Sign Ups (Closed)


  1. Dreyk-Blake Eliminated in Expanding Our Horizons (25th)
  2. Courtney-Blake Eliminated in The Naming Game (20th)
  3. Duncan-Wes Elliminated in Gone Down Under (27th)
  4. Jo-Chase Elliminated in A Hunting We Will Go (26th)
  5. Dave-Dianted Eliminated in ASVU Sets Sail (31st)
  6. Izumi-TF Eliminated in Obstacle Course Craziness (17th)
  7. Cody-Orange Quit in The Ridonculous Race (18th/19th)
  8. Rosalina-Dawn Eliminated in Bucket List (23rd)
  9. Cindy-Dianted Eliminated in The Evil Beneath (29th)
  10. Shawn-Miguel Eliminated in Getting To Know You (30th)
  11. Saionji-Mildred Eliminated in Relay For Life (16th)
  12. Mack-Conker
  13. Lindsay-Loenev Eliminated in Hurl Of Shame (4th)
  14. Bridgette-Loenev Quit in Ode To Chris (5th)
  15. Staci-Tikki Eliminated in The Show Goes On (21st)
  16. Lightning-Sound Eliminated in The Sailing Semifinal (3rd)


  1. Leshaniqua-The Sassy Momma-Dawn Quit in Bucket List (22nd)
  2. Holden-The Irish Jerk-Wes Eliminated in Merging Territories (14th/15th)
  3. Skylar-The Tomboy-ish Sporty Girl-Chase Eliminated in The Unlucky Thirteen (13th)
  4. Romeo-The Noble Scaredy-Cat-TF Eliminated in Reflecting On The Past (7th/8th)
  5. Bonshaquitta Lafontrea-The Hoodrat-Orange Quit in The Ridonculous Race (18th/19th)
  6. James-The Lovestruck Fool-Fake Eliminated in Reflecting On The Past (7th/8th)
  7. Lana-The TD Super Fan-Fake Eliminated in The Truth Is Always Revealing (9th)
  8. Andres-The Wannabe Mexican Chef-Drfiz Elliminated in Beachin' It (28th)
  9. Blanca-The Blancing Girl-Drfiz Eliminated in ASVU Sets Sail (32nd)
  10. Manuel-The Homeschooled Zoologist-Miguel Eliminated in Lifesavers (24th)
  11. Kiki-The Ambitious Troublemaker-Mildred Quit in On The Market (12th)
  12. Teri-The "Evil" Scientist-Nano Eliminated in On The Market (11th)
  13. Juliet-The Locked Away Lover-Conker Quit in What Would You Do? (6th)
  14. Daniel-The Geeky Pushover-Nano Eliminated in Merging Territories (14th/15th)
  15. Jimmy-The Short Smart One-Surferdude Eliminated in The Sound of Music (10th)
  16. Mariah-The Hyperactive Nerdette-Sound

Interactions (You May Edit)


Lindsay and Rosalina

Bridgette and Lindsay


Blanca and Juilet

Dreyk and Saionji

Dreyk and Izumi

Lightning and Shawn



Elimination Ceremonies (Pictures)

Elimination Table

Place Contestant Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25
18/19 Bonshaquitta Lafontrea Aqua Jet Zoras WIN WIN WIN LOW IN WIN WIN WIN SAFE SAFE SAFE QUIT
21 Staci Enigmatic Explosions SAFE SAFE WIN WIN SAFE LOW IN IN SAFE OUT
22 Leshaniqua Black Horseas SAFE WIN IN WIN WIN IN WIN SAFE QUIT
23 Rosalina All Sea Stars WIN IN SAFE IN WIN WIN SAFE WIN OUT Appears Appears Appears Appears Appears Appears
24 Manuel Black Horseas LOW WIN IN WIN WIN IN WIN OUT
25 Dreyk All Sea Stars WIN IN LOW IN WIN WIN OUT
26 Jo Enigmatic Explosions SAFE SAFE WIN WIN SAFE OUT
27 Duncan Enigmatic Explosions SAFE LOW WIN WIN OUT
28 Andres Sailing Saviors WIN WIN WIN OUT
29 Cindy All Sea Stars WIN IN OUT
30 Shawn Enigmatic Explosions LOW OUT
31 Dave Enigmatic Explosions OUT
32 Blanca Black Horseas OUT

Episode 1: ASVU Sets Sail


Chris: Welcome aboard the ASVU Cruiseline! Let's meet our contestants!

Lindsay: *arrives* Oh my gosh! Finally vacation. Paula can you get my stuff?

Jueliet: Hi! I hope to... OMG!

Manuel: Hey! Look! A seagle! Probably here for food!

Mack: Hi everyone, nice t-... to...uh... ._.

Juliet: *sees Mack and has a vision of love with flying flowers* Hi... mack... *hugs him hard*

Mack: Are y-... are ya hav-v-ing a sp-spaz attac...attack...?

Rosalina: Yay! Season 6 *claps*

Bridgette: Lindsay! Nice to see you and this is season 6 of Total Drama: All Stars vs. Underdogs you know. No vacation sweetheart.

Rosalina: I can't wait to make friends! (CONF) Everyone is so nice that Juliet girl is kinda wierd but i bet she is nice!

LeShaniqua: Oh Helllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll No! I didn't sign up for this nasty bulls*** with a host with a f***ing pinecone chin WTF is this s***

Mack: *walks away from Juliet* Huh? Well, I'll go... a-away...

Juliet: No, Mack please stay with m- *sees Daniel and has a vision of love with flying flowers*

Daniel: *doesn't see Juliet* I w-was told I'm on the u-underdog team, b-but I've a-appeared on the show before, w-why am I-

Teri: *throws a waterballoon at Daniel* AND TERI THE TERRIBLE STRIKES AGAIN! MWUHAHAHA!

Rosalina: Hi Daniel Great To See You Again :)

Daniel: *covered in water* Um... Hi... Rosalina!

Rosalina: Are you ok? Teri that wasn't very nice................but i bet it was a mistake :)

Mack: *tries to find a room* Um... Hello! I want to know where the All-Star room is? Hello!? HEY!!! WHY IS NO ONE LISTENING TO ME! So... I-I wi-ill lo-ook f-f-f-for it myself *walks around aimlessly*

Daniel: Yeah I'm ok, just a little wet :)

Teri: It was definitely... not an accident! *pokes Rosalina* Hah! EVIL NEVER STOPS!

Mack: *finds the drivers room* Oh... hey Ch-chef... :(

Rosalina: Your not evil your really nice Teri :), Ok Daniel it's good that your ok *smiles*

Mack: (CONF) *opens door* Aw... Where is the room? (END CONF) Hey Rosalina, do you know where the room is? For Veterans?

Lightning: *jumps on deck* SHASAHM!! I am happy I didn't particapate in last season the top 7 was aweful anyway the real all Star is on deck!

Mariah: *playing Pokemon Y and walks into Daniel and knocks him accidentally on the ground* OH sorry I am so sorry!! I was about to catch a shiny furfrou!

Staci: Hey guys :D

Rosalina: Hi Lightning, Hi Staci!

Lightning: OH NO *jumps to Staci and puts tape over her mouth* No worries guys the Lightning got it under control!

Daniel: *on the floor* It's ok, I'm used to being the unlucky person...

Teri: *tries to look intimidating* I find lack of knowledge about evil disturbing :/

Juliet: *sees Lightning and has a vision of love with flying flowers*

Rosalina: Don't worry you will be ok Daniel, Evil doesn't exist Teri

Mariah: *helps Daniel up* Oh I'm so sorry *pet's the dust off Daniels T-shirt* can I do anything for you? Cause I feel really bad.

Mack: Rosalina! Do you know where the room for veterans is?

Rosalina: Chris says we cannot enter the Veterans Room

Mack: Oh... :(

Juliet: Hi muscles!! *blushes at Lightning*

Rosalina; Anyway *Waves to Mariah* Hi! Are you new?

Mariah: *doesn't notice Rosalina waving* I'll get you a drink okay *goes to what she thinks is the kitchen*

Lightning: Sha Lightning is gonna get a Ligh TAN!!! *takes off his t-shirt* Sha yeah no one have this six pack!

Rosalina: Lightning i'm not sure you can get a tan.......

Daniel: You don't have to if you don't want- *notices she already left* Oh...

Teri: What!? Rosalina, evil is the only true emotion, every emotion is a sin in one way, it's how we acknowledge our sins that defines our personality, so basically.... you're evil too!

Rosalina: Daniel you don't have bad luck, and Teri Evil doesn't exist i researched it

Mack: Evil? W-we a-all c-c-commit-t a s-sin yet we all... are ffffffffffff-for given...

Juliet: Sooooooooooooooo interesting Lighhtning! *blushes*

Lightning: Girl listen the Lightning can get everything he wants so I can get a tan even if it's just my hair!

Mariah *gets back with a glass of tea and gives it to Daniel* I hope you like it, it's special mario tea I made it with special tea leaves I got from Mario world in Japan!

Rosalina: But Mario World is a fictional place...........

Mariah: Mario world is also a theme park in Japan, they based it on the world of mario 64! you can even jump into paintings but you won't be in some weird world but that's okay. Anyway what is your name I haven't introduced myself my name is Mariah.

Rosalina: Oh that's a wonderful name :) My Name is Rosalina, I see you like video games :)

Daniel: *takes a sip of the tea* Well, gee, I-I love it! Thanks! *hugs Mariah* But you didn't have to go through the trouble of making it, I get hurt all the time :/

Teri: Oh really, Rosalina? Well, next time you notice the electricity and hot water bills, don't come apologizing to me when you realize the pure evil of the situation!

Rosalina: Who Hurts You Daniel,

James: Hey there ladies! *whips hair*

Lana: MOVE! *pushes James* OMG! Rosalina... YOU ARE LIFE! *gasps* Bridgette too! EEE!

Staci: *unrips tape* Dont worry Lightning my great uncle thaught me techniques to preven bragging about.... i mean at all :D

Rosalina: Hi! It's Always Great to meet a fan :)

Jimmy: Hey Rosalina. I was rooting for you in ASVU4. (CONF) Nerds should stick together. Does anyone know how to re-mod a hardrive to an ASUS tower?

Rosalina: Thankyou! Whats your name?

Jimmy: It's Jimmy. Nice to meet you. *shakes hand* (CONF) One friend, zero enemies. Nice.

Rosalina: That's a wonderful name

Jimmy: O_o No one's ever said that before... Thanks a lot!

Staci: My... I mean you to are perfect for eachother

Jimmy: *blushes* I wouldn't go that far

Rosalina: Yeah we're just friends ;/

Skylar: *looks around* (CONF: Ugh! Why are there so many nerds here! So disgusting!)

Jimmy: (CONF) We just met and people already think were a couple. Creepy.

Lana: OMG! I'd totally ship you two!

James: *looks at jimmy in disgust* (CONF) Rosalina is HOT! So i'm not very happy with Jimmy making moves on her. (END CONF) Hey babe. Your lookin fine today! How about you give your number to me and I'll call you.

Chris: Well now that most of you have gotten to chat with everyone. Now's the time to chat with your fellow All Stars or Underdogs. There are 2 ballrooms 1 for the All Stars and 1 for the Underdogs. Go to your respective ballrooms and chat there. After you guys have had the chance to chat with your fellow All Stars or Underdogs, I'll explain what's gonna happen next.

Rosalina: Thanks for explaining Chris

Chris: No problem at all Rosalina

All Stars Ballroom

Chris: By the way there's a buffet here so feel free to eat while you mingle.

Rosalina: Yum *eats salmon and sits at a table* (CONF) Jimmy and James are really nice! I'm so glad Mack is back too...................:)

Izumi: This looks neat. :)

Rosalina: Great to see you here :)

Chris: Rosalina and Izumi, you two are captains. Rosalina gets to pick first since she got to the ballroom first.

Rosalina: Lindsay

Izumi: ...Duncan, I guess.

Rosalina: Cindy

Izumi: Bridgette. :)

Rosalina: Mack

Izumi: Courtney. :)

Rosalina: Dreyk

Izumi: Jo.

Rosalina: Lightning

Izumi: Uh...Staci?

Rosalina: Saionji :)

Izumi: Shawn.

Rosalina: Cody

Izumi: Dave. :)

Rosalina: I guess we are done.

Shawn: Hey Staci!

Saionji: Eww, I'm on the loser team!!! Back away!!! *rolls eyes*

Rosalina: Just because Cindy is Terrible Amazing and is on our team Doesn't Mean you Have to call us the bad team

Lightning: You're on da lightning team that is always the winning team!

Saionji: D'aww, but you're all worthless wastes of oxygen who are incapable of doing their proper duties! I.E. being my slave.

Rosalina: I can be your slave! (CONF) well...........i need to ease her down

Chris: Well since you guys are done, you can start coming up with a team name. That's the only real "challenge" for today. By the way when you get the chance, send one interesting fact about yourself here it is necessary for the next challenge anyway so why not get it done now.

Staci: The Inventive Iguanas?

Lindsay: Maybe something with All Stars?

Rosalina: Well in season 3 there was a team called the Astonishing All-Stars so we shouldn't use that concept but thanks for pitching in :)

Mack: Saionji.. on my... t-t-t-t-tea- oh no... O.o

Lightning: *hears a song he likes* SHA YEAH THIS IS THE LIGHTNINGS JAM!! *turns the volume up and sings along very loud*

Chris: Oh yeah try to relate it to us being at sea and what not

Mack: The Cruising with a Brusining? (CONF) For some reason I am only confident when I am angry, alone... sometimes or with... Rosalina... :I

Lindsay: What about the Returning Winners?

Lightning: *singing along with this song *

Bridgette: What will be the name team? The Common Linnets?

Lindsay: Returning Winners or Returning Stars maybe? *smiles* (CONF) Last season i didnt made the merge. Outch! I really wanna come far this team. And where is Paula?

Rosalina: It has to do with let's try to come uo with an aquatic name! How about the Showering SeaHawks?

Lightning: wait wait here comes the best part *singing* I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna,
I wanna really, really, really wanna zigazig-ha!

Lindsay: SeaHawks sounds as captain hook or whatever. We have to be a original easy name. The All-Sea Stars or something?

Rosalina: The Carribean Crabs?

Dreyk: Ew. The Seakers are better, even if it's not that good, it's better than that.

Courtney: The Seaweed Linings? I dunno. It's a good book.

Rosalina: So do you have any ideas Dreyk?

Chris: Rosalina, Izumi you guys got any team names yet?

Rosalina: Well this is Lindsay's idea but "The All-Sea Stars"

Staci: The Enigmatic Explosions?

Chris: Well some people have agreed on the name so we'll move on. The Enigmatic Explosions, you guys are going to elimination

Underdogs Ballroom


Chris: By the way there's a buffet here so feel free to eat while you mingle.

Jimmy: Yum!

LeShaniqua: Oh Hellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll No! You Sl**s better not be takin my f***ing nachos *eats her nachos* these are MY NACHOS B****S

Manuel * eats some pizza * Why are there no waffers?

Jimmy: *holding nacho, puts it back on plate*



Skylar: Both of you zip it! And stay away from the nachos, it'll make you fat like someone else here...

Jimmy: (CONF) That outburst definitely made me some enemies. Not a good idea.


Romeo: Y-yikes... *hides*


Skylar: Okay, let me say this in a way you'll understand...GUrl! Y u AlWys ye11in ova notin? U tripin gurl!

Romeo: *comes out* A-alright...I'm not hiding... *backs away*


Jimmy: *steps in between leshaniqua and Romeo* Stop, now, or you're going home first. Call us by our names, not white boy or b****. Have a good day.

Romeo: I don't believe that's going to stop her...

LeShaniqua: I'll stop but admit you like Ro Ro

Jimmy: Assuming you're talking about rosalina... She seems nice but I. Do. Not. Like. Her. As. A. Girlfriend!!!

LeShaniqua: PLz but whatev

Jimmy: Thank you.


Jimmy: (CONF)AND she's angry again.

Chris: Okay so you guys are going to be making your own teams! 8 people to a team so there will be 2 Underdog teams. (If you are a user with 2 characters they cannot be on the same team. For example Lana and James cannot be on the same team.)

Jimmy: Sooo... Who wants to be on what team?

Chris: Change of plans Jimmy and Leshaniqua are captains, Jimmy can pick first since he got to the ballroom first

Jimmy: Romeo.

LeShaniqua: Skylar

Jimmy: Lana.

Leshaniqua: Daniel

Jimmy: Holden

Leshaniqua: Mariah

Jimmy: Juliet

Leshaniqua: Kiki

Jimmy: Teri

Blanca:Oh oh oh oh pick me please.

LeShaniqua: You disgust me i pick James

Kiki: *hi-fives Leshaniqua* Yeah, sista'!

LeShaniqua: Ahw yeah sista' we be goin to run over that twinkle toe team with there little pinecone a**'s we gonna be mazin'

Kiki: Double trouble, sistah! *takes off glasses and winks*

Mariah: *playing pokemon X*

Kiki: Games? We on a ship, gurl!

Daniel: Gee, thanks LeShaniqua for picking me! :D

Mariah: *playing pokemon X* I'm also on a ship here *shows the DS to Kiki*

Jimmy: Sorry I had to sleep. Andres

LeShaniqua: That b**** named Blanca.

Jimmy: Boshan-- The one with the hard name. That means you get Manuel.

Mariah: *see Daniel* Hey are you okay? I totally forgot to introduce me my name is Mariah what is your name?

Jimmy: He's fine. You just bumped into him.

Chris: You guys can start making team names. Also send 1 interesting fact about yourself here

Jimmy: How does the Superb Salamanders sound?

Daniel: I-I'm Daniel! And... hey! We're o-on the same team.. neat :)

Chris: Oh yeah try to relate it to us being at sea and what not

Mariah: That's a nice name, Daniel, :) You can sit next to me if you want.

Daniel: Gee, sure! *runs up to Mariah and sits beside her* Thanks... What are you playing? :)

Mariah: I'm playing pokemon X, I just evolved my Forgadier!

Daniel: Cool... Just a question though, what is the difference between X and Y exactly, I don't play pokemon that often? :S

Jimmy: Hate to be a party pooper but... You guys got any ideas for our team name?

Daniel: But we ain't on your team, maybe they have an ide-

Teri: The Seaside Saviors of Evil since I'm on your team! :D

Jimmy: Good idea, Teri! Any objections?

Teri: You mean "Evil idea, Teri the Terrible! Any objections, but if have any, keep them to yourselves!".. right?

Jimmy: Well, not exactly...

Teri: .__. K nevermind (CONF) If anyone objects, I'll murder them in the most horribly gruesome way possible! ... and I'd also feel rather upset :/

Jimmy: WAIT! I have an objection! But it's minor. How bout instead of seaside saviors we do SAILING SAVIORS! 'Cuz we are sailing. (CONF) I capitalized mine and not his so mine would look better. It's so improper yet so useful! I feel so bad... The power of improper grammar!

Teri: No, just no, it doesn't sound as.... evily brilliant as mine, so... who wants mine and who wants his :/

Juliet: Well, Teri has the b- *sees Jimmy and has a vision of love* I... want Jimmy's... idea... <3

Jimmy: O_o Thanks?

Juliet: No... thank you... :3

Teri: ....... Juliet doesn't count, she's just lonely and desperate for attention. >->

Jimmy: You're just upset you're losing.

Juliet: *has vision of a future with Jimmy so she doesn't hear Teri, in it Juliet and Jimmy have 8 kids and marry in Niagra falls inside a romantic mansion...* :3

Teri: And you're just butthurt cause your ugly beyond help -__-

Juliet: *pushes Teri then hugs Jimmy* Wanna hang? :D

Mariah: What if we call our team "the black horses"

Daniel: Um... What about the Surfing Superiors? Maybe.... if it's an ok name... :/

Mariah: Hmm maybe, but that is a good nickname for a pokemon!

Teri: *looks like she's about to cry* W-what!? Why would you p-push me? That's... *wipes away tears before anyone can see them, then looks at Juliet* stupid, stop being a desperate loser and accept the fact your gonna die alone!

Jimmy: Whoa! Can we please stop fighting???

Mariah: What if we call our team "the black Horsea's "

Daniel: Cool, but why is it called "The Black Horseas", is that a.... pokemon y... reference?

LeShaniqua: It sounds more like Katy Perry but i'm with it

Mariah: Yes I knew it was good!! Horsea rocks!! And yes Daniel it's a pokemon one of my 718 favorite pokemons.

Jimmy: What about our team? Sailing Saviors?

LeShaniqua: The Black Horsea is our team name Chris >.>

Chris: Got it and as for your team Jimmy?

Jimmy: Sailing Saviors I guess.

Chris: Got it. So here's the catch, 2 teams are going to elimination. 1 All Star and 1 Underdog. The team with the worst name will go to elimination. I won't tell you which team is going to elimination until the All Stars have gotten their names. Black Horsea, you guys are going to elimination

Jimmy: At least Rosalina is safe. Why did I just say that?

Elimination Ceremony 1: Enigmatic Explosions and Black Horsea

Chris: Well you guys lost the challenge so now its time to vote. You can only vote off someone from your team. Do it here and comment saying you voted so I know who has and hasn't and also if you haven't sent 1 fact about your character to that link, be sure to do so as well. Good luck!

LeShaniqua: Voted Gurls

Skylar: I voted...

Bridgette: Voted.

Courtney: Voted.

Kiki: I voted, babes. ;)

Mariah: Hmm I just voted.

Jo: Great, first lost...Voted.

Izumi: Voted.

Chris: Well Black Horseas I have your votes. If you don't receive a life preserver you are out of the contest.

Life preservers go to...









Sorry Blanca but your blancing days are over. Now we wait for the votes from the Enigmatic Explosions!

I have the Enigmatic Explosions votes! Life preservers go to







and Shawn!

Last season's runner up is now eliminated in the first episode. Later Dave! Well that concludes our first day at sea. Let's see how these teens deal with the next challenge on the next ASVU6 episode!

Episode 2: Getting To Know You

Boys Deck

Mack: *remebers all the torment he got from Saionji while sleeping* No, no nonoonnononono! NO! *wakes up* S-sorry, ev-everyone... ;(

Lightning: *doing push up's* 2344, 2345, 2346, 2347!

Manuel * sleeps while listening to his earphones*

Shawn *sleeping* - Oh, don't kill me! Kill him!

Daniel: Well, um, Lightning, why are you doing 2347 pushups this early in the morning? :S

Lightning: *still doing push up's* Cause.... the Lightnings muscle must weight twice the weight... of... the Lightnings body! 3014 3015 3016

Mack: *gets out of bed* T-that's nice... W-hat d-d-d-d-d-d--d-d-d-d-d-d--d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d--d-d-d-d-d-d-d--do you th-th-thi-think of the g... *stops suddenly* :(

Daniel: Of the girls? Um... Mariah is nice! So is Rosalina... T-Teri is... Um... mean... and I don't know the rest :/

Mack: I l-like Rosy and Lindy but Ju-juliet is weir-rd... D:

Lightning: 4997 4998 4999 5000! *get's up* yeah baby girls are nice but these muscles are the best *kisses his muscles*

Jimmy: Why are the decks like this?

Dreyk: Yes, Mack. Saionji is Satan.

Girls Deck

Saionji: *sleeping, sucking her thumb*

Rosalina: *reads science book* hmmm

Saionji: *wakes up, yawning, and looks over* Uwaaaah, nerd! :3

Rosalina: *doesn't look up from her book* um i am female therefore i am a nerdette, and i prefer the term geekette please and thankyou

Saionji: Uwaaaah, isn't that the same book you've been reading since last time, oniichan? You're really dull and boring! *giggles*

Rosalina: *keeps reading* i've heard it all before, and FYI this is volume 16 of the series :)

Saionji: You're so pathetic and worthless! Uwaaah! If you disappeared, the scientific community wouldn't change at all! :3

Rosalina: I bought the scientific commnity after i won season 4 :) Your so cute i can't even be the slightest bit rude :)

Saionji: Uwaaah, you're so stupid and misinformed!

Kiki: *strutting by* When I get the deniros, I'll be buying Hollywood!

Teri: clearly don't know how to think straight, Hollywood costs more than that! Besides, I'm gonna be smart if I win, and I'm gonna buy myself an evil laboratory, an epic costume, minions and a freeze Ray! :D

Lindsay: Oh my gosh my nails. They are ruined.

Mariah: *playing The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of time* yes I love the Saria song!

Skylar: *starts doing push-ups* 1...2...3...4...5...

Courtney: What are you even doing, Skylar? :/

Mariah: *walks over the deck with her 3ds and trips over Skyler and falls in the water* HELP MWWWEEE I CAN'T SWWWMMM! *goes underwater*

Challenge 2

Chris: Challenge time! Welcome to the getting to know you trivia game! Each team will be given fatcs about contestants from other teams and its your job to try and match the fact to the contestant! However, you can only submit answers once so don't call me over until you think that you have all of the facts correctly matched up. You get a point for each match you get and the team with the most points will win. In the event of a tie, the team that finalized their answers first will win. To make things more even I have excluded 1 fact from the All Sea Stars and Sailing Saviors. If you didn't send me a fact about your character I have created one for you. Good luck!

All Sea Stars

Chris: You guys have the Sailing Saviors. Here are the facts:

A) I'm the youngest person ever to make MENSA. I'm only 14!

B) I set my kitchen on fire once

C) I am a math genius

D) My dangerous neighborhood is the reason I act like this

E) I've watched every episode of TD (including the non-canon series) at least 50 times!

'F)' I... I.... I'm an orphan... Ooh! That could be my super villain motive :D

G) I fled a country due to assailants targeting me for being of a high order and somehow ended up here...

Lightning: D is Holden

Lindsay: E is Lana

Lightning: F is Sha-Teri

Lindsay: Well, eh .. A is Juliet and C is Jimmy i think

Dreyk: A is Jimmy, B is Andres, C is Holden, D is Bonshaquitta, E is Lana, F is Teri, and G is Juliet?

Lindsay: Jimmy is smart and a genius..

Chris: Let me know when you have your final answers and remember you can only submit them once. So if you're unsure be sure to ask a teammate!

Lindsay: A is Juliet, B is Andres, C is Jimmy, D is Holden, E is Lana, F is Teri and G is Bonshaquitta? We can try it guys!

Chris: You guys got a 5/7! Third place

Enigmatic Explosions

Chris: You guys have the Black Horseas. Here are the facts:

A) I haven't dated a girl before.

B) I was on a season beforehand... Yeah...

C) I have a celebrity crush on Lebron James

D) I think in a past life I used to be a Yoshi a cute Purple one, I hate pink it's too girly for me.

E) I cycled through adoptive homes and was nearly killed by my original parents.

F) I appeared on Total Drama Action

G) Ezekiel and I have some things in common...

Bridgette: F is Leshaniqua or whatever

Staci: A is likely Daniel

Staci: C is James and G is Manuel

Staci: D is skylar? and E is Kiki?, that leaves Mariah for B

Chris: Let me know when you have your final answers and remember you can only submit them once. So if you're unsure be sure to ask a teammate!

Bridgette: So A is Daniel, B is Mariah, C is Jamer, D is Skylar, E is Kiki, F is Leshaniqua and G is Manuel?

Staci: I think so, based on their personalities

Chris: You guys got a 3/7

Sailing Saviors

Chris: You guys have the All Seas Stars. Here are the facts:

A) I pushed my sister down the stairs by accident.

B) I still wet the bed on occassions.

C) I once took down the head cheerleader and quarterback/team captain of the football team down by posting scandalous facts about them on my blog. *shrug*

D) I went to therapy and received help from family and other friends, so... I'm at least somewhat practically sane, now.

E) My muscle weight is heavier than my body weight!

F) I have a big crush on a girl!

G) I now own the science facility I used to work at as mentioned in ASVUD3. I bought it with my prize money from season 4.

Lana: Well E is obviously Lightning! C sounds a lot like Lindsay. B has to be Cody! LOLZ G is Queen Roaslina.

Courtney: A is Lindsay. C is Dreyk, D is Cindy. F is Mack and G is Rosalina. So...we have...A) Lindsay

B) Cody

C) Dreyk

D) Cindy

E) Lightning

F) Mack

and G) Rosalina.

Lana: Courtney is right. Her answers will be our answers.

Chris: Let me know when you have your final answers and remember you can only submit them once. So if you're unsure be sure to ask a teammate!

Romeo: Y-yeah, that seems to be correct...

Chris: I don't know why Courtney is here, but you got a 6/7

Black Horseas

Chris: You guys have the Enigmatic Explosions. Here are the facts:

A) My great great great Aunt invented

B) Me and a former lover of mine have matching tattoos

C) I lost my first student council election because I was sick and "unable to speak and participate". What even?

D) While I was surfing I crashed into a boy and he fainted in the sea.

E) My real name isn't what you think...

F) I believe in the zombie apocalypse

G) I have a punching bag with Chris' face on it at home

Mariah: *get's out of the water* Uhm A is Staci and B is Duncan C is Courtney the rest I don't know

James: I can tell that G is Jo. D is so Bridgette.

Daniel: Well... my hypothesis is that Izumi isn't her real name, cause, no offence, it sounds less realistic than Shawns, and Shawn believes in the apocalypse because... He's the last one left and, I'm not trying to use stereotypes, but he looks like he would :S

Chris: Let me know when you have your final answers and remember you can only submit them once. So if you're unsure be sure to ask a teammate!

Daniel: So.... we ready yet? :P

Mariah: I think E is Izumi and F should be Dave

Chris: Eliminated contestants are not included

Mariah: Oh than I think Daniel is right.I

James: Than those are our answers.

Chris: You guys got a perfect score. You guys place first.

Daniel: WOOOHOO! *raises his hand up for a high five* Yeah.... *suddenly feels embarrassed, and awkwardly puts his hands in his pockets* Yay, we..won :)

Elimination Ceremony 2: Enigmatic Explosions

Chris: You guys gotta vote someone off be sure to comment saying you voted

Bridgette: Voted.

Courtney: Voted.

Izumi: Voted.

Duncan: voted

Jo: Voted

Chris: Life preservers go to






and Duncan!

Sorry Shawn but its time to go

Shawn: Know what? I'll return! And you shall see my power!

Episode 3: The Evil Beneath

Pool Deck

Manuel *swims in the pool*: Ah, thats life! Manuel CONF: When I hopped on board I hoped not to have hard feelings with anyone, but now Rosalina looks so pretty!

Skylar: *dives in* Hey! Who wants to race me! I'm board!

Manuel: No thanks.

Juliet: *in her bikini* YAY! A pool! *jumps into the pool* Boys and Pools, what more could I want...

Romeo: *pulls out a rose from his sleeve and just stares at it* Okay...don't know how it would survive this long in my sleeve, but okay?

Juliet: *looks at Romeo* :o... *has the strongest vision of love in her life* Hi... what is your name? No one mentioned you in the challege... :o

Romeo: *still looking at the rose* Oh, hello...*looks up* I'm Romeo. I guess I'm just not too memorable or crazy to be remembered... Say, you seem like a nice person, so you can have this. *hands her the rose* I mean, if you like it...if you don't, please don't kill me...I'll get you something else you like, if that would make it better?

Juliet: *takes the rose slowly then blushes* Well, I am Juliet, I am homeschooled and I barley get to finish my studies so I never really get to go out, I will take off to colledge after the competition, and thanks for the rose... :)

Manuel: What?! You're homeschooled like me? Never mind. I had much time to hang out with friends.

Romeo: Well, hello Juliet. *bows* Anyway, that's nice. Having goals is always good. Also, no problem. I'm sure the rose will enjoy its plant life with you, more than me by a margin.

Juliet: Well, I am going to go to the dining hall later today... you wanna come with me?

Romeo: Sure. I would be honored. I'll just hope nothing pops up to kill me in the meantime...

Juliet: Don't worry, *gets out and whispers in Romeo's ear* I'll protect you... *walks to the dining hall* I'm going now.

Romeo: *stands still for five seconds after hearing "I'll protect you" and then snaps back to reality* ...Oh, my bad. Alright, let's go.

Game Room

Daniel: *playing on one of the arcade machines, and wind* WOOOO! I'm in the top 1,0000000000! That's my highest ever! :D

Izumi: Really...? What was the score then?

Staci: You do realise they reset it when we joined the house

Izumi: How did he get the in that score range then, that far if- yeah, nevermind. I don't think I want to know.

Daniel: 5, I got the lowest score, only 1,0000000000 people have played it.. but I got higher score than the one I got at the local arcade where I live... I guess he forgot to :S

Izumi: Oh...why do you keep getting so many low scores?

Daniel: Cause it's hard? :S

Mariah: *playing pokemon Chrystal on a gameboy color*

Izumi: Is there a set difficulty or are there options to choose from? I'll try it out later, I guess...

Daniel: Options, I picked...... Super Easy :D

Mariah: *looks up and sees the acade Machine* OH EM gee *runs to it* Can I play Can I play!!!

Daniel: Sure... I'm not that good at it :S

Mariah: YEEAAASSSHH, thank you Daniel! *put the setting on Extra Hard* Let me kill this game *presses on start and playing the game like she invented it*

Izumi: Daniel, you should probably might get better from watching or learn a few tips? I don't know, I just know the Top 1,0000000000 is a pathetic score.

Daniel: *looks down, sad* ....oh.... ok *watches Mariah playing* :(

Izumi: You'll eventually get better, but the Top 1,0000000000? That's nothing to be proud about. Mariah is a good gamer, I think. You'll be able to make the Top 1000 one day...or move on to regular easy. Whichever comes first.

James: *walks in while yawning* What's going on guys?

Izumi: Nothing important, really. Just Daniel learning how to beat Super Easy mode on some game... :/

Mack: H-hey everyone, c-c-c-can I play!?

James: Let me try real quick! *gos to arcade machine next to Daniel* Let's see... EXPERT! *Starts playing*

Jimmy: Daniel, that's just sad.

- 1 Hour Later -

James: Wow that was fun. JMS - 1,293,489,596,294. What did you get Daniel?

Jimmy: Not bad!

Rosalina: *walks in* ugh is there anything educational on this boat?

Daniel: (CONF) "Daniel, that's just sad?", Who raised him!? Heather? That was u-uncalled for, if you have nothing nice to say, don't say it at all... atleast to their faces! :(

Jimmy: I know right? I feel so dumb!

Rosalina: Your not dumb your smart :)

Jimmy: Awww, thanks!

Rosalina: No Problem!

Jimmy: You're smart too.

Rosalina: Thanks :)

Jimmy: No problem.

James: Well you guys shouldn't come into a game room expecting something educational.

Rosalina: Oh right sorry :)

Mariah: YEAH!!! Highscore!!! 60,000,000,000,000!!!

Rosalina: Congrats on the highscore :)

Dining Room

Saionji: *looks around* Uwaaah, where are the lollipops? >:(

Rosalina: *eats soup* there are none

Manuel: Oh, Rosalina! You're so smart!

Mack: *eating waffles nervously* ...L-ollip-p-ops are n-n-n-n-not a g... a good breakfest... right Miss Tooday *picks up Miss Tooday (The Doll) and starts playing with her*

Saionji: Uwaaah! Get away, freak!!! >:( *throws a plate at Mack*

Mack: *gets hit by the plates and it breaks, broken shards cut Mack* ow.... *bleeding heavily* Saionji.... ow...

Saionji: Well, that's what you get for trying to take advantage of me! >:( *throws another plate*

Mack: Taking adv-? *gets knocked over and gets cut heavily by the plate*

Saionji: *giggles, and skips away*

Juliet: *comes in* Hey Rosalina what can we ha- what the heck is happend to Mack! D:

Mack: *crying* ...

Romeo: *comes in after Juliet* Woah...he's looks near-death! What happened...?

Mack: I was-s cuuuuuuuuuuuAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH! *holding cut on head* c-cut by Saionjijijijijiji-!

Lindsay: *walks in and gets some french fries* Yummy!

Romeo: there an infirmary around here...? We need to get you to one, quick...that wound doesn't look like a light one...

Juliet: We have to take him to the inirmary! We can have a meal later Romeo! *realises she never told him she wanted a meal with him* I mean... take... hold of Mack please

Teri: *comes in* :D Yes! I wished on a star last night for something lovely to happen, and when I first wake up, the annoying brat named Mack is bleeding to death... huzzah! *sits down on a table*

Mack: *passes out*

Juliet: *picks Mack up* Come on, buddy...

Romeo: *to Teri* That's unusually cruel...*to Mack* Please don't die. Hang in there... :(

Saionji: *looks back at that hideous Mack, raising an eyebrow* Weirdo. *pokes tongue out*

Mack: *mumbles some words to Saionji, however it sounds like it was a question*

Juliet: *takes Mack to the infirmary with Romeo* Bye Mack, wait till you get better... *goes back to the Dining Room* Okay, we can have our meal now Romeo..

Teri: *hears Romeo' s insult* Aww, thanks, you're cruel too! :D

Saionji: Uwaaah, that moron can't talk! It's so much nicer with him quiet!!! :D

Romeo: *to Juliet* Alright, if it's what you want, though we might want to check on Mack later, though...I doubt anyone else will...

Juliet: Yeah, Mack wasn't that popular on the seasons I watch, we will, after we have are breakfest *sits down*

Lightning: *comes in* the Lightning needs protein! *runs to the meat buffet and start eating like a beast* HMMM that is good!

Romeo: Alright. *sits down with Juliet* So, how has your life been up until now?

Juliet: It's been okay, I have never really tried anything though, never had wine, never went to a friends party, I've always been studiying for something I don't wanna do... My dad makes me study languages, when I really want to be an actress... so hows your life been... and I'll have the Strawberry Pancakes...

Romeo: Oh, I see...maybe try to explain to your father that you don't want to do, what he wants to do? I don't think he would get mad, since it sounds like he wants you to get a good education for a good life, which wouldn't be good if you don't like doing what you do... In any case, I hope you can do what you want to do. :) Also, my life was fine up until recent times, where it turned scary- but, I'm not important...also, I'll the eggs.

Juliet: NO! You are important, everyone is, tell me where it got scary...I won't mind :)

Romeo: Well, if it's what you want...I come from a noble family, but around last year we went bankrupt. My father is a stubborn man and due to it, he refused to pay anything. Around that time, my country was corrupted, so the bank, which I'm assuming it is, sent assassins to kill my father while he was out, and I got separated from my mother and cousin during the escape from them. I fled like a coward, because I was unable to defend myself and am quite possibly the last person of my family still alive and am trying to keep my family name alive, though now due to the experience I feel like I'm being hunted down every where. My main goal is to just pay off my debt so my family name at least doesn't contain a bad reputation...sorry to have burdened you with the boredom of the story.

Juliet: I wasn't bored, I wanted to know, and now I do, so sad, but interesting! *waiter gives eggs and pancakes* hey, do you want to eat here or bring this with us when we visit Mack?

Romeo: I'm fine with whatever you want. Whichever you prefer, will be my answer. :)

Juliet: I am quite worried so let's visit.. :)

Romeo: Alright.

Juliet: *goes to Mack* Hello, Mack how are you feeling?

Mack: ... *looks at Juliet, with a puzzled face*

Romeo: *walks in after Juliet* Are you feeling better, Mack? You gave us quite the scare...

Mack: W-who are you t-wwo? *looks at both with a puzled face*

Juliet: We are Juliet and Romeo, we came to visit you after your injury...

Romeo: Are you feeling alright, Mack?

Mack: Um... yes... *rubs his head* Rosalina hit me hard right?

Juliet: Um... I don't think so... didn't you say?

Romeo: Wait, Rosalina...? I thought you stated it was Saionji...? Wait, what?

Mack: Saionji wouldn't do that, we've been friends since season four of- oh yeah, I am on TDAvU6 right?

Saionji: *glances* Friends? (CONF) As If I'd ever be friends with that little rat! Heheheh! He's so gullible and delusional! If he's not playing stupid, which isn't so hard for him, I could totally use this!!! >:D

Mack: Oh hey, Saionji! :D

Juliet: wait... *goes up to Saionji* I think the head wounds caused him amnesia, everything you did, he belives Rosalina did, and belives everything Rosalina did, you did! You should tell him the truth...

Saionji: (CONF) If I want to win, I have to trick this boneheads! Yay!!! *nibbles on a sweet* Which means, I've got to do whatever in my power! It's easy, because they are stupid! (END CONF) What are you talking about? Mack and I are good friends! That never happened. >~>

Juliet: WhAT!?

Mack: Yeah, Saionji is my friend :D

Romeo: So, Saionji, if you are indeed Mack's friend, you were there when he was wounded, right? What happened then?

Juliet: YEAH! What happend to him!?

Saionji: I only just came back! Mack told me to get sweets, and I saw this when I came back! *holds out pile of candy*

Mack: That is all the proof we need! Let's go Saionji! :D

Juliet: Bu-but.... o.o

Romeo: What...

Saionji: *claps hands* Yay! (CONF) I want him to be deprived of oxygen for a long amount of time! :D

Mack: *goes to the game room* Cool!

Manuel: Games are so awesome! My favourite is "animal memory".

Manuel CONF: I hope no one is angry at me that I don't do any challenges, because I found out that white sharks are afraid of me, but I wanna be friends with them!

Rosalina: Umm.....................................................................Ok? *leaves*

Dreyk: Why is Saionji still here...? I don't get people anymore.

Lightning: *finishes the meat* ah!! *start doing push up's* 1,2,3,4,5

Challenge 3

Chris: Welcome to the Bermuda Triangle! It's known for the mysterious events that occur. For your challenge I want you to find me the most unusual/dangerous/mysterious event that has occurred there. It might require you to look up information. So go ahead and discuss as a group and let me know when you have found something.

Chris: Judging time! I have taken the best idea from each team and a lot of ideas have been repeated among teams and some ideas are just a description of the Bermuda Triangle. Since some ideas have been repeated, whoever posted that idea first, will be used.

All Sea Stars: 7/10

Enigmatic Explosions: 10/10

Sailing Saviors: 9/10

Black Horseas: 8/10

The All Sea Stars are going to elimination!

All Sea Stars

Dreyk: Look up the Flight 19, everyone.g

Lightning: that is sha-scary!! Would that happend to us, sha-lightning can't die like this!!

Rosalina: Logically there is a scientific explanation for everything there just hasn't been one for the bermuda triangle nothing bad is going to happen lightning

Saionji: Teehee! What wimps! :3

Rosalina: Oh Hi Saionji :).

Dreyk: Go away, Saionji. >.> Anyways, here's some stuff about the disappearance:

Lindsay: Oh my gosh that is soo scary!

Lightning: that is sha-crazy!!!

Mack: *pushes past Rosalina and walks to Saionji* Hello! :3 I think we can win this....

Lindsay: We can totally win! Dreyk your idea is totally awesome! (CONF) I love my team, they are so nice to me. But every season i'm in the team that loses every challenge. So now, i'm gonna help my team (END CONF) So, here's Admiral Lindsay! We should do Dreyk's idea and show it to the team. We have to talk about it! Go go go!

Rosalina: Ow *gasps* (CONF) What is up with Mack? when we first started he was such a sweetheart but now he's hanging out with saionji? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.......... (END CONF)

Enigmatic Explosions

Staci: ?

Duncan: The Connemara IV is another more famous version of that story. The ship was found with no one aboard

Staci: Mary eleste sounds like more of a ghost ship though :P

Staci: another heres another heres another

Jo: This'll for sure make us win! [1]

Bridgette: It looks really mystery

Staci: Thats what ive been linking.....

Sailing Survivors

Jimmy: So....

Holden: How about the disaaparance of a 3 whole U.S Battleship the USS Cyclops, Proteus and Nereus. They were also sister ships. All in this triangle

Jimmy: Weird. Any other ideas?

Juliet: Hmm.... this is good yeah? :)

Teri: Well, evil things are my speciality! So, I picked the mysterious Mary Celeste Ghost Ship of Bermuda Triangle!

Black Horseas

Mariah: OH NO WE ARE IN THE BERMUNDA TRIANGLE?? WE'RE GONNA DIE *start hyperventilating*

Mariah: *Looking on a website* look at this so many things happens here.

Skylar: Meh... not that scary. [2]

Kiki: *scrolling through phone, and links website* Yo, two lightkeepers at the Isaac Lighthouse disappeared in 1969!!

LeShaniqua: Oh Helllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll no this so cray cray

Daniel: *looking on his phone* Um... What about this?

Manuel: Maybe a giant water tornado makes the ships and planes dissapear! Maybe a new species of animal doesn't want to be discover! Manuel out! * goes to watch the white sharks *

Manuel *comes back*: No, thats even better -

Elimination Ceremony 3: All Sea Stars

Chris: Well you guys lost so you gotta vote someone off Be sure to comment saying you voted

Lindsay: Voted

Mack: V-voted *its next to Saionji and ignores Rosalina again*

Rosalina: Voted *scoots by Mack* (CONF) Why is he ignoring me?! AUGH!

Lindsay: *looks to Rosalina and is whispering to her* Whats wrong girl?

Mack: *sees Rosalina and screams* D: *sits next to the other side of Saionji holding his bandaged head*

Rosalina: *whispers* i think there is something wrong with mack

Lindsay: *whispers* Oh.. wait. Who is Mack again?

Rosalina: *whispers* the one with the tie

Saionji: Voted. :3

Lindsay: *nodds* Ahw, don't worry Rosalinda it will be fine. *huggs*

Rosalina: Thanks *hugs*

Lightning: SHAVOTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *runs into Lindsay* girl if it wasn't for your two big pillows the Lightning would've had a headache now

Lindsay: Yay long live the pillows, or whatever!

Rosalina: Umm yeah?

Chris: Life preservers go to







and Dreyk!

Sorry Cindy but you're eliminated!

Episode 4: Beachin' It

Pool Deck

Lindsay: *jumps in the pool* Yay!

Rosalina: hmmmmmmmmmm (CONF) I need to get Mack out of his trauma but first i need to know what caused it

Mack: *walks by and sits down in the pool, floating on his back* :) He-he...

Lindsay: *swims and sees Mack* Oh hey Mack, how are you?

Rosalina: *gets in* hai mack :)

Manuel: Hey Rosalina you'r awesome today!

Game Room

Dining Room

Challenge 4

Chris: Welcome everyone to Malibu. For your challenge you must make a sand castle. It will take 10 lines to build, but you'll be doing it as a team so you cannot post again unless someone from your team posts. The first three teams to finish their sand castle will win. GO!

All Sea Stars Sand Castle

Rosalina: *builds sand castle* (1)

Lindsay: *builds sand castle* (2)

Rosalina: *builds* (3)

Lindsay: *builds sand castle* (4)

Saionji: Tehee! This is sad! *builds sand castle* :3 (5)

Lightning: SHA Lightning to the rescue !! *builds sand castle* (6)

Rosalina: *builds sand castle* (7)

Lindsay: *builds sand castle* (8)

Rosalina: *builds sand castle* (9)

Lindsay: *builds sand castle* (10) Yay

Rosalina: YES! AWESOME *high fives's lindsay and cheers*

Chris: 3rd place

Enigmatic Explosions Sand Castle

Jo: *builds sand castle* (1)

Bridgette: *builds sand castle* (2)

Izumi: *builds sand castle* (3)

Bridgette: *builds sand castle* (4)

Jo: *builds sand castle* (5)

Izumi: *builds sand castle* (6)

Jo: *builds sand castle* (7)

Bridgette: *builds sand castle* (8)

Jo: *builds sand castle* (9)

Bridgette: *builds sand castle* (10) Done

Chris: 2nd place

Sailing Saviors Sand Castle

Romeo: ...Anyone? *builds sand castle* (1)

Teri: *builds sand castle* (2) If I wasn't on your team, I'd smash this castle :|

Romeo: Fair enough... *builds sand castle* (3)

Jimmy: *builds sand castle* (4)

Jueliet: *builds* Oh no! :3 (5)

Black Horseas Sand Castle

LeShamiqua: *builds sand castle* (1)

Skylar: *builds sand castle* (2)

LeShaniqua: *builds sandcastle* (3)

Skylar: *builds sand castle* (4)

Daniel: *builds castle* (5) Let's go :D

Skylar: Shut up and build! *builds sand castle* (6)

Daniel: *builds castle* (7) mean... .__.

LrShaniqua: *builds* (8)

Daniel: *builds castle* (9) Cool, we're almost done! :D

Skylar: *builds castle* (10) We are done! Thanks to me!

Chris: You guys finish first!

Mariah: YaY!!!

Daniel: Skylar, you wouldn't of been able to finish without me and LeShaniqua! :(

Skylar: Shut it! I did most of the work because I'm amazing and flawless.

Daniel: You did do the most work, and I'm not trying to be mean, but.... nevermind :(

Manuel: Sorry, I couldn't help you with this challenge. *tries to make a sand castle and then it goes down*

Elimination Ceremony 4: Sailing Saviors

Chris: You guys gotta vote Be sure to comment saying you voted

Juliet: HI! I am so happy, yet so sad... and so confused, but whatever...

Jimmy: *voted* First elimination. Well it had to happen eventually.

Romeo: I have voted...


Teri: I voted :/

Chris: Life preservers go to







and Bonshaquitta!

Sorry Andres, but you're eliminated!

Episode 5: Gone Down Under

Pool Deck

Lightning: Sha ha Lightning!!! *dives into the water*

Lindsay: *sits at the pool and looks to Lightning*

Staci: *in her bikini* Dont goggle

Game Room

Mariah: (CONF) Yay I love this game room... can I just say that the confesional looks really clean like nobody used it before, anyway I love the game room, Chris even has Mario Kart 8 I haven't played it yet!!

Daniel: *trying to beat the game he was playing before* ……… *loses* ...Aww...

Mariah: it doesn't matter not everyone is good in games some are better in sports, I suck at sports.

Rosalina: It's ok daniel *plays video game trying to loose* see i got- the high score .-.

Daniel: ... I'm not even good at sports :(

Rosalina: But you are good at one thing :)

Daniel: What's that? :(

Rosalina: Your a Great Friend and that is what matters most you don't have to be popular, good at sports or good at anything! you just have to be a good friend! that is what i look in a person and what everyone should look in a person :)

Jimmy: Hey Daniel, hey Rosalina.

Manuel: Hey Rosalina!

Dining Room

Challenge 5

Chris: Challenge starts tomorrow 6/12/14 at 12pm EST

Chris: Welcome to your fifth challenge! Remember in TDWT in Australia where they had to bungee jump for sheep? You're doing that off the boat to catch fish! You must catch 12 fish and its just like yesterday's challenge where you do it as a team! The first 3 teams to catch 12 fish will win.

All Sea Stars

Mack: QUICK QUICK! :O *catches a fish*

Lindsay: *catches a fish*

Lightning: *dives in water and catches a fish* SHA YEAH!

Lindsay: *catches a fish* Fish yay!

Lightning: *dives in water and catches a fish and throws it at Lindsay * SHA YEAH CATCH IT HOT CHICK!!

Lindsay: Ehh thanks.. *catches a fish* (CONF) He is totally hot. He is much hotter than Noah. (END CONF)

Lightning: *catches a fish with his bare hand and throws it on deck*

Lindsay: *catches a fish*

Mack: Quick before Rosalina ruins everything *catches a fish*

Lindsay: Oh my gosh! *catches a fish and slaps with it to Mack's face*

Lightning: *catch a fish with his bare hands and throws it to the deck and accidentally hit Mack*

Lindsay: *smiles to Lightning and catches a fish*

Mack: We win! :D

Lightning: *catch a fish with his bare hands and throws it to the deck and accidentally hit Mack again*

Lindsay: Yay! *runs to Lightning and huggs him* (CONF) He was totally awesome this challenge. I love him. (END CONF)

Rosalina: Great job team :)

Lightning: The Lightning team won!! *holding Lindsay up on one hand*

Chris: You guys finish first

Enigmatic Explosions

Bridgette: *catches a fish* (1)

Izumi: *catches fish* (2)

Bridgette: *catches a fish* (3)

Izumi: *catches fish* (4)

Bridgette: *catches a fish* (5)

Izumi: *catches fish* (6)

Bridgette: *catches a fish* (7) Nice Izumi, i think we can place second!

Izumi: Yeah. :) *catches fish* (8)

Bridgette: *catches a fish* (9)

Izumi: *catches fish* (10)

Bridgette: *catches a fish* (11)

Staci: *catches a fish* (12)

Sailing Saviors

Juliet: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH *jumps and catches a fish*

Romeo: *waits for five minutes, not being able to catch anything while jumping* Juliet, are you having any luck? *catches fish* Oh, hey, caught one. (2)

Juliet: *In the water* HELP! D: *catches fish*

Romeo: Hmm- *sees Juliet* Hold the drowning part a minute, I'm coming! *puts his hand out the boat in a panicking manner* Do you think you could manage to swim here for me to pull you in, or shall I jump and see what else I can do...?

Juliet: *catches fish and grabs Romeo's hand* Come on... D: (4)

Romeo: *pulls Juliet back up* Not sure how this actually worked, but it's great to see you safe. ...I'll be right back. *catches fish* Okay, got one. Are you alright? (5)

Juliet: *catches fish* Thanks... :) (6)

Romeo: Any time. You did give me quite a scare though... *catches fish* (7)

Juliet: *catches fish* HURRY! (8)

Teri: *catches fish* (9)

Juliet: *catches fish* (10)

Teri: *catches fish* (11)

Juliet: *catches fish* (12) YES! :D

Romeo: Just barely...

Jimmy: Didn't he say TOMORROW!?!

Juliet: yes... but he said Tomorrow yesterday...

JImmy: He said the TWELFTH.

Romeo: Sometimes things are sped up, so I suppose that might be why...?

Chris: I got the dates wrong so gg me :P You guys place third

Black Horseas

Mariah: *catch a fish* yay!!

LeShaniqua: *catches fish*

Manuel: *catch a fish with a net*

LeShaniqua: *catches fish*

Mariah: *catch a fish with a pokemon ball*

LeShaniqua: *catches fish*

Mariah: *catch a fish with a pacman*

LeShaniqua: *catches fish*

Mariah: *catch a fish with the mastersword*

LeShaniqua: *catches fish*

Mariah: *catch a fish like a kirby*

LeShaniqua; *catches fish*

Mariah: *catch a fish with a mario boomrang*

LeShaniqua: WE'RE DONE!

Manuel: Yay!

Chris: Second place

Elimination Ceremony 5: Enigmatic Explosions

Chris: You guys lost so you know the drill Be sure to comment saying you voted and blah blah blah

Bridgette: Voted.

Izumi: Voted. :)

Staci: voted

Lana: Uh... Hi Chris. Can you make challenge times later. I'm busy during those times. Bye! *leaves*

Lightning: Sha Bahm!! *steals Enigmatic's fish away* this is all protein and sha-lightning needs that and you loose so bye *runs to the dinner room*

Courtney: Voted.

Chris: Life preservers go to





and Courtney

Duncan you're eliminated!

Episode 6: A Hunting We Will Go

Pool Deck

Game Room

Daniel: *gets the highscore* Um... woohoo...

Rosalina: *claps* good job! :)

Lindsay: *plays MK8 as Toadette*

Daniel: *yawns* *passes out from lack of sleep and falls off chair*

Rosalina: *pulls him on the chair* there ya go :)

Mariah: *plays MK8 with Lindsay* Oh yes blue shell!!

Lightning: people what are you doing we are on a boat and you are playing videogames inside?

Jimmy: *sits next to Rosalina* :)

Lindsay: *wins MK8* Yay i won!

Manuel *beats skylanders: swap force* Yay! True portal master!

Staci: Yes Lightnng sunlight causes cancer and video games improve your vision

Rosalina: Hey Jimmy...*Looks at Mack and sighs*

Dreyk: Everything causes cancer. Besides, who would believe you, liar? :/

Jimmy: What's wrong?

Dining Room

Challenge 6

Chris: Challenge starts 6/12/14 at 6pm EST

Chris: Today we're having a scavenger hunt! You must find 5 objects that are hidden around the boat. I will give you clues to what you must find. Once you make your guess I'll tell you if its right or wrong. If its right you can go look for that object. It will take 2 lines to do so. You really want your team to help because the more people you have the easier it will be. The first team to find their 5 objects will win this challenge.

All Sea Stars

Chris: Your first clue is this. "I wear a green jacket on the outside, white jacket as a second layer, and red jacket inside. I am pregnant with a lot of babies"

Dreyk: A watermelon.

Chris: Yup go find one.

Rosalina: Let's Go! *looks for watermelon*

Dreyk: *looks for the item* Ugh. Found it. It's rotten.

Rosalina; *looks for watermelon* ok got it

Chris: Next clue "I really don't want to be on a hook, and I become a person when combined with book."

Dreyk: A worm.

Chris: Yes

Dreyk: *looks for worm*

Rosalina: *looks for worm*

Chris: Here's the next clue "I get wet when drying. I get dirty when wiping."

Dreyk: A towel.

Chris: Yes

Dreyk: *looks for towel*

Rosalina: looks for towel* FOUND IT

Chris: "I have a neck and no head, two arms but no hands."

Dreyk: A shirt.

Chris: Yup

Dreyk: *looks for shirt*

Rosalina: *finds shirt*

Chris: "I will disappear every time you say my name" :p

Dreyk: Silence. do you find that?

Chris: go somewhere quiet

Rosalina: *goes to silence*

Dreyk: *finds silence(?)*

Chris: Second place :P

Dreyk: We won! What are you talking about?

Enigmatic Explosions

Chris: Your first clue is this. "I am the only thing that place today before yesterday"

Courtney: Obviously a dictionary.

Chris: Yup go find one

Courtney: *looks for dictionary*

Staci: *looks for dictionary*

Chris: "I shrink smaller every time I take a bath"

Courtney: Soap!

Staci: *looks for Soap*

Courtney: *looks for soap*

Chris: "I grown from darkness but shine with a pale light"

Courtney: A pearl.

Staci: *looks for Pearl*

Courtney: *looks for a pearl*

Chris: "I am lighter than air but a hundred people cannot lift me."

Courtney: A bubble.

Staci: *looks for a bubble*

Courtney: *looks for bubbles*

Sailing Saviors

Chris: Your first clue is this. "I have two bodies joined together as one. When standing still. I ran and ran"

Holden: it an hourglass

Chris: Go find one

Holden: *searches for an Hourglass*

Lana: *searches for hourglass*

Holden: Lana found an hourglass next riddle

Chris: "I am gentle enough to soothe your skin, light enough to fly in the sky, strong enough to crack rocks"

Holden: Water

Chris: Yup

Holden: *searches for water*

Lana: *searches for water* LOLZ!

Chris: "I am a seed with three letters in my name. Take away the last two and I still sound the same"

Holden: we are looking for some peas i guess

Chris: Correct

Lana: *searches for peas*

Holden: *looks for the peas* Found it

Chris: "I can be long or short. I can be grown or bought. My tip can be round or square"

Holden: Fingernails

Chris: Yup

Lana: *searches for fingernails*

Holden: *searches for some fingernails* found them

Chris: " I am pure and clean most time, but occasionally rotten" :P

Holden: Air

Chris: Yah

Holden: *searches for air*

Lana: *searches for air*

Chris: First place

Black Horseas

Chris: Your first clue is this. "Although I may have eyes, I cannot see. I have a round brown face with lots of acne"

LeShaniqua: Potato

Chris: That's right

James: *searches for a potato*

LeShaniqua: *looks 4 patato* FOUND IT!

Chris: Next clue "I like to twirl my body but keep my head up high"

LeShaniqua: A screw?

Chris: Das right

James: *searches for screw*

LeShaniqua: *looks for screw* FOUND IT!

Chris: "I am the type of room you can not enter or leave. Raise from the ground below."

LeShaniqua: Mushroom

Chris: Yes

LeShaniqua: *looks 4 mushroom*

James: *lokks for mushroom*

Chris: "With three eyes and as black as night, I frequently knock down ten men with a single strike"

James: A bowling ball.

Chris: yup

James; *searches for bowling ball*

LeShaniqua: *finds bowling ball*

Chris: "I am good at concealing what's real and hide what's true"

LeShaniqua: Makeup

Chris: Yes

James: *searches for makeup*

LeShaniqua: *finds makeup* WE WON

Chris: Third place

Elimination Ceremony 6: Enigmatic Explosions

Chris: Well vote someone off comment saying you voted

Courtney: I voted.

Bridgette: Wow that was very fast, well i voted.

Jo: I voted.

Staci: I voted

Izumi: Voted. :)

Chris: Life preservers go to




and Staci

Sorry Jo but you're finished

Episode 7: Expanding Our Horizons

Pool Deck

Staci: Wow, the expolosions are dwindling

Kiki: *filing her nails, dipping her feet into the water* Like the opposite of mah career! ;3

Lightning: *doing push ups* 4320 4321 4322

Courtney: Do you mind? *glares at Lightning*

Kiki: I ain't gonna sit around being bored all day. Why don't we have a little fun? *holds out a bottle of protein powder*

Skylar: *starts doing sit-ups* 1 2 3 4...

Izumi: Well...I actually have nothing to say, so I'll just blend into the background. *yawns of boredom* :(

Staci: OMG Lindsay can counr

Kiki: *chuckles, holding out the protein bottle over the edge*

Game Room

Saionji: *walks in, confused*

Rosalina: hey Saionji

Mack: *follows Saionji* ...h-hey Saionji :)

Saionji: Uwaaah, hai! *grins, and hugs Mack, flipping off Rosalina from his shoulder, without Mack noticing*

Mack: So... do you w-wanna p-pl-play a game? :)

Mariah: *playing Hyrule Worriors* MIDNA!!!

Saionji: Games? :3 *confused*

Lindsay: Nooo Mario Kart 8 doesnt work anymore.

Manuel: Hey Rosalina! Your pretty!

Jimmy: I think Rosalina is prettier!

Manuel: Than who? She is already the prettyest on the ship!

Rosalina: Um gee thanks (CONF) What does Mack see in her I mean she looks like a 8 year old >.< it may be mean but it's true! Truth Laws outlaw Nice laws right?

Jimmy: *plays Pac-Man* This game is highly improbable.

Lindsay: Ooohhh Rosalina! The boys like you yay!

Dreyk: Stop trying to flirt with Mack, Saionji. He's taken. In his mind. By Rosalina, but Rosalina literally has at least three crushes on TDASvU.

Rosalina: Actually I have 2 crushes but that is right

Jimmy: AM I ONE?!?!?!? I mean... Just wondering...

Saionji: Teeeheee, Dreyk! You're so idiotic and stupid! Now shut the f*** up before I bash you! >:( :) Mack, let's go somewhere else!!! :D (CONF) Uwaaah, I hate Mack so much, but he's so stupid like this! :)

Dreyk: You males are pathetic. Jimmy, Rosalina is clearly into you. Go for it. Mack...just keep doing what you're make Saionji shut the f*** up. (CONF) "I'm a strong, independent white male that don't need no woman", as Rob Mariano would say...before he married Amber Brkich...ugh. Such an idol killer, right?

Rosalina: Your better than this Dreyk don't lie your a strong and sophisticated contestant why did you just say complete lies that aren't true?

Manuel CONF: I'm surely one of the guys for Rosalina. Not like Mack or Jimmy.

Lindsay: Yeah why? *is trying to be mean*

Mack: Okay Saionji... :D

Daniel: (CONF) I feel real unimportant right now, I've literally done nothing helpful besides a few challenges, I really hope I do something before everyone has a plotline besides me :/

Dining Room

Juliet: *eating pancakes with a puzzled face*... :I

Romeo: *walks in, pacing around in thought, but then stops and notices Juliet* Hmm...are you alright? Is something scaring you or anything?

Juliet: It's just Saionji... she is playing Mack... :I

Romeo: Well...I'm sure everything will be back on track in no time, including Mack's need to worry- it's not like Saionji is plotting on killing Mack...right?

Challenge 7

Chris: Challenge starts tomorrow 6/15/14 at 7pm EST

Chris: Okay so we want to liven things up on the boat so I want you to gather ideas for a new attraction that we can add onto the boat and maybe throw a decorative theme party. The team with the best ideas will win and it would be nice if you could post a picture of your attraction and theme party.

All Sea Stars

Lindsay: A rollercoaster to every floor!

Saionji: Uwaah! Water slide! :D

Lightning: we need a gym!! and in the gym we have pictures of me!!!

Lindsay: I got it, i got it! What about a rollercoaster in the water, that is going to the gym? (CONF) I'm totally smart! (END CONF)

Mack: ... wouldn't it be more appealing if we just got some b-b-bright colours and bedrooms, and not like team bedrooms, I mean bedrooms where you sleep with only one person... :)

Lightning *punches Mack arm* uncomfortable in your own skin? the Lightning isn't cause the Lightning is perfect! *kissing his abs*

Mack: O-okau... ;(

Dreyk: Stop trying to sleep with Saionji and actually think. >.> A rollercoaster to every floors sounds nice. So does a water slide. Maybe a gym, but no pictures of Lightning. Please.

Mack: W-what? D-do you th-think I am the type of guy who w-wants s-s-se- *mutes and drops a tear*

Lightning: A gym without picture of sha-lightning is not a gym!!

Rosalina: Youguys are thinking all wrong we need a theme for the party we cannot just slap random things together am i right?

Lindsay: Ehh .. i guess?

Mack: *next to Rosalina* I agree with the witch, we have to set a theme, gym, themepark, halloween.. *walks over to Dreyk* we need one

Rosalina: grrrrrrrrrr (CONF) I swear if that stu- i mean not- that- bright- Mack calls me a witch one more time i swear i will go to jail for murder- i mean mayonaise >.> (END CONF)

Mack: R-rosalina, stop bullying me! You witch! *walks to Saionji*

Rosalina: GrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrAHHHHHHHHHHHHH *jumps on Mak and Shoves Mayonaise on his head* ok now that that is over how about a tropical beach theme?

Lindsay: Yeah, beach theme! Dancing, volley ball!

Mack: Y-you've a-al-lways been mean-n to m-me ever since you bullied me in ASvU4!!! You just proved it!! ;-;

Lightning: We need to celebrate the Lightning!! *hangs up picture from himself in all kinds of poses* Shayeah!

Chris: You guys lose. Its elimination time!

Enigmatic Explosions

Staci: We could add a theme Park? and a motocross show?

Bridgette: Or.. a dolphin show?

Izumi: A dancing room with a DJ playing in the background so people can dance and have fun? Not sure...

Courtney: Parasailing while the boat travels! :3 When it's windy, of course. And maybe we could have two parasails so that Mack and Saionji can get together! :D I just love love.

Staci: Why dont we add everything together :3 who says you cant have to much awesome

Chris: You guys place third

Sailing Saviors

Holden: We could have a confetti cannon. Shooting confetti is fun

Jimmy: How 'bout a water slide that takes you on a guided tour of the boat? There would be speakers to explain everything. Sort of like the Tommorland Transit Authority in Disney.

Holden: We could also have an all you can eat buffett but with a twist. You ordaer food and within seconds it apperars at your table

Jimmy: we'd need an intricate tunnel system to get the food there... But it would work!

Holden: Also we should have a petting zoo. And use the other tribes as the animals

Romeo: Hmm...perhaps we could have an All-Culture Dining Room for the winners to taste food from mulitple countries and cultures to be an alternative to Holden's buffet idea, should they want something else- or somehow implement the cuisine from cultures into the buffet?

Holden: I can have my cat cooper come and attack people. That should be fun to watch

Jimmy: I think the all culture thing works. But Holden... That might come off as a bit sadistic.

Holden: Can i at least throw people off the side of the ship. Then we can watch them fight sharks in the ocean. The culture thing is pretty cool though

Romeo: So, our theme would be of a world tour of sorts, like with the tour, animals, and culture cuisine...right?

Juliet: OMG I HAVEN'T HELPED!! Well, I agree with this, also we need more sports to play! Like shuffleboarding or volleyball :3

Romeo: I think that could work, as it also might represent tropical countries? I think...

Juliet: YAY! *hugs Romeo*

Chris: You guys win!

Black Horseas

Daniel: Well... there are already many couples in the season already, like Jimmy and Rosalina.... and James, Mack and Saijoni... I think and Romeo and Juliet, maybe. We could have the Tunnel of Love, and... pfft HAHAHAH! *laughing* Aw, sorry, I just realized how uselesa that'd be XD

Skylar: How about a giant water park in the center of the boat. With slides, wave pools, and other water stuff!

Mariah: How about a pokemon park where we all get and we throw them at the little pokemons!!

Manuel: Well, a big wheel and buggy driving rooms will be actually cool!

Manuel: And totally a cinema with many TVs!

Daniel: Manuel.... don't you mean a cinema with many rooms for different movie screenings, if there are many Tv's playing at the same time in one cinema room it'd probably be very loud and annoying, or out of sync or just plain crowded :S

Mariah: We need mario mushroom cupcakes!

Chris: You guys place second

Elimination Ceremony 7: All Sea Stars

Chris: What can I say? You guys did more arguing than working on the challenge. So now you guys gotta give someone the heave ho Comment saying that you voted

Mack: *votes* Ok... ;(

Lindsay: Voted !

Lightning: Shavoted!

Chris: Life preservers go to






and Saionji

Bye bye Dreyk

Episode 8: Lifesavers

Pool Deck

Saionji: *swims in the pool, with two large floaties on her arms*

Lightning *jumps ontop of Saionji* SHA-BAHM

Saionji: *extremely hurt by the force of the inconsiderate jerk, sinks underwater and is unconscious*

Kiki: *raises glasses* What the hell?

Rosalina: Saionji!? (CONF) I know that i will sound heartless right now but i'm actually considering picking her up..........(END CONF) *sighs* *dives in and grabs Saionji and takes her out of the pool*

James: *sees Saionji and Rosalina* What... What happened? Is she okay?

Rosalina: No she almost drowned is anyone a doctor?

James: Well I do have some medical training. *winks at Rosalina*


Mack: *wispurs* Saionji... was saved by the d-evil...but....

Rosalina: Agh! Are you Ok?

Lightning: Sha-girl, watchout where you are swimming! *swims away*

Manuel: Hey, Rosalina! You are a good lifesaver!

Jimmy: *shoves to the front of the group* Saionji!?!

Game Room

Mariah: Were is everyone? *goes to the dinning room

Dining Room

Challenge 8

Chris: Hello everybody! For your challenge you must look for more life preservers located in the basement of the ship. It will take 15 lines as a team to complete the challenge. The first 3 teams done will win. GO!

Mack: *helping Saionji* C-come on, Saijy... *looks for life preserver*

Juiet: *looks for the life presevers*

Skylar: Let's get a move on! I'm not loosing because my team sucks! *looks for life preservers* (1)

Romeo: *looks for life preservers*

Izumi: *looks for life preservers*

Mack: *helping Saionji and looks for life preserver*

Juiet: *looks for the life presevers*

Rosalina: *looks for life preserver*


Mack: *helping Saionji and looks for life preserver*

Romeo: *looks for life preservers*

Izumi: *looks for life preservers*

Mack: *helping Saionji and looks for life preserver*

Juiet: *looks for the life presevers*

Saionji: *sobbing in pain, helping to find life preservers*

Romeo: *looks for life preservers*

Izumi: *looks for life preservers*

Mack: *helping Saionji and looks for life preserver*

Juiet: *looks for the life presevers*

Romeo: *looks for life preservers*

Izumi: *looks for life preservers*

Saionji: *falls on the ground, while looking for life preservers* Ouuuuchy! My back! ;( *sobbing*

Mack: :O SAIJY!! *picks up Saionji and looks for life preserver*

Juiet: *looks for the life presevers*

Romeo: *looks for life preservers*

Izumi: *looks for life preservers*

Mack: *helpsSaionji and looks for life preserver*

Juiet: *looks for the life presevers*

Saionji: *back hurts even more, and cries louder, while obviously looking for life preservers*

Mack: Hang in there... :( *helps Saionji and looks for life preserver*

Juiet: *looks for the life presevers*

Romeo: *looks for life preservers, while cringing at Saionji's cries*

Izumi: *looks for life preservers*

Mack: *helps Saionji and looks for life preserver*

Juiet: *looks for the life presevers*

Romeo: *looks for life preservers*

Izumi: *looks for life preservers*

Mack: *helpsSaionji and looks for life preserver*

Juiet: *looks for the life presevers*

Romeo: *looks for life preservers*

Izumi: *looks for life preservers*

Mack: *helps Saionji and looks for life preserver*

Juiet: *looks for the life presevers*

Romeo: *looks for life preservers*

Izumi: *looks for life preservers*

Mack: *helps Saionji and looks for life preserver* We win! :D

Juiet: *looks for the life presevers*

Romeo: *looks for life preservers*

Izumi: *looks for life preservers*

Saionji: *cries irl even more while looking for life preservers*

Romeo: *looks for life preservers* Are we close or finished...?

Izumi: *looks for life preservers*

Mack: D: *runs and takes Saionji to medical room*

Juliet: *looks for life preservers*

LeShan: *looks 4 life preservers

Romeo: *looks for life preservers*

Izumi: *looks for life preservers* Almost there.

Skylar: *looks for life preservers*

LeShan: *looks 4 presetvers*

Romeo: *looks for life preservers*

Izumi: *looks for life preservers*

Kiki: *looks for life preservers*

LeShan: *looks for preservers*

Romeo: *looks for life preservers*

Izumi: *looks for life preservers*

Skylar: *looks for life preservers*

LeSHan: *looks 4 preservers*

Izumi: *looks for life preservers*

LeShan: *looks 4 life preservers*

Staci: *looks for life preservers*

Izumi: *looks for life preservers*

Skylar: *looks for life preservers*

Chris: Sailing Saviors first, All Sea Stars second, Enigmatic Explosions third, Black Horseas elimination


Daniel: *looks for life preservers*

Teri: *pushes Chris over* MWUAHAHAH!

Elimination Ceremony 8: Black Horseas

Chris: Well you guys lost so its time to vote Comment saying you voted

Daniel: *votes* :/

LeShaniqua: I'm gonna vote for the b**** i don't like irl

Skylar: I voted -.-

Kiki: Voted!

Chris: Life preservers go to






and Mariah!

Manuel, get off my ship to be honest

Manuel: Bye, everyone! See you next season! And tell Rosalina I love her!

Episode 9: Bucket List

Pool Deck

Lightning: *swimming*

Lana: I'll choose number 20.

Game Room

Dining Room

James: I'll choose number 13.

Challenge 9

Chris: Challenge starts 6/20/14 at 10am EST and will last all day

Chris: Okay! So for this challenge we have hidden certain objects under numbers around the boat. It is your job to pick a number and hope that you get lucky and find the correct object. Here are the objects: Beach Balls, Beach Towels, Arcade Coins, Video Game controllers, DJ's sandwiches, Momma Spice and we have also hidden Gilded Chris Awards, but I'll talk about that after the challenge. Of course there are also numbers that have nothing or earn 0 points so beware. Numbers 1-10 are in the Game Room. Numbers 11-17 are in the Dining Room. Numbers 18-23 are on the Pool Deck. You obviously CANNOT pick the same number as someone else. I'll deal with the unequalness of teams after the challenge. So don't worry and pick a number.

Lightning: I pick 12 cause there are 12 letters in sha-Lightning!

Mariah: uhm I pick 15 because I just catched my favorite pokemon and it was level 15!

Skylar: 14, because it's my lucky number!

James: I already chose thirteen.

Chris: 20, 13, 12 and 15 have been taken

James: But, who has 13?

Chris: You do

Cody: I'll uh, pick 4

Bonshaquitta Lafondrea: Gurllllll I chose 23

Daniel: 9 cause it seems to work for Trent :/

Teri: 18 cause it's three 6's, and three 6's are evil! :)

Mack: 25?

Juliet: 19... *looks at Romeo*

Mack: (CONF) It's my birthday tomorrow... *cross keys* Cross for goodluck! ^-^

Lindsay: 17 pleasee!

Bridgette: I think i'll choose 22.

Rosalina: Number 8

LeShaniqua: 16

Staci: 1

Romeo: 11, I suppose...*notices Juliet* Hmm... *waves to her*

Izumi: Lucky Number 7!

Courtney: Ten.

Jimmy: Six. It's always six.

Saionji: Teeheee, 21! :)

Kiki: 5.

Chris: So here's the dealio, the whole point of this challenge was to determine the new team captains, which are Saionji and Mariah so gg. TIme for elimination and EVERYONE CAN VOTE!

Elimination Ceremony 9: Everyone

Chris: So literally you can vote for anybody but Saionji and Mariah so yah comment saying you voted. You only have to vote for one person by the way.

Courtney: Voted.

Mack: I did it to...

Lightning: Sha-voted!

Mariah: I also voted *eating a mario mushroom cupcake*

James: I voted.


Bridgette: Voted..

Lindsay: Voted!


Izumi: Voted. :)

Romeo: Voted.

Daniel: Voted

Teri: Voted :/

Rosalina: voted

LeShaniqua: voted

Chris: I'll start with the people who had 0 votes against them!


















and Kiki.

These people had only 1 vote against them!


and Bonshaquitta

This person had 3 votes against them but is still automatically safe!


The person that is eliminated with 9 votes to 6 is


LeShaniqua: Um i quit

Lindsay: *runs to Rosalina and huggs her and cries* (CONF) My bestfriend... (END CONF)

Lightning: Sha -bye bye girl Sha-we will sha-miss -sha-you

Mack: *looks at Rosalina, then Saionji, then Rosalina then repeats 6 times before fainting over* (CONF) I DON'T GET ANYTHING! Isn't Lindsay R-Saionji's BFF? And... doesn't Saio- Rosalina have no friends, yet James/Jimmy/Manuel are flirting with her despite their love for Saionji!? I... DON'T GET IT! D:

Rosalina: Mack if your in there forget your feelings for me i'm sorry but it won't and can't happen ok? i do love you but i'm going to forget you and you have to forget me

Mack: ...l-l-love...?

Rosalina: *rolls eyes* it doesn't matter

Episode 10: The Show Goes On

Pool Deck

Lightning: prepare yourself, sha-lightning will make you pee your pants from excitement *runs on the deck does a triple back flip 5 360's and a 1080 and than jumps in the water* SHA- BAHM!!

Game Room

Dining Room

Mack: *goes to Saionji* You'd never lie to me right? Saijy...?

Lindsay; *walks to Mack* Are you happy now? Rosalina is out and i'm sick about it!

Mack: Since w-wh-hen d-d-does anyone care about-t Sa-Rosalina, she has broke so many llamps on my head I think I have concusion! D:

Courtney: You disgust me. >.>

Mariah: *throws all the cupcakes away from the buffet and places hers there instead* these are not really good, I made a coule, some are the form of a pikachu some are pacman I love these. *eats a mario one*

Mack: Wh-what's with the hate u two D:

Mariah: Oh these are great *give one to Lindsay, Courtney and Mack* taste them!

Jimmy: *eating a massive ice cream* R-rosalina...

Team Picking

Chris: Team picking will start tomorrow 6/22/14. This will give you a chance to talk to team captains Saionji and Mariah because whoever doesn't get picked will be eliminated.

Holden: Wow. Sorry mey intenet has been off for a few days

Shawn *goes to Chris*: Hey Chris! Since Leshawniqua quit can I take her place?

Lightning: I do not aprove of this *grabs Shawn by the collar and kick him out off the boat* you're not suppose to be here! SHA BAHM!

Shawn *hops on board*: I can cause Leshawniqua quit! *Kicks Lightning out of the cruise*

Lightning: *pushes Shawn off board again*

Chris: I flipped a coin and Mariah picks first! You will each pick back and forth until you each have 10 people on your team. Whoever doesn't get picked is eliminated so Mariah get us started.

Mariah: Uhm Holden.

Holden: Thank you so much

Mariah: you're welcome..

Saionji: Izumi! :3

Mariah: Courtney

Saionji: Kiki

Mariah: Lightning

Saionji: Lindsay

Mariah: Bridgette

Saionji: Romeo

Mariah: Mack

Saionji: Jimmy

Mariah: Juliett

Saionji: Skylar

Mariah: Daniel

Saionji: Teri

Mariah: James

Saionji: Cody

Mariah: Jimmy

Saionji: I already chose Jimmy, idiot! :d

Mariah: oh Bonshaquitta Lafontrea

Saionji: Lana

Mariah: Staci

Shawn: Ugh, Chris? Can I take Leshawniqua's place?

No answer.

Shawn: OK then I'll help Saonji make a name of her team and will hope become a competitor again - Floating Fighters or Furious Floaters!

Mariah: Shawn what are you doing, you are eliminated and like when you die you can't never ever return!

Lightning: what crazy gamer girl says *kicks how back into the water*

Chris: No Shawn bye bye. We have our two teams and our eliminated contestant!

Elimination Ceremony 10

Chris: Staci, since you were last picked, you're eliminated! Seeya!

Episode 11: The Naming Game

Pool Deck

Game Room

Dining Room

Skylar: Where's all the protein? All I see is a bunch of fattening foods!

Jimmy: (CONF) that girl eats so healthy, it's unhealthy!

Challenge 11

Chris: Well I guess we can start. All you have to do today is come up with a team name. It can be anything you want this time. The most creative team name wins. The worst team name gets an elimination ceremony *laughs*

Saionji's Team

Skylar: The Mighty Madmen!

Jimmy: Let's make it ocean-ish... Super Seamen!

Skylar: Can you make that name a little less...innuendo-ish?

Kiki: ..............

Saionji: 0.0 ............

Kiki: Yuck, whatever! Let's make it the Ridonculous Rockstars!

Jimmy: *cough* make it sound like the sea *cough*

Lindsay: The Amazing Stars!

Jimmy: I kinda like Kiki's

Romeo: Kiki's team name is nice, I suppose...*goes back into deep thoughts*

Izumi: Yeah, it has a nice ring to it. :)

Kiki: Yeaaaaaah man! ;)

Jimmy: *pokes Romeo to see if he moves*

Chris: Well since you guys actually decided on a team win! The Ridonculous Rockstars it is.

Mariah's Team

Holden: The Starboard Seafarer's

Courtney: Well, Chris said it could be anything we want, so how about The Ace Sees Teens?

Bridgette: The Screaming Dolphins?

Mariah: No no no, we needa name like "Aqua Jet Zora's"!

Mack: Um... nice name!

Juliet: 'Romeo on the sea' 'Love at First Sight' 'Rom-' (CONF) O Romeo, Romeo, where is my Romeo? On the other team, Saionji stole him from me! D:

Lightning: gurl you are with the Lightning! Let's call use the "Lightning Sail crew"!

Mariah: No no no the "Aqua Jet Zora's"!

Staci: The Mokey Mokey Smackdowns?

Chris: Since you guys didn't decide on a team name, you lose. I guesss I'll call you your team captain's idea...The Aqua Jet Zora's

Elimination Ceremony 11: Aqua Jet Zoras

Chris: Well you guys lost so you gotta vote someone off don't forget to comment saying you voted.

Daniel: Gee, I v-voted :)

Bridgette: I have voted too.

Mack: O yeah-h vot-ted... ;(

Juliet: Voted...

Holden: Voted

Chris: Life preservers go to









and James!

Sorry Courtney but its time to go.

Episode 12: The Ridonculous Race

Pool Deck

Jimmy: (CONF) Now that I'm on a new team, I can start fresh!

Game Room

Dining Room

Challenge 12

Chris: Challenge starts tomorrow 6/27/14 at 6pm EST

Chris: Challenge is a race around the boat. It will take 10 lines. First team to have 5 people finish will win the challenge. GO!

Mariah: *starts running* (1)

Lightning: *starts running* (1)

Skylar: *starts running* (1)

Mariah: *running* (2)

Lightning: *running* (2)

Jimmy: *runs* (1)

Skylar: *runs* (2)

Izumi: *runs* (1)

Romeo: *runs* (1)

Jimmy: *runs* (2)

Skylar: *runs* (3)

Izumi: *runs* (2)

Romeo: *runs* (2)

Skylar: *runs* (4)

Holden *runs*(1)

Izumi: *runs* (3)

Romeo: *runs* (3)

Holden *runs*(2)

Izumi: *runs* (4)

Romeo: *runs* (4)

Skylar: *runs* (5)

Saionji: *runs* (1)

Kiki: *runs* (1)

Izumi: *runs* (5)

Romeo: *runs* (5)

Saionji: *runs* (2)

Kiki: *runs* (2)

Jimmy: *runs* (3)

Saionji: *runs* (3)

Kiki: *runs* (3)

Mack: *runs* (1)

Juliet: *runs* (1)

Saionji: *runs* (4)

Kiki: *runs* (4)

Mack: *runs* (2)

Juliet: *runs* (2)

Romeo: *runs* (6)

Izumi: *runs* (6)

Daniel: *runs*

Teri: *runs*

Saionji: *runs* (5)

Kiki: *runs* (5)

Mack: *runs* (3)

Juliet: *runs* (3)

Saionji: *runs* (6)

Kiki: *runs* (6)

Romeo: *runs* (7)

Izumi: *runs* (7)

Mack: *runs* (4)

Juliet: *runs* (4)

Romeo: *runs* (8)

Izumi: *runs* (8)

Daniel: *runs*

Teri: *runs*

Saionji: *runs* (7)

Kiki: *runs* (7)

Romeo: *runs* (9)

Izumi: *runs* (9)

Mack: *runs* (5)

Juliet: *runs* (5)

Romeo: *finishes* Phew...oh, it's just me for now? (10)

Izumi: *finishes* Second. I'll take it...mainly because of him being on my team... (10)

Saionji: *runs* (8)

Kiki: *runs* (8)

Mack: *runs* (6)

Juliet: *runs* (6)

Daniel: *runs*

Teri: *runs*

Mack: *runs* (7)

Juliet: *runs* (7)

Saionji: *runs* (9)

Kiki: *runs* (9)

Mariah: *runs* (3)

Lightning: *runs* (3)

Mack: *runs* (8)

Juliet: *runs* (8)

Mariah: *runs* (4)

Lightning: *runs* (4)

Mack: *runs* (9)

Juliet: *runs* (9)

Jimmy: *runs* (4)

Mack: WIN! :D *runs* (10)

Juliet: Phew... *looks at Romeo* ... *sigh* *runs* (10)

Jimmy: *runs* (5)

Mariah: *runs* (5)

Lightning: *runs* (5)

Jimmy: *runs* (6)

Mariah: *runs* (6)

Lightning: *runs* (6)

Saionji: *runs* (10) Uwaaaah, my bad team is slow! ^-^

Kiki: *runs* (10)

Mariah: *runs* (7)

Lightning: *runs* (7)

Jimmy: Saionji, that's not helping! *runs* (7)

Mariah: *runs* (8)

Lightning: *runs* (8)

Jimmy: *runs* (8)

Mariah: *runs* (9)

Lightning: *runs* (9)

Jimmy: *runs* (9)

Mariah: *runs* (19)

Lightning: *runs* (10)

Jimmy: *runs* (10)

Chris: With a score of 5-4 the Ridonculous Rockstars win!

Elimination Ceremony 12: Aqua Jet Zoras

Chris: Well you guys lost again so you gotta vote be sure to comment saying you voted.

Chris: Life preservers go to








and Bonshaquitta!

But wait! I have received notice that Bonshaquitta and Cody quit so Holden is safe for another day.

Episode 13: Obstacle Course Craziness

Pool Deck

Jimmy: *swims*

Game Room

Lightning: *shaking around the wii*

Mariah: What are you doing lay that down *takes the wii*

Lightning: the sha-lightning want to we sport!!

Mariah: Oh, let me help you with that. *turns the wii on*

Jimmy: *tired of swimming* Hi guys!

Dining Room

Bridgette: *eats some pudding*

Challenge 13

Challenge starts tomorrow 7/3/14 at 6pm EST

Chris: Okay you mut have 5 people complete this course. You will start here at the pool deck and jump over these pool chairs (4 lines) then play games in the game room (1 line to get to the game room and 4 lines to play games) then run to the dining room (1 line) and hop across these tables to the finish (4 lines). The first team to have 5 people complete the challenge will win. GO!

Skylar: Alright, let's do this! *jump over chairs* (1)

Mariah: *tries to jump over a chair but falls on her face* AAH

Lightning: This is how you do it * jump over a chair*

James: *jumps over chair*

Lana: *jumps over chair*

Kiki: *jumps over chairs* (1)

Saionji: *jumps over chairs that trip because of her height and cries* (1)

Holden: *jumps over chair* (1)

Saionji: *jumps over another chair and trips* (2)

Kiki: *jumps over chairs* (2)

Skylar: *jumps over chairs* (2)

Holden: *jumps over chair* (2)

Romeo: *jumps over chairs* (1)

Izumi: *jumps over chairs* (1)

James: *jumps over chairs* (2)

Lana: *jumps over chair* (2)

Jimmy: *jumps over chairs* (1)

Daniel: *jumps over chairs*

Teri: *jumps over chairs*

James: *jumps over chair* (3)

Lana: *jumps over chair* (3)

Daniel: *jumps over chairs*

Teri: *jumps over chairs*

Mariah: *jumps over a chair* YES I DID IT!!! (1)

Lightning: *jums over a chair* (2)

Izumi: *jumps over chairs* (2)

Romeo: *jumps over chairs* (2)

Jimmy: *jumps over chairs* (2)

Mariah: *jumps over a chair* (2)

Lightning: *jums over a chair* (3)

Holden: *jumps over chair* (3)

Jimmy: *jumps over chairs* (3)

Holden: *jumps over chair* (4)

Jimmy: *jumps chairs* (4)

Holden: *runs to game room* (1)

Jimmy: *runs to game room* (1)

Holden:: *plays games* (1)

James: *jumps over chair* (4)

Lana: *jumps over chair* (4)

Holden:: *plays games* (2)

James: *runs to gr*

Lana: *runs to gr*

Jimmy: *plays games* (1)

James: *plays* (1)

Lana: *plays* (1)

Holden:: *plays games* (3)

James: *plays* (2)

Lana: *plays* (2)

Jimmy: *plays* (2)

Saionji: *jumps over another chair and trips* (3)

Kiki: *jumps over chairs* (3)

James: *plays* (3)

Lana: *plays* (3)

Saionji: *jumps over another chair and trips* (4)

Kiki: *jumps over chairs* (4)

Jimmy: *playes* (3)

Holden:: *plays games* (4)

Saionji: *runs to game room and trips over kimono* (1)

Kiki: HAHAH! *runs to game room* (1)

James: *plays (4)

Lana: *plays* (4)

Saionji: *frantically plays games randomly hitting buttons* (1)

Kiki: *plays games* (1)

Jimmy: *play* (4)

Saionji: *frantically plays games randomly hitting buttons* (2)

Kiki: *plays games* (2)

Jimmy: *runs to dr*

Holden: *runs to dining room* (1)

Skylar: *jumps over chairs* (3)

Jimmy: *hops tables* (1)

Holden: *jumps over table* (1)

Saionji: *frantically plays games randomly hitting buttons* (3)

Kiki: *plays games* (3)

Skylar: *jumps over chairs* (4)

Holden: *jumps over table* (2)

Jimmy: *hops tables* (2)

Saionji: *frantically plays games randomly hitting buttons* (4)

Kiki: *plays games* (4)

Jimmy: *hops tables* (3)

Saionji: *runs to dining room and trips over* (1)

Kiki: *runs to dining room* (1)

Jimmy: *hops tables* (4) YES!!!

Saionji: *hops over tables and trips over* (1)

Kiki: *hops over tables* (1)

Holden: *jumps over table* (3)

Saionji: *hops over tables and trips over* (2)

Kiki: *hops over tables* (2)

Holden: *jumps over table and crosses finish line* (4)

Skylar: *runs to game room* (1)

Saionji: *hops over tables and trips over* (3)

Kiki: *hops over tables* (3)

Skylar: Ugh! I hate video games! *plays games* (1)

Saionji: *finishes hopping tables, crossing finish line, all bruised and banged up, and begins sobbing* (4)

Kiki: *finishes hopping* (4)

Chris: The score is currently 3-1 Rockstars!

Mariah: *jumps over a chair* (2)

Lightning: *jums over a chair* (3)

Skylar: *plays games* (2)

Mariah: *jumps over a chair* (3)

Lightning: *jums over a chair* SHA YEAH! (4)

Juliet: *jumps over chair*

Mack: *jumps over chair*

Skylar: *plays games* (3)

Juliet: *jumps over chair* (2)

Mack: *jumps over chair* (2)

Mariah: *jumps over a chair* (4)

Lightning: *runs into the game room*

Skylar: *plays games* (4)

Mariah: *runs into the game room*

Lightning: *play a game* sha yeah!

Skylar: Finally! Later freaks! *runs to Dining Room* (1)

Lightning: *play a game* (2)

Mariah: This is my best part!!! *play a game* (1)

Holden: go team go

Juliet: *jumps over chair* (3)

Mack: *jumps over chair* (3)

Lightning: *play a game* (3)

Mariah: play a game* (2)

Juliet: *jumps over chair* (4)

Mack: *jumps over chair* (4)

Lightning: *play a game* Sha-yeah! (4)

Mariah: *play a game* (3)

Juliet: *goes to game room* (1)

Mack: *goes to game room* (1)

Lightning: *runs to the diner hall*

Mariah *play a game (4)

Juliet: *plays a game* (2)

Mack: *plays a game* (2)

Lightning: *jump the table* (1)

Mariah *runs to the diner hall*

Juliet: *plays a game* (3)

Mack: *plays a game* (3)

Lightning: *jump the table* (2)

Mariah: here we go *jump a table* (1) YEAH!!!

Juliet: *plays a game* (4)

Mack: *plays a game* (4)

Lightning: *jump the table* (3)

Mariah: *jump a table* (2)

Juliet: *plays a game* (5)

Mack: *plays a game* (5)

Lightning: *jump the table* (4) Sha-dun!!

Mariah: *jump a table* (3)

Chris: The score is now 3-2 Rockstars!

Juliet: *runs to ding hall* (1)

Mack: *runs to ding hall* (1)

Mariah: *jump a table and falls on her face* ah, done!! (4)

Juliet: *jumps over table* (1)

Mack: *jumps over table* (1)

Mariah: *get's up* come on we need 2 more!!

Juliet: *jumps over table* (2)

Mack: *jumps over table* (2) D: COMING! KEEP CHEERING!

Mariah: Lightning come chear *looks at what Lightning is doing.

Lightning: *looks in the mirror* if sha-lightning was a girl sha-lightning would love you!

Juliet: *jumps over table* (3)

Mack: *jumps over table* (3) Um... what?

Mariah: *looks wierd at Lightning* (CONF) I knew Lightning was not 100% but that was.. weird, he's almost as creepy as ghirarhim! (END CONF)

Juliet: *jumps over table* WIN! Oops *brakes necklace* (4)

Mack: *jumps over table* Did i-AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! *trips over necklace peices* oof (4)

Chris: Victory for the Aqua Jet Zoras!

Elimination Ceremony 13: Ridonculous Rockstars

Chris: Welcome to the elimination ceremony! Go vote someone out and comment saying that you voted.

Skylar: Voted 😩

Jimmy: Voted

Saionji: Voted.

Kiki: Voted.

Teri: Voted :I

Lindsay: Ehh.. voted!

Chris: Before we get started, I just want to say that this is the closest vote in ASVU history and also your team's votes are all over the place. The votes were 3-2-1-1-1-1.

Let's give life preservers to the 3 people who had 0 votes against them!



and Lindsay.

These people had 1 vote against them, but are still safe.




and Romeo.

The person eliminated with 3 votes is......


Episode 14: Relay For Life

Pool Deck

Skylar: *walking to the pool* Wow, I can't believe Izumi is gone! (CONF: This is perfect! As long as the "All-Stars" are taken out one-by-one, I could actually win this season! I'll keep my fellow Underdogs with me for a while now!)

Lindsay: *sits at the pool* This pool is soooo awesome!

Jimmy: Hi guys!

Game Room

Dining Room

Challenge 14

Chris: It's relay time! You all must race to each other and the last person must say ASVU is the best series ever! Here's the order:

Bridgette, James, Daniel, Holden, Juliet, Lightning, Mack and Mariah

Skylar, Jimmy, Kiki, Teri, Saionji, Lindsay, Lana and Romeo

Now hop to it!

Bridgette: *runs to James*

Jimmy: Cone on, Skylar!!!

Skylar: Shut up Jimmy! *runs to Jimmy* Now go already!

Jimmy: Hmmm... I could use calculus to determine the fastest way to Kiki... Or I could just ... *runs to Kiki*

Kiki: *runs to Teri*

James: Sorry! *runs to Daniel* (CONF) Bridgette is HOT! I hope her and Geoff are over because I need to step in.

Daniel: *runs to Holden* Go buddy! :)

Teri: *Runs to Saijoni* :/

Juliet: Hurry, Holden! D:

Holden: * runs to juliet*

Juliet: *runs to Lightning*

Lightning: *does a triple backflip to Mack* SHA SAHM!!

Lindsay: Go Sijanjo!

Saionji: *runs to Lindsay* :/

Mack: *passes to Mariah*

Mariah: *runs to Chris* YES!!!

Lindsay: *runs to Lana* Ahw!

Chris: Well we have our winners! The Aqua Jet Zoras win again!

Elimination Ceremony 14: Ridonculous Rockstars

Chris: Well you guys lose again so go vote be sure to comment saying you voted!

Lindsay: Voted

Skylar: Ugh...voted...

Jimmy: Voted

Lana: Voted again! Never stops getting exciting!

Shawn arrives with a boat: Hey, Chris can you give me another chance since Boshanguitta, Cody and Leshaniqua quit? *Sticks Lightning with a rope so he couldn't throw him off board for the forth time*

Jimmy: *throws Shawn on boat and then puts motor on it, sending to shore* That should do the trick!

Romeo: He's rather persistent...voted.

Chris: Okay the votes have been cast! Life preservers go to







and Lana!

Sorry Saionji but your team has spoken!

Now that's out of the way I can congratulate you all for making the merge! How will these teens do now that there's no more teams? Will the Underdogs control the game now that there's 4 All Stars left? Find out here on Total Drama: All Stars vs. Underdogs 6!

Episode 15: Merging Territories

Pool Deck

Lindsay: *looks to the pool and smiles* (CONF) Again i reach the merge.. it feels so .. amazing to be here. Total Drama is my life and it is so nice to see the people who i love again and again. Playing for the million dollars is now one of the things i love to do! After shopping, singing with Paula and have a pedicure. (END CONF)

Lightning: *jumps into the water* SHA MERGE (CONF) Sha-lightning made the merge!! (END CONF)

Lindsay: Yay! *claps in her hands*

Lightning: all the pretty girls are clapping for the Lightning!

Lindsay: *blushes*

Skylar: (CONF: The merge! Yes! I can actually win this thing!) *dives in the water*

Game Room

Dining Room

Challenge 15

Chris: Challenge starts tonight 7/9/14 at 8pm EST

Chris: I've noticed how some of you are coasting along right through this game and naturally I'm about to end it. So all you have to do is speak it can be dialogue, a word, whatever, just say something. The last TWO people to speak are automatically eliminated and BEGIN!

Skylar: Skylar is the best! Everyone else sucks! Yes! Do I win now?

Romeo: I believe you're safe, but we're still going until everyone except two speak...if I heard correctly...

Lindsay: Lipsticks are the best!

Bridgette: I love .. dolphins?

Jimmy: Hi, I'm jimmy and I'm full of interesting facts!

Mack: Hi... I'm Mack... or I think I am, I don't know anything anymore, I thought Saionji was good but everyone is judging me for it and Rosalina was bad even tgough many people li-... :(

Juliet: Hi I am Juliet, and ROMEO! We can hang out now! :D

Romeo: That's great news. I look forward to our conversations as always. :)

Mariah: Wait, there is an challenge going on?

Lightning: SHA BHAM!!


Lana: TD is love... TD is Life.

Kiki: *filing nails* What now?


Daniel: I finished the challenge... and started, but mainly finished! :)

Chris: Well that's that!

Elimination Ceremony 15

Chris: Well life preservers go to...













and Teri!

Daniel and Holden, you're out!

Episode 16: The Unlucky Thirteen

Pool Deck

Lightning: *jumps into the pool* Sha Lightning is Sha mazing!

Jimmy: *tries to replicate lightning but slips* Im in Sha-pain!

Game Room

Dining Room

Mariah: Cupcake time *making cupcakes*

Lindsay: *looks to Mariah* Cupcakes! Yummy!

Mariah: Yeah *puts them in the oven* these are yummy and beautiful, I made them to be all different songs of The Legend of Zelda!.

Kiki: *casually whistles, opens the oven and puts laxatives in the cupcakes, and walks off* (CONF) I need mah entertainment! Besides, if I want to hit it big, I need the ratings!

Challenge 16

Chris: Challenge starts tomorrow 7/12/14 at 5pm EST

Chris: Since you guys are the unlucky thirteen, I want you to find me a picture of someone or something that is unlucky. It can be a person, place, thing, etc. The winner will have the sole vote in who goes home so best be creative!

Chris: Time's up! The winner is Lightning!

Elimination Ceremony 16

Chris: So Lightning message me your vote!

Life preservers go to












and Juliet

Sorry Skylar but you're out!

Episode 17: On The Market

Pool Deck

Game Room

Dining Room

Challenge 17

Chris: Challenge starts today 7/14/14 at 6pm EST

Chris: Your challenge is to come up with an idea that will attract more people to the ASVU cruiseline. We need more people aboard! Best idea wins immunity!

Jimmy: We could use my great engineering skills to create a cool way of touring the ship! There would be zip lines, slides, conveyor belts, hovercrafts... Even a lazy river!

Romeo: We could have a local Fireworks & Stunts show with many references to the show and more? People do love fireworks...or, we could also leave death threats and pressure on people, but that wouldn't be a lovely situation, would it? It would also be a bad yes, let's stick with the Firework Stunts.

Mack: We could post advertisments and make the beds cleaner and have a buffet and shuffleboarding and-

Juliet: That's boring... I would host several entertaining guest shows and alots of sports and lots of cool foods and loads of pulicity stunts and fireworks!

Lightning: You should put more pictures of me up in here and gym with pictures of me.

Mariah: We should make a monthly theme week like a pokemon cruise and a Mario cruise and Cupcake cruise!

Rosalina: Good Luck To All! I'll Be Judging Today!

Lindsay: Oh my gosh. What about me as a princess in a musical. Singing, dancing and the people will love it. I'm calling it 'Lindsay & Co'. *jumps and claps* Totally awesome.

Bridgette: *looks to Lindsay and smiles* Well ehm, i think people loves bowling, eating and sleeping. So what about a adventure of the day, for all people on the cruise, and then free food. And after that you can sleep in your own room?

Jimmy: ROSALINA!!! *gives her hug* I mean... *deepens voice* Hi, Rosalina.

Rosalina: Ok Lets Get Started Shall We? Also Hi Jimmy Sweetie

7/10 for Jimmy while i am not a "Rowdy" Person myself i bet lots of children and like...."Rowdy People" would do it!

9/10 how wonderful! That is a briliant watching the stars! How romantic this is very good Romeo!

4/10 Mack...........................You know your my honey but Juliet is right "That's Boring......."

9/10 Once Again Brilliant Idea! I love the food idea! And the fireworks are good too!

10/10 Your Soooooooooooooooooo Hot! (JK 3/10)

7/10 Mariah Sorry But Not Everyone Loves Video Games, But Still Like The Idea

5/10 Sorry BFF Your My Girl And All But Sorry Just Don't Like

Bridgette This Is.............................AMAZING! I LOVE IT! It's so wonderful! 10/10!

Now that that is over the best one is..........................

ALL OF THEM! I say if you guys put all your idea's into 1 big idea! I bet we would get loads of people come in if we pitched all your idea's together! So i bid all of you Immune Congrats To All!

Bridgette will get a special reward since she got the highest ;)

Chris Your Ok With That Right? if your not i will f***ing kill you

Chris: Ummm no. Bridgette is immune the rest of you on the chopping block.

Elimination Ceremony 17

Chris: Well you guys gotta vote anyone except Bridgette and you will do so here!

Teri: I voted for the most diabolical person around! >:(

Mack: *gulps* I voted for a mean person...

Juliet: I voted!

Kiki: *stands up* Yo', I gotta make an announcement! *coughs, and pulls out microphone* This is 4 all of y'all in hollywood, who is waiting for me! *begins rapping*

Kiki is the name, and she got all the game!

Keep sipping yo' haterade and being lame!

She's too good for the show, so it's time for her to go!

Staying? Hello no, just go with the flow!

Now y'all might be asking why I'm quitting this competition!

Getting on the red carpet ain't no easy admission!

So I must leave the game to continue my mission!

This show garnered me fame, no intermission!

I be checking all these statuses on my phone, got my invitation!

I'm going to be leaving this show right now, departing station!

I've got my record deal awaiting, and so is Iggy Azalea!

But what have y'all got, nothing, so what of it, y'all?

Just because I'm leaving for the better cause for myself,

Doesn't mean I'm going to mess you all, even you lil' Elf. *pokes Mack*

But this tacky game is bringing me down, even though it brought me up!

No matter what any of y'all say, I don't give a f-! *taken away by helicopter with Katy Perry, Iggy Azalea and Beyonce and parties*

Chris: Well Kiki Azalea is gone but someone else still has to go!

Rosalina: WAIT lemme have her place :(

Jay-Z: Yo', Kiki! Let's take out the trash! *hook shots Rosalina and drags her to the party as they fly away*

Rosalina: *Uses teleportation device To Come Back* SCIENCE RULES!

Miley Cyrus: *rolls in on wreckingball, swinging at Rosalina* GRRRR!!!!

Beyonce: *flips hair and fires at Rosalina*

Rosalina: *Jumps On Jimmy* HIDE ME

Jimmy: K! *throws rRosalina in suitcase and also votes*

Chris: Well life preservers go to everyone except Teri! We're down to 10!

Episode 18: The Sound of Music

Pool Deck

Lightning: sha-lightning is so sha-hot *making poses while looking at the mirror*

Lindsay: *walks to the pool and sees Lightning. Blows a kiss to him*

Game Room

Rosalina: *Gets Out Of Suitcase* (CONF) It is so good to be back well.....not technically but I can still see my friends!

Dining Room

Challenge 18

Chris: Well I figure since most of you are here, I'll post the challenge. It's simple just find a song you think should represent the ASVU cruiseline. Best one wins!

Lightning: This song sha-represents the sha-cruise !!

Mariah: What about this

Mack: Nice calming music that would draw in customers while making them feel great!

Jimmy: As much as I would love to do a song about the Black Death... I think this doesn't describe the cruise but the contest. It says at the beginning that he could've won millions but didn't. In the contest, you can win myriads of money, but then it goes on to say that it's not about that, it's about the good time. I've been here for seventeen episodes and I can say that even if I don't win the million, and I've calculated the odds of that happening and it's pretty big, I had fun and that's all that matters. You don't need a ton of money, you just need some good friends, like Rosalina! (CONF) shoot, is she still in my suitcase? O_o

Lindsay: Romantic and awesome!

Bridgette: A dutch song about pirates. 'Schip Ahoy!'

James: I'm gonna go with a favorite of mine that recently came out on a game. Dolphin Shoals!

Lana: I video game music too! I present the Wii Sports Resort main theme!

Chris: Well we have our (2) winners! Mariah and James!

Elimination Ceremony 18

Chris: Someon has to go and its not going to be Mariah or James! So go and vote

Jimmy: Voted

Mack: I v-ot-ted... :o

Bridgette: Voted. *smiles and looks to Jimmy*

Lindsay: I have voted, i think.

Chris: Life preservers go to









and Lana!

Sorry Jimmy, no life preserver for you.

Episode 19: The Truth Is Always Revealing

Pool Deck

Game Room

Dining Room

Rosalina: *Grabs Ice Cream and Eats It*

Mariah: Hello Rosalina, have you returned? *eating a pikachu ice cream*

Rosalina: Oh yes but Chris wants it to be a suprise so don't tell ANYONE anyway like your Ice cream

Lightning: Gurl you can't join *eats an entire plate of raw meat*

Rosalina: Yes i can just Chris wants it a secret

Lightning: Sha Chris is making a sha mistake.

Rosalina: Yeah K *Climbs Up in Vent*

Lightning: oh no gurl you just challenge the Lightning! *climbs up the vent faster than Rosalina* Ha!

Mariah *looks weird at Lightning* (CONF) Lightning is really weird sometimes. (END CONF)

Rosalina: *sighs and throws mind eraser so everyone forgets what happened and leaves*

Chris: Neither of you are returning so that's that.

Shawn: OK. Bye. *hops off board and swims to the near island*

Rosalina: Ahw Chris you Weren't Supposed to Find Out *Throws Mind Eraser At Him and leaves Into The Vents*

Jay Z: *smashes through the door, holding gun and looking for Rosalina* Where is she? :v

Rosalina: *From Vent* b**** please your dead meat

Jay Z: *shoots at vent* DIE!!!

Rosalina: *Comes Down and Charges and Jumps and Punches Him* (CONF) Took Karate In Kidnergarten, Let's just say My Bully, Carly was "eliminated"

Jay-Z: *pulls out space gun and sucks her into it* Easy.R

Rosalina: *Comes back Out* Loser *throws mind eraser and leaves into the vents WITHOUT jay-Z following*

Jay-Z: *isn't affected and follows her easily, tackling her through the vents causing them to fall out of them, with her pinned down* DIE! *shoots her in the head multiple times, causing blood to splatter and Rosalina to die*

Rosalina: AHAHAHA! You killed my dummy loser1!1!1!1!!! *shoots and kills Jay-Z with the power of Nemo* i win *throws hi corpse of the ship* sorry but not really

Challenge 19

Chris: Challenge time! All you have to do is answer some questions.

1. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

2. If you could bring someone back to the competition who would it be and why?

3. Who deserves to be the next eliminated?

4. Do you honestly believe that you earned your spot in the final 9?

Whoever has the best answers will win!

Mariah: If I could change anything hmmm I would probably loose a bit weight and be nicer to people cause I feel like I'm not nice enough. if I would bring someone back, I would bring everyone back cause everyone is so amazing here, who deserves to be eliminated hmm I don't think anyone deserves to be eliminated but if I have to choose I choose James. I think I deserve a place in the final 9 but I think everyone does.

Lightning: Sha-Lightning wouldn't change a think about sha-lightning he is sha-perfect! IF You're eliminated you're eliminated you do not deserve to return unless it was the Lightning! James should Sha-go! Ofcourse I deserve to be in the final 9 I am the Lightning!

Lindsay: Well, if i could change something about myself i'll change my lipstick color, it's sooo 2008! If i could bring someone back to the competition it would be Rosalina ofcourse! The person that deserves to be eliminated is James, i didnt saw him this season so why is he here? Maybe he is a ghost, oh my gosh. And ehhh.. i think i deserve it to be in the final 9.

Bridgette: If i could change something about my self i would love to change my length. I'm not short ... i'm really long. So that is what i would change about myself. And now, if i could bring someone back to the competition it would be someone that wasnt on this season. I really miss my boyfriend Geoff. If he came back here, i would kiss him long as possible. I think Lana deserves it to be eliminated. She was in the bottom two last time. And i think i deserve a spot in the final 9. And why? I did so much for this. I won season 1, i'm not mean if i win season 6 right?

Mack: If I could change one thing about myself it would be my entire persoanality, I have no friends and its all thats fault. If I could bring some one back i'd bring back Rosalina, because I want to see if I was wrong about her... I think Lana deserves to be eliminated, she barly talks to anyone, including me, but no one does that. I think I have earned my spot in final 9 but everyone will disagree with me D:

Juliet: If I could change one thing about myself it'd be the fact I let Saionji... trick Mack... I would bring back no one as they were eliminated and would get in the way of the competition. I think Lana deserves to be eliminated because she is annoying in the challenges, and I definatly deserve this spot *looks at Romeo and blushes* and I know one who'd agree at least...

Chris: Well that's that. Mack and Bridgette win!

Mack:...huh? (CONF) I actually won a challenge... so maybe, Saionji never carried me to merge in ASvU4

Elimination Ceremony 19

Chris: I'm lazy so we're voting the original way. Vote for anyone but Mack and Bridgette and comment when you voted

Mack: Voted

Juliet: Also voted...

Bridgette: Voted.

Lindsay: Voted ! *smiles*

Mariah: Voted *looks nervous* (CONF) I got eliminated after a simular challenge in another show, however it was different though (END CONF)

Lightning: SHA-Voted!!!

Chris: Well life preservers go to








and James!

So long Lana!

Episode 20: Reflecting On The Past

Pool Deck

Game Room

Rosalina: *Grabs Donut and Eats It* Ahh!

Lightning: Sha-sahm Sha-sahm, sha-shooom! *doing dance revolution*

Rosalina: Hey Lightning

Lightning: *is too focused to hear Rosalina* Sha-sahm Sha-sahm, sha-shooom! *doing dance revolution*

Rosalina: *Eats Donut* Mmmmm

Challenge 20

Chris: Well we've come a long way and not that much to go before we hit the finale. So I want you guys to tell me this season's elimination order. The first four people to correctly give me the elimination order will win immunity.

Mack:Bianca, Dave, Shawn, Cindy, Andres, Duncan, Jo, Deryk, Manuel, Rosalina, Leshquisha, Staci, Courtney, Cody, Boshiquitta, Izumi, Saionji, Holden, Daniel, Skylar, Kiki, Teri, Jimmy and Lana (CONF) FIrst again! Wow! I have never been this confident before! I might just win this!

Juliet: Bianca, Dave, Shawn, Cindy, Andres, Duncan, Jo, Deryk, Manuel, Rosalina, Leshquisha, Staci, Courtney, Cody, Boshiquitta, Izumi, Saionji, Holden, Daniel, Skylar, Kiki, Teri, Jimmy and Lana

Mariah: uhm well I know that Blanca and Dave were voted off first than Shawn who keeps on returning than someone called Cindyafter her Andres after Andres bad boy Duncan and after Duncan Lightning's girlfriend Jo after that Dreyk I think than Manuel I remember him since he was a part of my team than sweet Rosalina and Leshaniqua quited than lie pants Staci was voted off than Courtney she was the first of out new teams who was voted out than Cody and Bonse.. wait her name is hard Bonshakitty Lafora? I can't remember how to pronounce it but I just call her BL was quitted than Izumi was voted out and the last person before the merge was eliminated was Saionji than Holden and Daniel were eliminated for not doing the challenge than Skyler was eliminated by Lightning, Teri quitted and Jimmy was voted out next and last time Lana was voted out!

Lightning: who sha cares well only Bianca, Dave, Shawn, Cindy, Andres, Duncan, Jo, Deryk, Manuel, Rosalina, Leshquisha, Staci, Courtney, Cody, Boshiquitta, Izumi, Saionji, Holden, Daniel, Skylar, Kiki, Teri, Jimmy and Lana cares!! I am still in the game and that is all that sha counts!

Chris: Well Mack, Juliet, Mariah and Lightning won immunity!

Elimination Ceremony 20

Chris: Well 4 people are safe from elimination and 4 are up for elimination, but 2 people will be going home today! This will be the last time we will have a double elimination. Go ahead and vote [3] I would say good luck to those up for elimination, but I'm not

Chris: Life preservers go to Mack, Juliet, Lightning, Mariah, Lindsay and Bridgette! Sorry James and Romeo but you gotta go.

Episode 21: What Would You Do?

Pool Deck

Game Room

Dining Room

Challenge 21

Chris: Today's challenge is easy. You know the Klondike commercials where people do stuff for a Klondike bar? Well I wanna know "What would you do for a million bucks?!" You can either post a video, a pic or describe it. The person with the craziest idea of what they would do for the money will win immunity.

Rosalina: i Would marry Nemo! I Would Say That Mack Is Nice! I WOULD RIP OFF VICTORA'S FACE AND FEED IT TO LINDSAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lightning: I would build a gym with pictures of the Lightning and create a special training so everyone can be as awesome and the Lightning in the dress rooms and the shower there would be pictures of the Lightning and the Gym would be called SHA LIGHTNING!!

Mariah: I don't know what I would do maybe I would clone animals to make them look like pokemon and buy a safari to make them live in there and let scientist create special balls where we can catch them in!! I Basically it's my own pokemon Safari!

Mack: I'd... i'd... I'D GO ONTO THE JEREMY KYLE SHOW AND SHOW MY ENTIRE MISS TOODAY DOLL COLECTIONS! I'd also do it in the most hipster like clothes I could do it with! :D

Bridgette: I would give it to the animaal from planet.

Lindsay: easy! As first a mansion with many lipsticks. And ofcourse a prince!

Chris: And the winner is Mack! I mean really? I would never do that man. Now time to vote someone off

Mack: Woo! I won... Juelit, why didn't you participate...?

Juliet: ...*looks at everyone slowly with a weird look* *looks at Mack* sorry... (CONF) I-i cannot take it, everyone is so nice and...

Elimination Ceremony 21

Chris: Well vote for anyone but Mack.

Juliet: *gets in the cannon* I can't take it! Everyone here are bland losers! I need my Romeo! D: *shoots herself out of the cannon* WHERE ARE YOU ROMEOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Mack: ...i'm not that bland... She quit? D:

Lightning: Sha please Mack.

Mack: (CONF) I am not bland, I have... *sighs* okay I am bland...

Mariah: Why didn't my plan win? my was the best I mean who doesn't want a real life Froakie?

Lightning: Sha-what?

Mack: You guys did the challenge wrong, I was the only one right... :) (CONF) I guess, with these past 3 challenges, I'M THE BEST PLAYER LEFT! :D YES!

Mariah: What we did it wrong oh, it doesn't matter I deserve the money because I will do the most awesome thing with it ever!!

Lightning: Sha-please she-lightnings one was better.

Mariah: NO MINE who doesn't love pokemon!?!?!

Lightning: Does pokemon involve the-lightning?

Mariah: No...

Lightning: Than the lightning is not interested.

Chris: Well Juliet since you quit you're eliminated!

Episode 22: Ode To Chris

Pool Deck

Game Room

Dining Room

Challenge 22

Chris: Well today's challenge is dedicated to me! You must find a song, picture or whatever that you think best represents me. The best will win immunity. The worst is eliminated. Good luck

Rosalina: This Is Obviiously Your Most Stunning Picture

Mack: A classic song about how much better you are... *sweats*

Mariah: Well Chris since you're the worlds greatest host I have this song for you.

Lightning: Sha-Lightning thinks this song fits sha-Chris .


Bridgette: Well this is a picture of you and.. *sees a letter in her bagpack* OH my gosh! Its Geoff's letter! Dear Bridge, goodluck in total drama. I will see you in Torronto, for our wedding. *cries* Chris, i quit! IM GOING TO ME WEDDING!

Lindsay: Do i have to do the challenge ehh?

Rosalina: NO! *Puts Hand On Bridgette* You Can't Leave! If Your Having a Wedding The Million Dollers Could Pay The Wedding! Just Ask Geoff To Reschedule! And Plus Your The Only Competitor Wh DESERVSES The Million! You Must Stayyy!

Bridgette: Thanks! But money isnt everything. But love is the thing what people need in the world. Im going to my million dollars. Geoff, Family, friends etc. *smiles*

Rosalina: Yes!

Chris: We have a winner! It's Mariah!

Elimination Ceremony 22

Chris: Life preservers go to Mariah, Mack, Lightning and Lindsay. Bridgette since you quit bye bye.

Episode 23: Hurl Of Shame

Pool Deck

Game Room

Mariah: (CONF) top 4!! top 4!! so close!! (END CONF)

Dining Room

Lightning: *drinking protean shakes* (CONF) Sha-Lightning in the top 4 again, ain't nobody is gonna do it better than me!! (END CONF)

Challenge 23

Chris: Your challenge? To find me something so sick,nasty and disgusting that I want to puke. Based on Hurl and Go Seek. Worst is automatically eliminated. Good luck.

Mack: Hm... *looks around and sees something* YES! :D *picks up Chris's poop portraight (From TDAS, the Bold and the Beautiful*

Lindsay: *grabs a picture of Heather* here Chris! This is disgusting. *smiles*

Lightning: Sha-lightning has this *shows a picture of Jo naked doing jumping jacks* I toldcha it was a boy! don't question the Lightning!

Mariah: Chef we why do you have this *shows a picture Chef in a too tight and revealing thong and licking Chris's picture*

Chris: Hmmm I gotta say that the win is a tie between Lightning and Mariah.

Elimination Ceremony 23

Chris: Well life preservers go to Lightning, Mariah and

Mack! Sorry Linds but you're out.

Episode 24: The Sailing Semifinal

Pool Deck

Lightning: (CONF) *lifting weights* the.. Sha-lightning can't loose!! He won't loose! *singing this song with alternate lyrics* it's lightnings game he can win what he wants! Lightning can't loose!! Lightning won't loose, can't you see It's lightning who owns this game! can't you see it's lightning who wins the million! (END CONF)

Rosalina: Lightning Win The Challenge

Game Room

Mariah: (COFN) I reall want to win the next challenge, I want my pokemon park!! (END CO:F)

Rosalina: You Must Win This Challenge

Dining Room

Mack: (CONF) Lightning and Mariah have an alliance< I better win the challenge :)

Challenge 24

Chris: Pretty simple. I want you to tell me why you should go to the finale/win the million. A paragraph is the MAXIMUM (5-7 sentences). I don't want an essay, this isn't going to be whoever writes the longest wins. I'm looking at what you've done this season maybe in previous seasons if you competed, your interaction with others etc. The two with the best will win and go to the finale. Remember its a paragraph at max (5-7 sentences).

Mack: I belive I should make it to the finale because I have been pushed around, manipulated and betrayed, I have made friends who turned into utter jerks and made enemies that made me have painful expeirences! I have won multiple challenges recently and have been active throught the competision! I used to be confident, but ALL of the people I met raised down my selfesteem and made me self-loafing! Jordan and his girlfriend are jack***es as they ruined my life and I am glad to never see the again! All 3 seasons I have been in have been hell and all I want now is the money to make up for all the suffering! D:

Rosalina: i Thought We Were Friends >:( You Are Definately Not Cameoing In My Spin Off Called "The Life Of Rosalina" Unless You Apologize Anyway Lindsay :(

Lightning: Sha please Mack you're patatic to be a finalist, we need a strong finalist not a crying baby, you know who deserve to be a finalist, me, uhm I.. I have been nothing but awesome!! I have interacted with everyone the lightning has been in this show for 4 or something season and even *breaking the forth wall* I even been played by different users. Yes sha-lightning made the finale before but I deserve to be the first contestand to make the finale twice becuase sha-lightning aka me was the mvp of both his teams and was concidered to be the best winner and the best deserves to reach new goals! Which mean that I should be in the finale and win the million again!!

Mariah: Well I believe I should be a finalist because I always try to keep everyone happy, even if they got pushed around, I am everyone's friend!! I am responsible for naming 2 teams of this season and one team where 6 contestands of the top 7 were in! I won 10 out of the 23 challenges which is the most out of anyone that made the top 3. I always made sure there were cupcakes and someone to play a video game with. This is my first season so I couldn't have done much in previous season. But I hope on season of me is enough to make me a finalist, I am the last underdog and I would love to make the finale as underdog!

Chris: I have to say that its a tie between Mack and Mariah. Mack, I appreciate and respect how strong you are even though people might not have liked you and Mariah I admire what you have done this season and you deserve to go to the finale. Sha-Lightning you have place sha-third.

Elimination Ceremony 24

Chris: Well life preservers go to Mack and Mariah, but Lightning you might as well sha-stay cause it's finale time!

Episode 25: Finale On Deck

Past Contestants Ballroom

Lightning: Sha-lightning got robbed!!!

James: I got screwed by a double elimination!

Skylar: You didn't get robbed! You got what you deserved, Lightning!

Dreyk: Don't complain, losers. I was voted out over a whiny baby. >.>

Jimmy: I'm still sore.

Chris: So what do you guys think of our finalists?

Skylar: They're both terrible choices! I should be in the finale! But thanks to Lightning, I'M STUCK HERE WITH THESE LOSERS!

Rosalina: GO MARIAH!

Lightning: Sha-please Sky rip off you made it already too far you should've been eliminated somewhere between 30th place and 25th place.

Shawn: You really deserved it - after all you threw me off board THREE TIMES!

Chris: Well if you haven't voted already you can go vote now

Jimmy: I threw you off once Shawn! And I vote Mack.... I voted in the challenge area already.

Dreyk: You're such a sore loser. Anyways, Mack, I obviously dislike him for associating with that brat Saionji. I vote Mariah.

Courtney: IF ANYONE VOTES MACK THEY ARE DEAD >:( Mariah, obviously.

Finalists Ballroom

Mariah: Wow the finale (CONF) Wow!! the finale! Mack is a nice person but I WANT MY POKEMON PARK!!! (END CONF) *making a giant Arceus cake*

Mack: (CONF) I made it to the finale, but Mariah is so popular... compared to me atleast... D:

Challenge 25

Rosalina: I Vote Mariah To Win!

Lindsay: I'm going with my bestie Rosalina. Go Mariah!

Bridgette: i vote for the Hero one here. Mariah.

Mack: I'm not a villain, what did I do wrong? I apreciate you voted your friend, but I never did anything bad  ;(

Jimmy: I vote for Mack. He seems like the best choice.

Manuel: You are right - GO MACK!

Shawn: Well, I actually like Mariah and... GO MACK!

LeShaniqua: F*** Mack Mariah For the Win

Rosalina: Why are You a Villian I have Been NOTHING but nice too Mack but then he decides to talk bad about me last challenge! He has put me through SO much! I had too deal with him thinking I was Saionji him voting me out! And now this! *Kisses Jimmy* Change Your Vote to Mariah! (CONF: Kissing Jimmy To get his Vote ....Sl**y and Mean? Sadly Yes, Worth It? Definitely I Feel Bad For Lightning! He Worked so Hard He Didn't deserve It! Well no one did.......Except Mack......Wait Maybe I am Being to harsh .........Mack deserves.....Hmmm Oh Yeah A Time Out! For Like 10 Years! (END CONF)

James: Since Mariah is much more... Appealing then Mack, I vote for Mariah!

Lana: As a fellow dedicated person to TD, I vote for Mariah! OMG! I CASTED MY LAST VOTE! Wait... My last vote?! *runs off crying*

James: Um... I'll go confort her.

Courtney: Mariah! Mack needs to just go. Right now.

Dreyk: Mariah. Associating with Saionji makes me puke. Otherwise, Mack, you might've gotten my vote for your challenge wins.

Skylar: The two WORST players became finalists...Ugh! I vote for Mariah, because Mack seems too "soft" and "weak".

Jo: I guess I'll pick Mariah. She played the game well, better than Mack anyway...

Mack: I talked bad about you cause it was true! I was becoming back to my normal self, nice and confident, until you BETRAYED me and made me seem like a bad guy, do you even KNOW the effect that had on me. You were my only friend in the world, and you made everyone turn against me just for the sake of it, well you've got your million, so get out of my life and stop ruining my chances of happiness over and over again!

Rosalina: Betrayed You? Care To Explain When I Left and i Came Back i Didn't Say Anything Mean Until Now! i Spent My Money on My Reasearch Facility and CANCER RESEARCH!

Dreyk: Mack, she's not worth it. No girl is worth it. Just ignore her. Also, you're still not getting my vote.

Rosalina: Dreyk what's Your problem with Girls?

Jimmy: Rosalina just kissed me. ROSALINA JUST KISSED ME!!! F*** YALL! WHOO HOO!!! *runs around like a madman*

Mack: Rosalina! What you did with the money was good, but not what you DID to me. You flat out told me you voted for me! And than, you brought up a story Jordan told you for what.. you did it for sympathy! And even if you didn't that meant you specifically played me to make me feel the worst! And how could I trust you after all that! So whatever you said afterwards makes no difference! It's like Scarlette blowing up teh island then pretending to be a nerd again!

Manuel: You are right! I know I will look like LeShaniqua but after you told everything I know understand that Rosalina is a b****! I'm not going to flirt anymore with her!

Dreyk: *drags Mack away* You're not helping yourself with ranting at one of the most popular characters on the show.

Mack: I know... but I don't need to be popular, I can either go with a million dollars, or getting out what I really think of her :)

Rosalina: "Rosalina! What you did with the money was good, but not what you DID to me. You flat out told me you voted for me! And than, you brought up a story Jordan told you for what.. you did it for sympathy! And even if you didn't that meant you specifically played me to make me feel the worst! And how could I trust you after all that! So whatever you said afterwards makes no difference! It's like Scarlette blowing up teh island then pretending to be a nerd again!" Didn't We Make Up This Season and Become Friends again? Didn't We Make Up At My Elimination? Didn't You say That When Chris Questioned You Who Would You like To Return You Said Me? That was An Excuse After You Would Not Accept My Apology I Made That Up Because I Didn't Want To Be Embarrassed And The Next Season I Said Sorry Because I Still cared For You And This Season we Were Friends again and Then In The Last Episode You Talk Basd About Me? How Does That Make Sense.

Shawn: You are a mean girl! And when I say mean I say meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeean! Even meaner than a zombie of an evil grandmother! And I didn't vote for Mariah because, like Mack tries to win 4 seasons and this is Mariah's first season and like she will have even more chances in the next 4 - 5 TDASVU seasons! And also, Jimmy, don't fall for Rosalina because she's eviler than Heather, meaner than Jo and more manipulative than even Alejandro!

Mack: Well, I never belived you were genuine, it was to make you feel better, voting you was so YOU wouldn't feel bad if YOU didn't win! So AKA, I WAS JUST BEING NICE! I said you because I was confused why everyone missed you not because I liked you and wanted to talk things out, I did have AMNESIA at that time! And then when you were gone, I thought I could ADMIT what I thought of you! >.>

Rosalina Ok Shawn? Mack I Was Genuine If You Were Just Being Nice Why Didn't You Tell me That You Did not Wanna be Friends That Would Make It Easier If You Hated Me You Should Have Just Told Me and If You Were Just Being Nice To Me Then Why Were You Over The top Nice to Saionji When you Thought She Was Me and "I was confused why everyone missed you not because I liked you and wanted to talk things out" Um Only Jimmy and Lindsay are You Trying To Mess With My Feelings I would Rather You Have Told me The Truth And You Thought I Wasn't Watching The Show?

Mack: I didn't tell you because I never WANTED TO HURT YOUR FEELINGS! I was nice to Saionji when I thought she was you was because I knew no one else liked me, if I talked to anyone else, they'd make fun of me for stuff like... Miss Tooday! I know that it was Jimmy and Lindsay but being told about what I did makes me, even if it wasn't JUST me, makes me feel like you all HATE me! I... wait... how would you watch the show, they'd have to edit the episodes, like episode 3 should have been airing then not episode 24! And yes, I did... I wasn't thinking about what you were doing, I was excited about the fact I was in the final 3

Rosalina: Well If You Would have Told Me you Disliked Me I Wouldn't Have cared Now! I Even Would have Voted for you To Win If You Told Me The truth I Planned a Party For You When You Got Home Now That Is For Nothing if You Would have Told Me The Truth I Wouldn't Of Cared!

Mack: Well! EVERYONE MAKES MISTAKES AND SMALL ONES LIKE NOT TELLING YOU I DISLIKED YOU ARE NOT BIG ONES! It's like you saying your wife isn't fat, no one just flat out says it!

Mariah: please Rosalina, Mack just stop, we are celebrating the final 2!!

Rosalina: All I Wanted Was Too be Your Friend The Conversation Ends There, And Mariah Congratulations on Making The Finale! You Definatly Deserved It!

Mack: *mumbles* so she starts an argument just to end it, when she is still in the wrong Anyway, I am glad to be here :)

Juliet: I vote Mack... cause he has tried for so long

Rosalina: *Goes to The Corner* M-mack Let's Just Stop *Sits Down*

Chris: Well we have a winner!

Elimination Ceremony 25

Chris: Congratulations to this season's winner! Mariah, you worked hard and now it has paid off. What're you gonna do now that you won?


Mack: Great, Mariah! Can take the fastest way home, the cannon? :)

Chris: Sounds good. I hope I get free admission *winks* Well from our winner Mariah, our runner up Mack and everyone else here from ASVU6 it has been a great season. Join us next season where we take some familiar faces and put them up against some new ones. We might have to dock the ship too for a brand new location. Anyways this has been Total Drama: All Stars vs. Underdogs 6!