Henry: We've been to a Ghost Town, We've been to Death Valley, AND NOW......WE'RE GOING AROUND THE WORLD!!!...I've gathered 11 contestants from the last 2 seasons and 11 newcomers to come to the plane that I never really figured out to work it out until most recently....It's a 1940's plane for heaven's sakes!....BUT ANYWAYS, WHO WILL WIN....THE TRILLION DOLLARS THIS YEAR?.....Find out on TOTAL DRAMA VENGANCE: WORLD TOUR!

Auditions (8 per user)

The Originals

Phineas-Prince Doopliss

Babymouse- RR44

Gina- RR44

George-Prince Doopliss

Nate- RR44

Patrick-Prince Doopliss

Spongebob-Prince Doopliss

Jimmy - TrentFan

Garfield- RR44

Nermal-Prince Doopliss

Isabella-Prince Doopliss

The Newcomers

Mr. Krabs- TrentFan

Needle- TrentFan

Puffball- TrentFan

Leafy- TrentFan

Huckle- RR44

Lowley- RR44

Dudley- RR44

Kitty- RR44

Sandy- TrentFan

Mac-Prince Doopliss

Bloo-Prince Doopliss


Babymouse: Now that we're all masters, We'll sing it faster! (CONF) It's a rhyme I made up! Like it?

Spongebob: That is a nice rhyme!

Babymouse: Thnx. I made it up myself.

Patrick: I wonder what this season is about.

Gina: IDK, Something about going around the world?

Nate: This year is MINE!

Babymouse: No it isn't Nate.

Leafy: Hey guys!

Dudley: Hey look! I didn't know leaves could watch shows?

Kitty: Go figure.

Garfield: So I do figure?

Nermal:Maybe I need to change my ways.

Garfield: (CONF) It looks like this is gonna be my hardest challenge ever.......kinda......

Episode 1- World Tour Time!

Garfield: What IS this place?

Henry: It's a airplane.

Gina: Well duh. If it look likes a bird but doesn't really look like one, It's airplane.

Babymouse: Because it IS a airplane....(conf) Too much information.

Phineas: This season is going to be interresting.

Spongebob: You said it.

Huckle: Gee Lowley, This must be the place.

Lowley: You said it. *to Spongebob* Hello, I'm Lowley, I'm a worm.

Spongebob: I'm Spongebob and I'm a sponge.

Nate: So we're naming species now?

Dudley: I'm Dudley and i'm a dog!

Kitty: *to Nate* Don't ask.

Bloo: I'm Bloo and I'm awesome!

Garfield: No your not Bloo, Your Bloo and your a blob.


Pre Challenge Chat

  • Airplane lands in Egypt*

Henry: Contestants, Welcome to your first challenge. Pyramid Diving into a lake of...not just sharks, Sharks, Jellyfish and Eels.

Mac: That don't look safe.


Babymouse: Typical. -_-, This is what I get for being stuck in Egypt.

Spongebob: Those sharks aren't bad nor the eels. As for Jellyfish, JELYFISHING!

Patrick: YEAH!

Babymouse: Jellyfishing? That sounds like a fun game.

Phineas: What do you do?

Spongebob: *grabs jelly fishing nets* You use these to catch them. Then you let them go.

Babymouse: That sounds cool!

Bloo: Can we just go on with this. This is getting boooooooooooring.

Mac: Patience Bloo.

George: Yeah you have to wait.

(We'd start now but Trentfan doesn't come on till later)


Gina: *is a bit troubled*

Lowley: *to Phineas* Hey look! I found a TDV season DVD of last season!

Phineas: Really? What is on it?

Isabella: *to Gina* What is the matter?

Gina:'s nothing....(CONF) *sigh* IDK why I bother keeping this secret. I'm sure Babymouse is starting to feel that way too.

Babymouse: (CONF) ......What Gina said....*Sigh* Typical.

Isabella: Um okay.*She looks a suspcious at Gina*

Huckle: Nice to meet you. I'm Huckle.....*looks at Gina* What seems to be the problem with Gina?

Lowley: *to Phineas* They got all the episodes, Eliminated Contestants last words, Bloopers, Auditons for Season 1, Firey's audition plus, Never before seen scenes!

Phineas: *to Lowley: Cool. I'll check it out.

Patrick:*To Huckle* I'm Patrick! I think Gina is just sick after riding the plane.

Huckle: *to Patrick* Nice to meet you, Yeah, Probably motion sickness.

Babymouse: Agreed.

Gina: (CONF) I think i'm starting to have feeling for Phineas, He's so*mind begins to wonder, gets control back and blushes (Unfortunatly Isabella sees this and gets jealous)

Garfield: Good thing I packed extra lasagna. (CONF) I haven't talked about lasagna in ages!

Huckle: Hey Lowley?

Lowley: Yeah?

Huckle: I wonder what Garfield thinks about the newcomers?

Lowley: IDK.


Nermal: You know what, maybe we all can watch all the special features on the DVD to past the time.

Bloo: That would make things less boring.

Mac: That does sound fun.

Gina: (CONF) Isabella heard me did she?.....Great..That's just great....But how? *it's seen that the door lock got broken before, Ovbiously by Nate, But a new one was put in*.....Eh....I guess we'll never know.

George: I think I will read some comics to pass the time.

Lowley: *sees Isabella* Hey there buddy ol' pal!

Isabella: *In a nice voice to Lowley* Hey! *Then gives Gina an angry glare*

Gina: (conf) I think I just started a love war.

Babymouse: (conf) Punk.....CM Punk.........Warrior......Sheamus......A Rock.......The Rock.......WWE.......WWE Shop.....Go figure.

Dudley: Hey hey hey!

Lowley: I see everyone's in a good mood.

Huckle: What's new?

Patrick: I just ate an ice cream cone with 8 scoops of ice cream.

Gina: Oh not much except Isabella doesn't except my chances of getting Phineas. *glares at Isabella*


Kitty: True that.

Phineas: O.o

Spongebob: Wow, you are lucky Phineas.

Kitty: How does he do that?

Dudley: *to Phineas* Don't paralyze yourself. (CONF) If you want to learn why not? I'll tell you.........YOU'LL BE MISTAKEN FOR A STATUE! HAHAHAHHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Kitty: (CONF) o_O, Yeah.........Ignore that comment. Dudley's so excited.

Isabella: *Grabs Phineas and holds on to him tight*You are suppose to be with Timmy.

Henry: (CONF) If you don't mind, I think i'll mention the fact that Gina relized that she and Timmy weren't ment to be, Timmy is still trying to get Trixie to fall for her and still trying to avoid Tootie. (Isabella hears this, Once again, Thanks to Nate and is furious)

Nermal: (CONF) That was some interresting news.

Garfield: (CONF) For once, Nermal's right about something..............OH NO! NERMAL-ITIS HAS SPREAD TO ME!......RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!...

Babymouse: (CONF) Garfield, I do know that this is not going to be easy seeing Isabella and Gina duking it out for Phienas, But Nermal-itis isn't really....Sheesh. Geroge: (CONF)I can't watch

Isabella: *squeezing Phineas*

Phineas: *gasping for air*

Henry: Challenge in a few minutes!


Babymouse: *Thinking* OMG, Phineas is in trouble, What do I do?

Nermal: *to Gina and Isabella* Hey why don't you two love on the cute kitty cat and not argue for the smart boy!

Jimmy: (CONF) It's good to be back, last season was fun.

Mr. Krabs: MONEY- Erm, I mean hello everyone.

Spongebob: Hi Mr.Krabs!

Mr. Krabs: Hey Spongebob. Nice to see you here. I'm still not paying you while we're here though.

Spongebob: Okay Mr. Krabs

Mac:*to Mr. Krabs* Hi! I'm Max and this is...

Bloo:Bloo the Awesome!

Huckle: *to Phineas* I'll help you out. *Babymouse does it for Huckle* Well.......That was unexcepted

Phineas:*taking in air* Thanks...

Babymouse: No problem, That's what friends are for...(CONF) Maybe more than friends.........

Lowley: *to Jimmy* I'm beginning to run over suspicions......

Phineas: Gina and Isabella just calm down.

Babymouse: Yeah, Everyone knows your just gonna get yourself into the hospital if you bang yourself up.

Jimmy: *to Lowley* What?

Nermal:*acting cute to Gina and Isabella* Pwease love the cute kitty.*starts to cry*

Huckle and Lowley: *to Nermal* We'll be your friend Nermal!

Nermal: *swipes the tear* Okay.

George: When is the challenge?

Henry: It's now.............finally.

Challenge 1- Pyramid Jumping

Henry: Terribly sorry for keeping everyone waiting, One of the Jellyfishes had a tentacle boo boo so I have to put on a bandage. BTW, You must land it the safe zone with only spring clean water.

Phineas: Alright.

Patrick: Who gets to go first?

Henry: We go alphabetical order. Starting with the Vetrans.

Babymouse: So I go first! *jumps* GEROMINO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Is inside the safe zone* YAY!

George: My turn. *jumps* WOO-HOO! *lands in the safe zone* Your turn Gina!

Isabella: Hurt yourself.

Gina: *jumps, lands outside the safe zone and is shocked by eels and jellyfish* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGHHHH!

Dudley: *to Isabella* That was a mighty dirty thing you've done thar.

Kitty: (CONF) Southern accent.....Huh, Nice touch.

Nermal: Wait, I think George forgot about Garfield!

Garfield: *jumps in and lands in the safe zone* That was too easy.

Henry: Isabella is next.

Isabella: Wish me luck Phineas! *misses the safe zone and gets hurt by the eels and jellyfish as well*

Phineas: Oooh. Poor Gina and Isabella. Well your go Jimmy.

Henry: Yes, It's Jimmy's turn.

Jimmy: *jumps  and lands in the safe zone* Alright!

Nate: *jumps in* WOOOHOOOOOO!!!!! *Gets eaten by sharks* AW DANG IT!

Nermal: I hope I make it. *jumps* *lands in the safe zone* Phew.

Henry: Patrick and Spongebob, Jump Please.

Patrick: *misses* *manages not to get hurt*

Phineas: Here goes nothing!*hits the safe zone*

Spongebob: *misses*

Henry: That makes 6 safe for the Vetrans, Newcomers, Take your shot.

Bloo: CANNONBALL! *misses and gets attack by sharks, eels, and jellyfish* *weakly* I'm okay.

Dudley: MAZTA BALL! *misses and gets attacked by eels* *weakly* I'm ok.

Huckle: Here goes nothing. *jumps and makes it* Phew.

Mac: Come on Leafy!

Leafy: Alright, here I go. *jumps and makes it in the safe zone* Phew!

Kitty: *jumps in, safe zone* Phew!

Mac: Now Lowly.

Lowly: *jumps and does a moonsault and makes it* Brrrr, That's cold water.

Max: Well here it goes. *makes the safe zone*

Nermal: 4 more left to go.

(TrentFan who plays the 4 of them left is away, We will have to take a intermission)

Lowley: (to Isabella) I still don't know why you hate Gina, I mean, Is there a family fued, rumors, love? (CONF) I probably shouldn't have mentioned it.

Isabella: She is trying to take MY BOYFRIEND!

Huckle: Wow, That's not good.

George: What made you find out she have a crush on Phineas.

Isabella: I heard her.

Lowly: I'm supposing you wanna make a alliance with me, Huckle, George and you to eliminate Gina.

Babymouse: Ooh! Is it prep talk time?

Isabella: *to Lowly* Yes.

Lowly: Ok!

Huckle: Waaaaiitt....Just one problem....We're on different teams......

Babymouse: Ok, What's happened?

Nermal: I think things are going to get more entertaining. Maybe you, me, Garfield, and Phineas can be in an alliance.

Nate: Did I hear you say alliance?

Babymouse: Cool! (CONF) To Gina and Isabella, Isabella says Phineas is her's, Gina says he's her, So your saying He's Isabella while Gina's his, So what's going on?

Phineas: I'm fine with it. (CONF) Gina and Isabella, what happen to you two?

Spongebob: *to Nate* I don't think anybody wants to be with you.

Patrick: Yeah, you are a jerk.

Bloo: Things are getting Awckwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaard!

Dudley: *to Bloo* But there's action!

Kitty: :/, He's right you know.

Mac: There has been a lot going on.And we just began.

Dudley: Guys! I have a idea!

Mac: What is it?

Dudley: What if we went to The Amazon for Python Vine Swinging?

Bloo: Lame! I rather try to catch a lion and ride it around.

Puffball: *singing* So much is going on. I bet Speaker Box would love this.

Nermal: Mr. Krab's turn to jump.

Mr. Krabs: MONEY! *Jumps and barely makes it* (CONF) Money.

Mac: Last  three are Needle, Pufftball, and Sandy.

Needle: Thanks for not calling me Needy. *jumps and makes it to the safe zone*

Puffball: *singing* Here goes nothing. *jumps and makes it*

Sandy: Nothing I can't handle........I hope. *jumps and misses, falling right into a couple of electric eels* AGH!

Nermal: Well I guess that means we have to vote someone off.

Henry: Actully, Your right, The Newcomers win.

Elimination 1

Henry: So Pick your poision and choose who you want gone!

Nermal: Nate

Isabella: Gina.

Gina: Isabella

Babymouse: Nate

Nate: Gina

Garfield: Nate

Jimmy: Nate

George: Gina

Phineas: Nate

Patrick: Nate

Spongebob: Gina

Henry: This season, The awards are........PEANUTS! If you get a bag of peanuts, You stay if not, You go. Jimmy, Babymouse, Garfield, Spongebob, Patrick, Phineas, Nermal and George, You didn't get any votes, You are safe.

Patrick: Alright!

Henry: Isabella, Gina and Nate, One of you is gone........Isabella, With 1 vote, You survive....................Gina.........Nate............Who will's.............NOT GINA!

Gina: Yes!

Nate: WHAT?!?!?!?!?!

Newcomers: *but Isabella and Nate celebrate*

Phineas: Nobody liked you, Nate.

Isabella: It should have been Gina.-.-

  • Gina slaps Isabella*

Henry: Well, What a day. Well, Good news for you, You get to sit in 3rd class! The other team gets 1st class!

Nermal: That is not good news.

Henry: Well it's still news and it's good for the newcomers.

Episode 2- Jamaica Be Crazy Mon!

  • In the Loser Class*

Garfield: What a hectic day it was last night.

Geroge: Yeah. I just hope we can win today.

Phineas: *wakes up with both Gina and Isabella cuddling him* *sigh*It is not good to be me right now.

Garfield: It's actully very disturbing Phineas.

Phineas: Tell me about it.

Isabella: Morning Phinieboo!

Gina: Morning Phiniepie!

Garfield: I see.

Babymouse: *reading a book* Things are bad for Phineas right now. (CONF) I STILL wonder if........We're going to the Amazon?.......Eh, Maybe tommorow.

  • Meanwhile, In 1st Class, Things are more.....relaxing*

Lowley: Wow! I still can't believe we won!

Huckle: It's so awesome to be in the game!

Leafy: Yeah, right Needy?

Needle: *slaps Leafy* Don't call me Needy!

Leafy: Sorry.........

Needle: It's okay, just don't call me Needy.

Bloo: Needy,Needy, Needy, Needy,Needy!

Mac: Bloo, stop!

Needle: *slaps Bloo five times* Don't call me Needy!

Bloo: Owwwwwww.

Sandy: Y'all alright, Bloo?

Bloo: I'm fine, it just hurts when I touch it.

Mac: Then don't.Also you kind of deserve it.

Puffball: *singing* Well, it'll go away eventually.

Dudley: Hello, Is there a Puffball in there?

Huckle: :/ (CONF) I just hope Dudley will do better.

Lowley: I just got back from checking out the spa, Which is next to the 3rd class, And whoo! There's lot a issues with The Original Contestants.

Mac:If they keephaving these issues, they might keep losing

Bloo: Who cares?

Lowley: Phineas does, And I heard Isabella call Phineas.......Phinieboo.....YUCK!

Dudley: But Isabella loves Phineas.

Lowley: But so does Gina. It's a Love Triangle Frenzy.

Dudley: Aww man that sucks bro!

Kitty: I wish them the best in there all of their futures

Huckle: So true.

Mac: They just need to find away to solve it.

Dudley: *deep voice* It might take more than just 1 episode to solve it..........*wicked laugh, but chokes on a flea, spits it out afterwords.

Lowley: *gets the flea out*

Kitty: Dudley's right on something, This could take more than 1 episode to solve it.

Bloo: It would probably take them all to be eliminated to solve this.

Dudley: If Ferb is watching all the chaos now.....He'd probably hurry to save the day. I mean, It's HE-E-E-E-EE-E-E-E-E-E-E--E-E-E-ETIC in the 3rd Class!

  • Meanwhile, In the Losers Class*

Garfield: *to Phineas* Fear not Phineas, All of your problems are solved! Wanna know why?

Phineas: Why?

Garfield: Well, I was walking around, nothing to do, Then all of a sudden, I had a idea! Remember Season 1?

Phineas: Yes, what about it?

Garfield: Well, While Isabella was barfing her head off in episode 6, I coughed up a feather from the 1500's, I was worried because I knew this was the start of something bad. I took a checkup with them and found them to have a case of some sickness that can be curable if we find....The Banana.....Of Truth....*dun dun DUUUNNNNN!*

Phineas: The Banana of Truth?

Nermal: That might solve things.

Garfield: Last I knew of it, It was in Jamaica.

Henry: Ah! Your very lucky! That's just where were heading for!

George: Cool!

Garfield: Oh my Lasagna! That is so awesome, With it the Banana of Truth, We will be UNSTOPPABBLE! *Victory music* (CONF) My research is always right!

Babymouse: Good, I'm starting to get really concered about Gina and Isabella. (CONF) Isabella and Gina called Phineas, Schmoopy Boo.............Good Grief! What next?

Nermal: Yeah, it is getting way too crazy.

Phineas:*getting pull on by Gina and Isabella* Guys, HELP ME!

Babymouse: *gets Gina and Isabella off Phineas* There we go, You're free.

Phineas:*sigh* (CONF) Who is next? Babymouse?

Babymouse: (CONF) *Sigh* I thought I knew Gina and Isabella. Maybe if we find the Banana of Truth, We'll survive.

(Plane heads down for Jamaica)

Pre Challenge Chat 2

Henry: As you can see, Your challenge is to find the BANANA OF TRUTH.........*DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUNNNNNN!!!!!!* With it, You can ask it anything.......ANYTHING YOU WANT! (Once again, TrentFan is not here right now so we need to do the challenge later)

Babymouse: So, Originals, What's our plan?

Garfield: I know where it is!.....The Banana of Truth in Jamaica, Is in.............THE LOST FOREST OF RAJASHA! *Thunder*

Nermal: Oh boy.

Isabella: It wpould probably tell Gina that Phiniekins will marry me!

Gina: No, It would tell Isabella that Phiniekins will marry ME!

Dudley: OMG, OMG, OMG! I have never been this scared in my life!

Kitty: It's ok, Just remember, When we win the Banana of Truth, We'll use it for the good of the people.

Dudley: Oh, Really? Ok.

Huckle: A Banana of Truth eh? Sounds like fun!

  • Gina and Isabella start a slap fight*

Babymouse: Guys, Why don't we all just calm down.

Bloo: Everybody would bow to my awesomeness with that Banana!

Mac: Typical Bloo

Patrick: Can I eat it?

Garfield: NO! If you eat it, You'll get..............MAHAJARAZA'S DISEASE!!!! *Thunder and lightning* FIRST, YOUR TEMPERATURE WILL RISE TO SUCH HEIGHTS, THEN, YOUR BODY WILL DETEORATE, AND FINALLY.........You will shriven, TO SHREADS!!! *Wicked laugh*

Dudley: SHAO DON'T AET AIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kitty: Yeah, Don't eat the Banana of Truth! *dun, dun, DUUUUN*

Lowley: Oh boy, I'm really nervous.

Spongebob: That sounds scary!

Garfield: It is.......So don't eat the banana.

Babymouse: I've actully read about it. According to my calculations, You have to get cross Talnaw's Path, Cross the River of Screaming Johnny Junction and make it past the Talzaniam Desert. When finished you go in the tomb of the Banana of Truth and then, We win immunity!

Nermal: Umm the newbies can hear you! Now when we begin they will head that way as well.

Bloo: *lets out an evil laugh*

Garfield: Don't worry, I'll figure out how to settle that Bloo to.

Huckle: *to Bloo* I don't know Bloo, That other team seems strong.

Bloo: Pfft please. With the conflicts with in they would not stand a chance.

Max:*sigh* Bloo, I don't know what I'm going to do with you.

Dudley: Ik! Let's duct tape Bloo!

Patrick: Bloo is just insane!

Dudley: Ok! Duct Tape it is!

Bloo: Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!? *starts running from Dudley*

Dudley: COME BACK HERE! *tries to catch Bloo*

Kitty: Oh dear. *Runs to the scene of Bloo running from Dudley*

Spongebob: This season is real crazy.

Isabella: Yeah, espicially since Gina thinks she can take Phineas away from me!

Gina: OH NO YOU DIDN'T! *Isabella snaps and a cat fight begins*

Babymouse: Guys, Break it up!

Nermal: If we win The Banana of Truth will probably solve this. If we lose, one of them will is gone.

Babymouse: The Banana of Truth BETTER solve this. I can't stand this feud no more man! And it's only been 1 day! (CONF) THAT'S how crazy it is!

George: I want to know how Isabella heard Gina in the confessional.(CONF)This is bad for my team. I wonder...

Phineas: Yeah that is a mystery.

Garfield: Easy, NATE. He busted up the lock and made Isabella watch the WHOOLLLE THING!

Nermal: I had a feeling he caused this. Good thing we got rid of him before he started up more trouble.

Spongebob: You said it.

Garfield: I saw the whole thing.

Patrick: Why didn't you stop him? It was as like you wanted this to happen!

Nermal: O.o I don't think so.

Garfield: I tried to man, But Nate stopped me, He gave me lasagna, I'm sorry.........I failed you.

Phineas: You are not a bad cat, but you have lasagna issues.

Garfield: Ik.

Bloo: *loud scream from the distance*

Mac: I think Dudley caught him.


Kitty: *To Max* Sometimes he has a issues of duct taping people.

Huckle: Lemme sort it out.

Garfield: *to Phineas* Maybe if we tell what happened, They'll come to their senses.

Phineas: Maybe.

George: But then would it make your Banana of Truth idea pointless?

Garfield: We COULD use it for other issues to settle.

Phineas: Yeah , I can see it solving other issues.

Garfield; I mean, What other issues are there beside Gina and Isabella?

George: ore might find away to come up. Like Bloo.

Bloo: *muffles*

Mac: *removes the duct tape*

Bloo: *To Max* Thanks! *to Goerge*Hey!

Lowley: *to Bloo* Well, Your not much fun. I actully would like it if you were duct taped!

Huckle: Ummmmm, Lowley????

Lowley: Yeah? *Dudley duct tapes BOTH Lowley and Bloo*

Dudley: :D (CONF) Duct Tape!

Kitty: Here we go again.......

Lowely: *muffles*

Phineas: So should we tell Gina and Isabella now?

Babymouse: The short answer, is yes, The long answer is....YES, PLEASE! I CAN'T STAND THIS FEUD NO MORE MAN! I CAN HARDLY GET ANYTHING DONE, SO TELL THEM NOW OR WE'LL SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES.............Well, Let's tell em.

Dudley: I'll duct tape them for ya Phineas!

Phineas:*to Dudley* Um okay

Dudley: *duct tapes Gina and Isabella and brings them over to Phinaes* Ok Phineas, You can tell em now!

Phineas: Isabella and Gina, can you stop it. This is what Nate was expecting, since well Garfield said that Nate broke the confessional lock.

Dudley: (CONF) It's a shameful thing, LOST THEIR HEAD!

Gina: *muffles*

Dudley: Huh?

Nermal: *removes the duct tape from Gina and Isabella* There.

Gina: Thank you Nermal.

Lowley: Hey guys. What's new?

Isabella: So what you are tellling us Nate cause this?

Babymouse: YES!

Gina: I should have known all along.

Phineas: Nate is gone now. So can you two just forgive each other?

Babymouse: END THE MADNESS!!!!!!! NOWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!! (CONF) If this doesn't work, I GIVE UP!

Isabella; *sigh* I'll stop okay, but just please let Phineas be mine.

Gina: ........*Sigh* Ok.

Babymouse: *hugs Gina and Isabella* Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!

Lowley: Awwww, Everything's normal again!

Huckle: You kidding Lowley? Nothing's ever normal on this show! That's what makes it epic!

Mac: I'm sure more crazyness is going to happen.

Huckle: Can you believe what's happened in so little time?

Bloo: No! NOW I NEED TO KILL SOME PUPPY! (CONF) Ugh What is Dudley's problem with duct tapping people?

  • Bloo jumps on Dudley*


  • Kitty frees Dudley from Bloo*

Kitty: *to Bloo* I'll deal with you later.

Dudley: Phew, That was close! Thnx for the save!

Kitty: No problem.

Babymouse: So.........Nw?

Challenge 2- Get the Banana of Truth

Henry: Ok, We're not waiting anymore, Go find the Banana of Truth! Garfield explained what you needed to do, SO BEGIN!

Patrick: First is cross the tantaw thing a mah bomber.

Garfield: *laughs* What?!?!

Bloo: Come on team time to cross the Talnaw's Path *Starts running*

Mac: Bloo! Wait up!

Talnaw: HALT........WHO GOES THERE?

Garfield: I am Garfield, TDV veteran.

Talnaw: .........You may pass. *The Originals move on* *Stops The Newbies* HALT! WHO GOES THERE?

Bloo: I'm Bloo the most awesome thing alive!

Mac: Wrong answer -_-.

Talnaw: *strikes Bloo with lightning* Kulah ALLAHBAZAAHLA! *Puts Bloo on Fire*

Talnaw: TRY AGAIN.

Patrick: Now what?

Spongebob: I know sing!

Nermal: No we have to cross the River of Screaming Johnny Junction.(CONF) Spongebob and Patrick stop being idiots.

  • Meanwhile with the Originals*

Gina: Welp, There's Screaming Johnny Junction. And there's the river of it.

Babymouse: Awww, It looks cool! *runs to check it out*

Garfield: BABYMOUSE, NO!

Babymouse: *runs to river but is stopped by Garfield*


Nermal: Then we need a very safe way to cross.

Patrick: I know! *sits and starts humming*

Spongebob: *does the same*

  • Water turns into normal water*

Babymouse: Wow, That was close!

  • Originals cross*
  • Back with the newbies*

Bloo:*pile of dust, but still able to talk*Can we get by, pleeeeeeeeeeease?

Talnaw: Ok. *let's em by and takes em to the river of Screaming Johnny Junction*

Dudley: WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!! RIVER TIME!!!!!!! *Runs and jumps in.......but gets burnt* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mac: Since this is not a normal rive, how do we get by?

Kitty: We COULD fly.

Huckle: TO THE HUCKLECOPTER!! *takes em on the Hucklecopter and it takes em to the Desert*

  • with the originals*

George: Well we are at the Talzaniam Desert.

Nermal: We are not the only ones! *points to the Hucklecopter*

Gina: OMG, Where did? Who did? How did? (CONF) *Stutters* What? How? Who? Why?

Camel 1: Hey look, The Originals seem like their in trouble.

Camel 2: Should we help em?

Camel 1: Allright.

  • The Camels come next to the Originals*

Babymouse: Look guys! Camels!

Garfield: IKT.

Camel 1: Relax, We're just here to help.

Camel 2: Yeah.

Phineas: Well lets get on them and enjoy the ride.

Isabella: Okay Phineas!

Camel 1: We'll be here in no time, Where are you heading?


Camel 2: Ok then. OK JACK! LET ER RIP! *Camels run as fast as they can and catch up with the Hucklecopter, But will it be enough?

Henry: It's neck and neck, Who will get the Banana of Truth first? It might be the Newcomers, No, It's the Originals, Newcomers, Originals, New, Old, N, O, Nuh, Oh, OH THE SUSPENSE!

Bloo: Can this thing blast something at the originals to makethe camels stop?

Huckle: Let's see.....Ah! There it is! *blasts a sand button but makes the camels surf on it* Oh shoot!


Bloo: Ugh! Let me do something! *tries to take control*

Camels 1 and 2: *Stop at the Tomb of the Banana of Truth* Good luck guys!

Partick: Time to just take the thing and win this!

Spongebob: Yeah!

Nermal: Wait!

Babymouse: What?

Nermal: There might be traps. So we can't just walk in there and take it.(CONF)Besides I'm too cute to die.

Garfield: Actully the only trap there is is just a faulty wiring. It's safe for the taking. *leads everyone to the Banana Of Truth*

George: So this is it Well what are we waiting for? *Takes the Banana of Truth*


Garfield: Dreams DO come true!

Huckle: Thnx to you Bloo, We lost!

Bloo: Me? It was your fault you couldn't stop the camels!

Lowley: I think you need a taste of your own medicine.

Elimination 2

Henry: Newcomers, Take your pick.

Lowley: Bloo.

Huckle: Bloo.

Mac: Bloo. Sorry, but your arrogance made you mess up big time.

Dudley: Bloo.

Kitty: Yeah, Bloo.

Bloo: Huckle

Huckle: Well, While we're waiting for the other 4 to vote, Let's talk about recent events? Let's start with....Max maybe?

Mac: Things been crazy. And well I apologize for Bloo's behavior. Sometimes I have trouble controling him.

Huckle: That's ok. Lowley?

Lowley: Things have been crazy. I'm glad Gina and Isabella are friends again...sorta.

Max:I guess that is kind of a good thing.

Lowley: I mean, Remember the Love Triangle?

Mac: Yeah,that did get freaky.

Needle: I Vote Bloo, he called me Needy!

Leafy: Sorry Bloo, I vote you.

Puffball: *singing* Bloo.

Sandy: Hmm, this is tough. I guess I vote Bloo.

Mr. Krabs: I guess Bloo.

Henry: Everyone but Bloo and Huckle Cat are safe.

Bloo: It was nice knowing you Huckle.

Henry: Huckle.............You.......are.............eliminated.........from being eliminated! Bloo, It was nice knowing you, But it's curtain for YOU.


(Sry bout this, I just relized I made a typo, Max is actully Mac)

Mac: Bloo, you really been rude to the others.

Huckle: I think you owe us a apology Bloo.

Bloo: Fine. I'm sorry.Happy now?

Huckle: Yeah.

Episode 3- Dixie Rockers

  • At 1st class*

Babymouse: Yeah! First class!

George: Yep! This is a lot better than thrid class.

Gina: Tonight, We celebrate like champions!

Garfield: Yeah!

Isaabella: Now things might get better.

Nermal: i wouldn't be too sure of that.

Gina: Why?

Babymouse: Yeah, Why?

Nermal: You never know. Something else might come up. Only time will tell. But I could be wrong.

Garfield: How, That you know what starts up again? (CONF) I'm not 100% sure that this is true or not, But that love triangle might happen again.

Babymouse: That what Garfield?

Jimmy: (CONF) First class feels good.......I guess that's what I'll say in here.

Nermal: I don;t know, maybe Dudley stupidity, or Patrick and Sponegbob goofs, heck Nate could be hiding on the plane!(CONF) I'm hust kidding about Nate. Or am I? Yeah, I am.


Babymouse: Sry Garfield, But there will be no love triangle rumors anytime soon.

Spongebob: Yeah those seem to be done with.

Gina: Yeah, No more of THAT love triangle.

  • Meanwhile in Loser Class*

Huckle: *to Leafy* Hey Leafy, Why does Needy slap us when you call Needle, Needy?

Leafy: I don't know Huckle, she just doesn't like it, but I think Needy is a good nickname.

Needle: *to Huckle and Leafy* Don't call me Needy! *slaps Huckle twice and Leafy once*

Lowley: Needy doesn't sound so bad of a nickname, I mean, What's so bad about saying Needy? It's just a name. How bad can saying Needy be? Needy, Needy, Needy.

Huckle: Uh, Lowley?

Lowley: Yes Huckle?

Mac: Well this kind of stinks. Well becaue of Bloo.

Huckle: Needy's gonna slap you if you keep calling Needle, Needy.

Lowley: Hmm, You have a point.

Needle: Don't call me Needy! *slaps Lowley six times, and Huckle twice*

Lowley: Ow!

Huckle: What was that for?

  • Plane lands in New Orleans*

Challenge 3- Swamp Race

Henry: Welcome to New Orleans, The land of Dixie Jazz!

Jimmy: Sounds interesting.

Huckle: Dixie Jazz eh?

Babymouse: Cool!

Henry: This challenge, We will have a alligator race! 1 lap and your team must stay on the alligator at all times, The first team to cross the finish line, WINS! So....BEGIN!!!

Jimmy: *gets on alligator*

Mr. Krabs: *gets on alligator*

Needle: *gets on alligator*

Leafy: *gets on alligator*

Puffball: *gets on alligator*

Sandy: *gets on alligator*

Patrick: *gets on alligator*

Spongebob: *gets on alligator*

Mac: *gets on alligator*

Babymouse: *gets on a alligator*

Kitty: *gets on a alligator*

Dudley: *gets on a alligator*

  • Everyone Else does the same and the Alligators swim*


Leafy: Hey maybe if we're nice to the alligator, it'll swim faster?

Patrick: TO the finsh! *laughs and kicks the alligator*

  • The alligator got mad and move faster, but Patrick manage to hang on*

Lowley: I love alligators! I've met one in a zoo! *Alligator goes faster just for the Newbies*

Leafy: Alligators are great swimmers, they're awesome!

Jimmy: *to Patrick* You okay?

Patrick: I'm fine!

Nermal: My cuteness is not working. *pulls a scale*

  • Nermal's alligator goes faster*

Lowley: Uh oh!

Newbies Alligator: I think I'd better tune it up a little. *goes faster than ever before*

Lowley: WOW! The alligator talked! (CONF) So awesome!

Leafy: That's so cool! *high fives Lowley*

Lowley: *high fives Leafy*

(The Newbies Alligator makes it to the finish line)

Dudley: YAY! We won!

Lowley: Thnx Alligator!

Newbies Alligator: Just call me Billy.

Nermal: Drat!


Mr. Krabs: It's all about the money.

Sandy: What?

Leafy: Good job guys! You're an awesome alligator, Billy!

Puffball: *singing* Yeah!

Needle: And you didn't call me Needy!

Billy: Aw shucks, That's what friends are for!

Henry: Ok now, Let's head for the plane.

Spongebob: At least Krabs and Sandy won!

Lowley: Awww. Ok Henry...Bye Billy.

Billy: Bye guys, Come back soon!

Isabella: I don't get why Spongebob is happy for members of the other team.

Gina: Maybe because he has friend in the other team.

Babymouse: True.

Elimination 3

Henry: Who will leave this time? Let's see for sure.

Garfield: I guess i'll pick Patrick.

Nermal: Patrick

Spongebob: Garfield

Gina: Nermal, I still don't trust him.

Babymouse: Garfield. Sry buddy.

Jimmy: Nermal, sorry.

Phineas: Ehh Patrick?

Patrick: Garfield

George: Garfield, sorry.

Isabella: Patrick

Henry: Gina, George, Phineas, Babymouse, Spongebob, Jimmy and Isabella stay.

Babymouse: Phew.

Henry: Nermal, With 2 votes, Your safe. But Garfield and Patrick are tied....Wow, That's the 1st time it's ever happenend. So, We'll need to settle it, With a tiebreaker!

Patrick: We are going to break ties? *starts ripping ties*


Henry: No, Whoever cuts this rope wins. Loser goes home.

Patrick: Okay. *grabs scissors and cuts the rope*

Garfield: NO!

Henry: Patrick wins, Garfield goes home.

Garfield: I just can't win with this show......

Henry: Well, That ends a exciting day.

Episode 4- Babymouse and the Temple of the Originals

  • In the losers class*

Gina: Ugh, Who knew alligators could be this rough?

Babymouse: I didn't. (CONF) 3 crazy episodes, First a love triangle, The Banana of Truth and a talking alligator? Oh, What next?.....IK! The best adventure of them all!

(Umm Garfield is gone. I didn't have time to edit the table due to school)


Gina: We'd had better have a miracle, Or there might not be a Team Originals here.

  • Then, all of a sudden, A bottle with a message swoops in from nowhere*

Jimmy: Woah, what was that?

Gina: It's a message.

Babymouse: Let's see.......*reads message* It says we to come to the elimination area for a big announcement.

Gina: Really?

Jimmy: Okay.......let's go?

  • Winners class*

Lowley: Another day of sucess, Huh Needy?

Needle: *slaps Lowley* Don't call me Needy!

Lowley: Ooowww!

Huckle: Don't worry about Needy, Lowley, She just a bit fidgety from last episode.

Lowley: True.

Dudley: Hey guys! Look! A bottle with a message to say!

Dudley: I think it's telling us to get to the elimination area. LET'S GO! *Duct tapes everyone but Kitty and himself* Now your all tied up! No need to thank!

Kitty: Ok, That was unexpected. *Dudley tries to roll the duct tape ball to the elimination area but isn't so sucessful.

Mr. Krabs: That is fine duct taping skills there ye have there, lad.

The Special Announcement

Dudley: Thnx Krabs sir.

Henry; So, I bet your wondering why on earth I called you all here?

Sandy: Yeah, kind of.

Leafy: Yeah, same here.

Henry: Cause today............WE'RE HAVING A TEAM SWAP!....Yeah, You heard me, The Originals and Newcomers are done for.......Your NEW teams are............Wearing the Yellow, Drake! And wearing a intresting color of Hot Pink, Zabu!

Puffball: *singing* Cool!

Jimmy: Yeah, but who's on each team?

Henry: Well, This time, We're gonna have........Babymouse and errr, George pick the teams. Yeah, That's good.

Babymouse: O...M.....G....Who should I choose...........Ik!.........I'll pick Phineas maybe?

(Doopliss, Are you here?)

Dudley: George's so excited, He froze!

(Sorry, got caught up in something else)

George: Gina.

Gina: Yes!

Babymouse: Hmmm.....Isabella? (CONF) It's because so Gina and Isabella won't have a catfight versus Phineas. It's for the good of the many.

George: Spongebob!

Babymouse: Hmmm, Eeeny, Meeny, Miney.......Jimmy. Yeah, That'll do.

George: Huckle.

Babymouse: Mac.

George: Mr. Krabs

Babymouse: Needy.

Needle: *slaps Babymouse* Don't call me Needy!

Geroge: Nermal.

Babymouse: Leafy!

George: Kitty

Babymouse: I pick Puffball.

George: Sandy

Babymouse: Dudley.


Kitty: Wow, Dudley is really excited. I just hope you know even if we're on other teams, At least try not to get to competetive.

Dudley: Ok.

George: Lowley.

Babymouse: I guess that's it.

  • Plane lands in China*

Challenge 4- Ox Race

Henry: Ni Hao and Welcome to China!

Patrick: Wait? I'm not on a team?

Babymouse: Oh yeah, Patrick too.

Henry: These are Ox! They look like cows but don't give out milk.......*Cricket chirp* Anyways, The first team to make the finish line wins! Yes, Your getting ON the ox. 1 lap as usual. Blah blah blah, LET'S BEGIN!

Jimmy: Um.......alright. *gets on ox*

Leafy: Okay, nice ox. *gets on ox*

Puffball: *singing* Yeah, nice ox. *gets on ox*

Needle: *gets on ox*

Sandy: Alright, this will be howdy fun. *gets on ox*

Mr. Krabs: *gets on ox*

George:*gets on ox*(which is team is who's?)

(Drake is Babymouse's, Zabu is George's)

Babymouse: *gets on ox*

Ox 1: Fun day won't it be?

Ox 2; Oh yes, I see you got Drake.

Ox 1: Well your lucky, You got Zabu.

Ox 2: I think we better start racing now.

Ox 1: Ok dude. *everyone gets on and the oxen start to walk*

Nermal: Hmm a bit of a slow stop.

Ox 1: Anyone want to go faster?

Ox 2: Yeah, Do you?

  • Everyone is shocked that they can talk but then, Dudley says.......*

Dudley: YES!

Ox 1: Ok then. *Oxen run*

Spongebob: Come on, umm what is your name?

Mr. Krabs: Yeah, you can do it, what's-your-name. DO IT FOR THE MONEY!

Ox 1: I'm Todd.

Ox 2: I'm Ed.

Nermal:Well Ed, can you please go faster?

Ed: Ok! *goes faster*

(Neck and neck, 3/4 of the way there but........It looks like.....Yep, It's a win for Zabu)

Henry: Zabu, Impressive win!

Kitty: Wow, Good win.

Ed: Well, That was fun wasn't it?

Todd: Yeah. Hope you come back to China soon?

Phineas: Yeah, that was fun.And maybe.

Todd: Ok, See you soon.

Ed: And enjoy the rest of the game.

Elimination 4

Henry: It's bittersweet, But you got to eliminate someone.

Phineas: Needy.

Babymouse: Needy.

Dudley: I vote for for Mac, He's friends with Meanie Bloo.

Needle: *slaps Babymouse and Phineas* Don't call me Needy! I vote Mac.

Leafy: Hmm, this is hard. Needy's my friend though- *slapped* and since Mac is the other who's gotten votes, I vote for him, sorry.

Patrick: Mac.

Isabella: Needy, she slapped Phineas.

Mac: Needle.

Puffball: *singing* Well I vote Mac. He voted off his own best friend just to get further and that's kind of low.

Needle: Don't call me Needy! *slaps Isabella*

Patrick: Come on, Jimmy!

Jimmy: Um..........uh.......I vote........well Puffball does have a point but Needle keeps slapping everyone......hmm....

Henry: Who do you vote?

Patrick: Hurry!

Jimmy: Well.............I vote..............I'm sorry but Mac. You'll be happy back with Bloo, while Needy doesn't really fit in anywhere- *slapped* Ow.

Henry: Well thnx to your brain blast, You've just eliminated Mac, And concluded another dramatic episode of.....TOTAL....DRAMA......*Interupption*

Nate: I'm BAAAAAAAAAAAAAACCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKK, You thought you could kick me off did ya?

Producer: Yes we did, GET OUT OF HERE NATE! *Duct taped by Nate* Aw come on!

Needle: Wait! I quit for Mac! I'm tired of EVERYONE but Mac and Billy calling me Needy! Besides Mac didn't call me Needy.

Henry: Ok then, Suit yourself. Now I got to sort things out in the confessional. *runs to confessional to sort everything out*

  • Meanwhile, Back in the Confessional*

Nate: (CONF) Now, I had a surprise, What was it again? Ah yes...

Henry: (CONF) *To Nate* Hold it right there! Leave now or I'll call the cops!

Producer: (CONF) Yeah!


Episode 5- Napoeleon would Love This!

  • We continue where last episode left off*

Security Guard: (CONF) Yes! *grabs Nate*

Nate: *seen to have grown sharp teeth since last time*

Henry: Oh dear, It seems that Nate has become a monster!

Producer: He needs to be stopped!

Henry: But how.............Hmmmmmmm, Are you thinking what i'm thinking?

Producer: Oh yeah, This'll work for sure. *Nate returns and duct tapes both Henry and The Producer*

Security Guard: Put the duct tape down!

Nate: I have a surprise...I have kidnapped..........BABYMOUSE!!!!! And i'm gonna make her tell the whole world on her crush on Phineas!

Henry: *Gasp* YOU WOULDN'T.

Nate: Yes I would! I've also busted the lock on the door again so EVERYONE CAN HEAR!

Babymouse: Your a cruel cruel person Nate.

Nate: Yes I am, Now tell the world!

Babymouse: NEVER!


Babymouse: *scared with the stakes on the line, She finally confesses* OK FINE, I HAVE A CRUSH ON PHINEAS, YOU HAPPY?

Nate: Yes.....Now i'll let you all go with no warning, Good day. *teleports off, Unfortunatly, It looks like the contestants have heard*



Producer: Let's get out of here!

Henry: Yeah! *Henry, Producer and Babymouse leave, Meanwhile, At Winners Class*

Gina: *shocked* Oh my god......................You've got to be kidding.

Kitty: Oh my gosh, How romantic!

Huckle: Nate tricked em! I can't believe it!

Lowley: Yeah, So unfair!

  • Meanwhile, Word has also spread quicker than a bumblebee*


Phineas: Ummm(CONF) Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....

Dudley: (CONF) Anything through......the darkest of days...........This fire will burn Isabella.......All the way........*singing the second part* THIS FIIREE WILLL BUUURN, ALLLL THE WAAAAYYYYY!!!




Henry: Quiet, We need a plan.

Dudley: For what?

Henry: Wha-Did-did-d, THAT NONE OF YOUR BUISNESS! Besides, It for his only good!

Dudley: Oooh, More suspense!

  • A new voice is heard*

Chris Jericho: WELCOME TO, VENGANCE, IS, JERI-*Sercurity takes him away*

Henry: Akward.

Producer: Yeah, Agreed.

Babymouse: *free from Nate, Now has to deal with the wrath of Isabella* What do you mean I stole your boyfriend?


Phineas: -.-

Mac: Yeah just more craziness.

Jimmy: (CONF) Wow what a shocker..........Phineas has so many lovers it's impeccable. Maybe he has something like a love potion. Wait, what am I saying? Magic isn't logical, but science is.

  • Plane lands in...Where else but France!*

Challenge 5- Find Nate

Henry: This is France, Eiffel Tower, Bauggetes and plus LOVE, LOVE, LOVE EVERYWHERE! But that's not all we're here for........WE'RE GOING NATE HUNTING!

Sandy: .........Alrighty then.

Nermal: *dress as Napolean* That sounds like fun!

Henry: And since we're in France, What better way to do it than put you all in groups!

Henry: The Groups for Drake will be.....Babymouse and Dudley, Phineas and Isabella, Jimmy and Puffball and Leafy and Mac.

George: So someone on my team has to be with a Drake? You can divide 9 by 3 and get 3 groups.

Henry: Spot on idea! Babymouse, Dudley and George, Phineas, Isabella and Jimmy and finally Puffball, Leafy and Mac!

Producer: That'll work.

Babymouse: Thankfully, It's not Isabella.

Nermal: I actually have no idea there will be elimination because ofthis. (CONF) Well the Nate thing was actually a surprise to me!

Henry: The Groups for Zabu are.......Kitty, Mr. Krabs and Gina- Wait, I just relized something......George's on the hot pick team.

Drake Groups: Babymouse and Dudley, Phineas and Isabella, Jimmy and Puffball, Leafy and Mac.

Zabu Groups: Kitty and Mr. Krabs, Gina and George, Lowley and Huckle, Spongebob, Nermal and Sandy.

Henry: Well, Now that we've settled the groups, You may begin.

  • Zabu Groups, First, Huckle and Lowley*

Huckle: Wow, What a crazy day it's been thus far hasn't it?

Lowley: Yeah! It's a good thing we're still here.

Huckle: Yeah!

Lowley: Where are we anyway?

Huckle: ........Some French Cafe?.......Maybe that's where Nate is!

Lowley: I think your onto something!

Huckle: Let's go look!

  • Huckle and Lowley take a look, We now cut off Phineas and Isabella*

Dudley: (CONF) But first this confessional.........Oh wait, That was the confessional. Carry on.

  • We now cut to a furious Isabella and a very scared Phineas*

Ryder: *watching the drama* Hey look! I get front row seats!.......SIIIIIIIIIIIICK!

Henry: Him too?

Producer: Don't worry, This was all planned.

Henry: Oh, rly? Ok.

(You here?)


Phineas: O.o Wait...

Isabella: *grabs Phineas and bring him into an art museum*

Ryder: Wait for me broskis! *walks in* ..............Huh? (CONF) This isn't Z! TLIS?

Producer: Uh, You better come out there Ryder.

Ryder: *walks out*

Henry: Huh, Sry kids, But it looks like Nate's in another castle.

  • We now head over to a new place with Gina and George*

Gina: Great........This is just great, After all this hoping the Love Triangle or now known as the Love Square is over, It HAS to start again in the worst of times!

George: Yeah. Weird Nermal thought Nate might show up again.

Gina: Why does it seems like if my team loses I might be eliminated next? (CONF) Really, Why?

George: I wouldn't vote you off. I'm sure Nerml would be nice enough to get everbody to vote someone else off.

Gina: I agree. Nermal WOULD be nice enough to vote someone else off.

  • Meanwhile.........with Babymouse and Dudley*

Dudley: And that's how I saved Billy the Crocodile from the Apocalypse.

Babymouse: That's nice. *sigh*

Dudley: What's wrong Babymouse? You don't sound happy.


Dudley: There, There, You can cry on me.

Ryder: *watching this* ARE YOU SERIOUS BRO? It was Nate all along?!?!

Producer: Sry bout this, That's just a fan.

Henry: Carry on.

Dudley: Y'know what I do to make me feel better..........This...........*puffs up some air and....*......OH THE IRONY, WHY DID NATE DO THIS?!!? WHY?!?!! WHY!?!?!?! WHHHHYYYYYYYYYYYYY?!?!?!??!?!?......

Babymouse: *sniff* That's it?

Dudley: Well, Actully that's just me complaining over the fact that it's ALL....NATE'S...FAULT....*CONF* AND THE REASON I COULDN'T FIND MY DUCT TAPE THIS MORNING.

Babymouse: *wipes tears from eyes* I'll try to survive.

Dudley: Atta girl Babymouse, Tough as nails.

  • Now we go to Phineas and Isabella, Leafy and Mac, Spongebob, Nermal and Sandy and Huckle and Lowley who have seemed to have found Nate*

Lowley: So Nate was up there all along?

Huckle: Seems like it.

Leafy: So........what now?

Henry: Great, You've found it, Now..........LEAVE IT TO ME TO DO THE REST......*Nate and Henry then duel it out*

Spongebob: Go Henry!

Nermal: Again, now what?

Babymouse: You do relize that only 1 of them can win.......IT BETTER BE HENRY, Or else.....

Dudley: *plays suspensful music*

Henry: Have a nice day.....*throws Nate off the Eiffel Tower and splashes off to a pond*

Billy: OH SNAP! Score 1 for my boys in TDV! WOO!

Henry: Well, We've defeated Nate and got everything under control.

Producer: Yep, Now we can back to the show.

Kitty: But who wins?

Henry: Well, Since none of you won and since we're in France........

Double Elimination Ceramony 5

Henry: Why not we have 2 people eliminated?

Lowley: Well, I really don't want anyone gone but, If I HAVE to choose...........Mr Krabs and Kitty?

Huckle: I'll pick Kitty and Isabella.

Mr. Krabs: money instincts tell me Kitty and Isabella.

Sandy: Yeah, Kitty and Isabella.

Babymouse: Isabella and Gina.

Dudley: Guys...........WHY YOU HATING ON KITTY?!?!?!........Mr Krabs and that crazy whackadoo Isabella, Ever since this love square heated up again, She's been crrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzyyyyy!

Kitty: Thank you Dudley for standing up for me. I pick Isabella and Gina.

Gina: Isabella and Mr. Krabs.

Leafy: Don't worry Dudley, I won't hate on Kitty. I vote for Isabella and.............Gina.

Puffball: *singing* Isabella and Gina.

Dudley: Phineas, As much as it pains me to say this. But you gotta dump Isabella...I'm just saying, With the way she's been acting today........It's just not right.

Henry: Well, That's intresting Dud-Dud.

Dudley: I'mma Dud-Dud?

Kitty: Don't listen to Henry, He's just joking.

Huckle: Can we finish soon?

Jimmy: Isabella and Gina, sorry.

Lowley: After everything today, I feel like going to take a nap.

Huckle: You're not the only one whose had a heck of a day.

Spongebob: Isabella and Gina

Patrick: Isabella and Babymouse


Nermal: Babymouse and Isabella

George: Isabella and Babymouse

Mac: Kitty and Babymouse

Dudley: It's up to you Phineas.............You can choose your greatness..........or to the unholy path to failure............What's it gonna be?

  • Suspensful music plays*

Phineas: *sigh*...................................Isabella and Babymouse.............................

Dudley: .................what?...............WHAT?!?!?!

Henry: Well, That's it. So that means.................Isabella............I'm sorry, But with the most votes ever, You have been.....eliminated along with...........Actully, We're tied for 2nd most with Babymouse and Kitty. We need..........a tiebreaker...*thunder*

Tiebreaker 2

Henry: Whoever can answer this question correctly wins and Phineas's best friend and brother?

Babymouse: Ferb?

Henry: Yes.

Kitty: Wow, That was quick.

Isabella: WHAT?????????????????????????????????????? PHINEAS? WHY?

Dudley: You can thank......The Dudster....AND WHY KITTY?!?! WHY DOES SHE HAVE TO GO?

Kitty: It's ok Dudley, I'm sure that you'll be fine. I wish you the best in all of your future endevours.

Dudley: Really?.....Ok.....See ya soon.

Kitty: Ok, Bye everyone!

Isabella: *crying*

Ryder: It's ok Isabroski, Now that your single, You can hook up with Long Island Iced Z, Zack...Ryder......Call me!

Henry: Can we take Ryder home now?

Producer: Actully, Why not make him....a contestant?

Henry: ......Eh, What the heck? I'm generous.


Henry: Well, It's been a exciting day. I'm happy to say that this, possibly will go down as the most epic episode of TDV, EVER! Will Isabella EVER speak to Phineas again after today? How will Dudley survive without Kitty Katswell and has Phineas sided with Gina? Of all people? Find out.......NEXT TIME, ON TOTAL DRAMA VENGANCE.....WORLD TOUR!

Episode 6- Safari Segenti, Oh my! Oh my!

  • As you can see from the Winner's Class that they have decided to let everyone go there, Just for the troubles of last night*

Ryder: This is SIIIIIIICK! I need to tell my broskis in Long Island 'bout this!

Lowley: Isn't this great Leafy? Everyone of us gets to be in Winner's Class!

Leafy: Yeah, it's awesome! *high fives Lowley*

Lowley: *high fives Leafy*

Dudley: *To Phineas* Why did you vote Babymouse? After everything last episode!?! WHY MAN, WHY?!?! (CONF) I'm still shocked from last episode.

Gina: (CONF) I'm beginning to wonder if Phineas sided with me now......

Babymouse: What a long day it was yesterday.

Huckle: Hey guys......Why do I smell something rotten bout this love square between Gina, Isabella, Phineas and Babymouse?

Jimmy: Well the love square seemed to have ended when Phineas chose to vote Isabella and Babymouse, possibly indicating that Gina has won. However, if this is so, she is the ONLY one of the four to benefit from this, as Phineas probably will feel guilt over the days.

Huckle: Uh, Wow, You know everything Jimmy.

Jimmy: Thanks, Huckle.

Huckle: Yw.

Phineas: I actually wanted to vote all three, but it could only be two, so I didn't know which two.

Ryder: That means your free bro! BTW, I'm Zack Ryder, The Internet Champion, A 7 Figure Broski and Long Island Iced Z, Zack....Ryder...... (CONF) Who here wants to be Broski of the Week?

Nermal: Now Isabella left you a letter and well it is not a good letter.

(I just noticed Ryder's not in the elimination table and he's a debuter in the game.)

Lowley: Let's see what it is.

(Is he on a team? That is what I'm waiting for.)

Phineas: It says she does't want to speak to me ever again. *sigh*

Ryder: Are you serious bro? That sucks. You just got dumped.

Henry: Ok, Before we go any further, Ryder, Choose a team.

Ryder: ........uuuuh, Maybe I can make the teams equal?......Oh wait, They are..........Drake then, It sounds SIIIIICKK!!!!!

Henry: Then welcome to Drake.

Huckle: (CONF) There goes Isabella's chance of EVER getting a shot at being Fireside Leader, Not with the fact that she might have driven Phineas to suicide......Oh wait, She's the leader of the Fireside Girls?.......Oh great, NOW she'll get kicked out of it, And we'll have TWO people driven to suicide, That's just great!

Babymouse: I thought I knew Isabella......Until last night......

Gina: (CONF) This is my fault! I never should had done what I did back in episode 1! And now i've ruined her life AND Phineas's! This is all my fault! *starts to cry*

Ryder: *to Phineas* I'm so sorry for your loss bro.


Lowley: *to Dudley* Calm down Dudley! I'm sure Phineas will try to survive and cope with this. And i'll be by his side.

Phineas: I just hope when I get back home and try to make things better. All this is Nate's fault.

George: She might not listen (CONF)Sorry Phineas, I doubt she would listen

Gina: (CONF) This is all my fault.......What have I done........


  • Meanwhile, In some place, Probably in New Orleans*

Billy: Another day, Another dollar. I wonder what surprises we'll see today?

  • Billy then sees Isabella, And a very upset on at the fact*

Billy: Oh, Hey there Isabella, What's up?

Isabella: *sniffle* Just Phineas don't love me anymore HE WANTS GINA*cries*

Billy: Ohhh, I feel so sorry for ya girl.

Todd: Is someone having a moment?

Ed: Or mourning of a loss?

Billy: Well, Techincally, Yes and No, Isabella over here, She says that Phineas don't want her no more, He wants Gina.

Todd: Oh dear.

Ed: Even Oxen know that is a true travesty.

Camel 1: Dude, So not cool.

Camel 2: Totally.

Billy: I think you know these guys by now.

Isabella: Yeah those are the camels back in Jamica. *sigh* But I don't know what todo without Phineas...*continues to cry*

Camel 1: Well, You have 4 suggestions.

A. Figure out a way to get revenge on Gina

B. Find a new crush

C. Commit Suicide

Or D. All of the Above.

Camel 2: Ned, Don't be giving Isabella a horrible idea, That's worse that getten bit a by a Viper. And I mean a viper!

Orton: .........Honestly?.........Not cool......

Ned: Ok Ted, I know my error, I'm sorry.

Ted: It's ok Ned.

Billy: Actully, Ned's right on something.......You have a choice...........It's up to you to make the right choice.

Cena: Yeah man........Don't do it for yourself........Do it for your friends................

Billy: Wait....Cena and Orton are animals?

Orton: Nah, Not really, I'm "The Viper" Randy Orton.

Cena: And i'm John Cena.

Billy: So what's it gonna be Isabella buddy?

  • We'll have to come back to this later, Meanwhile......back on the plane*

(Plane lands in Africa)

Challenge 6- Catch a Lion By it's Toe!

Henry: Welcome to Africa! When animals roam!


Lowley: O_o

Huckle: O_o

Ryder: Wow, This place looks SIIIICCK!

Henry: So, Your wondering WHAT the challenge is?..........CATCH A LION! Got it? Good.

Ryder: *to team* Ok broskis, What should we do to catch the lion?

  • Meanwhile, With Zabu......*

Lowley: Use a lasso?

Huckle: Yeah! Lowley can be the lasso!

Lowley: I'm actully pretty flexable.

Mr. Krabs: Well if that gets us closer to the money, then GO FOR IT LOWLEY!

Lowley: Thnx Mr. Krabs!

Ryder: Good idea.

  • Meanwhile, At Drake, It seems that Puffball has a idea*

Puffball: *singing* Hey I have an idea! Why not give a sleep potion I got from Billy to the alligator?

Ryder: Yeah, That's a great idea!

  • Meanwhile....Back in New Orleans*

Billy: *to Isabella* Have you decided yet?

Ned: Maybe she needs more time to think.

Ted: I agree.

Billy: We're waiting now.

Isabella: How bout I just kill Gina and Phineas.

Billy: Allright then.

  • Back in Africa*

Lowley: Here, Lion lion lion lion.......Here lion lion lion.


Lowley: *ropes up the lion as the sleeping potion drips on the lion and Lowley fall into a sleep*

Henry: Wow, Just barely..........ZABU WINS!

Puffball: *singing* Oh, I failed.........

Leafy: You didn't fail Puffball.

Ryder: Yeah, You didn't fail Puffball, You had it! Lowley must have been quicker than I thought.

Elimination 6

Henry: Get cracking!

Ryder: Mac, Only because everyone else is cool and Puffball's hot- I mean a great friend. *Puffball hears this and blushes a little*

Leafy: Yeah, I vote Mac. He should have been gone instead of Needy. *feels a slap even though she wasn't* Ow. Also, no offense.

Babymouse: *dejected* Mac.

Dudley: I vote for that traitor Phineas! WHY YOU NO CHOOSE BABYMOUSE? D:<

Puffball: *still blushing a little, then snaps out of it, singing* I vote for Phineas, he's unintentionally caused trouble, and maybe he should be gone so he can't cause anymore.

Mac: Phineas

Patrick: Mac

Phineas: Mac

Jimmy: Hmm.........yeah, sorry Phineas. I agree with Puffball. I vote Phineas.

Henry: Well GOOD GOD, You took the cake out of it. But before we get any further, Babymouse, You seem to have a announcement.....Shall we hear?

Babymouse: *nods, sigh* Fine, I love Phineas ok?


Babymouse: Isabella.........If your watching this........I hope you don't mind if I............*kisses Phineas on the cheek*



Patrick: Lucky.

Babymouse: (CONF) It feels so good to get THAT out of the way.

Henry: Umm....Let's cut to the chase and say Mac has been eliminated.

Dudley: *to Phineas* You ok Phineas?

Total Drama Vengance: THE AFTERMATH- Episode 1: Here's where the aftermath Happens.......

  • WARNING, THIS IS NOT A EPISODE OF TDV:WT, THIS IS A EPISODE OF TDV's new aftermath show!, Got it? Good*

(We now zoom towards the 7 eliminated contestants last moments on the show and now turn to what looks like a talk show place, the place is jammed with cheering fans as you can see, It is seen that Jericho has gotten onto TDV tv after all, With his back to the camera and his arms outstretched*

Jericho: WELCOME TO, AFTERMATH, IS, JERICHO! *The crowd goes absolutely bezerk* Now as you all know, My name is Chris Jericho, But enough about me, Let's see........Ah yes, We have 7 wonderful guests on today's show, And we are gonna meet em......Our first guest, Ya know him, Ya love to hate him, HERE HE IS.......NAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTE! *Crowd boos*

Nate: *walks in*

Jericho: Welcome to the show.

Nate: Well thank you.

Jericho: Sit down, Make yourself comfy.

Nate: Ok. *sits down on the couch*

Jericho: So, You went from 5th to 11th to DEAD last, Why's that?

Nate: Babymouse. Duh, Whatever they do, They give the good congratulations to her, They say, "Who should we get on the new show?" And the others say, "I don't know, Maybe Babymouse, She's nice, She'll understand".

Crowd: Oooooooooooooooooooohhhhhh!

Nate: Or maybe, "Oh dear, We need a good 3rd placer to round out the Final 3, What should we do?" "Let's give it to Babymouse, She's nice, She'll TOTALLY understand" Or what about-

Jericho: OK, Save your complaints for next week bub. Now go sit where the people who are NOT competiting this season are. K?

Nate: Fine. *walks there*

Harold: You too?!?!

Jericho: Well, Now if THAT'S over with...........Bloo, GET YOUR BLUE SELF DOWN THERE! *Crowd boos*

Bloo: Oh come on you know you love me! *gets hit by a tomatoe*

Jericho: So Bloo, You started a rivalry with Huckle, Right?

Bloo: Yeaaaaaaaaah. He couldn't stop the originals.

Jericho: Well update bub, The Originals are dead, So are the Newbies, Their now Team Drake and Zabu! So technically, It doesn't matter as much does it?

Bloo: I don't care! I still don't like Huckle!>:(

Jericho: *New York accent* WELL YOU, ARE QUACKAZZZZ........*Normal voice* Go sit with the others.

Jericho: (pushes Bloo to a seat) Sheesh! Anywho, It's time for......TOTALLY....MESSED UP......NUTTYNESS! Last episode of TDV:WT, Ryder said Puffball was hot.

Crowd: Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhh!

Jericho: We were able to get some words from her.

  • We now go from in the aftermath studio to the plane*

Jericho: *to Puffball* So Puffball, Ryder called you hot. Any comments?

Puffball: *singing, while blushing a little* It was a nice comment. Though maybe........he just messed up his wording.

Jericho: Your blushing........Do you have a crush on Ryder?

Puffball: *singing* Oh, um, no. I just thought it was a nice comment.

Jericho: If that's your final answer........Ok then..........

  • We now cut back to the aftermath set*

Jericho: Uuuuh, Akwardness...................Anyways, Let's welcome up......GA-GA-GARFIEIEIEIELD!

  • Crowd cheers*

Garfield: Thank you! Thank you! I know! I love lasgana too!

Jericho: So you've been known to eat anything and everything right?

Garfield: Well pretty much, except raisins. *rim shot* No, Really, I'm serious.

Jericho: .............Okaaayy theeennn.............*Garfield walks over to the losers seats*

Jericho: Next up we'll have Needy, I mean Needle as a guest, But first..............Hey, Did you know after my interview with Puffball, I talked to Phineas. I can tell he was still feeling the effects of last episode. *We now go back to the plane, Where Jericho is now interviewing Phineas* So, Phineas, How do you feel after being kissed by Babymouse?

Jericho: *to Phineas* .....Sir?........Sir?.........Sir, Answer the question.......Hello?................Are you there?.....Hello?......(Phineas finally snaps out of it)

Phineas: Umm..It was nice,I guess.

Jericho: To all the Phinmouse fans everywhere, GOD BLESS YOU!

Jericho: (on the phone) What's that?.....Oh, kk then......*sees the people are still there* Oh, You guys, Uuhhh, Bad news, Needle's not gonna make it, We did try to get a interview with her, But I got slapped. See where the slap mark is.............................HOWEVER, That leads up for our final 3 guests today, She's crazy, whackydoo, But allround nice......Sometimes......IT'S ISABELLA! *Isabella gets a mixed reaction*

Isabella: Hello.

Jericho: So, Recently, Ya broke up with Phineas...What's up with that?

Isabella: Oh He don't love me anymore and LEFT ME FOR GINA! THEY BOTH ARE GOING TO PAY! THE HARD WAY!

Jericho: Jimmy Neutroned again by this. Well-

Harold: It's all Nate's fault! He made Gina tell the world about her crush on Phineas and the same thing to Babymouse, You should blame him.

Jericho: Wait, Isabella said Phineas left her but YOU say Nate blackmailed Gina and Babymouse to say those things...........I have a idea. When worse comes to worst, We play this game called......TRUTH...........OR............HAMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Gets out the hammer and gets Nate*

Nate: What the fudge?

Bloo: This should be interesting.

Jericho: All you need to do is to answer true or false questions. But there's a catch, If your caught lying, You'll be hit with the hammer, If your telling the truth, You'll be fine.

Nate: Ok, Bring it.

Jericho: kk...Ahem, So, Question Uno......Were you here on the day of episode 1?

Nate: Yes.

Jericho: Ok, Question 2.......What's your deal with Isabella?

Nate: Because I wanted to break her heart. *crowd boos majorly*

Jericho: And finally, Question 3..........TRUE.......OR FALSE.........Why would you break up Phinbella and drive em suicidal thoughts.........Well?

Nate: Revenge...........REVENGE FOR LAST SEASON. Babymouse cost me the million last year, And she did it again this season. SHE WILL PAY! PAY I TELL YOU.....PAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!! *Crowd boos even more and the hammer hits Nate*

Bloo: And I was screwed off the show by Huckle!

Jericho: LOY LOY LOY, YOU GOT CAUGHT LYING, LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE!.....Now Kitty and Mac.......Since we're outta time. We have to say.....Sit with the others. Take care, Cause i'm a decent, honorable man...................THE AYATOLLA OF ROCK AND ROLLA..........Y.....2........J............AND MOST OF I'M.......CCCCCCCCHHHHHHHHHHRIIIIIIIISSSSSS JEEEEERRRRRRIIIIIIICCCCCCCCHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! SEE YA NEXT WEEK!.....Needy was here?.....*Gets slapped by Needle* AH DANG IT!.......

Episode 7: London Calling

Ryder: (CONF) To settle all the rumors, When I called Puffball hot, I ment on the outside. I'm serious bro. (Puffball hears this and gets all...........giggly and blushes again)

  • Loser class*

Patrick: I'm hungry.

Lowley: *to Puffball* Well your in a good mood today, What's new?

Puffball: *still blushing, singing* Oh. Um. Nothing. I'm just happy to be here with you guys I guess. It's actually really better than being here alone......(CONF) *singing* Yeah, being alone in here, would kind of creep me out.

(TrentFan has been grounded and will not be here for 2 days, So we will automaticly give the contestants TrentFan has immunity)

Lowley: Oh, Ok.

Nermal: I don't know what other crazyness will happen.

Gina: I agree.

  • Meanwhile at Drake....*


Babymouse: 20 seconds.

Patrick:20 seconds until we eat?

Ryder: Wait, Didn't you just have Honeycombs? (CONF) .......Honeycombs............

Dudley: Oh, I'm latose intolerent to Honey. (CONF) Really, If I have even the slightest bit of honey, I vomit like mad and get hives.

Patrick: What happen yesterday?

Dudley: Aftermath Show. Last episode of TDV:WT we went to some place called Africa.

Phineas: I hope things get better soon...

Dudley: Wazzup man?

Phineas: I'm still a little shock.

Dudley: I KNEW IT! YOU DO LOVE BABYMOUSE! (Meanwhile, Nate is sleeping in landing wheels)

Producer: Uh oh.

Henry: Uh oh funny or uh oh, We're all going to die?

Producer: The landing gear's being stubborn.'

Henry: Oh great. Better fix it.

  • Finds Nate down there*

Henry: OH HECK NO! *Shoves Nate off*

  • Back in Drake*

Dudley: *tells Patrick of what happened*

Patrick: I understand now.

Dudley: (conf) I knew Phineas loved Babymouse, It took him a while for him to find the right words but he did it in the end. *eats a honeycomb, relizes what happened* Uh oh.......*vomits on the floor.....19 times......make it 20 times and gets itchy itchy hives* AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH HELP MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

Phineas:Well things made crazy turns with me recently...

Ryder: I've only been here 1 day.......AND IT'S BEEN SIIIIIIIIIIICK!............That means totally awesome.

Patrick: *To Dudley* What happen to you man?

Dudley: I have hives!

Patrick:How did you getthem? You making your own honey?Or are you talking about the other kind?

Dudley: I ate a honeycomb and I got hives from it!

Patrick: *Dress as a doctor* Don't worry Dr. Star is here! *puts Dudley on a table and starts hitting him on the head with a hammer*


???: *kidnaps Ryder and Gina*

  • Plane lands in London*

Challenge 7- Find the Mystery Murderer

Henry: Pip, Pip, Cheerio! Welcome to London!

Dudley: The home of itching cream? I NEED IT BADLY! *Scratches self*

Phineas: So now what?

Babymouse: I'm not sure....

Dudley: Hey, Where's Ryder?

Lowley: And Gina?

Henry: Oh that's easy, They have been caught by.......................THE MYSTERY MURDERER!!!!!!! *thunder*

Lowley: O_O

Spongebob: OH NO! *runs into the plane and hides*

Henry: Get back out here Spongebob. Your challenge is to figure out who the mystery murderer is.

Spongebob:*on the plane* I don't want to get and murder by him.

Henry: Fine, You just cost yourself the challenge. REST OF YOU....GO GET THE MURDERER!

  • Puffball is worried about Ryder, But Babymouse helps her out of it*

Babymouse: I'm sure this is another one of Nate's doings.

Phineas: I agree. It can't be Isabella. If it was it would have been me, you, and Gina.

Babymouse: Hey look! A letter. It says. "I wear a pink bow and have black hair, My love was Phineas until Gina took him away." (CONF) The chips are down.

Phineas: O.o So it is Isabella?

Babymouse: We're not sure yet. We'll just have to see for sure.

George:Let's go team!

Nermal: Alright. But if we lose, I know who is going home. (CONF) Spongebob.

  • Meanwhile, at some pond*

Huckle: Who do you think is the mystery murderer Lowley?

Lowley: I'm not sure. It could be anyone. It could be me or you.....or maybe...........a eliminated contestant! *Finds a letter* It's a message!

Huckle: Let's see what it says........."I say "Whatcha doing?" a lot, I loved Phineas to bits........that all went apart thanks a lot to Gina".....................I think I know.....

Patrick: Ferb?

Lowley: No...It can't be. *Huckle is kidnapped* HUCKLE!!!!

Patrick: I'm scared!

Babymouse: *to Puffball* Ik your worried about Ryder, But when we find that murderer, We will get revenge on him.....or her.........or whatever.

(TrentFan's here, But he is now going on a trip......HOWEVER, All characters he still has still have immunity)

Nermal: *to George* I found a letter!

George: What does it say?

Lowley: Let's see......

Nermal: "I'm the Fireside Girls leader and I use to love Phineas until Gina took him away"

George:I think....*??? takes him away*

Nermal: George?

Lowley: *to Nermal* I think I might know who it is!.....It's Isabella.

Puffball: *singing* Yeah that makes sense. It also makes sense of why she took Gina. But why Ryder?

Babymouse: Maybe because she wants to put you off your game.

Lowley: Hmmm.....Wait.........Puffball has a crush on Ryder?

Puffball: *singing* Oh um no. He's my friend. Besides it is suspicious why he was a first target. And if she wants to put me off my game, well, why me? Did I do something to her.......?

???: ............*Rough voice* Whatcha doing? *Puffball by magic poofs ??? and is revealed to be.......ISABELLA!*


Isabella: Yes.

Babymouse: I should have known........You are one sick twist.

Henry: DRAKE WINS IT LADIES AND GENTS! *Puffball frees everyone*

Ryder: Huh? What happened?......Puffball....You saved my life......Thanks Puffball! You're the best! (Puffballs blushes and giggles which continues into the CONF)

Elimination 7

Henry: Zabu, Ik it's hard but, YOUR UP FOR ELIMINATION!.......Please vote.

Huckle: Gina.

Lowley: Gina.

Gina: Nermal.

Nermal: Spongebob

George: Gina, sorry

Spongebob: Gina.

Mr. Krabs: Gina.

Sandy: Gina.

Henry: Are you ready........Here we go......Huckle.....Lowley..........Krabs.......Sandy........George.......Spongebob.....You recieved but a vote.....Nermal.......1 vote........................Spongebob........................Your safe................And that means former TDV winner Gina has been eliminated!

Gina: *sigh* Should have seen it coming.

Lowley: Sry Gina. Your a threat.

Huckle: Yeah. We're really sry Gina.

Episode 8- That Kinda Sounds Greek to Me

  • At winners corner, It seems that Ryder is being creeped out by Nate's evilness, Somehow Nate got back in, Puffball is worried about Ryder, Puffball is now in the CONF, Possibly gushing about Ryder*

Puffball: (CONF) *singing* Ryder's so sweet. But still........I don't like him. Um. I just think he's nice.

Dudley: (CONF) Aaaaaaah, No more hives! Who knew butter was a good hive curer?

Nate: *To Ryder* You want some............COME GET SOME.....................*Ryder fights back from Nate's hyponizing ways but in the end isn't enough, Puffball is angered by this and now confronts Nate* .........Oh great, A Puffball.

Patrick: It is goodto be part of this class(CONF) I'm surprised it was Isabella that was the murderer and Gina got eliminated.

Puffball: *pours invisible potion on Nate*

Ryder: *recovers* Huh? Who? Where? What...........Puffball, You saved my life.....again......Thanks Puffball! *Puffball blushes again (CONF) Puffball really is hot.

Dudley: Gaaaaawwwwwww! That's a case of Amore!

Puffball: *singing and stops blushing* Oh. Um, what? No it isn't. It was a case of friendship....

Dudley: *country voice* Who you calling pointy?

Babymouse: *to Puffball* Dudley's random at times.

Phineas: *sigh*I'm just upset at what Isabella did and Gina being eliminated.At least Babymouse is still here

Dudley: Awwww, No more Love Square!

Patrick: This love square? *Patrick draws a square with hearts.

Dudley: Close, Add in Phineas, Babymouse, Isabella and Gina and BINGO! These 3 girls loved Phineas, Phineas was the man who liked them all........One by one Isabella and Gina would be eliminated..........That leaves Babymouse.......So no more love square! Which stinks!

Phineas: Why would you want a love square?

Dudley: *Russian voice* I WANT THE DRAMA!.....NOW!

  • At losers square, Tensions rise between Nermal and Spongebob*

Lowley and Huckle: *watch the action*


Nermal: You hid instead of doing the challenge.


Nermal: (CONF) Spongebob you are nothing but stupid nonsense.

George: (CONF) I have a feeling that the Banana of Truth thing was just a myth.

Dudley: (CONF) Guess what?...I found out I have ancestors!......Their called Bubba Ray, D-Von and Spike!......Or at least that's what I think.

Nermal: Spongebob, you just need to get your game strait!

Spongebob: Who died and made you captain?

George: Now you two just calm down.

Huckle: George's right. Calm down guys.



  • Nermal and Spongebob start fighting*
  • Huckle and Lowley break em up*
  • Plane lands into Greece*

Challenge 8- Chariot Race

Patrick: Where are we?

Phineas: Looks like Greece.

Henry: Yes it is!

Nermal: So what are we doing? Chariot races?

George: *shaking* Fighting lions?

Henry: Yes and we're using pegusus George.

Henry: ON THE CHARIOTS! *Poofs everyone on the Chariots* 1 lap as always. BEGIN!

  • Pegasus begin flying*

George: Cool!

Phineas: That is awsome.

Nermal: But we race for 1 lapand the team that finishes first wins.

Szbost: Yes, That is the plan!

Goblos: Did you not see that we pegasus can talk?

Phineas: Well everything else seems to talk.

  • Is it Zabu to win or Drake.....Drake......Zabu........Drake.....Zabu.......Is it, YES! A major upset for Drake*

Henry: Drake wins a gold medal for winning that epic race!

Szbost: What a good race.

Goblos: We will see you in the finale.

Eliminaton 8

Henry: Pick your five eyed froggy fish!.....It means loser in Scottish.

Lowley: Nermal.

Huckle: Nermal.

George: Nermal

Nermal: Spongebob.

Spongebob: Nermal.

Henry: Remember, TrentFan is on a trip, So you cannot vote for any of his characters. And with 4-1......NERMAL IS OUT OF HERE!

Nermal: WHAT?

Henry: Ahem, Let me introduce my new security guard.

Ryback: *comes out and throws Nermal off the plane*

Henry: Good Ryback.

Producer: (CONF) Hmmm.....Ryback.......Not bad...

Spongebob: Well he prove he couldn't change.

Episode 9- Viva Las Vegas!

  • At winners class*

Patrick: This is waht the second time we been to the winner's clash?

Dudley: Dooz!..Get it? It's a ding and a jazz combined!

Phineas: *sigh*

Dudley: *to Phineas* NOW what's up?

Phineas: I'm still upset all that has happen around me recently.

Patrick: You goto cheer up!*stuffs Cheerios down Phineas' mouth*Cheerios make you cheer!

Dudley: *makes Phineas drink what looks like milk......but is really coffee* Oh snap, That's not milk, That's coffee, Sorry! *Gets the milk and makes Phineas drink it* MUCH BETTER! *Now stuffs oranges down Phineas mouth* ORANGES FOR VITAMIN C!

Patrick: I know! *starts just putting happy powder down Phineas' mouth*

Babymouse: Ok! We get the message!

Dudley: Oh, I thought this was a feed Phineas party.

Jericho: Then let's add in the finishing touch.....THE WALLS......OF........JERICHO!!!!!!!!!!!!! ONE, TWO, THR- *Tooken away by Ryback* DANG IT!

Dudley: :/, I don't get that.

Phineas: Well I'm extremely happy! :D

Dudley: Oh great! Did we just break Phineas?

  • Meanwhile at Loser City USA, A.K.A, Loser Class*

Huckle: Gee Spongebob, This is the worst slump never!

Spongebob: Iknow, but with Nermal gone maybe we can win again.

Lowley: What should we do to win the next challenge Spongebob?

Dudley: *gets out his handy dandy phone of truth* (CONF) It makes me call anyone.....AAAAAAAAANNNNNYWHERE! (Off CONF) Maybe if I call someone important, I can solve this problem! :D *tries calling someone, but no signal* Oh wait, It's still broken....RATS!

Dudley: *to Phineas* Ik, Ik, It's my fault, I can fix this.......I'll use Phineas Powder! *tries to find it* Where is it?

Phineas: There is nothing wrong with being extremely happy! :D

Spongebob:*To Lowley* For now all I can say is do our best.

George: I hope all of the chaos is gone.

Dudley: Your right Phineas. I guess I was worried bout nothing....How long does the powder last for Patrick?

Patrick: Twenty.........................Four.......................hours.'

Dudley: You know what?.....I can live with it. FOR THE TEAM!

  • Everyone: FOR THE TEAM!*
  • Plane lands in Las Vegas*

Challenge 9- Slot-O-Rama!

Henry: Congrats to you all! You have reached the Final 14! And have also reached the MERGE! That's right, No more Team Drake, No more Team Zabu, You are now.........ONE NATION.....With a extranvagant color of gold.

Phineas: That is very great! :D


Babymouse: *hugs Phineas*

Huckle: Yay!

Lowley: *high fives Leafy*

Spongebob&Patrick: WOOHOO!

Geaorge: Awesome!

Ryder: WOO WOO WOO! YOU KNOW IT! *Hugs Puffball and again Puffball blushes*

Phineas: I can't wait for the first challenge of the merge! :D

Henry: Well guess where we're at first.

George: Vegas?

Lowley: New York?


Henry: *to Lowley* No, *To George* Yes, *To Dudley* And..........What?

Henry: We're in Las Vegas!

Patrick: Now what?

Henry: We're playing a game called Slots. All you need to do is put your ticket in, match symbols and then, pull the machine with the lever. However, This game is not for money, We're playing for fun and for points. I'll explain that later, Whoever has the most points at the end of the game wins immunity.

Phineas: Sounds fun!:D

Spongebob: His smililing is creeping me out!

Henry: Live with it man. We go in alphabetical order. BEGIN!......BTW, TrentFan's characters get immunity because he's on a trip as of now.

Geroge: Well it is your go Babymouse.

Babymouse: *puts her ticket in, pulls the lever, gets 5 matched symbols for 50 points*

Henry: You only get 1 shot sadly.

Dudley: So i'm next. *puts his ticket in, pulls the lever and surpringsly gets 8 matched symbols for 80 points*

Geroge: My turn. *puts in his ticket, pulls lever and gets 6 matches for 60 points*

Huckle: Oh boy. *puts in his ticket, pulls lever and gets 4 matched symbols for 40 points*

George: You can do it Lowley!

Lowley: *puts in his ticket, pulls lever and gets.....10 matched symbols for 100 points* YES!

Patrick: *puts in ticket, pulls lever and gets 7 matched symbols for 70 points* Alright

Phineas: :D *puts in ticket and pulls lever and gets 2 matches for 20* :D

Ryder: Allright Spongebob, You can do it!

Spongebob: Here it goes *puts in ticket, pulls lever and receives 90 points from 9 matched symbols*

Ryder: *puts in his ticket, pulls lever and gets 8 matched symbols for 80 points*

Henry: And that's it. Lowley, With 100 points, You win the challenge!

Lowley: Sweet!

Patrick Congratulations!

Lowley: Thx

Henry: Now, About the points............We're having a points system! The 4 with the lowest score are in the danger zone, We don't want to go in there. George, Babymouse, Huckle and Phineas are sadly stuck there, And just because TrentFan's on vacation, I'm giving all of his characters 65 points and immunity.

Elimination 9

Henry: Another day, Another elimination, Vote on it yo!

Spongebob: Phineas. Sorry the smiling still creeps me.

Patrick: Phineas.

Ryder: We, The Broski Nation, Would like to eliminate George from active competition at this time.

Dudley: George, I still dunno if your just George or Curious George from PBS Kids?

Babymouse: George.

Henry: BTW, The people up for elimination cannot vote anyone.

Lowley: So I pick the final vote..........................................I vote for.......................No one, I like everyone in there. Just do a tiebreaker.

Henry: Ok then..........

Tiebreaker 3

Henry: I'm thinking of a number between 1-100, What is it?

Phineas: 50 :D

George: 67?

Henry: It was..............55!, Phineas is safe for another day.......George, I'm sorry but it's over for you.

Lowley: (CONF) I really didn't want to vote anyone out, I like them all, This show's like my family!

Henry: Lowley, For winning immunity, You can choose anyone, ANYONE at all to join you in Winner Class.

Lowley: Er, I'mma choosing..............Phineas!

Episode 10- Newfound Men

  • Winners Class*

Lowley: *yawn* Good morning Phineas.

Phineas: Morning.I felt weird yesterday.

Lowley: Well, Patrick put happy powder in your mouth, I actully found that pretty funny.

Phineas: Well it did make me feel better.

Lowley: That's the spirit.

Phineas: Yeah. All of this madness is behind me.

Lowley: Yeah.

Phineas: Now I wonder what might happen today.

  • Loser Class, It seems that someone has suffered critical injury*

(Wait who is it?)

(Dudley, He suffered severe burns for trying to light a paper mache plane on fire, It was a expirament)

Dudley: AGH! It burns! (CONF) I was only doing an expirament!

Patrick: Let me help! *grabs paroxide and poors it all over Dudley*

Dudley: *Burns more* AAAAAHHHHHHHH GOOD LORD!!!!!!!!

Spongebob: I don't thinl it is working Patrick.


  • Medics take Dudley away*

Huckle: Is he gonna be able to come back to the game?

Henry: It doesn't look like it. He suffered 3rd degree burns from that and may never walk again. Dudley has now been removed from the game....................

  • Plane lands in Newfoundland*

And now........We're gonna take a look 'round Newfoundland

Henry: Yeeben nerban furgan bargen, Have ye sea captains call the salty wag.

Patrick: What?

Spongebob: I think he is speaking viking.

Henry: :/, It's not viking speaking.....SHEESH, We're in Newfoundland!

Spongebob: Oooooooooooooooooooooh.

Henry: That's Newfoundlandian.........or is it some Canadian language?..........We're not sure.

Phineas: Eh, that is close enough.

Henry: And guess what?....Since Dudley is out, There will be no elimination this time and no challenge!

Patrick: Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....

Henry: *finds a cloud the shape of a wombat, and a cloud the shape of a triangle, and a cloud that looks just Nate...Oh wait, That is Nate* Move over sir.

Phineas: I don't know who to vote off.

Huckle: There's no elimination Phineas.

Spongebob: Now what?

Lowley: Idk.

Phineas: Maybe I should build something.

Ryder: Hmmmmm........

Patrick: *To Ryder* You thinking of Puffball?(CONF) I don't know what I'm talking about.

Lowley: Um, That's a yes, As you can see, Puffball has lost her voice.

  • Meanwhile Nate and Henry are in a epic battle to the death, And a surprise, Isabella and Ryback are calling the action*

Ryback: And that's the story of how I beat 4 bears in one night.

Isabella: What does that got to do with Nate and Henry fighting?

Ryback: This fight represents my story.

Isabella: That makes since. I guess..........................................................

Henry: *finally finishes off Nate by throwing him in the ice cold water*

Ryback: Well, That ended fast.

Isabella: And that is the last of what we saw of Nate.

Nate: *iceberg*

Huckle: Can we go soon?

Patrick: Yeah I'm bored *falls asleep*

  • Everyone is transported to the winners class*

Spongebob: Well that was a fun trip.

Huckle: *to Spongebob* Are you beginning to wonder if Puffball has a crush on Ryder?

Spongebob: yeah, it seems like that.

Henry: BTW, To replace Dudley we have........GELATIN!

Babymouse: *to Spongebob* Why does it seems like it?

Spongebob: Just look at those two.How they act.

Babymouse: How so?

Patrick: Didn't Ryder call Puffball hot and she blush at that?

Babymouse: Yeah.

Spongebob: It is so obvious, because of those reasons.

  • Puffball hears them and gets worried*

Episode 11- VenganceMania

  • In winners class*

Phineas: *yawns*Morning everyone!

Babymouse: Morning Phineas.

Ryder: Top of the mornin'!.......Get it?

Patrick: Huh?

Babymouse: I wonder what controversial stuff will happen today?

Phineas: Me too.

Ryder: *CONF* .........Eeerrrrugh! I can't stand to keep this secret much longer! I have to tell Puffball sooner or later!

Huckle: Gee Phineas, This is the best day ever!

Phineas: How is that so?

Huckle: Because Henry said we're gonna have a challenge of the grand!

Spongebob: OH BOY!

  • Plane lands in Madison Square Gardens, The birth home of wrestling promotion WWE*

Challenge 10- Wrestling

Henry: Welcome to Madison Square Gardens! The arena and birthplace of worldwide famous promotion, The World Wrestling Entertainment and the sight for your next challenge, WRESTLING!


Henry: Secretly, I've hired long time TDV veteran Garfield back for just one episode, He knows how to do stats!

Garfield: It's actully easy.

Henry: So, Ik, Your guessing you guys are going to duke it out in a wrestling tournament but i'm not that boring....So instead it's gonna be TDV contestants.......going up against WWE's finest!

Ryder: Wait, I work for WWE?

Henry: Then you get immunity.


Spongebob: So who will I be fighting?

Garfield: First I need to figure out your stats.

Spongebob's Stats

Power: 6/10

Agility: 10/10

Submission: 7/10

Endurance: 5/10

Charisma: 9/10

Garfield: Now let's bring out your opponent.....

Henry: Oh snap!

(That's right, The videos technically make this the first video challenge ever, But hey, It'll give you a hint of your opponent)

Tensai: *stomps to the ring, looking ready for a win tonight*


Tensai: Let's just get this over with.

Henry: BTW, The longer the match, The more points you get, But you'll only get the points, If you win the match.


Tensai: *about to punch his opponent, then stops, relizing it's a sponge* Eh, I never actully wrestled a sponge before, So uh...It's a little confusing....

Spongebob: *Karate chops Tensai*

Tensai: *falls fat on his back* Agh! *Spongebob pins Tensai, 1- nope, No good here* *Obviously dazed, He punches himself when he thought he had caught Spongebob*

Spogebob: *Trips the daze Tensai*

  • Spongebob pins Tensai for 1, 2, 3 and the upset victory*

Winner in 0:23 and winner of 23 points, Spongebob Squarepants!

Spongebob: WOOHOO!

Garfield: Patrick, Your a victim- I mean wrestler next.

Patrick's Stats

Power: 10/10

Agility: 4/10

Submission: 4/10

Endurance: 7.5/10

Charisma: 8/10

Henry: Patrick's Opponent.........

Henry: "The Chosen One" Drew McIntyre

McIntyre: *walks in, obviously focused*

Patrick: Hi I'm Patrick *sticks out right hand*

McIntyre: *ignores it* Hello, I am your Chosen One, And i'm certainaly ready to win this.


McIntyre: *STO's Patrick*

Patrick: *Gets angry and punches McIntyre hard in the face*

McIntyre: *DDT's Patrick* Jerk! *Heath Slater and Jinder Mahal come out and attack Patrick thus giving Patrick a DQ victory*

Winner at 1:04, And winner of 64 points by DQ, Patrick Star!

SPongebob: Now what is the next fight?

Garfield: Babymouse time.

Babymouse's Stats

Power: 5.5/10

Agility: 8.5/10

Submission: 6/10

Endurance: 5/10

Charisma: 10/10

Garfield: Guess who your diva opponent is..........

Phineas: You can do it Babymouse!

Babymouse: Thx!

Henry: Alicia Fox everyone!

Alicia Fox: *slapping hi fives to everyone*

Babymouse: OMG, Coolio!

Alicia Fox: Thnx again for inviting me here. I'm a big time fan of this show and I wish my opponent the best of luck in her match.

Babymouse: You too! *the two shake hands*

  • DING, DING, Alicia powers through with some kicks but Babymouse back a karate chop*
  • Alicia with a neckbraker, Alicia with the cover, 1, 2, Thr- No, Babymouse just kicked out*
  • Babymouse now with a neckbraker of her own, Alicia then with a suplex, Alicia's for the kill, ROLLUP, ROLLUP FROM BABYMOUSE, 1, 2, 3!*

Winner in 1:38 and winner of 98 points, BABYMOUSE!

  • Babymouse hugs Phineas, Alicia offers a handshake, Babymouse shakes Alicia's hand, they hug*

Henry: Wow, Not bad......Who wants to be next?

Phineas: I guess I will go.

Garfield: Allright then.

Phineas's Stats

Power: 7/10

Agility: 7.5/10

Submission: 8/10

Endurance: 10/10

Charisma: 9/10

Garfield: Now for you opponent.......Uh oh...........Oh my god, This can't be!

Big Show: *glare in face, obviously looking for a fight tonight*

Lowley: *gulp* Maybe I should have gone next...

Huckle: It's not your fault Lowley.

Phineas: *gulp* (CONF) I'm so dead!

Big Show: *to Phineas* Listen to me and listen GOOD!, I'm the World's Largest Athlete.........The World's Biggest Man and The World's Toughest K-O Punch Extrodanaire, No way will I lose to you.

Phineas: Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.................................

  • DING, DING, DING, Big Show goes a dominating, punches there, punches that, It looks like Phineas is doomed before the bell even rang*

Babymouse: You can do it Phineas!

  • Big Show grabs the neck of Phineas and bring him up.......and back down for a chokeslam, He says "IT'S TIME TO END THIS THIIIIING!!!" And winds up for the W.M.D, But then....*
  • Alberto Del Rio runs in to save Phineas, And cleans house on The Big Show*

Del Rio: *runs and does a enziguri on The Big Show, dazing Big Show good*

Winner as a result of a DQ: The Big Show

Del Rio: *Shocked and bewildered, He then turns to a enraged Big Show and is knocked out by him*

Phineas: Uhh,thanks.

Del Rio: *thumbs up, showing he's ok, weakly* Your welcome senor.

Big Show: *laughs*


Big Show: A mouse?........Who talks?.............*laughs harder* THAT, THAT IS THE FUNNIEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN! *Laughs so hard he falls to one leg leaving Babymouse to kick Big Show in the head, knocking him out*

Spongebob: O.O

Henry: Huckle, Your next.

Huckle's Stats

Power: 7.5/10

Agility: 6/10

Submission: 6/10

Endurance: 6.5/10

Charisma: 8/10

Henry: Bring out his opponent!

Henry: Aaah.

  • R-Truth and his imaginary friend Little Jimmy come out, smiling and slap hi fives with everyone*

R-Truth: Look Little Jimmy! We're on TV! Isn't this great?.......Ik!, *notices Huckle's here* Oh, Hi, I want you meet my friend, Little Jimmy.

Huckle: Uh, Hi Little Jimmy. *shakes Little Jimmy's hand and R-Truth's hand*

  • R-Truth DDT's Huckle, Huckle gets up and goes up the top rope and does a spear up the top rope*
  • Huckle covers R-Truth, 1, 2, Nope. R-Truth gets up, does a suplex, Huckle and R-Truth trade blows*
  • R-Truth scissor kicks Huckle for the 1, 2, 3!*

Winner: R-Truth

R-Truth: How 'bout that, We won Little Jimmy! *high fives Little Jimmy, Sees Huckle and offers a handshake*

  • Huckle shakes R-Truth hand*

Phineas: Now Lowley.

Lowley's Stats

Power: 4/10

Agility: 10/10

Submission: 10/10

Endurance: 8/10

Charisma: 8.5/10

Lowley: Oh boy!

Spongebob: Now who are you fighting.

Henry: Oh my goodness it's JOHN CENA!

John Cena: *comes walking out, ready for a fight, nice smile and a american salute* Ready for the ride of your life Lowley?

Lowley: Yeah! *Lowley and Cena shake on it, DING DING DING, Cena lifts Lowley up and down, Lowley spins around and around confusing Cena*

  • Cena does a suplex on Lowley, Lowley does a one legged moonsault on Cena, 1, 2, BIG UPSET HERE, NO!, He kicked out! My god what a match!*
  • Lowley with a DDT, Cena reverses, Five Knuckle Shuffle!, Cena lifts Lowley up, Attitude Adjustment time! Attitude Adjustment Time!, WAIT, NO, NO! Lowley with a rollup, 1, 2, 3! I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS! LOWLEY HAS JUST BEATEN CENA!*

Winner in 10:21 and winner of 621 points, Lowley! *Cena offers a handshake, Lowley accepts it!*

Phineas: That was great match.

Henry: Let's see the scores.


Lowley: 741

Babymouse: 148

Patrick: 134

Spongebob: 113

Ryder: 80

Leafy: 65

Puffball: 65

Jimmy: 65

Sandy: 65

Mr. Krabs: 65

Huckle: 40

Phineas: 20

Gelatin: 0

Henry: Huckle, Phineas, Gelatin and Mr. Krabs are in the danger zone (TrentFan is expected to return today)

Phineas: (CONF) I feel like I'm the next one to leave since I'm threat for in second the first season.

Elimination 10 and 11

Henry: Since we did NOT have any elimination last episode, I'm gonna make it up by having a 2 for 1 safe for losers!

Patrick: Phineas and Gelatin

Spongebob: Phineas and Gelatin.

Babymouse: Gelatin and Krabs.

Lowley: I pick Gelatin and Krabs.

Phineas: Gelatin and Krabs.

(FYI, For your information, TrentFan is scheduled to be back today and will be back soon. Hence forth all of TrentFan's characters no longer have immunity......but we're happy to see TrentFan back)

Henry: Gelatin and Krabs, Goodbye.

Huckle: Poor Gelatin, He never got a chance.

Episode 12- That's Amore!

Babymouse: (CONF) What a night it was last night!

  • In winners class, Lowley has again chosen Phineas*

Phineas: I feel a bit worry.

Lowley: What's up?

Phineas: I think I might be the next one gone.

Lowley: Oh dear, Why's that?

Phineas: *sigh* Because I'm the first runner-up of Total Drama Vengance.

Lowley: Oh, You mean the first one?....I see, Don't worry, You'll survive, Along as you win the next few challenges.

  • Back in Loser Class, It seems that Spongebob has finally snapped against Nate, who once again got himself in the plane*

Nate: *attacks Spongebob* GRRRRRAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Spongebob: *fights back*

Nate: Ack!

Patrick: *breaks it up and throws Nate off the plane*

Sandy: Good job guys! Y'all alright Spongebob?

Spongebob: I'm fine.

Sandy: Alright, good fight you put on back there. You too Pat.

Jericho: (CONF) Before you ask why, I am interviewing Puffball in TDV:WT for the 2nd episode of TDV aftermath, k? k.

Patrick: Thanks, Sandy!

Sandy: No prob Pat.

Puffball: *looking nervous*

Babymouse: What's the matter Puffball?

Puffball: *wondering whether she should tell Babymouse*

Babymouse: You can tell me Puffball, I'm your friend.

Puffball: *singing* Okay. But do you know any safe spots where only you will hear?

Babymouse: Why not the confessional?

Puffball: *singing* Sure. *goes with Babymouse to the confessional*

Jimmy: (CONF) This is a good spot to test my latest inventions.

Puffball: *gets into the confessional*

Jimmy: Hey Puffball.

Babymouse: *in the CONF*

Jericho: *with no one seeing puts a microphone in the conf and busts the conf door lock*

Jimmy: I guess I'll get going.

Puffball: *singing* No, you can stay, I trust you Jimmy. Anyways.......

Jimmy: What's up?

Puffball: *singing* I have a crush on Ryder.....

Babymouse: *gasp* You do?

Jimmy: Well, I can see why you used the confessional.

Puffball: *singing* both of your comments.

  • Meanwhile, In the winners room, Word has spread quicker than butter thanks to Jericho's doings*

Lowley: Did you just hear what you thought you just heard Phineas?

Phineas: That Puffball has a crush on Ryder?

Lowley: Yeah.

Phineas: I don't think she was expecting to be heard.

Lowley: Me neither.

  • Back in Loser Class, Word has also spread, but twice as fast*

Huckle: O_o..........Their playing mindgames, I...I knows it!

Ryder: *out of everyone, the most shocked, baffled and confused* Oh my god...............are you serious

Sandy: That got out fast.....

Leafy: Yeah.

  • Plane lands in Italy, But not before Jericho jumps out shouting, VENGANCE......IS.........JERICHO!!!!!!!!!, Leaving everyone dazed and confused*

Patrick: What? Anyways where are we?

Challenge 11: Build a tower of Pizza

Lowley: Looks like Italy to me.

Santino: Hey, Hello there, I'm substitute host Santino Marella.

Leafy: Hi there!

Spongebob: Hello!

Marella: Hello, Ok, You see, We have a bit of a problem......The gondalas we were gonna use were burned by a fire so instead, We're going to see you make........TOWERS OF PIZZA! *Rimshot* No seriously, Don't worry, We made millions of pizzas when the season started and the Cobra *shows a sock puppet that looks like a cobra on his hand* has kept em warm, But now your here! That's great, You have 3 minutes to finish your tower, The more pizzas on the tower, the more points you get, Ready?.......ACTIONE!

Puffball: *begins to make a pizza tower, singing* This will be hard.......

Jimmy: *begins to make a pizza tower* Nothing a little science can't handle.

Sandy: *begins to make a pizza tower*

Lowley; *begins to make a pizza tower* Uh, Puffball, You can make the pizzas float and then you can make a pizza tower.

Huckle: *begins to make a pizza tower* Yeah, That might work.

Puffball: *singing* Oh sorry Lowley, I got my mind on something else too. It's making it kind of hard to think. *making pizzas float for the pizza tower*

Jimmy: *making pizza tower* Hmm, this should be good.

Leafy: *begins to make a pizza tower*

Phineas: *Building Tower*

Patrick: *Building Tower*

Spongebob: *Building Tower*

Jimmy: Time to use science. *grabs a beam machine from pocket, to stop one pizza that's about to fall* Phew, that was close. *Continues to work on pizza tower*

Phineas: *continue to builds* This is a lot of hard work.

(Time until challenge ends: 1:19)

Babymouse: Uh oh, Better get started! *begins making her tower*

Puffball: *making pizzas float for the tower*

Jimmy: *making pizza tower*

Sandy: *making pizza tower*

Ryder: *begins making his tower*

Lowley: *building his tower* Hmmm, Mhhmmm, Hmmm. That looks good.

Jimmy: *making pizza tower*

Leafy: *making pizza tower*

Phineas: *making tower*

Patrick:*Making tower*

Spongebob:*making tower*

Puffball: *making pizzas float for tower*

Jimmy: *making tower*

Sandy: *making tower*


Santino: So, How far have you all made it?

Patrick: 67 pizzas.

Spongebob: 40.

Phineas: 82.

Ryder: 11. I kinda thought bout something else.

Lowley: 59.

Huckle: 60.

Puffball: *singing* 22...........I was distracted.

Leafy: 43.

Sandy: 71.

Jimmy: Thanks to science, I got 123. Sounds like something Sheen would say randomly, without the science or I got part.

Babymouse: I got 95.

Santino: That's everyone. Let's add em up to your score. *adds em up* I can now predict that....Ryder, Huckle, Leafy and Puffball are in danger of being eliminated. And that means Lowley one again has immunity, Choose who you want to join you in winner's class.

Lowley: I want Huckle to join me.

Santino: KK Then.

Elimination 13

Henry; Ok kiddies, Elimination time....Sry bout not appearing in the challenge, I had to deal with pests, Apperently Jericho hacked in the confessional. This time, Our guest host will cast the only vote on who to eliminate.

Phineas: Leafy

Spongebob: Leafy

Patrick: Leafy

Henry: Uh, Did you not hear me? The guest host is gonna cast the only vote on who should be gone.....Duh.

Santino: Are you ready?

Phineas: Yes.

Santino: Hmmmmmmmm.....................Hmmmmmmmmmmmm, Ah- No.................................Maybe.....nah.......................................................Ooh! Ooh! I want the guy who was in France! :D

Ryder: Uh, Which one?

Santino: Maybe I need to be more descriptive..........OOH! OOH! IK, IK! THE GUY WHOSE LAST NAME IS RYDER! :D

Ryder: What?!?!

Babymouse: What?

Phineas: What?

Patrick and Spongebob: D:

Ryder: can't be possible! Me and Puffball were finally falling in love bro!

Marella: Really?

Phineas: Just tuff luck man.

Ryder: Why..............This isn't fair........I was doing great...........I made enimies.......even thought I was gonna win.............It's over.....................But as long as my impact has been made......I will not die.............I have just one more thing to say............Puffball........I............I love you......................Your the hottest, sweetest, kindest uber babe in the world! And I want you to win this..........for the both of us................i'll be rooting for ya babe.............Cause, As long as Ryder has been around for......I......WILL......NOT.....DIE!, WOO, WOO, WOO......*Tears up* know it......*everyone is teared up*

Marella: WAIT.....I was only kidding! The real elimination is.............Huckle.

Phineas: -.-way to make him cry before saying you were joking.

Henry: Huckle, goodbye.

Ryder: Well, I was gonna save this for if I was eliminated but...............Why not? *passionetly kisses Puffball*

Puffball: *blushing*

Spongebob: How nice!

Henry: What a night. You know what, I think this point system is rigged....NO MORE POINTS, Your all competing for immunity for the rest of the show.

Patrick: The point system is a wig? Can I wear it?

Henry: ......It's rigged........

Patrick: I'll remove the wigs!

Spongebob: *To Henry* He is just being a little goofy again.

Henry: I see.

Phineas: Well this was an interresting day.

TDV Aftermath 2: Croucing Puffball, Hidden Ryder

  • We tune in back to the aftermath studio, the crowd is going bananas, Y2J has his back turned as always with his arms outstretched*

Jericho: WELCOME TO........AFTERMATH.....IS........JERICHO!.....I'm Y2J, Ayatolla of Rock and Rollah and a......well, I'm allround Chris Jericho. So without furthur ado........OUR FIRST GUEST.....The most manipulating jerk to Nate....NERMAL! *Everyone boos*

Nermal: Ahh come on, I'm a cute kitty.

Jericho: But your also a manipulating jerk.

Nermal: *sigh*

Jericho: So, What's your deal with Spongebob and Patrick?

Nermal: Those two are just useless morons!

  • Nate throws a tomato at Nermal*

Jericho: You totally deserved that.

Nermal: *grumbles and takes a seat with the others*

Jericho: Oh wait, Gina, Nearly forgot bout her, She couldn't make it sadly, She's temporarily filing a lawsuit against Isabella for no good reason.....George! C'MON DOWN! *Crowd goes bananas*

George: It is great to be here!

Jericho: So, Technically, Some people are confused, Some people think your Curious George, Some aren't sure, Some think cats and dogs belong together.....which has happened before I think......What do you say bout them rumors?..........Just kidding! That was a trick question! Sry bout that to all fans of George. Take your seat with the rest. (CONF) Everyone knows George is......well..............George, That's the bottom line.

Jericho: And we have some terribly sad news..............Dudley....................Dudley's dead....*crowd gasp* It turned out that the burns melted his spine and skull......We thank Dudley for everything he's done.......Gelatin on the other hand couldn't be here tonight cause he's now on BFDIA!........THE SHOW!...

George: Dudley is dead, that is depressing. Let me guess Kitty is upset, too.

Jericho: Yep. :/..........SOOWEE! *gets Mr. Krabs, Huckle and the rest out*.....C'MON DOWN AND MAKE YOUR SELF COMFY COSEY CAUSE THE SHOW'S ALMOST OVA!...........Now before we're done for dinner, I had another interview with Puffball. Lemme show you. *Now cutting to the plane*

Jericho: So Puffball, Ya finally cemented your relationship with Ryder. Where do we go from here's?

Puffball: *singing* Um. I'm not sure.

Jericho: Well I guess I probably shouldn't mention the fact that I recorded everything you said.....Oh no, Shouldn't have said that.

Puffball: *singing* WHAT?!


Puffball: *chases Jericho*

  • Back to the aftermath studio*

Jericho: And that's why I have this scar in my head......Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go get some ice. *walks out*

Episode 13- There is nothing to see in the Bermuda Triangle, End of Story.

  • As you can see in winner class, Lowley has brought along a obviously motion sick Patrick*

Lowley: Ik you have a case of Seaspobitis, But you have to keep going in the game man!

Patrick:O..........kay.*looks like about to puke*

Lowley: Uh oh....

Patrick: *vomits* Oh yeah.............did you.................*vomits*hear about................*vomits*Dudley?

Lowley: Yeah.

Patrick:*stops puking at the moment*It is a shame for what happen to him. He............... was a................ funny guy.*vomits again*

Lowley: Yeah.

  • Meanwhile in Losers Class, Babymouse seems to be trying to do archery*

Babymouse: Watch this! *throws her arrow but it looks like it might land on Puffball!*

Puffball: *is stabbed by arrow*

Ryder: Puffball! (CONF) OMG, This is bad! (Out of CONF) Oh my god, How could this have.....Oh wait.......Ik what to do! *Takes arrow out of Puffball and she survives.....although a bit woozy* Are you ok Puffball?

Puffball: *tries to say something but can't because of the pain*

Henry: Don't worry, I'll help. *puts in blood in Puffball and a bandage on Puffball, She's ok....But a bit woozy*

Puffball: *dizzy and still hurting to speak*

Ryder: *catches a dizzy Puffball* It's ok babe, I'll stay by you.

Babymouse: OMG, I'm so sorry!

Puffball: *eventually just faints from pain*

Henry; Oh possums!

Ryder: Puffball! Don't die on me!!!!

Henry: *gives Puffball rainbow juice* This usually saves a Puffball from distress.

Puffball: *opens eyes weakly, coughing*

Sandy: Maybe we should give her more so she feels better?

Ryder: Yeah....Or maybe i'll kiss her......What? If it worked for Sleeping Beauty, It'll work here. *kisses Puffball, Babymouse gives Puffball more juice*

Babymouse: I'm so sorry Puffball. *Puffball wakes up, Woozy but ok*

Puffball: *not singing* It's okay...........wait.............I'm not singing...........I'm not...........*faints*

Jimmy: Um.......uh oh........

Spongebob: Oh dear.

  • Plane lands in the Carribean*

Challenge 12- Pirate Treasure Hunt

Henry: AAARRGH, Welcome to the Carribean!

Phineas: Oh boy I can't wait to see the challenge!

Henry: We're going Treasure Hunting!

Ryder: Treasure Hunting? OMG, THAT'S SIIIIICK!....But what about Puffball?

Henry: It's ok, She's in the plane getting Rainbow juice. She'll be fine.

Spongebob: Where is Patrick?

Henry: He had to be removed from the game. Now, Your not getting treasure though, That's later. First you need to find your key! And to settle that, We'll spin the..WHEEL....OF.....PLACES.....TO FIND KEYS! *Spins the wheel* Phineas, You'll find your key in the banana tree. Babymouse with the snake pits, Ryder, Shack, Lowley, Apple Tree, Everyone else, Dragons.

Phineas: *head towards banana tree*

Monkey 1: HEY YOU! YOU WANT KEY?........You get key......Just get help out that poor girl out there, She seems depressed.

Jimmy: *heads to the dragons*

Sandy: *heads to the dragons*

Dragons: *burns Jimmy and Sandy*

Monkey 2: She has a pink bow, Black hair. But that's all we know.

Jimmy: *running around with part of body on fire* Ow! Ow!

Sandy: *burnt* Why you little critter! *runs up to a dragon and uses karate against it*

Phineas: Isabella! *head towards Isabella*

Spongebob: *Heads towards Dragons*

Jimmy: *rolls in grass, getting the fire off* Alright that's it. No more Mr. Nice Genius.


Dragon 2: *burns Jimmy again*

Dragon 2: *coughs up Key* DANG IT!

Sandy: *grabs key and heads back* Haha!

Jimmy: *grabs key and rolls back* Ow!

  • Cut back to Phineas and Isabella*

Phineas: What is wrong Isabella?

Isabella: *turns away*

Phineas: Wait....

Monkey 1: It's ok Isabella, He can be trusted mon.

Isabella: *To Phineas* Shouldn't you be making love with Babymouse?

Phineas: *sigh* Isabella, I love you! I *kisses Isabella for 2 minutes*

Isabella: I'm better. I should apologize to Gina and Babymouse. Bye. *to herself* I don't feel like it was the truth. *leaves*

Phineas: I think she is better.

  • Babymouse unfortunatly saw this and got upset*

Lowley: *to Spongebob* And that's how The Busy World of Richard Scarry was born.

Spongebob: Wow that was interresting!

  • Lowley and Spongebob see Babymouse, Obviously she's been crying*

Lowley: It's Babymouse.

Spongebob: Oh dear! *To Babymouse* What is wrong?

Babymouse: *crying* You- *sniff* You really wanna know?

Spongebob: Sure! I'm friend willing to help!

Babymouse: Well......*After being told, A angered Spongebob vows to kill whoever set up Babymouse*


Lowley: Yeah!



  • Meanwhile back in the plane, Puffball is finally getting better, Her singing's starting to come back*

Puffball: *singing* I feel...........a little better. *still a bit dizzy*

Henry: Don't worry, You'll be back to full health by tommorow. Nothing major.

(Anybody here?)

  • Yeah*

Ryder: *finds shack* EUREEKA! I FOUND THE SHACK! (CONF) Don't worry Puffball babe, I'm gonna win immunity and take you to first class!

Ryder: *finds his key* That was easy.

Phineas: (CONF) I hope me a Babymouse can still be friends. Maybe I should tell her...

Carlito: (CONF) ...........*eats a bite of a apple*........*spits at the confessional* That's a message for Ryder, Never go in My Cabana without premission.....Unless your cool.........*Ryder sees this and is confused*

Ryder: ........What the fudge?

Henry: Allright! Let's open yer treasure chests! *Lowley opens his first and gets fish and chips*

Lowley: ........Huh, Not the reward I expected......But that works.

Spongebob: *opens his* Bubbles that smell like Krabby Patty!

Ryder: *tries to open treasure chests but to no luck* My key won't open anything bro! What's up with that?

Henry: Oh, Forgot to mention, Some keys won't work for any of the treasure chests.

Phineas: *tries to open his, but cant* Darn.

Jimmy: *still rolling on grass* Ow! Ow!

Sandy: *opens treasure chest*

Henry: Sandy will now be able to kung fu twice as hard with the magical kung fu belt of awesomeness!

Sandy: *puts on belt* Shucks! This seems fine.

Jimmy: *finally stops burning* Okay, time to see what cool prize I get! *key doesn't work* ........Just my luck.

Babymouse: *opens her chest, gets.......A immunity ticket* Huh?......How did THAT get here?

Henry: BABYMOUSE WINS IMMUNITY!....The rest of you, Keep opening your chests.

Leafy: *opens chest* Glitter and Drunk Vision Goggles? Um..........okay?

Henry: Try em on fella!

Leafy: Um, no thanks. But it's the thought of these gifts that counts. *puts Glitter and DV Goggles back in chest*

Henry: Anyone left?......No?.........Allright then, I hope your gifts.......And more.

Elimination 14

Henry: But now it's time to eliminate someone, Babymouse cannot be voted out as she has immunity.

Spongebob: Phineas.

Lowley: Phineas.

Babymouse: I'll say Ryder, No offense, He's a bit of a threat as of now.

Phineas: Ryder.

(Patrick is really out of the competention? I know you made Henry said something like that)

  • Henry just found out that it's only the flu, He stays for now*

Patrick: *sickly* Phineas...................

Sandy: Sorry but I vote Phineas.

Jimmy: I guess I vote Phineas, sorry.

Puffball: *still dizzy* I vote Phineas.

Leafy: Um.........I vote for Patrick, it's not safe for him to compete while sick. It'd be messed up to him.

Ryder: Patrick?

Henry; Phineas, Good naught. You shouldn't have crossed the monkeys like that.

Phineas: Oh well, but before I go,*To Babymouse*I'm sorry.

Babymouse: It's ok. I forgive you. (CONF) Even after all of this, I never would have of voted of Phineas.

Episode 14- Latino Heat!

  • In losers class, Puffball, still dizzy is comforted by one Leafy*

Leafy: There, there Puffy, everything will be alright.

Puffball: *singing* Don't call me Puffy, but I won't slap you because I'm nice........and because I'm dizzy.

Leafy: Don't worry you'll be fine.

Lowley: Yeah.

Patrick: I feel better today.

  • Meanwhile, Babymouse has seemingly chosen Spongebob to join her in winner's class*

Babymouse: *still a bit upset over last episode*

Spongebob: You still upset?

Babymouse: *nods*

Spongebob: You and Phineas weren't meant to be.

Babymouse: I guess your right....*sniff*

Spongebob: Now that jerk is gone.

Babymouse: *angered but doesn't show it*

  • Plane lands in Mexico*

Challenge 13- TORO! TORO! OLE! OLE!

Henry: Basically, You have to toro the bull without getting yourself either mauled or worse, killed.

Leafy: Wait, killed?

Ryder: Oh crud.

Henry; BRING OUT THE BULL! *The bull comes out, furious*

Patric: Who is going first?

Henry: You are Patrick!

  • DING, DING!, The Bull hammers Patrick*


Henry: Oooooh, Not pretty.....Spongebob, Your turn. *DING, DING, Spongebob also is hammered to not 1 but 2 walls*

Spongebob: Ouch...................

Henry: Babymouse?

Babymouse: *pulls a bit of a better fight than Patrick or Spongebob, But is hammered to Leafy* Oops! Sorry Leafy!

Leafy: Ow! It's okay.......I think.

  • One by one, The contestants are pummeled, Only Lowley and Puffball*

Henry: Puffball, Ready?......BEGIN!

Ryder: You can do it Puffball!

Puffball: *already dizzy*

Bull: *hits Puffball and Puffball...........SNAPS!*

Puffball: *looks angry, singing* HEY!

Bull: *Confused, Puffball then zaps the Bull dazing him, Lowley then comes in to trip the bull*


Ryder: I knew you could do it Puffball!

Lowley: We did it Puffy! :D

Puffball: *singing, to Lowley* Don't call me Puffy, but I won't slap you because I'm nice.

Lowley: And that you don't have arms? No offense.

Babymouse: *to Spongebob and Patrick* I just relized something. Since Ryder joined he's become of a threat in the game.

Spongebob: You are right.

Babymouse: So, If we vote him off, That will prevent any threats to take advantage!

Patrick: I agree......*a bit worry*

Elimination 15

Henry: Now whose going home?........IDK, Let's find out, WHO WILL REACH THE FINAL 8?

Spongebob: Ryder.

Lowley: Patrick.

Babymouse: Ryder.

Patrick: Ryder.

Ryder: I'll pick Patrick.

Sandy: Well if Spongebob and Patrick are voting Ryder, I guess I am too.

Puffball: *singing* Patrick.

Leafy: Yeah, I guess I vote Ryder, sorry.

Jimmy: I'm sorry but I vote Patrick. Puffball would be really sad if Ryder left.

Henry: The Ballot was close, Real close! But in the end, The Ryder Revolution........has died....Meaning, You have been eliminated.

Lowley: Wow, Big shocker.

Patrick: Good bye Ryder.

Ryder: *sigh* Well, If this is how the Ryder Revolution ends, I just have 1 thing to this....for the both of us....*kisses Puffball* And as for all of you. I like to thank you for supporting me and my journey. I hope to be back soon. But for now......Take care......Spike your hair.....WOO WOO WOO!.......You know it.

Lowley: Awww, GROUP HUG! *Everyone hugs Ryder*

Patrick: GROUP HUG!: *hugs Ryder and Lowley*

Episode 15- Sink like Sheep or Float like a Puffball

  • Winners class, Lowley and Puffball who has obviously been doing some crying*

Puffball: *trying to hold back tears, but keeps crying*

Lowley: I'm so sorry for your loss Puffball.

Puffball: *singing, looking like she's done crying* Yeah........I have to win for him......

Lowley: Ik, I felt the same way when Huckle was eliminated. But we can do this, One of us can win it for our friends!

Puffball: *singing, done crying* Yeah.....I guess you're right.



(Is this still running?)

(Yes, Yes it is)

(Losers Class)

Patrick: I had a close call.

Babymouse: I think I might be going home next.

Spongebob: Why?

Babymouse: I'm a threat. *CONF* To admit something.....I'm actully a little woozy, The heat's starting to get to me. *gets a little dizzy, but snaps out of it*

Patrick: I think I'm more of a threat.

Babymouse: *woozy* Oh.......ok....*stumbles a little* Hey Patrick? Your blurry.

Patrick: Nope.

Babymouse: *Woozy* Are you sure?...Y-y-you look*faints*

Spongebob: Babymouse!

Henry; I was afraid of this....According to my calculations, Babymouse has recieved a medical condition because of the blistering heat.

Patrick: Oh dear.

Henry: Luckily, It's only temporarily, Until then....She won't be competiting in any challenges for a while.

Spongebob: That is good news. Sort of.

Lowley: What happened?

Patrick: Babymouse passed out from the excitement.

Henry: No, She passed out from the heat.

Patrick: The heat of excitement!

Babymouse: *wakes up, obviously still woozy* I'm ok....*Henry comes to question but...* I'm ok!.....I'm ok........*still a bit wobbly*

Spongebob: Are you sure?

Babymouse: Sure i'm sure....*still wobbly falls on the floor*

Spongebob: I think you need to sit out.

Babymouse: I'll do that.

  • Plane lands in Australia*

Leafy: Looks like we're here.

Challenge 14- Kangaroo bouncing

Spongebob: This will be great!

Henry: G'day Mates! Welcome to Australia!

Patrick: Where is Austrilia?

Spongebob: Well here silly!

Lowley: What a cool place!

Spongebob: I know!

Henry: Today we're going to do kangaroo jumping! The kangaroo who bounces the highest wins! And a surprise for the contestant who wins!

Patrick: Okay.

  • 7 kangaroos come out*

Spongebo: Do you guys talk?

Kangaroo 1: Oy sure there mate.

Patrick: What are your names?

Kangaroo 1: I'm Ned!

Kangaroo 2: Ed.

Kangaroo 3: Bed.

Kangaroo 4: Ted

Kangaroo 5: Med.

Kangaroo 6: Led.


Spongebob: Uncle Zebayanaka? Why is that your name?

Kangaroo 7: I was born with that name.

Patrick: So who will be first or will we all go at the same time?

Henry: Patrick. You can go first if you want.

Patrick: *gets on Ted*

Henry: BEGIN!

Ted: *jumps 41ft*

Henry: 41 for Patrick!

Spongebob: My turn! *gets on Uncle Zebayanaka*

Uncle Zebayanaka: *jumps 1.12 ft*

Henry: Oooh, Tough luck there!

Patrick: Your turn Lowley.

Lowley: *gets on Ned*

Ned: *he jumps 19ft*

(now wait for Trentfan?)


Lowley: Poor Babymouse. I wonder how she must feel.

Spongebob: Me, too!

  • Meanwhile back in the plane....*

Babymouse: *wobbly, tries to walk but falls.......on a suitcase* Huh?......What's.......this?

Producer: Don't ask.

Henry: Some random suitcase....Not ours!

Babymouse: Okkaaay?....Hey, Whaddya know, I'm not woozy anymore! (CONF) Yeah, sometimes I have heat flashes that make me dizzy.

Babymouse: I wonder what this suitcase does...........*surprisingly a glass slipper appears* Huh?.......Is this a dream.....*slaps self* Ow!....Nope, I'm awake....*puts on slipper* Hmmm, Not that bad actully. (CONF) I still think this is a dream.

Babymouse: *now off CONF* Well uh, Thanks for the slippers. I guess i'll be on my- *somehow gets yellowish gold gloves* Huh? How did that happen?...Not gonna ask....*walks off only to relize that her normal dress is changing to yellow* Now what?

Henry: (CONF) Oh, BTW, The suitcase is magical.

Producer: (in CONF) Yes, Yes it is.

  • Babymouse decides if she takes a nap, It'll all be over....but there's more to come.........*
  • Back in Australia*

Lowley: *to Spongebob* Let's hope she'll be allright by tommorrow.

Spongebob: Yeah, we can hope.

Lowley: Guess what I saw at winners class the other day.....A suitcase, But it didn't look like any ordinary looked like a magical one too! But most shocking of em all was.......It talked! It asked me where Babymouse was, I told it that Babymouse was in 3rd Class and that was the last we saw of it.

Lowley: Freaky huh?

Henry: Your next Puffball!

Lowley: You can do this Puffball!

Puffball: *gets on Led*

Led: *jumps 38ft*

Henry: Ooh, That was close! Jimmy, Your next.

Jimmy: *gets on Ed*

Ed: Let's do this! *jumps 57ft*

Henry: JIMMY IS THE NEW LEADER!, Leafy? Your next.

Leafy: *gets on Bed*

Bed: *jumps 5ft*

Henry: Hmmm, Ok.......Sandy?

Sandy: Hmm.........*gets on Med*

Med: *jumps.........................128ft!*

Henry: Sandy wins immunity for that epic jump!

Elimination 16

Henry: The final 8 shall soon be the final 7.

Sandy: Yeehaw! You're awesome Med!

Med: Why thank you, I happen to have won 20 medals for jumping.

Lowley: Hmmm....Who should I pick?

Patrick: Jimmy.

Spongebob: Lowley.

Lowley: Me too, I pick Jimmy.

Sandy: Lowley.

Jimmy: Lowley.

Leafy:'re my friend but I have to vote for Lowley, he's a big threat.

Babymouse: *finally wakes up, Thinking it's all done with and it's only a nightmare.........who knew she was wrong from the start?* (CONF) I guess I have to vote for Lowley. He's nice and all, But he's turned into a bit of a threat. *leaves conf, but then comes back relizing* What the? *still has the slippers and gloves but now it looks like her normal dress has turned into a beautiful yellow ballgown, and she actully has Belle's hair......Y'know? Beauty and the Beast, That fairytale that Belle starred in......And look at this........she actully has straight whiskers!* Whoa........I.....look.......AMAZING!

Henry: Are you ready everyone?

Lowley: Yeah?


Babymouse: I suppose so. *Lowley, Patrick and Spongebob are the first to notice something different*

Spongebob: Wow!Babymouse, you look

Patrick: Beautiful!

Babymouse: Uh....thanks?

Lowley: How did?....Oh wait! I think I figured it out! It seems the suitcase wanted.........BABYMOUSE! *Le gasp*

Henry: Oh that's beautiful and all but now, Let's eliminate.....Babymouse is safe, Puffball, Leafy, Patrick, Spongebob, Sandy....You're are safe.....Jimmy or Lowley will be leaving us tonight.

Henry: ....................Jimmy, I'm sorry, But you........are.........eliminated...............from being eliminated congratulations. Lowley, I'm sorry, But you have been eliminated.

Lowley: Well, See ya guys.

Episode 16: Eine Kliene Revolution

  • Winner's Class, Sandy and Spongebob*
  • It appears that they are asleep, Let's not disturb them and move on to the losers class*


Babymouse: Ik! This is so.....AWESOME! (CONF) I still wonder how all of yesterday happened? *note on door* Huh? What the?.....It says.....The spell will end in 24 hours......You can keep em if ya want......From.........Some guy in Canada. Well, That was nice of him to warn me that....But who was he?

Jericho: *appears in the top of the plane* :), My work here is done.

Babymouse: *shrugs*

Patrick: Luckily me,Spongebob, you, and Jimmy didn't get vote off because of us being threats from last season.

Babymouse: Yeah.

Patrick: (CONF) At least better than season 1.

Babymouse: (CONF) Yeah, That's like totally awesome to still be around. I think my preformance has improved since Season 1, And look, Just last night, I got Princess-ized....And it's still here today!

Patrick: I feel bad for Garfield, Gina, Isabella, Phineas, Dudley*sniffs after saying that name*, and Kitty.

Babymouse: Me too.

Patrick: We can do this for them!

Babymouse: Yeah!

Patrick: A lot has happen this season. With the love square and all.

Babymouse: And my transformation last episode.

Patrick: Yeah.

Babymouse: I mean, This has been a intresting season thus far.

Patrick: And the longest.

Babymouse: Yeah.

Patrick: I mean, it is like the show's budget grew.

Henry: What he said.

Patrick: I wonder what will happen now.

Babymouse: IDK..

  • Plane lands in Germany*

Challenge 15- Snowball Fight!

Henry: Welkommen to Deustchland, Otherwise known as Germany.

Spongebob: Cool!

Henry: First off, I would like to congratulate all of you for making it this far, You are the final 7. In 6 more episodes, Only one will remain, We're nearing the end folks! Now, I would like you to tell me how you feel about making it this far in the game.

Patric: I'm impress!

Henry: In the confessional.....

Babymouse: (CONF) OMG, I'm in the final 7 again! This is so awesome! I mean, If you get in the final 7 like twice I think that makes you a epic contender for the win! It's like so awesome! *french accent* And as the late great mon cherie of pop of Cyndi Lauper would say.... *normal voice* Watch out world! Here comes Babymouse!

Spongebob: (CONF) Oh boy this is so exciting! I'm glad to make it to the final Season1 wasn't the season for me, but hey I can do this!

Leafy: (CONF) Wow! The final 7! This is awesome! I'm surprised to still be here! Let's see how my luck goes from here.

Babymouse: (CONF) Did you know I can do a french accent? *french accent* It is ze best accent in all of ze land! *giggle* *Normal voice* But seriously, I wish everyone the best in luck in the rest of the game.

Jimmy: (CONF) Wow, I made it this far without debuting. I'm kind of surprised actually. I'm probably not going to win though, but I had fun.

Patrick: (CONF)I'm really impress. Though I fear I won't last much longer.

Puffball: (CONF) *singing* I'm a little surprised I'm still here. Without Ryder though, I have some fear..........hopefully I can win for him.

Sandy: (CONF) Shucks, I never reckoned I'd make it this far. It feels good to still be here, I wonder how much longer I'll stay.

Henry: Your next challenge is a snowball fight! Last one standing wins. *Gives everyone a bunch of snowballs and somehow, snowforts* BEGIN!

Patrick: *hides in his fort and throws a snowball at Jimmy*

Leafy: This seems fun. *throws snowball at Spongebob*

Babymouse: *throws snowball at Sandy* Sry, But it had to be done!

Patrick: *throws snowball at Leafy*

Babymouse: Dodge Patrick's snowballs Puffy!

Puffball: *singing* Don't call me- nevermind. *throws snowball at Patrick*

Babymouse: Well, I guess it's just the 2 of us. *throws a snowball at Puffball*

Henry: Babymouse wins it!

Spongebob: Good job Babymouse!

Babymouse: Thnx Spongebob!

Elimination 16

Henry: Now whose dead as a doornail?....Vote now!

Jimmy: Leafy.

Puffball: *singing* Leafy.

Sandy: Leafy.

Leafy: Patrick.

Babymouse: Leafy. Sorry girl.

Patrick: Leafy

Spongebob: Leafy

Patrick: Puffball.

Henry: Everyone excluding Leafy, Patrick and Puffball are safe.....................Puffball and Patrick are safe..Leafy, Thank for playing our game.

Babymouse: Bye Leafy. *suddenly...........KABLOOSH! Her gown, slippers, gloves, EVERYTHING......Is gone.....However........Not the suitcase* Awww, Does this mean it's over?

Suitcase: *chuckle* Heavens not. You can wear those clothes again, Anytime you want! *Everyone sees the suitcase and are shocked*

Jimmy: This seems highly illogical.

Suitcase: Oh, It is so true there Mr....Jimminy Cricket.....What? Jericho told me that was your name.

Jericho: (CONF) *Facepalm*

Suitcase: Oh wait, It's Jimmy Neutron. Sry. I kinda screwed up there.

Jimmy: It's okay?

Babymouse: Well, I guess i'll be wearing that again really soon!

Episode 17- Niagara Blows

  • Losers Class*
  • A rat falls on Puffball*

Rat: .........Uh......You know a guy named Ryder?

Puffball: *singing, trying not to cry when remembering his elimination* Um.......yes........

Rat: What's wrong, Was he a friend?

Puffball: *singing, dropping a tear* Um..........yes............

Rat: .........You just shed a tear son........You in love with him or somethin'?

Puffball: *singing, crying* Yes. I miss him.......

Rat: There, There, I know how ya feel sometimes.

Puffball: *singing, crying* Really?

Rat: Yeah. Listen, You win this for your friend, I mean boyfriend, You'll make the world happy. Have a nice day. *walks off* (CONF) Yeah, A really nice day. *Rat reveals to be Chris Jericho*

Jericho: For a Class A sucker! *Evil laugh*

  • Winners Class, Babymouse and Spongebob*

Spongebob: It is great to make the final 6 again!

Babymouse: Ikr? This is!

Babymouse: I think maybe one of us can win this thing!

Spongebob: Yeah, maybe!

Babymouse: *smiles a bit* (CONF) Final 6! This is so awesome! I hope one of us wins!

Spongebob: (CONF) It is nice to be in the Final 6 with Babymouse, again.*blushes*

  • Plane then hesitates*

Producer: Uh oh.

Henry: Uh oh funny or Uh oh we're all going to die?

Producer: We're out of gas!

Henry: Are you kidding me?!?! *sigh* Great, Just what we needed. *Plane falls down, down, down........To Niagra Falls*

Challenge 16- The Triathalon!

Henry: Ok, IDK, What happened, But I guess we're here!

Patrick: Where are we?

Henry: Niagara Falls in Canada!

Babymouse: Wow! The capital of Weddings itself!

Spongebob: That is great!

Babymouse: *hi fives Spongebob*

Henry: Since we're here in Niagara Falls and well, It is Canada's answer to France............PAIRSIES!

Patrick: We are in France? I though you said it was Canada. Oh well. Nice to be in France again.

Henry: We're in NIAGARA!...........Pairs are as followed. Spongebob and Sandy, Babymouse and Jimmy and Puffball and Patrick.

Patrick: Oh. Wait, can you make up your mind? Now what?


Mahal and McIntyre: Whoo! Choo choo!

Henry: Excuse me, Who the what are you?

3MB: WE'RE A THREE MAN BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND!!!!! We got a good hit if ya wanna hear.

Henry: *Starts to say no but*

Slater: YA HEARD THE MAN, UH 1, UH 2, UH 1, 2, 3, 4! *Slater, Mahal, McIntyre pretend they're holding guitars and sing gibberish, Henry throws em off*

Producer: Don't ask, Those are just 3 people looking for a home.

Babymouse: (CONF) McIntyre, Mahal and Slater.......HEY! Those were the people that interfered in Patrick's match!

Henry: I got the challenge idea the last second, So the best we can do is another catch Nate. *Nate comes out*

Nate: REVENGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Henry: So catch em!

Jimmy: Hmm, I'd use my freeze ray but it also has a chance of backfiring. Do you have any ideas, Babymouse?

Babymouse: Hmm, That could actully work.....Or maybe.......We can use whatever's left of that sleeping potion we used back in episode 5. (CONF) Meanwhile, Back in Africa.....

  • Back in Africa*

Lion: *dead*

Animal Hunter: Gadzooks! It's a dead lion!

  • Back in the CONF*

Babymouse: (CONF) And since then, The lion has recovered.

Jimmy: Yeah, that sounds good.

Sandy: So Spongebob, any ideas?

Spongebo: Nope.

Nate: *captures Spongebob*

Sandy: Huh? Spongebob? *looks around to see him missing* Uh oh.

  • Meanwhile, With a hungry Patrick and a obviously upset Puffball*

Puffball: *sad*

Patrick: I need something to eat...

Nate: *captures Patrick, to Puffball* .........What's up with you?


  • Rat costume falls out and it reveals to be Chris Jericho*

Jericho: *still pounding on Nate, relizing there's a enraged Puffball next to her* Oh crud,

Puffball: *eyes start flaming*

Jericho: Uhhhhhh........Hiiiiii????

Puffball: *chases Jericho*


  • Meanwhile, Nate comes in, Captures the both of them, And leaves....only to be put asleep by Jimmy and Babymouse*

Henry: *claps hands* Bravo, Jimmy and Babymouse are safe for the night!, Everyone else, Is fair game.

Elimination 17

Henry: From 6 to 5, We are at the nitty gritty of this game.

Jimmy: Patrick.

Puffball: *singing* Patrick.

Babymouse: Sorry Patrick buddy.

Patrick: Puffball

Spongebob: Sorry, Patrick.

Sandy: It ain't easy for me to do this, but I vote out Patrick. Sorry bud.

Henry: Bla bla, Whatever. Patrick is out! And we have hit The Nitty gritty! We have.....Spongebob, The Jellyfishing, Krabby Patty flipping sonuva gun!, Puffball, The floating ball, Jerek Neter.....I mean, Jimmy Neutron, The Boy Genius, Sandy, The Original Extremist and Babymouse, The Insperation of Imagination. Who will win?....Only we know......And that's for the rest of you to know, SEE YOU FOR ANOTHER EDITION OF......TDV:WT!

TDV Aftermath 3: Aftermath Aftermayhem

  • The 5 most recent eliminations are played, We are tooken back to the set, But this time, There are some more jeers than cheers, You can tell why*

Jericho: WELCOME TO.......AFTERMATH...........IS.......ooowwww, That dumb scar Puffball gave me! *Crowd boos Jericho because of recent actions* Anyways, I've decided to make it up to all of you and give you.............A game............I call it..........TOTAL DRAMA VENGANCE.............THE HARDCORE BATTLE ROYALE! The rules are as followed........You have a 5 minutes........Nah, Let's make it a 10 minute time limit. Feature all participants who have been eliminated...Including most recently. Phineas, *the crowd is going crazy*, Ryder, *the crowd goes nutso*, Lowley, *the crowd goes crazy* Leafy *gets a good pop* and Patrick. *gets the biggest pop of em all*. You guys can use anything and everything. And your time begins........NOW! BTW, The only way to win is by pinfall. Begin!

  • Ding, ding, ding, Here we go! Bodies flying everywhere*

Jericho: (CONF) Don't worry, We all planned this.

Henry: (CONF) What he said.

Producer: (CONF) What he said.

Gina: *trips Mr. Krabs, Mr. Krabs recovers, Nate comes in, shot with that chair on Gina!, Nate pins Mr. Krabs, 1, 2, 3! Nate wins the first fall! Remember, Whoever has the most falls at the end of the 10 minutes gets a spot in season 4*

Nate: *Runs off, Leaving an enraged Gina to fume, Luckily Kitty comes shooting a chair on Nate*

Kitty: T.U.F.F Agency thanks you for your time. *pins Nate*

Ref: 1! 2! 3!

Fall Count: Kitty: 1, Nate: 1.

Patrick: *body slams Nermal and pins*

Needle: *slaps Leafy*

Leafy: Ow! *slaps Needle*

Needle: *throws herself at Leafy, causing Leafy to fall, with Needle stabbed right on top of her, pinning her*

2 Refs: 1, 2, 3!

Jericho: Huh, A draw.....Let's see this in slow mo. *It turns out that Needle got her pin the last second* So.....

Fall Count: Kitty, Nate and Needle: 1.

  • Gina then appears again and opens the door and it lands on Needle's head, Gina pins Needle, 1, 2, 3! Gina is overjoyed*

Fall Count: Kitty, Nate, Needle and Gina: 1

Phineas: *Trips Bloo and pin him*

Ref: 1! 2! *Gina stops the pin and pins Phineas* 1! 2! *Needle comes back and rolls up Gina* 1! 2! 3!

Fall Count: Needle: 2, Kitty, Gina and Nate: 1

Gina: *Shocked*

Jericho: We're half way done with this rumble! Who will win? Who will lose? Who will- *Gina takes Jericho's mic*

Gina: *Enraged* THIS, THIS IS NOT FAIR!........I am the greatest champion of TDV of all time! THIS, WILL FOREVER BE CALLED AS THE TDV SCREWJOB! *Crowd boos, Bloo trips Gina*

Ref: 1! 2! *Gina kicks out*

Leafy: *recovers and goes after Needle* STABBING ISN'T NICE! *Trips*

Mr. Krabs: *walks over and sits on Leafy as she's on the floor pinning her*

Ref: 1! 2! 3!

Fall Count: Needle: 2, Mr Krabs: 1, Nate: 1, Gina: 1, Kitty: 1

Patrick: *Throws Nate on to a table and pins him*

Ref: 1! 2! 3!

Fall Count: Needle: 2, Mr Krabs, Nate, Gina, Kitty and Patrick: 1

Gina: *rolls up Patrick*

Ref: 1! 2! 3!

Fall Count: Needle and Gina: 2, Krabs, Nate, Kitty and Patrick: 1

Gina: *overjoyed, runs to the crowd and out of the stadium*

Needle: *runs to Kitty and body slams her*

Bloo: *rolls up Needle*

Ref: 1! 2! 3!

Fall Count: Needle and Gina: 2, Krabs, Nate, Kitty and Patrick: 1

  • Meanwhile...........back outside of the stadium*


Jericho: Hold on there sunny, You only have 10 seconds left, Lowley comes in and pins Bloo, Patrick and Gina*

Ref: 1, 2, 3!

Jericho: *buzzer* THAT COUNTS FOR 3 FALLS! TIMES UP!

Final Fall Count: Lowley: 3, Needle and Gina: 2, Krabs, Nate, Kitty and Patrick: 1


Lowley: Yes! *walks out of the stadium, victorious, Gina steals the mic again*

Gina: AAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRGH! *Crowd jeers* I JUST GOT SCREWED AGAIN!.....*Crowd: WHAT?* WE, JUST GOT SCREWED AGAIN! *Crowd: WHAT?* *Gina gets down on her knees, tearing up* WELL I'M NOT GONNA GET SCREWED ANYMORE, CAUSE THIS ISN'T FAIR! *Crowd: What?, Gina, A emotional wreck, kicks the couch*

Jericho: Wow, What a sore loser.


Jericho: *afraid* *phone rings* Yeah?....Uh huh, Oh ok. *closes phone* Folks, I just found out........THERE'S STILL 15 SECONDS LEFT! YOU STILL HAVE A CHANCE GINA!

Gina: Good, I got worm to kill! *runs lightning fast, clotheslining Lowley* GET A REF!

Ref: 1, 2, 3!

Fall Count: Gina and Lowley: 3, Needle: 2, Krabs, Nate, Kitty and Patrick: 1

Gina: YES!

Lowley: Uh oh. *Gina pins Lowley one more time but*


Jericho: NOW TIMES UP!...Gina and Lowley........YOU HAVE TIED!!!!!

Lowley: So what happens then?

Jericho: Easy, You both will compete in a match for the spot....

Gina and Lowley: YES!

Jericho: At the finale!...G'night Everybody!


Lowley: Oh dear!

Jericho: Ouch! You really are a-

Episode 18: Dinosaur Disasters

  • Winners class*

Babymouse: Wow, Back to the Final 5! Again!

Jimmy: Yeah, I'm surprised I'm still here.

Babymouse: I wonder what will happen if one of us wins?

Suitcase: Well, Babymouse seems like a good fit, Jimmy, Reduncancy is not a crime.......But you have a 20% percent chance of winning. Let alone staying one day more. No offense, But a threat is a threat is a threat.

Jimmy: I know, but it'd be cool to say one episode longer. Anyways Babymouse, you deserve to win this time.

Babymouse: Aw thnx!

Jimmy: No problem. You really do deserve it, you've played a good game.

Babymouse: *smiles*

  • Losers class*

Sandy: Yeehaw, final five! Isn't it great?

Spongebob: I'm so glad to make it this far again!

Babymouse: (CONF) Wait, I just relized something.....If the plane is out of gas?......Why are we still flying?

  • Plane lands in Alberta Canada*

Spongebob: Where are we?

Henry: Alberta, Canada, The top sight of finding dino bones!

Challenge 17- Make up a Dino

Henry: And that's just what your next challenge is about Final 5ers. Grab a shovel, Dig up some bones, And make up a dino!


1. A Name

2. A look

3. Herb? Carni? Or Omni?

4. Enimies and Allies

5. Speed

6. A good description

Henry: I will judge em all. Whoever wins goes to the Final 4! Losers are up for elimination. BEGIN!

Spongebob: *Starts digging*

Babymouse: *before she starts digging...*

Suitcase: *opens up and out comes the princess outfits, ballgown, slippers, gloves and all!*

Babymouse: Welp, Here we go! *begins to dig*

Sandy: *starts digging*

Jimmy: *starts digging*

Puffball: *starts digging*

Babymouse: *still digging*

Spongebob: *still digging*

Jimmy: *still digging*

Puffball: *still digging*

Sandy: *still digging*

Babymouse: *finds some dino bones* Yes! Jackpot!

Spongebob: *finds bones* Woohoo!

  • Babymouse and Spongebob high five each other*

Jimmy: *finds bones* Phew.....

Sandy: *finds bones* This should be handy.

Puffball: *finds bones*

  • Babymouse starts to build her dino*
  • Spongebob starts to build dino*
  • Jimmy starts to build dino*
  • Sandy starts to build dino*
  • Puffball starts to build dino*
  • Spongebob still building*
  • Babymouse still building*
  • Babymouse finishes building*
  • Spongebob finishes*

(While we're waiting for TF to come, Why not let Babymouse and Spongebob chat for a while until then)

  • Jimmy still builds*
  • Puffball still builds*
  • Sandy still builds*
  • Scratch that, He's here*
  • Jimmy finishes*
  • Puffball finishes*
  • Sandy finishes*

Henry; Times up! Who wants to go first?

Babymouse: Uuuuuhh....This is the Cupcakeasarus, It is a carnivore, It eats cupcakes, Speed of 39mph, Hates anyone who hates cupcakes, It looks like half t-rex and half a stegasaur.....It's pink too.....That's about it.

Henry: .....Eh, 6.5/10. Creative but not very descriptive.

Babymouse: Typical.

Jimmy: I have with me today the Ferociraptor. It is red flying, small dinosaur with white stripes. It has dark eyes that can pierce into souls. It's a carnivore who really desires flesh and meat, don't let the size fool you. This dinosaur only trusts and likes its family and any dinosaur with a similar color scheme. Everything else it hates and may kill. It flies at speeds of 50 mph and is only scared by T-Rexes.

Henry: Impressive, I say 9/10. Creative, descriptive and impressive.

Henry: Spongebob. Wanna take a go?

Spongebob: Mine is the Krabbysaurus. It is 10ft tall and has dark purple skin. It is an omnivore show it can eat juicy krabby patties, it's main source of food. It makes friends with anything and makes enemies with those who try to steal krabby patties from it. It attacks by spitting poison bubbles. It barries the enemies it killed by taking it to the ocean floor and covering it in mud. It can live on land and water. It moves up to the speed of 65 mph on land and 190 mph in the water. If it attack by group, it normally spits poison sylivia on the krabby patty, places it on the ground and runoffs. It comes back to put it's enemies into the ocean floor.

Henry: Solid. Not sure if Krabby Patties existed back then but it would be intresting to see a dino krabby patty. 8/10. Puffball?

Puffball: *singing* Mine is the Riptor-Rex. It is a gruesome relative to the T-Rex and a carnivore who loves to pick on, when a child, or eat, as an adult, inferior dinosaurs. It is black and white with grey spots. This dinosaur can be friends with most tall carnivores, but hates herbivores. It can run at 10 mph so it's not really that fast.

Henry: Hmmmm.....Intresting......Not much of a similarity to the T-Rex actully. 6.5/10 though. Sandy?

Sandy: I have with me here today the Herbasaur. Obviously, this critter is a herbivore and is quite proud of it. The Herbasaur is green, tall, and has brown stripes if male or white spots if a female. It doesn't have any enemies actually, as this is a friendly critter, and can make friends with many, though it's better hanging out with omnivores and carnivores. This critter ain't too fast at 7mph, but has good endurance and strength to make up for it.

Henry: Not bad, Strength and Endurance are key ingrediants for sucess in real life. So is speed but eh. Whatevs. *about to give Sandy her score but.........*......Nate........WHAT DO YOU WANT NOW?

Nate: Relax! Relax! I come in peace you guys!

Henry: Really?.......

Producer: How do we know your not kidding us......

Nate: Look, Guys, Have you been watching TDV:WT's aftermath show?

Henry: Yes?

Nate: Well, Gina *somehow* had the guts to give me this message.

Henry: *is given the message from Nate, shocked*

Nate: So?

Henry: It basiclly means we're screwed right?

Nate: Well, That's just it. It says that.........well it just says.......something....All it is is a skull and crossbones.......Yep, We....are.....doomed............

Henry: Well thank you for telling me that........Great. That just took up all our time.......Sandy has a 8.5 meaning Jimmy has immunity.

Elimination 18


Spongebob: Puffball, sorry.

Babymouse: Hmmm, Puffball I guess.

Sandy: Puffball, sorry gal.

Puffball: *singing* .......Spongebob.

Jimmy: Look this vote isn't because I hate you, you're my friend, but I vote you Puffball, without Ryder you've been so sad, I think it's torture for you to stay on any longer.

Henry: Puffball......It's time to go.....So, That leaves with only 4 men left. 1 will be left standing. WHO WILL WIN? FIND OUT IN THE 1ST PART OF A EPIC 3 PART FINALE OF TOTAL......DRAMA.......VENGANCE......WORLD TOUR!

Episode 19: Trains, Planes and Chains!

Henry: Well here we are! The final 4! As you can, We've actully landed to........NEW YORK CITY! And you can see. We're gonna have a memorial of every eliminated contestant ever.

  • 1st off, Nate's memorial*

Babymouse: Like Tweety would say, You bad ol' putty tat! *rimshot*

Nate: ......Really?....Really?

Henry: Still, Don't ask.

Producer: Yeah.

Sandy: weren't as bad as that no-good Plankton, stealin' my fur. No offence but you are still around his area.

Jimmy: You weren't very nice, but maybe one day you'll change? Don't know really.

Spongebob: You were the second biggest jerk!

  • Memorial of Bloo*

Nate: :/, Well, No where near my state thank god.

Babymouse: But cl-

Nate: DON'T......Say it......

Babymouse: *creeped out* ........Eep.

Spongebob: Yet he was still on the deep end.

Jimmy: He, um, was an interesting guy?

Sandy: Yeah, what he said.

  • Memorial of Garfield*

Babymouse: Garfield + No Lasanga = Sidetracked Garfield....But he was nice otherwise.

Jimmy: Poor Garfield, he was a nice guy.

Sandy: Shame he was gone early.

Spongebob: He was certainly a fun contestant.

  • Memorial of Needy*

Nate: Jesus Christ! Why Needle hates being called Needy so?.........She actully deserves it.

Jimmy: Um..........she was a good slapper?

Sandy: Well, I guess being called Needy means somethin' to her.

Spongebob: A shame she quit.

  • Memorial of Kitty and Isabella*

Babymouse: *About Isabella* BOYFRIEND STEALER! *kicks statue of Isabella*

WC: *Walks to the sound of strings*

Babymouse: WC?

Nate: Ah yes, My little chickadee.

Babymouse: You have a chickadee?

Nate: Check da D yo! *Rimshot* Ah? Ah? Anyone?

Babymouse: Not funny.

Spongebob: Calm down, Babymouse. You and Phineas were not meant to be.

Babymouse: *Again angered....but doesn't show it* Well, At least Kitty was nice.

Spongebob: Yeah, she was nice.

Jimmy: Yeah, I agree.

Sandy: Same.

  • Memorial of Mac*

Nate: Did you know that Mac goes hyper when he eats Sugar? When I say hyper, I mean HYYYYYYYYYYYYPPPPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Spongebob: He seemed nice.

Babymouse: Ikr?

Jimmy: Yeah, Mac was nice.

Sandy: Yeah, I bet that kid would have made it far if he wasn't voted off in that episode.

  • Memorial of Gina*

Nate: Ladies and Gentleman, Little Miss. *Henry covers Nate's mouth* Watch where that word flies thar fella.

Babymouse: :/, Kinda makes sense Henry.

Spongebob: Yeah it did.

Sandy: Yeah, it sure did. That girl went crazy.

Jimmy: Yeah.......

Babymouse: She's gone crazy?

Jericho: Have you been watching the aftermath show?

Jimmy: No, it was in France, she was screaming at you when we were on the plane. And that was out of character, so I can imply that she's gone crazy. Besides I have my sources. Trust me.

Henry: This is Gina's statue guys.

Spongebob: Can we see the next one?

  • Nermal's statue*


(Anybody here?)

  • Yes*

Babymouse: Ungreat little twit! *kicks Nermal statue*

Nate: *throws tomato at statue*

(You didn't ask Trentfan to come here?)

(He'll be here, George's statue)

Spongebob: George was a good competitor.

Babymouse: Yeah.

Spongebob: To bad he got voted off.

Jimmy: I didn't get to see much of him but he seemed cool.

Sandy: Yeah, I reckon he'd be a nice person.

  • Memorial of Dudley*

Nate: *head down, tear in eye* The shame of this guy to die.

Spongebob: *crying*

Babymouse: *sobs*

Spongebob: He was so funny.

Babymouse: Ik.

  • The rest of the statues*

Babymouse: Oooh!

Jimmy: Poor guys, they couldn't make it this far.

Spongebob: Ikr!

Nate: TO TDV.......AND TDV:WT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Henry: Right then, It's time for the big battle between Gina and Lowley!

Gina vs Lowley

Henry: But first off. We'd like to inform you of 2 things.

Henry: 1. The role of Gina for this match will be played by TrentFan, I have been taking him under my wing and he looks ready for the big showdown.....There was also a blindfold pick.

Henry: 2. This will not be of a ordinary match up, As you can see, We have here, The Wheel, Of, Stipulations!...As the Producer would put to it.....

The Producer: I'd say this is going to be a ride for the ages!

Henry: But first, Our new reporter on the job........Cliff Compton!

Cliff Compton: *Sigh* It's DUECE, Henry!

Henry: Whatever.

Cliff Compton: *rolls eyes* Anyways, We're about to try to talk with Gina who has been acting more erraticly than usual.

  • As you can see, A extremely determined Gina is ready for combat, with more boos than usual*

Cliff Compton: Now m'amm, I hope you know what your going up against.

Gina: *currently crazy* I know who I'm up against AND I WILL WIN!

Carlito: You heard her! She, Will beat that low down worm to a pulp!

Del Rio: Lowley, Is nothing more, THAN A PEASENT! And should be banned from Total Drama forever!

Compton: I see that. Now you do relize, Gina, You are a former winner of TDV. Considering your expireance, You might have the expiraence adventage. But then again, Lowley has the luck advantage, How do you say about that?


Compton: Well, What about the fact that you turned your BACK on the fans? What do you have to say about THAT?


Compton: The glory? One last thing, Why Carlito and Del Rio? WHY?

Del Rio: You know plenty well why. This girl........Is more than what you think.....She is a true, honest, lady. And I know that.

Carlito: Lowley has never been cool, He's been lucky since the day "Cool" was born. Gina was always cool. That will never change.....No further questions.

Compton: But sir-


Lowley: Hey! Leave the poor guy alone!

Henry: Ok, No more interviews, LET'S SPIN THE W.O.S! *spins wheel of stipulations and it ends up on* Hawaii Fire Death Match!

All: *gasp*

Lowley: *Gulp* (CONF) I am so dead!

Henry: But before we start this match, Let me introduce to you, The special guest referee for this match.

  • This crowd is going bananas, Stone Cold Steve Austin comes out, Looking pumped up as heck for this match*

SCSA: Allright now, To my dun' right, She has here a IQ of 184, Winner of TDV season 1 and a SOUNUVA GUN FOR TURNING ON ALL MY STONE COLD FANS........GINA HEMPHILL TOMS! *Crowd boos* And her sonouva gun offa opponent, A worm we know, And love, A true iron men of this contest, LOWLEY THE WORM! *Crowd cheers* Now if you want this match to get underway, Give me a HECK YEAH! *Everyone screams, Heck Yeah!* Now, We have here a flaming ring, You must either pin or submit the opponent, Winner gets a spot on Season 4, BEGIN! *DING, DING, DING!*

Gina: *charges at Lowley*

Lowley: *runs, it's a cat and mouse chase, but Gina eventully catches up*

Henry: Gina's caught up to Lowley! What will she do?

Producer: I fine this match very unfair, Lowley's a worm, Gina's a human being. Someone HAS to stop this match!

Henry: I feel your pain my boy!

Gina: *body slams Lowley*

Lowley: *put down for the pin, 1, 2, Nope, Nothing here, Gina DDT's Lowley, but not only does he reverse the move, but he elevates his opponent up and kicks her for a first in wrestling history!, But now what.........That's right, Shades of Cena, You can't see me, He hops on the ropes and lands of Gina for his own version of a 5 Knuckle Shuffle*

Lowley: *He's picking up Gina, way...........NO WAY!.......IS HE REALLY GOING TO DO THIS?, YES HE IS! AN ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT TO GINA, HE'S GOING TO WIN! HE'S GOING TO............THE LIGHTS WENT OUT! WHAT IS GOING ON?.........Lights turn off, It's obvious that Carlito and Del Rio have beaten up Lowley to a pulp and now, Gina is standing on top of Lowley*

SCSA: 1.....2.....3! Ring the bell! *DING, DING, DING, Gina, excited, jumps up and down in celebration and hugs Carlito and Del Rio* And your winner......."Little Miss Perfect".....Gina Hempkins Toms!

Producer: Lowley was screwed! He got screwed by Carlito, He got screwed by Del Rio, HE GOT SCREWED BY GINA! DARN YOU GINA! DARN YOU TO THE UNHOLY VASTNESS OF NO RETURN!

Henry: That he was! And it seems like Gina is going to Season 4.

Gina: YES! I WIN!

Lowley: *K'Oed*

Huckle: Lowley!

Babymouse: Good god allmighty! Nate was right about you all along! You really are a completely arrogant, selfish, greedy, JERK!

Jimmy: Don't worry Huckle, I'll figure something out to heal Lowley. Lowley doesn't look anywhere near death, so he's one tough worm, however he is still in pain.


Babymouse: I don't give a darn about Glory and Victory, But you might be under IQ'ed for what's happening next! *whistles for Nate*

Henry: What could this be?

Nate: *walks in to the ring, armed for combat and ready for war, with his MiTB briefcase that he made, It looked like he's cashing in!, Gina is flabbergasted!, SCSA gets the briefcase*

SCSA: Ladies and gents, Nate here's cashing in his MiTB contract. This match, For the spot in Season 4! *Gina is freaking out*


Nate: *gets a mic* Yep......That's me.....Betcha didn't see THAT coming huh? (CONF) I know the element of surprise.

Henry: Whoa....

Nate: But I'm not alone............GUYS! C'MON DOWN!

Henry: Huh?......What is he saying?

Carlito: QUE PASA?


Orton: *walks in the ring, soaking in the cheers from the crowd*

Winsconsin Chicken: *walks in to the song of Turkey in the Straw*

  • Gina is losing it now*

Gina: WHAT!?

Nate: THIS.......Is where the Gina era ends..........And the era.........of Nate..............AND ALL OF MY NATEIONS EVERYWHERE!......begins......*proceeds to beat down on Gina*

  • Nate then gets his self made ship and proceeds to get in it and pushes a shrink ray button and the ship and him shink, He then gets in the brain of Gina to look for the issue of Gina's erratic behaviour*

Nate: *zooms around, eventully coming across a dead end* Aw man! A dead end! *Sigh* Rule number 45, Remember to keep a map 'round here.

  • Nate finds a Gina*

Nate: (CONF) Well, I knew she was smart, But I never knew she was smart to get to her own brain!...But which Gina is it?

Nate: .........Well, Uh, This is akward compromising situation....

Good Gina: You can say that again.

Nate: You can say that again. *rim shot*

Babymouse: (CONF) ........Huh?

Spongebob: (CONF) What a tweest!

Nate: ..........uuuuuh, Now what do we do?

  • Thunder*

Nate: We're expecting rain are we?

Good Gina: No......worse......

Nate: just CAN'T be.

Babymouse: (conf) Huh?

Spongebob: (CONF) Now I'm confuse.

Crazy Gina: *evil laugh* So.......that's your FRIEND, huh?

Nate: .......Huh?, What's crazy girl's problem?

Good Gina: *sigh* That's what i've been trying to warn you all this time these 3 seasons.....

Nate: What a minute?.....What are you saying?

Good Gina: The truth is I have a split clone of myself, Never actully knew why I tried to control her.

Crazy Gina: Yes.....And I see you've had your........."problems" right?

Good Gina: It's just that I'm not actully how to control you. (CONF) Yes, She's gotten stronger......

Crazy Gina: Well, lucky for you, These issues will an*pushes Good Gina aside*

Good Gina: AGH!

Crazy Gina: You're weak! Mindless and pathetic! Hand over me the key that UNLOCKS......YOUR MIND!

Nate: *to Crazy Gina* Yo! Crazy Girl! You want a key?..........I'm not giving you a key........I'M GIVING YOU 88 OF THEM! *A piano falls on Crazy Gina and we're zapped back into the real world*

Gina: *wakes up* Wha?!......What happened?

Nate: And that concludes my expirament. You see, The truth is those random "issues", They were displayed by saying the word Lowley.

Gina: You mean that worm I beat up?.......*Nate nods*...........Good job out there Lowley my boy!.....Hey?........I......didn't.......go evil!.......Nate........I never thought this day would come but.....YOU SAVED ME LIFE!, I am like, TOTALLY GREATFUL FOR YOU! *Hugs Nate*

Nate: Gaw, shucks!

Carlito; What?! No! That's impossible! You're supposed to kill Nate! Nate is, was, and will always be a no good son of a not cool spit from Carlito! Right Del Rio?

Del Rio: .............*to Nate* Teach me to do that mi amigo?

Nate: kk.

Carlito: Del Rio?.....DEL RIO!........Fine, I'll do it myself then. *attacks Nate from behind, it's a big time fight to the end but then..*

Gina: *enraged, slaps Carlito to oblivion*

Nate: Wha?.......Whoa! Thnx Gina! You saved my life!

Gina: What can I say, You saved my life. I guess I returned the favor.

Nate: Wow............Best day........of my life..........

Henry: Aaaaaand, Off to the Final 4's challenge!

Challenge 19- Not to be eliminated!

Henry: That's right, The 4 of you are going to vote on who you want eliminated! The person with the most votes, Is out of the game and out of the final 3. Are you ready?.......BEGIN!

Babymouse: ......Jimmy, You're a good friend and all....But your also a threat, I hope you understand.

Spongebob: Jimmy.

Jimmy: Spongebob.

Sandy: Sorry but Spongebob.

Henry: I'm not in the mood for a tiebraker, Then again, It's for the show.

Tie Braker Challenge 4- 1-100

Henry: Thinking of a number between 1-100, What is it?

Jimmy: 42?

Spongebob: 25?

Henry: .....41 my boy, Thnx for playing Spongebob! So that leaves possibly the most all star like final 3 ever! What next? Find out in part 2 of 3 of TDV:WT'S FINALE!

Episode 20- Aloha Total Drama! Part 1

Henry: Final 3, You've made it this far.....Are you ready for the final test?

Babymouse: Yes!

Henry: This will tell us....WHO THE WINNER OF TDV:WT IS! Your last stop......HAWAII! *cheers from everyone* Yeah, Ik, Best host ever! And your final challenge is.......

Final Challenge- Pineapple Race up the Volcano

Henry: Simple as that, Grab a pineapple, Take whatever of the 3 sides you want, And try to make through the obstacles. For Track 1, The Cage of Doom! Try and escape my boy, Track 2, The Lava Pit of Death! The Leap of Faith if you want to call it. And finally, Track 3, The Trap Door, Obvious. Whoever makes it up the volcano first and puts the pineapple in the volcano first is the winner!

Henry: So, Is everyone rea- *Everyone says YES!*......Ok then.....GO!

Jimmy: *goes in Cage of Doom*

Sandy: *goes in Cage of Doom*

Babymouse: *gets in cage of Doom*

Cage of Doom: Before you pass, You must answer a riddle......Who had a alliance with Spongebob and Patrick, Likes Cheez Doodles, And is the cause of the Love Square?

Babymouse: ......Nate?

Jimmy: Yeah, Nate.

Sandy: Agreed.

Cage of Doom: *opens up......but that leads up to another Cage of Doom!*

Cage of Doom 2: Before you pass, You must answer the 3 riddles. That was 1 of them....Here is 2....Who is the braniac know it all over-achiever, Who gets straight A's on.......EVERYTHING?

Jimmy: Gina?

Sandy: Yeah, Gina?

Babymouse: Gina.

Gina: Hey! I resent that!

Cage of Doom 2: Good job. *Cage of Doom 3 comes in*

Cage of Doom 3: Now here is the hardest question of all! What helps you up when you are down, What can take you to new heights and lead you to.............EVERYTHING?

Babymouse: Friendship!

Jimmy: Friendship.

Sandy: Science!

Cage of Doom 3: Well, Mostly yes. There is also WalMart I suppose, But for now that'll do. *lets Babymouse and Jimmy go to the Leap of Faith and as for Sandy......she is vaporized by accident* Oops.

  • Leap of Faith*

Leap of Faith: Ha ha! I am a 100ft away from you! How can you jump that far from here? *laugh*

Jimmy: Wait do we have to jump or can we get across another way?

Henry: Just jump.

Med: Don't worry guys, We'll give you some kangaroo pounches! *gives em kangaroo pounches and kangaroo shoes*

Jimmy: So this should improve our jumping, right?

Med: Yep!

  • Jimmy and Babymouse make it across*

Jimmy: Alright, the trap door...........

Trap Door: GRRRRRRRRRRRR................

Henry: It's neck and neck, Who will win the challenge? And the million? Probably not Sandy. FIND OUT ON THE FINAL EPISODE OF THE FINALE OF TDV:WT!

Episode 21: Peace Offerings, Hawaiian Punches and a 4th Season to boot!

Jimmy: *begins to run through trap door*

Trap Door: *opens up, but Jimmy jumps*

Babymouse: *runs through trap door*

Trap Door: *opens, But she jumps, The 2 now race up to the volcano, It's close and fierce, But only 1 can win!, Suddenly Jimmy is near the volcano,  WHO CAN STOP HIM NOW?!?!, No way! Hawaiian Guards take out Jimmy, Sandy comes back and cleans house, But even she finds herself in the numbers game, Hold on! Hold on! Ryder and Puffball! Ryder and Puffball! They clean house on those guards, Babymouse, Sandy and Jimmy wake up, Finding out their in the edge of the volcano, drop the pineapples in......WHO DROPPED FIRST?*

Henry; Wow! That was so close! We need a replay! *Replay shows that...................................................BABYMOUSE GOT IT FIRST! SHE'S DONE IT* SHE'S DONE IT! SHE'S WON TDV:WT!

Babymouse: I won?...............I WON!

  • NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!, Jk, Babymouse and Jimmy......ARE OUR FINAL 2!*

Henry: Fooled ya good did I?

Babymouse: Works for me!

Henry: Sandy, I'm sorry, But you do not win. But you've played a wonderful game. A were a true trooper, As for the rest of you.....Come with me.

Final Elimination Ceramony

Henry: THIS..........Is where it ends.............Whoever has the most votes wins the camp!

Henry: Ah, Scratch it, We'll let it slide for once.

Babymouse: Yay! Good job you guys!

Hawaiian 1: Oh, You didn't throw any pineapples in the volcano did you?

Henry: .....No, Not that comes to mind.............

Hawaiian 2: Haven't you heard? We've put up no pineapple signs on the volcano! Didn't you see? *Everyone sees the signs*

Hawaiian 1: Don't you relize what happens when you throws pineapples at the volcano? *Volcano starts to rumble*

Babymouse: Oh, Crud......*volcano is ready to erupt and starts to spew out lava*

Henry: Oh no, How could this have happened?!

Babymouse: And there's no way to reverse it.

Hawaiian 2: However, There IS a way.

Henry: What is the sacrifice?.......

Hawaiian 1: You must make........A SACRIFICE!

Ryder: A sacrifice............You mean, One of us have to go in and die in the hottest thing living in the planet?

The Sun: Not funny punk.

Ryder: Eek.

Gina: *relizing all the damage she's caused today* Hawaiians............If you don't mind.......I'll go in.......*gasps from everyone*

Hawaiian 1: Allright then. Let's go. *takes Gina*

Gina: Well......bye guys......

  • Volcano is blowing up*

Hawaiian 1: Fear not volcano ol' mighty! We have here a sacrificer! And are ready to give you her life!

Volcano: Good, Then let the demise begin. On the count of 3, The cremation begins.

Hawaiian 2: Yes sure. 1........2.....Thre-

Nate: WAIT!

Hawaiian 1: .........And YOU must be?

Nate: Nate Wright sir, I have something to say.......You know how earlier I saved Gina's life from a evil split clone of her's?

Hawaiian 1: Yeah?

Nate: Well after saving her life, I relized that my life................was complete........You clearly know where this is going right?

  • Hawaiians nod*

Volcano: You may have a few moments to have a final few words.

Gina: Ok volcano sir.

Nate: Yes sir.........

Babymouse: Oh boy, Here we go.

Nate: I.......I know I may be a total pain sometimes......but after saving your life Gina........I've completed the ultimate task....To be accepted in real life.

Volcano: The jury is still out on that one.

Gina: Oh Nate, You're not a total pain....

Nate: I'm not?.....*to Volcano* Hear that volcano! I'm not a total pain!

Volcano: Same there!

Nate: .......Anyways, What i'm trying to tell you is.........I'm throwing myself in the volcano for you Gina.

Gina: You'd do that for me?

Nate: *nods yes* I relize now this isn't for the money............This isn't about the's about my friends.........this is about............about.........

Babymouse: Family and life?

Nate: Something like that........And to prove myself that this is the end of Nate Wright.....I leave you.....with this...*reveals himself with a bag of Cheez Doodles* the last bag of Cheez Doodles, I ever have.......I want you all to have a bite.........of those wonderful Cheez Doodles........They will serve as your concious........for future roads ahead........

Volcano: Hurry up allready!

Nate: .........*tears up* Well.............bye Gina.........Nice knowing you.

Gina: *tears up* Bye Nate..................*both crying, they hug*

Volcano: Ok, Times up! *With Hawaiians* 1......2.......3! *They throw Nate in the volcano, Nate falls in the volcano, never to be seen again.........*

Gina: *crying* Goodbye Nate.......

Babymouse: *Comforts* It's ok Gina.......I feel your pain.

Lowley: *wakes up* Wha?......Who?.........What happened?........

Mr. Krabs: Nate died, lad.

Babymouse: Nate sacrificed his life just to save Gina's.

Gina: I guess deep down inside there is a speck of goodness in Nate after all.

Henry: Yes......*Sniff* Yes he did..........C'mon lads.......Let's go home........TO SEASON 4!


Henry: .......Well, Maaaaaaaybeeee.

Jericho: If there's a 4th season, I'll co-host.

Henry: .......Fine.

Jericho: YES!

Henry: In 3 months time, You are to go to a academy, Somewhere in the UK. There, 1 of you will go on to win, ANOTHER TRILLION DOLLARS! And you don't want to miss, TOTAL DRAMA VENGANCE......ACADEMY!

Elimination Table

Place Contestant Merge 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19
1st Babymouse YES Nate WIN Garfield Needle Isabella and Gina Mac WIN WIN George IN Mr. Krabs and Gelatin IN Ryder Ryder Lowley Leafy Patrick Puffball Jimmy
2nd Jimmy Nate WIN Nermal Mac Isabella and Gina Phineas WIN WIN N/A IN N/A IN Phineas Patrick Lowley Leafy Patrick Puffball Spongebob
3rd Sandy WIN Bloo WIN WIN Kitty and Isabella WIN Gina N/A N/A IN N/A IN Phineas Ryder Lowley Leafy Patrick Puffball Spongebob
4th Spongebob Gina WIN Garfield WIN Isabella and Gina WIN Gina Nermal Phineas IN Phineas and Gelatin IN Phineas Ryder Jimmy Leafy Patrick Puffball Jimmy
5th Puffball WIN Bloo WIN Mac Isabella and Gina Phineas WIN WIN N/A IN N/A IN Phineas Patrick N/A Leafy Patrick Spongebob
6th Patrick Nate WIN Garfield Mac Isabella and Babymouse Mac WIN WIN Phineas IN Phineas and Gelatin IN Phineas Ryder Lowley Puffball Puffball
7th Leafy WIN Bloo WIN Mac Isabella and Gina Mac WIN WIN N/A IN N/A IN Patrick Ryder Lowley Patrick
8th Lowley WIN Bloo WIN WIN Mr. Krabs and Kitty WIN Gina Nermal WIN IN Mr.Krabs and Gelatin WIN Phineas Patrick Jimmy
9th Zak Ryder Debute Episode 5 Mac WIN WIN George IN N/A ****** Patrick Patrick
10th Phineas Nate WIN Patrick Needle Isabella and Babymouse Mac WIN WIN N/A IN Mr.Krabs and Gelatin IN Ryder
11th Huckle WIN Bloo WIN WIN Kitty and Isabella WIN Gina Nermal George IN N/A OUT******
T-12th Mr. Krabs WIN Bloo WIN WIN Kitty and Isabella WIN Gina N/A IN N/A
T-12th Gelatin Debute Episode 10 N/A
14th Dudley WIN Bloo WIN Mac Mr. Krabs and Isabella Phineas WIN WIN George OUT*****
15th George Gina WIN Garfield WIN Isabella and Babymouse WIN Gina Nermal N/A****
16th Nermal NO Nate WIN Patrick WIN Isabella and Babymouse WIN Spongebob Spongebob
17th Gina Isabella WIN Nermal WIN Isabella and Mr. Krabs WIN Nermal
18th Mac WIN Bloo WIN Needle Kitty and Babymouse Phineas
T-19th Kitty WIN Bloo WIN WIN Isabella and Gina***
T-19th Isabella Gina WIN Patrick Needle Gina and Babymouse
21st Needle WIN Bloo WIN Mac**
22nd Garfield Nate WIN Patrick*
23rd Bloo WIN Huckle
24th Nate Gina






gold=One Nation

(*)=Lost tie breaker to Patrick

(**)=Originally Mac, but Needle quit

(***)=Lost tie breaker to Babymouse

(****)=Lost tie breaker to Phineas

(*****)=Out due to injury

(******)=Santino said it was Ryder, but said it was a joke and said it was really Huckle.