ASVU was greenlit for an eighth season. We're taking the seven most well-liked/heroic characters and putting them against the seven most hated/villainous characters to make a Heroes vs. Villains season. With returning fan favorites this season should be very interesting. This is Total Drama: All Stars vs. Underdogs 8!

Sign Ups (Closed)


  1. Jason-Phy Quit in Blessed To Be Here (7th)
  2. Ella-Amber Voted Out in Change of Scene (13th)
  3. Romeo-TF
  4. Rhett-Blaze Voted Out in Pimp My Ride (10th)
  5. Jimmy-Surfer
  6. Thomas-CS13 Voted Out in Crazy 8's (8th)
  7. Leo-BB (Hero as of Pimp My Ride) Voted Out in Race For Immunity (5th)


  1. Saionji-Mabel Voted Out in Blessed To Be Here (6th)
  2. Cindy-Dianted Voted Out in Heroes vs. Villains (15th)
  3. Max-Usi Voted Out in No Secrets On This Show (11th)
  4. Laney-Dawny Voted Out in Pimp My Ride (9th)
  5. Teri-Nano Voted Out in Zeek This Treasure Of Mine (14th)
  6. Dreyk-Blake Voted Out in Who's In Control? (12th)
  7. Mack-Conker (Villain as of Pimp My Ride) Eliminated in Dear Mom and Dad (3rd)
  8. Heather-Lynn Voted Out in Nobody's Safe Anymore (4th)

Interactions (You May Edit)


Dreyk and Laney [NO LONGER ACTIVE]

Ella and Laney [NO LONGER ACTIVE]

Heather and Laney

Leo and Laney

Laney and Mack (One Sided on Mack's Side)

Mack and Saionji (One sided on Mack's side)


Laney and Saionji

Dreyk and Saionji

Rhett and Saionji

Dreyk and Leo (one-sided, Leo)

Mack and Saionji (One sided, Saionji)

Rhett and Mack


Leo and Saionji (onesided,Leo)



Laney and Leo

Elimination Ceremonies (Pictures)

Elimination Table [DO NOT EDIT]

Rank Player Team Merge? Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 61 7 (M) 8 9 10 11 12
4th Heather Villains YES Debuts in Episode 4 SAFE SAFE SAFE SAFE SAFE WIN OUT
12th Dreyk Villains NO SAFE SAFE WIN OUT
13th Ella Heroes NO WIN WIN OUT
14th Teri Villains NO SAFE OUT
15th Cindy Villains NO OUT

1. Leo and Mack switched teams in episode 6.

Heroic Hawks Eliminations

Contestant Gender Rank

Team rank

Episode Reason for elimination
Ella Female 13th 7th Change of Scene The team decided to vote out Ella because they thought she was a threat due to her social game and potential alliances.
Rhett Male 10th 6th Pimp My Ride He was voted out by the Villains due to a cross-team alliance to save certain members of each team.
Thomas Male 8th 5th Crazy 8's He was in a big Heroes alliance which made the Villains vote him out.
Jason Male 7th 4th Blessed To Be Here He quit to help his pappy on the farm.
Leo Male 5th 3rd Race For Immunity The other contestants felt that he didn't deserve to make it this far.
Jimmy Male 2nd 2nd Finale VIII Lost the final vote.
Romeo Male 1st 1st Finale VIII Won the final vote.

Villainous Vipers Eliminations

Contestant Gender Rank Team rank Episode Reason for elimination
Cindy Female 15th 8th Heroes vs. Villains Simply put, she did not participate in the challenge. She also has a reputation for her actions in Season 3.
Teri Female 14th 7th Zeek This Treasure Of Mine Her teammates believed she had an alliance with Mack, who was on the opposite team.
Dreyk Male 12th 6th Who's In Control His constant flip-flopping and talking smack made his teammates vote him off. He also cost his team the challenge.
Max Male 11th 5th No Secrets On This Show The team felt that he was useless and voted him off.
Laney Female 9th 4th Pimp My Ride She was voted off by the Heroes team.
Saionji Female 6th 3rd Blessed To Be Here She was untrustworthy, which caused her to get voted out.
Heather Female 4th 2nd Nobody's Safe Anymore Like Saionji, she was untrustworthy, which caused her to get voted out.
Mack Male 3rd 1st Dear Mom and Dad Jimmy picked Romeo to go to the finale.

Episode 1: Heroes vs. Villains

Pre Chat

Chris: Season 8 of ASVU folks! I'm Chris McLean and we're taking 14 previous contestants back for another season and here they are now! Everyone's friend who got robbed of winning twice Jason, fairytale princess Ella, the fragile nobile Romeo, last season's winner Rhett, the short smart one Jimmy, smart guy Thomas, Mack the loner, complicated Saionji, master strategist Cindy, ultimate evil Max, the missing triplet Lamey, Teri the Terrible, mysterious Dreyk and quiet Leo! So what's up guys? How do you feel about this season?

Laney: Excuse me, I would like to go by my real name for now on, Which is Laney.

Jimmy: I have a question? Where is Rosalina?

Saionji: *walks in and starts sobbing loudly* Uwaaaaah~ :'(

Laney: Why are you cryin' little brat?

Jimmy: don't cry! Frowning uses thousands of muscles you know. It's literally a bad idea to frown.

Saionji: Uwaaah! *wipes tears and glares at Laney* Don't talk to me you hideous vile creature, Lamey! *cries louder into Jimmy's arms then pulls away* You're gross don't touch me! :(

Jimmy: uh... What? (CONF) She just hugged me... Then told the I was gross...

Leo: This would make a great painting!

Laney: Eh, No one talks to the LANES like that! Children these days need a good beatin' You lucky you ain't my child. I will respect you if y'all respect me

Saionji: *sobs louder* Bully! It's not my fault everyone thinks you're ugly and you should die! :'( (CONF) *wipes tears and giggles* Everyone here is as stupid as stupid gets! But the monster Dreyk is here so it's not as fun to put up with his annoying mopey face and obnoxious talking trying to be smart! :(

Jimmy: (CONF) This just sums up America right here.

Rhett: wow, it's weird i'm doing this again already! (CONF) am i again, doing another season, it's only been a week or so since i won, and i've already spent half the cash, maybe i should have been a bit more sensible buying a car instead of spending half my money on a Zonda R...

Jimmy; Congrats on winning, Rhett. I was rooting for you.

Saionji: *crying* Go away, Rhett! You already won at being a loser! *giggles to self*

Laney: *Rolls her eyes* (CONF: Ugh! She is on ma' Last nerve But this isa game so i need to get on her good side) *Sighs* I am sorry Saionji I was so Disrescpectful and mean Will you forgive me?

Rhett: well excuuuuuuuuse me princess!

Saionji: Let me think about that... *sniffles* Nope! Go back to the muddy puddles you gross ugly pig! :D

Laney: Are you sure? *Holds herself from strangling Saionji* I am sure I would be a great friend

Saionji: I'm elite, and you're super super super useless, slave! :3

Rhett: (in head) jeez, this is definately gonna be a challenge...

Laney: Fine, I will be your "Slave" (CONF: I need this million it could get me HUGE deals with famous directors)

Leo: *Notices Laney* Hmm (CON) Think I have a plan for this season! (END CON)

Jimmy: Slave? (CONF) Didn't we get over slavery in, like, the 1800s? Yes, we did. I'm a history NERD!

Jason: *strokes his stache* It is good to be back!

Dreyk: Laney, you could help me instead of that. >.> (CONF) Gross, useless Saionji.

Saionji: Teehee, what freaks!

Jimmy: Freaks??? (CONF) What the heck is the matter with this girl???

Dreyk: Don't worry about her. She's mentally seven years old.

JImmy: Ah. One of THOSE types. I understand. (CONF) Can I put up with her?

Thomas: *Arrives* Oh boy! Another season of ASVU! I wonder where were staying!

Saionji: *slaps Dreyk, jumping to reach his face* Shut up, idiot! >:(

Thomas: And the said drama is already taking action.

Laney: *Thinks about Dreyk's Offer* Sure (CONF: He is cute... Plus he is more tolerable then bratty mcgee)

Dreyk: Don't talk to me, please. @Saionji

Saionji: Silly Westerners and their delusional entitlement! :3

Thomas: Hey guys can't we all chill? Let's have some fun for a new season! ...

Dreyk: FUN? How can you expect to have FUN with Saionji? She's bugging everyone 24/7 and complaining all day every day.

Thomas: Maybe she just wants someone to talk to about her woes?

Saionji: Silly Dreyk! :3 Maybe I would be much more nice if you all weren't so stupid!

Thomas: *tries to says something positive but fails on his words* Er... perhaps... uh... whera are the heross?

Dreyk: Rhett, Ella, Jimmy and Jason are here. Stop bothering us and go talk to them. And Saionji, you're literally never nice. Just stop.

Saionji: Pfft, heroes? How dull! Why would you want to be a hero when the world is so mean and hateful and spiteful and full of powerful corrupt and elite leaders, like meeee? Heroes are so dumb and useless! They waste their time being all talk and no nothing! *scrunches face* Maybe if they weren't so irrelevant and obnoxious they might actually accomplish something with their otherwise boring lives! The world feeds off negativity, and happy warriors can't change that! >:) Now, someone rub my feet! They're getting ouchy! 3x

Thomas: Sh shh shh *Leans towards Saionji* Do you hear that? It's the winds of change... *Walks away towards the heroes*

Saionji: *pokes out tongue and glares*

Laney: *Whispers to Dreyk* This is gonna be a long season with her *Points at Saionji*

Thomas: *Walks up to Jason* Hey man what's up! *Shakes his hand* Names Thomas.

Chris: Speaking of heroes, let me tell you the teams. Based on your past ASVU performances/interactions, Ella, Jason, Jimmy, Mack, Rhett, Romeo and Thomas you are the Heroic Hawks. Cindy, Dreyk, Laney, Leo, Max, Saionji and Teri you are the Villainous Vipers. Laney, Saionji I'm sure you two are glad to be on the same team *laughs*

Laney: *Glances at the heroes* (CONF: *Laughing* Those wannabes are so losing *Laughs* They have hopeless losers! That "Jason" seems familiar... From like... Total Rama... Return of The Island? I don't know either way he seems suspicious) Well, I am sure Saionji will forgive me *Rolls eyes*

Thomas: (CONF: Sweet! Heroes Vs. Villains! At least I get to be with nicer people... sheesh the other villains are so... annoying to say the least, I hope we can go all the way to vicotry!)

Max: Muhahahaha! Evil has arrived, and I must say I am very thankful for naming the team after me, for I am the true villain! The evil villain!!! Muhahahahaha!!!! *glances at his teammates* And these are my devoted minions!

Leo: *Walks over to his team* Hello team! For those who weren't in last season, my name is Leo. Hope we work well together as a teaaaaaam *sees Saionji* Wow...such beauty! *passes out*

Jason: *observes his team* I think that the heroes have a solid team.

Dreyk: *chokes* (CONF) SAIONJI? BEAUTY? *laughs*

Thomas: I totally agree Jason! We can do this!

Saionji: *glares at Leo* Perv! *sniffles* Uwaaaah! I'm on the team of idiots, except me! *cries loudly*

Dreyk: Go cry in the corner, Saionji. >.>

Romeo: *to Jason and Thomas* I do believe we can succeed, though I don't think we should underestimate the villains...they also look like a strong team...

Saionji: *sobs louder* You're so irrelevant, Dreyk! Jump off a bridge! *throws a rock at him*

Jimmy: O_o (CONF) I love my team.

Thomas: Good point dude! Name's Thomas, what is yours?

Jimmy: This team is great, guys! No discord, just friendship!

Jason: (CONF) The villains appear to be targeting themselves so far. That's fine with me.


Saionji: (CONF) Teehee! Everyone's so stupid they think I'm really upset! I'm just gonna' look weak and helpless then I'm gonna cut their throats! :D *looks around and squeals* Dreyk, you idiot! Kill that spider! Argh!!!! *runs out of confessional but trips over kimono*

Jimmy: Actually, assault does not warrant disqualification, as states TD rule 47b.5... AKA Chris loves pain.

Leo: *helps Saionji up* Are you ok?

Saionji: *frowns* Don't touch me, I don't want to contract stupidness! >:( Uwaaaah!

Jimmy: Stupidness is not contagious...

Thomas: It isint, but I seem to be catching it just by being here...

Dreyk: Not unless you contract it from Saionji.

Saionji: Well on this show it is! >:( Uwaaah, why are you so plain? You lack any personality or traits whatsoever! You're like a cutout, big broooo. >.> (die dreyk u cant be big bro anymore)

Laney: *Helps Dreyk up* Saionji you need to stop

Jimmy: Thomas, you're contradicting yourself. How can you catch it if it's not contagious?

Saionji: Big sis! >:( Wait, you can't be big sis! Izumi is big sis... and... and she's not as stupid! >:(

Dreyk: Where is Izumi anyways? She's more qualified for this season than SOME people.

Saionji: Yeah, you silly~! You try to act smart and mean but you're just fake fake fake!

Thomas: It's this villain fight... They're being dumb

Jimmy: But stupidity is NOT contagious! I need to set this right!.


Thomas: Sure Jimmy! Actually it's not.

Saionji: >.> Heroes are dumb dumb dumb! There is nothing fun about being a hero! >:(

Jimmy: Heroes always win. It's a proven fact!

Dreyk: Everyone roots for the villain now! >:(

Jimmy: Actually-- *launches into rant no one listens to*

Max: No, evil always win! Just look at me! *smiles proudly*

Heroes Chat

Jimmy: *still talking, no one listening* And that's why heroes always win!

Thomas: What was that Jimmy?

Jimmy: I said-- *is shushed*

Jason: *reading a book*

Jimmy: All I wanted to do was bestow upon you facts that are relevant to us...

Thomas: *Ignores Jimmy and walks up to Jason* So I didnt catch your name, what is it?

Romeo: (CONF) From what I've seen, the villains are lacking chemistry...and since- despite our decent team- they're the stronger team on paper, so it might come in handy...unless Dreyk and Saionji become best friends...then it's more of a death sentence...but I really don't see that happening...

Jason: It's Jason.

Thomas: Cool! I'm Thomas, it's so nice to meet you! You exctied?

Ella: Well, i'll try not to sing or dance and be a very good team player! For the guys that doesnt know me, i'm Ella! *smiles*

Villains Chat

Laney: We need to elect a leader, To like guide us and stuff

Leo: I think it should be Saionji!

Laney: Yeah, no.

Dreyk: Obviously me.

Laney: I am fine with Dreyk being leader (CONF: He's no Topher but I'll stick with him)

Leo: I don't know about that I rather have Sajoni be the team leader.

Laney: *Grabs Leo* Listen, artsy "Sajoni" ain't bein captain deal with it *Drops him*

Saionji: Teehee! Dreyk? Leader? He can't even wear matching clothes! :)

Leo: Uhhh ok. (CON) *cries hard like Saionji* (END CON)

Laney: Okay whatever maybe Cindy should be captain? I don't know

Saionji: It should be big bro, Leo! He's boring enough to sustain the team and we can blame everything on him because he sucks~! :S

Laney: *Thinks then shrugs* Eh, It's aight for me so Leo is our leada'?

Leo: Yess!! Thank you Saionji! If i'm the king of villans you'll be my queen!

Laney: *Rolls her eyes* (CONF: I am usually easy going but this is annoying I should be on a stage right now)

Challenge 1

Chris: Well heroes and villains its your first challenge! Okay its pretty simple all you have to do is tell me why someone on the opposing team is a hero/villain. In other words if you're on the heroes team you'll be telling me why is a villain. If you're on the villains team you'll be telling me why is a hero. This will require you to do some homework/research. You must give me an example (i.e. dialogue, alliance, etc). The reason why I'm doing this challenge is to give folks (users) watching at home (yeah I'm talking to you Dark), some insight as to why you are here this season and to make things easy for you guys. Plus it gives you some knowledge on the other team and what you're up against. Now here's the curveball, you all must decide AS A TEAM who you will be discussing for the challenge. If I were you, I would pick someone you can get the most info on, but whatever. The team with the best explanation wins immunity.

Chris: Well it looks like we have a winner. The Heroes win the first challenge! Villains, I'll see you at elimination.

Mack: Yeah! I did nothing of interest and only pointed out minor flaws, whoo! Wait, no that's Jimmy's job. *Runs away from tomatoes being thrown from an unknown source.* #Mack!

Heroes Idea

Romeo: So...what does everyone think- if you don't mind me asking?

Thomas: Saionji for sure.

Romeo: Yes, I was thinking as much, though Cindy might be a good option too...what do you think, Jason...?

Jason: I personally think we should discuss Cindy...there's a lot of stuff about her obvious villainy that we can discuss.

Thomas: I agree with Jason, which seasons has she been in?

Jason: She was in the season 3 with me, but she may have been in more. I remember that she practically dominated the game thanks to her vile tactics in that season.

Romeo: My only main memory was of season 3, as well...though I think she was in 6 too, I just don't really remember her...she didn't pop out much.

Jason: I see. Well in season 3, she led an alliance that consisted of her, Rosalina, and myself. She was one nasty competitor.

Thomas: Yeah but what spesifically did she do that made her a pompuss a** hole?

Romeo: The backstabbings she committed, possibly...?

Jason: She was a jerk to Kathy, who was a nice teammate, and Noah...who was decent. And like what Romeo said, she backstabbed Rosalina who was her ally at the time.

Thomas: Well I think the host is looking for an actual sentence frame, liek english class all over again, So Jason you give it a go since you seem to know.

Jason: Well we have to decide who we are going to discuss as a they rest of the team needs to speak up first.

Romeo: I think they're too intrigued by your mustache to speak...

Jason: *puts on a paper bag, covering up his face* Problem solved...

Thomas: *takes bag off* That's not going to help anything! Guys come on, put your heads together and think of something that we can say! I've never been in a season with Cindy but I agree with Jason.

Jimmy: I agree. Saionji or Cindy.

Thomas: WE've all established who we picked okay, tell me how this sounds: "Cindy is a villain because of her performance in seasno 3, she was mean to Kathy, and backstabbed Rosalina who was loyal to her." If you guys want we can do that, but if someones got something better than we should do it.

Jason: Sounds fine to me. What do you think team?

Jimmy: Except for some minor run-ons, sounds good to me! (CONF) I HATE run-on sentences.

Thomas: Run ons? What are you talking about? Nevermind, let's here from others

Romeo: It sounds great, in my opinion...I think it might get us the win...

Thomas: Alright sorry if we lose guys, good job! Chris! Were done!

Romeo: Wait- hold on- let me tidy it up really quick. Alright, so this is it, right? "Cindy is a villain due to her performance in Season 3. There, she was rude to Kathy and backstabbed Rosalina, who was loyal to her- which ended up causing Rosalina some problems later on."

Thomas: Pfft, I english good, alright that seems good Romeo! Now I guess we wait for Chris to come... So ROMEO what's up?

Romeo: I'm fine- did you call me Marcus a minute ago, though...?

Thomas: Uh yeah sorry, haha *scratches head* you remind me of him.

Romeo: How so- if you don't mind me asking?

Thomas: It was a slip of the tongue now shh, what are you intrestedd in?

Romeo: I'm interesting in sparring- I'm pretty decent at it, I think. You?

Thomas: I'm quite smart, sometimes. I love puzzles! errrrr I dunno

Mack: I hope we do good. *Hears excessive boo-age* When did we get a laugh track? (CONF) I don't know what's up with me. Coming back to this show? With Saionji, Derek, Cindy and... *sighs* At least Saionji can't get to me unless we both make merge. (END CONF) Cindy is good, but our explinatuion is a bit vaue cause her actions had a big effect on the game's outcome.

Jimmy: I thjnk that works!

Rhett: well i watched most of ASVU3, and from what i saw, she was definately a power player, constantly feuding with the likes of Noah, Shawn and i guess to a lesser extent, Dave. she always really made her presence felt in the game, and i think that's one of the key things you need to be a power player, unlike me lasr season, the only thing i really did outside of challenges was sit down and read boring newspapers!, must be a sign i'm getting old or something...

Ella: *looks to the team* I think we have to choose Mack's opinion. Look I didnt talked that much with you guys but I hope I can bring something to the team. And I'm not going to sing this season cause i wanna be a team player. (CONF) I have to do my best to not sing. Maybe one line? No, Ella. You can't sing this season. You .. can't... (END CONF)

Mack: (CONF) *Checking his phone* I decided to take my phone to the island so I could fix it from this hacker. *Voice from phone: Ha-ha! You suck! You MACK intelligence!* Well, you...! What's your name? *phone turns off* (END CONF)

Villains Idea

Leo: So Saionji what do you think? (CON) I am doomed! I know everyone will hate me for this but i've never watched ASVU even the one I was in! Can't believe I just said that on TV! Mom if your watching you might want to think about adding extra locks to the house! (END CON)

Saionji: >:v

Laney: *Rolls eyes* All the heroes are gag-worthy, Jason is not a hero! He is Scott! Whatever what do you guys think?

Leo: Uhhh maybe someone who has defeated a villan before?

Laney: Which is no one Leo: (CON) This is hard! If only there was a way to watch the episodes right now! (END CON))

Dreyk: How about you come up with it yourself? You're the team captain, after all!

Saionji: Pfft, none of them are heroes!

Laney: Ugh! This is terrible! All of the Heroes are bland and annoying at times why do we have to be the interesting ones?

Dreyk: Shh, Saionji, Laney. Let Leo come up with it himself. We have faith in him. :) (CONF) *laughs* ...No.

Laney: *Growls* It's Laney but fine let the artist do all the work

Leo: *Glares at Dreyk* Don't you dare talk to Saionji like that!

Dreyk: Get to thinking, Leo. 1) Saionji doesn't like people and 2) You're team captain.

Laney: He is right Leo

Saionji: Why don't we talk about how all those stupid people aren't heroes!?

Leo: I agree! This is a game of hate, competiton, backstabbing and there is no such thing as a hero in that game!

Dreyk: Shut it, Saionji. >.> Let LEO do everything. He needs to prove that he's a good, efficient captain.

Leo: No Dreyk you shut it! Whats the point of having a team captain if we don't even work as a team!

Dreyk: Leo, we will work together! Just prove to us that you're good enough to be captain.

Leo: Ok fine! (CON) Maybe I can just make up a character and they'll believe me? (END CON) Uhh... maybe Ella. Uhh Ella is a hero because living in this world of hate, crime,negatively,unkind people,and more words that I don't know about but means something bad, she stayed positive, she stayed happy, and was always kept positive because of her songs.

Saionji: Pig. >.> That doesn't make her a hero, silly! Being nice and smiley stupid isn't heroic! She didn't do anything!

Max: Minions! The host-man said that we have to work as a team to win this challenge! Even though you are all extremely incompetent, I'm sure you'll all be able to do that while I work on my plans to take over the world! Muhahahahaha,

Leo: You know what I quit! I don't want to be a team leader no more! What about Max?

Max: I already am the leader! I'm too busy plotting what I do when I TAKE OVER THE WORLD! Muhahahaha! While you guys do all the boring work.

Laney: *Picks Max up with no trouble* He is like a marshmallow, He can't be captain

Max: Excuse me! I'm not a marshmallow. I'm an evil marshmallow!

Leo: And that's why he must be team captain!

Max: Do I have to repeat myself? I Already am the team leader! The host-man chose the worst minions for me! They can't do anything right! Just go with that one lackey's idea *points to Leo* and make it better. While I evil

Laney: Uh huh, Sure.

Saionji: *giggles while jabbing Max in the back with a needle*

Dreyk: Stop stabbing our "team leader" with a needle. Stab Leo or something.

Saionji: >:v Stupid pig! *actually stabs the needle into Dreyk's leg* Oops! x3

Dreyk: ASSAULT! DISQUALIFY HER! Ugh, I hate you.

Saionji: Yucky! I got your gross germs on my needle! *throws it at Dreyk, stabbing him again* >:(

Dreyk: Ow! You're such a- y'know what? Let's just finish this dumb challenge.

Saionji: Ooh, I got one! Mack is a hero because he abuses and attacks women, yells at people to make himself look like a victim, is mentally broken and is a complete and utter loser who sucks at life and will always be a laughing stock to society! :)

Lamey: *Laughs* You just roasted that loser *Tries to high five*

Saionji: *hi-five completely misses her* Ewww, don't touch me! >.< PERVERT!!! *pokes tongue at her and walks off*

Laney: *Scoffs* Okay how about Romeo? He is a very loyal and noble person from what I have seen in the seasons he competed

Teri: *she looks at everyone and laughs maniacally, before stopping for breath* Oh my gosh, it appears you all do need the help from.... TERI THE TERRIBLE; THE CRUELEST, MOST DIABOLICAL PERSON YOU'LL EVER MEET! MWUHAHAHA! *coughs* ... Anyway, why not just do Ella!? She is ultimately the kindest, sweetest person in the games! She wears a bright pink dress, she SINGS a lot and animals follow her around cause she's so sweet, she sings to them, I dunno about you fools but I thought that was pretty obvious.

Laney: Listen, Ella was rude in both ASvUD 4 and 5 she isn't perfect DUH we would be walking into a trap

Leo: You know what? Nobody is a Hero! This is a game of lies, conflict, hate, competition, and evil! In a game like that there is no such thing as a hero! (CON) I hope this works! (END CON)

Elimination Ceremony 1: Villains

Chris: Well welcome to your first elimination ceremony and by watching you guys during the challenge today mmmmm I smell some tension! You guys really interacted but challenge wise not so much. Anyways vote who you want off the show in the confessional!

Laney: (CONF: I would love to vote Saionji, But Cindy did nothing... at all)

Leo: (CON) I might get eliminated tonight but atleast I tried to help my team! I vote for Cindy! (END CON)

Dreyk: (CONF) Jeez. I want to vote for, like, three people on this team, but I guess I'll choose...Cindy. Whatever.

Saionji: (CONF) Teehee, Cindy is such a loser! I vote her to die!

Chris: You have until 10pm EST to vote

Chris: Well voting has closed and marshmallows go to






and Saionji!

Sorry Cindy but you're the first villain and person in general to get eliminated!

Episode 2: Zeek This Treasure Of Mine

Heroes Chat

Thomas: So Cindy was bombed on by our team, and then eliminated... that's harsh..

Mack: (CONF) It's pretty obvious I might not survive if the competition continues. Last season I went without a alliance or safety so I got to come prepared this time. (END CONF) *Walks up to Ella* H-hey, would you like to allian-... would you like to be allie-... *walks off* (CONF) I can't do it.

Jimmy: *watches Mack* (CONF) Weird

Rhett: (watches Mack as well) (CONF) well he's trying, i'll give him that.

Ella: Well hi there little boy? *watches Mack*

Romeo: *also watching Mack, because the whole world is* I wonder what he wanted. Hmm...

Mack: *walks until he finds a river. He then sits down and sulks.* I thought I gained confidence? I guess it wasn't my confidence giving those speeches last season, it was the fact I made finale.

Jason: *strokes his stache as he watches Mack with the others* So that is the Mack everyone has been talking about.

Mack: *Looks behind him to see everyone staring at him from a distance* ... uh... (CONF) I feel like such a freak... but man... what a mustache...

Ella: *sees some birds* Come over here, little birds! *they arent coming to Ella, cause she is not singing* (CONF) I can't stop this. (END CONF) *sings* Fly with your wings, when the girl sings, when your things blings and you stay with kings.

Villains Chat

Leo: Hi Saionji! I made this painting for you! (CON) I made sure it was perfect like her. *Laughs* When did I become a comedian! (END CON) *Gives Saionji painting of her*

Saionji: V: D'aww, it's a pile of crap just like your hopes, dreams, aspirations and life! :D

Leo: Glad you like it!

Saionji: You're so worthless, big bro! 3:

Chris: (CONF) Yeah she's on the right team

Teri: Leo, you are not a bad guy... all you've done is hope for the best, done really nice things for people and compliment them, you've been put on the wrong team ;/

Challenge 2

Chris: Challenge starts tomorrow 11/14/14 at 3pm EST

Chris: Okay I decided to give the challenge an early start but no worries you'll have plenty o' time! This challenge has been done in previous ASVU seasons and we've bought it back. Here is a map of the beach. We've hidden treasure chests all over the place with bags of coins ranging from 10-50. Obviously you want to pick a chest 1-15 that you think has the most coins and hidden in two chests are some curveballs of course so choose wisely. The team with the most coins wins and also Heroes since you have one member more than the Villains, you will need to sit one person out to make things fair. Good luck cast!

Ella: Well my fellow team mates, shall we decide who is going to sit? It doesnt matter for me who is going to sit, but we have to talk about it with our team! *smiles*

Mack: Maybe Rhett... he is least active. But then again... he won a season so he may be useful...

Ella: Indeed. I hope I can help you guys with the challenge last time I did not much for the team so I have to be better this challenge. But if you all want me to sit I will sit. That isnt a problem for me.

Max: I say we pick 1 for I am the Number 1 most... evil! Muhahahahahaah!!!!

Chris: Oh and just to be clear you all pick your own number so no repeats! If someone's already picked a number then you can't pick it!

Mack: First, we need confimation on Rhett staying out...

Ella: Are you sure about that? Isnt that a little bit rude?

Jimmy: 6. It's always six.

Ella: *looks to Jimmy* Well, let's do it in this way. The last that is going to say a number of our team is going to sit, okay? I think that's fair. I'll pick fourteen!

Mack: Fine... I'll pick... 12... (CONF) Look, it's your chance to get an alliance with Jimmy. He's nice and I doubt he'd stay long, like me, which gives us hope. (END CONF) Hey, Jimmy. How w-would you li-like to have an al... al... alli... ACHOO! *falls over* (CONF) Nooooooooooooooooo! (END CONF) *walks off in shame again*

Jimmy: ... This is probably a bad time, I'll talk to you later. (CONF) I kinda want an alliance with him, but he seems afraid to talk!

Teri: I'll pick two, it's the best number there is, because I've been on TWO seasons! >->

Laney: 45 (CONF: We are down one player we gotta win this one)

Leo: I pick 4! (CON) There is 4 letters in evil! (END CON)

Rhett: staying out?, no way!, i want in on this!, i pick 14.

Jason: I pick 8.

Dreyk: 46.

Romeo: So, then, Thomas sits out, maybe...? Um, I'll pick three, I suppose...

Saionji: 3. >.>

Chris: Well I guess that means Thomas sits out! And it looks like we have a winner! The Heroes win 60-30. Villains only Max, Teri and Leo actually picked a chest. There were no 45 or 46 on the map and Saionji you picked a number that was taken so good job Villains. It's elimination time Villains.

Elimination Ceremony 2: Villains

Chris: Wow Villains. Two in a row that really sucks especially since you lost because of incompetent team members. Anyways go ahead and vote!

Leo: (CON) Teri !

Dreyk: Jump in a fire, Chris. (CONF) I vote Teri.

Laney: (CONF: Sorry Teri)

Max: I know, you picked the worst minions. (CONF) I vote for Teri... whatever minion that is.

Saionji: (CONF) Leo is a super creep so he needs to die! :)

Chris: And marshmallows go to Max, Dreyk, Laney, Saionji and Leo! Sorry Teri but you weren't terrible enough to stay. Looks like the Heroes have a 2 person advantage over the Villains. Will the Villains finally win a challenge or will they be down a third member? Find out next time!

Episode 3: Change of Scene

Heroes Chat

Jason: *sleeping against a tree*

Romeo: ...So, is everyone asleep? No point asking that, if they are...

Jason: *wakes up* It seems to be that way. Although how anyone continue to sleep through the villain's annoying ruckus is beyond me.

Romeo: Not sure. I wonder what they're arguing about this time, though...

Jason: They are probably fighting over leadership...although with him on their team I'm surprised that they aren't scared out of their minds.

Romeo: Who?

Thomas: Should we have a leader?

Romeo: I personally believe we're fine as we are now, before we risk feuding like the villains over a leadership position...

Thomas: But a team without a leader is like a horse without a head! Plus I don't care who it is! I'm fine with anything.

Laney: *Walks in* Hey Heroes (CONF: I figured since Dreyk is working on the Saionji, I should work on the heroes)

Thomas: Uh.. hey, what are yuo doing here? Don't you guys hate us or something?

Laney: Oh I just wanted to uh... Spread friendly competition (CONF: *Laughing*) Well Thomas how are you? We should catch up

Thomas: Pretty good, uh.. did we meet before?

Dreyk: *enters with cake* Um, uh, Saionji and I found out that it was Marcus' birthday! Here's your cake. @Romeo

Thomas: *Eats the entire cake and runs off*

Jason: *goes back to sleep*

Romeo: Marcus- wasn't he that one guy? That guy with the- I forget... Thanks, but no thanks, I'm not fond of cake- and Thomas ate it anyway. I appreciate the gesture, even though I'm not Marcus.

Laney: Ugh he ran off... Hi you *Looks at Romeo* I am Laney

Thomas: *Pukes on Jason and runs back* What was in that cake?

Dreyk: Saionji made that cake, so...

Thomas: *Pukes again* Who even is Marcus?

Romeo: I don't know, but you seemed quite fond of them. *to Laney* And hello, I'm Romeo. Pleased to make your acquaintance.

Dreyk: I'm just going to go tell Saionji you enjoyed her cake.

Thomas: Dreyk! Wait! Can you tell her something for me?

Dreyk: Nope. *leaves*

Laney: Acquaintance? You sound like this danish guy I met on the subway

Thomas: *Pukes* Darn it I was gonna puke on him.

Romeo: I'm not sure whether that's a regular comment, insult, or compliment, but that's nice? Sorry- English isn't really my first language, but I think I've learned enough to speak some of it.

Laney: You aren't from the city huh? (CONF: I am a aspiring actress in the city, And he definitely isn't from there he may not even be from planet earth whatever I need to keep focused)

Thomas: *Turning purple* Guys I am not doign well *pukes* (CONF) WTF WAS IN THAT CAKE)

Romeo: I'm pretty sure there might be poison in that cake, Thomas...who did they say made that again? Also, *to Laney* No, I'm not from the city.

Thomas: *Is as bluw as Trent from S1 trust challenge and puking out mouth*

Jason: *wakes up to go clean himself off*

Laney: (CONF: Romeo is a nice guy! But this is still competition and I need this million to follow my dream) Romeo do you notice how Jason seems similar to I don't know.... Scott?

Jason: (CONF) *Cleaning himself*

Thomas: *Eats herb and heals* Oh yay, next time I'm almost dying i'll be sure to NOTIFY YOU GUYS!

Jason: *returns to his team*

Thomas: Sorry for puking on you.

Romeo: *to Laney* Hmm, he does look slightly like Scott, now that you mention it...but, what's wrong with that? Also, Thomas, glad to see you feel better. Welcome back, Jason.

Jason: *To Thomas* It's okay. *To Romeo* Thank you.

Mack: Hey, Romeo. *Sits down eating a fahita, scource unkown.*

Romeo: Hmm? Oh, hello Mack.

Jason: *stroke his stache*

Mack: I snook in some actual food from my home. Fahitas, curry, chilli, lasana, alot of KFC, salad and waaaaaay more. I also brought this book. *places his bag on the floor* We'd have to sneak into the kicthen to cook though.

Saionji: *jabs Mack in the back with a poisoned needle*

Mack: Ou-ch! *Looks sick* Urg! *Throws up all over Saionji* Oh-no! *runs to the confesional* (CONF) *throws up everywhere* I think that got the poison ou- *throws up*

Mack: *Comes back* What are the villains doing here...

Ella: Yay! More people. Wonderful.

Mack: These people stab you with poison knives... >.>

Laney: *To Romeo* He almost looks identical to Scott aside from the mustache, I think he is hiding something he looks like he is Scott except hiding his identity... You should just watch out for him

Jimmy: *wakes up and walks over to Mack* Why are the villains here?

Mack: Lamey wants to talk to Romeo because her team drive her nuts. :)

Rhett: huh, i'm not suprised about that.

Ella: *looks to Laney* Hey! How are you, girl?

Jimmy: oh... And from what I gather, Saionji is here to poison folks?

Laney: *Smiles* (CONF: The heroes are surprisingly... Tolerable) Hey Ella haven't seen you since last year how you doing girl?

Jimmy: (CONF) I might need a secret ally to listen in and see what my comrades are saying about me. They would have to be likable...

Ella: I'm soo fine! And you look gorgeous. *hugs Laney*

Laney: I haven't seen you since last year! What have you been up to?

Mack: Yeah... *realises that he's talking too Jimmy* Oh-uh... (CONF) I can't talk to him! He's in love with the witch! No one should like Rosalina... Rosalina *sighs* Maybe I could get him into an alliance, you don't need friends in alliances... I know that from personal expirences...

Ella: To be honest, I did not much. Spend much time to play with my Disney- Toy Story toys and singing with my bestfriend Aurora. She likes the movie Sleeping Beauty and we have seen that movie maybe twenty times in a month. And you? How are you two sisters by the way?

Jimmy: (CONF) Why did Mack just get so nervous? Was it something I said? *thinks back to everytime he flirted with Rosalina while Mack glares* Nope, nothjng there!

Mack: *looks at Jimmy* H-hey Jimmy. *Speaking really fast* Would you like to be in an alliance to not get eliminated? (CONF) I hope that he says yes! By the way have you noticed that people literally say their thoughts of stuff happening at that exact moment. Even in the real show.

Jimmy: Ummm... Sure!

Laney: About that.... They aren't my sisters....

Mack: G-great. W-we will discuss it later, o-okay?

Ella: Oh really? I didnt expected, I'm sorry. Would you like to shop with me after this season? We could go to the Disney-World Store. *smiles and looks around, and starts to sing* A tiny room with a lot of people in it, the one is standing while the other sit. Waiting for a challenge and be nervous a little bit!

Jimmy: ok.

Laney: I love Shopping! (CONF: This one black Friday I tackled this LeFawnda girl for these designer shoes! Best score ever!)

Thomas: *Wakes up from nap and yawns* What are the villains still doing here?

Mack: I don't know why Lamey's here! She's probably just... uh... voluptuous (CONF) I have no idea what that word means.

Laney: *Slaps Mack* No!

Ella: Ouch.. *touches her own face cause Laney slaps Mack*

Mack: Wha-what!? I don't even know what it means, I just wanted to sound smart! What does it mean!?

Laney: Look it up! (CONF: How offensive!)

Mack: I don't have but a dictionary. But Jimmy probably does. *borrows one from Jimmy* Wha-! Ew! (CONF) I thought it was supposed to mean 'weird' or something! She's not attractive, well... maybe her hair is well-kept, but everything else is just average female.

Thomas: Okay I've had enough Laney leave! This is the heroes side *Points to the exit*

Mack: *places Jimmy's dictionary back* I agree. You're breaking the rules and hitting people.

Laney: Hmph *Flips hair and leaves*

Villains Chat

Saionji: *crying out loud* Uwaaaaah!!!

Leo: It's ok Saionji. Maybe next time.

Lamey: *Blocking her ears* Gosh! Ugh it's FINE you need to calm down

Saionji: It's not that, you disgusting antelopes! *sobs louder*

Max: Silence, minion! Your hearsay will not be forgotten! For, I am not an antelope! I am much too evil.

Saionji: *shoots daggers while crying* Shut up you stunted, worthless pervert! *kicks dirt at him*

Dreyk: Shut it, Saionji. Leo, comfort her.

Saionji: I don't want that disgusting creep near me! He can jump off a cliff and end his boring and worthless life before he dares to go near me! :'(

Dreyk: Well, that's too bad. Now, as I said before, Leo, go comfort Saionji.

Saionji: Shut up, you lousy oyster! >.> Why don't you get your own proper personality instead of ripping off stupid tv characters! *jabs Dreyk in the stomach* Now come on, let's go bash Max!

Dreyk: You're such a- OW! ASSAULT! DISQUALIFY HER NOW. >.>

Saionji: Teehee, it's so easy to hurt you since you're SO two dimensional! *giggling*

Dreyk: Leo...go...comfort her! :) And I hate you too, Saionji.

Saionji: R-really, big bro? *starts sobbing loudly*

Dreyk: Yes. ^_^ Now, stop crying.

Saionji: Big bro... *wipes tears and pulls something out* I baked you a... cake... :(

Dreyk: Right, uh, thank you. I'll take the cake...

Saionji: Big bro, can I cut the slice for you? *sniffles* :3

Dreyk: Um...sure?

Saionji: Yay! *hugs him quickly then cuts the cake with a stick* Here you go, big bro! Sorry for being a mean bully! 3: *hands him the slice*

Leo: *Gasps* (CON) I thought I was big bro! Dreyk must die!!! (END CON) Can I have a slice Sai?

Laney: Well "Big Bro" Dreyk (CONF: He is genius, Getting Saionji to join our alliance and to get her to stop being so repulsive *Laughs* Saionji's gullibility will be easy to use)

Dreyk: Here, you can have my slice, Leo. Don't tell Saionji, though. Also, if she cries, then comfort her. Another thing, tell her to give the cake to the heroes. I'm sure they'll love it.

Saionji: (CONF) I worked really, really, really hard on that cake for big bro! I hope he likes it! *smirks* The special ingredients were Earthworms and Dirt mixed with fertiliser and the icing was mud surprise with Laney's dandruff flake special! :D Teehee, I hope they all die horrible deaths after eating this! They are wasting precious oxygen, peasants.

Leo: I don't want a cake from you Dreyk! *Throws at Dreyk*

Saionji: *sniffles* Big bro... you dropped your slice... Do you want another one... or... do you... *begins to sob* Hate it?

Dreyk: Leo took my slice. :(

Leo: Thats terrible Dreyk! Why would you drop her cake that she made for you!

Saionji: Leo you ugly piece of trash worthless gutter rat river trash :O *sobs and runs away crying, purposely leaving the cake behind for them all to enjoy*

Leo: *Glares at Dreyk*

Dreyk: Loser. @Leo I'll just take this to the heroes... *takes cake and walks over to the heroes*

Saionji: (CONF) *laughs manically*

Dreyk: Saionji, the heroes stole your cake. Go terrorize them instead of us. :)

Saionji: Yay, I hope they choke on it and die slowly! :D

Max: (CONF) My minions can't seem to get along and work toward a common cause of evil! How am I supposed to take over the world with these incompetent monkeys running around throwing poop at one another. Chris really did give me the bottom of the barrel. If only these minions were four people as dastardly and intelligent as me, then I'd be getting some evil done! Although I must say, that orange minion sure makes a nice cake. *holds up a piece, and takes a cautious bite*

Dreyk: Well, Thomas ate all of it, to be exact. (CONF) Admittedly, Saionji scares me sometimes o.O. But, Rob Mariano won the fourth time around, so I will do the same. >:(

Max: (CONF) *choking on the bite of cake*

Leo: *Hears Choking* Oh no! *runs to the Confessinal and saves Max* You ok Max?

Max: *brushing himself off* Yes, yes. I'm fine, minion. Thanks for actually doing your job around here unlike the other minions.

Dreyk: (CONF) Leo's so desperate to be a lame hero! Just get him off our team! Replace him with...with Mack or something!

Leo: (CON) This is why every thinks i'm a stupid goody two shoes hero. I'm always knowned as the uncool kid who follows all of the rules. The only reason I signed up for this season was to show the world the bad boy I really am but that isn't what the world is seeing right now. I never thought I would say this but it's time to bring out the evil in me. (END CON) No problem high I mean I AM NOT YOUR MINION YOU ARE MY MINION! FOR NOW ON , YOU WILL BE THE ONE FOING THE JOBS AND THE JOBS ARE WHATEVER I TELL YOU TO DO UNDERSTAND?


Leo: I just saved him.

Dreyk: Yeah, cool! Then you YELLED at him. >:(

Leo: ):< Well i'm tired of getting no respect from him!

Max: Minions, stop arguing! Helpful minion is correct, boring minion is wrong. I'm always right and always evil! Muhahahaha!

Dreyk: Whatever, Max.

Leo: Max you are my minion!

Max: Impossible! I am far too intelligent to be a minion for the likes of you.

Challenge 3

Chris: Challenge starts tomorrow 11/15/14 at 5pm EST

Chris: Today's challenge will be a roleplay (curse you Blake). You will both get the same scene cause uh *laughs* it's gonna be funny to see the difference. Your scene is that your team is stranded on a deserted island. You've been there for about a day now. Your team is the only one on the islamd. You need to work toget-*looks at the Villains team and laughs* work together to find more food/shelter because food is scarce (limited) or a way to be rescued. I will have a special judge to pick the winner. Good luck.

Chris: Well you guys did a good job trying to work together to survive on the island. Even the villains *laughs*. But let's see what our surprise judge Dark thinks!

Dark: Hello Heroes and Villains! Here is how you impressed me. Heroes hunted and Mack stole. Villains escaped and were entertaining! so Villains win!

Heroes Island

Ella: *looks to Chris and nodds her head 10 times* Yes, yes, yes, yes! This is the thing I always wanted to do on Total Drama! Acting, singing, dancing! Guys, I promise with this we can really win. I'm so excited!

Jimmy: Well, first, we should probably start a fire and dig the letters "SOS" into the sand. The smoke may alert a helicopter to our prescience. They will then see our message.

Rhett: we should also get some supplies for shelter just in case we need to wait a couple days for help, maybe use some bamboo wood to build a shelter?, and maybe have some coconuts and bananas for food and drink?

Jimmy: Yes, that will keep up our nutrition.

Ella: Excellent, can I help?

Jason: We should also look for a source of water since water is vital for our human bodies.

Romeo: I agree with Jason on searching for water. Also, I had another idea, though some of you might not like it...perhaps, we could send out a hunting team to find any animals we could hunt kill the animals for food? I, personally, am not a huge fan of my idea, but we'll probably eventually need it- as I really just dislike the idea of hunting animals, but if it's needed, we have to do it. Food is scarce, and I'm fairly sure most of us will not like bananas and coconuts after a few days, though if we do it's all the better. If we do go ahead with the plan, we could cook them using the fire we'll start to alert the helicopter, so we don't have too many fires to watch for. I'd volunteer for hunter- but I'm not partial to blood shed and I would prefer not to see any myself, if possible...

Jimmy: I'm fine with it if it means survival. I'm not exactly cut out for it, but I could certainly use my brains to outsmart the animals...

Jason: I too agree. I think I might be better suited as a hunter since I have experience back on the farm of tracking down runaway pigs.

Ella: I agree too! *smiles* Except for the animal things. I'm not gonna hurt an animal. I will look for the helicopter while I'm singing. Hmmmmmhmmmmm.

Jimmy: I'm gonna go set some traps for those animals. Anyone want to come?

Romeo: If it's only setting traps, I'll suppose I'll come along...

Thomas: I should probably do something, what do you guys want me to do?

Mack: Me and Thomas will look for some materials. Rock and wood are esential for survival. *pretends to make a noise signalling his stomach growling* Oh...

Romeo: Mack, are you hungry? We might be able to get some food...might...just hold on, alright?

Mack: O-okay, dude. J-just hurry up.

Romeo: I think he's much longer do you think you could manage?

Mack: Tw-wo... three hours? *sits down*

Romeo: I'm not sure he'll awaken by then...we have a little bit of food, at least. Help yourself to some...

Mack: *lies down on Rhett's carcuss because he doesn't do anything* Urg... *takes a bite of the only apple*

Romeo: Is that good enough to keep you going for a bit longer?

Mack: Yes. Just hurry up al-alread- *pretend cough*

Ella: *lies on the beach and looks to the sky and begins to sing* Is there someone that can see me, I see some clouds and a lovely bee.

Rhett: (pushes Mack off him) get off me you lazy bum! (CONF) OK, this guy is starting to annoy me now, good thing i got...actually...i won't say, i'll keep it a secret.

Jimmy: *looks at Mack* (CONF) I don't think he's gonna make it... (End CONF) Romeo, let's go

Mack: *coughs* S-sorry. I thought you were just a cardboard cut out, you were doing nothing. *vomits on the ground* (CONF) The poison from earlier *vomits* Oh... god...

Jimmy: All right Mack. We have to go now. You get some rest.

Mack: O-okay.

Jimmy: *goes into the woods with Romeo*

Mack: *sits down and looks at Rhett* S-sorry, bro. :(

Ella: *still looks to the sky*

Romeo: *setting traps with Jimmy* I hope we manage to get some food soon...our team looks really hungry at the moment and one apple won't help their hungers if they can only take one bite.

Mack: *looks at the apple and wants to take another bite* ... *takes another bite* Heh-heh... >:P *eats the rest of the apple* Delicious! >:D

Jimmy: Yeah... No, put that there. The net will catch our prey's leg. *laughs maniacally* (CONF) What is wrong with me?

Romeo: Jimmy...are you feeling alright?

Mack: *looks at his team and evilly starts eating all the food* Heh!

Jimmy: Yeah, of course! *twitches* (CONF) *whispers* I think this island is getting to me...

Romeo: I think we should go back- that's enough traps for today... (CONF) If Jimmy is anything to judge by, we're slowly going to turn into savages...

Mack: *starts stealing supplies mumbeling* Every man for himself, every man for himself, everyman for themselves.

Romeo: *returns with Jimmy* Mack, what are you doing...?

Mack: *looks at Romeo with crazy in his eyes* Heh-heh!!! Everyman for themselves! *runs with all the suppllies* Ha!

Romeo: This is mental...Mack, wait! I think he took everything...

Mack: *Tries to run off yet gets caught in Jimmy's trap* Ahh! *The trap snaps. He hits the ground yet is knocked off of the grounds edge. He falls into the river and doesn't come out*

Villains Island

Leo: So what do you want to do guys!

Dreyk: *shrug* We could always just wander.

Laney: Do you want to lose? We need to find our way OUT now lets grab some food and build a boat

Saionji: We could mutilate Leo and drink his blood and eat him for lunch! :D

Dreyk: How are we going to build a boat when we can't cut down trees?

Saionji: We can slam your ugly face into one! :) Maybe you'd be useful for once!

Dreyk: Jump off a cliff.

Saionji: Maybe you should! Wait, you'd contaminate our water with your stinky germs! 3:

Laney: Easy, We use someone's head or we could use dead branches *Starts picking branches and starts constructing raftt* This tree sap is helpful

Dreyk: Ugh. Whatever. I'm not wasting my breath on you. Let's go gather supplies.

Saionji: Teehee! *walks to get something but stands on a sharp rock, falls over and cries loudly*

Dreyk: You're so sad. Leo, go comfort her.

Saionji: S-shut up! *cries louder*

Dreyk: >.>

Laney: *Grabs Saionji* Shhh! You need to... Quiet down *Sits her down* The raft is almost ready *Builds raft*

Saionji: *cries louder due to the pain* L-laney, you... idiot! x.x

Laney: *Finishes raft* Just get on! We need to leave this island but first Dreyk get berries

Dreyk: LEO! COMFORT HER! Ugh. Just make her shut up. I'm going to go get berries.

Saionji: Get big bro Dreyk! >.>

Dreyk: *in the forest, gathering berries*

Saionji: Get him you bland cardboard cut out of an overused trope in most television lacking any form of originality whatsoever! You are leech off creativity! :'( *sobs*

Leo: It's alright Sai! Everything will be ok.

Saionji: Get lost you loser and get Dreyk! *cries louder*

Dreyk: *comes back with berries* What do you want, Saionji? :/

laney: *Grabs Dreyk and starts paddling away from the island* LET'S GO!

Dreyk: Why did we even need berries? How'd you get so many dead twigs so fast?

Saionji: D-dreyk, my foot hurts... *incredibly nervous while sniffling* Can you give it.. a... k-kiss and a song better? >.> Don't judge!

Laney: *Gags* I think I am gonna *Throws up*

Max: *wakes up* Ahh.. what a nice nap! *looks around* Wait, where are my minions?

Dreyk: *gags* LEO! Saionji wants you to do something for her...

Max: *walks around the island* If I were a minion, where would I hide to avoid working because I'm a slacker?

Laney: Wait..... We are missing the purple haired freak!

Max: *looks in a coconut* Not here... *looks under a rock* Nor here. Hmmm...

Saionji: No you piece of junk! I don't want Leo, big bro! You do it... P-please.. :3

Leo: *Sings song to Saionji's foot*

Max: *reaches the beach, sees the raft in the distant* Hey, a boat. BOAT! I DEMAND YOU TO COME AND PICK ME UP SO I CAN UNLEASH MY EVIL UPON THE WORLD, AGAIN!

Dreyk: *sigh* I see him. His purple hair really stands out. Let's go back., Saionji.

Saionji: Big Bro... please... *starts sobbing* It hurts 3x

Dreyk: I'm not going to sing to it...or kiss it.

Saionji: *cries louder* It really hurts. >.< Don't be a pathetic lowlife pervert like Leo... please big bro...

Dreyk: It's blood...I mean, it's bled...I mean...*faints*

Saionji: It dried up you idiot! *kicks him with other foot*

Laney: *Rows back and grabs Max* Ugh! Everyone paddle! We can make it back to Chris and we will win

Saionji: *cries louder, and kicks Leo overboard*

Max: I knew you minions would come and save me, no matter how incompetent you are. Now do what the pink one says and row your little minds out! And maybe rescue the minion that's drowning, but we don't really need him.

Laney: *Grabs Leo and paddles*

Saionji: *kicks Laney off*

Max: *sighs* Orange minion! Stop kicking the other minions off the ship and start rowing us towards our evil destiny! *throws a paddle at Saionji*

Leo: *Saves Laney* (CONF) Apparently there id a greater beauty then Saionji, it's Laney!

Saionji: Shut up you repugnant, attention seeking, wannabe trashcan! >:(

Max: *mocks Saionji* Mi mi mew mi mew. *clears his throat* Minion! Stop verbally abusing yourself and row! We need to get to civilization, so I can start my conquest of taking over the world! Muhahahahahaha!!!

Laney: *Smiles* Thank you Leo and Max at least SOME people as in NOT Saionji have decency

Max: Decency? Who needs decency when you have evil? Nonetheless, manners are still important in the world of evil, minion. So, whoever this Saionji is needs to learn a lesson.

Laney: Saionji is just a brat who never learns her lesson but that doesn't matter! Because we just made it to Chris! Chris do we win? Or what

Saionji: *pokes out tongue* Such an overused trope has no right to scold me, you forgetable, lamentable and untasteful scum!

Leo: (CONF) Yep they're fighting over me!

Laney: This isn't a cartoon this is real life I ain't a overused trope and at least I am not a F***ING brat who takes F***ING everything YOU ARE THE MOST WORTHLESS PEICE OF CRAP YOU NEVER EVEN WORK YOU JUST GO AROUND F***ING THINGS HP BECAUSE YOU ARE F***ING B**** CHILD WHO NEEDS TO BE F***ING PUT IN THEIR PLACE SO DO NOT EVEN F*** WITH ME C*** BECAUSE I WILL F*** YOU RIGHT BACK and don't even BOTHER to reply your just going to do what you always do cry, be a brat, or insult me like you ALWAYS do you aren't going to get respected unless you actually RESPECT PEOPLE Chris who won

Mack: *Shouts from Hero Island* Whoooooo! Go Laney!

Dreyk: *wakes up* I heard Mack...ew...anyways, Laney, don't be so hard on Saionji.

Leo: Ladies! Please don't fight over me.

Mack: *Shouts from Hero Island* Booo. Derek, Booo.

Laney: *Looks at Leo* Saionji doesn't even LIKE you! She is just a brat who won't leave people alone! Dreyk she treats you worst then me! You seriously can't be afraid of her! You should stand up for yourself Saionji IS a brat

Dreyk: I know that, Laney...just...let me handle her, alright?

Laney: A- *Sighs* You can get her but know this, If she messes with the team again she is OUT enough said

Dreyk: Fine with me. (CONF) Um...who made her team leader?

Laney: Now Chris did we win? Like answer now please (CONF: Taking charge today was the best for the team, Max is a marshmallow, Leo is I don't even know, Dreyk is.... Well he's okay, Saionji is a brat so Yeah we would have been doomed) *Saionji starts stomping in anger and breaks the raft* Saionji! You broke the raft! Great job Great Just great

Dreyk: Laney, are you sure you built this raft correctly?

Laney: I had to do it quick it wasn't all that stable

Elimination Ceremony 3: Heroes

Chris: Well Heroes welcome to your first elimination ceremony. You can all blame Dark for your collective failure (good job Dark). But aside from her, let's see who else you blame for your loss in the confessional!

Jimmy: (CONF) Rhett won. He's a huge threat.

Mack: Uh... can I just say. My death was apart of the roleplay. Me and Romeo aranged it before hand. (CONF) I vote Ella, she does nothing, she wants me gone and her singing drives me crazy...the girl is a threat and is playing the waiting game!

Thomas: (CONF) Can't say I was much help, but I'll do waht I gotta do to stay, I vote Ella, sorry.

Jason: (CONF) I guess I'll vote for Ella.

Romeo: It's a shame our plan didn't work, Mack...good luck. (CONF) Well, I was told to vote Ella...? I suppose, I apologies.

Ella: (CONF) I'll vote Mack. It was very hard to decide. I did my best for everything and I hope I'm not going to be eliminated. It's wonderful here. (END CONF)

Chris: Marshmallows for the lot of ya! Jason, Romeo, James Isaac Neutron, Tommy Pickles, surprisingly Macklemore and Rhett! Sorry Ella, but you're the first hero off the island.

Ella: *looks to the heroes* This is so.. unfair. You all betrayed me like a was a useless barbie doll that you can hit away when you want it. Anyway, I'm going to my friends, family that will support me with everything I do. *blows a kiss and goes away*

Laney: *Appears* This is ridiculous!

Chris: You're ridiculous Laney

Laney: At least I am not a 50 year old freak who puts innocent teenagers in danger for his own amusement

Episode 4: Who's In Control?

Heroes Chat

Jimmy: James Issac Neutron? What's that supposed to mean?

Chris: Just a joke Jimmy.

Jimmy: Ah. People don't usually tell me those.

Villains Chat

Chris: Villains it is my honor to welcome Heather to your team. She will be here until she's eliminated!

Heather: *arrives* You mean till the finale, Chris. No Alejandro, no Lindsay. And a few fresh faces. Excellent. (CONF) The question; why am I back? Yeah.. I don't know. (END CONF)

Laney: *Puts hand out* hey my name is Laney, Welcome to the Villains

Heather: *shakes the hand* My name is Heather but you already knew that. *smiles*

Leo: Hello Heather. Welcome to the villans team. (CONF) You know what would really get rid of my hero image? An alliance with Total Drama's first villan! I have to be good to her just like I am with Laney and Saionji.

Heather: Thanks, thanks. *whispers to Leo* And if you need someone to be in a alliance I'm always available.

Leo: *Whispers to Heather* Deal. (CONF) How did she kno-. Oh wait she's one of the best villans she knows everything in this game.

Max: Excellent! Chris has set me up with another minion, hopefully you will be more competent then the other four.

Laney: Hey Leo *Whispers* Want to be in an alliance *Winks* I am sure we would both like it

Dreyk: *stares at Leo and Laney, almost gagging* (CONF) Heather AND Laney? Hah! I'm going to throw up now.

Leo: *Whisper* Sure (CONF) Wow two alliances! Laney and Heather don't even know that I have an alliance with the other. All I have to do is get someone out and then my alliances will have control over the team. And I think I have someone in mind.

Laney: Hey Dreyk I am glad we finally WON a challenge

Dreyk: Same, Laney.

Challenge 4

Chris: Challenge will start tonight at 7pm EST

Chris: Challenge time! First you but elect a leader. This person will be important because they will decide who participates.

Thomas: I say Romeo should be leader!

Laney: I say me, I took charge last episode and we won that has to be a good sign.

Leo: I agree with Laney.

Romeo: Um...Mack, maybe?

Max: I should be the leader, for I am the most villainous! Let's face it, none of my minions are intelligent enough to lead.

Laney: *Rolls eyes*

Rhett: meh, i vote for Romeo to be leader.

Leo: We lost twice with you as the leader Max! Laney should be our leader!

Chris: Okay I'm tired of waiting. Laney and Romeo are leaders for this challenge. Now as leaders you must select one player to answer a question in our trivia show! Yup I'm going to ask 7 questions about ASVU and whichever team answers 4 correctly will win immunity! You can also choose yourself to answer a question, but as a leader you can only answer a question once. So Laney, Romeo who's going to answer the first question?

Dreyk: I vote Laney.

Jason: Romeo for sure.

Romeo: I have to think- I know Jason told me to save him for later, anyone up to it? No...? I think it's likelier if Thomas shows up than anyone else, so Thomas can go first...

Thomas: I'm ready! (CONF) I know nothing about asvu....

Laney: *Smiles at Romeo* Looks like we're the leaders, Good luck *Glances at Chris* And duh! I choose mwa *Points to herself*

Romeo: Alright, good luck.

Chris: Thomas, Laney your first question is how many time has someone quit the show?

Thomas: 17 times?

Laney: Nope 20

Chris: You're both wrong. It's 19 but Laney was closer so they get a point. Who's going to answer a question next?

Laney: Dreyk I guess

Dreyk: Sure.

Romeo: I suppose, I'll pick myself...

Laney: Good luck

Chris: Question 2: In season 3 what continent did we visit the most?

Romeo: North America.

Dreyk: North America.

Chris: Correct Romeo. The score is 1-1 Who's up next?

Thomas: I'll go again!

Dreyk: Ugh. How did I lose to ROMEO? I'm going again!

Chris: Okay Question 3: When was the immunity idol first introduced and who was it used by?

Thomas: Season 1 by B! Episode 18 to be percice, if your counting first MARSHMALLOW! First Idol was used by sierra in season 3

Dreyk: It's an IDOL. Season 3, Talia.

Chris: Technically I said idol and you're both still wrong. (Hint this season is an even #)

Thomas: Topher season 2

Chris: Heroes leading 2-1. Who's going next?

Thomas: *sighs* me again

Romeo: Good luck, Thomas.

Dreyk: I have to go again, apparently.

Chris: Question 4: What season is the only season(s) to not have someone quit?

Thomas: Season 5

Dreyk: Season 5

Chris: Heroes leading 3-1 only one more for them to win! Who going?

Thomas: I'll go I guess.

Dreyk: *shrug*

Chris: Question 5: In one season I aired everyone's confessional (in pictures) revealing someone's true intentions regarding who was going to be eliminated. This led to their direct elimination in the next episode. Who was it and in what season?

Dreyk: Season 5 and Ella.

Thomas: Season 3 Kathy

Chris: Dreyk is right. The score is 3-2. Who's up?

Thomas: Me.

Dreyk: *sigh* Sure.

Chris: Question 6: When did the first ASVU season premiere and finish?

Thomas: Ended OCtober 26th 2013 started september 18th 2013

Chris: Correct! The Heroes win 4-2! Villains it's elimination time

Romeo: Nice job, Thomas. I would have volunteered a couple more times, but leaders could only go once...

Thomas: No sweat man *Wipes off sweat*

Elimination Ceremony 4: Villains

Chris: Well you guys lost so you know what happens.

Laney: (CONF: Saionji is a stuck up BRAT... But Dreyk did cost us the challenge so buh bye)

Saionji: (CONF) Dreyk is such a pathetic excuse of a human being. I vote him to be eaten alive by sharks while all his imaginary friends watch and jeer at the disgusting ball of stardust that sack of junk is! :D

Max: What a surprise! This is exactly why I'm the leader and the rest of you are my minions. (CONF) The new minion is too lazy to do work, and so is orange minion. Pink minion is a terrible leader and boring minion did terrible in the challenge, while the other minion questioned my authority as leader. How am I supposed to evil with suck terrible lackeys? I'll vote for Dreyk, because I think that that's one of my minions names. Minion's names aren't that important when it comes to evil! Muhahahahahahahaha!!!!

Heather: (CONF) And this is why I'm not partipicate in useless challenges. But someone has to go now, and that's you Dreyk. I'll keep my energy and I will give everything when I have to do something like the merge. I've talked with Laney and I guess she is a true smart girl. I'll keep her on my side ofcourse and maybe I like her. I think we can be friends but if she is gonna do something stupid she will see the other side of me. (END CONF)

Chris: Well marshmallows go to Laney, Max, Heather, Saionji and Leo. Sorry Dreyk but you've gotten the boot

Dreyk: No kidding, Chris, but you know why? Because my whole team is full of incompetent freaks! First of all, Laney is hardly trustworthy and is only okay in challenges, Leo. Leo, you're actually really dumb. You aren't even a villain! You think you have control of the game? You don't. Laney does. Drown. Next, Heather, you don't even deserve to be here (screw you actn if you thought we needed "help". This is barely help). Jump off a cliff, losers. Lastly, Saionji. I have had to deal with you for three seasons straight, and I swear to god that you are the last person I want to see. Get over your dumb, whiny self before you get eliminated. By the way, Laney is planning to backstab you now that she has Heather and Leo. JUST SAYING. Oh, yeah, forgot about Max. You're weird. Get help. And I know you losers won't listen to this, so have fun getting wiped out. :)

Laney: *Hears Crickets* Bye

Dreyk: Why are you making cricket sounds, Laney? :)

Laney: I am not making them. Please leave.

Dreyk: Fine with me. Bye, losers. Jump off a cliff ^_^.

Episode 5: No Secrets On This Show

Heroes Chat

Jimmy: We won again!

Thomas: Yeah! We just need to keep this up.

Romeo: I think that was a great display from us last challenge...even if it was mostly, Thomas.

Mack: Yeah. If we continue to win, all us heroes may make merge. (CONF) I'm not the most liked contestant so if we lose I'm probably out next...

Chris: Hey Heroes! I need all of you to send me a secret about you that no one knows here

Jason: I agree Mack. The would be the best scenario.

Rhett: (CONF) judging by the way i've seen Mack acting today, i think he's slowly starting to realise that he's not exactly the most popular guy around.

Jason: (CONF) The villains are losing big time even though they recently got a new teammate...who to be honest doesn't seem to be pulling her weight. But we must be prepared since they are defiantly going to try their best at the next challenge.

Villains Chat

Laney: So... (CONF: I feel bad for voting Dreyk he did try... *Sighs* I have to keep going) Team we need to start picking up the pace we can't keep going on and losing over and over!

Saionji: *crying*

Leo: It's all right Sai he's in a better place now. (CONF) Which is any other place thatvis not here.

Saionji: *squeezes arms around Laney and cries louder*

Heather: I'm feeling sorry for you, girl. But I am here to talk with you. And if I can do anything for you, you can say that. *smiles* (CONF) Crying for someone that is eliminated? She will be so easy to manipulate. (END CONF). Anyway, how are you Leo? *smiles to Laney*

Max: Another day, another minion gone. (CONF) *mashing together electrical components* I feel that my evil plans shall come to fruition, soon. Nuhahahahahahahaha!!!!!!

Chris: Hey Villains. I need all of you to send me a secret that no one knows about you here

Laney: *Looks at Saionji* (CONF: I would rather fix the problem the go at it again) What's wrong?

Challenge 5

Chris: Alright now that I have your secrets it's time to guess them! There are 10 secrets, 5 heroes and 5 villains (Thomas sits out). The heroes will have to try and guess the villains' secrets and the villains will have to try and guess the heroes' secrets! The first team to guess the opposing team's secrets correctly wins! Now here's the trick, you will submit your guesses here If it's right or wrong I will comment here (ex. Laney you are incorrect). Also to make it more of a challenge, I will not tell you which ones are incorrect! Here are the secrets


A. "I've been on my own for a lot of my life. It's nice to be with company" (Romeo)

B. "I'm secretly ocd, and sometimes it makes me want to tell people when they are wrong REALLY BAD." (Jimmy)

C. "I once had a secret crush on one of the contestants i was in a season with" (Rhett)

D. "I can't drive a car" (Mack)

E. "I have never gone on a real date before" (Jason)


F. "One time, I missed my french horn lesson" (Max)

G. "He/she is an orphan" (Laney)

H. "I have never watched a season of ASVU. Not even the one I was in" (Leo)

I. "I have a wart on my leg" (Saionji)

J. "I'm afraid for my biggest enemy" (Heather)

Chris: Okay that was quick...The Heroes win thanks to Romeo!

Thomas: Nice one!

Romeo: Thanks, Thomas. It wasn't too difficult, really...

Thomas: Haha, sorry I had to sit out! BUt clearly I wasntt needed.

Mack: Wow, 4 wins. :D

Elimination Ceremony 5: Villains

Chris: Wow this is sad very very sad. Let's see who goes home this time.

Laney: (CONF: Hmmm, Who to vote.... I guess Max has been kinda useless)

Max: It's a real tragedy, isn't it? (CONF) Curses! We've lost... again! Clearly this is one of my minion's faults. Not quite sure which one, though. Hmm... *pushes his finger tips aginst his temples* Concentrate on the evil, Maximillion, Lord of Darkness. *smiles evilly* Aha! Excellent Idea! Muhuahahahahaha! *Clears his throat* I vote for Saionji.

Heather: (CONF) *looks to her nails* Maybe the evil one of your generation but with me on your team you are nothing little gnome. *votes Max* (END CONF)

Leo: (CON) *Accidentally votes Laney* Bye Bye Max! (END CON)

Saionij: (CONF) *crying in confessional and accidentally votes Max while crying louder* I wish big bro Dreyk were here... even though... he's... he's... Uwaaah! *cries louder and curls up on the ground*

Chris: Let's see these votes. 1 vote for Saionji. 1 vote for Laney and 3 votes for....

Max! Sorry but your evil doing ends here.

Laney: *Puts head down in shame then stands up* Max, you were one of my allies you were very loyl and always voted with me you never double crossed me and always stayed true to our alliance *Salutes* I salute you Max you deserve it.

Episode 6: Pimp My Ride

Heroes Chat

Mack: *smiles unusually large, also adding the fact it's unusual for him to be smiling in the first place it's realy weird* Eeeeee!.... :D

Jason: *stares at Mack with concern* wrong Mack?

Romeo: That's a really large smile. What happened? Something nice, I presume?

Mack: It's a very special day today... :D

Romeo: I'm going to's your birthday?

Jason: I know right. The most evil person is gone!

Mack: Yes! It's my birthday! I'm 19 today.

Romeo: Happy Birthday then, Mack. May today be a good day for you.

Jason: Yes. Happy Birthday. Today will always be remembered as the day the greatest evil was vanquished...and Mack's birthday.

Mack: I am expecting a present from my family any moment now. :D

Jason: That's good. What do think the present will be?

Mack: The present is usually tickets to a great movie... or a great collection of games... I love them so much...

Romeo: I hope your present arrives safely then, Mack. Happy birthday, once again.

Mack: Yeah... *sighs* I might even be eliminated on my birthday... yet the present will be worth it...

Delivery Man: Package for Mack Tooday!

Mack: *opens package* Cool! The new ps4 with two games! Oh, there's a note in red... my favourite colour! *opens letter* Dear Mack Tooday ... I-I regret to inform you... your mother and father... *the blood drained from Mack's face*

Romeo: Mack? Mack, are you alright...? What happened?

Jason: *gasps* (CONF) I bet it was that despicable Max! He kidnaped Mack's parents in retaliation for getting voted off!

Mack: My parents committed a joint suicide due to my public humiliation... they technically - *cries loudly* died due to me being a failure!!! *sobs*

Rhett: (CONF) wow...i actually kinda feel sorry for him, poor guy...

Villains Chat

Leo: There is only four of us left. We have to win and make it to the merge! Agreed? (CON) I wanted to reach the final four but not of my team!!! I'm on everyone's good side so far atleast I think so. Laney and Saionji are both fighting over me, and Heather is in my alliance. Max is gone lik I wanted and now it's time to play this game cold!

Heather: Ofcourse we have to win next challenge. But we will, arent we? *smiles to Leo* (CONF) *rolls with her eyes* (END CONF)

Challenge 6

Chris: Challenge starts tonight 11/18/14 at 6pm EST

Chris: Before I tell you the challenge I want to announce that there's been a team switch. Mack and Leo are switching teams. This wasn't my idea by the way. If you remember the treasure challenge I said there were curveballs. Well one of them was a switcher card which let a player to choose who swapped teams. Anyways your challenge is to turn these ordinary cars and turn them into something that I would drive! Let's call it the Chrismobile cause I'm awesome. Once you're done designing the car you must present it to me. The team with the best car wins immunity.

Chris: Well since both teams are done, I'll tell you that they both suck. Both teams are going to elimination tonight.

Heroes Workshop

Jason: Well Chris's favorite things include himself, money, high ratings, and contestants in pain. So why don't we make the "Chrismobile" have all of these elements. If I forgot something feel free to add.

Romeo: Does he still like Chef? I'm not sure...other than that, it seems spot on, Jason. Also, welcome to the team Leo.

Jason: I don't know. Has Chef appeared at all recently in any ASvU seasons?

Romeo: I don't think so...

Jason: Then maybe he and Chef had a falling maybe we shouldn't include him.

Romeo: Yeah, you're probably right...

Jason: Yes. It was Stachy's idea by the way. So what should we work on the Chrismobile first.

Romeo: Maybe, to incorporate all of Stachy's ideas into the Chrismobile?

Jimmy: Hmm... Make it green, for money. And everytime he turns the ignition, let him hear one of us say how awesome he is or something.

Jason: I like that idea Jimmy. What if we also add giant dollar sign on the car's hood. To represent Chris's rich lifestyle?

Romeo: That's brilliant, Jimmy...hmm...maybe on the outsides of the car, there's a mini-Chris face for each side? I'm not sure...also, I think that's good Jason.

Jason: That could work. Yeah we could also include that bobble head of Chris. He might find it cute.

Romeo: Yeah, he could see himself nodding and agreeing with him everytime he drives...

Leo: Or instead maybe on the sides there could be a one million dollar bill with his face on it.

Jason: Maybe. Or the car's carpet is basically a giant dollar bill with his face.

Romeo: I think the carpet would work long as it's not a cheaply-made one, anyway.

Jason: Of course. Now what can we do to represent the contestants in pain?

Romeo: For the car horn, it could be us all shouting in pain?

Jason: I like it. Or we could also add tvs for Chris to watch his favorite contestant injures moments.

Romeo: Hmm...or we could include both?

Jason: Or...yeah we can include both.

Romeo: So, Chris doesn't tire himself driving, it comes with a chauffeur?

Jason: Sure.

Rhett: it has to be a real plush limo, maybe for the interior we could decorate it with portraits of Chris?, since we all know how much of a narcissist he really is.

Leo: What if the cup holders are being held by mini statues of the interns!

Thomas: Might I add chris bobble heads?

Romeo: I agree, Rhett, it should probably be a limo...I think Chris enjoys more expensive cars than any cheap one, and the limo is bound to make an impression...well, if we can, anyway. I'm not sure if we'll be able to turn this car into one so quickly.

Thomas: And the chris song from TDA playing.

Jason: I like these ideas. Shall we get started on redesigning these cars?

Thomas: *Grabs parts* Let's sort them out and organize a fine limo.

Jason: *grabs spray paint*

Romeo: I'll help with painting, Jason. *grabs another bottle of spray paint* Let me just figure out how to work this...

Jason: *starts spray-painting one of the cars green*

Romeo: Oh, so, that's how it works...alright. *helps Jason spray-paint the car*

Jason: *spray-paints* Keep up the good work.

Romeo: Thanks. You too. *spray-paints*

Jason: It looks good. What should we work on next.

Romeo: Hmm...perhaps, the bobble head?

Jason: Sure. *prepares to make the Chris bobble head*

Romeo: So after this, all we require is the contestants, ratings, and money, right?

Jason: *working on the bobble head* That's right.

Romeo: Okay...I'll go get supplies for the other things. *goes get supplies*

Jason: *finishes the Chris Bobble head* Sounds good. *places the bobble head in the car*

Romeo: Alright, I have all the supplies needed, I think...what should we do next?

Jason: *thinks* Lets work on the outsides of the car. Let's add the mini-Chris face for each side?

Romeo: Sure. Which of these materials will we need for it, though...?

Jason: We should be able to just spray-paint it on.

Romeo: Oh, alright. *grabs another color of spray-paint*

Jason: *spray-paints Chris's face on one of car sides*

Romeo: *spray-paints Chris's face on the other car side*

Jason: *finishes up* Done.

Romeo: what's left?

Jason: Um...we need to work on the dollar carpet.

Romeo: Okay...

Jason: Is there any fabric in the pile that Thomas brought over?

Romeo: Um...let's check. *walks over the pile and looks through the pile*

Jason: Okay let us check *also searches through the pile*

Romeo: *takes something out of the pile* Is this it...? No...*puts it back and continues searching*

Jason: I found something! *pulls out a moustache curler* Nice I always needed one of these. *pocket its and continues looking*

Romeo: Nice. *continues searching* Hmm...there has to be something in there...

Jason: I found a pair of scissors. We can use it to cut the fabric...if we can find it.

Romeo: I think I got something...*pulls out fabric* only took about ten minutes.

Jason: Nice. Well let's get back to work. We can use that for the Dollar carpet.

Romeo: Alright, sounds good.

Jason: I'll work on the carpet...and you can work on getting a chauffeur. *prepares the carpet*

Romeo: Can anyone here drive? Thomas? Hmm...perhaps we could get Marcus? You seem rather fond of him.

Jason: *works on making the carpet*

Romeo: *to Jason* I'm sure Thomas could get a hold of Marcus to do it. How is the carpet going along?

Jason: *finishes* I am done. *places the carpet into the car* Can you think of anything else?

Romeo: Hmm...cup holders?

Jason: Yeah. Let's work on those.

Romeo: how should we design the cup holders? Regularly or...?

Jason: Um...Leo suggested held by mini statues of the interns. And we should work on the TV's to show the contestants getting injured.

Romeo: Didn't we also have the TV of Contestant Injuries idea?

Jason: Yes. I'll work on the intern cup holders and you work on the Tvs.

Romeo: I doubt there would be a TV in that pile, though...

Jason: You never know. *works on Intern cup holders*

Romeo: *searches through the pile* has to be in here somewhere...

Jason: *finishes one cup holder and works on the next*

Romeo: *searches through pile* Hmm...

Jason: *finishes the intern cup holders*

Romeo: *still looking through the pile* How are you doing with the cup holders, Jason?

Jason: *installs the cups holders into the car* I'm done.

Romeo: Nice...say, could you help me look for a TV in here? I can't seem to find one...

Jason: Okay. *helps with the hunt for a TV*

Romeo: *searching* Found anything?

Jason: *looking* No.

Romeo: I think I've found something...*pulls out some old Blu-Ray thing (forgot what they're called* Hmm...maybe he could use this to watch whatever movie he wanted? I don't know...

Jason: It's better than nothing. Let's install it.

Romeo: Alright...*lays it aside* Let's look for the TV first, though, since it's what is needed to work...or, I think it is?

Jason: True.

Romeo: *continues searching*

Jason: *searching*

Romeo: *manages to grab a TV out of the pile* Alright, found's a bit small, but I think it's a great size for a car.

Jason: That's great. Let's install it.

Romeo: Alright...*starts installing the TV in the backseat*

Jason: *helps installing*

Romeo: *finishes installing the TV* All we need is the Blu-ray...

Jason: Yep. *starts installing the Blu-ray*

Romeo: *helps intall the Blu-ray*

Jason: Man this is hard. *still installing*

Romeo: *finishes installing the Blu-ray* That's it...we're just took about 5 hours...

Jason: Yeah. Now we gotta present the Chrismobile to Chris.

Thomas: Shall we call him over or do we wait?

Villains Workshop

Heather: *looks to Mack* Well, do your best and work quickly please. Anyway, I think we have to do something that Chris will love. Like something with his head. Not that I like his head, but we really have to win. Are there other idea's?

Laney: We need to wow him we can't keep losing I suggest we do something out of the book, The heroes are probably lame and just going to keep feeding his ego. We need to look at what Chris actually ENJOYS he enjoys torture, ratings, and himself what a Ego-Maniac *Looks at Self in mirror* Wow, even in stressful situations I look gorgeous! *Puts mirror down* Let's start okay first for ratings we need to make this car fabulous and visually appealing we can make it the color scheme of Chris *Starts drawing a design* Hmm *Measures to make sure it turns out perfect* I am sure this will do *Puts design on Table*

Chris: Yeah since you guys are behind you get a penalty. You must sing a song. I don't care what you sing.

Laney: *Sighs* More work to do


Laney: ♪ It's time that the villains work together ♪ I will win no doubt about it ♪ I am building a Chrismobile ♪ *Starts working on engine starts screwing in bolts measures to make sure it will fit in adds gas tank in* Must make it fine screw it in, make it devine! ♪ *Appears looking tired and worn out* Now I must make the tires *Starts using rubber and stretching it over a metal wheel* Must work hard, It doesn't matter that I am tired ♪ *Starts building the outside and starts painting it the colors of Chris's outfit* It must be perfect, Must win immunity ♪ *Appears even more worn out* Must hurry not much more time, I need to win this time ♪ *Starts putting in controls ex, reverse, drive, etc.* I must not lose! ♪ *Starts sewing seat warmers* Finally through I may finally beat you (Heroes) ♪ This is just what I am going to do! *Appears severely tired and has bags under eyes* must hurry cannot wait *Starts putting seat warmers on and starts stitching carpets* Almost done got to keep going! Win for my team that is what I am going to do! ♪ *Almost asleep* Now I am done... Finally........... ♪ (Note: She used the base of the original car that Chris gave*


Laney: *Starts painting the outside Chris's color scheme* Hmm... He uses boats and helicopters a lot... Maybe I should give it some upgrades *Starts adding some special wheels* (CONF: I remember TDI where he used that Boat and Helicopter I added some more things so that it can be used as an helicopter and boat! For multiple purposes, I love mechanics! My uncle taught me about mechanics when I was a little I lived with him after my parents died... In 9/11..... Anyway mechanics are so cool! *Notices what she says then nervously laughs* Not that Acting isn't my favorite thing... hehehehe....) Hmm.. maybe I should add hair gel dispensor or something.... He does love hairgel... *Adds hairgel dispensor and puts it where the clock should be* Maybe some of his band Fametown's greatest hits to *Puts in a tape of Fametwon's biggest hits (CONF: Chris never seemed to have interest in music... unless it involves him) Hmm also that Latte' and Muffin from celebrity manhunt.... He likes those also his favorite frink is Tomato juice better put that in to *Manages to put mini fridge into car* Ugh doing this alone sucks *Sighs* Maybe some pictures to *Puts some pictures up from Chris's old "cottage" (cue courtney saying "MANSION")* Ugh and last but definately least *Puts air freshner in car* Okay I am done.

Saionji: Teehee, you're so stupid! Chris hates his old band and is super embarrassed so why would you put it in there? Also, shouldn't you spray paint his ugly face onto it?

Laney: No why do you want to feed his ego?

Elimination Ceremony 6: Heroes and Villains

Chris: Well you guys tried your best and it was terrible, but tonight to cause some drama and keep things fresh. The Heroes will be voting the Villains off and the Villains will be voting the Heroes off. If I were you guys I would take advantage of this. Oh and to make things more suspenseful while reading the votes, you will submit your votes here You can talk about who you want to vote here, but I need your actual, final vote posted on that website.

Chris: Well I have the votes from the Villains. After their vote, marshmallows go to





Jason, Rhett you both received vote(s), but the person eliminated with 3 votes to 1 is


Jason, you're safe for now.

Mack: Poor, Rhett... :I

Saionji: He was about as interesting as a bag of rocks! Oops, silly me! That's offensive to the rocks, I mean, at least you could have fun with them by pelting them at that bland loser! :3

Mack: You're actually kinda right... He didn't like me anyway so glad he's gone. :)

Chris: Alright Villains marshmallows go to





Laney your strategies end here.

Now Heather, Jason, Jimmy, Leo, Mack, Romeo, Saionji and Thomas you guys have made the merge!

Laney: I had no strategies besides getting Saionji out. She is a liar and a thief I did all the work in this challenge and now I am eliminated thank you.

Episode 7: Crazy 8's

Merged Chat

Mack: *walks up to Heather and Saionji* Hello-o, fellow villains... Saionji, Heather... :)

Heather: I made the merge. With you. *looks to Saionji and smiles* And with you! *smiles to Mack* But, we have to be still one team. And we have still Leo, right? The only thing that we have to do is to come far in this game. Laney was a strong player and was eliminated by the heroes cause they think Laney is the biggest threat. So, are you guys in for a villain alliance? *looks to Saionji and Mack*

Mack: Only if Saionji joins. :D (CONF) Saionji is my biggest fear threat, I can't let her have chance at harming me. That's the reason why I am joinging at least...

Jimmy: Whoa, I made the merge! (CONF) I have to watch my back. These villains might want me gone.

Heather: *looks to Jimmy and smiles* Hey, if you dont know me.. I'm Heather.

Jimmy: Oh yes , it's a pleasure to make your acquaintance. *shakes hand*

Heather: Nice to hear it. Congrats by the way with reaching the merge. You all had just one elimination ceremony right? That's really nice.

Mack: *looks at a picture of his parents* I-never-did-forgive-anyone...-really...... So... Saionji... h-how are you? I just want a fresh start... I've never gotton to know you...

Heather: *looks to Mack*

Mack: What do you say?

Heather: I didnt say anything? (CONF) He is kind of strange. Anyway, I have to make some friends here. I wanna play it fair now. *smiles, smiles and smiles* (END CONF)

Mack: I was talking to Saionji... :I

Heather: But Sai- .. Saionji is not ev- arghhhhh.. *looks confused and walks back to Jimmy and shakes her head*

Saionji: *scoffs and walks off* (CONF) So we've finally merged and I thought it would mean more people to make fun of but everyone here just sucks and is so two dimensional! :(

Mack: Oh, come on...! *sighs*

Jason: *grooms his stache as he observes the others* (CONF) It's awesome that I made the merge. And anyone can tell that the remaining villains are going to be so desperate searching for an ally to stay. So this is going to fun watching there pitiful attempts at creating "friendships."

Mack: Saionji! You only have one friend, and you haven't seen her in ages!

Leo: (CON) The merge! My fake hero act has gotten me far and now it is time to start the next part of my plan! (END CON) Why her! Why did it have to be Laney! *Tear comes out of eye*

Mack: (CONF) Leo tries to act like he has everything under control but the only reason he has gotton this far has no link to his skills. He has just free loaded his way here while other people did all the work, well, as long as he's happy.

Heather: Is everything all right, Leo? I'm happy you made the merge. *smiles*

Mack: *writes down I'll join on a paper airaplane and throws it at Hather* Heather.

Leo: Yeah everything is fine.

Heather: *looks on the paper and smiles to Mack* Great.

Mack: *Nods* ...

Challenge 7

Chris: Challenge starts tonight 11/19/14 at 6pm EST

Chris: Okay since you guys are the crazy eight, I've decided you must find me a crazy moment in ASVU. It can be crazy in a good way or crazy in a bad way. I have no preference. Whoever has the best entry will win imuunity.

Mack: I would have to say the most craziest moment in the history of ASvU would be season's three's challenge 9! The challenge really put Mike, Jordan and Daniel in serous danger. Mike's leg was permanently damaged for the rest of the competition while Daniel and Jordan's friendship blossomed due to the near-death experience. The tension was real at that moment as well as it being one of the first times contestant lives were actually in danger!

Jimmy: My crazy moment is in ASVU 7, when Jasmine, Dave, and Marcus were all eliminated in rapid succession. Everyone expected that there would be four or so more episodes in the season and then we would still eliminate people one by one, but in the blink of an eye five was two and we had a winner. That was pretty ubpredictable and crazy.

Heather: Well, at the begin of All Stars vs. Underdogs 4 Lindsay was allready in danger cause she was threat. Every night on the chat it was like; we are voting Lindsay, we are voting Lindsay. But then the merge came and Lindsay was still on the game. It was so crazy like everyone wanted her to be eliminated but she was still in. And made the merge! So it was the final 7, and I saw Lindsay was supossed to be eliminated.. but it didnt felt right. She worked so hard for her place and I returned. So I quit and Lindsay placed still 2nd. It was so crazy cause in the begin, Lindsay was in danger. And she even placed 2nd. That is mine craziest moment.

Jason: *thinks* Well the craziest moment that I experience I happened in ASVU 3. It happened during the very first challenge of the season. The Furious Fighters or team 4 at the time were discussing a team name and location. The majority had agreed on a location called Pamplona when all of a sudden the weirdo Nemo decides to freak-out and fight against the entire team because they wouldn't listen to them. Actually yeah any moment concerning the weirdo Nemo is crazy. Thank goodness he wasn't invited back for this season.

Romeo: Well, I haven't personally watched too much about All Stars vs. Underdogs, to be fair...but, I did hear about the whole Cindy-Dave saga. This resulted in many things, like conflicts going through the roof, and also Cindy eventually quitting. It also furthered the Noah-Dave-Cindy triangle conflict...well, more so on Dave and Noah's point of views and brought a lot of drama onto the show.

Thomas: Since I've only been in 2 seasons other than this one currently, the most crazy moment for me at least was actually Mike's elimination during Season 4, becuase he went frantic to try to get everyone to vote someone else and it was like a 2 hour argument, it was quite insane.

Leo: (CON) I'm screwed! I've never watched an ASVU season. (END CON) Uh my craziest moment was when I was voted off,

Saionji: The craziest moment on ASVU besides the fact that it hasn't been canceled is the fall of the massive pregame alliance in ASVU 4! They were going so strong until the merge when we had all the numbers and took out Bridgette and Shawn until I decided to blindside that stupid idiot Dreyk then eventually the whole alliance fell apart and the people not in it took advantage of it and voted me out of jealousy because I am better than them and the merge turned into a big swirling mess! :D

Chris: Okay the winner is Mack! It's time to vote!

Elimination Ceremony 7

Chris: Vote for anyone except Mack.

Heather: (CONF) Master brain of the heroes has to be eliminated soon. You have too much power in this game and I think if we dont vote you out now you will vote us out one by one after each other. So my vote goes to Thomas. (END CONF)

Saionji: (CONF) Thomas is worthless so yay!

Mack: (CONF) I won. Cool. Thomas not only doesn't do much, but he also controls an BIG alliance, that's two big no-noes. I vote for him.

Jimmy: (CONF) I vote... Heather. She's always been a threat in TD. She has to go.

Romeo: (CONF) I've been given orders to vote this person, so I suppose I will. I vote Saionji.

Jason: (CONF) Saionji is too cool for school...or something like that.

Leo: (CONF) Have to stick with the alliance so bye Thomas

Thomas: (CONF) Saionji (Wont be on until 7PM PST if there is tie wait)

Chris: Thomas in a 4-3-1 vote you're eliminated!

Episode 8: Blessed To Be Here

Merged Chat

Saionji: *picking flowers* Aww, they're so pretty and beautiful. It's gonna be so much fun when I tear their petals off and shove them in the fire <3 *giggles, picking more*

Heather: *walks to Saionji and smiles to her* (CONF) It was a hard elimination ceremony but now the brainiac is out of the game. A fearless game. (END CONF)

Saionji: *pokes out tongue and crushes flowers in her hands* (CONF) I don't care about winning, I'm already super super good at everything out of this stupid game, but I just love watching all these pathetic people run around in the mud and struggle and suck at life while crying because I'm better than them!

Jason: Hey listen. My pappy needs help on the farm. So bye. *leaves the game*

Jimmy: O_o (CONF) With Jason gone, everything changes. I think I'm on the outs a bit, so I need to work my way back in.

Saionji: Teehee, thankfully that horrid hillbilly with his gross mustache is gone!

Jimmy: And so the Heroes fall.

Heather: *tries not to laugh* (CONF) And Jason ... the 'popular' hero has quit. *everything is dark in the confessional*. A normal person would say, stay, you are great blah blah. I say; goodbye, hello final 6. (END CONF)

Mack: Wow. Remember all our old friends... Daniel, Jordan, Mike, Dreyk, Izumi... it's been a while...

Saionji: Why are you laughing you obnoxious tryhard, Heather? :)

Mack: Whoa... *laughs but tries to cover it up*

Saionji: Shut it, pest. >.> When you're actually important, I'll give you permission to laugh, but for now, you're just my slave... so... shut up!

Mack: Oh-ok. *shuts up* ... (CONF) ... *silence*

Heather: Did I? Maybe you saw it wrong. *smiles*

Saionji: Teehee, excuses, excuses! Nothing can justify how terrible and worthless you are!

Heather: Excuse me? Did you call me terrible and worthless?

Saionij: Get your ears checked, idiot! *pokes out tongue*

Heather: And now you are calling me idiot? You dont know what you are doing right now. And by the way you seem like a froge. And you smells as one. *smiles and walks away* (CONF) I dont care about that silly sad girl. Everyone hates her so she is easy to work out of the game. *smiles* (END CONF)

Saionji: *slightly sobs and stomps feet on ground, storming off*

Mack: *walks to Saionji* Saionji... it doesn't matter what she says, she is just a pig. Your big bro and sis wouldn't allow her to be doing this to you. Neither should you.

Jimmy: Yeah! She's useless!

Mack: No need to fret. Saionji.

Heather: (CONF) We'll see later who is useless. *smiles evilly* (END CONF)

Mack: Hmm? Start the challenge already.

Jimmy: *aside to Mack* Hey, we are still sticking together, right?

Mack: *to Jimmy* Of course, dude. I need you to stick with me this elimination, it may be a major factor in us winning.

Heather: *flips her hair and looks to the two boys*

Jimmy: Heather whips her hair back and forth she whips her hair back and forth!

Heather: *looks emotionless to Jimmy*

Jimmy: *tries to look emotionless, but his face curves into a grin* Pfft!! I'm sorry, but this is too funny!

Challenge 8

Chris: Challenge starts tonight 11/21/14 at 7pm EST

Chris: So since you're the lucky seven or were :| but I want to know how you managed to make it this far in the competition. Was it strategy? Was it making alliances? Was it luck? Whoever has the best response will win immunity. Also include how you feel about being in the final seven/six especially since this is the farthest that some of you have made it in the competition.

Heather: How did I came here? I will tell you Chris, I have worked so hard for this. In the begin of my debut in this season I had the name 'debutter' on me. Everyone thought it was unfair, the evil girl is returned and so on. Well. I made a alliance with my team and it was just strategy. I was not the master brain of the villains, I'm too old for that now. But I was a part of the alliance. I really had a curse on me cause I have never won a challenge or anything else so far. Good. I made the merge, after I heard I was supossed to be eliminated by the heroes. And then, the merge. The first elimination ceremony was Saionji vs. Thomas. 4-4 vote. I tried so much to let Saionji cause she was one of the alliance members. Anyway, about luck I cant say anything. I have no luck in this competition cause I didnt have won something. To be in the final six feels really great. I'm not friends with everyone in this camp but it feels good. Even if I dont know these people about a month ago. So I have worked for my place in the top six and I hope I will reach the top 5 and maybe even the finale. But Chris, I can tell you. I've missed the alliances and the game. And it was so exciting.

Jimmy: Strategy is one of the main reasons I've gotten this far. I sided with Mack and others to get to the merge, and continued my strategy from there. Though my interactions have been a huge part of my making it this far, another aspect has been my competitors. I can be annoying at times, but you guys so potential in me and let me get this far. You guys are some of the greatest friends I have ever had. I don't know what I would do without you, from timid Mack to sadistic Saionji. I'd probably be nerding out in front of some textbook or working on a formula to solve some of the world's toughest questions, only to find that I may never EVER succeed. Thank you all for bringing me this far. I feel a target on my back, but I hope you guys will realize that there are bigger threats out there than me and change your mind.

Saionji: Tehee, unlike those other two bozos, I actually had to work hard to get here! While everyone else was stupid and had no idea how to play the game, I still had to put myself on the line to save everyone! :3 At the start, I made a super duper alliance to take out the ugly loser Cindy, just incase she did anything if she actually got here! We then took out Teri for being useless! :3 We won afterwards, and at the next vote, they were all gonna' vote me out of jealousy! But, I managed to divert votes onto Dreyk after making up stuff about how super untrustworthy he is and they all bought it! I don't see the others doing that. I was gonna go home again because they were all dumb, but then I got a fun little alliance against Laney, which we then changed to Max so we could vote Laney out next time if we had to, with dumb Laney believing I was on her side! And then again the stupid Heroes wanted me out... and we were gonna' vote out one of their big members! But I actually have some self awareness and made a cross tribe deal to vote out someone super dumb and irrelevant and they would take Laney out over me! It worked! I once again worked hours and hours to get these idiots to change their minds and then the loser went, and the stupid mustached freak quit! Now, I'm here and having so much fun trampling on these losers! I used my quick mind which no one else seemed to have to save myself time after time after time after time, made deals and steal helped those idiots in challenges to sail myself here! I don't have friends, but who needs them when you've got the smarts? Being in the final six is so super because I'm closer to winning the money and things aren't as hectic and I can just sit around and crush flowers into the dirt pretending that they are Dreyk! Teehee, why are the villains still here? Because of me! I conquered and I'm here now and Heather, Leo and Mack are just gonna' steal my credit for me saving their worthless faces! :)

Mack: Well, Saionji, that ain't exactly true, while you may have had everything easy with some minor troubles, my game has been stressed to the maximum! At the start of the game, I knew I was in trouble, I didn't have the strengh to make new friends and my alliance with Jimmy wasn't working out to full potential. It was then that big hero Thomas has full control of me, I was his pawn. He demanded that I voted Ella or I would be eliminated automatically. Ella cared for me and wanted me to succeed, yet thanks to him I was forced to vote her out! The only thing that could help me was that our team won alot, but that made things more stressful as Saionji kept on eliminating the minor threats, leading the ones who hated me to succeed. I thought everyone liked me, but then Rhett came out. I thought he was a hero. He hated me for barely anything I can remember and decided to kick me out of the team despite me being one of the most active members. Even after my parents died, he showed me only minor sympathy. The only one I could trust was Romeo, he was a friend to me. Then the villain and hero elimination started. I had trust issues, I had to choose between Saionji and Laney while neogotiating with Romeo to ensure I wasn't going. It was so stressful due to the fact my two biggest enemies were the ones I had to listen to. Rhett and Laney was eliminated but Thomas still remained. Heather started an alliance with me and I won the challenge, it felt amazing to win a challenge again... yet I still had to make a hard choice. Thomas... or Saionji? The nice guy threat or the mean girl b***h allaince member. I wanted to vote Saionji and betray my allaince, but then I felt... actual sypathy for her. She has had so many enemies and hasn't seen her only friend since forever. She was also the one that helped me get into the final 7. Even if she hated me and I have been through alot because of her, that meant alot to me. I decided to pick Thomas, a really risky choice because he even said he planned final 5 with me, just because of that. I feel great for being in the final 6, but I know someone who I think deserves a final 1. *looks at Saionji and smiles* (CONF) I may to her be her enemy, but to me she's now my friend. :) (END CONF)

Leo: I got here with luck. Yed I formed an alliance with Heather but luck lead me here. Being on a team with people who don't get along or work together is hard. I could've been toast but I switched to thw heroes team. Thats all.

Romeo: How did I get here? Well, I would say luck or just hard work, but I don't think that is much of a speech, so I will start with what's been a game full of stress, but I'm glad I made it this far, despite the knowledge that I am likely to go home soon. At the start of the game, it was just a simple and fun game where we all played for the money, no notable alliances yet. Then the villains came over to talk to us- and that is also when the drama started. Ella was voted off, much to my regret, and things went downhill for us- not challenge-wise, though, just stress-wise. I was in an alliance consisting of Jason, Thomas, and Mack at the time, and we all felt guilty over Ella's elimination, especially Thomas who took majority the blame. For a small while, we did good at challenges again, hoping it would last us until the merge, but, it did not. Episode 6 started the majority of stress. Firstly, Mack was transferred onto the other team- we did receive Leo in exchange, however, so that was good still, I think and we were led into a checkmate, where we were forced to vote out the person we didn't want to. Laney. It was five hours of work on the car challenge, and I still feel sorry for her, as I think she was the only one on her team to do anything notable. We then merged and the remainder of my alliance knew we were under threat, so we tried to play to the best of our abilities, but sadly we lost Thomas and then I heard Jason died while building a house with his Pappy. (phy confirmed) So now, it's just me- an outcast now. I have worked hard in challenges- as evident at the times it happened- tried my best at whatever strategy I could make, and am just happy to still be here. It's been a game of regret, guilt, stress, and grief, so I suppose I should be proud I have surpassed so many, despite the fact this episode will mark my death, and I am.

Chris: I really apprciate your honesty and you really opened up so you win immunity!

Elimination Ceremony 8

Chis: Vote for anyone besides Romeo.

Romeo: (CONF) Saionji, it's time to go...

Heather: (CONF) I hate it when people thinks they are more villainous then me. I did everything for you and you don't respect me. So it's bye bye to Saionji. Finally. *smiles* (END CONF)

Jimmy: (CONF) Buh bye, Saionji

Mack: (CONF) *sighs* Saionji... I don't want to... but if I don't then you will betray me. I have to focus on the game for now... You lied to Romeo, you lied about me... I am voting you... my friend...

Chris: Marshmallows go to Romeo, Jimmy, Heather, Mack and Leo! Saionji but it's time to leave

Episode 9: Race For Immunity

Merged Chat

Mack: *sighs* ... So, how is everyone?

Heather: I'm great, for the first time this season. *sits* And you?

Romeo: I'm also fine, Mack. We managed to get the "mastermind" out. Now it's just all of us. I think we've all done well to be here.

Mack: Well, I'm terrible, for the one billionth time this season...

Romeo: How come?

Mack: Well, I eliminated a person who cared for me, Rhett kicked me out of the heroes, my parents killed themselves because of me and I eliminated a person who saved me twice and I was just about to make friends with her... my life is terrible!

Romeo: Wait...your parents killed themselves because of you? ...Why- if you don't mind me asking...? Who would do that...? I'm so sorry for your losses.

Heather: *looks to Mack and shakes her head* No your not. And your life is not terrible. *grabs Mack his hands* I never felt something for a strange guy except Alejandro. I broke up with him. I really dont care about him. Anyway, Mack.. you are a great person. *kisses him*

Jimmy: *sits as the full weight of the situation hits him* Wha--... Mack I'm so sorry.

Mack: *blushes* Because of me! In general! After I did somethig horrible to Jordan, everyone hated me for a while. My parents always loved attantion and were kinda shallow, when they found out I was a failure, they barely made it. They must've thought all the terrible things people said about me wa sthere fault and they... mus've... given up....

Romeo: I'm very sorry for your loss...I know how hard it is to lose someone dear to you...

Heather: I'm so sorry for you, Mack. But together we can make it, right? I am sure your parents are proud on you, same as I am.

Mack: They weren't... actually very dear... they were just there when they wanted to get additional praise, I had to always behave... but they were still there at least...

Romeo: Oh...I see...I'm still sorry for your losses time it will heal, but if you need help at any time, I'm sure anyone of us would be glad to give help.

Mack: Y-yeah, thanks... can we move onto a different topic please. Like the eliminated contestants...

Heather: Ofcourse, always for you lovely Mack. *sits near him and kisses him again* I hope you feel the same way.

Mack: (CONF) *blushes* ... (END CONF) Well, I miss Ella, she was kind. Jason was a swell guy too... but...

Heather: Thinking about eliminated contestants. Do you remember Dreyk? He deserved to be eliminated first, he was such a loser. Well he still placed like 13th/12th or something? *laughs* Jason was a great contestant, and Ella.. who is Ella again?

Mack: First person out on the heroes. You weren't here.

Challenge 9

Chris: Challenge starts tonight 11/23/14 at 5pm EST

Chris: Challenge time! You must race to the ther side of the island (5 lines) and dig up an immunity pass (5 lines) first person to do so wins immunity! GO!

Heather: *races* (1)

Jimmy: *races* (1)

Heather: *races* (2)

Jimmy: *races* (2)

Heather: *races* (3)

Jimmy: *races* (3)

Heather: *races* (4)

jIMMY: *races* (4)

Heather: *races* (5)

Jimmy: *races* (5)

Heather: *digs up* (1)

Jimmy: *digs* (1)

Heather: *digs up* (2)

Jimmy: *digs* (2)

Heather: *digs up* (3)

Jimmy: *digs* (3)

Heather: *digs up* (4)

Jimmy: *digs* (4)

Heather: *digs up and get's immunity pass* Yeah! (5)

Jimmy: *digs* (5) Found-- Aww...

Chris: Heather wins!

Elimination Ceremony 9

Chris: Heather is going to the final 4 but one of you will not. Time to vote!

Heather: (CONF) You are nothing and useless. You dont deserve it to be in the final four. Bye bye Leo! (END CONF)

Mack: (CONF) I have to vote for Leo...

Jimmy: (CONF) Isn't Leo supposed to be an artist or something? I vote him.

Romeo: (CONF) I was told to vote Leo, and it looks like I have no other choice...I'm sorry...

Chris: To the victor goes the spoils so marshmallows go to Heather, Mack, Jimmy and Romeo. Leo you did a lot better than last season but now is your time to go.

Episode 10: Nobody's Safe Anymore

Merged Chat

Mack: *looks around the room* Hmm... (CONF) The only person I would have thought would make final 4 that did was Romeo. Everyone else, including me, weren't even close to high. (END CONF)

Challenge 10

Chris: Your challenge that there is no challenge! Um hello? "Nobody's Safe Anymore" Noneo f you get immunity. Just vote.

Elimination Ceremony 10

Chris: This vote is gona be a good one cast! Nobody's safe and one must go. *looks at camera* Hey gotta put some twists in the game! It's time to vote.

Jimmy: (CONF) As much as I hate to do this, Heather is a huge jury threat. I really hate to cut our alliance, but I have alliances with everyone at this point and it had to end eventually. I'm sorry. You put up a great fight for a debuter.

Heather: (CONF) Well, you were brave. Really brave. But I'm voting for you. Bye Mack. (END CONF)

Mack: (CONF) Heather. I don't blame Jimmy for betraying me. Plus, Jimmy has immunity and Heather is untrustworthy.

Romeo: (CONF) I'm sorry Heather, but it's time for you to tried to turn us against each other...that's just not...right. I'm sorry.

Chris: Marshmallows go to Jimmy, Romeo and Mack! Sorry Heather but you're done!

Episode 11: Dear Mom and Dad

Merged Chat

Jimmy: Well, this is the first time a male has won two consecutive seasons of ASVU! It's quite interesting to see that there hasn't been too many multi-gender finales.

Mack: You're right. It's also kinda weird that this season is a better 'all-star' season then the real all-star season, and I was in that one.

Challenge 11

Chris: Challenge starts tomorrow 11/28/14 at 1pm EST

Chris: Challenge time! You must write a letter home to your parents (no more than a paragraph (5-7 sentences) please) highlighting what has happened since you've been here and also what you will do if you win. The best letter wins immunity!

Mack: ...*falls over and cries cause his parents are dead.*

Jimmy: Dear family,

Don't worry, I have not lost my pristine grammar. I love it here, and I'm in the final three. I even received an immunity idol in the second episode! I have created some amazing friendships with people like Romeo (yes, like the famous star of the Shakespearean play) and Mack, who are in the final three with me. Maybe I will return home with a million dollars, which I will probably use to build a state of the art science lab. I know that nothing would make you happier than to see me succeed, and I will continue to fight until I win this thing!

Romeo: Mack, are you alright? Don't cry...I'm sure your parents wouldn't have wanted this of you, right...?

Mack: O-okay, you're right... dear, Family and Friends. Today, I am in the final 3 and I am proud! This season I have decided that I need to be more forgiving and it has been going well. Saionji actually seemed nice to me and several people have trusted me more than they would previously. If I ever meet Rosalina again, I will apologise for being so black and white to her. Jimmy, Romeo, Ella, Saionji and even Laney. These people were great to hang-out with and talk to. The best part about this expirence was actually when people went up to talk to me, I haven't expirence for a while... a long while. I won't give up, you can either expect me to come home with the million, or with a great smile on my face.. From Mack.

Romeo: Do I have any family members left to write to...? No, I don't think, hold on.

Mack: What about your girlfriend? Juliet? *sniffs*

Romeo: Girlfriend? I don't think we were- well, she was a good friend to me, so I suppose I could...

Mack: She is the closest person you got, right? After... Jason...

Romeo: You're right...I'll write to her, I suppose. Let me just think of what to say...

Mack: We can wait... :)

Romeo: Dear Juliet,

Sorry for the sudden letter, but I have no one else to write to - you're the closest friend I have. I'm in the final 3 of All Stars vs. Underdogs, and have made many new friends as well as meeting some old acquaintances, such as Mack. I doubt I'll win, but I doubt myself a lot and miraculously make it through most of the time. If I do win, I'll share the money with you. It's been like a roller coaster filled with ups and downs- I think I'm using that analogy correctly. But overall, I'm glad I've been here, despite the thought of quitting occuring multiple times. I hope we meet again soon so I can hear of what has happened to you during this time.

-Thanks for your friendship,


Chris: This is tough but I'm gonna go with Jimmy for the win.

Elimination Ceremony 11

Chris: Jimmy you get the choice of who you want in the finale with you. Will it be Mack or will it be Romeo?

Jimmy: Well, you've both been so loyal. Romeo, you've helped me get this far. Mack, even in the darkest times, you've been there. But, in the end, one person has gotten me this far...




(Lol suspense)



Romeo, I'm bringing uou.

Chris: Well Mack you place third and with that we have our top two!

Episode 12: Finale VIII

Previous ASVU Contestants

Laney: (CONF: Both are nice guys but Romeo is the reason I left when I was the only one who did ANYTHING)

Dreyk: (CONF: Literally the only person I rooted for after Saionji [ugh] went was Romeo, so I'm actually happy he made it here.)

Leo: Laney and Saioji I have a confession to make. I don't l *Get ininterrupted by Ella*

Ella: It's wonderful to see you all back! It's a pleasure to talk again with you! *smiles and dances* Hmmmmmmhmmmm!


Ella: *slaps her hand to her mouth* My lord, you are so distracted. I will make you feel better by a song. *smiles and sings* You were eliminated by villains but were not your enemies. You dont like that cause you think only on fries. The good boy in you will return really soon, maybe it will change thissss afternooooooon.

Chris: Ex Heroes and Villains. So who do you want to win and why? Does it matter that they're both Heroes? Did you imagine a different final two? Tell all this in the confessional!

Ella: (CONF) Both are true winners and I think they both deserve it. But I feel kinda more happier when I vote Romeo. Romeo has always be the prince of the show. He was a truly hero and he deserves it to win this season. Other way, Jimmy was great and he deserves it too. But I have to choose for someone and that's Romeo. (END CONF)

Thomas: (CONF) I should be in this finale... I was cheated out! (NON CONF) I think Marcus should win, he was very helpful for the heroes team always on top of things, he has my vote.

Laney: Jimmy

Dreyk: Romeo.

Leo: No Juliet shouldn't win Jimmy should!

Saionji: Romeo because he's not as worthless!

Cindy: Like any of them should win! They have done NOTHING compared to the crap I have done! So what, so what I went a little down the wrong lane near the end of season 3 and half of the time didn't know if I was still half-conscious!? So what I participated in season 6 despite me being on full-time medication!? So what I did the same thing this season!? I demand a recount! You know I won! I obviously won! I'm the true winner! Ahhhhhh! ... But, other than any of that, Romeo.... *Punches the wall* ... GET THAT CAMERA OUT OF MY FACE...! *Runs*

Mack: (CONF) I think that Romeo deserves to win. I don't know anyone who I would vote other than him. (END CONF) Hi, Saionji.

Saionji: Shut up and back off! >.>

Rhett: (CONF) i guess i'll vote for Romeo to win, mainly cause he was the nicest guy while i was still in this thing...that's a good enough reason right?...oh god!, the paranoia about this will be intense!! (shivers)

Mack: Are you sure, Saionji?

Juliet: *arrives to the island* Hello? I've been given permission to watch Romeo in the finale. *looks around*

Leo: *Hears what Juliet says to Romeo and yells* THAT IS A BIG LIE!

Max: I vote for Jimmy because he is a fellow evil genius... or so I've heard. Where'd I hear that from? Oh well, not important, because I am still the most evil, most diabolical, most villanious genius ever! Muhahahahahahaahaha!!!!

Jason via webcam from wherever he is in the afterlife: (CONF) Romeo was a good ally to me...that means something. So I guess I vote for him.

Cindy: *Pokes her head in, and then enters the room again* Come on, guys! Don't you believe we should begin a petition to cancel this entire series because I'm not in the finale? DON'T YOU!? We can make it happen! Just sign your names on something... *grabs a tissue* This'll do. Just, sign your names, and I'll be in the finale, and then we can replace Chris as host with myself and I'll make my own new everythings. Come on! Go... Cindy! C-I-- N-D-Y! Whoo!

Mack: *Is scared* Uh...! *writes his name down*


Jimmy: Congrats on making it this far, Romeo.

Romeo: Thanks, though I don't deserve to be here. Good luck.

Jimmy: Don't be silly! We both fought hard. We dominated most of the game post merge.

Juliet: *runs from the Asvu8 previous contestants area to here* Um... Hi Romeo...

Romeo: Juliet? It's nice to see you again. How have you been?

Juliet: It's been great. Thanks for that email. I got permission from Chris to see you again... :)

Romeo: That's nice. And as for the email, it wasn't a was a pleasure writing to you.

Juliet: Well... It was a pleasure to finally hear from you again... And you're even in the finale of ASvU... You seem to be getting along on your own.

Romeo: Likewise. I missed our nice chats a great deal. And, I don't really think I've done all that well, more so it was just luck that got me here.

Juliet: Never think like that. You're in here because people like you and you're a great friend. I doubt you'd be here if not the good person you are.

Elimination Ceremony 12

Chris: And we have a winner! Romeo is the heroic winner of ASVU8! What're you gonna do now?

Cindy: No one cares what he's going to do! But I'm gonna tell you what I'm gonna do! I'm gonna destroy this entire set, you, and your career--! If you kindly do not hand ownership of the series over to me and then disappear forever. Just a little of greed on my side, but I think it would help all of us. *Smiles*

Leo: *Wakes Up After the Long and Boring wait and yawns* So who wo- *sees Romeo and Juliet celebrating* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! This is NOT over! I'll get my revenge even it's the last thing I do! *Looks into camera* See you next season! *Evily laughs*

Saionji: *punches Romeo* :(

Leo: just ruined moment in the spotlight where I could've ended the season. But that was a good way to do it.

Cindy: Shut up.

Juliet: *hugs Romeo* You won! Congratulations, Romeo.

Mack: It's okay, Saionji... You did etter than almost everyone here. *smiles* (CONF) *still smiling for some reason* Insult in 3... 2... 1...