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Welcome to Total Drama Beach Redemption! Chris McLean (and Chef Hatchet) will be giving all the originals, except the currently injured ones (Alejandro, Ezekiel, and Blaineley), a chance to compete at a crappy and boring beach house before they are all troubled adults! Who will win? Who will crumble under the pressure? Who will die trying? With all new death defying challenges, new alliances, and maybe new hookups, see what happens on Total! Drama! Beach! Redemption! All for one million dollars!


There is no returning

1. No quitting if u can't compete leave a message on my talk page

2. Be nice to other users if you aren't, you will be kicked off my show

3. No cursing

4. If you are eliminated don't be mad it's just a fan made camp.

5. If you are inactive for 3 challenges, you will be eliminated or someone will replace you.

6. You will have 2-3 days max. To vote

7. You will also have 2-3 days to do the challenge


9. If you're inactive for a while, we will replace you.

10 .Have Fun!

Interactions (You may edit)


DJ & Bridgette

DJ & Duncan

DJ & Gwen

Eva & Izzy

Eva & Noah

Eva & Tyler

Eva & Harold

Beth & Bridgette

Izzy & LeShawna

Harold & Tyler


DJ's Alliance (DJ, Duncan, Geoff, Bridgette, Gwen and Heather)

Mighty Alliance (Tyler, Eva, Harold and Beth)

Duncan and Gwen's Alliance (Duncan, Geoff and Gwen)

Izzy's Alliance (Izzy, Leshawna, Harold, Eva and Beth)

Duncan's Alliance (Duncan, Trent, Gwen and Geoff)

Duncan and Leshawna's Alliance (Duncan, Leshawna, Beth, Izzy)


Harold & Duncan

Eva & Sierra

Eva & Lindsay

Courtney & Duncan

Courtney & Gwen

Eva & Courtney

Izzy & Tyler

Izzy & Cody

Izzy & Sierra


Harold & Leshawna

Sierra & Cody

Duncan & Gwen

Tyler & Lindsay


Still Playing:

Duncan=BlazeHead 51 (WINNER)


Katie- Webkinz Mania

Sadie- Awesome

Courtney- Esther2108

Justin- That Epic

Lindsay- NateDog14

Owen- Awesome


Cody=S321 (Replacement)

Sierra =Bubbles62681

Tyler= Natedog14

Noah= Redo (Replacement as of Elim. 7)

Bridgette= Natedog14 (Replacement)

DJ= Totaldramaseriesfan234

Trent= BlazeHead 51


Beth= RR44



Leshawna= Redo (Replacement as of Elim. 7)

Harold= CodyDuncanFan97 (Replacement)

Izzy= S321 (Replacement)



Intern Fred: Survivor321


Original Teams (Made in Episode 2)

Shrieking Jellyfish: DJ Bridgette Duncan Heather Gwen Geoff Lindsay Trent Sierra Justin

Tormented Tortoises: Eva Izzy Noah Harold Tyler Courtney Cody Beth Owen LeShawna

New Teams (Made in Episode 6)

Shrieking Jellyfish: Duncan Heather Gwen Geoff Eva Beth Harold Tyler

Tormented Tortoises: Izzy Noah Cody LeShawna DJ Bridgette Trent Sierra

Merged Teams (Merged in Episode 9)

Merged Players: Trent Bridgette Duncan Harold Eva LeShawna Geoff DJ Izzy Gwen Beth Noah


Chris: welcome viewers! Yep I'm back with an all new 5th season! But sadly I must share must share my spotlight with the contestants and look here they come now!

Heather: What a bunch of losers

Izzy: *Izzy Kicks Heather.* RAAR!

DJ: Hey everyone!!!!

Izzy: Wanna see my anvil?

DJ: Sure

Noah: Why do i even bother coming back?

DJ: Hey Noah whats up?

Izzy: *Drops anvil on Noah.* There DJ!

DJ: *looks shocked* Um Izzy why did you do that?

Izzy: Because Izzy is a predator! *Roars.*

Duncan: Izzy, we all knew that the minute we met you. (rolls eyes)

Izzy: Duncan detected, firing crazy cannon. *an explosion occurs.*

Duncan: (raises eyebrow) seriously, go annoy someone else...(walks away into the woods)

Sierra: Izzy thinks she is crazy? I'm crazy! I have all your dental records!

Harold: Hey guys. This looks like a fun season :P

Leshawna: What's up sugar baby?

Izzy: *Makes something blow up on Sierra's head.*

Harold: Leshawna! My love! Let me impress you with my mad skills. *plays with num yos*

Eva: *drops her dumbells on Beth*

Beth: Ow! Are these dumbells or something?

Sierra: What..just happened?? My head! CODY! Cody? Where did you put it? CODY! Cod....*falls to the ground*

Cody: *Tiptoes past Sierra.*

Eva: Ha! This show is child's play!

DJ: Hey Cody, whats up?

Harold: Hey, when are Katie and Sadie getting here?

DJ: I have no idea, Hey Harold are u gonna hit on Leshawna this season? *winks at him*

Harold: Of course DJ. She is my goddess.

Cody: *Pees himself.*

Noah: gross.

Sierra: *wakes up* Ugh....OMG! Izzy is gonna get it. On the bright side, looks like this season can finally start ;)

Elimination Table











































































8th Gwen






































































































  •      Was put on The Shrieking Jellyfish
  •      Was put on The Tormented Tortoises
  •      Made The Merge and became the "Napolo" team.
  •     '2nd RUNNER UP': This person recieved the least amount of jury votes and placed third.
  •      RUNNER UP: The person was the runner up.
  •      WINNER: Won the competition.
  •      WIN: Was on winning team/Won individual challenge
  •      IN: Got a Chris head in the elimination ceremony and was Safe.
  •      LOW: Got the final Chris head in the elimination ceremony.
  •      OUT: Voted off in this episode.
  •      OUT: Won the challenge or immunity, but was still eliminated.

Jury Members

1st Jury Member= (Noah)

2nd Jury Member= (Bridgette)

3rd Jury Member= (DJ)

4th Jury Member= (Trent)

5th Jury Member= (Gwen)

6th Jury Member= (Beth)

7th Jury Member= (Geoff)

8th Jury Member= (Eva)

9th Jury Member= (Leshawna)

Episode 1: Welcome Back Losers!

Chris Okay everybody follow me to the beach house!


Chris: Boys in the right half of the rooms and girls in the left Better hurry because you'll have to meet me by the beach in 10 minutes!

Girls bedrooms

Eva: This will be too easy

Bridgette: oh umm hey Eva

Eva: Hello.

Beth: Hi

Bridgette: Oh hi Beth nice to be your roommate again :)

Beth: You too. :)

Bridgette: hmmm I wonder where Geoff is?

Sierra: OMG! This is going to be so great. Us girls can talk hours about my fav topic...Cody! :) Just make sure Izzy doesn't get her explosive hands on him. -_-

Izzy: I'll try and get my explosive hands on him then.

Gwen: Uggghhh! I cant believe this!!! another season..........

Courtney: Yeah well you guys may as well quit. we all know whos going to win.

Guys Bedroom

DJ: I'm sooo happy to be here, i hope i win!

Harold: Me too DJ. By my calculations, the boys have a 99.9% chance of winning. The .1% is if Leshawna wins ;)

Noah: and what are the odds of you actually getting with Leshawna?

(Bridgette cones in) Bridgette: Hey have you guys seen Geoff anywhere?

Duncan: (returns from the woods) hey Bridgette, you looking for Geoff?

Harold: Silly Noah. I'm already with her :P.

Bridgette: Yeah do you happen to kno- wait did you do something to him in the woods?

Duncan: no.

Bridgette: Then where is he?

Cody: Hey Bridge, are you ready to meet the might of the Codemeister?

Sierra: CODY!!! *runs into guys bedroom and squeezes Cody* I love you Codykins :)

Bridgette: I have a boyfriend!....That I can't find

Cody: *Tries to escape.*

Bridgette: oh wait never mind I see Geoff by the Bathroom

(Chris uses an intercom) {C {C Chris:Everyone get you butts to the beach now! Yeesh feels like I've been waiting for hours!


Harold: Did you guys notice how sand pellets are equivalent to the mass of water sparkles?

Eva; Yes.

Beth: I knew that.

Cody: Duh.

Izzy: HAHA!

Sierra: Cody, you look so hot in those swim shorts. *giggles*

Chris: So campers how are you enjoying your crappy stay so far? hehehe

DJ: Man, its better than that camp wawanakwa craphole!

Chris: You might change your mind later DJ, hehehehe

DJ: I don't like the sound of that but whats the challenge chris?

Chris: Before I can get on with the challenge, I have to show you teens the parts of this beach everyone get in truck!

(everyone gets in truck)

DJ: How many teams are there this season chris?

Bridgette: Are you sure that truck is safe? Because it looks pretty old

DJ: Yeah

Chris: I'm sure it's safe- (the truck collapsed) ooops hehe looks like we'll have to walk!

Eva: *walks*

Beth: *walks*

Bridgette: *walks*

DJ: *walks*

Duncan: *walks*

Harold: *walks next to Leshawna*

(CONF) Chris: okay this is your new confessional of the season where you can air more of your dirty laundry!

Sierra: OMG! First confessional of the season! I just want to say I am doing this for my fans who support me dearly....and for Cody of course. Cody will be mine! I will make it happen! >:P

Harold: Guess we're back at a crappy beach again...aww well. I hope Leshawna is on my team when we start picking them. The person I don't want on my team is Duncan. He always messes up my game. This time, I have calculated that I can win as long as I stay away from HIM.

DJ: Okay so this is my first confessional of this season so all i wanted to say is....I'm sooo happy to be here to see my friends and stuff, i also want to win without quiting or getting tricked by people.


{C {C Chris: This is the cafeteria where all you meals will be served 3 times a day! Now time for your challenge!

Izzy: Challenge, yipee!

Bridgette: great anothe challenge (sarcastic)

Harold: Crappy beach, crappy food, and now a crappy challenge? UGH!!!


Chris: Okay campers your first ever challenge of the season is: a race from here (the cafeteria) all the way back to the beach house! But be careful, because Chef has brought the most vicious animals to attack you hehe. First 2 people who make it there first will win immunity and get to choose this season's teams and be team captains! Good luck campers and.... GO GO GO!!!!!

Eva: *runs*

Beth: *walks*

Harold: *runs with Leshawna and DJ* Come on guys. We got this!

Sierra: *carries Cody* I got you Cody! ;)

Noah: *runs* ugh, i hate running.

DJ: *runs* How far is it to the beach house?

(Animals get released)

Bridgette: *stops running* AHHH! Geoff! Help Me!

DJ: Aw man not the animals, Ugh

Gwen: This almost makes me miss the explosions from season 1.

DJ: *bear charges towards him* AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

Chris: awwww it's nice to see all of you in pain!- I mean fun

DJ: Hey Chris, do we get comfy beds instead of those hard-backbreaking ones?

Chris: sorry to say DJ but you all except me and chef will be getting the hard-Backbreaking beds hehehehe

Bridgette: *Gets attacked by crows* ahhhh someone help me! Geoff!

Cody: *Runs but falls on beehive.*

Izzy: *Izzy Kicks everything out of her way.*

Duncan: throw an animal at me and your dead meat! (continues running)

DJ: How long is this race?

Izzy: *Kicks all the animals out of her way and runs.*

Cody: *Begins crawling.*

Sierra: *grabs Cody before he crawls* Hold on Cody! *jumps over various animals and booby traps*.

Harold: *sees a bear* I will protect you Leshawna! Hey Grizzly! See the wrath of my awesome skills! *fights with bear and eventually gets mauled*. OWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!! X_x

DJ: Man i hope we get good sleep tonight.

Duncan: (plays with his lighter while running)

DJ: I wanna win this race so i can be a team captain but i also want someone else to get it too :D

Izzy: Almost there! HAHA! *Trips.*

DJ: I'm gonna make it! *runs towards beach house*

Noah: *panting* ugh,.. i ... hate... running..

Duncan: don't think so DJ! (runs towards beach house)

Bridgette: I will not let males defeat me this season! *runs toward Beachouse*

DJ: Oh no! *runs like crazy*

Chris: oh here comes the campers! And it looks like DJ Duncan and Bridgette are in the lead!

Eva: *runs like super super crazy* YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beth: *collapses*

DJ: *runs infront of Duncan* Yes!

Duncan: No!

Chris: Now Eva DJ and Bridgette are in the lead c'mon guys! You almost are here!

Bridgette: *Falls before she makes it to the finish line* aww man!

Chris: Eva And DJ win!!!! Congrats you guys Win tonight's immunity and get to pick this seasons's team and get to be their team captains! Now go to the CONF and vote 2 people off! And that's right I said 2 HAHAHAHA!!!!

Bridgtte: (CONF) awww well looks like I didn't win this challenge but anyways, I vote Katie and Sadie they've done nothing yet

Duncan: (CONF) OK..the first person i want off is Katie, for being annoying, and Sadie for being annoying.. well what do ya know!?, they're both annoying! (laughs)

Eva: *conf* Lindsay is dumb, Katie is EVEN DUMBER. I vote for them.

Beth: *conf* Heather and Geoff, They haven't done anything.

Noah: (CONF) I vote sadie and geoff just to be a jerk.

DJ: (CONF) Yay i survived the 1st episode, i hope Duncan makes it far i wanna make an alliance with him and Bridgette.

Courtney: (CONF) That was the stupidest challenge ever! If only i could vote for ALL of them.....but since i can't im going to have to vote for Duncan and Heather.

Gwen: (CONF) If i have to spend 1 more day with Katie and Sadie- im going to die. So I vote for them.

Heather: (CONF) I obviously vote for Katie and Sadie! Dumb idiots

Izzy (CONF.): Katie and Sadie HIYAH!

Cody (CONF.): ...Sierra...

Sierra (CONF): I am voting Gwen and Bridgette because they are distracting Cody from our relationship. Sorry girls..

Harold (CONF): (in a cast) OWW!! That bear hurt me so hard ;(. Anyway, I guess I'll vote Katie and Sadie. Their squeaking is hurting my ears.

Geoff: (CONF) Ok Katie and Sadie gotta go i cant take them anymore

DJ: (CONF) Yea this is for you mom!, anyway i vote off Katie & Sadie, sorry girls :/

DJ: So who do you uys think should go home?

Bridgette: I think the people who didn't do a lot today should go home how about you DJ?

Elimination Ceremony #1

Chris: Ok campers welcome to your new place where where the all the eliminations will take place this season! Now let's get rid of 2 of you now!

DJ: *whispers to Bridgette*, so I guess Katie and Sadie is our votes cause the more they stay it's gonna be chaotic between the others.

Bridgette: Yep totally

Chris: this season, your symbol of safety is, a Chris head hahahaha! So with being the invincibility winners, DJ and Eva get the first Chris heads of the night.

Harold: A Chris Head? Conceited much? :P

Sierra: A Chris head is a great idea! I can add it to my Chris collection back home. =)


DJ: Yay i'm safe *takes chris head* good luck Bridgette!

Chris: Sierra Harold Owen Noah Izzy Cody Courtney Tyler Beth LeShawna Justin Lindsay Duncan Gwen Bridgette and Geoff you are safe too.

Bridgette: Phew

Chris : Which leads you three girls. Heather Sadie and Katie. Who goes? The 2 people going home are................. Katie and Sadie! Time to go! And this season our way of sending people home is..... The shooter of Shame! Which is a Cannonball HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Bridgette: Well, Goodmight Guys!

Chris: ah well that was an awesome first episode wasn't it? Who will Eva and DJ pick for their teams next episode? What challenge will I have planned for the remaining campers? And what will happen next time on my AWESOME show? Find out next time On Total Drama Beach Redemption!

Episode 2: Heroes of the Beach

Girls Bedroom

Sierra: Guess what girls? Today's the day DJ and Eva will pick teams! I hope I am on a team with Cody again ;)

Heather: *glares at the girls* (CONF) What I need is an alliance. Whoever voted for me is going...DOWN!

Beth: (CONF) I really don't want to be eliminated.

Heather: (CONF) But joining forces with one of them, is going to be tough!

Leshawna: *glares back at Heather.* (CONF) If that canivig witch thinks she's getting allies, she's got another thing coming.

Heather: I'd love to stay and chat with you fashion freaks, but I have things to do. *walks out, and does a throat cut sign at Leshawna* (CONF) She's planning something and I know it.

Guys Bedroom

Harold: *dreams about Leshawna*

DJ: Morning guys, so who do you think I should pick for my team?

Harold: *wakes up* Oh hey, DJ. I think you should pick Leshawna and I since we worked well together in seasons past. Just saying! ;)

Duncan: come on DJ!, who works with that geezazoid well?, what about me and you bro?

Cody: Whatever you do, make sure I'm not in a team with Sierra!

Harold: Go away Duncan! Nobody likes you. Go suck face with your precious Gwen or whatever.

Duncan: (grabs Harold by the neck) listen geeko, Total Drama Island, Action and World Tour created something evil between me and you, and by the way, Gwen's my girlfriend, Geoff, DJ, Beth and Owen all like me...maybe some others..but you just crossed the line with that insult!

Cody: *Sighs.* Gwen...

Noah: Even if she wasn't with Duncan, you still wouldnt have a chance.

Cody: You're the one who kissed my ear...

Noah: You're the one who peed your pants.

Cody: You're the one whose afraid of eels.

Noah: At least i can diffuse a time bomb under pressure.

Cody: At least I actually made it to the merge once!

Noah: at least i dont have a stalker who has nude photos of me.

Cody: I've seen Owen's scrapbook you know...

DJ: *whispers to Duncan* Ok dude I will pick you 1st for my team, do you wanna be in a alliance with me, Bridgette, Geoff?

DJ: (CONF) I think if I choose Duncan, he will help our team win a lot of challenges.

Chris: *uses Intercom* Campers meet me at the beach in 5 minutes tops time to pick teams! McLean out.


(all of the remaining contestants walk to the beach)

DJ: Morning Chris!, im ready to pick my teammates.

Chris: Awesome DJ so you and Eva can pick each up to 9 teammates for your team good luck and happy choosing!

DJ: (CONF) I want Bridgette on my team so me and her can make an alliance.

DJ: My 1st pick is Bridgette!

Bridgette: *walks to DJ's Side* Thanks DJ

Chris: Eva who do you choose now?

Harold: Hurry up Eva! GOSH! :3

Duncan: (mimicks Harold)

Duncan: (CONF) as much as i like DJ, the guy may hold a few secrets. secrets i won't be willing to find out!


Cody: *Crosses fingers.*

Eva: I choose Izzy.

Izzy: YAY! WOOH!

Chris: DJ who's your next pick?

DJ: Um my 2nd pick is Duncan.

Eva; My next pick is Noah.

Duncan: (to DJ) thanks man...(whispers) pleeease don't pick Harold...i'm begging you...

DJ: I won't, *mumbles* do you think i should pick Gwen?

Duncan: year man. that only makes this team even more awesome.

Heather: *glares at everyone*

Eva; *sigh* Harold?

Heather: You picked Harold, that stupid dork over me? How damaged are you?

Eva: *rolls eyes*

Beth: *CONF* I'm scared.

Heather: DJ, hopefully you can make a smart choice by choosing me!

DJ: My 3rd choice is Heather. *whispers* Then i will pick Gwen.

Noah: *whsipering* Eva, you should totally pick Gwen.

Heather: (CONF) Once my team is finally chosen, I wonder who I could form an alliance with.

Eva: *whispering to Noah* Well, Just to be a jerk. Ok.

Courtney: (CONF) One of them has to pick me next. I'm the only one with CIT camping experience!

Bridgette:(CONF) I'm really happy to be on a team with DJ again he would make a great alli with me and Geoff :)

Harold: Thanks Eva!

Harold: (CONF) I'm so happy to be one of the first people picked and I am EXTREMELY happy that I'm not on a team with Duncan. Now only if Leshawna will join me... :)

DJ: *whispers to Heather* Wanna be in my alliance Heather?

Heather: *whispers* Fine, but no eliminating me unless in finals. Is anyone else in it? (CONF) With this alliance, I should be safe...for now!

DJ: (CONF) Im definetly not the villain of the season but I may be sneaky along the way this time.

Noah: Can someone pick already!?

Eva: IDK, Most are pretty bad, I definity wouldn't choose Heather for OBIOUS reasons but............*Sigh* Well, Bridgette and Gwen are the least horrible- IDK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Noah: *whispering* pick gwen.

Izzy: *Whispering.* No, pick Bridgette.

DJ: I already picked Bridgette and Heather for my team.

Eva; *passes out cause of the suspense*

Beth: ........

Sierra: Pick me Eva! We both have innie belly buttons =D

Chris: Tick Tok Tick Tok hurry up!

Eva: AUGH FINE! I PICK TYLER! THERE, YOU HAPPY?!?! *Conf* I'm screwed.

Chris: finally DJ your next choice?

DJ: Gwen

Eva: D: *Passes out* *CONF* I am ashamed! *slaps herself*

Gwen: Yes!! * hi-fives Duncan and DJ*

Duncan: year baby! (CONF) this team could do well!

Chris: Eva your next! And hurry up this time!

Courtney: Please Eva pick me! I could'nt stand being on a team with Delinquant and Goth Girl!

Eva: *Sigh* Courtney? (CONF) I'm picking the stronger ones. So my team will be strong.

Cody: What about me?

Eva: *to Cody* Your next.

Sierra: Can I be after Cody? *giggles*

Eva: *to Sierra* Probably.......(CONF) Not.

chris: ok DJ your next and then Eva

DJ: My next pick is Geoff.

Geoff: Yea man! *gives DJ high five*

Eva: Cody, Get over here, I said you were next and you are next.

Harold: This team picking is taking forever...:P

Eva: IK.

Cody: Please don't pick Sierra, she'll slow us down.

Eva: Why would I do that?

Beth: Can we just make it go faster?

Chris: Fine. DJ, you get Lindsay, Trent, Sierra, and Justin. And Eva you get Beth, Owen and LeShawna. Happy?

Bridgette: finally team picking is over!

Chris: DJ your team is the Shrieking Jellyfish! and Eva Your team is the Tormented Tortises!

Harold: Yes! Leshawna my love! We are on the same team once again. Come to me! <3


Eva: *to Cody* See, I told you Sierra wouldn't be in my team. (CONF) Sierra is a total twerp.

Beth: Now what?


{C {C Chris: It's challenge time!

DJ: *to Bridgette* Im happy me and you are on the same team, :D

Bridgette: me too :)

Chris: Ready for your guy's challenge?

Geoff: Ya man XD

DJ: Lets do this!

Chris: ok so you've guys heard of the Sasquatchanakwa before right?

DJ: I heard about it, why u ask?

Harold: The Sasquatchnakwa debuted one night in 1984 when one man spotted.......*talks a long time*

Chris: well, while we were getting ready for this season, he kidnapped one of the interns and that one intern is hidden somewhere on this beach!

Eva: *gets intern bait*

Chris: so your challenge this week is to, find the missing intern! The first part of your challenge is look for a map and compass hidden in the sand the first team who finds it gets to use it in the challenge the other team has to just deal with it. Now go!

Beth: Hmm, Wait, I have a map!............But I lost it.

Bridgette: *to her team* c'mon guys let's do this!

DJ: U heard her guys, lets do this! :) *digs in sand*

Geoff: *digs in sand*

Eva: *finds the compass outta nowhere* Huh?

DJ: *finds map* Yes!!! :D we are doing good team.

Beth: *finds map* YA!

DJ: (CONF) Ok my team is dominating this challenge, i have Gwen, Duncan, Bridgette, Geoff, and Heather in my alliance, I'm thinking on having Lindsay in my all

Sierra: *saves the day and wins the challenge*

Chris: Good job Sierra. The Shrieking Jellyfish win! Which mean the Tormented Tortises need to vote.

Eva: Courtney

Courtney: Beth

Beth: Courtney

Harold: Courtney


Beth: So, Now what?

Bridgette: so who do you think is going home Beth?

Beth: Courtney. Obiously.

Bridgette: yeah well good luck tonight

Elimination Ceremony #2

{C {C Chris: welcome Toritses to your first elimination ceremony. So how does it feel to lose?

Beth: Bummed.

Eva: Just get on with it!

Chris: shiesh.... Fine with zero votes the first few Chris heads go to: Eva Noah LeShawna Harold and Izzy impressive.

Eva: Yes! Safe for another day!

Harold: Thanks Chris! :D

Chris: you welcome Harold. Ok also with zero votes, Owen Tyler And Cody nice job Guys. Which leads to Courtney and Beth.

Tyler: (CONF) Yes! Safe for Another Day! :D

Beth: Oh no!

Eva: .......

Harold: *plays dramatic music*

Tyler: Beth, Its Alright.

Harold: I think it's obvious on who is going...

Eva: Yeah.

Tyler: Tick Tock on the clock.. (CONF) BUT THE PARTY DONT STOP!

Chris: The final Chris Head goes to................ Beth! Sorry Courtney Your out.

Tyler: NANANANANAAN HEY HEY HEY GOODBYE! :D (CONF) I Might just have to make a partnership with someone, ah! Beth could be a good partner!

Courtney: *puches Tyler*

Chris: Any last words Courtney?

Courtney: *screaming* These are NOT my last words!!! I WILL be back!!! I'm calling my lawyers and be prepared Chris because when i come back im going to.....*interrupted by Chris*

(ND14: I dont think he/she is here)

Chris: too late! *shoots Courtney with the shooter of Shame*

(ND14: WTF is the shooter of shame?)

Beth: Bye Bye Courtney! >:)

Chris: Ahh another satisfying elimination.... Who will go home next? Who will win the next challenge? Find out all these answers and more on the Next episode of Total Drama Beach Redemption!

Episode 3: Interns Gone Wild

Girls Bedroom

{C {C Bridgette: I can't believe Im here for another day :D

Beth: Me too!

Bridgette: I wonder what today's challenge is gonna be.

Sierra: Me too. I hope it's fun :) (CONF) After winning yesterday's challenge, I really hope my team talks to me more. I need friends :(

Bridgette: oh Sierra I forgot to tell you, thanks for winning the challenge for us yesterday :)

Eva: Bored.

Bridgette: I'm gonna go eat Breakfast at the cafeteria. *leaves*

Guys Bedroom

Tyler: (CONF) This is the greatest moment of my life! I feel great and I... *gets attacked by flies* AGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!

Harold: *yawns* Another day, another excruciating challenge made by Chris.

Duncan: shut up geeks, i'm trying to sleep. (puts a pillow over his head)

Tyler: *runs into the bedroom with fly bites on him* AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! *Trips on Harold's Piano and brakes a tooth* OH NO!



Bridgette: *eats Breakfast* where is everybody?

Beth: *vomiting from the food*

Eva: *finished eating* Mmm, Yummy.

Tyler: *Eat a Sammich* This ACTULALLY TASTES GOOD! *Finishes the sammich* see you all at the challenge!

(CONF) I think im one of the "nicer" people on this island, I hope i could last long :D

Cody: *Eats food.*

Chris: *uses intercom* campers it's challenge time! Meet me by the beach pronto. McLean out.


{C {C (the remaining contestants walk to the beach)

Cody: What's the challenge

Tyler: I'm ready for the challenge!

Bridgette: so am I!

Chris: Well, since you guys asked, your familiar with our interns here right?

Tyler: Yes, why you ask?

Izzy: Do I have to Izzy Kick them? *Izzy Kicks Tyler for no reason.*

Sierra: Aren't the interns the people who you hire to die at the end of each episode?

Tyler: *on the floor, has a bloody nose* ughhh..... I'm Alright (CONF) Izzy Is a wacko!

Cody: Don't be silly, I'm sure they feign death!

Izzy: Izzy has realised Cody is a geek. Initiating terrorise! *Izzy Kicks Cody.*

Cody: OW! (CONF,) She's such a nutjob!

Tyler: *whispers to cody* If our team loses, we will boot her out.

Cody: *Whispers back.* Done.

Izzy: Izzy would like to inform anybody who is whispering about her that- *camera zooms in on her face which bears a murderous look* -Izzy is always listening. Izzy is ever-present, all-powerful and taco-loving.

Chris: can I speak now?

Tyler: Yes, you may speak.


Chris: Thank you. Now the interns will be apart of your challenge because you guys will have to hide from these 5 interns and if they find you, you will be captured in a sack! The last person standing will win immunity for their team and get to stay another week. You guys ready?

Tyler: READY! *gets ready to hide*

Bridgette: READY!

Tyler: are we ready to go?

Chris: GO!

Bridgette: C'mon Team!

Tyler: *Hides in the Confessional* (CONF) Maybe i can be safe here...

Eva: *hides in the cabin*

Intern #1: *has a sack and is looking around*

Sierra: Hmmm *hides under bed* (CONF) Finding a hiding spot is SOO hard!

Harold: By my calculations, the best hiding spot is underwater, as my goddess Leshawna showed in TDI. *hides underwater*

Tyler: (CONF) Hey! I'm in here! *pushes sierra out*

Intern #1: *Sees Sierra and chases her*

Tyler; (CONF) That Was Close...

Beth: *hides in the confessional*

Sierra: OH NO!!!! *runs into mess hall freezer and locks door*

Tyler: (CONF) GET OUT *Pushes beth out and locks the door*

Intern #2: *Sees Beth and starts to chase her*

Tyler: (CONF) Phew!

Beth: *runs*

Tyler: (CONF) I hope i can be safe in here.

Duncan: (jumps in a barrel and places a cap on top)

Eva: *locks the girls cabin so the interns can't get in*

Sierra: Brrr!!!! *shivers* This is sooooooooo coooooooollllllddd! :(

DJ: Hmmm *hides in dark cave*

Gwen: *climbs up a tree* I should be safe here

Tyler: (CONF) I hope i could win this challenge,i really want to help my team. :D

Cody: *Hides under the dock.*p

Izzy: *Hides in a tree trunk.*

Beth: *goes to the mess hall freezer, unlocks door, gets in and locks it again* Mind if I join you?

Tyler: (CONF) This is getting crazy! its been almost 3 hours, and the interns havent found me!

Eva: *asleep*

Beth: Brrrrr, IT'S COLD!

Tyler (CONF) *in Confessional, sleeping* ZZZZZzzzzzz

Eva: AH! *Kicks door and gets out* FORGET THIS!

Tyler: (CONF) *Is still sleeping, until he hears Eva* AGHHHHHHH! BIGFOOT!

Eva: *gets caught by the interns*

Beth: :/ *frozen* Ah yoo frzmm?

Sierra: *frozen* It'zzzz sooooo collld, Beth. Brrrr....I wonder how longggg we will haaaavvveee to stay in heeerrrre.

Eva: *opesn door* Not for much longer.

Beth: WR SVD! :D *Gets out*

Intern #1: *knocks on Confessional because he heard Tyler*

Tyler: (CONF) *stays very quiet*

Intern #1: *Opens Confessional and captures Tyler*

Intern #3: *Looks around the Beach and sees Gwen in. A tree and captures her*

Bridgette: where do I hide?

Tyler: NO!!!!!!!!!!

Bridgette: ooh! *digs a hole in the sand and hides there*

Intern #4: *Listen and looks closely*

Intern #3: *Captures Izzy*

Beth: *caught* NO!!!!!!!!

Eva: D:< *Kicks intern*

Intern #4: AHHH! *shoots Eva with a tranquilizer and captures her*

Intern #5: *Walks on beach and steps on Bridgette's hand*

Bridgette: ow!

Intern #5 *hears Bridgette and captures her*

Bridgette: aww man

Tyler: Go team!

Intern #2: *looks around*

Sierra: *gets out of freezer* I need warmth!!! *goes over and hides at campfire ceremony*

Beth: ME TOO!

Intern #5: *Sees Sierra, sneaks up on her and captures her*

Sierra: No! Gl team :(

Gwen: *inside sack* arghh! stupid interns! somebody win already so we can get out!

Intern #5: walks on the dock hears Cody make a sound and captures him*

Bridgette: *inside sack* Aww man I hope my team wins. :(

Intern #4: *Goes in cave with a flashlight and sees DJ and captures him*

Eva: *inside sack* DARN IT!

Beth: *Hides in the confessional* :/ This challenge is taking too long.

Izzy: Nobody catches Izzy! *Izzy Kicks an intern and runs away.*

Cody: Aww man...captured...

Beth: *asleep*

Intern #1: *Shoots Izzy with a tranquilizer*

Intern #5: *Captures Beth*

Intern #4: *Captures Justin Leshawna Owen Noah Trent and Duncan*

Chris: wow that intern is on fire!

Bridgette: ugh, how long am I supposed to be in here?

Chris: Now only Harold and Geoff are left!

Intern #1: *Finds and captures Geoff*

Chris: Harold wins! Now, can somebody please find him?

Tyler: Found him! *finds him under the water*

Chris: Good, Now the Tormented Toritses win their first challenge!

(Everyone gets out of their sack)

Eva: >:D, VICTORY!!!!!!!!!!!

Beth: Yay!

Harold: *breathes heavely* Yes! Victory! (CONF) Woot! My calculations were right and I won the challenge for my team :) Take that Duncan! Have fun at the ceremony! Haaaahhaaaa >:D

Duncan: (walks past and hears Harold, then enters and punches him in the privates)


Chris: Time to vote Shrieking Jellyfish!

DJ: Hey Bridge were voting off Trent tonight k?

Bridgette: Deal. He hasn't helped out with any challenges yet.

Bridgette: (CONF) Sorry Trent, but if you don't do the challenges, your out. I vote for you.


Beth: Good luck at elimination Bridgette.

Sierra: (CONF) I'm going to vote Trent. As one of the most active people on my team, I feel it necessary to get rid of the quiet Cody-hating competitors.

DJ: (CONF) I'm sorry Trent but im voting for you, listen dude ur cool and all but you dont do much....and that puts stress on our team, hope you understand :/

Geoff: (CONF) I like everybody on my team but, i guess i vote for Trent, sorry dude :|

Gwen: (CONF) um...I dont know...Trent I guess? things are just too awkward between us.

DJ: *huddles with his alliance* Ok guys so we are voting for Trent tonight k?

Geoff: Yup, *whispers to Bridgette* Hey Bridgette wanna go out?

Duncan: (CONF) same old Geoff...but anyway, i'm voting for the person i think is the most useless out of us all..HAROLD!!..hahahaha...but seriously i vote for Guitar Boy Trent.

Bridgette: *Huddles with DJ's alliance* yep voting for Trent. And sure Geoff, I'll go out. :)

Elimination Ceremony #3

Welcome Shrieking Jellyfish to your, first elimination ceremony.

DJ: Good evening Chris :)

Bridgette: I hope I don't get eliminated :(

DJ: Dont worry you are not going anywhere I promise ;) Geoff: I hope you stay Bridge :)

Chris: I wouldn't be so sure..... HEHE

DJ: Uh...Chris where are the rest of my team?

Chris: I have no idea.....

DJ: (CONF) Viewers if you guys think i'm the villain of this season you are wrong, im here to win and play fair.

Geoff: *sits next to Bridgette* I hope we stay again another day together :)

Duncan: (sighs in annoyance)

Chris: Tonight isn't like any other elimination Shrieking Jellyfish..... ;)

Bridgette: Huh?

Tyler: *walking past elimination Ceremony* Hey Chris!

DJ: What???, (CONF) Plz dont tell me he's on our team now?

Chris: what I mean is, why should the contestants vote off people? I should get a say in this. So.... I'm gonna choose who gets eliminated tonight!

DJ: Whoa!, nice twist D:

Bridgette: (CONF) Now I'm starting to think I'm gonna get eliminated!

Chris: Ready to start guys?

DJ: I guess

Geoff: Sure :/

Bridgette: Ok then.... :(

DJ: *whispers to Bridgette* Im nervous :(

Bridgette: Me too :(

Chris: First, I'm going to callout the people who are safe.

DJ: *sweats and crosses-fingers*

Geoff: Ah man, this is intense.

Chris: The first 5 people safe are; Geoff, DJ, Duncan, Gwen, and Heather!

Bridgette: ohhh.

DJ: Whew....oh no D:

Chris: Sierra, Trent, and Lindsay are also safe.

Bridgette: oh no

Gwen: You just love messing with us dont you?

Chris: Yes, yes I do Gwen :)

Eva: (CONF) You sure like screwing us up Chris.

Chris: The last Chris head goes to.....

(Camera zooms in on Justin and Bridgette)

Chris: Bridgette! Sorry Justin, but your out!

Bridgette: I'm Safe! woohoo!

DJ: *gives Bridgette high five* Good job girl! ;)

{C {C Chris: Ahhh I Love it when campers don't know what they're expecting. Well, that's all I have to say for tonight, Goodinght campers!

Trent: (CONF) OK, so here's the thing, DJ's alliance have targeted me, i can tell. the only way i'm getting out of this is to contribute more to the team. but if i don't...i'm pretty sure i'll be out next...i got lucky, that's all i can say on that matter.

Eva: (CONF) I think i'll start a alliance with Trent.

Episode 4: A Beach Scavenger Hunt

Girls Bedroom

Eva: Safe for another day! YES!

Bridgette: Man, I can't believe I almost got eliminated.

Gwen: Well, at least you didnt- and Justin did! Which i am pretty happy about. (CONF) After last night, i've come to realise that no one here is safe- and Chris will do whatever he wants!

Beth: I'm glad Bridgette's still in the game.

Chris: *Uses Intercom* Girls, please come to the beach with your swimsuits it's challenge time!

Beth: *puts on swimsuit and puts on waterwings* Here goes nothing. (CONF) I like the ocean, It's very pretty.

Eva: *puts on swimsuit* LET'S DO THIS!

Bridgette: *puts on swimsuit* Ready.

Beth: I can't swim well. But I think I can do it.

Eva: I'll destroy this challenge. And win for my team!

Guys Bedroom

{C {C DJ: Aw man dude yesterday's elimination ceremony made me nervous. *to Geoff & Duncan*, (CONF) My plan trying to vote out Trent failed so I guess i'm gonna keep him for a bit, and if he doesn't help the team anytime soon im gonna flip. I want his head on a platter.

Cody: The Codemeister is yet to lose.

Chris: *Uses Intercom* Guys please come to the beach with your swimsuits it's challenge time!

DJ: Oh boy guys, its a water challenge :/. *puts on swimsuit*

Trent: (sighs) here goes nothing. (puts on swimsuit and heads to the beach)

Duncan: (CONF) Trent should be watching his back, cause me and DJ are coming for him! (NONF CONF) (puts on swimsuit and heads to beach)


Harold: *eats snack*


{C {C Chris: Man, where are the campers?!

DJ: *walks out of beachouse* Mornin' Chris!

Chris: Mornin' DJ!

Bridgette: I'm ready for anything today!

Duncan: meh.

Trent: what's up guys?

DJ: *glares at Trent* (CONF) He needs to go >:(

Lindsay: Hey, DJ! i Heard you got a..... what is it called? and i want to join!

Bridgette: *whispers to DJ* Should we let her join?

Trent: (CONF) DJ has it in for badly..

Duncan: (whispers to DJ as well) she's to dumb...she won't even remember who we are.

Gwen: Plus she'll probably go and tell Tyler-whos not on our team

Bridgette: It probably is a bad idea then.

Duncan: yeah. definatley.

DJ: *whispers to Bridgette & Duncan* we add her to the alliance but after a few weeks we vote her off, ok?

Bridgette: ok but if she tells anybody we'll have to vote her off IMMEDIATLY.

Lindsay: You Know what, nevermind! *walks away*

DJ: Did she hear what we just said?? :O

Tyler: Hey Guys!

Lindsay: TYLER! *Makes out with him*

Tyler: Score! *makes out*

Gwen: Chris, can we get this challenge overwith already!

Chris: Fine.

DJ: Whats the challenge?

Beth: :/


Chris: Your guy's challenge is to jump off at cliff up there! *Points to the top of the cliff* Like season 1!

Tyler: Ok! *runs up the cliff*

Lindsay: Lets Go! *Goes up the cliff*

Chris: WAIT!

Tyler And Lindsay: Ok! *comes down the hill*

Chris: After you jump off the cliff, you will need to find a key that has your team symbol, once you have it, you will open one of the boxes on the beach, and you will look for a card that says advanced to next round once you find it I will give you more instructions.

Bridgette: Sounds easy.

Chris: Be careful though, because in the water is Crabs! Sharks! And Eletric Eels!

Duncan: sounds like my family members..(runs up the hill)

Trent: I'm gonna win this!! (runs up the hill)

{C {C Tyler And Lindsay: Lets go *both run up the hill*

Eva: *jumps cliff* YAAAAA!

Beth: *jumps off the cliff* AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!

DJ: *jumps off cliff* Woohoo!!!

Bridgette: *jumps off* Wooo!

Gwen: is that all you got Chris? Game on! *runs and jumps of cliff*

Duncan: (jumps off the cliff with no reaction)

Trent: (jumps off the cliff) wooooooooo!!!! yeeear!!!

Bridgette: Lets start looking for keys! *To her Team*

DJ: Alright, *swims underwater* :O *eel electructes him*

Trent: (searches for key, and spots a chest, he swims to it, only for a shark to appear and start chasing him)

Duncan: (punches the shark in the face, makinng it run off whimpering)

Gwen: hey guys look! i found something!

Tyler: *jumps off cliff, looks for keys, spots a chest, opens it, and finds a key*

DJ: *Throws eel off himself* where?

Gwen: i found our key! now wheres the chest?!?

Duncan: follow me babe!, it's over here! (swims towards the chest)

DJ: Wait up Duncan! *swims with Gwen & Duncan*

Duncan: Trent!, Bridgette!, Geoff!. get your buts over here now! (Gwen gives Duncan the key and he unlocks the chest)

DJ: Duncan, were gonna win! :D

Duncan: darn tootin we are!! (opens the chest) WE ARE WINNNNNNERS!!


Eva: *Steals it* Ha ha!

Beth: WE LOST!

Tyler: (CONF) since we lost, im voting of izzy!

Chris: Not so fast.... You guys have another challenge!

Tyler: YAY!

DJ: Darn it :(

Chris: Your next challenge is to find 3 golden balls around this beach. The team that brings the golden balls with their team logo win and get a MAJOR Reward! Now go!

Tyler: *looks for balls* ohhh i found one! *finds other teams ball* let me just take this.. *takes the ball*

DJ: *swims to shore* Found one guys! :D

Bridgette: YES! Nice job DJ!

Bridgette: *Finds a ball of their team* I found one! :D

DJ: Yea Bridgette!!! :D we got this team!, *gives Bridgette high five*

Sierra: Good job guys! (CONF) I've noticed that DJ, Duncan, Heather, Bridgette, Gwen, and Geoff have gotten close lately, which makes me speculate an alliance. They already have the majority, so my best bet is to try to join them. Ugh...without Cody on my team, I've been thinking strategically! Hope it wears off soon.

Harold: Golden balls? I got two...right between my legs ;D

Bridgette: Guys is that a golden ball up there with our logo?! *Points to the top of the palm tree*

Beth: *found with the 3 golden balls with her team's logo* :)

Chris: The Tormented Tortises win! Nice!

DJ: Aw man good job today guys, *huddles with alliance* Alright who should go?

Bridgette: Hmmmm the only people we can vote off are Trent Lindsay and Sierra.

DJ: Well Sierra is actually usefull, Lindsay maybe, but I really want Trent out, he cant get out of this week.

Bridgette: So it's official, we vote out Trent this week?

DJ: Yes, and then if we lose its Lindsay k, plus Gwen & Duncan want him gone so hes outnumbered >:). I still have to talk to Geoff about it.

Bridgette: Ok.

Sierra: *spying behind the bushes* Hey guys! Can I be your unofficial 7th member of the alliance?

Bridgette: Wait a minute were you spying on us?

Sierra: DUH! I'm Sierra. I have your dental records remember? But that's not the point. The point is: I have been thinking that now that you guys have seen what I can do and how I can help, I think I would make a great asset to your alliance. Hopefully, if you accept me, we'll be able to win future challenges to come. What do you say? :)

Bridgette: We will have to think about it we'll let you know at the elimination ceremony ok?

Lindsay: (CONF) I hope I dont get eliminated.... I think i can..... whats that word? Oh, progress! I Think I can Progress in this contest!

Bridgette:(CONF) Sorry Trent, But I'm voting for you.

Duncan: (CONF) as much as i hate going against DJ, i have to say, Trent did help us out, instead of being so quiet. so the person i'm voting for is that dumb blonde Lindsay.

Trent: (CONF) i need to save myself from DJ's alliance, so i guess i'm gonna vote for Lindsay.

Geoff: (CONF) I don't wanna go against DJ, but Lindsay hasn't done anything lately and her & Tyler making out grosses me out. I vote for Lindsay

DJ: (CONF) I have a weird feeling some of my alliance members arent voting for Trent so I guess Trent is fine for now, so I guess its time for "Spoiled Rich Girl" to go, sorry Linds. :/

DJ: *walks up to Trent* Hey man im sorry for being mean to you its just that, ive changed my babying ways, you know, I dont know if you would blindside me or what, so Trent today Lindsay goes home alright?

Trent: thanks man, and year, Lindsay goes tonight.

Lindsay: (CONF) *is sad* I think im eliminated tonight!! well, I vote for Myself *cries*

Sierra: (CONF) Spying is my specialty! I know the group is targetting Lindsay now, so I'll vote her as well. I really hope what Bridgette says is true, and at the elimination ceremony, I'll join the alliance. *hears Cody's voice* OMG!!! *runs out*

Bridgette: *Calls DJ's alliance*

DJ: Whats up Bridgette?

Bridgette: *Whispers* Sierra wants to join our alliance should we let her?

Lindsay: *walks by Bridgette, Sad* Hey Bridgette.

Gwen: *to the alliance* maybe- but if she does she'll have to agree to no talking about Cody because its like all she talks about.

Duncan: well, out of Trent, Sierra and Cody. i'd say Cody or Trent would be the most trustworthy. Sierra could leave our alliance at any time if we let her in. then that will give the others an advantage.

Elimination Ceremony #4

Chris: Hello Shrieking Jellyfish to your 2nd Elimination ceremony.

Sierra: Hey Chris! :)

Lindsay: I Bet I am eliminated tonight. *Cries*

Sierra: Sigh..*looks over at Bridgette* (whispering) So....

Bridgette: *Whispers* I'm so sorry, but We don't think you'll make a great fit :(

DJ: *whispers to Bridgette* So...shes not joining us right?

Bridgette: *Whispers* Yeah Duncan and Gwen don't think she's a great fit.

Sierra: I.....don't know what to say...... *starts crying* Everything I do...(whimpering) IS NEVER ENOUGH!!! :( *covers face in hands*

Chris: People safe are: DJ, Geoff, Bridgette, Gwen, Sierra, Duncan, and Heather. which leads Trent and Lindsay.'

Lindsay: Its Trent thats safe, I already know it.

Chris: Wow Lindsay, you're actually right about something this time! Trent, you are safe buddy. Which means, I'm sorry Lindsay but your eliminated from Total Drama Beach Redemption.

Lindsay: Bye Everyone! I hope you have a Nice Time!

Bridgette: Bye Lindsay!

Sierra: (CONF) I'm still in the game. I should be happy.... (crying) WHY ME?????? ;( I do fit in! I...dooooooooo

Eva: (CONF) Hm........Maybe I can form a alliance for the discluded.

DJ: *whispers to his alliance* I feel bad, she was nice and sweet, but we did the right thing......someones gotta go.

Geoff: *puts hand over shoulder* its okay Deej, she tryed her best, thats all that matters :)

Chris: Well, Goodnight campers!

Episode 5: Where is the ZEKE?

Girls Bedroom

Sierra: *under covers crying* WAAAAAHHHH!!! Nobody likes me ;(

Bridgette: *Hears Sierra Crying and feels bad*

Bridgette: *Hears DJ* Was that DJ?

Guys Bedroom

Trent: (is quietly playing his guitar)

Tyler: *is asleep* ZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZ.


Duncan: locked, doors sealed...nothing's gonna get in here except me!....(scoffs and walks into the kitchen)

DJ: Mornin' Duncan, good thing Lindsay's gone right?

Duncan: year, it's good Lindsay's gone...DJ!?, how'd you get in!?

DJ: Chris told me to come down here earlier to cook some grub for you guys!.

Duncan: sweet!, fire away man! (sits on a table with his tongue out like a hungry dog)

DJ: Here buddy! *hands Duncan....bacon, eggs, and sausages*, *sits with him*, We need to win a challenge!, we have lost 2 members in a row! :(

Duncan: don't remind me man. if we lose, we've got to get rid of Trent, Sierra or Cody. all of them are worthless.

DJ: I think we should knock out Sierra tonight, if not maybe Trent?, *shows him his IPOD* Check this new app i got!

Ezekiel: *Scratches on the door and then crawls away*

Duncan: did you hear something?

DJ: Yeah O_O, hello?

Ezekiel: *Comes back and scratches the door more*

DJ: *opens door* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, RUNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *runs away*

Duncan: (sprints with DJ)

Intern: I'm a new intern who works here!

Chris: Campers meet me by the bathrooms this is an EMERGENCY!!!


(Chris, may I be your helper?)

Chris: Sure, I need a new intern, I don't really know what happened to the others that's why.

Intern: Thanks man. I have an idea to spice up the game! We swap up the teams!!

Chris: Okay new intern, slow down. First I need you to get the campers because were having a real EMERGENCY!

Intern: Can do, and I'm Fred. *gets on top of the watch tower and takes out a megaphone* EVERYONE! EMERGENCY!!! EVERYONE MEET AT THE BATHROOM THIS INSTANT!! EMERGENCY!!!

Tyler: HERE!

Fred: Okay first off I'm Fred, intern for the rest of the game. Chris, tell them why they're here please.

DJ: *runs and stops* Here!!!!

Bridgette: Here!

Harold: I'm here! GOSH!



Fred: AAAAAAAHHHH!!! *runs*

Ezekiel: *Snarls at the campers*

Eva: Don't worry guys, I got this.

Tyler: Hey Zeke, want some money?

Duncan: (pushes Tyler aside) hey Zeke!, you remember her!? (shows a picture of Anne Maria) it's Anne Maria!, you gave her a diamond in season 4!, come and get the picture to find her Zeke! (runs with the pic)

Zeke: *roars and rips off Tyler's shirt*

Duncan: (eyes widen)

DJ: *runs and trys to catch Zeke* Come here u...

Fred: We tied steaks round your necks! Run cause he's hungry!

Ezekiel: *Vanishes into the water*

Bridgette: GET HIM!!!!

Tyler: LETS GO! *swims into the water*

Zeke: *roars and gets on top of Tyler* Just TRY and run from me!!

Bridgette: *Swims*

Tyler: *while zeke is on top of him, he grabs him* GOT YOU!

Zeke: THAT'S WHAT YOU THINK!! *bits him and swims*


Chris: *in the studio* Ah, good thing I'm safe.


Bridgette: *Tackles Zeke*

Zeke *throws Bridgette off him* I AM DEFORMED NOW!! BECAUSE OF YOU!!

Bridgette: Me?!


Bridgette: Oh,

DJ: jumps on him*

Zeke: *turns back to normal(

Tyler: Zeke, your back!

Zeke: *looks in a mirror* YES! I'M BACK!!!

Chris: That....Was a shocker.....

Fred: But, we still have to chain you up and bring you to the looney bin!!

Bridgette: ooh, *Ties Zeke up in seaweed* WOOHOO!

Fred: *laucnhes Zeke off* Bye bye!

Zeke: AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *crashes in the forest*

DJ: We won a challenge!!!!!, *high fives team*

Chris: Yes you guys do! Which means the Tormented Tortises need to vote someone out.

Eva: WHAT?!?! D:<

Tyler: *to Eva* Lets vote out Izzy.

Eva: kk.

Beth: Bored.

Fred: The elimination starts shortly!

(The sign ups for next season: Total Drama Battle of the exes are now open on the talk page!)

Ezekiel: *hides in the bush* They won't stop me from getting back in!

Harold: (CONF) I vote to eliminate Owen. For being such a fun guy, he has done nothing to help our team and is dead weight. Sorry dude.

Fred: *cut to bonfire* Guys, I got 8 marshmellows. 8 of you will be munching the night away on this yummy snack, the odd one out will be sent packing on the cannon 'o' shame!!!

Chris: That's my line!!! And there aren't even marshmallows this season! Mmhmm okay, Tormented Tortieses, ready to starts elimination?

(Chris heads represent being safe in elimination :P)

(Can the next episode start after this?)

Eva: Yeah.

Beth: YEAH! :D

Chris: Okay then, Eva, Beth, LeShawna, Noah, Cody, Izzy and Tyler are all safe!

Fred: Owen, you are O-U-T!!! So you better get packing.

Chris: *Has an annoyed face* You ruined the moment. But anyways, Harold you get the last Chris head of the night.

Fred: *Ties Owen to the hurl-o-shame* Chris, care to do the honors?

Chris: Gladly. *Shoots Owen* Night Campers!

Episode 6: It's About To Get Hairy

Girls Bedroom

Bridgette: Finally my team wins a challenge!

Beth: :D

Guys Bedroom

DJ: Morning Duncan!, I'm soo tired.

Duncan: morning man. and year, same here about being tired.

Geoff: *sleeps about Bridgette* Hehhehe oh Bridge ur so cute.

DJ: *laughs*

(Can we starts this episode over so we can let the campers chat for a while?)

(Oh alright. I'll remove my post)\

Fred: *sounds morning conch shell Everyone meet at the campgrounds this instant!


Chris: *Waits for Campers*

Bridgette: Here!

Tyler: Right Here!

Fred: Guys, the teams are being switched up! DJ, Trent, Sierra and Bridgette, you are now on the Tortoises. Tyler, Harold, Beth and Eva, you are now on the Jellyfish!

Tyler: Yay!

Bridgette: :0

Chris: HAHAHAHAHAHA look at their faces! Well, goodbye until your next challenge starts!

(Now change up the colors for the swap. Now they chat)

Bridgette: (CONF) I can't believe I'm on The Tormented Tortises now! Ugh.....

DJ: (CONF) WHAT?????!!, 3 of my allaince members are on the other team, thats not a good sign.

Geoff: (CONF) Whoa, i did not see that coming :O

(Please change the colors now. The swapped Jellyfish are now blue and the swapped Tortoises are now Orange)

Eva: *to DJ* So, You lost half of your alliance? (CONF) Y'know, I feel his pain.

Sierra: (CONF) Wow. You see me now? No crying! This swap probably saved my life in this game. Now, let's see if Bridgette and DJ will finally agree to team up with me :) One last thing: Cody is on my team! XD

Harold: (CONF) WHAT? This is terrible. I lose my precious Leshawna....for Duncan?! Ugh! :P


Fred: For today, you will have to do several gross things! First team to 5 wins! First round is a farting contest! Bridgette is up for the Tortoises and Eva is up for the Jellyfish!

Bridgette: Wait, where's Chris?

Fred: If he isn't around, I get to host challenges. He won't be hosting today, so I'm in charge of this challenge. You two may begin!

Bridgette: This is so embarrassing! *Farts*

Fred: That was a 9/10 on the smell factor and a 8/10 on sound factor. Eva, do you think you can top that?

Heather: Eww, get a room surfer girl. *blocks her nose and walks away* (CONF) This place sucks. The challenge sucks. The alliance sucks. I need more game. I just need some time to think... *evily chuckles*

Fred; Who will go for the Jellyfish?! You know what, since nobody else is willing to go, then that means THE TOIRTOISES WIN THE CHALLENGE!! *hands the Tortoises immunity* Guys, you aren't voting anyone out tonight. Jellyfish, you have the afternoon, then one of you is sent packing.

Geoff: Awww man.....:(, *to Duncan, Gwen, and Heather*, who should we vote off tonight?

Fred: One more thing! The new members of your team have immunity for this round only! Meaning, you can't vote them out! So Beth, Eva, Harold and Tyler are immune for this round only. All of you can still vote, except you can't vote for one of them this round. You gotta vote for either Gwen, Heather, Geoff or Duncan. So if I were one of you, I would be trying to form a new alliance quick!!! Good luck guys! See you later!!! *laughs evily and runs off*

Tyler: Eva, Beth, Harold, Alliance?

Gwen: *to Duncan heather and geoff* Guys one of us is going home tonight. We are going to have to betray this alliance- it wont work.

Geoff: I think you guys should vote me off, theres next season also, so basically i'm the one that should go...

Bridgette:(CONF) I'm really happy I won, but I think Geoff might be going home ;(

Gwen: *to Geoff* Dont say that. none of us deserves to go home, except maybe heather, but still.

Eva: *to Tyler* Sure.

Beth: *to Tyler* Yeah!

Harold: *to Tyler, Eva and Beth* Yes! :) After this ceremony, we will have a 4-3 advantage! :D

Elimination Ceremony #6

Fred: Time to vote, you can't vote for Harold, Tyler, Beth and Eva, and you can't vote for yourself

Geoff: (CONF) I vote for Heather.

Heather: (CONF) Duncan. I vote him.

Tyler: (CONF) I vote Heather. Strong players must go.

Gwen: (CONF) Heather .

Eva: *CONF* Heather.

Beth: (CONF) Heather.

Duncan: (CONF) later boldy.

Fred: *holds out a plate of marshmellows* There are 7 marshmellows on this plate. 7 of you will be sitting fancy, while one of you is hurled outta here! Marshmellows go to Geoff, Tyler, Gwen, Harold, Eva and Beth

Fred: We're down to Duncan and Heather........................................... DUNCAN! *throws him a marshmellow* Heather, bon voyage!! *puts her on the catapault and launches her outta there* Bye bye!!

Chris: *Walks In* I'm Back!!!! Nice job on your 2nd day here Fred! But Chris heads represent immunity and safeness.

Geoff: Yay final 15!!!!

Fred: That twist sure changed by the dynamics!

Episode 7: That Filthy Little Snake!!

Girls Bedroom

Beth: That was close.

Bridgette: I'm so happy to still be here.

Bridgette: (CONF) Hmm, I need a new strategy, maybe I'll make an alliance with my new team members.......

Sierra: Good morning girls! Let's hope for a fun challenge today.

Gwen: When has a challenge ever been fun? Dont get your hopes up....


Guys Bedroom

Tyler: Here for Another Week!

Harold: That's right Tyler! *high fives him*

Harold (CONF) Currently, this swap has turned out better than I expected! I'm now in an alliance with Tyler, Eva, and Beth and we have the majority vote. Hopefully, I'll be able to get rid of Duncan soon >:)

Tyler: (CONF) My new alliance is starting to get really good, i hope my strategy works well....

(it gets cloudly and starts to rain**thunder is heard and lightning strikes)

Duncan: Chris you evil so and so....Harold's sure to get me eliminated with his alliance, if i don't swap teams i'm quitting this stupid show!!!, and don't think i won't!

DJ: Yo Duncan, it stinks that ur not on my team now.

Duncan: not for long, if Chris doesn't switch me with someone else i will quit this contest. i SWEAR i will.


Duncan: what if we don't!?, what if we lose!?, pleeeeeeeeease Fred!!!.....PLEEEEEASE SWITCH MEEEEEEE!!!!!

Fred: Sorry dude, if you're smart enough, you'll find a way out of this mess yourself! And quitting is not an option!

Tyler: Can we start the challenge already?

Fred: You guys get to chat a lil, then the challenge begins.

Duncan: Tyler...can we (gulp) make an alliance?

Tyler: ........ YEAH SURE!

Duncan: (CONF) i know it will sound like i'm leaving DJ's alliance, but here's the thing, if i keep my alliance with Tyler strong enough until the merge, it'll be smooth sailing from there!


Fred: For today's challenge, all of you will dive through a mud pit, and on the other side is a very tall wooden post. One member from each team will climb up it and grab a key, which unlocks a bag containing balls. You will use the balls to smash 5 tiles. First team to do this, wins immunity. GO!!

Eva: *dives in*

Beth: *dives in*

Tyler; WAIT EVA AND BETH! *Talks to them quietly* i told duncan hes on board with us, but im lieing to him. lets throw this challenge to eliminate him.

Beth: *drowning* You don't have to worry.

Tyler: Ok, Good


Duncan: what was that Tyler!?, about lieing to me!?!? (gives a scary face while climbing)


Duncan: shut up you!! (reaches the balls, lol)

Sierra: *pushes Duncan down* I got this!

Fred: Duncan takes a hard fall from Sierra!! Sierra is picking up the balls now!

Beth: *still drowning*

Eva: *almost there but.......* OH MAN!! CRAMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Duncan: (pulls Beth out the water then starts to climb back up)

Sierra: *breaks tile*

Harold: *takes a nap*

Duncan: hey Fred!, those idiots are trying to throw the challenge to get me eliminated!, help me out here!!!?

Fred: Sorry dude, no can do. You can't quit, so I'd start using my ol' noggin to find a way out of this! Good luck! And Sierra smashes the first tile!

Duncan: (reaches the balls and throws a tile)

Fred: Duncan smashes the first tile for his team! We're neck and neck!

Sierra: *smashes another*

Duncan (smashes another)


Sierra: *smashes tile*

Sierra: *smashes last two back to back*

Eva: :/

Tyler: *to Eva, Beth, and Harold* Duncan's gotta go.


Tyler; *Is Mad* WHAT!?


Fred: Since I did this last round, Sierra, Trent, DJ and Bridgette can't be voted out on their team this round only. Only Noah, LeShawna, Izzy or Cody can be voted out!

Gwen: Yay we won!! Duncan I need to talk to you.

Duncan: sure babe, what's up?

Gwen: *to duncan* The other guys in our team are acting weird- i think they made an aliiance or something. And because theyve got harold and stuff, i think they are going to vote you offf. We have to keep winning.

Duncan: year...Geoff will join us for sure, but if i go....i'll need you to get rid of Harold for me..

Gwen: okay. But if you go theyll only be Geoff and I. theyll outnumber us 4-2.

  • a message is carved into a tree, it reads:


Tyler: What does that mean?

Duncan: someone is gonna betray someone.

  • it stops raining and the sun comes out. the temperature goes up to 100 degrees farenheit*

Chris: Just came to drops by and see how new intern Fred is going! Everything going smoothly Fred?

Fred: Yup, tension's skyrocketing too!!

Chris: GREAT! Good for rating's Eh?

Fred: Sure is! Apparently, the ratings have been skyrocketing since I arrived to help!!

Elimination Ceremony #7

Sierra: (CONF) I feel terrible. I didn't mean to cheat. I just tried to help speed things along. Aww well..I wonder who my team is gonna vote for. :P

Harold: (CONF) Ugh! Duncan just won't leave!! >:( And now that Leshawna's team lost, she is jeopardy! What a crappy day...

Duncan: (CONF) it was great seeing Tyler and Harold's faces when we won the challenge, me and Gwen are sticking side by side. and Geoff will help us too hopefully, Harold shouldn't think for one second that i'm going down without a fight, because i ain't!

Sierra: (CONF) I vote Izzy. Girl, don't think I forgot that you tried to kill me and take Cody in the first episode because I didn't. :)

Leshawna: (CONF) I know I didn't participate in this challenge at all, (because I filled in Leshawna's slot post-challenge) but I don't think Sierra should've god-played. Anyway, my vote is for Cody.

Noah (same story as Leshawna's): (CONF) Well, I guess there's not much to choose from. So I guess my vote is for Izzy. She is cool, but can be a bit of a nutbar. I cannot have that dragging me down. <sarcasm> At least she has the "joy" of Owen to look forward to. </sarcasm>

Izzy: (CONF) I guess I haven't been that active lately, but anyway, I vote for Cody. I don't want Sierra to form an alliance with him. *she says it so loudly it can be heard from outside*

Cody: (CONF) Sorry I haven't been doing much. Anyway, I vote for Sierra! She's crazy! (NON-CONF) *to Izzy* HEY! Why are you voting ME out?! You're no more helpful than me!

Izzy: You voted for Sierra! Boy I know who's gonna hear this one!!

Cody: You wouldn't!!!

Izzy: I WOULD!!!!


Izzy: I WOULD!!!

Fred: I got the Chris Heads everyone! DJ, Bridge, Sierra, Trent, LeShawna, Noah, and the last one goes to......... IZZY!!!

Izzy: WOOOO!!!!!!

Cody: WHAT?! But..but..!!!!

Izzy: Save your butts for later!!!

Fred: Cody, no voting agaisnt Sierra, but it's too late now. *ties Cody to the hurl of shame* Any last words?!

Cody: YES! CURSE YOU IZ *is hurled off* AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fred: With Izzy taking a turn for the worse, and Cody shipped out, all h*** will break loose when Sierra finds out! Tune in next time for TOTAL DRAMA BEACH REDEMPTION!

Izzy: (CONF)*evily grinning* One, by one, they'll all go down!!

Heather: *puts on sunnies* What a bunch of losers. (I got permission from Survivor to return as an intern) What? Don't look at me like that?

Fred: Welcome back Heather!! Hope you like being an intern!

Heather: My intern contract doesn't mention anything about you being able to talk to me. So, stop talking. :)

Fred: *laughs* Nice try.

Heather: Oh no. The loserdom walls are caving in. I better get out of this loser place to wash off the loser wall, because I am a gothic claustraphobe. *glares at Gwen, and walks to the showers*

Fred: *rolls eyes* This is gonna be a long season

Heather: *begins to take a shower* (CONF) My team is going to pay for eliminating me. I have a few tricks up my sleeves for them.

  • it's nightime*

Episode 8: All Hell Breaks Loose

Girls Bedroom

Izzy: *sleeping, having nightmares* (CONF) I had the freakiest dream ever now! Cody grew to like 100 feet and ate me!!! Anyway, I need to make an alliance to stay in this game! But with who?!

Leshawna: Ugh. Keep it down, Izzy. I can't deal with your craziness today. I need my beauty sleep. (CONF) Okay. I'll admit the way I snapped at Izzy was a bit harsh. Although, our team can't afford losing this week. Izzy knows I voted for her and I feel like she's going to put everyone against me the first chance she gets. I'm not going home just yet.

Izzy: LeShawna, I'm sorry for yestarday. I just want to know if *whipsers to her* If you want an alliance with me, you, DJ and Noah?

LeShawna: *also whispers* That would be great. Problem is I overheard I'm their next target. (OCC: I'm Noah :D)

Izzy: No, no, it's different now. The target is *whispers* Bridge

LeShawna: *shocking whisper* Oh My Snot! I don't want to sound completely evil, but that's perfect. Geoff won't be able to handle it and he will lose the challenge, then he'll get booted, too.

Izzy: *whispering* Yup >:), the game's in our hands now!

LeShawna: *Blarps (farting and burping at once)* Opps, I had too many tufo burritos last night and you know how tufo makes me feel.

Izzy: *covering her nose* Not bad. *farts and burps* That one's from taco and bean night!!!

LeShawna: You held it in two whole weeks!? *Room partially collapes from stink, only the wall, and not the boys' part.* *sighs* *sniff* I'll get the broom. It's way worse than mine plus my seven sisters and Celo Green combined times fifty! How are the others still awake. Sierra doesn't even ball all night about Cody and instead sleeps through it.

Izzy: *helps rebuild* Sorry LeShawna! Owen gave me a lil too much advice *laughs*!

Sierra: *looks at picture of Cody* :(

Sierra: (CONF) Izzy and LeShawna are evil. I will make sure that they pay for voting out my Codyilicious! I will avenge you Cody, I promise!

Izzy: *whispers* LeShawna, I say we have a gas contest! *laughs quitely* *keeps whispering* And my brother taught me how to do it at home. Let's have a gas contest LeShawna!

LeShawna: SURE! *farts and Heather, who is sleeping in a room of the staff quarters, falls or her bed* Woowee!

Izzy: *farts loudly and it makes the room vibrate a lil*

LeShawna: *farts and then the ocean brings in huge waves that splash all of the girls because the walls were still busted.*

Izzy: *farts and a green cloud engulfs the room* I think that's enough for now *laughs*

LeShawna: *laughs* Let's go down to the beach and relax before the challenge. Maybe it's a grill-out challenge.

Guys Bedroom

DJ: *wakes up*, that was a shocking elimination.

Noah: Yeah. Izzy was close to leaving. I like her in all, but remember the Jumbo Jet incident with Owen in season three? And that was just with her boyfriend. Who knows what she could do woth us?

Tyler: Good Morning everyone!

Noah: Morning, Ty! How come you look so cheery this morning? Please don't tell me you're gonna throw the challenge to be with Lindsay again!

Tyler; Why would I?

Noah: Just because you love Lindsay, and you get really annoyed when she forgets you. I would have wanted to, too. But I'm single. Maybe, I could hit on (shudders) Heather while she's here.

Harold: *wakes up* I'm glad I have Leshawna. We're gonna get married soon. <3

LeShawna, muffled from the other room: I can hear you, Stringbean!


Izzy: LeShawna, I don't know who we should get out next round. Bridge is a threat, but Sierra's onto us. (CONF) This oughta be a tough decision. We need to figure out what to do.

Tyler: Are we ready for the challenge?

Fred: The challenge isn't for a bit, later people *walks off*

LeShawna: Maybe Beth. Courtney got far with her aggresive behavior before, and Beth can be pretty aggressive. If we get Sierra too soon, she might become an intern and sabatoge us. OMG! Do you think Heather became an intern just to get revenge on the Jellyfish?

Izzy: Maybe, and Beth is on the other team *laughs*

LeShawna: I know, but if we can somehow get her team to vote for her, then, yeah, she would like be eliminated, or something.

Izzy: Let's focus on our team right now. Who should we scrap from our team?

LeShawna: Either Bridge, Trent, or Sierra.

Izzy: I say Bridge. The alliance could reband during the merge. Trent and Sierra are outcasts and powerless.

LeShawna: Fair enough. So it's settled. Now let's get on with the challenge. (CONF) Sure Bridgette is my friend, but Izzy and I have been getting along so well. I always like friendly competition, and I wouldn't mind going to the final two with her. She might be playing me, but if I find out that she is, then I'll play her.

Challenge 8

Fred: Guys, big announcement to make. Both teams will be eliminating someone tonight. You guys will be playing for individual immunity. You will all be forced to do painful and embarrassing dares. Last one standing for each team, wins immunity for themself.

Tyler: Im up with anything!

LeShawna: Bring it on! Nothing could be more embarrassing or painful than living with Heather for a whole summer.

Izzy: I'm ready for this!

Fred: First up is Tyler. Tyler will have leeches attached to his back and he will have to endure them for 10 minutes! *takes off Tyler's shirt and attaches 5 leeches to his back* GO!

Tyler AGHHHHHHHHHHHHH, This Feels Good, its like im at a spa!

Fred: *attaches 5 more* You have 5 more minutes!

Noah: Ouch! Did it just bite him where I thought it did?

Fred: Tyler moves on to the next round! Anyone up next?

LeShawna: Stand back, sisters (and brothers) Let LeShawnie show ya'll how it's done!

Izzy: Go LeShawna!! *high fives her*

Fred: LeShawna, you have to eat this plate of burritos and beans! ALL OF IT!!!! And..... you have to pass gas!

(S321, Just give Tyler a Shot will ya, Thats not fair.)(

(Ok, ok)

Tyler: Yes, I move on!

LeShawna: *Begins to eat the beans. Gets partially gassy. Sees roaches and worms in the beans and looks disgusted, but finishes. Stuffs the burrito in and almost barfs, but holds it in. Swallows slowly. Eyes widen as I run into the water and farts a huge fart that washes up all kinds of ocean creatures on the shore as well as laying out everyone on shore with a huge wave.* That was close. Eww, it stinks! *Holds nose and returns to the shore looking wet and horrible and tired.*

Fred: *covers his nose* LeShawna moves onto the next round!

Izzy: *covering her nose* Nice job LeShawna!

LeShawna: *covering her nose* Thanks. *High fives Izzy*

Izzy: You're welcome *high fives LeShawna*

Noah: Okay, Iz. You wanna go, or should I? ;)

Duncan: i'm going next for our team.

Trent: hey Noah. i'm gonna do the dare to get it out the way.

Fred: Ok, here's the next one. Dunc, for your team, you have to have acupuncture needles put all over your body and you have to endure it for 10 minutes. *places the needles all over his body*

Duncan: (cringes in pain)

Gwen: You can do it Duncan, just imagine theyre piercings.....lots of piercings.....

Fred: Duncan moves onto the next round! *pulls all the needles out of him*

Bridgette: Ready for anything!

Fred: Bridgette, you have to have various embarrassing things tattooed on your butt with a marker. Get ready.

Bridgette: Ugh, fine

Fred: *tattoos Insert Coin Here with an arrow pointing to Bridge's butt crack on Bridge's butt cheeks*

Duncan: (laughs like he did when Lindsay eliminated herself in TDA)

Fred: *tattoos a devil face on Bridge's left cheek, and the TD logo on her right one*

Bridgette: *Mad*

Fred: Relax, it's temporary!!

Heather: *sneaks behind Bridgette, and pours itching powder all down her pants and runs off* (CONF) My intern job is humiliating and stirring up drama among this crazy group of insane teens! And I love it.

Harold: Can I go next plz

Fred: Harold. you must juggle all these dishes! *hands him dishes* while riding a unicycle! *puts him on a unicycle* And Bridgette moves onto the next round!

Noah: I'll go after Harold.

Harold: *uses ninjas skills to juggle dishes* Boo ya!

Fred: Harold moves onto the next round! Noah, you have to eat a bucket of worms! *takes out a bucket of worms*

Bridgette: *Feels the itch* OW OW OW

Noah: Remember, Noah, it's just like eels diped in grease, except smaller. Give Al what he deserves! *Slurps one worm* Not half bad. *Slurps twice, thrice* *Notices radioactive talking worm* Come on! If Owen can do it, I can, too! *Slurps VERY slowly* Ewwwwww! *Drops bucket* Aw crap. *Begins to eat off of the ground* *Later, I am stuffed and one worm left, huge like SEVEN feet long and TWO feet wide.* Uh... got any salt? You know what, screw it. *Slurps up barely and is fattened to the worm's mass.* Oh, Great. I'm a walking noodle. *When opens mouth to talk, he finds blood dripping all gushy and nasty............and screams!*

Fred: AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! Since I'm completely freaked out, Bridgette wins the challenge for complaining the least for the Toirtoses! Harold wins for the Jellyfish!!!


Fred: Ok! *swipes necklace off of Harold* You need to put this bag of bees over your head and not scream! If you win, you win! If you don't HAROLD KEEPS IMMUNITY! *puts bag of bees on Tyler's head*

Tyler: *Takes the pain* This feels great!!!

DJ: Yo Fred can i go yet?

Fred: Sorry dude, do to time. Bridge and Tyler have immunity. Both of you guys are going to eliminate someone later tonight. You have the afternoon to discuss it.

Tyler: I made up my mind.


Izzy: *upset* Now what? *pulls DJ aside* What are we gonna do now?

Tyler: when is the challenge?

Izzy: Dude, the challenge ended and Bridge and you won immunity.

DJ: *to Izzy*, We could vote out Sierra?

Izzy: True that. (CONF) I know I've been a lot more chill lately and people are probably saying they want the crazy me back, but those days are over! The new and improved Izzy's playing this game now!! (NON-CONF) Be right back!! *runs off into the woods and pees where no one can see her* *runs back* Aaaaah, that's better.

Tyler: Oh, I didnt know since i got stung by the bees.

Gwen: So Tyler, who will you be eliminating?

Tyler: Why would I tell you?

Gwen: Because you trust me?

Noah: *to Izzy, DJ, LeShawna* Well, I'm voting Sierra. She didn't participate and she wants revenge on Leshawna and Izzy for voting Cody out. We can't afford to lose you guys! Plus, if she can convince our team to vote one of you two out before the merge, then we won't make it out alive. She's on to us already! Or we ote Trent out. What do you think, guys? LeShawna: I don't know about you two, but I'm voting for Sierra. She's caught Izzy's craziness and we can't have that interfering. Probably why Izzy isn't so loopy any more. Right, Iz? It's not a bad thing, but it kinda makes it difficult on the rest of us. It spices up some challenges, though. ;) (CONF) Me and Izzy are practically best friends now. It's a little weird that out of everyone here, it turned out to be her this whole time. I'm still unsure if she's going to let me go when she doesn't need me anymore or not, but during my nap after the challenge, I had a nightmare that she tied me to the Shooter of Shame and shot me off in the middle of the night.

Izzy: Sure guys. I agree with you 100%! Sierra is outta here! (CONF) LeShawna's my best friend out here now, so I oughta listen to her!

(put up elimiantion Please)

Elimination 8

Fred: Both teams, vote someone out

Izzy: (CONF) My vote goes to Sierra. Sorry gal, but you're to big of a threat out here and you need to go home to your lover boy anyway.

DJ: (CONF) I'm gonna vote for Seirra because u are a huge threat in this game and u just need to go....sorry. *shrugs*

Noah: (CONF) Stalker, creeper, Sierra - what's the difference? I vote for three for the price of one. Sorry, Sierra. You gotta go sometime.

LeShawna: (CONF): I'm voting for Sierra. Sorry, though. She's a threat and besides, she'll do anything for Cody. If he asks for a million cha-cha-chingies, she'll find some way. She doesn't need the show for it. Bye-bye.

Gwen: (CONF) I vote for tyler. I know he's hiding something. he wouldnt tell me who he is voting for so im afraid it'll be Duncan or me.

Fred: You know what? Immunity is kaput now! *takers the necklaces away and throws them in the fire* I want this episode to speed up already anyway! Here are the results for the Totoises. Izzy, DJ, LeShawna, Noah, Bridgette get marshmellows. The last one goes to............ Trent!!! Sierra, time for you to scram!! *puts her on the catapault* As for the Jellyfish, Dunc, Geoff, Beth, Eva, and Harold get marshmellows! The last one goes to...... GWEN!!! Tyler, so long dude! *puts him on the catapualt next to Sierra and flings them both away*

Noah: (CONF) Wow. Sierra is actually... gone. I am just... wow. I feel kinda... bad. I didn't think it would happen, but... wow. That's all I have to say.

Gwen: Yes! (CONF) now Tylers alliance has only 3 members, so they dont outnumber us!

Eva: Now what?

(I was gone for an hour, and this is what I get. Are you FREAKING KIDDING ME!! THIS IS NONSENSE!)

(Well, since he was the current host at the time, and he officially eliminated them, you can't really stop it unless you really want to redo the whole ceremony. You said "no returns", so there's no way to bring them back, either. - Redoalien/Redo)


(Listen. I'll let Lindsay AND Tyler back in the game next round, and they get immunity for the next few rounds.)


Izzy: Bye Sierra!! Forget to write!! So long!!

Heather: *Watches* (Honestly, you snooze, you lose. That's unfair redoing a whole elimination ceremony to cover your @$$. :/. Also, what makes Lindsay more special than any other eliminated contestant? Just because someone is having a fit, doesn't mean they should get what they want. He was eliminated fair and square.)

Look, there were 7 people left on the team, 4 people vote for Sierra, so she couldn't save herself anyway

Duncan: (CONF) now this is great!, with Tyler gone we're even in numbers with that dweeb Harold's alliance!, now it's smooth sailing baby!

Trent: (CONF) i really need to focus more.

Heather: (CONF) This game needs more negative interactions and backstabbing!

(Guys maybe this shouldnt have happened but what happened did- and thats life. besides chris isnt always 100% fair on the contestanbts anyway.)

(It's true. I was happy to make it through at least two ceremonies, but with the returns I felt like I was going "home".)

Episode 9: Swimming With Sharks

Girls Cabin

Izzy: *sleeping*

Heather: *wakes up* Go away Fred.

Izzy: I wonder if we're merging or not.

LeShawna: Ditto, sister. I don't know what Chris is up to, but I have a good feeling it has something to do with last week's elimination. If we merge, what should we do if one of us is in "sudden-death" territory? We can't all win invincibility at once, even if one of us can manage it to begin with, other alliances are smaller with less people so they may have advantage when it comes to picking us off one-by-one.

Izzy: I think we can handle it by convicning people to side with us. (CONF) If we merge, everyone else is going down! Me N LeShawna are ruling this game!

Guys Cabin

Fred: *wakes up*

Harold: Yawn..a lot of drama last night. But I'm here to rock and roll.


Fred: Guys, great news! You're one team now! *throws everyone black buffs* Yup, you're merging!!

Eva: It's about time!

Beth: YAY! The merge!

Izzy: Wohoo!!!

Noah: (CONF) Yes! In your face Heather! Who's laughing now?! Aw, I forgot she was still here! At least I'm in (for now) and she's not.

LeShawna: Yes! I knew it! I'm kinda scared, but YES!

Duncan: sweet.

Trent: yes!, the merge at last!

Noah: And I'm guessing that the challenges will be harder, as well?

LeShawna: Speaking of challenges, what's are challenge today? It's about time we had a surfing or boating-related challenge don't you think? Let's get this merged show of the road! Woo-hoo! *Waves buff around in the air in circles.* (To show your encourgment and enthusiasm for our first merged challenge, you may follow with the same or something similair of it.)

Izzy: I'm so exicted *puts her buff on her head* (CONF) Now I gotta slay everyone and trust no one, minus my BFF LeShawna. We're as close as sisters now!

LeShawna: (CONF) I totally owe Izzy. She took my side and helped convince the others to vote off Sierra. One of us probably wouldn't be here today if she didn't. (NON-CONF) Thanks, BFF! I don't know where or what I'd do without you!

Izzy: You're welcome BFF *high fives LeShawna*

LeShawna: *high fives Izzy. Immitates musical number chime with a triangle and the symbol is shown too* Everyone! I am going to sing a musical number about my very BFF, Izzy! Hope y'all like it!


Thought I was a goner, just myself.

Merge here I am, and the final 12!

Still feel like a old book on the shelf.

What can I do?

Here's what I think about yooou:

Justin, what a doll

Trent, sick tunes in all

Eva's hard core but a great big heart

And Beth has more cherry than a nice pop-tart

Duncan's swift and sly

Harold's sweet and shy

DJ knows cool

Gwen's got goth jewel

Geoff knows how to party

And Bridgette surfs so steady

And for a makeover, Heather is ready!

But there's somebody else

who makes me giddy

When she jumps all around

and makes me dizzy.

My B-F-F and her name is Izzy!

E-Scope's a dramatic psycho

and don't get me started on Explosivo!

Esquire's okay, but not today

I'd rather be with my Crazy 8!

Hyper with soda especially when it's fizzy.

My B-F-F and her name is Izzy!

Heather: *pretends to throw up* That was horrible. Are you trying to make our ears bleed?

LeShawna: Okay, Let's hear your song, Heather!

Heather: Hit it, DJ Jazzy Chef. Crank up the autotune. *sings a bit fast*

I'm, fine, I'm fabulous

All the boys wanna touch this.

You, over there!

You make everyone stare.

With your ghetto booty, you think looks fine

When really, it cuts our eye

Oh, eye candy Justin

Your not even a man yet, oh snap

Trent, get over yourself

Izzy, take your pills

Harold, you score us ladies nill to nill

Bridgette, DJ, you think your all smart

With your "strategic" moves, how did you even get this far?

Duncan, no body likes a punk...

Who hasn't pushed a geek in horse dung!

Gwen, get a makeover

Your voice is so horrible, you need a voice over.

Eva, anger management is all I'm going to say...

All you do is scream all day.

Geoff, you're an idiot

Beth, you're a Lindsiot

Chris, your not buff

Chef, your not tough.

I should running this game! Because you are lame!

Boo yah!

LeShawna: How about we have a perminent elimination right now?! *Rolls up sleave*

Heather: How about you vote yourself off for our survival?

LeShawna: You think you can't survive with me here? Even when you're not in the competition, I'm still a threat! (CONF) I'll admit, Heather's got some pretty decent burn. But if I end of eliminated because of her, she is going to get it!

Noah: Quit fighting, you two. You want Fred to be blasting more people of the show?! (I don't actually think it will happen again, but just saying it for a Noah-type joke) Now can we start this challenge before the next merge?!

Izzy: GUYS!!! Stop it!!! Heather, you should just beat it!! Leave LeShawna alone! She made it further than you in this competition, so let her play her own game!!! LeShawna is the coolest and you should buzz off you pathetic queen bee-wannabee!!!!! You're so damn spoiled it's pathetic! That's whart you are Heather: you're a brat! A spoiled brat!!! You're so pathetic with your "villain" attitude. You're all talk and no show!!! A moron, a pathetic nincompoop!!! SO GO THE H**L AWAY AND LEAVE MY BFF ALONE!!! (CONF) I hope Heather understands how angry she's making me by harrassing LeShawna!!

Heather: *chuckles* Izzy, the Mental Hospital called. They said you should be taking your pills, not saying a bunch of words you don't even know the meaning off. I'm spoiled, becaus I'm loved. You're not spoiled, because your a crazy moron. And you think your so villianous with your darn alliances. Please, I am the only one who can play this game. I am not a Queen Bee Wannabe, because I'm already the queen. By the looks of it, you're the wannabe. I am show, haven't you ever watched the Total Drama episodes. Believe me, if I were in this game still, it would be a whole lot more interesting.

Izzy: Heather, if you were the Queenm you would have won the show by now. You haven't won a single season yet. Also, I may be very eccentric, but I'm a lot more intelligent then you are. The only reason you're even still in school is because your dumb parents bribed your teachers. I worked for my grades unlike you. Also, you're not loved AT ALL. Everybody on this show F*****G HATES YOU! You're in so much denial it's pathetic. You think you're such a great player, but you're an idiot who is delusioned about the game. I'm the one who's still in the game. Not you. If you were the better player, you would still be here, but you're not. Also, I'm a lot richer than you'll ever be b****. I'm not a h**, w*** or s*** like you. So unless you have legitimate evidence to back anything you're saying up, F*** OFF!!!!

Challenge 9

Fred: For today's challenge, you will have to solve a series of very long codes. There are 5 in all. First person to solve them all, wins immunity! First code is "HSFI REA RENIFSD OTN ODOF"

LeShawna: Fish are friends, not food! :)

Noah: (CONF) I was going to say it, but fish are actually pretty delicious. *licks lips*

Fred: LeShawna is right! She gets a point! Next one: "UOY NCTA DNLEAH HTE RUHT!"

LeShawna: "You can't hurt the handler"?

Chris: Sorry LeShawna, incorrect.

Izzy: You can't handle the truth!

Chris: Izzy is right! She scores her first point!

LeShawna: When did Chris get here? LOL.

Eva: :/

Fred: Chris, scram!! Oh yeah, yeah Izzy scores her first point! Next phrase "MA I HET RWUSAL"

Beth: I am the Lawusr?

Fred: No Beth.

Gwen: I am the walrus?

Fred: Gwen is right! Gwen scores a point! The next phrase is "HWTA SI OLEV?"


Beth: Wow, This is hard.

Fred: LeShawna scores another point!!

Noah: I know, Beth! Even I couldn't answer it!


LeShawna: Is it "On Mountain Low Tain Gouneuh"?

Fred: No LeShawna.

Beth: IDK

LeShawna: "On Low Tain Gouneuh Mountain"?

Fred: Forget it! Since LeShawna has the most points, she WINS IMMUNITY!

Noah: WHY! I should know this! I am the best solver out of everyone here! *Kicks sand which goes into mouth* (CONF) You know what? LeShawna is gonna get it! If payback is a b**ch, than I am a huge b**ch!

Fred: LeShawna, I want you to assign immunity to one more person please.

LeShawna: Well, Fred. I don't know what to say. This is a tough choice. I know these people all so well. Beth is just that nice, Izzy's my BFF, Gwen has had my trust, if Heather had immunity she'd be put back in the game so no, Noah isn't really a friend but I like him, Harold's my dream, but the person I chose to share immunity with is...........My B-F-F and her name is Izzy! *Throws "Immunity Baton" at Izzy*

Izzy: Wohooo!! Thank you so much LeShawna! You're my bestest friend in the whole world! *high fives her*

Noah: I don't need this! *Grabs and throws Heather at a tree and she is lodged halfway in.

LeShawna: *High fives Izzy* Right back 'atcha, Iz!


Izzy: (CONF) LeShawna is my best friend right now! We get along so well, have so many common interests, we're like sisters almost!

Noah: *breaks in on Izzy and rips door off!* LESHAWNA?! DON'T EVER MENTION THAT NAME AGAIN!!!!! *Storms off with censor beeps heard*

Izzy: Wow, someone doesn't like LeShawna!

LeShawna in background: HEY, NOAH, If you wanted immunity you should of won the challenge! Oh god! *Runs in Confessional and baracades with boards* (to Izzy) He's gonna kill you! Why would you say that?


LeShawna: *Looks at camera* Well, I know I'm in an alliance, but I'm voting for Noah this week. Sorry, Izzy. If you want to vote 'Eva Junior', too, you can. Or you can let us die tonight. Your pick.

Izzy: *at camera* Noah, you gotta go. You're too dangerous to keep in this game.

Noah: (CONF, now the walls are half-broken and half-reduced dust and boards, after the girls escaped. Door is still torn off) Stupid LeShawna and her stupid immunity and the stupid challenge of stupid brains that stupid me lost! I WILL DESTROY HER, BUT SHE HAS STUPID IMMUNITY! SO I'LL JUST WASTE MY VOTE SINCE I CAN'T VOTE HER OFF THIS WEEK; I vote Heather. That's MY VOTE! THERE, YOU HAPPY?! THAT F**KING INTERN CAN'T EVEN F**KING SING A D**N SONG RIGHT! I WANT HER OFF THE F**KING SHOW FOR BEING A F**KING B**CH TO EVERYONE, EVEN LESHAWNA! I WILL BE ON TOP! ALL THE WAY! WITH WHAT I HAVE FOR COMPETITION, YOU MIGHT AS WELL JUST FORK OVER THE F**KING- *Cut off by confessional*

Eva: *conf* Noah.

Beth: *conf* Noah.

Gwen:(CONF) I vote for Noah. he needs to calm done. I heard him screaming in the confessional earlier!

Duncan: (CONF) Noah NEEDS to go.

Trent: (CONF) Noah.

Fred: Time to reveal the votes! I mean, here are the Chris Heads! Izzy, LeShawna, Eva, Beth, Gwen, Duncan, Trent, Bridgette, Geoff, Harold. Last one goes to.......... DJ!!! Noah, OUT!! But this time, you're going to Playa Des Losers, as you are the first jury member! *catapualts him away*


Exclusive Clip

Noah: *Slowly slumps out of the water at night and looks at the beach. It is raining hard* I don't deserve this at all. But no matter. If they think they are rid of me, they got another thing coming. They will pay for voting me off! Mark my words! I will have my revenge! *Lightning and thunder followed by evil laughing* MWAHAHAHAHA! *Shark comes out of the water and begins to chase him* AHHHHH!

LeShawna, inside: (to Izzy) You hear something?

Izzy: I think it was the wind outside.\

Bridgette: Well, Good Night Everyone. (Survivor told me i can assume the role of Bridge, TDF90 is gone, and survivor is the new host.)

Duncan: (holds up his lighter and lights it) rest in pieces Noah!! HAHAHAHAHA!!

Episode 10: Over The Edge

Girls Bedroom

Bridgette: Good Morning Guys!

Gwen: Good morning bridgette.

LeShawna: What's up, Bridgette! Good job last night.

Izzy: Morning Bridgette! (CONF) Today is another great day! So excited!

LeShawna: (CONF) I've got a feeling I'll be going home this week. With Noah gone, our alliance is getting smaller and smaller each time. There aren't many other options than me. It's only a matter of time before everyone else starts to notice, too. *sigh* (NON-CONF) I'm pretty joyful, too, Iz!

Izzy: (CONF) We gotta flip Bridgette back to our side to fix things a little bit, or we're toast!!

LeShawna: *whispers to Izzy* Bridgette's great and all, but I think we should vote-off DJ next, don't ya think? He's our practically our captain, and he's bailed on us the past few challenges. If we really are going to get Bridgette back in with us, I don't think we should tell her just yet. She likes DJ, and if she knows, she will tell him before the elimination and they might get everyone else against us, too. If we really are doing this, let's tell her right before the elimination, so she won't be able to help it. K?

Boys Bedroom

{C DJ: *wakes up*, Im so glad im still here. (CONF) Yes, i made the merge!!.

Duncan: (CONF) haha!, the merge is here!, say goodbye Harold cause your gonna be out next!

Trent: (CONF) i'm got here by the skin of my teeth. i just hope i can go for the win...let's face it...i'm doomed..(facepalm)


LeShawna: Wow, these boards are really weak. *dock breaks* Crap!

Eva: *to boards* And now your gonna get your beaten up by Eva badge!

LeShawna: *watches*

DJ: Hey Leshawna, sorry for not helping out lately....I'm just wondering we vote off Trent, k?

Eva: *kicks a lot boards*


Eva: *Stops* ........Oh. Sorry.

LeShawna: It's alright, Eva. At least you're not Noah. That poor little guy. And, DJ, That's alright. :)

Chris: Hello Campers!

Izzy: Chris?

Chris: I have some news.....

Izzy: Oh, I bet this will be good!!

Chris: As you can see, I'm not annoyed, which means... Fred has been fired because he mad me a cold latte!

Bridgette: That's why you fired him?

Chris: Yup. Also, he was getting irritaiting stealing my thunder!

Izzy: Woah. I guess you really are the man Chris!!!

Chris: Yup, I sure am! Ok anyway, for today's challenge, you will be racing go-kart throughout the camp! You will naivgate your way through perilous obstacles! First person to cross the finish line, wins immunity!

(I thought I was the replacement for Bridgette TDF90? Can i still be bridgette as a replacement?)

(Sorry dude, I thought Terrance would never return. He's Bridge again. Sorry)


Izzy: *gets in a green car* I'm so ready!!!

Duncan: (gets in red car) meh.

Trent: (gets in blue car) gotta win....gotta win....gotta win...

Chris: Ready, set, GOOOO!!!!!

Izzy: *takes off* See ya later loooozaaaahs!!!!!!

Trent: (drives after Izzy)

Duncan: (drives past Trent and after Izzy)

Chris: You guys are reaching the cliffs!!

Izzy: *drives up the cliff past Duncan* SEE YA LATER!!

Duncan: damn...

LeShawna: *Hops in car with changing rainbow alteration graphics and drives of, nearing up the cliffs* Uh-oh. *Slows down to turn near an end.

Eva: (in a purple car that barely works, Somehow passes Izzy)

Beth: (in a orange car that is easy to work, Passes Eva)

LeShawna: Aw, man. I'm losing! Come on you heap-of-junk! Speed-up or get a break of LeShawna! *smacks engine and an octopus that was apparently blocking the fuel tank flies from the tailpipe which causes it to go super-fast and pass Izzy & Eva, and get close behind Beth* Sorry, guys. (CONF) I like Izzy and all, but this is a challenge. I've gotta do my best. If I hold back on her, I'll come last place.

Beth: That's ok.

Izzy: No prob LeShawna!

LeShawna: *car begins bumping on rocks* Woah! Road's getting bumpy. *car eventually tumbles off the cliff* AHHHHHHHH! *splashes in the water but still floats down-stream... INTO A WATERFALL* I hate this game!

Izzy: LESHAWNA!!!!! *jumps out of car off cliff and lands in the water* *helps LeShawna onto land and gets out* Phew! *panting hard* That...was..close!! *coughs*

Duncan: (speeds ahead into first) LOOOOOSERS!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Trent: (groans and races after Duncan)

Chris: You're now reaching the tar pits!! This is genuine, 100% grade A black tar! Very sticky and is very painful!!

LeShawna: Thanks, Izzy! You saved me! *notices Izzy's car driving itself off of the edge and pulls out her now wet car from behind* Here, I'll give you a ride! *begins to drive in the tar, and slows down* Ugh, too sticky! What do we do?

Izzy: I don't know! *tries to slam the breaks and we slowly start to move through the tar*

LeShawna: What's this? *reachs over and pulls out a gun-type thingy. Pushes button and a ball is shot out at the gas pedal, jamming it in super fast speed the car rips through the tar, slowly, but at decent speed* Woah! It's some kinda ball-gun! Sweet! You can be the shooter! *Hands Izzy the gun*

Izzy: Can do! *shoots balls*

(Redo, please meet me on the chat: )

Noah: *jumps down onto the cart* I want my revenge! AHHHH! *gets shot by balls and is knocked off*


LeShawna: I think we're going the wrong way. *The background is black as they drive into it but she backs up into on-screen.* Woah! There doesn't seem to be too many obstacles ahead, but the only way to go is the woods.

Izzy: AAAHH!! IT'S DARK IN HERE! *drives fast*

DJ: *drives past Harold*, Yeah!

Chris: Trent's in the lead!!

Trent: (drives faster)

Duncan: DJ!, if Trent wins we can't vote him off!. we have to go faster!! (drives even faster)

DJ: Oh shoot!, *drives super fast*

Chris: Trent wins immunity!!!

LeShawna: *car is still jammed and flies off of a cliff and crashes next to the finish line* Aw, man. We lost. Oh well. Nice job, Trent! *Noah falls from the sky and lands on the hood*

Noah: RAAAH! LeShawna! I will have my revenge!

LeShawna: LEAVE ME ALONE! *slams hood which pops up and sends Noah flying into the woods.*

Trent: thanks Leshawna!..YESSS!! VICTORY FOR THE GUITAR MAN! (CONF) i got lucky, that's all i'll say.


LeShawna: Well, Izzy, DJ. Who should we vote for this time? I think we could vote for someone who doesn't seem to be trying their hardest. What do you think?

Duncan: (joins the group) listen guys. i wanna get rid of Bridgette...

LeShawna: Why would you want Bridgette gone. She's so nice to everyone.

Izzy: I know LeShawna, but she's a threat. We need to make sure we have less competitive people around, and Bridge is VERY competitive and likeable. (CONF) I like Bridge a lot, she's a nice girl, but she IS nice and that will win jury votes very easily.

( Redo, please meet me on the chat)

LeShawna: Okay, I'll do it. But I won't like it. (CONF) Bridgette is a friend. And I have to keep my enemies closer. I don't have many enemies left in the game, but I want to keep in for a while. I feel like I'm going home soon. Unless, something changes, I'm dead.

Izzy: (CONF) At this rate, we'll be having everyone eat out of our palms! Me and LeShawna are running this game!!

Duncan: (CONF) i see what Izzy and Leshawna are doing. the reason i wanna get rid of Bridgette is cause she's a huge threat to me. plus she's to nice. i want her gone. and i want her gone hard feelings...not!


LeShawna: (CONF) I vote Bridgette, sorry girl. You're too much a threat. I'll miss you!

Izzy: (CONF) Bridge, you're a great gal and fun to be around, but you're too good for this show.

Trent: (CONF) sorry Bridge. but i'm voting for you.

Duncan: (CONF) later Bridge.

Eva: (CONF) Bridgette.

Beth: (CONF) I pick Duncan.....Since Trent's immune. Sorry, I have no other choice.

Izzy: *sits at the campfire ceremony, awaiting the results*

(Blaze: can i just say a quick thing. i don't understand how Beth is saying she doesn't have a choice when she clearly does.)

(That's her choice, and something else I noticed Trent did that's a bit odd. He's been agaisnt Dunc for most the game, yet is unwilling to vote for him.)

(Blaze: i see what you mean. i think, Trent's been scared of voting for Duncan because he's in a huge alliance?)

(Izzy could change her vote to Dunc as well as him. They could offer him an alliance.)

(Blaze: nah. i see Duncan getting further then here, and i'm not just saying that because i'm playing him. let's just do this elimination anyway.)

(If nobody else votes in a little while, I'll end the ceremony.)

Bridgette: For some reason, I feel like I'm going home so, I vote for..... myself. I feel like I haven't been trying my best this season.

Chris: Woah, holdup, holdup, holdup! Bridgette, you may NOT vote for yourself! If you want to quit, say so now.

Bridgette: Isn't it against the rules to quit?

Chris: Oh yeah, I forgot. Bridge, you can only vote for someone else.

Bridgette: (CONF) Ok, Sorry LeShawna I vote for you.

LeShawna: Well, Bridge. You couldn't help it. I forgive you, and I'm sorry too. I hope we can still be frineds, but it looks like one of us is going home tonight, and you deserve to stay. Good luck.

Chris: *dressed as a cowboy* YEEEEEEHHHAAAWWW!!! I GOT HEADS OF MWAH ON ZE PLATE!!! COME AND GET EM'!!! *throws them to Trent, Izzy, Beth, Gwen, Harold, Eva, DJ, Geoff and Duncan! Final one goes to.................. LESHAWNA!! Bridgette, you're outta here! *Puts her on the Hurl 'O' Shame* Any last words?

LeShawna: I'll miss you Bridge!

Chris: *hurls her away* To the jury she goes!

Izzy: Bye Bridge!

Episode 11: "Evil, Evil Everywhere"

Girls' Bedroom

LeShawna: Phew. What a night. Right, Iz?

Izzy: Yup. It was really crazy!

LeShawna: Beth, Gwen, Eva, you awake?

Gwen: Yes

LeShawna: Good. We need a plan to get rid of the guys before they start to take us out. More guys have been leaving than girls and I don't think they're going to stand it any longer.

Izzy: I agree. We need to be able to get rid of those stinkin guys so we can rule this school!

Beth: *Yawn* What's going on?

Eva: *yawn*

LeShawna: We're thinking of starting a girls' alliance to get the guys out. And with our other alliances, we have just about every boy to convince to vote out another one. You in?

Guys' Bedroom

{C DJ: *wakes up*, *to duncan*, hey man, somethings not right, how was Bridgette eliminated?

Duncan: cause she was a threat. and this may sound like a suprise to you but i want Harold out next. the geekazoid doesn't do anything anymore!


LeShawna: I wonder what Chris is having us do today. Maybe a fishing or boat race! That'd be sweet like Harold's sugar.

Beth: Cool!

Eva: If it's a weight-lifting challenge, You have your winner.

DJ: Hey Eva, can i talk to you for a minute...plz?

Eva: Sure.

DJ: *whispers* I think we should vote Leshawna out next, shes acting weird, and im afraid that she will vote us off one at a time. What do you think?

Eva: *whispers* kk.

DJ: *whispers* Actually, Duncan wants Harold gone next, so how bout we vote him off tonight?

Eva: *whispers* That's a great idea!

Izzy: *whispers* Can I vote with you guys?

DJ: *whispers* Sure Izzy.

LeShawna: *to herself; gasps while overhearing* (CONF) Izzy is a traitor? She's going to help DJ and Eva vote me out. Luckily, not tonight. But I have got to do something about this! (NON-CONF) *whispers* Trent. Harold. Ya'll are nice. Do you want to be an alliance? Please.

Trent: Sure. anything to get far.

LeShawna: Thanks, man. (P.s. Should we let Esther/Gwen in on it, when she gets back? - Redo) Hey. Where's Chris? He should be here right now.

Izzy: I'm not a traitor! (CONF) Why would LeShawna ever think I would betray her?! My best friend!

LeShawna: (CONF) That little sneak! I was going to give her some time but she even tries to deny it. If Izzy wants to play game, I'll show her game. Bring it on, Izzy!

Izzy: *runs to the top of the cliff, hoping to land on the ground* Please end this pain now!!!!

LeShawna: *watches* That is one crazy, crazy girl.

Izzy: *jumps*

LeShawna: Well, she is a traitor. But even she doesn't deserve this! *finds a crate of water-proof TNT and blows some up in the water by the cliff where a huge wave comes and catches Izzy safely.

Izzy: *spits out water* NO!!!! *runs back up the cliff and gets ready to jump again*

LeShawna: Izzy NO! DON'T DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Izzy: WHY?! YOU THINK I'M A TRAITOR!! *breaks down and cries*

LeShawna: Izzy.... I KNOW you're a traitor.

Izzy: Why should I continue on either way?! *tears coming down her facem ready to jump* Why do you care anyway if I jump?!

LeShawna: Because you're worthy of competing here. I wouldn't want to be in the finals with anyone else if I were to get that far.

Izzy: *cries* I just don't want to be called traitor by my best friend!

LeShawna: How about your ex-best friend?

Izzy: *cries harder* THAT'S IT!!! *jumps*

LeShawna: Izzy! NOOOO! WHY-HY-HY

Izzy: *screams as she falls* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Noah: *sitting on a ledge on the side of the cliff, catches her* IZZY! WHAT ARE YA DOING?!

Izzy: *sniff* Trying to *sniff* kick the bucket, what do you think?!

Noah: Don't do it. There are others than LeShawna. And other more important that care. Don't kill yourself! Don't do it for LeShawna, do it for me! Your good friend!

Izzy: No! I can't go on without her *cries harder and jumps again*

Noah: *runs over to LeShawna* LeShawna! I tried to talk her out of it but she wouldn't listen to me!

LeShawna: It's okay, Noah. You tried your best.

Noah: You're... being nice to me? Even after I acted so horrbile to you?

LeShawna: Of course. That's what friends are for. I forgive you.

Noah: Thanks LeShawna! Too bad there's no way to stop her.

LeShawna: I wouldn't be too sure. *uses musical-chime-triangle and everything pauses in place*

Noah: You seriously want to sing now?

LeShawna: Just try it.

LeShawna: Oh, Izzy, I never meant for you

to jump from one thousand feet to the ocean blue.

Can I just tell the truth? Oh.

You're my BFF and I've got faith in you!

Noah: Oh, Izzy, get your brain and gear.

your crys of pain aren't so good to hear!

Can I just tell the truth?

Think of Owen back home and his love for you.

Izzy: *lands in the water and swims out* Huh? *starts crying tears of joy*

Izzy: LeShawna! I'm so happy you aren't giving up on me!

I have to tell you something I did not tell you before!

I was going to tell you who to vote out with me!

I'd never ever vote out my B-F-FEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!

LeShawna: Are we ready to go?

Let's get in gear and on with this show!

LeShawna: So now what do we do. If Chris slept through all of this he's insane.

Noah: Well, I better get back to my cave. *walks away*

Duncan: you live in a cave?

Trent: that's unusual for him.


DJ: Whats todays challenge?

Chris: Fish out 5 rings before anyone else!

Eva: *starts to fish*

Beth: *starts fishing* (CONF) Did you know i'm a 6th generation fisher? It's true.

DJ: *starts fishing*, (CONF) I need to win immunity in order to eliminate Harold. Im really good at swimming.

Geoff: I really need to win this! *starts fishing*

Izzy: *starts fishing*

Eva: *gets a ring* YES!

Beth: *fishes up 3 rings thanks to a kind fish*

Izzy: *fishes up a few rings* SWEET!

Trent: (to Beth) cheater!

Duncan: (rolls eyes and gets two rings)

Trent: you too Duncan!

Duncan: meh..

Gwen: Yes! I got one!

Duncan: nice job Gwen! (catches another)

Trent: (captures two)

DJ: *swims underwater and grabs 2 rings*, Yes!

Geoff: *swims for 1 ring*, yay!

gwen: *finds another 2 rings* yay!

LeShawna: *begins reel it in* COME ON... *pulls out shark* You have GOT to be kinding me! LeShawna ain't gettin' eatin' by no shark! *punchs shark into the water which also spits out a ring onto the ground. Picks it up* YES!

Izzy: *fishes out another ring from a eel* WOHOO!!! (CONF) That was too easy!

LeShawna: Come on. LeShawna needs a ring! *fishes out seaweed-coded yaht* What the h**l?

Izzy: *fishes out a ring and gives it to LeShawna* Here ya go LeShawna!

LeShawna: Thanks Iz! *fishes up another one and hands it to her* Take this one. *fishes up a walrus with a coconut bra* Really? How do you even come up with these ideas?

Izzy: Woah, strange *fishes up another one*

LeShawna: *fishes up a garbage can and opens it up. Balloons fly out and two of them pop with rings inside, which lands by her* Oh! MORE RINGIES!

Chris: LeShawna has the most rings, SO LESHAWNA WINS!

Izzy: Nice job LeShawna!!

LeShawna: Thanks Iz! What a day it's been. And the others put up a really hard-core game out there. Keep it up, guys!


LeShawna: Well, it kills me to say this, but Harold should go next. Trent, since me and Izzy made up, you can join our alliance if you want. Who do you think, Izzy?

Izzy: I would say DJ. He has much more apparent competence in the game and if he makes it to the end, he could win easily. Besides, we don't wanna risk him going on a immunity run.

Trent: honestly i think Harold should go. we haven't heard from him in ages.

Izzy: We can get Harold out at anytime. But DJ is a much better player and has a better chance of winning tons of immunites and the game.

Beth: Hmm, Hard decision.

LeShawna: I don't really want to yet. DJ is better to compete with than people who hardly play. But I think we should vote off Duncan or Geoff. What do you say?

Izzy: DJ displays much more eptitude and awareness than Duncan and Geoff. We need to weed out DJ first, then we can get rid of lesser players. Besides, the more lesser players, the better chances of us doing well are.

LeShawna: Fine. I'll do it.

Trent: right. let's get to it team.

Elimination Ceremony 11

LeShawna: (CONF) DJ, you know I like you, but you're a big threat. Sorry hone. I vote for DJ.

Izzy: (CONF) DJ, I vote for you. You're awesome and a cool guy, but you're too big a threat. Later Big D!!

Gwen: (CONF) I vote Beth. Shes doing really well right now...which means shes a threat.

Duncan: (CONF) that dweeb Harold.

Trent: (CONF) DJ is way to much of a threat. i'm voting for you big guy.

DJ: (CONF) I vote for dont do much, sorry man.

Geoff: (CONF) Hard decision....but I'm voting for Harold. hope you understand dude.

Beth: (CONF) I would vote for Harold, But I won't. Sorry DJ.

Eva: (CONF) Harold has to go.

Chris: Here's the deal. The person eliminated tonight is either Harold or DJ. And it is....... DJ!!!!!

LeShawna: DJ! I'm so sorry. It was either you or Harold. Can you forgive me?! I'll miss you.

Izzy: Bye DJ. You're a great guy and I wish you the best!

Chris: *hurls DJ*


Izzy: *in cabin* There will be more coming where that came from!! (CONF) Me and LeShawna are steamrolling everyone! There's no way we can be stopped now!

Episode 12: "The Nightmare Before Chris-Mas"

  • Nigthtime*

Izzy: Woah, what a foggy night it is!! *takes out her flashlight* (CONF) These conditions are pretty scary! I wish Owen was here right now so I could cuddle with him in this scary weather!

LeShawna: Don't worry, Izzy. If anything comes our way, I'll be there.

Duncan: listen...Leshawna...before we end up going to war...we need to get rid of Eva...we can take out both of the former captains with one stone, or we can just go to war now. so what do ya say...truce for now?

Izzy: Okay LeShawna! *hears something the bushes* *cowers in fear*

Duncan: hm? what the heck? (goes over to the bushes, he doesn't return after a few minutes)

Izzy: AAAHHH!!!!! *her eyes bug out horrified and she runs behind a tree shaking in fear* I'M A COWARD!!!

Gwen: Duncan? where are you?

LeShawna: Guys! I don't think that's a squirell!

Izzy: *shaking in total fear*

Chris: Hey guys! Tonight a disaster occured! A ghost kidnapped Duncan! Your job is to track down the ghost and capture him with these ectoplasmic vaccums! If you get caught you're out! The ghost has red eyes and is out for vegenace.

(Redo: Can we tell the users who the 'ghost' is so they aren't confused?)


Chris: The ghost happens to be a former contestant of yours! NOAH! He snuck into the kitchen late at night and smashed into baking powder! He's really mad, so catch him before he catches you!

(Redo: Once again, I'll be reprising my role as Noah.)

(question- whats ectoplasmic vacuums?)

LeShawna: And I'm guessing that's what happened to Duncan?

Trent: well we have to help him. like it or not.

Gwen: We have to find Duncan. LeShawna can you help me?

Izzy: I'll help!

(There those vaccums found in Ghostbusters.)

LeShawna: And I will, too. But what if Courtney's watching?

Noah: *lassos Trent's legs and yanks pulls him aside from off screen*

LeShawna: Trent! Gwen, Noah has Trent and Duncan now!

Eva: *Idea*

Izzy: Who knows where Noah could be?! He'll just come out and grab us any second!

LeShawna: Just keep your eyes open for anything suspicious. Eva, you look you just thought of something. What is it?

Izzy: Yeah, Eva. What's the plan so Noah doesn't kill us!!?

LeShawna: Chris wouldn't actually let Noah kill us, would he?

Izzy: Who said Chris would LET him?! They don't play by the rules in these types of movies! We just gotta lay low!

LeShawna: You mean like Trent did? Because that's 'really' working out for him.

Izzy: Very funny. I got a new idea! WE RUN THE H*** AWAY FROM WHEREVER NOAH IS!!!!

LeShawna: Good plan. But we don't even know where he is? And how can we catch him? Wait, I know! We can set up traps in the woods.

Izzy: Wait! I got another one! Chris said that interns would also be ghosts that would help Noah find contestants. Why don't we disguise ourselves as ghosts, lure Noah to us and then suck him into our vaccum!

LeShawna: If it works. But I'd suspect Noah to be the leader and he won't be easy to convince by henchmen.

Gwen: But we have to try. Theres flour in the kitchen, lets go there.

Izzy: *reaches the kitchen* One of you go in there and get enough flour to cover all of us in!

Gwen: *runs in and gets flour* Come on, before whoever owns this finds out!

Izzy: *covers her whole body in powder*

LeShawna: *covers herself in flour* Done.

Izzy: Now to lure the monster in!

gwen: how do we do that?

Izzy: I got an idea!! Owen gave me his steak cologne before he was voted out! Maybe we should take a log, drench it in the cologne, and make one of those net traps with it!

LeShawna: Yeah.

Izzy: *finds a log and drenches it in the colonge*

LeShawna: Now let's hang out on the beach until we hear the trap set-off. *goes to beach to see Beth halfway in sand sinking and she is dragged all the way under,but her glasses are left behind* BETH!

Izzy: OH NO!!

LeShawna: *picks up glasses* Noah was here. He could be anywhere in the camp by now!

(Mind if I play him just for a round?)

(Yeah, that's alright. Although I would like to handle the rest please.)

Noah: Like right here! *grabs Gwen and carries her off*

Izzy: AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!! *runs*


Eva: *Sets a steel cage in the woods*

Izzy: *screaming, while running* *trips and falls* OWWW!!!!!! *gets up*

LeShawna: Izzy! Calm down! It's alright, he's gone.

Izzy: *breathing heavily* Phew! He is!! Now we have to catch him in his tracks before he captures more of us!

  • Harold screams and pain*

LeShawna: HAROLD! He sat on my electric stunner trap I set earlier. Let's help him up.

Noah: Say goodbye to your precious Harold! MWAHAHAHAHAHA! *grabs him and runs off into the woods*

Izzy: THAT'S IT!! *grabs the meat scented log, charges at Noah and rams him in the head with it, knocking him out cold*

LeShawna: Now to take care of this kidnapper once and for all! *activates ecto-vacuum, but it sputters*

Noah: HAHA! YOU CAN'T BEAT ME! *gets up to slap it out of her hand and then grabs her and Geoff and begins to run away with them, but trips on....... Owen who somehow found his way back and way taking a nap on the ground.*

LeShawna: Owen? Quick, Izzy! Eva! The vaccums! *she and Geoff were stuck because Noah fell on them*

Izzy: *presses the "suck" button and Noah is sucked in* WOHOOO!!! WE DID IT!!

Duncan: uhh..guys?...a little help here? (is tied up with the others)

Izzy: *unties them*


LeShawna: Actually Eva caught him, too. Doesn't that mean she wins immunity, too? Good job, Izzy. If I don't make it tonight, remember I will always be your BFF no matter what!


Izzy: Right back at you LeShawna and thanks! 8smiles*


LeShawna: Who to vote... who to vote... How about Duncan?

Izzy: I agree. Mohawk boy needs to go.

Trent: i dunno guys. i think we should vote out Harold. i mean Duncan's been more active then him. and it would be real stupid of Harold got even further without doing anything. you know?

Izzy: Trent, if Duncan gets any further, he could win immunities and have too much power. Harold is never around and won't win. Dunc is a bigger threat and far more competent at the game and must be exterminated now.

Trent: (CONF) i can't hurt Gwen...i just can't..if i vote for Duncan she'll hate me for it...i can't vote for him just now. (NON CONF) guys...if we vote Duncan out Gwen will just want revenge for it. she's so convincing that she'll get Beth and Geoff to help her. i know where your coming from Izzy, Duncan is a likely winner. but Gwen will lost it if he goes before her. Harold HAS to go. we can't have any weak guys around. once Harold is gone. we can target Duncan, then once he's gone. we can go for Geoff and Gwen. please guys. we just need to get rid of Harold first. please?

Izzy: Listen, there is nothing Gwen can do if we vote out Dunc. She's not around too much either. We need to exterminate Dunc while we have the chance. We can get Harold later, but Dunc is the number one enemy now. If you listen to us, you'll make it much farther in this game. Besides, Dunc has been on a witch hunt for you since the beggining of the game. If you don't get him out now, he'll try and exterminate you. (CONF) Ugh, Trent really displays very bizzare reasoning at times. He needs to realize this isn't a game about feelings. I like you Trent, but this isn't your game. I mean, anyone with half a brain would take out Dunc now!

Duncan: (CONF) no regrets in this vote off.

(Izzy has immunity just so you know. So does Eva)

Izzy: Trent, if you vote out Duncan, you will make it very far.

Eva: Yeah Trent.

Izzy; You're trying to appease a girl who duped you and is going out with the guy who has been trying to lynch you the whole game. It makes no sense dude. If Dunc is out, Gwen will be powerless and we can lynch her next.

Trent: alright. i'll stay in this alliance AND i'll vote for Duncan...on one condition.....we get rid of Harold TONIGHT, Duncan goes tommorow. and if you don't. i'm leaving, and every vote counts right?

Izzy: Trent, I heard some bad news.

Harold: I'm Back! Hopefully my skillz will help me *falls*

(I'm the replacement for Bubbles. :{D ~CodyDuncanFan97~)

Izzy: *helps Harold up* *whispers* Listen. Trent wants to get you out. I told him we should get Dunc out, but he isn't willing. Wanna help me, LeShawna, Eva and Beth exterminate him? You can join our alliance.

Harold: *whispers* Anything for my LeShawna! (CONF): Duncan will pay!

Izzy: So do you want Trent or Dunc? It's your choice. (CONF) With me, LeShawna, Beth, Eva and Harold, that's 5 votes. We got the power, unless someone is planning on flipping! But that's not the case tonight! Dunc or Trent are going to meet their nightmare! Their nightmare before CHRIS-MAS!!! *laughs*

Harold: I am a simple nerd. Whatever you say goes. *whispers* Trent goes.

Harold: Do we start voting?

Izzy: Yeah.

Elimination 12

Chris: Vote now! Izzy and Eva have immunity and can't be voted out!

Izzy: (CONF) Trent. You can't be trusted anymore.

Harold: (CONF) My mad skills must get me further in the game. This person is one of the only ones in my way. I vote Trent.

Gwen: (CONF) Izzys and leshawna are acting weird. i think theye planning to get rid of duncan- so i vote for Leshawna.sorry.

Trent: (CONF) i can't hurt Gwen... i vote for Leshawna.

Duncan: (CONF) Leshawna.

Eva: *conf* It's gotta be Trent.

Beth: (CONF) Trent. Sorry.

LeShawna: (CONF) All of my friends have been going and I feel so bad about participating it. All of you former contestants out there, as well as who's still in the game, I never meant to hurt you at all. It's the other alliance members are more focused on strategy than I am, and if I try to stop them, they'll just put me out, too. If you guys give me a second chance, I promise, if this game narrows to our alliance only, I will get them all out. I'm so sorry I betrayed you. And I vote for Trent. I'll keep Gwen safe for you.

(Beth, change it to Trent so we can have a majority of votes.)

Chris: I'll tally the votes. First vote..............LeShawna. Next vote...... LeShawna. That;s two votes LeShawna. Next vote.........LeShawna. That's three votes for LeShawna. Fourth vote.....Trent. 3 votes LeShawna, one vote Trent. ......Trent. 2 votes Trent. .......Trent. 3 votes Trent. .........Trent that's 4 votes Trent, one vote left. Next person voted out is......Trent. Please make your way to the dock.

LeShawna: I'll miss you Trent! I'm sorry. *hugs him*

Izzy: Bye Trent. I'm gonna miss ya!

LeShawna: (CONF) The end is near. With only 8 people left, I'm a possible target. Two alliances are now left and more could be made. With our alliance the majority advantage could lead it down to just us. Who knows what could happen then? I better watch my back.

Izzy: (CONF) 8 more to go. This should be a piece of cake! I just gotta calculate everything very carefully and make sure no faulty moves to my game occur. This shouldn't be TOO hard.

Gwen: Goodbye Trent, Thanks for everything.

Chris: *hurls Trent* Now 8 more left!

Eva: Good.

LeShawna: This should be fun.

Duncan: screw you. Hendrix was only sticking up for Gwen.

Izzy: This was a ridicolous night.

Duncan: OK Izzy, before we trade blows with each other. i have a proposition for ya.

Episode 13: "Heads Will Roll and Loyalties Will Fall"

Guys' Bedroom

Harold: I'm back everyone! *sees noone* Gotta go find my goddess, LeShawna! *sighs and runs out.*

Girls' Bedroom

LeShawna: Last night was totally freaky.

Duncan: uh...hey Leshawna...can i ask you something?

LeShawna: Sure. What is it?

Duncan: OK. i know you guys will want me out next..but...can we make a temporary alliance to get rid of someone? and it isn't Gwen or Geoff.

LeShawna: It's a tough decision, but it is only temporary. Alright. But two votes won't cut it.

Beth: Whatcha talking about?

LeShawna: *to Duncan* Tell her. She deserves to know.

Duncan: OK...i want get rid of Eva. she's a threat. and i get the feeling she'll betray you guys at any minute.

LeShawna: You're really good at playing people, but I'm ot risking chances with Eva. I'm in. You in, Beth?

Duncan: look Leshawna. i want to settle this man to woman. and getting rid of your pawns will make this more cool. and as much as i hate doing this. i'm planning on betraying Geoff...the dude hasn't done anything practically. so you help me get rid of Geoff and Eva and i'll return the favour.

LeShawna: I'll right. But that's two votes, no majority.

Duncan: Geoff, Gwen, Harold and Eva are never really here. so our chances are quite high. Izzy is bound to help us and Beth will probly to the same.

LeShawna: Okay.

Eva: (CONF) Hey! I've been here since episode 1.

Beth: What's going on?

LeShawna: A lot of things.

Duncan: like getting rid of Eva!, witch is a number one priority for us.

Izzy: Hey guys, what's up? (CONF) I want to be up to date.

Harold: *peers through window to see LeShawna talking to Duncan and gasps. (CONF): Could it be that my goddess LeShawna is planning to vote me off? After everything that I didn't do for her. I was planning a surprise. Gosh, this stinks.

Izzy: *to Harold* Listen, they're not voting out out. We're voting for Eva. She could be a huge threat to us in the future.

Harold: *raises eyebrows* Were you eavesdropping on me? (CONF): Eva is my friend, it's Duncan that needs to go!

Gwen: *walks in* hey guys. um.... what are you all talking about?

Duncan: hey babe. we're making a temporary alliance to get rid of Eva.

gwen: good idea...

Izzy: Not at all. I heard it while I was walking. And Dunc has decided to join forces wit hus Harold.

LeShawna: Izzy, I'm not going to lie to you. Me and Duncan are starting a temperary alliance to get Eva out. If you're with me, fine, if not, hI hope this won't affect our friendship. It's just a game.

Eva: What's going on?

LeShawna: We're going to vote off you, Eva. I'm sorry. I don't exactly want it to happen either, I don't know who I should vote.

Izzy: Not at all LeShawna. And I'm in!

LeShawna: Okay, but do we really want to vote off Eva just yet? She's a tough competitor and good ally. With everyone flopping sides all-the-sudden, we have to assure our odds and keep her.

Izzy: I agree. *whispers* Harold's also h*** bent on eliminating Dunc.

Duncan: don't tell me your backing out!?. Plan B was you guys vote two of your alliance out then there will be three of us and three of you. make it a bit more fair on us

LeShawna: Fair? Do you know what show you're on? I think you're just playing us and will try to weasel it out on us to vote of one of us.

Duncan: no way Raven. i stick with alliances and i'm never the betrayer.

Izzy: We'll see!

Duncan: what you implying!?

Izzy: I'm not implying anything.

LeShawna: Except that you're betraying Gwen and Geoff right now.

Izzy: (CONF) Gotta play the art of double agent. Gotta ease up on Dunc and SMASH! We got him!

Duncan: there's no working with you!!

Izzy: LeShawna, I got an idea.

LeShawna: Tell me, Iz.

Izzy: *whispers* We gotta turn Gwen and Dunc agaisnt each other. Then, we get Gwen eliminated tonight and Dunc out tommorow so Dunc feels more willing to work with us, instead of just splatting him tonight.

LeShawna: *whispers* Works for me.

Izzy: *whispers* One problem. Dunc doesn't trust either one of us, so how are we supposed to make this believable?

LeShawna: *whispers* If one of us gets invincibility, give it to him, he'll have to believe us.

Izzy: *whispers* True, besides, we have the numbers.

LeShawna: *whispers* And If we don't win... we fake desperation and need of Duncan around him.

Izzy: *whispers* Even then, we still got the majority.

LeShawna: *whispers* P.S. Good luck in today's challenge.

Izzy: *whispers* You too

Harold (CONF): I don't like it when people eavesdrop on my Confessionals. I will never betray my goddess LeShawna, but Izzy is starting to creep me out. However, Duncan's gotta go! I'm not a traitor and I will get rid of Duncan!

Izzy: *sitting on the beach, crying*

Harold: Why are you crying Izzy? (Shouldn't we make another section titled Beach and update the Elimination Chart? I'll be happy to do it. :{D)

(Sure, go right ahead.)

Izzy: It's just getting more and more depressing voting out my friends one by one. *sobbing* I'm trying to remind myself it's only a game and I will win a prize if I win, but it's getting so much harder! *uncontrollably sobbing*

LeShawna: *notices her sobbing, gasps, and hurrys up to her* Izzy! Izzy! Harold, what happened?

Izzy: *sobs* I'll explain. I'm feeling so terrible for eliminating my friends just for money!

Duncan: (walks over) what's going on here?

Izzy: *wiping her tears from her sobbing face* You really wanna know?

Gwen: *comes over* yes. why are you so sad?

Duncan: tell us Izzy.

Izzy: *calming down* Because I feel like a horrible person for voting out my friends for money.

Duncan: i's these damn alliances we're making!, it should be everyone for themselves!

Izzy: I just don't want to hurt anyone else's feelings.

Duncan: i understand. if both our alliances were broken. that boosts everyone left's chances of winning. makiing them much more happy, so if we do that. all of us will great. trust me.

Izzy: I just want to relax out here now. Have a good time with all my friends!

Duncan: i know Iz. but making alliances and ganging up on vulnerable friends ain't legit. cause the alliance always disband once their enemies are gone.

LeShawna: So, that's it? No more alliances, we're done?

Duncan: in my personal opinion. i hope so, but if you guys pick me, Gwen and Geoff off one by one. one of you are gonna betray each other then BANG! lose your chances. and a word of advice. vote for who YOU want out. not someone a friend asks you to vote for.

Izzy: *thinks* Actually, all my friends know this is only a game and I bear no ill will towards them. Game on! The alliances are still in!

gwen: Wel then what was the point of that whole conversation?

LeShawna: Duncan has a point. We can't all win.

Izzy: True, but it would feel good if we stayed united for a bit. Gwen, to answer your question, I was unsure what to do at them moment and then came to a realization.

LeShawna: Well, I've had enough for today. We might as well do the challenge without Chris.

Izzy: I'm sorry.

LeShawna: No. It's okay. In fact, I'm dropping out of this game. All of you guys vote for me tonight, alright?

Izzy: No LeShawna. I don't want to vote you out. Please don't leave the game.

LeShawna: No, I have to. I'm sorry, Izzy.

Izzy: *breaks down uncontrollably crying* Please don't LeShawna!!!

LeShawna: But, Izzy! You can still win! It will help you!

Izzy: I don't want to win now if you're going to leave. *cries* I don't want to win anyway!!

Gwen: Then no-offense but why are you here?

Izzy: At first, I wanted to win. But now, it's not my top priority!

Gwen: What is?

Izzy: Making sure people don't feel upset that I vote them out.

Duncan: what are you saying?

Gwen: Like how you voted Trent out Izzy?

Duncan: i don't get it. Hendrix betrayed Izzy and Leshawna because he didn't want to hurt Gwen...ahh i dunno.

Izzy: If nobody is bothered by me playing the game, I'll continue playing.

Gwen: i dont mind you continuing. besides, quitting wont solve your problems.

Harold: Gwen is right. I'm trying to go all the way, but the final four will be okay.

Izzy: Ok, but I don't want LeShawna to quit. I'll be so upset. I'll miss her so much.

Duncan: look guys. my personal opinion is to break up the alliances. like i said...kind off...we can't all win.

Harold: I think you're right Duncan. (CONF): Did I really just say that? *brushes tongue*

Izzy: Let's please continue alliances! Please!

Harold: When's the next challenge, Chris? Izzy, I don't know what to say. If I say yes, then Duncan, Gwen, and Geoff will try to vote me off, and I say no, then you, Beth, and Eva, possibly my goddess will vote me off.

Duncan: don't worry geekazoid. i can see me and you making the final two. no offence guys.


Harold: Is it really time for the challenge???!!!

Chris: Yes Harold. Today you will answer some questions based on the season. First to 5 wins immunity.

Harold: My mad skillz will help me win just as how Gwen won TDI! (I know Owen won)

Chris: Question 1, which player was eliminated in episode 6 after the teams swapped?

LeShawna: HEATHER!

Harold: Heather!

Duncan: Heather.

Gwen: *memories of heather elimination* that was so awesome...

Izzy: It sure was.

Chris: LeShawna is the first to get it! She scores! Question 2, which player was NOT in DJ's alliance? Geoff or Trent?

Izzy: Trent

Harold: TRENT!

Eva: Trent

Beth: Trent.

Duncan: Trent.

Chris: Izzy is the first to get it. She scores! 1-1! Question 3, which person was first eliminated in the merge?

LeShawna: Noah.

Harold: Noah!

Chris: LeShawna scores again! 2-1! Question 4, name the 2nd blonde girl voted out.

Harold: Bridgette!

Chris: Harold scores a point! It is 2-1-1! Question 5, name the last male eliminated before the merge!

LeShawna: Tyler.

Duncan: Tyler (Blaze: i cant edit!!!!)

Chris: LeShawna scores! 3-1-1! Question 6, name the players who have won individual immunity so far.

LeShawna: Izzy, Me, Trent, and Eva.

Harold: What my goddess said. *stares dreamily*

LeShawna: Thanks, sugar. *winks at him*

Chris: LeShawna scores again! 4-1-1! Question 7, how many players were on each team in episode 6?

Duncan: 8

Gwen: 9?

Harold: 6

LeShawna: Tortoises with 8, but Jellies had 7

Harold: No, it was 8!

Chris: Dunc scores! 4-1-1-1! Question 8, who was out in episode 7?

Duncan: Cody

Harold: Cody!

Chris: Dunc scores again! 4-2-1-1! Question 9, which big goofball didn't make the merge?

Duncan: Owen

Harold: Owen. (Great, now I can't edit)

Chris: Dunc scores! 4-3-2-1-1! 10, who is the second person eliminated?

Duncan: Courtney!

Harold: Katie or Sadie, since it was double elimination.

LeShawna: Katie.


Duncan: WWWWAAAAAAHHH!?!!??!?!?!?!

Harold: Guess I should've been more clear.

LeShawna: You did great, Harold. *kisses him on the cheak*

Harold: Then I'm sorry to say this my goddess. Chris, you called Katie's name first, so technically she was teh first eliminated. SADIE was the second person to be called. But guess it can't be helped.

LeShawna: You are just being honest, Harold.

Duncan: (to Leshawna) Geoff goes tonight K?

LeShawna: *to Duncan* I'm actually voting solo tonight.

Harold: Me too, but you're lucky that it won't be you. *to Duncan*

Duncan: (glares at Harold)

Izzy: Nice job LeShawna! *high fives her*

Harold: (CONF): *holds up cards so no one can overhear him* I haven't decided but *changes card* i'm deciding to either vote off Eva, Beth, or *looks for other card and speaks* GOSH! I lost it!

Harold: *explores beach, finds card, and burns it*

LeShawna: Thanks IZZY! *high-fives her and whispers* I'm voting solo tonight,, okay?

Harold: *kisses LeShawna* Chris, I've decided who I am going to vote! Where's the voting station? *looks around*

Elimination Ceremony 13

LeShawna: (CONF) Gwen. Sorry, girl, you're losing your game and I think it's best if you go home. :(

Harold: (CONF): NO ONE CAN HEAR ME, Right? Well, just in case. I vote for *holds up card that says Izzy.* I'm sorry, but you're way to big a threat. Eva and Beth are my friends. Duncan will get what's coming to him, and i like Geoff, Gwen, and my goddess LeShawna. Please. Forgive Me. (Sorry, last minute change)

Eva: *CONF* I'm choosing a long shot........Beth.

Beth: *conf* I really can't decide.

Izzy: (CONF) Gwen. You really need to go home. It's for the best.

Chris: Because of time constraints, I'm ending this vote early. First vote.....Beth........Izzy........Gwen......Next person voted out is......Gwen. Please take the hurl now. *hurls her*

Beth: Sorry Gwen. :(

Harold: Bye Gwen. *waves slowly*

LeShawna: Bye, Gwen!

Geoff: Duncan, can we talk?

Izzy: Bye Gwen! *waves*

Duncan: what is it Geoff?.

Geoff: I heard you say that you wanted to betray me, why?, were friends.

Duncan: you heard wrong dude. i want all alliances to end. ours included. everyone votes for themselves.

Geoff: Ok, listen. Izzy is obviously the villain this season so she's gonna wipe the dudes out, and she wants you gone 1st.

Izzy: (CONF) I don't want to be thought of as a villain. I'm a nice person unlike Heather.

Harold: (CONF) *holds card* Izzy must go. She's too tough as a competitor. Yet, she's so nice, but to strong.

(Dude, it's too late to vote her out lol. And why is everyone doing this to her? She's nice to everyone.)

(I know, I was saying it for future reference. I can CONF what I (Harold) thinks, right?)

Eva: (CONF) The end is near! The Final 7, I have made it this far.......It's too late to be eliminated. I am the winner! In my inmagination.

LeShawna: (CONF) Wow! Final 7 for real?! I didn't actually think I would make it this far. I guess it's thanks to Izzy. Does this mean I actually NEED her? I mean, I couldn't even get close without her. Wow, I never really thought of it like that, and it seems like Izzy's doing all of the work. Don't worry, I'm going to get my head in this game to the very end, unless I'm, well, ya know, eliminated before that.

Izzy: (CONF) Wohoo! Final 7! I gotta up the anti though. Everyone seems to be targeting me and I gotta wipe that target off my back. LeShawna is still my best friend and I'm friends with the others too. I like this game and hope to go all the way.

Episode 14: "Treasure Island of Pain!"

Girls' Bedroom

(Setting: Stormy night, Spooky looking, midnight-ish)

Izzy: *sleeping*

LeShawna: *sleeping, but suddenly has a weird dream, which causes her to wake up, screaming* (CONF: THIS IS ONE NOBODY HEARS) Oh, I had the freakiest nightmare! Me and Duncan were talking about how much we hated Courtney and he told me how beautiful I was and how he liked that I never let anyone tell me what to do if I don't want to. We actually ended up KISSING! *gags* I haven't told anyone yet, not even Izzy. I'm afraid of how they'll react. I'll just hold back a while and never tell anyone, especially Duncan & Harold.

Izzy: *having a nightmare and is getting scared* (CONF) I feel like I'm not secure in this game right now! Immunity is priority! I gotta make sure I win it or I could very well be the next one being catapaulted off this wretched island.

Eva: *sleeping* (CONF) This is a great season for me, I was on a good team, I've never been voted for and I'm in the final 7, This year is mine.

Beth: *can't sleep* (CONF) Being in the final 7 makes me think of TDA's final 7.......Only with a few different people.

LeShawna: Izzy, I have something to tell you.

Eva: *sleeping*

Guys' Bedroom

Harold: *ignores everything and dreams only about LeShawna*

(I'm going to a party and won't be able to participate in today's challenge. CodyDuncanFan97 00:41, April 29, 2012 (UTC)CodyDuncanFan97)

(sorry Survivor but i'm gonna be inactive for the challenge. i'm going out with my bros. - Blaze)

(Ok guys)

Harold: *mumbles* LeShawna

Izzy; *suntanning*

Noah: HEY! IZZY! I'm haunting the beach! *makes a quiet sign to her* Don't tell anyone.... *sinks back into the water slowly*

Harold" *gasps* NOAH! (When's the challenge?)

Challenge 14

LeShawna: *makes out with Harold until Chris shows up*


LeShawna: *jumps in boat even though Noah is napping in it* *rows*

Noah: *wakes up* LeShawna? Where are we going?!

LeShawna: To the final six! Where is that island??? *squints*

Izzy: *gets in boat and rows* TO CHRIS ISLAND AND AWAY!!!

LeShawna: *to Noah* If you're going to stay on tis vessel, you'd best be usefaul!

Noah: Okay, okay! *grabs oar and rows so the boat speeds up a bit*

Izzy: *paddles faster and sees the island coming up* Yes! It's getting closer.

LeShawna: *to Noah* We have to go faster!

Noah: That's impossible. We are going as fast as we can!

LeShawna: Not neccessarly! *pulls out cannon*

Noah: You're going to fire yourself from a cannon?

LeShawna: Nope. You are. *stuffs him in it, and climbs on his back* FIRE! *lights cannon and flies on Noah*

Izzy: *reaches land and docks the boat* *gets off* This is Chris Island! Now I gotta start looking!

LeShawna: *lands perfectly on the shore, but Noah faceplants* Yes! I made it! Now what about that map?

Duncan: damn immunity...

LeShawna: The map says to climb up that cliff. *climbs slowly*

Duncan: (fires cannon)

(the cannon is on Noah and Leshawna's boat. You have to either get to our boat or have your own*

Harold: Why does my goddess get a cannon? *rows boat*

Izzy: *looks around in the foresty area* It's gotta be somewhere.

Harold: Hmm, camp has taught me many things! I know what to do! *continues to row faster so island comes into view* Hey, Chris, where are the maps?

Harold: *keeps rowing* I'm almost there! I can taste immunity! (CONF) I can't believe LeShawna took Noah and not me! Maybe she doesn't love me as much as I thought. She's only interested in winning immunity along with her BFF: Izzy.

Eva: *rowing*

Beth: *rowing*

Harold: *screams as a wave knocks him on the shore* Great! *grabs the sticks of the ruined boat* Time to put my plan in action! *runs into a forest*

Izzy: *climbs up the hills looking* Nope! *moves north*

Duncan: in the jungle?....(checks jungle) nope.....(heads north)

Eva: *checks woods* Hey, Pretty simple but I found a Mclean Head.

Beth: *checks ocean* Nothing but water and eels, jellyfish and sharks. *swims off*

Izzy: *starts to climb up a 30ft tree* It's gotta be here somewhere!

Harold: *starts to climb up a short cliff* This is really hard, maybe I can lighten the load. *drops a few sticks and continues to climb up to the top.* Almost *wheeze* there.

Izzy: *losses her grip and falls off the tree, onto the ground with a thud* OWWW!!!! *she's dizzy* Ugh! *walks around dazed looking for the treasure*

Harold: *reaches the top and collapses* Great, now to make a glider like I did except I adjusted the calcuations. I think an aerial view will be good. I mean, they always mark the treasure with an X. *takes out the sail, stick, and leaves.* Good thing the boat had rope! *starts to build his glider*

Izzy: *sees an X in her dizzness* X marks the spot!! *takes out her shovel and starts digging*

Duncan: stupid treasure...(looks around)

Izzy: *finishes digging and lifts the treasure out of the ground* *drags it to the finish line* YES!!

Harold: *finishes tying his glider* Awesome! (CONF): Yes, the moment of truth! *Harold takes off while in his glider* YEAAAAHHH! *screams and hits a tree after flying for five minutes, lands on Izzy* Yes, the chest! What luck!

Duncan: (sees Harold and Izzy) the chest! (runs to them)

Chris: IZZY WINS IMMUNITY! Harold, you landed on Izzy after she crossed the line, which was too late!

Harold: *crosses the finish line with the chest* She never said she crossed it!

Duncan: congrats whoever won...

Chris: Too late.

Izzy: Thanks Dunc! (CONF) Immunity and I'm gauranteed F6! This is sweet!

Eva: Nice job Iz.

Beth: (CONF) I'm so eliminated.

Harold: (CONF) I'm voting for someone who I think should not be here. I just hope my goddess LeShawna does not get voted off. She's so strong of a player!

Izzy: So who does everyone want out?

Geoff: I think Harold should go home.

Harold: Gosh! You're never here and there are bigger threats than me!

Geoff: Dude, dont get so defensive about it!, you wanna vote off Leshawna!.

Harold: No, I don't. First, who said you can eavesdrop on people's confessional. Second, I said I hope my goddess LeShawna does NOT get voted off, because she's a big threat. I was going to vote off you or Beth!

Geoff: Why me? *gets in his face*

Harold: (CONF) Geoff, can't take a joke. I know who I'm voting for and it's not going to be Geoff or my goddess.

Elimination 14

Chris: Izzy has immunity. The rest of you are fair game.

Izzy: (CONF) I vote for Dunc.

Eva: (CONF) I don't know............Duncan's strong. I'm gonna go a long shot and say Beth.

Beth: (CONF) I would vote me.......But I can't........:/ I can't quit either.........I'm screwed.

Harold: (CONF) I vote for Beth. Sorry girl, no hard feelings.

LeShawna: (CONF) I vote for Beth. I know it's not right to vote you out, but most people are. And you quit already when you considered voting yourself. In a way, I'm doing you a favor. Sorry, but I have to do this to you.I'll miss you most of all. :)

Geoff: (CONF) Harold thinks I'm seriously dumb, I'm not, he's getting played, but I'm going to spare him until next week, I'm voting for Beth. Later girl.

(I won't be able to compete if there is a challenge today! CodyDuncanFan97 21:01, May 5, 2012 (UTC)CodyDuncanFan97)

Duncan: (CONF) Beth. later specs.

LeShawna: Wow, this is a pretty long ceremony. :

Chris: It's either Dunc or Beth. And the one out tonight is.....BETH!! Please walk to the hurl of shame!!

Beth: *gets on* Bye everyone! I'll miss you all. :(

Eva: :/

LeShawna: We'll miss you, too, sweetie. ;(

Izzy: Bye Beth! We'll see you at the finale!

Chris: *hurls Beth off* 6 to go on TOTAL DRAMA BEACH REDEMPTION!!

Episode 15: "Chariots of Fury"

Girls' Bedroom

LeShawna: (CONF) Wow. This game is closing in fast. I'm not sure if I'm ready for another challenge yet. (NON-CONF) *whispers* Izzy! I had a dream that me and Duncan kissed a while back and it's been bugging me ever since. I just need some advice. Promise not to tell anyone?

Izzy: *whispers* Sure. Just try to pretend it never happaned. If you feel the urge to reveal it, write it on a piece of paper and throw it into the water. (CONF) LeShawna's a great friend and she deserves to be helped. Anything for my BFF

LeShawna: Thanks.

Guys' Bedroom

Harold: (CONF) I can't believe I made the Final 6, considering how everyone wanted me gone, this is great. However, immunity is everything and everyone who's made it is a great player, some not so much. I'm ready for anything. *slips and falls* Gosh!

Challenge 15

LeShawna: So excited.

Geoff: I wonder what the challenge is?

LeShawna: Me too. Although I'm afraid it's going to be really dealy or dangerous again.

Chris: *dressed in a toga with a chariot helmet* Today you will be racing chariots! They're rickity and bumpity! There is a massive cliff you guys need to jump over, then you race down the hills, through the river to victory!! First one there wins immunity!

Izzy: Wohoo this will be fun!

LeShawna: Yes! Let's go! *jumps in chariot and "drives."* Woah! *rides up the cliff*

LeShawna: This is insane! But kind of fun! *reaches the top of the cliff*

LeShawna: *rides up to a rock as a starter jump at full-speed and flies over the edge* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

LeShawna: *hits the sand on the beach and plants about 5 inches into it and continues*

LeShawna: *rides a few hills*

LeShawna: *rides a few more hills*

LeShawna: *rides another hill*

LeShawna: *rides up the last hill*

LeShawna: *rides down last hill*

LeShawna: *rides towards the river*

LeShawna: *rides on shore*

LeShawna: *rides into the river*

LeShawna: *rides more in the river*

LeShawna: *rides partially underwater*

LeShawna: *rides underwater*

LeShawna: *rides more underwater*

LeShawna: *rides a little more underwater*

LeShawna: *begins to drown underwater*

LeShawna: *rises, partially riding underwater and overwater*

(Redo, that's kinda godplaying lol)

(Not exactly. LOL. I didn't do it in one edit and I gave myself setbacks lol)

Chris: 8sends LeShawna back to start* GO!

Izzy: *speeds off

LeShawna: *speeds off*

(guys. sorry for late notice but i can't do this challenge. i'm going to a party. sorry again. - Blaze)

LeShawna: *reachs the cliff* That looks........reaaaaaaaaaalllyy steep!

Izzy: That cliff is massive! *jumps and barely reaches the other end and speess off*

LeShawna: *jumps and makes it over, but hits a tree* Ouch!

Izzy: *worried* LeShawna are you okay?!

LeShawna: *dazed and sleepy* Yeah. I'm fine, Courtney. Just make sure you come back for me once you win the Super Bowl. *passes out*

Izzy: OH MY GOD!!! CHRIS!!! HELP!!!

Chris: *runs in* What's going on? *sees LeShawna* MEDICAL!!!

Medical: *sees LeShawna and brings her to the infirmary* We need to check her condition to see if she can stay in the game or not.

LeShawna: *mumbling* ...Cody?... What are you doing here?...I thought you were eliminated. Is Dakota being a daredevil again?

Medic: LeShawna. Your friend is here

Izzy: LeShawna, it's me! Your best friend Izzy!

LeShawna: Iz- Izzy? You're supposed to be in one of those challenging task things Duncan gives us every week.

Medic: Oh this is gone bad. We may have to operate to restore her memory!

Izzy: My best friend's health is more important than a challenge!

Duncan: is she still gonna compete?

LeShawna: But it's too late. They've already arranged a ride home for me. You should win it now before Heather beats you to the starting line!

Duncan: Heather's been eliminated...

LeShawna: She has?! I have got to tell Gwen!

Duncan: Gwen's been eliminated as well....DJ....Bridgette....Hendrix...(CONF) grrrr!!!!, this makes my blood boil!!!

LeShawna: Wha- wha- what? That's impossible! They would never get voted off!

Izzy: LeShawna! Please make it through for me!! *cries*

LeShawna: No Izzy. You make it through for ME, okay? Win it for both of us, don't stop just because I'm leaving.

Medic: If her condition is back to normal, she's staying in the game.

Duncan: that's great news. (CONF) (rolls eyes)

LeShawna: All I can remember is that we went on an alliance rampage, we dressed up like ghosts, I raced a go-kart off of a cliff, I made a gigantic wave in the water, and I went fishing.

Duncan: do you remember geeka....i mean Harold?

Izzy: *cries* LeShawna, please make it through this.

LeShawna: I can't.

Duncan: what do you mean you can't!?

LeShawna: I had a dream... that I.... kissed you, Duncan.

Duncan: and....that's why huh? (CONF) me!?!?...and Leshawna!?!?!...

Harold: *arriving late because he overlsept* WHAT?! *didn't hear the dream part* I will get you out Duncan! How dare you betray me LeShawna! I thought we were meant to be!

LeShawna: No. Harold! It's not what you think.

Harold: Are you sure? *stares into her eyes and realizes she's telling the truth* LeShawna, I love you. *kisses her* I will never leave your side. Immunity isn't everything!

(I won't be able to compete on Saturday ~CodyDuncanFan97~)

Harold: Are we still doing the challenge, because LeShawna, if you need surgery, then I will win the money, and help you recover.

Duncan: are Izzy, Harold and Leshawna all leaving? (CONF) cause that would help me out big time!

LeShawna: Ha- Harold... I think I'm going to be alright. *gets up slowly* I can do it! *walks back to the chariot where she left it* *speeds off, over to the bumpy hills*

Duncan: that Leshawna!!!...(drives after her)

LeShawna: Woo-hoo! *drives downward the last hill which is steepest* WOOOAAAH! *makes a sharp stop-turn at the bottom* Phew!

LeShawna: *waits for Duncan* Duncan? Where are you? This isn't funny! *sighs frusterated* Fine. I'll just let him stay over there as long as he wants. *drives to the river* How do I get over this?

LeShawna: Wait. Maybe I can build something. *dismantles chariot except leaves the wheels and uses to rest to build a poorly-built "bridge" over the river* There!

LeShawna: Now to ride over this thing. *balances on the wheels' axel and slowly begins to rotate them but trying to stay balane and go over the bridge* Hey. This is pretty easy. *almost falls* Woa-oh!

LeShawna: *notices Izzy, Harold, Duncan, Eva, and Geoff coming down from the hills and close behind* Oh no! *begins to run but barely keeps balance and crosses the bridge and finish line because she fell off of the axel* I made it! Wait, I don't have anything from my chariot on the finish either! *wheels slowly roll onto the finish* YES! I did it! Final five! (CONF) I really hope Izzy makes it, tonight. I don't know what I'd do without her!

Duncan: (his chariot is stuck in the ground) ahh come on!!

Izzy: *speeds past* I can do this!! (CONF) If I make it tonight, Fianl 5!!

Duncan: OOOHH no you don't! (speeds past)

Izzy: *speeds past Dunc* YOU'LL NEVER CATCH ME!!!!

Duncan: I JUST DID! (speeds past Izzy)

Izzy: OH YEAH! TAKE THIS!!!! *rams into Dunc and speeds past again*

Duncan: TAKE THIS! (rams Izzy and speeds past again)

Izzy: *rams into Duncan again and speeds to the finish line*


Duncan: but!?!..Leshawna crossed first!

Chris: No she didn't!

Duncan: that was close to winning immunity!!?!? AAHHH DAMN!! (facepalms)

Chris: I made a mistake! LeShawna also gets immunity!!!, and Duncan cause he participated!!!

Eva: *flying to the finish line cause her chariot exploded* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

LeShawna: Ouch! So... we vote... now?

Duncan: can we???

LeShawna: I want to vote. *grabs Chris* Let me vote NOW, CHRRRIIIISS!!!! *throws him* Ah, all better...

Chris: Okay, Duncan, Izzy, LeShawna, pick a number between one and ten.The one who gets it right will get to eliminate anyone but LeShawna, Izzy and Duncan.

LeShawna: 7.

Chris: Well it seems like....LESHAWN'S RIGHT! LeShawna who will go home tonight? Geoff, Eva or Harold?

LeShawna: Geoff.

Harold: *lands in LeShawna'as arms because chariot exploded* Thank you LeShawna! *kisses her*

LeShawna: Anytime sugar. *kisses him*

Chris: Geoff, goodbye! *hurls him*

Izzy: Bye Geoff!!

LeShawna: Bye, Geoff.

Duncan: later Geoff! (waves)

Harold: Bye Geoff! (waves goodbye, smiling) *kisses LeShawna some more*

Izzy: (CONF) This is it! The final 5! Now I really got win the next immunities!!

Chris: Only 5 remain! Who will be crowned the victor on the finale of TOTAL DRAMA BEACH REDEMPTION?!

Episode 16: "Flames and Endurance Always Win Out"

Chris: Over the last 36 days, we've seen LeShawna, Duncan, Harold, Eva and Izzy fight the power and beat all the odds to make it to this point! Tonight, two people will go home and the 9 previously eliminated contestants will interrogate the F3 to crown the winner! Who will win?! Who will lose?! Find out tonight on the finale of TOTAL DRAMA BEACH REDEMPTION!!!!

Eva: (CONF) It's about time.

Izzy: (CONF) Final 5 baby! The money's getting closer! This game has been quite a bit of fun, but I guess it's time for it to end eventually.

Harold" (CONF) I'm in it to win it! (S321, I mentioned above that I wouldn't be able to compete today starting from 4:00 PST (7:00 EST, 3:00 CST).)

LeShawna: (CONF) I'm a little scared. But I made the finale, even if it is still the final 5. Hopefully I can do this. I'm ready... I think...

Duncan: (CONF) the final five...i can't believe it...i'm the last Shrieking Jellyfish left in this game...i'm gonna make everyone proud!, just you watch!!

Immunity Challenge 16

Chris: Hey Final 5! Here's your challenge for today! For today, you will have to answer a series of questions about your fallen compeititors. First to 5 wins immunity and a shot in the F4.

Harold: I'm ready (Won't be able to compete today gotta go to an all day shopping spree and then drop off someone who lives two hours away Sorry! CodyDuncanFan97 18:16, May 13, 2012 (UTC)CDF97)

Duncan: fire away McLean.

LeShawna: All set. Quiz away.

Chris: Which former contestant was hunted down in episode 5?

Izzy: Zeke!

LeShawna: Fast... 0__0

Chris: Izzy is right! She scores a point! Question 2! In what episode did Trent get voted out?

LeShawna: Episode 12, "The Nightmare Before CHRIS-mas!"

Chris: LeShawna is right! It's 1-1! Next question. Which player was voted out despite winning immunity in episode 8?

Izzy: Tyler!

LeShawna: FAST...

Chris: Izzy scores again! It's 2-1!

LeShawna: No question?...

Chris: Question 4. Which alliance formed in episode 6?

LeShawna: Duncan's.

Duncan : DJ's.

Izzy: Harold's!

Chris: Izzy is right! The score is 3-1! Question 5. Name the second person eliminated.

LeShawna: Katie.

Chris: Right! 3-2! Question 6! Name the three female contestants who farted!

Izzy: Me, LeShawna and Bridgette!!

Duncan: WHAT!?, how am i supposed to know that!?

Chris: Izzy scores! It's 4-2 now!

Eva: Wha?

Harold: I'm back (CONF) Farted? This game is rigged. GOSH!

Chris: Next question. What male contestant was the first out in merge?

LeShawna: Noah, right?

Harold: It is Noah, my LeShawna is right!

LeShawna: Thanks, Harold.

Chris: Right! It's 4-3! Next question. Name the first person who won individual immunity.

Izzy: Tyler!

Chris: With that correct answer, IZZY WINS IMMUNITY!!!

Duncan: yeah, yeah, yeah..congrats Iz and all that...can we please do this elimination?!

Finale Elimination Ceremony Type-Thingy 1 (Elimination 16)

Harold: (CONF) As much as I want to destroy Izzy, i can't. Sorry, but she has been a big threat and now LeShawna is probably going to get eliminated since she is the second biggest threat. That means i must vote for either Eva or Duncan. Hmm.

Duncan: (CONF) Eva doesn't do much, witch is why she deserves to go...

LeShawna: (CONF) Eva.

(Since the season is almost ending, would you guys like me to creat the next season, Total Drama Battle of The Sexes?) -TDF90

(Yeah. Do it. But please stay updated with Honolulu Style, too, because I'm afraid it's going out-of-thought.- Redo)

Duncan: come on...let's do this elimination ceremony already!

Harold: (CONF) I vote Eva.

Izzy: (CONF) I vote for Eva. Sorry girl, but your time has come.

Duncan: (CONF) Eva.

Chris: And the next person out is......EVA!! *hurls her*

Eva: WHAT?!?! NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M GONNA LOSE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LeShawna: Poor Eva.

Izzy: Yeah. She seemed really upset. (CONF) It's the F4 and I have to step up my game. I need to win the last challenge and I could very well win the game!

  • the next day*

Izzy: *wakes up and sees a note from Chris* Congratulations Final 4. You did what 20 of your castmates couldn't do. You're nearing the end and you need to pay respects to your fallen comrades. Follow the trail on the map along the beach, to the cliff. You will see a torch of each of your fallen comrades and will pay your respects to each one. You will collect each torch and put all of them on a giant statue of Chris, where you will then light it on fire!

LeShawna: Woah...

Izzy: *wakes up Duncan and Harold* Guys, we gotta go on the trail of fallen comrades. *shows them the note*

LeShawna: Let's go! *walks out*

  • the four start walking along the trail*

Izzy: Katie and Sadie! They were great girls, nice people. Too bad they were out first.

Duncan: i doubt they were gonna get far though.

LeShawna: Yeah, but they were so sweet.

Izzy: *picks up their torches and continues walking* Ahh, Courtney. You were a fiery person who was very devoted and determined, and you were too chauvanistic.

LeShawna: You did whatever you set your mind to.

Izzy: *picks up her torch and keeps walking further* Justin. You were a great player and had lots of potential to go really far. Too bad Chris doomed you.

LeShawna: You were kind and determind. I'll miss you.

Izzy: *picks his up and walks further* Lindsay. A sweet girl, a strong person and lots of fun to be around.

LeShawna: She was brave and stood up for her friends, no matter how different people would think of her.

Izzy: *picks up her torch and the four walk further along the trail* Owen, *sheds a tear* I love you Big O! You're a great guy and the sweetest one ever! *kisses his torch* I miss you so much!

Duncan: Gwen, i'll always love you matter what... (kisses her torch)

Izzy: Heather, you were a vindictive, selfish brat. I'm glad you were voted out early.

Harold: Why am I always late?! GOSH! Well, Katie and Sadie, you're great gals but we're kinda annoying. Courtney, I think I'll miss you least of all! Justin, you were such a handsome boy. *stops* I never said that, I'm with LeShawna! Lindsay, I love you too. Owen, I miss everything about you too. (Are we going by elimination order?) Heather, *picks up her torch* I was your first friend.

LeShawna: *moves on* Cody, you were a friendly competitor. You went down without complaining and you are nice to everyone. *takes torch*

Harold: Sierra, I didn't really know you but you keep on being obsessed with Cody. I can't really say anything about you, except thanks for being drama into the show. *picks up her torch*

LeShawna: *moving on* Tyler, you played good this season. You were a good sport about this and tried your best. And even after an unfair elimination, you still moved on. I'm very proud of you, Ty. *grabs his torch*

Harold: *keeps moving* Noah, I don't know why you had a mental breakdown, but you were great. Have fun wherever you are. *grabs torch so he has three*

LeShawna: Bridgette, you were a great competitor. Honest, caring, you were one of my best friends. *takes her torch and moves*

LeShawna: DJ, you were sweet and full of empathy. I'm sorry I had to vote you out, though. *grabs his torch*

Izzy: Trent, you were a sweet, devoted guy and full of heart. *picks up his torch*

Duncan: Beth, you were one of the kindest people ever, i'll never forget you.. (picks up her torch)

Harold: *picks Gwen's torch up* (It never said Duncan got it, but if he wants it, then fine by me) *continues along the trail and reaches the final statue* Eva, you were a great person, and fought to the end. I was hoping you will be in the Final Two. *picks up her torch and continues to walk on where he reaches the statue of Chris.* TO CHRIS AND THE BEACH REDEMPTION! *throws all of his torches onto the statue and steps back as the Chris Statue erupts in flames*

Izzy: *watches the staute burn to pieces*

Duncan: rest in pieces...

Final Immunity Challenge

Chris: Hey Final 4. Today is your last immunity challenge. For today, you need to balance on a very narrow wooden pole. You have to manage to avoid fallen off, while water balloons will be thrown at you. Last one standing, wins immunity and a chance to plead their case to the jury and become the winner of Beach Redemption.

LeShawna: *balances* Woah, this is tough. (CONF) I knew I wasn't going to make it far, but what could I do? Giving up a million bucks after all of my hard work? I'm not stupid, but I'm not exactly the mastermind of this game, either.

Harold: *balances on the narrow pole* This is hard. (CONF) I hope my training at Gym Camp helps me. Yeah, it was meant for girls, but I didn't know. They only let me in because of "Doris" in my name. (NONCONF) *almost slips* Whoa, that was close. *quickly dodges water balloons* Okay, I am still in!

Duncan: (balances) dang this is tough...(CONF) winning is a top priority for me...i didn't come this far for nothing!!

Harold: Neither did I, Duncan! *dodges a water balloon* Man, this is tough, but I have to keep on trying! *balances*

Izzy: *balances* Damn, this is tough! (CONF) I came this far to win! I'm not getting stopped now!!

Harold: *balances* Remember your forms from Gym Camp Harold!

Chris: Incoming! *throws a water balloon*

Harold: *dodges* Whoa, that was close! Good aim, Chris!

Izzy: *dodges* Phew! That was close!

Harold: So, the ones who didn't dodge are eliminated? (I don't know because no one is just going to say fall) *balances* I'll never fall off!

Duncan: (dodges) jeez McLean!

Harold: *balances* Gosh! (CONF) I was so hoping Duncan got hit by a water balloon.

Izzy: *balancing* This is hard!

Chris: Since no one is falling, I decided to up the anti a bit! Here;s a tough questuon for you! What's he capital of Canada!

Izzy: Ottawa!

Harold: Ottawa, Ontairo!

Chris: Izzy got it first, so she can decide who she wants to eliminate from the challenge right now!

Izzy: Harold!

Harold: I wouldve known seeing Chris and Izzy are the same person, but it's okay bad luck for me, I'm in the Jury, and LeShawna or Duncan will win! *jumps off and runs away but throws a water balloon at Izzy and misses* Gosh!

Chris: You're not out yet Harold. You still have a chance!

Harold: But didn't Izzy, instantly eliminated me? *heads back on the platform* Sorry, Izzy.

Duncan: hm?

Harold: I'm confused as you are Duncan.

Chris: No Harold! You're not back in the challenge! I meant just because you're out of the challenge, doesn't mean you'll be nessacerily out of the game.

Duncan: jeez Mclean, Harold really thought he was done for there.

Harold: *jumps off the platform and lands next to Chris* Do I just wait here?

Chris: Yes Harold.

Duncan: let's finish this dang immunity challenge already!

Harold: *pulls up a chair and sits, watching his fellow competitors*

Chris: Ok! Name who voiced Shrek in Shrek!

Izzy: Mike Myers!

Duncan: Mike Myers!, the guy from Wayne's world!

Chris: Since Izzy got it first again, Izzy, choose who you want out.

Izzy: Duncan!

Duncan: (in Zack Ryder voice) are you serious bro!?

Harold: *eats popcorn* Yeah, I know right? Now, it's up to LeShawna to win this.

Izzy: *holding on tight*

Chris: Last question. Name the drummer for Led Zeppelin.

Izzy: John Bonham!

Chris: With that.......IZZY WINS FINAL IMMUNITY!!!!! *hands her the necklace* Izzy, you've made it to the F3 where you have a chance to plead your case for the million!

Harold: So, do we vote who goes?

Izzy: Yes! I did it!

Chris: Yes

Duncan: sweet!, i'd like to place my vote now.

Harold: Me too (did you delete my vote?)

(No, odd.)

Izzy: I vote for Duncan. Dude, you truly are the biggest threat in the game at this point and you'll surely win if you make the finals. I mean, you've made it far in all of your seasons! *votes for him* But you're a cool dude and props to you.

Duncan: man....if Leshawna and Izzy make the final two i'll be annoyed, i vote for Leshawna....everyone can't win...sorry.

Harold: I don't know who to vote for. I want to vote for Duncan, but my goddess, LeShawna, didn't do anything. I'm sorry my goddess, but I vote for you. Please forgive me. *votes LeShanwa*

LeShawna: Yeah, well I'm NOT voting. Everyone left are my best friends in this game. I'm not making the mistake of voting my friends out again. I made Noah upset when I eliminated him, and now he's lost his mind. i'm giving up this game for good.

Duncan: you sure you wanna do this Leshawna?

LeShawna: Of course I do. I know Harold can win.

Duncan: and what about Izzy?

Chris: LeShawna, the 8 other jurors await you. Tommorow, Izzy, Duncan and Harold will be interrogated by the jury and a winner will be decided. *LeShawna leaves the island on a boat*

Izzy: *cries as the boat leaves* Bye LeShawna! See you tommorow!

LeShawna: *air-hug* I'll miss you, too, Izzy. I think you might win, too. Good luck Duncan. And Harold, I'll always love you! :) I forgive you for voting me out too. WIn it for us! *air-kis*

Izzy: *air-hug*

Harold: *cries* No LeShawna! I'll win for you!

Duncan: laters Leshawna, you were the best. (waves)

Izzy: (CONF) This is it. F3 baby! I miss LeShawna dearly and wish she was in the F3 with me, but I gotta win it for her.

Final Day

Izzy: *wakes up* *sees a feast* Woah! This is for the three of us!!

Duncan:(also wakes up) wha!?......F...FOOD!!...IT'S A MIRACLE! (starts eating recklessly) (CONF) we've had to eat Chef's crap for ages!, now we get to have some real food!

Harold: *wakes up and enters Mess Hall* What the- A feast? Hmm, *eats a little bit* (CONF) The last time we had a feast, we had to stay awake forever! I'm not taking any chances!

Izzy: *eats some* This is great! *burps* Excuse me! *giggles* (CONF) This is so great! We haven't eaten real food in ages! Before I win this game, I gotta eat up!

Harold: *eats a little bit*

Izzy: *eats a little more* I'll be right back! *runs to the ladies room* *comes back relieved* Ahhh that's better.

Harold: I wonder *burps* when our challenge is?

Izzy: *burps* Excuse me. Chris said that now the jury will interrogate us after this.

Harold: Good luck *burps and finishes his plate*

Izzy: *finishes her plate* You *burps* excuse me, too!

Duncan: may the (burp) better man or woman win.

Izzy: *burps* Yes indeed! *farts by mistake* Whoops *blushes red* excuse me.

Duncan: (laughs like Woody Woodpecker then covers his mouth) the hell!?

Izzy: *blushing redder*

Harold: Gross dude, *picks his nose, smells it, then farts*

Duncan: dude! i'm going out for some fresh air! (walks outside in the woods)

Izzy: *covers her nose* Yuck!

Duncan: (CONF) Izzy and Harold....two people i'm stuck in the final three with....a part of me is saying i should have quit with Leshawna, but no way!, i'm gonna stay till the end!, and boy did i!, this game's mine!

Harold: *runs outisde* Embrace it!

Izzy: *runs outside and walks around*

Duncan: NEVER!!! (runs away)

Izzy: *embraces the nature around her* This place is so beautifal.

Duncan: lost him....(notices Izzy) hey Iz, what you doing?

Izzy: Appreciating nature.

Duncan: (looks around him) hm...i can't blame you. it's cool to watch.

Izzy: Yup. Sure is.

Final Elimination Ceremony

Chris: Welcome Izzy, Duncan and Harold. Tonight, the 3 of you will be interrogated by the 9 jurors. Here they come. Noah, Bridgette, DJ, Trent, Gwen, Beth, Geoff, Eva and LeShawna, eliminated at the last ceremony. Whoever gets the most votes, will win the game and $1 million. Who would like to make their first opening statement?

DJ: *gets up* i will, ok first...congrats you guys im happy for you and i have a few things to say *takes a deep breath* Duncan...your my best friend and probably the coolest bad-boy ever and i think you honestly played fair. Izzy, *laughs sorta* man am i shocked to see you this far in the game but even though you blindsided me back in episode 11 i forgive you all because this is a game all about strength, ability, stamina, backstabbing, and obviously blindsides, so thank you guys for the experience and being my friends *cries a bit* even after my father died ive been so determined to win money for my momma but I have many people in my life that make me feel good inside..i wanna thank you all *bows*, and now Harold...*smiles* You are the funniest redhead guy ive ever met, you were so cool in Beach Redemption and you played like a pro. but you wont get my vote only because we didnt get to know eachother as much in the show but i wish you good luck....thank you! *sits back down*

Izzy: Thank you DJ. I made sure I was nice to everyone, while playing to get far. I played as ethically as humanly possible, while being a nice gal.

Duncan: thanks dude, you're the best.

Harold: So, if I don't get your vote, who did?

Duncan: who knows?...

Harold: DJ knows.

Duncan: oh year...i think he voted for me.

Chris: Trent, your turn to speak to the jury.

Trent: alright. (stands up) Duncan, you were a d**k sometimes but you were a good leader and a good boyfriend to Gwen, who deserves the best to offer. you also played the game fair and was always trying to get here. Izzy, your cool, smart and funny, you really do deserve to be here and i'd say voting me off was your wisest move. i was never gonna win anyway. Harold, you were the best, despite the fact you were inactive for most of the season, but how can i say that when i was as well. Duncan, Izzy, all deserve to be here, you really did earn it. thank you. (sits back down)

Izzy: Thanks Trent.

Harold: Thanks Trent, but once again, who did you vote for?

Trent: uhh...Duncan?

LeShawna: I would like to go next. *stands up* Izzy, I know you're my best friend and best friends are loyal, but I unfortunately cannot vote for you. You have been sweet and very good in this game, but when we were playing, we forgot about everyone else, too. Our plan was to vote-off Harold in the end, but I couldn't stand to vote off him or anyone else left. Duncan, you already had a million before, and I think you deserved that. But one million is just enough. Harold, sugar, I love you and I wouldn't cheat you off for a game. If I could choose, you would win. But you did play hard and you were loyal to me no matter how bad I treated you. I admire that and your dedication to this game and everyone in it. I vote for you Harold, and I hope you win this! :)

Harold: Thanks my goddess. *blows kisses to LeShawna*

Izzy: *annoyed, but not showing it*

Harold: So, who's going next? (Do the Jury even know they're supposed to be here?~CDF97)

Noah: *stands up* When I went insane, I was only thinking for myself. But things changed when my friend, Izzy, was beginning to think sucicidal thoughts after a misunderstanding between her and LeShawna. I helped LeShawna reunite with her BFF and made up with her, too. Izzy helped me redeem myself to LeShawna and I am thankful for her. I vote for Izzy.

Izzy: Thank you Noah. *tears up*

Gwen: Ok my turn. *stands up* Izzy, you are nice, played by the rules...generally...even if you were really crazy and insane- but hey thats probably a compliment in your books! And i loved seeing you irritate Chef! Harold- you were also kind and fair...and meant well. even though you werent around much you played well. Duncan, you are the best! You tried really hard this season and really deserve this. You have everything needed to win this show, skills, brains, leadership and survival. I missed you so much but I am so proud that you got to the final 3. You are the best boyfriend ever! so naturally, i vote Duncan.

Izzy: *feels annoyed, but doesn't show it*

Eva: Ok, I'll be next. *stands up* Izzy, Your my friend, Even if your crazy, You played a great game and played by the rules, Harold, You were one good competitor and I knew you could go far and Duncan........Well let's just say you were the expected one. I wish I could vote for all of you.........But I can't............

Harold: Thanks for your kind words Eva, but who did you vote for?

Eva: IDK.

Harold: Well, Beth, Geoff, anyone want to go next?

Beth: *Stands up* Izzy, You were crazy and all but you played a great game, I think you deserved to go far, Harold, You were truly a great competitior I know you can win, Duncan, I really think you had potenial to go far and that's pretty much all, I vote Harold. That's all.

Harold: Thanks Beth, you were a great competitor and person as well. It looks like Bridgette and Geoff are left with DJ and Eva to announce who did they vote for.

Duncan: DJ dude, tell us you vote for man.

Noah: Let's see: Izzy=1; Duncan=2; Harold=2; Unknown=2; Left=2.

Eva: I vote Izzy. (CONF) I had no choice. :/

DJ: Izzy....your my friend and all but.....i'm voting for Duncan, i hope you understand.

Geoff: I'll go *gets up* First of all, congrats you guys for making it this far....i have a few comments to say, Harold, im really surprsie to see you kick everyone's a** in this impressed but you wont get my vote, Duncan...dude, am i glad to see you here, i really hope you got this in the bag...and Izzy, you played a h*ll of a game, you outsmarted, outlasted, and outplayed everyone here..i wish you all good luck and Duncan i voted for you.

Noah: Izzy=2; Duncan=4; Harold=2. That means Duncan wins!!! But who gets 2nd? Bridgette must be the decider.

Duncan: (hides his hapiness)

Izzy: *hides her utter misery*

Duncan: .............?

Gwen: Yay Duncan!

Duncan:....I DID IT BABY!!, I WOOOOON!!! (hugs Gwen)

Harold: *highfives Duncan* Great job Duncan! Now, I hope I get second

Noah: You put up a great fight, Dunc! Good job!

LeShawna: Congrats on a second million Duncan!

Izzy: *crying* Nice.....job...Duncan. *breaks down hysterically sobbing*

Gwen: Dont be sad Izzy. you made it to the finals at least

Duncan: hey did great, you gave me an intense battle...Noah, Leshawna. thanks so much! and ain't half bad. (CONF) i must be going soft, but i like it!, i must be coming down with something?...HAHAHAHA!!

LeShawna: Hey, since Bridgette isn't going to vote, we should all vote again to decide whether Harold or Izzy recieves 2nd!

Noah: Great idea!

Izzy: *crying* I regret ever singing up for this!

Gwen: so Dunc, what are you gonna spend your money on first??

Chris: We decided to inplement a new rule this season. All finalists will receive one million each.

LeShawna: I'm secondary finalist! That still counts! *grabs check*

Izzy: *grabs her check* Sweet.

Duncan: (to Gwen) maybe we could go and see some Metallica...if you're cool with that?

Gwen: Sure! Thank you so much your the best! *hugs Duncan*

Duncan: (CONF) my last've won another million...witch and Gwen are rich baby!, look out world cause there's a new king and queen in town!

LeShawna: I think Izzy should be 2nd, she worked hard for it.

Eva: I'm a terciary finalist! Nice! *grabs her check* YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I I HAVE A MILLION! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LeShawna: Woo-hoo! High five, Eva! *high fives Eva*

Izzy: *high fives Eva*