Chris McLean's sister is taking a trip back to her old highschool and picking up 16 new teens to compete in a reality show. Kristina will be the host along with a surprise host after the merge. The 16 contestants will be battling in their high school when school gets over. 17 grueling challenges, 15 other competitors, 1 ultimate prize: 500,000 dollars! (By: Fanfiction2010 who adopted this camp after the old owner left it)

Final Two

  1. Robert, the Sweet Strategist - Alfan3000 WINNER!
  2. Charlie, the Goth - Fanfiction2010

Voting History

Tribal Phase Jury Phase Jury Vote
Episode 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Eliminated Mech Seth Silke Sam Harriet John Olivia Alterlic Alexander Paula Eliza Matt Ryan Robert Silke Charlie
Place Voter Votes
1st Robert WIN (NV) WIN Sam (NV) WIN WIN Alterlic Alexander Paula Eliza Matt (NV) (NV) Silke WINNER
2nd Charlie Mech WIN John WIN Harriet WIN WIN Alterlic Matt Paula Eliza Matt Ryan Robert Silke R-UP
3rd Silke Mech WIN (NV) Returns in Episode 9 (NV) Paula (NV) (NV) Ryan Symone (NV) Robert
4th Symone Mech WIN Silke WIN WIN John Olivia WIN Alexander Paula Eliza Matt Ryan Robert Quit Charlie
5th Ryan WIN Seth WIN Sam WIN John Olivia WIN (NV) (NV) Eliza Symone (NV) Robert
6th Matt WIN Seth WIN Ryan WIN John (NV) WIN Alexander Paula Eliza Symone Robert
7th Eliza WIN Seth WIN Sam WIN John Olivia WIN Alexander Paula (NV) Robert
8th Paula Silke WIN Silke WIN Harriet WIN WIN Alterlic (NV) (NV) Charlie
9th Alexander WIN (NV) WIN Sam Robert WIN WIN Alterlic Matt Robert
10th Alterlic Mech WIN Paula WIN Paula WIN WIN (NV)
11th Olivia (NV) WIN (NV) WIN WIN (NV) (NV)
12th John (NV) WIN Silke WIN WIN (NV)
13th Harriet WIN Seth WIN (NV) Charlie
14th Sam WIN Seth WIN Alexander
15th Seth WIN Matt
16th Mech Mech

Day One

Kristina: Welcome competitors! Feel free to talk her until all have arrived.

Charlie: Tell me again why we're competiting in a high school, Smiley.

Kristina: So you all can feel at home in your environment. You're allowed to go home, unlike other reality shows, all you have to do is compete after school. I think that's fair.

Silke: Hello zhe people! I have arrived to

Harriet:(CONF) A smarty eh?

Silke: Ce pue place...oh! Look at me, speaking zhe French Language... (CONF: Je vais pour gagner l'ecole de theatre total eleve, peu importe ce que...)

Charlie: Why can't some cute guy join already?

Silke: Parce que personne ne vous aime... *Smirks at Charlie*

Charlie: I understand perfect french you con. *smirks at Silke*

Charlie: (CONF) And it's the first conflict of the season. I promised myself I wouldn't make too many enemies, I'm mainly here because of my good grades, as if high school isn't hard enough. That Chick Silke est totalement mon objectif premier à quitter la compétition dès maintenant. Je n'ai jamais parlé d'elle comme je l'ai vue comme une fille populaire à la salle à manger, mais n'a jamais su qu'elle parlait français. J'espère que la plupart des gens décident de penser qu'elle est un cheri ennuyeux et l'éliminer rapidement.



Eliza: Silke you have to speak english or I will vote you off

Paula: Hey, everyone!

Silke: (CONF: J'ai dit a papa que je voulais, faire un ennemi stupide, mais non, il dit que j'allais etre tres bien!)

Paula: (CONF) I had a friend that LOVED talking french. I had to punch her...

Silke: *Walks towards Charlie* Je m'excuse pour mon comportement grossier, Charlie, pouvex-vous me pardonner?

Alexander:(CONF) I don't get why there giving that Silke girl such a hard time

Eliza: Silke english or out (conf) She speaks english and I'll not be mean to her.

Silke: Fine...I zill speak English now

Paula: At last!

Alexander:(CONF)I have a feeling that Eliza will be first out.

Eliza: Thanks but learn how to speak english wel

Charlie: I accept your apology.

Charlie: (CONF) Sucker

Eliza: You guys have to see this *sees a monkey eating a mouse*

Alex:Ok......It's a monkey eating a rat. Big deal. Paula: *rolls eyes* That's soooooooo funny (that was sarcastical) (Sarcastical?) (sarcastic :P sorry, sometimes I create words LOL) (lol)

Eliza You losers fell for it peace suckers *walks to Silke* Can you teach me some french?

Alexander:Eliza, your stupidity hurts my brain.

Eliza: *runs to alex and holds him by his shirt collar* If you call me stupid or any mean thing one more time, I will hurt you so bad you will be in the hospital for a while (conf) He will never call me a mean thing again

Alex:There is one flaw with your insult, I'm not scared of you.

Silke: Etre tranquille Alexandra! Of zourse you are scared of zer...

Alex:Actually, no, I'm not.

Paula: Believe he's not! And he's Alexander, not Alexandra! He's a guy!

Silke: (CONF: J'ai besoin d'obtenir le bon cote de tout le monde...) Of course, I'm am very zorry...

Harriet: Silke, does he look like a girl?

Ryan: Hey guys.


Harriet:*TURNING AROUND* Hel.......lo.

Matt:Hey guys whatcha doing

Robert: Hi, everyone!

Ryan: *sees Paula* Oh wow.

John: *arrives* Hello.

Eliza: *walks to Alex and holds him by the collar* You insult me again and you wish you kept your mouth shut *drops alex on the ground and wlaks to silke* Can you teach me some french?

Ryan: Try not to kill Alex.

(Alex is 7 ft. tall)

Alex:Um.... ok?

Symone: *runs over to everyone* Hi! I'm so glad to be here, I hope I make friends!

Robert: When are the teams decided?

Challenge One

Kristina: Welcome 16 competitors to Total Drama High School! Before our first challenge starts, I must announce the teams. The first team is the Screaming Textbooks which is made up of these players: Harriet, Alexander, Eliza, Sam, Seth, Robert, Ryan, and Matt. Meaning the rest of you, : Charlie, Silke, Paula, Olivia, Symone, Mech, Artelio, and John are the Killer Lockers. Like your teams? The official colors are gold and green.

Robert: Yay! What is the challenge?

Ryan: Charle will you swich teams with me?

Silke: I zope it will be easy...

Charlie: What, you think you can flash your charms at me and I'll let you? Fine....

Kristina: Sorry, no team switching till Day Six.

Ryan: *tries to bribe her*

Symone: Yeah go Killer Lockers! We are going to win! I like being here! I hope we win!

Robert: Go team spirit!

Silke: Go zhe Killer Lockers! *Accidentally lets go of book and it hits Symone* Zoops! I'm zo zorry!

Ryan: *Goes to help them out*

Symone: *Yells* You are going dow... *pauses and acts nice* That's okay Silke! Wanna be in my alliance, I could take us to the final two!

Ryan: What you a Heather?

Silke: Zure! I zould love to be in an alliance!

Ryan: You really trust her?

Symone: *Takes Ryan aside* Look will you be quiet, and so what if I'm like Heather...that's how you play the game! Do you wanna be the first one gone?

Ryan: It's called playing the game by turning everyone aggest each other and you are my first victum.

Symone: Fine you better watch your back.

Silke: (CONF: Zough English crowd...zoh well, maybe zhis is zevery zay life for zhem...)

Ryan: La confiance de Silke m'elle est mauvaise

Silke: Ce que vous dites n'a guere de sens...

Ryan: Désolé de ne pas le haut-parleur meilleurs français.

Robert: I wish I spoke French...

Symone: (CONF: Ryan is a show off)

Ryan: I can speak between 20 and 30 languages.

Silke: Ce n'est pas grave. Oh, et pensex-vous Symone juste me tromper sur les deux derniers chose?

Ryan: Je n'ai toujours pas confiance en elle que ce que je peux jeter son

Symone: Um...what did you just say...please translate in ENGLISH!

Harriet:I have 2 things to say. One what is the challenge? Two I'm on it Symone.

Silke: Bien, mais je ne vais pas quitter I'alliance, je vais trouver un moyen de l'eliminer!

Harriet:What Ryan said is anyone's guess. All I found was the same thing.

Ryan: Merci.


Symone: Fine Silke, quit the alliance, like I need some washed up French girl anyway! *Smiles to Harriet* You seem like a great person, wanna be in an alliance?

Ryan: Don't yell at Silke!

Robert: Harriet, you are so beautiful...

Symone: Why do you care who I yell at Ryan?

Ryan: You are a true *beep*

Symone: Well we'll both see who wins this game, The Hotty with a heart or The Snake without one!

Ryan: Adleast I have a heart.

Silke: Ryan va gagner Symone, il ne faut meme pas essayer!

Harriet:Aww thank you Robert....

Symone: *To everyone about Silke* What is she saying, *To Ryan* The only way you win this game is if you have alliances, you have to be evil to win!

Ryan: Thanks Silke.

Robert: Your wlcome, milady.

Silke: *Reads English Dictionary*

Symone: What's our next challenge anyway?

Ryan: Silke vous sortir avec moi?

Symone: Would you two talk in English, *Walks away sad* Never mind

Silke: J'aimeraise Ryan

Harriet:(CONF)Oh man he makes me feel so unprepared for these nice compliments.

Silke: J'ai tellement appris en anglais!

Ryan: What?

Symone: That's It! *Prounces on Silke*

Ryan: *pulls her off of Silke* You are a *beep*

Robert:(CONF) Harriet is so gorgeous...

Harriet:*staring at Robert*

Ryan: Robert................Harriet can you help me out over here!

Robert: What is wrong, Ryan?*while staring back*

Symone: *To Ryan* I wouldn't be a *beep* If you would just tell her to speak english, she's talking about me!

Ryan: I'm trying for Silke and me not to get killed by Symone over here!

Kristina: So, this is your first challenge. It's called "Rubber Band Ball Madness". Your team must line up and bounce rubber band balls from this end of the hallway into this bucket at the other end. Only one person can get a point per team. First team to six points win. Clear?

Silke: *Finishes hitting Symone* I'll go zirst!

Eliza: You ******g losers suck but not you Silke just everyone else

Eliza: Me first *lines up first*

Silke: *Starts bouncing rubber band ball to the other side, but slips and falls on chin* Zow!

Robert: Can I go?

Kristina: Go!

Ryan: *helps Silke up* You ok?

Eliza: *Starts bouncing rubber band ball to the other side*

Symone: *Walks over to Silke and Ryan* Here...*Hands Silke a ice pack* That fall was pretty hard, you did your best, sorry for earlier I was a real *beep*

Robert:*passes Eliza and makes it* I do this in class all the time.

Harriet:*giggles to myself*

Silke: Zit is zokay Symone. Oh, and I will try zo learn bezzer English from now on...

Eliza: *makes it in then runs back*

Ryan: *to himself* Она играет с нами.

Symone: But for now...*Bounces rubber band to the other side, and makes it in the bucket* Let's win this challenge!

Harriet:*shoots a rubber band into my bucket.* Yes!

Symone: Crap the other team is in the lead, *To Kristina* Can Silke have another shot at it?

Ryan: *he bounces one then it bounces off the cealing and hits him between his eyes*


Robert: Go Harriet!

Harriet:We already won! SHE SAID 6 points!! YAY!

Kristina: Um, only one person can get a point per team. So Harriet can only get one point for her team. Five others need to get points.

Symone: (CONF: Serves HE-liza right)

Robert: Four more, thank you.*stares at Harriet*

Symone: Me and Silke are the only one's that did something, where is the rest of the team!

Charlie: *bounces a ball, bounces off the bucket, not in it* Crap

Robert: You can do it!

Harriet:*gives everyone a rubber band to shoot* Hurry up! If we lose don't blame me!

Robert: Eliza, take another shot! Harriet and I cannot win this alone, no matter how good we are!

Charlie: *finally makes it* Yes!

Robert: 2 to 1!

Alex:Lemme Try! *Throws and gets it in* Yes.

Robert: Nice one, Alexander!(CONF) We are so gonna win!


Robert: Just go!

Matt:*does a front flip and throws and makes a goal*This calls for a victory tune.

Now, a woman who'll kiss on a very first date
is usually a hussie.
And a woman who'll kiss on a second time out
is anything but fussy.
But a woman who'll wait till the third time around
head in the clouds, feet on the ground
She's the girl he's glad he's found
she's his Shipoopi

Shipoopi, Shipoopi, Shipoopi, (The girl who'sh ard to get)
Shipoopi, Shipoopi, Shipoopi, (But you can win her yet.)

Walk her once just to raise the curtain,
Walk around twice, and you've made for certain.
Once more in the flower garden,
She will never get sore if you beg your pardon.

Do re mi fa so la si do si fa so la mi re do.

Squeeze her once when she isn't looking,
Get a squeeze back that's fancy cooking.
Once more for a pepper-upper,
She will never get sore on the way to supper.

Do re me fa so la si do si do

Now little ole Sall's a no-gal as anyone can see,
Look at her now: she's a go gal who only goes for me.

Squeeze her once when she isn't looking,
Get a squeeze back that's fancy cooking.
Once more for a pepper-upper,
She will never get sore on the way to supper.

Do re me fa so la si do si do

Shipoopi, Shipoopi, Shipoopi, (The girl who's hard to get)
Shipoopi, Shipoopi, Shipoopi, (But you can win her yet.)


Shipoopi, Shipoopi, Shipoopi, (The girl who's hard to get,)
Shipoopi, Shipoopi, Shipoopi,(But you can win her yet
yoouu caann wiinn heerr yeeeettttt.............................


Robert:*staring at Harriet*

Harriet:*staring back at Robert with same reaction*

Ryan: *bumps into Harriet and makes her kiss robert*

Harriet:*stands backwards with shock* Excuse me.... someone bumped into me.

Alex:Ryan! Thats My job! (XD)

Ryan: I had to happen.

Robert: No problem! Ryan win it for us!(CONF) Awesome!

Matt:You to are sooo meant for eachother

Harriet:*holding a rolling pin* I didn't hear you what did you say?

Ryan: Who brings a rolling pin with them?

Matt:Relax Harriet

Alex:Just to verify *yells into bullhorn* HE SAID YOU TWO WERE SO MEANT FOR EACHOTHER.

Symone: *Takes Ryan aside* I wanted to apologize for earlier

Robert: The prettiest girl here, that's who!

Ryan: And I should belive you why?

Symone: *Whispers to Ryan* Because I only wanted you to keep talking to me because I have a little crush on you, even though you dont like me back.

Ryan: *super loud* WHAT!

Symone: I know it's lame for me to say something like that after arguing with you for 10 mins...but I said I kind of have a little crush, I'm so embarassed!

Ryan: And let me guess you only hate Silke because she is getting all my attention.

Robert: I saw that coming... Creepy!

Symone: I don't hate Silke, it's just all that French was hurting my head

Robert: Ryan take the shot and we win.

Ryan: *takes theshot and it circles around the rim and falls in*

Matt:do you want a victory tune tooo


Robert: Harriet...Where DID you get a rolling pin?

Matt:saying nothing huh I take that as a yes Hit It*music starts playing

Now, a woman who'll kiss on a very first date
is usually a hussie.
And a woman who'll kiss on a second time out
is anything but fussy.
But a woman who'll wait till the third time around
head in the clouds, feet on the ground
She's the girl he's glad he's found
she's his Shipoopi

Shipoopi, Shipoopi, Shipoopi, (The girl who'sh ard to get)
Shipoopi, Shipoopi, Shipoopi, (But you can win her yet.)

Walk her once just to raise the curtain,
Walk around twice, and you've made for certain.
Once more in the flower garden,
She will never get sore if you beg your pardon.

Do re mi fa so la si do si fa so la mi re do.

Squeeze her once when she isn't looking,
Get a squeeze back that's fancy cooking.
Once more for a pepper-upper,
She will never get sore on the way to supper.

Do re me fa so la si do si do

Now little ole Sall's a no-gal as anyone can see,
Look at her now: she's a go gal who only goes for me.

Squeeze her once when she isn't looking,
Get a squeeze back that's fancy cooking.
Once more for a pepper-upper,
She will never get sore on the way to supper.

Do re me fa so la si do si do

Shipoopi, Shipoopi, Shipoopi, (The girl who's hard to get)
Shipoopi, Shipoopi, Shipoopi, (But you can win her yet.)


Shipoopi, Shipoopi, Shipoopi, (The girl who's hard to get,)
Shipoopi, Shipoopi, Shipoopi,(But you can win her yet
yoouu caann wiinn heerr yeeeettttt.............................


Ryan: I shoulda said no.

Robert: Ya think?!

Matt:Well its a bit late now aint it

Ryan: Plus my choise of music is Country.

Robert: Do not give him ideas!

Matt:Oh Im getting Ideas

Ryan: *duck tapes his head around 17 times*


Alex:Thank you.

Ryan: He's lucky it's not the pepper spray. *axsadentaly sprays him*

Matt:*muffiling*Ah crap *running around maniacly*

Robert:*unties Matt* Do you think Harriet likes me?

Ryan: Well know duh.

Matt:Maybe I dunno

Robert: I hope so.(CONF) Harriet is so cool...

Matt:Yeah she's smart, attractive but I would'nt say she's my type she is more of your type

Robert:(CONF) Matt singing is not as bad as you may think. It's worse!

Matt:(CONF)yeah I think i'm getting along with everyone really well except I don't think all of them are that fond of my singing

Robert:(CONF) Other than that, Matt is alright.

Charlie: Is anyone on our tie gonna throw a ball in?

Alterlic: I'll try if I can have that baked potato of yours. *points to baked potato*

Charlie: I don't care, I just really don't wanna lose on the first day. *gives him potato*

Alterlic: Thank you! *takes potato and eats it in one bite* Hagtar Solem! *a ball of light encases the rubber band ball and drops it in the bucket*

Charlie: Yes! 4 to 5! We're only behind by one point!

Kristina: Time to stop the challenge! The Screaming Textbooks win. The Killer Lockers will be voting the first person out of the competition. Please meet me in the auditorium for voting.

Eliza: *takes her diary, opens a new page and writes in it "I hope Ryan my love doesn't vote me off because if I'm off I hope he didn't vote for me"* KL sucks and SN rocks *closes her diary and puts it away* You can't look for it or else you get it

Killer Lockers Vote (1)

Kristina: Welcome Killer Lockers. Here you will vote people out. The person with the most votes will be eliminated and forced to take the long dreaded 30 second walk down the Hallway of Shame where you will leave and never come back. You may vote now.

Charlie (CONF) Way to lose on the first day. I vote Mech.

Alterlic: (CONF) I've been looking at everyone, and they seem to hate Mech. So I'd be doing a good thing by voting him out. *votes Mech, then waits anxiously* Thank you, God, for sparing me at this time.

Paula: (CONF) Can't help but vote her off... SHE'S ANNOYING!!! *votes Sylke* (Me:Sorry I didn't participate in the challenge, I couldn't come in my computer :( )

Symone: (CONF) I have to stay in the game, so I vote Mech.

Silke: (CONF: I zote for Mech! I zeally hope zomeone zidn't vote for me...)

Mech: (CONF) *votes for himself*

Kristina: Mech, with five votes, you are eliminated. *Mech leaves* *to KL* So, tonight leaves you one person short which might affect in the challenge tomorrow. I'll see you guys tomorrow after school. Goodnight.

Day Two

Kristina: Welcome to Day Two, contestants!

Ryan: *yawns*

Charlie: I feel so welcome *sarcastically*

Charlie (CONF): Last night, Kristina said that one less person will affect us greatly in the challenge today. I will not stand it if we lose again, tonight.

Ryan: *writes in this notebook*

Eliza: *to her team* We need to keep winning so all of the other team are out

Symone: *To Charlie* Hey look we seem to be the only one's doing something on our team, so wanna be in an alliance?

Charlie: Sure, it's better than nothing. I'm thinking we should get rid of Olivia and then Silke. Olivia's done nothing and Silke's annoying.

Symone: *To Charlie* Great it's a deal *To Ryan* Hi Ryan!

Charlie: *waits for challenge*

Ryan: *winks at Silke*

Symone: *To Charlie whispering* Do you think Ryan likes Silke? Because if he does then those two could be a real threat in the game.

Paula: *to Symone* Sorry, but I couldn't help listening to your conversation! Can I join your alliance? I'll help you! And we'll get to the final three together, right?

Charlie: I don't mind. I think Ryan likes her, but why her? Out of all people Silke?

Ryan:" Hey guys.

Harriet:*gets up and showers*

Charlie: Hi Ryan. So, what do you think about Silke. Looks like you really like her.

Symone: *To Paula* Sure *To Charlie* I know right *To Ryan* Hi Ryan, are you still mad?

Paula: Hmm... Okay! So... Are we first booting Olivia off or Silke?

Ryan: What why would you vote out Silke!?!?!?!??!

Symone: *To Paula and Charlie* Wait right here *Takes Ryan aside* Look I know you like Silke, but she and you together, you guys could be a threat, so if we lose tonight me and my team are voting Silke off, but if you guys lose, then your team has to vote you off.

Charlie: So...Paula.

Ryan: WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paula: Yup.. (TDISF: Wait... Are Charlie and Symone girls or guys?)

Symone: Ryan I'm sorry I have to be mean, but I told you to watch your back, that's right did you enjoy my little show last night? (Symone's a girl)

(Charlie's a girl)

ALex:(CONF)Little Show?

Ryan: *laughs* Matt, Robert, Harriet, and Silke are just my pawns but all pawns bow to the king. And I need my pawns.

Symone: *Surprised* I knew it, you do have a little evil in you, Wait till everyone finds out!

Harriet:I've been standing her the whole time you know that right?

Ryan: What I can trick them into not beliving you.

Symone: They will believe me and if they don't I'll just have to eliminate you myself...And a matter of fact why wouldn't they believe me?

Ryan: Have you seen my acting or bribeing.

Charlie: It's a big high school! I don't even know three of you here!

Symone: Why would you trick everyone from the beginning? You're dark, evil, and sneaky...I like that.

Charlie: Oh god

Ryan: Truse?

Symone: *Laughs a little* You really think I'm that stupid Ryan...*To Paula* Let's make up a strategy, Ryan's sneaky

Ryan: I'm so lucky for my pawns.

Paula: Okay... (CONF) She likes him...

Symone: (CONF) I so like Ryan

Symone: *Tries to ignore Ryan, but walks back over to him* Look Ryan I still have that little crush on you but I can't let it ruin the game, because if I let my guard down then people can hit me, and I could be gone just like that.

Ryan: What no one wants to leave. (CONF) My liking her not a change but Paula is kinda hot.

Silke: Hi everyone!

Ryan: Hi Silke.

Charlie: (CONF) We've been here one day and people are already starting their lovefests. It makes me sick. *pukes*

Symone: (CONF) Me liking Ryan? As if...I'm just trying to play this game smart, this show ain't got enough room for two heartless people, so move aside Hot Guy...I mean Ugly Guy!

Silke: Hi Symone! I zould zike to apologize for the zhings I zaid...can you ever forgive me?

Symone: Sure!...I mean Vous!

Ryan: *shoots Symone an evil glare*

Paula:*looks at Ryan and smiles* Could you come here, Symone? *whispers to her* I think I have an idea to get rid of Ryan! Did you see how he looks at me? He likes me!

Symone: Good we could use this to our advantage!

Eliza: *walks to paula* You and me get into the final 6 ok

Ryan: *smiles back at her*

Matt:Hi RYan

Harriet:I need to talk to you Robert. Something about the game.

Ryan: Sorry about the pepper spray so how about an alliance of me, you, Robert, Herriet, and Silke.

Chalenge Two

Kristina: Welcome to Challenge two! Today's challenge, I bring in the Paper Clip Bracelet of Advantages. The winning team of last challenge gets this bracelet and if they choose to use it, it will give them a huge advantage in today's challenge. But, if they give it up for the advantage the bracelet is moved to the opposite side for them to use in the next challenge if they'd like. Now for the challenge. You need to raise money to buy a candy bar out of the vending machine. The candy bars cost 2 dollars and you need to raise the money in quarters. Now, if the Textbooks use the Bracelet of Power, they get the advantage of getting to raise quarters and dollars. Do you guys choose to use the bracelet or save it for another day?

Eliza: We'd like to use it

Ryan: No we don't!

Paula: I don't get it... We have to get 2 dollars to buy a candy bar? I have five dollars!

Kristina: What is it?

Matt:THat ain't gonna work

Paula: So how can we raise the money?!

Kristina: By asking non-competitors for money.

Paula: Hmm... Can I ask my mom for two dollars?

Ryan: *takes off his shirt* Can I have money.

Eliza: We have to use it so we're using it

Silke: *Goes out, then returns with sixteen quarters* Got zome money!

Eliza: We don't need the bracelet

Paula: *calls her mom* Mom...? Family reunion? Great! Well, ask everyone for a few cents, like ten... Thanks! *saves her cellphone* A dollar coming!

Matt:*to Hobo*spare some change


Matt:*to creepy old guy*Spare some change

Old Guy:Sure thing but you have to get it out

Matt:fine*gets out 24 Quarters* Thanks

Paula: *recieves a dollar* Sweet! Guys, you get some more money! *realises something and goes to Ryan* UUhh... Ryan... *looks at him sweetly* Could you give us some money?

Eliza: *takes silke's quarters then runs 5 feet away from her* Haha

MAtt:Don't do It Ryan

Paula: Please? *rubs his arm*

Ryan: I'm broke.

Paula: You're not, Ryan, I can see your money... Please... I'll pay you back... with whatever you want... ANYTHING

Eliza: *runs to a mall and sells candy bars with a sign saying "12 quarters for one candy bar" and sees her mom* Mom want a candy bar

Matt:if you give her any money i will SING

Ryan: *gives Matt all his money*

Paula:Okay, you lose it... You leave with no choice... *goes by the street and breakes her clothes and starts telling people to give her money while crying* Please give me money!

Eliza's mom: Candy makes me fat *walks away*

Ryan: *goes to the mall* One kiss one doller.

Eliza: *stops her mom* Idc just give me 12 quarters or 3 dollars

Paula: *counts her money* Almost! one dollar and half! *runs to Eliza's mom* Miss, would you want a... Uhh... A cereal bar? It's only a half dollar!

Eliza's mom: *gives Eliza 16 dollars* You know candy makes me fat so do give me any ok *walks away*


Ryan: *comes back with a lipstick all over his face and a pocket full of money*

Eliza's mom: ok *gives her 5 1/2 dollars*

Paula: yes! Thanks, take it! *runs to the school AND ELIZA CAN'T GET TO HER!!!* *puts the money and gets the candy bar* Yes! I won!

Matt:*gets 50 candy bars

Eliza's dad: *sees a guy about to jump off* I will give you 34 bucks if you don't jump off

Ryan: *still dazzed from all the kisses and drops all the money*

Eliza's mom: *steals the money on the ground*

Kristina: The KL win! Paula: Ooo.. Poor Ryan... *kisses him*

Ryan: *falls over*

Symone: We Won!

Ryan: *still on the ground*

Eliza: yes we won cuz of me *cheers*

Matt:at least I got 150 Dollars

Ryan: *still on the ground*

Eliza's diary: *falls on the ground*

Paula: *catches Eliza's Diary*

Symone: Actually Eliza you're on the team that lost

Ryan: *finally gets up* What just happened.

Matt:we lost

Paula: I kissed you... And many other girls did... But you enjoyed mine more... You said it... Oh, and you asked me out! And I said yes!

Eliza: *stops* Oh well you suck I will never be off

Ryan: Really?

Harriet:Damn Paula... nice playing,

Eliza's diary: *opens* I'm happy that soon a moron on kl will but voted off (It can't talk)

Ryan: You were trying to play me?

Harriet:Wait, Paula what are you doing to Ryan's mind? *whispering to Ryan* I think she's turning the tables on you, Ryan.

Ryan: You huge *beep*!

Harriet:To Paula? Or me? Cause I'll turn the tables on you if you're talking to me...

Symone: *To Ryan* I told you to watch your back I always win

Ryan: I called Paula that. *To Symone* You don't want to get on my bad side.

Symone: Two can play that game, but only one can win

Eliza: *takes her diary, opens a new page and writes in it "I hope Ryan my love doesn't vote me off because if I'm off I hope he didn't vote for me"* KL sucks and SN rocks *closes her diary and puts it away* You can't look for it or else you get it

ALex:*standing right behind her reading everything*

Silke: *Gives Symone fifty dollars* I found it, zo you want it?

Ryan: My missing money.

Eliza: *pushes alex far away then runs super fast back* You can't look at my diary

Ryan: Who should I vote for.........hum...........SETH.

Silke: (CONF: I zeally thought Ryan liked me...but I guess not...)

Eliza: (conf) I'm voting with Ryan tonight

Ryan: (CONF) I need to make sure that people think I don't like Silke to keep her safe.

Silke: *Writes in diary*

Eliza: *gets her diary* (conf) *writes in diary "I was wrong Ryan didn't vote me off, the only thing left is to know if he will vote me off when we lose again. I really want to know if Ryan loves because I want a kiss from him.", closes diary* If ryan loves me I will love it (non conf) *puts her diary away and walks to ryan* Want to have an alliance?

Ryan: Sure.

Eliza: (conf) I will be close to kiss him

Ryan: *pulls Silke into the confessional* Can we talk?

Silke: Zure... *Crosses arms*

Screaming Textbooks Vote (2)

Kristina: Vote!

Ryan: (CONF) I vote SETH.

Eliza: (conf) I vote Seth

Sam: (CONF) I vote Seth. (Sorry for not talking, I didn't know the camp started.)

Matt:(CONF)I vote Seth theres only one singer here and thats me

Harriet:(CONF)I vote for Seth because he's inactive.

(I Didn't know this started guys. Sorry :(

Seth: (CONF) I vote Matt (OUT OF CONF) Hey guys, I didn't know this started. I've been busy, so please change your votes.

Matt:But theres noone else to vote for

Seth: You have 7 people to vote for, so that's not true

Matt:But the rest are my friends

Seth: But you shouldn't just vote somebody off just because they sing. That is crap

Kristina: Sorry, but there's no changing votes. Sorry, Seth, but you've been eliminated. *once he leaves she says* Well, it looks like one of your former members will be really pissed at you. I'll see you guys tomorrow.

Seth: That isn't fair. :(. Please have a re-vote. Also, P*ssed is a swear word and you're not aloud to swear! (I seriously am about to cry. I just found out this started and I'm voted out)

Day Three

Kristina: Day Three peeps!

Ryan: (CONF) *with Silke* I like you but if the others know I like you you'll get voted out.

Matt:*Outside CONF* I can hear you

Charlie: *punches Matt in the cheek* Confessional is a private thing, but I still heard that and I knew that!

Eliza: *walks to Ryan* Do you want to go to the conf with me? (conf) He will kiss me soon

Ryan: Er...........Why?

Eliza: I want to talk to you

Paula: (CONF) I wasn't playing Ryan. I have... a problem... and I lie, and do not even know it! Believe me!

Matt:*grabs Ryan away*Ryan I know how to not get you or Silke voted out

Silke: *Was about to kiss Ryan* Hey! I was talking with him!


Eliza: *runs to Matt and takes ryan and runs to the conf and opens the door and walks in and locks the door* Ryan I love you

Ryan: ...........................

Harriet:*wakes up*

Ryan: I sorta have a girlfriend.

Symone: *Hits Eliza with a frying pan* *To Ryan* You're Welcome

Silke: *Looks for Ryan*

Eliza: Who is it?

Ryan: *goes to Silke*

Silke: *Kisses Ryan after bringing him to the CONF* Zhere, I was wanting to do that...

Ryan: (CONF) *kisses her back*

Eliza: *walks to conf* (conf) Are you dating her?

Ryan: (CONF) Yes I am!


Ryan: (CONF) *pushes everyone out but Silke then locks the door*

Paula: *knocks the confessional door* Ryan! I want to talk to you! No romanticism or anything! Just talk!

Ryan: *walks out* WHAT!?!?!?!

Paula: Uuhhh... Sorry... well, remember yesterday? I didn't play you.. I have a problem and I lie and then I don't know if I lie or that stuf... Could you,.,, forgive me?

Sam: *starts reading The Book Theif.*

Ryan: On one condition.

Paula: Anything... Just tell me. And then you can continue making out with Silke...

Ryan: Why do you trust Symone?

Paula: I don't know... I... I don't know...

Ryan: You know she'll just turn on you.

Eliza: *grabs her diary* (conf) *opens a clean page, writes in her dairy " Ryan just broke my heart but we can still be friends and if we can't the alliance will be over. 2 down 14 to go and I hope I'm not off next because I want to make to the merge. So Silke stole my love but we can be friends and she can teach me some french and I can teach her some english.", closes her diary* The merge is my goal

Paula: I'll be aware...

Ryan: Just remember she'll do anything to win.

Eliza: *walks to Silke* Silke can you teach me some french?

Paula: Okay... *walks away*

Ryan: *goes to tan*

Symone: *To Paula* Don't listen to Ryan he is only trying to manipulate you!

Harriet:*making myself look better*

Ryan: (CONF) I was telling the truth just to keep me safe.

Silke: *To Eliza* Zure

Eliza: Thanks but I know that bonjor means hi so teach me some other words

Ryan: I'm so happy this school has a pool.

Silke: Okay, let's start with "you're very cool". Zay...vous etes tres cool

Harriet:I can swim laps,Ryan.It's known in my family that I was the women who swam the most laps at my community pool last summer

Eliza: vous etes tres cool this is easy Sam: *looks up from book* Hey, out of curiousity, will anything I'll actually care about happen soon?

Silke: Now say, mon nom est Eliza. Zhat means "My name is Eliza"

Eliza: mon nom est Eliza I'm good

Ryan: *goes to change*

Silke: Ou vas-tu Ryan?

Eliza: Silke what does that mean?

Ryan: *goes back and gets in the pool*

Robert; Harriet, what did you want?

Silke: Nothing. Anyways, what else zo you wanna learn?

Ryan: *floating on his back*

Eliza: Some insults, good ones and swears

Silke: Okay, say: ca y est, vous etes mort! That means...that's it, you're dead!

yan: *yells to silke* WANNA GO FOR A SWIM?

Silke: Zure *Gets changed then joins Ryan*

Robert: Harriet?

Harriet:Oh....... all contestants can swim. OK. Imma swim laps in the background while you guys can y'know. Just so ya don't go through the trouble of actually talking to me.

Robert: Harret, what did you want???

Ryan: Sorry from pretending like I didn't like you.

Eliza: *changes than runs into the pool and cannon balls into there* Hey guys

Harriet:* divez into far right lane and starts swimming *

Alterlic: *putting on floaties that look like baked potatoes*

Eliza: *swims around* This is awsome I didn't know that there was a pool till now

Charlie: I wouldn't swim, My highlights would come out. My sweet purple highlights.

Eliza: ca y est, vous etes mort!

Symone: *To Charlie* Hey Charlie listen I think Ryan is trying to manipulate Paula, so watch out.

Ryan: (CONF) No I'm not I'm telling her the truth because she would be a good alli.

Harriet:Even if he would be, Charlie would not be effected.

Symone: Stay out of this Harriet!

Ryan: *sits in a chair to tan*

Robert:*pushes Symone into the pool* HOW DARE YOU!!


Symone: loser *Gets a frying pan and hits Robert*

Ryan: Where did you get the pan from?

Alterlic: *whistles and looks away*

Harriet:Hey Symone, I've got a song. Called "THE HAMMER SONG" A HA A MER COULD HURT YOU A HEADACHE ON OR TWO! So shut up my stubborn friend, Or I will bang youuuuuuuu. *hits Symone in head with hammer*

Robert: Go Harriet!

Charlie: Hey I believe in peace so stop it!

Eliza: J'ai appris le français à partir en ligne. Débarrassez-vous de la casserole et autre arme ou je vais me débarrasser de vous. *walks to silke* Silke Je n'ai pas besoin d'apprendre le français plus de tes nouvelles.

Ryan: Symone started it.

Symone: Fine make me out to be the bad girl!

Ryan: Not like you arn't.

Eliza: Ryan me haïssez-vous ou non

Ryan:Non, mais j'aime beaucoup Silke pas euh .............. vous.

Eliza: Thx Ryan you dumped Silke for me

Ryan: Non, je n'ai pas fou.

Challenge Three

Kristina: Today's challenge is eating gross foods. Last one for their team to stay there the longest wins for their team. Screaming Textbooks, if you use the bracelet, your advantage is less gross food. Still gross, but it's edible! Will you use it?

Eliza: Vous avez dit je n'aime pas me Silke pas vous ne voulez pas sortir avec moi

Eliza: We take it

Robert: I went to China for a month. I can eat anything.

Ryan: I said I like Silke not you.

Kristina: Okay. The Bracelet of Power is now given to the KL for next challenge. First dish, Caviar Mountain. *notices that the ST is sushi rice* You may eat.

Charlie: Caviar? Like baby fish eggs? I'm a vegetarian though.

Robert:*eats his sushi rice*

Eliza: Oh you miss worded it *eats her sushi rice* This is good

Ryan: *starts to eat the rice* Nasty.

Alex:*Eats all the rice*

Eliza: *feeds the rice to alex*

Ryan: *contiues to eat*

Alex:I already ate it....

Charlie: Is no one gonna eat it?

Sam: *eats the sushi rice*

Robert: We are so gonna win!

Harriet:*eats the rice* Ewwwwwwww........................... :O

Ryan: *finishes his rice* Horable.

Robert:(CONF) Symone is not that bad... I get a little melodramatic sometimes.

Harriet:(CONF) Well known fact that I love rice. Til' I lost my appetite. I'm just glad I wasn't POISONED.

Symone: *Eats*

Eliza: *finishes her rice* This sucks *throws up* At least it was better

Robert:*pulls Ryan aside* Promise not to vote me or Harriet off and I will help you out.

Harriet:(CONF) In everyway, I'm perfectly aligned.And my cute little Robert...♥♥♥

Robert:(CONF) I need Ryan to keep me and Harriet in the game. For now....

Ryan: Ok

Matt:sushi I LOVE SUSHI*easily eating sushi*NOMNOMNOMNOMNOM

Robert: Matt, would you like to join my alliance?

Eliza: Ryan do you think I'm mean or no? (I will tell the admins about the camp ad here so come out and say you did it)

Paula: *eats caviar* Yum... *finishes her plate* What's next?!

Harriet:*right after finishing plate* MAN THAT'S REPULSIVE.

Symone: *Finishes her food* That was *burps* Tasty?

Matt:*to Robert*what do I have to do

Symone: *Butting in* Just sit there and eat.

Matt:OK*starts eating*

Symone: Wait so you're not going to come back with a snotty remark like everyone else does when I talk to them?

Matt:No why would I?

Symone: I don't know maybe because everyone else has

Matt:Well then they can i won't

Symone: *Blushes* Thanks

Symone: (CONF): Come on Symone you can't let your guard down!

Alexander:(CONF)I wonder what the next dish is?

Matt:Your'e welcome

Eliza: *gives Symone Sam's rice* Eat up

Matt:I'll have it*eats it*

Eliza: *gives Matt John's Caviar* Eat up

Matt:looks delicous wait a minute you're making me eat the other teams food

Silke: Ryan, zif you are in an alliance already, zan I join it? *Eats food*

Ryan: Bien sûr. I think I said that right.

Matt:Yeah you said it right

Robert: Do you know French?

rayn: I know lots of languages wanna hear Yiddish.

Robert: I was talking to Matt.

Ryan: But do you wanna hear yiddish?


Ryan: העלא.


Ryan: No it was hello.

Matt:Oh. Hey I have an Idea what if everyone gives me there food then we will win

Silke: Comment avez-vous apprendre toutes ces langues Ryan?

Ryan: Le web.

Silke: Oh, je souhaite que je pourrais parler beaucoup de langues...

Ryan: Si vous essayez peut-être que vous pourriez.

Symone: (CONF) I should just let Ryan and Silke be together

Symone: (CONF) As if! *Snickers* Their laughing!

Ryan: (CONF) I wish Paula would trust me I was telling the truth.

Paula: Oh, Silke! remember that yesterday Ryan told me that you were lying me? Believe me I totally believe you! I would never believe Ryan, he hurt me.. (CONF) *whispering* OF course I believe Ryan...

Ryan: (CONF) And I wonder if she likes me.

Paula: (CONF) Does he still like me? I don't see the same look on his face when he's talking or looking at me... *bites lower lip*

Ryan: (CONF) I like her but I have Silke. *draws a heart around a picture of Paula*

Paula: (CONF) I like him, but he has Silke, reason number one of why I want her gone, but I don't want Ryan to feel bad... *¨draws a heart on a picture of Ryan and kisses it*

Ryan: *walks in on her* Paula..............

Kristina: To get this challenge over, the KL lose. Sorry.

Eliza: (conf) I love Ryan but Silke is in the way she has to go *writes in diary in a new page "Silke has to go so I can date Ryan but if someone loves him like me then he will have to pick and he will pick me."

Ryan: *blushes* Oh..................Hey Paula.

Paula: *blushes* Ryan...

Ryan: *puts hand behind his head* So how are you?

Paula: Fine... I gues..

Ryan: *pulls her into the confessional*

Paula: *sits withh Ryan in the confessional with her legs around him, locks the door and starts making out with him*

Ryan: *locks the confessional and contiues to make out with her*

Paula: *takes of his shirt O_o*

Eliza: *walks into conf but doesn't see anyone in there* (conf) Ryan has to date me but some other chick is stopping me more dating him

(TDISF. uuh... What is the hard part to understand of LOCKS DOOR?)

Paula: *makes out with ryan*

Robert:*tries to enter the confessional, picks the lock* Oh my-*closes the door*

(Kevvy: I didn't see that)

Eliza: *walks into conf again but doesn't see anyone in there* (conf) Ryan has to date me but some other chick is stopping me more dating him

Ryan: (CONF) I think someone saw us.

Robert: Eliza, Ryan kissed Paula!

Alex:That doesn't suprise me.

Eliza: *walks out* Well it did to me and Ryan I loved you before that kiss

Ryan: *walks out of the confessional* Ok who came into the confessional.

Paula: (CONF) Whoa! I... *faints*

Ryan: *hears her and goes back in* Paula! (CONF) *later* Why is she labled a punk?

Matt:Ryan *Punches him in the jaw*Sorry but it's to stop making out with everyone you're hurting peoples feelings stay with Paula if you don't want to get eliminated.You're Lucky You're young or I'd sing Shipoopi again

Killer Lockers Vote (3)

Kristina: Vote.

Symone: (CONF) I know I'm probably going home, but I have to keep my word I vote Silke, not because I promised some alliance, maybe because I think Paula really likes yeah! But don't call me nice!

Paula: *eating fingernails* I don't know who to vote... I... I... I like Ryan, but he likes Silke, and I don't want him to be sad so- Ugh! Whatever! *votes Silke* DONE! *walks out and bumps with Ryan* Uh- Oh... Ryan... *blushes*

Alterlic: I vote for... Paula. She may really like him, but her and Ryan betrayed Eliza, who, while is crude, did not deserve that!

Charlie: I guess I wanna keep the drama going. I vote John.

Kristina: Conflicted votes right now. Hmmm.

John: Ohh... I'll vote Silke (Holy crap this camp is going fast!)

Kristina: I guess Silke is the third person out! Sorry! *whens she leaves* Eh bien, il ya une tournure inattendue que même Symone pouvait deviner qui se passerait. See you guys tomorrow.

Day Four

Kristina: Thirteen to go.

Harriet:And more time to be Harriet.And to brush out my awful bedhead hair. *walks away from window and starts getting ready for day.

Symone: (CONF) Yes I made it through another day, go Symone!

Ryan: *holding Paula's hand*

Symone: *To Ryan* I got rid of you could be with Paula!

paula: *kisses him* (CONF) Kristina said there was gonna be a twist!

Ryan: You ok after you passed out in the confessional yesterday?

Harriet:(CONF) I hear some DRAMA and BACKSTABBING!*an intern from across the hall gets stabbed in the back* Oh.... YOU HEARD NOTHING!

Charlie: Ugh, the more and more this drama goes on, the more and more I want to puke.

Charlie: (CONF) For some reason I'm beginning to not trust Symone much anymore. And I want Ryan gone soon.

Charlie: So...Ryan. Paula, you really chose her? I mean, I'm better aren't I? *sits on his lap*

Harriet:*with Santa impression*What do you want for Christmas Charlie?*in regular voice*That's weird and you know it Charlie.

Robert: Hey, Harriet!

Ryan: Woah.........NO.

Harriet:You thought I was OUT? Were on the same TEAM.

Charlie: Come on, every season needs the boyfriend stealer and I know you like me, Ryan.

Ryan: Paula little help here?

Charlie: No we don't need Paula. *yells* NO PAULA!

Harriet:I got him.....*prys Charlie off of Ryan with a crowbar an builds a cage around Charlie*

Ryan: Charlie is a girl.

Harriet:I know. That's why I built the cage.

Paula: No! charli, he's my boyfriend! *kisses him* You WON'T get him! (CONF) I fought hard to get him!

Harriet:*like no one is paying attention to the girl who did that* YOUR WELCOME!!! >:(

Ryan: Oh............Thanks Harriet.

Symone: *Walks in* No one needs to thank me for getting rid of Silke and letting Paula and Ryan be together, Hold the applause!

Harriet:Oh please.I did something that happened TODAY.You did something last week.To get rid of Silke *thinking* WHICH I KNOW ABOUT! That's disrespectful.

Charlie: (CONF) Now at least I'm in some what of the drama. I came here to get regocnized. I mean, Ryan. Please, right?

Matt:Hi Ryan I hope my lesson yesterday taught you something

Challenge Four

Kristina: Welcome contestants. Today's challenge simple. Trace each member of your team with a highlighter onto that brick wall over there. Once everyone's been traced by a highlighter, everyone member of your team must run across the gym but only one member can run at a time. Lockers, you have the Paperclip Bracelet of Power. If you use it, you are allowed to let two people run at a time down the gym making you guys to only have to make three trips down. Would you like to use it?

Symone: Should we use it or what?

Paula: I agree we should use it. I say I'm not the best running...

Symone: We'll use it

Kristina: Okay they're using it! Go!

Alex:Hurry! Outline me!

Symone: *Begins highlighting her Symone: *Begins highlighting her team*

Eliza: *out lines alex*

Alex:*Runs across the Gym*

Symone: *Finishes outlining Paula*

Paula: *starts running*

Charlie: Symone! *starts outlining her*

Eliza: *traces herself then runs across the gym*

Symone: *Traces Charlie* Let's go! *Runs down the hall* That was easy!

Charlie: Wait, we have four to go!

Alterlic: *traces himself with a baked potato, then stares at wall* Ah, how beautiful. *looks at what seems to be a picture of a chicken with one leg*

Symone: Alteric! go! Me and Charlie will stay and trace people!

Alterlic: Oh goody! *starts skipping across the gym*

Charlie: *finishes outlining John* Thank god I don't have some idiot French girl screaming at me right now.

Sam: Quick, outline me!

Eliza: *traces Sam*

Charlie: *is tracing Olivia* Last one and then we're finished. Symone, run to the end. We'll meet ya in 30 seconds.

John: thanks Charlie *runs across the gym*

Symone: Okay *Runs across the gym*

Robert:*highlights Harriet*

Matt:*Finishes Highlighting him self and Runs*

Charlie: Go Olivia! *both run down the end of the gym*

Kristina: Killer Lockers win! Sorry, Textbook. You have to vote.

Screaming Textbooks Vote (4)

Kristina: Soon, the teams will be even. Vote!

Alexander:I vote for Sam, He never does the challenges!

Sam: I vote for Alexander, if he was paying attention, he'd notice that I actually do do challenges, only like one line though, which is more thne him.

Eliza: I vote for Sam, he does nothing

Ryan: I vote for Sam.

Robert: Sam is the first person I have ever voted for. At least Alex got across.

John: (CONF) O.O I can't believe the other team were fooled into voting for Sam, that Alexander must be pretty good at persuading...

Matt:Ryan dont like him

Kristina: Sam, the team has spoken. *after he leaves* Well, it looks like after one vote the rest seem to follow suit. Who knows how long this will keep up. I'll see you guys tomorrow.

Day Five

Kristina: Welcome to Day Five everyone!

John: Sweet! I made it this far!

Paula: (CONF) *sighs* I might be next... Nobody likes me because I don't work hard... If only Ryan was on my team, I would have somebody by my side...

Symone: (CONF) Yes 4 people are gone...I'm on my way to victory, I'm so gonna win!

Symone: Paula we have to talk about who we want gone next if we lose.

Eliza: Yes I didn't get voting out yet and we get bracelet so haha KL

Robert: Anyone else notice the elimination pattern? Locker, Textbook, Locker, Textbook...

Ryan: Can I swich teams now?

Matt:You have to wait one more day. Besides I wanna switch teams

Alex:(CONF)This will be easy.

Harriet:(CONF)I'm just lucky I made it here because NO ONE AND I MEAN NO ONE notices me. Except.....♥♥♥♥♥♥

Eliza: Don't switch teams so nothing bad happens (conf) My ex-love will never be mine if I'm off or he's off

Paula: I think that a team switch WOULD be fine. It can show us HOW to be nice with other people... (CONF) AND I would get to see Ryan everyday... *sighs*

Ryan: Or Matt can swich and Paula can come to my team.

Matt:That could work

Eliza: It could work if she allows it (conf) I don't want Paula on my team and if she is, I will kill the host and she will have to change them back

Charlie: (CONF) Everyone just wants the team switch.

Olivia: (Conf.) I made it this far...I'm going to lead my team to victory! Once...

Ryan: Please.

Matt:yeah please

Harriet:(CONF) Take the guy who's THAT annoying.

New Team Picking

Kristina: It's time for the new teams to be picked. Our random team captains have been picked who are Eliza and Paula and will choose schoolyard style for members. Eliza, your team is the new version of the Screaming Textbooks and Paula is on the new version of the Killer Textbooks. Eliza, go first. Pick who you want and it doesn't matter male or female.

Ryan: Oh.............*beep* Eliza first.

Matt:Yeah that might be a problem for you

Kristina: Hey, it was random.

Eliza: I pick Ryan

Harriet:(CONF) *BREAKS OUT INTO LAUGHTER* Oh god that's classic.

Ryan: *hits his hand as hard as he can into a wall and brakes it* I need to go to the docter.(CONF) SHE IS OUT FIRST!

Matt:*whispers*if were on the same team I'll help vote her out


Eliza: (conf) I hope my team doesn't vote me off first


Eliza: Ryan I got over you and I picked you so if your gf team's loses she could could be out because it's you or her who's off

Alexander:Don't worry man, She'll be out first the way she's going.

Harriet:You just told him your whole plan Eliza,I don't think that was a good choice to make.\

Eliza: Can I have a repick?

Kristina: No. Paula's been replaced by Alexander to pick teams.

Harriet:(CONF)Well, that doesn't work..... Ryan and Paula, they really like each other. And, the new plan is Eliza picks Matt and hopefully Sam can come back cause he is a huge slacker.Then Matt and Robert can turn out friends and we'll all get an huge alliance consisted of Ryan,Paula,Eliza,Matt,and Robert. Then Alex can eliminate Sam again. That should do it.And guess who the leader is................none other then me.

Alexander:I'd rather not.

Harriet:*whispering to Alexander* Take advantage of Ryan and Paula. Then befriend Matt so we can have a huge alliance consisted of Ryan Paula Eliza Matt you and me.We'll go to the final 6.

Alex:*Whispering* Then who should I pick?

Harriet:*whispers to Alex again*Either Ryan or Paula.Then probably choose Eliza so there will be tension.Then I will play thorugh Eliza and Paula because Ryan has an upper hand,so you and me can go far with him covering us.Then we'll drop him.

Alex:Okay then I choose, Ryan i guess.

Symone: (CONF) What?!? How come no one has picked me yet?

Symone: Uhm...just in case your all wondering when do I get picked?

Kristina: Since you brats take so long, the new teams are as followed:

ST: Eliza, Ryan, Matt, Symone, Olivia, John.

KL: Alexander, Harriet, Robert, Alterlic, Charlie, Paula

Kristina: Enjoy, your new teams.

Challenge Five

Kristina: Your challenge is a random number guessing contest. This number is between 10-100. Here are two clues

Clue 1: It's a two digit number and both the digits are the same number

Clue 2: Each digit is even and over the number 2.

Matt:is it 22

Ryan: She said the numbers are over 22.

Matt:Oh Then 66

Symone: 88

Symone: (CONF) Crap! I'm not on a team with Charlie and Paula anymore, which basically means the alliance is over...and that also means I'm going to be the first one out.

Symone: Hey Ryan I was wondering for the first elimination, if we lose, could you not convince everyone to vote for me?

Kristina: ST, what is it?

Charlie: Um....

Alterlic: 44! (CONF) That's the only one left...

Kristina: You need to agree on this as a team.

Charlie: I say either 66 or 88.

Eliza: I say it's 66

Harriet:LOOK IT'S EITHER 55 OR 77. I think it's 55.

Harriet:Is that right?


Matt:It has to be an even number


Kristina: Okay, the ST said 66. KL?

Charlie: I say 88 since 66 was taken. You guys agree?

Harriet:I don't know I think it was 1010 because 10 is already a 2 digit, and it's more than two and even. So we have something bonus.

Charlie: Wow, you're an airhead. The whole number as itself is a two-digit number.

Harriet:*humming to self the Hammer Song while pulling out the hammer* * ending the song*Yoooooooooooooooooooooooooou.*hits Charlie in the head with a hammer*

Charlie: Okay that's it. We pick 1010.

Kristina: Sorry, the number was 88 which the ST were closer to.

Charlie: (CONF) Harriet, goin' home.

John: Yay, we won!

New Killer Lockers Vote (5)

Kristina: Vote the first member out of this new tribe.

Charlie: (CONF) Harriet, learn not to be an airhead and not to slam people with hammers.

Alterlic: i vote Paula. I still can't get over what she did to Eliza.

Harriet:(CONF) Charlie, look where the hammer is going doofus. You didn't HAVE to take my answer!"I believe in peace" my ass.I mean COME ON! One challenge! Let's see how annoying I'll be able to get if that's what he's asking!

Harriet:No one else is voting?

Harriet:*whispering to Alexander* Remember what I told you.

Paula: Uuuhhh... Harriet... She's DUMB!

Alex:Honestly I have no idea.

Harriet:I'm not the one who stole someone's boyfriend.

Kristina: Harriet, with two votes you have been the first person eliminated from the new tribe. *when she leaves* Well, tonight there were a lot of conflicted votes. None of you should feel safe. I'll see you all tomorrow.

Alex:BTW, I was gonna vote for Robert.

Day Six

Kristina: The final 11!

Symone: (CONF) Yes final 11! Baby I'm here to win! I just need to make sure that I keep my enemies closer.

Symone: Eliza I need to talk to you

Alex:(CONF)10 to go.

Ryan: (CONF) I'm so happy my girlfriend is safe.

Matt:(CONF)Final 11 thats pretty good

Charlie: (CONF) Last night was close. Now, I need to think of strategy. I have two people in mind of voting out. Wait, just narrowed it down to one.

Symone: Ryan I wanted to ask you if we could call it truce for real this time?

Ryan: And I should why?

Matt:C'mon be Friends

Symone: Because this is how it goes if we lose, first Eliza, then Olivia, then Me, why, because I'm the least favorite person on this show!

Paula: (CONF) I wonder if Ryan still feels the same for me... Anyway... There's NO chance I'm safe next time we lose!

Paula: *to Ryan* Is everything alright, Ryan? Are we still going out?

Ryan: That's a joke right? We are still going out.

Paula: *sighs* I'm glad... Just take care... Specially with Eliza.. *kisses him*

Ryan: Let's go for a walk.

Paula: Okay... *takes his hand and walks away with him* (CONF) *gasp* Will he want to say me something?

Eliza: Ok *walks to Symone* What do you need to talk about?

Ryan: *walking with Paula* I think your team might try to vote you off next.

Symone: *To Eliza* I need you to know that if we lose they are going to vote you off let's make an alliance and I'll keep you in

Paula: I know, Ryan... I'll miss you so much... *hugs him*

Ryan: But if you make friends with your team you could get them to vote Charlie out.

Symone: Not to but in but when Kristina said we can switch teams on day six does that apply now, or was that on day five

Paula: You're right... Charlie is obviously the only one who likes from my team... Alterlic will never forgive me... Maybe Alexander... Maybe I CAN try being friends with Alterlic... And that will be enough..

ALex:Well, youre ok, I wouldn't vote you off yet.

Paula: Alex, please! I'm not friends with anyone here! Could you at least give me a chance?

Ryan: Help her out please.

Alex:Ok, whatever. I won't vote you out. But I expect the same from you.

Paula: I will NEVER!

Ryan: Vote him out or help him?

Paula: Vote him out!

Robert:(CONF) Harriet screwed up. I will miss her, but I have to win now. For us.(NONCONF) Hi, Eliza. Paula. No hard feelings?

Eliza: *Symone* I'm in

Challenge Six

Kristina: Welcome to Art Class! Post a picture of yourself. The most pictures by tomorrow at 6:50 AM wins!

Charlie: Whoop de doo.

Eliza: Here's my pic *shows her pic to her*

Charlie: Well, I've got mine!

Alterlic: Same here!

Eliza: Charlie your a girl? I thought you were a boy

Charlie: Um, you looked at me all the time. What made you think that, b*tch

Eliza: Well your name and if your calling me f***k*** b***h then your one

Kristina: No swearing in school, or it's the Dunce Penalty.

Eliza: *remembers that she's a girl* Oh your a girl and what's the Dunce Penalty?

Kristina: I get to put a dunce cap on you and eliminate you from the competition! Yay!

Symone: Here's mine

(TDISF: When this this challenge start?!)

Eliza: *walks to Symone whispers* vote off John because he does nothing

Kristina: The Killer Lockers win!

New Screaming Textbooks Vote (6)

Kristina: Vote out the next member so we have the final ten.

Eliza: (conf) I vote off John

Symone: (CONF) I vote off John...because he does absolutely nothing, and plus I promised Eliza!

Ryan: (CONF) I vote John

Kristina: One more vote makes it final.


Kristina: John, you've been eliminated. *after he leaves* Well, now we have the final ten with two days until the merge. Who can last that long? Only your alliances will tell. Will the elimination order keep going KL, ST? I'll see you guys tomorrow.

Day Seven

Kristina: Welcome, final ten! Two days until the merge!

Symone: (CONF) I can't believe it...6 people are outta here, that was kind of fast, I think? I mean I got this far I can't believe it...okay so my allianca with Eliza is started to pay off...even though I know she will be the next one gone, I have to keep her safe.

Symone: Eliza if we lose who do you want to vote off?

Charlie: (CONF) Okay, this game is a maze of confusioness.

Symone: Hi Charlie *Whispers* If we both make it to the merge we have to promise not to vote for the other okay?

Charlie: I wouldn't do that. Unless we made the final four or something like that.

Paula: Alterlic, Coudl you... forgive me to what I did to Eliza? (CONF) Which was nothing.. Ryan prefered ME!

Eliza: *to Symone* I say Olivia because she does nothing (conf) I know I will be next gone so I have to make people vote for anyone but me and if I get invinceable then I will be closer to winning

Symone: *to Eliza* Eliza I promise you if we lose one is going to vote for you...if so then we'll just counter it by voting for another person, okay?

Eliza: Ok so vote Olivia and did you listen to my conf?

Symone: Nope...I don't listen to other people's conf. *Goes to the rest of the team* If we lose the challenge today who are you guys going to vote off?

Charlie: (CONF) I can't wait till the merge. Then I can finally get somewhere in this game.

Robert:(CONF) Alterlic is a good person. Charlie and Paula are nice. Only Alexander is my enemy.(NONCONF) Charlie, if we lose, I want Alex gone. He is too unpredictable.

Alex:At least I do the challenges.

Symone: Um...if I look back to the very first day...Alex you didn't do anything special

Robert: You voted for me after Harriet left, even though you did not do the challenge either! Why me!?

ALex:(He did, But it kept edit conflicting)(I see.)

Robert: But me? Over Harriet?

Alex:Ok, I guess I was in the wrong there.

Robert: Forget it. I cannot stay mad. Let's kick some Locker butt! Or Textbook...Whoever isn't us is going down!

Paula: Guys, calm down! We shouldn't let conflicts ruin our team! merge will come soon, and we'll by our own! *walks to Charlie* Charlie, you know, we spent some (short) time in the alliance with Symone, but... Are we friends? I feel like novody likes me here... :(

Robert; Paula, I don't have a reason to hate you, so no worries. Besides, I need a friend myself. I miss Harriet, and Matt is on the other team now.

Paula: Thanks Rob. Can I call you Rob?

Symone: Look Paula you have nothing to worry about you are not going anywhere. (CONF) If anybody is going to leave it's going to be Olivia she has done nothing since we got here.

Robert: Go ahead. You could have voted Olivia off last time, but you guys booted John instead.

Symone: Hey come on we had to get rid of then just in case it got hard we all knew to vote off lazy butt!

Robert(or Rob): It may be better to keep her here. She would be an easy victory. But it depends on the challenge, I guess.

Symone: Either way I think I have a pretty good chance of who needs to be voted out when the merge comes.

Rob: Do you want to have an alliance at the merge, Symone?

Symone: Sure what the heck it'll greater my chances of winning!

Rob: Then keep Matt in! Annoying, maybe, but he is in our alliance.

Symone: I don't have a problem with Matt *Whispers* I kind of like him...

Rob: Okay... Although my survival is in question...

Matt:Did I hear my name

Paula: I would like to be in it!

Rob: Don't vote me off if we lose, and sure!(CONF) Paula is really nice. Matt is crazy, but funny, and Symone is a good ally.

Challenge Seven

Kristina; Okay, today's challenge is based off of grammar. You must fix this incorrect grammar paragraph. First sentence completed wins their team immunity. The paragraph is...

On my way to the grocery store the traffic was so horribel so I circumsized the inevitable tailgating by taking a de-tour. I past maybe 4 towns, and all of the school's fields were covered with dirt. Brown dirt. This angered me, and, being a person whom doesn't enjoy watching school systems not taking care of their feilds, I stormed to the govenor's house I talked to him for a long time. And he agreed to address the problem. I was very xcited. so I ran to my friends house and told him he was very ecstatic of the news. He jumped for joy. He sang Joy to the World. He must feel realy bad about the scool systems too. That was an interesting yet very fun day.

Kristina: Many mistakes. Fix em!

Symone: On my way to the grocery store the traffic was so horrible, so I circumsized the inevitable tailgating by taking a de-tour. I passed maybe four towns, and all of the school's fields were covered with dirt, brown dirt. This angered me, and being a person whom doesn't enjoy watching school systems not taking care of their fields, I stormed to the Governor's house. I talked to him for a long time; he agreed to address the problem. I was very excited so I ran to my friend's house and told him. He was very ecstatic of the news; he jumped for joy. He sang Joy to the World. He must feel really bad about the school systems too. That was an interesting, yet, very fun day.

Symone: I hope I helped my team a little...

Robert: On my way to the grocery store, the traffic was so horrible that I circumsized the inevitable tailgating by taking a detour. I passed about four towns, and all of the school's fields were covered with brown dirt. This angered me, and being a person whom doesn't enjoy watching school systems not taking care of the fields, I stormed to the Governor's house. I talked to him for a long time; he agreed to address the problem. I was very excited so I ran to my friend's house and told him. He was very ecstatic at the news. He jumped for joy and sang Joy To The World. He must feel really bad about the school systems, too. That was an interesting, yet very fun, day.

Matt:I hope you got it right (CONF)I'm glad I'm probobly make it to the merge but after the merge

Robert:(CONF)*has orange-red eyes* I have a birth defect. Whenever I am hurt emotionally, I change into a sadistic, scheming beast. John suffered a tenth of my influence. They shall pay for Harriet. I am going to put Heather and Alejandro to shame!*puts on sunglasses* I cannot let them see my true nature. Not yet. Only Matt, Paula, and Symone have my trust. For now...Alex shall pay!

Paula: On my way to the grocery store, the traffic was horrible, so I circumsized the inevitable tailgating by taking a detour. I went past about four towns, and all of the school's fields were covered with brown dirt. This angered me, and, being a person whom doesn't enjoy watching school systems not taking care of their fields, I stormed to the govenor's house. I talked to him for a long time, and he agreed to address the problem. I was very excited, so I ran to my friend's house and told him. He was very ecstatic at the news. He jumped of joy and sang "Joy to the World". He might feel really bad about the school systems too. That was an interesting yet very fun day.

Charlie: On my way to the grocery store, the traffic was so horrible so I circumcised the inevitable tailgating by taking a detour. I passed maybe four towns, and all of the school's fields were covered with brown dirt. This angered me and being a person who doesn't enjoy watching school systems not take care of their fields, I stormed to the governor’s house. I talked to him for a long time and he agreed to address the problem. I was very excited, so I ran to my friend’s house and told him. He was very ecstatic of the news. He jumped for joy and sang “Joy to the World”. He must feel really bad about the school systems too. That was an interesting, yet very fun day.

Symone: (CONF) Okay my team so far is okay...but there's the thing after the merge I'm supposed to be in an alliance with Matt, Robert, and Paula. I think I can do that.

Kristina: We broke the elimination streak! The KL win! ST, I'll meet you in the auditorium!

New Screaming Textbooks Vote (7)

Kristina: Vote off your fourth member. Be wise, this might be your last vote before the merge.

Paula: What?! I'm Safe?! YAY!!! (CONF) So... I actually MADE IT to the merge.... YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY!!!!!!!

Symone: (CONF) I vote haven't done anything for 7 days!!

Robert: Olivia is doomed!(CONF)Being on the winning team is great. And we finally broke the chain.

Ryan: (CONF) I vote for Olivia


Robert: Well...............................G'night!

Eliza: (conf) I vote off Olivia

Krisina: Olivia, you're out!

Day Eight

Kristina: Tomorrow is merge day!

(Alfan3000:My computer is broken, so I will be online on the weekends and four times a day on weekdays, so if you keep the challenges up for a day or so, I would appreciate it.)

Robert: Finally.

Eliza: Yes I'm not out and you losers *points to Alex, Matt, Rob, and Charlie* suck crap

Robert: What did I do?

Eliza: Ask yourself that

Robert: Look, you spoiled brat! I am one of the few people who don't hate you. So shut up! And Ryan will NEVER love you, so get off it! Alex, hear what she said? (CONF) GOSH!

Alex:Honestly, I suprised you made it this far Eliza.

Robert: I am sorry Eliza. But you are just... Blaineley's CLONE!

Alex:(CONF)Eliza is definantly next to go.

Robert: This is where Eliza goes!

Eliza: Well damn you Alex

Robert: We need the Dunce Penalty!

Eliza: I didn't swear because damn aint a major swear

Robert: You used it against Alex for no good reason. And the word, not asterisks.

Eliza: It's in the radio edit of s**y chick

Robert: And if you acted like this, we wouldn't dislike you. I honestly thought we could be friends.

Symone: Yes I made it this far...I'm surprised, I thought I was the unlikeable one?

Robert: Who doesn't like you?

Symone: A lot of people didn't like me when I came here...for instance; Ryan, Silke, Harriet, and a few others.

Robert: Most of them are gone, now.

Matt:can you two stop fighting

Robert: We are discussing.

Matt:Oh. Okay you go discuss(CONF)If my team loses again I'll be the one going home. Ive gotta win the next challange

(TDISF: Guys, the internet in my house deson't work, so I won't be able to do the challenges until they come to fix it. Vote me off if you want, it doesn't matter. Just wanted to state that. PS: I'm on a friend's house)

Charlie: *is disgusted* This game is sucking right now.

Challenge Eight

Kristina: Today's challenge is based off of library! But you'll be doing the opposite of being quiet! The team to have the most people talk win! So, talk! This might also persuade you to vote out inactive people.


Eliza: *yells* Alex is a damn loser that sucks

Alex:Shut Up!!!! *Yells* Nobody Likes you! You are an evil witch! Just Shut up!!!!!

Paula: *screaming* Oh, no! Alterlic won't forgive me!!! I have friends in my team!!! They are Charlie, Robert and Alex! And everyone else but Alterlic, who Iw ant to befriend but he won't forgive me!!! Oh, no! NO!!!!! And Eliza is A TOTAL AND COMPLETE (bleeeeeeeeeeeeep)

(TDISF: OMG I'm having so much fun xD)

Paula: Oh, yeah.. *screams* That felt *singing and screaming* real good, nanananananana!!!

Robert: Is this a ...tie?

Paula: *screaming* We still have to win! We need to win, not to tie!!!!!!!!


Robert: Alex, if we lose, we are going to vote out someone who didn't do the challenge, right?

Paula: I was thinking about that!

Robert: Charlie, Alterlic, someone do the challenge!

Ryan: There you go I taked.

Robert: A tie.....Of course.

Symone: *Jumps on the table* I'm going to win this game!

Robert: If Matt talks, we lose.

Symone: (CONF) Matt has to talk...if he doesn't then that's it! We lsoe again...then who do we eliminate. I mean Matt is definately staying because I have a major crush on him, Ryan is a threat, and Eliza is my friend, I guess it depends on everyone elses votes.

Paula: (CONF) I think that if we lose, I'll vote off alterlic. I mean, it's obvious he hates me. And Charlie is the other one who didn't talk, but she's my friend!

Ryan: *knocks on Confessional door*

Robert:Looks like Alterlic or Eliza tonight.

Paula: (CONF) *hears someone knocking the door* Umm... I'm in! I mean... *slightly opens the door* Ryan! *blushes*

Robert: If you two are gonna make out again, Ryan, at least promise to vote Eliza off.

Ryan: (CONF) *Walks in* I needa check something. *takes a recorder off the wall and lissions to what Symone said*

Robert:*breaks the recorder before Ryan hears anything* Not cool.

Ryan: *it glitches and he hears the I like Matt part*

Robert: Better not mess with them!

Ryan: I wanted to see who she would vote for.

Robert:*fixes the recorder and puts it back* Just vote Eliza if you lose!

Ryan: I wanna vote Symone

Symone: Look Ryan it's you, me, Eliza, and Matt okay!!! Out of all people why do you want me gone?

Ryan: You are my biggest threat but if you agree to vote out Eliza I can put it behind me ........................for now.

Paula: Please, Ryan... Vote Eliza off... for me...

Symone: There's no need to vote off Eliza...because if we lose me and Eliza are voting you off Ryan!!! *Goes to sit on a bench*

Ryan: I can blackmail you.............*plays what she said from the Confessional*

Robert:Do that and I will have Matt vote you off.

Symone: Go ahead Ryan I don't care

Ryan: Symone can we just have a truce.

Symone: Fine!...but if we lose who do we vote off?

Robert: Eliza....

Ryan: Matt wouldn't have talked.

Symone: Fine! Eliza's going to have to learn not to make enemies...she's next to go definately!

Robert: Matt will talk.

Matt:OK Im Ready*next him 10 Amps and a mic in front*the most annoying song ever*music starts*

We're no strangers to love
You know the rules and so do I
A full commitment's what's I'm thinking of
You wouldn't get this from any other guy

I just wanna tell you how I'm feeling
Gotta make you understand

Never gonna give you up
Never gonna let you down
Never gonna run around and desert you
Never gonna make you cry
Never gonna say goodbye
Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you

We've know each other for so long
Your heart's been aching
But you're too shy to say it
Inside we both know what's been going on
We know the game and we're gonna play it

And if you ask me how I'm feeling
Don't tell me you're too blind to see

Never gonna give you up
Never gonna let you down
Never gonna run around and desert you
Never gonna make you cry
Never gonna say goodbye
Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you

Never gonna give you up
Never gonna let you down
Never gonna run around and desert you
Never gonna make you cry
Never gonna say goodbye
Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you

Give you up, give you up
Give you up, give you up
Never gonna give,
Never gonna give, give you up
Never gonna give,
Never gonna give, give you up

We've know each other for so long
Your heart's been aching
But you're too shy to say it
Inside we both know what's been going on
We know the game and we're gonna play it

I just wanna tell you how I'm feeling
Gotta make you understand

Never gonna give you up
Never gonna let you down
Never gonna run around and desert you
Never gonna make you cry
Never gonna say goodbye
Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you

Never gonna give you up
Never gonna let you down
Never gonna run around and desert you
Never gonna make you cry
Never gonna say goodbye
Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you

Never gonna give you up
Never gonna let you down
Never gonna run around and desert you
Never gonna make you cry
Never gonna say goodbye
Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you.

(CONF)After singing that I wanted to hang myself

Robert: We just lost!

Matt:If you thought that was loud BOB!

  • guy with drums appears and throws Matt electric guitar*

Matt*starts playing*

Robert: Matt, did you know Symone likes you?

Matt:I had a feeling that she did

Kristina: ST win!

Eliza: Yes I made it to the merge

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  var LEO_HIGHLIGHTS_IFRAME_TOP_HEIGHT =                294;
  var LEO_HIGHLIGHTS_IFRAME_BOTTOM_POS_X =              96;
  var LEO_HIGHLIGHTS_IFRAME_BOTTOM_POS_Y =              294;
  var LEO_HIGHLIGHTS_SHOW_DELAY_MS =                    300;
  var LEO_HIGHLIGHTS_HIDE_DELAY_MS =                    750;
  var LEO_HIGHLIGHTS_BACKGROUND_STYLE_DEFAULT =         "transparent none repeat scroll 0% 0%";
  var LEO_HIGHLIGHTS_BACKGROUND_STYLE_HOVER =           "rgb(245, 245, 0) none repeat scroll 0% 0%";
  var LEO_HIGHLIGHTS_ROVER_TAG =                        "711-36858-13496-14";

New Killer Lockers Vote (8)

Kristina: This willl be the last person before the merge.

Robert: Alterlic did not do the challenge.

Paula: (CONF) Uuuhhh... Sorry! Alterlic.... I think you are out this time...


Charlie: (CONF) Most everyone wants Alterlic. Well, even though he's an alliance member it's not like my vote will change anything.

Robert:(CONF) I will miss Alterlic...He just wasn't in it to win it.

Kristina: Alterlic, I'm sorry but you've been eliminated. You will be missed. *after he leaves* Well, you've all made it this far. Halfway. Tomorrow, two total will be eliminated. Will you be ready for that? I'll see you guys merge day.

Day Nine

Kristina: Welcome merged players! I'd like to welcome an old favorite, Silke! Today, two will be leaving, by the way.

Paula: (CONF) My prediiction? Silke and Eliza are out...

Charlie: She returned?


Robert: Hi, Silke!

Symone: Hi Silke!...(CONF) Silke's back...and plus the two that I think are gone are 1.) Eliza, and 2.) Alex!

Robert:(CONF) Everything is going as I expected! Eliza...Silke...Alex...Who will backstab to survive?...

Matt:(CONF)I have a feeling Silke going straight away if not her Alex or Eliza

Eliza: (conf) I think Silke and Alex or me will be voted off tonight

Alex:(CONF)Honestly, I think that Eliza is a goner.

Symone: (CONF) I'm gonna do

Symone: Matt I like you...more than a friend...I like you like you, do you like me?

Silke: Hi everyone! While I was gone, I was really mad at myself for being a jerk, and I went to an English Class to learn perfect English. Also, I hope everyone forgives me... (CONF: Alright, plan one. Make everyone my friend before the final five...)

Paula: Okay, I'll forgive you, Silke... (CONF) Of course not... I still don't trust her.. *mocking her* Silke iz in da houze.. *rolls eyes*

Symone: (CONF) The only thing that's bothering me is that I'm trying to get to the final four, but after that who do I eliminate, because nine times out of ten it's going to be people that are my friends.

Silke: Hi Symone! It's been so long. Oh, I forgot, I have presents! *Gives Symone a gold ring* It's real...but so expensive...(CONF: *Writes in diary* I hope Symone forgives me...I know Paula doesn't, but I hope they both become my friends)

Alex:Welcome back, I guess.

Silke: Alex! *Takes out an emerald* Sorry it's only a small piece...

Alex:*Looks at it* Um... *It's the size of a baseball* Thanks! (CONF):Thats 10,000 dollars right there!

Robert:Hey, Silke!*Whispers* Wanna join my alliance?(CONF) Silke is a good person, and I really want Eliza gone!

Silke: Maybe...I'll think about it (CONF: I'm really worried about people still being mad at me and they'll probably vote me off if I don't win in the challenge. If I do join the alliance with Robert, let's hope he doesn't try to trick me)

Ryan: Silke.

Silke: ......Hello. *Saying in her mind* HOW COULD YOU JUST FORGET ABOUT ME AFTER I WAS VOTED OFF AND DATE SOME OTHER GIRL? It's not right... *Tries not to cry and walks past Ryan*

Ryan: *goes after Silke and puts his hand on her shoulder* Silke I know how you are feeling but it started out my just wanting to talk to her then she kissed me and it went out of control................. if I could I would undo it.

Silke: Really? Because after I learned perfect English I turned on the TV and I see you and Eliza or some other girl kissing in the confessional! I can't trust you after you would do that to me...

Alex:(CONF)Aaahhh, tension.

Ryan: Je sais que vous ne serez jamais confiance en moi, comme vous l'avez fait vous avez fait mais je vous le souhaitez.

Symone: (CONF) Oh god! Here we go again!

Silke: Comment puis-je savoir que si je recois vote repartir, vous ne me souviens d'une certaine facon et m'a completement fosse? (CONF: Oh gosh...I really need to start forgetting French...)

Robert:(CONF) Silke has mastered English...She is amazing...*slaps self* Do not forget Harriet...But...she is gone...

Ryan: *pulls her into the Confessional*

Robert:(CONF) What the-GET OUT!!!!!

Silke: (CONF: I'm so sorry Ryan, but I can't talk you until I sort out my anger...*Walks out the CONF*)

Robert: Silke, just know, you can always talk to me. If you need a friend, I will be there.

Ryan: (CONF) *leaves and goes to the pool*

Alex:We have A POOL! *Runs to pool*

Ryan: *Laying on a lounge chair*

Silke: That's so polite of you Robert...*Sees Ryan* ...but I need some time to think. *Walks to the cafeteria and just sits there*

Robert: Ryan, are you going to vote Eliza off?

Ryan: *falls asleep and falls into the water*

Alex:*Looks at Ryan* Um... *He's in foot deep water* *Pulls him onto shore*

Ryan: *still outcold because his facewas in the water and he has a broken nose*

Robert:*pumps the water out nad snaps his nose back into place*

Ryan: Who what where am I?

Robert: We just saved your bacon! You nearly drowned, but Alex and I saved you!

Eliza: *to Symone* I say we vote off Silke and Alex. Tell the others to vote both of them off too

Alex:(CONF)Honestly I think people are gunning for me *Cough*eliza*Cough*

Challenge Nine

Kristina: I changed my mind. One elimination today. Today's challenge is based off of bus safety. You must set a bus on fire and direct kids to safety. First five to do that move onto round two!

Charlie: *sets fire to bus* Growing up, I liked fire. Then I turned into a pyro somewhat.

Eliza: *sets fire to bus* Yes closer to round 2

Alex:*Gets kids off bus* Heh, *Sets bus on fire*

Matt:(CONF)I go spaztic when I drink Coke

Matt:*Drinks coke makes a bomb with Aerosol can lighter and tissue and throws it*BURNBURNBURNBURNBURNBURNBURN now the kids*grabs kids and throws them out of the bus on a matress*I did it donedonedonedonedone

Symone: Here goes! *Sets bus on fire and then directs the kids out* Let's go! Move it!

Silke: Come on kids! *Sets bus on fire and quickly takes the kids out* Is everyone safe? Good! *Hugs the kids*

Eliza: *directs the kids out of the bus by the emergency exits* Kids get out fast with the emergency exits or get burned by the fire

Robert:*sets the bus on fire* Kids, come with me!*leads them towards the emergency exit*

Symone: *Gets them to the door* There you are!

Robert:*finaaly gets the kids off the bus* Sheesh...

Random Kid: Loser!

Eliza: *gets them out with the emergency exits* Are you ok kids?

Ryan: *foot gets stuck* Oh *beep*

Robert:*helps Ryan* Ryan, who do you like more? Paula or Silke?

Charlie: Come on kids! *directs them off*

Kristina: Eliza, Symone, Robert, Silke, and Charlie move to round two!

Robert: Which is? Does the winner get invincibility?

Matt:wait but I got the kids off

Alex:So did I.

Robert: One line was all you did, Matt. We did two.

Krisina: Exactly, that's godplaying.

Robert: The next round? Are we fighting for invincibility, a reward, what?

Kristina: No. It's just round two. You are driving a bus simulator. If you hit a kid, you're out. First two people to make it through the course go onto the mystery course.

Symone: Here goes nothing *Hops on the bus* Let's see here...*Accidentally honks horn* What is that?

Symone: (CONF) Okay I know what you're thinking it's a horn dumbo...but I've never drove before, my driver's always done that.

Eliza: *gets in the bus and then starts the bus* (conf) I have a driver's License. I'm only 17 because in my state, Arkansas you can get your fulll License when your 16 1/2 years old

Charlie: *is driving the bus* Ugh, this is so easy. *hits a kid* Woops. Crap,

Alex:Wow... good job.

Eliza: *starts driving the bus* I'm a good driver (conf) I hit an old lady once (non conf) I have a full license

Kristina: Come on, we need two people to finish so this challenge can be over.

Eliza: *drives at 65 miles an hour* (conf) I drive good at 75 miles or less most of the time

Symone *Skids to the last part of the course* I did it! *the bus tumbles and starts flipping* Help!

Eliza: *drives to the end without hitting any kid* I did hit anyone like I did one time *walks out of the bus*

Kristina: Okay, Eliza and Symone. This is the mystery round. This will be in every challenge. You must choice a box. One box contains immunity and one box contains a prize. Only once, will both boxes contain immunity and that is not today. Pick either box 1 or box 2. (And I swear, I will not change boxes to have one win ofver the other).

Eliza: I take box 1

Symone: I guess that leaves me with box 2

Kristina: Oh crap, I was hoping this box would be picked by someone else. Eliza wins immunity. Eliza cannot be voted for.

Merged Vote (9)

Kristina: Eliza won immunity, so she gets to go to the final 8. Time to vote!

Charlie: I'm gonna vote Matt, sorry.

Alex:AARRGGGG!!!!! GOD!!!! WHY!!!! Fine, Matt.

Symone: Seeyah...I vote Alex!

Eliza: I vote Alex

Robert:I hate to do this, but Matt is my friend, so I vote Alex.

Matt: I vote for Alex

Robert:(CONF) Matt, Symone, and Paula are my friends. Ryan, Charlie, and Silke don't hate me, and are all nice in my book. Alex is doomed, and Eliza...I already forgave her...I cannot believe I made it this far...I will do my best!

Kristina: Alexander, with 4 votes, you've been eliminated. *when he leaves* Well, tonight means that eight of you are standing and now there are two more girls than guys. Will a girl leave next time? See you guys tomorrow.

Day Ten

Kristina: Six more days after today.

Eliza: *to symone* Let's vote off Matt tonight ok

Symone: *To Eliza* Hey...come on I like Matt, and plus I think that the remaining guys are going to try and get rid of a girl tonight!

Eliza: *to symone* Ok then help me win immunity and I will vote with you ok

Paula: *takes Symone aside* Symone, remember about our alliance, right? It's only you, me and Charlie. Who are we going to vote off?

Eliza: *takes symone aside* Ok lets vote off Silke

Symone: (CONF) Great...I don't know what to do I'm stuck, I tried to protect Eliza and forgot all about protecting Charlie and Paula. Now, Eliza wants Silke gone, and if a girl is leaving it's going to be either Silke or Eliza.

Symone: *talks to Paula* Look, the guys are going to try and vote off a girl, so if one of the girls wins we have to vote off another girl, just to try an even the playing field, so which girl do you want gone?

Robert:*to Symone* I say Eliza. She will try to boot Matt in the future.

Eliza: *to symone* Vote off Silke because if you do I will help with the next challenge after this challenge

Charlie: Why do I feel like I'm out of the loop?

Charlie: (CONF) I'm thinking of voting out Paula. She hasn't done anything to help me with my votes and is spending way too much time with Ryan. After Paula maybe we can get Ryan out.

Eliza: *to symone* I think if we vote off Paula now then next time we can vote off Silke and if you do vote off paula I will help you ok

Robert:*to Eliza* I will help vote off Paula, but only if you help me vote off Charlie. She is planning something.

Eliza: *to rob* Ok I will (conf) If I get more people to help me then I will make to far and more immunity I get, the closer I get to winning

Robert:(CONF) Eliza is not that bad...Plus, Silke needs to stay for a while. Charlie...She is a threat...

Charlie: (CONF) Why do I have the feeling people are plotting against me? I don't know what I did to them.

Matt:(CONF)hmm Eliza & Silke are probably the next two to go then Paula and Ryan they hav'nt done much then Charlie would go then me and Symone vote off Robert then me & Symone Final 2

Robert:*to Matt* If we are in the Fianl 3 with Symone, who would you help?

Symone: (CONF) Okay so the talk is that everyone wants Charlie gone...but Charlie's my friend soooo....she has to stay.

Matt:*to Robert*UUUUUmmmm *faints*(CONF)Im glad I can make myself faint

Robert:Symone. I can smell fakers. Well, nice, alliance member!

Challenge Ten

Kristina: Your challenge is based off of Spanish. Make me a pinata. Then break it. First two people to break their pinatas get to go to the mystery round to find out if they get a prize or immunity. Symone by the way, *throws her a toaster* That was your prize, now go make toast. Now, FIESTA TIME!

Eliza: *starts making a pinata*

Matt:*making paper Mache Donkey*

Symone: *gathers materials.* Let's see here, *takes a bite out of some toast*

Eliza: *starts to make it a round pinata*

(XD Symone)

Charlie: *is making a donkey and filling it with mini cacti*

Robert:*makes a donkey filled with pickles*

Eliza: *fills it with sugar packets*

Robert:*finds a stick*

Matt:*Puts Candy in*Yay now just the streamers

Symone: *puts the paper on her princess pinata...wait...what candy do I use?

Robert:*hits his pinata, but it does not break*

Symone: *finishes everything and gets ready to swing the bat, but when she swings it she knocks herself out*

Robert:*finally breaks his pinata* Yes!*drops bat on foot* OWWWWW!

Matt:now I just gotta hit it*hits it and breaks*YES

Robert:*high fives Matt* Matt, if you, me, and Symone make it to the final 3, I say we should do our best. I want to continue being your friend, so I say, may the best man win!(CONF) Matt is a really good friend.


Symone: *Wakes up* Crap! *To Matt* Hey are we...a couple?

Robert:Symone..Who goes tonight?I say Paula!

Symone: If we vote Paula what makes you so sure that other people won't vote for us?

Kristina: Matt, Robert. Pick a box. Box 1 or Box 2

Box 2:Robert

Matt:Box 1 then


Kristina: *hands Matt a burrito* Robert, you win immunity!

Merge Vote (10)

Kristina: Vote!


Matt:*Eating Burrito*oh I vote Paula*eats Buritto*

Symone: It had to happen sooner or later...Paula

Robert:Final Seven!(CONF) Sorry Paula...You gotta be active! Go Box 2!

Charlie: Paula, sorry. I was gonna vote you off before Alterlic, but no is fine.

Robert: We need another vote! Charlie, are we friends?

Charlie: Possibly. I don't really have friends. Do you mean like closer than friends like BF and GF?

Eliza: I vote Paula

Robert:Thank you, Eliza!Charlie...Do you feel that way?(CONF) Why did she bring that up? We were on the same team and all...

Silke: I must vote for Paula, since everyone else is anyways...

Matt:OK 6 votes against Paula that means she's out bye

Robert:Silke, do you think Ryan will be next

Silke: I don't know...I don't want anyone gone to be honest. Not even Eliza, who I think wants we gone.

Robert:Silke, you are one of the nicest people I know...

Silke: Why than you Robert! Wow, that English Class sure came in handy! *Hugs Robert, then starts to read*

Robert:Uh,sure!(CONF) NOW I am a little confused...(NONCONF) Eliza, you made it to the Final Seven!

Ryan: (CONF) Now it is time to trust no one and

Matt:(CONF)with Paula gone Ryan cant possibly win now

Silke: (CONF: I know this for sure. There is a 90% chance of me not making it to the final three. Of course, there is still a 10% chance of me actually getting to that point, so I shouldn't underestimate myself)

Robert:(CONF)Silke is gonna make it to the final six, guaranteed. I know these things.

Silke: Robert...about the alliance...I guess I do wanna join one with you. I wouldn't want to risk being alone, vulnerable to someone ready to get rid of me

Robert:Thanks, Silke.Do your best and you will go far!

Silke: Alright, I'll try! (CONF: Back in the beginning of this show, I didn't know Robert that well, except for him liking Harriet. Now that I got to know him, he's a really nice guy!)

Robert:Great!(CONF) When I met Silke, I couldn't even understand her. Now she is a good friend.

Kristina; Paula is out. *once she leaves* Well. This was an interesting night. Her own alliance members betrayed her and the majority agreed to vote her out.

Silke: Kristina, I was dying to ask you love my new English speaking?

Kristina: I could honestly care less.

Day Eleven

Kristina: Welcome final seven!

Charlie: (CONF) Oh, if only boys weren't such idiots. Why can't Robert see that I like him?

Eliza: *to symone* Vote off Charlie tonight or I will get everyone to vote you off (conf) I had to scare her into voting off Charlie

Charlie: (CONF) Yet I still feel a threat on my back. I think the threats in this game are Matt and Eliza, who should be taken out.

Matt:(CONF)I would'nt say I'm a threat I just wanna get through like everybody else

Eliza: (conf) Voting is like killing someone because once everyone else is dead I can't get killed

Ryan: (CONF) I wouldn't be surprized if there was a target on my back but I need an alliance now......................I got it Robert, Matt, and maybe Silke.

Charlie: Symone, can we talk?

(Sunslicer2: Fanny, could Alterlic become like Zeke in TDWT? I told you about his flaw, and I was wondering if you wanted to use it.)

Robert:Symone, do not take Eliza's threat seriously. Matt and I want her gone, Ryan dislikes her, Silke is not her freind, Eliza may be next.

(Fanny: As long as you don't kill anybody I guess.)

Charlie: We need to talk. I think we should strengthen our alliance and have Robert and Silke join. I think we should get rid of Eliza next. She needs to go. One more immunity could take her to the finale. And then Robert, I need you to ask him if he likes me. I don't know, but's he's been hinting it somewhat.

Robert:*to Matt and Ryan*Eliza needs to go, right?


Robert:Thanks, Matt.What about you, Ryan?

Challenge Eleven

Kristina: Today's challenge is based off of orchestra. You are put into your on spot where eight giant basses stand in front of you. You must take a scissors and cuts through the strings. First two people to cut through all eight bass strings go to the mystery round.

Charlie: *starts cutting the strings on the first bass*

Matt:*starts cutting*

Ryan: *starts to cut*

Robert:*cuts the strings of the first Bass*

Eliza: *starts cuting* Matt:*Still cutting first string*

Robert:*finishes the second Bass*I love scissors right now!

Ryan: *has finally cut all the first bass' strings*

Eliza: *finishes the first bass and starts on the second and third bass*

Robert:*finishes the third Bass*On to the fourth!

Matt:*still on first*

Eliza: *finishes the second and third bass and starts on the fourth and fifth bass* I love my scissors

Robert:*finishes the fourth and fifth Basses*

Eliza: *finishes the fourth and fifth bass and starts on the sixth and seventh bass* I'm fast

Robert:*finishes the sixth and seventh and starts on the last one*

Kristina: Eliza is out for godplaying!

Charlie: *is on the third bass* *finishes* Wow. This is tiring.

Robert:*trips, drops scissors*Dang it!

Matt:*finnaly finishes first one but scissors slip and break 6 other bass strings but knocks Matt out*

Charlie: *is quickly manovering along* *finishes fifth bass* Three more to go.

(Fanny: If one of those weird things below pops up one more time, that person is automatically out!)

Robert:*finishes the last Bass*

Matt:*wakes up*Wha Wha Oh crap*starts eighth one*

Symone: *Looks at everyone* I'm soooo tired, starts to fall asleep.

Symone: (CONF) I'm not scared of Eliza, and I'm sure not eliminating Charlie.

Charlie: *is on the last bass* Whoo! I might make it!

Kristina: Robert goes to mystery round. Looks like Charlie might too!

Charlie: *finishes bass* Yes!

Kristina: Robert and Charlie go onto mystery round!

Matt:*finishes* dammit

Kristina: Okay, you guys. Pick Box or Box 2. (Robert pick and Charlie will get the leftover one. Box will not change.)

Robert:I wonder if Charlie will get invincibility? Box 2!

Charlie: That leaves me with Box 1.

Kristina: Congrats to Charlie who wins immunity!

Merged Vote (11)

Kristina: Today we will have the final 6. Charlie can't be voted for.

Charlie: (CONF) Eliza. Leave already!

Robert:Bye, Eliza!Sorry!*high fives Charlie*

Ryan: I vote Eliza

Charlie: *high fives back* Yes!

Charlie: (CONF) And maybe with Eliza gone, me and Robert can date.

Ryan: Wow you guys look so good together.

Matt:I know

Robert:Harriet may hit me with a hammer, but...Charlie, I like you!

Charlie: You do?

Robert:I do. Matt, vote Eliza and she is gone!

Matt:I VOTE FOR.............................eliza

Charlie: Aw, that's so sweet. I like you too.

Symone: Hey guys I vote Eliza...sorry I didn't compete.

Matt:so Ryan maybe you should get back together with Silke now that you and her are the only one's competing with without BF or GF

Ryan: I still have my pocket knife.

Kristina: Eliza, you're out! *after she leaves* Well, there are an even number of guys and girls. What will happen tomorrow in our couple challenge? Find out, see ya'll tomorrow!

Day Twelve

Kristina: Love is in the air!

Robert:You bet!

Symone: I'll say *Looks at Matt*

Charlie: (CONF) Robert was the nicest to me today. He bought me a lunch and let me sit with the popular kids at lunch. Oh, I'm in love. But, that doesn't mean my A Game won't be on. I'm still gonna beast this game. *silence* EEEEEE!

Matt:(CONF)I'm kinda in trouble by the final 4 it's bassicily will be Me & Symone against Robert & Charlie.

Silke: you forgive me for being rude to you in the beginning of the show? I'm very very sorry for that... (CONF: I'm quite impressed right now. Four days ago, I was still I at home, watching Total Drama High School, still quite shocked about my elimination. Then, Kristina calls me and I return! Then here I the finals! Dad must be so proud...)

Matt:(CONF)If I win I finnaly get to move Schools so I don't have to live in a School filled with Emo's and Nerd's

Ryan: Hey Silke my girlfriend told me to tell you I have a girlfriend and no its not Paula.

Robert:Matt, if I win, I will share the money between you, me, Symone, and Charlie. Maybe Silke and Ryan,too.

Silke: Thanks Robert! Hey, I have a you think I have at least a chance of winning this show?

Robert:If you stick with me, you will get at the very least 5th place.Ryan is probably next.So could you vote with me and Charlie?

Charlie: Yeah, I forgive you. I now whom I'm voting next now.

Ryan: I'm right here!!!!!!

Matt: Robert, if I win I'll probably Share it between me, you and Symone I mean how much does it cost to go to a Private School.

Silke: I'm sorry Ryan...

Ryan: Maybe I should just quit!

Silke: (CONF: Although it might be easier if Ryan quits, they'll probably still be an elimination tonight, and I'll probably be voted off...)

Robert:Your call!

Ryan: But I won't............I will fight to stay!

Silke: Does that mean you'll vote me off...?

Robert:I have newfound respect for you.Silke, you are safe.

Silke: Why thank you Robert! Well, I must say, you have a way with words! (CONF: The only reason why I talk like this is because my English teacher was a rich, sophisticated woman okay audience...)

Robert:Someday you must teach me French!

Silke *In her mind* Oh dear...I've been trying to forget French since my elimination! *Says to Robert* Er...sure...*Says very quietly* No promises...

Ryan: I'm voting Symone she has wanted me out since day 1.


Ryan: Will you two please come with me.

Silke: Um...sure


Ryan: Will you guys please help me vote off Symone.

Silke: Sure, but Robert and I have to make sure Charlie is okay with it

Robert:Maybe. It depends on who gets invincibility!

Peppenry(Evil form of Alterlic): I will get revenge on those who have voted me out... They shall pay!

Silke: that you?

Ryan: Silke I think you are seeing things.

Robert:*walks up to Peppenry*Alterlic,I am sorry I voted you off.You didn't do the challenge. You might have lost, anyway.

Matt: *to Charlie and Symone*Charlie, Symone who are you voting for Silke or Ryan.

Robert:(CONF) Everybody left is my friend. I cannot believe I made it this far! I will continue to do my best!

Charlie: I was gonna vote Ryan. He said he wanted to quit anyways.

Peppenry: I don't care about your pointless pleads, I will have my revenge! (I think when I got voted out, I was either out buying food for a shelter, or toys for Appalachia... I thought donations were supposed to bring happiness >=D)

Symone: (CONF) I'm voting out Ryan...wait but then when I'm in the final 5 who's going to go? Because then everybody's going to be my friend.

Silke: *Whispers to Symone* Symone...who are you voting off? Because I'll try to convince Robert and Charlie to vote off the person you're voting off, just to make sure we're safe!

Robert:Shouldn't we be worried about the couple challenge today?

Silke: Couple challenge? What's that?

Robert:When Eliza left, Kristina mentioned a couple challenge.

Silke: Oh yeah... (CONF: *Writes in diary* Dear diary, Ryan and I are the only ones that don't have a BF or GF in the show. I guess I'm flying solo for now...)

Robert:She will probably stick you with Ryan.(CONF)After Ryan is gone, Symone will try get Silke, most likely.What do I do now?

Silke: Robert...I think I'm not safe when Ryan's gone. Symone and Matt will likely vote me off. And if one of them get voted off, Charlie will eventually have to vote you or me off...oh my gosh, this is so complex! *Has a nervous breakdown*

Robert:To stay, you and Ryan need to vote Symone.If she gets invincibility, Ryan will go. I do not want to vote Symone, but I am running out of options.I will talk to Charlie.

Silke: Thanks Robert, I feel safer now...*Faints*

Robert:*helps Silke to a chair*Are you alright?

Silke: Yeah, I'm okay

Robert:(CONF) If I vote Symone, it will hurt Matt.But Silke and Ryan are my friend.

Ryan: (CONF) I hope this works because then I could get them to vote off Matt.

Robert:Ryan.Are you wondering what the next challenge will be?

Ryan: I am but if it has any thing to do with crushes I'm out.

Robert:Do you mean you will quit?Or just not do the challenge?

Ryan: The challange.

Matt:hello Ryan

Robert:Ryan, if you don't do the challenge, you might lose!Hi, Matt!Hey, what private school do you want to go to?

Matt:One that does'nt have any Emo's or Nerds

Robert:My friend, Sergei, has an uncle who owns a Russian private school. The only one without Emos and Nerds, and you don't have to speak Russian.After this is over, I could have Sergei get you in for free.What do you say?

Matt:I dont know russian

Robert:Like I said, you don't have to. The teachers speak English!(CONF) Matt must have had problems with nerds and emos.

Challenge Twelve

Kristina: Today's challenge is based off of psychology. We have pairs, who are SilkeXRyan, CharlieXRobert, and SymoneXMatt. I will ask a question and you will answer. If you guess correctly about your partner, then your team gets a point. The two teams with the most points after five questions go to mystery round. Tonight is not a double elimination, but it is double immunity. Understand?


Ryan: Sure

Robert:Ready for this, Charlie?

Symone: Alright I'm ready for this.

Charlie: Yeah.

Kristina: I will ask the first question. Pick up your pad of paper and write an answer and make sure your partner doesn't see. No talking with eachother! Okay, Question #1 is, What Mario Kart Wii Character Best Represents the Male Partner in your group?

Charlie: *writes something on paper*

Silke: *Writes something on paper*

Symone: *writes something on paper*

Robert:Okay...I am officialy curious.

Kristina: Okay. Robert, what Mario Kart Wii character do you think represents you the best?

Robert:....Luigi!I am kinda tall, and always has my friends's backs!

(Fanny: Wow, this was really creepy.)

Charlie: I picked Luigi too, for the same reasons.

(Fanny: That's honestly who I picked. I swear to God.)

Kristina: One point for CharlieXRobert! Silke and Ryan?

(Alfan:I am a great guesser. Or I am just lucky!)

Ryan: Wario.

Silke: *Is shocked* Wario? Why Wario?

Ryan: Because you are probably still mad at me.


Silke: Oh my gosh Ryan! I can't believe you blew off this point just because you thought I was mad at you! (CONF: *Beep*! I can't believe this...oh my gosh! I'm sorry camera! I didn't mean to say that!)

Kristina: No point. Symone and Matt?

Ryan: Blow it off! I need to win this why would I blow it off!

Robert:I doubt Symone and Matt are awake right now.

Silke: Maybe because you weren't thinking!? Are you fat like Wario? No! You're are so epically hot! *Kisses Ryan* Oh my gosh...I've gone crazy...*Runs to the confessional*

Symone: Yeah um...Matt answer!


Symone: I was hoping for Mario.

Robert:*high fives Charlie*We are winning!

Ryan: *goes after Silke*

Silke: Ryan...can you please go out with me again? I can't hide my feelings from you anymore...*Starts to cry*

Ryan: Sorry I can't after me and Paula broke-up on that little time I left I got a new girlfriend!

Silke: *Sadly stares at Ryan, and runs past him and back to the challenge stage*

Robert:Silke, are you alright?

Ryan: *fallows her back*

Silke: Yes, Robert. It's not like Ryan completely broke my heart and I have no reason to be happy...

Ryan: Silke I have this guy I know you might like.

Silke: You know what Ryan? I don't feel like being in a relationship right now! (CONF: Ugh, boys...sometimes you can't trust them!)

Kristina: RobertXCharlie have one point. They're winning. Next question: What's the female in your group's favorite color?

Robert:Charlie never said...Black?(It was that or purple!)

Charlie: Aw, he's right!

Kristina: Two points for Team Lotsaluv. Matt, Ryan?

Silke: Ugh...Ryan fell asleep...

Matt:Midnight Blue

Symone: Actually it's sky blue

Robert:So close!

Matt:Close enough

Silke: Kristina...can't we end the challenge now and make Robert and Charlie the winners? Ryan's fallen asleep and won't wake up!

Robert:I am Ok with that!

Ryan: *wakes up* Pink

Robert:Who will win?Who will lose?Will Ryan ever calm Silke down?Find out next time on...TOTAL......DRAMA....HIGH SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!

Matt:Wait what

Robert:Shush!You're killing my moment!Besides, this challenge will probably end tomorrow...

Kristina: Okay, if Charlie and Robert get this next point and no one else gets a point, they win. If they get a point and so does another team, they move onto the mystery round. If all teams get a point, next question. Question 3 - What is the last movie your partner saw?

Charlie: Um....*writes something down*

Robert:Great!(CONF)I did not see this coming!

Matt:Oh man you'll never get I cant remember it wait oh how could i forget

Robert:Matt, what IS the last movie you saw?

Matt:*whispers*Harry Potter Deathly Hallows

Robert:I knew I had met you before!I was there, too!

Silke: Oh gosh... *Writes a movie title on a piece of paper*

Kristina: Okay, Symone and Matt?

Robert:They are asleep by now!

(Whoever's Silke the thing about whispering is other people are'nt meant to hear it)

(Silke never said she heard you.And she is not our partner so...)

(Sorry Forget)

Kristina: Silke and Matt?

Silke: Tron?

Matt:too bad my familys to poor to go to the movies alot but were not that poor

Robert:That sucks!

Kristina: Well Silke, for at least answering, you go onto the mystery round. Now pairs, pick either Box A or Box B.

Charlie: What should we pick?

Robert:Eeny, Meenie, Miny, Box B!

Silke: Well, I'll get Box A then...

Kristina: The winners are...all four of you! This week was the double immunity round! Four of you have immunity while Matt and Symone do not.

Merged Vote (12)

Kristina: Matt and Symone are the only ones you can vote for.

Charlie: (CONF) Matt, me and Symone have been buddies for a while. And if it comes to a tie, you've had the most votes in the past.

Robert: I hate to do this, but Matt is the bigger threat.I vote Matt...Matt, if I win, I will make sure you get into private school. I promise!!!(CONF)I HATE this! I need the money, but Matt is such a good friend!One of the best I have ever had! And I betrayed Harriet, too! I am becoming an Alejandro!!!!!!!!(XD)

Matt: Symone, she is the only person I can vote for

Ryan: I vote for Symone.

Symone: Maybe it's time to say goodbye...I vote Matt, please don't hate me.

Matt:(CONF)Ugh I wish I did'nt lose

Robert:*hands Matt enough money to afford private school*Matt, I am so sorry!I hope we can still be friends! I saved this money in case I needed it, but you need it more.

Matt:Thanks I'm probobly gonna go home but I had a fun time hope you win

Robert:Well, you beat Eliza...And 6th out of 16 is pretty good! I will do my best, for the both of us!

(See my confessional rant?I loved it!)

Kristina: Matt, it's time to go. *after he leaves* Well, this was a night no one expected. The tables turned and now no one knows who will be next. I'll see you all tomorrow.

Day Thirteen

Kristina: Welcome final 5!

Robert:Charlie, we are still a couple, right?

Charlie: Yeah, why wouldn't we be?

Robert:Just making sure. Symone is next, most likely.(Will you nominate this for Featured Camp next month when it is finished?Because it might win!)

Symone: (CONF) Well maybe I am next, but I have to think here...if I win the challenge then they have to vote somebody else off. But if I lose I know who I'm voting off.

Robert:Symone, can we vote off Ryan next?

Symone: Sure...I don't care if I don't win I want to show Ryan that I can make it further than him.

Robert:If we were in the final 2, would you settle for a tie?Just curious.

Symone: How about we both try to win...and if I win then I'll split the money with you?

Robert:I really don't need the money as much anymore.I am fighting for the glory! The final five can get a hundred thousand apiece!

Peppenry: (CONF) I may be out of this game, but it doesn't mean I'll quit. I will have my revenge on Robert and Charlie, if it is the last thing I do! *his eyes light on fire and his hands are surrounded by an aura of purple* They will pay!

Robert:Don't you think you are overdoing it? A bunch of people lost, and they aren't here for revenge!

Charlie: Wait, you guys would've voted me out. Your best friend and your girlfriend?

Robert:Charlie, you and me are gonna make it to the final 2! I was just curious. Ryan is next, anyway.

Charlie: Yeah, nice coverup jerk. *runs away*

Robert:*catches up to her* Coverup?What we have is special. I mean that. I don't care if I win. What I care about is you,and Matt, and the friends I made here. I promise, I will never vote for you. EVER!

Charlie: Seriously?

Robert:Seriously. Speaking of, why do you need the money?What brought YOU here? I needed the money at first, but my deal is settled. Matt wanted to get to private school, and now he can. What are you gonna do with the money?

Charlie: Buy a car. And then donate half to the Save the Dolphins foundation.

Robert:Awww, that is so sweet! Soon that goal may be realized! As soon as Kristina reveals the next challenge!

Symone: (CONF) Right now this is how it's looking...Charlie is the only person I can trust, she has become my friend. Robert, I think he doesn't want me here to long, Ryan is my enemy and I honestly don't know what's going on between me and Silke, we haven't been communicating lately. Maybe I should just let everyone target me.

Robert:Today, it is either Ryan or Silke. I hope Silke does the challenge, but if not, someone try will boot them!

Silke: I will do the challenge,,,if I don't fall asleep. It's Christmas!

Robert:Today is a good day to sleep. Kristina, where are you??

Challenge Thirteen

Kristina: Today's challenge is based off of World Cultures. Today's special event is Christmas. It's a Santa smackdown. The girls must choose one person to sit out in the challenge. Then, you must fight in Santa costumes and whoever wins goes onto the next round. The girl that sits out can choose which girl to support and if they win, she will win immunity too. Got it?

Robert:I say Silke should sit out.

Charlie: I don't argue.

Robert:So who fights who?

Symone: Silke shoud out...I agree!

Robert:(CONF) Poor Ryan is next to go unless he wins.

Peppenry: (CONF) SABOTAGE!

Robert:*watches Peppenry*I may be an idiot, but I'm not dumb.(Anybody know the reference?)

Kristina: Robert VS Ryan. Silke, which competitor do you choose to support? Fight!

Robert:*starts pounding on Ryan*(How soon can this challenge end?)

Peppenry: *under fighting arena* Now what should I do? Burn a whole through? Or maybe hold Kristina hostage until I get to return to the game! *grins evily*

Robert:I can hear you!*continues to pound on Ryan*Lose already!

Peppenry: If you can hear me, it means I should be back in the game! MWHAHAHAHAHA! *eyes light on fire*

Robert:*knocks Ryan out of the fighting arena*Do I win?

Symone: (CONF) Alright so far Ryan is the next target...but then whose next I think Silke, but hey if Ryan is willing to create an alliance with me maybe we could vote out Silke.

Robert:(CONF)Ryan and Silke have done little lately. One of them is going, I can feel it! Ryan lost. I am targeting Silke!

Kristina: Robert wins. Charlie and Symone?

Robert:Go Charlie!

Charlie: I don't want to fight Symone.

Robert:If you forfeit, do I have to fight her?

Kristina: Yeah. But everyone knows a guy can't hit a girl. You can take the easy way out and risk no immunity or get arrested.

Symone: I'm not fighting Charlie...she's my friend! *Sits down and crosses arms*

Robert:Do I get invincibility since you both forfeited? If not, let us just vote!

Kristina: I guess you do get immunity Robert.

Merged Vote (13)

Kristina: After tonight, we will have the final four.

Charlie: I vote Ryan.

Symone: Goodbye Ryan, I could've helped you and vote for Silke

Kristina: One more vote makes it official.

Silke: I must vote off Ryan...

Kristina: Ryan, you have been eliminated. *after he leaves* Girls dominate the game. How much longer will Robert last? See you guys tomorrow.

Day Fourteen

Kristina: Welcome final four.

Charlie: Now I'm scared. All my friends are left.

Silke: Charlie, could you please forgive me for not doing much? It was Christmas...and I was really tired!

Charlie; Yeah I forgive you?

Silke: (CONF: Face it people...I'm going home tonight if I don't get immunity)

Charlie: I'm scared today. I think I might be gone next.

Robert:It is alright, Charlie. I think Symone is next. She does not do much.

Symone: (CONF) Time to bring the A-GAME...Robert is out of here girls will make it all the way!

Robert:Symone, you do the least. I just want to reach the final three. Charlie needs the money, and if I win, I have already decided to share the money with the final 6. What do you need the money for?(CONF)I want Silke to reach the final three. She is my friend,and Charlie is my girlfriend. I want to stay, so that leaves Symone.

Charlie: (conf) Who to vote next?

Challenge Fourteen

Kristina: Today's challenge is based off of science. You must create a new element on the periodic table and impress me. Come up with a unique name, atomic number and mass, and where it's found in the earth. Most creative wins immunity.

Robert: I did this in science class before.


Atomic Number 43.5

Atomic Mass:99.38

Developed by scientist Emerson Goodela when Technetium was made with no radioactivity in it. The mass is similar to Technetium's, and it is now found in aluminum products because it is cheaper. Cannot be found in nature. It is debated if it should be added because it would ruin the design of the Periodic Table of Elements's organization. It is usually rainbow colored, and is used for many purposes. It is sturdy enough to be used for steel products, as it only melts at extreme temperatures.

Symone: Jasmigyn

Atomic Number: 65.1

Atomic Mass: 198.73

Jasmigyn is located in the most beautiful place in the world, the Bahamas, why you ask because it was discovered by several locals while they were looking for some rocks to show their families. They came across the stone when they felt a warm feeling overwhelm them...the stone's vibrant green and pink misty colors was enough to turn this into billions of gems, those gems are now used as jewelry.

Robert:Symone, that is awesome!(CONF)Symone and Silke are my friends, so whichever Charlie votes for, I will vote for.

Charlie: Okay, here's mine.


Element Name: Octoparisium

Atomic Number: 118

Atomic Mass: 299.24

Where it's found: Octoparisium is only found when scientist use the molucular structure of atoms and mush them together. Scientists in Russia mashed atoms together and created Unuoctium. Later, they created it again and again. It disappeared in seconds, but once they created it and it lasted seven seconds, long enough to give it a name and call it an official element, Octoparisium.


Charlie: Is that good?

Kristina: Silke needs her entry up and then I will judge.

Robert:Silke is probably gonna be asleep for a while. I cannot wait until the voting!

Symone: (CONF) I came here to win, not make friends...but I did make friends Charlie, Silke, Robert, Matt. I came here to prove that I could win something with hard work.

Robert:(CONF) I wonder who Charlie is gonna vote for?

Silke: Here's mine! (Teddy: I know mine is horrible...I have a D- in Science :o)

Element Name: Veranosinium

Atomic Number: 76.3

Atomic Mass: 199.10

Where it's found: Veranosinium is found only in the Amazon Jungle. It is the most recent element, and was accidentally created by Amazon natives. No one knows how they created it, though. The element is usually green with shades of brown at the top, striking scientists with suspicion if it protons and electrons were somehow mixed with the particles of the tiniest leave particles in the world. So far, scientists have only found three in the world, and the three all shine a radiant green. Recently, all of them had been broken down into small pieces, and all of them held an ancient ant eating a tiny leaf.

Kristina; Symone, Silke, and Robert. Atomic numbers cannot have decimals so normally the win would go to Charlie. But, I never specified that and I was judging on uniqueness and creativity. Which definetly goes to Silke. Very creative idea. Silke wins invincibility! This will be a very hard vote.

Merged Vote (14)

Kristina: Vote off the next member, leaving us with the final three.

Charlie: (CONF) Hmm. Who to vote for. Symone or Robert. Symone or Robert.

Charlie: (CONF) Sorry, but girlfriends stick together in everything. Girlfriends comes before boyfriends. I hope you can forgive me Robert.

Silke: (CONF: Oh my...I must vote off Symone...)

Symone: I really hoped it wouldn't come down to this, goodbye Robert, I'm sorry...please don't hate me.

Silke: (CONF: Yay! Daddy, I did it! I made it to the Final 3!)

Kristina: Robert you have been eliminated and now a girl will win. *after he leaves* It is unsure who will go next and who will win tomorrow. Tomorrow the last person before the finale will be eliminated. I'll see you guys tomorrow.

Robert:*walks off without saying goodbye*Welcome to Loserville.Population:13....*continues grumbling as he leaves*

Charlie: Robert! I want you to know that I'm sorry I voted for you.

Robert:Not sorry enough to not do it. Seriously, I swore to never vote you off, and you eliminate me? And you were the one who thought I would vote YOU out. My luck...*cries as he leaves the high school*

Charlie: Robert!

Robert:What else is there to say? When I lost Harriet because of you, I did not like you. Then I got to know you, and I fell in love.I voted off my best friend Matt over your friend, and when it was either her, me, or yourself, you chose me.*continues to cry*Do you know how much that hurts?

Charlie: No. And now I feel really bad. I'm sorry.

Robert:You cannot undo what you did.Kristina would never let that happen.*continues to cry*

Charlie: Robert, I love you though. I wasn't thinking when I was voting.

Robert:Well, my time here is over.Only one thing could change that.

Charlie: What's that?

Robert:Before I say this, I cannot express how much I am just saying this, and that I am not telling you to do this.But...If you pulled a DJ/Duncan/Harold and quit, I could stay. I am not telling you to do this, just pointing it out. We already decided to share the money and I did not want to ruin the surprise, but I won some money, and I was going to buy ypu a car when we reached the final 2.Just wanted to let you know. I guess I will see you later.*Cries as he starts to turn around*I love you!

Charlie: I love you too. I'll win for both of us and give half to you! Our love is worth way more than a car.

Robert:You better win!*said jokingly*I did not keep us in this far for both of us to lose!

Day Fifteen

Kristina: Welcome final three!

Charlie: I feel really bad about voting out Robert. *cries*

Silke: I knew it! Why would you vote off your own boyfriend?

Symone: (CONF) I made it to the final 3! I made it...but Charlie really is my friend she had the chance to boot me but she didn't...I owe her big.

Silke: (CONF: Okay, so the only reason I voted off Symone is because I was in a state of panic. I knew I should've voted off Robert, but I just couldn't. Charlie is my friend, and Symone too, but I overheard her asking Ryan to be in an alliance to vote me off, so I voted for her. I hope she doesn't take it too seriously...)

Symone: *to Silke* I'm not mad it's just now the game is getting hard...what ever happens no hard feelings, right? Charlie and Silke?

Silke: Okay. I guess you really are nice Symone! Of course, I'll have to choose between you or Charlie when it's time to vote...but we'll still be friends right?

Symone: Of course Silke!

Silke: Thanks Symone! (CONF: Symone officially got rid of my fear of being voted off. She really is nice! *Remembers when she was voted off third early in the show* Just forget about that time Silke...that was twelve days ago...

Symone: (CONF) Wow the final 3, it's like I only came here yesterday...if I had to say what I thought about everybody I would say the people I didn't know would be Alexander, Sam, Seth, Paula, Olivia, Alterlic, and John. Mech was a complete loser, Matt's my boyfriend...My enemies are Ryan, Eliza, and Harriet. And my friends are Silke and Robert. But, my bestfriend is Charlie, she's a great person! If I don't win I really hope she does.

Charlie: Agreed. We can't let a competition come between us.

Charlie: (CONF) I honestly don't know who I'd vote out next. It'll be a hard vote and might come down to whoever wins immunity.

Charlie: *keeps crying* Oh Robert!

Symone: *Looks at Charlie* (CONF) I did it I made my first official friend sad, I could've just voted myself out but what good would that have done. Robert and Charlie were a great couple and now they're not going to see each other because of me. Silke needs to impress her father...I on the other hand need nothing, I came here to prove that I would get far, Ryan told me that he would win...but I got further than him. After last night with Charlie and Robert it made me think, love is better than all the money in the that's why I've decided to do this.

Symone: Kristina would it be okay if I quit?

Robert:*runs from his living room all the way to the school in under five minuetes*One of the nicest girls I have ever met say what?

Kristina: Agreed. Say what?

Symone: Would it be okay if I quit?...because come on seriously Charlie needs the money, so does Silke...and I lasted way longer than what I thought I would. So I think...if I can...I quit!

Kristina: Do you really want to? I plan a whole challenge for today and everything? You really want to quit and give up your chance for the million?

Charlie: Symone, don't quit.

Robert:*hugs Charlie*If she quits, Kristina might let me back in for the challenge!We might be reunited!

Peppenry: *walks up in a black robe, hooded so you can't see his face* Or maybe I could take her place. *grins*

Charlie: I never thought of that.

Kristina: No Alterlic. Fine, that's the deal Robert. Symone, you quit?

Symone: Yes I do *to Robert and to Charlie* You two and you Silke, better make this the best show after I'm gone, got it? Or I'll come back and kick your butts! *joke*

Robert:Sure.I promise!

Charlie: Bye Symone. *hugs her as she leaves*

Kristina: Well, Robert you're back onto the game. Congrats. Get reunited because in ten minutes it's the second challenge.

Robert:*kisses Charlie*Hurray!Symone, you and Matt are my best friends!(I have to leave soon for a drive into town, so could the challlenge stay up until tomorrow?)

Robert:(CONF)Final 3 is so awesome!I will miss Symone, but I will meet her at the finale.I cannot wait to see Matt, Ryan, and the others again. It has been so long!

Robert:Charlie, Silke. Wanna know something weird?Charlie is the only person left who has not lost.And her and Symone are the only two to never be voted off. Plus, Silke and I returned. This is the first time in TD history that two returnees made it to the final 3! This season is perhaps the most special season yet!*hugs Charlie and Silke*

Charlie: Yay!

Robert:I wonder if the finale is a jury vote?

Challenge Fifteen

Kristina: Welcome to your second to last challenge. But for someone, it will be your last. Today's challenge is based on history. It's an all out paintball war. Your task is to shoot your other remaining players with the paintball gun. Once you've been hit twice, you're done. Once two people are left, it's a race to the finish line to retrieve the good ol' Canadian flag. When you get your flag, run to the cannon and pick up a match, strike it, and light your flag on fire. First to do that, wins immunity and a pass to the final two; one step closer to winning. Got it?

Robert:*aims his gun at Silke and fires*

Charlie: *aims at Silke, but hits a mirror and it backfires and hits her* Crap!

Robert:*shoots at Silke and hits Charlie by accident*Crap!

Charlie: Hey dude!

Kristina: Now run to the finish line and get a flag!

Robert:*speeds towards the finish line*Root for me, Charlie!I have horrible aim! We can still be in the final 2!(CONF)Paintball guns...Not really my thing. With Charlie out of the challenge, I knew I had to win.

Charlie: Come on guys!

Peppenry: *sneaks up behind Charlie*

Robert:*nears the finish line**sees Peppenry*RUN, Charlie!

Charlie: What?

Robert:Peppenry is behind you!*crosses the finish line and grabs the flag*Now to get to the cannon!(Is Teddy10 going to show up?)

Peppenry: *grabs Charlie and stuffs her in a sack, then runs away*

Robert:*is completely oblivious to what happened**gets to the cannon and lights it*All it has to do is burn the flag!*sees Peppenry*Alterlic, stop!Can you not see what you are doing is wrong?We voted you off, okay. You did little. Stop blaming us for your loss. You are a priest. We all respected you for that. Do not ruin our image of you, please!?

Peppenry: You betrayed me! Now I'll betray you! *holds the sack over a convenient cliff*

Charlie: Meep.

Robert:Hoping so!Alterlic, please come back to us!We like the regular you!The nice you!

Robert:Peppenry, Alterlic, you can return in the sequel?That way, you can win next time!Kristina, save Charlie and declare me the winner already!

Kristina: Peppenry. I'd never let you return for a sequel. *shoots him with a paintball gun and he falls off the cliff and dies for good* *saves Charlie* Robert, burn the flag!

Charlie: Thanks Kristina.

Robert:*burns the flag*

Kristina: Robert wins immunity and a free pass to the final two!


Merged Vote (15)

Kristina: Robert has immunity and I'm guessing he won't be giving it up. Right?

Robert:No way!I vote Silke so Charlie and I can finally be the final 2!

Charlie: I guess I vote Silke then. I have no one else to vote for.

Robert:Silke lost 3rd on day 3 after challenge 3 during vote 3 and gets 3rd?Weird.I will miss you Silke!*kisses Charlie*Final 2!

Kristina: Sorry, Silke the time is done for you. *after she leaves* Well. After fifteen days, we have the final two sitting before us. And they're a couple. Who will outlast each other for the million? Who will win the dominate jury vote? We'll have to wait till tomorrow.

Day Sixteen

Kristina: It's finale day!

Robert:*kisses Charlie*Love truly conquers all!I wonder what the jury will decide. You have Symone, I have Matt, this will be close. Depends on their questions they ask us, I guess. I cannot believe how well this competition turned out!

Peppenry: *in a cave at the bottom of the cliff, roasting a ferret over a fire* I'll be back.. I'll-I'll be-be b-back. And I'll win. *laughs like a crazy person*

Robert:*is at the top of the cliff*Alterlic, if you go back to normal, I will help you up, and share some of the prize money with you, if I win. I just want the Alterlic I know back.

Peppenry/Alterlic: *eyes turn back to normal* You care about me? *smiles* Keep the prize money. I'm just glad I'm back to normal.

Robert:*ties a rope to a nearby tree and throws the other end down*Of course. Whatever happens, we are still comrades and friends. I just hope we meet again after this.

Charlie: Aw, you're so sweet Robert.

Alterlic: *climbs up and hugs Charlie and Robert* Thank you my friends, and I hope we meet again. *leaves the high school*

Robert:Alterlic, wait!You should stay and watch the finale. You are an almost-jury member.That is the second reason I joined. To make friends. You, my GF Charlie, Matt, Symone, Silke, even Ryan, Eliza, and Alexander!

Alterlic: Thank you my friend, but I need persmission from Kristina. I may have stayed here a bit longer than needed.

Robert:When I see Kristina, I will ask her.

Charlie: Ugh, this day is making me all jittery.

Robert:I cannot believe it is almost over.

Symone: *Walks in* Hi...where are my bestfriends?

(TDISF: Is today when the contestants come to vote for jury? Oh, and Robert forgot Silke was voted off with 3 votes against her!)

(Fanny: Yeah. XD. But not now, because there's one last challenge.)

Charlie: And she had six total votes and divide tha by the number of times she's been eliminated and you get 3.

Jury Questioning

Kristina: May I please ask all the jury members to come in?

Paula: *comes in*

Symone: *comes in* (CONF) I'm really gonna miss this show!

Alexander:*Walks in* Hey, hows it going?

Kristina: All jury members can either sit in the Robert bleachers if they root for him to win or the Charlie bleachers. The jury vote is after this. I will ask jury to take their spot and then I will reveal the challenge.

Symone: *Runs over to Charlie's bleachers* Kick some butt Charlie...good luck Robert!

Charlie: I promise.

Eliza: *sits on Charlie side then runs to Rob's side and sits there* Rob you helped me get Paula and Alex out. Thx man

Paula: *sits on Charlie's side and then bumps Symone* (CONF) I know what she did!

Robert:This will not go well at this rate.

Alex:*Sitting on Roberts Side* He also got you out, Eliza.

Robert:Thanks, Alex.

Ryan: *comes in and sits on Roberts side*

Robert:Hi, Ryan.It has been a while. That leaves Matt and Silke.

Kristina: This challenge is to ask the person you've supported a very interesting and juicy question which the finalist will have to ask. This could change the jury's opinion about who they want to give their vote to. Eliza, first.

Eliza: Do you love or are dating anyone here and if you are who?

Robert:I love Charlie with all my heart, and I would never hurt her. Although, I also am not giving up.I came here for friends, and to win. I accomplished the 1st, and I am so close to doing the second.

Kristina: Alexander. You're next.

Alex:Um, Robert, why should you win, over Charlie?

Kristina: Wow. That's a good question.

(Mr. E:XD)

Robert: I have worked considerably hard to reach the final 2. I did most of the challenges, I made alliances, just like Charlie. I did keep a promise to never vote Charlie off. I tried to comfort Silke after Ryan revealed he had another girlfriend. I won the couple challenge, the Santa challenge, the pinata challenge, and the semi-final challenge. I encouraged my team, and I saved Alterlic from his dark self. Charlie and I worked hard to be here. I did a lot to reach the final 2.Symone quit so I could return. I want to win,for her, Matt, and all of my friends. You are included,Alex.

Kristina: Ryan?

Paula: *smiles and waves at Ryan from the other side*

(Alfan:I will be offline later today for about 5 hours for something important. If Charlie could answer some questions during that time, I would appreciate it.)

Robert:(CONF)I heard Ryan got a new girlfriend that is not Paula. I wonder if she knows.

Kristina: We'll skip Ryan. Matt?

Robert:Matt and Silke are asleep. Skip to Paula.(If Matt does not vote, can Alterlic vote for him?)

Kristina: Paula?

Paula: I want to make a question to both of the finalists. *stands up* I want you both to tell me something that proves me that you really are my friends. I'll root for the best one.

Robert:The reason I made an alliance with you in the first place was because you were one of the nicest people on the show. I voted Eliza off to avenge you and Alex.

Paula: *looks at Charlie* ... Charlie?

Robert:*looks at Charlie*Well?

Charlie: The reason we're friends? Because we had commitment to each other and promised to not vote each other before the merge. After Symone left in the team switch, we were by ourselves and the whole rest of the team wanted to vote you out, which Alterlic tried both times. But, we stuck together and voted out Alterlic and Harriet who was a threat to us both. When the merge came, you spent a lot of time with Ryan. Ryan didn't like you, and cheated on you and got further in the game. I didn't want to see you get hurt by him, so I voted you out. And we stayed friends still. I hope that's convincing enough, because it's the truth.

Robert:Why didn't you vote off Ryan instead?Can we just vote now?

Charlie: What kind of boyfriend are you, you're not being very supportive? And why do you want to get to it. Just finish with what Kristina says.

Kristina: Symone and then we vote.

Paula: *sighs* (CONF) It's a hard one...

Robert:Harriet and Alterlic were my friends, and you could so have voted Ryan out.Sorry, just a little cheesed about the "Girlfriend voted me off" thing.I am just a little upset. Sorry.I did not mean to upset you, my love.

Symone: Charlie if there was something you would do different what would it be?

Charlie: I guess there are a lot of things. I guess I'd try to stay more positive than negative, like I was. I'd also not vote out my boyfriend as an act of stupidity. *kisses Robert and gives him a hug*

Kristina: Jury, think over your thoughts. In a few minutes we will be casting your votes.

Jury Vote

Kristina: Before the jury vote and the winner being announced, Robert. What are your last words before they vote.

Symone: Since Robert's not saying anything can we vote?

Robert: To Alexander.You played well, and you have my respect and friendship.

To Paula, you are one of my best friends.

To Eliza, you were a worthy opponent and a great rival.

To Matt, you are my best friend, and I am sorry for your loss.

To Ryan, you also played well, and are one of my friends.

To Symone, you are a truly wonderful friend to quit so Charlie and I could be reunited.

To Silke, you are a good friend who played well. I have deep respect and friendship towards all seven of you. I am done now.

Alexander:So, can I vote now?

Kristina: Did I say you could vote yet? No. Now we'll have to wait longer and votes will be in confessional. (Jury members please vote in the yellow box that appears when you edit). (Robert, remember you can't see these so you can't comment and neither will Charlie.)

(Hi, TVDFanmade...I have no clue how to do this because when I put it in the box, and appears outside of it. So I don't know if that's how it's supposed to be or what so help

(Fanny: Go to the toolbar and click source. Then go in the mini bars with the space and put your vote there.)

(Fanny: I just wanted to let people know (since people complained about this) that in no way did I ever rig this game for Charlie to win. I just wanted to let everyone know that since people said if I won the game would be rigged. I wish the best of luck to Alfan but I hope Charlie can kick ass)

(Alfan:Fanny did not rig it from what I could see. Fanny, could the jury just vote on the page instead of in the box?)

(Fanny: The box keeps it dramatic. I can see already though, that I'm losing.)

(Alfan:What is the score?)

(Fanny: Robert - 3, Charlie - 1)

(Alfan:Which four voted and if Robert gets one more, he wins, right?)

(Kev: How do you edit the box?)

(Fanny: Look above. And sadly yes Alfan.)

(Kev: I don't understand the mini bars part)(Alfan:Me neither.)

Silke: *In her mind* I hope *Name is silenced from the audience* wins...but I also hope *Name is silenced from the audience* doesn't feel bad about me not voting for *Gender noun silenced*

Robert:*is nervous*(CONF)The final moments are so tensing!

Silke: *Pats Charlie and Robert on the back* So, how you guys feeling? Pumped up huh? Well...just to let you know, whoever wins, we are all friends...*Looks at both, especially Charlie*

Robert:Thanks, Silke!

Charlie: Yeah.

Robert:Good luck, Charlie!

Charlie: *is shaking from nervousness* Good luck. *hugs him*

Robert:Either way, it will end well.(CONF)My last confessional.I love everyone here!To make such good friends, and to meet Charlie, is the best thnig to ever happen to me!

Symone: (CONF) Charlie, Robert, Silke, Matt they are the most awesomest...if that's a word...people I've ever met. I've decided that everything is great I had a good time here!

Robert:*hugs Symone*Thanks for reuniting us! You are a great friend!

(Fanny: I assumed that's who Paula and Ryan would vote for.)

Kristina: Okay. Are you guys ready for the winner to be announced?

Charlie: Yeah. Robert, you ready?

Robert:*holds her hand*You bet I am!

Kristina: Okay. First vote...Charlie.

Charlie: Okay. One for me.

Kristina: Robert. One for Charlie and one for Robert.

Robert:*is sweating*

Kristina: Robert. That's two votes Robert. One vote Charlie.

Charlie: *smiles and is holding Robert's hand*

Kristina: Robert. Three votes Robert, one vote Charlie. Charlie, three votes Robert. Two votes Charlie.

Charlie: *is now hugging Robert and sweating*

Robert:*in his mind*Crap!Draw one for me, already!

Kristina: *picks up next vote* The winner of TDHS Season One is...

Winner Chat

Kristina: Robert! Congrats!

Charlie: *kisses Robert* Good job, Robert. You deserve it!

Matt:alright Robert

Kristina: All eliminated contestants can come now!

Harriet:*where no one can see her* Well dude, you did it, and you'll be proud of it.

Alex:Hey, congrats Robert, you diserve it, and you also played a good game Charlie

Eliza: Yay Rob boo Charlie. She sucks

Robert:*kisses Charlie*Yes!*hands Harriet a soda*We are still friends, right?*gives a sad puppy face*

Alex:*to Eliza* She played a better game that you.

Harriet:*smiles* Sure Robert.Whatever

Robert:If only there was a second season.


Harriet:Don't sink too low.

Eliza: *to alex* Shut it you got more of a worse place then me

Alterlic: Congratulations friend. *hug Robert's leg*

Charlie: Thanks Alex. Excuse me Eliza? I made it farther than you, and I hell no at least when I grow up I'll have people who love me for who I am and not who I want people to think I am. So shut your mouth.

Alex:Eliza why do you hate us?

Harriet:*walks off singing in a slow beat and tempo* Ain't no rhyme or reason, no complicated reason (etc.)

Symone: We all played a great game!

Charlie: Symone! Hey!

Symone: CHARLIE! *hugs Charlie* You played great!

Charlie: Thanks! *hugs back*

Robert:*hands all 15 of the losers $10,000* I still have $350,000 so it is all good. Eliza, be nice.Alterlic, I am just glad you forgave me!

Ryan: *gives the money back* I can't take any money.

Eliza: I'm rich

Symone: *hi-fives Robert* You sure?

Alex:Thanks man.

Robert:Of course I am!You all are my friends!

Eliza: *takes mech, john, and sam's money* Haha

Alex:*Slaps Eliza* You're a evil witch.

Charlie: *kisses Robert* Thanks man!

Eliza: *slaps Alex across the room* Shut up!

Matt:*gives back money*Robert I dont need anymore money

Symone: *hugs Matt* Hi!

Robert:Guys.Be honest. When I arrived here, did I look like I could win?Or did I seem an early out?

Silke: To be honest...early out

Charlie: To be honest...I didn't like you. Then. *hugs him*

Ryan: Early out.

Harriet:Come on everyone take a bow to the world watching!

Silke: Yeah! Come everyone, pose for the TDHS Poster!

Harriet:*sits down and looks a photo camera waiting for everyone else to get into pose*

Silke: *While standing next to Harriet and Mech, she stands smiling, slanting a bit to the left; waving her left hand* Cheese!

Everyone (Except Alex):Cheese!


Ryan: *slips knocking everyone over*

Harriet:I've got something to "say" (sing)

Robert:Good. I prefer to make things dramatic!I know I am a fan favorite because everybody loves underdogs!(I am almost done with chapter one of TDHS in fanfic version.Will post it on the fanfiction wiki later.Just a heads up!)

Harriet:It's nothing dramatic..... just this song that goes out to ALL the losers. Including me. * music *

Missed my alarm clock ringing Woke up telephone screaming Boss man singing his same old song

Rolled in late about an hour No cup of coffee, no shower Walk of shame with two different shoes on

Now it is poor me, why me, oh me Boring the same old worn out blah blah story There is no good explanation for it at all

Ain't no rhyme or reason No complicated meaning Ain't no need to over think it Let go laughing Life don't go quite like you planned it We try so hard to understand Irrefutable, indisputable The fact is Psssh It happens

My trusty-rusty had a flat I borrowed my neighbors Cadillac "I'll be right back," going down to Wally World That yellow light turned red too quickly Knew that the truck moment it hit me Out stepped my ex and his new girl ("Sorry 'bout your neck baby")

But it is poor me, why me, oh me Boring the same old worn out blah blah story There is no good explanation for it at all

Ain't no rhyme or reason No complicated meaning Ain't no need to over think it Let go laughing Life don't go quite like you planned it We try so hard to understand Irrefutable, indisputable The fact is Psssh It happens

Ain't no rhyme or reason No complicated meaning Ain't no need to over think it Let go laughing Life don't go quite like you planned it We try so hard to understand Irrefutable, indisputable The fact is Psssh It happens

Yeah, the irrefutable, indisputable, absoluteable, totally beautiful fact is Psssh It happens

Robert:That was beautiful...Right, Charlie?



Robert:I cannot believe I am doing this...*rock music starts playing*

I am gonna sing a song! Do not tell me if I get it wrong!

Mech did little and voted himself out

Seth did a little more and left with a pout

Silke spoke French and annoyed her team

Sam battled Alexander and boy he got creamed

Harriet got violent, Charlie had to ditch her

John was too lazy to bring his own picture

Olivia said nothing, she probably had bad grammar

Alterlic was hit with a betrayal hammer

Alexander targeted our good friend Matt

Paula got booted, she thought Charlie had her back

Eliza was an evil brat

I voted off my best friend Matt

Ryan was owned by the girls, you see

I got betrayed by my girlfriend Charlie

Symone quit, I returned, and then

Our good friend Silke got voted off again

The final two:Me and Charlie, Charlie and Me

Our story did not end in tragedy

Robert won, Charlie got runner-up

We all had fun, I wonder where we'll end up!

Harriet:*claps out of my mind* Nice job Robert!

Harriet:Kristina said TDHS season 1 was over. Maybe she was referring to a season 2.

(Alfan:Guess I learned a trick or two.)

Robert:A second season?Yeah!

Alex:Season 2? Woot!

Robert:Alex, do not celebrate until we get all of the facts.There may be a second season, but we may not be in it.

Harriet:If Kristina would tell me, I'd GET the info!

Kristina: You guys got me. There is a second season and four of you are returning.

Charlie: Wo. Didn't see that coming.

Kristina: Robert, Harriet, Matt, and Silke. You four will be returning to another season to play against 16 other competitors.

Charlie: Robert? I can't be away from Robert.

Alex:Wait, I want to compete too.

Kristina: But I already picked the cast out. Sorry Alex, maybe Season III (Spoiler!) or, just maybe, and I say maybe (wink) Season IV, the All-Star Season. I'll see you all next season! Join us reguaraly on Total Drama High School II!