Total Drama has been renewed for a new season. Chris has assembeled a cast of normal, weird and normally weird contestants to battle it out for one million dollars! Some contestants may manipulate others into doing as they please, some try to get into a relationship and some try to make you laugh. All this, on Total Drama: Isle of Terror! ~ Written by Loenev and ConkerChu


  1. Trey (TDIOT)|Trey - The Ambitious Filmer
  2. Bobby (TDIOT)|Bobby - The Inapropiriate Childish Idiot
  3. Craig (TDIOT)|Craig - The RPG Larper
  4. Joel (TDIOT)|Joel - The Puppet Master
  5. Layson (TDIOT)|Layson Wright - The Lawyer
  6. Franklin (TDIOT)|Franklin - The Pushover Forgettable Guy
  7. Adam (TDIOT)|Adam - The Shy Brainiac.
  8. K.C (TDIOT)|K.C - The Handsome Wiseacre.


  1. Misery (TDIOT)|Misery - The Over-ly Dramatic Girl
  2. Valen (TDIOT)|Valen - The All Daredevil.
  3. Hannah (TDIOT)|Hannah - The Cheerful Beauty.
  4. Chelsea (TDIOT)|Chelsea - The Living Barbie.
  5. Eleanoria (TDIOT)|Eleanoria - The Maternal Foolish.
  6. Zara (TDIOT)|Zara - The Wannabe Evil-Girl.
  7. Zoey (TDIOT)|Zoey - The Mean Best Friend.
  8. Chloe (TDIOT)|Chloe - The Sweet Best Friend.


Episode 1: Let's meet the victims

A man walks to the middle of a long room. The room has a very bland wallpaper and some parts and decayed. "Welcome, Total Drama fans! It's me, Chris Mclean, host of this season of Total Drama." Chris Mclean announced to the audience. "In today's episode, we will be reviewing the tapes of this season's contestants!"

A muscular man wearing a mix of dark green and some chef's uniform came in carrying a box full of tapes. "Each of these tapes have some of each contestants personalities and one of these tapes shows the winner of this season of Total Drama." Chris got out a remote and pointed it at the camera. "Let's begin." He clicked the remote and at the same time, the screen glitched out.

The camera goes on. A girl sits on a pink chair looking to her nails. She sees the camera and looks confused. "I really thought the camera was not on. Anyway.." she stated and shakes her hair. "My name is Chelsea Marilyn Amelia St. Clair. But my friends call me Chelsea." She said and looks to the pictures on her closet. "Cheerleader captain, miss beauty for 5 years and prom queen. It's all in my pocket. I'm very rich, confident and pretty. My daddy does everything for me. So I'm not afraid for a game like 'Total Drama'. So, pick me." Chelsea said and blows a kiss to the camera.

The screen glitches back to Chris. "Okay, here's my two cents of the audition." Chris stated "What a shallow teen, it's like she hasn't even watched Total Drama. I hope she hasn't cause that means the ratings will go-" Chris raised his hand slowly, then rapidly very quickly, "Up, up, up! Anyway, next." He pressed the remote again and the screen glitched in simmilar fasion to last time.

"Ghosts, mulitated bodies, missing pets, war... how pointless..." A teen said, annonemously. It's dark, and there is no light in the room. "You will see my face when I join Total Drama. And when I'm not, you will not see who I am. I know a lot about you, Chris Mclean. A lot." The person stated. There are some weird noises and sounds. "I was bullied every day in my life. From the morning to evening. On social media to my street. EVERY DAY." The dark person shouts. "So let me be in Total Drama, or I will be really... really mad. And I'm already mad..." He said calm and he hums the song of the horror movie insidious.

Back to Chris, Chris was on the phone with somebody. By the look of his face, he was terrified. "Yes, I do need that many body-gaurds!" Chris shouted "This kid is a nightmare! I can't have this kid on the same island as me without protection, okay? Good, now bye!" Chris hanged up. "Just watch the next one."

The screen revealed a big room. The room has the theme of a castle and there were stains everywhere. Red stains, blue stains and even rainbow ones. "Welcome! It is I, Craig, the barbarian! I have plagued the house of Vermillion and stormed the castle of Alemore! I have... " A small boy shouted, confidently. "-been told by my mom to get out of the house. That is why I sorta wanna join Total Drama. The million would be great but I just want her to get outta ma' face. 'K bye!" Craig turned off the camera.

Chris just stared at the audience. "We let this guy in? Come on, he could have at least tried!?" Chris shouted. "The other two looked like they prepared but this guy, he looks like he just did a 45 second video and got it over and done with." Chris crossed his arms and sighed. Alright, whose next...

A fat bloke is sitting at a table. "H-hello. I am Steven Boyle. I like pizza and I would like to be on TD." Steven said. "Please, pick me."

Chris sighed and groaned for a whole minute. "Really. Aw, come on! This Steven fella is obviously boring, why should I let him in!? Urg..." Chris groaned. "Alright, the next couple contestants better be good."

The screen shows a room with a blonde girl on her bed with her laptop. "Well, hi there. I am Zoey but you have to be kiddin' me if you didnt heard of me. I signed up for Total Drama Island but you didnt picked me. I do audition for a spot on the new season of your Total Drama series. I have to be in it, like I am Zoey. So pick me." Zoey wants to turn the camera out but a girl shouts. "Wait! I want to do audition tooo". The girl runs to Zoey and looks to the camera. "My name is Chloe and I want to be too in Total Drama. Pleasee." She beeps. Zoey pushes her off her bed. "Bye." Zoey stated and swings.

Chris looked at the camera and smiled. "Wait, why aren't we using her friend as well. That would be great." Chris stated. Chris grabbed a tape labbelled "Steven - Age 18" and threw it out of a window. "Solved, Zoey AND Chloe will be competing. Oh, what would this show do without me." Chris stated.

The camera was at a street showing people playing, then the camera cut to a house, and then a room. A silhouette of a small teen was seen in the middle of the room. "This season..." The camera went to a view of the streets. "A new competitor..." The camera cut to a school "Will rule the school... Will win the contest... this contestant is..." The screen went black then revealed a picture of Trey. "Trey Domwell. Watch him win, November 2014."

Chris is shown with a tear in his eye. "Bravo... what a master piece..." Chris said, tearfully. "This guy is the kind of guy I want to see more often. No one can top that. So who's next."

The camera is at a kitchen. A girl is cooking and has the camera on the sideboard. She is making pancakes. "Goooooodmorning there." Eleanoria said and eats a pancake. "Great day, isnt it? I'm making pancakes for my little brother. He is wonderful. Once he at more then fourteen pancakes. In two hours. Well, I cant eat five pancakes in a day." Eleanoria said while she eats pancakes. A little boy walks to the kitchen and looks to the camera. "Elly Pelly what is this button.." the little boy asked. Eleanoria turns to the camera and looks to her little brother. "Elliot, NO!!" She shouts when Elliot, her little brother, pushes on the out button and the camera stops filming.

Chris yawns. "She'll probably be eliminated first for being so boring. I need ratings not the happiness of the contestants." Chris shouted.

"Hey, Chris. My name is Layson Wright!" A tall teen states. "I am an aspiring lawyer and have already learned techniques what most haven't even after law school." Layson went up to the camera and showed around his house. "My dad is the legandary Alwas Wright! We may be rich but I am not. I hope to be able to fund my career as a lawyer with the money, and if you don't accept me, I'll reveal that you-"

"Wow! Great, bravo. Best so far!" Chris shouted quickly. "Get him on the plane ride here immediately, in fact, pay him 20 bucks to come here." Chris had sweat rolling down his face. "Let's get this over with already..."

"Hey. My name is Franklin. I-I live in cannada..." Franklin said. He seemed to hesitate with everything he was saying. "Zoey has tweeted that she will be joining Total Drama and I NEED to get one of those last spots if I'll ever be able to get with her. So please, consider taking me to the island, or my love-life is in danger!"

"'Is he seriously that desperate? Alright. That'll make good ratings." Chris announced. "This seems like a good cast for ratings this time..."

A girl looks to the camera. She is beautiful. Long blonde hair, baby blue eyes with long black cilia's. She wears a pink shirt with a white belt and a black skirt. She wears purple/blue earrings. "I know you think an annoying girl that thinks she is everything is talking now. Everyone does. But I'm totally not. My name is Hannah, I live in New York. I'm on a college for designers. My dream is to be a Fashion Designer. And I always wanted to be in Total Drama. Even if I may a beauty, I dont care about my appearance. And the number one thing I really hate is bullying. Anyway, I'm really serious at the moment. And I love to talk every day. I'm very social, but not really confident. If you want to pick me, ofcourse you can. But I understand that I can be boring or something." Hannah stated and looks to her teddy bear. She cuddles it and turns the camera off.

"Hmm? That seems like a nice girl. Can't wait to see her go though this hell. Ha-ha." Chris laughed. "Let's watch the final couple."

"Oh, woe is me. I have not been recognised by the public because of f***ing Lady Mare. F***ing Lady Mare... Oh, I'm so pretty! She may be pretty but she has no talent!" A young teen shouts. "I do... but I'm lonely.. Am I lonely? ...No, i'm not lonely, I'm the amazing Misery. I can do anything! Oh, yeah. I have to my audition for Total Drama. Okay, start!" The camera turned off.

Chris laughed yet tried to contain it. She.. seems like a-a... Chris laughed, he snickerd in between words. Very intersting p-p... person! Ha-hah! Chris wiped away a tear from his eye. Aw... okay, next one, next one.

Valen puts the camera on and looks to it. "I dont know why I'm signing up for this but my friends told me to do. Everything is ok If i can eat and sleep. If I cant I'm going to be really mad. So I want food." Valen says and shows a trophy. "This was at the Eurovision Judo Contest and I won. Of the hundred contestants I was the only girl with someone else. What a losers. I'm laughing when I think about it. 'Cause I punch everyone who I hate and who I dislike" Valen said and looks to a paper. "Well, why I'm gonna win Total Drama, I think I am not a dumb *ss that trusts everyone. I am not a naive skinny barbie doll. I hate that girls and I wanna punch them. So when someone is eliminating me they will see my other side. The Evil Side." Valen said and laughs malignant. "So if someone is doing annoying to me he or she will leave the season with an black eye" Valen said and smiles.

"Looks like a very good character... She may provide some killer hate mail." Chris stated. "Four more people left..."

A girl turns the camera on and closes her door. She rolls with her eyes. "A audition, right. I am not doing audition cause I know I'm gonna be in it. HAH. I am so ev-" The wannabe evil girl said but is she's interrupted by someone who opens the door. "Zara, honey. I made your favorite desert. Banana's in chocolate pudding. Come, then I can massage your ears." Zara's mother said and walks off the room. "My life is one mess." She growls. "And this is the only way to be myself. SO LET ME IN F*CK DAMNED." Zara screamed and puts the camera off.

Chris looked at the camera in disbelif. "Woah, this contestants has some anger issues, I never feel safe with those kind of people on the island. But they still make killer television." Chris laughed.

A small boy was playing a video game in his room. The room was messy and everything was out of placed while snacks were placed everywhere. "I feel like I will be a very good competitor in this show as I am actually funny. I do the best 'Your Mom' jokes and… more "Your Mom" jokes." The teen bragged. "I’m Bobby and all my friends love me. I will win and stuff." He laughed and ended the video.

Chris yawned. "Man, what a boring kid. Your mom jokes? Really? I made them when I was 5. This guy is a teen, what a loser. If he's loved by all his friends then I assume he goes to pre-school." Chris said.

The screen shows a gigantic white house with a big garden. A boy in a smoking walks to the camera and smiles to his butler. "Thanks dude, my dad gives you 50 bucks. Now go." The boy said. He has tight blonde hair and looks gorgeous. "No offense but my family told me not to sign up for the reality/drama show Total Drama. I was wondering what a reality television show could do with you. Anyway, I'm British. And behind me there is my house. My dad's personal workers dont want me to film it. Well, my name is K.C. Kendall Croyton. My dad and mom decided to give me the name K.C. Long story. My butler will show the garden while I'm going to brunch. Bye." K.C said and walks back to his house. The butler looks to the camera. "Don't pick him, he is a jerk." He said and puts the camera off.

Chris looked at the camera. "I thought british people were nice. This guys gonna be a pain." Chris said. "At least, this is the last audition left. Joel Hannigan? Hm..." Chris pressed the remote and the screen changed.

The camera reveals a dark room. There is a blinking light and a small table with some puppets. "Hello, Chris. I am Joel Hannigan and I have a habit, a habit of puppet mastery." He laughed. "I love they way, I can make them do anything I want. I am also a puppet master... on people... I can manipulate brothers and sisters, buisness partners and everyone else... This game is mine, my goals are greater than all other inferior beings... Video over."

Chris stared at the camera. "That was... awesome! Finally, a real competitor. This season will be huuuuuuuuuuuuge!" Chris hapily shouted. "That's all for today, but what's for tommorow? Will any of these contestants get along? Will Franklin and Zoey unite as Froey? Will the ratings be huge?! Find out next time, on Total... Drama... Isle of Terror!"

Episode 2: Same Game, New Pain.

"Hello, Total Drama fans. Last episode, we reviewed the auditions of our sixteen competitors. Some were boring, some were actually good." Chris announced. "But they all revealed one thing, and that's that none of them are gonna like this place." A plane was seen behind Chris, approuching in the background. "Our 16 contestants are flying here on a private jet at this moment, and when they arrive the game will finally begin!"

The intro tune begins to play.

The screen goes to the plane. All of the contestants are seen in the plane. Zoey and Chloe sits on the only benches that are placed in the plane. "Did you bring my beauty case.." Zoey asked to Chloe, while she looks to her stuff.

Chloe nods her head. "Yes I did, Zoey." Chloe responds.

"Great." Zoey said and rolls with her eyes. She looked at Chloe annoyed. She is mad at Chloe because Chloe joined the competition through her audition. Zoey and Chloe had been friends for as long as they could remember yet Chloe was always unitentionally making Zoey annoyed over little things.

Chloe is looking for Zoey's beauty case while Zoey looks around to the other contestants. When Chloe returns to her bestfriend, Zoey smiles to Chloe. "There are a few strange people here.." Zoey whispers and points to Craig, the LARP'er.

"He looks kind of sweet." Chloe replied and looks to Craig. When he looks to her she smiles and turns back to Zoey.

Zoey looks a little bit angry. "You dont like him right? You deserve better." Zoey said to her bestfriend while she looks to her. Chloe nodds her head and the two girls are continue talking about the beauty case.

Franklin looked at Zoey from a distance. He went to the same school as Zoey and Chloe, and he had a massive crush on her. Ever since she and he were paired together in ballroom dancing, he wanted to go out with her.

Franklin swallowed up his courage and walked up to her. He wanted to play him being in TD as mere coincidence instead of him following her. "Hey, Zoey. Is that you?" Franklin asked. "It's me! Franklin from high school! What are you doing here?"

Zoey looks to Franklin. "Yes, I remember you. You mean, what are you doing here? I signed up for this show and now my bestfriend joined and now you! You get to be kiddin' me if this is a show like a school reunion soap or whatever." Zoey shouts and walks angry away.

Chloe turns to Zoey and then to Franklin. "She's just confused... I.. guess.." Chloe stutters while she blushes. She turns again to Zoey and walks to her.

"Darn!" Franklin shouted... quitely. "I might never get with her..." Franklin sat down onto the bench. He looked around to see if Zoey had calmed down, but he couldn't spot her.

"Hello, what's your name!?" Craig yelled, despite being next to him.

"Argh...!" Franklin screamed in panic. When he saw Craig he calmed down, but was pretty annoyed at him. Franklin looked at the way Craig dressed and shuffled to the left a little, he hated it when people dressed up like wizards, puppies and aliens. He also didn't get out much, so he always assumed those people were special'.

"Not much of a talker? Well, I am Craig. I am 'the barbarian' and I have slayed countless of ogres and warlocks in my quests, i'm like level 24." Craig replied cheerfully.

"Oh. I'm Franklin. The... guy?" Franklin said."Oh, wait. You're playing some sort of game? Right?"

"No..." Craig replied. Craig walked up to Franklin and whispured in his ear. "Psst, I'm not allowed to break character." He stepped back and Franklin just watched him. "Uh... you okay?"

"I'm just wondering, how many people play this game of yours?" Franklin asked. "I mean, how many Warlocks, Barbarians and whatever exist?" He wanted to know whether this was a small thing or that lots of people do this and he's been completely oblivious.

"Lot's of people larp. It's a fun thing we do. " Craig answered, unintentionally breaking character, yet he didn't notice.

In the plane there is a little dark place without any light. K.C looks to the place and sees a shoe. "Eh.." K.C mutters and looks around. He sees Misery. "Girl, can I ask you one thing." He asked polite to Misery.

Misery turned around to K.C. "Sure... what is it that you ask of me?" Misery asked, she added empathis on the words 'What', 'Is' and 'Me'. "Is something 'terribley' wrong?!" She faked a frown, yet it was obvious she wanted something 'terrible' to happen.

K.C raises a eyebrow up. "Oh dear. Well, do you see that shoe too or am I getting daft." He said and points to the shoe that moves a little bit.

"Whoa. That is strange." Misery replied. She seemed disapointed yet she still seemed like she wanted to find out what's happened. "I will help...with the shoe?" Misery asked confused.

"DON'T TOUCH IT!" A voice shouts in the dark.

"Oh my god! It can talk!" Misery shouted. "I discovered a talking shoe! Yeah!" She then started fantasising about all the awards and praise she would get from finding it, but then, she somehow started imagining she was a character on Jersey Shore that was dating a shoe.

"Goodlord.. bloody hell.." K.C said shaky and looks a little bit scared to the dark place.

A pale boy walks to them. He has short black hair, he wears a grey shirt with black paint stains on it with black pants. His voice was restful. "It's not the shoe. And leave me alone now." The boy said. It's Adam, the boy who auditioned in the dark. He walks away.

K.C looks to Misery. "Berlin beard, that was a strange guy." K.C stated while he looks to his shaking hands.

Misery looked at Adam walking off. She wondered what his name was and what was he like. He seemed dull and scary to others, but she couldn't help but feel an attraction towards him. He seemed just like all her favourite Shakesphear books as a real person. She looked at K.C.

"Oh, sorry. I must've dozed off. I am Misery... I'm a drama prefect at school..." Misery said to K.C. "What's your name?" She didn't seem all that intrested and it was painfuly obvious that something else was on her mind.

"My name is Kendall Coyton Jr. but you can call me K.C. My grandfather was a rich duke. My dad is a diplomat. We are very rich and I hope there is some luxe on that island." K.C said and looks to Misery. He smiles quickly.

"That's cool. I've never talked to a rich person before. What's it like..." Misery asked. She seemed to be getting more interested the further Adam was.

K.C smiles. "It's wonderful, but people like you can't depicture that." K.C stated while he looks disapprovingly to Misery.

"Um... what's wrong?" Misery asked. "What's with the weird looks? All I asked was what it was like." Misery looked at K.C angrilly. She was pretending to be mad to see what K.C was like when mad, she didn't know alot but she at least knew that Total Drama needed you to know others well to survive.

"Well, I think you are wrong. You need some therapy cause it seems like you have some weird voices in your head. Anyway I'm going to someone that is on my level. Tata." K.C said to Misery while he walks to some other contestants.

Misery frowned. She wanted to know more about K.C and where he was from yet she just scared him away with her 'acting'.

K.C walks to Chelsea, who was sitting on her case. "Hey, do you want some company." K.C asked to Chelsea and smiles.

"Nahh, not in the mood to talk." Chelsea stated while she looks to her nails. She looks emotionless to K.C and sees him walking away.

Trey comes out of a room with about 20 bags. He seemed to be struggling, it looked like he has been dragging the bags to the room the entire trip. His heay breathing seemed to back that up. "Can someone help me?" Trey asked.

Hannah turns to Trey when he asked for help. She was talking with two contestants, but they are walking away when Trey looks to them. Hannah walks to Trey and helps him with his bags. "I hope I can help a little bit, I'm not really ... strong." Hannah said as she carries a few of Trey's bags.

Thanks, at least someone here bothers to help others in need. Trey said. He scolds the other contestants for a second before looking back to Hannah. Well, I'm Trey. And you are?

"Hannah! Nice to meet you, I hope we will be in the same team. And if we not, I hope we will make the merge." Hannah said happily and hopps away.

Trey looked at Hannah and sighed. He dragged the last of his bags to the wall and sat down. He was so tired. He looked to his right and spotted Chelsea. "Oh, hi. I'm Trey. What's your name?" Trey asked curiously.

Chelsea laughs. "You don't have to ask my name, everyone should know me. I am Chelsea." Chelsea stated as she looks to her nails. "Why are you sitting here." She asked.

Trey looked at Chelsea to try and see if he remembered her in a magazine or something... he could not. "I got pretty tired... I sat against this wall to try and relax, saw you and thought 'Why not?' and said hi..." Trey asked.

She nods her head and walks away. She is not interested in a boy like Trey. He is not very rich, but Chelsea didn't know, was that Trey was a movie maker. And maybe a director. Or better yet, a casting director!

Chelsea walked past two female contestants, Elanoria and Valen. Valen looks for some food, cause she can't find her case.

"Where is my case..." Valen growls to the other contestants. Everyone, even Adam, takes a glance at Valen, except Eleanoria. She walked to Valen.

As she looks to Valen, she starts to talk. "Aw, little girl. Can I help you." Eleanoria asked and smiles. She turns to the other contestants to smile but falls on Valen. "Oops."

"DUDE.." Valen shouts while she push Eleanoria off her. "I dont wanna smell your butt. And go help someone else please. Argh.." Valen growls again and looks to Bobby which is looking at her. "WHAT?!?"

"Whoa. No need to shout." Bobby replied, he then laughed. "Heh...!" He looked at Valen like he wanted her to laugh back. He waited about a minute before making a pouty face.

Valen looks to her jacket. "Well, maybe I'll not shout but... leave me alone and I'll give you a sock.. full of.. butter." Valen said while she grabs something out of her jacket. She shows him a sock of butter.

"Oh, my, god!" Bobby shouted in glee. "It's beautiful!" Bobby sat down next to Valen. "I'm Bobby! I play games... and... make jokes..." He looked at Valen. "And... yours is?"

"You forgot, you have to leave me alone" Valen sighed, she got up. "I have to throw up." Valen said before she walked away with her buttersock. She looks once back to him and shakes her head as she laughs.

(CONF) Joel looks towards the camera. "Everyone here don't seem to get along..." Joel said before laughing "Perfect. This'll make it even easier to make them do what I want. Not to mention the idiots here."

Joel sits down and looks around. He finds himself sitting on Zara'a's hand who yelps in pain. She stands up and looks at him in fury.

Her eyes looks almost red. "How.. dare you?!? Are you mad or something?" Zara shouts to Joel, which is looking to the other contestants. They are looking to them. "I don't talk Swedish, so answer me now." Zara said and wants to punch him. She grabs Joel by his shirt and brings him to the 'dark place' of the plane. When they are arrived Joel looks kind of scared.

"So, you arent talking. I will let you talk." Zara said and wants to punch him but she punches the caises that lies behind Joel. "Ouch, damned!!" She shouts in pain.

"Huh?" Joel looks at Zara, who was holding his shirt. "You seem like such a strong competitor..." Joel smiled. "You seem like a definate TD season winner."

Zara's angry face changes to a smile. "Oh, well.." Zara stated as she blushes and touches her hair. "Thanks."

"Your welcome. My name is Joel Hannigan and yours is?" Joel asked Zara.

"Zara. Zara Weigner, but nobody cares about my name. Anyway, sorry about that thing about your shirt." Zara said calm.

"Oh, I don't care about my stupid shirt." Joel replied. "It's worthless." Joel smiled.

"Hey. I'm sorry but I can't help but of heard your private conversation..." Layson said as he walked up to Zara and Joel. "I wondered what you two were talking about. I'm Layson."

Zara looks annoyed by Layson. "Ok." She growls.

The plane continues to fly normal till a bird crashes in the motors of the plane. The plane immediately starts to plummet from the sky. All of the contestants are running around. The plane door goes open.

"Emergency! Emergency! All contestants evacuate!" A voice comes from the plane's speakers.

"Look the door is open!" Eleanoria screams to Valen and grabs her hand. Both they jump out of the plane. Adam is still calm and walks to the door as he pushed out by K.C.

"I dont wanna die! I dont wanna die!" K.C shouts to Adam and both boys falls off the plane. The door is nearly closed again and only one person can leave the plane.

Misery runs towards the door and immediatly looks down. "What a... b-big fall..." Misery states. Zara sprints towards the door to try and get out. Zara shoves Misery out of the way yet the door swings back and hits her, knocking Zara unconsious.

Layson sits still while the others panick. "Guys, there is no need to fret. We are honerable teens, meaning we go down with the plane." Layson tells everyone. Chelsea calms down and sits next to Layson.

Zoey and Chloe look at eachother, while Franklin looks to the windows. "What are you doin', Frankenstain." Zoey asked to Franklin.

(CONF) "Arghhhh.. why can't she remember his name? It's F-R-A-N-K-L-I-N." Chloe states annoyed and rolls with her eyes.

"I think-!" Franklin smashes the window. "I got way out!" Franklin pushes the remaining glass out of the window to avoid injuries. "Quick! We've got to go!" Franklin grabs Zoey's hand who in turn grabs Chloe's hand. Franklin climbs out the window with the two.

Chelsea, Trey and Hannah looks to them. Trey walks to the front and wants to jump. He looks to Chelsea and to Hannah. He walks to the window and reaches his hand to the two girls. Chelsea grabs his hand and the two jumps out of the plane. Hannah looks sad and turns to the other contestants.

"We have to hurry up, I don't wanna die in a plane. Anyway, it's with you guys!" Hannah said and smiles. Zara wakes up and looks to the other contestants.

"Are.. we.. dead?" Zara asked to Joel.

"Nope. We've got to escape through the window. Apperently, Layson and Bobby are staying." Joel replies.

"Just like survivor! I have the eye of the tiger and stuff!" Bobby shouts excited.

On that moment, the plane reaches the ground and the contestants falls on the floor. Zara faints again, while Bobby and Craig are throwing up. Hannah stands up same as Joel.

"We made it! Yay!" Hannah yells and jumps.

"See? Just like I said." Layson stands up. "It's the honerablele way, and it even seems to be okay."

Suddenly, the door opens. Chris walks though the door and into the broken plane. "Welcome, contestants. To Total Drama: Isle of Terror!" Chris announces. "Sorry for the rough flight, " Chris announces. "Sorry for the rough flight, our interns are begginers."

"Begginers?! You mean we almost lost our lives to your beggining flight crew!?" Joel shouts.

Zara gets up and shakes her head. "The devil inside me has spoken. I knew it. I'm Drs. Evil. Yes. Right?" Zara said and looks around her.

Joel stared at her. "...yes..." Joel replied.

"This season's teams were decided by your own actions. The way you guys fell out of the plane." Chris announced.

"If it was decided by that, than I assume you made the plane fall on purpose." Bobby asked.

"Yes... and no... I planned to send the plane crashing an hour later but I guess I got lucky." Chris replied. "Why did you think that door suddenly hit Zara in the face?" The contestants nodded at eachother.

"Team A consits of the people who escaped through the door, Elanoria, Valen, Adam, K.C and Misery. Team B consits of the window escapees, Franklin, Zoey, Zoey's friend, Trey and Chelsea." Chris announced.

"And Team C consists of us who stayed, Me, Zara, Joel, Bobby, Hannah and... the barabarian guy..." Layson interupts.

Valen looks to Chris. "I'm hungry." She whispers to Chris.

"Exactly. Yet I could do without the interuptions, thank you..." Chris said, ignoring Valen's pleads for food.

K.C looks to Chris and raises his hand. "Can I ask you something, Mr. McLean?"

"Sure, K.C. What is it?" Chris replies.

"I was reading a book about surviving on a island when I was sitting in the tea room, while I saw my butler working in the third garden of our mansion, and I was reading about something with challenges and immunity. Can you explain more about this, Mr. McLean?" K.C said elegant.

"Challenges and immunity are your key to surviving Total Drama. Every day, there will be a challenge and the winner of that challenge will win imminuty. The team that lost will have to vote someone to go home. The person with immunity can't be eliminated for the episode." Chris announced.

Eleanoria looks frightenend. "And how is someone going to home? We came here with a plane what is completly b-b-b-r.." Eleanoria said but gets interupted by Valen.

"No one cares what you want to ask, can we move on please." Valen growls as she looks in her case to get some roti.

"Oh my lord, you are so rude. What is wrong with you darling, did you eat something bad?" Eleanoria asked afraid to Valen.

Valen looks annoyed by her and grabs her roti. She pushes it on Eleanoria's head. "No, but you got something bad on your head. And now shut up." Valen said emotionless.

"Um... Chris? Where does thou' place our sleeping areas?" Craig asks.

"Well... that is challenge one. You have to create your place of rest and if it isn't good enough. Your team will go up for elimination and one of you'll go home!" Chris announced in a sadistic manner. The contestants gasped.

"That's all for this episode, but we will be back soon. What will happen on Total Drama next? Will Valen continue to hate Elanoria? What team will win the challenge? And who is the first one to go? Find out next time, on Total... Drama... Isle of Terror!" Chris states to the viewers. The screen zooms out on the final five words.

Episode 3: Build Your Future

"Welcome, Total Drama fans. Last episode, the teams got introduced to eachother on a plane, yet that plane fell hard. Team A and Team B managed to escape, while Team C was sent to fall. What will happen next on this brilliant season of Total Drama, because if I'm in it, it's great. Even my boy band... oh, wait. Find out now, on Total... Drama...Isle of Terror!" Chris announced.

~Intro Plays~

The scene returns to where they left off last episode. The contestants just glare at Chris silently. In the previous episode, Chris explained that the contestants has to work on a team house. The better house will win, the worst one will be heading to the elimination ceremony and be forced to eliminate someone.

"The items you can use to build your team's houses are... no where and everywhere." Chris announced.

"No where, and everywhere?" Franklin said. "That makes no sense!? How could they be no where and everywhere!?"

"Calm down. The items you are using to make your houses today are the stuff you can actually find on the island, meaning wood and plants." Chris explained. "Yet in the future challenges, you will get take-out foods as well as a new item to make your houses easier or more conferting."

"Meaning the nowhere is the stuff not on the island right now..." Layson added.

Zoey stared at Layson and shook her head. "I think he means that we have to look for the stuff. Or maybe not... what is it Chris?" Zoey said and looks to Chris.

"I agree with Zoey!" Chloe yelled as she hugged Zoey joyfully.

(CONF) "Zoey is like my sister, we have spent so much time with each other in the past. We know basically everything about each other. Like.. everything!" Chloe laughed as she smiled .

(CONF) "Chloe is just my friend, I have to be nice to her in the game. But when she is useless, she'll have to go next. I can't have a loser on my team, even my best friend." Zoey said emotionless.

"Wait. I still don't get it. Are we looking for the items or are the items coming here?" Franklin asked again.

"The items are challenge rewards! Whatever you find on the island can be used for the challenge yet after challenges you get prizes to upgrade your houses." Chris shouted. "Is it that hard to understand!?"

(CONF) "Team B don't seem that bright. I doubt they'll last." Joel stated.

Zara laughs. "It does seems really.. difficult though...." Zara replies before taking a look at Joel. She smiles. Zara, herself, didn't think it's difficult but she didn't want the others to think they were a strong team.

"...Whatever. Your houses can be anywhere and can vary as long as it stays in a house like format." Chris stated. "So... three, two, one... go!" Chris got out a horn and pressed the button, which eminited a loud obnoxious sound.

The three teams ran away in three different dirrections. Team B ran into an open field with few trees, which was perfect for building. Team A ran into a forest which was actually kinda cozy. And team C ran to a beach.

"Why are we going to the beach." Zara asked Joel.

"It's because, my idea for the challenge is for us to make a beach house." Joel replied.

Hannah smiles as she thinks of a beach house. "That is wonderful, Joel! I can't wait to build it." Hannah said friendly.

"This idea does seem pretty good. But shouldn't we get the materials first?" Layson asked.

"After we plan how wide, tall, and what it should be made of." Joel snapped. Layson looked at Joel confused.

Zara looks to the two boys. "So. What are we doin' with the materials? Who is going to look for it and who is going to build." Zara asked sassy.

Joel puzzled for a second. "Hannah seems smart and so does Layson. They shall determine what materials fit best. Craig, Bobby and you will build it while I determine the details." Joel said calmly.

"Sure!" Hannah beeps and hopps to Joel. "What can we get for you."

"Just get what you see fits best." Joel replied.

On team B. Zoey waited impatently for Chelsea to arrive to the meadow. Chloe and Franklin sat down as they waited for her. Chelsea was the only one who didn't run to the meadow because she was 'too good' to waist that much energy.

"Where is Chelsea, she has to come now or we are going to vote her off ok.." Zoey sighs.

Chloe looks to Zoey and nods her head. "I agree with you Zoe-Zoe."

"Well, she isn't taking that long." Trey adds. "She's just a little slower compared to the rest of us..."

Team B heard a voice at the end of the meadow. "Trey, camera's on.." the voice said. After a few minutes team B sees the person. It's Chelsea. "Sorry for being late, I had to change my shoes."

Trey got out his camera. "It's okay, Chelsea. I don't think anyone minds..."

(CONF) "Speak for yourself." Franklin said. "She took ages."

Chelsea poses for the camera. "Do I look great? Yes I do." Chelsea said as she changed her pose again. Trey started to take pictures of her.

Zoey looks to Chelsea with an disgusted face. "Eh.. you can do something other then posing for the camera." Zoey growls.

"I have to agree." Franklin said as he stood up. "I have an idea for the challenge yet we have to do it fast." Franklin picked up a stick and drew an diagram in the dirt. "My idea is an underground house. First, we did a small hole, eventually after we're 5-8 feet down we expand the hole underground to create a living room. Second, we create indivisual rooms and beds. After that, we use some hay or leaves as a floor and then we will be done. To make it easier, me and Trey will share a room, while Zoey, Chloe and Chelsea share a room." He looked to the others. "That okay, Zoey?"

"I don't care, I wanna have-" Zoey said but gets interrupted by Chelsea.

"No. I'm not in a room with ... her.." Chelsea shouted while pointed to Zoey. Zoey looked at Chelsea angrily.

Chloe stares to Franklin and nods her head. "I love your idea, Franklin." Chloe dreamly said. She smiled as soon as she spotted Franklin smiling back.

"Okay. I guess Chelsea could have her own room." Franklin said reluctantly. He smiled. "Ok. Let's get digging." Franklin paused. "After we get the shovels of cource." Franklin laughed nervously.

The screen goes to a forest. Behind the trees team A is talking about their house. "No, I'm not going to build a house like that." Valen shouts to Eleanoria.

"B.. But.." Eleanoria whispers with tears in her eyes. "I only wanna help."

Valen rolls with her eyes. "Shut up please and get some wood. Did I make myself clear? Perfect. Go, Go, Go." Valen screams angrily to Eleanoria. "Misery, K.C. You two can look for more stuff for our house. Why do I have to give everyone a mission or something." Valen stated as she rolls with her eyes, again.

Adam looks kinda annoyed by Valen and walks away.

"Poor, dear..." Misery said as she watched Elanoia run away crying. "Valen? Can I ask something?"

"Quickly." Valen said cantakerous. She wanted to start with building.

"Why is our idea... so basic?" Misery asked. "We're just making the same cabins like in the previous Total Drama seasons... It seems really hard to build... I don't know why you seem so sure of yourself..."

Valen laughed. "It's not difficult to know that, girl. It was Chris his idea to put those cabins in those seasons. It was HIS idea. Do you get me? Chris loves himself and everything he does. He loves his cabins too so if we make it he will let us win. And now back to work." Valen explains and walks away.

Misery looked to Valen suspicious. "I guess..." She turned to K.C. "We have to get a start on this if we're ever gonna get this done..."

K.C shakes his head. "Too much work. I don't wanna stay seated but a little bit more mirth is not wrong in this team." K.C stated as he looks to Misery. He points to the forest. "We have to look there I guess but I assume we must beware of spiders and other insects."

Misery nodded. She looked around for anything 'special' while K.C did actual work. She spotted a bow of nails and a hammer. "Look! That looks like it would help us alot! Eee!" She ran towards the box but the box was snatched away by Bobby.

"Hey! I need that!" Misery shouted.

"So do I..." Bobby said as he stared at Misery. Misery turned around and called for K.C. Bobby just looked at the two blindly.

"Give it to us! Now, please. The youth of the future is so.. abnormal." K.C shouts and raises his hand. "Throw it to us."

Bobby looked bored and even gave off a small yawn. "Why should I?" Bobby asked.

K.C shrugs. He grabbed something out his pocket. He shows it to Bobby. It's a 50 dollar note. "It's yours if you give us that thing." K.C negotiates and smiles to Bobby.

Bobby looked at the money and snatched it. He threw the box onto the floor. "Thanks!" Bobby laughed in happiness.

K.C nods and grabs the box. "It's nothing that I gave him that 50 dollar note. I simply found it on my bench in the third livingroom in my mansion. Shall we look for more materials?" K.C suggests to Misery.

"Sure... Do you have any more cash?" Misery asks, getting a distrusting look from K.C.

We then went back to Team C. Craig and Zara were struggeling with the building of the walls. Joel looked annoyed. "Where is he!?" Joel shouted. "Where is Bobby!? That childish brat must have run off!" He spotted Hannah coming back with more building supplies.

"Hi there! I have hard mud, rope, coffins and thousands of deodorants. But they are used. Maybe we can use it as roof." Hannah suggests and smiles. She looks to her long hair. She grabs a elastic off her pocket and puts in on her hair. She makes a bun of her hair.

Joel stared at her. He was astonished of how useless she was. "What? Seriously? It took you an hour to get that!?" Joel stated. "Chris will end the challenge any minute now and we're only half way done yet you decided to get bathroom supplies!"

Hannah slaps her hand to her mouth. "I'm so sorry, I just wanted to help. I can go back to the forest and get more stuff for you." Hannah said. Tears started to roll down her cheeks. "I only wanted to help our team."

Joel stopped. "I-it's okay... just get your butt back into the forest and get us some wood... no, infact, just get Bobby." Joel said. "We need an extra hand..."

"Okay!" Hannah yells in happiness and hopps to the forest.

Zara looks to Joel as Hannah walks away. "If we lose is she going to be eliminated." Zara said to Joel while she is building.

"Of course..." Joel whispured to Zara. "Hannah can't just let us- no... you lose. Your not a loser..." Joel smiled.

Zara nodds her head.

In the forest, Hannah hopps around to find Bobby. "Bobbyyy, Bobbyyyy" She screams and looks around. She collides to Trey. Chelsea looks to her.

"Look out!" Chelsea shouts to Hannah. Chelsea hugs Trey. "Are you alright.." She asks to Trey and the two walks away. Hannah is going to sit on the ground and stares to the ground.

(CONF) "Total Drama is a completly different than what I have expected. Everyone is so mean. I hope I meet someone who is nice. And my mascara is anticipated. Great." Hannah jokes and cries.

Bobby walks up to Hannah. "Can I help you?" Bobby asks, hapilly. "Building is boring, so I wanted to scavenge!" He laughed.

Hannah jumps and wipes her tears away. "Bobby! I found youu! Well, I understand you totally but we have to go back. Joel wants a 'extra hand' to build some things." She said and smiles. "Are you coming." Hannah asks quizzically.

Bobby sighs. "Okay, Hannah..." Bobby kicked the ground and went up to her. "Can I at least help for a second!?" Bobby asked.

"No, no. It's wonderful that you even talk to me. The others arent talking to me. Only Layson. Ohh Bobby it's so hard to survive now if you haven't made any friends. But I have to keep my head straight." Hannah stated. She smiles to Bobby and points to the right side of the forest. "That is the beach side."

"Okay, if you want me too. But the others are so boring..." He follows Hannah to the beach. Joel looked at Bobby angrily.

"Where did you go!?" Joel shouted. Bobby looked at the house, it seemed to be finished... until he realised the roof wasn't there.

"The roof isn't there!" Bobby foolishly pointed out.

"So? It's her fault!" Zara shouts to Bobby and points to Hannah. "So ask your friend about the roof and leave Joel alone! GOT IT!!!?!?!??!?!" Zara shouts angrily.

"Woah. Why don't we just use these deodarants, and the hard mud...?" Bobby asks. "They look useful."

"I brought them both but yeah.." Zara said and looks to Hannah. She smiles and looks to Bobby. "Do you really want to use it."

Layson looked to Zara confused. "So... You went against Joel?" Layson asked. "You seem like the kind of person... but why hasn't he shouted at you?"

"Well, I'm listening to him. He is the brain of our team. The others are useless like Hannah and you. And now you have to help Joel. He need help. Villains like us has to control the team. We have the brains." Zara stated and looks to Joel.

(CONF) "She didn't answer my question..." Layson added.

"Oh, ok." Bobby states. He started to get out a glue stick he found when scouting and started glueing the deodranst together.

"Hey. Won't it take a while to glue all that up?" Craig asked.

"We got time... I think..." Bobby replied.

We cut back to Team B who are in their underground house. The floor is covered with leaves and hay everywhere that you don't even see the dirt. The walls however aren't covered. There is three rooms not counting the living room. The living room has a small table that all the team can eat together on.

"Wow. This really went together better than expected!" Franklin said, admiringly. He looked to Zoey and smiled.

"Indeed, I can't wait to spend time in this." Zoey said and smiles to Franklin. She sees Chloe looking to her. "What."

"Nothing, just.. surprised. I love it too." Chloe stated and looks to Zoey again.

(CONF) "I can't help it. I can't, I can't, I can't. But I am not going to tell my personal stories for television." Chloe said depressed and looks around. "By the way, this looks better then most of the confessionals on television."

Chelsea and Trey come back with the last stuff they need. "A stupid girl broke something." Chelsea said and shows their stuff. Chelsea looks around. "Even if it doesn't have any luxury it's brilliant." Chelsea proffesed.

"You guys did a great job..." Trey remarked. "This is a great team base." He looked to the rooms. They had signs on the doors. 'Boys', 'Girls' and 'Chelsea.' A voice was heard through-out the island.

"Dear, contestants. You have ten minutes left before I review your houses." Chris announces. "See you soon."

"Ten minutes? Wow, what good timing..." Trey said.

Chloe nods. "Great job team. We can be proud on ourself. Well let's finish this house right up!" Chloe said and everyone agrees.

Back to team A. Their house was looking exactly like the real deal. Valen had a smug smile on her face.

"Woah... this looks quite good..." Misery states. "I think... we may win..." She looked at Adam. She never even saw him the entire day due to her being so busy.

Adam walks to the cabin and looks inside. When he turns to the team he nods. "It. Is. Great." He sizzle calm.

Eleanoria and Valen are standing on the other side. Eleanoria looks to the cabin. "I'm so proud of myself." Eleanoria stated.

"Of yourself? Shut up, girl. You did almost nothing." Valen shouts yet she realised he has to control herself.

Eleanoria looks kind of confused. "Sorry.." Eleanoria stated.

Adam looked at Valen annoyed and walks off into the forest. Misery looks to Adam before turning to K.C and they start to talk. Valen notices none of them are watching her but Elanoria. Elanoria notices her smug smile. "Huh?"

Valen laughs and walks to the cabin. She sees some hay. Valen grabs a lighter and puts it on the hay. The hay is in fire and the fire goes to the cabin. Valen runs to the others. "RUN! ELEANORIA HAS PUT THE CABIN IN FIRE IN AN ATTEMPT TO ELIMINATE ME!" Valen screams and everyone runs. "She hates me so much that she'd do that!" Valen fakes a cry, really well. Thanks to some preperations, she already had her mascara messed up, so they wouldn't notice.

"Elanoria!" Misery shouts. "I know Valen is mean to you, but this is way too far!" Misery looks at Valen with sympathy. "Poor, dear..." Elanoria stared at all of them in fear. She noticed in the corner of her eye Chris was coming. Valen had managed to manipulate them, all she could do now was beg for safety.

"Chris that.. girl.. she took everything away! Everything." Valen said and cries again. She puts her head on Misery's shoulder.

Eleanoria looks confused to the two. "Mis.. Mis.. Misery please don't believe her. She did so mean to me. I did nothing!" Eleanoria begged.

"How is she crying then, and the house!? I expected better of you." Misery said.

Eleanoria looks surprised and doesn't know what to say. "This is not true, this isn't happening. Please believe me. Adam.. K.C... GUYS!" Eleanoria screams and cries.

"Keep your mouth shut and don't talk again." Adam said calm and looks to her. "Let's wait for Chris his answer."

"This is horrible..." Chris states. "Your the only team without a stable house..." Chris looked to the team and smiled. "So... Team A loses the challenge while Team B wins!" Eleanoria looks scared, her tears rolling down her cheeks.

Valen turns to Eleanora and smiles. No one saw it. Eleanoria still cries and knows she will be eliminated tonight. Or she has to make a alliance.

Chris walks to team C. Everyone looks a little bit tired and mad except Hannah. "It's Chris! Yay!" She yells and points to him as she sees him coming to them.

"Well..." Chris said slowly. The team looked in fear. "You guys won second place!"

Zara looks to Joel. "Second place and elimination free." Zara said to Joel and finally smiles.

(CONF) "Joel is great and evil. Me too. So of course we placed second. It was not really difficult cause we are a great team. Joel and me, the others are worthless." Zara stated. She smiles.

And then Chris walks to the forest, the place where team B has made their house. Chris looks around and doesn't see a house. "Guy-" Chris said but falls in a hole.

Zoey and Chloe walks to him. "Chloe, help him." Zoey commanded Chloe.

"S-so... did we win?" Franklin asked cautiously.

"Ohh Chrisss! I'm sorry are you ok." Chloe asked to Chris. She liberates him. "I hope you are ok." Chloe said to him. Zoey comes back to Chloe, Franklin and Chris with Trey and Chelsea. Everyone looks to Chris.

"After counting the results, after looking at the homes... I declare Team B as the winners of the challenge!" Chris announces.

"Yes!" Franklin hugs Zoey. "We won! Oh.. sorry..." Franklin gets his hands off her.

Zoey looks nastily. "Ehh.." Zoey said and walks to Chelsea. They hugs each other. "We won!"

Chloe looks to her bestfriend. Her eyes cast on Franklin and she walks to him. "Congrats, you did a great.. job." Chloe stated as she puts her hand on his shoulder.

"Thanks, Chloe..." Franklin replied. He smiled and even blushed.

"Your prize for winning is this JayJay's Chicken take-out and a working solar panel. Meaning one or two your eletronic devices can be used at a time during the day." Chris announces.

"Electricity?" Trey states. "Woah... you mean it?" Chris throws the take out to Chloe and a box of the solar panel to Trey.

"Yep!" Chris replies. "Have fun with your devices, I have an elimination to do." Chris walks off as Zoey and Chelsea glare at each other, both of them wanting the electricity.

"We'll see later who is getting it, ok." Zoey asked to Chelsea.

"Yeah alright." Chelsea replies. "But I'm sure I will get it." She said calm. Nobody heard it. She smiles and walks with the others to their house.

The sun sets and it's almost night. Team A comes to the elimination ceremony with each an torch. They put it in the torch holder. Eleanoria and Adam stands next to each other.

"Shall we vote Valen. Please, please." She asked him.

Adam looks to her and shakes his head. "This is your fault. You brought us here. And we will bring you home." Adam replied and walks to the wooden stumps. He sits on one of it.

"Ssh-SH!" Chris said... or sh'd. "Now, listen! The voting is just like it was in TDAS but i'll go through it again for the newbies. You cross the picture of the one you want to vote. There is a marker and the pictures already in the confesional. Now, vote."

(CONF) Adam puts his vote in the urn.

(CONF) "Well, girl. You are going to be eliminated. You had to go cause you are like.. like.. oh get off." Valen growls and puts her vote for Eleanoria in the urn.

(CONF) K.C puts his vote in the urn.

(CONF) Misery throws up confeti up and down. "Yay!" Misery laughs. "Wait, o, thats my vote!" Misery grabs all the pieces and puts them in the urn.

(CONF) "I think I'm going to home but I have to vote for you." Eleanoria said and puts her vote for Valen in the urn.

"Okay. I have recived the votes..." Chris said. "The votes are, Eleanoria, Valen, Eleanoria..." he picks up the ripped up vote. "... Unkown... and the final vote goes to..." Chris looks at Eleanoria and Valen. "Eleanoria..."

Eleanoria nods her head and looks to the others. "You have eliminated the wrong person. I am not the person that made that fire. But I don't care anymore. I'm going home to people who will support me forever. Good-bye." Eleanoria stated and thinks. "I only wanna ask one thing. Why do you hate me, Valen." Eleanoria asked.

Valen swallows equally. "That is 'cause you are .. annoying. Chris please let her go with your new thing of shame or whatever." Valen said quickly and looks around.

(CONF) "She reminds me to my older sister... 'The dream child'. I wasn't planned to be born. I messed up my family and everything. My parents hate me yet everything my sister did and does is amazing to them. And my sister is exactly the same as the Eleanoria girl. So I had to work her out so I don't have to think about my sister and parents." Valen explains and looks emotionless to the camera. "How do I put it off."

Eleanoria nods her head. "Well, it was great with you all. Except Valen, girl you don't wanna know how much I dislike you too." Eleanoria declares and looks to Chris. "How am I going home." Eleanoria asked.

"On this season, we spent no expense. If you get eliminated, you'll be going home through..." Chris announced. "The Submarine of Shame! Say goodbye."

"Goodb-" Eleanoria said but gets interrupted by Chris whom pushes her into the submarine of shame. Valen laughs outloud about it. The submarine drives off into the water and goes into it.

"That's all we had time for on this episode of Total Drama. But what else is next to come? Will Zoey ever return his feelings? Who will get the electricity? Will Zara see Joel's true self? And will Team A win next episodes challenge? Find out next time on Total... Drama.... Isle of Terror!" Chris announces.

~Outro Plays~

Eleanoria's thoughts in the submarine...

Eleanoria looks to the table. "It's better then be flushed by a toilet I guess. I feel bad to be eliminated first but what could I do to get out of this. Everyone believed Valen so ... yeah.." Eleanoria said and looks again to the table. "Anyway, I did it and I cant wait to see my little brother again." Eleanoria stated as she smiles and is finally happy.

Episode 4: A piece of the puzzle...

"Welcome back, Total Drama fans. Last episode, the team's had to build their own sleeping quaters." Chris announced. "Team B had a creative idea of making and underground house, Team C made a beach house, and Team A made a cabin. Valen, however, sabotaged her team and- guess what? Blamed Elanoria. The team belived Valen and Elanoira was sent packing. What's gonna happen next, find out now. On Total... Drama.... Isle of Terror!"

~ Intro Plays ~

The screen goes to Team B who are having their breakfast. It's not much, they only have grapes and the left-overs of the reward of the last challenge. Jay-Jay's take out. Chelsea and Zoey, however, were not at the table. Chloe, Franklin and Trey did, however, hear them constantly bickering over the other prize, electricity.

"You said what? You are not a princess. We have to-" Zoey shouts but gets interrupted by a angry Chelsea.

"Damn girl, you call me a princess? Please shut up. I deserve it, I have a room for myself so I can have the electricity. Understand?" Chelsea interrupts Zoey.

Franklin looked behind him to the girls. He belived that he deserved the electricity for coming up with the house idea and doing the most work; he didn't speak up though. He knew if he did that, it may damage his chances of hooking up with Zoey, even if he belived it was unfair.

Chloe looks to Franklin and sighs. She looks to Zoey and walks to her. "Zoey! Chelsea! Quit your bickering... please...! This is unfair. The real person who deserves it is whom did his best for our team last challenge. Yes, it was Franklin. So he should get the electricity." Chloe states as she looks to Chelsea. "This also applies to you."

Chelsea nods her head. "Well, I'm already perfect. So you are right Chloe, I don't ned electricity." Chelsea responds. She looks to Zoey and nods.

"Yeah. But still, I want it sooo bad." Zoey shouts and looks to Franklin. She shakes her head and walks to her room. Franklin had mixed emotions, he was grateful to Chloe for saying his mind for him, yet he also felt bad for the two girls... even if Chelsea was annoying to him.

"Wait...!" Franklin shouts. He smiles. "I have an idea... we'll schedule times for the electricity. We all have one hour to use the electricity and I'll have an extra twenty minutes..." Franklin announced happily.

Zoey turns to Franklin and thinks. "It could work. Why not." Zoey replied and smiles to him.

"Well, you two can share it but I don't need it anymore." Chelsea mutters and walks away to her room.

(CONF) "Well, one hour is enough to charge my recording equitment. But I belive I need a little more time... I mean, Franklin whistles through his teeth when he sleeps. I barely got any." Trey states.

"Great idea." Trey replies. Trey takes out a cake from the food bag. "Heh, the last one." Trey smiled before he ate the last cake.

On Team C, everyone is on the beach and are looking for food. They are hungry and want to have breakfast. Zara and Joel look on the right side of the beach, Bobby, Layson and Hannah looks on the other side and Craig stayed at the beach house.

Joel and Zara walks near to the sea. Zara takes her shoes off and walked bare foot in the water. "It's so cold. But I w-" Zara said but stumbles on a rock and falls into the water, drenching her clothes wet. "No... no..." Zara shivers and looks to Joel.

"Woah, are you alright!?" Joel said as he helped Zara up.

"Yeah. But i-i-it's real-l-ly cold-d..." Zara replies and looks to the sea. "Wait, here." Zara said and runs to the beach house. When she's arrived at the beach house she sees Craig.

"Oh, hey Zara. Did you take a swim?" Craig asked. "Such a noble warrior like me has to stay inside and gaurd this land from intruders, meaning I'm not allowed to leave..."

Zara looks weird to him. "No, and I don't know what your talking about Harry Potter. And now just leave me alone, right? I have to change my clothes now. See ya." Zara said annoyed and walks to the girls room. She changes and walks back.

"Huh?" Craig shouts in confusion. "Why are you running? Sand can be very slipery sometimes... not all the time, but can happen rarely." He walks outside to look at Zara running.

"I am back!" Zara screams while she's running. While she runs she stumbles again and falls on the sand. "Damn."

"I told you..." Craig said. "A barbarian like me knows these things..." Craig goes back inside the house.

Zara stands up and looks to Joel. "Sorry. Well, I had a proposal. What do you think of a alliance with me? We only need two more people to vote with us and we have everyone on our side. Right?" Zara asks to Joel.

"Well, you're right." Joel said. "If we have an alliance, we can control the team." Joel smiled viciously. "Yet, even with the alliance plan, we have to not take any chances, and constantly win challenges. Got that?" Joel looked at her serious-like.

"Sure." Zara replies and smiles. We then cut to Hannah, Bobby and Layson, who are searching for food. Bobby doesn't seem to be much of a helper and more of a... conversationalist.

"Ya' know. I'm surprised how we didn't win last time." Bobby said. "I mean, I heard that Team B made a dirt house, and they won. Chris must have bad taste..." Bobby laughed.

"Ahw! Well, we placed second. Still great, right?" Hannah stated as she looks for food.

Layson came back from a long distance with a load of fruits and vegstables. As soon as Layson stepped within radius, Bobby instantly shut up. Bobby respected Layson and even respected his athority, unlike he does with Joel. "I got a lot of food from the forest." Layson stated.

"Yippee." Hannah yells in happiness. "It looks awesome, Layson. And it seems really fresh."

"Yeah, you got coconut milk, bannanas, and... ooh! Grapes!" Bobby said as he smiled. Layson looked towards the beach house and started walking towards it.

"I think it's time we got back..." Layson adds.

Hannah nods. "Yeah, but I'm sure Zara and Joel will be finally happy. Actually, they can forgive me for last challenge! Yay!" Hannah said and hugs Layson and Bobby.

Bobby smiled. "Hey, guys. Do you want to have an alliance?" Bobby asked. "If we lose, Zara goes, right?"

"Hm... I can't decide right now, Bob..." Layson replies. "I'll decide later..." Layson walked towards the beach house and went inside.

"Well, how about you Hannah?" Bobby asked.

"Of course, I'm on your side, Bobby." Hannah replies and winks.

"Thanks..." Bobby replied. He smiled and followed her inside.

The screen goes to Team A, sleeping in a couple of tents. Valen had this incredibly smug smile on her face, satisfied with the ending of her and Eleanoria's story. Adam looked at Valen angrilly, it took him a while, but he realised that not only would Eleanoria not vandilise property, but aslo that only a Dare-devil go to such extremes.

Adam walks to Valen. "I can't believe that you did this. And you said Eleanoria did it, why are you doing this? Maybe it wasn't you but besi-" Adam said quickly.

"It was me." Valen said emotionless.

".. beside that you could..- What?!?" Adam shouts. "What?!?"

Valen smiles and looks to Adam. "It was me, so what is the problem.. dude." Valen asked as she laughs. Adam looks confused.

"You seem like the devil. I feel a bad chakra in you, and I have to destroy it in you." Adam said and looks afraid. "Valen, you need help."

Valen punches Adam in his face. "Help? No, you need help. I think your nose is broken. And do you wanna know why? You have to shut up and not talk to me ever again... Got it?" Valen said. Misery runs towards Valen with fury in her eyes. She helped up Adam.

"What is wrong with you!?" Misery shouted. "I don't know what he and you were talking about, but that is taking things too far!" Misery looked Adam. She wanted drama, and she enjoyed it when Eleanoria was in drama, but for some reason, she was not okay with this.

Valen looks to Misery. "You obviously don't know me. This isn't even close to being too far for me. But I can show you.." Valen threatens Misery. Misery took a couple steps back.

"W-with an attitude like that, you're just gonna get eliminated pre-merge. Probably even next eliminated...!" Misery replied. "B-besides, you can't scare m-me...!"

(CONF) Misery cried with her hands on her face. "Th-that... b-bi..." She sobbed even harder. "How dare she th-threaten me and Ad-adam...!"

Valen rolls her eyes. "You two are so ... funny." Valen said, laughs and walks away.

"A-adam... are you okay?" Misery asked. A tear rolled down her left cheek, but she quickly wiped that away. She wasn't used to poor treatment, she almost never even been called a loser before.

Adam looks to Misery and smiles. "I'm fine, thanks." Adam replied cold and walks away without saying anything.

(CONF) "Don't worry, I'm fine but people like Misery are worthless to talk to. She needs to learn so many things about life. I think I'll just talk to nobody as Valen is just a angry time-bomb, K.C is just annoying and Misery is such a worthless, annoying, child. I deserve better team-mates than these losers..." Adam said and sits in legged.

"Oh... okay..." Misery replied. She looked at Adam and started to wonder why she acts differently and thinks differently when she's with Adam or when somethings about him. She came up with the conclusion she pities him and left it at that, but something in her mind kept telling her she had feelings for him.

K.C walks to Misery. "He seems weak, you deserve better than him... I guess." K.C said to Misery. "Don't feel bad about him."

"Oh... okay..." She repeated. She felt unsure of her team and kind of out of place. Like a small child in a antique store.

"Hello, contestants!" Chris's speaker said. "Is this thing on? Hello...? Hello, hello?" Chris asks. "Ah! Anyway, rise and shine campers, it's challenge time! Please come to the place where I announced last episode's challenge." When the speaker turned off, the contestants slowly and reluctantly walked towards the place of interest.

The contestants arrived to where Chris was. The contestants spotted three tables, one with an A on it, one with a B and one with a C. The contestants sat down on the tables that matched their teams name.

"Hello, campers. Did you sleep well Team A?" Chris asked. Everyone but Valen from team A replied with no. It was obvious she was happy about the first boot. "Well, I don't care. Today's challenge is a scavenger hunt!"

"First, a TDPI challenge, now, a TDR challenge?" Craig asked annoyed.

"No. This is an original challenge. You have to find six puzzle peices and bring them back to me, then you arrange the puzzle in the correct order. If you do that you win. You will have one clue for each puzzle peice." Chris announced. Chef went up to Zoey, Joel and K.C, handing them a map, which had six clues on the side of it.

"You all get the idea right?" Chris asked. "Any questions?"

Valen raised her hand. "Yes. Can we get food after the challenge?" Valen asked.

"Urg... fine." Chris stated. "It was gonna be a surprise, but the winners of the challenge will get a take-out from a local china shop, called Kung Fu Food. As well, as the secret house upgrade. Ready... set... go!" He got out a horn and pressed the horn's button, eminitting a loud iritating sound again.

Team C runs off first, Team B run shortly after them and Team A run after them. Joel stopped after Team C lost the over two teams. "Okay..." Joel states. Joel looks to the rest of his team. "The clue says 'Every contestant has been there at one point.' So it is probably either the forest or the plane..."

Zara thinks and looks to the others of Team C. "I think it's in the plane. It would be dumb if he doesn't put something in the plane. Or am I wrong now..." Zara said.

"I think you're right." Layson replies. "It makes alot of sense to make use of property more than once."

Joel nods and he walks in the direction of the plane. Bobby looks to Hannah. "Hannah...?" Bobby asked Hannah.

"Yes, Bobby?" Hannah replied and smiled to Bobby.

"I have to ask... why do you want to please Joel and Zara? You know there bad people..." Bobby asked.

Hannah looks to the ground. "I don't know, I just want it. I don't like it when people think I'm the princess. I wanna do my best and I'm going to show everyone that I'm not a princess." Hannah responds.

"Don't let them get you down like that..." Bobby states. "It's obvious that Zara won't like anyone else, plus Joel sucks..." Bobby states.

"Yeah.. don't worry it will be okay." Hannah said and smiles to him.

"Good..." Bobby replies. The screen cuts to Team B just outside their house, with Chloe looking at the map.

"We have to walk a little bit to the western side." Chloe said and looks to the map. Zoey is annoyed by her and grabs the map.

"Let me see. CHLOE!!" Zoey shouts and looks angry. "This is the wrong side. Arghhhh." Zoey puts the map in Franklin his hands and walks away with Chloe. They walk to a tree.

Zoey looks to Chloe. "So, why did you do that..." Zoey asked calm to her best friend.

"I'm so.. so.. sorry! Forgive me!" Chloe replies and looks imploringly. Zoey nods and the two girls walks back.

"Franklin, you have the map now." Zoey said. "I'll trust you."

"Y-yeah..." Franklin said, he hid his excitement well... kinda. "I belive we're supposed to go to the cave near the mountain. Because that is the only place on the map which matches the clue..."

"Well, then we have to go to it, right? Go team! Go team!" Chelsea sings and is cheerleading.

Team B left to go to the mountains, yet one stayed. They didn't notice it, but Trey didn't go to the challenge announcement or was even by them right now. Trey was using the electricty.

(CONF) "I had to stay behind, I have to edit my new movie 'Playing with Fire' and get it out when the show is over or my twenty-eight fans will kill me... metaphorically, of course, they'll just get mad... but I don't like that either..." Trey stated.

Team A walks to the beach. "I think it might be... buried. So we have to... shovel the sand." K.C stated as he looks to Adam and Valen.

"I agree with K.C! Whoa, I rhymed!" Misery laughed.

Adam looks cold to Misery and is annoyed by her. "Great, maybe you can shut up and look for some shovels. And leave us alone." Adam whispers to her and walks to Valen. "Any idea, Valen?"

Valen looks to the sand. "She can do it with her hands. And the other boy too." Valen replied and points to K.C.

"Ehh.." K.C swallows and shakes his head. "No."

Valen walks to him and looks angry. "No? You mean.. yes." Valen replied and looks mad. "I am starting to hate some people here." Valen said.

"And most of us are hating YOU!" K.C shouts and walks angry away. He gets Misery by her arm and walks away with her. "They can find out how they are going to win but I'm done with them." K.C said in anger.

"Me too...!" Misery shouted as she walked oof with K.C. Valen looked at the two walk off in anger.

Valen turns back and digs with her hands. "I feel something." Valen shouts and grabs it. It's the first puzzle piece. "We have it! I already said we don't need that dumbheads. Come." Valen said to Adam and both runs away.

The screen goes to the remains of the plane, the camera zooms to the door. The door opens, revealing Joel, Zara, Hannah and the others. They walk through and start looking around.

"It's got to be here someone. I can feel it through my bones!" Craig shouted excitedly. He started opening cabinets, looking for what could be a puzzle peice.

Zara looked around until she spotted the dark part of the room from earlier. It was where she met Joel. She ran into the room while her team stared at her confused. She ran back out with a puzzle piece in her hands.

"You found a puzzle peice!" Joel states. "Good job, Zara. But if we don't hurry up, we'll lose! We've now got to go to the... middle of the forest! Come on, let's hurry!" Joel walked out of the plane, and the rest of the team followed after. Zara skipped along with them.

Back with Team B, they are climbing the mountain they mentioned earlier. Chloe makes it to the top and starts helping the others up. As soon as they get up, Zoey immediately starts searching for the puzzle piece. Chelsea looks at Zoey angrilly, then starts to look for the puzzle piece herself to compete with her.

"There is no puzzle piece here." Chelsea said to the other team members. She looks downwards and almost falls off the mountain. "Oops, I was almo-" Chelsea stated but suddenly she actually falls off the mountain. She grabs a piece of the mountain and feels it's a puzzle piece. "Aaahh.." She screams.

Zoey, Chloe and Franklin looks scared to her. "Do something, Franklin!" Zoey shouts to Franklin. Chloe is biting her nails. And she sees Chelsea is almost falling. Franklin quickly grabbed Chelsea's leg and started to pull her up.

"I-I got her...!" Franklin said. He started to slide off a bit. "H-help!"

Zoey pushes Chloe to Franklin. Chloe grabs Franklin's shirt and pulls it to her. "Come onnn!" Chloe screams and pulls again. Franklin falls back with Chelsea on the mountain.

"I've got a puzzle piece guys!" Chelsea yells and looks to the puzzle piece. "But I was almost ..." Chelsea looked behind her as she heard loud footsteps behind her. A giant sasquatch looked at them in anger. He roared viciously.

"H-huh?" Franklin shouted in confusion. "It's the Sasquatch!" Franklin stepped back yet he almost fell off the mountain. The sasquatch walked closer to the four.

"I don't wanna dieee!" Chelsea shouts and looks around her. "Wait.. where is Trey?" She asked.

Zoey rolls with her eyes. "Girl, you have to worry about this thing here. Not about Trey, if we lose we will vote him out ok? And now we have to leave." Zoey snarls and looks to Franklin.

(CONF) "I know Trey is a good guy... but did he have to be the only one not here?" Franklin asked in the confessional.

Sasquatch snatched all the contestants into his hand and raised them into the year as he roared into their faces. A little bit of spit splashed onto Chloe.

"Eww.." Chloe muds and sweeps it away off her face. Sasquatched threw the four off the mountain. All of them screamed as they plummetted to the ground. They suddenly hit the ground, yet Zoey, Chloe and Chelsea were confused. Neither of them had felt anything, Zoey and Chelsea wondered before Chloe looked below her to see Franklin absolutely crushed on the ground, taking all the weight from the three girls.

"Sorry, sorry, sorry!" Chloe states as she jumps off him. Franklin mumbled in pain yet what he said was not possible to make out.

Chelsea and Zoey jumped off of him and helped him up. "Are you alright, Frankenstein?" Zoey asked to Franklin while she looks worried.

It took him a while but he managed to pull himself off the ground. "A-at least, we got a part of the puzzle and none of you were hur-" Franklin stated before he was interupted by Chris.

"Team A, B and C have all got at least one puzzle piece. It's fair game and you all could get eliminated if you don't try hard enough." Chris announced on his speaker.

"F-fair game!?" Franklin exclaimed. "We've got to go fast! Right, team?" Franklin looked to his team members.

The girls nods their head and team B runs to the next puzzle piece. A montage starts to speed up the challenge. The teens start finding their puzzle pieces quickly in odd fasions, like Craig climbing a big tree and Chloe checking the confessional toilet at Zoey's command. The montage ends as Chris starts to speak again.

"Team A and C have collected all of their puzzle pieces. Please, come to the challenge spot to arrange your puzzles!" Chris announced. Team B looked to each-other in confusion. They couldn't find the final puzzle peice.

"G-guys!" Trey shouts as he runs to his team. "I-I found something!" He stopped running next to Zoey and showed her a puzzle piece. It looked exactly like Chris's head.

Zara looks a little bit nervous. "Come on Layson, put it on that! Come on!" Zara screams to Layson. Joel looks to Layson.

"This doesn't exactly look right..." Bobby stated. "I seriously doubt that's right..." Bobby said as he walked up to the puzzle and started to mess around with it. He wanted to show Hannah some independence and having a free-will over others by fixing things.

Joel looked to Bobby and Hannah, he was making her feel better. Joel knew that Hannah would become a threat if she actually became independent. Joel studied the puzzle and realised it was a statue of Chef. He had an idea.

"Wow. I've got to go to the toilet. I'll be right back guys." Joel stated. As he left he got a glare from Bobby. Joel ran towards the beach house and went into Layson's room. Joel stuffed an item that he had. It was a puzzle piece and he hid it in Layson's room to break the spirit of both Layson and Hannah, into doing as he wished.

Team A is doing really great. Adam and K.C are looking for the result and Misery lies the pieces in the right place. But Valen sees it. "Get out of my way! I have it!" Valen shouts and pushes Misery away. She puts two pieces on the right side and two on the left. The other pieces are going on the other pieces. "Look! It's a statue of Chef!" Valen said.

Zoey sees it and screams to Trey. "It's a statue of Chef!!!" Trey makes the statue same as Zara for Team C. But Team C misses a piece. Joel comes back and nobody saw him leaving. Trey looks at the puzzle and makes it quickly. The statue was of Chris.

"We miss a piece! We got all of the pieces... this is strange." Zara stated as she looks to Team C.

"How could we be missing a piece?!" Joel shouted. "Bobby was the one who was sorting out the pu-... unless it was him...!" Joel glared at Bobby as Bobby looked at Joel in confusion. "I mean, wasn't he the one with the puzzles!?"

"Th-that's obviously wrong! I would never do that! I-I..." Bobby stuttered. He was never good under-pressure, but here, it made him look like a liar.

"How dare you.. to contradict him! GUILTY HALF-BLEED!" Zara screams to Bobby. The others look a little bit scared.

Hannah looks a little bit scared but walks to Zara. "Please calm down! We already lost, can we just respect each other?" Hannah asked calm and smiles.

"Argh..." Zara mudds as she pushes Hannah away. "I'm going to our beach house. Making me ready for the elimination ceremony.." Zara said and looks to Bobby. She's followed by Joel.

Bobby, Layson and Hannah looks to each other and nods their head.

"Well, we can't trust a traitor!" Craig shouts. "Sorry, but he has to go!" Craig follows Joel and Zara.

"Wow! Team A wins! They get Kung Fu Food for dinner and they get to swap houses with the interns!" Chris announces. "Team B place second while Team C have to vote someone off." The camera changes to the elimination ceremony.

"You guys lost. Badly. I didn't think it was possible that someone would lose an important part of the challenge when you were so close..." Chris announced. "But anyway, vote for who you want in the confessional."

(CONF) Bobby marked on Zara's picture. "She's my only chance... I think..." Bobby said to himself.

(CONF) "I vote for Joel..." Layson said as he marked Joel's picture. "He betrayed the team. He obviously ditched the puzzle piece when he went to the bathroom."

(CONF) "Evil will survive." Zara said and marks a picture.

(CONF) "Ehh.." Hannah looks to the pictures and sighs. "This was the only thing why I doubted to sign up for Total Drama. Voting for someone." Hannah stated as she marks a picture.

(CONF) "Easy..." Joel states. He marked a picture.

(CONF) "It's an easy vote..." Craig stated. "But... it doesn't feel right..."

When everyone has voted Chris gets the urn and looks to the contestants. "You did a great job, but one of you is going home tonight. I'm going to read the votes now." Chris announcend and looks to the contestants. He grabs a vote. "Zara." Zara looks a little bit nervous to the others. "Bobby." Chris starts again. "Zara. Bobby. It's a 2-2 vote now. The next vote goes to... Joel." Chris said. "And the last vote goes to... Bobby. It's elimination time, dude. Any last word?" Chris asked and looks to the boy.

"Yes." Bobby said as he got up. "You all suck. Not you Hannah, or you Layson. Just the rest... oh and Hannah. Don't let them push you around like that! You're better than them, prove it! Show some free-will. You can win this." Bobby said as he climbed into the submarine. " 'Kay, bye...! Guys..." He closed the submarine and went under water with it.

Hannah looks a little bit sad. Chris looks to her and tries not to laugh. "Drama, drama. And still people ask me how I created the name Total Drama. Anyway, are the 'evil' plans of Joel and Zara gonna continue? And is Chelsea finally going to be NOT annoying? I can't say anything about it right now but stay in tune for the next episode of.. Total Drama Isle of Terror!" Chris announcend and ends the show.

~Outro Plays~

Bobby's thoughts in the submarine..."I did great! Oh my god, my friends will be so jealous!" Bobby shouts excited. "But... I will miss Hannah... she was really nice. It was nice while it lasted though." Bobby said. He smiled and turned off the camera.

Episode 5: Labyrinthine Stupidities

"Welcome back, Total Drama fans. Last episode, the contestants had to search for puzzle pieces to make a statue of me and Chef. Team A won due to Valen's... 'leader-ship'... Team B placed in second." Chris announced. "Team C lost and eliminated Bobby due to his recklessness with the puzzle pieces... or was it him?" Chis smiled. "That happened yesterday but what will happen now? Find out right now, on Total... Drama... Isle of Terror!"

~ Introduction Plays ~

Team A enjoys their reward of the previous challenge. They won thanks to Valen, the most despised member of their team. K.C, Adam and Misery are making their ready in the new cabin, Chef build. Valen was making their meal. They won 'Kung Fu Food'. When the others came back, the table is still empty.

"I thought you was going to make that Kung Fu Food." K.C said as he looks to the table.

Valen walks out of their little kitchen and looks to K.C. "I did." Valen replied as she smiled.

K.C, Adam and Misery looked to each other. "But where is it?" K.C asks Valen.

"It's in my stomach." Valen responses and is going to sit at the table. "I loved those magazines." Valen stated as she looks to the magazines. She grabs one and starts reading.

"Eek!" Misery screeched. "My f-f-food!" Misery ran up to Valen. "I'm starved and you're just eating all our snacks?!" Misery screamed. Misery grabbed all her magazines and ripped up her magazines. She sat down as she glared at Valen.

Valen makes fists and looks fierce to Misery. She walks to her and punches her in the face. Misery stumbles around before she faints. She's knocked out. Valen grabs the magazine pieces and puts it in Misery's mouth. "So, you were starving right?" Valen said and laughs. She walks to the door, opens it and walks outside.

K.C does the eyelids of Misery open and looks to her eyes. "She has been knocked out cold. That girl must have some mental health problems!" K.C stated angrily as he looks to Adam who doesn't say anything. "Do you tolerate what she did to Misery? Really?"

"I wouldn't say that, K.C. But she's not a goddess. Put her on the bench and just have some fun. Or something else." Adam replies and looks emotionless. "It's not the end of the world."

Back at Team B's house, most of the contestants were in their rooms. Zoey was using the electricity for her hair while Chelsea slept in. Trey started taking pictures of his room with his fully charged camera. Chloe decided to get breakfest and left her room only to spot Franklin preparing a card as well as having a heart shaped box.

"Oh, hey Chloe." Franklin said as he smiled. He looked to her before looking back to his work. Chloe looked at him confused.

(CONF) "I don't know why, but I still feel something for Franklin." Chloe sighs.

"Hey, Franklin.. What are you doing?" Chloe asked calmly and smiles to him.

"I'm making a card for someone special... I also have this present for her..." Franklin replied as he stayed concentrated on his work. Chloe spot Franklin write 'Love, Franklin.' at the bottom of the card.

Chloe blushes and giggles. "Ahw! I think 'she' will like your card!" Chloe said seduced and giggles again. She automatically belived with all her heart that the card is for her.

"You really do?" Franklin looked to her and smiled. He blushed at the compliment yet didn't really realise it.

Chloe thinks for three seconds and is talking then. "So who's the happy receiver of this card?" Chloe asked as she stiff.

"I-I can't really say..." Franklin stated. "I want the reciever to be completely shocked, even if it isn't what she's usually do, I'm sure she'll be happy with it..." Franklin smiled. He wanted to ditch his work and talk to Chloe more, yet he wanted it to be done before the challenge. He got back to his work quickly.

Chloe nods and smiles to him. "Goodluck!" Chloe stated in happiness and hopps back to her room. Zoey is not in her room at the moment. She jumps on her bed and yells. "Yippeeeee"

Zoey is at Chelsea's room, even Franklin hears the two girls shout to each other. "YOU STUPID B*TCH. YOU DEMOLISHED THIS." Chelsea shouts. Zoey looks a little bit surprised.

"Well girl, listen good now. You was the one that was styling her hair. So don't blame me for this 'cause girl you are not high on my 'I like you' list. So, what if you just shut up to me. I thought we were better friends but now you shouted to me.." Zoey stated as she looks angrily. "Bye, see you at the challenge." Zoey walks back to her room, Franklin quickly hid his items, but she didn't care to look, she goes into her room and sees Chloe. They quickly start talking about Chelsea.

At Team C, everyone is a little bit depressed. Zara walks to Joel to talk about last elimination ceremony.

"Well, Joel... Was it right to vote Bobby? I think Layson is our biggest rival. We have to work him out fast, but I don't know how we get more people on our side. Layson is going to vote with Hannah and Craig isn't voting with us for a second time I guess. The only thing to do is getting Hannah on our side. But if I dislike someone it's... Hannah.." Zara suggests and looks to Joel to watch his reaction.

"First off, it was right to vote out Bobby. Hannah may be a pain but she is a threat, she is liked pitied and if Bobby stayed around, his independence speeches would eventually make Hannah gain enough strengh to get us out..." Joel replied. "Second, Bobby didn't really sabotage us last time, I did. To get Bobby out. I also put the puzzle piece in Layson's room to make sure no one would find it and if they did, he'd be the number one suspect." Joel looked to Zara emotionless. She looked at him confused; he framed Bobby and Layson...? She smiled, that was truly evil.

Zara looks impressed and is speechless. "We are a great team." Zara smiled.

(CONF) "Joel is evil and yeah... if we have voted Layson, I'm going to try eliminate Joel. But shhh... nobody has to know that." Zara stated as she laughs.

(CONF) "Zara is a weak competitor, I'll keep her in for now... until her 'secret plans' become a threat..." Joel stated. "Oh yeah, I know..." Joel left the confessional with a smug look on his face.

Layson walked up to Zara as she exited the confessional. "Hey, Zara." He said calmly. His patient figure stood still in front of her. "I know you have a satisfaction for evil, and I respect that, but I need you to hear me out..."

"To what?" Zara asked to him as she looks annoyed. "Quickly, please."

"I need you to not listen to Joel's demands, he's framed me...." Layson replied as he got out the missing puzzle piece. "He obviously wanted me to take the fall for his vile actions." He looked at her steadily. "Just, don't listen to him..."

Zara folds her arms and laughs ludicrous. "Just don't listen to him?" She repeat him. "Dude, listen. I'm not listening to you, you are worthless and I hope you'll understand that. None of us likes you. Too bad boy, but it's true." Zara said and smiles. She walks away and raises her middle finger.

Layson looked at her leave calmly. He started to ponder whether there was a way out of this situation. He realised that as long as Craig and Hannah were by his side, he could get rid of the two easily. He walked into the lounge and sat next to Hannah. "Hey, you two."

Hannah looks to Layson and smiles. "Hey Layson." She said friendly and looks to Craig. "Would you like to sit with us?" She asked as she turns back to Layson.

"Sure." Layson replied. "What were you guys talking about?"

"We were talking about the previous challenge. But if you wanna talk about something else it's okay." Hannah stated. With her light blue eyes she gives Layson a nice feeling about the situation.

"Oh, good. Continue." Layson replied.

"Well, I am starting to think Bobby didn't cheat us." Craig stated. "Think about it, why would he want Joel or Zara out that bad? He usually just ignores them..." Craig looked at Layson and Hannah.

Hannah nods. "Yeah, but I don't know... maybe I knew him the best of all of us. He didn't do that purposely. He was forced to do or someone else tricked him." Hannah said and looks to the two boys.

"Actually, guess what I found in my room." Layson asked. Before Craig could guess 'The Sword Of Astrionald', he got out the puzzle piece. "Joel must've stashed it into my room, I don't know why though."

"T-the missing puzzle piece!?" Craig shouted. "That must be why! He was framed!" Craig looked around nervously. "Wh-why!?" He got a look from Layson. "Oh, yeah... you told us you didn't know... but still!"

Zara and Joel walks to the three other members of Team C. "What a joinable tea party. Too bad there will be a challenge any moment. But Hannah, can we talk to you... please?" Zara asked as she smiles. Joel looks emotionless.

"Sure! I'll be back in a move." Hannah said to Layson and Craig. Hannah winks, giggles and walks with Zara. Zara nods to Joel.

"Hannah. We have some terrible news for you..." Joel states. "Layson framed Bobby, we have proof too. Zara wanted to do some evil in Layson's room when she found the puzzle piece, he must've framed Bobby." He looked at Hannah sadly, he was quite a good actor.

Hannah holds her hand to her mouth. "Really? Well, he said something about that. But he cheated Bobby out? Ahw!" Hannah said sadly. When she looks to Joel, he kinda feels sorry for her. But he will tell her the truth later.

(CONF) "I kinda feel bad for her... but I didn't come to feel bad for little girls. I came to take home a million dollars in cash!" Joel stated.

"As long as you, me and Zara vote for him, his plan will fail..." Joel states. "He's probably chatting with Craig to get me, you or Zara eliminated right now. I mean, did you actually believe he was as perfect as he sounded..." Joel looked to Zara and Hannah. "You okay, with the elimination plan?"

"It's better for you, Hannah. We didn't made a great start but now we will reach the merge and maybe the final three. That's amazing, right?" Zara said.

Hannah thinks and nods. "I.. guess. I don't wanna be rude, but I have to think about it. I hope you'll understand." Hannah replied and blushes.

"We can..." Joel states. On the inside, he was impatient and wanted it over with. Yet on the outside, he was calm and collected.

"Mourning, campers! Please report to Challenge Central for this episode's challenge!" Chris anounced. "Just don't get lost, that'll be twice in one day."

"Challenge Central?" Craig asked.

"I believe it might be the place where we were informed about the last two challenges..." Layson added. "It makes sense..."

The contestants walked to Challenge Central. Chloe was unbelivably excited; Franklin had finished her card, it will be the first time someone has had a crush on her and even given her a card for having it, not only that but she liked Franklin alot.

The teams sat on their respective tables and started to talk. Chris wasn't there yet so it gave them a little more time to interact.

Franklin blushed as he looked at his team. "S-so... I have something to give to... uh... it's kinda hard to say really..." He stated. He blushed and his whole face went red. He twiddled his fingers in embarresment. "I-I'll do it later" Chloe sighed, she didn't want to wait.

Zoey looked at Chloe, she realised her feelings for Franklin. Zoey, however, hadn't gotten over the fact Chloe used her audition to gain fame.

(CONF) "I'm pretty sure Chloe is in love with Franklin. Ahhwww how cute!" Zoey said and rolls her eyes.

Trey rolled his eyes. "Whatever. Now, I'm just wondering what's the challenge..." Trey stated. "I really don't know what they can come up with sometimes. Like in the 'Ex-Files'."

Chelsea smiles. "I think and hope it's going to be a fashion challenge. I'm wearing this shirt eleven hours... that is a new record. Ewwww." Chelsea bleated and looks to Chloe and Zoey.

Trey looked at her. "I hope it's a video making challenge. I am great at those. I got mixed to positive reviews on my short film, 'The Hero'." Trey stated. "I'm sure any of you two girls would make great actresses" Trey points at Zoey and Chelsea.

"Well, I guess it would be fun. And I love that challenge idea too. But I hope it will be not a maze." Chloe stated as she smiles to Trey. Zoey looks a little bit annoyed.

(CONF) "Is she trying to flirt with the boys of our team? I'm a little bit annoyed by her and if she doesn't stop with this I'll talk to her." Zoey sizzles.

Team A sits down. Misery looks to Adam who is walking by. "Hey, wanna sit next to me?" Misery asked. Adam ignored her and continued walking, until he reached Valen's spot and sat down next to her. Misery gasped.

(CONF) "A-adam would rather sit next to her!?" Misery stated. She got out her own personal diary and started writing. "Dear, diary. Valen punched me and I feel sad, Adam now loves her I bet. That jerk, I miss him... wait I spelled 'I' wrong."

Adam looks to Valen. He grabs something out of his tiny bag and gives it to Valen. "I made this fake skeleton of you. You have a nice body for a person like you." Adam admits and looks a little bit insane.

"A skeleton of.. me?" Valen asked and breaks the skeleton. "I don't need this ugly thing. And please, leave me alone now. Okay?" Valen growls angrily and walks to K.C. She sits next to him. "Don't talk to me."

"Ai Ai Captain!" K.C said and imitates a captain. Valen laughs for the first time on this season about something. Adam looks a little bit jealous but laughs too.

(CONF) "I am not someone that just gets into a relationship with someone who he or she barely even knows. But I feel something about Valen. I like aggressiveness. And she has it." Adam declares.

Team C looks a little bit nervous. They have to win now. Zara smiles to Hannah which smiles back. If Team C loses Layson will be eliminated probably. Or maybe Zara.

"I can't wait for the challenge." Zara said sarcastic and looks around. "The other teams looks a little bit depressed so I'm sure we'll win this time."

"Don't get so cocky..." Joel states. "We're the only team to have not won a challenge yet. The others have an advantage... You neeed to think on things less black and white to succeed, even if you only want to be a pathetic villain..."

"Alright, here here." Chris states. He looks to the contestants. "The challenge today is... a maze challenge! You have to find your way out our own personal labyrinthine before everyone else." Chris smiled. "Any questions? No...? Then just follow me..."

(CONF) "Of course... I said I don't wanna have a maze challenge. And what do we get? A maze challenge!" Chloe sighs and looks a little bit dissapointed.

He walked towards a giant building, it had many activities but the biggest one was a massive maze. There was three doors and each had a team's letter. the contestants walked into their own doors. The doors closed as they went through. "Goodluck!"

"Hmm... I think we should take that path..." Misery said as she pointed to a path.

Valen looks to Misery and without saying anything about her opinion she shouts. "Well, what are we waiting for! This is for immunity! COME!". They are running really fast but took the wrong path. "Dang it." Valen shouts again.

"Grr! Valen, your a terrible leader, we should be going to the other way not this crummy way." Misery shouts.

Valen looks really angry and wants to punch Misery. K.C runs to Valen and holds her away. "Misery if you don't wanna have a black eye you have to shut up right now." Valen shouts.

"But, Valen... we wanna share our opinion too. Or not, guys?" K.C states as he looks to Adam and Misery.

"You jerk! Other people have feelings too! I'm starting to think that you caused the fire!" Misery stated. "I mean, why would a heartless jerk like you, cry?!"

Valen laughs then. "Yes, I made that fire. So what? You wanna share your opinion? You can do that with your three, I'm going to take my own path. And if we lose thanks to one of you three you all wished you were on my side." Valen growls and starts to walk away.

"You lied Eleanoria out of the game! That's it! I'm getting you out no matter what!" Misery shouted.

Valen turns back to Misery and smiles. "Really, Misery? Really? Goodluck, but it's not gonna happen." Valen stated and walks away, again.

Misery looked at Valen. She became angry, angrier than she ever was before. She ran up to Valen and pinned her to the floor. "I hate you! You deserve this so much!" She started to hit Valen a couple times in fury. Valen's nose began to bleed. Before Misery could do more damage due to blind fury, she got dragged off by K.C. Misery cried even though she started the fight.

Valen stood up and looked like a demon thats only purpose was to have revenge. "You hit me... you f**ing hit me!?" Valen walks to Misery and squeezes her elbow. Miseryclosed her eye in fear and ended up fainting in K.C.'s arms. "Pathetic... sweet dreams, loser." Valen stated and walks away, with a little limp.

On Team B's path, Trey and Chelsea looks around to find the right path. Zoey, Chloe and Franklin walks after them. Chloe sees that Franklin grabs a card. She looks to him and smiles.

"Well, I think I can do it now... if ever." Franklin states. He got out his card and looked to the girls. "I've been around you for a while now and I've gotten to know you alot... I would like to give you this present."

"Ahw thanks!" Chloe stated and blushes. Zoey looks a little bit confused to the two. "It's for me right?" Chloe asked.

Franklin felt awkward when he looked at Chloe. "Uhm... actually..." Franklin stated. He felt sad. "Well, it was..." He picked up the card and showed the card to Chloe and Zoey in shame, it said To Zoey.

"Ow.." Chloe said. She almost cries and looks to her best friend which is kinda smiling.

"Thanks, Franklin." Zoey said as she takes the card. "I will read it after the challenge." Zoey stated and winks to Chloe which makes her really angry.

"Of course. Zoey has to have everything. EVERYTHING! You are the worst bestie ever, you knew my secret! You knew it!" Chloe shouts and runs to Trey and Chelsea. Zoey and Franklin looks confused to each other.

(CONF) "Poor Chloe, you'll get over it." Zoey said and tears the card. "Oops."

(CONF) "I like Zoey, I like her alot..." Franklin stated. "But Chloe likes me? And, I might like her too... but Zoey is finally warming up to me, it's what I wanted, I want this... right?"

Trey and Chelsea looks to Chloe while she cried. "Huh? What's wrong girl?" Chelsea asked worried.

"Nothing to worry about, let's win this challenge!" Chloe stated as she wipes her tears away.

Back with Team C. Layson looks to Hannah walking next to Zara happily. Joel had a look on his face which was hard to tell if it was smug or stressed. "Alright, we're getting there, but I am sure that any wrong choice can seriously screw us!"

"That's right, my lord. Joel has spoken! So, what side are we taking, my lord?" Zara asks curious to Joel which looks a little bit annoyed. Layson rolls his eyes 'cause he is getting sick about this hassle with Joel and Zara.

"Excuse me, but I am worried about the trust of our team." Layson stated. "

Zara looks surprised. "How dare you.." Zara stated and feels she gets a tantrum. "YOU ARE A DIRTY HALVE BLOOD, YOUR MOTHER HAS MADE A MISTAKE WHEN YOU FLEW OUT OF YOUR MOTHER'S-" Zara screams but gets interrupted by Joel which looks calm.

"Calm down, he's right." Joel stated. "Afterall, Layson 'was' the one to cheat Bobby out of the game. He needs lots of trusting friends if he is gonna win this after that move." Joel stated before walking again.

Zara nods. "Of course, my lord." She stated calm and looks to Layson. Zara smiles.

(CONF) "I'm the most evil girl on this stupid island. This season is mine.. mine.. MINE!!!" Zara shouts as she laughs villainous.

"It wasn't me." Layson said. "It was you. You're just a giant pr**k to everyone and no one notices because you have everyone believing you're just a team player." Layson glared at Joel.

"What?" Joel replied in anger. "You have no idea who you're messing with!? You... have no idea of what I am capable of! Yet, you just insult me... so easily...?" Joel glared back at Layson, he was obviously enraged, angry... even pi**ed.

Zara looks furious. "How dare you?!?!??!?!" Zara shouts savage to him. "This is the biggest mistake you ever made in your sad life." She almost has red eyes, cause she looks so malignant. When she turns to Joel she thrust her head to a lamppost. "That was... the intention." She stated as she walks behind Joel.

Craig glared at Joel and Zara. "How dare you! Zara, if you weren't so infilrated with Joel you'd be less likely to be eliminated, but you chose to be a jerk like the Monsters of Valrion!"

Zara turns to Craig and sighs. "Are you playing your nerd part again? Get a girl friend or something." Zara growls and looks to Hannah as she smiles. "Come girl, let's win this challenge together." Zara stated and smiles.

Hannah looks to Craig and Layson and flashes. She has to choose a side now, or else... But she has no choice. "I'm coming!" Hannah replies and walks with Zara and Joel to the light side of the path. Layson and Craig feels a little bit useless.

At the end of the maze, Valen and Adam walks together. "Can I ask you one thing, Valen?" Adam asked as he looks to Valen. She nods. "Why are you always so... angry?"

Valen sighs. "Well, I'm not angry, but if I want something I want it. People like Eleanoria and Misery are just annoying so I'm mean to them. But I always hated girls. So yeah..." Valen stated. She looks to the right side of the path and sees Chris. "Sweet!" She shouts and runs with Adam to Chris.

"Congratulations, Valen and Adam. You two are the first two to arrive!" Chris anounces. "Your team win- huh? Where is the rest of your team?" A flashback to earlier comes up. With her team going the opposite way she went. "You need all members of your team to win the challenge, you two."

Valen looks annoyed. "Great." She growls as she looks to Adam. "I hope for them they finish very fast."

"Don't worry." Adam replies. "They will and if they arrive as last, one of them will be eliminated." He fills in and smiles.

Back with the rest of Team A, Misery is getting a dirty look from K.C. He knows they went the wrong way, she knows it too, but she doesn't want to admit 'Valen' was right over her. "So. Whose your favourite Total Drama contestant?" Misery asked, wanting to make small talk.

K.C looks to Misery and shrugs. "I never watched it to be honest. I heard something about a Heather but beside her I know no one of it." K.C stated calm and looks around. "I think we've got to pick the right side 'cause Valen was going to the right side." K.C suggests.

Misery frowned. "Oh... I-... my favourite was Anne Maria... she's... hot I guess... she's also very funny." She asked. "Oh, I am in a play back home. It's called Aladin! It's about a genie and a poor boy. He saves the girl and dates her in an amazing finale... I wish Adam would save me from Valen..." Misery realised what she just said and looked to K.C, hoping to not get a confused glare.

K.C frowns. "You mean, you like Adam? And Adam likes Valen?" K.C asked confused and looks to Misery while the are walking.

"He likes... Valen!?" Misery shouted. Her heart broke as her fantasies of Adam slowly crumbled into oblivion. "W-wha!?"

"Wow, wait girl. Are you seriously... oh my gosh." K.C replies wonderingly. "Sorry, I only didn't expected it. Anyway, let's running and not talking please." K.C said and continues running.

Misery started to slow down. She wasn't happy, not happy at all... "Oh, okay..."

The screen goes to Team B. Zoey and Chloe aren't talking anymore, Franklin looks afraid to the two girls and Trey and Chelsea walks together after them. Zoey sees a little light and screams.

"There! There!" Zoey yells and runs to the finish line. "We made it!" Zoey said and wants to hug everyone but when she sees Chloe she looks emotionless. Zoey looks to Franklin and kisses him.

Chloe's joyful mood turns into a cranky mood as she sees Zoey kissing Franklin. Chloe walks to Chelsea and Trey which are almost kissing too.

(CONF) "Like I said, Zoey has everything. Now and always." Chloe stated as a tear rolls on her cheek. She sweeps it away.

"..." Franklin looked to Zoey in silence. His face said he was happy yet his entire body was cold, like he was indifferent to have ever given Zoey the card to Zoey to begin with. "C-cool... We w-won..."

"Great! I can't believe that it was so easy!" Trey laughed. "I think we're gonna have an easy streak for a lot more challenges."

Chelsea smiled. "And we had no elimination ceremony so far!" Chelsea said as she hugs Trey. "We're like the best team ever." Adam glared at Valen, he was mad. He looked back to the other team disapointed.

Valen looks jaded when she sees Zara face in the maze. "And we are going to the elimination ceremony. Misery is going to die. DIE!!!" Valen shouts loud. So loud that K.C can hear it.

It's only Zara, Joel and Hannah who arrives. "I was right, Joel. They aren't arrived yet. And I see the others of your team are not arrived too?" Zara asked to Valen.

"You have eyes, right? They aren't here so they are probably not arrived yet." Valen replied as she rolls her eyes. Zara doesn't replies on it and walks with Joel and Hannah too Chris.

Still in the maze, K.C is looking to the maze. "If the sound of Valen came from the eastern side, we have to go to that side." K.C said and points to the right side of the maze. "Follow me." K.C obliged Misery and both runs to the finish line.

Misery ran towards the finish line and made it to the end. She ran straight up to Adam and completely lost it. Her words were so violent that even an 18+ fanficiton couldn't use it, even Adam was offended.

Valen looks to Misery and is a little bit surprised. "Wow, I totally was wrong about you. Welcome back, Misery." Valen stated as she smiles.

"Wait, say what?" Misery stated in confusion as Valen walked off.

(CONF) "I really don't get it..." Misery stated. "I thought she-... I just don't get her..."

Adam is petrified and looks disapprovingly. "What a mouth... she is just a pig." Adam said and shakes his head. On that moment, Layson and Craig arrives. Their clothes are covered with mud.

"It took like 10 card battles to get past this maze!" Craig shouted. "I am soaking AND dirty!" He frowned. He looked around and stood in shock. "W-we lost?!"

Hannah nods and she looks guilty to Craig and Layson. "Shall we give a party tonight? Before the elimination ceremony. It could be fun." Hannah suggests as she smiles to the two boys.

"Sure." Layson replied. "It'd be a nice send off to whowether is leaving..."

After a few hours, it's evening. Some music, snacks and lights are seen in the beach house of Team C. Even Zara is dancing with Joel on the party. Hannah walks with a drink to the outside and sees Chloe walking to the beach house.

"Is this a party for only Team C?" Chloe asked friendly and sits on the porch while Hannah looks to the people inside.

"Well, I guess you are here with a reason? Shall I get a drink for you? We can talk here." Hannah asked to Chloe. She nods and smiles understandingly.

Hannah walks back to the party, gets a coke and walks back to Chloe. She gives it and looks to her. Chloe gets the coke. "Do you know that feeling..." Chloe begins but feels she has to cry.

"You don't have to tell it, if you don't want to." Hannah replies and smiles to Chloe.

"No, no... I have to talk with someone about it." Chloe replies. "My best friend Zoey has a relationship with my secret crush Franklin. But now I had a fight with Zoey and Franklin and I don't want that." Chloe explains and cries. She puts her head on Hannah's shoulder.

Hannah nods. "I know that feeling. Your best friend has the same secret crush as you. I know it's hard, but maybe you have to respect the choice of your best friend and Franklin. I'm sure she understand you'll be mad about it but she can't put her feelings on the side to be a good friend for you." Hannah gives her opinion and looks to Chloe.

"Your right. Maybe I have to respect their choice indeed." Chloe said and hugs Hannah. "Thanks and goodluck at the elimination ceremony." Chloe stated as she walks back to their cabin. Hannah swings and looks to Layson. It's elimination time...

The elimination evenutually started, ending the party. "You guys lost for the second time in a row. You guys have to vote who to eliminate in the confessionals." Chris anounced.

(CONF) "It's not difficult." Zara stated as she smiles and votes.

(CONF) Layson looked to the camera as he held Joel's picture. "I hope he goes..." he said softly before marking it.

(CONF) "Layson... I didn't expect him to be such of a nuissance, good thing I got him done by now..." Joel said.

(CONF) "Oh my gosh, this is so difficult. I'm voting for someone who doesn't deserve to be eliminated. I don't know why I'm doing this." Hannah stated and votes. She closes her eyes.

(CONF) Craig marks a picture but ends up creating a hole in the paper. "Oops...! Uh..." He places it in fast.

"The votes are in. I shall read the votes." Chris announced. "Layson, Joel, Layson... Joel and... Layson..." Chris looked at Layson. "Can I have your staff please?"

Layson walked to Chris respectfully. "Okay. I guess I have to go, and while I don't think a certain someones tatics were not hounorable. I belive all of you are good people... goodbye..." Joel felt bad for him, because Layson didn't even dislike Joel back, even if Layson ranted about him.

Layson walked up to the submarine and got in slowly. He waved goodbye and everyone felt bad for him, felt sympathy and regret to the most abnormal yet most sane guy in the competition. He was abnormal of how calm and repectable he was, yet now he's gone.

(CONF) Hannah looks to her picture from the person she eliminated. She turns it to the camera and it's Joel. "Well, it was not fair to vote Layson. But it was pretty obvious Layson was going to be eliminated. So why not?" Hannah explains and blushes.

(CONF) "I voted Layson for safety... yet if I still voted Joel, I would've got Joel out easily..." Craig sighed. "Oh well... I'll miss him..."

"Wow, that was an episode. Three different teams, three different hatreds between them, what will become of these conflicts next time? Stay tuned to find out. Next time, on Total... Drama... Isle of Terror!

Episode 6: A Little Bit of Fear (Part 1)

"Welcome back, to Total Drama Isle of Terror. Last episode, Franklin tried to cuddle up with Zoey, while Chloe tried to cuddle up with Franklin. Chloe and Zoey eventually got into a fight because Zoey pretended to like like Franklin out of spite due to her dislking the whole 'audition-using' ordeal. Misery and Valen fought and I have no idea who won. While Joel used Hannah and Zara to get Layson out, yet Hannah betrayed Joel and Craig betrayed Layson, so either way... he's out." Chris announces. "But what will happen today, find out now on Total... Drama... Isle of Terror!"

~Intro Plays~

Joel wakes up early in his bed after hearing a strange sound. He spots Zara going somewhere. He knows that Zara is untrustworthy and sneaking around in the night doesn't help. He gets up and follows her quietly and sneakily. He sees her going into Hannah's room.

(CONF) "F**k! I knew it." Joel said. As soon as he said the first word he calmed down. "Zara is trying to get Hanah to vote for who she wants. Not only that, but Hannah's good friends with Craig. I know Craig wants Zara out, they don't like eachother at all. Yet Hannah, she's so dimwitted that she will vote for whoever she dislikes most... I need to start sucking up..."

"Hi, Hannah. I wanted to talk with you about something." Zara stated as she looks behind her. She closes the door and walks to Hannah. "Last elimination ceremony, Joel was almost eliminated. I'm gonna share a big secret with you. Don't tell someone about it." Zara makes clear and smiles to Hannah.

Hannah nods and Zara continues. "What if we collaborate? We could vote Joel. He doesn't deserve it to reach the merge and I don't think you want a jerk in the merge. He tried to eliminate you!" Zara said as she looks credible.

"But, he voted for Layson? Why would he do that?" Hannah asked and goes with her hand though her hair.

Zara swallows equally. "I had to convince him that Layson was a better choice. It was really hard, but you're our best member, I don't want you eliminated."

"Really? That's really sweet of you. I'll think about it, but thanks for telling me this." Hannah replies and smiles to Zara. She jumps off her bed and opens the door. "Let's take breakfast."

Zara and Hannah walks to the table and takes a sit. "Do you wanna come to my sleep over tonight? It will be fun! The two girls of Team C together." Hannah suggests as she takes a sandwitch.

"S...S...S-ure.." Zara said as she gets some tics. "It will be fun yeah..."

(CONF) "I don't know how I can maintain this. She is too sweet and pink for me. I'll just vote Joel out and then it's bye-bye stupid Hannah." Zara stated.

Joel walks up to the two girls. "How are you ladies? Everything alright?" Joel said calmly. "It's a little early to get breakfest, don't you think?"

"Yeah, indeed bu-" Hannah said but gets interrupted by Zara which looks annoyed by Joel.

"Can I have the cheese, please?" Zara interrupts and looks smiled to Hannah. Hannah gets the cheese as Zara points to the door while she looks to Joel.

"Zara, why do you want me to leave?" Joel spoke loudly. He was trying to get Hannah's attention. "It's like you are plannining to do something to Hannah, like maybe a backstab." He smiled at Zara.

"Me? Noooo! Never, my lord." Zara said with sarcasm and smiled to Joel. Hannah is a little bit confused. Craig enters the room.

"What's up!" Craig stated as he looks at the two. They smiled, yet he knew by the looks in their eyes they had a burning hatred. It immediately sparked Craig's memory of what he was going to do.

Craig had little chance of surviving elimination, unless he managed to get his friend, Hannah on his side. It should be easy, yet he knew Zara was a master of sucking up. She had done it all season so far to Joel, "Um... do you know where Hannah is?"

"Hannah? Why do you want to know that?" Zara replied as she looks to Craig. "Well?"

"Because..." Craig started to say, he knew it was no point. They saw through it. "Because I can't trust you, Zara. I need actual company." He sat next to Joel.

Zara laughs equally. "Ahw, too bad for you. But I don't know what Hannah thinks about that. Actually I do." Zara stated as she winks. She walks away to her room.

Craig waited for Joel to leave. Craig then stood up and walked towards Hannah. "Hannah, don't trust Zara. Especially over someone who was your friend beforehand..." Craig stated.

"Craig, I don't know. Maybe we saw only the bad side of Zara, but she is really friendly. You have to spend time with her and you'll see how nice she is." Hannah explains and looks to the cheese. "Wanna have a piece of it?" She asked with a smile on her face.

"I'm lactose intolerant..." Craig replied. "And are you sure you spent time with her, or did she spend time with you?" He walks off depressed, he has to win Hannah's trust back away from Zara... somehow...

(CONF) "Ehh... I'm so confused right now." Hannah stated and looks less confident.

(CONF) "I need her on my side..." Craig said to himself. "Shouldn't be that hard... yet again, there is someone messing up my plans, and her name is-"

(CONF) "-Zara is a pain in the backside, yet I still want Craig out." Joel states calmly. "My strategy will be easier if Craig goes but it doesn't matter either way, I just need Hannah as she-"

(CONF) "-is on my side now! Hah-hah-he!" Zara laughs evilly.

Team B is switched in two other camps. Trey, Chelsea and Chloe against Franklin and Zoey. Franklin and Zoey sits in the livingroom and talks about their 'relationship'.

"So, you... really like me? A lot of people likes me but yeah..." Zoey stated as she looks to Franklin.

"That's kind of the real reason I joined the show... if I'm honest" Franklin admits.

Zoey nods and understands the whole thing. Everything is on their place. Franklin came in this season for Zoey and Chloe for Franklin. "Well, I'm speechless. But I think, we could be a great couple." Zoey stated as she smiles.

(CONF) "I'm the best actress in the world. It's not a marvel, but yeah." Zoey said.

"You really think so...? Wait... what about Chloe?" Franklin asked, all he could think about was Chloe. He never broke a girl's heart before.

"Don't worry about her. She'll find someone else. But the thing is, why are you talking about her? You wanted me, right?" Zoey asks as she looks a little bit sad.

"Y-yeah, like I said. I joined the show to be with you..." Franklin replied, he looked at Zoey sad. "I-I just can't stop thinking about her... I need some time to think of an apology..." Franklin got up and walked into his room.

Zoey frowns and looks to Franklin. "I'm playing it well, for now." She whispered to herself.

On Team A, it's quiet. K.C and Misery are talking about last challenge. Valen was nice for the first time. "Do you think you are goin' to... you know, become friends with Valen?" K.C asked.

"I don't know... I also don't know if I want to..." Misery replied. "Valen is mean and has done really bad things to me... yet if we become friends, I might change her attitude..."

(CONF) "I am actually thinking about it... My friends and parents would not allow it, but they're not here!" Misery stated, quietly. She giggled at the end of her sentence.

Valen walks to Misery. "Hey Misery! We've placed second last time, but I'm sure we'll win next time! And also, I wanna apologize. I'm sorry for what I did." Valen stated and looks to K.C which laughs. Valen grabs a book and throws it to K.C. "That I apologize to Misery doesn't mean I'm nice to you." Valen shouts.

(CONF) "She need's therapy. Medical therapy." K.C whispers and looks around.

"Thanks...?" Misery replied, proud of her special treatment from Valen. "Want to hang out some time?" Misery smiled.

"Sure!" Valen answers and smiles too. The two girls walks with each other to the girls side of the cabin, while the boys are confused.

"I don't get it anymore. They were enemies? And now... best friends? Man, I don't understand girls." Adam said quietly and looks to K.C. "And I think, it's up to us. Boys alliance?"

"Boys alliance!" K.C replies and smiles. They shakes their hands and smiles. It's the boys vs. the girls now.

"Good mourning campers! Is what I'd like to say, but now, it's challenge time!" Chris announces excitidedly. He laughed wickedly at the end. "Head over to challenge central right away." The contestants started to walk to the challenge central.

"I'm excited for today's challenge. What about you guys?" K.C asked to his team.

Valen looks to K.C and sighs. "Well, not really. But I think we have to do our best. Go team A!" Valen stated as she smiles. Misery looks a little bit surprised.

"Y-yeah! Go team A!" Misery replied. Misery laughed as she high fived Valen. Adam glared at them annoyed.

"Since when are you so sweet, Valen? That's not why I love you." Adam stated as he looks to Valen and growls. "There are no girls that are perfect, specially none of these girls of the show."

(CONF) "When will that team stop getting at each other's throats? I mean seriously, every day they fight over something, Eleanoria, Valen and now they're fighting because of Misery!" Trey stated annoyed.

Misery looked at Adam angry. "Just let everyone else be happy Adam!" Misery snapped. "It's not like she's done anything wrong, why should you snap at someone for making others happy!"

Adam sighs. "Girl, can you just shut your mouth. I talked to Valen, not to you. And why am I talking to you? You don't deserve to be in a competition, to be in a team with other humans and have a chance at one million dollars. I see you as a pig which waits for their death. Did you get it? And the name... Misery? Who made that name? Valen is just a beautiful, amazing and lovely name. But now we've to win a challenge. Do your best, Misery or it will be a fun night for you." Adam stated as she looks to K.C. "Let's go!" K.C nods and walks with Adam to Chris.

"I know your not a pig." Valen whispers to Misery and winks. She walks behind K.C and Adam, on her way to the challenge. Misery smiles and walks behind Valen.

"So now that your all here, let's start the challenge." Chris stated. "This weeks challenge is for you to hide and-"

"Hide?" Craig interupted. "Since when does a Barbarian of such a high level like me ever-!" While Craig continued to talk, he didn't notice a book flying towards his face, knocking him over.

"As I was saying!" Chris continued irratated. "We've located one of the worlds most dangerous criminals and have brought him here for this challenge. The deal is if he does this, we'll pay his bail." Chris laughed sadistically, as he wiped a tear off his cheek.

"Ewwww! I'm gonna call my daddy!!" Chelsea screams and looks scared.

"Don't worry! I'll make sure he doesn't get anywhere near you!" Trey told Chelsea.

Valen looks to Chris. "So, what do we have to do now?" Valen asked.

"Just hide in the woods and make sure he doesn't find you." Chris said, trying to rush it along. "Now go! It's a half-hour show."

Team A runs to the forest, Team B runs to the beach and Team C runs to the toilets.

"We have to stick with the whole team. Ok?" K.C suggests to Team A.

"Sure." Adam replied.

"That's a good idea." Misery states.

Team B is at the beach."Guys, I wanna go home. This isn't funny at all. And my shoes. O-M-G! My shoes!" Chelsea screams as she looks to her shoes. She has walked onto mud and looks disgust.

"I hate mud too. But you know what I hate more? Chris. He forgot to give us a reward for last episode." Trey said as he tried to calm Chelsea down.

Chelsea sighs and cries. "Why did I sign up for thiiiiis?" Chelsea screams again which makes Zoey angry.

"Shut up!" Zoey shouts at Chelsea. "If you continue screaming, the killer will capture us easily. So... I was thinking that it'd be better if we split up, so if one of us gets caught, the others can escape. Chelsea and Trey take the right side of the island to hide and me, Franklin and Ch-" Zoey stated but stops when she points at Franklin. "Wait..." Zoey turns around. "Where's Chloe?"

Franklin looked around scared. "She's gone...alr-already...!? Wait, she could of just wandered off... she probably didn't want to be around us..." Franklin states. "Either way, we can't leave her on her own..."

Zoey rolls with her eyes. "Drama queen." She whispered and looks to the others. "Well, I don't care to be honest. Let's go, Franklin!" Zoey commands.

"F-fine..." Franklin muttered as he followed Zoey through the forest.

"There they go again..." Trey states. He turns to Chelsea. "What's your life like back home? I'm curious to what it's like... you are rich after all."

Chelsea looks to Franklin and Zoey. "They're look perfect together..." She whispers and looks to Franklin. "OH!" She shouts loudly surprised, when she finds out Trey was talking to her. "Sorry, what did you say?" Chelsea asked to him.

"...Nevermind..." Trey replies. "It's nothing important..."

Chelsea nods and smiles. "Well, it's ok... I guess. Shall we go to the forest? We've to hide somewhere." Chelsea suggests.

"That seems like a good-" Trey replies before spotting Team C's beach house. "We could hide in there! Plus, we don't have to get cold!"

"Agreed!" Chelsea replies. Trey and Chelsea runs inside the beach house. "Oh my gosh, this is Team C's beach house!" She notes.

"They did a good job..." Trey comments. "I don't know why they are on the losing streak now though, if they can pul off something this good..."

"Yeah..." Chelsea said as she looks to Team C's team picture, with a cross on Bobby's and Layson's head. "Who's she?" Chelsea asks as she points to Zara.

"I think that's Zara. I don't really know much of her, but that she's annoying." Trey answers. "I don't know why she and Joel are so tight. They also pick on Hannah, and I know that she was a good person. She was the only one to help with my luggage."

Chelsea looks to Trey as she nods. "Yeah, I never talked with anyone of that team. But I'm curious why Layson's eliminated. And the other boy beside him." Chelsea stated as she looks to Bobby's cross.

"I don't really care..." Trey states. "That boy probably lost them the challenge or something... but Layson... I have no clue whatsoever..."

Chelsea looks around and sees a shadow when she looks out of the window. "Trey?" Chelsea asks. "Do you see that shadow too?"

"Huh?" Trey shouts in confusion, he spots the shadow and steps backwards. "Y-yes. What is that?"

Chelsea opens the window. "What do you want?" She shouts as she looks around. She turns to Trey. "Do you have a flashlight?"

Trey gets out his camera and turns it on. "It has flash on." He takes a picture of the shadow and looks at the camera.

"And?" Chelsea asks as she looks excited for the result.

"Hm... I don't recognise this person... he looks kinda..." Trey said. He walked back in fear, he tried to grab an umbrella for use as a weapon. "R-run! It's the criminal!" Trey ran out of the house as Chelsea looked at him confused.

Chelsea runs and tries to dodge the criminal. He throws a bomb to Chelsea. There comes some gas out of it. Chelsea faints and the criminal grabs Chelsea's unconscious body.

Team C walk further into the forest. Hannah walks up to Zara. "Do you think... that criminal is real? I'm afraid of criminals..." Hannah said to Zara.

(CONF) "Too bad for her, but this is my chance. Mwuhahaha!" Zara laughs.

"Don't worry, girl. I'll protect you! And we're going to win this challenge. That criminal isn't looking for such a sweet girl as you." Zara stated as she smiles to Hannah.

Hannah blushes and looks to the boys behind them. "Ehh... do you think the criminal is in the forest?" Hannah asks and looks to the forest.

"Of course not, he's probably so-" Zara stated but quits talking when she sees the criminal with Chelsea on his shoulder. "We've got to go now." Zara whispers to Hannah and grabs her arm. They runs to the toilets and closes the door.

"What about the guys? They have to come too!" Hannah stated as she opens the toilet door. She looks out of the window and sees Joel looking to her.

Zara sighs, rolls her eyes and looks to Hannah. "Hannah, please come here. We have to win for our team. After fifteen minutes we're going back, ok?" Zara suggests. Hannah nods her head and the two girls are waiting in the toilet. The boys are outside.

Joel looks at the toilet. "You hear something, Craig?" Joel asked calmly.

"No... why?" Craig replied. "Is it the crook?" He got out his paper sword. "We may have lost the girls, but if it's any good, we still have this..."

"I suppose that'll be good..." Joel stated. "Zara and Hannah seem to be pretty good friends..."

"Zara's just pretending to be that to get on her good side." Craig said coldly. "Zara didn't act like she is now a few days ago."

"..." Joel stayed silent. "Let's split up..." Craig looked surprised.

"Why?" Craig asked confused.

"Why? It's because we need to so we have a less likely chance at getting caught. Understood?" Joel answered. He looked at Craig directly into his eyes.

"Understood, Joel." Craig said as he walked off further into the forest. Joel turned around and walked towards challenge central.

In the forest, Team A walks with the whole team around. Misery and Valen have a light hearted conversation about their schools and grades. Valen seems impressed at Misery's drama.

"I was also Alice in our Alice in Wonderland preformance." Misery states. "It was really good, I never knew how high I could sing."

"Seriously? Wow, in my school musical I played fainted girl two. It was a disaster. People laughed at me, threw stuff at me... and I was bullied because of it." Valen stated as she looks to the ground.

"Who would ever laugh at you. Those people seriously need to get their heads straight." Misery replies.

(CONF) "Me and Valen actually get along really well! I've almost completely forgiven her for being mean! Almost... though..." Misery states.

"I hope she will shut her mouth soon." Adam whispers to K.C while he points to Misery.

K.C sighs. "Dude, what do you have against Misery? Let it go, please." K.C replies as he walks to the two girls. Adam walks behind the three.

"Guys!" Valen shouts and looks to the shadow in the front of the forest. "Run!" Valen screams. The four team members of Team A runs into the forest with the criminal behind them. He throws a few stuff to them, to get them.

"This way!" Adam screams. He walks to a cave and press on a button. The door of the cave starts to close, but Valen runs in it. After her, K.C enters the cave. But Misery falls on the ground. She tries to stand up but the criminal walks to her. The door of the cave closes.

"Valen! Adam! K.C!" Misery screams. "Eek! Heel-ll-p-p...p-p.." Misery falls unconcious and gets picked up by the criminal.

Adam and K.C looks to the window and sees everything happen. "Oh my lord." K.C shouts as he looks to the other two. Valen is creaping out.

"This is my fault! Mine! I do everything wrong! EVERYTHING!" Valen shouts and looks to herself. "Oh no, I'm back to the old Valen." She said as she looks to the boys.

(CONF) "GET THIS STUPID CAMERA OFF! NOOOOOW!" Valen shouts. She punches the camera off.

K.C and Adam looks to each other. "We've to get out of here, I guess. Or we aren't going to be killed by that criminal but by someone else." Adam said as he points at Valen.

At the toilets, Zara and Hannah have waited for fifteen minutes and opens the door of the toilet room. The two girls looks around and screams when they see the criminal. The two girls runs away. But Hannah's long hair is grabbed by the criminal. He has a knife and puts it on Hannah's throat.

"Leave..." The criminal said and walks with Hannah away, which cries.

"Goodluck, Zara." Hannah said as she looks to Zara. Hannah and the criminal walks away. Zara remembers the voice of the criminal. And maybe she knows who it is. But now, she has to find Craig and Joel. Zara runs into the forest, hoping she'll find the boys.

When Zara arrives the forest, she sees a shadow running towards Zara. She screams but when she opens her eyes, she sees it's Joel. "Joel! I'm sorry for everything, I was wrong and please... don't vote me!!!" Zara begs as she kneels.

"...Why should I keep you in?" Joel states coldly. Zara looks to him in fear. "Your already trying to get me eliminated, and you lost Hannah, the only person you can manipulate here..." Joel walks off. "You are basically done, Zara. You brought this on yourself..." He chuckles as he walks.

"But we could vote Craig?" Zara suggests as she sees Joel walking straight without saying anything. "Ok, it's war now." Zara said to herself.

(CONF) "It could go either way. I keep Craig and easily eliminate which ones easier to eliminate or I chose Zara, whom will be so grateful that she'll stick with me to the end. Either way, I win really." Joel comments in the confessional.

Joel runs in the forest and passes Zoey and Franklin which walks in the forest too.

"But, Frankenstein. You don't have to worry about Chloe. She'll be fine." Zoey stated as she hugs Franklin.

"I guess..." Franklin said as he started to cheer up. It's not like Chloe's going anywhere, no one from their team have went yet, they were a team Magots against two Toxic Rats.

"Don't worry." Zoey stated as she puts her hand on Franklin's shoulder. "Let's stick with each other and see, we've so much fun with out Chloe!" Zoey said but looks annoyed when she sees Trey, running towards them.

"Guys!" Trey shouts, scared.

"Whoa, what is it, dude?" Franklin asks Trey confused. Trey was usually a calm and collected person.

"The crook has c-colected Chelsea!" Trey shouts. "I got out of there but Chelsea wasn't able to get out, I don't think she even made it to the door."

"I think we have to walk with each other now. Let's do this, Team B!" Zoey yells as she looks to the two boys. She smiles.

In the cave, Team A looks a little bit scared. Adam and K.C are sitting on two big rocks and Valen looks around. She sees a little dole door. "Guys... there is a door." Valen stated as she points to the door.

"Oh my lord, it's true." K.C replies. "Open it!"

Valen turns to K.C. "The killer will be in there. I think, we've to stay here." Valen suggests as she looks to Adam.

"Stay, both. I'm going to open that door." Adam said and looks to the door. He kicks the door and it opens. It's a V.I.P room for Chris, with a bench, a tv and a lot of snacks.

"Bingo." Valen said dreamly and runs to the snacks. She grabs a few snacks and eats it. She looks to the window and sees the criminal with a boy on his shoulder. It's Craig. "He has a boy! He's coming to the cave." Valen screams to K.C and Adam.

"It's spy time." Adam said and smiles. "You two, stay here and don't make any sound. I'm looking in that cave, maybe we can do something with it."

Valen and K.C looks to each other and nods at the same time. "Goodluck, dude." K.C whispers and laughs. Adam turns to to the other side of the cave and walks to the cave with the contestants.

Adam walks brave to the cave, but is still a little bit nervous. He looks around him and doesn't see anyone. He enters the cave and looks around. He walks downstairs and sees a foot of Craig. When he looks to his body he sees Craig is unconscious.

"Oh no!" Adam said as he looks to Chloe and Chelsea.

"Joel? Zara?" Hannah asks. Adam can only hear Hannah's voice.

"Who are you? And how are you not unconscious?" Adam asks as he tries to see something. Hannah can see Adam, because he stands in the moonlight.

"Ehh... I think... you..." Hannah said calm and looks behind Adam. Adam looks a little bit confused and turns.

Adam turns and sees the criminal with a knife. Adam looks to the criminal and swallows.

(CONF) "This is... the end..." Adam said emotionless and looks to above. "I'm coming."

To be continued...

~Outro Plays~

Episode 7: A Little Bit of Fear (Part 2)

"Last episode on Total Drama. We-" Chris said, his voice was cut off by static. "Who-..>" "Valen then ma-" "Chelsea was the fir-" "Who keeps doing that-?" "Heeeel-" His voice stopped.

~Intro Plays~

Adam looks again to the killer. He puts his knife in a rock and grabs Adam's arm. Adam looks to the killer but his eyes closes as he falls asleep. The killer grabs his knife and looks to Hannah, who was still awake.

"What do you want?" Hannah asks as she is afraid. The killer looks emotionless, you can't see his face but still, and he walks away.

(CONF) "I have drunk friends at home, so they're sleeping always. So this is not new for me. Everyone is ... passed out or something?" Hannah stated as she looks to her nails. "Oops, when I'm back at home I have to make a appointement at the nail studio." Hannah said and blushes.

In the cave, K.C and Valen looks to the window. "I see still nothing, and you?" K.C asks as he walks to the window. "Valen? VALEN! Put that away!" K.C shouts as Valen eats a sandwitch.

"Why? Do we have to starve here? I don't think so." Valen replies and eats the sandwitch.

Team B's survivors, Franklin, Zoey and Trey walked through the forest. Trey started to calm down as soon as he got out his camera. He pretended that Franklin and Zoey were a bunch of actors and he was making a movie to calm himself down... it was working...

"Where are we hiding right now? We're in the middle of nowhere and the criminal can grab us easily. Frankenstein, fix this! Now!" Zoey commands as she claps in her hands and looks to the camera. "Get out, Trey with that stupid thing!" Zoey shouts.

"Calm down, jeez. This is to calm myself... Franklin you got out of the shot..." Trey stated.

"S-sorry... just looking for the thing that... we're supposed to look for!" Franklin snapped.

Zoey looks to Trey. "So?" Zoey asked arrogant.

"Stop acting like the leader, Zoey! If you were, you'd take better care and control of your team!" Trey shouted back. "It's like you can't do anything BUT boss people around. No wonder Chloe ditched you..." Trey walked to Franklin with his camera.

"What did you say? Do you want a fight with me? No you don't want that, so what if you just shut up! And wh-" Zoey shouts and quits with talking as she sees the killer behind Franklin. "Frankenstein... the killer!" Zoey shouts as she looks scared to the killer.

"Huh? Where?" Franklin asks. He gets grabbed by the shadow and drops like a ragdoll in his hands.

"Franklin-!?" Trey shouts in confusion as he spots the crook. "Urg!" He gets out his camera and starts recording. "S-sorry, it's just a good shot...."

(CONF) "I-I... I'm so ashamed..." Trey states. "This movie would look perfect with that shot though..."

Zoey looks confused to Trey. "What the heck is your problem dude? Put that camera off, jeez!!" Zoey shouts as she runs to Franklin. "Frankenstein!! FRANKENSTEIN!!" Zoey screams. Franklin and the killer are away. "We're alone..."

(CONF) Zoey laughs. "Just hoping the camera was on when I said that. Frankenstein is so dumb, but yeah..." Zoey stated as she looks to her nails. "I have everything now. Everything." Zoey smiled equally.

Zara runs in the forest and sees behind her a shadow. She turns around to look a place to hide. She sees a cave, with K.C and Valen in it. She runs to it and tries to open the door. But they look to her, like they can't open it.

"Please! Please! The killers wants me!" Zara shouts as she looks to the two.

K.C and Valen looks to each other. "I'm going..." K.C said.

"No. We have to win this challenge and not that team. Let her be killed, and we are a closer to victory." Valen stated as she looks to Zara. Valen smiles. The killer grabs Zara and puts her on his shoulder. She looks sad to K.C.

"You are a monster, did you know that?" K.C asks to Valen as he laughs.

The two looks to outside and sees the killer, putting a unconscious Zara on the ground. He grabs a rocks and throws it to the window of the cave. The killer runs to K.C and Valen. He grabs Valen but she puts him on the ground and slaps him.

"Get out my face you mo-" Valen shouts but Zoey and Trey grabs Valen's arm. "Let me go, I can handle this in my own."

Trey and Zoey looks to each other and runs to K.C. They run away and leaves Valen behind them with the killer. They hear her screaming. Trey runs back to look.

"So... hi there." Zoey stated as she looks to K.C which looks all of the time to Zoey.

K.C smiles but looks scared as he hears someone screaming. "Is that.."

"-Trey!" Zoey adds and grabs K.C's arm. "I get it! When you're alone, dramatic or afraid you are getting be killed! This is based on Try or Die! Do you know that game?" Zoey sees and looks to K.C which is kinda confused. "If we play the game, we can win. Maybe, finally two teams can win a challenge. Deal?" Zoey suggests.

"Deal!" K.C answers.

Back with Joel, he ponders about the criminal and what he has done with his life. "Hm..." Joel said. "This crook must have done something pretty bad to have to be broken out, he's probably from the army as well... maybe the swat team." He said to himself. "He must not be very intelligent, to rip this off a game..."

A shadow appears after a tree. Some sounds comes from behind the tree which makes Joel a little bit afraid. "You were wrong..." the killer said as he looks to Joel.

"...Huh?" Joel states as he looks over his shoulder. "If i'm wrong, then tell me, what's the right answer?"

"I 'am' intelligent." he answers and throws a knock out gass to Joel. "And by the way..." he adds as he puts his hood off. Joel looks confused but then he closes his eyes.

There are some voices behind the killer. It's Zoey with K.C and they see a unconscious Joel. "This isn't right, but I think team C lost..." Zoey whispers to K.C. The two looks to the killer, who walks to them.

"Run, run, run!" K.C shouts to Zoey. Both runs to the cave, but Zoey stumbles. The killer grabs Zoey and puts them on his shoulder. He runs to the other side of the cave.

K.C looks to the cave and runs behind the killer.

(CONF) "I think, I have to do something..." K.C states as he looks to the camera. "Yes I have."

"So, K.C. You are the only person who is alive, except Hannah which is still not asleep. Anyway, you can choose of two options. Option one, you gonna help your own team and are safe. The other teams has to vote at the elimination ceremony. Option two, you safe your team and another team from elimination and can both eat from a delicious diner for both teams." Chris announces. He has three keys in his hand.

K.C thinks for a little moment and thinks on Zoey, how brave she was. "I choose option two." K.C decides, he grabs the two keys and walks to the inside of the cave. He sees a cell with the name Team A on it. He uses the key on the door of Team A. Then he walks to Team B's cell and opens it. Chris puts on the button of his joy stick and everyone wakes up.

"K.C has chosen to save his and Zoey's teams. Team C will have to go to elimination while the others come with me to the Hall of Chris." Chris announces before getting interupted.

"Hall of Chris? I never saw any hall of anything on this island before..." Trey states. "When was it built, and where the heck is it?"

"It's next to the mountains, you guys probably didn't notice it because the only time a team was at the mountains was when they were climibing it... and even then someone wasn't there with them." Chris replied angrily. "Elimination will take place at midnight, and after it the banquet shall start. You can do whatever you want before that."

At the house of Team B, there sould be a festive mood. There is, except for Zoey. She sits alone in her room, though she was the last one who was 'alive' at the challenge.

(CONF) "Well, Chloe found her new best friend. Frankenstein doesn't love me and Trey thinks I'm the witch of Hansel and Gretchen." Zoey stated as she looks a little bit sad.

"Wow, you have such beautiful hair." Chloe said as she looks to Chelsea's hair. She makes curls in her hair and Chelsea is doing Chloe's nails for the Hall of Chris.

"Thanks, Chloe! You are so sweet. Instead, your the sweetest person I ever met. Why is your sister so mean?" Chelsea asks as she lacquered Chloe's nails.

Chloe looks a little bit confused. "You mean Zoey? She's not my sister, please. She is my ex-bestfriend. She uses me as her personal slave, and no, I don't want to be a slave. Anyway, do you think the Hall of Chris is something likeable?" Chloe asks.

"Oh, I don't know. I hope so..." Chelsea replies.

Trey looked at the girls room from the lobby. He smiled and turned to Franklin. "It's great that we get to go to a feast, I mean, we haven't had anything but take-out and fruit for a while." Trey stated.

"I know, right. I was kinda getting sick of burgers and fries anyway..." Franklin replied. "I did, however, quite enjoy one of the meals. JayJay's Chicken take out... I loved the mayo on my chicken burger... I wouldn't mind a whole banquet based on those!" Franklin smiled excitedly.

"So... what do you think the girls are talking about?" Trey asked.

"I don't know... I can't really guess what they are going to do next though..." Franklin answered, he sighed deeply. "Why are girls so complicated...?"

"I don't know why either, but I'm sure they're not talking about anything bad about us..." Trey stated as he looked at Trey.

Zoey walks to the two boys and looks awful. "Why are you two so... made?" Zoey asks as she sees Trey and Franklin.

"Wh-what?" Franklin replied in shock.

"Because we aren't a**holes like you." Trey snapped. "No one wants to talk to you if you're just going to talk to us in disgust." Trey looked to Franklin again and they started to chat, with Franklin still a little baffled.

Zoey looks to Franklin and then to Trey. "Okay..." Zoey replies and walks to the outside. "And by the way, tell the others I'm not going, Frankenstein." Zoey adds as she walks away.

On that moment, Chloe and Chelsea walks to Franklin and Trey. Chelsea looks like a princess and Chloe as a model. "Where's Zoey?" Chloe asks as she looks around.

"S-she left, Trey kinda snapped at her." Franklin answered. "She doesn't want to go to dinner..." Franklin ate a grape.

"She deserved it, she left Valen alone to fend for herself and then completely forgot about me." Trey stated.

"In her defense, you didn't exactly help me either." Franklin stated.

"At least I apologised, and besides, she screwed over two people." Trey replied. "Not one like me."

"Yeah, she's worthless." Chelsea replies and walks to Trey. She kisses him and walks away with him. Chloe stays with Franklin.

"She isn't really nice... I think she deserved it." Chloe stated to Franklin as she blushes.

Team A is making them ready too, for the Hall of Chris. Adam is being arrogant again. He looks to Valen, which looks dirty. "Are you going to the Hall of Chris in that thing?" Adam asks to Valen.

"Of course she is." Misery interrupted. "It's a team celebration and she did the second best!"

Adam laughs. "You didn't did your best too? You are like a rat or something." Adam states as he laughs again which makes Misery a little bit angrier.

"Shut up, Adam!" Misery shouted. "I may have done bad but at least someone gives a damn about me!" She tried to keep in her tears, Valen looked at Misery shocked. Misery was meaner than before yet she still seemed hesitant at arguing with Adam... she didn't STILL like him... really?

Adam looks to Misery. "Your just a pig." Adam said calm and walks away. "Valen you deserve better."

"How dare you? You don't call someone pig. Your just a pig, dude." Valen replies and looks angry to Adam. "What do you want? Your always doin' stupid to her? Do you like her or something?" Valen asks.

"Me? No, please stop. I don't like pigs. Do you get it?" Adam shouts and walks away, to the Hall of Chris. K.C looks to the two girls.

As he looks to Misery, he smiles, and looks to Valen. "Come, let's get some fun tonight. He doesn't deserve to be the reason to have a bad night for you two." K.C stated.

The two girls looks to each other and smiles. "Deal!" They said on the same moment. The three are walking out of the cabin.

The screen goes to Hannah, which sits in the livingroom. She is thinking, she's the only person in Team C who isn't thinking about the elimination, but on the Hall of Chris. She really wanted to be in there. When she looks up, Joel comes to her.

"Hey Joel!" Hannah stated as she smiles and looks to Joel. "I thought you were swimming?"

"Someone kept bugging me..." Joel stated calmly. "So... about the elimination... You know about Craig right? He's been letting the team down since the beggining of the competition, if it wasn't for Layson's plan, Craig would be eliminated. He's floating through the games with the best of our efforts."

"Ehh... I have to think about it, I heard so much stories about Layson's elimination and Bobby's elimination. But I'll think about it!" Hannah replied. She smiles and sits on the bench. She sees Joel leaving, but then Craig enters the livingroom.

"Hey... Hannah?" Craig asked. "We've been friends from the begining... and I know how much of a trustworthy person you are... So I'm putting my trust onto you... Can you vote for Zara? She's really bad news... so... see you at the elimination..." Craig left the room after some awkward silence.

(CONF) "Oh my gosh..." Hannah said and looks confused.

The door of the livingroom opens and Zara walks in the room. "Hannah! Hey great friend. Well, we're besties right? Well, you know... we have to vote together on next elimination ceremony." Zara suggests and smiles.

"Yeah, I guess..." Hannah replies.

"I want that you are voting Joel. He's the master brain, and you know, if we don't vote him, we are going to home. Are you in?" Zara asks and looks to Hannah.

Hannah thinks. "I have to think about it, Zara. I don't know for now..." Hannah replies again and looks to Zara, which leaves the room.

(CONF) "Better she votes Joel or I'll kill that stupid girl." Zara shouts in the confessional.

The contestants eventually went to the Hall of Chris, Team C went to the elimination ceremony at the usual time, yet Chris was nowhere to be seen. The team waited a couple hours before Chef went up to the teens. "Chris said that the elimination this time will take place at the Hall of Chris."

"Then what was the huge wait about?" Craig asked.

"I forgot." Chef said casually. The contestants groaned and went to the Hall of Chris. The other two teams looked at the elimination which was taking place. Hannah sat down alone while Zara looked to her happily. Hannah smiled at Zara, Joel smiled evily at Zara while Craig felt confident in his survival.

"What took you guys so long!? Nevermind, I don't want to hear it." Chris stated coldly. "One of you will be going home today... again. The faster you guys vote, the faster we can get the feast started, and I'm starving! So... let the voting... begin!" Joel got up and walked into an indoor confesional.

(CONF) "This confesional is alot nicer than the other... anyway, bye Craig." Joel said as he marked Craig's picture.

(CONF) "It's bye bye for the evil Joel. Did I said evil? I'M EVIL! HAHAHAH." Zara stated as she laughs evily. She marks Joel's picture.

(CONF) "Bye, Zara." Craig said as he marked her picture. "That felt good."

(CONF) "Sorry..." Hannah said and crosses her fingers. She markes a picture and looks to it. She sighs and walks out of the confessional.

"The votes are in." Chris announced. "Vote 1. Craig. Vote 2. Zara. Vote 3... Joel. One vote left..." Chris looked to the people evily. "And for this elimination, you should take a look at the screen. He pointed to a screen.

"Huh? What could be on there?" Craig asked. "It's not the vote is it?" He looked at Chris for confirmation.

"We'll see..." Zara said as she looks to Joel and then to the screen.

(Televison: CONF) "Sorry..." Hannah said and crosses her fingers. She markes a picture and looks to it. She sighs and walks out of the confessional. The screen then goes into a box from the confesional. The picture falls through the hole slowly.

Craig looked at Zara happily, while she did the same to Joel, who just looked at the screen calmly. The picture fliped over to reveal the person who is eliminated... was Zara....!

"Yes-! Whoo!" Craig stood up and laughed in her face. "Your eliminated, by the fires of hell to the power of my blade, I have never had to defeat such a hard and ANNOYING villain! Finally!"

(CONF) "Maybe... I was a little too excited..." Craig said nervously. "I guess... SHE'S GONE, Y-!!!" The camera cut off quickly.

Zara looks surprised. "I think, something messed up on that tv screen. Hannah, we we're in a alliance? We we're voting Joel?" Zara asked angry.

"No, Zara. I voted you because I heard what you said in the confessional. You tried to use me! That was so mean, so I had to vote for you." Hannah explains and looks to Zara, which is really angry.

"Well, I bet you'll fall in the sea and don't come up above again. And the same for you, Joel. You two are sick. And soon, you'll die. YOU TWO ARE GOING TO DIE! DIE!" Zara screams. Chef picked her up and walked towards the submarine at the elimination area. Zara continued to bad mouth Hannah as she was dragged off.

(CONF) "Urg...!" Joel said in shock. "Hannah's main reason for voting Zara was Craig-! Zara's betrayal was just an extra reason to decide... If we lose again, she'll definately take him with her... which means, I should stop manipulating Hannah... and move onto Craig...!"

Team C walks back to the beach house while Chris walks to the other contestants. They are a little bit surprised by the elimination ceremony. "I'd hate to go in an elimination..." Franklin said, trying to break the silence between the two teams. "I know some really amazing people... and I'd hate to see any of them go..."

"We'll have to go sometime..." Trey stated.

"But we didn't had any elimination ceremony for now. We can proud on ourself!" Chloe said as she smiled to her team.

Valen laughs. "Yeah, thanks to K.C. or you all were sitting there." Valen said.

"So? What do you mean with this? We won a lot of challenges too, so please stop it. I won almost the challenge." Zoey answers and looks to Valen which looks to Chloe.

(CONF) "She helped me? Wow." Chloe said and looks confused when she realises that Zoey did a nice thing to her.

"Heh..." Misery chuckled. "I just imagined something cool... What's if... we had to go to space in one season?! There's alot of fanfictions which have that! Tee-hee!" She laughed quietly as Chris sat down at a chair... it was golden.

"Team A and Team B! You guys have the privilage of eating the banquet of Chris!" Chris announced as he pulled away a cover. The table now showed it had a vast variety of food. From fast food to posh ones, from adequate to delicious, all of their personal prefrences.

"Oh, my, god..." Misery said. "They have brocoli!" She quickly scooped as much brocoli as she could before she realised the confused glares she was getting around the room. "Oh, I mean... ew... brocoli..." She put the broccoli plate on her lap and pretended to not be eating it when in actuality she was.

Zoey and Chloe takes a sit, side by side. They look to each other but don't talk. Franklin takes the chair next Zoey. Trey and Chelsea takes the other table with Valen and Misery. The two boys of Team A takes the table from Zoey, Chloe and Franklin.

"Hey... Zoey!" K.C said happily as he winks to her. Franklin sees this.

Zoey smiled and answers. "Hi, K.C."

K.C gets some fries and looks to Zoey again. "Your beautiful, not like the others. Your just pure nature. I love that." K.C said and eats some fries.

Everyone is talking and eating, while Chris walks to the outside of the place. "What is going on between Zoey and K.C, Zoey and Franklin and Zoey and Chloe? Isn't Zoey a little bit dramatic? And what will happen with Hannah? You'll see it next time in Total Drama Isle of Terror!" Chris announces and walks back.

~Outro Plays~

Zara's thoughts in the submarine... "It was just horrible. I think I know what was going on. Hannah was just stupid, stupid and stupid." Zara shouts and her eyes becomes red. "I HATE THEM ALL. I-HATE-THEM!" Zara screams and looks angry around. She grabs a table and throws it to the window of the submarine.

Episode 8: Chelsea's High Heels

"Welcome, Total Drama fans. Last time, our little friends had to go against a mad serial killer in the woods. Zoey didn't make any friends on her team and even made things worse between them, she did however get K.C's loyalty. K.C won the challenge and a banquet in my hall of Chris, he even invited team B to the feast. Team C faced elimination... again and Zara actually was eliminated this time due to Hannah and Craig's friendship." Chris announced. "But that was then, this is now. Who will surpass today's elimination, and who will not, find out right now, on Total Drama Isle of TERROR!"

~ Intro Plays ~

It's raining, and the beach house of Team C nearly collapsed in. Hannah sits in the livingroom, looking to the rain. The two boys are both sleeping on the benches. But Craig wakes up and looks to Hannah.

"Hannah, now that Zara's gone. Me and you can get rid of Joel." Craig whispurs. "Don't tell him though, or he can screw this all up..." Joel's left eye opened and he looked at Craig annoyed. He then pretended to still be sleeping.

(CONF) "He's already planning my downfall!" Joel shouts. "Someone who actally enjoys rolling a die and arguing that he shouldn't have died when his sword is level twenty or whatever shouldn't be this much of a threat!"

"I don't know for now, Craig. I don't wanna think about the next elimination ceremony. Let's focus about the challenge and winning the challenge. I wish we can profit once of a reward or something. Only being immune from elimination is wonderful, what about food and more?" Hannah stated as she looks to the rain again. "This weather looks so depressed..."

"It is pretty depressing..." Craig said. "I miss Layson..." He looked to the ground. "Him and Bobby... they were nice to talk to..."

Hannah nods. "I miss them too. I'm feeling so stupid, I trusted Zara and voted for my friends. I'm happy I took the right side previous elimination ceremony." Hannah said.

"Me too..." Craig said. "Hey, wanna play Dugeon Crawlers?" Craig got out a board game. "It's a game where you make your own characters and go to the end. Maybe, Joel will play too." He went up to Joel and shoved him lightly. "Hey Joel, want to play a game with me and Hannah?"

"Sure." Joel said.

(CONF) "Gr...!" Joel growled. "I hate board games, I'm only playing so Craig likes me more... jerk..."

Hannah looks to the board. "Yay! Board games! I love it." Hannah said happily. The trio went up to the game and started to play it, Craig made Joel the dungeon lord, when asked why Craig answerd 'Dungeon Lord sucks, I just want to be Craig the barbarian!" Hannah had the most fun playing the game and has started to think her team is finally getting along.

(CONF) "Playing board games with the team is pretty fun. I think it's time to open a new chapter of our story. The peacefull one." Hannah stated as she smiles.

(CONF) "Our team can at least tolerate each other now... so that means I don't have to worry about Joel plotting to get me out, maybe.... it was Layson's fault he was eliminated." Craig said calmly.

At Team A's cabin, Valen and Adam are talking about previous challenge. "But why did you so mean to her? Why does she deserves that?" Valen asks to Adam as she gets some tea. "Wanna have some tea?"

"No." Adam replied cold. "This is the same question I always wanted to ask you about Eleanoria. You always did mean to her. And now, you are the 'good girl' or something." Adam adds.

Valen drinks some of her tea. "Eleanoria reminds me to my hatefull little sister who's always happy, friendly and respected. But I was the 'jerk' of the family, even my grandma hated me for nothing. So I wanted to eliminate Eleanoria soon, to get that hard feeling out of my head." Valen explains and a tear rolls of her cheek.

"Wow that explains a lot. You really have emotional feelings inside. But why are you so mean to others?" Adam asked.

"I have to be someone... I'm not that girl that likes every pink dress or every earring. I'm Valen, and if someone is annoying me, he or she will know that they have to keep their mouth shut to me." Valen replied and grabs her tea. "Now your turn."

"Your turn?" Adam asked.

"Yes, your turn. Why are you so mean to Misery?" Valen answers as he puts her tea on the table.

Adam sighs for a moment and looks around. "To be honest, I have no idea. Something inside says to me I have to do that. Do you know that feeling? I can't stand Misery for one reason... and I have to find out what that is. But did you saw her yesterday? She was really rude for a moment. Maybe I've underrated her." Adam stated as he looks to Valen's empty tea glass.

On that moment, Misery walks in. "Hey, Misery. We were talking about you!" Valen said as she smiles to Misery.

Misery smiled to Valen. "Hey, bestie. How are you?" Misery said.

"I'm fine, Misery! Well, wanna know what I've heard? Adam wants to talk with you! I'll leave you two alone." Valen stated as she smiles and walks away. Adam looks a little bit awkward.

"Oh-! Wait, Val-...!" Misery shouted in confusion. "Uh... hey... Adam." Misery sat down awkwardly.

"Hello, Misery. I wanna apologize for what I did. I was wrong about you, I guess." Adam said as he looks to Misery and waits for her answer.

Misery looks to Adam. "Okay, I'm sorry for snapping at you, Adam..." Misery replies before looking at Adam angrilly. "But you better start treating girls with more respect."

Adam sighs. "I'll try, I guess..." Adam stated as he smiles.

(CONF) "It's just, I need to stay in this game. If I get everyone on my side, it's easy to manipulate them. Tell Valen to vote K.C, tell Misery to vote Valen and K.C and me will vote Misery. I still don't like Misery but I think I've to respect her." Adam said and laughs creepy.

Misery got up and walked to K.C happily. "Hey, K.C..." Misery said. "How are you? I'm bored..." Misery smiled.

"I'm bored too." K.C replied and looks to his shoes. "I need a feet massage, and very soon." K.C said and gets his shoes off. "Do you think Valen will do it?" He asked to Misery.

Misery rolled her eyes and scoffed a bit. "I don't think she would, get someone else to do it..." Misery said. "Oh, and don't ask me to do it or there will be no feet to massage." She laughed quietly.

K.C looks a little bit confused. "Sorry, girl... I just asked it." K.C stated as he does he's shoes on and walks out of the cabin. Valen walks to Misery and saw everything happen.

"Wow... what was that? I saw the fury in your eyes, hahaha." Valen asks to Misery, which looks totally angry.

"Wh-what?" Misery said in confusion. "Was I really mean? I mean..." Misery looked at the ground sadly.

Valen smiles and looks to Misery. "You showed that you're confident. You finally said something you wanted to say. Misery, there is a new period for you. The strong Misery. Don't let people walk over you, but let them walk against you. What I supposed to say, you are a strong girl. People can't tell you to do something for them. Adam used you, K.C used you... they are monkey's. But we are girls and we have to keep our head up." Valen stated as she smiles to Misery.

(CONF) "I don't want to be a mean person, I should be co-operative, I want to be an actor in the future and actors need to listen to directors and stuff." Misery stated sadly. "I don't want to seem bad, but I need to isolate myself from Valen so I can get my old bubbely self again...! My dreams... depend on me..." Misery looked to the camera.

"T-thanks, Valen." Misery said. "Since I'm so... um... confident, yeah. I'll go get some...uh-... food for us! That'll be good...! So... um bye!" Misery ran off as Valen stays behind with a confused yet satisfied face.

(CONF) "I think I did a good job to her. I changed a skinny sad girl to a confident strong girl. Yes, mama has done something réally great." Valen stated as she winks to the camera and smiles.

Misery walks away, but sees K.C sitting alone, massaging his own feet. Misery looks to him and thinks for a moment.

"Hey, K.C?" Misery said. "I'm sorry for my outburst earlier..." Misery walked past K.C and continued to walk towards the forrest. "I will undo my bad actions..."

"No problem. What are you going to do in the forest?" K.C asks.

Misery sighed. "I don't know... I-... just have to do good..." Misery said. She walked away from K.C.

"Wait." K.C shouts to her. With bare feet, he runs to Misery. "I'm going with you." K.C said as he gets his socks and shoes. "I'm not letting you alone, beside that you can be hurt, there's always Joel. I don't trust him." K.C stated as he smiles to Misery.

"..." Misery stood silent with both respect and awkwardness. "Thanks... K.C..." Misery said. "That's... really nice... No one has ever cared about me like that before, and usually only view me in their image, like Valen."

K.C smiles. "No problem, Misery. Since I came here, on this island, I realise that every human is the same as the others. Before that, I wouldn't ever speak to anyone here. Besides Chelsea, she's rich too. But you know, I always lived with butlers, I lived in mansions and everything I wanted, I always got. And this is just a island, you have to do it with what you get. And to be honest, I really like this." K.C explains and looks happy to Misery.

Misery smiled at K.C. "You've learned alot from this island, so even if you don't win, you have that right?" Misery said to K.C. "

K.C nods. "Exactly." He replied and smiles.

The camera then goes to Team B, who are sitting in their rooms. In the boys' room, Franklin sits impatiently while Trey uses the electricity. Trey is editing his movies, before finishing one off. He then checks his 'to-do' list and afterwards, turns to Frankin.

"Franklin, I don't think this is right..." Trey stated.

"Yeah, I know..." Franklin stated. "You've been on the electricity far too long-"

"No-! Not that!" Trey shouted. "Zoey! She's a jerk to everyone and is a hinderence to our team! We have to vote her off! Remember how she said she wouldn't come to the feast yet actually DID come to the feast, she lied to everyone." Trey knew it was a little lie, but he had to convince him.

"I guess, you... are right..." Franklin admitted. "But she's winning challenges for us, that's good right?" Franklin looked Trey in the eye, who just looked back mad.

"You know she had to go..." Trey stated. "Look, that's only if we lose. Here's a deal, I'll make sure there will be no arguements between the girls if you promise to vote Zoey next time we lose. If we win all the way till merge, then Zoey's safe... got it?"

Franklin knew that was a good deal, as nothing was more annoying and intimidating as one of Chelsea and Zoey's arguements, and nothing was as guilt tripping as Chloe arguements. "Oh, okay..." Franklin said, caustiously. "That's... a good deal I suppose."

"Good..." Trey said as he turned off his laptop. "You can use the power now, an-" Franklin jumped to the electricity cables and started to charge his phone.

"Finally!" Franklin said. "I need to know how my hampsters' doing, Ben is taking care of them and he is a very lazy person!!!" Trey rolled him eyes and walked to the lobby where Chelsea was sitting.

"Chelsea." Trey stated as he blushed. "Good news, he agreed to your plan."

Chelsea smiles as she sees Trey's face and laughs as she heard her plan is working. "Awesome, only one problem. I can't find Chloe. And the worst thing is, Zoey is away too. I hope they don't talk with each other. Can you look for them please?" Chelsea stated as she smiles. She gives him a kiss on his cheek.

Trey blushed. "Okay, but don't worry, as long as we make Frankin happy, we win!" Trey said as Chelsea glared at him. "D-don't worry, I'll still go through with your plan though!"

"No, Trey." Chelsea said annoyed. "Franklin loves Zoey, or Chloe or both. When they snap with their fingers, bam, they have Franklin in their pockets." Chelsea snaps to Trey.

"I-I said I'd do your plan! Don't worry!" Trey said as he turned to the ladder and started to climb. "Be right back!" He the left as Chelsea had a slight chuckle at the fact her plan is working so easily.

As Trey walks to the outside of the underground house, he passes Chloe, which he didn't saw. Chloe found a note with her name on it. "Come to the forest, please." Chloe reads and looks around. She doesn't want that someone is following her, so she sneaks slowly out of the garden and runs into the forest. When she's arrived, she sees K.C and Misery.

"Hi there... is this note wrote by one of you two?" Chloe asked to the two.

"Nope... I didn't write it..." Misery said before she turned to K.C. "Is the note from you?"

K.C shakes his head as he read the note. "No, it wasn't me. And we didn't saw anyone in the forest." K.C stated as he looks to Chloe.

"Ahw, okay... anyway, thanks." Chloe said and smiles to K.C and Misery. She walks straight and sees the jacket of Zoey. She runs to it and sees Zoey sitting. She sits on a carpet, with sandwitches, siege, milk and croissants.

"Thanks for coming, Chloe." Zoey said and stands up. She hugs Chloe and leaves a tear on Chloe's shoulder.

Chloe looks confused to Zoey but hugs her back. "Why... why this picknick?" Chloe asks to Zoey.

"Well, I felt I had to do something. I acted as a b**ch to you, and I just wanna be friends with you again. I know that you like it to have a picknick, and I wanna have a picknick with you to fix things between us. I hope you want that..." Zoey said and looks hopefully to Chloe. Chloe looks surprised and smiles.

"Of course!" Chloe said cheerfully.

(CONF) "This is so scary. I dreamed this night that Zoey would talk to me about something. But finally she apologized! I'm so happy, really." Chloe said and kisses the camera.

The two girls are eating and talking untill Trey comes to the two girls. "Hey Trey, what brings you here?" Zoey asks to Trey. Chloe looks to him and eats another sandwitch.

Trey nervously tries to think of what to say. "Well, u-...! Hey! I th-thought you two... hated eachother." Trey said as sweat rolled down his face, the girls didn't notice however.

Zoey and Chloe looks to each other and laughs. "Dude, this is just a part of our B-F-F friendship. We have fun but we have also a lot of fights." Zoey said.

"Wanna join us by the way?" Chloe asks to Trey. She looks to Zoey which make a weird noise and face. The two best friends are laughing and laughing, all of the time.

"I was just... looking for Franklin...!" Trey stated. "Y-yeah. He's making something pretty good for a certain someone, y-eah! It's n-neat...!" Chloe folds her arms and scoffs before eating a muffin and feeling better. "Urg, fine." He sits down in defeat.

'O-M-G. Chloe, did you know Luna is married to that girl Lily? I saw it on twitter, just ew!" Zoey said and laughs. "Why would she ever marry Lily? She was kissing everyone, or not?"

"Hahaha. Ahww! Well, Luna deserves better. She had to date w..w..with... Robin! hahahahah!" Chloe replied and laughs too. The two girls continues gossiping and laughing, while Trey looks to the two girls.

"Well, I like to watch the new series, Total Drama Camp Wikis All-Stars and-!" Trey stated, he turns to the camera and winks like he's trying to do some self advirtisement or something. "Anyway, what do you think is the challenge prize this time?"

"I love to watch that too, specially Yang. She's great." Chloe stated as she looks to Zoey. "Anyway, the prize has to be something to make our house more beautiful."

"Maybe, it's a video game system or a Tv with netflicks! That'd be so good, I miss rom-coms..." Trey said before realising he said that he likes romantic comedys... in front of two girls... alone.

The two best friends looks to each other. "Ooooooohhhh...." They both says in harmony and looks to Trey. "You love... romantic comedies?" Zoey asks to him.

Trey went red in embaressment. "Y-yeah. So...?!" Trey replied. "Lots of people... like rom-comedies... there's like 20% men audience..." Trey turned away his face away from the girl and twiddled his fingers.

"That's romantic, Trey. But you deserve a better girlfriend to spent time with. Not Chelsea, she only uses you. Maybe Chloe likes you?" Zoey said and smiles to Chloe. Chloe smiles back.

(CONF) "I don't know if Zoey is trying to be mean or nice. She knows I like Franklin, but yeah... she has still a relationship with him." Chloe stated as she looks to the wall. "Besides that, it's nice of her she wants to have me be his girlfriend. But I'm sure Trey wants Chelsea. Does he have a relationship with her, by the way?" Chloe asked to the camera and thinks.

"C-Chelsea is just a friend, and besides, if she was my girlfriend, one of us would go quickly..." Trey said as he tried to cover up his embarassment.

Zoey looks surprised to Trey. "Well, what do you think about Chloe?" Zoey asked to Trey while she smiles to him. Zoey looks much friendlier than before.

"She's nice... yet, I don't like her like her." Trey stated. "Meaning, she's not my type, really."

"Not your type?" Zoey replied. As she looks angry to him she throws a sandwitch to Trey's head. "How could you? This perfect girl... get out!!!" Zoey shouts to Trey.

"What do you me- ow!" Trey said scared as he got hit by a flyig sandwhich. "I thought we were friends-! I didn't mean anything by it, I just don't like perfect girls as much as some other girls li- Ow! Fine!" He runs off away from Zoey's anger and sandwhiches.

Zoey looks to Chloe and giggles. "Oops, hahahah." She said to her best friend and the two are laughing together.

Trey walked away after running off a long while. "Urg... What's up with her?" He then hears a loud, high pitched annoying sound. "Argh-!" He looked up to a loud speaker on a pole.

"Is this on?" Chris asked. "Hello? Hell- Oh, there it is. Okay, well, it's challenge time, now, there's a requirement for this challenge, and it's for you to-!" The announcement was cut off as the speaker fell off the pole. Trey quickly jumped out of the way and avoided getting crushed.

Chelsea, which was outside with Franklin, sees what happens to Trey. "Oh, Trey! Are you okay?" Chelsea asks as she walks to Trey, worried and afraid.

"Nothing, I was just almost killed by a speaker-!" Trey said. "But anyway, it's time for the challenge I think."

"Oh, I heard." Franklin replied.

Everyone walks to Challenge Central. Chris waits for them there. "Chris! You have to look for someone who fixes your speaker things. They fell almost on Trey's head." Chelsea states as she sees Chris.

"...? Why are none of you wearin your swim suits?" Chris said. "And what's this about broken speakers!?" Chris looked at the contestants in discontempt.

"Swim suits? You never told us to bring the swim suits..." Franklin said. "Or...? Oh, wait. You probably didn't get to it due to the spe-"

"Thank you, captain obvious. You know what? Fine. Whatever." Chris shouted. "Today's challenge is an olympic event! There are four main challenges which involve, swimming, running, wrestling and climbing. The challenge shall take place in the Hall of Chris, because it has a pool, a climbing area and a indoor-field."

"Is it a relay?" K.C asks as he sees that Chris stops talking for a second.

"How long do we have to swim?" Franklin asks.

"Will we actually get a prize for winning this time?" Joel asked.

"Is the challenge a spa with a massage and manicure?" Chelsea asks as she looks to her nails.

"Yes, yes and no! I just told you!!" Chris shouted. He then started walking in the direction of the 'Hall of Chris'. "Alright, follow me to start the challenge, failure to arrive is INSTANT elimination."

Adam looks a little bit confused. "What do you mean with that?" Adam asks.

"If you don't show up to do the challenge, then you are eliminated." Chris said.

Everyone follows Chris to the Hall of Chris, which looks like the Olympic Games. "Wow, this is sweet." K.C stated unbelievable.

The contestants walk into a giant indoor-field. The field has an area for both running and climbing. "The first challenge is to run a lap. The teams shall decide who does the race. Team B, because you have an extra member and because you have won the most challenges, one of you must run the race, while carrying another."

(CONF) "Whoo! Intamacy! ...What?" Franklin shouts in the confesional.

"That's kinda gross... I call dibs on NOT doing this race..." Trey said outloud.

Zoey looks to Trey. "Since you and Chelsea are always with each other, you two should do the challenge together. Not to be rude to you two or something, not at all, but it would make sense." Zoey suggests.

"Well, Zoey. You and Franklin are in a relationship too, right? Why aren't you two the perfect couple to do this challenge? Well, Zoey?" Chelsea stated as she looks annoyed to Zoey, who is not really angry about it.

"Riiiiiiiight, Zoey." Franklin flirts badly, placing his hand on her shoulder. He looks at her annoyed face and then in fear backs off. "Nevermind... I-I was joking."

(CONF) "..." Franklin states. "My favourite TV show character flirts all the time... he makes it look so fun..." Franklin pouts.

"So, we are doing the challenge?" Zoey asks to Franklin as she puts a fake smile on her face.

"I-I guess..." Franklin said as Chloe sighed quitely, no one noticed it.

(CONF) "Chloe, do you want to do the challenge with Franklin? Or with Zoey? Or even with Trey? No, no... Chloe is just useless so nobody asks her something." Chloe said to herself and sighs. "But the positive thing about this, Zoey takes all the fame of this team on her. So it could work to get other people out of the game." She adds and looks a little bit happier.

Team C is not talking much about to decide who they want. It's pretty obvious it will be Joel, since he wants to. "But, Joel... do you really wanna run the lap? If you don't want to, you can always say to us!" Hannah said to Joel.

"Don't worry, I want to do this. I'm on the rugby team at my school and I haven't done any excersise at all. Plus, you wear high-heels and Craig... is Craig. I'm the best fit." Joel said persuasivly.

Hannah looks to Craig, who says nothing. "Okay! I think you will win this challenge! Goodluck." Hannah stated and hugs him equally.

"Yes, I agree! I, Craig, the barbarian of fire and heroic stuff, put my trust in thee!" Craig shouted excitedly.

"Yeah- Whatever." Joel said as he pretended to smile. He let Hannah down and walked up to the starting point of the race.

"We better win..." Craig said as Joel walked off.

Hannah nods. "If we don't, and we have to go to the elimination ceremony, there will be only two safe. This challenge has to be ours." Hannah demands and looks to Joel, who is walking to Chris.

The screen goes to Team A. Valen and Adam are talking about the challenge. "I wanna run!" Valen shouts to Adam. "I have a lot of energy, I could use it for this challenge." Valen said.

"But Valen, you have the power in your arms. We have a swim challenge later. What if you do the swim challenge and I the run challenge? I'll promise, we aren't gonna lose." Adam replied.

Misery stood there quietly next to K.C as he looked at the bickering duo in disgust.

"They are like my parents. Always fighting about everything. It annoys me." K.C stated as he looks to his team mates Valen and K.C. "They aren't really fighting at the moment, but still, it's annoying."

"I know... I just don't get any of them..." Misery stated. "Well, it can't really be helped. It's their personalities."

K.C nods. "Yeah, but now... it will end." K.C said and takes a breath. "AND NOW SHUT UP." K.C shouts to Valen and Adam who looks surprised. "I'm going to run, and I will not wait for you two to stop me." K.C says angrilly as he walks to Chris.

"That's clear, I guess." Valen said.

"Okay, so you're all here. All you have to do is run around the entire lap three times." Chris said. "After every lap, you're allowed to take one item from this small desk to use to hinder the other teams' chances of winning. Ready?" Franklin picked up Zoey from the ground and immediatly started struggeling. "Set...Go!"

The four volenteers started to run with K.C starting with the lead by sprinting. Franklin and Zoey, however, couldn't get 25cm from the starting line without him asking for a break. "Please..." Franklin gasped. "Can we slow down? My body can-'t-t take i-!"

"Frankenstein! How dare you! RUN!" Zoey screams to him. But when she said it, she was thinking. If they have to go to the elimination ceremony she has to have Franklin on her side. If he isn't on her side, she is going home. "I mean, sorry baby. I'm really sorry for what I said. Of course we can slow down, everything you want baby." Zoey said calm to Franklin and kisses him on his cheek.

Franklin smiled. "Thanks." He put her onto her feet and then started breathing heavily as Zoey rolled her eyes. K.C, in the lead, started to spot Joel coming up behind him, he immediatly tried to sprint yet he was unable to go any faster.

"Just passing through." Joel laughed as he jogged past K.C.

"Huh? B-b-? How d-?" K.C said.

"Bet you didn't think about your stamina when you started the race, loser." Joel mocked K.C. Joel got further and further, while K.C tried to regain his breath while running.

"Whoo!" Craig shouted. "He's in the lead!"

Valen looks to Craig who yells for Team C, while Valen tries to punch him. Hannah looks to Valen and turns back fast. "Someone wants to punch you..." Hannah whispers to Craig.

"R-really?" Craig said as sweat went down his head. "It's not the weird girl is it? Or is it the skinny one, or Joel... I mean, it-"

"And Joel has managed to make it to lap two!" Chris announced. Joel jogged by the table and grabbed an item. Franklin, at the exact place he was last time, was doing some streches.

"Franklin... deary, can we go now." Zoey said annoyed.

"There's no rush. If I don't strech, I'll get a cramp and then we'll lose." Franklin said. Zoey rolled her eyes and sighed. Joel ran right through the two, pushing Franklin over. "H-hey!!!" Franklin grabs Zoey's hand and starts to jog.

"Get him, honey! You can do it!" Zoey screams and looks annoyed as she sees K.C running next to them.

"Hello Zoey, I think you could try to drag that boy. He's useless and you can do more than your team think." K.C stated as he winks to her. He passes the two and is now second in the race.

Joel looks at the item he grabbed. "Huh? Paint?" Joel said in confusion. He looked to K.C behind him. After smiling mischievously, he started pouring the paint all over the field. "Try and get past that!"

K.C smiled back as he continues running. He tries to jump over the paint, but fails as he lands on it. He slips and falls on the ground. "Dude, what is your problem!!!" K.C runs. After him, he hears a loud sound. Franklin fell onto the ground with Zoey on him.

"FRANKENSTEIN HOW D- How... are you? Sweetheart?" Zoey asks to Franklin as she looks worried. She fakes it.

"S-sorry, I didn't notice the goo!" Franklin said. "Ew...!" He then started to crawl off the paint. Joel continued to run as he passed lap two. He then grabbed an item from the desk, a piece of wood.

"This is waaaaaay too easy!" Joel said confidently. He then looks around and continues with running.

Zoey and Franklin arrives after Joel. Franklin looks to the desk. "Get something, Frankenstein! I know you can make the right choice." Zoey stated as she sees K.C running towards them. Franklin grabs a little bomb, but he presses on the button. There comes a safety net off it and captures Zoey and Franklin.

"Too bad sucker!" K.C shouts to Franklin as he grabs the snot shooter. He shoots all the snot on Franklin and continues running.

(CONF) "K.C is kinda cute but at the same time really annoying..." Zoey stated.

(CONF) Franklin desperately tries to wipe off the snot and paint off of him. "Disgusting..."

Franklin tried to pull the rope apart, yet it doesn't snap. Franklin then bit the rope, causing it to snap. The rope, however, caused his tounge to burn a bit. "Ow, I got rope burn on my tou-!"

"Shut up, and start running!" Trey shouted. Before Franklin was able to get up, Zoey grabbed his hand and started to drag him throught the lap.

K.C runs as fast as he can and almost passes Joel. "I get you!" K.C shouts as he sees the finish line, a few steps from them away.

Joel, however, started to sprint for the first time he had in the entire race, allowing him to pass K.C with ease. Joel passed the finish line, with K.C in second, with Franklin and Zoey coming in last.

"Come on! They were with two people... they could do better..." Chelsea stated as she looks annoyed to Franklin and Zoey. Chloe, which starts to irritate on Chelsea, couldn't live without saying anything about it.

"They did their best, I hope we will do better in the next challeng-" Chloe answers but gets interrupted by a happy Hannah.

"We wonnnn!!!" Hannah shouts excited. She and Craig runs to Joel to thank him. Joel seems surprised but isn't réally happy.

"H-he-! Yeah... great." Joel said. "So we're onto the next challenge?" Joel looked uninterested.

"Yeah! But who should do it?" Hannah replied.

"Maybe, you should do it..." Joel said.

(CONF) "I'm not trusting Craig to swim, run or wrestle! At least in climbing he could be useful." Joel stated.

"Why not me?" Craig asked.

"Because... of..." Joel said as he averted his eys from Craig. "Oh, Hannah's form! She has a figure more suited towards this kind of sport.. Ya' know what, you'd probably make a great climber though! I mean, you look like the type of person who'd be able to do this, and I know, because people say I'm a great judge of character!" Craig smiled.

"Perfect!" Craig said.

"Okay, I'm making myself ready." Hannah stated as he grabs her bag with her swim suit. "Finally I can were my bikini!"

When Franklin and Zoey returns to their team, Chelsea looks a little bit angry to them. "Do you wanna break our record? Do you wanna have a elimination ceremony?" Chelsea asked to Franklin as she looks furious.

"W-well, it's not really about having a record. But I don't want to have an elimination ceremony." Franklin said. "S-so who should do the next part of the challenge?" Franklin tried to change the subject.

"I wou-" Chloe started to say, but gets interrupted by Chelsea who's still angry and annoyed by the fact that they lost the first part of the challenge.

"I think Trey should go." Chelsea suggests.

"Cool, I guess. But I'm not a good swimmer..." Trey replied.

Chelsea smiles equally. "No prob, and I'm sure you look hot in a swimming trunk." Chelsea stated. Franklin took a glance at Chloe, who was nervously disapointed. He walked up to Chloe slowly and awkwardly.

"You okay?" Franklin said. "You seem to be down..."

"Everything is fine." Chloe replied sarcastic and smiles to Franklin. "Don't worry about me."

"K'ay, I guess." Franklin said. "W-want to go somewhere after the challenge? I-"

"Hey." Trey said as he put himself into the conversation. "What are you talking about?" Trey was still trying to seperate the three friends.

Zoey heard what Trey said and walks to Franklin and Chloe. "They were talking about me. Because we had a deal. But that is not of your business." Zoey stated to Trey.

"Huh?" Trey said. "F-fine. W-wish me luck!"

Team A's K.C returns to his team. Valen makes her ready to go, because she mad that decision for herself. "It's time to shine." Valen said.

"Goodluck." Adam stated to Valen and smiles to K.C. "You did great, boy."

"Y-yeh..!" Misery said behind K.C.

(CONF) "I feel so guilty about the whole ignore Valen thing!" Misery said sadly. "Is it wrong to ignore others just to help yourself?! Maybe, probably, yes, no-! I don't even know why I care so much, I mean, she doesn't notice... so... probably not worth thinkig about..."

"Thanks." K.C replied.

After a few minutes, Valen and Trey returns from changing. When they are ready, everyone looks surprised when Hannah returns. She looks gorgeous in her deeppink bikini. Craig, K.C and Trey are slaver.

Franklin begins to sweat before getting slapped by Zoey. Joel just rolls his eyes at the whole scene. "Just win... okay?" Joel shouted.

"Woah, is it hot in here or is it just yo- I mean me! Yeh, me! Heh-he..." Trey flusters to Hannah with her looking at him confused.

"Ohhh Trey!" Hannah shouts to him as she feels awkward. "Just focus on the challenge, please..." She adds and makes her ready for the challenge.

"What- why would I not, I mean, I'm gonna give it my all! And-...!" Trey replies before getting dragged off by an angry Chelsea.

Chelsea puts him at the start of the challenge. " Stop talking, before you mess everything up." She commands to him and looks to Hannah which stands ready at the start. Valen does the same thing.

"O-okay!" Trey said as he got into position.

"Are you all ready? Set, GO!" Chris said as he blew a horn. The three contestants jumped into the water and started to swim. Trey managed to get a huge start ahead of the girls. The girls, fiercely competed to out-swim the other.

Trey turned his head to gloat at the girls. "See you guys later at the finish line! Hah-he-huh?" Trey gloated before he immediately started to slow down. He was distracted due to Hannah's attractive body in a swim suit, causing him to get flustered and awkward. Before he realised it, the two were only 6 inches behind. Chelsea shouted at him.

"COME ON DUDE." Chelsea shouts to him. "DON'T LET THAT TWO GIRLS WIN!!!"

Valen looks to Chelsea and knows she has to win now. She wants to win for her team, to punch Trey and to let Chelsea fail. Valen tries everything to swim faster and faster and passes Trey. "What did you say about the finish line?" Valen asked to him.

"Argh-!" Trey shouted. He then started to swim faster and heeded Chelsea's words. After swimming for a long while, Valen managed to make it to the end. Trey was swimming faster then Hannah until.

"Hey!" Joel shouted. "You dropped something!" Joel pointed to behind Trey, causing Trey to look over his shoulders. Trey immediately stopped and did the thing he did just a few minutes ago. Hannah, however, started to swim faster and faster til' she passed Trey. Trey finally came back to his senses after Hannah already made it to the end.

"And Hannah places second place, and poor old Trey lost due to Hannah's attractive figure." Chris announced. This caused Trey and Hannah both to blush, and Trey to hide himself in the water. It also caused Chelsea to go green with envy.

"What do we have to do now, Chris?" Chelsea asks to Chris as she looks angry to Trey. She knows he feels something for Hannah, but she don't want to give him the feeling that she's jealous.

Chris looked at Chelsea. "Well, there are two more challenges left. First up though, is the wrestling competition. Last person left standing wins!" Joel immediately walked onto the position place, along with Adam. The members of Team B however, had some trouble deciding who does it.

"I-I've already done something!" Trey and Franklin both said immediately.

Chelsea and Chloe looks to each other. "She'll do it." Chelsea said as she pushes Chloe to Adam and Joel. Chloe looks a little bit confused but she has no choice.

"If we had to wrestle with the team I would punch you in the middle of your face." Zoey said to Chelsea who isn't agreced with the choice of Team B.

"Girls, calm down." Franklin said. "We may not have been winning it so far, but if we win the next two challenges, we'll win second at least. Maybe."

The three are ready to wrestle. Joel looks really confident same as Adam. But Chloe is really scared.

"Go, Chloe!" Franklin shouted. "You can do it, hit them where it hurts!"

Chloe looks to Franklin and smiled.

(CONF) "How do I ever win from these two evils. I think I let them fight to each other and then, maybe... the other will be so tired, I can punch them knock out or something? Wish me luck!" Chloe stated.

Joel immediately tackled Adam and started to bend his arm. "Wow, you don't work out at all. What a wimp." Joel taunted.

Adam tries to punch Joel but fails as Joel grabs his arm and throws him back to Adam's stomach. Joel jumps on him. "You..." Adam said and pushes Joel off him. But too bad, it didn't helped because Joel kicks Adam on his face which knocks him out.

When Joel stands up he sees Chloe. He walks to her, but before he can say or do something Chloe kicks Joel on his painful place. He falls on the ground and screams in pain.

"Yeahhhh!" Chloe yells as she jumps in happiness. When she sees she actually hurt Joel she kneels and looks to him. "Sorry, sorry! Are you okay?"

"I'll never be-! Able to reproduce... Argh!" Joel shouts as he writhes in pain.

Hannah and Craig walks to Joel. "Go to Chris for the next challenge, I'll care for Joel." Hannah said as she looks to Craig. "And Craig... I know you can do it." She smiles. Craig nods at her and goes to the climbing wall. Everyone on Team B look at Chelsea and tell her to do the challenge. She tried to persuade Trey through flirting yet he still says she should do it.

Misery walked to the startig point of the climbing wall because it was her turn to do something. The three looked at each-other in determination.

"Okay, all you got to do is get to the top and ring the bell. If you ring the bell you win. Got it? Chris explained. The three replied with 'Yes.', 'Sure.' and 'Whatever...' to the question. "Then... Ready, Set... GO!" The three started to climb, yet Chelsea immediately fell, she had high heels on.

"Ha-ha-HA!" Craig laughs as he climbs the wall.

"Can't you just shut up. And O-M-G! My nailsssss!" Chelsea screams in anger. She sees Misery climbing without screaming at all. "You are a girl, why aren't you screaming?" Chelsea asked loud to Misery as she starts to climb again.

"I'm wearing slippers! I don't like high-heels, they're too stereotypically feminine." Misery replied as she climbed. "I'm all about the reaaal drama and reaaaal emotions and reeaa-!" She accidentally has her foot stumble yet gets it back in place. "Oops. Heh."

Craig got to the top of the climbing wall pretty easily. "Wow, I won!" Craig shouted. "Whoo! This is pretty nice to actually WIN! Yeah!"

"Ring the goddamn bell, you twit!" Joel shouted.

"Oh, sorry." Craig replied. He then rang the bell, winning him the challenge. Misery started to get close to the top, while Chelsea, shoe-less, was finally starting to get close.

"Urg... It's sooooo hard to climb in these shoes!" Misery stated. "I mean- Woah!" She tripped accidentally, but managed to hold on, however, her shoe fell off. The shoe fell very fast, hitting Chelsea on the head. In shock, Chelsea let go of the the climbing wall and started to fall. She screamed as loud as she could out of fear.

Trey sees everything happen and runs as fast as he can and captures Chelsea as she falls in his arms. He, however, falls on his knees on pain, yet she didn't notice that. Misery managed to climb to the top and ring the bell. "Second! yeah!" Misery shouted. She than winked at the camera.

"Huh? Why are you winking?" Craig asked.

"For all the boys and girls back home!" Misery laughed.

"But this isn't live-!" Craig replied.

"Do you ever shut up!?" Misery shouted as she pushed Craig off the wall. When Craig hit the ground, Joel gave a little laugh.

Hannah looks to Craig and smiles when she sees he's okay. "Hahaha. But wait... did we win the challenge?" Hannah asks.

"Yes. Your team got 1st two times, and second twice! Team A also had 1st once, second twice and third once. TB got third three times, and first once." Chris anounced.

"TB?" Zoey asked as she looks confused.

"Saying Team B is getting really boring, TB sounds better." Chris said. "Plus, you're all getting boring yet I can't get rid of you guys, because of legal reasons."

"Chloe, you did amazing earlier. I did pretty crap..." Franklin said to Chloe.

Chloe blushes and smiles. "Well, th-" Chloe said but gets interrupted by Zoey.

"No, not elimination... please, you are kidding right?" Zoey stated annoyed. She looks to her team mates and sees Chelsea looking to her. "Goodbye, girl. It's time to go."

"Yeah, for you." Chelsea replied as she smiles broadly.

"Um... I think that you'll go Chelie. No one likes you, really." Franklin states.

"Me? I have Chloe and Trey on my side, so I'm not afraid to go. Because I'm not going." Chelsea replied as she smiled again.

"But I-" Chloe said.

Zoey laughs. "You have Chloe on your side? She is my best friend for ages. She will be on MY side. And if you are so stupid to think she will be on your side, you are totally wrong girl." Zoey shouts to Chelsea.

"Don't insult Chelsea like that!" Trey shouted. "Why would Chloe like an over-protective jerk who treats everyone like dirt!"

"Ehh... W-" Chloe tries to start but gets interrupted again, what nobody notices.

"Y-you're one to talk, right!" Franklin interupts. "You only like Chelsea for her looks, because if you didn't you wouldn't have ignored the fact SHE is a jerk who treats everyone like dirt, especially YOU! She has NO redeeming qualities!"

"I'm sorry? Don't talk about me like that, dude. You are nothing, your girlfriend doesn't even like you and sh-" Chelsea said as she gets interrupted.

"AND NOW SHUT UP!!!" Chloe shouts to her team mates in fury. Everyone looks surprised to her. "Can I talk now, please? All of you are terrible. ALL OF YOU! I couldn't speak before the challenge, during the challenge and after the challenge. Can I say what I want to say now?"

"You think-... I'm terrible?" Franklin said sadly. "Fine, you can talk if you want, I don't care anymore..." Franklin sulks.

"I hate it to be mean to someone, but nobody respects me. You think you all know me better than I do. That's sick. You are fighting about me. This is not fun anymore, we started as a team and now we are enemies. This can destroy everything, guys. And now you've listened finally to me, we can vote for someone instead of laughing with each other at our underground house." Chloe explains and walks off.

"Jeez, and I thought I knew her..." Franklin said as he walked off.

(CONF) "Apperently, I'M bad for sticking up for Chloe's best friend! I didn't fight over her! Yet she treats me like I'm just as bad!" Franklin ranted.

"Okay, today was an eventful day. Full of surprises and arguments, not only that, but Team B actually lost for once!" Chris said. "Anyway, the votes are in! Vote 1. Zoey... Vote 2. Chelsea... Vote 3... Chloe..." Chloe gasped. "Vote 4 is Chelsea... and Vote 5 is... Chelsea."

"Wait! This can't be right... t-that's three votes for me and only one for Chloe... then that would mean, Trey voted Chloe... NO!" Chelsea ranted.

"Nope, I voted for you." Trey said. "Now that Chloe said it, I realised it, you are a jerk!" Zoey looked at Franklin angry.

"Chelsea, no more time is needed to waste. It's time to pack your bags!"

"So you voted Chloe... get out." Zoey said angrilly to Franklin. She looks then to Chelsea, which looks to the contestants.

"So, what! She's blaming ME for other people mistakes when I thought she WAS NICE!" Franklin shouted sadly.

Chelsea sighs. "And they are still fighting about something stupipid. Losers. I'm happy I'm going now, but I will tell you all one thing. You'll see my revenge very soon. Specially you." Chelsea said as she looks to Trey.

Chef then grabbed Chelsea and through her into the submarine. "Wait, what about my stuff!?" She shouted. "Eeek!" She screamed as she was crushed by her suitcases.

"And that is the end of today's episode! What's gonna happen next? Will Team B find happiness ever again? Will Joel be able to get out the duo of Craig and Hannah? What will Misery do next? All that will be shown next episode on... Total, Drama.... Isle of Terror!" Chris announced.

Chelsea's thoughts on the submarine...

"Get out, please. I was too good for this. But if I get a change to get revenge on Trey, Zoey and Franklin I will do it. Don't worry. But now, I can see my lovely dog Paris again. Finally luxious things again. FINALLY!" Chelsea stated and looks to her nails. "I need a manicure."

Episode 9: Captain Chris: Treasure Drama

"Welcome back, TD fans! Last episode, on Isle of Terror. The contestants had to do four challenges, with four unique types of pain, pain and more pain. Team B had a huge argument over Chloe, except for Franklin, who is now arguing with Chloe. Misery has started to avoid Valen and Joel has just started to show just how good at sports and persuasion he really is." Chris explained. "But. These teens can be really unpredictable, so the game's future is a mystery, and that mystery is about to be solved. On... Total, Drama... Isle, Of, TERROR!"

"I forgot how you had to chew food... oh my gosh." Hannah stated as she eats some fries and chicken they won from previous challenge. "Finally we won, guys."

"It's kinda silly. We've finally gotton some good food!" Craig said.

Hannah nods her head as she looks around the table. "Do you like the food, Joel?" Hannah asks to Joel as she gets a sandwich.

Joel looked at her and put on a fake smile. "Yeah, yet I'd like it more if you two didn't hog all the food. I got second twice, not you guys..." Joel said annoyed, he didn't even try to sugarcoat it.

Craig looked at him. "Oh, s-sorry..." Craig said.

(CONF) "Joel is rude... but at least he isn't a fake, I respect that. Plus, he's winning challenges for us!" Craig confessed. "I'm even considering picking him over Hannah..."

Hannah looks to the food, but when she wants to get the salad, she touches Craig's hand by accident. She looks to Craig, who looks back to her. "Oops!" Hannah giggles. "You can take it!"

Joel rolled his eyes at the two, mostly Craig, who managed to annoy him just as much as always in one word. Craig blushed, while Hannah didn't. "T-thanks!" Craig said as he took some of the salad and placed it onto his plate.

In the undergound house of Team B, there is nothing to do at the moment. Trey is kinda depressed about the fact he voted for his girlfriend, Franklin is sad about Chloe because she was mean to him. Chloe and Zoey have actually a better mood. Because Chelsea is eliminated, her room is empty. Zoey is taking her room so the best friends have some space. They were too much with each other. But now they are talking with each other in Zoey's room.

"So, you are going to tell me what happend between you and Franklin." Zoey said as she gets a lays chip. She eats it and looks to Chloe.

"Well, you know I was angry yesterday... because I couldn't talk at all. Even Franklin talked when I wanted to talk. It annoyed me, so it had to stop. And that made Franklin angry, so he voted for me." Chloe explains as she gets some chips. "Man, these are good."

Zoey smiled. "I know. But, I think you have to talk with him, girl. Or not. You can choose by yourself." Zoey stated.

"Yeah, you are right. I think I'm going to him. But, if you promise me one thing..." Chloe said as she looks serious to her best friend.

"Sure..." Zoey replied.

"You leave some chips behind for me." Chloe stated as she laughs about her joke. Zoey throws her pillow to Chloe. The two girls are laughing, and Chloe can't stop laughing. As she knocks on Franklin and Trey's room she's still laughing.

"Who is it?" A boy's voice said. The voice was normal yet it was a little more high-pitched than everyone elses. It was probably Franklin, Chloe thought to herself.

"I'm Chloe, can I talk to Franklin please." Chloe asked happily. She sounds like she's going to try to make a joke about Franklin because she's still laughing about Zoey.

"W-why?" The voice said nervously. "I think he's gone out, he might be back later though." 'Seriously, Franklin? Just let me in...' she thought to herself.

"Come on, let me in. I wanna talk with you, Franklin. I didn't wanted to start a fight with you. I promise, I don't wanted." Chloe stated. She stand with her back against the door. With her head she's pounding on the door.

"F-fine..." Franklin said as the opened the door. "I guess there's no reason not to..."

Chloe jumps as she almost falls. "Oh, sorry..." Chloe said as she sees Franklin's looking weird to her. "Can I come in?" she asked to him.

"Okay, I guess..." Franklin said.

Chloe walks in their room. She doesn't see Trey so he's probably looking for food outside. "Well, you are angry about yesterday. But do you want to know why I did that? Because I couldn't tell my opinion about the challenge. If you were listen to me, we hadn't a sad Trey, not a boring Zoey, not a angry Franklin and not a poor Chloe. And then we had still Chelsea on our team. Did I made myself clear?" Chloe explained.

"Stop acting like you did nothing..." Franklin said. "I may have interupted you that one time, but I did none others and you treated me like I'm just as bad after standing up for your best friend... "

"I'm sorry? Arghhh... this is so unfair! Do you know what, Franklin? You are doing nice to the person who calls you 'Frankenstein' and you even listen to that name. I don't want to break you relationship with Zoey, I'm not a low person. But I'm also not a doormat. I'm tired of beind be the useless shadow of Zoey. No, my name is Chloe and now I'm not doing nice to you all of the time. Franklin, you really make me angry." Chloe said angrilly and walks in fury out of the room.

(CONF) "Wow... what's wrong with me?" Chloe asks to herself.

Chloe thinks as she stands before Zoey's room. "Damn." She whispers to herself and walks back to Franklin's room. The door is still open and she sees Franklin. "Ehh..."

Franklin sighed and turned away from Chloe.

"Come on, Franklin. You know why I'm mad." Chloe replied to him.

"And you know why I'm mad..." Franklin said back.

Chloe rolls with her eyes. "Please, Franklin. Stop this, we are not on a high school, are we? We are a team, and I was annoyed. And you was part of it. And I didn't treated you or whatever. I just wanted to make myself clear." Chloe explains and looks really serious now to him.

"I'd imagine a smart girl like you would have actually given credit when credit was due." Franklin said. Franklin was actually more mad about the fact the rant Chloe gave, was more simmilar of saying Franklin was being a horrible person, then the reason he told her.

"So... what now?" Chloe asks as she sighs. Franklin looked at her.

"Well, I don't really know... I've never really gotten into an argument this bad before... I don't know what happeneds after... do we... talk?" Franklin said niavely.

Chloe looks to Franklin and smiles. "Maybe not talk..." Chloe stated. She walks to Franklin and kisses him. When she gets back she smiles again. "Maybe we don't know each other's opinion, or we don't respect them. But I know one thing. We're made for each other." Chloe said. She looks behind her to the door, but nobody is there.

Franklin smiled, yet he knew it was wrong. Could he really betray Zoey? The Alpha Girl? But, he knew for a fact that he liked Chloe more, even if he couldn't admit it to others. 'Wait, no!' He thought, 'This is cheating! This... well... She isn't here, right? Wait, no... maybe...' Before he could finish his thoughts, he had been kissed by Chloe again and found his arms around her. He immediately stopped thinking, and started to kiss and confort Chloe in the room.

What they don't know is that Zoey saw everything what happend. She would run to them and kill them both, but she's really calm. That's nothing for her.

(CONF) "This is so hard..." Zoey said as she cries. "How could they do this. But no worry... They don't know I saw everything. They will die. Both." Zoey stated angrilly. She smiles creepy and looks to the mirror in the confessional. "How could he kiss the worse one."

Trey was sulking in the forest, thinking about yesterday and how perfect things were before. He had four great friends, he had a plan for the merge, he had an alliance, he won lots of challenges and had so much fun... But then, thanks to Zoey, the whole incident happened, Chelsea is gone and the team hates each-other.

A shadow appears in the woods, and is walking to Trey. This makes Trey a little bit scared because he doesn't know who it is. "Wha-!? Huh? Sorry, you startled me-" Trey said, he turned to his right to see who he was talking to.

"Don't worry, Trey. It's just me." Hannah said calm, and looks smiled. She gets some berries. "These are yummy. The red ones are nice too, but look out for the crimson ones. They are toxic." Hannah said. She had a wooden basket on her arm with a lot of berries in different colors.

"You can tell the difference between Red and Crimson?" Trey asked. "Then again I'm a little colour blind...

"Oh no, but we lost so many times... that I can dream about the berries. Hahaha. Here, you can get these." Hannah stated as he gives some pink and red berries.

"Heh-heh... Thanks..." Trey said. The silence after that was awkward, yet Trey wanted to keep the conversation further, not because he wanted to talk, because he didn't want to seem like a p***ert because of last challenge.

Hannah smiles to him and looks to the berries. "How was the elimination ceremony? You all were a solid team. I think it wasn't easy to vote for someone..." Hannah stated.

"It was hard, but we had Chelsea eliminated... Almost all of us voted for her..." Trey said sadly. "Except... for Franklin. He voted for Chloe, I think..."

"Ohh... I'm sorry for you, Trey." Hannah stated and puts her hand on Trey's shoulder. "I'm sure you will get over it and you are going to win this game. I believe in you." Hannah tried to cheer him up.

"Well, that's nice. Thanks." Trey replied. "I think I have to go... It may be time for the challenge soon... Our team will need a head start..." After saying those words, he ran off. Leaving Hannah alone and confused.

While he runs he almost pounds Valen on the ground. "Dude! Look out!" Valen said with a bag with a lot of apples in it. "I hate people. But he seems a little bit cute." She said to Adam who was walking with her. They are almost arrived at the cabins.

"Do you think we are going to win today?" Adam asks to Valen, which looks not angry for the first time when people asks something to her.

Valen shrugs. "I don't know, we can only wish that we'll win." Valen replied. She looks to Misery who opens the door. The two girls smiles to each other.

"Hey, BFF. How are you?" Misery said. She still felt guilty about avoiding her, but she needs to play it realistically, so small talk is within the limits.

"Hey girllll. Fine, fine. And you?" Valen replied as she walks in the cabin and puts everything on the table. "Just guess what we found!"

"Apples." K.C said while he's really bored. "That wasn't a surprise."

"Wow, I love apples. They're soooo sweet and sooooo tasty! I hate the peels though..." Misery replies.

Adam looks to Misery who is extremly happy. "A little bit less loud please next time." Adam said to Misery while he winks to her. He can't stand her, but he tries to be friendly to her.

"O-okay..." Misery said, discouraged by his words. "Well, I hope we win this time! Tee-hee!" Misery giggled.

"I hope it too. And I bet we will hear Chris his voice in 3... 2... 1..." Adam said and looks to the window as he ends with talking.

"Yeah..." Misery said. The silence afterwards was really embarrsasing for Adam, no one had the will to break the silnce, and after a full two minutes, Chris began to speak.

"Competitors! It's time for us to start the challenge. Just come to Challenge Central and I'll explain what it is, like the usual." Chris announced on the intercom.

"Go Team!" Valen said cheerfully and smiles to the others of Team A.

(CONF) "Did someone do something to her drink or something? That was two somethings in one line. Sweet!" Adam said and looks to the camera. "And with sweet I mean, chill, relaxed... whatever."

"Already? Jeez..." Misery groaned. She walked out the door and started walking to the Challenge Centre. The others shortly followed her.

Team C makes them ready to go, while Team B is still not ready. Trey, Chloe and Franklin are ready but Zoey is still in the underground house.

"If we're late, we will be disqualified!" Chloe stated to her team mates who are outside.

"It's Zoey whose making us late. Let's just leave her..." Trey said coldly.

When Trey starts to walk away, Zoey comes out of the underground house. "Oops sorry, I was just making myself ready. For my lovely boyfriend, Frankenstein. I love you and I'm sure you would never cheat with someone else." Zoey said as she kisses Franklin. Zoey looks quickly to Chloe and looks back to Franklin.

"Can we go, now?" Chloe asked.

"Sure, we should head off..." Franklin replied. The group started to walk to the challenge central as they pass Team C. "Oh, hey." Franklin waved his hand to the other team.

Team C and B arrives at Challenge Centre. They look around and sees Team A coming to them. When Team A arrives, Chris shows up and is seen talking with Chef.

"Why even bother?" Chef asked.

"I'm getting really sick of it!" Chris argued. His entire face was filled with boredom, like when the contestants don't recieve pain in a challenge. "Besides, I'm the host! I'll do what I want!" The contestants look at them in confusion.

"What's... Uhm... going on?" Craig asked.

"I'm sick of this, three teams cr*p!" Chris shouted. "You guys don't try as hard as previous contestants because there's a two out of three chance you'll be safe and only about four of you taking elimination at a time is boring! So that's why, there will now be only TWO teams, and the teams will be completely changed!"

Zoey looks to Franklin and Chloe. She thinks.

(CONF) "I don't care about the teams, but I hope I will be in Frankenstein's and Chloe's team. I don't let them in one team with each other." Zoey stated.

"Uargh!!" Franklin screams. "But then, I might not be with Ch-Zoey. I mean, seriously... heh..." Franklin laughs nervously.

Valen heard it and looks to Zoey. "Chzoey? Never heard about that name." Valen stated as she laughs a little bit.

"So, what are the new teams?" Joel asked.

"Wait, Joel, I was just about to explain something..." Chris said annoyed. "The teams will be decided by the challenge. There are a number of treasure chests around the island, each one with a ticket. There are two types of tickets, a turquiose one and a lightcoral. Lightcoals go to elimination and Turquoises win. At sun-down, you must hand me a ticket, you don't need to be the one who found it, as long as you hand it out to me, then its YOUR ticket."

(CONF) "You don't need to be the one who found it..." Zoey stated as she winks to the camera.

"Want to pair up?" Franklin said as he went up to Chloe, he blushed as he spoke to her. "We can find chests faster AND if we'll have a better chance of being able to steal a ticket if we needed to."

Chloe looks to him and blushes. "So you are not mad about ... you know..." Chloe replied as she looks to him.

"Well, yeah... I guess..." Franklin said as he blushed even more that his entire face was red. "I mean, we can't hate each other forever... especially after... ya' know..." Trey looked at the two and walked up to them.

"What's going on? You hated each other yesterday and now you're pairing up?" Trey said confused. "I mean, did you guys make up that fast?"

Chloe sighs and pushes Trey's head away. She doesn't hurt him, but gives him the feeling that he has to shut up. "You are only saying this because Chelsea isn't here. If she was here, you would pair with her, right... or would you not?" She asked to him as she looks to herself. "Sorry, I didn't mean that in that way..."

"Yeah, sorry for bothering you. Didn't mean it like you shouldn't be friends... I just-...Nevermind." Trey replied quitely.

(CONF) "I should be happy for them, but it's weird to make up so easily over an intense argument, it's really suspicious... what happened?" Trey stated.

(CONF) "It looks like... me and Zoey are switching our personalies..." Chloe stated.

"Hannah, you want to pair with me?" Joel asked as he looked at Hannah, and she looked back and nodded. Craig ran up to the two.

"Joel, you want to pair with me?" Craig asked as he found Hannah and Joel standing next to each other. "Oh... Can I join your group?"

"There are barely any players left, we need to limit groups..." Joel said, putting on a disapounted look. "Yet, if Hannah wants to join your group, that's fine."

Hannah looks to the two boys. "Come on, guys! We had so much fun together, let's stick with each other and reach the final three with each other! That would be awesome, right?" Hannah cheered as she looks happy to the two guys.

Valen and Misery walks to Joel, Hannah and Craig. "Team C, well it's better not to be in a team with any of you, because we'll probably lose then. Anyway, goodluck. Bye." Valen stated and walks away with Misery behind her. "Shall we pair?"

"Sure..." Misery said happily. On the inside, however, was a dying girl.

(CONF) "NOOOOO!" Misery cried.

"Alright, you all ready?" Chris asked. "Well then... Ready... Set... GO!!!" Chris blew a horn and the contestants ran in all sorts of directions. Franklin and Chloe were being stalked by Zoey, who was behind them.

"I have a idea. Get two chests and wait there, I'll make something up." Chloe whispers to Franklin as she looks to Zoey, who is behind her.

(CONF) "How cute, my BOYFRIEND.... and my BEST FRIEND... are together now and I didn't knew ANYTHING of it. I'm really angry, but I'll take my revenge." Zoey stated.

Zoey looks to Chloe. "Frankenstein isn't waiting for you? You should follow him." Zoey said.

"Oh... no, I think we should pair. We are besties and we have to be in the same team. Or don't you want that?" Chloe asked as she looks to Franklin.

Zoey shakes her head. "Not really..." Zoey replies as she looks to the two. "Well, which side shall we do? Left side? Great!" Zoey suggests and walks with her bestfriend to the left side of the forest.

Valen, Misery, Adam and K.C are walking together and looks to each other. "Guys, I think we have to pick our own way now. We'll see who's going to be in the same team and who not. Just hoping we get the right ticket. Goodluck everyone." K.C stated and walks away,

"We have to be in the same team right?" Valen asked to Misery as they walk to the beach. Valen looks back and sees Adam is taking a different way. "If you don't want that you can always say."

"We can be on the same team. I mean, we are friends!" Misery shouted in fake glee.

Valen nods. "Yeah. We are." Valen shortly replied and continues walking with Misery.

At the other side of the island, Joel, Craig and Hannah are talking about the chests. Craig wants to pair with Joel, Joel wants to pair with Hannah and she with Craig. There's a lot of drama again of the members of the previous Team C.

"We have to make a decision, guys. Are we going to work together... or not?" Hannah asks as she looks to Craig and Joel.

"Urg... fine. I guess three is better than one..." Joel said.

(CONF) "Yet two is better than three..." Joel complained.

"Sure, why not?" Craig said as he gave Hannah a quick glare. The role-player selfishly wanted to have Joel on his team over Hannah, who saved him from elimination, just because he was a strong player.

Hannah smiles. "This is amazing! We will be like the best team ever!" She stated and hugs Joel and Craig as a group hug.

"Y-yeah...ghr..." Joel replies.

Back with Trey, he walked around aimlessly and depressed. He eventually sat down on a fallen tree. After a while, Adam walked up to him confused to why he wasn't doing anything.

"Hey, why are you just walking alone here?" Adam asked as he looks interested in Trey. He hasn't seen Trey during the show.

"Because... I don't know... Why are you just here alone..." Trey asked.

Adam sits on the ground. "I don't care about that stupid chests. There is so much hate in every team. In our team, in your team and in that other team. We'll safe for a lot of episodes dude." Adam stated as he winks. "It doesn't care if we are in the loser team."

Trey nodded at Adam. "True. Zoey seems to be mad at Chloe and Team C is seriously a conflicted bunch..." Trey stated.

Adam laughs. "Adam." He said and introduces himself to Trey. He shakes Trey's hand.

"Trey." Trey replied to Adam.

"We should be in the same team." Adam said as he smiled. "We could come really far in this game."

"Sure, that'd be fun." Trey stated.

When the two boys walking together away they passes Valen and Misery, who aren't saying anything to the two boys. Valen looks behind the trees and sees a chest. "I have one! Who should open it? You or me?" Valen asked to Misery.

"You! Of course, you did find it..." Misery said.

"Okay..." Valen said and opens the chest. She looks to the ticket and it's turquoise. This means Valen is on the winning team. "I made it." Valen shows the ticket to Misery.

"That's great!" Misery shouted.

Valen smiles. "Now it's time to find your chest!" Valen said excited.

Misery smiled. "Okay. Let's go." Misery replied. The two walked off to the right of the forest while Joel, Hannah and Craig walked by looking for a chest.

"Okay, guys. I propose, whoever finds the chest wins it... Fair?" Joel asked.

"Nah, how about we Rock, Paper, Sissors for it?" Craig replied. Craig looked to Hannah for her to back him up.

Hannah looks to both boys. "I think it's fair if we agree with Joel's idea." Hannah stated as she looks to Craig.

"Fine. But then what's the point of teaming up?" Craig asked.

"To make sure no one can mug us." Joel answered.

Hannah shakes her head. "No, I thought the idea was if we all find turquoise tickets we are going to Chris." Hannah said. The three looked at each-other in surprise about their different ideas of the group.

"I'll just... go look over here." Joel said as he walked over to the fallen tree. Then, he looked underneath the tree to find the top of a chest sticking out. He then dug up the chest after pushing the tree aside, Hannah turned to see Joel holding a chest.

"You found one! Yay!" Hannah cheered and hops to him. "Open it!" She said excited and happily.

Joel nodded at Hannah and opened the chest. "Yes! It's a turquoise!" Joel shouted. "I win!" Craig walked up to Joel with his hand in a fist form. "Huh?"

"Rock, paper, sissors, right?" Craig asked.

"I won it, I'm keeping it." Joel stated. "Maybe, you can find one. But you're not having this one."

"There are about eleven people left in the game, it will probably be five people on Team Turquoise and about six of the other." Craig replied. "You've already found one and I'm pretty sure at least one other person has too. There probably isn't many spaces left, this is fairer..."

"Ehh... what is the plan now?" Hannah asked and looks a little bit confused. Craig wants to have that chest while Joel is keeping it.

"The plan is for you too to find your own chests. I'll try and hand this to Chris early so no one steals it." Joel lied.

Hannah turns to Craig. "But, are you leaving us now?" Hannah asked again as she turns back to Joel.

"Don't worry, I'll be back." Joel lied.

"Okay, do we have to wait for you here?" Hannah asked one more time.

"If you want..." Joel replied before running off, leaving Craig and Hannah.

Hannah looks to Craig and smiles. "Do you wanna wait for him, by the way?" Hannah asks to Craig.

"I don't think so... if we leave and he comes back, his trust in us will decrease. But, we might be able to find some chests if we do look... So let's go." Craig replied.

Hannah follows him. "Okay..." she said as she walks behind him.

Chloe and Franklin sits on some wood talking about the challenge and their future. "Do we have to continue together? You are in a relationship with Zoey..." Chloe said as she looks around for the chest. "We have to move on soon, to be honest."

Franklin sighs. "Well... to be perfectly honest... I don't even like Zoey anymore..." Franklin confessed. "I mean, I thought she was nice when I fell for her.. but she's actually kind of a jerk..." Franklin looked at Chloe.

"She was never nice. And she keeps calling you Frankenstein." Chloe replied. As she said that, Zoey is looking to them and stands behind a tree.

(CONF) "I thought she was nice, she is kind of a jerk, she was never nice. I don't care about these stupid words. I'm going to break that two. And specially Frank-LIN." Zoey said.

"Yet... I think you're nice... I think you're amazing..." Franklin says. "You're one of the nicest people I've ever met, you're also pretty... and smart... I can't believe I ever thought someone as cruel was better than you... It's obvious it's the opisite now..." Franklin and Chloe blushed while Zoey went red with rage.

Chloe smiles and sees behind Franklin a part of the chest. "What is...-" Chloe asked as she walks to it. She sees the chest and gets it. "Franklin! A chest!"

"And it's mine." Zoey said as she walks off the tree. She jumps on Chloe and pushes her to the ground. "You are trying to steal my boyfriend." Zoey yells and slaps Chloe in her face. "You are trying to continue the game with him." She pushes Chloe onto the floor. "And the worse thing of all. You betrayed me!!!!!!!!" Zoey screams and throws a wooden piece on Chloe's face in anger. Zoey grabs the chest and looks to Franklin. "We are over." She said as she runs away.

Franklin quickly helped Chloe up. "Are you okay?" Franklin asked sadly. "She shouldn't have done that to you..." Franklin felt her head. "You okay? There's no bump, but you're forehead is getting red..."

"I'm o-okay... thanks. Wanna continue?" Chloe asks as she tries to get up. She feels a little bit dizzy but she's alright.

"Wanna know something funny?" Franklin asked, trying to make the situation more light-hearted.

"Of course." Chloe replied as she looks excited.

"The ticket Zoey stole from us. It was lightcoral..." Franklin laughed. "I don't think she noticed, she placed it immediately into her pocket." Chloe hugged Franklin out of happiness.

"That's awesome!" Chloe said happily. "Come, let's find the oth-" Chloe said but gets interrupted by Chris who makes a announcement by the speakers.

"The first two tickets are official taken. Joel is immune for tonight because he has a turquoise ticket and is in the winning team. Sadly, ghehe, Zoey has a lightcoral ticket which means she can be voted off tonight. Stay tuned and keep looking for the chests." Chris announced.

"ARGHHGGHGGHGG!" Zoey screamed before the intercom turned off. "CHLOE, I HATE Y-" The speakers immediately shut off.

Chloe high fives Franklin and both giggles. "Now we just have to find 2 other turquoise tickets and we are done with Zoey!" Chloe said hopefully.

"Even better, we only have to find ONE!" Franklin said as he pulled out a ticket. "Remember when you told me to find two chests while you went to Zoey? I found a ticket! And it's turqoise!"

"That's amazing! Amazing!" Chloe said. She looks to Valen and Misery who are walking to them. "Hi there." Chloe said calm.

Valen laughs. "Hello, Chloe. I think you want to be in the 'winning' team. Let's make a deal." Valen stated as she turns to Misery and winks. "I'm giving you mine turqoise ticket. If... you... date... Franklin. Make Zoey mad, and Zoey makes her team and me mad. So we can easily eliminating her. But you have to do what I say. And I'm not starting a alliance or something with you, just because I understand what you feel. Zoey is mean and you deserve to be in a better place. So, you get the ticket and you will date Franklin in front of Zoey. You could kiss him or saying you both are going to do something." Valen suggests and gets her ticket. She shows it to Chloe.

(CONF) "Valen just wants to torture Zoey..." Misery states. She took in a deep breath and sighed. "I thought she got past this... Even if she's nicer to some, she needs to make it up with something else..."

Chloe looks to Franklin. "It looks like a awesome deal. Shall I do it?" Chloe asked to Franklin.

"Sure..." Franklin said as he smiled.

"Deal!" Chloe said to Valen which smiles to Chloe. Valen gives the ticket to Chloe and winks to her.

"You made a great choice, girl. I should hurry up until someone steals the tickets off of you." Valen said and winks again. She walks with Misery away and leaves Franklin and Chloe behind them.

"Quick, let's go!" Franklin shouted. Chloe nodded at Franklin remark and the two ran off towards Chris. Trey and Adam were still talking about the game, both completely forgetting about the challenge.

"So... why were you so, ya know, concieted anyway?" Trey laughed. "You don't seem like the quiet type? Plus, you did look like you were trying to intimidate everyone... I think a girl probably likes you at the moment."

"Which girl?" Adam asks as he laughs about Trey. "A girl likes me? Well, that would be nice. But no, no girls for me. And am I concieted? I never heard that before." Adam stated and winks as he quits talking.

"I think that... uhm... Moody? That girl likes you, she is kinda pretty, dude." Trey said as he smiled. "You should totally try to flirt with her, it'll probably make her brain drop from her head to her feet." The two laughed at that statement. "Yeah, and you did seem kinda... secretive, you isolated yourself from everyone and was always in dark places, kinda scary dude, but it was also kind of cool."

Adam smiled. "A little bit, yeah. I like to be alone. It inspires me, I can think about everything I want and it's good for your aura. Too much people are harrasing me for it though." Adam states.

"Oh, yeah! I totally forgot! We have a challenge to do." Trey laughed. "Maybe you can convince little Moody to give you her ticket, just fancy talk, and it'll have her at your feet for days." The two stood up and nodded. "So, wanna work together?"

"Sure." Adam said and nods his head. "I'll go to her and you are looking for the chest. Ok?" Adam suggests.

"Two more tickets have been found! Both of them being TURQUOISE!" Chris announced. "I'll tell you a secret, there are only two left!" In the background of the speech, they could hear Zoey shouting at Franklin and Chloe, with Chef trying to stop her from getting violent.

Craig looks vicious when he heard all the announcements of Chris. Hannah totally understands him. "I think, Joel tricked us... and there are only two more." Hannah said to Craig.

"Of course he did!" Craig shouted. "Joel must've been playing us from the start! That means neither Bobby or Layson did anything wrong, and when we was being nice to us, it was fake!"

Hannah is shocked. "But this means, Bobby wasn't the one who made us lose, Layson wasn't the one who took the wrong path in the labyrinth and Zara was not the one who tried to eliminate us. It was... Joel!" Hannah said.

"By god! You're an idiot! Zara DID try to manipulate us! That's why we kicked her out! Joel was just doing the same!" Craig snapped. "LAYSON DID TAKE THE WRONG PATH! Layson didn't frame Bobby! Joel framed both of them! You don't get anything! All I had to do was say I belived in you and you suddenly were at my knees begging me to be your friend! YOU'RE PATHETIC!" Before Craig realised what he said, it was too late.

"I'm sorry for being pathetic... I'll leave you alone for now and forever. Sorry." Hannah stated.

"I-I didn't mean it!" Craig said quietly before Hannah walked off. She didn't hear him, however and kept on moving away. Craig was left alone.

As Hannah walks away she starts to cry. K.C which is looking for the chest in his own sees Hannah crying. He don't want to ask something about it but he has to. "Hey, what's wrong with you, girl?" K.C asked as he puts his shovel down.

"Ohh... nothing..." Hannah replied as she wipes her tears away.

"Well if..-" K.C said as he sees the chest after Hannah. "THE CHEST! Oh, yeah, you can have it." K.C stated unhappily. A black shadow appears in the forest which is walking to them.

Hannah looks to the chest. "Okayy!" Hannah said cheerfully and opens it. "It's a turquoise ticket!" Hannah said and grabs it. She keeps it up to show it to K.C but when she does that, Valen runs onto Hannah and grabs the ticket.

"Thanks darling, sweet kisses of mamma." Valen stated and continues running. Hannah sits on the ground and starts to cry again.

K.C looks shocked to Hannah and helps her up. "Wow, that was shocking. Anyway, that leaves one ticket left. And I'm sure I have to be the one to find the last turquoise ticket. Sorry Hannah, you had your chance." K.C stated as he runs away. He leaves Hannah behind him, who has tears everywhere on her cheeks.

In the middle of the forest, there is a open place with stairs to a chest. K.C, Craig, Misery, Adam and Trey reaches that place on the same time. It has to be the chest with the last turquoise ticket.

"It's mine!" "No! MINE!" "Give it!" "Hey, give it!" "..Urg.." The five squabled. The chest then opened and they found five white tickets. "HUH!?" "The hell!" "Unfair!" "They still count right?"

"Hello! I've prepared this special, lucky draw for the final five." Chris laughed. "In fact, I even made it impossible to find the final turqoise ticket until this. In this, you have to pick a ticket randomly. They are all coated in a very special paint. Paint that will immediately wash away in water. Under the paint, is the true ticket colour. You need to pick the right one. We'll go in alphabetical order."

Adam looks to Chris. "That means I go first..." Adam stated and gets a ticket. He puts it in the container with water. The color gets off it. "Damn..." Adam said disappointingly. At the same moment, the others with their tickets comes to the place. Hannah had a lightcoral ticket in her hand, which means she opened a chest with a lightcoral ticket.

Craig pulled out a ticket and dipped it into the water and took out a light coral. "Urg... darn." Craig groaned. K.C then walked up to the case and sighed. K.C picked up a ticket, dipped it in and it was a turqoise, K.C's eyes widened and he smiled in excitement.

"Turqoise!!" K.C shouts as he shows his ticket to Chris. Chris pushed him onto the floor to get out of his way.

"And that is it! K.C is the final one on the winning team! I shall call it Team Ambitious Birds! The loser team, however, will be the Disapointing Crows." Chris anounced.

"Why the birds?" Franklin asked, who walked towards the area holding Chloe's hand.

Zoey looks to Franklin and Chloe and laughs. "How does it feel? Holding each others hands for the first time in public?" Zoey asked as she looks furious to them.

"How does it feel, being a b***h and then getting cheated on." Trey interupts. "Kind of... I don't know, like you're getting the karma you deserve?"

Zoey picks on Trey's head. "How does that feel?" Zoey asked to Trey. Zoey looks really angry about the fact no ones on her side.

"Quite pathetic, really." Trey said.

"Alright, it's time for elimination! The new team is going to get a telephone that works 24/7 and has all the contestants families contact numbers on it. Even the contact numbers of eliminated contestants." Chris announced.

"Wait!" Craig shouted. He ran up to Hannah. "I'm sorry for what I said, I was just stressed... You can vote for me, but I think that we should meet up after the show... Okay?" Craig asked as he smiled.

Hannah looks to Craig. "Sorry, but I can't trust you anymore..." Hannah stated as she walks away. She walks to Trey, which is also on her team. "Hi there!" She said cheerfully.

"Hey. How have you been? I haven't see YOU in a while?" Trey stated.

"I'm fine thanks for asking! You look great, by the way!" Hannah said and looks to Adam who is walking to them.

"So, who's going home?" Adam asked to the group. The eyes are focused on Craig and Zoey. "Got it..." Adam said as nobody answers but just looks to Craig and Zoey.

Valen walks to Chris. "But Chris, where do we have to stay?" Valen asks as she looks to her team.

"Hm... the Disapointing Crows will sleep in the cabins while Joel picks for his team, being the fastest person to get his ticket to me." Chris stated. Joel started to think about it before walking up to Chris.

"Obviously, I'd pick the best one." Joel stated. "Team B's..." Franklin and Chloe smiled.

(CONF) "Of course, the beach house is WAY better than the dirt house! But if you think about it, Franklin and Chloe were ON the team that made it. They probably spent alot of hard work on it, meaning me picking it and calling it 'better' than mine, makes their opinion of me go up. Not much, but its just as much bias I need to be better than the other two."

At elimination, Chris looked at the papers confused. "You guys has SUCH a hard time deciding, this person was BARELY eliminated." Chris stood up straight. "Anyway, the votes are... Disapointing Hannah, Disapointing Craig, Disapointing Zoey, Disapointing Adam, Disapointing Misery and... " A loud 'SHUT UP!' was heard through the room. Before he could speak again, a 'WHY ARE WE THE DISAPOINTING CROWS!?' and 'WHAT'S WITH THE BIRDS!?'.

After a while, Chris quickly continued. "Craig gets the last vote!" Chris said quickly. Before he notices Trey beggining to open his mouth before shortly closing it. "Chef...?" Chef nodded and walked into the direction of Trey, with Trey escaping at the same time.

"But... who is going home now?" Adam asked as he looks around.

"Craig got the most votes so... bye bye buddy." Chris mocked Craig. Craig stood up and gave Chris his staff, which Chris put out the flame of.

"Okay..." Craig said before walking over to Hannah. "I wasn't lying when I said we should meet up after the game... " He smiled. "I live in Toronto, Canada! When you pass the starbucks, I'll be in house 24!"

Hannah looks to him and nods. "Don't worry..." Hannah said and smiles to Craig. "I'll see you soon." She swings.

Craig climbed into the submarine and waved to his fellow competitors. "See you guys soon!" Craig shouted before closing the sub entrance.

The other contestants looks to the submarine. "He was a good boy..." Adam stated. The other contestants of team disapointing nods.

"Well, that's it for today! But what will happen later, these new teams can make anything happen? Will Trey and Adam's friendship blossom? Will the new teammates get along? Will Zoey stay sain before her screws go loose? Find out next time! On Total, Drama, Isle... Of... Ter-!"

"Seriously, what's with the birds!?" Trey asks.


~ Contestants (Craig's) final thoughts ~

"I may have lost... but I didn't lose... per say... I mean, I didn't get the million but I still ended up learning a valuable lesson... kind of..." Craig said muddled. "Like, if you're going to use people, it's going to bite you in the a**. So while you can think about the future and be stratigic, you shouldn't be two-faced because you'll only have people looking on your negative quality, especially if you screw them over. Luckily, I was able to remain friends with Hannah."

Episode 10: Digging The Surprise

"Welcome to a brand new episode of Total Drama Isle of Terror!" Chris announced. "This episode, our contestants will be put through the most daring, humiliating and silly challenges our writers can think of! But what will it be? Find out right now, on Total... Drama... ISLE OF TERROR!"

~Intro Sequence ~

Adam and Trey enters the cabin. They were looking for some berries. "You are really fun, Trey. Anyway we should play life or death." Adam said to Trey as he closes the door of the cabin. The others are in the cabins.

"What's that?" Trey asked as the others stared at them in confusion. The attention really wasn't on Trey, it was on Adam's happy face. It was completely different from the Adam they knew and hated.

"Life or Death is a game you have to put your hand on someone else his hand. You ask if you want to die in a car crash or killed by your girlfriend. You answer killed by your girlfriend and if we ask you girlfriend to kill you, I can punch you." Adam stated and laughs about it. He has so much fun while Trey doesn't know what he's talking about.

"Heh, that sounds fun." Trey said laughing, despite not understanding.

Adam puts his hand on Trey's. "Do you wanna die in a war or in a pool?" Adam asks as he looks to Trey.

"Dying in a pool sucks, a war is much more honourable... or should I say... EPIC!" Trey shouted.

Adam laughs. At that moment Zoey walks to the two boys."Hey guys." Zoey stated as she winks to them. Adam and Trey looks to each other.

"Uhm... hey?" Trey replied. He turned to Adam and whispured. "Don't trust a word this girl says, she's bad news..." He then turned back to Zoey.

"I was thinking, since Trey and me were in the same team since the begining, we should work together. And with three we can eliminate the other two faster and easier. Are you two in?" Zoey suggests and looks to the two boys.

"When you prove that you can be trustworthy, we'll consider it..." Trey said coldly.

Zoey smiled. "You are so cute, Trey. I know you like me a little bit, but I don't care about it. We are friends and that's what matters. I'll see you two later!" Zoey said and walks away.

"She is not hundred per cent." Adam stated.

"Definately..." Trey replied. "Speaking of problems, what are we gonna do about... ya know? Valen..." Adam nods. "She's on the other team, yet she's a good threat, she also has her hands around Misery AND she's messing around with Zoey... It's weird for her to have so much control..."

Adam nods. "Valen was always really... intimidating. She does what she wants all of the time. And you can't stop her. But yeah..." Adam said as he looks to Misery and Hannah which are laughing. They are talking about something they don't know.

"I don't get girls..." Trey joked. "They get along with anyone as long as their not in high schools..."

"The brunette likes me." Adam whispers as he looks to Misery. "And she wanted to date me or something. It's just she acts like a pig." He professed.

"Little harsh, but I guess that's just what she's like." Trey replied. The girls smiled as they talked.

The camera goes to Misery and Hannah who are also talking about the boys. "But what do you like about Adam?" Hannah asks as she giggles.

"I don't know, it's just something about him!" Misery laughed. "It's like how most people don't really care about the eiffel tower, but when you're there, it's the best part of the trip! It just seems so romantic... and Adam just seems so... nice..."

"Ahww! That's really cute! Well, Trey is also handsome but I don't know... I don't like him in the 'love' way. I guess..." Hannah explains. She blushes and looks to Trey. "Or maybe I like him in the love way."

"That's sweet too!" Misery comments. "The other team look like a bunch of weirdos though, except for the couple..."

Hannah nods. "Actually the couple and Joel. Joel seems like a hot football player but he is really dangerous. And you can't trust him. But besides that he can be very nice." Hannah stated.

"Oh, really? Well, that's nice, Valen though is insane... It's hard to be with her sometimes." Misery replies. "She's nice sometimes, but she is really... sadistic..."

"I heard so many things about her. But she looked kind of nice, to be honest. Anyway, I'm really excited for the challenge. I hope it's soon!" Hannah said happily and jumps off the chair.

"Me too, hope we win though..." Misery stated.

In the underground house of the Ambitious Birds, everyone is at the livingroom to talk about the rooms. They are with five people. One gets the single room the others has to share a room. Chloe and Franklin lives from the begin in the underground house.

"Well, there are two big rooms. Two people can sleep there. And there is one tiny room, but it's awesome for one person. I think me and Valen has to share a room. We are both girls." Chloe suggests as she looks smiled to Valen.

Valen doesn't seem really happy. "I was thinking about the single room. You and Franklin are in a relationship so why are you not with him in one room? Franklin, do you want that?" Valen asks to Franklin.

"I wouldn't mind, yet Chloe should really decide..." Franklin replied. He looked to Chloe for her answer.

Chloe looks back to Franklin. "We could be in the same room. If you two don't mind." Chloe replied as she looks to Joel and K.C.

"I don't care, really." Joel said as he walked into the boys room.

K.C shakes his head. "Done. I'm going to MY room babes. See you later alligator!" Valen said as she hops to her room which annoys the others a little bit.

"Well, I think this will be fun?" Chloe asks to Franklin as she smiles.

(CONF) "Sleeping with Franklin in one room? I hope he leaves his hands in his own bed." Chloe stated as she crosses her legs.

(CONF) "I hope Chloe doesn't assume I'm up to anything..." Franklin states .

"Hello, hello? Contestants, come to the challenge area, and don't be late! If you are, you have to be pretty 'lucky' to avoid my wrath. Heh-hah-he." Chris announced.

Both teams walks to Challenge Centre. "I hope the challenge doesn't take too long because I'm not in the mood at all." Valen states.

"Me neither." Franklin states. "I'd rather sleep in today... Urg, why do we have to do challenges so early?"

"I don't know and I agree, Franklin." Valen replied as she looks to Chloe who walks hand in hand with Franklin. "You two look better than you and Zoey did. Just saying." Valen said.

"Thanks..." Franklin replied.

When everyone is arrived Chris looks to the contestants. Chef also appears and whispers something in Chris is ear.

(CONF) "I wanna know what he said. It's pretty sure it's about the challenge and that is not a good thing if Chef whispers about it." K.C states.

(CONF) "Weird, Chef is talking to Chris about a something..." Trey said. "We're doomed..."

"Okay, okay." Chris said back to Chef. "Oh, hey! Didn't expect you to arrive so quickly. Well, let's start now, shall we? The challenge this time is about luck AND manuel labor." Chris pointed to some signs with numbers on them. "You guys will have to dig underneath these signs. You'll be digging up chests, these chests have some fake cash in them. You guys have half an hour to dig up as much dough as you can. The team with the most money wins!"

"That's... an actually simple challenge for once..." Trey stated.

"Is that really all?" Joel stated. "I mean, I like the fact we don't do much, but... uh, what about the rati-"

"At the time of editting, only the first two epidsodes have been released to the public, yet we are already getting complaints about the crashing plane AND the fact I slammed the door on an innocent young teen. So we have to tone it down a little." Chris replied.

(CONF) "Innocent? It was Zara, the most annoying person ever. I'd watch the show ten times over if that happened more often." Joel stated.

"This isn't right, Chris. There is no way this is just the challenge. There will be explosive things in the chests, eliminated contestants jumps out off the chest and will kill us or we are getting knocked out with knock out gass what lies in the chest. Don't lie, McLean." Valen said as she looks emotionless to Chris.

"Nope, not lying. Boring right? The producers came up with it..." Chris said.

"Can we begin, Chris?" Chloe asks as she blushes. She looks to Valen as she sighs. It looks like Valen wants to begin the challenge as well.

(CONF) "I heard Valen was mean and always angry but I didn't saw it really... of course, I know how Zoey can be. A drama queen. But Valen isn't that at all. Maybe we could be friends." Chloe stated.

"Sure. You can start anytime you want." Chris said. The two teams looked at the others to determine which ones to use.

"Which sign do we did at?" Franklin asked.

Zoey looks to Franklin. "I don't care I only want to don't see you." Zoey stated as she turns to her team. "Any plans?"

"We could go to the beach?" Hannah suggests.

Zoey rolls her eyes. "Do you think you can dig in stones? Of course we have to go to the beach. That is not difficult. Anyway, Misery, you seems really nice!" Zoey said happily as she grabs Misery's arm. "We would talk like girly girls!"

As the two girls starts to walk to the beach, the two boys and Hannah looks a little bit speechless to them. "What is she trying to do?" Adam asks as he looks to Trey who is also speechless.

"Um... " Trey replied. "She's... desperate?"

"Desperate... I call it, trying to start a alliance." Adam said.

(CONF) "I watched Total Drama Island a lot and yeah, I know how they make alliances. I just have to keep an eye on Zoey and Misery before they are going to be dangerous." Adam states.

"Yeah, but it's Zoey. She knows she has no hope... Almost everyone knows that she's a bad person after she shouted on the intercom last challenge." Trey stated. "I've also made it perfectly clear to Hannah that Zoey is bad news, there SHOULD be no way she can survive elimination if we have one."

Adam nods. "Yeah and we have to vote for her soon. Are you joining us, Hannah?" Adam asked as he smiles to her.

"Of course, Zoey reminds me on Zara. They are both horrible and mean! Did I act as a b***h? Oh sorry, I'll take it back..." Hannah said as she blushes.

"You didn't. To be honest you are the only normal female on this island. No crazy strategic girl, no dramatic girl and the best ..... you are not Valen." Adam states. He puts his hand on Hannah's shoulder and smiles again. "Don't worry, if someone is not a b**ch it's you." Hannah smiles and hugs Adam.

"Thanks! Let's follow the others and doing our best! Go team... wait how did we call again?" Hannah asked. She looks to the boys and waits for their answer.

"... Disapointing Crows or something." Adam replied. They laugh and walks to Zoey and Misery who are on the beach.

Zoey looks to the others and jumps. "I have 200 dollar! And Misery found one as well." Zoey stated. "Anyway, what took you so long?" Zoey asked as she looks to Adam.

"Nothing, just worried about... the birds. Yeah a bird felt off the tree. It was pretty sad to see that." Adam lied. He looks to Hannah and they both smile which annoys Trey a little bit.

Zoey nods. "Right, let's dig!" Zoey suggests and continues with digging.

"O-oh, 'kay." Trey states annoyed. "Let's get to work!"

While everyone digs, Zoey walks to Misery which nobody sees. "Misery, what about a alliance. Me and you. We could be the perfect finalists. Or don't you want that?" Zoey suggests as she looks to Misery.

"I don't know, the last person who tried to be real close to me is now trying t-..." Misery said before taking in a deep breath and letting out a sigh. "Not really... I need more time to know people."

Zoey looks to Misery. "About who are we talking? Valen? Do you think I'm like Valen? Hell no, please, no." Zoey said angrilly. "If you don't want it you can always say it to me, girl." Zoey said as she gets a chest. She looks in it and looks a little bit sick.

"W-what!? I thought you were being nice earlier? What's with the sudden personality change?!" Misery shouted with the three looking at Zoey and Misery's argument.

Zoey stares at the chest and looks to Misery. "Sorry what did you say?" Zoey falls in the chest by accident and jumps out of it directly. "Wow what did I doo, wow! Anyway, there is no money in this?"

"...Huh?" Misery said confused.

"Weird..." Zoey said.

"No... I mean, 'huh' at you...." Misery said. "You're weird... That's not right. You're trying to use me aren't you! That explains everything!"

Zoey slaps Misery in her face. "Don't ever call me weird again, girl." Zoey shouts at her. The three others of their team sees everything happen.

"Don't slap her!" Hannah screams as she runs to Misery. "Are you okay?" Hannah asks as she looks worried about Misery.

"She isn't from sugar. Please get out naive girl. You are just acting like a sweet princess but we know you are the devil." Zoey said furious to Hannah.

"Enough! This is enough, Zoey. Leave the girls alone." Adam said as he looks really angry. He never protected Misery before.

"Thanks, guys..." Misery said as she blushed.

"Are you okay? You're face is going red, that must've hurt." Trey stated. The four looked at Zoey with glares. "Why don't you just screw off, Zoey?"

Zoey grabs a stone. "What did you say, Trey?" Zoey asks as she looks to the four.

"Why are you so rude to everyone? No wonder Franklin cheated on you. No wonder you're best friend ditched you. No wonder no one likes you! Because you're just a jerk!" Trey shouted. "And when people get mad at you, you hit them! You're not gonna make it to merge doing stuff like that!"

Zoey drops the stones on the ground and looks to Trey with tears in her eyes. She leaves the group and passes the other team. Franklin and Chloe looks to the sad Zoey. She runs into the forest and leaves the beach.

"Poor Zoey..." Franklin said. "...I know she's done alot of wrong, but I still feel bad for her..."

Chloe sighs. "Yeah, your right. When we're back at home, I'll talk with her about it. But for now it's a game and I have to focus on it. When I'm giving up on Zoey, everything will go wrong." Chloe stated.

"Yeah. That's true." Franklin replied.

"200 dollar!" K.C shouts as he opens a chest. He grabs it and shows it to his team. "I think we-" Valen grabs the 200 dollars as he gets interrupted by her. "Valen, not again..."

"What? I'm just taking it in my pocket like I did with the other 500 dollar. Just ask Joel about it, dude." Valen stated.

K.C takes a look on Joel, he didn't see him for most of the challenge for some reason and Joel was completely isolated. It was weird considering Joel told him he is pretty popular in high-school. He walks onto Joel and starts a conversation. "So, you are on one line with Valen, I guess?" He asked.

"Nah, it's more of just... helping her and the team out. I mean, she doesn't have many friends so why not?" Joel lied, yet the lie went undetected.

(CONF) "Valen is kind of... I wouldn't say sadistic, she just likes to be the best and the others to be the worst. She'll enjoy any victory as much as she can, even if she didn't do much. Her ego is really big." Joel admitted. "So she really doesn't have many friends. Which means I can manipulate her easier."

K.C nods. "I see. I just know her for a long time and she made it to herself that she hasn't many friends. Just telling you." K.C stated as he smiled to him.

(CONF) "It would be perfect to have a alliance with Joel. I heard he was the mastermind of the former Team C. And almost everyone of that team is eliminated." K.C states. "I have to get him on my side."

"Yeah, that is kind of obvious." Joel said. "But if she can have some sort of... I don't know... aqaintance? Then she might be more open to her team and maybe start to become nice and a potential alliance member."

"I guess, Chloe and Franklin seems to be pretty close with each other. They could be threats. Anyway, what do you think about a alliance? You, me and maybe..." K.C swallows. "... Valen."

"I'll think about it. You seemed to be a good competitor in the olympic challenge." Joel said.

K.C smiles. "The same thing for you. But it's cool, I'll wait. I'm going to continue with looking for chests." K.C said as he smiles.

(CONF) "Mission accomplished." K.C said. He crosses his legs and behaves as a arrogant jerk. "The game is on for me."

"Cool, bye dude." Joel said as K.C walked off, waving. Joel then pulled out a chest from the ground. "Hm... 800. Nice."

Valen walks back to Chloe and Franklin with 1300 dollar in her hand. "Hey, do you two have money? If everyone gives the money to me I can keep it safe in my pocket. My dad was a thief so he learned me how I can keep money safe." Valen stated as she looks to Franklin and Chloe.

"I gave the money to Chloe. But it wasn't much... We have like... 300 overall?" Franklin replied.

Chloe gives 300 dollar to Valen and looks to her boyfriend. "Yeah, we have something." Chloe stated. Valen looks to the two.

(CONF) "I think these two could be very annoying threats." Valen makes clear.

"Chloe, wanna have some girl talk? Girl to girl." Valen asks. As she says it she looks to Franklin. She tries to get him away. "Franklin, I'm not sure but maybe the boys need you?"

"Oh, fine..." Franklin said intimidated.

Valen looks to Franklin and waits till he's away. "So, we are the only girls left. We should work together." Valen suggests.

"I guess?" Chloe replied.

"This is the plan, Joel is a master in alliances. We give him the feeling we are voting with him but we are not voting WITH him, we are voting ON him. You could get Franklin on your side easily. And after Joel and K.C we get rid off Franklin." Valen explains.

(CONF) "She's just like Zoey!!!" Chloe said shocked.

"Sorry, I have to think about it, Valen. Let's finish this challenge." Chloe suggests.

"So... what'd she say?" Franklin asked as Chloe walked up to him.

Chloe rolls her eyes. "She wants a alliance with me. But I'm not doing it. She wants you out of this game." Chloe said to Franklin.

"Hm... That's bad. She DOES know we're in a relationship right? She's not some kind of... idiot... right?" Franklin said. "I don't mean to sound rude but-! I mean... Well, who would think proposing to eliminate their partner's boyfriend is a good idea?"

Valen, hearing the couple, realises her mistake and falls to her knees in both defeat and embarresment. She facepalms and sulks while Trey and Adam look at her confused.

(CONF) "I'll kill those two." Valen stated. Valen sighed and looked too the camera before face-palming again.

'BEEEP!' A loud sound was heard through the entire island. "Huh?" Joel said. "Wait, are we done already?"

"It... looks like it." Franklin said confused. "We still have... Whoa! There are ten hours of the day left! That's weird...! We usually finish at nine o'clock." Franklin smiled. "That's so great!"

Chloe hugs her boyfriend. "Yeah, if we have elimination ceremony we can spend time with each other before it!" Chloe states.

"Okay, okay. Enough of the happiness, place your cash in the tray of your team." Chris said before Valen ran up to the tray and put the money in the tray of the Ambitious Birds. The other team walked up to the tray and placed the money into it.

"It seems like the winners of the challenge are..." Chris said. "...! The Disapointing Crows!" The Ambitious Birds all flinched at the sound of the words Chris said while the other team danced. Valen fell onto the floor, disapointed, because she has no allies, while everyone else does.

"WAIT!" Joel shouted, standing still. He slowly started to walk to the tray, past all the other contestants. "How much are we losing by?" He spoke calmly and was straight forward.

"450 dollars!" Chris said. "You guys really sucked. I mean, compar-" Chris was immediately interrupted by Joel's monotone voice.

"I forgot to give Valen my cash." Joel stated, with Valen looking at him confused. He got out his bag and gave it to Chris. "That should be enough."

Chris immediately looked at the bag only to find it full of cash. "Wha-!? How did you find this much!?" Chris shouted.

"Simple, you did a pattern." Joel said. Chris flinched in fear. "At first, I thought I only struck lucky. But then I realised. The chests with the most cash were at the corners. There was also one in the middle. You probably did this for balance, because you thought only one team would be at one corner. But when I saw Zoey find a chest with lots of cash near the end, I decided to try it out, and it worked."

K.C realised why he didn't see Joel for most of the challenge, it was because Joel was walking from each corner of the island to another and then when they finally met up, it was near the middle.

"I think my work here is done..." Joel said before walking to the Bird's team house. "If any of you want to talk, I'll be in me and K.C's room. Bye..." Joel walked off leaving the other members of the Bird's impressed and astonished.

"Oh my gosh. We won? We won!" Chloe yells happily and jumps on Franklin. They kiss and hugs all of the time and with Chloe on him, the love couple walks to the Birds house as well. Zoey, who saw everything, wanted to cry. They have a happy life together and Zoey will be probably going home.

(CONF) "It's early, so I have the time to get some people on my side. I have to do it now or I'm going to be eliminated." Zoey stated as she thinks. "Misery, no. Trey, no. Adam, maybe. Hannah, yes."

"Hannah, shall we walk together to our house?" Zoey asks as she puts a fake smile on her face. "We have to talk about something..."

"Sure, but please, don't talk to me if your angry. I don't like that..." Hannah states as she looks to the other members of their team. They walk to the team house. "Well, go ahead!"

Zoey looks to the others of the Crows. "So, you saw the whole thing at the challenge, right? I was really angry because my best friend dates my ex-boyfriend. He broke up with me because he likes her more. If a random girl like Misery acts as a b***h to me, I'm getting mad on that person. I don't want to be mean to you, but you protected the enemy. Nobody thinks about me, how I feel or how I wanna continue this game. Probably I'm going home tonight, but I'll do everything to prove how strong I am." Zoey explains and looks to Hannah. "Do you wanna support me in it? And voting with me on Misery?"

Misery angrily walks up to Zoey. "Hey, when you're talk smack about someone, you have to be quiet about it! And I wasn't being a b***h, you just got mad at me because I refused an alliance with you! And then, you HIT me!" Misery then sighed. "Create alliances all you want, but DON'T spread false information around!" Misery walked off angrilly.

(CONF) "Why? Why?" Hannah stated as she begs for peace.

"Oh please, why me?" Hannah asked to Zoey as she looks to Misery who is walking away. "I feel sorry for you, Zoey... but I'm not in the mood to involve in a fight." Hannah stated.

Zoey rolls her eyes and sighs. "I respect your fairness, but if you don't join my alliance, you can get out of my face. And hurry, please." Zoey snarls to Hannah and walks angry to the Crows cabins and leaves Hannah outside.

(CONF) "And this happened for the second time in this show. I totally understand why it's called Total Drama: Isle of Terror instead of Total Isle." Hannah laughs. "Oh wait, did I act like I was the most funniest person ever?" Hannah asks while she looks in the camera. She slaps herself as she realizes she did. Actually, she thinks.

As Zoey walks in the cabin she sees Adam and Trey together. She joins them. "Hey boys, can we talk please?" Zoey asks as she looks to Trey because he was pissed off at the challenge.

"Yeah... what?" Trey said.

"Well, I was rude at the challenge. I know. But I did it for a reason. I was sad about the fact my best friend stole my boyfriend and a girl named Misery made me really angry because she acted like a b***h to me at the challenge while I did my best to win the challenge. It would be unfair if you are voting me. You should vote for Misery! She is the mean one!" Zoey said as she looks around to see if Misery's somewhere.

Adam and Trey share a glance of confusion. They both nod at the fact that Zoey is lying completely. Adam knew Misery especially, so he knew that even when she IS mean, she would never go that low. Trey didn't know Misery especially, but he knew Zoey, and he knew what a lier and manipulater she is. They also witnessed the whole thing and they didn't see any sign of Misery being in the wrong. Adam decided to lie to Zoey.

"I think we could vote Misery. I know she isn't really humanly. And you seem like a strong person. We need you in our team and I know Trey has the same feeling as me. Don't worry." Adam lied and looks to Trey. They smiled at the same time.

(CONF) "I have doubted for two seconds. If I dislike one person it's Misery. But I also know she isn't a pig. And Zoey describes Misery as a pig with no feelings. I know she's a lier. And Zoey has to go." Adam makes clear. He seems very confident about his choice.

Outside, Hannah still sits on the ground and looks to the flowers. She grabs one and looks to it. She picks one leaf, one by one, and looks to Misery who walks to her. "Hey, Misery!" Hannah said excited and puts the stem of the flower away.

"Hey!" Misery said as she hugged Hannah before sitting next to her. "Sorry for my outburst against Zoey earlier. Let's pretend that didn't happen..." Misery said sadly. Hannah smiled that Misery didn't want any drama, like her.

"I'm so happy to hear you say that, if I'm honest, I have the same feeling as you. And I understand you were angry on Zoey. You don't deserve to be treated like that. I'm so happy that we're on the same team! Finally I have someone who understands me and finally someone I understand." Hannah said and hugs Misery again.

"That's great. I really wish that me and Zoey can make up... I know she was trying to use me, but I just feel so bad for her because of Fraloe." Misery said before she giggled. "I just made up a shipping name on the spot, tee-hee.

Hannah laughs. "Hahaha. Well, I think we should go to the boys in the cabin. They use you like they have to. They don't think we are dogs or useless girls. Because the people of Team C thought I was a hopeless girl. And they wanted me out of the game for a long time..." Hannah stated.

"That's horrible... Don't worry, I'll be you're friend and I'll make sure you make merge." Misery said.

"Thanks!" Hannah said.

The drama takes the control over Team Disapointing Crows but at the Ambitious Birds side it's like heaven. No strategies, no fights and everyone has fun. For the first time.

"Hahahaha! Stop, that was not funny." Chloe said as K.C acts as a fashion designer that doesn't like Chloe's shirt.

"Ow Mai Gowhs. That skirt is fa-bu-lous. I have to design it." K.C imitates a male fashion designer. Everyone except Valen and Joel are laughing. The two are cozy but they have the feeling they are in a game and not visiting a grandma.

Valen looks to Joel. "Wanna get some coffee?" Valen whispers to Joel.

"Sure, why not? Anything to get past these horrible jokes..." Joel whispured.

Valen and Joel stands up and walks to the livingroom. "I'm not a person who likes that kind of jokes." Valen stated as she gets a mug and puts it on the coffee machine.

"Me neither. I find them tasteless and boring." Joel stated.

"Finally someone who has a normal brain." Valen said as she gives the mug to Joel. She puts another mug on the coffee machine. "Anyway, do you have plans for next elimination ceremony?"

"Vote for whose easier... Or at least who helps me benefit. I did that on my last team and I managed to stay here despite the fact that under normal circumstances, people would vote me out for being rude..." Joel stated.

"Well, I've to tell you something. I don't know if you saw her but in the begin of this show we had a girl on our team named Eleanoria. But she was annoying as hell. So I made the plan to vote her out because she was the weakest player on our team. But what happend? When she was eliminated everyone blamed me for it because I was rude and mean and I had no feelings for her. Well, it's a game so people has to deal with it. It's like the people who are playing the game will be hated. It's not a tea party." Valen stated.

"I'm actually pretty liked... I try to remain tolerant to other's feelings yet I try to make it sincire. " Joel said. "To be fair, while I don't think we'll get along later in the game, due to us being threats, I can just say right now, you're pretty nice to hang with. Everyone at my school are stupid sometimes, so it'ss good to hang with a sane person for once."

"Yeah, same for you. I'm also pretty nosey about the elimination ceremony tonight. There are a lot of people on that team I would love to see be eliminated. Adam, Zoey and specially Misery." Valen said as she takes a swig of her coffee.

"Why Misery?" Joel asked. "I don't think she trusts you, but she seems to be loyal."

Valen nods. "Misery is a social and friendly girl. And I know how nice she can be. But it's fire vs. water. Misery is always dramatic and everything she touches will be a drama. I hate that and that's why I wanted to manipulate her. She had to go. And I know a few secrets of her I could use later in the game." Valen reveals but regrets as she have said it.

(CONF) "I had to use that information for myself because now he wants to know the secrets and he could use it against me." Valen stated and shakes her head.

"Hm... weird. Considering you're lack of allies, you should take a chance or a risk. You should think of it yourself though." Joel said. "This is a game-show. Our own desisions decide our place."

"Agreed." Valen replies.

"That's great..." Joel said.

The speakers immdiately turned on. "Elimination time! Yes, I know, this is pretty early too! We're just getting it out of the way for today."

"Hm... I wonder who'll go..." Joel said.

"Yeah, same thing for me." Valen replied.

Back at elimination, the contestants looked around waiting for Chris. "Where is he?" Adam asks as he looks around.

"I don't know..." Misery said as Chef walked onto the stage.

"Chris is very tired and stressed at the moment." Chef said. "So, he wants you to speak you're votes out loud as some sort of punishment."

"Here? So everyone can hear who votes you?" Zoey asked. "I don't care to be honest, because I know who is going home." Zoey said as she looks to Misery.

"I vote Zoey." Said everyone but Zoey immediately. Zoey was confused and baffled.

"Wow, what? Why? Adam, Trey?" Zoey asked as she looks angry to the two boys. "We were voting Misery."

"Sorry but you can't lie to us. We know you AND Misery." Trey said.

Zoey's angry face changes. "Well, too bad guys, but I think you would love this one too." Zoey said as she grabs the immunity doll out of her pocket. "Yeah, this little sweetheart was all of the time in my pocket since the challenge at this afternoon. Wonderful, isn't it?" Zoey said as she looks happy to her immunity doll.

"Where'd you get that!?" Trey said.

"It was in a chest. When Misery and I got a fight I found it in the chest and ran away in the forest to look if it was real. And it is." Zoey said.

"So, who do you vote?" Chef asked.

Zoey looks to the four. "Not really difficult but I'll vote Misery! Goodbye, girl. Have a nice ride to home babe." Zoey said as she giggles.

Suddenly, Chris appeared out of a ball of smoke and puff. "Sorry, but Chris has another trick up his sleeve. I only placed that elimination idol there because of this elimination. I was hoping someone like Zoey would find it and she did! Instead of getting eliminated, the person with the most votes, also known as Misery, just has her vote removed next elimination she's in." Chris laughed. "You were better off keeping that in your pocket."

"So, you all are warned. I'm still in the competition, guys. Goodnight." Zoey growls and walks away. The other members of The Disapointing Crows looks to each other.

"This is awful, she's still in." Trey said.

(CONF) "I'm kinda glad" Misery said. "I can still apologise!"

"Well, that was a really surprising episode! It was filled with twists and turns that no one expected! Zoey seems to have a one sided conflict with Misery and when I was unable to eliminate someone, I was still able to ruin someone's day! What a let down for her! Stay tooned for some more brand new drama, next time, ON TOTAL DRAMA ISLE OF TERROR!"

Episode 11: 'I Don’t Need You On My Side'

"Welcome to a bran new episode of Isle of Terror. Last episode, Zoey tried to manipulate Misery, but it backfired. She then tried to manipulate her team, which backfired, and then she tried to eliminate Misery... which backfired. Joel continues to lead his team, even if he's on a new one. Valen's lack of allies may cost her the game, but this is the girl who eliminated Eleanoria, so she might have something up her sleve. But anyway, that's all speculation, and this is reality! This is... Total Drama Isle of... TERROR!" Chris monolodged.

~ Intro Seqeuence ~

Zoey looks to the window on her room. Misery and Hannah are not in the girls side of the cabin at the moment.

(CONF) "I have to make a plan, I know they wanted me out of the game... but everyone? Wow, that was kinda rude of them. They lied to me about the elimination ceremony..." Zoey stated as she looks a little bit depressed. But then she smiles. "But this is not the end. I'm taking revenge. On all of them. And I'm starting with Misery." Zoey stated.

"What do you think of TDPI?" Misery asked Hannah as they sat down outside the cabin. Zoey was looking at them angrilly. "I like Ella and Shawn but Leonard is a weirdo... He's also pretty similar to Craig though... well, hobby wise."

"Well, I really like Ella because she's always happy and nice. But Samey was my fave, she's just like me. Sugar reminds me on Zara. I don't know if you know her she was on my team but yeah... she was horrible." Hannah stated as she looks to Misery.

"Yeah, that seems bad." Misery said. "But at least she's gone now!"

Hannah nods and looks to the two boys who walks in. "We have food! There was some bread on Chris his control room. We also have blueberries so we can make siege of it. Guys, we have breakfast!!!" Adam said and shows the food. He walks to the table to make breakfast.

"Shall I h-" Hannah asked but looks to Misery. "I think Misery wants to help you!" Hannah said as she giggles. "Goodluck, I think he wants you to help!" Hannah whispers to Misery and smiles.

(CONF) "I hope Misery and Adam will start a relationship. She deserves to be in a relationship with someone who loves her. And Adam loves her, that's obvious!" Hannah stated excited.

"O-okay." Misery said. "I'm a good cook..."

Adam looks annoyed to Misery. "It's just crushing the blueberries, putting them on the bread and you have bread with siege. Every 'good cook' should make that." Adam stated directly as he gives the blueberries.

"But Misery knows how you have to do that, because I don't know how you have to crush blueberries!" Hannah helped Misery in this situation.

Adam looks emotionless to Hannah. "Sure, well, go ahead Misery." He said as he continues crushing blueberries.

Misery started to crush the berries and place them onto the bread. "There! Done...!" Misery shouted. "Maybe we should get stuff for some cake! ... yeah!" Misery giggled.

"Great idea. But where can we find it? Do you have any idea's?" Adam asked to Misery.

"Hm... Oh! The Hall of Chris! I think that's where they kept the leftover ingreediants from the feast we had!" Misery stated.

"Amazing! Shall we go together?" Adam asks to Misery. Misery stood up straight and started to blush.

"A-alone? Sure..." Misery replied. "Let's go together!"

Adam nods. "Yeah! Sure." Adam stated.

(CONF) "I think it's getting better between me and Misery. I guess..." Adam said as he looks to the camera.

As the two walks away together Hannah giggles. She turns and sees Zoey behind her. "I have to talk with you, Hannah. And I'm serious now." Zoey said as he grabs Hannah's arm.

"So, we are alone now. I wanna team up with you and only you. And please be quiet, Trey doesn't have to hear this. So please, wanna form a alliance? I have to be in this game." Zoey asks as he looks hopefully to Hannah.

"I'll think about it, Zoey. I also don't wanna vote for my friends." Hannah states. "I al-"

Zoey runs to Hannah and grabs her on her throat. "Remember, I will squeeze in your ugly throat when you say you are voting for me. WHY IS EVERYONE AGAINST ME! WHAT DID I DO TO HAVE ALL YOU JACK***ES BE MEAN TO ME!" Zoey screams before a hand appears on Zoey's shoulder and pulls her away from Hannah.

"ZOEY! Leave Hannah alone, you can plainly see that she doesn't want to talk to you." Trey shouted. Zoey looked at the two with a burning hellfire in her eyes before turning and walking away. "Are you okay?" Trey asks as he runs to Hannah. "Why did she do that? Or wait, you don't have to tell me, come, sit..."

The two sits and Hannah looks unbelievable to the ground where Zoey previously was. "I don't know, she asked me why I didn't voted for Misery last elimination." Hannah said shaky with tears in her eyes.

"Don't worry, your safe here." Trey said and hugs Hannah. Trey stopped and then sighed. "Something she said to you seems off to me... 'Why is everyone against me?' I think it was."

"Yeah, but she always want to talk with me. I have always to vote for Misery because Zoey wants that. When I told her I would think about it she grabbed my throat." Hannah said.

"Zoey's too violent. If she's not too careful, she might be the second person to be eliminated because their taken by the police. Physical harassment is against the law..." Trey stated.

Hannah nods as he sighs. "She did something what is against the rules, but I understand her a little bit. She was too agressive but she feels lonely. And she has lost her best friend and boyfriend." She states.

Trey nodded relunctantly. He didn't want to admit that she was right. "That does suck..." Trey replied.

The Ambitious Birds were at their base. Franklin and Chloe were sitting down near the exit. "I don't understand why this show has to be so violent. I mean, we were thrown off a cliff once by a hairy ape. Seems weird it wasn't taken off air." Franklin asked.

"Yeah, and the people here are also rude. Not all of them but a lot. I'm wondering if Zoey has survived last elimination. I wouldn't feel bad if she's eliminated." Chloe stated. She looks to Franklin as she starts to giggle.

"Chloe, considering the fact that we'll have to go home after the game ends. I don't think Zoey will just let us off scot free. I did cheat on her..." Franklin said. "Maybe... we should apologise. Or at least try to make up with her."

As he has said that Chloe looks a little bit worried. "Why? We did nothing wrong to her. And also, it's her own fault." Chloe said as she looks to him. "And besides that, she used you as her dog."

"She may have been using me for the game, but that doesn't mean I can just cheat on her though..." Franklin stated. "She also looked genuinely sad we did that to her."

"Yeah..." Chloe replied.

(CONF) "Why? Why! Zoey is the mean one, and now we have to apologise to her? This is so unfair." Chloe stated as she looks sad.

(CONF) "I don't want to apologise to her, in fact, I'd rather not... yet..." Franklin said. "It's the right thing... so I will apologise..."

"Let's go then..." Chloe said as she stands up and looks to Franklin. "Or later?" She asks.

"Next time we see her." Franklin said. "But if you want to go now, then sure..."

Chloe looks around and shakes her head. "We'll see her at the challenge probably, if she's still in the game. Because we don't know, maybe she's eliminated?" Chloe states and looks to K.C who walks to them.

"When your conversation is over please come to the livingroom. Valen wants to share something." K.C announces to Chloe and Franklin. Franklin looked to Chloe and shrugged. The two then followed K.C into the living room.

Valen, who stands in the front of them, looked really confident. Joel sat on the table, he didn't looked really enthausiastic. "Thanks for coming, I had to say something to you all. We won the previous two challenges. And this will be the third one. I just wanna say, we have to do our best. We can't lose a team member. Look at the other team. They also have five members. Zoey, who is really annoying. Misery, the hopeless dramatic girl. Trey and Adam the losers and then we have Hannah who is going with everyone. Let's win and see how they'll send people home one by one." Valen said and looks to the others.

(CONF) "She was waaaaaay too into that speech of hers. I heard her practising that speech in the middle of the night yesterday... yet it wasn't really anythig special..." Franklin said.

"Okay, that's great." Joel said bored. "Now, anything else?" He looked at Valen, he was just about ready to leave the meeting.

Valen thinks for a few seconds. "Not really, just make yourself ready for the challenge, Joel. I think the challenge can be any minute." Valen said to Joel.

"Fine. That's good enough I guess..." Joel replied. "But it wasn't worth a speech in my opinion, or taking out of my personal time."

"I thought it was worth it..." Franklin spoke up. "Me and Chloe weren't doing much anyway..."

Valen frowns. "Do you know what? You can see how you are doing the challenge. I'm probably the only one who wants to fight for our team." Valen growls.

"Hm? Really, how?" Joel replied. He was slightly caught off gaurd by what she said.

"How? Do you even have to ask that. Please..." Valen said annoyed and walks away as she sighs few times. Joel looked at her annoyed at what she said.

"Alright! I just can't wait anymore! It's...! CHALLENGE TIME!" Chris announced on the speaker. "Get your butts moving to Hall of Chris!" The contestants began to make their way to the Hall of Chris.

"Thanks to the producers, the challenge is probably gonna be another easy one." Franklin said.

"As likely as that is..." Joel said as he walked past Franklin. "Don't get your hopes up..."

Valen looks to Franklin. She rolls her eyes and continues walking. As she sees Joel she walks to him. "Franklin is lame, he should be eliminated." She said calm.

Joel rolled his eyes. "You need to be less of a brat..." Joel stated coldly. "If your gonna hate people for every little thing, I want no part in your plans."

"I don't need you on my side, Joel. You are just a football player, you are usually eating your own brains because all football players are dumb. Oh wait, I'll spell it for you. D.U.M.B." Valen snaps at Joel.

Joel smirked. "Considering that I have won us the last challenge and placed first multple times for my inteligence. If I am 'dumb'..." Joel stated calmly. "Then your IQ is beyond below 0." He looked at her insulted face. "However, I don't plan to bicker with a child, so I shall get to the challenge...Bye." Joel turned and walked off.

(CONF) "Joel and Franklin has to go. That's clear." Valen stated calmly.

Trey and Adam walked togetehr behind Misery and Hannah. "So? How was it?" Trey asked. "Being alone with Misery must've been pretty good for you to be smiling this much."

"Well, to be honest, there is nothing bad about Misery. She's only too dramatic, but she could be a nice friend, I guess. But I would prefer Hannah more. Just a chill girl, but Misery is also hot- I mean, she's chill." Adam said and blushes.

"Heh." Trey said as he gave Adam a slight punch in the arm.

Adam looks to his arm. "Why?" He asked emotionless.

"It was just a joke punch... or whatever they call it." Trey replied.

"Whatever." Adam answered cold and walks straight. He leaves Trey behind him. Zoey walks near him.

"So, are you in form for this challenge?" Zoey asked happily.

"No, we were just walking..." Trey stated, making it obvious he didn't want to talk to her.

Zoey looks to Trey. "You know I'm not a bad person, right? So we should not vote for each other next elimination, right? We will win this challenge!" Zoey stated excited.

"...Fine..." Trey stated. "But I'm not keeping any promises..."

Zoey smiled and looks to above as she hears the speakers. "It's time for a challenge. Everyone go to challenge central." Chris said in the speakers. In a few minutes everyone arrives at Challenge Central.

"Zoey!" Chloe yells as she runs to her. "I'm glad you're still here. I wanna apo-" Chloe said but Zoey puts her hand on Chloe's mouth.

"Shush, I'm listening to Chris at the moment." Zoey snapped at Chloe and looks to Chris.

Franklin grabs Chloe's arm slowly and walks with her to their team. "Don't listen to her you did your best and I'm proud on you." Franklin stated as he makes out with her.

"Love birds, stop the romantic drama and focus on me. Today's challenge is all about fear. You've signed up and one question was, what's your biggest fear? Well, we've collected all the fears and it's on you to overcome your fear. When you've done that you get a point for your team. But guys remember, we're at the final ten right now. So do your best this challenge." Chris announced. Chef walks to him.

"It's time, Chris." Chef stated and looks to the contestants.

Chris follows Chef. "The first fear is of Misery! Come over here, girl. Your fear is to only see water and nothing else, right?" Chris made himself clear and looked to Misery.

"Yes Chris-ey! But what am I going to do now?!?" Misery asked as she looks around her. She looks to above and sees a helicopter with Chef on it. He lands before Misery. "Oh my gosh..."

"If your going to take a sit in the helicopter it means your going to be dumped in the middle of the sea so you get a point for your team. Yes or no?" Chris asks and looks to her.

Misery thinks for a moment but nods. "I'm doing it. It's just for a few minutes and I can control myself. Well, that's not always true ahahahha but yes, I'll try!!!" Misery replied excited and jumps in the helicopter. It flies away and on the middle of the sea Misery jumps out of it.

(CONF) "It wasn't that bad..." Misery states as she shivers all of the time.

Franklin walks to Chris and looks confident. "Well, your fear is to get hurt by Zoey. But if I'm not wrong that happend like a hundred times before this challenge? So you can return, you have a point." Chris stated and smiles at Franklin.

(CONF) "That was a easy one! I love Chloe not Zoey! Yeahhh!!" Franklin stated excited and looks happy about his choice.

"K.C, untidiness? Really? Like you are... serious?" Chris asked as he frowns to K.C.

"Yes, I hate that. I even hate that word, so yeah..." K.C answers and sighs. "But, I'm not doing something dirty. Wait, do you know what? I don't care, I'm a survivor! I'm doing anything!" K.C stated and looks confident to the box which is in Chris his hands.

Chris opens the box and there are worms, dead spiders and crickets on it. "I see this as untidiness. Eat it." Chris recommends and looks to K.C who is passing out. "Chef, knocked out boy on the ground."

"Ow dear! Is he alright?" Chloe asks as she sees K.C on the ground. She walks near him and looks to his face. Chef grabs K.C and carries him to the other contestants.

Chris sighs as he sees Chloe's fear on his paper. "World War. How can I make a world war? Well, just watch this movie for one hour and you get a point." Chris said and throws a movie about the second world war at Chloe. "Chef will show you where you can watch it."

Chloe and Chef walks away and faces Zoey who looks really angry. "Zoey, if you didn't had a idol you weren't on this challenge so you should make a good move to stay in this game, don't you?" Chris asked and looks to Zoey's fear.

"You're right, McLean. These stupid suckers are a waste of time because they are too dumb to do something smart in the game. But I'm here to do a challenge not to have a tea party. That's what I'm doing with my grandma at home." Zoey snaps and looks to her nails.

Chris reads Zoey's fear. "Hahahahahhahahaha! Hahahahahahaha! Be alone? Is that your fear? Are you kidding me? Hahahahaha! Poor girl. You are alone already because you have nobody on your side anymore! Go back to your team you've this point already." Chris said and sweeps his tears away.

(CONF) "Funny, Chris? Watch out, boy." Zoey said and continues looking to her nails.

Adam walks to Chris and nods as he sees him. "Adam, Adam. The boy who seems to be never scared for anything. Mhhmm, poison ivy. Which one? The batman one or the plant one?" Chris asked.

"It's a curse, Chris. The poison ivy curse! Never heard about it?" Adam asks and looks offended.

Chris sighs. "Avada Kedavra! That's a curse too. So you back, no points for you." Chris said and shakes his head.

"Unfair, dude! Unfair!" Adam said and walks away.

"Hmmm, 2-2 for now. Let's get some drama. Hello, Joel! Let's see your fear." Chris said and reads. He frowns. "Hmm, I can't see anything about a fear." Chris said.

"That's true and you're going to give me a point now or I'm going to challenge you to overcome your fear. So what's the deal?" Joel threats Chris and looks even scary.

"One... one... p... point for Joel." Chris said and shakes a little bit. Joel turns back and walks away. Chris calms down and looks to the next one.

"Chrissss! So what am I going to do?" Hannah asked cheerfully.

Chris looks to his paper and nods. "Negativity. So you have to say something mean to me. Try it." Chris said and looks with puppy eyes to Hannah.

Hannah swallows and looks to Chris. "Ehhh... I can't say something mean to you! I'm not a bad person and when I'm going to die I wanna visit my grandmother in heaven." Hannah said and looks to Chris.

"Poor you, no point for you." Chris said and looks to Hannah as she walks away. He kinda feels bad for her. "Hannah! You get one point just because I respect your opinion about heaven. And even you weren't negative at all you showed why your not doing it and that's something I can give a point." Chris states and winks to Hannah.

(CONF) Chris crosses his legs. "I don't care about the teenagers who are competiting in Total Drama but this girl has something special. I can't understand why I feel sorry for that girl. But y- what the heck what am I doing here actually?" Chris asked to himself and walks out off the confessional.

"Trey! Your fear..." Chris started as Trey has arrived. "Your fear is snakes, right? Well, you have to spend two minutes with twenty snakes in the same room. Deal or no deal?" Chris asked and opens the door of the room.

"Deal!" Trey said and walks into the room. He looks around and sees all the snakes. "There's one! And there... oh gosh." Trey said and looks to his pants. He peed in his pants. After two minutes the door opens and he runs outside.

Chris laughs. "Ghehehe. Well looks who we have as last. Valen, welcome! I just saw you don't have a fear. Why? Scared to reveal it?" Chris asks and he crosses his legs and takes a cocktail.

"Scared? Stop it, I'm not afraid for anything, anyone or whatever you can make up. I just don't have a fear, clear." Valen snapped at Chris. Chris looks annoyed.

"No fear, no points. Bye Valen." Chris said and pushes her back to the group. He grabs his papers and walks to the contestants. Chloe joined the group too and watched the movie.

(CONF) "It was awful but I did it! Now I know why people are looking angry to me when I say I would like to be in a gas chamber..." Chloe stated and blushes.

"This is a sad cast. Useless fears and some people were just annoying. With one more point The Dissapointing Crows wins their first challenge! Congratulations. But this means, Ambitious Birds, your going to elimination." Chris said and walks away.

The Dissapointing Crows are walking to the beach house. They won finally and now they are going to spend their free night on the beach house. "Guys we won finally. We can chill and enjoying the free-time!" Trey said and jumps on the bench.

"It's awesome and I'm really happy we won! Ahahah." Hannah replied excited and sits on the chair. The others are chilling out like Hannah and Trey are doing.

While The Dissapointing Crows are chilling in their beach house, The Ambitious Birds are going to their underground house, making theirself ready to go to elimination. Valen walks to Joel to talk about the elimination.

"Joel, I was thinking about the elimination. Chloe and Franklin are really close with each other, we should vote for one of them." Valen suggests and looks nervous for Joel's answer.

"Yeah, that's a good idea." Joel replied. "I'm going to tell K.C to vote for one of them." Joel said and winks at her. He walks to K.C who is with Chloe and Franklin. "Oh hey guys! I would like to share something..." Joel begins.

The camera is filming the moon, it's time for elimination ceremony. Everyone is arrived at the ceremony and looks to Chris in suspense. It's completly unknown who's going to be eliminated.

"Time to vote someone out. Think well about your vote, guys." Chris said. Everyone walks to the confessional.

(CONF) "You are trying to get everyone on your side but you are like a devil or something. I'm not with you, boy." K.C said and votes for Joel.

(CONF) "You were brave, very brave, but sometimes it's time to go." Joel said and votes Valen.

(CONF) "It's part of the alliance, voting useless people out." Valen stated and votes for Franklin.

After Valen, Chloe is going to vote and when she's done Franklin is voting. As he's ready Chris reads the votes and looks to the contestants. "Interesting vote, guys. People who are safe are K.C and Chloe." Chris said and throws the marshmallows to them. "Good, we have a bottom three tonight. Joel, you seem like a strong player. Sometimes you are too much in the game. But does it mean you are eliminated? Valen, a agressive personality could make you a annoying person or are you too dangerous for the others now at this point? And Franklin, you have a relationship with someone in the competition. It could make you a target or maybe even a rival. Well, the person who is eliminated, is.......... Valen!" Chris said. He throws marshmallows to Franklin and Joel.

"I'm eliminated? What the heck, Chris. Do you need glasses or something?!?" Valen screamed at Chris and looks to Joel. "What is happening here?" She asked.

Joel sighs. "You are eliminated. Is that too hard to understand, girl?" Joel asked sarcastic and laughs.

Valen slaps Joel in the face and walks to the submarine. "I'll get my revenge on you all and on Misery! This isn't over! THIS IS-" Valen screamed but gets pushed in the submarine by Chris.

"And with Valen out we are down to nine. Nine victims with all one dream. Winning the million dollars. Is Joel going to be the next target and is Zoey still in danger on her team? Find it out next time in Total Drama Isle of Terror!" Chris said and winks.

Valen's thoughts in the submarine...

"Voting me out, hahaha. I'm too smart for that team. They don't need me in that sucking team. Dirty snakes, dirty **********." Valen cusses and punches the chair in the submarine. "I'll get my revenge!"

Episode 12: Aftermath I: A Long Way To Victory

"Welcome to the first Aftermath of Total Drama's Isle of Terror! I'm your host, Leo! And of course you know me, I'm from Total Drama: All Stars vs. Underdogs the bigg-est villain of the series!" Leo started and introduced himself.

A female girl pushes him off the bench. "And my name is Azuna, the other host of this show. I completly don't know why I'm hosting this show but yeah... I don't care. I was in Total Drama: After The, Total Drama Hotel and I was in Dark Neighborhood but let's not talk about it. " Azuna introduced herself and looks to the contestants who were eliminated before the mixed teams.

"Welcome, losers. Let's see, Eleanoria! Let's watch how you did in Total Drama Isle of Terror!" Azuna stated and looks to the screen who shows Eleanoria's best moments.

Leo looks at Eleanoria. "Poor girl, you were the first boot! Hahahaha." Leo said but gets slapped by Valen. "Ouchhhh! Why?!?"

"Shut it, meathead. So, Eleanoria, what was your favorite moment on Total Drama Isle of Terror?" Azuna asked as she looks interested in Eleanoria's story.

Eleanoria sighs. "Even if I was constant in conflict with Valen I had a great time. My team was nice but sometimes it was boring. Because Valen had the team on her side and that made everyone against me. It wasn't fun at all but it made me strong." Eleanoria said and everyone claps.

"Yeah, you were eliminated by Valen because she cheated you out. Let's take a look!" Azuna said and everyone watches on the screen. It shows how Valen made the fire instead of Eleanoria. "Yes guys, it was Valen who made the fire! They voted out the wrong person! Eleanoria, if Valen didn't made the fire and your team won the challenge, what was Valen going to do?" Azuna asked.

"Hmmm..." Eleanoria thinks and looks to Azuna. "Not easy to say but I guess things would get worser." She replied.

"Well, Eleanoria, we enjoyed you when you were in the show. Let's move on to the second eliminated contestant, Bobby! And he was also cheated out." Leo said and walks to him. "What do you think about Joel?" He asked.

Bobby laughs. "What I'm thinking of Joel? I wish he will die on that island. He was the reason I got eliminated and some revenge is good for him. I hope he gets it soon." Bobby stated and looks angry.

"Bobby, your the first boot of Team C. After you, Layson got eliminated. Then Zara and then Craig! It means only Joel and Hannah are in the game. What do you think how far they'll make it?" Leo asked.

"I don't know, Leo. Joel is a puppetmaster so it wouldn't be difficult to get people on his side. And Hannah, Hannah is so sweet and lovely and I hope she will make it far. She deserves that." Bobby stated.

"But she was manipulated by Joel, Bobby. So she's easy to get manipulated." Layson said to Bobby.

Bobby nods and looks to Zara. "We were all three eliminated by Joel, we need to get revenge on him!" Bobby said and stands up.

Azuna and Leo looks to each other and laughs. "Zara and Layson. You two are just the victims for our first game of the evening! Let's take a sit on this chair." Leo stated and walks to the two victims.

Zara and Layson sits on the chairs and looks to each other. "I'll kill you if I get hurt." Zara snaps at Leo. He smiles and nods.

"Don't worry. I'll explain the rules. We're going to ask some questions about the remaining contestants. You have to answer them right. If your not you get shocked by the brainmaster of pain who is on your head. The one with the most points at the end gets a special golden card which means something important." Leo explained and grabs some cards.

Azuna looks to her cards. "First question. Who is the hottest female girl who is still on the game? And yes Zara, you have to answer this one as well." Azuna stated and giggles.

"I think the hottest one is Misery!" Layson stated while Zara chooses for Chloe. Both are not shocked so it means they get both one point.

"Next one. If you could eliminate someone now on this point, who would it be?" Leo asks and looks excited for the answers.

"Mhhmm, Joel of course." Zara stated and looks to Layson who has the same opinion, again. Both gets a point.

Leo rolls his eyes. "Boring, boring. Next, which contestant is the bost boring of all?" Azuna asks and looks to both. She frowns as Zara says Franklin and Layson says K.C. Zara gets shocked while Layson gets a point.

"What the heck??? Why?!?!? You have no proof that K.C's the most boring contestant!" Zara shouts and looks offended.

Azuna laughs for a little moment. "It's based on fan's answers. We have made a poll and the most votes for that person are count as the answer. And now shush, time for the next question and final question if Zara's wrong. The question is, if Eleanoria wasn't eliminated, who was the eliminated contestant?" Azuna asked.

"Valen!" Layson shouts.

"Adam!" Zara shouts.

Azuna and Leo looks to each other. Leo puts his finger on a button and Zara gets shocked. "Layson wins! And here's your special card." Leo said and gives him the golden card.

"Thanks man!" Layson said and opens the golden card. "Dear contestant, you are qualified to compete in the returning challenge for Total Drama: Isle of Terror!" Layson reads and looks to the hosts. "Are you kidding? THAT'S GREAT!" Layson shouts and hugs Leo.

Zara sighs and takes place next to Bobby. "I wanna have that card." Zara said and looks angry.

Azuna walks to the camera. "A lot of contestants competes in Total Drama but sometimes you have a drama queen in your team. This season we had Chelsea. And yes, she was dramatic." Azuna stated and the camera goes to the screen who shows dramatic moments of Chelsea.

"Welcome Chelsea, how are you girl?" Azuna asks and looks to Chelsea.

Chelsea shakes her head. "I'm sorry but I'm so shocked. My hair was so awful there. Anyway, I'm fine, Azuna. Of course I wanted to be with the final nine but yeah..." Chelsea stated and looks to Azuna.

"You have a change to return, because you are going to compete in the ultimate run challenge along with Eleanoria and Bobby." Azuna stated.

Leo comes back with three treadmills. The three competitors walks on it. "The last one standing wins the golden card. Goodluck." Leo said and puts the careers on. The three are running.

"This is hard, but I wanna return to the game!" Eleanoria screamed and falls. Eleanoria is out and now it's between Chelsea and Bobby.

"I'm sweating! Oh my gosh, I'm sweating!!!" Chelsea screams and gets more power to run.

The treadmills are going faster and faster. Bobby looks dizzy while Chelsea looks completly fine. After a halve hour Bobby turns his treadmill off. "I won! Sweet, give mehh that card!" Chelsea said happily and runs to her sit. "Wait... can I take a shower in the dress room?" She asked.

Azuna nods and sees Chelsea running with her golden card. "Well, it's time to meet our last two guests. After the mixed camps they were the most unlikeable ones of their team because they were both voted out. One by the girls the other by mister brainhead." Azuna said. "Say welcome to Craig and Valen!" Azuna said. Valen and Craig walks in and looks around them.

"Welcome, how's it been? Eliminated after the mixed teams." Leo asked and looks to the two.

"Horrible but on the other hand it's nice to have your own things again. Playing roleplay games with my brother, larping, watching nintendo directs and so on. But the game was really fun and it's sad I'm eliminated but I'm cool." Craig stated and smiles to Leo.

Valen sighs. "I can only think about how I would love to get revenge on them. I'm so so so angry on them, damn." Valen grows and sees Eleanoria looking to her. "Awkward..."

"You look great, Valen." Eleanoria stated and smiles.

"Thanks." Valen answered and looks to Azuna.

"It's time for a game. The winner of this game will qualify for the final game where the winner gets a ticket to return to the game. And you will get the most evil game ever. It's true or dare, loser edition!" Azuna said and looks to the eliminated contestants.

Leo gets a card. "If you refuse a true or dare you are out. So choose wisely. This one is from Bobby to Craig." He looks to Craig. Craig wants dare. "Eat one of your toe nails." Leo said and laughs. "Hahahhahaha!"

Craig sighs and puts his shoe and sock out. He eats one of his toe nails and throws up after that. "Disguisting, dude! But congrats, you're done! Valen this one is from Layson." Leo stated. Valen wants dare. "Kiss Leo for three minutes." Leo said and blushes.

Valen grabs the card and reads it. "Shut up it says I have to drink milk from 2013. Give me the milk, mama wants the milk." Valen said. Leo gets some milk and gives it to Valen. She drinks it and looks cool.

"Are you alright?" Leo asks.

"Why not? It's your turn, Harry Potter." Valen said to Craig and takes a sit.

Leo reads and laughs as he reads. "True or dare, Craig?" Leo asks. Craig wants true. "This one is from Zara. After you were eliminated, what was your first thought?" Leo asked.

"I wanted to use a curse on everyone of my team but yeah, now I'm fine with it." Craig said and looks to the screen who shows them Craig's thoughts in the submarine. Craig told the truth so he moves to the next round.

"Valen, truth or dare?" Leo asked. She wants dare. "This one is from Eleanoria. Hugg Eleanoria for more than four minutes. Without saying anything." Leo said and puts his card away.

Valen looks to Eleanoria. "Hugging you for more than four minutes? Are you crazy? You are a awful, dirty woman and you don't deserve to be here. No, no, no!!!" Valen shouts in anger.

"If you're not doing it you are not going to qualify for the final round which means you can return to the game." Azuna said and walks to Eleanoria. "Don't be so childish."

Valen walks to Eleanoria and sighs. She hugs her. "It's like we are sisters, remember your sister." Eleanoria whispered. Valen remembers her sister and knows that she thinks Eleanoria is almost her sister. She hugs her away and loses the dare.

"Craig gets the golden card, congratulations!" Leo announces and looks to a angry Valen.

"Sorry Valen but it's for your own good. You treated me like I was garbage. I'm a human too, Valen! And maybe you don't see me as a friend you can treat me like a normal person. I haven't done anything wrong in your eyes." Eleanoria said and sits.

"Don't worry girl, my revenge comes soon. Maybe we are not in the same show but promise me, this isn't over." Valen said and walks away.

Leo looks to the two girls. "So much drama, we're almost better than the real show! Anyway, it's time for the final game. We call this, a long way to victory. I think you all know the game 'Crash Bandicoot'. No? Ok. Well, the three finalists has to race through five real levels. This could be easy for Craig since he's a gamer. But there are some... obstacles who are making it difficult for you. Dodge it..." Leo said. He brings Craig, Chelsea and Layson to the first level. "Three, two, one... GO!" Leo screams and the three are running.

"Is this show almost over, I'm getting bored." Azuna states as she looks to her nails. "Robin is going to work tonight so I'm home alone, woo-hoo..." Azuna said and rolls her eyes.

On the screen you can see how the contestants are doing. Craig is in level two and leaves Chelsea and Layson behind him in level one. But Craig gets hit by a obstacle and is weak. Layson is hit by something as well. Chelsea is doing great and runs with all the power she has.

"It looks like Layson is out of gear. I didn't expected Chelsea would do so great. What about you, Azuna?" Leo asked to Azuna.

"Yeah, whatever. Valen what's your instagram?" Azuna asks to Valen. Valen walks to her and shows something on her iPhone.

While the girls are talking about instagram, Leo is watching who is winning. Chelsea and Craig are both in level four and Layson is still in level two. Chelsea and Craig are both in level five now and almost at the finish line. "It's getting really close." Leo said and looks nervous.

But the one who is finishing first is... Chelsea! "Chelsea wins and returns to Total Drama Isle of Terror!" Leo shouts. Zara, Bobby, Eleanoria and Leo are clapping while Valen and Azuna are talking about twitter.

Chelsea and Craig returns to the studio. "Well done, Chels! I know you are going to slay the others. Promise me you are going to slay them!" Craig cheered and looks happy for Chelsea.

"Congrats, and Chelsea, your one of the Ambitious Birds now. Goodluck and we'll see you on our TV!" Leo said. Chelsea looks to the others.

"Thanks, and I'm going to do my best. Thanks, thanks, thanks!" Chelsea said. Chef arrives at the studio and gets Chelsea to return to the island. Chelsea's officially back.

"This was the first Aftermath, I hope you liked it! See you next time on Total Drama Isle of Terror the Aftermath!" Leo said and looks to Azuna. "Come on, you have to say something too!" He stated and the camera turns off.

Episode 13: The Strongest Loses

"Last time on Total Drama Isle of Terror, Zoey became agressive and almost killed her new enemy Hannah who was totally NOT the problem of this conflict. While Zoey was getting conflicts with everyone Chloe became more closer to Franklin. Valen thought she could be a good team leader by making the choices for their team and be trusting that Joel would vote with her. Joel didn't voted with her but voted for her which caused her elimination. With Valen gone and Chelsea back, thanks to the returning challenge at the Aftermath, we are still at ten. With the merge soon it's gonna be a war to make it. Welcome to Total Drama Isle of Terror!" Chris announced and winks.

~ Intro Sequence ~

Zoey lies on bed and looks to the wall. She's thinking about Chloe and Franklin. They are together now and they are along in the same team. If she thinks about that she's getting angry.

(CONF) "Chloe took everything from me away. My friends, my boyfriend and now my happiness." Zoey said emotional and starts to cry.

Trey looks to his camera. "Misery, Hannah, come here, please!" Trey asked as he turns his camera on. "This two ladies are one of my best friends here. They are funny, nice and smart. We are a squad! Say hello to the camera, girls!" Trey said as the two girls comes.

"Heyyy-oooo!" Misery stated very excited. Hannah swings happily. "Where is this for, Trey?" Misery asked.

"I'm going to film ourselves because I wanna look back at this time with a movie of us three." Trey stated.

(CONF) "It's weird he is pairing with the two hot girls. He leaves me behind him. It's time to team up with Zoey, sorry Trey, but you are going to be dangerous." Adam stated and looks worried.

Adam walks to Zoey who is still in her room. He knocks on the door and walks in. "Euh, hey... Zoey..." Adam started and walks more to her. "Do you wanna team up with me? Trey, Hannah and Misery are going to be dangerous if they're keeping voting with each other. Trey leaves me behind him and continues to be with the two girls." Adam said and looks hopefull to Zoey.

"Mhhhmm, you've voted for me previous elimination. How do I know if I can trust you? I know you were verry close with Trey, it could be a trick or something and I'm not stupid." Zoey stated and looks to the mirror.

Adam looks behind him. "Let's vote Trey next elimination. If we can get Misery or Hannah we have majority. It's the only choice we have now, Zoey." Adam stated and looks to Zoey.

"Well, I think you are my only change to even reach the merge. We are a team, Adam. Let's get rid off that movie sucker Trey!" Zoey stated and giggles.

(CONF) 'Still don't trust him but what can I lose? If it's real I have a change to reach the merge, get Franklin and Chloe out and be the popular one again. Hahahahahahhaa." Zoey stated confident.

In the underground house of the Ambitious Birds, everyone is doing their own thing until Chris walks in. "Members of the Ambitious Birds, I have a announcement for you all. It's time to meet your new team member. You don't need that person for a long time but yeah, just welcome... Chelsea! She won the return challenge!" Chris said and Chelsea walks in the underground room.

(CONF) "Chelsea is back! It's better than Zara, Craig or even Valen!" K.C said and looks excited.

"Welcome back, Chelsea. I'm sure you'll like this team." Joel stated and walks to Chelsea. "You know this underground house, right? I heard you were in Team B. But you were eliminated by your team? What a shame. So Chloe and Franklin has voted for you. I shouldn't trust them, girl. But that's just my opinion." Joel adds and winks.

Chelsea smiled and looks to Franklin and Chloe. "It's fine, I'm not mad at all. I guess..." Chelsea stated.

(CONF) "Of course I'm angry on them. And they'll see my revenge soon." Chelsea said annoyed and looks to her nails. "But the first thing I want to do is getting rid off Zoey. She ruined everything for me and now it's time to get rid off her." Chelsea said.

Chris leaves and Chelsea joins the team. "So, how is everyone?" Chelsea asked as everyone was quiet.

"I'm fine, what about you?" Chloe replied and looks to Franklin who looked a little bit afraid at Chelsea.

(CONF) "We eliminated her? Why is she talking to us?" Franklin asked to himself and shakes his head.

Franklin and Chloe leaves the table and walks to Chloe's room, followed by Joel. "We have to look out. Chelsea was furious about her elimination. I can't believe she isn't planning something." Chloe stated and looks around. Joel hides behind the wall and hears everything.

"For now we have to stay close with K.C, I guess. I don't trust Joel either, he is getting really strange. Maybe he is going to vote for us later. Let's keep an eye on them and continue playing the game." Franklin suggests.

(CONF) "Interesting, so if I get Chelsea on my side along with K.C the love birds are out of the game. HAHAHAHAHAHA!" Joel laughed and looks to the camera. "Yes, the game is on. And I can see merge, guys. It's time to reveal my personality. I'm here to destroy everyone's feelings, alliances and wishes. I'm going to win and nobody will stop me." Joel reveals his personality and continues laughing.

Chelsea sits at the table and looks to K.C. "You are not a big-talker right?" Chelsea asks as she looks to K.C.

"Not really, and specially not in this team. In Team A there was a lot of fight but besides that it was always fun to be there. And now it's getting boring, you know. No iPhone, no TV, no computer... there's nothing to do. And I'm getting bored of doing nothing." K.C stated.

"I totally understand you. Look to my nails, if I got this nails at home I sat in my nail studio now. But you know, we have signed up for this. And I'm sure this is going to be great. My boyfriend is on the other team so when I see him again, I'm going to hug him until we get eliminated." Chelsea said and giggles.

"So... you have a boyfriend? I guess it's Trey because Adam doesn't seem like someone you would date hahaha." K.C joked and laughed.

Chelsea laughs and puts some hair behind her ear. "Yeah, it's Trey. It was a wonderful time but I got eliminated by that stupid Zoey girl because she told everyone to vote for me. I really wanna get revenge on her." Chelsea stated.

"Mhhmm, I don't really know her but she looks like a devil from what I've heard." K.C replied and looks to Joel who's joining the two.

"Sorry, I don't interrupt your chat, right?" Joel asked as he looks to the two who are completly quiet.

"Of course not. I'm happy you all want to talk with me." Chelsea said happily and looks behind her. "Chloe and Franklin are away, again." She adds.

Joel nods. "Yes, they seem pretty dangerous. We should vote for one of them next elimination. Or not?" Joel asked and looks to Chelsea and K.C. They nodds. "Sweet." He said when Chelsea and K.C agrees to vote for one of them.

The speaker gets on and everyone hears Chris his voice. "It's time for a challenge! A challenge you will never forget. So come here, lazy losers." Chris said by the speaker.

In a moment everyone is arrived at Challenge Central. Trey looks to Chelsea and runs to her. "Chelsea! You are back! I've missed you so much." Trey said and kisses his girlfriend.

"Trey! Honey, I've missed you too. And hey everyone els-" Chelsea said but stops as she sees Hannah and Zoey. "Nevermind, hi."

"Welcome back, Chelsea! It's nice to have you around hereee!" Hannah said cheerfully and smiles at her.

Chris looks to the two girls and starts to talk. "Let me say one thing. You have to win this challenge. And I'm not kidding. You HAVE to win this challenge. The winning team gets a place in the merge, gets a lot of food and... gets a change to find the immunity idol! Yes, that's right. So this challenge is really important. So, it's time to explain this challenge. You all are going to play a parody of the game Mario Party. I guess you all know that. Well, this game names: Chef Party. You all are going to play on the party bord. The one who arrives as first on the end of the bord wins the game. You have to roll a dice and you get on a place. That says if you are going to do a minigame or maybe you have to go 5 places back. Play smart. Because you can switch places with other people on some spaces. In random order, Hannah can start! Goodluck sweethe- girl." Chris said and blushes.

"Ehh... thanks! Mwhihi!" Hannah giggles and rolls a dice. She gets the number three. She walks to it and sees Chris his head. "Chris, it's your... head." Hannah said.

"That means you have to answer a question about me. The question, what is my second name?" Chris asked and looks confident to Hannah.

Hannah thinks for a little moment. "Is it... Paul?" Hannah asked. Chris shakes his head and Hannah stays on the third space.

Zoey rolls a dice and lands on five. She walks to it and sees a 'VS' logo. "You can battle against someone. If you win you can defeat that person and the loser will sit out and can't compete anymore in the challenge." Chris said. Zoey smiled.

"I'll choose Chloe." Zoey stated. Chris grabs Chloe and puts them on a wooden beam.

"Good, you have to stand as long as you can on the wooden beam. But you can push each other off it. But look out, sometimes you can fall in the water if you try to push the other on. Now, GO!" Chris screamed.

The two girls looks to each other. "Do you think you can steal this also after my boyfriend?" Zoey asked and tries to punch Chloe.

"No? And I don't want to have a fight, Zoey! I have apologized to you and I'm not going to say sorry again. I'm not a dog." Chloe said angrilly and stays where she is.

"And now you are a lier. Chloe, I've always respected you. I didn't showed that but I always thought you were a better person than me. But I was wrong. You are a evil witch." Zoey said and pushes Chloe off the wooden beam. "Oh sorry, I mean a wet witch." Zoey said and throws her hair back.

"Chloe is out of the game! Zoey stays on space 5. It's time for Adam to roll a dice!" Chris said.

Adam rolls a dice and lands on five, again. "Who is going to compete against you, Adam?" Chris asks.

"K.C" Adam replied fast.

Chris walks to the two boys. "This time it's a race. You have to run around the sea. I know, it'll take a hour but you have to guys. The first one who is finishing here wins. Goodluck." Chris said. The two boys runs. "Now the returned Chelsea can roll a dice." Chris said.

Chelsea rolls a dice. It seems like he's ending on 6 but it falls on 1. "Ughh..." Chelsea grows and walks to the first space. It says she can walk two spaces forward. She walks to the third place and sees Hannah next to her.

(CONF) "Hannah is not mean or something but I think she likes Trey. And if she do I have to work her out." Chelsea said directly.

"Chelsea, you have the choice. Do you want to just reply a question or do you want a challenge? The person who gives the right answer is moving and the other is out of the game. What do you want, Chelsea?" Chris asks.

"Challenge." Chelsea answered.

Chris laughed. "The question; who died first? Juliet or Romeo?" Chris asked.

"Romeo!" Chelsea screamed.

"Juliet!" Hannah screamed.

"Hannah... you're out, I'm sorry. Wait, I said sorry? Whatever. Hannah you are out, Chelsea stays on the third space. With Hannah and Chloe out, Joel is rolling a dice now." Chris said.

Joel kisses the dice block and throws it on the ground. It lands on 6. He walks to the 6th space and looks to it. "Too bad, you are going back two spaces." He reads. "Stupid game." He walks to the 4th space and there's nothing.

Misery rolls a dice to Chelsea's head by accident. "Oooooops! Sorryyyyy!" Misery said dramatic and runs to her. "Ohhhhh my gosh, this is sooo bad!!!!"

"I don't felt anything, but thanks?" Chelsea replied and turns back. Misery feels awkward. She looks to the dice block and it was landed on five. She has to compete against someone.

"Who is it going to be, Misery?" Chris asked.

Misery looks around. "I guess I'll take Franklin!" Misery said excited. She looks to K.C who finished first. Adam runs after him. This means Adam is out.

"Adam, Chloe and Hannah are out. Now it's time to see who is joining them. Misery and Franklin your challenge; eat this crab full of seaweed. The first one wins." Chris said. "GO!"

Misery and Franklin eats the crab. But when Misery eats some seaweed she faints. Franklin continues eating and when he's done he looks to Misery. "Misery, wake up! Wake up!!" Franklin said and shakes Misery's body. She slowly wakes up.

"Am I in heaven?" Misery asked and looks around.

"No you are not in heaven you are in Total Drama Isle of Terror where you lost the challenge so get here, your out!" Chris said annoyed. Misery walks to the other eliminated contestants. "This means there are only two left from the Dissapoiting Crows. Ambitious Birds has four." Chris said.

Trey rolls a dice and gets two. He walks to it but it's nothing. Everyone has rolled a dice and it's time for Chef. Chef walks to them. "Time for Chef Party! It's time for a 'minigame' where one of you get eliminated. Who will it be? I'm going to throw some hula hoops. You have to dance around them. There are five hula hoops and six contestants. It means the one who doesn't get a hula hoop is eliminated from the challenge." Chef explained. Everyone stands ready. The music starts and the contestants are walking around. When Chef drops the music off everyone runs to a hula hoop. Joel gets the first one, Zoey the second, Chelsea the third, Trey the fourth and Franklin the fifth. That means K.C is out of the game.

"Too bad, K.C. Everyone starts at the sixth space. That makes more sense, or whatever. Joel, roll a dice!" Chris said.

Joel rolls a dice and lands on 3. He walks to the 9th space. "Time for a romantic scene, Joel. You have to do a romantic scene with someone. If you don't do this you get eliminated." Chris said and looks to Joel.

"I pick Chloe." Joel said.

Chloe walks to Joel and looks at Franklin's direction. "You two are doing this scene; Chloe lost her glasses and asks to Joel if he can help her to find it back. Joel looks to the girl and kisses her right on her mouth. But when Chloe gets her glasses she slaps Joel on his face." Chris said and laughed.

Joel and Chloe agrees and are going to act. "Can I help you with finding your glasses?" Joel asked. Chloe nods. The two are going to fake kiss. Franklin looks angry. Chloe gets her glasses and slaps Joel on his face. "Damn. It had to be fake." Joel whispered angrilly.

"He was out of his role!!!" Franklin screamed.

(CONF) "We are on the same team and then you are trying to get me eliminated. You felt with your head on a rock or something stupid idiot!" Joel said about Franklin.

"I saw, Franklin. Joel you did a great job but due to talking out of your role you are eliminated. Thanks to your teammate! Anyway, I'm bored guys. This game doesn't have some action. I say, the final four of this challenge has to eliminate the others. It's Trey and Zoey vs. K.C and Chelsea." Chris said and laughs. "Time for dodgeball." Chris said. He throws a ball to Zoey.

Zoey throws the ball to K.C and is out already. "That was a easy one." Zoey said to Trey. Chelsea and Trey looks to each other. Trey winks. Chelsea slowly throws the ball to Trey and Trey gets himself out by helping his girlfriend.

"Why are you doing that?" Misery asked offended and looks a little bit angry.

"Sorry, the sun shined right in my eyes. I couldn't see the ball!" Trey lied and sits on the bench.

It's Zoey vs. Chelsea now. Zoey has the ball and throws it will all her power to Chelsea. Chelsea dodges it. She gets the ball and throws is with all her power to Zoey. But this time she hits Zoey. Zoey falls on the ground. Chelsea has won for her team. The Ambitious Birds are cheering because they won.

Zoey walks annoyed to the Dissapointing Crows. "I did my best, you all saw that!!!! And Trey, why??? We could get Chelsea easily. And she wasn't throwing that fast." Zoey said annoyed and walks away.

"Ambitious Birds, you all have made it into the merge! You can go to your new place on the island. It's called Keykahöw. You can eat there already. And, you can start looking for the immunity idol. The others will join you. I mean, four of them. Because they have to send someone home." Chris said and walks with the Ambitious Birds to their new place.

At the beach house, Zoey and Adam are talking about the elimination. "It's time to get Misery on our side. She was angry about the fact Trey losed for nothing." Zoey said and looks to Adam.

"Do you really want Misery? Can't we try to get Hannah instead of Misery?" Adam said. He looks to Zoey who is looking behind Adam. He turns to his back and sees Misery standing there.

"What is wrong with me? I thought you finally respected me but what do I have to do now? I've tried everything. Adam, you are such a jerk." Misery said offended and walks away.

Zoey looks to him. "I'm afraid she's not voting with us." Zoey said and sighs.

At the Keykahöw place, everyone is eating and looking for the immunity idol. For now, nobody has find it. Chelsea and K.C are looking around the table and on the table. Joel is looking on the ground and Chloe and Franklin are looking in the trees.

(CONF) "I need to find this thing because I don't wanna go home. And I could share it with Chloe." Franklin said.

Joel walks to a bush and feels on it. Then he grabs something and looks to it. "Yeah..." He whispered.

(CONF) Joel shows the immunity idol. "Found it, this sweet thing will help me." Joel said and winks.

The Dissapoiting Crows are walking to the elimination ceremony. It's time to eliminate someone. But who is going to be eliminated just before the merge. Chris looks to contestants. "One of you is going to be eliminated just before the merge. This vote is really important. I hope you understand that. Goodluck with voting." Chris said.

(CONF) "I vote for Zoey, you are a agressive person and you could be a threat at the merge. That's why I'm voting for you." Trey said and votes for Zoey.

(CONF) "I'll vote for you, Trey. You have lost the challenge for nothing. I did my best so it would be unfair if I'm getting eliminated." Zoey said and votes.

The other three votes too. Chris walks to the urn and reads the votes. He walks back and grabs the marshmallows. "If you receive a marshmallow you have to stand next to me. The next one is standing next to the person who stands next to me. Not a big deal, right?" Chris asked and looks to everyone. "The first person who is going to the merge is... Misery! Congratulations." Chris said.

"Yay yay yay!" Misery screamed and runs to Chris.

"The second person who is going to the merge is... Adam!" Chris said. Adam looks to Zoey and he winks. Maybe Misery is voting with them to show that Adam can trust Misery. Adam stands next to Misery. "And the third person who is safe is... Hannah!" Chris said excited. Hannah jumps and hops to Chris.

Zoey and Trey looks to each other. "This was a close vote. I'm going to read the votes. First vote; Zoey. Second vote; Trey. Third vote; Zoey. Fourth vote; Trey. And the last vote, the person who is eliminated before the merge is... Zoey." Chris said. Trey walks to Chris and smiles at Zoey.

"This is so unfair. You've voted for the person who almost won the challenge. This is so freakin' unfair!!!!" Zoey screamed. Zoey gets pushed in the submarine.

"Follow me, guys. It's merge time." Chris said and walks with the mergers away. Trey walks to Adam.

"Did you voted for me, dude. Why?" Trey asked to Adam.

"I didn't voted for you, bud. I just gave Zoey the feeling I was voting for her. I think Misery voted for you, I'm sorry. But we're cool, right?" Adam asked. "We both made the merge!"

"That's true! No time to be mad, we made the merge." Trey said excited.

The four arrives at the Keykahöw place. Chelsea runs to Trey and hugs him. Hannah and Misery walks to K.C and Adam walks to Chloe and Franklin. "So, Zoey is eliminated. I don't know if I have to be happy about that or not." Chloe stated and looks to Franklin.

"They did the best thing they could do, my sweetheart." Franklin said and kisses Chloe.

"Welcome to the merge, ladies!" K.C said to Misery and Hannah. The two girls smiles and walks around. They eat some food.

Chelsea and Trey are making out. "I'm happy Zoey is gone. Thanks to us. Zoey had to go and now it's time to get rid off Chloe and Franklin. But before that we can party. We are in the merge." Chelsea said excited. She looks to Chloe and Franklin and they swings to them. They swing back and continues making out.

(CONF) "I knew Trey was planning to eliminate Zoey. So he lost the game and I could eliminate Zoey in the dodgeball game. It was not a big deal. If Zoey gets eliminated that easy I'm wondering how easy it will be to eliminate Franklin and Chloe." Chelsea stated.

Chris walks to the group. "Welcome, guys. You all made the merge. I have a little announcement for you all. On this place of the island there are a lot of terror animals and terror stuff. That's why it's called Isle of Terror. Look out for it because it could hurt you. Not that I really care about it but yeah, I'm done with lawsuits. Eat, drink and party. Tomorrow the first individual challenge will start. And it will be a hard one." Chris said and walks away.

Trey gets a glass and raises his hand with the glass. "Merge!" He shouts and everyone shouts merge back.

Chris walks to the camera. "We are at the merge, maybe one of the most villainous contestants of this season is eliminated. Did you saw her face? Ghehehe. But it means all books are open. Chelsea and Trey wants to eliminate Chloe and Franklin while Chelsea also wants to eliminate Hannah. Misery voted Trey because she wants respect from Adam but will she get respect? And Joel found the immunity idol. What will bring that to the game? Don't miss the next episode of Total Drama Isle of Terror!" Chris said and walks away.

Zoey's Thoughts On The Submarine...

"They eliminated me. They just... eliminated me. It's really unfair, I was the strongest one of our team and they just eliminated me. Well, maybe I was not the most nicest one but I did my best. I saw what happend, Trey lost. Not by accident. Misery saw it too and she just votes me. Ughh, I'm so tired of this game. I signed up for this game. Chloe did it because she wanted to spend time with me and Franklin too. And now I'm getting eliminated before them... BUT I SIGNED UP AS FIRST!!!" Zoey screamed and kicks the table away.

Episode 14: The Real Game Is On

"Last time on Total Drama Isle of Terror... Chloe and Franklin were getting closer and closer which made Zoey annoyed. But Zoey wasn't the only one who was annoyed by the two love birds. Joel and Chelsea are both annoyed by them. Speaking of Chelsea, Chelsea won the challenge for her team because Trey lost for their team. And it wasn't a accident. The special reward was to find the immunity idol. And it was found by Joel. The Ambitious Birds were not longer one team because they made the merge. Along with the Dissapointing Crows minus Zoey who was eliminated. What drama will go on now and who is going to home? You all see it in Total Drama Isle of Terror!" Chris announced.

~ Intro Sequence ~

The sun shines bright, the animals hops around and the birds are singing. Joel opens his eyes and looks around. Almost everyone is still asleep. "Goodmorning, everyone." Joel said but nobody answered him. He rolls his eyes. "Goodmorning, everyone!!!" He shouts. Almost everyone wakes up now and looks annoyed at Joel.

"Dude wh- wow. Did we slept just here? The whole night?" Adam asked and looks around him. Everyone slept outside at campfire.

There lies a letter on the ground. Chloe notices it lies there. "Guys, a letter!" Chloe said excited. She grabs the letter and opens it. "Dear mergers, today you will start the game for yourself." Chloe reads and looks to the others. "But..." she continues "it's possible to work with someone else today. Since there are nine contestants one will work alone. You can pair and if you want to work alone you can do that as well. Choose wise. I'll be here soon." Chloe reads and looks at the letter.

"So, what are we going to do? All for ourselves or not?" Trey asked as he walks to Chelsea.

"I don't mind, but someone has to go alone. Who is that going to be?" Chelsea asked as she looks to the group.

It's very quiet in the group. Nobody wants to say their opinion but then Joel starts. "What if we just choose someone we really want to team up with? The one who doesn't get chosen is going to do the challenge by him or herself." Joel suggests.

"Noooo! That would be so poor for the person who doesn't get picked!" Misery said and looks to Adam. "I wanna be with you!!!" Misery said.

Adam looks to her and keeps an eye on Joel who shakes his head. "No, sorry... I'm going with Joel. Next time, maybe?" Adam said and walks to Joel.

Franklin and Chloe walks to each other. It's Hannah, K.C and Misery now. "Well, you two can go along. I will do it by myself." K.C stated and smiles to Hannah and Misery.

(CONF) "Hannah is sweet but too sweet and Misery is too dramatic. I'm going to do it in my own, I don't know what it is going to be but I'm sure when I'm going to do it in my own I will do better than I'm doing it with Hannah or Misery." K.C stated fairly.

Chris walks to the final nine and looks surprised. "You already made your decisions! How boring. Anyway today's challenge is all about walking. Yes, our lovely co-host Chef has made a long way to the mountain. You have to collect 5 color gems on your way to the mountain. On the top of the mountain you have to put all the five color gems on a board. It will give a rainbow color light. When we see that light we are going to the mountain with the helicopter and we'll see who's the winner. Goodluck." Chris said and walks away.

Everyone makes their ready because it will take maybe two days to come there. It wasn't smart to choose a partner.

(CONF) "Sometimes the pretty one is also the smart one." K.C states and winks.

"Baby, don't worry about this. If you can't walk or whatever we'll stop, okay? I don't wanna get injured or worse, you get injured." Franklin stated and hugs Chloe.

"It'll be okay, sweetheart." Chloe replied and grabs a bag. "I'm not packing that much stuff. Just some water and cookies." Chloe said.

"Great!" Franklin replied and grabs a cookie. "To start with!" He said and laughs.

Joel and Adam are packing some stuff. "Let's go fast, how more we are away from them how more we can go slowly." Adam suggests.

"No, you don't know how you have to play this game or even spell how you want to do it. Let me do this, you can follow me." Joel stated annoyed and grabs some water. "We're going to begin slowly and after that we have much energy to win this challenge." Joel said and meditates for a few minutes.

(CONF) "He's really strange. In one minute he can change more than Barack Obama does. WOW!" Adam said surprised and looks to the camera. "Sometimes I'm guessing what everyone thinks when I'm on the confessional. Who is watching me on this show? Who..." Adam stated calmly.

"Oohh and I want this pink bag! And that purple energy drink oooohh and that blue cookies!" Misery said and grabs everything she can get.

Hannah looks to her. "Ehh, Misery? Maybe we should try to bring not that many things with us. Because if we do we have to carry so much." Hannah said and smiles to her.

"Ahww!! Okayyyyy." Misery said and hops away, followed by a confident Hannah.

Trey checks Chelsea's bag. "So, you won previous challenge so it's easy to win this one. We can do this, sweetheart!" Trey said and kisses his girlfriend.

(CONF) "Since Chelsea's back I'm feeling so happy. She makes me happy and I think I have to make a movie about her. Or better, a movie about this challenge! The two survivors... of the end. Sweet!" Trey said and kisses his biceps.

K.C looks to all the other contestants. "Goodluck!" He said to them but everyone is too busy with packing. He sighs and walks to the start line, waiting for the others.

Chloe and Franklin walks to the start line and looks to K.C. "I'm sure you will do great!" Franklin stated happily to K.C. He smiles back and looks to Misery and Hannah who are walking to the start line too which are followed by the last four.

"May the best win." Adam said cold and looks to Joel. They winks to each other.

Chris walks to the group. "Good, you all are ready. It's time to make a start. I don't know how long it will take so make your ready. Three... two... one!" Chris said and everyone runs. "Ghehe and they don't know what they'll see." Chris laughed.

Joel and Adam are the only two who arent running. "You've understand what I said, right?" Joel asked to Adam as he walks really slowly.

(CONF) "I'm getting annoyed by that dude. He thinks he can control me. Dude, what is your problem?" Adam asked to himself.

"Joel, I have a question. Can't you just not be that annoying? We have to listen to each other, I don't have to listen to you all of the time. Maybe I'm the wrong person to be a puppet but next time you should choose someone else to control." Adam said directly.

Joel turns to Adam and looks offended. "Excuse me? Did I say you had to listen to me? No, I didn't. I just asked if you've understand our plan to take it easy. But do you know what, my friend. It's time to go for ourselves. And with that I mean you should get some people to vote with you. You said something you shouldn't say." Joel stated as he winks at Adam. He walks away and is sure to win the challenge.

Chloe and Franklin are running as first now with behind them K.C. Franklin feels kinda bad for K.C. "Chlo, don't you have the feeling K.C is always alone? I think we should start a alliance with him if we're back from the challenge." Franklin suggests.

"Why? We could ask him now, we are on first now. If one of wins we could have majority. And we could help each other." Chloe replied and looks to K.C.

"Sure." Franklin stated happily. "K.C, could you come please?" Franklin asked as he looks to K.C. He runs to them and is a little bit sweaty. "Hey, we had a idea. What do you think about a alliance. You have connections with Misery and Hannah and we could try to get Chelsea and Trey. So we have majority next elimination. Or we could vote for someone you want?" Franklin suggested and stutters a little bit.

K.C smiled. "Sounds nice, haha! I don't mind who's going, but we should continue running. If we make a big move in the begin it'll help us only more and more." K.C said and starts to run. He just take a look on his bag and sees two color gems. He smiles and continues running.

(CONF) "It's funny because they are the only two I never talked to. Well they were on my team but still... we didn't talked really. So it's funny to see how things are going." K.C stated.

"Trey!!!!! What are you doing?!?" Chelsea asks as she looks to Trey with his camera in his hand.

"Sweetheart, I'm filming how we are going to do this challenge." Trey said and looks around with his camera. Hannah and Misery passes them but Trey just filmed Hannah's boobs. Chelsea saw it and slaps Trey in his face.

Trey looks angry at Chelsea. "Wh-" He wanted to say.

"Delete it! NOW!" Chelsea screamed.

As fast as Trey can he deletes the part of Hannah. He shows it to Chelsea. "Done." Trey said.

(CONF) "That were some pretty nice seconds." Trey said as he blushes and laughs.

Misery and Hannah runs and looks around. "Did you ever think about if you win this game what you can buy with the money? I would go shopping the whole day or just spending the money out of amazing trips with friends and family." Misery said.

"Mhhhmm..." Hannah thinks. "I don't know, I think I would give a part to poor people and animals and the rest I would keep for something important later on my life." Hannah stated and stops running.

"Something wrong, girlll?" Misery asked.

Hannah shakes her head. "No, I don't know... It's just, I don't wanna think about winning at this moment. It's so fun here and I see this place as a vacation. And you are like my best friend here!" Hannah added.

"Ahwww! You are my bestie too. And I'm sure we will come far in this freakin' gameeeee." Misery said cheerfully and hugs Hannah. She grabs her hand and continues running with her.

Trey and Chelsea walks with each other and looks to Joel who passes them. Chelsea falls on the ground and gets mud on her clothes and face. "NO WAY!" She screamed in fury.

As Joel hears Chelsea screaming he turns back to Trey and Chelsea. "Oh... ehh... yes. That looks fantastic!" Joel joked and looks to a angry Chelsea. "Sorry, that wasn't really smart of me. But I have to ask you something, and you too Trey. Would you like to join my alliance. We have to eliminate Adam as soon as possible. You two are in, right?" Joel asked and looks to the two.

"Sure, but how can we trust you?" Trey asked as he helps Chelsea up. He tries not to laugh because Chelsea looks really funny.

Joel thinks. "I don't know but you can trust me." Joel answered.

"I know something. As proof you have to lose this challenge so you are not immune. If you do that we will form a alliance with you." Chelsea said and sweeps some mud off her face.

"Deal." Joel said and continues walking. "You can trust me like I said." Joel stated to them and walks away.

(CONF) "I heard some stories about Joel. I haven't seen something really 'weird' of him. He is strange, different than any other one here. I should make a movie about him. Joel the silent and mysterious puppet master..." Trey stated and thinks.

It's almost night and nobody has reached the mountain. It looks like it's going to be a night of running. But not for everyone. Joel walks to a tree and ssits down. He puts his shoes off and puts his jacket off. He puts it on his body and closes his eyes.

(CONF) "Not running, not sweating and a night full of sleeping. Great idea. And I didn't even made it!" Joel said and laughs.

Chloe and Franklin walks in the forest. Chloe grabs a flashlight and shines around with it. "Franklin, do you think we have to continue? We could sleep and continue tomorrow? I don't think anyone besides K.C is almost at the mountain." Chloe said and looks a little bit scared at him.

"If you want to sleep we are going to sleep. But I think we have to walk a little bit more." Franklin stated. He grabs Chloe's hand and walks with her.

(CONF) "If we give up we can arrive as last. And I don't want to arrive as last." Franklin said and looks to his hand. "I still can't believe I hold Zoey's hand and now I hold Chloe's hand." He adds.

Hannah walks slowly and seems to be afraid for dark. She hears a weird sound behind her. It looks like someone's growling. She grabs a flashlight and shines it behind her. But it's Misery who's sleeping on the ground. "Misery! Misery, wake up!" Hannah said and touches Misery. She wakes up and looks around her.

"Are we already eaten by the vampires?" Misery asked and looks around her.

Hannah shakes her head. "No, haha! We are not eaten by vampires. We are on a spooky forest and we have to come out of this stupid forest! Ow oops, I said stupid. I meant... ehh..." Hannah stutters and looks to Misery.

"Stupid is not a bad word. And I with bad words I mean *****. Or ***** but you could also say *****. But why are you saying sorry for saying stupid?" Misery asked.

"I don't know. People always think I'm a ordinairy blonde barbie girl. I'm not like that girls. So I don't wanna give people the feeling I'm a mean girl." Hannah said and looks around her.

(CONF) "It began on high school. I got a lot of friends only because how I look. My parents are not really poor so I got a lot of clothes and yeah, people thought I was the mean girl of the school so I got a lot of friends. But when they saw how I really was they left me behind them. So that's why I'm trying to look like a nice girl instead of a mean girl!" Hannah explains.

It's really quiet on the island. Everyone and everything sleeps, it's getting really cold and you can only hear the sea. K.C, Hannah, Misery, Chelsea, Trey and Adam are still running. K.C is in the lead with behind him Chelsea and Trey, behind them Adam, behind them Hannah and Misery. It looks like Misery isn't running but she's hoping around. "I think we are in the lead, Han-Han!" Misery shouts as she looks very happy.

"Oohh, Misery! You are making everyone awake, haha! We could take a break now? I think we did our best for now." Hannah suggests and giggles.

"Sure, lovely! But I'm afraid I'm going to sleep if we take a break. You have to wake me up then. O-M-G! Do you know that song? So wake me up when it's all over... avicii?" Misery asked. Hannah laughs and nods her head. "I love it. Anywayssss, I'm going to take a sleep now. See you later alligator!" Misery said excited and tries to sleep. Hannah does the same.

K.C runs and runs. He grabs the last gem and leaves the forest behind him and is arrived at the sea. He has to take a boat and bring himself to the mountain. He jumps in the boat and sails away. A few minutes after him, Chelsea and Trey arrives. They grab a boat too and sails away. "Look, Chelsea!" Trey said as he points at the sunrise.

"That means we are not the first for now. Damn!!!" Chelsea said angrilly.

"You don't know that. Maybe we are. We just have to sail." Trey stated and sails with Chelsea. Chelsea looks behind her and sees Adam.

"Oooh nooo! Adam is behind us. This is going to be a close one." Chelsea said and looks back to Adam.

Trey looks to Adam and gives more power on the boat. He sails faster and faster. "And look who's there, my princess. It's K.C!" Trey shouts and points at K.C who arrives on the mountain. He runs really fast. Not long after him Trey and Chelsea arrives.

Chloe and Franklin runs. "There's the sea! Do you think we are the first?" Chloe asks and looks hopefull to Franklin who don't answer her. "Franklin???" She asked.

"I can't talk and run on the same time, Chloe. I don't know if we are in the lead so come on, just running!" Franklin said and runs with her to the boats. They get one and sails away.

K.C is climbing on the mountain and is nearly followed by Chelsea and Trey. They climb on the mountain as well. Adam starts too and the four are on the mountain now. But Chelsea has long nails so if she tries to grab a piece of the mountain she could fall. "I don't think this is going to end well." Chelsea said and looks down. "Oooohh it's very high!"

"We can do this." Trey said and continues climbing. Chelsea does the same thing but as she wants to grab a piece of the mountain it breaks and Chelsea falls off the mountain. She can grab a piece so she don't fall on the ground but someone has to help her. "CHELSEA!" Trey screamed. He has to help her but then, K.C will win. He has to make a decision.

(CONF) "Is it weird I couldn't make a choice for three seconds?" Trey asked.

Trey climbs down to Chelsea and helps her with climbing. Chloe and Franklin are arrived too and starts to climb. "I think K.C has won..." Trey said and rolls his eyes.

K.C climbs and arrives on the top of the mountain. He grabs the five gems out off his bag and puts it on the board. He was the only one who got all gems because he was always in the lead. After three minutes Chris arrives on the mountain because he saw the color lights. "Well done, K.C! You started the race in your own and you won it. Congratulations." Chris said.

Chelsea, Trey, Adam, Chloe and Franklin are all arrived. "You did a great job, K.C!" Adam said and sweeps some sweat of his forehead.

"Thanks! It feels good to be immune tonight." K.C stated and looks to his immunity neckless.

"Chef is looking for the others so you'll go back to the camp! And yeah, I'm bringing you with the helicopter." Chris said. Everyone takes place in the helicopter and flies away.

Back in Keykahöw Place K.C, Chloe and Franklin are talking about the elimination. "So, we have to vote someone out right? I was thinking, maybe we have to vote for Chelsea? She was on our team and we've voted her out. She wants revenge." Chloe said.

"Not only Chelsea. I'm sure Joel is not really 'friendly' as he acts. I'm sure he is the masterbrain behind the football player personality." K.C said and looks to his neckless. "But I'm going with you." K.C said. Chloe looks curious and thinks about K.C's idea.

Joel walks over to Chelsea and Trey. "I lost, so we're voting Adam, right?" Joel asks and looks confident about his action.

Chelsea and Trey looks to each other. "We can trust you. And don't worry, we'll make majority." Trey said and looks back to Chelsea.

(CONF) "I can do everything with Joel I want! Hahahahahah!" Trey laughed.

Misery and Hannah are making their ready for elimination. Adam walks to the two girls. "Hey Hannah and Mis-" Adam said.

"Go away!!!" Misery screamed and interrupted Adam. She walks away because she knows Adam would never respect her.

Adam rolls his eyes and looks to Hannah. "Could you vote for Joel tonight? You would help me really, really much!" Adam asked to Hannah and walks away. As he's gone, Trey walks to Hannah.

"Hannah! Can you please vote Adam tonight? You know you are the hottest here so I would be realllyyyyyy happy if you vote with me!" Trey lied and walks away.

Hannah sighs. "Why are you in a relationship with Chelsea if you think that I'm the hottest here? You lied and that is mean of you, Trey. You could tell the truth to me." Hannah said a little bit annoyed.

"Sorry, Hannah. I just don't wanna hurt you. So your voting with us?" Trey asked and looks emotionless to Hannah, who is réally emotionless.

"I don't know for now, we'll see, okay?" Hannah asked and walks away.

(CONF) "He thinks I'm a drama princess who always has to be the hottest girl of everything? He's wrong and that's why I'm not voting with him." Hannah said and sweeps her tears away.

Everyone walks to the elimination ceremony. Someone is going home tonight, the first merge vote. When everyone is arrived Chris looks to everyone. "It's time to vote for someone. K.C is immune so you can't vote for him tonight." Chris said.

(CONF) "It's obvious I'm voting for Adam. You thought you could teach me a lesson? No, no. It's time to teach YOU a lesson." Joel stated and votes.

(CONF) "Joel, I'm the only one for now who knows what your going to do." Adam said and votes.

(CONF) "I don't wanna be the hottest girl of the show. And if you thought I was, why are you in a relationship with Chelsea?" Hannah asked to the camera and votes for Trey.

As everyone has voted, Chris grabs the urn with votes and looks to it. "I'm going to read the votes." Chris said. "The votes are, Trey, Joel, Adam, Trey, Joel, Adam, Joel, Adam. That means it's 3-3-2 for now. Gets Trey the last vote, it's a tiebreaker. Get's Adam or Joel the last vote, one of them is going home." Chris said.

Adam and Joel looks to each other. "The last vote is for... Joel." Chris said and shows him the vote. Joel looks to it. He walks to his bag and gets the immunity idol.

"Yeah, I'm not going home tonight, guys. I found this one at merge, few days ago. But thanks for the votes, guys! I'm sure it'll be fun these days!" Joel said sarcastic and kisses his immunity idol.

(CONF) "I know Chelsea and Trey haven't vote for me. The other two who votes Trey has to be Hannah and Misery. So, Chloe, K.C and Franklin, it's time to pack your stuff soon." Joel stated and looks really angry.

"Since Joel gave his immunity statue, everyone is safe tonight. How boring? And now, back to Keykahöw Place!" Chris said. Everyone walks back to Keykahöw.

"Nice game, man! I'm proud. But that Adam dude has to leave, soon. Very soon." Trey said and looks to Adam who is talking with Chloe and Franklin.

(CONF) "The réal game is on..." Joel said and laughs evilly.

"Who could imagine this? Joel getting eliminated, using his immunity idol and getting everyone in shock back to their cabins. It's a weird game. Will Adam finally respect Misery, is Hannah finally confident about herself and telling Trey he's a jerk and will Joel survive next elimination? Don't miss anything in the next episode of Total Drama Isle of Terror!" Chris said and walks away.

Episode 15: Cooking Up Trouble!

"Last time Total Drama Isle of Terror, we've merged finally. Besides Chlo and Franklin are having booooooring relationship, Chelsea and Trey having a useless romance alliance or whatever's getting more dramatic than it already did. K.C, the shadow of the show, won the first immunity challenge which left Joel being last. Losing to be in a alliance wasn't the smartest idea of Joel because he was voted out by almost everyone else. The alliance of Joel didn't voted for him so did Misery and Hannah. Misery wanted to be respected by Adam. But she failed. Again. After everything Joel showed his immunity idol which kept him in the race. It's still nine victims on one terror isle. Who's going home next and what freakin' challenge do we have today? See it all today in Total Drama Isle of Terror!" Chris announced.

~ Intro Sequence ~

The birds flies around and it's very quiet on Keykahöw Place. Everyone was asleep except for one person, Misery. She couldn't sleep so she decided to wake up early and have breakfest. When she was preparing the food, however, she created alot of noise and she woke up several other people, including Trey. Trey went to see where the noise was coming from and saw Misery.

"Misery?" Trey said. "What's with all the noise, the others are trying to sleep..." Misery looked at him annoyed.

"By others, do you mean Chelsea?" Misery asked angrily. Trey looked confused for a second before realising what she meant.

"That was two episodes ago, Misery. Is that why you seemed mad at me yesterday?" Trey asked.

The two hears some footsteps from the girls cabin. The door gets open and a angry Chelsea walks to Misery. "Couldn't you make breakfast on a normal time instead of 3 A.M? Or whatever it is now. You woke me up and now I missed my eight hours of sleep." Chelsea snapped at Misery and rolled her eyes.

Misery looked disapointed before replying. "I couldn't sleep..." Misery admitted.

Chelsea sighed. "And that means you have to wake up everyone else?" Chelsea asked annoyed and grabs her cumcumbers. She pushes them in the bin. "So..."

"Well... I didn't think I'd make so much noise..." Misery said. "I just wanted to get my mind off something..."

"Whatever. You woke me up, time to make some breakfast for me, girl!" Chelsea said directly and takes a sit on the bench. She looks at Trey and points on the bench.

"Coming." Trey said before moving to the bench. "By the way, what is bugging you, Misery? You can't wake everyone up and then not tell us why?"

"Well... " Misery muttered. "You and Chelsea are so perfect together and me and Adam aren't getting anywhere... You'd take a dive for Chel and Adam won't even give me a passing glance. It's gotten worse after last challenge too."

Chelsea's angry face changes into a unstring face. She turns to Misery. "Ahw, that's really sad. I think he just loves you a lot. Or something like that." Chelsea improved and claps with her hands. "Let's keep positive and make a sandwich for me!" She stated enthusiastic.

"Oh, yeah, sorry. Almost forgot." Misery replied with a happier face than she had before. Meanwhile, Franklin was waiting outside the girls room for Chloe to get her hair and makeup on. "How long does it take to do your hair?" Frankin mumbled to himself.

After a few minutes Hannah walks out of the girls room and walks to Franklin. She almost clashes and blushes. "Oops! Stupid me, ahahaha! Chloe is almost ready!" Hannah said startled and walks gawky away. Before she reached the others she turns back to Franklin. "Ehh, Frankwin, can I ask you something by the way?" Hannah asked as she thinks about how she has to spell Franklin's name.

"Sure, and it's Frank-LIN." Franklin told Hannah.

"Sorry, sorry! I'm so stupid. Anyway, has Trey talked about me or something? I'm just wondering..." Hannah asks as she pushes some hair off her shoulder.

Franklin thought about it for a second. "I think he mentioned something before merge... He said you were the most trustworthy contestant... and something about he got distracted by your 'beautiful bod'..." Franklin replied. "I think he's kinda per****ed..."

"Ohh... really?" Hannah replied shocked.

(CONF) "I don't know, he thinks I'm a trustworthy person but on the other hand he says I have a beautiful body? Do he like me because I'm a trustworthy person or just because I have a beautiful body? Guys..." Hannah stated and sighs.

"Anyway, I think Chloe is ready in any minute! You are quite fun, by the way!" Hannah cheered and hops away.

"Thanks..." Franklin replied.

"So you were talking with Hannah?" Chloe tried to scare Franklin and laughs.

"Argh!" Frankin screamed. "Not funny..." Franklin blushed in embarassment.

Chloe giggles and kisses Franklin. "I'm full of energy. We were so close last challenge, I'm sure we'll do better this time. K.C is on our side, who is extremly good in challenges, and I have you!" Chloe stated happily and hugs her boyfriend one more time.

"Yeah, right." Franklin said. "I've got something to show you." Franklin took out a blindfold and then wrapped it around her eyes. Later, he unblinded her. "Look at this." The place they were in was the wrecked plane filled with a lot of stuff you'd find outside of Total Drama like a working Tv and computer.

"Remember the prizes Chris gave us early in the season but forgot about? I found where he put them so I took them and used the solar panels to power this all up."

Chloe looks around. "Oh my gosh, our adventure started here. You were in love with Zoey and when we started here, you didn't knew I loved you as much as I do now. This place means a lot for me and I really wanna share it with you." Chloe stated and leaves a tear on her cheek.

"It means a lot for me too." Franklin said. "Oh, I forgot to mention we can skype our family members and go on websites like twitter or facebook?"

"Really? That's amazing, Franklin." Chloe stated as she looked around. "But why?" She asked.

"Well, I thought you might miss your family members and friends. I want to make sure you're happy as you're really important to me." Franklin repied.

Chloe giggled for a moment. "Yeah..." She said and looks a little bit depressed to the computer. "Even though she tried to get me off this island I miss Zoey." Chloe stated.

"You can talk to her if you like... Wanna patch things up..." Franklin suggested.

"Sure!" Chloe responsed excited and walks to the computer. She logs in on Skype and looks to her friends. "She has deleted me from skype." Chloe said dissapointed and looks to her chat with Zoey. "And she has blocked me."

"Uh... Facebook?" Franklin said.

Chloe puts 'google' on the computer and searches for facebook. She logs in and sees Zoey still at her friends. "Yes!" She screamed and sends a message to her. "Dear Zoey, I hope we can fix things. Of course you can be mad on me but please, forgive me." Chloe typed and looks to the computer screen. She scares as it sends Zoey has seen her message. But Zoey isn't answering her. In fact, she blockes her. "I guess not." Chloe said sad.

"Well... um... I'm sorry..." Franklin said. "She can't stay mad at you forever..."

"I hope so..." Chloe said and looks to her boyfriend. "Come, we'll go back!"

In the boys room Adam looked angry at Trey. He knows Trey has voted for him and he want to talk to him. "Hey dude..." He started as he walks to him. "Why did you vote for me?" Adam asked.

"... Joel asked us..." Trey replied. "He survived his team despite them losing alot and is really good at challenges." Trey sighed. "I didn't want to vote you but I didn't want to get on his bad side. Yesterday proved he is unstoppable."

Adam sighed. "I thought I could trust you but I'm wrong. Again. I can't trust anyone here." Adam stated cold and walks slowly away.

(CONF) "Like I said, I don't need anyone. I'll be no longer helpful or whatever. It's time for the réal Adam." Adam said and looks angrilly to the camera.

It's almost afternoon which means the challenge could be in any minute. Some of the contestants are talking with each other but K.C walks outside followed by Hannah. "Where are you going?" Hannah asks as K.C opens the door.

"I need some air." K.C replied calm and walks outside.

"You seem depressed, you can always tell me something. And you can talk about everything with me." Hannah stated and walks to K.C.

K.C smiled. "I never believed I would be in the merge of Total Drama Isle of Terror, and I even won the first individual challenge. I did so much and still I'm not happy. It looks like I'm homesick." K.C stated and looks to the flying birds.

"I understand. I felt the same way when we finally won with Team C. I acted like I was happy but I wasn't. I just think you have to make some fun here and then you will be okay. Don't worry about home. You've made it so far, it would be sooooo sad if you decide to leave. I would miss you." Hannah states and hugs K.C

"Thanks, Hannah! I really need that." K.C said and hugs Hannah back.

(CONF) "Hannah is so sweet and nice. I never thought she would be so nice because she looks like one of the chicks from that mean girls movie. It's an expensive movie so you'll probably don't know that movie." K.C said.

"ALRIGHT! Enough of the sappy talk, it's time for a today's challenge!" Chris announced on the speaker. The contestants stopped their current conversations and walked to Challenge Central.

"I'm excited for this challenge but I'm sure it will be a hard one." Chloe said and looks to Franklin who has his arm on her shoulder.

"Me too." Franklin stated. "I'm not really good at alot of things though, especially brawn. I am not even the brainy type of guy. I kinda wonder how I'm still in the game...He he ha." Franklin chuckled at his joke.

"Alright, alright. Everyone's here, right?" Chris asked. "Due to budget cuts, we had to take away the interns' food privliges and they are starved! So, you guys are going to use left over ingrediants of my last meal to make them some food."

"So... we're going to make a dish for... the... interns?" Adam asked.

"Duh... in fact, here's a new intern I need to introduce! Steven Boyle!" Chris shouted. A fat kid walked next to Chris. He gave Chloe an evil dagger before talking.

"I hope to help fit everyone's needs here in TD Isle of Terror." Steven said.

(CONF) "Chloe is the reason why I wasn't allowed on the show. She and her boyfriend are gonna pay!" Steven ranted before eating a pizza.

Chloe pulls on Franklin's sleeve. "Why is he looking so angry at me." Chloe whispered to Franklin as she looks at Steven.

"Hm... I don't know..." Franklin replied. "And why does he have a pizza? I thought they were being starved? Why does he have special treatment...?"

"And he smells like old cheese." Chelsea inteferes with the conversation. She giggles and looks at Steven. "Chris!!! Why does he have a pizza?" Chelsea asked loud.

"Steven filed a lawsuit against the show because he was-! WAIT!" Chris shouted. "I'm the host! I don't have to tell you anything!"

Chelsea looks to her nails. "Oh sorry what?" She asked as she looks to everyone. "Nevermind, just continue what you're doing, Chris." Chelsea stated and sweeps her hair off her shoulder.

"All you guys have to do is cook for my three interns. The food is in the Hall of Chris's warehouse. It's at the back." Chris stated.

"Has it to be something special?" K.C asks.

"Not really, it could be anything. However, it has to be edible or you're disqualified." Chris answered. "Alright... go!"

In the warehouse, the contestants find box after box of food supplies and ingrediants. Franklin and Chloe walk hand in hand down the warehouse looking around. "Woah, there's alot if food here... why doesn't Chris give them this?" Franklin said as he looks to the food.

"I know right, but let's win this thing. It's easy and I'm sure we'll do great." Chloe said cheerfully and walks with her boyfriend to the Hall of Fame. "What should we make?" She asked.

"What do you like? I personally like curry." Franklin said. "Let's just pick one of our favourites."

"I think they love some fastfood or junkfood? We could make rips with curry? It's not difficult to make and it's very delicious!" Chloe suggests.

"Great! That's gonna make us win for sure!" Franklin cheered.

(CONF) "I feel like that fat intern might rig us. I don't know why though, he does seem suspicious..." Franklin said.

Hannah passes Franklin and Chloe and looks to them. "I'm sure you're going to make something together, ahaha! Goodluck!" Hannah said and walks with her box to her place and looks at the ingrediants. "I'm going to make hmm... ehh..." Hannah thinks and looks to the fruit.

"Need some help, beautiful?" K.C asks as he passes Hannah. He grabs her apple and eats it. "Excuse me, but you have so much. You could miss one apple, right?" K.C asked.

Hannah looks at the apple and nods. "Sure, sure! And I don't know... maybe a fresh fruit salad. I'm still thinking. What about you?" She asked.

"I'll see, it wouldn't be difficult for me. I'm a warrior and I can defeat everything and anything. No vote against me, won the first individual challenge and I have everyone behind me! So, after this, we should date." K.C stated and winks at her.

"We'll see, okay?" Hannah said and begins to look for her ingrediants. Behind them is Adam who is looking around for his ingrediants. Misery skips to him gleefully, causing Adam to sigh deeply.

"Hey, Adam! Can we work together? I know alot of great recipies, I cook for my brothers alot and-" Misery asks before getting interrupted.

"No, I'm not working with you. I wanna win this challenge and you keep me from my work. And I cook for myself often at home so I know a lot of recipies either." Adam snapped at Misery and continues with looking for some good ingrediants.

Misery begins to cry and then runs away. While running away, she bumps into Joel. "Oh, sorry, are you okay? Why are you crying?" Joel asks. He puts down his box and helps her up.

"I don't know why but Adam hates me... I don't do anything wrong but he still ignores me... he just shouted at me because I wanted to work with him..." Misery replies.

"You can work with me." Joel states. Misery looks surprised and looks at him.

(CONF) "I need an ally and Misery is perfect for the job. She's broken-hearted so she's more likely to stick with me, and she's probably the most tolerable person left. Even K.C is a pain in the ***..."

"Uhm... fine. What are we making?" Misery asked. She looks in the box to get a clue of what they're cooking up.

"Lasagna. It's an easy dish and-" Joel answers before getting interupted.

"That's weird, some of these ingrediants don't look like they are supposed to be in lasagna. Moldy apples...?" Misery commented.

Joel quickly snatched away the box. "I don't know what you're talking about." Joel lied. "I wouldn't make myself lose by using raw and bad food."

"I guess you're right." Misery admitted.

Behind Misery, Chelsea looks at her and Joel. Next to her stands Trey who is already making their dish. "Joel has found a new alliance partner. I hope he knew that Misery girl is obsessed by Adam. She could ruin everything." Chelsea said and looks to Trey. His eyes are focussed on the food. "I'm talking to you!!!"

"We can't rush perfection!" Trey argued. "Plus, I've never made a turkey before, or the stuffing, or the ice cream desert. We don't need this much food, Chel."

"Sure, do your thing. I'm going to mix me in their conversation before they are using us against them." Chelsea said and walks in the direction of Misery and Joel. "Hey, guys! I just saw you talking with each other. I didn't knew you two allied?" Chelsea made up and looks to Joel.

"Oh, we're just partnering up since Adam decided to work alone." Joel stated.

"Adam! Always Adam, right?" Chelsea said. She puts her arm on Misery's shoulder. "Girl, I should just eliminate him as soon as possible so you can't worry about him. You deserve better." Chelsea said and hugs Misery.

(CONF) "She is a dramatic actrice but I'm way better than her." Chelsea said and looks to her nails. "Yes, I'm sure I am."

Hannah is almost ready with her dish and looks behind her. She sees Trey standing alone and decides to talk with him. Hannah walks to Trey and takes a breath for a few seconds. "Trey, can I talk with you?" She asks.

"Sure. I'm almost done with the stuffing, after that, all I need to do is the desert. I have time." Trey replies.

"It looks very nice. But, okay... I've talked with Franklin this morning and I heard something. Are you destracted by my body?" Hannah asked as she blushes.

"..." Trey stood silently.

(CONF) "FRANKLIN, YOU ******** *****! I TOLD YOU TO ********* KEEP THAT SECRET, YOU ****!!!" Trey ranted.

"It's not a problem at all and don't blame Franklin for it. He just told me because I think I kinda like you too. And by the way, about what you said about me, I think it's really cute!" Hannah stated and giggles.

"I-it was a j-joke, I would never say something so p-perve-per*****d! I mean... uh... Look, take this frite and forget what I sai-WHA!" Trey apologised before tripping over. The frite flew up into the air and into Hannah's breats.

(CONF) "No matter what I do, I always end up the pe**!" Trey complained.

Hannah grabs the frite and throws it away. "I know enough, thanks Trey!" Hannah said and walks with tears in her eyes away.

(CONF) "He just likes me because of my body. I knew it, all boys are the same. This is so stupid." Hannah said and sweeps her tears away.

Chelsea walks back to Trey. "Are you okay it's just like you saw a ghost or something." Chelsea stated and looks at Trey.

"I... I need a hot shower, I don't feel clean... you finish it off..." Trey said before walking off.

Chelsea sighs and rolls her eyes. "Yes, it's ready." Chelsea said as she looks at the dishes. She puts everything on the plate and walks with it away.

(CONF) "I've never cooked in my life." Chelsea stated.

"Alright, time's... UP! Bring your dishes outside for the rating!" Chris announced. The contestants walk outside and wait in line for their turn.

"First up, Franklin and Chloe. Show your dishes." Chris stated.

Chloe and Franklin walks to the interns and shows them their dish. Chloe looks to Franklin and points that he can tell the judges what they made. "You can say it, sweetheart." Chloe whispered.

"It's some ribs with curry! Simple and delicious." Franklin said.

"Seems good, what do our judges think?" Chris asked. Judge 1 and 2 gave them perfect tens while Steven gives them a two.

"What-!?" Franklin shouted in confusion. "Just two!?"

(CONF) "He does this with a reason..." Chloe stated. She looks curious and thinks. "Why gave he us two points? Only two points..."

"Secondly, K.C, what do you have?" Chris asks.

"I've made a goulash soup with some french bread and herb cheese." K.C stated and shows his dish. It's a rich dish.

The interns look at the dish and take small bites out of it. "It's... uh... got an aquired taste to it..." One said. They all give him six points each.

K.C nods and is annoyed by the results. "A six for a goulash? Urgh.." K.C mutters.

"Okay, next, Misery and Joel." Chris stated.

"Well, we made lasagna, and I hope you enjoy it." Joel states.

The interns eat the dish and love it. They give the two a perfect score. "Yes!" Joel shouted.

"Alright, time for Chelsea and Trey!" Chris announces.

Trey puts his dish on the table. "It's a turkey, with desert. Chel's idea." Trey explained. The interns began to eat the meal before spitting it out.

"It's horrible!" The interns shouted. "It's all under-cooked! The only edible product is the ice cream and frites!" Steven takes a bite and eats the rest down quickly.

"I don't know what you are talking about, tastes good enough." Steven stated. Chris looked at him in disgust. "I give it a six." The other two interns give them a zero.

"Chelsea! Why was the food undercooked!?" Trey complained. Chelsea rolled her eyes and scoffed. "Fine, whatever. "

"What a baaaaad score! Alright, next should be... Hannah!" Chris announced.

Hannah hops with her fruitsalad in her hands to the jury and gives them the fruitsalad. "It's a fruitsalad made off apples, banana's, strawberries, lemon and... water melon! There is also a strawberry sauce on it which makes it really fresh and delicious! I hope you'll like it." Hannah stated and looks proud at her salad.

The interns eat the food up gleefully and give it an eight and a nine. Steven, however, gives it a four. "It's too... healthy!" Steven complained.

"Ahww! I understand but it's not always smart to eat junkfood. When you're on a island you could get something bad on your teeth or something. Anyway thanks for your points!" Hannah said and hops happily back to the others.

Adam looks to everyone else and knows he's the last one. "My dish lies on the Hall of Fame because I had to wait to bring it. It's something special. I'll get it in any minute." Adam said and walks slowly away.

Misery looks to Adam and happens to spot something in the window. "Huh?" She said. In the window, she saw Joel putting the raw foods from earlier into Adam's dish before going out the back entrance. "H-he's cheating!?" She takes a step back before seeing Adam taking his dish and coming back.

"So, I made breaded chicken with stroganoff sauce, green beans with on that some hot beacon and some crispy french frites." Adam said and puts his dish on the table of the interns.

(CONF) "That food looks amazing. It's obvious who's going to win..." K.C said and sighs.

Chloe pulls on Franklin's sleeve. "Look at his dish. Do you think he's going to win? It looks really nice and I almost wanna taste something." Chloe whispered.

"Yeah, it does look pretty good..." Franklin stated. "He might get a perfect score."

"Alright, interns, what does it taste like?" Chris asked. The interns eat the food before spitting it back out. One of them even throws up. "Hm. Adam, you did taste check this right?"

"Of course I did." Adam replied and looks to the intern who is throwing up. "I don't know what's wrong with my dish?"

"Well, whatever's wrong with this is really bad. This food is inedible, Adam, you're disqualified!" Chris announced.

Adam looked both confused and sad at the same time and walks angrilly away. Chelsea looks at Joel and turns back to Trey. "Something is not right." Chelsea stated quietly.

"See you at elimination." Chris mocked. Misery frowned at the thought of Adam losing millions because of someone else cheating.

Chelsea and Trey walks together to the cabin and meets Chloe and Franklin. "So who's going home tonight?" Chelsea asks as she looks to Franklin and Chloe. She hopes they would say Adam because he was disqualified and the others got normal scores.

"Well, we're all friends here except for Adam and Joel. And Joel's immune..." Franklin replied.

"Yeah we're voting for Adam either. See you at elimination!" Chelsea said and walks with Trey's hand in her own hand away.

(CONF) "I'm trying to keep the former Team B together. I know Chloe would never try to eliminate me or Trey and Franklin does everything Chloe says so why would I vote them out if I could eliminate others." Chelsea said and laughs. "At home they'll think I'm totally changed. It is. Bye bye shopping queen Chelsea, welcome master brain Chelsea." Chelsea stated about herself.

Misery walked up to Hannah sadly. "Hannah, I need some help. I want to help out my crush but he might hurt me again... I don't know what to do." Misery admitted.

"Yeah, I'm afraid he will be in danger tonight. But don't worry, we're with nine here. I don't think everyone is going to vote for Adam. And I wouldn't vote for him tonight! It will be all okay, Missy!" Hannah said and hugs her bestfriend. "And I know you really love him but don't do something really stupid, please. There's a life after Total Drama Isle of Terror so you could also talk with him after this season. Once again, it'll be okay!" Hannah tried to cheer up Misery.

"Hey, girls." Joel said sneaking his way into the conversation. "What are you talking about?" Joel looked at Misery.

Hannah looks to Misery and winks. "Well we where talking about... ehh... K.C! He can be so mean sometimes." Hannah started and smiles at Misery.

"Yeah. I was the first one to talk to K.C and he hasn't changed at all." Misery said.

"Well, good. But don't be so hard on him. Forgive and forget." Joel replied. Misery's eyes widened when she heard those words.

"You're right! Thanks Joel." Misery shouted before running away.

"Thanks for... what?" Joel said confused.

(CONF) "I don't understand why all these chicks are so weird. The only sane one is the cute girl, yet Hannah's still pretty naive." Joel said.

"Alright, welcome to the elimination ceremony." Chris said. "Now, the person eliminated so it's pretty obvious whose safe. Vote 1 - Trey. Vote 2 - Joel for some reason. Vote 3 - Trey. Vote 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 - Adam."

Adam sighs. "I knew it, I think it wa-" Adam said before he got interrupted by Misery who stand up.

"WAIT! Joel cheated!" Misery shouted. "He put foods over there expiration date into Adam's dish! He's the reason Adam lost!"

"So...? I don't care, that doesn't make Adam any less eliminated." Chrus argued.

"And for that reason... I'LL TAKE ADAM'S SPOT AS ELIMINATED CONTESTANT!" Misery shouted. "It's what's right. I paired up with a cheater!" Adam frowned and looked at Misery.

"Are you leaving just ... for me?" Adam asked as he walks to Misery.

"Yeah... but don't worry we can meet up after you win." Misery joked.

Adam nods his head. "We will." Adam said and kisses Misery. He puts his arms on her shoulders and hugs her. "And I wanna say I respect you. Nobody would do that for me. I hope we will contact each other when we're both home." Adam said.

"FINALLY!" Hannah screams. "I mean, they're finally together! But I'm going to miss you so much!" Hannah said as she almost cries. She runs to Misery and hugs her.

"It's okay, friends as good as we are won't stay apart for long!" Misery replied as she consoled Hannah. She went up to Adam. "But before I go, I must do one thing..." Misery grabbed Adam's shoulders and pulled him in for a kiss. Adam and Misery made out for a while before Misery went into the submarine.

Hannah walks to Adam and puts her arm on Adam's shoulder. "You'll see her soon, just do your best for her and yourself! I'm sure you'll come far if you think about her." Hannah consoles Adam as she sees he's crying.

"Alright, now that that nutcase is gone, we can finally get some real drama." Chris stated. "What'll happen next time on TD, how will the others react to this new info on Joel. How will Hannah cope? Find out next time on Total Drama Isle of Terror!"

Misery's Thoughts In The Submarine...

"Eeeeeeeeeee! I got to kiss Adam! YEEEEEEEEES! I can't wait to tell everyone, oh, I'm so happy." Misery gleefully shouted. "I'll miss everyone but at least I got something out of it. Bye, Total Drama fans. Shiki "Misery" Wiley is out of here!"

Episode 16: Dress For Success

"Last time on Total Drama Isle of Terror, Adam regected Misery and Joel tried to partner with her. However, Misery caught Joel trying to sabotage Adam. This causes Adam to lose the challenge and Misery actually quit to keep him in the game. Not only that, but revealed to everyone what Joel did. Find out what's next, right now, on Total Drama Isle of Terror." Chris began.

It's morning, the sun shines, there are no clouds and it's very hot. Adam sits outside and looks at the birds who are flying around. K.C walks back from his shower and joins Adam. "Hey, where are the others?" K.C asks as he looks around.

"They went to the lake. Not everyone by the way, Hannah is making herself ready inside." Adam said quickly and looks to an other direction.

K.C is going to sit next to him and looks to him. "I'm sorry about last night. I didn't knew about Joel's action. But I'm sure I'm on your side now." K.C stated and smiled.

Hannah walks out of the cabin and joins the two boys. She got some marshmallows and gives them to the Adam. "Oh do you want some too?" Hannah asks to K.C and gives him some marshmallows.

"Thanks. Anyway, shall we form a alliance? I'm pretty sure me and Adam are targets. Adam because he is the enemy of Joel and me because Joel thinks I'm too strong for him. And you, Hannah, you are with him since the begin of this show. You should know what he wants and thinks." K.C said and looks to Hannah.

"Well, I know Joel loves power. He also loves to play with people like puppets. That's why Layson and Bobby called him the puppet master. Speaking of Bobby and Layson, I miss them so much! Oh my gosh..." Hannah stated and looks to the ground. "But, I'm with you. I know it's risky but I don't wanna get you two eliminated." Hannah stated and giggles.

(CONF) "I was the target of Joel once but then he used me to eliminate Bobby, Layson and Zara. I know he has a lot of power but now I know how Joel actually is. I don't trust him so maybe I have to play the game now. Trying to eliminate Joel." Hannah said and looks in the mirror next to her. "I hope they aren't going to think I'm a bad person." Hannah said.

"Nice, let's make the final three with each other!" K.C said. He sticks his hand forward. Hannah puts her hand on his and Adam on hers. "Final three!" K.C said which is followed by Hannah and Adam.

Meanwhile, on the lake. Franklin, Chloe, Trey and Chelsea were having a picnic while Joel sat down on a bench and fed the ducks. "This is really good, Trey." Franklin said.

"Yeah, um... Franklin, I've got to talk to you." Trey said.

"Sure. About what?" Franklin replied. Trey looks at Chelsea then leans in closer to Franklin's ear.

"Why'd you have to tell Hannah about me saying I got destracted by her body, now I think she hates me..." Trey whispered. Franklin looked at Trey before shrugging.

"You got what?" Chelsea said confused as she puts her sandwitch back. "By who's body?" Chelsea asked.

"N-no ones!" Trey shouted.

"Han- oh... no one!" Franklin said.

Chelsea frowns and looks to Franklin. "Han? Are you f***ing kidding me, Franklin?" Chelsea said angrilly. Joel looked at the starting fight and saw Chelsea getting mad.

"Woah, guys, you shouldn't fight li-" Joel protested. Trey interupted him before he could finish.

"Don't get involved, Joel. You'll just make things worse for us..." Trey stated.

"Fine. Jeez." Joel groaned before walking away.

Chloe sighs and looks to Franklin. "What's going on, Franklin? Five minutes ago we had a nice picnic and now we have one big fight?" Chloe asked as she looks at Chelsea and Trey who are arguing with each other.

"Come on Chloe, let's go, this isn't our buisness. We'll just have to finish our picnic later..." Franklin suggested.

Chloe sighs and walks with Franklin away. They leave Chelsea and Trey behind them. "I wanna know about who you were talking about." Chelsea said and puts her bag on the ground.

"Fine, if you wanna know, then just fine. I was talking about Hannah..." Trey argued before seeing Chelsea's angry face and starts to get worried. "I-it's not that I like her that way, and besides, she hates me!"

Chelsea's head looked like she was about the punch Trey. "You are so... so... so... dumb." Chelsea stated as she laughs. "Why would you like Hannah? She's so naive. But if you ever dare to look at her I'll kill you." She kisses him and holds his hand.

"But-... urg, fine." Trey agreed. He looked at the picnic area to find the other couple not there, and then at the bench to find Joel gone. "Uh... I think we scared them all off with our argum- dissagreement..."

"It was dumb to scare off Joel but also Chloe and Franklin. If we lose them we're dead." Chelsea said annoyed.

"Yeah, K.C and 'she who shall not be named' seem pretty close with Adam, if we lose even one of them, we also lose our majority..." Trey stated.

Chelsea nods. "But there's no time to worry about that." Chelsea said and looks around. "Let's go back." She suggested. Back with Adam, Joel walked up to Adam and his crew.

"Well, I just came to apologise... about your girlfriend..." Joel said. "I didn't think she'd quit, I only hope we can be friends." He reached his hand out for Adam to shake it.

Adam looked to K.C and Hannah. "How sweet of you, Adam you sh-" Hannah said but gets interrupted by K.C who looks not really enthausiastic.

"Don't trust him, Adam. Just be confident about yourself, you don't need him. He made you lose last challenge, he tried to eliminate you and he's the reason Misery is gone." K.C said and tried to stay Adam at their side.

Adam looks to Joel. "You think you rule this game, right? Too bad for you, we know what your real face is. It's time to go home, Joel. And really soon hopefully." Adam said and turns to Hannah and K.C. "Let's find some food inside." Adam suggested.

"Sure!" K.C said and walks with Hannah and Adam inside the cabin and leaves Joel behind them outside.

(CONF) "Maybe I can convince Hannah to join my side, she seems like the type of person to be easily misled, but then again, she's popular, so if I get caught, I'll be in alot of trouble..." Joel said to himself.

"Alright! Competitors, it's time for the challenge, everyone bring your swimwear." Chris announced. "Okay, god, these kids are so annoying, except for Hannah, for some reason she just makes me feel good and wanna be ni- huh, it's still on? F***..."

The contestants walked to Challenge Central. "So... um... Chel, I know this isn't my buisness but are you ready for Trey to be surrounded by a bunch of beautiful girls in bikinis?" Joel mocked. "I mean, if you trust him after what he said about Hannah."

Chelsea frowns and crosses her arms. "As first, I know my boyfriend would always place me on the first place and second how do you know what? How do you know he said that about Hannah?" Chelsea asked as she looks to him.

"Hannah told me, by the way, do you know that Hannah has a crush on Trey? She thinks he's cute." Joel replied.

(CONF) "She never told me anything, I heard them arguing and that latter was plain obvious. Not sure why she does though, I am an athelete..." Joel complained. "Uh... and... Trey's a wimp of course... heh."

Chelsea grows and looks a little bit angry. "Don't worry. Trey likes me more than that ugly snob." Chelsea said and focus herself on Chris who is about to explain the challenge.

(CONF) "Why is it always Hannah, Hannah and Hannah? As first she has big ears. Right? And then... her eyes ar- why couldn't she be a little bit uglier? Ugh..." Chelsea said and looks annoyed. "I have to work her out so Trey can focus on me. Yeah... I have to get her eliminated." Chelsea knows what she has to do and smiles.

"Welp, gotta go..." Joel said before walking away. The contestants walk to the CC and find a changing booth, a stage a long desk. Chris is standing on the stage waiting for them.

"Uh... what is this?" Franklin asked. "Are we doing a model showcase or something?" Chris stared at Franklin intensely. "Uh... was I right?"

"It's pretty obvious we're going to walk on a catwalk. Look at the stage..." Chelsea said snappy and shakes her head. "I mean, I couldn't know that either." She made up and laughs.

"I work at a model thingy ma-bob, and that's definately the type of stuff I see daily... well, in a year or two I'll stop filming and picturing models and start filming movies and cartoons." Trey said. Chelsea looks at Trey excitedly.

"Which means I will be a movie star!" Chelsea stated excited.

K.C looked at Chelsea. "I can't wait for that movie. And promise me, I'm not joking..." K.C said and starts to laugh.

"Something funny, K.C? Ohh we are at the final seven the loser finally makes some jokes and has finally some friends." Chelsea snapped at K.C and starts a fight.

"Excuse me? Don't rage at me, girl. You're already eliminated once, you wouldn't be eliminated for a second time, right?" K.C asked as he looks angry at her.

"SHUT IIIIIIIT!" Chris shouted. "Never EVER interrupt me! Now, open up your ears and let me talk! You can bicker with eachother later. Okay?"

(CONF) "I love Chelsea, I really do, but she gets angry real easily." Trey admits.

"Sure..." Chelsea said but realises Chris don't want people who keeps talking and interrupting Chris. "Oops..."

"Alright..." Chris said. "Basically, one gender of contestants does the catwalk, in their swim suits, and the other one rates. Afterwards, they switch. One person per gender will win immunity."

"Oh no." Trey said as he looked at Chelsea.

"Whats up, dear?" Chelsea said as she looks at Trey. "Nothing to worry about, right? Just give each other the perfect score." Chelsea stated as she winks.

"To make it seem legit, we need to give our honest opinions on the other players while we do your idea." Trey said.

Chelsea rolls her eyes. "Just an excuse to give Hannah a better score or what?" Chelsea said and looks at Hannah who already goes to the changing booth.

"Stop being so easily jealous, just because I think some girls are attracted doesn't mean I'll seduce them or something. It just means they look nice." Trey argued. "You must have a low opinion of me if you think so."

"What's your problem, Trey? You are acting so weird since you told about Hannah. I'm going to change. See ya." Chelsea snapped and walks angry to the changing booth. She knocks on the door and Hannah opens it. She pushes her away and changes.

"Ohh sorry if I got in your way." Hannah stated and closes the door.

"Alright, first off are the girls. The person going first is Chloe!" Chris announced.

Chloe enters the catwalk and looks at the boys. She blushes as she sees Franklin and walks on the catwalk. She wears a skyblue bikini. Since Chloe hasn't big boobs it shows not much. She winks at the boys, makes a pirouette and goes back.

"Hm... okay, okay, we'll start with K.C, then Frank, then Joel, Trey and finally Adam." Chris said.

"I give Chloe six points. She is a natural beauty and that makes her looking pretty. But maybe she had to choose a other bikini. If I saw her on the beach or something I wouldn't say like; look that hot girl over there. But still, six points." K.C said.

"Well, i think she pulls off the suit perfectly! It doesn't go over the top and compliments her personality and eyes! I give her a nine." Franklin said.

"I think Chloe should've tried something at least. Something is better than nothing. She gets a three from me." Joel stated.

"Uh... Well, I'll give her a five, she nor bad nor good." Trey said.

"It's not the type I like to be honest but I'll go with seven points because I don't like barbie dolls." Adam said and looks at Trey. He smiled and turns back.

"Next up is Hannah." Chris announced.

"Wooohooo Hannah!!!" K.C yells and looks to the other guys. "Come on guys, these two minutes will be just enjoyable."

Hannah walks on stage. She wears a light pink bikini who shows a lot of viewing in the direction of her boobs. Her hair is curly. She hasn't that much make up on her face only some mascara and lightpink lipstick. She blows a kiss at the boys and giggles. She turns back and shows her back to the boys. She dissapears later as she walks off the stage.

"Ten points for Hannah!!!! Can't she wear this always?" K.C joked and looks at Franklin who has to give points now.

"Um... well, a little flashy, I give it a seven." Franklin said.

"Well-... uh..." Joel mumbled not looking at Hannah. "It looks really good... uh... I'll just give you a nine."

"Um...nin- oh wait, nevermind, five." Trey said.

Adam looked at K.C and winks. "Hannah deserves more than fives and sixes. Hannah gets ten points from me!" Adam said and tried to let Hannah win so one of their alliance members would be 100 per cent safe at elimination.

"Finally, Chelsea." Chris said.

Chelsea walks on stage. Everyone looks with open eyes to her. Chelsea looks like a mess. She has a bikini with gold glitters, strings and garlands. She wears some high heels. And she wears fake cilia's. She makes a pirouette while she walks and almost falls. She smiles and walks back.

K.C laughs and has tears in his eyes. "This doesn't deserve even one point. Are you seriously? If we had to give points for people auditioning for sesamstreet I would give you ten points. But now? One point." K.C states.

"You tried too hard but I'll give you a four for effort." Franklin stated.

"I agree with Frank for once, four..." Joel said.

"She looks great and she tried so hard! I mean... Jeez, at least she's having fun." Trey argued. Everyone else rolled their eyes and groaned. "Ten points!"

"Well, poor, poor girl. I'll give you three points because you made my day." Adam said and continues laughing.

"Okay, boys get ready for your turns. While you're doing that, however, ladies, how do you feel?" Chris asked.

"I'm sure I did a great job." Chelsea said and looks very confident while Chloe and Hannah looks at each other and sighs.

(CONF) "I was starting to like Chelsea finally but now I understand why we've voted her out once..." Chloe said and sighs.

Chloe walks to Chris. "I think Hannah is going to win because she knows what she does and even when I'm not lesbian, if I was, I would fall in love with you, girl!" Chloe said and smiles to Hannah.

"Ahww that's so sweet!" Hannah said and hugs Chloe. "I hope you win, Chloe! You are pure nature and you are still beautiful. Everything a true beauty needs!" Hannah said and smiles.

"It's a... challenge. Not a tea party. Please, don't you feel the competition? Please..." Chelsea said and rolls her eyes.

"Okay, the boys are coming, we'll go in the order you cat walked and the men wil go in the order they rated." Chris said. "K.C is up first then!"

K.C walks on stage. He wears a tight swimsuit. It lookes like he shaved his legs. He walks on the catwalk and puts his sunglasses on. He puts his thumbs up and walks back.

"As first Hannah gives the points after Chloe and as last Chelsea." Chris said and looks at Hannah. "Take your time."

Hannah thinks for a little moment. "He wouldn't be someone I would date but he doesn't look awful! I give him seven deserved points!" Hannah said and claps for him.

Chloe takes her moment too and looks at Chris as he sighs. "We can take our time right?" Chloe asked to Chris.

"I said that to Hannah. Now your points please." Chris said annoyed.

"Fine. K.C doesn't look that bad so I give him seven points." Chloe said.

"I know why he's rich. And look at his legs, oh my gosh. His feet... is he bigfoot or something? Nope, just not my type of boys. Three points." Chelsea said and rolls her eyes.

"Alright, next up is Franklin... Franklin?" Chris announced. Franklin doesn't come out, until Joel pushes him onto the cat walk.

Franklin was wearing a normal pair of blue trunks with a stripe on it. He walked down the catwalk nervously before tripping and falling off the catwalk and into the mud. "Eeuurgh..!" Franklin groaned.

"Are you okay, sweetheart?" Chloe asked worried as she looks to Franklin.

"Yeh... Im only humiliated..." Franklin whined.

"Ahww but I give you ten points sweetie!" Chloe said and blows a kiss to him.

Hannah smiles and giggles. "How cute! I have to give eight points for this cuteness!" Hannah said and blushes.

"I'll give him one point. It's not about cuteness or whatever but about how you looking. And he isn't really 'hot'." Chelsea said as she rolls her eyes.

Joel walked down the cat walk wearing some black trunks. He has a six-pack and when he reaches the end of the walk, he strikes a pose and walks back.

(CONF) "I don't know how these models do it, when I was doing that, I felt my brain deteriorating ever second." Joel said.

Hannah looks suprised at Joel. "I'm very... impressed. I mean, you are very nice and you look fresh. Eight points for Joel!" Hannah said and giggles.

"I'm very impressed too, Joel. Nice choice and nice six-pack." Chloe said and winks. "I'll give you eight points as well."

"I'm going with them. For now finally someone who knows what he does." Chelsea said and looks to Chris. "Next!!!"

Trey walked on the catwalk wearing some navy green swimshorts. He claps to the beat of the music played in the background. Afterwards, he went back.

"Trey looked very cute and hot. I think Trey deserve nine points since he's very talented and cute." Hannah stated and looks at Chelsea.

"How dare you to call my boyfriend, my freakin' boyfriend, cute and hot? Do you think he likes you more than me?" Chelsea snapped at Hannah.

"Did you 'boyfriend' ever said to you he liked your body?" Hannah asked. Chloe has to laugh about this but stops laughing as she sees Chelsea getting red.

Chelsea stands up. "How dare you to say this. You are a dirty and ugly wannabe princess who likes all the attention who she gets." Chelsea said and slowly walks to Hannah.

Hannah, who stands up either, doesn't seem offended by Chelsea. "No Chelsea, I'm tired of being called the wannabe princess. If there's one thing I really hate it's being a princess. And now let me tell you one thing, if you think you can take me down you are completly wrong. I did my best to do nice to you, I did my best to hide my feelings for Trey and I hide to be mean to someone, but it's over. Chelsea if there's one wannabe princess here, it's you." Hannah said and looks angry to Chelsea.

"Whoooooo!" Some boys on the changing room yelled as they heard Hannah.

Chelsea who seems offended takes a sit and has no words left. "I give five points to Trey." Chelsea said and looks away.

"Seven points for Trey." Chloe said and looks to Hannah. She winks, smiles and looks back.

Adam walks on stage and wears boxer shorts. He doesn't seem very attracting but it's something. As he walked on the catwalk he smiles and swings and walks back.

"Some boys are maybe not handsome or hot but Adam is funny and sweet. So I give seven points to Adam!" Hannah said and claps.

"Six for Adam!" Chloe said excited.

Chelsea looks depressed to the table. "Three points." She said shy and quiet and continues looking to the table.

"Alright, the top male model and the top female model are Joel and Hannah. They are immune this elimination." Chris announced. "Come to the elimination area once you've changed."

"Hannah, I'm sorry about what I did." Chelsea said and cries. She hugs Hannah and cries on her shoulder.. "Please tell me how I can fix things with you."

Hannah looks to Adam and K.C who are looking at her. They winks and Hannah knows what to do. "You could vote... Trey?" Hannah said and looks to Chelsea who has mascara everywhere.

(CONF) "Voting Trey? I know he likes Hannah more than me and doesn't tell me that. But what do I have to do? Trey isn't the favorite of everyone so I could come far with Hannah?" Chelsea said and sweeps her tears away.

"Sorry but Trey, you have to vote Chelsea." Joel bluntly said to Trey.

"What!? But I love Chelsea!" Trey argued.

"Yeah, but I heard her and Hannah scheming you out, just so Hannah would respect her." Joel states. "I may play the part of a bad guy, but that doesn't mean this doesn't disgust me. I got the couple to help us, you in?"

"Alright, welcome to elimination." Chris said. "The votes are in. Vote 1 - Trey. Vote 2 -... Trey. Vote 3 - Chelsea, Vote 4 - Trey. Vote 5 - Chelsea. Vote 6 - Chelsea. Vote 7 - Trey. Vote 8 - Chelsea." Chelsea gasps while Trey just stares at her.

"That means it's a tie?" Chelsea said annoyed.

"Yes. That means we need a tie breaker challenge!" Chris announced. "I got a perfect challenge for this!" Chris smiled vilainously. Chelsea and Trey looked at each other. One of them would be eliminated by the other. "To let make things getting easier, I'm breaking up. And if you win, you have always Hannah, right?" Chelsea snapped at Trey and looks furious.

"No... I don't love Hanah, but now I guess I don't love you either. I can't believe you, all you care about is how you feel, and not how others feel. P.s. you looked horrible in the challenge, that's why you lost!" Trey shouted.

Chelsea slaps Trey in his face and walks to Chris. "I'm full of energy. Nobody says that to me." Chelsea shouted and looks angry at Trey.

"This is why no one likes you. No matter how much you try, you can't make people respect you and idolise you, simply because you're a horrible person. Whether I win or lose is unimportant, what is though is that I know to never trust people who don't trust or respect me." Trey snaps.

Chelsea rolled her eyes. "Bla-bla-bla. Can we do that tiebreaker challenge?" Chelsea asks as she looks to Chris.

Chelsea and Trey are put on a type rope and are given a long stick with a pillow on each end.. "You guys just have to knock the other off, you do that, you'll stay in the game! Three, two.... one! Start!" Chris explained. He blew a whistle and the two got ready to knock eachother off.

Chelsea gets her pillow and tries to slap Trey with it but she failed. She almost lost her pillow and looks to Trey who almost knocked her off. "Oh my gosh, how dare you!!!" Chelsea screamed as she almost falls off the rope. Trey does nothing as she gets her balance back.

As Trey looks at Chelsea she grabs her pillow and throws it with all her powers at Trey. It hits Trey's face and he falls off the rope, which means Chelsea wins. "Yeah! Wooo-hooo!" Chelsea screamed and jumps off the romp in happiness.

All the other contestants groan and complain. "Shh-! Well, Chelsea wins. Trey, pack your bags." Chris announces. Trey stood up and walked towards the submarine as Franklin, Joel and Chloe walked up to him.

"Sorry you lost, man. I'll miss you, bro." Franklin stated. Franklin and Trey shook eachother's hands.

"Chelsea doesn't deserve to stay..." Joel complains.

"You did great, Trey. Don't blame yourself for anything." Chloe said and looked to Trey. She hugs him and smiles. "We'll miss you."

"Thanks guys. Bye." Trey said before getting into the submarine.

"Now that Trey's gone, what will happen next? Will Chelsea still be respected after betraying her boy friend? Shall Hannah feel guilt for her causing their break-up? What will happen between the two alliances?" Chris announced.

Trey's Thoughts In The Submarine -

"Um... I don't really have much to say, really. I didn't really expect her to betray me but... oh sorry." Trey said before getting a call. " 'Ello? It was won!? Really? How much? Okay, bye." He turned off his phone and jumped for joy. "Yes!!! My film won! It won the Premuim Western film festival! I now have one thousand pounds to fund a short film. Got to go, bye!"

Episode 17: 'Don't Forget My Name'

"Last time of Isle of Terror, Trey and Chelsea got into many arguments over whether Trey loves Hannah. Out of jealousy Chelsea started to pick on Hannah. Hannah got really mad at Chelsea and in the end, she stood up to Chelsea. Chelsea started to feel horrible and even backstabbed Trey to make Hannah forgive her. It's a total mystery how this will play out in the end, but this mystery is about to be uncovered, on tonight's episode of Total Drama Isle of Terror." Chris began.

- Intro Sequence -

In the male room, Franklin and K.C are talking about some football players while Joel and Adam looking at each other in sillence.

(CONF) "Maybe it's time to talk with him. He only wants to win this game too and he wasn't rude at all." Adam stated.

Adam walks to Joel and sits next to him. "I'm sorry about the past few days. I think we could come far together than that we try to eliminate each other. What do you think about that?" Adam suggested and looks curious at Joel.

(CONF) "An alliance with Adam? Doesn't he already have one? Plus, he doesn't exactly like me after what happened with Misery... but it's better than pairing up with Chelsea, I mean, she backstabbed her lover just to feel good about herself.. pathetic." Joel stated.

"Sure... but it's just us two, we can't do much..." Joel said.

Adam looks at Franklin and K.C. "What if we ask them to join us? Like a boys alliance?" Adam suggested.

"Okay, but what about Frank? He won't allow us to remove Chloe..." Joel replied.

"It's only him without Chloe and if he doesn't agree with it, it's bye bye Franklin." Adam said.

"Okay, but we got to be careful about this." Joel stated.

Adam nods and walks with Joel to Franklin and K.C. "Guys, we're at the final seven. We have to stick with each other because the girls would control the game completly. What do you guys think about a boys alliance? Guaranteed final four and no worry about eliminations!" Adam suggests and looks at the two boys.

"Oh, well, I guess that would work... I'll join but only on the condition we don't target Chloe..." Franklin bargained.

K.C sighs for a moment. "Dude, there will be a day you have to vote for Chloe. Just get over it and continue your relationship after Isle of Terror?" K.C said.

"...Fine." Franklin reluctantly said.

(CONF) "If Franklin is going to tell everything to the girls we're dead. So I have to keep an eye on him." Adam said and looks at the camera.

On the girls room, Chelsea's still sleeping while Chloe and Hannah are making theirselves ready. "I'm pretty excited for today, yesterday was kinda unexpected so this day has to be good." Chloe stated as she looks at herself in the mirror.

"I know, I'm happy Chelsea won but yeah... like I said at the challenge, I kinda liked Trey." Hannah said and looks to Chelsea who is slowly waking up. "Goodmorning, sleeping beauty! Oh wait, I mean good afternoon!" Hannah joked and smiles to Chelsea.

"What time is it?" Chelsea asks as she looks around her.

"Time to get up, girl. Make yourself ready so we can go to the boys." Chloe said and puts some mascara on her cilia's.

(CONF) "Chelsea deserved to be eliminated. Not Trey. So I wouldn't be sad if she's going home tonight. And after all, she's annoying as hell." Chloe stated.

Chloe leaves the girls room while Hannah is still doing her hair. Chelsea sits next to her and looks in the mirror. "I lose everything, Hannah. My boyfriend, my-" Chelsea said and looks at Hannah who interrupts her.

"Why? Why? Whyyy me! Zara, Valen, Zoey and now you. It's a curse!" Hannah screamed as Chelsea starts about her personal things. Chelsea looked a little bit sad and starts to cry.

"Ohh sorry... I don't want to offend you but why do they always pick me? Chelsea if you wanna have friends then talk with people instead of snapping at people. Don't treat people like they're animals and don't make yourself a mean girl." Hannah advises and walks to the door.

"Thanks, Hannah." Chelsea said and smiles.

(CONF) "She thinks she is a goddess or something. Girl, if I had more people on my side you were dead now. Seriously, I wanna punch that girl in the face. She has everything. And she thinks she can get more, more and more! UGHHHHHH!" Chelsea shouts in anger.

Hannah walks to the others, followed by Chelsea who looks depressed. Chloe turns to them and smiles. "Hannah! And... hi... Chelsea." Chloe said and sighs.

Chelsea smiled and looks to the boys. K.C looks to the others. "So..." K.C said bored and continues looking at everyone.

Franklin walked up to Chloe and gave her a kiss on the cheek before whispering to her. "I need to tell you something, it's really important..." He whispered.

"Sure." Chloe whispered back. The two walked off to outside the toilets.

"Look, the other guys want to have a guys alliance and are trying to eliminate the girls. I can stall them for a while, but when the other girls are eliminated, they'll try to eliminate you." Franklin told Chloe.

Chloe sighs. "And what now? I don't mind if Chelsea is going but Hannah doesn't deserve that and I wanna stay a little bit longer, Franklin. We have to take a step forwards but we have to play it smart." Chloe said and looks to her boyfriend. "Just act like you're voting Chelsea and let them trust you. I'll talk with Hannah about it later." Chloe said and kisses her boyfriend. "We can do this."

"You're right..." Franklin said. "As always." Franklin smiled and held Chloe's hand. "Let's go back."

"Contestants! It's time for another challenge! Come down to challenge central." Chris announced. The contestants walked to the CC and looked at Chris. "Today's challenge is a special one. You see, today is my birthday and for today, I want you guys to make me a present. Whether you're making me a statue or a meal is up to you, you do, however, have to work in the groups I've made."

"Groups?" Joel asked.

"Yes, my groups include Joel and Hannah, because I miss all the drama that came from Team C, Franklin and K.C because they barely talk and the rest because they were leftover." Chris explained.

Hannah looks at Joel. "I hope we can win this!" Hannah said. She walks to Chris and kisses him on his cheeks. "Happy birthday, Chris!" Hannah stated and smiles.

"Ew..." Joel groans. "Come on, let's go." Joel said before walking off.

K.C walks to Franklin. "Nice we have to work together. What are we going to make?" K.C asked as he looks at Chloe, Chelsea and Adam.

"Yep, it's cool to work with someone new. But I don't know, maybe we could give him a statue like he said." Franklin suggested.

"A statue? Where can we find something to make a statue or even something to make a statue of?" K.C asks.

"Maybe we can get a huge chunk of rock from the mountains and chizzle it into a statue of Chris, we might find some tools in the ware house." Franklin said.

"Sure..." K.C said surprised.

(CONF) "Never knew he was that smart..." K.C stated.

"So what are we going to do for Chris, Joel?" Hannah asks.

"Bake him a big cake, we're both good cooks afterall." Joel replied.

"A cake? Okay." Hannah replied. "I'm going to get some ingrediants in the Hall of Fame." Hannah said as she walks away.

Adam, Chelsea and Chloe walks to the beach where they are going to make a birthday picnic for Chris. "Adam, if you get some drink, glasses and water then Chelsea could get some chips, marshmallows, sandwiches and siege. So I can make this place better and nice." Chloe suggests. Adam smiles but Chelsea looks annoyed.

"But I wanna make it nice. Why do I have to get food?" Chelsea asked jaded.

"Chelsea! Why do you always have to whine about everything? It's getting so annoying. Just get the food, please." Chloe said and looks to Chelsea who's still on the same place. "Do you know what? Your sentence, I'll get the food. Child." Chloe snapped angrilly at Chelsea and walks with Adam away.

As they walk they are talking about Chelsea. "She's getting annoying, really much." Chloe said. "I hope she goes home tonight."

"That means we have to lose..." Adam said and looks smiled at Chloe.

(CONF) "Even the girls want the other girls out. Checkpoint!" Adam said confident.

"So we're going to vote Chelsea right?" Adam asks as he smiled.

"Sure, sure. I mean, beginning a alliance would be so stupid, right?" Chloe tried to let Adam speak about the boys alliance.

Adam turns to Chloe and looks at her. "I don't see why we wouldn't? Do you wanna have a alliance with me?" Adam asked as he grabs some juice.

"Sure, Adam. But promise me you have no other alliances besides ours." Chloe tested him as she grabs some chocolate cookies and cake.

(CONF) "Franklin..." Adam said.

"Don't worry. But we have to lose, Chloe. We have to lose this challenge." Adam said and looks at Chloe who was thinking.

K.C and Franklin are looking for some rocks. "So you are pretty close with Chloe, right?" K.C asks as he grabs some little rocks.

"Well... yeah!" Franklin replied. "Me and her do everything together and we get along well..." Franklin continued walking forward before he found a big rock. "That rock! That seems like the perfect rock to make into a statue! ...only one problem..." The sasquatch from an earlier episode was sleeping on the rock.

"Gosh, damned. What do we have to do now?" K.C asked.

"We have to get it to leave, but how?" Franklin asked. "Maybe... one of us can lead it away while the other tries to take it down the mountain?"

(CONF) "I know pulling an entire rock down a mountain sounds stupid but I can't think of anything else." Franklin admitted.

K.C looked at the little rocks in his hand. "I'll throw these at his head so he will grab me, I'll run as far as I can so you can move that rock." K.C said. He throws the rocks at sasquatch head and he wakes up. "Uglyhead!!!" K.C shouts at him and runs away. But sasquatch is going to sleep again. "You're kidding me."

"...Wait! My phone!" Franklin shouts, he pulled out his phone and gets out his alarm and plays it on full volume. Sasquatch wakes up and goes to where the sound is. Franklin quickly hides as K.C is confused as the Sasquatch spots him and roars loudly.

"Oh-oh..." K.C said and runs away as sasquatch runs after him. "Aaaaahhhh!"

"Thanks, K.C." Franklin whispered. Franklin moved to the rock and started to push it down the mountain. Franklin jumped onto the rock and started sliding down the mountain. Sasquatch managed to corner K.C but before he could do anything, the rock smashed into the sasquatch, knocking it out.

"Got it!" Franklin shouted in excitement.

While Franklin and K.C are doing amazing, Hannah is doing everything in her own and is getting tired. Joel is looking at her. Hannah gets annoyed. "Joel, could you help me, please? You're just looking at me, am I looking weird or something?" Hannah asked as she continues with the birthday cake.

"You're doing just fine, I don't have to help you." Joel replied.

"And why not? This is so stupid why is everyone so annoying last time? Of course you have to do something, Joel. It's the final seven, you have to fight for your place." Hannah stated and looks at her cake.

"Well, I will. I just don't think its nessasary to help. Besides, its not like you helped me out early in the season. You were always picking sides..." Joel replied.

Hannah looks offended. "Why should I choosed your side? You betrayed Bobby... Layson and even Zara who could do everything for you. I just thought you would do the same thing to me." Hannah replied as she finishes the cake.

"Well, unlike those people, you wouldn't betray me and I actually like you." Joel states.

Hannah drops a strawberry on the top of the cake by addicent. "Really?" Hannah asked as she looks at Joel.

(CONF) "Joel likes me..." Hannah repeated and blushes.

Joel walked up to Hannah. "If you really want me to waste my time helping you, then tell me what I should do." Joel said.

Hannah rolled her eyes. "Cake is done, I finally thought you showed some feelings. But I was wrong, again." Hannah said dissapointed and walks away with the cake..

"She changes her mind too easily..." Joel complained.

Back to Franklin and Adam, the boys are almost ready with their statue. Franklin's idea worked great and maybe they could win. "Amazing, Frank! Can you finish the top?" K.C asked.

"Okay." Franklin said before chizzling the top of the hair. After making sure nothing is out of the ordinary, he went up to K.C and gave him the thumbs up. "Got it!"

K.C does the same and smiles. "Great work, bro!" K.C shouted.

"I heard someone..." Adam said as he looks around him. "Hmm, anyway, it looks... really... nice." He looks at the picnic and Chelsea made everything very nice and cute.

"Thanks! This is something I can bring to us. I would totally forgot what kind of food we had to bring here. Sorry if I sounded really mean." Chelsea stated and takes a sit.

Chloe and Adam looks at each other. "It's okay, let's hope Chris likes it." Chloe said as she begins to sweat.

(CONF) "If we win it means Hannah is going home. Hannah will be on my side same as Adam and Franklin so I really really need them. Sorry Chels, it's nice to see doing your best, but you have to go." Chloe said.

"Can you get Chris?" Adam asked to Chelsea. She nods and walks away. Adam turns to Chloe. "We have to make this awful so Chris doesn't want to sit here. Put some mud there and eat something of the sandwitches!" Adam said and smiles. Chloe feels bad for Chelsea but she has to do it.

After a few minutes Chelsea's back with Chris. "He's here!" Chelsea said excited and looks at the picnic who was completly ruined. "Wh..Wh..-" She couldn't say something because Chris interrupted her.

"Um... do you guys hate me or something? This is terrible!!!" Chris shouts. "This is going to be really, really easy for the other groups to beat!" Chris walks past the three, scolding them.

"What..." Chelsea looked sad at the picnic. "I thought I did something good... finally. What is going on here?" Chelsea asked as she looks at Adam and Chloe who tries not to laugh.

"I don't know. Maybe you, Adam?" Chloe lied.

"No... me either. Sorry girl, but don't worry. Who would vote you off?" Adam joked and looks at Chloe who doesn't laugh. Chelsea looks pissed and walks away. "Sorry I couldn't handle that..."

Chris walked up to Hannah who is on her own. "Um... where is your partner?" Chris asked.

"I don't c..- Oh Chris!!!! Sorry, I don't know where he is. But this is the cake I made. I mean, we made..." Hannah stutters as she gives the birthday cake to Chris. "Sorry it's not much but... yeah..."

"Hm..." Chris mumbled before taking a bite of the cake. "It's delicious! This'll be hard to beat, for sure!"

"Thanks!" Hannah giggled and blushes. Chris continued to walk down the island, looking around for Franklin and K.C. He then accidentally bumped into the Chris statue. "Hey! Watch where you- Woaaah..." He looked at the statue in astonishment.

"It's our present! So.. do we win?!" Franklin asked.

"Well... YEAH! This is really well-made! Look how handsome I look." Chris bragged.

K.C high fives Franklin. "We did it!" K.C said excited.

"Yeah!" Franklin shouted as he high fived K.C.

Chris gets out a megaphone and shouts into it. "Alright, Franklin and K.C win. All other teams, meet you at elimination." Chris yelled.

Outside the cabins, Hannah is getting herself ready for elimination. Joel walked up to Hannah and raises out his hand. "I'm sorry for not helping you, apology accepted?" Joel apologised.

Hannah nods and smiles. "Of course!" She replied and shakes his hand. "I'm sorry we haven't won."

"It's okay, I have a slight idea who'll be eliminated..." Joel stated.

Chloe, who is talking with Franklin five steps of Joel and Hannah, walks to Hannah. "I need to show you something." She grabs Hannah's arm and walks with her to the forest. "Be careful, please. If he tells you to vote off Chelsea, it's okay. And when he talks about mine elimination just say you're okay with it. Just get to know as much information as you can." Chloe said.

"Okay, haha!" Hannah replied. "It's a weird day, today."

"Yes it is." Chloe responsed and walks with her back. Joel is still at the same place. "I'm sorry, Joel. I just wanted to show her something..." Chloe said.

"It's okay." Joel replies.

(CONF) "Chloe, that was really obvious! It's like holding a sign that says 'I'm lying'." Joel complained.

The night falls and everyone feels it. It's elimination time. Everyone walks to the elimination ceremony and votes after each other.

(CONF) "Time to go, girl. You had to leave way faster but yeah things goes how they goes, and now it's your time to go." K.C said and votes for Chelsea.

(CONF) "Easy vote." Adam said and votes for Chelsea.

(CONF) "Girl, please, don't think you can get anything and everything. Maybe I'm going but it feels good to have voted for you one last time." Chelsea said and votes Hannah. She blows a kiss and walks out of the confessional.

(CONF) "Well, the alliance says I should vote her so... bye...? I didn't really like you... but I liked Trey..." Franklin admits and votes for Chelsea.

(CONF) "Sorry, Chels! I have to vote for you..." Hannah said and votes for Chelsea. "Wait, this time I don't feel sorry for you..."

(CONF) "Byeee. Finally." Chloe said and votes Chelsea.

(CONF) "Oh, my... I wonder who its gonna be? Definately not CHELSEA..." Joel said sarcastically before voting Chelsea.

In the elimination area, Chris looked at the votes and then looked at the contestants. "Alright, here are the results... one vote for Hannah... and the rest for Chelsea. Time for you to hit the road..." Chris announced.

Chelsea rolled her eyes. "What a surprise! Anyway, it was fun here. But I don't care if I go home with million dollars or not. I'm going back to my rich life. Adios!" Chelsea said and looks one more time back at Hannah. "And please, be careful. She's the witch." Chelsea points on Hannah and takes place in the submarine.

"Well, she's finally gone." Joel stated. "She was a pain in our ***es for a loooong time."

Chloe looked at Joel and shakes her head.

(CONF) "Of course, Joel. Because now you think you can eliminate me and Hannah easily. I can't wait to show you that you're not immune for this." Chloe said and smiled.

"Well said, Joel. With Chelsea gone, the lives of our contestants will be alot better. However, what will the girls do about the boys, what will become of Frankin because of his position? How will I mess with the contestants lives?" Chris monolodges. "Find out next episode on Total Drama Isle of Terror!"

Chelsea's Thoughts In The Submarine...

"No, Grey. I wanna have bacon ON my eggs. I'm coming in the morning so after I slept for eight hours I wanna have it served on my bed. ON MY BED." Chelsea screamed and drops the phone off. "Oh, camera's. Well it was a nice expierence but everyone knew I was too good and fabulous for this show. Anyways, love you all and don't forget my name. Chelsea La Bordeux. You will hear a lot about my name in the future because... duhh... it's me!" Chelsea said and looks at her phone. She grabs it and puts the phone on. "Who calling now? Daddddyyyyy! A new car? A pink one? Amaz- Wait, daddy." Chelsea said and looks at the camera. "Privacy?" The camera gets off as Chelsea screams.

Episode 18: What's Love Without Competition?

"Welcome, last time on Total Drama. Chelsea's unpopularity caused the others to kick her out of the game while the boys created a boys alliance... Wow, those are common." Chris began. "Franklin, however, told Chloe about it, who in turn told Hannah. What will they do with this information and will Franklin cope with the sheer egos and negativities of his alliance members and the fact he'll have to eliminate Chloe. Find out now, on Total Drama Isle of Terror!"

~ Intro sequence ~

In the boys' cabin, Joel stood in front of a white board with a pen in front of his fellow male competitors. "Alright, guys. We have to talk about Franklin, I don't know if any of you have noticed but he has told Chloe about our alliance AND they are planning a way to get the upperhand in the competition." Joel explains. "Luckily, he's on a date with Chloe at the moment, so we can have this meeting."

K.C looks at Joel. "How do you know that?" K.C asked.

"Adam told me, AND look at their behavior around us? They're always avoiding us unless they have to talk to us..." Joel stated.

Adam nods as he looks to K.C. "I think Franklin is not that type of boy. And what if he is? I understand why he told her... it's his girlfriend. What if we just vote out Hannah, problem fixed?" K.C suggested.

"Sorry but at the moment we can't do that. We're on equal playing feild with him, 3v3. We have to trick him somehow before we eliminate him..." Joel stated.

K.C frowned. "So plans changed? We're voting Franklin off and then the girls could still make majority if one of them wins a challenge." K.C said. "If you vote Chloe this time you are safe because Hannah has nobody after her and Franklin has nobody besides Chloe. We have to work her out as first." K.C stated wise.

"Couldn't we just vote the other girl?" Joel asked.

"Hannah? Well, I thought we could vote her, but I don't know... she hypnotizes boys or something. She is so sweet, soft, kind, cute, lo- nevermind. She's just dangerous." K.C states and blushes.

(CONF) "Hannah is hot, okay. If I wasn't on a game I would totally bring her to a rich restaurant." K.C said.

"Hypnotizes... what the heck. That's really stupid. That girl couldn't even hurt a mouse. Don't worry, I say; Chloe. What about you two?" Adam suggested.

"Well, we can vote Chloe, i'm just concerned for the future..." Joel said.

(CONF) "They completely sidelined my points! Urg... they're barely even thinking about the future! And what was that with K.C and Hannah? Isn't K.C too, egotistical, for Hannah...?" Joel said angrily. "...I hope so..."

"What now, guys? Chloe or Hannah, just make a choice..." Adam said annoyed and looks at K.C.

"I guess it'll be... Chloe?" K.C replied.

Over at the pond, at the picnic area they were with Trey and Chelsea at a couple episodes ago. Franklin and Chloe are sitting down, they are both having a picnic. "Alright, so, what do you think of K.C? I worked with him yesterday and we did well." Franklin asked.

"I don't know, he's sneaky." Chloe said as she eats some strawberries. "I don't really trust him to be honest."

"I guess, but he's a nice guy..." Franklin replies.

Chloe looks at Franklin. "He's a toe scraper. Sorry for saying but he does everything what Joel's says. Adam either. This is why we have to look out, K.C is trying to get you on their side and I know they want me out now. I know it... because they all have a crush on Hannah." Chloe said.

"Adam and Misery are dating aren't they?" Franklin pointed out.

"Misery is out but they are going to date when they are both back at home." Chloe stated and drinks something.

"Well, are you sure K.C and JOEL of all people have crushes on Hannah?" Franklin asked.

Chloe nods. "Yes, is this new for you...?" Chloe asked. "And please, don't be mad on me."

"Well, hopefully, we'll be able to get past the rest of the alliance." Frankin said.

"Which means we need Hannah to join us." Chloe suggested. "I already talked with her about the boys alliance."

On that moment Hannah joins the two. "Oh sorry if I messed up something." Hannah excused her.

"No problem, actually... me and Franklin wanted to ask you something." Chloe began.

"Yeah, would you like to join our alliance?" Franklin asked.

Hannah looks to Chloe and smiled. "Yes, but I was already in the alliance, right?" Hannah asked as she looks at both.

"Yes." Chloe said and smiles.

"All we need is to eliminate one of the others then we're set." Franklin replied.

"I know, but let's talk about something else. I'm pretty tired because it's always about elimination and alliances." Chloe stated as she sighs.

"Yeah, this talk about these situations makes me feel down. " Franklin replied.

Chloe nods and looks at Hannah and smiles. "I don't wanna offence you but could we have some time for ourselves? You know what I mean, right?" She asked.

Hannah looks at both. "Of course not, it's totally fine! Enjoy and I'll see you two at the challenge!" Hannah said and hops away.

"It's 9 o'clock in the mourning, so you know what's happening. Come over to the challenge central. " Chris announced. "It's time for the challenge!"

Chloe and Franklin looked at each other. "I guess we'll finish our conversation later, ahaha." Chloe laughed and walks with her boyfriend to challenge central. After them, Hannah, Joel and K.C, Adam walked with blood on his knee's.

"Wow... what...-" K.C stutters as he looks at the blood. He feels dizzy and slowly starting to loses his conscious.

"I just fell, dude. It's nothing..." Adam said and laughed.

(CONF) "Since I was a little boy I'm terrified for blood. Even when I'm talking about it I feel I have to throw up." K.C said.

"To be fair, blood isn't a pretty sight. It isn't a problem though, unless your bleeding a little bit too much." Joel commented.

K.C frowned. "Thanks for this usefull lesson, Joel." K.C said and looks at Chris who wants to start with the challenge.

"Alright, the challenge today is an obstacle course challenge." Chris stated.

Everyone looks at each other. "That's it? You're not going to explain more about it?" Adam asked.

"Do I have to? Is this your show? ...No? Then don't try to tell me how I should run it!" Chris snapped. "It'll be a surprise."

"Sure, whatever." Adam mutters as he rolls his eyes.

"Alright, follow me." Chris said. They were than at the beginning of a roll of carpet. "Just follow the carpet to the end. Ready? Set? GO!" The contestants ran as fast as possible to win.

Chloe arrives as first at the obstacle and looks to it. "This is a joke, right?" Chloe asked to herself and walks on a board. Some itching powder filled balloons are going to Chloe's direction. She almost get hit by it but stays on the board. "Oh my gosh!!!!!!" Chloe screamed.

While Chloe is on the board the others are nearly arrived. They look at Chloe when they see her at the board. "Wow..." K.C said and looks at the board.

"This is so hard!" Chloe screamed.

As Chloe almost reaches the end, Adam and Franklin are trying to get on the board. "Franklin, go away, this is mine change. Go... aw--ay!!!" Adam shouts at Franklin as he pushes him away. He jumps on the board and gets hit by a itching powder filled balloon. He falls on the ground.

"Are you alright?" Hannah asked who just arrived. She looked worried but smiles as she sees Adam standing up.

"I'm always alright, Hannah. And now it's time to win this!" Adam said and runs as fast as he can.

Joel went onto the board and start to walk slowly to the end. He narrowly avoids getting hit before making a run for it, allowing him to reach tge end unharmed. "That's how you do it!" Joel gloated.

Franklin shimmied across the board carefully before getting bombarded with balloons. "Aaah! It itches!" Franklin shouted before running across the board back and forth, accidentally knocking Hannah and K.C off the board before running to the end, tripping over and falling onto the ground in front of Chloe.

"Oooohhhh, this is so fun!" Hannah said before she falls off the board by Franklin. "Aaaahhhh!"

K.C looks angry at Franklin. He runs back to the begin and leaves Hannah behind him. He jumps on the board and runs as fast as he can. The bombs flies to his direction but he doesn't get hit.

Chloe runs and runs and as she looks behind her she sees Adam running. She arrives at the second part. She looks at the crazy escalators who brings them to the last part. But it's not only some fast escalators, there are some holes. If you don't look out you fall in a hole and you have to start again. Chloe slowly steps on the escalator. It's going really fast which make her falls. "Ouch!" Chloe screamed and looks at the hole who is right in the front of her. "Nooooo!"

Adam smiled and runs on the escalators. He jumps over the hole and looks around as he's going back. The escalators are going back instead of forward. He falls in the hole as well. Chloe who's already back looks at Adam who is furious. Behind her she sees Joel running with Franklin behind him.

(CONF) "I have to win this, I really wanna win this challenge. And I'm so close!" Chloe stated.

Chloe runs again on the escalators and knows what she has to do. She runs, jumps over the hole, runs faster on the escalators who is going back and reaches the end. She continues running and leaves the others behind her.

Franklin runs from behind Joel. Joel accidentally gets stuck in a hole halfway, responding to this, Franklin jumps on and off Joel's back, backflipping in the air and landing at the top, yet on his kiwis. "F-ùuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu....shhhheesahh...." Franklin groaned.

Hannah passes K.C and runs into the escalators. She sees Joel still on the hole, he tries to get back on the escalators but it doesn't work. "Oh no!" Hannah shouts and runs to Joel. As she arrives at Joel she helps him up. "Are you okay, Joel?" She asked.

"Hi, yes, I'm okay." Joel replied. "Thanks for that."

"No problem, come, let's finish this!" Hannah said and walks with Joel to the last obstacle.

The two run while Adam carefully goes up the escalator. He runs over the escalators and jumps over the black hole. He passes K.C and now, everyone has arrived at the third and last obstacle.

Everyone looks at Chloe who is climbing a wall with some of stumps and booby traps. Adam pushes everyone away and jumps on the wall to climb it but falls of it when he pushed on a booby trap by accident. "NOOOO! NOT AGAIN!"

K.C looks at the wall and starts to climb too. Hannah jumps on the wall as well and gets hit by a booby trap. K.C tries to grab her hand but falls off the wall either.

Joel walks up to the wall and notices Hannah and K.C's screaming. He looks up before stretching out his hands, catching Hannah. "Well, hello there. How are you doing?" Joel joked.

Hannah laughed and grabs the wall. She looks to above. "It's really high, but we can make it!" Hannah said. Adam climbs and climbs and passes everyone except Chloe. He's nearly at the top but then he sees Chloe.

Chloe arrives at the top so she wins the challenge. She jumps and screams in happiness while Adam is quite dissapointed. "Congratulations, you're immune for the elimination ceremony." He says as he arrives at the top either.

"Thanks, Adam. Thank you." Chloe replied as she smiles.

(CONF) "I won immunity, finally. Immune, guys! Wooo-hooo!" Chloe stated and looks happy.

Chloe and Adam looks both to the others. Joel and Hannah are really far but Franklin and K.C are far far behind them. K.C falls constantly and so does Franklin. "Come on, Franklin! You can do it!" Chloe cheers up Franklin. Joel climbs up quickly and eagerly, making it to the top. He looks to the other competitors and stretches out his hand.

"Come on, grab my hand!" Joel commanded. Franklin grabs his hand and gets pulled up. Joel then reaches it to K.C. "Grab it!" K.C grabs onto Joel's hand while Joel tries to pull him up before spotting Hannah in the corner of his eye. 'She's so sweet, soft, kind, cute...' K.C's words echo into Joel's head. "Wait a minute, slight change in plan." K.C's eyes widen and he gasps before Joel lets him go. Hannah looks at Joel confused before he grabs her hand and pulls her up.

"Why did you do that, Joel?" Hannah asked as she looks at K.C who falls down. "K.C! K.C! I'm going to him." Hannah said as she goes slowly climbing down.

"Sorry, but since Joel pulled you up. K.C loses, and since he has severe injuries, we have to send him out immediately. However, it does seem like K.C deserves something for this painful send-off... I'll think of it later. Follow me to the elimination to see him off. " Chris announced.

Hannah looks a little bit mad at Joel. "How could you, Joel." Hannah said. Chloe helps her off the wall and walks with her and Franklin away.

"I saw everything, Hannah. He's the reason K.C is gone now. And it means we have to prepared for Joel. He's too dangerous and we have to vote him off as soon as possible, guys." Chloe stated and looks to her boyfriend. "You were almost eliminated.

"I just find it weird, he helped me up yet let K.C fall. Plus, he was aligned with K.C, it doesn't make sense. Oh, well. Thinking about it won't help as it really doesn't matter." Franklin said.

Chloe nods. "Agreed, we're still together. We have to be the final three, guys. We have majority so it hasn't be a problem." Chloe said and looks at Hannah.

"But why is K.C automatic eliminated instead of voting on a elimination ceremony? I don't get it... he hasn't said anything about a elimination challenge, did he?" Hannah asked and looks back at Chloe.

"He didn't." Chloe replied. Chloe accidentally walks into Steven the intern who seems to be walking away from the cabin with an empty bag of itching powder. Steven scoffs as he sees Chloe.

"Learn to look where you're going, spot stealing b***h..." Steven complained.

"Hey, you can't say that to my girlfriend!" Franklin argued.

Chloe looked a little bit scared for him but she wants to be confident. "I haven't stole anything." Chloe said.

"Yes, you have! Thanks to you sneaking into Zoey's audition, I lost my chance at the prize! I lost one million dollars thanks to you!" Steven shouted.

"Wait a minute, just because she got picked instead of you, you're complaining? Yih getting accepted wouldn't garentee you your victory, you most likely would've just been humiliated!" Franklin defended.

"Thanks..." Chloe whispered as she blushes.

Hannah looks to the three. "I think we have to go, Chris is waiting for us!" Hannah stated and looks at Steven. She wants to say something to him but she doesn't.

"Urg... hiding behind your friends? You're disgusting, no wonder your best friend ditched you!" Steven screamed. Chloe stopped suddenly and looked at the ground emotionlessly, Franklin walked up to Chloe yet before he could say anything, she ran away crying.

"Shut up! You are so annoying and do you know why she is doing that? Because she isn't a bad person at all! I know why you're not accepted. Because you are just a little kid who wants hurt the feelings of someone else." Hannah shouts angrilly at Steven as she walks to Steven. Hannah never looked that angry as now. She turns to Franklin and walks to him.

Franklin walked away with Hannah. Steven looked at them in disgust. "Don't they understand, i'm right, they're wrong! She was bad to me! Me! Me! Me!!!" Steven whined like a child.

As Franklin and Hannah walks to the elimination ceremony they see Chloe crying behind a tree. Hannah nods at Franklin. "I'll tell Chris you two are later." Hannah said and smiles. She walks away, going to the elimination ceremony.

"Chloe, don't cry... He's just jealous. You've done nothing wrong..." Franklin consolded Chloe.

Chloe looks at Franklin. "Sorry for being a drama queen, it's just... he began about Zoey. I was a horrible friend and I took so much from her. She had to sit here, she had to have a relationship with you and she had to win this." Chloe said as she begins to cry again. "I'm such a b**ch."

"No, you're not! Stop thinking like that! If you were a horrible friend, then you wouldn't feel bad for it! If you were a bad friend, you wouldn't try to make up with her and actually mean it! If you were a bad friend, then I, your boyfriend, would know! And I know for a fact that you are not a bad friend!" Franklin argued.

Chloe weeps her tears away and smiles. "I really need that. Thanks for being my boyfriend, Franklin. I've never loved a person so much as you. I really wanna keep contact with you after Total Drama Isle of Terror." Chloe stated and hugs her boyfriend.

"We will, besides, we go to the same school. " Franklin said.

Chloe nods. "Yeah! But now we have to go to the elimination ceremony." Chloe said and stands up.

At elimination Chris looks at the injured K.C. "Poor teen, he only wanted to win... oh, well. Bye K.C, you'll be missed, and by that I mean we all feel bad for you but we never really liked you." Chris mocked. "But, as a reward for having such a bad end, I'm giving you a little prize. We'll cover the hospital bills and here's one of the meals we used to give contestants if they won a challenge." Chris placed a paper bag filled with fast food onto K.C's stomach.

K.C can only look at it because he's injured. Hannah walks to him and gives him a kiss on his cheek. "You're a true hero!" Hannah stated and walks back to the others.

"It was fun, K.C! I hope to see you soon again. Byeee!" Adam said and swings.

"Hope that your... back fixes? Sorry about that dude..." Franklin said before sitting back down.

Chloe looks at K.C. "I hope you will heal very soon!" Chloe said and l

"Glad to see ya gone..." Joel states before getting a glare from Hannah and looking away sad. Franklin looks at the two confused 'Why would Joel care?' he thought before connected the dots.

(CONF) "That's why he let K.C fall! Joel likes Hannah... K.C also had a crush on her too, and those two got along pretty well, so he must have been jealous. Wow, kinda makes me feel unconuncomfortable to be honest, I mean, Hannah is so nice and Joel is so.. not." Franklin said.

Hannah brings K.C to the submarine and hugs him one more time. When the submarine closes and drives away Hannah looks a little bit sad. "He don't deserve this..." Hannah said as Chloe walks to her.

"We can do this, Hannah. We'll come far and you are going to do your best for K.C. Promise me?" Chloe asks as she hugs Hannah.

"Deal!" Hannah replied excited.

Everyone walks back to the cabins but Franklin isn't planning to go already. "Hannah! I need to tell you something." Franklin said.

"Sure!" Hannah replied as she smiled.

"I think Joel has a crush on you, that's why he let K.C fall, to keep you in the game." Franklin stated. "So... I think it's a good idea to keep him in the game. If he's on your side, then he is on our side. We could take out Adam and then him. That'll make us final three like we planned."

"Ehh... sure?" Hannah replied. "I don't mind!"

"Yeah, good." Franklin said. "Come on, let's go back."

"So, K.C has been disqualified. Sad, really, I liked the guy... in a way... he's rich, like me! But what will happen next? Joel, the master of the competition, let jealousy get ahead of him! How will this play out for Adam and Joel? And what is up with the intern...? Find out next time on Total Drama Isle of Terror!" Chris announced.

K.C's Thoughts On The Submarine...

K.C is just looking at the camera. He looks a little bit sad and wants to say something. It's really important. He tries to talk but then he falls out of his wheelchair and falls with his head on the camera. Some producers helps him and turns the camera off.

Episode 19: Aftermath II: Breakups and Makeups

The lights are on and a blonde girl is looking to the camera. "Ohh we're live right now? Great! Welcome to the Total Drama Isle of Terror Aftermath! My name is Honey, I've competed in Total Drama: All Stars vs. Underdogs. Previous hosts Leo and Azuna are expelled from the set here. Leo is in jail and Azuna... let's not talk about it. But I'm not the only host this evening. Besides the eliminated contestants we have.... my boyfriend..... Tirone! Who has competed in Total Drama All Stars vs. Underdogs as well!" Honey introduced and claps.

"Yeah... hey..." Tirone murmured before rolling eyes. "The show sucked..."

Honey looks a little bit shamed at Tirone. "So... this is... Tirone!" Honey said once again and looks at Tirone. "Introduce yourself a little bit more?" She whispered.

'Fine... I'm Tirone, me and Honey started to date after the show and it was the only gigood thing that came out of it!" Tirone said. "I'm currently studying Chemistry and Biology."

"Good, that's Tirone. My... boyfriend. Anyways, we got a lot of drama these weeks. The silent guy K.C started to be finally interesting but poorly he got injured. Misery who quit for her boyfriend Adam, who is still running in the race, Chelsea and Trey who got in a relationship but got voted out after each other, a girl who had everything but lost everything thanks to her best friend and then... Joel... the masterbrain. He has a secret crush on the sweetest thing of the whole Total Drama Isle of Terror cast; Hannah. Who would even dream about that! But I totally ship it. All about them and the other eliminated contestants, tonight in this Aftermath!" Honey said and looks to Valen who throws some little stones.

"I'm bored, why do we have to sit here? We're already eliminated?!?" Valen asked annoyed.

"Well, Valen. It's a aftermath so everyone gets interviewed. And yes, maybe I will interview too." Honey replied and looks at Valen. "Anyway, let's say welcome to our first guest. This girl was in love with Adam since the begin of Total Drama Isle of Terror. Give her some applause guys, she quit for her boyfriend, Misery!!!" Honey introduced Misery who looks really beautiful and happy. "Welcome, welcome!"

"Hiiiiia!" Misery screamed in excitement as she ran up to the seat next to Honey."How are you doing?" Misery sat down.

"I'm fine, I'm fine! What about you, Misery? I bet you're watching your boyfriend on TV? Do you think he has a chance to win?" Honey asked as she smiled.

"...Eh... maybe." Misery replied. "I love Adam but he doesn't look like the one in the lead at the moment... plus, he isn't that fit... I really quit because it was the right thing to do." Misery admitted.

"Yeah, your boyfriend is kind of a... what?" Tirone said before getting a glare from Honey.

Honey looks at Misery. "You don't have to answer that question, dear." Honey told her and looks back at Tirone.

"Urgh... fine." Tirone groaned.

"Anyway, Misery, we have a game for you. It's called.... truth or dare! Yeah, guys, it's time for some fun. You have to tell the truth or you have to do what we'll say! If you don't you have to do a task who is made by a eliminated contestant in the audience." Honey said and looks to her card. "Truth or dare, Misery?" Honey asked.

"Sure..." Misery said hesitantly. "Why not?"

"Haha... but I need to know if you take Truth ... or Dare?" Honey said.

Valen rolled her eyes. "Such a meathead." She mutters.

"Oh, well, truth! I got nothing to hide..." Misery said.

Honey reads the card. "Well, here it is. Besides Adam, who was the hottest guy on Total Drama Isle of Terror?" Honey asked.

"...Layson, I guess." Misery replied. "Joel would be a close second."

"Cuteeee!" Honey said and the camera goes to Layson who looks at Misery and Honey. "Any thoughts about this, Layson?" Honey asked.

"I get cat called on the street so I don't really mind much, but thanks." Layson said.

Honey nods. "Well, that was fun. Anyway, truth or dare, Misery?" Honey continued.

"Dare..." Misery suggested.

"You said Layson was supossed to be your second choice if Adam wasn't on TDIOT. Give Layson a kiss on his mouth. For five seconds." Honey reads. She looks at Tirone, who wrote it, and shakes her head. "Ugh..."

Misery stood up and walked over to Layson and kissed him on the lips for five seconds. "Sorry, Adam..." Misery mumbled embarrassed.

Honey claps and laughs. "Well done, Misery. Anyway, it's time for the last question. Truth or dare, Misery?" Hannah asked and looks at her card.

"...Dare..." Misery replied.

Honey looks at Tirone and gives him the card. "You can do it." Honey said and looks at Misery. She shakes her head and looks back at Tirone.

"Alright, the card says that you have to apologise for your attitude towards Valen to Valen in front of everyone." Tirone announced.

Misery looked at Valen and took a deep breath. "Valen, I am really sorry about the fact I avoided you, despite the fact you thought we were BFFs... It was really selfish of me and I shouldn't have done what I did. You didn't have many friends and I was just making it worse for you. Forgive me?" Misery apologised.

"So you thought I wanted to be 'BFF's' with you? Girl, you disgusted me. But some other girls did the same." Valen said as she looks at Eleanoria. "But I have a heart, it's not big, but I have one. So it's forgiven." She said and smiled.

Honey claps. "Well done, both! Misery you can take place where you want, we're going to the next guest of tonight. She came to Total Drama Isle of Terror with two people who signed up incase of her. The boy who always loved her and the girl who has always been her shadow. And now, they left Zoey behind them and started a relationship. And they are still running in the game. But Zoey is our guest tonight. Here's Zoey!" Honey introduced Zoey and she walks to the bench. She takes a sit and smiled. "How do you feel Zoey?"

"I have to say I'm quite happy. Of course, it's hard to see my ex boyfriend and ex best friend are dating now. But do you know what, I miss them a little bit. So it would be nice to see them after Total Drama." Zoey said and looks happy and honest for the very first time.

"Wow, Zoey! We've never seen you like this before. I think it's time to announce our surprise for you." Honey said and looks at Tirone. She winks and he puts the TV screen on. "You may not know this but Franklin has build a computer with skype on it. We've called him yesterday and made a appointment. He and Chloe are going to skype with you in any second!" Honey told Zoey.

Zoey looks surprised. "That's am-" Zoey gets interrupted by the skype call. She press on a button and sees Franklin and Chloe on the screen. "Hey, Chloe! Hey Frankenstein!" Zoey said happily.

"Zoe-Zoe! how are you? I'm so so so sorry about what we've done! I'll promise, if I win we're going to New York, Toronto and Hawaii! Only you and me as best friends." Chloe said and almost cries.

"I wanna hug you! I'm so sorry bestie! I'm never going to treat you as a dog! And Frankenstein, I'm sorry about everything! I'm happy you've find another girl who is special and deserves someone like you." Zoey said.

"Heh-he-he... It's Franklin...." Franklin said negativey, giving her a glare. He then smiles. "Just kidding, thanks for that. It really means a lot to me."

Zoey smiled. "I can't wait to see you two." Zoey stated. On that moment skype gets disconnected and the call gets ended. "What's going on?"

"Tirone... what's going on?" Honey asked as she looks at Tirone.

"I... don't know...." Tirone replied.

"Well, I guess we'll continue with the game 'Tha Isle of Terror Quiz'. We're going to ask you some questions about what happened in Total Drama Isle of Terror. You have to answer them just how you've feel about it. You'll understand it when I ask the first question." Honey stated. "When you got eliminated but you got saved by the immunity idol, what were you're thoughts?" Honey asked.

"Difficult, I understood why I got eliminated but I got so much anger in me. I wanted to win to show everyone I can be more than only a popular cheerleader. Franklin dumped me, Chloe dumped me so I was just a mess..." Zoey stated.

"Ahw..." Honey said. "Tirone is going to ask you the second question."

"Well, why did you ignore Chloe's skype message and block her on Facebook if you missed her?" Tirone questioned.

"I haven't block anyone. Actually, I'm not on Facebook anymore." Zoey answered.

"Hmm... Okay..." Tirone said.

"Anyway, let's talk about your life on Total Drama Isle of Terror. What was the most hardest thing to do and what was your favorite moment?" Honey asked.

Zoey thinks for a moment. "Difficult but I think the hardest thing to do was to know everyone of my team, Dissapoiting Crows, disliked me. Even I don't really care... it was just hard to feel that. But now I'm over it." Zoey said and smiled.

"Could I ask you something?" Eleanoria asked as she looks at Honey. She nods and smiled. "I always wanted to know why you used Chloe as your slave."

"Yeah, I want to know that either." Zara replied and talks with Layson and Craig about it.

"Well eh..." Zoey said and looks at everyone who is talking. "Well if you- we- SHUT UP THEN!" Zoey shouts and looks at everyone. They are all silent. "Sorry but I had to... well, to be honest I don't know why I treated Chloe like that. Maybe I wasn't confident in my own..." Zoey told the truth and looks at Eleanoria.

Eleanoria smiled. "I'm happy you are telling the truth. I've watched Total Drama Isle of Terror and I have to say I was shocked by seeing it. But now you proved you deserve some respect." Eleanoria stated.

"Thanks." Zoey said and looks at Honey. "Oh and my favorite moment! Well, when me and Franklin were still in a relationship we got a date... late in the evening. We were counting stars and it was so romantic. I would love to go back. To the past. But he deserves to be with Chloe." Zoey said and smiles.

"Awesome. It's been great to talk with you. It's time for someone who got eliminated in a tiebreaker challenge. He got defeated by his own girlfriend. Wait... I meant ex-girlfriend. Welcome, Trey!" Honey introduced and claps.

"Hi! My name is Trey!" Trey shouted. "What's up everybody!"

"Welcome, welcome! It's great to have you here. I have to say I feel kinda bad for you. Losing your girlfriend and getting eliminated on the same day sounds like a living nightmare." Honey stated.

"It's not, when you think about it. Sure, it hurt, but then you realise that Chelsea never really respected me. She only really liked me because I am a film director, in the end, she backstabbed me just to feel good about herself, so I doubt it would've lasted." Trey replied

"I understant you. Anyway, does it mean you like Hannah more? Or do you still have feelings for Chelsea?" Honey asked.

"I don't like like Hannah, but I do like her a lot more than she who should NEVER be named." Trey admitted.

Honey and Tirone looked at each other. "Well, this show is called Total Drama... so you did a great job for making drama. Trey, even I still feel bad for you, we have a special guest for you. She got eliminated right after you. Welcome, Chelsea!" Honey announced.

Chelsea walks to the stage and takes a sit next to Trey. She looks furious at him. "Ugh... why?" Chelsea asked to herself.

"It's time to talk with each other. A lot of people thought you would never date long. And they were right. Show them they are wrong." Honey said and looks at the two.

"Um... no..." Trey stated. "She doesn't deserve any kind of acknowledgement after the way she behaved."

Chelsea rolled her eyes. "Excuse me? I never looked at Joel's sixpack or Layson's beautiful eyes. You have looked twice at Hannah her f***ing boobs." Chelsea snapped. The audience are shocked.

"So...? You backstabbed your boyfriend because you couldn't handle being in the wrong! And then, you made a choice that made it worse for you, also Hannah basically tricked you into voting me off so she could vote you off later! Not only was your actions in a bad morality but they were stupid too!" Trey snapped.

"And do you wanna know my most stupid action? Falling in love with you, you deserve a stupid ugly barbie doll like Hannah. I'm so done with you." Chelsea shouts.

"Twenty dollars on the girl." Valen said with no hard feelings to Layson who sits next to her.

"Yo know what? You're despicable! You treat people horribly and just make up excuses instead of apologising. Do you know what it feels like to be treated the way you treat others? And do you know what it feels like getting glared at by others just because I liked you? I had stay away from a friend just because you lacked trust in me and you never even apologised and you assumed I was the bad guy and that you did nothing wrong!" Trey shouted back. "I know that I shouldn't have looked at her, but I never loved her.... I loved you but you never seemed to care, you only cared about winning the argument."

Chelsea looked at her phone. "Awesome my daddy got a new car for me!!!" Chelsea cheered and screams happily.

"But you got a car two weeks ago...?" Valen asked. "Anyway, you told that in Total Drama Isle of Terror..."

"Oh, yeah, I know... this time a magenta one! But what did you say Trey?" Chelsea asked as she looks in her bag. "What is this? OMG!!!!! Two tickets for a meet and greet with Lady Gaga! Bye I'm off to my bestie." Chelsea said and runs away. She grabs her bag and slaps with it on Trey's face by accident. But she's away as Trey wants to say something about it.

"..." Trey frowned. "Okay, I lied, it still hurts... me and Chelsea got along for a long while.... and it hurt to find out she wasn't the type of person I thought she was... But I guess she never loved me back, because if she did, it would've hurt her at least a little bit."

"We have to show you something. We've asked Franklin and Chloe to ask Hannah to make a video. She wanted to say something to you." Honey said and turns the TV screen on. Hannah is seen and the video plays.

"Hey Trey!" Hannah said cheerfully. "I still feel bad about your elimination and I think we haven't ended well. You're a great guy and you're quite funny. At the merge we've talked a lot and it was a great time with you. Anyway, I miss you and I hope we could start something when I'm back. I mean, not starting a relationship, ugh I'm so hypocrite." Hannah said and turns the camera off.

"...Thanks." Trey said. "I feel a little bit better now. But I need some time alone..." Trey stood up and walked towards the exit before looking back at everyone and smiling then leaving.

Honey looks to Tirone. "Well, it's time for our last guest of tonight. Here's K.C! Welcome!" Honey announced.

K.C walks on stage and swings. He smiled and blushes. "Thanks, and I'm very happy to be here!" K.C stated as he smiles.

"I know Tirone wanted to ask you some questions so Tirone, go ahead!" Honey said and smiled.

"Erm... so K.C, after your injury and elimination, what happened?" Tirone asked. "Did anyone visit you at the hospital? Fans...? Friends...?"

K.C looks at his body. "My family were at the hospital. All of the time. But besides them... nobody." K.C said and looks a little bit depressed.

"Oh... uh..." Tirone murmured before face palming. "Idiot..."

"Sorry?" K.C asked offended.

"No. I mean, I am sorry I asked. " Tirone replied.

"Ooohh!" K.C laughed. "No problem, no problem. I have to say... Total Drama Isle of Terror and the injury changed my life. In a postive way. I'm happy with the little things on life. Before Total Drama I wasn't even happy with a iPhone 6 or a apple computer." K.C said.

"Good, but first, do you have anything to say to Joel? We've also got him on skype." Tirone stated.

K.C shakes his head. His positive energy goes away and he looked annoyed. "Not him..." K.C said as he sighs.

"Are you sure? Don't you want to call him out or something?" Tirone asked. "So you don't want to talk to him AND Hannah."

"Ha...Hannah...?" K.C asked and looks at the TV screen. "Ok then..."

The TV turns on and the two are on screen. "Hey, Kendall." Joel said.

"Kendall?" K.C asked and looks confused at Joel.

"That's your name right? I asked Chris..." Joel replied.

K.C rolled his eyes. "Yeah, so?" K.C asked.

"You're the one who asked. Jeez." Joel snapped.

"Soooo... hey K.C! You look great!" Hannah said cheerfully. Besides she was happy about K.C she looked around if she could find Trey. "How... are you?" She asked a little bit dissapointed.

"I'm great, of course I have to heal and to rest but I can talk, right. How are you, Hannah?" K.C asked as he blushes a little bit.

Hannah giggles. "Well, I'm fine. We're nearly at the final four which means we're close at the end." Hannah said and looks at Joel.

"Yeah, can't wait til the finale. This stupid show will finally be over." Joel groaned.

K.C looks a little bit annoyed. "Why have you signed up for this if you think it's a stupid show? I think it deserves more respect. It changes people in a good way." K.C stated.

"I say it's stupid because it is. It's just my opinion, I came on for the money." Joel replied.

"Sure, okay, thanks. Hannah, I hope we'll talk to each other after Total Drama Isle of Terror." K.C asked and looks hopefully at Hannah.

"Of course!" Hannah stated and looks at the screen. The skype call gets ended and the screen goes off.

"We really need new stuff for the next aftermath." Honey said annoyed as she looks at Tirone.

"Aftermath the Musical. We can have Valen sing something, maybe a duet with Eleanoria." Tirone joked.

Valen grabs her glass water. She swings with her glass and all the water comes on Tirone's head. "Now you're wet, if you're going to say something like that you're dead." Valen sings and sits down.

"I would like to sing a song with you Valen." Eleanoria said and looks at Valen.

"Maybe Bobby wants to sing something with you." Valen made up and looks to a other direction.

"Yankee-doodle?" Bobby suggested.

Eleanoria smiled. "Well... ehm... oh sorry, Tirone, I just talked the whole time! I'll be quiet again." Eleanoria stated and tries to avoid Bobby's question about the song.

"Don't worry about it, girl. Anyway, Eleanoria, could you come over here, please?" Honey asks. Eleanoria walks down to Honey and looks at Tirone who is changing clothes.

Eleanoria looks nervous to Honey. "Dear, Eleanoria. Since you are the first eliminated contestant you haven't spend a lot on the island. But we wanted to give you the feeling of being on a island. That's why you get these four tickets to the Faroe Islands. We've bought a luxious room in a five stars hotel with a spa, a large pool and the best thing... a amazing restaurant. All for free. Two weeks for you and three other lucky people. You can choose by yourself who is going." Honey announced.

"Oh, boy! Let's celebrate! ~Yankee Doodle came to town, riding on a pony! Put a feather in his hat and called i-" Bobby sang before getting pelted with various items.

"Shut your mouth, idiot." Valen snapped at Bobby. She looks fast at Eleanoria when she hears someone crying.

"I'm so thankful. Thank you very much. I can go with my little brother... my mother and... Valen. Would you like to come with me?" Eleanoria asked. She walks to Valen and hugs her. "It's time to end this war between us. It's time to get to know each other. And I would like to give you the feeling you are part of my family because I see you as a dear friend." Eleanoria said and sweeps her tears away.

Valen looks suprised and hugs Eleanoria back. "I've never said sorry about anything but this will be my first time. I'm sorry, Eleanoria, for everything I did. You don't deserved it and I can be a jerk." Valen stated and cries. As she cries everyone claps for her.

"Well, I think it's time to end the episode." Tirone suggested. "Good luck to you two and we wish you both the best." Tirone looked at Honey. "Want to finish it off?"

"Sure." Honey said and looks at the camera. "I'm done with hosting the aftermath, bye." Honey said pissed and walks away with Tirone. She gives him a kiss on his cheek and walks off stage.

Episode 20: The Long Road to Victory

"Last episode of Total Drama Isle of Terror, the eliminated contestants came to talk about what has been up and other stuff and we got to see two enemies make up... and two not. Trey still ended up heart broken while feeling a little better thanks to Hannah and K.C and Joel didn't make up and maybe even got worse yet Hannah was still there to brighten their day." Chris announced. "But, the happiness is over as we're now back in the island and the contestants are about to be exposed once again to the drama of Total Drama Isle of Terror!"

~ Intro Sequence ~

Chloe and Franklin are on the girls room. After their talk with Zoey they look unstoppable. Joel and Adam are talking on the boys room and Hannah sits in the livingroom of the cabin. She's reading something. As Chloe and Franklin walks of the girls room they're looking at Hannah.

"Are you okay?" Chloe asked.

Hannah turns to Chloe and nods. "Yeah, why wouldn't I?" Hannah asked as she giggled.

"I don't know... you looked worried." Chloe said. She and Franklin takes place at the table. "So, we're at the final five. If we're going to vote we have majority. We could easily eliminate Joel." Chloe suggested.

(CONF) "It's always about voting and elimination. It annoys me so much." Hannah said and sighs.

"Yeah... we could." Hannah answers.

"Fine... I guess..." Franklin replied, slightly annoyed his idea wasn't accepted.

Chloe looks at her boyfriend. "What's wrong?" Chloe asked as she looks worried.

"I-it's nothing important..." Franklin said. "I got something on my mind though, what if Chris does another disqualification challenge? We could easily lose."

"That's true, now we're at the final five it could easily happen." Chloe said and looks at Hannah. "We have to make sure none of us have to go."

"It's just so tiring, I can't wait for the end of this... I've had enough of drama to last me a lifetime." Franklin complained.

Chloe giggles and hugs Franklin. "We'll make it to the end." Chloe said and looks Hannah. She points that she has to join their hug. Hannah hugs them. But on that moment Joel and Adam walks in.

"Um... what's up, girls." Joel said. "And Frankenstein of course." Franklin gave him a short glare.

"Great, great. What about you two?" Chloe replied as she puts a fake smile on her face.

(CONF) "I can't wait to get rid off Joel. And Adam is really sneaky. We can't trust him. Please, Chris, don't let it be a elimination challenge or something like that." Chloe pleased.

(CONF) "Uh... why does he have to call me that? It doesn't make him anymore likable. I swear I am DONE with that nickname." Franklin said.

"We're doing great but we wanted to see what's up with our fellow competitors competitors. " Joel stated.

Hannah looks to a other direction as she sees Joel looking at her. "So... excited for today's challenge?" Chloe started a conversation and looks at Adam.

"Nahh... not really, right Joel?" Adam said and looks at Joel.

Joel looks at Adam. "Of course not, why would I?" Joel asked.

(CONF) "I need to get Chloe out, she's just so... annoying. Plus, she seems to be the idea girl in their alliance." Joel strategised. "If I get her out, not only the alliances be even, but the one who plans what they do will be gone too."

Chloe crosses her legs. "Well, I don't know. Final five, right?" Chloe stated smiled.

"It's been one hell of a ride." Franklin said.

"Yeah but we ha-" Chloe said as she gets interrupted by Chris who enters their cabin to say something.

"Hello, teenagers. I've got something to say." Chris announced. "It's challenge time!"

"I swear challenge time comes earlier every episode." Joel stated.

"Shut it! Now, since it's the final five, I have decided to make today's challenge another disqualification challenge!" Chris announced causing Franklin, Chloe and Hannah to groan. "This is because the eliminations from now on would be extremely rigged to a certain group."

Chloe rolled her eyes. "Yaaay..." Chloe said sarcastic.

(CONF) "I thought we were safe for now, but if one of us loses he or she is going home. And I have the feeling it'll be me, Franklin or Hannah..." Chloe stated.

"Another one? Okay." Joel said casually.

Everyone looks at each other. "So, what now?" Adam asked.

"Just follow me." Chris replied.

As Chris walks away the five remaining contestants follows him. "He never came to us to tell about the challenge?" Chloe asked quiet to Franklin.

"We don't even know what it's named...." Franklin repied.

"I know right..." Chloe whispers and looks at Chris.

"Alright, your challenge will be split into two. The first challenge will be a talent show, I'll tell you the other one later." Chris explained, walking up to a stage. "I'll review your talents in an hour."

Franklin walked away from the stage and ponders his talents. "Hm... what am I good at?" Franklin asked himself before noticing Adam and walks towards him. "Hey, Adam, what are you doing for the contest?"

"And you think I'm telling you that information? I don't think so, dude." Adam said as he sees Joel watching them. Adam walks away and looks at Chloe and Hannah who are talking.

Chloe laughed. "That's amazing, Hannah! I'm sure you will do great. I'm curious about the judges, if Steven is there I'm dead." Chloe said annoyed.

"I hope he isn't. Anyway, I'm going to change. Goodluck, sweetieee!" Hannah said and hugs Chloe. She hops away to the changing room.

Steven walks up to Chloe. "I'm sorry to inform you but I am personally going to make sure you get your punishment for messing with me." Steven mocked.

Chloe frowned. "Sure." She said and rolls her eyes.

After some time had passed, Franklin went up to Hannah. "Hey, I am all done with my performance prep and I just wanted to see if you were." Franklin said.

"Oh, well I'm ready to get on, I guess. Have you seen Chloe?" Hannah asked as she looks around. "I haven't seen her for a halve a hour or something."

"I don't think so, I last saw her around the same time as you did, I think." Franklin replied.

Hannah sighed. "I don't trust this, I've seen Steven walking around. What if he did something to Chloe?" Hannah said as she looks in the mirror.

"Hm... maybe..." Franklin said worried.

The two looks at Adam and Joel who are walking to them. "Chris told us we have to wait for Chloe but where is she?" Adam asked.

"I don't know, I'm honestly glad she's gone. She's too irratating." Joel insulted Chloe. "She'll most likely gonna get eliminated for being late."

Hannah rolled her eyes and sighs. "I'm sure she will be here in any minute." Hannah stated.

On that moment Chloe walks to the group, with a long blue dress. "Ready ready!" Chloe said and giggles.

"Wow, you look great. Where were you though?" Franklin asked.

"I was getting myself ready?" Chloe said as she looks in the mirror. "But then I got stuck in the changing room, I don't know how but yeah..." Chloe said and looks at everyone. "Are we ready?" She asked excited.

"Yep!" Chris shouted, interupting Franklin. "In alphabetical order, show us your talents. The judges will be me, Steven and a female intern. Adam, you're up."

Adam walks on stage and looks at the judges. "I'm telling you all a dark story. It will be very scary so be prepared." Adam said. As he claps everything gets dark. He puts some fire on his chandle. His face is shown. "Once there was a little boy. He moved with his parents to Phoenix. But they didn't knew they moved into a house where has been several murders before. The killer is still in that house. Waiting to make a move to kill them one by one..." Adam said. He pulls a rope and a fake spider falls on the female judge her head.

"What was that...?" She asked and looks scared at Adam.

"So..." Adam continued. "At midnight, the boy woke up. His door was open, which is new for him because his parents closes the door when they are going to sleep. The little boy walks into the livingroom but then... then..." Adam said. The lights turns on and he screams. "THEY WERE DEAD! DEAD!" He screamed. At the same time the female judge screams and cries.

"He's so good..." She said.

"Well, that was interesting. Not really my thing but it was really well done so I'll give you an eight." Chris explained.

"I loved it! Ten out of ten." Steven said.

"It was great but not my type of 'talent' sorry. I give it seven points." The female intern said and looks at Steven and Chris.

Adam walks off while Chloe walks on stage. She looks at the judges and smiles. "I'm going to sing a song of my favorite movie. Which is called... Mama Mia!" Chloe said and turns the music on. "You are the dancing queen, young and free only seventeen! Dancing queen ohh yeahh, you can dance! You can daaaance! Dancing the time of your life, ooohhh, see that girl! Watch and see, singing the danci-" Chloe sings but stops as she looks at Steven.

Steven got out a remote control. "This performance is a blast, he-hah-HA!" Steven laughed maniacally. He pressed the button and an explosion appeared on the stage, knocking Chloe onto the judging table. Chris looked at her confused.

"Um... is this an act? That wasn't even funny... well, I guess it was for Steven." Chris shouted. "Two..."

"Ha...ha... it- heh, was terrible! I give it a one." Steven lied, snickering between words.

"Besides your voice and the other thing what happened your dress is amazing. Four points for the dress." The female intern said and smiled.

"Yeah, so, Franklin, can you compete with Adam's score?" Chris asked.

Franklin walked onto the stage and started to play a song on a guitar. "I'm going to be singing a shortened version of 500 miles by Proclaimers..." Franklin took a deep breath and started to sing/play. "When I wake up, well, I know I'm gonna be, I'm gonna be the man who wakes up next to you. When I go out, well, I know I'm gonna be, I'm gonna be the man who along with you. Well, I would walk 500 miles and I would walk 500 more just to be the man who walked a thousand miles just to fall down at your door.... "

"...You played the song really well and sang it subpar, I think it deserves a seven." Chris said.

"I think it deserves a five..." Steve said.

"Well, Franklin, I loved it! I give it eight points!" The female intern said.

Hannah hops on stage and winks at Franklin. She looks at the judges and smiles. "Hey! I'm going to..." Hannah said and looks at the judges. "...Juggle!" Hannah said and walks to Steven. She shows him a lot of cards. "Take one!" Hannah stated and smiles.

"Okay... um..." Steven replied before taking the middle one.

"Thanks! You can put it back." Hannah said and smiles as Steven puts the card back. She shakes with the cards. "So, now I'm showing you all the cards one by one. Tell me when you see it." Hannah said and shows him all cards. But no one is the card Steven saw. "And... have you seen your card?" Hannah asked.

"No..." Steven replied.

"Oh... well... that's sad. By the way, I love your watch, Chris!" Hannah said and winks. She walks off stage which makes the judges confused.

The judges are looking around. "Chris. There's something in your watch..." The female intern said and looks at the watch.

Chris pulled out the thing in his watch and he finds Steven's card. "Woah! That's my card!" Steven shouted in excitement. "However, as impressive as that is, it's just a magic trick. Six..."

"Five? This deserves at least nine points but I give it ten points." The female intern said.

"Uh..." Chris mumbled. He didn't like the trick but he also didn't want Hannah to lose. "I give it a perfect ten."

"Alright, Joel you are up." Chris said. Joel walked onto the stage holding a foot ball. He starts to throws the ball up into the air, doing different tricks the ball, without letting it hit me ground once.

(CONF) "My talent would've been something involved with puppets, but I don't have any, so I chose the third best thing I am good at. Sports..." Joel explained.

"Looked cool, but it isn't much, six." Chris judged.

"I completely agree, six." Steven said.

The female intern looks at Joel. "Do you have a girlfriend?" She asked.

"Um... no... why?" Joel replied.

"Do you want one?" The female intern asked as she winks.

"Just judge." Chris snapped.

The female intern looks annoyed at Chris. "I would give you ten points if you were shirtless but you aren't so I give you eight points." She said.

(CONF) "Shirtless? What the heck? Why does that matter, I may be 'attractive' but I'm not shallow." Joel complained.

"Alright, Adam got 25 points, Chloe got 7, her boyfriend got 20, Hannah got 26 and Joel ended up with 20 too." Chris announced. "Hannah wins! She gets to have an advantage in the second part of the challenge! How do you feel?"

"Omg did I won? Yayyy! That's amazing, thank you!" Hannah stated excited and looks at Franklin and Chloe who smiles.

(CONF) "Hannah gets an advantage in the second part. Great because now we are a little step fowards to the final four." Chloe said and smiled. 'And since when am I so strategic?"

(CONF) "Hannah ended up with the advantage, this means she could win easily." Joel said. "She'll probably share her prize with her alliance, this isn't good."

Franklin angrilly walked up to Steven. "I saw you. You're the reason Chloe lost. You're not a part of the game, stop interfering with it." Franklin shouted.

"It's her fault for making me get rejected by the staff!" Steven argued. "Besides, I can do what I want."

"No, you can't. I'll get Chris and-" Frankin threatened before getting interrupted.

"What's he gonna do? Fire me? I won a lawsuit, he can't fire me." Steven said smugly.

Chloe walks to the two boys. "Hey!" She said and hugs her boyfriend. She looks at Steven and sighs for a moment.

"What are you looking at?" Steven asked angrily.

"Nothing." Chloe said as she rolls her eyes. On that moment Hannah joins the group.

"Chris asked to get you two, I think we are going to do the second part." Hannah said and smiles.

"Oh, okay, thanks. Come on, let's go." Franklin told Chloe.

"Yeah." Chloe said and walks with Franklin and Hannah away. She turns behind and looks if Steven is following them but he's away. "I don't trust him, what if he knows it's a disqualifing challenge? He could easily tricking me. We have to do something before this challenge to make Chris sure he can't trust Steven." Chloe suggested.

"Wait a minute, you guys go ahead. I'll catch up later." Franklin said as he ran off. Later, when everyone was at the Hall of Chris, Franklin ran up to Chloe with a bag on his back. "This bag has something that will solve our Steven problems for good."

Chloe and Hannah looks at the bag and smiles. "Thanks!" Chloe said and kisses her boyfriend. Then they look at Chris who is about to start the second challenge.

"Alright, the second challenge will be a relay race in the Hall of Chris. There will be four laps. Since Hannah won the first half of the challenge, she gets to skip a lap. We will be doing these in duos, one member of the duo will go first, and the other goes second, the second person continues for the third lap and numero uno finishes it off. Hannah will do it all on her own. " Chris explained. "Pick your partners, and remember this, if you los, you and your partner will both lose."

Franklin looked at Chloe. "Partners?" Franklin asked. "I'll go first."

"Of course we are. And are you sure?" Chloe asked. She grabs Franklin's hands. "But I'm happy, if we lose we are going both instead one of us." Chloe said and kisses Franklin.

"I'll go first, capiche?" Joel ordered Adam.

Adam nods. "We're going to win, bro!" Adam said and smiled.

(CONF) "Bro? No..." Joel said.

Chris looked at the contestants who are starting off. "Ready? Set! GO!!" Chris shouted. Franklin and Joel ran as fast as they could while Hannah, who was an entire lap ahead, decided to pace it to save her strength as she was doing this all on her own. Joel kept a lead in front of Franklin while Franklin was pretty close behind him. Hannah was halfway through her first lap when the two of them finished.

"Quick, take this!" Franklin said as he handed Chloe the baton. Adam dropped his when taking it from Joel.

"What are you doing!?" Joel snapped.

"I'm sorry!!!" Adam shouts as he keeps up running. Chloe passes Adam and is now second. She runs as fast as she can. Hannah just passed the third lap finish which means she's at the last lap while Chloe and Adam are running in the third lap. Chloe runs and sees someone standing at the finish line of the third lap.

"Whoops." Steven said, getting out his foot, tripping over Chloe. While she falls, a big white flash appears and then fades away in 1 second. She drops the baton which lands at Franklin's feet while Adam passes it to Joel. Franklin picks it up and tries to keep up but can't. Hannah is about to win until she spots her friends.

(CONF) "What do I have to do now? If Joel wins this challenge and I get second it means Franklin and Chloe will be eliminated. Of course I'm going to be eliminated next episode. I don't want to have a bad person winning Total Drama Isle of Terror. There's one option..." Hannah said and sighs.

Hannah looks behind and sees Joel running nearly to her. She stops running and looks at Joel who finishes first. Franklin runs towards Hannah. "Hannah! Why do you stop?" Chloe asked. Franklin stops running.

"Finish, please." Hannah said and looks at Franklin. Franklin wants to say something but Hannah shakes her head. "Now!"

Franklin runs to the finish line and finishes second which means Hannah is eliminated. Chloe looks confused at Hannah same as the other contestants. "Why, Hannah?" Chloe asked.

"Yeah, you could've won..." Franklin said.

Hannah walks to the others. "It doesn't matter, guys! You two are safe." Hannah stated and smiles.

"NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!!!! Chloe was supossed to lose! OH MY GOD!" Steven ranted.

"Calm down, Steven." Chris said.

"Oh, yeah." Franklin said. He got out a camera from his bag. "Steven has been cheating to get Chloe out. Look, here's a photo." Chris looked at it, the picture showing Steven tripping over Chloe. "If he never did that, we would've got second and Hannah wouldn't be eliminated." Chris looked at Steven angrilly.

"Heh... so what if I did?" Steven asked. "I won a lawsuit which-"

"Your lawsuit only managed to make you an intern, Steven, not god. And one of the rules of being an intern is..." Chris asked, looking at the intern girl.

"Never trick a contestant, guest or the host. Tricks like; getting a contestant lose a challenge, trying to get someone eliminated or trying to get a contestant back." The intern girl said annoyed and continues working.

"The punishment for breaking the rules is..." Chris said. The screen transitioned to the elimination ceremony, with both the submarine of shame and the cannon of shame. Steven was in the cannon with alot of dynomite sticks "Immediate termination... you want to do the honours?" Chris asked Chloe, giving her the remote.

Chloe looks to it. "I would love to but it doesn't make me a better person." Chloe said and gives the remote back to Chris.

"I wouldn't mind though." Franklin said as he snatched the remote and pressed the button.

"Wait! Please, I-! AAAAAAAAAAAARGHHHHHHHHHH!" Steven screamed as he blasted off into the distance.

"Finally..." Franklin said.

"Now that Steven's gone. Are you ready to go, Hannah?" Chris asked.

Chloe looks at Chris and shakes her head. "No she isn't. Chris, we have to do something for her." Chloe said as she winks at Chris and hugs Hannah.

"...Fine." Chris said.

(CONF) "Wow, really? Hannah must be on Chris's soft side, he wouldn't do this for the others." Franklin assumed.

"Ahw..." Hannah said and looks at Chris. "You don't have to do it if you don't want it! I don't mind." Hannah stated as she smiles.

"No, no, no! He loves the idea. But I'm wondering, where's Joel? He doesn't care about anything, does he?" Chloe stated sarcastic as she looks around.

"I don't know..." Adam stated. "But Hannah, I know we were not the best of friends bu-" Adam said but looks at Joel who walks to them.

"Hannah, before you go, I would like you to have this..." Joel said before handing her a cake like the one they made together. "I didn't help much when we did the challenge, and I'm sorry about that but I hope you like it..." Joel took a step back and tried to hide how red his face was.

Hannah looks at the cake and smiles. Behind her the submarine opens. She looks to it and sighs happily. She turns back to Joel. "Thanks, Joel." Hannah said. She walks to Adam and hugs him, she then walks to Franklin and hugs him. Then she walks to Chloe and hugs her. "Thanks for everything, the last few days were amazing with you." Hannah said and finally walks to Joel. "Let's promise, when we meet each other in the future we are going to make a new start." Hannah said and kisses Joel on his cheek.

"Agreed..." Joel said. "I promise we will ."

Hannah smiles. "Bye everyone, I'll never forget you! By the way, we really have to meet after Total Drama. That would be so much fun! Well, byeeee!" Hannah said and walks in the submarine. It closes and drives away.

Chloe begins to cry and hugs her boyfriend. "She just lost for us. And now she's going home." Chloe said and continues hugging Franklin.

"Don't worry, we're going to win for her." Franklin reassured her. Joel walked away, back to the cabins while Adam looks confused at him.

(CONF) "I am going to miss Hannah, but with her gone, I can finally focus on the game." Joel admitted.

"That was one episode I won't ever forget. We've finally gotten rid from Steven from our universe yet sadly, we lost Hannah, the sweet niave girl whose done no wrong. But at least it was dramatic and the ending was satisfying. But... Hannah and Joel...? Did I miss something? Oh, well. What will happen to Chloe now that she has lost her friend? Will Joel live up to his promises and give us some good drama? Find out next time on Total Drama Isle of Terror!" Chris ended.

Hannah's Thoughts On The Submarine...

"How would I describe it... hmm. I feel pretty confident about myself. I wanted to show the world how I am. And I want to gave a message to the world. Don't have a prejudice about everyone. Everyone saw me as the blonde princess but I don't to be that. Also I made a lot of friends and it was so much fun. I'm happy I did this and I've signed up for this." Hannah said and smiled thankfull.

Episode 21: Swimming With The 'Fishes'

"In the last episode of Total Drama Isle of Terror, Steven tried to cheat Chloe out of the game, which ended with him blasting off into space and our beloved Hannah taking a dive into the submarine of shame. But, now that there gone, Joel has a perfect opportunity to take out and manipulate the competition. " Chris stated. "I can't wait to see what's up, can you? You'll find out tonight on Total Drama Isle of Terror! "

~ Intro Sequence ~

In the girls side of the cabin, Franklin and Chloe sat down and stratigised. "Alright, now that Hannah is gone, we need to get Joel out as soon as we can. He dominated his team and now he has no distractions." Franklin said. "But how do we get him out?"

"I have no idea, no one is safe now. If we're going to vote together for Adam or Joel they are going to vote for one of us. It'll be a tiebreaker." Chloe said and sighs.

"Yeah, you're right." Franklin replied.

"But, Franklin..." Chloe starts. "Have you seen Joel yesterday? I've never seen him like that before. He finally showed his emotional feelings for someone." Chloe said.

"Hm... the thing is, he showed his feelings for Hannah. We're like paper to him, we don't mean anything to him." Franklin said.

Chloe nods. "True..." She said and lies on her bed. She looks at the wall. "It's almost done, right?" She asked as she stares at the wall.

"Yeah, we're near the end." Franklin said. "Does this place feel empty to you?" Franklin looked at Chloe. "I miss seeing everyone... I miss Trey, I miss Hannah, Zoey, VALEN, of all people. I miss everyone, it feels so empty and lonely without them..."

"I know how you're feeling. I really miss the people. Of course it was a dramatic bunch of people but if you look back it was the perfect group. Even Chelsea and Valen were perfect." Chloe said and sits.

"They made this place feel just like high school... over complicated, over dramatic and full of different people..." Franklin laughed awkwardly.

Chloe laughs too. "Exactly. But I'm also proud we're one of the last four. One of us will be in the final three, and maybe in the final two." Chloe stated excited. Franklin nodded.

Joel walked into the room. "Hello. Ready for the challenge?" Joel asked.

"Do we have a challenge now?" Chloe asked surprised. "Why so early?"

"Nope, no challenge, just wanted to make sure you guys aren't going to give the prize up easy." Joel answered. Franklin looked at him confused while Chloe looked at him happily.

(CONF) "What's with the sudden change in behaviour..." Franklin asked. "He's up to something."

Chloe and Franklin looks at each other. "We are relaxed, just waiting for the challenge. It's not like we're going to practice for it. Do you think we are always talking about challenges and elimination?" Chloe asked as she looks at Joel. She seems inquistive.

"No, I just thought you guys were the kind of people to be one step ahead of everything." Joel replied. "That's how you got so far right?"

"I guess." Chloe answered. "It depends on how you want to see it."

Adam walks into the room. "Oh here's everyone! Well, ehh... did I miss something?" He asked.

"Not really." Joel said.

"That's clear!" Adam replied and looks awkwardly at the others. "So... everyone excited for the challenge?" Adam looks at Franklin.

"Yes, I guess." Franklin replied.

"Greaaaaat..." Adam said sarcastic and looks around.

"There isn't that much to look forward too." Franklin stated. "The possibility of elimination?"

Adam looks at Chloe and Franklin. "Eh, yeah... elimination, right.." Adam said.

(CONF) "This situation is awkward and annoying at the same time." Adam said irritated.

"BORING!" Chris shouts on the intercoms. "Where's the drama? Oh well. Time for the challenge! Come to Challenge Central immediately." The contestants walked to Challenge Central.

Chloe and Franklin grabs each other's hands and smiles. "We can do this." Chloe said and kisses Franklin.

Joel walked up to Adam. "We're voting Chloe off tonight." Joel whispered to Adam.

Adam nods as he walks at Chloe. "But Joel... how are we going to vote her off? They are with two and we are with two." Adam whispered back.

"I'll figure it out." Joel told him. The two catched up with the couple and made it to Challenge Central.

"Welcome to the final four, how are you guys feeling?" Chris asked. Franklin is about to speak. "It was a rhetorical question. Get in your swimwear because we're going swimming! "

"I love swimming!" Franklin said.

"Follow me to the Hall of Chris." Chris ordered. When they are at the swimming pool area in the Hall of Chris, Chris turned to the teens. "Alright, get dressed and meet me in a couple minutes."

Franklin and Chloe walk to the swimming area's changing rooms. "Alright, see you after I am ready." Franklin said before walking into the male changing room. Adam shortly follows but Joel walks up to Chloe.

"I need to talk to you." Joel told Chloe.

"Sure." Chloe replied and looks at Joel.

"You've got to ditch Franklin, he's playing you for a fool." Joel told her. "He's only dating you so he can get ahead of the game."

Chloe laughs. "Joel, you can't trick me on this point of the game. I know how you've eliminated people in this game, Franklin is the best thing that has ever happened in my life. And if you wanna make sure he's only dating me so he can get ahead of the game you have to prove it." Chloe said.

"Fine. Remember when the two alliances happened? He didn't hesitate to join two alliances at once, and I think that Adam told me he insisted on bringing Hannah into the group, making everyone on his side, letting him control the game completly. He also ditched the girl everyone hated for the girl everyone likes bit too easily, it didn't take him long to exact revenge on Steven despite the fact you said it wouldn't make him a better person and isn't he a bit too perfect? I mean, how come he has no opinions that differs from yours?" Joel asked. "No one has no flaws."

(CONF) "He has a good point to be honest... but do I have to keep on Franklin's side? I know it's a game and I know he loved Zoey soooooo much. Maybe he only tries to make me feel he loves me." Chloe stated.

"That's true but... I don't know. He's not a person like that. I know him for ages because he was on our secondary school." Chloe stated.

"But before Total Drama, had you ever spoken to him?" Joel asked. Chloe was about to speak but stopped herself and frowned. "Look, I'll vote Adam today to prove I am loyal, I just hope you do the same." Joel walked into the changing room, leaving Chloe to ponder about her future choices.

(CONF) "That was easier than expected." Joel laughed. "I would stick with Adam but he dropped the baton yesterday. That showed how weak he is. Plus, I know he's still mad at me for Misery's elimination, he'd betray me sooner or later."

Chloe looks at the changing room and sighs. Franklin walked out of the changing room in his swimgear. "Huh? You're still dressed... Why haven't you got ready yet?" Franklin asked.

"Ehh, well..." Chloe sighs as she looks in the eyes of her boyfriend. "Franklin, do you really love me?" She asked.

"Of course I do. Why wouldn't I?" Franklin replied.

"Franklin, I'm afraid something bad will happen. But I just don't know how it will end. Have you ever fell that you have to tell something but you can't. Like it's banished from your mouth." Chloe asked.

"Sometimes, is something wrong?" Franklin asked.

Chloe shakes her head. "No, no. I'm going to change for the challenge." Chloe stated as she walks to the changing room.

Joel walked out of the changing room. "Hm, Franklin, you look confused. What's wrong?" Joel inquired.

"Something is wrong with Chloe, she's acting strange." Franklin replied. Joel chuckled quietly in response. "Is something funny, Joel?"

"Nothing. But maybe Chloe is running a game on you, and-" Joel suggested but Franklin interupted him.

"Sorry but your tricks won't work on me, I completely trust her and I am 100 percent sure that she has no doubts in her mind about me and that she feels completly loyal to me too." Franklin snapped. "Even if you had evidence, I wouldn't believe you."

"Look, I am on YOUR SIDE, you and me can vote off Ad-" Joel shouted before Adam walked out of the changing room. Joel quickly stated to whistle while Franklin just looked at him confused.

"Well, I'm ready for that swimming challenge!" Adam stated as he looks at the two. "Something wrong here??" He asked.

"I have no idea..." Franklin replied. The boys stood in sillence for a moment. "Yeah... I got to go..." Franklin walked away from the other guys.

Adam looks at Joel. "What happened?" Adam asked.

"He tried to get me to consider eliminating you and before I said no, you showed up, making him and me shut up about it. That's why he left so quickly." Joel lied.

"We've to get rid off him." Adam stated as he gets angry.

(CONF) "Since the begin of Total Drama I really hate Franklin. I have to eliminate him! I have to eliminate him!" Adam shouts angrilly.

"Yes, he's a bigger threat than Chloe too." Joel stated. The two then walked to Chris and the others.

"Wow, you're all on time for once. Good." Chris joked. "Anyway, this challenge is very simple. All you have to do is swim to the end and back in this pool. However, we've put in some aquatic animals and plants into the water to make it harder."

"Really? That could kill us!" Franklin complained.

"Yeah, cool right?" Chris said. "Get in positions!" The four contestants got into four different lanes. 'Ready, set... GO!" The four jumped into the water and swam.

Chloe swims and takes the lead. She leaves the three boys behind her and is swimming faster and faster. She looks at the loathsome animals underwater. "Oh my gosh" Chloe screamed as one of the animals tries to grab her leg. She kicks the animal away and continues swimming.

"This is insane." Adam said as he sees the animals. "It reminds me on the movie Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. The second task!" Adam shouts. He keeps swimming and gets the second place for now. He leaves Franklin and Joel behind him.

Franklin tries to keep up with Joel and struggles to breathe. "I- AURGH! Won't- UAGH! Lose to- HUAGH! YOU!" Franklin shouted, while trying to catch some oxygen. Chloe reaches the end and starts to swim back and so does Adam.

(CONF) "She's the only girl and she is first? How..." Adam said as he frowns.

Adam suddenly bumps into a sea creature and realises that it's a jellyfish. Angrilly, it shocks him, allowing Joel and Franklin, who had reached the end, to pass him. Franklin accidentally sucks in alot of water causing him to open his eyes and choke before he swallows it down. The water gets into Franklin's eyes, bluring his vision, but he still stubbornly continues swimming.

Chloe is almost at the finish line. But then she gets stuck in the seaweed. "No, no, no!" Chloe screams as she tries to get out of it. "Could som-" Chloe goes underwater and tries to free herself. Joel sees Chloe stuck and lets Franklin pass him, Chloe then notices her boyfriend getting really close.

"Fran- Fr-" Chloe says but the seaweed pulls her underwater. "He--.." Franklin passes Chloe while she gasps for air and pleads for help. Joel, however, swims up to her and gets the seaweed off her. Franklin, blinded by the water getting in his eyes, hits the beggining of his lane's wall, winning him the challenge.

"And Franklin is the winner! You get immuni-... help him up before he drowns." Chris ordered Chef. Chef picked Franklin up and placed him up onto his feet. Franklin rubs his eyes and his vision comes back.

Chloe and Joel swims together to the end with Adam behind them. Chloe walks to Franklin angrilly. "Thanks for helping me, 'boyfriend'." Chloe said angry as she walks to Franklin.

"Huh? What are you talking about?" Franklin asked.

"Please stop it, Franklin. You just swam next to me, I screamed and shouted. But you never looked back at me, you didn't help me either. You just ignored me." Chloe stated.

(CONF) "I heard her but I never saw her. The water blurred my vision and it hurt to have them open. I didn't even know she was there." Franklin stated.

"W-wait! I can explain!" Franklin begged as Chloe scoffed and ignored his pleads as she walked away with Joel. Adam walked up to Franklin furiously.

"So dude, you have to say something to me, right?!?" Adam asked loud as he looks furious at Franklin. Chloe and Joel looks at Adam who is really angry.

"What are you talking about? I have nothing to say." Franklin replied sadly.

Adam pushes Franklin. "Be a man and say it right in my face. You are dead, bro. Dead." Adam shouts in Franklin face and pushes him one more time. He walks angrilly away.

"Wh-... Oh, no. Everyone is against me... even Chloe... but why is Adam so m-" Frankin questioned before Chris shouted in his ear using the megaphone.


"Argh! My ears...!" Franklin shouted in agony.

Chloe walks back to the changing room but sees Joel standing. She walks to him and hopes she is going to make the right decision. "So... we're voting Adam, right?" Chloe asks.

"Of course. Franklin is immune." Joel said.

Chloe nods. "Yeah but why was Adam so angry on Franklin?" Chloe asks as she looks behind her.

"Franklin tried to get me to vote Adam, and he found out. " Joel answered.

"Okay, so Franklin is going to vote for Adam too?" Chloe asks.

"He wanted me to vote Adam so he could backstab me and have majority." Joel stated. "He said we'd make final two together."

Chloe rolled her eyes. "Thanks for letting me know. I just did not expect this from Franklin." Chloe stated and sighs. "Well, I'm changing... see you at the elimination."

As Chloe walks to the changing room, Adam walks to Joel. "Hey, Joel! Now Franklin is immune we have to vote for Chloe. It's the only option." Adam stated.

"Yes, Franklin and Chloe are split because of him but I think they will both still vote me. I can win a tie breaker easily though." Joel replied.

Adam nods. "It's time to destroy them." Adam said as he laughs.

"Alright, see you at elimination." Joel said to Adam as Adam went into the changing room. Joel walks off as Franklin comes out of the janitorial closet that next to the changing rooms.

"I knew it." Franklin said.

(CONF) "Joel has been trying to separate me and Chloe AND control the game! Now, Joel has stolen my only ally and will soon have gotten rid of Adam. " Franklin ranted. "I knew he was acting strange and that's why he was telling me those things about Chloe! I need to get her back!"

At the cabins, Franklin walks up to Joel. "Where's Chloe? I need to speak with her." Franklin asked angrily.

"After what you did to her? I doubt she'll listen..." Joel mocked Franklin.

" I didn't do anything! You've tricked her and put her against me!" Franklin shouted.

"I didn't have to do much, I just took your actions out of context and poof- she believes me! Adam already hated you, so it wasn't like I tried on him." Joel said casually.

"I can't believe you'd do something as low as breaking up a relationship... a relationship that was working REALLY really well, we loved eachother!" Franklin argued.

"Key word: LOVED." Joel laughed. "You guys can make up after I win. But for now, I'm serious." Joel told Franklin.

"Forget this." Franklin said. He ran outside and saw Adam and then he ran up to Adam. "Dude, hear me out, Joel is playing you!"

Adam laughs. "Don't try to get me to vote for Joel. I dispise you and your poor girlfriend if going home. One last goodbye kiss maybe?" Adam joked as he walks with Joel to the elimination ceremony. They leave Franklin behind them.

(CONF) "With Chloe here on my side, Franklin has barely any chance. The winner of next episodes challenge wins the right to chose who he or she goes against, happens every season. Chloe wins? I make finale. I win? I save Franklin, the weaker player, and win easily. Franklin wins? Eh. I might survive, depending on how far Chloe goes in her hatred of Franklin." Joel strategised. "Most likely, I win."

At the elimination ceremony, everyone is staring at Franklin angrilly. Franklin frowns and sighs. "Guys, I didn't do anything... Please stop." Franklin asked.

"You can't weasle your way out of this, Franklin. " Joel mocked Franklin.

Chloe looks at the others. "Yeah... just let's vote, please." Chloe said annoyed and walks to the confessional.

(CONF) "I vote for Adam, your time is up. Sorry." Chloe stated as she votes for Adam.

(CONF) Adam votes Chloe and looks at the camera. "Pretty obvious you're going home." Adam said.

(CONF) "Adam." Joel voted.

(CONF) "If only I could vote Joel five times. I vote Joel though, only once though." Franklin said.

"Well, here are the results! Vote 1... Adam. Vote 2... Joel. Vote 3. Chloe..." Chris read as Adam looked shocked and scared. "Vote 4... Adam."

"Sorry buddy, I tried to warn you. Joel tricked you..." Franklin said. Adam stared at the ground emotionlessly but after a while it turned into a face of anger.

"Joel, you will hear from me. You will be doomed for the rest of your life." Adam shouts and grabs a book who he always has in his jacket. "Morsmorde, Piltotem, Locomotor, Vressails." Adam shouts as he slowly walks to submarine. "Joel Le Lunacy Doom, Kranksallis, Totom!" Adam laughs and walks in the submarine.

"Wow, what an episode. This episode showed that nobody exists without flaws, but it also probproved that the worst flaw to have is gullibility. Thanks to that, Franklin and Chloe are split and Adam is eliminated. Will Joel's plan succeed? Will Franklin win back his girlfriend? Will Chloe continue to fall for Joel's trap find out the time after next time as next time is one of those boring aftermath shows, but after that, you'll find out. So stay tooned, for some more Total Drama Isle of Terror!" Chris shouted.

~Adam's thoughts in the submarine ~

"I was close, very close, but I already got my revenge on Joel. I've cursed him with a Latin curse. And I made sure he will not reach the final, hahahahahah!" Adam laughs. "Joel, you'll be doomed!!!!"

Episode 22: Aftermath III: Zero Change for Evil.

The lights of the stage goes on. All contestants except the final three plus Adam and Hannah sits on stage, looking to the audience. A boy and a girl walks on stage and everyone claps. "Welcome to the Total Drama Isle of Terror; Aftermath! I know what you all are thinking, again new hosts. That's true. Honey quit and Tirone was removed. My name is Princess, the name says it I'm just a princess at all. You know me from the show Total Drama Relaxing Resort." Princess said and looks at the boy next to her.

"And my name is Corey... the shows I'm in are irrelevant. Don't watch them... Please." Corey begged. "Oh yeah, today, not only will we interview the people eliminated since the last aftermath, but we'll talk about who's likely to win, who we want to win and we'll compete in a challenge where three people will fight to win the person THEY want to win an advantage if they make the finals." Corey looked at Princess. "The first person we're interviewing is a princess, but not the kind you expect, here comes... HANNAH!"

Hannah walks on stage and swings happily. She takes a seat on the bench and smiles at Corey and Princess. "Heyyy!" Hannah said happily.

"Hello, Hannah. How has it been since you gave up Total Drama's one million dollar cash prize for your friends, which I got to say, was pretty selfless." Corey asked.

"Well, look, it was a hard decision. On that point I was like; the million dollars has to go to someone who is spending it out for something good. I knew Adam would spend it out for ghost books, spells and so on. Joel is a football player, of course he will use the money to buy a better team. Chloe and Franklin are both two humans who first think about someone else and after someone else they are going to spend the money for themselves." Hannah stated. "If I placed second in that challenge it would mean Chloe and Franklin were both eliminated. I would never beat Adam and Joel. They already wanted to get me eliminated. I had to do it and I'm fine. Money doesn't change anything, right?" Hannah stated and smiles as everyone claps.

"Speaking about Joel, are you guys enemies, friends or something else? You guys seem to get along pretty well considering how Joel treats everyone else, ESPECIALLY how he treats everyone in the newer episode." Corey asked. "A lot of people even speculate a spark between you two."

Hannah blushes. "I think Joel is very attractive. Of course, why do I like the most villainous boy of all boys? But do you know why? He is the only one who does something with me. How do I have explain this... it's just like we don't want each other but fate brings us together." Hannah tried to explain.

"So, there is a spark? Because it's common knowledge he likes you, he even displayed signs of jealousy when you were into Trey." Corey told her.

"I think we could say it's a spark." Hannah said as she giggles.

"Princess, do you have any questions you'd like to ask?" Corey asked.

Princess looks at her nails. "Nahh, I'm still tired from introducing myself." Princess stated annoyed.

"Just two more questions then. Who do you want to win more? Chloe, Franklin or Joel?" Corey inquired.

"Difficult to say because I want them all to win. I was completly wrong about Joel. But I would love to see Chloe or Franklin winning." Hannah stated.

"Alright, final one. What is your opinion on what happened in the latest episode?" Corey asked.

Hannah thinks. "I don't know, he just wants to play the game, right? He doesn't hurt anyone. Instead, Adam pushed Franklin. I was shocked, I thought they would fight or something. Also I think Joel doesn't want to hurt anyone." Hannah stated. "He wants to win... and yeah, that's not bad? Right?" Hannah asked.

"Good answer, but what about Chloe and Franklin's relationship? You may not think Joel's doing anything wrong, but can you at least tell us what you think of Chloe breaking up with Franklin despite the fact he did nothing wrong?" Corey asked.

"Chloe didn't break up with Franklin. I know Chloe, she's smarter than you think. But I'm not going to spoil anything." Hannah stated as she giggles.

Princess rolls her eyes. "Ugh..." She said annoyed as she continues looking at her nails.

"Well then, thanks for the interview, you may sit anywhere in the peanut gallery. " Corey said. Misery waved her hand to her bestie and shiwed her a space next to her.

Zara who sits next to Misery looks at Hannah. "You've played well, but I wish we voted you off instead of Layson." Zara said and sighs.

"Pshaw! Ignore this girl, girl! I'm glad you stayed, because we wouldn't be besties otherwise." Misery told Hannah.

"Ahww! I love you bestie." Hannah said as she hugs Misery.

"The other contestant we're interviewing today is a total geek when it comes to hauntings but on everything else, he's just a loner with a 'decent' heart. Adam, come on to the stage, man!" Corey introduced.

Adam walks annoyed on stage and sighs as he sees the other contestants. "I don't deserve to be here. Joel should sit here. Not me." Adam mutters.

"Sorry buddy, but you fell for Joel's trap. However, you were warned by Franklin, who in the end, was right." Corey stated.

"True but still, Franklin or Chloe doesn't deserve it either. Just give the million dollars to... ehh... Eleanoria?" Adam randomly said as he looks at Eleanoria who smiled.

"I shouldn't say this, but you were probably my favourite in the game. How was the show overall? Disregarding your bitter elimination, of course." Corey asked.

"Pretty relaxing. In the begin we had Eleanoria and Valen." Adam said as he looks at the two girls. "After the team swap I got a alliance with Trey and we did pretty well. But all good things comes an end." Adam said and looks at Trey.

"Yeah..." Trey muttered. "Thanks to trust issues, we stopped hanging out and we ditched eachother."

"So... it was okay then?" Corey asked.

Adam nods. "Yeah..." He said and looks around him. "Yeah..." Adam was about to say something before Misery stands up.

Misery ran up to Adam and hugged him. "I am so sorry you didn't win. But I am so pleased to see you again!" Misery said.

Adam kisses Misery. "I totally forgot we had a relationship." Adam said. His angry and annoyed face changed in a lucky and happy face. "I've missed you, babe."

"Me too, when you're done with your interview, come sit with me, Hannah and Zara!" Misery replied.

"I will." Adam said and smiled.

"Alright, which of the contestants do you like the most?" Corey asked.

"My girlfriend of course." Adam said with no doubt.

"Um... Princess, any questions?" Corey asked.

Princess rolled her eyes. "Yes. Mother Maria, when are you going to safe me from this hell? When am I going to die?!?" Princess asked as she looks to above.

"Real ones... to ADAM. You won't get paid otherwise." Corey informed her.

Princess throws her lipstick at Corey's head. "Shut up, I'll get paid." Princess snapped at Corey.

"Our contract says we have to at least provide 15 minutes of content." Corey told Princess.

"Whatever." Princess snapped at Corey.

"Grr..." Corey groaned

Adam looks kinda confused. "So, what now?" He asked.

"Now, you notice the three benches, each with a picture of one of the three finalists? You all have to sit on the bench of the person who you want to win, you have to pick a bench though." Corey explained.

"And what if you dislike them all?" Zara asked.

"Pick the least annoying, suck it up and sit down." Corey said.

"I hate my life." Zara said as she sits on a random bench which supports Chloe. "I hate Joel and Franklin disgusts me."

"Guys for the win! But Joel is a JERK, so Franklin it is." Bobby shouted. He runs to the Franklin bench and sits down.

"He played well." Layson commented whilst sitting down at Joel's bench.

Hannah and Misery takes place on Chloe's bench. "I think they all deserve it but if Chloe wins I'm sure she will spend the money in a good way." Hannah stated.

Trey sat on Franklin's bench. "He's a totally nice guy." Trey said.

"Hannah's rooting for Chloe so I will too." Craig said.

Valen and Eleanoria sits on Joel's bench. "I like evil." Valen stated.

"I don't really mind, I don't know them really good. Never talked with any of them..." Eleanoria said as she sits down.

K.C and Adam are thinking about their winner. "I'm not going to root for that jerk Joel. Let's say, Franklin. Besides I've pushed him and I said I would love to get revenge on him he was pretty cool." Adam stated as the two boys going to sit on the Franklin bench. K.C does the same thing.

Chelsea walks to Joel's bench. "The only one who doesn't disgust me." Chelsea said. Zoey looks at the benches of Chloe and Franklin.

"Ehh... let's say I'll do this for my bestfriend." Zoey said and sits on Chloe's bench.

"Alright, our interns have put in the names of the contestants in each team into a randomizer and it will select one of you to represent your winner in the Advantage Challenge! In the Advantage Challenge, the randomised contestants will fight for their winner to get an advantage for if they get into the final two." Corey explained. "Princess, read out the results."

Princess rolls her eyes. She grabs a card and reads it. "Franklin's fighter will be... Adam." Princess said. "Chloe's fighter will be... Zoey." Zoey smiled and looks at the bench of Joel. "And Joel's fighter is... Layson." She reads.

Adam looks at Zoey and Layson. "But do we have to fight now? I'm not hitting a girl..." Adam stated.

"Don't be a wimp, Adam." Zoey laughed and makes herself ready.

"It's just a game and it's nothing personal, whoever wins... wins." Layson told them.

"Alright! The challenge will be a race to find the two golden Chris idols hidden in this room. Whoever finds one first wins his or her winner the best advantage, the person who finds it second gets the winner the so-so advantage and the person who doesn't find it... gets their winner nothing." Corey explained. "Start!"

Layson stopped and looked around. He kept trying to find places that stood out while Adam and Zoey ran everywhere trying to find one.

Zoey runs everywhere and tries to find it. She looks everywhere in everyone bags and jackets. After everything she looks at Chelsea. "Give it." Zoey said as she looks at her purse.

"No, I'm busy with it, you got eyes from your parents right? Use it!!!" Chelsea snapped at Zoey in anger.

Zoey laughs. "I love my life." Zoey said as she slaps Chelsea in her face. She grabs the purse and looks in it. She grabs a hidden idol out of it and shouts. "I KNEW IT!"

"B**ch." Chelsea shouts at Zoey and pushes her away. "Don't try to touch me ever again."

"Chloe gets the number one advantage who will get the other one?" Corey asked rhetorically.

Adam looks at Layson. "Layson. Why are you going to look for a hidden idol for someone who cheated you out of the game." Adam asked, trying to turn Layson against Joel.

"I don't care, it's wrong not to try!" Layson snapped. Layson slammed the wall with his hand, causing an idol to fall from on top of the lights. Layson catches it, but Adam snatches it and pushes him away.

"Sorry dude, but I'm not letting Joel win." Adam said as he looks at Layson. He smiled and kisses the idol.

"Adam scores Franklin the other advantage, not in the most heroic fashion but a wins a win." Corey commentated. "How do you all feel about your victories, and for one of you, loss, for your victor."

"Feels great to know Joel has no advantage." Adam said and smiles.

Zoey looks at Adam. "Besides that, I'm happy Chloe and Franklin have the advantages. I hope one of them will win." Zoey said as she looks proud. "And I've helped them a little bit."

"I don't know whether to be happy Joel has no advantage, I found the idol and actually tried... or disapointed that I lost, and to Adam... no offence, you're just not buff enough for me to easily accept getting tackled by you." Layson said.

Adam smiled. "I don't care." He said worryless.

"Alright. Now, you three follow Princess to a room where you will have a Skype chat with the finalists." Corey told them.

"But I wanted to get something from Mc Donalds! Ughhhhh!!!" Princess snapped and walks with the three to the other room. She sighs and is going to sit on a chair. "Yes, yes, I'm turning it on." Princess said. She turns skype on and calls Franklin.

"Hi! What's up?" Franklin asked.

"We have a... ehh... announcement for you. Could you get Joel and Chloe?" Princess asked and looks at her phone. "Five more minutes and I'm done." She mutters.

"Okay. " Franklin left for a minute and came back with the two. "H-here they are."

"Good, on this aftermath we got a challenge. Three contestants would look for two hidden idols. If you found one you could give someone a advantage who is still in the game." Princess explained. "Zoey for Chloe, Adam for Franklin and Layson for Joel. This advantage could lead you to the final. It's really important. The first place was Zoey. Zoey found the idol as first which makes Chloe the winner. Chloe gets a advantage. But the second place is for Franklin. Adam got the second idol which gives Franklin a little advantage. Joel, you have nothing." Princess said as she looks at her phone. "Almost..."

Adam laughs. "I told you I'd give some revenge." He said as he looks at Joel. He winks and walks away.

"Thanks Zoeyyy! I love you!" Chloe said as she blows a kiss. Zoey blows a kiss to her and walks after Adam away.

"Thanks Adam." Franklin thanked Adam.

"Wooow, Layson, I'm so impressed." Joel stated sarcastically.

"Sorry, Adam took it from me." Layson replied.

"Advantage or no advantage, I'm winning this." Joel said.

Princess turns the TV out and screams. "I'm done! Time to go, adiossss!" Princess said excited and runs away.

"Oh, we're out?" Corey said back at the normal aftermath room. "...Wanna get a burger?" Corey asks Hannah, Misery and Zara.

Hannah and Zara are laughing and looks at Corey. "Oh sorry, we were just talking about boys!" Zara said, happy for the first time on her life.

"Oh, okay." Corey replied.

"But sure, why not?" Zara said as she looks at the other girls. "I'm hungry."

"Alright, come on." Corey stated. He stood up and left with the three girls and Adam who follows them. Bobby whips out his 3ds and starts to play while everyone else just leaves. The skype call ends and even the audience leave, leaving Zoey on her own with the episode not exactly finished.

"The amazing, handsome, pretty, lovely and awesome Zoey won the challenge of today. She was too good for the other two. Zoey won a advantage for her bestfriend Chloe, who is going to win Total Drama Isle of Terror, while Adam won a little advantage for Franklin, the boyfriend of my bestfriend. It's not even complicated anymore. Anyway, the bad boy Joel didn't received anything which means he has to do the challenge all on his own. Layson failed to find a idol." Zoey stated as she looks behind her. She sees Bobby. "And why are you here?"

"Um... I never finished Animal Crossing and... you're not doing it right. It's more like..." Bobby stated as Zoey interrupts him.

"Yeah whatever, don't miss anything of Total Drama Isle of T-" Zoey wanted to end as Bobby interrupts Zoey back.

"Wowza! Last episode, Amy told everyone Samey was Lamey, but Samey pretended to be Amy, so Amy took the blamey, Shamey on Sa-" Bobby interupted before getting interrupted himself.

"ENOUGH! That isn't even true. That show is called Total Drama Pahkitew Island. Not Isle of Terror. Well, goodbye people don't miss next episode of Total Dr- Total-" Zoey said and pushes Bobby away who also wants to end it. "TOTAL DRAMA ISLE OF TERROR!" She shouts quickly.

"ISLE OF- oh, you said it..." Bobby muttered. "#BOBBY'STHEBEST! BYE!" The episode suddenly cut off.

Episode 23: The Sweet, The Smart, The Silly

"Previously in Total Drama Isle of Terror, social Corey and golddigger Princess hosted the Aftermath. This time it was very important. Three contestants had the change to take a advantage for their favorite final three member. Zoey represented Chloe, Adam represented Franklin and Layson represented Joel. Zoey won with no doubt and gave Chloe the most important advantage she could get while Adam won the second one by kind of cheating. Franklin has a little advantage while Joel will do next challenge all by himself. This is going to be dramatic! Chloe hates Franklin, Franklin hates Joel and Joel hates Chloe. I'm very excited for today, and I'm not saying that much. Anyway, it's time for the most excited episode of Total Drama Isle of Terror!" Chris introduced.

~ Intro Sequence ~

Chloe sits at the table, looking around and ticking with her fingers on the table.

(CONF) "No Zoey, no Hannah... I have to talk with Franklin. Come on, it's the final three. I've slept for maybe one hour last night? I wanna know what's going on. Does he likes me or not? I want answers. Something isn't feeling good. Look, this is the point of the game everyone wants to do anything to get in the finale. Who wouldn't? Joel could made up that, besides Franklin totally ignored me at the challenge." Chloe stated.

Chloe walks to the boys room. She slowly opens the door and looks around. She sees Joel sleeping but Franklin isn't there. She closes the door and turns. But now Franklin is right in the front of her. "Omg! You scared me..." Chloe said as she sighs.

"Hi, Chloe. Look, you've got to talk to me, just give me a chance." Franklin told Chloe.

"Actually I was looking for you to talk." Chloe replied as she blushes.

"Oh, okay. Follow me..." Franklin asked her. The two find themselves at the pond, at the picnic area where their picnic got interrupted. "We never got to finish it, so I made us a new one and then we can do some other stuff in the plane crash site, like watch a movie." Franklin looked at Chloe. "I never ditched you, the water got into my eyes, and I'll do everything I can to make it up with you."

Chloe looks at the picnic and almost cries. "Last night I dreamt about our moment before the elimination from K.C. You made me feel better and I felt so guilty that I didn't believe you yesterday. Franklin, I'm asking you one thing... and please be honest to me..." Chloe asked as she looks in Franklin's eyes.

"Okay, ask away..." Franklin replied.

"Stay with me. Forever." Chloe said as she hugs her boyfriend. She cries and feels bad about what she did.

(CONF) "Am I that stupid I believed Joel? This picnic showed me how important he is to me. The picnic of Team B was in the same place. But Franklin was in love with Zoey. The second time, we were together but was interrupted by that stupid alliances. And now, he just made it to show me how important I am for him. It shows me how much he loves me. And it also shows that we have to keep together. How could I trust Joel... he tried to break our relationship. Zoey would tell me I got to punch him in his face but no. Some quiet and slow revenge will be for his own good." Chloe stated as she smiles.

"I will." Franklin answered.

(CONF) "Urg... I can't find Franklin and Chloe anywhere." Joel said. "I guess this means that my alliance with Chloe could be in danger. All I got to do is win this next challenge and I'm golden, but right now, I'm in hot water."

Chloe looks around her. "We have to make a plan. Joel still thinks I hate you. If we show him we are back together he will do everything to win and get us eliminated. We have to act like we are still in a fight until we get him out. It's our only chance to win." Chloe suggested.

"I'm not really a good actor, so it might be best if I only talk to him when I have to." Franklin suggested.

Chloe grabs Franklin's hand. "Don't. Just keep cool, just hate me. Try to hate me. It's fake and when we're re-" Chloe said and stops as she sees Joel walking. "Get out, I don't wanna forgive you!" Chloe screamed as Joel walks to them.

"AAaaAaah... Please lis-listen..." Franklin acted really, really badly.

Chloe rolled her eyes. "You're only saying this because you wanna win. You are dumped, boy. Do I have to spell it out for you?" Chloe asked.

"No..." Franklin said. Joel walked up to them, suspicious.

"Um... are you guys having an argument or... a picnic?" Joel asked.

Chloe looks angry at Joel. "If you look at my face, do you think we have a picnic? He organized it for me but do you know what?" Chloe said as she grabs a sandwich and throws it on Franklin's face. "Now we got a picnic. I'm going to make myself ready for the challenge." Chloe stated and walks angry away. Behind Joel she winks at Franklin and smiles.

Franklin looks at Joel nervously. "Uh..." Franklin groaned.

"So...? What is really going on?" Joel asked.

"A-a picnic, I was trying to, uh... get her to forgive me but she... rejected it?" Franklin replied.

"Why are you saying it like you're asking a question?" Joel said unconvinced.

"I'm not..." Franklin said as fast as he could to avoid seeming awkward.

"HELLO, IT'S CHALLENGE TIME! Come to Challenge Central to have the surprise of your life." Chris announced.

"I'll see you there!" Franklin said before running off. Joel looked as he ran away. At the challenge, Franklin and Chloe were far apart and Joel stood next to Chloe. A plane circled the area and Chris jumped out of the plane, parachuting down to the earth.

"Hello, finalists. You all having a good day?" He asked. "I don't really care about you teens, but these guys might." Chris put a walkie talkie to his ear. "Send them down." A symphony of screams were heard as well as some people being thrown down from the plane. The people all hit the ground, and after that, their parachutes opened.

The people were revealed to be the other mergers of the season. "Say hello again to the rejects you all know and hate. These contestants will be our judges for today's challenge." Chris explained.

"Oh, no..." Joel groaned.

Misery, K.C, Chelsea, Adam, Trey and Hannah climb out of the parachutes. "Ow, that hurt. Franklin! Great to see you again." Trey said as he walked up to Franklin and shaked his hand.

"Ditto!" Franklin replied.

Hannah and Misery sees Chloe and runs to her. "I've missed you two so much." Chloe said as she hugs her besties. "I'm so nervous, why is everyone back?" She asked.

"I have no idea! We were just ready from the aftermath and all mergers got kinda kidnapped to this..." Hannah stated.

"Oh gosh..." Chloe stated and looks at Adam who walks to his girlfriend. He kisses her and looks at Joel.

(CONF) "First eliminated contestant to use the confessionals!" Misery said happily. She takes a selfie and opens the door and leaves.

"Alright, alright, you may be wondering why you are here, but the challenge demands you. The challenge is like an elimination ceremony, but completely different. The judges, e.i eliminated contestants, will vote on who they want eliminated and the votes will be revealed in random order. But, it's not that simple, there will be six rounds consisting of one challenge each, after which, a vote will be revealed. The winner of the round is immune from the following vote, and if the following vote is for the winner, he or she gets to choose who gets it." Chris explained.

"I guess." Franklin said.

"Thanks to last episode's aftermath, Chloe and Franklin have advantages in the challenge. Chloe gets to remove a vote on her, and put it on someone else while Franklin just gets to remove a vote." Chris said. "The judges will also decide the challenges. Alright, judges, go into the confessionals and fill out the sheet and put it in the box."

The judges left and the contestants had mixed looks on their faces.

(CONF) "I get the ability to remove whoever I want if I win enough, but... everyone hates me." Joel said.

Chelsea walks over to Joel. "I know how you feel. And don't worry, I'll vote for someone else instead of you. It's sad to see everyone wants the useless and not dramatic couple in the finale." Chelsea stated as she looks at Joel.

"Thanks..." Joel thanked.

"No problem. And make yourself ready for dance challenge." Chelsea stated as she winks.

Later, Chris looked at the randomised challenges and votes. "Hm... Alright, first off, Adam's challenge which is a spider eating challenge. You have to eat as much spiders as you can. The person with the most eaten spiders will win the first round.

Franklin looked at the spiders and gulped while Chloe gagged. Joel looked at them and scoffed. "Easy..." Joel boasted before eating some of the spiders, his face cringed as he ate the bugs. Franklin stared at the spiders. He tried to take a bite but dropped the spider and ran away holding his mouth as he was gonna throw up. Chris looked at Chloe and pointed at his watch.

"I'm not going to eat that. As first, I'm not going to hurt a living animal and second it's disgusting." Chloe said as she looks at Joel. "Ew..."

"Joel wins round one!" Chris announced. "Adam, show us the person you had voted."

Adam shows his ticket with Joel's name on it. "I wish I could vote you." Adam said.

Joel laughed. "I vote Franklin." Joel said.

"Okay, but Franklin's advantage allows him to remove that vote." Chris stated. Franklin sighed in relief. "Next challenge has been thought up by... Trey! In this challenge, you guys have to complete a short quiz." Trey walked up to the three with some cards.

"Just name the movie these quotes came from." Trey said. "It was a murder, but not a crime?"

"Chicago." Joel answered.

"Correct. Let it go?" Trey asked.

Chloe looks at Trey. "I don't know that much about movies..." Chloe stated as she looks at Franklin.

"Frozen." Franklin replied.

"Great scott!" Trey shouted.

Chloe rolls her eyes as she looks at Franklin. "Are you trying to act smarter than me? How childish..." Chloe faked as she sighs.

(CONF) "Until the end I have to make Joel believing me and Franklin are having a fight." Chloe stated.

"Back to the future! " Joel said.

"You've got a friend in me is from...?" Trey asked.

"Toy Story." Joel replied.

"Joel wins..." Trey said as he frowned. He shows his ticket having Joel's name on it.

"Franklin gets my vote." Joel stated. Franklin sighed and looked at Chris.

"Next up is Hannah!" Chris announced.

Hannah walks to the three. "Hey guys! I'm going to explain my challenge. I have a movie on my phone here which shows a lot of rabbits, deers, birds and a lot of other animals. After this movie I'll give you a question. How much deers have you seen or how much birds. The person with the right answer or the answer which is the most near the right answer wins." Hannah stated excited as she turns her phone on.

As the three are watching, Chloe looks at Franklin. "Remember, fiftheen deers. I know there are seventeen rabbits." Chloe whispered in Franklin's ear as the movie ends.

"Okay, the question... how many deers were seen?" Hannah asked. Chloe looks at Franklin. He has to give the right answer or their plan will fail completly.

Joel opens his mouth to answer. "Fifthteen deers were seen in the film!" Franklin shouted. "Right...?"

Hannah nods. "That's right! Franklin won this challenge!" Hannah stated.

"Who'd you vote?" Chris asked.

"Well my vote was for Franklin. Sorry!" Hannah stated as she blushes.

A surprised Joel started to blush, but he hid it well. "Okay, Joel gets my vote." Franklin said.

"Alright, after her, it's her BFF Misery." Chris announced. "Her challenge is to state the most dramatic scene from a movie you've seen."

(CONF) "What is it with these movie challenges? And isn't Joel an athelete, why does he know so many?" Franklin asked himself.

"...That one scene in Lion King, near the beggining." Franklin said.

"Titanic's ending." Joel said.

Chloe rolled her eyes. "My favorite dramatic scene of a movie was... ehh... Cinderella losing her shoe." Chloe said as everyone laughs. "What?!?"

Misery looked at them and sighed. "More dramatic things have happened in movies, but if I had to pick one of these scenes, it'd be the Titanic." Misery said.

(CONF) "It was supposed to be unsinkable!" Misery cried.

"I voted for Joel." Misery admitted.

Joel looked at Franklin. "My vote will be the same as the last time." Joel stated.

"Up next is K.C! What's your challenge?" Chris asked.

"You have to swim underwater. The last who comes up wins." K.C stated.

The three jumped into a giant bucket of water. Chloe struggled to keep in her breath and came up almost immediately. Joel wasn't struggling at all but Franklin could barely hold it in any more. Franklin tried to keep it in but couldn't. He was going to lose, but he thought of a plan.

(CONF) "It was slightly jerk-ish but I had to." Franklin admitted.

Franklin kicked Joel in the groin, causing him to scream which let in a lot of water. Joel swam up to the top to get some oxygen. "Wow! Franklin wins the round!" Chris shouted. "K.C voted Joel anyway, so he gets the vote. We're down two to two to zero! Finally, Chelsea's challenge!"

Chelsea winks at Joel. "It's time for... musical chairs." Chelsea stated as she looks at everyone. "I hope you all know what that means. There will be two chairs. The music will play, you're going to dance around the chairs. When the music stops you have to sit on a chair. The person who doesn't is out. Then we'll move to the final round with two chairs. The winner wins the challenge. Easy, right?" Chelsea said as she turns the music on.

The three are dancing around the chairs. Chelsea winks at Joel and nods as she puts the music off. Joel looks at Chelsea and forgets to sit. This means he's out. Chloe and Franklin will battle it out. Joel knows that Chelsea is voting Chloe so she has to win this challenge to vote Franklin out. "Sorry!! Time for the finale." Chelsea said as she turns the music on. There's one chair left. Joel looks at Chelsea and as he nods she puts the music off. Chloe sits on the chair and wins the challenge. "We have a winnnnnnnerrr!" Chelsea stated.

"Chelsea, who did you vote?" Chris asked.

"Chloe." Chelsea said as she looks at Chloe. Chloe is smiling while Franklin looks very scared.

"Chloe, who do you redirect your vote to?" Chris inquired.

Chloe looks at the two boys. "Well, I have the advantage to vote for someone. And I can give my vote to someone else because I won. And I'm very happy to say I'm one of the two finalists in Total Drama Isle of Terror. And now I have the change to bring someone with me. The decision isn't very difficult to make for me. Joel, you've played the game well and I think you are a very friendly person when you don't play games like this. Me and Franklin knew what you've done the whole season and what you were trying to do to me and him. Your strategy is smart and that's why you made it this far. But Franklin is my boyfriend and he is the other finalist. Sorry my vote goes to you." Chloe stated as she hugs Franklin.

"Well... fine. It's understandable..." Joel replied.

(CONF) "****! I came so close! Grr... calm down, calm down. It was pretty obvious I was going to be betrayed but it's really... really frustrating." Joel complained.

"Thanks, Chloe! We're the finalists! " Franklin shouted as he hugged Chloe.

"Well, you heard the girl, pack your bags Joel. You guys can chat for an hour before he leaves." Chris said.

Misery went up to Chloe. "Congratulations, girl! I'm so happy for you!" Misery supported.

"Thanks!" Chloe said as she feels very proud. "I'll promise, we're going to have a reunion together!" Chloe stated as she looks at Misery and Hannah.

"Deal!" Hannah replied while smiling.

Trey ran up to Franklin. "You deserve way more people supporting you, dude, you deserve to win this!" Trey stated. "Don't worry, I'll make sure you win, if there are helpers in the finale."

"Thanks, I appreciate that." Franklin said. "I just don't know about what to do about the finale. Chloe has more supporters, she's a better player than I am AND she's my girlfriend, maybe I should let her win."

"Um... what?" Trey asked shocked.

"Well, she's smarter and deserves it more and she'll probably spend the prize a lot better than I would." Franklin replied. "Besides, she'd probably win anyway."

"You can win one million dollars, why would you let her have it?" Trey snapped. "Look, I get she's sweet and you're not very bright, but don't sell yourself short."

"Who said I wasn't bright?" Franklin asked.

"You did, like nine times." Trey replied. "Also, she'd be pretty mad if you threw it for her."

"Don't worry, I'll be very careful about it." Franklin said.

"Well, I can't stop you, but if I get the chance, I'll force you to try, for your own good." Trey said. "In the words of a smart man, 'girls are girls. Money is f****ng money.' You should know what side to pick."

(CONF) "I don't know, I don't want to screw up me and Chloe's relationship because of the money. I-I'll sleep on it." Franklin stated.

At the elimination ceremony, Joel and the eliminated contestants walked over to the Submarine of Shame. "Well, goodbye Total Drama. I may have lost, but at least I was on television." Joel muttered while climbing in after the others.

"Well, that's the end of the final three,and now we move on 'to' the final 'two'. 'Who' would've 'knew' that the lovers would 'do' the finale challenge and one of them will 'true'-ly win this challenge. Come on and 'view' the next episode of-" Chris ended before Franklin spoke.

"What's with the rhyming?" Franklin asked.

"A man's gotta 'do' what a man's gotta 'do', 'sue' me. Anyway, come and 'view' the next episode of Total Drama Isle of Terror, as 'you' will finally find out who wins and see if you the person you 'knew' was gonna win from the start , was true. Next time on Total Drama Isle of Terror!" Chris ended.

(CONF) "That gold old 'too' fast." Franklin said. "Was that funny? Now that I said it it doesn't but in my head it did."

~ Joel's thoughts in the submarine ~

"Well, I didn't win and I didn't have fun. I can only think of one positive part of this trip, and that's kinda personal.' Joel said. "At least I got to break someone I hated's back without any consequences. Heh heh." Joel looked at K.C who just glared at him. "Oh well, I think I'll just give up on puppets, I'm more of a sports kind of guy anyway. Well, bye then."

Episode 24: Time To Win Some Million Dollars

"Last time on Total Drama Isle of Terror, Franklin managed to convince Chloe into realising she was wrong through romance and they got back together again. They planned to double cross Joel and make the finale, but in the challenge, that proved to be very... difficult. The eliminated mergers decided the challenges and it was Chelsea, the person who hated the couple the most, indirectly distracted Joel, losing him the challenge and causing his elimination. But now, it's the final two and one of them will walk away from this with one million dollars!" Chris shouted. "Don't go anywhere, folks, as it's the final thrilling episode of Total Drama Isle of Terror!"

~ Introduction Plays ~

At the cabin site, Franklin was fixing himself up breakfest. In the background, he could hear an airplane coming onto the island. "Must be the eliminated contestants..." Franklin said.

(CONF) "I slept on Trey's idea and I decided that I only came to score Zoey. I mean, the million would be nice but Chloe deserved it more and has gone through a lot more than me too." Franklin said. "It's for the best."

Chloe walked up to him while he ate his breakfast. 'Good mourning, sweetheart." Franklin said.

"Goodmorning, lovely. I had a dream last night. We were the finalists of Total Drama Isle of Terror." Chloe joked as she kisses Franklin on his cheek. "Today is our last day here..."

"Yeah, I know. We're almost done." Franklin replied.

Chloe nods. "I'm gonna miss this. It was quite fun with everyone here, and it was a great expierence. And I'm so thankful to share everything with you." Chloe stated.

"I'm thankful too. And don't worry, I'll let you win." Franklin said.

"No, Franklin. We have to do our best." Chloe said as she eats a banana.

"But you deserve it more, if I throw the challenge, you get first place! Isn't that good?" Franklin asked.

(CONF) "Of course I wanna win, why would I sign up if I don't wanna win? Well, to be honest, I've signed up because I wanted to spend time with Franklin and Zoey. And I did... but I wanna win fair. And Franklin has to do his best for the win." Chloe states as she looks very serious.

Chloe puts her hands on Franklin's and looks at him. "No. I wanna win without your help, Franklin." She said.

"Are you sure, it'd be way easier for us though..." Franklin stated.

Chloe looks in Franklin's eyes and she sighs.

(CONF) "I know him really well, it's my boyfriend, he wouldn't let me lose. So I have to do something." Chloe stated as she shakes a little bit.

"Franklin, we have to break up. This isn't gonna work." Chloe said.

"W-what?" Franklin asked, clearly distraught. "B-b-bu..."

"It's better for us. I wish you the best luck of the world today. You can do it." Chloe said as she leaves the cabin.

"..." Franklin looked as she walked away. "But I'd do it for you..."

"Hello, finalists, it's the final challenge, so you better be ready! Head over to the challenge central so we can begin." Chris announced. "I wish you all the 'best luck of the world today'. Heh he."

At challenge central, Franklin and Chloe walked up to Chris who stood out in the open. "Hello, finalists. You ready for the challenge?" Chris asked. The two contestants shrugged. "I'll take that as a yes. Say hello to the past contestants of this season, as they are here to watch you guys win the one million prize! Four of them will also help you guys out in the challenge."

(CONF) "I don't even know if I want to win. I mean, I'd love having the money but I'm too sad to do it." Franklin admitted. "If I had some time to get over it, than I'd probably try, but she literally just broke up with me ten minutes ago."

"We'll use a randomizer to decide to who each person gets." Chris said. "First, Chloe's partners!" Chris pressed a remote and the screen behind him started to randomly flash contestant icons. Chris let go if the remote button and the icon on the screen was Zoey's. "Chloe's first partner is Zoey!"

Zoey walks to Chloe. "Amazing!" Zoey said excited.

(CONF) "Now I can finally help Chloe instead of she helping me. I've used her as a slave and I'm feeling so bad for her. So now I can do my best for her." Zoey said.

"Alright, Chloe's next partner is..." Chris announced as it landed on K.C. "K.C!"

Chloe smiled. "It's nice to have you on my team, K.C." Chloe said happily.

(CONF) "He won almost every immunity challenge before his elimination. He is strong and smart and I have Zoey. I think it's the perfect team." Chloe said.

"Now onto Franklin! His first partner is...!" Chris shouted. The icon on the screen is Layson's. "Layson!"

"Good to be here!" Layson told Franklin.

"Yeaah..." Franklin replied depressed, Zoey sees how sad he looks.

"Franklin's next partner is..." Chris announced. The icon on the screen is Trey's. "His best bud, Trey!"

"Franklin, I'm so glad I get to help you out!" Trey said.

"Greeeeeeaaaat..." Franklin said sadly.

"Dude, what's wrong?" Trey asked.

"Chloe broke up with me..." Franklin replied. Zoey overheard what he said and looked st Chloe confused.

"Cheer up man, you can win her back." Trey told him.

Zoey turns to Chloe and looks confused. "Why have you broke up with Franklin?" Zoey asked as she looks at Chloe.

"Ssshh..." Chloe whispered. "I haven't. But I had to. It's all fake. He wanted to let me win instead of winning the million dollars by himself. So now he will do his best and not trying to let me win." Chloe said, forgot to whisper. She blushes and looks around. "Do you think he heard it?"

Zoey looks around. "No one did, I guess. And he's talking with Trey. Just don't worry, we'll win that million dollars, you fix things with Franklin and we're going together to Hawai." Zoey suggests as she winks.

"Franklin, you need to pull yourself together. You may not have the girl, but you could win one million dollars! Plus, if you win, she might come back to you, I mean, you do know why she dumped you. It's because you were throwing it for her, maybe if you play fairly, you'll win her back." Trey encouraged Franklin.

"You're right! But what if she doesn't?" Frankin asked.

"You get a million bucks." Trey said.

"Good point..." Franklin said.

"Alright, today's challenge is called The Endless War. In this challenge, you have to run across the island to four different areas, collect a circle of your colour, Franklin's blue, Chloe's red, and run back here. If you have all four of your circles first, you win. Also, no sabotaging the other team's chances by hiding or breaking their circles, you'll lose automatically if you do that." Chris explained, he handed Layson and K.C maps with marked destinations on them. "You all ready? Set? Go!" He shouted.

The two trios ran off into the woods and began to check their maps. The group of Chloe takes the right side and walks into the beach. "Okay we have to go to the boats at the beach. There is a little island who has one red circle." K.C said as he looks at the map. They jump on the boat and drives away.

"Do you know this is the last challenge? The last challenge of Total Drama Isle of Terror..." Chloe said as she looks around her.

"Yes, Chloe. But don't be sad right now. You know Survivor and Amazing Race. They enjoyed their life after the game too. Don't worry." Zoey said as she gives a kiss on Chloe's cheek.

The three arrives at the little island. "What if we go to three different directions. Scream when you found the color circle." K.C suggests as he walks straight. The two best friends smiles as they look at each other.

"Let's walk toge-" Zoey stated as she gets interrupted by K.C who screams. "I think he found it!" Zoey shouts excited. The two girls runs and sees K.C on the ground. "What happened?"

"Get out! There's a snake there, he defends the circle. I've read about them, in two minutes you are knock out for ten minutes. It will take more and more time. When you got the circle, just go. I'll get you two later." K.C said as he closes his eyes.

Chloe and Zoey looks at each other. "Oh gosh..." They say at the same time. Zoey tries to get the circle. When she has it she throws it to Chloe but gets bitten by the snake. "Damned..." Zoey shouts.

"What now?" Chloe asks as she gets scared. "What are we gonna do now?!?"

"Just find the others, me and K.C see you lat-la..." Zoey said as she knocks out.

Chloe sighs and takes the boat. "It's all by myself now..." She said and drives away.

Layson looks at the map and looks at Franklin and Trey. "Alright, if I'm right, there is one on the island outside of this island. But, an easier one would be to go to the plane crash site. " Layson stated.

"Alright, then what are we waiting for?" Trey asked.

"Nothing, let's go." Franklin ordered. The three ran to the plane crash site and looked at it from the outside. "Wait, since this is Chris, will it really be so easy?"

Trey thought about it for a moment. "Won't know unless we try..." Trey replied. The three walked into the room before seeing the red circle and blue circle behind sasquatch.

(CONF) "Oh, really? I've dealt with this guy three times now..." Franklin complained.

"So... what do we do?" Layson asked the others, before realising they already ran for it. Franklin grabbed the blue circle yet he accidentally woke up the sasquatch.

"Uh... heh... you're not still mad at me for the whole-... ramming you with a block of stone, are you?" Franklin asked nervously. The sasquatch lifted him up into the air and threw him into the wall nearby Layson. "Ow...!"

"You okay?" He asked.

"Yes, yes, I'm okay. Let's just boot it! He might come after us!" Franklin ordered.

"Um... I don't think he'll be chasing 'us' per sey." Layson stated. Franklin and Layson looked towards Trey who was getting chased by the sasquatch.

"We'll come back for you!" Frankin said as he walked off with Layson.

Back at Chloe. Chloe is looking on the map while she's driving. But everywhere is fog. It's very foggy and Chloe can't see anything. She arrives at a different island.

(CONF) "What is this...." Chloe says to herself.

As she walks at the island she looks at the monkeys. They jump on her and steals her map. "Stupid monkeys give that back! Omg!" Chloe screams. She falls on the ground and cries. "I'm so selfish, always. I can't even win something without my boyfriend or my bestfriend." Chloe cries and looks at the monkeys around her.

At the little island, K.C and Zoey are both awake and drives with the old wooden boat who was already at the island back. "Wait... isn't that the boat?" Zoey asks as she points at the boat on the other island.

"Yeah! Maybe there's the other color circle." K.C said as they drives to the island. When they arrive they look around for Chloe. They see a monkey running with the map. "He has the map!"

Zoey grabs a stone and throws it to the monkey's head who falls on the ground. Zoey grabs the map and looks to it. "It's ours. This evil creature stole it. Now we have to find Ch...-" Zoey said and stops as she sees Chloe on a tree. "CHLOE!!!"

"ZOEY!!!" Chloe screams as she falls off the tree with a red circle in her hand. "I got it!" Chloe said as she looks excited. The three runs back but K.C falls on the ground as the monkey grabs his leg. The other monkeys jumps on K.C and punches him everywhere. Zoey and Chloe leaves and don't even know they've left K.C behind them.

"Wait... where's... K.C?" Zoey asks as she looks around her.

Franklin and Layson run for a while til they hear the screams of someone pleading for help. They stop in their tracks and look around. "Is that K.C?" Franklin asked. "We have to go save him."

"The screams seem to come from that direction." Layson said as he pointed in the direction of a big tree. 'Hmm? That's where the next circle is!"

"What are we waiting for then!? Let's go!" Franklin ordered as they ran to the tree. They see K.C tied up on the ground near a tree of monkeys.

(CONF) "Monkeys did that?" Trey asked.

"K.C, need any help?" Franklin asked.

"Yes please..." K.C said. "I've been beaten by angry monkeys..."

"Then get us the blue circle!" Franklin bargained.

K.C laughs. "Zoey and Chloe are pretty far right now. Do you really think I will help you when they already have three circles?" K.C lied.

"Fine. Have fun being king of the Primates." Franklin said while he and Layson walked away slowly.

K.C rolled his eyes. "Jerks." He mutters.

(CONF) "Okay, bargaining didn't work. He's too stubborn, guess we'll just get it ourselves." Franklin said.

Franklin ran back with a stone and threw at the circle. The circle fell out of the tree and Layson caught it. "I guess we never needed your help anyway." Franklin said.

"Also, you're a horrible lier." Layson said as they ran off in the direction of the island.

The two best friends are running with the map in their hand. They're looking around because the third color circle has to be somewhere outside of the cabins. "The old cabin from Team A is here and the merge cabin there. And between the cabins there has to be a tree." Zoey says as she reads the map.

"There!" Chloe points at the three. "And then...?"

"Inside of the tree there's a color circle. But there are spiders... and other dirty animals..." Zoey said.

"I don't care, feeling a spider and getting one million dollars or not touching a spider with no million dollars." Chloe said as she goes with her hand inside the tree.

Zoey looks in disguist to her bestie. "I wonder... do you think Franklin will share the money with you if he wins?" Zoey asks.

"Yes why not?" Chloe replied.

"I don't know... I have that feeling." Zoey states.

Chloe grabs something and pulls it back but she got a spider. She screams very loud and throws it away. It lands on Zoey's face. "EWWWW! GET IT OFF ME!!!" Zoey screams as she cries.

"Wait..." Chloe says as she slaps the spider of Zoey's face. "Also..." Chloe shows the color circle. "Time for the last one..."

The two girls continues running. Zoey looks at the map. "The last one is at the old plane..." Zoey said as she reads.

Franklin and Layson are on the boat going to the island. "We need to hurry, they're probably almost done." Franklin said, Layson nodded his head in agreement.

The two ran onto the island but couldn't find the place where the circle is. "This'll be tricky, oh wait! Look, the ground has foot prints and it makes a pathway." Layson said.

(CONF) "Being a son of a lawyer and that I'm studying to be a lawyer, I need to have observation skills to spot out lies and contridictions in photos and testimonies." Layson stated. "It just comes naturally."

The two followed the path and found the circle guarded by a snake. "S-na-sna-SNNNAAAAAKE!" Franklin shouted in fear. "I'm terribly terrified of snakes!"

(CONF) "They're slimey, gross venemous creatures who would turn on you in an instant! Like Chelsea, just a lot less literal." Franklin said.

"Easy!" Layson said. He walked up to the snake confidently and raised his fist to it slowly and carefully before slowly grabbing the snake and letting it move around between his fingers. "Done. You can go get it."

"How'd you do that?" Franklin asked.

"I own a snake at home." Layson answered. Franklin grabbe the circle and ran off, followed by Layson with the snake.

"Where's the last place?" Franklin asked.

"Near the cabins!" Layson replied.

Chloe and Zoey are looking at the plane. "It's so sad, we've started here and we end here. That's pretty nice." Zoey said as she walks to the plane.

"Wait. This is Franklin's and mine place. What will happen there?" Chloe asks as she looks at her best friend.

Zoey's eyes are getting bigger and bigger as she sees the sasquatch behind Chloe. "Behind you...!" Zoey screams. She grabs Chloe's arm and runs with her inside of the plane. They close the door. "Have you seen it? He has the last color circle in his hand." Zoey said scared.

"What do we have to do now?" Chloe asks.

"Watch me." Zoey replied. She opens the door and jumps on the sasquatch. He grabs Zoey and drops the color circle by accident. Chloe grabs it and looks at Zoey. "Leave! NOW!" She screams.

Chloe nods and looks at the map. "Time to win some million dollars hopefully." Chloe said as she runs away.

Franklin and Layson sprinted to the cabins and looked at the tree. "It's in here!" Franklin shouted. Layson looked inside and a big spider jumped out onto his face. The snake angrilly pounces onto the spider and they start fighting. The snake bites the spider, knocking it out.

"That was weird..." Franklin said.

"Just take it!" Layson ordered. Franklin put his hand in and took out a blue circle. "Quick! The girls are-" Chloe runs past them and Franklin and Layson starts to sprint towards challenge central. "Let's hurry!"

(CONF) "If I don't win, at least I saw a snake fight a spider..." Franklin said.

Chloe runs and looks behind her. Franklin is getting really close while Layson runs very slowly. Chloe focusses her but then she falls on the ground. She stands up very fast and sees Franklin passing her. He looks at her and knows she would never break up. She only did it for him. Franklin runs slower and slower while Chloe passes him. "Franklin, do your best, please! You deserve to win." Chloe said as she runs.

Franklin ran as fast as he could, passing Chloe. He looks at her sadly as he got closer to Chris. Suddenly, he tripped over a twig, allowing Chloe to pass him and make it to Chris first."Chloe wins Total Drama Isle of Terror!" Chris announced. "She gets the one million dollar prize! What'cha gonna spend it on, eh?"

Chloe looks speechless at Chris. "I won? I WON! OH MY GOSH!" Chloe shouts. She runs to Zoey who just arrived. She hugs her and looks at Franklin. She walks to him. "I never broke up with you, Franklin. I just wanted to have a fair winner... and I wouldn't mind if you won. I wanna give 50.000 dollars to you so we share the million dollar prize." Chloe said as she kisses her boyfriend.

"Yeah... I just got that... but I'm so glad you won! Plus, it was completly fair." Franklin said.

"I'm really happy for you two." Layson told them.

"Yeah, yeah. We're all happy for you two. Get on the helicopter while I finish off the episode." Chris commanded. "This was one heck of a season and it's only gonna get wilder from here on the next season of Total Drama, Total Drama Set of Drama! It will feature a brand new cast and will be full of the drama you guys love to see!" Trey and Zoey walked up to Chris.

"Chloe won? Little disappointing but good for her!" Trey stated.

Zoey slaps Trey in his face with 20.000 dollar. "Oops sorry, I just got money from the winner. Poorly you haven't." Zoey smiled as she walks back to Chloe. "I wanna do something. A party... to end Total Drama." Zoey suggests.

"That would be awesome!" Chloe stated.

"I don't think I said anything worth a slap but I won't spoil the moment for you guys." Trey said as he entered the helicopter.

"I'm up for a party! Trey?" Franklin asked.

"Sure." Trey said. Layson got into the helicopter.

"Me too!" Layson said.

"Well, let's party then!" Zoey stated.

"You can party once you get home. But for now it's the end of..." Chris ended. The teens started to join in with Chris. "Total... Drama... ISLE OF TERROR!" Chris then stood still for a moment. "Did we forget something?" The helicopter flew off.

K.C still lies on the ground, tied with the monkeys around him. "Why is it always me..." He said as a monkey throws a banana at his face.


  • This story is written by 2 users.
    • Conker and Loenev.
      • Conker withdrew for Episode 11, 12, 13 and 14.
  • Franklin, Misery, Craig, Layson, Bobby, Trey, Joel and Chris are protracted by Conker.
    • In the episodes 11, 12, 13 and 14 everyone is written by Loenev.
  • Chelsea, Zoey, Chloe, Hannah, Zara, Eleanoria, Valen, K.C and Adam are protracted by Loenev.
  • Valen is based on a character of Sam & Cat. She's like the main character, Sam.
  • Eleanoria is based on one of the three fairy's in the fairytale Sleeping Beauty.
  • Chelsea is based on former participant Dakota in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island.
  • The episode names are based on the challenges.
  • The scene of Joel's injuring in Chelsea's High Heels was based on Harry Potter: And The Sorcere's Stone when Ron is defeated by a chess pion.
  • Before the merge, every team had to go to a elimination ceremony. For now, Team C has being the most time on the elimination ceremony.
    • Team B and C has both goes to the elimination ceremony once.
  • Episode 8's name Chelsea's High Heels is the first episode that is called by a contestant's name.
  • Chef appears in the story, but doesn't have a big role as he had in the original series.
  • Episode 8 started with a C and Chelsea (TDIOT)|someone with a C was eliminated in this episode.
    • This was the same thing for Episode 9, which started also with a C and Craig (TDIOT)|someone was eliminated who's name started with a C either.
  • For now, Hannah has the most interactions in the story.
  • Episode 11's title was a quote by Valen (TDIOT)|Valen.
    • This is also the episode she got eliminated.
  • K.C is for now the one who was never in danger at a elimination ceremony.
  • Chelsea is the only one who returns to the game after being eliminated.
  • Valen caused Eleanoria's elimination in Build Your Future but in Aftermath I, Eleanoria's dare caused Valen's elimination in the returning game.
  • Chelsea won the challenge for her team after being eliminated.
    • She was also the reason Zoey got eliminated by Trey, Adam and Hannah.
  • Keykahöw means 'strong' in a language. Zoey was seen as the strongest one of her team and didn't merged.
  • Because Zoey used her immunity idol Misery should get a black vote at the next elimination. This never happend.
  • Zoey and Joel are the only two to find a immunity idol.
    • Both used them on their first elimination ceremony after they find their immunity idol.
      • They were both supossed to be eliminated their first elimination ceremony so they had to use their idol the first elimination ceremony.
  • In The Real Game Is On K.C is the only one who has not a partner and still won.
    • Adam and Joel were running for theirselves as well but they started along.
  • The 14th episode title The Real Game Is On is a quote by Joel after his 'elimination' where he used his idol.
  • Aftermath I hosts Azuna and Leo were created by WinstonMacdonald and BBtHeBiGbAd.
  • The two boys of Team A survived Total Drama Isle of Terror longer than the three girls.
    • Eleanoria was eliminated first, Valen after her and then Misery who quit.
  • The tiebreaker in Dress For Success is the only one in this season.
  • In 'Don't Forget My Name' it's the second time someone is eliminated by everyone else which means everyone has voted for that person.
    • This was also in Build Your Future, where Eleanoria was eliminated by the majority.
  • The episode title of 'Dont Forget My Name' was a quote by Chelsea.
    • She was the person who got eliminated.
      • The same thing happend to Valen who got eliminated in 'I Don't Need You On My Side' which was a quote of her.
  • The last three female's are all blonde.
  • On May 2015 this story won the Featured Story award.
  • K.C (TDIOT)|K.C is the only contestant who gets disqualified.
    • He's also the contestant with the lowest amount of votes.
      • K.C is the only contestant who received no single vote.
  • Hannah (TDIOT)|Hannah has won the Featured Character award.
  • Aftermath II hosts Honey and Tirone are created by Loenev and Conker.
  • Only Adam wasn't seen in the Aftermath II from the remaining contestants.
  • Hannah, Misery and Eleanoria shares a few similarities.
    • Both gets hated just because how they are.
      • Eleanoria gets hated by Valen.
      • Misery gets hated by Zoey.
      • Hannah gets hated by Zara.
        • Zoey dislikes Hannah too but it's not sure if she hates Hannah.
    • All three gets eliminated unfair.
      • Eleanoria gets cheated out by Valen.
      • Misery quits to save her boyfriend Adam.
      • Hannah loses the elimination challenge to save Chloe and Franklin.
  • Hannah is the only contestant who haven't fainted in the whole season.
    • She's also the only one who says goodbye to all remaining contestants.
  • Craig, K.C, Adam, Joel and Trey were all attracted by Hannah the whole season. But none of them has dated her.
  • The two (Chloe, Franklin) who did audition for someone else (Zoey) are the finalists of Total Drama Isle of Terror.