Total Drama has moved to an island, an action set and even around the world and now, it's going to a teenagers worst nightmare... high school. Eighteen contestants compete in a contest for one million dollars, where they have to survive grotesque food, grueling challenges and each other.


  1. Charlotte - The Diva - Wanted to have fun with her friends, make new friends and win one million dollars. Sadly, she ended up coming on her own.
  2. Brad - The Jock - He signed up for the hell of it... he didn't think he'd actually get picked.
  3. Harmony - The Secret Rock-star - What's better publicity than being on one of the most famous reality television shows. Not her idea, but it's finally her chance to have fun without the worries of fans worshiping her every move.
  4. Dylan - The Attractive Nerd - Wants to use the money to pay for college.
  5. Lily - The Helpful Friend - Wants to go on the show so she can use the money on whatever she wants!
  6. Will - The Bossy Brother - Wants to win the million so he can be set for life.
  7. Mika - The Cheery One - Wants to do good for the world and thinks this is the best way. Her parents were against it since she's never done anything tough or difficult before, but she thinks her positivity will pull her through.
  8. James - The Whiny Brother - Wants to have fun with his brother.
  9. Jill - The Stressed Worker - Stressed from working so hard, she's decided that if she wins, she'll never have to work again... but she needs to work really hard to win.
  10. Hamish - The Small Nerd - Wants to win the money so he can use it for when he wants... he doesn't have a clue yet, but it's a million dollars, ka-ching!
  11. Amelia - The Straight A Student - Good at everything she does, she thinks she can win this thing easily. She's got the brains of a genius, and will do anything for that prize.
  12. Drake - The Annoyed Boyfriend - When his girlfriend asked him to go onto the show, he said yes. They want the money so they could move in together.
  13. Lizzie - The Self-centered Girlfriend - Was too afraid Drake might fail.
  14. Thomas - The Talkative Narcissist - Wants to win so he can show everyone that he isn't as bad as they say he is... and that he's better at everything than anyone.
  15. Cora - The Follower - Always in a group, yet never the popular one, Cora has never impressed her friends, but when she's a million dollar winner, everyone will listen to her.
  16. Manny - The Clumsy Outcast - Can't make friends well so he's forcing himself to be stuck in a situation where he has to make friends.
  17. Linda - The Rich Daughter - Daughter of a rich father, she's always gotten what she wants. But one day, her dad realizes her selfishness and bratty-ness and hopes this show will help her improve.
  18. Nathan - The Unsupportive Pessimist - Three words: One million dollars.


Episode 1: First Day of Cruel (Part 1 of 2)

Standing at the front of a school, a man walked up to the camera. "Hello, Total Drama fans, and welcome to this brand new season of the T-O-T-A-L DRAMA show! We've went from islands to China, to an action set, but this time, we'll be going somewhere no teen ever wants to go... SCHOOL! Yes, these teens will be competing at this newly built school where one contestant will be eliminated every day until only one is left, and that one lucky contestant will be the winner of Total Drama High!" The scene transitioned to backgrounds of a school hall, a school lunch room and a changing room. "Until then, these contestants will have to deal with grueling lunches, horrible challenges and even worse, being in school in the summer. Ha-ha! Stay tuned to find out what happens right now, on Total Drama High!"

On a bus, heading to the school, a red headed girl wearing a pink skirt walks up to a black haired girl in her school uniform. "Can I sit next to you?" She asked. The other girl looked at her, before speaking back.

"Sure, why not?" The girl said, not really caring. The girls sat in silence before the red headed girl began to talk again.

"My name's Cora, what's yours?" The girl asked.

"Amelia." She answered.

(CONF: Amelia sighed. "Alright, I thought we were all supposed to come in our uniforms, and we weren't... I feel like such an idiot. Anyway, Cora's being nice, so I might be able to use her if we get close enough. I have to see if other people would be more useful in an alliance before I start the game." Amelia strategized. "However, I've got to think about this earlier in the game as you know how the saying goes, "The early bird catches the worm.")

A small teenage boy looked out the window as he hears the sound of someone's voice. "Hey, my name's Dylan." Asked a muscular teen wearing glasses and a tucked polo shirt. "Nice to meet you, your name is?" The boy was surprised that he was talking to him considering how he looked.

"My name's Hamish." Hamish replied. "You... excited for Total Drama?"

"Yeah, I can't wait to get started." Dylan said.

"It's pretty weird though, staying away from home, going on national television... dealing with those cameras everywhere... There was a camera in the toilet..." Hamish admitted. Dylan laughed while Hamish gave a slight chuckle.

(CONF: "Yeah, Dylan... is... someone I did not expect seeing... I mean, I know there has been some pretty weird people on TD before but... well, he's not exactly weird, but he likes the same stuff as me, he's pretty intelligent, and he even wears glasses instead of contacts... despite the fact he looks like a super model." Hamish confessed. "Well, to be fair, it isn't that strange, but I'm usually picked on by people that look really similar to him, so for us to have so much in common is pretty... unnerving.")

(CONF: "I can't believe that I am in the Total Drama confessional! You know, I've always watched this show to see how people react to these environments. I'm not so keen on the drama aspect as I know these are other human beings too." Dylan stated. "But, I'm on the show now, because I need the money to pay for my college funds. It costs a lot of money and I don't really want to take student loans or loans from back, as it could take forever to pay back.)

At the back of the train, there are two brown haired teenage boys who looked very similar talked to each other. One of the twins had a short sleeved orange shirt and some shorts while the other one wore a dark blue sweater with some brown pads on the shoulder, he also had some brown trousers.

"So, Will, I think we're going to win this thing easily!" The teen with the orange shirt said excitedly.

"Don't get cocky, James. There are many ways we can lose, so we have to remain focused." Will, the other twin, said.

(CONF: "Yeah, me and William are brothers, and I think we're going to easily beat the competition. I mean, we'll work together, help each other get to the finale, and play for keeps. Afterwards, we split it fifty-fifty." James planned.)

(CONF: "My brother thinks I'll be bending over backwards to help him out. I'm in the game for the money, not to baby sit James. The thing is, he's older by about eight minutes and he still acts like a child at times." Will complains. "I hope that we end up on different teams as that way, he won't screw this up for me...but if he makes the merge, I'm basically doomed.")

A medium sized, ginger haired with black clothing looked around the train and sat next to a blonde girl in a dress and a black haired girl with white highlights in a short sleeved top. "So... ready for the game?" She asked.

"Uh, yeah, but I'm kinda nervous..." The black haired girl replied.

"Me too, but it'll be fine." She stated. "My name's Charlotte, and your name is...?"

"It's... Harmony, yeah, Harmony's my name." Harmony babbled.

(CONF: "Why was she so weird when I asked what her name was? Jeez, did she forget it? How...?" Charlotte questioned. "Anyway, I really hope that I win this as honestly, I probably want it more than the others anyway.")

(CONF: "I almost blew my cover there. My name is not actually Harmony, my name's actually Mary Swilt, an A tier celebrity. My agent allowed me to come up with my own publicity stunt and this is mine." Harmony said. "However, the producers said that if the others knew I was a celebrity, I'd either get an unfair advantage, or everyone would gun for me, so they made me be Harmony. Good thing I'm a good actor, so if they ask any questions about my personal life, I don't blow my cover. I did almost do that right there, but that was because I wasn't ready for it. Now, I'm determined not to let them discover my identity.)

The blonde girl in the dress gets up and walks away annoyed. "What's her problem?" Charlotte asked.

(CONF: "Yeah, I'm not going to talk to those peasants! Look, I'm rich already, I don't want to be in this stink hole, but daddy thinks that I'm, like, spoilt, and there is like no reason for him to think that." The blonde girl complained. "Everything about me is perfect, my looks, my name "Linda", my attitude... it's probably just some mid-life crisis or something, but- Urg! I already can't stand it here.")

Linda walked past a small teenage male who seems to be avoiding eye contact with everyone. He has blonde hair and his eyes are blue. His shirt is red and has the number 14 on it.

(CONF: Um... my name is Manny and I am here to make friends... yet the thing is, I'm very self-conscious of myself, or at least that's what the school counselor says." Manny told the camera. "I try to talk to people, but I constantly mumble and I always try to find ways to avoid others. Not because I want to but because it's a bad habit of mine. I signed up so I'd have to talk to others but now I'm having second thoughts." Manny crosses his fingers. "Here's to hoping my plan works... heh.")

The girl in the row in front of Manny looks at him confused. She is kind of tall and she is a brunette. She's wearing a green sweater and has a gold necklace, she's also wearing skinny jeans.

(CONF: "So excited to get started, but that one guy seems very lonely. I'd love to be his friend, and maybe even work together, I mean, he'll probably not get out of that shell of his without a friend, and I'd love to be that friend." She stated.)

"Hey, my name's Lily, what's yours?" Lily asked Manny.

"M-me? Uh..." Manny mumbled. After that, there was a silence. Feeling kind of awkward, Manny stood up and moved to a different seat, leaving Lily confused.

A small girl with brown, curly hair sat next to another girl whom had long black hair, yet seemed to be out cold. "I'm really excited, aren't you? My name's Mika, what's yours?" Mika asked quite loudly.

"Yes, I want a raise! Uh, what...?" The other girl shouted. She was started from being woken up by Mika. "Oh, uh... hey... My name's Jill, what's your name?" There was a little moment of silence between the two as Mika tried to process what Jill just said.

(CONF: "Don't blame me for that little outburst, because I've got about ten jobs daily to help try pay the rent for my apartment." Jill said. "Of course, this has led to me being a little sleep deprived, but when I win this, I don't even have to worry about rent anymore. That way, I don't even have to have a job... if I spend the money wisely, but still, having only one job is still better than what I have now.")

(CONF: A tall teen with a red scarf sat in the confessional. "My name's Nathan, short for Nathaniel." The teen introduced himself. "These people are pretty boring, but hopefully, they're also pretty bad at the game. I want to win the million but it's going to be really tough. However, the other guys don't seem to understand the difficulty of winning this game so I doubt they're very competent.")

Sitting on a single row, an incredibly buff jock with ginger hair sat down with a black shirt and a blue jacket to go over it. Sitting next to him, a tall black haired guy with a long sleeved grey shirt with black sleeves, and next to him, a medium sized girl with long blonde hair with a pink shirt with the sleeves rolled up and some jeans.

"Alright, baby, remember, we've got to pick our allies carefully so that means no allies until we know they can be trusted, so-" The girl orders the tall guy.

"Please, Lizzie, what do you think I'm going to do? Tap on the first guy I see and say 'Hey, wanna be in an alliance?' No, that's stupid." He argued.

"Hey, at least I'm trying to play safe, Drake!" Lizzie argued back.

"Hey, if you want someone to trust, trust me! I'm really good at stuff like this." A blonde chubby boy gloated. "I'm really good at math's and... uh, well math's. I got an A on my last test. Well, not really, but I deserved an A."

(CONF: "Uh, when did we start talking about his grades...?" Drake asked.)

"My name's Thomas, OH! Also, I'm really excited about this game as I know I'll win, because, I am really smart and uh... I got like an C in my last math's test." He continued.

(CONF: "Oh please, did I look like I gave any damns about his stupid math's grades?" Lizzie stated. "If I have to pick anyone to ally with, it'll definitely not be that guy.")

(CONF: "I think I made a great impression on them, wow, I am like really popular... Must be because I got a C, because I'm so smart." Thomas stated. "Oh, did I tell you about the time I got a C in-" )

The jock, annoyed of Thomas, gets up and walks over to Charlotte. "Hey, my name's Brad, what's your name?" Brad asked as he kept on checking Charlotte out.

(CONF: "In my school, I'm the most popular guy, and my friends all thought it'd be great if I joined this game. Of course, I said yes, because I think I've got what it takes as I'm probably the strongest player... except for that one guy in the glasses, he seems like a strong guy." Brad explained.)

(CONF: "That "Brad" guy seemed to be flirting with me and I hate it when guys do that! They always think that I'm going to fall for them after they do one single act of kindness just to score me, one guy thought I had to go on a date with him because of it." Charlotte complained.)

The bus arrived to the school and all the teens stepped out. Linda looked at the school in disgust. "Ew, public schools." She gagged.

"Being back in school reminds me how horrible it is." Brad stated.

"Reminds me how good I am at it." Thomas said as Brad walks away, covering his ears.

Chris walks up to the contestants smiling. "Hello, and welcome to Total Drama High. At school, you have to endure horrible food and terrible people, which is like Total Drama, yet it lacks the explosions!" Chris exclaimed. "Because of the similarities and stunts we can pull with this theme, we decided to make this season high school themed. The first challenge is a simple one. There are nine books in the library and what you have to do is find one. There is a smart board at the entrance of the library with one clue for each book, once a book is found, its clue is erased. The people that find the books will be on the Loath-able Loners and the ones that don't will be the Putrid Preppies. When I blow this horn, you guys start. Any questions?"

"Yes, where is the librar-?" Dylan tried to ask before the horn went.

"Go!" Chris shouted as he blew the horn.

All the contestants run through the halls. James runs up to Will. "Hey, I think I know where the library might be!" James said.

"Really!? Lead the way, quick!" Will ordered. The two ran up the stairs while Lily followed them.

Harmony looks around and finds the reception and goes into it. Lizzie, Drake, Dylan and Hamish run up to her. "What are you doing?" Drake asked.

"There is usually a map of the school somewhere at the reception, like right... here!" Harmony answered as she picks up the map. She runs out of the reception and to the library with the others following her.

Manny walked around the school halls on his own.

(CONF: "Libraries are typically on the bottom floor, so if I walk around that floor I'll probably find it." Manny hoped.)

Unbeknownst to him, Amelia, Cora and Brad were following him. "So, we're following short stuff here?" Amelia said.

"Yep, he looks like the smart type, so we'll probably be first to arrive." Brad planned.

"Well, it's better than walking around aimlessly." Cora said.

"Yeah, you're right." Amelia replied.

(CONF: "She wasn't right, because, we were honestly following a guy who was walking around aimlessly." Amelia complained. "But at least I'm spending more time with Cora. She'll probably think we're best buddies and eventually we'll be an unstoppable alliance... Once I ask her to join an alliance, of course, but still, I'm almost there...")

Linda stood outside and looked to see the widest building.

(CONF: "In movies, libraries are, like, bigger than most of the school, so the if I pick the biggest part of the school, that'll most likely be the library..." Linda strategized.)

Nathan, Jill, Thomas and Mika walked in a group around the school and looked at the name's of the rooms above the doors. "Urgh... I'm so tired..." Jill said.

"Suck it up." Nathan snapped. "We'll be there soon..."

Linda found the biggest part of the building and walked into it. She found herself into the library and she looked at the board. "Ah! This is the library, and I'm first! Yeah! I'm, like, so smart." Linda praised herself. "Alright, clue 1. This book was published in 1851 and is also known as 'The Whale.' ...Like, something to do with whales, meaning... Skipping, let's do number five... 'My nightmare's are usually about losing you...' This one's obviously the Hunger Games!" Linda runs off as Harmony and her group come in.

Harmony is breathless and waits until she's able to breath again. Dylan reads the clues and then looks at Hamish. "I got number one's. You know number two's?" Hamish nodded and the two ran off.

Drake read the clues yet didn't know the answer to a single one, and neither did Lizzie. "Uargh! This is so bad!" Lizzie complained.

"Calm down, it just decides whether we're one team or the other, no need to scream about it." Drake said.

"Well, I am not a loser and I'm not losing the first challenge!" Lizzie shouted. As she screamed, Charlotte ran through the door.

(CONF: "I was so lost, but thankfully Lizzie's temper tantrums helped me find my way here." Charlotte sighed with relief.)

Harmony looked at the board. "Okay, so those two guys are taking one and two so I'll take three." Harmony said before running off.

"Nope, I know that one!" Charlotte said, racing Harmony to the book.

Manny runs through the door. "Wow, I can't believe I found it." Manny shouted.

"Me too." Amelia said. "Okay, clue five is obviously the Hunger Games, let's go get it-!" As she said that, Linda arrived with that book.

"Got number five!" Linda shouted as she ran to the start, yet before she makes it ,she bumps into a bookstand, knocking it over. "Oops... uh." She makes it to the entrance. "Now where do I put the book?"

"Down the return chute next to the door." Chris informed her through the speaker on top of the board.

"Oh, easy." Linda puts the book down the chute and shouts. "I win! Yes, no 'spoilt' person would ever win this easily, only someone with such skill at overcoming adversity would win this."

"Who are you talking to?" Amelia asked. "You know what, I don't care, number nine is Twilight, so let's go." Amelia and Cora ran off as Brad looked at the board.

"I don't even know any of these." Brad admitted.

"Same." Drake said to Brad.

"I do!" Dylan said as he ran back with book number one and puts it in the return chute. "Yes!"

Nathan, Jill, Mika and Lily ran through the door. Jill looks at clue number seven and runs away. "We're not even second! Eeek!" Mika screamed. She sees the board. "Oh! That one's a Beano!" Mika ran away quickly.

"Wait, I thought comics didn't count as books and-" Brad stated confused.

"They do, as a lot of schools have comics in their libraries." Chris informed him.

"It's a good thing these books are alphabetized." Mika said as she ran back with the Beano and placed it into the chute. Charlotte gets to book number three first.

"Yes!" Charlotte said before Harmony grabbed it and started to pull it. "Hey! Back off!"

"Give it to me!" Harmony ordered before pushing Charlotte onto the ground and running to the shoot. "Nothing personal sweetie! But I'm winning this!" She puts the book into the chute.

Hamish runs to the shoot and puts in the book he got. "Yes!" Hamish shouted in excitement. Nathan looks at the clues and walks around after writing them on a notepad. He started to walk off as Thomas reads and understand clue number eight.

"It's a Thorpe's Dictionary!" Thomas said. "Yeah, it definitely is! I know because I said it is and I got a-"

"Please, just shut up and go!" Drake snapped. Afraid of getting shouted at by Drake, Thomas ran off.

Nathan came back with book number six. He put it in the chute and sat down on a beanbag as he started reading the nearest book. Thomas runs past Cora and Amelia, grabs his book and runs back and puts the book in the chute.

Jill walks back slowly with her book and places it into the chute. Cora and Amelia run back with the book in Amelia's hands. "Quick! I think I have the last one! Let's just get this back quick and get this over with."

Cora looked at Amelia confused. "Wait, if you give that book in, what about me?" Cora questioned, yet before Amelia could respond, she trips over the fallen bookstand causing the book to fly out of her hands and across the room.

James, Lily and Will walked into the room with Will noticeably cross with James. "Look, I'm sorry, I thought the library would be in the same place as in our school." James apologized.

"Of course, it wouldn't be in the same place, you idiot! Now, look! There is only one book left!" Will shouted. "I swear, at times like this I question how you're the older one." Will sighed. "Honestly, you deserve a hit in the head for this." The book hit James in the head and bounced into Will's hands. "Wait, what?"

"Put it into that chute and you win!" Linda told him as she pointed to the chute. Will looked at it and put the book down the chute. James got up from the ground, a little dazed from being knocked over.

"Urg... what happened?" James asked.

"And that's the end of the first part of the challenge!" Chris announced as he walked through the door. "The winners of this challenges are Linda, Harmony, Dylan, Mika, Hamish, Nathan, Jill, Thomas and Will!" James looked at Chris in shock.

"Wait! I'm not on Will's team!? And how, we came in like ten seconds before the challenge ended?" James asked, astonished.

"Yeah, it seems like at least your brother knows how to play the game." Chris mocked James. "But that doesn't matter right now, as the winners are now called the Loath-able Loners, and they get the advantage in the next challenge while the others, Drake, Brad, Charlotte, James, Amelia, Cora, Lizzie, Lily and Manny are the Putrid Preppies and don't get the advantage." The Putrid Preppies started to complain before Chris blew his horn again. "Enough!" Chris turns to the camera. "That's all the time we have in this episode, but next episode, we promise to be more dramatic and way more exciting as next episode, someone is going home. See you next time on Total... Drama... High!"