Chris:um...................hey guys, we are still sorting out alot of legal trouble from last season but the show must go on, so heres Total drama WORLD TOUR

Challenges 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
DJ WIN WIN Gwen WIN NV Duncan Zeke Jigglypuff NV NV L/K/C Katie Justin Trent WIN WINNER
Noah WIN WIN Gwen WIN Owen Duncan Zeke Justin WIN WIN Justin Heather Justin Trent Quit
Trent Courtney Leshawna WIN Tyler WIN Katie Zeke Noah NV NV L/K/C Katie Justin DJ
Justin Courtney Leshawna WIN Tyler WIN Katie Zeke Noah Izzy Harold L/K/C Katie NV
Lindsay WIN WIN NV WIN NV Duncan NV Justin WIN WIN NV
Alejandro Courtney Leshawna WIN NV WIN Duncan Cody Justin NV NV NV
Harold WIN WIN Gwen WIN Owen Duncan Cody Justin NV NV
Izzy WIN WIN Gwen WIN NV NV NV Justin NV
Zeke Justin Leshawna WIN Tyler WIN Duncan Cody
Duncan Courtney LeShawna WIN Tyler WIN Katie
Tyler NV NV WIN Duncan
Leshawna NV Duncan
Courtney NV


Justins team(disbanded)










Harolds team (disbanded)
























18 signups

1st: DJ-First123-Merged-Hawaiian punch

2nd:Heather-HR-Merged-Hawaiian Punch

3rd:Noah-tdiLanceknox-Merged-Hawaiian Punch

4th:Trent-First123-Merged-Final 4 Challenge

5th:Justin(2)-Wes Holden-Merged-Ireland Week

6th:Katie-Snowgirl57-Merged-Final 6 Challenge

7-9th:Alejandro: Alfan3000-Merged-Brazil Week

7-9th: Cody-Codmister-Merged-Brazil Week

7-9th: Linsday-snowgirl57-Merged-Brazil Week

10th-Harold- Alfan3000-Merged-The Ever Popular Challenge

11th:Izzy-izzynsierrafan12-Merged-Lots of Songs Week

12th-Justin(1): Wes Holden-Merged-Greek Death Trap

13th Ezekiel: tdiLanceknox-Merged-Ethiopian Safari Adventure Week

14th- Duncan: Wes Holden-Merged:Russian Time

15th- Owen-theeviloctorock-Owens team:Alaskan sleigh ride of death

16th-Tyler-theeviloctorock-Justins team:Amsterdam Adventures

17th-Gwen- Nduke-Owens team:Jersey time

18th-place:Leshawna-Nduke-Justins team:The Gang tags Mr. ill

19th-place:Courtney-Justins team:find the passport

Chat:pregame at last seasons finale in Chile

CHris:okay guys we have to solve the legal trouble, courtney killed Justin and justin stole the money, lets think of a way to solve this nonviolently

Justin: She killed a strunt doulbe because I'm right here and Noah and Courtny i think are on Death Row for the murder of blanliey and my stunt doulbe

Noah: theres never a happy ending for these things

Alejandro:*gives last season's winners some money*

Owen:We need to stop fighting

Justin: Well it lloks like Noah was released on parole and that Courtney got the Eletric Chair

Alejandro:Courtney became a model.

Noah: and she left me to do it.

Owen:seriously stop fighting

Chris:on the positive side this is great for ratings

katie he's bot here

Harold:What you did to Noah was just cheap!

Justin: I'm bored. chris For old times sake I'm going to try to kill you again *Go my forest animals*

Animals: *attack chris till he's crying*

Owen:*whispers to Noah*Justin has to go first

Harold:Chris, can you kill Justin when he loses?

Justin: chris wouldn't do that becuase I make the ratings and without me he has nothing

Noah: Justin wont get away with this.

Owen:You're obvissly gonna get voted out early

Justin: Who Me or Noah


Chris:ustin makes the ratings, so he needs to stay


CHris:technically................but id rather be injured then poor

Justin: Good I like you now chris so animals stop and attack owen cause he has choloate in his pocket *animals attack owen and steal his choclate.

Owen:You know what Justin I can take an Insult but stealing my chocolate is the last straw you ************************************************* *jumps on top of him*

Courtney:*crawls up*what the **** is wrong with you justin

Justin: That I sent you to pluto


Chris:its my pleasure to announce that, just to add drama, our two team captains are Justin and Noah

Justin: Sweet


Justin: Zeke

Trent: Hey guys.(First123:I was asleep when the whole thing happened D: Just kidding I don't mind)

DJ: Hello

Chris:okay justin has zeke, owen who do you pick

Owen:Wait me OK I choose Noah

DJ: *To Justin*Last season you and Zeke got backstabbed by Courtney, how does that make you feel?

Chris:justin your pick

Justin: my buddy Trent

Trent: *Whispers to Justin*Let me guess you want Courtney out?

Justin: Probally

Trent: Okay cuz we learned what happened last season since Courtney kinda back stabbed Zeke later.

Justin: Yeah I told them what was going to happen and they didn't listen and then what I said happened

Trent: Yeah, you did although Zeke changed his vote but it was double elimination.

DJ: *Starts making pizza*


DJ: *Finishes the pizza and puts Momma's sauce*Fresh Pizza.

Trent: That was fast.

Chris:this will probably take to long, so these arethe team

Justins team:himself, trent, zeke,al, tyler , duncan, courtney, leshawna, Heather

Owens team:himself, noah, harold cody, katie, lindsay, dj, gwen, izzy

Heather:Which Team,am I on?

Chris:heathers on justins team, and izzy is on owens

Heather:(CONF)Hopefully my team is good.

Owen:Why is Courtney on Justins team

Heather:Who knows..

Ezekiel: Probably cause she got so far last time, eh?

Noah: *pulls out his part of the check from last season*

Trent: Justin are you planning on breaking this season's check too?

Justin: no because why would I rip up my own chesk

DJ: I don't know.Hey want an alliance?

Justin: sure

Trent: Can I join?

DJ: Sure.Justin who do you want out first?

Justin: Courtney Courtney and once again Courtney

Noah: *overhears*

Zeke" *comforts noah*

Chris:okay guys lets get on the plane

Challenge 1:Find your passport

Chris:your first challenge is simple, i have hidden each one of your passports somewhere on the plane, the first team to bring me five passports wins

Courtney:*starts looking for a passport*

Noah: *looks for passport*

Ezekiel: *looking for passport*

Justin: *looks for passport is chris's dressin room*

LeShawna: *I found mine!**runs to Chris and gives it to him*

Trent: *Looks for passport*

DJ: *Looks for passport*

Katie: *looks for passport*

Lisnday: *looks for passport*

Cody: Hey Noah, wanna team up?

Katie: *finds her and lisndays passports* done

Alejandro:*looks for passport*

Harold:*finds his passport between the seats*Done!*brings it to Chris*

Noah: *finds passport* Hey cody i found yours too!

Alejandro:*finds his passport*Yes!*hands it to Chris*

Noah: Is that 5 for us?

Trent: *Finds DJ's Passport*Here you go DJ.*Gives DJ his passport*

DJ: Thanks.

Ezekiel: *digs deep in seat* found it, eh! wow that was deep!

Duncan: *finds passport in courtneys's luggage*

Justin: *finds passport in courtney's garrabe*

Trent: *Finds passport behind Justin's mirror*Okay...


Chris:and the winners are owens team, and so they get to name both teams and are safe from elimination

Justin: K we all know who is leaving so can we just vote


Alejandro:Oh, Chris?!

Justin: Yep cause Courtney didn't find her passport so she has to go

Katie: There team name should be team anil Victory


Katie: Are you on this team

Duncan (CONF) With Courtney gone I can be with Gwen

Alejandro:Gwen did not do the challenge either!

Duncan: good thing shes on the winning team

Alejandro:*takes a nap*

Noah: its only 2 pm

Alejandro:Do you see a host?I don't.

Justin: Can we vote off courtney yet

Alejandro:*is dreaming about beating up his older brother Jose*

CHris:fine, vote time

Justins teams vote

Chris:its time for the vote, so..............whos it gonna be


Ezekiel: courtney is my friend. I vote for justin


Katie: we have your team name

Alejandro:What is it?

Katie: Team anti victory

Alejandro:Thank you so much!

Duncan: Courtney

justin: Courtney

Katie: you like ot

Alejandro:Of course!Team Victory sucked!

Noah: They won once.


Noah: ok

Harold:Now we wait for our host....AGAIN...

Chris:(will you give me a second, its christmas i have stuff to do)and courtney is out..............lets get flying

(We are not rushing you. Just reminiscing TDA2!)

NOah: I'll mis you courtney.

On plane chat for:North Korean Happy Fun Time

Chris:ALright then, becuase owens team won the challenge, they get to stay in the luxurious first class, while justins team stays in the crappy losers class

Owens team

Noah: *sad*

Harold:It's alright, Noah! We shall get that pompous jerk!

Noah: she never even said goobbye to me.

Harold:I know what it is like to love someone, and see them go. Sort of. I will always have your back.

Noah: Thank you Harold.

Harold:Don't sweat it!

DJ:Sorry about Courtney, Noah.

Noah: Thanks DJ. I'll move on, eventually.

Izzy: What is all the boring chatter baout! Izzy going to the cockpit with Chef! Izzy wanna fly the plane!

Katie: why

Harold:Do not let Izzy fly the plane!

Katie: Guard the plane from her

Harold:Chef will stop her!

Linsday: No herman

Harold:*has already tied Izzy up*

Noah: Nice job harold.

Izzy: *bites the ropes* Hahaha suckers! *starts pressing buttons and the plane starts to spin around* Ooh what does this button do! Oh yeah Ooh the microphone! *in a weird voice* Attention all passengers if you open the door you will see the next destination! Over!

Justins team

Alejandro:This stinks!

Justin: At least courtney isn't here

Alejandro:I guess.

Ezekiel: Dont say that next to noah.

Alejandro:Oh, hi Ezekiel!You came close last time, didn't you?

Ezekiel: so close, and the time before that? at least she split the check.

Alejandro:This may be your time! Want an alliance?

Ezekiel: sure.

Alejandro:Thanks. Can I call you Zeke?

Ezekiel: yes

Justin: If I can join that alliance my beauty will push us to the top


challenge 2:The gang tags Mr.ill

  • the plane lands in Southern North Korea*

Chris:Merry Christmas competitors, and wanna know the most christmasy thing ever, a good old fashioned family trip to north korea, the land where religion gets you shot, and we all starve, but we all know who are favorite person is...................your family freindly dictator Kim Jong Ill, teams must somehow get past the intensive security and deadly military, and tag the dictator, but be warned.....the demilitarized zone is one of the most highly guarded military bases that i currently know about.....................................TAG MR.ILL

Harold and Alejandro:*sneak to the zone, but do not enter*Now what?

Duncan: *enters zone*

Justin: *grabs Harold and throws him into a North korean cop* Sorry but my team must win and you have to go down for what you did to me last season

Cop:*grabs harold and starts beating him violently with a bat*

DJ,Trent, and Alejandro:Not cool!

Katie: STOP

Duncan: a distrasction *starts sneking up to Mr. Jong*

Other cop:they insult mr.ill*stabs cody*this will be a lesson to you all

  • all of the cops start shooting at them and they all start running*

Chris:you know what i really think we should do right now*song chime*

Song 1


Justin: These koreans are saveges

Katie: dont talk about it

Duncan: lets hurry before they shoot use while I use harold as a sheild

Noah: Justin is the only savage one here.

Katie and lindsay: can we join you

Harold:Justin sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Justin: No you do *throws harold into antoher cop*

Ezekiel: can he do that on TV?

"'Katie: yes he can"'

Izzy: I have got to peeeeeeee

Duncan: well then drink some H2SO3

Noah: isnt that a little harsh?

Ezekiel: I'll say.

Back to challenge

  • everyone is still running*

Alejandro:*sees Kim Jong III and hides where the cops cannot see*

Katie: Can i hide with you

DJ:*runs up and tags Kim Jong III, then runs away really fast*

Katie: *Hides in a bush*

Chris:sorry dj, thats jong ils brother todd*points to todd*

DJ:Dang it!

Chris:but we only have 3 more minutes of screen time so i'll just go with it

Noah: Alright DJ! *high fives him*

Katie: Yes

DJ and Harold:*high five Noah and Katie*

Linsday: Yay P.J

Noah: Hello first class!


Noah: WHOO!!!!

DJ:I did it!

Justins teams vote



Ezekiel: Sorry Leshawna.

Justin: LeShawna

Duncan: LeShawna

Alejandro:See ya!

Chris:and so apparently Leshawna is out*throws leshawna out of the window*

Week 3:New Jersey.....

Owens team:first class

Harold:I love it here!

DJ:Me, too!

Noah: This is great! *getting a shoulder rub*

Harold:We cannot lose! Right, Noah?

Noah: Its looking like it, that or justins team just cant win.

Harold:It will be hilarious if we wipe out the entire other team!

Noah: Quite. COurtney would have enjoyed it if she were here.

Izzy: Look guys it's New Jersy *puts on parachute and puts one on Owen* Come on guys! *jumps out of the plane with Owen*

NOah: what does owen see in her?

Izzy: Woohoo we landed! Hey Owen I brought some choc-o-dots! cmon lets go!

Noah: nice going izz.

Izzy: *gets a huge microphone*THANKS NOAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Noah: Now which one of us gets her candy?

Harold:Divide it up evenly!

Noah: *divides up candy* hey! who stole the couch that was here?

Harold:One guess.

Noah: It was the kardashians wasn't it?

Harold:No. Jersey Shore!

Noah: that was my next guess. dang jersey shore.

Harold:Unless they teamed up!

Noah: Of course! it was so obvious.

Harold:We will get them back!

Justins team:losers class

Alejandro:This sucks!

Trent:It does!

Ezekiel: *trying to sleep* this bites,eh!

Alejandro:Next time, we will win!

Trent: Wow...this team is pathetic...

Alejandro:Trent, we can still be an alliance, right? I think Heather is next on our team!

Trent: Sure Alejandro.

Ezekiel: Im with you on that.

Alejandro:Now we can stay safe. All 3 of us. Heather and Tyler are next unless they step it up!

Ezekiel: agreed

Duncan: I sat we get out the nerd Zeke

Alejandro:He works harder than you!

Justin: Lets see if we lose first

Ezekiel: Yeah.


Ezekiel: *sleeping*


Challenge 3:The full Jersey experience

Chris:good morning contestants,oh i just remember something*has chef flip the plane sideways to make them all fall out*perfect..................Our third challenge takes place in the heart and soul of America, Jersey City, your challenge today is simple, there are two categories of people in Jersey, those who hate Snooki............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

anyway your challenge today is to make the perfect party, and i will inform you of the second part of the challenge later

Justin's team party

Trent: *Grabs chips and soda*Come on guys!

Alejandro:*gets a boombox*

Trent: *Starts grabbing Rock CDs*Okay now we need some punch...

Alejandro:*gets the punch*

Duncan: *slugs trent right in the face* Theres your punch

Trent: We already have the punch and ow.*Puts up a Metal Band Poster*

Justin: *takes off shirt and gets a bunch of hot girls to show up*T

Trent: *Gets a Hard Rock Band to play*

Ezekiel: *gets disco ball and strobelights*

Trent: *Grabs party poppers and hands them out to everyone*

Duncan: *carves a skull into the disco ball*

Trent: Good one Duncan!*Puts on Ninja Movies*

Ezekiel: *gets rick astley to sing on stage*

Trent: *Puts up Justin's Team Poster and a Chris Statue*

Justin: Gets a D.J.*

Trent: *Gets pizza*

Ezekiel: *gets cake*

Trent: *Gets a Christmas Tree even though Christmas passed*

Owens teams party

Harold:*has chips,soda, a boombox, and is playing Animal I Have Become*

DJ: I hate that music*Puts in Classic Piano Music*Ah...*Puts up Momma Poster and some root beer*

Noah: *gets table with punch and chips* *makes ice sculptures of chris,chef and his team*

Harold:*puts in rock**girls show up and start dancing*

DJ: *Gets a Hot Tub*

Noah: *gets a cool laser and fireworks show going on*

DJ: *Gets board games*Harold turn into H-Bomb!

Noah: *gets football players to come*

Harold:*starts rapping while Noah dances to sandstorm*

Noah: *gets frat boys to come*

DJ: *Covers ears*Its too loud!*Chris sculpture breaks*

Harold:*fixes the statue*

Noah: *gets sierra's fan club to come*

DJ: *Gets Nachos*

Noah: *gets lady gaga to come*

DJ: NO NOAH!*Pushes Lady Gaga off a cliff and comes back to the party*

Noah: too far?

DJ: Everyone hates her.

Owen:Even me.OK PERFECT *Pool drops in hole* WOO HOO

Part 2

Chris:Everyone welcome our 3 special guest, guest#1 jersey governer Chris Christie , guest #2 is.................Chef, okay hes not really a guest but whatever, and guest #3 is the most important person of all in Jersey history its SNOOKI, you will have to convince each judge seperately to side with your party, 2/3 wins, first guest you have to convince that your party is better is The governer

EzekieL; Our party has a christmas tree!

Noah: We put more effort into it than they did.


Snooki:you is the emporer, you like do all the stuff that ****'s my **** up *eats the governer*

Chris:Snooki just absorbed the governrs vote, lets hear what chef thinks

Chefs:i gotta go with justins teams party, mostly because i have no idea what happened at either


Chris:dont get to excited heather, you still have to get snookis vote

Heather;(CONF)Ugh.(Non-COMF)Snooki part with us..and I'll give you a pickle?

Justin: Nice

Snooki:yay..............i vote justins team,now give me $30000

Chris:uhh...........................*hits snooki with a bat*get in the plane kids

Heather:We won!(CONF)I knew I will win.

Noah: Curses! (CONF) oh she's good.

Owen's tteam vote 1

Chris:ah the elimination room, lets see how your teams first elimination plays out

Noah: Sorry Gwen but you havent been much help

Izzy: GWEN!!!!!!!

DJ: Even though Noah brought Lady GaGa to the party Noah has a point so I vote Gwen.

Harold:Gwen! Never thought I would have to boot her like this again!


Chris:3rd person out is gwen............the tribe has spoken*throws gwen out the window*

Week 4:amsterdam adventure

Justins team:winners class

Justin:first class is very nice

Alejandro:*high fives his team*We rock!

Trent: Finally.

Chris:oh crap

  • song chime*

Chris:we forgot our song last time, so we do two this week

Ezekiel: We finally won, and living in first class!

Alejandro:We are gonna win, so let us set sail!Just hammering in the final nail!*is building a small wooden boat* We are now back in first class, because they hate Snook's face!We all do!

Ezekiel: He liked our party better than owen's, Cause they had lady gaga.

Trent: We took first place!

Duncan: by carving skulls and and getting girls to party all over the place

Ezekiel: Oh and duncan slugged trent in the face

Duncan: But he asked for some punch

Trent: I mean't fruit punch.

Ezekiel: SOmehow we got snookie's vote.

Justin: and noone fron our team is going to leave

Ezekiel: except for steve.


Owens team:losers class

Owen:Oh man

Noah: This sucks!

Izzy: *holds a dagger* Look at this Noah and OWen! *stabs herself* Owww that really really really hur....*falls to the ground*

Noah: Oh my gosh! Izzy are you ok?

Izzy: Dont worry I'm fine! *pulls dagger out and more blood comes out* Hey Owen it looks like cordial and tastes delicious!

Noah: Medic!

Katie: how did we lose

Noah: Heather got snookie and the governors vote.

Medic: Ok who needs me

Noah: izzy *shows her that izzy is bleeding all over the place*

Medic: she has to sit out this week

Noah: Dang!

Challenge 4:This is how Amsterdam works

Chris:Welcome to the capital of the Netherlands, and self acclaimed cultural phenomenon, Amsterdam.This city is somewhat "different" than other cities in the world.but there are three aspects of the city we are going to work with which are biking, anne frank, and the 1926 Olympic Stadium. Amsterdam is one of the most bike freindly cities in the world, teams must get on their bikes and ride to the Anne Frank house, a museum dedicated to the famous diarist, based in her house, once there chef will give you the map to get to their Olympic Stadium,finishing the challenge.So bike to the Anne Frank house, then Go to the Olympic stadium. GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Duncan: *grabs a bike and rides*

Trent: *Gets on a bike and starts riding*Come on team!

DJ: *Gets on the bike and rides*

Noah: *gets on bike and starts riding*

Ezekiel: *rides bike*

Justin: *gets on trents bike* Ride faster I'm not peddling myself

Trent: Fine.*Continues riding*

DJ: *Continues riding*

Owen:*rides bike*

Tyler:*gets on bike and rides*EXTREME

Trent: *Rides faster*I think I see it.

DJ: *Is behind Trent*

Duncan: *contiunes to peddle*

Noah: *behind DJ*

Ezekiel: *behind Noah*

Tyler:*catches up to DJ*

Owen:*still peddling*

Trent: *Makes it to Anne Frank's House*YES!

DJ: *Finishes 2nd*

Tyler:*finishes 3rd*Yes

Owen:*still peddling*

Noah: *finishes fourth*

Ezekiel:*crashes into anne frank's house*

Trent: Now we wait for the others.

Duncan: *runs over Noah and crosses line*

Justin: Me and Trent finished first

Noah: Ouch! *in tremendous pain*

Trent: That has to hurt.

duncan: Thats for voting out Gwen

Noah: *hits duncan with baseball bat* thats for voting off courtney.

Owen*finally finishes*

Chef:*in a sarcastic tone*trent and justin get theier map to the stadium first, and in 5 minutes everyone else can go*gives them the map*

Trent: What's the really challenge.

Noah: Its been five minutes.

CHef:EVeryone else can go*hands out maps to the 1928 Olympic stadium*

Noah: *gets map* COME ON DJ! *rides to stadium*

DJ: *Gets on the bike and Follows Noah*

Trent: Lets go team!*Gets on bike and starts riding*

Duncan: *goes to staduim*

Justin: *gets on trents bike*

Trent: *Continues riding*Lets win this!

DJ: *Continues riding*

Noah: *pedalling faster*

Ezekiel: *takes off for stadium*

Duncan: *contiues peedling and slashes noahs tires*

Noah: Dnag it duncan! *jumps on dj;s bike*

Ezekiel: *pedals faster*

Noah: *fixes up dj's bike so its a tandem bike*

Duncan: *keeps peddpling and slashes noahs new bikk tires along with dj*

Chris:duncan cheated twice so just to add tension justins team loses

Noah: YAY!!!

Justins team vote 3

Justin: At least duncan particpted, I vote tyler

Duncan: Tyler cause he has connections to the other team which makes him a threat

Trent: Tyler did participate in the challenge.

Ezekiel: Tyler, eh.

Justin: Well then I still vote tyler becuase he never left ann franks house

Trent: What ever happened to Tyler anyway?I vote Tyler.

Chris :tylers out

Tyler: I guess I vote Duncan

Chris:sorry tyle duder*throws him out of the plane*

Alaskan sleigh ride of pain

Owens team:first class

Noah: Its good to be back here.

Owen:Sure is

DJ: You guys say it*Grabs cookies*TO TEAM OWEN!

Izzy: Hey look my cuts have healed!

Noah: great.

Justins team:losers class

duncan: Noah better be preparing for me cause 'i goin to give him the pounding off his life

Ezekiel: sucks to be him.

Trent: Sucks to be us right now I mean we are in here AGAIN!

Ezekiel: At least we got rid of the lazy ones.

Trent: Well maybe we can win again.

justin: We WILL win

Alaskan sleigh ride of death

Chris:good morning competitors, its time for the fifth challenge, we are in beutiful Juneau, Alaska.Teams must grab a sleigh and ride UP the 4000 foot mountains by pushing their sleigh upward, once atop the mountains you will be at the Juneau icefields, a compelation of 30 different glaciers, the most famous being the Mendenhall glacier, you must find the Mendenhall icefield out of all of the icefields.First one to the Mendenhall icefield wins, and remember you need to give me your sleigh to win..........GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alejandro:*starts pushing his sleigh upwards*

Harold:*pushes his sleigh past Alejandro*I will not lose!

Duncan: *pushes his sliegih past both of them* yes you will

Justin: *jumps on duncans sled* Still not pushing myself

Alejandro:*helps push the sleigh up with Duncan*

Harold:*passes Team Justin and hurries up the hill*

Duncan: *pushes past harold and runs up*

Alejandro:*sees Justin fall out of the sleigh*Crap!Justin fell out!Duncan, go pick him up!

Harold:*passes Alejandro and nears the top*

Duncan: *grabs justin and throughs him to the top and then pushes sled to the top of the hill*

Justin: watch the mercandise

Harold:*reaches the top, and pushes the sleigh onto what he believes is the Mendenhall Glacier*

Alejandro:Justin, which one is it?

Chris:hey guys guess what, oh and wrong glacier harold, sorry

  • song chime*

Duncan: lets go left cause that seams right

Alejandro:I agree, let us win this fight!

Harold:This glacier will do fine!*pushes his sleigh onto a different, bigger glacier*Wisdh I had help, I am a one man team!

Justin: I smell chris's colgne so we are going the right way

Chris:when i say this justin will make me pay, but harolds only 1 glacier away.................from the right glacier

Duncan: *runs past haroldwith the sleigh twords the right glacrier*

*song over*


Alejandro:Yes!*high fives his team*

Duncan: Hopefully they elimante that fat tub of lard owen or the book nerd Noah or no skills Harold

justin: Mt beautiful body led us to this win

Alejandro:Yes, it did Justin. And Duncan, before insulting others, tell us how you feel about beating the enemy team and screwing Gwen over? You always get your girlfriends/ex-girlfriends voted off. You are cursed, or something.

Duncan: they both lost......... so how does that make me cursed

Justin: Thanks for aknowledging wht we won

(In real TD)(In TDI, you enraged Harold until he cheated Courtney off. You voted Courtney off in TDA, and in TDWT, and when you hurt Cody, Gwen lost in the end!)

Alejandro:You booted Courtney and caused Gwen to lose.

Duncan: Courtney is crazy and Gwen didn't particpate causing her own downfall

Alejandro:Then pick a competent girlfriend, next time.

Owens team vote 2

Harold:Owen, I guess.

Noah: I also vote owen. loving all of this enthusiasm, owens out 1-0

Russian time

Justin's team:first class

Justin: took us a while but I finally won for our team

Duncan: whatever justin

(I say, Duncan could be the main antagonist this season, hmm?)

Alejandro:Whatever. Our team rocks.

Duncan: at least the the bottomless pit got sent home

Justin: yeah

Alejandro:Guess Harold is not totally worthless after all.

duncan; If he could elimante Noah next that would be perfect

Alejandro:I dunno.I will ask him. Harold, I mean.

Justin: KK

Alejandro:Duncan, why do you resent Noah?

Duncan: Cause he was going smootchy smoochy with courtney

Heather:..Why in the world will someone kiss Courtney?

Ezekiel: COurtney kissed him. once.

Duncan: well I hoped he has picked out a casket for him to sleep all of etenity in

Ezekiel: I thought you liked gwen though?

Duncan: Yeah I do but nobody dates my ex girlfriends without my consent and if they do they WILL be crushed

Ezekiel: Well i think he's over her now, seeing as she left without saying anything to him.

Duncan: Well it is too little to lat casue he and Cody are going downa and they are going down hard

Ezekiel: Why Cody?

Duncan: Cause he like Gwen but didn't help save her but istead did nothing while she got voted out so I WANT him gone

Ezekiel: Good point. By the way i think noah digs some of the chicks that are still here, eh.

Duncan: I going to loser clsoo to beat up noah for dispeapesting me *leaves to loser class*

Duncan; I*m back and lets just say that noah just olummited to his death so we don't have to worry about him anymore

Trent: But, I hear Noah's voice down there

Duncan: hes a hiding baby so don't worry about him

Harolds team:losers class

Harold:Chris, can this be the Harold's Team, now?


Harold:Yes!I finally have my own team...(CONF)That really sucked in the last challenge...We will do better next time!

Noah: Hey harold. sorry about the loss but i was in the infirmary due to being run over by duncan.

Izzy: Hhaahahahaahahahaahahaahah *accidently goes ROFL and lands on her dagger* OH cra.....

Noah: UGH. not again! MEDIC!!!!

Cody: Ok guys. I'm sorry for sucking at challenges lately. But, I'm ready to help us win! Now come on! We won't be beaten again by stupid Justin's team! It's time to rebel! But first, I'm hungry. *eats candy* (Sorry, I got confuzzled with this camp)

Noah: COdy that isnt candy.

DJ: That is...*Looks at it*Moldy Candy!?!

Noah: I sure hope it is, if it isnt then we have a problem.

Cody: Ewww. This is disgust-BLARGHH!! *throws up on Harold*

DJ: It was Moldy Candy.

Noah: Its time for us guys to make a pact and team up. SO WE CAN WIN THIS! WHO"S WITH ME?

DJ: Sure.


Duncan *arrives* Noah

Noah: *hides behind DJ*

Duncan:*throws DJ out off the way and starts beating Noah with his Dictionary*

Noah: OWW!!! *jumps into izzy's arms*

DJ: Hey Duncan.

Cody: (CONF) It sucks that there are no ladies here in the loser class. There's Izzy but, come on, everyone knows she's with Noah.

Noah: (CONF) just for the record i am not with izzy, i just jumped into her arms cause she was the only lady standing upright.

Duncan: You dirty little rat *picks up Noah and throws him out of the plane. You've just been elimated

Noah: *grabs on to tail of plane like ezekiel*

DJ: Wait*Head gets confused*Which is the hero and which is the villain?

Duncan: I'm the hero who just slayed the villian Noah and hes never coming back *goes abck to winner class*

Cody: Wait..What just happened? *helps Noah on plane*

DJ: I wouldn't do that around Duncan if I were you.

Cody: Good point...

Noah: *hides in cargo hold*

Duncan: *appears out of nowhere* goodbye Cody the traitor and Noah the snivilng rat. *throws them both out of the plane. Cody Gwen now hates you and Noah no one liked you to being with anyway but now you just eanred a death wish

Duncan : Noah if i ever see your face agian that dictionary will soon be in your ***

DJ: Okay only a few people here are left.

Duncan: *goes back to winners class*

Noah: (CONF) Duncan is even worse than justin. i dont even know how thats possible.

Moscow, Russia

Chris:Alright everyone, its time for the most important event in the game..................................the merge, you are now all fighting for yourselfs, challenge 1 of the merge is in Moscow, Russia.THe president of the Russian Governmennt lives in this city, residing in the Moscow Kremlin.Each of you will have to run to the Kremlin and get the president to sign your passports, first 3 back to the plane win individual imunity,GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Harold and Alejandro:*are making their way deep into the Kremlin*

NOah: *running to the kremlin*

Ezekiel: *running behind Noah*

Noah: *sneaks past harold and al*

Ezekiel: *sneaks past noah*

DJ: My friend Rudzim is stationed here*Starts running*

Trent: *Starts running*

Noah: *stops at hot dog stand*

DJ: *Also stops at the hot dog stand*Two Chilli Dogs for me and Noah please.*Pays the hot dog person and takes the chilli dogs*Here you go Noah.

Noah: THanks DJ. lets go.

DJ: *Starts running again*AHA GUY WITH A CHAINSAW!

Chainsaw Guy: BOO!

Trent: *Running*Since when was this Scooby-Doo*Unmasks the Chainsaw guy to be a talking taco and continues running*

Noah: *runs*

Ezekiel: *stops at taco stand* since we do they have these at russia?

Trent: *Stops at the taco stand*I'll take one taco for me and one for the homeschool.No lettuce.*Gives Ezekiel his taco and the taco guy his money*Okay to the race!*Starts running*

Ezekiel: *running*

Noah: i can see the building! off in the distance!

Trent: *Passes Noah*Wow that was quick and hey there it is!

DJ: *Is behind Noah*Let's go!

Noah: *takes shortcut*

Ezekiel: *follows trent*

Trent&DJ: *Take another shortcut*Come on Zeke and Noah!

Noah and Zeke: *follow them*

Trent and DJ: *Arrive first with Noah and Zeke*Kremlin sign our passports and we will give you a jelly donut.

Noah: and a chili dog!

Ezekiel: and taco!

Trent: *Watches Kremlin eat the chilli dog and jelly donut*We demand you to sign them now.

Noah: *gives him a pen*

Heather:*runs and gets to Kremlin(Sorry if I'm godplaying,I don't think I'll catch up if I just I run,if it's not okay even though of what I said,please tell me.)*

Noah: Back of the line.

Heather:What did you say!?*punches him*

Noah: Ow. *holds his eye*

Heather:Move or die.(CONF)And by die,I mean eliminate/throw out the plane.

Noah: (CONF) So fiesty. SHe's good

Trent: Please no fighting!*Kremlin signs his and DJ's passport*

Trent and DJ: *Start running back*

Heather:..Do you want me to start fighting..*glares at Noah*

Trent: Just stop fighting it could get you in a body cast and eliminate you.

Noah: *gives chili dog to kremlin* *kremlin signs his passport*

Heather:Kremlin,sign my passport,please?*hands her passport to Kremlin and he sings it**starts to run back to the plane*

Ezekiel: *kremlin signs his* *runs to plane*

Noah: *runs to plane*

Heather:*running and jumps and gets to the plane*I did it!

Trent: *Takes the short cut*Come on don't fail me now.

DJ: How did Heather get there so fast?

Noah: Hmmm good question.

Trent: *Passes a sewer*Wow this is long.

DJ: *Sees the plane*We are almost there.

(HR:Sorry,I'll change it.)Heather:Wait this isn't the plane..Ugh,it's a toy.*starts to run again*(HR:How did you guys get there so fast?)

(Oh I thought you weren't going to change xD)

Trent: Lets go!

Cody: *shows up at the same time as Noah, DJ and Ezekiel* I finally got out of the cargo. Heheh, so what's going on?

Heather:*starts to pant*Ugh,this is tiring me out..*slaps slef*Snap out of it.*runs again*

Trent: Cody, you need Kremlin to sign your passport and run back to the plane*Continues running*

DJ: *Follows Trent*

Noah: *runs past heather*

Ezekiel: *follows dj*

Heather:Oh no,you don't.*runs and gets past Noah*

Trent: *Runs past Heather*

DJ: *Runs past Noah*

Noah: *runs past heather again*

DJ: *Runs past Noah again*

Trent: *Is near the plane*We are almost there!

Noah: *runs as fast as he can*

Trent: *Is in front of Noah*We are going to make it!

Noah: *is within arm length of plane*

Ezekiel: *in front of heather*

Heather:*runs past Tyler and makes it to the plane*Yes I-*faints*

Noah: *makes it to plane*

Cody: Crap! *runs fast to Kremlin*

Heather:*gets up*That was tiring.

Trent: *Finishes 3rd*Yes!

DJ: *Finishes 4th*So close!

Ezekiel: *finishes 5th*

Cody: Could you sign this? *makes Kremlin sign* Thanks! *runs back*

Trent: That was exhausting.

Noah: We all know who we're voting out right?

Heather:For once I agree.And no.

DJ: Katie?

Noah: Duncan.

Cody: *arrives 6th* Duncan...for sure.. *wheezes out of breath*


Noah: *holds icepack on his eye*

DJ: What's wrong with your eye?

Noah: *looks at heather* I fell


Trent: I said don't fight!

DJ: Or was it from when Duncan pushed you and Cody from the plane?

Noah: *looks at heather* yes, that was precisely what caused my injury.

Heather:Now..what do we do?

Noah: we wait.

Heather:That's going to be boring.

Noah: Well what do you propose we do for fun?

Cody: At least we get to relax..*lays down on back and winks at Heather* (CONF) Even when I'm playing the game, I can still get chicks *puts on sunglasses

DJ: (CONF)I thought Cody liked Gwen.

Trent: You get used to waiting.

Heather:*chuckles and then gets serious.*I'm not intersted,but you can join my alliance.

Noah: Relly?

Ezekiel: *lays down*

Trent: I would play my guitar but, I am too tired.

Heather:*rolls eyes*You can join too,Noah.

Trent: Where are the others anyways?

Noah: I think they got lost.

Heather:Hopefully found by the Russian Mafia..

Noah: Duncan deserves to get found by the mafia

Ezekiel: Yeah he's a bully, eh.


Noah: *falls asleep*

Heather:..There goes one person.

Trent: I think Chris went to McDonald's to wait or something.

Ezekiel: *falls asleep*

Izzy: Woohoo *runs fast*

Duncan: Zeke, Trent, Justin Al and Heather. We need to vote out somebody from the other team and break up their tribal alliance

Trent: Katie?

duncan: Yeah whatever you want we just need to take control away from. Noah, DJ cody and Harol


Noah: *wakes up*

Ezekiel: *wakes up*


Ezekiel: Its 3pm

Noah: SHut up zeke.

Heather:I know and why did you tell him to shut up.

Noah: I just woke up, i thought he was someone else.

Heather:You said jis name..

Noah: Once again just woke up.

Justin: *runs away* He kisses men when he wakes up

Noah: No, i dont do that stuff.

Justin: TDI you creep me out man plus you lied and backstabbed me last season so I hope Duncan kills you

Noah: You burned our check.

Justin: Thats becuase courtney lied to my face and becuas eof that I burned the check and got her voted off first.

Izzy: *continues running*

Katie: *Runs Super Fast*

Noah: You two are a little late.

Harold:Noah, Ezekiel, are you going to try and Vote off Duncan?

Ezekiel: Yeah, eh.

Harold:Then I will help you!

Alejandro:Well, Zeke. To betray Justin and Duncan is a brave and foolish thing.

Ezekiel: I have to their bullies and need to be stopped.

Alejandro:You would have to knock Dunky off without a parachute, or he may return to get ya.

Noah: *brings heavy rock and rope* This should insure he doesnt return.

Harold:We should have thought of that last season.I wonder if Blaineley really is dead.

Noah: Nah she probably went back to celebrity manhunt.

Chris:ezzekiel, trent and noah win (sorry i was gone, should have said something in advance)\

Duncan: zeke if you vote me off I will Kill you along with eveybody who votes me off

Noah and Zeke: *hides*

Duncan: your actions suggested you two voted for me so did you vote for me Zeke

Zeke: *cowers in fear*

Noah: DJ!

DJ: Yeah?

Noah: I thought we had a deal.

DJ: But, I am too young to die...I will change my vote if you take the blame when Duncan comes and tries to kill me.

Noah: Fine ill take the blame, we cant let him stay.

  • afterwards*

Thank you.


VOte merge 1

Cody: Umm....I..I vote for Duncan... *cowers in fear of Duncan behind DJ*

Duncan: I really want to vote noah but Trent wants to vote Katie so I'll vote for Katie

Noah: I vote for DUncan, katie should stay

Ezekiel: DUncan,eh.

Katie: Duncan

Linsday: Duncan

Justin: i old team needs to stay strong so i vote Katie

Trent: Katie.

DJ: Duncan because, Noah told me too.


Alejandro:I hate you, Duncan.So goodbye.

Chris:7-3, duncan goes*pushes him out the window

Noah: *ties heavy rock to duncan and kicks him out window*

Duncan: I will be back to get you Noah and your bodyguard too and everbody is dead except Justin and Trent

Trent: Phew I get to live.Who is Noah's bodyguard anyways?

Justin: DJ and Cody and Zeke bvut anyone who voted against him would probally want to be in fear for their lives at the finale

Ethiopian Safari adventure week(for lack of a better title

First Class

Noah: YES!! DUNCAN IS GONE!!!!!!

Ezekiel: YEAH! *high fives noah*

Trent: Still too tired.

Noah: Cheers to duncan leaving. *clanks soda bottle*

Harold:So is Justin next?

Noah: Yes, definately.

Alejandro:I love you guys. So much nicer than that idiot Duncan or that loudmouth Justin.

Noah: And im loving first clas

Ezekiel: Me too, eh.

Trent: I figured out a pattern of Zeke's eliminations, he was 2nd in TDI,3rd in TDA,and most likely 4th in TDWT.

Ezekiel: I almost won tdi.

Trent: And TDA.

Noah: I was lucky courtney shared the title with me.

Trent: (CONF)I am luckily not going to die from Duncan at the Finale.

Ezekiel: *chugs soda* *burps*

  • flashback of Duncan posioning all the food/ drink in first class*

Trent: Uh Ezekiel...that's poisoned.

Ezekiel: *barfs* *starts choking*

Noah: MEDIC!

Trent: I think Zeke might die.

Justin: hopefully he will

Trent: Zeke will probably die in about a few minutes if a medic doesn't get here.

Medic: Whats the problem this time.

Justin: there is no problem here

Trent: There is a problem and it is that I don't have my waffle.

justin: Yeah thats the problem *throws zeke under the couch*

Izzy: *Jumps around*

Medic: *gives trent a waffle* why is that person under the couch vomiting and choking?

Justin: no reason at all so you can leave now

Trent: Did Duncan poison this waffle?

Medic: no i made it myself *tends to zeke* that should do it

Justin: *throws the medic out off the plane* You should do what i tell you to do

Trent: *Eats his waffle*

Ezekiel: *throws soda out of plane*

Trent: *Watches Zeke slowly die*Uh he is dying.

Izzy: anyone want an alliance!

Justin: K random oh well that means one less person in the competion *shoves posioned food down Zeke's throat*

Noah: izz you can join ours. if zeke dies we'll be down one.

Izzy: Alright but who is in your alliance again?????

Noah: Me, Cody, Haorld, AL, DJ and zeke if he survives.

Trent: I think Zeke died.

Other Medic: *Feels Zeke's heart rate*He appears deadish.

Justin: *throws the other medic out of the plane* Wnhat with you guys *kicks Zeke in the kiwis*

Justin: I'm pretty sure he's dead which tells me never to double cross Duncan. i think he needs to either be taken to an actual hosptial or a morgue

Ezekiel: *deathly* so this is the end of the road, the end for me, and i never got my first kiss.

Izzy: *pushes Katie's face into Ezekiel making them kiss*

Justin: Zeke can i through you otu pof the planbe to get my revenge

Ezekiel: No! *vomits*

Izzy: *triple kicks Ezekiel out of the plane* haha buh bye!

Noah: Izzy, we're only 2 fet form the ground.

Justin: If we are only 2 feet from the ground then why isn't duncan in here kicking your butt

Noah: that was 12 hours ago. he's 1000 miles away

Trent: Did Zeke die?

Justin: probally izzy and duncan killed him

Ezekiel: Im still alive.

Justin: *shoves more poison sown his throat*

Ezekiel: Your crazy!

Justin: and your a liar and if I'm going next I'm going to make you guys suffer sa much as possible

Trent: I think Zeke is dying slowly...again.

Justin: Zeke either option A you can die or option B is that I'm an guareteed a spot in the top 5 like in our last allaince in TDA

Izzy: *kicks Ezekiel out of the plane again*

Harold:*gets Zeke back on the plane*Justin. Shut up.You tried to betray me. You had a secret alliance with Eva.Die in a hole, you lying little scum. You keep saying that we betrayed you, when you are even worse. Pretty Boy, you realize everyone here hates you and want you dead?Same goes for the world.

Justin: your crazy man at you might be right about me not being the most liakale guy here but at least out of the game I'm a multi millionare with a ton of friends while your a nerd and a geek who everbody loves to hate. Plus I did have an allaince with Eva but so did you and Courtney or did you forget that one too

Izzy: Ooh a fight! Fight fight fight fight fight fight fight fight!

Katie: Zeke did you KISS me

Linsday: Whos zeke

Justin: that kis whos in a coma over their

Katie: Did he kiss me

Noah: In theory it was a forced kiss to an semi-unconcious person. so yes

Losers class

Justin: (CONF) See this is why I burned the check last season you guys tell me one thing and then another thing happens. Luckliy i'm not going to be killed by Duncan

Challenge time

Chris:todays challene is the least complicated so far, mostly because we did absolutely no research for this one.We are in beutiful Ethiopia.As a kind hearted show we are running a television advertisment for one of a kid programs, or whatever there called, you know what im talking about.You all have to make a public service anouncement telling people why they should donate money to this cause, best one wins.

Justin: You need to save the the childrens TV shows. Do you want your kids to end up like this whern they grow up. *shows pictures of Zeke, Duncan and Eva*. When they were kids their childrens programs were cancelled and now look how they turned out. Duncan almost killed Zeke. Zeke is a total relcuse and has no friends and Eva doesn't do anything but workout and hurt people. So if you do not donate now your kids or your neighbors kids will turn out like these three and you might be the next victum.

Noah: these kids are starving, have no bathroom, and cant watch tv. Worst of all they have to see justin and that is the worst thing they can see, please find it in your hearts to donate money so these kids can live normally, without justin here to ruin it.

Harold:Donate before your children end up like Justin Bieber!

Chris:Justin, Noah, and Harold are safe.And we are airing Noahs ad on tv,

Heather:You should donate because we want kids to be happy and live thier life make it as an adult,they only need your help to make their dreams come true,so please,please,donate to these kids,so they can have their dreams come true.(CONF)..Worse thing EVER

Noah: this is bad, i dont know who to vote for!

Justin: If you care about Zekes life you will vote for him

Ezekiel: *crawling to confessional*

Merge vote 2

Chris:Harold, Noah, and Justin are safe



Justin: Zeke is like dead he needs to go

DJ: Zeke, I don't want him to die like this.

Trent: Zeke, so he can get to the hospital.

Ezekiel: Cody, eh, unless i dont make it

Noah: Sorry Zeke but if you stay you wont make it much longer.

Heather:Zeke.(CONF)I did the dang challenge,and no immunity.

Chris:and...............zeke is out 5-3*throws zeke out of the plane*

Ezekiel: *lands in hospital bed*

Doctor feelgood: Nurse get me a scalpel we have to operate slowly and painfully on him now!

Nurse: Right away Doc!

Greek death trap

First Class

Justin: *stays away from the piosned food then bars all the windows and door so that Noah is stuck in loser class*

Noah: how cute. he's afraid of me.

Justin: No i just hate you and I'm happy that Duncan took out your number one ally

Noah: whatever, enjoy the poisoned food.

Justin: Harolds here with me even though i hate him too

Noah: I feel sorry for HArold.

  • ezekiel's ghost appears*

Ezekiel's Ghost: OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! Justin! JUSTIN! JUSITN!!!

justin: I ain't afraid of no ghosts

Ezekiel's Ghost: This isnt spongebob!

Justin: Its not spongebob thats is a quote from GHOSTBUSTERS

Ezekiel's Ghost: FEAR ME!!!!!

Harold:Justin.I am sorry about last season.I should not have betrayed you.

Justin: Good thanks for the aplogy now if you you help me get off noah we can get to the final 2 without much difficuly

Ezekiel's Ghost: this is boring eh i think ill go haunt the losers.

Harold:But don't kill anyone. I do not need another annoying ghost.

justin: If we can get rid of Noah there whole alliance will fall and crumble

Harold:Hi, Izzy!

Justin: Great little miss crazy is here

Noah: She's better than a homeschooled ghost.

Justin: you know if i win immunity one of you two are next

Justin: *runs into first class* She is gone NEXT

Losers class

Heather:Ugh,I would have been in first class.

Noah: Sucks for you.

Trent: Well Zeke "The Guy who always makes it far but, never wins it" is out.


Noah: I hope Dr. Feelgood can cure him.

Heather:Well I don;t.

Noah: DOnt be a justin.


Trent: Guys don't fight!


Noah: that you are.

Heather:And Justin is loser and I am nothing like him.

Izzy: fight fight fight fight fight!!!

Noah: whatver. *goes to first class*

Heather:Hey,why do you get to FIRST CLASS?

Noah: I got immuntiy last time, but justin blocked it so no one can get in.

Heather:Oh great.

Noah: Yeah now we're all stuck in loser class.

Heather:(CONF)If Justin doesn't get immunity next time,I'm voting him out,no matter what.

Ezekiel's Ghost: OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alejandro:Shut up, nerd!

Ezekiel's Ghost: No one ever cares about ezekiel *ghostly wail* whatevr im gonna go try out for survivor.

Izzy: *kicks the door down* Now everyone can go to first class!

Noah: Why didnt i think of that.

Izzy: I dunno *kisses Noah for no reason*

Trent: Do we run to first class?

Noah: *blushing* *nervously* Wow......

Izzy: Cmon Noah lets go get back massages!

Noah: No, i cant stand being near justin.

Izzy: No probs *hogties Justin and throws him in the cargo hold* What about now?

Noah: We have to make sure he doesnt get immunity.

Izzy: Ok... Well if he gets invincibility we will still stay because of the alliance!

Justin: Zeke and cody were both in your alliance and they both got votes

Izzy: Well nobody likes you so you are probably gone next!

Justin: well if I win invicablity you will be gone next

Izzy: *triple kicks Justin*

Justin: *takes it like it was nothing* See ya loser

Noah: If duncan hadnt poisoned the food, zeke would still be here.

Justin: But then you would have voted out one of your allies Cody instead of someone whose not in your alliance


Chris:This challenge is easy, Greeces economy has been failing for a while, and you must tell me your idea to fix it, ,most entertaining way wins

Noah: We build a wal mart, then have the redneck olympics televised here.

Justin we can have the government sue the olymics committe for stealing their idea of the olmpics and then make all compatoirs once again compete nude

Katie: Take Russia over and steal their money

Lindsay: Start a makeup store

DJ: Just start up some donations for people to help families and Greece.

Trent: Have a Charity in other places so the money can go to Greece.

CHris:entries are closed, and i have decided the winner, and its.......................................KATIE she wins invincibility

Noah: Just to let you know katie, justin tried to vote you off not too long ago.

Katie: WHAT

Justin: alsooah agreed to do it to before he betrayed everybody on his tribe. He is not trustworthy cause he has lied to every player in the game. He NEEDS to go

Noah: I havent lied to anyone, you are the liar, ive been truthfull to everyone, unlike you.

Justin: you told ojur whole team that you were voting for katie then you voted for Duncan, You told Zeke you would never vote him off and then you voted him off.

Noah: I never wanted to vote for katie, that was you and duncan. I only voted zeke off because he needed medical attention.

Justin: you also told Cody that you were in an allaince to the finals and then you would have voted him out if Zeke wasn't about to die

Noah: I would've thrown my vote away and voted for you rather than betray my friend.

Justin: Half of your alliance voted for cody so you would have voted with your allince if Zeke wasn't so sick so whos lying now

Merge vote 3

Chris:Cant vote for katie

Katie: Justin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lindsay: Justin

Noah: JUSTIN!!!! *stamps his passport incredibly hard multiple times*

justin: Noah cause he's increbly cocky and really needs to go. Plus he has an alliance with pretty much eberybody which makes him a huge threat

Trent: Justin has a point, so I vote Noah.

DJ: It only made sense if I voted for...JIGGLYPUFF!!!No seriously though I have no idea who to vote.

Justin: Vote Noah cause because of Him Duncan is going to try to kill you

Noah: Don't do it DJ. Justin is trying to deceive you, you're a nice guy, you cant listen to someone like him.

Justin: If i leave today then Duncan will even be more mad that you voted out one of his allies and he will want to kill you even more. didn't you see what he did to Zeke. Plus eveybody except duncan hates me and if they have a say down the road they will attack me. Noah is a liar and when i got courtney voted off he just broke up with her and got a new girl friend Izzy. So if he's willing to vote out his best friend and didn't care that his girlfriend got voted out then what are you to him.

Noah: Justin you liar, izzy isnt my girlfriend, when courtney was voted off BY YOU!! Ever since ive been upset about her leaving cause of you, i voted off my best friend so that he could have a chance to live, and if i crecall you were the one shoving poisoned ffod down his throat.

Justin: I said that I voted off courtney you idiot and you pretty much didn't care that she left becuase you ran to Izzy and you have betryed pretty much eveybody in the game so how am I a liar when I have betrayed nobody

Noah: As you recall ive been very upset ater courtney left, and izzy aint my girlfriend, i havent betrayed anyone your just trying to convince everyone that im the bad guy when in reality you are actually the main antagonist.

Justin: You said you would miss her once and then forgot all about her when izzy tried to take over the plane

Noah: Probably becuase i feared for my life!

Justin: no becuase you neede a way to dump courtney and izzy was your way of doing this

Noah: I wouldnt betray my girlfriend, whom is still courtney.

(Lance: Wow this is getting intense)

Justin: You can say what you wnat to say but I have proved my point

(Wes: But we are putting the Drama in total drama, too bad if one of our charecters leave then all the fighting will probally end)

Noah: You have only proved your even more of a liar than i thought

(Lance: Yeah that will suck that one of us will go, but it only adds to the drama)

Justin *sleeps*

(Wes: I only wish Duncan could come back and then their would be an all out war)

(Lance: Yeah did not think this one through)

Harold:I vote with Noah!So I vote Justin!

Alejandro:My new friend Noah hates Justin. Bye, Justin!

Justin: I lose again YEAH. also Duncan is going to kill you all

Izzy: Im popular! and I vote Justin!

Noah: YES!!! HE"S OUT!!! *dances with joy*

Chris:looks like justin is eliminated*pushes justin out of the plane and pulls him directly back in*..............................oh look, justin returned to the competition

Noah: *astonished* NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *echoes so far and so loudly ezekiel can hear it in hospital*

Ezekiel: *in hospital bed* Poor guy.

Lots of songs week

Chris:okay viewers let me clarify this, we are about 8 songs behind our quota, and the producers cut our funding if we dont make that soundtrack, so we are cramming all of those songs you love into one episode, and best singer wins the challenge, this challenge takes place solely in the plane

==First Class(Katie and Izzy)

Losers class

Chris:*walks in*SING ABOUT SOMETHING *song chime*

Lindsay: we hate chris

Justin: I love chris, he's the best especcially for letting me stay

Katie: why would you vote for meee

Noah: CUz he's CRA-AA-AA_ZY!!!!!

Chris:I HEARD THAT, oh wait there no talking about me

Katie: Justin you should be gone

Noah: No joke, he wont stay here long.

Justin: Cause I wanted to keep our tribe stong and i threw out a few names and eveybody who was their...... which INCLUDED noah agreed to vote you out

Katie: Is this true

Justin: so i personally didn't want you out but mt old team a s a whole

Noah: Justin your a big liar

Justin: I'm done arguing with you cause conflict got me elimanted *hugs noah*

Noah: that was unexpected.


Noah: Good to know.

Katie: Lets vote someone off

Justin: Chris give me immunity or you'll lose all the Drama in this show

Chris:*song ends*screw it, we can just repeat that 8 times and we would be fine, everyone who sung gets invincibility, so katie, noah, justin, and lindsay

Merge vote 4

Chris:noah, katie, lindsay, and justin have invincibility

Justin: to weaken Noah's allince I vote Izzy

Noah: Oh dear i dont know who to vote for.

Chris:izzys out, know lets GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*pushes izzy out of the plane

Noah: Gosh dang it, i knew i shouldve voted for someone

Izzy: *holdto the plane* I will nnever leave! *climbs into the cargo hold*

Chris:*in the passengers seat in the front of the plane watching a tv monitor*we should do something about that, anyway, Half down and half to go, whos gonna leave next on TOTAL.......DRAMA...................WORLD TOUR

It's Always Sunny in Clevland

First Class:Noah, Katie, Lindsay, Justin

Justin: Noah i just elimanted another one of your girlfriends

Noah: not my girlfriend, but im still mad non-the-less

Justin: your allince is falling apart one member at a time, First it was Courtney, then Zeke and now Izzy

Noah: you just wait, you can't get immunity forever, and when you dont thats when you will get booted. AGIAN! PERMANENTLY!

Justin: Can't you see when you try to elimante me your freinds get sent home instead

Noah: You wont last much longer.

Justin: Ether A I going to kn ock out all your friends one by one and then elimante you follwed by duncan killing you Or B You somehoe elimante me and then Duncan kills you so your future isn't looking to bright

Katie: Why are you here *gets phone call*

Losers Class

Heather:Ugh,loser class.(CONF)They aren't goin' to see me coming!

Trent: *Wakes up*What happen?

DJ: How come nobody ever warns us?

Alejandro:This place is really horrible!

Cody: *wakes up* Oh what? Sorry! I had too much candy...

The ever popular challenge..................

Chris:this weeks challenge has been a classic faliure in each season before this, i give you a tv show and your job is to act it out the best you possibly can, why do we have to be in clevland to do this you may ask, well i dont care, its my plane,i will split you into two teams, last weeks winners class and last weeks losers class, best acting wins, and winning team will get invincinility and a SPECIAL REWARD, first class team will be doing the daily show and if you dont know what that is than just improvise, and losers class gets Survivor

FIrst Class:Anything you want

Justin: Lets do the simpsons

Noah: No, family guy

Justin: I've never seen famly guy ( I've actually never seen family guy)

Noah: Fine then, King of the hill it is.

Justin: I've never seen that either

Homer: D'oh

Noah: AY carumba!

Homer: Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhh DONUTS

Katie: Wait i want to do Idol


Economy Class:Survivor

Cody: I'll be Jeff, but is this supposed to be Nicaragua?

DJ: I have never watched Survivor.

Chrsi:YOU GUYS SUCK AT THIS, once again Justin, Katie, Lindsay, and Noah win, AND IM NEVER DOING THIS CHALLENGE AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*starts crying*

Merge Vote 6

Chris:Justin, Katie, Lindsya, and Noah are ONCE AGAIN safe, so vote

justin: I vote Harold cause he is the biggest threat left on Noah's allince and he lied to me this season and the pervious one

Noah: i dont know who to vote for

Chris:*points to harold*because noah is apperently so indecisive, your out*throws harold out of the plane

Brazil Week

First Class:justin, noah, katie, lindsay

Justin: noah your alliance is dying on you

Katie: You had a alliance and didnt ask me *Gets call* Its sadie

Noah: Sorry, i never had enough time to ask you

Justin: I wouldn't be in his alliance beacus he just watched everybody in his allince get voted out

Econoy Class

Trent: I was too late to vote.

DJ: Harold was voted out.

Justin: K guys is it still us three too the final 3

Trent: Yeah, and I think we should get rid of the biggest threat of them all.

DJ: Do you mean...

Trent: Yes.

Justin: NOAH

Trent: Yes, but we must sabatoge his streak of winning to get him eliminated.

Justin: They still want me out but I have single handely elimanted his 4 closet friends

Trent: He only has 2 friends left, DJ and Alejandro but, DJ is in our alliance.

Justin: Their is also Katie and Lindsay

DJ: They barely talk to him.

Justin: but they vote with him and I'm trying to get rid of everybody who voted me off and Noah, Lindsey and Katie and Al remain

Noah: i cant believe you justin

Alejandro:Noah, you are an idiot. When Justin votes you off, I will help him!

Heather:How dare you help that freak!

NOah: (CONF) Oh my gosh how am i the bad guy in all this? I hate justin so much!

Heather:(CONF)If I'm goin' to stay far in this game.I'm going to have to team up with Justin.

Justin: al if you help me we can go to the final 4 since Noah is watching his friends get thrown out the plane

Heather:Hey Justin,can I join your alliance?

Noah: Justin you'll regret coming back to this game, (CONF) DARN YOU CHRIS!!!

Katie: *to noah* Justins next

Heather:(CONF)..I might vote Justin out..MIGHT!

DJ: Its the war of the alliances!The only people not in an alliance are Cody and Heather.

Noah: Cody is on my side

Katie and lindsay: We have candy if you vote Justin off

Heather:*rolls eyes*That won't do

justin Their both on our side

NOah: i will make sure justin doesnt kick off any of my friends, I WILL AVENGE MY ALLIANCE_MATES!!!

Trent: Heather, what about a pass to the final 5?

Justin: I can promise you that


Noah: he'll kick you off the instant he sees you as a threat.

Trent: So do you!

Izzy: *does an Ezekiel hiding cameo*

Heather:..Why don't I make my own alliance,whoever wants to join come toward me.

Justin: you voted off duncan and tried to vote off cody

Heather:*rolls eyes*

Justin: Heather you either join my alliance or get voted off


Justin: fine What

Heather:I'll join your alliance.

Noah: (CONF) DANG IT!! well if i win immuntiy i might be able to swing some votes.

Brazil's Challenge

Chris:today's challenge is simple, Brazil is the worlds 8th largest economy...........................i just felt like telling you that.Whoever tells me the most interesting thing about brazil wins invincibility, and its a TRIPLE ELIMINATION

Justin: Brazil has won the FIFA world cup more than any country. They have won it five times in the years 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994, and 2002

Noah: Brazil is the only country in the New World to have been the seat of government for a European country.

The Amazon River is the mightiest on Earth – 17,500 liters of water empty out of it every day. The Amazon is also the 2nd longest river in the world. Alberto Santos Dummont was the first person ever to fly a heavier-than-air aircraft. Brazil has the 2nd highest Christian population in the world. Brazil has the 2nd highest number of airports in the world. The 2nd, 4th, 5th, 9th, and 10th largest sports stadiums on Earth are located in Brazil. Ayrton Senna has the 2nd highest number of Grand Prix points and wins in history. Mr. Senna also has the 3rd highest number of world titles.

Trent&DJ: Brazil has the most pirahnas in the world and lost the FIFA World Cup!They are an almost all star soccer team and they're flag is the usual color of the Amazon.

Justin: (CONF) I NEED to win immunity to make sure that Noah and his last two cronies Lindsay and Katie get sent home

Chirs:Invincibility goes to .............................Noah, triple elimination

Noah: YESSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

Noah: DJ!!!!!!!!!

Triple elimination 1

Chris:This will possibly be the most important vote thus far

DJ: Lindsay,Cody,and Katie.

Trent: Lindsay,Katie,and Cody.

Justin: Lindsay and Katie for being in an allinace with Noah and Then Cody for not speaking in like forever

Noah: JUSTIN JUSTIN JUSTIN!!!!!!!!!!!!! *stamps justins passport angrily*

Katie: Cody,Justin and Trent

CHris:i forgot the special twist, your votes dont count, everyone who voted is automtically safe, and because heather wasnt voted for once, shes safe too.MEANING, al cody and lindsay are out *pushes them out of the plane*4 hereos and 2 villian left , dj, trent, noah, justin, katie and heather.What will happen next week on TOTAL DRAMA WORLD TOUR. DId I mention we are starting the next challenge right now

Final 6 challenge

Chris: You have to prove your worth to me as a contestant, tell me why you should be allowed into the final 5, and your opinion of all of the other castmembers left in the game.Whoever gives me the best reason and is the most honest about the others gets safety

Justin: i should stay in the game because all the odds were stacked against me after all my friends except Trent and DJ betrayed me. I worked hard to be in this spot by winning immunities and just getting plain lucky when you let me stay after I got voted out. So I should get also get into the final five because their was a whole alliance against me at the beginning that consited of Courtney, Zeke, Izzy, Harold, Lindsay, Al, Katie and Noah. By myself I got 2 of them emimanted and then with a bit of luck and some trust worthy people we got rid of all of those people except Noah and Katie. So the other people i think are First Noah. I do not like him at all as a person but i really do repesct the game he played minus him watching his friends get voted out because he was to afraid to vote. He tried his hardest to first elimante my leader Duncan which he did successfully and then tried to elimant me which he misrablly failed to do but i respect him for trying his best to get rid of his threats. Katie is a little brat who rode Noah's Coattail from day one and is only here because she voted at the last tribal council and won a few previous immiunities. She let Noah take all the blame while she took all the reward which is an awful way to play the game. DJ is a great friend but at times can be a little momma's boy when instead of eother voting me or Noah out he chose Jigglypuff which is really weird but besides be a little indesisive he is a great friend. Heather like katie kinda rode coatails to get here and only would flip flop allinces when she was about to get voted out by first being in my aalince which voted out courtney. Then swiching to Noah's when Duncan was vote out and then finallky swiching to mine when Noah's alliance kinda died. Heather really does not deserve to be in the final 5. Now my best buddy Trent has stuck with me since day one and even tried to vote off Noah when it was knida obvious that I was going so he is very loyal and deserves a spot in the final 5

Noah: I should be in the final five because ive been trustyworthy as a competitor, i never betrayed anyone in the game. justin doesnt deserve it becaise he was voted off fairly, but let back in unfairly. katie didnt do much to start but she's played hard since. Dj and trent are my friends, but trent turned on me and Dj doesnt know who to supprt. heather is a smart cmpetitor, doing little to be considered someone to vote, she knows good tactics, Overall i think that we all deserve to be here except justin, because he's a lying deceiving antagonist who shouldnt even be here anyway.

Trent: I should be in the final 5 because I have also worked hard to fight for this spot and I turned on Noah because I knew Justin better, Noah you have one already and betrayed your best friend who might have died but, you did the right thing.DJ has a problem with choosing and it could take him hours and then he will blame Jigglypuff.Heather got this far and joined our alliance so she could have a ticket to the Final 5 but, now the Alejandro is out she has a ticket to the final 4.Noah, you work really hard but, you have turned to an Antagoinst this season just like Justin and you both want each other out and your rivalry is getting out of control and next thing we know Duncan is killing all.Katie hasn't done much until the merge she is doing a good job but, she lost her pal Lindsay, and Justin well he can have good strategies but, tends to go angry when he sees Noah.

DJ: I should also be in the Final 5 because I did lots of challenges and managed to get this far, I want to see myself get far so I can help my Momma since she is in the hospital since she was too lonely and cried until she somehow fell off a cliff.Noah,Trent,and Justin are my friends here but, Noah has already won a season.Katie and Heather got this far and they know they will seek revenge if they are voted out, but, I just hope to win it and I thank all my friends for allowing me to get this far.

Chris:Everyone who submitted a reason is safe, for its between katie and heather

Noah: DJ!

Final 6 vote:katie or heather

Chris:so, who deserves to leave when there this close to the end

Noah: sorry Heather.

Justin: Katie for helping Noah

DJ: Katie.

Trent: Katie.

Chris:Logically, theres no way Katie can stay now *pushes her out of the plane*FINAL 5, this is where things get good.Tune in next week for the thrilling final 5 episode of TDWT

Noah: Crud.

Ireland week

First Class:all except heather

Justin: *throws noah into economy and locks the door*

Noah: I knew that would happen.

Justin: We three are so the final 3

Economy Class:Heather

Noah: *akwardly* Sooo....... Heather.

Ireland Challenge

Chris:Our final 5 Justin, Noah, Heather, DJ, and trent.Todays challenge will involve doing soething we havent in a long time *throws them all paintball guns*whoever is the least wet at the end wins the challenge and invincibility

DJ: *Grabs the paintball gun and hides*

Trent: *Grabs the paintball gun and also hides*

justin: *shoots Noah for an hour straight*

Noah: *jumps out from behind the standee justin was shooting at* *shoots justin*

Heather:*grabs the paintball gun and starts to shoot Justin*

Noah: *shoots justin some more*

DJ: *Jumps out of the bushes*How does this dang thing work*Accidently shoots Heather*Oops sorry.

Trent: *Facepalms*

Heather:UGH!*shoots DJ*

Noah: *continues shooting*

DJ: That's not nice*Shoots Heather again*

Trent: Uh DJ I don't think that's wise.

Heather:(CONF)He'll get it!And he won't know when it is coming.

Noah: (CONF) Oh she's good.

DJ: *To Noah*Help me vote off Heather and I'll keep you in again.*Shoots Heather*

Noah: *shoots trent repeatedly*

DJ: *Shoots Heather*

Trent: *Shoots Noah and goes back to hiding*

Heather:*shoots DJ*

Noah: *shoots Trent and justin*

Trent: *Shoots Noah and hides*

DJ: *To Noah*Is it a deal because if you say not you are most likely out.

Heather:I'm right here!And By the way,I'm the only girl here!

Noah: We have to vote off justin, hes the bad guy!

DJ: *Whispering*But, I made a deal with him so I will let you into the Final 4 if you vote off Heather.

Noah: *whispers back* If you vote off justin, then you can vote off anyone, even if its me.

Heather:(CONF)If they want to get me out,I just need to win..

DJ: *Whispers back*How about after Heather she is the Queen of Mean after all.

Noah: *shoots justin and trent* No, i must make sure justin is gone before anything else.

DJ: *Whispers back*We need one more person to vote off Justin then and I know Heather might vote out me and Trent is friends with Justin.

Noah: *whispers* I'll try adn swing heather's vote, if not then so be it we'll vote for her.

Trent: *Shoots Noah*

Heather:*shoots Justin*

Chris:*comes out of the plane*and only being shoot twice, dj wins invincibility

Vote final 5

Chris:Vote for anyone except dj

Heather:*votes Justin*

DJ: I don't know

Trent: *To Justin*Who do we vote?

Noah: *holds up justin and heather's passports* * cant decide*

DJ: Noah who do we vote?

Noah: Depends who justin and trent vote for.

Heather:..(CONF)If they vote me,then their won't be a girl in the final two,never heard of a season with 2 boys in the final two..

(First123: There was a final 2 in TDI where there were boys in the final 2...but, it was this camp.)

(HR:Well,it won't be fair to me.. :( )

DJ: I vote...GAH*Trips and it lands on Justin*

Trent: Um I vote...

Noah: *after 30 dramatic seconds* Justin *stamps his passport*

DJ: Wait doesn't that mean?

CHRIS:JUSTIN................IS......................OUT*pushes him out of the plane


FInal 4 chat

DJ: I can't believe Justin was 5th again.

Noah: YES!!! JUSTIN IS GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DJ: So who's next?

Voice: Or am I

Chris:*over intercom*yes, yes you are justin

Voice: Well Noah better watch himself or he might die

Chef:*grabs justin out from the cargo hold*YOUR OUT *throws him out of the window

Trent: *Grabs his phone from his backpack*I didn't remember bringing this...

Phone: *rings*

Trent: *Picks up phone*

Noah: *dancing happily* justins gone justins gone.

Duncan: *Jumps out of the phone and starts straggling Noah*

Noah: How the heck is that even possible?

Duncan: It is because I say it is *rips off Noahs arms and jump out of the plane with them*

Noah: *has both his arms* And creepy.....

Katie: Stop (I tried)

Noah: Now we wait.

Katie: *Does The Zeke*

Noah: *confused*

Katie: *Comes out* THe Zeke is hiding but im not a monster

Noah: How did you avoid Chef?

Chef:*throws her out*she didnt

Final 4 challenge

Chef:For good work chris has let me host todays challenge, ANYONE GOT A PROBLEM WITH THAT, so i have decided to do something incredibly easy, i want you to tell me the people who placed 6th, 9th, and 12th in each season thus far, once you have done that, rush into the plane, and bring me your passports

Trent and DJ: For 6th Justin/Heather, Eva, Katie, for 9th, Gwen, Owen/Bridgette, Lindsay/Cody/Alejandro, for 12th Duncan, Trent, and Zeke.

Noah: 6th place: Heather/justin, eva, katie 9th: Gwen, Owen/bridgette, Lindsay/cody/al. 12th: dunca, trent and ezekiel. *runs into plane*

DJ: *Runs behind Noah*Heather next?

Trent: *Runs to the plane*

Noah: *gives passport to chef*

DJ: Good job Noah.

Noah: THanks DJ.

Heather:6th place:Justin/and me,Eva,Katie for 9th:Gwen,Owen/Bridge,Lindsay/Cody/Alejandro.And 12th Duncan,Trent,and Ezekiel.(runs into the plane(HR:That wasn't fair.. I didn't get a chance) (Lance: i dont think the challenge is over)

Trent: I guess Noah won.

Noah: I hope so.

Heather:*gives her passport to Chef*

Trent and DJ: *Grab their passports*

Noah: *waiting* sooo. heather..

CHef:*is asleep with a magazine on his chest, and then wakes up*YOU GUYS AE BORING, APPERQANTLY HEATHER AND NOAH WIN, VOTE MAGGOTS

Final 4 vote

Chef:since its obvious dj and trent vote for each other, noah and heathers votes are the only ones that count

Noah: Dj is my friend so i vote trent for teaming up with justin.

Chef:*shrugs*fine*throws trent out of the window*

Final 3 chat

Noah: WHOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! FINAL THREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DJ: *Angrily runs to the Confessional*(CONF)Why couldn't Noah vote me, Trent was my friend.

Noah: (CONF) i wonder if dj is mad, i mean trent was his friend but he was also justin's friend so naturally he was a threat he had to go.

cHawaiian Punch

Chris:everyone todays challenge is*plane randomly combust*HOLY **** *facepalms* although i dont care because i have billions of dollars, this might make your challenge alot harder, you will now have to use one of our three vehicles and a GPS to get to hawaii, our three vehicles are................................a small plane, a box of Mcdonalds giftcards, and a train, first come first serve.First one to hawaii is in the top two

Heather:..*grabs the GPS and gets on the plane*

DJ: *Grabs the GPS and gets on the train*

Heather:*in the air*Ugh,how do you steer this thing?!

DJ: *On the Train*Hey its starting*The train starts*

Heather:Oh,that's how you do it.*starts to steer the plane toward Hawaii*

DJ: *The train goes a little faster*I hope I make it

Noah: *grabs box of Mcdonalds gift cards* Ha i can so win with these! *gives them to a sailor and gets in a boat* HERE WE GO!

Heather:*ahead of the train*This is goin' to be a close tie.

Noah: *gets boat as fast as it can go* mcdonalds gift cards dont fail me now!

Heather:*still steering the plane toward Hawaii*

Noah: *looks up and sees heathers plane in front of him* Oh no you wont! *goes somewhat faster*

Heather:Ugh!*starts to go faster*

Noah: *shoots flares at heathers plane* TAKE THIS!

DJ: *The train starts to catch up*Come on!

Noah: *all three almost neck and neck* Wow this is intense!

DJ: *The trains goes a little faster*Please make it!

Heather:*planes goes faster*

DJ: *Train goes faster*I hope I make it!

Noah: *tries to ram DJs train* oops sorry.

DJ: *Train still goes faster*Woohoo!

Heather:8planes runs out of gas and crashes on Hawaii*Ow,I-I-I WIN!

DJ: *Makes it to Hawaii*So close!

Chris:and heather wins a spot in the top 2DJ

DJ: Whatever happened to Noah?

Heather:I don't know..

DJ: I hope he didn't die.

Duncan: *is shown with blowing up Noah and his boat*

DJ: Does that make me and Heather the Final 2?

Heather:I guess.

Duncan: DJ your next

DJ: Why me?Noah told me to vote for you so I'll give you a knife instead.*Hands Duncan a knife*Even?

Noah: *sees hawaii* Ha *sees an iceberg* *steers past it* why the heck are there icebergs near hawaii anyway?

Heather:DJ,that's a bad idea.

DJ: Giving a criminal a knife how is that a bad idea...wait it is...*Takes back the knife and gives Duncan some gum*

Noah: *steer past an iceberg only to crash into another one* UGH LIFE WHY DO YOU HAT ME SO!!!??? *ship starts sinking*

Duncan: *takes back the knife and stabs Chris in the head*

Trent: *Arrives and waits for the supporter benches to be built*

Heather:...What did he just do..?

Noah: *ship sinks and is nowhere to be seen*

Trent: I always thought Justin would kill Chris...well since he is dead let's party!

Chris:I AM NOT DEAD*throws duncan in jail*

DJ: Noah sinked.

Heather:Is he dead?

Ezekiel: Tragic, eh.

DJ: Zeke is Noah dead?

Ezekiel: I dont know I cant see him anywhere in the wreckage, eh. those icebergs are a cruel mistress.

Trent: Doesn't that mean Heather and DJ are the final 2?


Noah: *surfaces from under wreckage* *paddles to shore* *exhausted* Finally!

CHris:DJ and Noah will now battle out in a tiebreaker to see who is in the top 2

Noah: *exhausted* Bring it on! *falls* does anyone know cpr?


CHris:you know what, no tiebreaker, Heather will decide who is in the top 2 with her

Noah: Oh crud.

DJ: Please pick me Noah already won a season!

Noah: I agree, ive already won and ive been a bad person, DJ deserves it more than me.

CHris:Alright, if noah is willing to let DJ go forward then okay, the top 2 is DJ and Heather

Noah: Seriously does anyone know CPR I can barely breath* Falls*

Duncan and Justin: *beat up noah and stab him with shanks*

Noah: *Hits them in head with shovel and throws them in ocean*

Duncan: *watches noah die*

DJ: I can't believe I'm in the Final 2.

Chris:we are having a call in phone vote for the winner,whoever can get more of the public to vote for them will win the game, so who should it be, Heather or DJ

who should win

The poll was created at 13:28 on August 3, 2015, and so far 1 people voted.

CHris:in the mean time , try to convince the voters why you should win(i know this isnt as involved as it probably should be, but my computer is messing up so im not sure how much i will be able to be on)

DJ: I should win because I played the game good so did Heather but, everyone played great.Noah,Trent,and Justin were great friends.Everyone else were awesome too!I really never thought I would get this far since I thought Noah would win again.Now that I'm in the Final 2 I will do my best and will accept defeat.I did a lot of challenges and watched many friends get eliminated.I hope I can win for my friends,Momma and myself!

Katie: How did you help me

DJ: Even though in the beginning you were inactive I didn't vote you.I even got you into the Final 6.

Katie: ill vote for you

Noah: Man this is a hard vote, i wish i could vote for both of you.

Ezekiel: I vote for DJ.

Heather:I should win because I played this game well and this is my first season actually competing in,but I think I derserve it because I made it this far.Everyone here was mean to me and I was mean back,but that isn't why you shouldn't vote for me.To be honest I actually wanted to make friends here,but guess what I didn't!*starts to sob*I know DJ derserves it more,but....But..I tried hard.

Noah: Dj your my bro, your mother raised a good son. but... * puts hand on heather's shoulder tenderly* I vote for heather.

Heather:*surprised*Really!?Thanks!*hugs Noah*

Noah: Any time *hugs back*

Heather:*stops hugging*

Noah: (CONF) It was nice while it lasted.

DJ: *Nervously*Who won?

Chris:*a confetti cannon goes of*congratulations to dj, the winner of total drama world tour, he gets $1,000,000*throws him the case*

DJ: I...won?*Cries with tears of joy*

Trent: Good job man.

DJ: *Grabs suitcase*

CHris:*looks left and right* i guess justin isnt gonna steal it this time*

Ezekiel: *turns feral due to be poisoned by duncan* *fights DJ for the case*

DJ: *Gets help from Trent and throws Zeke into the volcano*O_O RUN!*Starts running down the volcano*

Trent: *Follows DJ*

Noah: Whatever poison that was it was powerful.

DJ: *Still has the million dollar suitcase*

  • a pinapple falls into the volocano*

DJ: *Gets into the boat*

Trent: *Gets into the boat*


Noah: *gets in*

Ezekiel: *flies out of volcano and into boat and is normal again*

  • Boat is magically still okay
  • volocano explodes*

DJ: GUYS GET ON THE OTHER BOATS EVERYONE ELSE*Drives the boat away from Hawaii*

Noah: watch out for icebergs!

DJ: Hey, I think we forgot Justin.*Continues steering*

justin: *get shot out of a cannon and steals the money and throws to duncan whose in a helicopter*

Duncan *catches the case and flies to LA* Se ya later suckers

Noah: *smiles evil* *laughs* those suckers

DJ: They took my case of Spaghetti!

Noah: And explosives, set to go off in 3... 2...1 *helicopter explodes*

Duncan: *falls and sinks the ship and case sinks to the bottom of the ocean*

DJ: *Grabs the real case before it sinks*

Trent: Hey a Airplane!HELP OVER HERE

  • Plane rescues everybody

Justin: *opens the case* Uh DJ this is the spagetti case. You grabbed the wrong one

Trent: I don't have it...*Shifty eyes*

DJ: ...

  • everyone glares at trent*

Noah: Well that wasnt much of an ending at all.

Chris:We were going for that whole cliffhanger ending thing, but it wasnt in the budget, but lets just do another season then igiuess to rap this up*shrugs*

Courtney's Voice:But the new season never came, but the drama had not ended.In a court case 3 months later, the money was found in Alejandro and Trents possesion, they were planning on escaping to India and starting an alpaca farm.They were both given the maximum sentence of 90 years.DJ spent his money to send momma to Jamaica, where they spent the rest of thier lives.Justin got a job shovelling dog crap, and is now paralyzed from the neck down due to being a horrible person.The cops shot Duncan 4 months after the show was over for public indecency.And what became of the others, well that would take to long to explain, lets do it.Heather became a model, Noah won the lottery, Trent started a tv show called Everybody Loves Trent currently in its 5th season, Katie married Stephen Colbert,Cody tried to get ladies and failed, Lindsay got a new shade of lipstick, Owen won The Apprentice, Harold went to Magic Steves magical construction camp, Izzy got caught by the RCMP, and everyone else is to inadequete to mention.But this was all long ago, in the mist of some distant spring............

(Fade to black)