Welcome, Contestants to Total Drama: Horizons! At this Camp, your brains will be aching, your muscles will be shaking, and your limits will be tested to the MAX! 20 will compete, 3 will debut, but only the Winner of this Camp will win $1,000,000 and a guarenteed spot in Season 2! I Wish You All Good Luck!

Brought to you by Bloomin and Kokori...

The Players

-You're Friends, Competition, & Enemies

JT & Nathaniel, The Hosts Of The Show -Bloomin13 & Kokori9

Alexandria, The Super Sassy Chick -TDALindsayfan1

Kim, The Psychopath -Weblykinly

David, The Bad Boy -Snowgirl57

Luke, The Absolutely Perfect Guy -Bloomin13

DeSean, The Competitive Jock -Cphockey39

Maddie, The British Punk Rocker -Cphockey39

Dex, The Reliable Bookworm -Teddy10

Melissa, The Super Shy Girl -Team E-scope

Eve, The Hot Girl With An Attitude -Zannabanna

Nate, The Brainiac -Natedog14

Gabby, The Super Friendly Artist -Snowgirl57

Rebecca, The Sweet Singer -Izzynsierrafan12

Gunter, The Acting Prodigy -Zannabanna

Rex, The Dog-Loving Theif -Kokori9

Ginger, The Quirky, Socially-Akward Gal -Bloomin13

Ronald, The Ultra Geek -Team E-scope

Judd, The Girly Guy -Izzynsierrafan12

Teddy, The Spoiled Super Shopper -Teddy10

Kat, The Whiner -Kokori9

Weston, The Super Hot Aussie -TDALindsayfan1

Mo, The Perfect Indian Bass Player -Snowgirl57, Bloomin13 as Sub

Ryan, The Completely Invisible Guy -Kokori9

Elena, The Fun, Bubbly Gal -BlaineleyRox222

The Elimination Table

Episode 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
Eliminated Ginger DeSean/ Maddie/ Melissa/ Ronald Reward Gunter/ Alexandria Rex Teddy Gabby Kim Dex

Judd/ Rebecca

Weston/ '''Nate

David/ Mo

Kat Luke Finale
Place Voter Votes
1st Elena No Team Debuts - - WIN Mo Kat Luke/Ryan -
Eve B.Falcons - WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN - Judd WIN WIN Weston Kat Kat Elena/Ryan -
Ryan B.Falcons Debuts WIN - Eve Dex - WIN Luke Luke Eve/Luke -
4th Luke B.Falcons Judd WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN Dex - Dex WIN Weston Mo Kat Elena/Eve
5th Kat R.Cobras WIN Kim - - Nate - - WIN Dex - Nate Luke Eve
6th Mo R.Cobras Debuts Kat - WIN Dex - Weston Elena
David B.Falcons Ginger WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN - - - - - -
8th Nate R.Cobras WIN - Alexandria - - - Gabby WIN - - -
Weston R.Cobras WIN - - - - - - WIN - - -
10th Judd B.Falcons - WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN - - - -
Rebecca B.Falcons - WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN - - - -
12th Dex B.Falcons Ginger WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN - - -
13th Kim R.Cobras WIN - Alexandria Alexandria - - - WIN
14th Gabby R.Cobras WIN - - - - - -
15th Teddy R.Cobras WIN - - Alexandria Rex -
16th Rex R.Cobras WIN Kim - - Nate
17th Alexandria R.Cobras WIN - - -
Gunter B.Falcons - WIN WIN WIN
19th DeSean R.Cobras WIN -
Maddie B.Falcons - WIN
Melissa B.Falcons - WIN
Ronald R.Cobras WIN -
23rd Ginger B.Falcons Judd

     This camper is a Female.

     This camper is a Male.

     This camper is on the Red Cobras.

     This camper is on the Blue Falcons.

     This camper was on the winning team.

     This camper survived the Shore battle.

     This camper lost the Shore battle or was eliminated.

     This camper was eliminated under special circumstances.

     This camper won the season.

     This camper was runner up.

     This camper won invincibility.

     This camper quit.

The Connections

-The Status Of Everyone's Relationships, Conflicts, & Friendships


  • Judd & Dex (Episode 2-9)
  • Rex & Rebecca (Episode 1-5)


  • Dex & Nate
  • Teddy & Rebecca (One sided to Teddy)
  • Judd & All Girls (One sided to Judd)
  • David & Luke (Episode 1-present)
  • JT & Nathaniel (Episode 2-present)
  • Dex & Teddy (Episode 2-9)
  • Gunter & Dex (Episode 2-4)
  • Elena & Mo (episode 9-present)


  • Luke & All Girls (One sided to All Girls, also an Attraction)
  • Gunter & Teddy (Episode 2-4)
  • Eve & Luke (Episode 7-present)


  • Elena, Luke, Eve & Kat (Episode 9-present)

The Rules

-The Fine Line Between Order And Chaos

  1. no godplay, finishing a challenge in 1 line...
  2. no swearing, not even *'s... i like clean language...
  3. if you miss atleast 2 episodes without giving me a good reason, you're disqualified...
  4. i would prefer if everyone follows my format...
  5. please do not edit any of my edits...
  6. break any of these rules more than once, and you're out...
  7. check back every day, because there might be another challenge...
  8. have fun!
  9. be true to your character...
  10. NO FIGHTING! If I see anymore of this, that person's characters will be Disqualified immediately...

Day 1

-A New Horizon

JT: Welcome, Contestants to Costa Rica! Take this time to meet your fellow competitiors, who might just become your new friends, or... enemies! Let's also look at what we can do here in Costa Rica!

JT's Confession: Here's where you'll reveal your deepest thoughts during the game!

JT: Outside of Challenges, you'll be staying at my huge guest mansion!

(Bloomin: If you want to send me a message here, then use this...)

JT: You can also use actions, like... (yells, punches wall, cries, etc.)

JT: Once you get your Teams and have your 1st Challenge, the losing Team will be sent to the... (thunder crashes) The Shore! The Shore is where your Team will vote, and the bottom 2 have to face each other in a Shore Battle! The loser of that Battle goes home! This will continue until the Halfway Point, where the Teams will be broken up! Make it that far, and all you have to do is make it to the Final 2! So... Let's Get Started!

Luke: (walks up to Ginger) Hey, I'm Luke! I'm competing so that my Grandmother can get her surgery... It's quite expensive, I'm afraid... And she's getting so ill... (looks down)

Ginger: (blushes, faints)

Luke: Well, then... (walks away)

Ginger's Confession: What was I supposed to say to a guy like him? He's so... so... perfect! He looks good, he says all the right words, I just couldn't take it! (adjusts glasses')

Kim: Hi, guys!

Ginger: Oh... (stands up, straightens her messy hair) Hey! I'm Ginger!

Gunter: My name is Gunter!

JT: Let's get those teams made, huh? When I call your name, stand over here to my Left: Alexandria, Kim, DeSean, Nate, Gabby, Rex, Ronald, Teddy, Kat, & Weston... You guys are The Red Cobras!

JT: The rest of you, to my Right: David, Luke, Maddie, Dex, Melissa, Eve, Rebecca, Gunter, Ginger, & Judd... You guys are The Blue Falcons!

Kim: I'm a Cobra! Yes! I've eaten one of those before!

Ginger: Well... (stammers) It's a good thing th-that we're Falcons, cause Falcons eat Cobras!

Luke: You ladies are even more special than I imagined, Beauty & Brains...

Luke's Confession: Don't think that I'm just another Alejandro! I really am a nice person! Girls tell me I should have more than 1 girlfriend because a guy like me shouldn't have just one...

David: I'll win!

Luke: Don't count on it! I'm going to win this for my grandmother...

Ginger's Confession: Wow! There are a lot of cute boys here! There's Mr. Perfect, Luke! And then there's the Bad Boy, David! (swoons, shrugs) Too bad they're all way out of my league...

Gabby's Confession: I can't paint! (Cries)

David's Confession: Gingers a geek.

David: (walks up to Ginger) Hey, hot girl.

Teddy: Hello, Hello! (Shops on phone)

Dex: (Reads)

Rebecca: waking up in the morning, gotta be fresh! I need to practice this for my concert!

Teddy's Confession: Poor Rebecca. (Rolls eyes) She has no chance of winning.

Rebecca: I am so epic! Way better then Bieber! Woo!

Judd: Like hey ya'll? I'm here to play!

(INSF: I'll do elimination table)

Dex: Um, okay. (Goes back to reading)

Judd: Put down that book honey and have fun!

Dex: (Stares at Judd) Why do you talk like that?

Judd: (Girly) No questions! Just FUN!

Nate: Hello, human life forms.

Teddy: (Smirks at Nate) You must be smart...

Nate: Looks like I am on the Red Ophiophagus.

Dex: But the Ophiophagus is not better than the Falconidae family.

Nate: Well, then we will see about that, carbon based life form known as Dex.

Dex: Whatever, canine familiaris.

Luke: Wow, guys! Those are some wicked comebacks!

Challenge: The Box

JT: For Today's Challenge, our Interns have created a State-Of-The-Art, Weaponized, Giant Cube which you all will have to stay in for the next 24 hours! That is until... you drive each other crazy! Your task for this Challenge is to be the longest one on both Teams to stay in the Box! Your reward is Team Invincibility and 1 hardworking member from the losers will get Invincibility, keeping them off the Shore! You can use the password to drop out, which is- (snickers) -Diddlybop! Begin!

Everyone: (enters the box)

Ginger: Oh, gosh! I don't like this!

Luke: Well, atleast all you lovely ladies are here to keep me company!

Ginger: (swoons)

Luke: And this'll be a great way for all of us to get to know each other!

Rebecca: It's Friday! Friday!

Judd: Eww! A girl!

Ginger: I'm going to die in here...

JT: (talking into a speaker connected to the Box) Hey, campers? Having fun yet? Anyone wanna quit?

Judd: Yes because there are girls!

Rebecca: Kickin' it in the front seat, sitting in the back seat!

JT: Just say the word and I'll let you out, Judd!

Judd: Diddlypop!

JT: (pulls a lever and the Box spits out Judd) We got ourselves a quitter! Current Camper Tally is Falcons: 9! Cobras: 10!

Ginger's Confession: Being in that Box with all those weirdos, it really changes a girl!

Ginger: (rocks like a baby's cradle)

Rebecca: It's Friday! Gotta get down on Friday!

Rebecca's Confession: I am going to try knock them out with my singing!

JT: And now, I'm gonna shoot out 4 random people! (pulls lever & Melissa, Kim, Eve, & Gunter are shot out of the Box) CCP is Falcons: 6! Cobras: 9! How about we do that again? (Ginger, Rex, David, & Maddie are shot out of the Box) CCP is Falcons: 3! Cobras: 8!

(Bloomin: Just so everyone knows, this really is random! I use an online randomizer and get rid of the top 4!)

JT: 1 more time! (pulls lever & Dex, Weston, Kat, & Ronald are shot out of the Box) CCP is Falcons: 2! Cobras: 5!

Rebecca: Friday!

Kim: (out of the box) Crap! I fell asleep and got bored.

JT: Well, left in the Box, for the Falcons we have: Luke & Rebecca! And for the Cobras we have: Alexandria, DeSean, Gabby, Nate, & Teddy! How about we get rid of 4 more and test the Falcons' Luck? (pulls lever & Alexandria, Gabby, Luke, & Nate are shot out of the Box) Wow! For the Falcons it's: Rebecca! And for the Cobras: DeSean & Teddy!

Ginger: There's gonna be a catfight soon...

Luke: Knock them out with your singing, Rebecca!

JT: I'd say it's about time to end this! (pulls lever and 2 people are shot out of the Box)

Ginger: Who just got shot out?

Luke: It's...

Everyone: Teddy & Rebecca!

JT: That means DeSean wins it for the Red Cobras! Blue Falcons, I'll see you at the Shore tonight!

The Shore: Xtreme Rock, Paper, Scissors

JT: Welcome, Blue Falcons, to the Shore! This is where every losing Team will go when they lose a Challenge and obviously... become losers! You will each vote for 1 person and the bottom 2 will have to fight for their lives in the Shore Battle! But, before we get to that... Rebecca, you have won the Invincibility from Today's Challenge, being you were the longest lasting Falcon! So no one vote for Rebecca! Okay, let's vote!

Luke: I'm sorry but... I vote for Judd!

Ginger: Well, definitely not Luke... I think... Judd!

Ginger's Confession: So, I guess you could say that I'm in an alliance with Luke, because I always vote for people he's voting for...

Dex: I know I did not do much, but I must vote for Ginger.

David: Ginger.

Dex's Confessional: (Reads)

JT: That's 2 for Judd, & 2 for Ginger! So you 2 are in the Shore Battle! Today's Battle Theme is... "Xtreme Rock, Paper, Scissors"!

Ginger: I don't like the sound of that...

JT: We'll give each of you some Sym-Bionic Gloves which will cause these Giant, Mechanized Fists to move as you do! Use these to make an awesome game of Rock, Paper, Scissors! Best 3 out of 5 wins the Shore Battle! Begin! (Ginger & Judd put on the gloves and begin near the shore while the others watch from the docks)

Ginger & Judd: Rock, Paper...

JT: (fast forwards)

Nathaniel: The winners of the rounds are: Ginger, Judd, Judd, & Judd! Judd Wins!

Ginger: Aw.

David: Bye, Geek!

Dex: Sorry, Ginger! (Reads)

Ginger: (sticks her tounge out at David)

Luke: (waves goodbye) Sorry, you had to leave so soon, Ginger!

Ginger: It's okay! Bye, Lukey! Beat the pants off of David! (steps onto the boat and leaves)

JT: What a way to start out the season! Huh, folks?

David: (beats up Luke)

Luke: (knocks out David and pushes him into the water)

JT: Catch you next time when our 2 Teams take an "Enchanted" Trip up North! Right here on Total Drama: Horizons!

Nathaniel: (offscreen) Hey, JT! When is the Chef coming?

JT: Oh... right. As Co-Host, you also get the privilege of being the show's... Chef! (throws him a hair net & kitchen smock)

Ginger's Last Words: I guess I'm not that sad about being voted off 1st, but... I can't believe David hated me! I mean, I thought he liked me! Luke better kick his-

David: Geek!

(Bloomin: Whenever a character gets kicked off, they can give a "Last Words" video on the boat!)

Day 2

-Enchanted Or Evil

JT: (blows a loud trumpet to wake up the campers & they all head to the Cafe Tent) Morning, Campers!

Luke: (yawns) Morning, Chris...

David: (Beats Luke up) Hey, Dork!

Luke: Give up already, David! It's impossible to hurt me, for my body is as tough as steel!

Luke's Confession: I thought that everyone liked me, but there must be something wrong with David...

Nathaniel: (laughs) Well, I hope you like slop! -_-

JT: Cause that's all Nathaniel here is capable of making!

Nathaniel: Oh, so you don't want that Chocalate Cake? :|

JT: Psh! What Chocalate Cake? (looks nervous) Moving On!

Luke's Confession: I never thought I'd have to do this... But, I think I need an alliance! I mean, I thought everyone would like me, but now... I want to get rid of David, that's for sure! So I need an alliance...

Nathaniel: I guess the Campers can have it! (holds out an amazing chocalate cake)

JT: Are you threatening me with delicious Chocolatey Goodness?

Nathaniel: Yes!

JT: (whimpers) Fine! Give it to the Campers! But just know that now you'll never see your Blanky again!

Rex: O_O CAKE! (grabs the cake and runs off)

Rex's Confession: (is eating an apple) Cake is good! -w-

Nathaniel: I don't have a blanky.

JT: I got you one for your birthday! I was gonna give it to you later! But now, never!

Nathaniel: You couldn't have! :| I've been in prison for the last 3 years! -_-

JT: Forget it! Rex ate the Cake anyway!

Rex: No, I didn't. I hid it! >:D

Everyone: What?

JT: Hold it!

Kat: But... the cake...

JT: I just thought of a Challenge!

Kat: But I want some of the cake. D:

Challenge: The Hunt

JT: For your Challenge, you must go into the Forest and find that Cake! But beware, the Forest is known to be... Enchanted! If I don't think you're working hard enough, I'll use my personal Space Satellite to teleport you back here!

Luke: Excuse me, but don't you mean Haunted?

JT: No, Enchanted. There's a difference. Go!

Rex: (runs to his cabin) Where is it? I know I hid it here...

Kim: (runs in the forest and starts climbing up trees) Come here little cakee! I won't bite. Well, I guess I will bite you since you are so delicious so you probably don't want to be near me...

Gabby: (Runs)

Teddy: (Shops on phone while walking) Oh my gosh, a new shirt!

Dex: Where is that cake? (Reads)

Gunter: (walks into forest and sees a fairy) What the?

Eve: (looks for cake)

Teddy: (Sees Dex) Pfft.

Dex: What?

Teddy: Nothing (Goes back to shopping)

Teddy's Confessional: What a lowlife bookworm...

Dex's Confessional: What a spoiled shopper brat...

Gunter: (flashes a smile at Teddy) Hey!

(Zanna: Gunter is super hot with an 8-pack of abs!)

Judd: Oh, my god! Gunter is so hot!

Rebecca: Wanna do a duet Gunter?

JT: No, he doesn't! (ports Rebecca back to his Mansion)

Teddy: Oh my gosh, like, Hi, Gunter!

Dex: (Laughs) Judd, you like guys?

Gunter: Sup, Teddy.

Teddy: (Blushes) Nothing are you?

Gunter: Good (walks up to Teddy) How are you?

Judd: Like totally! Girls are icky!

Dex: You're funny Judd

Teddy: I'm um, have you found the cake yet?

Judd: That's true. When I was forced to kiss a girl, I hated it and barfed in her mouth so I changed it to a guy!

Gunter: No...wanna look together...I know were on separate teams...but I wanna walk with you. (holds hand out in front of Teddy waiting for her to take his hand and walk together)

Dex: (Laughs hard)

Teddy: (Takes his hand)

Judd: (kisses Dex romanticially) Does this prove it?

Luke: (pukes)

Gunter: (walks while looking for cake with Teddy)

Teddy: You're so nice Gunter! But I hope you don't betray me...

Gunter: Why would I betray someone as hot as you? (leans in for a kiss)

(Zanna: is Teddy hot?)

(Teddy: Yeah, duh XD)

Dex: (Pushes himself away) Sorry, Judd, but I don't like guys. We can be friends though.

Teddy: (Kisses Gunter)

Gunter: (kisses Teddy romantically)

Teddy: (Stops, but in a nice way) Let's go look for that cake...

Teddy's Confessional: So...Gunter chose me...yay! (Shops)

Gunter: (looks for cake with Teddy)

JT: All this romance is making me barf in my mouth! Sure would be nice to have that cake! (ports Gunter, Teddy, Nate, and Judd back to his Mansion) CCP is Falcons: 5! Cobras: 9!

Eve: (looks for cake)

Judd: Don't worry, Dex. I never liked you (looks for cake)

Dex: (Sees something) Is that the cake? (Investigates)

Kat: CAKE >:D GIVE ME CAKE >:D (runs into the forest and searches for the cake)

Rebecca: If someone gives me their cake I"ll stop singing. It's Friday! (looks for cake)

Rex: I actually like your music! -w- (eats a carrot cake slice)

Nathaniel's Confessional: (shrugs) I didn't just make a chocalate cake. :|

Rebecca: You do? Thanks! 7 Am waking up in the morning! (looks for cake)

Rex: Want some lobster?

Nathaniel's Confessional: So that's where that went. -_-

(Bloomin: Did anyone notice that I changed the rules so if anyone isn't looking hard enough, I take them out? So why are ousted people still looking?)

(TDALindsayfan1: Sorry I've been inactive... I've been sick the last few days...)

Weston: (looks in a tree for the cake) Huh... no cake here, mate?

Alexandria: It's not in here, either. (is in a bush)

Rex: (sings) Cause, Baby your a firework! (searchs for cake)

Dex: (Sees cake, but it's in a tree) Oh my gosh, cake! (Goes for it)

Kat: That's not cake... it's a chipmunk...

Dex: (Frowns at Kat) I quite think it's a cake.

Gabby: (looks)

David: I'll coach!

Dex: (Goes for the cake, and almost gets it, but falls from tree) Ugh!

Eve: (looks for cake)

Gunter: (walks with Teddy)

Teddy: Gunter, I'm sleepy, and I need to shop. (Walks to Red Cobras room)

Dex: (Goes for it again, but fails again) Come on... (Throws book at the cake)

Gunter: Follow me. (takes Teddy to a room) Here. (lays Teddy on bed and sits at end of bed)

Teddy: (Feels awkward) Sorry, Gunter, but I really have to stay in the Red Cobras room... (Gets up and shops on the way)

Gunter: Ok.

Dex: (Throws book again, and succeeds, but the cake falls into one of the bushes) ...Crap.

Rebecca: (Runs to the cake in the bushes)

Nate: (runs to the bushes)

Rebecca: (Grabs the cake in a good grip) Yes!

(INSF: That is cheating Nate. I've already got the cake.)

Judd: Woohoo! We won! Go, Rebecca! Ewww a girl!

Dex: (Laughs) Good one, Judd! (Offers him a high five)

Judd: (hi-fives) Good what?

Dex: Well, I don't know, it was just funny how you cheered Rebecca on before saying "Ewww, a girl!"

Judd: ???

Dex: (Smiles nicely) Never mind Judd...

Kat: ... We Lost... DX

Teddy: Yeah, I know right!

Gunter: (to Teddy) Don't get eliminated, baby. (kisses Teddy on cheek and walks away)

Teddy: Thanks.

Dex: (To Gunter) Why are you going out with a member from the other team? And especially a spoiled brat!

Gunter: (punches Dex and walks away)

Rex: Friday, Friday, gotta get down o- oh... we lost... DX

(Bloomin: Sorry I have been inactive... I was just taking a short break from camps...)

JT: Way to fight back, Blue Falcons! Red Cobras, I'll see you at the Shore tonight!

The Shore: 4 Times The Fun

JT: Welcome to the Shore, Cobras! This is where you all will vote for someone you hate and then the bottom 2 will fight for survival in tonight's... Shore Battle! Oh, and Kim gets Invincibility tonight! Begin Voting!

Rex: Kim

Kat: Kim for sure.

JT: I said Kim's safe!

JT: Also, keep in mind that while you guys were working hard, Teddy was too busy with her love life, involving a Love who's on the other Team! (snickers) And if it wasn't for Rex hiding it, there wouldn't have been a challenge for you guys to lose!

Nathaniel: Stop trying to get Rex out. We all know you wanted that cake and had another challenge in your sleeve.

JT: Get back to the kitchen!

JT: Never mind! You don't have to vote since DeSean, Maddie, Ronald, & Melissa have all been totally inactive for 2 episodes now, they're all out! See you tomorrow, kids!

Nathaniel: (offscreen) I hope you like slop, JT!

JT: (whiny) Nathaniel...

Nathaniel: (offscreen) I think the campers will be eating much better than you for awhile...

(Bloomin: If Cphockey39 or Team E-Scope give me a good reason of why they missed 2 episodes, we'll talk...)

Gabby: Wow!

Rex: (eats a apple) I love apples. -w-

JT: Catch you all next time!

R.I.P. DeSean, Maddie, Melissa, & Ronald: In memory of these 4 who we never met...

Dex's Confessional: Gunter needs to go. He's betraying our team by going out with that stupid time we lose, he's going down! (Reads)

Teddy's Confessional: I know it's wrong...should I break up with Gunter? (Sighs, and shops)

Day 3

-Cheap Shots

JT: (at the cafe tent, JT smells his slop) Ugh! Nathaniel, I'm sorry! What do I have to do to get some Caviar?

(Bloomin: Snow will be gone for a week so she will not be competing as David or Gabby... I might stop the editing of some days to slow the process, since we don't want her to miss too much)

Luke: I believe the 1st thing would be to free him of kitchen duties!

Dex: And give him a book! Knowledge is power.

Nate: Hello.

(Bloomin: We've already talked about the bold thing.)

JT: Whatever... (gasps) I just got another Challenge idea!

Challenge: The Dodgeball Games

JT: As you probably already know, today we're playing Dodgeball! We will start with one person playing for each Team, and then we'll add one more person in each round! Be the fastest to knock out your opponents to score points! Best 2 out of 3 wins! Losers get Kitchen Duties, as well as elimination!

Nate: Agh, Dodgeball, I will play.

Teddy: Gross, Dodgeball...

JT: So, who's playing for the Cobras?

Teddy: (Sighs) Me...

JT: Okay! Falcons?

Luke: I will!

JT: K! Teddy, Luke, Begin!

Luke: (throws dodgeball at Teddy, misses)

Teddy: (Throws ball at Luke) Oh my gosh, I actually threw it!

Luke: (dodges, throws another ball at Teddy's head)

JT: That's Falcons: 1, Cobras: Zip!

JT: Next, is the 2 on 2 round! Who's joining Teddy?

(Teddy: Sorry, but I have to go...)

Nate: Me!!!

JT: And Dex, why don't you join Luke! Begin Round 2!

Luke: (throws ball at Teddy and hits her in the gut)

Nate: (throws a ball at Dex's Head)

Luke: Looks like it's just me and you, Nate! (throws a ball at Nate)

Nate: (dodges and gets two balls and rubs them on his shirt, making them electrified and throws them at luke)

Luke: (runs away but the balls follow him and strike in his head)

JT: And the second win goes to the Cobras! Final Round! Who's Playing for the win?

Nate: Me.

JT: Obviously... How about we just stuck with this interesting bunch? Begin the Final Round!

Luke: (knocks out Teddy once more)

Nate: (knocks out dex and takes a ball and throws it at Luke)

Luke: (deflects it with a ball and throws a ball right at Nate's head)

JT: And the Falcons win yet again! Cobras, you'll finally be sending someone home tonight!

The Shore: Kitchen Duty

JT: Welcome back to the Shore, Cobras! Tongiht, Invincibility goes to Nate, for fighting the hardest out of all the Cobras! So no votey for Natey! And Nate doesn't have to do kitchen duties unlike the rest of you losers! Begin voting!

Kim: (Sorry I haven't been on, busy lately) I vote Alexandria.

Nate: Alexandria.

JT: Anyone else? No? Well, okay then... Sorry, Alexandria, but... Psych! We ousted so many Campers last time that today was actually a Reward Challenge! The reward was not having to do Kitchen Duties! So, see you next time!

JT: Nathaniel, get me some Chocolate Cake and a huge bowl of Caviar!

Day 4

-Truth Or Quit

JT: (At the Campfire with the Campers surrounding him)

Luke: Excuse me, JT? Why did we have to get up at Midnight?

JT: (shushed him) Tonight, I have a surprise for all of you! This surprise might just change you all forever, in some good ways & some bad... we're gonna play-

David: Really!

Nathaniel: (glares at JT)

Dex: Oh, wow... (Reads)

Teddy: I don't get it, and I really don't care. (Shops on her phone)

Rex: You make good pancakes Nathaniel. -w-

Challenge: The Truth Or The Dare

JT: This challenge is very simple. Opposing Team members will ask tons of questions & dares! If you don't do the dare or don't spill the truth, you're out! The more you dish or do, the more points you get for your team! Begin!

Luke: Okay, Rex! How many things have you stolen?

Dex: Since he's not answering, why don't you ask me something?

Luke: K! Dex, have you kissed a girl yet?

JT: Remember, lie and you're out!

Kim: (waits for Dex) I got a whole bunch of questions!

Dex: No...

Kim: Dex, have you ever been arrested? If so, how many times?

Dex: I've never been arrested.

Gunter: Hey, Teddy. (kisses Teddy)

Teddy: Not now Gunter.

Gunter: (rolls eyes)

Eve: Gunter I dare you to kiss Judd.....xD

Dex: (Snickers)

Teddy: Oh, wow. (Giggles)

Kim: Dex, I dare you to slap Teddy.

Teddy: You wouldn't...

Dex: (Slaps Teddy)

Gunter: (gulps) Umm.....(leans into Judd's face)

Eve: xD

Dex: Do it for our Team, Gunter!

Teddy: Teehee...

Kim: Weston, I dare you to talk!

Eve: (trips Gunter)

Gunter: (falls on Judd while kissing Judd)

Eve: (gasps and laughs)

Kim: Weston isn't talking, he's out right, JT?

JT: I meant out of the Challenge, crazy girl!

Gunter: (gets off Judd and kisses Teddy)

Kim: Teddy, is Gunter the best guy kisser that you've ever kissed?

Gunter: Shut up, Kim!

Teddy: Um...

Gunter: Teddy, you still like me right?

Teddy: Well, yeah, but it's just that we're on different teams and all...

Gunter: So what are you saying?

Dex: (Reads) She's breaking up with you stupid!

Teddy: Yeah...

Gunter: Teams weren't made to keep us apart! Goodbye, Teddy, I'll never forget you! JT.........................................................I quit.

Eve: (gasps)

Gunter: (leaves)

Dex: That's a bit too emotional, sheesh!

Kim: Aw...

JT: Wow, did not see that coming. But, since the Falcons did and dished more than the Cobras, Cobras are going to the Shore tonight!

Everyone: (gasps)

Judd: You're too pretty to leave Gunter!

Rebecca: (Looks at him)

The Shore: Alexandria's Depart

JT: Wow. This is just sad. Three Days in a row now you guys have been in the bottom! What up with that? Anyway, since like no one on this Team dished or did anything, everyone's on the choppin block! Begin!

Kim: Alexandria, again.

Teddy: Alexandria.

JT: Well, if there are not more votes, then it's unanoumous! Alexandria, you're gonzo!

Alexandria's Last Words:

Day 5

JT: (blows air horn to gather the contestants) Let's go! We got a big day ahead of us! A day that must be filled with joy, happiness, and laughter!

Luke: And why is that, JT?

Luke's Confession: I pretty much and expecting anything at this point, since JT comes up with such tough adn weird challenges!

JT: Because, you all will be performing a talent show! That is, if anyone here is talented?

Challenge: The Talent Show

JT: You're challenge is divided into 2 Parts, Part 1 consists of talking with your Team and deciding on 3 talents to perform in the show, Part 2 will be the Performance Round, where me and 3 other judges will critique your Team's performances! You will be judged by Teamwork in Part 1, and in Part 2 on Style & Actually Talent! The Talent Show itself will begin when I say so... Begin!

Luke: Ideas? I'm quite a Lion Tamer!

Rebecca: I can sing!

Rex: I can do an amazing gymnastic act. :D

Rex's Confessional: You have to be nimble and quick to steal, so I can do gymnastics quite easily. :D

Eve: I can Sing and Dance!

Teddy: I can shop awesomely.

Kat: I have a wonderful singing voice. :)

Nate: I can answer a lot of Social Studies Questions.

Dex: How pathetic Nate...

Luke: Too bad Gunter quit... Seems like Teddy doesn't even care! I bet they were just trying to lower our numbers! Anyway... I say me and Eve are pretty much set! But, we need 1 more!

Nate: I can sing. (sings like Cody simpson)

Luke: Well, Judd has no talent except being girly. Sorry, Judd, but it's true. David's out of the question. So that only leaves Rebecca or Dex!

JT: Tick-tock, people!

Luke: Dex, do you have any talent? Beat-boxing?

JT: Okay, since you guys take FOREVER, I'm gonna decide who performs! For the Falcons: Luke, Eve, & Dex! Rebecca, your singing annoys me! For the Cobras: Kat, Teddy, & Nate!

JT: Now, please welcome our Panel of Judges! There's the amazing... Me! There's Nathaniel, our Rockin Co-Host! And we also have 2 guest judges! There's Pro Bass Player, Mo, & the Unknown Talent, Ryan!

JT: Luke's up 1st!

Luke: (steps on stage in tamer outfit) Release the beast! (Lion steps on stage, Luke picks up a chair and points at the Lion with it, whips Lion) Back, Back you foul, ugly, Beast! (whips at it's feet & the Lion runs back into it's cage whimpering)

JT: Impressive, I give it a 7/10! Judges, what do you guys think?

Nathaniel: Fierce, I say 8/10.

Ryan: Wow, that must have been hard, 9/10.

Mo: Well, he's pretty cute, so I say 9/10.

(Bloomin: Since Snow is still gone, I will play Mo for now. BTW, Mo's a Girl..)

Teddy: I demand to be next!

JT: Okay, Teddy... Go! .............................................. Never mind, Kat, Go!

Kat: (steps onto stage wearing a sparkiling white dress)

Rex: (wolf whistles)

Kat: I'm going to sing Firework, by Katy Perry. (sings it perfectly on pitch)

JT: I'm not just doing this because I think Katy Perry's hot, but... 10/10!

Mo: Well, personally... I HATE Katy Perry, but the singing was good, so... 8/10!

JT: Nathaniel, Ryan, what do you think?

Eve: (waits to be called)

Nathaniel: You look amazing and your singing was perfect 9/10.

Ryan: (is drooling) 10/10.

Eve: (waits to be called)

JT: Eve, you're up!

Eve: (walks on stage and start dancing like Beyonce and Shakira, Sings like Katy Perry and Lady Gaga, Dances more, sings more, dances, sings, bows and walks off stage)

JT: Well, I really enjoyed the Shakira Dance, so I give it a 9/10!

Mo: Girl, you have talent! 10/10!

Nathaniel: Lame and you were off pitch, -_- 7/10.

Ryan: Show off, 7/10.

JT: Next is Nate.

(Bloomin: If you guys don't stop, Nathaniel is fired, I'll take over Ryan, and all your characters are off the show permanately! Logging off.)

Nate: (dances and sings like cody simpson) (finshes and bows)

Ryan: Aww... I was looking forward to your actual talent... 6/10

Nathaniel: Is everyone going to sing? 8/10

JT: I guess it's okay. Although, Cody Simpson sounds like a girl. 7/10.

Mo: Cody Simpson is a shrimpy, girly-sounding kid! 7/10.

JT: Next is either Teddy or Dex.

Mo: I say that since they're taking so long that we just tally the scores, hm?

JT: Ok... For The Blue Falcons, out of 80... 66! And for the Red Cobras, out of 80... OMG! 65! Meaning the Falcons win again! Sorry, Cobras, but you're sending someone home tonight!

The Shore: Choosing Doors

JT: Welcome back, yet again... Cobras. Since Kat did amazing today, she gets invincibility! So vote for anyone else!

Rex: I don't like Nate.

Kat: Nate should've done his original act. I vote him.

Teddy: I vote off Rex.

JT: Awesome! Looks like we can finally have a Shore Battle! Today's Battle Theme is... "Choosing Doors"! Nate & Rex will take turns choosing 1 of 5 doors to open! Except 1 door is rigged to hit you with a giant boxing glove when opened! The one who opens the rigged door is hit right to the boat and goes home! Nate goes 1st since he has more votes!

Rex: Aw, man...

Teddy: Whatever, I like Nate way better.

(Bloomin: Since this was taking forever, I randomized the outcome. Nate picked 5. Rex picked 2. Nate picked 3. And Rex picked 1. 1 was the rigger door, so Rex is outy!)

JT: See ya, Rex! Say Hi to your Dog for me! (Rex flies overhead and into the boat from being hit by the boxing glove)

Rex's Last Words: I actually played the game, unlike others. I hope Kat gets far...

Day 6

-Major Rockage

JT: (blows air horn to wake up the teams) Rise & Shine, Campers! We got loads of stuff to do! (through Megaphone) Will Mo & Ryan also please report to the Campgrounds?

Luke: What is it this time, JT?

JT: I have big news! Well, actually 2 things! 1. I got new shoes! And 2. Mo & Ryan will officially be joining the season due to shortage of campers and the fact that their ride got attacked by Sharks this morning!

Mo: You mean that I'm stuck here with all these loons!?

Luke: Who knows, maybe not everyone here is bad...

JT: Plus, today's Challenge is...

Challenge: The Battle Of The Bands

JT: You guys will be creating a song on the spot to perform for me, and I will judge you based on how good it is! Easy enough? Okay, go!

Mo: JT? What teams are Ryan & I on?

JT: Oh, right! Mo will be joining the Red Cobras & Ryan- the Blue Falcons!

Chris: To sing, type like this!

The Blue Falcons: Gonna Kill It

Luke: (synth pop rock intro music...) We.. Ain't gonna change! Gonna rearange.. all of your Cobra faces! Hey! Don't be that way! Just gonna play.. and use up all our aces! I know that. I know that. I know, Oh yeah, I know that. I know that. I know that. I know, Oh yeah, I know that.

Luke: Gonna kill this stage like it's all glass!

Luke: Gonna live every day like it's our last!

Luke: You and Me together, we can take the world together! Gonna kill this song and make the speakers blast! Gonna Kill it, kill it, kill it, kill it!

Rebecca: (Rocky poppy style) Friday! FRIDAY! Gonna kill it Friday! Kill it, kill it! Kill it on Friday! Gonna kill it! Nothing you can do about it!!!

Judd: (Girly) Gonna kill it guys!

Luke: (stops the track, plays original) Gonna kill your song, cuz it's your last!

Luke: Gonna kill the roof, like it's a blast!

Rebecca: (sings like Luke) Gonna kill it, at last!

Luke: You and Me together, we will beat you whenever! Gonna kill it now and really fast! Gonna kill it, kill it, kill it, kill it!

Everyone: Kill it!


The Red Cobras: Cruella De Vil

Nate: Cruella De Vil!

Mo: The words she says make our spines really.. chill! Cruella, Cruella... De Vil!

Mo: Hey, I know an evil witch who lives across the street! Who is it you ask, well I'll give you a hint! She's got eyes like a racoon and hair like a wolf! Cruella, Cruella... De Vil!

Nate: At first you might think she's a devil..

Mo: Something clever, but oh so mental...

Mo: You know she cannot get sentimental! Cruella De Vil!

Mo: Cruella, she's got quite a house, and a shark in her pool! You see that fur coat she's got, I bet it's made of her poodle! She's got 4 rabid dogs and a man with one eye! Cruella, Cruella... De Vil!

Nate: She's like a spider waiting for the kill! Cruella De Vil...Cruella De Vil!

Nate: She Ought to be Locked up, the world will be a Haaapy Place....CRUELLA DE VIL!

Mo: Just look at her face, you know it's not Na-tur-al! Cruella, Cruella.. De Vil!




JT: Wow, this is pretty tough. I thought Gonna Kill It was a pretty raw and gritty song, so that's cool. And I like the music so, I'll give it a 9/10!

JT: But the Cobras' version of Cruella De Vil was pretty cool too. I like the lyrics Mo used, way to start strong! I'll give them 9/10 also!

JT: I'm also bringing in a guest judge! Please welcome, Helen!

Helen: (enters) The Cobra's Song was good and catchy I'll give it an 8/10. The Falcons' Song was really good I give it an 9/10.

JT: Looks like the Falcons win again! Oh, and Nathaniel? If you don't pull yourself together, your out!

(Bloomin: This really means that I don't want anymore fighting between users. I posted a new rule stating that anymore user fights will end with their characters being disqualified)

The Shore: Dishin Out

JT: (not surprised, bored) Welcome back to the Shore, Cobras. Since Mo & Nate both did awesome jobs in the Challenge, they both have invincibility. Begin.

Mo: I vote for Kat, since she whines.

Nate: I vote for Kat.

JT: That's 2 votes for Kat. If she gets 2 more, then she's out!

Teddy: I guess Kat.

JT: 1 more!

Kat: Teddy, all she does is shop...

JT: Oh! Looks like Kat & Teddy are in the Shore Battle! Today's Battle Theme is... "Dishin Out!" Kat and Teddy have to insult each other in an all out Dish Out! The one who does best at burnin the other wins! Begin!

Teddy: Alrighty then. Kat, you are so ugly, that when you look in the mirror, your reflection destroys the mirror!

Everyone: OH!

Kat: Teddy, your so ugly that when you entered an ugly contest, they said no professionals.

Kat: You're so dumb that you tripped over a cordless phone.

Teddy: You're so ugly, that when a homeless person asks you for money, he gives you a dollar after looking at your face.

JT: (laughs)

Kat: You're so dumb then when you go in a submarine, you open a window and sink it.

Teddy: You're so ugly, that when you walk into a bank, they turn off the security cameras.


Kat: You're so ugly, that when you were born, your mother commited suicide, so she wouldn't see your face.

Teddy: You're so ugly, that when you sink your face in dough, you can make monster cookies.

JT: I said to Stop! The winner is................................................................................... KAT!

Teddy: What!? Can I at least say one more!? UGH!!!

Kat: YES! Good-bye, Teddy!


JT: Atleast you have Gunter to go running back to! If he accepts you back!

Teddy's Last Words: I hate everyone! JT knows I was better than Kat!!! HE KNOWS!!! I will return, you know that!!! UGH!!! (Punches the camera)

Day 7

-Survival Of The Sanest

JT: (walking into the forest with the teams following him) Left, Left! Left, Right, Left! Campers, Halt! Today, you guys are going to spend your 1st of 7 nights in the woods! You will have to fend for your teams without any supplies! Plus, you'll have to kill your own food! Every Night, I will find you and bring anyone who wants out back to the camp! The team who's member is the last one standing wins!

Challenge: The Campout

Luke's Confession: Final 13. It seems like whenever someone leaves, someone else comes back. When are we going to make it to the merge?

Eve: Ewww...the woods.

Luke: I could hold your hand if you're scared?

Eve: Ok. (holds Luke's hand)

Luke: So what do we do now, JT?

JT: Do what survivalists do, man! Catch your own food! See ya! (grabs a ladder connected to Nathaniel's Chopper)

Eve: (puts Head on Luke's Shoulder)

Luke: Okay, then! We should find a river and catch some fish!

Eve: (looks for River with Luke)

Luke: (sees river, takes his shirt off) 1st rule of survival: Do not get your clothes wet or risk hypothermia at night! I'll handle this, Eve, you can just wait here!

Eve: (takes of clothes to reveal bikini and to reveal hot sexy body and jumps in)

Luke: (in the water) Or I guess you can help me catch fish?

Eve: (searches for Fish)

Luke: Found one! (catches Fish by the gills, throws it onto land) We're gonna need a lot more for the rest of the team!

Eve: I found one. (throws fish onto land)

Luke: Found 2 more! (throws 2 more small fish onto land) We probably only need like... 3 more!

Eve: (A giant fish starts to make Eve drown) He.....Help.....H

Luke: Eve! (swims over to her and wrestles the fish away from her, carries her onto land and gives her CPR)

Eve: (wakes up) You saved me. (kisses Luke)

Luke's Confession: There's only one way to describe that: W.O.W.

JT's Confession: (barfs) Oh, please! I signed these people up for drama & action, not lovey-dovey crap!

Eve: Luke, go get the rest of the fish I'll stay here.

Luke: Alright. (grabs a sharp branch and walks back to the river, stabs the huge fish that attacked Eve, and brings it back) Done.

Eve: (Heads back to the campsite with luke with fish) Follow me. (starts walking up a mountain)

Luke: (raises an eyebrow) Okay...

Eve: (Finds a spot at the top of the mountain and sits)

Luke: (sits by Eve)

Eve: (lays down and looks up at the sunset)

Luke: (lays down and looks at the sunset as well)

Eve: (looks at Luke)

Luke: What?

Eve: (kisses Luke)

Nathaniel: Hey JT, do you think we should release those animals into the woods? You know, the killer ones?

JT: Eh, sure.

Nathaniel: (speaks into walkie-talkie) Boys, release the killer dogs.


Eve: (sees Killer Dogs) Stay back. (does Karate on killer dogs)

Luke: (pretends to throw a toy so the dogs follow)


Luke: (does Judo on the killer dogs)

Ryan: (dogs completly ignore him) For once that is useful. -_-

Luke: (sits down tired and sweaty after the dogs leave them in fear)

Kat: (finds luke and eve) hi...

Luke: Hey, Kat...

Eve: -_-

Kat: Well, I hope our team wins this time. we're overdue, Plus, i'm sure i'll be the next to go. DX

Luke: Why do you say that?

Kat: I was in the shore battle...

Luke: Oh, yeah...

JT: (walks up to everyone) Well, how was everyone's 1st night?

Kat: I hated it...

Eve: (lays down on mountain again feeling lonely)

Luke: (grabs Eve's hand) I think you know JT...

Eve: (walks down to the camp ground and gets in her tent)

Kat: (looks at luke then looks away)

Luke's Confession: What the heck did I do wrong?

Eve's Confession: Why is he ignoring me?

Eve: (lays in her tent alone)

Luke: (bangs his head on the wall of the Confession Can)

Kat's Confession: I think I might like Luke...

Luke: (overheard Kat saying something in the Confession Cam) What?

Kat: O_O nothing...

Eve: (lays lonely in tent)

Luke: (rushes into Eve's tent) Okay, what's your problem? You were happy and fine until the dogs attacked!

Dex: (Reads)

Eve: I feel like your ignoring me whenever I kiss you! You run off!

Luke: What? When have I ever done that?

Kat's Confession: Well he is cute... and hot...

Eve: When the dogs came!

Luke: Oh, sorry if I had to stop kissing you to keep you from getting eaten by dogs!

Eve: (lays down)

Kat: Hi, guys... again.

Luke: Whatev. (leaves)

Eve: (gets up and jumps on Luke and kisses him)

Kat: O_O uh... i'll just be leaving...

Weston: I'll stay... (slouches)

Weston's Confession: (slightly smiles) Love ya, Jessica!

JT: Okay, I've got a big surprise for everyone!

Nate: I need water, food, and shelter- (finds an old shack) Now I need some water and food (goes to the lake for food and water)

The Shore: Idol Eyesights

JT: That last challenge was just to stir up some "Love In The Wild". (laughs) Each team will now vote for someone to go into the Shore Battle and face someone from the other Team! And since Luke, Nate, Kat, & Eve all did good surviving in the wild, they get invincibility!

Luke: Dex!

Nate: I vote for Gabby.

JT: Since we're running out of time in out time slot, we'll just have Gabby and Dex go in! Today's Battle Theme is... "Idol Eyesights"! 1 Player from 1 of the Teams has an Idol, if you choose the person with the idol, you win! Since Dex got voted for 1st, he can have 1st choice!

(Bloomin: I randomized yet again)

Dex: (picked Rebecca)

JT: No.

Gabby: (picked Eve)

JT: No.

Dex: (picked Luke)

JT: Yes! Meaning Gabby is going bye-bye!

Gabby's Last Words:

Day 8

-Sheer Luck

JT: (standing in front of an active geyser field) Welcome, everyone! Today's challenge is all about sheer luck!

Eve: (Kisses Luke in tent)

Logan: (stops kissing Eve for a second) Okay, Eve! I love you, but we still have to focus! We don't want to be another Geoff/Bridgette scenario, do we?

Eve: (thinks for a second) No! (Kisses him then goes outside for the challenge)

Luke: (follows her)

Ryan: I thought you'd never stop kissing.

Eve: (kicks Ryan then keep walking to JT, 'holds luke's hand while walking and puts her head on his shoulder)

Ryan: OW! I just wanted the batteries in your tent and didn't want to disturb you!

Challenge: The Lucky Few

JT: For today's challenge, you all will stand in this geyser field while it randomly shoots people out! Last one standing wins for their team! And you better hope you're lucky, cuz today is the last day before the merge!

Eve: (stands with Luke)

Kat: (stands away from luke and eve, then looks at luke, blushes then looks away)

JT: (waits as everyone walks into the geyser field)

JT: (Kim, Mo, Nate, & David are shot out) That was fast!

Mo: Aw, come on!

Kat: AHH! (grabs onto the closet person which is ryan)

JT: (Kat, Judd, Luke, & Rebecca are shot out) 4 more down!

Eve: LUKE!

JT: (Eve is shot out)

Eve: (flies into air, then lands on ground)

JT: (Ryan is shot out) Final 2! (Dex is shot out) Weston wins for the Cobras! Meaning the Blue Falcons have to send someone home!

Ryan: NO!

The Shore: Kickin Off Crazyness

JT: Been a while, huh... Since today's challenge was based on luck, no one is safe! Begin!

Eve: I vote Judd he hasn't been doing much lately

Ryan: I guess Eve, she constantly kisses Luke..

Eve: (kicks Ryan)

Ryan: OW! THAT'S IT (tackles eve)

Eve: Did you just tackle a girl? Oh that's it (kicks Ryan in groin)

Ryan: OW! OW! (punches eve in the chest area)

Eve: (gets the breath knocked out of her falls to the ground not breathing) DQ himmmmm. (eyes shut)

Luke: Eve! (helps her up)

JT: Sorry, but there's another person in need of DQ'ing! It's Kim! Sorry, but you haven't done anything for over 3 days! (pushes Kim to the boat) Bye-Bye!

Kim's Last Words:

Eve: (Kicks Ryan's groin so hard he can't have babies, walks away with Luke)

Ryan: (rolls out of the way just in time) Watch yourself, Eve.

Day 9

-Choosing Sides

JT: (at the cafeteria as the contestants sit) Welcome, campers! Today is gonna be awesome! Because the 2 Teams are now 1 as we become the Final 11!

Nathaniel: (finds a teddy bear in the fridge) JT, is this yours?

JT: Put Mr. Snugglewuffles back right now! Or you're DQ'd!

Nathaniel: (puts teddy bear back in fridge) you were raiding the fridge again, weren't you?

JT: Maybe... I'm sorry, but that roast you made for me the other day was undercooked!

Eve: (sits with Luke at table) Luke do you love me?

Luke: Of course!

Nathaniel: Slop for you! I think the contestants can have your cavier now. -w-

JT: Really? We're back to this again!?

Kat: (overhears what luke said and runs to the confessional)

Eve: Me too. (goes to JT) If you don't stop complaining about love because you can't get a girl so help me, if you do get one I will make you not have babies! (sits bye Luke again)

Kat's Confession: (cries) I like him but he doesn't like me. DX

JT: Yo, crazy gal! I was talkin bout Nathaniel starving me!

Nathaniel: You're going to have slop until you learn to appreciate my cooking, JT!

JT: Whatev! Anyway, campers... I have yet another surprise for you! Drumroll, please? (hears dumroll) Welcoming, our new contestant, Elena!

Eve: (sits with Luke)

Elena: Hi!

Luke: How's it going, Elena? I'm Luke! (waves from table)

Eve: And I'm Eve.

Kat: And I'm Kat and this is Ryan.

Elena: Thanks guys!

Mo: How come you guys didn't greet me that nicely?

Eve: (Sits on Luke's lap)

Elena: Whats your name? *to Mo*

Mo: Mohini, but my friends call me Mo.

Kat: I hope you enjoy your time here, cause it'll be short. :D

Elena: (whispers to mo) Want to make an alliance?

Mo: Oh, please... Like I would actually make an alliance with the new girl who's already stolen my spotlight! By the way, you will call me Mohini, Eleanor! (walks away to the confessional)

Mo's Confession: I can't believe that everyone takes a liking to the new girl in seconds, but they hardly talk to me!

Elena: (shouts) my name is ELENA!!!!!

Mo: (from the confessional) Who cares!?

Luke: Harsh. Anyway, Me & Eve will make an alliance with you, Elena!

Kat: Sign me in too.

JT: Anyway, kids! Today's challenge is- (lights go out, and JT screams, lights go on and JT is missing)

Elena: We officially are an alliance!

Challenge: The Slasher Flick

Luke: What just happened to JT?

Nathaniel: Ok Guys, don't freak out but the- (lights go out and when they go back on, Nathaniel is gone too)

Luke: What's going on?

Eve: both the annoying hosts are gone....YAY!

Luke: It's not okay, hon!

Elena: Scary!

???: (a thunderous knock is heard on the door)

Logan: Nobody open the door! (Mo is thrown through the open window, appearing to be dead)

Elena: (screams)

(BR222: i have to go see you tommorow)

(Bloomin: me too)

???: (The knocking becomes louder, and then a figure breaks the door down, the lights go off and when they turn back on Dex is missing (Random.orged :D))

Elena: (screams again)

???: (chainsaw noises are heard and elena disappears when the lights flicker again)

Eve: *yawns*

???: (the dark menacing figure runs in from the back door, grabs david and runs out)

Luke: Oh my, God! There's a killer on the loose!

Killer: (steps into the light revealing that he's wearing a hockeymask and holding a chainsaw. He grabs Weston and drags him outside)

Luke: (faints)

Luke's Confession: I guess I couldn't be perfect all the time.

Killer: (everyone rushes out of the building, leaving Luke behind. Eve comes back to get him and he's gone)

Mysterious Voice: run, run, little toys! for the killer will catch all you little girls and boys! (laughs crazily)

Killer: (Judd runs away from the group and into the woods on acount of so many girls left. After a minute passes a scream echoes through the woods)

Nate: Oh my god, (grabs a knife from the kitchen)

Killer: (a scream echoes around the campsite. It belongs to Ryan)

Mysterious Voice: 8 down, 4 to go! (laughs evily)

Nate: I bet the killer is JT.

Mysterious Voice: the killer is not JT!

Killer: (the killer grabs nate and nate lets out a scream. Now only Eve, Rebecca and Kat are left)

Mysterious Voice: Who will it be? Lady number 1, 2, or 3?

Killer: (A high pitched scream spreads over the whole camp. Eve and Rebecca are the last two)

Mysterious Voice: Eenie, Menie, Minie, Mo... Who will die, and who will live?

Killer: (A singers voice has been silenced. The killer only has one target now, Eve)

Mysterious Voice: (mimics Jaws theme)

Killer: (goes up to eve and then takes mask off revealing that it's nathaniel) Congrats Eve. You were the only one to survive the challenge. You have immunity from the vote. And don't worry about everyone else, they're with JT.

The Shore: Just Enough Hate

JT: Welcome, Contestants to the Shore! This is the 1st time you've all been here... Hm... Anyway, you all know by now that Eve had Immunity! So vote for anyone else! The Bottom 2 will fight! Begin!

Ryan: Mo, she was the first captured!

Kat: Totally Mo!

Mo: Elena! Who else?

Luke: Dex, he doesn't deserve to be here.

JT: Why would you guys vote for the 1st caught!? That means they're the weakest! That's good!

Kat: We want to go up against the hardest to prove that we deserve the win!

JT: Interesting tactic! But, I thought you were in an alliance with Luke? Shouldn't you vote with him?

Ryan: We can't change our votes...

JT: Says who? I got rid of that rule!

Ryan: Well, if you did, I guess I'll vote for Dex.

Kat: And I'll vote for Dex too...

Mo: Well... I don't want to be the odd one out, so I'll vote for Dex as well!

JT: I'd say that's enough hate to kick off Dex, don't you think, Nathaniel?

Nathaniel: Yep... plus, he still smells from when he wet his pants when I caught him.

JT: See ya, Nerd! (pushes Dex onto the boat)

Dex's Last Words: I guess I do deserve to go...oh, well. Time to read! (Reads)

Day 10

-Defying Fear

JT: 1st things 1st, Rebecca & Judd are DQ'd! Next order of business is... The Challenge! Today, since we are now suddenly down 2 people, the challenge will be a reward challenge!

Challenge: The Canyon

JT: Today, you guys will get to pair up with a person of your choosing! One person will rock climb in the nearby canyon, while their partner holds the balet! Me & Nathaniel will also be shooting junk at you! This challenge will also be held Tourney-style! The winners will both get their own Immunity Idol to save their butts in a sticky situation!

Luke: Eve, you and I can be a pair! I'll climb while you hold the balet, K?

Mo: Oh, Elena?

Mo's Confession: I just wanted to be Elena's partner so I can drop her balet and make she leaves the show by injury!

Eve: Ok.

Mo: (to Elena) Want to be my, partner? Buddy?

Ryan: Kat?

Kat: (giggles) sure.

Kat Confession: Luke must know I like him so I'm gonna make him jealous :D

JT: Luke & Eve, Kat & Ryan! Since you guys formed 1st, you can go 1st! Begin!

Eve: (holds balet for Luke)

Ryan: Go, Kat!

Kat: (climbs)

Luke: (climbs)

JT: (throws a trash can at Luke & Kat)

Luke: (kicks the can away and continues climbing)

Kat: (climbs to the left to dodge the trash can and mantains a steady lead on Luke)

JT: (activates mine bombs in the cliff)

Luke: (climbs out of the way of some falling rocks caused by the bombs, keeps climbing)

Kat: (continues to climb) OH, ARE THOSE BEARS!?!

Bears: (throw stuff at them from above)

JT: Circus bears! (laughs) Brought them in special!

Kat: (climbs to the right to avoid the bears) I HATE YOU, JT!!!

Bear #1: (jumps off the cliff to attack Luke)

Eve: (shoots bear with tranquillizer gun)

Luke: Thanks, hon! (keeps climbing)

JT: And the winner is... (first one to say they make it to the top wins)

Luke: I made it! (punches bear)

JT: Meaning, Kat & Ryan missed out on the reward!

Eve: (climbs up there and makes out with Luke a lot)

JT: The other pairs I will make randomly!

Kat: I feel like Ryan. I got here 5 seconds before Luke. -_-

Eve: (kisses Luke a lot)

JT: The other pairs are... Elena & Mo! Weston & Nate! And... David. Huh. I guess David doesn't get a chance! Next match is Elena/Mo vs. Weston/Nate!

Eve: (kisses Luke)

Kat: but... I got here five seconds before Luke... Yep, I feel like Ryan...

JTL (fast forwards and Weston/Nate win) Final matchup, Luke & Eve vs. Weston & Nate!

Eve: Go, baby!

JT: (fast forwards, Eve & Luke randomly win)

Eve: (kisses Luke)


Elena: Ewwwww.

The Shore: Feedback

JT: This is the contestants chance to tell how they feel on the Final 9 or the show in general!

Eve's Feedback: I love this show cause I met Luke here. (kisses Luke)

Luke's Feedback: I didn't expect Ryan, Nate, & David to make it this far, honestly!

Elena's Feedback: Im enjoying my time so far!

Mo's Feedback: I hate most of the people here! Elena, Nate, Ryan, Kat...

Kat's Feedback: I wish Luke would notice me...

Ryan's Feedback: All Eve and Luke do is kiss.

Day 11

-Hide And Hope For Your Life

JT: Hey, guys! Today, we're going back to preschool! Cuz we're playing-

Challenge: The Hiders & Seekers

JT: You guys will hide, and Nathaniel & I will have to guess where the person is! For example, is Luke behind the cafeteria? You guys will have to honestly tell us if we're right! Begin!

Elena: (hides)

JT: Is Elena in the Cabins?

Eve: (hides)

Elena: (shouts) no!!!!!

JT: Is Eve behind a tree?

JT: And is Elena hiding in a bush?

Kat: (hides)

Ryan: (hides)

JT: 1st one to reveal themselves gets Immunity!

Eve: (reveals herself)

JT: Eve now has 2 Idols! You can also give it to anyone else!

Luke: (hides)

Mo: (hides)

Nathaniel: Wasn't that meant to be a trick?

JT: No.

Nathaniel: Is Mo in the forest?

JT: Close.

Nathaniel: Maybe the cabins?

JT: Something in the forest.

Nathaniel: Is she in the cave in the forest?

JT: No. Something green.

Nathaniel: You gonna guess where Kat and Ryan are? Is she in the top of the trees?

JT: Q#1- Is Kat in the Cafe? Q#2- No.

Kat: Not even close.

Nathaniel: In a bush?

Mo: Yes.

JT: Is Kat in the water under the docks?

Kat: Aw, man...

Nathaniel: Is Luke in the cabins?

JT: No. Luke is also in the forest! (finds David) We still have to find Luke, Ryan, Elena, Weston, & Nate! Any Camper who finds someone else also gets Immunity!

Mo: Is Ryan on top a tree?

Eve: Is Nate in a log?

JT: Who knows? (finds Nate) 4 left!

Eve: Is Elena in a lake?

Kat: Is Luke in the cave?

Ryan: I'm not in the top of the trees :P

JT: Luke isn't in the cave, he is in something asked before! Is Ryan underwater, also?

Ryan: Nope, I'm dry.

Kat: Is he behind a tree?

Luke: Aw...

JT: 3 left! Is Ryan in the cave?

Ryan: Nope.

JT: (finds Weston) Is Ryan in plain sight since no one sees him?

Ryan: I hate you for bringing my hated characristic up. But no, I am hidden.

JT: K, I'm bored, so I'm just gonna give Immunity to both Elena & Ryan! To the Shore!

The Shore: 2 More Mates Go

JT: Welcome, Final 9, to the Shore! Ryan, Elena, & Kat have Immunity so they can't be voted off! Luke & Eve, would you like to use your Idols?

Luke: No. BTW, I vote for Weston!

Mo: Me too. He doesn't deserve to be here!

Eve: I'm not using mine. I vote for Weston.

Kat: I vote Nate.

JT: Good enough, Weston is gone! And Nate was gonna be DQ'd anyway, so... Both of you mates have gotta head back home!

Ryan: I was in the kitchen :D

Day 12

-Epic Giant Robot Battle

JT: Well, well... It's down to the Final 7! 3 Guys, 4 Gals! Who will win? We'll find out in a few more days! Today, we're gonna have a Double Elimination! So the stakes are even higher! And the Challenge is gonna be epic!

Challenge: The Epic Giant Robot Battle

JT: K, so... I'm gonna randomly pair you up, and then we're gonna hook everyone up to giant robo mech suits! The challenge will be tourney style yet again! Let's start pairing!

JT: Mo vs. Ryan, Luke vs. Eve, & Elena vs. Kat! 1st up will be Luke & Eve! And David... (Snow hasn't been on for over a week now...) out! But, there'll still be an elim later!

Luke: I would never fight my girlfriend! Sorry, but I forfeit!

JT: (laughs) Okay, then... Eve moves on & next is Mo vs. Ryan!

Mo: I'm gonna enjoy this! (kicks Ryan where it hurts)

Eve: Thanks, baby. (Kisses Luke)

Luke: Just be careful when you fight next round, k? I don't want you to get hurt!

Eve: K, baby!

Ryan: I can't fight a girl... except Eve...

JT: Then you forfeit, too! Last but possibly least, Kat vs. Elena!

Kat: HEY! :@ (whacks elena on the head) I'm not gonna lose.

JT: (randomizes it and Kat wins) Yea! Now, all three of our finalist will face off!

Mo: (uses both fists to punch both Kat and Eve)

Eve: (punches Mo to the ground and does the same to kat)

Kat: (kicks eve)

JT: (randomizes and Eve wins... she's VERY lucky) And the winner is Eve! Eve now has 3 Idols! I'll see everyone at the Shore tonight!

The Shore: Table Turners

JT: I have big news, everyone! Since Eve now has 3 idols, & the Finale is in 3 days, she could keep herself in the game until the Final 2! So, I think it's safe to say that Eve is one of our 2 Finalists!

Eve: OMG! YAY! (kisses Luke)

Luke: That's great!

JT: Now, start voting!

Luke: Mo, sorry...

Mo: Elena!

Eve: Kat. (kisses Luke)

JT: Elena, Kat, & Ryan? What are your votes?

Eve: Luke I don't care if I have to give you one of my idols I want you in the final 2 with me!

Luke: Even if you give me an idol, we'd still both have to survive one elim without Immunity!

Elena: Kat.

Kat: Luke.

Ryan: Luke.

Eve: Kat has 3 votes...See ya, Kat!

JT: Eve, you forgot the Shore Battle!

Eve: Win Luke. (kisses Luke)

JT: So, it's Kat vs. Luke! Today's Battle Theme is... "Table Turners"!

Kat: I'll win.

Elena: I change my vote to Mo.

JT: So, Kat is saved! Mo vs. Luke!

JT: All you have to do is this! (walks up to a wall with movable tiles, flips over tile #1) After 5 minutes, whoever has more tiles wins! (fast forwards) Luke won! Bye-bye, meany Mo!

Elena: Bye, Mohini!

Mo's Last Words: This sucks... I really thought I would make it farther than that stupid Elena! I mean, I'm PERFECT! (screams, camera shuts down)

Day 13

-The Furious Five


JT: (in a boat riding towards an island with the contestants) K, kids! Today's Final 5 Challenge is pretty easy, if you're a survivalist! You just have to survive the longest on this deserted island! And today is a single elim challenge, so after today, we'll only have 4 left!

Challenge: The Island

JT: Begin! (drives away from the island and leaves the campers)

Kat: I've gotta win. (starts searching for food)

Ryan: (is at the campsite) I can't believe they forgot me...

JT: (sets up a giant slingshot and shoots Ryan to the island)

Ryan: AHHHH!! (crashes into the sand) Thank you....

Luke: Now what are we supposed to do?

Bear: (roars, runs ar Ryan)

Luke's Confession: Kat has gotten really competitive since we started this show! I don't think she can be called a whiner anymore...

Ryan: AHH!!! (dashes up a tree and grips for life)

Luke: Well... Good luck with that! (hides in the confessional)

Kat: (throws a coconut at the bear) your not hurting him

Kat's Confession: I need Ryan to make Luke jealous... he's still not noticing me...

Luke's Confession: You know, Ryan was babbling to me about something the other day! He was saying that Kat is like a crazy obsessed stalker trying to make me jealous by using Ryan! Weird, right?

Ryan: (is standing right outside the confessional) I didn't say that!

Luke's Confession: Shouldn't you be running from the bear?

Ryan: (looks) Kat just knocked it out...

Luke's Confession: I think I'm starting to get more scared of Kat than a bear! I'm not coming out!

Ryan: She really likes you, ya know (laughs) you won't win the challange if you don't come out!

Luke: (steps out) Darn it!

Kat: (sees luke and blushes) Hey Luke! Do you want some coconuts?

Luke: Uh... Sure... (takes a coconut)

Ryan: Maybe we should get away from the bear...

Luke: Good idea... (they walk away)

JT: (using a megaphone hooked up to speakers) By the way, If Eve plans on using her idols to move on to the finals, then she can just order a boat and we'll come get her!

Kat: Let's stay at this clearing... Ryan, go find some firewood. Luke, you go find some flint stones. I'll start cracking open these coconuts.

Ryan: Sure.. (searchs for firewood)

Luke: K.. (looks for flint stones)

Kat: (starts cracking open the coconuts)

Kat's Confession: This whole experince has been quite fun... I feel like I've changed, in fact I haven't whined in quite awhile. (giggles)

Luke: (returns with Ryan)

Ryan: I found alot of firewood. (starts setting up the fire)

Luke: And I got the flint stones.

Kat: Great. (helps ryan with the fire)Nnow Luke, set it alight :D

Luke: (starts the fire)

Kat: Great :D (passes ryan and luke two coconuts, one filled with coconut milk and the other filled with coconut meat) I got alot open. (giggles)

Dinobird: (swoops down to eat their coconuts)

Kat: Oh no you don't! (throws an unopened coconut at the dinobird)

Dinobird: (flys away)

Luke: I think that bird had a camera around it's neck...

Kat: Yeah... JT your not going to scare us with your fake birds!

(later that night)

JT: (shivers) Well, I thought JT would let us return by now! I guess he wants us to surive a night here, too...

(Bloomin: I'm gonna take a quick break to eat!)

(Rex: okay)

Kat: Why don't you sit next to me and the fire?

Luke: Pass.

Kat: Oh... okay...

Kat's Confession: Why doesn't he like me...?

Luke's Confession: Why don't I like Kat? Cuz I think of her as a sister! I can't date my sister! Plus, I'm dating Eve, & things are going great, so...

(back at the camp)

JT: Okay! Nice job, everyone! Today, I was judging you on how well you survived! That's why the bird had a camera! And I think we can all agree that Kat survived the best, so... She gets a Mansion! And it will be built wherever she wants! I'll see you later at the Shore!

Kat: No way :O

The Shore: Kat Lands On All Fours

JT: Before we start, does anyone want to use and/or give away an idol?

Luke: I would like to give away my idol, JT! To Elena, since she is nice, and deserves to keep going!

JT: So Elena can use the idol to save her hide! And so can Eve!

Luke: Well, with the girls overpowering the guys right now, and Kat seeming to be obsessive, I vote Kat! I'm really sorry!

Kat: I vote Eve.

Ryan: Luke... I think... he's a major threat.

JT: Elena, Eve? Your verdicts?

Luke: I'm guessing they'll vote with me.

Kat: Eve might, but Elena won't... plus, I should have immunity for winning the challenge. O_o

JT: BTW, since we're so close to the finals, no more immunity will be given out!

Kat: That makes sense...

JT: So while we're waiting for the other votes, why don't you guys confess on who you think the Final 2 will be?

Luke's Confession: Well, obviously Eve, even though I would be fine if it was Elena or Kat, & I hope the other is a guy, since it's pretty much tradition!

Kat's Confession: Maybe, it'll be Me vs. Luke or maybe... Ryan vs. Elena..

Ryan's Confession: There's no way I'll get to the final two...

JT: And here's a sneak peak of the next challenge! Rivals... Genders... Pairs... Battle... Guesses?

Kat: That means Eve or me or Elena will be eliminated...

JT: Most likely! I'm hoping to have a Boy & Girl as the Final 2!

Elena: I also vote Kat.

Eve: Kat.

Kat: So it's a three way shore battle?!?

JT: That's right! Luke, Eve, & Kat will compete! Unless Eve uses her idol!

Eve: I'm using mine and giving one to Luke!

Luke: And of course I'll use mine!

JT: So... Sorry, Kat, but there's still next season!

Kat's Last Words: Well I did make it to the final five... and I won a mansion...

Eve: (punches Luke) I would not have this problem if you wouldn't had given yours away! (walks away mad and sad)

Day 14

-The Semis

JT: OMG! It's the semifinals, people! And today, you find out which 2 of our Final 4 will be moving on, and which 2 will go home! Let's get started!

Eve: (punches Luke) I would not have this problem if you wouldn't had given yours away! (walks away mad and sad)

Luke: We already went over this!

Eve: Oh, well at least I'm going to the Final 2 with my last Idol!

Ryan: You mean the idol you used two days ago?

Eve: Nope, I won the challenge, I never said I used my idol. Get yo facts straight!

Ryan: (checks notepad) Oh, right...

Challenge: The Battle Of The Genders

JT: The name says it all! Today, it's gonna be Luke & Ryan vs. Eve & Elena!

Ryan: ready teammate?

Luke: Yep!

Elena: Lets do it, Eve!

JT: There will be 3 Games! 1st is Mind Meld! You guys have to name everyone else who competed in 1 Edit!

Elena: Ginger, Kim, Kat, Mo, Weston, Dex, Nate, Gunter, David. (I said 1 edit)


JT: And the girls get 1 point thanks to Eve!

Ryan: Ginger, Ronald, Melissa, Maddie, DeSean, Gunter, Alexandria, Rex, Teddy, Gabby, Kim, Dex, Rebecca, Judd, Wetson, Nate, David, Mo, Kat. (Eve already got it)

Elena: Yes!!!

Ryan: Aw... man...

JT: Next is Brain Burst! Trivia on the ousted campers! 1st Q: Without looking, what was Ginger's exact stereotype?

Luke: The Quirky, Socially Akward Gal!

JT: Yes! 1 Subpoint for the Guys! Subpoints are the points for this game!

Elena: Darn!

JT: Next Q: Which Guy did Judd kiss on the show? BTW, a person can't answer 2 Q's in a row!

Eve: Gunter.

Ryan: Dex.

JT: Both right! He kissed both of them! Score is 2:1! Last Q for 5 points! Now only Luke or Elena can answer this next one!

JT: And the final game is Slasher Flick Trivia!

Nathaniel: Hmm.... name the order of the people I captured in the slasher flick challenge!

Elena: JT,Mo, Dex, Me, Luke, Judd, Ryan, Nate, Kat, Rebbeca.

Luke: That's not all of them!

Luke: JT, Mo, Dex, Elena, David, Weston, Luke, Judd, Ryan, Kat, Rebecca!

Nathaniel: Nope, your missing someone.

Luke: Eve?

Eve: Excuse me I was the only survior of that challenge!

Luke: Jt, Nathaniel, Mo, Dex, Elena, David, Weston, Luke, Judd, Ryan, Kat, Rebecca!

Nathaniel: You're missing a contestant!

Luke: JT, Nathaniel, Mo, Dec, Elena, David, Weston, Luke, Judd, Ryan, Nate, Kat, Rebecca!

Nathaniel: Correct.

JT: So the Guys win the Final Game! The reward will be revealed at the Shore!

The Shore:

JT: So... This is it! Time to vote for who you want out of the Semis! But 1st, Eve, do you want to use your last idol?

Elena: I use my Idol!!!!!

Eve: What? I don't wanna be in the finals with her! See what you did Luke. I'll use my idol only if Luke comes to the finals with me. Isn't her idol the fake one Luke found in a closet?

Ryan: No, it's the one you both got, in the cliff challenge!


Ryan: The pain. (tear goes down cheek)

JT: QUIET! Sit Down and shut up! I have another surprise! The idols are now void! Meaning, they cannot be used! Anyone can be voted off!

Eve: I vote Elena and Ryan

Elena: Ryan and Luke.

Ryan: I vote Luke and Eve... Sorry, Luke..

Luke: I won't be voting, because I drop out! My life is already perfect, everyone else deserves it more, and I never really planned on winning! The experience is worth more!

JT: Well, you have to vote! It's in your contract!

Luke: Fine. I vote Elena and Eve...

JT: Meaning that with a 3-way tie, our Final 2 are now our Final 3! Congrats to Eve, Elena, & Ryan!

Eve: WHAT?!? You voted me off Luke? (cries)

Luke: Eve, I planned that! I couldn't decide between you 3, so I voted to make sure that you all tie!

Eve: Thanks, baby! (kisses Luke a lot)

Elena: (hugs Luke in a friendly way) Bye.

Luke: I'm rooting for you, Eve!

JT: And so leaves one of our best players...

Luke's Last Words: Well... That was fun!

JT: Incase you guys were wondering about the reward... Since the guys won, Ryan gets it! And it is... an advantage in the Finale!

Eve: Ummm....No! Since we got our idols taken away we need something! I won't stand for this!

Ryan: I got it fair and square!

JT: QUIET! Everything will become clear, soon...

Day 15

-The Final 2... Or 3

JT: This is it! To decide the winner of Total Drama: Horizons, all the losers will vote for who they want to win! Elena, Eve, or Ryan?

(Bloomin: Could the final 3 help me send messages to all the ousted users so they know? Thanks!)

Challenge: The Voting Booth

Gunter: Eve!

Luke: Eve!

Ginger: Elena!

Kat: I'm voting for Ryan because Eve doesn't deserve it.

Rex: I'm voting for Ryan, he got abused so many times by Eve...

Dex: I pick... Ryan (Reads)

Teddy: (Throws tantrum) I'm not voting for anyone! I should've won!!!

JT: Get over it and vote!

Ronald: Eve.

Melissa: Eve.

JT: Hey, Ronald! Melissa! Sorry that we had to oust you!

Teddy: Shut up JT!!! You knew I should have won!!!

Dex: Someone calm her down.

Eve: Dex shut up......(sits on Luke's Lap while kissing him)

JT: You have to vote anyway, Teddy! It's in your contract!

Teddy: I hate you so much! Ugh, I vote Eve.

Dex: (Reads)

Elena: I quit.

Ryan: (gasp)

JT: Why?

Eve: So who won?

Nate: Ryan.

JT: God, Eve, will you shut up already?

Eve: (kicks JT in groin)

JT: So far Eve leads with 5 votes, followed by Ryan with 4 votes, and Elena with 1.

Ryan: Wait... what about the reward from yesterday? You said it'll help me in the vote somehow...

JT: Oh, right! Ryan gets a bonus 3 votes! So Ryan leads with 7, followed by Eve with 5, and Elena with 1.

Elena: Wait! I dont quit.

JT: (fast forwards) Okay! I have the results, and due to current events, I have decided that.............................................................................................................................................

JT: All 3 of you win! $333,333 to be exact!

Eve: (kisses Luke so much they fall out of chair and onto the floor, still kissing)

Nate: What are you going to do with one dollar left?

Nathaniel: JT! My paycheck is one dollar short...

JT: Catch you guys next time on Total... Drama:... Battlefield!

(Bloomin: Remember to audition for Season 2)