The tension between the twelve districts and the all-knowing Capitol is nearing yet another breaking point. It hadn't helped that the President's very own son snuck off to District One and volunteered himself in the last Hunger Games. Needless to say, the lad of seventeen didn't survive the first day, and the President stepped down because of his great loss. The Chancellor, the President's right-hand man, stepped forward as the acting ruler of the Capitol, and was sworn in immediately.

The Chancellor proved himself to be more cruel than his predecessor, and the 12 Districts suffered as a result.

A new Hunger Games is approaching: the first one of the Chancellor's reign. To commemorate this special time, the Capitol's ruler has instituted a new rule; a rule that will be unveiled to all after the 24 tributes have been chosen.

Who will be chosen? What has the Chancellor and the Gamemakers devised for those chosen? Let's find out.


When you sign up, you are giving me your word that you will not...

1. God-play. (Examples of this are: instant teleports from place to place, instant kills, and so on and so forth. Seeing as this has the potential to ruin camps like this, I will not be lenient on this article of your word to me.)

2. Never play your character if you sign-up.

3. Not be active for the entirety of this camp. (This one is a continuation of the previous rule.)

4. Argue if your character is killed. I (and only I) will be the judge of whether or not your character is dead, and my word is final. Once the cannon sounds, your character will have shed his or her mortal coil. They will have ceased to be.

5. Not have fun! This is probably the most important, so follow it to the letter.

To sign up, please post the following information in one of the open "auditions" below: Name, Age, Any one noteworthy talent (please keep these realistic), and your username.

You can sign up as two people, should you wish to do so.

District One: Luxury Items for the Capitol (Career District)

Male - Hayden-17-Dodging-Snow

Female - Suzy-17- Food making-Natedog14

District Two: Manufacturing (Career District)

Male -Eric-SS

Female -Dia-SS

District Three: Electronics

Male-Jacob-13-Finding Food-Snow

Female - Voltia - 18 - Rewiring, inventing - Reddude

District Four: Fishing (Career District)

Male - Logan - 16 - Dodging - First123

Female - Calpurnia- 17- Physical Combat- Zoomer72

District Five: Hunting and Muttations

Male -Finn-16-Spears-Kate

Female-Kristy-16-Brutality- Alfie

District Six: Scientific and Medical Research

Male - Sam - 15 - Running - MrD

Female - Alysha- 16- Strategic- LF

District Seven: Lumber

Male - Nate- 15- Good with cutting and breaking things-Natedog14

Female – Arianna -14 – skilled with knives - Reddy

District Eight: Textiles

Male - Tommy - 17 - Fighting/Building/Hunting - Tcf09

Female - Seirra - 17 - Fighting/Cooking/Weapon making- Tcf09

District Nine: Weapons

Male- Rafael - 16 - Cunning - Alfie -

Female - Kookie - 15 - Distracting - First123

District Ten: Livestock

Male - Selleck, 18, Clever, Ult

Female - Rochelle, 18, Smart,Nduke

District Eleven: Agriculture

Male - Quincy - 16 - Swordsmanship - Mr. E

Female - Jannah - 13 - Martial Arts - Mr. E

District Twelve: Coal Mining

Male - Michael - 15 - Everything (according to himself) - MrD

Female - Jaina, 14, Sneaky, Kate


Name District Team Ultimate Fate Placing
Hayden Green Killed by the Chancellor's neurotoxin as it filled the room he was trapped in before the Hunger Games began. 24th
Kookie Green Killed by the Chancellor's neurotoxin as it filled the room she was trapped in before the Hunger Games began. 23rd
Eric Gray Froze to death in the Frozen Wasteland when he never woke up. 22nd
Tommy Blue Killed by an underwater beast after the Blue Team's raft was hit. 21st
Quincy Orange Perished on the Lava Mountain Summit when lava spewed out of the fissure beneath his feet. 20th
Dia Purple Killed when Arianna's thrown knife pierced her throat. 19th
Suzy Blue Drowned when she no longer had the energy to stay afloat. 18th
Nate Purple Drowned after his teammate Finn threw him into the Sea. 17th
Finn Purple Tortured and killed by the Chancellor for breaking the one rule of the Hunger Games. 16th
Jacob Red Killed when Rafael pushed him into the lava. 15th
Sam Blue Eaten by the underwater beast when he couldn't get to shore. 14th
Sierra Black Killed in the Squirrel Army's assault on the Cornucopia. 13th
Kristy Red Died in the Forest hours after Arianna stabbed her in the back and kicked her from the Cornucopia. 12th
Logan Green Killed when he was attacked by Jannah and Rochelle. 11th
Alysha Black Killed on the Beach after Jannah attacked her without warning. 10th
Calpurnia Yellow Killed when Arianna threw a knife into her throat. 9th
Jaina Yellow Arianna betrayed her in the Forest, leading to her demise. 8th
Rochelle Orange Killed by the Forest Fire. 7th
Arianna Black Finally brought down when the Hayden muttation knocked her into the acidic Sea. 6th
Jannah Red Killed by the Alysha muttation's venomous bite in The Deadlands. 5th
Michael Yellow Killed on the Beach when Voltia stabbed him in the neck. 4th
Rafael Orange Killed when he dueled Voltia at the Cornucopia. 3rd
Selleck Gray Voltia was forced to kill her wounded teammate to win the Hunger Games. 2nd
Voltia Gray Survived the trials of the Games. 1st

Day Zero: Veiled Threats

Those already chosen to represent their district in this year's Games have been taken to the lobby of an expansive Capitol Building built for this exact purpose: to house the Tributes before they are sent to almost certain death. The lobby is a place of comfort (but armed Guards block all possible exits) and, as a result, holds comfortable chairs and couches to relax on. Use this time to get to know your competition; you'll never know which people are threats until you meet them face-to-face. The Chancellor will arrive when the 24th tribute is brought in, so use this time wisely!

Nate: AGHH *Lays down on a couch*

Selleck: "Well, my life's over." *Bitterly takes a seat*

Suzy: *makes burgers on a portable grill* anyone want burgers?

Selleck: *Shakes his head* "I lost my appetite when all of my dreams dissolved in front of my very eyes."

Armed Guard: *Runs over to Suzy and topples the grill* "Fool girl! The Chancellor is coming!" *Butts Suzy in the stomach with his gun, sending the girl to the floor, and then strides back to his original position*

Suzy; *takes out another grill and burns the Guard*

Armed Guard: *Draws his gun and levels it at Suzy* "I won't hesitate to use this. You have been warned."

Suzy: ok

Rochelle: This place smells like Goat feet. *sits next to Selleck* Hey.

Logan: *Sits down*

Michael: -looks at his opponents- You all are my opponents?! I was hoping for some challenge...

Calpurnia: *walks proudly into the room* Attention, fellow tributes of Districts 1, 2, and 4. If you would be willing, please meet with me right now so as to determine our allianceship. Thank you.

Suzy: SHUT THE F*CK UP AND SIT DOWN *Throws her grill at him/Her*

Jiana: Micheal, shush. I can't have you killed to soon. *smirks*

Finn: *walks to Calpurnia* I might not be in Districts 1,2, or 4, but I am of help. Maybe you could concider me as a part of your worthly alliance. *smiles*

Michael: Ha! I'd like to try and see someone kill me, Jenny. >->

Logan: *Walks to Calpurnia*I'm in District Four.

Jaina: It's JAINA. Like Jane...with an 'a' at the end, but spell J-A-I-N-A.

Suzy: *takes her other grill out and burns Michael*

Michael: That's what I said. Jaina. Pay more attention next time. >-> *is burned* Ow! *throws all her grills out the window* (Seriously, stop, you're godmodding. -.-)

Jaina: *sighs* You obviously said Jenny. Maybe we should team'd obviously need the help.

Michael: What did you say?! Why I aughta... *starts wlaking over to her, but trips on a rock* ... Alright, fine. >->

Selleck: *Nods to Rochelle, but looks disinterested* "Hello, fellow dead person."

Jaina: *helps Michael up, then glances at Selleck* Wow, you're a real optimist, aren'tcha?

Michael: -glares- I could have gotten up by myself, thank you very much. >->

Selleck: *Arches an eyebrow at Jaina* "And I suppose you're very observant?"

Jaina: *folds arms and narrows eyes at Selleck* How long do you think we'll last? A day or so before the careers take us out? District 1 or 4 winners?

Selleck: *Chuckles mirthlessly* "It wouldn't surprise me in the slightest."

Michael: If you ask me, there's totally gonna be a District 12 winner. In particular, this guy! *points to self with thumbs*

Jaina: But you see Michael. no one asked you. *smiles at Selleck* I'm Jaina, District 12.

Michael: -rolls eyes, and leans against the wall with his arms crossed, muttering- Stupid girl... Doubting I can win... I'll show her... >->

Selleck: *Smirks slightly* "Selleck, District 10."

Armed Guard: *After a delayed response, due to the fact of him loading a tranquilizer dart into the chamber of his gun, he shoots Suzy in the chest, causing the District One female to fall to the floor, asleep* "No more flying grills. She'll wake again when the Chancellor comes, I can assure you of that." *Grins evilly*

Suzy: *Asleep* ah cho! *sneezes*

Alysha: *Shakes head* Crazy girl.

Rochelle: Your telling me? I'm Rochelle, nice to meet ya.

Alysha: *Glances at Rochelle* Alysha. Nice to meet you, Rochelle.

Michael: -narrows eyes- Can this start already? I wan-- *is about to make a comment about how he'll win, but pauses, suspecting Jaina will snap at him if he does* ... Nevermind.

Armed Guard: *Holds us his gun* "Not everyone has arrived yet. If you want, I could make the time go faster..." *Smirks, and levels his gun at Michael*

Michael: ... -takes a look at Suzy- ... I'm good.

Jaina: *looks at the gaurds, then at Michael, then back at the guards* Um...could you please not kill my district partner? I kinda want him alive...

Michael: Well, of course you want me alive. It's cause I'm so epic, right? 8)

Jaina: Nope. It's because then I'll have someone to feed to the animals.

Michael: Oh... -expression falls for a second, then brightens up again with his smirk- No reason to be in denial now.

Jaina: If you're trying to make me fall in love with you, then ally myself with you, then you kill me in my sleep, then you win against all odds, then you fall into a depression, and your last words are, "Oh why did I kill my lovely Jenny!"'s not working.

Michael: ... Where'd you get that from seven words?

Armed Guard: *Smirks and looks at Michael* "I might just have to bet on you. It'll probably be money wasted, but I'll get a good laugh out of it, I'm sure."

Arianna: *silently sits down, taking special note to make no eye contact with the guards*

Voltia: *raises a brow at the armed guard* Doubting a bet seems contradictary, don't you think?

Armed Guard: *Glares at Voltia* "Did I ask for your opinion, meat?"

Jaina: *rolls eyes at Michael* You are so going to die.

Finn: *smiles at Arianna* Hi. I'm Finn.

Voltia: Quite. You asked fdor my opinion when I was reaped into the acursed games.

Michael: ... *looks at the floor and leans against the wall* You're wrong... I-I know you are... I have to survive...

Selleck: *Looks at Michael* "Did reality finally sink in?"

Arianna: *looks up at Finn* ...H-hi... I'm... Ari-Arianna....

Jannah: *is getting dragged in, while crying* Let me go! Please! I don't want to die!!!! Please!!!

Jaina: *laughs at Selleck's comment*

Finn: Nice to meet you Ari-Arianna. *sits next to her* Normally I would ask, 'are you okay?' But it would be foolish to be asking that today, correct?

Armed Guard: *Stares blankly at Voltia for a few seconds, and then chuckles darkly* "I'm going to have fun watching you die..."

Alysha: *Mumbles* Who knew someone could be happy when watching someone die.

Michael: -doesn't look up- You're all wrong... I am going to survive... I can't die here, of all places...

Voltia: *rolls eyes at the armed guard* So childish. So shallow. So scared of what might happen if you let even one ofd us go. You sicken me. *walks off*

Arianna: *nods slowly at Finn*

Selleck: *Smirks at Michael* "You're preaching to the choir."

Jess: *Takes Selleck* wanna join forces?

Finn: Arianna..maybe we should become allies.

Jaina: Michael...we are going to die here. District 4 or 2 or 1 will win, not us. They will get sponcers, they know what they are doing. And us? We are District 12! We are nothing! How could we win?

Selleck: *Walks away from Jess* "No, thanks. I'll die just as utterly on my own."

Arianna: *smiles slightly* alright... *pulls Finn close to her and whispers in his ear* But don't expect being ally to be easy.

Michael: ... I'll tell you how. We can beat them by not being a pretty boy and thinking we can get by on all looks, or some strong guy who thinks he can get by by swinging some weapon around. We can live by not thinking that this is going to be some walk in the park. We can live by finding breaches in the big alliances, and destroying them. We can live by actually thinking about what we do in this accursed game, made by the sadists who still think we deserve punishment for what happened decades ago., there's actually a brain in that big head of yours.

Finn: *smirks* Of course not. Tommy: *Whispers something to Seirra*

Seirra: *Nods*

*Grand trumpets sound, ceasing all conversation.*

Armed Guard: *Shouts* "The Chancellor is here! Show some respect for your ruler, maggots!"

Jess: *bows*

Voltia: *gives the chancellor the finger*

Alysha: *Rolls eyes and does a half bow*

Michael: -mumbles to Jaina- Yes, let's respect the guy who wants to kill most of us...

Jaina: *claps softly and whispers to Michael* He wants our blood, so why should we respect him?

Finn: *bows and rolls eyes*

Quincy: I have no need to show respect for the person that is gonna practically kill me.

Jannah: *bows reluctantly*

Nate and Suzy: *Suzy gets up and they both bow down*

Hayden: My king *Bows*

Michael: -does a quick bow so the chancellor doesn't attack him, then mumbles back- Because guys like him always think they're so great, and everyone has to do everything they say, untill something arrives that scares him. That's when guys like him reveal their true nature: A coward that would put their own life in front of thousands of others.

Jaina: *bows then mumbles back* You think you're so great, so why are you any different?

Michael: -mumbles- Because I'd rather die than become a vermin like him, surviving off of the pain and misery of hundreds to thousands of others.

Tommy: *Stares* ...

Selleck: *Nods lazily*

Chancellor: Hello, tributes! So glad you could join us for this very special occasion: the celebration of the first Hunger Games under my rule! *Waits pointedly for applause, and the tributes, under threat of being tranquilized, give in* "Very good. Now, I believe I mentioned to everyone everywhere that there would be a surprise for this Hunger Games. *Grins evilly, showing every one of his teeth* "For the first time in living memory, the tributes will be split up into teams of three, decided by yours truly, of course. *Lets the news sink in* "This is, of course, to show how merciful and just I am; just think of it, three potential survivors this year! That hasn't been done in, well, ever! *Lets out a light, dainty laugh* "Now, I really must attend this banquet in my honor, so I have to be going now. The guards will allow you a few moments of peace before you will be sent to your team rooms. Ta-ta!" *Walks out, with a whole regiment of trumpets following his every move*

Jacob: Wait what? 3?

(Reddy: Sounds like the idea I had for my HG camp a bit. XD Oh well, this is sure to be fun.)

(Ult: That's where I got the idea from. Sorry, I pretty much stole it.)

Arianna: 3? But that means..... More people will be determined... and... *turns to Finn* How will we have our.... *tears start rolling down her face* ...

Nate and Suzy: thank you, master.

Alysha: *Shrugs* At least that means more survivors at the end.

Armed Guard: *Takes out a list* "All right, listen up!"

Hayden: *Hopes*

Jaina: *closes eyes and grabs Michael's hand* Good luck...

Voltia: Lay it on me, wuss.

Armed Guard: *Points at Calpurnia, Michael, and Jaina* "You three are on the Yellow Team!" *Guards take the three tributes away*

Tommy: *Crosses fingers* Pleaseeee give me someone sane!

Michael: -whispers to Jaina- He seriously paired us up together? :|

Armed Guard: *Smirks, and points to Tommy, Suzy, and Sam* "You three are on the Blue Team!" *Guards escort the three tributes out*

Suzy: hey teammates!

Hayden: Wait! Were together!

(Ult: If you've been given a team, don't edit quite yet. Just hang tight.)

Rochelle: Hey Arianna, Kari.

Armed Guard: *Points at Hayden, Logan, and Kookie* "You three make up the Green Team!" *Guards hustle the three tributes away*

Hayden: Hi Teamies!

Armed Guard: *Smirks viciously, and points to Jacob, Jannah, and Kristy* "You three are the Red Team!" *Guards shuffle the three tributes out of the room*

Jacob: Hi guys!

Armed Guard: *Stares at the twelve remaining tributes, and then clears his throat and points at Nate, Finn, and Dia* "You three are now members of the Purple Team!" *Guards forcibly remove the three from the lobby*

Armed Guard: *Points at Rochelle, Quincy, and Rafael* "You are now the Orange Team!" *The three tributes are carried out of the room*

Armed Guard: *Glares and points at Selleck, Voltia, and Eric* "You three are the Gray Team, because you're boring and have no hope in these Games!" *More guards lead the three tributes away*

Armed Guard: *Looks at Alysha, Arianna, and Sierra, the last three tributes in the lobby* "You three are now hereby known as the Black Team! Now get out of here!" *Guards escort the last three tributes out*

Armed Guard: *Sighs at the sight of the empty lobby* "Peace at last..."

Night Zero: Team Meetings

Rest well or strategize late into the night, it doesn't matter. Tomorrow brings the interviews, the scores, the crowds, and the arrival of the Hunger Games.

Yellow Room (Calpurnia, Michael, and Jaina)

Everything in this room is yellow, inspiring you and filling you with confidence.

Michael: ... Wow. He actually paired me and Jaina up together.

Jaina: *smiles and looks around* Wow...we might actually win this.

Michael: Weren't you the one who said I was going to die earlier?

Jaina: Something about the room brings...cofidence!

Michael: -rolls his eyes- Alright, let's start making some sort of strategy for the Games...

Calpurnia: *sits away from the others* So, if you don't want to ask me into an alliance, then... Fine! You'll be missing out!

(Blue Room (Tommy, Suzy, and Sam)

Everything in this room is blue, calming you and allowing you to think clearly.

Tommy: *Curled up in corner rocking back and forthI* Insane...People...Walls...They're closing in!!! O.O

Sam: ... Psycho.

Tommy: *Suddenly goes calm* Hmm, this room is relaxing.:)

Suzy: well, we must take out Great compititors. anyone got people we can kill?

Green Room (Hayden, Logan, and Kookie)

Everything in this room is green, causing you to feel refreshed.

Hayden: Wow!

Red Room (Jacob, Jannah, and Kristy)

Everything in this room is red, filling you with a need to crush all opposition.

Kristy:Well, this is not gonna be as simple as I had hoped.

Jannah: *is sitting on a bed* My life is over. *sigh*

Jacob: Its easy!

Purple Room (Nate, Finn, and Dia)

Everything in this room is purple, making for a pretty weird room.

Orange Room (Rochelle, Quincy, and Rafael)

Everything in this room is orange, mimicking the sun, and psyching you out.

Rafael:*flipping a crude knife in the air* Meh, orange is my fave color.


Gray Room (Selleck, Voltia, and Eric)

As if it's a cruel joke, everything in this room is gray, causing you to feel lifeless and depressed.

Voltia: Doomed, huh? I wouldn';t call knowing how to rewire mines doomed!

Selleck: *Shakes his head* "It doesn't matter. Even though I've grown attached to my body, it's going to end up scattered in some god-forsaken arena all the same."

Voltia: *eyes widen and shoots a death glare at Selleck* Are you a fool?! *backhands Selleck acrosds the face* Don't you see? They want you to feel hopeless! Now if you want to surrender this early, be my guest, but don't expect to drag me down with you *turns away in a fit of rage*

Selleck: *Touches his smarting cheek and winces* "Save your punches for the enemy." *Glares at Voltia* "And what is your brilliant plan to survive this nightmare?"

Voltia: The Starting points. Rearrange the mines around the cornucopia, and blow up anyone who needs resources. Unless you've got a better idea.

Selleck: *Waves his hand dismissively and smirks slightly, as if delighting in the plan's flaw* "And what about the other District Three? Won't he be doing the exact same thing?"

Black Room (Alysha, Arianna, and Sierra)

Everything in this room is black, making it very difficult to distinguish one thing from the next.

Sierra: Awesome team! We should dominate, no doubt(:

Alysha: *Sits on her bed* Definitely. But, nothings predictable.

Arianna: *smirks* We're going to dominate. Give me some form of a knife and I've got your backs. ;)

Sierra: So should we stratagize or something?

Alysha: Sure, but we have no idea what the arena looks like yet...

Arianna: Whatever it looks like, under no circumstances do we camp near the body of water. Too many people going there too frequently.

Alysha: *Nods* Good idea, that's where everyone will go to get water, we wouldn't stand a chance.

The First Day: Training and Scores, Interviews, and the First Step Towards Death

After the night has passed, the 24 tributes are led from their rooms to a training area. The Armed Guard from yesterday is back, and he is not looking too happy about his assignment. However, nothing happens for the moment, so the tributes (now dressed according to their team color) decide to talk amongst themselves for the moment. This must be what ultimately separates the Careers from the weaklings: The Training.

Michael: -whispers to Jaina- What do you suppose we have to do? Training, which I don't need for the record? Interviews, which I'll totally get a twelve on? Or, do you think we'll just go right into the fighting, under the Chancellor's new rule?

Arianna: *walks to the knife throwing station* Perfect.

Voltia: *observes the others*

Selleck: "This is a waste of my time."

Voltia: *speaks without turning to Selleck* you know, they never said we couldn't kill our own team....

Jannah: *walks in* So, where do I start?

Armed Guard: *Looks at Voltia* "Do that, meat, and you'll suffer a fate worse than what I could deal out."

Chancellor's Voice: *Echoing around the room* "I'm afraid he's right, though you can surely try it if you wish. The crowd, and I most of all, would love that beautiful sight. But, it would cost you your life..." *Voice fades away for the moment*

Chancellor's Voice: *Echoing around the room* "All of you see the many stations around you. The crowd, the Gamemakers, and I see you. Your task is surprisingly quite simple, given the difference of my Hunger Games: show us what you can do. Eventually, I will contact the Guard, who will read off the scores of the individual teams, as determined by the Gamemakers and myself. Interviews will happen afterward, but who cares about that now? We want to see some sweat, tears, and suffering, just not of the lethal variety. Begin!" *Voice fades away yet again*


Training has begun. Show your abilities to everyone in the Capitol and pray that it is enough to impress the Chancellor and for a high score!

(Ult: I'm off to a band concert, which means that you should take your time. I'll give out scores when I come back, or when each team has at least done something. Gray Team, good luck without me.)

Michael: Hm... Even though I'm, like, perfect at everything... I'm going to try my hand at... Hand to hand combat, I'll be doing a lot of that in the arena. -starts punching a dummy-

Suzy: Get me a Sword *gets a sword* lets do this *runs to Michael*

Michael: ... *throws the dummy at Suzy, then rips the sword out of her hand while she's distracted* What the hell?! (You don't attack people here...)

Arianna: *picks up two knives and moves quickly in front of six robotic mutations. She jumps up and hurls a knife right through the first muttation, sending it crashing into another. Arianna then stabs the neck of the third muttation and swings on the hold of her knife, rips it out and stabs the fourth one which crashes into the fifth one. This time leaving her knife behgind, she jumps up and kicks the final muttation's face in as she falls*

Voltia: *punches and kicks at dummies, but quickly wears herself out* Ugh...

Calpurnia: *grabs a trident from the wall and slices through a dummy's chest from 20 feet away* Meh, I can do better... *does spin and kicks a Capitol attendant between the eyes and they fall over, grabs a knife from the wall and slices a net on the cieling holding many weapons and lets them clatter to the floor* Let`s see what we have here.... *grabs a sword and begins flipping it around in her hands and making slashes at dummies*

Hayden: *Dodges a huge box* See!

Jacob: *Makes a TV*

Suzy: *grab a blowgun daping in acid and throws it at the dummy, burning it*

Jaina: I guess I'll try...*attacks ta dummy, ribs its arm off, bites the neck, and kicks it to the ground* Hand-to-hand combat isn't really my thing. Anything else?

Michael: -eyes widen at Jaina, then quickly lowers eyes again- Pretty good... You know, though. Not nearly as good as anything I could do.

Jaina: *smirks then sets up a dummy in front of Michael* Ready? *kicks the head clean off the dummy then bends the neck in a way that no person can survive* You were saying?

Michael: ... I was saying that I can totally do better. >-> Watch this: -runs at a dummy, but trips along the way and his head hit's it's crotch, then hits the floor- ... I meant to do that. No guy could possibly have anymore strength left to fight after a blow like that.

Nate: *Gets a Sworld and cuts the dummy into 4 seperate pieces and eats the insides* i would do that to a person!

Selleck: *Smirks at Voltia* "It seems you are less prepared than you thought."

Rafael:*flipping his knife* I'm bored...-_-*starts slicing up some dummies*

Kristy:*is violently beating the dummies with her bare fists*

Voltia: *glares at selleck* I'd love to see what you can do.

Selleck: *Turns away, still smirking* "I don't think so."

Quincy: * grabs a sword, and slices 3 dummy's heads (?) off* As You can see, I'm very skilled with a sword.

Jannah: *clenches her fists, and punches a hole through a dummy's torso*

Arianna: *works at the camoflauge station*

Voltia: *rolls eyes at Selleck* Whatever. *picks up a knife at the knife station and accidentally drops it, stabbing her foot* Gah! *falls to the ground* Ugh...

Selleck: *Chuckles under his breath, and heads over to the Identifying Plants station*

Rochelle: *twirls knives and throws it directly at dummy* Any good?

Eric:*jumps up, when falling back down, strikes at dummy and it burns*

Dia:*repeadtley stabs dummy over and over*

Alysha: *Walks over to the camoflauge station*

Selleck: *Turns away from the Identifying Plants station for a moment to observe the chaos* "What's folly to simply rely on brute strength in these games." *Chuckles to himself and returns to his station*

Calpurnia: *grabs a bow and arrows and begins smashing the lights on the ceiling, one at a time, until an attendant tells her to stop* *frowns* *spin kicks the Capitol attendant and then holds a knife up to his throat* You want to die, today? Hmm? *turns to Selleck* It's folly to have an attitude like that, weakling. You think I'm afraud of you? No. And so you need to shut your trap before you get hurt. But in the arena, babble all you want. Because there, you CAN get hurt. And... *smirks* I look forward to it. *begins fencing with a trainer*

Selleck: *Smirks* "I've never considered myself to be the most intimidating, anyway."

Alysha: *Gets up and walks over to the trap station*

Armed Guard: *Puts a hand to his ear, as if he's receiving instructions from an earpiece* "Tributes, the Chancellor and the Gamemakers have seen enough! Stop immediately!" *Every tribute puts their weapons down, or turns away from their station, and looks at the guard* "The Chancellor is particularly pleased with the Yellow Team and the Black Team." *The mentioned teams smile confidently* "However, there will be no formal scoring this year, as the crowd needs no number to see who will be successful in this year's Hunger Games." *Pauses momentarily to let the news sink in*

Suzy: ok Thats Great!

Arianna: *nods*

Voltia: *glares at the guard*

Armed Guard: "However, the Chancellor wishes to have a private word with one team in particular." *Motions toward the Green Team, and guards hustle the team out posthaste* "The rest of you will be escorted back to the Lobby for the time being." *Other Armed Guards escort the 21 other tributes out*


A massive table filled with food of all sorts has been placed in the center of the room. It's obvious that this will be your last decent meal for some time, so eat up, converse, and enjoy your last hours of freedom before the Interviews and, finally, the Games begin.

Arianna: *conjures up some fake tears* We're all going to die... Why? Why must we?

Voltia: *raises an eyebrow at Arianna* strange... *eats a roll of bread*

Alysha: *Reaches over and pats Arianna's back* Don't worry, girl. We'll win, so that we can survive!

Michael: -high-fives Jaina-- Woot, Yellow Team for the win! And we totally did so well cause of my awesome abilities... Oh yes. And you did good too, I suppose.

Logan: *Sits down*I'm lucky I'm alive...

Selleck: *Looks over at Logan suspiciously* "Just you?"

Logan: *Sighing sadly*Yeah....

Two cannon blasts sound, shattering the peaceful silence.

Logan: What was that?

Suzy: *puts everything on her plate into a bag for storage*

Rafael:Logan, you did well to survive. Don't waste your newfound chances. *continues flipping his keepsake knife*

Kristy:Wow, the Chancellor is not playing around. This totally got interesting now.

Arianna: No... *tears stream deown her face* No....

Logan: Seriously what's with the loud sound?

Selleck: *Looks utterly shocked* "You mean you have no idea what those cannons symbolize?"

Logan: No.

Selleck: *Exasperation fills his face* "And my faith in the districts taking over the oppressive Capitol has been forever quashed..." *Sighs, and begins* "Whenever you hear a cannon blast, it signifies a life being lost in these mad games. The two we just heard were for your teammates, no doubt." *Suddenly smirks* "I have no doubt that you'll join them soon, outnumbered and hopeless as you are."

Logan: I actually have to agree with you...

Selleck: *Shakes his head slightly* "We'll all go painfully, mark my words."

Logan: Yeah, I guess.

Selleck: *Glares at Voltia in annoyance* "You're not this usually this quiet..."

Voltia: *shoots a glare back at Selleck* How about you take a pointer from me and shut it?

Tommy: When do the games actually start? (Tcf: My computer wasn't letting me edit >.>)

Sierra: Good Question!

Armed Guard: *Chuckles dark-humouredly* "That impatient to get on with the killing, are you? You're in luck, impatient tributes, because it's time for the interviews: the last step in the beginning process. Hope that you impress the crowd...they might be your only hope..." *Armed Guards force everyone to stop feasting or just blankly sitting there and hustle them out of the room*

Hidden Room (Green Team Only)

The door was locked behind you, and no one seems to be there. There's no way out of this room the guards hustled you into, so it seems that you'll have to wait until the Chancellor shows himself.

The Chancellor's Voice: *Coming from an unseen source* "Green Team, I've given you chances to prove your worth to me; it is in my honor that these Games are even held, after all. But, you failing or simply standing there and doing nothing for days on end, when I've given you such a sought-after position, is shaming my image. People will discuss how weaklings represented the Chancellor's glory in these games; I will not have that!" *Pauses to collect himself* "In three minutes, a deadly neurotoxin will fill the room, ending your pitiful lives painfully and abruptly. However, I am not a monster." *A gas mask descends from the ceiling* "One of you, should you choose to do so, can survive the gas and compete as the sole surviving member of the Green Team. One of you can still be of use to me. But who is that person going to be, and what will they do to save their own skin? Time starts now, Green Team. Remember, 180 seconds until you die." *The voice fades away into nothing, leaving the team members standing in an eerie silence, seemingly cut off from the rest of the world*

Kookie: Uh-oh.

Logan: *Looks at the gas mask and begins to run*

Chancellor's Voice: "Oh look, some movement. What a surprise. Sixty seconds..."

Kookie: *Running*I need it!

Logan: *Running*Sorry Kookie.(Should I wait for Hayden now?)

(Ult: I wouldn't.)

Logan: *Running*Almost there!

Kookie: *Behind Logan*

Chancellor's Voice: "Ten seconds...better hurry, little failures."

Logan: *Runs to the Gas Mask and puts it on*

Kookie: No! Oh well....

After the three minutes pass, gas suddenly begins to fill the room, just like the Chancellor said. Hayden is quickly overtaken by the substance, and begins coughing violently. Logan and Kookie can only watch as their teammate is swallowed up by the gas, but the gas quickly fills the entirety of the room, cutting off the unprotected Kookie's air supply as well. Logan, safe under his newly-acquired gas mask, can only stare in horror as his teammates slowly sink to the floor, shudder, and grow still. The gas dissipates soon after.

Chancellor's Voice: "You've managed to placate me for now, Logan. You'll find that the door is unlocked, and the guards will take you back to the Lobby to rest and feast with the other surviving tributes." *Pauses, and then mentions as an afterthought* "And don't worry about the bodies; we'll get that mess sorted out. Ta-ta!"

Logan: Thank you.

Armed Guards: "Back to the other tributes with you." *They escort the last surviving Green Team member back to the Lobby*

Interviews with Caesar Flickerman

The tributes are brought backstage, to a group of 24 chairs (two of the chairs are broken). They can hear Caesar introducing himself to the giant crowd and paying homage to the Chancellor, and then but then there's a pregnant pause. A guard suddenly shoves Logan out on stage, and the lone Green Team member suddenly faces thousands of people staring at him.

(For convenience's sake, we'll do all the interviews at the same time.)

Logan's Interview

Caesar: *Smiles and throws an arm around Logan's shoulders, smoothly directing him to a seat* "Logan, how are you feeling? Are you nervous?"

Logan: whole team died except me who wouldn't be?

Caesar: *Sighs, and wipes a tear away carefully* "Yes, we saw that unfortunate event. But how are you going to move past it to get the upper hand against these fully-manned teams? Any ideas?"

Logan: I honestly don't think I'll last long without my team and even if I do we all leave here scarred for life or dead.

Caesar: "Logan, think positively. You must have some skill, to have survived what killed your teammates." *Grins, and claps him on the shoulder.*

Logan: Yeah, I guess I'm just depressed because my teammates died.

Caesar: *His grin fades* "Logan, it looks like our time together is almost up. Anything to say before the end?"

Logan: Well I'd like to say I redeemed a little confidence and have you to thank...I don't know.

Caesar: "I'm glad I could help in my own small way. Logan, good luck to you; you still have supporters here." *Caesar shakes the lone Green Team member's hand and gently ushers him off the stage*

Red Team's Interview

Caesar: *Motions to the three seats next to him* "And the youngest team of the Games is here!" *Turns to the now-seated team* "And how do you like the Capitol?"

Jacob: Great!

Caesar: *Smiles* "Wonderful! Because I know many here are championing you at this very moment, myself included!" *The crowd cheers* "How do you plan to show the other teams that you're a team to be reckoned with?"

Jacob: Well my brother won a Hunger Games and showed me tricks.

Caesar: *Nods sagely* "Ah, learning from experience...a sound strategy, Jacob."

Jacob: Thanks!

Caesar: *Looks sadly at the Red Team* "Looks like our time is almost up. Any final words before we, unfortunately, have to let you go?"

Kristy: At least one of my teammates is confident.

Jacob: Well. Its true.

Caesar: "I think I speak for everyone here when I say that we hope the cannon doesn't fire for any of you." *Shakes all of their hands, and then the Red Team is ushered off stage to a cheering crowd*

Jacob: Can i say 1 more thing?

Armed Guard: *Drags him off-stage* "No you can't, meat."

Caesar: "If Jacob wants to say something, I think we'd all like to hear it. Bring him back in for just a moment." *The crowd cheers in agreement*

Jacob: Im gonna bring it back to NUMBER 3!

Caesar: *Smiles* "And we wish you the best of luck in your endeavor, Jacob. We'll be cheering for you all."

*The Armed Guard drags Jacob off-stage again*

Blue Team's Interview

Caesar: *Waves the team over* "Sit next to me, Blue Team. The crowd's dying to hear a few words from you!"

Tommy: *Sits down looking intimidating*

Caesar: *Chuckles good-naturedly* "Tommy, talk to me. Can you see anyone that can match your remarkable fighting prowess?"

Tommy: No >.> Matter fact, I could probably snap the heads of all these freaks easily. Like a toothpick! >:|

Caesar: *Shudders* "How intimidating, but we've sadly run out of time. Farewell, Blue Team, and the best of luck in the Arena!"

Orange Team's Interview

Caesar: *Waits for the team to sit down next to him, and then dramatically flourishes to the crowd* "I give you...the Orange Team!" *The crowd cheers enthusiastically*

Rafael:*is still flipping his knife* Fans for this?

Rochelle: *twirls her knives, and juggles them* Any good!

Jannah: *Sits there, without a weapon*

Caesar: "Would you mind telling us where you learned to handle knives like that?"

Caesar: *After a long silence with Rafael and Rochelle just flipping or juggling knives, he turns to Jannah and grins* "Are they always like this?"

Rochelle: Well, before my daddy was killed in the 42nd Hunger Games, he taught me how to twirl, juggle, and throw knives. I've had a talent for it ever since :D

Rafael:*glares at Rochelle* Flipping my knife is my thing. I flip it for several reasons, you are most likely not. This is not an acrobatics show, get focused. If you die, I won't bury you.

Caesar: *Looks between the two of them* "I'm sensing some hostility here, but it doesn't have to be this way. It could be so much better."\

Rafael:*flips his knife* No hostility. Don't worry. I need my team focused. So we can eliminate the opposition.

Caesar: *The Orange Team is shuffled off* "And there we had the Orange Team, a team that will leave nothing in their way to victory. We'll wish them luck on their quest."

Purple Team's Interview

Caesar: "Ah...the mysterious Purple Team. Tell us, what are you planning to do when you all finally enter the arena? Who seems like a threat to you all?"

Finn: *laughs* I'm going to grab a spear and run for my life! A threat? Yellow Team and Black Team, for sure. The District 12 people make me laugh, but they do seem deadly. *smiles a bit* And the District 4 girl scares me. Her name...Calpaper or something. So, Jaina, Mark, and Calpaper are the team that have to go down...

Caesar: *Laughs* "And on the other end of the spectrum, who do you see not lasting a day?"

Finn: Suprisingly, District 1 seems pretty week to me. And Green Team cut down to one? I think that Lotion will be gone pretty soon....Poor Green Team. *sighs then smiles* But I'll do everything for my team, even if I have to do it myself.

Caesar: "Logan may surprise you, Finn. Anyway, what's going to be the Purple Team's strategy for these Games? We're dying to know something about you!" *The crowd cheers*

Finn: Me? *flips hair out of eyes* Well, I'm an expert with spears...I can make a good poison with flowers and bugs...and I have this thing were I can make people trust me. *half-smiles* You guys trust me, right?

Caesar: "That we do, but we've run out of time. Farewell, Finn, and good luck to your team in the Games! We'll be cheering!"

Black Team's Interview

Caesar: "Here are our fan-favorites, the Black Team! Tell us, how does it feel to be marked as one of the teams to watch out for in these games?"

Alysha: Good, but at the same time, it worries me a little because it may put a target on our backs once we get to the arena.

Arianna: *her eyes red from crying* It's remarkable how I got paired up with two of the most powerful tributes in these games...

Caesar: *Pats Arianna on the shoulder* "My dear Arianna, I wouldn't count yourself as a waste of space in these Games. Know that we'll be rooting for you here." *The crowd roars in assent*

Arianna: *hesitates at Caesar, but quickly nods* Thanks...

Alysha: *Smiles* Y'all be ready, Team Black is here to win the Hunger Games!

Caesar: *Laughs good-naturedly* "Confidence is a good tool to have in these early stages. What skill do you all think will help you the most in your victory against the equally-beloved teams?"

Alysha: Well, first of all our confidence, but I think also are strategy will help us. We know where to go, and where to stay away from.

Arianna: *looks away* I-I'm not very skilled in anything... The best weapon I have is a knife, but I can barely hit th-thing with it...

Caesar: *Smiles reassuringly at Arianna* "There, there, Arianna. I'm sure that you have many talents to be proud of. And lack of supplies won't be a problem in the arena, will it, people of the Capitol?" *The crowd yells louder than they have all day*

Sierra: *Sitting there queitly smiling*

Caesar: *Looks to Sierra for the first time* "And here's our modest and quiet beauty, Sierra. Any words you'd like to say to the people here?"

Sierra: Hm, I don't know what to say *Nerviously plays with fingers*

Caesar: "We'll have to let your actions speak for you, because we're out of time." *The crowd groans as the Team exits the stage*

Yellow Team's Interview

Caesar: "And here's yet another team that has caught the eye of our beloved Chancellor!" *Turns to Calpurnia* "Tell us, Calpurnia, how does it feel to be on a team with both the District 12 tributes?"

Michael: She should be happy to be paired up with someone as awesome as me.

Jaina: *turns to Caesar* He's our sacrafice.

Michael: -eyes drop to the floor for a second, then theuy quicly shoot back up with him smirking- Ignore her, she totally loves me and is just trying to hide it. -winks-

Jaina: Imagine living in a small district with this guy...*eyes drop to floor and head loweres, hair masking her face* The smallest district....with the least chance of winning....*puts face in hands*

Michael: -is about to respond to the "this guy" part, but thinks, and after a while puts his arm around her shoulders- There, there, we'll survive, I promise you... -whispers to her- If you haven't worked it out yet, this is toget sponsers...

Jaina: *puts head on Michael's shoulder and smiles a bit* I would like to thank the Chancellor for putting me on a team with him. I could never kill this guy. *playfully punches Michael's arm*

Michael: -flinches when she punches his arm- Ow! -realizes how week that made him look, then laughs nervously- Uh, that was an inside joke between me and Jaina... It involes monkeys, tea, and strippers... Long story...

Jaina: *looks scared for a moment then smiles and laughs* It was crazy. *glares at Michael for a second then turns to Caesar and laughs* So funny....

Michael: -whispers to Jaina- Don't punch me so hard next time... -stops whispering, and turns to the Capitol filled audience, glaring at them for a moment then directing his gaze away to the floor-

Jaina: *laughs then give Michael a kiss on the cheek and whispers in his ear* Come loveable. *pulls away, smiles at Michael, then turns to Caesar* Have we been taking up to much time? Do you want to ask us some questions or something?

Michael: -whispers to her- I'll try, but... -stops talking, and smiles broadly at the auidence, his smile wavering at some parts-

Jaina: *turns to Calpurnia and smiles at her* District 4 is a wonderful district and I'm so happy to get someone from the district of fishing! *turns and quickly kisses Michael*

Michael: -blushes, then whispers into her ear with a forced smile at the audience- For the record, once we get back to the District's, everything we did here as a "couple" is completly meaningless, agreed?

Caesar: *Sighs lovingly* "Ladies and gentlemen, aren't they just the cutest couple?" *The crowd nods and murmurs in agreement* "I could ask my standard questions about strategy, but I think we all want to know more about this relationship, no?" *The crowd roars in agreement* "Michael, what brought you and Jaina together?"

Michael: -pauses for a few seconds, then chuckles- Well, Caeser, and everyone from the Capital, we actually knew each other pre-Hunger Games, although we didn't go out yet at that point, we were friends since we ran into each other in the Market,, and she had no money for food, so I gave her the last of my money. We then became friends and started hanging out and stuff, and although I did have a crush on her back then, I didn't make my move or anything cause I was scared she'd reject me... However, once I learned that there were teams here, due to me thinking both of us would die anyways, I decided to make my move on her in the chatting room, and she, against what I suspected, said yes. And then, here we are.

Caesar: *Nods in agreement* "And here we are." *Turns to Jaina* "But we need to hear something from our especially lovely second party. Jaina, what about Michael is most attractive?"

Jaina: *sighs and smiles* Everything. *leans in and kisses Michael*

Caesar: *Swoons at the sight of the two tributes* "And how does the lovely couple plan to survive the horrors of the Games? God forbid anything happening to you; I don't think I could bear it!" *The crowd yells words of encouragement to the pair*

Jaina: I'll do whatever it takes to protect Michael. *eyes fill up with tears that she quickly wipes away* Sorry, but just thinking about him dead....*closses eyes tight* I'm so sorry, I'm just a little.....emotional. *wipes away more tears* He's my everything, and I just....he will win, and even if that means giving my life for him.

Caesar: *Tears begin to stream down his own cheeks* "So beautiful...I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that I'll be cheering for you both on the sidelines!" *Looks toward the couple* "Before you go, anything else you want to say to the audience?"

Jaina: Um...yes...*looks at the audience* I've always imagened the Capitol as a blood-thirsty place with monsters, because of the Hunger Games. Now that I'm here, I see that the people of the Capitol are nice people, but were brought up to bask in the glory of death of the ones lower than them. It's not your fault, it's the pasts. All of you are such nice people, and I'm honored to be in the Capitol, even when I know why I'm here and how I might not make it out. But I want to say thank you to the dear Capitol, Caesar the wonderful host who let me be, and the Chancellor who has enough of a heart to let me not kill my boyfriend. And, if I don't make it out, I want my parents to look after our cat and Amy and Mickey my brother and sister carefully. *walks off the stage carefully while waving*

Michael: Well, I have to go too, but before I do, let me deliever one last message... Goodnight Capitol, and don't let me end up like my brother... -smiles at the camera, and follows Jaina-

*Caesar and the crowd cheer and wave farewell after them*

Calpurnia: *yells at the crowd before she gets up* I hope you don't count me out of these Games! I am here to win, and nothing will get in my way. I want victory, adn I want blood. Their blood. *she gestures to the other tributes* And even if I am paired up with the poorest district in Panem, I will do anything that it takes to win. Victory shall be mine, and I am not afraid of the consequences. Because whoever does not win, dies. And I do not plan on dieing. So, before you count me out and fal in love with these two fools of tributes, take a look at me. The future winner, and a natural-born killer. Who would you sponsor. I would hope not them. Thank you for your time, and if you have even a smidge of brains in your glorious heads, you will know that I am the future victor of these games. Thank you.

The Chancellor: *Stands at that proclamation, and claps for the first time that day, causing the crowd and Caesar to cheer and clap all the more as Calpurnia leaves the stage*

Gray Team's Interview

Caesar: "Gray Team, some think that you're a lost cause already. How do you plan to upset these horrible nay-sayers?"

Voltia: I honestly don't care what happens, as long as I live. Of course, I wouldn't mind him dying. *jerks thumb to selleck*

Selleck: "I assure you, the feeling's quite mutual."

Caesar: "Fighting already?" *Puts his hand over his eyes in mock resignation* "I dread to see the footage when you two aren't kept in check." *Looks from Voltia to Selleck* "Surely there must be something you value in your teammate?"

Voltia: *smirks at Caesar* You're wrong. Terribly, Terribly wrong.

Selleck: *Shrugs* "I value the fact that she'll be a great distraction when she's stabbing herself in the foot with her blade."

Caesar: *Smoothly bypasses any further talk of team spirit* "What skills have you honed in preparation for this contest. I must admit, no one is really sure at what you excel at..."

Voltia: Why would I reveal my skills in this interview for the other tributes to hear?

Selleck: *Nods* "For once, I agree."

Caesar: *Nods* "It seems the Gray Team won't open up to us any further than that." *The crowd groans* "Any final words, Gray Team? Anything at all? This may be your last chance."

Voltia: Unless big mouth over here has anything to say, no.

Selleck: "Not a word." *Glances at Eric* "And I doubt our resident mute has anything to say either, so you might as well end this."

Caesar: *Waits for a moment, but Eric doesn't say anything* "Right. This was the Gray Team, people of the Capitol. I'm sure they're going to provide us with some...interesting...footage in the arena." *Caesar smiles to the crowd and waves as the Gray Team departs*

The First Night: Fragile Existences

You were all taken underground after the conclusion of your interviews, to a room where many see but few live to talk about. Realization hits you like a thunderbolt: this must be the Teleportation Room. Once you leave this room, you will no longer be in the Capitol building with its fine food and folk. You will be in the Hunger Games, and you will fight for the right to survive. Or you will die.

Armed Guard: *Folds his arms* "The Chancellor requests that you step on the colored circle that correlates with your team color. Now."

Jacob: *goes*

Voltia: *stares at the armed guard* I'll return, no doubt, guard boy. And when that happens you'll be working for me. *walks to the gray circle*

Arianna: *Is frozen in fear as she stares at the panels* No... no... *tears roll down her face as she remains imobile*

Alysha: *Walks over to the black circle and mumbles* This is it...

Arianna: *sees Alysha and regains confidence, walking to the black circle* Hmph. *whispering into Alysha's ear* They don't stand a chance...

Selleck: *Drags Eric by the arm to the gray Circle of Power* "I'm not going to get stuck with her alone..."

The moment the three members of the Gray Team step into their circle, a bright gray light envelopes them, and when it clears up, they're gone.

Alysha: *Whispers to Arianna* You got that right, girl! Just stay confident, we can do this!

Chancellor: *Voice echoes throughout the room from an unseen source* "Guards, I grow impatient. Throw them in if you have to."

Armed Guard: *Salutes the air and grins* "With pleasure." *His cohorts and he throw the remaining tributes that hadn't moved into their respective Circles, which causes a rainbow of colors and light to fill the room for a moment, and then fade. All traces of the tributes are gone* "Give us a show, would you?" *Chuckles and leaves the room*

The Arena: It Begins...

Chancellor: "Tributes, welcome to your final resting place. We look forward to every moment of your final days."


The Swamp is filled with monstrous creatures and the very water is poison. While you can't stay here for long and hope to survive, this might be the perfect hiding spot if you manage to grab a weapon and clean drinking water. Logan wakes up here after being shoved into his Circle of Power, the lone member of the Green Team utterly lost and confused. Can he make it to the Cornucopia?

Logan: I guess I should try to run*Begins to run*(Do I just post after someone's posted in another section?)

Something rustles the bushes next to the lone Green Team member.

Logan: I'm not taking any chances*Sprints faster to make it out alive*

Those bushes seem to roar, and a muttation jumps out, looking surprisingly like Kookie. The beast begins to pursue Logan.

Logan: *Sprints even faster*I need to make it out alive!

A second muttation jumps out in front of Logan, blocking his path forward. This one is much more muscular compared to the agile Kookie muttation, and it's disturbingly clear that this beast is Hayden. It roars and prowls forward toward the defenseless Green Team member.

Logan: I jinxed myself didn't I?I'm guessing they're mad because I survived....*Looks to his left and right*[Is there a right or left path?]

(Ult: If you want there to be one, there's one. But I really would hurry, because they're quite angry...)

Logan: *Runs to the left path*AH!!!!!!!!!!*Starts to sprint a little faster*

The two muttations bound after him, gaining with every second.

Logan: Quick Thinking um....*Begins to run faster*

The Kookie muttation snaps at his heels, while the Hayden muttation jumps off the trail, seemingly out of the chase.

Logan: *Starts to scream and run a little faster*AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Green Team member jumps across a narrow stretch of water, but the Kookie muttation doesn't follow. It seems to not want to go near it, despite its prey being so close.

Logan: *Panting and running*What the?Hmm....I wonder if I'm close to getting out of here.

(Ult: Logan, head to the Forest section. But beware the Hayden muttation...)

Frozen Wasteland

Nothing grows here, and the Gamemakers have altered the temperature of this region drastically, making it bitterly cold. The only bonus is that no enemies frequent this portion of the arena. The Gray Team wake up here after stepping into their Circle of Power, freezing and shivering mightily. This might be a good spot to stay if they find clothing suitable for this terrain at the Cornucopia, but can they even make it there?

Selleck: *Shivers mightily* "It's official: I hate my life. And w-we're done for..."

Voltia: *shivering* Good, cuz I hate your life t-too... *sees Eric, still asleep* I c-call not carying h-him...

Selleck: *Groans, and begins to walk away slowly* "If you want him t-to live, y-you carry him. We've g-got to g-go..."

Voltia: *stands weakly, trying to keep warm* W-would it c-count as killing a t-team mate?

Selleck: *Shrugs, but doesn't turn* "Who c-cares?"

Voltia: G-good point... *walks behind selleck*

Selleck: *Stumbles, but catches himself before he falls over* "We can't t-take m-m-much more of t-this..."

Voltia: *falls to her knees and groans* Ugh... We're g-going to d-die... *a tear rolls down her face, but it quickly freezes* ...

Selleck: *Glances back at her and pauses* "We c-can't stop now. G-get w-wouldn't w-want the world to k-know that I'm b-better than you, r-right?"

Voltia: *stands to face Selleck* T-that, h-happening? Only in your dr-dreams.. *shakes her head and begins a light jog* C-c'mon. If we run, w-we'll warm up.

Selleck: *Barely manages a jog after her* "I w-wished I b-believed that..."

The boom of a cannon is barely heard over the shrieking winds, which seem to grow stronger and colder with every second that passes.

Selleck: "There's o-our t-t-teammate..." *Winces from the cold*

Voltia: *looks out to the horizon and is barely able to view some trees* Y-yes! *begins to run faster*

Selleck: *Follows her blindly, not even caring if Voltia leads them to their deaths*

Voltia: *walks into an area of trees covered in snow* I'm guessing we're heading into the forest... And it seems to be getting warmer...

Selleck: "The Gamemakers must not be tampering with the temperature so much here..." *Sighs in relief*

Voltia: *as she continues walking, it gets gradually warmer until no more snow is in there path* We made it to the forest... I think? (We're in the forest now, Ult... at least I think. o.o)

Selleck: "The many trees surrounding us would never have helped me in this situation." (Yes, we are.)


This region of the arena is, hopefully, very self-explanatory. Do not drink the water that surrounds you, and watch out for any monster that frequent the depths. An island and the mainland (connected by a bridge) are equal distance away from a raft that the Blue Team wakes up on. Which will they choose to drift to? And will they even survive?

Their raft is beginning to show the telling signs of poor craftsmanship, and it won't be long before it breaks apart. Blue Team, decide where you want to go! Your lives hang in the balance!

Sam: Uh... Quick! To the beach! (paddles for his life)

A fin appears above the water a small distance away, and the owner of said fin closes in on the raft fast. The underwater beast soon collides with the raft, knocking the three off their feet and off the raft.

Tommy: AHH!!! Swimmmm!!!! *Swims for his life*

Attracted by the frantic movement, the underwater beast swims powerfully after the panicking Tommy, instantly closing the gap between the two, and the male tribute is dragged under the waves, only having time for a lone scream.

(Ult: "My apologies, but we needed some death today...")

(Tcf: I wanted him dead anyway xD)

Suzy, flailing around wildly, cannot keep her head above the water's surface for a moment longer, and she sinks without a sound. The last thing Sam sees of his other teammate is a lone hand reaching upward, as if trying to reach the precious air. A futile effort.

Sam, the last surviving member, had wisely grabbed onto some of the pieces from the raft as it had broken apart, and had managed to stay alive long enough to, unfortunately, see his teammates die in quick succession. He decided that now would be the best time to try to flee, and started to swim for the shore, but realized that he had underestimated his energy level, an sank below the waves. In the shadows of the sea, the underwater beast swam directly at him, and when it opened its mouth in anticipation, Sam saw eternity, screamed at the sight of it, and then was gone.

Lava Mountain

This region is the hottest portion of the arena, as the Gamemakers are very cruel and twisted individuals. However, no animals frequent this area, but that's the least of a tribute's concern should they end up walking this area. Lava flows are an all-too-common hazard, and lava can seemingly shoot up from anywhere. The Red Team wakes up about halfway down the treacherous slope of the mountain after being thrown into their Circle of Power. Can they somehow keep their footing as they try to make it down to the Cornucopia, or will they fall into the lava?

Jacob: *runs*

Kristy:*rolls her eyes, and carefully follows Jacob* I do not plan to die out here.

Jacob: *Runs*

Kristy:*looks back to see something on the summit* Must be my imagination...*continues heading down towards the Cornucopia carefully*

Kristy:*hears a rumbling, and looks behind* We have to*begins moving faster away from the lava mountain*

Jannah: *is running right behind them* Don't leave without me!

Kristy:*speeds up while being careful* Hurry up, then!

Jannah: *is now running beside Kristy*

Kristy:*looks back and sees Jacob* Sucks to be that guy!

Jacob: *runs toward Cornucopia* *Is next to Jannah*

Jannah: *runs in front of Jacob*

Jacob: *Runs in front of Jannah* *Is close*

Kristy:*is beside Jannah* Not much of a teammate, are you, Jacob?

Kristy:*runs up ahead of Jannah* Come on, team!

Jannah: *runs in front of Jacob*

Kristy:*turns to see Jannah running* Hurry! We don't know what could happen!

The rocks begin to hit the side of the mountain at very high and fatal speeds, striking very close to the fleeing tributes, and the ash cloud darkens the region considerably, making it very hard to see.

Kristy:Oh, crap! I hope Jacob will be alright!*carefully continues her way towards the Forest* (G2G BBL)

Jannah: *runs into the forest*

Kristy:*reaches the forest* I hope I don't regret this!

Rafael:*has been walking him down the mountain for a while, sees Jacob* Hello, person.*pushes Jacob as hard as he can towards the lava*

Jacob attempts to correct his backward momentum too late, and he can't stop himself from falling into the lava. However, he somehow manages to not scream, and instead stares hatefully at his killer in the last seconds of his life.

Rafael:*shrugs, heads into the forest whistling nonchalantly*

Lava Mountain Summit (Destroyed)

This summit is the highest point of the arena, and provides a spectacular view of almost everything. The Orange Team winds up here after being thrown into their Circle, but they can't stop to admire the view. Another team lies between them and the Cornucopia. How will this turn out? Will they all fall into the lava? Or will they simply die from the sheer height of the drop?

Jannah: *Wakes up*

Rafael:*puts his knife in a safe place* Jannah, we should go.*begins heading down the mountain carefully*

Jannah: *is behind Rafael*

Rafael:*keeps climbing down carefully* Jannah, how are you?

Jannah: Fine, but nervous...

The ground begins to shake, and a low, ominous rumbling sound can clearly be heard. Hopefully, you know what this means...

Jannah: I think we need to hurry... I hope that other girl got out okay...

The ground beneath Quincy splits apart, causing the male tribute from District 11 to fall victim to the lava that starts to spill out. His dying screams are unimaginable.

Rafael:*seeing the need to hurry, grabs' Jannah's hand and begins climbing down the mountain at a faster, but still cautious, pace*

The summit is obliterated when the lava mountain erupts, sending ash, cinders, and rock miles high into the sky. Lava also begins to travel down the mountain, and those in this region need to watch for falling rocks of doom, as well.

Rafael:*lets go of Jannah's hand and gets away as fast as he can while avoiding falling rocks and the lava*

Rafael:*continues heading down the mountain*

Dark Cave

This cave is very dark. Fittingly, the Black Team winds up here after being transported away. Can they make their way to the small pinprick of light into the distance? Do they want to? Or will they succumb to the hidden dangers, and die in the darkness?

Sierra: *Looks for some sticks to make a fire* Hmmm...

Alysha: *Looks around with Sierra* I can't see anything...

Sierra: If only I could find some wood, then I'd be able to make a fire in here.

Arianna: *sees a faint light* I'm heading to find weapons. *walks off slowly*

Alysha: *Gets up and follows Arianna* Come on, Sierra!

Sierra: Here I come. *Follows*

Arianna: *staggers through the dark, wincing at bat after bat as the creatures fly overhead* Almost there... *turns to see Alysha and Sierra coming to her* Come on, guys, we're almost there. *continues walking*

Alysha: *Continues following Arianna.*

Sierra: *Continues following while staring at the bats*

A bat swoops down and bites Sierra.

Sierra: AHH!!! *Flings bat at the wall* Did you fing the exit yet?! *Feeling frantic and woosey*

Arianna: Yeah, let's hurry! *runs out of the exit with Alysha and Sierra and into the Forest* Woah... This is huge... (Black Team's in the Forest now, guys.)

Small Island

While this is a simple island, it provides for whoever finds themselves washed up on its shore. There's shelter in the form of trees, a freshwater lake for a water source, and a connection to the mainland. However, this covetable position might bring whoever lands up here a fair supply of enemies, so the Yellow Team will have to watch out, or perish.

Calpurnia: *overlooks the area* A fair position, I would say... *turns to her team mates* But we will have to watch out. Others will want what we have; it is valuable. So we must be on our gaurds at all times.

Jaina: *looks around* Agreed. *looks at the trees, then at the lake* We could have enough food, water, and shelter, but we need weapons.

Michael: Don't worry! I'll go get some for us! -starts to run off, but runs into a tree and falls backwards- ... I'm okay! -runs again, but trips over a rock- ... Still okay! -starts to get up, but a branch collapses onto him, knocking him to the ground- ... Maybe someone else should.

Jaina: *helps Michael up, and gives him a kiss* I don't want to get you killed. Calpurnia should stay by the lake, and see if there's any fish. Michael, you could build shelter, or make some that leaves me. *looks to the sky, and gulps* Now would be a good time for a arrow or something? An axe would be awesome though...

Michael: -blushes slightly when she kisses him- Alright, I'll stay here I guess... Don't get yourself killed. -looks for firewood-

Jaina: *takes a breath* If we have any supporters this early, could I at least have some matches to set the forest on fire?

Calpurnia: Patience, Jaina. We have to prove ourselfs first. Speaking of which, I will be fishing with a rod I made out of some leaves and branches if you need me. *heads to the lake*

Jaina: I'm okay with snares...I could set up some traps so when food sources or people come they get trapped! *starts setting up traps*

Calpurnia: *calls to Jaina* Good. I've already felt a few tugs on the pole, so it looks like were going to be good, food wise. *smiles*

Michael: -looking for firewood when a branch falls on him- Ow! ... Hey. This will work. -lugs it back to Jaina and Cal-

Jaina: I think we could be good friends Calpurnia....I'm just going to call you Cal. *finishes setting up a few traps by the water* Guys, I have a few traps by the water, so watch out! It ties up up by your legs and arms, so we can slice off their heads. *smirks* I'm going to make a weapon...or try to anyway. *pulls down a few branches and trys to sharpen them with her nails*

Michael: -lugs the wood in- Hey, guys! I got wood! Praise me! =D

Jaina: *shows five slopply made spears* Okay, spears. *gives a spear to Cal and Michael* We won't make the fire yet. First we have to prepare ourselves, get food, make weapons, THEN show the tributes where we are. When a few come to us, we set out spears on fire, put out the fire, then impale our enemies with them...

Michael: Alright! A spear! I'm, like, totally epic with spears.

Jaina: *rolls eyes* Sure you are hunny. *throws spear and hits tree* Mikey, wanna head into the trees with me to find some more food and set up some traps?

Michael: Of course, always glad to help out. -starts walking over to the trees-

Jaina: *smiles and fallows him* Did you take the edible plants and berries training?

Michael: Uh... Maybe?

Jaina: *sighs then sets up a trap* Micheal, can you at least try to set up some traps over there. *points farther in the woods* Scream if you need help. *give him a kiss then goes back to work*

Michael: Uh... -acts like he knows how to make a trap- Alright! -goes over to where she pointed, muttering- I am so screwed...

Jaina: *mutters* He can't do anything. *yells* Be careful! :D

Michael: I will! Hmm... How to make a trap... -starts trying to make one, but somehow ends up with the rope tying his hands together- ... Great.

Jaina: *finishes setting up several traps and looks for Michael* Michael? MICHAEL? Micke-..that's just sad. *uses the spear to slice the rope* Do you need to know how to make a trap?

Michael: ... -mumbles- Maybe.

Calpurnia: *rolls eyes as she returns to them, holding an armful of fish* Well, I'll be cookin us some lunch if you need me. In the mean time, please teach him how to make a trap. *walks back to camp to make a fire*

A storm suddenly begins to rage on the island, making cooking (and pretty much everything else) all but impossible.

Jaina: *screams to Calpurnia* CALLY! WE NEED SHELTER! *turns to Michael and yells over the raging winds* FORGET ABOUT THE TRAPS! THE TREES MIGHT FALL SOON! RUUUUN! *runs out of the trees*

Michael: -walks out a leisurly pace- Coming as fast as possible...

Jaina: *not sure what to do, so jumps into lake and dives underwater*

Calprunia: JAINA! MICHAEL! Get over here you two! *motions for them to follow her* We should dig a sort of trench in the sand, away from some trees, for protection. With walls, too. As long as we stay calm, well be alright. So come on! *pulls Jaina out of the water*

Jaina: *spits out some water* guys hide in the trench, I'll fill in the hole with more sand. You'll sort of be baried alive. We'll dig the trench, cover it with the firewood, then I'll put sand on the firewood to hide you guys if people come. Agreed? *starts to dig the hole* Calpurnia, Michael, help me dig! Or Michael, you can get the fire.

Calpurnia: :| ........ Um, no. Not quite. Why don't we build a shallow hole in the sand. Then, we build walls up and around it like a gaint sandcastle? It would provide protection, shelter, and a hideout. *eyes fade closed* Ah, I miss making sandcastles with my brother back home... *opens eyes* Enough of that. Michael, get some firewood. The walls will shelter it from the winds. Jaina, help me build. *begins building walls around Jaina's hole*

Jaina: A sandcastle? I have no idea how to make a sandcastle. The only thing I know how to do is use a pickaxe from coal training. But the wind would just blow the sand castle away...Calpurnia, just fallow my idea. Please. I can save you guys...

Calpurnia: *hesitates for a moment* Rrr... Fine. But you and Michael with have to test it out first. And you BETTER make sure it is safe, or its going to be your head on the chopping block.... Whatever that means.

Michael: -walks in, panting- ... What do I have to test out?

Jaina: I know it's safe. I've done all the calculations. *continues digging* Guys! Dig!

Michael: ...Why? -shrugs, and digs-

Jaina: *digs a hole big enough for Calpurnia and Michael to fit in* That seems good. *pushes them in and starts to lay the fire logs over the top to keep them safe* Keep safe guys. Please. When the storm stops I'll get you.Wait about an hour or so, if I don't get you, I'm most likley dead. I'll try to see if I can get you guys any food or something. *lays the last log, sealing out light and rain* Stay safe...*covers the logs with sand*

Michael: ... I didn't want to be in here but, uh, alright... -turns to Cal- So. How's life?

Jaina: *not knowing where to go, or what to do, jumps into the water, hoping that will protect her*

The storm ceases as suddenly as it had begun.

Jaina: *pops up, smiling broadly* Yes! *gets out of the water, avoiding her traps, and runs to the hole where Calpurnia and Michael are* Guys! The storm's passed! *removes the logs* We should line the hole with wood and store our stuff here for safe keeping. Oh, and we should make weapons. Or we could risk going into the forest...

Calpurnia: *smiles proudly at Jaina* Good work. But no, we shoulf stay here. We have everything we need right now; we shouldn't risk a trip to the forest. This way, we are prepared for someone to come to us. You make some weapons, I'm going to collect some more fish. We lost most in the storm.... *begins fishing again*

Michael: -climbs out- Uh... I'm going to go ahead and... Do stuff. -walks to the tree-

Jaina: *walks over to Michael* I'll show you how to make traps. You can do that while I use a rock to make a make-shift spear. *starts to show Michael how to make a trap step-by-step*

Michael: -watching the lesson- Mhm... I see...

Jaina: See? Simple. *throws a branch into the trap and it gets caught and strung up* You go into's left of the trees, and I'll make weapons. *grabs some pointy sticks, heavy branches, pointy rocks, leaves, and heave rocks and walks to a random point of the island*

Michael: Alright... -goes to what's left of the trees and starts making traps, before he stops- Ugh, why will this help anyways? Humans will easily see the trap... -pauses, then hides in a tree, and waits for a squirrel to come out. When it does, he quickly leaps out and grabs it's tail, then snaps it's neck before it can do anything- ... Caught a squirrel. -shrugs, and tosses it to Jaina-

Jaina: *catches the squirrel* Um....*hands it back to him* I'll make weapons. Give this to Calpurnia...*mutters* How?

Michael: Alright. -hands it to Calp, then goes back to the woods-


A very small portion of this year's Arena, the Beach isn't really all that dangerous or hazardous by itself. It's just not very well protected, and unfortunately, it's right near the middle. It does provide a good viewpoint to the island out at sea, as the Purple Team discovers when they finally wake up. What will they do? Will they strike out across the bridge toward the island, or will they enter the forest and head for the Cornucopia?

Finn: *gets up, and runs towered the forest*

Selleck: *Unceremoniously dumps Voltia on the sand, and collapses* "I'm...leaving time..."

Voltia: *groans in agony* Ugh.. Same with you.

Finn: *about to enter the forest, but turns around when he hears their voices* Well hi there. I'm Finn, and you are? Oh, and please don't kill me. Kill the rest of my worthless team. We can be alies! Agreed?

Selleck: *Raises an eyebrow as he sits up* "Why would we trust you?"

Voltia: *smirks at Selleck* Unless you want to be stuck carting me around, you'd accept this *cringes and grits her teeth* kind tributes offer.

Selleck: *Glares at Voltia, turns to glance at the comatose Nate, and then glances back to Finn* "Fine. We'll help you with your scheme."

Voltia: *cringing* How exactly are you going to kill Nate with no weapons? >_<

Selleck: "We're on a beach; let's just throw him in the water, genius..." *Begins to walk over to Nate*

Selleck: *Reaches Nate and glaces back to Finn* "I'm going to need some help with your dirty work..."

Finn: *smirks, and bows* Of course. *lifts Nate, and throws him into the water* Can you do the other one? I'll tend to your team mate. *bends down and looks at Voltia* What exactly happened?

Nate, still comatose and defenseless, sinks like a stone. He doesn't resurface.

Selleck: *Smirks in satisfaction* "Nothing to concern yourself over, ally. You're the walking dead, and I'm afraid that I don't join forces with corpses."

Finn: *stands up*, what you're saying is, you're planning to kill me?

Selleck: *Chuckles darkly* "Not at all. I believe the Chancellor will do that task for me."

A cannon fires, signaling Nate's demise.

Finn:...gosh, you are so depressing.

Chancellor's Voice: *Echoing dramatically* "Finn, I thought the rules were clear. Teammates were not meant to kill each other."

Selleck: *Smirks* "Right on schedule."

Finn: *bows* Oh greatest Chancellor...wherever you are....please take into concideration the fact that both of my team mates where idiots who did nothing. I was only trying to get this game moving along. You don't want a boring game, do you? Please spare me, as I only had good intentions.

Chancellor's Voice: *Still echoing dramatically* "Be that as it may, the citizens of the Capitol are thoroughly disgusted by your acts. For the good of the people, I have no choice but to end your treachery right here." *Pauses* "And let's not forget, you disregarded my one rule. You have fifteen seconds..."

Finn: The Capitol disgusted by this? May I remind you that YOU, THE CAPITOL, are the ones killing children! Young adults! Ruinning their lives, their family! And I have disgusted you? I don't want to live in a world where killing a team mate is more disgusting then killing a child. You may end my life, but you will be ending it in vain.

Chancellor's Voice: You say you don't want to live anymore, traitor? Your wish is granted."

Following that statement, Finn clutches his head and screams in agony. The horrific sound growing in pitch and volume, the last Purple Team member's legs give out and he collapses to the sand. Still screaming, Finn twitches madly on the ground before finally, thankfully, growing still, his tortured screams fading to nothingness.

Selleck: *Eyes wider than normal, and the smirk has been wiped off his face* "That resolved itself rather...nicely."

Voltia: O_O So that's what will happen if I kill Selleck... *shifts gaze to Selleck* You lucky bastard. <_<

Selleck: "Consider yourself fortunate that I also no longer consider ending your life, however deserving that fate might be."

Voltia: *stands* Woah. I think the blood stopped... I'll just be on a limp for a while. .*turns to forest* So, try the forest again?

Selleck: *Turns to the island and smirks confidently* "Be killed horribly if you wish, but I think we're overlooking a great opportunity."

Voltia: *raises an eyebrow* and what may that be?

Selleck: *Points to the island* "The island is defendable, probably has water, and we'll see it if anyone ever decides to approach us. It's a paradise."


This dense forest separates the sea and all other regions from the Cornucopia, and serves as the last line of defense. While some of the plants here are safe to eat, many more are poisonous, and will end a tribute's life in a matter of seconds. No one wakes up here at the beginning of these Games. Who will make it through this forest of death?

Arianna: *walks with her team from the cave* Unless I'm mistaken, I believe we're the first here... We need to find the cornucopia.

Sierra: Hopefully they have medicine in there, I don't know how long I can last.

Arianna: *walks with alysha and sierra through the forest* If you see anything that poses as a threat, say so. Three heads are better than one... or two.

Sierra: Okay. *Stays on the look-out*

Alysha: *Follows Arianna and Sierra* Hopefully we can get to the cornucopia soon, I don't like being vulnerable.

Arianna: *has lead the Black Team into the depths of the woods* I think we're about halfway... but, I'm not certain... So, uh *turns to Alysha and Sierra* How do you think everything will turn out?

Alysha: *Sighs* Hopefully good since we have no weapons... Let's just make sure we get there safely...

Sierra: *Still feeling woosey but doesn't want to say anything* I think we'll do good, I know how to make weapons if we ever need them.

Logan: *Begins to just walk*Okay,.....I might be safe*Looks around*I said it too soon.

Logan: *Still walking*Being alone doesn't help my confidence, my whole team is dead minus me.

Selleck: *Glances at Voltia* "So, now that we're not freezing to death, what next?"

Arianna: *has lead her team to the edge of the forest* I think... I think I see the Cornucopi-- *eyes widen in shock* Wait... Since when did it f-float...?

Voltia: *shrugs shoulders at Selleck* who knows? Just keep walking until someone either kills one of us or we find the Cornucopia.

Selleck: *Smirks* "It's probably a good thing we have nothing to defend ourselves with. You'd just stab yourself in the foot again..."

Voltia" *glares at Selleck* Ugh! Why did I have to be paired up with the likes of you?! *storms ahead on the trail*

Selleck: *Snickers quietly to himself* "She makes this too easy..." *Follows her at a safe distance*

Arianna: *stares in awe at the cornucopia* (And Black Team is at cornucopia :P)

Squirrels jump from the trees and land in front of Selleck and Voltia, blocking their way forward. It seems odd, because the squirrels seem almost...organized.

Voltia: *stops and stares at the squirrels* Muttations, no doubt. *jerks her thumb back to Selleck* Eat him, he's got more meat. >_>

Selleck: *Gestures ahead* "Don't forget, she's closer. How hard could she be to track down and kill?"

The squirrels almost seem to debate the issue, but soon the little beasts start to charge at the unlucky pair, intent on doing them great bodily harm, it seems.

Voltia: *attempts to turn away but it bitten in the leg by a squirrel* Ah! *cringes*

Selleck: *Freezes, and looks from the now-injured Voltia to the safety of another path, and then back again quickly* "Damn..."

Voltia: *kicks the squirrel away with her good lehg and manages a run away from them, leaving selleck to decidew for himself*

Selleck: *Sprints after her, marveling at the speed Voltia's maintaining with her bad leg* "How doing that?"

The Squirrel Army is in close pursuit of the two unfortunate Gray Team members.

Voltia: *while cringing over her bad leg* District 3... It's people being zapped by loose wires is not very... uncommon... Overtime, it's people adapted to... Taking... pain... *falls to one knee* Ugh...

Selleck: *Smirks despite their situation* "Not enough, it seems." *Catches up to her, and before Voltia can do anything, lifts her over his shoulder and continues gamely onwards, not caring where they end up*

The squirrels gain on the two with every step, and it's only a matter of time before they reach them.

Voltia: *Sees the squirrels and forgets to chew out Selleck for picking her up* ...Run.

Selleck: *Groans in frustration and somehow runs faster* "Got any other bright ideas, dead weight?"

A portion of the army have now taken to the trees, and the gap has closed considerably.

Voltia: *glares at Selleck* Fine then. Stop and get us both eaten alive!

Selleck: *Rolls his eyes, but spots something ahead* "Is that...sand?" *With one last burst of speed, he carries them both to where the trees thin and finally disappear, to where the sand is dominant and the sound of the tide can be clearly heard* (Gray Team has made it to the Beach.)

The Squirrel Army, strangely, does not pursue, though you can clearly hear squeaky death threats aimed at the two.

Rochelle: *hears leaves rustling and draws out knives* LOGAN! *throws knife at Logan's neck*

Logan: *Dodges*Hey!Please don't hurt me yet, I want to make it to the Cornucopia before I die.....I could help you and your team though just don't kill me, please?I won't kill you.

Rochelle: *runs away*

Logan: *Shrugs*Okay, then....*Continues walking*

(Ult: "First123, you've been in the Forest for days. I think it's safe to say you reached the Cornucopia.")

(First123: Okay, thanks.)

Rochelle: *continues to run towards the cornucopia* Logan... ally hmm?

Kristy:*arrives, and heads quickly towards the Cornucopia*

Rochelle: *jumps into bushes*

Rafael:*arrives, sees Kristy, and walks over to her* Have you seen Rochelle? She is my only living teammate left.

Kristy:*shrugs* Nope. I'm headed to the Cornucopia. We can go together if you want.

Rafael:*nods, and they begin walking towards the Cornucopia*

Rochelle: *walks out of bushes* Hey guys. Want to go to Cornucopia?

Rafael:*nods* Of course, teammate. But she goes with us. Our teammate Quincy is dead, and right now, we need the help.

Kristy:Besides, I think the three of us can make final three.

Jannah: I believe you are forgeting about me. Don't kill me, I'm on Kristy's team.

Kristy:Jannah! Welcome! The four of us really need to stick together!

Rafael:Looks like both of our entire teams are here, since Quincy was killed by lava, and I brutally murdered Jacob...Er...since Jacob had an accident I mean.

Kristy:*shrugs* To be honest, Jacob was not much of a teammate. Besides, as long as you don't attack us, we're cool.

Jannah: Shall we be off? The best stuff in the cornucopia will be gone soon.

Jannah: *walks to the cornucopia*

Kristy:*carefully follows*

Rafael:*covers them from behind as they enter the Cornucopia*

Rochelle: Rafe?

Rafael:*walks in carrying the injured Kristy* I got some medicine, hopefully some gauze. If I can, I can try and parch her up.*sets Kristy down and starts wrapping up her back wound* I don't think it hit the spine, and the fall is not so far. Rochelle, help me patch her up!

Jannah: *runs into the forest, and notices Kristy, Rafael, and Rochelle* Oh crap! What happened?

Rafael:Arianna happened! Help me fix her up!*wipes the wound, begins wrapping it in gauze*

Despite Rafael's best efforts, the wound continues to bleed, and Kristy grows paler and her breathing grows shallower. She doesn't seem to be long for this world.

Rochelle: There's not much hope for Kristy left...


The Cornucopia is floating over a small lake, and the only way to get up to it is to climb the chains that seem to tether the structure from floating into the sky above. Who will reach it, and who will fall to their doom on the way to weapons and supplies? No one wakes up here at the beginning of these Games; those who wish to reach here must make it through the Forest first.

Arianna: *examines the chains leading to the floating Cornucopia* Hmm... *turns to Alysha and Sierra, particularly to Sierra* We need medicine, some weaponsm, and water to start I'm guessing. *turns back to the chains* I'll climb. You two... cover me, somehow. *begins climbing the chains*

A storm suddenly rages in this region, creating strong gusts of winds and lowering visibility greatly. The chains begin to sway to and fro, making climbing them nearly impossible.

Arianna: Aaah! *grips the chains for dear life* They obviously want everyone to die quickly in these games!

Alysha: *Grabs on to Arianna* Hopefully this ends soon, or we'll never get any weapons or supplies!

The storm suddenly ceases, and the chains still, making climbing much more possible.

Alysha: *Let's go of Arianna and begins climbing the chains to the Cornucopis* Come on guys, before another storm hits!

Sierra: *Stands at the bottem of the Cornucopia as look out*

Sierra's injury has grown worse, and the female tribute has passed out.

Sierra: *Passed out*

Alysha: *Continues climbing and notices Sierra lying on the ground* I gotta get some medicine for her!

Sierra: *Still uncounscious*

Arianna: *continues to climb the chains, calmer than before* ...

Arianna: *reaches the cornucopia first, finding it full of the usual items* Good. *turns to Alysha* You should probably wait on the ground. We'll get medicine to Sierra faster.

Alysha: *Nods head and drops to the ground*

A violent storm begins to rage once more, splitting up the members of the Black Team.

Alysha: *Picks up Sierra and grabs onto the chains* Are you ok, Arianna?

Arianna: Yeah... *Sees a small glass vile of medicine* They had to make it the most dangerous container around, didn't they? *picks up the vile and calls down to alysha* Are you a good catch?

Alysha: *Looks up* Yeah, go ahead and pass it to me!

Arianna: Heads up. It's glass! *tosses vile down to Alysha*

Alysha: *Catches the vile* Oh, that hurt! *Turns to Sierra and begins giving her some of the medicine* Hopefully this makes you better!

Sierra: *Begins to open eyes but body is still limp* Wha- what happened?

Dia:*creepily walks in*

Arianna: *sees Dia from afar* Ha, fool. *picks out a knife and expertly throws it. The knife hits the unexpecting Dia, right in the throat* One down. About 15 more to go.. *turns back to the stash of supplies*

Three cannons fire in quick succession.

Arianna: *is close to finishing gathering supplies* Hey, Alysha, Sierra, anything else we need?

Alysha: Just make sure you get weapons, some sort of shelter, and some water bottles!

The storm ceases once again, but the disappearance of the rain and the wind brings a much more dangerous enemy: the Squirrel Army has come. And they don't look happy.

The squirrels begin to charge at Alysha and Sierra.

Alysha: *Begins climbing the chains* Arianna, give me a weapon! Quick!

Arianna: *sees the squirrels* Oh sh*t. *grabs to swords* Guys, catch! *throws the two swords down to her teammates*

Alysha: *Catches her sword and continues climbing up*

Some of the squirrels begin to scamper up the chains, while a select group branch off to surround Sierra.

Arianna: *begins throwing a large quantity of knives at the climbing squirrels* Are they serious? -_-

Alysha: *Continues to climb* They're following me up!

Rafael:*sees the situation, sees logan and Sierra near the squirrels* Crap! *runs to the chains*

Kristy:*quicky follows*

Jannah: *follows quickly*

Rafael:*reaches the chains and starts climbing*

Kristy:*is right behind him* Rochelle, Jannah, now or never!

Rochelle: *begins climbing*

Jannah: *begins climbing*

Alysha: *Continues climbing*

Rafael:*quicky climbs* I see the black team! Hurry!

Kristy:*keeps pace with Rafael*

Jannah: *is right behind them*

Rochelle: *continues climbing*

Jannah: *climbs*

Rochelle: *climbs up* I think I see Arianna!

Rafael:*is catching up to Alysha* Why hello, black team! Problems?

Kristy:*catches up* Enough with the banter, climb!

Rochelle: Rafe, look out for Arianna!

Alysha: *Continues climbing and holds sword* Any of you make any moves on my team or me, you're gonna die. Got it?

Rochelle: We don't mean any harm, we just want to make it out here alive, just as much as you do.

Rafael:No violence on the Cornucopia, agreed. Please tell your teammate that!*reaches the top and sees Arianna* We are not here for violence. I just came off of Lava Mountain, I am not in the mood to fight.

Kristy:*climbs up next to him* Yeah, we don't mean harm!(I g2g soon, dun kill meh Reddy D: :P)

Rochelle: *climbs back down* I can't take this anymore! (I have to go soon as well, don't kill meh when I'm offline, that's just not right xD) Arianna can't be trusted! :| *hides in forest*

Rafael:*finds a cool-looking sword* It will do.*gathers basic items needed* This should be enough for any needed expeditions.*walks over and sits in the corner and sits in a meditating position while flipping his trusty knife*

Kristy:*gathers a couple of daggers and a sword* Alright then!*gets a few supplies, and walks over to Rafael* Now we can relax for a while. And I will not risk the squirrels right now.*watches Arianna closely*(Reddy, you are my friend, but I cannot stopp feeling uneasy when offline xD Night)

Arianna: *takes and knife and swiftly stabs Kristy in the back while she isn't looking, and then swooops over to kick Raefael into Kristy, sending them both falling from the cornucopia and to the army of squirrels below* Let's hope they die.

(Reddy: For the record, I wqas off wiki at the time that happened and only meant to kill Kristy. So Rafael can escape, Alfan. I just didn' want Arianna to die yet because my other character, Voltia, is gonna die sooner or later.)

Arianna: *sees Jannah climbing* Squirrels, tributes, everyone's dropping dead. *picks out another knife and throws it at Jannah, but misses and stabs through Alysha's hand* Woah! *yells for Alysha and Sierra* Black Team, we've gotta move! *packs up two back-packs of supplies, three knives for herself and handles a sword* Okay arianna, you can jump this...

(Alfie:I wasn't even gonna do anything. I hope MrD guts you like a fish. <_<)

Rafael:*grabs the chain and Kristy's foot and tries to hold on* Squirrels, a psycho b****, what next?

Kristy:*is very badly hurt* This sucks.....

Rafael:Meh.*drops Kristy on purpose* Imma gtfo.*climbs down and reenters the forest*

(Reddy: Sorry Alfan, but first rule of the hunger games: trust no one. Well, except your team, in this case*

Arianna: *jumps from the cornucopia, slamming into the ground and rolling some* Ugh... Okay, bad idea. *a squirrel charges and arianna but she slices it's head off in the nick of time* That was close. *sees Sierra and Alysha* Ugh, I've gotta save them. *charges into the squirrel army, using her sword to behead many of the beasts*

Rafael:*gets Kristy, drags her to the forest* (Dead pr not, I want her body. If she is declared dead, I can at least bury her. :P If she can survive, hooray!)

Jannah: Oh, screw it... *grabs a knife and a backpack with food in it and jumps down* AHHH!!!! *runs frantically into the forest*

The surviving squirrels run off into the forest, but not before wounding Sierra horribly. A roar can be heard in the distance.

Arianna: *still weilding her sword* I think there's more... Or something worse. *looks to Alysha, and then down at Sierra* ...This is all my fault. I took too long at the cornucopia... And this was the result. *draws back her sword and saunters away*

Arianna: *stops and turns back to alysha* ya coming? There's probably no use wasting out effort to save her... *a tear rolls down her cheek*

Sierra's battered chest does not rise again, and a cannon fires in response, shattering the fragile silence.

Arianna: *more tears stream down her eyes and she bolts away to the woods, leaving Alysha with Sierra's corpse*

The Second Day in the Arena: The Massacre Continues

Chancellor's Voice: "Twelve of you have perished, and twelve of you remain." *The faces of Hayden, Kookie, Eric, Tommy, Quincy, Dia, Suzy, Nate, Finn, Jacob, Sam, and Sierra are shown in the sky for all to see* "Some of you will be pleased to hear that we've made the squirrels disappear for the moment. But what will you have to face in their place?"

The Deadlands (II)

This region was originally the Swamp, but overnight, toxic fumes have replaced the murky water, killing all natural habitat. And several beasts lurk here it truly wise to venture here?

Rafael:*enters the Deadlands* I am ready for my fate.

Jannah: *raises her sword* This place gives me the creeps...

Roars are heard, and indistinct shadows creep ever closer from the shrouding fumes...

Frozen Wasteland (II)

This region has not changed, although a small underground cave system has appeared that might make a good shelter...or not.

Lava Mountain (II)

Once a grand mountain, but now only a pile of rocks, ash, and stifling fumes.

Small Island (II) (Obliterated)

This remains a prime spot in the Games, as it has everything a tribute could wish for to survive. The Yellow Team is situated here.

Calpurnia: *wakes up, smiling* Ah, this is the best. We haven't seen another team this whole time, and we have not a worry in our heads. *lies back again*

Fog rolls in, reducing visibility severely.

Voltia: Well, we're on land... but is anyone else here?

Selleck: *Peers into the fog* "Not a clue, dead weight."

Voltia: *loses it an shoves Selleck to the ground* IF WE WEREN'T ON THE SAME TEAM I WOULDN'T HESITATE TO END YOUR LIFE!

Selleck: *Winces* "Well, if there is anyone on the island, you've alerted them to our presence. Nice."

Jaina: I heard something. I can't see anything. Cally, Michael, the hole. Get in, and I'll cover you again. I want you guys to survive. *makes the hole slightly bigger, tosses in some berries* They might be nightlock, but if one of you might know if their okay. So...*pushes them in, and lays the logs, and covers them with sand* *whispers* Again, stay safe. *shouts* WHO'S THERE?

Voltia: *gulp* You're on your own. *runs back to where the bridge would be, but it it completely broken now* Oh, crap...

Selleck: *Glares back at his teammate, shrugs, and calls back* "A genius and an idiot."

Voltia: *glares at Selleck through the fog* You being the idiot for replying?

Selleck: *Doesn't look her way, instead focusing all of his attention in the area where the voice came from* "Very clever."

Jaina: *searches for a weapon, and grabs a large branch* This could work...*walks through the fog* I come in peace...

Voltia: *begins to shake in fear* That's what they always say...

Jaina: *hears Voltia's voice* I'll trust you unless you give me a reason not to. Who are you, where are you, and is your team alive?

Selleck: *Surprised* "This doesn't make sense..."

Jaina: *hears his voice and smiles* Selleck? District 10? It's me, Jaina from District 12! I could never kill you. I want you to win. Ether you, or Michael and Calpurnia.

Voltia: You two know each other?!

Selleck: "Talking briefly for a few minutes apparently forges a bond..."

Jaina: Hey, you and my team-mates are the only ones I could really trust right now...and your shrimpy little team-mate.

Voltia: Ugh. *sees Jaina walking to them* Do me a favor and kill this guy. You can't win if he wins.

Selleck: *Smirks as he glances at Voltia, then chuckles* "Shrimp..."

Jaina: *sighs* So, are we allies or not? Because I'm armed.

Voltia: *glares at selleck and then turns to Jaina* Yeah, that tree branch is real threatening.

Selleck: *His humor fades* "I fail to see how we can co-exist peacefully."

Jaina: You can. You need us. We can feed you, and you can us weapons. As, for you shrimpy person...would you like me to wack you with tree branch so you can see just how threatening it is.

Michael: -peeks out of the ladder, then comes out-

Jaina: You know, if you don't want to be allies then I'll leave you on this island to die. But remember, you share this island with my team-mates and I. If you stumble onto our camp, or threaten us in any way, we attack. Byyyyeee! *skips away, back to the hole* Michael! *pushes him down, then jumps in the hole* Why did you come out? *lays the logs back down* The Gray team is here. They're ON the island. They know that WE'RE here. We need to train, hide food, and set up more traps.

Michael: Alright...

Voltia: *begins constructing a small raft* If you guys want to stay here and starve, be my guest. NBut I, for one, and leaving!

Jaina: Hmm...Michael, you get as many branches as you can. Bring them back to me, I want to secure the permimiter. Also grab some grass, vines, leaves, and rocks. I'm also going to set up some traps. Thanks. And then we'll work with lineing the hole with leaves and storing our food there. And a place where we can sleep....GO!

Michael: Alright... -goes to the trees-

Jaina: *walks to the edge of the island and sticks pointy sticks in the sand, and ties them together with vines and grass* Hmm...a person could use this for a weapon. *jams the stick in the sand so it can't be removed*...that works. *starts working along the island*

Calpurnia: *comes out of the hole and joins the others* Who are these people? Where are they? Whatever. Get them out of here, because I only trust you guys and no one else. I'll see if I can start a small fire so I can cook the fish. Don't give anything to those strangers. Got it?

Jaina: *nods* Of course Calpurnia. Oh, and if you find anything REALLY pointy, give it to me. I'm securing around the island so no one can get on the island if the decide to go in the water or something. *is making something like a wall with pointy sticks in rows of five* See? The pointy sticks will protect us...I hope. What else can we use?

Selleck: *Sits next to Voltia, and sighs bitterly* "How far do you think you'll last on that thing?"

Voltia: *still constructing raft* Long enough to win these games. <_<

Selleck: *Shakes his head* "In our position? Not likely."

The fog clears up suddenly.

Voltia: *finishes raft just as this happens* Great! *sees the movement out in the water by a huge shadow* What is that?

Selleck: *Eyes wider than usual* "I don't think I want to figure out the answer to that question."

Calpurnia: Yes, that is good Jaina. *notices the fog has cleared, and sees movement in the water also* Jaina, look. What is that thing in the water out there?

Jaina: *squints* I...I think it's a person! *continues building, then pauses for a moment* We have to arm ourselves...*hands them large rocks and heavy branches* Hide the food and make better weapons!

Arianna: *lands directly on the barrier of the Gray and Yellow teams* Ow...

Voltia: *sees Arianna* Who is this?

Selleck: *Steps into the water with the raft* "Who cares? We're leaving, dead weight."

Voltia: *mumbles* Who said he got a ride? *runs to selleck on the raftand begins to row*

Jaina: *steps infront of Arianna* You must be Arianna. I've heard that you're a killer. But right now, you seem scared and unarmed. Why shouldn't we kill you?

Arianna: *looks up at Jaina* I'm unarmed. I'm cold. My whole team has probably died by now. I just killed the sea monster, freeing up transportation to the mainland; the numbers are dwindling quickly.

A gigantic wave suddenly materializes a fair distance away, courtesy of the Gamemakers. When it eventually reaches the island, the island will be obliterated. Those who are in danger's path, escape quickly!

Arianna: Oh, the irony. *runs to thew edge of the island and sees the Gray Team* Hey! A little help here?!

Selleck: *Looks toward the voice and notices the giant wave in the distance* "...Lovely." *Calls to Arianna* "I suppose you want a spot on our raft?"

Arianna: Forget it *turns directly to the camera* Chancellor, peacekeepers, people of the capitol; I plead to you. Why woulds you want this? Why? We're the Yellow and Black teams! Two of the most popular this games! You wouldn't want to ruin this eopic show right now, right? I plead to you, once again, shut off the wave. Spare us... We'll be sure to give an extra thrilling show from here on out. *tears stream from her eyes*

A giant inflatable raft suddenly falls to the island, complete with paddles. It seems the Sponsors finally decided to do something.

Arianna: Yes! *hops on and to the yellow team* Come in if you wanna live!

Jaina: *grabs Calpurnia's hand and hops on the raft and grabs a paddle* Michael, let's GO.

Michael: -gets in as quickly as possoible, and starts to paddle- Come on raft, go faster!

Arianna: *leads the raft out to the ocean just as the wave nears the island*

The wave crashes into the island, uprooting every tree and destroying all plant life. What seemed so immovable and permanent disappears in the blink of an eye. As the wave sweeps over the island, all trace of it is wiped out. The wave inexplicably disappears soon after, but an entire region is gone, as if it never existed at all.

Beach (II)

This region is connected to the island by a handy bridge, and lies on the outskirts of the forest. No enemies frequent this area, but Selleck and Voltia are here, deciding where to go next.

Voltia: *yawns* So, where to now?

Selleck: *Walks over to the bridge* "The island. I'm not risking the forest again." *Smirks suddenly* "I can't carry you anymore, dead weight."

Voltia: *glares for the billionth time at Selleck* What about food, genius?

Selleck: "There's either fruit, or we could try fishing. We can't stay here." *Rolls his eyes and steps on the bridge* "You coming, dead weight?"

Voltia: *grumbles some curses and follows Selleck*

Selleck: *Chuckles under his breath* "Paradise, here we come..."

Once the duo gets halfway across the bridge, the half connecting to the mainland inexplicably breaks apart, leaving only one route: forward towards the island.

Voltia: O_O Now what are we going to do? That sea's probably full of muttations! And there's probably ppl waiting for us too!

Selleck: *Smirks* "Feeling a bit jumpy today, are we?"

Voltia: *shoves past Selleck and runs to the Island*

Selleck: *Follows her, smirk fading, to the island*

Arianna: *walks into the empty beach* From what I've gathered, there's a sea monster out at sea. If I can kill it, that should make water travel easier, since it looks like some idiot destroyed the bridge. After that, I can travel to that island and see if anyone inhabits it. *picks up rocks and throws them into the water*

Arianna: I'll need bait... *runs to the forest*

Arianna: *returns and feeds rest of medicine to Alysha* You so owe me one... *turns to the sea* Come on out, freak! *throws two knives into about the middle of the sea, and silence follows* ...Let's hope that works.

Alysha: *Coughs and openes eyes to see Arianna* Thank you...

Arianna: *looks at alysha* consider yourself lucky I went back. *turns back to sea, waiting for the sea monster to retaliate to her knives*

Alysha: *Coughs some more* I'll make sure to have your back from now on, as a way of repaying you for this...

A dark underwater shadow nears the mainland.

Arianna: *picks up a rock and throws it at the shadow* ...

The shadow jerks about at the rock's impact and leaps out of the water, roaring impressively and showing its full set of (bloodstained) teeth.

Alysha: *Crawls behind a large rock near them* This is insane!

Arianna: Hahaha, perfect. *jumps onto a largew rock and throws her last knife at around where the monster's throat would be*

The knife glances off harmlessly, and succeeds in only infuriating the deadly monster.

Arianna: *throws all her supplies off, keeping only her sword and bumdle of rope. I'm going in..... *jumps into the sea, to face the mighty beast*

Jannah: *walks up to Alysha* Well, look what we have here... I won't kill you, for the time being.

Alysha: *Stares at Jannah and says nothing*

Jannah: Let's see if your little friend kills the beast....

Alysha: Oh, I'm so scared. Get the hell outta my sight before Arianna gets back, or you'll be the next one dead after she kills the beast.

Jannah: I could take your head clean off if I wanted too.

Alysha: *Rolls eyes* Good for you. Now would you please mind getting out of here?

Jannah: Okay then... *slashes her sword at Alysha's neck*

Alysha: *Moves her head back but still gets slightly cut by the sword* Ugh! *Grabs a rock and throws it at Jannah*

Jannah: *gets hit in the chest* Ow! You just signed your death certifercate... *slices once more at Alysha*

Alysha: *Is cut once more by the sword and her body becomes motionless*

Rochelle: *arrives on the beach* What happened to Alysha?

A cannon fires.

Jannah: Ibelieve I'm done here... *walks back into the forest*

Rochelle: *walks back into the forest after staring at Alysha's corpse* What did you do to her?

Jannah: I just slit her throat.

Gray Team's Raft: *reaches shore*

Yellow Team and Arianna's Raft: *reaches shore soon after*

Voltia: Joy, six of the like nine remaining tributes.

Selleck: "As much as I'd like to be massacred, I think it's best we left." *Glances to the Forest*

Arianna: *searches her bags of supplies she left earlier and finds four knives overall* Great. This is more than enough to have some fun... *attaches the knives to her belt*

Arianna: But, before we get a move on, we'll need to kill some deadweight... *fluidly moves and throws a knife right between Michael and Jaina, straight into Calpurnia's throat* Sorry, but your team was much to big to over come... *looks at her knife* I don't need it. *walks along*

Jaina: *pulls the knife from Calpurnia and fallows Arianna* You can't take on three by yourself. I'm comming with you to kill people.

Sea (II)

Region that holds the underwater beast. Pray you don't fall in.

Arianna: *shakes from the cold of the water and looks up to see the raging beast towering over her* Y'know.. they probasbly would've all just starved on the island anyway... *dives down and sees the monsters full body. she swims down further*

The underwater beast swims right for her, jaws wide open in anticipation of another meal.

Arianna: *draws out her ropes and lasso the beast's mouth* Umph! *swims up and gasps for air*

The beast simply swims farther away from the mainland, dragging Arianna away with the rope.

Arianna: Woah* dives under water again and swims towards the beast, trying to warp her rope around its neck*

The underwater beast swims erratically, and quickly swims off into the depths and out of sight.

Arianna: *treading water in the middle of the sea* I don't have a very good feeling about this... *starts swimming towards the island not to far away* This'll take at least half an hour...

The beast shoots directly up from the shadowy depths, aiming for its prey, Arianna.

Arianna: *quickly reacts to this and launches her sword into the mouth of the beast abnd quick swims away from her current position*

As the beast was going at such a high velocity, it couldn't avoid the thrown weapon, and convulsed as the sword pierced the roof of its mouth. The thought of prey banished from its mind with the pain, every attempt to dislodge the sword failing miserably, the beast felt its life ebb, and then slowly fade, and it sank into the depths.

Arianna: :o It actuall-- *the splash made by the beast reaches her, throwing her up into the air and onto the Small Island* Oof!

Forest (II)

The Cornucopia's line of defense, and home to many foul beasts, such as the Squirrel Army. Kristy is barely holding on, and the Orange and Red Teams watch over her worriedly. Logan and Arianna are wandering separate paths. Roars can be heard in the distance, giving a hint of the dangers that will certainly visit these regions.

Rochelle: Kristy, you okay?

Arianna: *stealthfully jump from tree to tree, taking note to remain unnoticed*

Jannah: Did you hear that?

Rochelle: Yeah...

Kristy's eyes cloud over, and she finally succumbs to her grievous injuries. A cannon fires shortly afterwards.

Rafael:Arianna, you gutless coward!*heads to the Cornucopia*

Arianna: *faintlky hears Rafael* o_o Alysha. *swiftly jumps from tree to tree, trying to reach the cornucopia*

Rochelle *hears a falling branch* JANNAH, LOOK OUT! *jumps out of bush*

Arianna: *hides from watching Alysha and Rafael*

Rafael:*re-enters the forest* Arianna, get to your teammate. Jannah, Rochelle, can we go now?

Alysha: *Walks into the forest* O.o I have no idea where I'm going!

Rochelle: I suppose. -_-

Arianna: *drops down and gets alysha in a head lock behind a tree, holding a knife ever-so closely to Alysha's throat* If I could, I'd end your life right now. Traitor.

Rafael:*walks into the forest with Jannah and Rochelle* Maybe we can hunt Logan down.

Rochelle: I dunno.

Arianna: *throws alysha to the ground* WE may be on the same team, but that doesn't mean we have to stick together. *climbs a tree and jumps trees away*

Alysha: *Screams in shock and gasps for air* Please Arianna, I'm not a traitor! I only agreed so that he wouldn't try to kill us, and we could make the final 3! I wont let you die then!

Rafael:*still walking* With Kristy gone....*unsheathes his sword, turns, and stabs at Jannah as ruthlessly as he can*

Rochelle: *takes Kristy's sword* Sorry girlie, gotta survive ya know?

Arianna: *reaches the beach*

Rafael:*slashes Jannah in the gut, then walks towards another part of the forest*

Alysha: *Gets up on her feet and brushes dirt of herself* Well, looks like I'm alone for now... *Picks up her sword and begins wandering around*

Rafael:*walks,sees Alysha* Arianna ditch you?

Rochelle: *wipes nose* It looks like it's going to rain.

Rafael:Alysha, we are hunting Logan down. If you want to join the fun, we are heading out*Heads off in search of Logan* Let us go, Rochelle. :D

Alysha: *Sighs* Yes, because she overheard our converation.*Looks at Rafael* No, I'll go search for Arianna. *Heads off in the opposite direction*

Rochelle: Okay =D *walks along* Hey.. umm.. *kisses Rafael*

Jannah: *dodges Rafael's slash, but gets a small cut on her abdomin* What the hell, Rafael?\

Rochelle: *is still kissing him*

Rafael:Jannah, I had to make sure you were better than I thought. We have a fight coming soon.*hands Jannah a sword* Help me beat Arianna, and I will do all I can for you.

Jannah: Fine, but you better cover me. *Starts walking towards Alysha with her sword*

Rafael:*runs up beside Jannah, sword pointed out*

Jannah: *runs towards Alysha, and slashes at her*

Rafael:*slashes viciously at Alysha's left arm*

Jannah: *swings wildly at Alysha's head*

Rafael:*takes sword and shoves it directly at Alysha's chest*

Jannah: *swipes Alysha's feet from under her, causing her to fall on the ground*

Rafael:*lifts his sword, and brings it down on Alysha's neck* DIE!

Jannah: *finally, stabs Alysha in the chest* I think she is dead...

Rafael:*turns Alysha over and stabs her in the back* Karmic strike! We can go, now, Logan, you are next.

Jannah: *looks at the grotesque ramains of Alysha's body* I'm indifferent. Okay, let's go... *walks away*

Rafael:Now to find Logan....*heads into the forest searching for Logan*.

Logan: I actually made it to day two?*Begins to walk in the forest*

Rafael:*encounters Logan* Greetings. Logan, we have food. Supplies. Some water. I have an extra sword as well. Would you like to join us, at least for the time being?

Jannah: I mean, Logan, you're unarmed, you really have no choice.

Logan: I don't know....I think everyone's after me because I'm the easiest to kill.Unarmed and I have already encountered a Kookie and Hayden mutation I don't want to drag you guys into it.

Arianna: *runs in to find a person to use as bait, but sees Alysha all slashed* ....Oh, don't do it Arianna... Ugh *runs to Alysha's slashed, unconcious body* This girl owes me one. *runs back to the beach carrying alysha*

Logan: *Still explaining*And from the other Hunger Games well, I don't know I know I'm going to die anyways...

Jannah: Just take this. *gives Logan a knife* Follow me... *runs to the beach*.

Logan: *Takes knife*Great I have a fear of the beach......*thinking*Would it be so cruel to stab someone?I don't know....No I can't!I'm not like that!These Hunger Games are getting into my head!

Jannah: Actually, you go first....

Logan: No go ahead, ladies first.

Jannah: What? Are you afraid I'm gonna kill you?

Logan: If you listened I'm afraid of the beach.

Jannah: C'mon, we'll walk side by side then.

Logan: Yeah but I don't trust him*Points at Rafael with his knife in his hand*

Jannah: Really? Just go say Hi to him or something, and he won't rip your organs out.

Logan: He seems silent and plotters are silent, just like my sister.

Jannah: Trust me, he's nicer after you say something to him.

Logan: .....I don't know.....

Jannah: You are USELESS!!! *lunges at Logan with a knife in one hand, and a sword in the other*

Logan: I knew you guys were phonies!But why are you guys aiming for me!?!I'm the weakest guy in the game?*Has knife in his hand*

Jannah: You aren't the weakest. *slashes at Logan*

Logan: Ow!*Uses knife to stab Jannah's hand*

Rochelle: *sneaks up behind logan and literally stabs him in the back* Sorry, nothing personal. *runs behind Rafael and Jannah*

Jannah: *slices his head off* Well, done and done...

Logan: *With his last words before his heads sliced*YOU FIENDS!(Thanks for killing me now I don't have to worry about this camp while I'm at the store)

Rochelle: *runs towards the beach*

Jannah: *is sitting up in a tree with her supplies*

Rafel:*climbs said tree* Well, what did I miss?

Jannah: *whispering* Shh, they'll hear us.

Rafael:*whispering* My time on this mortal coil is ending, Jannah. After I am gone....please take care of Rochelle.*heads to the Deadlands*'

Jannah: *Whispering* Wait up! *follows him*

Cornucopia (II)

The waters have dried up, and all of the supplies have been picked clean by the various tributes. What once could have been a safe haven is now a certain death wish. The wounded Alysha has stayed here, next to her teammate Sierra's corpse.

Alysha: *Clutches hand and begins to stand up* I've got to find Arianna! *Grabs her sword and medicine, and begins walking away*

Alysha: *Walks toward the woods*

Rafael:*sees Alysha* Well, well.*pulls out his sword* I am covered in her blood....Arianna murdered her! So...My only choice left is...Alysha, a fight to the death. *takes a defensive stance*

Alysha: *Clenches hurt hand into a fist and stumbles pas Rafael* I'm in no condition to fight. Do what you want, but even if you try to kill me, I'll fight back if I have too

Rafael:Oh, you thought I meant to harm you? No, it is Arianna I want. My proposition. I will avoid all conflicts with you and Arianna. No matter what. And when it comes down to it....When only you, she, and I remain...I request you let me fight Arianna alone. I don't care about living, you can kill me afterward. But I want at least the chance to fight Arianna....Please?

Alysha: As you wish. But I will not let you harm her until that fight. She is my team mate, and I want to make sure she makes it far.

Rafael:And if you ever have any troubles...I will still be at your aide. Just.....don't die.*sheathes his sword and returns to the forest*

Arianna: *watching Alysha from the edge of the forest, speaking quietly* How... could she?

Alysha: *Continues slowly walking to the forest and mumbles to herself* I'll make sure Arianna gets that far, and hopefully it'll be two team black at the end.

Day Three in the Arena: The Destruction of a World

The Chancellor: "It's come down to the last third of the tributes." *The faces of Kristy, Logan, Alysha, and Calpurnia appear in the sky briefly for all to see* "Give the people of the Capitol what they're craving, tributes: deaths. And enjoy what's left of the arena, as we've destroyed the Lava Mountain and the Frozen Wasteland."

The Deadlands (III)

Rafael and Jannah are here, battling the toxic fumes. Shadows are approaching from the toxic fog...

Jannah: *wakes up* R-Rafael! I see shadows!

The shadows become distinct shapes, and reveal themselves to be wolves. Something is disconcerting about the way they look, but the way they're growling and snarling, it seems that they aren't happy to see you.

Jannah: *raises her sword* Back! *stutters* B-b-back!

One wolf, looking somewhat like Alysha, snarls and leaps for Jannah, fangs bared.

Jannah: *swings her sword at Alysha with one hand, while clutching her knife in the other*

The Alysha muttation yelps as the blade makes contact, but happens to bite Jannah on the lower arm before it backs away slightly.

Jannah: Ack! *stabs at the Alysha mutt in the head*

The Alysha mutt whimpers and dies, but its acidic blood manages to get on Jannah's hands. Also, the bite is starting to make her feel dizzy...

Jannah: Oh.... *reaches in her backpack and looks for medicine*

At that moment, a Logan muttation, vengeance burning its eyes, leaps from the toxic fog, aiming right for Jannah's throat.

Jannah: *dodges, whilist stabbing her knife in the mutt's side*

The Logan muttation seems to grunt, but manages to stay upright, and while it doesn't attack Jannah directly, destroys her backpack with a swipe of his claws. Was that a glint of satisfaction in its eyes?

Jannah: *runs and stabs the mutt multiple times*

The Logan muttation dies, but not before laughing in a barking fashion.

Jannah suddenly finds that she doesn't have the energy to stand anymore, and at that same moment, a Quincy muttation charges at Rafael.

Jannah: My life is over.

Jannah's vision darkens, and soon, the growls and snarls of the nearby muttations sound like they're worlds away.

Jannah: *is crawling slowly, while crying* I'm sorry, Ilove you mom, and dad, and granda, I failed....

The venom in the muttation's bite finally reaches Jannah's heart, and the female tribute convulses and breathes her last. A cannon fires, cutting swiftly across the sounds of growling and snarling.

Jannah: *muttering her last words* Goodbye, I had a good one. *finally succumbs to the pain, and dies*

The Quincy muttation leaps at Rafael, eyes accusing.

Rafael:Blargh!*dodges the beast as best as he can, and runs into the forest*(Had a bad day, just got on, I missed a bunch. D: Forest fire, here I come. <_<)

Beach (III)

Selleck and Voltia remain sitting on the sand, recovering from their hasty escape from the island.

Voltia: *glances to Selleck* So, clinging to the shear chance we have of making it out together... Will you even want to live through this?

Selleck: *Pauses, glances at her, and then looks out to sea* "Living's become a chore, dead weight."

Voltia: *glares at Selleck* I don't see how either odf us is going to survive.

Selleck: *Shrugs* "I never have."

Three mangled and horribly burned figures appear to be walking out of the water (which isn't water anymore). On closer inspection, it's clear that it's the Blue Team. But, they're this can't be good...

Voltia: What the.... *looks towards the sea* ...Acid. * glances to the backpacks arianna left and searches them for weapons* c'mon... *finds nothing* Damn...

Selleck: *Stands, and tries to remain clam* "Forget fighting them. We've got to go." *Turns to the forest*

Voltia: *bolts to the forest*

Selleck: *Glances at Michael, and then follows his teammate quickly*

The three figures approach the Yellow Team member slowly.

Arianna: What? Gamemakers have it out for me. *skillfully throws a knife into the throat of one of the figures*

Voltia: *runs back in* The forrest is burning! O_O *sees Arianna fighting the figures* Good, I don't have to.

The Hayden muttation leaps onto the sand, eyes burning red and fur singed. It growls menacingly at the three tributes.

Arianna: Ugh! *grabs her thrown knife, jump kicks one of the figure's head, sending her up into the air. With ninja-like movements, she throws her knives straight at two of the figures and the muttation. The knives piece through the figures head, but the other misses the muttation as Arianna slams into the ground*

The Hayden muttation charges at Arianna, snarling crazily.

Arianna: *can't stir up the power to move, and braces her self for what is sure to be her final living moment*

Voltia: *grabs a stray knife and sprints to the burning forest*

The Hayden muttation barrels into the lone Black Team member, sending both of them into the scalding water. A fatal endeavor.

A cannon fires shortly after, signaling the end of possibly the the most ruthless competitor. Only Michael is alive to hear it in this region.

Voltia: *quietly sneaks up on Michael, and then swiftly clutches his kneck and jams her knife into Michael's throat* Eh, you were probably a waste of a soul anyway.

Michael: -collapses to the ground, hardly breathing, and with his final breaths he looks to the camera- ... Screw you, Capitol.

A cannon fires, signaling the end of the Yellow Team for good.

Voltia: *runs back to the burning forest*

Sea (III)

The Gamemakers have transformed the sea into a scalding hazard. Don't go in the water, because it's the last thing you'll ever do.

Forest (III)

A relatively safe place at the moment, though a forgotten monster roams here, stalking the other tributes, unseen...

Arianna: *walking the forest with Jaina* ... There's only eight of us left. three are at the beach, we're here, that means 3 others are left. They've got to be here. The only other places to go are the cornucopia, which is useless, the sea, which is deadly, and the Deadlands; but you'd have to be a fool to go there.

Jaina: Speaking of fools, how do you think Michael is doing. *looks shocked for a moment* You don't think he died do you? *shakes her head* No, I need to forget about him. He'll be fine with the Gray Team. Anyway, the Cornucopia could be a good place to make shelter. *holds up the knife* This is the only weapon I have, though. Do you think there's anything left?

Arianna: Doubtful...

Jaina: So what can we do? Find the other three tributes? Go back and finish the Gray Team? Kill each other? Because...we both can't win..*backs away slowly, and holds up knife incase Arianna decides to attack*

Arianna: Though it would be a good idea to end your life right this second, you're useful. But remember, I have the most knives.

Jaina: But what happens when the others die? Who wins? You or I?

Arianna: If I make it to the final with another team with two or more people, I'll gladly give up to spare more lives. I believe if I must kill, I can also save. *looks down to the ground*

Jaina: So, what you're saying is, if Michael, you, and I were the final three, you would kill yourself to spare us?

Arianna: *nods head solemnly*

Jaina: *sighs, then nods* So, what now? Do we find the others, or go back for the Gray Team?

Arianna: Yeah, let's head back. *turns around and walks back, but once she is behind Jaina she quietly takes out a knife and swiftly stabs it into Jaina's back* You fool...

A tree suddenly catches fire randomly. It appears a forest fire is imminent, due to the Gamemakers' manipulations.

Jaina: *looks between the fire and Arianna* Ari-...*pain sends through her and she cries out* How long....*finds her knife and trys to stay steady* I...*drives the knife deep into Arianna's arm and slides it down, wincing at the pain that her back brings her* Please...sponcers....

Arianna: *grabs another knife with her free arm and stabs it into Jaina's throat* Good night.

The fire spreads quickly. It's dangerous to linger here for long.

The Hayden muttation leaps out of the smoke as a cannon fires, and lands facing Arianna. Its fur is burnt, and it looks near crazed from pain.

Arianna: O_O *gathers her knives* Time to split! *sprints to the beach*

Selleck: *Coughs from the smoke and glances around* "Dead weight? Where did you limp off to?" *Stumbles forward, heading in the direction of the Cornucopia while the forest burns around him*

Voltia: *catches up to Selleck* You. Are. INSANE!

Selleck: *Turns to Voltia* "It's our one chance-"

A tree falls suddenly, trapping Selleck's leg beneath it.

Voltia: Selleck! *tries to move the burning tree off of Selleck's leg* *speaks in a coarse voice* It should weaken up, it's burning away!

Selleck: *Grimaces* "Not fast enough, I'm afraid."

The forest continues to burn, and Rochelle has already been killed, proven by the cannon fire. There's a very small window of escape left.

Voltia: *finally manages to roll the burning tree off Selleck's leg and slings him over her shoulder* Who's dead weight now? *struggles to keep moving with the intensified weight, but manages*

Selleck: *Groans weakly* "Leave me, dead weight. I'll get you killed, too."

Voltia: *glares at Selleck* I didn't waste my time putting up with you just to leave you to die! *walks on*

Voltia: *sees the cornucopia* Yes! We made it!

Selleck: *Shakes his head* "You made it..."

Voltia: *quickly runs through the burning forest, headed for the beach*

Voltia: *reaches the beach*

Voltia: *runs back down the same path as before, enabling her to reach the cornucopia faster*

Rafael:*enters, begins sprinting for the Cornucopia* Quincy, my former teammate. Follow me, honey. If I am to die, at least I can bring the other survivors a farewell present!*sees what is left of Rochelle and continues towards the Cornucopia*

Cornucopia (III)

The freshwater pond has reappeared, though otherwise nothing else has changed about this area. Could this be a potential safe haven?

Voltia: *drops selleck to the ground, falling to her knees soon after* Ugh... after... *wheezes* three days... we finally see the.... floating cornucopia...?! o_o

Selleck: *Looks up at the structure, and rolls his eyes briefly* "Over-extravagant..."

Voltia: *stands and stretches* This would be a could time to get some weapons... I doubt we need supplies with so few people left... *begins climbing the chains*

Voltia: *reaches the mouth of the cornucopia* What?! Barely anything? *gathers two knives, very little rope, and a piece of scrap metal* Way to leave something for us... *begins to climb down*

A fierce storm suddenly appears in the region, making climbing or descending the chains impossible until the wind and the rain die down.

Voltia: Woah! *clings to the chains* Give me a break.

The storm dies out, leaving as suddenly as it appeared.

Voltia: *climbs all the way down* That was scary... *sees Selleck* It's pretty apparent you're out of comission...

Selleck: *Grimaces, and doesn't look at his leg* "How very observant."

Voltia: *drops a knife next to selleck* You stay here and... protect yourself. runs back into the burning forest*

Selleck: *Watches her leave, glances at the knife, and sighs bitterly*

Selleck: *Attempts to stand, but instantly falls back again, and glares hatefully at his crushed leg*

Voltia: *walks back in to find selleck* Trying to stand, are we? *smirks*

Selleck: *Doesn't return the smirk* "Stop talking."

Voltia: Why? There's like three people left, including you and I.

Selleck: *Looks toward the burning trees* "You're annoying me."

Rafael:*finally arrives* Grey team, where are you?

Voltia: *throws her knife at Rafael unexpectedly, but falls short* Damn, that Arianna chick made it look easy. *grabs the knife she gave selleck and prepares to defend herself*

Rafael:*takes a knife he has and chucks it towards Voltia's gace* En guarde!*unsheathes his sword*

Voltia: *runs toward Rafael, holding her knife threateningly*

Rafael:*pulls out his other sword* Jannah, this is for you!*runs forward with one blade headed for Voltia's throat, and the other at the ready to block the knife*

Voltia: *dodges out from where rafael was aiming and throws her knife straight into his back. She falls to the ground, but quickly picks up her knife from earlier, ready to attack again*

Rafael:*pulls the knife out of his back* Well, no nerve damage yet.*throws the knife back at Voltia's neck* Arianna Attack 101!*picks up his sword and runs towards Voltia again, prepared to stab her if the knife fails it's duty*

Voltia: *raises her free hand, allowing the knife to stab through her hand and not reach her neck. Thgrough the pain, she throws her other knife, straight for Rafael's neck* Die already! You can't win!

Rafael:*using a move his brother taught him, attempts to deflect the knife with his sword, but the knife grazes his shoulder* Jack.....Forgive me.*stabs at Voltia with his sword aimed at her stomach* This is....NYAN!

Voltia: *cringes* Big mistake. *tslides the knife from her hand and sends it flying right into Rafael's throat*

Rafael:*moves his sword to the side while attempting to dodge, getting cut on the neck* Very...good....*jumps back and takes out his brother's knife* My keepsake...*throws the knife at the unarmed Selleck and turns back to face Voltia*

Voltia: *eyes widen* Your brother's knife? *cringes* Tokens can't be dangerous! I call upon the Chancellor to make *cringes* ruling! (let's stop until Ult comes on to make a ruling XD)

Rafael:*is bleeding profusely* Rules....What rules? I will die soon anyways...*charges at Voltia one last time* Selleck, please...Live life a human, not a murderer!*aims for Voltia's neck*(TBH, my char is gonna die anyway, so...yeah. :P)

Voltia: *rolls pout of the way and kicks Rafael's feet so he falls to the ground and she quickly stands* Give up yet?

Rafael:I never wanted to kill*stands up, wobbling* I never wanted this! If the Chancellor could let us three live, I would cherish my life forever. I don't want to kill...I am not a fighter! Jakc taught me, but I never wanted to use these skills.......If I live, I live a murderer. As are you, Selleck deserves to live, he did not take life. You and I, Voltia. We end here if I can help it!*lunges at Voltia with his sword pointed towards her face*

Voltia: *moves fluidly, dodging, grabbing a stray knife and coming up behind rafael, jamming a knife into the back of his neck* You may not want to live. But I do.

Rafael:*grins* Prove it!*turns, shoves his sword directly at Voltia's neck, and grabs his bleeding neck* My time is nigh.

Voltia: *narrowly dodges and kicks Raefael to the grouynd. She is covered in cuts and bruises as she stares at the sdying Rafael* You.... lose.

Rafael:For the sake....of irony...can you finish me with my brother's knife? If I have to die.....let it be by his blade. *coughs up blood*

Voltia: Finally, somebody in this game recognizes they should've given up a long time ago. *walks to Selleck and finds Raefael's knife, which fell inches short of Selleck* ... *picks up the knife, and walks back to rafael* rest in peace... or whatever. *james the knife into Rafael's throat*

Rafael:*oddly smiles at Voltia, as if at peace, as he takes his final breath*

Voltia: *smiles as the sun shines at full brightness, for the first time for three days in the arena* She shifts her gaze from Rafael's corpse to Selleck, still lying on the grass, and cracks a small smile* Hmph. *turns to camera and speaks directly* Told you I'd win. ;)

Selleck: *Now wounded from the thrown knife as well, but manages to smile slightly* "I don't believe it..."

Day Four: The Last Scene

The Chancellor: "Well done, Gray Team! The Capitol cheers for the both of you. *The faces of Jaina, Rochelle, Arianna, Jannah, Michael, and Rafael appear briefly in the sky* "Now, sleep..."

Selleck and Voltia suddenly find it impossible to keep their eyes open, and they drift off.

Empty Room

The two survivors wake up to find themselves in a room which only contains one knife. Confused, and still injured from the Games, they stare a bit blankly around the room until the Chancellor's voice greets them.

The Chancellor: "The room you are standing in now will be the room that all victors of the Games pass through to a life of luxury and fame. But it was decreed on the first day that there would only be one victor of these games. That there are two of you presents a predicament." *Pauses to let the news sink in* "But, we've solved this. In the room, there is one knife. You'll find nothing else. Kill the teammate that you've been with this entire time, and claim what you've earned. We'll be waiting." *The room is silent once more*

Voltia: *glances to Selleck* I suppose you'll be eager to kill me?

Selleck: *Coughs* "I think it's time for you to shed your title, dead weight."

Voltia: What are you saying? Over the course of not even a week you've gone from being my worst enemy to not wanting to kill me? Wow.

Selleck: "Face it, dead weight. You've won these Games." *Coughs up a bit of blood* "It appears Rafael's knife hit a little closer than I thought..."

Voltia: *sighs* Uh... *walks around and easily finds the knife* Okay... *walks up to Selleck* Before I do this, I just want you to know, uh... You were the best... team-mate, I could have had in these games... Aside from being helplessly annoying, I couldn't imagine anyone else I could've... survived, with.

Selleck: *Smirks slightly, but coughs again, more harshly* "Just...remember me, Voltia. That's my...last request."

Voltia: *nods, allowing a single tear to roll down her cheek* I'll... never forget, you... *quickly slits Selleck's throat, as if she thinks it will ease the pain. She drops the knife and turns around* There... bastards.

The door behind her suddenly opens up, and Voltia drops her weapon and leaves the room. She's faced with the smiling faces of the Capitol denizens, all cheering wildly. The Chancellor stands on an alcove above, and gestures to the Victor dramatically.

Chancellor: "I give you our victor of this year's Hunger Games: Voltia, from District Three!" *The crowd goes wild, and many cameras flash, as the sun goes behind some clouds, darkening the festivities only slightly*