Slappy has freed himself from the Goosebumps books and captured 18 fictional characters on a remote Island somewhere in the world. There is having them compete for absolute freedom. The losers however will have to become slaves to Slappy. Though however he has them believe they are getting money to make themselves heard. Who will be skill enough to survive the island and Slappy? Who will fall under his control?

Sign Ups (OCs, 2 each)



  1. Peabody "Confidence" Drake-The Pirate-OctaviaMelody1995
  2. Josh- The Autistic Dude Joshniceandshydude1999
  3. James- Mr. Awesome Joshniceandshydude1999
  4. Crimson- Swordsman tdiLanceknox
  5. Robin Hood - The Archer - Samey


  1. Coralia-The Mermaid-OctaviaMelody1995
  2. Melissa - The Deer Centaur Girl - Samey

Episode 1-???


Slappy: Welcome sl...I mean contestant to this luxury island to win fr...I mean $1,000,000 dollars to get yourselves notice! Maybe have a movie or a book or both about you.