Sign Ups (Closed)

  1. Anne Maria-The Jersey Shore Reject-Electra Eliminated in Larry's Loose! (3rd)
  2. B-The Strong Silent Genius-BB Voted out in Wawanakwa Reloaded (14th)
  3. Blaineley-The Insensitive Diva-Jordan Quit in Ark of Dawn (9th)
  4. Brick-The Cadet-Dianted
  5. Cameron-The Wide-Eyed Bubble Boy-Surfer Voted out in B Afraid, B Very Afraid (13th)
  6. Dakota (Cause no one wanted Dakotazoid gg)-The Fame Monger-Blake Quit in Mine Your Own Business (7th)
  7. Dawn-The Moonchild-Don Voted out in Mission: Wawanakwa (4th)
  8. Jo-The Take No Prisoners Jockette-Dark Voted out in Caption This (10th)
  9. Lightning-The Athletic Overachiever-Wes
  10. Mike-The Multiple Personality Disorder-TF Voted out in Photo Finished (5th)
  11. Sam-The Nice Guy Gamer-Miguel Voted out in Little Cottage of Horrors (12th)
  12. Scott-The Devious-Phy Voted out in Mine Your Way Out of Here (6th)
  13. Staci-The Compulsive Liar-Mabel Voted out in In 30 Maggots or Less (11th)
  14. Zoey-The Indie Chick-Mike Voted out in Dress to Impress (8th)

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Brick and Dawn

Dakota and Dawn

Mike and Scott


Leo and Lightning




Elimination Ceremonies (Pictures)

Elimination Table

Place Name Team Merge? Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
8th Zoey Rattlesnakes WIN SAFE WIN WIN WIN SAFE OUT
9th Blaineley Rattlesnakes NO WIN SAFE WIN WIN WIN QUIT
10th Jo Meerkats WIN SAFE WIN WIN OUT
11th Staci Meerkats SAFE WIN SAFE OUT
12th Sam Meerkats SAFE WIN OUT
13th Cameron Rattlesnakes WIN OUT
14th B Meerkats OUT

Episode 1: Wawanakwa Reloaded

Wawanakwa Reloaded

Season 12, Episode 1

Challenge(s) Run around the island.
Winner(s) Radioactive Rattlesnakes
Cameo(s) None
Eliminated B
Episode Guide

"One Million Reasons to Win"



"B Afraid, B Very Afraid"


Chris: Welcome to the new and improved Wawanakwa! We're bringing back 13 contestants from ROTI plus Blaineley to see who will be the next ASVU winner! Now let's welcome them back.

Anne Maria: Hiya, Chris. *stares at the previous contestants and rolls her eyes* these losers? Ew.

B: *Rolls eyes*

Cameron: *squirts handsanitizer at everyone* Hello. Pleased to see you.

Anne Maria: Hi, Bubble Boy. *sprays hairspray in his face*

Sam:Hey guys! *starts playing on his gameboy* Oh, yeah! Yeas! Yes! Nooooo!

Cameron: AGH MY GLASSES! *cleans them vigorously*

Dakota: Move over, Glasses. *jumps in front of the camera* Hi! *waves* I'm Dakota. Dakota Milton. My daddy's the owner of Milton Hotels, if you didn't already know.

Lighting *jumps out of a tree and lands on Cameron* Sha Lightning is here to make dwebs like him lose all the money

Brick: *arrives* Oh it's this again.

Dawn: *Appears behind Chris* Greetings and salutations, I dearly hope we can form friendships together.

Brick: Maybe, I went to fashion school... I thought I was manly... anyway, hi everyone what have you been doing lately?

B: *Waves at Dawn*

Dakota: *face covering up the camera* Oh, sorry. Checking my mascara. And letting the world see my absolutely perfect eyes.

Brick: Oh god... this again... *walks away* (CONF) This season I need a better strategy. Something creative... to help me. (CONF END)

Cameron: *squeaky* Help?

B: *Sielently helps Cameron*

Brick: *helps Cameron* You ok?

Cameron: Thank you very much. Now I need to change my clothes. They are dirty! *walks away*

B: *Sits and thinks of a strategy*

Scott: *whittles a stick*

B: *Glares at Scott*

Cameron: Did you know... *rattles off facts about whittling*

Zoey: *arrives* Finally, back again! (CONF: My last few seasons here have been pretty...uh..."rough". But, with all that aside, I think I can actually do this!)

Scott: Your creeping me out Bev. *scoots away from B*

Cameron: *follows Scott, still rattling*

Scott: *retreats to the Confessional* (CONF) Ah...the sound of silence.

Cameron: And that is the history of whittling. Wait, where'd you go? *runs off in search of scott*

Dawn: *Mumbles under her breath* (CONF: Scott is a evil scoundrel--! But he seems to have been less conivving... But that is no reason to forgive him.)

Dakota: (CONF) *sits in the confessional, filing her nails, occasionally flashing a smile at the camera* ... *is still in the confessional twenty minutes later*

Brick: *sitting thinking about what to do*

Cameron: Ew. Dirt. *shudders*

Mike: Hey everyone! Glad to be back-- uh, sort of anyway. How have you all been?

Blaineley: *appears from the brush* talk about cheap service, I'm a celebrity people... Do you even realize who I am? *picks off the leaves and twigs that have attached themselves to her dress and then walks towards the group* Ew, what? Why are you all here?

Brick: Because, we want to win money... :)

Anne Maria: *throws a can of spray at Blaineley* Please leave, wannabe. *flips hair*

Scott: *leaves the Confessional* Oh good. The bubble boy finally left me alone.

Brick: I am going to go. *jogs* (CONF) This camp is weirder. (CONF END)

Cameron: I would come, but I'm not physically fit!

Jo: Whatever....

Brick: *runs down and sees Jo* Want to race, Jo? So I can see how much faster I am compared to you. :)

Jo: I'm gonna say no.... only because your basically the worst... your father would be ashamed for challenging a lady.

Staci: Yah, did you know that my great, great, great, great uncle Trevor invented bubbles? Before him, people with illnesses used to get thrown into the ocean. So sad. *frowns* Hey guys, I'm Staci. Did you also know that my great aunt Mildred invented toenail clipping? Before them you had to get new shoes every week since they always used to break through the front!

Dakota: *pushes Staci out of the way* That's disgusting! Do you know what isn't, though? My face. Look at it. Wait, I need my blush. Someone get me my blush >:(

Staci: Oh, that's so cool! *walks back* My great, great, great grandmother Pearl, she invented make up! Before then people who were undesirable were stuck looking ugly!

Brick: Jo, lets race, you scared of getting beaten or something?

Lightning: A Race. ShaYeah. I will run faster than both of you guys to prove I am the fastest man on the Island. ShaZam

Brick: Let's go then!

Jo: I'm not scared! Prepare to be dominated by someone with real talent!

Dakota: That's horrible. Where is my blush? SOMEONE GO GET ME MY BLUSH. Anyways, are my eyebrows on point? *looks at the camera*

Brick: *starts running up the hill* *shouting* Jo, sorry for challenging someone... like you. :s

Jo: *runs up hill as well* Its cool.... Loser

Brick: Ok... Crap I feel bad now.... *still running almost slowing down*

Jo: *runs faster* Suck it Lightning!

Brick: *slows down and goes back down to the bottom* I feel bad for challenging a girl...

Jo: *gets to the top*

Dawn: *Meditates in the forest*

B: *Sketches a picture that represents his plan (with no description) for the season* (camera is unable to see B's drawing.

Sam: *goes to see* Wow that's good man, but I think... (camera doesn't hear him)

Mike: Well, um, I'll just go for a walk then? Good seeing you guys again, I guess... *walks to the forest*

Dawn: *Gets interrupted after hearing the footsteps* Oh Hello? It's just... *Deadpan* You... Hello I guess... What are you doing around here?

Mike: Huh? Oh, uh, sorry, am I interrupting? I was just taking a walk...I'll go another path or something if you want?

Brick: *walks into the forest* Oh there's people here... *walks up to Dawn and Mike* Hi Guys!

Dakota: YOU! Girl with the huge red bow. Get me some blush right now.

Staci: A big red beau? Why do you ask? My great, great, great beau is so romantic and sweet! Did you know that he invented brown sugar? Before him people had only white and raw, and there was much less variety for cakes! So sad...

B: *Rolls eyes*

Dakota: You do know what make-up is, right? Of course. Go get me some.

Staci: Dakota, your foundation is crumbling! It's kind of like when my great, great, great grandmother Louise invented apple crumble! Before then you had to- oh right, BRB!


Staci: Yah, where's that? The cabins? Since I know who invented those!

Dakota: No, it's in my purse over on the cabin porch. Ugh! Quick! *hides her face*

Blaineley: *recovers from a concussion* Anne Maria, dear, at least I have a successful career and is well known every where. Who are you exactly?

Anne Maria: I might not be famous, but at least I am beauitful. *sprays hair*

Blaineley: Keep telling yourself that, because putting your fat on show is very appealing *she makes a gagging impression*

Cameron: Anne Maria, the amount of hairspray you put in your hair may have side-effects.

Brick: Many many side-effects wait does that even make sense?

Blaineley: ...Stop talking please *glares at Brick*

Chris: Well we're about to get started with our first challenge of the season, but first the teams! Those who made the merge in ROTI Cameron, Jo, Lightning, Mike, Scott, Zoey plus Blaineley, you are the Radioactive Rattlesnakes or Rattlesnakes for short. Those who didn't make the merge in ROTI, Anne Maria, B, Brick, Dakota, Dawn, Sam and Staci, you are the Mutant Meerkats or Meerkats for short.

Sam: Awesome! I will be Mario Meerkat! I have beaten the game five times!

Challenge 1

Chris: Greetings friends, I still have some... errr... things to do *laughs* so in the meantime you guys will run for fun around the island! The first team to have 3 or more people finish will win immunity and uh something else *laughs* so get to it! It'll take 10 lines to run around the island now go! I'll be here doing things hahahaha.

Anne Maria: *runs* (1)

Mike: Uh, okay, I can do this...I think, anyway! *runs* (1)

Anne Maria: *runs* (2)

Mike: *runs* (2)

Anne Maria: *runs* (3)

Blaineley: I hate you Chris! >.> *runs* (1)

Mike: *runs* (3)

Anne Maria: *runs* (4)

Blaineley: *runs* (2)

Mike: *runs* (4)

Blaineley: *runs* (3)

Mike: *runs* (5)

Blaineley: *runs* (4)

Mike: *runs* (6)

Blaineley: *runs* (5)

Anne Maria: *runs* (5)

Blaineley: *runs* (6)

Mike: *runs* (7)

Anne Maria: *runs* (6)

Blaineley: *runs* (7)

Mike: *runs* (8)

Blaineley: *runs* (8)

Mike: *runs* (9)

Blaineley: *runs* (9)

Mike: *finishes; panting* Done...phew...I don't think I did too bad. (10)

Blaineley: *runs* (10) Okay I'm done, now someone please get me a double cappuccino macchiato right now before I pass out. *breathing intesifies*

Anne Maria: *runs* (7)

Dakota: *runs* (1)

Lightning *runs* (1)

Cameron: *runs*

Dakota: *runs* (2)

Anne Maria: *runs* (8)

Dakota: *runs* (3)

Lightning *runs* (2)

Dakota: *runs* (4)

Lightning *runs* (3)

Dakota: *runs* (5)

Anne Maria: *runs*

Cameron: *runs*

Dakota: *runs* (6)

Anne Maria: *runs* Done!

Dakota: *runs* (7)

Lightning *runs* (4)

Cameron: *runs*

Dakota: *runs* (8)

Lightning *runs* (5)

Dakota: *runs* (9)

Cameron: *runs*

Lightning *runs* (6)

Dakota: *runs* (10)

Scott: *runs* (1)

Lightning *runs* (7)

Cameron: *runs*

Scott: *runs* (2)

Lightning *runs* (8)

Cameron: *runs*

Scott: *runs* (3)

Lightning *runs* (9)

Scott: *runs* (4)

Brick: *runs*

Lightning *runs* (10) My team Sha wins

*the contestants see construction*

Chris: Oh I didn't know you'd be back that fast haha. Well the Rattlesnakes win and get to stay in this cabin while the losers for the meantime will stay in the destroyed cabin! But first elimination!

Elimination Ceremony 1: Mutant Meerkats

Chris: Well you guys lost so one of you is going home! Go in the confessional and vote!

Brick: (CONF) *votes B* Ugh no.

Dakota: (CONF) *votes Brick* I need to fix my make-up, so can we hurry this up?

Anne Maria: (CONF) I was dragged unfairly into a loser alliance... *votes Brick*

B:(CONF:*Votes Brick*)

Sam: CONF Just get out of my life! I'm tired of you. After you are not a zoid you're too boring! *votes Dakota* END CONF

Staci: (CONF) *votes B* Yah, I vote B! He totally discredits my family history. Do you know who invented history books? It was my great, great, great- *CONF Camera dies*

Dawn: (CONF: *meditating* I vote for B, I sense he is in the illuminati.)

Chris: Marshmallows for everybody except for B! Buh bye buddy!

Episode 2: B Afraid, B Very Afraid

B Afraid, B Very Afraid

Season 12, Episode 2

Challenge(s) Escape a mutated bee hive or stop B.
Winner(s) Mutant Meerkats
Cameo(s) B
Eliminated TBA
Episode Guide

"Wawanakwa Reloaded"


"Little Cottage of Horrors"

Rattlesnakes Cabin

Lightning: That victory was soley brought to you by the Sha-lightning. Sha-bam

Cameron: And Cameron. *throws his arm up in the air weakly* Woo hoo?

Mike: Uh, yeah...go team! (CONF) hi

Scott: *whittling*

Zoey: Well, it sure does feel great winning the challenge! Am I right, guys?

Cameron: Scott, would you like some more facts about whittling?

Jo: *shaves*

Lightning: lighting is bored. Lightning needs to beat someone in a competiton

Scott: No Bubbles...please no.

Mike: *walks over to Cameron and Scott* Heya Cam, hi Scott! Mind if I join the conversation?

Scott: Meh...whatever. Knock yourself out...literally.

Mike: Well, if that's how you want to be...I was just trying to be nice, you know. Like, a fresh start after the whole All-Stars thing. What do you say? I'm not asking to be friends, because I know you'll say no, but what I'm just asking for is a clean start. It would also help you with the competition, I think.

Scott: *thinking* Well if you want to have a fresh start...go get me some barbeque chips.

Mike: Sure thing! Where are they, though?

Blaineley: imbeciles >.>

Scott: How would I know? I'm the one who asked you to go find some.

Mike: Alright, alright, hold on, let me think...oh, right! Chef's kitchen! I'll be right back! *runs over to Chef's le place*

Cameron: *reads book about whittling*

Lightning: *starts running in place* Lightning is the fastest dude on the team. No one can beat lightning in a race

Jo: (CONF) Lightning.... really?.....

Blaineley: You're making a fool out of yourself, just because there are cameras situated everywhere doesn't mean you have to be a moron for screen time. Wait why did you call yourself Lightning, Rudolph? Or is that just a pseudonym for yourself, bless.

Blaineley (CONF): I literally hate my team. I can't believe I actually agreed to return even after my two episode goddess run on World Tour, which lets face it, garnered me attention from across the globe which landed me spotlight roles as a presenter for America's Next Top Morbidly Obese which received critical acclaim. Unlike the others, who are nobody, I am someone.

Meerkats Crushed Cabin

Brick: Everything will be all right, team. We may have a crushed cabin, we may be one member down, but we have the knowledge and the power to win this next challenge. (CONF) I don't mean to brag or anything, but I won the leadership medal two years in a row. I only lost the third time because I left a man behind, but I didn't even-- No. I won't let that drag me down! We're gonna' win this thing! *Smacks his fist into his open palm* Ah...! I think I broke a pinkie! ... *Squeaks* Mommy--!

Dakota: *sits on bed, reapplying make-up* Ugh. Shut up. *rolls eyes* I need to be perfect for the camera.

Dawn: *In her bunk* Poor Dakota, She was always neglected by her father which is why she always needed to be in the spotlight... It's truly horrendous. With determination we can win the next challenge, I am going to head out to the forest feel free to come along--- I guess... *Leaves*

Brick: Dakota, I do not mean to be rude to a lady, but if we do not cooperate together then there's a zero percent chance we can win these challenges. That's why I suggest a daily routine workout to strengthen our bond... and our bodies. *Smiles and places his hands on his hips* (CONF) I also won the exercise medal... *Shrugs* I was sort of a hotshot back at the academy. (END CONF)

Dakota: Who cares? As long as there's more camera time for me. Now go away. I need to get some beauty sleep.

Brick: W-Well... if that means you'll be able to perform in the challenge better than ever, then I'll do it! *Jogs out of the cabin*

Dawn: *Feeding a rabbit a carrot before glancing at Brick* Oh, Greetings. How are you?

Brick: *Skids to a stop* Uh, hey? *Turns around* Oh... it's just you. Well, I'm having a mighty fun time performing my mid-morning jog. Care to join in, maybe?

Dawn: It's fine Brick, you don't need to include me just because the kids at your old school never included you... But I guess if you insist.

Brick: W... What? *Tugs at his collar* W-W-Who t-told you th-that...? *Gulps*

Dawn: *Puts hand on his shoulder encouragingly* Don't be embarrassed, It's the truth. I happen think it makes you a better person. *Smiles and walks off with a rabbit in her hand*

Brick: *Chuckles nervously before continuing his jogging* How did she--? *Slams into a tree* (CONF) She's got my head all messed up... figuratively and literally. I have a headache now because of that dang tree. (END CONF)


Sam: It looks like a squirrel... CONF Dakotazoid would never be afraid of a squirrel. And that's why I don't like normal Dakota.

Staci: Yah, did you know that my great aunt Mildred domesticated rabbits?

Dakota: N-o-b-o-d-y cares! Get it out of the cabin!

Sam: Well, technically there is no cabin but you cannot speak like that to a fellow teammate! *Throws Dakota out of cabin*

Brick: *Jogging back when he sees Dakota laying on the ground* Hm? *Jogs over to Dakota and helps her up* What are you doing?

Dawn: *Collecting sea shells and putting it in a plastic bag while humming and a squirrel runs up to her* Well hello there, How are you blessed one? *Lifts squirrel up to her ear* Oh of course. *Hands a acorn to squirrel and walks off picking up sea shells, and other things* (CONF: My team is interesting. But it is hard to be on a team with no leader, People refer to me as weird-- *Sighs* Not that it matters... Dakota is too focused on herself to be in the spotlight. because of her neglection as a child. I like Brick-- But he has a need to be dominated. Sam just focuses on Dakota, And Anne Maria would feel to insecure to lead the time. And Staci lies to much because she is afraid of what people will think of what her family really is- *Camera shuts of before she can say*)

Challenge 2

*the contestants walk blindfolded into a mutated bee hive*

Chris: *on a monitor* Surprise! Your challenge is to attempt to escape this mutated honey bee hive while battling some mutated bees. I will let you know when you guys are getting closer to the exit. Good luck!

Blaineley: you disgust me *feels around for an exit*

Dakota: Ew! Ew! Ew! *looks around* Let's get out quickly before I barf.

Anne Maria: *has her spray can in her hand* I'll have to use this if those bees get close...

CAmeron: I know a lot about bumblebees... But I don't like this honey. Blegh. *looks around*

Lightning: I can run faster than the bees. Lightning's speed will bring him another victory.

Blaineley: *feels around and gets honey on herself* OH MY GOSH THIS DRESS IS AGENT PROVOCATEUR, I HATE YOU CHRIS!!!

Dakota: CHRIS! Are we there yet? We've been searching for like, five hours, right? (CONF) Or was it five minutes? Huh...

Cameron: *honey hits Cameron's glasses* AGH I CAN'T SEE!

Scott: *gets stuck in the honey* This is messed up.

Brick: ... *Moans* (CONF) The dark... scares me... and I... *shudders* ... can't help it. (END CONF)

Cameron: Scott, use your whittling to get us out... Wherever you are... *stumbles around with honey coated glasses*

Anne Maria: Ewww. *walks around*

Dakota: Weird moon girl -- thing -- person! You should know these places inside out. Where are we?

Scott: *trips and falls face first into the honey*

Cameron: Duh, a honey bee's nest! *stumbling*

Brick: *Hugs Dakota tightly* P-P-Please get u-us out of here...! Or... find light. Yes, what we could use is some light. S-Someone find light. That's an order.

Scott: *resurfaces and spits out honey* Blah least dirt has flavor to it.

Dawn: *Whistles attracting a light bug and hands it to Brick* There you go-- Be careful with it though. *Turns to Dakota* I will try to communicate with the bees to see the way out.

Cameron: *takes glasses off and vigorously cleans them* That's better. *sees bees coming at him* AHHHHHH!!!! *runs into the wall*

Lightning: See ya later Dweb *runs past Cameron but runs into a wall as well*

Cameron: *honey on glasses again* Aw come on!

Dakota: Hands off! @Brick I need to look perfect for the cameras, so don't wrinkle my clothes!

Cameron: *cleans vigorously* Better!

Scott: *struggles to navigate through the honey*

Brick: *On the floor now, patting the floor and crawling around* S-Sorry, ma'am. Tr-trying to find light... or an exit... either would be perfect....

Dawn: *Hears bee in secret* Come on team, I know where to go.

Blaineley: *appears from around a corner* Oh god it's you lot, I think I've lost my team fml

Dakota: Right. Pale girl, comfort her- I mean him. Also, you could use some blush. Your skin is so pale.

Blaineley: Don't throw such shade to the poor girl, maybe she wants to portray natural beauty instead of caking herself in makeup *intervenes on the conversation before returning to finding a way out*

Anne Maria: Aura Girl, are you sure you know where to go?

Dawn: Sorry, I prefer not to hide my true self behind make up-- Sorry if it is seen as rude, But then again everything rude is most likely true. Also follow me. *Goes on the right path*

Brick: W-Wait. Y-You d-do? *Grabs her shoulder and lifts himself up; cowers behind her* L-L-Lead the w-way, please.... (CONF) Yeah... I am like... really scared of the dark. *Gulps* (END CONF)

Cameron: *missteps and gets stuck* Lightning help!

Scott: *picking up the pace, but Cameron's yell startled him, causing him to trip into the honey again* Dang it Bubbles. Don't startle me like that!

Cameron: HELP!

Anne Maria: *follows Dawn* You'd better be right...

Dawn: *Comes at a place however the exit is covered with honey* Erf-- I wish he told me a different exit-- Whatever it will do let's start trying to get all that honey out of the way.

Dakota: *follows her team* Are you sure? Because you'd look really nice with some foundation.

Cameron: HELLO??? ew....

Scott: Urgh fine. *picks himself up and stumbles over to near Cameron* Where are you?

Brick: *Throws himself at the honey* I want to get out of the dark...! *Starts scraping ferociously at the honey*

Cameron: Follow my voice! But we can take the blindfolds off...

Lightning: Ugh. Lightning would like to let the Dweb that cost him the million to drown in the honey. That would make Lightning very happy but since this dweb is on my team i better save him if so lightning can win. Nah Lightning does not need a dweb like him to win *leaves Cameron*

Dawn: *Starts trying to move the honey but struggles but manages to move some of it* Egh-- This honey is so sticky- But oh well.

Scott: But they are so comfy compared to what I'm used too. *finds Cameron and helps him up*

Blaineley: *she acquires a microphone from the camera crew and begins to document the group's current situation* We have been trapped in this treacherous location for a mere ten minutes, trekking across the deadly terrain in search for an exit so that we can return to civilisation. However, as you can see some will prevail *she points to Cameron* whereas some will succeed *she points to Dawn*. Tell me where the exit is and I'll make you rich *she loses focus and whispers to the cameraman*

Dawn: But money has no reason-- You cannot buy happiness, Nature is my happiness.

Anne Maria: *tries to move honey* Ewww!

Cameron: Thanks. Now let's talk whittling on the way out.

Dakota: First of all, I'm not touching that honey. Second of all, I can get daddy to give you all the money you want if we win this.

Brick: Just-- get-- us-- out...! *Continues to scrape away the honey*

Scott: I didn't help you out cause were buddies. I helped you out cause now you owe me one. So remember that. *continues on*

Dawn: *Scraps enough for a hole to appear* Guys hurry. *Hurries out of bee hive*

Cameron: But... Whittling!

Blaineley: Excuse me I'm documenting. *she composes herself before directing the camera down a little passage way*

Lightning: How am i suppoosed to win this challeneg if I can not find a way out. Chris Can Lightning have a map to someone can tell him how to get out

Dakota: *follows Dawn out*

Brick: *Races out of the hive* Light! Fresh air! Freedom! ... Light! *Laughs as he drops to the ground and rolls around*

Dawn: *Pushes Sam and Staci out* Anne-- Go!

Anne Maria: Wait! *follows Dawn*

Dawn: Sorry Sam and Staci-- But yay we won! *Helps Brick up* I know it is great but no need to hurt yourself.

Blaineley: As you can see, we have now come across a rare breed called Rudolph, better known as Lightning. He is of the narcissistic nature and is very irritating. As you can see, he likes to express himself by using his own name and the word "sha" beforehand. This indicates that Sha-Lightning goes Krakatoa et cetera. *she moves on, directing the camera crew in another direction*

Brick: (CONF) If I would've done that back at the academy, or even home, I would have been scolded until I could no longer hear anything but those awful comments. But, doing it here after all that torture, sure feels great! I feel like I could run a marathon! ... *Looks around for a minute* Yeah. (END CONF)

Blaineley: We now enter a room which is filled with mutated bees surrounding a now comatose girl, Zoey. It doesn't matter though because nobody really likes her, so we'll just leave this room now *she signals the camera crew and continues with her documenting*

Cameron: *follows the others*

Mike: *alone at this point* Oh, um...wait for me, team! I...I have no idea where I'm going. Well, I'm sure they'll do fine without me! *walks*

Scott: *moving on*

Cameron: Cmon, Mike! Idiots...

Blaineley: Ah, here we are. This area is better known as the main deck, here the bees within the hive come to socialise with one another and it is a frequent spot for foreign bees too, not just from the immediate vicinity but from the whole province. Also as you can see, we have the fat compulsive slob known as Staci, sitting their in the honey puddle, stuffing her face with as much as she can eat. Let's move on, shall we? *they leave*

Lightning: Ugh how is the lightning supposed to get out of a dark cave. This Sha-sucks. *smacks a part of the hive and bees starting attacking him*

Mike: Huh? (CONF) It's not like Cam to call someone an idiot...he's usually a nice guy...nicer than myself. Did I miss something? (Non-CONF) Uh, coming! *runs to Scott & Cameron*

Cameron: My incorrect statement senses are tingling!

*the contestants see B controlling robot bees*

B: *controls bees*

Chris: I suggest you stop him!...or escape I don't care (3 lines). First to do either of those things will win immunity.

Anne Maria: *tries to stop B*

Lightning *runs away* (1)

Dakota: *runs away* (1)

Mike: *runs away* (1)

Dakota: *runs away* (2)

Lightning *runs away* (2)

Dakota: *runs away* (3)

Lightning *runs away* (3)

Blaineley: Now we come across a "B" good joke amirite? Anyway, here he is back from his previous elimination, supposedly as a robot and trying to kill us even though there are mutant bees, so cliché. Let's move on *she leaves the area*

Dawn: *Runs away* 1

Chris: The Mutant Meerkats win!

Blaineley: Finally, here we are for the final section of the tour! This is the factory, where the bees go hard at work producing their beloved honey which they sell under the brand name *Queen Bee Juice* as a rip-off/homage to the Mario Kart goddessa of the same name. *turns to the cameraman and whispers* so where is the emergency exit? *a hand is seen pointing towards a small door* Thank you petal, and now as the documentary comes to a close, I would like to wish you all goodbye, this is your host Blaineley and I'm out. *she leaves through the emergency exit* Praise the Lord...

Lightning: Ugh Lightning lost. (CONF): Someone will pay for lightning's loss. Losing must be dealt with in a very brutal manner.

Dawn: *Cheers* Good job, Dakota.

Elimination Ceremony 2: Radioactive Rattlesnakes

Chris: Well its time for you to decide who gets booted from the band.

Lightning:(CONF) Well I did not cost the team this game. That dewb Cameron did. If he did not slow be down by drowning in honey I would have easily beat Dakota and Sha-Lightning would have brought home another victory. Coupled with the fact that you stole many victories from me is RotI mean you need to get out of my face and leave the island. *votes Cameron*

Mike: (CONF) Uh, I really don't want to do this, and this isn't my own choice...but Cam, you seem a lot different, ya know? I'm sorry, but I'm not sure what to do...uh, I guess I'll vote you? No hard feelings, right? It's just...maybe it was the Mal incident or something, but you seem...different.

Scott: (CONF) Cameron stop talking about whittling.

Zoey: (CONF) Sorry Cam but you are too fragile and clean to handle it out here, I'm doing this for you.

Chris: Let's see guys, marshmallows go to Scott, Blaineley, Mike, Lightning, Zoey and Jo. Sorry Cameron, but apparently this competition is too dangerous for you.

Episode 3: Little Cottage of Horrors

Little Cottage of Horrors

Season 12, Episode 3

Challenge(s) Spend the night in Chris' destroyed cottage.
Winner(s) Radioactive Rattlesnakes
Cameo(s) Duncan
Eliminated Sam
Episode Guide

"B Afraid, B Very Afraid"


"In 30 Maggots or Less"

Mutant Meerkats Cabin

Sam: A new cabin! Oh yeah! Now let's try out this thing! *gets out an energy* CONF It should make me do really better in challenges and videogames! END CONF *he electrieces himself and acsidentaly pushes Anne Maria outside the cabin* Ooops! Sorry.

Dawn: *Meditating on a tree stump* It's great to have a high quality cabin-- But I'd prefer staying with nature's gift, Of nature.

Dakota: Nature's gift sure didn't give you that hair color. Wouldn't you like to dye it a darker blonde? You'd look great. Also, just making sure, no foundation?

Dawn: I like my platinum blonde hair-- But... I guess it wouldn't... Hurt... *Covers ears at Dakota's squeal*

Dakota: YES! Come with me. *drags Dawn into the cabin*

Dawn: (CONF: It's nice too be included for once-- Not that popularity matters, But I have never been 'one of the girls' so trying out the experience won't be... so... bad...?)

Dakota: Okay, okay. So here's the make-up. Why don't you try putting it on first? (CONF) This is so great! Making friends with a fan favorite will surely make me a favorite, which means more seasons, which means more camera time for me!

Dawn: *Hesitates before slowly picking up a lip stick tube* Uh-- This is mascara right?

Dakota: No, that's lip stick. You put that on your lips. Try again.

Dawn: *Grabs mascara* Great, Also Dakota, Popularity doesn't come from 'fan favorites' the fans will choose if they like your personality. (CONF: Sorry, Just wanted to throw it out there.)

Sam: hey girls, how are you doing? I had a hard time with being sorry to Anne Maria! Uh, Dawn why do you look like that?

Brick: *Walks back into the cabin* Woo! Nothing like a race by yourself around the island. *Stretches* So, how are you guys doing this fine morning?

Sam: Guys this is serious! Wanna make an alliance? CONF I want to make an alliance because: many people target me - Staci is OK but she is still a lier, Anne Maria is angry with me, I threw Dakota out of the cabin. It's Brick and Dawn left.

Brick: I... I don't know. Are alliances not illegal?

Zoey: *Jumps onto a tree brach and sits*

Sam: Of course it's llegal. Otherwise I wouldn't ask you!

Brick: *Salutes* I am awfully sorry, sir, but I do have to decline. (CONF) Sam is definitely not a gentleman. More than once he has abused our fellow teammates, both of them girls. I do not want to align myself with someone like him. (END CONF)

Sam: OK, do your own business. Good luck. Hey, Dakota! I'm sorry that i threw you out. But you shouldn't argue with your teammate.

Dakota: *ignores Sam* Yeah, yeah, whatever. Now try putting some blush on.

Dawn: *Tries to* Is that okay-- I'm sorry if it isn't I'm just not used too-

Radioactive Rattlesnakes Crushed Cabin

Zoey: *Wakes up and yawns* (CONF) I feel kind of bad for voting off Cameron, I just didn't feel like he belonged here.. (NON CONF) *Travels outside and sits on the stairs in front of the cabin*

Lightning: well Cameron is gone. Our team is going to be much stronger and sha lightning now is in better shape for his victory

Scott: *sleeping*

Mike: *walks in with the barbecue chips* Hey, Scott, I got you the barbecue chips you wanted- *sees him sleeping* Oh...nevermind. I'll save it for when he's awake then. So, hey Lightning! Think we can win the next challenge? I think our team's in good enough shape, but y'know, things happen. The Underdogs aren't called Underdogs for nothing.

Lightning: Lightning an underdog. yeah right. Lightning is an All-Star and will will the challenege all by myself. ShaBam. *strikes a pose*

Scott: *sniffs the air* I smell barbecue. *wakes up*

Mike: Oh, hey Scott! I got the chips you wanted. Here- catch! *tosses the chips to Scott* So, we good on the fresh start now?

Scott: *catches chips* Eh...sure.

Mike: Alright, sweet! I'm sure the fresh start will work out! (CONF) Y'know, I still feel bad about the whole Mal thing, so if I somehow win, I'll make it up to everyone and share my money with them! I guess I'm just sort of trying to make amends with everyone...though, uh, when I tried with Zoey, she turned sort of, uh, crazy. It was weird to see her like that...well, I just hope she's better now, anyway. I managed to get myself another bag of these, so *tosses chip into mouth* mmm. These are good!

Scott: Sure. Now go fetch me a napkin.

Mike: Oh, I already had a couple on me, so here ya go! *hands a napkin, before resuming eating his own chips*

Scott: (CONF) heheh... I could get used to this.

Mike: (CONF) I know I'm acting like a people pleaser and I guess I am one, but I know what Scott does, and he isn't exactly the most trustworthy guy around...I'll just have to be careful. Shouldn't be hard, right?

Scott: *eats chips*

Lightning: Lightning is Sha Bored. What is there to do on a crummy island like this

Scott: *eating chips* You could go for a jog. (CONF) More like go for a jog and go Sha-bye bye away from us..

Challenge 3

Chris: Welcome to my burned down cottage *sobs* Your challenge is to make camp and survive a night in my burned down cottage. I suggest you find things that'll help you survive. The team that I feel does the best will win.

Dakota: I swear, if any ash gets on my face, my daddy will sue you for defamation!

Scott: *bends down and scoops up dirt* We should use dirt since its first class survival stuff.

Dawn: *Squeals* This is PERFECT! I love staying outside!

Lightning: This is gonna be easy. Monsters are afraid of Sha-Lightning. Sha-bam

Scott: Back on the farm we had to deal with the field mice investing our beds. This is nothing.

*the contestants see Duncan and his parole officer*

Duncan: *mumbling* Stupid Chris and his stupid cottage.

Dakota: If it rains, my mascara will run! This is not happening! Let's find a safe shelter in this mess.

Lightning: Duncan is sha gone. Lightning is the man. Lightning will lead everyone on his team to Victory. Sha bam

Duncan: Chris is making me "rebuild" his cottage. I might just add some "surprises" to it.

Lightning: Well those suprises better be for Me after i destroy everyone in this challenge

Mike: I don't think the tone he used is implying they'll be good surprises, Lightning...

Lightning: Lighting wants suprises though like money, trophies and fame. When lightning goes pro all of these trophies will be mine.

Dawn: *Points to a small hole with junk over it* We can go there- *Starts raining* Or not...

Sam: Oh, no! My gameboy will be destroyed! Run! *Pushes a wall that Duncan built and it falls on him* That's better.

Blaineley: *rolls eyes* (CONF) I actually can't decide what's worse, having to survive the night without my necessities or having to survive the night with these... To be fair, I should get special treatment, because of who I am...

Sam: Ouch! Is that a mice trap? *runs out of wall* CONF Might as well sabotage the other team END CONF *pulls lever and Mike and Zoey fall in a ground trap* That was good! Now I better go get some wood.

Lightning: lightning hates the rain. Lightning will go into the remains and try to stay dry. *goes into the ruins*

Sam: I'm back! Now i'm gonna get inflaitable bed and inflaite it. CONF Since I saw "Survivor XI" I'm scared of being unable to survive so i got a all bunch of inflaitable stuff in my pockets END CONF

Anne Maria: So where's my personal tent?

Sam: There is NO tents but you can get an inflaitable bed if you want! CONF I think we will win... Maybe. END CONF

Brick: *Shivering and constantly looking around* ... Team? Do you not think we should try to start a fire, or... or find some protection? (CONF) Two challenges in a row we've had to deal with the dark. Chris, whatever you do, please let there be light next time. (END CONF)

Dawn: *Reassuringly pats Brick on the back* Trust me Brick, I promise that you-- we all, Will be fine.

Staci: Yah, did you that my great, great, great uncle Mort invented beds? Before then you had to sleep on the ground! And every morning you'd wake up and had to go replace it! And it was so much work moving around. So sad. :(

Lightning: Lightning is hungry. Lightning needs some protein *searches the wreckage for food*

Dakota: AGH! It's raining it's raining it's raining my make-up is ruined ruined ruined- EW! What is this?! *swats at raindrops*

Lightning: I found a portait of Chris but that is utterly useless. I can't eat this *forces Mike to hold on to it and looks for more food*

Chris: Hmm. I gotta give this win to the Radioactive Rattlesnakes. Mutant Meerkats, it's time for elimination.

Elimination Ceremony 3: Mutant Meerkats

Chris: Time to vote somebody out Meerkats!

Brick: (CONF) Hmm. I think I have to vote for Sam. He is in no way a gentleman and a non-gentleman is not someone who deserves to be here. (END CONF)

Anne Maria: (CONF) Sam.

Dakota: (CONF) Ew. Sam. I can't believe I ever liked you.

Dawn: (CONF: Sorry Samuel, But it's best for you to go.)

Chris: Well this was a fast vote. Marshmallows go to Dawn, Brick, Dakota, Anne Maria and Staci! Sorry Sam, but you've used your last life.

Episode 4: In 30 Maggots or Less

In 30 Maggots or Less

Season 12, Episode 4

Challenge(s) Make a maggot covered pizza, deliver it to Gwen's house, eat your pizza.
Winner(s) Radioactive Rattlesnakes
Cameo(s) Gwen
Eliminated Staci
Episode Guide

"Little Cottage of Horrors"


"Caption This"

Radioactive Rattlesnakes Cabin

Lightning: Lightning has gotten his victory status back. Anyone who tries to make lighting a loser again is going to end up like Cameron

Mutant Meerkats Crushed Cabin

Brick: *Doing pushups outside of the cabin* 95, 96, 97-- (CONF) Sadly, I couldn't seem to find anyone that was willing to perform in my daily routine workouts. But, no matter. As long as I have the sun shining and my body at perfection, nothing can get in my way. *Smiles and places his hands on his hips* (END CONF) 98, 99, 100.... *Sighs and picks self up*

Dawn: Brick, What's wrong? Why are you exercising so much? You really should lay down and rest-- Just some advice.

Brick: I... I was almost done....

Dakota: Why is the camera always on you doing weird, sweaty exercises? It should be on me.

Anne Maria: *sprays Dakota* Shush.

Dawn: (CONF: Now that Dakota is no longer experiencing the love she needs to function she is going back to her old ways, It's really shabby.) I'm heading out, See you guys.

Challenge 4

Chris: Today's challenge is all about speed. You need to make a maggot covered pizza and deliver it to that house way over yonder. It will take 5 lines to make the pizza and 10 lines to deliver it. This is INDIVIDUALLY not as a team. Good luck.

Blaineley: *makes pizza* [1]

Mike: *makes pizza* (1)

Blaineley: *makes pizza* [2]

Lightning: *makes pizza* (1)

Mike: *makes pizza* (2)

Lightning: *makes pizza* (2)

Mike: *makes pizza* (3)

Lightning: *makes pizza* (3)

Mike: *makes pizza* (4)

Lightning: *makes pizza* (4)

Mike: *makes pizza* (5)

Lightning: *makes pizza* (5)

Mike: *delivers Rooster Teeth Podcast Pizza* (1)

Lightning: *Delivers the maggot Pizza* (1)

Mike: *delivers Rooster Teeth Podcast Pizza* (2)

Lightning: *Delivers the maggot Pizza* (2)

Mike: *delivers Rooster Teeth Podcast Pizza* (3)

Lightning: *Delivers the maggot Pizza* (3)

Mike: *delivers Rooster Teeth Podcast Pizza* (4)

Lightning: *Delivers the maggot Pizza* (4)

Mike: *delivers Rooster Teeth Podcast Pizza* (5)

Lightning: *Delivers the maggot Pizza* (5)

Mike: *delivers Rooster Teeth Podcast Pizza* (6)

Dakota: *makes pizza* (1)

Lightning: *Delivers the maggot Pizza* (6)

Dakota: *makes pizza* (2)

Mike: *delivers Rooster Teeth Podcast Pizza* (7)

Dakota: *makes pizza* (3)

Mike: *delivers Rooster Teeth Podcast Pizza* (8)

Dakota: *makes pizza* (4)

Mike: *delivers Rooster Teeth Podcast Pizza* (9)

Dakota: *makes pizza* (5)

Mike: *delivers Rooster Teeth Podcast Pizza* Sweet, we won! (10)

Dakota: *delivers pizza* (1)

Lightning: *Delivers the maggot Pizza* (7) Lighting is gonna pretend that mike did not finish

Dakota: *delivers pizza* (2)

Lightning: *Delivers the maggot Pizza* (8)

Dakota: *delivers pizza* (3)

Lightning: *Delivers the maggot Pizza* (9)

Dakota: *delivers pizza* (4)

Lightning: *Delivers the maggot Pizza* (10) Sha Lightning Wins. *kicks mike back in front of the finish line* See Mike did not finish yet. Lightning Wins.

Gwen: *opens the door* Oh great its Sha-Lightning. I am not eating this thing. You are! (3 lines).

Mike: *is there anyway; eats pizza* (1)

Lightning: *scrarfs down pizza* (1)

Dakota: *delivers pizza* (5)

Mike: *is there anyway; eats pizza* (2)

Dakota: *delivers pizza* (6)

Mike: *is there anyway; eats pizza* (3)

Lightning: *scrarfs down pizza* (2)

Staci: *makes pizza, and starts eating the toppings* (1)

Lightning: *scrarfs down pizza* (3) *Steps in fron of Mike* Lightning is the Champion.

Chris: The Rattlesnakes win again!

Elimination Ceremony 4: Mutant Meerkats

Chris: Well you know what to do. Go ahead and vote.

Staci: (CONF) Yah, I vote for Brick! We gotta' keep the girl power alive because we actually do challenges!

Dawn: (CONF: Sorry Staci, Consider 4th out a achievement... No offense.)

Brick: (CONF) I am afraid that I do have to vote for Staci. She seems to be the weakest member on our team, and by eliminating the weakest link, you're eliminating any chance you have of losing. (END CONF)

Dakota: (CONF) I'm going to vote for Staci, because honestly, her stories about her family are a n n o y i n g, and they hog screentime that should be mine.

Anne Maria: (CONF) Staci...

Chris: Marshmallows go to Dawn, Anne Maria, Dakota and Brick! Staci, you're out! But before you get the ditch, I'd like to make a quick switch. One All Star has been acting like an Underdog and vice versa so Dawn and Jo are switching teams!

Episode 5: Caption This

Caption This

Season 12, Episode 5

Challenge(s) Give funny captions to three photos from Revenge of the Island.
Winner(s) Radioactive Rattlesnakes
Cameo(s) Noah
Eliminated Jo
Episode Guide

"In 30 Maggots or Less"


"Ark of Dawn"

Radioactive Rattlesnakes Cabin

Mike: Hey Dawn, nice to have ya on the team! I know you might have made bonds on the other team and all, but I'm sure we'll all makes bonds here!

Dawn: *nods awkwardly* (CONF: It's simply disastrous, All of my close friends are on the other team, Brick... Dakota... And these people-- *Sighs* Calm down, Dawn. Let's just focus here...) So... Hello everyone...

Mike: If you ever need anything, just let us know! I know it's probably hard swapping teams, so I'll do anything to help put your mind at ease. We're all teammates here! We'll get along just fine.

Dawn: It's fine, You don't have to incessantly nice person because your nervous about what people will think about what you did in All Stars. I assure you that everyone forgives you.

Scott: *sleeps*

Mike: did you...was it that obvious?

Mutant Meerkats Crushed Cabin

Brick: I would like to formally welcome you, Jo. It's sad to see Dawn gone, and it's a shame we had to let Staci go, but it's an honor to have someone like you on our team. *Salutes*

Dakota: Honestly, just don't bother me, and we'll be good. *files nails*

Brick: Dakota? That isn't a very nice way to welcome our new teammate.

Anne Maria: Hi there, Jo. Don't touch my hairspray or my clothes and we'll get along just fine.

Brick: That is... a little better.... (CONF) Does no one on this team know how to welcome others? Well, at least Jo has me. *Chuckles* (END CONF) Hey, Jo, want to race around the island with me?

Dakota: Go take a hike, Brick. >.> Stop taking my camera time.

Anne Maria: *sprays Dakota* No.

Dakota: Ew! Get your disgusting hairspray away from me! *swats at Anne Maria*

Brick: Team, calm down! *Stands inbetween the two*

Anne Maria: *sprays Dakota* Ugh!

Brick: Please, stop fighting...! *Trying to separate the two*

Anne Maria: Um, no? *sprays Brick* She is such a self centered camera hog!

Brick: Ahhhhh...! *Falls to his knees, scratching and wiping at his eyes* Ahhhhh...! It burns! *Coughs and falls on the ground* Ahhhh...! *Starts rolling around, still wiping at his eyes*

Dakota: Maybe if you put your hairspray away, you'd get as much screentime as I deserve! Actually, wait, no. I deserve way more.

Brick: *Spasming*

Anne Maria: *laughs at Brick and ignores Dakota*

Dakota: *goes back to filing nails*

Anne Maria: *smiles*

Brick: *Finally stops and begins breathing loudly repeatedly* Nghhh.... *Narrowly opens his eyes and begins running for the lake* Agh.... *Reaches the lake and jumps in* (CONF) That water was quite refreshing... but, now, it seems as if Anne Maria and I are now enemies. Real enemies. *Sighs* It's a shame, really. *Stares at the ground* ... What'll happen now? (END CONF)

Anne Maria: Bye then, Brick... *looks to her nails*

Brick: *Steps out of the water and walks back to the cabin, drenched* ... Thanks for that, Anne. *Jogs into the forest*

Challenge 5

Chris: Well here's your challenge! You must give these pics hilarious captions. There will be three pictures and I will judge the captions. The team with the best captions will win.

Brick: Well, I'm not sure if I'm good enough for this, but... here I go. "It hurts," for the first one. "We're sorry for sitting upon you as if you were a couch," for the second one. And... "We're scared!" for the third. Did I do well?

Scott: Let me see. The first picture is "Brick is oozing with happiness." The second picture is "Chef already has enough pain on his back without them." The third one is "How the Toxic Rats react to Jo shaving her leg."

Mike: Let's see here...this shouldn't be too hard, right? "Watch Out For That Tree!" is my first one, I guess. "The Weight of the World is now on Chef's shoulders. What a heavy burden." for the second one. And uh, "Some things were just not meant for mortal eyes" for the third one. Yeah, I think that works!

Dakota: The first one is "Any guy's face when they see Dakota Milton", the second one is "The Toxic Rats plus Chef spent 48 hours watching Dakota Milton on TV", and the last one is "ew, Anne Maria".

Lightning: The first one is "Brick loses to Lightning in race reaction." The Second one is "Chef fails at doing pushups with three guys on back" and the final one is "How the Hell did Dakota win the honey bee challenge."

Jo: Well... I'm going to work harder now I guess..... so... "Brick is an Idiot", "Lightning is an Idiot", and "Brick AND Lightning are idiots".

Brick: R-Really? (CONF) My whole team seems to be against me, now.... I thought Jo was going to be different. Hmph. (END CONF)

Dawn: I would rather not make fun of my friend Brick, "OW! Could I have at least landed in dirt I could eat?!" and "AHHHH IT'S STACI AND SHE'S NAKED!" That's all the sense of humor I have in me.

Zoey: First pic: "Thug Life" Second pic: "Landing in the party like.." Third: "Watching Courage the Cowardly dog like.."

Anne Maria: Number 1: "I need new makeup; this one brings out my eyes too much..." 2: "LETS WATCH THE NEW EPISODE OF NEW JERSEY COAST" and 3: "Uh-oh, Jo is in the shower again!" :)

Noah: *sarcastic tone* Oh hey. Chris made me judge to see who's is the funniest as it takes a lot for me to laugh. Picture #1 goes to Scott so 1 point for the Rattlesnakes. Picture #2 goes to Dawn so you get a point, which makes it 2 to 0 Rattlesnakes which means they win again!

Chris: Well you heard Noah, Rattlesnakes you are dominating the competition so far.

Elimination Ceremony 5: Mutant Meerkats

Chris: Well you guys gotta vote again. I highly suggest you win the next challenge.

Dakota: You can't tell us what to do, Chris. >:( (CONF) I vote for Jo. What a useless addition.

Anne Maria: (CONF) That Jo girl... I vote her.

Brick: (CONF) Considering the fact that the only thing she did for our team was...well, nothing... I have to vote for Jo. (END CONF)

Marshmallows for Dakota, Anne Maria and Brick. Not surprisingly Jo you're eliminated! Meerkats I feel bad for you. You've only won one challenge so I'll allow you to choose a teammate from the other team to join yours.

Brick: What do you say, team? I say we go with Lightning, but I'm open for suggestions.

Anne Maria: We could do with a stud on our team.

Dakota: Thunder or whatever his face is, yeah. As long as he doesn't get more screen time than I do.

Chris: Well Lightning is now on the Mutant Meerkats.

Episode 6: Ark of Dawn

Ark of Dawn

Season 12, Episode 6

Challenge(s) Capture a mutated animal and lead it back to Chris' ark.
Winner(s) Mutant Meerkats
Cameo(s) None
Eliminated Blaineley
Episode Guide

"Caption This"


"Dress to Impress"

Radioactive Rattlesnakes Cabin

Scott: At least the loudmouth is gone. *relaxes*

Dawn: That wasn't very polite Scott. But I have to agree that Lightning cares to much about beating others instead of making friendships. (CONF: Scott and I made up, Well more likely to be called a truce. But whatever.)

Mutant Meerkats Crushed Cabin

Dakota: *sits on bed, painting her nails*

Brick: *Doing situps* Welcome-- to-- the-- team-- Lightning. *Stands up* Whew! Uh, hey... care to join me on my post-morning run?

Lightning: Sure. Lightning will show you how he is going to win all these challenges

Brick: (CONF) Sure, Lightning can be a bit conceited, but he may be just what we need to win this next challenge! (END CONF) All right, one lap around the perimeter of the island. And... begin! *Races around with Lightning*

Lightning: *runs with Brick* (CONF): Lightning is the fastest. No can beat the Lightning. I dont feel bad for my old team at all now that i have to destroy them in the next challenge

Brick: *Running with Lightning* (CONF) It's about time I have an exercising partner. It feels good to do asomething that isn't by myself. (END CONF)

Anne Maria: *runs after Lightning* Wait, hun!

Brick: *Running; looks over at Lightning* Did you hear something? *Slams into a tree and falls* Uhhhhhh....

Anne Maria: *runs* Oh my gosh... *sprays her hair as she is running*

Brick: *Coughs* Agh.... Why are there so many trees around here? (CONF) Yeah... I wouldn't necessarily say that I'm the most clumsiest guy around... but I did win the clumsiest guy around award a few times. *Sighs* The only medals I'm not proud of. (END CONF)

Challenge 6

Chris: Challenge time! Since these challenges haven't been dangerous enough for you, I decided to have you go out and find a mutant animal and lead it back to this ark right here similar to Noah's Ark. Even though there won't be two of the same animals you get the point. Everything you need to capture or lead an animal back here is on this table right here. Whoever has the best method of capturing a mutated animal will win immunity for their team. This will require you to go out and find animal and bring it back (just a couple of lines idc how many). It doesn't matter who comes back with their animal first, it just matters on how you lured the animal to the ark. Like I said, you can use anything you see on the table to assist you. By the way, you cannot pick the same animal as someone else now GO!

Dakota: Ugh. I have to get my hands dirty?

Anne Maria: *grabs a squeaky toy and some cat food* (???)

Brick: Well, Dakota, if you don't wish to see you or a teammate eliminated, then I suggest you at least try. *Searches for items* No, no, no... Ah, that's it! *Grabs a bow and arrows and heads off*

Anne Maria: *runs towards the animal and squeaks the toy*

Dakota: Fine... *grabs a tranquilizer and goes off to look for an animal*

Brick: *Walking through the forest when he notices a mutated rabbit* Good, good. *Pulls his bow back and shoots an arrow at a tree near the rabbit; it runs* There we go. *Hurries after it*

Anne Maria: *throws the toy at a mutated Raccoon*

Brick: *As he's jogging, he shoots an arrow at a rock in front of the rabbit which causes it to turn right*

Dakota: *hides in a bush to scout for animals*

Zoey: *Grabs a giant net*

Dakota: *hears a screeching and jumps out of the bush with her gun pointed*

Anne Maria: *throws cat food at the raccoon*

Brick: *Still chasing the rabbit, he shoots an arrow beside the rabbit, which causes it to tumble and fall over*

Dakota: *shoots everywhere and hears a wail* Got one!

Anne Maria: *throws more cat food at the raccoon*

Dakota: Ew. What is this green-ish red stuff?

Zoey: *Finds fire breathing butterfly* (CONF) This will be hard...

Brick: Gotcha'! *Races over to the rabbit, and notices blood* ... *Gasps* Bunny, no! *Picks it up and sees it has an injured leg* Don't move! Just... just stay there! *Lays it back down and starts scavenging for items*

Zoey: *Stretches net on branch and begins studying the flying patterns*

Dawn: *Sees shivering stray cat and picks it up cradling it* You will do.

Dakota: *pokes at the sleeping mutant bear and cringes*

Dawn: *Smiles at Brick* (CONF: It's nice to see someone caring for nature. Brian's heart is pure and full of loyalty.)

Zoey: *Connects Net to branch and jumps down as the butterfly flies into the net* Yes! *Closes it with hands*

Brick: *Places a little of the lake water inside his mouth and spits it on the rabbit's injured leg to clean it* And, uh... um, uh... yeah, that! *Grabs a leaf and wraps it around the injured leg* There you go, Bunny. There you go. *Picks it up and then rubs its head as he walks back to Chris*

Zoey: *The butterfly starts breathing fire* No! Don't do that! *hits it* Please?

Brick: *Continues to walk back to Chris and pat the rabbit's head*

Dakota: do I get the bear back to the ark without getting my hands dirty?

Dawn: Hmm, I don't believe in capturing animals... But *Sighs* Maybe I could set off a trap...?

Brick: *Reaches Chris with his rabbit* Did I do well? *Continues to pat the rabbit's head* (CONF) I sure hope we can keep our animal... I've only been with him for a little bit now, but he's already grown on me. (END CONF)

Lightning: well I did not like looking for animals anyway but good job brick. Lightning is defiantly not the best animal tamer. But I am the best at everything else.

Mike: Hmm...let's see here...what animals are there here...? Oh, I know! What about a mutant maggot? *walks as silently and slowly as possible in pursuit of one*

Lightning: I may go bring mike to Chris. That will be an easy catch for the lightning. *chases after mike*

Zoey: *Struggles to put the net with the butterfly into the ark* but accomplishes it*

Lightning: *chases after mike*

Mike: Lightning! I'm not a mutant animal! I'm Mike! You know, your former teammate?

Lightning: Lightnings prey stopped running. I can now catch it. This must be some sort of mutant mike animal that can talk. *jumps on mike*

Mike: What are you doing...? Get off! I'm regular Mike, not some mutant morpher or whatever you think I am! I can prove it! Just ask me a question regular Mike would know, and I'll know the answer!

Lightning: well did I win RotI?

Scott: This should be a cinch. Animals love me.

Dakota: *sighs* I have to run back, don't I? Fine. Don't move, bear. *starts running back* I swear, if my mascara runs...

Scott: So which animal should I chose...I could use all the skills my pappy taught me hunting kitchen rats. Yeah that will work. But where is the kitchen.

Dakota: *reaches the ark* I need a net...

Scott: *scours around for the kitchen*

Dakota: *rummages around* There's no net?! Ugh! Well, there's a chain, but then my hands smell like metal. Whatever. *grabs the chain and starts running back*

Lightnoing: No answer mean i am taking you to Chris. *starts dragging Mike to Chris*

Scott: *arrives at the kitchen* Ah. Here is the kitchen. Time to go hunting for some Kitchen Rats.

Lightning: *continues to drag Mike*

Scott: On to trapping to poor creature. But I need cheese first. *runs to the fridge*

Chris: It looks like you guys are mostly done, but I'll give you a little more time Sctt. o

Scott: K. *opens the fridge and removes some moldy cheese* Ah reminds me of back home. *places cheese near a hole in the wall* And now lil Scotty waits.

Mike: Lightning, let go of me! I'm Mike, honest! And Cameron won Revenge of the Island!

Scott: *irritated* This is taking too long. *begins banging the wall with a giant stick*

Lightning: *drops mike in front of Chris* There i found this mutant mike animal. There Lightning is is the sha Winner And i won RotI you dummy

Scott: *still bangs against the wall causing a kitchen rat to run fearfully out of the hole* Ah-Ha. *dives and catches the critter* Gotcha.

Chris: Well I'm gonna give this win to the Mutant Meerkats. We're gonna cage your animals for you. In the meantime, Rattlesnakes meet me at elimination.

Elimination Ceremony 6: Radioactive Rattlesnakes

Chris: Welcome to your second elimination. Go ahead and vote someone off.

Scott: (CONF) Dawn still gives me the creeps. So I'm voting for her.

Zoey: (CONF) I'm gonna have to vote Dawn out, her ways with nature give her an unfair advantage..

Mike: (CONF) I really, really don't want to do this...but I don't have much of a choice. Your bonds on the other team could mean the end of us Rattlesnakes at the merge and you haven't really done too much to try and get to know us. I'm just not sure if we can trust's not that I hate you, though. It's just...I dunno. I'm really sorry about this, but I vote Dawn.

Chris: Well marshmallows go to Scott, Mike, Blaineley and Zoey! Sorry Dawn, but you're finished!

Dawn: Have fun with your alliance rule the game. Mike, Mal may have left you, But you did not change from his state of mind. I find it odd how Blaineley stays in the game when she was the one who did not do anything. "Bond with the other team" Are you really afraid of that? (OOC: In real rant, TrentFan I am tired of you constantly getting me out because "your sources" tell you too. IF I DID NOT TRY TO BEFORE WHY WOULD I DO IT NOW? Not only that you most likely messed up friendships with your lie, And unlike you told me, You PROBABLY did not apoligize. I had lots of plots and now I have to sit out every season because I am apparently "A strategist who rivals Mabel" If I was, WOULD IT BE THAT EASY TO GET ME OUT? I was already backed against the wall with your alliance on the team and now I have to once again sit out, Because of your assumptions. And yes. I am mad. I thought you would've took care of this like you told me? But whatever goodluck Mike and Phy and have fun being a scape goat, TF.)

(Blake's Rant: Thank you so much, guys...for turning this ASvU season into ASvU8. Brick and Dawn had a plot, Dakota and Dawn had a plot, and now the only plot actually left is Brick and Anne Maria or something. Now that it's the merge, we have inactive Zoey over there and plotless Mike as well as sleepy Scott who barely does anything but sleep and do challenges, only talking once in a while, controlling the game. I thought this season would actually be interesting, but now it's being run by a bunch of boring characters. You've gotten rid of one of the characters who actually had plots over one of the inactives. What is wrong with you??? I thought we all agreed ASvU12 would be a plot season. Sure, I respect Phy for trying to win, but what is your goal, TF? Getting him to the finale before quitting at the final 3? I SWEAR to the lord if you quit this season after quitting/thinking about quitting at least four or five seasons in the past, I, and I think a ton of other people will lose respect for you. I will not let you turn this into one of those boring seasons, so either you better actually talk and be interesting. You too, Mike and Phy.)

Blaineley: I quit in Dawn's place. I have no quarrel with being here and since she eagerly wants to do so, she can have the spot I acquire at the moment. Good luck Dawn, don't ruin your chances now that you have my place xoxo... (Jordan: yeah I agree with my inactivity and since I have other things that are priority at the moment like with my personal life and school et cetera, I'd rather give the position away instead of being next boot fodder which in Dawn's/Don's place would've proven otherwise)

(ACTN: That's very nice of you Jordan. I'm sure you'll be flooded with thank yous from Blake and Don).

Episode 7: Dress to Impress

Dress to Impress

Season 12, Episode 7

Challenge(s) Come up with a design for your mutated animal.
Winner(s) Dakota
Cameo(s) None
Eliminated Zoey
Episode Guide

"Ark of Dawn"


"Mine Your Own Business"

Merged Cabin

Lightning: Lightning made it to the merge again. After Winning RotI and ASvU2, Sha-Lighting is the biggest winner here. Sha-Bam

Scott: *whittling* I wasn't expecting the merge this soon.

Brick: ... Wow. (CONF) So... Mike, Scott and Zoey all voted for Dawn, but because she wanted to stay oh-so bad, Blaineley quit in her place? A lot to take in.... And hear I was, grieving over losing Bunny, when all of this was happening.... Wow. (END CONF) Well, yay merge, I guess. Nice to meet you Rattlesnakes, and I hope we can all host a fair and nice competition. You too, Dawn. Welcome back.

Chris: There's always crazy moments on ASVU.

Scott: Hey. Hi too you to Military mean Brick.

Brick: *Raises an eyebrow* (CONF) Scott... seems like... kind of a nice guy! He may not show it, but I'm sure there's a generous heart willing to come out. (END CONF) So, what did you Rattlesnakes do on your free time?

Lightning: Lightning Bored. Anyone want to see if that can do more pushups than the Lightning

Dakota: This cabin is so much nicer than that crushed cabin we stayed in. I can totally get more beauty sleep in this cabin and look even more perfect for the camera!

Scott: We like to watch Lightning crush people in pushup competitions.

Brick: Well, if we can all be a good sport about this... I could try....

Scott: That's the spirit. *to Lightning* Oi MuscleHead. Brick here will take you one. (CONF) This should be worth a good laugh or too.

Dawn: *Glares at Scott* Don't TRY to cause pain for your own enjoyment. I guess I should be glad it's merge time... (CONF: Blaineley is a very noble women, Even if she's harsh at times, I wish Scott would stop being so devious.)

Scott: Since when has anyone ever hurt themselves doing a pushup? I just want to see who can do more Lightning or Brick.

Brick: If me and Lightning competing against each other is going to cause friction between us, I'd rather not do it.

Scott: Eh suit yourself.

Lightning: Well that fine. Anyone have some protein. Sha-Lightning needs some nourishment

Dawn: I-- I guess not, Apologies Scott, it's just hard to trust you.

Challenge 7

Chris: Okay so for your challenge, you are going to need to dress up your animals captured from the last challenge and explain/present your design. The person with the best design will win. Good luck!

Dakota: Okay, so...I get to dress up a bear and make it fabulous? ...I don't know how I should feel about this.

Lighting: Well Mike i will need you clothes. Be prepared to be struck by Lightning

Brick: Hmm... I get Bunny back, but I now have to make him look... pretty? Uh, I'll try, but... I don't know.

Dakota: This bear is totally fantabulous with its pink fur coat and slick, black leather pants! His (abnormally) large feet are hidden by some fashionable purple flats. He also has dyed his head totally blonde with his extremely expensive Ray-Bans that Daddy dropped off for me! His head is topped off with, gangster hat that I found in Zoey's bag. Just saying, her fashion taste is horrible, but I can pull anything off. I also pierced his ears, which took lots of time because HE WOULDN'T COOPERATE. >:( *breathes heavily* I' sleep... *passes out*

Mike: Lightning, I'm not an animal...I don't think I count, right Chris? ...Chris?

Lightning: Well you will not look any better until you are dressed like me. *shoves on a football jersey onto mike*

Dawn: (CONF: Chris obviously wants his ego stretched, So I should use hairgel and insecurity as thoughts when making my animal.)

Mike: Lightning, how is this making me look any better? I'm not really sure I count as an animal, like I said... What team is this jersey about anyway?

Scott: *holding his kitchen rat* the heck do I make a Kitchen rat look good? They are disgusting vermin. *the kitchen rat takes offense to this and lashes out at Scott*

Lighting: *forces Mike into a pair of his shorts* Well you are going to be dressed like me. The best person ever

Scott: Ah stop it you creature. *removes the kitchen rat scratching at his face* Okay now think to make an ugly creature look semi nice...

Mike: Wait- but I don't count in this! Lightning, no offense or anything, but why not get a real animal...? I don't think you're going to win this way...

Scott: Think Scotty Think. *taps head* I know! *throws dirt on the kitchen rat* There much better. But Chris acts like one of those big time life I will need something even more fancy than dirt.

Mike: *attempts to sneak past Lightning* (CONF) I don't know what's up with Lightning. Why does he think I'm some sort of mutant animal? Normally, I only got treated like an outcast- or mutant, I guess- when I had MPD...or DID...or whatever you'd prefer to call it. It sucked and it happened all the time. Although, Lightning just appears to be using me for a challenge, so that's something, and he's treating me a lot differently. I'd rather not have a walk down memory lane. Even then though, I'm not sure I like being his challenge animal thing and him jumping on me didn't do wonders for my back or body still aches a bit.

Scott: *puts a baseball cap on the kitchen rat* There now you look radical or whatever. *rubs chin* That's it. I'll go with a little kid look. That should work...maybe.

Mike: *manages to get past Lightning* Alright, finally- where do I go? If I try to compete on my own, then Lightning's just going to capture me again before I finish...oh, I know! *goes hide in the bushes*

Scott: *gives the kitchen rat a pinwheel and a lollipop* There...much better. Now you look almost kid friendly. Now to find the appropriate shirt...*calls out* Hey Mike. Can you come over here for a second.

Lightning: Where did that mutant run off too i was going to dye his hair white and pierce his ear.* Mutant mike where are you

Mike: *hides* (CONF) I mean, Scott can wait, right? I'm sure someone else could be of help to him, anyway.

Scott: Fine...I guess I'll have to ask someone else. *to Lightning* Hey Lightbulb you got another pair of shirt or jersey on you?

Lightning: No unless you have something that can help me win the challenge. Do you know where Mike went by chance.

Brick: Here. Bunny, in a camo bowtie and-- *takes off one of his dog tags and places it on the rabbit* -- a dog tag. General Bunny reporting for duty! ... I guess.

Scott: Well I think he might've sneaked off towards the confessional?

Lightning: Sha ligthning will sprint like the wind to find him then *sprints off twoards the CONF

Scott: You could've given me a shirt still. <.<

Lightning: FINE *chucks clothes at Scott* You better lose though. *contiunes running towards CONF*

Mike: (CONF) Y'know, it's actually nice in here- yeah, not really. Still better than being Lightning's guinea pig though.

Lightning: *arrrives at CONF and knocks door really hard* Mike are you in ther

Scott: *takes a whiff* Urgh. Smells like jock. *shivers and returns to the kitchen rat and shoves the shirt on it* There now you resemble a little child on his way to their fair with your baseball cap, your lollipop and your pinwheel. And now your...clothes.

Mike: (CONF) Um...*tries a deeper accent* Mike's not here!

Lightning: Oh okay. Well who are you. Also do you know where mike is. Sha Lishgtning needs to win this challnege

Mike: (CONF) *deeper accent* I'm a newly-hired intern, but Chris hasn't paid much attention to me. Mike might be in the kitchen? He also might have changed his appearance slightly or something- yeah, that's the ticket...I mean, yeah, that's the lottery ticket Chris sent me to find! Now to find the other thing he told me to find in here...good luck, friend!

Lightning: oh okay. Thanks for the help *runs for the kitchen*

Zoey: Okay, *puts a bowtie on each antenna* This is working hmmm puts a tux on it, and flowers in each pocket, and spits on it's wings to add lubrication* Voila!

Lightning: *runs back to Chris* Well Mike dispersed but i give you this mop. It is sha mop de Lightning it is the winner. Give me immunity now.

Chris: I can't give you immunity Lightning cause it's going to Dakota!

Lightning: SHA WHAT *faints*

Scott: I knew it was pointless to try to make a disgusting vermin look good. *kicks the Kitchen rat away*

Dakota: *wakes up* H-huh? What happened? Is the challenge over? Did I win? Oh, wait. Of course I did.

Elimination Ceremony 7

Chris: Well vote for anyone but Dakota.

Dakota: (CONF) *looks at nails* Well, I'm safe, so um...Zoey. Whatever.

Dawn: (CONF: Dakota is my friend, Brick is my best friend, Anne Maria and I need to talk and fix her insecurities, Mike needs to stand up for himself which I plan on helping him do, and Scott and I need to end our ongoing conflict. Sorry Zoey but you made it far too many times and I'm sure you don't need anything from me.)

Brick: (CONF) Everyone did a decent amount of work besides Dawn, Anne Maria and Zoey. I'm friends with Dawn, and I would really like to fix the relationship between Anne Maria and me before one of us is eliminated. I'm sorry, Zoey, but... I have to vote for you. (END CONF)

Lightning: (CONF) I sha Lost. How is that even possible. Well I am going to vote for Zoey. I don't have a reason but my gut is telling me to vote Zoey and I am voting Zoey *votes Zoey*

Mike: (CONF) I really don't want to do this, but I don't even know...what's going on right now...what other options is there...? The best we would be able to do don't know. We haven't been as close as we've been before, and I'm really sorry about that. But now, I'm being forced to vote you...I'm sorry, i vote dakota.

Scott: (CONF) *whittling*

Chris: Marshmallows go to Dakota, Dawn, Lightning, Brick, Scott, Mike and Anne Maria! Bye Zoey!

Episode 8: Mine Your Own Business

Mine Your Own Business

Season 12, Episode 8

Challenge(s) Find the McLean diamond hidden in the mine.
Winner(s) Scott
Cameo(s) Diamond
Eliminated Dakota
Episode Guide

"Dress to Impress"


"Mine Your Way Out of Here"

Merged Cabin

Lightning: Sha Bamn it is the final 7. Who is going to be struck by lightning next

Anne Maria: *sprays her hair* Lightning, hon, you look great today...

Lightning. Well thank. I am the greatest and most winning competitor out here

Scott: *with obvious sarcasm* You sure are sure are.

Lightning: Finally you realize Scott that you do not mess with the Lightning

Scott: Yeah...although with Dakota stealing the immunity that should've gone to you that last challenge. I imagine that must be really rough for you.

Anne Maria: *sprays her hair* I should get immunity for being beautiful.

Mike: *barely paying attention* Uh, sure? I wouldn't object to it, I guess...not sure what kind of fruit you're talking about though.

Lighting: Scott that was a Sha-fluke. I will win easily this next challenge

Anne Maria: *sprays Mike* You're a fruit.

Dakota: Ugh! Shut up, all of you! I'm trying to get my beauty sleep.

Challenge 8

Chris: For your next challenge I want you to go into the mine and find the McLean diamond that Scott was supposed to find in Total Drama All Stars *glares at Scott* Don't worry we took it off of Fang. So try to find it and in the meantime I'll be uh "relaxing" *laughs* I'll let you know when you guys are close. Anyway goodbye!

Mike: Alright, I guess...this can't be too bad! Hopefully some of Manitoba has rubbed off on me! *heads into the mine*

Scott: Well excuse me that that stupid shark had the diamond. *enters the mine*

Dakota: Why do I have to get my hands dirty or risk breaking a nail every challenge? :/ *enters mine*

Scott: *looks around* Where would that diamond be?

Mike: *heads deeper into the mine* If I were a diamond, where would I be...?

Scott: *follows Mike from a distance*

lighting: I am going to sha win this challenge *sprints into the mine*

Scott: Argh. It's getting dark in here and how are we suppose to find anything without a light?

Mike: I don't know, but it'll be easier to spot the diamond this way! *continues heading deeper into the mine* Maybe it's where it's darker, so the illuminating shine is seen more clearly or something...? Well, I don't know, diamonds don't actually choose were to hide, but still! I don't have much else to go off of...

Dakota: Well, I have a knack for finding really expensive and flashy things, so... *heads deeper and looks at the walls of the mine as she walks*

Lightning: *off by himself* I hope that freak Zeke is gone from this place. *walks donw the mine*

Scott: *walks into a boulder* Argh.

Mike: *trips over some rocks* Ow...okay, maybe that's enough walking for now. *tries to get up, but can't* Aw come on, not now! Did I cut myself or something?

Scott: Sucks to be you. *moves on*

Mike: Hmm...I can't see, but there has to be something to hang on to in order to get up...*crawls* Ow, ow, ow! Maybe this isn't the best idea, but I'm not just going to stand down and give up...

Lightning: Ugh Lightning can't see in the dark, how am I supposed to wi....... *falls down the elevator shaft*

Anne Maria: *walks into the mine*

Mike: *continues to crawl* Ow, this is just making it worst, maybe I should stop- *hits a ragged boulder* Aw, come on! Why is- oh, wait! *uses the boulder to help himself up* Alright, sweet! I probably should just rest for a while knees are killing me. I think I have a few cuts and bruises, but I'll be alright with some rest...

Scott: *stops and thinks* (CONF) Yah no...maybe I could take advantage of Mike in his current condition (END-CONF) *retursn to Mike* Sorry bout that. Let me give you a hand...pal.

Dakota: Hm... *pokes at the walls before moving on* Let's se- *falls down the elevator shaft*

Mike: *to Scott* Huh? I'm fine now, I just have a couple of bruises and cuts. Though, I wouldn't mind some help in watching out for rocks or something, if you have a way?

Anne Maria: *walks carefully* It's so dark... *reaches out* Lightning? You there?

Lightning: *lands on the ground* Lightning is saf.... *Dakota lands on Lightning*

Dakota: *lands* Huh. That didn't hurt as much. *stands up on Lightning and walks off*

Scott: That give me an idea. *whistles and his kitchen rat comes a running* This little guy might be able to guide us.

Anne Maria: Anyone there? *carries on*

Dakota: Where is that stupid diamond... *kneels down and looks at the ground*

Scott: Okay lead us through the cave. *follows behind the kitchen rat

Mike: Great idea, Scott! Your rat should easily be able to navigate through the mine! Immunity is ours! Well, yours, but I just want to get out of here safely. *follows Scott and his rat*

Lightning: *is dazed* Momma what was that. I don't want the belt. *wanders though the cave*

Scott: Your right about that. *sees that the rat stopped moving* It appears that we have stopped for some reason.

Dakota: *continues walking* ...did it suddenly get dark? D:

Scott: *feels a nearby rock* It's wet. Maybe that means were close to an underground lake or something.

Anne Maria: LIGHNI- *falls down the shaft* Ahhhh!

Mike: Maybe the diamond is around here, then! It could be under the lake or something like that?

Scott: True. But what if... Fa...Fa...Fang is in the lake.

Dakota: Anne Maria! Maybe that hairspray hogging freak can help me. *turns around and feels something* ...ew. Was that water?

Lightning: Mommy where are you I am scared

Dakota: *stands up on a rock and starts poking at the cave's ceiling*

Mike: *to Scott* Chris mentioned Fang isn't here anymore, so I doubt he'd be there! I know you two have had your differences, but this will be easy! Just consider it a slice of cake or...whatever analogy works for you! And if Fang is in there, are you really going to let him keep thinking he's better than you? Or still consider you shark food? You could set the record straight then!

Scott: If we find the can go take a dive and wash your bruises and cuts or something while you look for the diamond.

Anne Maria: Dakota... Did you mention my name? *walks along carefully*

Dakota: *continues poking and moving rocks before realizing her hair is wet* Gosh. I could use a shower, but I don't have that shampoo I ordered Daddy to bring.

Mike: *sighs* Alright, fine. Let's keep walking then? It should be close. I'm sure we'll find it soon!

Scott: Sounds good. *walks forward with his rat*

Anne Maria: *sprays her hair* Dakota? Did you need me? *walks*

Dakota: Yeah, Anne Maria, one sec- *moves a rock and water rushes down on her, draining the lake*

Mike: *follows* So, Scott, did you ever name the rat? You two seem like you might be close if he came to rescue just like that.

Lightning: *starts crying and enters the fetal position*

Scott: He's going to be Edgar. Oh do you hear rushing water? *looks and sees Lightning* Oh its just Lightning.

Dakota: *screams as water rushes over her and fills the level of the cave*

Anne Maria: Eek! *feels water spraying all over her* Like, ew. What was that?

Mike: Lightning, are you feeling alright? It's not like you to be crying. Or, at least I think you're crying. I can't tell- it's still a bit dark in here, y'know? Are you scared of the dark or something?

Dakota: Help me find the stupid diamond! >:(

Scott: And more importantly did you find the diamond?

Lightning: *is chanting* Mommy is going to beat me. i need to bee a winner

Anne Maria: Sure. I like diamonds. *feels the walls of the cave*

Mike: ...Lightning? What are you talking about? Snap out of it! You're fine!

Scott: What are you DJ? Man up. You aren't going to help find the diamond crying like a baby.

Dakota: *twists hair to get water out*

Anne Maria: *looks for the diamond* My hair is fine because of my spray. *Smiles*

Lightning: Who are you two. Do i need to beat you in something. i need to be the winner to make mommy proud

Dakota: Shut up! Keep looking.

Scott: Eh he's a lost cause. Come on Edgar...and Mike. *moves on*

Lightning: Well that is a yes. I will beat you in whatever i need to beat you in and make my Daddy and mommy proud.

Anne Maria: *feels the walls* Where is it?!

Scott: *sighs* Well in order to beat need to find the diamond.

Mike: Lightning, are you sure you're okay...? You seem sort of out of it...

Dakota: *walks off as Anne Maria is searching*

Scott: Ignore him Mike. Come on Edgar lead the way. *follows Edgar the kitchen rat...again*

Dakota: Scott! Mike! *continues twisting hair to get water out* Have you guys found the diamond yet?

Lightning: My mommy like diamond. I will win it for her and be a winner. But i am only 10 so it is going to be hard

Anne Maria: *looks for the diamond*

Mike: We can't just leave Lightning like that, though, can we...? *hears Dakota* Huh? Uh, no, we haven't! Have you?

Dakota: No. >.> Why do you think I'd be asking you then?

Scott: I think Lightning might have seen something like a diamond. Ask him. *moves on*

Lightining : My moomey will be so proud of me winning *runs off to look for the diamond*

Mike: Uh, but I don't think- oh, hold on! Wait for me! *follows Scott*

Dakota: Wait- no- does Lightning have the diamond? What? Ugh. *races after Lightning*

Anne Maria: *feels around* Dakota?

Scott: It's fine. Dakota will take care of Lightning. Let's move.

Mike: Uh, alright I guess...not too sure about this, though. *moves on*

Scott: It's fine.

Lightning: If I was my mommy where would i hide the diamond *starts digging*

Scott: *feels along the wall*

Dakota: *tackles Lightning* Give me the diamond! You have it!

Lightning: *smacks head on a rock and is knocked out cold*

Scott: *sees multiple holes* Careful Edgar. *Edgar falls into a hole* Edgar NO. *jumps in after Edgar*

Dakota: Oops. But he has the diamond, so where is it?!

Mike: Huh? Scott? Are you there- *trips and falls into the hole as well*

Scott: *Mike falls on Scott* Get off. Where's Edgar. *looks around frantically*

Mike: Ouch! That kind of hurt...huh? Edgar's missing? Um...try whistling him again? It worked getting him to the mine, so it might work now?

Anne Maria: Dakoootaaaaa?

Scott: *whistles* I hear the sound of tiny feet. *a bear appears* Nevermind. Every man for himself. *runs*

Mike: ...How did that sound like tiny feet? Well, um...nice bear...*bear growls* Yeah, not worth it... *runs*

Diamond: So, where is everyone? It's cold.

Scott: *runs into a wall* Dang it.

Anne Maria: Has Dakota left me...? Nah, she's probably just looking for the diamond...

Dakota: *runs from bear*

Lightning: *is trampled by the bear*

Scott: Where did Lightning come from? Oh well he can take care of the bear. *runs off*

Dakota: Agh! Why is there a bear in a cave?

Diamond: Chris... Ugh, I found you. Where are the contestants? They should be here by now.

Mike: *running* I'm not sure...but shouldn't we go back and save him?

Scott: It's Lightning. You've seen how strong he is. He will be fine.

Mike: I guess...? But he didn't seem to be alright before...

Anne Maria: *spray her hair* Guess I'm alone, then.

Scott: *sighs* Fine. (CONF) If this is how to get Mike on my side be it.

Lightning: *starts to wake up* Where am I and how did i get here

Mike: So let's go back for him?

Diamond: *pokes Chris* hi

Scott: K. You lead the way.

Mike: Well, I'm not sure where to go exactly- it's really dark...

Scott: Go that way. *points that way*

Lightning: *hears mumbles from people* *shouts* I don't know who is ther but i am goin to win this challnege Sha bam

Mike: Yeah, I think I hear him coming from there! Alright, let's go! *moves that way*

Scott: *follows reluctantly (CONF) On the bright side... I might run into Edgar again

Mike: I think we're almost there...

Scott: Yeah...

Lightning: *sees mike and Scott* Ogh its you two geeks. Have you found my diamond yet

Scott: No. It's may be around here though.

*the contestants see the diamond hanging from a rope*

Chris: First person to untangle the diamond wins!

Scott: * begins to untangles the diamond* (1)

Dakota: *untangles the diamond* (1)

Scott: * untangles the diamond* (2)

Dakota: *untangles the diamond* (2)

Scott: *untangles the diamond* (3)

Dakota: *untangles the diamond* (3)

Scott: *untangles the diamond* (4)

Dakota: *untangles the diamond* (4)

Scott: *untangles the diamond* (5)

Chris: Scott wins!

*a loud explosion occurs and everyone is trapped in the mine*

Chris: Ummm okay it looks like we're all stuck here but elimination will go on!

Elimination Ceremony 8

Chris: Well looks like we're all stuck in the mine for now, but go ahead and vote anyone but Scott.

Lightning: (CONF): Dakota you stole my victory last challenge so now you go home. *votes Dakota*

Brick: (CONF) I know Dakota's done the work, but she can be a bit of a brat around here. Not only at camp, but during challenges too. She's not a positive presence around here, so I think removing that would be for the best. (END CONF)

Scott: (CONF) Dakota.

Dakota: Oh, wait. I forgot to say -- I quit. Daddy's making loads more money from some weird business thing, so I'm going to go get him to buy me a new car.

Chris: Marshmallows for Scott, Mike, Dawn, Brick, Lightning and Anne Maria! Goodbye Dakota! Or not cause we're all still stuck in the mine, but oh well!

Episode 9: Mine Your Way Out of Here

Mine Your Way Out of Here

Season 12, Episode 9

Challenge(s) Find a way out of the mine.
Winner(s) Mike
Cameo(s) Leo
Eliminated Scott
Episode Guide

"Mine Your Own Business"


"Photo Finished"


Lightning: *punches the wall of the mine* Let me out of here

Scott: *throws a pebble at the wall* At least on the bright side...I might find Edgar again while I'm stuck down here.

Lighting: We should sacrifice that loser Dakota. She is not in the competition anymore so she should help us winners escape

Brick: ... Nghhh.... (CONF) The d-d-dark? For the fourth time? Why, why, why...? (END CONF)

Lightning: This is dumb. *grabs Scott and throws him into the wall*

Dawn: *Helps Scott up to his feet* I know this is concerning, But violence is not the answer.

Scott: Yeah what she said. *is dazed from the impact*

Lightning: how am I supposed to win this competiton if I die in this mine

Mike: I'm sure Chris won't let us die! Why would he let us? He'd just get sued, wouldn't he? We'll be fine!

Dawn: I don't mind living in this mine it's full of cute gophers *Feeds gophers*

Anne Maria: *sprays her hair* This moisture under here doesn't affect my hair at all. :)

Lightning: Lightning is a winner. There is no way lightingin is going to die down here with losers like you guys. *start running into the wall trying to break it down*

Challenge 9

Chris: Okay so I did some looking around and there are some tunnels that could possibly lead out of the mine. Your challenge is to explore the mine and attempt to get out. I'll be here monitoring the scene if you need me and I could possibly give you hints on how to get out. Good luck.

Brick: *Visibly shaking, exploring the tunnels*

Anne Maria: *explores the tunnels*

Lightning: *runs down a shaft*

Leo: *Painting pictures of Saioni and Laney on the cave* Oh...there are people here...

Mike: *walks slowly* Alright, Mike! Slow and steady wins the race! I can do this...I can...

Anne Maria: *walks down a tunnel*

Leo: *talks to self* I can either hide here from all the humans that hate me ,or I can escape and show everyone that I'm not the monster Liameo made me look like. *Thinks* I know what has to be done. *Follows Contestants*

Lightning: I need to get out of here so immiunty will be mine. runs through mroe tunnels*

Scott: *looks around*

Brick: *Continues down a deep, dark path*

Dawn: *Follows a gopher*

Anne Maria: *continues walking*

Brick: *Guides himself through the tunnel with the walls*

Anne Maria: *continues walking down the tunnel* Ugh... How much longer?

Mike: *walks while feeling the wall* Maybe there'll be an opening near the walls here somewhere...

Scott: *walks down a tunnel*

Brick: *Walking, but stops when he starts walking in water* W-What the--? *Continues slowly but trips and lands in a pool of water*

Lightning: you know what if i knock out my competitors i will get an instant win. *heads down a tunnel*

Scott: I wonder where Edgar is? *looks at a hole in the wall*

Mike: *continues walking along the tunnel, feeling the wall as he walks* Hmm...

Scott: Edgar you in there?

Brick: *Picks self up and spits out water* Gross.... Wait... water? Huh. *Wades through the water*

Lightning: *sees a shawdow* Sha Lightning is going to take you down *runs after the shadow*

Scott: I guess not. *continues down the tunnel*

Anne Maria: *looks around for any light and walks*

Scott: *whistling as he walks down the tunnel*

Brick: *Wades through the water*

Lightning: *charges the Shadow and jumps on it which turns out to be Leo* Who the hell are you

Anne Maria: *keeps walking*

Scott: *walks*

Brick: *Reaches the end of the water and walks onto dry-ish land* Well, that certainly is odd.... *Feels around for another tunnel*

Lightning: Screw this. I dont know who you are but you must lose too. *punches Leo in the face and runs off*

Scott: Edgar here boy.

Mike: *continues walking while feeling the wall until almost hitting a boulder* Woah! Close call! Hmm...isn't this where Scott and I were last time? Good times. Y'know, because we weren't trapped in a mine, we thought we'd actually be free after it...oh well, still makes for a fun experience. Just gotta watch out for those rocks...

Leo: Oh...ITS LEO END...OR NO END!!! *Fights Lightning*

Anne Maria: So cold... *Continues walking*

Lightning: *punches Leo in the stomach* your out of your league little man

Scott: *looks down a hole* Edgar is that you?

Leo: *Takes Lighting' s Protein* Is this yours? *Throws it in the hole and continues to fight Lighting*

Brick: *Feeling for a tunnel, he falls forward into one* Ugh. *Pulls himself up with the help of a wall and continues forward*

lightning: My protein *throws Leo down the hole* I hope you are dead m**********r.

Brick: *Continues down the tunnel and then makes a left*

Leo: Umm this hole actually isn't deep at all but I still have the protein.#

Anne Maria: *keeps walking*

Scott: It is you Edgar. *hops into the hole*

Lightning: *starts chucking rocks down the hole*

Leo: Delicious protein. *Climbs out of hole* Now take me to queen Laney and Princess Saionji!

Dawn: *Follows gopher*

Lightning: Lightning does not know those losers but know they happily voted you out in ASVU's 7-9. What should Lightning do to you next

Brick: *Enters another clearing* ... Some sort of maze, this is. *Sighs* What am I supposed to do now? *A lightning bug lands on his nose and lights up, followed by hundreds of others* ... Wow.

Mike: *continues walking cautiously past the area with rocks* It hurts just thinking about it...well, the bruises and cuts aren't as bad now! I just gotta keep walking!

Brick: Well, I don't much care for bugs, but all of you had to get in here somehow, right? *Searches the area*

Leo: MY...QUEENS...ARENT...LOSERS!!!*Beats the @#"% out of Lightning*

Brick: *After searching for a bit, he notices a hole far above his head with a piece of rope ladder dangling from it* It looks like I could fit through there. The question is: how do I get up there?

Lightning: *deflects leo's attacks and chucks him down the pit again*

Leo: *Yells so loud that everyone wilk hear him*@Lighting. FINE BE LIKE THAT!!! JUST KNOW SOMEDAY EVERYTHING YOU GUYS CARE ABOUT WON'T BE THERE!!! THIS ISN'T THE FINAL ROUND!!! Hello anyone there... He made the best chocie he could by running. *Climbs out of hole* I have time left. Thjs will be just like ASVU 7 *Starts to build underground bunker*

Anne Maria: *turns right and carries on*

Dawn: *Follows gophers*

Scott: *lifts Edgar out of the hole* Hey there you little nice vermin.

Mike: *keeps walking* Huh. Still nothing. I hope the others are having more luck than I'm having... *trips and falls into a pit*

*the group sees mine car tracks and cars* (5 lines to ride out of the mine)

Mike: *rides* (1)

Lightning: *runs out of mine* (1)

Mike: *rides* (2)

Brick: *Rides out of mine* (1)

Mike: *rides* (3)

Anne Maria: *rides*

Brick: *Rides out of mine* (2)

Lightning: *runs out of mine* (2)

Brick: *Rides out of mine* (3)

Mike: *rides* (4)

Brick: *Rides out of mine* (4)

Mike: *rides* (5)

Brick: *Rides out of mine* (5)

Lightning: *runs out of mine* (3)

Anne Maria: *rides*

Lightning: *runs out of mine* (4)

Anne Maria: *rides*

Lightning: *runs out of mine* (5)

Anne Maria: *rides*

Chris: Mike wins? I mean Mike wins!

Elimination Ceremony 9

Chris: Well it's nice we got out of the mine, but one of you has got to go, but it won't be Mike!

Lightning: (CONF): Uh I vote Scott. He was not tough enough to break through that wall in the mine so yeah he gets my vote. I vote for Leo too since he stole my protein. *votes Scott and Leo*

Brick: (CONF) I have to vote Scott. I'm sorry, soldier, but... but, the others have already decided. ... I'm sorry things turned out this way. (END CONF)

Anne Maria: (CONF) *files her nails* Scott is a huge threat to me getting money. Bye.

Dawn: (CONF: I vote for Mike-- Just because I know that Scott is most likely going next, But I don't want to hurt our somewhat friendship.)

Scott: I found Edgar so I'm satisfied. *leaves with Edgar*

Chris: Marshmallows go to Mike, Brick, Anne Maria, Lightning and Dawn!

Leo: CHRIS!!! YOUR GOONS ALMOST KILLED ME. I CANT BE WITH SAI AND LANEY LIKE THIS. I will see you in I have anoter idea. *Whispers* If ASVU ever has an All-Stars,remember me ,or you can forget about all of your money. me"

Episode 10: Photo Finished

Photo Finished

Season 12, Episode 10

Challenge(s) Find a picture that is either funny, beautiful or surprising from Revenge of the Island.
Winner(s) Brick
Cameo(s) None
Eliminated Mike
Episode Guide

"Mine Your Way Out of Here"


"Mission: Wawanakwa"

Merged Cabin

Brick: I still feel guilty for voting out Scott. But, then again... I would feel guilty voting out anyone here. *Sighs* Is this how it's going to be for the rest of the game?

Lightning: Well one less person who is around here to beat in the end. One step close for sha-Lightning to win it all.

Anne Maria: *sprays her hair* Scott was okay, I guess. This final 5 ain't too bad... *sparys Dawn*

Brick: ... Anne Maria, I would prefer it if you did not spray my friends with that toxic hair spray. *Walks over to Dawn* A-Are you okay?

Dawn: *Rubs eye* I-I think so...

Brick: Good, good. But, uh... *Walks over to Anne Maria* It'd be nice if we could start over and become friends. One rule, though. No spraying me or anyone else. I do wish for what I said, really. But the spraying's too much.

Dawn: I have to agree with my friend Brick, You really should open up to your true self. And NOT spray people.

Anne Maria: Sure. I could do with some friends.

Lightning: Lightning is sha-bored again. Someone entertain the Lightning by acting like a chicken.

Mike: (CONF) Looks like it's just me...alone. I feel sort of left out here and I'm actually surprised to still be here. The other four look so close and then there' I'm not sure why exactly I'm still in, but I won't let whoever is rooting for me down so easily! Sorry I couldn't somehow save you, Scott, you were a cool guy actually. I hope we can hang out sometime after this!

Brick: Well, thank you, ma'am. I appreciate it.

Mike: *looks up at the ceiling*

Anne Maria: *files her nails* When's the challenge, anyway?

Mike: I dunno. At this point I'm just waiting for when I'll be sent home. Any minute now, though.

Anne Maria: I'm waiting for my cash.

Mike: It's the final five, so it shouldn't be too far away...I think, anyway. Knowing Chris, a twist will be that all the eliminated contestants return and the game starts all over. Wouldn't be surprised, actually. It'd be fun though, I guess?

Anne Maria: No. We'd have wannabe trash like Dakota back... Ew.

Challenge 10

Chris: For your challenge I want you to find a picture from Revenge of the Island that is either funny, beautiful or surprising/shocking. The best entry will win. Please specify whether your picture is a funny, beautiful or surprising/shocking moment from ROTI. Good luck.

Chris: Brick wins!

Elimination Ceremony 10

Chris: Vote for anyone but Brick.

Brick: (CONF) I'm afraid I have to vote Mike. I have good ties with everyone, and I truly, honestly wish you would have attempted at conversation with me so I could make a different decision. But, you didn't, so I have to vote you. Sorry. (END CONF)

Lightning: (CONF) Guilty by association my brother. You were friends with Scott and now you go down hard like the loser you are. He tried to leave me in that mine and you almost agreed with him. Some friend you are *votes Mike*

Dawn: (CONF: Bye. *votes Mike*)

Chris: Marshmallows go to Brick, Dawn, Lightning and Anne Maria. Goodbye Mike!

Mike: Eh, I guess I was expecting it. Am I disappointed? Yeah, of course, I mean...who wouldn't be? But I respect all of your choices. I mean out of everyone here, I was friends with no one. Then the friendship trio was also messed up...y'know, Zoey turned evil and we mutually broke up...Cameron, I really don't know what happened to the guy, did I do something wrong? I thought we were still friends, but okay. Life happens and all that. My only real friend here was Scott, but I'm just grateful I made any. It was still a great experience! I doubt many people in their life can say "I was trapped in a toxic-filled mine, but I survived!" can they? Brick, I hope we can hang out some time after this- same with you, Anne Maria. Lightning, I tried to be your friend, but I guess that just didn't work. Dawn, I...well, your Mal comment actually kind of hurt me- especially since you know that's my sensitive point- but if you do want to hang out for whatever reason, I'd love to! I just hope you don't keep doing that, because that was sort of a low for you. It's a game and people are going to get eliminated, so I don't really think you could blame me for that...but it's your choice in the end. Thanks everyone for the fun time! I'll be rooting for all of you!

Episode 11: Mission: Wawanakwa

Mission: Wawanakwa

Season 12, Episode 11

Challenge(s) Come up with an idea to save ourselves.
Winner(s) Lightning
Cameo(s) Jimmy
Eliminated Dawn
Episode Guide

"Photo Finished"


"Larry's Loose!"

Merged Cabin

Brick: It's sad to see only a few of us left. It's a shame that so many of us had to get voted off. But, at least we're here. I congratulate each and every one of you for making it up to this point, and I wish you all the best. *Salutes*

Anne Maria: Thanks, I guess. You too.

Brick: *Nods* Much appreciated.

Lightning: Lightning in the Final 4 once again

Brick: Quite an accomplishment, I must say.

Dawn: Yes it is, I must appreciate Blaineley's generosity. *to Brick* I am glad that we can be in the final 4 together, It's nice to have a close friend around.

Brick: I feel the same way about you, Dawn. (CONF) Dawn is a nice person. I'm glad we've been able to make it this far together. It is a shame, though, that when-- or, if one of us is eliminated.... But, even then, one of us would lose to the other in the finale.... W-Well, we have to hope for the best, right? Wait... is there a best? (END CONF)

Dawn: *Smiles* (CONF: While yes, It is a game, I honestly would prefer Brick to win over me. After all, He is my best friend and I'm sure he'd give me some percentage of the money anyways.)

Anne Maria: (CONF) To be fair, every one of these people can win... And they're probably better at me in the brains and brawn departments... But, I can do it somehow. *sprays hair*

Lightning: Sha lightning cannot wait till the challenge starts. Though there are no puny people for Lightning to destoy

Challenge 11

Chris: Time for another challenge!

Chef: CHRIS! I just found explosives on the island!

Chris: Yeah I know from the mine challenge. I put the rest in the woods.

Chef: Yeah well they're going off in less than an hour!

Chris: WHAT who set them off?

Chef: Beats me. They have the remote too.

Chris: Okay new challenge: come up with an idea to save our lives! Best idea wins immunity. Let's go campers save me! I mean us!

Jimmy: Explosives??? AHHH!!!

Lightning: This will be sha-easy for the Lightning. Someone tie one side of a rope to me and the other side of the rope to a boat. Everyone can get inside the boat and Lightning will swim away from the island and in turn, tow the boat with Lightning's awesome swimming abilities. This will get us all off the island before it goes boom.

Jimmy: AHHH!!!

Brick: I say we place the bombs as far down in the mine as we can, so the explosives won't hurt anyone or anything. (CONF) I was taught at a young age to keep calm during even the scariest and weirdest situations. This predicament is inbetween the two. (END CONF)

Dawn: I say we use the yacht from episode 1 of RotI and we take all of us and the animals along with us. We couldn't leave them here it'd be a vile murderous thing.

Lightning: Sha bam

Anne Maria: We should like, throw the bombs in the sea.

Chris: Ehhhh Lightning wins.

Elimination Ceremony 11

Chris: Vote for anyone but Lightning.

Anne Mari: (CONF) Well you played a good game, but I vote Dawn, sorry hun.

Lightning: (CONF) Well I am going to vote for Dawn for prtically stealing my idea in the challenge. Sorry Babe but it is your time to go *votes Dawn*

Brick: (CONF) I have to vote for... for... Dawn. I-I-I'm sorry. Anne Maria and Lightning confronted me and told me to vote you, and told me to promise I would do so. I didn't know what to do... so I acted foolhardy and said yes. If I wasn't so... so... weak... none of this would've happened. *Sighs* Farewell, Dawn.... (END CONF)

Chris: Marshmallows for Lightning, Anne Maria and Brick! Goodbye aura whisperer!

Dawn: Oh well. We all have to go sooner or later. *Hugs Anne Maria, Shakes Lightning's hand, and kisses Brick on the cheek* I will be rooting for you Brick, And good luck to the rest of you as well! *Leaves*

Episode 12: Larry's Loose!

Larry's Loose!

Season 12, Episode 12

Challenge(s) Calm Larry down or figure out why he/she is upset.
Winner(s) Brick
Cameo(s) Jimmy and Romeo
Eliminated Anne Maria
Episode Guide

"Mission: Wawanakwa"


"Radioactive Finale"

Merged Cabin

Brick: I feel so guilty for getting rid of Dawn like that. I should've at least said something to her....

Lightning: Well everyone is going to lose eventually. Sha Lightning will soon strike for victory

Chris: Congrats final 3. Do you feel like you guys have truly earned your spot?

Anne Maria: *sprays hair* Of course.

Lightning: Lightning deserves to be here most of all.

Romeo: *was behind Chris* It's good to see you all have the confidence to believe in yourselves. I'm sure you're all worthy winners in your own right...I'd go into more detail about it, but I believe you all have better things to do...

Lightning: Wait how are you alive. Didn't you die in AsvU9

Jimmy: Hey Romeo.

Romeo: ...I don't recall dying, but I was nearly assassinated if that's what you meant. It happens often, which is why I'm constantly on the run. I'd elaborate on the details, but the past is a truly painful experience for me. Hello Jimmy, nice to see you here. I don't recall meeting up with you on the way here- did you get here through other means?

Jimmy: ...Yeah! I have been here a while. *show Jimmy running around screaming "AHHH!!!"*

Romeo: Trapped or just staying around for your own leisure?

Lightning: Ugh i hope we run into a man eating plant that Lightning can feed you two too later.

Jimmy: Erm... Thanks?

Challenge 12

Chris: *runs in* Larry's gone loose on a rampage and I don't even know why! Since I can't figure it out maybe one of you can. Your challenge is to figure out why Larry's so upset or come up with an idea to calm him/her down. Best idea wins and chooses who goes to the finale.

Brick: Hmm.... Perhaps you haven't been giving him enough attention? Most of the time, when a pet starts acting up, it is just because they aren't receiving enough playtime or they feel their owners don't really care for them. I suggest you go up to him, and try to play with him or something. All he needs is your love.

Lightning: Did someone take his damn flower again. Lightning can find it if its missing

Anne Maria: Give him food. He's probably hungry... *sprays hair* or buy him a new chew toy.

Chris: This was a tough choice, but I'm giving this win to Brick.

Elimination Ceremony 12

Chris: Brick, who's going to the finale with you?

Brick: I really do hate that I have to be the one to make this decision. I've been close with you both, and now I have to eliminate one of you. *Sighs* I think I... Yeah. I know who I'm voting, and that person is... Anne Maria. I'm sorry, but that hair spray can do some awful works on your eyes. I wish you the best, though. I... am sorry. (CONF) Wow. I can't believe I'm in the final two... and now Anne Maria isn't. Why did I have to win the challenge? (END CONF)

Chris: Brick has spoken. Anne Maria places third and Lightning goes on to the finale!

Episode 13: Radioactive Finale

Radioactive Finale

Season 12, Episode 13

Challenge(s) None
Winner(s) Lightning
Cameo(s) Previous ASVU contestants.
Eliminated Brick
Episode Guide

"Larry's Loose!"


"All Bark, No Fight


Previous ASVU Contestants

Anne Maria: *sprays hair* I know who I'm voting...

Mike: Huh. Well, I was honestly hoping you'd win, Anne Maria, but now...I don't know. Who do I root for? I feel lost. I'm sure neither of them like me, but both do deserve the win...this is a hard choice...especially since Chris (ACTN) will be rushing us to vote. I just need some time to think...

B: *Glares at Finalists, writes who he wants to win on a card, drops it, then leaves*

Cameron: This is possibly the most incompetent couple of finalists... Ever.

Sam: I... Hate... BRICK! *draws a picture of Brick and draws a X on it.

Chris: If you know who you want to vote for you can go vote.

  • B's note was 5 paragraph filled with swear words about how Brick should lose and how whoever the other guy is should win.*

Mike: I just need some time to think, okay? Everyone can go before me if they want, I just need some time...they both really deserve it, but...I'm just not sure.

Dakota: *looks at nails* Brick, because Lightning is just an idiot.

Dawn: Brick should definitely win. He always thought with his heart. Hopefully he starts being more head-strong. Brick is a very close friend of mine and he deserves the win.

Staci: Yah, Lightning should win! Did you know that his great, great, great grandfather invented the Superbowl?

Mike: Y'know, thinking about who deserves to win is tough...I mean...who does deserve to win in the end? Who did go through all their hard work to get here...? Who had to overcome obstacles and learn lessons to get here? That kind of stuff. There are a couple of flaws I'd like to point out before I get to the good things and vote. It seemed like- well, I don't know who between the two of you was calling the shots. All I know is that Brick voted off a friend of his apparently and called himself weak. I sort of watched all the episodes when I was eliminated, including the new ones so I'd be caught up. But, in a way...I'm not sure that's weak, but at the same time, I'm not sure he overcame it. Lightning, on the other hand, thinking about it, played the game for a game. He really didn't try to make any friends and I respect that. Not everyone needs friends. Looking back at it I probably shouldn't have tried, but I did and what happened...well, happened I guess. He was a competitor in every sense. I didn't really name any flaws, did I...? Huh. Well, I'll just skip that then! Thinking about all the good things both have done, Lightning was a true competitor and challenge threat, but so was Brick. Lightning didn't care for forging bonds he'd just break for the sake of competition, but Brick did try and I'm sorry I didn't really try to talk to him or vice versa. He seems like a really cool guy. While Brick had to make drastic decisions, it's because he actually had something to lose. Lightning? He could do whatever- he wasn't friends with anybody, so why would he care what others thought? It shows Brick's dedication towards wanting to win. He was willing to possibly give up friendships to be here. Now, I think I'm ready to cast my vote. In the end...I think I've made up my mind and I'm sorry if it's the wrong choice, but...I'm voting Brick. Sorry Sha-Lightning, just consider this payback for voting me off or something. Good luck anyway, though. You're both great finalists!

Cameron: Lightning. I know he's a meathead, but he's been a great competitor in the past. Also I just feel like Brick doesn't deserve to be here

Sam: I'm surely going to vote for Lightning since Brick's dumb. CONF "He ain't no gentelmen" he said. Well, at least I didn't vote out my girlfriend. END CONF *votes for Lightning*

Scott: *thinks*

Zoey: Lightning for sure!

Anne Maria: Brick.

Blaineley: Hiya petal, I vote Brick. *climbs back onto her private helicopter and leaves*

Scott: Lightning...


Brick: Whew... whew.... Is it just me... *starts fanning himself* ... or is it hot in here? Like, really hot. (CONF) Whoever thought I would make it this far? I certainly know I didn't. (END CONF)

Lightning: Lightning is in the finale. The best two competitors made it and now it is time to see who is the best of all

Elimination Ceremony 13

Chris: With a vote of 6-5 Lightning wins! How do you sha-feel Lightning?

Sam: Yes! YAS!

Lightning: Lightning wins again though who would have thought that this wouldn't happen. SHA BAM

Anne Maria: This result sucks....

Zoey: Oh shut up! Great job Lightning!

Anne Maria: *sprays Zoey directly in the face* (no)