Henry: Either way, WE'RE BACK AT LAST! 18 people, 2 teams, 1 winner.

Character Signups (8 per user) CLOSED


George-I rather listen to reason rather then listen to nonsense 20:24, January 26, 2013 (UTC)

Harold- R444 (Since no one else wants him)

Felicia- RR44

Gina- RR44

Phineas-I rather listen to reason rather then listen to nonsense 04:30, January 26, 2013 (UTC)

Ferb- S321

Garfield- RR44

Odie- S321


Nermal-I rather listen to reason rather then listen to nonsense 20:24, January 26, 2013 (UTC)

Marrisa Meows A Lot- RR44

Babymouse- RR44

Nate- RR44

Firey- RR44 (Since no one else wants him)

Spongebob-I rather listen to reason rather then listen to nonsense 04:31, January 26, 2013 (UTC)

Patrick-I rather listen to reason rather then listen to nonsense 04:31, January 26, 2013 (UTC)

Isabella-I rather listen to reason rather then listen to nonsense 04:31, January 26, 2013 (UTC)


Jimmy Neutron- TrentFan

Episode 1- Not so Happy Returnees

  • The same train from Season 1 returns, Better looking than ever before!*

Phineas: Man it has been a long time. I can't wait for the fun again.

Babymouse: It's good to be back.

Isabella: You two said it.

Garfield: You know how many lasanga i've had since last season?......Lots. Too many to count.

Patrick: Hey guys! What are we doing?

Garfield: Haven't you heard? We're back for a 2nd season...For real this time.

Patrick: A second season for what?

Spongebob: I beleive he is talking about that reality show, Patrick.

Garfield; Total Drama Vengance. Doy. You were the first gone Patrick? Remember?

Patrick: *just stnads there and drools*

Gina: So whose the host gonna be?

Odie: *charges in, jumps onto Garfield and licks him several times*'

Ferb: *walks in*

Phinea: Hey Ferb!

Ferb: *waves*

Garfield: Well that was a warm welcome.

Odie: *barks happily and runs around Garfield continously*

Gina: ....Huh, I guess we'll have to wait until we get here.

Isabella: Maybe it is Henry who is the host.

Ferb: I hope that this goes better than last season.

Garfield: The canceled seasons or Total Drama Vengance: Cartoon Edition?

Spongebob: I think the cancel seasons.

Gina: I agree.

Patrick: I think I remeber something. That one kid got attack by sharks!

Isabela: Yeah. And he came back into the compentition.

Babymouse: That was Timmy....You know? The kid that Gina had a crush on.

Spongebob" *to Baby Mouse* I remember you got DQ.

Babymouse: I'd rather not remember that.

Patick: *falls asleep*

Phineas: Me and Gina had a great finale.

Gina: Yeah. Best finale ever!

George: How is it going guys?

Nate: Ladies and Gentleman, The Nate has arrived!

Nermal: Move a side for the real winner!

Babymouse: Wow, I never thought the competition would be this stiff.

Spongebob: What was up with Squidward the first season He seemed mean.

Felicia: More like what's up with Babymouse still here? I thought she was dead!

Babymouse: GRRR! *Babymouse and Felicia get into a very intense slap fight, With the possibility of turning into a cat fight*

Odie: *barks happily*

Phineas:*tries to break up Felicia and Babymouse* Calm down you two. No need to get into a fight before we begin.

Babymouse: I still have unfinished business with her.

Gina: Phineas is right, Why don't we all just calm down?

Patrick:*Wakes up* What is gooing on?

  • Train stops*


Gina: Oh dear.


Henry: No silly, That's the name of the location.

George: Oh boy, I can't wait!

Challenge 1- Lemon Collecting

Henry: As you can see, You are on the tribes I sent you on before the show begun. We have now installed a confessional stand to unveil your dirty laundry. And these two trees with lemons and with these two buckets with your tribe names over on the left is the sight of our first challenge. LEMON COLLECTING, The team that collects the most lemons wins!

Challenge Ends: 1/26/13, 8:00 pm

Henry: That is the deadline for the challenge, You must all work as a team for this challenge, Or you will fail miserably. So....BEGIN!

Phineas: Hmm alright. *picks up a lemon*

Henry: One last thing, You can get more than 1 lemon if you want.

Babymouse: *picks up 4 lemons*

Isabella: *picks up 5 lemons*

Gina: *gets a lemon* (CONF) I'm not sure if i'm gonna make it far this year. I'm a huge threat from winning last season.

Nermal: *picks up 10 lemons* (CONF)I hope to win this year. I know my cuteness will bring me to the final 10.

Garfield: *picks up 6 lemons* (CONF) I want lemons to eat but i'll save it for later.

George: *picks up 3 lemons* (CONF) I hope to make the final 12 this year at least.

Gina: *gets 9 more lemons*

Spongebob: *picks up 5 lemons*

Gina :*gets 2 more lemons*

Patrick: *picks up 7 lemons* (CONF) I want peanuts.

Babymouse: *picks up 2 more lemons*

George: *picks up 4 more lemons*

Henry: Times up! For the Nali tribe it's 37 points and for the Galupos tribe....18 points, The Nali win! So Galupos, Vote for who you want eliminated.

Elimination/Voting 1

Phineas: Darn. Umm I going to say Harold.

George: Harold, sorry man

Harold: Felicia! She evil man!

Felicia: Harold, That goofball nugget.

Gina: Felicia. She is SOOOOOO catty and annoying!

Garfield: Harold.

Ferb: Harold

Odie: *barks Harold*

Henry: This season, You get......Tiki Coconut Drinks! You get one your safe, You DON'T get one, Your outta here!...The following are safe...Phineas, George, Ferb, Odie, Gina and Garfield, Come get your drinks!

George: Woo-hoo!

Garfield: Yeah!

Henry: Felicia or Harold, One of you is eliminated, The person that is safe this time is....Felicia. Your safe this time around. Harold, You have been eliminated.

Phineas: Sorry Harold, you just didn't do anything.

Harold: Aw man. Maybe next year. Best of luck everyone.

Episode 2- Why Ants Lie

Babymouse: (CONF) I'm glad my team won immunity, I just hope I do good this year.

Georger: (CONF) I feel bad for voting off Harold, but I can do this for him!

Garfield: (CONF) I hate Nermal, That sneaky cat thinks he can get away with his cuteness. But not this year. I have a plan.

Firey: What's up guys?

Nermal: Just having some nice relaxzation after our win yesterday.

Spongebob: I think our team is going to win again!

Henry: And now for Today's Useless Fact...Did you know that on the 26th day on January, All ants must lie in the grass and watch the fireworks....AT PICNIC GROUNDS?....Well your challenge is simple.

Challenge 2- Ant Race

Henry: Whoever leads their team ant to victory first wins immunity! *gives Galupos tribe and Nali tribe trained ants.* BEGIN!

Challenge Ends: When a winner is crowned

Henry: The track is a oval shaped track. Only 1 lap too. And by the way, Ants do not really lie in the grass and watch fireworks. That's why it's a useless fact!

Babymouse: OOoooooohhhhhhh......

Nermal: *has his ants following him with his cutness*

Phineas: Hey Ferb, you think we can build something for our ants to listen to us?

Nate: *makes a mini catapult for the ants*

Isabella: *putting down girl scout cookies for the ants*

Gina: *makes a hypno ray for the ants* (CONF) This should be easy.

Garfield: *leaves bread tracks for the ants* (CONF) Now THIS should be easy.

George: *putting down all kinds of food* This isn't so bad.

Ants: *following everyone in both teams, they run fast, it's close, Only one team can win*

Nermal: *makes a cuter look* (CONF) My cuteness will win this.

  • The ants cross the finish line, But the Nali's ants hit first*

Henry: NALI WINS IMMUNITY!...Again...Galupos, Pick a loser, Any loser and i'll see you at elimination.

Voting/Elimination 2

George: Felicia, she actually force me off screen to vote against Harold.

Phineas: Felicia.

Felicia: George

Garfield: Felicia.

Gina: Felicia is a no good, snobby, little, kniving, witch!

  • Felicia and Gina get in a catfight*

Henry: Odie and Ferb, Please vote.

Henry: Odie, Ferb, Phineas, Garfield and Gina are safe......George, You are also safe.

George: Bye Felicia, nobody liked you anyways!

Felicia: Shut up. *Gina and Felcia continue their catfight, Security breaks em up*

Henry: Ta ta, Have a nice day.

Episode 3- The Stadium of Doom

Babymouse: Thank god Felicia's gone.

Phineas: At least we got rid of the only antagonist.

Nermal: That is ashame, my cuteness would have got her voted off at the merge. Oh well she wasn't liked.

Garfield: Your lucky Odie, If it were you who were eliminated, You would have been lost in the dog pound!

Isabella: I'm glad it wasn't Phineas.

Patrick: Yeah, though he is a threat, but I don't know why though.(CONF)Ummm is Phineas a threat?

Gina: Well, He was 2nd last season.

MMAL: Well doy.

Nate: Ladies and Gentleman, Patrick has learned about the threat of Phineas! Congratulations.

Spongebob: I think him and Gina will be in the final 2 again.

Nate: That what i'm saying, We need to form a alliance Spongebob...And your friend too. Maybe we could make the final 3 together.

Spongebob: Alright. (CONF) Gina and Phineas aren't bad people, but they do need to be taken out.

Henry: LISTEN UP SUCK-Errr, I mean...CAMPERS, This is your next challenge!

Challenge 3- Rockball

Henry: You must pelt each other with rocks, If you are hit by one, YOUR ELIMINATED, Nali has 2 members more, Please choose 2 not to compete.

Nermal: I don't want to do this challenge. I might get hit in the face and ruin my cuteness.

Firey: I'll sit out, I'll burn up the rocks

Challenge ends: When a team runs out of members

Henry: GO!

Patrick: *throws a rock at Gina*

Gina: Ack!

Garfield: *throws rock at Babymouse, Nermal and Isabella (CONF) This season is mine!

Nermal: *doges it* Hey, I'm sitting out of this challenge. (CONF) I think Garfield is just jealus of my cuteness

Isabella: Ouch.

Garfield: (CONF) To answer your question Nermal, Yes I am.

Nate: *throws rock at Garfield*

Spongebob: *Throws a rock at Odie*

Phineas: *Throws a rock at MMAL*

Garfield: It's up to you Phineas.....Or Ferb...Or George..

George: *throws a a rock at Nate and Patrick*

Henry: GALUPOS WIN!!!!....For a change.

Nate: *to Spongebob, Patrick* Soo....Who should we vote for?

Spongebob: Marrisa Meows A Lot. She was also mean in season 1.

Patrick: She hasn't really done anything. So I want her off too.

Nate: Then it's settled then.

Elimination 3/Voting 3

Nate: Marrisa Meows A Lot, Your a floater.

Patrick: Marrisa Meows A Lot.

Spongebob: Marrisa Meows A Lot.

Babymouse: Nate the "Great". Yeesh.

Firey: I agree. Nate needs to go.

Nermal: Marrisa Meows A Lot, she is not true to her name. Come on she hasn't really said a lot.


Henry: Uh, Calm down now MMAL, Your just frustrated.


Nate: o_O


Henry: ....I guess MMAL has quit the game. So she is eliminated!

Nermal: I gussed I should have voted for Firey. He is just fire.

Firey: Jerk.

Episode 4- The Aftermath of Last Episode

  • The next day, Everyone is still reeling over the effects of yesterday*

Isabella: I was going to vote for Patrick, but that didn't matter since MMAL still would have been voted off.

Patrick: I feel sorry for wanting her to go. I just couldn't think of anybody else.

Gina: It wouldn't have mattered anyway.

Phineas: Yeah, I mean she was mean season 1. Though the more recent canceled season reveales she was just being used.

Gina: True that.

George: Yeah and I was used to vote off Harold by Felicia.

Henry: Ok, So uh, After last night's event, Do anyone of you still want a challenge for today?

Spongebob: I don't feel like doing a challenge.

Henry: Everyone Else?

Patrick: I agree with Spongebob.

Henry: Then it's unanimous, No challenge today....HOWEVER...Your ALL up for elimination anyway! Since we can't leave the viewers bored!

Isabella:So any ideas who to vote for?

Babymouse: Nermal, He may be cute, But he's cocky, arrogant, and a bit of a cheater.

Nate: *to Spongebob and Patrick* Who do you want eliminated?

Patrick: Babymouse

Spongebob: I agree.

Babymouse: Wha? But what did I do wrong?

Nate: Remember last season.

Babymouse: Grrr, I'd rather not remember.

Phineas: I feel like voting off Ferb.

Garfield: *to Phineas* BETRAYING YOUR OWN FRIEND? That's muntiny! And to think you were nice!

Babymouse: He hasn't competed in like, AGES....God.

George: And he really hasn't said anything.

Eliminations 4 & 5, Voting 4 & 5

Henry: That's right, We're voting 2 people out! Sick twist.

Patrick: Babymouse and Ferb

Babymouse: NATE AND PATRICK!!!! *Freak outs*

Spongebob: Ferb and Babymouse

Nermal: Garfield and Odie

Garfield: Nermal and Nate.

Nate: Babymouse and Ferb

Phineas: Ferb and Odie

Gina: Patrick and Spongebob. At least we'll stop Nate's pity allience.

George: Nate and Ferb. Ridding Nate will just have Patrick and Spongebob stop being tools.

Gina: True that.

Isabella: Nate and Ferb. Sorry Ferb.

Henry: Isabella, Gina and Phineas were the only ones to have 0 votes. They are safe and get coconut drinks!

Firey: Nate and Spongebob!!!!, Jeezes Cripes.

Henry: And Firey too. George is also safe at 0 so Isabella, Gina and Phineas are NOT alone.

Henry: We also have Nermal safe. Garfield safe and Babymouse too......Nate's allience is also safe for some god forlorn reason meaning Ferb and Odie are OUTTA HERE!

Garfield: Sry Odie.

Episode 5- Power of The Nate Alliance

George: Now we are down to 4 members.

Nermal:*To Nate* Can I join your alliance?

Nate: *to Nate* kk.

Garfield: *to George* Yeah, We can't lose anymore members!

Gina: *CONF* My team has 4 members, And I'm sure it'll be 3 by day's done.

Challenge 4- Climb the Rope and Ring the Bell

Henry: Uh, Yeah. That's it. This challenge takes 1 minute to do, Since we could only afford 1 rope for both of your team, You have to live with it.

Patrick: I can live that. *Starts climbing*

Gina: *starts climbing*

Henry: The rope is only 10 inches, So it's EASY!

Phineas: *manages to grab Patrick's leg*

Patrick: Hey! Let go!

Nate: *let's Patrick go and pushes Phineas off*

Gina: *climbing more*

Garfield: *Climbing up*

Henry: One last thing, The first person to make the top and ring the bell wins!

Gina: *makes the top and does so!*


Nermal: Darn.I think Firey should go.

Firey: *burns Nermal*

Nate: *slaps Firey*

Spongebob&Patrick: Firey should go!

Elimination 6

Babymouse: NATE.

Isabella: Nate.

Patrick&Spongebob: Firey.

Nate: Firey.

Firey: Nate.

Nermal: Firey

Henry: Babymouse, Isabella, Patrick, Spongebob, Nermal and Nate, YOUR ALL SAFE! Except for Firey.

Firey: Grrr. *Slaps Nate, They both trade slaps*

Nermal: Break it up you two! And can security escort Firey away?

  • Security does so*

Episode 6- The title has nothing to do with the episode!

Henry: Congratulations to everyone for making it this far, You are the final 10! So today, We're splitting up the teams!

Phineas: This should be interresting. I think we start by trimming Nate's alliance.

Henry: We call your team..........Palubu! Your team color will be....WHITE!

Henry: Guess what your next challenge is?.....

Challenge 5- Stay On Mon!

Henry: Whoever stays on the bar longest wins!

Nermal: Sounds easy *gets on the bar*

Gina: *stands on the bar*

Garfield: *pushes Nermal off* Ha. *In turn is pushed by Patrick* RATS! (CONF) What is wrong with you Patrick?

Patrick: (CONF) Do not hurt my friend!

Isabella: Patrick, Nate and possibly Nermal are just using you. (CONF) I feel like the cute kitty is untrustworthy.

Gina: Yeah, Their just using you. *Patrick goes on a rampage, taking out Gina, Isabella, Babymouse, Phineas and George*

Spongebob: *falls* Darn. Oh well though.


Nate: *backstabs Patrick and eliminates him*

Henry: Second that, NATE WINS IMMUNITY!

Nate: *to Patrick* Sorry, It's not personal issues......It's the fact that I was using you all along.

Gina: *to Patrick* SEE? I told you!

Babymouse: YOU JERK!

Henry: Hold your horses!, This is something new i've come up with!...BEHOLD! *Shows a turquoise token* THE REVENGE TOKEN! It goes to any contestant...But you need to win a mini challenge, Tonight, Babymouse and George are gonna go at it with this challenge.

Mini Challenge for the Revenge Token

Henry: Whoever fills up their glass with juice first wins!

Patrick: *Fills juice glass with juice*

Henry: Babymouse vs George...BEGIN!

Babymouse: *fills her glass up* That's it?


Nermal: Interresting to see who is going to be gone.

Babymouse: So I can put anyone up for elimination?

Henry: YES!

Babymouse: Then I pick Nate!

Nate: WHAT!??!!??!

Elimination 7

Gina: Nate.

Babymouse: Nate.

Garfield: NATE.

Patrick: Nate.

Nermal: Nate.

Nate: BABYMOUSE! >:(

Gina: *sigh* Oh good god.

Phineas: Nate.

Isabella: Nate.

Spongebob: Nate

George: Nate


Babymouse: THAT'S IT! YOUR A ARROGANT LITTLE SOG! *Son of a Gun* AND I'M GONNA KICK.....YOUR....BUTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Babymouse and Nate fight*

Nermal: Calm down now. Nate, your gone. Isn't that right Henry?

Henry: That's right, Nate, YOU ARE ELIMINATED....With that, We only have 9 people left. *Sercuity take a screaming and kicking Nate away*

Episode 7- I've Been Screwed Over!

Babymouse: *to Patrick and Spongebob* Thank god Nate is god, He was such a jerk!

Patrick:Yeah and sorry about yesterday.

Spongebob: Well Patrick you didn't know. Or we didn't.

Babymouse: It looks like your alliance is up in flames now.

Nermal: Yeah. I just joined, because I just wanted to make sure Firey was voted off.

Babymouse: Maybe I can fix it up. *Gina is seen* Hey Gina, Wanna join?

Gina: Sure! With Nate gone we lost the only other antognigist here. So i'm totally joining.

George: Yeah, that evil guy neede to go. So now things willl be more soothing.

Gina: Yeah.

Isabella: *whispering to Garfield* Can I trust Nermal? I got a feeling he is only acting.

Garfield: *whispering to Isabella* Are you kidding me? Nermal's evil! I just know it!

Henry: Ready for your next challenge?


Henry: This is a historic moment in TDV history....

Phineas: How is that?

Henry: A new contestant will join the game!

George: Who is it?

Henry: I'll tell you after your challenge.

Isabella: What is the challenge?



Nermal: But there is still elimination.

Henry: Yeah...So at elimination, You will find out who he is.....

Elimination 9

Henry: And this time, Not 1, 2, BUT 3 Contestants will be eliminated...TONIGHT!

Nermal: Garfield, Isabella, George *Acts all cute* Can somebody please vote for them I don't hate them. They are good people and cat. I just want them gone.

Babymouse: Garfield, Isabella and George.

Gina: I'm in a alliance, We need to stick together! So same thing

Garfield: Nermal, George and Babymouse

Patrick&Spongebob: Garfield, Isabella, George

Phineas: *hypnotize by Nermal's cuteness* Garfield, George and Isabella

Isabella: NOOOOOOO! Nermal, Phineas, Gina.

George: Nermal, Babymouse, Gina

Henry: It seems that Garfield, Isabella and George and done!

Garfield: Thanks a lot Phineas, First you eliminate Ferb, your own friend, NOW your girlfriend Isabella. Shame on you!


Garfield: ATTA GIRL ISABELLA! *Hi fives Isabella*

Isabella: *Pounces on Nermal*

  • Security takes her away*

Henry: And now, The big moment. *To Sercuity* OK GUYS! BRING OUT THE NEWCOMER!

  • Brings the newcomer*(Who is it)

Jimmy Neutron: *Comes in* Hello everyone. I'm Jimmy Neutron, boy genius.

Garfield: How's it going? I'm Garfield.

Jimmy: Hey Garfield, nice to meet you.

Henry: Babymouse, Neutron, Neutron, Babymouse, Gina, Jimmy, Jimmy, Gina, Everyone Else and Jimmy Neutron and Jimmy Neutron and Everyone Else. Have a nice day.

Episode 8- Reveal Expelldous

Henry: Congratulations to you all, You have made it to the final 7!

Babymouse: (CONF) Yes! Final 7! Watch out world, This is the year of Babymouse!

Gina: (CONF) Final 7 2 years in a row?!?! AWESOME!

Phineas: (CONF) Final 7 again. But I was in a strange trance,

Nermal: (CONF) Sorry Phineas, but you gotto go.

Babymouse: (CONF) I wouldn't be surprised if Phineas got so guilty that he threw the challenge and voted for himself....Or quit due to the guilt.

Phineas: Garfield, Isabella, and George are gone. I feel bad about them getting eliminated.

Challenge 6- Totem Hopping Again?

Henry: This time, It's totem hopping!!!...This time there are twice as many totems and their twice as fast...BEGIN!

Patrick:*starts Hopping*

Gina: *hopping*

Babymouse: *hopping*

Nermal: *hopping*

Spongebob: *hopping*

Phineas: *falls*

Gina: *falls*

Spongebob: *falls*

Nermal: *falls*

  • Neutron and Patrick fall*


Babymouse: Yayzers!

Phineas: Who to vote off. Though I did eliminate both Ferb and Isabella. I just don't know why Isabella, because I was in a trance. Hmmm...

Babymouse: *to her alliance* Who should we eliminate?

Sponegbob&Patrick: Phineas!

Nermal: Indeed.

Gina: *seen trouble*

Elimination 10

Henry: You know what to do!

Babymouse: Phineas.

Nermal: Phineas

Spongebob: Phineas

Gina: I guess i'll vote for............................Phineas..............*secretly crying to herself*

Phineas: Nermal

Patrick: Phineas

Henry: Since Neutron just debuted, He is automaticly safe.

Henry: And with everyone voting for him, Your loser is.........................................................................................Phine-

Gina: WAIT!

Henry: ......Yes?

Gina: I can't do this! The pressure's gotten to me! I've even gone as far as voting of Phineas!......This isn't me....This isn't me at all....I'm better than this, I'm better than Nate....Better than Felicia and better than Nermal.

Babymouse: Can we go on now?

Spongebob: The show much go on.

Nermal: I don't know why Gina said my name.

Gina: I have a confession........Due to this guilt bug flying by me, I hearby resign from the game.

Henry: O_O.....Well, uhh, I guess that means Gina quits the game........

Phineas: So this mean I'm still in it?

Henry; Yeah, I guess.

Spongebob: Now I have a feeling Nermal can't be trusted.

Patrick: What do you mean?

Babymouse: Nermal's manipulated Phineas and drove Gina to the point of tears tonight.

Phineas: Yeah, He must be stopped.

Jimmy: Well, this has been interesting......

Patrick: It sure has!

Babymouse: I mean. What next? Aliens invade the show?................Nah!

Spongebob: Giant Ice cream cone climbing!

Jimmy: Ice Cream Cone Climbing doesn't sound that bad. Sounds kind of fun. But still, science is the best thing in the world.

Phineas: Yes that would be nice. Erm what where we talking about again?

Episode 9- Fight to the Finish

Henry: Wow! The Final 6! Awesome! We're almost done now!

Nermal: (CONF) I knew I would make it this far.

Babymouse: (CONF) Final 6? Yay!!

Phineas: I feel a little upset.

Babymouse: What's wrong?

Phineas: *sigh*Ferb, Isabella, and Gina.

Spongebob: I feel sorry for them.

Babymouse: I feel your pain. If I were you, I would withdraw from the game all together.

Phineas: You know what? Yo are right maybe I should. I think you, Patrick, Spongebob, or all three of you might be able to bring Nermal down.

Babymouse: The competition gets stiff right about now. I think it might for the best. Good job Phineas.

Patirck: We can stop Nermal?

Spongebob: Sure we can! Even help from the Boy Genius, we should. And Babymouse is right, Phineas.

Babymouse: *to Phineas* You did good Phineas.

Phineas: Well bye. *leaves*

Babymouse: Bye.

Henry: ..Wow, That's the 3rd dropout of the year!......Oh well, No challenge I guess...Still elimination, Blah blah blah. Get to it.

Elimination 11

Nermal: Okay.

Babymouse: *to Patrick and Spongebob* So were all clear that Nermal is gone right? *Patrick and Spongebob nod* Good.

Patrick: Nermal.

Jimmy: From all that I've gathered, I vote Nermal, apparently he can't be trusted. Besides, Goddard would want the same thing.

Spongebob: Nermal

Nermal: Babymouse.D:<

Babymouse: Nermal.

Henry: Ding dong, The witch is dead, Nermal is eliminated....finally!

Nermal:*sigh* Fine. *leaves*

Episode 10- Remember Me?

Henry: Congratulations! After weeks and weeks of competions, We've reached the final 4. In the campfire, You can find a memorial for every eliminated contestant ever!

Jimmy: Luckily, I watched the show before I debuted.........but I never truly communicated with anyone eliminated before Garfield, Gina, and Isabella......Hmm.........

  • Harold tribute sign*

Patrick: Poor Harold he didn't get a chance.

  • Felicia tribute sign*
  • crickets chirp

Jimmy: Poor Felicia, she really wanted to win, but she couldn't.

  • MMAL tribute sign*
  • More crickets chirp*

Spongebob: I know we are paying tribute to those have been eliminated, but I'm glad me and Patrick and Babymouse have not been eliminated so early this time.

Patrick: We have been eliminated early before?

Babymouse: Yeah.

  • Ferb and Odie statues*

Jimmy: Ferb, you were a smart guy. Odie, you seemed like a nice puppy.

Spongebob: They were.

  • Firey statue*

Patrick: He was eliminated because of Nermal right?

Babymouse: No, Nate.

  • Nate statue*

Babymouse: Nate, You are a arrogant kniving witch, I hate you more than Felicia!

Spongebob: Ungrateful jerk!

Patrick: Meanie!

Jimmy: I'll go along with the bandwagon and say you were a mean person.

  • Garfield, George and Isabella statues*

Babymouse: They were all good people and cat.

Jimmy: Garfield was the first person I talked to.......Isabella, seemed like a nice girl, and George seemed like a good competitor.

Spongebob: It was a shame they got voted off by Phineas due to Nermal.

  • Gina statue*

Jimmy: Shame she quit, she seemed like she'd be a great friend to most people.....

Babymouse: Last year she won the money too!...I'm starting to wonder however if Gina has a crush on Phineas..That WOULD bring tension coming into next season.

Jimmy: Yeah, that would.

Patrick: How

Spongebob: Isabella would be jealous.

  • Phineas and possibly the worst contestant of them all.....Nermal...DUN DUN DUUUUUUUNNN*

Jimmy: Though Phineas voted off everyone he knew and liked, he was a good guy. Can't say the same for Nermal.


Spongebob&Patrick: Yeah!

Challenge 8: If you stayed on once, You can stay on again!

Henry: The 4th placer however will NOT go on to the final 3.

Spongebob: What are we staying on?

Henry: Same bar as last time!

Babymouse: kk! (CONF) I made it all the way to the final 4! WHO CAN STOP ME NOW?

Patrick: *gets on the bar* (CONF) This is very exciting.

Jimmy: *gets on bar* (CONF) I hope I stay, if not the others deserve to win.

Spongebob: *gets on bar* (CONF) Here goes nothing.

Babymouse: *gets on bar*

Henry: BEGIN!

Patrick: *Remembering what happen with Nate* *nearly falls but hangs on*

Jimmy: *hanging on to bar* This is intense.........

Babymouse: *staying on*

Spongebob: *still hanging on*

Jimmy: *hangs on* I can't believe it will end like this for someone.....

Patrick: *same thing happens* I need to keep my headin the game.

Babymouse: *takes Spongebob off the bar and out of the game*


Spongebob: Well that was fun! See you guys at the finale!

Episode 11- The Freakingly Epic Super Amazing Ultra Grand Final FINALE!!!!!!

Jimmy: Poor Spongebob, he was a nice guy.

Henry: Well guys, This is it. We've finally reached the FINAL 3....But the prize can't go to all of you, So we must compete in ONE.....LAST.....CHALLENGE....

Patrick: This is exciting!

Henry: Unfortunatly, Since TrentFan doesn't come on until sometime in 6:00 pm, at 6:15 pm we'll start the challenge there.......HOWEVER....... That gives you some free time.

Babymouse: kk.

Patrick: Alright.

Henry: As for everyone else who didn't make it here, Choose who you want to win by sitting on one of the sidelines with a person from the final 3!

Spongebob: *sits on a bench with Patrick's face*

George:*Sits on a bench with Jimmy's face*

Firey: *sits on a bench with Babymouse's face*

Phineas:*sits on a bench with Babymouse's face*

Harold: *sits on a bench with Jimmy's face*

Nemral: *sits on a bech with Patrick's face*

  • Garfield, Isabella, Ferb, Odie and Felicia sit on the bench with Babymouse's face*
  • Nate sits on the bench with Patrick's face*
  • Everyone else goes to the sit for Neutron*

Spongebob: Go Patrick!

Babymouse: OMG, People like me! Maybe even Felicia of all people!

Felicia: No, Not really.

Babymouse: *to Felicia* Screw you.

Henry: Your challenge....IS ALL CHALLENGES COMBINED!...Except for the last one...The winner of the challenge, wins the challenge, the prize AND IS DECLARED THE WINNER OF TDV!!!...ARE YOU READY!??!

Jimmy: Yeah, I'm ready. (CONF) Well........this will be hard.


  • Challenge 1: Lemon Collecting, Mini Challenge 1: Put a lemon in the basket*

Jimmy: *grabs a basket, shakes a tree to get a lemon which falls into the basket* Sweet!

Babymouse: *climbs tree, gets a lemon* YAY!

Jimmy: *runs to ants*

Babymouse: *same thing8

Jimmy: *leads ants to finish*

Babymouse: *same thing*

Jimmy: *runs to rockball*

Patrick: *fell asleep and woke up* *gets the lemon in the basket* *leads ants to finish*

Jimmy: *runs and throws a rock back at Babymouse* Sorry!

Patrick: *caught up with Jimmy and Babymouse* *throws rock at Jimmy* I'm so sorry!

Babymouse: It's ok!

Jimmy: *runs back through rockball and throws a rock but misses purposely at Babymouse* Good luck, Babymouse!

Babymouse: Thx!

Jimmy: No problem! *runs to next part*

Patrick: *heads towards rope*

Jimmy: *climbs rope and rings bell* Good luck, Patrick!

Babymouse: *heads for the rope*

Jimmy: It's just ten feet Patrick! You can do it! *runs to next part*

Patrick: *rings the bell* *heads towards the next part*

Jimmy: *gets on bar and stays on*

Patrick: *does the same* This is going to be close.

Babymouse: *same* Yeah!

Jimmy: *Gets off in the nearest safe area* Good luck! *runs to next part*

Patrick: *does the same* *follows to the totem poles*

Jimmy: *hops through totems* Woah!

Patrick:Is thisthe last part?*Gets on totem and starts hopping*

Babymouse: *hops through totems* You get used to it after a while.

Jimmy: Yes it is, Patrick! *finishes the totem hopping*

Patrick: *finishes* I guess that means you win. Congratulations!

Jimmy: I bet there's a twist, though Patrick. Anyways, you both are awesome competitors. That was a cool challenge.

Henry: Yes there is. As you see, You and Patrick have won the final challenge....HOWEVER, There is one more part of the finale I never told you, We're having a final voting ceramony....Babymouse, I'm sorry, But you came in 3rd. You don't win the game, But you played a great game and were a wonderful contestant.

Patrick: The winner is picked or something?

The Final Voting Ceramony

Henry: This time the eliminated contestants are voting for a winner, Whoever has the most votes will win the camp AND THE PRIZE!

Phineas: I'm going to go with Patrick.

Gina: Hmmm....Neutron?

George: Jimmy

Harold: Jimmy!

Nate: Patrick.

Nermal: Patrick.

Isabella: Jimmy.

MMAL: Patrick.

Felicia: Patrick.

Garfield: I'm going with my gut and pick Jimmy Neutron.


Firey: By god allmighty, I hope Nermal goes ablaze. I pick Neutron.

Nermal: Fire can easily be put out by water.

Phineas: 6 Patrick, 6 Jimmy. Ferb and Odie need to vote. And Babymouse. 

Babymouse: *sigh* Well, I guess this is it......This will go down as the last vote casted in TDV season 2........I can't believe how much we've accomplished....We made new friends....formed alliances...and had the time of our lives......Jimmy, You've been a great friend......I've always knew you were gonna be a good competitor from the beginning.....Patrick.....You were cool and all....But Nate's alliance seels my vote....By the way...Phineas....I have to admit....You are pretty cute...*chuckles* No offense to Phinbella fans everywhere......But I just want to vote.........Jimmy.....Thank you.


George: What?


Felicia: He's right! Even better than me vs Babymouse

Babymouse: Typical.

Henry: I'm sorry Nate, Next year if you work hard, You might have a chance.

Nate: SHUT UP!

Henry: *facepalm* SECURITY!!!!! *Security takes him away* There we go.....Now with that over with....I declare the winner of TDV be.............JIMMY NEUTRON!


Jimmy: Wow.......I won. Thanks everyone. You are all great. Good job to Patrick and Babymouse too, you guys did great.

Patrick: Yeah!

Nermal:*sigh* Congrats.

Henry: We like to take the time to thank everyone for  watching only the 2nd sucessful RR44 camp in history, And hope you enjoy......SEASON THREE!!!!...Yeah, You heard correctly, SEASON THREE! *Wicked grin*

Babymouse: (CONF) Did he just say Season 3?

Jimmy: (CONF) I'm surprised I won, but it's pretty cool. Though season 3 is a shocker.....

Phineas: Who is in it?

Henry: Guys, Meet the newcomers.......We have in the order, Mr. Krabs, Puffball, Needle, Leafy, Huckle, Lowey, Dudley, Kitty, Sandy, Max and Bloo!, And guess what? The fans have voted in Phineas, Garfield, Babymouse, Gina, George, Nate, Patrick, Spongebob, Jimmy, Nermal and Isabella for another season!

George: Well Mr. Krabs, Kitty, Needle, and Dudley finally will be a full season instead ofone that was canceled.

Dudley: Woohoo! Another season!

Kitty: Well, At least maybe for once we'll last the whole season.

Elimination Table

Place Contestant Merge 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
1st Jimmy Neutron YES Debute Episode 7 in the Elimination Ceremony N/A N/A Nermal WIN WINNER
2nd Patrick WIN WIN MMAL Babymouse&Ferb Firey Nate Garfield, Isabella, George Phineas Nermal WIN RUNNER-UP
3rd Babymouse WIN WIN Nate Nate&Patrick Nate Nate Garfield, Isabella, George Phineas Nermal WIN OUT
4th Spongebob WIN WIN MMAL Babymouse&Ferb Firey Nate Garfield, Isabella, George Phineas Nermal OUT
5th Nermal WIN WIN MMAL Garfield&Odie Firey Nate Garfield, Isabella, George Phineas Babymouse
6th Phineas Harold Felicia WIN Ferb&Odie WIN Nate Garfield, Isabella, George Nermal*** QUIT
7th Gina Felicia Felicia WIN Patrick&Spongebob WIN Nate Garfield, Isabella, George Phineas***
T-8th George Harold Felicia WIN Nate&Ferb WIN Nate Nermal, Babymouse, Gina
T-8th Garfield Harold Felicia WIN Nermal&Nate WIN Nate Nermal, George, Babymouse
T-8th Isabella WIN WIN N/A* Nate&Ferb Nate Nate Nermal,Phineas, Gina
11th Nate WIN WIN MMAL Babymouse&Ferb Firey Babymouse**
12th Firey NO WIN WIN Nate Nate&Spongebob Nate
T-13th Odie Harold N/A WIN N/A
T-13th Ferb Harold N/A WIN N/A
15th Marrisa Meows A Lot  WIN WIN QUIT*
16th Felicia Harold George
17th Harold Felicia





crimson=did not make merge



orange=in the bottom two


brown=in merge

(*)=Didn't get to vote due to MMLA quiting

(**)=Won the challenge, but voted off due to Babymouse using revenge token

(***)=Phineas was actually voted off, but Gina quit