You know the drill. Btw hanamura cant die hosted by sable, trenthater and dogsnake rex


  • Please don't complain if your character dies. 
  • If they guess the killer wrong in the trial, everyone dies but the killer.
  • If you wish to kill someone, please tell Mabel in private message on the chat, explain how/where they died, who killed them, and provide clues so not everyone will be completely lost.
  • To find clues, users must manually search the areas like: *looks under bed*, although some clues will be there, without any searching required.

School Rules

  1. Live in harmony with the island
  2. Respect the island and do not vandalise
  3. Talk to your friends
  4. To "graduate" successfully commit a murder
  5. A Body Discovery Announcement will be made once 3 people find a body
  6. After a body is found, a period of investigation time is given before a class trial
  7. If the murderer is successfully accused in a class trial, he/she will be executed
  8. If the murderer is not accused, all students except him/her will be executed instead
  9. Rules may be added in the future

Sign Ups

Hajime Hinata - Super High School Level ??? - TF Graduated from the Island.

Nagito Komaeda - Super High School Level Good Luck - DerpyandDawn

Chiaki Nanami - Super High School Level Gamer - Rex 8th Executed: Please Insert Coin

Mikan Tsumiki - Super High School Level Nurse - Gwopher

Peko Pekoyama - Super High School Level Swordsman - DerpyandDawn 2nd Executed: Swordsman Tiem

Teruteru Hanamura - Super High School Level Cook - TDY 1st Killed By (Peko Pekoyama)

Gundam Tanaka - Super High School Level Animal Breeder - Rex 4th Killed By (Ibuki Mioda)

Kazuichi Souda - Super High School Level Mechanic - Wes Holden

Akane Owari - Super High School Level Gymnast - TDY 3rd Killed By (Ibuki Mioda)

Ibuki Mioda - Super High School Level Light Music Singer - Mabel Graduated from the Island.

Byakuya Twogami - Super High School Level Heir/Imposter - Dianted

Hiyoko Saionji - Super High School Level Classical Dancer - Mabel 7th Killed By (Hajime Hinata)

Mahiru Koizumi - Super High School Level Photographer (instagrammer lol) - SFE 5th Executed: Instagram Attack

Nekomaru Nidai - Super High School Level Coach - Dianted 6th Killed By (Chiaki Nanami)

Sonia Nevermind - Super High School Level Princess - Gwopher

Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu - Super High School Level Gangster - TF


# Contestant D1 D2 ~ The Trial D3 D4  ~ The Trial D5 D6 ~ The Trial D7 D8 ~ The Trial
13th Gundam Tanaka ALIVE ALIVE KILLED
15th Peko Pekoyama ALIVE EXECUTED
16th Teruteru Hanamura KILLED


They find themselves inside a classroom of some sort...

Peko : Hmmmm this is a weird place......

Sounda: what is going on here.

Hinata: I don't know.

Teruteru: Oh, I will win with my amazing cooking skills!

Akane: Um.... is there some type of gym here?

whoops this isn't a classroom

Nagito : Whoops this is not a classroom

Usami: Come on, students! We're going on a field twip! :3

Nagito : I hope you don't mind me asking this but were are we going? 

Peko : I would also like to know >.> 

As Usami pops out from behind the desk, the walls fall down, revealing everyone to be on a beach.

Chapter 1

First Island


Nanami: *wakes up* Huh? We're on a beach?

Hinata: This doesn't make sense...

Souda: i cant fix anything here

Ibuki: Whoa, Ibuki loves beaches! :)

Gundam: Wild bunny! Tell us what is going on!

Kuzuryuu: Ugh...this all seems stupid.

Saionji: *walks off, ignoring everyone*

Nagito : It looks quite beautiful :D I don't know about you guys but I'm going to explore the island :) 

Kuzuryuu: Shut up, you boke. Don't go acting all happy on people who aren't even your friends...

Ibuki: Ibuki is everyone's friend who likes to rock on!

Twogami: Ugh! Sand in my shoes! Idiots being idiots! Hmph!

Peko : Kuzuryuu stop being a d*** and being a f***ing jerk >.> I hate to raise my voice but you are honestly being a jerk please stop 

Kuzuryuu: You're not someone who I take orders from, so I won't take them. You bokes are losers anyway...*leaves*

???: *screen flickers* Upupupupu. Everyone please report to the plaza on the central island


Nanami: *heads to the lobby and immediatly starts playing the game there*

Nagito : *Arrives*  Hey how are you doing Nanami?

Nanami: ..................................................................................................................................................... fine

Hinata: *walks in to look around, but sees Nagito and Nanami* Huh? Oh...hi guys?

Nagito : Oh Hi *Waves*

Nanami: Hi

Hinata: What's going on?

Nagito : Nothing really :) my name is Nagito what is yours? 

Hinata: I'm Hajime Hinata...

Nanami: I'm Nanami

Nidai: I train kids. *Laughs*

Nagito : Well nice to meet you Hinata-Kun and Nanami-Kun oh yeah......Hi Nidai-Kun

Nanami: *back to playing the game*

Kuzuryuu: *arrives and stands in isolation*

Nanami: ...................... Hi

Kuzuryuu: Uh, hi? Did you need something...?

Nanami: Just talking

Kuzuryuu: Oh, alright...? Whatever...

Nanami: .... *starts playing again*

Kuzuryuu: *sighs and mumbles* What is there to do on this stupid island besides chat with bokes?

Nanami: ......................................... you could ask the rabbit

Kuzuryuu: I'm trying to limit as much conversation possible, but I might later if we haven't done anything in two hours...

Nanami: Rabbit? Where are you?

Usami: Usami here! :3

Nanami: What are meant to do exactly?

Usami: Tawk to eachother, have fun, and make special bonds! :3

Nanami: Guess you miss out then... I didn't catch your name

Kuzuryuu: ...*sighs* The name's Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu... *in a forced manner* ...You...?

Nanami: I'm Chiaki Nanami. Nice to meet you

Kuzuryuu: *in a forced manner* meet you too.

Nanami: If you don't want to talk you don't have to

Kuzuryuu: It's fine...I'll have to talk to bokes- I mean people for the whole stupid trip anyway...

Nanami: How about we play a game? You won't have to talk then, and we could still bond.

Kuzuryuu: I'm up for it.

Nanami: *explains how to play*

Kuzuryuu: Alright, I guess.

Nanami: Best out of three?

Kuzuryuu: Sure?

???: *screen flickers* Upupupupu. Everyone please report to the plaza on the central island

Nanami: .... But the game..

Kuzuryuu: I was actually looking somewhat forward to it...the one time I'm having fun. <.<

Nanami: We can play later. This sounds important. *walks off to the plaza*

Kuzuryuu: *walks to the plaza*

Hinata: Sounds strange...*walks off to plaza*

Nagito : Might as well follow the others....*Walks off plaza* 

Dining Room Cabin

Ibuki: *opens door* :OOO Ibuki likes this place!

Monomi: Ibuuuki! This place is out of bounds! Sowwy! 3: I can't let you in without permission!

Ibuki: Ibuki wants to host a rockin' party! Can I get permission? ;3

Monomi: Sure, but it's a mess, though...

Ibuki: Fine with Ibuki! ^^ *exits*

Ibuki: *opens the door, entering with Tsumiki* :D

Tsumiki: Is this where the pa-party will be?

Ibuki: Yup! We gotta clean up, though! *points to the trash*

Tsumiki: Ok, I'm actually quite good at c-cleaning up! *smiles happily*

Ibuki: Let's get going! 

Tsumiki: What would you like me to start with?

Ibuki: First, we need to move all these boxes! *tries to lift one, but drops it, and plates smash* O.O

Tsumiki: Oh go-g-goodness! *rushes to Ibuki, to check on her* N-nothing got you d-did it!?

Ibuki: Ibuki's fine! *pokes out tongue and blows a raspberry*

Tsumiki: Luckily! *struggles to pick up a box but manages it* w-w-where shall I t-take this?

Ibuki: *shrug* Put it to the side! We needa' get the tables out too!

Tsumiki: *continues moving the heavy boxes* O-ok, A-am-am I doing well?

Ibuki: Yes! *throws a box to the side*

Tsumiki: *smiles widely* Thankyou!

Ibuki: ;) *continues with the boxes*

Sonia: *walks in* Hello?

Ibuki: Ey! Does Ibuki know you?

Sonia: *sheepishly laughs* We talked in the supermarket Ibuki!

Ibuki: Oh, right! :3 Your voice is familiar, and Ibuki has great hearing!

Sonia: Im sure you do! Need any help you two?

Ibuki: That'd be great!

Sonia: So, what should I start with, forgive me, I am not so used to doing regular chores...

Tsumiki: *looks over to Ibuki, waiting for her to answer*

Crap gets set up.


party time

Ibuki: Woot, what a turn out! Go get the rest!

Tsumiki: Y-you wa-want me to get eve-everyone else? *pointing to herself*

Ibuki: Duh!

Tsumiki: S-s-sorry! *runs out*

Sonia: I'll go get others too! Things will be done twice as quick then! *exits cabin to find the others*

Nanami: *walks in* Hi Ibuki

Souda: No one is dead yet. I'm suprised

Ibuki: I can't wait until everyone is here, Ibuki has a wicked show to put on!

Gundam: *silently walks in, with the DLD's heads sticking out of his scarf*

Sonia: *walks in* Everyone else seemed to be out, so I thought I was time to come back *smiles*

Nagito : *Arrives* Greetings Guys Tsumuki told me to come here 

Souda: can we just get this party started. I heard one of you is a chef and I,m starving     

Twogami: *Arrives*

Nagito : Well I believe Hanumaru is a chef we could ask him you know if he even wants to

Ibuki: *the lights go low as Ibuki jumps onto a table, holding a guitar* Are you ready to rock1?! :O Ibuki can't believe she found this in the boxes!

Koizumi: ((SHSL: Tardy to the Party)) *Arrives* Hey everyone.

Kuzuryuu: *arrives* ...

Hinata: *arrives* Hey, guys.

Tsumiki: *shuffles in, trying not to attract attention*

Nagito : Uh is everyone here? I don't see Awari-kun or Hanumaru-Kun or even Peko-kun oh and Saonji-Kun

Souda: i hope they arent dead but it wouldn't suprise me with the crazies around here

Nagito : I'll go get them if you guys don't mind of course......*Exits*

Nidai: *Enters* Ahh.

Nagito :*Enters* Hey guys I brang Peko 

Peko : Hello Fellow Students :)

*Teruteru Hanamura then follows with arrival, via Komaeda's referral and Hinata's card. Saionji and Akane do not arrive. Teruteru Hanamura is cooking in the kitchen, making Nidai and Sonia shaped cookies and as he walks to deliver some to everyone, the lights flicker on and off. A loud male yell is heard from the kitchen, where Teruteru Hanamura was heading, after and the lights go on, where Teruteru Hanamura is found dead on the floor, with a kitchen knife stab to the heart. Cookies were in his mouth to attempt to stop the blood from flowing out of his mouth. A guitar is found smashed by the death scene, where Teruteru Hanamura's bloody head lays. Eye broken glasses are found, as well.The blood pool seems to be covering something.*

Kuzuryuu: *sees Hanamura's body* Some boke...actually tried to kill someone. And did.

Hinata: *sees Hanamura's body* What?!

Souda: I knew someone was going to kill here *looks at the body*

Monokuma: Seems like Souda knows what to do! Now that three of you found the body, you must search for clues to conclude a killer at our trial. In our trial, you will try to find the guilty killer and then if you get it wrong, the killer graduates! I won't say any more...saving it for the trial, upupupupu!

*Multiple stab wounds are found on the body. A long, black piece of hair is found.**

Souda: this is just great. I'm living on an island with a murderer *looks in the blood puddle*

*Souda finds a pair of ribbons. It's almost all blood red, except a spot of white.

Kuzuryuu: Hmm. *looks closer at the body*

*Kuzuryuu sees one stab mark that differs from the knife stab marks on Hanamura's knee.*

Souda: this is intresting two diffrente blades and a formally white ribbon and broken glasses. I think i know who the killer is

Nanami: *examines the crime scene*

Gundam: I'll go see what Akane and Saionji were doing

Souda: *looks at the smashed guitar*

Kuzuryuu: *also looks at the crime scene*

Hinata: *looks away from Hanamura's dead body in disgust that a person would actually do this*

*Souda finds a small amount of grease on the guitar. Nanami and Kuzuryuu find a guitar pick on the ground.

Souda: i hate you murderer. I blame everyhing that is evil for this. *LOOKs at the hair* I hate my life

A random book called "Fancy Living, Lalala" falls on Souda and then randomly disappears, because it was pointless.

Ibuki: D:

Nagito : W-What Happened! This was supposed to be a party not a crime scene *Sighs* *Looks at Corpse*

Peko : *Examines Corpse* Hmmm...

Tsumiki: W-wh-what jus- *faints*

Nagito : *To Sonia* Uh is she ok? *Tries to pick up Tsumiki by the hands to pull her up but fails* Gah she is heavy...

Sonia: *kneels down to help Tsumiki* I cant believe what just happened!

Nagito: *helps Tsumiki up* I think she gets scared of blood and stuff....maybe we should take her back to her cabin....

Sonia: That can't be a good mix when your a nurse *sheepishly laughs* *helps him, pick Tsumiki up*

Nagito: *Chuckles* True :) *Starts Carrying Tsumiki to her cabin*

Sonia: *continues helping him, trying to smile*

Nagito: *Arrives* Hey Guys me and Sonia just took Tsumiki to her cabin what is up? :)

Peko : Still examining >.> *Examines Corpse*

Sonia: *bites her lip and clutches her arms, feeling extremely on edge and uncomfortable*

Nagito: Sonia.....if you don't mind if I look kinda there something wrong?....anything I can do to help?

Sonia: Well i-its just because of the death...

Nagito: Don't worry you'll be ok.....I'll make sure of it.....we'll find the Murderer of Hanumaru so don't worry :)

Sonia: I guess so...*steps back into Nagito*

Nagito : W-wow G-Gah! *Catches Sonia in his hands* A-Are you ok?

Sonia: *bites lip again,nods and looks down at her feet*

Nagito: Here *Puts her back on her feet* It's ok *Holds her hand* I got you *Let's go of hand* I wonder when the bear will get here...

Sonia: *looks up at him, slightly smiling* T-thankyou...

Nagito: It's my pleasure :) you helped me numerous times already it was time for me to return the favor :)

Sonia: Heh, you're too sweet *looks away, smiling*

Nagito: You're sweet to :) *Blushes and looks at the time*'s already 11:00 I'm sorry Sonia but it's pretty late I think I'm going to go to my cottage *Gives Sonia a hug and leaves to cottage*

Sonia: *smiles* I guess its time for me to try and sleep too...*leaves*

Peko : Bye Sonia *Examines Corpse*

Souda: what the hell is gonin on in here *picks up the glasses* Peko, Twogami which one of you is missing your glasses.

Peko : *Shows her glasses to Soida* It was Twogami's

*Peko finds a card saying "Yo Komaeda, let's get lucky with Sonia tonight. ;)" signed by Teruteru Hanamura.*

Peko : Oh my god *Puts Card in pocket* I'll present this later >:) Nagito just got busted

Kuzuryuu: *looks around*

*Kuzuryuu finds a card saying "I respect Sonia's privacy. Freak...but I hope you get rejected. That would be very lucky." signed by Nagito Komaeda.*

Kuzuryuu: ...*puts it away* I don't get what kind of letters bokes write. <.<

Nanami: *searches*

*Nanami finds a final card from Teruteru Hanamura saying "Man, there are so many hardcore ships right now, like me and my mama, Hinata and his future cats, Sonia and Nagito & I. :) I guess you could go as far and say I'm an all-seeing chef, but I ship Nidai and Hinata, Gundam and Tsumiki, Owari and Monokuma, Peko and you ;), Koizumi and a corner, Kuzuryuu and Nanami- speaking of...I should try to get lucky with Sonia or Nanami with Komaeda. Dirty fun...dirty. ;)" the letter was to be addressed to Hiyoko Saionji, with a message on the bottom saying "Out of Boredom".

Hinata: *looks around but finds nothing, still avoiding looking at Hanamura's body* Well, I'm making no progress...hmm. I'll be back later. *leaves*

Nagito : *Enters* I wonder if there are any more pieces of evidence *Examines Corpse*

Peko : Hello Nagito

Nanami: *pockets the card* I wonder how the killer got around in the dark, or why there was a blackout in the first place *heads to the supermarket*

Sonia: *walks in, ready to help out*

Peko : Well I don't think there is any other evidence....

Nagito : Really?!



Gundam Tanaka's cottage

Gundam: *The Four Dark Lords of Destruction jump out of his scarf and scamper onto the bed, followed by Gundam* We must be prepared for anything

Hinata: *knocks on door* Hey. Anyone here?

Gundam: *opens door* What does a pathetic human being want with me?

Hinata: I just wanted to say hi? If you want, I'll just go...

Gundam: That would be best

Hinata: Alright then, well...that was interesting. See you around, I guess.

Tsumiki: *softly knocks on door*

Gundam: *opens door* Yes?

Tsumiki: *jumps up and shields face with arms and whimpers*

Gundam: Why are you here? Are you a messenger from the unknown?

Tsumiki: I-I-I am he-here to tell y-you, that there's a pa-party at the lodge an-and Ibuki wa-wants everyone to c-come!

Gundam: I'll think about it

Tsumiki: *puts down her arms and wraps them around her waist* I-it would m-m-make Ibuki happ-happy if you d-did come...

Gundam: ... fine

Tsumiki: *nods and runs off*

Gundam: *starts grooming the DLD* We should be on our best behaviour 

Kazuichi Souda's cottage

Souda: killing doesn't sound that much fun to me. No one else will kill. I garenteed it

Tsumiki: *knocks on door*

Souda: *opens door* What do you wnat

Tsumiki: *eyes widen* S-s-sorry! The-there's a party at th-the lodge and Ibuki wa-wants everyone to be the-there! *clutches to her stomach nervously*

Souda: Well your just trying to get someone killed. Whatever I'll be there

Tsumiki: WHAAAAT?!?!! *clutches head and starts sobbing* I-I-I SW-SWEAR IT'S JU-JUST A PA-PARTY!

Teruteru Hanamura's cottage

Hinata: *knocks on the door, but only hears snoring* Hmm...Sonia asked me to do this so. *leaves a card by Hanamura's door saying "Party in the Lodge! Check it out!"*

Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu's cottage

Kuzuryuu: *lays down and looks at the ceiling, thinking*

Tsumiki: *gently knocks on door*

Kuzuryuu: *opens door* What is it, boke? <.<

Tsumiki: *scratches arms nervously* I-Im s-sorry for botheri-bothering you! B-but there's a party at the l-lodge and Ibuki w-would like you t-to come along..

Kuzuryuu: ...Hmm...why should I waste time with bokes?

Tsumiki: I-it would m-make Ibuki v-very very ha-happy

Kuzuryuu: *looks away and sighs* If you stop stuttering like a boke for a second, I'll go. It's the lodge, right? I'll be there...Whatever.

Tsumiki: *straightens up* S-sure! *runs off quickly*

Nekomaru Nidai's cottage

Nidai: *Enters cabin and shuts door* Well, it isn't the best, but it will do. After all, I do train kids. *Laughs; then lays down on bed*

Nagito : *Knocks on door* Hello?

Nidai: Who is it!?

Nagito : It's Me Komeada-Kun I'm here to inform you about the party

Nidai: Party!? What party!?

Nagito : The Party at the lodge Ibuki is hosting it and we want everyone to come :)

Nidai: Oh, uhh... sure! I'll come! *Opens door and closes it behind him* Let's go! *Heads to party*

Nagito : I'll meet you there :) 

Nagito Komaeda's cottage

Nagito : *Enters* Well this is going to be one wild ride.....*Sits on bed sighing* well at least I met some nice people....well this is boring *Falls Asleep* 

Nagito : *Wakes up* Well I might as well read or something *Reads Book*

Tsumiki: *knocks on door*

Nagito : Hello? *Opens Door*

Tsumiki: H-hello, I-I just wanted to a-ask you if you w-would like to c-come to the party Ibuki h-has set up in the l-lodge. *shields face with arms* I-I hope it-it doesn't bother y-you!

Nagito : Oh :) I would absolutely love! To come :)

Tsumiki: *puts her arms down and smiles* Thankyou!

Nagito : No Problem :) *Goes to Party*

Nagito : *Enters* Well this was a weird day.....*Sits on bed and thinks* I think I have a crush on.......s-sonia.......well.whatever I'm sure I'll get over it by tomorrow......*Locks Door and goes to sleep*

Nagito : *Wakes Up* Well might as well go to the Crime Scene *Goes to dining room=

Byakuya Twogami's cottage

Twogami: *Enters cabin and shuts door* Well, I guess I shouldn't have expected much better. Such a degrading "cottage"! >.>

Tsumiki: *knocks on door and says* T-togami there's a part-party at the lodge and we would li-like it if you would c-come along

Twogami: *Sighs* Fine. *Opens door and closes it behind him* Just going to stand there? Let's go! *Heads to party*

Hajime Hinata's cottage

Hinata: *arrives back from Gundam's* I guess the people here are...something...

Sonia: *knocks on door*

Hinata: *opens door* Um...hello?

Sonia: Hello Hinata, I was hoping you could join us in a party held by Ibuki in the lodge!

Hinata: It's kind of unexpected, but I'll be there. Did you need any help with anything, or do I just have to show up?

Sonia: There is no need to worry, we have got it all set up, all you need to do it attend and have a good time!

Hinata: Ah, alright. I'll be there. Thanks for the invitation.

Sonia: No problem! *walks off happily*

Sonia Nevermind's cottage

Sonia: Small but it is quite nice! *sits on bed*

Sonia: *sighs,smiling* What now...? *lays back down on bed*

Sonia: *walks out of her cottage, off to find people to interact with*


Sonia: *walks in,locks the door behind her and sighs*

Ibuki Mioda's cottage

Ibuki: Woot! *jumps on bed, bouncing* Ibuki expected more! >.< *exits cabin*

Akane Owari's cottage

Mahiru Koizumi's cottage

Koizumi: ((Oh Jeez this started)) *Enters and sits on the bed*

Koizumi: Bleagh so bored *leaves*

Nagito : *Leaves not with information about the party*

Hiyoko Saionji's cottage

Sonia: *knocks on door*

Saionji: *ignores her*

Sonia: *calls through the door* Hello?

Saionji: *keeps ignoring her*

Sonia: *knocks again* Saionji? It's me, Sonia! There's a party at the lodge and we would like you to attend!

Saionji: *opens door* I'm not speaking to a s*** like you until you're my slave. >~>

Sonia: *puts her hands on her hips and looks down at her,angry* Excuse me, that is no way to talk!

Saionji: You're not noble, don't talk to me. You're a queen of the fairy princess land. >~>

Sonia: I am a very respected princess from where I am from and I expect you to respect me and everyone else! *turns around* and I expect you to be on your best behavior! *walks off*

Gundam: *knocks on door* Saionji?

Saionji: *does not respond*

Gundam: You should know someone was murdered.

Mikan Tsumiki's cottage

Tsumiki: *shuffles in,carefully closing the door behind her*

Ibuki: *jumping on Tsumiki's bed, gets off and faces her* Eyy!

Tsumiki: *screams and jumps back, tripping over her own feet*

Ibuki: What's the shock? :O Ibuki got you frightened?

Tsumiki: *clutches her head, trying to hold her tears back* Y-you-you scared me!

Ibuki: Ehh, we have stuff to do! *raises hands, and tries to scurry Tsumiki out the door*

Tsumiki: *lets go off her head and looks at her curiously* We..-we do?

Ibuki: Duh! Ibuki has a party to host! *opens door* These are really easy to pick! Come on! *points to the exit*

Tsumiki: *gets up off the floor and follows Ibuki, looking out for where she stept* A par-party?

Ibuki: Ibuki just said that! Come on! *shoves Tsumiki out the door, and shuts it behind her*

Tsumiki: W-whatever you say

Nagito : *Enters Cottage and Lays Tsumiki on the bed* Thanks for helping me :) you sure are a tough princess :)

Sonia: It's no problem! *clasps hands together* You're quite strong yourself! 

Nagito : Nah.....I was always the one in class who wasn't as strong as the other kids................ but anyway enough about me please let's go back to the party *Smiles* we don't want to be suspected *Chuckles* *Heads to Party*

Sonia: *nods and follows him*

Tsumiki: *jolts up screaming* 

Tsumiki: *holds her head,crying* W-w-why...?

Hinata: *is walking by, but then hears crying & screaming and knocks on the door* Are you okay in there?

Peko Pekoyama's cottage

Peko : Ewwwwwwwwwww I hate this place....

Sonia: *knocks on door*

Sonia: ... no answer *shrugs and decides that she'll come back later then she walks off*

Nagito : Greetings :) 

Peko : What do you want >:( 

Nagito : we are having a party and Ibuki is wanting everyone there

Peko : Sure I'll join your little "Get Together" *Leaves to Party*

Nagito : *Leaves to Party*

Chiaki Nanami's cottage

Nanami: *enters and lies down on the bed* zzzz.... up up.... zzzzzz... left right...

Sonia: *knocks on door*

Nanami: *yawning, walks over to the door and opens it* Yes?

Sonia: Hello Nanami! Sorry to bother you but I'm here to inform you that Ibukis holding a party in the lodge! So we were hoping you would join us!

Nanami: Sounds fun... I'll be there soon

Sonia: Yay, I can't wait! *walks off*


Sonia: *looks through aisles* Certaintly not like the food back home.... *picks can of soup up* certaintly not. 

Kuzuryuu: *walks in, in hopes of isolation from the others*

Sonia: *looks over to him, slightly smiling*

Kuzuryuu: *notices Sonia* Did you need anything...?

Sonia: *midly jumps up in shock that someones being rude to her* No-no, nothing... *continues looking at the soup in her, trying not to make eye contact*

Kuzuryuu: Huh? Uh, alright then...?

Ibuki: *walks in, looking through the aisles*

Kuzuryuu: *lounges around and just stays there, trying to not be noticed so he doesn't have to speak*

Sonia: *grins at Ibuki*

Ibuki: :O *pulls out instant ramen* Ibuki craves these backstage! *looks at Sonia* Does Ibuki know you? :O

Sonia: *gently shakes her head* No, we certaintly havent met before! I'm Sonia Nevermind and you must be Ibuki?

Ibuki: Riiight, Ibuki is Ibuki. ;)

Sonia: *smiles* Well it's nice to meet you Ibuki!

Ibuki: Hmmm, cute look, good breasts... you should join Ibuki's band! :O

Sonia: *eyes widen* Uh, well... thankyou for that and the offer Ibuki. 

Gundam: *searches through the aisles* The Dark Lords will be satisfied with this.

Sonia: *looks over to Gundam and smiles*

Gundam: *raises scarf higher and looks away*

Kuzuryuu: *begins to walk away*

Sonia: Hm?

Gundam: ... Hi

Sonia: Hello, Im not quite sure we've met either, Im Sonia *smiles*

Gundam: ... Gundam...

Sonia: *slightly laughs* Nice to meet you *places out hand for him to shake it*

Gundam: *shakes and Sun-D pops out of his scarf*

Sonia: *gasps* Oh! Awww, what a cute hamster! 

Gundam: *raises scarf higher and face notably becomes redder* Thanks...

Sonia: *giggles* You're welcome!

Gundam: You can look at the other Heavenly Kings if you want

Sonia: Heavenly Kings? 

Gundam: *Maga-G, Cham-P and Jum-P jump out of his scarf in response*

Sonia: *puts hands to mouth in shock* oh my goodness, look at how cute they all are!

Gundam: *face reddens even more* Thank you

Sonia: You must be a really caring person to look after these little creatures! 

Gundam: It's nothing really...

Tsumiki: *shuffles in, quietly whimpering*

Saionji: Go.

Tsumiki: Pardon me, but w-what exactly am I-I-I doing?

Gundam: Stop right there! If you value your life, don't come any closer!

Saionji: Hit Sonia! >:3

Tsumiki: I-I cant! 

Gundam: You do not want the wrath of the dark lord!

Tsumiki: *cowers down in fear* No!

???: *screen flickers* Upupupupu. Everyone please report to the plaza on the central island

Gundam: See you there?

Nanami: *searches around the store for something that can help with darkness*


Saionji: *walks over* One... two... three... four...

Gundam: What are you doing?

Saionji: If you squish them just right, you'll get a satisfying popping noise. *squishes more ants, while counting to four*

Tsumiki: B-b-but those poor ants! 

Saionji: I didn't ask for you to speak, ugly pig b***h!

Tsumiki: *shields her face with her arms and starts wailing* I-I-Im sorry!!!! I wo-wont talk again!!!!

Saionji: *raises fist* Back away! ;3

Tsumiki: *wipes tears and nods* so so so-sorry!!

Gundam: *stands between Tsumiki and Saionji* Evil witches like you should not attack the innocent!

Saionji: Don't try to take advantage of me! Uwaaah! D: *keeps squishing more*

Tsumiki: *continues crying* I'm sorry!! 

Gundam: ....

Saionji: Get on your knees and be my slave. It's the only thing I can half respect you as.

Tsumiki: *points to herself* M-m-me?

Saionji: Obviously, you idiot b***h.

Tsumiki: *starts sobbing again* SORRY! *drops to knees* P-p-please forgive me!

Gundam: ... The Dark Lords are ashamed

Saionji: Now, go rub my feet. >.>

Tsumiki: O-ok *wipes tears*

Saionji: *kicks her shoes into her face, and socks too* Rub them, ugly b***h.

Gundam: ... *leaves*

Tsumiki: *whimpers* Y-yes 

Saionji: Uwaaah, rub them better! >~>

Tsumiki: I-Im so-s-sorry! 

Saionji: You suck. *kicks her as she stands up* Put my shoes back onnn! >.>

Tsumiki: F-for-forgive me! *quickly grabs Saionjis shoe*

Saionji: Come on, go beat up Gundam for me! >.>

Tsumiki: I couldnt! *shields face again*

Saionji: If you don't hit Sonia... I will hit you. >.>

Tsumiki: B-but I do-dont want to hu-h-hurt anyone!

Saionji: You don't get a say in this, you ugly pig b***h!

Tsumiki: Ok, I'll do what you s-say! *starts wailing* *gets up, constanty wiping away her tears*

Saionji: Go! >.>

???: *screen flickers* Upupupupu. Everyone please report to the plaza on the central island


Central Island


Kuzuryuu: What is the stupid announcement or whatever?

Nanami: *sleeping*

Nagito : Well I'm sure it's a important announcement :) 

Peko : Um no I want the reason for going here >.> 

Nidai: In a situation like this, you should be a bit more calm.

Peko : Why would I listen to a guy who trains kids?

Sonia: I wonder what it's all about!

Nagito : I think it's just for a announcement it's ok Sonia :) Don't worry :)

Nidai: Hey! I don't train kids! I train kids. *Laughs*

Peko : You sure do....>.>

Nagito : Come on guys let's keep peace :)

Sonia: *smile and nods* I agree.

Akane: Why are we here?

Teruteru: Hey Sonia, *winks*

Nagito : Thanks for agreeing with me Sonia :)

Sonia: Good Morning! and it is no problem at all

Souda: There is nothing to fix here. Dumb

Nagito : I'm pretty sure you can find something to fix :) 

Peko : I hate this place T~T 

Sonia: We should try make the most of it!

Nagito : That is a great idea Sonia :D 

Sonia: Thankyou *carefully curtsies, smiling*

Nagito : Everyone that doesn't know me my name is Nagito Komeada my title is "Super High School Level Luck" 

Sonia: You seem to know my name, my title is "Super High School Princess" *grins proudly and puts hands on hips*

Nagito : Wow Princess? That's so cool :D my title is kind of...........not...

Sonia: *giggles* I like your title! *smiles*

Nagito : Yeah well everyone one is like A Nurse or a ??? Or a Gamer or......a guy who teaches kids I'm just a normal person

Sonia: Aww *takes his hand* well you seem pretty special to me!

Nagito : Well *Smiles* Thanks

Sonia: My pleasure!

Nagito : Well your really kind thanks

Sonia: Thankyou very much Nagito! And you're too kind! *taps his nose playfully*

Nagito : *Laughs* You're very welcome

Tsumiki: I-I- I wish that Iwas as nice as them *cups her hands around her mouth*

Peko : Please being nice ISN'T how you stay alive it worsens it actually and I should know 

Tsumiki: S-sorry!

Sonia: Staying Alive?

Peko : In my life my life is CONSTANTLY at risk. Friendships just get in the way I would rather KILL someone you won't catch me dead at all I'll kill everybody just like I kill others when I have to >.> 

Kuzuryuu: Even harsher than me...

Hinata: Wow...

Nagito : Wow............that's interesting....

Peko : why are you surprised?

???: Upupupu. Enjoying your field trap?

Usami: T-that voice!

Monokuma jumps up from inside the plaza's statue.

Monokuma: Making friends is horribly boring don't you think? How about we spice things up?

Usami: Monokuma! What are you doing here!

Monokuma: Looks like the side character things she can run the show

Usami: Side chawacter? *gets tackled by Monokuma* No stop!

Monokuma: Gyahahaha! You can be my little sister now!

Monomi: *tearing up* Little sister?

Monokuma: I bet you b******s want to leave this island. Well to leave is simple! Just kill someone and don't get caught!

Monomi: K-kill?

Ibuki: Kill? Ibuki doesn't think that's rockin'...

Tsumiki: *starts tearing up again* W-w-wh-what?!?

Saionji: I knew there was a reason as to why I was brought to the island with that pig b***h. 3:

Nanami: *yawning* This is just like an adventure game

Sonia: *gasps* That's one way to look at it!

Kuzuryuu: What the h***...? Which boke is pulling the stupid prank?!

Hinata: I'm not sure if it is a prank...

Saionji: Meh, only the weak and pathetic get so emotional.

Tsumiki: *shoots her arms down, wailing* I CAN'T HELP IT! *then covers face with hands and drops not knees, crying*

Ibuki: *holds out hand to Tsumiki* Come onnn, get back up!

Tsumiki: *takes her hand* I-I'm sorr-sorry

Ibuki: Such potential Ibuki sees in you! *pulls Tsumiki up to her feet* Your wailing voice is quite cool! Ibuki is impressed... hmmm... *thinking*

Tsumiki: *dries her tears and slightly smiles* y-you think?

Ibuki: Hmmm... hmmm... three hmmms... Definitely!

Tsumiki: *clasps her hands together, smiling eagerly*

Ibuki: *puts her thumbs up* Alrightyyy!

Monokuma: It's getting a bit late. You b******s should head back to your rooms.

Sonia: But what about the "killing", are we just going to let that go?

Monomi: Wet's just sweep! :)

Nagito : Well I guess so I'm sure no one will kill :)..........right? *Goes to cottage*

Akane: I will kill!

Class Trial 1

Monokuma: *explanation on how it works, save explaining what happens to the killer when found out* Have fun, upupupu! Let's start with the murder weapon, perhaps?

Souda: This is crap. The murder weaopn was the knife in his chest.

Kuzuryuu: Obviously, boke. <.< Anyway, my guess is the guitar was used to knock Hanamura unconscious after a while to stop him from struggling...

Hinata: It seems right to me.

Peko : Possibly I guess 

Nanami: What about the wounds on his knee?

Hinata: It doesn't seem like an ordinary kitchen knife wound...

Peko : So what could it be?

Souda: he must of implaed himself on something when he fell

Kuzuryuu: Seems dumb to me, but whatever, boke. <.<

Nagito : Are you sure?!

Saionji: Only an idiot could do that...

Kuzuryuu: Exactly.

Nanami: What about another weapon?

Hinata: The guitar?

Souda: He fell on the guitar? it could explain it

Nanami: I doubt it

Saionji: Really? Are you that idiotic?

Sonia: Can I just bring something up?

Kuzuryuu: What is it, boke? <.<

Souda: well where could someone hide a weapon that was used for murder on the island

Sonia: Are we going to ignore the grease on the guitar?

Nanami: That could be from Teruteru's hair

Saionji: The only weapons seem to be the ones in the kitchen. >.>

Peko : You got that wrong! It could be lots of other weapons

Souda: what like your stupid Sword

Ibuki: Like a rockin' guitar... or a sword... or a... chair leg? 

Tsumiki: I-it is possibly  Pekos sword...

Peko : Um I didn't bring my sword to the party >.>

Nanami: I'm quite certain you did. You go everywhere with it

Saionji: Prove it. >~>

Souda: i saw you wearing it at the party

Tsumiki: S-sorry *puts head down*

Peko : ok I brang my sword but how can you prove I used it someone else could have 

Sonia: You would have noticed it was missing!

Hinata: If she used the sword, couldn't blood be seen from it, unless cleaned? Just in case, could we see the sword, Peko?

Souda: plaus i foud your whit ribbions uner the body. Explain that

Kuzuryuu: Wow, Peko must be a moronic killer to leave so much evidence behind.

Peko : Shut your f***ing mouth you f***ing worthless piece of s*** *Shows Sword*

Sonia: There is no need to swear! *puts hands on hips*

Nagito : Is there any evidence to support yourself?

Kuzuryuu: She was at the party. She's stupid. She's the killer. Simple as that.

Peko : I want to point out that Twogami is also a suspect >.>

Souda: how come

Kuzuryuu: Yeah, but you're more stupid so it makes more sense. Whatever. Twogami, you have your glasses, right?

Twogami: Of course. They're on my face. Idiot. *Rolls eyes*

Kuzuryuu: Exactly. Good game, moron. <.<


Monokuma: Time to show who the culprit is, upupupupu! Cast your votes...there! Something exciting will happen when we get the killer right. >:3

  • Akane:
  • Togami: Pekoyama must die, for being idiotic enough to actually kill!
  • Nanami: Peko
  • Kuzu: Peko.
  • Gundam: Peko
  • Hinata: Pekoyama...
  • Saionji: Peko
  • Ibuki: Boku no Peko
  • Souda Can: Twogami
  • Koizumi:
  • Tsumiki: Peko
  • Komaeda:
  • Trainer of Kids: Peko...
  • Peko:
  • Sonia: Peko

Monokuma: The votes are in... the person voted guilty is... Pekoyama! Congrats, she really did kill Hanamura! Now, it's punishment time! *hits a button, and Peko is dragged off, but hits Nagito on her way*


Peko is brought across terrain, where clones of everyone except Komaeda are seen with swords. She chases them down and slashes through Ibuki, Gundam, and Souda. Sonia, Hinata, and Twogami surround her, but she slashes their heads in half. Nanami and Tsumiki then attempt to stab Peko, but she misses. As she sighs, Kuzuryuu appears and she dashes towards to end him, but tires out and sighs. Just then, Owari comes from behind shouting "I will kill!" and tackles Peko to the ground where she, Nidai, Saionji, and Nidai's children stab her repeatedly, and set off a smoke bomb to censor the death. When the smoke disappears, Akane, Kuzuryuu, Saionji, and Nidai are gone, and Peko is seen with her brains and hearts out on the ground, with brain juice and blood every where, as well as a flat heart, with the blood making a sword-shape. She was split in fours. Meanwhile Komaeda tries to escape and almost does, but the sword of one Warrior is thrown and hits Komaeda's hand, leaving a deep wound and knocking him out*


Chapter 2

First Island



Nanami: *starts playing the game in the lobby*

Byakuya Twogami and Nekomaru Nidai's Cabin

Nidai: Hey... stranger! Nice to meet you! And by the way, I train kids! *Laughs*

Twogami: Are you-- what?

Nidai: I said, I train kids! Duh! *Laughs*

Twogami: Are you... actually serious...?                 

Nidai: I think I am...

Twogami: Someone, please help me.

Nidai: Alright. *Locks door*

Twogami: How is that gonna--

Nidai: It will protect both of us, by keeping anyone from getting in here and killing us.

Twogami: Oh, well... thanks. >.>

Nidai: No... problem...?

Twogami: Yeah, whatever.

Nidai: *Boards up windows* Can never be too safe! :)

Twogami: Now you're just annoying me... 

Nidai: But, I train kids! D:

Twogami: Yeah, yeah. Whatever, I know. >_>

Mikan Tsumiki and Hiyoko Saionji's Cabin

Tsumiki: *looks at door, wraps arms around stomach and tries not to cry*

Saionji: Why do I share a cabin with someone as pathetic as you? >.> *tries to push the two beds together with all her force, but can barely move it an inch* You're sleeping on the floor! 

Tsumiki: *bites lip and nods* O-ok, go-got it.

Sonia Nevermind and Gundam Tanaka's Cabin

Sonia: *walks in with her bags*

Gundam: *walks in* Oh *raises scarf* Hi

Sonia: *spins around to see Gundam* Oh hello! *smiles* 

Gundam: Looks like we're rooming

Sonia: *giggles* I guess so! *clasps hands together happily*

Gundam: Do you want to take a walk? There might be something new about

Sonia: Sure! That's a good idea *puts her bags down and faces Gundam smiling*

Gundam: *opens the door for her* Let's go then *face reddens*

Sonia: *nods to him when she walks out the door* Thankyou!

Hinata: *walks by and spots Sonia and Gundam* Uh, hey guys.

Gundam: Hi Hinata. We were just going to go exploring

Hinata: Ah, alright. Sorry to interrupt. Have fun. Just be wary of any suspicious figures, we don't want any more deaths...

Mahiru Koizumi and Akane Owari's Cabin

Nagito Komeada and Chiaki Nanami's Cabin

Nagito : *Slowly Coming In* Oh uh.....h-hi Nanami...*Sits Down On Bed* O-Owww... *Puts Bags and Luggage under bed* Excuse me but I'm going to get bandages *Slowly Trudges to Market*

Nanami: Oh hi Nagito. Do you want me to get Tsumiki?

Nagito : Nah it's fine I got some bandages from the super market but if it gets worse I'll ask Tsumiki *Applies Bandages* But thanks for the offer :) *Locks Door* But anyway want some chips? *Shows Chips*

Nanami: Nah, I was heading out. See ya later *walks out and locks the door behind her*

Nagito : Well I'm all alone.......oh well *Boards Up Windows* just want to be safe :)

Ibuki: *opens up window, and kicks down the wood* Hey! Ibuki is glad to see you guys! *sigh* Ah... ah... ah... four ahs... ACHOO! *sneezes* Hinata is booring! :D What's up with you two?

Nagito : Well I'm just sitting what are you doing?

Ibuki: *sigh* Boooored!

Nagito : Well you want to do something? *Boards Up Windows so no more God Players come in* :) 

Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu and Kazuichi Souda's Cabin

Souda: your not a hot chick either WTF

Kuzuryuu: You're not one either, boke. <.<

Souda: Well I hate this. I want a girl

Kuzuryuu: ...You're still not as bad as other bokes. Like Peko. <.< Whatever. Not like I'm going to talk to you anyway. I don't intend on making friends or too many enemies.

Souda: Well i dont' want to die *locks the door from the inside* We stayu here we will live

Kuzuryuu: Okay, whatever. No boke should be stupid enough to try and kill again...

Souda: Well there is some hot girls and stupid people on this island. Dont want to take any chances

Ibuki Mioda and Hajime Hinata's Cabin

Hinata: Uh, hi?

Ibuki: Woot! *springs up to Hinata, with her guitar* Ibuki is gonna' rock out in this cabin, so block yer' ears!

Hinata: Wait, what?

Ibuki: Meh! *runs out*

Hinata: Alright, then...? *leaves*


Nagito : *Comes in* Ah were are the bandages *grabs bandages* Ok *Grabs some chips* 



Second Island





Owari lies dead in a pool of her blood by the seats and tables, while Sonia lies unconscious by the front. Gundam barely recognizable with the blood and broken objects behind the counters, in the back. The Dark Lords of Destruction are clawing at the broken objects and squeaking, trying to get him out from under the pile.

Twogami: *Runs in* Time to get me some hamburgers! Yay! *Notices Owari and stops abruply* Ah! No! I came in here for hamburgers! And I see this! Why has someone else killed!? Why!?

Saionji: *Walks in* :O

Monokuma: A body has been discovered. After a brief period of investigation, we will commence our class trial.

Nagito : *Eating Chips* Hey guys h- *Notices Corpses* GAH! 

Hinata: What's going on? I heard screaming- *notices Owari's dead body* ...No...this can't happen...not again...*tear drops down because Souda claimed Hinata so I'm stuck being the one who mourns deaths, gg*

Saionji: >~> Which one of you did it? It must have been that pathetic princess!

Twogami: Possibly, but... *Examines blood pool*

  • A guitar string is in the pool of blood, and by it are both foot and shoe prints.

Nanami: *carefully picks up the DLD* It'll be alright little guys *walks away from the scene*

Tsumiki: *runs in, tripping over her feet* I-is eve-everyone oka- *spots dead bodies and starts to scream* OH N-NO!

Nagito : Don't Jump To Conclusions Saonji For all we know you could be the killer but we don't know so let's look for clues *Examines Bodies*

Twogami: What is up with all these goddamn guitars!? Ugh. *Observes prints*

  • Shoe and foot prints in the trails, which lead off to the door, then stop. Almost as if someone lost their shoe.

Ibuki: *arrives* :O Ibuki sees bodies... and my guitar! :O

Twogami: Hmmm... *Inspects Owari's body*

  • Her forehead has been split open and slammed into, and there is a guitar by her.

Twogami: Damn guitars! 

Nagito : Where is everyone getting all these guitars?!

Ibuki: Ibuki found a few in the storage when prepping the party... and... the one that's broken... is the one special to Ibuki! </3

Nidai: *Enters* What are you guys-- *Notices body* Ahhhhh!

Kuzuryuu: *arrives* I heard shouting- *sees Owari's dead body* Someone actually killed? Are those bokes stupid enough to think they could escape like this? <.<

Tsumiki: W-who would do su-such a thing!

Twogami: Uhh, let's see if there's any evidence in the kitchen! *Goes to kitchen* Let's see-- *Sees Gundam's body* Oh no! Another dead! Ehhh!

Nagito : *Examines Broken Objects*

  • There are smashed stuff by the counter, and an entire rack of plates and cups have fallen and smashed over Gundam.

Hinata: *drops tears and looks at the guitar* Why so many guitars...?

Kuzuryuu: *follows Twogami* What were you going to sneak some food- *ses Gundam's body* Are you bokes serious...

Nagito : *Enters Kitchen* Hey Guys w- *Notices Gundam* GAH!! (Gundam </3)

Twogami: I can't believe someone would be idiotic enough to kill! Ugh! *Examines Gundam's body*

  • There are cuts and slashes all over him from the fallen objects and the rack, but a cooking spear (the thing that killed in the real dr trial 1) is impaled through his throat lightly.

Kuzuryuu: I know. They're stupid like Peko. <.< *checks the broken objects*

Tsumiki: *runs after them and spots Gundams dead body* O-oh w-w-wow~ *falls over*

Twogami: What the f**k murderer!?

Nagito : Who the heck could be this cruel?!

Hinata: *sees Sonia at the front* Wait...Sonia? Not another death, please...*runs over to her*

  • She has a pulse.

Twogami: *Runs out* Is she okay?

Nagito : *Runs to Sonia* ;( d-don't tell me she is dead to....

Kuzuryuu: Huh? She alright?

Hinata: She's still alive! She's just out cold...*wipes away tears* At least someone lived...

  • what are these mysterious things by sonia

Twogami: *Investigates "mysterious things"*

  • There is a note by her, and some rope by the door, which has been torn.

Nagito : Well at least Sonia survived.....*Tear rolls down cheek*

Kuzuryuu: ...Stop...the killing...whoever did this is just a big boke...*walks back to Gundam's body and inspects his blood pool*

  • Some bandages lie in the blood pool, and something interesting pokes out of a cupboard

Kuzuryuu: *checks the cupboard*

  • Stuffed behind the cupboard, with cans and stuff, a blood stained apron hides

Twogami: *Reads note found near Sonia*

  • It reads 'Come to the diner'

Twogami: Well, someone invited Sonia to the diner. But, who...?

Nagito : What did you find Togami-Kun?

Monokuma: Upupupu, that's the clues!

Monomi: D: D: D:

Nagito : What do you mean "That's The Clues"?

Twogami: Well, this letter. It was near Sonia, and it says, 'Come to the diner!' Hmm, does anyone here fancy Sonia?

Hinata: I think...Nagito spent a lot of time with her? Also Gundam was on a date with her, I believe...

Beach House

Nanami: *sits down in a chair holding onto the DLD*  Cheer up little guys, It'll be alright

Kuzuryuu: *walks outside and remembers the apron and Gundam's dead body and just looks down in disgust of the killers*

Central Island


Mount Monokuma

Class Trial

Monokuma: Upupupu, we're back, and someone gave into despair and killed... two people! Now, piece together what happened.

Nagito : Ok so we should start with the weapon

Saionji: The guitar obviously killed Owari, which one of you losers did. Ibuki, you did it. >.> It's your guitar!

Nagito : We don't know that she actually did it though >.>

Twogami: Who all knew about the guitars, Ibuki?

Ibuki: Yeah, Ibuki left her guitar at the dining hall when Mr. Hanamura died! D: Someone could have taken it!

Kuzuryuu: Maybe it was the boke, Tsumiki? I found a bloody apron behind a cupboard near Gundam's corpse...

Nagito : so it could possibly be Tsumiki?!

Ibuki: T-tsumiki? :O Ibuki would never think Tsumiki-chan could possibly do it! She's too sweet! She would never!

Kuzuryuu: Plus, I saw bandages by the blood pool...Gundam wasn't the only one with bandages.

Hinata: Tsumiki and Komaeda also have bandages, I believe...

Ibuki: That's wrong! Tsumiki wouldn't! :O

Nagito : *Shows Hand* See it still has bandages on it 

Hinata: Ibuki, it's basically either you or Tsumiki now...

Ibuki: But Ibuki didn't... and Tsumiki... Tsumiki wouldn't! Tsumiki wouldn't betray me! D:

Nagito : Did you show Tsumiki where the guitar was?

Hinata: I'll cut that claim to pieces, Ibuki! You can't be so sure...unless you have another suspect or it was you?

Ibuki: Tsumiki... *wipes tears* Tsumiki... did you? D: 

Tsumiki: *sheilds face with arms* It-it wasnt m-me!!

Ibuki: D: D: D: We were supposed to be in a band! With Ibuki as the main attraction, and Tsumiki rocking in the background!

Tsumiki: Be-believe me, I-I-I didn't do i-it!

Nagito : We need evidence to prove one of you didn't kill

Ibuki: D: D: AHO AHO AHO AHO AHO! Tsumiki... you didn't do it! I believe you... didn't... do I? I trust... T-tsumiki...

Hinata: It all leads to you, Mikan stole the cookie from the cookie jar- I mean, killed Gundam Tanaka and Akane Owari!

Nagito : All the evidence points to you being the killer >.>

Tsumiki: *starts sobbing* Ho-how can you accuse me of so-something so TE-TERRIBLE!

Nagito : Cause your not showing proof your not the Murderer 

Hinata: Yes...Tsumiki, why did you do it...?

Tsumiki: B-BUT I DI-DIDN'T DO IT! 

Kuzuryuu: That's what they all say...

Saionji: You ugly b****! First you be hideous, and waste oxygen, then you dare to even sleep in the same cottage as me, then you kill?

Nagito : AHO AHO AHO AHO AHO How Could You?!

Tsumiki: *falls to knees* We-we're all goin-going to die! I sw-swear it wasn-wasnt me!

Nagito : Where is the proof?!?! AHO AHO AHO AHO AHO AHO

Tsumiki: Wh-whats your ev-evidence!?

Tsumiki: I-I have no i-idea who it w-was, but I w-was at my cottage the wh-whole time, w-w-wasnt I Saionji..?

Monokuma: Upupupu, voting time.

  • Twogami: Tsumiki... die
  • Nanami:  Tsumiki
  • Kuzu: Tsumiki
  • Hinata: Tsumiki...*looks away in shame*
  • Saionji: Pig b**** Tsumiki
  • Ibuki: Tsumiki
  • Souda Can: 
  • Koizumi: 
  • Tsumiki: Komadea
  • Komaeda: Tsumiki is obviously the boke who did it T-T
  • Trainer of Kids: Tsumiki... 
  • Sonia: Tsumiki

Monokuma: The votes are in. The person voted guilty is... Tsumiki! But you guessed wrong, she isn't the culprit! The person who deceived you all is... Ibuki!

Saionji: :O :O :O

Kuzuryuu: Ibuki, what the hell?!

Tsumiki: I-I told y-you!! 

Ibuki: S-sorry guys... Ibuki didn't mean to! Ibuki just wants to chill and have a fun with you all!

Tsumiki: *looks up to Ibuki, with tears in her eyes* I th-thought we were f-fri-friends....

Nagito : I can't believe you would kill somebody! I thought you were nice!

Ibuki: It was an accident! Ibuki swears! 

Hinata: Ibuki...I...why...

Nagito : Why would you kill them?

Ibuki: Ibuki invited Gundam and Sonia to the diner for a performance to celebrate their love... but only Gundam and Owari were there. So Ibuki got onto the counter and started rockin' out, but Ibuki fell and accidentally killed Owari... then it hit me... so I killed Gundam for fear of execution! D: Ibuki didn't mean to!

Nagito : Then w-what happened to Sonia+

Kuzuryuu: So you tried to frame your friend...? Heartless boke...

Ibuki: Ibuki didn't want to get executed! D:

Monokuma: Time is up! You really induced despair, Ibuki! So, you get to graduate... and they get to die... right before your eyes! Let's begin... *hits button, and Koizumi is dragged off*


Koizumi is dragged out, and forced into a room full of desserts. She pulls out her camera, and takes pictures of them all. Eventually, they disappear, and a giant camera begins to take pictures of her. The flash burns her eyes, and lasers come out of the cameras, which fry her to death.

Monokuma: Next! *hits button, and Maizono is dragged off* Wait what


Maizono's corpse lies by a stage. However, it blows up because she isn't performing, despite being dead.

Ibuki: *as Monokuma is about to do something, she grabs her other guitar, and slams the button, causing it to malfunction*


A chain wraps around Ibuki, and sends her dragged out. Hundreds of trophies fall on her to showcase her victory. She exits through the exit, bruised, and is never seen. Everyone else remanis alive.

Monokuma: Upupupu, you broke it! How to execute now? Well, well. Your island life of mutual despair shall continue... for now...

Chapter 3

First Island



Souda: *stays here cause he didnt get a cabin*

Dining Room Cabin

Robo-Owari: *walks around* I will kill!

Nanami and Hinata's Cabin

Hinata: Ibuki...I thought she was nice...but she was just another killer...

Nagito : *Knocks On Door* Hello?

Hinata: *opens door* Huh? Oh, hello Komaeda! Anything wrong?

Nagito : Nah I'm just bored and I wanted someone to talk to 

Hinata: Oh, alright. So what do you want to talk about?

Nagito : Well, It's just more people are getting killed and I wonder if we will ever get to escape.

Hinata: These deaths are really getting sad and even more bloody, it's horrible...I hope we do escape, but we can't be sure...who knows what that bear has in mind...

Nagito : I just hope no one will kill anymore but I know it's going to happen 

Hinata:'s just plain awful.

Nagito : I can't believe the killer was Ibuki I mean it's terrible 

Hinata: I know...the whole concept of being here is person's death was already too many...and now many more have died.

Nagito : Yeah......I wonder what Ibuki is the outside world..

Hinata: Maybe she's having fun with no killers around. But, we'll have to find out for ourselves, right? We just have to survive.

Nagito : Yeah I guess.......hey where is Nanami?

Hinata: Uhm, I'm not sure myself, actually...I didn't notice she was gone until you pointed it out.

Nagito : Huh..... well it was nice talking to you I'm going to my cottage remember to lock your door and board up the windows! *Goes to Cottage*

Hinata: I'll do just that. Bye Komaeda. *locks doors and then boards windows*

Tsumiki: *leaves note about the murders*

Nidai and Saionji's Cabin

Nagito : *Knocks on door* Uh hello? Are you training kids? Hello? *Leaves*

Saionji: *opens door, and rudely shoves the two girls inside*

Tsumiki: You're h-hurting me... 

Saionji: Stop whining, you're worthless anyway! *throws a vase out the door, and Nidai goes chasing after it, and she shuts and locks it* Come on, to the showers! >:3

Soapie time happens. gg Saionji

Saionji: Big sissss, where and for how long do you want me to wash you? :D :D :D

Nagito and Sonia's Cabin

Saionji: *knocks on door*

Nagito : *Opens Door* Oh Hello Saionji do you need anything?

Sonia: *lying on her bed, thinking over what happened*

Nagito : *Looks over at Sonia feeling bad* Uh Saionji do you need something?

Saionji: *tears in eyes* Go away! Where is that loser princess?

Sonia: *covers face with hands, not wanting to deal with Saionji*

Nagito : Saonji right now isn't a good time...

Saionji: Go away, pig breath! Where is Sonia? >~> :'(

Nagito : I said GO AWAY! It's not the right time! *Closes Door* I don't care if you're adorable!

Saionji: *picks up a rock, and throws it through the window* >~>

Sonia: *stars silently crying*

Saionji: *climbs through cottage window, but kimono gets stuck, caught on a glass shard* D:

Sonia: *sits up, wiping her tears away* W-what? *see she got stuck*  Oh, here * helps Saionji down*

Saionji: Sonia. >.> *wipes tears, trying to face away from her as a wicked stench comes from Saionji*

Sonia: Uhh Saionji... is som-something troubling you?

Saionji: I... I can't do up my kimono... and I need to shower. >.> It's been a week, are you that dense? 

Sonia: Why... are you telling me this..?

Saionji: I need you to take a bath with me... big sis... >~>

Sonia: ... huh?!?

Saionji: You heard me... C'mon! *tugs on her shoulder, forcefully*

Sonia: This isnt a good idea... sorry Saionji...

Saionji: I need help! >~> *drags her off to the showers*

Nagito : S-Sonia! Be careful! ;( well.......I'm all alone.....maybe I'll go talk to Hinata-Kun...

Nagito : *Arrives* Well looks like Sonia isn't back yet oh well *Locks Door and Boards up Windows* Well this is boring I'm going to go out..*Unlocks Door*

Nagito : *Comes in and Locks Door and Boards Windows* *Sleeps*

Tsumiki: *leaves note about the murders*

Sonia: *hears a noise outside of her cabin* Nagito? *opens door and notices the note* What's this? *reads it* Oh no... *runs to hospital*

Kuzuryuu and Twogami's Cabin

Twogami: What are you?

Kuzuryuu: ...

Twogami: Silent treatment... fine.

Nagito : *Knocks on Door* 

Twogami: Who is it? And what do you want?

Nagito : It's me Komeada-Kun there has been a murder in the library


Nagito : *Backs Away* Uh Maybe I'll ask Nidai or Saionji *Runs Away*


Kuzuryuu: What.

Tsumiki: *leaves note about the murders*

Tsumiki and Souda's Cabin

Tsumiki: *lying on her bed, sobbing*

Tsumiki: *sits up, wiping her tears* I better get my mind of things *leaves cottage to go to the library and read*

Saionji: Uwaah! I hate this b****... but... *throws rocks at her windows* Piggy, where are you? :O

Souda: i get to room with a girl. This is the best day ever




Second Island





Beach House

Third Island

Titty Typhoon


Nanami: *exploring*

Saionji: *stalking her*

Nanami: I should inform Tsumiki about this place as soon as possible *heads upstairs*

Saionji: Ugh. >~> Big siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis! 

Nanami: Eh? *turns around* Oh hi Saionji

Saionji: *Glaring* 3:< Sis, I need to shower... 

Nanami: um.... and why do you need me?

Saionji: B-becuase... you idiot. >.< I can't tie up my kimono by myself... and I can't reach my back when showering. >~>

Tsumiki: *walks in and sees Nanami and Saionji* Oh h-hello?

Nanami: Oh hi Tsumiki.

Saionji: Ugly rabbit w***e can join us! >~> *tugs at Nanami's arm, forcefully* Hurry up! 

Tsumiki: R-rabbit?

Nanami: I'm coming, I'm coming! *follows Saionji*

Saionji: You too, ugly pig! >.> *glances at Tsumiki*

Tsumiki: Y-yes! *cowers down and follows Saionji*


Tsumiki: *searches for clues* T-th-there has to be s-something...

  • Tsumiki notices two blood smears, one heading from room #1 to room #4 and the other heading the other way.
Hospital Room #1

In one of the hospital rooms Nidai is lying face down in a pool of blood, his head smashed in.

Nanami: *walks in and sees Nidai* NO!

Souda: What not here too F this. i better help look

Sonia: *runs in and gasps when she sees Nidais dead body* 

Souda: *is freakin out* We are all dead we are all screwed. who was with theses girls last *looks at the wound*

  • The wound looks like it was inflicted by something flat.

Nanami: Hey Sonia *walks over to her* I know it's going to be hard after what happened before... but maybe this could help *gives the DLD to Sonia* I'm sure Gundam would want it this way

Sonia: *looks up to Nanami with tears in her eyes* T-thankyou Nanami... 

Nanami: No problem.

Sonia: *wipes tears away* We should start looking for clues... 

Nanami: Yeah

Sonia: *gently places the DLD on the hospital bench, then she kneels down to Nidai to search for clues*

  • Sonia finds a few strands of brown hair along with long blond hair in the blood pool

Sonia: Thats strange... *searches for more clues by checking the drawers*

  • Inside the drawer is a bloody knife

Sonia: But this couldnt of been for Nidais murder.... *walks out then into the other hospital room to tell the others*

Sonia: *walks back in* Ok, there must be more clue for me to find! *looks through more drawers*

  • The is nothing else in the drawers

Sonia: Not in here... *examines Nidais body*

  • Sonia notices a blood smear from the blood pool to the door
Hospital Room #4

A few rooms over Saionji is lying down on the hospital bed, under a blood stained rug.

Nagito : *Walking Singing "Just Keep Swimming* G-Gah! *Notices Corpse* S-Saionji?! *Looks for clues*

Souda: I heard screaming what is goi........ Oh my gosh not again *runs away*

Nagito : WAIT! We need to look for clues!

Tsumiki: *walking by looking for Saionji and Nanami and sees Souda run out of the room* W-w-whats going on? *walks in the room and sees Saionjis dead body and screams* 

Nagito : Hi Tsumiki 

Tsumiki: N-no this c-cant be happening! *clutches head*

Nagito : It's Ok *Looks for clues*

Tsumiki: *shakes head* No it-it's not alright..

Nagito : We have to find the culprit.....leave if you are not going to help 

Tsumiki: I-I'm just ups-upset that eve-everyone is getting ki-killed... 

Nagito : Well we just have to do this why don't you leave a note for Twogami, Hinata, Kuzu and Sonia so they know the murder happened 

Tsumiki: *nods and runs out*

  • Nagito finds some faint blood smears from the bed to the door.

Monokuma: A body has been discovered! After a short period of time a school trial will start.

Nagito : They must have dragged saionji. .. *looks for new clues*

  • There don't seem to be any more clues out in the open. Perhaps examining an area closer will help.

Souda: what si going on here *looks to see how they are dressed*

Nagito : huh......well I'm stumped

  • Apart from the blood, Saionji is dressed like normal

Tsumiki: *quietly walks back in* I-I did as y-you said.... 

Nagito : Ok thank you *Sits down to think* tsumiki, do you know anyone who was with saionji?

Tsumiki: *nods* N-nanami...

Nagito : Hmmmm so Nanami is a suspect.........wad there anyone else?

Tsumiki: I-I was with her, but I s-swear it wa-wasnt me!! 

Nagito : Well I suspect Nanami but I need more evidence....... *looks for more evidence* Hmmmm

  • There is no evidence out in the open. Search the drawer or Saionji's body.

Nagito : *Searches Saionji's body*

  • Saionji's chest has multiple stab wounds in it, although the rug has no holes in it. On the ground beside the bed is a strange hairclip.

Nagito : Hmmmm *Searches the drawer*

  • Inside is a bloody hammer.

Nagito : This must be the weapon!

Hinata: What is going on in- Whoa! *drops to knees, after spotting Saionji's body* A-again...? No...

Kuzuryuu: I see one of you dumba$$es gave in. How pathetic. >~>

Sonia: I've found some important clues!

Tsumiki:You-you have?

Sonia: I have found a knife stashed away in a drawer found in the room Nidai was murdered in, just thought it was best to let you all know...

Tsumiki: *nods* T-thankyou, we sh-should search o-out here *walks out into the hallway*

Sonia: Well thats all for now... *walks out*

Electronic City



Central Island


Mount Monokuma

Mioda In The Real World

Mioda awakens on an abandoned island. It's relatively small, and surrounded by water. She knocks off her virtual reality helmet, and sees the rest of the students on the beach, unconscious with them on.

Ibuki: Whoa, was this just a game? *walks over to Tsumiki, and shakes her* Wake up! Ibuki wants to rock out with you! *keeps shaking her, for about ten minutes now, and pants* T-tsumiki? D: Wake up! Ibuki needs you! *walks to Sonia, and shakes her* Sonia? Ibuki knows you have a pulse... *shakes her shoulders* Wake... up... *walks onto the beach, and sits down, in fetal position* Why won't they wake up? :'(

Mioda walks around, and then suddenly, the virtual reality helmets on Nidai and Saionji flicker, going from a red colour, to pale, as if they have been turned off. 

Trial 3

Monokuma: Upupupu. Hope you b******s are ready. How about you start with the murder weapon

Hinata: Peko's sword!

Sonia: I found a knife covered in blood in the drawers that were located in the hospital room Nidai was killed in... 

Hinata: n-no! That's a lie! It was Peko's sword!

Sonia: No, I believe it was the knife I discovered.

Hinata: F*** up, Peko's sword was the murder weapon!

Kuzuryuu: Yeah, Sonia, shut the f*** up you moron, you're wrong!

Sonia: I am not wrong! Why are you so sure I am wrong?!

Kuzuryuu: Because I kill- Because, I know!

Hinata: Yeah, he did it, Sonia! Shut the f*** up!

Tsumiki: W-why are you guys ac-acting like th-this?

Kuzuryuu: Boke, you can give up the act now. >~>

Hinata: *blinks a few times, gasping* Huh... what did I?

Kuzuryuu: Just shut your mouth. Who knew someone like you had that in you? 

Hinata: We're in a trial?

Kuzuryuu: Boke. >.< People just died...

Sonia: Ok, I think it is best to get back to the trial! Now what clues did we discover?

Hinata: What was the murder weapon?

Kuzuryuu: We just said that...

Nanami: Did we? I doubt a knife was used to kill Nidai.

Kuzuryuu: Knowing how tough he was, it wouldn't make sense.

Sonia: No it was not a knife but a blunt weapon!

Kuzuryuu: Tsumiki? She's blunt.

Tsumiki: *straightens up* Wh-why?!

Kuzuryuu: You are slow in the head, boke.

Hinata: Alright, settle down... 

Tsumiki: *cowers down* I-I'm so-sorry....

Sonia: Now there is no need for insults! It is time to figure out the murderer!

Kuzuryuu: Hinata? That boke is exiled from everyone, and he just went bats**t.

Sonia: Back to the trial? *sheepishly smiles* I also found some strange strands of hair beside Nidais dead body!

Nanami: Hair?

Kuzuryuu: Can we skip this crap? I know who the killer is.

Nanami: Already?

Sonia: Go ahead Kuzuryuu.

Kuzuryuu: Did you not listen, boke? Nanami is the only one who could have done it, as I know of Tsumiki's alibi. She and Saionji showered last night, right? You could tell because there was running water and... giggling down by her cottage area. Also, Nanami's hairclip was found. Nanami, you're barely participating in this trial unlike others...

Sonia: What Kuzuryuu is saying does make sense and does add up... but why would Nanami do such a crime?

Kuzuryuu: You graduate, you go back to the real world as we know it. She could get video games. Did Ibuki have a proper reason? Did Peko have a proper reason? No.

Tsumiki: I-ibuki h-had her re-reasons....

Nanami: PAUSE THIS GAME AT ONCE! So you're suspecting me because of my hairclip? Tsumiki, where was I before we showered with Saionji?

Hinata: Nanami-kun... you killed them don't f***ing lie! 

Kuzuryuu: wtf you boke thats my line. Also, why does that matter, because the murder happened after the shower...

Nanami: But my hairclip could have easily fallen out while I was exploring

Sonia: But it could also of fallen out when you were murdering.... 

Kuzuryuu: Exploring her body with the knife. You killed her. Let's get the voting done with.

Nanami: I didn't kill Saionji. Why would I kill her?

Kuzuryuu: Why did Ibuki kill anyone? Why did Peko kill anyone? To get out of here, duh. I would do the same. Yo' Monobear, get the voting up.

Monokuma: Upupupupu. If you b******s say so. Vote for the killer of Hiyoko Saionji and Nekomaru Nidai with the buttons in front of you!

  • Twogami: 
  • Nanami: Hinata
  • Kuzuryuu: Nanami
  • Hinata: Nanami
  • Souda:
  • Tsumiki: Nanami
  • Nagito:
  • Sonia: Nanami

Monokuma: And the killer of Hiyoko Saionji and Nekomaru Nidai as voted by you b******s is.... Chiaki Nanami! And were you right? No! Upupupupu

Monokuma: The real killer of Saionji and Nidai is.... Nanami AND Hinata!

Hinata: #YOLO

Kuzuryuu: >.>

Monokuma: Wondering what went down? Upupupu. How about we have our killer explain!

Nanami: ............

Monokuma: Go on you b******

Nanami: .......

Monokuma: Fine then! Nanami here slammed Nidai while Hinata over there ended Saionji's life! Of course considering how close they were, they formulated their plan and swapped the bodies around!

Kuzuryuu: Bokes...and to think...nevermind.

Hinata: Wait! Don't kill them yet, or better yet at all- I have to do something!

Monokuma: And since you half got it right, everyone except Hinata is going to die!

Monokuma: You're all going to die. But first... *hits button*


Hinata is grabbed by the neck, and thrown across the island. He slams into his bags, then the chain throws him onto his bed. His head aches, then Nagito appears over the top of him, and kisses him to spread his hope. Hinata turns into Izuru, grabs Komaeda by the throat, and slams his head into the wall. He is then dragged out through a portal, and wakes up in the real world, with Ibuki.

Monokuma: And now to start off our executions! *hits button again*


Nanami is standing at the back of a classroom looking towards the whiteboard. A tank crashed through the wall and heads to the front of the class, firing at the desks in front of Nanami. She takes a quick glance towards the door behind her and runs through it. The tank chases after her, although she escapes through a door at the end of the hall. She crashes into an invisable wall as blocks start raining down around her, before she is finally crushed by a block.

Monokuma: I'm beary tired, so there's no point in giving the rest of you individual executions... so, without further ado...  *hits button*


Twogami, Sonia, Komaeda, Tsumiki, Souda and Kuzuryuu find themselves running from a giant claw which chases them in the trial building. Sonia leads the way, with Twogami at the coattails. The claw grabs Kuzuryuu and rips off his eye and prepares to kill Kuzuryuu. Everyone stands, stunned. However, just then the claw malfunctions and falls on Souda and Komaeda, who slip out, but with a few bruises, and in Komaeda's case, the reopening of his hand wound. Tsumiki then trips on a spiked platform and wounds her arm. Sonia frees Kuzuryuu, but breaks her finger, and the remaining survivors manage to survive the execution, albeit all injured, but Twogami.

Monokuma: Which b*****d messed with my machine this time? <~< Whatever, you all get to live again, for now. But you b*****ds will pay when I fix this! Revenge will be sweet, upupupu!

Chapter 4

First Island

The Beach


The Hotel

Nagito : *Walks Around* Huh wonder if anyone is here...

Dining Room Cabin

Robo-Owari: I will kill! *walks around*

*lights flicker on and off until it's dark. Then it turns on and Owari's robotic body is found dead with its head ripped off, with blood splattered all over. A stained knife and wrecked heavy metal guitar with very few blood stains are found. Along that, a bloody hammer is found to the side.*

Souda: Not here too AHHHHHHHHH *searches the body*

*Souda finds Owari holding a paper with the Yin-Yang symbol.*

Souda: Thsi sucks *searches the guitar*

*Grease and another bandage are found*

Souda: *looks at the Bloody knify and hammer*

*More grease is found.*

Kuzuryuu: *walks in* Huh? What's going on- *finds Owari's corpse* What the...even after all this a boke still killed?!

Monokuma: That is right, Kuzu! Upupupupu! Time for the trial! >:)

Kuzuryuu and Nagito's Cabin

Nagito : *Tearing Up* W-why is this happening *Bleeds* I should go to the market *Goes to market*

Kuzuryuu: *wearing an eyepatch* Why did Nanami...why did Hinata...those bokes...however, those bokes did teach me something. *sighs*

Nagito : *Arrives* Hi Kuzuryuu *Applies Bandages* How are you doing?

Kuzuryuu: I'm alright. I just realized I really f***ed up...if life is as short as this, why go around being an a**h*** to every boke here?

Nagito : There isn't :) *Drinks Soda* 

Kuzuryuu: I guess I should lighten up a little...might do everyone SOME good in our possible final moments.

Nagito : Yeah :)........anyway........what you want to talk about?! :D

Kuzuryuu: I don't know. Just ashamed that the one person I didn't mind killed and got executed.

Nagito : Who?

Kuzuryuu: Nanami. I never got to settle the game showdown or whatever it was, which sucks. Never knew she'd actually kill.

Nagito : *Sighs* I really liked Nanami she was a really good and nice friend but don't worry we can make it!

Kuzuryuu: We no longer live for ourselves alone. We now carry on the souls of those who died, with us. We gotta survive this. That Monoboke can't kill us for his own enjoyment, what kind of f*****' entertainment is that?!

Nagito : It's quite outrageous.... I'm bored 

Kuzuryuu: It is bad. But, I'm yakuza to the core. I won't let this despair get to me.

Nagito : Yeah.....this has been a rough experience....I've been injured twice most of my friends have been executed the girl I like would probably rather date a robot then me it's just been terrible!

Kuzuryuu: You got it tough...but a popular boke like you would have other friends, right? Just focus your hope on them or something. Don't go murdering someone out of despair or s*** like that.

Nagito : Yeah...........I guess so.......

Kuzuryuu: Until then, enjoy yourself or something. We'll be out of here one day...

Nagito : I'm going to go to the hotel 

Sonia and Twogami's Cabin

Twogami: Who are you...? Why do I keep getting put into these cabins with these fools!? >~>

Souda and Tsumiki's Cabin

Souda: the hot girl is my roomate agin. SWEET


Nagito : *Grabs Bandages* huh.... *Grabs Soda*

souda: what should I grab to snack on. *looks around*


Robo-Nidai: Train kids-- Train kids-- Train kids!

The Airport

Second Island





Robo-Gundam: *mutters random dark spells*

*The lights turn back on and Robo-Gundam is seen with brain pieces splattered, under a wrecking ball. A guitar is found.*

Nagito : *Looks Around and then spots the corpse* G-GAH! I had a dream about this but I didn't think it would actually happen! *Looks for clues*

*Nagito finds an torn flier with the colors of red and yellow. All the words are unreadable.*

Nagito : W-What is this *Searches the corpse*

*Blonde, long hair is found.*

The Beach House

Third Island

Titty Typhoon


Robo-Hanamura: *scribbles recipes and notes on sticky notes*

*An unknown assilant drags Robo-Nidai's body to the hospital, having shut him down, and then whacking him with a sledge hammer, which knocks off Nidai's head. Hanamura sees this and quickly scribbles down the name of the killer hastily, but is then killed by a wrecking ball. A knife and Peko's sword are found.*

Souda: what the heck. Ugh anopther killing THIS SUCKS *looks at the Hanamura's note*

*The note says "Black & White" and the letters "t" and "i". The rest is unreadable.*

Souda: *looks at the knife and then the sledge hammer, then the sword* So many murder weapons AHHHHHHH

*Souda finds a bandage on the ground.*

Electronic City



*Robots of: Hanamura, Owari, Gundam, Nidai, and Saionji appear, surprised*

Monokuma: You will all serve purpose...upupupu! *releases them* This will be a shock. >:3

???: Indeed, self.

*they are sent into the island*

Mioda & Hinatertots in the Real World

Class Trial 4

Monokuma: *mutters to himself something about Saionji* Alright, let the trials begin! Who could have possibly done this!? Upupupu!

Souda: WELL i WANT TO GO HOME The murderer had a lot of bandaids and long blond hair

Kuzuryuu: All I saw from my view was grease and bandages...

Souda: Grease, ban daids and long blond hgair. What could that mean

Kuzuryuu: Hmm...don't only Sonia, Nagito, and Togami have lond, blonde hair?

Souda: Well the note had the name of the killer faded out but I could make out nan i and a t so that means Sonia is in the clear

Kuzuryuu: Hmm...

souda: Well before we all freakin die does anyone know where this red and yellow torn flier came from

Kuzuryuu: Wait a second. Komaeda has white hair, right? So that leaves Sonia and Togami...

Monokuma: *stuttering* T-time's up! Time to vote the murderer of these robo-things!

Souda Can: Twogami

Kuzu: Togami

Twogami: Souda

Saionji: Souda

Sonia: Togami

Tsumiki: Togami



Twogami: Aw, hamburgers!

Souda: The killer was you Togami!

Twogami: Well you're all dying if Souda isn't executed, because out there it's a jungle. Execute him and you can live here and be happy so gg

Komaeda: ...Would we really...?

Tsumiki: I d-don't want to die...


Twogami: QUIET, B****!

Kuzuryuu: Guys don't fall for it. It's a lame trap and he doesn't have any proof!

Sonia: Right!

Twogami: Bold notice there, Kuzuryuu! Well, *shows video on a screen* How about now?

Komaeda: W-we're all going to die! I'm sorry Souda, but I have to live on for my Kuzuryuu told me.

Souda: C'mon guys, don't execute me! *drops to his knees* I gotta show them a way not to...I gotta!

Kuzuryuu: ...Togami, you're just a big boke. <.<

Sonia: What you're asking of us is absolutely horrid!

Robo-Saionji: CLRKHNCOIG

Twogami: QUIET SAIONJI YOU B****! I know who you are and what you do! *Chomps on a donut*

???: N-not so fast!

Twogami: What the hamburger?

Fukawa: It was you...even though- you look just like Togami! *squeals*

Togami: Worthless impostor.

Twogami: Nooooooooo!

Togami: That is right. Thanks to one of your fellow students, we managed to get Fujisaki to build us a machine to get in. And it's not only just us.

Ishimaru: This isn't welcome in a school environment!

Leon: You said it, bro! Guys, don't kill off the pink-haired guy for this freak!

Tsumiki: B-but I'm scared...

Ibuki: You guys can't do this! You gotta live wild and live the thug life out there! :(

Hinata: That's right. We all have to live out there's our hope.

Komaeda: What's the point...? This isn't hope...I don't know what to think any more...

Sonia: Nagito, you wanted to get out of this island just as much as everyone else! Kuzuryuu told me as much. Don't you want to live the real life for them out there?

Komaeda: You're right! We can't live here, now! This is just an evil and unhopeful place!

Souda: Kuzuryuu-

Kuzuryuu: I'm not dense enough for fall for "Togami"'s plans. <.< So just save your speech for another day.


Sonia: Tsumiki! We will be fine out there if we got each other! You will be able to rejoin Ibuki!

Ibuki: Yeah! Ibuki misses her buddy...just a buddy. *blushes* :3

Tsumiki: Y-you're right.

Leon: Just don't fall for it- Twogami, you're done for, man!

Ishimaru: Twogami isn't allowed on a school environment!

Komaeda: So how about that luck-

Everyone: Shut up.

Hinata: Great! We're all on the same team! Whoever this really is is going down!

The Survivors: Yeah!

Twogami: I wouldn't be saying that if I were you, Hajime Hinata.

Hinata: Huh?

Twogami: Before this- back in the school year, when you all had your memories- you were a normal, talentless, reverse course student. You came to moi for help- to tie up a long and burgerless story, you used to be my accomplice- you allowed this to happen! You're not really Hajime Hinata, you're the infamous Izuru Kamukura, the serial killer!

Everyone but Hinata: *gasp*

Hinata: W-what?

Twogami: brought despair too!

Hinata: That can't be! No! I'm no longer your ally if I was before!

Sonia: We trust you Hinata...

Komaeda: You helped bring us hope! No despair-kind of guy would do that!

Kuzuryuu: You're one of us- whether you like it or not.

Twogami: Funny you mention that, Kuzuryuu, everyone who was here- dead and alive- were a part of Super High School Despair- all of you, except I believe, Saionji. You all brought this upon yourselves...


Souda: I'm not buying it!

Twogami: It's true- I have photos to prove it. *shows them to the survivors* I hope this proof will suffice as much as burgers from Burger King do...

Tsumiki: W-w-what? Don't punish us!

Twogami: I won't. It will be funny to watch you despair over this. And now after that- you will join forces with me!

Kuzuryuu: ...It doesn't matter if we were before, boke! We quit or whatever.

Souda: Yeah, who ever said we would join you again?!

Sonia: Drop it at once! I know we will better ourselves from this- not worsen with despair!

Komaeda: Hinata, we're still behind you, one-hundred percent!

Hinata: Thanks, guys...but I have to redeem myself by actions rather than words, and I will do that somehow, one day...

Twogami: How and why did this even- nevermind. Screw you all, I'm executing everyone. I control Monokuma, so this should be a Big Mac- I mean breeze!


*Everyone in the building is chased by a giant Monokuma. The graduation button is out in the open and Sonia leads the way. Just as they get near, the spears of gungnir implae Sonia, and she supposedly dies. Enraged, Hinata leads the giant Monokuma away, allowing Saionji to push the Graduation Button. One by one, everyone but Hinata and Twogami are pulled away by chains. Hinata then mutters "for a life you love" and is stepped on and killed by Monokuma. The Monokuma goes rogue which surprises Twogami and he pushes the graduation button and escapes. Also Komaeda hurts his hand again along the way.*

-The real world-

Ibuki: Hinata-kun...

Kuzuryuu: Brutality at it's best...

Komaeda: N-no...Hinata!

Souda: That day came to soon...

Saionji: I'm human again! :3 *spots Tsumiki* Get on your knees and pray for me, ugly cow b****!

Tsumiki: N-not another death! *drops to her knees*

Togami: You're free though, and that's all that matters.

Leon: It ain't enough to-

Ishimaru: Be free! Allow me to finish, bro! It isn't enough to be all have the dead souls clinging with you now!

Komaeda: You're right...thanks to Hinata we could live on for our friends! *looks around* And they seem to be fine! :)

Sonia: For Teruteru!

Tsumiki: F-for Koizumi...

Komaeda: For Nanami!

Souda: For Nidai!

Ibuki: For Hinata!

Saionji: For Owari! The ugly little idiot! :3

Kuzuryuu: For Gundam...

Komaeda: If I'm not mistaken, Kuzuryuu, I saw you and Gundam become sworn brothers over water?

Kuzuryuu: Someone saw?

Komaeda: Well, I was stalking Sonia during her walk and managed to see...

Kuzuryuu: We did, but it was secret to just him and me...

Komaeda: I see. Well, we're living for everyone, just like you said, right? Gundam would have wanted you to live.

Tsumiki: T-Togami...why did you kill everyone?

Twogami: You see- I wanted to drive despair! One day, my McDonald's burger fell on the ground and was stepped on! You never see despair as big as that!

*just then Sonia appears, but still injured*

Sonia: It seems you all gathered my intel.

Togami: Indeed we did. The others should be on their way.

Hagakure: *arrives with the rest of the FF* Aaaayyyeee! Anyone up for some weed?

Fukawa: M-me!

Fujisaki: It's no time for that, we're trying to restore peace...

Junko: None of it matters, right?

Celes: Well-

Togami: Stop stealing my spotlight. Anywho, Sonia, you may continue.

Sonia: As you see, fellow members of the Future Foundation-

Twogami: So it was you! And to think I kept Saionji alive to kill her- I was sure she was apart of it and I wanted to kill her again!

Sonia: Yes, it was. I founded the Future Foundation to restore hope. My country is a shelter, in which I plan to take all of you to rehabilitate. But first we must comprehend Twogami.

Twogami: You wish! I must cause despair else where! *flies away on jetpack* FOR THE DONUT STORES!

Celes: Tragic! He's gone!

Sonia: He will never win...hope always beats despair. Anyway- I would like you to join the Future Foundation. We could use people like all of you.

Hagakure: Yeah, dudes!

Ibuki: It's awesome of you to offer...but Ibuki's gotta stay here and wait for our friends!

*the survivors hold hands peacefully*

Hagakure: They're not wakin' up, bros, ya see when they die in virtual reality they go brain dead so-

Ibuki: But we got hope they will!

Kuzuryuu: These bokes will wake up...

Tsumiki: Y-yeah!

Saionji: They're not dying without my permission. >:3

Komaeda: With our luck...they will!

Souda: Oh, Sonia, sorry you got all those injuries on my behalf.

Sonia: Well...*sighs* If that's what you all wish. Also Souda, it's fine. If you all ever need any help, *hands walkie-talkie to Ibuki* contact us.  We will be glad to help! :)

Celes: Sonia, it's time for us to go!

Ishimaru: Yeah!

Leon: Ye-

*Ishimaru pulls Leon in for a kiss. Just at that moment, Tsumiki walks up to Ibuki. Tsumiki pulls Ibuki in and kisses her. Both couples make out as Sonia looks for the right moment to interrupt. Just then Fukawa pulls Togami in for a kiss. Togami looks disturbed, but then lightens up and continues the make-out session. After five minutes, the three couples stop.*

Sonia: V-Very well, have a good day, survivors. It's a shame people like you won't join. Good-bye! Also...*leaves medicine with Ibuki* Saionji may have brain damage from being in the take good care of her for the first few weeks. Bye!

Komaeda: Wait! Sonia! Before you go, I wanted to tell you something...

Sonia: What is it?

Komaeda: I-I love you...r personality! Right! *nervously laughs* Never change.

Sonia: I won't, Nagito. :)

*The Future Foundation leave. As they wave good-bye, the survivors wave good-bye back. The survivors then walk into the sunset, holding hands, determined their friends will awake one day.*


Twogami: Onto more despair! And McDonald's! *jetpack runs out of fuel* AAAAAHHHHH!

-The End-