Well we're back again for a ninth time! This time its a little different. We're taking 7 past contestants (yeah you heard me) and putting them against 14 newbies. Yeah a lot of the old cast is taking a break. We're going around the world once again to see who will be the next winner of Total Drama: All Stars vs. Underdogs!

Sign Ups (Closed)

  1. Thomas-The Smart One-Mike Voted Out in It Came From Outer Space (9th)
  2. Dreyk-The Apathetic Snark-Blake
  3. Laney-The Independant Actress-Dawny Voted Out in Movie Magic (16th)
  4. Leo-The Tortured Artist-BB Voted Out in Angry Birdie Time In Japan (20th)
  5. Rhett-The Paranoid Dude-Blaze Voted Out in Ain't No Ripper Like Jack The Ripper (21st)
  6. Marcus-The Strict, But Fair Clean Freak-TF Rage Quit in Always A Bridesmaid Never A Bride (5th)
  7. Jimmy-The Short Smart One-Surfer Voted Out in A Viking's Life For Me (6th)
  8. Honey-The Wannabe Princess-Amber Voted Out in 12 Contestants Under The Sea (12th)
  9. Tirone-The Manipulative Prosecutor-Conker Quit in ASVU Revolution (18th)
  10. Diamond-The Likeable Charmer-Amber-Jane
  11. Jeremiah-The Care-Free Farmboy-Dianted Voted Out in Always A Bridesmaid Never A Bride (4th)
  12. Apex-The Shy Guy-Alpha Ranger Voted Out in Swampy Goodness (15th)
  13. Dee-The Mafia Princess-Dark
  14. Kimberly-The Washed Up Celebrity-Mabel Voted Out in Luck On My Side (14th)
  15. Pen-The Briber-Nemo Voted Out in ASVU Revolution (17th)
  16. Lehl-The One Nobody Cares About-Ifraid Voted Out in The Walking Dread (11th)
  17. Larry-The Eating Machine-HellishGizmo Voted Out in We're Ready For Takeoff (22nd)
  18. Samuil-The So Called Master Mind-Miguel Voted Out in Bon Appetit (19th)
  19. Felicia-The Uninvited and Unwanted Girl-Winston Exploded in Nothing Amusing About Amusement Parks (7th)
  20. Sara-The Shy Yet Smart Party Girl-RR44 Voted Out in In The New York Groove (10th)
  21. "Holes"-The Wannabe Strategist-Usi Voted Out in Unleash The Beast (8th)
  22. Romeo-The Fragile Nobile-TF Injured in 12 Contestants Under The Sea (13th)

Interactions (You May Edit)


Honey and Tirone

Honey and Diamond

"Holes" and Felicia

Sara and Everyone

Dee and Diamond

Dee and Dreyk

Dreyk and Jeremiah

Diamond and Jeremiah


Leo and Apex

Leo and Tirone


Dreyk and Diamond

Dreyk and Smiling

Dee and Jeremiah

Felicia and "Holes" (One sided)


Jimmy, Apex, Lehl, and Samuil.

Chesicia/Felster - "Holes" and Felicia


Leo and Kimberly (onesided Leo)

Apex and Diamond (onesided Apex)

Honey and Romeo (onesided Honey)

Dreyk and Diamond

Dee and Jeremiah

Elimination Ceremonies (Pictures)

Team Amazon Eliminations

Contestant Gender Rank Team rank Episode Reason for elimination
Leo Male 20th 8th Angry Birdie Time In Japan His mean attitude annoyed his teammates.
Tirone Male 18th 7th ASVU Revolution He couldn't handle the competition.
Laney Female 16th 6th Movie Magic Her teammates felt like she wasn't helping the team.
Romeo Male 13th 5th 12 Contestants Under The Sea He got injured and couldn't go on in the competition.
Honey Female 12th 4th 12 Contestants Under The Sea Her teammates felt that she was a threat.
Marcus Male 5th 3rd Always A Bridesmaid Never A Bride Dreyk's change in personality finally got to him and quit the competition.
Dee Female 3rd 2nd Know Thy Losers Diamond picked Dreyk to go to the finale.

Team ACTN Eliminations

Contestant Gender Rank Team rank Episode Reason for elimination
Pen Male 17th 7th ASVU Revolution He irritated his teammates.
Kimberly Female 14th 6th Luck On My Side Dreyk conivnced his teammates to vote her off.
Sara Female 10th 5th In The New York Groove The contestants voted her off because of her excessive partying.
"Holes" Male 8th 4th Unleash The Beast His strategic nature got the other contestants worried.
Felicia Female 7th 3rd Nothing Amusing About Amusement Parks She fell into a trashcan that exploded.
Jeremiah Male 4th 2nd Always A Bridesmaid Never A Bride He voted himself off because he felt that Dee didn't deserve to leave.

Team Victory Eliminations

Contestant Gender Rank Team rank Episode Reason for elimination
Larry Male 22nd 7th We're Ready For Takeoff Apex convinced people to vote for him.
Rhett Male 21st 6th Ain't No Ripper Like Jack The Ripper He hasn't really helped thus far.
Samuil Male 19th 5th Bon Appetit He didn't really help in the challenge.
Apex Male 15th 4th Swampy Goodness He didn't help in the challenge.
Lehl Female 11th 3rd The Walking Dread She voted herself out because she didn't want to be in the merge.
Thomas Male 9th 2nd It Came From Outer Space He wasn't liked by the rest of the cast.
Jimmy Male 6th 1st A Viking's Life For Me He was voted off by the remaining contestants' alliance.

Elimination Table

Place Name Team Merge? Plane London Japan France Germany Hollywood Everglades Las Vegas Atlantis Plane New York Area 51 Greece Denmark Sweden Niagara Falls Plane Puerto Rico
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
5th Marcus Amazon Replaces Romeo in Episode 9 SAFE SAFE SAFE WIN SAFE SAFE SAFE QUIT
16th Laney Amazon WIN WIN LOW IN WIN OUT
18th Tirone Amazon WIN WIN SAFE IN OUT
19th Samuil Victory LOW SAFE WIN OUT
20th Leo Amazon WIN WIN OUT
21st Rhett Victory SAFE OUT
22nd Larry Victory OUT

Episode 1: We're Ready For Takeoff


Chris: Well who's ready for another season of ASVU. Last season we wanted to see who would win ASVU8. Heroes or Villains? The final two came down to two heroes Jimmy and Romeo. In the end Romeo won and now it's season 9 of ASVU. Let's welcome the contestants!

Jeremiah: I hope you have a lot to offer this season, Chris. It should be a pleasurable honor being on this show, and working with whoever I have to. It'll be great meeting all of your acquaintances, whenever and if ever they can be met.

Pen: *holds up a paper slip* I'll give you three hundred vagillion million to the winner and every winner of the show!

Dee: Nice to meet you, Sir...

Jeremiah: Well, lovely lady, who would you be?

Dee: My name is Dee... and yours?

  • A familiar camper arrives. His face is unshaved and has a little bit more hair than last time*

Leo: *Lower voice* Enough with all the newbies the king has arrived.

Jeremiah: I was about to say, before I was rudely interrupted, my name's Jeremiah. And I have to say, I'm glad your acquaintance was the first I've met, as I don't think my heart will care about anyone else's thanks to you.

Laney: Hello everyone, Laney is here *Winks* Hopefully this season doesn't have any bratty 5 year-olds.

Leo: *Low voice* Laney is that you! Yesss! All we need is Saionji and this would be heaven!

Kimberly: *flicks hair* Where is my paycheck for appearing on this degraded show? *rolls eyes* Where is my compensation for dealing with these whack, poor and gross people? *stomps feet* And don't you know who I am, ladies?

Leo: Of course I do! You're Saionji, my queen!You look different.Did you do something to your hair?

Dee: Someone who should shut their mouth?

Jeremiah: I take back the thing I said about wanting to meet everyone's acquaintance. Most, perhaps, just not all. (CONF) I didn't think someone could be so... could be so... mean! On the farm, if you were ever like that with anyone you'd be beaten out of that behavior. But, I don't think they're allowed to use belts on strangers on an international television show... I think. (END CONF)

Dee: (CONF) In my family, you try to be respectful first... but if that doesn't work.... well the Moretti's can get nasty... (END CONF)

Leo: (CON) They shouldn't talk to Saionji like that. She's royalty! (END CON)

Apex: Uh, *almost falls asleep because he is so nervous* I i i cant cann believe I am here I was rooting for Jimmy to win last season and Leo is here and like *hides away*. Sorry bad first impressions.

Kimberly: The uncultured swines who simply aren't aware of my existance. How ignorant. Shall I refresh your modern minds?

Apex: Oh I am so sorry I did not see you, but hi I like your shoes hehe.

Leo: I already know who you are Saionji.

Apex: Saionji was so cool and hot err beatuiful or whatever. *blushes*

Leo: *Glares at Apex*

Apex: Oh I am so sorry I did not mean to be offending.

Leo: *Paints the perfect picture of Apex* You're lucky I don't get that mad with noobs who don't know how to play this game. Next time you tick me off I will-...well let me show you. *Rips Painting of Apex up and throws it at him*

Apex: I like artists so much I always make good friends. (CONF) A mistake already am I gonna get 21st *thinks about it* *hides* (CONF END)

Leo: (CON) Harsh? Yeah! Worth it? HECK YEAH! After watching last season (He finally watched a season of ASVU) I saw comments like "He's on the wrong team" and "Leo isnt even a villan". Time to prove you wrong! (END CON) You might like us artists but we don't like you! Now stay away from me and Saionji and we won't have a problem!

Apex: (CONF) I am nice but when people get on my nerves I am not. (CONF END) I see Leo it won't happen again. You little selfish dumb### whothinks you have a chance with Saionji but does not your also a sad excuse for a painter those coloprs are way off and I take s###s that are more creative! (CONF) I told ya. (CONF END)

Leo: Oooooh you got me. I already see what that mouth can do. But let's see you in action during the challenge. Hopefully we don't bump into each other again I don't play Mr. Nice Guy.

Apex: You have a bog mouth for a small person.

Laney: Can we all like stop the tension? Seriously I can here to be a millionaire not watch 2 girls get into it.

Jeremiah: I agree. We should be giving each other's acquaintances handshakes and hugs, not bloody faces and hurt feelings.

Apex: Yeah good point sorry Leo I dont mess around with bullcrap anyway Jeremiah your the kind of person I like a nice person who is not up for violence or arguments want to be in a alliance if we are on the same team?

Leo: You know what? If Laney says something that means it's right. And sorry I interrupted you Jerimiah. *Shakes hands* And i'm also sorry Apex. *Shakes his hands but only Apex can see his glare*

Jeremiah: Why thank you both! Glad to see the tension lowering, and now I hope we can continue without any harsh words, eh? *Whispers in Apex's ear* And only just possibly. Wink.

Apex: *whispers to Jeremiah*so want to be in a alliance so we can get some people out? *wink* hint hint a.k.a Leo. Want to do it?

Leo: (CON) Those two are up to something. I'll make sure whatever it is doesn't turn out the way they want (END CON)

Apex: (CONF) Does he think I am stupid I was eavsdropping the whole time! *realizes something* Oh no this cant be happening! *runs out of confessional* (CONF END) *whispers to Jeremiah* I heard Leo saying that I"'ll make sure whatever they are doin does not turn out the way they want" (CONF END)

Tirone: *walks onto the runway.* What is going on...?

Apex: Nothing hey what is your name? I'm Apex *whispers* Sorry I am trying to make good first impressions

Tirone: Okay. Take your 'first impressions' somewhere else. I will not talk to people unless I need or want to. *walks off*

Apex: I think something crawled up your a## this morning.

Diamond: *raises eyebrow* This'll be a great season. *smiles to herself*

Apex: *hears voice then looks at Diamond* *falls in love* It will be with you here ;) (CONF) DId I really just do that? (CONF END)

Diamond: Umm... okay? (CONF) Erm... What do I say now? Awks... (END CONF)

Apex: I think I will shut my mouth for awhile everyone here is awesome so far and I apologize for my "actions" see you all later. *runs another direction*

Tirone: Wimp...

Honey: *arrives* Hi everyonee! Group selfieee. *stands in the front of the contestants and makes a picture* Yay!

Diamond: *laughs* Hey there! What's your name? :)

Tirone: *looks at Honey and Diamond* Hm...

Honey: My name is Honey! *gets some lipstick out of her pink case and puts it on her lips* And yours?

Jimmy: Hi again guys! (CONF) God I'm so mad at myself. I should've trusted my gut and taken Mack! I would've won! But there was a little voice telling me Romeo was the better option... No matter. I'm gonna win this season anyways!

Leo: Jimmy! Just the person I wantes to see! Before the finale I painted a portrait of you, And I was going to give it to you if you won but you can have it now if you want.

Felicia: Hey guys, I am Felicia you spell it capital F, e, l, i ,c, i, a!

Leo: Nice to meet you Felicia! My name is Leo! And you spell it captial N-o-b-o-d-y -c-a-r-e-s

Felicia: You're rude right from the get go, it's a shame I thought you were going to like me oh well I am here to win!

Honey: No you spell it L-E-O. Yay!

Dee: Mr. Big Bad? Stop with the act.

Lehl: This is not what I signed up for. (CONF) At least I can get away from that, thing, from the island. (END CONF)

Larry: Hey guys.

Jimmy: Thanks, leo! It's awesome! The style is impressionist, right? About 100 or so years ago that style came about. It's really beautiful, the way the colors mix. *rants*

Leo: *Interrupts* Cool and that will be one million dollars.

Chris: Hey everybody. Let's go inside the plane.

Laney: Okay Anti-Chris(t)

Inside The Plane

Chris: Welcome everyone inside the jumbo jet. Now if I call your name you're on Team Victory. Apex, Jimmy, Larry, Lehl, Rhett, Samuil, Thomas. Team ACTN is Really Really Really Really Hot is Dreyk, Felicia, "Holes", Jeremiah, Kimberly, Pen, Sara. Team Amazon is Dee, Diamond, Honey, Laney, Leo, Romeo, Tirone.

Jimmy: Wow, this is awesome!

Honey: *looks surprised* It's beautiful...

Leo: Yeah yeah it's a nice plane now where is my money Jimmy!

Honey: Money? Honey!

Jimmy: What? I have to pay you? I thought we were doing this friend to friend or something Leo: Friend? I woulf never be-...I was just joking about the money you can have it for free. (CON) I can't be enemies with everyone like Saionji. I guess I can act like Jimmt's friend. He made it to the finale last season and this can help me make it far. (END CON) Honey: Money? What money?

Tirone: Pfft. My team could be better...

Leo: Why Chris you forgot to say what team Saionji is on!

Jimmy: Thanks? (CONF) I don't know what Leo's intentions are. He seems nice, but he was a villain last season for a reason. Right? (END CONF)

Tirone: How pathetic, Leo. Not only do you actually belive you to be a villain, which really irritates everyone you meet, but you're just plain stupid to say that stuff to everyone and just wimp out like a baby. Get a life...

Leo: Shut up noob! (CON) He doesn't know it but he's biting the wrong bone! (END CON)

Jimmy: Team Victory meeting! We gotta win this first challenge to push momentum in our favor. Studies show if you lose the first challenge, you are more likely to lose the second challenge. Let's live up to our name! (CONF) Wow, I'm so inspirational!

Lehl: And studies show that teams with the name Victory in their name loses a lot. We are D-O-O-M-E-D period.

Jimmy: Studies aren't always right. But spelling out doomed really convinced me. Studies show-- nevermind.

Tirone: Shut up, noob? You mean that comment seven year olds say? I bet a seven year old took less to think up that insult.

Leo: *Glares at Tirone* This isn't over! (CON) You know what happens when you play with fire? You get burned (=< (END CON)

Lehl: He is just saying to shut up and is implying that you are new because idk. Guess he's upset he lost last time.

Diamond: I hope my team does well. :D

Honey: *looks around* Oh! I'm in Team Amazon!

Felicia: FELICIA in the plane yes! Everyone needs to know I am here!

Honey: *claps* Yippee! I'm Honey, nice to meet you. *smiles*

Leo: Not you again...

Diamond: Hi, Felicia.

Dreyk: (CONF) An analysis of all the all-stars? Crazy. Delusional. Weirdos. Especially Leo. Did he get hit in the head a couple too many times?

Felicia: *walks into the confessional while Dreyk is still in* Oh hi you're Dreyk right? I am Felicia you spell it F, e, l, i, c, i, a, Felicia! We are on the same team I just wanted to let you know. and I want to use the confessional.

Dreyk: Um, not right now. Busy hating on the all-stars. Bye Felicia.

Felicia: *starts crying overdramaticly and runs away* Why are people so mean here!!

Dreyk: (CONF) Anyways. I'm so glad Saionji isn't here this season. The only all-star I can stand here is Laney. Even though she got me out. *shrug* Romeo won a season, so...he's a threat. Jimmy is obnoxiously smart and Leo is weird. I wonder how Thomas will do without Marcus... Oh yeah. There's Rhett. Gross.

Felicia: *runs back to the confesional and opens the door* You mean person! *throws close the door again and start screaming* Dreyk is a mean disgusting person we should vote him out first!

Dee: So the Amazons then...

Leo: Dreyk is here? Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Laney: *Applying nail polish* Hey Dreyk, Sorry for eliminating you last season Saionji wouldn't leave me alone. (CONF: So my team... Newb's, Romeo, and That artist guy. Great job Laney, Great job.) Can we all agree I am team captain?

Dee: Depends...

Leo: I think Laney should be our captain!

Dee: For what reason?

Laney: *Grabs Dee* For every reason. *Lets go* Now when is the challenge?

Dee: First, don't grab me! Secondly, I have every intention of working with you but I need to know your credentials. (CONF) I know effective teamwork, its what the mafia is built on. (CONF ENDS)

Jimmy: Dreyk's back? Wow, like half the Season 8 cast is here! (CONF) That's not necessarily good... They know not to underestimate me. Fortunately, I only have Thomas on my team, though I have learned that he is sometimes a threat.

Laney: I am a actress and a good one too, That is enough.

Leo: True

Jimmy: Since when is Dee in the mafia? (CONF) I remember her from some other seasons, like Lost in the Triangle.

Honey: Ehh.. *looks to Laney* Why should we have a team captain?

Diamond: I agree. We're all equal!

Leo: Because Laney said so ok!?

Jimmy: *looks at Diamond* What is this communism? (CONF) I believe in democracy and I will carry that over to Team Victory. Not everyone should be equal. Just as a person without a head cannot stand, neither can an entity without a leader

Honey: We don't need a team captain! Team spirit will win the challenges and not a leader that gives orders to the others of the team. I'm sorry but it's not gonna work.

Felicia: I am the team leader of Chris is hot! Because I am Felicia!

Jimmy: It's actually Team ACTN is hot. Spelled A-C-T-N. (CONF) Just had to put it in terms she would understand.

Felicia: Who is ACTN?

Dee: Shut up.

Lehl: Uhhh should I say the truth or just keep it a secret because the truth is who ACT- wait wrong team.

Chris: ACTN is the show's creator Felicia (CONF) Shows how much these newbies know about ASVU

Jimmy: (CONF) If I'm gonna win this season, I'm gonna need some allies on Team Victory. (END CONF) *pulls Lehl aside* Hey, do you want an alliance?

Lehl: Uhhh, sure?

Felicia - Pff he is not important, he doesn't even host the show everyone knows the host is the most important person!

Jimmy: Nice! Once we recruit a couple more people, we can run the team and make the merge no problem!

Lehl: K. *to Felicia* If it wasn't for ACTN, where would we be?

Jimmy: Probably a science lab, finding cures for terrible diseases like Ebola and cancer. Thanks, ACTN!

Lehl: You didn't have to sign up, anyway.

Jimmy: I know! But I like money... And competition and whatever. But mostly money!

Sara: That's nice to here Chris...(CONF) Who names their team after the show's creator? I'm sorry but that's just blatant nepotism! (OFF-CONF) So uh...Hi everyone. I'm Sara, nice to meet you....uh....*sees Samuil* And who are you?

Diamond: Hey Sara :)

Felicia: Hi Diamond, I am not Sara I am Felicia! You spell it F, e, l, i, c, i, a!

Diamond: *raises eyebrow* Bye, Felicia. *walks away*

Challenge 1

Chris: Well I know you're all eager to start the challenge so here it is. This is a race to first class. The first team to reach first class will win and get to travel to the next destination in first class. Second place will also be safe, but will travel in economy class. Last place will travel in the cargo hold and send someone home. Oh and first TEAM which means EVERYONE. It will take 5 lines to get to first class. Good luck. GO!

Dreyk: *races to first class* (1)

Jimmy: *races* (1)

Dreyk: *races to first class* (2)

Jimmy: *races* (2)

Dreyk: *races to first class* (3)

Diamond: *races* [1]

Jimmy: *races* (3)

Dreyk: *races to first class* (4)

Felicia: *races to first class* (1)

Dreyk: *races to first class* (5)

Diamond: *races* [2]

Honey: *races to first class* (1)

Felicia: *races to first class* (2)

Honey: *races to first class* (2)

Felicia: *races to first class* (3)

Honey: *races to first class* (3)

Laney: *Races* (1)

Felicia: *races to first class* (4)

Diamond: *races* [3]

Jimmy: *races* (5)

Honey: *races to first class* (4)

Laney: *Races* (2)

Dee: *races* (1)

Felicia: *enters first class and starts singing* (5) Yes Felicia is a queen, Felicia is a queen, Felicia is a queen yes I am a queen!

Laney: *Races* (3)

Diamond: *races* [4]

Honey: *races to first class* (5) Yay!

Diamond: *races* [5] YAS!

Laney: *Races* (4)

Dee: *races* (2)

Leo: *Races* (1)

Laney: *Races* (5)

Dee: *races* (3)

Diamond: GO DEE! :D

Dee: *races* (4)

Sara: *races* (1)

Tirone: *races* (1)

Dee: *races* (5)

Tirone: *races* (2)

Romeo: *races* (1)

Tirone: *races* (3)

Romeo: *races* (2)

Diamond: *high fives Dee*

Romeo: *races* (3)

Dee: *high fives back*

Romeo: *races* (4)

Tirone: *races* (4)

Romeo: *races* (5)

Tirone: *races* (5)

Honey: Go Leo! Go Leo! *is cheerleading*

Leo: *runs* (2)

Honey: Leoooo! *blows a kiss*

Leo: *races* (3)

Dreyk: Ugh! You all are LOSERS! RUN FASTER. I WANT FIRST CLASS. >.>

Honey: Go Leoooo

Felicia: Chris give me a soda pop

Leo: *races* (4)

Diaamond: GO LEO GOOOO

Chris: Get it yourself Felicia (CONF) Who does she think I am?

Honey: *looks to Diamond* (CONF) Ehh.. she wants everyone on her side? I'm nice too? (END CONF)

Felicia: Okay, Dreyk get me a Soda pop!

Diamond: *looks at Honey* You okay...? (CONF) What is her problem? (END CONF)

Dreyk: Bye, Felicia. *walks away*

Leo: *races* (5)

Sara: *races* (2)

Kimberly: *races to first class* Where is my stunt double? (1)

Diamond: WE WON! :D *glances at Honey* Yay...

Chris: Team Amazon places first, but second place is still up for grabs!

Kimberly: >.> *races to first class* (2)

Honey: Yeah we won. (CONF) And she stole my word. 'Yay'. This is soo not fun. (END CONF)

Kimberly: *races to first class and heel breaks and cries* (3)

Diamond: (CONF) WHat did I ever do to her... I want to make friends, not enemies! *sobs* (END CONF)

Kimberly: *nail breaks and races to first class* (4) I hate this so much! :( I didn't sign up for this! Isn't it fake?

Dreyk: Hurry up. >:(

Kimberly: *almost in tears as she races* (5)

Pen: *runs to first class* (1)

Rhett: (runs to first class) (1)

"Holes": *runs to first class* (1)

Sara: *runs* (3) *to Kimberly* Excuse me, But do you need help? I think I have some heel fixer in my purse. But i'm not sure if it will do you any good.

Chris: Let's go guys!

Sara: *runs* (4) (CONF) I've got to win this for my team! It's my first chance to show them how much i'm worth.

"Holes": *runs to first class* (2) Lehl: *runs*

Sara: *runs* (5)

"Holes": *runs to first class* (3)

Sara: *runs* (6) YES!

Apex: *runs* (1)

Jeremiah: *Stumbles out of a closet* Why are we running? Are we supposed to be running!? Ah! *Runs* (CONF) *Opens mouth, but then closes it* I... I fell asleep. Stupid traveling. Haven't been able to get a wink for a few days now, and it's starting to take a toll on me, but I caught up with my not-supposed-to-happen-now nap, so I hope I'll be good for now on. (END CONF) Uh... (1)

Apex: *runs* (2) *runs by Jimmy* Jimmy I was rooting for you last season if we lose please do me a big favor and vote for *whispers* Larry. (CONF) Uh no *turning into different personalities* (CONF END)

Chris: Alright I've waited enough. Team ACTN places second and Team Victory goes to elimination

Elimination Ceremony 1: Team Victory

Chris: Welcome to your first elimination ceremony. Go stamp the person you want to eliminate's passport.

Jimmy: (CONF) What just happened with Apex? Anyways... *stamps Larry's passport*

Lehl: (CONF) *Stamps Samuil's passport*

Thomas: (COMF) *stamps Maruc's..... err....Larryi's passport)

Apex: (CONF) *covering his own mouth* *Stamps Larry's passport)

Chris: Now unlike ASVU3 if you don't receive a bowl of gruel you will be taking the drop of shame. Bowls go to Jimmy and Apex my dudes. Lehl, Thomas and Rhett are also safe. And last but not least

Samuil eat up! Buh bye Larry *pushes him out of the plane*

Sami: Call me Sami, the MASTER MIND!

Episode 2: Ain't No Ripper Like Jack The Ripper

First Class: Team Amazon

Honey: We start this season in the first class, guys! We can be proud on ourself. Yay!

Tirone: Of course, we can. Just like a serial killer can be proud of getting off scot-free after killing other's, it's natural to find joy or tollerance in our achivements...

Honey: *looks a little bit confused* Yeah, exactly. *smiles*

Tirone: Urg... what icompendence...

Laney: Eh, I don't know why you guys are happy. This is mediocre the Orange juice pulp and the cookies are stale. *Sighs* But I gftuess it's fine.

Dee: At least no one has to leave.

Leo: Yeah! (CONF: For now* evil laugh*)

Pen: *passes Three hundred vagillion million dollars to everyone*

Diamond: *relaxes* This is awesome.

Tirone: I got a three hundred 'vagillion' dollar note... do you know how inaproprite that is? Anyway, I agree Laney. The chairs are more pathetic than the food.

Diamond: ... Vagillion? Pfft. And yes, the food isn't great, but probably better than in Economy Class :)

Tirone: I guess... Optimist...

Honey: Really? *looks to Diamond and hugs her* That's sad, but I really like it.

Diamond: Oh, okay then. :P

Honey: *looks to Diamond and smiles* We could be friends! Share secrets, talking about boys. Eeehhh! *jumps and smiles*

Diamond: Okay :) :D

Dee: What is our plan to stay ahead?

Honey: Working together as a team! And if someone of us needs help we'll give it!

Dee: And if we fail?

Honey: huLet's think positive! *hugs Dee* By the way, we didn't meet each other right? I'm Honey! *smiles*

Dee: Dee...

Laney: Why are y'all so peppy? It's Total Drama *Files her nails* Whatever we can probably win these challenges as long as we try.

Honey: I'm sorry, I just want the best for the team! None of us deserves to take the drop of shame!

Romeo: I agree...a bit late to the conversation, though, sorry.

Honey: Hi there! I'm Honey, nice to meet you! *smiles*

Laney: Romeo why do you apologize for things you don't have to apologize for?

Leo: Hey everyone! I made pictures for everyone! *Passes the Perfect Picture to all his team mates except one of them* One for Dee, one for my queen Laney, one for the princess Honey, a picture that is not as perfect as you Diamond, and - oops! *Drops Tirone's picture and stomps on it* Oh no! Sorry.And here is yours Romeo. *Gives Romeo a bad picture of him that makes fun of him* Hope you all like them!

Diamond: Erm... thanks? *puts picture in her bag* :|

Leo: I'm glad you like it! It's for being a great team unlike some of my team last season.

Diamond: Aww... :)

Dee: We only won one challenge. Don't speak so soon.

Laney: What's with Romeo's? Why is it all... Messed up? You could have been nicer.

Dee: Agreed.

Leo: *Gasp* What? I worked hard on all of these. Do you like it Romeo?

Diamond: *glares at Leo*

Romeo: *looking at the picture* Um, not the design, really, but thanks for the effort...?

Laney: Are you KIDDING? That is OBVIOUSLY trying to make fun of you.

Diamond: I knew Leo was shady! >:( Poor Romeo... Leo: Diamond why are you mad at me? Your picture is perfect. And thanks Romeo! Someone who understands how hard I worked on all of these pictures. You're a good guy, sorry about what I said about you last season.

Laney: (CONF: Romeo really needs to learn to stick up for himself)

Romeo: I suppose it does look like that, but I remember Leo. He didn't seem to be mean to anyone, really...well, not true, there were a couple of people, but still.

Laney: *Facepalm*

Diamond: *shakes head at Laney* *rolls eyes*

Leo: *Evily Smiles*

Economy Class: Team ACTN

Kimberly: Oh my gosh, my dress is ruined... there's stains and dirt all over the place... Don't you guys know who I am? *snaps nail file, growling* I am Kimberly Kardacia! And I deserve better than this stupid, stupid, stupid plane! Get me into first class!

Felica: Hey Kimberly is your name right, you look really familiar to me.

Pen: *runs in with pants off* *pant pant* Phew. I was passing the dollars to Team Amazon, but someone was changing, so she decided to pull my pants down.

Felicia: *pulls up her pants* ew pervert! *pushes pen down to the Cargo hold area* away with you!

"Holes": *watches Felicia push Pen* Hmmm....(CONF) If I'm going to make an alliance, I might need someone as fiesty as Felicia. (END CONF) *approaches Felicia* My name is "Holes", pleasure to meet you. I must say, you took care of that pervert very nicely.

Felicia: My name is Felicia, you spell it F,e,l,i,c,i,a! What kind of name is Holes?

"Holes": Well, since you asked my real name is Chester, but everyone calls me "Holes" because I guess Chester is too hard to say or not cool, or something.

Felicia: Well Chester is not that hard of a name and Holes sounds like someone who is selling drugs.

"Holes": Well, I know I've never sold drugs before.I'm far too honorable and have better things to do with my time, like make allies with you.

Felicia: Oh my god Chester, really! *Felicia looks around and grabs "Holes" by his arms and drags him to the confessional*

Sara: I'm so lucky we're not in the cargo hold, I heard it's not very fun in there.

Kimberly: Psssht, it's about tiiiime someone recognized me. Hmm, I should really invest in a vocal coach and have another breakout in the music industry!

Dreyk: 'Kay. I'll just be over here. Do whatever you want, losers. Not my fault we didn't get first class.

Felicia: *comes back from the confesional with "Holes"* Kimberly I know where I recognize you from, you are the backup singer of that country singer from my school!

Sara: *to Kimberly* Ooooh, So THAT'S where I remember you from. You were on Fallen Stars Magazine! Don't worry...I feel your pain. If you ever need to ask me something, feel free to ask.

Cargo Hold: Team Victory

Apex: *comes in* There is dirt everywhere! I will be okay *tucks up* *covers up*

Samuil: I'm already disgusted of this place!

Jimmy: Same. Hey, Samuil, can we talk? You too Apex. *when they are out of earshot* Alliance?

Apex: Yes Alliance!

Sami: Teaming up? OK. Now I'm going to think how stupid this place is. I hope I won't... I mean we won't be here again.

Jimmy: Same here. Well let's vow to try this time!

Apex: Jimmy I was walking to the CONF and I heard felicia and holes talking about a secreat alliance so we need to get Felicia out :).

Jimmy: Felicia is not on our team...

Lehl: What he said,


Apex: (CONF) I have to tell my team what is going on with me! But if I do I will probably be eliminated. (CONF END)

Sami CONF: I wonder how my team has voted for me! They have tried to vote the only MASTER MIND (me) out. What??! This won't happen the next time.

Jimmy: (CONF) Sami seems smart, or seems like he wants to be. I'm gonna make him into my little genius prodigè

Sami CONF: I so much hate this place. MASTER MINDS like ME shouldn't be in such stupid places because they can't think about how awesome they are!

Pen: (CONF) Are we supposed to sing? (END CONF)

Diamond: (CONF) I can't help but feel scared that I'm gonna get eliminated...

Tirone: (CONF) Pen is pretty stupid. He doesn't deserve to still be here. I don't know why his trousers were down when he left. No one did it...

"Holes": (CONF) Having watched and studied the past 8 seasons of this show, I have learned a great deal about what it takes to win a season of ASVU. Strategy. That's all you need, and thankfully I've got plenty of it.

Felicia: (CONF) *enters the confessional with "Holes" * Good no one is here. *closes the door* Chester bever ever ask me something out there, maybe if we are in first class but not in that disgusting place, but yes a alliance sounds good, I feel like a real competitor than!

"Holes": (CONF) Excellent! The two of us will be unstoppable together!

Felicia: (CONF) Yes we could be called Chesicia! or Felster! The unstopable force duo!

"Holes": (CONF) Yes! Either one sounds good.

Honey: (CONF) It's fun here but I wish everyone will be a little bit happier. The only friendly person is Diamond and everyone likes her. Am I ugly or something? Do I smell weird? What did I wrong? Nobody here likes me, so I'm not trying to make the best for everyone now. If they don't want me it's ok! *looks sad*

Jimmy: (CONF) So my team barely tried in that first challenge. I hope we can pick it up, because soon it will be just my alliance and I will start to have to pick and choose who to keep and who to vote out!

Leo:(CONF) If I want to make it further than last time I have to get my team to like me. If I could get most of my team on my side I will be able to eliminate anyone I want. And I have thr perfect idea.

Diamond: (CONF) Leo is acting creepily... Why did he give us those pics?

Dreyk: (CONF) We totally deserved first class...I hate my team.

Challenge 2

Chris: Challenge starts tonight 12/1/14 at 7pm EST

*plane lands in London, England*

Chris: Welcome to London everybody! Home to...

*the lights go out and screams are heard and the only people remaining are Leo, Sara and Jimmy*

*the teams and Chris are tied up in the cargo hold and in front of them is a bomb*

Jack the Ripper: MUAHAHAHA. I'm Jack the Ripper London's most dangerous outlaw. I'm gonna blow this plane to pieces! Well ta ta and happy dying *jumps out of the plane*

*a piece of paper fell out of his jacket, but is out of reach for the tied up contestants including Chris*

Chris: *on a TV monitor* Leo, Sara, Jimmy! You gotta get down to the cargo hold and diffuse the bomb! Be sure to GRAB THAT PIECE OF PAPER THE RIPPER DROPPED. It'll take 4 lines to get to the cargo hold and 1 to grab that piece of paper! There's gotta be directions or a passcode to diffuse the bomb on that piece of paper. NOW GO GO GO!

Leo: *runs* (1)

Jimmy: *runs8 (1)

Sara: *Runs* (1)

Leo: *Runs* (2)

Jimmy: *runs* (2)

Leo: *Runs* (3)

Jimmy: *runs* (3)

Leo: *Runs* (4)

Jimmy: *runs* (4)

Leo: *Grabs Piece of Paper*


Leo: *Whisper* Jimmy, do me a favor and vote off *the audience can't hear Leo but Jimmy can*

Jimmy: (CONF) And another person tells me to vote off someone. 1. I'm sick of being bossed around, 2. He's not even on my team! You know what, I will just roll with it (End CONF) Sure!

*on the paper is a riddle 5+3+2 = 151022 9+2+4 = 183652 8+6+3 = 482466 5+4+5 = 202541 THEN ; 7+2+5 = ?*

Chris: I'm sure whatever the answer is is the code to diffuse the bomb!

Sara: *runs* (2)

Chris: By the way it'll take 1 line to input the code

Sara: *Runs* (3)

Dreyk: Hurry up, Sara! I want to live! And I want first class >:(

Leo: Oh no i'm doomed! *types in random numbers and gets 143547*

Sara: *runs* (4)


Sara: *grabs the paper*

Chris: Team Amazon places first again!!

Jimmy: *grabs paper and puts in 143547* Please let my math skills work again...

Sara: *puts in 143547* YAY!

Jimmy: *puts in 143547* Come in...

Chris: Due to a technicality Team ACTN is Really Really Really Really Hot places second and Team Victory places last again

Jimmy: Wha...

Leo: *Looks Evily at Jimmy* You know what to do.

Jimmy: Uh... What? (CONF) Wait, back it up. Leo was so nice in season 8 and then gave me a free picture in season 9... Now he's giving me evil glares? Am I missing something here, or...

Elimination Ceremony 2: Team Victory

Chris: Well you lose again. Time to vote someone off!

Lehl: *stamps Rhett's passport* Idk.

Jimmy: (CONF) While neither Thomas nor Rhett have spoken, Rhett should be held to higher standards as a winner. *holds up Rhett's passport, stamped*

Apex: (CONF) I did lie nothing this challenge because I fell asleep lol anyway *stamps Rhett's passport*

Sami: (CONF) Well, Rhett was ? but Thomas was ! so I don't know. Can I vote for them both? If not I'm voting Rhett.

Chris: Bowls of gruel go to Lehl, Jimmy, Sami and Apex! The last bowl goes to

Thomas! Rhett you've been voted off!

Try not to lose the next challenge guys.

Episode 3: Angry Birdie Time In Japan

First Class: Team Amazon

Honey: *hopps to Leo* Your so brave! Thanks. *winks and hopps to the food table*

Romeo: Congrats, Leo...

Tirone: It appears you made yourself useful. Unlike the first episode... I guess I did not though...

Honey: I think everyone can bring something to the team. *hugs Romeo and Tirone* I think we're going to win the next challenge toooo! Actually, I hope so..

Dee: Lets hope so...

Leo: Thanks guys! And I hope so to.

Felicia: *A horrible scream comes from the air vent*

Diamond: Huh...? What was that? :o

Felicia: *make another loud horrible scream from the air vent*

Honey: *looks to Diamond* What was what? *looks worried*

Diamond: Eek! I don't know! :(

Dee: I wish i had my gun.... we could shoot it....

Honey: *looks around* I'm going to look in the hall, okay?

Felicia: *falls out of the air vent covered in something that looks like blood and screams*

Dee: Is she dying?

Honey: *walks back* I didn't saw so- OW MY GOSH! *screams and jumps on Dee* What is she..

Felicia: *stands up to correct Dee*No I am not "dying" I am Felicia. oops I mean *Felicia starts screaming really loud as if she is in pain.*

Diamond: Ummm.... Okay then?

Honey: Everything all right, Felicia? *looks worried and kneels at her* Can I help you?

Dee: Felicia leave.... Honey don't help her...

Felicia: There is a masked man with a chainsaw in the air vent! *Felicia continue's scraming*

Laney: (CONF: I need to make a few friends after all I will be here for a long time...) Hello Honey

Diamond: Masked man...? Really?

Honey: *smiles* Hi Laney! I saw you in All Stars vs. Underdogs *thinks* 7, I think. Great to meet you, girl. *smiles and looks to Felicia* A masked.. man?

Felicia: Yes with a chainsaw! *Felicia screams*

Diamond: Are you sure? And stop screaming!

Felicia: Yes, there is one look!

Dee: Diamond go look... Me and Laney will stay with her....

Diamond: Okay. *climbs into the vent*

Leo: Ha! Let the man of the house take care of this *climbs through vent*

Economy Class: Team ACTN

"Holes": *sighs* Economy class, again. (CONF) Well, at least it's better than going to elimination. I guess we have Sara to thank for that. Hmm.... Sara seems like a strong player. Maybe I should ally with her. Every alliance needs a strong member.

Kimberly: I am so disgusted by this show's treatment. I'm bringing in the ratings as all my fans worldwide watch in awe, and they have the nerve to not have me in first class? I'm filing a civil rights lawsuit!

Felicia: Hey Chester let's be evil and steal food from first class!

"Holes": Sounds like an adventure, but we need a strategy to effectively steal the food!

Felicia: Forget strategy wears this and take this *gives "Holes" a scary mask and a chain saw* Come in the vent *Felicia opens the air vent and gets into it*

"Holes": *rolls his eyes* If we get into trouble, this is your fault. *puts on the mask and follows Felicia into the air vent*

Felicia: Even if we use strategy we can still get into trouble, look we scare them away with my scream and you fall out of the vent and scare them away.

"Holes": Sounds like a strategy I can handle! *reaches the vent over first class* Ready?

Felicia: Yes! (I post on the first class section)

Kimberly: Oh heavens, I'm surrounded by delinquents...

Sara: I'm so lucky that I didn't lose for you guys!

Leo: *Comes from Vent* OK NOW WHERE IS THE MASKED MA- *Sees Kimberly* Saionji is that you?

Cargo Hold: Team Victory

Apex: The only thing I like about this place is it is quiet but you know we can through most of this rubbish out of the plane and get some things to make a fort?

Jimmy: I guess so...

Sami: Let's do this!*after he says it he immideatly loses interest and starts playing angry birds on his iphone*


Apex: (CONF) By making a fort that sounds like a 7 year old making a fort out of blankets and pillows I used to do that all the time!

Jimmy: (CONF) I'm even the second to use the confessional today??? Really???? Anyways, the same teams won and lost yesterday. We have to change things up and win a challenge to day!

Leo: (CONF) NO! I DON'T WANT MY TEAM TO WIN THE NEXT CHALLENGE! I want somebody on my team gone! I can't just throw the challenge and get voted off. Or maybe I can but convince them into voting someone else off. I also hope Jimmy voted off Rhett like I told him to.

Jimmy: (CONF) I hope leo know I didn't vote for Rhett because he told me to. I voted for him because I wanted to. I was already gonna.

Apex: (CONF) So japan is like so dirty like #wtf. (CONF END)

Sami: (Conf) What? I have always loved this game! END CONF

Challenge 3

Chris: Challenge starts today 12/2/14 at 6pm EST

Chris: Welcome to Japan! This is based off of the pinball challenge from TDWT. You will be placed into these Angry Birds costumes and will fling yourself from this giant slingshot to earn points. You will complete the challenge like this (i.e. Laney: *flings from slingshot*) Each fling is worth 1000 points. To make things fair and easy, only 5 members will compete in this challenge because of the number of Team Victory members. Also each team will take turns. First is Team Amazon then Team ACTN and finally Team Victory. Each team will have 30 minutes then the next team will go. To win you must have the highest amount of points.

Team Amazon you're up first and like I said you can only have 5 members compete. (This is a line challenge i.e. no double posting)

Your 30 minutes begins now

Diamond: *flings from slingshot* er... yas?

Dee: *flings from slingshot*

Diamond: *flings from slingshot*

Leo: *Flings from Slingshot *

Diamond: *flings from slingshot*

Romeo: *flings from slingshot*

Leo: *flings from slingshot*

Diamond: *flings from slingshot*

Leo: *flings from slingshot*

Romeo: *flings from slingshot*

Diamond: *flings from slingshot*

Romeo: *flings from slingshot *

Diamond: *flings from slingshot*

Romeo: *flings from slingshot*

Diamond: *flings from slingshot*

Romeo: *flings from slingshot*

Diamond: *flings from slingshot*

Romeo: *flings from slingshot*

Diamond: *flings from slingshot*

Chris: STOP! Team ACTN you're up and you have 30 minutes starting now!!

"Holes": *flings from slingshot*

Dreyk: *flings from slingshot*

"Holes": *flings from slingshot*

Dreyk: *flings from slingshot*

"Holes": *flings from slingshot*

Dreyk: *flings from slingshot*

"Holes": *flings from slingshot*

Dreyk: *flings from slingshot*

Dreyk: *flings from slingshot*

"Holes": *flings from slingshot*

Dreyk: *flings from slingshot*

"Holes": *flings from slingshot*

Dreyk: *flings from slingshot*

"Holes": *flings from slingshot*

Dreyk: *flings from slingshot*

"Holes": *flings from slingshot*

Dreyk: *flings from slingshot*

"Holes": *flings from slingshot*

Dreyk: *flings from slingshot*

"Holes": *flings from slingshot*

Dreyk: *flings from slingshot*

Sara: *flings from slingshot*

Dreyk: *flings from slingshot*

"Holes": *flings from slingshot*

Dreyk: *flings from slingshot*

"Holes": *flings from slingshot*

Dreyk: *flings from slingshot*

Sara: *flings from slingshot*

"Holes": *flings from slingshot*

Dreyk: *flings from slingshot*

"Holes": *flings from slingshot*

Dreyk: *flings from slingshot*

Sara: *flings from slingshot*

Dreyk: *flings from slingshot*

Sara: *flings from slingshot*

Dreyk: *flings from slingshot*

"Holes": *flings from slingshot*

Chris: Team Victory your 30 minutes start now!

Jimmy: *flings from slingshot*

Lehl: *flings from slingshot*

Apex: *flings from slingshot*

Lehl: *flings from slingshot*

Jimmy: *flings from slingshot*

Lehl: *flings from slingshot*

Apex: *flings from slingshot*

Jimmy: *flings from slingshot*

Lehl: *flings from slingshot*

Jimmy: *flings from slingshot*

Lehl: *flings from slingshot*

Jimmy: *flings from slingshot*

Lehl: *flings from slingshot*

Jimmy: *flings from slingshot*

Lehl: *flings from slingshot*

Apex: *flings from slingshot*

Jimmy: *flings from slingshot*

Apex: *flings from slingshot*

Jimmy: *flings from slingshot*

Apex: *flings from slingshot*

Lehl: *flings from slingshot*

Jimmy: *flings from slingshot*

Lehl: *flings from slingshot*

Apex: *flings from slingshot*

Jimmy: *flings from slingshot*

Apex: *flings from slingshot*

Jimmy: *flings from slingshot*

Apex: *flings from slingshot*

Jimmy: *flings from slingshot*

Apex: *flings from slingshot*

Jimmy: *flings from slingshot*

Apex: *flings from slingshot*

Lehl: *flings from slingshot*

Apex: *flings from slingshot*

Jimmy: *flings from slingshot* Almost there!

Lehl: *flings from slingshot*

Jimmy: *flings from slingshot*

Lehl: *flings from slingshot*

Apex: *flings from slingshot*

Lehl: *flings from slingshot*

Jimmy: If my calculations are correct, I believe we've won. *flings from slingshot*

Lehl: *flings from slingshot* Don't care.

Apex: *flings from slingshot*

Jimmy: *flings from slingshot* Neither do I. I will not get second again.

Lehl: *flings from slingshot*

Jimmy: *flings from slingshot*

Lehl: *flings from slingshot*

Jimmy: *flings from slingshot*

Chris: Well common sense tells me Team Victory has finally won a challenge! Team ACTN is Really Really Really Really Hot once again you're in the not winner not loser category and still have the upper hand. Team Amazon is going to elimination!


Leo: *Goes around tell his teammates to vote for --------*

Apex: *twerks* Yeah suck on that baybay!

Jimmy: Guess we just wanted it more... (CONF) Trash talking someone like Dreyk? Probably not a good idea, but I'm just so happy right now!


Lehl: (CONF) Hopefully they voted the most annoying person. *cough---cough*

Apex: (CONF) *twerking in CONF* *turns to normal* Great, I need to tell someone. *whispers to Surfer* Surfer I have severe muliple personality disorder I am only normal 5% of the time so I guess you will vote for me next time :/.

Jimmy: Dreyk, of course I am. I have lost TWICE by narrow margins. I even lose one million dollars. I wanted first class more than anything.

Dreyk: Drown. *walks away*

Diamond: *looks at her team and sighs*

Jimmy: *sticks tongue out and hears apex* Oh... Wow... Umm... I don't know... I don't want you to go home because of a disorder.

Apex: Well I thought if I told people they would think I was a freak *turns into a personality* *avoids germs* GERMS EVERYWHERE!!! *runs away*

Leo: ??? (CON) What is wrong with Apex? (END CON)

Sami: We finally won!! Hurrayyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Go MASTER MINDS! Go!

Elimination Ceremony 3: Team Amazon

Chris: Looks like not having all of you participate cost you this challenge. Anyways in the confessional you'll find 7 passports. Just stamp the passport of the person you want to eliminate.

Laney: (CONF: *Stamps Leo's passport* Your rudeness to Romeo and Your constant nagging is annoying. *Flips hair* At least you know I am a queen)

Dee: (CONF) *Stamps Leo's Passport* Your time here is finished...

Leo: (CON) *Stamps Laney's passport* You are my queen. But you are also a threat and everyone thinks you run the game. This is my game which is why I got everyone to vote for you to go home! I'm sorry my love but you're gone.

Romeo: (CONF) *stamps Leo's passport* I think I finally figured it out...he painted the picture that way because he didn't like me...I think...I might be overthinking it.

Honey: (CONF) *stamps Leo's passport* Your nice but I vote for you 'cause you are mean sometimes. But no offense to you, boy! You are still a little bit friendly. (END CONF)

Tirone: (CONF) You all saw this coming... *votes Leo* It's pretty stupid for you to think you're running the game...

Chris: Bowls of gruel go to Dee, Diamond, Honey, Romeo and Tirone! The last bowl goes to

Leo: Well i'm sorry everyone. I'm sorry for being no help to the team. I'm sorry for being rude to everyone. My times up. *Jumps out of plane* FOOOORRRRRGIIVVEE MEEEE MYY QUUEEEREE- *Lands on head and dies*

Laney. Sorry Leo but you're gone *pushes him out the plane*

Episode 4: Bon Appetit

First Class: Team Victory

Apex: COOKIES! *stuffs face in cookies*

Jimmy: Apex, you need proper nutrition if we are going to win again!

Thomas: But Jimmy you're missing the point, the stakes here are so high and we just need to- *opens mouth as wide as Owen and stuffs 100 cookies in mouth* (CONF) DId I mention that I've always had a sugar tooth? Because I do.

Sami: Hey Guys!

Economy Class: Team ACTN

Felicia: Stealing food from first class was a fail last episode!

"Holes": Or so you tought! *pulls out a can of prunes* I found this in the vents! Does anyone like prunes?

Pen: *looks at boxers* (CONF) I still have my pants down! (END CONF)

Cargo Hold: Team Amazon

Tirone: We lost...? I don't know how we could lose...

Laney: Well, we tried. Leo was such a nuisance without him we will be much stronger *Files nails*

Tirone: Duh... He was so pathetic...

Romeo: I suppose Team Victory just really wanted the win and that gave them the energy to prevail...and then Team ACTN is always second...

Laney: But we should focus on winning not focus on our loss. So let's just wing it' or somethin' like that.

Honey: I agree, Laney. I hope we'll win the next challenge! We can do it, we are Team Amazon! *smiles*

Dee: Sure.


Sami CONF: I have never liked people who don't like me. I sent the last one to the Polar circle! It was Blaineley...

Challenge 4

Chris: Challenge starts 12/4/14 at 6pm EST

Chris: Welcome to France! For your challenge you must create your own restaurant! You must come up with the name and at least three dishes. The team with the best restaurant will win.

Chris: I gotta give this win to Team ACTN is Really Really Really Really Hot. Team Amazon is in second place and not surprisingly Team Victory places last.

Team Amazon

Diamond: How about Château Amazon? It means Amazon Castle in French! Awesome right?

Romeo: That sounds nice.

Dee: What about a Bistro?

Diamond: Yes, we could do Bistro d'Amazon or something!

Dee: Perfect!

Romeo: Yes, that sounds good...I'll try to think of something, though I'm not too familiar with the French language or culture...

Dee: Lets not go French... lets go Italian!!

Diamond: That'd be cool! We can have Italian food but with a French twist maybe?

Romeo: What do you mean?

Diamond: Like, pizza, but with French cheese, and French meats!

Romeo: That sounds very're really good at coming up with ideas.

Dee: Hmmm...

Diamond: Thanks... *blushes* What do you guys want to do?

Romeo: Um...I'm not really good at making anything unique like you, but...maybe Gateau de fruit amazonien? It stands for Amazonian Fruit Cake...not really good with cultures, sorry.

Diamond: Sounds good. Shall we make it with Italian ingredients for the pastry and French ingredients for the fruits? Also I had the idea of Pizza spéciale d'Amazon, it means Amazon's Special Pizza.

Dee: Or I can whip up some Fettuccine Alfredo and you could make something french so we have one of each and a combo?

Diamond: Great idea, so we have a French option, an Italian option, and a combo, for each course?

Dee: Sure!

Diamond: Sounds good, we have got this challenge you guys!

Laney: Good job, Team I guess. *Looks at Romeo* How did you spend the money last time?

Romeo: I haven't really had a chance to spend it...

Laney: Oh.... well why do you let people walk all over you?

Romeo: What do you mean?

Laney: For example Leo made that picture to mock you but you didn't stand up for yourself. I do not tolerate stuff like that so why do you? Especially when you don't deserve it. Everyone is human, No one deserves punishment unless they do something wrong.

Romeo: I really didn't think he did it on purpose at that time, he seemed so nice before...though people do change sometimes.

Laney: Sometimes you have to expect the unexpected you can't be a pushover in life.

Honey: But we can do also a 'World Restaurant' with different sections. France food like French cheese, French frites. Italy with pizza and spagetthi? And Belgium with desserts as chocolate pudding and more! *smiles*

Tirone: Good idea, Honey. Maybe some nice red and white colours for decoration. I'm not helpful with food...

Diamond: Ummm... Okay, if you want.

Dee: Whatever...

Diamond: Well Honey, I think that is a good idea, but it is more of a buffet than an actual selection of food from a menu, so it might be a problem...

Honey: I was thinking, three of us could be the servers. Entree maybe Dutch-style? Cheese cubes with pickles? Main dish could be Italian-style? A pizza with everything on it what the client wants and dessert a French-sorbet and maybe a sundaes? The others could do the washing-up and decoration?

Diamond: Okay that sounds good.

Honey: So we have the dishes, I guess. Dutch's snack time; cheese cubes with pickles. Italian's pizza with everything you want and a French sorbet with sundae by choice as dessert! Only a name, shall we call it 'The World Tour'? I think it's great 'cause we are now in a world tour and it fits well with it, I guess. What do you think about it? *smiles*


"Holes": How about... Delicioso de el Chester. It can serve food. Not quite sure what, though. Maybe we coud make use of this can of prunes? (CONF) I don't know what fried prunes taste like, but they probably taste better than snails.

Dreyk: Gross. Prunes.

"Holes": Well, what do you have in mind, then?

Dreyk: How about...a fancy restaurant? Everyone loves those.

"Holes": Alright, then how about the name of the restraunt is La restraunt de Chester: The Fanciest Restraunt in FranceTM? What would it serve?

Sara: How about maybe a salad with veggies in it? It could be called....uh...La Violence Végétalienne?

Dreyk: Why Chester?

"Holes": Good idea for our first food, Sara. Chester has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?

Dreyk: ...Sure.

"Holes": So, we've got La Violence Végétalienne as a dish. We need two more dishes. What about French Fries, they're an authentic French Quisine!

Dreyk: (CONF) *facepalms* Idiot. Idiot. Idiot. (END) No.

"Holes": Why not?

Dreyk: Obviously we need to me a souffle. It screams French.

Pen: Good choice, let's not do escargot. I tried it once, it was really gross. Chris hates it too. Anything else to add to our restaurant, I was thinking Pizza with French cheese and French bread crust and fries. What do you want to name the souffle? I was thinking Team's ACTN's Amazing Bistro Soufflé. What about the name for the pizza-fries combo? You should decide.

Dreyk: ... (CONF) He talks way too much... (END) Listen, pizza isn't French. It's Italian. Get your facts right. Also, how do you know Chris hates escargot? I mean, I don't mind not doing escargot, but how do you know this? And I guess we can name the souffle Ciel et enfer souffle. Add some spicy hot sauce and tumeric. Looks like heaven and hell.

"Holes": Umm... Waht's a souffle?

Pen: *facepalm* I'm pretty sure Dreyk knows.

Dreyk: *sigh* It's a "cake" that's fluffy.

"Holes": Alright, that can be our desert, now we just need a main dish. Pen's pizza sounds like an okay idea.

Dreyk: No. It has to be purely French. Not Italian.

"Holes": Okay, then how about we replace the tables on the pizza with Eiffel Towers.

Pen: Perfect idea "Holes"! And, Dreyk, you forgot the French Cheeses and French Bread Crust part.

Dreyk: The Eiffel Tower as the center of the restaurant is nice. And for the entree, we should have chicken cordon bleu, called Cordon Bleu Poulet with a side of glazed carrots.

Pen: Great idea, Dreyk! And we have another item to put on the menu. Ok, we are done with the menu. Now, what should we name our Resturaunt?

Dreyk: How about Délicieux Deluxe -- Delicious Deluxe in English.

"Holes": Alright, *leans back in chair* sounds like a strategy. So, La Violence Végétalienne, Cordon Bleu Poulet, and Team's ACTN's Amazing Bistro Soufflé are our meals! What's wrong with La restraunt de Chester: The Fanciest Restraunt in FranceTM? I've already got it copy-righted!

Dreyk: How did you already- um, let me translate that: The Restaurant from Chester. How

"Holes": More like Chester's Restraunt, I'm an expert in the French Language! How about we compromise by renaming the souffle to Ciel et enfer Soufflé, and keeping the restraunt's name as La restraunt de Chester: The Fanciest Restraunt in FranceTM?

Dreyk: Fine. Whatever.

"Holes": Excellent! I'm sure Sara and Pen will agree to, while the others just sit and watch like usual. So, La Violence Végétalienne, Cordon Bleu Poulet, and Ciel et enfer Soufflé are our meals, and La restraunt de Chester: The Fanciest Restraunt in FranceTM is the super cool name of our restraunt!

Dreyk: ReSTAURant is how it's pronounced. R-e-s-t-a-u-r-a-n-t.

Pen: Wait, what about the pizza? I made it French! It's because it hasn't been named, right? *cricket chirps* OK, I'll name it! It will be Pizza de Franc, alright?

"Holes": It's too late, Pen. *pats his back* Well, the French spell it restraunt. R-e-s-t-r-a-u-n-t. Trust me, I'm a Super High School Level French Translator back home.

Felicia: I like Chesters idea, accept it should than it should be La restraunt de Felister!

Pen: OK. But the name. Don't you think La Violence Vègètalienne is quite dramatic? Let's call it Salad de Pen.

Team Victory

Jimmy: How bout Cuisine de la Victoire? It's French for Victory Cuisine.

Apex: Alright, we can like *changes* WIN! FRICKIN YESH We can name a dish a bombway sandwich from mumbai, india you probably know what that is Jimmy.

Thomas: I like it Jimmy! Ok how about we do appatizer, entree and desert?

Apex: *turns to normal* I like that but what will they be I have no ideas :I.

Thomas: It's cusinee, what is normally in cusinee?

Apex: *changes* I got ideas for the appetizer it can be steak and for the desert I know something called falooda basically ice cream with some special ingredients :).

Thomas: This is a french thing though... not an outback steakhouse..

Apex: *changes* Crap, what happened anyway what are we cooking?

Thomas: *Grabs Apex's neck* Enough of this MPD act and start focusing *let's go* Anyways, I was thinking of a salad with les escargots (Snails) it's a french delecasy for appatizer I guess. And for dinner, we have shrimp bisque, french bread and butter on the side. And for desert we have glazed crepes.... just my thinking.

Lehl: What do you mean by MPD act?

Thomas: Is it not obvious? Can we focus? What do you guys think of my idea?

Jimmy: Sounds delicious! (CONF) LIttle bit of tension on my team. Where's Samuil? He would provide some comedic relief.

Thomas: Alright Jimmy agrees, anyone else?

Sami: Why don't we call a ball of Spaghetti the MASTERMIND's Spaghetti? I really love them since I was a child. Plus, I really made a MASTERMIND'S Spaghetti! It was shaped like me.

Sami CONF: I looooooooooooooove everything about spaghetti, but I love pizza even more! END CONF How about we make a pizza Preciosa de Victoire!

Apex: Yeah I guess.

Thomas: Again, and I can't stress this enough, french restrurant... that's italian, but hey I can't control the team.

Sami: Don't you know that every restaurant has to have pizza and spaghetti?

Elimination Ceremony 4: Team Victory

Chris: Well you guys lost so you know what to do.

Sami CONF: I vote for Thomas because he didn't agree with my idea! END CONF

Lehl: (CONF) I vote for Ummm, *gets list* Sami because that's the first person in the list of team member, don't ask *stamps Sami's passport*.

Thomas: (CONF) Sami did nothing to contribuee, *stamps his passoort agreesively* I vote for him.

Jimmy: (CONF) *in tears because he has to vote for his prodige* I v-vote Sami. BWAAAAA... *stampd passport*

Chris: Bowls of gruel for Lehl, Jimmy and Apex! The last one goes to

Thomas! Sorry Sami!

Sami: You shall see that without me, the MASTERMIND you're nothiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing! *Sami falls in Italy, he gets a pizza from a three - year old and starts eating it*

Episode 5: ASVU Revolution

First Class: Team ACTN

Dreyk: FINALLY! First class ~

Pen: Yeah, finally! I made you win this time! That is so awesome!

Felicia: *pushes Pen off his chair* Go away creep *gives "Holes" a kiss* My hero, thanks to you we won!

Dreyk: Get a room, losers. (CONF) I, obviously, was the one who led the team and got us our first win.

Pen: *eyes his pants* My pants! *puts pants on* (CONF) Finally, I covered up my boxers! (END CONF)

Jeremiah: I am quite frightened at the britches that were not on you, or why there are-- and even less so-- Er, never mind....

Sara: Woohoo! We won!

Dee:*Knocks on the door* Let me in...

Jeremiah: *Gets up, goes to the door, and opens it a little; whispering* Who would you be?

Dee: Dee.

Jeremiah: Oh, really? Uh, sure. *Opens door and lets her in* What would you like, ma'am?

Dee: I wanted to see if anyone wanted to hang ... Can i come in?

"Holes": *blushes* Uhh... You're welcome, Felicia. *Whispers in her ear* I would've changed the name to your suggestion, but we've gotta keep the alliance on the down low.

Dee: Let me in. This hallway is freezing...

Dreyk: Hey, we're not making exceptions. If you really want to come in, then go get the rest of your Amazon losers.

Diamond: *sees Dee* Oh, hey, Dee. What's up?

Dee: Nothing... See Diamond is here... Romeo and Laney are napping Tirone quit and Honey is crying somewhere... so let us in.

Jeremiah: Just let 'em in.

Economy Class: Team Amazon

Dee: We would have gotten first if we didn't "recreate" everything.

Honey: But second is still great !

Dee: ...

Diamond: We tried to be too much at once... *sighs* oh well.

Romeo: As long as we aren't in last, I think it's fine...we'll do better next time...

Laney: Yeah I agree with Romeo just cheer up and stuff' we tried.

Diamond: G-Give up...? I...

Honey: Come on guys! We are Team Amazon! We'll win next time! Go Amazonssss! *smiles*

Dee: Um..... *leaves*

Diamond: Uh... I have to go... *leaves*

Honey: I'm going to look for Chris. *walks away to find Chris*

Diamond: *in the hallway* Where is everyone?

Romeo: Hmm...I wonder what they were doing out there...

Laney: *Wakes up* Hey Romeo, Why do you think Tirone quit?

Romeo: What?

Cargo Hold: Team Victory

Thomas: We gotta start sitcking to this Victory title guys! I know we can win! Let's try our best next time! *lays in rocks and glass*

Jimmy: Agreed. *looks out plane window*


Honey: (CONF) Why is Dee always so negative? *looks a little bit sad* (END CONF)

Dee: (CONF) I learned that anything besides first is losing... so we lost. (END CONF)

Dreyk: (CONF) I thought first class would be fun -- but no. I have hi/bye Felicia and "Holes" in his brain making out and then a Pen with literally no pants? Grow up? And then Sara is weird. Plus, I'd rather not associate with Kimberly. Jeremiah is um...okay?

Honey: (CONF) Well, I didn't knew Tirone that much but it's weird he quit. (END CONF)

Jeremiah: (CONF) Who knew first class... could be so empty? Back at home, I had tons of friends, inside and out. But here, I have no one, or so it seems. Perhaps just one good friend would do, but right now... it's quite lonely. Plus, the team doesn't help. I mean-- never mind. Maybe I'll run into someone and talk eventually. I don't know.... (END CONF)

Diamond: (CONF) Didn't see that coming... (END CONF)

Challenge 5

Chris: Challenge starts tonight 12/5/14 at 7pm EST

Chris: Welcome to Germany! This challenge is based off of the Dance Dance Revolution challenge in TDWT but for this challenge you're just telling me a song you think should be in DDR. It has to be a song between 2013 and 2014. The team with the best song ideas will win. (This is a rating challenge)

Dreyk: Heroes (we could be) by Alesso and Tove Lo

Honey: Shake It off by Taylor Swift!

Diamond: Umm okay... any other suggestions? I say Ellie Goulding - Burn, or Ariana Grande - Break Free...

Jimmy: How about Centuries by Fall Out Boy? Or Top of the World by Greek Fire

Dee: Summertime Sadness. By Lana Del Ray...

Jeremiah: I believe a stranger I sat next to on the subway on my way here was listening to a song by the title of, "2 On (Tinashe)". Heck if I know what it is, but it's the only musical piece I know of.

Diamond: Ooh, good choice, Dee.

Thomas: Gangnam style *shot* I'd have to say Magic, by katy parry.

Lehl: Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm *2 hours later* I got nothing.

Kimberly: What about one of my own classics I rereleased last year in the fall? :) Surely you should all be familiar!

Romeo: Um...I once heard Calvin Harris & Blame or something like that...I'll go with that...?

Laney: Wrecking Ball, Obviously.

"Holes": Give Life Back to Music by Daft Punk! That jam totally gets me into my strategic state of mind.

Kimberly: Urgh, these uncultured swines have no idea of my true talents! I suppose I shall go with Fancy by Iggy Azalea.

Pen: *thinks* Our Name in Lights by Two Friends and Breach the Summit. Some stellar music, if you ask me.

Felicia: Happy by Pharrell Williams ofcourse!

Chris: I got to give Team Amazon the win and Team Victory in second place. Team ACTN is Really Really Really Really Hot is going to elimination for the first time.

Elimination Ceremony 5: Team ACTN

Chris: Well your first elimination. Go in the confessional and stamp the person who you want to eliminate's passport.

Dreyk: (CONF) Put some pants on. *stamps Pen's passport*

Felicia: (CONF) he harrased me! So it's going to be bye Pen! *stamps Pen's passport*

"Holes": (CONF) Finally an elimination! I finally get to stretch my strategic muscles! My alliance already knows who to eliminate. *stamps Pen's passport*

Jeremiah: (CONF) You think the guy would have more pairs of britches.... *Stamps Pen's passport* (END CONF)

Chris: Bowls of gruel to "Holes" and Felicia, Jeremiah, Kimberly, surprisingly Dreyk and last but not least

Sara! Goodbye Pen the Pantser! *pushes him out of the plane*

Pen: What? But I gave the money! You will be poor, just you *gets pushed by Chris* waiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit! *Pen gets killed in the next location, a trail of ink runs down as the screen fades*

Episode 6: Movie Magic

First Class: Team Amazon

Dee: Finally. Back where we are suppose to be.

Dreyk: Let me in, losers. >.> At least, Dee should. I let you guys in before.

Dee: I don't know... losers can't open doors... are we losers Dreyk?

Jeremiah: *Runs up behind Dreyk* Of course you're not losers. Don't let him make you believe so. Do you always have to be that rude, Dreyk?

Honey: Yay we won again! *hugs Dee* Yayyy!

Dee: Fine. *lets them in* And what did i say about hugging me Honey?

Dreyk: Yes. @Jeremiah

Honey: I'm so sorry! *looks sad* Well, hi people of the other team! *smiles*

Diamond: Hi... Dreyk... and Jeremiah? Hope i got that right :P

Dreyk: Yeah, yeah, whatever. I need food.

Dee: Lasagna?

Dreyk: Anything decent. The food the cargo hold gets is disgusting.

Honey: I have a question! Is there a shower? *looks around*

Dreyk: You've been here like five times.

Diamond: *laughs*

Dee: .... That's gross...

Jeremiah: Um, well, I don't want to intrude on... any of this, so I think I should just go...

Diamond: You sure? You can stay if you want and get to know us a bit better or something? :)

Jeremiah: Well... that sounds like something a good person would do. All right! Thank you, each and everyone one of you.

Diamond: Youre welcome, I guess. *smiles*

Dreyk: You guys are so b-o-r-i-n-g. Let's play truth or dare.

Diamond: Alright. :)

Jeremiah: Play what now?

Dreyk: It's a good way to get to know each other, Jeremiah.

Jeremiah: Okay, then I'm all for it.

Dreyk: I'm starting. :) Jeremiah, truth or dare?

Honey: *takes shower*

Jeremiah: Truth. An honest man is a good man.

Dreyk: Who's the prettiest girl here?

Jeremiah: They all have their own sense of extravagant beauty that no one can exceed.

Dreyk: I need a definite answer, Jerry~.

Jeremiah: It's Jeremiah, not Jerry. And that's my final answer, so...

Dreyk: Whatever. What I mean is I need a name.

Jeremiah: Well, don't you think if I had an actual opinion on who the prettiest girl here was, I'd tell you? I was just being friendly since I didn't know. No offense to any ladies in here, by the way...

Dreyk: Fine. Since you've practically seen everyone on Team Amazon, who's the prettiest girl on this team?

Jeremiah: Don't you think it's someone else's turn by now...?

Dreyk: No. >.>

Diamond: Come on, what's your answer, I won't be offended. :)

Dee: I will.

Diamond: Oh um, sorry Dee... :)

Jeremiah: Why the interrogation? What's wrong with a little mystery?

Romeo: *randomly because even I forgot he was here* I think you guys should stop hounding on Jeremiah, he doesn't seem to be giving in to telling his actual answer.

Dreyk: Just quit and go make out with Juliet, Romeo. >.>

Romeo: What? Why would I...?

Dee: I'll go... just shut up.

Dreyk: Aren't you two dating? The scene last season heavily suggested it.

Romeo: We're not dating. We're just good friends.

Dreyk: You sure?

Diamond: Really, because I totally ship it. :)

Romeo: Yes, I'm sure. I've always thought of her as a friend.

Dreyk: What if she thinks of you as more?

Diamond: Yeah, exactly. ;)

Romeo: I don't think she does...

Dreyk: It's very obvious, Romeo. I suggest that once you're eliminated, you talk to her.

Diamond: Or, if you win, take her on a hot date. ;)

Dreyk: What did you do with your winnings last season?

Romeo: Um...I only think of her as a friend, but I suppose I'll speak with her...and I didn't do anything with my winnings, Dreyk, I haven't had the chance to...

Jeremiah: ... I feel like you guys are putting Romeo on the spot, just a little bit.

Dreyk: You should take her out. Anyways, Jeremiah, your turn.

Jeremiah: No... thank you.

Dreyk: Fine. Diamond?

Diamond: Okay ummm, Dreyk... Truth or dare? *grins*

Dreyk: Dare. *shrug*

Diamond: Go and talk to Kimberly.... naked. :) If you don't you have to eat this cheese I found...

Dreyk: I'm going to take the cheese. If I die, you're going to get sued.

Diamond: Boooring. Okay. *gives him a huge chunk of mouldy, green cheese*

Dreyk: Um...uh...*takes a bite of the cheese* Excuse me...

Diamond: *giggles* Who's next?

Dee: Jeremiah truth or dare?

Jeremiah: Dare. A brave man is a good man.

Dee: I dare you to kiss Dreyk when he comes back.

Diamond: Shall I uh... get him?

Jeremiah: ... No thank you. Give me another dare.

Diamond: DO IT. >:(

Jeremiah: I refuse.

Dee: Fine... Steal from Chris.

Diamond: Do it irl!

Jeremiah: Like... what... exactly...?

Dee: Something expensive!

Diamond: Yes! Then we can sell it on eBay!

Laney: *Wakes up from nap* Why are y'all here? I like beauty sleep in private... *Scoffs* Whatever it'll do shouldn't we have like a replacement team member we lost Tirone and we didn't even lose the challenge.

Jeremiah: Why, Laney, we're sorry. We'll go. Or at least I will... *Runs out of the room*

Diamond: Er... Is he okay?

Dreyk: *enters* Ugh...I feel like throwing up on all of you, but I won't, because I feel like dying.

Diamond: Oh, sorry Dreyk. :( You can do something more horrible to me if you want. :)

Dreyk: Fine. *kisses Diamond with his puke-smelling mouth*

Romeo: This game is a bit harsh...I'll go excuse myself and join the Cargo Hold or something...*walks out of the room; disgusted by everything that has happened in this game*

Laney: *Sees Romeo leave and thinks before deciding to get up and follow Romeo*

Diamond: *runs off* Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Honey: *walks back from shower* That was lovely!

Dee: Hey Honey?

Honey: Yes, Dee? *hops to her*

Dee: Romeo said something about rescuing a princess on our team... would that be you?

Honey: A.. princess? *blushes* Of course I wanna be a princess!

Dee: You should go flirt with him.

Honey: *giggles* Okay, maybe! *blushes*

Dreyk: You're a horrible person. @Dee Even I wouldn't do that -- mainly because I ship Romeo and Juliet, but still.

Felicia: *falls out of the air vent* Ouch! Oh hi Dreyk you are also stea.. I mean getting food.

Dreyk: Um, no...I'm hanging out with, uh, what's it called again? Oh yeah. Friends.

Felicia: Oh uhm.. I was going to say hi to... Honey! *grabs food*

"Holes": *runs in* Hurry guys someone's choking in economy class!! We have to help them!!! *notices Felicia is there* Uhhh.... nevermind, I've got it. *walks away awkwardly*

Dee: Dreyk.... she was annoying.... this will occupy her.

Felicia: Wait Chester. *pushes the food in his arms* take this with you *grabs some more food and exits first class*

Dreyk: Right. Anyways, I'm going to go rinse my mouth because this puke breath is disgusting.

Dee: Alright.... *naps in chair*

Honey: *hops around* Romeo? Romeooo?

Diamond: Ugh, that was my... first kiss...

Honey: Firstttt kiss? *plays with Diamond's hair* With who? *smiles*

Diamond: I don't want to talk about it. *naps in her chair*

Honey: Ow.. *looks disappointed and walks to the toilet (confessional)*

Diamond: *wakes* I feel sick...

Dee: *wakes up* What?

Honey: *gets in with Romeo* We're back!

Romeo: Hello...

Dreyk: Move! I'm using the shower. This is gross...

Honey: Who is talking? *sits on the bench and looks around*

Dee: Dreyk.... that is hilarious.....

Dreyk: Drop off a cliff. >:(

Dee: Go shower... *throws him a towel*

Laney: *Walks back in* No more truth or dare right?

Honey: Welcome back Laney! *jumps of the bench* No, I guess not! *smiles*

Romeo: Welcome back, how is everyone?

Honey: I'm great.. and.. you? *smiles*

Romeo: That's good to hear, Honey, and I'm doing fine...I've been better, but at the same time, I've been worse.

Honey: *nods* Ahw, well I'm happy that someone finally talks to me. Ohh Romeo, I really wanted to just talk to someone. And finally someone takes time to talk. *smiles*

Laney: Hello Romeo, and Honey I have a question.

Honey: *looks to Laney and smiles*

Economy Class: Team Victory

Thomas: *thinks of marcus... err... Taylor*

Jimmy: Nice job, team! We didn't lose!

Thomas: But we didn't nessicarily win. We need to end up in first class sometime

Jimmy: Well were we ever gonna win when we had to spend our nights in that hellhole? The odds that we win are greater from here then they are from the cargo hold. We couldn't expect to go worst to first everyday.

Cargo Hold: Team ACTN

Jeremiah: *Sighs, then sits on a box* Do they really expect us to be able to do anything in these confined spaces? I'm not one to complain, but knowing there's more plane than what we're being forced into is kinda'... sucky.

Dreyk: Pretty sure we can leave; In fact, I'll just go...

Jeremiah: Wait, let me come with, please? *Races after him* (CONF) I didn't want to be left alone with them.... (END CONF)

Kimberly: *sits on a cardboard box* I didn't sign up for this... I just wanted my career back... no one knows me... no one likes me... and it's not going to make me famous. *starts sobbing and sinks through the cardboard box which breaks*

Sara: Are you ok? *helps Kimberly up*

Kimberly: Urgh, don't touch me! :( I can manage.

"Holes": *lounges on a box* This place stinks.

Jeremiah: *Walks back in* I never would have thought I would have been this grateful to see your guy's faces again.

Romeo: *randomly walks in* Mind if I stay a bit? My teammates and Dreyk are creeping me out a bit with their game...

Jeremiah: Perfectly fine. Whew. *Leans against a box* So, Romeo, who are you and where ya come from?

Romeo: *sits on Dreyk's vacant box* I'm Romeo, as you, I'm from another country- I was a noble...was...but I'd prefer not to talk about it. So, what about you, Jeremiah?

Jeremiah: Jeremiah, farm boy from... somewhere, and nothing else special. But, Romeo, I have to admit I'm curious about this Juliet girl. Who is she?

Romeo: Juliet's a friend from a previous season. She's my closest friend I have

Laney: *Yawns and walks in* Hey, Things are getting.... interesting in first class so I decided to come here.

Romeo: Yes, they are a bit strange...well, hello then.

Laney: Hopefully you guys are sane, What are you guys talking about?

Romeo: Not much, really, Jeremiah just asked me about Juliet like everyone in Amazon did earlier...

Kimberly: Humph. *darts eyes* Why are you guys here? *wipes tears* Oh, right! Obviously. I'll get a pen and you can all get my autographs!

Felicia: *wakes up and feels that her pants is still on* Yes Pen is gone.*get's up and goes to "Holes"* Hey Chester want to try to steal food from the first class again well I am on my way? *climbs into the air vent*

"Holes": Umm.... Alright? I'll go distract them! *runs to first class*

Romeo: *to Kimberly* Um, sure...?

Dreyk: Why is literally everyone in this cramped space?

Romeo: We're all avoiding Truth or Dare...

Laney: Yeah, It's ridiculous why are people so childish *Files nails*

Romeo: You could have our vacant spots in first class until we land for the challenge, if you'd like, Dreyk.

Felicia: *enters the Cargo Hold with food from first class* Geez Chester you're slow, oh hi Laney and Romeo and Dreyk... Dreyk how the hell did you get here so fast? *eats a salade*

"Holes": I'm not that slow! We bring a grand harvest! *places his stolen food on a box* Rejoice! *picks up a slice of cheesecake and takes a bite*

Dreyk: I ran, because I'm pretty sure Diamond would've slapped me senseless.

Romeo: Ah, I see...well, I suppose that makes wasn't really the smartest idea to do what you did.

Dreyk: You should eat some of that moldy cheese. >.>

Felicia: Oh well yeah I would've ran too if that would happen btw I am glad it worked this time though I had to fall out of the air vent again like last time. Hopefully I don't have to do that again because my back hurts. *continue's eating the salade*

Honey: Ehh.. Romeo? Are you here?

Romeo: Yes?

Diamond: *walks in* I'm ok now, I think...

Romeo: Hello, Diamond. That's good to hear...

Honey: *smiles and blushes* Well, ehm, do you wanna come back to the first class with me?

Romeo: I suppose it wouldn't hurt...sure.

Dreyk: Don't forget about Juliet. :)

Felicia: Why is everyone of first class coming here if you don't like it let us stay there *Uptown funk starts playing* OH my Gawd this song is just AAAHHH *starts dancing accidentally hit Diamond in her face*

Diamond: OW! Ugh... agh... *pukes all over Felicia and Dreyk* Agh sorr- *pukes* *runs off*

Dreyk: What the HELL? Ugh. I guess that's karma.

Felicia: *stops dancing* Ew *pukes all over Dreyk*

Dreyk: I'm borrowing the first class shower. Gross.

Felicia: *takes her bag and goes to a dark cornor and takes off her dress and puts a t-shirt and a sweat pants on*


Dreyk: (CONF) *vomits* People *vomits* need to die... *vomits*

Dee: (CONF) Honey is dumb... I might keep her.

Diamond: (CONF) *pukes Omg... *pukes*

Honey: (CONF) I miss my home where I was the girl that everyone liked. Nobody wants to talk with me or even smile to me. I just don't like my team everyone is so mean.

Felicia: (CONF) Okay I have a bad habit if someone puke I puke too I can't stand the sight or smell of puke even the noise make me have to *Felicia holds her hand infront of her mouth turns around and pukes*

Laney : (CONF: Last time I was ousted for keeping my guard down this time I need an alliance.... Romeo seems gullible and nice... Maybe I should recruit Honey as well)

Jimmy: (CONF) Did you know puking is contagious? Speaking of which... (END CONF)

Challenge 6

Chris: Challenge starts tonight 12/7/14 at 6pm EST

Chris: Welcome to Hollywood, California. For your challenge you must come up with a movie idea. Each team will get a different movie genre. Team Amazon will have the romance/love genre. Team ACTN will have the comedy genre and Team Victory will have the scifi/fantasy genre. You must come up with a title, a plot, actors/who will be in the movie, and then you must give me a sample of the script meaning you must perform a scene from the movie. The team who does the best will win.

Chris: Team ACTN is Really Really Really Really Hot wins! Now although Team Victory kinda turned their scifi into a horror flick, Team Amazon is going to elimination due to not agreeing on an idea.

Team Amazon Movie

Dee: Well... Romeo..... as the dude... unless we want an lesbian love story.

Romeo: Sure...any other ideas...?

Honey: I have a idea! Well. Dee, Laney, Diamond and me are the four rich girls that are in love with Romeo. But he has to choose one of them. Dee, Laney, Diamond and Honey has to do a elimination game (like hunger games) and the one that survives will be Romeo's wife.

Romeo: I suppose that works, yes...but who would be the winner?

Honey: Well... *blushes* It could be me? But if anyone else wants to be the winner it's okay. It's just a movie. But the winner has to kiss with Romeo to make the movie totally great!

Romeo: Sure, you could be the sounds like a nice film idea, Honey. It's a bit of a twist on a normal romance film.

Honey: Exactly. I was thinking, what if we do that Romeo has a personal preference on Diamond and wants her to win. But Diamond doesn't give much in challenges to win so she will lose. Laney can be the pretty one and Dee the strategic one. And Honey can be the normal girl that wins? Romeo could also be a prince so the girl that wins will be the princess.

Romeo: That works fine, I think...great idea, Honey.

Diamond: Brilliant idea! Dee? Laney? Do you like this idea? :)

Dee: No. Why does Honey get the lead... I think Diamond should win.

Honey: Ow... *looks sad* That could work too. (CONF) I'm not the person that hates someone or something. But Dee's always negative on me. If she's continue with this I'm taking risks! This isn't fun anymore and I'm not letting destroy my game by her! (END CONF)

Diamond: Okay, I'd like that; acting is one of my hobbies. Is this okay, Honey...?

Dee: What if the prize isn't one prince but 4... and the girls get partnered with their soulmates... so even though you don't win Romeo you win another..

Honey: *rolls her eyes* Yeah, no one cares what I want. And do you know what, guys? I really wanna switch to Team Victory! Everyone on that team helps each other. They lost much times but they are a family. Team ACTN is a family too. And Team Amazon is a family without that stupid Honey. I'm done with this and you can make this movie by your own. *cries and runs away*

Dee: If we lose I guess we know who is leaving...

Diamond: What the heck? You were really nice to her just then!

Team ACTN Movie

Dreyk: A truth or dare movie, to be honest. Ultimate truth or dare. Maybe a little puking.

Sara: I like the idea.

Kimberly: I suppose that could appeal to the masses, but it's going to get panned by critics! We need to add a little bit more depth for my lead role.

Dreyk: Right. What exactly is your role?

Kimberly: Clearly the personality devoid main character who everyone else is trying to get with. The cliche.

Dreyk: Ookay. How should the movie start?

Kimberly: Like always, a frat party and new girl in college, aka moi.

Dreyk: *sigh* Fine.

Kimberly: Now map out the rest, please. I am the actress, you are the writer, director, producer and casting agent! :)

Dreyk: Jeremiah, Felicia, and Holes can help.

"Holes": Maybe we should make it a satirical comedy on Truth or Dare and take place in like Soviet South Korea.

Dreyk: How about no Soviet South Korea.

"Holes": But it's a comedy, it's not supposed to take itself seriously.

Felicia: Though I would like to agree with you, I don't Chester, uhm what about a comedy about a fallen super star that think she is still relevant but she isn't and Kimberly can play the main character.

"Holes": That's a pretty good idea, Felicia! How about the begining of the movie details Kimberly's fall from fame and then shows her embarassing herself by randomly showing up on movie sets and attempting to take over the lead role, no matter what the lead role is. Some ones we could show could be: Illegally Blonde 3, Tomb Raver, and Captain Canada. Here are some other characters we could include: Jeremiah as Kimberly's childhood friend, Sara as Kimberly's best friend and a fellow low-tier actress, Me as a dashing scoundrel who's a rising star in an underground Truth or Dare league and Kimbely's love intrest, Felicia as a new super star that replaced Kimberly and acts as the main antagonist, and Dreyk as the champion of the undeground Truth or Dare league who is a homicidal maniac in cahoots with Felicia to make sure that Kimberly stays a fallen celeberity and kill me off.

Felicia: That is awesome Chester! Another possible winning idea from your brilliant mind! *Felicia gives "Holes" a hug* But maybe an interesting plot twist that you pretend to be dead but returns as being my lover and only did that to get Kimberly in a deep depression and when she sees you with me she goes to the insane asylum!

"Holes": *smiles proudly* Thanks, but it couldn't have come without inspiration from you. Any ideas on a name?

Felicia: What about "Fallen Star."?

"Holes": Simple, yet layered. I think that is a great title!

Felicia: Yes I knew it are you still hungry?

Dreyk: Yeah, yeah, cool. Done with the script. We need sets. Get working. (lol let's just improvise)

Felicia: *builds a set for the movie*

Team Victory Movie

Thomas: (CONF) Yes! Scifi is my thing! (NON CONF) Alright, so I've had this idea for a movie for a while, "The Walmart Suspense" you know how they have horror movies in scary places? This is in WALMART!


Employee: Clean up on isle 13

Janitor: But sir... there is no Isle 13... D:


Janitor: *Cleans while whislting after closing and hears a noise*

Shoplifter: *Hisses and eats janitor as screen goes black*

THe plot is a shopper who must defeat the evil and finally get the adult diapers in the missing isle.

Jimmy: That's a great start! But should we make it a bit more serious? I like the premise.

Thomas: Instead of diapers it can be Meth!

Jimmy: Bow were talking!

Thomas: Uh... What?

Jimmy: Meant now. Anyways, we should bout the store in a creepy place. Maybe one of those sketchy roadside comvenience stores?

Thomas: Sure I guess :(

Jimmy: Sorry, if that doesn't work... (CONF) Whats up with Thomas? All I did was make a suggestion... I have the best interests of the team in mind and I just want to win

Thomas: It's fine I guess, ok but lets stick to my script.

Jimmy: Just let me know if you find any problems. It IS your idea, after all. Don't get me wrong, this was an AMAZING idea on your part. Don't worry if I sound critical.

Thomas: It's totally fine! I dont' care! haha

Elimination Ceremony 6: Team Amazon

Chris: Team Amazon, not a lot of teamwork going on lately. You should work on that. Anyways go vote.

Honey: (CONF) *looks to a note and reads* Dear people, I vote Laney cause she didn't helped us last challenge. *looks to the camera* Well, that was a note, I guess. (END CONF)

Dee: (CONF) Honey annoys me to no end but at least she tried... *stamps Laney's Passport*

Laney: (CONF: I hurt myself and had to go to the nurse not my problem *stamps Diamond's passport* Scienara! You and Dee are obviously in an alliance)

Diamond: (CONF) I vote for Laney, she doesn't help much in challenges. Bye girl.

Chris: Bowls of gruel go to Romeo, Dee and Honey! The last bowl goes to

Diamond! Sorry Laney but *pushes her out of the plane*

Episode 7: Swampy Goodness

First Class: Team ACTN

Felicia: *eats some chickensoup* First class thanks to me and my friend Chester.

Dreyk: Right. I'll just be going... (CONF) This team is insufferable. (END) *goes to the cargo hold*

Kimberly: *darts eyes at Dreyk, eyeing him out of the room* (CONF) Clearly something is going on between Dreyk and the other teams, and I'm going to find out! Then I'll use it against him, slowly take over this game and I'll have the fans in flocks! (END) *follows him to cargo hold*

"Holes": We make a pretty awesome team, don't we? *eats a bowl of Macaroni*

Economy Class: Team Victory

Thomas: (CONF) I think we did pretty good yesterday, I just wish we had a little more effort! NOt everyone cares it seems...

Cargo Hold: Team Amazon

Honey: *walks to Dee and Diamond* Hey girls, I'm sorry about last challenge! It's just, at my school I'm like the princess of the school. Everyone wants to be friends with me and I'd like to be friends with you. I think I'm going to do some yoga. Do you wanna join?

Dee: Sure..

Honey: *smiles* Awesome! So what do you like to do first with our yoga training?

Dee: Stretching?

Honey: Great idea. *stretches* So, Dee... if you win the million dollars, what are you going to buy as first? *smiles and continues streching*

Dee: Who knows.... what about you?

Honey: I guess I'm going to donate something to UNICEF. But I also wanna do something for my mother. We got so much trouble last year with our house... She deserves a surprise she'll never gonna forget. *looks around* What about meditation? *smiles*

Dee: I'm going to take a nap if its ok with you...

Honey: Of course! *meditates*

Dreyk: *enters cargo hold* ...

Dee: Hey Dreyk.. welcome to Loser's Lounge.... where the food sucks and the beds are benches.

Kimberly: *behind box, spying on them*

Dreyk: Didn't know that. It's not like I was staying here a week ago.

Dee: Why are you here?

Dreyk: *looks at Diamond* Uh, no reason. Actually, my team is intolerable and annoying.

Dee: Especially Kimberly... *whispers* My Uncle stopped a hit on her for my cousin.... I don't like my cousin.

Dreyk: ._. Right. Anyways, uh, is Diamond mad at me or something?

Dee: I can't speak for my friends emotions...

Dreyk: Oh. Alright. Whatever, then.

Diamond: No, I'm not mad. I'm sorry for puking over you.


Challenge 7

Chris: Challenge starts tonight 12/10/14 at 6pm EST

Chris: Okay we're in the Everglades in Florida but there's no place to land the plane because its all swamp around here. For your challenge you must post a picture of a swamp. The team with the best pictures win.

Apex: *wakes up* What what where am I oh the show oh god did I go into a coma :I.

Chris: Team Amazon wins because of Romeo and Diamond. Tem ACTN comes in second because of "Holes" and Dreyk. Team Victory *sigh* I'll see you at elimination.

Elimination Ceremony 7: Team Victory

Chris: Well you lost so go stamp someone's passport in the confessional.

Lehl: (CONF) *stamps Apex's passport*

Jimmy: (CONF) *stanps Apex's passport*

Apex: (CONF) I see what they are doing crap. (CONF END) Jimmy listen also Lehl please change your vote I saw it I just had something go on and please dont vote for me I am back :) (CONF) I dont think that went well. (CONF END)

Jimmy: I don't know...

Apex: *puppy eyes* Please I had a shock coma thingy I don't know my body kind of shut down so *whispers* please vote Thomas he is planning something really bad I see him a lot doing weird things :I (CONF) *stamps Lehl's passport*

Thomas: (CONF) Well, since you tried to convince them to vote me off, I'm gonna have to vote Apex *Stamps Apex's passport* I thought we were friends...

Chris: Bowls of gruel go to Jimmy, Thomas and Lehl! Sorry Apex buh bye! *pushes him out of the plane*

Episode 8: Luck On My Side

First Class: Team Amazon

Dee: We need to keep winning from now on!

Honey: Indeed, and I think we'll win the next challenges! *looks to Romeo and blushes*

Diamond: Yeah, let's keep it up, guys!

Romeo: I'm just happy none of us had to be eliminated...

Honey: Indeed! Ehh... Romeo? Would you like to take the whirlpool with me? *smiles*

Romeo: Whirlpool?

Honey: Yes! With bubbles. Do you wanna come?

Diamond: Oh, you guys enjoy... :)

Honey: Oh my gosh, I'm sorry! Do you wanna join too?

Diamond: No, no thank you... But, will you come with me so we can have a private chat, Honey? :)

Honey: *turns to Romeo and thinks.* (MIND) It can wait.. (END MIND) We also could take the whirlpool tonight before the challenge, Romeo? *smiles and walks to Diamond* Okay!

Diamond: *whispers* Well, answer me this, do you... like Romeo....?

Honey: *blushes and nods* But please don't tell someone...

Diamond: Hah, I knew it. I won't tell anyone, honestly! But please, don't let it distract you from the challenges and stuff! :)

Honey: Thanks and of course not! Game first, boys second!

Diamond: Okay, cool. :)

Dreyk: Hey, losers.

Diamond: Hey, Dreyk. What brings you to First Class? :)

Dreyk: Bored. And economy class is gross. There's drool all over the place and someone left a picture that says "Marcus (Heart)" all over it there.

Diamond: *laughs* Plus, we're pretty awesome, right? Especially me! :D

Dreyk: Sure.

Diamond: *smiles* That didn't sound so enthusiastic! *laughs*

Dreyk: Uh huh.

Diamond: Hm... Is there anything wrong? You seem pretty out of it today. :(

Dreyk: Are you saying something? :/

Diamond: N-no... Never mind, not that I care how you feel.... *turns her back to Dreyk*

Dreyk: Uh, um, er, wait...a

Diamond: What...? *crosses arms*

Dreyk: You know, you don't have to pretend to care because I kissed you. It was one time.

Diamond: *turns to him* Pretend to care? You... think I'm pretending? I... I'm not that type of person... You're cool, y'know, Dreyk? But sometimes, I guess you just don't understand...

Dreyk: Pft. Understand what? It was meaningless. I was just doing it because you made me eat that rotten piece of crap.

Diamond: Whatever. I know it was meaningless. That doesn't mean that I can't forget it happened? This is nothing to do with the kiss. I liked you anyway, Dreyk. But whatever, because you don't care.

Dreyk: Why would you like me? I'm the most despicable person left, minus, maybe Lehl or whatever her face is. You're lying.

Diamond: Lying? Why would I lie? Just to stir up some drama? And you're actually a nice person. I don't care how much you protest, but I've seen it in you. Coming over here to talk to us, socialising, making... friends... Stop lying to yourself, and see that people actually can care about you, whether you believe them or not.

Dreyk: I really only come over here for the food and because everywhere else is disgusting, so...

Diamond: Hmph, whatever! I... *tears up* I'm trying to be nice to you and all you can do is reply with some snarky comment? Well whatever! It doesn't matter that I like you, or think that you're funny, smart, or even nice? Just... Ugh! *walks off*

Dreyk: 'Kay. Whatever.

Diamond: *walks back in and sits as far away from Dreyk as possible*

Dreyk: *rolls eyes* (CONF) She's not my problem. She's her team's problem now.

Diamond: If you're just here for the food, take some, and go.

Dreyk: You're mad at me just because I stated what I knew was right. You're so unreasonable. *takes food and leaves*

Diamond: (CONF) He doesn't know anything. People these days. *scoffs* (END CONF) *slurps a cola*

Economy Class: Team ACTN

Felicia: *sleeps

Dreyk: Economy class seems worse than the cargo hold, somehow. I'll just go to first class, because why not..?

Cargo Hold: Team Victory

Thomas: (CONF) It pains me to say it but we have 3 people left on our team! IT woukd help if like Lehl did something, at least Jimmy is helpful.. (NON CONF) *Plays guitar* (CONF) I also know guitar.

Jimmy: *sighs since he had to vote out Apex*


Jimmy: (CONF) I just need to last until the merge and then make a new alliance.

Honey: (CONF) I hope we are going to Paris, Las Vegas or maybe New York! I have to tell Romeo that I like him. (END CONF)

"Holes": (CONF) *leans back* Yeah, I'm pretty much dominating this game: Kicking butt in the challenges, having an unstoppable alliance. Yeah, I've pretty much got this game won, already.

Diamond:(CONF) Why is he being so oblivious? Or does he genuinely not care about anything? Well, it's his choice... Whatever... I don't care... Oh who am I kidding, I do care... a lot... but I shouldn't! Why do I careeeee........ *facepalms*

Challenge 8

Chris: Challenge starts tonight 12/12/14 at 5pm EST

Chris: Welcome to Viva Las Vegas! Now most of you aren't old enough to gamble, find me a picture of something Las Vegas is known for. It can be anything that has to do with Las Vegas. I think you all know how to win. Good luck!



Chris: Well I'm gonna give the win to Team Victory for Jimmy's ferris wheel. Team Amazon in second place for Romeo's Circus Circus. Team ACTN is Really Really Really Really Hot I'll see you at elimination.

Jimmy: Whoo hoo! We've won our second challenge ever!

Elimination Ceremony 8: Team ACTN

Chris: Well this is your second elimination ceremony. Go stamp someone's passport so they can get the heck outta here!

Dreyk: (CONF) *stamps Kimberly's passport* Bye.

Felica: (CONF) *stamps Kimberly's passposrt*

Jeremiah: (CONF) ... *Stamps Kimberly's passport* (END CONF)

"Holes": (CONF) This is the easiest strategical decision I've had to make so far. *stamps Kimberly's passport*

Chris: Bowls of gruel go to Felicia, Dreyk, "Holes", Jeremiah and Sara! Sorry Kimberly but the drop of shame awaits you *pushes her out of the plane*

Episode 9: 12 Contestants Under The Sea

First Class: Team Victory

Marcus: *knocks on the door* Hello? Anyone in there? I think I need therapy- I saw Dreyk smile... *shivers*

Jimmy: Umm... Who are you? And yeah, that's rare...

Marcus: I'm Marcus. Romeo got evacuated or something, so I'm here.

Thomas: *Opens door* *looks at Marcus and closes door, clicking noise is heard*

Marcus: Still better than going out there...*sits down besides the door, still trembling from insanity after seeing Dreyk smile*

Thomas: (CONF) I don't like surprises (NONCONF) *Opens door with fake smile* Welcome, just had to.. *grabs duster* clean up a bit

Marcus: Huh- oh...thanks. *walks in* Yeah, it looks spotless. What cleaning methods did you use?

Thomas: (CONF) By not doing it *raises eyebrow* (NON-CONF) Uh... I was abused as a kid?

Marcus: I see...interesting stuff- wait, hold on a second. That's not a cleaning method? Uhm, in any case, I feel sorry for you. I'd recommend going to therapy or something for that...or fighting a guy in a giant banana costume, either works.

Thomas: *Leaves and sits by the bar to eat cookies*

Marcus: *pulls out a cookie jar from his pocket - somehow - and begins to eat cookies somewhere there as well*

Economy Class: Team Amazon

Diamond: *sighs* This place is so dull. Like Team Victory. I'd rather be in the Cargo Hold tbh.

Honey: *looks to her nails* Well, at least we all are safe!

Dreyk: How are you losers doing? *leans against a wall*

Diamond: Yeah, I'm glad we're safe. I love your nails, what did you do to them? *looks up* Hi, Dreyk.

Dreyk: ...Hi, Diamond. Anyways, Honey, Romeo's waiting for you at the whirlpool.

Diamond: How are you?

Dreyk: Fine. Thanks for asking.

Diamond: You're welcome...? :) How's the Cargo Hold?

Dreyk: Cramped.

Honey: I did my nails by my niece! When we're back from the tour I'll give her your number! *looks to Dreyk and winks* I'm going to Romeooo! *walks to Dreyk and whispers* Goodluck!

Diamond: Okay! Have fun. :P *looks back at Dreyk* I know how you feel. It's pretty bad in there.

Romeo: Wait, but I'm still here- okay, then...

Dreyk: *glares at Romeo* >.> So, um, anyways... *sits next to Diamond*

Diamond: What? What's up?

Dreyk: First of all, why aren't you yelling at me?

Diamond: Because I don't want to cause any conflicts. What? Do you want me to yell at you? Because when I get angry, I get angry! *laughs*

Dreyk: No thank you...and, uh, even though I don't take back anything I said yesterday, I', I guess.

Diamond: Thanks Dreyk... No hard feelings anyway. :) *blushes*

Dreyk: Oh, alright. I'll just be going back to the cargo hold now.

Diamond: Aw, alright. *frowns* I'm always here if you want to visit... :)

Dreyk: Alright, bye.

Dee: I'm Leaving... *leaves*

Diamond: *smiles* That went well. *notices she is alone* Oh. I should go to the Cargo Hold...

Romeo: Well, it's just me. It'll be some nice silence, I suppose. *takes a nap*

Diamond: *sits* See? You can be nice when you want to be. *smiles*

Dreyk: Right.

Diamond: *laughs* But, why me, y'know? There are so many other girls out there.

Dreyk: Because I can.

Diamond: *laughs* Good for you...? :)

Dreyk: *sarcastically* Thanks. :)

Diamond: Whatever. *kisses him*

Cargo Hold: Team ACTN

Jeremiah: Come on, guys. Our team is slowly dying. We have to make sure we win the next one, so we can maintain our advantage. (CONF) And get out of the crappy cargo hold... (END CONF)

Dreyk: Yeah, but at least we got rid of Kimberly. This place feels stuffier than usual, even with less people. I'll just go to first class and get some food. *actually goes to the economy class*

Sara: It's so sad that Kimberly's gone.....oh well.

Dee: Why am i here?

Jeremiah: Dee, what are you doing here?

Dreyk: I'm back. Team Victory wouldn't open the door to first class. Not sure why.

Diamond: Hello, Team ACTN! I got lonely, plus Romeo is being weird. So hi!

Jeremiah: Since when did people actually want to be back here?

Dee: To say that Dreyk was in the Economy Class...

Dreyk: Funny. *hears Diamond* Oh, uh, hi, Diamond.

Diamond: Because... Uh, because, uh, you're all cool? Yeah! That's why. *smiles awkwardly* Hi Dreyk, again. :)

Jeremiah: Well, whatever. How are things with you all?

Dee: Just kiss her Sissy! *Shoves Dreyk*

Diamond: Hu- *kisses Dreyk*

Dreyk: *cheeks flush red* ...

Diamond: *blushes* Uh...

Dreyk: You, y'know, like me, right?

Diamond: Uh, yeah...? *blushes*

Dreyk: *smiles* Then, I don't really think you would mind if I kissed you again.

Chris: I just wanted to bring it to everyone's attention that Romeo got hurt while taking a nap and will not be able to move on in the competition so Marcus from ASVU7 will be taking his place.

Diamond: *ignores Chris and kisses Dreyk again*

Marcus: ...I'm going to go run away then. Bye. *runs to Victory Chat*

Sara: *gets party horn and confetti with a bottle of champagne in her hand, everyone looks at her* What? I'm the shy yet smart PARTY girl. Not the shy yet smart girl who has no role in this show and is just plain filler.

Honey: *walks in and heard what Chris said* Oh my gosh... anyway welcome Marcus!

Diamond: So, uh, shall we go into the Economy Class to talk alone?

Honey: I would love too, but I'm not in the mood... right now... *walks sadly away*

Diamond: N-not you... Okay... Anyway, *looks at Dreyk* Shall we? *takes his hand*

Dreyk: Yeah, sure, whatever.

Diamond: Okay, then. *leaves*

Jeremiah: Well, that was the least bit of interesting.

Sara: *tipsy* Y'got t-t-that right! *hic, turns to Jerminah* Say...Jalana....You never told me you were....a blushing bride.... *holds Jerminah's hand* Can I be y-your groom?!

Dee: Sara.... go to bed...

Jeremiah: *Pulls his hand away* Excuse me!?

Sara: *tipsy* Y......You don't like me?.....*tears up* OMG, YOU IGNORANT WITCH! *slaps Jeremiah and runs away crying*

Jeremiah: *Rubs face* ... What...? I think I'm gonna cry. Like, I can't feel this side of my face...

Sara: *swaying side to side, with a phone; can barely walk, let alone stand* Hello.........Cindy........Please......please tell you know someone who likes......likes me? me before I fall......Please......I need you more than me.....*giggles uncontrollably*

Cindy: *Over the phone* I know you're calling me drunk. Why did we sit through all those AA meetings if you were just going to go back to the stuff? What for, Sara, what for?

Stunt Double Sara: *whispers to Cindy* We agreed on the stunt double....(Punchline kiddos. She's not really drunk! It's just her stunt double!)

Cindy: *Over the phone* So you really are that drunk. Nice. I wish I could be too, but I'm in the witnesses chair. I raged some more and haven't been doing too much to help my previous cases and-- and they are all staring at me like I'm crazy! I'll show them who's crazy! Stop staring! ... I said STOP STARING! Ahhh--! *Phones disconnect*

"Holes": *to Felicia* Do you have any idea as to what the hell is wrong with Sara?


Diamond: *sighs* I know this sounds desperate, but I can't stop thinking about Dreyk... I wish I could stop, because he's such a jerk... but... I can't... *sighs*

Sara: *in confessional with Diamond* Maybe you have a crush on him?

Diamond: Can you like, not stalk me? *pushes her out*

Sara: Aaaaaaw now, being a tsundere NEVER helps!

Diamond: Whatever, honey.

Sara: But honey's for bears....and for people who are in L-O-V-E....Looooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *sticks out her tongue playfully*

Diamond: Uh... Why the heck am I here with you, tbh. *walks away*

Sara: Ok, but your relationship status is going to be affected by your attitude.

Honey: Goodbye Romeo, goodbye. *cries*

Sara: *with a slight slosh in her voice* Yeah, it's too bad that Romea was force to be eliminated....or was her name Ramius....I forget...*drinks more of her champagne*....What?.....Ok, ok, I'll go. If you don't want me hogging the spotlight. *gets up, and with some slight motor function problems walks out of the confessional*

Sara: *mascara running, now in the region of drunk; sniffing* **** my life.....****......Why....why doesn't he l-l-l-l-love me-e-e-e-e-e? *sobbing* I...I need to call someone! *gets up from the toilet, and walks, no sways back and forth to find a telephone so she can call someone, on the way; she accidently bonks her hand on the concrete of the airplane* AGH! ****!

Challenge 9

Chris: Everybody come aboard into our submarine! Everyone welcome to the lost, underwater city of Atlantis! For your challenge I just want you to do some research on the lost city and tell me a fact about this great city. The team with the best facts will win!

Diamond: The name Atlantis comes from the Ancient Greek words: Ἀτλαντὶς νῆσος, which means Island of Atlas.

Dreyk: The Greek gods, according to Greek mythology, destroyed Atlantis and submerged it after Atlantis' attack on Athens was unsuccessful and after Atlantis fell out of the favor of the gods.

Marcus: The original inhabitants of Atlantis are thought to be aliens- or just something out of this world. They were said to be taller and more fair-skinned than an average human being today.

Dee: Atlantis starts with a A.

Jeremiah: "At the top of the central hill, a temple was built to honor Poseidon which housed a giant gold statue of Poseidon riding a chariot pulled by winged horses. It was here that the rulers of Atlantis would come to discuss laws, pass judgments, and pay tribute to Poseidon." Um, yeah, this works.

Thomas: The island of Atlantis was the domain of Poseidon, god of the sea. When Poseidon fell in love with a mortal woman, Cleito, he created a dwelling at the top of a hill near the middle of the island and surrounded the dwelling with rings of water and land to protect her.

"Holes": Plato was the first person to write about Atlantis in 360 BC. He wrote about it in the dialouges: Timaeus and Critias

Honey: In the movie 'The Little Mermaid' Atlantis was seen a few times! All the mermaids were on Atlantis and it was just beautiful!

Jimmy: These days, many guess the location of Atlantis, but most of the guesses are not based on science but rather pseudoscience, and are also based on reading of the classical texts.

Felicia: Many people believe that the people on Atlantis were technologically advanced, there might have been space travel and even a railway station.

Chris: And the winners are Team ACTN thanks to Dreyk. Team Victory in second place because of Thomas. Team Amazon I'll see you at elimination.

Elimination Ceremony 9: Team Amazon

Chris: Why so down? You tried your best and it was horrible. Now go stamp someone's passport.

Dee: (CONF) Bye Honey! *stamps Honey's passport*

Marcus: (CONF) Not being paranoid- actually, I am- but, I'm pretty sure you want me out. Could just be paranoia speaking, but I'll trust it for now. *stamps Honey's passport* Get out.

Honey: (CONF) Dee, Marcus and Diamond are all three wonderful people! I'm happy I met them and hopefully we'll meet each other after this show. It was fun to be here, we had our ... moments but we were also great friends. It feels good for me. *votes Dee and smiles* Goodluck, my friends. *blows a kiss to the camera*(END CONF)

Chris: Well I was asked to end the vote so bowls of gruel are going to Marcus, Diamond and Dee. Honey you're taking the drop of shame *pushes her out of the plane*

Now Dee, Diamond, Dreyk, Felicia, "Holes", Jeremiah, Jimmy, Lehl, Marcus, Sara and Thomas you all have made the merge! As a reward for making it this far no one has to stay in the Cargo Hold anymore.

Episode 10: The Walking Dread

First Class: Team ACTN

Felicia: WOOO!!! Chesicia made the merge *gives "Holes" a hug* So mastermind what is our next super plan Chester?! *punches him in the arm*

Dreyk: You two are so cute. *rolls eyes and leaves*

(Real) Sara: We're in the merge guys!

Jeremiah: Nice first class... *Leans back in his chair* Think I'm gonna take a nice nap. *Closes eyes*

Dreyk: ._. There's a zombie in the economy class.

Felicia: Well better them than we, right? *eats a salade

"Holes" *rubs his arm* Well, it should be no suprise that we made it this far. But we're only half way there. Hmm..... I was thinking we could expand the alliance. Any ideas on who we could get to join in on it?

Felicia: Hmm I don't know maybe Dreyk. He seems to be a cool guy even though he hates me.

Dee: Economy Sucks.... Cindy crashed through a window.

Diamond: Hey guys. :)

Jeremiah: Wha...? *Rubs face* What conversation is so important that it had to ruin mah nap?

Diamond: Heh, sorry Jeremiah! :D

Jeremiah: *Yawns and stretches* No, don't worry, it's fine. I just... wait, did you even ask to get in?

Diamond: Nope!

Jeremiah: Fantastic.

Cindy: *Walks in and goes over to the food* Oh, goodie, I'm starving. *Eats*

Diamond: Uh, who the heck are you? :)

Cindy: *Rolls eyes and continues to eat*

Jeremiah: Seriously, who are you, and why are you eating our food?

Cindy: The question is: Who are you, and why are you talking to me? *Goes back to eating*

Jeremiah: Snippy, has a nice appetite, not too shabby in the looks department. I can work with that. *Walks over to Cindy* So, who really are you...? *Smiles*

Diamond: I'm Diamond!!!! *smiles sarcastically*

Cindy: Cindy, why? ... *Puts her arm against Jeremiah's neck* You're a cop aren't you!? Show me the badge so I can confirm this before throwing you outta here!

Diamond: Uh, same. *sits next to Dreyk* Hiya :)

Dee: *punches Cindy in the face*

Diamond: *sniggers*\

Cindy: *Unconscious on the ground*

Jeremiah: ... Wha... Wha... What was that for...

Dee: Things.

Jeremiah: I don't know how I feel about that....

Dee: Do you want to fight?

Jeremiah: No, no. But, you pack a nice punch. *Looks down at Cindy* She'll feel that for days. How do you do it?

Dee: My uncle taught me.

Jeremiah: I'm gonna have to find some time to receive some lessons. Quite impressive.

Dee: I've knocked out his lackeys sometimes...

Jeremiah: That's wonderful. So, if I may ask, how is life back home? You seem to be an interesting figure, just wanna know where you come from.

Dee: New Jersey...

Dreyk: Hiya ;) @Diamond

Jeremiah: ... All right-y... Well, I guess I wouldn't get too much since we're only barely strangers to each other. So, Jeremiah B. Griffin, nice to meet you, and I hope you think it's nice meeting me. *Puts out hand for a shake*

Dee: Denise Moretti ... *shakes hand*

Jeremiah: Well, *Yawns* I need some more sleep. But, we should do this again some time. *Smiles as he goes back to a chair and falls asleep*

Felicia: *eats spaghetti* oh hi economy class contestants! *offers them food* want some?

Economy Class: Everyone Else

Marcus: *eats cookies*

Jimmy: Whoo HOO!

Marcus: Why are you so happy?

Jimmy: Because we made the merge! Duhhh...

Marcus: And why is that fun? It's just the time everyone except one go down losers after they've been fighting hard to still be here...*eats cookies*

Dreyk: *enters* That's true, yep.

Jimmy: Hm, I've never thought about it that way.

Dee: Exactly.

Marcus: *notices Dreyk and hides*

Thomas: Oh cool, the merge (CONF) This is always the part of the game that screws me up, gotta play it smart from now on (NON-CONF) *walks up to Marcush* So what brings you back to the game?

Marcus: Uh, Romeo was injured, I was the closest replacement under contract. That's that. Plus, I was promised cookies. *eats cookies*

Leo (As a Zombie): Grrrrrrrr! *eats all the cookies and leaves a bunch of crums* Saaiiionjii! (Got permission to do this)

Jimmy: what the... (CONF) *desperate, voice high* Zombies aren't real! It's scientifically implausible! What-- GAH!?!?!

Marcus: *sees Leo the zombie* ...Good-bye. *walks calmly to the cargo hold*

Dreyk: ...I'm going to just...go back to first class...

Zombie Leo: *Sees Dreyk* Grrrrrrrr! U not BIGGG BROOOO! *Runs to Dreyk and is about to attack but gets the door slammed to his face when he leaves*

Jimmy: *leaning on door, panting* What... The... Hell... Is... WRONG WITH CHRIS?!?

Thomas: Everything, isnt it obvious? (CONF) Idiots could figure that out. (NON-CONF) Okay, so I feel like this housing situation needs to be fixed.

Cindy: *Flies through a window* Well, that chopper's ruined! *A loud explosion is heard* And now all the evidence is gone. All right, so... Wait, is this the plane that has the-- Dang it! Of all places, really!? I hate everything! I'm leaving! Wait, I can't get caught. I have to stay here or else my cover will be blown. Dang, it....

Marcus: *comes back* Is Zombie whats-his-face gone? Good- *notices Cindy* Um, hi?

Diamond: Uh, zombies? Really..?

Dee: Bye *leaves*

Cindy: Hmm... *Places Marcus in a choke(r) hold* Who are you? Are you a spy trying to get me back to that jail cell? Well, not gonna happen buddy! *Tightens her grip*

Diamond: Yeah, see ya. *leaves*

Marcus: *choking* I'm just...some guy who likes

Cindy: That's some code word isn't it? What's it mean!? *Still holding Marcus*

Marcus: Nothing...can people stop staring...and help?

Cindy: *Lets go* Fine. But if I see you act even semi-suspicious... I'll throw you out of this plane into a bottomless pit. *Smiles* Okay, so, guys, where's the food? *Steals some cookies and eats them*

Marcus: First class has most of the food.

Cindy: Didn't ask for you to talk, but thanks. *Heads to First Class*

Lehl: Didn't expect to make the merge. Oh well.

Thomas: Why are people from first class here? (CONF) Honestly this is gonna get annoying

Jimmy: Shouldn't you be asking WHY ARE THERE ZOMBIES HERE??? (CONF) Honestly, how dumb can you be?

Thomas: Shut up big head, *leaves to the cargo hold* (CONF) At least it's quiet down here

Lehl: Compared to that living pen we had, zombies are pretty normal.


Marcus: (CONF) Dave was a good friend to me. That means something. And anyway, I managed to make it to the merge by being episode. Fun?

Jimmy: (CONF) I've made it t the merge in every ASVU season I've been in. It's awesome!

Jimmy: (CONF) Half of my alliance has been eliminated. I need some new allies. Marcus? Thomas? Maybe Dee?

Challenge 10

Chris: Challenge starts 12/15/14 at 5pm EST

*the contestants arrive in a forest, it is nighttime, a zombie apocalypse is happening*

(This is a roleplay, you must fight against zombies in order to survive. You can team up if you wish, but no more than teams of 2 or you can do this solo. Whoever I feel did the best job of surviving will win immunity.)

Diamond: Dreyk. *nods at him* Let's do this?

Dreyk: Yep. First, we need a shelter.

Diamond: Right. What shall we use? We could try to find a cave?

Dreyk: What if there aren't any?

Felicia: Okay come on Chester show them what team Chesicia is made off *get's a dual swords from somewhere and start slicing zombies in halve* Ain't nobody is touching my hair!

Diamond: Uh, under a tree? :P

Dreyk: That's...too vulnerable.

Felicia: WATCHOUT DREYK *throws one of her dual swords in Dreyks way*

Dee: *looking through the contraband box* Yes! *grabs her pistols*

Diamond: Uh, do you have any ideas? Also watch out. :)

Dreyk: *ducks* WATCH IT IDIOT. >:( @Felicia And, no, not really.

Felicia: *the dual sword just flies passed Dreyks head and hits the zombie behind him* Geez Dreyk your reaction time is horrible *get's the dual sword and cuts the head of the zombie* Dreyk instead of hiding grow a pare and fight like me and Chester! Except I don't know where chester is..

Diamond: Oh. Er, shall we just camp out next to a tree for now tbh?

Dee: *shoots zombies*

Jimmy: Dee, cover me! *begins gathering supplies for a shelter*

Felicia: *strikes a Dual sword in a zombie eye and than cuts it's head off* Chester!

Dee: *Protects Jimmy*

Jimmy: *builds wall of mud and crouches behind it*

Dreyk: I suppose. Or we can try to climb up a tree?

Diamond: Good idea. Let's find a high tree.

Felicia: Chester!! Where are you?

Lehl: I have no idea where to get weapons so I will just find a tree, climb it, and do absolutely nothing till I find a weapon.

Dreyk: Is this high enough? *points to a tree* We can just watch the action from here, really. Also, we need food...

Marcus: What is this?

Diamond: Alright. And yeah. Are there any berry bushes around here?

Marcus: Okay, so let's see here...what to do...letting the zombies get me is tempting, but, I'll probably just...oh, of course- it's obvious. Why didn't I think about this before? *hides behind a bush and eats cookies*

"Holes": *runs out of the plane, holding a dodgeball, with Zombie Leo in hot pursuit* Over here, Felicia! *turns around and throws the dodge ball at Zombie Leo's head, decapitating him on impact* I never miss with a Red Ball in hand.

Marcus: *sees a zombie behind him as he's hiding* Oh, um...*picks up random cone* Protect me cone! *runs while holding cone*

Jimmy: *sees zombie coming up from behind Dee* No! *jumps from tree branch where he was perched, kicking the zombie*

Marcus: *finally loses sight of the zombie* Thank you, cone...*hides while holding the cone*

"Holes": *approaches Zombie Leo cautiously* Alright, I've got to be safe. This zombie could still scratch me and infect me. *kicks Zombie Leo in the chest, dislodging the dodgeball from where Zombie Leo's head should be, and catches the ball* Sick! *runs off towards Felicia*

Jeremiah: Heh... Uah! *Falls out of his tree* Uh... *Stands up, and runs off*

Marcus: *notices Jeremiah* Wait! Take cone and me with you! *runs; following him*

Jeremiah: *Shouts back* I don't even know who you are! Plus a pair is less likely to survive than a soloist! Sorry! *Bolts off to the left*

Thomas: *Away from the center of it all* hmm hmm hmm Painting camoflauge

Marcus: Eh, he has a good point. Keeping the cone, though. *tiptoes to a hiding spot to hide once again*

Thomas: (CONF) If I know what thing it's that hiding is the best deal for for zombie durvival! (NON CONF) *Zombies appear from the distance, their eyes glow, Thomas fills up with fear, but the zombies do not notice him, releif fills up Thomas as they clump away*

Jeremiah: *Stops at a tree to catch breath; then notices zombies around the area* On second thought, having Marcus to have him protect me doesn't sound too bad... *Climbs up a tree*

Thomas: *gets up and puts back to tree and climbs up the same tree as Jeremiah, thinks Jeremiah is a zombie and screams*

Marcus: Okay, so...if I can time this right, I can make a run for it...*continues hiding and sees the zombies closing in* Just a few more seconds...

Jeremiah: *Is scared by the scream and begins to fall, but grabs on to a branch and hangs there* Who-- Who was that? *Starts kicking* Get away...!

Thomas: *Relived that it's jeremiah* It's just you *nervous laugh* *helps him up the tree.*

Jeremiah: Err, thanks. Thomas, right? What are you doing half way up a tree screaming like a little girl? Scared the living you-know-what outta me.

Thomas: *Elbows a zombie climbing up the tree* Yeah, I thought you were a zombie! YOu scared me *Zombies surround the tree* Uh oh *Climbs tree*

Marcus: *sees the zombies approaching his bush and runs with the cone*

Dreyk: *shouts from tree* What are you doing, idiot? Climb a tree or something! @Marcus

Jeremiah: Really? *Starts climbing tree, but branches start snapping under him and he falls*

Marcus: *shouting back to Dreyk* I can't! I'm not really fond of heights. *rolls and then hides behind another bush* I'll just keep switching bushes until day, then they should go away...*sees Jeremiah falling* Wait, what?

Dreyk: *face palms* Get over it or you'll die! >:(

Jeremiah: *Lands on top of Marcus* Uh... *Struggles to get up, but manages to do so*

Dee: *shoots zombies around Jeremiah* OVER HERE!

Marcus: *groans*

Thomas: *Falls and lands on Marcus and Jeremiah* oops *Runs off and hides*

Jeremiah: Huh? *Notices Marcus* ... This guy. *Rolls eyes, but picks him up and puts him on his shoulder* Coming, Dee! *Runs to Dee* Thanks for the help. Nice to see you in your natural habitat, you know, with guns and random evil fellows all around.

Dee: Anytime.

Jimmy: Duck! *pulls Dee and Jeremiah behind the wall of mud just as a zombie dives towards them*

Thomas: *Runs to the plane to grab supplies*

Dreyk: *winces* Oh well. *leans against tree while sitting on branch* They can handle themselves.

Jeremiah: *Falls over and lets go of Marcus* What are you thinking? You could have very easily just asked us to stop!

Thomas: *Finds a convientlyly placed bow* Cool! *Hunts for zambeies*

Marcus: What's going on...? My whole body...hurts...

Dee: No one died yet... disappointing.

Jeremiah: You had an encounter with the zombie. I saved your life. You're welcome, Marcus. (CONF) ... What? I wasn't going to tell him I could have broken tons of bones in his body! I don't have enough money to be sued. (END CONF)

Thomas: *hides behind Dreyk* Their coming to get you barbra! Their coming for you!

Marcus: Uh, thanks...? Did my cone make it...?

Jimmy: *runs from shelter (AKA kicks himself out)* AHHH!!!

Jeremiah: Um, probably not. But, there's always more cones out there...?

Jimmy: *runs away from the zombies and begins to gather stones to build a hut*

Marcus: *coughs* Oh well...why was Jimmy screaming...?

Jimmy: *begins building his hut* (CONF) What went through my mind in that moment? I can be a lone wolf sometimes. My alliance and loyalty to Romeo was what lost me ASVU 8. To win 9, I might have to work on my own and fend for myself. This is a great chance to prove myself.

Jeremiah: A little stupid if you ask me, but... Wait, we aren't allowed to have more than two people in a group, so could we get penalized for that? I mean, there's three of us here....

Marcus: I'll go as soon as I can body still hurts...

Jimmy: *goes inside hut and builds fire* Now for some weapons... *looks for rock and stick to build spear*

Jeremiah: No. Dee, protect Marcus to the best of your abilities. I'll leave so we don't attract too much attention, and so we don't get in trouble. And, Dee, do this for me, and I'll owe you. Thanks. *Jogs off*

Jimmy: *finds rope and a rock, ties the rock to the stick and sharpens the rock*

"Holes": *reaches Felicia* I scored this exquisite Red Ball brand dodgeball from the plane. Who knew Chris had such a fine taste in dodgeballs? (CONF) Dodgeballs are my weapon of choice. I know all the interworkings and facets. *leans back* Yep, I know how to kill a man in 14 different ways with these little red balls.

Jeremiah: *Stops running and begins to search the area* There has to be a weapon around here. All good survivors have a weapon! *Notices a bulky stick on a tree, and gets it out through lots of hard work* Yay, a stick. *Continues to run*

Jimmy: *hears something and drops his spear just outside the hut* Dang. (CONF) First rule of survival? Don't go outside when there's a zombie apocalypse. So, naturally, I had to think intuitively. (ENDCONF) *shows Jimmy reaching down towards spear, but it's just out of reach* Why am I so short?!?

Jeremiah: *Runs by and notices the spear and the hut* ... Really? *Picks up the spear and hands it to Jimmy* Congratulations. You're not going to die today. *Runs a little more*

Thomas: *Attacked by a hoard of zombies and shoots 2 and is cornerdd in a trench*

Jeremiah: *Surrounded by a group of zombies* All right, I'll make a deal. First zombie to take a step forward can eat me! *A zombie rushes toward Jeremiah, and he beats it to even further death with his stick* Come get some, not too much though, there needs to be enough for everyone! *Starts whacking away at zombies*

Thomas: *Shoots 3 more and begins climbing the trench, the trench is unstable so it's difficult*

Jeremiah: *Continues to kill zombies*

Sara: *paniced* Z-Z-Z-Z-Zombies?!?!?!

Dee: *shoots at Thomas*

Thomas: *moves torso to escape the shot and climbs to the top* Piss off wh*re *runs off*

Marcus: *coughing* Why am I coughing now...? I can't breathe very well...but I'm still in the air...

Dee: *Shoots at Thomas again^

Jeremiah: *Kills last few zombies* And now, by making my self look like one of them, I'll get rid of any attention and be able to help anyone who needs it. *Rolls around in the zombie remains and mud* Um... *Shakes a little* perfect. *Runs off*

Thomas: (Thomas is out of site idiot) *Runs towards the plane*

"Holes": *sees a light in the distance* I wonder what that is? *waches Felicia cut down two zombies* It looks like you've got this under control, I'll go investigate that light. *slams a zombie with his ball, then starts off for the light*

Dee: *shoots at Thomas*

Thomas: (CONF) Wow you can't much more stupid shooting at nothing

Dee: *runs to where Thomas is*

Marcus: Looks like it's and me mud wall...*begins to breathe slower due to running out of air after Jeremiah's impact or something*

Dee: *shoots at Thomas*

Thomas: *Thomas's unircorn blocks the shot and the blood spews at Dee and melts her* (Same thing as Dee is going)

"Holes": *almost gets hit by a stray bullet* Since when have zombies been able to use guns? *turns to face where the shot came from and finds a horde of zombies* O.O *runs off towards the light* (CONF) Okay, I know this is a strategy challenge, but sometimes the best stategy is no strategy, right?

Felicia: *stabs one of her dual sword in a zombie's stomach and another one in it's genetals and grabs "Holes" ball and smashes the zombie's head to mash* That's how you kill a zombie Chester! *get's the dual sword out of the zombie and gives the ball back to "Holes*.

Jimmy: Thanks! *see zombie, stabs with spear*

Diamond: *climbs a tree* Where did they get those weapons? :0

"Holes": *accepts the ball* Uhh.... Thanks, Felicia.*while running past Diamond* I got mine from the plane, that place is full of weapons! *continues running towards the light*

Felicia: *cuts off a zombie's head* Chester where are you going? *follows Chester and cuts off zombie's on the way*

*The contestants wake up on the plane*

Chris: Well that's a dose of virtual reality for ya. This was a hard choice. A lot of you chose to hide, some chose to fight, but in the end I'm declaring "Holes" and Felicia the winners.

Elimination Ceremony 10

Chris: Welcome to your first merged elimination. Go stamp someone's passport in the confessional other than "Holes" and Felicia.

Felicia: (CONF) Team Chesicia for the win!! Anyway apparantly there is a guy names Lehl I though Chester's nickname "Holes" was a bad name but I got to go whoever he is *votes Lehl

Dee: (CONF) You need to go.*stamps Lehl's Passport

Diamond: (CONF) I'll vote for Thomas. I'm sorry, but you seem like a threat. (END CONF)

Dreyk: (CONF) Wait, who's this? *stamps Lehl's passport*

Jimmy: (CONF) I heard people are steamed at Thomas, so... *stamps Thomas*

"Holes": I'm not quite sure who you are. And someone that sneaky can't be trusted for an alliance. *stamps Lehl's passport*

Marcus: (CONF) I sort of owe Dee one for the never showed me your cleaning method anyway. *stamps Thomas*

Thomas: (CONF) *Votes for Lehl*

Lehl: (COMF) *Votes myself* I never wanted to make the merge anyway.

Chris: Bowls of gruel go to "Holes", Felicia, Dreyk, Diamond, Marcus, Jimmy, Dee, Jeremiah, Sara and Thomas! Bye Lehl *pushes her out of the plane*

Episode 11: In The New York Groove

First Class: "Holes" and Felicia

Felicia: *sleeps next to "holes"*

"Holes": *sleeps* (CONF) *stretches* Ah... First class. There's not a better place to strategize.

Felicia: *starts holding "Holes" in her sleep*

Economy Class: Everyone Else

Thomas: *Glares at Dee* (CONF) I can't believe she tried to shoot me... Like she should be glad that was just a virtual thing!

Jimmy: That wasn't fun.

Diamond: *lies next to Dreyk* This is so uncomfortable. I miss first class. I have to do better next time...

Dreyk: Don't worry. I'm sure we'll get first class soon...

Diamond: Yeah, I hope. :)

Jimmy: *looks at Dreymond and sighs* (CONF) The only girl that's ever liked me was Rosalina, but she hasn't competed since ASVU 6. I wonder if I will ever find love...

Jeremiah: *Sleeps*


Dee: (CONF) I may have made an enemy of Thomas...

Diamond: (CONF) I'm feeling pretty vulnerable right now. I'm not as strong as most of the others. You have strong willed Dee, smart Jimmy, "Holes" the strategist.... I feel like I need to win at least one to really secure my place in this competition.

Marcus: (CONF) So, joining this game late really sucks, now that I think about it. Zero allies, zero friends- I don't think I have any enemies, though, so that's a plus. I need to think of a way to make some allies, though, before it's too late. *eats a cookie* Cookies have been good friends to me. That means something.

Felicia: (CONF) *sleeping

Challenge 11

Chris: Challenge starts tonight 12/17/14 at 7pm EST

Chris: Welcome to New York City! Famous for Broadway! For your challenge you will be coming up with your own idea for a play. It can be any type or genre. Now the trick is you have to use contestants from this season as characters in your play. It can be anyone that's eliminated or still in the game. You are to come up with a name for the play, at least 2 characters and who will play them, give me a BRIEF synopsis of the play and also tell me the name of a song that's in your play cause let's face Broadway is nothing without singing. Obviously you all aren't capable of writing your own song, you can use any song you want, but you must tell me why that song will be featured in your play.

Now this is a lot of info so let me break it down for you. I'm looking for the play's name, characters, synopsis and music featured. Good luck!

Jeremiah: Play's Name: "How Can I Say Good-Bye?" The first two characters are Michael Rumsy, played by Romeo, and his wife, played by Diamond. The story: Michael Rumsy, or Romeo, is very well in love with his wife, played by Diamond. The story allows the pair to express their love for each other, though, near the mid-point, Michael Rumsy gets back into drinking and fights with his wife, who disappears. She is then found dead, and after several years (about 10) of trying to cope with her death, he finally shows a little "improvement" as he begins to become friends with a girl named Annabelle, played by Dee, who makes him learn to take risk and that it's okay to grieve and things. After months, he finally cracks and allows for them to start dating, but soon finds out she has cancer, and then (after grieving and attempting to find a cure) finds out she has a bucket list wanting to be fulfilled. He does those things with her, and on the last day of her life, she gets what she wanted most: for him to say "I love you." Several songs I can think of that my mother let me listen to would go perfectly with this play, but I'd think I'd have to choose "Let Her Go" by Passenger to play at certain times during the play, and "A Thousand Years" by Christina Perri while Michael is grieving or something. Um, there.

Felicia: *sleep talks* well my play is called: Ash Black

The characters

Ash Black played by Dee she has to wear a white wig

the nice step mother played by Jeremiah.

seven giants played by me, "Holes", Thomas, Dreyk, Jimmy, Marcus and Sara

the evil prince played by Diamond

Plot: Ash Black and her step mom lived a happy live untill one day an evil prince gives ash black aapple on what she choked the evil prince kidnapped her and left a letter at the stepmothers house that say."The only way to safe your daugther is to come with seven giants to tear down my castle."so the step mother went on this incredible mission to find seven giants to recue her step daugther.After weeks of searching she almost gave up but she found a piece of mirror where she asked the question to."Mirror, Mirror in the dirt where can I rescue my farest daugther?" to which the mirror replied. "To follow the wind beneath your wings." After while she decided to return to her house she saw one giant house and entered it and asked the giant for help. In order to get it she had to complete a act of true mothership. After she succeded the challenge they would help her. But she fails and she couldn't confince them to help her she decided to comite suicide but right before she hung herself one giant (played by "Holes") confinced the other giant to help her rescue her daughter,as they arrive to the castle the giant succeed to tear down the castle but they were too late the daughter is dead and the prince fleed.

Diamond: The play is named 'Real(ity) Love.' It follows the story of Ruby and Daniel, two teenagers who met on a reality show. The story is based on Dreymond's relationship so far, so I would play Ruby, and Dreyk would play Daniel. There would also be the characters of Danielle, Jeremy, Lara, Bee, Monty, Sarah and Fay, who are played by Dee, Jeremiah, Laney, Honey, Romeo, Sara and Felicia respectively. There is also the charatcer of Crystal, the host of the reality show, which will be played by Chris in a wig. The story would be told from Ruby's perpective, but at the start there would be backstory given for each of the characters, before showing them on the reality TV show. It would focus on 3 main events: A Truth or Dare game where the teo contestants get to know eachother, the agrument in First Class, and the kiss in the Cargo Hold. It would end with them figting back to back in a zombie themed challenge, leaving a sort of cliffhanger for a potential sequel. I'd use the music 'Jar of Hearts' by Christina Perri when the two are arguing, and the song "Somewhere Only We Know" when the two kiss in the Cargo Hold. Uh, yeah. Real creative.

Dee: My Musical is called "If". It is about a girl named Edmira (played by Felicia) who wanted the town to love her. She is a witch though so she makes magical things happen. The Town Mayor (played by Jimmy) disagrees as does the Town Priestess (Played by Diamond) and Edmira's demon boss Frank (played by Dreyk) she ends up succeeding though and sings "Break Free" by Arinna Grande.

Marcus: My play is called "Unhappy Meal". It starts off with a man named Ronald, played by Dreyk, working for hours in a cramped office. He is getting paid minimum wage and is a sad sap no one ever sees smile or show any emotion except anger, disappointment, and self-pity due to wasting all his previous inheritance on quality drugs and limousines for one-night dates sixteen years ago. Ronald then meets Ronaldette, played by Diamond, who has similar problems to his and thinks he finds true love at last. One night, Ronald finally grows his big boy pants, and invites Ronaldette on a date, which she says yes to enthusiastically. Ronald, however, did not account for his brother, a serial killer played by Jeremiah, to spoil the party. In envy, Ronald's brother, Ronaldinho, steals Ronaldette and takes her to a factory. Ronald must then team up with his former rival, Ronaldo Wright, played by Tirone, in order to find her. Ronaldo Wright is killed along the way by a Generic Henchman who likes Pens, played by Pen, but Ronald keeps on trucking. Ronald finally finds Ronaldette and Ronaldinho over a pit of Acid. Ronaldinho drops her, and she falls to her death. Ronald, hoping to save the day- or rage quit life, it doesn't matter to him- tackles Ronaldinho into the Acid Pit, taking himself down with him. However, Ronald survives- but on his face, etched as a scar is his smile he had as he was finally the hero. Due to scaring people so much, Ronald- the only acid pit scenario survivor, moves away and finds himself a nice job at McDonald's. His smile has him hired as the new face of the place- Ronald McDonald. The songs that would play during this would be: 16 Years by the Griswolds during the flashback to his previous life and why he works at the office, I'm Lovin' It theme song at the end, Take a Walk by Passion Pit, as Ronald walks down a sidewalk- his smile in tact- as he remembers his beautiful Ronaldette.

Jimmy: My play is a comedy about a guy named Steve who doesn't like his family because they are very crazy, but his wife Joanie secretly invites them over. The whole play revolves around him dreading their arrival and preparing the house. They arrive, and they bug him for a few hours. However, after a while he learns to see past their strange qualities and grows to love them. The cast would be Steve, Joanie, and their assorted family members. The song that would play would be "We are Family," since it's a fun song that matches the tone of the play and reveals the love that Steve's family has for each other that Steve grows to recognize. Steve will be played by Dreyk, since they share a negative outlook on life. Diamond will play Joanie, because #Dreymond. The rest of the cast will play the family, due to their crazy assortment of personalities.

Dreyk: My play is called "Ten Little All-Stars". Ten people, very close friends are locked up in a building and are convinced that one of them is a murderer (which is true). Their names are Felicity, Chet (or "Hollis", as he likes to be called), Diana, Lee, Jeremy (or "Jerry"), Mark, Todd, Sophia, Drake and Jacob ("Jake"), played by Felicia, "Holes", Diamond, Dee, Jeremiah, Marcus, Thomas, Sara, myself and Jimmy respectively. A few minutes after being told that there's a murderer, they find a riddle/poem. It reads:

Ten little all-stars, all smell like swine. One drowned with no sound, and then there were nine.

Nine little all-stars, no one has ate. One surfed away, and then there were eight.

Eight little all-stars, some food has been given. A kite caught in a fan, and then there were seven.

Seven little all-stars, one out of the mix. One sparkled like light, and then there were six.

Six little all-stars, bees out of the hive. One panned and poisoned, and then there were five.

Five little all-stars, a love dead to the core. One ruled as uncool, and then there were four.

Four little all-stars, as doomed as can be. Barbed one too many times, and then there were three.

Three little all-stars, one dead by the sun. The killer was killed, and then there was one.

An hour into the night, Felicity tries to take a swim in the indoor pool to get rid of the swine smell, but the killer pushes her into the pool and then jumps in to drown her.

Thirty minutes later, Jacob finds out that there's no internet, and he makes rash choices. He steps on a train lying on the ground and picks it up angrily. Before he could get out of the way or notice in time, the train (because elevators and escalators and stairs are too mainstream) that transports people through the building runs him over.

Two hours later into the night, Mark and Jerry are having a conversation before Jerry has to leave abruptly, as he heard a weird sound and wanted to investigate. The killer then pops out of nowhere after Jerry leaves and ties a kite to Mark's neck and hangs it up on the ceiling fan and then turns the ceiling fan on. The killer rigged the ceiling fan so that it would go at an uncontrollable speed.

Todd tries to get the internet working, as he wants to contact the authorities as well as browse Mark's computer because why not? While trying to plug in the wires for the internet, he gets shocked and falls to the ground unconscious, where there were more wires.

Lee and Jerry get to know each other better in the kitchen and decide that they want to become romantically involved if they got out of the building alive. Dee goes to get more food that magically appeared a few deaths ago. Jerry goes to the bathroom and Lee comes back with pancakes to have an early breakfast. The killer knocks Lee out with a pan and poison's Jerry's food. He then drags Lee's body away. Jerry comes back and thinks that Lee has gone to the bathroom as well. He eats the pancakes and falls to the ground, dead.

Lee wakes up and finds Jerry dead and starts mourning. Sophia finds herself cold and tries to shut all the windows. As she closes the last one, the door to the room she is in locks and the room becomes warm and dry. Sophia runs to open the windows, but they are locked in place. There is a single bottle of water with a few small drops in it on the table in a dark corner, and as she drinks it, she faints and dies, because it was corn syrup and yay for dehydration.

Thirty minutes after Sophia's death, the bees that were released before Jerry's death attack Drake and as he runs, he trips and falls on sharp stakes, impaling himself.

The three that are left are Chet/"Hollis", Diana and Lee. Lee was still mourning Jerry's death after a few hours, but soon falls asleep, and Chet was busy plotting for his next season of All-Stars vs. Underdogs. Diana was wandering around and while doing so, she finds most of the dead bodies in one place (minus Jerry's, because Lee was still there). Lee wakes up to find it to be the crack of dawn, and goes to the kitchen. The kitchen is then lit on fire by the killer, who laid gasoline everywhere. Lee dies just as the sun rises, and the killer escapes. The killer does not see Diana holding a gun right at him, and the killer reveals himself to be "Hollis". Diana shoots "Hollis" and he falls to the ground, dead. The doors open and Diana rushes out, sobbing as the play ends. The song that is played is "Soldier" by Damien as Diana pulls the trigger and shoots "Hollis". It also plays as she exits the building.

Chris: The winner is Jeremiah! Followed the instructions exactly and the play sounds just delightful.

Elimination Ceremony 11

Chris: Go stamp someone's passport other than Jeremiah

Diamond: (CONF) *stamps Sara's passport*

Dreyk: (CONF) *stamps Sara's passport*

Marcus: (CONF) *stamps Sara's passport* Time for you to go. *yawns* We'll miss you, yeah, not really. *eats cookies*

Jimmy:(CONF) *stamps Sara's passport*

Dee: (CONF) *stamps Sara's passport*

"Holes": Just as I was about to give the grand design to my masterpiece: "Give Us All Your Money: The story of love, romance, violence, and mindless pandering" *sighs* I'll never get to proposition it, again. I vote for Sara, I guess. *stamps Sara's passport*

Jeremiah: (CONF) *Stamps Sara's passport* I'm afraid she'll get drunk again and hurt me even more. No thank you.... (END CONF)

Chris: Bowls of gruel go to Jeremiah, Jimmy, Dee, "Holes", Marcus, Felicia, Dreyk, Diamond and Thomas! Sorry Sara but you'll have to party somewhere else *pushes her out of the plane*

Episode 12: It Came From Outer Space

First Class: Jeremiah

Jeremiah: First class all to myself. Sure is nice. No distractions or noise, no having to share space or food, just simply beautiful.... *Smiles as he takes a bite of a cookie and lays there*

Dee: *breaks down door* Hi.

Jeremiah: *Without opening his eyes* I don't mind you being here, just please put the door back up. Thanks.

Dee: Fine... *places door where it use to be, not fixing it*

Jeremiah: What would you like? I got tons of talking I could do, and there's some desserts as well as juice and things. Have what you please. *Finishes current cookie and grabs two more*

Dee: Alright... Talk to me *cuts a piece of cake*

Jeremiah: Oh, wanting me to start the conversation? All right. Um, how do you feel about all this? You know, the competition and the people and all.

Dee: Well Final 9 is a good place to be... and most people here don't suck entirely...

Jeremiah: *Smiles* Am I one of those people?

Dee: Maybe...

Jeremiah: Well, thanks. And one more question. Why'd you come here, and why didn't you just ask instead of breaking the door down? *Finishes cookies and starts sipping juice*

Dee: I'm used to breaking things down.

Jeremiah: Fantastic. So, anything new in the life of Dee Moretti?

Dee: A guy maybe...

Jeremiah: Tell me about him.

Dee: He isn't who i usually like... he is someone my uncle might approve of...

Jeremiah: So, even your uncle would approve of the fellow? Hmm... who?

Dee: His name starts with a J.

Jeremiah: Uh... Jimmy?

Dee: *laughs* Wow...

Jeremiah: I got it! I knew it! All right-y....

"Holes": *knocks on the door, but the door falls over* Uh... I'm not interupting anything, am I?

Economy Class: Everyone Else

Dee: *leaves*

Jimmy: Final 9!

Dreyk: *yawn* Yeah. Great accomplishment. Because you totally didn't cheer last episode...

Thomas: (CONF) Final 9, this is the farthest I've ever gotten since placing 8th! I might win! So I think and all my wishes are crushed gg (NON CONF) *Sleeps on floor*

Marcus: *yawns out of boredom*

Thomas: *Wakes up and sees Marcus* Hey I'm Thomas *shakes his hand* (CONF) Who is this marcus? ;/

Marcus: ...Err, didn't we already meet? *shakes Thomas's hand, and then quickly hand sanitizes* I'm Marcus, nice to, uh, meet you again?

Thomas: I don't think I've properly introduced myself tho, why you hand sanatize so fast? *Wipes nose with hand*

Marcus: True...*quickly puts hands in pocket* No reason whatsoever, just so you know. So why the need for a proper introduction?

Thomas: well it's the final 9 and no one seems to care about you until that moment...

Marcus: True, but being another Lehl might last me a few episodes or, fine. So, what did you want to talk about?

Diamond: I wonder where Dee went?

Felicia: It's so nasty here ugh.

"Holes": *tosses pebbles at a nearby wall* At least it's better than being in the cargo hold.

Felicia: *forces herself on "Holes" lap* Hey sweet Chester we haven't been working together last challenge we should keep on working together or we might go soon.

"Holes": *thinks for a second* I guess you have a point. *stands up* I'm going for a walk, it's gotta be more entertaining then throwing rocks. *walks out of economy class, then towards first class*

Felicia: *looks away sad*


Marcus: (CONF) Just waiting until "Dreymond" time happens again- a time where Dreyk isn't really Dreyk. I'm not sure if he is related to Mike now- he acts too different when around her. It's like he has multiple personalities. So, I guess it's settled. I'll just head for the cargo hold when "Dreymond" time starts, and finish my cookies there.

"Holes": (CONF) I haven't been strategic enough! If I keep this up, I'll be eliminated soon! I need to make some more alliances, as soon as possible.

Challenge 12

Chris: Welcome to Area 51. For your challenge I want you to find me a picture of something that has to deal with aliens or outer space. It can be anything including robots because robots can come from outer space. The person or persons with the best pictures will win.




Chris: The winner is Marcus!

Elimination Ceremony 12

Chris: Vote for anyone but Marcus.

Dreyk: (CONF) You're so boring. And your obsession with Marcus is creepy. *stamps Thomas' passport*

Felicia: (CONF) *sigh* How long does it take before Chester realize I like him. *stamps Thomas's passport*

Jimmy: (CONF) I gotta go with Thomas.*stamps Thomas's passport*

Jeremiah: (CONF) I'm not letting my Dee... not my Dee, just Dee... I mean-- well, I'm not letting her be eliminated. *Stamps Felicia's passport* (END CONF)

Dee: (CONF) I don't like you. *stamps Thomas's passport*

Marcus: (CONF) *yawns and stamps Thomas's passport*

Chris: Bowls of gruel go to Marcus, Dee, Dreyk, "Holes", Diamond, Jimmy, Jeremiah and Felicia! Sorry Thomas but *pushes him out of the plane*

Thomas: MARCUS I ALWAYS LOVED YOOOU *falls and dies*

Marcus: ...Oh well. *eats cookies*

Episode 13: Unleash The Beast

First Class: Marcus

Marcus: *eats cookies* This is nice...I forgot what silence sounds like.

Cindy: Well I hope you savored it while it lasted. *Sits* Because I'm your new roomie for now. How's it going, and what's with the cookies constantly?

Marcus: What- *turns around and sees Cindy; sighs* Well, nothing good ever lasts. Uh, it was going great...and the cookies are eaten in honor of Dave. You know him, don't you?

Cindy: Shut up. *Shudders* You knew what you were doing there... *Glares* Why did you, of all people, have to win? I could easily be in here with someone a lot cuter than you. And smarter, as well as more lively. And-- come on, Marcus... give me something to work with. *Groans*

Marcus: What?

Cindy: Are you a nice fellow, Marcus?

Marcus: Why...?

Cindy: It doesn't matter now. You ruined it. Good job you're doing Marcus. Real... fine job.

Marcus: I ruined what? It wouldn't hurt to be a bit more specific you know. But, uh, okay then? Cookie?

Cindy: I was going to kiss you, but you didn't answer my question right away and that irritated me so it's over. But, sure. *Takes a cookie and eats it*

Marcus: Okay, then. You can have the cookies or whatever. I'm just going to read or there anything to read in here?

Cindy: If it doesn't fit Chris' needs or increase views, it isn't in here. So I highly doubt it.

Marcus: ...*sighs* I regret filling in for Romeo.

Cindy: Why'd you do it in the first place? You know how much the competition can wither a person down. Or at leash you should.

Marcus: I honestly don't know. It was stupid of me, but it's too late to go back. The competition sucks, plus I had to witness someone die and Dreyk smiling...not sure which is worse.

Cindy: Someone... dying? Dreyk... smiling? Both sound utterly terrible, I agree. I'm sorry you had to see that. *Pats Marcus' shoulder*

Marcus: Yeah...I wish I had any sort of lawyer skills to sue the show for scarring my mind somehow. Though, you've been on the show before. I'm sure you've seen worse, somehow. Right?

Cindy: The only thing remotely close to being worse than Dreyk smiling... would have to be... nope. Can't think of anything.

Marcus: Dreyk's a mental scar...*shivers* But, in an effort to forget that- at least for now, why are you on the plane? Are you trying to rejoin the competition or something?

Cindy: I don't think it would be smart if I told you why I'm actually here. So, for now, I'm here for unneccesary unexplained revenge on Chris, if you will.

Marcus: I see...well, good luck with that. But, why revenge? I'm not exactly sure revenge is sweet...then again it's Chris...

Cindy: *Rolls eyes* Whatever. I'm taking a nap. *Lays back and sleeps*

Marcus: You do that. *goes and searches for something to get the memory of Dreyk smiling off his mind*

Economy Class: Everyone Else

Jimmy: So, how is everyone?

Dee: Fine.

Jimmy: That's good. (CONF) I kinda made a fool of myself when talking to Dee in the zombie challenge. You remember, right? I was all like AHHHH!!!

Felicia: Uhm Chester, can we talk?

"Holes": What's up?

Felicia: Come with me *Walks toward the confessionals*

Jeremiah: *Sits in the corner alone* (CONF) I'm quite confused. I was trying to protect Dee and vote Felicia and then Thomas is voted out and everyone voted for him and-- *Sighs* I feel a little... betrayed. No one talked to me about any change... (END CONF)

Dee: Jeremiah? Do I have to kick you?

Jeremiah: I'm sorry? Uh, I mean, I hope not, but if you really want to I'm fine with that.

Dee: Jeremiah.... Don't apologize. Tell me no!

Jeremiah: Were you not being literal? I mean, where I come from if we say something we mean it, and that a lady's always right.

Dee: I'm not always right... I need the truth.... In my line of work being wrong and thinking your right can get you killed... So don't treat me like a princess because people call me one!

Jeremiah: Sorry. I won't do it again. ... Wait, people call you a princess?

Dee: Back home... I live in a high-rise apartment... Have an entire force of people working under my family... from the legal portions to the unsavory... and never had to work for anything...

Jeremiah: Do you like that lifestyle? I mean, I was just wondering since you're out here on your own... doing all this stuff by yourself...

Dee: Hell No!(Starts crying) I work hard in the business just to get a high rank and when my uncle dies.... My brother Vinny will take control.... and I do so much more.... Which is why.... I have to win this.... If I don't ... My life is nothing.

Jeremiah: I'm sad you feel that way. But, you'll always have me to make your life something... if you allow me.

Dee: (Wipes tears) Sure...

Jeremiah: *Kisses her*

Dee: ... Now then... What's wrong with you?

Jeremiah: *Gulps* I-I... I'm sorry. I just-- well, never mind. See you, then. *Starts to walk away*

Dee: Stop *Pulls him back and kisses him*

Jeremiah: *Continues the kiss*

Dee: *Stops kiss* Love you...

Jeremiah: Wait, really?

Dee: *Flees*

Jeremiah: ... Huh... *Sits back down, closes eyes and smiles as he drifts off to sleep*

"Holes"; *follows Felicia to the conffesional

Felicia: *holds "Holes" hands* I just wanted to know this for a while, do you still want to be in this alliance we haven't stratigized for so long and I almost got eliminated last time.

"Holes": *clasps his hands around her's* Of course I want to stay in alliance with you. You're a great alliance member. It's nice knowing that someone will always have your back, instead of being alone in this soulless strategy game. Even if you still don't want to be in an alliance with me, I still won't vote against you. Once an alliance member, always an alliance member.

Felica: *Felicia smiles a "Holes"* There is also something else Chester. *Felicia whispers in "Holes" ears. She puts her hand behind "Holes" Neck and gives him a kiss.* I hope our alliance can grow in something more.

"Holes": *smiles back* I hope it can to. *winks*



Jeremiah: (CONF) What did she just say? I mean... we kissed once.... (END CONF)

"Holes": (CONF) Faking a relationship to cover an alliance? Felicia comes up with some good ideas, maybe they're too good.... *rubs his chin*

Challenge 13

Chris: Challenge time! Welcome to Greece. Now we all know that during the Olympics it is time to unleash the beast, but of course there are some people who fail epicly. For your challenge I want you to find me a picture or video of someone failing during the Olympics. What I mean is find me something funny that happened during the Olympics. It can be from any year winter or summer or any event. Best picture or video wins. GO!

Jimmy: Wow. This is so unfortunate!

Dreyk: ...destroy those hurdles.\

Felicia: Ouch




"Holes": It doesn't exactly fit the criteria of this challenge, but it's close enough.

Diamond: Compilations count, right?

Chris: You guys had some good entries and it came down to Jeremiah and Diamond. I laughed at Jeremiah's and I cringed at Diamond's so you both win.

Elimination Ceremony 13

Chris: You guys can vote for anyone but Diamond or Jeremiah. Good luck.

Dee:(CONF) Bye Holes *Stamps Holes's passport*

Diamond: (CONF) Meh, I'm not gonna miss you. *stamps Holes's passport*

"Holes": (CONF) My alliance of two won't fail. I have faith in my friends. I'll vote for the biggest threat here. *stamps Jimmy's passport*

Felicia: (CONF) I'm so happy Chester feels the same way as me, anyway it's a hard choice who to see go but *stamps Jimmy passport*

Dreyk: (CONF) Cool strategy. Was it to get eliminated easily? *stamps Holes' passport*

Jimmy: (CONF) Well, I'm a bit nervous... But I vote Holes *stamps his passport*

Marcus: (CONF) I'm like the swing vote today. So... *stamps Holes's passport* Your name irks me.

Chris: Bowls of gruel go to Diamond, Jeremiah, Marcus, Dee, Dreyk, Felicia and Jimmy! Sorry "Holes" but you gotta go *pushes him out of the plane*

Episode 14: Nothing Amusing About Amusement Parks

First Class: Diamond and Jeremiah

Diamond: Congrats on winning the challenge. So uh, congrats also on getting together with Dee. You guys were made for eachother.

Dee: *Re-breaks the door* Hi.

Dreyk: Oh. She actually broke it. Anyways...hi, Diamond.

Diamond: Hi. *kisses Dreyk* How are you guys?

Dee: Fine. You aren't cheating on us right?

Diamond: Of course not! You aren't doubting me right? >:(

Dreyk: *cheeks turn red* No! Of course not... *glares at Dee*

Dee: I was. But I doubt everything at least once.

Diamond: Huh... Really? *raises eyebrow* Because it sounds like you were... *turns her back to Dreyk*

Felicia: *climbs up a chair opens the airvent and climb in it*

Dreyk: Diamond, really, don't act like this. >.>

Jimmy: *falls through behind Felicia*

Felicia: *crawls through the air vent and find a room with screens*

Diamond: I... Sorry, *turns back to him* I'm being paranoid. I shouldn't have doubted you. *hugs him*

Jimmy: *looks into room with Felicia*

Dreyk: *hugs Diamond* It would've been stupid to doubt you in the first place...

Felicia: *kicks open the air vent and get's into the room finds computer with a file called "the confessionals" and clicks on it.*

Diamond: It's fine, honestly. *smiles*

Dreyk: You're the best...

Jimmy:*looking over Felicia's shoulder* If that's password protected, I can help you hack it!

Dee: Touching *Smiles*

Felicia: AAAH!! *Felicia punches Jimmy in his stomach* When did you get here, wait did you follow me? I was crawling through the air vent!

Diamond: No, you are... :)

Dreyk: Doubt it.

Diamond: As if, you're awesome. :D

Jimmy: As was I!


Dreyk: Come on, Dee. You said that you loved Jeremiah as you kissed him. If anything, I'd gag at that.

Diamond: Come on, guys... Please don't fight. :0

Dreyk: I won't, Diamond. For you.

Dee: I was gagging because of the smell coming from the vents... *whispers* And i would kick your a** Dreyk.

Diamond: Thanks. *hugs him* You're amazing. <3

Felicia: Wait but I am wearing a skirt so you have been seeing my underwear? Creep! Anyway this thing doesn't have a password *start playing all yesterday's confessionals*

Jimmy: Wait what? Darn, I wasn't paying attention! I mean... What?

Felicia: *sees "Holes" last confessional about their "love" and start streaming out of anger that is heard all over the plain, grab Jimmy by his collar and pushes him to the wall*

Diamond: Uh, what is that noise? :S

Jimmy: I-I'm sorry! Stop! I'm sorry!

Dreyk: Not sure...I think it's coming from the vent?

Felicia: *breaks open the door between the room the screens and first class and than throws Jimmy against the bar in first class* Dee, Diamond we need to talk!

Jimmy: Oww...

Dee: Felicia whats wrong.

Jimmy: *slowly and dazed* She found out "Holes" never really liked her.

Felicia: *throws a chair Jimmy's way* We need to talk all the girls, so Diamond too!

JImmy: *ducks* AHHH!!! *walks away so girls can have privacy*

Dreyk: *sits next to Jeremiah*

Jimmy: *sits next to Dreyk and Jeremiah*

Diamond: *walks to Felicia* What's up?

Felicia: You, me and Dee need to stick together and take down Jimmy! In a sisterhood of the upside down triangle! Have you seen the last couple of seasons only Y chromosomes won it and they only flirt with us and make us fall for them to get further in the game we need to stand up against them!

Diamond: Uh, okay. Sure.

Jimmy: (CONF) I don't know what it is. Felicia seems pretty cool, but she hates me!

Dee: Whatever....

Diamond: So, uh, Dreyk, *walks to him* How are you? *smiles*

Dreyk: Huh? Oh, um, I'm fine.

Diamond: Good... I'm fine too, thanks.

Dreyk: That's good.

Diamond: ... You know, you could actually pay attention to me once in a while. That'd be nice.

Dreyk: ...When did you become so needy all of a sudden?

Diamond: Needy? I'm not needy, I just don't like that I'm the one to start every conversation with you. It's like you don't care.

Dreyk: Of course I do! Why do you think I'm in a relationship with you then? :/

Diamond: You certainly act like you don't. :)

Dreyk: You're so bipolar sometimes...

Diamond: Whatever.

Dreyk: Yeah. And you say I don't care...

Diamond: Pfft, are you trying to say that I don't care? Oh, please.

Felicia: See! HE is only using you! STOP THAT *throws a chair at Dreyk*

Dreyk: Agh! What the hell is wrong with you guys today?

Diamond: *walks off to the Economy Class*

Dreyk: Wait, ugh! *dodges another chair and follows Diamond*

Felicia: I will show how powerful girls can be. * Stumbles angry towards a bowl of chocolate and eat it* This is great! *felicia said with anger in her voice and get's a handfull and eat it as she goes back to economy class*

Diamond: *walks in and sits down and starts writing in her notepad*

Economy Class: Everyone Else

Dreyk: *puts ear against first class door*

Dee: What are you doing?

Jimmy: I'm sorry, Felicia. I know you and "Holes" had a thing.

Dreyk: Something. @Dee >.>

Dee: Do you think they are cheating on us?

Dreyk: least, I don't think so...or I don't think Diamond would do that...

Dee: Lets go re-break that door! *leaves*

Dreyk: ._. You go do that.

Felicia: I am fine Jimmy, *pushes Jimmy away and walks into first class*

Jimmy: Oof-- Wait! *chases Felicia*

Marcus: And with that, everyone's gone. More room for me, then. *relaxes* Silence once more...

Diamond: *sits down and crosses arms*

Marcus: Cue Dreyk coming soon...

Dreyk: Diamond! Seriously. What's wrong with you today? *sits down next to her*

Felicia: *walks in and sits at the end of the bench where Dreyk, Diamond and Marcus are also sitting eating chocolate*

Diamond: Didn't I just tell you? Stop expecting me to do everything in this relationship! I get it if you want some time away from me, but tell me! I feel like you hate me and I can't just do nothing about that.

Dreyk: You know what? I'm done, Diamond. I don't want to do this, but it really does seem like you just want to push me away. And I'm fine with that. I don't hate you. I never will, but I don't think this relationship is good for either of us.

Diamond: ... Fine. That's how I felt too. I'm glad I met you, Dreyk. If you don't mind, I'll go back to First Class now. *stands up* And before I go, I'm sorry for being so whiny. You did nothing wrong. But, yeah. Thanks for everything. *kisses him on the cheek and walks back to first class*

Dreyk: *sits next to Marcus* Can you believe her?

Marcus: I don't even know half of what happened, so I have no right to judge. *shrugs*

Felicia: *sees Diamond walking first class and follows her*


Marcus: (CONF) *parties over empty economy class*

Diamond: (CONF) Uh, so that just happened... Was it really worth it though...? Ugh, ? I won't be able to let this go, I know I won't. But I'll try.

Challenge 14

Chris: Welcome to Denmark. We're standing in front of Tivoli Gardens the most famous amusement park in Denmark and one of the most famous in the world. For your challene you will be designing your own amusement park. You will come up with a name for the park, featured attraction or attractions and a location. The person with the best amusement park will win.

Jimmy: My park would be Cell Land and it would be cell themed! It would be in London, since Robert Hooke discovered the cell there. A featured attraction would be the Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum, where you would ride through a factory while anamatronics assemble proteins. The factory would be the RER, while the workers would be the ribosomes, since the RER is like a factory, studded with builders, the ribosomes. Basically, every cell part would be some form of attraction. People would be taken from place to place in monorails, called vesicles after the transport systems of the cells.

Dreyk: Science is boring~. Mine is called Chicago After. It's based off of the Dystopian Chicago in the book Divergent, written by Veronica Roth. The featured attraction would be a zipline like the one in the book from a high tower that goes for, let's say, a while. So basically an awesome zip-line. There would be a fence around the whole amusement park, like the Chicago in the book, and it would be located on the outskirts of Chicago (for all to see what their future would be like). Just kidding. Hopefully.

Felicia: *tries to get out of the plane fall in a trash can and the trash can explodes and her limbs are flying everywhere*

Marcus: My park would be called Chris Land and it would be modeled off of Chris's interests which include himself, torturing of others, and profits- which would come of course. The featured attraction would be a ride where you have to pay tons of money for...a rollercoaster which rises to a still low level, falls, and ends- with your maniacal laughter at the end. It would be located in Newfoundland. You see, the trick is to trick people with good commercials- then you scam them and get the money. Commercials trick people all the time, so it'd probably work, and you'd keep getting customers. *shrugs*

Chris: You can all stop.

Elimination Ceremony 14

Chris: I've been informed that Felicia is um no longer with us so no need to vote. You're all safe for now.

Episode 15: A Viking's Life For Me

Economy Class: Everyone

Jimmy: Felicia, no! (CONF) *sniff* Why does everyone keep dying?!?

Dee: Because people do stupid things?

Diamond: Poor Felicia. Oh noes, our final 3 alliance... sad. :(

Jimmy: Well, bye Felicia.


Challenge 15

Chris: Welcome to Sweden! For your challenge you must build a boat (5 lines) for my Viking friends here and sail to the finish line (5 lines). First two done win immunity!

Diamond: *builds*

Marcus: *builds* (1)

Diamond: *builds*

Dreyk: *builds* (1)

Diamond: *builds*

Dreyk: *builds* (2)

Jimmy: *builds*

Dreyk: *builds* (3)

Jimmy: 8buikds8

Dreyk: *builds* (4)

Jimmy: *builds*

Dreyk: *builds* (5) Done.

Jimmy: *builds*

Marcus: *builds* (2)

Dreyk: *sails to the finish line* (1)

Marcus: *builds* (3)

Diamond: *buoilds*

Marcus: *builds* (4)

Jimmy: *builds*

Marcus: *builds* (5)

Diamond: *builds*

Dreyk: *sails to the finish line* (2)

Marcus: *sails* (1)

Dreyk: *sails to the finish line* (3)

Diamond: *sails*

Dreyk: *sails to the finish line* (4)

Diamond: *sails*

Dreyk: *sails to the finish line* (5)

Jimmy: *sails*

Diamond: *sails*

Jimmy: *sails*

Diamond: *sails*

Jimmy; *sails*

Diamond: *sails* YESSSSSS SUCK IT JIMMY BISH UR GOIN HOMEEEEE *cough* I mean yay! *hugs Dreyk* Uh no no, *hugs Dee* *cheeks flush red*

Dee: *hugs back* You go girl!

Jimmy: Wha- I was- No! I can't come so close AGAIN! Please!

Dreyk: Face it, Jimmy. You're never reaching the finals again. Also, you just got beat by a girl. Congrats.

Jimmy: Hey, I've been beaten by girls before! I mean, what?

Chris: Well looks like we have our winners!

Elimination Ceremony 15

Chris: You all know what to do by now.

Jimmy: (CONF) Well, it's obvious I'm going home. I can't wait to see someone rob it from in front of you lovebirds' noses. Me? Irrelevant? Pah. I'll be back, and I'll show you all. Anyways, I guess I'll vote Dee. She seems like the biggest threat to me. *stamps Dee's passport*

Dee: (CONF) I made it this far... you haven't really talked to me... and Dreyk wanted you out. *stamps Jimmy's Passport.*

Diamond: (CONF) Bye Jimmy, this final 5 is beautiful. *stamps Jimmy's passport* (sorry surfer i love you)

Dreyk: (CONF) You're the last Team Victory member standing, and the last person that isn't in our alliance standing, proud. *votes Jimmy*

Marcus: (CONF) Sorry...but, I have to keep my throne of the irrelevant king. Get out. *stamps Jimmy's passport*

Chris: Bowls of gruel go to Dreymond, Jeremiah, Marcus and Dee. Sorry Jimmy, but you're outta here! *pushes him out of the plane*

Jimmy: *grabs wall* I'll be back! ASVU 11! This will not be the last you hear from Jimmy Tangles! *falls*

Episode 16: Always A Bridesmaid Never A Bride

First Class: Dreymond

Dreyk: So.

Diamond: So. FInal 5! Yay.

Dreyk: *smiles (gg Marcus)* Yeah. Final five. And we both won immunity.

Diamond: *smiles* Indeed. :D

Dreyk: ...We're still friends, right, Diamond? Even after, y'know...

Diamond: Of course! :D

Dreyk: Good. (CONF) I don't understand how she can be so happy.

Diamond: Cool. *sits down and writes in her notepad*

Dreyk: What're ya writing?

Diamond: N-nothing! *scribbles something out* D:

Dreyk: Is it something about me? :p

Diamond: No. >:( (CONF) ADldfjkrhnbgjfoofmklvsnb (END CONF)

Dreyk: Oh. Alright then.

Diamond: It's a f-fanfiction? Duh. But you're not allowed to see it!

Dreyk: Awh. Well, okay. I'll just be raiding the fridge or something.

Diamond: Ok? *writes more*

Economy Class: Everyone Else

Dee: I've never won a personal immunity...

Marcus: *senses Dreyk smiling like it's a Spidey Sense* Nope. *grabs everything he owns* It's like a death omen. *leaves to where the elimination ceremonies take place and grabs a parachute* Good-bye. Not like I was relevant in anyway...this is just the Love Boat but on the plane. Anyone who wasn't in love wasn't relevant, but I managed to take it to another degree. Well, this is good-bye. I won't miss any of the imaginary people that are supposed to represent everyone left in the competition. *jumps off the plane, BUT ACTUALLY LIVES*

Jeremiah: Why, I quite liked him, actually. What a shame. Hmph. Uh, so, Dee, how have things with you been since we last... talked, I guess you could say?

Dee: Fine... and you?

Jeremiah: A bit quiet, but other than that great. So, I just wanted to make sure things were okay with you. After we... you know, I didn't see you much... I'm sorry if I ruined anything or upset you...

Dee: Nothing is wrong.

Jeremiah: Then, if I may ask, why'd you leave?


Dee:(CONF) Yay? Final Four?

Challenge 16

Chris: Welcome to Niagara Falls! For your challenge you'll be in pairs. Dee and Jeremiah, Dreyk and Diamond *laughs* You must write wedding vows to each other. The pair with the best vows will win. Savvy? *looks at Dreyk and Diamond and laughs* Good luck!

Diamond: ... *looks at Dreyk* D:

Dreyk: A-are you serious, Chris?

Diamond: Ugh... OK, let me prepare first... *writes in pad* D:

Diamond: So uh, here I go... I, I wrote a poem to start...

To Dreyk...

When I first saw you,

I knew it'd be love, it's true,

I had a thought deep in my brain,

That I'd fall in love with you on this plane.

We laughed, we smiled,

We argued, nearly died,

But one thing I have to say,

I'll love you 'til my dying days.

So Dreyk, hear me out,

I love you such a huge amount,

My heart is heavy with love still inside,

Ready to be released when our lives collide.

Even though we may fall out,

I'll never, ever, accuse you out of doubt,

And while we've had our differences in the past,

You and me we can have a love so vast.

I hope we can love each other as much as we do now,

Even though we might have an argument or a row,

I want to be with you, really I do,

I have to say to you now, I love you.

Uhm, okay, so Dreyk, I will love you even through dark times. I will love you through every fight, row, and night away from home. I hope we can settle down and be happy together. I have many hopes for our future, and I hope you do too. I love the way you s-smile, your amazing laugh, your personality, the way you l-look *coughs* and the way you are on a whole. I love you Dreyk, there's no denying it, so I hope we may be blessed in the wonderful thing that is marriage. I love you. *cough* *sits down* Did I just... echhhh....

Dreyk: Oh, um, uh...okay. turn...

Diamond, I know we've fought one too many times, and sometimes because of the smallest things, or for the worst of reasons. What's weird is that our relationship started from a Truth or Dare game, but that, I know, is the most important part of my life. Because I met you. The most beautiful, strongest, and brightest Diamond I've ever met. Y-you made me believe that you liked me, and I was unsure, but over time, my love for you grew to no end. When we...broke up, I felt empty. We were still friends, yeah, but I wanted you back. The thought of my life without you is unbearable, and I want you to be with me every step of the way. I love you, Diamond, and no matter what the future holds, I'm going to cherish every moment with you. (CONF) Whew. That was convincing, at least for me. Not as convincing as Diamond's vows, though. I even thought she meant it! :p

Diamond: ........ (CONF) Gah. Why me, lord!

Dee: ... Jeremiah... you said hi to me.... I broke your barriers down (doors) and threatened your life at least once... I also want to beat you up... But I love you.... and I want to be there for you when your.. um... shoveling manure.. or whatever you do on farms... and I want you to be there watching from the armored truck... as I bust a cap into a rival of mine... I love you Jeremiah and want to be with you forever.

Jeremiah: You expect me to get all lovey-dovey? No thanks. I love Dee... I appreciate Dee as a proper acquaintance, but nothing more than that, I meant... dangerous mafia family of hers. Heh, but anyway, I know that things will be cool between us. Our vows aren't serious, but they're talking about actual love... for the most part... while they are not. So, we win at something at least... (CONF) We're screwed... (END CONF)

Chris: Dreyk and Diamond win!

Elimination Ceremony 16

Chris: Well either Dee or Jeremiah is going home so vote!

Diamond: (CONF) Um, I'll vote Jeremiah. This was a really difficult decision, and I'm so sorry for voting you out. It was hard. (sorry side-bae really I am)

Dreyk: (CONF) Diamond is voting for you, and ties are...just time-consuming. Let's get this over with. *stamps Jeremiah's passport* Sorry. (ily dianted <3)

Jeremiah: (CONF) I did nothing compared to what Dee did. I'd rather her continue in the game than let me continue. *Stamps his own passport* (END CONF)

Dee: (CONF) *stamps her own passport* ...

Chris: Bowls of gruel go to Dreyk, Diamond and Dee! Sorry I have to do this Jeremiah but *pushes him out of the plane*

Episode 17: Know Thy Losers

First Class: Everyone

Dee: ....

Diamond: Dee... I uh, I'm sorry for voting Jeremiah... Please forgive me?

Dee: He doesn't like me. I'm more upset with the lack of doors to break.

Diamond: O-okay. Let's go trash the Cargo Hold!

Dee: This is why I like you! *hugs Diamond*

Diamond: Yas! *goes to cargo hold* (hint hint ACTN)

Dreyk: *napping on the couch because why not*

Diamond: *walks in* Uhh.... *sees him napping* Oh. I don't want to wake him up but we really need to talk whatifhehatesmeforitbutwereallyneedtotalk! Uh... *clears her throat* *accidentally knocks over a table* Whoops!

Dreyk: ._. okay there?

Diamond: Huh? Oh were you awake oh no! (i know exactly what i want and who i wanna be!) Um... *clears throat* can we talk?

Dreyk: Sure. What's up?

Diamond: *sits* I... it's better if you read this... *shoves her notebook into his hands* Pages 52 to 54.... *smiles*

Dreyk: Wait, this your notepad? *flips to page 52*

Diamond: Yes....

~The notepad reads;~

{written before the break-up in Denmark}


so I've been stupid. I know exactly what's going to happen. He's going to end it, isn't he? Well, if that's the case, I'm ready. I don't blame him, breaking up with a whiny a** like me. I won't let this get to me. I know how to deal with this kind of thing. He's a boy, get over yourself, Diamond.


{written before the Niagra Falls challenge}


I can't do it. I can't stop thinking about him. I should have tried to save the relationship when I could. Too late. But I can't do nothing. I'll try and become his friend. Yeah, I'll do that... Oh, what am I saying? I've never felt like this before. He's different. I have to do something but it's going to take some convincing.

Diamond: ...

Dreyk: ...Di, you're not stupid. You're not a whiny a**. And...I don't think either of us could've saved the relationship, Diamond. You're still my f-friend, but I don't know if I'm ready to be in a relationship again...

Diamond: Yeah, same... But I just t-thought you should see that...

Dreyk: Diamond?

Dee: *breaks the door down* Hi.

Diamond: Yes, Dreyk?

Dreyk: I- oh, hi, Dee.

Dee: Make up. Or else.

Diamond: Hey Dee. Um, we kind of did? I guess...

Dreyk: Yep.

Diamond: Yeah... *grabs her notepad and writing kit and scribbles a note in the notepad and passes it to Dreyk*

Dreyk: ...same.

Diamond: *takes the notepad back* :| I'm going back to Economy Class. *leaves*

Dreyk: ...Oh, um...wait... *glares at Dee* Please don't... *leaves*

Dee: *sips on a smoothie* I should give them space...

Economy Class: Dee and Diamond

Diamond: *punches a door* Feels good, right? >:D

Dee: *breaks the door with her kick* Always!

Diamond: It's a good way to get your feelings out.... >:( *kicks a box*

Dee: So... where is Dreyk?

Diamond: I assume he's... um, still in First Class... Y-yeah. *kicks the box again*

Dee: Go talk to him... Now.

Diamond: F/rhyjtkncbzcxvbdt78gvbdf but.... I... I don't know. Okay. Fine. *hugs Dee* Wish me luck IRL *walks out*

Dreyk: Diamond?

Diamond: *kicks a wall* Oh um, yeah...?

Dreyk: ._. J-just come over here...

Diamond: *walks to him* Yeah?

Dreyk: I-I...Diamond, I, um, I...I love you, too.

Diamond: ... *blushes* Umm.... O-okay....

Dreyk: *hugs Diamond*

Diamond: *hugs him*

Dreyk: And Diamond?

Diamond: Yeah?

Dreyk: P-please don't leave. Ever.

Diamond: D-don't leave...? Okay... Same to you... <3


Dee: (CONF) Hanging with Diamond is really making losing Jeremiah tolerable. (CONF END)

Challenge 17

Chris: Okay today's challenge is answering 10 questions about some of the previous eliminated contestants. The first person to answer all 10 correctly wins.

1. What is "Holes" real name?

2. How was Romeo injured? (gg :P)

3. Which contestant claims to be a former celebrity?

4. Who is the only person to quit the game WITHOUT being injured or...dead?

5. Who did Dee try to shoot in the episode The Walking Dread?

6. Who often ran around with no pants?

7. When we merged the teams, who was the first person eliminated?

8. Two people voted themselves off this season, who were they?

9. This person was voted off due to their excessive partying, who was it?

10. Which member of Team Amazon was voted off for being a threat

Diamond: 1. Chester

2. Napping

3. Kimberly

4. Marcus

5. Thomas

6. Pen

7. Lehl

8. Lehl and Jeremiah

9. Sara

10. Honey?

Dreyk: What the hell. Nobody cares about Romeo >:(

1) Chester

2) um...someone attacked him while he was napping?

3) Kimberly

4) Marcus

5) Thomas

6) Pen...

7) Lehl :(

8) Jeremiah and Lehl

9) Sara

10) Honey

Dee: 1. Chester


3. Kimberly..

4 Tirone?

5. Thomas

6 Pen

7 Lehl

8 Jere.. and Lehl

9 Sara... idiot

10 Laney

Chris: Diamond wins!

Elimination Ceremony 17

Chris: Diamond who is going to the finale with you?

Dee: Take him with you....

Diamond: this was a very tough decision until Dee (Dark) approached me and convinced me to take Dreyk. So I'll take Dreyk. I'm sorry Dee, thank you for everything. I hope we will continue to be friends. Love you! (srry dark and thank you for being amazing literally you are amazing thank you)

Dee: I want both of you to fight like Tigers for this.... or I will shoot you. Bye.

Dreyk: ...Thank you, Dee. And give Jeremiah a second chance, mkay?

Dee: I Will. (CONF) This is my goodbye viewers.... Bye.

Chris: Well Dee its third place for you! See you at the finale! *pushes her out of the plane*

Episode 18: Red Hot Finale

Previous ASVU Contestants

Honey: *arrives* Diamond and Dreyk in the final! Eeehh.

Dee: *arrives* Yep.

Zombie Leo: *Angrily Growls and breaks pictures of all his teammates that he painted*

Dee: *shoots Leo finally ending him* (plz)

Zombie Leo: *Takes Of Mask And Reveals That He Wasnt Dead* Owwwwwww! Again! It was a prank! AHHHH *Falls and Dies*

Honey: Dee! *hugs her* I'm so happy to see you!

Dee: *hugs back* Good to see you.

Real Leo: Oh no no this is bad. That wasn't me... I hired an actor! You are in so much trouble!

A random guy: *rolls in with a bucket with limbs* These are the only limbs we could've find of Felicia. The rest hasn't been found yet.

Dee: Not the first time I shot an innocent man...

Leo: That wasnt just any actor it ...Mike from Revenge of The Island! Oh wait I think you actually did us a favor.

Honey: But Dee, when were you eliminated?

Leo: BTW who are you people?

Honey: *looks to Leo* Ehh.. hey we were in the same team, right?

Leo: Two things that might be true. One you're an idiot. Two Al Caprincess shot you in the head because you obviously are not thinking! It was an actor I hired after my bad performance in ASVU 8!

Honey: You are a evil gnome!

Leo: Awwww thanks!

Chris: ASVU9 contestants it's time to pick a winner! Go vote in the confessional to vote and also tell viewers why you're voting that person.

Leo: Well! I am not afraid to say this outside of the confessional! Dreyk! Last season me and you were enemies! And you new girl...uh yeah i dont know.

Actor: *Gets up From Floor* I will help. *Does Leo Impression* Well...Diamond! You was nice to all of us. Except me! After I was nice enough to paint to your picture. And plus you were on my team that voted me out! Plus someone shot me during the zombie challenge and i am blaiming you! So my vote is...

Leo: *Cuts of the actor* Wait hold up!, Since I was technically never voted out I should be up there!

Actor: No!

Leo: Them I vote diamond! Since I hate Dreyk!

Actor: No! You hired me to compete for you and to act like you! And you would never vote for a teamate that voted you out! And since me and Dreyk never had beef he gets my vote! *Officially votes Dreyk*

Dee: (CONF) I vote Diamond. Obvious Reasons.

Leo: That is not fair!

Actor: I competed I voted!

Leo: Who are you anyways?!

Actor: The name is Liameo!

Jeremiah: *Walks up to Dee* So are you going to just sit there and stare blankly or are uou going to apologize?

Dee: Why should I apologize.

Jeremiah: You let Chris push me out of a plane hurling to my death without a kiss. I know you're not one for feelings but that hurt. And then I got pinned as the bad guy because I apparently "didn't love you". What was that even about? It's just... so...

Jimmy: (CONF) I vote Dreyk (sorry, lucina). He has more personality and has deserved this for a looooooooong time.

Dee: You called me an acquaintance... doesn't really scream love....

Jeremiah: But don't you remember how much acquaintances meant to me? I only called you that then because I was afraid your family would hunt me down and kill me. But I don't care anymore. I love you. And that's all that matters.

Dee: *on phone* Ya.... No.... Don't eliminate target... He said it... Ok.... Bye Vinny....

Jeremiah: ... Wait a minute. Hold your horses.... You had a hit on me?

Dee: Yes.

Jeremiah: Are you kidding me!? What the--! So... because I tried to ensure I didn't die... you placed a hit on me. And then I'd be dead. So what if I was going to-- Ugh! cannot believe you would be such a spoiled brat!

Leo: Haha this is the season of death! Btw is Saionji here?

Thomas's Ghost: (CONF) I vote Dreyk, he honestly played the best game, he's worked hard therefore I vote him

Apex: Diamond better win.. and I don't think I will ever be back on this show.

Dee: .... *leaves*

Apex: *votes Diamond* (Yas my bae <3)

Romeo: (CONF) I suppose I'll vote for Diamond...I'm not even sure that the person Diamond is competing against is Dreyk...he seems too different, but I might have missed something. *leaves the confessional and a shadowy figure places a vote for Dreyk instead*

Marcus: I'm just...not voting. I refuse.

Jeremiah: ... Ugh! (CONF) Dee would want Diamond to win, and she doesn't deserve to have things go her way any more. I vote Dreyk. (END CONF)

Marcus: You look angrier than I am right now. And that's saying something...

Jeremiah: If someone tried to have you killed you'd feel the same way.

Apex: *on phone* I should join ASVU11? Ok I'll try. *gets off phone* :)

Marcus: *to Jeremiah* True- but hasn't Chris almost killed everyone a couple of times? Well, I actually don't see where I'm going with this anymore, so, uh good luck with your problems. I'd offer a cookie for thought- you know, food for thought- but cookies just get stale after a while. You can take the whole jar. *hands Jeremiah the cookie jar*

Jeremiah: No thank you. But, you wouldn't understand. This was serious, and on a personal level. I kind of blame myself for what happened... if only-- No. *Sighs* I don't know either. *Starts to cry*

Marcus: Hey, don't blame yourself. I mean- why would someone trying to kill you be your fault? Isn't it theirs in the first place? For not letting some stupid little thing go?

Kimberly: Ugh, what are all these commoners doing? (CONF) I vote for Diamond because Dreyk backstabbed me! I was robbed of my stardom! :(

Laney: I vote neither, This incredibly predictable finale is annoying me. I should not even be here right now, I should be at the set. (CONF: I guess I need to vote Dreyk, Even though "Dreymond" makes no sense I still think he deserves this for playing since Season 4 and also working hard. I don't consider having a gigantic alliance strategy but I still think Dreyk played the better game. Plus I owe it to him for voting him out last year)

Honey: I'm voting Diamond. I always felt she was my best friends. She totally deserves to win!

Tirone's Ghost: Whooo-! I vote Dreyk cuz he rocks... whooo!

Lehl: I vote Diamond since I think it's time we have another female winner.

Sara: Diamond.

Rhett: i like Dreyk, he's been great to watch on tv since i got the boot, i vote for him to win. :D

Final Two Chat

Dreyk: So...we're here. Final 2.

Diamond: Yeah. Good luck. :)

Dreyk: Yep. Good luck, Diamond.

Diamond: Thank you. *walks towards him and hugs him* thanks for everything.

Dreyk: No problem, Diamond. *hugs her back*

Diamond: So no hard feelings if I win?

Dreyk: Nah, because I have you.

Diamond: *smiles* Oh stop it, you. *kisses him*

Dreyk: Y'know, no matter how much I hate this stupid show, I'd do it again. Not sure why.

Diamond: Same.

Sami: Diamond. I love them. I even have one! Every MASTERMIND HAS TO HAVE ONE!

Pen: Diamond.

Elimination Ceremony 18

Chris: I have tallied the votes and its a tie! 8-8. Lucky for you our producers have allowed us to give you both the victory! So congratulations to our WINNERS Dreyk and Diamond! How do you guys feel considering this is the first time this has happened on our show?

Leo: Yess!!!

Liameo: Yesss!!

Leo: Well they both win so it is fair!