Sign Ups

  1. Laney-Don Eliminated in Go For Zoke (12th)
  2. Jasmine-Electra
  3. Duncan-Wes Eliminated in All Bark, No Fight (14th)
  4. Rhett-Blaze Eliminated in ACTN and the Temple of Bad Things (8th)
  5. Leo-BB Quit in Blood is Thicker Than Water (6th)
  6. Mariah-Winston Left in The Godplayer (10th)
  7. Ezekiel-Tikki Eliminated in Pardon My Trench (5th)
  8. Saionji-Mabel
  9. Izumi-TF Eliminated in We R Who We Rn't (4th)
  10. Skylar-Chase
  11. Jimmy-Surfer Eliminated in Can I Get A High Dive? (7th)
  12. Simon-Mike Eliminated in Painting the Island Green (9th)
  13. Heather-Lynn Eliminated in Curiousity Killed the Rat (13th)
  14. Topher-Race Eliminated in Fairly-Normal Activity (11th)

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Leo and Jimmy - Onesided

Leo and Mariah - Onesided

Leo and Izumi

Rhett and Leo



Leo and Laney - Onesided

Leo and Saionji - Onesided


Elimination Ceremonies (Pictures)

Elimination Table

Place Name Team Merge? Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
8th Rhett Strategists LOW SAFE SAFE LOW WIN SAFE OUT
9th Simon Strategists NO SAFE SAFE SAFE SAFE WIN OUT
10th Mariah Fighters WIN WIN WIN WIN OUT
11th Topher Strategists IN LOW SAFE OUT
12th Laney Strategists SAFE SAFE OUT
13th Heather Strategists SAFE OUT
14th Duncan Strategists OUT

Episode 1: All Bark, No Fight

All Bark, No Fight

Season 13, Episode 1

Challenge(s) Give two examples of contestants that truly fought to win a season of TD or ASVU.
Winner(s) Frantic Fighters
Eliminated Duncan
Episode Guide

"Radioactive Finale"



"Curiosity Killed the Rat"


Chris: Season 13 of ASVU folks! This time we're bringing back another 14 classic ASVU contestants for another All Star season! Let's welcome them back now!

Skylar: Alright! Back for a third time! Everyone get ready cause I'm winnin this!

Simon: *Walks in and see's Skylar* (CONF) She's here again? Oh boy *puts hand to face*

Mariah: Hi everyone, nice to meet you this is the second time I'm here, which is exciting! (CONF) Last time I was here I won! I hope I can do that again, eventhough everyone looks much tougher than last time, well I hope my gaming experience helps me this season! (END CONF)

Skylar: Hey! I remember you two! *points at Mariah* You were that girl that won the season when we were on the boat! *points at Simon* And you...held my hand...

Mariah: Yeah I am, so great you remembered that, thanks! Skylar was it, I still slightly remember you.

Skylar: Before my temper gets the best of me and I start kicking...I'll go ahead and take that as a compliment...

Mariah: Oh sorry, I didn't meant to be mean. But I hope we are on the same team. It would be great having a competitive person in the team, that person can keep us motivated!

Jimmy: Hello excellent competitors!

Simon: *Talking to Skylar* Yeah you did *smiles* H-how are you?

Leo: Hey guys! To those that don't know me I'm Saionji's husband ,Leo. I'm glad to play with you guys instead of idiots. Oh hey Jimmy remember me from ASVU "10"?

Laney: Saionji is able to get a husband? Isn't she 3 years old?

Leo: 0.0...well that explains why police are always at my house...MY QUEEN, SO GLAD THAT U R HERE.

Simon: M-me too I guess): *walks up to Laney* Hello(:

Laney: Hello... What's yo name?

Jimmy: Well, you aren't married to Saionji, and you weren't in ASVU 10 so...

Leo: *Glares at Jimmy and Simon* (CONF: I hate when people talk about my queens. ) Well you don't...have cool tattoos like these!

Jimmy: I hate tattoos.

Leo : And tattoos hate you!

Chris: And the conflict begins...

Simon: I'm Simon, I think we've met, have we not? (:

Mariah: Oh I like tattoos! *look at Leo's* but those are not great..

Leo: queens. The queens of my country, on live tv. You just earned a whole country hating you.

Ezekiel: Im finally back eh

Saionji: *looks around, glaring* (CONF) Ugh! I don't want to be back here with all these... stupidhead lowlives! I just want to go back home... but, since I'm here, I'm going to crush all of these flowers into the dirt! >:)

Ezekiel: dont need to be so angry eh, you mightaswell have fun with it till chris is done milking your contract

Saionji: You're so udderly annoying! *shoots daggers*

Ezekiel: ok well not sure if your making a cow pun cause i said milking eh, but ok if you dont want to talk

Jasmine: It's good to be back, I hope I can go even further this time...

Duncan: Oh great i am surrounded by all you goody two shoes again.

Ezekiel: Dont be rude eh, remember bunny?

Mariah: *sees Duncan and blushes* (CONF) Duncan is here, he is the hotest guy in this game! He is like Link except he's punk. (END CONF)

Jimmy: You don't run a country, leo! I know every nation on the face of the planet and their leaders. You aren't on my list.

Laney: *About to reply to Simon before rushing to Topher* Your back! That's cool. Hehe.

Leo: Jimmy you aren't on anyone's list so stfu. *Looks at Laney* (CONF: What is she doing?) *Walks over to Laney* I'm here too my queen.

Ezekiel: Aint he on the list of contestants eh?

Leo: Yeah that's the only list, but I up because your mom is on my list.

Ezekiel: .....(conf) wow these people are confusing eh (end conf)

Leo: You know what, I'm sorry. I didn't mean it. (CONF: It's to early to make enemies.)

Jimmy: Usually saying that someone is on "your list" implies that you want to kill them. Murder is illegal.

Leo: Oh thanks. *Turns Around and Rolls eyes* (CONF: Well then...I know who's on my list.)

Jimmy: (CONF) All I want is for him to make correct statementd

Saionji: Why is everyone I hate here? *frowns* (CONF) I only came back for big sis and big bro... mainly for torturing big bro, but he's not here! Who am I going to make squirm and realise how pathetic they are? They are all so irrelevant and useless!

Leo: Saionji!!! (CONF: This is my chance. Dreyk ain't here to talk about how I'm not villainous,he aint here to steal Saionji from me, he ain't here to ruin my life. )

Rhett: (arrives) sorry i'm late, the train i was gonna take to get here showed up quite late...(wheezes)..but man, it's great to be back on ASVU. (sits down)

Duncan: Well better late than never though after my last 2 failures in AsvU 6 and 10 i am here to win.

Simon: *plays guitar

Leo: hmmm. (CONF: For the first time I actually watched ASVU after I escaped that mine. I found out that everyone was all over Simon once he started playing his guitar. Maybe I can do that to impress my queens.) Hey Simon. *Listens to him play* Wow you are really good at this. Do you think you can give me lessons on how to play like that?

Simon: Sure(: (CONF) Took me a while to learn, but I've never taught anyone! This will be fun!

Ezekiel: (conf) so much has changed since i last played eh, cant wait to get to know some of these

Leo: Oh great I don't have a guitar. Oh wait I can use my crafting skills to build one!. (Insert montage of Leo looking for things to make a guitar) I'm back. *Leo returns with an ugly (but strong) Guitar*

Jasmine: *sits by herself*

Ezekiel: Hey Jasmine, dont believe weve met eh

Simon: Ooh! *Grabs Leo's guitar* Looks wonderful *Strums a cord and cringes* And it sounds...... er... wonderful.... *fakes a smile*

Saionji: *stares at Leo, blankly* I'm sorry? Do I know you? I've recently been flushing useless trash out of my mind so I wouldn't have to nearly jump off a cliff after thinking about stuff!

Simon: *stares at Saionji, then Leo* Uh... Hi(:

Saionji: *rolls eyes* Loser.

Simon: Saionji is it? You know what you need? Some music(: *Plays some guitar* "Saionji is #1, Simon can't think of a good pun, so he just sings for Saionji, and he can't rhyme because he doesnt know how to pronounce her name" What do you think?

Jasmine: No, I've never met you, nice to meet you. And howdy, Saionji, how are you?

Saionji: Ugh! *blocks ears, cringing* Stop playing that garbage, and get out, you idiotic nerd! You suck! *punches him in the stomach* Will you stop now? *looks up at Jasmine, and screams* Big sis! There's a creepy, ugly giant! Help!

Jasmine: Simon, if people don't like your music, I suggest you stop...

Simon: But I only sang once): *Walks off*

Jasmine: *shrugs* If he can't take the heat...

Heather: And with the last permissions of Chris I'm also competing in this season. Where's the welcome back, guys?

Rhett: umm...welcome back i guess?

Mariah: *sees Heather and walks up to her* Hey Heather, welcome back! *smiles*

Heather: *smiles* (CONF) Previous time the losers kicked me out of the show, it's time for some good revenge. I remember Rhett, he was one of them, so he's my first target.

Duncan: Chris can we just get this show on the road. Ugh you are just milking time for the show so the viewers have to see you ugly face more

Leo: Now let's start the Lesson Sim...oh no! *Glares at Heather* (CONF: Heather played me last time.She said she was my ally but she and everyone got me out. Not only do I have a chance with Saionji. I have a chance to get revenge.)

Challenge 1

Chris: Being that this is another All Star season, I want to inspire you guys to fight to win this season so for your first challenge I want you as a team to come up with two instances where someone has truly fought to win a season of TD and ASVU. When you decide I want you to explain to me why you picked these two examples. The team with the best examples will win.

Chris: I'm giving this win to the Frantic Fighters. Both teams had similar picks but they just did a better job with explaining their choices.

Smart Strategists Idea

Jimmy: Romeo. His alliance fell apart so many times, but he won.

Heather: Romeo? Seriously? If you were in the begin of ASVU you saw Lindsay has always fight for her place. Actually in ASVU4 she was going to be the first boot and she survived until the third place. Even when I dislike her a lot she should do it but due to her stupidities I should say we have to choose someone who is more evil than Lindsiot. Let's take Justin.

Jimmy: it has to be a winner. And Justin didn't figt that much...

Heather: And Romeo did? No. I'm not letting Romeo lose this challenge because he is just a lucky person who only came far because he lied to everyone and did nothing. We're taking Justin, I'll promise you won't be sorry. (CONF) Stupid boy...

Jimmy: No we aren't. He had an alliance behind him the whole time. Romeos alliance fell apart at the merge, but he fought hard even when he was close to giving up and won.

Duncan: Well for Total Drama i would have to go with Heather. She was voted off in the first team Amazon Elimination; lucky for her it was a fake elimiantion and many people wanted her gone from the start. Even with all that hate she stil managed to survive and win the season. I would have to agree with heather in picking Justin. He has so much self doubt that he had to over come form being the first boot in ASvU4. Then he was outcasted by his tribe and many of his allies got voted off. But he fought the "friendship alliance 2.0" got more alliances by saving people from eliminations and using them to help him win ASvU10.

Simon: Heather has a point about Justin and Lindsay!

Jimmy: Romeo had to fight friendship alliances as well.

Laney: Romeo is a cool guy. But he didn't do a whole bunch. Rosalina had to do a lot of manipulative things to stay afloat. She should definitely be one of our possible picks.

Simon: Let's not debate and just vote on the best idea's(:


Simon: I'm just saying Heather's point about Lindsay is good to me, I say Lindsay!

Jimmy: ROSALINA!!!

Duncan: Just someone pick but if your picks make us lose we are all voting you out. Who is in agreement

Jimmy: I dont know. I think others deserve to go

Duncan: well the only total drama contender to come up has been heather. While the ASvU peeps have been justin, Rosalina and Romeo. We need to pick someone

Jimmy: Well in that case, then Owen. He, being a bit... overweight... had to battle past more fit contestants to win!

Heather: Guys, let's vote for someone and then we'll find out who is going to be our fighter.

Jimmy: Owen.

Duncan: ugh first topher quit then heather and jimmy can agree on anything in this challenge. We are screwed

Rhett: well even though the challenge is over, i'm just gonna say who i thought anyway, i'd say i fought to get far myself, i mean, i'm not tooting my own horn or anything, most people will probably think i just slid under the radar myself, but i'm proud to say i won ASVU7, and if anyone thinks i didn't earn my place in the final, then they are very much wrong, but hey, the challenge is already over, so it's kinda pointless arguing my cause, but at least now i can say i actually said something huh? (chuckles)

Frantic Fighters Idea

Leo: We need someone that had enemies against them, someone who bought people with them, and someone who wasn't afraid to make big moves. (CONF: It's ASVU 8 all over again. But I can't get a target on my back by becoming the leader again.)

Mariah: Well than it should be someone who wasn't set up to be a winner.

Leo: *Talks After Mariah says someone who* Someone undeserving? That is litterally the opposite of what we are trying to do. What if we pick people who litterally fought? Diamond and Dreyk

Mariah: Dreyk and Diamond is not a real victory, it's a draw and in all games I play that is not a real victory.

Leo: Saionji? Zeke? Anyone have ideas? Well as much as I hate her, I think Heather should be one of our choices. Everyone knew that she was the mean strategic girl so she was a threat once she stepped in the game. She made an alliance with a newbie who she thought, had new clue about her evil tactics. She had many people against her, even her ally, but her main threat was Alejandro. He is more of a threat then Heather. However she made it to the end and got victory while Alejandro got burned, literally. What do you think guys?

Saionji: Ugh, have you morons decided yet?

Leo: About 1/2 of it, yeah. What do you think Sai? (CONF Ugh! They are probally throwing the challenge. But neither Scott or Teddy is on our team. We need to win this!)

Ezekiel: sounds good eh

Leo: Maybe Romeo? 1.He defeated me. 2. He defeated my big alliance. That's all I got *sighs* :( *everyone doubts that they will win* WAIT! There is one more. Well...I think Rosalina is a good one. She made a huge alliance, and she made a small one with Izumi. She then started causing a lot of eliminations. She was almost like a shield for her alliance. She fought when everyone knew she was a threat but she kept fighting. She proved that she wasn't a puppet,after Cindy used her, then betrayed her in ASVU 3. She played her best and it was probably the best I've ever seen someone play in ASVU. She is similar to Heather because they ain't afraid to manipulate people to make it to the end. She is possibly one of the strongest ASVU players to ever play.

Skylar: Actually...Romeo isn't a bad choice.

Leo: No. Rosa and Heather are official.

Izumi: Look, you're not going to go around telling us what to do! No one made you captain, you know? We're all a team, it's not all about what you want. I'm disagreeing with the idea on the fact that Leo is disgusting. Anyone else have anything? And could they please put their idea politely?

Leo: And what was wrong with my two choices?

Izumi: First off, the only reason you look to be picking them is probably because you're just attracted to them or something. You already called yourself Saionji's husband and made an inappropriate comment about it! And what's with those weird tattoos? That's just...digusting. And none of the two even like you anyway!

Leo: *Rolls eyes* Somebody's jealous.

Izumi: Jealous? And why exactly would I be jealous of disgusting trash like you? There's nothing admirable about you, so what is there to be jealous of?

Leo : You know what? Let's just do this challenge.

Izumi: Fine by me. So, does anyone else have anything they'd like to say? We're a team and need to work as one and make decisions as one.

Leo : (CONF : I hate her so much.) Ok I apologize. Now what was wrong with my idea? I hate Heather, and only nerds are attracted to Rosalina. So why did you disagree? (CONF: Everyone is arguing and everything. But I'm the only person trying to win here. Also Izgusting is on my list now.)

Skylar: (CONF: OMG this is getting nowhere...) Alright, we can do Rosalina, but she really only made it far in one season. So to me, Romeo would be a better choice.

Ezekiel: Ill go with whatever you guys decide eh

Leo: We should do a vote I think our choices should be Heather and Rosalina. I think Heather should be one of our choices because everyone knew that she was the mean strategic girl so she was a threat once she stepped in the game. She made an alliance with a newbie who she thought, had no clue about her evil tactics. She had many people against her, even her ally, but her main threat was Alejandro. He is more of a threat then Heather. However she made it to the end and got victory while Alejandro got burned, literally. Also Rosalina is a good one. She made a huge alliance, and she made a small one with Izumi. She then started causing a lot of eliminations. She was almost like a shield for her alliance. She fought when everyone knew she was a threat but she kept fighting. She proved that she wasn't a puppet,after Cindy used her, then betrayed her in ASVU 3. She played her best and it was probably the best I've ever seen someone play in ASVU. She is similar to Heather because they ain't afraid to manipulate people to make it to the end. She is possibly one of the strongest ASVU players to ever play. Anybody got other ideas?

Ezekiel: they both sound good eh

Elimination Ceremony 1: Smart Strategists

Chris: Welcome to your first elimination ceremony. Go ahead and vote someone off cause one of you has got to go!

Heather: (CONF) Next time you should wait before your saying something, boy. *votes Duncan*

Rhett: (CONF) tbh buddy, i think it's about time you and these other older contestants called it a day. (votes Duncan)

Jimmy: (CONF) You are a dliquent and probably bully nerds. *votes Duncan*

Duncan: well these losers obliviously can't tie their shoes without being told how to do it. I vote Rhett just because I feel like it

Jimmy: Well, the word is obviously, not obliviously...

Laney: *Smiles* Nice job, Jimmy. (CONF: Jimmy is a cool dude. Even if he is nerdy or whateva' anyways. I'm afriad Duncan gets my vote.)

Chris: Marshmallows go to Laney, Heather, Jimmy, Simon and Rhett! Goodbye bad boy Duncan, but hello Topher (MRace gg)! You're on the Strategists team.

Episode 2: Curiosity Killed the Rat

Curiosity Killed the Rat

Season 13, Episode 2

Challenge(s) Catch your team's rat and raise the flag.
Winner(s) Frantic Fighters
Eliminated Heather
Episode Guide

"All Bark, No Fight"


"Go For Zoke"


Chris: I figured having you all stay in one cabin will give you guys the opportunity to bond *smiles*

Skylar: You gotta be f***ing kidding me...we have to SHARE a cabin?? Awesome...

Leo: (CONF: So last challenge, Izgusting disagreed with me and insulted me and tried to make us pick two other people. She's obviously Scott under that mask just like Jason, because she tried to throw the challenge. But my idea got us victory.)

Jasmine: *looks at Skyler* Well, hey there. :D

Jimmy: Welcome to the team! I'm Jimmy. Pleased to meet you. *shakes Topher's hand, then turns to Laney* Thanks Laney. I thought you were too cool for a nerd like me...?

Leo: She is! Now please do not be too loud. I am reading.

Jimmy: The fact that all noises impair your ability to think is just false. Some types of music and sound waves can actually promote reading speed and comprehension.

Leo: You better promote your speed befo re my fist comprehends with your face. Now please shut it. *Reading episode 1's review*… Leo surprisingly brought his team to victory but he alsl *gasps* (CONF: That dumb reviewer said that I killed Saionji by boring her to death with my speech)*Laughs* Whoever wrote this must be trying to fool me so bad right now.*laughs* I'd never do that. *Puts in pocket so that nobody could read it*

Jimmy: What?? I was just trying to help! (CONF) What has gotten into Leo?

Leo: *Sighs* (CONF:He was not this annoying in ASVU 8 during that one episode when I was a stupid hero! I want to forget about that so bad right now.)

Saionji: *starts to sniffle, and covers her heard with a pillow*

Jimmy: (CONF) People like Saionji are the type of peiple that like attention. Statistically they get that attention by whining and crying.

Leo: Are you ok Sai?

Jimmy: I think she's just begging for attention, Leo.

Rhett: either that, or she genuinely is upset.

Leo: Well she has mine!

Jimmy: She seems to be blocking you out, Leo.

Simon: *Plays guitar*

Heather: *opens the door and looks to everyone* (CONF) This time I'm putting myself on the background so I can watch everything. I will make my move when the time's ready. (CONF ENDS) So how's everyone...?

Saionji: *sniffles as her cries are muffled into the pillow* (CONF) Ugh! Stop pointing that stupid camera at me, or I'll bash you all! *wipes tears from eyes* Heh... I'm... I'm not crying!

Leo: Sai are you ok?

Rhett: what do you think Captain Obvious?, of course she's not OK! (walks over near Sai) hey Sai, you wanna tell us what's wrong?

Simon: *Raises eyebrow* (CONF) I do not know what is wrong with that girl, sure call me insensitive but I remember seeing her in multiple seasons and she just doesn't seem right in the brain.... I feel bad for her):

Heather: Shoof, shoof boys. *turns to Saionji* Girl talk? *smiles*

Saionji: *pulls her covers over her, and continues crying quielty to herself*

Heather: You don't have to hide when you want to cry. Do you want to talk about it with me?

Ezekiel: This is an interesting arrangement eh (conf) ive never slept with girs before, granted there in different beds but im still scared they will rip off my head, dad said girls are scary and hes never steered me wrong before... or right but what do i know eh?

Topher: Well, let her cry if she wants. Now excuse me but I need to grasp Chris' attention. *heads to him* Hey there Chris! It's super exciting to meet you...again. Aw, it feels like the first time, you know?

Mariah: Why Chris. (CONF) I am gonna wear my Samus pajama's! (END CONF)

Heather: *glares at Topher and turns to Saionji* I don't know what's going on with you but I'm here for you. *hugs her* (CONF) I took a shower after that. *winks*

Mariah: I don't like being mixed with the guys in cabin Chris! Only if it was Link but he is not real!

Laney: So, Topher. Still want me to help you with Chris...?

Rhett: (CONF) jeez, maybe next time i won't get involved in girl troubles, maybe i'll just leave Heather and Saionji to there own thing, heck i did that more then enough back in ASVU 7, so i guess if i keep on doing it then i'll get far again, plus it'll stop me from making any enemies i guess.

Challenge 2

Chris: Today you will be catching your team's rat! Your rat is wearing your team's flag. It will take 10 lines to chase it and 1 line to raise the flag. The first person to do so will win for their team.

Topher: Well, Chris, you'll pretty much be amazed at how I'll win for our team. Be prepared! *chases rat*

Jimmy: *chases*

Saionji: *chases* (1)

Jimmy: *chases* (2)

Saionji: *chases* (2) Move, rat! >:(

Jimmy: *chases* (3) Move, attention hog!

Saionji: *chases* (3) Just because care about me, which is gross since I hate them, and not you, loserface!

Jimmy: *chases* (4) Loserface? I have heard better insults from six year olds!

Saionji: *chases* (4) You're as childish as a six year old! I at least I have a future! >:(

Jimmy: *chases* (5) Pfft! I don't have a future? I'm the youngest kid in Mensa! I'm gonna have the best career out of all of you!

Saionji: *chases* (5) You're the youngest because you're a stupid little six year old! You're as bland as plain yoghurt, and at least people shop for that and not you!

Jimmy: *chases* (6) Why would people buy me? Slavery doesn't exist in America. Well, except for odd cases, but it's unlawful... But that's besides the point!

Saionji: *chases* (6) Gosh you uncultured swine! Have you never heard of a metaphor?

Jimmy: *chases* (7) Yes, they are my favorite literary technique to study.

Saionji: *chases* (7) You just need to be like, locked you up, you freak!

Jimmy: *chase* (8) For liking literature? (CONF) Everyone in my class hated Pride and Prejudice. They said it was boring, but I LOVED it! The way it mocked the arranged marriages of the upper class... Nothing is better than some nice satire.

Saionji: *chases* (8) You're just a pathetic wannabe! You act like you know it all when you're just a loser basement dweller who's parents hated them enough to send them out here! :)

Jimmy: *chases* (9) My parents are soooo proud of me. And for the record, I dont live in the basement, and I never will.

Saionji: *chases* (9) You're probably adopted...

Jimmy: *chases* (10) And you're probably never going anywhere in your life, because crying doesn't get you anywhere in the real world!

Saionji: *chases* (10) And you're just a worthless pile of garbage who.... *sniffles* Deserves to be thrown in a ditch and left there!

Chris: Um you have to raise the flag...

Saionji: *raises flag* (11) Ha! I win! *blows raspberry*

Chris: Saionji wins for the Frantic Fighters!

Mariah: I'm so sorry that I wasn't that usefull this challenge team, I hope I can be more usefull in the next one.

Elimination Ceremony 2: Smart Strategists

Chris: Well you guys lose again so vote someone off.

Jimmy: (CONF) Well, it's between Heather and Topher. However, Heather was a pretty big threat back in season 8... I can't let her get the power she had back then. I vote her. Nothing against you, Heather. You seem like a really nice person. *votes Heather*

Simon: (CONF) I did like absolutely nothing and I feel bad for not helping my team): I gotta stay this time though.. I can do it! *Votes Heather* Sorry, but you seem too nice this season and that's not in your personality... Sorry):

Heather: (CONF) Why should you vote for me? I did nothing wrong, I'm doing my best for the team and previous challenge almost everyone didn't helped at all. Also, Topher wasn't helpfull at the first challenge so why should I go? Because I just did my best? I wasn't even 'mean'. I vote Topher.

Topher: (CONF) Meh, I think I wasted a chance to impress Christopher with my skills. Saionji and Jimmy were...just to fast. Well, now it's not the time to think about that. Having watched all the seasons before this, Heather seems way...WAY too nice. And everybody knows the cliche where if the villain is nice it is actually planning something. Sorry Heather, your strategy is not really effective *votes her* (I hate sleeping right now, I wish I could have helped more ;-;)

Rhett: (CONF) if i get through this i'll feel pretty guilty, as that's now twice i haven't helped my team, but i'm here to win, but to be honest, i definately need to help these guys out more, but anyway, i vote Heather, i get the feeling she's targeting me, for reasons i can't actually remember myself. (chuckles nervously), but yeah, i vote for Heather. (votes her)

Chris: And marshmallows go to Jimmy, Rhett, Laney, Simon and Topher! Goodbye Heather!

Episode 3: Go For Zoke

Go For Zoke

Season 13, Episode 3

Challenge(s) Come up with insults for Mike and Zoey
Winner(s) Frantic Fighters
Eliminated Laney
Episode Guide

"Curiousity Killed the Rat"


"Fairly-Normal Activity"


Jimmy: (CONF) I feel terrible for losing the challenge, then voting Heather off. I had that too, if Chris hadnt distracted me.

Leo: (CONF: I'm so glad that Heather is gone. I'm surprised by the number of enemies I have this season. Theres the nerdy b**** Mariah, Izgusting trash, and the worst one is…Jimmy. He's so darn annoying. *Takes out Painting of Jimmy*And I want to make his experience here a, living nightmare. *Punches hole in Jimmy's painting* I'm gonna watch him to see what some of his goals are. Then I'll prevent them from happening.) *Reads Episode 2 Review and spies on Jimmy at the same time.*

JImmy: (CONF) Leo seems pi**ed at me, but I don't know why! I was only trying to help...

Rhett: (CONF) i'm pretty glad Heather's gone, she seemed like she quite liked the idea of getting revenge on me, and honestly, i can't remember why!, either it was way too long ago or i just have bad memory, i guess it's one or the other huh?

Leo: *Continues to read review* that was the best part. *Continues,gets angry, and rips it up* (CONF: SAIONJI...IS...NOT...DEAD!!!!!) *Throws all of the paper in the trash* Ugh!!! *Continues to spy on Jimmy*

Topher: *notices Leo* there. What are you looking at?

Jimmy: Yeah!

Leo: Jimmy shut up! Topher, go away. Don't you have an immunity idol to use incorrectly? I'm looking at the spider on Jimmy. *Wacks Jimmy a couple of times* Got it! (CONF: *Laughs*)

Ezekiel: wow our team is doing great eh

Rhett: (looks at Ezekiel) i can't tell if that was sarcasm or not.

Saionji: *wipes eyes, gets up off her bed and crosses her arms* Can everyone shut their ugly mouths? How can I sleep when you trainwrecks keep going off your lungs, unless you stupidfaces want beatings! >:(

Simon: *Walks away* (CONF) And I already want to leave, seems like a daily routine at this point (NON CONF) *Play's guitar*

Leo: Everyone shut up so Saionji can get sleep.

Ezekiel: *looks confused*

Jimmy: Owww... I hope I'm not concussed... *reviews concussions symptoms mentally* Nope, im good!

Mariah: (CONF) I'm so glad I'm still in and out team is doing so good! hopefully it continue's or I don't know how long I can stay. I can always play the song of time, but it doesn't work the same in the real world *sigh* (END CONF) Hi Ezekiel and Leo I'm so glad we won last time!

Leo: *Whispers at Mariah* Can you please be quiet!? You are waking up Saionji!! (CONF: I can't find out anything about this Jimmy kid! Darn !)

Mariah: *looks at Leo* How long has you been watching her sleep? That is creepy and kinda sweet. Mostly creepy though.

Leo: 1. I ain't about that life and 2. She literally just said she needed some sleep! Queens should get what they want. And You're supposed to be the smart one!

Mariah: *looks at Leo and walks away* (CONF) Watching over someone like Leo does is so sweet, give a girl what she wants! He is like Mario and Saionji is Peach. Now if there was someone who kidnap her he would make it even better! (END CONF)

Rhett: (stares at Leo, shakes head and walks away) (CONF) i think i'm seeing the new Heather and Lindsay in Leo and Saionji, is anyone else seeing it?...or is it just me?...what if people are out there watching...thinking he's going crazy?...w-what if they all think i'm insane?, i-i'm not insane!...(whispers to self) just p-paranoid...very paranoid...

Leo: What's your problem? Didn't I boot you out last time? (CONF: It was Liameo but nobody know.)

Skylar: (CONF: You see what's happening? Thanks a lot for Chris for making ALL of us share a cabin! Especially since we have yet ANOTHER Sierra amongst us...) How about we all shut up? Sounds good, right?

Ezekiel: but we need to get to know eachother eh

Rhett: (to Leo) wait?, are you talking to me?

Leo: Yes.

Rhett: what are you talking about booting me out? what you think you're above me or something?

Mariah: *looks at Rhett and Leo*

Challenge 3

Chris: Welcome to your next challenge. We all know two of the most disliked characters in Total Drama are Mike and Zoey. So in a nod to ASVU5's roast challenge, I would like to hear your meanest insults. You can criticize their relationship or them separately. The team with the best insults will win.

Rhett: OK, so i'm gonna start of by simply stating just how boring both of these two actually were, Zoey was the definition of boring to be honest, she was what the producers of Total Drama secretly didn't want...a boring, annoying heroine, she didn't deserve to get as far as she did in ROTI and All fact, why did she get that far!?, what makes her stand out from the crowd?, nothing!, absolutely nothing!, nada!, i still to this day can't believe she got third in ROTI and 1st...or 2nd or whatever in TDAS!, i hope you're watching ASVU Zoey, because i'm talking to you right through you're TV screen, you're probably crying you're eyes out, but i...i feel like i could go on all day!, seriously, you should be ashamed for how boring you were...and as for Mike...well, you might has well have named TDAS The Mike Show, all this Mal crap is total nonsense, and suddenly you're cured of a disorder at the end of All-Stars?, ridiculous, why don't you take you, you're boring girlfriend and all you're stupid little personalities and never show you're face on ASVU, Total Drama or any other TV show again!, and i swear, if i see you on the Ridconculous Race then god help me...both of you are just a crappy version of Trent and Gwen...seriously, just get lost.

Ezekiel: (conf) i dont wanna be mean (end conf) rhett, your a, um butt eh and em stupid and um stuff eh

Skylar: An insult challenge? Awesome! But I'll start with Zoey. Zoey was the most idiotic, boring, delusional, worthless, useless, god-playing Mary-sue the competition has ever seen. I mean seriously, who on god's green earth appreciated and liked this abomination? I know like hell I didn't! She is such a follower and always relies on her stupid boyfriend to do everything. It's always, "Mike! Mike! Mike! Save me! I love you! Do you love me! Let's get married!" Blah! I swear, she's like the one annoying girl that everyone has at their school. Y'know, that girl that always has the bull**** cute-sy voice and acts like she's the sweetest thing ever, but in reality is always trying to get male attention and thinks she's just adored by EVERYONE. Yeah...THAT'S ZOEY. Even in ASvUD, NO ONE LIKED HER! Because for some reason all of a sudden, she turns evil and is seeking to just kill everyone just out of the blue. WHAT SENSE DOES THAT MAKE? I am SO glad that Anne Maria treated her like s***. She deserved it! And don't even get me started on All Stars. Bottom was terrible, no one is denying that...but this b****, is just...UGH! I mean seriously, winning three challenges in the row...ALONE? Not realizing that her f***ing boyfriend was behind almost everyone's eliminations? Completely oblivious to EVERYTHING! This girl makes Katie, Sadie, Lindsay, Scott, and Owen look like professors at Harvard. And now, I'm gonna roast Mike...Mike is the most offensive, putrid, and disgusting bag of s*** this WORLD has ever seen. Yep, I hate him with a passion. The main thing about him is...HE HAS NO PERSONALITY! I mean at least Zoey has a personality...she sucks but at least she has one! Mike has NO character and he is literally the definition of LAME! And just like his f***ing girlfriend, he's a pure idiot! Because it was REALLY smart to drop a f***ing boulder on your head and release a demon from hell, wasn't it? PURE. GENIUS. And was he so important in All Stars? I mean, is he even a liked character? all? Cause I surely haven't seen someone say aythging positive about him...have you? Just like his annoying girlfriend, I HATE HIM! Now, Mike...Zoey...if you're watching, please vanish forever. We all hate you. Bye b****es!

Rhett: (to Ezekiel) says the guy who got eliminated 1st in every season of Total Drama he competed in.

Simon: Zoke, more like Joke, honestly, I'm not one for mean words but this couple was probably the worst that ever came into the show, Zoke is such a Joke that I want to Choke, that's how bad this was. Zoey had like no development, I could compare her to Camerons love life. Mike, what the heck, is this a drama show or an episode of supernatural? Who cares if he has personalities that are evil, also THIS IS A TV SHOW!! HOW DO YOU PUT CAMERAS IN HIS BRAIN?? No wonder Mike is so mental. As a couple it's like they are so gross, they never kissed, the relationship stayed the same, Mike playing the hero while Zoey was a f***ing klutz and kept trying to kill herself, and who could BLAME HER, just let it happen Tike, you're better off that way.

Leo: Mike and Zoey are both boring. It's like a superman movie that has no villain, but the only to people that exist are Louis, and Clark. All Mike does is save Zoey. Zoey is boring as Jimmy's long rants. They have less personality than the paintings I made. They are so selfish, they fall in love with eachother but they are the same people. They both are boring a heck, they more brainless then Lindsay, they both have multiple personalities (Commando Zoey), and they both turned evil. They are so terrible, @$&! it! I'm done! They are too boring to talk about.

Mariah: Well if I really have to. Well *takes a deep breath* ZOEY AND MIKE ARE SO STUPID THEY WERE MADE FOR EACH OTHER THEY WERE LITTERLY MADE FOR EACHOTHER ONE IS NOTHING WITHOUT THE OTHER! AND THAT IS BORING! I really have no idea how to be mean, But they are even worst than Sonic '06!

Saionji: You know a character is bad when Jimmy and Leo combined are more interesting than them! But seriously, Zoey is the stupidest loser in the world. She cries about having no friends but then turns against the only people who like her in TDRI! Like, how mean! I mean, I'm mean and at least I'm upfront about it, while she tries to mask her a**h**eness underneath her ugly little flower in which she can't even keep on the right side of her head at times! Sometimes I wish Mike threw the boulder on her head since maybe she'd make better life decisions and not nearly kill herself to get her stupid boyfriend's attention. If only he took a few seconds longer to save her! Mike is like so stupidly offensive and horrible to gullible little children. He's a mockery to mental disorders and can go Olympic Dive off a waterfall and never come back! He must so embarrassing and idiotic if those are the only personalities he comes up with! And it's much more embarrassing when they are more interesting than him despite how stupidly childish they are! Without them he's a stupid teen with a crush, like ew, drown! And Zoke is so stupidly cliche and rushed, I'd rather date Leo than have to watch that crap again! They can take their worthless bland tropes and jump off Niagara Falls with them and their fandom can follow! You know you're a bland piece of trash when you have to totally one eighty your personality and go all Commando just to make you look cool and tough! TOTAL TRASH. Mike, waffles are more interesting than you! At least they have flavour while you're just plain yoghurt, and that's digusting. Your personality isn't even good enough to be just vanilla.

Topher:, what was she memorable for? Her relationship with Mike? Sure. The rest? I don't know. It's true that Zoey had some of her moments but she was nothing. She wasn't an enjoyable person to follow, she was just plain boring and didn't have any personality, she was way too dependant on Mike and then, when she becomes indipendent....she obtains superpowers. What the hell? Man, I would have loved superpowers too so that I could have impressed Chris and made him be my sidekick or something! But I'm pretty sure I would have received in a particular way, maybe with radiations or a particular ray, right? Now, HOW DID SHE RECEIVE THESE GODPLAY POWERS?! Was the switch to Commando Zoey, which has a sense somehow, enough? Because that still doesn't explain how she managed IN A SECOND to give her such survival skills. Not to mention...she's pretty much dumb. So, to resume. Zoey is a godplaying boring dumb uninteresting character. And yes I'm not good with insults...

Izumi: I...well, fine. I'll start off with Zoey. I don't like to be rude- unless they deserve it *glares at Leo*- but she's really dumb. She was willing to die to see if Mike loved her. She's actually really bland- the only reason you can't forget her is because the show shoved her down your throat. It was all Mike and Zoey- that was it. And honestly, who wanted to see that? She apparently is magic or something as she does the matrix to win a challenge among many other things she has done. Seriously? Is any of that humanly possible? And as for Commando Zoey...she wasn't likable either. What exactly did- I'm not even sure. She was still exceptionally bland, it's just...she was without Mike. She's a disgrace to women everywhere. She's way too reliant on her boyfriend- and why did the finale of All-Stars even matter? All they were going to do with their money was buy each other wedding rings. I'm sure Cameron and Gwen enjoyed the wedding. As for Mike, reset button. Yep. Reset button. Who the hell thought this wasn't insulting? And how did we even get to see Mike's brain? This is a reality show- and then we go into his brain to see his imaginary battle for control. Make up your mind! And while it was not necessary and boring, it could also be sort of creepy. I guess I'll just end with saying he has no personality of his own, so he actually depended on his personalities to make him interesting. Zoke is just a boring love at first sight story. It's so great, it rivals Twilight! No, I'm just kidding...they're both awful. That's really all I have to say.

Chris: Okay the winners of this challenge are once again the Frantic Fighters.

Elimination Ceremony 3: Smart Strategists

Chris: Well what can I say you guys are slacking here. Anyways time to vote.

Simon: Thanks Chris *Walks into confessional* (CONF) Wow elimination again, this is new, I remember last time I was here, we barely had to vote.. Um, I'm sorry but I've kinda become aquatinted with multiple people and Laney isn't one of them... Rather unsocial to me... I'm voting Laney *Vote's Laney*

Jimmy: (CONF) I gotta say... Laney. Sorry. You seem nice... *votes Laney* (surfer: sorry, I have had a busy two days what with my irish exchange student comjng and easter. This shouldn't happen again)

Rhett: (CONF) three losses in a row?, i'll be suprised if the rest of us even make the merge to be honest, but anyway, i'll vote for...Laney, sorry. (votes Laney)

Chris: Marshmallows for Simon, Jimmy, Rhett and Topher! Laney, you're eliminated, but Strategists, Izumi is now on your team.

Episode 4: Fairly-Normal Activity

Fairly-Normal Activity

Season 13, Episode 4

Challenge(s) Investigate a haunted house in search of ghosts.
Winner(s) Smart Strategists
Eliminated Topher
Episode Guide

"Go For Zoke"


"The Godplayer"


Leo: *Cries* My queen. Why couldn't it be Jimmy!!! (CONF: So with every bad news there is good news, Izgusting is now on the other team!! But Laney is still gone *Cries*) *Walks up to Jimmy* You! Did yiu vote for Laney?

Simon: I'm sure he didn't Leo *Pats him on the back* It's alright bud, it's what this game is about(:

Rhett: well i thought his queen was Saionji, i guess i thought wrong then huh?

Simon: *Gives Rhett a look of accepted confusion*

Izumi: "Queens". He's just treating them as treasured objects- not the people they are! And why do you have two "queens" anyway? One wasn't enough for you? Both of them hate you, you know! You're disgusting, rude, and are just worthless trash. Stop acting like they belong to you, because they don't!

Simon: Thank you Izumi! Honestly Leo, cool your jets, Izumi, let's not rip off anyone's heads today.... Hey guys let's lighten the mood! *grabs guitar* Anyone got any requests?!

Saionji: (CONF) Humpf! Why did they have to get our only good team member other than me? Izumi is too good for those stupid idiots, and if they vote her off, they'll be dead! >:( (END CONF) *storms out of cabin* Dumb losers!

Leo: I wasn't talking to you Izgusting. And they don't belong to me, I belong to them. I was talking to Jimmy. Is that your name? No!!! Simon can I have more lessons? I brought my guitar.

Rhett: (CONF) the quicker Leo and Saionji are both outta mine and everyone else's hair the better i say. (shakes head in annoyance and sighs)

Skylar: (CONF: Ew, and I thogught Mike and Zoey were terrible. Leo and Saionji are like them...but worse!) Simon, don't give that dingus ANYMORE lessons. Let him figure it out himself.

Leo: Since when are you in charge of my lessons?

Simon: *walks away* (CONF) It's so upsetting why we have to just argue 24/7, I get so annoyed that I just want some peace and quiet (NON-CONF) *Play's guitar*

Ezekiel: Well Izumi was thrown in the deep end eh

Jimmy: A new teammate? (CONF) Chris didn't think we could handle ourselves! I mean, sure, we haven't one a single challenge and we are totally ulonging, but what does that matter?

Leo: Jimmy we need to talk in private, outside. (CONF: Why do they all want to get in my life so bad.) *Walks outside*

Topher: *looks at the other Strategists* (CONF) Well, from what I understood my team is a bunch of losers. It seems that they need a decent leader. Guess what? This might be the perfect opportunity of being noticed by Chris! I mean, great team leaders are appreciated, no? (END CONF) *stands up on a chair, screaming* ALL THE MEMBERS OF THE STRATEGISTS ARE DEMANDED HERE FOR A TEAM REUNION. BE QUICK!

Saionji: *overhears from outside* (CONF) So the stupid little Strategists are having a dumb strategy meet up, which means time to crash and storm on their dumb little party! That's what they get for stealing big sis! >:(

Rhett: (walks over to Topher) what's up dude?...i-i'm not being targeted by you guys if we lose the next challenge am i?...c-cause that would be pretty worrying...cause then i get paranoid then i start saying a lot...cause...well...cause i do...(sits down)

Simon: *arrives, rubbing head* I don't think giving me a headache was nesscary, but what do you have to say(:

Mariah: *looks for clue's* Hmm Let me think about it okay, have you found a clue yet?

Challenge 4

*outside of a door*

Chris: Right this way everyone come on in!

*door slams behind*

Chris: *on TV* Okay so we've created this haunted house, but it seems that there are actually ghosts here so I want you to investigate and search the house for proof of ghosts. There are flashlights, nets whatever you need is here. I'll check back in a little while to see how you guys are doing *smirks* Run along now.

Jasmine: *grabs a flashlight* This should be fun...

Leo: *Turns on flashlights and begins investigating* Don't worry guys this is probably just fake, right??

Mariah: *puts on oversized glasses with green glasses and packs up a vacuum* Let's get ghost hunting!

Leo: This house is huge. I say we split up in groups of two.

Skylar: *grabs flashlight and net* Why do we need nets to catch ghosts?

Leo: Mariah, do you want to search for clues with me?

Mariah: uhm we should look for clues as a team or alone just like in Luigi's mansion!

Leo: *Whispers* We seriously need to talk.

Skylar: I say we look for ghosts as a group. Because people investigating alone, always wind up dead.

Leo: Had you seen Horror Film 5? They came out alive...then died. But still, it would work.

Mariah: Is it really necessary Leo?

Leo: Extremely necessary. *notices people behind him* Because it would be easier to find proof in this giant house.

Ezekiel: *walks upstairs* are there any spooky spectres here eh?

Mariah: I think we can, hopefully but if we are gonna hunt for clues and ghost together you have to wear this *hands Leo oversized glasses a vacuum and a green cap*

Leo: *Puts on glasses, a vacuum and, a green cap* (CONF: Laney got voted out last time, I don not want it to happen to Sai. That is why I wanted to search with Mariah) *Searches for clues* Ok I need to ask you something. *whispers once out of earshot* Ok so you know how last time Laney got kicked off. I do not want it to happen to Saionji. I want her to stay in for as long as possible. Do you want to to become allies so we can protect Saionji? *Remember's that Mariah likes videogames* She's like Princess Peach.

Mariah: But nothing can protect Princess Peach from getting kidnapped *get's a really looking fake gun out of her vacuum and looks in a closet for clues*

Skylar: I guess I'll go alone then, unless anyone wants to join me?

Ezekiel: *falls down stairs and lands on Skylar* ow, sorry eh

Skylar: Ugh! Fine...home school, you're with me. Let's go.

Leo: *Continues searching whispers* Well maybe we can save her when she is in trouble?

Jasmine: *walks around the house* ...

Rhett: (grabs a flashlight, turns it on and walks around) hehe...i remember playing Luigi's Mansion as a kid, this is kinda like that right? (chuckles) all i need now is a short little scientist who can't speak English and a red vacuum cleaner on my back huh?...(looks around and realises nowhone is listening)....i really need to stop talking to myself...

Skylar: We're gonna check upstairs. Try not to fall again, home school. *walks up stairs*

Ezekiel: Ok, sounds like a plan eh

Rhett: meh...(goes upstairs as well)

Saionji: *rolls eyes* Is this stupid challenge supposed to be scary? *folds arms, glaring at everyone*

Skylar: *sees Rhett* Okay, we've got another helper. Both of you keep a look out for anything that is mysterious. *looks around*

Simon: *Grabs a flashlight* On boy..

Rhett: (to Skylar) alright...i'll keep an eye out. (wanders around)...wait a minute!, you and Ezekiel are on the Fighters!, i ain't helping you! (leaves quickly)'

Mariah: *using her gun as a flashlight and search for clues* Well me having studied Mariolosiphy if there could be someone that would kidnap Saionji it would be you since you're the one that is so obsessed with you.

Leo: *Looks for clues* Forget Mario. Let's talk real life, I don't want her to get eliminated, do you want to be allies?

Rhett: (hears Leo) Forget Mario?, fat chance!, Mario was my idol when i was a lot younger, if we...or in you guys case you use Mariolosiphy, then use it to the best of it's ability!

Jasmine: Is anyone in here? *walks into a room*

Skylar: Whatever Rhett...home schooled, let's check in here. *opens door*

Rhett: (CONF) she must have taken me for some sort of idiot!, well i ain't no idiot OK!?....(in head) i wonder why this thing ain't called a toilet instead of a mysterious...

Jimmy: AHHHH!! *runs into a random room*

Leo: We'll talk later. I'm going solo. *Goes out in the hallway and searches for clues*

Izumi: *navigates through the mansion with a flashlight* Honestly, this is stupid...ghosts aren't real. But fine. We'll just go on looking for nothing forever then. *sighs*

Leo: I have an idea! *Runs to random empty room* (CONF: Ever see those moments in movies that has ghost escape from a painting? I'll just paint a beautiful portrait) *Paints a person that looks like Laney and Saionji and hangs it on the wall* Perfect, now cone at me ghost!

Rhett: (continues wandering around aimlessly)

Chris: This winners are once again the Frantic Fighters. They did more work and investigating.

Elimination Ceremony 4: Smart Strategists

Chris: Come on guys I want to see you win at least one challenge, but for now vote someone off.

Rhett: (CONF) OK, now this is starting to get ridiculous, we lost again!?, something..or SOMEONE...or some people...are holding us back, i mean if we keep this up we'll be as worse as Team Victory or The Killer Grips!!, and trust me, i saw TDA and TDWT, and both those teams were pretty crap...but i guess for my vote today, i'll go for.....Topher, sorry dude.

Jimmy: (CONF) Topher.

Topher: (CONF) I don't know, I'll vote Rhett

Simon: (CONF) Sorry Topher, I vote for you):

Chris: Marshmallows for Jimmy, Izumi, Simon and Rhett! Goodbye Topher!

Episode 5: The Godplayer

The Godplayer

Season 13, Episode 5

Challenge(s) Give the best example of godplay.
Winner(s) Smart Strategists
Eliminated Mariah
Episode Guide

"Fairly-Normal Activity"


"Painting the Island Green"


Challenge 5

Chris: So we all know that godplay is a big no-no so I want you to tell me the best/funniest piece of godplay from either ASVU or on the wiki. The person with the best entry will win for their team.

Skylar: Obviously Victoria's unwanted and unexpected "return" to the competition all of a sudden in ASvUD4!

Izumi: Nemo & Cody in Battle of the Originals: Revolution with the whole clone thing. They're disgraces to everyone, but it's sort of funny for kids I guess?

Leo: I would say Stella, Lindsay, and a bunch of other people invading Phoia Factory, Topher's cancelled show.

Rhett: i remember a while ago, in a show called Total Drama Beach Redemption, i think it was near the end of the season, i think it was Episode 16...Chris was asking the contestants a load of quickfire questions and i think he was only asking questions Izzy, who was one of the finalists, knew, it seemed pretty suspicious to me. (chuckles) (Blaze: Chris was being played by the same guy or gal who was playing Izzy, so he was basically typing questions and then writing in the answer himself before anyone else could, i don't know if you'd consider that godplaying, but it seemed pretty godplay-ish to me. XD)

Jasmine: To me, the worst kind of godplay is when a host has a character and gets a head start in the challenge. Happens a lot so I won't give examples...

Ezekiel: Reisenmoon having 2 characters in her camp and her multi having 2 charactersie trying to have 1/4 of the camps characters

Simon: Thomas dodging Dee's gun shots in that zombie killing simulator.

Saionji: Ugh I can't find it but in some camp someone made Maria debut and she was like hola b****es and slit everyones throat! Stupid one liner but great <3

Jimmy: That time when Nemo decided there was a secret challenge rule book in ASVU 3... I think it was during the sledding challenge

Chris: Since Mariah is unable to do the challenge I'll give the results. I'm gonna go with Rhett which means the Smart Strategists win their first challenge.

Elimination Ceremony 5: Frantic Fighters

Chris: Well now it's time to vote. Since Mariah was unable to do the challenge you cannot vote for her tonight.

Leo: (CONF: I can't eliminate Sai, I can't elimnate Mariah, I want Skylar to suffer here more, Zeke was eliminated 1st in Total Drama, so he is no threat, that leaves Jasmine. *Votes Jasmine*)

Ezekiel: (Conf: Um Jasmine eh)

Jasmine: (CONF) Leo... His obsession with Saionji is downright weird, mate.

Skylar: (CONF: Leo, cause he's too weird and he's like Seirra, but worse!)

Mariah: (CONF) It's time for my game over, it was fun but I am not gonna complete this game so I wish luck to Leo I hope he can protect his princess. (END CONF)

Chris: Marshmallows for Ezekiel, Skylar, Saionji, Jasmine and Leo! Mariah has decided to save Leo's spot.

Episode 6: Painting the Island Green

Painting the Island Green

Season 13, Episode 6

Challenge(s) Come up with an idea to make the island more eco-friendly
Winner(s) Frantic Fighters
Eliminated Simon
Episode Guide

"The Godplayer"


"ACTN and the Temple of Bad Things"


Leo: Woah, I can't believe she did that.

Rhett: l just count you're blessings dude, because now that Mariah did that for you, you're still a target, so be careful.

Leo: How did you know what happened? You're on another team Rhett.

Rhett: psychic powers.

Leo: ...

Jimmy: Throughout ASVU history people have known what happens at eliminations without actually being there. Commonly referred to as "godplaying," it is illegal.

Rhett: w-wait, i'm not in trouble am i?, oh god i'm in trouble aren't i!, the paranoia is kicking in!! (CONF: OK, so i maybe, sorta, kinda, spied on the Fighters' elimination, Gwen did in World Tour!, so uhh...yeah, i did that.)

Leo: As long as nobody tells Chris. This can be our little "secret".

Jimmy: You realize Chris watches this, right?

Leo: *Kicks Jimmy in the shin in the middle of his sentences and whispers* Shut up, I don't want him to know that.

JImmy: *doubles over* AGH! My weak, fragile bones!

Leo: *turns to Rhett* So yeah OUR little "secret".

Rhett: (stops panicking once Leo talks to him) uhh...yeah, OUR little secret...of course. (smirks)

Ezekiel: Oh come on I explained it to you earlier eh

Challenge 6

Chris: Challenge time! Ever since that ROTI fiasco and my year in prison, I have decided to start caring more about the environment so for your challenge I want you guys to come up with an idea to make the island greener or eco-friendly. The person who has the best idea will win for their team.

Ezekiel: Install loads of wind farms, it will let you supply green energy and you can sell it for profit to!

Jasmine: We could create a sanctuary for our animal mates! It'll mean they won't trash the island and we're also taking care of nature and stuff.

Jimmy: Solar powered challenges and challenges from recycled material! It will work!

Rhett: why don't you put in a couple of wind turbines?, and maybe put some solar panels on the cabins?, that could be really eco-friendly you know.

Leo: Recycle more.

Simon: Pick all the weeds and replace them with flowers and trees(:

Skylar: Don't litter! Help keep the island green!

Saionji: Actually enforce people to pick up the trash! No, not throw themselves away, but the litter! It's disgusting. If they don't pick up after themselves it is auto disqualification.

Chris: Hmm I like Ezekiel and Jasmine's ideas so the Frantic Fighters win!

Elimination Ceremony 6: Smart Strategists

Chris: Well there's some good news and bad news. The bad news is that you guys have lost your fifth team challenge, but the good news is that this is your last challenge as a team because the teams are merging next time! Unfortunately one of you won't be moving on so get voting!

Rhett: (CONF) (facepalm) i can't believe it...five team challenges lost?...unbelievable, but hey, after today this whole nightmare will finally be over...anyway i guess i'll go for a completely random i'll vote for...Simon, sorry dude.

Jimmy: (CONF) I gotta vote Simon. You really aren't that relevant.

Izumi: (CONF) Simon, I guess, but unlike Leo, I really don't mind you much.

Chris: Marshmallows for Rhett, Jimmy and Izumi! Sorry Simon, but you've been eliminated.

Episode 7: ACTN and the Temple of Bad Things

ACTN and the Temple of Bad Things

Season 13, Episode 7

Challenge(s) Find your way out of the temple.
Winner(s) Leo and Saionji
Eliminated Rhett
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"Painting the Island Green"


"Can I Get A High Dive?"


Jimmy: We did it! We merged! AHHH!!!!!

Leo: Why are you suprised?

Jimmy: I'm just so excited! (CONF) When the merge arrives, dynamics change. I just hope I can keep my allies close.

Izumi: (CONF) I guess this merge wouldn't be too bad if Leo wasn't here. He's really annoying- I'm not sure why he's still in. I don't think anyone except maybe Jimmy likes him...

Jimmy: (CONF) I'm not sure I like Leo. All he really does is bully me!

Leo: Well I'm a little excited too. (CONF: Last time I made the merge I was being played by Heather. I have to watch my back, and I could win.)

Saionji: Merge? Gross! (CONF) With the merge that means even more people I have to deal with which is gross! Izumi back is cool, but everyone else is total garbage! It means I have to be closer to Jimmy and he's just... UGH.

Jasmine: Great, I made the merge again... (CONF) But I'm alone.

Ezekiel: grats on merge guys eh (Conf almost at the half way point eh, gotta figure what happened with the other 3)

Leo: @Saionji Aren't you glad you made it further in the game?

Saionji: Aren't YOU glad I haven't ripped your slimey head off yet?

Rhett: (eyes widen) (CONF) finally the merge is here, to be honest, i thought i'd never get out of the Strategists, if you could even call us that after the performance we put in, but seriously, me and Jimmy are seriously lucky to have survived that whole ordeal, but now that the merge is here, maybe i can start thinking about taking down the guys who should have been outta here much, much sooner.

Challenge 7

Chris: Today you will be trying to find your way out of this temple. There are 8 paths and you all must select a DIFFERENT path. 2 paths lead to the exit, the others lead to hazards, but one path has an idol where you can save yourself from being voted off. Not too difficult of a challenge right? Anyway get to picking and remember you can't pick a path that someone else has picked.

Skylar: Seems easy *picks path 7*

Rhett: i don't have a great amount of luck with things like this but...meh...(picks path 1)

Jimmy: *picks 6*

Saionji: *picks 3* There's three syllables in my name so w/e losers!

Izumi: Hmm...I guess I'll go with this one...*picks Path 5*

Leo: There is four letters in evil and idol. *Goes through path 4*

Ezekiel: *picks 8*

Chris: Looks like Jasmine takes path 2 and with that Leo and Saionji win immunity!

Elimination Ceremony 7

Chris: Vote for anybody besides Leo and Saionji.

Rhett: (CONF) god damn it!, i was seriously considering voting Leo, but since he's won immunity...i guess i'll go for Ezekiel, sorry dude, but it's like what i said when Duncan got the boot, i think it's time you and these other old contestants just moved on, again, sorry dude.

Jasmine: (CONF) Hmmmm... Ezekiel.

Leo: (CONF: I am scared like @$!!. I won't always be safe. Atleast Saionji won't go next. Ezekiel makes it far a lot, suprisingly. *Votes Zeke*)

Skylar: Sorry home school, it's your time now. *votes Ezekiel*

Saionji: (CONF) You smell like a bucket of old prawns dipped into sewage water and coated in horse manure and frankly, I don't need that in my cabin you disgusting flop! *votes Ezekiel*

Izumi: (CONF)Well, I'm not actually sure who to plan was to vote Leo. He's seriously annoying. The way he objectifies is grating. But since I can't vote him, I guess I'll vote Ezekiel. They're sort of the same thing anyway, really...except it was with Bridgette. But still, I won't let people like them stand and continue in the competition if I can help it.

Ezekiel: *comes back from infirmary rubbing head* no idea what happened but um *writes Rhett* you are seriously underestimated eh

Jimmy: (CONF) I gotta protect my friends and former teammates, Izumi and Rhett. The dynamic changes at the merge. *votes Ezekiel*

Chris: Interesting vote. Marshmallows go to Leo, Saionji, Izumi, Jimmy, Skylar, Jasmine and Ezekiel! Rhett you're finished! Why because it was Zeke who got the immunity idol. Bet you didn't see that coming huh?

Episode 8: Can I Get A High Dive?

Can I Get A High Dive?

Season 13, Episode 8

Challenge(s) Find a funny wipeout video of someone doing a dive.
Winner(s) Jasmine
Eliminated Jimmy
Episode Guide

"ACTN and the Temple of Bad Things"


"Blood is Thicker Than Water"


Jimmy: (CONF) I'm absolutely stunned. Rhett was one of my main allies, and now I'm at the mercy of the big guns like Saionji. Well at least the immunity idol isn't in play anymore...

Jasmine: (CONF) *snorts* That was pretty unexpected... Oh well! One less opponent.

Jimmy: Nice play Ezekiel. Nice play.

Jasmine: Yeah. Didn't see that one coming.

Ezekiel: So you guys voted me eh? can anyone tell me why cause I thought we were cool

Saionji: (CONF) *giggling* That gross feral played that stupid idol and now Rhett is gone! He's gotten super weird lately. Wait, I take that back. The loser has always been weird, but now he's weirder. Now we can just send Ezekiel home this week and it's less smelly in this gross cabin!

Ezekiel: (Conf) *stares at camera with a fly buzzing for a few seconds then starts to speak* that saionji girl is whiny but she sure has herself in a nice spot eh, she has leo as a slave and a bond with izumi

Leo: I'm glad you got Rhett off though. Now I need to go think about stuff. *isolates self from everyone and whipes tear from eye* (CONF: After the idol play, I thought all night about other things that happened in the game. *cries I noticed everyone ignored Saionji. Like when she yelled at us for being to noisy while she was sleep and I tell everyone to be quiet, then everyone thinks I am some horror movie killer that watches people in their sleep. And there is only one explanation for all of this...SAIONJI IS DEAD!! SHE IS PROBALLY A GHOST!!! *cries more*)

Challenge 8

Chris: Now for this challenge I could use a good laugh so go find me the funniest wipeout of someone diving. Either from the olympics or just diving in a regular pool. Funniest video wins. Good luck.

Ezekiel: here

Leo: 00:41 *glares at Zeke*

Skylar: Does this count?



Saionji: Ugh skip to 2:08! >:( this challenge is stupid anyway.

Chris: I really liked Jasmine's so she wins!

Elimination Ceremony 8

Chris: Vote for anyone but Jasmine.

Jasmine: (CONF) Jimmy is really intelligent, apparently, but I haven't seen that yet. But, he might be acting stupid just to bring out his smarter side later... Which could threaten my survival. *votes Jimmy*

Izumi: (CONF) Why bother in this competition anymore? I'll just vote Leo then. *accidentally votes Jimmy*

Saionji: (CONF) As much as I'd love to see that feral idiot go home like the loser he is, or see Leo be gone so he'd stop being such a little perverted creep, Jimmy is a monster! Wait, not even monsters deserve to be compared to that pile of crap! >:( This is revenge for you flipping on me in that stupid Heroes Villains season! I hope you go down and never come back, you worthless trash! *votes Jimmy*

Skylar: (CONF: I'mma vote for Einstein. Cause he's 'ew'. *votes Jimmy*)

Ezekiel: (Conf) we allknow saionji will win if he gets to the end eh *votes saionji*

Jimmy: (CONF) I hope my allies stick with me.... Anyways I vote Saionji.

Leo: (CONF: I vote Jimmy. *Votes Saionji by accident*)

Chris: Marshmallows for Jasmine, Izumi, Skylar, Ezekiel, Leo and Saionji! Sorry Jimmy time to go!

Episode 9: Blood is Thicker Than Water

Blood is Thicker Than Water

Season 13, Episode 9

Challenge(s) Come up with your own interaction between Amy and Samey.
Winner(s) Saionji
Eliminated Leo
Episode Guide

"Can I Get A High Dive?"


"Pardon My Trench"


Leo: *lying on the ground dead* Saionji: *walks outside the cabin with a pillow* (CONF) Since Leo managed to make it this far and is still creepy as heck, I decided to have some fun! I haven't been mocking these pathetic morons as much as I should be, so it's time to make up for that. (END CONF) *rips the fluff stuff things out of the pillow and fills it worth dirt (CONF) Now maybe him and his pillow have something in common. Dirtbag. >.>

Challenge 9

Chris: Okay so for your challenge I want you to imagine a different interaction between Amy and Samey. You can tell me a situation where they finally become friends or you could tell me what a finale between them would be like. Think of this as a mini fanfiction challenge. The best one will win.

Leo: hmm, painting helps me think. *Paints to come up with ideas* Ahh I got it. There is two things you want. Good raitings and drama. And less people would watch if they became friends. So a finale would be best. Amy would try to get the audience against Samey and make them want her to win. This could be Samey's only chance to prove that she isn't inferior to Amy. So we would see them get more competitive. The best thing about this is that they hate eachother. Its been forever since I've seen a finale with the contestants hating eachother. Now its all "congrats, good game, and I hope you win", when there should be more , I'm gonna win you stupid @#$%!".

Ezekiel: Amy slides off a cliff and is hanging precariously, samey agrees to save her if she screamed "sammy rocks!!!" as loud as she could, when she saves amy, amy respects the devious act of bargaining her life and they become the new despair sisters

Saionji: Ew, but okay. So like Amy and Samey are in this stupid challenge where they are trapped in a cave, kind of like the PI one. So they're split in their own section and rivalry is bound to ensue with Amy just spiralling more abuse perfectly at that stupid Samey, and Samey eventually breaks down. Suddenly, a boulder collapses which seems to kill Samey, and Amy bursts into tears, and cries about her true feelings about Samey and her jealousy~! But unfortunately, Samey was just behind the boulder, listened to this and comforted her, and Amy apologizes, and would never forgive herself for having her last day spent with her sister being violent, so then they rekindle and stuff and ew.

Izumi: Samey would become head cheerleader and get revenge on Amy for all the years of torture, until she realizes revenge isn't the best option.

Skylar: Amy and Samey would be two finalist for a season. And they both like battle to the death and they end up making up and being best friend sisters?

Chris: Saionji wins!

Elimination Ceremony 9

Chris: Vote for anyone but Saionji.

Leo: I'm tired of this. I am done with this game.I have nothing to do simce Jikky is out. Saionji is dead. I dont want to share a cabin with Izgusting *points to Izumi* I am leaving. Bye b****es.

Skylar: Do we still vote since Leo quit or...

Saionji: Finally... is he finally leaving? :D (CONF) Ugh, this is the happiest I've ever been in my life! That gross pervert is finally leaving me alone! Let's hope like a bus hits him on his way out.

Chris: Well Leo quit so he's out!

Leo: It's been a great game Chris. *gives Chris the perfect painting of himself* Now I'm gonna go mess with Jimmy. *Runs away laughing like a maniac*

Episode 10: Pardon My Trench

Pardon My Trench

Season 13, Episode 10

Challenge(s) Race through a dangerous trench.
Winner(s) Saionji
Eliminated Ezekiel
Episode Guide

"Blood is Thicker Than Water"


"We R Who We Rn't"


Skylar: Well, I'm sure am happy that Leo is finally gone! (CONF: Yes! Finally! Not only is it the final five, but Leo is FINALLY gone! I thought he would never leave!)

Saionji: Ugh, one less creep in the house!

Ezekiel: final 5 :D grats everyone

Challenge 10

Chris: Hey everyone sorry for the big delay, but your challenge is to race through this dangerous trench. Because I kept you all waiting you only have to do 5 lines. The first person to do so will win immunity.

Saionji: *races through dangerous trench* (1)

Izumi: *races through* (1)

Skylar: *races through trench* (1)

Izumi: *races through* (2)

Skylar: *races through trench* (2)

Saionji: *races through trench* (2)

Jasmine: *races through* (1)

Saionji: *races through trench* (3)

Skylar: *races through trench* (3)

Izumi: *races through* (3)

Saionji: *races through trench* (4)

Zeke: *races through* (1)

Saionji: *races through trench* (5) Ha! I win, suckers. >:) Bow before your queen.

Zeke: Grats eh :D *bows*

Chris: Saionji wins!

Elimination Ceremony 10

Chris: Vote for anyone but Saionji!

Saionji: (CONF) I vote stupid, gross and foul Zeke! As much as I hate all of the other girls, no gross dudes in the final five!

Skylar: (CONF: Well, unfortunately...I can't vote for Saionji. So I vote for Zeke.)

Zeke: (CONF: I vote for Skylar eh)

Jasmine: (CONF) Zeke is creepy, so he should go, kthnx

Izumi: (CONF) Well, Zeke is just a more tolerable version of Leo...which means he isn't really tolerable. I guess I'll go with him then.

Chris: Marshmallows for Saionji, Jasmine, Izumi and Skylar! Ezekiel, you are the last male eliminated!

Episode 11: We R Who We Rn't

We R Who We Rn't

Season 13, Episode 11

Challenge(s) Which of the eliminated contestant would you want to win?
Winner(s) Skylar
Eliminated Izumi
Episode Guide

"Pardon My Trench"


"The Next ASVU All Star"


Saionij: *files nails, glaring at everyone* (CONF) I know this stupid heads want me out more than anything, so thankfully I won that challenge. I don't know what I did to them other than making them jealous of how great I am... They are all losers anyway. Even Izumi... I thought she was... *sniffles* Big sis, but... I thought wrong! *snaps nail filer thing*

Challenge 11

Chris: Challenge time! I want you to tell me which of the eliminated contestants you would want to win and why. The best entry will win.

Skylar: I would have to say Mariah. In all honestly, she was an amazing contestant and was always at the top of her game. It's a shame she voluntarily decided to be eliminated. She could've been in the final 5.

Saionji: Topher, because he usually participated in challenges and despite how gross and obnoxious he was, could easily play under the radar and swoop to the end, which means I wouldn't have to hear so much talking from him compared to all these other freaks who need duct tape.

Jasmine: Probably Laney. She was robbed, to be honest. She usually is :(

Chris: I gotta give this win to Skylar.

Elimination Ceremony 11

Chris: Vote for anyone except Skylar!

Jasmine: (CONF) Uh, I vote for... Saionji. But, I'm sure she'll survive... (ooh psychic)

Saioniji: (CONF) I vote for Izumi. I really thought she was big sis, but she's... *sniffles* a backstabber, and I'd even rather those two freaks win over her.

Skylar: (CONF: Let's see...there's Saioniji, Izumi, and Jasmine. I'm going to vote Izumi.)

Izumi: (CONF) *accidentally votes Izumi*

Chris: Marshmallows for Skylar, Jasmine and Saionji! Goodbye Izumi!

Episode 12: The Next ASVU All Star

The Next ASVU All Star 

Season 13, Episode 12

Challenge(s) None
Winner(s) Skylar
Eliminated Jasmine and Saionji
Episode Guide

"We R Who We Rn't"


"None Down, Fourteen to Go"


Elimination Ceremony 12

Chris: Hey everyone long time no see! But a winner has been declared and that person is Skylar! Congratulations! We will see you all next season for some more Total Drama: All Stars vs. Underdogs!