Total Drama: Revamped is the return of Total Drama: War of the Camps and Total Drama: World i$ Yours, by TDISeriesFan.


Chris decided to bring Leila and Patrick, his children, to the Jumbo Jet and help him host his third season. Once again, eighteen contestants are traveling all around the world seeking for the million dollar case. The contestants, divided in three teams of six, will have challenges themed depending on the stop they are at. Seventeen will fall, and only one will be left standing. Who will it be? Find out right here, on Total Drama... REVAMPED!


  1. You must follow all wiki rules.
  2. You will be notified when each challenge, elimination and tiebreaker starts.
  3. Elimination
    1. After each team loses, they will have to go the barf bag ceremony and stamp the passport of one of their team members.
    2. The person with the most votes will be eliminated.
    3. In case of tie, Chris will either call a tiebreaker or eliminate both of the contestants.
  4. Challenges
    1. Challenges will be put up whenever I can.
    2. You must complete challenges.
    3. When you do well in a challenge, but your team still loses, you will have immunity, and won't be eliminated.
    4. Miss two challenges, and you are automatically out.
  5. Teams
    1. Teams will be chosen by the contestants on the sign ups.
    2. There will be three teams with six people each.
  6. Merge
    1. The merge will be at between 7-9 people left.
    2. Merge might be full of twists.
    3. The merge might also have returnees and/or debuters.

Sign Ups (Up to 2 per person)

Sign ups are free. Anyone can sign up. Remember to say: The name of your character, label, gender and your username. Any sign ups that aren't as specified will be deleted.


  1. Dwight - Male - The Misleading Threat - Reddude
  2. Luther- Male- The Cocky Jock- SG
  3. Portia - Female - The Fancy One - LF


22nd - Ty - Male - Male Heather - Team Giza - Flame (Voted off)
21st - Noah - Male - Anime Lover - Team Liberty - Kevvy9 (Voted off)
20th - K.J. - Male- The Laid Back Dude - Team London - EnTrey (Eliminated; Replaced by Shawn: User banned)
19th - Tennesee - Male - Country Singer- Team London - Flame (Eliminated: Inactive)
18th - Monica - Female - The Fashion Queen - Team Giza - TVDFanmade (Voted Off)
17th - Lizzie - Female - The Tree Hugger - Team London - TVDFanmade (Eliminated: Inactive)
16th - Luis - Male - The Spaniard - Team Giza - Alfie (Voted off)
15th - Herman - Male - The A Type - Team Liberty - TDISF (Voted off)
14th - Totem - Female - The Artistic Adventurer - Team London - First123 (Eliminated: Inactive)
13th - Gunter - Male - The Actor - Team London - Zannabanna (Voted off)
12th - Jake - Male - The villain - Team Liberty; Merge - Jake R (Voted off)
11th - Bryce - Male - The Sneaky Strategist - Team Giza; Merge - First123 (Voted off)
10th - Amy - Female - The Quiet Girl - Team Liberty; Merge - Kate (Eliminated: Inactive)
9th - Shawn - Male - The Mischievous One - Team London; Merge - Oatmeal (Voted off)
8th - Eve - Female - The hot gurl with the 'Tude - Team Liberty; Merge - Zannabanna (Voted off)
7th - Tracy - Male - The Jock With A Secret - Team Liberty; Merge - EnTrey (Eliminated/Voted off)
6th - Leon - Male - The Friendly Guy - Team Liberty; Team Giza; Merge - Alfie (Quit)
5th - April - Female - The Goody Two-Shoes - Team London; Merge - Zoomer (Voted off)
4th - Kazy - Female - The Crazy Girl - Team Giza; Merge - TDISF (Quit)


Chris: Contestants, welcome, one and all, to the new generation of Total Drama! We're currently at the airport, and you can talk here untill all the contestants arrive!

Jake: *arrives* Hmm. An airplane. I might as well die already.

Monica: Hello Everyone! I'm Monica to those that don't know me!

Totem: *Drawing a wolf on her notepad*Oh, um hi my name is Totem!

Leon:Well, this place doesn't look so deadly. Can we not visit Spain please?

Luis: But, senor, that is my home country!

Bryce: *Reading a book*

Luis:*turns to Bryce* I believe we are teammates. Me nombre es...My name is Luis.

Leon:Turn off the Spanish charm, no ladies are falling for it.

Bryce: *To Luis*Yeah, I guess.

Luis:I really hope our team does excellent.

Leon:Okay then....Where are my teammates when I need them?

K.J.: Hey, wazzup everybody?

Leon:I'm trying to stay sane.

Luis: Stop being so insensitive!

K.J.: Come on dudes, lighten up. This is gonna be fun.

Leon:I guess you are right.

Luis:*sighes* Fine...

Lizzie: Hi everybody...I'm Lizzie! Seeing you all crowded up makes me think of a school...I hope this isn't like school, I'm always ignored, I don't want to be ignored...And people say I talk I talk forever, Cuz I don't think so!

K.J.: Sup?

Leon:Not at all. We won't ignore you.

Luis:Greetings, senorita...Weird, Lizzie, Leon and I all have ls starting our names.

Dwight: Aye, mates! :D

Luther: So, this is where we're staying, eh? Cool. That's nice. Any place where I can win is epic! Woo! *grunts stupidly*

Leon:Hey, friend! :D

Luis:So he can speak in his native language and not me? Profiling!

K.J.: Hey Luther. I think we're gonna be teammates.

Tennesee: *sings while sitting*

Ty: (CONF) I'm a Heather fan, and I've learned from her. They will all go down, one by one.

Monica: Well I hope I win!

Bryce: Well good luck to everyone, I guess.

Tracy: (goes up to Ty) Hey, I'm Tracy. A guy not a girl, heh heh. Sorry, I'm shy around c-, new people, heh heh. (frowns and sighs)

Gunter: Hey Guys!

Eve: *chews gum*

K.J.: Hey Eve, can I borrow that gum?

Eve: *pops bubble in K.J's face then gets a new piece*

Lizzie: (CONF) Eeewww...

Monica: Hey Gunter

Noah: Hey pokemon masters!

Tracy: Say what?

Bryce: What?

Episode 1 - "Where's My Luggage?" (Location: Airport at Canada)

'Chris: I have hidden all of your luggage! This leads us to our first challenge. You have got to find the luggage IN the plane. Good luck!

Jake: Great -.-. *looks under chair*

Bryce: *Looks in the Airplane Bathroom*

K.J.: (looks in luggage compartment)

Leon:*looks with Jake*

Luis:*looks in the cockpit*

Luther: *looks in those storage compartments above the seats in economy class*

Leon:Hey, Luther.*looks under the seats*

Luis:*looks in the confessional*

Tracy: (looks on top of right wing of the plane, goes flying off, but grabs onto wheel of the plane)

Leon:*helps Tracy back onto the plane* Don't get killed. D:

Luis:*keeps searching*

Noah: I wish I had a pokemon *looks with Jake*

Tracy: (to Leon) Thanks. That was so sw-, I mean cool.

Totem: *Looks in the cushion of the chair*

K.J.: 'Takes the pilot's hat and looks in it'

Leon:No problem.*smiles* :)

Luis:*keeps searching*

Tracy: (walks to the bathroom to look, opens the door, sees a snake, closes the door and runs away) Snake on the plane!

Bryce: So what phrase is that suppose to mean?*Continues searching*

Gunter: *looks under the chairs*

Eve: *looks under chairs*

Noah: *acts like a torchic and looks in the drivers place*

Eve: *looks in storage units above the chairs*

Gunter: *looks in storage units above the chairs*

Leon:*runs to Tracy, opens the door, and picks up the snake*Not poisonous, though.*takes it off the plane*

Luis:*scoffs* Pretty boy. *walks off to search some more*

Bryce: *Checks under the pilot's controls*

Totem: Where could it be?

Tracy: (to Leon) Thanks. You're saving me alot today. Wanna, um, look for the luggage together?

Leon:*smiles* Sure, we can totally do this together!

Luis:*keeps looking*

K.J.: 'looks inside a jar of peanut butter' Nothing here either.

Jake: *looks in the cockpit* Hmmmm *sips coffee from desk*

Leon:(CONF) Tracy and I are teammates, so yeah, I am gonna help him out.

Luis:(CONF) My team, I hope they step it up!

Tracy: (CONF) Leon is so nice and helpful, he's so... Cool! That's what I meant to say, heh heh.

Monica: How hard can it be to find my luggage?

Monica: (CONF) Super hard!

Lizzie: *looks under the seats* Come out wherever you are!

K.J.: (not sarcastically) That's a great idea. If we call to the luggage, it'll probably come back.

Leon:Now we can totally do this!*keeps looking*

Luis:*rolls his eyes*

Noah: *stops acting like a TORCHIC and looks away the drivers place some more*

K.J.: Here, Luggage. I've got a tasty treat for you. 'holds up a doggie treat'

Tracy: Where'd you get that?

K.J.: 'shrugs' Here, Luggage.

Leon:Hey, K.J. Were can that darn luggage be?

Luis:In yo- No comment.

K.J.: No idea Leon. Here, take a doggie treat. 'tosses doggie treat to Leon'

Herman: Where is the luggage! *searches luggage*

Kazy: WOOT! *searches the luggage in Chris' cabin*

Leon:Uh, thanks.*pockets it* Tracy, any ideas?

Luis:*smiles* Maybe we can find the luggage, and your brain, Leon!

Tracy: We should look in the place so obvious that no one would ever expect it... The cargo hold!

Bryce: Where could the luggage be.

Leon:*follows Tracy* Sure, I guess.

Luis:*tries to trip Leon but fails*

Totem: You and Leon must be rivals, Luis.

Noah: *looks under the pilot's seat* I need to find my pokeballs, dragonballs, beyblades, anime dvds, mangas, and dvd player! (CONF) What? I packed a lot of my anime stuf with me. I needed 3 bags to bring them

Leon:*is in the cargo hold* Interesting.....

Luis: Not rivals. Mortal enemies.

Totem: You should really try to let it not mess up your chances.

Tracy: 'in cargo hold with Leon' So, what's up with you and Luis?

Noah: *stops* My stuff, clothes, and anime costumes must be in the cargo hold *runs to the cargo hold*

Leon:Meh, we had a bad experience in Spain, once. But if we go there, I can explain better. Surely you know what it's like to have a secret?

Luis:*to Totem* Nah, I don't plan on losing to that pretty boy.

Luther: *looks in dining room*

Tracy: 'To Leon' Yeah... I have a secret or two, heh heh.

Luis:*keeps looking*

Leon:See? We all have secrets, and it's up to ourselves to if we wanna talk about them or not. Now let's find that luggage!

Totem: *To Luis* Well good luck with that then


Jake: *looks under chair* What a stupid challenge

K.J.: 'Goes to dining room, finds Luther' Hey dude. Find anything?

Dwight: *riding inside the conveyor belt thingy* No, no, no..... *goes down a hill* woah! O.O who knwew the4se things were so fun?! wheeeeeee!!!

Leon:*keeps looking* Tracy, we can do this!

Luis:*hears Dwight* Where could he be? Dwight, teammate?"falls into the conveyor belt thingy* Of course!

Dwight: Dude, wait your turn.... *another hill* yay!!!! :D

Bryce: Hmmm....

Luis:*falls into Dwight* Dude, how do we get outta here? o.O

Leon:*keeps searching*

Dwight: Maybe it's in the airplane arcade! *runs to arcade* Hmmm..... Ooh, Mario Bros 53. *inserts 53 cents and gets distracted playing it*

Bryce: *Searching*This challenge is taking forever.

Noah: *Looks with Leon*

Luis:*follows him and looks around the arcade*

Leon:*is still searching* Hey, Noah!

Totem: *Looks under a chair*

Dwight: *ran out of quarters* dangitt.... TO THE AIRPLANE TERMINAL! *acts like a plane and make engine noise while zig-zagged-ly running to the terminal'

Tracy: 'to Leon' Agh! This is impossible. There are so many boxes, and most of them are filled with packing peanuts that you have to dig through! When will this end?

Eve: *looks under seats again and finds a show that isn't hers so she throws it in air, and continues to look*

Gunter: *Looks under seats again*

Bryce: *Searching*Ugh...

Monica: How come I can't find my bags!!!...*trips* Ouch!

Lizzie: (CONF) I know how many trees suffer just to make wooden briefcases, so that's why I brought all my stuff in plastic bags, but I seem to can't find it.

Leon:*smiles* At least we have someone to talk to while we search! :D

Luis:*follows Dwight reluctantly*

Noah: Leon, I got a dvd player, anime dvds, mangas, and anime costumes in my luggage

Bryce: *Runs to Monica*You okay?

Dwight: *in the airplane terminal, he spots an old lady with luggage* Our luggage! *grabs the luggage* Yay!

Old Lady: *turns around* unhand that, ye old whippersnapper! *beats dwight with her cane*


Luther: *to K.J.* Oh, nothing. Except a bunch of calorie-filled food. Then I remebered I need my calories and ate it all... *burps*


Luis:*gets Dwight away from the old ladies*

Gunter: *in front off plane* Hmmmm *looks at the back of the plane and sees a shadow of luggage*

Gunter and Eve: *runs toward the shadow*

Luther: Did I hear a girl cry for help? I'm a jock! It's my job to help girls and kiss 'em. *runs to Dwight* It's a dude... Well, it's better than nothing. YOU WANNA GO, OLD LADY?!

K.J.: 'to Luis' I got my money on Luther!

Dwight: Nu Lucifer, we haz the luggage! D: *opens luggage and bombs fall out* Oh... shiz.... O.O

Luther: Cool! Is this one of those movies where we have to defeat the villain and get the girl? ... WHERE'S THE GIRL?!

Noah: *runs to Dwight* SHiz! BOMBS! *trys to think about anime but is thinking bombs exploding in anime*

Totem: *Looking for luggage*Still no sign of it.

Monica: My stuff, *notices it's nothing but plastic bags* What? *throws the stuff*

Lizzie: My stuff *hugs Monica* You have just made yourself a friend missy!

Bryce: *Searching*Wait, where are the others?

Gunter: *searches*

Eve: *searches*

Tracy: 'still with Noah and Leon in the cargo hold' Hey guys! I have an idea!

Chris: Okay, contestants, everyone is on the plane and now we're flying!

Old Lady: *sneaked into the cargo hold and glares at Dwight* Grr...

Chris: Now, the elimination ceremony will be held here! The losing team is... Team Giza! Giza, you will have to eliminate the first person.

Airport: *blows up just as the plane is taking off*

Team Giza Barf Bag Ceremony (1)

Chris: Nice... First team to lose. Well, what you have to do is stamp the passport of the person who you want eliminated. The person with the most votes will be eliminated. Sound good? Whatever, now, vote

(First: We have to vote in Chatango?)

(Alfie:Yes First, can you go there? :P )

(First: No....) (Alfie:Then put your vote on TDISF's talk page, then.)

Chris: Hmmm... One vote for Ty, another vote for Ty, one vote for Luis, another vote for Ty, another vote for Ty, and no vote... Well, that pretty much is everything! Ty, you have been eliminated *throws Ty a parachute and "accidentally" throws him off the plane*

Luis:*gasps* No way! Who would vote me? I tried my best! Come on, not cool.

Dwight: *is being restrained by interns cuz he wants to sky dive* D:

Bryce: No idea *Continues to read his book*

Luis:Well, Ty is gone, so.....Monica! :@ (No way Luis knows this)

Monica: Hey come on I didn't know what I was doing...I promise not to vote for you again :) Friends?

Luis:*is rolling with it* Sure! :D

Episode 2 - "Radioactive Rice"

Chris: 17 left!

(TDISF: I would like to kindly ask you to not edit the elimination and statistics tables. Thanks :] )

Team Giza and Team London Chat - Economy Class - (2)

Luis:Okay, we lost, Next time, we will own the challenge!

Dwight: *staring out the window* Why no birdies fly? D:

Luis:They cannot fly this high..But if you jump out, you could teach them to! :D

Kazy: Woo! *hangs up on Dwight* Don't do it! *laughs*

Dwight: But the interns won't let me sky dive. D:

Luis: Sorry, I guess. Wanna play a game?

Dwight: (CONF) Back at my home in Austraila, I had a pet Sheep named Clarence. I tried to teach it how to fly one day, but everyopne kept telling me sheep couldnt fly. So I attached some baloons to Clarence. As it turns out, sheep CAN fly, but Clarence apparently didn't like me cuz he flew away...

Luis:(CONF) Dwight is totally nuts...And Kazy. They remind me of my little brother, Pedro. At least, when he was alive....

Bryce: *Reading a book*

Monica: We need to bring our A-Game people!

Bryce: *Still Reading a book*Yeah we should try harder next time!

Luis:Exactly! We need to show the others what Team Giza can do!

Monica: That's the spirit.

Lizzie: Where's my team?

Luis: So sorry, senorita, they are asleep or something.

K.J.: 'comes back from the bathroom' K.J., reporting for duty. 'salutes'

Luther: Luther, ready to sweat, get girls, and play football! :D

Lizzie: You play football?

Totem: *Finishing her drawing of a wolf*

Luis: Remember, strength is not everything, Luther, Charm is also needed.

Kazy: *hugs Dwight* So... ^-^ Where are you from?

Monica: (CONF): So far the only friends I've made here are supposedly Lizzie and Luis

Dwight: Sydney, Austraila.... You?

Kazy: hehehe... Canada

Dwight: Oh... Uh... Cold up there, aye?

Bryce: (CONF)We lost our first challenge but I think we have a shot at winning the first challenge or placing 2nd.

Luis:Meh, we can do our best and win next time.

Bryce: Yeah, we still have a shot at this.

Luis: So Dwight, Aussie is a great place, I hear. :D

Kazy: Umm... *blushes* yes... it's usually... cold up there (CONF) I can't remember ANYTHING! He's so pretty :3

Luis:*notices this* I will leave you two alone for now.

Dwight: Yeah, it is, Luis. I one befriended a tribe of kangaroos and took out another tribe of dingoes. And... are you alright, Kazy? O_O

Luis:*whispers to Dwight* The senorita is infatuated with you. Can you not see it?

Dwight: Oooh.... right... (CONF) That sentence would make a lot more since if I knew what 'infatuated' meant....

Totem: *Continues drawing*Almost done....

Luis: The chick digs you, senor. She wants to be your girlfriend, look at the way she looks at you.

Dwight: err... I'll be right back... *walks off* (CONF) Kazy? Like liking me? That's almost nuttier than when this kid named Kendall asked my mom out in high school. Kendall was a girl...

Luis:(CONF) Dwight may not believe it, but he better. I know when a girl likes a guy, I can tell. ;) But apparently guys, too. Tracy and Leon make me feel awkward :O

Luther: *to Luis* I can be charming! *takes off extremely moist sweatband* Hey, ladies, who wants to keep this jewel?

Kazy: Errr.... (CONF) Wow... Dwight is clearly uncomfortable with this. I'll leave him alone :(

Luis:Luther, fail. See, girls like to be charmed. They usually like sweet things, not sweaty things. And just because you are athletic means nothing. Some hate athletes, and think they are all stupid.

Totem: *Finishes her wolf drawing*I finally finished it.

Luis:Senori-...Totem, right? You draw wolves? I love wolves! Can I see?

Lizzie: I like athletes!

Luis: Well, do we even know what Luther plays?

Luther: Football! *grunts* *hugs Lizzie* What does he know? *points to Luis*

Totem: *Shows drawing to Luis*I draw animals in my spare time like now.

Luis:Awesome! Totem, can you teach me to draw? And Luther, I am a scientist.I have way more powerful strength enhancers than the steroids you use....

Totem: Sure.

Luis:*gets colored pencil, paper, and a binder from his suitcase* Like I would let those bag handlers take my luggage? :P I'm not a jock who wants others to handle his nasty dirty laundry, you know.

Totem: Okay, well everyone has their own style to learn how to draw I just trace the animal once and I learn how to draw it and also in different shapes so how do you want to learn it?

Luther: I do use steroids! *steroids pour out of his pockets* And it is not laundry if you don't wash it! Which is why I don't wash ANY of my track suits.

Luis:*smiles at Totem* Thanks...*starts drawing* Luther....Well, Lizzie, you see my point.

Totem: Wow....

Luis:*is still drawing* Yeah, plus I bet he throws awaty girlfriends right and left...If I had a senorita like me, I would take great care to make her happy.

Totem: *Drawing*That's what a jock at my school did to my friend.

Lizzie: Nah...I still kind of like Luther.

Luis:See what I mean? Totem, if you ever like another, always make sure they would care for you. Once you have that, you have a better chance at finding your true amor. I mean, true love.

Totem: Yeah after that I never saw my friend again.

Luis: Aw, that is horrible! What happened? Wait...Only tell me if you think you should. I don't want to get too personal to a person I just met.

Luther: Woo! Score one for the Luth-Miester!

Totem: Well, she was dumped on Christmas and then moved to another state or country.

Luis:Dumped on Christmas? That is so uncool! Llizzie, he sees girls as points, that is messed. ZTotem, I am so sorry about your friend."*finishes his drawing of a wolf and hands it to Totem with To Totem From Luis on the bottom* Like it?

Totem: Yeah, you are a good drawer.

Luis:*smiles* Thanks. Only because I had such a nice teacher. :)

Totem: Thanks, but I only told you on how to practice.

Luis:*smiles* That is all I needed.(CONF) I do not like Totem! Get that through your heads...Even though she is sweet...*blushes* Quiet you!

Bryce: *Reading his book*A lot of rivalry today....just hope that doesn't effect us badly.

Luis: All we did was lose some dead weight. No worries.

Bryce: Yeah, but rivalry/enemies usually make the person distracted.

Totem: *Starts drawing a muskrat*

Luis:Totem, if you ever need to talk...I will always be there for you. :)

Totem: *To Luis*Okay, thanks.

Luis:(CONF) She may be on the other team, but she's fun to talk to! And maybe I do like her, so?(NONCONF) *sits down to draw*

Totem: *Continues to draw the muskrat*

Luis:So... why do you like drawing so much? You seem pretty good at it.

Totem: Well I like to journey all over the world and once I see that certain animal I miss it and besides pictures I also like to just draw them.

Luis:*walks over to her* That sounds wonderful. I can help you out when we travel the world if you want.*looks into her eyes* And my, you have pretty eyes....

Totem: *Blushes*Thanks.

Jake: *walks in w/ cookies* Hey guys. I thought I should give you these. Because I need to help you guys. You guys need to be safe. *walks back to first class*

Bryce: What was that about?

Jake: I want you to be safe. You need to be full to feel good c:

Bryce: Okay....

Gunter: Hey Guys!

Luis:No problem, Totem! *blushes* Jake, thanks. Hi, Gunter is it?

Bryce: *Puts away book*

Luis:Hey, Bryce. You looked real into that book

Bryce: Not that much actually I'm just bored.

Totem: *Still drawing the muskrat*

Luis:Ah. Maybe you should just find someone to talk to...Totem, your drawing is just superb! :D

Totem: Thanks.

Bryce: Meh, everyone has their own way of entertaining yourself, you talking with others, me reading, Totem drawing, etc.

Luis:Well, if you need a good book, I can recommend one.

Bryce: Meh, I'm good.

Luther: (CONF) I am so hot.

Totem: *Finishes drawing her muskrat*

Luis:If you run out, I brought some good books just in case. *sits next to Totem and starts drawing on his own paper* Another masterpiece! *looking at Totem's muskrat*

Totem: *Blushes* Thanks.

Luis:*smiles* Nah, you have serious talent. :D

K.J.: I can see a love story going on. Soemthing like, The Art Of Love, you know. Something cheesy like that.

Dwight: *walks up to Kazy* No Hard Feelings? *protects self* Sorry, last time I asked someone that, they threw a rock at me...

Tennesee: *walks up to KJ, Gunter and Totem* Us 3 should make an alliance. Were all into arts/performing arts. So, you in?

K.J.: Nah man. I fly solo.

Team Liberty Chat - First Class - (2)

Leon:We won! Isn't that great, Tracy!? :D

Herman: We won! We must keep this up, guys!

Tracy: I'm not sure how we won, but we did, so that's a good thing!

Leon:*high fives Herman and Tracy* We are gonna own this!

Jake: Hmm, some confort for once. *listens to iPod on chair*

Leon:Hey, Jake!

Jake: *wakes up* Hi Leon.

Tracy: 'sits in a massage chair, turns it on' This is the life.

Leon:The four of us here can make sure this team never loses! :D

Tracy: Yep! Everyone, get used to first class life, because I plan on being here alot!

Leon:*to Tracy* I can tell you the secret now, I guess.

Tracy: You don't need to.

Leon:I know, but you are a good friend, and I hate to keep secrets from my friends....

Tracy: No, seriously. Don't. (CONF) I feel so guilty. Leon's so willing to share his secret with me, but I'm to afraid to tell him mine.

Noah: I got a manga on me *takes the first dragon ball manga in japanese out of his pocket, sits down, and reads it*

Leon:Oh, cool, Noah. And Tracy, it will explain why Luis and I are like this way...And like I said, keeping secrets from your friends is pointless. If they are really your friend, they will understand and support you, no matter what. :D

Jake: *turns on TV* Hey, Dwight is a terrorist :|

Herman: WTF? O_o

Chris: NO MORE TV >:| *some interns come and carry out the TV*

Herman: Still, WTF? O_o

Tracy: (CONF) I like Leon, but that guy's like a human guilt trip!

Noah: *stops reading and saves spot* O_o Dwight's a terrorist? He could kill us!

Jake: Shut up. Your mom's face could kill us :|

Leon:Okay then......Wow.....

Noah: :@*gets back to reading* (CONF) I really hate Jake! If this was dragon ball, I would use my high power level to kill him

Leon:Okay.......Tracy, so? What do you say? :D

Jake: Wonder when the challenge is gonna be. Hmmm. Whatever. *listens in iPod and drinks smoothie* This is the life.

Leon:*gets in a massage chair* You got it! 8)

Noah: *stops reading, saves spot, and puts away manga. Gets up and gets a cookie* I hope Chris atleast gave us good cookies *eats his cookie*

Leon:Cool! *passes a cookie to Jake* Want one? *eats the chocolate chips*

Jake: Uhh thanks. *goes over to Noah* Look man, i'm sorry about earlier. I feel really bad about what i did. I'm just ticked i'm on this show for a 3rd time. Here *hands Noah his cookie* You can have mine. It's the least I can do for my friend.

Leon:Awwww...Besides, we need to stick together. A happy team is a team that powns! :D

Noah: *gives Leon his cookie* I accept (CONF) My dislike of Jake went down by like 9% but I still think he hates me. He's my enemy that I can trust, sometimes

Leon:Thanks, Noah. :D

Noah: You're welcome *gets back to the manga* (CONF) I just wanted to be nice and give him the cookie. It's not like I didn't want my ememy's cookie because it's not that

Leon:*pulls out the other volumes of said manga* Like I said, I am very careful with my stuffz. :3 I always bring my suitcases with me. :D

Noah: *stops reading and looks at volumes of dragon ball* I hope these are real *looks at covers* These aren't even real. The title isn't even right. It says drag balls on z, not dragon ball z. :@ (CONF) Leon got the wrong manga but it's ok. It's just an manga I want back

Leon:(CONF)*is reading the Dragon Ball Z Manga* No duh I gave him the wrong ones, if I gave him mine, he might hog them, and I love this show! :D

Noah: (CONF) I wish I had all the dragon balls, so I could wish all the dragon ball mangas here. Just for me and not for Leon

Leon:(CONF)Eve is always asleep, or busy. If we lose, I know my vote.

Jake: Be right back *grabs some cookies and enters loser class*

(Zanna: @Alfan as Leon in CONF......I find that offensive....first I did the challenge....second my grandpa just died.......that's why I haven't been on......nobody's (or should) stay on wiki 24/7...I'm not trying to yell but just saying)

(Jake or Jake R: How was it offensive? You are inactive most times :| )

(Zanna: I HAVE GOT ON EVERYDAY FOR MONTHS....prolly when your not on...check my it in weap...I'm not in a good mood....sorry.....but..... :(... )

(Jake R: You are still the LEAST active on the team. Read that and weap >.>)

(Alfie: Zanna, I just did that cause I ran out of things to say. :P Our team won't lose anytime soon. I hope. o.O Jake, be nice.)

(Zanna: Thank you Alfan ;) )

(Alfie:Sorry about your grandpa. D:)

Leon:Hey, Eve! :P

(Zanna: Thank you so much)

Eve: Hey! *chews gum*


Leon:Glad we won, right?

Noah: :o (CONF) If and when we go to japan, I'm gonna buy a lot of my stuff back. I learned japanese so I can get mangas in japan or english speaking countrys

Eve: Will you be in an alliance with me Jake and Leon?

Challenge (2)

-The Plane lands- Chris: Contestants, we are landing in Japan! *a horrible noise is heard* Wh- o_o MY PLANE! -The plane just landed on toxic waste, which makes it unable to fly- Nooo!!!!! D:< Everyone, try to get this toxic thing OUT OF MY PLANE! :@

Herman: Chris, you do realize this is really dangerous, and radiation could lead us to geneti--

Chris: Do I look as if I cared? NO! NOW FIND. THE TOXIC. WASTE! D:<

Tracy: This challenge doesn't exactly seem safe. Can't we get professionals to do this?

Herman: yeah... I support that idea.

Chris: Well... I don't <.< I'll give you some cleaning gloves, deal? *throws them cleaning glvoves*

Bryce: *Sarcastically*What a terrific way to die.

K.J.: It is a good way to die. You don't want to die in a boring way. You want to die in a cool way.

Bryce: Yeah....I guess....

Totem: So how do we get toxic out without dying?

K.J.: Duh. Chris gave us rubber gloves for a reason.

Bryce: *Puts on gloves*If I die tell my father to sue Chris.

Leon:*sighs* We won't die, just stay positive.*puts on gloves*

Luis:Says the American Pretty Boy.*puts on gloves*

Bryce: Okay, so now what?

Tracy: We decide who on our team we can most afford to lose and make them do it.

Leon:Well, we can just find the toxic waste and worry about who cleans it then, agreed?

Luis:Fine, but I will not do it.

Tracy: Fine. That's just a reason for your team to vote you off.

Totem: *Putting on the gloves*I don't think this is the actual main challenge.

Luis: Pfffft. Other than Bryce, I don't even see my team around.

Leon:Luis, maybe we can find a way to do it together. Until then, hows about we find it?

Bryce: *Looks around looking for toxic*Hmm.....

Leon:*goes inside the plane to make sure no toxic waste is inside*

Luis:This reminds me of that crappy show Pedro watched. How'd it go...It's time to eat some slime!~Wow, that show sucked. <_<

K.J.: I loved that show. (not really, K.J. did though)

Leon:Well, anyways...Where could it be?*checks the cargo hold*

Luis:Meh, he loved it, and that was all the motivation I needed to watch it with him....The past's the past...*goes to search*

Tracy: (CONF) I always had to watch dumb shows with my little brother. I mean, ninja turtles who talk? Seriously?

Totem: *Starts searching*

K.J.: 'Looking under chairs, finds a squirrel with two heads' I think this dude found the toxic stuff.

Dwight: *walks out of the plane* My sixth cousin fell into radioactive waste once...

Cop: *walks by and notices Dwight* HeyQ! Your that terrorist! *rtuns for Dwight*

Dwight: Eeep! *hides under plane* I'm not a terrorist! D:

Totem: Poor squirrel.

K.J.: Let's ask him where the toxic crap is.

Ten: **looks in plane*

-A squad of Japanese police offers are reaching for Dwight*

Dwight: Maybe punny humor will make them goaway! D: Hey, you know that guy Tenesse on this show? Well, he's in a plane! It's funny cuz it's usually the other way around. *laugh track* heheh... heh....

Ten: -_- Really? *searches around chairs*

Kazy: *notices the officers are following Dwight and runs to them* LEAVE HIM ALONE!!! D:<

Luis:*gets bored, pulls out a lighter, and heads under the plane* I shall light that slime up.

Leon:Where does he think he's going?

Dwight: *starts crawling and finmds the toxic waste* Oh! I'll use this to gwet out! *kicks toxic waste out from under the plane.

Japanese Police Officers: *runaway like little girls*

Dwight: *comes out from under plane* Ph-

Old Lady: AHEM! *glares at Dwight*

Dwight: Aw, can't I get a break? *runs away screaming*

Luis:*stops the old lady*RUN Dwight!

Chris: *Catches Dwight by his shirt* Dude, what's that green thing in your shirt? *looks closer* Wait... TEH TOXIC WASTE! Where have you been?!

Bryce: And an unexpecting Dwight.

Tracy: We might want to get that dude to the hospital. The toxic waste turned him orange.

Dwight: I'm radioactive now? :O Awesome! (CONF) Hey! Victor! We match noew! :D

Ten: Yeah, and fast!

Jake: Dwight, where did you find the waste? O.o

Bryce: Also why are you happy that you are radioactive?

Ten: *sees waste under chairs*

Monica: There is no way I'm touching toxic waste!

Lizze: Charge!

Ten: Wait, why is Dwight so happy about basically being arrested/wasted literally?

Bryce: That's what I was asking.

Monica: (CONF) I hope we win.

Gunter: *looks for a gas-mask*

Eve: *looks for a gas-mask also*

Luther: *avoiding toxic waste* *open window and begins letting waste out*

Jake: *looks under plane* This challenge sucks >.<

Gunter: *finds waste in seats* *takes gloves and pick up waste but it slips out of his hands and lands on the floor in front of him* Crap!

Eve: *chews gum*

Lizzie: Go Luther!

Chris: Okay... Dwight won for his team! Which means Giza wins first class compartment. In second place comes London (based on activity). Which means Liberty will be voting someone out while Chef removes this toxic thingy!

Team Liberty Barf Bag Ceremony (2)

Chris: To vote, you will have to stamp one of your teammate's passport. Go into the confessional and start stamping! >:D

Herman: *glares at Noah* Good job, Noah...

Jake: I say we vote out Eve. But whatever

Leon:(CONF) Tonight's elimination writes itself. The alliance has chosen you, and you need to go. And it's all my manga!

Eve: Why? I've been active.....where is all the other people that didn't do the challenge....Un-active people should be gone first...

(Zanna: *gets irritated with Jake*)

Leon:Eve, I know that. It's why I voted the only inactive person off our team.

Tracy: I hate having to vote people off.

(Zanna: where do we vote? It says TDISeriesfan is offline....when we vote)

(Alfie:You can PM him anyways...He'll find it. :P )

Chris: Hmmm... One vote Noah, another vote Noah, ANOTHER vote Noah?! One vote Eve *glares at Jake and throws the passport away*, ANOTHER vote Noah, a no vote, and one last vote for Noah. Nice. Noah, you have been eliminated. Any final words? *waits and gets bored, therefore throwing him a parachute which throws him off the plane.

Herman: Owned... *rolls eyes*


Jake: *smiles evily*

Episode 3 - "Somewhere Over The Rainbow"

Chris: 16 left! We're traveling to Tuvalu!

Team Liberty and London Chat [Economy Class] (3)

Herman: Tuva-WHAT?! Where's that?!

Leon:It's a small island near Fiji.

Totem: *Drawing the squirrel that was in the toxic*

Leon:And why are you here?

Luis:*walks in over to Totem* You want anything from first class?

Totem: No thanks.

Luis:*shrugs* Alright, then. See you later.

Leon:Now get out, ya lazy bum!

Totem: *Waves goodbye to Luis*

Jake: (CONF) Ugh, this place sucks already. i better win this season

Leon:Jake, at least we know how easy it is to win. We can do it again. Besides, that guy Noah is gone. 8)

Luis:*heads to first class grumbling*

Totem: *To Leon*Wow, you really irritate him...

Ten: I know, you really did.

Leon: Yeah, well. He's the one holding the grudge. D:<

Ten: True That. wasn't my fault what happened....Only...Nevermind.

Ten: Or was it.............

Tracy: I'm not to sure about my position in the game, Leon. Do you know about any alliances on our team?

Leon:Meh. Herman, Jake and I are allied, so...You are welcome to join us.

Tracy: I figured you and Herman were together, but Jake's in it too? I don't trust that guy.

Luther: Tuvalu? I should probably get something for Lizzie there! :D

K.J.: You like Lizzie?

Luther: Yea!

K.J.: *grumpily* Oh. *walks away*

Lizzie: I like you too Luther!

Team Giza Chat [First Class] (3)

Luis:I knew we could win. 8)

Bryce: I guess we should thank Dwight.

Luis:*smiles* I guess, I will be right back. *heads to Loser's class*

Bryce: *Shrugs and grabs a cookie*

Dwight: Guys, check it out! These chairs actually recl--*reclines chair too far, it snaps shut trapping Dwight*

Bryce: Ouch.

Monica: I'm so glad that we won a challenge.

Luis:*returns, sees Dwight, and helps him get out of the chair* Can you please be careful for once?

Bryce: I don't think he knows what careful means.

Kazy: YAY! :D *hugs Dwight* we won thanks to YOU! :D

Dwight: Thanks guys.... and Kazy. Luis, I wanna sky dive, though! D:

Challenge (3)

Chris: Welcome to Tuvalu! Your challenge will be to jump through this slide right to Te Namo lagoon. there you will have one minute (not IRL) to catch the first fish you see. The biggest fish will win! Team Liberty, you go first, then goes London and last, Team Giza.

Jake: *jumps through the slide and gets to the lake* Anyone know hwo to fish without a rod?

Herman: *screams so he can hear him* Just try to ctach it by the tail!

Jake: *dives in the water and tries to catch a fish*

Jake: *gets a fish with his mouth then spits it out on the beach* Got it! Stupid challenge!

Tracy: *jumps through slide to the lake* Ahh!

K.J.: *jumps through slide, lands on top of Tracy* That was fun.

Tracy: *in 30 seconds brings back a fish slightly larger than Jake's* Yes!

K.J.: *grabs a fish's tail, gets dragged around for 59 seconds, but gets it in time* All right. *realizes it's a tiny minnow* Crap!

Dwight: *dives in and looks around for his full minute and then comes up with a huge fish in his mouth* Hey, guys, I think I-- *the fish turns out to be an electric eel and it zaps Dwight into an unconcious state*

Luther: *dives and comes up with a with a brown fish shaped like a football* I thought this was a ball. Oh, well. *swims past Dwight's unconsious body*

Totem: My team is up?

Luis:Oh, no!*swims down to save Dwight*

Leon:*dives for a fish*

Monica: I hope Dwight's okay

Lizzie: Yeah

Luther: Hey, Lizzie! Look what I caught! :D

K.J.: *holds up his minnow* Look what I caught, Lizzie.

Chris: Wow... Luckily, we only needed one per team. Liberty's fish was the biggest! In second place, Giza! Which means London will be eliminating somebody

Team London Barf Bag Ceremony (3)

Chris: Hmmm... Easy one? All votes go to Tenessee (This will happen everytime a person is DQ'd from being inacitve). Besides, we have two debuters! (Replacing Tracy and K.J.) Portia and Shawn! Portia goes to team Liberty while Shawn goes to Team London.

Episode 4 - "Yummy Coast"

Chris: Contestants, you will all be in Economy Class today ;)

Shawn: Hi everyone! Nice to meet cha' I'm Shawn! I hope we have a good time here!

Bryce: Yeah....*Continues reading*

Shawn: Watcha reading? -smile-

Bryce: *Sarcastically*Diary of a Wimpy Kid.(Don't get me wrong I like the series but Bryce thinks its too easy)

Jake: We won, we shouldn't be in here :|.

Luther: Whatever! *to Jake* Economy class helps you toughen up! :D

Portia: Hi guys! Nice to meet you all! I'm Portia! :D

Herman: (CONF) The new guys seem... Interesting? I should talk to them (NONCONF) Hi, Portia and... Shawn, was it?

Portia: Uh, hi! What's your name again?

Shawn: Hey, new debut buddy! -wraps arm around Portia's shoulder-

Portia: O.o I hope your hands are clean, cause this dress cost a lot!

Shawn: -pulled hands back and examined them, he smiled- Hehe all clean. - a piece of green leafy goodness appeared in his teeth-

Portia: Just a heads up, you have something in your teeth...

Shawn: Delicious handsomeness? I know, I know.

Portia: *Rolls eyes* No, it's some green stuff. Maybe you should go brush your teeth... or floss...

Shawn: Oh uhmm, hey look its.. THE RAPTURE! -pointed up in the air and fled- (Conf) So...... Not a good plan. -grabbed floss-

Portia: *Laughs* (CONF) Whatever he was trying to do, he failed at it...

Luther: Yeah, so, we have a new team member. And that fancy chick is on that other team.

Jake: (replying to Luther's last comment) Shut up. I'm used to my pool and big car with the million I got from last season >.>

Shawn: -ran back to Portia with clean teeth- Heh, sorry about that. A little nervous? I'm kind of like.. a newbie when it comes to all the vets here! -scratched his hand-

Portia: *Shrugs* Not really, because I'm fine with any outcome. I'm already rich, but more money would be even better! :D

Shawn: -eyes widen- R-r-r-r-ich?!

Portia: Yes, R-I-C-H, rich!

Shawn: WHY are you here then?!

Portia: I got bored at home. I may live in a mansion, but honey, those things can get boring!

Shawn: So, we should like totally stick together being like the odd ones out aka the debuters!

Portia: Sure! Except, we're on different teams, so we wont be able to work together until the merge.

Shawn: Who said anything about working together? -wink- [lmao XD]

Portia: >:| Doesn't sticking together mean working together?

Shawn: Well, kinda? -smirk- (Conf) -head dropped-

Dwight: Yay! New people! *jumps onto Portia's head* Your hair is awesome! *jumps onto Shawn's head* And your hair... your hair.... sucks. :|

Shawn: Uhm, nice greeting.?

Portia: O.o Nice to meet you too...

Shawn: Soo Portia -leaned on her shoulder- Whats your ESTATE like?

Portia: Large... don't you know what a mansion looks like?

Luther: *laughs at Shawn* Fail...

Shawn: Well, not first person no. Just poor ol' me! -picked up a penny-

Portia: *Takes out wallet from purse* Here! *Gives him 50 dollars* Your welcome.

Shawn: No,no,no.! I don't take money! I insist. -smile-

Portia: Fine. *Takes the money back* Now, what's your life like?

Shawn: Pretty simplisitic, you chill. You should come visit its nice and fun playin' kick ball in the cul-de-sac!

Portia: Uh, ok, just as long as no one tries to steal my stuff.

Shawn: Fine, Ill have to protect ya! How abouts a little tour of your mansion?

Jake: Lovebirds ;)

Dwight: *with his face practically glued to the window* Do we shy dive yet???

(TDISF, I just heard EnTrey was not banned, so.... o.O :P)

Portia: Fine. You protect me at your place, I'll give you a tour of my mansin, Shawn.

Shawn: What, no SPECIAL gaurds at your mansion? -chuckled-

Portia: Oh, there are. I have my own bodyguards. But, I'll just let them know you're allowed to be in!

Shawn: Oh, Miss "Special" huh? Get special bodygaurds? I get shot, no one cares. But you can't get shot.! D:<

Portia: *Shrugs* Well, that's just one of the perks to being rich.

Shawn: So, not dying is a perk?

Portia: Yes, because then you're still alive!

Shawn: So, do you know famous people?! Like.. Hobo! The famous hobo that lives down my street?!

Portia: O.o I know famous people, but that Hobo is not famous...

Luther: *laughs at Shawn* OMG... that's funny...

Dwight: There's a channel on my TV called Hobo. However, the network messed up on the spelling so it's called HBO.... *fly goes through on of Dwight's ears and out the other*

Portia: *Stares Blankly at Dwight* That's HBO, a movie channel...

Challenge (4)

-All contestants fall to the National Park Corcovado (Costa Rica)- Chris: Welcome to Costa Rica! For your challenge, you'll have to go from the National Park Corcovado (where you are now) to the nearest beach. Then, you will have to find something to reach the jet, which I'll land on the water with these new mega-floaters I got!

Luther: :O *runs aimlessly toward beach*

Eve: *starts running and looking for a beach*

Gunter: *follows Eve*

(Zanna: I'm back!)

Shawn: Uhhh, -licks finger and puts it in the air- Follow the breeze of the wind D:< -follows it-

Portia: *Starts running randomly* I have no idea where I'm going...

Dwight: *falls face-flat onto the side-walk* Sweet! My grammy always said sky diving was awesome! :D

Portia: *Continues running and stumbles* Aw man! I broke my heel :(

Leon:*begins running* Well, Tracy's gone.(CONF) Now who can I talk to?

Luis:(CONF) Leon looks lonely without Tracy. Now he knows a little about how I felt when I lost Pedro. He deserves his suffering.

Herman: *follows Leon* (CONF) Tracy is gone... Whatever, less competition. Still, I wonder what his secret was...

Kazy: Woohoo! Come on! *starts running towards the beach* Cool, huh!?

Herman: *looks around and follow Kazy*

Eve: *runs towards beach*

Gunter: *runs toward beach also*

Eve: *starts to run faster*

Gunter: *looks at Eve and starts to run faster*

Eve: *runs as fast as she can*

Gunter: *runs as fast as he can*

Eve: *reaches beach*

Gunter: *reaches beach finally*

Eve: *thinks*

Gunter: *looks around*

Eve: *finds a Jet Ski and hops on it*

Gunter: *looks for another Jet ski, but can't find one.....* Hmmm *thinks*

Eve: *can't find a key to turn on jet ski* Hmmm *looks*

Gunter: *finds a jet ski and hops on* Wow it already has the key two*

Eve: *finds a place called JET SKI Rental and goes up to the store*

Gunter: *starts Jet ski, and the motor blows* Crap!

Eve: I would like to buy a key *hands the seller the money and gets the key*

Gunter: *looks*

Eve: *puts in key and tries to start it but It's the wrong key so she goes back to the man, and trades out the keys*

Gunter: *looks*

Eve: *puts in key and it starts, so she takes it water and goes, but it only goes 5 mph* Crap

Gunter: *finds a floaty so he takes it and gets in it and floats slowly to the plane*

Eve: *zooms 5 mph to the jet plane*

Gunter: *floats to the Jet plane*

Eve: *zooms*

Gunter: *floats*

Eve: *the jet ski breaks down, So Eve goes to fix it* Come on I'm half way there

Gunter: *floaty starts losing air so he blow it up some more*

Eve: *sees a wire sticking out so puts it back in and hops back on* That was kinda easy! *starts to zoom on jet ski, because know it can go 10 mph*

Gunter: *floats*

Eve: *zooms*

Gunter: *floats*

Eve: *zooms*

Gunter: *floats*

Eve: *zooms*

Gunter: *floats* Come on! *waves start pushing him about 3 mph now*

Luther: *reaches beach* :D *grabs unbrella* *floats toward plane*

herman: *arrives to the beach and sees how Kazy is already swimming* Crap... I need to catch up *runs to the shore*

Eve: *zooms*

Gunter: *floats*

Eve: *reaches Jet plane* YES!

Gunter: *floats slowly*

Luther: *wind makes him float faster*

Gunter: *floats faster because of speed of winds*

Luther: *reaches plane* WOO! NUMBER 1!

Eve: *your actually second I've been here for a while*

Gunter: *reaches Plane third*

Shawn: -running to the beach- >.< WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT D:<

Chris: So... Eve wins for Team Liberty! In second place, Team London thanks to Luther, and third, and least, Team Giza, which will have to be voting someone off.

Eve: Go Team Liberty!

Team Giza Barf Bag Ceremony (4)

Chris: Okay, contestants, you know ho this works.

Chris: One vote Monica, another vote Monica, yet ANOTHER vote Monica and one last vote for Monica, which makes it official. *pushes Monica out of the plane and throws a parachute at her*

Episode 5 - "The Highest Mountain Ever-est!"

Chris: Can you feel the cold?

Team Liberty Chat [First Class] (5)

Herman: *drinking hot chocolate* Ah... THIS is life...

Eve: Yep! *gets a hot chocolate* Cheers *puts cup up in the air above Herman*

Portia: *Holding a mirror and putting on make-up* Totally! This is like the private jet I have back at home. Except it's only First Class, no economy section...

Herman: For Team Liberty! *drinks hot chocolate*

Eve: For Team Liberty! *drinks hot chocolate*


Jake: (CONF) Ugh. I need an alliance. But with who? Hmmm.

Portia: (CONF) Ew, this confessional is gross... Anyway, I don't really know if my team has noticed me yet. But that's ok, maybe I can just stay under the radar.

Herman: (CONF) Hmm... Maybe I need an alliance (NONCONF) Portia, Jake... Want an alliance?

Portia: *Looks at Herman* Sure, guy I've never met before.

Herman: Herman. My name is Herman (CONF) :|

Portia: Oh, nice to meet you Herman! I'm sure you'll be a great ally! (CONF) I have no idea if he will... I just talked to him for the first time.

Eve: Herman can I join the Alliance?

Herman: I guess... ? (CONF) My main two allies are Portia and Jake. I mean, I can't have all the team as alliance, we need people to actually vote off <_<

Team London and Giza Chat [Economy Class] (5)

Luther: Why do we never win?! Or lose?! :@

Kazy: Well, at least you have five members. We have four members only <.< By the way... Where's Dwight?

Chris: Team Giza, sadly, the international police had to take Dwight for a few days to the station for an interrogation. That means you will be a three-member team for a while.

Kazy: HE'S OUT?!

Chris: No, he's still competing. He'll just be... Inactive for some days. No replacements ;)

Bryce: Oh no...

Totem: *Drawing a monkey*

Luther: Aw, that guy was nice... Oh, well, it's only a few days. :) Woo! Let's win! :D

Kazy: nu! Dwight! I mean, we're so gonna fail!

Shawn: Ugh, the middle of the pack team. Never wins, never loses. D:<

Shawn: (Conf) Does anyone notice me yet? Yea, I'm the new one.. so?

Luther: *walks up to Shawn* Yo! Shawn! How ya doin'? I just wanted to propose an alliance! :D

Shawn: So your offering me an alliance, huh? Gimme two theoritical reasoning why I am a good part for YOUR alliance. Then follow up with a suck up comment. Alrightee?

Luther: Um... You are a wildcard, meaning that no one will suspect your votes, and, urm, you're smart, and... you have nice hair. :D

Shawn: Good Luther, Luther want a cookie? -pulled out a dog treat and held it above his head- Luther want the cookie? Luther want the cookie? -rolled his eyes-

Luther: Oh, please. I know that's not for people. *begins to walk away* *runs back and eats dog treat* :D

Shawn: -patted his head- Who said its not for human, -underbreath- which its not. -regular voice- So, you'll keep me safe and do all the physical challenges for me? Good? Kay.

Kazy: *stares at Shawn* (CONF) The new guy's hair is awesome... And the girl's outfit is sooo cool... (NONCONF) *runs up to Shawn* HIYA! :o

Shawn: -shoved hands in pockets- Uhmm, hey! -he smiled brightly-

Kazy: ... So, uh... (CONF) o_o Screw Dwight. Shawn is ten million times better :DDDDDDDDDDDD

Shawn: Uh, so whats your name again? -smirk-

Kazy: I'm Kazy... *giggles*

Shawn: Nice ta meet cha! -wrapped his arm around her shoulder- I'm Shawn, please to meet you aquantiance. -smile-

Kazy: *blushes* Heheheheeheheh...

Shawn: So how about an alliance? -nudge, nudge, wink-

Kazy: o____o ... YES! :D

Shawn: So, It's all in the ba -cough- Errr, -stratched head-

Challenge (5)

Chris: -the plane lands near a mountain- Welcome to Nepal, home, along with China, of the highest mountain of the world: the mount Everest. What you gotta do is climb the mountain all the way to the top, and then ski down to China. I'll be waiting you on the other side! First team to arrive gets an advantage for the chinese challenge. Second team gets a worse advantage. and third team gets NOTHING. You will know what the China challenge is when you get there! ^-^

Luther: :O WOO-HOO! *begins climbing*

Bryce: Let's go team!*Starts climbing*

Totem: *Begins to climb*

Portia: Uh... I really should've brought different clothes... *Begins climbing*

Eve: *starts climbing*

Gunter: *starts climbing*

Jake: *climbs to where Portia is* Clearly, such beauty shouldn't be doing a dangerous expedition challenge on her own. Wanna climb on my back and rest while I take BOTH of us up?

Luther: *continues to climb*

Eve: *climbs more*

Gunter: *climbs more*

Leon"*begins climbing*

Luis:*begins climbing as well*

Portia: *To Jake* Sure! *Climbs on his back* This is like when my bofyguards give me piggy back rides because they don't want me to have to walk!

Eve: *climbs*

Gunter: *climbs*

Eve: *starts climbing a little faster*

Gunter: *starts climbing a little faster*

Gunter: *climbs*

Eve: *climbs*

Gunter: *starts climbing a little faster*

Eve: *climbs* Halfway there *keeps climbing*

Gunter: *climbs*

Eve: *climbs*

Gunter: *climbs more*

Eve: *climbs more*

Gunter: *climbs*

Eve: *climbs*

Gunter: *reaches the top* YES!

Eve: *reaches the top after Gunter* Crap!

Gunter: *looks for a ski*

Eve: *looks for a ski*

Gunter: *finds one*

Eve: *finds the same one gunter does*

Gunter: *runs for it*

Eve: *runs for it and gets it*

Gunter: No!

Eve: *starts to ski down*

Gunter: *looks for a ski*

Eve: *skis down hill*

Gunter: *looks*

Eve: *skis down*

Gunter: *looks* Ugg!

Eve: *skis faster*

Gunter: *looks* UGGGGG!

Eve: *skis faster*

Gunter: Where is a ski?

Eve: *skis a little slower than faster*

(TDISF: Zanna, give others a chance. Don't make too many lines in a row.)

Herman: yes... I'm late *climbs the mountain*

kazy: Woo! *starts running really quickly, heading to the top*

Herman: :| ? *keeps on climbing*

Gunter: *looks*

Eve: *skis* Almost there (You're still climbing)

Gunter: *gives up and sits down*

Eve: *makes it to the bottom finally* Know 'I gotta get to the other side, but how? *sees a car with the keys already in it a gets in* I hope it works *she puts the keys in, but It doesn't work, so she gets out and trys to fix it* (last warning.)

(Zanna: Excuse me...that wasn't godplay....godplay is when you finish a challenge in one line.....I've done like 18 lines and I still haven't finished)

Shawn: Ugh, -started climbing-

Luther: *continues climbing*

(Zanna: They should be on)

Eve: *climbs*

Gunter: *climbs*

Herman: *¨keeps on climbing* I'm WAY far behind :|

Kazy: WooHoo!!! *keeps running to the top*

Eve: *climbs a bit faster, and then slower, then a little faster*

Gunter: *climbs*

Luther: *runs up faster*

herman: *climbs way faster*

Kazy: Yay! *keeps running*

Herman: She's crazy...

Eve: *climbs faster* Yeah she is XD

-Luther, Eve, Gunter, Herman and Kazy are halfway done-

Herman: Woot! We're almost there! *keeps on climbing*

Kazy: Yay! *runs evven faster*

Luther: *runs faster*

Portia: *Slaps Jake* Would you like to move? I ain't gonna stay here all day!

Luther: *runs faster* *pushes Eve*

Herman: :| Portia, you could easily get down, put out your heels, throw them at somebody and run to the top. *keeps on climbing, sighs* I wish I could run like Kazy :|

Kazy: Woo! *runs as fast as she can*

Shawn: -still climbing, and yells- Oh HELP, oh HELP. Someone, -cough- KAZY -cough- Save me. I neeed someone to help meee! (a complete lie XD)

Luther: *picks up Shawn* I'll save you, buddy! *keeps running up, carrying him*

Jake: *reaches the top and lets Portia down* What a great view! Ready? (So quickly? -_- Keep on climbing, please)

Kazy: *looks back* Shawn! D: (CONF) Come on! Should I make him come with me? Or should I let him there? :o Well, he looks fit enough as to climb a mountain <_< He's on the opposite team anyways :|

Herman: ... *keeps on climbing* Come on, Kazy, help him >:) *pushes her*

Kaazy: woa!!!!! *falls down to where Shawn is* Come on! *helps Shawn up*

Portia: *Gets off* I can do this part by myself! *Puts on skis and begins skiing.* (as before, they are still halfway)

Bryce: *Continues to climb*I should climb faster.

Totem: *Continues climbing*

-Portia, Bryce, Shawn, Kazy, Totem and Jake are halfway the mountain. Everyone else WHO CONTRIBUTED are 3/4-

Shawn: Meh, I'm not the strongest dude around. -flexed nothing-

Jake: *keeps climbing*

Bryce: *Continues climbing*I hate this challenge.

Totem: *Climbing*Same.

Luther: *keeps climbing*

Eve: *climbs faster*

Gunter: *climbs faster*

Luther: *climbs faster*

-(To make this easier, teams will move together) All teams are brought to the top by Chris-

Chris: Hmmm.. Guys, now ski down to the bottom of the mountain!

Portia: *Grabs skis and puts them on* Let's do this! 8) *Pushes off and begins skiing*

Eve: *grabs ski and starts skiing down hill*

Herman: *skis down the mount*

Kazy: *graps shawn's hand and they start skiing together*

Eve: *catches wind and starts to ski a little faster*

Herman: *skis down*

Kazy: *skis down*

Eve: *skis down*

Gunter: *just know starts to ski down*

Bryce: *Grabs ski*Time to ski...*Starts skiing down*

Eve: *skis down hill*

Luther: *gets skis and begins to go downhill*

Eve: *skis down hill*

Totem: *Grabs ski and begins to ski*

Bryce: *Skiing*Better than climbing

Gunter: *skis*

Eve: *skis down hill*

Luther: *continues to go downhill*

Eve: *continues skiing down hill*

Herman: Almost there :| *skis downhill*

Kazy: Come on, Shawn! Help!

Eve: *skis down hill* Almost there *skis*

Chris: And Eve wins for her team! Team Liberty gets the advantage! *sees that Kazy arrives* and team Giza gets second! Seems like Team London is gonna suffer an elimination!

Eve: yea!

Team London Barf Bag Ceremony (6)

Chris: Ummm... Well, as you know, after a person is inactive during two episodes, that person is automatically eliminated recieved the votes of all of their teammates. This just happened with Lizzie. *pushes Lizzie off the plane*

Episode 6 - "Chinese MakeUp"

Challenge (6)

Chris: Welcome to China! You had a rough time in Nepal, huh? Well, now you're not getting so much work, but still you are ;) Your challenge is to dress up the girl of your team as the traditional Chinese entertainer: The geisha!

Herman: I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but geishas are Japanese, not Chinese. :|

Chris: Whatever. The girls an advantages for the teams will be the next:

  • Team Liberty
    • Portia will be the geisha.
    • Their advantages are: A traditional geisha oufit; good makeup; hair decoration
  • Team Giza
    • Kazy will be the geisha.
    • Their advantages are: A dress (looks like a geisha's); bird excrement (supposed to be used as makeup); plants
  • Team London
    • Shawn will be the geisha.
    • They have no advantages.

Kazy: Shawn? The geisha? *laughs*

Eve: Good thing we got the best advantage

Herman: yes... Let's get to this! Eve, you work on Portia's hair, and I'll start with the makeup, okay?

Kazy: Wait... What is Shawn gonna do?! They have nothing to work with!

Eve: *starts looking threw the hair decoration* Hmmm *looks at Portia's head*

Herman: *searches through the makeup bag* We need base first.

Luther: Great! Now what do we do?! ... :O *takes out whipped cream he used to fill his suitcase* *spreads it onto Shawn*

Eve: First you need a hair net *puts Hair net on Portia's head*

Herman: Here it is! *applies a thick whte base on Portia's face* (CONF) It will be hard for Portia to put that make up out later D:

Portia: O.o Well, as long as this stuff is removable, I'm game! Keep it going, team Liberty!

Bryce: Okay, lets start working Team Giza!

Eve: Know we gotta put on a type of glue so the wig will stay on your head. Where is it *looks for the hair glue*

Kazy: *sneaks where Team London is with some plants* Take this! You can make a dress with these! *runs back to where her team is* I'm ready!

Herman: *finishes applying the base* Now, I need red lipstick *Searches through the makeup bag*

Eve: *finds the hair glue* There it is *puts it on Portia's Hair*

Portia: *Glares at Eve* I hope you know what you're doing.

Herman: I found it *starts painting Portia's lips* Somebody start searching the eyeliner!

Kazy: Umm... Anyone volunteer to help me? :|

Eve: I do. *looks for hair decoration*

Luther: *rips up track suits and sew them together to make dress*

Portia: *Smiles* I love Team Liberty! We work so well together!

Eve: There it is *puts hair decoration on Portia's head* There. The Hair is done, and yes we do Portia *hugs Team Liberty*

Bryce: *To Kazy*I guess I will.

Totem: So what do we do with these plants Kazy gave us?

Luther: ...Put them in Shawn's hair! *uses plants as hair decorations*

Portia: O.o I feel weird already!

Eve: Portia do you want me to help you put your outfit on?

Portia: Sure!

Eve: First take off the clothes your wearing know *helps her take them off*

Herman: *puts black eyeliner on Portia's eyes* Almost done with the make up

Eve: Know let's put the out-fit on *gets out-fit and starts to put it on her*

Bryce: *To Kazy*Okay, so what do you thnk will be faster to do first?

Gunter: *finds paint* We can use this for make-up on shawn. *starts to put it on Shawn's face*

Totem: *Helps Gunter*Let's hope it doesn't get on his eyes.

Gunter: *puts on black around his eyes like eye-liner*

Totem: Shawn, just don't touch the paint unless you want it ruined please.I think we have a shot at this.

Gunter: *uses a light redish-pinkish paint for eye-blush and puts it on shawn*

Luther: *helps Totem and Gunter apply make-up*

Gunter: We should use those big leafs as an outfit *points to giant leaves*

Totem: Where do you keep finding the supplies?

Luther: O.O (That's godplaying...)

(Zanna: No It's China...they have really big leaves)

Gunter: I found the leaves in a garden/forest and I made the paint homemade (The leaves is okay. You must find a way to make the make up)

Shawn: Nose itching, must resist. Must resist. Oh stupid, NO, NO, -flail- MAKE UP D:< IM A MAN WHAT?!!

kazy: I can give you some make up! *throws bird poo in Shawn's face* No need to thank! :D *back to her team* Now, guys, this must be quick *immerses head in the bird poo* The dress! Quickly!

Gunter: You have to do we can win

EvE: *gets Portia in her outfit* I think were done

Totem: Sorry, Shawn but you had to do it.

Herman: Phew... Chris! We're done right here!.

Shawn: <~<.. If you admit I'm a very beautiful geisha.

Totem: You are a very beautiful geisha...

Gunter: *throws up a little*

(Zanna: Ok TDISF...sorry)

Gunter: *looks for something to use as make-up* Where..... *bird poops a giant piece of poop on an plate* Look! *starts to paint shawn's whole face with bird poop*

Totem: That's all we have....

Shawn: Hey Kazy, Portia, how am I looking? -wink-

Chris: Liberty... Nice make up, nice dress, nice hair done... I guess we have our winners... again! -_-

Herman: Yes! *high fives Eve and Portia*

Bryce: And we haven't finished....*Facepalms*

Jake: (CONF) Who to vote for? Hmmmm

Kazy: *chuckles* Shawn... You still got poo in your face xD *gives Shawn bird poo* Take, sue this as make up so your team can win! :)

Chris: London and Giza still have some time to finish their geishas...

Eve: Yeah we won again! *hugs Portia, then accidentally kisses Herman*

Gunter: *finishes putting bird poop on shawn's face as make-up* Know for the out-fit *starts putting leaves on shawn as an out-fit*

Luther: *makes final adjustments to Shawn's outfit*

Totem: He doesn't look so bad....I guess....

Bryce: *To Kazy*Can we focus?*Grabs the dress*Put this on.

Shawn: Awww, gimme a hug with my... bird poop face. -put arms out-

Herman: *blushes* (CONF) How can you accidentally kiss someone? :| There must be something behind this <_<

Kazy: It doesn't matter *starts putting dress on* (CONF) He's so cute ^-^

Bryce: Okay, now where are the plants?

(Zanna: TDISF.....there is nothing behind this...she was so happy she accidently kissed him....could they possibly date)

Eve: *blushes* Sorry

Gunter: *finishes putting out-fit on Shawn* We are done Chris!

(TDISF: I know, Zanna, it's just him :P )

Chris: Hmm... It's decent... London gets second! Giza, it's your turn, once again, to vote someone off!

Gunter: Yes!

(Zanna: Oh :P)

Eve: *blushes*

Bryce: At least we tried I guess....

Shawn: Do I make a good geisha? -wink wink- EWWW. Bird poop in my eye, bird poop in my eye! -fan fan fan-

Portia: -__- Can I get out of this crazy make-up and outfit thing now?

Eve: (CONF: For me as a kinda tough girl, and Herman kinda of a Nerd.......He is a good kisser ans so am i ;)

Shawn: Portia, you look good in that -wink-

Team Giza Barf Bag Ceremony (6)

Chris: Giza, you know how this works.

Chris: Well, two votes is enough to send Luis packing. Luis, too bad you didn't get to see your family again, anyways, here you go *throws him a parachute and Luis jumps down*

Episode 7 - "Ole!"

Chris: Contestants, today we're having our first reward challenge!

Team Liberty Chat [First Class] (7)

Herman: Ah... First class again!

Eve: Our team is doing good.....*to herman* Ummm what if we lose who will we vote off.....I think me,you, and Portia are our strongest contestants though

Portia: *Sitting in front of mirror, removing make-up and hair decorations* Ugh, this is taking forever! At least we won though!

Eve: *helps Portia take off make-up* Yeah! *finishes and sits by Herman* Hey Herman *looks into Herman's eyes*

Leon:I have to finish something I started. Bye, guys.*Leon jumps from the plane with a parachute on. He quickly falls out of sight*(Alfie:Yes, I quit on a reward challenge.....LOL)

Jake: Great. Just great :|. Now we only have 4!

Chris: Well... Looks like we have today's eliminated... When it was supposed to be a reward :| It will still be a reward.

herman: *looks at Eve awkwardly* Uhhhh... *looks back at Jake* Hey, at least we have four. We are still epic, remember? We work perfectly together. We can quickly win and outlast the other two teams.

Portia: O.o Well then... But Herman's right, he had a nice pep talk :)

Herman: Oh, thanks :P I give them a lot :P

Chris: Contestants, we have a new advantage for the winners: A TV! in the TV you can watch the losers doing their stuff.

Herman: cool *turns on the TV* ... :| This is boring...

Eve: *laughs at Herman*

Portia: *Sees Shawn on the TV* Hey, there's that crazy kid who debuted with me! ... I don't know if I want to show him my house anymore...

Team London and Giza Chat [Economy Class] (7)

Kazy: We are doomed D:

Shawn: -in spanish accent, he grabbed Kazy's hand and swung her into his chest- Not when your with me, me amore. Rawr. -put a rose in his mouth- OW OW OW. Still has thorns. Still has thorns!

Gunter: Shawn you wanna make an alliance?

Luther: *to Gunter* Woah, woah, woah. Shawn already has an alliance with ME. :@

Gunter: Well can I join Y'all alliance

Luther: Dude, we sort of already have Totem in it. So, letting you in would make the whole team. That wouldn't make sense.

Gunter: Listen...I'm a good competitor....

Luther: Well... I'll think about it. I'll talk to you about it later.

Bryce: *Facepalming*I hope we don't fail again, I really don't want the team to lose all its members.

Kazy: oh, uh... Umm... *giggles* I guess I could help you take those thorns out *blushes*

Shawn: Will you? It's starting to seer into my skin <~<.

Kazy: *blushes and gigles* Okay,, I can help :3 *kisses him*

Shawn: (Conf) IT BURNSSSSS!! -flail flail-

Shawn: -face starts buldging up- Uh, uh, EPIPEN TIME?!!! -reached towards pocket- Oh I forgot, I left it at home <~<

Kazy: o_o D-do I call Chris?!

Shawn: -jumped up- Ahaha, just ikdding, the theathre arts is one of my many talents -put arm out- Oh Romeo, Oh wait.. other way around.

Luther: Who's Romeo? :O

Kazy: Ooh... So, it wouldn't be wrong if I we continued with,y'know... The kiss *winks*

Shawn: What kiss? -blinked, and wrapped his arm around Luther- Have you met my bud Luther?

Luther: Hey, Kazy! :D

Kazy: *falls to the floor* Nevermind... *glares at him and walks away* (CONF) He's such a jerk -_- Nobody loves me T-T From now on, I'm gonna be named Cassey >:| ... Until I get tired of it, of course, hehe...

Shawn: Woah woah. Where are you going!! o:

Kazy: *comes back and pushes Luther away* We need some time together alone... Anyways, Shawn... I think our alliance should be more... fair? I want that Gunter dude gone...

Shawn: You want it just you and me? Alright, lets have some "alone" time, what do you want to talk about you feelings? -wrapped arms around her-

Kazy: ... >:| *slaps him* That's just a stereotype! Not all girls like talking about their feelings! This is over! We're done!

Shawn: :| well this is a stereotype, guys don't say there sorry. (-glared at sg, who's watching this from chatango.) I'm sorry. :/ Forgive me!

Kazy: ... <_< ONLY if you promise to do some things for me in exchange of doing some things for you <_<

Shawn: :/ Fine, anything for you. Hey Luther, give me and her some time alone? -threw a dog biscuit to the corner of the plane-

Luther: :D *runs to corner of plane*

Kazy: Hmh... >_>

Shawn: How about that kiss you wanted? ;)

Kazy: Umm.. What kiss? <.< (CONF) I'm not that easy as of... five minutes ago <.<

Shawn: -wrapped arm around her shoulder- Let's take it slow.

kazy: *bites his arm* Exactly. Let's take it slow. *walks away to the bathroom*

Shawn: Wow, what a crazy girl <~<.. You didn't need to bite my arm. Now I probably have rabies.

Luther: *come back* :O You bit him?! How is he supposed to compete now?! NO! NO! NO! No.. Shawn! SPeak to me!

Shawn: -fell to ground, closed eyes and started drooling, and acted dead- ...... -opened one eye, looked around, and closed it-

Kazy: *turns around* shawn D: *runs to him* Sorry D:

Shawn: -opened eyes- Are you going to hurt me?

Kazy: NO :( *kisses him in the cheek*

Shawn: -blushes- Good, you have better not have a crazy spurt like that, again, or Luther here will go throw you out the plane.

Luther: Yea! :@

Kazy: Do you really always need Luther's protection? That's not what a real man would do <_<

Luther: Well, maybe, Shawn isn't a man! How's that?! :D

Kazy: Maybe... You are more manly than him <_<

Shawn: What are you saying dear Kazy? Are you leaving me for him?!

Luther: :o WHOA... I already have Lizzie... :@

Kazy: I never said I would >.<

Luther: But since she's gone, I CAN date you! :D *hugs Kazy*

Shawn: Woah, Luther buddy. What are you saying? What are you saying? Choose your next words carefully. -glare-

Luther: ...Huh? *burps*

Shawn: -patted Luther's head- Ah, I love ya, you big gullible dunce. No homo.

Luther: :o Cool! :D *begins running in place*

Challenge (7)

Chris: -the contestants land in Spain* Bienvenidos, contestants! This is... Spain! as you may know, gypsies were originated in Spain... That leads us to our next challenge! Here, by the streets of Madrid you will have to dance as gypsies and panhandle. The team with the most income at the end of the day will be the winner.

Shawn: I'm such a poorly person, want to donate me some INCOME, kazy? -started dancing like a gyspie- <~< I have no shame.

Luther: Whatever you say, Shawn! *begins to copy Shawn*

Kazy: *dances as a gypsy* 'Cause I'm a gypsy, dun dun dun, are you comin' with me, dun dun dun

Herman: O_o *randomly dances*

Shawn: Can't touch this, dun dun dun dun dun dun dun -starts doing the chicken, and then randomly humps the air- You Spanish like people making fun of themselves right? Or would you prefer, -grabbed Kazy, and started to tango- Tango'ing? Rawr.

Eve: *dances sexily like a gypsy*

Gunter: *dances like a gypsy*

Portia: *Begins dancing* I love dancing!

Eve: Me to! *butt bumps Portia then giggles and continues sexily dancing like a gypsy*

Kazy: Rawr *giggles*

Herman: *rolls his eyes and keeps on Dancing*

Carlos: Oooh... Celos! (Oooh... Jealousy!)

Shawn: -slowly walked to Portia- Dance with me, -put arms out- We are in Spain right? Home of Culture and the Tango and Dougie! (XD)

Gunter: *dances like a gypsy kinda*

Eve: *sexily dances like a gypsy*

Luther: *dances* I'mma poor street boy gimme money and I'll quit singing

Gunter: *dances like a gypsy more*

Eve: *sexily dances like a gypsy more*

Kazy: >:| *bumps Portia and dances with shawn*

Portia: *Shrugs and dances alone* (CONF) Shawn worries me anyway...

Gunter: *gets close to Portia and dances with her*

(Zanna: Gunter is suppose to be a lover-boy who is HOT he has an 8-pack of abs)

(Oatmeal: No one cares. They don't like your character.)

Shawn: (Conf) Oh she'll fall for me one day, It's part of the plan.

(Zanna: No one cares about you! XD)

Shawn: Meh, -spotlight hits me- I SEE YOU DRIVING ROUND TOWN -does a steering motion- WITH THE GIRL I LOVE, and I'm like FORGET YOU! -points at portia.- I guess teh change in my pocket -lifted pockets up and revealed 5 pennies and lint.-

Portia: *Moves away from Gunter and continues dancing* I like doing my own thing.

GunteR: I respect you for that *dances like a gypsy*

Eve: *dances sexily like a gypsy*

Luther: *dances* I'mma poor street boy gimme money and I'll quit singing

Luther: Ontario Boys! We're undeniable! Except for Gunter, who no one likes!

Gunter: *dances like a gypsy some more* (CONF: Luther is an idiot.......more people like me than him...*says something classified*)

Shawn: Miss. Little Rich Girl likes doing her own thing? Let's show her how we do it BACK STREET style! -starts break dancing-

Gunter: *goes to Shawn and whispers* I think we should vote off Totem.....he hasn't been very active

Portia: *To Shawn* Two can play at that game! *Starts break dancing*

Shawn: Oh, wow... -_- I did not expect that, Pretty and Break Dancing Able? Impressive.

Eve: *while sexily dancing like a gypsy* Go Portia! Go Portia! Go Portia!

Luther: *dances more* You're on the wrong track, Gunter, you were born this way!

Portia: *Continues break dancing and spins on her head* Yeah, that's what I thought!

Shawn: Impressive. But, don't -throws a rock in her way- trip.. ahahahahaha. -starts dancing as a gypsy-

Gunter: *starts singing* Luther is ugly. Yes we no. For everyone says so

Kazy: +sses that portia is breakdancing with Shawn* Oh, no you didn't! *jumps on her and starts slapping here*

Herman: O_O KAZY! *tries to separate them.

Random Dude: Hahaha! *covers his mouth* o_o

Herman: *sees that guy* WAIT... Aren't you... o_o


Herman: LEON! :D

Shawn: -grabbed kazy and portia- Ladies, theres enough of me to go around, -wink-

Portia: *Pulls Kazy's hair* I wasn't even dancing with him!

Eve: *gasps and sexily dances like gypsy*

Kazy: get out! *unches him and keeps on slaping Portia* Enough *stands up and continues dancing*

Luther: *dances more*

Leon:Well, well. I guess I am back...*mopes over to Chris*

Portia: *Gets up and continues dancing* Oooh, I'ma get you back for that, Kazy!

Chris: Leon, you're coming back to the plane with us. Team Liberty wins! London gets second and Giza gets to eliminate another person... So rare *rolls eyes*

Challenge 7 Team Income

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Team Income
Team Liberty $4.50
Team London $4.25
Team Giza $1.75

Rewards (7)

Chris: Well, Liberty, your reward is a giant book about spells. London, your reward is a metal detector and Giza, your reward is... uh... Leon. *pushes Leon to Team Giza* Leon, your quitting was unfair, since this was a reward, so you were never eliminated. You're just swapping teams to Giza <_<

Bryce: Yay....

Totem: I think its a good prize(Sorry I'm late my internet wasn't working)

Leon:Well at least now the teams are equal....I guess.

Shawn: Spells? Psh, we have the most realistic prize; the metal detector.

Episode 8 - "The Curse of the Metalhead"

Team Liberty Chat [First Class] (8)

Herman: THIS... This is life... *turns on the TV*

Portia: *Relaxes in a reclining chair* You got that right, Herman!

Herman: *turns to Portia* YOu called Kazy that? O_o

Portia: Hell to the no. I bet it's just Shawn trying to stif something up.

Herman: *frown* He must tell Kazy he's lying...

Portia: *Frowns* He wont though, he just wants to cause tension.

Portia: Ok, you know what, I'm going back there and set things straight.

Portia: Yo Chris, can I go into the economy section to set things straight?

Chris: ... Nah... Save it for during the challenge. It will make things more difficult >:)

Portia: *Rolls eyes and pushes Chris out of the way* Oh please, just get outta my way and let me handle this!

Eve: Our team RULES

Herman: Uh... *follows Portia*

Eve: (CONF: Herman has been acting really weird lately)

(Zanna: *gasps* Jake.....where are missed the last episode......I need your character for something...)

(Jake: Jeez, Zanna chill, I was out :|)

Jake: (CONF) Looks like I need an alliance. But with who?

Eve: *whispers* Jake will you make an alliance with me

Jake: Sure :D

Eve: Ok! :D

Team London & Giza Chat [Economy Class] (8)

Kazy: Well, at least the teams are even now :P

Shawn: -whispers to Kazy- Did you hear what Portia said about you back in spain? She called you an ugly fat poor girl. Which is so uncalled for. -rolled eyes-

Kazy: *gasps* SHE DID?!

Luther: We so should of won last time! :@

Shawn: Yep. Totem told me. -frown-

Kazy: *frowns* SHE WILL SO BE POWNED! >:(

Shawn: Totem was all like, Portia's so ugly, and I heard her say that about Kazy. I swear! On my word! Ask Luther, he was there! I HEARD HER. With my own eyes, uhh. I mean ears.

Luther: Uh, yeah! She said that you were so fat that... she would get fat from eating you!

Shawn: That's what Totem said that Portia said. Why would Portia say such a thing, shes such a pretty gir -cough- What?

Kazy: *gasps*... >:@ I can't believe she said THAT"!

Shawn: (Conf) To be honest, lust is the motive? What an evil deadly sin.

Portia: *Stumbles in* Woo, it smells bad in here! *Glares at Shawn* YOU! I'ma get you!

Luther: :o Don't hurt him! *blocks Shawn from Portia*

Herman: *runs up to Kazy* Kazy, don't believe anything Shawn says about Portia. He's lying!

Kazy: WHAT?!

Portia: *Throws a high heel at Luther* Stay out of this!

Gunter: *to shawn* I think we should vote off Totem next cause he missed last week's challenge and hasn't been that active lately

Luther: For the last time, we aren't in an alliance with you!

Gunter: He said he will think about it shut up you are so annoying!

Shawn: Portia, I swear. I wouldn't lie to me trust.

Bryce: Ouch...*Continues reading*(Totem's a girl)

Portia: *Runs past Luther, grabs her high heel, and slaps Shawn* You moron!

Totem: What's ahppening?

Bryce: *Reading*No clue.

Shawn: Wha.. whaa? -slipping side to side,- What was tha- -fell to the ground- @_@

Herman :| Seriously, Shawn?

Kazy: He's not lying!

Herman: He IS! He wants you to do whatever he wants, and he's controlling you, as well as Luther! Believe me, Kazy!

Luther: I was the one who said that, Gunter! :@ *walks away*

Gunter: *catches up with Luther* Listen.....what do you have against me

Luther: Nothing! I'm a jock that's stupid and gets angry for no reason!

Gunter: Oh *walks away*

Portia: *Ignores Shawn and turns to Kazy* I swear I didn't say those things. Totem and Shawn made that up.

Luther: *walks up to Portia* No! It was Gunter!

Gunter: WHAT?!?! I haven't done anything

Kazy: I don't believe you guys.. <_< How do I know you're not trying to get me into an alliance against Shawn?

Herman :| (CONF) :| Seriously?

Portia: *To Luther* I saw it on TV in first class, I know it was Shawn and Totem. *To Kazy* We're not lying, I never said anything bad about you.

Totem: I said something?

Luther: YEAH! *pushes Totem to the floor*

Bryce: *Puts down book*Dramatic.

challenge (7)

Chris: -The contestants land in Machu Picchu- Welcome to Peru! Here, there's an idol that curses everything. You will have to find it. It is know because it's head is made of metal. The first team to find it, wins. That team chooses which team goes to elimination. Good luck!

Luther: *goes into biggest temple* :D

Herman: May this spell book be useful? *opens the book* There must be something where it says Incan

Curses *starts looking through the book*

Totem: *Follows*

Luther: *goes through temple and steps around traps*

Bryce: What advantage did we get?Oh yeah we got Leon....

Portia: *Looks through the spell book with Herman*

Jake: *looks with Portia*

Eve: *looks with Portia and Jake*

GunteR: *follows Luther*

Luther: *pulls out metal detector* Where is it?

Eve: *looks threw book with Portia and Herman some more*

Jake: *looks with Herman and Eve*

Herman: Harry Potter spells? Why would I want that? :| *keeps looking* INCAN CURSES! I FOUND IT! Now we gotta find Metalhead Idol *searches through the M*

Eve: *looks with Herman*

Gunter: *secretly looks with Herman and Eve*

Luther: *follows metal detector* *sees Gunter is gone* TRAITOR! :o

Gunter: *texts Luther that says Luther, listen Team Liberty has a book that is leading them to it come here, and we can win*


Totem: *Confused*Where is my team?

Eve: *continues to look threw book with Jake and Herman*

Herman: Here! Metalhead! It says: "There are two ways of finding the idol. The first one is by doing a ceremony where everyone throws something they love the the fire. The wind will tell you where the idol is. The second way is sacrificing a person with, at least, fourteen years old." ... I prefer the first one *stares at his team*

Luther: *texts Gunter STEAL IT!*

Eve: First one

Bryce: *Walks into a temple, searching*

Herman: Agreed. *pulls out a knife off his pocket* Well, here it says we need at least three items. I love this knife. *starts making fire*

Kazy: *goes underground and starts searching for the idol*

Luther: *runs out of current temple and tries to find Team Liberty*

Eve: *pulls out a pack of gum* My last and favorite pack of gum...i brought on this trip

Herman: *continues making fire* Portia, Jake? Anything to throw to the fire?

Jake: *throws wood* Excellent. Now Portia?

Herman: :| Jake, you really need to cooperate. Did you even hear what I read? Throw something important for you, like, some of the million dollars you won last season *rolls eyes* *continues making the fire*

Portia: *Throws in 100 dollars* Meh, I have lots more of that!

Jake: Meh. *throws in 1,000 dollars* I'm rich back home from last season.

Kazy: *crashes with something made of metal* HEY! *looks at ti* No Idol :|

Herman: ... Okay, let's see if that works... ¬¬

Bryce: *In the temple*Nothing metal that I see.

Luther: *catches up to Team Liberty* Hm... Gunter! We need to sacrifice you!

Gunter: Ummmm....NO!

Totem: *Notices Luther and Gunter*Finally I see my own team.

Luther: :( But Shawn isn't here so we can't sacrifice our stuff!

Gunter: Well you ain't sacrificing me!

Totem: *Walks over to Luther and Gunter*Hey guys.

Herman: ... I- I think I feel the wind! *runs to where the wind 'says'*

Kazy: *Arrives first to Herman's spot* Woo!

Herman: *runns faster* I need to get that!

Kazy: Get what? This? *holds up the idol*

Chris: And finally, Team Giza won! Kazy, since you found the idol, you get to choose the team that's going to elimination... Discuss it with your team.

Bryce: Yeah, Kazy!!You did it!

Kazy: Umm... I guess we're picking... London. BEcause they have Shawn, and Portia and Herman tried to make me think bad about him <_<

Herman: Wait- WHAT?! He's lying!

Chris: And Liberty is going to elimination!

Totem: (CONF)I wonder what they are talking about.

Team Liberty Barf Bag Ceremony (7)

Chris: Okay, then this goes like this... One vote Jake, one vote Herman, Another vote Jake and... This is a tie?! O_o Okay, Chef, bring the coffee right here! The tiebreaker will be drinking this giant cup of peruvian coffee. It's super hot ;) The first person to finish the coffee, stays in the game

Herman: I gotta do this :| *starts drinking the coffee*

Jake: *starts drinking*

Herman: *Continues drinking the coffee*

Jake: *continues drinking coffee*

Herman: *drank almost half of the cup already*

Jake: O.O. Dang man O.O. *continues gulping it down*

Herman: *drank half of the cup already*

Jake: O.O. *continues drinking and is 3/4 done*

Herman: *wants to keep drinking the coffee, but his throat is heating, but he still keeps drinking, he's also 3/4 done*

Jake: *sucks it all down and takes off the cap. Takes the last sip* Woah. That was hot O.o

Chris: And... Jake stays in. Sorry, Herman, you have been eliminated

Herman: *stands up* Wait, WHAT?! I- I mean, Jake needs to go! He won last season already! he doesn't deserve to be here!

Chris: yadda, yadda, *pushes Herman off the plane*

Herman: *resists* No! Wait! I need. My. Money! *is finally pushed off the plane and screams* BEWARE, PORTIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!

Eve: *feels a little guilt cause she kinda liked Herman* Herman! NOOOOOO! *she then puts a smile on face* I've moved on sorry.

Episode 9 - "Smoothylicious!"

Chris: Last time was a shocker! Giza won!

Team Giza Chat [First Class] (9)

Kazy: Wow... We finally won, guys! Maybe Leon is our lucky charm! :D

Bryce: Yeah, and good job Kazy!You won it for us.

Leon:Congratz, Kazy. Luis would be proud.

-Police officers shove Dwight into first class-

Dwight: Oof! Sheesh.... They must drink a lot of milk.... x_x

Chris: and Dwight is back!

Kazy: Diwght?! Yay! *huggles him*

Dwight: Hiya! :D What's happened since I've been gone?

Team Liberty & London Chat [Economy Class] (9)

Gunter: Final 11 already! Wow!

Luther: *pushes Gunter onto the floor* We got second place again?! Dang it!

Portia: Ugh, this place sucks! (CONF) I'm very mad at my team for voting off Herman. There was someone else who deserved to go more.

Gunter: *punches Luther*

Luther: Whoa, dude. I didn't know you could wrestle.

GunteR: Dude....I have an 8-pack of abs

Luther: Dude, it's considered unhealthy if you have more than six... you should see a doctor about that.

Gunter: Already did.....they said I'm VERY healthy

Totem: *Starts drawing*

Luther: Yeah... Have fun with that. *walks away from Gunter*

Luther: *walks to Totem* What's up, Totem? See, like, that Gunter dude wants you to lose. So, if you can ally with Shawn and I, we can help you.

Totem: Sure, I'll ally with you guys.

Luther: Sweet! :D

Shawn: Ahaha, -pointed at Liberty- You guys lost. -pointed at Portia,- Hey, Missy Richie Rich, how is it in your mansion?

Portia: *Throws her mirror at Shawn* Don't talk to me, traitor.

Shawn: What did I betray you in. I did nothing! FORGIVE ME, -_-.

Portia: LIAR! (CONF) He's so totally never getting a tour of my mansion now.

Shawn: Meh, whatever. -put hands on her shoulder's- Listen, I'm sorry. Okay? Forgive me or not. I'm truey sorry.

Portia: *Glares at Shawn* Get yo hands off of me. I understand you're sorry, but I'm not in the mood right now. I forgive you, ok?

Totem: *Begins to draw again*

Shawn: -took hands off- Look there clean <~<. Listen, Portiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa; will a big hug from mr. -grabbed luther's bag and pulled out a teddy bear and begins whispering- Cuddly Wuddly Face make you feel better? Don't judge him, it's mine. ssssssshhhh.

Portia: No, I ain't 5! I'd rather hug my horses back at home. They're much better than a teddy bear.

Shawn: Fine. What do you want me to do? Invest my life savings into one horse? <~<. That's like mentally dumb? That's all I can afford XD. Sorry~

Portia: *Rolls eyes and laughs* You're so cheap! Save your money for yourself, you probably need it!

Luther: Hey! Gimme back my teddy bear!

Jake: Portia is awesome. I'm pretty sure she doesn't want a bottle head like you (Shawn >.>) to date :|

Shawn: My teams not the one who lost Jake, -cough- We got.. -looked around- Nevermind.

Luther: Wait... you didn't do the challenge! :o That's okay! :D

Jake: Agreed w/ Luther. At least I helped my team

Shawn: That's because your mom was with me -wink wink-

Jake: Helping you shop for high heels? Besides, my mom goes out w/ real men

Shawn: Actually, yes. It's my mom's birthday. <~<.

Jake: I'm surprised you remembered something for once >.>

Shawn: -patted Jake's shoulder- I think we will be great friends. (XD)

Jake: *pats Shawn on the head* Yeah, I mean we're the two jokesters here. We can do this easily. (XD)

Shawn: Listen.. I don't want to get smoked in the merge. A little teamzies at nerge never hurt.. right?

Jake: I dunno

Eve: *chews gum*

Gunter: *sits down*

Luther: Woo! I'm ready for the challenge! Let's win! *raises arms up and accidentally punches Gunter in the chest* :o Urm... sorry...

Gunter: *twitches eye and moves away from him*

Luther: :o Sorry! Do you want me to get you some ice, bro?

Gunter: Sure

Eve: *bumps into Luther accidently* Oh Sorry

Jake: *rests and looks out the window*

Eve: *trips and falls onto Jake's lap and flashes he beautiful face at Jake*

Luther: *shoves ice down Gunter's throat* That should cure your thirst! *to Eve* Whatevs. *falls onto her accidentally*

Jake: *picks up Eve* Are you ok?

Eve: *gets up and waves her hair around* Yeah

Jake: *relaxes* When is the next challenge going to start?

Eve: I don't know *sits and chews gum*

Luther: Yeah, dude, I thought about it... and you're not in our alliance.

Jake: (CONF) The only real reason i'm in this is for my girl back home, Maria. Back in season 2. Remember? She wants the most money she can get. And I promised her i'd win this. Love you babe.

Challenge (9)

Chris: -The contestants land on a little island- Welcome to this island in Brazil! This little island is where the losers are found, and today is their turn to enjoy. Three losers have been assigned to each team. These losers have to make their team assigned prepare some exotic drinks. They will later rate the drinks. The team with the worst grades goes to elimination!

Challenge 9 - Team Liberty Drinks [Herman]

Herman: Bring it up...

Portia: *Hug Herman* Hi! Anyways, what type of drink should we make?

Jake: I can make a fruit shake.

Jake: *goes and looks for banana's*

Eve: *looks for Cocnuts and fruit*

Portia: *Looks for some peaches and mangos*

Eve: *looks for Banana's,Coconut,Mangoes,peaches, and berries*

Jake: *helps Eve* Make sure they aren't bad berries.

Eve: *checks berries with Jake when there hands accidently touch*

Herman: Can't yyou just hurry up? *rolls eyes* I might have to put you a zero on the first drink otherwise...

Jake: *takes Eve's hand off his hand* I have a gf back home.

Portia: *Finds a few mangos and brings them back* This place reminds me of the Island that my dad owns.

Portia: (CONF) I wish Herman was still in :( Now, if we lose, I'm totally going home. This sucks!

Herman: Come on, guys, this is too long <_<

Portia: *Mashes some bananas, peaches and berries, and slides them into the cup* Just needs the coconut milk.

Jake: Here. *hands her the coconut milk* Me and Eve found it :P

Portia: Thank you! *Pours the milk in and serves it to Herman* Here!

Herman: Hmm... *drinks it* Mhm... Cool! :D *writes down in notepad*

Portia: Ok, one down, one more to go! Any ideas?

Eve: about a berry, tropical drink

Portia: I was thinking Orange and Mango. We had berries in the other one.

Portia: *Mashes some of the Oranges and Mangos and puts them in a cup* *Serves it to Herman* Here! (I wanted to get this done. Jake can't get on, and I'm leaving, so here is our second entry.)

Eve: Hope you like it Herman

Herman: It's simple, but it's actually pretty good :P

Team Liberty Rates

Only the player of the rater can edit this table. Only TDISF can edit the Total column

1 2 Total
9 9 9

Challenge 9 - Team London Drinks [Noah]

Luther: *takes out energy drink* :D Let's do this! *starts mixing it with juices*

Luther: *pours coconut milk in and stirs*

Luther: *pours in pineapple juice and stirs*

Luther: Hm... :D *pours in seawater* Seaweed! Healthy!

Gunter: *adds Coconuts,peaches,mangoes, and berries to the juices*

Luther: *adds salt to the drink* Wouldn't want it to be too sweet...

Shawn: -pours in seawater in a cup- Good for your throat! Rinse it out, and you'll be all good :D

Chris: Herman! Come over here and taste this drink!

Herman: Okay... *drinks* Fine...

Gunter: *mashes some Oranges, apples, and Grapes together to make a fruity juice* Here Herman! Taste it!

Shawn: -grabs coconut milk and stirs it up, and adds a little more sugar. pours it into glass- A not to smooth, not to thick, Sweet Coconut Milk Drink. Don't forget the umbrella! -put mini umbrella in and smiled-

Herman: Nice detail with the umbrella. It's just good.

Team London Rates

Only the player of the rater can edit this table. Only TDISF can edit the Total column

1 2 Total
9 7 8

Challenge 9 - Team Giza Drinks [Luis]

Kazy: woot! Luis! Anyways *starts preparing a strawberry milkshake*

Dwight: Sweet! I hear there's this awesome drink, caipirinhas, that's wildly popular here. We should make that. *prepares to make the drink*

Leon:Well, this is...awkward. I knew Luis for so long, I don't remember the drink he likes.... o.o

kazy: YAy! ^-^ *huggles Dwight* Let's do this! *helps Dwight*

Leon:Kazy, Dwight, you don't mind my help, do you?

Dwight: *crushes sugarcane into the drink* Not at all, Leon... (CONF) During the challenge, I glanced over at Team Liberty's table. I was able to see the past few episodes while I was locked up, because, well, yeah. I guess I... Kinda feel bad for Portia, y'know?

Leon:Thanks, Dwight! :)(CONF) As for my old Team Liberty...I miss Herman, he was a pretty cool guy. Portia was nice, Eve was weird, and Jake....Anyways....Kazy seems nice, albeit a bit odd, but Dwight is a nice guy. No wonder Luis liked him so much like a little brother...

Dwight: *glances over at Team London and whispers to Kazy and Leon* I have a plan to save Portia... Who kinda doesn't deserve what's she's in... *sadly looks down and then grins, looking up* GANG UP ON THE BRITISH! *throws some limes into his drink*

Leon:*passes Dwight more of the ingredients*

Dwight: *mashes more of the ingrediewnts in* Excellent'e! *slides the drink down to Luis* (CONF) I have a lot of experience bartending. When I was eight, my uncle who was a bartender took me to wear he worked because my parents were busy. Long story short, I wound up being really good at all that stuff. XD

Luis-Bot(BWAHAHA):This is an interesting choice. 9/10. Great taste, creative.

Dwight: Going out on a limp here. *walks to a nearby vending machine, buys a cherry coke and hands it to Luis* I'm all out of ideas.. this is our entry.

Luis-Bot:*drinks it* Good taste, but you did not hand make it.......7/10.

Dwight: *buys for drinks from the machine real quick*

Team Giza Rates

Only the player of the rater can edit this table. Only TDISF can edit the Total column

1 2 Total
9 7 8

Chris: Team Liberty wins with a score of 9 points. Chef and I will check a few things we have pending. In the meanwhile everyone get back into the plane.

Team London Barf Bag Ceremony (9)

Chris: Okay, Totem is auto-out for missing a challenge for the second time.

Episode 10 - "Clue(less)"

Team Liberty Chat [First Class] (10)

Eve: Team Liberty is the best!

Chris: team Liberty, please greet your new team member, Amy!

Eve: Hey Amy!

Amy: *nods then sits down and looks around* *mumbles quietly* Do you have anything to drink around here?

EvE: *points at fridge* There's the fridge

Amy: *gets up and walks to the fridge and pulls out a drink* *mumbles* Thank you.....*sits down again and looks at floor*

Eve: *sits down by Amy* What's wrong?

Amy: *face becomes pink and moves over a bit* N-n-nothing....I'm just....*speaks even quieter* shy...

Eve: Oh! Well just stick with me! I'll help you gurl!

Amy: *smiles* Tell me about yo-our team mates.

Eve: Well Portia is my home-skilet-biscuit! Also, there's Jake and he's every dude really! XD :D

Amy: Tell me more about Jake,

Eve: *acts suspicious* Why...can't you meet him yourself?

Amy: *blushes then looks at the floor* I just want to know...

Eve: Well I guess you can wait for him...cause I really can't "explain him" lol

Amy: *sighs, turns away and rolls eyes* Okay, I guess...*faces Eve* So, what about the....everyone else?

Eve: ?

Amy: The opposite teams? Who's a threat?

Eve: No team is a threat really. We've won 7 out of 10 episodes

Portia: *Smiles and waves at Amy* Hey girl! Welcome to the best team ever!

Eve: Heck Yeah!

Jake: And the smartest ;)

Team Giza & London Chat [Economy Class] (10)

Dwight: *pulls out the drinks he bought earlier and hands one to each member of his team* This is awesome! I wish we had mentos with us. My cousins and I once had a fiz war with Coke and mentos; it was AWESOME! *sips his drink*

Chris: Team London, please greet your new team member, April

Leon:*celebrates with Dwight* Yeah, PARTY!

kazy: WOOT! PARTAAAY!!!!!

Shawn: Oh hey, everyone.

Kazy: Hi, Shawn!

Shawn: Oh hey, Long time no talk.

Luther: Hey there, April! :D *points to Shawn* That's Shawn. He's epic. *points to Gunter* That's Gunter. He's weird... *points to himself* I'm Luther! Feel free to talk to me! :D

Gunter: Actually I'm not weird. Luther's just jealous

Luther: O_o Jealous of what?

Gunter: Jealous because I'm better looking, Stronger, Smarter, I can keep this list going forever

Luther: *laughs* Yeah, right...

Gunter: Yeah I am right!

Luther: *shrugs* *walks away*

Gunter: (CONF: I promice there is something wrong with that kid)

April: Well, thank you for the warm welcome everybody. It is an honor to be placed on Team London. Now let's win this next challenge, shall we?

Bryce: *Starts reading*

Challenge (10)

Chris: Welcome to E--

???: England... Your challenge is finding the body of the McLean. The team that finds the body automatically wins and chooses a team to give a reward to. The other two teams will have to reveal the mystery of his death. The team that doesn't find out any of them, loses.

Portia: O.o He's dead? Awww :( Well team, let's solve this case!

Shawn: Meh, we don't like him <~<.

Jake: *starts searching*

Luther: *searches under bus seats*

Eve: *searches with Jake*

Gunter: *searches*

Luther: *searches inside plane*

Dwight: *searches around Big Ben* (XD)

Bryce: Come on team!

Kazy: woot! If I was a dead body, where would I be? I know! In a mortuary!

Luther: *looks in the grungy punk club Duncan performed in*

Eve: *looks on the streets of England*

Gunter: *goes into the sewers of Englad and looks*

Bryce: *Searches on the sidewalk*

Gunter: *while he trys to get out of sewer he lifts the lid and it falls on his head and he passes out in sewers*

Eve: *searches streets some more*

Bryce: Yeah, I don't think its in this sidewalk.

Dwight: *facepalm* Duh. Dead bodies are always in a cemetary! *laughs and walks to a nearby cemetary*

Eve: *looks inside of Big Ben's clock*

Luther: *looks in castle in suit of armor*

Portia: *Begins climbing a tree* Maybe I can get a better view from up here!

EvE: *leaves Big Ben and goes to Portia* What up Gurl!

Jake: *looks in the Big Ben clock*

Dwight: *randomly pops up between Portia and Eve* This seems oddly similar to when my mom was asked out by a chick... (XD)

Portia: *Slips and falls of the tree* UGH. Hi Dwight and Eve.

Eve: *looks weirdly at Dwight* Okayyyyyyyyyyyy........*moves away from Dwight, and accidently falls off tree*

Gunter: *finally gets up and gets out of sewers* Now where to *looks around*

Eve: *Gets up* Well Portia...I guess I'll let you do your own thing for know on *looks by herself alone down an alley*

Luther: *looks inside the London Eye* Ferris Wheel! :D

Luther: *goes off London Eye* *looks in several cars*

Jake: *jumps down* Ugh. This sucks. *looks in trashcans*

April: Team, it must be around a landmark. They wouldn't send us looking anywhere... I'll go check... *runs to Buckingham palace*

Leon:What is this, National Treasure?*heads to the Queen to check the throne room*

Luther: *looks in the shallow water*

Eve: *looks in the dark alley alone*

Gunter: *looks on the streets*

Leon:*searches the Queen's Palace*

Jake: *looks in graveyard* If he's dead, he's gotta be here :|

Leon:*wanders around, finds Jake* Hey, ex team-mate! :D

Jake: Bonjour Leon.

Amy: *looks in the sewers* :3

(TDISF: Somebody find it already :|)

Jake: *finds it* :D

???: Very good! Now Jake, pick Team London or Team Giza to give the reward to

Kazy: me! Me! Me! I want it!

Dwight: *eats popcorn while sitting in a random chair* Nice twist! *high fives ???*

Jake: Hard choice :|. I pick Team London

Kazy: Awwww >:(

???: Okay, London, your reward is Chris' diary. But since it would be unfair to Giza, I'm reading his last post out loud.

Dear Diary, Today is a very special day. I'm having dinner with the person who used to be my best friend from school, but someday he just god mad at me. I hope we solve things out. Mood: Superexcited! :D (Victorious reference FTW xD)

Kazy: :| you must be kidding me, right? It's the easiest thing I have ever seen in my life. It's obvious Chris' mom killed him <.<

Shawn: IT's obviously himself.

???: Each team has three guesses. Now you both have 2

Dwight: Chris isn't really dead. It's a fake diary entry! Chris doesn't care about anyone but himself! (CONF) *sweating*

Jake: His old friend? :|

Bryce: Hmmm....

???: >:| @Dwight. Why you gotta be so smart? >:| Giza gets second place, and London goes to elimination... Again. And guess what... I'M CHRIS :DDDDDDDD

Bryce: Nice job, Dwight.

Dwight: Thanks, Bryce! :D

Gunter: *starts coughing then throws up on Luther, then passes out, then the Ambulance shows up and takes Gunter away to the hospital and he leaves the game* ( Seriously? :| )

Team London Barf Bag Ceremony (10)

Chris: Okay, so the votes are in. One person did not vote. The other three votes are for Gunter. Gunter apparently is kinda "sick", so we took him to the infirmary. *Chef brings Gunter in* Awesome *Chris pushes Gunter off the plane* we're out of parachutes, dude!

(Zanna: Sorry, but Gunter already left the game before)

(Oatmeal: Man, you crack me up don't you.)

(SG: He cracks me up too, Oatmeal...) (MrE: He also cracks me up...)

(TDISF: No, Zanna. He has been voted off. I crossed that line out :| )

(Zanna: Well you should have already posted he got eliminated. Because he left the game ;) )

Episode 11 - "Ay, Ay, Ay! Caliente!"

Team Liberty Chat [First Class] (11)

Portia: *Relaxes in a chair and watches the TV* HA, that guy Shawn is pitiful.

Eve: *watches Gunter arrive sick* I can't believe that happened. He got sick and Chris pushed himn off the plane. He should sue! XD

Jake: *relaxes* This is the life.

Team Giza and London chat [Economy Class] (11)

Shawn: Ugh, -sat next to Luther- I messed up, what was her name again. Oh yeah, Portia. D; Life Sucks. (Conf) Uhh.. o_o I didn't say that. It's the airpressure getting to my head.

Luther: Yea, but at least we're still in the game, at least. Just go up to Portia and show her your manly side! :D

Shawn: Lalalaaaaa... oh hey look. PRETTY FLOWER's <3 -sighed then pointed out at the bird who just got sucked into the airvent- DINNER~!

Luther: :o You're doing it! :D

Shawn: Doing what?

Luther: Being manly! :D

Kazy: Oh, Dwight! I'm glad you're back! *huggles him*

Shawn: -flexed his muscles- You want me to be manly? Then why don't we switch bodys or something, you big muscle man. <~<.

Luther: Nah, that's too expensive...

Shawn: Then what? How do I go impress the girl of my dreams? Huh? Little poor ol' me, who has like no muscles; compare to you. Has no brains, but has the muscles.! Huh?! HOW?!

Bryce: *Starts reading*

Luther: Work out! With the right diet and stuffz, you can be muscle-y like me! :D

Shawn: I wanna stay "Shawn" tho.

Luther: <.< Well, who says Shawn can't be muscle-y? :D

April: *stands up in front of team and clears throat for attention* Well, Team London, we may have lost. But that does not mean we shall lose again! As a great poet once said, if at first you don't succeed, try try again! And tnhat is exactly what WE WILL DO! Now who is with me?

Shawn: Watch us lose again -_-, Ugh. All because I'm not a "manly man", we are going to lose D:

Luther: NO! We will win! :D

Leon:(CONF) I am glad that Team Giza is faring well. :D

Challenge (11)

Chris: Welcome to Mexico! Today's challenge will be simple: You'll have to eat extra spicy food! Each plate will have more and more pepper, or whatever that makes you suffer. Good luck!

Team Giza - 1
Team Liberty - 1
Team London - 1

-Chef brings three plates. Each plate has a 15% pepper and itchy spices-

Chris: I'll choose a volunteer from each team. Bryce for Giza, Jake for Liberty and Shawn for London.

Kazy: Get to eating, Bryce!

Bryce: Sure*Begins to eat*

Kazy: Continue, Bryce! You can do it!

Bryce: *Begins to eat faster*HOT HOT!*Continues to eat*

Kazy: Come on! You're on the lead!

Portia: :| Jake, what are you waiting for? EAT!

Bryce: *Starts to eat a little faster*

Eve: Chris, let Portia go for our team.

Bryce: *Is half way done*HOT!AGAIN!*Continues to eat*

Kazy: Come oN! :DDDD

Chris: No, sorry. Rules are rules.

Bryce: I....need....water*Continues eating*

Shawn: Ahaha, I'm asian. Did ya forget? This isn't a fair game. -stuffed hand into the food and shoved it into his mouth, with mouth full- MORE. MORE. MORE.'

Bryce: *Is 3/4s Done*I hate this....*Continues eating*

Chris: Giza wins first point! Bryce, you can take a break now. Next plate, please!

-Chef brings another plate-

Chris: Next volunteers. Dwight for Giza, Eve for Liberty and April for London. Redy? Eat!

Eve: *starts eating*

Kazy: Come on swee-- I mean Dwight o_o !! You can do it!

Eve: *eats faster* HOT! *eats faster*

Bryce: Dwight, you can do this!

Eve: *eats a little faster* Hot! *eats even faster*

Kazy: Dwight! Come on!

Eve: *eats faster*

Bryce: Dwight, come on eat the peppers!

Eve: *is more than half done* HOT! HOT! AQUA! *continues to eat*

Chris: Second point is for Liberty! Next plate has more than a 50% of spicy things. Kazy will go for Giza, Amy will go for Liberty and Luther goes for London. Get ready! Eat!

-Chef brings the three plates

Kazy: This will be hard o_o *painfully starts eating*

Bryce: Go Kazy!

Luther: Let's go! *begins chomping down food*

Kazy: Ahhhhh It burns!!!!!!!!!! *continues eating*

Luther: Dah! *continues eating quickly*

Luther: IT BURNS! *continues to cram food down his throat*

Kazy: ahhhhh!!!!!!! *continues eating*

Luther: OMG! *continues eating*

Chris: And... It's a tie! London, Liberty, Giza tie!

Team Liberty Barf Bag Ceremony (11)

Chris: So, we decided. Team Liberty goes to elimination. In second place comes Giza and first is London! Liberty, you must vote tonight!

Chris: Everyone casted their votes, and because I'm so mean, I'm showing who you guys voted for >:D

Jake: (CONF) I vote Eve

Portia: (CONF) I refuse to vote. I love everyone on my team.

Amy: (CONF) vote Eve....she's nice to me and all, but Portia's like, awesome, and Jake's hot.....

Eve: (CONF) Portia

(TDISF: BTW, the last vote was decided through Random.ORG since Zanna lasted too long on voting)

Chris: This means Eve is leaving! *Eve stands up and takes a parachute, but Chris grabs her by the arm* IF this was even an elimination episode! That's right! This is a fake elimination ^-^ *claps* Well thought, Portia ;)

Episode 12 - "Sydney! Opera! Drama!"

Chris: We're getting near Australia, y'all!

Team London Chat [First Class] (12)

April: Behold team! We are in the best class of them all, first! What did I tell you guys, we made it! Now, let us keep our spirits up and our challenge expertise even higher! :D

Luther: Ah... Finally we get this place. :D

Shawn: Ah, a good time. Ah good time. Now let's watch every! -turned tv on-

Luther: Whoa, it looks like Portia's really over you...

Team Giza and Liberty Chat [Economy Class] (12)

Portia: (CONF) Everyone on my team should like me now, hopefully. I had a hunch last challenge wasn't a real vote.

Dwight: (CONF) I felt the merge was coming soon, so I decided to hang out with some of the Team Liberty. :P (Non-CONF) *jumps onto Portia's head once again* Ciao! :D

Portia: *Pats Dwight on the head* Hello there buddy :D

Leon:Greetings, Portia. Enjoy my old team?

Portia: Yes, we may have some differences, but we work well together! Glad you're back :D

Eve: Jake you broke the alliance, so did you April.

(Zanna: Kate you can't just not vote for your friends)

(Jake R: Sorry Zanna, my little sister hacked me :S)

Jake: *chills*

Amy: *smiles at Jake* So, maybe we can have an alliance?

Jake: I think so. But it's gonna cost you, if you know what I mean ;)

Amy: *giggles, the smirks* How will it cost me, cutey? ;) (CONF)......*sighs romanticlly*

Jake: *smiles* As much as you need baby ;)

Kazy: :o (CONF) as of what I know, Jake has a girlfriend. >:(

Amy: What I need right now is money and love. *smiles and rolls eyes*

Jake: *goes on cellphone* Hey Maria. It's Jake. Listen, I am breaking up with you. Keep the child >_>

Dwight: :D *sits down by Portia* So, where do you think we're goin' today?

Amy: *after hearing Jake's convorsation* So single?

Jake: Only if you are babe ;)

Amy: I'm single. ;) That means your single. ;) So how about we...don't be single.

Portia: *To Dwight* Didn't Chris say we're going to Australia?

Chris: Guys, Team London is coming with you ;)

Shawn: -walked down from first class with a muffin- Hey Guys :D First Class is a 'BLAST. -glares at Dwight-

Amy: *jumps up, and walks over to Shawn* Hiya, I'm Amy! :D

Dwight: Australia! Yes! *sees Shawn glaring at him and raises an eyebrow* (CONF) What's his problem? O.o

Portia: *Glares at Shawn* Come near me, I slap you.

Jake: Lets not be single anymore Amy ;) *kisses Amy romantically*

Amy: *pulls away**shrugs then kisses Jake*

Shawn: Here, slap me right here. -put finger on cheek- I have an eye twich <~<. Luther hit me with a bannah.

Luther: Urm, yeah. I hit him by accident. *take out bannah and "accidentally" hits Shawn* :P

Shawn: Idiot! Not again.! -slapped him-

Dwight: So, Uh, Portia, how's it been on your team and stuff?

Portia: Good... I guess. Let's just say I hope we merge soon.

Dwight: *laughs* How cool would it be if we did? The merge in Australia! *laughs* Maybe it's a sign, I dunno. I just hope we go to Sydney and possibly see my family. :D

Portia: O.o You're from Australia? I had no idea! That's cool!

Jake: *sighs and looks out of the window*

Dwight: *looks surprised* ...Oh! I forgot, you weren't here when I told everyone. XD Yeah, I'm from there. We have eleven sheep. Or, should I say ten cuz one flew away. (XD)

Portia: ... So, you're telling me that your family has ten sheep, originall eleven but one flew away? Sheep don't have wings...

Dwight: *sigh* Everyone says that... (XD)

Portia: *Pats Dwight on the back* There there, it's ok! I believe you! (CONF) No, I don't really believe him, but I just wanted to make him feel better!

Jake: *goes over to Luther* Dude, I am screwed tonight :(

Luther: Yeah...

Dwight: :o Somebody who believes! *cries tears of joy and hugs Portia*

Portia: *Hugs Dwight* :D

Amy: *smirks, then playfully twirls hair and hums* My least fave part of compotition is eliminating y'all. You guys are sooooooo nice! *smiles and continues humming* (CONF).....gag.

Shawn: -mouthed to Dwight, while covering his hand over lips- Good Job Dude, Good Job. You accomplished with girls.. err... a girl! Ahaha, :D. -took hand out- Portia, you gots a good friend, aka Dwight :D (Conf) All this air pressure. <~<.

Portia: *Glares at Shawn* Who said you could talk to me?

April: *joins the others in Economy Class* Well, other teams, I hope you don't give up just yet. I mean, my amazing team still needs some competition, even if we are so much better. Hmph. *leaves to First Class again*

Dwight: *gasps and stands up, walking to the first class door* H-hey! *stammering* That was about mean When.... Uh... *turns to other economists* anyone got any mean events from their life? ._. (xD)

Amy: *walks over to Portia and Shawn* Portiaaaa, is Shawny bothering you?

Portia: *Smirks at Amy* Yes, he is bothering me.

Amy: *laughs then grabs Shawn's hand and drags him away from Portia* Let's go Shawny. Stop bothering innocent girls.

Shawn: Fine, all you economists can have first class. Let London stay down here :D

Amy: Shawny. >-> I'm Amy. :D We should, like, be friends! :D

Dwight: (CONF) It's weird... I kinda like Portia... but Shawn, oh, boy, he's kinda, I dunno... attached already? And what if she sees my house in this episode and thinks I'm boring? Do girls care if you have a windmill in your front yard or not? D:

Challenge (12)

Chris: Well contestants, It's MERGE! Everyone on their own.. Unless you have any alliance! >:D Anyways, we're at Australia! In the Sydney opera, by the way. There's a show in half an hour. What you have to do is find the opera singer before the show starts. Get to it!

Eve: *looks backstage*

April: Hmm.... *runs up the stairs to the balconies*

Bryce: *Looks around*

Dwight: Sweet! :D I always went here as a kid. I know where they prepare the singer! *runs off*

Jake: *runs w/ Dwight*

Portia: *Walks over to the bathrooms* Anyone in here? No. That's what I thought.

Luther: *looks in dressing rooms*

Leon:*runs after Jake and Dwight*

Dwight: Well, the singer could be hiding... *sees and window and jumps through it, shattering the glass* Perfect! *sees a mob in the difference* Hmm. *walks to the mob slowly*

Jake: *looks backstage*

Amy: *walks outside, and walks around the Sydney opera house*

Dwight: *stops at the mob which happens to be his family forming a "Go Dwight!" mob* Mom?! Dad?! *looks down at the sheep they have* That sheep whose name I don't know?! :o

Mom: Dwighty! :D *hugs Dwight*

Dad: *grumbles about miussing the shows he actually cares about*

Sheep: Baah.

Kazy: Where could that opera singer be? *starts walking around the theatre* Wait... The stereotype of an opera singer is a fat woman. Maybe a fast food restaurant! *runs towards the nearest fast food restaurant*

Dwight & Family: *see Kazy running and they charge after her*

Dwight: THIS! IS! AUSTRALIAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!

Luther: Hm... where could she be? *runs toward Dwight and Kazy*

Dwight & Family: *charge past Kazy and into the nearest McDonald's, finding the singer*

Mom: Yay! Dwighty won! :D

Dad: Yes! :D *looks to Mom* can we go home now.

Eve: *goes on stage and looks, then goes into the trap doors on stage to look*

Mom: Ugh, fine. *looks at the sheep and then to Dwight* Dweighty, take the sheep with you as good luck. ^-^

Dwight: Really? :D Yay! *picks up sheep* I'll call you sheep! :D

Eve: *looks threw trap doors*

Chris: And Dwight wins! Will that sheep be his lucky charm? We'll see right now in tonight's elimination!

Merge Barf Bag Ceremony (12)

Chris: Dwight, you may've won, but you're still up for elimination. That's right! As this is the first elimination from the merge, everyone is fair play! I suppose everyone of you know how voting works.

Chris: Not everyone has voted, but that's enough votes for Jake to be sent packing. Jake. You are the first eliminated from merge. Thanks for being faithful to the series, blah blah, bye. *pushes jake out of the plane and yells* We're still out of parachutes, dude! *hides a parachute behind his back*

Jake: You will regret this Chris!

Leon:And bye, Jake.(Sorry I missed the vote. D:)

Episode 13 - "Falkland Islands: Back to 1982"

Dwight, Portia and Luther Chat [First Class] (13)

Dwight: *while riding sheep around* Woohoo! Australia was awesomeeee!! :D (CONF) *all jittery/bouncy* I had so much fun in Australia! Right before the ceremony my parents had another going away party and-- *goes on a sugar rampage and static occurs*

Luther: Woo! Two times in a row I get this place! *chuckles* Sweet...

Portia: *Stares at the sheep* So... yeah... um... hehehe... O.o (CONF) Let's just say I had an incident once with a sheep and it didn't end well...

Everyone else [Economy Class] (13)

Leon:Well, Dwight managed to win. Good for him...(CONF) I feel really, I dunno. Unsafe. I mean....does anyone here consider me a friend? At all?

Kazy: (CONF) OMG, I'm so glad Jake's out. I mean, he was really mean to everyone <-<

Leon:Hey, Kazy....

Challenge [Part One] (13)

Chris: Today we are traveling to the Falkland Islands. As few of you may know, there was a war between England and Argentina in 1982. What we're doing today is recreating the war! :D Yes! Five people will go to Argentina's side, while the other five will go to England's side. Argentina will be Portia, Leon, Bryce, Luther and Kazy. England will be Amy, Shawn, Eve, Dwight and April. First part of the challenge is preparing your weapons!

Kazy: Let's get to it! *starts preparing the weapons*

Portia: *Begins preparing weapons with Kazy*

Bryce: *Begins to help prepare weapons with Kazy and Portia*

Leon:Today we will rise to the challenge! D:<

Bryce: Yeah!

Dwight: *sculpts throwing disks out of some mud he found* Great! We'll blind then with these and then charge! >:D Right, Sheep?

Sheep: Baah.

Amy: *stares blankly at Dwight* ...that could work, but how about some real weapons? *begins preparing weapons* Shawn, how about you help me?

April: *prepares weapons with Amy*

Luther: *helps Kazy and Portia prepare weapons*

Bryce: *Continues to help his side prepare weapons*Don't know why this is taking so long.

Shawn: Alright, lets help XD. -grabbed a stick- Let's sharpen this D:<.

Kazy: Don't worry, Bryce. We're almost done! *continues preparing the weapons*

Eve: *takes a piece of woods and takes a knife and sharpens it*

Luther: *sharpens twig*

April: *is finishing up the weapons* Fellow teammates, do you think that we are prepared enough?

Luther: *make slingshot and uses poisonous mushrooms as projectiles*

Leon:*helps Kazy further the weapon-making*

Chris: And Argentina wins first part of the challenge! They get an advantage for the second and last part.

Challenge [Part Two] (13)

Chris: For part two, you will have the war! >:D As Argentina won, they'll have a small fortress in which they can protect. England, on the other side, will only have their weapons >:D Each team has only 5 chances of attacking. Your attack can be either: Fail, Good, Catastrophic. To win you need at least three good attacks or two catastrophic ones. Since Argentina has their protection, it's more proabble for England that they fail attack. Get to it!

Kazy: Let's attack! *fires a cannonball* (Fail) Aww D: (Argentina has 4 attacks left)

Dwight: CHARGE!!! *rides sheep up to argentina's fortress with his mud disks*

Sheep: Baahhh!!!!

Luther: *shoots mushrooms at England* (Catastrophic) (Argentina has 3 attacks left)

Dwight: Excelsior! *throws all of his Mud disks up high, with then surging towards Argentina's men* (Catastrophic) (England has 4 attacks left)

Kazy: *shoots a cannonball* (Fail) (Argentina has 2 attacks left)

Luther: *throws two wooden spears at England* (Fail) (Argentina has 1 attack left)

Dwight: Excellente! *plucks out some ballons and some string from his jacket* Sheep are gonna fly! >;D *begins tying balloons to sheep*

Shawn: -throws a stick at Argentina- D:< GARRRR. (Fail) (England has 3 attacks left)

Dwight: *finishes tying the balloons* Fly, Sheep, fly like the wind! :D *throws sheep up in the air and he begins floating towards the fortress* :D (CONF) I didn't give the balloons much power, so he should crash into argentina soon... But, sheep are strong, so he'll be okay. :)

-Balloons pop- (Fail) (England has 2 attacks left)

Dwight: Oh no, Sheep! D: *runs to fortress and begins climbing* Give me back sheep you vile fiends! :'(

Luther: *pelts England with mushrooms* (Good) (Argentina has 0 attacks left)

Chris: Argentina lost! However, Engalnd must still have the catastrophic move to win!

Shawn: -runs to the fortress, and slammed his head into the wall- @_@... GARARAGAGA. (Fail) (England has 1 attack left)

Dwight: *stands on the top of the fortress wall* RAMPAGE OF THE BRITS! *pounces on the members of Argentina* (Catastrophic)

Chris: And England won... Again :| Argentina members are up for elimination, everyone is able to vote.

Merge Barf Bag Ceremony (13)

Chris: Okay. All England members are safe, so Portia, Bryce, Kazy, Leon and Luther are up for elimination. You can vote now.'

Leon:Darn England! D:<

Chris: Mhm... Yes, votes were casted and we have one vote for Leon... And another *counts* seven votes for Bryce. Wow... Even Jake had less votes to be eliminated o.O Sorry, Bryce. You have been eliminated from Total Drama: Revamped. *gives him a parachute and pushes him off the plane*

Episode 14 - "Taj MaDrama"

Chris: Get ready! Today we're having a new contestant. Actually, he is a returnee. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Tracy!

Amy, Shawn, Eve, Dwight and April Chat [First Class] (14)

Dwight: *rides sheep around first class*

Sheep: Baah.

Amy: *stares at Dwight for a while* that a sheep?

Dwight: Yep! :D

Portia, Leon, Luther, Kazy and Tracy Chat [Economy Class] (14)

Kazy: Welcome back, Tracy!

Tracy: Hi Kazy! Hi Leon! This'll be awesome!

Portia: (CONF) I really dislike the economy section. It's very gross. Also, for our returnee, Tracy, I don't know what to think about him. We'll see...

Leon:Tracy, welcome back!

Tracy: Hey Leon. Glad to see you again.

Leon:You may have not heard, but the secret I had was an incident in Spain that ended with Luis's brother dying. It's been reslved, now. As for you, you don't ever have to tell me your secret if you don't want to. But as your friend, I will always be here if you need me. :D

Tracy: (CONF) Crap! His secret makes mine sound like nothing. Maybe I should tell him... *slaps himself* No! Never!

Leon:(CONF) I do wonder what Tracy's secret is, but I am not one to pressure people. Not on purpose, at least. And all of Herman's guesses are just horrible. D:(NONCONF) Well, Tracy, we can so win the next challenge!

Challenge (14)

Chris: Okay, people today we're in India! For this challenge, you will have to dodge the things I throw to you making weird poses representing other objects. The people the get hit two times are automatically out of the challenge. First object, a plant!

Leon:*poses as a coconut tree* They bend and sway a lot. :P

Portia: *Poses as a piece of grass* They move a lot because of various things.

Leon:*randomly swaying* Cool idea, Portia. :D

Portia: *Swaying as well (:P)* Thanks, Leon! I like yours too, very original!

Leon:Plus, I love MrCoconut! :D

Tracy: *poses like moss* This is easy.

Dwight: Venus fly trap! *stands in one spot and randomly chomps in the people by him's ears* (CONF) this challenge was really fun! :D

April: Hmm... *poses as a an Indian Ricegrass*

Luther: *poses as a palm tree*

Shawn: -gets on the ground and lays still hands to his side, aka. a stick and rolls back and forth,- I was a tree once, but godzilla came, and ruined me. Now I'm a deathly stick, who is being pushed by the bully wind.

Kazy: *poses as the Venus*

  • Amy - Out
  • April - HIT (One hit left)
  • Dwight - DODGE
  • Eve - Out
  • Kazy - DODGE
  • Leon - HIT (One hit left)
  • Luther - DODGE
  • Portia - HIT (One hit left)
  • Shawn - HIT (One hit left)
  • Tracy - DODGE

Chris: Next object, a giant ring!

Kazy: *poses as a finger* ;)

April: O_O *wraps herself around Kazy like a ring*

Kazy: *stares awkwardly at April* o.o

Tracy: *poses a ring* This hurts.

Portia: *Positions herself on the ground in the shape of a ring* This is easy! I guess youga really does pay off.

Luther: *poses as a ring on the ground*

(TDISF: I think you guys misunderstood the challenge or I didn't explain it good. What you have to do is pose as OTHER objects to avoid the ones Chris is throwing, not pose AS the object Chris is throwing :P)

Tracy: *poses as a coat hanger* (don't ask how, XD)

Portia: *Poses as a pencil* The ring will just go over me, not hit me.

Dwight: *poses as Charlie Sheen* I can';t get hit cuz I'm WINNING! (XD)

Luther: *poses as horse*

April: Oh... XD *poses as Chris* ;)

  • April - DODGE
  • Dwight - HIT
  • Kazy - HIT
  • Leon - DODGE
  • Luther - HIT
  • Portia - HIT - Out
  • Shawn - Out
  • Tracy - HIT

Chris: Next object, a piano! >:D

Kazy: Uhhhh... *poses as a flower* I'm not gonna get hit by a piano being a flower ... o_o

April: *poses as a molecule* Epic win.

Dwight: Nu! But Charlie Sheen is winning! D: *poses as Chris's Mother* Clean your room, put down that mirror, chin up!

Tracy: *poses as a toilet*

  • April - DODGE
  • Dwight - HIT - Out
  • Kazy - HIT - Out
  • Leon - Out
  • Luther - Out
  • Tracy - HIT - Out

Chris: And the winner is... APRIL!

Merge Barf Bag Ceremony (14)

Chris: As they were the last four standing, April, Dwight, Kazy and Tracy will have immunity for today! :D However, the winner is April. Get to voting!

Chris: Well, we have a little surprise... <.< Amy is eliminated for being inactive. However, Shawn is voted off because he got 5 votes. These other two votes are trashed because they were for Dwight, and he was immune <.< Yep. Double elimination. This was planned for next week, but some people *glares at Amy* are inactive and make me move this to this episode. Whatever, we have our double elim :D *gives a parachute to both Shawn and Amy* Ready?! *pushes them off the plane*.

Episode 15 - "Boom, Boom, Boom!"

April, Dwight, Kazy and Tracy Chat [First Class] (15)

Kazy: Woot! I haven't been here since a long while ago! :D

Dwight: (CONF) So, I guess I Kinda have a thing with Portia where we'll eventually become *makes air quotes* "significant others"... But, I dunno... I've never really asked someone out. I'm used to being the guy everyone thinks is a little kid and who most girls are just friends with... *sigh*

Tracy: This is heaven.

April: *lays back in her chair* Aaah, this is the life. :D

Eve, Leon, Luther and Portia Chat [Economy Class] (15)

Portia: UGH! I hate being back here.

Luther: It's not all bad. First class is for prisses! Being back here lets you gain endurance! :D

Portia: ... You must not be rich...

Dwight: *walks out of first class with two smoothies and hands on to Portia* Uh... Hi, Portia... *the camera pans to show Dwight standing in a puddle of sweat* (XD)

Portia: *Takes the smoothie and smiles* Hi Dwight :D

Luther: *looks over at Leon and Eve* I miss Shawn... ;(

Challenge (15)

Chris: Welcome to Vietnam! For this challenge, you will go to a weapon factory. This factory is illegal, so you will have to carry many of this weapons to a nearby shore, where you will throw them to the sea. (Be careful with godplaying, I'll be very strict <.<) You will be divided in pairs. Dwight and Portia, Leon and Tracy, Kazy and Eve; and Luther and April. Good luck, and be careful with the triggers ;)

Challenge 16 - Dwight and Portia

Portia: *Smiles at Dwight* Come on, we can do this :D

Dwight: Yeah! *picks up around four medium-sized weapons* We can do this! (CONF) I was glad to be paired up with Portia. What better grounds to ask a girl out on then winning immunity seconds before? *pauses and then talks* Seriously, are their better grounds?

Portia: *Grabs a few small weapons and stands next to Dwight* Ready to head back? (CONF) The challenges have been getting weirder and weirder, but it's nice to actually be partnered with someone I like this time.

Dwight: Yeah, let's go. :D *sdtarts running*

Dwight: *walking with Portia* So... Where do you hope we go next? :D

Portia: *Walking with Dwight* Honestly, anywhere as long as I don't have to sit back in economy. It stinks back there.

Dwight: Well then, it seems we're almost there, so let's run! :D *runs* (conf) I just noticed I left Sheep in first class... o.o

Portia: *Runs with Dwight* What happened to those sheep things you have?

Dwight: I left him in first class D: *reaches the beach* Yay! *throws his weapons into the sea* Go on, Portia! :D

Portia: *Walks up beside Dwight and throws her weapons into the sea* YES! No more loser class for me :D

Dwight: Yes! *kisses Portia out of excitement but immediately flies back* O_O Woah... This is even awkward-er than when the Kendall chick did the same to my mom.... O_O

Portia: O.o That was interesting.... in a good way ;) (CONF) What? Yes, I like Dwight. I mean, come on, he may be crazy, but he's hilarious.

Dwight: *Uh... yeah. *smiles* (CONF) So, I guess I'm finally with Portia... Now my only worry is if Kazy will mind since at the beginning of the show she seemed to like me... Oh my gosah this is just like that time my Dad--*confessional turns off before Dwight can tell his strange story*

Portia: *Smiles* So... I guess first class will be waiting for us ;)

Challenge 15 - Leon and Tracy

Leon:Tracy, we can do this! :D

Leon:*starts gathering weapons* x_x

Tracy: *gathering weapons, comes upon what looks like a nuke* Uh-oh.

Tracy: Let's go! *starts heading toward shore*

Challenge 15 - Kazy and Eve

Eve: *starts picking up weapons*

Kazy: :( I... (CONF) People say Dwight likes Portia :( *cries* (NONCONF) I- I have to focus :( *starts picking up weapons, but accidentally trips over a gun and falls on Eve, making both of them throw their weapons to the floor* Oh, sorry D: *wipes tears*

Eve: GET YOUR SELF TOGETHER...XD *picks up some weapons*

Kazy: Sorry :P *starts picking some weapons up*

Eve: *picks up as much weapons as she can and starts to walk to the sea*

Kazy: *sniffs* v_v *walks behind Eve*

Eve: *keeps walking* You having boy-trouble gurl? *keeps walking*

Kazy: Kind of :\ But... I gotta facus on the chall-- *trips over a rock and accidentally fires* o_o ... Woops...

Eve: *keeps walking towards the sea*

Kazy: *is behind Eve and trips over a rock, making both fo them fall and throw all their weapons to the floor" CRAP! I am unuseful :( *sits on the floor and starts crying*

Eve: *sits by Kazy* What's wrong?

Kazy: I... I... *starts rolling on the floor, still crying (xD)*

Eve: Come on gurl....get up *helps Kazy up* Let's go...and tell me on the way *picks up her weapons and starts walking*

Kazy: *wipes tears* I won't move <.<

Eve: *walks without Kazy*

KAzy: <.<

Eve: Come on Kazy! *walks*

(Zanna: You godplayed)

Challenge 15 - Luther and April

April: *grabs an armful of weapons* Let's go, Luther!

Luther: *nods* *grabs an armful like April* *walks*

Luther: *continues walking toward toward shore*

Luther: *continues walking*

Merge Barf Bag Ceremony (15)

Chris: Dwight and Portia won! And one of these teams lost. This team is... Kazy and Eve... Girls, you seemed so desperate :| Besides, Eve left Kazy alone, which is NOT how a team works. Either Kazy or Eve is going home.

(Zanna: You made us lose, cause you wanted me eliminated)

Chris: And Eve is out! *pushes Eve out of the plane*

(Zanna: You godplayed)

Episode 16 - "Does It Have Pepperoni?"

Dwight and Portia Chat [First Class] (16)

Dwight: *rides Sheep around* Wheee :D

Portia: *Laughs* Why do you love sheep so much?

Dwight: *shrugs* I dunno.

Portia: *Frowns* Well, that's a disappointing answer. Oh well, it was probably you've lived with them for awhile.

Luther, April, Kazy, Leon and Tracy Chat [Economy Class] (16)

April: Ugh. Economy class is NOT for me. *frowns*

Kazy: Meh, you get used to it after a while :P

Leon:At least we are all still in....And at final seven! :D

Luther: Final 7! Woo! :D

Tracy: I'm surprised to even be here.

Leon:Tracy, I hope you realize, either one of us could go at this time, now. We have to do our best! :D

Tracy: Yeah, we are kind of the "nice guys" here. That makes us threats.

April: I love how you guys are getting so close to eachother. You know it is a competition, right?

Tracy: Just because it's a competition doesn't mean you can't make friends.

Kazy: Yeah, look at Dwight and me... We are REALLY close friends... And he... Uh... Hehe... (CONF) No, he doesn't love me :| Stupid Shawn <.<

Challenge [Part One] (16)

Chris: What you've got to do for this challenge is.. BUNGEE JUMPING FROM THE PISA TOWER! Once you jump, you will have to catch one of these pizzas. (Your line should be something like this "*jumps and catches a pizza*", I will then say if you keep it or it falls off your hands) The people that have a pizza after the seven jump go to the next part of the challenge.

April: *jumps and catches a pizza* The pizza has fallen

Portia: *Shrugs* Here goes nothing. *Jumps and catches a pizza* You catched the pizza!

Kazy: FOR DWIGHT D:< *jumps and catches a pizza* The pizza has fallen

Dwight: Ole! *jumps and catches a pizza* The pizza has fallen

Dwight: Darnitt...

Sheep: ..... *eats Dwight's pizza off the ground* Baah.

(TDISF: I random.ORG'd he rest <.<)

Chris: SO... Portia, Tracy and Leon are up for the second part!

Challenge [Part Two] (16)

Chris: The next part of the challenge is preparing a pizza! :D As you may see, the pizzas you got are empty, so you must prepare an awesome pizza I can taste! :o Best pizza wins immunity, and two people to take to first class with them.

Portia: *Grabs some sauce and begins heating it up* I'll be making a cheese, pepperoni, and sausage pizza. I know Chris likes his meat.

Portia: *Takes a ladel and spreads the sauce onto the dough* This is too easy.

Portia: *Grabs a bag of cheese and sprinkles it on the pizza* You know, my mom is a professional chef, so all this comes natural to me.

Portia: *Grabs a bag of pepperoni and sausages and puts it on the pizza* Time to spice things up!

Portia: *Grabs the pizza and puts it in the oven* Ok, now I wait. (BTW, before anyone complains, TDISF gave me permission to edit like this since neither of you were on at the time and I'm not going to be on that much today. Thank you.)

Dwight: Go Portia! :D

Chris: *looking at his watch, the bell rings* The pizza is done. *takes it out of the oven, cuts a slice and eats it* Hmmm... AWESOME! :D Portia wins! :D

Merge Barf Bag Ceremony (16)

Chris: Portia is immune. Everyone else is fair game.

Chris: That's four votes for Tracy, and he gets out!

Episode 17 - "Au Revoir, My Thief!"

(From now on there will be no chat sections)

Challenge (17)

Chris: For today's challenge, you will have to find the thief of a precious jewel in... The Louvre! The winning person gets to choose two more people to have immunity!

Kazy: *looks closely to where the jewel used to be* Ugh... This competition is getting each time more difficult :| (CONF) I hope Dwight is voted off soon. I just want to quit this stupid competition <.<

Portia: :O :O :O A Jewel theif? :O I'm so gonna get that person! YOU DO NOT STEAL JEWELS! *Starts running through the Louvre*

Luther: :O *runs into Egypt exhibit* WHERE ARE YOU?! :@

Luther: *looks in closet* COME OUT, YOU CREEP! :@

Kazy: Wait! :o *runs to the jewels exhibit*

Thief: *sneaks behind a curtain*

April: Did that curtain just move? *walks towards the theif*

Luther: Whatcha doing, April? *walks over to her*

Luther: *tears down curtain* :O I FOUND HIM! :D

April: *jumps onto the theif* GOTCHA!

-There's nothing behind the curtain-

Thief: *runs to where he cannot be seen*

April: O_O Wow.... Luther, ltets work together. I win, I choose you. And Vice versa.

Kazy: We should go to the history area!

April: *follows Kazy, while looking everywhere*

Kazy: *searches everywhere too (xD)* This thief is really smart <.<

Leon:*quits......again*(This camp is going by too fast, now. And I am really busy now D: Sorry :( )

Dwight: I.... I.... *sits down on the ground and sighs* (CONF) I'm not feeling very well. Sure, Portia is great, but the rest of the competitors are kind-of starting to give me an evil eye. Kazy hasn't talked to me since Vietnam, April's just mean, and Luther.. I don't even know. :(

Chris: -__- Fine, McQuitty...

Merge Barf Bag Ceremony (17)

Chris: No immunity, guys. Everyone is fair play!

Chris: After a 4-1 vote, April has been eliminated.

Episode 18 - "The Ancient Pyramids of Egypt"

Dwight, Kazy, Luther and Portia Chat (18)

Luther: :o Final four! :D :D :D

Kazy: (CONF) I seriously never imagined I would be here :| I want to leave already, but I won't leave Dwight here... He still needs me... He does <-<

Portia: Final 4! (CONF) *Files nails* Well, since I didn't know I was going to be in this game right away, I never imagined making it this far. Now, I have a chance of winning, which I plan on doing.

Challenge (18)

Chris: For your second to last challenge we'll be going to Giza!

Kazy: (CONF) As a Team Giza member, I think this may be my lucky challenge! :D Or even better... Dwight's! Or even better than better! OURS! :D :D :D :D :D

Chris: Your challenge will be climing one of the Giza Pyramids. One person from each side. You will also have some "obstacles" on your way ;) The first person to reach the top wins an instant pass to final three!

Kazy: ... There's no way I win this :| ... Awesome! :D

Portia: O.o Lord have mercy, this is gonna make me so tired! *Begins climbing*

Dwight: *climbs alongside Portia* Hey... I've been thinking about... uh... "us"...

Portia: *Continues climbing* Oh yeah, "us" ... hehe I kind of forgot about that... (CONF) Awkward...

Dwight: *Nervously laughs* Yeah, well, I.... I don't think I'm ready to be "in" a relationship yet... So, uh, is it okay if we're just.... friends now?

Portia: *Continues climbing* Sure! I think it was a bad sign I forgot about it already... plus, if my parents found out I wasn't dating someone as rich as me, they'd kill me.


Dwight: *lets out a sigh of relief* Phew, what a relief! *smilesd and looks towards the top of the pyramid* FOR NARNIA!!! *climbs his side of the pyramid in a trance of hyperactivity*

Portia: *Smiles and continues climbing her side* (CONF) Well, there you go Kazy, he's all yours ;)

Chris: *throws middle sized shpinxes at the contestants*

Kazy: Ouch!

Portia: O.o Watch where your throwing things, you evil host! I'm precious and fragile! *Continues climbing*

Dwight: *catches the shpinx* Cool! :D *hides shpinx in his jacket and continues climbing*

Kazy: *continues climbing*

Chris: So... *throws a mummy at them*

Kazy: *falls off the pyramid* THis is the- Ouch!-- Best day in my-- Ouch!-- Life! :D o_e

Dwight: *is hit by the mummy, but manages to hang on* Woah... *continues climbing*

Portia: *Swings to the side and dodges the mummy* Come on, give me a challenge! *Continues climbing*

Kazy: Go, Dwight! OUCH! *manages to continue climbing*

Chris: You won't get away from this that easily >:D *pushes a really big sphinx to the four sides of the pyramid. LUTHER! YOU BETTER CATCH UP!

Portia: *Gets stuck underneath the sphinx* Uh.... ok then...

Dwight: Awesome! *jumps onto the sphinx and manages to stay on it* Maybe I can climb it to the top of the pyramid... *begins climbing*

Portia: *Squirms out from under the sphinx but falls off the pyramid* :| I give up.

Dwight: *is still clmbing the giant sphinx and comes upon a Wal-Mart price tag* ...Really, Chris? (XD)

kazy: Go DwighT! You can do this! *jumps off the pyramid*

Chris: What? You wanted us to get a real sphinx? Pfft <.<

Luther: (Dang it, TDISF, I have things to do... <.<) *begins climbing*

Dwight: *reaches the top of the pyramid* Yes!

Chris: And Dwight wins!

Merge barf Bag Ceremony (18)

Chris: dwight was immune from voting ;) And we've got all four votes in! Let's see them!

Dwight: (CONF) This is such a hard vote... I can't vote for Portia or Kazy; they're two of my closest friends! So, I guess that leaves Luther. Sorry...

Kazy: (CONF) My stretegy was ruined... But I still can't vote any of these people...

Luther: (CONF) I vote Portia 'cause the guy controlling me actually has a brain. >:D

Portia: (CONF) *Hair messed up, looks shocked, and is rocking back and forth* I hate this place, I hate this place, I hate this place.

Chris: So... That's a tie?! Not again... <.< Well I guess both of you will be sent packing, guys, leaving Dwight and Kazy as the final 2 *takes their arms and raises them up*

Kazy: <.< No... *takes a parachute* I quit, Chris. Any of them deserve it more than me. Good luck, guys :) *hugs Dwight, Luther and Portia* Bye, everyone! *jumps off the plane*

Chris: Well... I guess that' it... Crazy girl is finally out <.<

Episode 19 - "Total Drama Revamped: The Musical (Part 1)"

Dwight, Luther and Portia Chat [First Class] (19)

Dwight: Yay! I wonder where we're going next! :D (CONF) I'm kind-of disappointed we haven't gone to America yet. I've never been there, so I kind of want to... :s

Portia: :( Kazy's so nice for quitting for me! (CONF) Kazy, if you ever see this, thank you for quitting for me! Sorry I never really got to know you :(

Luther: :( Wow, I never really knew that Kazy girl... And thx to her, I'm still in this... (CONF) Thx, Kazy! I'll show you that that quit wasn't in vain! :D (NON-CONF) *stares at Portia awkwardly* That tie was... awkward... *blush*

Portia: *Shrugs* It's ok, I'm not mad about the tie. I mean, we're still here, aren't we?

Dwight: Sorry I voted you off, Luther... ^^;;;

Luther: I guess it's okay, I mean, no use crying over spilled milk... that didn't spill. :)

Challenge (19)

Chris: Welcome to Broadway! This will be the home of our last challenge and jury vote. Let's, first of all, greet our jury! Bryce, Amy, Shawn, Eve, Tracy, Leon, April and Kazy... *they all come in and take a seat* FOR NOW! >:D The challenge for Dwight, Luther and Portia will be a song challenge. Find the best song to describe how you feel right now, in the final three. I will choose ONE loser. That person will be part of the jury and will vote for one of the other two.

Portia: I have chosen Last Chance by Nicki Minaj ft. Natasha Bedingfield. It shows that this is my last chance to become famous, because even though I'm rich, my parents don't allow me to do much. It also shows how confident I am, and I'm ready to win this ;)

Dwight: Wait, What? O.o (XD)

Luther: We have to sing?

Chris: We have the final two decided. The three songs were amazing, but onky two will make it through. Portia, your song really showed what you wanted. Dwight, your song made no sense :| Luther, your song was good. However, it was more of a love song and it didn't explain how you felt bein in the final three. Or at least I didn't get it. So, as you may know already, Portia is in the final 2!!!!!!!! The other person in the final two is...

Dwight! Dwight, your song was happy, which explained you are happy for being in the final three! Luther, I'm really sorry, but you have been eliminated. Our jury will start soon!

Episode 20 - "Total Drama Revamped: The Musical (Part 2)"

Chris: Now it's time for our jury to vote! Jake, Amy, Shawn, Eve, Tracy, Leon, April, Kazy and Luther are voting for the winner of this season!

Dwight: So, what, do we just stand here and wait? That seems pretty boring... T_T

Portia: *Smiles at Dwight* I guess it's been fun. Good luck, buddy.

Chris; The winner has just been decided! The winner of Total Drama: Revamped is...

DWIGHT! Dwight, congratulations!

Kazy: Yesss!!!!!!!!! Dwight! You won! :D *hugs him*

Eve: Congrats...I was kinda hoping Portia..but Congrats

Dwight: I won?! Sweet! *turns to Portia and gives her a firneldy hug* Good game! :D

Sheep: Baah. ^-^

Portia: *Hugs Dwight* Thanks for a great season! *Claps hands and a helicopter appears* See y'all again sometime ;) *Flies away*

Dwight: Wait... There's one last thing to do before we end this... *is shown at the Drop of Shame while the plane is flying* Bonzai! *jumps* Woohooo!!!

Elimination Table

Contestant Place 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 162 17 18 19 20
April 5th Debuts (Ep.10) IN WIN* IN WIN WIN IN IN OUT Dwight
Tracy 7th WIN IN OUT Returns (Ep.14) IN IN OUT* /
Shawn 9th Replaces K.J. (Ep.4) IN IN IN IN IN IN IN WIN IN* WIN OUT Dwight
Amy 10th Debuts (Ep.10) WIN IN* IN WIN OUT* Dwight
Totem 14th IN IN IN IN* IN IN IN IN OUT*
Lizzie 17th IN IN IN IN* OUT*
Monica 18th IN WIN IN OUT*
Tennesee 19th IN* IN OUT*
K.J. 20th IN IN OUT
Noah 21st WIN OUT*
Ty 22nd OUT*

* = This contestant did not participate of the episode's challenge

  • Reddude and Alejandrofan3000 gave legit reasons of why they couldn't make it to the episodes. Therefore, they were forgiven.

1 = Leon quit this episode, but Chris brought him back in later. Leon was originally on Team Liberty, but was swapped to Team Giza to even the teams up.

2 = If someone had to go in this week because they had their second strike, they were forgiven.

Contestants' Statistics

Contestant Team Place Status Total Votes Recieved Merged
Dwight Team Giza 1st WINNER 0 MERGED
Portia Team Liberty 2nd RUNNER-UP 2
Luther Team London 3rd ELIMINATED 1
Kazy Team Giza 4th QUIT 1
April Team London 5th VOTED OFF 4
Leon Team Giza1 6th QUIT 1
Tracy Team Liberty 7th VOTED OFF 4
Eve Team Liberty 8th ELIMINATED 10
Shawn Team London 9th VOTED OFF 5
Amy Team Liberty 10th ELIMINATED 0
Bryce Team Giza 11th VOTED OFF 7
Jake Team Liberty 12th VOTED OFF 8
Gunter Team London 13th VOTED OFF 3 NON-MERGED
Totem Team London 14th ELIMINATED 4
Herman Team Liberty 15th VOTED OFF 2
Luis Team Giza 16th VOTED OFF 3
Lizzie Team London 17th ELIMINATED 5
Monica Team Giza 18th VOTED OFF 4
Tennesee Team London 19th ELIMINATED 6
K.J. Team London 20th ELIMINATED 0
Noah Team Liberty 21st VOTED OFF 5
Ty Team Giza 22nd VOTED OFF 4

1 = Leon was originally on Team Liberty, but was swapped to Team Giza.

Vote History

Team Phase

Episode 1
Team Giza
Voter Voted Eliminated
Bryce Ty Ty
Dwight Ty
Kazy Ty
Luis Ty
Monica Luis
Ty /
Episode 2
Team Liberty
Voter Voted Eliminated
Eve Noah Noah
Herman Noah
Jake Noah & Eve
Leon Noah
Noah /
Tracy Noah
Episode 3
Team London
Voter Voted Eliminated
Gunter Tennessee Tennessee
K.J. Tennessee
Lizzie Tennessee
Luther Tennessee
Tennessee Tennessee
Totem Tennessee
Episode 4
Team Giza
Voter Voted Eliminated
Bryce Monica Monica
Dwight Monica
Kazy Monica
Luis Monica
Monica /
Episode 5
Team London
Voter Voted Eliminated
Gunter Lizzie Lizzie
Shawn Lizzie
Lizzie Lizzie
Luther Lizzie
Totem Lizzie
Episode 6
Team Giza
Voter Voted Eliminated
Bryce Luis Luis
Dwight /
Kazy Luis
Luis /
Episode 8
Team Liberty
Voter Voted Eliminated
Eve Herman Herman
Herman Jake
Jake Herman
Portia Jake
Episode 9
Team London
Voter Voted Eliminated
Gunter Totem Totem
Shawn Totem
Luther Totem
Totem Totem
Episode 10
Team London
Voter Voted Eliminated
Gunter / Gunter
Shawn Gunter
Luther Gunter
April Gunter

Merge Phase

Episode 12
Voter Voted Eliminated
Amy / Jake
April /
Bryce /
Dwight Jake
Eve Jake
Jake /
Kazy Jake
Leon /
Luther Jake
Portia Jake
Shawn Jake
Episode 13
Voter Voted Eliminated
Amy / Bryce
April Bryce
Bryce Leon
Dwight Bryce
Eve /
Kazy Bryce
Leon Bryce
Luther Bryce
Portia Bryce
Shawn Bryce
Episode 14
Voter Voted Eliminated
Amy Shawn Amy & Shawn
April Dwight
Dwight Shawn
Eve /
Kazy Shawn
Leon Shawn
Luther /
Portia Shawn
Shawn Dwight
Tracy /
Episode 15
Voter Voted Eliminated
April Eve Eve
Dwight Eve
Eve Eve
Kazy Eve
Leon Eve
Luther Eve
Portia Eve
Tracy Eve
Episode 16
Voter Voted Eliminated
April Tracy Tracy
Dwight Tracy
Kazy Tracy
Leon /
Luther /
Portia Tracy
Tracy /
Episode 17
Voter Voted Eliminated
April Kazy Leon & April
Dwight April
Kazy April
Luther April
Portia April
Episode 18
Voter Voted Eliminated
Dwight Luther Kazy
Kazy /
Luther Portia
Portia /

Jury Vote

Voter Voted Winner
Jake Dwight Dwight
Amy Dwight
Shawn Dwight
Eve Portia
Tracy /
Leon Dwight
April Dwight
Kazy Portia
Luther Dwight