting for them.

Leon: G-guys? You're alive...

Celes: Yes, we are...

Junko: Jesus christ, what happened to you?

Leon: It's hard out here.

Ishimaru: Bro... *he hugs Leon, squeezing him tight in his arms* I've missed you!

Leon: Uh... *blushing* Hugging ain't welcome in the-

Ishimaru: *takes him by surprise with a kiss*

Junko: :O

Fukawa: I... wrote a fanfiction about something like this. *fangirling*

Togami: Enough with the love. We have a world to restore.

Hagakure, Togami, Chihiro, Leon, Junko, Fukawa, Celes and Ishimaru face the world that has been left with them, and walk off into the sunset.