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Welcome viewing audience! It's me Chris McLean back with my next season of Total Drama! That's right, I'm back! Since last season, Beach Redemption was so popular, I decided to make another season of it! Yes once again me and Chef Hatchett will be giving 22 more contestants from past season another chance to win! More deadly challenges, Drama, and heartbreak, stay tuned to see what happens on Total Drama: Beach Redemption 2!


Still Playing:

  1. Trent - S321 - WINNER


  1. Gwen - Liamliamliam
  2. Eva -Juantheawsome
  3. Izzy - CoGreen2.0
  4. Bridgette - Stars&Straps20
  5. Lindsay - Twilightlicous
  6. Heather - Twilightlicous
  7. Courtney - Redoalien
  8. Alejandro - Jauntheawsome
  9. Cameron - Stars&Straps20
  10. Beth - Redoalien
  11. Jo - Liamliamliam
  12. Nathan - Natedog14
  13. Sierra - Franky494
  14. Harold - TrentFan
  15. Cody - Franky494
  16. Lightning - TrentFan
  17. Owen - OrangeBirdMaster2
  18. Zoey - OrangeBirdMaster2
  19. Scott - Henzzy
  20. DJ - Totaldramamike13
  21. Duncan - Totaldramamike13
  22. Mike - S321

Elimination Table

Place Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 Finale
9th Cody OUT Returns In Episode 12 WIN WIN LOW OUT
12th Nathan Debuts In Episode 10 IN WIN OUT
18th Heather WIN IN IN IN IN IN OUT
19th Lindsay WIN IN IN IN IN OUT
20th Bridgette WIN IN IN IN OUT
21st Izzy WIN IN IN QUIT
22nd Eva WIN LOW OUT
23rd Gwen WIN OUT


  •     :Was on the Fearless Sharks.
  •     :Was on the Magnificent Dolphins.
  •     :Was on Team King Crabs
  •     : Was on Team Killer Waves
  •     :This camper won the challenge for their team.
  •     :Was on the winning team/won for themselves.
  •     : Was absent during the challenge.
  •     :Received the last Chris bobble head.
  •     :Name got called during elimination.
  •     :Got voted out and/or quit or left competition.
  •     :Made the merge.
  •     :Returned to the competition.
  •     :Got Runner-up.
  •     :Won Total Drama: Beach Redemption 2.


  1. There is no quitting. If you are unable to compete leave a message on my talk page.
  2. Do NOT change any user's lines or votes. You also cannot change your own votes as well.
  3. There will be a challenge every week or day. If you are unable to attend one, just contact me and I will excuse you. If you neglect to tell me that will cause one inactivity strike.
  4. There is also no swearing as well in this camp. If you want to though you may add the *'s instead of the actual word. Crap is alright though.
  5. Also, if you are inactive for 3 episodes straight, you will be replaced. No exceptions.
  6. Also another very important rule in this camp, no god play whatsoever. If you god play, that will cause a strike or elimination as well.
  7. Last of all.... Please have fun!

Interactions (You may edit)


Duncan and Mike

Duncan And Trent




Zoey, Izzy, Sierra and Bridgette



Other Strikes (For godplay, swearing, etc.)

Pre Chat

Chris: Welcome to Total Drama Beach Redemption! Look here come the campers now!

Trent: *walks in* (CONF) I've suffered too much humiliation in the past to let anyone walk over me this time around! This is a message to everyone that I'm all action and no one will take me down!

Mike: *walks in nervously* (CONF) I have another secret to reveal this time around, but I hope it doesn't ruin my chances with Zoey!

Duncan: Why are you so nervous?

DJ: hmm Chris when do we start?

Mike: reason!

Trent: *rolls his eyes*

Scott: (sees Zoey) AUGH! Zoey! Great to see you (nervous. Then sees that she isn't Commando) Oh..nevermind, you scared me for a second. I mistook you for someone more tough. (laughs)

Izzy: (swings in on a vine. Lands next to Zoey) WOAH! Your hair is red! Can you breath fire!?

Trent: (CONF) I'm surronded by IDIOTS! (NON-CONF) When will this stupid game begin already?!

Mike: Yeah! I want it to begin! (CONF) I never had MPD. It was merely a ruse to advance further in the game. I hope Zoey won't hate me forever due to this. I actually have bipolar disorder, which causes me to become very irritable or very rabidly happy very quickly.

Duncan: (CONF) i cant believe how stupid these people are Mike and Scott Loook Like They Could Be USeful for an alliance maybe i should start there! (CONF OUT) (whispers) Mike! how bout me and you and scott form an alliance!.

Mike: *whispers* Ok, but I want to be the leader. Maybe we could recruit Trent, he seems irritable, and ready to play the game.

Scott: (whispers) You the leader? The former MPD. I don't think so.

Duncan: why not we are like the 3 most powerful here dont you 2 think you can just wrk together!

Mike: *To Scott* Stay out of this idiot! *whispers* I never had MPD. It was a ruse to advance myself in the game.

Trent: I'll join the alliance.

Duncan: Perfect lets do this. Trnet,Scott,Mike, and me cmon dudes we could wi this! your either in or out! (This whole conversation is sercret)

Scott: (To Mike) A ruse to get further in the game? How'd that work out? (to Duncan) I'm in.

Duncan: great! its settled! Me, DJ, Scott,Mike,Trent! we got this bros! ( Whole conmversation is not hearable)

Mike: Yup!

Trent: Awesome!

Mike: *to Scott* Obviously not as well as I hoped, but I just wanted to make that clear. We shall be christined, THE FIVE AVENGERS!

DJ: plus 4 if you count Your "Alternate Egos" HAHA just kidding

Scott: (CONF: I have to admit. I didn't know Mike had it in him. Okay. But I'm still keeping my eyes on him.

Chris: Hold your horses campers. We can't start yet since people still need to arrive! Duh!

Trent; (CONF) I have this game in the bag! This will be a cakewalk!

Duncan: Yea What if we get split into seprate teams?

Mike: I heard this is gender divided.

Duncan: we better hope so!

DJ: wheres my momma!

Trent: Watching you at home, proud of joining this alliance.

Dj: oh okay!

Duncan: Dj your in out alliance right?

Dj: Sure DUDE!

Mike: We have this in the bag.

Zoey: Hi Mike! (CONF) I have friends now I'm not a loner I changed my hair I don't wear it in Pigtails anymore...And I can save myself...

Mike: Hey Zoey! (CONF) Should I tell her my secret, or not? I don't know.

Owen: Soo hungry must eat!

Trent: I'm bored. *walks off to the beach, gets his shirt off and goes swimming* (CONF) I really think that the contestants I'm competing against have little to no idea about the mechanisms of this competition. Nobody will think for themselves with a few rare exceptions, and even then, their tactics are not specific enough. You gotta always have a clear cut plan that can easily adapt to any situation that arises. You also need to be cool and calm, like Cool Hand Luke. You have to perform well in challenges, and you have to be able to kiss so much *** people will buy anything you say, just by looking into your angelic sweet blue or green eyes. I could tell everyone here sweet nothings and they would believe them because I'm that convincing!

Duncan: (CONF) wha a great start i hope i have a good chance of winning i mean we havent even started and we already have an alliance!

Mike: *takes his shirt off, gets on his snorkeling gear, takes his spear, and dives into the water*

Duncan: Thats Weird! Wheres his whats his name? Vito Charcter?? i thguht whever his shirt came off he turned into vito!

Mike: *1 hour later, he rises back up to the surface with 3 fish on his spear* I CAUGHT FOOD! *he waddles out of the water and back onto the beach*

Gwen: (CONF) Trent's acting very wierd lately, A bit Too Wierd

Dj: Sweet ThANKS Mike Im ungry!

Mike: No problemo! *slips his shirt back on and shakes the water off his hair*

Trent: Sweet! I'm starving!

Duncan: CONF: okay now im confused he was supposed to turn. hmm well time for some research

Duncan: Hey Mike! i thoguht you had MPD how come when you took your shirt off vito dident come ut?

Mike: *pulls Duncan off into a corner* This is confidential, but I never had MPD. I used it as a ruse to further myself in the game. If I appeared crazy, I believed people thought I was easy to manipulate, hence why I acted like I had it. I don't have MPD, I never had it, and I won't have it.

Duncan: oh cool! hmm your just like me! coming up with devious ways to win haha. well thats cool

Mike: Great minds think alike! *laughs and pounds fists with Duncan*

Duncan: (CONF) FInally Someone cool enough to be in an allaicne with but if push comes to shove with my allaince i'll take mike to the finals same as trent dj and scott are cool too but if anything gos wrong trent and mike are the 2 to take. but i still think mike might be hiding something

Mike: (CONF) To be honest, I actually will not be bothered if I break up with Zoey. I think of the people in this game as pawns. I'm playing a game of chess and I need to manipulate anyone I can to advance my position. If I can make faux friendships with these morons, then everything will go my way!

Duncan: hey Mike so what will you do about you and zoey and stuff and not being in an alliance with her??

Mike: I intend to make her feel comfortable, and when she least expects it BLAM! I will eradicate her like everyone else here.

Scott: (glares at Mike) Everyone else here? You still have an alliance. Watch what you say. (CONF: I am so proud of him. He reminds me (laughs))

Mike: Dude, no one heard us. Relax.

Heather: *Sighs* (CONF: If I'm going to survive a season of these crazy morons, I'd better get into an alliance fast.) Hey, Mike, can I talk to you for a second?

Mike: Yeah, make it quick.

Zoey:(CONF) I feel like mike will break up with me i dont depend on him that much anymore i feel like im the first one out!

Mike: *waiting*

Owen: Hi Mike!

Scott: (CONF: I'll be surprised if Mike trusts Heather. If he does then everything will fall apart.)

Chris: Well campers now that everyone has arrived, time to discuss teams! This season, the teams will be split into boys and girls! The boys team will be called.... The Fearless Sharks! And the girls team will be called.... The Magnificent Dolphins!

Izzy: I'm a dolphin! YES! *takes out fish and bites it* (CONF: I always wanted to do that legally!)

Scott: Wow, you are such a weirdo. Why can't you be normal? Freak!

Izzy: (is taken aback. Prepares to bite Scott before she thinks for a second) (CONF: A freak? Hmmm I can change that! Watch out everyone, Freakless Izzy is on the beach and ready to be normalified! I just have to find someone normal to teach me!)

Episode 1: The Great Race To The Beach House

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Boys Bedroom

Duncan: TO mike: Hey So whats the plan for the next challange?

Girls Bedroom

Bridgette: *Tired* Great job girls. We really showed those boys.


Chris: Well campers, challenge time! Today, your challenge is similar to last season's. A race! From here, the beach, all the way to your new Beachouse for the next weeks. First contestant from one of the teams, to cross the finish line wins immunity and gets a reward. Now.... GO!



Bridgette: *Runs* Let's go girls! At least there's no deadly animals this time!

Lightning: *runs* The Sha-Lightning is gonna win!

Harold: *runs*

Duncan: *runs

Dj: Runs

Bridgette: *Runs*

Duncan: *Continues to run* How many lines do we need!

Dj: *Runs*

Chris: *Yells* YOU NEED 12 LINES!

Duncan: *Runs* OKAY (3)

Dj: Runs* (3)


Owen: *Runs* UGh!

Scott: *runs*

Izzy: *runs*


Owen: *Runs*

Mike: *runs*

Trent: *runs*

Heather: *runs next to Mike* So, I was thinking, an alliance?

Bridgette: *Continues to run*

Courtney: *runs*

Beth: *runs*

Courtney: *runs*

Mike: *runs* If we're on the same team, you can join mine.

Trent: *runs faster*

Heather: Good. *begins to sprint*

Mike: *darts*

Trent: *sprints*

Heather: *dashes ahead of some contestants* (CONF: I need to win as much as I can.)

Mike: *dashes faster, with sweat pouring down his face* (CONF:) I'm merely using Heather until I don't need her vote anymore. Then she's history!

Trent: *darts ahead quicker*

Courtney: *sprints*

Beth: *runs*

Mike: *jogs*

Trent: *gallops*

Beth: *runs*

Courtney: *runs*

Mike; *charges*

Trent: *runs*

Courtney: *runs*

Beth: *runs*

Courtney: *runs*

Heather: *dashes* (CONF: Mike has an alliance? He's sounding strategic? He hasn't changed personalities all this time? Not even to Svetlana in this challenge? Ooh... Zoey's going to love this. *manicaully laughs*)

Beth: *runs*

Courtney: *runs*

Beth: *runs*

Courtney: *runs*

Mike: *charges, covered in dirt*

Trent: *charges*

Heather: *runs faster*

Mike; *charges like a madman, completely drenched in filth*

Trent: *charging*

Beth: *speeds off*

Courtney: *sprints crazily*

Mike: *charges faster, through mud*

Trent: *charges*

Heather: *charges through contestants*

Mike: *charges faster, mud flying off his body*

Trent: *sprints*

Courtney: *dashes*

Beth: *runs*

Mike: *sprints faster*

Trent: *gallops*

Courtney: *runs*

Beth: *runs*

Courtney: *runs and finishes*

Mike: *runs, defeated and finishes*

Trent; *runs to the finish line, tired*

Chris: Courtney wins immunity for the girls! Great job! Which means boys, time to vote someone out!

Mike; *angry*

Elimination Ceremony 1: Fearless Sharks (Boys)

Chris: Boys, you lost the challenge. So it's time to vote for one of you to go home.

Mike: (CONF) I vote for Cody. He hasn't done anything and will only hinder our tribe. He's a limp noodle and his sheer ineptitude at the physical aspect of this game is very dangerous to the well being of the Sharks.

Trent: (CONF) I vote for Cody. He's weak and doesn't help out.

Duncan: (CONF) i vote out COdy he dident do much!

Dj: i like cody but he didnet do much sorry bro!

Lightning: (CONF) Cody, did SHA-NOTHING!

Harold: (CONF) GOSH! Codester's cool, but he didn't do anything. Sorry but I vote you off.

Owen: (CONF) *Farts* Cody not useful at challenges anymore...

Scott: (CONF) Bye bye Codemeister. Hope you enjoy loserdom. I'm sure it will suit you just fine.

Chris: Well Fearless Sharks, you voted. And now, I have got the results in my hands. This season, the symbol of safeness is a Chris Bobble Head! Bobble Heads go to... Duncan, Harold, Lightning, Owen, Scott, Mike, Trent, DJ, and Alejandro. Cameron and Cody... One of you are going home. The last bobble head of the night goes to............. Cameron! Sorry Cody. You got all the votes! Guess your not real liked this time around. Heheh. Time for the Shoot of Shame! *Shoots Cody out of a cannon ball* That's it for this episode. Will Heather reveal Mike's secret to Zoey? Will Mike hate Heather for it? Will the guy's alliance crumble before the 3rd episode? Find out next time on Total Drama: Beach Redemption 2!

Episode 2: Ring Around The Ocean

Boys' Bedroom

Dj: *Sleeping* Dreams of Mommy*

Scott: Man, sometimes Dj can just be weird. *Scott sniffs his own armpits*

Mike: *sleeping, and snoring* (CONF) I'm not sure whether people were getting annoyed over my snoring or not, but I can't help it. I have serious allergies and sometimes I get extremely stuffed up.

Trent: *sleeping, with drool coming down his face*

Mike: *wakes up, stretches, gets dressed, and goes to the beach*

Owen: *Breaks bed due too Fatness* Aww Come on! *Puts on swim trucks and goes too the Beach*

Duncan: *Changes Clothes*

Dj: *Lays Down To Recover From Lunch Injuries*

Duncan: * Whspers to Trent,mike,Scott,Dj* Next one to go is Cameron! okay hes weak and expendable whatever that means okay hes next got it?

Girls' Bedroom

Bridgette: *Reads a magazine*

Heather: Zoey, we need to talk.

Izzy: Hey Bridgette! Can I ask you something? Not flying shoe related. I swear!

Sierra: Hey Izzy, Heather, Bridgette, Zoey wanna be in an alliance

Zoey: *Too Sierra* One sec *Too Heather* What do you want...

Jo: whispers to Eva wanna be alys

Eva; sure because you dont look a girly

Bridgette: Sure Izzy you can ask me something. And sure Sierra we can be in an alliance!

Gwen: *Writes in her journal on her bed*

  • A intern delivers chocolate chip cookies to the girls as a reward from last challenge*

Bridgette: Oh Cookies yum!

Izzy: (pulls Bridgette aside) Can you teach me to be normal? I heard that normal is supposed to be awesome. And since you are like the most normal girl here, I asked you. (turns to Sierra) Do I get a cookie if I join your alliance?

Sierra: No, don't be silly, You get 10 cookies

Zoey: and sure Sierra ill join your Allience...

Izzy: (looks at her ten cookies) This. Is. The. Greatest. Day. Of. My. Life.

Bridgette: *To Izzy* Aw thanks. I guess I am the most normal here. Well first of all, you shouldn't eat fish that hasn't been cooked yet. Second, Normal people aren't that loud. There more quiet and laid back. Lastly, Normal people don't ask weird questions. Like when you said before your question wasn't shoe related. Hope that helps!

Izzy: (CONF) I feel so enlightened! WOW! I can feel my transformation! (pulls out raw fish then stops before she takes a bite) NO! (throws fish out of confessional) You are stronger than that Izzy!


Duncan: Hey Heather! Whispers If You Thorw the chalange fotr your team i owe you 1!

Mike: *walks around the beach, appreciating the nature* Hey Dunc! How'd sleep?!

Trent: *goes out swimming* Guys! I found a large cliff to dive off of!

Owen: *Walks too the beach*

Mike: Reallly!? That's awesome! *gets off his shirt and sandals and runs to the cliff*

Trent: *follows after*

Duncan: What The Hey! Takes off shoes and shirt and runs after them

Dj: Follows Duncan. Takes OFff shirt to find life jacket

Mike: *dives off the cliff into the water*

Trent: *jumps in* GERONIMO!!!!!

Duncan: *Jumps* Yeahaaaahahahah!


Mike: *swims around underwater* This is fun!

Trent: You said it! *spits out water*

Duncan: CONF: This dudes allaince is going great! we can have fun while playing straticgially and me and mike are like the bosses Dj, Trent, Soctt are our allies in justice and hoeps are 1 of us 5 win. in the mean time we can just enjoy ourselfs (CONF OUT) Whew what a rush

Dj: Walks out of water shivering. that was seriusdly scary dude!

Duncan: I'm going to go eat lunch anybody wanna come?

Dj: I will!

Scott: (whispers to Mike) I got a plan to manipulate Zoey. If you're interested.

Mike: *bobs his head out of the water* Shoot.

Trent: *wades around*

Scott: I'll tell you later, until then, (shrugs) We'll see what comes our way.

Izzy: *runs to the beach* AAAAUUUUGHHHH YAY! *leaps into the water* Wooho! Water is awesome!

Trent: Hey Izzy! *splashes water*

Mike: Hey Izzy! What's up.....*sees bubbles coming out of the water near Izzy* IZZY! COME ON!!

Izzy: (laughs) Oops. Those things happen. Owen would agree with me. (laughs and dives below the water)

Trent: Dang! She needs to stop sticking around Owen so much!

Duncan: AKA fartacus

Dj: do you smell something weird?

Owen: It was not me this time...

Mike: Yeah we know, it was your girlfriend!

Trent: I'm going crabbing if anyone chooses to join me! (CONF) I'm glad that I finally have an oppurtunity to catch some crabs out here. Living off the land in this manner is something I cannot do very much where I live. (NON-CONF) *he walks on the beach with a long, blunt pole in his hand, and he scans the area for crabs* If I were a crab, where would I be? *he walks on the beach, attempting to find some*

Duncan: * Follows Trent* Wait up Dude!

Scott: Crabs can't be much different from a kitchen rat. (pulls out a baseball bat)

Mike: I wanna join in! *runs out of the water and grabs a stick*

Izzy: *pulls out a harpoon* FOR NARNIO! *leaps headfirst at the sand*

Mike: Uh..hi Izzy. I guess you could join in with us.

Trent: Yeah, I guess you're welcome to hunt for crabs with us.


Sierra: Really, A Sand Burger

Chef: Yep. Today's special. Made it just at the beach a couple hours ago. Enjoy....... *Laughs Creepy

Duncan: i would enjoy it if it wenr tsomething that my feet could have been on today!

Dj: you get what can get! *takes A Bite* Chokes On Clod Of Sand!

Scott: Yup, I'm just going to go eat a rock, okay. Anything but this slop.


Chris: Sorry about that Dunc! For Today's challenge each team will get a sail boat. 1 team member will receive water skis and be attached to the back of the boat. Their goal, to get all 10 of your team flags. 1 other member will steer the boat. And the rest, will fish! The team who gets the most fish wins a reward. And th team who gets the most flags win immunity! GOOO!

Mike: Trent, I'm driving! You do the skis! The rest of you guys do what the man said and FISH! *hands them fishing poles and gets into the driver's seat of the boat* Trent! Get on the skis pronto!

Trent: Aye aye captain! *gets on the skis*

Mike: *floors the gas pedal and the boat speeds ahead*

Trent: *grabs the first flag*

Bridgette: Alright girls I'll ski!


Trent: *quickly grabs the second, and third flags* THIS IS EXTREME DUDE!!!

Duncan: I'll Grab Flags!

Dj: Grabs 4th flag!

Mike: You guys fish! Me and Trent have this under control!

Trent: *swipes the fourth flag, and quickly grabs the fifth* THIS IS COMPLETELY AWESOME!

Mike: MORE SPEED IS NEEDED! *The speed is at 160 mph*

Trent: *folds of skin are flying back* *grabs the sixth flag* NOTHING STOPPING US NOW DUDE!

Bridgette: C'mon girls! The guys already have 6 flags!

Mike: They could gain on us! WE NEED TO GO FASTER! *he floors it and the gas pedal breaks* AHHHHHHH!!!!

Trent: MIKE, WHAT IS IT?! *sees the pedal broke* HOLY S***!!!! *he grabs the 7th and 8th flags while screaming like a little girl* WE'RE GONNA DIE!!!!!!

Lightning: *fishes*

Harold: *fishes*



Mike: *sees an eject button* I hope we live! *presses it and Mike, as well as Trent are ejected out of the boat, fallin towards the beach* AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

Trent: AHHHHHHH!!!!

  • the two land with a thud in the sand, perfectly unharmed*

Mike: *spits sand out of his mouth and wipes himself off* Trent, do you still have the flags?

Trent: Yup! All 10 of them! We have this in the bag! *Spits sand out of his mouth*

Scott: *fishes* What's going on? Do we have all the flags. *Sees Trent with flags* NICE! Wait a second...we're all still in the boat... (the boat crashes with Harold, Alejandro, Lightning, Scott, Cameron, Owen, and all of the other guys in the boat)

Izzy: *is driving the boat* A normal person would listen to motor laws! TOO BAD I'M IZ(sees Bridgette look at her sternly) Nevermind. I'll drive without killing us.

Trent: It was nothing! *high fives him* By the way, if we catch the most fih, we also will earn a reward. Can you use your fishing skills and win it for us? *hands him a fishing pole*

Scott: Other than kitchen rats. Fishing be me and my Pappy's specialty! *fishes like a Scott*

Chris: Congratulations Fearless Sharks! You won the challenge and got the most fish since the girls didn't even start yet! Which means you win immunity! And for getting the most fish, you have 2 options for your reward. You can either keep the fish you caught or, trade the fish and receive these steaks, Hamburgers, and brownies! A total dude meal! Your choice!

Mike: I choose the second option! I mean, is it even a competition?!

Trent: Second item for the win! Also, great job guys!

Scott: Burgers yes! *high fives Mike* (CONF: Hmm..I never thought me and Mike would be...friendish? (shrugs)

Duncan: Second Choice (corry i had to eat dinner im so sorry

Dj: YUMMM Burgers!

Mike: *high fives Scott* This feast is going to be delicious to epic proportions!!!!!!!

Duncan: CONF: i dident help much but Sitll us Guys Will pick em off one by one and in the end nothing will stop uS!!! CONF OUT: hey Mike nice job today your pretty cool! i think we have got this!

Scott: Way to crash the boat though. We could have died. *the remains of the boat explode* (CONF) I love I forgive everyone.)

Mike: Thanks dude! *high fives DJ*

Trent: At least we're all ok! (CONF) That challenge was awesome, but deadly, but mostly awesome! Props to Mike!

Duncan: Dude alliance meeting! !!! takes whole allaince into forest. i dub Mike Our Captin All In Favor Say I


Dj: i

Trent: I!

Mike: Obiviously I!

Scott: Meh.....I

Duncan: than its decided Mike will lead us to vicotry!

Duncan: CONF: sure i let him be leader but thats because mike is strong, athletic, and intellegent. but letting him be leader was only a stratigic move to gain trust. not that im planning anything on him though...

Dj: yea this steak is gonna be good!

Trent: I agree! They even provided us with A1 sauce!

Dj: *faints

Duncan: its always the big guys who go crazy over man meals

Mike: *starts grilling the steaks* This will be scrumptious!

Duncan: *Talks To Mike in Private* hey man this is going great! we keep this up me you dj trent and scott will final 5 no doubt! but to me lately it feels like its basically only out allaicne on the team period all the others are like never here

Mike: Dude, who cares? That means less competition for us! *runs back to the steaks and takes them off the grill and puts them on plates* IT'S READY! *grabs a steak, douses it in A1 sauce, and starts eating it* This is delicious!

Trent: *scarfs down a steak* Yeah I know!

Dj: *eats 3 steaks in 1 bite* I WANT MORE!

Duncan: calm down *eats steak like a monster*

Mike: *stuffing two steaks down his mouth, with A1 sauce drooling down*!

Trent: I'd eat myelf into vomiting this is so good! *shoves another one down his mouth*

Scott: *grabs A1 sauce and smother steak in it. proceeds to eat the steak like he never learned manners* THIS IS AMAZING!

Trent: *belches wildly* Yeah I know dude!

Duncan: Still gotta weak stomach trent? haha

Dj: gosh mike Your A pig! Scarves Down 3 more steaks than starts dressing a burger

Duncan: *licks A1 Sauce off of fingers tahn starts grabbig brownies* (excuse my terrible spelling and typing!

Trent: *stuffs a massive burger with a lot of toppings down his throat, then scars down a brownie* I can never have enough!

Mike: *eating a triple cheeseburger and 4 brownies* Yeah me neither!

Scott: I think we should have a toast. We need to recognize that we pretty much have this game in the bag. The girls don't stand a chance and neither does anybody who gets in our way. (holds up a burger) To the alliance!

Mike: To the Five Avengers! *holds up a cheeseburger*

Trent: *holds up a cheeseburger* To the Five Avengers! *quickly devours it* That hit the spot!

Mike: You said it! Those women don't stand a chace against us! I don't want to be sexist, but we're much stronger, more intelligent, and have better reflexes than those chicks do! *tightens his buff* The Sharks rule!


(There boat is parked on the water. They all look bored)

Izzy: Umm...we lost. In case anyone was wondering?

Elimination Ceremony 2: Magnificent Dolphins (Girls)

Chris: Well girls, you didn't even start the challenge. So now, You must vote for one of your own.

Bridgette: (CONF) I vote for Gwen. Sorry!

Izzy: (CONF) Alliance says Gwen! *does a dance then writes down Gwen's name*

Gwen: (CONF) I vote for Eva.

Sierra: Alliance has voted Gwen, *Votes Gwen* THAT CODY-STEALING LOSER

Lindsay: (CONF) I vote Ava because she's scary.

Heather: (CONF) Eva or Izzy? Which nutcase? I vote Eva,



Chris: Well girls, I'll go tally the votes. *Tallies Votes* I have tallied the votes. As I told the guys, this season's symbol of safety is a Chris bobble head! Bobble heads go to..... Lindsay, Jo, Bridgette, Heather, Izzy, Sierra, Courtney, Zoey, and Beth. Gwen and Eva, you two received the most votes. The last bobble head goes to....

(Chef plays dramatic music on his piano)

Chris: Chef, shut it! Now, the last bobble head goes to............ Eva. Sorry Gwen. The shoot of Shame awaits. *Shoots Gwen out of the Shoot of Shame* Well, that was satisfying. Will the guy's alliance succeed in the next episode? Will Izzy finally become normal? And will the girls be cursed with a losing streak? Find out next time on Total Drama: Beach Redemption 2!

Episode 3: The Not So Fast and Furious

Boys' Bedroom

Mike: *wakes up* (CONF) I'm really happy about our victory yestarday, I think that the women will be weakened by this defeat, both mentally and physically. I really hope they crash and burn, because I want to lose as few people as possible, enemy to the alliance or not. I could use their help with numbers in case we're ever in a jam, and I want to keep them close to us, instead of flipping to the girls. I don't want any Coltons on this team and if there are, I shall eliminate them as soon as possible. (NON-CONF) *takes off his shirt, slips on his black and yellow swim trunks, grabs his fishing spear and runs out to the beach.

Trent: Mike! I'm joining you! *throws off his shirt, slips on his red swim trunks and runs out*

Owen: Hey sorry that I missed the challenge...Heheh (CONF) I feel so lonely maybe Becuase please hate my weight and my farting I wish I can fit in..

Girls' Bedroom

Bridgette: (CONF) *Sighs* I really miss Geoff . It's really sad he's not here but it's also kinda a good thing. N- not because Alejandro's here. Pshh. Why would it be that reason? It's a good thing so I wouldn't get that much distracted during challenges. Yeah that's why. Hehe.

Heather: *notices an upset Bridgette and fakes a smile* Oh, hey Bridgette. What's the matter? (CONF) If I can gain Bridgette's trust...

Lindsay: Aww man! I've got no fake tan left! Out of all the worser things that could happen, this really is worser!

Izzy: Hmmm I feel more Normal....but I'm still silly! I need someone serious to help me be more serious. But who?

Zoey: Hey guys I'm sorry that I did not do the challenge.

Izzy: That's okay. The boat probably was broken. We didn't get very far.

Bridgette: *To Heather* Well Heather, I'm sad because I miss Geoff.


Trent: (CONF) I always love visiting the beach! It's so much fun! (NON-CONF) *dives into the water*

Mike: Hey dude! *dives in and swims underwater* This is breathtaking! *Dives to the bottom, and sees a school of swordfish* *spears two of them and swims back to the surface* Trent! I got food!

Trent: This is awesome! Now we'll be full for the challenge!

Lindsay: *approaches the beach* Now I have to get a real tan!

Trent: *waves to Linday* Hey Linds! What's up?

Lindsay: I ran out of fake tan! *sobs*

Mike: I have a can in my bag! I'll let you have it if you please! *swims out of the water, darts onto land, reaches his hand into his duffel bag, and pulls out his fake-tan bottle, then hands it to Linday* Enjoy!

Scott: (walks out) Huh? You guys are up early. What's the occasion?

Trent: Oh nothing! Mike just wanted to go on his morning excursion to catch fish!

Mike: Dude! Who could blame me?! These waters are pristine!



Chris: Challenge time teens! Today 's challenge is a car race and car building challenge! First challenge, create your own car. You can get your supplies at the local dump! (It will take 6 lines to build your car.) After everyone finishes, (Or at least most people finish) I'll explain the second part. GO!

Bridgette: *Runs to the dump*

Trent: *charges to the dump, fishes out material and runs back to the start*

Mike: *takes the supplies, and starts connecting them together to form a car*

Eva andJo: run to dump

Trent: *attatches more parts to the vehicle*

Bridgette: *Collects her supplies and runs back*

Mike: *installs the motor into the vehicle* This bad boy will soon be complete!

Trent: *installs the other main components of the vehicle's internal engine*

Bridgette: *Builds her car*

Sierra: *Runs to the dump

Mike: *puts on the body and spray paints it blue, with a shark on it*

Trent: *puts on the hubcap* We're finished!

Izzy: *places pieces together*

Scott: *puts on the wheels and attaches them*

Zoey and Owen: *Runs too the dump*

Duncan and Dj: *helps Scott* n( Im here Nolw!)

Scott: That's all we need. The car is ready! Let's get in the car and be ready to take off!

Izzy: *puts on tires and engine*

Trent and Mike: *hop into the car, with Trent in the driver's seat* *buckle their seatbelts*

Scott: Didn't you guys drive last time?

Izzy: *places top on car and revs up the engine* WOOHHOOO! (That's all six lines) Let's drive! *takes passenger's seat*

Mike: Yeah, but Trent's a good driver!

Trent: I have my motorcycle license!

Chris: I guess you guys know the second part of the challenge now. To race them.

Trent: *floors the gas pedal and the Fearless Flier races off, with the entire team in the back* WOHOOO!!!!

Mike: THIS IS AWESOME! WOHOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! *his skin flaps back*

Izzy: *takes the wheel. Floors the gas pedal* YYEEEEEEHHHHAAAAAAAA!!! *is driving behind the boys*

Trent: *presses the pedal down even further, causing the speed to increase to 180 MPH* YOU WON'T CATCH UP IZZY!!! *The Fearless Flier speeds off into the distance, out of sight*

Scott: I swear Trent! If you crash us, you'll never hear the end of it!

Izzy: Two can play at this game! *floors the pedal to 180 as well* (is laughing maniacally then turns to the girls) You guys okay back there (they are all huddled in the back seats)

Mike: Trent! Increase speed!

Trent: Aye aye captain! *pushes his foot down onto the pedal and the speed inreases to 250 MPH, and they guys blast ahead* HAHA!!!!!!!

Izzy: (floors it even further) Okay girls. This is gonna be awesome! Unless you're Beth! (Beth throws up in her mouth) YYYYAAAAAAAHHHHHH (speed is blasting up to 250 MPH)

Scott: Is she actually gaining on us? And how long is this course? And is it even possible to go this fast?

Trent: She can't win this challenge! Also, this is a cartoon! Anything can happen! *he floors the pedal to 300 MPH and takes an extremely sharp turn, causing the guys to be hurled around in the back*

Mike: Ouch! *rubs his head* WE'RE WINNING! TEAM DUDE FOREVER!!!!! *makes a devil sign with his hand and sticks his tongue out wildly*

Scott: 300! (screams)

Izzy: Heehehhehe! (turns the car the opposite way and does a triple turn that swerves quickly around the turn) Okay! We're alive. And this race is neck and neck!

Mike; *screams like a little girl* WE'RE GONNA DIE! I WANT MY MOMMY!

Trent: Don't worry! *he manages to gain the lead again, and the Fearless Flier goes over a large hill, then speed down it extremely fast* YAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Izzy: Oh no you don't! (speeds up hill and The Dolphins go downhill) This car is built in the shape of a dolphin! Yeeehay! (the tip of the car makes it go faster downhill)

Trent: They're gaining on us! *the car speeds up faster* I SEE THE FINISH LINE! WE'RE ALMOST THERE!

Mike: YAHOOOO!!!!!!!!



Trent: *drives the car faster, and the Fearless Flier passes the finish line, winning the challenge*

Izzy: (sees finish line. floors it to maximun overdrive and passes the finish line) Did we win?

Mike: Nope! Team Dude made it here first!

Izzy: Oh well. (turns to girls) Sorry bout that!

Duncan: sorry for being absent i had trumpet lessons!

Dj: We WON!??

Trent: Yup. Thanks to my *impersonates Harold* "Mad drivin' skillz"!

Bridgette: *Comes wobbling out of the car* I - it's okay Izzy, now, how can I stop spinning?

Chris: And the Fearless Sharks win again! Congrats! Which means the Magnificent Dolphins must vote out another girl. Also, we have any paramedics just in case?

Trent: (CONF) Wohoo, we won another challenge! This is completely awesome!

Mike: (CONF) That challenge today was PAINFUL! But........AWESOME!!!!!!

Duncan: (CONF) Props For the men i knew we could do it! and we will continue to pick em off 1 by 1 and watch them all fall! and One of the guys will remain victorious *Laughs manicaly*

Dj: Alright Team Men!

Scott: (CONF) Honestly. I trust my alliance. I got my eyes on a trustful way. Except for a few of the guys. Alejandro is a prime example. I also want my revenge on Cameron, Lightning and Zoey. I might forgive Lightning. But Zoey and Cameron are going down. (laughs...laughs some more...laughs evilly...laughs maniacally)

Elimination Ceremony 3: Magnificent Dolphins (Girls)

Chris: Well girls, you know what to do. Vote off one of your own team members.

Bridgette: (CONF) *Writes down Eva's name*

Lindsay: (CONF) AVA!!!!

Heather: (CONF) Like last time, I vote off Eva. Dumb nutcase.

Zoey:(CONF) Eva..

Izzy: (CONF) Eva! She's crazy. Unlike me....I hope.

Chris: Alright ladies, I have tallied your votes, and it is time to send one of you packing. Bobble heads go to.... Lindsay, Izzy, Sierra, Bridgette, Zoey, Heather, Jo, and Beth. Which leads Courtney and Eva. The last Chris Bobble Head goes to.....

(Dramatic Music Plays)

Chris:...... Courtney! Sorry Eva. You have been voted out. *Shoots her out of the Shoot of Shame* Will the guys continue to have this lucky winning streak? Will Bridgette missing Geoff affect her team winning challenges? And will Lindsay ever get anybody's name right? Find out all this and more on Total Drama: Beach Redemption 2!

Episode 4: Beach Obstacle Course Mania

Boys' Bedroom

Mike: *wakes up* Time for the old grind! *takes off his shirt, slips on his blue swimming trunks, grabs his spear and runs out to the water* (CONF) Time for the same routine!

Trent: *wakes up, gets into his red swimming suit, and follows Mike* (CONF) I'm in the mood for halibut today!

Girls' Bedroom


Bridgette: *Surfing and sees Fang* What the? *Falls off board*

Mike: Perfect! Shark! *charges at Fang with his spear, but he swims off* D*** it! Maybe we could catch another shark!

Trent; Ok! I'll wait on land while you catch the little sucker!

Mike: *dives in, sees a rock, and begins to lift it up* *taps the shark several times on the nose, it rises up, then bites his arm, tugging off flesh* AHHH!!!! *he swims to the surface, with the shark still attatched* *flails to shallow water, grabs a rock, whacks the shark on the head several times, then bites it, and it dies* WOHOO!!! I CAUGHT A SHARK!!! (CONF) I was really hungry this morning, so I thought, maybe we could catch a shark! So I saw the rock, and was like, "screw it!"! I decided to do it anyway, so I lifted off the rock, hit the sucker a few times, and the son of a b**** wailed at my arm! I was flailing around for like 30 minutes, until I whacked the sucker free with a rock, and bit it! There's even a bite mark on the shark! *shows his flesh wound* I even have a wound to prove it! (NON-CONF) TRENT! I CAUGHT A SHARK! *drags the cadaverous shark onto dry land*

Trent: AWESOME! You even have a bite mark to prove it! *they drag the shark to the grilling area*

Duncan: *Running over* Hey Mike i just wanted to..... IS THAT A SHARK!

Duncan *Runs to tell scott**

Owen: *Signs* .....

Cameron: Hey guys! What' cha doin? Whoa! A shark? It's nearly impossible to catch these! Well, according to my calculations.


Scott: Honestly, we don't really need fish all of the time. We DO have a cafeteria. (Chef drops slop on his plate) I'm starting to see why we do fish.

Izzy: I'm cool with slop! Give it to me! (Chef drops it on her head) Allright! (walks to her table)

Duncan: "Hey Scott! Mike Just Found A Shark!! Come On!"


Chris: Alright dudes and dudettes challenge time! And what better challenge to have than at the beach! So for today's challenge, you will complete an obstacle course! First part is to climb Mountain Chris! (6 lines) after that, you will ride these not so new bikes through the sand. (5 lines) Lastly, you will swim underwater and scuba dive until you make it to the other side of the beach. (6 lines) First person to make it there first wins immunity for there team. And GOOO!

Bridgette: C'mon girls! *Climbs Mountain Chris*

Cameron: Aw. I'm not good at climbing. Urrgh.... *Climbs*

Mike: *starts to quickly ascend the mountain* For the team!

Bridgette: Oh no Mike the girls are winning this time! *Continues to climb mountain*

Mike: That's what you think Bridgette! Trent! Create a blockade! *climbs faster, with sweat pouring down his sweltering face*

Trent: Aye aye captain! *blocks Bridgette's path*

Mike: SUCKER! *climbs higher up, his hands cramping*

Bridgette: Hey! Tries to find a spot to climb but can't find any*

Cameron: *Struggling* Ohhh....

Trent: *blocks up the path further so Bridgette cannot make it past*

Mike: *climbing higher, his hands hurting even more*

Lightning: HOLD ON TRENT! *Helps Trent block carrying Harold*

Harold: AGH! GOSH!

Mike: Almost there! *climbing higher*

Scott: *climbs*

Izzy: Imma normal MONKEY! *climbs*

Duncan* Runs

Dj: Runs*

Mike: *reaches the top* YES! *gets on the bike and starts riding it*

Trent: *gaurds Izzy*

Izzy: Aww you're cute. TAKE THIS! *kicks Trent in his lobsidded jaw. Trent falls to the ground. Izzy climbs

Duncan: *Blocks the girls* *Contiuse to climb*

Dj: Climbs

Mike: *continues to ride the bike* I CAN DO THIS!

Duncan: *Blocks Girls* Continutes Climbing*

Dj: *Climbs*

Mike: *keep riding it*

Duncan: *Blocks Girls* *VContinues Climbing*

Dj: *Climbs

Mike: *continues to ride while accelarating* WOHOO!!!!!

Duncan: *Blocks Girls Continues Climbing*

Dj: Clims*

Mike: *continues to ride the bike, until he reaches the water, than dismounts the bike, gets on the scuba mask, dives in and starts swimming*

Duncan: *Gets to top and begins to ride bike*

Dj: *Gets to top and begins to ride Bike*

Mike: *continues to swim across the lake*

Duncan: *Rides Bike Super Fast* WOO HOO

Dj: *Rides WIth Duncan*

Mike: *swims faster*

Duncan: *Rides* WOO HOO THis Is Awesome!

Dj: * RIdes* Yeah!

Mike: *continues to swim, extending his long arms*

Duncan: *Rides*

Dj: Rides

Mike: *continues to swim, and sees the finish line*

Duncan:* Finishes Bike Takes Off Shirt puts on mast and swims

Dj *Tansfees to swimming*

Scott: *stops climbing* You know what....I quit. *grabs Izzy and rides off into the sunset*

Izzy and Scott have just eliminated themselves

Duncan: LAME SCOTT! *Continues Swimming*

Dj: boooo! *Swims*

Mike: BOOOO!!!!! *continues swimming*

Duncan* Swims almost there*

Dj: *Swimming Gapsing or Breath Each Stroke so much work that hes sweating in water*

Mike: *runs out of the water, reaches land and runs across the finish line* Wohooo!!!!

Duncan: Washes up on Shore and runs to Mike

Dj: Runs Toward Finish

(I know duncan and dj dident finish but the challange ended)

Duncan: Nice One Mike! *High Fives

Mike: *high fives*

Trent: *high fives*

Bridgette: *Falls of cliff* AAAAHHHHH! Ouch.

Chris: And the boys take victory again! Which means girls, see you at elimination! Again!

Cameron: Great job Mike! *Faints from struggling to climb*

Bridgette: *Sighs* Elimination, again.

Elimination Ceremony 4: Magnificent Dolphins (Girls)

Chris: Well Magnificent Dolphins, your losing streak continued and you are once again back at the elimination ceremony. You know what to do. Also, you can not vote for Sierra.

Heather: (CONF) I vote Izzy, she totally ditched us in the challenge.

Lindsay: (CONF) Definitely Lizzie!

(The person who prtrays Izzy and Scott have become too busy with outside world stuff, they have to give up on the TDCamp Wiki. Izzy and Scott are eliminated and evicted from the game)

Chris: Well since Izzy quit and she did get 2 votes already, you are out Izzy! Sorry! *Shoots Izzy Out Of Shoot of Shame* As for Scott, I'll replace him! That's all for now. Will the Girls team continually keep losing? Will Cameron ever get strong? And will The guys team be the Superior Team of the season? Find out on Total Drama: Beach Redemption 2!

Episode 5: Drama Drama Drama

Boys' Bedroom

Alejandro: drops things hey guys im back and im out of that robot stuff

Cameron: Whoa! Your Alejandro! You were like the greatest advisory I've ever seen on Total Drama! .....Please don't eliminate me.

Mike: Well, off I go fishing again! *gets into his swim trunks, and runs off to the beach*

Alejandro: tags along with Mike wait cheff dosent make food anywho alys me you and Duncan and Scott i seen the new eps are you in

Mike: Ok (CONF) Not really!

Scott: *looking around*

Girls' Bedroom

Jo: (CONF) We cannot lose a 4th time, we are doing really bad. (NON CONF) Come on team we need to win today

Bridgette: *Eating a stale sandwich* Yup. Bleh! This sandwich is gross.

Jo: (CONF) I need a new allience but who would trust me? NON CONF: *Whispers* Hey Heather Lindsay wanna have an allience?


Bridgette: Even though I am a vegetarian, I need fish. *Sees Mike fishing* I'll join Mike. *Walks up to Mike* Hey Mike. Decided to go fishing with you.

Mike: *hands her a spear* Do you know how to do it, or do I need to show you?

Scott: do you guys need any help?

Bridgette: Well, I never really fished before, so yes please.

Scott: ok. *walks into the water*

Mike: *dives into the water and demontrates the proper way to fish to Bridgette*

Owen: Hi guys!

Scott: Oh, Hi Owen.



Chris: Well campers it'a time for the challenge! But first, I have a little announcement! Today is team swap day! Yep! Just to add a little drama. Team 1 is Beth, Sierra, Courtney, Jo, Duncan, Harold, Scott, Lightning, and Mike. Team 2 is Heather, Zoey, Bridgette, Lindsay, Alejandro, DJ, Trent, Owen, and Cameron. Team 1 is called Team King Crabs! And Team 2 is named Team Killer Waves!

Bridgette: (CONF) Team swap? Hopefully that will help me win more challenges.

Mike: I'm ready for the challenge.

Chris: All right Mike! Today's challenge is easy. You will each act in a drama play! (Each play needs 18 lines) Whoever creates the best Drama play wins immunity and is safe from elimination. The other team goes to elimination. GO!

Team Killer Crabs' Play

Mike: *portrays Forrest Gump* Hello', my name is Forrest. Forrest Gump. *takes out a chocolate* Would you like a chocolate?

Scott: No! Absolutly not! *acts dramaticly*


Scott: *pulls a sword out of his belt* The King might be alergic to chocolate! You could be spy trying to kill the king! *angry face*

Sierra: Correct, WALSINGHAM, You are dismissed, Prince Scott when I die you will be on the throne *Bows to Scott*

Beth: *plays Juliet XD* *to Scott* Oh, Romeo! I knew you and I would soon be on the throne one day!

Courtney: *As the constable* You won't be on the throne for a long time, Juliet! You're under arrest for insulting royalty! *dramatic close-up* *cuffs Beth*

Beth: Romeo, Save me, my love!

Sierra: Leave it to me Ma'am, I am the king of English, Do you want to get executed

Mike: I be the royal gaurd!

Beth: *trembles* N- n- no, Sir. I apologize sincerly. I beg of you to spare me! (FYI, I Was talking to Courtney/Constable for arresting Juliet/Beth

Courtney: I suggest that she may be the royal housekeeper, sir.

Beth: Yes. I shall be your royal housekeeper and serve you and your descendants for as long as I live!

Courtney: *sighs* Juliet, I'm not who you think I am.

Beth: You're not a constable?

Courtney: No, I am indeed a constable. But I am more than that... *takes off his hair and mustache, revealing that he is actually Romeo*

Beth: *gasps* Romeo?! *dramatic music plays*

Courtney: Yes, my love. I've been trying to get to you for years. I couldn't stand living without you! I merced to protect you.

Beth: That is so sweet! I'm so glad we can be together again.

Courtney: I'm sorry, my love, but we cannot be together. *dramatic music*

Beth: Why ever not?

Courtney: Because you have just mistaken me for that handsome young prince over there. *points to Scott*

Beth: B- but-

Courtney: *kisses her cheek* Goodbye, Juliet. *walks off*

  • The End*

Chris: Congratulations Team Killer Crabs you win the first team swap challenge! And Team Killer Waves, see you at the elimination ceremony!

Lightning: Good job guys! SHA-YEAH!

Harold: Yeah!

Team Killer Waves' Play

Trent: *portrays Sergeant Keith Witucker, a man who has lost both his legs in the Iraq War, who uses a wheelchair* *wheels around* I remember that day! *flashback* LOOK OUT!!!! *an explosion is heard and he wakes up in a field hospital, where a nurse is stumping his knees* No!!! Nooooo!!!! *back to present day* It was the worst day of my life!

Owen: *Portrays a random person in the Iraq war* It was not a very good day heck! Wars are never good i remember all of the dying soilders....

Alejandro: what should we do team

Trent: Yes, it was awful! Blood was everywhere! Gunshots were heard round the world!

Elimination Ceremony 5: (Team Killer Waves)

Cameron: (CONF) Sorry but I vote off Bridgette.

Bridgette: (CONF) I vote off Cameron. Sorry!

Trent: (CONF) My vote goes to Bridgette.

Heather: (CONF) Bridgette, die. I vote for you.

Lindsay: (CONF) Camera!!!

Dj: (COND) i may have a lot in common with you bridge but i have to vote you off Cya!

Chris: Voting is over campers! Bobble heads go to.... DJ, Heather, Lindsay, Alejandro, Trent, Zoey, ad Owen. Bridgette and Cameron, the last bobble head goes to........ Cameron! Sorry Bridgette! *Shoots her out of Shoot Of Shame*

Bridgette: AHHHHHH!

Chris: Satisfying episode? Wasn't it? Will the girls keep going going like Owen's food? Will next episode have more drama? And will anybody be able to finish Chef's food? Find out next time on Total Drama: Beach Redemption 2!

Episode 6: Water, Water Everywhere

Boys' Bedroom

Duncan: Whipsers So Mike,Trent,Dj,Scott are we still alliance after the swap?

Mike: *snoring* Yeah, with Heather added in.

Trent: *sleeping*

Duncan: lazies! *takes off shirt grabs spear and goes to beach*

Scott: yeah, its still us. *follows Duncan*

Owen: Hi! Mike Hi Scott Hi Trent Hi Duncan Hi everyone!

Girls' Bedroom

Lindsay: *wakes up* Great, another night here.

Heather: *Facepalms* Idiot, it's daylight.

Lindsay: So what? Same thing?


Duncan: *Jumps in water*, Sees a family of fish, ans spears to 16 lbs Salmon*

I have Caught Food!

Duncan: (CONF) i figured i could let mike have a break He's always Caring about the Competeotrs and there stomach. so now im going to Help. So now Heatehrs in the allaince apparently so thats cool more poeple we can have more power!)

Scott: hey Duncan, need any help?

Duncan: Help me make a Fire so we can cook these salmon *Grabs Flint and steel* collect some twigs for the fire will ya?

Scott: *sparks a flame with flint*

Duncan: *Ties Salmon to stick and hangs it over fire* *yawns* what a morening huh Scott?

Scott: yep.


Lindsay: Eww, I hate fish!

Beth: It's okay, Linds. I don't like fish much either.

Courtney: You caught these Duncan? *eats*

Duncan: Yup

Dj: These are delicious! Duncan! *eats*



Chris: Time for your challenge campers! And it's easy! Well, not really. First everyone get in these vaults. Each team gets their own.

Cameron: *Gets in vault* Seems a bit small huh?

Duncan: What do we do with them?

Dj: Hmm

Trent: *squeezes into the vault* This is tight!

Mike: *gets into the vault* Yeah I know!

Alejandro:let me take off unesacery stuff *takes off shirt* get in vaults wow this is cold

Chris: *Via Intercom* Welcome to your vaults campers! Now ready to hear your challenge? Good. Each of your team's vaults are securely locked. And you will each have 15 minutes to find a way out. (10 lines.) But hurry. Because the more time you waste, the sooner, you'll die! Good luck!

Cameron: 15 minutes? Aw man aw man aw man. We're gonna die! Mom if your watching, I love you!!!! I think I'm getting an anxiety attack!

Duncan: Lets Go Crabs! *Runs*

Dj: *runs*

Owen: *Runs*

Zoey: *runs*

Duncan: *runs*

Dj: *Runs*

Mike: *runs* I got an idea! Duncan, let's make a battering ram! *he starts making one*

Trent: *runs*

(Water starts to leak)

Chris: Oh, I forgot to tell you, the watch out for the water!

Duncan: *Runs* (3) Okay mike! i'll go ahead

Dj: *RUns with duncan* (3)

Mike: *runs*

Dj: *Trips* Dang it! (no lines)

Duncan: *Runs ahead Dj* (4) hmm

Courtney: *runs*

Beth: *runs* (10 lines per TEAM or indivisual?)

Courtney: *runs up to the vault door and kicks it in an attempt to open it* UgH! How's the ram going along, Mike!?

Beth: *patches leaking water with hands*

Courtney: *covers to leaks for her* I've got it Beth! Go help Mike!

Beth: Okay! *runs over to Mike and helps him finish it*

Courtney: RAM IT!

Beth: *rams into door with Mike and busts the vault open* YEAH!

Lightning: *runs*

Harold: *runs*

Mike: *charges out* Yes!

Trent: *runs*

Chris: Congratulations Team King Crabs! You win this challenge! As for the other team, they might be dead. But if they're not... *Uses air horn* TEAM KILLER WAVES MEET ME AT ELIMINATION TONIGHT!

Elimination Ceremony 6: (Team Killer Waves)

Chris: Team Killer Waves, I think you know what to do.

Owen:(CONF) I vote for Lindsey she did not do the challenge..

Zoey:(CONF) Lindsey....

Dj: (CONF) i vote lindsay shes sweet but she didnet do much!

Trent: (CONF) I vote for Lindsay.

Cameron: (CONF) Uh Lindsay? Gee, I hope nobody votes me out since I didn't help out.

Chris: Alright campers I'm gonna go and tally the votes. *Tallies Votes* When I call your name and you get a bobble head, you are safe. Bobble heads go to.... Trent, Heather, Cameron, Zoey, Owen, and DJ. Alejandro and Lindsay, two of you remain, but I only have one bobble head left. The last bobble head of the night goes to........ Alejandro! Sorry Lindsay looks like your outta here. *Shoots her out of the Shoot of Shame* Poor Linds. That's it for this episode. Will - wait, I have nothing to say. Well uh, good night everybody!

Episode 7: The Canadian Army

Boy's Bedroom

Duncan: *Wakes up* Another Day another Morning! *puts oin swimgear and Goes to beach*

Dj: Hey Duncan Wait up *changes into swimgear and follows ducnan*

Mike: *wakes up* Time for fishing! *changes into his swimsuit, grabs his spear and runs to the beach*

Trent: Me too! *does the same*

Alejandro : man what at night

Girls' Bedroom


Duncan: *Races towards water than jumps in* "Brrr its cold Today" *Dunks himself underwater abd spots a family of bass* Dj! toss my the spear!!!!

DJ: *THrows Spear*

Duncan: * Speras 5 of the 8 bass*

Ducnan: I GOT BASS

Cameron: *Walks up to DJ and Duncan* Hey guys what'cha doin'?

Duncan: Prepareing to eat!

dj: Nothin really

Duncan: Cam adn DJ can you help make a fire!

Scott: *joins the others* hey guys, whats going on?

Cameron: *To Scott* Oh hey Scott. Me and DJ are building a fire! You could help too because my mom won't let me play with fire.

Alejandro: throw spear ahh yeah this is fun



Chris: It's challenge time! Today's challenge is gonna be EXTREMELY hard. It will be war themed! Everyone will each get a paintball gun. And each team will get their own side of the beach to think of a game plan. The goal is: to be the last man or woman standing. After you think of a game plan, you will each shoot each other with paint balls. We will give each team 5 minutes to brainstorm. The last contestant standing wins immunity for their team. GO! Also, mutant animals will be attacking you. You know, to make this even harder. *Laughs Evily* Now you can go!

Mike: TROOPS!! You will use guerilla warfare to distract the other team! When they breach our territory, we will open fire! I will take some of the paint from the guns and create giant paint coconuts to attack the other team! *sets up the paint coconuts and conceals them so the other team cannot see them* *runs below the hill and hides with the rest of the team*

Trent: *fires at Courtney* AIYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAAAAAAA!!!!!

Courtney: Woah! *dives behind a rock, barely dodging the paintball*

Dj: *Fires At Duncan* I Whoops I Forgot allkaince yea yea

Duncan: *Dodges* DJ WHAT THE HECK!

  • FIres At Cameron*

Sierra: *Shoots at Duncan*

Scott: *shoots at Alejandro*

Cameron: *Falls after being shot by Duncan* Ow! Hey that really hurt. Or is it just because I'm really weak? Hmm....

Heather: I don't like your plan... *dashes away to the forest, hiding*

Alejandro: ducks down and shoots at Scott and knocks him down

Duncan: *DUcks Away From Sierras Attack* Fires At Alehandro

Zoey: *Fires at Scott*

Sierra: *Fires at Alejandro* (Its unfair, no-one accepts being shot

Mike: *fires at Heather*

Heather: *paintball gun shot away* Crap. *dashes away*

Mike: *rapid fires continously at Heather*

Chris: Chef, doesn't this seem to easy for them?

Chef: *Nods*

Chris: I thought so. Release the mutant bunnies!

Mutant Bunnies: *Runs after Mike and Heather*

Mike: AHHHHHH!!! *creates a trap for them, then shoots Zoey*

( meet me there Terrence)

Beth: Ah!*shoots a mutant bunny*

Courtney: *hits DJ with a paintball*

Beth: *runs after Heather then hits her*

Owen: *Hits Beth with paintball*

Dj: Gets hit by Courtneys Apintball DANG IT

Courtney: *hits Owen with paintball* We might just win this one...

Courtney: *careful, but swift aims and hits Trent, the only Wave member left, with a paintball

(GODPLAY! That last line doesn't count)

Trent: *dodges the bullet, then reloads the gun and aims at Courtney*

Duncan: *From beind Shoots Courtney and ends it all*

(Actually, to be fair, Sierra, Jo and Mike are still in the challenge. And if I get eliminated for telling you, I'm just being honest with yyou guys. None of these were never taken out. And I'm really helping my team by doing so, as the last line may be misinterpreted and we could wind up in an unfair elimination ceremony. So I beg my team, that you show mercy to not eliminate me tonight for that. If you have another reason, then I will be just fine with that. ;))

Courtney: *grunts* Duncan, What The HECK!? We're on the same team! I might vote you off tonight unless you prove you can win this!

Sierra: *From behind Duncan, Shoots Duncan neck making him faint)

Duncan: Courtney You Were shooting people on our team! So i thought you were on the other team

Sierra: *Shoots Jo on her neck making her faint*

(Mike ~ Last Male Standing, Sierra - Last Female Standing)

Chris: Woah! Hold up! Since Mike and Sierra are the only ones standing, and they're from the same team, they win for their team! Congrats! As for the other team, they are going to elimination. Again.

Elimination Ceremony 7: (Team Killer Waves)

Trent: (CONF) I vote for Heather. Hasta la vista baby.

Dj: (CONF) see ya heather! Dont let the door hit your butt on the way out

Zoey: (CONF) Bye heather..

Owen: (CONF) Heather..

Chris: Well Team Killer Waves, you've managed to find yourself into last place. AGAIN. And now one of you is history. Bobble heads go to..... DJ, Trent, Owen, Zoey, and Alejandro. Cameron and Heather, there's two of you, and only one bobble head left. The last bobble head of the night goes to......... Cameron! Sorry Heather you are out. *Shoots her out of the Shoot of Shame* Finally that witch is gone. Will the girls keep getting eliminated one by one? Will the challenges here get any harder? And will there be any fish left till the end of the season? Find out next time on Total Drama: Beach Redemption 2!

Episode 8: Bootcamp Chef

Boys' Bedroom

Cameron: (CONF) Phew last night was a close one. I almost got eliminated. That's the third time so far. I really need to step up my game. (NON - CONF) *Reading a book*

Mike: *takes a nap*

Scott: *sleeping*

Girls' Bedroom

Sierra: Yeah, Woohoo, Me and Mike won for our team




Chef: Hello. Teens. Chris cannot make it today since he's hosting his award show again. I asked if he was gonna pay me, and he said no. So I pinned him to the wall till he gave me cash. For your challenge, you will be participating in my boot camp. Whoever I think did the best wins. And the other team will go to elimination. Got it?! Good. First up to do, you will go through this obstacle course. You will have to swim with piranhas, (4 lines) feed Fang these severed legs, (1 line) Shoot these mutant squirrels, (1 line) and run a five mile lap. (5 lines) After most people finish, I will explain the next part. GO!

Courtney: *swims*

Beth: *swims*

Mike: *swims*

Trent: *swims*

Cameron: *swims but gets bit by a piranha* Ouch!

Trent: *swims*

Mike: *swims faster*


Mike: *swims faster*

Duncan: *Swims*

Dj: *Swims*

Mike: *swims*

Duncan: *Swims*

Dj: *Swims*

Trent: *swims*

Dj: *Swims* (3)

Trent; *swims, and feeds Fang the amputated legs*

Dj: *Swims* and Feeds Fand Legs*

Trent: *shoots the mutant squirrels*

Dj: *Shoots Mutant Squieralls* Begins Running the miles* *

Duncan: *Swims* Feeds Legs to Fang*

Trent: *begins running*

Dj: *Runs*

Duncan: *Shoots Squierl*

Trent: *runs faster*

Dj: *RUns* (3)

Duncan: *Begins Running*

Trent: *keeps running*

Dj: *Runs* (4)

Duncan: *RUns* (2)

Trent: *runs more*

Dj: *Makes it to Finish Line* DONE FINALY

Duncan: *Runs* (3)

Trent: *reaches the finish line* Wohoo!!

Duncan: *Runs* (4)

Duncan: * mkaes it to finish*

Sierra: *Runs*

Scott: *swims*

Alejandro:*swims* almost there

Cameron: *Continues to swim*

Chef: Alright minions now that enough time has passed, time to move on to the next Bootcamp Chef challenge. All the teens who participated come with me. That would be Mike, Scott, Sierra, Courtney, Trent, Alejandro, Beth, Duncan, DJ, and Cameron. The rest of you, go back to camp. Now, time to explain the next challenge. For the next challenge, you will each be paired up with each other and compete in a 3 legged race. (4 lines) Here are the pair-ups.


Chef: First 3 pairs to cross the finish line wins and advances to the next challenge. Ready? GO!

Cameron: *Walks fast with DJ*

Trent: *charges with Al*

Mike: *sprints with Duncan*

Cameron: *Continues to walk fast with DJ*

Trent: *charges faster*

Mike: *keeps sprinting*

Alejandro; *runs with Trent super fast

Trent: *keeps charging with Al*

Alejandro: runs hey Trent wanna be allys

Trent: Yeah *keeps running*

Dj: *Walks Fast with cameron

DUncan: *Walks Very fast with Mike "We got this Mike"

Mike: *keeps charging with Duncan* We sure do!

Duncan: *Keeps Charging with Mike*

Dj: Cmon Cameron* *Drags Cameron*

Cameron: *Walks with DJ* I'm coming geez.

Mike: *reaches the end with Duncan* Wohooo!!!

Dj: *MAkes it to finish With Cmareon*

Duncan: We Did it!

Cameron: Woo we made it!

Scott: *walks with Beth*

Beth: *walks with Scott*

Courtney: *Walks with Sierra*

Scott: *walks with beth more*

Beth: *walks with Scott*

Courtney: *walks with Sierra*

Scott: *walking with Beth*

Courtney: *continues to walk with Sierra and is now dragging her* Ugh...

Beth: *walks with Scott and crosses finish* Yes!

Courtney: *barely manages to cross wig Sierra holding her back* Finally!

Duncan: Sorry To Burst Your Bubble "Princess" but

Me and Mike

Dj and Cameron

and beth and scott are the only 3 teasm allowed to move on!

Chef: That is correct. You six move on. The rest, go back to camp. Time for the next challenge. For the next challenge, you each will compete in a bull race! You will each get a bull and ride it to the finish line. (5 lines) Whatever you do, don't upset it. First one finished wins immunity for their team. GO!

Cameron: N-nice bull. *Rides bull* WOOAH!

Scott: *rides bull*

Beth: *rides bull*

Trent: *rides the bull* YEEEHAAAWWW!!!!!

Mike: *rides the bull* This is awesome!

Duncan: *Rides Bull*

Dj: *Rides Bull*

Duncan: *Rides Bull*

Trent: *rides the bull further*

Duncan: *Rides (2)

Dj: *Ride right behind Duncan*

Trent: *rides faster* Wohooo!!!!

Dj: *Rides And Passed Duncan*

Trent: *charges along faster* Wohoo!!

Dj: *Rides (4)

Trent: *rides faster and reaches the finish line* WOHOOO!!! WINNER!!!

Dj: RIdes Right Behind Trent To Finsih Line*

Chef: Congrats Trent you win immunity for your team. King Crabs, your going to elimination. TONIGHT!

Elimination Ceremony 8: (Team King Crabs)

Chef: Time to vote Team King Crabs.

Duncan: CONF: I vote courtney!

Harold: (CONF) I vote Courtney, GOSH!

Lightning: (CONF) Sha-Lightning can't believe he lost! I vote Courtney.

Mike: (CONF) Dosvidanya Courtney.

Sierra: Sha-Bye-Bye Lightning

Scott: (CONF) Its time to go.......Courtney!

Chef: Alright. Bobbld heads go to.... Mike, Beth, Harold, Duncan, Jo, Scott, and Sierra. Lightning and Courtney, last bobble head goes to.... Lightning. Courtney, your going home. *Shoots Courtney out the shooter of shame* Good night!

Episode 9: A Zombie Invasion

Boys' Bedroom

Scott: (CONF) i hope my team can go back to our winning roll...

Girls' Bedroom


Duncan: *talks with Dj In Water*



Chris: *Quickly leaves on a boat with Chef*

Cameron: Uh, where's Chris and Chef going?

Duncan: mm Whats going on!


How many Lines?

Alejandro:*runs* im goin to get some nets and more stuff

(1 line for each capture .)

Cameron: ZOMBIES?! AAAAAH! *Hides in the bathroom*

Alejandro:comes back with net hides behind bush then sees a zombie got you zombie 1 down 9 to go

Lightning: *runs* Time to catch some Zombies!

Harold: *tiptoes* My skills will catch one.......eventually.

Chris: *In Studio* Hey there! Just to be clear these really aren't real zombies. They're just unpaid interns in cheap makeup. But the campers don't have to know that! *chuckles* Hey Chef pass the chips.

Mike: ZOMBIES! Listen up team, we shall be known as.....THE ZOMBIE BUSTERS!

Trent: Come on Waves! We need to defeat these resurrected demons!

Mike: I think it's time for a little song that's fitting to this situation! I present to you, The Automatics!

The Automatics; I hope we're getting paid for this! *they start playing "Is It A Monster", while all the campers are terrorized by the zombies:

Brain fried tonight through misuse Through misuse, through misuse You can't avoid static abuse Abuse, abuse

Without these pills you're let loose You're let loose, you're let loose Take off, get out, no excuse No excuse, no excuse

What's that coming over the hill Is it a monster? Is it a monster? What's that coming over the hill Is it a monster? Is it a monster? What's that coming over the hill Is it a monster? Is it a monster? What's that coming over the hill?

Confused, mind bruised, it seeps out It seeps out, it seeps out Face down, home town looks so grey Looks so grey, looks so grey

Convexed you bend, twist and shout Twist and shout, twist and shout Stand up brush off get moving Get moving, get moving

What's that coming over the hill Is it a monster? Is it a monster? (x4)

Face down, home town, face down, home town Face down, home town, it looks so grey (x4)

What's that coming over the hill Is it a monster? Is it a monster? (x4)

Zoey: *Tries too make a net* I hope I can live...I really hope i do live... (CONF) I knew how too make traps I think I can do this...

Owen: *Farts* Uhoh...

Sierra: *Grabs Zombie with hands* Gotcha,?

Scott: *gets rope and ties a zombie to a tree* ha ha

Owen: *Thorws a rock at the zombie*

Scott: Nice job Owen! *tie's the zombie to a tree*

Owen: *Un tries Zombie* It's my zombie... *Runs away with it*

Zoey: *Traps Zombie in a headlock*

Scott: *ties random Zombir to a tree* ha ha

Zoey: *Ties up Zombie*

Owen: *Knocks out Zombie*

Scott: *kicks a zombie into the water and ties him to a heavy fish swimming around* ha ha

Alejandro;*kicks a zombie* then puts him in a net

Trent: *kicks a zombie in his area, then headlocks him*

Al:makes a trap then sees 3 ? zombies then hides then cacthes 3 yes

Mike: *chases after the zombies and lunges at one, then tackles and pulls it away*

Duncan: Jumps at a zombie and Pulls Him and captures him*

Harold: *slaps zombie*

Lightning: *kicks zombie*

Sierra: *Ties Zombie Ups*

Duncan: The Crabs WON!

Chris: That's right Duncan The Crabs win this challenge! Which means Team Killer Waves, your wanted back at the elimination ceremony!

Elimination Ceremony 9: (Team Killer Waves)

Trent: (CONF) I vote for Zoey. You're the only girl left.

Cameron: (CONF) Alejandro? I guess....

Zoey: (CONF) I vote for Alejandro i helped at the Challenge and it would suck if i was voted off for being a girl.

Owen: (CONF) *farts* Alejandro..

Dj: (CONF) I vote Zoey! Final girl


Chris: Well campers, this is a first. Two of you recieved 3 votes each. Those two are.... Zoey and Alejandro. So, time for a tie breaker! I'm thinking of a number from 1-100. Whichever one of you gets the closest to the number stays in the game. The other camper, goes home.

Zoey: Ehh.... 73...

Alejandro:dangit i think 50

Chris: I'm sorry Zoey but.... Your safe! The number was 91and you were the closest! Sorry Alejandro time for The Shoot o' Shame! *Shoots Alejandro* What kind of torture will I have planned for the campers next week? Howwill they react? And can my teeth get any whiter? Find out next time on Total Drama: Beach Redemption 2!

Alejandro: wait i can be a intern right

Epiosde 10: Horror House Extreme!

Boys' Bedroom

Chris: (Via Intercom) Everyone please meet me at the beach! PRONTO!

Girls' Bedroom

Chris: (Via Intercom) Everyone please meet me at the beach! PRONTO!


Scott: whats going on?

Duncan: WHat Goes on?

Dj: MErge day?

Scott: I hope so!

Owen: Me too.. (CONF) Uh oh.. i dont know what too do Zoey is like my only friend...

Zoey: Im glad that im still in that was too close...

Beth: The merge seems to be a bit too soon too be happening.

Mike: What's going on?

Trent: (CONF) It seems like some sort of twist is occuring.

Beth: Maybe Chris wants us to switch teams again so they're fair. Waves eliminated 4 and we eliminated 1.

Trent: That sounds like a possibility.

Chris: Campers! Now I know what your thinking, "Why are we here?" "Merge?" "Will Chris show us how handsome he gets?" Well, it's none of those. Here's the reason I called you all here. I felt like 22 campers just wasn't enough for this season. So, we went all around the world to cast one more camper. With no further ado, please welcome to the competition, Nathan!

Beth: What!?

Owen: Welcome too the game Nathan!

Zoey: Welcome... (CONF) i wish it was a team switch people are having all mad at me for some reason... i feel so alone.

Nathan: Well Hello There Chris! Thanks for having me on the show!

Beth: Nice to meet you Nathan! I'm Beth. I'm guessing you'll be on the Killer Waves. (CONF) Gee, if anything, Chris COULD have picked a girl! The odds are looking slim....

Zoey: So what team will Nathan be on?

Chris: Nathan will be placed on the Team Killer Waves!

Scott: Hey Nathan

Duncan * Looks at nathan* CONF: hmm I wonder if hes "alliance material" I'm goigng to have to talk to Mike about this.



Chris: Welcome to the next challenge campers! Today's challenge will horrify you. If your squeamish that is. For your challenge, it will take place at this old house. You will try to find another way out besides the front entrance. But beware. There are death defying traps here that might, just might, kill you. If you do die, we'll dedicate this episode to you. Also, many of Chef Hatchet's "minions" will be ready to capture you if you happen to run into them. First one out wins for their team. Or, what's left of their team. Good luck! GO!

Cameron: *Walks In* This place is creepy.

Duncan: *RUns* (How many lines)

Zoey: *Sprints*

Owen: Ah! This place gives me the creeps and gas.. *Farts*

Duncan: *Runs* (2)

Trent: *sprints*

(NOTE: You guys do not have to run. Just walk around and and don't ge captured by the minions. It takes ten lines to find a way out.)

Chef's Minion's: *Captures Owen*

Cameron: *Steps on a booby trap which causes him to fall trough a floor* AHH!!!!

Duncan: "hmm Wlaks down a large hallway*

Sierra: *Walks in a room with Ostrich's in* AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! *Runs into a narrow hallway* (1)

Scott: *walking around*

Chef's Minion's: *Captures Duncan in a sack*

Cameron: *Under the floor deep down* Oh man. It's so dark here. I hope my team wins though.

Scott: *walks around* hmmmm

Duncan: AHHHHH

Dj: *Gets Scaered, Begins Running Becasue f fear Takes a path down the right*

Sierra: *Runs Up the stairs* (2)

(Sierra steps on a booby trap that causes spears to be thrown at her)

Sierra: AAHHHHHHHH *Runs* (3)

Trent: *keeps running*

Zoey: *jogs*

Dj: *Looks for an exit*

Scott: *walks into a dark room* hello?

(Scott steps on a booby trap which makes a net fall on him)

Sierra: *Runs into the theatre* (4)

Zoey: *Jogs*

Dj: *Running*

Scott: *gets out of net* that was fun...

Sierra: *Spots DJ* Do you have any popcorn *DJ Shakes his head* *Sierra Kicks DJ* Bummer, *Runs to Zoo* (5)

Scott: *looks around* hmmmm

Sierra: *Eating Chocolate while running to Bottom Floor 91810282521673517628284528173518234128754178258* (6)

Scott: *leaves dark room*

Chef's Minions: *Captures Harold Lightning and Nathan*

Scott: *looking around*

Dj: *Looks around*

Scott: *walking around*

Dj: *Turns :Left*

Scott: *walks up to a painting on the wall*

Sierra: *Following DJ but turns right* (7)

Scott: *lifts up painting and see's an exit* he he he *crawls out* HEY CHRIS I"m OUT!!!!

Chris: Scott wins the challenge for his team! Great job! Now Chef, please go into the house and make sure none of the campers are dead.

Elimination Ceremony 10: (Team Killer Waves)

Chris: You know what to do. But, since Nathan is a newcomer, you may NOT vote him out.

Cameron: (CONF) I vote out myself. I let my team down.

Trent: (CONF) If Cameron wants to leave, I vote him out.

Dj: (CONF) I geuss i vote cameron.. but i dident work too hard either

Chris: So campers, you voted and one of you is going home right now! Chris heads go to.... Trent, DJ, Zoey, and Nathan! Which leaves Cameron and Owen. Although, Cameron voted for himself. So, he's outta here!

Cameron: Well bye guys. Hope you all do good!

Chef: *Shoots Cameron* I finally got to do it!

Chris: Yeah,well I was just being nice. When will drama start up on this show? Will Team Killer Waves ever win a challenge? And most importantly, when will the merge start? Find out next time on Total Drama: Beach Redemption 2!

Episode 11: The Ugly Truth

Boys' Bedroom

Duncan: Wow i cant belive we've made t this far!

Dj: Yea Dude Its been really awesome, hmm So who we gunning for next mike?

Owen: *Plans* (CONF) Most of the boys are following Mike it's pointless that they don't have a mind of there own.

Duncan: *talks to Dj in private* "i dont know about you but i think we should vote off Nathan Next He doesnt quite like our allince so we should get rid of him thats our plan isnt he on your team?

Dj: *i thnk so*

Duncan: okay than thats our plan!

Scott: *sleeping*

i dident say that? who used my chatcer?

(sorry that was me, i wrote Duncan insted of Scott by mistake, i'm so sorry, I've changed it now- Henzzy)

Nathan: Another Day. another dollar! *Talks to Duncan* Hello! How are you?

Duncan: Good! you? (CONF) somethings up...

Mike: (CONF) I've been thriving out in this environment for quite some time. I'm personally a bit shocked. I never thought I could handle the muscle loss, or in my case, the fatigue, irritability, and all these other unpleasant variables. I guess I proved my beliefs wrong.

Duncan: Hey Dj WHispers to him "iu thiknk that nathans clean maybe we shoud Just see how this playes out okay!

Dj: you got it bro!

Girl's Bedroom




Chris: Hello final 13! Wow, 13. We're almost to the end people! Before I explain the next challenge, I have some news. Since Team Killer Waves have already lost 5 members, and The King Crabs only lost 1, I have decided to swap someone! Harold.... You will be placed on Team Killer Waves! Now, time for your challenge! In this drama juicy enduring challenge, you will all reveal your most shocking secrets! Just to add a little more drama here. The team who reveals the best secrets wins an advantage in the next part of the challenge!

Team King Crabs Secrets

Sierra: I don't get my information from knowing it, I GET IT OFF NEWSPAPERS, and my name isn't sierra its Sierraliania and I've never been to a dentist and I have false teeth and I Hate Cody and I am SCARED OF EMOTICONS

Jo: My real name isn't Jo, I was born as JOSEPH

Duncan: .... When i was young I always loved to Dress as a princess and pretend i was in a castle!

Mike: I suffer from a disorder called Marfan Syndrome, which is why I'm so tall. It's also why my chest sinks in to an extent, and why my fingers are extremely long.

Scott: Well, when I watched Total Drama Island I thought Chef's food looked nice, I wanted to try it, so i made my own. To make a long story short, I eat it and became very sick. So sick that i needed lot's of midical help, them they found out i had food poisening and would only have a few days to live, unless, *gulp* i recieved mouth to mouth from *gulp* Lady Gaga!

Team Killer Waves Secrets

Zoey: I never had any friends the closed time that I was with someone I was in the trash can...

Trent: I have webbed feet. *reveal his feet* This isn't a clever makeup trick *pokes his feet with a screwdriver* I am proud to say I am a genetic mutant.

Dj: Ive kissed my mom FUll Lips

Oqwen: When I was little I used too eat my own DooDoo I thought it was chocolate!

Chris: This part of the challenge is over! And the winners are... Team King Crabs! Now for your second challenge it's easy! It's a trivia challenge! Here's how it will go, everyone will stand on these pedestals, and will have to answer multiple questions about past seasons. If you get a question wrong, Chef will knock you down! The first team to answer the most questions or has the least amount of team members to fall off before the deadline wins. Now, here's Team King Crabs advantage. If they get a question wrong, they wont be knocked down the first time and gets a second chance. Each question will get tougher and tougher. FYI, you might wanna aim to win this challenge. Because, tonight will be a double elimination! Before we start, get on these pedestals please!

Dj: *gets on pedastle

Duncan: *Gets On*

Chris: First trivia question. In Total Drama Action, who was the ONLY cast member to accidently vote themselves off?

Scott: Lindsay

Chris: Correct-o! One point for the Crabs. Which makes the score 1-0. Next question, who in the Total Drama series would like to go to fashion school?

Trent: Brick!

Chris: That is correct Trent! It was Brick surprisingly. The Waves now have 1 point which makes the current score 1-1. Next question, how many times have we visited Canada during Total Drama World Tour?

Trent: 4! The Yukon, Newfoundland, Niagra Falls and Drumheller!

Chris: Point to the Waves! Which makes the score 1-2 and has the Waves in the lead. Next question, in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, who has stated that they have been to a chicken nugget factory?

Zoey: Dawn.

Dj: Dawn?

Chris: Correct DJ and Zoey! It was Dawn. The waves now get another point. Crabs, gotta pick up the pace. The score now stands at 1-3. Alright next question, who in Total Drama history has competed in the least amount of episodes?

Owen: It has too be staci she has only been in one episode.

Chris: Correct Owen. The Waves yet again receive another point! The score is know 1-4. Next question, keep in mind this is when they start to get tougher, is which two people can whistle with their nose?

Trent: Bridgette and Owen!

Chris: Correct! point for the Waves again. The score now is, 1-5. Next question, while filming their audition for this show, who left the camera on after leaving the room?

Dj: Harold?

Chris: Wrong DJ! Chef, your duties please.

Chef: *Knocks DJ down*

Chris: Here's a hint; they competed in TDRI.

Trent: Brick!

Chris: Correct Trent! Point for the waves. The score; 1-6. Next question, which TD contestant loves Wontons?

Trent: Cody?

Chris: Correct! the score is now !-7! And guess what, that was the final question! And even though DJ from your team lost, you team still wins Trent! So Team King Crabs, your going to elimination!

Elimination Ceremony 11: (Team King Crabs)

Chris: Time to vote campers since you brutally lost in the second half of the challenge. But, remember, it's a double elimination tonight. So, vote for the first camper you want out.

Mike: (CONF) I vote for Beth. Your time has sadly come to an end tonight.

Scott: (CONF) Beth!!! Bye Bye

Sierra: (CONF) Jo

Lightning: (CONF) Beth needs to sha-go!

Chris: Well campers, I tallied the votes, and Chris Heads go to... Sierra, Lightning, Mike, Scott, and Duncan. Beth, Jo, one of you is going home. Last Chris Head goes to.... Jo! Goodbye Beth! But your not alone. This is a double elimination. So vote again!

Sierra: (CONF) Sorry Jo, but your a useless toad

Mike: (CONF) Jo, your time is up.

Duncan: Shabyebye Jo. XD thats is fun to say

Lightning: It is. (CONF) Sha-Lightning votes Jo! I'm the jock here.

Scott: (CONF) Jo.

Chris: Well campers, you voted once again and I have the results in my hands. Chris Heads got to everyone except... Jo! Sorry Jo, your time is up. *Shoots both Beth and Jo out* That was fun. Will there be any girls left until the finale? Who will be the returnee of the season? What will the campers think of it? Find out next time on Total Drama: Beach Redemption 2!

Episode 13: Returns and Cooks

Boys' Bedroom

Scott: Final 11!

Duncan: I cant beleive we made it this far!

Dj: me too dude by now i would have quit but Not this time!

Scott: I hope i can last even longer!

Duncan: Like last time when zoey went alll comando on you XD

Owen: Why are you guys talking about Zoey so much it's not like she is a monster or anything geez..

Chris: (Via Intercom) Congratulations final 11! You are now merged! From here on out it's every camper for themselves!

Mike: Wohoo! We're merged! (CONF) I'm so happy that I reached the merge!

Trent: Awesome! (CONF) This is cool!

Girls' Bedroom

Zoey: *Sees Sierra sleeping* (CONF) Well just two girls I'm so happy that I am here if I had not beaten Ale I would been a goner.

Sierra: *Wakes Up* I miss all the girls, Izzy, Bridgette, Lindsay, Beth, EVEN Heather, Eva and Courtney

Chris: (Via Intercom) Congratulations final 11! You are now merged! From here on out, it's every campers for themselves!


Chris: *Has called the campers to the beach* Welcome final 11! As you all know, once the campers have been voted out, they were sent to the Playas Des Losers and of them was eligible to return. So, please welcome back to the competition.... Cody!

Scott: Hey Cody! Welcolm back!

Duncan: Hey Short Stuff *Noogies in a friendly way*

Dj: hey Dude!

Mike: Welcome back Cody!

Trent: What's up?

Zoey: Welcome back Cody.. (CONF) Without the girls I feel alone.



Chris: *Wearing a Chef suit* Hello campers! It's time for your next challenge! And as you can tell from my costume, it will be a cooking challenge! Each of you will create a dish from anything you can find in the pantry. You will all have 30 minutes to cook a delish dish. But, you wont be presenting it to me, you'll be presenting them to these people! *Curtains open and the campers see Fang, The Sasquatch, and The Dakotazoid* The camper who has the best dish that the "judges" like will win immunity and is safe from elimination. GO!


Trent: *grabs some taco shells out of the pantry, as well as some spices, beef, cheese, vegetables, beans and rice*

Dj: I could do Momma Style! * Grabs Beans, meat, Peppers, seasonsings and momma spice*

Zoey: Im going too make Mac and Cheese! But not just any Mac and Cheese. *Gets  kosher salt vegetable oil  Elbow macaroni  milk unsalted butter gruyere cheese extra shrap chedder cheese  blue cheese  Fresh ground hot pepper  nutmeg  Crushed red pepper flakes   cooked lobster meat and fresh white breadcrumbs*

Sierra: I'm making some Triple Chocolate Brownies

Cody: I'm making a superior dish, Spaghetti bolagnese

Cooking Center

Dj Im Making Momma Style Chlie Oppa Momma Style XD * Begins frying Beans and Peppers, And Prepares For The Making

Zoey:*Preheat the oven to 375ºF*

Trent: *assembles the tacos together and places them in the oven* *also places the beans and rice in*

Zoey: *Drizzles oil into a large pot of boiling salted water*

Trent: *takes the tacos, rice and beans out, then makes some strawberry lemonade, and covers the tacos in spices*

Dj: *Chops the peppers , than puts them into A Bowl, Takes beans and Puts in bowl Put the stew liquid and Spices,* Last but not Least MOmma Spice* Smiles* Im Ready Fpor Judging *adds A Apple Cider with the meal

Sierra: *Gets all ingredients, 125g Butter, 150g Milk Chocolate, 50g Dark Chocolate, 112g Sugar, 2 large eggs, 125g Plain Flour, 40g Self-raising Flour, 125g Chopped White Chocolate, 125g Chopped Milk Chocolate*

Cody: *Go to shop and buys Spaghetti bolagnese however finds DJ's momma Spice and empties on to Spaghetti Bolagnese*

Sierra: *Preheats Oven, Grease Cake Pan, Melts Butter and Milk (Chopped) and Dark in a large saucepan for 10 minutes, Combines Plain and Self Raising Flour into a bowl, Stirs sugar and eggs into butter mixture and chocolate, Adds flours and chopped chocolate and stirs till it is combined, Then places it on the cake pan, Bake for 30 to 40 minutes*

Scott: *turns on oven*

Zoey: *Adds pasta and cooks according to the directions on the package, 6 to 8 minutes; drains well.*

Scott: *chucks lots of random rood in the oven* (CONF) i never learnt how to cook...

Zoey: *Does all of the other steps for the lobster Mac and cheese (If this conuts as Godplaying then I'm sorry but I ment all the other steps are the small steps I'm not even done yet)

(It's Fine.) - Stars


Dj: *Puts Bowl On Judging Table*

Sierra: *Dressed as a waitress* Good evening Ohla Senorita Dakotazoid, Hello Mr Fang, sadly we have no fried Scott, and Last but definately not least it Mr Sasquatch* Today, I, Chefette Sierra, have made a delicious treat, it is known as Triple Chocolate Brownies. In Many countries it is considered a delicacy, so here we go hope you enjoy it, Also here is a little something to show my appreciations, Puts Candles out and Makes them T-Shirts*

Cody: Here's some Spaghetti

Trent: *places his dish onto the table*

Chris: Alright campers since the judges are looking pretty... Uh.. Hungry, you have 5 more minutes!

Chris: Alrighty then campers, time for judging! Judges, what do you think about Cody's spaghetti?

Fang: *Takes a bite and gives thumbs up*

Dakotazoid: *Takes a bite* YUM! *puts whole bowl in her mouth

The Sasquatch: *takes a bite and smiles*

Chris: Looks like they like it. Next, DJ's dish.

Fang: *tries the chili and nods his head*

Dakotazoid: *puts the whole bowl in her mouth again*

The Sasquatch: *takes a bite and smiles*

Chris: Next, Chefette Sierra's dish!

Fang: *eats his whole tray of brownies and licks his fingers*

Dakotazoid: ME LOVE BROWNIES! *Puts whole tray in mouth*

The Sasquatch: *eats brownies and gives a thumbs up*

Chris: That dish was quite popular. Last but not least, Trent's dish!

Fang: *Puts whole taco in mouth and burps loudly*

Dakotazoid: *Eats tacos and rubs stomach

The Sasquatch: *Tries tacos and smiles*

Chris: Well, those are all the dishes, sadly. So judges, who wins?

Judges: *looks at each other and shakes head "no"

Chris: You don't know? Fine. Since only Trent, DJ, Sierra, and Cody finished, they all win immunity! Now go vote in the confessionals!

Elimination Ceremony 12:

Trent: (CONF) I vote for Nate. He's detrimental to my game.

Mike: (CONF) I also vote for Nate.

Zoey: (CONF) I am sorry but it has too be Nate.

Owen: (CONF) Nate he is Lazzyyy..

Dj: (CONF) I vote for nate He never does anything!

Duncan: (CONF) I vote for Nate i dont like him

Chris: Okay campers, time to tally the votes. *tallies votes* I now have the results in my hands. Chris Heads go to.... Owen, DJ, Trent, Zoey, Mike, Duncan, Sierra, Lightning, Scott, and Cody. We have two campers left, and only one Chris Head. Harold and Nathan, One of you is history. The last Chris Head goes to........ Harold! Nathan the newbie, your out dude! *Shoots Nathan* Wasn't much a surprise since he wasn't that talkative. 11 campers remain! Most of them guys! What will the merge bring the remaining campers? Will it entertain me and Chef Hatchet? And Will Fang ever get over Scott? Find out next time, on Total Drama: Beach Redemption 2!

Episode 14: America Doesn't Have Talent

Boys' Bedroom

Duncan: TOP 11!! woo ho!

Scott: Yay! Final 11! 

Duncan: i cant belive we've made it this far!

Dj: Yea Dude! We're So close

Girls' Bedroom




Chris: Hello remaining campers! It's challenge time! And it's quite easy. If you have talent that is. For today's challenge, each of you will be apart of a talent contest. You will have an hour to practice then you will be taken to our main stage to perform. If we love you, you move on. If we hate you, we pull this lever which will shock you. Then the campers that our left will win immunity. GO!


Duncan: Practices Dancing*

Dj: I'm thinking what i shold do

Duncan I am going to Break dance!

Dj: Im going to... *Snaps fingers* Play Ocarina!

Trent: I'm going to sing "Icky Vicky" by Chip Skylark!

Mike: I'm going to juggle!

Zoey: *Practices shooting bow and arrows at the apple*

Scott: *practising his singing  voice* Oppa Gangnam Style!

Main Stage

Chris: We will now be accepting the acts.

Scott: *walks on stages* Hey guys. I'm Singing Friday by Rebecca Black :) Enjoy! *singing* Yeah, Ah-Ah-Ah-Ah-Ah-ArkOo-ooh-ooh, hoo yeah, yeah, 

Zoey: I will now Shoot an arrow at a grape! then a raisin :3 *Shoots arrow at grape then raisin*

Trent: *walks onto stage* I will now be singing Icky Vicky by Chip Skylark! *starts singing*

 Audience: V-I-C-K-Y! The sound of her name makes the little kids cry! (AHHHHHHH!)Trent: *singing* Hey Vicky, you're so-so-icky, Just the thought of being around you makes me oh-so-sicky Hey Vicky, won't you please explain, why You get so much enjoyment out of causing kids pain? (OH OH OH!)

A chick who's just plain mean A sour-sweet-16 She's a fire breathing dragon in a pair of black jeans! (EEEEEWWWWW!)


Hey Vicky, won't you tell us true How'd we ever get the bad luck to be stuck with you Oh Vicky, can we say one thing, It's your super-total-yuckiness That makes us wanna sing!


Icky Vicky! (Ooh! Ooh!) Icky Vicky! (Ooh! Ooh!) ICKY VICKY!!!

Chris: *Shocks Scott and Zoey* Trent you move on! Next!

Cody: I will make a steel model of you in 5 minutes *5 Minutes later* (A sculpture of Chris with Heather, Courtney, Owen, Lindsay and Tyler praising him*

Sierrra: You Know It, You Love it, ITS GANGNAM STYLE, *Sings* Wuppa Gangnam Style, Gangnam Style, Wuppa Gangnam Style, Gangnam Style, Wuppa Gangnam Style, Eh- Sexy Lady, Wup, Wup, Wup, Wuppa Gangnam Style, Eh - Sexy Lady, oh oh oh oh *Ends*

Chris: *Shocks Sierra* NOPE! As much as I like the song, you make me want to puke. Cody, you move on!

Chris: Nobody else? Fine. I now declare Trent and Cody winners of this challenge! Now, vote somebody off in the confessional!

Elimination Ceremony 13:

Chris: Vote for anybody EXCEPT Cody and Trent.

Trent: (CONF) I vote for Sierra. You have potential to be a pretty strong contestant.

Mike: (CONF) I vote for Sierra. She's somewhat dangerous to my position in the game.

Scott: (CONF) Sierra and cody need to be split up. Since Cody has immunity. I vote Sierra

Lightning: (CONF) Sierra has to sha-go now!

Harold :(CONF) Gosh! Sorry but I vote Sierra.

Duncan: (CONF) Sierra

DJ: (CONF) Sierra

Chris: Alright. Bobble Heads go to everyone but.......... Sierra! Sorry your out. *Shoots Sierra* Well, all the girl except Zoey has left the beach. Can Zoey make it out on her own? Can Trent keep up this winning streak? And how many more bottles of hair gel will I need? Find out all this, and more on Total Drama: Beach Redemption 2!

Episode 15: Versus!

Boys' Bedroom

Scott: Top Ten! YEAH!

Dj: Poor Zoey its 9 guys and 1 her HAHA

Duncan: Well that  just means we got someone we can take in. Mike, Scott, Dj, Trent I propose we Boot Off cody next He never does anything....

Cody: Err, I beg to differ, Winning immunity means winning a challenge, *Check Playa Des Losers and I won every mini challenge* (Plus I live in England so)

Duncan: That wasent for you to Hear but than again you were a threat in World Tour for making final 3

Owen: Duncan You made the final five three times..... So Cody is not the only threat.

Duncan: But im Me Cody is Cody You see the diffrence?

Girls' Bedroom

Zoey: I am so screwed...



Zoey: *Eats* Ewwww what is this...


Chris: Challenge time! Sorry for the delay, I was busy. So, for this challenge you each will be competing with each other! The 5 that wins their round will be safe from elimination and cannot be voted out. (5 lines for every challenge. And can edit after 5 minutes)

Mike vs. Owen

Chris: You guys will be in an eating contest! Your meal, "Spaghetti" actually earth worms, and "meatballs" actually grasshoppers. GO!

Mike: *starts pigging out on the "Spaghetti*

Mike: *keeps pigging out*

Mike: *keeps eating more*

Mike: *eats more* THIS IS AWESOME!

Mike; *eats the rest* I WIN!

Chris: Multiple Mike wins!

Cody vs. Zoey

Chris: You guys will climb this 50 feet mountain. With Chef throwing things at you!

Zoey: *Climbs*

Zoey: *Climbs* (More then five minutes pasted)

Zoey: *Climbs* (Five minutes*

Zoey: *Climbs* (More then five minutes pasted)

Zoey: *Finishes* (Five minutes pasted)

Chris: Zoey the lonely wins!

Lightning vs. Trent

Chris: For your challenge, it's an 8k run. First one to the finish line wins. GO!

Trent: *sprints quickly*

Lightning: *sprints* SHA-LIGHTNING!

Lightning: *runs* (It's been more than 5 minutes)

Lightning: *running* Ha! SHA-LIGHTNING IN THE LEAD! (5 minutes)

Trent: *sprints ahead*

Lightning: *sprints fast* FINAL SPRINT!

Lightning: *finishes* SHA-YEAH! Good game! (5 minutes)

Chris: Lightning takes the SHA-gold!

Duncan vs. Harold

Chris: Your challenge, is to wrestle! You each will get boxing gloves and will attempt to knock each other out. On these pedestals! GO!

Duncan: COme at me Wimp HAHA this is gonna be easy *Punches Harold In face*

Harold: Ugh! Gosh! Ow! *punches Duncan's face*

Duncan: *Punches Harold in the Areas* (2)

Harold: AGH! GOSH! *Punches Duncan in the nuts*

Duncan: Ow!!! Your a tough guy arent you *Puts one fist under chin than Smacks the top of Harolds head*

Harold: *punches Duncan in the gut*

Duncan: *Punches Harolds Jaw*

Harold: *punches Duncan under the chin*

Duncan: *Punches Harold Right On Jaw Knocking Him Out* "I WIn!!!

Chris: The delinquent Duncan wins!

Scott vs. DJ

Chris: Lastly, you each will have to swim around the ocean. First one back wins. GO!

Dj: *Swims*

Scott: *swims*

Scoot: *swims* (its been 5 mins)

Dj: *Swims*

Scott: *swims*

Dj: *Swims*

Scott: *swims*

Dj: *Swims*

Scott: *finishes*

Dj: Good Job Scott *High Fives*

Chris: Scott the ginger wins!

Elimination Ceremony 14:

Chris: Hello campers! It's vote time! Vote out anybody BESIDES Zoey, Scott, Mike, Duncan, and Lightning. The rest of you, are fair game.

Cody: Harold the NERD

Zoey: (CONF) Cody he is a threat.

Owen: (CONF) Cody.

Trent: (CONF) Harold, I've realized how much of a threeat you are to my power, and for that reason, your time here is up. Dosvidanya.

Mike: (CONF) Alright Harold, time for your game to end! I vote for you!

Duncan: (CONF) Harold The Loser!

Dj : (CONF) Sorry but i vote harold cya!

Lightning: (CONF) I got to vote for Cody. SHA-BYE BYE!

Harold: (CONF) Gosh! Sorry, but I vote Cody.

Chris: *Tallies votes* Well campers, I have 9 bobble heads in my hands and only 10 of you. Bobble heads go to... Scott, Zoey, Duncan, Mike, Lightning, DJ, Owen, and Trent. Cody and Harold, the last bobble head goes to..... Cody! Sorry Harold, looks like your out! *Shoots him* 14 down, 9 more to go! What will make of Cody since he's starting to get hated on? Can Duncan win another season? And will Zoey make it any farther? Find out next time on, Total Drama: Beach Redemption 2!

Episode 15: Don't Look Down

Boys' Bedroom

Duncan: (CONF) Okay wow Final 9 This is big Mike me scott and trent and Dj are in an allince But i hope that Mike and trent dont betray me Or they lose my respect. Scott is more loyal than i thoguth he was haha Well he's someone you have to keep Dj hes Cool. I still cant beleive that Zoey is the last girl!

Duncan: hey mike we need to talk *Takes mike onto beach*

Girls' Bedroom




Chris: Challenge time campers! Sorry for being so late, this challenge, is a water challenge! Each of you will swim to those platforms that Chef built. (3 lines) Then, after you make it you will climb to the top. (4 lines) Lastly, you will get the flags that are hanging on the platform with your faces on it. The first to get all 6 flags win immunity. GO!

Zoey: *Swims*

Owen: *Swims*

Dj: *Swims*

Duncan: *Swims*

Zoey: *Swims*

Owen: *Swims*

Duncan: *Swims*

Dj: *Swims*

Zoey: *Swims*

Owen: *Swims*

Mike: *swims*

Trent: *swims*

Zoey: *Climbs*

Owen: *Climbs*

Scott: *swims*

Zoey: *Climbs*

Owen: *Climbs*

Scott: *swims*

Duncan: *Swims* *Begins clibing*

Dj: *Swims* *Begins clibing*

Scott: *swims*

Duncan: *Climbs*

Dj: *Climbs*

Scott: *climbs*

Duncan: *Climbs*

Dj: *Climbs*

Lightning: *swims* SHA-YEAH!

Scott: *climbs*

Duncan: *Climbs* and Collects First Falg!

Dj: *Clibs* and Collects first falg

Scott: *climbs*

Duncan: *Collects Flags*

Dj: *Collects Flags*

Scott: *climbs*

Cody: *Swims* (Sorry, I live in England)

Zoey: *Climbs*

Owen: *Climbs*

Duncan: *Collects Flag #3*

Dj: *Collects Flag #3*

Cody: *Swims*

Zoey: *climbs*

Owen: *climbs*

Duncan: *COllects 4th flag

Dj: *Collects 4th Flag*

Duncan: *Collects 5th flag* ONE MORE TO GO

Dj: *Collects 5th Flag*

Lightning: *swims*

Duncan: *Collects Final Flag^ Yea I won!

Dj: Dang dood Nice job bro!

Chris: And Duncan takes the win! Nice! So he is safe from elimination. The rest of you, are not. See you at the elimination ceremony!

Elimination Ceremony 15:

Chris: Time to vote campers! Remember, Duncan is safe.

Cody: Mike as he swam like 1 metre and I swam half of it

Duncan: (CONF) Hmm I vote off cody

Dj: (CONF) I vote off cody!

Mike: (CONF) I vote for Cody

Trent: (CONF) Cody is my vote.

Zoey: (CONF) Bye Cody..

Scott: (CONF) Cody!

Lightning: (CONF) Cody's sha-gone!

Chris: *Passes Bobble Head to everyone except Cody* Sorry Cody. You're Out. AGAIN. *Shoots Cody* 8 remain! Will new alliances be created to last longer? Who will make it to the finals? And when will somebody sign us for a 7th season?! Find out next tine on Total Drama: Beach Redemption 2!

Episode 16: Canadian Shore Models

Boys' Bedroom

Duncan: Theres 8 Players Remaining WoW. its gotten quiet!

Dj: *Sleeping*

Scott: Yeah it has...

Girls' Bedroom


Duncan: *Goes to catch Fish*



Chris: Hello final 8! Time for the challenge! And it's another modeling challenge! Everyone will go to that truck over there and grab some cloth to make your clothes. Once you make your clothing you will hit the runway. Whoever makes the best clothes and models the best will win! GO!

Duncan: *Goes to truck* I think i'll do my style! *grabs Black cloth and green Cloth* Begins making Outfit*

Dj: *Goes to truck and takes A Bunch of clothes*

Mike: *sprints to the truck and grabs clothes*

Trent: *charges over to the truck, reaches his hand in and pulls out a bundle of clothes*

Zoey: *Grabs some Red silk and Orange Sequin*

Owen: *Grabs some cloth*

Duncan: *Crafts  Black Turtle neck with a green Skull In Middle

Dj: *Crafts aOrange Sweater with a Purple beanie*

Scott: *goes to truck and gets pink clothes* he he he

Chris: Alright campers almost time to hit the runway! Before we start, meet your judges! Tyra Banks, Noami Cambell, and.... Chef Hatchet!

Tyra: Y'all are looking fierce!

Naomi: *Putting on lip gloss*

Chef Hatchet: Yeah. Whatever that means.

Duncan: *Models as a Black Turtle neck with green skull in middle, And Skinny Jeans*

Tyra: Love the turtle neck! Black skinny jeans? Nice! *Puts up a ten*

Naomi: *Puts up an eight*

Chef: *puts up a nine*

Scott: *models pink dress, pink stockings, pink shoes, pick tutu, pink hat and pink make up* 

Chef: Err... *Puts up a one*

Tyra: *puts up a two*

Naomi: *puts up a one*

Trent: *models a green polo shirt, jeans and tie*

Mike: *models a blue aeropostale shirt with jeans and a backwards baseball cap*

DJ: *modles in a orange sweater with a purple smily in the center, And Vans and Brown Shorts*

Tyra: *Puts up an 8 for Trent*

Chef: *Puts up a 7 for Trent*

Naomi: *Puts up an 8 for Trent*

Tyra: *Puts up a 9 for Mike*

Chef: *Puts up a 10 for Mike*

Naomi: *Puts up a 9 for Mike*

Chef: *Puts up an 8 for DJ*

Tyra: *Puts up a 7 for DJ*

Naomi: *Puts up an 8 for DJ*

Chris: No more entries? Fine. *Angry face* With that, it's obvious who wins this fierce competition! The winning model is... Modelicious Mike! That sounded wrong..... But anyways he is safe from the vote. I'll see you all at the elimination ceremony tonight!

Elimination Ceremony 16:

Chris: Time to vote! Please put down who you want out. Besides Mike.

Mike: (CONF) I vote Lightning. You are sha-outta here!

Trent: (CONF) Lightning, your time is sha-up!

Duncan: (CONF) Lightning Time to pack up and say Sha bye bye!

Dj: (CONF) Lightning, Im the only Black dood Herr (Not trying to be rascist of any kind)

Scott: (CONF) Lighting!

Chris: *Clears throat* Time to reveal the lucky lucky loser! Bobble heads go to... Mike, DJ, Scott, Duncan, Trent, and Zoey! That leaves, Owen and Lightning! The last bobble head of the night goes to..... Owen! See ya Sha-Lightning! *Shoots Lightning out* What more fun surprises will I have next for our campers? How many will crumble under the pressure before the finale? And how many more hair gel bottles can I go through to make my hair perfectly slick? Find out next time on-

Tyra: Hey, what do me and Naomi do?

Chris:... *Shoots both of them off*

Chris: *Clears throat* Beach Redemption 2!

Episode 17: Fight To The Death!

Boys' Bedroom

Scott: Final 7! WOW!

Duncan: I KNow right! *Fist Bumps Scott*

Chris: Here ya go boys! Cookies and cake for making it to the final seven! Enjoy! You better enjoy it since this will be the only time me and Chef treat you.

Scott: *grabs a cookie*

Duncan: (CONF) I saw that cookie And Licked my lips But.... It was made by Chef!!!!

  • Nervously Eats Cookies*

Dj: Yum! *Eats 5  Cookies*

Chef: (CONF) I slay over a hot oven all night to make the final seven cookies and most of them are timid since I made em! I'm a good cook... When I wanna be one.

Girl's Bedroom

Chris: Here's some Ice cream lonely Zoey! Enjoy! If you can... *Laughs*




Chris: *Is wearing a grim reaper suit* Campers, please stand in a circle.

*The Campers Form Circle*

Chris: Glad you could make it. Today will be a special, challenge. It will be based off the hunger games. Kinda. We will do things quite different though. When the timer starts, you will get either a sword, chainsaw, knife, pistol, or bow and arrow. After that, you could either A, "Kill" someone and no, not actually kill, just pretend to kill. We don't need any more lawsuits people. Or B, hide in one of the available places until your ready to "kill" or be killed. Your choice. The camper who comes back first "alive" wins immunity. Everybody ready?]

Duncan: Begin???? okay! *Grabs Bow and Arrow,

Duncan: *Shoots Owen With Bow and Arrow and 'KIlls' Him*

Dj: *Grabs Sword*

Chris: Owen is now dead!

Dj: *Stabs Zoey In Back*'

Duncan: Sorry Trent *Shoots Trent in Back*

Duncan: *Shoots Scott In the back* (1 hour)

Dj:*Slices Mikes head off* (1hour)

Duncan: *Shoots Dj In the Eye* (Dj and Duncan belong to me so i cant just wait an hour XD)

Duncan: I Win!

Chris: And you do Duncan! Now, since your the only "survivor" you get these goodies! *Shows a bag of Hot Dogs, Cupcakes, deodorant sticks, and cookies* Enjoy! And I'll be seeing you all at the next elimination ceremony! Audios!

Duncan: *Scarfs down cupcakes* (CONF) Okay..... WOw i cant belive it 2 more eliminations and my allince will have done it We would have accolmplished the plan Than i dont know that happens from there But im proud to say Great JOB! Espically Becasue i havent got a SINGLE vote against me this whole season! So lets just see how it goes

Elimination Ceremony 17:

Chris: Remember, Duncan is safe. The rest of you, are fair game. Now vote!

Mike: (CONF) I vote for Owen. You've outlived your usefullness big guy.

Trent: (CONF) Owen, I vote for you. Your days lurking around here are done. Go back to Izzy.

Zoey: (CONF) I vote Scott!

Owen: (CONF) Scott

Duncan: (CONF) Owen

DJ: (CONF) Owen

Chris: *Holds up 6 bobble heads* Yep... 6 bobble heads... 7 of you. The first bobble head goes to the immunity winner which is Duncan. Next one goes to, Zoey. Mike. Trent. And DJ. The last bobble head goes to...




Chris: Scott! Sorry Big Owe, you're outta here! *Shoots Owen out* Shocking elimination, wasn't it? Well, 6 remain! What will the next brutal challenge be? What will make of the campers? Find out next time on Total Drama, Beach Redemption 2!

Episode 18: Die Hard Trivia

Boys' Bedroom

Duncan: 1 More Elimination And It will just be us Guys Our Allince and Our Final 5 Great JOb Guys We Accomplished The Impossible!

Dj: Heck yea Im So Happ Right Now I Can Literally Taste the million

Duncan: Me too *THinks About what to spend it on*

Mike: It's this close guys!

Trent: Yeah!

Duncan: how bout we celebrat at the beach!

Dj: I Like the sound of that!

Duncan and Dj: *Go To Beach*

Trent: *goes to the beach*

Mike: *goes to the beach as well*

Girl's Bedroom


Duncan: I'll catch us a some fish, Hey should we invite zoey i mean it probably is her last week here RIght? *Dives into watcer

Dj: We Should.... Mike you wanna go get her?

Zoey: What do you mean it's my last week?

Duncan: Dont you hink you Would have geusses it by Now?

Dj: *Laughs

Mike: *dives in* I agree. Enjoy your last days here.

Trent: *dives in and spears a fish* I totally agree.

Duncan: Lets go to the Cafeteria and eat these Fish!

Dj: All Right

  • Both Leav to Lunch room*

Mike and Trent: Ok! *leave to the cafeteria*


Duncan: Psst Chef isint here Lets sneak into Kitchen

  • Both sneak in*

Lets begin Cooking these babies the right Way!

Mike: I'll spice em!

Trent: I'll grill em!

Duncan : I'll gut em!

Dj: And I'll Help mike with that Spicin!

Mike": *spices the fish* DJ, I need some crushed pepper!

Zoey: I am so going to tell Chef, you traitors.

Duncan: Oh can it Red. *guts Fish

Dj: be glad you made it This far! Also mike dident have to save you at all!!! HAHA Amazing i was surpried you made it this far Without mikes help!

(No rudeness Intended im just going with the camp)


Challenge @12/31/12 @5:00PM

Duncan: 30 Minutes till the  challange.

(Im just sitting here waiting XD)

Duncan: Is that Chris Always Late! he's Percisly 14 Minutes Late!

Chris: Sorry I'm late I was getting my massage. Final 6, your challenge, good ol' trivia about past seasons. As you can see, your above water. If I ask you a trivia question and you get it wrong, your dunked! Where Fang will be waiting for you. The camper who answers the most question before the deadline wins.

Round 1

Question 1: Who had a boyfriend named, "Graham Cracker"?

Duncan: izzy the nut case! but his Last name isint Cracker his first name is graham But Izzy Called Him Graham Cracker

Question 2: Who had the most hair do's ever?

Duncan: Leshanwa???

Duncan: WAIT NO It was heather, She was bald, Normal hair, Wig, Hair Extensions

(Is the Silnce Mean im Wrong???? Or You just not here)

Chris: Sorry Dunc! You did get the right answer, but it took you two times so... *Dunks Duncan* Don't worry, your still in though.

Question 3: Who has a strong stomach?

Duncan: I Belive that would be owen.

Chris: Nope! Owen does have one, but Courtney revealed she had one too in Chinese Fake out when we traveled all around the world. You should know... Since she was your girl. Was. *Dunks Duncan* Your still safe!

Question 4: Who has a cat named "Bruiser?"

Trent: Heather!

Chris: Correct Trent!

Round 2

Question 5: Also in pets category, who has the most scariest pet? But is owned by the most nicest guy? Or wuss should I say.

Duncan: Dj he owned Like a Alligator Right?

Chris: Correct!

Question 6: Who has their own merchandise owned in TDA?

Duncan: beth because in The Fairy tale Movie Courtney WAS gonna get em but they wernt selling so BETH Got it.

Chris: That is correct!

Question 7: (Will start to get harder) Which two have gone "green" before but were misunderstood about it?

Duncan: In Episode 27 Of TDA i belive sadie and katie Are the two.

Chris: That is correct Duncan!

Question 7: Who has champion rings but is not associated with Total Drama?

Zoey: Wow... Lightning's dad!

Duncan: Lightning's Dad ya she already got it.

Chris: That is correct Zoey! Unfortunately, the round is over! The winner of this challenge is.... Duncan! Again! Time to vote!

Elimination Ceremony 18:

Chris: You know what has to be done. Duncan is safe. VOTE!

Mike: (CONF) Zoey, I vote for you.

Trent: (CONF) Commando Zoey, my vote will go to you. Your time here is up.

Duncan: (CONF) Good bye Red!

Dj: (CONF) See ya Zoey the cry baby.

Chris: Time for me to read the votes. Be right back. *Reads votes* Interesting.... Very Interesting.... Alright! Bobble Heads go to... Duncan. Mike. Trent. and DJ. The final one goes to, Scott! Sorry Zoey. Your time is up.

Chef: This time, I get to do to shoot the girl! You've been hogging it up.

Chris: *Rolls eyes* Fine. Go ahead Chef.

Chef: *Laughs* Let's go, Red. *Shoots Zoey out* THAT WAS FUN-

Chris: Alright your limelight is up. *Pushes Chef into the ocean where there is pirahnas* All guys left! What will become of them? Will they all crumble under the pressure before the finale? And what will happen during the MOST. TERRIFYING. CHALLENGE. Ever?! Only one way to find out, stay tuned to the next episode of, Total Drama: Beach Redemption 2!

Episode 19: The Challenge In The Dark

Boys' Bedroom #1

Chris: I have news, boys! Since no more girls are left, I'll be splitting you five up! Scott, Mike, and Duncan, you're in this cabin. And Trent and DJ, you will be in the girls' old cabin. This cabin will be called Boys' Cabin #1. The girls' old cabin, will be called Boys' Cabin #2. Got it? Good.

Boys' Bedroom #2

Chris: Welcome to Boys' Cabin #2! Enjoy! *Leaves*

Duncan: Hey Guys WE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Boys Celebrate

Duncan: What shall we do to celebrate!

Dj: EAT!

Duncan: Lets go eat In the cafeteria

Mike: I'm so excited!

Trent: Yeah me too!


Duncan: (CONF) Im thinking that scott should go Because me and Mike have this plan and we will prevail! Scott than Dj than Trent And me and mike are the finalist. Hope it works


  • Boys eating

Duncan: Soo you guys no that we need to start tunrning on each other right?

Dj: Well time will tell what will ahppen

Scott: *whispers to DJ* Hey dude, i think the final 3 should be us 2 and Duncan. What do you think?

Dj: SURE! Let me ask him, *Walks to duncan* Hey Duncan Me you and scott should be final 3

Duncan: Okay whatever (CONF) Maybe We Can Blindside Mike And trent Not to sure


(It's night time, and the campers awake on a boat on an abandoned island far away from camp)

Mike: *wakes up* What's going on?! Where are we?!

(A voice recorder is seen and it says press play)

Duncan: *presses Play*

Chris: (In the recorder) Hello campers! Now you might notice, you're in the middle of nowhere! Courtesy of my interns. So, your challenge, find you way back to camp first! But, you wont know what's behind you. Maybe another camper, or, a dangerous bystander. So, might wanna be careful. The first camper to touch one of the cabins wins the challenge and is safe. Good luck and don't die! *Laughs*

Duncan: *Starts Running around to find Cabins* 

Dj: *Begins Looking around*


Trent: *searches*

Duncan: *Sarches* (2)

DJ: *Searches*)

Mike: *looks*

Duncan: *Walks Near some Tree's* (3)

(A bear appears behind Duncan and growls)

Duncan: WAHHHHHH *Runs* (4)

Mike: Trent!

Trent: Yeah?

Mike: RUUUUNNN! *sprints off*

Trent: *sees the bear and charges away* AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

Chris: *In studio* Ooh look's like the guys are in a pickle! I wonder what's gonna happen to the guys. Let's watch and see! Gee, hope I don't get sued for this...

Mike: *sprinting faster* I think we lost him!

Trent: *running* Yeah!

Duncan: *Runs* (5)

Trent: *charging faster* (4)

Mike: *charges faster*

Trent: *charges like a lion* I'M CLOSER!!!

Duncan: *sweat Coming down Cheaks* I SEE THE CABINS* (6)

(Hawks surround the sky scaring the campers)

Duncan: *catches breath and Touches Boys Cabin* (7) Done!!! Where's Everyone sle?

Dj: *Running*

Trent: *runs in*

Mike: *runs in, with sweat all over his shirt, then collapses on the ground panting*

Dj: *Running Sees cabin* Im SO SCARED AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH *Runs allo the way to Cabins*

Chris: Congratulations the people that made it here! Duncan, DJ, Mike, and Trent. No Scott? Maybe he's still safe. Maybe. Duncan, you win immunity! Again! Now, it's time to vote!

Elimination Ceremony #19

Chris: Duncan is safe so he cannot be voted for. GO!

Trent: (CONF) Scott, it's sad to say, but I vote for you. So long.

Mike: (CONF) Scott, your time ends now. My vote goes to you.

Duncan: (CONF) You did good  Hope i see ya in the real world. I vote scott

Dj: (CONF) Bye scott i'll miss ya

Chris: Alright final five I'll go tally the votes. *Tallies votes* Bobble heads go to everyone but...... Scott! Sorry dude. *Shoots him off* Only four remain! You know what... I'm too tired to say those things I always do when an episode ends so.... See ya!

Episode 20: Aye Aye Captain Chris!

Boys' Bedroom #1

Boys' Bedroom #2




Chris: Hello final 4! So tell me, how does it feel to make it this far? *No one replies* Really? Fine. As you can tell from my pirate suit, it's a pirate - themed challenge! Each of you will get your own mini ships. For the first part, steer to that deadly island in the distance known as the Killer Island since most tourists die over there. Most. Not all, but most. (2 lines.) Then, look for a treasure box somewhere hidden! (2 lines as well.) Then, once you have found it, Steer back to camp and give me the treasure. The first camper to do so wins immunity and gets to keep the treasure! Ready? Steady? GO!

Trent: *gets into his boat* SET SAIL!

Mike: YE WON'T DEFEAT ME LANDLUBBER!!! *gets into his boat and starts paddling to the island*

DuncanL *Sets Sail* Bringn it on You Scalleywags!

Mike: *paddles faster, and reaches land* Yeah! *starts looking for the chest*

Duncan: LANDDD HOOOO *Reaches land* *starts lookin for Treasure*

dj: *Sets sail*

Mike: *sees the chest* What do ye know! *grabs the chest, loads it into the ship and starts sailing back*

Trent: *sails towards the island*

Mike: *sails back to camp*

Trent: *lands on the island and starts looking*

Mike: *anchors the boat, jumps off, and charges towards Chris with the treasure* I GOT IT ADMIRAL! I GOT IT!!!!

Duncan: *Finds Chest* Lets go


Chris: Looks like ye did! Mike wins immunity and a nice shiny treasure chest! Now, wanna see what's in thee? *Opens it up* Deodorant, Cologne, Chris Hair Gel, and Shavers and Shaving Cream* All the right toiletries! Now that we're done with this challenge, it's time to send one of you losers packing!

Elimination Ceremony 20:

Chris: Mike is safe from this challenge contestants. Time to vote off somebody! Except Mike, that is.

Duncan: I Vote for Dj!

Dj: I Vote off Myself I cant vote any of my brothers off Plus i think there voting me off

Trent: I vote for DJ. Your days here are over.

Mike: *shaving his beard* Woops! I vote for DJ!

Chris: DJ, you're outta here! *Shoots DJ* The final three remain! Who will make it to the finale? Will cry like a sobbing baby? And What will happen? Find out next episode, on Total Drama: Beach Redemption 2!

Episode 21: The Return of Larry!

Boys Bedroom #1

Mike: (CONF) Well this is it! It's nearly the end! I advanced all the way to this point in the game!

Trent: *wakes up* What a great day! (CONF) I can't believe I've made it to this point!

Boys' Bedroom #2




Chris: *Is Jumpy* CAMPERS! CAMPERS! HURRY UP! *The three arrive* Good, you're all here! Bad news, I had a great super exciting challenge for you all today, but CHANGE OF PLANS! Remember Larry? My exotic plant? Well, I, I mean, Chef built a special house for the guy, and when I was gonna feed him some interns- I mean, food, he was gone! So, you're next challenge, FIND MY LARRY! First one to find him makes it to the finale! GOOOOOOOOO! (8 lines. No posts in 2 mins, post again.)

Trent: *starts looking for Larry* Where IS that plant?

Mike: *tries to look for Larry* He has to be around here somewhere!

(His growls could be heard from a distance)

Trent: I think that's the monster! *charges after him*

Mike: Hey! He's my beast! *pushes Trent aside and runs ahead*

Trent: No you're mistaken! *charges ahead*

Mike: I don't think so! *keeps running, but hears growling in the distance* Uh-oh....

Trent: What? *hears growling, and pupils shrink* OH S***!

Mike: I'm going for him! *runs, while chanting like a maniac*

(The island starts to shake)

Trent: I've got a bad feeling about this!


Trent: MIKE! WAIT!

Mike: THERE'S NOT ANY TIME FOR WAITING! I MUST CAPTURE LARRY! *sees a cliff, separating the other side* Oh no! *sees a rope and has an idea* *turns to the camera* I think he's pretty close kids! Don't try this at home! *takes the rope and ties to the the tree, grabs on, and swings across to the other side* AAAAAAAIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIAAAAAAAIAAAA!!!!!! *lands on the other side and runs after*

Trent: *sees a rope* He must have went over the cliff* *swings himself over and lands hard* OW!

Mike: *sees Larry* THERE HE IS!!!

(Larry is with a girl Venus Fly Trap)

Larry: *Sees Mike, and growls at him*

Mike: Stay down foul beast! *charges at Larry and jumps on his neck* CHRIS! I FOUND LARRY!

Chris: *Runs to Mike* LARRY! I missed you! Your punishment is no T.V for a week! And no salted interns! I love you! Mike wins! And your reward, you get to send somebody home! *Hugs Larry* Who would that be?

Elimination Ceremony 21:

Mike: I'll be right back Chris. *darts to the CONF* (CONF) Well, here's who I vote for. *sighs* Duncan, I have to vote you out. You were a lot of fun to be with around here, but it's unlikely I'll win against you. I have just a few more words to say about you dude: Buenos noches y adios amigo. Me gusta tu. Esta es el competencia de el malevolo y corrupto. Lo siento y espero que  podamos seguir siendo amigos fuera de este juego. De cualquier  manera, el juego ha terminado.

Chris: Well Duncan.... Your time is up! *Shoots Duncan* Mike and Trent remain! Who will win the season? Who will die- I mean lose? Find out next time on the season finale!'

Episode 22: The Mysterious vs. The Toothpick

Boys' Bedroom

Chris: Hello final two! As a mini challenge, tell me why you should win! Challenge in half an hour! Be there!

Mike: I lead the dominating team, won multiple challenge, lead a strong alliance and was never on the chopping block!

Trent: I overcame personal turmoil, a string of failed seasons, a long losing streak, and always being second best!

Chris: Interesting answers. *Gets taken*




Chris: *gets locked in confessional by Zeke* Wth Zeke?!'

Fake Chris: Uh, hello, um, kiddies. Welcome to your uh, final challenge is it. You're final challenge is, to eat as much food as you can! *Hears something and turns his head all the way around*

Mike: That's not Chris! It's a robot! *kicks the Fake Chris and it short circuits*

Trent: DUCK! *jumps out of the way*

Ezekiel : *Comes out of the robot costume* EZEKIEL! Actually, correction. The new and IMPROVED Ezekiel! *Gets a bit bigger* I got, *Gets even bigger* power, to, rule, *Gets really big* THE WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD! *Gets huge* But first I'm gonna eat you two UP!

  • The ex-contestants come out*

Cameron: Hey guys what's going on- WHAT THE?!

Bridgette: Is that, Ezekiel?!?!

Duncan: Oh Great not that Freak!

Dj: *Ducks down in fear* Not Zeke!

Trent: *opens up the chest* Why it's none other than Ezekiel Von Strauss!!


Zoey: I will not be a Ezekslave! (ezekiel slave)

Duncan: how do we defeat it?

Bridgette: Somebody better stop him!

Cameron: MOM!!!!


Chef: Hello campers. As you can see, there is a big freakish Zeke. SO, to save your butts and this beach, capture Zeke and turn him back to normal and the person to do so wins the million! *Runs away scared* (6 lines. Post every 3 minutes.)

Duncan: hey trent I'll help you Defeat him!

Trent: RUN EVERYONE! RUNNNN!!! *runs off*

Mike: OH NO! *runs*

Bridgette: *Screams and runs*

Cameron: I don't wanna die! *Runs*

Ezekiel: Get back here dinner! *Runs after them*

Duncan: Follows trent Running

Dj: AHHHHHH *Hides*

Chef: (Intercom and panting) To defeat him, use the crane on the other side of the island! If anybody needs me I'll be in my panic room!

Ezekiel: NOO! NO ONE DEFEATS ZEKE! *Runs away*


Trent: NO! I TASTE WORSE!!! *runs into the forest*

Duncan: As far as im concerned im not food! *Runs Following trent*

Mike: *runs even further* I MUST FIND THAT CRANE!

Trent: I gotta be tough! I can't be scared!

Bridgette and Cameron: *Hides behind a tree*

Ezekiel: *Continues to run*

Mike: *sees some berries on a tree* That's it! *grabs some berries and hurls them at Zeke* TRY AND CATCH ME NOW YOU BIG DUMB MONSTER! *runs*

Trent: *runs after Mike* AHHHHH!!!!!!

Ezkiel: OWWIE! *runs after Mike*

Bridgette: He's really mad now...

Trent: WAIT! *chases after Mike*

Mike: AHHHHHHH!!!!! *keeps hurling berries at Ezekiel*

Al: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Jo: *runs*

Ezekiel: This ain't over yet! Not by a long shot! I'll rock you! And stomp you! And crush you like-

Trent: *runs to the top of the crane and pokes Ezekiel with it* Like dude!

Ezekiel: WHAT?!

Trent: You're a bad booooy!!! *moves the crane to Ezekiel's chest, and pulls off the symbol that made him big*

Ezekiel: NOOOOOO!

  • Ezekiel shrinks back to his normal, human self, and his skin turns back to pale white*

Trent: I did it! I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!

Mike: You did do it Trent!

Trent: *jumps down and ties up Zeke* You're in a heap of trouble!


Dj: I Hope you leaned your lesson Zeke! YOu'll Never Win! *Sticks out Tounge*

Ezekiel: Aww crap.

Mike: *calls the police* They're coming for you Zeke! Enjoy your last few minutes of freedom!

Trent: *runs to the confession cam and breaks out Chris* CHRIS! I DID IT! I DEFEATED ZEKE!!


Chris: You did?! *sees footage* YOU DID! Trent is the winner of Total Drama: Beach Redemption 2! Congratulations! *Takes out the million dollars* Here ya go Trent!

Cameron: Yeah Trent!!!!

Bridgette: GOOD JOB!

Trent: YES! WOHOOOO! *takes the case and roars triumphantly*

Mike: Good job Trent!

Duncan: *Lifts trent up in the Air* TRENT TRENT TRENT YOu did it!!!!!


Final Elimination Ceremony

Chris: Well, we've had a good season ladies and gentlemen! 30 days of hardcore challenges, drama was created, and many people got backstabbed. In the end of all this madness, Trent won! Trent, you receive the final Chris Bobble head. *Passes it to him* Congratulations!

Cameron: Great job Trent! So, what are you going to do with the money?

Duncan: *Claps* Yea what are you gonna spend it on?

Mike: Yeah, whatcha gonna spend it on?!

Trent: I'm gonna invest it and become a billionare!!