.....It's been too long since my last appereance, But now..............I have come back from retirement for my comeback apperence! 24 CHARACTERS, 2 TEAMS, AND $1,000,000,000 UP FOR GRABS!!!!!! Who will win? Who will lose? Find out on, TOTAL! DRAMA! VENGANCE! Cartoon Characters EDITION!


1. No Godplaying

2. No Double Posting, Only the host can.

3. No complaning about elimination

4. You can switch teams if you want too.

5. If you don't post for 2 weeks, your disqualified

6. You can choose 2 characters to return or debut in the merge.

7. Only the team captains can choose the teams And finally rule number 8: This is season 4, Everyone knows each other, Except Odie who still thinks Garfield is his only friend. After this season, I'll do the prequals

Auditions as much as you want per users

Big Nate- RR44

Gina- RR44

Francis- RR44

Jenny- RR44

Artur- RR44

Teddy- RR44

Babymouse- RR44

Felicia Furrypaws- RR44

Wilson- RR44

Unnamed Best Friend of Felicia- RR44

George- RR44

Harold- RR44

Garfield- RR44

Odie-Prince Doopliss

Cosmo- S321

Wanda- RR44

Timmy- RR44

Tootie- RR44

Spongebob-Prince Doopliss

Squidward-Prince Doopliss

Patrick- Prince Doopliss

Phineas-Prince Doopliss

Ferb- S321

Isabella-Prince Doopliss


The Daring Knights













The Vengeful Dragons

Felicia Furrypaws












Pre-chat (talk here till everyone has arrived)

Garfield: *on the train where they take them too a abandoed ghost town.* Wow, I'm bored allready, Where's the food?

Babymouse: IDK.

Wilson: Maybe we can go to the dining room?

Babymouse: .....Good idea!

Patrick: Oh boy, I'm starving!

Squidward: No telling what food awaits us at this creepy place.

Garfield: Yeah...We might get stuck with.......yucky stuff.

Babymouse: Ok, But if you need us, We'll be feasting on food.

Wilson: We might save you some food, Maybe yes, Maybe no, It could happen.

Cosmo: *arrives* Wow, this place sure looks a bit creepy!!

Garfield: Yeah.....We'd be lucky if we even make it out alive.

Babymouse: Yes, Yes we will.

Ferb: Yeah, it is really odd here! Wonder what Phineas has to say about this?

Garfield: *conf* As I said before, We'd be lucky if we even make it out alive.

Wilson:....No idea.

Cosmo: That money sure looks sweet!!! It's all worth it in the end!!

Felicia: Yep, Heck will a billion dollars, I could be like queen of the world.

Babymouse: *to Felicia* No you won't!

Felicia: *to Babymouse* You wanna fight punk?

Babymouse: *to Felicia* YEAH!

Babymouse and Felicia: GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

Garfield: Hoo boy, This will end badly.

Squidward: I agree. Something bad is going to happen and this contest haven't started.

Patrick: This place does seem very creepy. Squidward, I'll try to bring some food back for you.

Squidward: No, thanks.

Garfield: Agreed. For once i'll pass. *CONF* Yeah, I had a small snack before the show.

Wilson: *gulp* I can't look.

Ferb: Oooh a talking cat! I'm Ferb Fletcher! What do you go by?!

Garfield: Garfield. You?

Ferb: I just said it! Ferb Fletcher!!!

Cosmo: How's that even possible?!

Garfield: In cartoons, Anything can happen. Sometimes when you least expect it.

Babymouse and Felicia: *about to catfight*

Ferb: You sound like Tex Avery now!!!

Wilson: Uh, What is Tex Avery?

Ferb: He was the guy who made cartoons funny!!! Without him, there wouldn't be Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and all those funny cartoon gags. He always said "In a cartoon, you can do anything."

Garfield: That's right.

Waiter: Here is your appitizers The Fries for Wilson, The Mystery Meat for Patrick, No idea for Squidward, Lasanga for Garfield and cupcakes for Babymouse.


Wilson: Food!

Babymouse: *still fighting with Felicia* Can you give them to someone else? I'm not hungry at the moment!

Nate: Hey guys.

Patrick: *With mystery meat in mouth*Hey.

Squidward: The cupcakes don't seem to look that bad *eats one*

Garfield: *eats some lasanga* Somehow the Lasagna doesn't taste so good as back home.

Wilson: *eating some fries*

Nate: What's going on?

Wilson: No idea.

Felicia: *still fighting will Babymouse*

Nate: Oh great, Here comes Gina.

Gina: Hi guys.

Nate: Note the worried look on Nate's face.

Squidward: The cupcakes taste a bit funny. Waiter?

Patrick: I liked that mystery meat.

Waiter: According to the recipie on the cupcakes they include a poisionus apple, a carrot, a stuffed hot dog and whipped cream with a bomb on it.

Garfield: ........ooooooh, Not cool.

Squidward:*conf*I'm going to die!

Patrick: Waiter, can I have some dry oyster skin?

Squidward: This place is awfull. Is our beds made out of rocks?

Patrick: I hope so.

Waiter: Actully, The beds are made of styrafoam, goo, jumbo marshmellows and rocks. And yes. *gives Patrick dried oyster skins*

Patrick: Alright! *starts eating the dried oyster skin*

Squidward: Is there anything that isn't worst then the Krusty Krab food here?

Nate: How about the grand prize for the winner?

Squidward: I sure can use that money to get out of the area I live in and probably find a better job.

Patrick: Money? I thought it was krabby patties.


Phineas: Hi everyone!

Oddie: *pounces on Garfield and starts licking his face*

Garfield: Whoa! Yike! Yech! *conf* Who invited the dog?

Nate: Odie? Nice name.

Gina: .......Wow, Another threat......*conf* Odie was on the show last season and came in 10th. Don't tell but i'm really surprised (BTW, I'm doing the rest as prequals to this and since Odie's not the sharpest bulb of the show, He thinks Garfield, Patrick, Cosmo and Nate are his only friends)

Waiter: Oh, One more thing, *losing french voice and starts turning into a Broken English voice* Is almost time for the teams to join together in peace!

Babymouse: Whoa! What's going on?

Squidward: We are going to have to find out.

Odie: *starts chasing his tail*

Artur: Not be funny, Is me, Artur.

Gina: Doesn't Nate hate you?

Artur: Ah, We gotten into good friendship since days dawn.

Gina: What about Jenny?

Artur: Ah, Hardly ever saw her since second season of show.

Patrick: My back itches! *starts scratching his back*

Jenny: Hi guys!

Gina: Hoo boy. *CONF* I stand corrected on my comment earlier, Their are a few good players on this show.

Squidward:*starts playing his clairinet badly*

Odie:*covers ears*

Patrick: I think you are hurting his ears!

Nate: *getting angry* AAAAAAAAH!

Gina: *gets earplugs* Always be prepared.

Squidward:*stops playing*You guys have no taste in music.*conf*Everybody is a crittic.

Patrick: I'm going to look around this place. Who wants to come with me?

Odie: Arf! *stands next to patrick*

Ferb: Oooh a dog!!!

Cosmo: Wait just a minute! That dog isn't talking like that cat did!

Garfield: Well, Their's a rule in cartoons, All dogs except Odie talk. It's been this since the 1950s.

Cosmo: I bet he could talk if he wanted to!!!! He's probably faking it!!! (Survivor, How come your have a exclamation point in the end of the sentences?)

Artur: Is right, Odie is faker.

Jenny: Agreed.

Gina: Faking......Excellent.

Squidward: All animals talk in cartoons. He is a faker.

Phineas: That Isn't true. Perry don't talk.

Patrick: Maybe he lost his voice box.

Felicia: Maybe because he needs to eat alphabet soup.

Sponge: I'm here everybody!

Patrick: Spongebob!

Squidward: Great the two stooges are together!

Garfield: Add Odie and that makes 3.

Gina: *yawn* How much longer?

Train Driver: Only 7 more stops!

Timmy: Hi guys, What's up?

Gina: *sees Timmy and blushes*

Nate: Ooooooh, Gina's in looove!

Gina: *to Nate* No I'm not!

Garfield: *watching the fight* Can you believe Gina, Odie? Her, having a crush on Timmy, Big fat hairy deal right?


Patrick: *falls asleep*

Spongebob: It's not bed time yet,

Squidward: I'm going to start reading a book.*Pulls a book from his suit case and a glass of tea as well. Along with a table*

Phineas: Only you see that in cartoons. A cup of tea alredy made and a table in a small suitcase. How did the cup not break and the tea is still in it. The table is took big for a suitcase.

Timmy: Yeah.

Artur: What is?

Felicia: *yawns* I'm gonna go to bed. Good night.

Babymouse: Now? It's only 6:28! We didn't even have dinner yet!

Felicia: Hey, My bedtime is 6:30 pm for MEEEEE!

Babymouse: *conf* I have a bedtime of 9:00 pm, But on Fridays and Saturdays it's 10:00 pm.

Artur: Yes, I must head off to the sack too.

Gina: Yep...*yawn* Good night*

Spongebob: I never knew Patrick had the power to put everyone a sleep when he sleeps.

Odie:*Sleeps by Garfield*

Babymouse: Patrick! How many people did you make sleep?

Patrick:*snores loudly*

Phineas:*yawns* I'm sleppy aswell.

Spongebob:*CONF*It seems like the whole train.

Babymouse: Luckily, I have a secret power to wake everyone up. *gets a megaphone* WAKE UP EVERYBODYYY1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


Spongebob: That woke, Patrick up.

Phineas: That noise prevented me from sleeping.

Odie:*Looks up*

Babymouse: Sorry, But it had to be done.

Tootie: *Sing song* Timmy!!!1 Where are you!!!

Timmy: Oh no!!! TOOTIE!

Wanda; I got this one. *xaps Tootie*

Tootie: *zapped* .......Ow.

Odie:*walks into the kitchen*

Waiter: And now, Dinner, Garfield gets Lasagna, Odie gets.....Whatever I can find, Patrick with Oyster Skins, Wilson with speggethi, Phineas and Ferb with Mystery Meat, Babymouse and Squidward with cupcakes, Timmy, Cosmo and Wanda with some of everything and Tootie with bandages.

Tootie: Thank you.

Wanda: So, What's going on?

Cosmo: Not much really.

Wanda: Agreed.

Garfield: Oh boy, More meat to chop on!

Wilson: Wow, This train is getting crowded!

Timmy: Yeah.

Tootie: I wonder how much more this train can handle?

Felicia: Only 4 more stops.

Wilson: *eating speggethi*

Garfield: *eating lasanga* Yum.

George and Harold: Hi guys!

???: Hey guys, How's it *stammers* Going?

Felicia: *smiles devlishly* Excellent....All is here.


Squidward: I don't like that name.

Spongebob: Kind of spooky.

Isabella: Hey, Phineas!

Phineas: Hi, Isabella.

Day 1

Garfield: I wonder whose hosting this show?

???: *Seen sipping a cup a tea* 'ello, 'ello.

Garfield: Oh boy, I think I know. *??? reveals to be Henry Hedgehog*

Felicia and Babymouse: *happy* Henry Hedgehog!! You're alive!!

Henry: Yes, It is a miracle I survived that tragic injury back in season 3.

Gina: *swooning* Wooow, He doesn't even get mad.

Squidward: I know amazing.

Patrick: I didn't see what happen!

Nate: *to Patrick* You didn't even particpate last season. *CONF* Chris: Another mention of the prequals that will be shown after the finale.

Spongebob: I think he watched a few episodes.

Oddie: *Chewing on a bone*

Ferb: (CONF) Nothing much is going on right now. Phineas and I should invent something!!!

Cosmo: (CONF) I gotta win that money! I'm gonna slide by everyone else while they tear each other apart!!!

Henry: ...Mind if I just choose the teams?.........Ok.......The Captains I think is...........Cosmo and........Felicia.

Felicia: Yes!

Babymouse: No!

Cosmo: Yaaaaaay!!!!!!!

Henry: Now, It's simple, Just choose who you want on your team. And then, I'll try to think of a good name. That good?

Felicia: *swooning* Purrrrrrrrrrrrr........*stops swooning* I mean yes! *blush*

Squidward:*CONF* Hopefully I don't get stuck with Spongebob and Patrick.

Garfield: *CONF* Hopefully I don't get stuck with Odie or Cosmo

Patrick: I want to be Spongebob and Squidward!


Odies:*Licks Garfield*

Henry: Hey, Hey, Rule Number 1, Only the Team Captain can choose whose on who, But hey for the sake of it, Cosmo's team gets the trio.

Garfield: Yeech! *conf* Sometimes, Things get so annoying they turn into a gag.

Squidward: What trio?

Spongebob: Ahhh...I can't chose to be with Patrick and Squidward to be on one of their team.

Henry: ............I'm still new at this......Allright maybe this'll be simpler, Cosmo goes 1st then Felicia, That better?

Felicia: Yes.

Squidward: Yes. i understood Cosmo is the captain, but Spongebob don't.

Henry: Ok..........Felicia your turn.

Felicia: I choose............... Gina.

Gina: Yes!

Henry: And now Cosmo's turn.

Cosmo: I pick Ferb!!

Felicia: I'll choose Garfield....

Garfield: Nice.

Cosmo: Wanda come over here!!!

Wanda: *comes over here*

Felicia: Nate, Your on the job!

Nate: Yes! *CONF* This year I plan to go far. Why? Cause I plan too.

Ferb: Works for me!

Nate: *conf* I wonder what Cosmo will pick next?

Cosmo: Timmy! You're on my team!!!

Timmy: Works for me.

Felicia: .......Odie.

Cosmo: Come on over Phineas!!

Felicia: Artur.

Artur: Is good.

Odie:*licks Garfield*

Garfield: Yeech! Well, At least things couldn't get any worse.

Phineas: Sure nice to be with Ferb.

Isabella: Even though it might not happen, but I want to be with Phineas.

Gina: *conf* Cosmo's next pick is either Jenny or Spongebob, My prediction should be clear.

Jenny: *conf* I really wanna win this year cause I didn't competer in the first 2 seasons and I was elimanted early last season.

Squidward:*Conf* I still hope to be on a team away from Spongebob and Patrick.

Henry: *to Cosmo, whispering* C'mon, Cosmo, Your killing up the half hour we have. Spongebob: I'm bored.

Henry; Yeah, And since this is taking longer than I thought.....I think maybe I should pick the rest by random? Savvy>

Felicia: Yes.

Squidward: Cosmo is as dumb as Spongebob and Patrick, so it takes him along time to pick.

Henry: I can see that.........Ok, Random picking! *After 3 minutes......* Ok, Now that the teams are picked, I can name then, Cosmo, I dub ye team the Daring Knights, Felicia, Your team is the Vengeful Dragons.

Nate: Awesome! Dragons!

Gina: *Little higer voice than usual* Dragons? *shaking a bit*

Spongebob: Me and Patrick aren't with Squidward?

Squidward: Happy day.

Henry: Well, There's a team swap, But that won't happen till later on the game.

Elimination 1

Henry: Ok, Since 24 is too big of a number for me to handle, We're gonna take off some deadweight...So I have something cool and the ones that don't get them are the victims. Ok?

Phineas: Alright.

Henry: And now Knights.....Your little token to surviving is a marshmellow just like season 1, Ok, Let's begin, 1st Marshmellows go to.....Tootie, Isabella, Timmy and Ferb. *gives the 4 marshmellows* George, Phineas and Harold get the next 3. *gives the 3 marshmellows* Cosmo and Babymouse. *gives the 2 marshmellows* And now...........Wanda, Congratuations! You survived! *gives her a marshmellow* And finally....................................Spongebob. *gives him a marshmellow* Patrick....I am so, Sorry about this. But since I have no more marshmellow to give this team, You are here by sentenced to elimination. I'm sorry.


Spongebob:*cries*NOOOOOOOOOOO! I will win this, Patrick you will see.

Henry: *Ahem* I wasn't finished yet.......He can still watch you guys compete, at the train, They have a tv in it. So he can still watch you.

Spongebob: I I meant see it on tv at home.

Phineas: It didn't seem like you talking about him seeing it on the tv.

Henry: *facepalm* Fine I was yanking my chain, He can come stay with me until the finale, Did I mention I had a Tv too?..........Ok, Let's just get to the Dragons.

Squidward:Those two give everyone headaches.

Henry: We know.......Ok Dragons, Your marshmellows go as followed, Gina, Teddy, Kitty, Felicia and Artur. *gives the 5 marshemellows* Francis, Odie, Nate and Jenny *gives the 4 marshmellows* Squidward...........*gives him a marshmellows* And last but not least................................................................Garfield.

Garfield: Yes!

Henry: Wilson, Time to pack up your bags and leave.

Wilson: *puts his head down in defeat* Darn.

Odie:*Jumps on Garfield, but does not lick him*

Garfield: That's right Odie, We're still in the game! *conf* Maybe me and Odie can pull off a miracle for once.

Babymouse: Too bad Wilson's out of the game.

Cosmo: Yup.

Ferb: He was a cool guy.

Wanda: And I think he would have helped us in challenges sometimes.

Felicia: Ha, They can cry about Wilson for all I care.

???: Yeah.

Ferb: (CONF) That Felicia girl is so annoying and catty!!! I wish she would be quiet already!!!

Day 2- Crashes and Crushes

  • At the Ghost Town Cafe*

Waiter: Here are the cupcakes for Babymouse, The Mystery Meat for the Fairy Crew, A Lasagna for Garfield, The leftovers for Odie and the rest some of anything I can find.

Babymouse and Garfield: FOOD!

Garfield: *Eats Lasagna* Yeah!

Ferb: Do I get anything?

Cosmo: Yeah! What about me?!

Babymouse: *gives Cosmo some cupcakes* Here, I'm not so hungry.

Waiter: Ferb, You can have.............Pancakes with Maple Syrup....It's all I have left.

Ferb: Cool. *eats pancakes*

Cosmo: Thanks!!! *eats a cupcake*

Babymouse: No problem.

Gina: *smiling at Timmy like she has a crush on him*

Timmy: *eating cereal*

Henry: This is a beautiful way to start off Day 2!

Squidward: What ever.

Phineas: *eating cereal* Today is wonderful.

Garfield: *to Phineas* Yeah, With all the romance in the air today! Like Gina's little secret with Timmy, Phinbella and Fernny....But fortunatly, Ferb doesn't know that....yet.

Isabella: I can't wait to see what we are going to do.

Spongebob: PATRICK!(Conf)I need to keep him off my mind.

Ferb: *sees Spongebob* What's wrong Spongebob?

Spongebob: I miss, Patrick.

Phineas: Don't let that get you down.

Cosmo: Yeah! You can do this!!!

Gina: Yeah!

Nate: Yeah, Don't let him get you down in the dumps.

Ferb: Yeah!!! Remember all the funny things he's said over the years!!

Henry: Ok that's enough of that, Time for challenge number 1!!!!!!

Isabella: What is it?

Henry: You'll see.

Challenge- Cliff Diving

Henry: This is your 1st challenge. Cliff Diving, Their's a safe zone to keep you safe from the sharks, If you don't get in, Then your probably outta luck, The most people that make it in the safe zone in one team wins invincibility, I took a coin toss and the Dragons have a oppritunity to go 1st.

Ferb: *looks down* That isn't so bad!!!

Squidward: I think I might know those sharks.

Gina: *gulp*

Cosmo: This looks like fun!!! May I go first even if I'm not on the Dragons?

Henry: .......Meh, What the heck? The point still counts for the Knights though.

Cosmo: Alright! Here goes nothing! *jumps off the cliff* GERONIMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *lands in the safe zone and comes up* The water's great!!!!

Babymouse: Good one Cosmo!

Felicia: Allright, My turn. *jumps off the cliff and lands in the outer zone* Oh shoot. *the sharks come in* AAAAUGH! *doggypaddles*

Henry: .......Ow, That's got to hurt.

Ferb: I'll go!!! *cannoballs off the cliff* CANNONBAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *lands in the safe zone*

Squidward:*jumps and hit the safe zone* Haha!


Garfield: Well, This looks like the end for me, Say goodbye to me Odie, You might never see me again. *jumps off the cliff and lands in the safe zone*

Squidward: Good Job, Garfield.

Odie:*jumps after Garfield and hits a rock and rolls outside the safezone and starts swimming*

Garfield: Thank you. *conf* Well whaddya know, I'm alive.

Wanda: *gulp* *jumps and makes it to the safe zone* Yes!

Garfield: This is looking bad for my team.

Cosmo: Nice job Wanda!!!

Squidward: Come on team! We can do this!

Spongebob: FOR PATRICKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!*Lands outside the safe zone and starts swimming from the sharks*

Timmy: Ouch.......*lands outside the safe zone* Oh crap. *gets beaten up by the sharks*

Gina: TIMMY!!!

Henry: Ooooh! That's gotta sting!

Ferb: You said it Henry!

Gina: *worried* Is he gonna be ok?

Henry: Maybe.

Garfield: Well say goodbye to Timmy, Odie, We might never see him again.

Phineas: *Jumps and lands in the safe zone* Hey Ferb and Cosmo.

Henry: Ok, With Timmy's uh....Injury, We're gonna cut this challenge short, The Knights have won. The Dragons, Sucks to be you.

Babymouse: We won???......WE WON!

Squidward: Darn it. (CONF)There is always the next challenge.

Garfield: Maybe I need to eat more lasagna.

Felicia: DARN IT!

Elimination 2

Henry: Allright Dragons, I have 10 marshmellows on my plate, And if you do not get one, It's curtains for you.

Francis: Yes, I noticed that.

Henry: Anyways the marshmellows go too.......Gina, Teddy, Felicia, Kitty, *gives the 4 of them marshmellows*

Henry: Jenny, Nate, Odie, *gives the 3 of them marshmellows*

Henry: Garfield.............Francis............and......Squidward *gives the last 3 marshmellows to them*

Henry: And that concludes Artur's chances of winning.

Artur: I am defeated.......

Squidward: Bye-Bye

Henry: Yes, Talley-ho.

(Wait a minute. You're just randomyl eliminating people! I thought it's up to everyone to vote!)

(There, I fixed it so no one will be confused)

Day 3- Breakups Suck

Henry: Day 3 is under way!

Garfield: *stretches* I'm in the mood to sleep.

Squidward: We just woke up.

Garfield: I run a different clock every day........anyways.....*yawn* It's Sunday, I hate Sundays, Why? Because tommorow is the worst day of all....Monday. I wonder what happened to Timmy?

Gina: *worried to Phineas* I'm worried about Timmy, What if he can't return to the game?

Teddy: *conf* She's been like this since Timmy's injury.

Ferb: That's bad!!

Felicia: I hope she's ok.

Garfield: I hope things don't get worse.

Cosmo: Me too. That's my god-kid.

Henry: 'Ello chaps, I have some good and bad news, The Good news is that Timmy's alive, The bad news is that he cannot comepete in the game anymore, But the other good news is that you can still communicate with him with these walkie-talkies!

Gina: WHAT?!!? *Cries*

Garfield: Well whaddya know, Things went and got worse.

Ferb: That's awful!

Tootie: Awww, That's horrible! I hope he's ok!

Henry: Me too, Unfortutantly due to that, We have to cancel today's challenge...HOWEVER, We'll still have elimination.

Gina: *crying* TIMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Conf* I gotta get over Timmy.

Spongebob: Still have elimanation?

Henry: Yep.

Garfield: *having a danish*

Phineas: Elimanation is going to be interresting.

Felicia: How intresting?

Ferb: Very interesting!

Garfield: So intresting, it'll blow the pants outta ya!

Gina: *still crying a bit*

Garfield: *to Odie* Odie, I ironicly have a question for you, Who do you think could be going next?

Odie:*Looks at Spongbob*

Spongebob: Me? I need to win this!

Garfield: Wow, It might be a miracle...*conf* Has Odie finally gotten something right for once? Find out in elimination!

Squidward: You probably going to split that money with Patrick.

Francis: Agreed.

Teddy: Yeah.

Babymouse: I wonder what drama this is causing here?

Nate: *smelling a flower* I'm actully in the mood to smell flowers.

Garfield: ............Nate actully doing something creative? Huh, How apt.

Isabella: It's nice to share.

Cosmo: *to Isabella* Oh hey Izzy!!!

Francis: So, How much longer till elimination?

Henry: I'm glad he asked, only a few minutes until I flip a coin and choose which team goes to elimination.

Squidward:*Conf*We already lost two people, both of them didn't really have a chance to compete. One could've but that challenge was cut short, because of Timmy's injury. I'm hoping it isn't our team.

Henry: And now.............We flip the coin, Heads are Knights, Tails are Dragons.........Place your votes.......*flips coin and it reveals the Knights are the victims of elimination* Heads, The Dragons for once avoid elimination. Garfield: *to Odie* How about that pup, We finally won!

Odie:*wags tail in excitment*

Felicia: YES!

Phineas: WHo are going to vote off?

Ferb: Not sure Phin. I'm cool with anyone you want.

Babymouse: How about I find out on this site called (<a class="external text" data-rte-instance="12193-2721696434ed195ee649b6" data-rte-meta="" href="" rel="nofollow"></a>)

Isabella: I say Spongbob.

Babymouse: ........Nvm.

Elimination 3

(Just to let you know, The votes are not taped so no one will know who voted for who) Henry: Knights, This is your 1st elimination as a team, And you made your votes, Don't forget the 9 marshmellows I got for you.

Phineas: I'm nervous!

Henry: Well you shouldn't cause you got the 1st marshmellow! *gives Phineas the 1st marshmellow*

Phineas: Alright.

Henry: Harold, George, Wanda and Cosmo *gives them the next 4 marshmellows*

Henry: Ferb, Isabella, *gives them the next 2 marshmellows*

Henry: Babymouse.......*gives her the next marshmellows* And.........................Spongebob. *gives him the last marshmellow* Tootie, Sorry, But your done.

Tootie: That's Ok, I actully don't mind 21st Place.

Phineas: I'm not really shocked.

Ferb: So long Tootie.

Tootie: See ya guys.

Spongebob:*conf*At leats it is not me.

Babymouse: *conf* I was actully in the Bottom 3 today, I better step things up tomorrow.

Isabella: Good night everyone!

Day 4- A Old Fashioned Day

Henry: Welcome back to day 4!

Garfield: *to Odie* You know what the surprising thing is? Only one of the titans I predicted to go far was eliminated early.

Cosmo: Who are the Titans?

Squidward: Good competitors. *To Garfield* Who are you talking about?

Garfield: *ahem* Me, Odie, Cosmo, Wanda, Squidward, Timmy, Jenny, Gina, Nate, Babymouse,

Phineas, Ferb and Felicia.

Phineas: Timmy is out, because he is out. We have lost 3 members, your team lost 2.

Garfield: Yeah, So one of the titans didn't go very far.

Wanda: *poof* Hey guys, What's going on?

Squidward: Oh yeah I forgot.

Babymouse: Wow, I didn't know I was a good player! *to Odie cheerfully* Hey little puppy, How far do you think i'll go?


Babymouse: Yeah, I kinda knew that.

Henry: Ok guys! Ready for the next challenge? Good!

Challenge 2- Race

Henry: Ok, This is a race around the camp, The fastest team wins invincibility, Savvy?

Isabella: In one lap? Or more?

Henry; Just one lap, Ready...........Steady............GO!!!!!! *everyone starts running*

Spongbob:*Trips on a rock* Ow! *Odie runs on top of him*

Garfield: *trying to run but keeps stopping to catch his breath*

Gina: *running* THIS IS FOR YOU TIMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Francis: Whooooa.

Felicia: *running real fast*

Squidward:*laughs as he passes Isabelle, then turns his head and dodge a wall* That was close.

Babymouse: Uh, You do know that i'm the slowest runner on my team right?

Garfield: Next to me right, But we're doing great.......I think.

Phineas:*runs around a boulder* THat was easy enuogh to see.

Odie:*Runs into it and get passed by Isabella and Spongebob*

Ferb: *runs fast*

Felicia: *at the finish line* (I'll be using Random to decide the winner. Dun, Dun Dun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Odie:*runs by Garfield after running into the boulder*

  • After everyone had crossed the finish line*

Jenny: I have a feeling our team might have lost.

Henry; *to Jenny* Well aren't you a clever little girl, Cause The Dragons have won invincibility!

Garfield: YES!

Babymouse: We lost?

Squidward: Yahoo!

Spongebob: Darn it! *conf*I feel like I might join Patrick soon!

Gina; Oh joy! My team won!

Elimination 4

Henry: And now as usual I shall use Random, But don't forget our 8 marshmellows for the lucky 8. Ok the results are.........Ferb, Spongebob, Babymouse *gives them the first 3 marshmellows* Isabella, Harold, Cosmo *gives them the next 3 marshmellows* Phineas and..........Harold?? *gives them the last 2 marshmellows*

Wanda: What?!!?

Henry: Sorry Wanda but your time is up....I guess.

Isabella: I feel sorry for you.

Wanda: Wait a minute, This isn't possible! Babymouse was supposed to go!

Babymouse: HEY!

Harold: Whoa dudes, Now I have a flashback to help things out.

Wilson: *flashback* *shows that Wilson snuck in and hacked the votes* You think you can get way with it voting me off, Well i'll show ya.

Phineas: I thought Baby Mouse was gone as well.

Henry: *gasp* Rigging the votes?!!? This is unexcepetable, Wanda can stay on the show, Babymouse is sadly disqualified for bringing her friend to rig the votes.

Babymouse: Darn.

Spongebob: They weren't on the same team!

Henry: But she did sign a contract with Wilson to stay together even on different teams.

Garfield: Watching from out here* to Odie* All right Odie, *points to Babymouse* SICK HER! Odie: *Charges at Baby Mouse*

Babymouse: Uh ooooooooooooooh.......*one question, If either of you could make a elimination table that'll be ok, but if not that's ok*

Day 5- Secrets Revealed

Henry: Day 5.

Squidward: I can't beleive someone try to cheat. *Do you mind if the chart has colors?*

Gina: Unfair to all players still here! *Not that much*

Spongebob: I hate cheating. *I just wondering even though I don't know how*

Gina: Me too!

Felicia: Yeah, Oh brother.

Phineas: Hopefully that is out of the way.

Felicia: Well now it is.

???: Yes, Yes it is.

Garfield: *conf* What's the heck is wrong with them? Babymouse was tooken out for cheating, You know what I say? Big Fat Hairy Deal.

Isabella: has anybody seen my hair brush?

Garfield: .......Okkkk? Anyways, Now I am going to tell you about the underdogs. Anyone know what a underdog is?

Phineas: Someone who is not expecting to win.

Garfield: And their are the people that I didn't say they were good, The main exuce is Patrick and Wilson.

Cosmo: If you say so!!

Ferb: Isabella, I found your hair brush!!

Squidward: Tootie and Artur got voted off, when they didn't compete. But why Patrick and Wilson?

Isabella: Thanks, Ferb.

Garfield: They didn't compete as well.

Gina: *yawns*

Spongbob: I got a feeling that he next challenge is comig.

Henry: Yes, Yes it is.

Challenge 3- Surprise Box

Henry: Today I have 8 boxes, One of them contains invincibility, If you can find it, You win it. So, Whoddaya choose?

Squidward: Odie do you want to pick?*Conf*Maybe his nose can smell it.

Felicia: Yeah Odie, Do you want to pick?

Odie:*Sniffs and opens a box*

Felicia: *looks in* Wow that was quick.

Nate: Total Fail!

Henry: Wow, No one has done it that fast before.......Odie, Should the team go to elimination sometime soon, You will be invincible from the vote.

Gina: What!?!? No way! He cheated!

Henry: *to Gina* Do you want to be disqualified to?

Gina: No.

Elimination for Both Teams

Henry: Ok, It turns out Gina was right so the Dragons didn't win so I decided have both of the teams have elimination! Starting with the Dragons.

Garfield: ........Thus endith the winning streak!

Felicia: Yeah, Unfortunatly.

Squidward: We won a coin toss, not really a challenge.

Henry: Let's just get to elimination....First marshmellows go to..Felicia, Garfield and.....Nate. *gives them the 1st three marshemellows* Teddy and.........Kitty. *gives them the next two marshmellows* Francis.........................Amazingly you survived! *gives him the last marshmellow for the Dragons* Odie, Can't say i'm shocked, You were a good sport and good player but one flaw was enough to take you down. Sorry boy.

Odie: *Whimpers*

Spongenbob: Wow. (You forgot Squidward)

Henry: What's that? Oh wait, We have one more. *gives Squidward the real last marshmellow* Now we're done with the Dragons.

Garfield: Tough luck Odie, Better luck next time.

Henry: Allright Knights, Come on in. The first marshemellows go to Gina, George and Harold *gives them the 1st three marshmellows* Cosmo, Wanda- *gives them the next 2 marshmellows* Phineas and Isabella and.............Ferb. *gives them the last marshemellows* Spongebob, What can I say? Stinks to be you.

Phineas: A little surprising elimanation.

Garfield: Yeah.

Spongebob: Time to join, Patrick. (And almost time to add this to the elimination table)

Gina: See ya Sponge.

Harold: Fun while it lasted.

Squidward:*Conf* Odie a good competitor is taken out. My plan worked.

Garfield: *conf* My next plan is to finally eliminate Felicia, She is a huge threat.

Nate: *asleep*

Squidward:*Conf*Garfield, you are going bye-bye next. You are good, but we got all the help we need from you.

Gina: *conf* Say goodbye Phineas, Your good, But we had plenty help from you now.

Day 6- Please Place A Cheesy Title Name Here

Henry: Day 6 everyone!

Isabella: I don't feel so good *pukes on Garfield*.

Garfield: What's wrong with you?

Henry: Hmmmmmmm, Looks like your coming down a flu.

Phineas: Is she going be out of the game?

Henry: It's only a small injury, She'll be fine, But I do recommemed she sit this challenge out and take it easy for a few days.

Squidward: Down a member for a day. *Conf*Seems to me that team is weaker then mine so far.

Gina: Look at the beautiful day! But looking at my team, We won't last much longer.

Phineas: TOday is beutiful, but for the team I think need to put a little more effort.*Conf*The other team has very good contestants.

George: Yeah, The Dragons have good players.

Phineas: I think the 5 we lost was kind of holding us back. Just saying.

Squidward: I never picture you saying something like that.

Henry: Don't worry the challenge today is easier than usual.

Challenge 4- Race 2.0

Henry: Today's challenge is a sleep off, Try to stay awake for a certain amount of time, If one of your team falls asleep he or she will be out of the challenge for the day, Since the Knights are down a knight, Garfield will sit this challenge out. Garfield: *asleep allready*

Phineas: We have less members do to the fact we lost two in elimanation, one injured , and one DQ.

Henry: Then how about another obstacle race?

Nate: Yeah!

Squidward: We have beaten you in this before and we can do it again!

Henry; Ok, So on your marks........get set............GO! *everyone starts running*

Garfield: I'm running! I'm Running! *slows down*

Phineas: *Spins as Squidward zips pass him*Whoooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

Francis: *runs fast*

Squidward:*dodge a pole*

Gina: *running*

Felicia: *running*

Phineas:*Stops to cstch his breath* This is tiring.

Garfield: *catches up to Phineas*

George and Harold: *runs*

  • After everyone has made the finish line*

Henry: Well this challenge is over with and your team winner is.......finally! Victory for the Knights!

George and Harold: YEAH!

Squidward: Stupid Garfield, you slow poke!

Garfield: What? I had to stop for lasanga!

Felicia: *to Garfield* Thanks a lot Garfield! You cost us the challenge!!!

Squidward: Lasanga isn't worth costing us the challenge!

Garfield: Your right, Maybe I should have had Pizza instead.

Felicia: Grrrrrrrrrrrrr, *gets ready to destroy Garfield*

Garfield: *CONF* What a bunch of sore losers.

Elimination 6

Henry: Ok, So Dragons....What happened?

Squidward: Garfield, was slow and stopped for lasagna.

Garfield: *angry meow*

Henry: ...........Nate, Gina, Francis, Jenny *gives them the first 4 marshmellows* Teddy,

Felicia and.........Squidward. *gives them the last 3 marshmellows*

Garfield: What?!!?

Squidward: Fare well. Don't forget to say hi to Odie for us.*Conf*Well that plan work. What happens now I don't care.

Odie: *Sitting waiting for Garfield*

Garfield: Well I guess things can't get any worse.

???: See ya Garfield.

Felicia: So long...Farewell, Au weidensein.

???: *whispers to Felicia* We can stop now.

Felicia: *whispers to ???* k.

Henry: Good effort at least!

Odie: *Jumps on Garfield*

Garfield: I see your happy to see me again.

Felicia: *CONF* Final 15! I'm gonna win this, you'll see.

Day 7- Debuts, Debuts.

Henry: Well it's been one whole week!

Cosmo: So uh, what's your point?

Henry: We've seen many eliminated like Patrick, Wilson, Artur, Timmy, Tootie, Babymouse, Odie, Spongebob and recently Garfield. Now today we're debuting someone new on the show and also the teams are dissolved. From this point on everyone is for themselves. Oh someone else is returning too.

Isabella: Who are they?

Henry: Returning is............Timmy!

Timmy: I'm back!

Henry: And debuting this year is...........Nermal!

Nermal: Hi everyone! It's me the cutest kitty cat in the world! *shows everyone how cute he is*

Henry: Yep, He's cute allright.

Phineas: Hey Timmy. Hi Nermal.

Timmy: Happy to see me back?

Gina: TIMMY! *Sits on Timmy's lap and kisses him*

Nermal: *to Phineas* What's with that 11 year old genius girl?

Henry: So anyways, to celebrate, Today is a free day! No Challenge!.......But according to the rules there will be elimination unless it's a reward challenge but who knows when that'll happen?

Phineas:*Shrugs at Nermal*

Squidward: Who to vote out?*CONF*I'm thinking it is time for Cosmo to go.

Felicia: *conf* Cosmo goes bye bye tonight.

Nermal: *conf* OMG, My 1st confessional ever!!! What should I say????.........Nothing I guess.

Nate: So, Now that i've made the merge? What can I do to celebrate?

Isabella: This is great! I'm so happy that Phineas is still it. Things are getting more interresting.

Wanda: *CONF* I'm think Felicia is done for.

Henry: Ahhhhhhh, This is the life right?

Nermal: Right.

Squidward: It is better then Bikini Bottom.

Nermal: It's perfect!

Isabella:*Conf*I say Squidward or Felicia should go.

Jenny: *conf* Felicia.

Phineas: I'm surprise of th 15 people that made to the merge.

Jenny: Yeah, And I never thought I get this far.

Squidward: I plan on atleast making the final 3.

Isabella: Who ever thought you would make it to the merge.

Nate: *raises hand*

Henry: Ok, I think this has been long enough, Elimination everyone?

Elimination 7

Henry; Ok so 1st of all, We're out of marshmellows so today i'm gonna use random....drumroll please. *drumroll* And with a whopping 6 votes Jenny is outta here!

Phineas: Oh well. You did good.

Jenny: Yeah, But I guess 16 is my final number this year.

Isabella:Nate, were you raising your hand because you thought you would make the merge or Squidward, because I was talking about Squidward.*Conf*I still think him or Felicia are gone next.

Nate: I was talking about Jenny.

Nermal: *yawn*

Phineas: *Yawns* I think I'm going to sleep.

Felicia: Me too. *yawns*

Day 8- Felicia gets Dethroned

  • The next day at 8:00 am in the morning.....*

Henry: *blows into a horn* WAKE UP EVERYBODY!!! IT'S DAY 8!

Gina: *hits her head in the top bunk of the bed, OW! IT'S 8 IN THE MORNING! WHADDYA THINK I AM? A FARMER?!!?

Henry; Noooooooo.........

Nermal: *Yawns* Another day, Another dollar.

Henry: I'm bored of day 8 allready.

Squidward: Things wouldn't be boring if you didn't wake everyone up.

Henry: Well at least it's the final 14!

Isabella: Mr. Hedgehog, are we going to have a challenge today?

Henry: Yes, Yes we are.

Challenge 5

Henry: This is a easy one, I call it Temple Hopping, You must hop on a temple, But be warned the temples can fall, If you jump in the lake your out, Last one standing wins.

Phineas: Sounds fun.

Henry: Yes, Yes it is.

Squidward: Can we start?

Henry: Yes. NOW!

Isabella: *Starts hopping*

Felicia: *hopping*

Gina: *hopping*

Phineas: *hopping*

  • all hopping until Gina and Felicia fall in the water*

Squidward: Those two are out of the challenge.

  • Nate, Isabella and Cosmo fall in the lake*

Phineas: To bad for Isabella.

  • Wanda, Timmy and ??? fall in*

Squidward:*Conf* I'm going to win this.

Isabella: You can do this, Phineas! Or Ferb!

  • Francis, Teddy, Ferb and Squidward fall in along with Nermal who loses his footing*

Henry: Phineas wins!

Phineas: I did it!

Squidward: I can't say this was my worst challenge.

Henry: Phineas, I give you the 1st marshmellow of the day. The rest of you, We'll decide who gets the marshmellows. *gives Phineas the 1st marshmellow*

Gina: *claps* Congratuations.

Isabella: *Kisses Phineas* I'm so happy for you! *CONF* Felicia, I guess you are leaving before Squidward.

Squidward:*Conf* I still to see Cosmo leave.

Elimination 8

Henry: And now your marshmellows, First of all Phineas has his marshmellow for winning the challenge today, Next up are Nermal, Nate, Gina and Kitty. *gives them the next 4 marshemellows* Teddy, Francis, George, Harold, Timmy and Ferb. *gives them the next 6 marshmellows* Wanda, Squidward and................Cosmo. *gives them the last 3 marshmellows*

Felicia, I for one am sorry but you have been eliminated.

Felicia: *sighs* Very well.

Phineas: I'm glad she is gone.

George and Harold: Yeah.

Squidward: I expexted her at least make the Final 5.

Henry: For the rest of you, You've made the final 13!

Phineas: Maybe Me, Ferb, or Isabella can win this. Or someone else. Gina: Yeah.

Squidward:*Conf*Cosmo, Nate, Phineas, or Gina, who should be next?

Day 9- The Title has nothing to do with this episode

Henry: Day 9! Squidward:*Whispering to ???*Who do you hate the most? We can talk to the other campers into elimanating them. This should help get back out them for elimanting Felicia.

???: *Whispering to Squidward* Cosmo. That's who I hate.

Squidward:*Whispering to ???*That idiot has been around long enough. We need to make sure he don't get invicibility.

???: *Whispering to ???* Yeah, But how?

Squidward:*Whispering to ???*We just need to wait for the chalenge and see what we can do and be sneaky about it.

Henry: Challenge time kids!

Challenge 6- The Free Challenge

Henry: Today since I ran out of ideas, This will be a free for all challenge, There are no rules, And Everyone wins.

Isabella: Well let me guess there is still elimanation.

Henry: ...........How did ya know?

Nermal: Wow, Very clever!

Isabella: Seems to be elimanation every day.

Gina: Can we except this to be a reward?

Henry: Well as you can see, There is no pattern so every challenge could end in elimination!

Phineas: Sometimes in elimanation I'm a bit nervous.

Nate: I know.

Squidward: Every camper, but Cosmo we like to speak in private.

Wanda: *poofs everyone except Cosmo including herself here*

Squidward: There is this green hair idiot that has lasted enough. He can be clumsy and that can cost him challenges.

Nermal: *conf* You know Cosmo is one of the people I don't trust.

Phineas: So you are wanting us to vote off Cosmo?

Nermal: If that's what he said, That's what he said.

Squidward: Yes that is what I'm saying. Who else am I'm talking about, Ferb?

Nermal: Well, I'll vote for Cosmo to go, But if that backfires i'll vote for that genius girl. *pointing at Gina*

Isabella:What makes you wanting to vote off Cosmo?

Squidward: He is an idiot who can lose a challenge by getting distratcted.

Gina: He has a point.

Nermal: Yeah.

Nate: Totally!

Phineas: I don't like the idea, but I guess I can vote off Cosmo.

Gina: Me too.

Nermal: Me 3.

Squidward: Timmy and Wanda, do you two think Cosmo can win this?

Timmy and Wanda: Yes......And No.

Gina: Nice touch.

Ferb: Hey guys!! I heard that Todd and Izzy Silverman from Total Drama Rule the just had their baby son!!! His name is Henry!!! *shows the article and picture*

Henry: Whoa! Another me!

Gina: Awww, So cute!

Timmy and Wanda: Awwwww!

Nermal: Wow! It's as cute as me!

Cosmo: Awwwww!!!!! *sees the picture of Izzy holding Henry* She makes a good mom!!

Gina: Yeah.

Nate: I'm barfing up here. *about to vomit*

Teddy and Francis; So cute!

Squidward: When is elimanation?*Conf*Maybe Cosmo is leaving.

Henry: Hmmmmmmm........Now?

Elimination 9

Henry: Today, Due to so many requests, We're having a triple elimination!

Isabella: This is going to be the most interresting elimanation.

Henry: And starting today, No more of the marshmellows, We're doing it randomly now.

Phineas: If I'm gone, I'm gone.

Henry: And the eliminated are..............Kitty! Squidward and.........................Timmy.

I'm sorry but that's the way the cookie crumbles!

Squidward: What ever.

Timmy: *sigh* Ok.

???: Unbelievable! Some host you are!

Isabella:*CONF*Well that should take care of the least favorite contestants.

Gina: Yes! Final 12!

Phineas: Things are getting interresting everyday.

Francis: I wonder whose gonna win the money?

Isabella: I have no idea.Tdd

Teddy: I think Nate will win it.

Nate; Yes I will.

Phineas: Or maybe Cosmo will win it.

Day 10- Oh What A Day!

Henry: Day 10!

Isabella: Today is awful.

Gina: How is it awful?

Isabella: IT'S JUST IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Phineas: I think she woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

Henry: *about Isabella* Well somebody's in a bad mood.

Isabella:*To Henry* What did you say?

Henry: *gulp*

Phineas: Isabella, you need to calm down.

Challenge 7- Cheer Up Isabella

Henry: Your challenge today is to find a way to cheer Isabella up, K?

Nermal: *looking all cute*

Isabella: Get that stuoid look off your face!

Nermal: Well that didn't work.

Gina: Hmmmmmmm, Lemme think of something.

Phineas: I fine it strange that she is acting like this.

Gina: Maybe she just woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

Ferb: Izzy, what's wrong?

Isabella: What is wrong wirh you? Who on earth has green hair?

Ferb: It's not really green. I dye it!! It's really black!!

Isabella: What about his hair!*points at Cosmo*

Cosmo: Odd colored hair to humans is genetic to fairies. My green hair and Wanda's pink hair is completely natural.

Wanda; Yeah.

Nate: Hoo boy, This'll end badly.

Phineas: That's for sure.

Gina: I'll use a feather to fix this. *tickles Isabella with a feather*

Isabella*Slaps Gina**To Phineas*Why I haven't you kiss me back yet?!

Nermal: A kiss?!?!


Phineas: *To Nermal*You were here on day 8.

Nermal: I know, I must be bored.

Phineas: I guess I'll kiss her if that will calm her down.*Kisses Isabella fo 60 seconds*

Nermal: (conf) *purrs in satifaction*

Isabella: *hugs Phineas*

Henry: Phineas and Isabella both win immunity!

Phineas: Okay*Conf*Well now Isabella isn't upset anymore.

Elimination 10

Henry: Ok due to popularity on the last elimination, We decided to have another triple elimination!

Phineas: So who is leaving now?

Henry: Francis, Cosmo and......Nermal.

Nermal: *sigh* Oh well.

Francis: Rats.

Isabella: Farewell guys.

Nate: See ya Francis.

Francis: See ya.

Phineas: Final 9.

Gina: We're nearing the end.

Nate: Soon, One of us will be crowned champion

Isabella: It don't matter If I win or lose at least I made it this far.

Day 11- Dial N for Nine

Henry: It's the final 9 and day 11 at the same time!

Gina: Yeah, I knew I'd make it this far, Shocker right?

George: We thought we would at least make the top 14.

Harold: Yeah.

Phineas: I agree. Funny thing only four people didn't seem to care they got elimanated.

Henry: *ahem* Attention I have a annoucement, Beacuse you have done so well the challenges are getting harder so today we're going to have the players that did not make it this far help you in challenges and today's helper is.........Babymouse!

Babymouse: Hi guys! I'm back!

Isabella: Hi.

Babymouse: How have things been?

Isabella: Good.

Babymouse: .....Hey, Where's the cute doggie that was on earlier?

Phineas: Odie has been gone since day 5. You should be happy that Felicia isn't here anymore.

Babymouse: I saw the episode when she was eliminated and I was really happy.

Isabella: She was just plain annoying, but I think her and Squidward what made Odie get elimanted.

Babymouse: You know I think Felicia might have a crush on him!

Phineas: I think your right.

Challenge 8- Tasty Race

Babymouse: *handing them out lollipops*

Henry: Today's challenge is a tasty race, You must lick the lollipops as fast as you can! The contestant that finishes their lollipop first wins.

Phineas: Sound easy.

George: Yeah.

Henry: Ready.....Steady.....GO!

George and Harold: *start licking their lollipops*

Isabella: *starts licking*

Wanda; *licking*

Nate: *licking his lollipop*

Gina: *licking her lollipop*


Teddy: *GULP*

Babymouse: Hey, Where's Teddy's lollipop?

Teddy: I ate it allready.

Isabella: That quick?

Teddy: Yes.

Henry: I guess Teddy wins then........I guess.

Phineas: Well that was...

George: Quick?

Nate: Yeah I guess.

Elimination 11

Henry: The final 9 shall soon become the final 7! Cause today due to budget problems we decided to do not a triple elimination but a double elimination. And the losers are.............Wanda and Ferb!

Phineas: This is going by quick. We already at the final 7.

Wanda: *sigh* Oh well, Maybe next time.

Isabella: You did great.

Babymouse: Well I guess my job is done, Bye guys, See you at the finale!

Phineas: Bye.

Gina: Well, The show is coming to a end.

Isabella: yeah, and it will be intersting to see who will win the contest.

Nate: Yeah, So can you please refresh my memory and see who are the titans still standing?

Phineas: After that elimanation it is just me and you.

Nate: And Isabella right?

Phineas: Nope. (I just corrected myself)

Nate: Ok.

Gina: Yep......And I guess i'm a underdog right?

Isabella: Me, you, George, and Harold.

Gina: Ok.

Day 12- Carnival Games Gone To the Dogs

Henry: Day 12 and the Final 7!

Phineas: George and Harold who do you think is going to win?

George: Gina is!

Harold: Yeah!

Isabella: Either George, Harold, Teddy, Gina, or me can be gone next. Or maybe both Nate and Phineas.

Nate: Yeah.

Phineas: It's a shame for some of the paople that din't make it this far.

Henry: That's why we bring another sorry person and his name is.........Odie!

Odie:*runs around*

Gina: Hey their Odie!

Teddy: Long time no see. *conf* What are my chances of winning? A total 1 out of 7, Everyone is better than me but I did win the last challenge. So, We'll just have to wait and see.

Phineas: Nice to see you again, Odie!

Henry: Yes, It is nice to see a old friend again is it?

Odie: *starts digging*

Nate; Whatcha doing buddy?

Odie:*Pulls out a bone*

Isabella: He found a bone.

Gina: Nice doggie!

Phineas: What is the challenge?

Challenge 9- Dunk Odie

Henry: Today we will be playing Dunk Odie, The one that can dunk Odie into that pile of bones with a ball in the target wins invincibility.

Isabella: Don't sound too hard.

Teddy: *doesn't quite get the ball in the target*

Phineas:*accentdently hits Henry*Sorry!

Henry: That's ok, Accidents happen.

Nate: *throws the ball to soon and hits a bird* Oops!

Isabella:*Barely over throwns that target*I take back what I said.

Gina: *gulp* *closes her eyes and throws the ball in the target*

Odie:*Starts swimmin in the pile of bones*

Gina: .....I did it. I threw the ball in the target!

Henry: Right you are Gina, You've won immunity!

Isabella: Congrats!

Gina: I can't believe I won! *squeals*

Nate: *claps*

Elimination 12

Henry: And now, Another double elimination but this'll however be the last you'll see, After this we go back to single elimination, Today were doing things a little different, Odie will decide the 2 to go home empty handed. K?

Odie:*Looks at George*..............................................*Then looks at Harold*

George and Harold: *praying that they are not eliminated*

Nate: *conf* It looks bad for George and Harold. But worse for Teddy.

George: *conf* I have a feeling me and Harold are going home.

Odie: *Finally speaking*

Phineas and Isabella:*Gasp*Did he talk???

Harold and Teddy: Darn.

Henry: Well there you have it! Harold and Teddy are out of the game!

Phineas: Fare weel, you two.

Gina: Fun while it lasted.

Nate: Final 5.

Day 13

Henry: Here we are at the final 5 and Day 13!

Gina: Almost over.

Phineas: Funny if George wins this.

George: Yeah, I'm one of the biggest underdogs here,

Nate: I actully think Gina's gonna win the whole thing.

Gina: Yes I will, *conf* Finally Nate stands up to me!

Isabella: It could any of us still, besides it's about having fun.

Felicia: *drawing a chart of the antonigists*

Henry: Oh, I forgot to remind you, Today's helper is Felicia!

Felicia: Wha? Huh? Who? Oh, Them again.......Hey where's that little runt called Babymouse?

Phineas: You know she was gone before you were elimanated. And what are you drawing?

Felicia: This? Oh, This is a list of antognigists on the show. You know them right?

Nate: Yep.

Felicia: And they were evil right?

Nate; Yup.

Felicia: So could anyone refresh my memory and tell me who they are again? I lost track during day 11.

Isabella: You, your friend and Squidward.

Felicia: Yes, Yes and Yes.

Gina: *ahem* You forgot me.

(Can Todd and Izzy have a cameo on this show?)


Nate: -_-

(With their son?)

Phineas: Your not evil, Gina.

Todd: *parks his car* Izzy, I think they wanted us to appear on the show!! *to Henry* Me and Mommy are on TV Henry!!!

Felicia: Oh my gosh! Superstars!

(You comment next as Izzy RR)

Isabella: What cute child.

Izzy: Thanks.

Gina: Wowza!

Todd: Be a little careful! Henry needs to be fed by Izzy soon!! *to Henry* That's what big people call Mommy!!

Phineas: WHy did you name him Henry?

Todd: Me and Izzy really liked that name a lot!!

Gina: Super cute!

Isabella: He is so sweet.

Henry: *smiles at them*

Todd: Isn't it great to be parents Izzy?!

Izzy: Yeah!

Gina: *to Phineas* This is a exciting moment!

Phineas: Yes it is. Maybe we won't have a challenge.

Mr. Hedgehog: Y'know what? Forget the challenge! It's a free day!

Isabella: Yay! But...

Mr. Hedgehog: But what?

Todd: Feeding time!! Everyone look away except for me!! Izzy, time to give Henry his milk!!

Isabella: We will leave. Is there going to be elimanation?

Izzy: *feeds Henry his milk*

Mr. Heghog: *to Isabella whispering* Yes.

Henry: *sucks on Izzy's booby*


Gina: *conf* I'm so happy for the newlyweds!

Todd: *smiles and watches*

Phineas:*Conf*It nice to see those two visit.

Nate: *conf* *vomits*

Isabella:*Conf*I'm afraid I might be pick to leave.

Mr. Hedgehog: It's been great for them to visit.

Elimination 13

Mr. Hedgehog: And now it is time for the final 5 to reduce to the final 4! Random, If you please..*drumroll*...........And your loser is......Nate!

Nate: WHAT?!?!!?!?!

Phineas: Better luck next time, Nate!

Nate: T-t-this has to be a mistake!

Henry: No, It isn't.

Felicia: Yep and do take care Nate. *blowkisses Nate*

Nate: *blushes bright red*

Felicia: *conf* *Drawing a picture of Nate seeing eveyone is watching, blushes*

Isabella: The last day of the second week is going to have the final 4. I can't wait.

George; Yeah, Never thought I'd get this far.

Phineas: When Odie was looking at you and Harold he was thinking about eliminating one of you with Teddy I guess.

George: Yeah, I guess underdogs can go far sometimes!

Gina: Yes they can.

Isabella: Phineas is the last titan.

Gina: The rest of us are underdogs.

George: Yep.

Phineas: Tomorrow is going to be interesting.

Day 14- Substitution

Jacob: Day 14, Week 2! *Conf* I bet your wondering where Henry is? Well, He's hosting a awards show so he let me take over for today!

Isabella: Where is Henry?

Jacob: Hosting a Awards Ceramony.

Phineas: Is there someone helping with a challenge today?

Jacob: Today............Aaaaaaah..............Nermal.

Nermal: Hi everybody!

Phineas:Hi! *To Gina* I just now remeber Garfield stated you as a titan. I guess your like Babymouse not really reconiging yourself as one.

Gina: Your right! I guess I am a titan! *CONF* Garfield was right after all! Garfield, If your watching, You are a genius!

George: I'm a underdog! And so is Isabella, But we made it this far! We must be pretty good underdogs!

Isabella: I think half the titans made it to the final 15 then turn final 17 when Nermal debut and Timmy return.

Nermal: And i'm still the world's cutest kitty cat!

Phineas: Your cute. Cuter then Garfield.*CONF*Sorry Garfield, but he is cuter then you.

Nermal: I have a question, Who are the protagnigists, Other than me?

Isabella: I belive me, Phinea, Ferb, Odie, and Garfield are.

Gina: So I must be a Anti Hero.

Challenge 10: Race 3.0

Jacob: Today's challenge is yet another race.

Phineas: Who ever wins get immunity?

Jacob; Yeah.

Isabella: TIme to to see who is the fastest out us.

Jacob: Ready......Set............GO!!!!!

George: *runs*

Phineas: *runs*

Gina: *runs*

Isabella: *runs*

Gina: *dodges a wall*

Phineas:*dodges a pole*

George: *dodges a boulder*

Nermal: *at the finish line* Here they come!

Phineas: *Trips*

Gina: *running*

George: *collapses*

Isabella:*Stops to check on Phineas* Are you alright?

Phinea: I'm alright.

Jacob: Phineas wins! Gina is 2nd! Isabella is 3rd! And George is injured.

Todd: We're back!!!

Gina: Welcome back!

Todd: Izzy, come on out!! They want to see us again!!

Izzy: *comes out* Hey all!

Mr. Hedgehog; *conf* We really did that?

Todd: *kisses Izzy*

Izzy: *kisses Todd*

Jacob: Now, Now, One time is enough right?

Todd: You haven't even seen our son yet!! *takes the baby carriage* Here's our son Henry!!

Jacob: ...........Cripes.........

Elimination 14

Jacob: Well, Phineas has won immunity for today, George however is out of the game due to a concussion.

Isabella: I guess I'm the last underdog.

Gina: Yep, Final 3.

Mr. Hedgehog: I'm back!

Phineas: This contest is almost over.

Gina: Yep.

Isabella: One of is going to win. I say it's Phineas.

Gina: Yeah.

Day 15- Karma Man


Gina: Almost over.

Phineas: it could be two tians or a titan and underdog.

Gina: Yeah.

Isabella: We are about to see who is in the final 2.

Gina: And then after that who wins the money.

Phineas: I wonder what is in store for today.

Henry: Today, I make a annoucement, The people who didn't make it this far have voted before the show to see who would be in 3rd and the loser is.....................Isabella!

Isabella: Oh well.

Gina: You tried.

Phineas: Atleast you made it this far.

Gina: Yeah.

Phineas: I guess this mean two tiatns are going against each other for the money.

Gina: Yep, May the best one win.

Phineas: I hope to make it to the finale and I did.

Gina: Good luck tomorrow.

Phineas: Thanks, you too!

Final Day- And the winner is...

Henry: This is it......The final day!

Gina: I made it all the way!

Phineas: So did I.

Gina: And now today we're competing for the money!

Garfield: Hey guys.

Henry: Oh, I also invited everyone to come back to root for you guys.

Squidward: Neither one of them need that money,

Felicia: Yeah!

???: I should be in the final 2!

Garfield: This'll be exciting huh Odie?

Odie:*wags his tail*

Wanda: *to Phineas and Gina* Congrats guys!

Patrick and Spongebob: You guys rock!

Babymouse: Good job!

Wilson: Yeah!

Jenny: *Sniff* These tender moments always make me cry.]

Isabella: You can do this Phineas!

Nate: Win this Phineas!

Phineas: I'll try.

George: This is awesome!

Nermal: I can't wait to see who wins!

Squidward: Raise your hand if you thought it was going to be these two.

(Everyone raises their hands except Squidward, Felicia and ???)

Felicia: See? Everyone wanted Gina and Phineas but the 3 of us.

Squidward: They are idiots.

???: Yep.

Phineas: Can't wait to start.

Henry: Now everyone but Phineas and Isabella who did not make it here, choose your sides and sit at the Peanut Galleries.

  • George, Harold, Squidward, ??? and Felicia went to Gina's side*
  • Everyone else went on Phineas's side*

Phineas: I'm guessing everyone but 5 people are wanting me to win.

Henry: Yep.

Final Challenge- More Hopping

Henry: Your final challenge is.............A RACE!

Phineas:*looks annoyed*A race???

Henry: Naw i'm kidding, Totem Hopping.

Phineas: That's better.

Henry: Whoever falls first is 2nd and whoever stays on while hopping on totems wins the billion! Ready.....Steady..GO!!!!

  • Gina starts hopping*
  • Totems move*

Phineas:*Starts hopping*

Gina: *Still hopping*

Phineas: *Still hopping*

  • Totems move faster*

Gina: *hopping*

Phineas: *Nearly loses balance, but regains balance and resume hopping*

Gina: *hopping still*

  • Totems move faster

Phineas: *Still hopping*

Garfield: *CONF* The suspense is killing me!

Gina: *loses balance but still hops*

Phineas: *Almost mislandding, but able to stay on*

  • Totems go very fast*

Gina: *hopping still*

Phineas:*Still hops around*

Squidward: This better end soon.

Felicia: Yeah, I'm getting sick of watching this

Isabells: You got this Phineas!

Gina: *almost falls but recovers*

  • Totems go as fast as they can*

Phineas: *still hopping*

Patrick: My head is spinning!

Artur: Is too and not good kind of spinning.

Spongebob: I can't look

Gina: *almost falls but holds on*

George: *eating a banana and accidently throws it into a totem Phineas is about to hop on*

Phineas: *slips and hits the ground*

George: Oh! I am soooo sorry about that Phineas!

Jenny and Nate: Are you ok?!?!

Henry; And that's it! Gina is the winner!

Gina: I won? I won! *sees Phineas* Uh oh, *jumps down* You did great Phineas!

Phineas:*To George* It's okay. *To Jenny and Nate* I'm okay.*To Gina* Thanks.

George: Thanks.

Henny and Nate: Cool.

Gina: Welcome. *hugs Phineas*

Felicia: *crying* These tender moments always make me cry. Squidward: That was a good finale.

Henry: Yes and now I have a annoucement......On Jacob's talkpage, I will reveal the Season 2 contestants, So tune in the Jacob's blog to see whose moving out and whose out of luck. And we'll see you fo Total Drama Vengance: To The Ozarks! (Thanks to all who worked with me, I have now created my 1st sucessful camp! Now I just have one last question....Can someone clean up this mess?)

Elimination Table

Cartoons 1 2 345678910111213141516
T10. NermalDebut on Day 7INININOUT
T13. TimmyReturn on Day 7ININOUT
21. BabyMouseINWININDQ
T22. TimmyINWIN*OUT**Return on Day 7
24. ArturINOUT
T25. WilsonOUT
T25. PatrickOUT

(*)=Got injured that day and was elimanated the following day (**)=Elimanated due to injury (***)=Sat out of challenge (****)=Was the Challenge