Myed: This camp is made to test out which element is the best. I'm your host, Myed. There are 14 elements to sign up for, so go now!

Signups (CLOSED)

0. Everything - 13sora - Character Name: Myed (HOST)

1. Power- Berryleaf - Power

2. Space - Franky494 (Space goes by the name of Astro)

3. Wind - Totaldramamike13 ( Goes By Cyclos )

4. Ice - Bobthehedgehog

5. Earth - CoGreen2.0

6. Illusion- Franky494 (Illusion goes by name of Luna)

7. Moon - TrentFan(TF)

8. Fire-Mike1856

9. Water - ParaGoomba348

10. Time-Scienceboy0 (Time is being played by The Doctor)

11. Nature - CoGreen2.0

12. Lightning - Bobthehedgehog

13. Light- Scienceboy0

14. Darkness-Mike1856

Elementation Table

Power Absent Absent Absent Absent Absent LOW LOST Absent Absent IN IN IN  
Ice (Captain) WIN WIN IN IN LOW LOST              
Fire LOST                        
Water WIN WIN LOST                    
Nature WIN WIN IN LOST                  
Lightning LOW WIN IN IN IN LOST              
Light WIN WIN LOST                    
Darkness LOW LOST                      


||||||=This contestant has never joined a team/was missing during that challenge.

||||||=This contestant is part of the Ice Explorers

||||||=This contestant is part of the Lunar Eclipses

||||||=This contestant won that challenge.

||||||=This contestant lost that challenge, but was not voted for in the Elementation Ceremony.

||||||=This contestant lost that challenge AND was voted for in the Elementation Ceremony.

||||||=This contestant was voted out that day.

List of Hosts

Darkness:No. I:The Girl Steeped in Darkness

Light:Rosa:The Path to the Light

Lightning:Renela:The Queen B of Lightning

Nature:Armulia: The Flower with Thorns

Time:Ordul:The One who has All the Time in the World to Play a Game

Water:Myed:The Melodious King of Awesome

Fire:Ale:The Hot-Headed Friend of All

Moon:Asi:The Short-Fused Werewolf

Illusion:Nizoe:The Invisible Illusionist

Earth:Seaule:The Silent Rock

Ice:Vene:The Cold as Fire Scientist

Wind:Landi:The Flighty One

Space:Bargi:The Cocky Sharpshooter

Power:Manse:The Evil Mastermind of Nothing



Lightning and Water

Nature & Ice

Lightning and Ice


Nature and Doctor

Astro and Luna

Earth and Power


Lightning, and Ice

Astro, Luna, Moon and Earth

Cyclos and Doctor

Power and Earth

Elemenated Chat

Myed: This is for people who are voted off ONLY. You may chat about whatever you want. And there might be an chance for reward (One person will return soon)...

Water: Can't believe they voted me off! I'm gonna come back one of these days...


Myed: All right, while we wait for everyone else to get here, you guys can talk over here.

Luna: Hi Astro

Astro: Hi

Luna: Where are you from

Astro: The Solar System

Light: Hello!

Doctor: *arrives* Hello! Time couldn't be here, you know, time never stops! So, he sent me instead!

Cyclos: *Blows in* hey guyyysss myy nameee isss cyyclosss ( okay no more expanding letters)

Fire : hi

Cyclos: hey fire whats up?

Luna: I'm Luna, *Gets Cut in half* *Feet and Head chase Astro, Chest is eating Cake* Its an Illusion

Astro: What Da Hell

Ice: This is gonna be so cool!

Tdri Lightning: Lightning is here. Sha-bam!

Lightning: It's not you this season. It's me. Get out Or is swear to Zeus I will have lightning strike you in the TDRI finale.

Ice: *tdri lightning doesn't leave so ice freezes him and slides him out the door and all the way to Camp Wawanakwa*

Water: Anyone who crosses my path will instantly be drowned.

Astro: Please Shut up Warty Water

Cyclos: so when do we begin the challange?

Light: Probably when everyone gets here.

Nature: Why hello there everybody. It is wonderful to meet you all!

Earth: Just stay out of my way and nobody will need to worry about getting ROCKED!

Myed: *Yells at mysterious hooded figure* WHY ISN'T POWER HERE YET???

???: Dunno. I told you that you were sending the wrong guy for the job...

Myed: Whatever, No. i. Just be ready.

No. i: Okay.

Doctor: What just happened?

Myed: All will or will not be explained in the first challenge.

Lightning: I say that Power should be zapped out of the competition because he's late. Much unlike Time.

Ice: Chill man, he'll show up. And it would be hilariously ironic if time was late.

Earth: That joke was DIRT!

Day 1: Dark Beginnings

No. i: *Whispers in Myed's ear*

Myed: Really? Okay, I'll go look for him. *Exits* *grumbles* All the power in the Universe and he gets lost...

No. i: Okay, guess I'll be explaining how these challenges work!

No. i: Each day will be a challenge based off of one of the 14 elements. The champions of that element will get a slight advantage in that challenge. And now, to Darkness! *summons portal into dark dimension*

Challenge 1: Dark Dodgeball

No. i: Hey, I'm No. i, and I am the master of Darkness! Dodge THIS! *Throws dark meteor* (You will have to dodge the meteor as it comes towards you. The last two to dodge it will be out)

Round 1

*Darkness absorbs meteor* (Darkness' power won't work again)

Ice: AH! *makes ice shield* *meteor bounces off toward lightning*

Lightning: OW!

Ice: Sor- WOAH! *dodges* Sorry Lightning

Lightning: Ok Ice just don't do it again. *dodges*

Nature: *rides a horse away from the landing zone of the meteor* What a lovely day for a ride!

Earth: That meteor thinks it can hit ME!?! *burrows into ground to avoid meteor*

Moon: AH! *Dodges meteor* Hey! I wasn't hi-.......there's no more coming, right?

No. i: Let's see, that's Astro, Cyclos, Illusion, Fire, Water, The Doctor, and Light out!

No. i: Next round!

Round 2

No. i: Ready? GO! *Throws dark meteor*

Ice: *dodges*

Lightning: *dodges*

Moon: *dodges* Oh.......there's more? Okay, I'm kind of worried.

No. i: Just until there are 2 contestants left.

Moon: Oh, okay, I guess.

No. i: No one else? Okay then... *Everyone else gets hit* MOON is the first team captain! Ice and Lightning, choose between yourself who will be the second. While we get that disputed... You will now choose between yourselves for someone to go home.

Ice: Sorry, Lightning. *shoves Lightning off dark cliff*

No. i:And ICE is the second team captain!

Elemenation Ceremony 1

No. i: Please leave your votes in this Box de Losers!

Water: (Writes Lightning on a piece of paper and puts it in the box) Sorry dude. You're a threat to my life.

Ice: (votes fire)

Lightning: (votes fire) You didn't play, but out of those that didn't dodge, you're probably the strongest.

Moon: *votes Fire* Sorry........

Nature: *votes Fire* Fire is my number 1 fear.

Light: *puts darkness on a slip of paper* Sorry, dude. It's a personal thing.

The Doctor: *puts fire on a slip of paper*

No. i: Okay! Fire is OUT! *sends Fire to the ocean*

Team Choosing

No. i: Moon and Ice are the team captains! Please choose your teams and decide on a name. (Ice and Moon will pick their team members 1 at a time. If the other captain doesn't respond in 10 minutes, you can pick again. You will also decide the names.)

Moon: I'll choose Water. Water sounds like a nice person.

Ice: I'll choose Lightning. And our team name can be the Arctic Warriors.

Ice: I choose the Doctor.

Moon: Earth, seems like a good person, too! Our team name could be the Lunar Eclipses?

Ice: Nature seems like a strong player. I choose him.

Moon: Hey Light, you can be on my team. If that's okay with you.

Moon: I choose Space.

Ice: I choose Wind.

Moon: Illusions are interesting, I choose Illusion.

Ice: I guess that leaves me with Darkness. Cool.

Moon: Nice team, Ice.

Ice: You too Moon. And may the best team win.

Moon: Yeah, good luck. *shakes hand*

Ice: *shakes hand and provides both teams with lemon snowcones.

No. i:And those are the teams!

On the Lunar Eclipses:






and Illusion!

On the Arctic Explorers:



The Doctor



and Darkness!

Day 2: The Light at the Beginning of the Tunnel

No. i: As soon as Moon and Ice choose their teams, we can get on with the next challenge!

*Another mysterious hooded figure appears*

???: You've had your fun, No. i. Now it's MY turn.

No. i: *sigh* FINE. *Disappears in a cloud of darkness*

???: *Takes off hood* Hi, I'm Rosa, mistress of Light, and I'll be guiding you on your way today!

Light: Rosa? How'd you get to host, babe?

Cyclos: shes beutiful :D CONFESIONAL: shes cute never thoguht i would like someone of the light kind huh

Light: Hey, watch it, she's my wife.

Lunar Eclipses Chat

Water: So, who's ready? Thanks, Moon, for picking me.

Moon: No problem, Water, I'm glad to have you on the team :)

Light: Same here.

Cyclos: CONF: im here to win anyone who thinks otherwise shall die! light seems kinda like the alliance type so i gun for him first CONF OUT

Earth: As long as we're winning, then we I'm glad to be here.

Arctic Warriors Chat

Ice: Alright team, even though they have Light, we can still win this.

Doctor: Yeah! Go arctic warriors!

Nature: I wish us the best of luck!

Challenge 2: Light Tag

Rose: Okay, Challenge time! I have given you all the power to shoot light. You must shoot other people with your light. If they don't dodge in time (one line after), they are OUT! (No double posting, Light automatically dodges the first one shot at him)

Rose: Begin.

Cyclos: Shoots ice!

Illusion: *Shoots at Cyclos*

Water: *Shoots at Lightning*

Doctor: *shoots Illusion*

Light: *shoots water*

Cyclos: dodges Illusions Throw* (Only the next line)

Ice: Shoot Light! (CONF) I don't know why Cyclos shot me. We're on the same team. His "Friendly Fire" might cost our team the challenge.

Nature: I hope you can forgive me. I wish no harm. (shoots Water)

Earth: Heheheh You won't be so high and mighty after this! (shoots Ice)

Cyclos: why was mine crossed out and btw ice im on lunar eclipses?

Rosa: Read the rules ;)

Cyclos: k geuss im out

Ice: Earth, Cyclos already got me even though we're on the same team. *showing hostility toward Cyclos*

Earth: Ummm....Oops?

Astro: *Shoots The Doctor*

Cyclos: than why were you chatting in the artic warriors chat

Ice: I'm Ice!?! The Arctic Warriors team captain! I picked you Cyclos, but had a brain fart and called you Wind instead of Cyclos.

Nature: (hiding in a bush) Cyclos. Be careful, getting distracted may cost us the challenge.

Rosa: Status Update! Ice, Cyclos, Lightning, Illusion, Water, and The Doctor all OUT!

That leaves Astro, Earth, Moon, Nature, Light and Darkness IN!

Nature and Darkness are the only ones left in the Arctic Explorers!

Nature: (to Darkness) We can do this!

Cyclos: sorry ice i was confused we still cool :)

Ice: Ok we're cool. (CONF) Well i have no idea who to vote out if we lose.

Cycloes: hey ice wanna aline (no one can hear this)

Ice: Sure if we can have Lightning. (no one caan hear this)

Cyclos: i'll ask (no one can hear this)

Ice: Ok (no one can hear this)

No. i: *runs in* STOP! I have gotten word that Darkness and Fire are controlling innocent people and using them to their own advantage!

Rosa: *Gasps* You are OUT! Can't have a felon here... *Destroys Darkness in a pillar of Light*

Rosa: The challenge is over! Since the Lunar Eclipses had the most contestants left, they get their common room moved to Heaven!

Day 3: The Lightning-Quick Day

Rosa: Okay guys, time for your rewa...

Renela: *Slaps Rosa into portal* Enough of that sweet, sappy stuff! I'M HERE NOW! *electrocutes everyone* More pain for you means more fun for me! Hahahaha! Just wait until the challenge...

Heaven (Lunar Eclipses Chat)

Astro: Wow Not Very Lively, Wish I was on the Artic Warriors

Luna: Same Dude

Earth: At least we won!

Moon: Yeah! Sorry I wasn't talking, I was waiting for someone else to talk.

Astro: Now I take it back, Go Lunar Eclipses

Luna: Same Here

Astro: Hey Luna, Moon + Earth wanna be in an alliance

Earth: Ummm....Sure! I'm in

Luna: Yay, Now we need to wait to see if Moon wants to be in the alliance

Light: *relaxes* Ahh, heaven. Where all light wants to be someday.

Earth: I don't like being up this high!

Arctic Warriors Chat

Ice: I knew something was up with darkness.

Lightning: Yeah, but this is my time to zap us into a win.

Nature: I had no idea Darkness was THAT evil. We need to be more careful.

(Ice and Lightning are talking in secret)

Ice: Cyclos, i got Lightning to join our alliance, so now we dominate the team (no on can hear this)

Cyclos: Awesome !

Nature: Cyclos? What's awesome?

Nature: (CONF) Am I doing something wrong? Ice and Lightning are still ignoring me. Is it something I said?

Doctor: *pacing in circles* (CONF) I'm not used to waiting. I REALLY want to do something. Anything.

Challenge 3: The Shocking Truth

(Sorry this is late, went camping yesterday) Renele: This is going to be fun... Alright, we're going to play the truth game! Everyone that's participating will sit in a electric chair. I will then ask you a question about one of the TD contestants. If you get the question right, your team earns a point. If you get it wrong, you're OUT for the rest of the challenge! (You can sit out of a challenge, but you won't earn any points. Lightning gets the first one right automatically) And remember... More pain for you means more fun for me!

Round 1

Renele: Who's sitting in the chairs, and who's sitting out?

Moon: *whispers back to Astro* Sure. *to Renele* I'll go for the team......I guess.

Cyclos: my knowledge is good so i not sitting out

Earth: Just a chair? I can take a few zaps. Bring it!

Nature: I do have extensive knowledge. Wish me luck!

Renele: Okay, so the rest of you are sitting out this round. Now... Name 3 out of the 4 contestants that wear earrings!

Nature: Leshawna, Lightning and Zoey

Renele: Correct! Point to the Arctic Explorers! Dang it, I wanted to punish him

Renele: Now... Which 3 original contestants did not compete in either Total Drama Action/World Tour?

Light: Katie, Sadie, and Eva.

Renele: Correct! A point to the Lunar Eclipses! INTERN! MAKE THESE QUESTIONS HARDER!

Intern: But...

*Renele sends Intern into an electrified minefield*

Renele: Now... Which 2 people cursed in thier audition tape?

Doctor: Trent.

Cyclos: Courtney?

Nature: They're right. Both Trent and Courtney. Those are the only two who cuss.

Renele: That's the Lunar Eclipses with one point and the Arctic Explorers with 2 points! And... I want to have fun with this, so,

*Renele electrocutes the Doctor and Cyclos*

Renele: I was looking for both of them! Sorry. Hahahahaha!

Renele: Next! Name 5 characters that have a cleft chin.

Moon: Trent, Geoff, Justin, Dakota, Brick.

Cyclos: Trent,Geoff,Justin,Dakota,Brick,Heather?

Renele: Correct! Shoot!

Renele: With a score of 2 to 3, That is the end of Round 1! The Arctic Explorers win!

Astro: Wrong The Last questions answers is actually, Heather, Geoff, Justin, Dakota, Brick, Trent, Chris and Chef

Luna: He isn't wrong, The Lunar Eclipses should win

Renele: I said Name 5.

Round 2

Renele: Captains, pick 4 people to get shocked participate.

Team Choosing

Lunar Eclipses

Moon: So who wants to go? I'll go if no one wants to. Doctor: I'll go!

Arctic Explorers

Nature: I guess I volunteer. I believe I have what it takes.

Cyclos: so do i!

Light: Pick me! Please!

Renele: Anyone else? If no one from the Lunar Eclipses volunteer, they forfeit.

Renele: Okay! Round 2 is quotes! Competing for the Lunar Eclipses is

Moon and The Doctor

And for the Arctic Explorers are

Nature Cyclos, and Light.

Round 2

Renele: Now who said this?
"Finally, a challenge I can get behind. I use to build bikes back home with my brothers all the time. Okay, so I used to steal them from the dweebs down the street and crash them into the school wall. The point is, this is something I know."

Moon: Um......Duncan?

Renele: Correct! Point to the Lunar Eclipses! Now...

Who said this?

"Do I think that I ride on my good looks, that I use them to my advantage? Do I think being really, really ridiculously good looking has given me the upper hand in life?(laughs) Duh!"

Moon: Justin?

Nature: Justin. I know it's Justin.

Correct! Point to both teams! Now...

Who said this?

"(writing down a list) Humph! Pummel Duncan... (thinks)... Pummel Gwen. Wash socks. (begins to sob)"

Moon: Courtney?

Nature: Courtney during The Ex-Files!

cyclos: courtney *dang too late*

Doctor: Courtney, but I'm too late.

Light: Courtney, and same.

Renele: *counts* Let's see... That's 2 to the Lunar Eclipses and 3 to the Arctic Explorers. That's a tie of 4...


Tiebreaker (Final Round)

Renele: Now... List all of the people in TDI in the order that they were eliminated. (First one to get this wins it for their team)

Doctor: Ezekiel, Eva, Noah, Justin, Katie, Tyler, Izzy, Cody, Beth, Sadie, Courtney, Harold, Eva (again), Trent, Bridgette, Lindsay, DJ, Izzy (again), Geoff, Leshawna, Mr. Coconut, Duncan, Heather, Gwen, and Owen.

Nature: Yes! Doctor got it! We win! Go Arctic Explorers! (Doctor is on Arctic Explorers. You can check)

Cyclos: YES!

Renele: The Arctic Explorers win! As for the Lunar Eclipses... *Shocks them all, sending them to the hospital* FINALLY!!!

Arctic Explorers Chat

Heaven Hospital (Lunar Eclipses Chat)

Elemenation Ceremony 2

Astro: (CONF) Water

Luna: (CONF): Water

Light: (CONF) Water.

Earth: (CONF) Water.

Renele: Hehehe... I was hoping you would choose him... *Shocks Water and throws him in a maze made out of electric fences*

Day 4: Man vs. Nature

Renele: *shocks everyone over and over*

???: *Appears in a shower of rose petals*

Renele: No! Not yet! Please, Armulia! *Gets engulfed in leaves and disappears*

Armulia: Man, she's annoying! Anyway... *looks through door* WHAT! He destroyed my challenge! ... I guess you guys can hang around while I set it up again...For the third time...

Arctic Explorers Chat

Nature: (CONF) I feel that today will be another great day. I can't wait for what happens next.

Doctor: I wonder why all these hosts are getting switched. Something's wrong here...

Nature: Do you think that this might be a reacurring theme? You know what? I think we make good friends in this game.

Doctor: Yeah. But really, I wonder what's happening. I'm going to investigate.

Nature: Oh? Good luck.

Doctor: *walks out door and sneaks down corridor*

Heaven (Lunar Eclipses Chat)

Light: So, what's the most exciting thing you guys have done?

Earth: I avoided crying while standing hundreds of miles above the ground! (looks down from heaven)

Moon: Maybe we'll win next time.

Luna: Yeah, I Hope So

Astro: Same, Luna

Challenge 4: A Garden Thief?

Armulia: MY ROSES! Someone stole them! Wait... I SEE HIM! *turns to contestants* What are you waiting for? CATCH HIM! (You need to have the same number of lines as him to catch up. No double posting, He is 10 lines away, every 15 minutes he will move 2 lines away, Nature starts 2 lines in)

Moon: Okay, miss. *runs to go catch "him"*

Doctor: This is my chance! That criminal might be connected to my investigation! *runs after him/her*

Light: *travels at the speed of light*

Moon: *runns to catch him*

Doctor: *runs*

Light: *is about to catch him, but hits a mirror*

Moon: *runs*

Doctor: *looks* We'er getting closer. *runs*

Light: *is getting sent back*

Moon: *running* Yeah!

Doctor: Just gotta keep going. *keeps running*

Light: *keeps going away*

Moon: *runs*

???: *runs 2 more lines* (12)

Moon: *runs after "him"*

Doctor: Seems to have some kind of temporary speed boost. *keeps running*

Light: *keeps going back*

Moon: *runs*

???: *Runs 2 more lines* (14)

Doctor: Oh come on! *keeps running*

Light: *keeps going back*

Moon: This is getting annoying *runs*

Doctor: *keeps running* This thing can't be human. But, I didn't expect that, having this compeition with these kind of compeitiors.

Light: *starts to fly into space*

Moon: *runs*

Doctor: *looksw* About half way there. *keeps running*

Moon: *running* That person is fast......

Doctor: *keeps running* Yeah, and I think I know who it is.

Light: *goes to another planet*

Moon: *running* Well, I have a guess.

Doctor: *keeps running* So, you remember the time that hospital dropped on you?

Light: *hits a mirror on another planet and starts to come back*

Moon: *Running* Yeah, why?

Doctor: *keeps runnign* Because I was there.

Light: *keeps going back*

???: *Runs 2 more lines (16)

Doctor: Uh! He used the speed boost again! *keeps going*

Light: *flies*

Moon: ...........*Runs*

Doctor: What? *keeps running*

Light: *keeps comming back*

Nature: May I ride my stallion after the thief? *runs*

Earth *runs*

cyclos: runs (1)

Astro: *Runs* [1]

Luna: *Runs* [1]

Nature: *runs* (1)

Earth: *runs* (2)

Doctor: I'm getting closer! *keeps running*

Light: AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! *keeps going*

Astro: Hey *Runs* [2]

Luna: *Teleports closer in plenty of small gaps* [2]

Nature: *rides a horse ahead* (2)

Earth: *runs* (1) He's not getting away!

Luna: *Runs* [3] For The Lunar Eclipses

Astro: *Runs* [3] For Da Lunar Eclipses

Nature: *runs* (2)

Earth: *runs* (2) Come on! Why can't we catch him!?

Doctor: ALMOST THERE! *runs*

Light: *reaches Earth*

???: *trips and loses a line* (15)

cyclos: Runs (2)

Astro: *Sprints* [4]

Luna: *Sprints* [4]

Earth: *runs* (3)

Nature: *rides a horse* (3)

Astro: *Rides Car shaped Like Jupiter* [5]

Luna: *Runs* [5]

Doctor: GOTCHA! *grabs thief*

Armulia: *Grabs roses from ???* Now, let's see who you really are! *removes mask* It's YOU!

???: Yes, it is! *Drags Armulia into mysterious portal*

??? #2: *walks in* I guess I'm taking over now... I'm Ordul, and I hope you know the rules. Now let's see, the Arctic Explorers won, so the Lunar Eclipses are elemenating somebody.

Arctic Explorers Chat

Doctor: Well, each of the hosts obviously knew who this mysterious person was...but who? He/she/it had a speed boost, and stole roses. It might have just been to irritate the host though. What do you guys think?

Everyone else: *asleep*

Doctor: Oh, I knew I should have waited till morning.

Heaven (Lunar Eclipses Chat)

Elementation Ceremony 3

Light: I vote Earth.

Earth: Light is the only member of our team not in the alliance. I vote Light.

Moon: Sorry Light, but you did poorly in the challenge. And Earth's reason. I vote you, Light.

Astro: Light is not in our alliance so, I VOTE LIGHT

Luna: Light for every good reason in the world

Ordul: Let's see who lost, shall we? *Pulls cards out of thin air* *Turns over first card that has a picture of Earth on it* So that's one for Earth, *Turns over next 4 cards which have a picture of Light on it* and 4 for Light. Light lost the game! *Light gets wrapped in vines, and disappears*

Day 5: The Timeless Day

Ordul: Wait here while I get the games set up.

Arctic Explorers Chat

Cyclos: GOsh im glad im not voted off yet

Nature: I know right. (looks around) Hey, have you seen Ice or Lightning around?

Doctor: No, I haven't...*starts looking around again*

Heaven (Lunar Eclipses Chat)

Challenge 5: Gambling with Time

Ordul: Okay, let's get started, shall we? We're going to play a game... A card game that is! Here are the rules:

  1. The match will be team vs team.
  2. Both teams will have 72 (3 days) hours to start with.
  3. A player can *plays card*
  4. Another team member can *match other teams card* right under.
  5. The team with the highest card is the winner and gains an hour. (Done by
  6. The Doctor's team gets an extra hour to start.
  7. Sign your plays with ~~~~~, so I know when to stop the challenge.
  8. (If I don't respond immediately, keep going, I'll add the hour later)
  9. You lose time as it goes on.

And GO! 00:51, October 10, 2012 (UTC) 00:51, October 10, 2012 (UTC)

Doctor: *plays card* {{SUBST:User:Scienceboy0/Sig}} 22:04, October 10, 2012 (UTC)

Earth: *matches other teams card* TotalDramaFan2.0 (talk) 02:34, October 11, 2012 (UTC)TotalDramaFan2.0

Arctic Explorers' card: 5

Lunar Eclipses' card: 6

Lunar Eclipses win another hour.

(this challange confuses me! -TDM13 aka Cyclos)

(^ Same, This Confuses Me!! - Franky494 aka Astro/Space and Luna/Illusion

Nature: *plays card* (One team member puts *plays card*. The different team has a member who does *plays card* as well. The host will go on a different site and randomly assign a card to each team. The higher card wins)

Light: *match other teams card* <====Light was eliminated. (Sorry about that. Ordul)

The Lunar Eclipses' card: 6

The Arctic Explorers' card: 4

Lunar Eclipses win another hour.

Doctor: *plays card*

Earth: *matches other teams card*

The Lunar Eclipses' card:8

The Arctic Explorers' card:10

Arctic Explorers win another hour.

Luna: *Play Card* (@Nature- Oh Thank you)

Nature: *plays card*

Moon: Good luck Luna!

Cyclos: okay im sorry but i dont get this so if we lose plz dont vote me off i just dont get it (CONF: hope this doesnt ruin me)

Astro: *Matches Natures Card* (CONF: Oh Crud, Who will we vote off, Cause our entire team is an alliance)

The Lunar Eclipses Card: 5

The Arctic Explorers' Card: 2

Lunar Eclipses win another hour.

Final Total:

Lunar Eclipses: 3

Arctic Explorers: 2

Ordul: Stop!

And the winner is... The Lunar Eclipses!

The Arctic Explorers, regrettably, have to send someone away.

Heaven (Lunar Eclipses Chat)

Arctic Explorers Chat

Elemenation Ceremony 4

Ice: *votes nature* sorry, we got lost in the garden <=== As a matter of fact we actually WON in the garden challenge. Check it.

Lightning: *votes nature*

Nature: I vote Ice. He hasn't done anything for the past three challenges! Three challenges, he's done nothing. He's a terrible team captain and frankly, I believe that Doctor, Cyclos or even Lightning would make much better leaders than him. Sorry Ice, but if you don't go, then this team can kiss itself goodbye. (When I'm eliminated, may I say a few words to my dear teammates before my departure?)


Cyclos: i vote nature sorry bro

Doctor: I vote Ice.

Ice: Sorry about not being here, we got lost in the garden.

Nature: (Everyone can hear this) Well. I'm gone. I'll keep this short. Judging by the amount of time the two spend wandering off alone together, Ice and Lightning are in an alliance, or a relationship. Cyclos, since you are the only other person in this entire game that Ice and Lightning have EVER talked to, I assume that you are their pawn. Have fun being a pawn. Doctor, as the only other person I consider to be sane on this team, please stay safe. Win this game. (turns to Ordul) I'm ready to leave.

Doctor: I've always protected nature. Thank you.

Ordul: Very well then. Farewell. *sends Nature to a dimension where time has no meaning*

( I have to say that since i have beeen saying no one can hear this conversaton when im talking with them you cant really know that we are in an alliance so i think that should be taken out - TDM13 aka cyclos)

(Are you seriously trying to say that nobody here has any idea of your alliance? We may not be able to HEAR you talking to Ice and Lightning...but we sure can SEE it. Plus you've misspelled "no one can hear this" multiple times. So there's the loophole. I gave reasons why we all know you're in an alliance. Take that part out and I'll put it right back in - TotalDramaFan2.0 aka Nature & Earth)

Day 6: Water and Power

Myed: *appears* I'm back! *looks at Ordul* What are you doing here? Where is No. I?

Ordul: *Whispers in Myed's ear*

Myed: Oh. Wow. If that's the case, then they may need your expertise, Ordul.

Ordul: Very well then. I am intrigued by him anyway. He plays the game quite well... *Steps into dark portal*

Myed: I also brought Power! (aka Berryleaf) So Berryleaf will go to the team that has lost every challenge, the Arctic Explorers! Good luck!

Heaven (Lunar Eclipses Chat)

Earth: So, what are we planning on doing once we get to the merge? Or if our team loses?

Luna: Dang, Didn't think of that

Astro: Maybe Try to win every challenge

Luna: Wow Smarty Pants

Earth: Easier said than done.

Moon: Yeah, hopefully it doesn't come down to the worst.

Earth: I'd hate to say it but, if we lose...we should just vote off who does the worst.

Arctic Explorers Chat

Cyclos: wow still hear well i hope the challange isnt so confusing this time gosh! ( sorry i may be absent due to school sometimes im not as active as i was in middle school :D take it easy please)

Cyclos: hey ice and lightining are we still allianced ( no one can hear this)

Lightning: Yeah. hold on I'll be right back. *leaves*

Ice: Good he's gone. I think we should bring the Doctor into our alliance and vote out Lightning. I don't trust him after he got us lost.

Power: *carrying luggage* Hey guys. Sorry I'm late. Well, not really. I just got off 4 eliminations that I would have had to worry about if I was here.

Doctor: That's great! I'm The Doctor. Let me show you around.

Power: Sounds good.

Challenge 6: Dance, Water, Dance!

Myed: It's simple. All you have to do is DANCE! (Everytime you *dance*, you get a point. The team with the most points wins. Water's team gets 3 points to start)

Cyclos: *dances to gangnam style*

Astro: *Ballroom dances with Luna to Etta James's At Last*

Luna: *^*

Earth: *dances the two-step* (P.S. love the Kingdom Hearts reference)

Lightning: *does electric slide*

Ice: *cha cha real smooth*

Doctor: *ballroom dances* This is ironic in so many ways.

Astro: *Dances to Gangnam Style*

Luna: *Dances to ^*

Earth: *dance, breakdance*

Moon: *shuffles*

Astro: *Street Dances*

Luna: *Shuffles*

Moon: *breakdances*

Astro: *Continues Street Dancing*

Luna: *Dances to Come Fly With Us*

Moon: *does the robot*

Luna: *Continues Dancing to Come Fly with Us*

Astro: *Street dances*

Moon: *moonwalks*

Earth: *dances the worm*

Ice: *to the left*

Lightning: *shuflfe*

Moon: *breakdances*

Earth: *cupid shuffle*

Moon: *does the worm*

Lightning: *does awkward arm wave dance*

Ice: *take it back now y'all*

Doctor: *keeps dancing* Dum, da da dum, dum

Earth: *Op Op Op Op Oppa Gangnam Style!*

Astro: *Does the worm*

Luna: *Does Street dance*

Earth: *Op Op Op Op Oppa Gangnam Style*

Luna: *Keeps Dancing*

Astro: *Cha-Cha's real smooth*

Ice: *one hop this time*

Lightning: *does thriller dance*

Astro: *Does da Worm*

Luna: Does Thriller Dance* (Current Winners- Moon, Earth, Luna and Astro; The Lunar Eclipses)

Cyclos: Still Dancing doing the arm mix up in gangnam style

Astro: *Dances*

Luna: *Dances*

Earth: *dances*

Power: *dances*

Doctor: *dances*

Moon: *dances to Gangnam Style*

Cyclos: Still dances to gangnam style changes to good time by owl city

Moon: *does thriller dance*

Cyclos: Stll dancing

Doctor: *keeps dancing* Not even breaking a sweat.

Earth: *dances "the shopping cart"*

Doctor: *dances*

Earth: *dances*

Cyclos: *Dances* (5th time so thats 5 points)

Astro: *Dances* (10th time so 10 points)

Luna: *Dances* (10th time so 10 points)

Cyclos: *Dances*

Doctor: *Dances* (6th time so that's 6 points)

Earth: *dances* (8th so 8 points)

Power: *dances*

cylocs: dances (7th time)

Power: *dances*

Earth: *dances* Watch this everyone! I'm gonna do a flip! *lands on face* That was for you guys!

'Myed: 'Ahhhh! Stop! Stop! *to himself* Now I have to COUNT. EVERY. POINT. I told them they were sending the wrong guy...

???: *Appears* Master, HE has attacked the outpost. We need your mastery out there NOW.

Myed: YAY! Someone else! I'll go battle HIM while YOU count all the points. Good Luck Ale!

Ale: What? Wait!

Myed: *Disappears in river of water*

Ale: He stuck me with the hard job... *grumbles*

Lunar Eclipses: 35

Arctic Explorers: 33

Ale: Lunar Eclipses win! So! You Arctic Explorers! Elemenation Ceremony. NOW.

Heaven (Lunar Eclipses Chat)

Earth: YES! We won again! I KNEW we'd win! Ah.....I'd say we should celebrate by dancing but I'm...tired..(falls over and lies down)

Arctic Explorers Chat

Power: Hey Cyclos need to talk to you for a second. *motions cyclos over* You know, if you vote for Ice you'll get promoted to team captain. I'll definetly put you for captain. You know you want it.

Cyclos: so power i was thinking me you and doctor get into an allaince. im sorry i should have sited to you and voted ice! so how bout i get out of there allaince and me you and doc are in an allaince and we cpould get rid of ice and ligtining ( no one can hear this)

Elemenation Ceremony 5

Ice: Lightning is annoying, but I vote owner because he did the least.

Ale: Owner?

Lightning: Power

Ale: Let ICE answer the question about his vote, please.

Doctor: Ice. After Nature's speech, I don't think anyone could deny that.

Cyclos: hmm i vote Power i dont really know him much!

Ice: Sorry I meant Power stupid auto correct

Power: I vote Ice. I know I'm already out but if I got in one episode earlier we could hade a tie. Oh well. *rigs votes to say ice*

Ale: So that's

Ice: Doctor, Power, Ale (See below note)

Power: Ice, Cyclos, Lightning

Hmm... We have a tie... How about the Lunar Eclipses vote? (Before you say that this is unfair, just wait a sec. This will alllll make sense soon)

Lunar Eclipses Vote

Ale: Ice and Power, you may plead your case. (Lunar Eclipses, you may vote at any time.)

Earth: We're voting? Okay...Um..I vote Ice. Power just got here. Cut the dude some slack.

Power: Yeah I just got here. I need some time to settle in. I can proove my worth!

( not to defend myself but i think you are only voting between ice and power! - TDM13)

Ale: I don't think anyone voted for you...

Cyclos: he changed it (CONF) im debating wether i can trust ice and lightning now they have become a threat and they seem to be using me hmm i gotta think)

Ale: That's one vote in 1 day. Okayyyy... The total stands at:

Ice: 1

Power: 0

You have 12 hours to vote. (I gotta move this along before I forget, and there has been a thing set up for the elemenated contestants.)

Astro: Definately Ice, Cause Power just got here

Luna: I agree with Astro, I'm voting Ice

Ale: So Ice is going home! *Sends Ice into the Nether* HAHAHA!

Ale: *Walks in* Oi! Who the bloody 'ell are you?

Ale?: I'm simply a Replica of you! HE made me!

Ale: But why are you 'ere?

Ale Replica: To do this! *Blows up huge section of the castle* *Fire starts spreading*

Ale: Bloody 'ell! You! *points at contestants* Put out the fire, I'll take care of this imposter!

Day 7: Deja vu...

Heaven (Lunar Eclipses Chat)

Arctic Explorers Chat

Challenge 7: Flaming Castle

Ale: WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR! PUT OUT THE BLOODY FIRE! (It takes 25 lines total of *puts out the fire* to put it out. No bonus, as Fire was elemenated, Every 5 hours, the fire wil spread 3 more lines. The team that helped out the most wins.)

Earth: *puts out the fire*

Moon: *puts out the fire*

Earth: *puts out the fire*

Astro: *Puts out the Fire*

Luna: *Puts out the fire*

Earth: *puts out the fire*

*Fire spreads* (28)

Cyclos: &*puts out fire*

Moon: *puts out fire*

Cyclos: *puts out fire*

Moon: *puts out fire*

Earth: *puts out the fire*

Moon: *puts out fire*

Luna: *Puts out the fire*

Astro: *Puts out the fire*

Earth *Puts out the fire

Astro: Puts out the fire*

Luna: *Puts out the fire*

Power: *puts out the fire*

Cyclos: *puts out fire*

Earth: *puts out the fire*

*Fire spreads* (31)

Astro: *Puts out the fire*

Luna: *Puts out the fire* (How long will it take)

Cyclos: *Puts Out Fire* (Hopefully not forever*)

Astro: *POTF* (Puts out the Fire)

Luna: *POTF*

Doctor: *puts out fire*

Luna: *POTF*

Astro: *POTF*

Earth: *puts out the fire*

Fire: *dies out*

Ale: *battling Ale Replica*

Ale Replica: *trips*

Ale: *Grabs Ale Replica* WHO SENT YOU?!?!

Ale Replica: You should know as anyone else that Manse did. See ya twinnie! *Disappears into the Nether*

Ale: COME BACK HERE, YOU BLODDY PRAT! *Follows his Replica into the Nether*

???: *Calmly walks in* Well, it looks like I'm taking over... Hello, I'm Asi.

Lunar Eclipses: 25

Arctic Explorers: 6

Asi: Well, seems like the Lunar Eclipses win... My team is on a winning streak, it seems. So, Myed has told me to give you a choice. Either merge, or rearrange teams. And the Arctic Explorers have a Elementation Ceremony, I believe.


Asi: Would you like to merge, or rearrange teams?

Earth: (CONF) If rearrange. I lose alliance! So....

Earth: MERGE!

Cyclos: MERGE!

Astro: (CONF) If I re-arrange I lose alliance (NON-CONF) MERGE


Moon: I'll go with the crowd and say merge?

Heaven (Lunar Eclipses' Chat)

Arctic Explorers' Chat

Cyclos: Im Just Gonna Say for those of you targeting me that theres no reason to boot me because i got us 4 out of 6 of poour points so thats my case  

Cyclos: Whispers to Power In Private: can we make an alliance? i should have liustened to you back there when you and ice were the bottom 2 so maybe you cant trust me but i would really like to be in an alliance maybe we could win the game

Power: I'll keep you around for this elimination. We got merge tomorrow anyways. Vote Lightning and you're good.

Cyclos: Got it!

Elemenation Ceremony 6

(When Will This Start?)

Asl: It has been going on for about 2 days now... No one's voted...

Cyclos: (CONF) i vote lightning He JUst Dosent Deserve it!

Power: Lightning. Out.

Cyclos: Where Is Everyone?

Asi: Okay, so Lightning is out! *throws Lightning to the Wolves*

And the teams are now merged! You guys are now the Elemental Warriors!


Night 8: Werewolf?

Asi: *at sunset* So, one thing about me is that I turn into something special when the moon rises... Just you wait...

Power: Are you a....werewolf?

Heaven (Elemental Warriors Chat)

Earth: Are we still this high up?

Power: I guess so.

Cyclos: Wow this is high up! Whispers: Hey Doctor Hows Bout me and you and Power Join foreces in allaince we could go to the final 3

Challenge 8: This is Halloween, This is Halloween...

Asi: *On dusk Halloween night* Well, well, well. Look at your faces. How innocent they are... I better fix that. I have turned 3 of you into werewolves. The other 4 of you better start running! (Power, Cyclos, Moon, and Asi are werewolves. Astro, Luna, Doctor and Lightning are Villagers. The Villagers have to get to the Safety Torches (30 lines) so the Werewolves don't eat them. The Werewolves have to catch up to the Villagers before they get to the Torches. Any Villager that gets a Safety Torch gets immunity. If no Villager makes it, then the Werewolves get immunity)

*Moon rises*

Asi, Power, Cyclos, Moon: *begin transformation*

Astro, Luna, Doctor, Lightning: *run to safety torch* (10)

Asi, Power, Cyclos, Moon: *End transformation*

Asi: *starts running towards villagers* (1)

Astro: *Runs to safety torch* (11)

Luna: *Runs to Safety Torch* (11) (Why does it say Astro, Luna, Doctor, Lightning: Run to safety torch (10) ~ Franky494)

Doctor: *Runs* (11)

Lightning: *Runs* (11)

Luna: *Runs* (12)

Astro: *Runs* (12)

Earth: *runs*

Astro: *Runs* (13)

Luna: *Runs* (13)

Power: *chases them*

Luna: *Runs to Safety Torch* (14)

Astro: *^* (14)

Astro: *Runs to Safety torch* (15) (Cyclos is a werewolf not a villager)

Luna: *^* (15)

Moon: *chases after villagers*

Cyclos: Sorry I Was Confused *Chases Villiagars* (How many lines to get to 1)

Power: *chases them*

Cyclos: *Chases Them*

Doctor: *runs* (12)

Earth: *runs*

Cyclos: *chases Them*

Doctor: *runs* (13)

Cyclos * Chases Them*

Moon: *chases them*

Cyclos: Chases Them!

Cyclos: *Chasing them still*

Earth: *runs*

Cyclos* Chses Villuagrs*

Earth: *runs*

Cyclos: * CHases Villiagrs*

Earth: *runs*\

Cyclos: Chases Villigar*

Doctor: *runs* (14)

Cyclos: *Chases Villigars*

Doctor: *keeps running* (15)

Cyclos: *Chases Viligars* (11) thats 11 lines FYI

(Wasent Lightning voted off)!

Power: *chases villagers*

Cyclos: *chases Villigars* (12)

(Yeah, what happened?)

Doctor: *runs* (16)

Power: *chases the villagers* Man this werewolf costume is sweaty.

Earth: *runs* (XD @Berry aka Power)

Cyclos: *chases villigars* (13)

Earth: *runs*

Cyclos: *Chases Villiagrs* (14 LINES AND COUNTING DO I WIN YET)

Power: *chases* Seriously, the others might have actually transformed but I'm just wearing an old costume.

Earth: *runs* (XD @Power. costume!)

Cyclos: *Cahses Villugars (15)

Earth: *runs*

Cyclos *chases Villigars* RAWR!!!!!!! (16)

Earth: *runs then picks up a chunk of earth. Throws it behind him*

Earth (CONF) I hope they aren't in costumes...that earth would hurt.

Cyclos *Catches Astro!* (17) lines I GOT ASTRO

Cyclos: Okay i have got 17 Lines and no one else who ar villigars have i think i caught everyone! i acuually went from 0 lines to 17 !

Earth: *runs* (11)

Cyclos: *still chasing villigars just in case* (18)

Earth: *runs* (Getting to 30 will take forever...wait...the beginning gave me an extra 10, right?....(22)

Asi: *Goes Berserk* *Runs like mad* *Calms down* (10) (And rule edit: Werewolves that catch a villager gets immunity. They can then stop. Also note: Lightning is at 11)

Luna: *Runs* (16)

(The werewolves can choose who they want to catch. If they ignore you, than so be it.)

Luna: *Runs* (17)

Doctor: *Runs* (17)

Luna: *Runs* (18)

Doctor: *Runs* (18)

Luna: *Runs* (19)

Doctor: *Runs* (19)

Luna: *Sprints* (20)

Earth: *runs (23) (On the elimination table, it says Light is still in. Lightning was eliminated, he's not in this challenge)

Power: *chases* (5)

Earth: *runs* (24)

Cyclos: i have alreasy caght someone im have immunity!

Earth: *runs* (25)

Power: *chases* (6) It's kind of impossible to catch them with that head start.

Earth: *runs* (26)

Cyclos: I Know i caught astro!

Earth: *runs* (27)

Cyclos *Chases Villigars* ( HOST OF THE SHOW I CAUGHT PRETTY MUCH ALL FOTHEM! with all the lines i did!

Earth: *runs* (28)

Cyclos: *Catches Luna*

Earth: *runs* (29)

Doctor: *runs* (20)

Power: *runs* (7)

Doctor: *runs* (21)

Cyclos: (CONF) i have caught astro and luna. and if i catch doctor than he wont wanna be in an allaince with me and im in an allaince with power so i cant catch him my work hee is done!

Doctor: *runs* (22)

Power: *runs* (8) Running, running for fun. Good job Cyclos. Fun is run.

Earth: *runs* (30) I got the torch! YES! Safety!

13sora: BREAKING THE FOURTH WALL! Anyway, Luna, continue running. Cyclos, read Asi's line in bold above.

Cyclos: ohh i have to stop now okay! :D

Doctor: *runs* (23)

Luna: *Runs* (21)

Doctor: *Runs* (24)

Luna: *Runs* (22)

Doctor: *runs* (CONF) Wanna know how I'm so good at this? I've been chased by werewolves before. Long story. (25)

Power: *runs*

Asi: *Goes Berserk*

Asi: *Runs toward Villagers* (20)

Asi: *Calms down*

Doctor: *runs* Great. (26)

Power: *runs* (10) How'd everybody get the boost?

Doctor: *is so far ahead, he can't hear Power* Almost there! *keeps running* (27)

Moon: *chases*

Asi: *Goes Berserk*

Asi: *Chases* (25) *Kills Luna*

Asi: *Calms down*

Doctor: *sees asi behind him* I've gotta pick up the pace! *runs faster* (28)

Moon: *Chases*

Cyclos: *sitting around* im waiting for this challkange to be done! its been going on foreevr! when will it end!

Doctor: Almost there! *runs toward the safety torches* (29)

Moon: *chases*

Doctor: *reaches the saftey torches and grabs one* Looks like I didn't need a telescope this time. (30)

Cyclos: THis challange is taking forever FInally Doctor made it can the rest just get here!

Asi: *Makes it to the end* So, Doctor, Earth and Cyclos have immunity! The rest of you Elemenation Ceremony. NOW!

Earth: What!? I got the torch! I ran! (I ran 30 lines)

(Sorry about that... ~ 13sora)

Elemental Warriors Chat

Earth: (CONF) As the alliance goes...Power is the only vote we can take.)

Elemenation Ceremony 7

Earth: I vote Power. I'm sorry Power. I really am.

Power: I vote Astro.

Moon: Sorry, but I vote Power.

Cyclos: I vote Astro I gotta stay loyal

Astro: Power

Luna: Power

Asi: The votes stand:

Power: 5

Astro: 2

Power is OUT! *Feeds Power to the wolves*

Power: *escapes wolves* One last speech. Cyclos and Doctor, good luck. Moon, Astro, and Luna, I know what you're up to and finally Earth. You are too gullible. Don't come crying to me after you get blindsided. *throws down dust and is gone*

Day 9: Psychidelic Illusions...

AsI: Well, that's that. Now...

*Manse comes out of dark portal*

Asi: YOU!!!

Manse: You guessed right, lapdog. Now, where is it?

Asi: I'll never tell you!

Manse: C'mon, won't you tell an old collegue?

Asi: The Organization still doesn't accept resignations. Especially not from traitors.

Manse: Fine. I guess I'll just fight you for it then.

Asi: Let's make this short and sweet.

Manse: Whatever you say, lapdog.

Asi: Don't. Call. Me. That. EVER!!!! *Goes berserk and attacks in a fit of rage*

*Epic battle ensues* *Manse finally defeats Asi*

Manse: Tsk, tsk, tsk. You should really control your anger. Now, let's go.

Asi: ...

*Manse takes Asi through dark portal* *??? appears out of nowhere*

???: Surely, you must have known that this was going to happen. I'm Nizoe. *Starts reading book*

Elemental Warriors Chat

Earth: WOAH! We've come a long way.


Cyclos: Whispers to doctor* Hey So me and you should be in an allaince and try and get earth to join us. If we have 3 then maybe us 3 will go to the top!

Doctor: *whispers back* Sure. me and you all the way!

Cyclos: *Whispers again* i'll go ask earth if he wants to join us!

(Don't trust Earth)

Doctor: *whispers back* Don't worry. I can do it for you. *walks over to Earth* Hey,Cyclos wants me to ask you something.

Earth: Huh? *turns to Doctor* What is it?

Doctor: Cyclos wants to know how long you've had that gross mole on your face. *walks back to cyclos* He said no.

cyclos: oKAY

Earth: *a mole digs out of Earth's face* Um..I don't know how long that's been there.

Mole: Sup Earth. See ya later. *leaps into the ground and digs away*

Challenge 9: Illusions and Temptations...

Nizoe: *Looks up from book* Ah. A challenge is needed in *looks at watch* 1 minute, then. All right. You guys will be running (20 lines). Along the way, there will be temptations that you can leave the path to get. Once you left the path to earn a Temptation, you are OUT! Be careful, though, some temptations could only be Illusions... Luna can see if something is a Temptation or an Illusion once.

Nizoe:Harenive Ekafor!

*Path appears out of nowhere, with a finish line in the distance*

Nizoe: And GO!

Astro: *Runs* (1)

Luna: *Sprints* (1)

Earth: *runs*

Cyclos: *Runs* (1)

Doctor: *runs* (1)

Cyclos: *Runs* (2)

Earth: *runs* (2)

Cyclos: Runs* (3)

Earth: *runs* (3)

Cyclos: *Runs* (4)

Earth: *runs* (4)

Cyclos: *Runs, Spots a wind Elements Paradice* "Must Go "...... *Smacks Face and continues running* (5)

Earth: *sees a mine full of various metal* Must resist! *resists and runs* (5)

Cyclos: *Runs* (6)

Earth: *runs* (6)

Cyclos: *Runs* (7)

Earth: *runs* (7)

Cyclos: *Runs* (8)

Earth: *runs* (8)

Cyclos: *Runs* (9)

Earth: *runs* (9)

Cyclos: *Runs* (10)

*A Immunity Necklace appears off the path*

Luna: *Whisper to Astro* are you gonna take it, I'm not *Runs* (2)

Astro: No, *Sprints* (2)

Cyclos: Gosh this is hard I'll pass it not going for it i have the lead anyway *Runs* (11)

Astro: *Runs* (3)

Luna: *Runs* (3)

Moon: *runs* (1)

Earth: *runs* (10)

Doctor: *runs* Probably just an illusion. (2)

Curious George: *Runs in* *Takes Immunity Necklace*

Nizoe: And Curious George gets Immunity! (Yes, it was real)

*A personal butler appears in the distance*

Cyclos: (CONF) I fihured if i dont take anything i may win since i have the lead (CONF OUT) Runs (12)

Earth: *Curious George? Immunity? Maybe there's more immunity. I'm coming for you finish line! *run* (11)

Cyclos: *Runs* (13)

Earth: *runs* (12)

Cyclos: *Runs* (14)

Earth: *runs* (13)

Cyclos: *Runs* (15)

Moon: *runs* (2)

Cyclos: *Runs* (16)

Moon: *runs* (3)

Cyclos: *Runs* (17)

Moon: *runs* (4)

Cyclos: *Running and sees finish line and smiles* (18)

Moon: *runs* (5)

Cyclos: *Runs* (19)

Moon: *runs* (6)

Cyclos: *Makes it to FInsh Line* (20) "YESS!!!! WOO HOO"

Cyclos: (CONF) I just have to say im proud of myself for Making it this far i never thoguht i would and now im winning immunity... i think Well that just means im in the FINAL 5!

Moon: *runs* (7) (Even though it's too late I just wanted to make Moon once more XD)

Astro: *Runs* (4)

Luna: *Runs* (4)

Cyclos: Guys You dont have to run anymore i have won!

Earth: *runs* (14)

Doctor: Well, since the challenge is over....*takes servant and runs*

Nizoe: And Cyclos wins immunity! The rest of you however....

Elemental Warriors Chat

Cyclos: (CONF) I WIn! YAHOO!

Elemenation Ceremony 8

Doctor: (CONF) I vote Luna.

Cyclos: (CONF) I Vote Luna

Luna: (CONF): Doctor

Astro: (CONF): Doctor

Doctor's Personal Butler: Luna.

Nizoe: Well, well, well. It seems that Luna is OUT! *Sends Luna out the door*

???: *Appears in dark portal* Nizoe!

Nizoe: Yes, Seaule?

Seaule: It seems that there are traitors among us. Myed and the others need you to help.

Nizoe: So be it. *leaves*

Seaule: *looks at contestants* .......... I'm Seaule.

Day 10: The Power of the Earth

Seaule: ..... I'll set up the challenge.

Elemental Warriors Chat

Cyclos: okay, Earth, Moon, Astro, And Doctor I Just wanted to say I Had fun playing this camp! Lets just say let the best man win Were all in the final 5 we should celebrat while we can

Challenge 10: Traitor?

*Everyone is transported into desert*

Seaule: .... So for this challenge...

Renele: *Appears out of nowhere and slams into Seaule* Hahahaha!!! Take that!

Seaule: ....... *unconsuious*

Renele: Catch me if you can, SUCKERS!!! *runs off into desert* *Makes electric fence appear, trapping contestants*

(Seaule gave you the power to create rock pillars. You will be trying to capture Renele in one. There are 26 squares she can be in. To try to capture her, put *creates pillar in [square number] square* There IS a pattern to her movements, Earth can guess twice in a row. Renele moves every hour)

Moon: Okay..........let's see. *creates pillar in 7th square*

Cyclos: Ummm Creates Piller In 18th Square*

Astro: *Creates Pillar in 25th Square*

Earth: *creates pillar in the 14th square and the 24th square* Come out wherever you are. Umm please?

Cyclos: How do we know if were right?

Renele: Zetta FAIL *runs to a different spot*

Moon: Okay.........*creates pillar in 19th Square*

Cyclos: Gosh ... *Creates Pillar on 6th 13th Square

Earth: *creates a pillar in the 14th and 3rd square* Come on. Where are you?

*Explosion* (Earth got it)

Renele: NOOOO!!! *fades away*

Seaule: *revives* .... Earth .... Immunity.

Elemental Warriors Chat

Elementation Ceremony 9

Seaule: ... You will also be voting to bring someone back... 

Cyclos: WHAT!!!! okay i want Power to Come back And i vote off Astro

Astro: Cyclos and Fire

Earth: I vote Power back. With Earth and Power it'll be like...EARTH POWER! My vote? I think it's time to cut my alliance loose. We're falling apart. I vote Astro.

Seaule: ... Doctor and Moon, I'm giving you another day to vote. 

Cyclos: Come on guys it doesnt take 5 days to think about it

Doctor: Our alliance is outnumbered I Vote Cyclos and Fire to return as he didn't get a fair chance

Moon: Cyclos since he is the biggest threat not in the alliance and Fire

Power: Notice that Astro changed his vote. I vote Astro and for me to come back. :3

Seaule: ... Okay then... *Sends Cyclos into Quicksand*

Cyclos: *while sinking* OKAY WHAEVER i did good this season i geuss you cant trust a bunch of back stabbing traitors!!! This will be embarrasinmg if im not voted out but here liseten. Never trust People OUR ALLAINCE WAS NOT OUT NUMBERED Cyclos, doctor,earth Vs Moon and Astro. SO WTF i was looking foward to gooing ahead with you Doctor but i geuss you cant trust people. Earth hanks for being Loyal. Power i hope your votes count :D. And astro i hope you lose. And im not begin voted out tell me becasue thats would be embaraasing

Seaule: ... I guess we needed QUICKERsand... (13sora: *shot for the worst pun ever*) ... We could not reach Fire (Mike hasn't edited in a month or two), so Power will be brought back...

Armulia: *Appears in shower of petals* That's enough Seaule. You're coming with me to Manse.


Armulia: Mmhmm. You can rage on the way, let's go.

Seaule: 'Rid us of our traitor,' Myed said. Now I know that that means YOU!

Armulia: Always the hard way with you... And yet, you're a pushover. *Pushes Seaule over*

Seaule: ... *KO'd*

*Seaule and Armulia disappear in a shower of petals*

???: Hmm... Interesting. Maybe an experiment is in order. *starts writing down notes furiously*

*1 hour later*

???: *glances at contestants* Oh. I'm Vene. SCIENCE!

Day 11: SCIENCE!

Vene: Wait until I can set up an experiment. SCIENCE!

Elemental Warriors Chat

HOLD ON HOLD EVERY THING HERE!!!!!! Scince Boy AKA Doctor I Looked At his history Of Edits. HE HASENT EDITED SINCE NOVEMBER 22 SO THERES NO WAY> SO SOMEONES FORGING A EDIT. But if NOt Than Yea BUT ITS SUSPICOUS. PLus you really think i was going to take this - Totaldramamike13 AKA cyclos

I ALSO LOOKED AT TRENT FANS AKA MOONS HISTORY HE HASENT EDITED SENCE THE 25th, WHats Up Witht that Huh I Really want some One to agnoalge me on this. How is it posible they voted When its mnot in there histroy

*Manse appears* Muahahahahaha! I'm back and here to take the Diamond-Encrusted Diamond Block of Power!

Vene: Science can solve this problem! *Throws beakers marked with the poison symbol on them at Manse* *no effect* WE NEED MOAR SCIENCE!!!

Power: Ah, its good to be back. Now time to get revenge.

Challenge 11: MOAR SCIENCE!!!

Vene: *Points at contestants* YOU THERE! WE NEED ANTI-MANSE SCIENCE!!! (You will be trying to come up with a solution to get rid of Manse. The most creative solution wins. The more complicated and confusing the better! You MAY edit your entries until the challenge is over, and the best solution is announced.)

Astro: Well, According to my calculations, Their are exactly 124562745277127345127635123748962394812.9018390 possible ways to destroy Manse. Number 1: To make it excellently correct, get an Evil Scientist (Mine was Dr Gordan Goody), a minefield, Manse (Obviously) and a beautiful Model (Sapphire Hartsea). Sapphire stands at the edge of the minefield to force Manse over to her. Then the evil scientist (after planting the mines of course) will activate the mines thus exploding Manse demolishing him for ever. *1,00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 days later, Number 16484681274612846312863481246287457812645745354096894572: You need the biggest balloon in existance, Manse (Obviously), the ability to blow/pump up and tie a balloon and life. Firstly Capture the Mutant known as Manse. Then put him in a bullet-proof glass cage so he will never escape (Insert evil laugh here). Then blow up/pump up the balloon until it is precisely 827102734128463.464cm long. Before tying it up shove the Monster Manse into the balloon the tie till it is stronger than professional boxers. Then release and watch him disappear

Power: Well, I'd much rather get rid of Astro *snickers*, but if that's what I should do I'll go for it. I excell at creative writing. So Manse stands here on the edge of this cliff. Simple enough. THEN WE THROW EXPLOSIVE PIES AT HIM! And he falls off the cliff into a comfortable matress with the Sabawaka cloud pillow and we pour gasoline around it and pull out some heavy artilery. First start with the flamethrower, and catch the gasoline on fire so there's a giant explosion. And trust me, using numbers to make your story look longer is just stupid. So then you pull out the other guns and use the assault rifle to head-shot all of the Manse bodyguards and levitate up to where he is then make a giant aura ball and fling it at him so the entire place blows into dust then manically laugh and if he's still alive use the M16 with your left arm and the 12gage with your right to blow his body apart. Then go hang out with Squidward and get Black Raspberry ice cream. *licks black raspberry ice cream* Then there should be a limo for you and Squidward and your other friends to go fly to the lands in another awesome dimension in while listening to hard rock.

Earth: So first we take this catapult and launch another catapult with it! At some point, the flying catapuly will disturb a flock of deranged mutant, flying beaver. These beavers will swoop down and calm down by getting a drink at the local smoothie bar! When the beavers enter the bar, that's the waiter's signal (the waiter being me) to activate the minefield in the Forest of Cute Animals. When a bunny hops on a mine, the mine will blow up the bunny! The bunny will land in a vat of toxic waste where it will mutate into Bunnyzilla! We shall ride Bunnyzilla to the edge of the universe so I can pick up my car! My car shall be our transportation for when we get to Outerspace! Now, in outer space, we wait for the same beavers from earlier, to signal us again after Power hurls another catapult with the catapult! We drop the car and it falls and falls and falls and falls and bakes grilled cheese and falls and falls and falls and falls and then crushes Manse! He'll never see it coming!

(13sora: Challenge ends in another hour. I've been ordered to change it away from Cyclos, sorry guys)

Vene: Hmmmm... So much SCIENCE! Let's try.... EARTH'S Goldberg Machine! *He tries it* *It works*

Manse: I'll... be... back!!!

Vene: Let's have a Elemenation Ceremony FOR SCIENCE!

Elemental Warriors Chat

Elemenation Ceremony 10

Earth: Somethin weird is goin on around here. I can feel it's tremors. And all of it points to Astro. I vote for that guy. Bye Astro.

Power: ASTRO! Let me at 'em!

Vene: And in the name of SCIENCE, Astro is OUT! *Throws disappearing potion at Astro*

???: Uhh... Vene, I don't know how to tell you this... but,

Vene: What is it, Landi?

Landi: Manse destroyed your la-

Vene: WHAT?!?!?! How DARE he destroy my scientific lab of sciencey science! *rages into portal*

Landi: O_O Okay then... I guess I'm taking over, I guess?

Day 12: Breezing through the Winds...

Landi: Well then, I guess I need to set up a challenge now... *Flies off*

Elemental Warriors Chat

Earth: So, Final 4 huh? This is gonna be fun! (CONF) Hopefully I know what I'm doing here.

Earth: (to Power) I think the two of us would work good together. We both are strong and can crush! Wanna work to the final 2?

Power: Yes, yes that would be interesting. I'm in.

Challenge 12: Super Windu Karto!

Landi: Let's fly! (It's a race to the finish! First one to make 2 laps of 5 lines each wins! First one out of the gate gets a 3 line bonus! You may be given random advantages at certain times, If the other people haven't posted in 15 minutes, you can keep going)

Earth: *flies 1/5 a lap* +bonus = *flies 3/5 a lap*

Power: *flies* Wow this is fun

*Power hits a gust of wind! +2 lines*

Earth: *flies* 4/5 a lap* WOOHOO! This challenge is awesome...even if I hate flying!!!!

Earth: (CONF: I guess it should be pretty obvious..I kind of prefer the ground.

(it's been more than 15 minutes. about more than an hour) Earth: *flies 5/5 a lap* I'm half way there! 

Moon: *flies* Um, this isn't that bad........

Earth: *flies 1/5 second lap* I'm getting nauseous! 

*Moon gets to choose a contestant to knock back a line!*

Earth: *flies 2/5 a final lap* I'm gonna be sick! *barfs rocks* That was gross!

Earth: (has lapped around and is now driving next to Power) Hey dude! Um. I sorry about the whole voting you off and all. Bad part on my part!

Earth: (it's been more than 15 minutes. 2 hours in fact) *flies 3/5 a final lap* (yells back to Power) We cool!?

Power: *flies* Yes, yes we are. (2/5 of first)

Earth: *flies 4/5 of final lap* I hope my victory trophy is made out of gold. *licks lips* Mmmm Gold.

*Earth hits a gust of wind! +3 lines*

Landi: And Earth takes the win! You get... A piece of chocolate!

Now... let's Elemenate, right here, right now! YAAAY!

Elemental Warriors Chat

Earth: CHOCOLATE! There are minerals in this, right? *bites it and offers some to Power* So. Who goes? There's Doctor and Moon. (whispers) I think Moon is better choice. Also, you and Doctor are friends.

Power: Yeah, thanks. Big chocolate bar ya got there.

Elemental Ceremony 11

Earth: (CONF: Final 4..Hm..Power is a friend. Doctor is okay. Moon is last member of old alliance........ Sorry. I choose Moon.

Moon: (CONF) I guess I vote Doctor...........he hasn't been around.

Power: (CONF) Moon. Sorry dude.

Landi: And MOON is elemenated! *Takes away Moon's power of flight* *Moon falls through the ground*

???: *Appears* Manse has gained the power to fly. Myed needs you to help stop him. Think that you can handle that?

Landi: YAAAY! Some arial action! *Flies off*

???: I'm Bargi. Have you been good boys?

Day 13: Space, Physics, Manse, and SCIENCE!

Elemental Warriors Chat

Earth: Woah! The final 3! I am so pumped! Who's ready to see the gold! (offers a rock-five to Power and Doctor)

Doctor: *hight-fives* Yeah! Final three! (CONF) I have no idea how I made it this far, I didn't even do anything for a while. (sorry I was gone for a little, well, maybe a month, but I'm back now!-science)

Power: *accepts high-five* I wish we had a real challenge. If Moon doesn't respect me I'm out.

Doctor: I have no idea who he will pick.

Challenge 13: Begging to the Blast from the Past!

Bargi: So, I see you guys have made it this far huh? Pretty proud of climbing over of your peers to get to the top? Well, let's see what the last guy had to say about it... *teleports Moon here* (Moon (aka TF)) will pick the person to go home. Your challenge? Tell him why it should NOT be you.)

Earth: Moon. I believe that you were a strong player. I plead you to not vote me out tonight. I swear, I am so sorry that you got eliminated. I feel awful for it. But it's a game to get ahead. I also believe that if I am voted out, we will not have an interesting finale. I would be glad to face off against either of these two finalists. It would be an honor to. But in all honesty. There is nothing I can say to change your mind. You are most likely planning on voting me off. I hope that this isn't the case and that their still is hope for me. I pray that you vote based on our pleas, and not on our past. Please Moon, you and i are connected. Earth and Moon. We share a bond. Please don't break this bond now. You aren't a failure, you made final 4. Final 4 is great! I just hope you can find it in you to spare me and allow this game a fair match. I am on my knees (actually gets on his knees) That you will make the choice of elimination in my favor tonight. Please don't eliminate me. I didn't want to come down to this, but Doctor wasn't even here for almost a third of the comepetition. That's just unfair if he gets to the finale. That's really unfair. At least Power did stuff when he was here. But Are you going to put in the finale someone who didn't compete in the end and someone who didn't compete for the beggining? (No offense Power and Doctor) I was here for every challenge. I fought for our team, I was dedicated. I feel that even though I am just making a fool of myself, I am...actually very deserving of a single chance in the finale. Just a chance. 

Power: Moon, I know you want me out because I stood against your alliance. I think you did good, and I respect you. I hope you respect me.  I would've been in the game earlier, but it didn't happpen. If I was, anything could've happened. It could have been you standing here besides me. Even though I have been kind of antagonistic, I think that my strategy has been good and I think you know that.  The final 2 is about who deserves to be in, through strategy and competetions. You played a great game, and I think that that's great. Agreed with Eart personally, I think Doctor needs the boot, not us. Thank you.

Doctor: Moon, I respect you, and I know you respect me. Compared to others around here, I'm the nicest. You remember when Nature gave her goodbye speech. She said it out to me so that I could win. She knew I would be able to take down the powers of Ice, Lightning, and Cyclos. Now, the only other two here are your enemy, your ally, and the nicest guy in the competition. My speech is short because I trust in you that you will make the right choice. And just remember, even if you don't choose me, I only came into this competition to have fun.

Moon: Well, I got to say The Doctor's speech really got to me. He does have a good reason and even if he wasn't active he was nice in the competition and didn't clash with others, and he's right. Power and Earth. This is hard to decide. Power, I respect you. You did well in the competiton, but your speech was shorter than Earth's and I didn't like that you tried to blame everything on the Doctor..............Earth, you were strategic and initially nice to everyone and you were very active and great in the competition. However, you did kind of betray Astro and Luna, and that's more antagonistic than Power says he thinks he was. You both were nice with your speeches. I like you all, and respect you equally. You know that. I'm sorry but..............I kind of think Power should stay. I'm very sorry Earth. I don't mean any offense. It was a hard decision, that's why I made this cheesy speech. You all deserve to be here, but..................I had to pick.

Power: Sorry man. *brohugs*

Earth: *sighs* Aw well. 3rd ain't too bad. I had fun. You two deserve this. (high fives Doctor and Power) While I did try my best. I stepped on a few fingers along the way. Even betrayed an alliance. If this is my karma, that's cool with me. (to Bargi) Do I get a bronze trophy? That would be so delicious!

Bargi: Sorry Earth. *Throws up Earth into space* (Yes you do get a trophy)

Day 14: The Finale!

Bargi: Okay then, Now it's down to you two.


Bargi: Someone's a little anxious, now aren't they?

Manse: It's in the closet, isn't it?

Bargi: What? What would give you that idea?

Manse: *reads sign next to closet* Not the Diamond Encrusted Diamond Block of Elemental Power! NO TOUCHY! ~ Myed

Bargi: It does say 'Not'...

Manse: *Enters closet* *Finds Diamond Encrusted Diamond Block of Elemental Power* *Manse starts it up* *Diamond Encrusted Diamond Block of Elemental Power gives Manse the power over all elements*

Manse: I AM GOD! MUAHAHAHAHA! *Turns to Doctor and Power* Now to take care of you...

Manse: *Creates a Replica of the Doctor and Power*

Doctor/Power Replica: *Doctor Replica turns to Doctor* *Power Replica turns to Power* Let's finish this.

Challenge 14: The Final Battle

(Confused? I know I am... So to recap, Manse got all-powerful and made Replicas of Doctor and Power that are attacking the originals. ANYWAYS, ELEMENATED PEOPLE CAN COMPETE!!! They can choose either Power or the Doctor and form teams to help.)

For the Record...

(So, who's side will you choose?)

Earth: POWER! Tough guys to the end!

Nature: I stand by my supporting partner. Doctor shall prevail!

Cyclos: I'll join you Power

Power: I'm on my side. :P

Moon: I'm on Doctor's side, I think he needs some help. Sorry Power........

Challenge Final: The Replica Duel

Myed: *Appears* So Al- WOAH! What happened here? *Turns to Power and Doctor*

So you guys are the last ones, huh.

Well, I guess I'll get the other hosts over here to help fight. Here's some of your buddies to help you out. *Teleports all the elemenated contestants here* Well, good luck! *Runs off to get the others*

Power/Doctor Replica: Stand and fight!

(It'll take all of your team 15 lines of attacking combined to defeat the Replica. Elemenated people's lines count as a half line.)

Doctor's Team

Doctor Replica: How about this? *Starts attacking*

Nature: Great! Use these. (hands him herbs) They can heal you. *gives healing potion power up, attacks*

Nature: Doctor? DOCTOR! DO something! I can't attack until you do....DOCTOR! 

(See what I mean! He missed the finale! He is currently missing the finale! This is what I tried warning you about. Scienceboy is awesome, but he's never on this camp! And here we are at the most anticlimatic finale of all time)

Moon: You kind of need help. I guess I'll try my hand at this.........*attacks*

Nature: *attacks Replica with razor leafs* it's Now or Never Doctor! *sees Power has won* Oh.... Sorry Doctor. 

Moon: Well, we have a small chance, come on Doctor! *attacks*

Power's Team

Power Replica: Honestly, I'm just in it for the money. *Starts attacking*

Earth: Use this! *lends power* SMASH HIM! This is your chance! *strength power up, attacks*

Cyclos: We need You to Win Power! *Attacks Replica*

Power: *attacks power replica* How dare Manse copy me!

Cyclos: I Got your back *Charges Strngth and Attackst*

Power: *charges up an aura ball and flings it at the replica* You....will die.

Cyclos: *Attacks Him With His WInds*

Power: *beats the crap out of replica* (5)

Cyclos: *Punchs Manse in the face*

Power: *kicks replica upside the head*

Cyclos: *Blows Manse to the Wall and begis smacking him back and forth*

Power: *attacks replica* (8)

Earth: *smashes Replica's face* GRAH!

Cyclos: *DOUBLE SMACK PUNCH KICK JUMP COMBOOO* *Sends lazers at manse* *While screaming like the anime*

Power: *attacks replica*

Earth: *kicks Replicas kneecaps*

Cyclos: *Smacks Manse across face*

Power: *knees replica* (12)

Earth: *headbutts replica*

Cyclos: *SHocks Manse*

Earth: *uses earth to break ground under replica. Replica is trapped and fully vulnerable* This is it! THIS IS THE FINAL FINALE FINAL SMACKDOWN!  

Cyclos: *Shoots Replica* 

Power: *delivers finishing blow, exploding the replica into tons of pieces* *dusts hands off* Well then. I guess I win.  Thank you to all of my allies for getting me to win this game.  I have defeated all, even by coming in late. I want to thank Myed for getting me in this game. I want to thank Earth, Doctor, and Cyclos for remaining my allies through thick and thin. I want to thank Ice, Lightning, Astro, and Luna for making such a challenge for me to pull through. When I came, I honestly didn't think I was gonna win. Alliances were already made. With all this, guess what? I defeated two alliances, gained allies and even with elimination still won this game. I am the undefeatable, and I just want to say that as Manse crumbles to dust. This was a great camp and I am happy to be the winner of it.  I thank you all, once again. That is all I have to say.

Earth: WOOHOOO! *picks up Power and chants* POWER! POWER! Give him the GOLD!

Nature: *sighs* Oh well. Congratulations Power. I do hope you'll use your prize with good intentions.

Cyclos: Ummm i think this is only part 1 of the challange!

  • the 3 look at cyclos for a second, then continue celebrating*

Myed: *Appears with all other hosts* I'm back! *epic fight ensues* *The hosts, with all their elemental power, defeat Manse*

Manse: No.. Why...

Ale: You bloody traitor. *Sends Manse to elemental prison*

Myed: On the way here, we decided that... Power is the victor! He gets the Diamond-Encrusted Diamond Block of Elemental Power and all of the Powers that come with it!

* Power ACHIEVEMENT GET! Jack-of-all-Elements*

Final Chat


Myed: Why don't we look back and see who was the best? (Basically, vote who you think who was the best. You may not vote for yourself. Voting ends on 12/15.)

Power:  I think the winner is the best. The winner is me.

Earth: You can't vote yourself Man! 

Nature: (mumbles) You were gone for like half the game.

Power: Hey I came to save you! But I can do anything now.... *turns nature into salt* Huh, that's fun.

Salt: (like nothing happened) Um......... how about "no".

Cyclos: Eath Played a good game but id say that Nature played the best game he was smart and active. Plus hes the reason i was in final 6 If i stayed with ice and Lightning i would have been eliminated But he warned me

Salt: Honestly, I'd say that Power didn't play that great of a game....just saying. 

Earth: But he won!

Cyclos: But say i wernt Voted out With the rigged votes and stuff. Earth, Power, Me Who wins? (CONF) i just wanna know XD


The People's Choice Winner

Power: Alright, I got the power!